Jeb Bush: Unelectable?


Last week, Brent Bozell’s ForAmerica, a conservative group with more than 7 million followers, declared Jeb Bush “unelectable.” With a video that showed Bush heaping praise upon Hillary Clinton at a 2013 awards ceremony, the group claimed that the former Florida governor ruined his credibility that night. By presenting Clinton with a lifetime achievement award, he dulled much of the criticism he would be able to launch against her in a national campaign.

Bozell wasn’t the only conservative that came out last week to pose serious questions about Bush’s viability. Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, a man many suspect will run against him, told Breitbart that Bush was too moderate to energize the Republican base. “I think that is the biggest obstacle he has to overcome, is that being a moderate in a conservative party is difficult. When you refer to conservatives in the third person, as he did recently, that makes it even more difficult I think to connect with conservatives.”

The Voters vs. The Donors

While it could be argued that Bozell is speaking to a relatively minor wing of the Republican party and that Paul has ulterior motives for throwing Bush under the bus, there’s no doubt that important issues are being raised. The thing about the awards ceremony is fluff, but Paul’s concerns about Bush’s moderate conservatism is not. It is exactly the type of middle-of-the-road conservatism that attracts big donors, while leaving many to question whether they should bother to line up on election day. If it comes down to a centrist Democrat and a centrist Republican, how inspired are conservatives going to be?

There is also the question of Bush’s stance on the issues conservatives have slammed the hardest during Obama’s presidency. He has supported Common Core since its inception, a fact that will make him a hard sell with those who want to get the federal government out of education. And though he doesn’t exactly support Obamacare or amnesty for illegals, he is soft on both. For hardliners who want to repeal the ACA and focus on deportations, he is an uninspiring choice to say the least.

The fear is that we get a repeat of 2008 and 2012. Neither John McCain nor Mitt Romney were able to get the conservative base to come out in force, and Barack Obama was a bigger threat to the country than Hillary Clinton. Clinton is the Democratic Party as most Americans are used to it. Obama was a new beast entirely, and his policies have pushed us so far to the left that it may now be impossible for a true conservative to win in 2016. Just look at how the media portrays Ted Cruz as compared to how they present Elizabeth Warren. Warren is to the left of Obama, and yet she is treated like an everyman. Cruz is far right, to be sure, but he is treated like a clown. Some of that is just the typical liberal media, but a lot of it has to do with how far we are off-center.

Therein lies the big choice. Do we rally behind a moderate Republican like Bush, risking the same defeats we’ve suffered two elections in a row? Or do we rally around a Cruz, hoping that we can somehow pull a miracle out of thin air?

It’s a question Republicans will have to ponder carefully in the next year and a half. My thoughts? Go big or go home.

  1. Amerikztan says

    Jeb likes me, but, at this point….

  2. Croco Dile says

    Another Bush-Mafia guy ?????

  3. Deddier says

    I do not think Jeb should run at all. Plus, his wife is a major negative sorry to say. Our liberal rags have given out the story as to the thousands – I mean thousands of dollars she spends on jewelry. I got to thrift for mine. So do many other Americans. Hilliary has no competition, she’s it. The Republicans have a field of 10 now – stupid waste of money. Their donors are spreading the wealth around way too much to be of any good for whoever the Republican candidate is. We need someone much stronger to go up against Hilliary – I am seeing bumper stickers already for those voting for her.

    1. allen goldberg says

      Hillary will not run….this dog dropping queen will back off…we will destroy this POS….no more BS Clintons

      1. Deddier says

        Hilliary has a bankroll to put all the Republicans to shame. If it takes money, she’s into her foundation. They always find a way to cheat and get away with it. She is most definitely running. I hope the Republicans don’t tube it this time and get someone in that she can easily beat. They seem to be a self-destructive bunch unfortunately.

        1. Deborah G says

          She is funneling foreign money from her foundation into her campaign coffers. She’ll LOAN the campaign money at a high interest rate.

        2. azsequaya says

          YES,, & if you get in HITLERy`s way,,, She`ll kill you or have you killed !!!

          1. Deddier says

            Understood – way too many folks lost their lives during their administration – Poor Brown on the aircraft, Vince Foster, those teens on the rr tracks, etc.

        3. jaybird says

          These foreigners that are sending her foundation money are going to want something in return if she wins. Remind everyone to keep that in mind.

    2. Jimmy King says

      So your beef with Jeb is that his wife buys jewelry and you have to “thrift” for yours? You must have been a big Romney supporter

      1. Deddier says

        That is not my beef at all. I am simply stating how that will come across to middle America. Believe me Mr. King, no one could be happier than I am in my comfort zone. I aspire to nothing greater than what I am. I love the Lord and know where my future lies. I have nothing to fear. I do not like what is happening to our Country – My hope is that we will have an electable Republican candidate that can possibly win this coming election. Jeb is not that one unfortunately – he carries too much baggage. You are probably a Democrat – again I care for my country, my ancestors fought and died for it during the Rev. War. It looks as though they have fought and died in vain. Hey, think what you want – I know my future and it is very good one in spite of how things turn out. As a matter of fact, it is turning out exactly as predicted. I don’t have to like it, but it is what it is due to human nature without the Lord.

        1. Jimmy King says

          Yeah, you’re right. Its the lord’s fault

          1. Deddier says

            You are so uninformed. Check the Book of Revelation, I dare you. It’s not the Lord’s fault that we humans have finally after all these years brought us to this point. It’s a good thing really for Christians. Prophecy in the making. Did you know that 70% of all Biblical prophecy has already been completed and in the exact order as given in the Bible. We are now in that final 30%. It does not mean the end of earth. It is the beginning of a new world order. It’s just that the liberals are not defining it in that context.

          2. Jimmy King says

            Deddier, your arrogance is expected. I am not “uninformed” I am familiar with Revelation and have studied many religions. Yours is no more correct than any of the others. I choose to live my life, its the only one we”ll ever have

          3. Deddier says

            Hi back – where do you live?

          4. Mark Clemens says

            If you can read this, you missed the rapture. Repent, when ISIS plants her feet in the sands of the old Egyptian Empire, a new Pharaoh will rise up from the sands. He will have no mercy upon his foes………

    3. 1776_DejaVu says

      yea, they are covering obama stickers

      1. Deddier says

        Can you believe Obama stickers are still on the cars driven by “you know who’s”

        1. 1776_DejaVu says

          2008 still on some!. People have no shame….I would be afraid someone like me would bash their windows and doors in. Just kidding, but you get the lack of shame or common sense.

          These idiots just don’t care to pay attention or they would have removed them a long time ago..Most people are embarrassed that they voted for him in 08, but to have a sticker that shows you’re still brain dead with a 2012 sticker and obviously voted for him twice is an unforgivable crime of stupidity.

    4. jaybird says

      That was a crazy comment about his wife & jewelry. I think they are a negative because he is pro immigration because of his wife being Mexican, I think that is what she is.

      1. Mark Clemens says

        When Jeb was Florida’s Gov. He and his wife went overseas (Europe) for something. Believe it or not, they both “Forgot” to declare a small fortune of jewelry to customs, to avoid the duty tax. Just shows he’s not afraid to bend the rules for his personal financial gains……….

  4. The Hawk says

    No more Bush’s no more Clinton’s especially Killary!

    1. Combatvet52 says

      ( What difference does it make at this time ) the bitch they were not members of her family that died she should rot at the stake.

    2. LARRY JOHNSON says

      come on – look at her accomplishments – she did absolutely nothing as sec of state except SHE did kill 4 American patriots thru her complete stupidity & ignorance at Benghazi – she’s a psycho twit

      1. Jeffrey Hill says

        To Larry Johnson… “No Larry. Hillary is n-o-t a psycho twit. She’s actually very smart. She’s j-u-s-t a TWIT.

        1. mike hunt says

          No she’s a narcissistic wind bag traitor. MENA connection and watch “the movie Hillary got banned”:. Psycho fits her to a T.

    3. LARRY JOHNSON says

      I like that – killery- the Benghazi Queen

  5. peter says

    He is a pregressive Republican

    1. allen goldberg says

      BS…he is a Democrat who is a RINO.

  6. jim_wright says

    This is exactly why the democrat lefty main stream media has picked him and is pushing him. He is a moderate with no center core values. That makes him perfect for Hillary to defeat. Don’t let the left pick the republican candidate. Pick a real conservative with core values ang guts.

    1. allen goldberg says on..they picked McCain too..if I were the GOP establishment I would tell the enemedia to F–off..we do not need their GD “help”

      1. David says

        We don’t need the RNC PERIOD.

        1. allen goldberg says

          One would think that from this past fall’s elections, the GOP establishment would re-access their ridiculous strategies and tactics….NOPE. They continue to do exactly what they have always done…support the wrong candidate, vilify the Tea Party and generally lose national elections

          1. jaybird says

            E-mail RNC and let them know how you feel. Flood their in box! They are tired of hearing from me!

          2. Ddenney1 says

            Me too!!! They will not ever answer my emails!!! Probably goes straight to spam!!!

        2. Jarhead says

          They died years ago……wake expected soon.

      2. Amerikztan says

        The enemedia- I like that. I would take it one letter and character beyond: enemy-dia

        1. Barrustio says

          How about anema-dia

          1. Amerikztan says


          2. Barrustio says

            A play on words…with “friends” like the media …who needs “anemas”…it was a yoke.. 😉

          3. Amerikztan says

            Look, I understand word play-

            I was playing on allen goldbergs word play linking ‘enemy’ with ‘media’.
            ‘anema’ just doesn’t make sense in that context. You could have merely gone to his comment and given HIM an up vote. I can take a jolk, Pal, but ‘anema’ just didn’t do it.

          4. LastGasp says

            Barrustio might have meant “enema-media,” because the MSM definitely makes me want to drop a deuce.

          5. Amerikztan says

            I just don’t think he understands language well enough.

          6. Barrustio says

            Well when you consider that they’re usually full of it or constipated or got a bad case of the runs….

          7. Amerikztan says

            Oh. Well then, if YOU consider your mis-spelling…

          8. Barrustio says

            Did you understand the message is the question…sheeeesh…..the vocabulary police is out in full force…sorry we can’t all be perfect like you “Amerikstan”?

        2. allen goldberg says

          Like that too
          Having watched the media for over 45 years
          Their performance and bias is simply stunning
          and nauseating

    2. Deborah G says

      The best answer and the most true. yu can always tell whio the Dems don’t want because the go on the Shitcago thug Politic attack. Who they know they can defeat the keep quiet about

      1. Jarhead says

        I KNOW….your business is fixin broke Spell Checks….right?

        1. Deborah G says

          HAHAHA it is Horses

          1. Jarhead says

            Your a whisperer? My baby sister had some, along with chickens, ducks, pigs, milk goats, pea-cocks & hens, exotic birds, dogs (20 at last count)……but traded the horses for 12 emus a couple years back. Oh, and over 200 rabbits (down from 400).

          2. Deborah G says

            No I am a broker. Got big education but my first love was what I do now.

          3. Jarhead says

            Then it has to be Medford, OR ? Correcto Mondo?
            One of my sons lives in Port Orchard, WA and another in Kent, WA, (soon to be a Daddy of #26 GC), another son in the Navy was transferred to Japan from Whidbey Island recently and another Navy son in CA is on his way to Singapore – –
            Small world !

          4. Deborah G says

            No actually couldn’t be ANY further away and still be in the USA other direction

          5. Jarhead says

            Thought they only brokered beans in the Boston area… makes sense since your comments reek of good ole common horse sense………Live & learn ? Have a son & daughter-in-law coming from Hawaii today and she will be going on to Boston to visit her mother & sister in a couple days……if the snow is not 12 feet high?
            Stay warm & dry DG.

          6. Deborah G says

            New York

        2. Barrustio says

          The message is more important as long as it’s conveyed…witness “hope and change”….”you can keep your doctor” et al

      2. Barrustio says

        Exactly…it’s imperative for them to destroy Walker, Carson and Cruz first

    3. johnny51 says

      Keep an eye on the R.N.C. , they like Jeb Bush a lot ….

      1. DonMann says

        Yeah, I saw the weak worm Reience Preibus yesterday. He took enough Viagra to get out of bed for the day.

      2. jaybird says

        E-mail RNC, flood their in-box, need everyone to do this. They are tired of hearing from just me.

        1. Sue4477 says

          I’m doing it now.

          1. jaybird says

            Thank you! Also check out read their Mission Statement, I don’t know a lot about them but am keeping an eye on them.

          2. Sue4477 says

            OK, I’ll do it.

          3. jaybird says

            I sent them an e-mail asking more questions and they said they would like to get a Conservative like Mike Lee (R-UT), Ben Carson and they named a 3rd person that I can’t remember.

          4. Sue4477 says

            Ben Carson I like, but I don’t know if he would handle aggression against any American(s) assertively. I haven’t researched either man thoroughly. I have that yet to do.

          5. jaybird says

            I think the other was Ted Cruz, e-mail them with your questions, they respond pretty quickly.

          6. Sue4477 says

            The 3rd man is Ted Cruz. I’m checking further into the AFR because I like what I see at a glimpse. Thank you for passing this along. I won’t vote for anyone who’s in favor of Common Core. It’s abusive to children and completely against educating our children. It trains them to be dumbed down, not college ready, and to be good little communist robots waiting to be told what to do. If you’re interested, I’m leaving a link for you. Please feel free to pass it along:

      3. Big_Jake says

        Right on . The RNC is more against Conservatives with a slight Independent bent than they are against self admitted Socialist Democrats. Why else would they have turned against CONSERVATIVES and CONSERVATISM entirely in favor of business as usual D.C. games? I know this because the RNC left me.

      4. organic girl says

        Stop donating to them.
        Money talks.
        Donate directly to your candidates of choice.

    4. MAHB001 says

      The media has formed a cabal and is in the tank for Liberals.
      There is something to do about it. Boycott the Advertisers on ABC, NBC, CBS, and break the cabal.

    5. Reuben Hart says

      Core values yes. Common Core no.

  7. allen goldberg says

    we really DO NOT NEED ANOTHER F–ING RINO…and Jeb Bush is exactly that

    1. Deborah G says

      I just don’t think he is conservative enough BUT that being said IF he gets the nomination I will vote for him to stop the Communist Killary

      1. allen goldberg says

        Hillary is a pile of waste of human excrement..i will vote for a dead body before voting for her!!!

        1. Laddyboy says

          Do not waste your vote. Plenty of dead people voted for ‘b. obama’.

        2. Ddenney1 says

          That could be many of her FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        3. Deddier says

          Thank you for that – in the case of the democrats, the dead have risen through all our elections.

        4. MEGGY says


          1. Mark Clemens says

            Monica and Hillary’s relationship is known as Wife-in-Laws, here in Nashville…….

          2. MEGGY says


          3. Mark Clemens says

            I think both parties are out to rule us. I also fear the time has come to take arms, and put matters in The People’s hands

          4. jack Hollis says

            You will never turn this country around by voting for Jeb Bush WE need somebody like Governor Walker in the white house. Or Ted Cruz or Rand Paul but not Rubio or many of the others. I really like Ben Carson but we have an amateur in the white house now and you can see what he has done to us. I think we need to elect a governor or a flag officer from the military. Somebody tjhat has experience managing something large.

          5. MEGGY says


        5. organic girl says

          The Clintons have left a trail of dead bodies since the beginning of their careers in Arkansas, so I guess you have many from which to choose.

      2. Rob Jackson says

        Allen you are the exact voter these progressive are looking for. You look for the lesser of two evils. But look in yourself is that really the way to a better nation? Stop voting for the RINO progressives! They will destroy our country just like the Communist. There is not a two party system their is only 1! We can take back this nation but only if we stop the “Government party”!

        1. Deborah G says

          We can’t take it back trying to split the vote with a silly wasted vote on a third party sorry. You are not being pragmatic. Have a little faith in the new hires. We voted for Conservtives let them loose to do their job . BUT? You have to vote straight Republican or you are a big part of the problem we have now

        2. David says

          Rob you may be correct but a split party vote will be recorded as a loss. The lessor of 2 evils is what we have and the problem is republican that don’t vote because they didn’t get their candidate or vote 3rd part. Had we turned out to vote in 2012 Obama would not be in the white house.

        3. jaybird says

          Check out lets see what they do by 2016. Read their Mission Statement.

        4. Mark Clemens says

          When ever picking between two evils; always pick the one you’ve never done……

      3. jack Hollis says

        That is exactly what they are counting on. They have been rubbing our nose in it for a long time. They even stated they were declaring war on the TEA party. The TEA party is made up of the conservative members of the republican party so they are declaring war on the conservatives. I will never vote for a RINO again no matter whom he is running against. I will just sit it out and then move my affiliation to the Constitution party. If all the conservatives would do this the republican party would go the way of the bull moose party and that is where it needs to go.

        1. Deborah G says

          No yOU are what they are counting on. People who don’t like the republican candidate sitting out and handing them over votes. I’m sorry I’m, not willing to sacrifice my country to the Democrats for my own personal preferences. I don’t like Bush but I sure won’t sit it out. That’s what got us another 4 years of the Kenyan.Mitt would have been a vast improvement even if he wasn’t as conservative as we all would like.

    2. David says

      YES he is a RINO and so is 3/4 of the field. In fact if the RNC favors a candidate it is pretty much assured he is a RINO. Another thing to think about though is Doctor Ben Carson. I know he has a lot of support. He has great ideas and what he did to Oblahblah last year was great. However ideas and solid plains alone do not make necessarily make a good president. There is a lot to be said for experience as is evidenced by our existing president.

      1. Laddyboy says

        I rather take a Person like Ben Carson than a “professional politician” who can LIE with a straight face and a voice that tickles the ears of his listeners (ie. b. h. obama Plus many more who are in Congress and the Judicial system).

        1. David says

          I CERTAINLY UNDERSTAND WHAT YOUR SAYING LB. I think Carson is brilliant but the subject of experience will come up.

        2. jaybird says

          Check out and read their Mission Statement, want to see what they are able to do by 2016

        3. Jimmy King says

          Plagarism is just another form of lying. And Dr Carson has admitted to plagarism

    3. Amerikztan says

      I wish we could twist Trey’s arm…Trey Gowdy / Ben Carson,
      Walker / Gowdy have nice rings, well, except to the RNOcrats and the enemy-dia. They have their scopes trained on Palin already, and have done an excellent job raising the public’s propandawareness to keep her down.

      War On Women – 1 Truth- 0 in double liberal overtime scores.

      1. Amerikztan says

        ….War On Women – 1 Truth- 0 in double liberal overtime scores.

      2. Sue4477 says

        Except Walker is for Common Core which is hell on wheels. I won’t vote for anyone who’s a proponent of Common Core. If you don’t know how badly it will effect our country, view this:

      3. allen goldberg says

        Yes, SarahP has taken an enormous number of body shots from the media and the GOP establishment..she still is far and away better than Hillary WDIM Clinton…

  8. Chris Robinette says

    He is totally un electable!!

  9. Mark Clemens says

    To me it looks like it’s gonna be a H. Clinton vs J. Bush for 2016. Unless we all mortgage our houses to back someone else. All that money equals speech has silenced the common American Voter’s voice. All we will ever get is what Big Biz and the political parties put up to take more of our hard earned money, and birth rights.
    I’m telling y’all the Wall Street Yahoo’s are running the show. I even think the ballot boxes are rigged too. We should trash all voting machines and computers, and go back to paper ballots. Also Citizens United should be throwen into the scrap pile too.

    1. Deborah G says

      It isn’t WALL Streeet it is Liberal Corpratists

      1. Mark Clemens says

        Wall Streets money talks, the political parties do the daffy duck walk. Can you donate $500,000 or more to a candidate? If not be quiet, they can’t hear you!

    2. Reuben Hart says

      Don’t worry. Those ACORN ghetto chimps will be on hand to rig the ballot boxes like they did when they got Ovomit elected. We’re going to need some Minute Men to stand at the booths and intimi- date the chimps, like their New Black Panthers TRIED to do with us, last time around.

      1. Cheryl Lynn Smith-Bell says

        PAPER Balots only and verifiable. Screw soros’s voting machines.

    3. azsequaya says

      Check out ,,on YouTube,, “Revealed, The men who own & run the US Government.”

    4. Cheryl Lynn Smith-Bell says

      Last I heard you could write in a canidate Ted Cruz all the way. I will vote for only him. RNC can kiss my patooty.

  10. SaneZidane says

    You can take it to the bank that Jibber-Jabber Jeb is unelectable. All the kings men (read elite donors) cannot put Humpty Dumpty together again.

  11. Laddyboy says

    jeb bush has shown America he does not want the People to think for themselves. He is NOT an option for the Servant position of President of America.
    h. carter is a communist who wants to control and give away America. She is NOT an option.
    America MUST have a strong Constitutionalist for President. This Person will have a LOT of CLEANING UP to do after what the DemocRATic Peoples’ Party has done to America.

    1. Deborah G says

      Then I suggest you put your money where you mouth is and actaully WORK for a conservative candidate of your choice. I have spent 10 years working on campaigns doing whatever it took. WE got a REAL conservtive elected in a 75% Democrat area with an entrenched Dem in my district. IT can be done.

      1. Laddyboy says

        DeborahG: I agree with you that a conservative needs to be elected to the Presidential Position. ‘j. bush’ wants to keep the socialists’ “Common Core” in the schools. This is why I will not vote for him. I am working to elect a constitutionalist for President. We both want the socialists out of office along with the supporters of communism. We got a Republican elected as the Governor of a DemocRATically controlled State. My money is going to the Conservative of MY choise. Good talking with you.

        1. Deborah G says

          The candidate we got in ASKED US to work for him but if he lost back ANY Republican to get more in

      2. Jarhead says

        And the City was?

        1. Deborah G says


          1. Jarhead says

            East or West Coast?

  12. Deborah G says

    I have a hard time with a leader that would throw his family under the bus

    1. Jimmy King says

      How did he throw his family under the bus? His brother drove the bus into a ditch, there was no way to get anyone under it. He has names who his policy advisors would be, and its the same morons who advised his brother

      1. Deborah G says

        I don’t even try to explain to liberals, they don’t comprehend patriotism and the values of this great country.GW WAS a Patriot and he was/IS a big family man. Try it being a man I mean

        1. Jimmy King says

          Its best that you don’t try to do anything you’re not capable of. Explaining would require that you had a general understanding

          1. Deborah G says

            Its best you simply get your diaper changed. Your sophomoric responses are what libs always do. I just don’t waste time trying to teach a pig to sing.

          2. Jimmy King says

            If that’s the case, what did you do with the money?

          3. Jarhead says

            Well said DG. Hi !

          4. Deborah G says

            hello my friend! Good afternoon to you!

        2. Jimmy King says

          A draft dodging patriot.

        3. Jimmy King says

          Its worked for you. Being a man I mean

    2. Jarhead says

      Especially difficult when he has ten children?

      1. Deborah G says

        I did not know he has 10.

        1. Jarhead says

          It is I…….

  13. Georgia Spears says


    1. Jimmy King says

      Ted Cruz is still running #2 to Bush in Fla. All of Cruz’ biggest donors are backing Bush. It will never happen

      1. Cheryl Lynn Smith-Bell says

        According to who’s survey? They screw the numbers just how they like. I don’t believe it!

  14. DouglasDauntless says

    The Republican Party runs Jeb Bush for President…the Demo-rats will win the President again.
    We the people are sick and tired of the Bush family. They are no better then the Demo-rats. If it were not for George, Obama would have never been elected President. That tells me all the Presidents work hand in hand to destroy our Country.

  15. Rich says

    If Bush is the Republican Party’s choice I’ll sleep in on election day. He’ll never get my vote.

    1. Jimmy King says

      Get your pillow out

      1. Rich says

        Your advice is probably accurate. Rinos will be Rinos

    2. Cheryl Lynn Smith-Bell says

      That’s what they are counting on! Therefore, we need a strong canidate that will energize the voters. TED CRUZ! All the way!

      1. Rich says

        I agree that Cruz is the man. Unfortunately the Rinos outnumber the true conservatives. In my opinion there is no difference between a Rino and a Democrat so it matters not which one gets elected. That’s why I choose to send a message to the Rep. Party with a no vote at all. They’re on their own if they choose a Rino in the primary election. If enough people stayed home, just maybe they’ll get it.

  16. Miss Mellie says

    J. Bush is married to a Mexican. He HAS to support amnesty for “her” people.

    1. Tom Brechlin says

      I’m married to a Mexican and she doesn’t support amnesty. Don’t assume all Mexicans are okay with it. My MIL came here legally, busted her ass to support her kids. My wife feels that if her mother did it, the rest should as well.

      1. Miss Mellie says

        I agree with MIL. However, how many Mexicans, Muslims and Central Americans can we take in this country before we change the culture to theirs?

        1. Tom Brechlin says

          Interesting you said that. My wife didn’t learn English until she started 1st grade. She went to public school and graduated with honors. As did her older brother. They were raised by a single mom who barely spoke English and an aunt that couldn’t speak English at all. My wife has maintained her identity as a Mexican but totally adapted to America. She gave up nothing and gained everything.

          1. Miss Mellie says

            I think you said it all. She gave up “nothing” (keeps her Mexican identity) and gained everything (all the opportunities of this Anglo-Saxon-founded nation).
            I am sick and tired of the bleeding hearts saying “after all we’re ALL immigrants.” No, I am NOT an immigrant. My ancestors left England and came to the VA colonies in 1648. This was not a nation and they did not apply for immigration status. It is a pity though that the immigrants allowed in these days are no longer the ones who built this nation.

        2. Mark Clemens says

          This is a Melting Pot. Look what the White Man did to the Indians Culture. The White Man’s day will come. Just like the American Indian, their story will only be told by those who replaced them. The Culture and World owe us Nothing. The World was here first. Cultural is dependent upon those who are willing to fight for it. If the Founders were alive today, we would already be shooting at DC by now…………

          1. Miss Mellie says

            Some atrocities were committed against Native Americans; however, the worst one was to make them wards of the government thereby robbing them of all initiative and ambition. In defense of Europeans though, compare the 2 cultures: one where women were held as chattel, scalping one’s enemies was routine, no architecture, no written language. Those who came from Europe had invented the printing press, had spawned the writings of William Shakespeare, had built great cathedrals, brought the Holy Bible. CULTURE is not an independent entity; it is the way of life for a people group.

  17. R Jeffrey Savlov says

    You have missed the whole point. We have been “Bushwacked” twice before. The first time by the one term patriarch and second by W who sacrificed our country to a socialist agenda and cost us dearly. Jeb is the most ruthless of the three and is a make nice moderate who in most conservative minds is a died in the wool “RINO”. He recently stated that he was his own man yet chose his advisers from the 2 previous Bushes. It’s time for the Bush family to give it a rest as should the Clintons and leave it to the new generation of Conservatives who, may be further right but have the principals and aggressiveness to take their opponents apart in a campaign and have the charisma to energize the voting public. If you question that premise, watch Marco Rubio take it to any of his detractors on youtube as an example of the new face of the party.

  18. John Williams says

    If the GOP chooses to run Bush it will prove one of two things, 1. they are completely out of touch with the American people or 2. they just don’t give a damn. A GOP supported Bush run in 2016 will be a guarantee of 8 more years of liberal lunacy, they will lose.

  19. FJ Rocca says

    Remember when George H. W. Bush gave Ted Kennedy a similar award? No more Buses and NEVER AGAIN A CLINTON!!!

    1. Jimmy King says

      Why don’t you like to take the Bus

  20. Yadja says

    No he is not electable and he is a pro-amnesty man. He and any and all who have old families involved in politics need to get out of the way and allow new, fresh blood in with new, fresh ideas.

  21. Roger_T73 says

    Conservatives will NOT vote for Jeb Bush!!! If the RINO party nominates him,Hillery will win

  22. jalee3 says

    I will not vote for him

    1. David says


  23. Tom Brechlin says

    I guess if you want to guarantee a Democratic president, I guess Jeb is the man. Besides, whoever gets into office has been set of for a fall. Jeb would the focus of countless liberal media topics. I could see liberal media foaming at the mouth.

  24. Reuben Hart says

    Jeb Bush is about as inspiring as a locked bathroom door at a beer party. I fall asleep just looking at his picture. We have a fabulous array of people who are conservatives and constitutionalists. Palin, Walker, Carson West, Cruz, and Rubio, for starters. We don’t need pap. We need pepper.

  25. John Beam says

    I really don’t care about his “electability,” because Jeb Bush will only be a “progressive-lite” candidate who will do NOTHING to right our course away from being ruined. If he is the GOP choice (as they believe it is his due), then I am NOT voting for him. I will choose someone who I believe will be courageous and truthful.

  26. Sgt. York says

    The only bush now needed in the Whitehouse is a Lilac bush. Other than that is No More Bushes.

  27. Tom Brechlin says

    Maybe someone could explain to me why Jeb is supposed to be such a great candidate?

  28. Peter B. Duran says

    No Bush more Bush or Clinton.

  29. American says

    I agree – go big or go home. America needs to be restored to its prior glory; you won’t get that from a Democrat or “moderate” Republican.

  30. Mynickelsworth says

    I agree that Bush is a moderate, anti-constitution, pro big government and far from what the country needs to survive. Scott Walker is the best candidate available. He is a strong conservative and has proven it in Wisconsin. He is not as ‘divisive’ as Cruz. He has experience, while Carson is inexperienced in government and politics.

    1. Cheryl Lynn Smith-Bell says

      We need devisive! We need Cruz!

  31. jak says


  32. DrRGP says

    The short answer is “yes.” Barring changes that are unlikely (including serious missteps from opponents), it is most difficult to see how Mr. Bush can cobble together 270 electoral votes.

  33. john robel says

    Jeb is a RINO L.I.A.R

  34. Rob Jackson says

    Jeb Bush is nothing but the Neo-Con progressives choice. He would be no different from the Hildabeast. But the progressives will continue putting up these horrible choices because people are too lazy or unwilling to challenge these elite Neo Cons that couldn’t give a rats ass about the citizens.

  35. JimH says

    Maybe if Palin were his running mate.:-)

  36. Stevon f. Nutt says

    another RINO,

  37. Deby says

    I believe he will fail to get the nomination for a few reasons: !. He is a Bush, the libs have completely desecrated W in the media for 8 straight years, and will not elect another one-too soon. 2. His immigration stance is wildly unpopular with ALL conservatives-he is just wrong to back it. Latino wife aside. 3. Common Core is ruining the future leaders of the Free World with propaganda, all liberal-biased and agenda seeking. Classes in Activism? Really? I am liking Scott Walker more and more-hope he has nothing in his past the liberals can find to kill him with.

  38. Hugo Sam says

    I am SICK of seeing the left wing valueless Bush called a moderate Conservative. He is a left wing Democrat and unfit for any office of any kind. Worthless lifelong politicians like Bush will cause the ENTIRE conservative base to stay home. Hilary or Bush, very little difference, left wing Communist One World Order or left wing Democrat nanny state unfit to live in.

  39. Brangus says

    I think the GOP establishment will push somebody like Bush knowing he can’t win. They feel threatened by Tea Partiers and by going with a loser and letting the dems stay in control they will at least protect themselves and the status quo.

  40. John Stratemeyer says

    If the GOP nominates another “Establishment” Republican – in other words, another moderate like Jeb Bush or Chris Christie – Hillary Rodham “What difference does it make?” Clinton will chew him up and spit him out. Unless the GOP nominates a bona fide Conservative, like Ted Cruz, Scott Walker, or Sarah Palin, I, for one, will stay home.

  41. phil62 says

    I would not have voted for him anyway. The republicans don’t have anyone to be a good candidate. This is a joke just like the last two elections. WE LOSE AGAIN.

    1. Arizona Don says

      I disagree there are many good candidates out there this time around. Jeb Bush however, is NOT one of them. I predict he will not even run. He has no chance of winning an election his father and brother has seen to that!

      It is even doubtful if hillary will run on the progressive side.

      1. phil62 says

        I wish and hope you are right but I have absolutely NO faith in anything this government does. I spent 23 years of my life fighting for this country and now I KNOW it was for nothing. The liberals, the socialists, the ACLU’ers and all the rest of the TRASH is what runs America. It is no longer “WE” the people but just “SOME” of the people.

        1. Arizona Don says

          I’m a veteran too but not for that long.

          I don’t have any inside information that is just my opinion. But logically it does seem correct. I could also add Christy or Rubio will not be the chosen candidate either. But there are some good ones out there. I hope it is a good conservative. The way things are going we may have to use our combat training again and soon!

          Also in my opinion whoever is the next president he or she is going to have the hardest job any president has ever faced trying to repair all the damage created by obama. During the last 6 plus years so much money has been printed out of thin air, so to speak, it will cause a catastrophic problem for the next president. The money supply is out of control. That is NOT a good thing. I also think it is a set up by the current administration. As soon as the economy begins to pick up and taxes are reduced inflation will set in and interest rates will begin to rise.

          What happened in the 70’s under Carter will look like a picnic compared to what is going to take place after obama. Nearly 4 trillion dollars have been printed this is over and above the 9 trillion in new debt under this A-H (does not stand for adolph hitler). I hope I’m wrong about the inflation but I do not think so and a lot of economic experts seem to predict the same thing. Silver may increase in price as the dollar devalues, perhaps as much as 1000%. It is coming. Prepare! I have always said for investment it is Gold Guns and Silver not necessarily in that order.

  42. sweetolbob says

    I twice voted for candidates chosen for me by the “Old Boy” guard at the Republican party.
    NO MORE !
    They’re pushing Jeb Bush who I understand has a Mexican wife. I have nothing against Mexicans, but I believe that will be sure to color his opinions about finally closing our Southern border.
    After the “Old Boys” shoved us into sorry people, they doubled down by doing absolutely nothing about obvious voter fraud in more that a couple instances. I don’t need them any longer.
    If they don’t give us some new blood that appeals to our large group of conservatives, I’ll just shut up and let them commit suicide.
    If I am going to have to wait again for four or eight years to get a fighter in the office of president, you can have the whole damn country…………. or what’s left of it after this traitorous fraud we’ve got now gets done giving it to the filthy muslims.

  43. Gregory Stafford says

    Jeb Bush is indeed a bad choice. Just ask him whatever happened to the WMDs that Sadam was supposed to have. That is just how bad a choice he is.

  44. Master Blaster Pursel says

    Read my typing: “NO MORE BUSH, NO MORE CLINTON”! Have we regressed so far toward being totally “Brain Dead” that we have not yet learned “That you don’t have to elect it to know that you WON’T LIKE IT”. We talk about Securing our borders and stopping/getting rid of ILLEGAL ALIENS. Bush supports Illegal Aliens! No need to bring any of his other “Liberal” ideas out, either you understand; smart enough to not know and still NOT vote for him; OR you can RINO OUT and elect him. I voted for 41 and 43 and I don’t regret either vote; however, MONTHS BACK, AFTER LISTENING TO BUSH, I KNEW THEN AS I DO NOW, HE “WILL NOT” get my vote!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Jonathan Brooks says

    The dog that did not bark in the 2008 and 2012 elections, is not just that MCain and Mitt were limp, RINO moderates, but that they had no fire in the gut and no desire to win.

    Obama, that thin gay stick of a man, intimidated them, at a core level that they would not fight.

    They were like those old washed up fighters in the boxing game paid to take a dive.

    Jeb is like that. He will fight like a demon to get the Primary win, and then coast and go flaccid, because he will not want to be seen as beating up on a girl.

    You need someone who has the eye of the tiger and call a commie a commie, and only the conservatives have that Hillary has the classic skill at playing her feminine nature like a throwing knife, and then turning savage when she gets power.

    A hispanic or Black candidate would be her kryptonite, because she would have to avoid the men vs. women card, if not facing a white guy. Obama was able to take her on, because she could not let loose with the “Don’t hit a girl” garbage.

  46. wildeagleone says

    Bush has too much desire for an amnesty program that is similar to that of the POTUS and the Clinton’s, especially Bill, are too close to the Bush’s

  47. Biminitwist says

    Is Jeb Bush unelectable? One could only hope. I’m so sick of 2 faced politicians on both sides. No Amnesty!

  48. Chuck says

    Jeb has already destroyed any chance of gaining the Oval Office with his brain-dead comment on illegal immigration. Millions of conservatives will simply NOT vote if he gains the nomination. Jeb’s NWO mentality has alienated the conservative base.

  49. Zombie apocalypse with beans says

    Just what we need another lying, thieving Bush in the White House, funny he doesn’t look Bushish?

  50. Monte R Stamper says


  51. Ddenney1 says

    The SCARY part is he IS electable and we get Demon Rat lite!!!! Common Core and open borders and no gun rights and more spending and ONE WORLD ORDER promoter!!!!!!

  52. RMCSRET says

    In my mind with the baggage that JEB carriers on Illegal Immigration, Common Core, and other
    issues he is totally unelectable to me. If it come to Bush and HILLARY I will just stay home.

  53. Barrustio says

    Voting for Bush would guarantee continuance of the liberal agendas to gain speed ….no more Bushs

  54. Sir Dirty Harry says

    My money and support go to Dr Ben Carson or Scott Walker.

  55. adrianvance says

    Yes, he is unelectable.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for clarity.

  56. Dan says

    No RINO’s ever again. We need centric support for a REAL REPUBLICAN. Paul, Cruz or anyone with true conservative core values. Pick ONE, get behind him all the way, and focus on getting this country out of the left wing rut that we are in!!!

  57. evita says

    A Republican centrist is what our country needs. Conservative Republicans have to learn to compromise and strategize to get a Republican in the White House. Any Republican Presidential candidate is un-electable because of the disunity in the Republican Party. A’real conservative’ candidate is also not palatable to independent voters. It is a reality that republicans have to acknowledge. A ticket with Jeb Bush as pres and Ben Carson as Vice Pres is a winning ticket. Indeed, it is choosing a lesser evil but with a leftist media and a Clinton as an opponent,we have no choice. With Bush and Carson together you can appeal to the black, Hispanics, whites and independent voters. I am hoping that if Warren decides to run against Hillary that she’ll do enough damage to make Hillary un-electable.

    1. Jimmy King says

      Evita, you have it 100% correct. The problem with the party is that to get the nomination, the candidate has to run far to the right. But once the nomination is secured, the candidate is too far to the right to win the general election. I know most people on her would rather lose the election than to let someone they see has not having “conservative values” win. The real problem the party has is the overwhelming influence of the Evangelicals

    2. Morton212 says

      Jeb Bush is certainly the most polished of the prospective candidates – but his views on family rights would turn off a huge number of women. If he suppressed his evangelical Christian values he would be far more palatable. No liberal would ever take Ben Carson seriously.

      1. evita says

        Will a liberal take any Republican seriously? No, but in politics it is all about strategy and packaging your candidate. Republicans, real conservative or not, should learn to play politics. Get a Republican in the White is the first and foremost goal. Obama has done so much damage and has Black liberals entrenched in key government positions such as FCC, Homeland Security et cetera, that we should concentrate on getting a Republican in the White House. Play the game. There is also the fact that Obama has alienated a lot of Democrats because of his far left governance and pro- Islamists stance. A Bush/Carson ticket is viable and more appealing than a Communist Hillary who will maintain the status quo. Bush loyalists for one will be a force also.

        1. Morton212 says

          When you start accusing Hillary of being a communist you will be mocked by the center and the left. And there are Republicans who are centrists, who might appeal to centrists … but the Republican party will never put them on the ticket.

          1. evita says

            Saul Lewinsky wrote in his book ” Rules for Radicals” that ridicule is the man’s most potent weapon”. Republicans should use that weapon a lot. Stalwart Republicans should read Lewinsky’s book and learn how to play the game of politics that is being played by the opposition.. You want to win because the stakes are high. Hillary and Obama were trained by Alinsky. You have to understand how they operate. Republicans have to stop whining and being sticks in the mud and organize with a common goal to get a republican in the White House.

          2. Morton212 says

            Humor is a powerful force. None of that can happen with a fractured party – they fight more among themselves than with the other party.

          3. evita says

            GOP is a very fractured party. There is a large faction that refuses to acknowledge the current cultural, societal, and political climate and acts like dinosaurs in the 21st century. Their verbiage is riddled with I won’t , never and other negative words that present a negative and intellectually constipated image to the rest of the country. Hopefully, they can get their act together for 2016. Einstein said that insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again and expect a different result. It is an old cliche but apropos for republicans. Time to think outside of the box and re-invent the Party if the goal is to win the White House in 2016..

          4. Morton212 says

            I could not have described them better. But I have to assume that they don’t really want to win the Presidency. They need a unifying candidate before they can ever really try for it. All we see is a motley group of opportunists that are more practiced at dishing our red meat to their constituents than in finding unifying solutions for our many problems.

  58. Steven Lulis says

    Oh Yeah! Just what we need … another weak-willed person who wants to continue the destruction of this country like the islamic potus. No more SOFTIES!

  59. Morton212 says

    It is highly doubtful that the Republican party will support a centrist again – at least in 2016. The Democrats could not be more happy. That means that whoever it is will lose a huge chunk of voters at the middle and the Democrats can look forward to appointing about half of the Supreme Court – who will almost certainly retire over the next 6 years.

    1. Reuben Hart says

      The fear is that the GOP WILL support a centrist. You have to drive them with a whip to get them away from putting a Christie or a J. Bush forward. It’s like pulling teeth to get Republicans to go for Tea Party candidates.

      1. Morton212 says

        After the Romney fiasco ? I seriously doubt it.

  60. Big_Jake says

    It doesn’t make a dime’s worth of difference if Jeb is electable or not. Simply put, he’s the WRONG PERSON. Race doesn’t matter. Gender doesn’t matter. An Ivy League education doesn’t matter. Everything the mainstream press tells us that matters doesn’t. We need a person who loves America, it’s citizens, and the United States Constitution. A person of honor, and a moral compass and his/her word MUST be his/her bond. Find this person and you’ve already trumped EVERYONE elected to the office in the past 30 years.

  61. Carol Durand says

    The two prominent issues that Jeb Bush backs are immigration and Common Core. I call it “Communist Core” and rightly so. Jeb is favored by the Dems for good reason!

  62. Lefthandedcigs1 says

    Considering his entire lineage and immediate family are despots , murderers and Nazis and should all be either in jail or shot I would say hell yes he is unelectable!

  63. fred says

    Enough Clintons and no more Bush’s, they are all part of the same corrupt incestuous system of CFR and Bilderbergers!

  64. toobored54 says

    Well, I’m only one vote, but there’s NO WAY I’m voting for another Bush or Clinton,

  65. Robert Barnes says

    Jeb Bush another RINO & new world order supporter see

  66. Chuck Nixon says

    My take on the RNC is summed up in the tale of two senate races from last year – Brown in New Hampshire and Bongino in Maryland. The RNC invested heavily in Brown’s race apparently because he’s a fellow RINO, but lost because he alienated the base and they stayed home. Bongino lost as well but by a whisker. His campaign did not receive any help from the RNC whatsoever. If the RNC had helped even a little he probably would have won. But since Bongino is no RINO, they didn’t like the idea of Ted Cruz having anymore friends in the Senate.

    Moral of the story: The RNC is like and investment funds manager that has consistently invested your political contributions in a long string of losers.

    Next time they call you up asking for more money keep that in mind.

  67. Jean Witte says

    Ah!!! We are beginning to learn the methods of the liberals. They want to destroy those who go against their grain and lift up those who side with them…ala…dissing Scott Walker and promoting Jeb Bush! It is as plain as day!

  68. David says

    No more bush or clinton….they are traitors and should be in prison……

  69. GreatGrandma says

    I am afraid that the liberal media has so demonized GW Bush that no one named Bush could get elected even if the only other choice were Satan himself.

  70. MAHB001 says

    Democrats = Socialism
    Republicans = Capitalism
    Republicans have taken steps to remove the corruption within the party.
    Democrats still need to even see it.
    I will always vote for Capitalism, I pray that it is NOT in the form of Jeb Bush.

  71. George Yesthal says

    The LAST thing this country needs is to strengthen the dynastic paradigm that has haunted us for generations now. We need independent thinkers and independent candidates. Rand Paul is the best hope the people have at this point. He and men like Ben Carson and Justin Amash should be heading the list of candidates, not Clinton and Bush. The government has been divorcing itself from the population more and more with each administration and it’s GOT to stop. A vote for Bush would be like taking poison. How much more can we stand before we lose ALL control of our futures, if we haven’t already? While I don’t agree with Rand Paul 100%, he’s an honest man and would serve the needs of the people, which, ironically, might make him as “unelectable” as the media tried to make his father, with much success, I might add. The Washington machine is as corrupt as it gets and as much as I’d like to see a man like Paul succeed, I don’t hold out much hope. The situation on the Hill today is a monstrously self-serving juggernaut and it grieves me to say, I believe the people have already lost any semblance of control and it may well take a revolution to get it back.

  72. Combatvet52 says

    Jeb your an AH

  73. Archie Cogollos says

    If they don’t support the Republican matter who,…they will get a Hilary and the same shit….wake up…Remember when TR split the party???We ended up with Woodrow Wilson…another intellectual…a good man but not The Man…..wake up people….where is John Gault?????

  74. Lizzy says

    If Bush is the nominee we will lose the WH. It could be that is why he is being promoted.

  75. cjg says

    no more pedefiles, drug lords and satanic worshipers, and those are the clintons, bush’s and especially
    cheneys…. remove them from the face of this earth

  76. jim marcum says

    this country can surely do better than another Bush or Clinton. Damn lets elect a School Teacher or a Nurse or a Pipe Fitter or Welder. Let’s elect a real American that has true middle class values. Not people who think they are royalty and in it for themselves.

    1. Mark Clemens says

      With $17,500,000,000,000 of debt maybe we should elect magicians, to make it disappear.

      1. jim marcum says

        I was thinking more along the lines of , WIENER / HOLDER 2016

        1. Mark Clemens says

          Never vote for a dude named Wiener, or a woman named Pussy Galore………..
          And for God’s sakes, Never let a dude named Freddy Krugar baby sit your kids!!!!

          1. jim marcum says


  77. pattonknew says

    i think we need one captain and alot less b.s. because were tired of trying to explain this to people who only wanna spout off the rhetoric with which they’ve been programmed with or political talking points – the simple fact is that these moderate /progressive ideas ( not suggesting any great difference between it and imperialism ;have been pushed for more than a century and therefore are expected – thus, while assiduously avoided are not beyond a measure of control.
    many refuse to use class warfare because of their personal convictions morally, effectively eliminating intellectual reasoning collectively and thus their own interests as a result
    the state calls for national security while calling self defense an essential tool and inferring psychological dimentia on the populace based on the same reality without the intelligence to understand upon request of the president to explain the differences between self defense and being a paranoid schizophrenic that believes man came from monkeys in turn would have ended or seriously damaged his campaign……
    morally its uncompromising and intolerant of others… factually its reflective/ symbolistic of the atrocious results consistently produced by centralized government understanding that americas problems are parallel to the intrusion and invasion of the ineffective and unnecessary growth of government that must be stopped.
    its common sense that natural progression would evolve in light of the programs engineered by government that have repeated themselves countless times and in nations through out history; always ending in the same catastrophe, apathy- and religion thats based on emotion rather than intellect always being its source of energy/ success.constructive not destructive criticism.
    simply, the ability to understand socialist division means in reverse that if your never willing to learn math you will always be dominated by even when confronted with even the simplest equations.
    collectivism and organization to facilitate class warfare within our own party is the same as an object in motion will remain in motion unless acted upon by an equal or greater force and is equally essential to our own progress realizing an opposite equation of mathmatical precision requires multiplication and addition, even if its somehow morally questionable…. as if using bombs against the germans to fight ww2 was somehow morally questionable……..especially now that we know progressives funded both sides of the war.

  78. Magoo Lew says

    Rand Paul/Ted Cruz for president. I refuse to vote for Romney, Bush, McCain, or Christie. None of them are any good for our country.

    1. Morton212 says

      LOL- they don’t even like each other ! Paul already has a problem with lying about his academic record and Cruz is the quasi leader of about 40 Tea Party (or extreme right wing) conservatives. They have about as much chance of being a winning team as would Al Sharpton and Jon Stewart.

  79. Dave Williams says

    Let us hope Bush the Squish is un-NOMINATABLE. He’d only be a replay of Dole/McCain/Romney, and the Hildebeast would be in charge as America spirals further and further down the tubes. But being feckless RINOs, the RNC would rather lose with Bush than win with Walker…damned shame.

  80. jsccats says

    Assuming King Barack the Worst actually departs in Jan 2017 neither Jeb nor Hillary would be an improvement. Open borders as “immigration reform”, Common Crud as “education reform”, and more “compassion and getting along” isn’t going to solve any of our problems.

  81. Jacky says

    They are correct.
    Bush is not electable as a republican maybe as a democrat
    The conservative base is very upset with the rinos, already, if they hang a rino up there again, I will vote for the liberal dem bloodsucker.
    It seems that the only want to get the rinos to listen is break their testicles.

  82. David Moore says

    If the Repubs choose somebody like Jeb then I’m gonna stay home. I like the Bushs, but they will never again win. Mit lost because of his running mate. If he had chosen Marco Rubio he would have won becsuse of the boost in the Hispanic vote. It still would have been close but he would have won. In 2016 we can’t choose someone who is too much a conservative or moderate. Is there a candidate who is right of modetate? I supported W for both of his elections. I thought was a great fiscal and foriegn relations president. I thought he was great on the war on terror. However he sucked at home. He was in support of some form of amnesty for illegals and I thought the medicaid bill he passed was a disaster. Are there any Regeanesc candidates out there? Or is as I fear, our country is done.

    1. Morton212 says

      Rubio does NOT have a huge latino following which is partly why he will have difficulty moving up the list for GOP backing. If he had been on Romney’s ticket, the bottom 20 percent of the Republican vote would have stayed home.

  83. Marilyn Stern says

    Please, Please, NOT JEB BUSH. With him in the race it would definitely be another “lesser of two evils” vote.

  84. Melanie Burns says

    It’s time to say bye, bye to the RINO’s and Hello to he TEA sippers!!

  85. gmhunt4 says

    Sarah Palin/Ted Cruz True American Constitutional Conservatives – 2016

    1. headonstraight says

      one formed an official Nut Job Party?

  86. Donald Pickard says

    I’d say jebb is not electable . I won’t vote for him, he is too main stream Republican with too many one world order views.

  87. Joe T says

    Three times for a Bush…is not a charm, three times is an alarm….nepotism to extreme.
    Sure decent people , but new ideas from new brains………….Obama’s brains rotted out…POT.

  88. organic girl says

    When will the GOP give up on these RINO losers and get with the True Conservative candidates who are backed by the majority of voters? Nobody but the GOP powers-that-be care what these dolts think.

    It makes me angry that those in power at the GOP are so blind and apparently stupid. They won’t get a dime from me. I’ll donate to my candidate of choice, because the GOP has illustrated it’s unwillingness to listen to voters.

    For example, Ben Carson leads in several polls. Put him out there and stop wasting time, effort and MONEY on the losers. Spend the effort and money defining and supporting the candidates who stand for Conservative Americans. Now is the time to begin.

  89. theseer says

    The Rhino unamericans are pushing Bush…all New World Order
    fascist anti America…who control the U.N and the insane Agenda 21 Plan
    to invade America and take it over completely.
    Chubby Jeb repeatedly shows up in the bottom 3 least liked
    in large polls…He is weak…a NWO insaniac.
    No way is he electable and his wife is hardly A 1st lady we want with
    her outragest spending.
    Chubby Jeb is also Common Core which is dumbing down of our children.
    It is a socialist take over of our kids…and their sex education is at elementary
    school level…that promotes oral sex and homosexuality and rectal SEX is just
    act of showing love….It doesN’T allow normal math…or allow children that shine
    to shine over others!!!!!! DISPICABLE PROGRAM….and Chubby Jeb supports

    1. headonstraight says

      You just scored something of a home run. You touched all of the blithering bases of right wing paranoia.

  90. Velma Saccone says

    No Bush. No Killary. For once lets nominate someone who loves America and will be for the people.

  91. Mi espada says

    When the base won’t support you then you are pretty well a waste of time.
    Plus, he said he didn’t want the base. How pathetic is that for a candidate?

  92. Chris Robinette says

    He is a failure where he is and will continue wherever he goes. He will not even get the nomination.

  93. Barry says

    Sure, what the Republicans haven’t been able to figure out that core for both parties break right or left in every election. What’s needed for a victory by either party is to carry the moderate minded folks. Continue to run someone like Ted Cruz and the moderates will run away without looking back. Sure Bush has some faults but until you put someone else up that can appeal the moderates, your chances of reacquiring the White House will be a distant dream. Pay attention how Larry Hogan captured the governor’s office in one of the most left leaning states in the nation (Maryland) as a Republican and did it by a considerable margin.

  94. David Moore says

    My last coment didn’t post, I guess my thoughts were controversial.

  95. e michael says

    We have had enough Bush’s and Hillary if she was not Clinton’s wife would be totally unknown she has accomplished nothing as First Lady, Senator or Secretary of State what she is known for are her lies,deceptions and foolish mistakes!

  96. armydadtexas says

    Jeb is more of a McCain or Grahamnesty. He sticks his finger in the air to see which way the political wind is going. I won’t vote for him.

  97. Peoriaboy says

    Americans should get away from Fox News choice’s or picks for president for the one we should be looking at is Col Allen West a man that could bring America back and that includes securing the border and jobs for americans.

    1. headonstraight says

      Ah, yes, Allen West–a true wingnut. Put him up for national office and see how far THAT will getcha.

  98. jerry says

    Bush family has to be involved in 9/11 to some degree. 9/11 was an inside job, done to fight wars for Israhell, and to bring in the NSA spying on Americans. Both parties are pushing the new world order of communism. Read Rick Davis book “Secret societies and their god lucifer’

  99. Marcus Talley says

    Hey everybody. All the adults (Conservatives) need to come together at this point. We need to build a team. Cruz, Walker, Carson, and the rest. we are all for the same goal. We need to out the establishment republicans and take away their power. We need to centralize our team on our conservative views. The race is on now. Let the team run for the Presidency. Whoever is the team member in the lead and has the baton when the republican candidate is announced. That person will get all the teams support. We will fight to get this great nation back on an even keel.

    1. headonstraight says

      Let the GOP Civil War continue. You and others with the strategy you espouse will make shipwreck of your party and you go about denigrating the “GOP mainstream” (meaning the moderate, reasonable Republicans or “traditional Republicans”) and branding them as “RINOs.”

      Keep it up Marcus. You are doing GOOD!

  100. carolskey says

    The ONLY thing that beats a woman on the ticket (Hillary) is an ALL MINORITY Republican ticket. 2016 Dream Team (let’s pull in American minorities regardless of their party affiliation!):

    Dr. Ben Carson–President
    Ted Cruz–VP

    Let’s beat the democrats at their own game of strategy! God Bless America!

  101. headonstraight says

    We don’t need no steenkin’ Bushes!

  102. jtaylo says

    What no attack on JEB ’cause of gay marriage? Could it be because conservatives/christians don’t like
    the idea of being linked to Isis who toss gays off rooftops?

    1. iamcurious says

      Why would any civilized person want to be linked to ISIS under any circumstances?

  103. iamcurious says

    As far as I’m concerned, JEB is unelectable because I won’t vote for him. Going even further, it’s unlikely I’ll vote for any Republican. The Republican’s and Democrat’s have proven beyond any doubt that they’re two faces on the same party. Don’t give me the argument that failure to vote for an R is a defacto vote for the D. That might be true if the R was substantially different than the D. There’s not 2 cents worth of difference between them all. There’s more conservative values to be found in the Libertarian’s than in both the R’s and D’s. The R/D’s are owned by the NWO elite. Their puppet show is choreographed by their puppet-masters. The R party needs to go the way of the Whigs. We need a third party that has the real good of the American people at heart. It needs to stand on the bedrock of fundamental values necessary to reinvigorate the country. All candidates need to come from the grassroots up and have some decent moral values and character to them. There is no character to be found in the “favored” in the D/R party today!

  104. LARRY JOHNSON says

    The left wing nut Jeb should be trying yo run as a left wing lunatic democrat-Hes further left then the insane Muslim terrorist Obama

  105. dinkerduo says


  106. patriotgrammy says

    Just another democrat in republican clothing….

  107. Girlie58 says

    No moderates either! We want a true blue conservative! Call him an extremist if you want. My feelings won’t get hurt! I am not a PC person. I want someone who can tell the democrsts to go to hell, like they’ve been telling us! I believe most people in America are conservatives more so than liberals. The conservatives are just more quiet. Maybe it’s time to protest in Washington and be heard on things we don!t tolerate, and will not tolerate!

  108. Peter B. Duran says

    Jeb… take your garbage to Mexico and leave us American alone.

  109. Ron says

    Jeb Bush ; A disaster. Buzz off with Hillary. You’re both creeps.

  110. LARRY JOHNSON says

    Old jeb is just another piece of Obama sh.t- why waste your time – just write in Al Sharpton for pre- the results would be the same

  111. vor7 says

    From 2002 to 08 the Dims did a masterful job of painting W & all Repubs with the ugly brush. With the help of the media there was no doubt that the next POTUS would be a Dim. For the last 6 years the Repubs have with ease pointed out most of the insanities of the Dims – the ugly brush paints both ways. Rebubs will have to screw-up bigtime to lose the next election. I feel certain Mitt won his election in 2012 but succumbed to massive voter fraud. If we can’t get that fixed there will never be another Repub in the White House.

  112. adrianvance says

    We may as well vote for Hillary as Jeb Bush. He will sell us out as did GW.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for clarity.

  113. tinkerunique says

    Brother Jeb has been meeting with 0’bummer. To prep for the next election ? They have very similar views on the control of the USA, and One World Order.

  114. ErnieLane says

    I’ve been a loyal Republican voter since 1968, but there is a 0% chance I’ll vote for him. And I live in Florida and think he was a good Governor. I’m really more of a conservative than a Republican; unless McConnell and Boehner get it together, I won’t vote for _any_ Republican.

  115. readmylipsnow says

    No more Clintons. No more Bushes. We need new blood. We do not need career politicians. Our country is not a dynasty. Thank goodness.

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