Jeff Sessions is Putting an End to the War on Cops


In a memo released to the public on Monday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions directed top Justice Department staffers to review ongoing agency programs from top to bottom, including any agreements the DOJ has made with local police departments that could come into conflict with the Trump administration’s commitment to reducing crime and supporting law enforcement officers.

Sessions outlined a series of criteria that all DOJ programs should be held to, including principles like, “Law enforcement officers perform uniquely dangerous tasks, and the Department should help promote officer safety, officer morale, and public respect for their work.”

Another: “It is not the responsibility of the federal government to manage non-federal law enforcement agencies.”

And one more: “The misdeeds of individual bad actors should not impugn or undermine the legitimate and honorable work that law enforcement officers and agencies perform in keeping American communities safe.”

“The Attorney General and the new leadership in the Department are actively developing strategies to support the thousands of law enforcement agencies across the country that seek to prevent crime and protect the public,” DOJ officials said. “The Department is working to ensure that those initiatives effectively dovetail with robust enforcement of federal laws designed to preserve and protect civil rights.”

Combined with the DOJ’s request to delay a hearing about an impending consent decree with the city of Baltimore, the memo has civil rights activists worried that Sessions is going to undo a major element of the Barack Obama legacy.

Under Obama, the DOJ developed consent decrees with 14 municipal police departments in an attempt to address racial bias and the excessive use of force. Reformers heralded the agreements as a step forward in the wake of problematic cases of police force in Ferguson, Baltimore, Chicago, and New York City.

But critics – Sessions among them – say the Obama administration went too far in both rhetoric and action, demonizing police officers and making it more dangerous for them to carry out their duties.

To be clear, the Trump administration has taken no steps to unwind existing agreements, and it may not even be legally possible for them to do so.

And for further clarity, no one is saying that police departments should be able to do whatever they want to whomever they want because “police are the good guys.”

But there must be a balance. We must remember that cops – especially those who police the most dangerous streets in America – do not have a lot of room for error. We can’t paralyze them to the point where criminals gain the upper hand. We can’t make their jobs so perilous that only those with no other career options will take them. We have to take an approach that is based on facts, not politics.

If Sessions can tackle police reform with those principles at the forefront, then there’s no reason anyone other than a radical leftist should complain.

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  2. Tiger says

    “the memo has civil rights activists worried that Sessions is going to undo a major element of the Barack Obama legacy.”

    Legacy of:

    So forth and so on into the mess we are in right now. Don’t tell me that the orders O gave for the police to be totally unable to keep law and order can’t be undone. If it were done it can be undone.

    Sure they are worried, they own those cities and they know that the new sheriff won’t tolerate cop killing, which has not been seen daily as under O, or calling for cop killing as was seen under O.

    1. SouthernPatriot says

      Ha! Great post! I sure hope Trump and his administration undo all Obama’s legacy. I can’t think of anything from the Obama regime I would like to retain.

      1. marihia says


        1. george briar says

          might as well because their really wasn’t an Obama anyways just a traitor Muslim named Barry Soetoro pretending to be him.

          1. John Wesley Bletsch says

            I have been of the opinion that AKA Barak H Obama is an imposter, a replacement. Since his half sister died under suspicious circumstances while traveling to visit him, there was no acknowledgement from him of his sister’s death. She had written to him she was looking forward to seeing him to see if he still walked with a limp and still had the scar on his head from injuries sustained in a fall from a mango tree. BHO does not walk with a limp and no apparent head scar either. The one person who could positively ID Obama died before she got here. Obama is a planted communist agent, groomed for decades for the usurpation of the office of President of the United States. He never has been a legal US citizen with no naturalization documents and a birth certificate proven to be fraudulent by dozens of document experts. Who among common folk would still be walking around free with those documents and at least 4 stolen SS numbers? I have had only 1 since age 16 just as the rest of us. For all that I have been called a conspiracy theorist, but in reality it’s conspiracy and High Treason that remains unpunished.

          2. jetmagnet says

            He’s probably the 8th best president. Millions love the guy. It’s unfortunate that you have a handful of racist-bigots that get all their info, from rightwing Hate sites.
            But I guess, real americans have to live with you sordid clowns.

          3. TrueAmerican says

            jetmagnet, the only ones in America that love this Lowlife Scum are the losers that keep getting FREE SHIT and Politicians that keep lining their pockets.

          4. Libs R Loons says

            And on that note, the only REAL racists in this country voted for Obama on skin tone alone.

          5. Blade says

            That’s for sure. Their messiah.

          6. james gould says

            Obama pompous phony!

          7. Libs R Loons says

            Do you REALLY believe that chit, or do you just enjoy the 10 cents per comment auto-loaded onto your EBT card to troll the internet posting that chit?

          8. AKLady says

            Sewer language and lies, so impressive,

          9. SDofAZ says

            Yup, all the freeloaders loved him without a doubt. You included!

          10. Robert H Cooper says

            You are NOT a real American. You are a socialist, race baiting progressive who is for the dismantling of our constitution and capitalist system. Go and try to do those things and see real Americans exercising their 2nd Amendment righit to resist and overcome scum like you

          11. AKLady says

            Why do you lie?
            Why do you embarrass America with your hate?

          12. Retired says

            You are the biggest embarrassment next to Obama .

          13. Natalie says

            For people who don’t like labels you sure do love to use labels. Hypocrisy, the cornerstone of liberalism. I’ll translate your liberal speak for those of us unfamiliar, racist-bigot= anyone who disagrees with a Democrat.

          14. lovinspoonful says

            jetmagmet, why do you think the republicans now have the presidency, Congress, 31 states and 69 legislatures. The largest landslide in history. Guess the people were fed up with the democrats not caring about them.

          15. AKLady says

            Because the Electoral College elects the President.
            Clinton had the popular vote.

          16. Retired says

            That popular vote is like toilet paper .

          17. Born in the South and proud says

            clinton didn’t have crap that mattered and that popular vote and $5.00 will get you a cup of coffee and a doughnut. the popular vote crap is getting so old then the stink from it is horrid.

          18. AKLady says

            Maybe a cup of coffee, but not a donut to go with it.

          19. Jack says

            I thought by now you would have gone away but you haven’t , Clinton didn’t win anything but the dumbass vote ! Trump is to the president get over it you big mouth idiot the people of Alaska love him and wish you would become fish bait go to a leftist sight and cry with them the Clinton’s are done get it in that head of yours !!!!

          20. AKLady says

            Sewer language.
            Name calling.
            So impressive, but no the impression you want.

          21. Born in the South and proud says


          22. Combatvet52 says

            How did this AH POS jetmagnet get on this site can’t stand this race baiter.

          23. AKLady says

            Maybe you should look in the mirror.

          24. Retired says

            You have been told that many times , did you break the mirror ????

          25. AKLady says

            You insult someone for using labels while using a minimum of six …

          26. Natalie says

            The difference being crazy lady, I’m not a hypocritical liberal pretending that labels are wrong while using them. I don’t subscribe to constant absurd hypocrisy and smug self righteousness. But you do, which is why you can’t see the difference, liberals never do unless it benefits them.

          27. Combatvet52 says

            Your wasting your time with AK

          28. AKLady says

            No, you are an immature individual who resorts to nursery school name calling.

          29. Ron C says

            Just because one refuses to look at the truth…does make the truth any less truthful…

          30. AKLady says

            Is that the basis for your problems with truth?

          31. Sapperboy says

            And to think that out of 200,000 sperm you were the fastest.

          32. AKLady says

            Gee, and that has what to do with your ignorance?

          33. Sapperboy says

            don’t know what makes you so stupid, but it really works.

          34. Blade says

            I am shocked you didn’t say he was the best president ever. And want kind of crap are you smoking. The big eared clown is a traitor in my opinion.

          35. Walter Wood says

            Blade,just go to jetmagnet’s profile and see what all the comments made to all other news sites

          36. AKLady says

            More lies and insults.
            That is typical right-wing…

          37. SILENTHAMMER says

            Read Saul Allinsky, mag. Oh, you are probably already aware of obie’s ties — silly me. You a fan of Frank Davis? Thought you might be. Carryin’ your BLM, ACP card? You’re transparent.

          38. AKLady says

            Foolish one, Allinsky’s writing are required reading ih all first-rate business schools. You are so very brainwashed, you cannot recognize a good thing when you see it.

          39. SILENTHAMMER says

            I see you have no life, poor thing. “Rules for Radicals” is your baby’s guide. You should read it(?) sometime. (And the term “ih” is NOT an English word.)

          40. AKLady says

            Thank you.
            Your input is always welcome
            It says so much about you.

          41. SILENTHAMMER says


          42. mac12sam12 says

            Alinsky’s book was influenced by propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels and you have never read it because any business college worth it’s salt would suggest they avoid the book. Go steal a copy for yourself.

          43. AKLady says

            Always remember the first rule of power tactics: Power is not only what you have but what the enemy thinks you have.

            The second rule is: Never go outside the experience of your people. When an action is outside the experience of the people, the result is confusion, fear, and retreat.

            The third rule is: Wherever possible go outside the experience of the enemy. Here you want to cause confusion, fear, and retreat.

            The fourth rule is: Make the enemy live up to their own book of rules. You can kill them with this, for they can no more obey their own rules than the Christian church can live up to Christianity.

            The fourth rule carries within it the fifth rule: Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. It is almost impossible to counterattack ridicule. Also it infuriates the opposition, who then react to your advantage.

            The sixth rule is: A good tactic is one that your people enjoy. If your people are not having a ball doing it, there is something very wrong with the tactic.

            The seventh rule: A tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag. Man can sustain militant interest in any issue for only a limited time, after which it becomes a ritualistic commitment, like going to church on Sunday mornings.

            The eighth rule: Keep the pressure on, with different tactics and actions, and utilize all events of the period for your purpose.

            The ninth rule: The threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself.

            The tenth rule: The major premise for tactics is the development of operations that will maintain a constant pressure upon the opposition. It is this unceasing pressure that results in the reactions from the opposition that are essential for the success of the campaign.

            The eleventh rule is: If you push a negative hard and deep enough it will break through into its counterside; this is based on the principle that every positive has its negative.

            The twelfth rule: The price of a successful attack is a constructive alternative. You cannot risk being trapped by the enemy in his sudden agreement with your demand and saying “You’re right — we don’t know what to do about this issue. Now you tell us.”

            The thirteenth rule: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.

          44. Jim H. says

            Just Easily Tricked Magnet, 8th best president? I’m sorry, what world are you living in again?
            The reason I’m asking is because you’ve passed by reality and went straight to imagination and opinion town.
            Obama was no President, sir. He IS a traitor to all people’s in America. And like some Californians, a halfway decent actor. But he wasn’t that good.

          45. AKLady says

            Why do you embarrass America by lying?
            All you have are insults and lies.
            Try some actual facts for a change.

          46. Tasine says

            He WAS the absolutely worst president in American history. Millions “loving him” means NOTHING when talking about “good President” or “leader” or “boss”. Getting the job done is the goal of a “good” leader, and the only goal Obama succeeded at was the almost total destruction of the greatest nation ever conceived. He was a great dictator and in no way a real leader. He was an agitator, and I believe that was deliberate to keep things stirred up -and he was pretty good at stirring up his gaggle of supporters and snowflakes. There are no right wing hate sites, ONLY left wing hate sites. Disagreeing with you does not mean I hate you. However, your disagreeing with ME does signify hate. We are not sordid clowns and if you really believe that pap, give us an example.

          47. AKLady says

            Why do you tell lies?

          48. Tasine says

            Where’s the example I asked you for? Don’t have an example? It was a known lie? If ANYONE is lying, it is surely you – or maybe not lying. Perhaps you have dementia and cannot discern the difference between lying and speaking truth?

          49. Greg Hernandez says

            Right wing hate sites, Buddy even the web is majority lefty and the media is almost exclusively left wing idiots. Ozero is the worst president I have ever been around for and I’ve been around since Truman. I get my news from living it and using my brain and not letting it rot from democrap lies. Actually ozero is the worst POS to EVER ” Occupy ” the White House and his only true accomplishment other than the phony nobel ” peace ” prize he was given is that he made Jimmy Carter look Almost Presidential. I imagine you look just like your icon photo. Great joker look or really dumb clown look….

          50. Walter Wood says

            I agree he/she would look good in a new Batman movie

          51. AKLady says

            Why do you lie?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
            Name calling is infantile behavior.
            Why do you embarrass America this way?

          52. Greg Hernandez says

            I never lie. Go away ,your stink isn’t welcome. Do the world a favor and take yourself to MSLSD or some blog for mental incompetents like yourself. You may post a lot of garbage to see your phony name up there , but all you are doing is showing your almost total lack of intelligence.

          53. AKLady says

            The elementary school behavior.
            Sewer language.
            You lie.
            You embarrass America with your foolishness.

          54. john says

            Jet Faggot!

          55. mac12sam12 says

            Millions love the guy but he was the worst president in history and his record numbers prove it, and all his numbers are bad.

          56. AKLady says

            Only in your mind.

          57. mac12sam12 says

            Would you like obama’s ugly numbers, hack?

          58. AKLady says

            Obama’s numbers?
            What numbers might those be?
            Your nursery school name calling is very impressive.

          59. lovinspoonful says

            He was officially rated as the worst president. He spent more money than all previous presidents put together. Our national debt is unbelievable due to him. Never this high ever. He tried to destroy our country Funny you would call others racist. He and Michelle both were racists and that is a fact. I got my info from watching him talk about right wing hate sites. What do you think the leftists are in Congress are doing? You need to catch up with what is going on in Washington.

          60. VaricoseVain says

            There is no “official” rating of presidents. If by official you mean a bunch of racist knuckle-dragging redneck buffoons like you got together and said “Yep, that nig-nog shore is the wurst prezimudent ever” then yeah, you’re right. He’s officially the worst.

          61. lovinspoonful says

            Yes, there was. Sorry you missed it as it was on the news.

          62. AKLady says

            News? What news might that be? Fox?

          63. AKLady says

            The Constitution gave the power of the purse to Congress.
            You elect Congress.
            Learn how your government functions.
            Stop lying.
            Stop embarrassing America.

          64. lovinspoonful says

            Was this your message to Obama?

          65. Deby says

            give it a rest trollboy-and if you take your head out of obozo’s ass you might “see the light” about your hero-it is HE who is the racist.

          66. AKLady says

            You are the troll.
            Oh, and the term “boy” has been unacceptable since the 1960s

          67. Deby says

            LOL! It is hilarious that you think I would give a rat’s ass about your liberal PC verbiage!! Or your opinion either which I consider completely irrelvant. Bye now

          68. bttrap says

            and all your fake news makes up your opinions, keep it up and when they tell you to jump in a lake make sure you do that you don’t swim do you? I hope not, it would make it faster to get rid of you

          69. Jack says

            Why is it that you brain dead Democrats can’t get it through your heads DONALD TRUMP is the president he was elected by the people for the people he’s done more in the last 90 day’s then Barry ever did . now get over it or go to different country and see how your treated when you open your mouth!

          70. Born in the South and proud says

            You call him the 8th best, I call him the #1 worst closely followed by Carter

          71. mac12sam12 says

            No way, try the worst and we’re all glad that the chocolate toilet plunger is back in the bath houses of Chicago. #MAGA!!

          72. AKLady says

            $6.8 billion — total net worth of Trump’s cabinet-level picks.
            Government of the rich, by the rich, for the rich

          73. Retired says

            What about your Rich Pelosi =Schumer – Soros and all the other Rich Democrats

          74. Combatvet52 says

            Hey brother that don’t count because they are LIBERAL Jackazzes who are only out for themselves……..they like the poor boy crap like Ovomit he gets in and at the end of the 4 years he’s a millionaire……..very strange.

          75. Combatvet52 says

            (( live with you sordid clowns.)) youse talkin about the Ovomit family.

          76. Michael Dennewitz says

            And we crazy Americans are allowing the bastard to have his mansion within 4 blocks of the white house. It’s still puzzling as to WHY HE’S ALLOWED to remain on American soil!? He, the benghazi bitch, nancy peloosely and quite a few others belong in Gitmo! ?

          77. Tasine says

            I couldn’t agree more. I’m guessing at least 2-300 of them belong in Gitmo.

          78. James says

            I say; put them on a ‘retired’ naval ship and use it for target practice!
            Oh! and make sure it is in shark infested waters!

          79. AKLady says

            You approve of murder?
            Inciting a riot is a crime, just saying …

          80. Retired says

            That is what your brothers Obama and Sharpton did along with Jackson .

          81. AKLady says

            Rioting is an American tradition.
            That is what my relatives, the Founders of this Nation did.
            The Boston Tea Party was a riot that included destruction of property.

          82. Retired says

            You are one wacky old lady .

          83. AKLady says

            Obviously, your knowledge of American history is seriously lacking. When grievances strike, Americans have always taken noisily to the streets, and sometimes, they’ve achieved some genuinely great things.

            Let’s see, there was the Stamp Act riots, the Boston Tea Party, the Pennsylvania Mutiny, the Don Rebellion, thr Detroit riots, the Stonewall riots, Kent state riots, Mt. Peasant riots, L.A. riots … just to name a few.
            You are one ignorant old man.

          84. Retired says

            Now name the ones that started them , mainly the last ones after WW2 in your life time .Demon Rats come to mind ???? Not as old as you .

          85. AKLady says

            Obviously, your knowledge of American history is seriously lacking.

          86. Retired says

            Answer the Question , who was responsible after WW2 , a time while you were alive . You are lacking on what goes on today and in your life time .

          87. John Somers says

            Obviously YOU don’t know as much as you THINK you did.

          88. AKLady says

            Kindergarten name calling.
            So very impressive,

          89. Retired says

            Obviously the shoe fits you ,as you are wearing it .

          90. John Somers says

            Let her chew on my post for a while.

          91. AKLady says

            1970 – University of Puerto Rico riot, March 4–11, at least one killed, Río Piedras, Puerto Rico
            1970 – Student strike of 1970, May 1970
            1970 – Kent State riots/shootings, May 1970, four killed, Kent, Ohio
            1970 – New Haven Green Disorders, Yale University, May 1970, New Haven, Connecticut
            1970 – Augusta Riot, May 11–13, Augusta, Georgia
            1970 – Hard Hat Riot, Wall Street, May 8, New York City
            1970 – Jackson State killings, May 14–15, two killed, Jackson, Mississippi
            1970 – 1970 Memorial Park riot, August 24–27, Royal Oak, Michigan
            1970 – Sterling Hall bombing, Univ. of Wisc., August 24, one killed, Madison, Wisconsin
            1970 – Chicano Moratorium riot, August 29, Los Angeles, California
            1971 – Wilmington riot 1971, February 9, Wilmington, North Carolina
            1971 – May Day protests 1971, May 3, Washington, D.C.
            1971 – Camden riots, August 1971, Camden, New Jersey
            1971 – Attica Prison uprising, September 9–13, at least 39 killed, Attica, New York
            1973 – Wounded Knee incident, February 27 – May 8, Wounded Knee, South Dakota
            1974 – SLA Shootout, May 17, Los Angeles, California
            1974 – Baltimore police strike, July, Baltimore, Maryland
            1974 – Boston busing race riots anti-busing riots throughout. Boston, Massachusetts
            1974 – Fairhill Riots, July 30–31, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
            1974 – Newark, NJ Puerto Rican residents riot over police issues
            1975 – Pine Ridge shootout, June 26. Pine Ridge, South Dakota
            1975 – Livernois–Fenkell riot, July 1975, Detroit, Michigan
            1975 – Springfield Riots, August 28–29, Springfield, Massachusetts
            1976 – Escambia High School riots, February 5, Pensacola, Florida
            1976 – Anti-busing riot in downtown Boston, April 5, Boston, Massachusetts
            1977 – Humboldt Park Riots, June 5–6, Chicago, Illinois
            1977 – New York City Blackout riot 1977, July 13–14, New York City, New York
            1978 – Moody Park riot, May 5, 1978, Houston, Texas
            1979 – White Night riots, May 1979, San Francisco, California
            1979 – Great Brook Valley Projects Riots, June 21, Worcester, Massachusetts
            1979 – Greensboro massacre, November 3, Greensboro, North Carolina
            1980 – New Mexico State Penitentiary riot, Santa Fe, New Mexico
            1980 – Miami riot 1980, May 17–19, Miami, Florida
            1984 – Lawrence Race Riots, August 9–10, Lawrence, Massachusetts – Puerto Ricans and Dominicans clashed with Whites.
            1988 – Perth Amboy Riots, June 9–10, Perth Amboy, New Jersey – riot in the Hispanic community after an officer shot a Hispanic man.
            1988 – Tompkins Square Park riot, New York City
            1988 – Cedar Grove, Shreveport, Louisiana, In September 1988 there was a full-blown riot in which the police were forced to block off the entire neighborhood because it was out of control. Cars and businesses were burned.
            1989 – Miami riot, Miami, Florida, Jan. 16, Three days of rioting breaks out in the Overtown and Liberty City sections of Miami after a police officer shoots and kills a black motorcyclist. 11 people wounded. Over 1 million dollars in damage.
            1989 – Vineland Riots, August 29, Vineland, New Jersey – riot in the Puerto Rican and African American community after an officer shot an African American male.
            1990 – Wynwood Riots, December 3, Miami, Florida – riot in the Puerto Rican community after the acquittal of officer who beat a drug dealer to death. Puerto Ricans cited alienation from the larger Cuban community.
            1991 – 1991 Washington, DC riot, Mount Pleasant riot, May 5–9, Washington, D.C.
            1991 – Crown Heights riot, August 1991, Brooklyn, New York
            1992 – L.A. Rodney King riots, April–May 1992, Los Angeles, California
            1992 – 1992 Washington Heights riots, July 4–7, Manhattan, New York, Dominican community
            1993 – X-Ray Riots, July 17, Portland, Oregon[1]
            1994 – Eastside Lexington riots, October 26, 1994, Lexington, Kentucky
            1996 – St. Petersburg, Florida Riot 1996, October 1996, St. Petersburg, Florida
            1999 – WTO Meeting of 1999, “The Battle in Seattle”, November 1999, Seattle, Washington
            1999 – Michigan State University student riot, April 1999, East Lansing, Michigan
            1999 – Woodstock ’99 music festival incident, July 1999, Rome, New York
            21st century[edit]
            2000 – Elián González affair, Miami, Florida
            2000 – Puerto Rican Day Parade attacks, June 11, Central Park, New York City
            2001 – 2001 Cincinnati Riots, April 10–12, Cincinnati, Ohio
            2002 – Great Brook Valley Project Riots, August 18, Worcester, MA, Puerto Rican
            2002 – North Minneapolis Riots, August 22, Minneapolis, Minnesota
            2003 – Benton Harbor riot, June 2003, Benton Harbor, Michigan
            2003 – Miami FTAA Protests, November 2003, Miami, Florida
            2004 – 2004 American League Championship Series, October 21, 1 dead, Boston, Massachusetts
            2005 – Civil disturbances and military action in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, August – Sept., New Orleans, Louisiana
            2005 – 2005 Toledo riot, October 15, Toledo, Ohio
            2006 – San Bernardino punk riot, March 4, San Bernardino, California
            2007 – The Los Angeles May Day mêlée, May 1, Los Angeles, California
            2009 – Riots against BART Police shooting of Oscar Grant, January 7, 120 arrested, Oakland, California
            2009 – Akron riots, March 14, 2009, 7 arrested; and July 2009, unknown number arrested, Akron, Ohio
            2009 – 2009 G-20 Pittsburgh summit protests, Sept. 24-25, 193 arrested
            2010 – Springfest riot, April 10, 200 police disperse crowd of 8000 using tear gas, pepper spray, rubber bullets, and bean bag rounds, near the campus of James Madison University; dozens injured. 30–35 arrested; Harrisonburg, Virginia
            2010 – Santa Cruz May Day riot, May 1, 250 rampage through downtown Santa Cruz attacking 18 businesses, causing an estimated $100,000 in damages. 1 arrested. Santa Cruz, California
            2010 – BART verdict riot, July 8, in response to verdict in BART Police shooting of Oscar Grant. About 100 businesses were damaged and 78 people were arrested. Oakland, California
            2010 – Westlake District Riots, Sept.6-8, in response to LAPD shooting a Guatemalan immigrant. Los Angeles, California
            2010 – Oakland protest riot, Nov. 5, Police made more than 150 arrests as a crowd broke windows and knocked down fences, protesting sentence of former BART officer in shooting of Oscar Grant on New Years Day 2009; see BART Police shooting of Oscar Grant. Oakland, California
            2011 – Pennsylvania State University, Joe Paterno riot. Students riot in protest of the decision of the Board of Trustees to fire head football coach Joe Paterno. State College, Pennsylvania
            2011 – Occupy Wall Street (Brooklyn Bridge protests). Demonstrators blocked the bridge and more than 700 people were arrested. Brooklyn, New York
            2011 – Occupy Wall Street Oakland protests riots. October. Protesters shattered windows, set fires, and plastered buildings with graffiti. Riot police fired heavy amounts of tear gas on the protesters.
            2012 – NATO 2012 Chicago Summit, May. Conflict between riot police. Dozens of demonstrators clubbed and arrested.
            2012 – Anaheim police shooting and protests, July 28. Violence erupted after multiple shootings in the neighborhood by police that included unarmed Manuel Diaz. 24 people were arrested
            2013 – Flatbush Riots, March 11, Riots in Brooklyn, New York after the death of Kimani Gray who was shot and killed by NYPD
            2014 – Ferguson unrest, Ferguson, Missouri, August 10. Protests turned into violent riots and unrest after the death of teenager Michael Brown, who was shot by a Ferguson police officer.
            2014 – New York, New York, and Berkeley, California – After prosecutors and a grand jury refused to indict a police officer in the death of Eric Garner, many people protested against it in New York City and other cities, some of them causing unrest.
            2015 – 2015 Baltimore protests, April 25–28. After days of peaceful protests, rioting and looting broke out following the death of Freddie Gray while in police custody. 34 arrested and 15 Officers injured. On April 27, Looting continued after the funeral where an additional 15 officers were injured. Governor Hogan activated the Maryland National Guard and 500 State Troopers to aide in restoring peace to the city. Baltimore, Maryland
            2016 – Occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, January–February 2015. 1 killed and several dozen arrested. Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, Oregon
            2016 – Anaheim, California Feb. 29. 3 People stabbed and 13 others arrested during a Ku Klux Klan rally.
            2016 – 2016 Donald Trump Chicago rally protest, March 11. Five people arrested and two police officers injured during a demonstration at the UIC Pavilion.
            2016 – Democracy Spring rally in April. March to Washington D.C. and sit-ins lead to arrests.
            2016 – At least 261 people were arrested across the U.S. in protests in New York City, Chicago, St. Paul, Minnesota; Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and other cities. In St. Paul, bottles and rocks flew as over twenty officers were injured. The protests were held in response to the officer-involved shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile.
            2016 – 2016 Milwaukee riots, Sherman Park, August 13–15. Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
            2016 – 2016 Charlotte riot, September 20–21, Riots started in response to the shooting of Keith Lamont Scott by police
            2016 – Dakota Access Pipeline protests, 411 Protesters Arrested. Multiple skirmishes with police, with vehicles, hay bales, and tires set on fire.
            2016 – Ongoing – Anti-Trump protests, Nov. 9-27. As a result of Donald Trump being elected 45th President of the U.S., thousands protested across twenty five American cities and unrest broke out in Downtown Oakland, California and Portland, Oregon. In Downtown Oakland over 40 fires started and police officers were injured.[2] Protests in other cities did not turn violent.
            2017 – Washington, D.C., Anti-Trump protests at Inauguration. Objects were thrown at police and a limousine was set on fire. More than 230 were arrested.
            2017 – Berkeley, California, February 1, civil unrest ensued at UC Berkeley as Milo Yiannopoulos was scheduled to speak on the campus.[3][4]
            See also[edit]
            List of assassinations and acts of terrorism against Americans
            List of battles occurring in the United States
            List of incidents of civil unrest in Colonial North America
            List of massacres
            List of protest marches on Washington, DC
            List of race riots – see U.S. section.
            List of riots (notable incidents of civil disorder worldwide)
            List of strikes
            List of terrorist incidents in the United States
            List of United States military history events
            List of violent spectator incidents in sports
            Lists of Incidents of unrest and violence in the United State by city
            Mass racial violence in the United States
            Murder of workers in labor disputes in the United States
            Timeline of labor issues and events

          92. John Somers says

            O.K. Let’s see, 1970 STUDENTS DID NOT HAVE A RIGHT TO STRIKE, 1970 Kent State LONE SHOOTER FIRING FROM THE BELL TOWER, Jackson State NOT considered a “riot”, Sterling Hall, A “BOMBER ALSO LONE. WILMINGTON NOT CONSIDERED A “riot” DON’T SCREW WITH ME ON THAT ONE< I WAS THERE!!!!! DON"T confuse a "PROTEST" with a "RIOT" It becomes a riot after the violence reaches MAJOR damage with injuries and is UNABLE to be controlled with one unit of Police Officers. ENGAGE YOUR BRAIN BEFORE YOU START SPEWING FROM YOU MOUTH !!!!!!!!!!!!!

          93. AKLady says

            Dear John, the 1st Amendment gives every “person” in the United States the right to protest.

          94. Mary Cosmah-Johnson says

            Riot in Augusta, Ga. News to me. As I lived there and worked for the newspaper. Never heard that.

          95. AKLady says

            On May 9, 1970, Prisoner Charles Oatman was found brutally beaten to death in his jail cell. He was 16 years old.

            “The 1970 Augusta riot was an episode of civil unrest that occurred in Augusta, Georgia between May 11 and May 13, 1970. The three-day riot was sparked by the suspicious death of a young black inmate and would leave half a dozen dead. African Americans began vandalizing, looting, and burning Augusta”

          96. mac12sam12 says

            So this week you’re pretending to be a history expert. How long ago were those riots going on? The only ones who riot are liberals dressed in black. It’t like Hussein o bring up the Crusades every time there’s an act of Jihad.

          97. AKLady says

            Which Crusade, paid for by which king?
            There were 12 of them, spanning 400 years.
            If you think they were fought just to acquire access to the Holy land, ypu hace missed a huge amount of history education.

          98. John Somers says

            You have really got your chit together, must have a PHD you know chit piled higher ad deeper

          99. AKLady says

            Having received a very limited education, you have every right to be angry.

          100. Jack says

            Agreed but trying to explain something to AKcrazyladi is getting you anywhere not responding is a better choice Is no response to her comments. Block is a useful tool also.

          101. ernldo says

            Yes, I blocked the simple minded idiot long ago….

          102. John Somers says

            WHOA THERE GARBAGE BREATH, The first FOUR were riots HOWEVER THE the only damage that was done was to TEA UNLIKE todays riots there was NO looting NO setting neighborhoods on fire, NO shootings.

          103. AKLady says

            Oh, John, you really need a better history education.
            The “Tea Party” was part of a much larger riot.
            The destruction of property was not limited to tea.

          104. mac12sam12 says

            Rioting isn’t an American tradition unless you’re an emotional liberal. Question, were you one of the marching vagina hats?

          105. AKLady says


            1783 – Pennsylvania Mutiny of 1783, June 20, Anti-government protest by soldiers of the Continental Army against the Congress of the Confederation, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
            1786 – Shays’ Rebellion, August 29, 1786 – February 3, 1787, Western Massachusetts
            1788 – Doctors Mob Riot, New York City, New York
            1791–1794 – Whiskey Rebellion, Western Pennsylvania (anti-excise tax on whiskey)
            1799 – Fries Rebellion,1799–1800, Tax revolt by Pennsylvania Dutch farmers. Pennsylvania
            1811 – 1811 German Coast Uprising, Slave revolt, Jan 8-10, Territory of Orleans
            1829 – Cincinnati riots of 1829, Cincinnati, Ohio
            1831 – Nat Turner’s slave rebellion, August, Southampton County, Virginia
            1834 – Anti-abolitionist riot, New York City, New York
            1835 – Baltimore bank riot
            1835 – Gentleman’s Riot, Boston, Massachusetts
            1835–1836 – Toledo War, a boundary dispute between states of Michigan and Ohio
            1836 – Cincinnati Riots of 1836, Cincinnati, Ohio
            1837 – Flour Riots, New York City, New York
            1839 – Honey War, Iowa-Missouri border
            1839 – Anti-Rent War, Hudson Valley, New York
            1841 – Dorr Rebellion, Rhode Island
            1842 – Lombard Street Riot, (a.k.a. the Abolition Riots), Aug. 1, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
            1844 – Philadelphia Nativist Riots, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (anti-immigration)
            1849 – Astor Place riot, New York City, New York (anti-British)
            1851 – San Francisco Vigilance Movement, San Francisco, California
            1853 – Cincinnati Riot of 1853, Cincinnati, Ohio
            1855 – Cincinnati riots of 1855
            1855 – Lager Beer Riot, Chicago, Illinois
            1855 – Portland Rum Riot, June 2, Portland, Maine
            1855 – Bloody Monday, Know-Nothing Party riot, August 6, Louisville, Kentucky (anti-immigration)
            1855 – Detroit brothel riots, 1855-1859, Detroit, Michigan {Source: Detroit Free Press’ “The Detroit Almanac”, 2001.}
            1856 – Pottawatomie massacre, May 24, Franklin County, Kansas
            1856 – Know-Nothing Riot of 1856, Baltimore, Maryland
            1857 – Know-Nothing Riot, June 1, Washington D.C. (anti-immigration)
            1857 – New York City Police Riot, June 16, New York City, New York
            1857 – Dead Rabbits Riot, July 4–5, New York City, New York
            1858 – Know-Nothing Riot 1858, New Orleans, Louisiana
            1859 – John Brown’s raid on Harpers Ferry, October 16, Harpers Ferry, Virginia
            1861 – Baltimore Riot of 1861, April 19, (a.k.a. the Pratt Street Riot), Baltimore, Maryland
            1861 – Camp Jackson Affair, May 10, Union forces clash with Confederate sympathizers on the streets of St. Louis, 28 dead, 100 injured., St. Louis, Missouri
            1862 – Buffalo riot of 1862, Buffalo, New York
            1863 – Detroit race riot of 1863
            1863 – Southern bread riots, April 2, Riots which broke out in the South during the Civil War due to food shortages throughout the Confederate States of America
            1863 – Battle of Fort Fizzle, June, also known as the Holmes County Draft Riots, active resistance to the draft during the Civil War, Holmes County, Ohio
            1863 – New York City draft riots, July 13–16, New York City, New York (anti-draft)
            1864 – Charleston Riot, Charleston, Illinois
            1866 – Memphis Riots of 1866, May 1–3, Race riot that broke out during Reconstruction, Memphis, Tennessee
            1866 – New Orleans riot, New Orleans, Louisiana
            1868 – Pulaski Riot, Pulaski, Tennessee
            1870 – First New York City orange riot, New York City, New York
            1870 – Kirk-Holden war, July–Nov., Caswell and Alamance counties North Carolina
            1871 – Second New York City orange riot, New York City, New York
            1871 – Meridian race riot of 1871, March, Meridian, Mississippi
            1871 – Los Angeles anti-Chinese riot, Los Angeles, California
            1873 – Colfax massacre, April 13, Colfax, Louisiana
            1874 – Election Riot of 1874, Barbour County, Alabama
            1874 – Tompkins Square Riot, New York City, New York
            1874 – Battle of Liberty Place, New Orléans, Louisiana
            1876 – South Carolina civil disturbances of 1876, South Carolina
            1877 – Widespread rioting occurred across the US as part of the Great Railroad Strike of 1877:
            Baltimore railroad strike in Baltimore, Maryland
            Philadelphia Railroad Strike, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
            Pittsburgh Railway Riots, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
            Reading Railroad massacre, Reading, Pennsylvania
            Saint Louis general strike, July, East St. Louis, Illinois
            Scranton General Strike, in Scranton, Pennsylvania
            Shamokin uprising, Shamokin, Pennsylvania
            1877 – San Francisco Riot of 1877
            1880 – 1880 Garret Mountain May Day riot
            1884 – Cincinnati Courthouse riot, Cincinnati, Ohio
            1885 – Rock Springs massacre, Sept. 2 1885, Riot between Chinese miners and white miners. 28 killed, 15 injured, Rock Springs, Wyoming
            1886 – Haymarket riot, Chicago, Illinois
            1886 – Seattle riot of 1886, Seattle, Washington
            1888 – Jaybird-Woodpecker War, 1888–90, Violent post-Reconstruction political conflict in Texas. Fort Bend County, Texas
            1892 – Homestead strike, July 6, 1892, Homestead, Pennsylvania
            1892–1893 – Mitcham War, Clarke County, Alabama
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            1921 – Tulsa Race Riot, May 31 – June 1, Tulsa, Oklahoma
            1921 – Battle of Blair Mountain, WV Coal Mine Wars, August – September 1921, Logan County, West Virginia
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            1923 – Rosewood Massacre, January 1–7, Rosewood, Florida
            1925 – Ossian Sweet incident, Detroit, Michigan
            1929 – North Carolina Textile Strike, North Carolina
            1927 – Columbine Mine Massacre, November 21, Serene, Colorado
            1931 – Battle of Evarts, May 5, Harlan County, Kentucky
            1931 – Chicago Rent Strike Riot, August 3, Chicago, Illinois
            1931 – Hawaii Riot, Hawaii
            1932 – Bonus Army March, Spring/Summer 1932, Washington, D.C.
            1932 – Ford Hunger March, March 7, 3,000 unemployed workers march on Ford Motors, five are killed, River Rouge plant, Dearborn, Michigan
            1934 – U.S. Nazi Riot, New York City, New York
            1934 – Minneapolis Teamsters Strike of 1934, Minneapolis, Minnesota
            1934 – Auto-Lite strike, April 4 – June 3, the “Battle of Toledo” riot, Toledo, Ohio
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            1942 – Sojourner Truth Homes Riot, February 28, Detroit, Michigan
            1943 – Beaumont Race Riot of 1943, Summer, Beaumont, Texas
            1943 – Zoot Suit Riots, July 3, Los Angeles, California (anti-Hispanic and anti-zoot suit)
            1943 – Detroit Race Riot, June 20–21, Detroit, Michigan
            1943 – Harlem Riot of 1943, August 1–3, New York City, New York
            1946 – Columbia Race Riot of 1946, February 25–26, Columbia, Tennessee
            1946 – Battle of Athens (1946), August, Revolt by citizens against corrupt local government, McMinn County, Tennessee
            1946 – Airport Homes Race Riots, Chicago, Illinois
            1949 – Peekskill Riot, Peekskill, New York
            1950 – San Juan Nationalist revolt, Utuado Uprising, Jayuya Uprising, Oct. 30, Various uprisings against United States Government rule during the Puerto Rican Nationalist Party Revolts of the 1950s in Puerto Rico
            1951 – Cicero race riot of 1951, July 12, Cicero, Illinois
            1958 – Battle of Hayes Pond, January 18, Maxton, North Carolina, Armed confrontation between members of the NC Lumbee tribe and the KKK.
            1959 – Harriett-Henderson Cotton Mills Strike Henderson, North C

          106. mac12sam12 says

            Numb nuts, anything a little more recent? The only ones who rioted were the vagina hat loons.

          107. AKLady says

            The childish show your ignorance and bigotry.
            They also show the world what America has become —
            a Nation following the footsteps of 1930s Germany.

          108. mac12sam12 says

            What’s ignorant and bigoted were the rioting liberals who couldn’t face the results of an election. See any republicans riot after obama got elected twice?

            Boy, a conspiracy theorist. Have you become a liberal prepper yet? Are you keeping a lookout for the black helicopters?

          109. AKLady says

            You forget history you do not want to acknowledge exists.
            Obama’s election in 2008 was preceded and followed by violent attacks and property destruction targeted against minorities. Obama supporters were attacked and seriously injured, some requiring hospitalization (Example Kaylon Johnson in Louisiana).

            Very frequently, Obama’s presidency was marked by effigies of the President hanging from nooses across the country. In other events, the effigies were burned. There were attacks on minoriuty neighborhoods, property was destroyed across the country, for example in Pennsylvania, Texas, and North Carolina, and a predominately black church was torched in Massachusetts.

            Pro-Trump suppirtees have been responsible for a wave of attacks against Muslims, Latinos, blacks, and the LGBT community.

          110. Combatvet52 says

            MORE BS

          111. AKLady says

            The facts are publishes on the Internet.
            Look them up.
            You keep embarrassing America.

          112. Combatvet52 says

            Do you believe everything you see on the internet or the news paper………
            Your the one who is embarrassing America because you don’t have the guts to live in the lower states.

          113. AKLady says

            Guts? I spent pver 40 years living in one hell hole after another. There were a number of foreign countries thrown in, as well as a war. As the child of military parents, I lived somewhere new ever 18 to 24 months. As a Commissioned Officer, I did a lot of travel at the government’s expense — two tours at Vietnam combat hospitals was a prime gift. As a military spouse …
            Save your insults for someone you can impress with your ignorance.

          114. Combatvet52 says

            ((I did a lot of travel at the government’s expense )) Sounds like Ovomit & Company

          115. AKLady says

            Hopefully, you are not one of the pieces parts I sewed back together in VN.
            I’d hate to think I save the life of someone s hateful.

          116. Combatvet52 says

            Not at all I was fixed in Korea by a top notch surgeon, I’ve done very well for my self in every aspect of the game.
            The surgeon happened to be a full bird colonel who was my cousin from Mass…….your needle would have been to Liberal and infect my blood.

          117. AKLady says

            So that is your thanks for those who served.
            You are most welcome.
            Both of my parents served in both Korea and WWII.

          118. Combatvet52 says

            AK a little something for you to read you and the rest of the liberal Demorats keep chopping on Trump take a look at the honest law abiding Demorats
            Allen B West reports,

            And though corruption knows no particular age, race or creed, there’s one group of Washington insiders who seem to pop up on the malfeasance radar with somewhat stunning regularity — the Congressional Black Caucus.

            From Charles Rangel (D-NY) being found guilty of eleven ethics violations to shamed former-Congresswoman Corrine Brown (D-FL) being indicted, pleading guilty to 22 federal counts and facing a potential sentence of 357 years to Alcee Hastings (D-FL) (a formerly impeached federal judge) busted for misusing public funds to pay his girlfriend $2.5 million, CBC members are no strangers to the ethics microscope as they seem to be perpetually the subjects of investigations.

            Now it’s Maxine Waters’ (D-CA) turn. Again. Waters, whose incessant tweets and tirades about Donald Trump have become a thing of internet legend, was named “one of the most corrupt members of Congress” by the non-partisan group CREW (Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington) for a virtually endless string of accusations and/or violations. Waters made the CREW list in 2005, 2006, 2009 and appears poised to keep the roll alive in 2017.

            The Washington Free Beacon is reporting that Waters has used public funds to pay her daughter, Karen Waters, over $600,000 since 2006:

            In 2010 Waters was brought up on three counts of ethics violations by the House Ethics committee for her Congressional advocation on behalf of a bank in which she had a financial interest. Well, actually not her, but her husband…somehow that’d different. From The Hill:

            “The House ethics committee on Monday outlined its charges against Rep. Maxine Waters, who is accused of helping a bank in which her husband owned stock secure federal bailout funds.

            The committee charged the 10-term California Democrat with three counts of violating House rules and the federal ethics code in connection with her effort to arrange a 2008 meeting between Treasury officials and representatives with OneUnited bank.

            The panel said Waters, who sits on the Financial Services Committee, broke a House rule requiring members to behave in a way that reflects “creditably” on the chamber. The committee said that by trying to assist OneUnited, she stood to benefit directly, because her husband owned a sizable amount of stock that would have been “worthless” if the bank failed.”
            (((((This swamp cannot possibly be drained quickly enough.)))))

          119. AKLady says

            Maybe you should try educating yourself:
            1. Following his bankruptcies, the main investors in Trump’s business were Russian. America will probably never see his income tax returns unless ther release is court ordered.
            2. Trump has been sued be DOJ over 200 times for racial issues. Start your education with United States v. Trump, 1973 NY.
            3. Which other Presidents have been sued for laundering money for the Mob? Both New York and New Jersey charged and fined Trump for money laundering
            4. Which other Presidents have been charged with operating unlicensed businesses? New York charged Trump in relation to his “fake” university.
            5. Then there I the “grab them by the pussy” an other related remarks …
            Ms. Waters is an angel in comparison. You, on the other hand, are just very poorly informed.

          120. Combatvet52 says

            An angel with the biggest horns ever.

          121. Combatvet52 says
          122. AKLady says

            Making America HATE again is the correct version.

          123. Retired says

            If the Muslim leaders would allow them she would wear one .

          124. Combatvet52 says

            An American Tradition……..BLAH tell me who all the people that riot what color are they……….then along came Ovomit to put fire into them.

          125. Retired says

            AK is a Muslim supporter and lover .

          126. AKLady says

            Yes, I support the 1st Amendment.
            Yes, I support th Constitution.
            If you cannot do that, get out of our Narion.

          127. Retired says

            It is you and the radical group that you support that need to leave . You are as Anti US as they come .

          128. John Somers says

            If YOU don’t support the 2nd Amendment YOU get out of OUR Country !!

          129. dux nobis28 says

            Is AK lady a negro , that explains the low iq!

          130. Combatvet52 says

            I believe she is at least I think she is, her actions seem to prove such.

          131. ernldo says

            Negros, like dumb AKhoe….

          132. John Somers says

            Maybe in YOUR neighborhood. NOT MINE, WE have folks who will stop it in less than a heartbeat.
            Just like the Texas Ranger motto , “one riot, one ranger”

          133. AKLady says

            Capt. Bill McDonald never said those words.

          134. Combatvet52 says

            Who are these people that RIOT do you see what color they are AK, or do your eyes deceive you, I think the Alaska air is freezing your brain.

          135. AKLady says

            People of all races and nationalities have rioted.
            Save your childish insults for someone you can impress.
            Someone as ignorant an bigoted as yourself??

          136. Combatvet52 says

            ((Someone as ignorant an bigoted as yourself??)) Talking about yourself again HUH, you know damn well who the majority are in these make no sense rioting.

          137. John Somers says

            Ought to put Sharpton away until he pays his back taxes.

          138. Combatvet52 says

            He never will pay his back TAXES he’s a black man he had lots of pull with the Traitor in Chief.

          139. Retired says

            He will never pay it back , all those fancy suits are paid for by his supporters just like the plane tickets.

          140. dux nobis28 says

            When it’s communist traitors like you and your mentor it’s not murder its rightful execution of traitors in the case of OBozo euthanasia of a retarted idiot in your case!

          141. AKLady says

            Childish name calling.
            Most give it up in elementary school.
            So impressive, but not the way you desire.

          142. John Somers says

            IN THIS CASE? You bet your ass I do.

          143. AKLady says

            Sewer language, also very childish.

          144. AKLady says

            In that case, get out of America.
            Murder is a Capital crime.
            In over half of the U.S, it is still punishable by execution.

          145. dux nobis28 says

            When we talking anot OBozo , Hispanic parasites , and BLM member it’s not murder but execution of intruders and traitors if they kill you it would be mercy killing of a mental patient!

          146. AKLady says

            I am so very impressed by your nursery school name calling.

          147. dux nobis28 says

            Are you really that stupid or is it senility ! In either case time for euthenasia.p

          148. Michael Dennewitz says

            Shame on you! You really wanna’ make the sharks that sick??

          149. John Somers says

            That’s no problem, hell they eat tin cans and license plates.

          150. The_Domo says

            And rubber boots as well as their own species. They are truly hard to beat when it comes to putting them on diet. I have personally seen how aggressive they can be an it isn’t very pleasant.

          151. AKLady says

            Including you.

          152. Retired says

            No you are the Muslim lover that belongs in GITMO along with your Troll friends.

          153. AKLady says

            I love the American constitution.
            I honor what our Funders fought and died for.
            Obviously, the 1st Amendment is not to your liking.
            Maybe you should leave.

          154. Retired says

            When they come to rape and lop off heads your Constitution will not save you , nor will the rag on your head .

          155. AKLady says

            Why do you exaggerate?
            Why do you lie?

          156. Retired says

            They use children and old women like you . But then you are lost and stuck from decades ago .

          157. dux nobis28 says

            Oh it’s a comment from the resident psycho liberal hopefully some patriot will use an AK to shut you up!

          158. AKLady says

            Your immaturity is immense.

          159. mac12sam12 says

            Get off your high horse, snot ass.

          160. AKLady says

            Sewer language, so impressive

          161. mac12sam12 says

            Good! KMA

          162. ernldo says

            She rides a donkey….

          163. Retired says

            It is your childish posting that gives you away.

          164. AKLady says

            Thank you.
            Your input is always welcome
            It says so much about you.

          165. Michael Dennewitz says

            ……and all of you who respond to he/she/it are only feeding “its” ego..?

          166. Retired says

            Big reason I respond is to let the New comers get informed .

          167. John Somers says

            Only one problem, Gitmo can’t house 2-300. Take the overflow, put on Chinooks and as they get on nick their leg and dump them off shore. Problem solved.

          168. AKLady says

            How is that 13 year old doing, Michael?

          169. AKLady says

            How is that 13 year old girl getting along?

          170. Retired says

            Is that when you started ????

          171. mac12sam12 says

            She was a late bloomer at 9.

          172. Retired says

            Many of her posts are worse than a 9 year old .

          173. mac12sam12 says

            You’ll have to ask Bill Clinton, he LOVES 13 year old girls.

          174. AKLady says

            Except, it was Trump who was sued for raping a 13 year old.
            The right keeps ignoring the fact that Trump was also good buddies with Epstein.

          175. Retired says

            Trump would not look at you even in your younger days ,But Obama would do you in a split second. He is like you prefers Muslims .The bath House King would show you a few things .

          176. AKLady says

            Trump is trash.
            I never dated trash.
            I uphold the Constitution.
            Trump is an ignorant fool, who in less than three months,
            has violated the Constitution five times.

          177. Retired says

            You are right Trump would think of you as trash .

          178. Combatvet52 says

            I thought you left the country…….didn’t you say that in one of your posts awhile back that if he Trump gets you will leave the country…….go before your ticket expires.

          179. AKLady says

            I left over twenty years ago. I live in Alaska.
            We the People are a lot different than you fools in the Lower 48.

          180. Combatvet52 says

            Ha Ha your up there freezing your butt off…….the lower 48 is to much for ya huh………we still own Alaska so you better move out to the far east.

          181. mac12sam12 says

            A suit by a girl who admitted at the time that she was on drugs and alcohol and saw Trump on TV ten years later and thought he was one of the men. That case bellyflopped. Also, what happened to all the women suing Trump before the election. Think that may have been political? hmmm

            The Daily Mail carried this story about Clinton’s friend convicted pedophile Jeff Epstein and his underage prostitutes. Clinton’s been to Epstein’s Orgy Island, and on his plane the Lolita Express where the can have sex in privacy with underage girls. Bill’s been to Epstein’s island 26 times.

            Also involved was Prince Andrew, Harvard professor Alan Dershowitz and gay actor Kevin Spacey who must turn straight for underage girls.

            Clinton was also thrown out of Oxford U. for raping a girl. He wasn’t arrested because the State Department didn’t want the embarrassment of having a Rhodes Scholar in jail.

            Clinton has been accused of rape and groping women many times and was found guilty in a court of law of groping.

            Your thoughts on B. Clinton party hack? crickets…crickets…crickets…

          182. Combatvet52 says

            All these broads who sued Trump are full of CHIT they try to make a big buck on a millionaire, it happened to a very good friend of mine who is quite wealthy two women said he raped them…….guess what he proved to the court that he can’t even get it up let alone being accused of rape……there are women and there are another type of women.

          183. dux nobis28 says

            Good point why is he not being deported to Kenya with his gorilla wife!

          184. Combatvet52 says

            She has Balls, just saying

          185. AKLady says

            Why do you embarrass America this way?

          186. RG ODOM says


          187. Tasine says

            I certainly cannot disagree with you at all except that I do believe Obama has a scar on his scalp as I would guess many people do, particularly men who were once boys. The man is a fake as is the Democrat Party, including all of its minions who know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT GOVERNING A FREE NATION. THEY’D DO GREAT IN A TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENT.

          188. Terry Rushing says

            What? You mean that you fail to revere the self appointed, great Chuck Schumer? Why, he is second only to (dirty) Harry Reid.

          189. Tasine says

            Chuckie’s appearance is bad enough, but when he opens his mouth, I want to throw up. A disgusting excuse for a human! Frankly I think the same thing about every one of them in Congress on the LEFT, and quite a few of the so-called republicans who are actually RINOs.

          190. tinker1 says

            Those open mouth’s are more disgusting than ugly!

          191. AKLady says

            Trump is President no.
            Get over it, the lies are old and embarrassing to America.

          192. Tasine says

            I complain about people who hurt others and me and my country. You, OTOH, complain about people who do not think exactly as you do. HUGE difference there. You hate people unlike you. I hate people who do damage to others. You are sickly biased without any real reason whatsoever.

          193. AKLady says

            Get over it, the lies are old and embarrassing to America.

          194. Retired says

            Yes your lies are old and sickening .

          195. Retired says

            She is a paid Troll .

          196. Tasine says

            LOL. I have no trouble believing that! Could it be that “she” is actually Obama in drag?

          197. Retired says

            Could be Obamas sister as she loves the Muslims .

          198. AKLady says

            America exists because of religious bigotry.
            If you do not like freedom of religion, get out of our country.

          199. Retired says

            Now you are repeating what I have told you for years .

          200. AKLady says

            Thank you.
            Your input is always welcome
            It says so much about you.

          201. Retired says

            When did you change your mind about Trump after bashing him for over two years ?????

          202. mac12sam12 says

            He’s kept all his promises and the economy is coming back strong. What’s embarrassing to America are the anti-American marching whining vagina hats.

          203. AKLady says

            Lie #1: Denies making remarks about climate change.
            Lie #2: Denies his own proposal to negotiate down the debt
            Lie #3: Denies supporting the Iraq War.
            Lie #4: Denies calling pregnancy a business inconvenience.
            Lie #5: Contradicts himself about his tax audit.
            Lie #6: Falsely claims he already released key financial information.
            Lie #7: Falsely claims he only received a small loan from his father.
            Lie #8: Claims Clinton’s campaign, not Trump, started the birther ovement.
            Lie #9: Misleadingly claims jobs are “fleeing” abroad.
            Lie #10: Falsely claims China is devaluing their currency.
            Lie #11 : Baselessly claims the Federal Reserve is “doing political” by not increasing interest rates.
            Lie #12 : Absurdly claims Clinton has fought ISIS for decades.
            Lie #13 : Claims other countries don’t pay us for military defense.
            Lie #14 : Falsely claims NATO allies aren’t paying the U.S.
            Lie #15: Falsely claims the U.S. paid Iran $400 million.
            Lie #16: Absurdly suggests America is experiencing a crime wave.
            Lie #17: Baselessly says stop and frisk “worked very well” in New York.
            Lie #18: Falsely claims the murder rate in New York went up after the end of stop and frisk.
            Lie #19: Falsely claims stop and frisk wasn’t ruled unconstitutional.
            Lie #20: Falsely claims ICE endorsed him.

          204. Retired says

            Now where is the list of lies from Obama from 8 years starting with the Birth Certificate to ISIS being JV and all the red lines he drew . He did bring back the Racial divide and sold out the US .

          205. Nana Monster says

            Can you tell me where you found this info? I sure would like to pass it along to others who think like we do 🙂

          206. Terry Rushing says

            Thank you for your post. I had never heard about the half sister. Interesting to say the least.

          207. lovinspoonful says

            He had nothing to do with any of his relatives.

          208. AKLady says

            Why do you need to tell these lies?
            Why do you embarrass America this way?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          209. big KAhuna says

            I believe your right. He was put in office by design to cripple america and turn us into a Banana Republic so GEORGE SOrros could eliminate our threat to starting a world order ( Dictatorship).

            Here areattachments

          210. big KAhuna says


            HERE IS WHAT WE WANT..

            1. Hillary: in prison!

            2. Put “GOD” back in America !!!

            3. Borders: Closed!

            4. Congress: On the same retirement & healthcare plans as everybody else . 2 Terms limit – it’s not a career (Public service)

            5. Congress: Obey its own laws NOW!

            6. Language: English only!

            7. Culture: Constitution and the Bill of Rights!

            8. Drug Free: Mandatory Drug Screening before & during Welfare!

            9. Freebies: NONE to Non-Citizens!

            10. Budget: Balance the damn thing!

            11. Foreign Countries: Stop giving them our money! Charge them for our help! We need it here.

            12. Fix the TAX CODE!

            And most of all.


            14. Prosecute Obama/Sorros for crimes against Americans and our constitution

          211. CWS_FAN says

            Irrespective of the fact that Obama was a total failure a POTUS, your input reflects your acute cranial-rectal inversion problem. Maybe your tin foil cap is on too tight.

          212. ballpoint says


          213. AKLady says

            Why do you need to tell these lies?
            Why do you embarrass America this way?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          214. jetmagnet says

            Hogwash! only “Programmed” idiots believe that nonsense. Ask your (R) congressman or senator believes any of that bullshit!
            Not one would agree with that!

          215. SDofAZ says

            Paid or drinking the koolaide. Which is it? I am sure you will never admit you are a shill paid to post this hogwash! No one is buying your brand of BS, jet! Get lost!

          216. Natalie says

            Why don’t you go back to Huffington post, where women are men, and men are timid, neutered lapdogs. You could search for your lost manhood. Just look on the nearest blue haired, nosed ringed feminists dartboard, which positively bristle with the appendages of unfortunates like you.

          217. Greg Hernandez says

            Sorry dude , the SS # is a dead mans and ozero wasn’t even in the state it was issued in. Not phony, it even made the NY (Leftwing ) Times by accident before the story was pulled. Too bad you cannot understand the difference between FACT and FICTION. My Senator and Congressman both say it is a very disturbing fact . I guess you have neither because you live on Ork or in Gotham City.

          218. Beeotchstewie the deplorable says

            And using a long dead man from Connecticut’s social security number.

          219. AKLady says

            .Why do you embarrass America this way?

          220. AKLady says

            Religious bigotry in America.
            You insult everything our Founder fought and died for.
            Racial bigotry in America.
            Everything America fought to end I the 1950s and 1960s

          221. AKLady says

            Why do you insult the FBI this way?
            Why do you insult the Secret Service this way?
            Why do you insult the CIA this way?
            Why do you insult our allies investigative services this way?

        2. Terry Rushing says

          Too bad we can’t wipe out, or better still rub out his side kick, Valarie Jarrett. I suspect that she had far more to do with some of his radical ideas than we know.

        3. AKLady says

          Why do you embarrass America this way?

        4. Retired says

          AK Troll is on the lose .

        5. U.S. Marine says

          Semper Fi

        6. AKLady says

          Male America hate again.
          You are living proof.

      2. Richard Manley says

        Exactly !

      3. jetmagnet says

        Yeah whipe em all out and watch your bank account drain, lol!

        1. Greg Hernandez says

          At least we conservatives try to have bank accounts and not live in mommy’s basement like you.

      4. RG ODOM says


      5. Freedom Slain says

        The absolute best day of Obama’s presidency was 01/21/2017, starting at 1159! Now, we just need to remove all who he appointed, and all they hired on in every nook and cranny of our government. All who are removed all who choose to step aside should have their clearance pulled, and if any information is found being channeled their way, they should be taken into custody and charged with espionage. Congress should push a bill that reads any charge of espionage is cause for immediate seizure of all electronic devices, and minimum sentence if found guilty should be life with no possibility of pardon or parole!

        1. Deby says

          Truer words were never spoken! or as in this case-printed! Thank you!

      6. Tiger says

        Thank you so far so good Trump is taking apart O’s favorite pet projects and it is infuriating the left. But obviously O not too worried over in Tahiti at a man time out.

      7. Made_in_the_USA says

        I just want to know who he really is!!! Time to open all the sealed documents that most other presidential candidates had to provide.

      8. lovinspoonful says

        They are working on it but it will take time because there was a lot of damage done to us.

      9. WhiteFalcon says

        The only thing I like about Ovomit is that he is no longer in office. I would like it better if he just disappeared forever.

      10. John Williams says

        The ONLY obama legacy, unlike some presidents that even put a man on the moon, obama will go down as the man who put a man in the woman’s restroom. Now there is something to be proud of.

      11. John Somers says

        How about his PRISON SERIAL NUMBER ?

      12. irene says

        you are so right undo every illegal act o has done to our constitution and people . filthy illegal alien .

      13. Theresa Petruzzi says

        What legacy???? Lol!

        1. Combatvet52 says

          My thoughts as well his legacy is in the toilet bowl.

    2. Richard Manley says

      Let’s help LEO’s further by passing a law giving “Cop Killers” the death penalty, PERIOD !

      1. james gould says

        Black lives lie!

      2. Tiger says

        Giving police their powers back to fight crime like they should has already stopped much of the cop killing and notice that BLM are really quiet.

        “The number of police officers killed by gunfire on
        duty has doubled this year, even as President Barack Obama hinted racism
        on the part of state and local police officers may contribute to the
        deaths of African-American civilians during stressful confrontations.

        So far, 32 cops and correctional officers have been killed by
        gunfire in 2016. The deaths include at least eight killed in
        military-style attacks by African-American political radicals.

        That’s up from a total of 16 dead in 2015, according to the Officer Down Memorial Page. The site tracks
        police and correctional officers killed in routine crime, accidents,
        and in ambush-style quasi-military attacks, such as the July 7 killing
        of five cops in Dallas.

        The latest casualty in what some critics say is a “War on Cops”
        was Captain Dave Melton, who was shot and killed July 9 while searching
        for a suspect in Kansas City. The gunman escaped.”

        From an article in Breitbart O’s hate filled rants and his never doing anything to stop the cop killing was the same as him shooting them. I am wanting O to get his due. Perhaps he will die of
        Aids that he gets on his men/boy retreat in Tahiti.

        1. Deby says

          Now that is a sweet thought!! Love it and hope it happens!

          1. Tiger says

            Thank you.

    3. jetmagnet says

      Racist-Bigotry still lives!!!!!!!!!!

      1. TrueAmerican says

        jet, you seriously need to STOP doing drugs. you are totally FUCKED up

      2. SDofAZ says

        With you and your posts jet!

      3. Oldawg70 says

        You are the prime example of that! Very confusing…typical liberal/socialist/fascist/hate-mongering tool…operating on Queer Logic! Basically an overgrown vagina trapped inside a foreskin… Overall your posts indicate someone needs to take you by the throat and shut your air off!

      4. Sapperboy says

        If ignorance is bliss, you must be the happiest person on earth.

      5. john says

        Yeah,you are one of them – Jet Faggot

    4. Eric Pearson says

      Cop killing was seen daily under O???

      1. Tiger says

        You forgot? Almost daily across America at the end of his term.

      2. Tiger says

        From the article.

        The number of police officers killed by gunfire on
        duty has doubled this year, even as President Barack Obama hinted racism
        on the part of state and local police officers may contribute to the
        deaths of African-American civilians during stressful confrontations.

        So far, 32 cops and correctional officers have been killed by
        gunfire in 2016. The deaths include at least eight killed in
        military-style attacks by African-American political radicals.

        That’s up from a total of 16 dead in 2015, according to the Officer Down Memorial Page. The site tracks
        police and correctional officers killed in routine crime, accidents,
        and in ambush-style quasi-military attacks, such as the July 7 killing
        of five cops in Dallas.

        The latest casualty in what some critics say is a “War on Cops”
        was Captain Dave Melton, who was shot and killed July 9 while searching
        for a suspect in Kansas City. The gunman escaped.

      3. Morena_nic says

        The frequency spike under O. He was the race agitator in Chief and we saw race relations deteriorate under O. Again, he was the Divided in chief

    5. Beeotchstewie the deplorable says

      D = Demented
      E = Egotistical
      M = Muslim or Marxist
      O = Orwellian
      C = Childish
      R = Racist
      A = Amoral
      T = Tyrannical
      S =Subversives (or Sharia)

      1. Tiger says

        Wow great stuff.

    6. Blade says

      I couldn’t have said it better.

      1. Tiger says

        Thank you.

    7. Obie Miller says

      AMEN Tiger! We need to be glad that AG Sessions is doing this. The Obama administration was essentially trying to prevent local law enforcement from fully doing their job!

      1. Tiger says

        The muck and the schmucks that created it are still hanging in there and boy howdy want them out and thrown into the quick sand, the quicker they are sucked up the better.

    8. AKLady says

      Why do you need to tell these lies?
      Why do you embarrass America this way?
      Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
      Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

    9. AKLady says

      You have not seen anything. Obviously you have lived with blinders on for many decades.
      Minorities being lynched. Minorities being drug to death behind cars. Homosexuals being hang raped and beaten to death. Women being staked naked with syrup poured on them. Women being gang raped in jail, by police. ..

    10. tCotUS says

      Good one Tiger . Not so much civil rights activists worried, but the entire Democratic Party.

      1. Tiger says

        Thank you.

    11. Michael Dennewitz says

      WOOO HOOO ! You go Mr Sessions ! ! ??? COP’S LIVES MATTER ! ! ?

      1. Tiger says

        Our lives matter and time to shut down these Aholes.

        1. Combatvet52 says

          Very good Tiger

          1. Tiger says

            Tired of the whole enchilada my friend.

      2. Jack says

        BLACK GUN’S MATTER go Sessions

    12. John Somers says

      I think that we should all understand one thing, ALL of these Cities are DEMOCRATICALY Governed.. In Baltimore for example the Mayor is Black The City Council is 98% Black you even have the Attorney General married to a City Councilman BOTH Black.

      1. Combatvet52 says

        What pisses me is they all continue to cry about not having jobs 98% black …’s like the commercials there are almost no more whites ?????

      2. Tiger says

        Well wow so Democracy, true Democracy is that the majority rules so if that is what they are practicing then they are practicing discrimination and should have their asses sued off.

    13. gpo1913 says

      Boy, did you hit the nail on the head. That’s why North Korea doesn’t like Trump and wishes Obama was back because they could do anything , without consequences.

      1. Combatvet52 says

        You mean Ovomit the azz kisser pussy foot pos……..

      2. Tiger says

        Thank you and the interesting thing about N. Korea is that fat boy has no friends the world sees he is Caligula, insane and should not play with big boy toys like nukes, even China says do your thing Trump.

        1. Combatvet52 says

          Tiger…….North Korea was crazy when I was there back in 52/53 fighting a bunch of AH like the Fat Boy….and it’s still crazy, little chit country trying to take over the world.

          1. Tiger says

            LOLOL my father a Marine that served in Korea yes this is true, when and if the people are liberated and the world sees the Gulags and the conditions of the people in them and learn the truth, if that is possible in this day and age it will be a feat that served to better all of us.

          2. Combatvet52 says

            Rodger that

          3. Tiger says

            Roger Wilco and out.

    14. AKLady says

      Opinion is not fact.
      You embarrass America with you false statements..

  3. real talk 1 says

    Now were talking !!

    1. Ed Anderson says

      And your evidence for this is……..?

  4. gotabgood says

    How about putting an end to these creeps that think they have a right to do as they want to female employees, Roger Ailes and now Bill O’Reilly… Not to mention fox’s number one fan, Trump…. what is it about fox news and their twisted mind thinking they have rights????
    President Trump Defends Bill O’Reilly Amid Sexual Harassment Claims
    This does remind me of an (edited) old nursery rhyme..

    1. Mathew Molk says

      What in the hell does that have to do with the topic of violence against police?

      Typical Marxist snowflake useful idiot tactic. Never defend your position. Just accuse your opponant of somthing worse,,,,and the more untrue and baseless the better.

      1. Barney Biggs says

        Mathew you have to understand gotabgood is only on day pass from the nuthouse and spends his time pushing buttons on these sites. It relishes any kind of response.
        Leave it alone and it will eventually take it’s meds and go away.

        1. richard says

          there is no known medication that helps that kind of stupidity,but you are correct in saying best to ignore,because they get their “rocks off”by aggravating people,dont play their silly game……

    2. A_Nobody says

      Another child who needs a pacifier. You gum flap like the Huff Post or CNN and have absolutely no proof of wrongdoing. Typical phony lib.

    3. Jack says

      Go cry in a corner with your rainbow blanky NO ONE CARES WHAT YOU THINK

    4. mac12sam12 says

      Still seeing the black helicopters? Have you become a liberal prepper?

      1. gotabgood says

        That was a rightwing scare tactic, along with Alex Jones.. about the same time as Clinton Chronicles.

        1. mac12sam12 says

          After what Trump did in Syria do you still think he’s Putin’s puppet? Told you, no Russian connection. They crossed obama’s line in the sand but won’t cross Trump’s. NK, Iran, Russia take notice. Gay boy Barry is gone!

          1. gotabgood says

            The Trump administration notified Russia in advance of missile strikes on Syria Thursday night, giving time for both Russian and Syrian forces to avoid casualties in an attack that the Pentagon says damaged Syrian aircraft and support infrastructure.

          2. mac12sam12 says

            He didn’t ask Russia permission to launch missiles, he just told them to stay out of the way because Trump didn’t want any Russian casualties. He could have cared less about the Syrian military.

          3. Combatvet52 says

            Your head is so far up Ovomts azz don’t think you will ever see daylight again.

  5. My country says

    Get rid of all of Obamas rhetoric that made this country a lawless nation . The laws of this land have no color . And white people are not the only ones who should obey the law . Everyone should be afforded their due process not because of color or nationality. Illegals have no rights other than to be deported . All rights and laws are for legal Americans . Every nation in the entire world has laws and if you go to those countries to stay or visit you will obey their laws . And if by the way you enter in illegally then you will abide by those laws too. More often as not you would go to prison . Mexico is one of such countries and if you fly a foreign flag on their soil you can be shot or put in prison . And activists believe we should throw away our protections in place for illegals !

    1. Richard Manley says

      To hell with supporting them in our prison system where they will live better than where they came from. Not to mention honing their criminal skills for when they get out, hang them publicly they’ll quit coming toot sweet.

      1. My country says

        As I said illegals have no rights afforded by the laws of this land except to be deprorted . Illegals have no equal rights as a Legal American so they are not entitled to due process except deportations. And if found coming back in then you have to use brute force .If our border patrols are allowed to do their jobs with their weapons in which they are sworn to protect this country then when they start shooting them I don’t think we will have to many to worry about . Heck no we pay enough to keep them up as it is . All those who do not come through the legal process of legal Citizenship are breaking our law by being here illegally. If they do not pay and apply and wait before they enter then they by bring here are felons . And as they are committing a felony by being here illegally and are being allowed their freedom to run free ! Well open the prison doors and let every legal American out who has committed a felony .

    1. Wayne Smyer says


      1. mac12sam12 says

        You sound like a Harvard grad!

    2. A_Nobody says

      Go see your mommy and get your pacifier, child.

    3. mac12sam12 says

      Trump will be gone in 2024 and then we’ll have the first woman president, Ivanka Trump!

  6. Wayne Smyer says


    1. ernldo says

      Saudi king to 0bama…”Get off your knees, I’m done”….

    2. Jackalyn Morrison says

      Show me the proof oh yea THERE’S no proof you fake news SNOWFLAKES and CRYBABIES that is all you believe

    3. Mathew Molk says

      Putin to Clinton – How much for the USS Regan and 4-Ballistic missile subs?

      1. Richard Manley says

        That bitch would sell them to if she thought she could get away with it

    4. Libs R Loons says

      George Soros to the self-thumbing Wayne Smyer…..
      HERRRRRRE, PUSSY_PUSSY_PUSSY….now bend over for me BOY!” ^^^^

    5. john says

      Symer Lyer Cryer!

  7. SouthernPatriot says

    As a candidate, President Trump made many big (and small) campaign promises. Unlike politicians, Trump has worked tirelessly, about 20 hours per day, (and oftentimes even more!) without pay (donating his 1st quarter already!) to fulfill his campaign promises. Now, to Congress which has more days off for vacation, than they actually work! Congress needs to be working with the President to pass legislation that supports his plan.

    In this case, it is Law & Order. Jeff Sessions was not a wimp in his service in Alabama, and with President Trump’s support, he will be one of the strongest AG’s in U.S. history. There is much work ahead of him, and restoring law enforcement is one of the first steps of LAW & Order.

    1. Jackalyn Morrison says

      I agree with you on this one!! You are so right

    2. A_Nobody says

      There is a lot of work to be done and it’s being complicated not only by the Dems but by the RINOs who are nothing more than Dems lying about their affiliation. McCain, Ryan and Graham just to name a few. We need rid of them too.

      1. Richard Manley says


    3. Mustafa Curtess says

      I’m all for it – so long as that “unnecessary force” and brutality problem doesn’t slip thru the cracks. Cops are welcome to my support only if they earn it.

  8. ernldo says

    What we need is a “one strike” law. One violent crime, ANY weapon including hands and you are gone….forever….no clemency, pardon or parole. On an uninhabited island in the western Aleutians, dropped off with a box lunch and a warning. Do NOT try to return. Let the white sharks be the guards….Bye, feral pigs!!!

    1. Jack says

      I support Trump all the way ut your pist is to stupid t. If we had a law like that all people would be gone been

      1. ernldo says

        Reread your own pist, then consider referring to anyone or anything else as “to stupid”….

        1. Jack says

          Go back to Mexico !!!

          1. ernldo says

            Aww, is your wittel vagina hurt?

  9. george briar says

    Does this mean we can start shooting the blacks again? Hoorah.

    1. Barney Biggs says

      It is comments like this that undermine Trump and his followers. The lefties grab hold of these comments and blow them into something for their goofy followers to use. George please please quit with these comments.

      1. SiiRobertson says

        How dare we Whites speak up and tell the truth that it’s negroes causing most all of our crime problems!

        How dare we try and stand for justice, rather than promoting the LIE that’s it’s White who’re the racists, when it’s actually the negroes who’re largely the true racists.

        The left makes up lies about everything anyway….stop fearing them and quaking about what they might do!

        1. SDofAZ says

          And the biggest of the racists is BO and Moosehell but the black’s who have had their hands in the public coffers for decades are still feeling oppressed and insist we continue their care and in fact want to step it up! That should not be the case going forward. It is time to reassess the public doles. Time to get a job for all those racist black aggitators. Obviously Soros will pay for your continued participation in his fundamental destruction agenda of this country, so do that one thing your kind does well, aggitate for Soros and let him pay you directly to do that. We are sick of paying loafers a dime. Get a job even if the aggitator is the only one you can do. Can anyone say welfare reform? Time to dump the freeloaders, all of them including the illegal aliens sucking all they can up as fast as they can. And make the sanctuary anything pay the bill for them, NOT US!

          1. SiiRobertson says


  10. David Stewart says

    Too late for former Sheriff Joe Arpio; a radical leftist judge named Murray Snow has him in his crosshairs for alledged civil rights violatons per the Obama Regime’s dictates and fully intends to persecute per his former master’s orders. A bitter reminder of how close this nation came to becoming a dictatorship under Obama!

    1. A_Nobody says

      We can get rid of that judge too. He’s nothing special.

    2. Barney Biggs says

      Met Sheriff Joe on many occasions and he made it tough on crooks and illegals. He was voted out last election. Arizona is changing largely because so many retirees from the North East have brought their goofy politics with them when they retired there. I would prefer to see a couple of walls, one around California and another around New England and NY.

      1. Al gosselin says

        It’s not the people from the northeast, it’s the one’s from the northwest.

        1. SDofAZ says

          Probably both. The lefties are migrating but AZ is still pretty much right. It is the big concentrations in the cities these days, particularly Phoenix and maybe Tucson. The mayor of Phoenix is or was talking sanctuary. He got a lot of flak and have not heard a peep since, that was about three months ago. But you know dem wits, they keep raising their ugly ideas up and you must constantly monitor them.

        2. bttrap says

          also from the middle east

    3. Mustafa Curtess says

      Weeeel – not everybody shares your enthusiasm for Arpaio. It’s thugs like him that makes people wonder if maybe if we actually ARE tainted by fascism. Trump should have never associated with the likes of Arpaio in any way.

      1. john says

        Okay… your anti-police….. now go away.

      2. kanewas says

        What’s the matter, U didn’t like the pink uniforms???

  11. Ray C Carter says

    Now if he can stop the war on Trump, he will have really accomplished something. I would like to see him lock a bunch of those clowns up, including Hillary and Obuma. They’re all traitors to this country.

    1. Barney Biggs says

      Ray I agree but from an outsiders point of view Trump is his own worst enemy. I would like to find the guy who taught Trump to twitter and smack him upside the head. He has the opportunity to do some great things if he will only get on with it and stop feeding the lefties fuel. He must be bright and surely realizes that the Clintons and their supporters and lefties are too far gone to salvage. He won, if he will just leave them in the wilderness and get on with it.

      1. Libs R Loons says

        I happen to like the fact that he tweets out his OWN words instead of relying on the propagandist MSM to “define” his words for him.

        1. Barney Biggs says

          No argument but what it does is provides the lefties with ammunition and takes away from his purpose and agenda. Never give your enemy any ammo.
          Tweet to your followers Let us take care of the enemy.

          1. kanewas says

            I prefer Trump to give them Ammo, because I know he has big Guns to back up his statements. The fake news and Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest can make up all the chet that blows up in their faces, either way liberals are screwed!

          2. bttrap says

            like telling the enemy when your going to pull out

        2. Mustafa Curtess says

          Don’t everybody get their panties in a twist because Trump spends a few minutes now and then having fun sending Lib-annoying tweets. They should be the only ones that take it seriously.

      2. bttrap says

        the same goes for the democraps that won’t accept our president of the united states. We waited 8 years to finally get non muslims in office

        1. Barney Biggs says

          True but it will be through his actions and policies he will be judged by intelligent people not what he says in twitter.

          1. bttrap says

            he got the election

  12. BIG STAN says


    1. Jack says


    2. Mustafa Curtess says

      Nice “feel good” declaration. But what about the police crimes against the public?

      1. kanewas says

        They just arrested six bad cops in New Orleans??

        1. Mustafa Curtess says

          Totally unaware of it. Credible news sources so non-existent I haven’t wasted much time since Trump won. I would love to have a link to this item, and totally unable to comment specifically until I have something to comment about.
          As things are, however, “arresting” a cop (to mollify the community) – and actually charging, convicting, and sentencing them (months later – after the community is distracted by some other outrage), are barely-related issues. (Strange: Teachers and industrial unions are “BAD” – but police unions are “GOOD”.)
          I’ve travelled, lived, and worked internationally much of my life. I KNOW “police states” when I see one. We are DANGEROUSLY close – and getting closer.

          1. Combatvet52 says

            I have nephews and uncles that were cops and they were GOOD cops they took lots of Sh-T many times from Mr Public Sh-T heads who have no respect for the law……..if you my friend have a problem in this country you can always leave and go back to wherever…… much respect was taken away from the POLICE.

      2. bttrap says

        same way but you can’t argue with a cop just because you won’t listen to what they say and think your going to win an arguement with them

        1. Mustafa Curtess says

          First-person experiece (typical – with variances) – Cop : “Sir – I just clocked you 61 in a 55mph zone. Could you tell me what is your hurry?” Me: “Sorry – I was just moving with traffic and didn’t notice.” Cop (raising his voice and frowning): I don’t want to hear “sorry” – or how “traffic was moving”. I asked you for your reason to exceed the speed-limit!” Me: Well I just answered you.”. (Their attitude is that you are “arguing” with them. – I guess unless you know what they want to hear.)
          Next time – I thought it would best to not answer at all. (WOW! – That is TOTALLY “unacceptable”!) Cop: “Didn’t you HEAR me? I asked you a QUESTION!”. Me: “Yes sir – but the last time I tried to answer, the Officer got really angry. So could you just write the ticket and let me go?” Cop: “Oh! So you are another Wise-Ass. Man your age and nobody taught you to be respectful? I’ll write the violation IF – and WHEN – I please.”
          I have paid the few tickets that I honestly felt responsible for. Most end up “courtesy warnings” (“Courtesy”? Really?) And the two I challenged in court were dismissed because the “officers” didn’t appear to testify.
          So, Yeah! I can’t feel much sympathy when somebody “wastes” one of them. Maybe they DIDN’T “deserve it” – but maybe I’ve only encountered the “nicest” ones, too.

  13. just me says

    Hope they receive Idiot training so they can tell when they got an idiot or not, cause not everyone is an an idiot. And there are more people that are for the police than against the police. A lot more.

    1. jetmagnet says

      Yeah, all those white guys that get shot and beatup by police are left out of the equation.
      A police state is fine, unless you’re a victim of it.
      So the next time you get yanked out of a car and get the crap beat out of you,because you argued with the cop, thank sessions.

      1. Libs R Loons says

        Rule #1 if you get pulled over by a cop……don’t ARGUE!
        Even a pathetic liberal Soros-paid troll like YOU should at least understand something as simple as that.

      2. kanewas says

        Don’t worry Trump isn’t going to stand for corrupt cops like O Bummer encouraged. Those guys that look the other way when enforcing sanctuary cities, human trafficking and drug running days are over. OVER!

      3. bttrap says

        thank you session

  14. Germansmith says

    I do not remember Obama demonizing cops. I’ve never heard him or any of his people saying anything negative about the cops that go around risking their lives and doing their duty . That statement is just conservative BS propaganda

    But facts and numbers MATTER . NOT all policemen and some jurisdictions are NOT always the “good guys”. What Sesssion is saying is that the DOJ is allowing free hand to local jurisdictions to deal with their minorities the way they see fit.

    if they believe disrespecting and abusing citizen will end the “War on Cops” (another conservative BS statement) in a country with billions of weapons on the street…they are idiots.

    1. Libs R Loons says

      “The cops acted stupidly” doesn’t ring a bell?
      Or him telling the BLM anti-cop rioters to “Stay the course”?
      Go back to sleep, Rip Van Winkle.

    2. SiiRobertson says

      Do you support BLM by any chance? They’re liars, too.

      1. Libs R Loons says

        Hello, SiiRobertson….glad to see you on board, and since I have to leave for work, I hope you have the time to hold the fort today!

        1. SiiRobertson says

          Yeah, saw you here and figured I should post my 2 cents (or more!). Have a good day!

  15. Libs R Loons says

    Hey, liberal snowflake Soros trolls posting below…..who are YOU going to call when you need a cop…..Al Charlatan???
    ( Triggered Troll rises to the bait in 5…4…3…2…..)

  16. SDofAZ says

    Finally the realization that every police officer deserves the benefit of doubt. There will be bad cops but they are few and there are always options to deal with those few. That said the good old boy rules should not apply in that job. If you see something say something and that applies to all including other police officers. That organization should always be held to a higher standard no matter who their recruits come from. Standards are standards for ALL And the people who are always crying foul on this organization need to prove their foul claim. Thus far, BO batted zero, nada, zip and still spead the lies about the men or women in uniform he smeared. I detested BO and his agenda to fundamentally destroy this country. His black racist arrogant narcissistic sociopath personality did a lot, a LOT of harm to this organization. The job is hard enough without the racist smears. There are still angry blacks doing their worst to anyone white! Enough is enough. Deplorables will eventually run out of patience and the actions of those who choose to follow BO’s agenda will get as good as the give!

  17. Combatvet52 says

    Obamovit lined his pockets very well that’s what he did for the country, I couldn’t go on my GOLF outing because I didn’t have the 1 million to pay for it………he is a thief and a BS–tter

  18. Michael Dennewitz says

    Given, there is some “bad” in every agency, but YOU GO MR SESSIONS! .
    ANY JERK that kills a cop should have his ass HUNG IN PUBLIC.. ??

  19. Natalie says

    ‘Reformers heralded the agreements as a step forward in the wake of problematic cases of police force,’
    Many of which were proven to be nothing more than Obama administration and media hysteria driven efforts to undermine our police force and law and order in general to further push their radical leftist agenda of hate and division. Because Obama and his little band of leftist agitators spent eight long years doing everything in their power to damage and divide this nation, so they could replace it with their own sick, twisted version of a socialist utopia. Where Democrats would of course rule as smug, arrogant, supreme beings and the ultimate authority on what everyone else can think, do, say or feel. There, I fixed this statement to better reflect reality.

  20. Jmanjo says

    It is way past time for the DOJ to do its duty for the nation! Obama and everything that fool did needs to be fixed, rescinded, or eliminated. Worst POTUS ever. Time to put his legacy in the correct placement! And Obama and his buddies in jail!

  21. Ron C says

    When a person is given such awesome power over other citizen’s lives, there can be NO room for dirty cops, it is totally dangerous for the professional men & women officer’s trying to do an all ready hard and dangerous job…That being said,
    You can Not allow a women to have her brains blown out with her two year old in the back seat of the car…and then claim “all is good”, but you can’t see the investigation we did…as was done in Washington D C…That was a famous case, but all to frequently happens across America…does anyone see that wearing a trinket should not be a shield from responsible policing…???

  22. Jim H. says

    Correct, Sessions. Maybe the DOJ should consider the fact that it is the CRIMINAL ELEMENT (of all races) that are the real problem. It’s just so happens that most caught are more blatant and committing crimes DIRECTLY in front of police officers.
    Don’t accuse Law Enforcement of “Racial Targeting” when the criminals place the crosshairs upon themselves!

    Time to put the career criminals on notice.
    ALL RACES of career criminals! And Capital Punishment for Capital Crimes.
    ZERO TOLERANCE for Murderers!

  23. Jo Scott says

    Destroy the, so called, Obama legacy which is nothing but illegal crap. IT’S only concern was for the illegals, crooks and the liberal fools who are still sucking up to this muslim garbage. IT’S the worst slime slithering along on ITS belly that ever hit this nation.

    1. Walter Wood says

      Jo a very good post I hope Sessions can get rid of all o’s illegal rules.

  24. jimahrens says

    We have the power We just need to stand up stand firm and throw them out. There is no way to stop us once the action starts. Not talking violence talking persistence.

  25. BIG STAN says


    1. Mustafa Curtess says

      Too many credible instances of shooting unarmed suspects, homeless, handicapped, rapist cops, beating fully restrained prisoners on surveillance cameras in police facilities,etc. Poor training may be part of it – but what good is training if they don’t use it? What good are rules if they don’t have to follow them? I am not trying to be unreasonable here. All I ask is official acknowledgment that we have a problem, and that part of the program to rebuild public respect for police will be to address that problem.
      “Crimes against the police”? Those already are ALWAYS punished severely. Police crimes against society RARELY are. (And if so – normally a slap on the wrist and a wink.). What’s to discuss?

  26. IgnoreTheFools says

    Finally common sense an guess what, coming from a southern white gentleman, this must really hurt the Obami hip hop crowd

  27. jack says


  28. CharlyO says

    The problem here is that we are awash in illegal drugs and liberals think the cure is to make it all legal. One of the biggest drug problem areas is Wash. D.C.. Lets clean that swamp first and go from there. From what I see that will be difficult because judging by the Democrat behavior they are all on drugs. You can usually tell because general usage make you truly ugly after a while and they sure have that problem!

  29. metheoldsarge says

    Actions speak louder than words.

  30. dog lover says

    Hussein America’s cancer. A disease America will never find a cure for.

    1. Deby says

      Oh, I don’t know, I actually think America has found a cure-it is called President Trump.

  31. GuardianFlame says

    Go ahead President Trump – undermine and destroy obasturd’s dangerous and secretly devastating legislation to make our Law Enforcenent the “Bad Guys”.

    Bho hated our system of Law Enforcement AND our Military! He tried everything to destroy our numbers of military personnel and arsenals while putting the screws to our Top Military officers so they would quit — which many did — the rest he pushed out physically.

    Be our guest Pres. Trump. RIP APART ALL LAWS BHO EVILY CREATED TO VICTIMIZE AMERICANS. The only Americans you would upset are liberals and they are the Losers who created this mess.

    And do absolutely the same with bho’s sick Law Enforcement regulations stopping our Sheriffs and Cops from doing their duties.

    THE ONLY THINGS WRONG WITH AMERICA WERE CREATED BY AN IGNORANT BLACK PRESIDENT AND THE EVEN MORE IGNORANT HORDES THAT FOLLOWED HIM. Liberal Americans have been transformed into empty headed drones following anyone who kisses their behinds with empty flattery. Not any character left in those people…just vacant empty shells… DO NOT ELECT ANY LIB TO OUR GOVT. THEY HAVE DONE ENOUGH DAMAGE To OUR COUNTRY!

    ★★★FYI: DID YOU KNOW THAT $9, 000, 000, 000 are misding fri m our Federal Reserve under obama’s administration? Check the web. This is being investigated as I write. Someone’s head is going to be chopped off! That’s Nine Trillion Dollars Americans!! Where is obama and where is our money??????★★★

  32. Bob Bascochea says

    Obama didn’t like police, he would rather invite radical disruptive ,violent groups to the white house than every day heros

  33. BIG STAN says


  34. John Williams says

    We do not want police under the control of the federal government, the feds have too much control of all segments of our local government now. The cities that agreed to allow the federal government to take over should recall and remove ANY AND ALL government officials who allowed that to happen.

  35. Nomad says

    Waking up from a real nightmare.

  36. AKLady says

    The Fourth Reich came into being on January 20th.

  37. AKLady says

    Sessions’ history of bigotry and racism goes back decades.
    He just returned America to 1930s-1950s America, where hate ruled — Hate against women hate against minorities.

    1. Wayne Smyer says
      1. AKLady says

        Session was denied a federal judgeship due to his racism.
        Make America HATE again is happening.

  38. rick meek says



    Attorney General Sessions should overturn everything that the lying Kenyan SOB signed into law. Sessions should be harder on crime and even harder on anyone that attacks anybody in the field of law enforcement or makes threats against them and declare Black Lives Matter a terrorist organization and the idiots like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson the mouth pieces of the two other hate groups the NAACP and the SCLC, they are nothing but the black KKK!!! The only reason police arrest more blacks than whites has nothing to do with race, blacks commit over 75% of the crimes in all major cities and most of that is black on black crime and groups like the RACIST BLM can’t understand why the the prison population in the United States is over 70% black.

  40. Marilynn Reeves says

    When a NOBODY comes out of NO WHERE there is always HELL to pay.

  41. dux nobis28 says

    Let’s see Susan Rice , Lotetta Lynch and. OBozo himself ! Re all blacks liars or is it just the ones that are democrats!

  42. Maudlean Spires says

    The law officers of America deserve our support. They have to make split second decisions that could mean that they either are killed or have to kill. I don’t think any of them leave home without wondering if they might not come back. I personally know of a little girl that just turned a year old without her daddy being there. He was killed by a drug dealer while trying to protect the citizens of his city. I had a fellow correctional officer that was also my friend stabbed to death by an inmate that was in prison for murder. He was given life instead of death and then took another life to show his appreciation. It is time for the laws of this nation to be upheld instead of laughed at. The criminals made a choice when they broke the law. Make them pay for it instead of giving them an opportunity to do the same things again.

  43. Nellie McConnell says

    Trump taking OUT Obama’s mess, one day at a TIME. Illegal immigration, FRAUD in overstay visa’s. Thank God For TRUMP. God Bless Our COUNTRY.

  44. Jo Hatton says

    Hurrah ! After an 8 year abence, finally the voice of reason and logical thinking that protects the American people.

  45. Donovan Nin says

    There is no war on cops. Cops kill at a rate roughly 30 times higher than the rest of us. That is a fact.

    Cops are trained to be irrationally fearful, and to initiate extreme violence based on those irrational fears.

    1. Combatvet52 says

      No no no b.s. I’ve seen many cops killed the war on cops was started
      By Ovomit stuck his nose where it didn’t belong.

  46. Nellie McConnell says

    Obama caused a big hate towards our Law enforcement. Thank GOD they did their JOB of booking illegal criminals. Obama had them transported to Sanctuary cities. I don’t shop in gun FREE businesses or towns. Boycott these Sanctuary cities. Brown, in CA wants State Sanctuary. The WHO Democrat bunch going DOWN. Tired of being afraid to go out at night. Have to keep ALARM in all the TIME. Thank God for TRUMP, his team and GOD BLESS OUR COUNTRY.

    1. Combatvet52 says

      Well said Nellie

  47. ernldo says

    Lock up the feral animal traitors and toss the key in deep water!

  48. dux nobis28 says

    BLM like La Raza is terrorist and racist organization members of both groups should be dretained at Guantanmo and then released to the socialist paradise Cuba!

  49. Kat says

    Since the majority of cop-killers are africans, time to enact a new law, any african committing violent crimes, they’re entire family gets deported to africa. The current criminal laws have not been a deterrent to this uncivilized, violent race..

    1. Combatvet52 says

      Second the motion…..

  50. Wes says

    Barack and Michelle Obama are the most notorious racists in the history of America.

    1. Combatvet52 says

      Very true but some idiots just can’t see it.

  51. geneww1938 says

    Thanks you Jeff Sessions … That is what we have been waiting and praying for and what we voted for.

  52. Kat says

    Death penalty for all cop-killers, that State doesn’t have the death penalty, ship them to one which does.


    I wish Attorney General Sessions the best of luck, I know he’ll put the word justice back in law enforcement and stop the antics of black lies matter and the end of George Soros’s games he keeps playing. Let these idiots know there will be charges of racial hate groups like BLM, NAACP and the SCLC they are just as bad as the KKK the Ku Klux Klan and END the Govenment support for all of these hate groups. End any talk about retribution to anyone that talks about it, let them know that only 4 percent of the white population at the time of the Civil War and almost 2 percent of them were black or Indian slave traders. My family were treated worse than the slaves, they came to America as endentured servants and they were worked to death because the owners knew they would have them only for five to ten years and the lucky ones completed their contract for freedom. My family male members won their freedom and that of their family for fighting during the American Revolution against Britain.

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