Jimmy Carter and the Liberal Side of the Pool


I would love to step into the head of former president Jimmy Carter for a day. I think it would be a trip rivaling anything you can get from mushrooms or LSD. Just imagine the colors and sights and sounds that must accompany such an extraordinarily foolish worldview. According to recent polls, liberals are less happy than conservatives, but I’d still like to take a stroll through that world for a day and see just what he sees.

Carter’s latest diarrhea of the mouth exploded on The Daily Show Monday, when Jon Stewart asked him about the motivation behind the terrorist attacks that rocked Paris last week. Looking through our normal eyes, we see only the grim shades of reality reflected by the bloody victims left by Islamic terrorism. But that’s so boring! Let’s see what the scene looks like through the kaleidoscope colors that define Jimmy Carter’s world.

“Well, one of the origins for it is the Palestinian problem,” Carter said. “And this aggravates people who are affiliated in any way with the Arab people who live in the West Bank and Gaza, what they are doing now – what’s being done to them. So I think that’s part of it.”

Oh. Of course it is. Isn’t it always?

To make sense of this outrageous statement, we’ll have to dip our toes into the liberal end of the pool. After all, liberalism is founded upon this undying need to “understand the enemy.” To liberals, a child molester isn’t to be scorned. He is to be sympathized with. A murderer has motivations that stem from an ugly childhood, and we must understand that he’s been every bit as victimized as the people he killed. And terrorists…well, we need to understand what horrors they are fighting against. Through peaceful conversation – not war – we will be able to stop this cycle of violence.

Ah, it’s warm down here in this end of the pool. I hope that’s not pee.

Let’s take a look around. Oh yes, here we go. At this end of the pool, we take what evil people say at face value. Not Republicans – that’s a different kind of evil. But terrorists, yes. We see the statements of Osama Bin Laden and we give them the full weight of truth. We do the same for Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi of ISIS. We listen carefully to the outrage of the Palestinian leaders, ignoring the evil shrieks of Netanyahu, the oppressor. Man, it’s a sad world over here. No wonder liberals are so miserable.

Swim into the deeper waters. Oh yes, here we go. On this side of the pool, America is the one great evil of our time. Look at it, so frightening and oppressive with its Christianity and its white people and its military. And what’s that right beside it? Oh, that awful Israel. The flags are black and ominous over here, dripping with the blood of minorities. Surely anyone who is fighting against this terrible duo is fighting for a just cause.

I’m starting to get pruned, so let’s head back. I can feel the first waves of depression hitting me.

Ah, that’s better.

Let’s take a moment to clear our heads, get the water out of our ears, and let our eyes adjust once again to the realities of the world. It’s a powerful force, that liberal delusion, but it’s no match for a clear head. There we go. We’re back.

Oh look, we’re just in time to see French philanthropist Roger Cukierman speaking on NBC Nightly News. He’s talking about the growing wave of anti-semitism and anti-Jewish violence in France. Should Jews stick around and see what Islam does to the country, or should they get the hell out of dodge?

“Many people are very attached to French culture,” Cukierman says, “but on the other hand, you think about the German Jews. The optimists went to Auschwitz, and the pessimists went to New York.”

Nothing like a cold splash of reality to wash the liberalism off your skin.

This exercise – laborious and hamhanded though it might have been – is dedicated to those last remaining conservatives who think liberals are just like them, except for a few differing opinions. No sir. It ain’t like that. They’re on the other side of the pool with the terrorists and the murderers and the child molesters. That’s where you’ll find Jimmy Carter, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. That’s where you’ll find Barack Obama, winner of same. The pacifists. The empathizers. The appeasers.

They deserve their unhappiness. Beware of them, lest you fall under their hypnotic spell.

  1. marla1 says

    Who is stupid enough to report what a senile old 90year old has to say? Oh I know! The liberal news!!!

    1. OSAMA OBAMA says

      Just recently, two more Barack Obama activists were awarded with high-profile jobs in the media.

      Ronan Farrow, a former “special adviser” to Secretary of State
      Hillary Clinton, and Joy-Ann Reid, a former press aide for Obama’s
      presidential campaign, have both earned themselves jobs on MSNBC, where
      they can parrot White House talking points directly to the American

      1. Jean Witte says

        Yeah, all 3 of those that watch MSNBC!

    2. Rick Rogers says

      Thank God we don’t have to have reports on what a 104 Ronald Reagan has to say. Would sound something like uhhhhhhhhh.

      1. Kent2012 says

        of course you would understand every nuance….

        1. Rick Rogers says

          Yes Kent2012 I have had to learn to Read and Speak Stupid to understand most of the people on this website, But I still hold out hope for them to realized they are being jobbed by the party that they think works for them.

          1. Kent2012 says

            well keep your finger on it, or in it, whichever is appropriate….next year they will have a new dictionary out that will enable you to understand what conservative, adult themed, realist, American, and other assorted concepts that are in contravention to socialism, communism, political correctness, gun control cowardice, bowing to dicktators, global warming scamming, and other “juvenile” crap promoted by scum sucking pigs, democrapos, and rag loving communists like kenyan boyo…hang in there you may even receive a copy for free…..

          2. Rick Rogers says

            And I had such high hopes you would raise yourself about the Rabble and Trailer Trash that seems to live on this site.

          3. ozwizard says

            Probably because they are all south of the Mason Dixon line.

          4. chamuiel says

            Is everyone who is poor trailer trash to you?
            Is that what you call them? Really?

          5. Rick Rogers says

            well lets see the states that get the most welfare dollars are currently Red States.. Red state means Republican states by the way. So the Repubicans are doing such a good job running red states that their Citizens need More Welfare assistance then most Democratic run states. And since this site appears to have people that love to Claim the president is a communist or Muslim or Gay.. Then Yeah.. Most of them are Trailer Trash. If the shoe Fits it means Your Cinderalla there Bucko..

          6. chamuiel says

            Did you know originally that Liberal states were Red, and conservative states were Blue?

            Then you chickenshit liberals switched it all around, because you were afraid people would equate red with communism?

            Imagine that.

            I do not live in a trailer,
            But to call everyone who lives in a trailer, trailer trash is childish and demeaning.
            Of course petty insults is all you liberals have to offer.

          7. Rick Rogers says

            Did you also know that a lot of the southern Democrats from 1860 to about 1960 were Bigots and Racist… And then they started Joining the Republican party because people Thurmond and Jesse Helms (may he in the HOT place he deserves). So tell me Chamuiel how is it that The GOP is now a place that all those bigots Fell at home with? Does not say a lot about your party when that is who you attract..

          8. chamuiel says

            Did you know that the Democrats started the KKK, and that Senator Throm Thurmond was a grand kleagle in the KKK up to his death? Thurmond was a Democrat.

            Did you know, that after looking at the picture you use as your avatar that you could benefit from some good plastic surgery?

            did you know that all those poor Democrats live in the southern states because that is where you liberals have driven your base voters in an attempt to take over the southern states?

          9. Rick Rogers says

            if you going to try and use facts at least use the correct ones. And if you had bothered to read my post you would have seen I said A lot od SOUTHERN Democrats Were the ones that were racist and Bigots.. That changed around the time of the Civil Rights act. The Republicans Attracted them over to their Side because they did not back that ACT. SO those people left the Democratic Party and joined the Republican Party which is exactly what I said and you would have learned if you were more concerned about using a search engine then how someone might have made a Typo while typing on a Smart phone. But here From the official BIO. enjoy.
            Strom Thurmond
            Former United States Senator
            James Strom Thurmond was an American politician who served for 48 years as a United States Senator from South Carolina. He ran for president in 1948 as the States Rights Democratic Party candidate, receiving 2.4% of the popular vote and 39 electoral votes. Thurmond represented South Carolina in the United States Senate from 1954 until 2003, at first as a Democrat and, after 1964, as a Republican.

            oh isn’t funny he change partys the same year as the Civil Rights act 1964

          10. chamuiel says

            It is easy to learn to speak and read stupid, when you are stupid.
            as they say, it takes one to know one.

          11. chamuiel says

            ‘to realized/”

            too bad you don’t speak or write English.

          12. Rick Rogers says

            you have a on screen keyboard. .were is the E and the D on the keyboard. You never had a finger Slip when typing something. I put my school report cards up against yours any day of the week. And Really that the BEST YOU GOT??

          13. chamuiel says

            Yes, I have had a finger slip, but unlike you I attempt to correct mistakes.
            Now, lets start with your lies.

          14. chamuiel says

            lap dog, lap dog.

      2. chamuiel says

        Of course someone told you that.
        You did not think of that all by yourself.
        How long have you been a hussein obama lapdog?

  2. Combatvet52 says

    This dumb old coot is still trying to make a difference we know who you are Jimmy an old shoe that never made any sense to anything or anyone, go to your rocking chair with your never changing Liberal mind.

    1. Standandfight says

      And take polosi and mclame with you.

      1. Combatvet52 says

        Theres a whole slew of unwanted lawmakers that can join him on a space ship to some far away galaxy.

        1. Mark Clemens says

          Not a Far Away Galaxy, they will sell us out to Darth Vader and his Emperor!!!!!

        2. Delve C Jones says

          If this is the caliber of thinking currently praised in the Republican party, no wonder they have been struggling to stay relevant.

          1. Combatvet52 says

            Do you have a problem with Republicans

          2. whoselineisitanyway says

            Combatvet52: you know that delve is a out and out libtard and a miserable DEMON RAT.

          3. Combatvet52 says

            Screw him and the liberal DEMON RAT that he is.

        3. Rattlerjake says

          Hell no! If their carcasses landed on a habitable planet, and life there started from their cells, can you imagine the outcome?

          1. ozwizard says

            Kind of like earth today.

    2. grunion says

      Carter will never vindicate one of the most impotent presidents in our history. He and his service was and always will be <0.

      1. Combatvet52 says

        0 Absolutely

    3. Rattlerjake says

      It’s so sad that we have had to pay this nitwit a pension and so many other benefits for so many years. He, and the rest of these half-wit politicians are such an embarrassment to this country.

      1. Combatvet52 says

        They all belong in orange suits Rattler

        1. Rattlerjake says

          Orange suits are a waste of money. To get rid of a disease you destroy it, liberalism is a disease. I think we just need more incinerators, not prisons.

          1. Daniel Schwarzenhorn says

            Yes, yes, we need more incinerators, the fuehrer didn’t have enough of them, and look what has happened to the world since then. How did a once great country like the US, not recognize we were fighting on the wrong side in WWII? You neo-Nazi, right wing dingbats make me sick.

          2. Rick Rogers says

            Daniel.. You have to be careful with Sarcasm on this website. To many people will take you serious and Try and sign you up for Klan Membership

          3. chamuiel says

            Yes, the Democrats will.

          4. ozwizard says

            Did anyone ever tell you ”that you are SICK”? Consider it said.

          5. Rick Rogers says

            Rattlerjake.. There would not be a country if it were not for Liberals.. You don’t actually think the Founding Fathers were conservatives do you?

          6. Rattlerjake says

            If you truly believe that the founding fathers were liberals and that
            there would not be a country if it were not for Liberals, you obviously
            have zero knowledge of history. ALL major civilizations have been
            destroyed by socialism.

      2. marla1 says

        Is euthtanizia an option after 90? I would want it!!

        1. Kent2012 says

          ricky rogersinsky and the scwharzenhornblowing need it now…no need to wait until 90, they think socialism/communism and a country that has a kenyan boyo as the senior golfer is much better than when the adults were in charge….oh I just realized they are related to the peanut farmer, that explains their insanity….

        2. ozwizard says

          Marla — Just give me your name and address, I’ll see what I can do.

      3. Rick Rogers says

        You know I feel exactly the same way.. About Bush the First, Bush the 2nd, and Ronny Raygun while he was still alive.

        1. Rattlerjake says

          I won’t dispute what you think of the Bushes, considering that Bush senior is all for the One World Order and Bush Jr gave us the Patriot Act and DHS both of which are overreaching of government authority and unconstitutional. The Bushes just happened to be the lesser of the two evils. But if you truly believe that the founding fathers were liberals and that there would not be a country if it were not for Liberals, you obviously have zero knowledge of history. ALL major civilizations have been destroyed by socialism.

          1. Rick Rogers says

            Really.. Since we have 3 Major Socialist programs in this country one of which has been running for over 100 years it does not seem to have to have done much harm. Other thing. I do no history. The “rebels” in the American Revolution were against the Status Quo. The Tories or Conservatives wanted things to stay the same. Throughout the History of the United States. Conservatives have always been against anything that would Change the Status quo.. They were against..

            The 8-hour workday, overtime pay, and the federal minimum wage (Fair Labor Standards Act, 1938). Labor activists started calling for an 8-hour day in 1836; Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the above provisions into law for many workers more than a century later.

            The G.I. Bill of Rights, first enacted in 1944 under FDR, which provides funds for military veterans to receive education/training, started unemployment compensation for veterans, and facilitates loans for returning veterans to buy homes and start businesses.

            The Civil Rights Act of 1964, enacted under Lyndon B. Johnson, which outlawed major forms of discrimination against blacks and women, including racial segregation and unfair voter registration requirements.

            The Social Security Act, enacted for limited recipients in 1935 under FDR and expanded under Harry Truman and LBJ, which helps ensure that people who are too old or infirm to work can still access basic necessities.

            Medicare, which provides greatly subsidized health care to retirees. Medicare was signed into law in 1965 by LBJ as an amendment to the Social Security Act.

            And those are just the Major ones. Sorry but you have to look beyond what you think the definition of the word means to what it has meant throughout history.

          2. Rattlerjake says

            Does no harm? Everything you mentioned has greatly degraded the economy, healthcare, and liberty in this country, through higher taxes to pay for those bloated government programs, that lose more in fraud and waste then on the actual programs. We have a 17 trillion dollar deficit, but to a libturd like you who cares about overspending and debt. “Socialism is great until you run out of other peoples money!”

            And for your information, without the American revolution you would NOT have the freedoms you have in this country and that “US” conservatives fight to prevent morons like you from letting government take away. The “status Quo” as you call it was the tyranny, control, and over taxation of the British government, that most immigrants came to America to GET THE F-CK AWAY FROM!!!!!; if you like it so much, move your sorry asssss to the UK!

            Conservatives are for maintaining established values, morals, and rights. Change is fine and welcomed as long as it does NOT infringe on any individuals rights. But libturds like you insist on cramming socialism down everyone’s throat because you need those combined finances to fund your irresponsible programs. You are as stupid as they come if you really believe the crap you posted in the last comment.

          3. ozwizard says

            I’m sure you wouldn’t be missed putz

        2. chamuiel says

          Too bad you and ozwizard share a mental disease.

          1. Rick Rogers says

            Yes having a working Functional Brain that can read any make out Facts from Fiction is a terrible disease for a Tea Bagger.

          2. chamuiel says

            Wow! Rick, you another liberal who is obsessed by gays (tea bagger).
            Have you come out yet, or are you still in the closet?

          3. Rick Rogers says

            Wow a dummy that shows he has nothing but sex on the mind. I have posted over and over where that term Came from its people like Chamuiel that keep added gay sex to it.. Why would that be Chamuiel Are you websurfing for it? You don’t like the name. Tell your “people” to stop using it.

          4. chamuiel says

            Wow! Riki is an infantile name caller. As I have said before liberals have the mentality of a 10 year old, don’t you Riki.
            And you just keep on proving it.

            The term tea bagger originally meant a gay man sucking on the balls of another gay man.
            You know that Riki, or else you are also exposing yourself as a liberal liar.

          5. Rick Rogers says

            Actually Chamuiel.. The Sexual Connotation of the phrase had to do with Straight or Gay Sex. Check the dictionary. The Term Tea bagger was Arrived on after a group Said they where sending Tea bags to the White house. They when on line and said they were teabagging the White House. Don’t blame us they were not smart enough to look up what that mean before they said it. Sort of like being called a Libetard even though most of you know we dislike the word Retard and how it is used to describe children with Special Needs. So guess which term came up first Teabagger or Libetard. You should not have to strain to figure that one out. Oh.. and if you don’t want me calling your names DON”T START IT.

          6. Rick Rogers says

            Ok Chamuiel.. Lets go back and look at how started the name calling first shall we.. Oh look at that.. First name calling and its not on a text I wrote… imagine that.

          7. Rick Rogers says


            [tee-bag-er] /ˈtiˌbæg ər/

            Word Origin

            noun, ( often initial capital letter) Slang: Usually Disparaging and Offensive


            a member of the Tea Party, a conservative political movement in the U.S.

            Origin Expand

            so called because the Tea Party asked Americans to mail tea bags to Washington as a protest in April 2009

          8. chamuiel says

            Before the term ever had the definition you liberals gave it, it was:

            Noun: The act of teabagging a sexual partner.

            Origin: Resembles the act of dipping a tea bag in a cup of water.

            Once again riki, you liberals have attempted to pervert the original mean of a word.
            Remember when “gay” meant happy, carefree, and not perverted.

    4. Michael Skaggs says

      Or go back to building houses, that way people will like you.

  3. Bob says

    That’s why Carter was a one term president.

    1. Marilyn Stern says

      Which is also what Obama/Jarrett should have been.

      1. Combatvet52 says

        His a$$ should have been kicked out from the first week.

        1. Kent2012 says

          watchout Cvet…ricky rogerinsky and schwartsablowingit will jump on you and try to insult Ronaldo Magnus, the Bushes, and George Washington while suggesting that you are not intellectually capable of forming an opinion…

        2. chamuiel says

          When obama and his people (Valerie jarett, etc.) were moving into the white house, they met a few of the previous occupants, and asked them for advice. They were told not to staff the white house with their friends.

          obama and jarrett just laughed and laughed.

          1. Combatvet52 says

            I’m surprised theres not 1,000 of his sons living with him, soon it will be fumigated but it’s gonna take some time to get the stench out.

  4. MILES E DRAKE says

    The Nobel Peace Prize is now completely discredited. In addition to giving it to our would-be dictator for negritude and Marxism, it has been given to this mean-spirited mental pigmy, the most obsessive anti-Semite in American public life since Father Coughlin. Jimmy should follow his ideas to their logical conclusion, and give us the line about the shape-shifter Jews actually being responsible for the attacks.

    1. grunion says

      Couldn’t be more true. What was once an internationally recognized symbol of commitment and excellence in thought , word and deed is now equivalent to a toy badge. It is merely a popularity contest today…Pathetic…We are doomed.

    2. abc__jps says

      the prize is something you buy these two have shown it was not earned.

    3. Delve C Jones says

      Dictator for Negritude? Seriously? Does ANYONE here know how to do anything but sling around baseless ad-hominem?

      1. whoselineisitanyway says


  5. Joe T says

    Dementia at best..bless his heart if he was still a submarine commander he probably would be wanting to send Tomahawks to the USA..since we’re the world’s main problem….too much Billy beer

    1. Standandfight says

      If he drank any Billy Beer that would explain the brain damage.

      1. ozwizard says

        No he was brain-damaged before that or he wouldn’t have drunk Billybeer.

    2. grunion says

      I would go to Leavenworth before I would serve under him in a submarine! And I know a little about it.

      1. Kent2012 says

        Lt Cmdr Queeg ?

        1. Joe T says

          with the strawberries

        2. grunion says

          Queeg. Aye aye, sir!

    3. Kent2012 says

      he may have wanted to support the revival of the “native Americans” and felt that tomahawks would be a suitable weapon..

  6. Joe T says

    Obama vs. Carter as Worst President

    Most Liberals along with many Conservatives were likely surprised by reputable opinion survey rankings where Barack Obama beat out Jimmy Carter as the worst president since World War II. Of the 12 presidencies since 1945, one-third of the respondents ranked Obama’s in last place, while 28 percent picked his predecessor. Even Richard Nixon who resigned under the cloud of Watergate scandal did better than both of them with 13 percent of those polled rating him lowest.

    Both are liberal dolts, sans integrity

    1. grunion says

      They are both bad in different. The reigning king abuses power with overreach and plain lawlessness. The former (whatever he was) was unable to complete anything successfully. I wish they would both eat poop and die.

      1. whoselineisitanyway says

        SO DO I

    2. Marilyn Stern says

      Habitat for Humanity. Only thing Carter deserves brownie points for, and only thing Carter is qualified for. Obama is worse because he is not even qualified to participate in Habitat for Humanity.

      1. Joe T says

        Marilyn….you are right……..thanks
        best regards, Joe T

  7. ONTHE WALL says

    The guy is right. Who in his position would not praise the person, president obama, who took over the spot as the worst President ever of The United States of America pulling carter up from the worst President ever of The United States of America to the next to worst President ever of The United States of America. I WOULD BE SAYING THANKS BAMMA, THANKS BAMMA, HAY BAMMA I WOULD LIKE TO GIVE YOU MY NOBEL PEACE PRIZE AS A GIFT FOR THE HELP, IT’S AS WORTHLESS TO YOU AS IT IS TO ME!

  8. Standandfight says

    Everything that was good about Georgia destroyed when his mouth opened. I know I lived here and seen it first hand.

    1. abc__jps says

      his Momma told him not to put any Cubans in America, Ga. and he did not..

      1. ozwizard says


  9. fred says

    Jimmy is/was a peanut king in GA, yet many do not know he’s also a nuclear engineer serving time in that navy as well. He may be getting old sure, but I believe he’s still very crafty! I met him at a conference a few years ago, and was impressed by his intelligence in scientific matters, so don’t underestimate the guy who had the highest intrest rates in modern history during his term as president and what he might still have up his sleeve!

    1. grunion says

      You were fooled by a facade. He was a just barely in all his endeavours. There is nothing meritorious about any facet of his life. You cannot underestimate this charlatan is right!

      1. Rick Rogers says

        You Know its strange You have a guy that for over 30 years has helped build houses for people and you call him a Façade. He still teaches Sunday school from time to time. He forced Israel and Egypt to end they decades long adversarial relationship at the same time supporting Israel. He refuse to act like it was business as usual and send our athletes to Moscow while Soviet Troops were killing Afghans. He made the term “Human Rights” mean something. He has monitored questionable elections in developing countries a number of times. Go head slam him. In 75 years or so Reagan will be listed as a fraud and Carter as a good man in hard times. Want to know how I can be sure of this. There are more young Democrats than there are Republicans and 75 years is about the time it will take for all the classified Truth of the Reagan years will come out.

        1. Michael Dennewitz says

          Dayuummm! Another liberal!!

          1. Rick Rogers says

            ok Michael Dennewitz since you you are new to me here so I will just do this again.. Liberals got women the right to vote.
            Liberals got African-Americans the right to vote.
            Liberals created Social Security and lifted millions of elderly people out of poverty. Liberals ended segregation.
            Liberals passed the Civil Rights Act, the Voting Rights Act.
            Liberals created Medicare.
            Liberals passed the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act.
            What did conservatives do? They opposed them on every one of those things ­ every one.
            So when you try to hurl that label at my feet, ‘Liberal,’ as if it were something to be ashamed of, something dirty, something to run away from, it won’t work, Senator. Because I will pick up that label and I will wear it as a badge of honor.” . Thank you West Wing.

  10. red55bird says

    How many remember Jimmy Carter, and how weak he was with Iran in trying to free Americans who were hostage, yes pretty bad wasn’t it, but now we have Obama who by hook or crook won a second term as President of America, who has nothing to lose in the next two years and may put every man women and child in grave danger of Islamic attack on our own soil, it’s time we force Congress and the Senate to Impeach Barack Obama. He has over step his power as President and become Dictator in using his Executive Power to go around Congress with amnesty of over five million and as many as 20 million illegals living in America, this one act has put the Constitution into a crisis.

    1. Michael Dennewitz says

      Good luck with impeachment.. NOBODY in congress has any balls (unless they’re going to realize wealth and stature!)

  11. Davard says

    In India when a man-eating tiger is terrorizing a village, they do not capture it and try to heal it with psychoanalysis, they hire a hunter to track him down an kill him. Dead killers don’t kill anymore.

    1. Delve C Jones says

      Because humans are obviously tigers and the same methods are obviously appropriate for dealing with both, right?

      1. Davard says

        To use what appears to be a popular though misused word with you , obviously I was too subtle for you and I definitely wouldn’t send you tiger hunting. God, there I said it, only knows what or who you would shoot. The idea of trying to understand or look at our opponents point of view is one I agree with. On the other hand I think it was Gladstone who said “That to admit that my opponent has an acceptable point of view is to give him advantage to which he is not entitled’. What I was getting at was that it is dangerous to assume that one’s opponent would grant the same courtesy. The tiger’s only concern is to kill you and eat you and sometimes the people that you oppose feel the same way, less the eat you part. But these days you never know..

        1. Jean Witte says

          It doesn’t take very long to discover that it is impossible to carry on a sensible conversation with a liberal, does it??

          1. Davard says

            No it doesn’t and that a shame. I keep kicking myself because I am looking for a glimmer of hope.

          2. ozwizard says

            Davard — Sorry that you’re so naive.

          3. Davard says

            Are you really or is your deluded sense of moral superiority showing again,.

          4. chamuiel says

            as to attempt to carry on a conversation with a liberal?

            All you liberals know is infantile name calling and petty insults.
            You have nothing of substance.

        2. Kent2012 says

          he would probably shoot himself in the foot and then poop all over himself….of course he is still busy looking for a glimmer of hope…

    2. ozwizard says

      Wonderful analogy, Davard

  12. brabbie2002 says

    S–T! He was tremendously stupid as a president and now he is even more senile! Why would a news agency ask this 2nd worst president in history anything? The libtard news must be so afraid of reporting anything anit-muslim because of ovomit’s threats, that they are scraping the bottom of the barrel for something to report! Grow a pair, people, and report on the terrorists whether or not “the mohammed messiah” likes it or not. Check out your 1st Amendment rights guaranteed in our Constitution and go for it. You might want to put in any article on terrorists that they are muslim and so is the prez. Maybe it would wake up a few people that think this dickhead can do no wrong!

    1. grunion says

      Can’t be done. The liberals today are irretrievable. They are brainwashed by their hatred and envy. If someone wants a caliphate or socialism…Move away from this nation.

    2. john robel says

      Yeah, all I need to do is remember jimmy’s “hostage rescue mission”. What an idiot.

    3. Michael Dennewitz says

      Because!! Because the screwed up media thrives on sensationalizing shit. Instead of, “Last night a cop was forced to shoot a perpetrator,” it’s “Last night, this big, burley white cop gunned down this poor little, unarmed, innocent black boy!” Get it??

      1. OSAMA OBAMA says

        Been getting it since Billy Boy Cliton took office.

      2. grunion says

        It energizes the useful idiots and angers the thinking man.

  13. Rick Rogers says

    This is some of the most ridiculous drivel I have ever read. You say this because things worked out so well under George Bush when we were attacking countries that had not raised a finger against us in over 9 years.

    1. JCWS1 says

      Stifle yourself, Edith.
      You’re a dingbat.

      1. Rick Rogers says

        Wow JCWS1 you dazzled me with your intellectual comeback. I am in shock. I don’t know if I every be able to write again. Oh sorry, I just burped. Must have just been gas.

        1. JCWS1 says

          The democrats have given us such stellar candidates, LBJ who had a hand in Kennedy’s assassination. Carter who was positively the worst president ever who opened Florida up for Castro to empty his prisons into, then Slick Willie who gave us NAFTA but couldn’t even keep his zipper closed and now an illegal alien, muslim brotherhood plant from Kenya and you have the audacity to condemn Bush ?
          Such drivel, go back to your Kool-Aid and wait for your government check.

          1. Rick Rogers says

            Ok lets take them one at a time. LBJ… Bullshit The most case is that the mafia had Kennedy killed because Robert Kennedy was going after them as Attorney General.
            Carter was and is a Christian. OR would you rather have had the Navy strife those boats full of people with Machine guns.
            The GOP had Kenneth Star going after Clinton for over a year and at the cost of over 70 Million dollars a tax Payer money.. And the best he could come up with was that Clinton got a blow job from a Willing White house Intern. No one drugged her and put her on her knees She did that on her own. As for NAFTA.. Since Clinton the Republicans have had control of Congress longer then the Democrats. So why have they not yet Repealed it?
            Reagan is the Orginal appeaser… He tried Arms for hostages.. Nixon sabotaged the 1968 Paris Peace talks so he could get elected by getting the South Vietnam President to resist peace talks because Nixon told him he would get a better deal if Nixon was President.
            Your comments about President Obama I am not going to justify with a response. Its pretty clear your a birther and if by chance your one of those wack jobs that want Ted Cruz to win I hope you enjoyed all the crap you threw at President Obama because its about to come back and slap you in the face for that Cuban/Canadian snakeoil salesman.

          2. mac12sam12 says

            Obama’s approval rating is in the tank, what are you getting out of it? Subsidized?

          3. Rick Rogers says

            hmm Strange.. Just looked at Yahoo News Feed and it says Rating has increase 7 points since October? But then who am I to argue with someone that supports people like Mitch McConnell. You know him right the guy that tried to claim credit for an economy he was calling terrible right before the November election.

          4. Michael Dennewitz says

            Dayuumm.! Another liberal!!

          5. chamuiel says

            strife those boats with machine guns. say what?

          6. Rick Rogers says

            Chamuiel JCWS1 said “Carter who was positively the worst president ever who opened Florida up for Castro to empty his prisons into” my question to him was did he want Carter to have the Navy Strife those boats with Machine guns?

        2. mac12sam12 says

          I thought JCWS1’s reply was clever! A little sensitive, aren’t we?

          1. Rick Rogers says

            Not in the least.. Beside all you have to do is read his Birther Comments on another post and I am disregarded out of hand. Only a fool believes that stupidity

          2. mac12sam12 says

            I haven’t read any birther comments about the Kenyan, sheesh!

        3. chamuiel says

          lay off the democrats agenda. then the gas will ease up.

          1. Rick Rogers says

            ok so you want to slam me for supporting a party that has a plan.. FYI “Let the Marketplace work” is not a plan. So show me the detail GOP Healthcare plan? NO ok how about the GOP immigration plan? Still nothing? Alright How about the GOP plan to make college more affordable for young people and their Parents? Still Drawing a blank? I think it was Aristotle that said “Nature abhors a vacuum.” and so far GOP plans are a vaccum so don’t be a hater about someone that is actually trying to do something beyond the GOP plan of making their Rich Donors RICHER.

        4. Michael Dennewitz says

          Dayuummm! And yet another liberal!

        5. Michael Dennewitz says

          And along comes another damned liberal. I’m outta here. Oh, I’m sure he’ll have a smartass remark, but I’m not sticking around to see/read it. Talk to yourself dumbass…

          1. Rick Rogers says

            One dummy down couple thousand more to go.

    2. john robel says

      Saddam HAD WMD’S, ask the KURDS. ISIS has the remnants, of course the obamunist regime downplays any danger. AND YES things were MUCH BETTER under Bush, Bush didn’t trade traitors for terrorists, Bush didn’t excuse terrorists. Put your head in the sand , get your ass in the air, looks to me like a muslim prayer.

      1. Rick Rogers says

        What Little Saddam had would have blown up in his face if he had tried to use it. That they found was things that were over 10 years old and leaking/corroded and there were not many of those. He Shot his wad on the Iranians and Kurds. Those Same Kurds that both of the Bushes Hung out to dry have pledging them Support. Please. Take off your beer goggles and get over the bromance with Bush. He is a war Criminal A puppet and he was the cause of the death of Friends of mine in his illegal Iraq War. Don’t take me word for it. Do some research. Cheney commissioned a report his 2nd week in office that ask how long it would take American oil companies to get the Iraq oil fields up and running. Oh and by the way this was 8 months BEFORE 9/11. If there is any justice in the world both Cheney and Bush will be strap to a water board until they confess that they were the ones that shot JFK… That should only take a couple of hours to get it out of them.

        1. chamuiel says

          Now, lets see you talk about obama, and his many failures, troll.

          1. Rick Rogers says

            Why when I have only scratch the surface on GOP Failures. Or do we need to go into all the GOP Governors either Convicted, Charged, in front of a grand Jury or about to go to trial on Corruption Charges. Has Obama been perfect no. He should have been playing hard ball with the GOP from the get go. Never in American history has a group in congress done everything in their power to make sure a sitting president Fails. The sweet thing is he has out maneuvered them in just about every single case.

        2. Michael Dennewitz says

          Dayuummm! Another liberal!!

    3. chamuiel says

      9 years? and your point is?

      1. Rick Rogers says

        Besides the one on the top of Bushes head the point is this. They lied to you about why they invaded Iraq.. Cheney was commissioning Reports from Dept of Energy on how long it would take American Oil Companies to Get Iraqi Oil Fields up and Running.. He did this the 2nd week he was in office. 8 months before 9/11. So they came up with the WMD story to sell a bill of goods and it cost thousands of US servicemen their lives. And Cause terrible injuries to even more. This is not made up fantasy its was obtained from FIA request to the Dept of Energy. Cheney planned all along for an invasion and he was ready for it with the NO bid Contract to Haliburton that made 39.4 Billion off of the Iraq war. That same Haliburton that Cheney is a major stock holder in. Not even going to touch Cheney authorizing the breaking of Treaties signed by the US that we would not Torture prisoners

  14. JCWS1 says

    America can thank Jimmy Carter for every illegal Cuban convict terrorizing south Florida. Fidel Castro emptied his prisons and Carter invited all of them to America.
    Thank you peanut brain Carter. Your drunk brother Billy must have been the smart one in that family..

  15. gretagarbo123 says

    Jimmy Carter is an anti-semite. He always has been.

  16. Scott Ezell says

    Jimmy Carter is (one of many) the brain dead liberals. The scarecrow on wizard of oz had more brains than they do.

  17. Jerry Cox says

    I don’t call too many people idiots, but clearly this is one of many liberals and there views. They are always on the wrong side of the fence.

    1. chamuiel says

      where are there views”? are they down there? are they up there? Tell me. I don’t know.

      1. ozwizard says

        chamuiel — You obviously have a computer…Look them up you lazy ass.

        1. chamuiel says

          I was not the one who incorrectly used the word “there.”

          I see you are another liberal infantile name caller. That is all you have to offer.

  18. Eric Reicher says

    I thought that a-hole would be dead by now. I still remember that bastard on tv with his sweater on telling me I should turn down my thermostat. Screw him. Human beings have struggled since the time of Jesus get get out of the dung hole and he wants us to jump back in. Screw him.

    1. chamuiel says

      carter was wearing a sweater because he had turned down his thermostat. not too swift, are you?

  19. lha says

    I remember the “Arab-Israeli” talks this mealy-mouthed POS had at Camp David. He was so cozy with the terrorist,Arafat that it made me want to puke. When the Iranians held our people hostage,he gave them so many ultimatums that it was laughable. The Iranians set the hostages free as President Reagan was taking the Oath of Office. Carter is brought out of the asylum when liberals need anyone to spout out BS that actually makes them seem smart by comparison.

  20. Steve Harr says

    Ate too many peanuts and drank “Billy Beer”

    1. chamuiel says

      I like peanuts.

  21. Mark Clemens says

    We have a man who tried to poison The Speaker of the House, some Ohio dude turned islamic and was going to attack the capitol. Set bombs off, shoot people running for their lives and all. All this publication is worried about is taking a mushroom trip in Jimmy Carters head!!!! Talk about taking your readers down the rabbit hole……….
    Have the stupid truly taken over the Government and Press?
    When was the last time YOU wondered what was going on in Jimmy Carters head? That thought hadn’t crossed my mind since the 1980 election.
    This publication needs to worry what’s in Jeb Bush’s and Hillary Clinton’s pea brain heads……..

    1. chamuiel says

      why not obama;s head? whoops, we know what is in his head.

      you miss the point. it is always fun wondering why liberals are so screwed up, and how they got that way.

      1. Mark Clemens says

        ……Hu? The liberals wonder why conservatives are so narrow minded. This generic type of press, is just designed to divide low information voters.
        One must not have much of a IQ, if they wonder/care what Jimmy Carter thinks.

  22. RONALD WIEDER says

    It’s a shame to see and hear his gross senility babble as it is to see his “followers” hang on every word he says ! Very much akin to Obama & his ignoramuses

  23. MAHB001 says

    Jimmy Carter has figured out that unless he says something he will not be the worst president in history….

  24. Stevon f. Nutt says

    Every time he opens his mouth he proves that Billy was the smarter of the two!

  25. pmbalele says

    I am deeply disturbed with the deaths in Paris. But I that President Obama was not being at the March did not send anyone. For what? People who picket and march are usually the weak or oppressed ones who want the government to do something or let them free. Take example of marches by us Blacks, Gays, TEA Partiers and Occupy Wall Street etc. It is the oppressed that march. It’s not the President or governors who are oppressed – Why were these so called world leaders marching for freedom when they had the guns to confront the problem? Did these world leaders want freedom from terrorists or anti-freedom people? All these leaders had to do was to sit or come together and discuss how to confront the terrorists and terrorism-not to march. I believe it was dumb for these leaders to march for freedoms when they are responsible making sure people have freedom. Their march made me sick to the stomach.

    1. chamuiel says

      Weak stomach? Huh?

    2. grunion says

      It’s an interesting point. The oppressed have demonstration as their only means of effecting change while the oppressors do little else than watch. Worked great for Hong Kong…
      This money based class division would be a bitch to untangle but the excesses of the rich are becoming more and more an affront to the working man and that is fertile ground. Obama has done his best, I believe, to bring a violent conflict between factions of the Army of the rich and the rest of us. It must not happen. Let’s get rid of Obama before anything else. Then the struggle of healing can begin.

      1. pmbalele says

        At least you agree with me the Paris March was dumb. But as to domestic polices I am sure you will be sorry soon. Repubs want Blacks and poor Whites re-slaved. No medical service rights. Look, they don’t want rules at Wall Street; Banks will be deregulated to hit you with charges you do not authorize; they want the Pipe line which will not benefit ordinary Americans for oil will be sold in world markets. I am told Repubs are now drafting Memo to make this country a Sharia state. Women won’t be allowed to have certain jobs and paid equally as men doing the same job. Men will be forced to marry but not allowed to divorce. But Repub and TP leaders will be allowed to have as many mistresses or open marriages as what Newt suggested to his ex-wife. You’re done as free person in this country.

        1. grunion says

          Sadly, I guess I’ll be watering the Tree of Liberty with my blood.

  26. abc__jps says

    The best thing that could happen to America would be if Obama would resign under the cloud of all the things and danger he has placed this country in. He and Carter together should move to Iran and live with their friends by the way take their wives and children with them. Watergate did not bring danger to this country.

    1. Michael Dennewitz says

      No!! The best thing to happen for this country would be if the communist queer bastard was assassinated!! :-))

  27. gmhunt4 says

    Carter, the walking brain dead liberal

  28. Glitch says

    Jimmy Carter is, was and always will be irrelevant. Another joke on the American people just like Obama is. 2016 cannot get her fast enough!

  29. John says

    Jimmy Carter is a little communist bastard and I can’t believe any could have voted for this ant-American looser. Every time he said a derogatory remark , in a foreign land, I wished I had the power to say , ” hey Jimmy ever hear about a man without a country? Just say where you are, you can’t come here”.

  30. defiant1 says

    Carter isn’t any less nuts than he always was! All liberals suffer from the same mental affliction!

  31. Delve C Jones says

    You DO realize that your condescending tone just makes you look lower and more foolish than anything you say about the people you are slamming, right? I am neither liberal nor conservative, but I am not impressed by your childish insults and your lack of actual reasoning skills. Try arguing with something besides logical fallacies such as ad hominem attacks and people of a higher intellectual caliber may actually want to read something you have to say. I have been getting your emails for some time even though I don’t recall ever signing up for them, this is the first article I have actually chosen to read, and you can bet it will be the last.

    1. Peter Sherman says

      take a look at the actual video on jon stewart and you will see how unprofessionally the author took the quote out of context so as to promote a pre-crafted, off-the-shelf critique of liberalism that swerves at times towards the unintelligible. it is amazing how easily one can manipulate large groups of people who pride themselves on being free and independent thinkers… all it takes is a few tag lines, a few call-response comments. Some of the folks here are clearly bright, some are educated, but others are just in lockstep with whatever they happen to be getting spoon fed at the moment. The editors of this site clearly get this… as they are spoon feeding a lot of catalytic drivel. as such, this article has set off a firestorm of cliches and pre-digested fast food critiques while few if any respondents have taken the 7 minutes of trouble to go to the primary source (the actual interview) to make up their own minds. this site holds my interest because it provides a sociological window into a select subset of the voting public i otherwise would never get.

    2. Michael Dennewitz says

      Dayuummm! Another liberal!!

  32. uchsamin says

    I am 57 yrs old and remember carter as the worst president in our history,…..until the current liar& fraud arrived. My question is: why hasn’t that old SOB died yet??? How can that old senile SOB still be walking on this earth? The bible has something to say about it: “Why does the way of the wicked prosper? Why are those happy who deal so treacherously?” (Jeremiah 12:1)

    1. grunion says

      They have a secret medical facility for old, failed, liberal presidents. Put ’em in an Easy Bake oven for 2 hours and poof, all better….

      1. uchsamin says

        I would rather see them all given to the Cambodian Khmer Rouge. They know what to do with traitors.

      2. ozwizard says


  33. Ron Straight says

    This boob ran the country into some of the worst economic times during his tenure, libs blame Bush for the recession in 08 after years of good economy under his stint. Peanut farmer gave us 22% loan interest rates to live with! Stagnate times, pull oil crisis OPEC countries kicking our asses with high prices. And a failed foreign policy and failed rescue attempt of hostages in Iran, similar to Bengahzi snfu of HillBill’s. ome “Leader” LOL,LOL

  34. uchsamin says

    In the days of Israel moving into the promised land, Carter would have been in the Amalikite camp and ordered to be slaughtered by God. Lucky for him he lives in these days, but unlucky for him he will learn God is real, the laws have not passed and he WILL stand before the most high for judgement.
    Hey Jimmy, welcome to the lake of burning sulfur.

    1. ozwizard says

      Don’t complicate things: just as you have done with your comment.

      1. uchsamin says

        Don’t complicate things?…Listen little boy, its really NOT so complicated. Carter was the worst president the USA ever had until the current gay muslim communist LIAR took the # 1 position. Put the bottle down, stop the drugs and turn off the porno long enough to do some homework. Go read the book of Deuteronomy, then argue with God.

  35. Peter Sherman says

    WOW! this article is an amazing example of taking a comment out of context and then working it to the hilt. anyone who is interested in making up their own minds about anything should just to to the tape http://thedailyshow.cc.com/videos/vvc9ew/jimmy-carter and see for yourself what the conversation was. I don’t see it the way the author does. I see it as a discussion about the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the Camp David hope within a co-context of the Paris terrorism. When Stewart shifted back from the Israeli-Palestinian discussion (on which they spent a majority of their time) to the recent Paris scenario, Stewart asked a rather obtusely worded question as way of transition. Carter followed his lead and segued between Israel-Palestine (citing that this on-going conflict is a low-level and continuous fuel for the flames of Islamic feelings of subordination… which it is, among many other sources, by any estimation) and modern day extremism. Then Carter made his main point about extremism… leaving the Israel-Palestine issue behind.

    I have to say, if I see anyone jumping off the deep end, its the author of this article who is manipulating the transcripts of that interview to suit some pre-conceived objective.

    there is enough critique to go around for the liberals, the conservatives and nearly every politician in between. But this interview is not one of those examples. Carter shined impressively bright in this interview for his work with Guinea worm, camp david and demonstrating more intellectual chops at his age than most of us will ever have.

    1. Michael Dennewitz says

      Dayuummm.. Another liberal!!

      1. Peter Sherman says

        coherence, insight, cogent critique, independent thought etc are not exclusively possessed by liberals. conservatives can also achieve such qualities. do you any such response?

        1. Michael Dennewitz says

          Dayuummm! And yet another liberal!!

  36. Obie Miller says

    I wouldn’t trust any such liberal type to do anything— they would try to make it another screwed up socialist federal program that would not work.

  37. Obie Miller says

    I wouldn’t trust either of them, or any such liberal, to do anything. They would only try to make it into another unsuccessful, socialist, federal program!

  38. RMCSRET says

    I am totally ashamed to say that Jimmy Carter was a Naval Officer. This man is so stupid he must have
    jumped into the deep end of the pool when there was not water in the pool.

  39. adrianvance says

    Jimmy Carter could take lessons from Mortimer Snerd.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for clarity.

  40. Roy Buster Ranic says

    Jimmy the jerk sure new peanuts…………& all his little friends!

  41. Libya21 says

    Nothing matches America’s worst president, prior to Obama, Carter, siding with Obama for not attending the anti-terrorist events in Paris. Obama now has the title of worst prez ever. Muhammad bin Obama is at it again releasing terrorists from GITMO yesterday to join ISIS or Al Qaeda to kill us. One more traitorous act for Muhammad Obama. Hey Congress: What’s holding up impeachment!

  42. geneww1938 says

    We have to take a close look at the politics of the USNA graduates. Even the bottom of the class McCain is a effective Anti-American like Carter.!!!

  43. carolskey says

    Jimmy Carter was irrelevant when he was President…I can’t think of a word to describe him 30 years later!
    Enough said.

    God please open the eyes of liberal fools everywhere!

    1. ozwizard says

      You said you couldn’t fine a word to describe Carter, and then you said: “fool” I think that word will do nicely.

  44. Jean Witte says

    And we thought comedy was dead!!!

  45. Jim Blackwell says

    I for one don’t put a lot of stock in anything the second worse President in History has to say about anything. He is lucky Obama came along to claim his title and should keep quite before he moves back into the number one spot.

    1. ozwizard says



    Sarcasm is a cop-out when talking about all the difficult, convoluted and deliberately mixed operations; which make unraveling the complexities for creating viable solutions only possible for a very few people who have a real passion for solving problems WITHOUT some kind of financial reward!!!
    If you really want to fix our world problems become totally dedicated to HONESTY and TRUTH; not dedicated to a political party or only one agenda designed by myopic mentalities locked into Labeling and Name-calling people.
    We have problems for many reasons, which were created by many conspiring people who use emotionally charged words to manipulate certain people to abdicate wise judgement and choose solutions; which violate our Constitutional limits on our Government.
    The follow-up is for LAWYERS to create punishing laws for anyone who exposes people who are criminally minded in their behavior: As has been in the most recent cases of Mr. Manning; which is a historical repeat of Viet Nam’s My Lai Massacre!: Another, is Mr. Snowden — and others who were murdered on 11 September 2001.

    Where is Honesty and Truth in our public officials and certainly our law makers?

  47. rathole9 says

    this piece of trash let Panama walk on us. he should have been taken out of the White House tried for treason and then hanged which is the same thing that should be done to the trader in the White House now

  48. OSAMA OBAMA says

    Hey Peanut farmer!!! How’s it feel knowing that the ENTIRE country thinks you are an ignoramus, incompetent and a waste of air??? Guess that shows the I.Q. of the folks that put him in the White Plantation.

  49. doza says

    Why is he still alive. Is God punishing us for letting him become president. I hate to see what he will do with us for Obama.

  50. adrianvance says

    Oh Jimmie, why don’t just stay in your rocker?

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for clarity.

  51. marla1 says

    Any one who would publish anything from a 90 year old coot should be cast out as a reporter and made a sanitation worker! They have more intelligence, jut not the available jobs and are supporting themselves!!!

  52. Terry Hamblin says

    Jimmy Carter was completely irrelevant when he was President. Pains me to refer to Carter and President in the same sentence. Of course the same headache occurs if I see Obama and President in the same sentence. A lot of people say, “it doesn’t matter, you have to respect the Office of President”. No I don’t!

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