Jimmy Kimmel: The New Official Spokesman for Dumb Liberal Ideas


Fresh off his well-publicized rants on health care, late night host Jimmy Kimmel decided he wasn’t going to stop there when it comes to being the new official spokesman for dumb liberal ideas. On his show Monday night, Kimmel launched into a screed on gun control, taking advantage of the Las Vegas massacre to promote a typically leftist view to his largely clueless audience.

According to Kimmel, the only reason we don’t have better gun control laws is that Republican politicians have their “balls” stuck in an NRA “money clip.”

On politicians praying for the victims, Kimmel said: “They should be praying for God to forgive them, for letting the gun lobby run this country.”

Kimmel said it was shameful the lengths to which the government would go after Islamic terrorists without doing anything about the proliferation of guns.

“When someone with a beard attacks us, we tap phones, we invoke travel bans, we build walls, we take every possible precaution to make sure it doesn’t happen again,” Kimmel said. “But when an American buys a gun and kills other Americans, there’s nothing we can do about it.”

First of all, where are these “walls” we supposedly built?

Second, what exactly would Kimmel have us do about someone who makes a legal purchase and then uses that purchase to commit a crime? Especially when said purchase is specifically protected by the U.S. Constitution? Should we prosecute or kill the perpetrator? We do that. Should we beef up security protections? We do that. Should we train first responders on how to better handle mass casualty events? Check. We do that, too.

But of course, Kimmel wants us to do something else – something he disingenuously claims is not “gun control.” He wants us to exercise “common sense.”

“Common sense says no good will ever come from allowing a person to have weapons that can take down 527 Americans at a concert,” he said.

Well, that same common sense would tell you that no one should be able to purchase the kind of fertilizer and diesel fuel that Timothy McVeigh used to kill more than a hundred people in Oklahoma City. (By coincidence…or not…the Las Vegas killer apparently had ammonium nitrate fertilizer in his vehicle). And yes, there’s no question that the figure Kimmel cites is tragic – that this entire event was tragic and sick and heartbreaking – but what is the “acceptable” number of Americans one should be able to kill at one time? 3,000? You can do that with airline tickets and box cutters. One? You can do that with a hammer. So let’s dispense with the talk about “common sense” and treat this as what it is: Another attempt on the left to enact laws that will infringe on freedom without doing ANYTHING to actually solve the problem.

  1. jgfsmf says

    He ought to move to Detroit. They have great gun control laws there.

    1. Retired says

      How about take the wall or fence down around his property .

      1. jgfsmf says

        Get rid of his armed guards.

    2. Sgt. York says

      Better yet he could move on over to Chi-Ran where their gun laws are so great they only kill a few each day. This idiot is sucking the old liberal tit for a great name and some Herr Soros money as it’s ain’t for damn sue to have the people on his ignorant side.

      1. Marjorie Lee Peterson says

        Yep, lots and lots of MURDERS too! And most of them with GUNS! This was meant to answer jgfsmf.

      2. Retired says

        Whose purse does Kimmel have his nuts in ,someone needs to take the ones upstairs also . Does he also wear a Pussy Hat ????

        1. USN Vet 31yrs Svc says

          Crotchless panties.

          1. Retired says

            Kimmel probably wears panties .

          2. Retired says

            He probably wears Panties .

      3. gotabgood says

        The very same week that Sandy Hook happened, there was a mad man in China that also went to an elementary school to do harm to kids!!!!! Only difference is… he had a knife… he cut up a lot of kids….. but they all went home!
        If he had a gun that couldn’t have been said………………

        1. Retired says

          I bet the one in China got executed for his crime while you Democrats would set him free . China executed a banker for what our bankers did in the US, steal from the Tax Payers something YOU support .

          1. gotabgood says

            Really? I thought it was you and your kind… NRA Klansman club, protecting the shooters… “Now is not the time to discuss gun control”

          2. Mathew Molk says

            The shooters are NOT in our club. There are with you 1000%. though.

            More transference there, snowflake?

          3. Retired says

            Talking out of your poop chute as usual , the NRA does not support the Skin Heads nor the Klan .Them are your Demon Rats that you love .NRA supports law enforcement something YOU BLM members do NOT .

          4. gotabgood says

            Amazing…. you stick for the shooter even when kids are involved….. where do your grandkids go to school?? Tell the world how safe they are at your school!!!!

          5. Mathew Molk says

            Since when? – We are the death penalty advocates for such crimes. You oppose the death penalty. Just who is defending who here?

          6. Retired says

            Here you go blowing out of your rear as usual and putting words in other peoples mouth like a good democrats . My Grand kids would be able to shoot the Eye balls out of a person like that .Most of these nut cases fall into the category of Democrats with Mental Problems . Bill Clinton along with Obama and the ACA have done nothing for the mentally ill , Democrats were the ones to put them out on the streets along with the insurance industry .

          7. Retired says

            Yes you fit right in there , color matches you as well .

        2. Mathew Molk says

          Both were commies like you,,,,Right, asshole?

          Why did you leave that out?

        3. mac12sam12 says

          That nut came from a family of liberals, what does that tell you? You can cut mass murders to zero if you disarm the democrats. It’s not the Conservatives doing it, Buford!

    3. Mathew Molk says

      How ’bout Chi Town, NY and DC? – At one point during the Iraq war you were more likely to get shot in DC the if you were in actual combat in Iraq.

    4. barbara says

      or Chicago…..

  2. Buckeye conservative says

    The “common sense” gun controls that Obama started pushing will do not a whit to effect mass shootings. Except for the kids, all the gunmen bought their firearms legally. The current one purchased his guns over a period of years. Reports of his modifying semi-automatics to full automatic weapons indicate he did commit a crime in doing so but new laws will not prevent a gunsmith from doing so even if he has to manufacture the parts needed to do so. The liberal left are merely preaching their tired plans which will do absolutely nothing. Even all the calls for more “mental health” access, etc. won’t do anything. The current gunman had no criminal history, and was only a very successful real estate trader until something happened in his mind and his planned mass murder. Basically there is no way to protect us other than what is already being done.

    1. chucky001 says

      While there is no way to prevent what happened, we can make it more difficult. That is what ass clown conservitards fail to understand. There is no need to own 32 guns and 1000’s of rounds of ammo. No need for bump stocks or trigger cranks, or silencers. Kimmel shows a lot more wisdom than fuckeye conservitard.

      1. Retired says

        You are a dumb arch like Kimmel -Peeelosi – Schumer and Clintons

      2. Ron says

        I totally disagree with you in particular…….because those like you and your sick descriptions is EXACTLY why we need more and more guns.

      3. lha says

        Nobody “needs” to own many cars,trucks,firearms or any other object,but I do. I like my “stuff” and live in a large property in which I have buildings for all I have. You and your ilk,however more than likely live in a crowded shithole and are jealous of those who live in freedom. Free yourself from Mommie’s basement and work and maybe your opinion of ownership of property might change.

      4. Retired says

        You just proved what a assclown you are !!!!

      5. USN Vet 31yrs Svc says

        This democrat could have & would have used other methods to exact his sick plan. You could ban all guns period. He was a private pilot with ammonium nitrate & tannenite. Bent on mass destruction & suicide. He could of loaded his plane and intentionally struck the event producing conflaguration far beyond what this terrorist did. Any gun enthusists can modify any weapon to produce desired results in his garage. If the hotel had no windows this would not have happened. Where their is will their is a way.

    2. Mathew Molk says

      What’s next….Outlawing lathes, milling machines and surface grinders? – They will never get my dial caliper until they pry it from my cold dead fingers.

      I should shut my GD mouth – This might give the cackling witch ideas.

  3. Deby says

    Ok, it is official. Kimmel is a complete moron. Time to shut up Jimmy boy.

    1. Retired says

      The next Moore !!!

      1. chucky001 says

        Retired, why don’t you take the dirt nap? You are adding nothing to society.

        1. Retired says

          You are talking about yourself , bragging is not good and you can go to hell for lying .

          1. gotabgood says

            After talking to you the past few days… you are paving the way to hell……. and mostly you are doing it for your rightie friends… who if they don’t lie themselves… they defend the king of liars.. the donald..

          2. Retired says

            But you voted for the Queen of lies who has lied all her life . I am not a Party GUPPY like you . The Clintons and Obamas are a total sham who make Carter look like a angel even though he was not able to accomplish anything . You are the one displaying the devils outfit . How many body bags has Trump filled ????

          3. gotabgood says

            I will finish your thought for you…. “The Clintons and Obamas are a total sham who make Carter look like a angel and Reagan, bush sr. and lil’ bush like a turd”

          4. Mathew Molk says

            I know you are but what are they? And double on you.

            (Being childish is the only thing NWO Marxist useful idiots can grasp – Very low in the intellect department)

          5. Retired says

            You got one thing right and that is you are the biggest black Turd on here . Satan wears all Black just like you !!!

          6. Mathew Molk says

            Carter is a good man,,,,Just should have never left the peanut farm. No leadership properties at all. Wounder what he was like in the Navy?

          7. Retired says

            Probably was the last President with values .

          8. Mathew Molk says

            What Hell? —- Thought commies like you do not believe in heaven and hell.

      2. Mathew Molk says

        And see what happened to him. Like goofy Gore their movies no longer draw flys. Kimmel will soon loin them in the dumpster of public opinion.

    2. richard says

      he has been for a long time,maybe born that way….

      1. Marjorie Lee Peterson says

        Haven’t you guys learned yet that calling names and insulting us personally for our beliefs just makes us stronger and more determined? You know the more you try and convince us Trump is bad by calling him names and putting out fake news and insulting him, it just makes us ABSOLUTELY DETERMINED to re-elect him in 2020!! You might as well get out and go on the campaign trail for him!

        1. Mathew Molk says

          I would say not to tell them that, but none are smart enough to take the hint.

  4. Manuel says

    Jimmy Kimmel proved to have a brain of an oyster, like all liberals. Is he aware that killing is illegal and that does not prevent a criminal from doing so? Gun control can only harm inocent people who can defend themselves, it won’t put a dent on criminal behavior because they dont’ care about the laws, they’ll get their guns whether it is legal or not. Matter of fact, I don’t hear those dumb liberals talk about the people that were saved, including the guy in the barbershop in Chicago when a killer pointed a riffle to a man’s face and he said “please don’t shoot’ and when the man turned around the one who pleaded for the other man’s life took his own gun and shoot the killer on the back.

    Or the husband in a restaurant that was invaded by a terrorist. He told his wife ‘get down” and open fired killing the terrorist but the media won’t tell you that , instead the media will tell you about Sandy Hook, a school that was closed for 5 years and when ex-FBI subpoena the records and the police for the staged crime that never happened, who came in the defense ?Hillary Clinton’s attorney.

    Coverup preventing attorney from seeing the books https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MH6hmI1h-iQ

    Just because democrats wants to nulify the constitution and give this country to the UN

  5. Manuel says

    Weaponized Media working with CIA to destroy the country


  6. Manuel says

    An actor playing as a grieving mother from Sandy Hook, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lWU99FP5JFo

  7. Manuel says

    Tracking FBI actor playing a FBI Swat for which he received a house. Here you hear Obama’s lies, the police, CNN about a shooting that never happened and if you continue the reading I’ll post the law suit of a CIA agent about this lie. No one died at Sandy Hook, the school was closed and the ‘unstable individual’ and his mother were actors and so was the whole scene posted as a trial


    1. Marjorie Lee Peterson says

      That’s NOT Dan Akroyd and Sandy Hook was REAL! This is just as dumb and stupid as the idiots who say OUR govt. was responsible for 9/11!

  8. Manuel says

    Was Sandy Hook Elementary School already abandoned before the massacre?

    Posted on April 11, 2014 by Dr. Eowyn | 95 Comments

    In his recent interview with Wolfgang Halbig, the school safety consultant and former state trooper who calls the Dec. 14, 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting “a contrived scripted event” in the planning for 2-2½ years, Infowars reporter Dan Bidondi said something very intriguing (beginning at the 50:45 mark in the video below):

    Sandy Hook Elementary School (SHES) shooting massacre of 20 first-graders and 6 adults on December 14, 2012, in Newtown, Connecticut.

    Some of those “things that don’t make sense” are emergency medical helicopters not being called to the scene, parents showing no grief, donation websites with creation dates that preceded the massacre, government’s continuing refusal to release the death certificates and burial sites of the alleged victims, and homes with a sale transaction date of 12/25/2009 and a $0 sale price.

    If the school already was closed, no children or teachers would be there on December 14 to be gunned down by Adam Lanza.

    Here’s the evidence supporting the contention that SHES had long been abandoned:


    In an interview with Halbig on Truth Radio Show on March 21, 2014, Infowars reporter Dan Bidondi said (5:45 mark), “The school’s been closed down for God knows how long. [Neighbors] can’t understand why there were kids in that building because it was condemned.”

    Then there is this photo of a pile of dust underneath an alleged bullet hole in a wall outside Room 1C, which looks suspiciously like the debris from someone drilling a pretend “bullet” hole into the ceramic wall-tile.


    On April 24, 2015, more than two years after Halbig first asked questions about Sandy Hook by phoning and writing letters to Connecticut officials invoking the FOIA, the state finally granted him the first of two hearings before the State of Connecticut Freedom of Information Commission. The respondents were the Newtown Police Department, First Selectman Patricia Llodra, the Town of Newtown, and Newtown’s Board of Education. They were represented by attorney Monte Frank, a gun-control activist who founded Team 26, a cycling group that lobbies for gun control.

    The purpose of the hearing was to determine if Newtown improperly withheld documents requested by Halbig. Halbig claims that he had requested the following documents from the respondents, but was denied — the denial being a violation of FOIA:

    Pictures of the classrooms



    1. Marjorie Lee Peterson says

      If my son or daughter was slaughtered by a stupid idiot with a gun, I wouldn’t want the location or the name of my child to get out to the public either! No grieving parent wants to have a mic shoved in their face by an unfeeling and unsympathetic “reporter” every 5 seconds! I’m with all the parents who would NOT release that information to the “press”! And I SAW plenty of grieving parents on TV!

  9. MAHB001 says

    Money that the NRA spent???? Come on Jimmy, don’t be so stupid. and quite being the Lefts stooge.

    NRA has spent 3.5 Million dollars in bribes since 1998

    Labor unions have spent 700 Million in the same amount of time.

    You do the math, who has more influence?

    1. Retired says

      Does not have enough fingers or toes to do the math ,as you said lefties cant count just run off at the mouth .

      1. Marjorie Lee Peterson says

        And they just HATE facts!

        1. retired4ever says

          What you want to confuse them with facts that don’t fit their narrative?

          1. Daddys Girl says


          2. Mathew Molk says

            And they are so easily confused. – Remember, most of them have advanced degrees like Master’s in Aardvark husbandry and Doctorates in urban basket weaving. – No wounder they are so indoctrinated and can’t recognize true facts and are unable to think for themselves.

            Even their leaders are dunderheads.

          3. Ron Myers says

            Mathew, You forgot the “shooter” had a degree from UC Berkeley on PPG, “Pittsberg Pane Glass”, breaking.

          4. Darren Rusty says

            The shooter went to Berkeley? I think that explains everything for me. Berkeley is full of nothing but LibTurd, POTUS haters and have less intelligence than a pixel on your screen.

            Thanks so much for solving this mystery. Call the FBI!

        2. J. P. Lynch says

          Libs hate facts for sure!! Pres Reagan used to say something like “no one is entitled to their own facts”. The left makes up what they call facts and spew it until they actually believe it. A tactic from the Alinsky rule book! Keep America strong 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

          1. Eric Hartman says

            Maybe you should quote Rayguns little diddy to tRump.

          2. grnjllybn says

            Eric, STFU and go back to sucking your ‘thumb’!!

          3. Eric Hartman says

            It’s difficult to “go back to” something I wasn’t doing in the first place. I’ll just dismiss your comment due to the truth hurts theory.

          4. TOM P O'DONNELL says


          5. Eric Hartman says

            Well once again, my thumb is just fine. If you want some polar ice you better act quick though. It’s melting fast. Oh! Maybe you better take your thumb out of your where ever.

          6. Nick Rivers says

            Or pecker? Which ever is shorter.

        3. plum82 says

          I used to love Kimmel when he was FUNNY, NOT interested in watching him talking about something he knows NOTHING about ~~~POLITICS ~~~~~

          1. Voice of Reason says

            Kimmel was funny? I’m afraid I don’t remember that. I do remember his being crude and trying to pass it off as funny.

          2. plum82 says

            You’re probably right…i don’t really remember….CARSON was THE BEST………LENO not too bad but i don’t watch any of that anymore….i usually watch Hannity….i’m doing art more than anything ~~~~~~~~~~~

          3. Voice of Reason says

            Should I ask….Art who?

          4. plum82 says

            hahhahaha very funny……poor choice of words i agree………i’m an artist in ALL mediums. Old age is catching up to me DAMMIT ~~~~~~~~~~~~

          5. Herb1949 says

            Agreed, I never thought he was funny, never liked anything he has done.

          6. MissouriMule says

            I much prefer Ron White. Now, that guy is FUNNY! Ole Tater!

          7. jacob stclair says

            Jimmy Kimmel made himself look even more of a DUMB ASS than normal Monday night. He was speaking from his emotions, which reminded me of a teenage girl. Everything that came from his mouth was an opinion and like all celeb’s, wants to use his status to push his leftist views. Nine of the gun rants he went off about were either tweaked or just plain lies. If you want to have a conversation about something, first know the facts so you don’t look like an IDIOT. Look at Ben Shapiro’s rebuttal to Kimmel’s gun rant, enough said.

          8. plum82 says

            GOOD OLD DAYS of CARSON ****** & Leno are gone…………….

          9. jacob stclair says


          10. Nick Rivers says

            Neither does eric hartman.

        4. MAHB001 says

          Why good people should be armed….


          1. Nick Rivers says

            Don’t show this to libs! They won’t understand it. 😂

      2. afftongrown says

        Yes, they’ve all seem to have acquired diarrhea of the mouth!

        1. jacob stclair says

          People like myself (gun owner that regularly shoots his many guns to stay sharp and able to defend himself or his neighbor) will always defend family or anyone who needs assistance. This includes leftist, unarmed citizens, who don’t even realize the importance of concealed carry or the basic right of gun ownership, until their lives or their loved ones lives are threatened. Call it what you want (diarrhea of the mouth) but when a shit hits the fan scenario happens to you and a negotiation is death sentence, someone like myself will have to come save you sorry ass. Happens everyday. We as proud American Gun Owners, will always come to the rescue of the weak and feeble, regardless of their beliefs.

    2. gotabgood says

      The problem is with that statement is like Trump can say something and since it is out of the ordinary and more for the uneducated people that voted for him… “because he spoke my language”… The NRA can say something totally not true… like “Obama is after your guns”.. not only is that a lie… but gun sales have never been so good during the Obama administration. So you have telegraph, telephone, telewoman, and the quickest to date is teledeplorable. And the lie spreads like a wildfire and does as much damage.

      1. Deby says

        The only true thing you (have ever) posted is your last sentence-but guess what, the left and dumbocrats have been doing just that forever!

        1. Tasine says

          The left is totally responsible for every bad thing that has happened to this nation, and their damage is BY DESIGN. They cannot rule everyone without removing guns and Christians. Simple…..and now that they have shown their colors, they cannot hide like the wimps they are….the entire world has their number: the world will never trust them.

          1. Charles says

            I once had a pic of a grave stone that was inscribe with. Be careful of the party of treason! Have watched it since the days of andrew Jackson.

          2. MissouriMule says

            The democrats are very good at creating a problem just so they can swoop in, like a saviour, with the perfect remedy to solve the problem. They think we don’t notice what they’re doing.

          3. Tasine says

            Yep!! You got it !!

      2. Marjorie Lee Peterson says

        Guns sales were so good during the Obama administration because libs were calling for “gun control” and threatening to make it impossible to own a gun! So they went out and bought them while they could. Same thing happened this time after Hillary, Jimmy and all started it again! Gun sales have soared for the last couple of days. And it WILL happen every time the libs start this gun control stuff. It’s great advertising for the NRA!!

        1. Retired says

          You got that right Obama was the best sales IT to promote gun sales .

        2. Michael Dennewitz says

          I know my FIVE are loaded and ready.. 😁

        3. Amargomate says

          Yes it is !… But, please don’t say it very loud…. they are so stupid, that they can’t realize that. SSsssshhhh… please..

        4. Norman says

          Bump Stock sales have skyrocketed this past week. I hope leftists aren’t planning “copycat” incidents just to spur gun control efforts.

      3. billdeserthills says

        Actually President Trump was elected because the actual living majority or people are tired of the democrats nonsense–In fact all over this country democrats are losing ground, because We the People are tired of unchecked immigration of illegals and ‘refugees’. If you take a look at the FBI/AFT/nics
        data you’ll also notice that We are tired of having to worry that democrats will find a new way to ban anymore of our guns or Freedom. Take your globalist agenda and flush it

        1. gotabgood says

          You have a ton to be thankful for to the Democrats.
          If you don’t work in a sweat shop.. you can thank a Democrat.
          If you or family member enjoy SS.. you can thank a Democrat.
          If you enjoy the prospect of retirement.. you can thank a Democrat
          If you enjoy healthcare.. you can thank a Democrat.
          If you or family member ever collected unemployment insurance,,, you can thank a Democrat.
          There were other things you could have thanked a Democrat for, but the righties have chipped away at….. like healthcare… Nixon.. HMO’s
          40 hour work week
          One member per household had to work
          Over time
          Paid vacations
          Mostly the above you can thank Reagan for no longer having it.
          You see it is the righties that want this to become a NWO… they are trying to equalize the workers across the globe.. our wages use to be the top… our education the same… our middle class was the strongest….. everything has been brought DOWN!! Thank you righties!!!
          This is a fun site… informative…. but also kinda depressing….
          Just pick a category and see where the USA is among the world standards..

          1. billdeserthills says

            So what have the Democrats done for me, or for the good of
            America lately, other than lie and conspire?

          2. gotabgood says

            They tried to give you universal healthcare like the rest of the civilized world.. but you chose to remain in the dark ages…

          3. Mathew Molk says

            Universal heath care yurass. We HAD universal health care BEFORE your pa; the royal exalted boma came around. Did you ever hear hear of Medicaid? Private Charities also took up the slack. – Nobody ever was turned away from a hospital, but now there are MUCH longer waiting lines in the ERs and many middle class families and younger healthy Americans that had hospitalization before your wonderful AHA can no longer afford the cost of even a basic catastrophe policy.

            That;s the truth from out here in the real world where CNN never reports.

          4. billdeserthills says

            Is that what your dark masters told you?
            What really happened was they gave the health insurance industry some huge bailout money, and everybody’s insurance doubled, tripled and more

          5. Greg Hernandez says

            universal healthcare doesn’t work very well in every country it is used in. Killing Downs Syndrome children , limiting care for the elderly , aborting millions of children world wide. No thank you phony mask

          6. Retired says

            Under 8 years of Obama the Elderly on SS and SSI got the Shaft , what a great guy he was Sticking it to them along with the ACA .

          7. Combatvet52 says

            Oh Wow is that your’e container.

          8. afftongrown says

            Not to mention the military, while heallowed illegals to file into this country and gave them housing andsupport. They lived rather well hile Americans life went to hell!

          9. Robert Dostoevsky says

            I’m retired and must have missed how Obama gave me the shaft. It’s funny how the AARP keeps warning me about current threats to Medicare.

          10. Retired says

            Did you forget that Gov. Workers got bigger raises than people on SS or SSI and what they got went to Medicare . The threat to Medicare is not new .it’s been going on for decades . Just like new SS people pay a higher Medicare premium than the older recipients about $50.00 more . Then years Back they took $100.00 from your SS .I think it was the same time when the age for max SS was implemented . Neither party gives a hoot about the elderly . Have not seen anything for the SS for next year , but the medicine decline keeps coming as to what will not covered all thanks to the ACA . Plus the co pay keeps going up .

          11. Robert Dostoevsky says

            The ACA has nothing to do with what is or using covered.

          12. Retired says

            That is where you are wrong , Insurance Co. were in on setting up the ACA and what they will be allowed to do . Plus as you get older you will find out how you get treated . I have friends that are up in age and the horror stories are overwhelming , its getting like the VA. We will treat you and take your pills and go home and die ,you lived long enough .Some states are worse than others .Ask your elected why they wont sign up for the ACA or put Gov. .employees in it if it is so great and why are Unions fighting it ????

          13. Robert Dostoevsky says

            I’m also retired and have been on Medicare for quite awhile. I have a supplemental insurance plan, which costs nothing here in AZ. This plan is also free in most states. The plan changes every year and this year I got some additional benefits. Most of my friends are on Medicare and have no complaints.
            If these plans are so bad then why is AARP trying to protect them?

          14. Retired says

            Evidently you are not having Medical Issues ,plus you have missed in the past that plans are different from state to state . Someone or some how you pay for that supplement . You are the first to claim that you get the supplement for free unless it is from a former Employer .

          15. Robert Dostoevsky says

            Yes plans are different from state to state but there are many plans that are free. This happens when you sign up with an insurance company to be your Medicare Insurance provider. There is a trade-off between co-pays and what you pay for insurance. Without going into details, I have had medical issues and am quite happy with these trade-offs.
            Since you are apparently not on Medicare based on your comments, I suggest you get some facts straight before trying to blame the ACA.

          16. Retired says

            So you are saying the Gov. does not take money from your monthly SS for Medicare ???? What you have is a Medicare HMO type Insurance and yes you are paying for it ,just like many do not cover you away from home while traveling plus they dictate your DR. from year to year as well as what medicines you can have and that has gotten worse since the ACA became effective . I have been dealing with Medicare before the Donut hole came about ,so I have seen the changes.

          17. Robert Dostoevsky says

            You have an interesting way of twisting things in our discussion. I know that I pay for Medicare, I just don’t pay an insurance company. My insurance paid for my medical bills when I was away from home in another state on several occasions. I also have my choice of doctors and have never been told I have to see a particular person.

            I’m sorry you have been having so much trouble with your medical treatment under Medicare but what does that have to do with the ACA? You mentioned the donut hole but that existed before the ACA and if anything has been improving with the ACA.

          18. Retired says

            Remember you said it yourself , the policies vary from State to State . Under the ACA they did not open across the border insurance . I mentioned the Donut hole as to before then that I have dealt with Medicare . You are fortunate as to where you are and it is not that way all over .

          19. Retired says

            You will just have to find out the hard way once you start having problems and they hand you third world medicine that are not watched or controlled with inspections . Why do you think most everything that the Insurance co. cover is the cheapest of cheap generics .Generics do NOT have to prove they work , all they do is submit paper work and do not have to reveal what is in the medicine except the main ingredient .

          20. Robert Dostoevsky says

            It’s a shame you’re so misinformed. Generics are controlled by the FDA. I’m smart enough to talk to my pharmacist if I have questions about any drugs I take. My Medicare Insurance company also has a patient advocate I can speak with if I have concerns.

          21. Retired says

            You do not know the process to getting generics on the market . So you are on a Medicare advantage Program which costs more than Medicare . Why are you trying to BS me ????

          22. Robert Dostoevsky says

            Yes, I am on an advantage plan but what is your point about that?
            I think I do know something about getting generics on the market, I have worked in the industry.

          23. Retired says

            How many tests do they do to prove that the are as effective as the Brand Name , where are the lab reports on generics ????

          24. Robert Dostoevsky says

            You are asking the wrong person, you should be asking the FDA these questions. The FDA requires bioequivalence, that is the determining factor. You seem to be wanting to prove that generics are not safe or effective or both. Don’t you think the large pharmaceutical companies would be bending over backwards to prove this?
            That’s the end of my discussion on this subject.

          25. Retired says

            All that the FDA requires is that the main ingredient matches and Generics only need to supply paper work with no proof of working . Yes I have had brand name drugs and the Gov. switched to generics and they did not work .The binders help make the medicine function . . Most of our drugs are made off shore and sometimes even the same company that first produced the original .The FDA can not inspect and enforce regulations in other countries . That is one of the main reason they go off shore plus wages .It is just like in other countries the identical medicine from the same company is 50% of what it costs in the USA ,WHY is that ????

          26. Robert Dostoevsky says

            You are wrong about the FDA control of legal foreign manufactured drugs.
            I know I said I wouldn’t comment further but when you post things that are wrong then I can’t resist.

          27. Retired says

            Hey I don’t mind : From what I have read they can NOT just show up like here ,plus what they do is pull some pills here and there for checks . Congress would not give the FDA the money that would be needed to travel for inspections .

          28. Mathew Molk says

            Those democrats are all either dead or they jumped on the Trump Train with us.

            The “Democratic Party” is now only populated by NWO Marxist elites and their useful idiots,,,,,like you.

          29. afftongrown says

            Perhaps, but those were the Democrats of years ago! Todays Democrats are communists! and looking at bringing down this country by allowing NWO to enter!

          30. mac12sam12 says

            The lowest workforce since the 70s. Thank a democrat.
            Record poverty. Thank a democrat.
            Zero growth for 8 straight years. Thank a democrat.
            Enough people on food stamps to feed Spain. Thank a democrat.
            Health insurance costs going up by $5,000. Thank a democrat

          31. Jo Melcher says

            AMEN to this! Country going to hell, thank a Democrat!

          32. Kol says

            Here’s how the U.S. Empire will devolve into fascism and then collapse-according to science

            June 30, 2017 by Russell Roberts

            Hawaii Intelligence Digest, 01 July 2017, 04:25 hrs, UTC, Post #244.



            Accessed on 01 July 2017, 04:25 hrs, UTC.

            Reporter: Travis Gettys.

            Please click link to read the full story.


            According to a University of Hawaii at Manoa sociologist, the United States “Empire” is living on borrowed time. Professor Johan Galtung, who correctly used modern analytical tools to predict the downfall of the Soviet Union and the 9/11 attacks at the World Trade Center, believes U.S. power, reputation, and influence will decline rapidly under President Donald Trump. Galtung says his original prediction of 25 years for the collapse of the United States has been reduced to less than 20 years, thanks to the past policies of President George W. Bush and the isolationist/protectionist stance of current President Donald Trump. Galtung adds that the final gasp of the U.S. Empire will come as an extreme right-wing political philosophy takes hold of America and transforms the country into a fascist state.

            Professor Galtung bases his predictions on a model comparing the rise and fall of 10 historical empires and on what he calls “synchronizing and mutually reinforcing contradictions.”

            Galtung says the future of our country is grim and foreboding:

            “American fascism would spring from its capacity for global violence, a vision of exceptionalism, a belief in an inevitable and final war between good and evil, the cult of a strong state leading that battle, and a cult of the “strong leader.”

            “Galtung said all of those elements presented themselves during the Bush era, but he fears fascist tendencies could sharpen under Trump as those cultists lash out in disbelief at the loss of American power.”

            “The sociologist identified unsustainable economic, social, military and political contradictions that would eventually topple the U.S. as a world power.”

            “Overproduction relative to demand, unemployment and the increasing costs of climate change would weaken the U.S. economy, according to his model.”

            “Galtung also predicted that rising tensions between the U.S., NATO and its military allies, coupled with the increasing economic costs of war and the political conflicts between the U.S., United Nations and the European Union, would also diminish American power.”


            Professor Galtung offers a chilling look at what our nation is becoming. We are overextended, amazingly ignorant about the real world, and woefully unprepared to confront our adversaries. Our national leadership ignores the advice of our allies, squanders our resources in endless wars, and refuses to confront the truths of science, technology, and economics. Time is running out to address our weaknesses, both foreign and domestic. If we’re unable to confront the challenges of a multi-dimensional world, we will collapse of our own accord and join the former Soviet Union as another historical relic. As it stands now, the future no longer belongs to us.

            For the latest trends in geopolitical intelligence, strategic forecasting, terrorism, politics, and cybersecurity, please visit my daily intelligence briefing at:


            For more information on the above topics, please check the blog sidebars. These news feeds are updated daily.

            Opinions expressed in this blog are mine unless otherwise stated.

            Thanks for joining us today.

            Until next time,

            Russell Roberts

            Hawaii Intelligence Digest



          33. gotabgood says

            They won’t let me post just the file… I have to write something to your total BS


          34. mac12sam12 says

            Is that all you have?

          35. gotabgood says

            That is all that is needed from what you post… say something OTHER than you made up fantasies.. or pre-recorded messages..

          36. Darren Rusty says

            Typical LibTurd reply … empty, stupid and totally meaningless. They talk out of their ass, which is where their brain is and the lies and utter stupidity spew out of their corn hole.

          37. gotabgood says

            Looks like I won the debate… because you resort to name calling…and say nothing of importance…. goo goo and ga ga.
            What do you people have? A select switch for a certain topic.. and then when losing the debate you switch to name calling a blabber?
            My Dad can beat up your Dad.
            Tis so cause Mommy said so..

          38. Greg Hernandez says

            Why don’t you do the world a favor and post one word…..GOODBYE .

          39. disqus_htVNWSBEmM says

            If you want to open borders to people who want to kill us, thank a democrat traitor.
            If you want to thank someone for voting to free slaves, thank a republican.
            If you want to thank someone for voting for the Civil Rights act, thank a Republican.
            The main difference between Democrats, Republicans (elected officials), and the Mafia is THE MAFIA IS LABELED AS CRIMINALS! IF YOU HAVE TO HAVE THAT EXPLAINED, YOU ARE TOO DUMB TO UNDERSTAND!

          40. gotabgood says

            Open borders…. what dimwit…. did you know Obama deported more illegals than any other president?
            The Republican that freed the slaves would not be allowed on the Republican ticket today. He most likely would be a Democrat.
            All this time I thought Johnson was a Democrat.

          41. disqus_htVNWSBEmM says

            You only know that because the biggest liars administration told you. Obama caused more harm to this country than most wars would have. Most of the Democrats today could not have existed under Harry Truman, but Lyndon Johnson was just a crooked and as big a liar as Obama and a good forerunner of today’s Democraps. How many of the old founders of this country that were Republicans owned slaves? None! It was a Republican administration under which slaves were freed, but the Dems would like to take credit for it. Facts are facts.

          42. disqus_htVNWSBEmM says

            So what! What a lame dimwitted statement. Is that the best you have to offer? Obama let more illegal criminals in than any other POTUS in history. I will waste no more time arguing with someone who”s shoe size exceeds his IQ.

          43. Greg Hernandez says

            The 40 hour workweek was started By Henry Ford. Paid Vacations were started by Republican businessmen , SSI was another FDR boondoggle that we who are on it suffer with. I enjoyed real healthcare before demorats screwed it all up and killed my great policy and ALSO killed what used to be good treatment at the VA hospital. Ronald Reagan had the BEST state run healthcare program run by any state in the Union. I had it while I lived in California .
            Sorry movie mask thing but your so-called facts are pure demorat propaganda.Your fun site is a BS site with the phoniest stats around. Just like you….. Phony.

      4. Retired says

        If you knew anything the UN is behind the gun control and Obama just like the Clintons were the UN Puppets .With Hillary losing Obama lost out of going to the UN . Time for you to go visit Kim Boy to give you a Education , Putin would also give you one . In either place you would not last long .

          1. Retired says

            Only a SATAN lover would post something that stupid , it just proves how low you Demon Rats stoop !!! Time to get your head put of Obamas Rear and get some fresh air .

          2. gotabgood says

            no … that is a photo of satan himself…. don’t you recognition who you worship? …. oh I see you are use to seeing satan’s righthand man….


          3. gotcha1 says

            Why would you want to superimpose your picture on the face of a great man? I get it you’re Jealous!

          4. mac12sam12 says

            8 years baby!!

          5. Mathew Molk says

            We won, you lost, get over it. Even Germany and Japan accepted defeat more graciously then you NWO Marxists. Just remember, It’s curtains for you commie scum in only 13 more months. Then it will be full steam ahead for the Trump Train.

          6. Amargomate says

            HURRRAAA!!!…..🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸….. DOWN⬇︎, DOWN⬇︎, DOWN⬇︎ with the ☭☭☭⤵️⤵️ ⤵️….. JAJAJAJAJA!!!..
            2018 will be Historic!!! ….

          7. afftongrown says

            That’s just the maturity level I would expect from a liberal these days! What’s next? Are you going to call him a “poo-poo-head?”

          8. Retired says

            The right hand man would be you and Obozo !!!!

          9. mac12sam12 says

            Name one thing he’s done that’s hurt the majority. Name one thing gayboy Hussein O did that was good for the majority. crickets..crickets

            http://theconspiracyblog.com/conspiracies/current-politics/barack-obama/1135-obama-photo-holding-hands-with-gay-pakistani-lover Your gay commander -in-chief.

          10. gotabgood says

            He gave the employees of Carrier false hope.. in fact he lied to them!!!
            Watch the whole thing…
            As for Obama…
            14 Facts About Obama’s Presidency Most People Don’t Know
            1. We’ve now had 78 straight months of economic expansion.
            2. We are currently enjoying the longest period of private sector job creation in American history.
            3. Unemployment has dropped from 10.1% in October of 2009 to 4.9% by early 2016
            4. The stock market continues to set new record highs since President Obama took office.
            5. The Federal budget deficit is shrinking. It’s been reduced by two-thirds since 2009.
            6. Under President Obama, government spending has increased only 3.3% annually, the lowest rate since Eisenhower was president.
            7. For 95% of American taxpayers, income taxes are as low or lower than they were at almost any point in the last 50 years.
            8. Dependence on foreign oil has shrunk due to record domestic oil production and improved fuel efficiency standards.
            9. At least 18 million more Americans now have health insurance than before.
            10. The Affordable Care Act has added years to the life of Medicare.
            11. Since passage of the Affordable Care Act, we are seeing the slowest rate of increase in healthcare costs since 1960.
            12. We currently have fewer soldiers, sailors, and airmen in war zones than we did at any time in the last 12 years.
            13. There have been zero successful attacks by al Qaeda on US soil since Obama became president.
            14. We now successfully catch and deport more illegal immigrants than ever before.


          11. mac12sam12 says

            Jobs are coming back to the US. Stock market has reached record highs 27 times and there’s $5 trillion more dollars in the economy. You’re a party hack and will never admit to Trump’s successes. 🙂 #MAGA

          12. ernldo says

            Look up stupid in the dictionary, gottabegay’s picture should display next to the definition…..Why not block the fool?

          13. Retired says

            AKnoLady twin ,if not the same clown using different computers .He did NOT deny it when asked !!!

          14. Vince says

            YOU ARE A FOOL SIR OR MAM WHICH EVER WAY YOU SWING. I would not want to offend you right to choose your sex.

          15. MAHB001 says

            bigot, ignorant and worst off, you are a tool for the Left.

          16. MAHB001 says

            There ARE death Panels…
            I’ve dealt with them in the passing of my Mother. So FUCK OFF.

          17. Robert Dostoevsky says

            For shame! Using your mother’s passing to lie about death panels.

          18. MAHB001 says

            I would never lie about something like that. You sir, do not know me.

            I talked and dealt with insurance panels that were nothing more than death panels under a different name.

            My Mom was recovering from Back Surgery. Her insurance company covered 15 days at a rehab center that had the proper equipment/personnel that she needed for recovery. Moms recovery took longer than 15 days.

            Insurance agents, reviewed numbers, followed preset formulas, and made decisions as to the direction of my Moms care. They took input from her Drs. and used other metrics like length of stay, progress at physical therapy, how much she ate at meals and such.

            Although the insurance companies decisions were not based solely on money, their decisions were not based solely on what was best for my mother either. The insurance agents formulas chose to move her to a cheaper less equipped facility.

            Note that Moms Drs. stood with my Mom and against the insurance companies, they fought to keep her at the rehab facilities. After the 15 days were up, we had to submit a petition to the insurance company for an extension….. EVERY 2 DAYS…. One of the staff confided in me that this process changed for the worse under 0bamacare. (Not my words)

            The panels had the ability to extend up to 150 days, but never did. Although my Mom was never involved in the petitions, she was aware of them, because the working staff, prepped her for leaving the facility every two days, by saying. ” I see you are leaving us tomorrow….”

            I pray you never have to deal with the insurance panels I had to. Not fun at all. In my mind, these insurance company panels are death panels.

            So shame on you for supporting the current 0bamacare system.

          19. Robert Dostoevsky says

            In your original post you made it sound like your mother died due to “death panels” Insurance companies are a bitch to deal with at times but their decisions have nothing to do with the ACA. I’ll stick with my original “shame on you” for your implications about your mother’s death.

          20. melmack 1 says

            Only cause BILLARY LOST !!!

          21. mac12sam12 says

            Why are all mass murderers democrats?

          22. Mathew Molk says

            And it’s because we did not let you assbags get away with it.

            It would have been a completely different story if the cackling witch had been coordinated instead of exterminated.

          23. Rodney Steward says

            Proof that GUNS REALLY DO WORK !!

          24. Amargomate says

            JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA!!!!…… Nothing for a vindictive conservative like me, to see and feel the pain on the communists enemies of my country…..

            JAJAJAJAJAJAJA!!!…… Thank you for making my day!!…. JAJAJAJJIJIJOIJAJA!!
            By the way…. I’m a member of the NRA…. 5 million and counting….🇺🇸🇺🇸

          25. afftongrown says

            Stay strong!

          26. Amargomate says

            Thank you afftongrown…. I survived war, terrorists, and 43 years of the Iron Pan of my wife. So, you can imagine how tempered I am…LOL…😄…

          27. DonOldGuy says

            Keep up the good work Tea Party, MAGA groups, Judicial Watch, show leftists what Resist means. It starts with our Constitution and demanding that our representatives actually represent the laws of our land.

          28. mac12sam12 says

            Remember the left’s answer to the Tea Party? OWS, rioting and billions in damage. Notice that it’s only left wingers that riot and commit mass murder?

          29. gotabgood says
          30. mac12sam12 says
          31. mac12sam12 says

            Liberals have no self control and have to be violent to prove their point. That’s why all assassins and mass shooters are liberals.

        1. ernldo says

          Trying to reason with gottabeGay is futile. Its a glob of stupid, a drone, a dullard….why not just block the senile troll?

          1. pineapple says

            I changed his name to “Gottabegone” and blocked him.

          2. MAHB001 says

            Goggabbot is my name

          3. pineapple says

            They can also block him if they don’t want to see his drivel.

          4. Michael Dennewitz says

            I changed his name to GOTTABEDUMBERTHANSHIT and blocked its ass months and months ago. 😁😂🤣😃😄😅

          5. Retired says

            Good one !!!

          6. Retired says

            The trash trolls just come back under a different name .

        2. Tasine says

          No news there. The left is merely helping the UN…..it sees itself as part of it. I know of no conservative who wants anything to do with the UN. Well, I will admit that I DO wish the UN would disappear into the night, or into the Atlantic…..it causes trouble and accomplishes nothing that is good for anyone but THEM.

          1. pineapple says

            Also, they block whatever the U.S. wants, but continue to take U.S. dues to stay afloat.

          2. Tasine says

            Yep, I’d love to be able to kick the UN out of our country and prevent any one of the members from entering the United States….EVER. We could make good use of the UN building, too. The UN is our enemy, or SHOULD be seen as our enemy…….it certainly is not our FRIEND.

          3. pineapple says

            If U.N. members paid their parking tickets, we could balance our budget.

          4. Mathew Molk says

            This we need to change.

            With the stroke of a pen we could end the UN….Just SP the check(s)

          5. Retired says

            Kick them out of the country ,they owe NY City big bucks for traffic violations . Turn the Building into VA housing and medical center .

          6. Tasine says

            I would definitely vote for your suggestion. A great idea!!! 👍👍👍

        3. Amargomate says

          Yea… but you forgot to say – “a very handsomely paid” – before Puppets…
          Just sating…😇

          1. Retired says

            Plus got filthy rich after leaving office .

          2. Amargomate says

            They become filthy rich BEEN in the office….that is the saddest part…

        4. Mathew Molk says

          Putin is much more like an American then the NWO Marxists like Obama, the Clintons, Mad Maxine, Piglosi, and the rest of the NWO Marxists. Aint that a bitch when a Russian Communist is less of a threat then “citizens” walking around in our midst.

          Thank God we found out about them and set them on their asses last November.

          1. Rodney Steward says

            Agree and we have to keep it that way!

          2. Jo Melcher says

            I agree with you 100%!

          3. Retired says

            I don’t know if you read this ,NK sent a ship load of weapons to Egypt and Russia is selling arms to Turkey .So much for all the Billions the US taxpayer Dollars pumped into those countries ?????

        5. MissouriMule says

          I have often thought Obama wanted to become leader of the UN after he left office. That’s why he continued making treks all over the world seeing leaders in other nations. Which, is illegal, BTW. No citizen is suppose to interfer in governmental business or ongoing negotiations and can be arrested for doing so. After Obama left office, he was just another citizen. No better, or worse, than anyone else.

          1. Retired says

            Good thing she lost .

          2. Robert Dostoevsky says

            It is not against the law for anyone, including ex presidents, to visit foreign countries or meet with their leaders.

          3. MissouriMule says

            If someone tries to inject themselves into policy matters on behalf of the US without first being given authority by a government entity, it is against the law. It’s called the Logan Act (1799).

          4. Robert Dostoevsky says

            You can speak out against policy anytime and anyplace you want. The Logan act does not prohibit that.

          5. MissouriMule says

            One is allowed to “speak out” about any policy. What the Logan Act says is that an individual is not allowed to negotiate policy, with intent to influence the measures, on behalf of government, with foreign entities, without authority of the existing administration.

          6. Robert Dostoevsky says

            This thread all started with a call to convict Obama for violating the Logan Act. There has been no explanation of how he violated the act.

          7. MissouriMule says

            Haven’ t you watched Obama since Donald Trump took office? Haven’t you noticed that every time Trump changes foreign policy such as the Iran agreement that Obama is always right there talking with others involved, trying to muster up resistance?

            Obama visited South Korea one week after the new President there was elected. While one cannot ever be absolutely sure what the topic of discussion was, it is certain it had to do with policy regarding North Korea. Obama didn’t know this new president and never had dealings with him. I’m pretty sure they weren’t trading recipes.

            Did you watch as Obama followed Donald Trump around Europe when he pulled us out of the Paris Agreement? Obama visited the President of France & Germany immediately after Trump was there, again, to build resistance to the new policy. That was very blatant and an in your face slap to Trump for overturning policy HE set into place. Those conversations are well documented.

            How about Obama visiting the Judge in Hawaii one day before that same Judge struck down Trumps first travel ban?( A Judge that Obama went to college with and was his roommate) See any of that? While that wouldn’t be considered a violation of the Logan Act, it does prove that Obama will stop at nothing to stop Trumps’ agenda and also proves what a low-life POS Obama truly is.

        6. jacob stclair says

          In WWII, the Japanese said the reason they never attacked the mainland was because every damn citizen owns guns and would slaughter them. FACT !!!!!!!!!

          1. Retired says

            Interesting post !!

      5. denoferth says

        As usual the lib totally misreads the situation. Obama and anti-personal freedom-big
        government “fundamental changers” like him terrify freedom loving realists into arming themselves because libs have developed the disturbing habit of changing the meaning of words and even concepts with their “big lies told often enough”. Perhaps if libs would actually “think” instead of “feel” they just might be able to comprehend the historical context in which the Bill of Rights, including the 2nd Amendment was written. But then
        that would take some personnel effort when most of them simply sit through
        indoctrination sessions given by another know-nothing and call it education. We
        evidentially live in a time when a pompous fool can actually feel proud to be totally
        ignorant of a subject he or she is talking or actually legislating about and not be shamed for doing it in public.

        1. gotabgood says

          Maybe you should go the victims of the mass shootings and explain to them how THEIR FEELINGS are infringing on your 2nd amendment rights… explain to them how their life is supporting your cause… maybe….. just maybe some day the 2nd amendment rights might be carried out at NRA convention… or a deplorable rally. when it comes to your door… things take on a different meaning..
          And if DHS is monitoring this… that wasn’t a suggestion.. or a plan…..tired of innocent people getting killed at the expenses of some else’s rights..

          1. billdeserthills says

            Were you going to explain to them that you are preaching treason in their names, without their permission? You can’t speak for anyone but yourself.
            Did I mention I made a donation to the NRA yesterday because Jimmy Kimmel
            pissed me off? https://donate/nraila.org

          2. Ben Totuous says

            More NRA blood money. Just further proof you hate America. Why don’t you just get the fuck out?

          3. mac12sam12 says

            Why is it always democrats that are the mass murderers and assassins? Maybe hateful democrat crazies should leave the country.

          4. afftongrown says

            What a wonderful, peaceful idylic country we would have!

          5. Mathew Molk says

            People like him and the cackling witch are great marketing tools for the firearms industry, aren’t they?

            It’s taking a while but we are continuing to win on all fronts. 13 months from now will be a bad day in black rock for the NWO Marxists and their RINO pals.

          6. denoferth says

            You really feel a cowardly liberal democrat, as statistically most mass shooters have, from John Wilkes Booth down to the present have turned out to be, would have the balls to attack a room full of likely to be armed people? That’s why such despicable haters pick “gun free zones” like schools, churches and now music events to attack.Do democrats hate private gun ownership so much they feel they have to prove how dangerous it is by going out and murdering strangers or is it as simple as progressive liberals really are suffering from mental disorders after all? Maybe you’re just traumatized, your god, Obama’s own Justice Department/ATC, determined the bump-stock device that enabled such rapid (but un-aimed) fire to be used on the crowd. One can’t help but wonder what strategy that anti-gun administration used when they made that ruling.

          7. gotabgood says

            Show the proof… you really don’t think I would believe a supporter for the King of the Liars did you?

          8. Mathew Molk says

            Even the MSM that your NWO MArxists have in their pockets show the mass murders are democrat liberals. That’s proof enough for me.

          9. Rodney Steward says

            It was ATF approved, look it up!!

          10. afftongrown says

            Obviously, being a lib, you supported Obama!

          11. denoferth says

            Your fingers broken or does your computer only look up liberal misinformation? OK, here’s some proof that’s so simple even a democrat hater should have been able to find it although I doubt you’ll be able to absorb it. This list has been making the rounds on the net forever but it does pose an interesting tongue-in-cheek question; Are Democrats more deadly than Republicans? There appears to be an incredible amount of
            irony afoot when Obama’s Democratic administration can “walk” thousands of
            illegal Fast & Furious firearms into the hands of Mexican Drug lords but
            Democrats to this day still howl for more “common sense gun control”. Let’s
            review a little history shall we.

            In 1865 a Democrat shot and killed Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States ..

            In 1881 a left wing radical Democrat shot James Garfield, President of the United States who later died from the wound.

            In 1963 a radical left wing socialist shot and killed John F. Kennedy, President of the United States.

            In 1975 a left wing radical Democrat fired shots at Gerald Ford, President of the United States . . .

            In 1983 a registered Democrat shot and wounded Ronald Reagan, President of the United States.

            In 1984 James Hubert, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 22 people in a McDonalds restaurant.

            In 1986 Patrick Sherrill, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 15 people in an Oklahoma post office.

            In 1990 James Pough, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 10 people at a GMAC office.

            In 1991 George Hennard, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 23 people in a Luby’s cafeteria.

            In 1995 James Daniel Simpson, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 5 coworkers in a Texas laboratory.

            In 1999 Larry Asbrook, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 8 people at a church service.

            In 2001 a left wing radical Democrat fired shots at the White House in a failed attempt to kill George W. Bush, President of the US.

            In 2003 Douglas Williams, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 7 people at a Lockheed Martin plant.

            In 2007 a registered Democrat named Seung – Hui Cho, shot and killed 32 people in Virginia Tech.

            In 2010 a mentally ill registered Democrat named Jared Lee Loughner, shot Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and killed 6 others.

            In 2011 a registered Democrat named James Holmes, went into a movie theater and shot and killed 12 people.

            In 2012 Andrew Engeldinger, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 7 people in Minneapolis.

            In 2013 a registered Democrat named Adam Lanza, shot and killed 26 people, mostlychildren, in a school.

            In Sept 2013, an angry Democrat shot 12 at a Navy ship yard.

            In June 14 2017 crazed Republican hater and Bernie supporter, James Hodgkinson from Belleville, Illinois, joins this list of disgruntled Democrats by shooting up a Republican baseball practice session.

            In Aug 7, 2017 Clayton Carter, an unhinged anti-Trump fanatic, shot twice in the head and killed his next door neighbor in West Goshen, Chester Co on his neighbor’s property. Police have charged Clayton Carter, 51, in the shooting death of G. Brooks Jennings.

            Now for some strange reason the political affiliation of this latest mass murderer is nowhere to be found. How strange.

            One could go on, but this short list is so simple even a liberal should be able to get the point, even if the media does not. Clearly, there is a problem with Democrats and guns. Not one NRA member, Tea Party member, nor Republican conservative was involved in these shootings and murders.

            Maybe instead of banning guns we should consider making it illegal for Democrats to go off half-cocked,own guns and shoot off their mouths.

          12. Darren Rusty says

            Thanks for sharing this piece of history with the stupid LibTurd idiots who are out here. Very well put together, but the sad thing is that most of the LibTurds won’t read it or won’t get it.

            LibTurds suffer from TSD … Terminally STUPID Disease. I think it migrated from southern California. There is no cure for this. We have to learn to live with it and try to move on. It’s one of life’s challenges and very difficult to conquer!

          13. denoferth says

            Here’s some “proof” although I doubt you’ll be able to absorb it. This list has been making the rounds on the net forever but it does pose an interesting tongue-in-cheek question; Are Democrats more deadly than Republicans? There appears to be an incredible amount of irony afoot when Obama’s Democratic administration can “walk” thousands of illegal Fast & Furious firearms into the hands of Mexican Drug lords but
            Democrats to this day still howl for more “common sense gun control”. Let’s
            review a little history shall we.

            In 1865 aDemocrat shot and killed Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States ..

            In 1881 a left wing radical Democrat shot James Garfield, President of the United States who later died from the wound.

            In 1963 a radical left wing socialist shot and killed John F. Kennedy, President of the United States.

            In 1975 a left wing radical Democrat fired shots at Gerald Ford, President of the United States . . .

            In 1983 a registered Democrat shot and wounded Ronald Reagan, President of the United States.

            In 1984 James Hubert, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 22 people in a McDonalds restaurant.

            In 1986 Patrick Sherrill, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 15 people in an Oklahoma post office.

            In 1990 James Pough, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 10 people at a GMAC office.

            In 1991 George Hennard, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 23 people in a Luby’s cafeteria.

            In 1995 James Daniel Simpson, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 5 coworkers in a Texas laboratory.

            In 1999 Larry Asbrook, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 8 people at a church service.

            In 2001 a left wing radical Democrat fired shots at the White House in a failed attempt to kill George W. Bush, President of the US.

            In 2003 Douglas Williams, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 7 people at a Lockheed Martin plant.

            In 2007 a registered Democrat named Seung – Hui Cho, shot and killed 32 people in Virginia Tech.

            In 2010 a mentally ill registered Democrat named Jared Lee Loughner, shot Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and killed 6 others.

            In 2011 a registered Democrat named James Holmes, went into a movie theater and shot and killed 12 people.

            In 2012 Andrew Engeldinger, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 7 people in Minneapolis.

            In 2013 a registered Democrat named Adam Lanza, shot and killed 26 people, mostly children, in a school.

            In Sept 2013, an angry Democrat shot 12 at a Navy ship yard.

            In June 14 2017 crazed Republican hater and Bernie supporter, James Hodgkinson from Belleville, Illinois, joins this list of disgruntled Democrats by shooting up a Republican baseball practice session.

            In Aug 7, 2017 Clayton Carter, an unhinged anti-Trump fanatic, shot twice in the head and killed his next door neighbor in West Goshen, Chester Co on his neighbor’s property. Police have charged Clayton Carter, 51, in the shooting death of G. Brooks Jennings.

            Now for some strange reason the political affiliation of this latest mass murderer is nowhere to be found. How strange.

            One could go on, but this short list is so simple even a liberal should be able to get the point, even if the media does not. Clearly, there is a problem with Democrats and guns. Not one NRA member, Tea Party member, nor Republican conservative was involved in these shootings and murders.

            Maybe instead of banning guns we should consider making it illegal for Democrats to own guns and shoot off their mouths.

          14. gotabgood says

            No…. that may be proof in the uneducated beltway…. better known today as the deplorables.
            Those are words that I know where you got them… they still have brown stains on them from where you dug them out of.
            Here is the subject:
            Proof: Republicans Really Are Dumber Than Democrats
            Here is the proof of subject:

          15. gotabgood says

            In 1865, a Democrat shot and killed Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States.

            MOSTLY FALSE

            Shooter: John Wilkes Booth

            John Wilkes Booth was a member of the Know-Nothing Party, (today known as the rightwing) However, some of his motivations for assassinating Lincoln (Booth was opposed to freeing the slaves) aligned with the Democratic Party at the time:

            In 1881, a left wing radical Democrat shot James Garfield, President of the United States – who later died from the wound.

            In 1963, a radical left wing socialist shot and killed John F. Kennedy, President of the United States.
            MOSTLY TRUE

            In 1975, a left wing radical Democrat fired shots at Gerald Ford, President of the United States.

            In 1983, a registered Democrat shot and wounded Ronald Reagan, President of the United States.

            In 1984, James Hubert, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 22 people in a McDonalds restaurant.

            In 1986, Patrick Sherrill, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 15 people in an Oklahoma post office.

            In 1990, James Pough, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 10 people at a GMAC office.

            In 1991, George Hennard, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 23 people in a Luby’s [C]afeteria in Killeen, TX.

            In 1995, James Daniel Simpson, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 5 coworkers in a Texas laboratory.

            In 1999, Larry Asbrook, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 8 people at a church service.

            In 2001, a left wing radical Democrat fired shots at the White House in a failed attempt to kill George W. Bush, President of the US.

            In 2003, Douglas Williams, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 7 people at a Lockheed Martin plant.

            In 2007, a registered Democrat named Seung – Hui Cho, shot and killed 32 people in Virginia Tech.

            In 2010, a mentally ill registered Democrat named Jared Lee Loughner, shot Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and killed 6 others.

            In 2011, a registered Democrat named James Holmes, went into a movie theater and shot and killed 12 people.

            In 2012, Andrew Engeldinger, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 7 people in Minneapolis.

            In 2013, a registered Democrat named Adam Lanza, shot and killed 26 people in a school in Newtown, CT.

            As recently as Sept 2013, an angry Democrat shot 12 at a Navy ship yard.

            In conclusion

            This viral list has been published by a wide range of outlets. However, none of those publications provided any documentation to prove that these individuals were all Democrats. Our investigation found that the majority of people on this list had no official connection to a political party, and that the majority of the incidents were not motivated by politics.



          16. gotabgood says

            With your line of thinking… maybe we should ban all women from having guns? Or all republican women from owning guns? Or maybe just Republicans period?!!
            Texas mother, 42, who murdered her daughters to make her husband ‘suffer’ committed the horrific act after telling them they needed a ‘family meeting’


            “It would be horribly tragic if my ability to protect myself or my family were to be taken away, but that’s exactly what Democrats are determined to do by banning semi-automatic handguns.”

          17. Retired says

            Don’t worry DHS has already got your number , and the Feds just might pay you a visit for what you are doing .

          18. gotabgood says

            I think if they have been reading our conversations…. they know who the crazies are…
            you better be digging a hole..

          19. Retired says

            The only thing you know about a hole is the one you crawled out of , Obama is calling you .

          20. Greg Hernandez says

            The only thing you are good at is spreading manure. so you can live in it. You spread your filth all over and see what it sticks to. At least here in these conversations it only sticks on you. Everyone here pretty well knows you are an insane freak with a stupid movie mask and a head filled with demorat catchwords but no real intelligence.

          21. Combatvet52 says

            You liberals will say the shooter has his rights…….tell me I’m wrong this is what you idiots thrive on.

          22. Mathew Molk says

            You would feel better if they were blown up like the Boston Bombers did? Maybe you like it better when they get run over by trucks?

            What an asshole.

          23. afftongrown says

            BS! You’re right where the libs want you to be! The shooting was a false flag just for that reason! Just ANOTHER reason to have GUN CONTROL and mess with OUR second amendment!

        2. Ben Totuous says

          Stupid asshole. Fuck off.

      6. Robert Uda says

        It is true that Obama and Clinton are after our guns simply because they want to abolish the Second Amendment. Use your brains. Everything you wrote is a lie. Don’t try to transfer what you are onto your opponents. That never works.

      7. Tasine says

        You are one sick puppy. Every word you uttered is based on hatred and nothing on facts. The ONLY DAMAGE done to this country was done by the political left who cannot tolerate decency, honesty, honor, integrity, reality, logic, true education, or TRUTH.

      8. Combatvet52 says

        Hey gotabebad sales were up with Ovomit and now there down with Trump gee why is that.??

      9. suerobb says

        No Obama was after the ammo since a gun is useless without it. Instead if worry about all the legal guns that law abiding citizens own, Obama should have targeted his bros in the inner city with illegal weapon.

        I would like to hear Hollywood and Kimmel cry about all the black children that are killed by illegal guns in the inner city every night. But, no they have to honor Jay Z and the black rappers who started careers dealing drugs and you can be sure there was gun violence. So cut the crap. The left would like nothing more than to disarm Americans.

      10. gotcha1 says

        The uneducated voted for Obama and the Queen Witch Hillary! Obama threatened to tighten gun laws and add more. Even you, Mr. Stupid, can understand why guns sales were so good when he was the president. You’re not so “gotabgood” after all are you?!? And by the way Obama was after our guns. He proved as much when he sent all that money to the U.N. (as a parting shot to the U.S.) so they could disarm other countries. Thankfully, congress never ratified that gun control law the U.N. put forth. Your lies can’t seem to past muster here. Take your dog and pony show to one of the lib sites, you’ll be a hero there.

      11. mac12sam12 says

        The uneducated people vote for the guy who ran on hope and change and nothing else. How did that work out for you?

        1. Mathew Molk says

          A month after he got elected I hoped I still was going to keep some change in my pockets.

      12. mholdcraft says

        gotabgood, Think. Think. Guns sales have an inverse relationship to government policy on guns. Government threatens to restrict or take them and people go out and buy them. Why? A natural reaction to a powerful government that wants to control your life. It wasn’t uneducated people who voted for Trump, it was folks who’s freedoms are threatened by a government that wants to control their lives. A government made up of political “elites” who think they know what you want better than you do. Trump was elected because he was not a part of that “political elite”. Liberals would have you believe that the uneducated elected Trump, but it was people fed up with our current PC politics, many more educated than you! How do I know that? Your comment shows your lack of critical thinking and common sense.

      13. Mathew Molk says

        What the hell are you talking about?

        And Gun sales went up every time the royal exalted boma did one of his several actions to make things harder on gun purchases, like his ammunition grab. He was a MAJOR opponent of the Second Amendment. THAT is why the sales of fire arms went up. It was to get as many guns as possible before he banned gun sales entirely.

      14. jug says

        No, it’s YOU, and your ilk who are spreading the lies!

        You are not “good” at all!

      15. Rodney Steward says

        Must say my friend, gun sales went up under Obama because the people didn’t trust him or Clinton, and thanks to all the fake news and polls hid the truth that the weak minded that bought it hook, line and sinker! And by the way, our gun violence went down by 41% since the country went for guns, it was proved yesterday on FOX NEWS by Nick Adams that has just become an American citizen from Australia that he said has gone to He$$ since they had their guns taken away and now is over run with muslims!!

      16. Sammy says

        I get a huge kick out of your comment about the “uneducated” people who voted for Trump while your post is laced with poor grammar and sentence structure. I hold two masters degrees, one of which is in literature and composition, and I would give you a grade of D on your writing. Yes, I voted for Trump as did many of my equally well educated friends. You might check some facts as well. Your information is as flawed as your writing.

        1. gotabgood says

          Maybe you would like to be my grammar tooter??? Or is that help with my tooter?.. so confusing… do something with my tooter.. I am sure I have that right…. don’t I?

      17. MissouriMule says

        Are you trying to say Obama was never trying to take away Americans’ guns? Obama was the best gun salesman this country has ever seen! Every time he wanted to pass gun control legislation, gun sales skyrocketed. Gun stores in my state of Missouri kept a picture of Obama on the wall that read: “The greatest gun salesman of all time! Thank You!”

        Eric Holder & Obama colluded to create a straw man event to help them hopefully get legislation passed to ban weapons. It was called Fast & Furious. They allowed guns (semi-automatic and fully automatic weapons) to be sold from gun stores on the border and shipped to Mexican cartels. The thought was that THIS would cause such an outcry of the people that, surely, they could outlaw guns for good.

        Except, something went very wrong, and, a DEA agent was murdered with one of these guns. They thought they would create a media event by making arrests and “saving” the public from crazed gun-totting manics but they lost track of the location of the weapons & the DEA agent was murdered with one of them. It blew up in their faces and those weapons are STILL on the streets today.

        When you tell me Obama NEVER wanted to take guns away from American citizens, whose second amendment rights give them the right to own them, I know for a fact it isn’t true.

        1. gotabgood says

          Something you people fail to recognize is, there is a difference between “gun control” and “gun take away”. Obama was never attempting to take a way your guns. And I can’t believe you “PRO LIFERS” would put your gun before a child’s life! Is it because this child is already born and doesn’t need your protection any longer?
          I want you to think of something…… you send YOUR child, grand child off to school.. are you sure he/she will come home.

          1. MissouriMule says

            You are trying to split hair saying gun control is different than gun take away. In the end, its all the same. The end game for liberals IS gun confiscation. Just because they try to do it in increments of an inch at a time doesn’t mean their plan isn’t the same as it’s always been.

            As I have already said, if you read the previous post, Obama DID have very specific plans on trying to make guns illegal.

          2. gotabgood says

            He may have tried to make it harder to buy AK47…. that is may have…. I haven’t seen any such bills….have you?

          3. MissouriMule says

            Catch up. Obviously this discussion has gone over your head. If you had actually READ my posts, you would know where you went wrong here. Maybe.

            Obamas’ plans to legislate by drawing up a bill never made it to fruition because he and Holder screwed up the operation (Fast & Furious) so badly, and they were concerned about their involvement in it becoming public knowledge, they scraped the plan to try and save their plausible deniability with it.

            Just because there wasn’t a bill doesn’t mean there wasn’t a plan. A plan that cost one DEA agent his life!

            You’re still trying to split hairs.

          4. gotabgood says

            Ever hear of “Operation Wide Receiver”?
            And according to you.. if you ever thought about robbing a bank.. that means you made plans to do it!

          5. MissouriMule says

            They did MUCH MORE than just THINK about the FAST & FURIOUS operation though. They implemented it and it went sideways and a DEA agent was murdered due to their incompetence.

            A man wasn’t MURDERED because they DIDN’T do something. He was murdered because of what they did. Plus, the guns used are still on the streets today! How many MORE people have been murdered with those same guns since?

          6. gotabgood says

            That is total speculation on your part.
            The name Liberal itself calls you a liar…. it is a do your own thing… just don’t step on my toes… smoke weed, get laid, build bigger and better things.. extend your horizon… which is quite the opposite of the conservatives,, no change, good enough for dinosaurs, its good enough for me, non-bending and rigid.

          7. MissouriMule says

            You are uninformed, uneducated, unbelievably naive and the statements you try and make are unintelligible. Let me guess, victim of our public secondary school system?

          8. gotabgood says

            Looks like I won the debate…
            Once you start attacking the messenger… you lose.. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e56a073946d65f72c99e71387c6b411f01647e61908c6b40c51d338c5dd13d17.png

          9. gotabgood says

            You must be a product of private schooling. You think the sun raises and sets in your back yard. (lack of science education) You have no use of facts and references are foreign to you. ( you have faith only ). Below is an example to check out what you and I stand for.



      18. Alan Pierce says

        YOU are calling ME uneducated????? What the hell did you just try to say? Learn to write intelligible (you’ll have to look that one up, undoubtedly) sentences before attempting to spew any more libtard bullcrap and expecting people to pay any attention at all!! I can understand typos, but you may have just written the most retarded and unintelligible (you can look that one up, too) post the internet has ever seen!!!

        1. gotabgood says

          I wasn’t talking directly to you Alan….. until now. there is an old saying…. “The shoe fits, wear it”.
          We can do a quick test just for you..
          Do you believe Trump tells more lies than truth?
          Are you a follower/supporter of him?
          Did he speak your language?
          Did you vote for him?
          If your answer is yes to the above, you failed. You put lies before country, you welcome foreign agents meddling in out election process.
          You are blind to the truth and living in denial.
          And you pick on my grammar more than deny what I said..

          1. Darren Rusty says

            Yeah GotaBeGood … you put TWO periods at the end of your last sentence. Very bad grammar! You should be ashamed for doing such a thing.


            Alan is a fool. Why waste your time on him in the first place? Block him and move on.

          2. mac12sam12 says

            Trump has kept all his promises. You voted for a guy who ran on hope and change and that’s it. Stupid Hussein O voters didn’t know what the hope and change was. How did that work out for you?

          3. gotabgood says

            Was Obama running against Trump?
            You are talking out your ass again… STOP IT!!!
            “Trump has kept all his promises”
            Name one!

          4. Darren Rusty says

            This is where the rubber hits the road … prove it. I hope you aren’t holding your breath because you’ll never get it.

            LibTurd loons are liars. This is the board on which they surf and hopefully the reason that they, along with the RINOs, will head for retirement very soon.

          5. gotabgood says

            You hit a new low on your intelligent chart..
            Think about this a minute… tic tic tic
            How can I prove something that doesn’t exist????????
            I can see the smoke and sparks from here as you are trying to think..

          6. mac12sam12 says

            To bring jobs back to the US, $5 trillion dollars more in the economy. dailyjobfix.com The refugee ban and going after MS13 illegal aliens. Defunding sanctuary cities. For the first time in 8 years the GDP went over 3% at 3.1% and wait until he lower taxes and watch the GDP go up to 4%-5%. So many people will be doing better which will make your old ugly ass miserable. 8 years isn’t a long time and you won’t be kicked out of your section 8.

            How about this, Pence/Haley2024!! Keep America Great. #KAG

      19. mac12sam12 says

        If Hussein O could have given an executive order for the citizens to turn in their guns he would have. No one would comply anyway.

        Mass murders could be cut down to zero by disarming these mentally ill liberals. Notice the NRA has never had any members commit mass murder?


      20. Greg Hernandez says

        Sorry but the STUPID , uneducated voters vote demorat and have been for the last 100 years. The reason so many guns were sold because ozero is a POS that people saw if he were left alone , he wanted ” Stricter ” gun laws So good , honest , hard WORKING Americans started buying up weapons to defend themselves from the demorat majority. .
        The Thinking American public started the process that got them a majority in the House , then the Senate that effectively got a majority that would never pass that kind of insane legislation that ozero wanted. Gun sales did not go up because ozero was friendly to gun owners , sales were up because people started understanding just how insane the left really is running around in Guy Fawkes masks spouting nonsense and Anti-American filth.
        It’s not V for Vendetta it is real Americans with a 2nd Amendment right fighting back against leftist liars . You and others in your phony bad movie masks are the unhinged idiots spreading the nonsense. Your champion , Hillary the White house spoon thief and money grubbing liar did America one great big favor. She called real Americans ” Deplorables ” We thank her for helping to bring us together , and helped the demorat party lose more State , city and Federal elections. Keep up the deplorable crap…. We will shove it up your lower posterior every time.

      21. jacob stclair says

        gotabgood, whatever the hell that means. Sales were great during Obama. It’s the politicians and celebs lately, ranting about banning semi auto’s, high capacity mags and so on and so on. FYI, someone also has to make the doughnuts and their word has been clearly heard. Not everyone gets to count the money and steal a little more for themselves. (Don’t piss on my back and tell me it’s raining) is the perfect phrase for you. The NRA is the main reason we still have the 2nd amendment. Not all are uneducated but we are all tired of hearing used car salesman give you the shell game. Smooth talking, sell ice to an Eskimo politicians. Keep watching Rachael Maddow and Face Book for your news. Dumbasses like you make the rest of the nation look weak and feeble. Proud deplorable’s like myself, appreciate being segregated form the group of weak, feeble minded, punk ass liberal Democrats. People like me, have to defend people like you, when the SHTF. Sleep well tonight knowing the deplorable’s will defend your weak, sorry ass, regardless of what you think of us. That’s called PATRIOTISM !!!!!

        1. gotabgood says

          Just because you can open your mouth further and yell great obscenities out of that cavity, doesn’t make you ‘right’.
          Because you can call me names and play the wannabe Rambo roll doesn’t make you tough either..
          And your post filled with “one liners”, gives away your IQ

          1. jacob stclair says

            One liners, to dumb it down, so you might get the point. I work as a trainer for a major defense contractor and see many with multiple degrees and NO common sense. You also called me and a majority of the country a Deplorable !! Same as Hillary, so I will take it. Sorry I got you upset young lady, with two low scale obscenities. As for Rambo, just one of many Patriotic, American, gun owners, who stand up for what is right and want to keep what is rightfully his. Not afraid to defend myself or me neighbors. If that is the definition of being Rambo, I guess there are millions of us.

    3. Ben Totuous says

      Fake news. In 2016 Repukes took $54M from the NRA. Democrats took only $235. Yes 2-3-5. Blood on the Rupuke hands. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4e75808f4121b8904bc05901a446526f601328a194870acf7844f33307302d77.jpg

      1. Robert Uda says

        Liberal cartoons seem to be sick, untrue, and not funny; whereas, conservative cartoons are wholesome, truthful, and funny. Therein lies the difference between liberals-progressives-socialists and conservatives-constitutionalists-pragmatists.

      2. Truth-seeker 👱🏻‍♀️ says

        Blood on Repubs hands! You sound insane!

        How about blood on liberals hands for the Dem crazies being indoctrinated to do such things as this killer!

        1. Robert Uda says

          Have you ever wondered why all of the terrorist killers and regular killers are liberal demonrats? That is just the way they are wired.

          1. Truth-seeker 👱🏻‍♀️ says

            And the Jimmy Kimmels think that killer won’t use the bomb stuff found in his car?
            Ban the Bump Stocks or whatever, sickos and evil
            people will find a way. Why does Kimmel not mention how most mass murder is done or show remorse for bipartisan tragedy? I never trust people who are extremely political like liberals are!

      3. MAHB001 says

        Do some real research troll. Quit copying Soros crap.

      4. Amargomate says

        It is something proved in this country and around the world, that COMMUNISTS are allergic to the truth…
        First: 54 millions are total expenditures of the NRA….and associates…of which where used against Democrats: $37,010,516….
        All this info you can found it here:

        Check the different tabs for more info: Donors, targeted Candidates, etc…

        FACTS…… not opinions or semi-facts… This COMMUNISTS LOVE to spin things around to fit their narrative…

        The NRA is an Conservative Org…so, why is going to donate to the opposition?
        $265 dollars… in my opinion… that’s to much…

        NRA a Conservative org…. spent 17 millions supporting Republicans and spent against Democrats. 37 millions….

        NRA a Conservative org…have 5 million members (and counting) which if necessary
        we can put together $500 millions one day to the next…. therefore, we don’t depend on the Soros and Blumbergs of this world to run a campaign, or to dictate us to whom we have to support…
        So….as a Conservative Org. we Defend the Constitution of USA agains any enemy, foreign or domestic, with everything we have…
        When the New Communist Party aka Democratic Party learn to respect Our Constitution maybe, they will not depend on individuals anymore…. may be…
        And yes… I’m a Conservative…I’m a Republican and yes. I’m a proud Member of the NRA…

        One recommendation, please, when you use our flag as a napkin, be careful, it can leave you a really nasty taste in your mouth and a smell on your very disgusting face.

        It’s not that it makes any difference… but, please, be careful…

        Ah!… You want to know why you lost, you are losing, and you will lose BIG in 2018…
        For all this… and all this is just the tip of the iceberg…

        https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/627591ad4c82bbcac00146aa7244f19f6fe03856a71508f5a72e4cac9af4caa6.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/cef86fd1c31ab266c56967e9ec4664bcaa522ea70b795eb20b5c2444d0965d0c.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a7c2c090c0564d0f573283b61439347e29a1fa3ec4408612fce0bfccf03544d8.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4aa7f847dc239c1b884a5a05dadc170be508b3e84f877b5672a550edc3b7f179.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4e7c833e6d6b9da30140dc455b1316b68171d14496ef4e702b747c7ac9d2b1fa.jpg in 2018?

      5. mac12sam12 says

        Why are mass murderers always democrats?

      6. mac12sam12 says

        Anything ever become of a Trump/Putin connection? LOL!

    4. Truth-seeker 👱🏻‍♀️ says

      Great point! The once easy going Jimmy Kimmel has turned to the dark side now, what a shame. Hmmm

      Most people prob don’t even own guns, but when extremist, mean-spirited liberals are this hell bent on anything, it makes me want to do the opposite —for my safety.

      Mass, proven to be Evil, people coming out extremely strong on this and shaming the good-hearted people in Vegas and those of us with compassion?
      I guess I’ll have to learn the gun!
      Sad Jimmy Kimmell.
      Go Jimmy Fallon!

      1. J. P. Lynch says

        Jimmy Fallon has crossed over to the liberal political side as well. Don’t watch him anymore either. He had to fall in line with the NBC mantra of democratic insanity or lose his show!
        It’s very sad. Plus his band is like BLM – I have seen them disrespect conservative republican guests! It was disgusting . NBC – Nazi broadcasting company! It’s all so un-American!!
        Fallon took a lot of flack having Trump on before the election, but was fawning all over Hillary and her book! It was vomit worthy! Boycott Fallon and all NBC with lying Chuck Todd and Willie Geist, and Matt Lauer, Savannah Gunthrie, etc etc etc. I will watch reruns of Last Man Standing on the antenna stations!! God bless America!! And Pres Trump and First Lady Melania! America strong !🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

        1. Truth-seeker 👱🏻‍♀️ says

          Yuck Those names you listed used to be who I watched religiously before I noticed drastic change, then I moved to Fox. The Ann Curry drama that unfairly blasted Matt Lauer was the 1st odd thing. Then the Today Show lie about Trayvon Martin and their politicking The Today Show.

          1. J. P. Lynch says

            From what I have read diva Matt Lauer was instrumental in getting Ann Curry fired as well as Natalie Morales. And of course Billy Bush’s very short stint as well. Rumor was that Natalie and Matt were involved (?). It’s all celebrity egos on steroids. But….they are all very liberal progressive democrats and never objective in their reporting and therefore I cannot watch. ABC is just as bad. GMA is worse and watching George stephanopulus
            sitting in his booster chair trashing Pres Trump and outright lying, after what he covered up for the Clinton’s and the Obamas is vomit worthy and treasonous! CBS is equally progressive and tows the liberal communist democrat talking points!! I boycott all three!
            Just my ever so educated humble opinion! God bless America! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

        2. mreichard7 says

          Excellent post. You are correct.
          I still get “Last Man Standing” 2 or 3 times a day with basic (cheapest) cable. One of the best sit-coms ever.

      2. Allen says

        Agree. I will be buying home protection today. I am concerned with the continued publicity on the November 4 date for leftist purge activity.

        1. Truth-seeker 👱🏻‍♀️ says

          Huh? Not sure what you are speaking about. Ugh

          1. Mt Native says

            Antifa is planning something big for Nov 4th in their quest which now includes actually taking over the government and removing Trump and Pence from office. How they plan to do it is anybody’s guess.

          2. mreichard7 says

            Wow. I heard something about this before, but thought it just a nasty rumor. I will keep watch.

          3. Mt Native says

            I wish I could remember which news site I saw it on. If I find it I will post it. They are getting away with everything as the DOJ just lets them riot and destroy property at will. They are becoming very organized from what I have been reading and have a lot of funding going to them. They have organized several different groups that are calling for the take over of the US.

          4. Darren Rusty says

            This is a lot ado about nothing. These idiots will do anything and say anything for an ounce of attention. Nothing is going to happen to the POTUS or the VPOTUS on 11/4, so forget it and move on.

            I saw where the world was supposed to end two weeks ago. Did it happen? I guess not. This bullshit comes from very stupid people with way too much time on their hands!

          5. Norman says

            Hope that nothing happens but be prepared just in case!

            It could be worse than the 2012 Occupy riots, 2016 post-election riots, and all of the Black Lives Matter riots combined.

            The Russian Revolution happened 100 years ago and the communists did not
            have the internet to help spread their propaganda and get the useful idiots riled up back then.

          6. Darren Rusty says

            I’m not sure that things can get much worse in this country (socially). We seem to be in a world of shit and I see it every day and it’s getting worse by the day.

          7. Retired says

            The Pussy Hat Society with BLM will try to march and run in a circle as the will get lost .

          8. jacob stclair says

            It’s all well and good. Patriots like myself are peaceful, law abiding citizens, with collections of weapons and some being ATF registered Class III (legally owned). If Antifa, BLM or any other terrorist group tried to overthrow our Govt/President, they would be destroyed very quickly by the Govt and help from citizens like myself if necessary. The gloves would come off. Unlike gang shooting’s and Rap videos, those who legally own guns can shoot and hit the desired target. Not just spray and pray !!!!!!!

          9. Retired says

            You will have lots of company and help !!

          10. Mt Native says

            Google Beginning November 4th: This nightmare must end. This tells what they have planned as it is posted on their refusefascism dot org website.

          11. Norman says

            Refuse Fascism (a fascist organization itself) and Organizing For America (should be called “Organizing Against America”) are urging MS-13, Black Lives Matter, various muslim organizations, and various other leftist groups to participate in the uprising planned for November 4, 2017.

          12. Mt Native says

            That is what I have been reading. I don’t understand why something can’t be done with these groups that are open terrorists. Loretta Lynch may get her wish regarding calling for blood in the streets. We are going to need to do anything and everything possible to save this country from communism.

          13. Tasine says

            I think I know. I think he wants to protect his family and his home from the marauders of the left persuasion when they try to destroy his home and or family.

      3. Tasine says

        I don’t know him nor listen to him, but there is a possibility that I have been thinking about, and that is what if the media is being threatened or blackmailed? I wouldn’t put it past the sleazy left to be doing just such a thing.

        1. moma says

          who is he, never heard of him until today. I thank God for that and wish I hadn’t heard of him today.

          1. Tasine says

            He is just some idiot with a microphone.

        2. Truth-seeker 👱🏻‍♀️ says

          Oh wow-hence the law change for “intel” to have access to our lives online and offline.
          Congressmen need to be saints now!

          1. Retired says

            It will be a cold day in hell before that could happen .

        3. Mt Native says

          i say they are in bed with the libs. So many that are high up in the media are either married to or related somehow to someone high up in the demonRat party.

          1. Tasine says

            Actually I do believe they are libs just like all the other libs, NOTHING about them spells “honest” or “decent” or “responsible”. But I also cannot get it out of my mind that at least some of them are being forced, one way or another, into cheer-leading for the left. Like the possibility of being fired, or worse. Like a family being in danger, etc.

          2. Mt Native says

            You raise an interesting point that could very well be right on track. Pressure from a loved one plays out in other aspects of people’s lives and is very strong.

          3. Kenny Smith says

            Speaking of that , I really believe that this guy has leftist beliefs and that’s one of the reasons for his stupidity. Another note, I also believe that the left is covering up something about this unfortunate idiot. Just venting !!!!!

        4. MissouriMule says

          They are not being blackmailed. The media is complicate. Check this out:

          ABC Executive Producer Ian Cameron married to Susan Rice

          CBS President David Rhodes brother to Obama Deputy National Security Adviser/ Strategic Command Ben Rhodes (who is still in office, with an intelligence agency, to this day. Deep State)

          ABC Correspondent Claire Shipman married to former WH Press Secretary Jay Carney

          ABC News/Univision Reporter Matt Jaffey married to Katie Hogan Obama Deputy Press Secretary

          ABC President Ben Sherwood brother of Obama Special Adviser Elizabeth Sherwood

          CNN President Virginia Mosley married to Hillary Clinton Deputy Secretary Tom Nides

          ABC Correspondent George Stephanopolous Former President Bill Clintons’ WH Secretary

          Disney is parent company to ABC & ESPN

          And the list goes on and on. The media is obviously the right hand partner to the DNC and does their bidding and share their same goals.

          1. Tasine says

            They DO have it pretty well tied down, don’t they? Best explanation to date as to why we pay virtually no attention to the MSM……it does not deal in facts or in truth. They are no longer news bearers, but attempt to be brainwashers. Too bad many of their “customers” are more intelligent that THEY are.”

          2. J. P. Lynch says

            Yes good post! Most people do not know any of this!! Thx

          3. Bdog says

            Why would the Democrats, through all their vast media connections then cover up for the Bush/Cheney crimes… from 9-11 to the two illegal wars, the deaths of thousands of Americans and the trillions robbed from the treasury? Just curious. Perhaps you should widen your scope a bit.

          4. MissouriMule says

            Because the Bush family shares a globalist agenda and has much more in common with liberals than once was thought. Why are they such close friends with the first family in Saudi Arabia? Why did George H.W. Bushs’ daddy fund Hitler? Why are they now so taken with Barack & Michelle Obama? Because they are globalists and one-world order supporters. That’s why.

          5. Bdog says

            Now, this is reasonable discourse and conversation… but then you still default to ‘liberal blame’. The ‘Globalists’ don’t give a rats ass about party, liberalism or conservativism… only about their astounding levels of hegemony and greed. “Why are they now so taken with Barack…” Because Barack didn’t prosecute them for war crimes and crimes against humanity. You might find the 9-11 Toronto Report an interesting read. (This volume is the final report issued from the International Hearings on the Events of September 11, 2001, held in Toronto, Canada) or search how Bobby McIlvaine died that morning, before the towers collapsed…. he was entering the building when the LOBBY exploded. An autopsy explains his injuries.

          6. MissouriMule says

            Globalists don’t give a damn about those things. However, for now, they still must play within the constructs of the existing system to get what they want. There is a definite revolution happening for the soul of this country and it will decide which way this country will go from here.

            Barack Obama didn’t prosecute Bush/Cheney because they share the same goals. It wasn’t in his best long-term interests. Not to mention, he didn’t need anyone probing any of his own nefarious doings or any he was likely to undertake.

            I am not familiar with the things about 9/11 you stated, but, I will check it out.

          7. Bdog says

            Thanks MM. Appreciate your input.

          8. MissouriMule says


          9. Robert Dostoevsky says

            On no, they are really coming out of the woodwork. Have you read the third international report on conspiracy theories? This is soon to be followed by their report on lunacy.

          10. Bdog says

            Classically ignorant response from someone ill-informed and intellectually void. Or, you’re just a ‘troll’ attempting to lay a weak and pathetic cover. Either way… it’s your loss.

          11. Robert Dostoevsky says

            Put your foil hat back on and relax, the Martians will soon be here.

          12. Bdog says

            Once again… a tired, lazy and predictable response. Pathetic.

          13. Robert Dostoevsky says

            Mork is gone, have you found a new leader yet?

          14. Bdog says

            OMG… that’s so funny! Back to Russia, Drooling Trump-Troll moron.

          15. Robert Dostoevsky says

            How did our tweeter in chief get involved in this discussion?

        5. Retired says

          No , they were indoctrinated how to snowball the public with BS .

      4. MissouriMule says

        Fallons’ views are the same, he’s just smart enough to not alienate a large percentage of his viewers by insulting them, and their beliefs, incessantly.

      5. MAHB001 says

        Be safe, and be prepared. Get training. See my video above about why good people should be armed.

        1. jacob stclair says

          Amen brother. Even my 15 year old stepdaughter can hit a torso size target at 30 yds all day with a 9mm SIG or a 6″ bullseye at 100 yds with her AR or MP5. Unload if safely, break it down, clean it, put it back together and load for emergency situations. Not learned on a video game or music video. She could safely defend a liberal if a SHTF situation ever occurred.

          1. MAHB001 says

            My wife is a better shot than I am…. 🙂 But hey, every family needs a sharp shooter these days…

      6. Norman says

        Do you mean, “Go away, Jimmy Fallon”?

        Jimmy Fallon is in competition with Jimmy Kimmel for the title of “the official spokesman for dumb liberal ideas”.

        The competition is fierce for the coveted title of “the official spokesman for dumb liberal ideas” is among anti-America leftists. Expect Bill Maher, Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart, and their ilk to increase their efforts to win that title.

        1. Truth-seeker 👱🏻‍♀️ says

          I guess not as much as much, I thought. They are all drinking the kool-aid, ruining themselves with this garbage. I don’t watch any of these activists anymore.

    5. Tasine says

      The people with the most microphones have the influence, and they USE THOSE MICS ALONG WITH THE IDIOTS WHO HOLD THOSE MICS TO DESTROY THIS NATION……SHOULD BE ARRESTED FOR TREASON.

      1. MAHB001 says

        That is the reason for my boycott. http://www.madashellboycott.com

        The idiots with the microphones have too much influence.

        1. Tasine says

          You bet they do! As long as they cannot think for themselves and must rely on the left telling them what to broadcast and what NOT to broadcast, America is in DEEP TROUBLE. I don’t truly know if the broadcasters are dyed in the wool idiot leftists, OR if the left is merely USING THEM to get their word out…..either is possible. I’d surely hate to be in their shoes, having to make decisions every day re reporting the truth or outright LYING. It could be they are fearful of being killed if they do NOT report the leftist news rather than the truth.

          1. Mathew Molk says

            Deep trouble for sure,,,,except at the polls. In 13 months they are going to get another MAJOR ass beating. Better yet RINOs will be left bleeding on the polling place floor too.

            MAGA or get run over by the Trump Train.

          2. Tasine says

            Oh, Mathew, I do SO HOPE YOU are right!!!!

          3. MAHB001 says


            We must first make sure our election process is not corrupt. I believe that the MEDIA plays a big part in setting peoples expectations in this process.

            I also believe that Project Veritas and their sting videos stopped the rigging of this last election. The rigging apparatus has gone underground, but has not been dismantled.


          4. MAHB001 says

            The Left is following a plan laid out by the Communists of old and disclosed in the book, “The Naked Communist” They have taken up key positions within our Schools, Churches, Both Political Parties, Big Businesses, Unions, and MEDIA.

            The Schools are the most important, with the MEDIA being a close second. That is why I created http://www.madashellboycott.com We must attack on all fronts, my fight is with the MEDIA.

            With all of your help, we will win this fight, but you are correct, we are behind.

        2. Darren Rusty says

          Boycott away! You can put my name second on the list. I’ve boycotted California … especially Hollytrash … their movies and TV shows.

          I have had it with this stupid LibTurds!

          1. MAHB001 says

            Come on down to the site and join! http://www.madashellboycott.com

          2. Darren Rusty says

            Did that and never got the confirmation Email. Kinda in limbo until I do.

          3. MAHB001 says

            Check your spam filters… and then put the sites domain as a safe sender. Let me know how it works…

          4. Darren Rusty says

            Already done that … nothing in spam or junk.

          5. MAHB001 says

            Contact me via the contact page on my site.. I will hunt down the problem and make sure you are a member.

      2. Bdog says

        Rush…. Hannity… Beck… O’Reilly…. Savage… Carlson… Levin… Crystol… ???

        1. MAHB001 says

          They are NOT quote News unquote programs…. They do not create fake news… They simply report it. Big difference. These guys are opinion programs.

          Fake news is created by the use of Bias by Omission. Or when a news agency purposefully ignores all bad news about their ideology and then ignores all good things about the competitors ideology.

          Have you ever wondered why ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN never found anything bad about Hillary, and cant find anything good about Trump?? Wonder no more… They are corrupt.

          1. Bdog says

            WOWIE! You really opened my eyes! What an epiphany! I can’t think for myself, so thank God, there are people like you to show me the way! Oligarchs, corporations, special interests, the Military Industrial Complex ONLY corrupt Democrats and the media. Trump is good. Everyone else is bad. All mainstream news is fake. WTC 7 imploded due to “office fires”. Got it. Thanks!

          2. Darren Rusty says

            A typical LibTurd response. Totally ignorant, terminally stupid and there is no cure for this disease. That is the most depressing part of your bullshit response.

          3. Bdog says

            Now… look right back in the mirror and repeat your comment… “Totally ignorant, terminally stupid and there is no cure for this disease… Totally ignorant, terminally stupid and there is no cure for this disease…” Now, you’re on to something! BIG PICTURE, Rusty… You’re missing it. Sad… very sad.

          4. Darren Rusty says

            I love how you repeated that sentence twice. Did the paste key get away from you?

            No, you don’t get it and most LibTurd Loons don’t. Take a look at southern California and the HollyLoons. Take a two-second look at what these idiots do and what they say.

            Do you get it? I seriously doubt it.

          5. Bdog says

            LOL… I love toying with brainwashed morons! Have a nice day!

          6. jacob stclair says

            Bdog, thought you were a Democrat ? Brainwashed is in definition of Democrat. Missing something !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          7. Bdog says

            Jacob… you probably need to stay in the shallow end of the pool.

          8. jacob stclair says

            Sorry little boy. Didn’t mean to confuse you. I will dumb it down a little for you next time.

          9. Bdog says

            You don’t confuse me, but I’m not surprised that you’re confused about it. Instead of ‘dumbing it down’, why don’t you raise your discourse to a level which actually makes a cogent point that reflects even the smallest measure of intellectual curiosity, research, common sense or truth.

            Sadly, I don’t think you have the capacity. If you need this translated so you can understand, ask somebody else. Maybe look up your 3rd grade teacher!

          10. jacob stclair says

            Would love to meet you in person, we have a lot to talk about. You could actually get to see the capacity in person. Wonderful we live in a country where you can have an opinion. There are people like me that protect people like you and keep you safe in your bed at night.

          11. Bdog says

            Frankly, we have nothing to talk about. Some people are just closed off from reality, and that’s too bad. But at least we agree on one thing. ” Wonderful we live in a country where you can have an opinion.”

          12. jacob stclair says

            I was not serious about meeting you in person, that may not turn out so well !!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, some are closed off from reality. That cannot be denied. Sometimes people look toooo deep into things, they cannot see the obvious right in front of their face. The obvious can become in-obvious. After years working with govt sectors, yes things ARE NOT always what they appear. Often many highly educated persons over analyse problems as well, missing the basic details, thus creating more avenues that lead to dead ends, wasting time/money and putting lives at risk. The phrase often used, making a chess game out of a checker board. This is my real life experience, not TV , books or Face Book. Often people are not as smart as given credit for.

          13. MAHB001 says

            Thanks for the sarcasm…

            Elite Democrats = Elite Republicans = Elite MEDIA….

            The Elites have fundamentally transformed our country from:

            Of the People, By the People, and For the People,
            Of the Elites, By the Elites, and For the Control of the People by the Elites…

            This is Communism. The elites are the traitors.

            There are still people within our Government that are still working FOR the people, but we must root out all the wolves in sheep’s clothing.

            I personally think the traitors in the Republican party are worse than the likes of Hillary and 0bama, at least those people are openly communist.

          14. Bdog says

            You know… frankly, I don’t think we’re all that far apart on this…. (Of the Elite, By the Elite, etc) There ARE still a very few so-called elected officials who work FOR the people, but sadly… the rest are ON THE PAYROLL of the ‘Ruling Class’. The integrity of the election process has been compromised, organizations like A.L.E.C. (American Legislative Exchange Council) blatantly advance their legislative initiatives through their private ‘retreats’, hosting mostly GOP members, and Dems clearly share in this affliction as well. Our nemesis is the same as it was 241 years ago and we’ve lost our founding principles. But Trump (or Hillary) is not the answer… Trump, to me, is just a symptom of how sick and failing our democracy is.

          15. MAHB001 says

            We aren’t that far apart on this… In fact we are probably on the same side. But, I see Trump as the only option and until Trump goes back on his word, I am willing to give him the benefit of doubt…. I was stupid enough to do the same for 0bama….

            Have you read Trumps inaugural speech?

    6. J. P. Lynch says

      Great post. Thank you!

    7. ralph Langer says

      what abt the Congressional BRIBES???

    8. Darren Rusty says

      Amazing! Every time there is a tragedy like this, the LibTurds beat the drum about gun control. This idiot could’ve taken a delivery truck and killed more people than he did by shooting them.

      Guns are NOT the problem. People are the problem. We live in a world of stupidity … everything is racist, blame it on white supremacists, blame everything on Republicans and while you’re doing it, watch the LibTurd Loonies lie their ass off. MSM says nothing of the latter, but those of us with a brain know it’s there!

    9. jim jones says

      Talk about fake news, where did you get your “facts”

    10. gotabgood says

      I don’t know.. when you have Senators like Bob Corker sticking their nose in labor affairs when it came to union or non-union… it was scared it would raise the standard of living… we all know now that with the Republicans in charge…. we want to LOWER the standard of living..
      And I would have to see YOUR math.

    11. Bdog says

      Koch brothers spend $900,000,000.00 in the last election cycle alone. “Spent”… I should say, “Invested”.

      1. MAHB001 says

        Poppycock… No way you can prove that, and citing the NY Times just doesn’t do it anymore…. They produce cannon fodder to cover up the Lefts donors.

        Sad state our MEDIA is in right now, can’t trust any of them…

        Here is a site that reports the real 501 3c data… Note that Koch and Soros are not even on the list…. At least one should be able to believe this, that is if you believe the IRS is not corrupt…. Which in fact it is….


        1. Bdog says

          Koch brothers announced it themselves… their goal to raise 889 million dollars. It’s not a big secret… except to you, perhaps. Even Breitbart reported it. I agree the Media is in a sad state, but it’s much bigger than ‘Party’… and I wish you would get THAT… and not be so partisan with your commentary. it makes you sound like a ‘Trump Troll’.

          1. MAHB001 says

            The Koch brothers is a red herring. Designed to divide. Facts show both sides get large donations and both sides are corrupt.

            Elite Democrats = Elite Republicans = Elite MEDIA = Big Government Communists.

            Crony Capitalism is just another form of Communism….

            As I see it, Trump is the only one on the We the Peoples side…. Not sure I will ever understand the Trump haters…

          2. Bdog says

            There is not a shred of evidence in Trump’s entire history… that he’s ever done anything for anyone… other than himself. He is a self-aggrandizing, egomaniacal narcissist who has neither the skillset, temperament, common sense or intellect to be president of this or any country. He couldn’t care less about you or I. But, I agree with you… Elite Dem, Repub, Media… all on the corporate/fascist payroll (ie, Koch brothers, Shelden Adelson, Soros, Bankers, Military Industrial Complex, etc…. ALL a problem.

          3. MAHB001 says

            You are just trash talking… Regurgitating bigoted liberal talking points…

            Trump just gave a million bucks of his own money to aid hurricane victims. There is so much more yet you will never see or accept it. One can not waken someone who pretends to be asleep… You do not want to see anything positive so you never will.

            Not sure why you let your emotions get the best of your judgement.

          4. Bdog says

            We can’t be sure it was his own money, but let’s just say it’s true. I could give $10 or $20 to a homeless person, and I’m guessing it would be approximately equivalent. It’s no sacrifice on my part… but then, I wouldn’t feel the need to tell the world about it. As savvy as Trump (or his people) can be about manipulating the media, he would have been much smarter to donate the money… keep a lid on it… then leak it out to the press in a month or two.

            Trash talking… NO. Regurgitating anybody’s talking points… absolutely not. On the contrary, I see a great deal of good in the world. I believe a vast majority of people are good, honest, hard working, honorable, conscionable, ethical and moral people. It’s the “Elitists” you and I both talk about with their crazed lust for money, power, influence… and in Trumps case, an unhealthy narcissistic need for praise… where I struggle to find anything positive. The Koch brothers give millions to charity. So what… they need the write-off… and they get their name on a hospital wing…or a college campus building, where they try to dictate academic agendas. NOTHING comes without a price.

            I study this… from ALL sides, boil it down and make my own assessments. (BTW…. couldn’t stand Hillary OR Trump) I call it the way I see it, but am always open to change and evidence that may overwhelm a previous opinion. I just wish that were the same for others.

    12. WhiteFalcon says

      The NRA’s influence is through the solidarity of it’s membership and toe correctness of it’s mission. Jimmy Kimmel is a pimple on the butt of a piss ant.

    13. TOM P O'DONNELL says


    14. William Thompson says

      If you check into it for real, Jimmy can’t be anything but what he is told to do and say because the left wing family owns him.
      That’s just the way it is in the world he lives in and there probably isn’t any way out but one.
      So sad for this poor guy that trapped in that world, but what about us?

      1. MAHB001 says

        When you lie with dogs, expect to get fleas.

  10. gotabgood says

    All you rightwing deer hunters explain something to me…

    1. mac12sam12 says

      They don’t, numb nuts. Silencer? You mean suppressor. Suppressors don’t work on high powered rifles. Maybe you should know what you’re talking about before you open your mouth.

      1. Retired says

        What did you expect from a Obama Bot ????

      2. Ben Totuous says

        Maybe you need a boot down your throat.

        1. mac12sam12 says

          Maybe you don’t have the balls. old man.

    2. Marjorie Lee Peterson says

      Because this was a mentally unbalanced individual who was bent on doing this and NO gun control law would have stopped him! He would have gotten his guns on the black market. There are plenty of them coming over the Mexican boarder. He would have found a way to get everything he wanted one way or the other, legal or not. Wouldn’t have mattered to him. Only way to even stop that a little? BUILD THE WALL!! He had those things because he knew he could kill more people that way, and he would have gotten them the same way too! More gun laws will prevent NOTHING but letting good people DEFEND themselves when some idiot sticks a gun in THEIR face!

      1. Robert Dostoevsky says

        Where did you get your information about guns coming from Mexico? Nice segue into “Build the wall”.

    3. Retired says

      You just proved your ignorance , real hunters do not use them and silencers are not a issue as to what happened in Nevada .

      1. gotabgood says

        silencers are not a issue as to what happened in Nevada .
        And you say I proved my ignorance????? They had trouble knowing where the shots were coming from as it was… put silencers on the guns, they wouldn’t even know they were being shot at. They would have thought the people falling down were just drunk..

        1. Retired says

          You keep right on proving your Ignorance , the music was lauder than the gun shots until people started falling and bleeding did anyone know what was happening . You are talking out of your rear end .

          1. gotabgood says

            Once again BS… You could hear the shots from the policeman’s body cam..


          2. Ben Totuous says

            Moron. You can clearly hear the gunshots in the videos. Christ, you are fucking stupid.

          3. Retired says

            Yes Moran media guppy ,you could hear it after the playing stopped and people were falling and running .

        2. mac12sam12 says

          Talk about ignorance, silencer is a Hollywood term, they’re called suppressors.

        3. Mathew Molk says

          Man are you ever full of shit. You watch too many movies.

          – As a Vietnam combat veteran and a former Cleveland Policeman, that was shot at in the city more then once I can tell you from actual experiences (and not from some Prad Bitt movie) with the big masonry and glass walls with the sound bouncing off them it is very hard to tell where the shots came from,,,,ever. And the biggest part of the sound is the mini sonic boom (the “crack” a rifle makes) of a round traveling at over Mach 2 that is the loudest part of the report,,,,,And it follows the projectile making it even harder to tell where the shot came from. You know why all military firearms are not equipped with silencers? BECAUSE SILENCERS ARE USELESS ON A COMBAT WEAPON!


        4. bttrap says

          the trouble they couldn’t trace the fire was not slincers it was flash suppresors and yea hundreds of drunks falling down come on I know you know better

          1. gotabgood says

            Very seldom do people look up…. and 32 floors up??
            hundreds of drunks…. when you speculate you go all out…

          2. bttrap says

            and you don’t go far enough

      2. Ben Totuous says

        Idiot. Goddamn idiot.

        1. mac12sam12 says

          Democrats should be banned from owning firearms if you want to stop mass murder. I hope you’re unarmed, old man!

        2. Retired says

          Yes you are and a useless one at that just like gotabegood . Are you two related .

          1. bttrap says

            both morons by birth

    4. Ben Totuous says

      Replacement for missing testicles.

    5. Mathew Molk says

      Nobody needs a Pro Stock drag car either. Bet you want to take my 600 HP L-88 Corvette I still drive on the street away from me too .

      Assholes like you make me sick.

      And BTW,,,,You see the guy that has the Howitzer? How ’bout the collectors that own Tanks and other armored vehicles? – Because they don’t hunt dear do you want to seize them?

    6. mac12sam12 says

      http://joeforamerica.com/2014/05/mass-murderers-democrats/ See a connection? Liberalism is a mental illness. 25% of liberals are on mental illness drugs. That’s scary. That means that 75% of liberal aren’t on the meds.

      1. bttrap says

        good point !!!!!!

        1. Darren Rusty says

          I would challenge the 25%. Are you including the LibTurds in California in that number? If you aren’t, the number would increase exponentially.

          1. bttrap says

            I foregot about calf. dose that include all the illegals?

      2. gotabgood says

        Joe the Plumber … that is your source news?

    7. bttrap says

      why these? radio back up cameras sun roofs seat belts

      1. gotabgood says

        But of course you wouldn’t know what those devices are used for.
        One they could find the bad guys and take them out!
        They could also be used to save lives.
        Sun roof kinda threw me a little… only thing I could guess was an escape hatch for you bad guys.

        1. bttrap says

          It’s the same with you you don’t know what these items do and for your info that moron in las vagas didn’t have either one

          1. gotabgood says

            Don’t you read? Do you righties get the news at all?? Doesn’t fox TV keep you up to date on anything???
            He had several weapons fixed with bump-stocks in his room.

          2. bttrap says

            hey stupid !!!! why would he use a bump stock when he had automatic rifles that fire a lot
            faster then a bump stock. I don’t read any news that the fake media puts out because all they do is lie like the democraps

          3. Robert Dostoevsky says

            What automatic weapons? The police said he had bump stocks!

  11. memecman says

    Kimmel has added extra security to his security team. Why is it okay for celebs and politicians to have armed guards protecting them and their families, but they don’t want me to have a gun so I can protect myself and my family? It’s because they’re hypocrites. Also, Hollywood glamorizes gun violence in so many movies. When are people like Kimmel going to call them out for that? I know. It’s because it’s part of HIS industry and how they all make millions of dollars. That’s why they don’t discuss that. It’s just us deplorable and bitter clingers who are the problem and we need to be lectured. They STILL don’t get why Trump won and yet they think they know everything.

    1. Marjorie Lee Peterson says

      Movie industry isn’t making so many millions anymore, and it’s going to get worse. They shouldn’t tick off over half of their audience! Kimmel’s ratings will tank too. All talk shows will tank. Sooner or later even sane Libs will get good and tired of NOTHING but Trump bashing. These are supposed to be “comedy” shows. Well, they haven’t been a bit funny for a long time now! I miss Jay Leno! He used political comedy, but HE bashed both sides, and HE was funny! His comedy wasn’t MEAN!

      1. Retired says

        Good old Leno was the last one .

      2. Ben Totuous says

        We will never get tired of Trump bashing. The piece of shit committed treason and he ain’t going to fucking escape it. He is going to prison.

        1. Robert Dostoevsky says


      3. Mathew Molk says

        There is a big difference between goofing on some one and bashing them. — One of them is not funny at all.

      4. USN Vet 31yrs Svc says

        Canned laughter is obvious even to the deaf. There is no spontaneous laughter.

    2. Ben Totuous says

      No, right wingers are the dangerous ones. Stupid fucking gun nuts. Need all the guns because they have no testicles.

      1. memecman says

        I never met a liberal who wasn’t angry. By the way, who shot Rep. Scalise? Was it a right winger?! Oh no, it was a Bernie Bros. “Dude, Bernie said everything’s gonna be FREEEE.” Liberals still can’t accept the fact that Trump won and have been having angry hissy fits since the election. BLM and Antifa are examples of violent left wing groups, but liberals don’t see it that way because they support their message.

      2. mac12sam12 says

        The definition of a gun nut is a democrat with a firearm. Why are mass murderers always democrats?

      3. mac12sam12 says

        http://joeforamerica.com/2014/05/mass-murderers-democrats/ All mass murderers are liberals. They certainly have no testicles. DISARM DEMOCRATS!!

        1. USN Vet 31yrs Svc says

          Background checks must add party affiliation to deny purchases to demonRats. Who, are unstable and subversive to America.

  12. Cheryl Heberle says

    Dumb dumb dumb

    1. Marjorie Lee Peterson says

      Yep, Kimmel IS dumb, dumb, dumb!

  13. Deby says

    JimmyThe Douche is at it again. Why are people who claim to be comedians not funny any more? Why do they still get paid when they aren’t?

    1. Marjorie Lee Peterson says

      Absolutely right!

    2. Ben Totuous says

      Comedians are not there to cater to traitors and fascists. Go fuck yourself.

  14. Sigrid Egan says

    I’d say “LIBERALS” keep on ranting, it only helps us and Donald Trump to elect him again in 2020! You are all sooooo out of touch with us, the REAL people in America.

    1. Ben Totuous says

      Repukes are the racists, homophobes, misogynists and gun nuts. You are not the real people. And there isn’t a chance in hell Trump wins 2020. If justice is done, the goddamn piece of shit will be in prison long before 2020.

      1. mac12sam12 says

        Here’s your party’s history, gay boy. https://realdemocrathistory.wordpress.com/category/kkk/

  15. RuFus92 says

    As I kneel before thine altar oh great TV god of all programing I beseech thee to bring back Jay Leno and common civility AND WISDOM TO LATE NIGHT TV

    1. Marjorie Lee Peterson says


    2. Mathew Molk says

      I like his car show too. He as a few neat working stationary steam engines too. Neat stuff that liberals could never understand.

  16. jmac67 says

    If a single life is sacred, then the number is inconsequential. But if it wrong for one person to be killed by a gun, is it right for a gun to save a life. And by that reasoning is that life that is saved any less important than the life taken? So shouldn’t all Americans be able to save their lives as easily as the left says they are endangered? I know, questions the left never seems to think about when complaining about “common-sense” gun laws. I guess that means there is no common sense on the left.

    1. Ben Totuous says

      We don’t need a bunch of untrained dopes brandishing guns in public. In their own home is a bit different. Nobody is trying to take all the guns. But I am waiting to hear WHY anybody needs a rifle that will shoot 500+ rounds per minute. Nothing but a killing machine.

  17. Timothy Toroian says

    Hey!!! Jimmy, it’s not about guns, it’s about the constitution and respect for for natural law. I now the left doesn’t believe in natural laws but that will be to their detriment when they find themselves under a socialist dictatorship they can’t get rid of.

    1. Ben Totuous says

      But you are fine with a fascist dictatorship. Fuck that, boy.

  18. Ben Totuous says

    Every dumb ass Repuke is a spokesmoron for right wing ignorance and hate. Fuck each and every one of you bastards with a red hot poker. You, Trumpturd and Putin are not going to continue destroying this country.

    1. Timothy Toroian says

      Ben, give me ONE instance of dictatorship by Trump. You, son, are a philosophical and historical moron. You apparently have no idea what a fascist is, if you did you’d know that the Donkey party is close than any Republican. Explain why Cuomo, the dip in NY is not somewhat of a fascist.

  19. Darren Rusty says

    Now I know why I have never, ever watched this idiot on TV. Just like most of the people in southern California, he is terminally STUPID and there is no fixing it.

    The Hollywood LibTurd Loons will continue this just like the NFL and people will boycott them and their shitty movies. They will lose sponsors (the smart ones) and then maybe they’ll wake up, but I doubt it.

    Ya can’t fix stupid, folks!

  20. Jeffrey Cahoon says

    I am VERY TRULY sorry about what happened in LV. Who knew? An honest man with no criminal record, buys guns, and commits a horrendous act! The point is, that no matter what is done, gun control will NEVER be a reality in this country! Guns do not kill, people kill! If not a gun, a knife or hatchet!
    I think perhaps, that Jimmy Kimmel is one of the biggest IDIOTS that Hollywood has seen, and there are quite a few! Kimmel should do what he does best, and I still do not know what that is, but he should STFU!

  21. Dennis Anderson says

    Ohhhh Jimmi – jim – jim – Jimmiiii? This is no joke youre not cute anymore and youre the wrong color?
    Are you thinking of politics after your show bombs? Youre going to have to go to college for some political science, and get down with ghetto living to make the change over boyyyyyyy. Frizzz your hair
    and say ahh ite all the time even if youre wrong Its a long shot. Some nigger named Bubba already got you in the @ss didnt he. Thats where your balls went under Hitler-ys vagina hat! You discust me!

  22. Ben Totuous says

    Republitardoes suck ass.

  23. ernldo says

    Hollyweird is remaking “dumb and dumber”, and Kimmel is in talks to play both roles…..I don’t think he’s a shill, he’s just hopelessly stupid…..

    1. Robert Uda says

      I thought he would be playing a tri-role including “dumbest.”

  24. Robert Uda says

    Kimmel is such a political hack. His viewership will go down, down, down until his show is canceled or he gets fired and replaced with someone more competent.

    1. Darren Rusty says

      Just like the NFL. Maybe people will start setting his T-shirts on fire as well. If I was stupid enough to have one, I would use it in place of toilet paper. I say that I just love the feel of cotton, but that has been deemed as racist like everything else. Are you white? Then you are racist. Sorry, Bob.

      1. Robert Uda says

        Sorry, I’m yellow, which puts me between white and black. Obviously, I cannot be racist as the other two can, right? LOL! That’s Lib-Dem logic for you.

        1. Mathew Molk says

          We will make you an honorary white so you can be racist like the rest of all American Patriots Black, Brown and White are.

          Actually that brings up a good point. No matter what color you are if you love the country and support our constitution you are a racist.

          1. Robert Uda says

            The Blacks already consider Yellows as White because, generally speaking, Yellows are smarter than both other races–at least, so they think so. A person’s perception is his reality.

      2. Darren Rusty says

        Unless they find someone outside of Hollywood, there is no competency to be found. Trash in, Trash out. You could be blind and see it.

  25. Alleged-Comment says

    Have you ever heard such a MORON in your life??? Where does he live or come from??? This is just so ASININE!!

    Who the UCK is this basturd anyway???

    1. Darren Rusty says

      Does any of that matter? He is terminally stupid and there’s nothing you can do to fix it. Sad!

  26. Truth-seeker 👱🏻‍♀️ says

    Run far far away from extremely political people like Jimmy Kimmel!

    These people scare the cr_p out of us who just want to live our lives somewhat freely. If a liberal goes to this much lengths (shaming people who find solace in praying in these times is evil) I fear them!

    I fear Jimmy Kimmel who I used to think was a good one! He’s drank the water of the extremist liberal fountain now. The change is sudden and extremely mean-spirited!

  27. Joseph R. Davis says

    Same old, same old. Bigotry. Racism. Expressed in dog whistles, of course. And some crap about George Soros’ money. That mamzer must be broke by now, with all these people that LeeRoy and Daisy Mae claim are being paid by Soros. Just another day in the life of the far-far right. Just another day in Trump Land. Somebody should print some tee shirts that say, “The Messiah appeared in Puerto Rico, but all I got was this roll of paper towels.”

  28. crazyfreddie says


  29. Combatvet52 says

    Jimmy you are the very AH that I expected you to be and we will throw in Jackazz as well, you LIBERAL morons will use a tragedy as as a stepping stone for your’e own agenda,You all make me sick………Check the facts before you open your dumb mouth.
    BTW if you pull your head out of your butt you might make some sense, just maybe there is no hope for you kind of people.

    1. Robert Uda says

      Speaking of sick, he also uses his ill son as a political football in this game of politics of personal destruction. Very sad, indeed.

      1. Combatvet52 says

        Bob they just don’y care who they hurt even their own family look at Hidabeast and Piglousy and the other sicko Watersfool…….these morons made remarks about the shooting almost immediately their all SICKO”S

      2. Combatvet52 says

        Using his son is a very sick in the head JIMMY the Liberals don’t know any other way they thrive on tragedy’s who was the first to open their mouth HILDABEAST then Piglousy, Waterbrain.

  30. Gammi2Anna says

    Did Kimmel provide the source for his opinionated diatribe? How does he know what the laws/requirements are for purchasing a weapon? Has he studied the Constitution and Laws that allow us the right to protect our family, neighbors and selves? Oh, I’m sure Kimmel has his own paid armed security to protect his sorry butt and his family. Jimmy Kimmel should spend some time studying the Lincoln Philosophy, “It is best to keep silent and thought to be a fool than to speak and remove all doubt”. He might share this lesson with all the other diarrhea of the mouth crowd in the so called entertainment industry. I know what I need to do to protect, provide for and support members of my family with everything we need to survive. I can do that without the need for any advice from the “elites” who HIRE others to do the work we “common folk” do without the advantages of their wealth and fame.

  31. Mike says

    Instead of a dildo, conservatives should shove a barrel up thier ass, since they love them so much.

    1. Joseph R. Davis says

      I do remember reading an article that said gun-lovers have big guns to compensate for their small d***s. Perhaps the NRA should have a national convention to prove or disprove this theory.

    2. Valor says

      You might consider getting your HEAD out of your ass!

      1. Mike says

        The only head near my ass is yours while your licking my nut sack

        1. bttrap says

          your full of it you probably smell so bad that no one can get near you and that’s because it’s your head thats stuck up your ass

      2. bttrap says

        he can’t that’s the only two parts he has to him

    3. bttrap says

      how about a barrel up your nose won’t be hard to do as your only a mouth and a$$hole

        1. bttrap says

          are you the first one?

        2. bttrap says

          didn’t spell you with the two ss as you already know your two parts and use them well

  32. Tasine says

    Good article! The left is determined to rule the planet, specifically America, and they simply cannot accomplish that goal without disarming all Americans (except themselves of course who might need that gun to keep others under control) AND they must destroy, DESTROY Christianity as that is the glue that holds America together and has since Day One.

    And for those who will demand to know: I do not call myself a Christian and am not a Bible reader……but I DO know what is going on and I despise what the left is doing. I am not afraid of Christianity or the Bible. I would like, however, to have SOME protection from the rabid left.

  33. Dave Fischer says

    I no longer watch his TV show, because if he is a comedian, then stick to it, I don’t want to listen to his bullshit about his take on politics……he now turns me off…..screw him and his total bullshit….he ain’t funny anymore…….

    1. Mathew Molk says

      Like he was ever funny in the first place? — If Millennials like him he had to never be more then a boring droal and disgusting lousy act worthy of the Hollywood elite.

  34. bill says

    Jimmy poor poor Jimmy You Are A Dumb A$$ Twit and would be better doing the Vagina Monolog for you proved your not a real man!

  35. Valor says

    add some perspective to this. Not to detract from the horrific tragedy of this action by an obviously evil man. But the carnage in Las Vegas is about the average for a month in Chicago. Which, by the way, has some of the most “common sense” gun control on the planet. Works well, doesn’t it.

    1. bttrap says

      and the fools want more control because it’s working so well in chicago the mayor should spend a couple days in that neiborhood without his armed body guards

  36. ECwashr says

    ” The NRA runs the country “! That may be the dumbest thing a Liberal has ever said!! Can’t these Liberal FOOLS just keep their mouths shut?

    1. bttrap says

      they don’t know how after all they are nothing but a$$holes and mouths

  37. SouthernPatriot says

    Jimmy is just repeating the Democrat talking points….”You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” –Rahm Emanuel

    Use this crisis to erode our God-given rights as enumerated in the U.S. Bill of Rights, U.S. Constitution, just as leftist demented Democrats use other crises to erode our First Amendment rights and any others.

  38. Stan says

    Jimmy has decided to become the standard bearer for the left. He ceased being a comic years ago.

  39. Henry D Messer says

    Finally watched his show(?) last night. Boy you must need plenty of mental heip to be a demo. I reaaly don’t know what kind of show it was suppose to be but, it’s really a political one.

  40. Valor says

    Let us be clear about the real reasons for pushing gun control. Gun control laws are not and never have been about public safety. That is a cover up for the real purpose. Gun control laws are and always have been about the protection of political power and the safety of those who wish to wield that power over the masses. These advocates of disarming America don’t give a damn about public safety. All they care about is political power and subjugation of the masses. The first serious gun control laws appeared soon after the Civil War as part of the Jim Crow Laws designed to protect the political power of entrenched southern politicians from recently freed slaves. Since that time gun control laws have been used to marginalize one segment or another of American Society. 100 years ago NYC passed a thing known as the Sullivan Act. The purpose of that act was to restrict gun ownership by the large numbers of Irish immigrants. Now that the radical left, which owns the Demorat Party, is so close to total control of America they are pushing for more gun control. Not only is it hard to control an armed society, but by disarming the public the public becomes more dependent on government which further increases size and power of government. The bigger government becomes, the more power government has. The more power government has, the less freedom the people have. Fact of life.

  41. Dave Dziadik says

    This guy Kibbil is another left wingnut asshole-that’s why no one watches this weirdo along with Colbert another loser-I wouldn’t waste my TV’s electricity 2 watch these morons- get a life assholes-no one cares what U think or say so put on your pussy hat on an say another stupid shit that comes from the late nite talk stupid shows-what ever happen 2 people like Johnny carson & Letterman–these new people don’t get enterainment-just stupidity from the left-If U assholes R now a voice for the AMERICAN PEOPLE-why don’t U call the most corrupt dueshbag in America SLICK HILLARY ROTTEN CLINTON-Let”s get out your stupid way of statements that R real-PUT THAT OLD HAG IN JAIL !!!

  42. tCotUS says

    The Democrats Have proven GUN CONTROL is NEEDED !!!!!!….>For All Democrats that is !!
    Stephen G Paddock
    Age: 66
    Gender: Male
    Race: White, Non Hispanic
    Residential Address:7272 Ne 8th Dr Boca Raton Fl 33487 Party Affiliation: Democratic Party
    Registered to Vote In: Palm Beach County, FL Party Affiliation: Democratic Party
    Voter Status: Active

  43. nocbsfan says

    We need to Boycott Kimmel 10-09-17 Let the news media that we can control our own destiny

  44. Joseph R. Davis says

    Aw, Jesus wept, people. Still spouting that crap about Hillary Clinton.

  45. Joseph R. Davis says

    Ah, yes. The rage of the far right. Like a tempest in a teapot. Full of sound and fury, and signifying nothing.

  46. ray2hill says

    So, you are now attacking a man whose child was born with serious heart disease because Trump lied to him and he pointed that out on national television. How generous and loving of you. The whole world knows lard ass Trump is a liar. And the whole purpose of Trump and the Republicans is to take money from the poor and sick and give it to their campaign contributors in the insurance industry and big pharma. You are all whores.

    1. Kenny Albert says

      I hope you and every other crying liberal die a horrible death. Go ahead and keep aborting yourselves to oblivion.

    2. bttrap says

      I knew you would craw out from under you rock with your stupid comments.

  47. Californiasailor says
  48. Donald Lindsey says

    According to Kimmel, the only reason we don’t have better gun control laws is that Republican politicians have their “balls” stuck in an NRA “money clip.”

    The real reason is that the liberal socialistic democratic do not want criminals arrested, they claim it is offensive to them being locked up. They rather have them on the streets committing crime so they can bitch about Trump and how stupid the people really are.

    1. Mathew Molk says

      I like being offensive,,,You live a lot longer if you knock off the enemy before he puts you in a defensive position and you get overrun.

      The time has long passed where we should be taking on the left toe to toe where they have no chance against us…..Kid Rock is a good example of how to keep them from talking over the country. I look forward to seeing Robert J. Ritchie in congress. He is exactly what we need to rid ourselves of the PC milquetoasts and MAGA!

  49. Jim Colon says

    Good article. Jimmy Kimmel is just another clueless Liberal and no one with more than an ounce of brains cares what he has to say about anything or anybody. He is nothing more than a walking, talking “Left Wing Joke”.

  50. Michael Dennewitz says

    Excuse me…. but where I come from, we call guys like jimmy, DILDOS!! 😂🤣😃😄😅

    1. bttrap says

      hell he couldn’t make the grade of a dildos

  51. Clayton says

    the left wants to blame the republicans for this, but just remember back when Odumbass took office the left had all three house in D.C. and they did nothing because if they ran on gun control they would not be reelected, and that could be why they lost more than 1000 set across the country?

    1. bttrap says

      and they need to lose more

  52. paul says

    he is too stupid to have his own idea. all he can do is read what some other stupid fool has wrote for him to read. COMMON SENSE AIN’T TO COMMON. S{MT}C

  53. Jerry Cox says

    Two points about this hypocrites position: First of all we have these many deaths going on every month in the city of Chicago alone and they have put in place one of the tightest gun controls in the country. We have more deaths and those wounded that include children much more that the 59 that lost their life in this concert from a person that planned and driven to commit a crime like this and would have done more if the swat team had not moved in.
    Second: This same man has hired and tightened his security with armed x policemen , etc.
    Many of these Hollywood idiots have big mansions where they have built wall up to 12″ high around their residence in addition to armed security.

  54. Kenny Albert says

    The death of every progressive liberal would be the best thing to happen to the world. Any way possible.

  55. Jim Hays says

    Who the hell is Jimmy Kremil and why doe he matter?

  56. Kenny Albert says

    We have to keep our guns to defend ourselves and country from what the liberal communists want to do. As long as we are armed they can’t do anything.

  57. gotcha1 says

    No Jimmy you have your own balls stuck in your idiotic mouth!

  58. Jmanjo says

    Kimmel has something in his mouth and it isn’t words or intelligence! He sucks up to the liberals to improve his ratings which are all toilet variety. He knows nothing about health care but he can cry with the best of the leftards!

  59. buffalobob826 says

    Can someone please make him go away.

  60. Frick says

    when does this guy CRY for all of the millions of babies that have been aborted or for all of the people killed in Chicago on a monthly basis?????

  61. Mike USA says

    Jimmy is a schill for Schumer and the left. No facts, no good ideas, just liberal BS. Like any true lib, only talks to those of the same looser idealogy. They will never entertain an alternate point of view, or facts. Facts are their enemy.

  62. Mathew Molk says

    Jimmie who? – Never heard of him till he started his inane bullshit. He will be going the way of Megan Smelly and the View before too long. – Less then footnote in history.

  63. southerntexan says

    Kimmel the politician liberal buffon, his show and audience are the most ignorant together with Cobert the hypocrite.

  64. Linda Christensen says

    I wonder how much ratings have dropped since Kimmel took over?

  65. disqus_htVNWSBEmM says

    I do not watch Kimmel, or or that other arrogant **&*# that took Letterman’s place. Both are Demotard propagandists and they have no clue as to the meaning of decency and speaking the truth.

    1. Rodney Steward says

      I’m with you, I don’t watch any late night circus shows!!!

  66. Rodney Steward says

    I’ve about decided Jimbo is as stupid as Maxine Waters, both are on the same ball field of retards!

  67. papa doug says

    Does anyone find it strange and telling how Jimmy doesn’t rage against the Antifa or BLM terrorists?
    “Gun control” isn’t about citizen safety people, it’s about turning us into a socialist country and they can only do that by taking guns away from law abiding people.

    1. Rodney Steward says

      Agree totally, I believe this was staged by the left and the deep state thugs! Just too much does not add up on this whole deal!

  68. Rock J. Dueck says

    Kimmel proves yet again that you get the most noise from the empties barrels.

  69. Phil Campisi says

    Well said. Thank you again for giving common sense to fools & scoundrels, whichever is involved.

  70. george briar says

    Kimmel is nothing more than an unhappy homosexual with cheap jokes and even cheaper wardrobe.

  71. TPS12 says

    I guess these morons don’t realize the NRA is made up of law abiding citizens of our great country, who vote. Proof that having a tv show and microphone doesn’t make you smarter that anyone else.

  72. Lynne Gillooly says

    I am a Progressive and a gun owner. It is completely false that the left is anti gun or anti 2nd amendment. Millions of liberals own guns to defend themselves, hunt, compete etc. etc. No regulation will stop ALL mass shootings, but they could reduce the number of deaths and injuries. When the Constitution was written we had single shot muskets. I doubt our Founding Fathers would have wanted citizens armed with high powered assault rifles with accessories to shoot 40-50 bullets a minute.
    The real question is why the right won’t even consider trying to reduce the number of innocent people killed by these weapons. I believe it is because they think they may have to fight the US Government at some point. If anyone thinks we have a chance in hell against the biggest military in the world I have some oceanfront property in Phoenix I would love to sell you.

    1. bttrap says

      what about these cells in the u.s. I’m sure they aren’t going to use muskets against us we used to be the biggest military until obambie screwed it up