Jindal: “We Don’t Need a Second Democratic Party”


Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is not one to mince words, and he had plenty of searing criticism for the Obama administration when he took the stage at CPAC. But he reserved his strongest venom for Republican leaders who have failed to live up to their campaign promises.

“We don’t need a second Democratic Party,” Jindal said. “We need principled conservative Republicans.” He argued that Washington Republicans were “waving a white flag on amnesty and Obamacare” and finished his time on stage by asking them to “grow a spine.”

Jindal’s speech echoes the concerns of millions of conservatives who have watched in horror as congressional Republicans give in on nearly every single battle they were elected to fight. The dispute over Homeland Security funding isn’t quite over, but already there are rumblings of surrender. They want to leave Obamacare to the Supreme Court, they claim their hands are tied when it comes to executive amnesty, and they seem more concerned with getting along with Democrats than they do representing their constituents.

Whether Jindal is a promising Republican candidate or not, he is at least what he appears to be. He talks the talk and he walks the walk, and that’s a combination we haven’t seen enough of in Washington D.C. Our current crop of Republican leaders are so beholden to their socially liberal donors that they have lost sight of the big picture. As long as the corporate class gets theirs, the rest of conservative America will have to make do with big promises and shallow results.

A Conservative Revolution

The time has come for a conservative revolution, even if it costs Republicans the next election. It’s time to put true conservatism on the ballot and let America decide. For the last six years, we’ve let the liberal media pick our candidates for us. They’ve done a wonderful job choosing moderate, milquetoast Republicans that fail to bring an inspiring message to the campaign trail. When a real conservative accidentally slips through – Sarah Palin, for instance – they go into hyperdrive, ensuring that anyone with principles is railroaded out of politics.

But this time around, things could be different. The mainstream media has a weaker grip on the American consciousness than at any time in recent history. Young people don’t get their information from the nightly news broadcasts; they get it from Twitter feeds, websites, and political blogs. In 2015, Americans get to choose their own information sources, saving themselves from a one-size-fits-all biased presentation.

The early favorite to win the nomination, of course, is none other than former Florida governor Jeb Bush, the very definition of a RINO. Buoyed by corporate donors and a willing media, he is the natural next candidate after McCain and Romney. And unless the Democrats really screw the pooch, his results will likely be the same.

If we’re going to lose, let’s at least lose on our own terms. Let’s at least offer America a choice. Let’s see where the people stand. The outcome may be a surprise.

  1. Yadja says

    I am an Independent. I heard good things come out of these young dogs. I don’t even intend to listen to Bush or Paul. But the others I believe one will be president and when he makes it he needs to put these guys in his administration in high positions. Then they need to pull Gowdy and others into the circle and take this country back.

    The damage that O has done to the once Democrat Party has seeped into the marrow of the bones of all our allies and the American people who have brains. Now that O care is going to be putting the hurt on all those who thought it free they might just wake from the Kookaid stupor.

    Not to mention the shape this country is in related to security and safety. When the Islamic loons that O is bringing in by the thousands do their dirty work and bloody the Malls and other scenarios with Americans then there will be a hoot and holler that will resound around the world. Everybody else is already paying the price unless they are lucky enough to live in Egypt, Jordan or Israel etc where real leaders rule. But don’t think we are not going to get our share.

    When you snooze you loose and America is snoozing while O is schmoozing everyone.

    1. marla1 says

      We need a Scott Walker, Ted Cruz, Bobby Jindal, Rubbio, Mike Lee,”” Rand Paul I do Not trust!!!”””
      Does the talk , but will not do the walk, a Rino!!!!

      1. Robert Young says

        I would support all those you named, including Paul.

        1. Yadja says

          maria1 has not a clue.

        2. hankthetank says

          I would not trust Rubio,he flopped with the gang of eight!!!

      2. Yadja says

        All new dogs. The RINOs Mccain, Boehner, Graham, McConnell and every old dog who is ready for attends are the RINOs.

        Get it straight.

        1. marla1 says

          My first choice is Ted Cruz, why, because he is for eliminating the IRS! He is not a phony APA person! Second, Scott Walker, third is Mark Rubio!

          1. Terry Hamblin says

            Maria, Maria, Maria, just met….. Ted Cruz, Scott Walker, and Marco Rubio are losers! Yadja is obviously 100 times more intelligent than you are. She is smart to be an independent so that she does not align with any of these also-rans. She can however vote any way she sees fit. I personally don’t see any good candidates in the GOP, except maybe Dr. Ben, but he has a long way to go and hurdles to jump to get there.

          2. marla1 says

            Terry ,Terry, Terry , Who in your sick mind isn’t better then the muslim communist terrorist in the white house? Ben Carson is very nice , but as long as I live I will never vote for another black man or woman!!!! Or Muslim!!

          3. marla1 says

            You can call me anything you like , but not a politically correct hypocrite!

          4. Terry Hamblin says

            I like Sarah Palin more than all of them put together if she would only get away from the silly stuff and point out her views on the feckless Congress, employment etc. because I know that she has some good ideas.

          5. mica says

            One or two rotten apples (O&@ma , Hill@re) and you’ll never vote for a black or a woman again. How about all the corrupt white men… for years. I’ve seen a number of smart black conservative and smart conservative women in the headlines. To name just a few, Ben Carson, Mia Long, Tim Scott, Michelle Bachman. It is not their color or their gender that poisons the mind.

          6. hankthetank says

            I dis agree with you, My pick is #1. Scott Walker #2. Ted Cruz #3. Rand Paul #4. Ben Carson!! I would not vote for Rubio!!

          7. hankthetank says

            First 2,but not Rubio !!

          8. nancy anderson says

            Cruz all the way!!! He was the only one who stood up against the libs & rinos! What our own party did to him was evil & they will pay for it in the end, for putting their “careers” before the country!!!!

          9. marla1 says

            The GOP are a bunch of dirty old men who do nothing for our country and become dirty wealthy old career politicians who should be eliminated by TERM LIMITS> Ted Cruz is a Tea party member and the Gop is trying to wipe out the tea party. All my contributions are to the Tea Party and the NRA and the National Assoc. for Gun rights!!

        2. marla1 says

          You are the yadja who doesn’t have a clue and more than likely voted for obummer not once, but twice!! Are you even an American??

          1. Yadja says

            You should not speak off the top off your head without reading my posts on the subjects of O. I detest the ground he walks on.

            LOLOLOL My father was in the Death March, he was Apache/Irish an American and my mother and grand came to this country after WWII and being interred in POW camps.

            I am an Army Combat Support nurse since 1988 and served in Shield/Storm and this war. Again you speak off the top of your head and assume me not America due to my nickname. Shame, Shame, Shame.

          2. bpr1122 says

            If you think Yadja voted for Obama, you are nuts.

        3. nancy anderson says

          “ready for DEPENDS”,( the diaper)

          1. Yadja says

            Indeed get um out the door.

      3. nancy anderson says

        He’s a libertarian! He won the straw poll only because there is a large Ron Paul constituency that Rand Paul got. He bussed them in! They almost skewed the last election ( in fact I’m not sure they didn’t skew it) I read a headline on Yahoo the other day that talked about how every conservative at CPAC was against Bush, but by the time he got up to speak he had them convinced! What malarkey!!! He bussed a bunch of people in too. Rinos, libs can never be honest!!!!

    2. nancy anderson says

      My son warned my niece NOT to sign up for obamacare, but she panicked & signed her husband up, & got the subsidies that Obama promised! But when she filled out tax papers for her refund, they kept it to pay back the subsidies that her husband got! She got $3900 back last year & got $35 back this year!!!!!! We “told her so”!!!

      1. Yadja says

        I always said if people can not afford health insurance how do you expect them to pay a fine that includes every member of their family. It has been such a melee from day one and now what are they going to do with all those who can not pay? We don’t have Debtors Prison anymore.

  2. Croco Dile says

    “…We need principled conservative Republicans….” NO, people should free themselves from the dangerous “authority”-cult !

    The Solution
    Nearly everyone can see at least some problems with the “government” he lives under, whether it be corruption, war-mongering, socialist redistribution, police state intrusions, or other oppressions. And many are desperate to find a solution to such problems. So they vote for this or that candidate, support this or that political movement or party, lobby for or against this or that legislation, and almost always end up disappointed with the results. They can easily identify and complain about various problems, but an actual solution always eludes them.
    The reason they are always disappointed is because the problem does not reside in the people called “government”: it resides in the minds of their victims.
    Tinkering with “government” CANNOT fix a problem that does not come from “government.” The dissatisfied voter fails to realize that it is HIS OWN view of reality, his own BELIEF in “authority,” that is THE ROOT cause of most of society’s problems.
    He BELIEVES that a ruling class is a natural, necessary, beneficial part of human society, and so all of his efforts focus on bickering over who should be in charge, and on what the power of “government” should be used for. When he thinks of “solutions”, he thinks inside the box of STATISM. As a result, he is powerless from the beginning. Begging masters to be nice, or asking for a new master, never leads to freedom. Instead, such behaviors are dear indicators that the person is not even free inside his own mind.
    And a man whose mind is not free will never be free in body.
    From the perspective of statists, the victims of this “authority”cult, anyone who does not play the game of “politics,” within the rules set down by the ruling class, is “doing nothing.” They enthusiastically declare, “You have to participate !” They fail to realize that participating IN THE GAME created and controlled by tyrants is “doing nothing”, nothing useful, at least.


  3. Croco Dile says


    Truth is, there wasn’t much more turnover of incumbents than usual, which is typically about 15%. It appears that most of the turnover occurred because about 40 people decided to retire. This means that 85% of the incumbents that ran again, the same people that have betrayed our trust so many times we can’t count, are sill in office !

    Democrats celebrated when they won control of Congress and their Messiah was enthroned at the White House.
    Conservatives are acting the same way, as if some huge change has occurred and the “Republican are now going to save us !” Seriously,when has either party ever saved us?!

    The Republicans are just as responsible as the Democrats for the nightmares we find ourselves in.

    1. joe says

      The Federal government is a malevolent entity whose sole raison d’être is growth and it is populated by politicians whose sole purpose is the accumulation of personal power.
      The politicians lust after power above all else, and they will say and do **anything** to obtain/maintain power.
      They think that they are royalty and they act as if they were.
      Like the French royalty of the 18th century, the rich politicians desire only their own comfort.
      “What? The people have no bread to eat? then let them eat cake!”
      The politicians have come to believe that they are our masters rather than our servants.
      They are out of control.
      It’s time to vote ALL of them out of office.
      We need to have a ‘REMOVE INCUMBENT’ option on the ballot but just to vote for one who is _not_ the incumbent is not to remove a politician from office, it is only replacing that politician with its clone.
      The remove incumbent option must leave the affected office unmanned.
      That we should wish to cast them down and have no one in their place is not a thought that occurs to their minds. That we should seek to eliminate the office itself does not enter into their darkest dreams. It is to this end that we must direct our votes and our thoughts; to remove the incumbent from his office and then close that office for a space, preferably forever.

    2. nancy anderson says

      the only reason the “republicans are going to save us” wasn’t true is because the same 4 rinos who got us into this mess with Obama were reelected!!!!! If that wouldn’t have happened, we would be looking at TP people running things & Obama would be out of ammunition! The zealot left can find NOTHING bad about conservatives in Gov’t that they can use to blackmail them with! I don’t know what they have on Chief Justice Roberts, that got him to cave on obamacare! I can remember veiled threats ,by Obama, against Roberts, & can remember thinking, This guy can’t be bought, but low & behold, there he was caving in in a most egregious manner! & yet the rinos expect the courts to “settle” the obamacare dispute, so they don’t have to do anything?!! Especially when all the rinos in the senate confirmed the 2 liberal women on the court to fight against all we Americans believe in!!!! Orrin Hatch & McCain+ plus a few more unscrupulous rinos did this to us,so we can never have a true ruling anymore! Obama expects Ginsburg to resign before he leaves office so he can appoint another lib to the mix(probably a black lib)! If any of the rinos confirm this travesty they are going to hell!!! BTW they already confirmed a black woman to take Holders place, & she’s worse than Holder! What is the matter with them?!

  4. Gerald A. Reason says

    The problem is, like America, the Republican Party has turned form its roots and allowed the enemy to trample our rights and our Constitution. By being infiltrated by the “moderates” (another name for those who are willing to compromise principle for power) we have become a spineless puppy, able to be whipped into compromises which they give up nothing and we give up everything. I have refused to donate to the party until someone with backbone gets into the leadership and stops harassing the conservatives who stand for what this country was meant to be.

  5. marla1 says

    Get rid of the old career political sewer rats! Any way we can!!!! Do like killary Clinton, she bagged 49! If we the people bagged that mant we could save this nation before the terrorist muslim in the white house wipes it out!! Americans are so stupid they are not intelligent enough to see why he is bringing in 70 million middle east garbage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. suz says

    We need to be able to vote for term limits. They stay in office to long and become corrupt if they aren’t already

    1. JACK3889 says

      Congress will never vote for term limits on themselves. The only way we might get them is if the Convention of States movement gains more steam. 35-26 have joined to date–38 is needed.

      1. suz says

        Let’s hope the movement gains more steam

      2. Robert Young says

        Be aware that this opens a dangerous door

        1. nancy anderson says

          NO, it doesn’t!!!, Robert

        2. mica says

          Robert we have already opened and went in the dangerous door……now look at our government.

      3. marla1 says

        “We The People” Can demand it is on the ballet if we had enough intelligence!!!

        1. JACK3889 says

          The majority lack the intelligence to pour water from a boot before they put it on. lol. I won’t reply sgain to this article. Hope you real my long post on G20. Bye now.

    2. Robert Young says

      Yes, I would like to see term limits of ONE six year term, come in, do your job as best you can for 6 years, no worries about reelection, then go home. Keep the retirement and medical care you have at home for you will be going back to it in 6 years and the Government will offer neither retirement nor medical care. This 6 year term limit should apply to all elected and appointed offices, including the Judicial. No more “career” politicians or judges. Unfortunately, our career politicians will never pass it.

  7. C K Johnson says

    That is the best single line Statement at CPAC. Both leaders McConnell and Boehner are about as Liberal as they come. The Democrats voting put Mitch McConnell as speaker. A lot of Democrats are afraid of Obamas death to America scheme. I have a lot of Democratic friends who backed Obama for years. I would keep telling them all of the things he was doing against the United States. They finally started looking and reading exactly what Obama was doing. Now they do not trust him at all. They all voted Republican in the mid term elections.

    1. JACK3889 says

      I suspect both as long time career politicians have some pretty strong evidence of illegal dealings behind them that would not bode well for them if exposed. That’s how Hoover maintained control of all in DC is many years as FBI director. Boehner was fast to accept that WH PC PDF fabricated BC as authentic with the words: “I guess that answers that”. When in reality it was the smoking gun that should have brought Obama and his gangster regime down shortly after release.

  8. C. STELL says


    1. Maggiemae says

      Great post!!!! I am in total agreement with term limits. I’ve been writing for the past 4 years that term limits are a MUST. The million dollar question….HOW DO WE GET THAT STARTED. We know Congress will NEVER vote for that themselves. Kill the goose that lays the golden egg…never! I had read that Dick Mulvaney from SC had introduced a term limit Bill. Funny that never went public. I never understood the term RINO’s before…but I sure get it now. It’s time to separate the men from the boys. Everything I’ve heard Jindal say I totally agree with. The GOP realy needs to stop pushing Bush down our throats. Another Democrat in sheeps clothing. I just pray we have an America left to save after these next 2 years of hell. Everything the Constitution spells out is being destroyed piece by piece by this dictator in chief. The entire ‘internet nutrality’ is ONLY to silence any and all opposition to our voices against this regime. I hope every single person wrote to their Representatives and Senators screaming not to pass this FCC bill. Free speech is at stake. Will people be asleep at the wheel once again???????

      1. Peatro Giorgio says

        It’s Called the Constitutional Convention of the states. Article V. That by passes congress. There is no means by which Congress to can stop it.

        1. Maggiemae says

          Ok…I’ve read that before. So HOW do we make this happen. How can everyone in their respective states make this happen. I’ve been going around in circles on this issue for several years now. Does it have to start with the Governor of each state or where does anyone start on that.

          1. Peatro Giorgio says

            It start with you and I an all other first By Contacting your state legislature and telling them We not only wish but demand you All sign off and. and move the Process Forward.

        2. Robert Young says

          Yes, but it is a dangerous door to open. Much could be lost as well as won.

          1. Peatro Giorgio says

            Robert .That may very well be; that which the Liberal Lunatic left, its corrupt media Cohorts as well the John Birch Society an the neo-cons other wise known as rino’s desire you an other’s to believe. But the facts speak for themselves.I for one do not believe a single word coming from either source listed above.
            .The facts are ! No other articles are to be consider other then those already preordained. They in compass None other then term Limits. A maximum of combined 12 years either you serve 3 – 4 year terms in the house or 2-6 year terms in the senate. Next up term limits for the Judiciary. No more life tenure. Yes there are 3 or 4 other articles .However they pertain solely To the political or Bureaucratic aspect. They do not pertain to the peoples right. Now you and others may wish to believe and or promulgate those Lies. Frankly that is your right to do so. I however tend to believe that which I have read and that which comes through the honest Console of Mark Levine. Further More it is the very establishments both parties who desire to defeat the effort of the people. So then one must take with a grain of salt anything that would come from either party.

          2. nancy anderson says

            not true!!!! read & listen to what Mark Levin has to say about the Constitutional convention!! Levin is a very learned man & knows the constitution, back 7 forth! Very smart man! Smarter than you, Robert when you discount something you know nothing about! Are you a shill for the libs? A smart man comes up with an answer to all our problems & you want to poo poo it! Why?

      2. JACK3889 says

        Serving the country should be more like jury duty. A duty few want to do with damn poor pay–lol. Then they might do the job voters elect them to do–serve their electorate and not themselves as most are prone to do now and to hell with the oath they take.

        1. Maggiemae says

          The more time they spend in Congress….the more the lobbyist are in their back pockets and the term ‘to hell with the oath they take’ really applies.

    2. JACK3889 says

      Two terms of two years for the house. One term of six in the senate. but turning out only half in the general election year, and half in mid-term years. That way we might get more citizen reps and surely fewer carrier types. And no damn full salary retirement, and make it retro active. And no SS agent protection for life for past presidents. In 239 years of history no former pres. has ever had one attempt on their lives. But it costs us billions yearly to fund retirements and protection services.

    3. davidsunkle says


      1. nancy anderson says

        the tea party people need to stay as they are the only sane people who will do the will of the people! btw, I would like to see Palin run against Hitlary!!! wouldn’t that be a kick!!! the press would go wild!!! we could see right thru their hypocritical coverage against Sarah & decide to vote for Sarah for that reason alone!!!!

    4. Robert Young says

      C. Stell, I agree that Jindal would be an excellent candidate but the Elite that controls the Republican Party will never let him receive the nomination. I also would like to see term limits. I prefer one 6 year term for all elected and appointed Offices including the Judicary. No worries about reelection just do your job to the best of your ability for 6 years, then go home. No Federal retirement or Medical Care. Keep what you had at home as you will be going back in 6 years.

  9. Len Tippett says

    I agree totally. I will not vote for another RINO. I will stay home on election day like millions did when the establishment chose Romney. I will at least be able to say that I did not participate in the final destruction of America. I have been lied to for the last time.

    1. bmwsid says

      Please don’t. Pick a good third party candidate and vote for that one, and get all those you can to do the same! MUCH better than sitting on your hands!

      1. Len Tippett says

        Agreed, but it will need to be a candidate that has something to offer, I will not give someone my vote just to say I voted.

      2. Len Tippett says

        Find me a good third party candidate to vote for, and I will. If I have a place to write in a candidate, I will vote for Ted Cruz or Allen West. Don’t know anyone else at this point that I would consider.

    2. Lizfan says

      Conservatives staying home on election day is how Obama won a second term! We cannot afford that nor anything like it again! Do NOT stay home on election day!!

      1. JACK3889 says

        No Obama got re-elected when the USA voting machine tabulator was suddenly sold to one in Spain a few months before the election where no oversight was possible over the count. We have one in the WH who is not even a naturalized citizen, let alone a natural born one under Art.2 Sect.1. Who is a legal citizen of Indonesia thru adoption at the age of six years old in order he could even enter school in that nation.

        1. Lizfan says

          Well it certainly wouldn’t surprise me that the democrats cheat. That’s nothing new. As for the “birther” claims, I think it’s been proven that Obama was born in Hawaii.

      2. Len Tippett says

        You are incorrect. Obama won because the RINO GOP establishment gave us a candidate that fit the description of a second Democratic Party. Read the article again. You missed the main point.

        1. Lizfan says

          That is the other reason Obama won. There is more than one reason Obama won a second term. Mine is one reason & yours is another.

      3. Robert Young says

        Liz, I will go vote but I will not vote for the lesser of two evils. Conservatives and Constitutionalists have no voice or representation in either the Republican or Democratic Parties and I don’t believe that the Libertarian or other Parties can garner enough votes to win but some of them will get my vote.

        1. Lizfan says

          That’s one of the problems in elections though, 3rd party candidates never win. If millions of people in the US thought like you there wouldn’t be any problems. But because so many people choose to vote R or D, it basically means that any vote for a 3rd party is a vote taken away from the Republicans. That is another reason why Obama won a second term. Whether you or I like it or not we both-in fact every conservative, constitutionalist, Libertarian, etc.- are going to have to suck it up & vote straight Republican. That’s the only way to prevent Hillary or any other destructive democrat from becoming president & the only way to get the progressives out of Congress.

    3. Robert Young says

      Len, don’t stay home, go vote. If your Candidate of choice is not on the ballot, write him in and vote your conscience on the other issues.

  10. JCWS1 says

    Jindal “nailed it” with that comment.
    Time to have Boehner admit he is a liberal democrat who lives in Odramas’ hip pocket.

    1. JACK3889 says

      Any idea how much Boehner made investing in insurance companies when ACA was passed? We had a mail–$8 million in 3 months. And they are going to repeal it? And congress passed a bill whereby they can’t be indicted and charged with insider trading. And the constitution bans congress from passing any law that benefits them to the exclusion of the general population.

    2. justreality says

      He is not a liberal demorat!!!! That is the moronic $hit that continues to hurt the Republican Party — as much as your hated RINOs.

      1. JCWS1 says

        John Boehner has done nothing to advance the Republican party. He has proven to be an ineffective eunuch who lacks any presence of male genitalia what-so-ever.
        I’ve proudly called myself a republican for sixty years up until George Junior appointed some less than reputable advisors who lead the republican party down a blind alley of sorts. The war machine has bought themselves a party while the socialists, liberals and union hacks have stolen the other major party.
        We need term limits for ALL elected officials and we need some return to credibility for these representatives we elect to speak for Americans.
        Washington has to rise above having a price tag for everything they support.

    3. marla1 says

      Time to all petition across America and get Rid of Boehner and McConnel !!!!

  11. FrankLee says

    There is one way to force the GOP “leadership” to walk the walk, do not contribute one penny to the Republicans until the party shows proof that it respects the will of the conservatives who put them in office.
    The $10 and $15 contributions of the otherwise voiceless conservatives is indispensable to political victory.
    Sit on your wallets until they cry uncle.

    1. bmwsid says

      I have been called by the RNC and asked what I think, and to make a contribution. I asked why the heck should I, when they can’t give us a candidate worth voting for? I said we need candidates that will honor their oaths, and follow the Constitution!

      1. banjojack says

        Immediately after the CRomnibus passed, the RNC sent me a fund raiser. I informed them if they were short of funds, the next time they spread their legs for Obama, they should charge him for it like any sensible prostitutes would do. Yes, I sent it.

        1. OSAMA OBAMA says


        2. Lizfan says

          Oh lord lol!

        3. armydadtexas says

          The CRomnibus was the warning of things to come. McConnel and Boehner blow smoke up America’s a$$ right before they roll over on their backs and pee all over themselves. Those two ass holes along with the McCains and Grahmnestys are destroying what is left of the Grand Old Party. I won’t give one red cent to those COWARDS> Not only that, they are complicit with Obama and the democ-RATS in destroying America. The political class has turned on America for their own gain.

          1. nancy anderson says

            Yeah, how did they get elected back to their posts before the Nov 2014 election? I remember when they got reelected (those 4), & I saw them basking in their wins against the libs, I thought, what good does it do for us to win “all out” on Nov. 4th 2014, if the 4 rinos are already back there running things as usual!! They should all be impeached or recalled! Can we recall Obama???!!! (Am I mistaken about them winning their seats back BEFORE Nov 4th?)

          2. armydadtexas says

            I wish you were mistaken, but you are not. The political class in America have turned on the Citizens (Voters). They tell us one thing during the election and then it is back to empowering themselves. Boehner and McConnell have defrauded their constituents. They lie over and over again without regard to whom they harm. This morning The House of Representatives had a real leader speak. The Israeli Prime Minister. Too bad America doesn’t have a real leader like him. See, Israel gets it. Our political class doesn’t have a clue.

          3. Bob Stewart says

            I couldn’t agree with you more. We have lost our nerve and have compromised our values just to remain in office. I don’t vote to send someone to congress to compromise with democrats, I send them there to vote the way they promised and to represent their constituents. It seems that if some news outlet writes that a vote could cost the party next election, is all it takes for representatives to abandon their voters in favor of the party hierarchy.

      2. SlipperCity says

        I tell them the same thing when they call me, have been giving them the same message for at least two years and they just don’t care; else, why would they call me at least once a day every day. Can’t get them to stop calling me, and they just DON’T LISTEN.

      3. skipsart says

        bmwsid…..I’m curious as to what response you got to that very good question.

      4. Robert Young says

        I told te RNC that they did not represent me, Conservatives,or Constitutionalists so I would not give them one dime and was thinking of changing my voter registration to Independent.

    2. don76550 says

      Do what I do. Do not contribute to the republican party, instead contribute directly to various conservative candidates running for offices throughout the country. Those contributions will go directly to that candidates campaign and not to party hacks. I always contribute to conservatives in primary elections that are challenging RINO party hack incumbents.

      1. JACK3889 says

        Each candidate in both parties should have the exact same amount to run on which would prevent outside interests of buying a candidate. As it is each candidate gets plenty of free time exposure.

        1. Diane Brenner says

          I couldn’t agree more

          1. JACK3889 says

            One election is barely over and the begging begins for the next two years distant. We ALL should be sick of it.

          2. Diane Brenner says

            Boehner (sp) really disappointed me. McConnell I didn’t like from the get go. I used to believe that the longer a person was in office, the smarter and harder he got, but I’ve definitely learned different. This is not a government “of the people” any more and there is nothing we can do about it, other than an outright revolution.

          3. Robert Young says

            It might come to that.

          4. marla1 says

            The Political snakes think we are all The Bank Of America!! God help us to get rid od the drunken Boehner the bonehead and Old Mitch McConnelle The senile old thing his Asian wife is running his show!

          5. JACK3889 says

            Since you mentioned banks. I will share something you may not know. When G20 met they snuck in a new banking rule whereby we are no longer depositors in our banks, but are creditors of them. What does that mean? Should they fail the FDIC will no longer bail us out. We as creditors have to stand in line with all others against the banks assets and fight to get what little we may that was in our accounts. Better make certain your bank or banks are very solvent. Those fiat Fed Notes are worthless counterfeit. Your safest hedge is to transfer them while you can into gold or silver which are real money. Silver is cheaper and with a ratio of 72 to 1 is the better way to go. The historical ratio is 16.8 to 1 and will return to it at some point. Some predict $600 silver, $7,000 gold per ounce. Gold stands at 1,208 per ounce, silver at 16.45. You can purchase 100 ounces of silver today for $1,645 that should it hit $600 would be worth $600,000. You can do the math on gold from the numbers posted. There’s no way this country can redeem $17Trillion of debt. We are the next Greece.

        2. justreality says

          I could not agree LESS. This is just another form of socialism. In any event, do you really think that would work, and how? The candidates would only get the same amount and then all outside organizations would be free to spend as they choose. And let me make it perfectly clear — the Constitution provides for any group to support who they want to whatever extent they want.

          We got the Supreme Court to, rightfully, agree that that is the law as outlined in the Constitution. Do you now want to give that back to the leftists and communists? Please you far, far right zealots, think before you speak and before you vote. I am pretty damned far to the right and you folks often make no sense. You guys/gals will support some knuckle head that has no chance of EVER winning and then whine when you lose. I agree that we need real conservatives to run, but they cannot be off the rails — Ron Paul had NO chance of ever winning a national election, yet you all just continued to give him money. We need someone who can win. Is that Jeb Bush, probably not, but he is not the anti-Christ that we have now. If he could win, I would support him in a heartbeat as he is worlds better than the jacka$$ we currently have and the next idiot they are going to nominate.

          1. Lizfan says

            Nominating Jeb Bush for the presidency would be a colossal mistake. He may not be the monster we have now, but he’s related to Dubya, whom most people despise. No one wants another Bush in office & if Jeb gets the nomination Hillary will absolutely win. Also, Jeb believes in amnesty for illegals and that’s the very last thing the US needs right now.

          2. Robert Young says

            If the Dems steal the election for Hillary and the voters and Congress let it happen we can expect no help from the Law over voter fraud and intimidation for Obama just appointed and Congress approved Lynch, who does not support our Constitution, for Attorney General. Don’t waste a vote for Bush, he is just another version of Hillary.Neither of them would uphold our Constitution.

          3. Lizfan says

            No kidding. We need to prevent a democrat win at all costs.

          4. hankthetank says

            NO, BUSH !!!

          5. Robert Young says

            justreality,you are entitled to express your opinion and cast your vote for the Candidate of your choice as am I. Jeb Bush does not represent my beliefs of what our Country needs. Over the past elections I have voted for the lesser of two evils, but never again.I will vote for my Candidate of choice in the primaries and if they don’t win the nomination I will look at third party candidates and if none suit my beliefs, I will write in my choice. I would rather waste my vote trying to elect someone I believe in than voting for someone I don’t believe in.If enough voters do this we wil possibly elect some true patriots.

        3. bpr1122 says

          So, if there is a third party; for example a conservative party, the Democrat party and the Republican party should get everything and the third party nothing.

          If you claim that all the parties should get an equal share of the money, then you will have a multitude of trivial parties claiming their share.

          You are never going to stop outside interests from buying candidates. An easy way to buy a candidate is to promise them a nice job when they are out of politics.

      2. banjojack says

        My point. You can always contact the candidate and find out how to contribute directly. Money sent to the RNC will end up in some damn RINOs pocket.

    3. CrustyOldGeezer says

      NEVER donate to a ‘party’. It just gives them money to party on.

      DONATE to the PERSON mostly inline with your views and beliefs.

      That way the money is ALL his/hers, to further their campaign, instead of split 80 ways depending on how many limp-wristed politicians and bureaucrats the party wants to buy.

      1. justreality says

        Agreed! Whenever I get calls from any GOP organization, I tell them that I only support specific candidates with whom I agree.

        1. CrustyOldGeezer says

          When I get the calls, I tell them when they support MY candidates I may consider donating.
          I don’t get many calls anymore.

    4. gmhunt4 says

      When I receive a phone call asking me for a contribution, my response is, ” no money from me until Boehner & McConnell lose their leadership jobs to CONSTITUTIONAL CONSERVATIVES in the House & Senate.”

    5. Jay Pierre says

      Bingo, I give to individual candidates, So far a pretty good track record, Scott Walker, Matt Bevin, Cory Gardner, Bobby Jindal, Nikki Haley, Tim Scott, Mia Love, Joni Ernst, David Brat, and a few others, Even when they lose they win. I have told the RNC go pound sand until they stand up the the Democrats ALL THE WAY. No compromise with socialists.

      1. nancy anderson says

        I’m glad Cruz got in there(thanx to the tea party), before they were on to the TP!

    6. docwilly says

      been doin just that. Also going to go Independent

      1. nancy anderson says

        Independents can ruin the vote for TP conservatives! Independents & libertarians are almost as bad as the liberals! O’Reilly is an Independent & he gives Obama every benefit of the doubt but will judge Cruz & listen to all the lies about conservatives just to bend over backwards to be “fair”! Out of all the news shows on Fox & Fox business, there are, maybe 2 conservatives in the whole bunch! Take the Five! The only conservative on there is Waters from “Waters World”, when he is a guest! The blond is George Bushes former press secretary, she’s a rino (as is Krauthammer) She actually said Hillary was a good Secretary of state one day! Kimberly is for Jeb! She is too young to have her conservative values shaped by years of
        abuse by the dems & rinos, who were against Reagan WHILE he was president!!!! The little guy is libertarian & takes the wind out of Erics sails more than he needs to. Even tho’ he goes after Obama in a most splendid way, he still has to be contrarian when it comes to good points made by someone else! To go on, Cavuto is NOT conserve. he goes whichever way the wind blows! Greta goes out of her way to apologize or Obama, even now when she sees what he is doing! (Rudy is right!!!!) I could go on, but you get the picture! If Fox never, ever had on another liberal, we still wouldn’t be “even” for all the propaganda over these many years of lib rule over the media!

        1. docwilly says

          sometimes you bite the bear-sometimes the bear bites you. If a Rino gets the nod, I’ll vote the other way. Sorry about  that KEITH

        2. Robert Young says

          Nancy, independents are the only chance Conservatives have of being elected.Most independents are conservative and will support good conservative candidates from any Party.

          1. Cami W says

            Robert Young, hubby and I are conservative Independents and have always voted Republican, but we are tired of the GOP establishment taking us for granted and we are TEA party members, when McConnell told us that we are “bullies” who “should have our nose punched,” was the last straw, we will continue to support conservative Republicans like Ted Cruz, Scott Walker, Mike Lee, etc.. but give us JEB, Christie, Graham, we will support a third party. On major issues there is no difference between the GOP establishment and the Democrat party.

    7. Michael Dennewitz says

      Wellll… Behold! Someone told it like it is! I’m about to faint!!

    8. MAHB001 says

      That is exactly what I do too. I told the Republican elite after what they pulled to get Cochran elected over McDaniel in Mississippi I would be making contributions to the candidates of my choice.
      And then I said. .. There is consequences to elections.

    9. Camp Taji says

      Absolutely! When I get GOP literature in the mail I return the contrition form in the amount of ZERO and the message “not a dime until you grow a spine”

      1. marla1 says

        Lol I do Likewise and sometime my notes are not nice! But it cost 49cents and I get from 10 to 28 every day! Who in God’s name reads all that garbage, but we still have to open it! What a waste of our tax dollar for repetitious BS and it will go on for almost 2 years!!!

    10. nancy anderson says

      My vote is for Cruz!!!! He was the only one (besides Lee), who had the guts to go after obamacare & he was ridiculed & trashed by RINOS & libs! If they would have backed him & not been so scared of the power of the tea party, we would have been rid of obamacare by now because all the rest of the nation would have gotten behind the republicans!!!

    11. Obie Miller says

      You are right on FrankLee. We should not contribute any amount to the republican party,as long as the RINOs, who are only interested in big businesses and in lining their own pockets are in charge. I, and many others, consider it to be totally foolish, and even stupid, to have to PAY the politicians that we have elected to do what we put them in office to do!

    12. Al Malm says

      Small donations mean nothing to these
      RINO’s. The big 100K donation
      does. If there was a constituent PAC
      that was organized to take in small donations, and bundle them into big
      donations, (“This donation is from 2,000 of your constituents), it would have a
      much bigger impact on the RINO’s.

  12. Mark E. Hartley says

    We need a real revolution !!! Voting is a joke !! Our country is being taken away from us and given to illegal immigrants and muslim refugees !!! We have a muslim in the white house that hates America and we’re doing nothing about it !! He let the foxes into the hen house and we will pay for it very soon !! I’m a pissed off American and I can’t take much more of this BS !!

    1. JACK3889 says

      Voting is a joke when done by machine when the software is easily rigged. Obama in 2012 got 125% of all registered voters in one Fla. county, 106% in another. The same happened all around the country. just two of the worst for example.

      1. Robert Young says

        Yes, but the Attorney General (Holder) refused to investigate it. The new Attorney General, Lynch, whom Congress just approved, is just another Holder in a skirt. She will not uphold the Constitution either.

  13. Ironmike4610 says

    WE don’t need a Democommunist party AT ALL…

  14. SouthernPatriot says

    “Grow a spine!” is a good line. I call it “testicular fortitude” or “grow a pair.” Just too many wimps there. Too few men. Some of those in Congress with the strongest conservative values and stands are women, which is no disgrace but you can count on about two hands those who stand with Americans on most things.

    1. JACK3889 says

      You better be squeaky clean in DC or they own you if you are not. And exposure puts you looking at some serious prison time. No legislator can become a multimillionaire on salary alone. Check the net worth of each and how they got it, and what they had when they entered office.

    2. JACK3889 says

      The greed for power and money is what can and does eventually corrupt most in Congress.

  15. FJ Rocca says

    It is indeed the best, clearest statement. However, the only–THE ONLY–candidate who does it right is Walker. The others try to “shape their message” in order to “appeal” to this group or that. Walker does NONE of that. He does not say that we need to open our arms to enlarge the party or to win over the middle, blah, blah, blah. Walker says THIS IS WHAT I BELIEVE THAT THIS IS WHAT I WILL DO. IF YOU’RE WITH ME, VOTE FOR ME. IF YOU’RE NOT, THEN VOTE YOUR CONSCIENCE. If anyone has a spine and does not need to grow one, it’s Scott Walker.

    1. nancy anderson says

      I agree with your comment except the part about Cruz! he had the guts to go after all of obamacare & take the ridicule & all that goes with it, to do the right thing! Walker is OK too as far as having conservative values, & I would vote fro him in a heartbeat, but Cruz is much more courageous than Walker IMHO!

  16. millerstwo says

    Isn’t it refreshing to actually hear a Republican talking and acting like a real Republican?

    I’ve been reading other peoples comments talking about electing the ‘right’ candidate which would be nice if we actually had a chance to do so as the truly conservative nominees are never supported by the ‘establishment’ Republicans (RINO’s) or the media. If by chance a true conservative slips through the cracks can we even trust the poll results? Seems as if every election huge blocks of “absentee ballots” especially from the traditionally conservative military are lost, stolen or to late to count and don’t forget the reports from all over the Country regarding corruption at the polls after ‘every’ election cycle and who always blocks the conservatives attempts to tighten voter I.D. law?, uh-huh you guessed it the rotten to the core progressives.
    The last election really verified all my suspicions regarding how dirty politics have become when the American people overwhelmingly voted Republican and we finally got the “majority” in both the House and Senate but to no avail as absolutely nothing has changed except perhaps a bunch of RINO’s being forced out of the closet so to speak.
    Our last vestige of hope is to get as many “Tea Party” conservatives elected as possible even though the progressives have made the term “Tea Baggers” (as they put it) and anything associated with the Tea Party movement synonymous with anti-Americanism. Bottom line the progressives are scared to death of these conservative patriots because they represent our America the America worth fighting for!

  17. fred says

    Mitch and “bonehead” have screwed us for the last time! we elected these fools to help fight the tyrannical kenyan’s administration even with the power to send that asshole to jail they don’t do what we elected them to do, so send all of the current Congress to prison and start a new group of patriots in their place! We need ALL of our freedoms restored not the frauds that are there lying to us 24/7!

    1. Robert Young says

      Fred, unfortunately Mitch and “bonehead”have NOT screwed us for the last time. Watch and see.

  18. Charles Rent says

    What you need to be worried about is a second REPUBLICAN party.

    That’s the party which is dividing between its MODERATES and its CONSERVATIVES, which is why its, currently, in a LOSING POSITION to the Democrats.

    1. JACK3889 says

      You see what Egypt did when the Muslim Brotherhood under Morisi, Obama’s buddy? Obama said in 2008 when he bowed to the Saudi king, and later addressed a group of Brotherhood in perfect Arabic said: “I am one of you”. And since that day his every action has proven it to be true. Forget the lying psychopaths words, follow his actions ONLY.

    2. Robert Young says

      Doesn’t seem to be much difference between the Moderates and the Democrats.

  19. chamuiel says

    No to Jeb Bush. If he is the candidate, I will not vote for him.

  20. william barr says

    the dem’s must be giving money to the gop that’s why they keep helping the dem instead of doing there jobs. Nov 2016 will be the date I set for myself, if the gop is still working for the dems then I will not vote for either party.

  21. PayTheMan says

    This is not a pattern exclusively suffered by the conservative right… it is also suffered by the liberal left. both groups have elements that want the politics to swing more heavily to their side. the left’s greatest objection to obama is that he came in walking the walk of the left but then moved so far right (to the dead center as lefties see it) that he was no longer representing them. that would be, it seems how the righties feel about bush3 or romney or whomever.

    so i guess the question is that in a ideologically divided country, what is the best thing to do? swing real wide so that one side wins and then another and we ping pong around? swing real wide until one side wins and some sort of revolutionary actions result (because the “other” side ain’t going away). or move to the center and let everyone be miserable but increasingly complacent?

    i have my opinions… but they are irrelevant. we are in a turning point it seems for our country… and time will tell.

    spoiler alert: i’ll give you the scientist’s perspective*: we see the biogeochemical cycles of our world in flux. we scientists have a pretty good idea why. bad news is that those cycles don’t give a flying hoot what the politics are of the world. IF our dynamic atmosphere shifts (in a semi-permanent way) to a new equilibrium point** and humans can’t tolerate that new atmospheric condition… well then… all my writing above will become immaterial as mother nature will have made the decision for us.

    (*I am a scientist for a living.) **look up if you want to dynamic equilibrium to get my drift

    1. JACK3889 says

      Well, I’ll tell you this, we all have one creator who created heaven, earth and the universe. One GOD only who spells out exactly HIS plan in the King James bible. The one world order is one major factor that must happen tho it receives a deadly wound–5 months before Anti-Christ de facto is thrown to earth to rule 5 months–Rev. 9:5. Then comes the true second advent of Jesus who rules with an iron rod for the millennium when all flesh–good, bad, and the ugly are changed to spiritual body in an instant at the 7th trump. This is the final generation of the fig tree Jesus said to know , and it began in 1948. You have a choice. Get on the winning side or not. Each have free will. Science has been wrong on many things, but biblical prophesy has been 100% correct over the past 12-14k years of this 2nd earth/heaven age. At the end of the millenium is final judgment when all that is evil goes into the lake of fire. The 3rd age is eternal for those who survive. Nothing evil will.

      1. PayTheMan says

        THANKS jack for the spirited response.

  22. Robert Young says

    You are certainly correct Sir, we don’t need a second Democratic Party which is what we have been getting from the Republican Elite who control the Party. I believe that since the Elite controlling BOTH Parties want the sane things, Control over the people, Power. and Money, the People’s money, to spend as they see fit, Conservatives have no voice nor Representation in either Party. We can support the individual candidates of our choice, but not one thin dime to the Party.

  23. ken29 says

    What we need is three parties, but that won’t happen. The next best alternative is to get two parties, one liberal (lower case l) and one conservative (lower case c) seeking freedom from tyranny and to improve the General Welfare to replace the tyranny represented by the present Liberals Upper case L) and the tyranny advocated by the new Conservatives (upper case C). Constitutional Freedom over tyranny of any kind.

  24. Combatvet52 says

    “grow a spine.” Bless you Bobby

  25. Diane Brenner says

    When I voted in November, I thought truly thought a Republican majority in congress would bring about some desperately needed changes. I have never been so wrong. Now, I can only believe that that Republicans have either been bought out by whoever is controlling Obama (my bet is Soros) or they are being blackmailed. If either is the case it’s a disgrace to all parties and it;’s time to do a complete rotation of the members of Congress.

  26. Jim says

    I agree. In fact, I’d even say that we don’t need the Democrat-IC Party we already have!

  27. William Walizer says

    Listen,damn GOP, either you do what you promise or WE the U.S. Citizens will elect someone else to do what you have failed to do. Govenor Jindal is correct, you do not have a backbone and this shows that the GOP is scared or is just like the liberal democrats!

  28. Joshua says

    The first step to fixing the government isn’t the creation of a different political party, but the elimination of the party system.

  29. Alexander Seredin says

    We do not need Jindal, that is for sure

    1. nancy anderson says

      Jindal is a good, strong man & I would welcome him as president, too. Only conservatives need to apply as far as I’m concerned! It takes guts to stand up to those fools! It doesn’t take any guts to be a liberal when the whole court press comes in to wipe out all your “mistakes”! Do you know that Obama has been to 57 of our “united” states??!! What an ignorant fool! I don’t believe he ever was a law professor! Nobody remembers him from school & there would certainly be hundreds who would have remembered the future president of the united states!!!

  30. Jeffrey Wymore says

    The gop rhinos dems in republicans clothing need to grow some antlers. They lost them years ago.

  31. rchguns says

    We need for five Democratic Party’s, the more the better. There’s ever any advantage that the Democrats of had over the Republicans is their ability to maintain more or less a single party support system. It would be better for the nation and especially conservatives at the party would start dividing his votes amongst many candidates.

  32. OSAMA OBAMA says

    Come 2016, we millions of “Conservatives” and 2nd. Amendment lovers had better organize and vet our next candidate! If we don’t, we deserve the Gov’t. we get!!

  33. fsa0033 says

    Don’t give in to the ruler. We can take care of ourselves. If DHS folds and the border goes porous which doesn’t make a difference anyway, The border homes that are armed will take care of home invaders with due purpose. Let the body count rise!

  34. A. Little says

    The GOP is not the answer !!!!!!!

    1. marla1 says

      We the people ARE the answer and need a trust worthy military man to lead us to clean the white house of the old career political leeches who are living off our backs!!!! Term limits are needed a petition by the people needs to be started!!!!

      1. A. Little says

        I agree !

  35. draftsman69 says

    Jeb Bush is riding on family coat tails and talks a good talk, but he is not walking the walk. He is not living the conservative message he presents. We need someone who will. We need someone that will reveal how the American people have been lied to and undo the wrongs committed by the current administration. I tend to think Ben Carson would be a good choice. No he hasn’t spent his life in politics, he hasn’t been a governor nor is he a lawyer; however, I believe he brings a lot to the table as someone that can lead this nation in a bold way. He is a black man but that’s not what makes him a good choice. Investigate Ben Carson. I think you’ll like what you see.

    1. mica says

      I agree 100%. He isn’t afraid to say what he thinks and doesn’t “shape” his message to fit a particular audience. He just speaks the truth.

  36. Bob Barton says

    Quit letting foreign money dictate American politics.If any politician sways from the constitution they should be replaced immediately.

  37. Bob Barton says

    Maybe sending baby bottles and diapers to the republican party might have a better affect.

    1. Mark Lahti says

      Maybe sending liberals back to the sewer whence they came would help get this country back on track to be the great nation it once was before the likes of Clinton or Obama.

    2. Dan says

      I thought lib’s wore the diapers so they don’t mess their drawers, in case they hear a gunshot 🙂

      1. marla1 says

        Just love that reply!! They that want our guns so badly neglect the thought of who will protect them when the time comes, and it will be here before that muslim communist terrorist is out of the white house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Unless ISIS gets him first HOPEFULLY!!!!

  38. Mark Lahti says

    You mention five republicans out there and seem to think none of them have any conservative guts like a speech by Jindal seems to have exhibited. Well how about another Republican Governor who spoke at CPAC. How about WI Governor Scott Walker. With as much as has been said about him recently both in Iowa and CPAC you seem to be ignorant of his accomplishments here in WI. I can’t seem to find a name attached to this article. However you are not as knowledgeable as you try to portray. Gov Walker has done miracles here in WI. He as has made more progress in turning around and combating liberals in four years than has been tried here for decades. This is one man that can stand up to liberal ideals and win. He has the guts to state the truth and the smarts to know what to do. How about checking out this guy and publishing something that makes sense instead of trying to belittle the R party.

    1. Dan says

      If he ends up making it, he has my vote. I like Walker. True Republicans are too few and far between these days. At least we do have a handful of strong conservatives left, such as Rand Paul, Walker and Cruz, aside from a few others I didn’t mention.

    2. nancy anderson says

      So does Cruz!! He went against all the rinos & libs against obamacare which is a scourge on this nation! He was laughed at & mocked by all tose who think TP people are stupid! Sarah Palin scared all the libs because of her brave bold speeches! She went after Obama like she was supposed to & McCain didn’t like her doing that because he is a bleeding heart liberal & the powers that be,(Rove) told him NOT to go after Obama, but failed to tell him to go after obamas policies! Rand Paul is NOT a conservative, he is a libertarian! Libertarians have been pushing their philosophy for years at the expense of the conservatives!!! Way back when we were running against Pelosi & the other libs, there were lots of libertarian & other voices on talk radio, that were calling for us conservatives to vote for the libs to teach the rinos a lesson! Glenn Beck was calling for this too. This is how Pelosi & the dems got their power back & in those few short years passed all these laws that hurt this country terribly & still do at this point in time! I remember Pelosi writing something in 1 particular bill which had a “rider” or some such that said, if regime change came to the WH & the other 2 branches of gov’t., the opposing party couldn’t change anything in this bill FOREVER!!!! How’s that for being a devious lawyer???!!! I wrote a letter to the editor at the time excoriating them at the time for screwing us all up!

  39. rmwayne says

    Gov. Jindal pretty much tells it like it is. I’m proud that he’s our governor in Louisiana.

  40. Ron Kimball says

    A divided republican party will never win the elections that count

  41. Mi espada says

    Your money does not do squat for these presidential hopefuls.. They thrive on special interest money from the big boys. You are wasting money when you send it to them. They don’t need it and they will not honor it or your wishes. They work for corporate America and no one else.

  42. armydadtexas says

    Sadly though, with Boehner and McConnell that is exactly what we have. I am so done with these COWARDS. They don’t give a damn about AMERICA. The political class has turned on the people who vote for them

  43. phil62 says

    Jeb Bush? We have already lost again. At least the crappy demorats come out openly and let you know what they stand for. The only thing we keep getting from “fake” conservatives is lies and spineless House Speakers. I bet there are no more than a dozen true Conservative Republicans in Congress. I am proud that Greg Harper is my Rep. and a solid, honest Christian. I am more fed up with our own party than I am the dumborats. That don’t have to work for anything; we just keep handing things over to them.

  44. sweetolbob says

    Bobby is 100% correct ! For years the “Old Boys” in the Repub. party catered to industry and business by allowing a steady supply of cheap, easily replaced labor in the form of illegal aliens.
    They are at it again, pushing Bush to the forefront to assure that he gets print and media coverage.

    Don’t allow them to do it ! Write, call, and be heard by your Repub. elected officials. Write party headquarters. Publish on any social media you can find. Make your voice heard. If you don’t, you can look forward to another Obama, or, God help us, a Hitlery.

    Americans need to let them know that we won’t allow them to slide off another Rino like McCain !
    We have a choice of fighters and need one that will stand up to traitors like Obama and hags like Pelosi.

  45. Patriot47 says

    I pity anyone who thought 2014 would change the GOP.

  46. nancy anderson says

    I am a 71 yr. old who has been a Republican since I was old enough to vote! I listened to talk radio when it was crawling with liberals! I watched C-Span every morning & listened to all the liberal crap just to hear a staunch conservative come on & clean their clocks with logic! I’ve read APs biased news every day in my newspaper & I detest libs & the hold they have on the blacks in this country, keeping them in chains & beholden to their “free” stuff! Before Obama came on the scene I saw how the republicans were slipping into demoncrat land! It started with George Bush 1 when he said the words “A kinder, gentler, nation! He just wiped out all Reagan did & we’ve been putting up “moderates ever since! When the Tea Party started(by regular folks like you & I, I & my family went for it! The tea party has all the answers to the problems we face as a nation, not some black lib community organizer who hates America(if he didn’t, he wouldn’t always be putting it down at the expense of world war 3 coming up!) I give money, only to conservative candidates & to the tea party. I still have Boehner people call me for a donation since I told one of their telemarketers why I won’t donate til he gets a spine! What Obama did to this country is unimaginable & he is so proud of what he’s done & I blame the repubs for letting him do this just so they can have their chairmanships back & the country be damned!!!

  47. Alexander Seredin says

    We do not need racist ass like Jindal that is for sure

  48. Yadja says

    What Democrat Party? O said he is a Progressive, Hillary did also. There is no Democrat Party anymore.

  49. Bob Stewart says

    Why do we need democrats at all?

  50. disqus_JETq43v7xm says

    I am beginning to like Jindal more every time he speaks…he is one male politician with a pair…rare these days! He is absolutely correct. Unless the Tea Party pulls out from under the Republican umbrella we will basically have only a choice between losers who are sold out to the destruction of the USA. Excuse me, that is not totally correct now that Obama has helped create a Muslim Party. The conservative leadership has to find a way to breakout of the pack and live up to their campaign promises.

  51. Tyler Dresden says

    Boehner is a gutless Winny that is closer to being a democrat than some democrats. A Trojan horse could barely do as much damage as he and Kentucky fried Turd need I mention his name. Republicans need balls conservative balls plain and simple something neither of of the two bozos possess. Wait they entered the republican house through the “Trojan donkey”. They are the enemy get it people..

  52. Political View says

    About time they heard it from inside

  53. Tracy Jones says

    KUDOS BOBBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. adrianvance says

    The old guard Republicans are in terminal envy of what the Democrats pull off…

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for clarity.

  55. OldPatriot32 says

    You can count the number of loyal American in Congress on less than your 8 fingers, thumbs are excluded.

  56. Robert Young says

    Go Bobby, keep telling it like it is. Too early yet to know who I will vote for but it will NOT be Jeb Bush.

  57. Cami W says

    All of you, well said, I have the same sentiments and I will not give a penny to the GOP until they start keeping their promises, how Boehner and McConnell keep getting elected God only knows.

  58. SouthernPatriot says

    In Louisiana, for centuries we were led by a one party system. We had the “best politics money could buy” and all were Democrats. my father was a prominent one. From time to time good things were done for the people, but for the most part the Democrat leaders just lined their own pockets and those of their family members.

    When duly elected Republicans were elected, groups of white extremists would murder them (Colfax Massacre, Thibodeauxville Massacre, and Pattersonville Massacre.). These same murderers were not caught and continued to help form the KKK, formed entirely and manned entirely by Democrats through its sordid domestic terrorist history).

    The Republican Party in the state came about when citizens, grass roots citizens, became so angry with the Democrats. Jindal rose a crest of that sentiment into office. I hope the Governor will keep speaking openly and truthfully. We surely do not need a “Democrat lite” party.

  59. adrianvance says

    The Republican leadership is in terminal envy of what the Democrats get away with.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for clarity.

  60. Al Malm says

    The Rino’s, who tell their constituents one thing and then do not keep their word, are either honoring the bribes they have accepted from big money, or are being blackmailed by some entity that has something on them,
    or have lied to their constituents.

    None of these reasons for not keeping their word is good. So I say to them, if none of these reasons
    apply to you, keep you word.

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