John Kerry Defends His Awful Foreign Policy Record


Secretary of State John Kerry penned an op-ed for The New York Times on Thursday where he defended his accomplishments and those of President Obama on the eve of Donald J. Trump’s inauguration as the 45th President of the United States.

“There are some who see nightmares wherever they look and insist that the entire global system is unraveling and that America’s position as world leader is in precipitous decline,” Kerry wrote. “As the departing secretary of state, I cannot claim objectivity. But I will leave office convinced that most global trends remain in our favor and that America’s leadership and engagement are as essential and effective today as ever.”

This is the kind of nothing statement you can make without worrying about anyone contradicting you. If you don’t make any assertions of fact, you’re exempt from fact-checking. It’s hard to quantify spurious terms like “most global trends,” “our favor,” and “leadership and engagement.” Even if what Kerry says is true, it could be that global trends favor the U.S. in spite of what he and Obama have done – not because of it.

But that’s obviously not what Kerry wants us to believe, because he spends the rest of the op-ed defending the Obama administration’s foreign policy decisions.

On the nuclear deal with Iran: “We blocked Iran’s pathways to a nuclear weapon and made our nation, our allies and the world safer.”

Then why is it that so many Middle Eastern countries, including Israel, believe you did the opposite? Why is it that so many experts think Obama merely kicked the can down the road a decade…while handing Iran billions of dollars with which they can fund terrorism and ultimately build the bomb?

On Russia invading Ukraine: “The Obama administration was able to defy skeptics by working with our European Union partners to impose sanctions that have isolated Russia and badly damaged its economy.”

Yeah, and then Putin reached into his bag of tricks and installed a Russian puppet as the next U.S. president! At least, that’s what you guys have been telling us, right? If you damage a country’s economy and, in retaliation, they determine your next election, is that really a victory for diplomacy? That Kerry even had the gall to mention Russia proves that he doesn’t really believe that story.

In closing, Kerry took a thinly-veiled shot at the incoming president.

“Diplomacy requires creativity, patience, and commitment to a steady grind, often away from the spotlight,” Kerry wrote. “Results are rarely immediate or reducible to 140-character bites. But it has helped build a world our ancestors would envy.”

The generic “diplomacy” has accomplished some of this, but not the version used by John Kerry’s State Department. This administration’s diplomacy has led to a tottering house of cards that could collapse at any moment. Obama and Kerry took a big gamble – Can we keep everything together long enough to get the hell out of dodge and then blame the next president when it all comes crashing down?

It paid off.

Now it will be up to President Trump to deal with the fallout.

  1. GODBlessRealAmerica says
    1. MAHB001 says

      Well done, the traitor is unmasked.

    2. Bill Senior says

      It’s about time somebody put out some truth about the Muslim Traitor to America …sure happy he’s out of OUR White House!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. pappy450 says

        He’s OUT, BUT when he “returns” to DC to “form” his “shadow government” as he has said, Trump’s AG should immediately ARREST him and his minions for TREASON and being a TRAITORS to “We the People”

        1. Combatvet52 says

          AND Botox Kerry should receive no pension.

          1. pappy450 says

            EXACTLY! CUT ALL their asses off, and put them where they belong in prison of in the ground where TRAITORS BELONG.

          2. Combatvet52 says

            Agree 100% and I hope Trump does something with the time limits of all these useless lawmakers limit 4 years……..and no pension.

          3. Gary Smith says


          4. Mark Plenn says

            Keep Gitmo going now and forever; that can be OBAMA’S LEGACY!

          5. sensrbtch says

            there is and never was a legitimacy for that guy. Moselle has more legacy then he ever will!? he will be the BLACKOUT IN PRESIDENTIAL HISTORY~! right next too king dikhed nixon!

          6. Roy Fredrichsen says

            Is there enough room at GITMO for all the traitors?

          7. Brenda Sinclair says

            if we as Americans all feel this way then we should stand up demand our rights that Hillary Obama, Kerry, Biden all face indictments of treason against america, to sit on your couch and complain gets us no where, contact your state Representative fast, start demanding justice for all, not just for the Americans but also for those who held office that committed crimes against america

          8. pappy450 says

            Already TRIED that route…I live in the COMMUNIST State of N.Y. and “my” representatives believe, because they are mostly scumocrats, and RINOS, the people that “did us wrong”… DID NO WRONG. All you get are “form letters” back telling you how WRONG you are. Scumocrats and Rinos alike are POWER HUNGRY and will do anything they can, to hold on to and KEEP that POWER , CONTROL and of course MONEY. THAT is why they will try any way they can to fight the TRUMP administration tooth and nail so the “swamp” will remain they way “they” like it. (CORRUPT)

          9. Laddyboy says

            Are you sure you do not live in the DemocRATic Peoples’ Party of Maryland? Our “representatives” MUST have gone to the same INDOCTRINATION training camp.

          10. pappy450 says

            Seems like the “east coast” area all were indoctrinated by the same bunch of scumocrats. (maybe there is a brainwashing school that we don’t know about)

          11. sunandfun says

            You may be RIGHT about that. That is why they don’t wind up in PRISON!

          12. meangreenMarine says

            They probably were instructed by the West Coast “Progressives” who don’t believe that they have to follow Federal Laws! Here’s hoping that the New Attorney General will make sure that Gov. Brown either follows the Laws or loses every dime of Federal Funds for any purpose.

          13. Gerry Costa says

            Certainly you don’t include the great schumer !!!! (a whole lot of sarcasm) can you tell.

          14. pappy450 says

            He a “great one” alright. Another “lifetime scumbag “politician” that should have been booted out long ago. (i should know… I live in the COMMUNIST STATE of N.Y.) We “northern N.Y.ers (yes life DOES exist above Syracuse) don’t really care much for the SCUMOCRAT “elites” that run N.Y. and the “cities” vote them right back in because they promise the people that live there, “freebies”. Pray for “term limits” to be voted in and SOON!

          15. Gerry Costa says

            I also live in upstate NY and can’t wait for term limits. It is long past due. They also need to divide the state of New York for voting purposes.

          16. Mark Plenn says

            How about the Peoples Republic of New Jersey!

          17. Deplorable wizard says

            Brenda makes a good point.
            A search of friends, contacts, etcetera, and I believe we could get petitions started calling for prosecution of these anti-American lot. I for one would not know how to start a federal petition but, would sign all petitions if it truly can work. You are correct, though, going to your local federal representatives is like telling the coyote to keep the fox out of the hen house. We need a more “grassroots” approach.
            Any ideas?

          18. pappy450 says

            I have signed “petitions” before and in my own opinion, they don’t do anything except put you on a “list” of people that the “government” will watch closer.
            AND I believe they just put them in the “round file” under “IGNORE”
            MAYBE with President Trump, these “practices” will be stopped.
            I Have sent letters to my FEDERAL reps, and got the same result (form letters) and telling you just how WRONG you are. (of course I am in the COMMUNIST State of N.Y and chuck-you-schumer is my senator.) SO in closing, no “ideas” here. We will just be ignored as usual.

          19. Mark Plenn says

            TEA PARTY IS THE ANSWER!!!!!!!!

          20. Mark Plenn says

            Join the Tea Party; they’ve helped to keep Hillary from the W/H.

          21. sunandfun says

            We don’t have enough room or prisons to handle that many crooked politicians!

          22. Mark Plenn says

            Who needs prisons; chain gangs are more productive!

          23. GODBlessRealAmerica says

            Amen we all should….

          24. Mark Plenn says

            Don’t include Biden; he’s just their dupe.

          25. DevelDoc1 says

            Kerry and obama don’t need the government pensions; Kerry is married to the Heinz fortune and obama is far richer now than when he went into office. So cutting pension would hurt them not.

          26. pappy450 says

            Rich or not, IF President Trump’s AG puts the whole bunch of TREASONOUS a-holes in jail to await “punishment” no amount of “money” will help.
            I CAN wish, Can’t I???

          27. sunandfun says

            Yes you can. They haven’t figure out how to stop us from wishing YET, THANK GOD!

          28. DevelDoc1 says

            Yes you can, we all can wish

          29. Deplorable wizard says

            The obamanation cleared gitmo, which means plenty of room for him, his administration (including those that were not there in his last days – [ thats to especially include the demon hellery]), the dnc party chiefs, madonna,streep and a few others. Oh, and soros.

            He also signed the NDAA which allows for detainment indefinitely, without charge

          30. Mark Plenn says

            No send Soros to Russia for war crimes trial for what he did in WW2.

          31. Deplorable wizard says

            Not Russia, Israel.

          32. Mark Plenn says

            Israel has no death penalty, Russia is a place where people just are seen no more!

          33. Deplorable wizard says

            While soros just disappearing would greatly benefit the entire world, a public trial on an international stage, exposing him for what he truly is to all, would not just solve the problem of george but, discredit all of his dealings and the people that work for him doing his bidding. It would also shame the ignorant common folk that just think he’s a rich guy that wants a better world for everyone.

          34. Retired says

            Making felons out of them would take away their money once locked up.

          35. sunandfun says

            Don’t believe that my friend. A lot of criminals are in prison and still running their gangs out of prison. Makes you wonder huh?

          36. Retired says

            They would have had transferred the money ahead of time . Sharpton the Snitch is being supported by his followers and non profit orgenizeations..

          37. Dawn Doran says

            People should ignore Sharpton, Obama, Lewis, Kerry, Clintons and Comey…

          38. Mark Plenn says

            Sharpton still owes federal income taxes, how come the IRS goes after the every day citizen, but not the sleeze bag SHARPTON?

          39. Dawn Doran says

            And that is the truth!!

          40. Mark Plenn says

            You must fine them more than they have; thus they have no means to make a long court stay.

          41. sunandfun says

            It would save our country a lot though!

          42. jjmcl431 says

            his wife put him on an allowance all ready.

          43. Combatvet52 says

            Like he needs it, his hefty pension our tax dollars will keep him very comfortable this is something Trump has to sign into law 4 year term limit and no pensions.

          44. jjmcl431 says

            i know that. i was responding to the comment that he should not be given a pension. i agree that he should not be given one.

          45. Combatvet52 says

            I gotcha

          46. Mr Rollo says

            Botoxed and false bewigged Kerry !

          47. Combatvet52 says

            The last two secretary’s of state aren’t worth the paper their printed on, two of the biggest LIARS ever.

          48. Mr Rollo says


          49. Combatvet52 says

            Yes indeed Mr Rollo

          50. Mark Plenn says

            Traitors, they were a lot more harmful than if they were just liars. Hillary’s urainium deal with Russia?

          51. Combatvet52 says

            True, just being LIARS was nothing compared to all their criminal acts.

          52. sensrbtch says

            wer is the REDMAN wen we need too hear from him?? combatvet; you are not forgotten! U.S.A.F.,medic,66-70.

          53. Combatvet52 says

            Thanks for your service Vet

          54. Mark Plenn says

            He ran ran ran till his mommy took his fast boat away!!!!!

          55. RuFus92 says

            He’s rich enough he doesn’t need it. So I’m with you no pension.

          56. Combatvet52 says

            535 lawmakers don’t need a pension for doing nothing.

          57. dino m. says

            I thought that doctors used botox as a remedial fix for migraine headaches, not for actual cranial cavity filler!

          58. Combatvet52 says

            Wish he gets on a space ship along with all those liberal jackazzes including Hollywood and get lost in space.

          59. Bob Seawright says

            Hey, John, why the long face ?

          60. Combatvet52 says

            Because he lost his cushy do nothing job.

          61. Mark Plenn says

            Mommy took his fast boat away!

          62. Ferd321 says

            Kerry just marries stupid rich women or widows for his money. He was notoriously unsuccessful in earning his own fortune.

          63. Combatvet52 says

            He is what they call a BLOOD SUCKER

          64. Ferd321 says

            Correct. I love the long face comment. Ever notice this scumbag licks his lips like a snake?

          65. Combatvet52 says

            Absolutely he is a snake.

          66. ABO says

            No offence Combatvet52, but the term I use is ‘parasite’. Meaning is the same.

          67. Combatvet52 says

            I know I use parasite many times in reference to these useless POS.

          68. Mark Plenn says

            Kerry has enough money from the widows he married!

          69. Combatvet52 says

            That’s because he is a scumbag

          70. Jim Strong says

            He should get a new pair of shoes. He cement kind.

          71. Combatvet52 says

            Agree 1,000 %

          72. Mark Plenn says

            He can’t sleep with the fishes, they won’t have him!

          73. Jim Strong says

            HAHAHAHA good one.

        2. ErnieLane says

          I don’t know about that . . . but I think Trump should tell the Air Force not to pick the Obamas up. It’s tradition to take the departing President someplace — usually home — but that’s it. Obama should fly back on his own dime.

          1. Michael Dennewitz says

            And most of that, he and the benghazi bitch STOLE!

          2. Brenda Sinclair says

            sorry to inform you for rest of Obama life he has free transportation on government planes, pension 400,000 per yr free medical and a lot of free perks,

          3. ErnieLane says

            Not sure about either — I think the pension is $200K — but even if the transportation is free for him — everybody else reimburses as the first-class rate; maybe his family is free — it’s not on demand. The USAF doesn’t _have to_ do it.

          4. pappy450 says

            Not if the TRUMP AG puts his butt in a cell for TREASON. (I can WISH can’t I?)
            just think of all the MONEY we will save!

          5. sunandfun says

            Good thing that the government haven’t found out how to stop us from dreaming.

          6. Brenda Sinclair says

            yes we all sure can, Hillary and Obama along with Kerry and Biden and podesta all need to go to jail for life and done same way they did little innocent children raping them, so they will know how the little children felt

          7. pappy450 says

            OH yes! I’ll bet “Bubba” is lonely and wants some new “romance” LOL!

          8. ABO says

            And isn’t that an absolutely disgusting thought.

          9. sunandfun says

            Unfortunately he stole enough money from our treasury to keep him going for life!

          10. Mark Plenn says

            Make his live by the tax laws. Obama will try to weasel out of paying taxes.

          11. Mark Plenn says

            He’s a common man again; and let him pay the S/S men’s air fare too.

        3. sunandfun says

          That would be the BEST JOY this country could see.

      2. sunandfun says

        You can’t be happy until he is OUT of the country. He could take over IRAN and RUIN that country!

      3. David Hansen says

        Obummer should be in an outhouse and that would be a proper memorial

    3. Gary Smith says

      Well said

    4. Brenda Sinclair says


      1. sunandfun says

        I don’t think even the Russians would have anything to do with that SCUM HAS BEEN!

        1. Brenda Sinclair says

          wrong wrong after obama falsely accused PUTIN of hacking our elections, and sending back his people from usa,,PUTIN IS GONNA GET OBAMA see obama run run

  2. Justin Seine says

    John Kerry was the answer to the prayers of the terrorists for his entire tenure! They are going to miss him something fierce. The rest of us not so much. The terrorists know that Trump will not replace Kerry with another doormat.

    1. MAHB001 says

      The terrorist should know that America is no longer a doormat.

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      1. GRIZZ says

        Your mom just made 20 bucks sucking my cock.
        I’ll pay her next week

      2. MAHB001 says

        Flagged you scum puppet. Moderator please remove this spam if you have the time.

        1. Mathew Molk says

          Seems like the only time they have is to block the regular users for using non PC words.

          1. MAHB001 says

            No kidding huh… I quit going to Breitbart, and WND because the moderators blocked me too often. I walk a thin line between advertising the website and posting contributing content, so I am sensitive to this stuff. These google posts are obviously way over the line. I got blocked for far less on all these sites.

    3. Mathew Molk says

      Yea,, but they won’t miss him for long,,,or miss anything else for that matter.

      Do they still get the virgins if they get killed by a hyperberic bomb?

      1. Brenda Sinclair says

        they get 70 virgins lol, that should keep them busy in heaven for sure !!

        1. sunandfun says

          I don’t think That they could ever get to Heaven!

    4. Mark Plenn says

      What do you expect from a coward who ‘got in his fast boat and ran, ran, ran till his mommy took his fast boat away!’

  3. BigC says

    Kerry is every bit as delusional as the clown he works for!!!!!!

  4. itsfun says

    After Kerry and Obama I am surprised there is still a Israel

    1. AlanWH says

      There Will Always be an Israel. “For HE Who Guards Israel, Neither Slumbers nor Sleeps.” Psalm 121:4 Hussein and Kerry are the ones Bound for Destruction.

      1. silvereagle says

        God took his country back from these misfits . We have his back as well as POTUS Donald J Trump. NEVER AGAIN.

      2. Brenda Sinclair says

        ALAN SO TRUE you can never take away or destroy what belongs to God in heaven, those that stand against Israel , God will stand against them.. but those who defend and stand by Israel God will bless and stand by them that is why america is so great, we stood by defended Israel, i would hate to be in Obama shoes facing God for his crime against Israel, just remember when Obama now falls, God did it.

      3. mrpoohead says

        And the reason we have such misery in the Middle East is because of the US interfering in 1948 – since then it’s been a disaster. We turn up late for the important stuff, can’t finish the un-justified and generally stuff the planet up.

        1. Mark Plenn says

          mrshithead; go to hell!

          1. mrpoohead says

            Truth hurts.

    2. Michael Dennewitz says

      Trust me, Israel and her people will NEVER be destroyed! ! ! !
      SHALOM !

  5. wildeagleone says

    John Kerry was and still is a disgrace to this nation and he, like Hillary, was picked for SOS by the traitor in chief to carry the water to further disgrace and attempt to take down this country as his leader, Obama dictated. This SOS should be in prison for his denouncement of this country years ago as well as his attempt to assist the Palestine’s to steal the land that is the country of Isreal

    1. ONLYJB1 says

      Oh my. Someone who shares my same feelings of kerry! Treasonous traitor! Much like his partner in political crime john mccain! mccain is no hero! He is the epitome of communist evil! The nation has just been fed a load of crap concerning john mccain! His life since 1965 has all been a lie and well covered up!

      1. Brenda Sinclair says

        i also share same feelings i will loose respect for president trump if he does not bring Obama Hillary Kerry Biden all to justice for treason against america and their treason cost the lives of many young soldiers, and the 4 men in Benghazi. WHY SHOULD THEY GO FREE?

      2. Mr Rollo says

        McCain was a “prisoner”, NOT a hero. A prisoner cannot be a hero unless they do something heroic, which McCain did NOT do.

        1. Mark Plenn says

          Wait, I’m no fan of McCain as a Senator, when he ran for the W/H in 08 my sons asked me about him; and I said ‘Manchurian Candidate don’t vote for him’,but that doesn’t take away his bravery. He held up to being abused all those years in the Hanoi Hilton, he still can’t use his arm. He could have had his dad, a high Rank Naval Officer ask Pres. Johnson to make some kind of deal to free him. John McCain because he was a prisoner; might not allow our troops the ability to push a little, to get needed information from capture enemies.

  6. MAHB001 says

    “John Kerry penned an op ed for the NY Times…”

    Hmmm… I didn’t know the NY Times let people with zero credibility write op eds…. (sarcasm)

    Confirming neither have any credibility at all.

    1. jimbo124816 says

      The Times lets their staff writers with no credibility, write columns every day.

      1. MAHB001 says

        I guess the NY Times is the epicenter of the writers with no credibility club.

      2. silvereagle says

        Poorly trained and educated by far left college professors. The media swamp needs a drastic refurbishing and shake up that will finally give the AMERICAN PROPLE the correct and truthful news. Hey media, if any of you have the courage to start a new media MOVEMENT— STEP UP TO THE PLATE NOW.

  7. Mike & Linda says

    This whinnie liberal is still dreaming. America is about as influential in the world as it was before Reagan was elected. We are viewed as a pack of fools running around apologizing for our success. I, for one, think we have a great nation and I don’t want a WORLD ORDER to tell me as an American how to live. All these new world order supporters will be hiding behind the real Americans when the world order laws start crimping their life style. The Muslims are infiltrating every where. They are all over Europe demanding sharia law be inforced in the areas they live in. As they continue to spread, under that sharia law (homosexuals, trannies, drug addicts, alcoholics, bi-sexuals, or Christians, Hindus, Buddhist, scientologists or any other religion) these folks will be beheaded. The liberal progressive has the ability to look in to the future about 5 seconds and can’t see beyond that.

    1. silvereagle says

      Excellent and well said. Let us never forget that a segment of the USA society voted for these misfits that almost brought us to a terrible end. This was a result of progressive/liberalism, politically correct so called leftists leadership since the 1960s. We the hard working silent majority must remain ever vigilant and vote at every election for the best person that have USA Constitutional beliefs and support thereof.

      1. Mike & Linda says

        Thanks for the compliment. What the modern liberal forgets and the democrates want every one to forget is that the democrates were the slave holders. The republicans were the ones that felt and believed there shouldn’t be slavery and that all people are equal and should all be free. Also republicans were the ones in favor of the 19th amendment giving women the right to vote. The Hollyweird types were discriminating against black performers well into the 20th century. Now the liberals stand around acting like they were the campions for freedom. They (liberals, democrates and thesexneo-feminists) are all hypocrites. I’m old enough to have been in the real fight for women’s rights. We won. All this new crap is just that, crap.

    2. Mark Plenn says

      The first westerner beheaded was an American journalist.

      1. Mike & Linda says

        And your point is? He was probably a Christian or a Jew. They don’t really care where you are from as much as you being an infidel.

      2. Mike & Linda says

        And your point is? He was also probably a Christian or Jew. But most importantly, he was an infidel!

  8. richjack4 says

    He was a traitor to this nation during Vietnam, and he was a traitor while SOS. That fact can never be taken from him. The lives he has cost this nation throughout his “service” will haunt him well past death. That is his legacy.

    1. Mathew Molk says

      3 months in country, scratchs himself with a pen knife and turn it into a million dollar wound. What an asshole.

      1. richjack4 says

        These are the people the Libs warship exclamation for claiming to be so smart, they certainly don’t do their research!

  9. Justin Seine says
    1. Mark Plenn says

      If only this were true!

  10. dog lover says

    Kerry & obama came very close to destroying our country. Kerry is as diluted as the
    Closet Muslim hussein obama. Two p.o.s..

  11. mudguy1 says

    “We blocked Iran’s pathways to a nuclear weapon and made our nation, our allies and the world safer.”
    That lie equals the Obama lies of you can keep your insurance if you like it and keep your doctor and you will save 2500 dollars a year.
    We not only get rid of Obama at noon tomorrow but Kerry as well.

    1. Mark Plenn says

      Just like Chamberlain in the days before WW2. Kerry brought us peace in our time!

  12. Sean Rickmin says

    You Mr.kerry have been drinking obamas koolaid.What else is in it,is it spiked with something.Because history WILL judge you and the rest of obamas dirty deeds.

    1. silvereagle says

      HAVE YOU SEEN THIS hippie TESTIFYING BEFORE congress DURING THE Vietnam ERA?? HE THREW HIS MEDALS OVER A FENCE . WHY DID HE HIDE HIS 3 PURPLE HEARTS from the media and the peoples verification??? Something very disturbing on how they were awarded???

      1. Mathew Molk says

        3? He didn’t even have one coming.

      2. Mark Plenn says

        Yes as a Officer he put himself in for the awards.

      3. silvereagle says

        Thank GOD, the misfits 0f the past 8 years are gone.

  13. Thomjeff says

    By picking two losers, Clinton and Kerry, for sos shows what a true leader Obama has been. High noon tomorrow to get outta town.

  14. Tiger says

    He has a daughter married to an Iranian.
    At his daughters wedding was the man he negotiated with on the Iran Deal.
    His wife supported the Tides Organization a terrorist organization.
    He was found guilty for giving aid to the enemy in Nam.
    Carter gave him a Pardon.
    Clinton Sealed his Records.
    He is nothing and hopefully all these snakes will be taken out.

    1. silvereagle says

      And yet a mentally deficient segment of the usa voted for this bunch of misfits not only once but twice. Luckily God sent us a great leader POTUS DONALD TRUMP to save his Country from demise AND TOTAL EXTINCTION. Progressive liberalism far left fanatic control has destroyed every great society/country the past 5000 years of history.

      1. Tiger says

        These mental midgets not only went wild on America but I am hearing on the international news many European people suffered the same thing with leaders like Merkel and others.

    2. silvereagle says

      Keep exposing the trash we have been subjected to the past 8 plus years.

      1. Tiger says

        Doing my best been doing it for years but nobody listened. Now people coming out of the woodwork exposing what O did during his terms.

  15. Richard Daugherty says

    Complete Incompetence!!!!

  16. Voice Of Reason says

    Keeping it pithy: “Good Riddance”!

  17. Rick D. says

    Like most lame, brain-dead liberals, Kerry is selling snake oil. Only the ignorant and brainwashed Dems would accept this nonsense. Fortunately, his dismal tenure (much like the Crooked One) is now over.

  18. robert sanders says


  19. James Bryson says

    It is difficult to define where Obama administration deceit ends, and feckless ineptitude begins.

    Rhetoric without governance, travel without statecraft, self-congratulatory closing comments…thank heaven this posturing, preening, faux leadership has expired.

    1. silvereagle says

      We can all thank the MAIN STREET MEDIA for supporting the inept, anti American bunch of POTUS Administrative misfits this great country has ever seen. And those that voted not once but TWICE— what the heck were you thinking???


    2. Mark Plenn says

      The whole 8 years was an ego trip for OBAMA!

  20. Jmanjo says

    It is the likes of John Kerry that has put our nation in harm’s way due to his ineptness and total failure in the international arena. Thank goodness he is out of office and considerably the worst Secretary of State the country has ever experienced. In fact, most of Obama’s cabinet were total flops! Never have so few put out such tainted accomplishments and comforted with the totally false government factual data. It will take years to sort out the lies and cover-ups of the last eight years.

  21. GrizzMann says

    Well Kerry was following orders, like when he spent Christmas 1968 in Cambodia.

    1. ABO says

      Good point, Grizz, I had forgotten that one!

  22. bill14729 . says

    Did we have ISIS before Obama, Hillary and Kerry, No Case Closed

  23. Thomas says

    America does not want to be ruled by the global community. We vote for an American President, an American congress. If people like John Kerry wants to be ruled bu the know it alls, Terriost sympothisers, and the lying new media let him, but keep this unamerican thinking out of our government.

  24. AlanWH says

    Add Kerry to the Long List of Pathetic Failures of the Trash Heap of History. A Legend in his Own Mind Only. Good Riddance John, You Pathetic Deluded Dunce!

  25. Jack Smith says

    John Kerry did not have the balls to tell Obama to frig himself.
    John Kerry did not stand for America he was as the person below said
    A Doormat! A supporter of terrorism. A worthless POS! The definition of rich and stupid just like Nancy Pelosi

  26. 2 parrots and a dog says

    Kerry is jerk now like he always has been. Why even over what he says. Some people are better ignored when they leave office. Others like the Clintons should be prosecuted.

  27. james gould says

    Not a fan!

  28. SouthernPatriot says

    John Kerry has long been a traitor and liar. I am not surprised that he would lie about himself and his record. Don’t all demented Democrats do this? People with sound minds won’t believe him, but those who are dependent upon support from taxpayers and who are demented themselves will believe him.

  29. Bill Senior says

    Kerry, another Libtard Looser attached to the Muslim Traitor/Terrorist Obama Regime!!!!!


  30. Apple153 says

    I bet ISIS was glad that Obama ,Kerry,Hillary, Nancy,Harry was cheering for them

  31. Jem says

    That search for Kerry must have been difficult, because it is hard to find someone that stupid.

  32. Egor von Johnson says

    Does anyone in the world respect this bafoon? What a dork!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. randy jackson says

    Thank God dufus Kerry is out of office.
    We’ll watch this wretch decay into oblivion with glee.
    Kerry is an open border, globalist that continues to kiss the CFR ring.
    A despicable turd of a human.

  34. MILES E DRAKE says

    We learned 12 years ago that he was a flip-flopper and a fraud. It is now clear that Jean-Francois Cohen has done more for anti-semitism than any gauleiter or mullah. This is not surprising because in addition to being the obedient servant of a foreign-born foreign agent he is related to the Iranian terrorist junta. He will rank with Benedict Arnold, the Copperheads of the 1860s, Alger Hiss, the Rosenbergs and Ames and Pollard among the great traitors of American history.

    1. rivahmitch says

      Actually, many of us who were in ‘Nam knew it further back than that.

  35. Tired... says

    History will show that the legacy of Neville Chamberlain pales in comparison to the ineptitude of John Kerry…

    1. rivahmitch says

      Well, in fairness, its boss had a lot to do with it. OTOH “birds of a feather”….

  36. jim scofield says

    Hey Kerry release Your Military records All of them

    1. silvereagle says

      He threw his medals over a fence while dressed as an hippie and testified before congress against the US soldiers fighting in VIETNAM.. He also should release his military records to reveal how he got 3 purple hearts??? Why is he hiding this????

      1. jim scofield says

        Hr received 3 Purple hearts in 3 months time that was his
        ticket home. And then he committed Treason by collaborating
        with the Viet Cong in Paris at the peace talks. While He was still
        in the Navel Reserves. Once a TRAITOR always a TRAITOR.

  37. ralph says

    Kerry is nothing but a terrorist to me and always will be but not an adult one, but maybe on the line of child, PUPPET and just common scum

  38. Libs R Loons says

    Liberal is a person with liberal views.

    However, an EXTREME liberal is the WORST type of person.

    To start with they brainwash people.

    Then they convince you that their pre made views they hand to you are open minded.

    They tell you to hate Republicans and everyone who thinks differently than you.

    They are the first to throw around the word racist.

    Most extreme liberal abuse minorities. They look for a group typically blacks or hispanics, convince them they are nothing and need the liberals to survive, then exploit them for political power.

    Extreme liberals are usually igorant but claim everyone else is.

    They pretend to be looking out for the people but are only looking out for themselves.

  39. Len Tippett says

    John, the greatest task you can achieve for the American people and the rest of the world, is to just go home, shut up, and decide how you will spend the fortunes you were lucky enough to marry into.

  40. gotcha1 says

    Kerry must be looking at th world through rose colored glasses. The whole Obama administration was nothing more than tough talking, do nothing wimps. The USA has been brought to its knees by these dreamers and it is time for a real leader to step in and restore its integrity and strength. Kerry can say what he wants but he rates with some of the worst Sec. of States’, in my opinion, right behind Hillary! Kerry is dilusional if he thinks he did a good job. Wrong! He says “as the departing sec. of state, I cannot claim objectivity”. He is correct. He and the whole administration could not claim objectivity and their product of eight years has put the United States in a weak position internationally. We all are at risk now if our strength is not restored.

  41. mmmilesll says

    Lurch is a buffoon

  42. disqus_tKlEuAw2uq says

    We all have to remember that Kerry lied about this army medal that he give himself and he is nothing more that an illegal obama as* kisser

  43. Teleman119 says

    Kerry has never done anything right his entire life because he is not able to, like all his Lefty friends. How can you when you in your core you believe that wrong is right?

    1. silvereagle says

      He avoided paying taxes on the multi million sail boat in Mass by registering it in R.I. What happened?? Did he pay or not??? News Media—check this out!

  44. donl says

    Koward Kerry, i saw him on that swift boat, safe waters, photo op. fake medal, what a Toady this guy is.

  45. Bob Stewart says

    What Kerry doesn’t admit is that with his bungling of the agreement with Iran, they don’t have to develop nuclear weapons. With the billions we released to them, they can buy nuclear weapons from Russia, North Korea, Pakistan and China. Maybe that’s why they are spending oil revenue on missile development. They already have the weapons and have no need to develop their own at this time.

  46. d66cmorris says

    John Kerry another demoncratic azz sucker. Thank god he’s gone

  47. m g says

    He voted to give Jerusalem back to the Arabs, Golan Heights back to Syria who Kerry is trying to overthrow and nuclear weapon capability to Iran. His distinction is the only serviceman to get 3 Purple Hearts and not require a single band-aide.
    This is his legacy

    1. silvereagle says

      His C/O refused to write him up , so he wrote himself up to get these medals that are awarded only to well deserving truthful awardees.

  48. george briar says

    yeah Ketchup Kerry what can you say about this incompetent A$$hole? The fact that he was hired by bath house Barry says it all. There is no need to condemn or laugh art him although he deserves it the good news is Trump will replace him with the right person.

  49. bdcorvette says

    How does one defend the indefensible? One lies. Ketchup Kerry is a drone, a robot,and a committed socialist. He is out. Forget him (easy to do, huh?)

  50. Don says

    kerry like clinton are both worthless POS and obama is even lower than that!!! it will take a good part of Trumps first term just to straighten up what these three have done to this Country! and the dem’s will say that they have done nothing for America but undue the BS that the obama addministration screwed up!!!!

  51. george briar says

    I was so sure Ketchup Kerry would tell us about his being a shrimp boat captain in Viet nam again he just loves to tell that fantasy.

  52. Ricarrdo estavans says

    John Kerry always moving up. First wife’s family are millionaires. Second wife/girlfriend”s family are multi-millionaires. Third wife is a billionaire.

  53. Margaret Heller says

    Kerry has always lived in a bubble, and he operated as the bubble master in the second term of the Obama administration. He was the most liberal Senator in the Senate, Obama being the second-most liberal. Does anyone remember his “service” in Vietnam Nam (three purple hearts, two of which were purportedly self-inflicked)? His own Swift boat mates didn’t vote for him. Along with Obama and Clinton, he ruined whatever progress was made in the Middle East, and he and his “boss” betrayed Israel as a final gester. The nuclear deal is another example of his incompetence. Did you know his daughter-in-law is Iranian and her father was Kerry’s counterpoint in negotiations?

  54. Gary D Flatt says

    John Kerry should’ve spent time in Leavenworth military prison for falsely his military records. But he didn’t because he was protected by being a member of college fraternity’s with the Bush’s, like “Skull and Crossbones.” Lucky the guys who knew him best, the guys who served with him in the “Swiftboats” Navy, wrote a book about the REAL John Kerry. I think it was was called “Unfit for Command.” Obama picked excacty him for that reason, he could be counted on to NOT have one original idea on his own, exacty the same reason for Joe Biden.

  55. David in MA says

    Obama, Clinton, Kerry and many muslims in the American government have accomplished great things, if your a muslim terrorist you have to praise them, they almost brought America to Her knees and if Clinton had been elected president they would have made it 100%.
    There is a GOD.

    1. silvereagle says

      Mass is starting to change their political landscape to Independent/ Republican status. Finally that is a very good trend. As a former resident I made from the democrat status. Senator was a step in the right direction— then fanatic Warren was elected. Too bad– Senator Brown was a much better choice. Disgusting to watch and listen to the senator you now have. Swamp language at best.

  56. tCotUS says

    Hey dumb azz Kurry…Your friends have left the White House. You should have been able to figure this out on your own, but believe me their gone & it’s being fumigated. So slither your rear & your worthless traitorous policies out of there..Be Gone idiot.

  57. Sean Rickmin says

    I feel that both barry and kerry are SO arrogant and out of touch with what the evil forces in the world are doing and intend to do.I feel that they and the liberals live in their fantasy world,and it’s all about,me,me,me,what can I get the country and the world to do for ME.

  58. Tiger says

    He cannot defend it nor can O defend his, Kerry proven to have given aid and comfort to our enemies in Nam. He was Pardoned by Carter and his records Sealed by Clinton. He like everyone in O’s administration had something to hide, was nefarious, devious and evil.

    Kerry’s daughter married to an Iranian and the many he did the Iran Deal with at her wedding. Israel and other countries, now that O gone telling how O and all bullied them and threatened them. It is all going to hit the fan and when it does this shit will stick to the wall and these outhouse rats exposed.

    1. silvereagle says

      The corrupt MAIN STREET MEDIA never exposed this information. Why????? And yet a highly decorated General Patraeus was attacked for a very minute non exposure of documents. O/B and his Admin should all be arrested and tried as criminals for exposing this USA to greater danger and demise as a nation.

      1. Tiger says

        Because the Main Media owned by O and also many of the heads of the Main Media and reporters married to Democrats and the leaks showed the connections. Here are the ten most damaging leaks to Hillary. This site started by an American. Take a look.

  59. ONLYJB1 says

    Hey Lurch! Go “F” yourself! You are a JOKE! And not very funny!

  60. Roger Short says

    I’m Kerry’s age, but a whole lot smarter than him! He was smoking dope at Woodstock, way back in 1969, right before my senior year in college, and he’s still on dope! In fact, he IS a dope!

    1. 32eagle says

      you got that ZipCode right !!!

  61. ErnieLane says

    I didn’t think anyone could be a worse Secretary of State than Hillary, but Kerry proved me wrong.

  62. Mike W says

    I’m sure he will put himself in for another medal.

  63. Mike W says

    His biggest accomplishment will always have been marrying a very wealthy widow.

    1. Mr Rollo says

      And why would Heinz marry a lousy loser like Kerry. One answer – – That’s what bluebloods do, keep their richness in the same families. I have NO respect for Theresa…

      1. Mike W says

        I don’t know her heritage but she married a very wealthy man too – it wasn’t her money.

  64. Mike W says

    The “Swift Boat Zero”.

  65. 32eagle says

    he compares nicely with HairyHill -what pathetic service !!!! the question is – did we want fries with that backstabbing?

  66. Libya21 says

    Did you ever what country he was Secretary of State for? Iran or Saudi Arabia? Because it sure was not in the best interests of America! And he even gave your $$$ away and endangered our lives. Now and for the future!

  67. PatriotForever says

    Go no further: he defended and supported Obamination

  68. Robert Kahlcke says

    Kerry is why we should enforce Incest Laws.

  69. kbmiller says

    LERCH Kerry was and is a BUFFOON !!! He is a LEFTIST who’s never had the interests of the USA #1 on his agenda. He knows that foreign Communists pour $ into the Dumb A$$ oc RAT party and that that is his only way of getting a piece of the action.

  70. KWG says

    Mohammed Obama has planted thousands of these Muslim rapists and thugs in into the U.S. If Trump does not remove all of them, we should protest loudly until they are removed.

    Somali “Immigrant” Thug Racial Attacks – YouTube

    Minnesota: Somali Muslim in US Since September Charged …
    First post: Jan 20, 2017
    Jan 20, 2017 · A 22-year old Somali man who arrived in the United States in September faces charges … Possibility of deporting Somalian immigrant charged in Polk County bus rape …

  71. PBHayes says

    President Trump for the next 8 years, success after success with the best thing being people will forget about Kerry, Obama, the Bush’s and the Clinton’s. If Trump stays true to his word he will be a great President and these so called celebrities will also become more and more irrelevant and self marginalized. I watched some of the coverage of the Women’s March and like some of the gay marches I wouldn’t tell the gender.

  72. le3845 says

    The traitor and his traitorous administration along with the muslim brotherhood are now out of the White House.

  73. Titraveler says

    Yes, Kerry was an awful disgrace to America as well as Obama. The only reason he got the position of Secretary of State is because he is another New World Order participant and has much wealth from his wife’s family. He was not qualified for the position but the Democratic party does not care about that unless it is someone from another party. Kerry, Obama and Clinton are all new world order people that do not mind tearing the U.S. down to third world status. That was what the redistribution of wealth you always heard during the last eight years of the Obama administration. Wake up America. That has been their intention from the start. It will not effect them because they are all millionaires. It will effect the every day working man and woman and their families. I am so glad we have a real American in office with Trump. We just need to make sure that Iran does not try to nuke us with all the money and the nuclear deal that Obama made sure they got. No, the money was not used for schools, hospitals, and humanitarian aid. It was used to build up their military. This last eight years is nothing but a Total Failure. Glad the Obama group are gone.

  74. jjmcl431 says

    hey Kerry, get off your knees and act like a man. your daddy is no longer in power.

  75. Brenda Sinclair says

    i did not expect anything else from Kerry, he stood behind Obama in the worst of choices, which makes kerry go down the drain with Muslim Obama, they protected Isis and built them up AND YES FOR TRUMP TO NOW DEAL WITH SURE GLAD OBAMA AND KERRY ARE GONE FROM WHITE-HOUSE

  76. Dan says

    How is it that reliable sources have pointed out that the “work” done between Kerry and Iran were the talks in secret done between his daughters father in law and Kerry. Just like Obama the only time he lies is when he opens his mouth. If these are the leaders of liberals we cannot expect any truth from the liberals.

    1. Joseph Carrilho says

      Mia Marie Pope was a classmate of Obummer’s at Punahou High School in Hawaii.
      She stated that if Obummer was talking, it was a lie. Pathological?

  77. TetVet says


  78. Airborne869 says

    John Kerry = = = USA and WORLD IN CHAOS…

  79. KWG says

    Netanyahu to discuss Syria, Palestinians and Iran with Trump
    CNN · 4 hours ago
    (CNN)The civil war in Syria, the Palestinians and the nuclear agreement with Iran will be on the agenda when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin

    Let’s hope that Netanyahu and Trump will come up with a plan to wipe out Iran! How glorious would that be.

  80. JJ says

    There is plenty of room at Guantanamo now, put all their asses there. Americas TRAITORS!!!

  81. 1PierreMontagne1 says

    John Kerry – a typical liberal trying to defend indefensible folly

  82. Larry Good says

    This fraud Is an embarrassment living off the Heinz money.

  83. Laddyboy says

    ‘j.kerry’ is a turncoat. He is constantly supporting the imported people of ‘b.h.-bama’.

  84. andrew says

    Kerrys track record is just plain indefensible… His approach [ actually his kow-toe to Obungler } is naught but despicable.

  85. WhiteFalcon says

    There is nothing that John Kerry has done that he can defend, from his sorry military record to his sorry behavior during the Viet Nam war after he was told by the Navy to either resign his commission and get out of the Navy or be Court Marshaled and be kicked out, to his sorry behavior in the Congress to his sorry record as Sec. of State as well as his sorry run for President of the U.S.. He is sorry from beginning to end. It is good that he is, along with Hillary and Ovomit, sinking into the cesspool of history where they all belong.

    1. sunandfun says

      These are all dreams I’ve been having for the last 8 years. Maybe some day they will come TRUE!

    2. Mike W says

      Obama Cabinet – Barack Obama – surrendered law license to avoid prosecution for lying on his bar application. Michelle Obama – surrendered law license to avoid prosecution for insurance fraud. Bill Clinton – Law license revoked for “giving false testimony under oath” aka lying – in the Paula Jones case. Hillary Clinton filed false reports to the first law firm she worked for and has never looked back 40+ years of lying and corruption. John Kerry explained by you. Eric Holder lied about “Fast and Furious”. Loretta Lynch incompetent affirmative action attorney general. Rahm Emanuel crooked as a dogs hind leg charges will be forth coming in U.S. courts and in Illinois. Debbie Schwartz (former head of DNC) FIRED for “getting caught” rigging the nomination for Hillary. I’m sure others can add much more to the list.

      1. WhiteFalcon says

        In your last instance noted, it is interesting that they replaced her with another slug that was involved in helping Hillary Clinton try to rig the election. They didn’t learn much did they.

        1. Mike W says

          They think they will run Biden in 2020 – that will be the “me”lennials election and I doubt very seriously they will consider and 80 something year old man or woman.

  86. Ferd321 says

    Worst Secretary of State, tied with Hillary for all time honors.
    The true and accurate book on him has been written by his Swift Boat fellow officers.
    Fake Purple Hearts, constant bitching about being assigned River Patrol duties, and an amazingly short tour in Vietnam—probably engineered by his C. O., who Kerry disobeyed I trying for one of his phony Purple Hearts (a splinter, really?)
    Officers I knew well served with him—not one would endorse him as a Naval Officer.
    As a Lt. Commander, now in medical school in 1971, I saw this scum of a Lt. Junior grade lie about his comrades before Congress, calling them bloodthirsty savages but later admitting he had NEVER witnessed one such episode.
    Badly needing a haircut, wearing fatigues with MEDALS improperly pinned on (as a reservist he was not authorized to wear ANY uniform outside of authorized drills), this scumbag made me want to vomit.
    Later, he lied about “throwing my medals over the fence that surrounds the Pentagon” when those same unearned medals hung prominently in his office for all to see. (Amazingly, he never received hospitalization or medical treatment for the “wounds” suffered in gaining his bogus awards.)

    Later, it came out that the Comintern, the foreign contingent of the Central Committee of the USSR, was behind the funding of Kerry’s “winter soldier” group, as well as other phony groups that demonstrated and planted bombs, such as the Weathermen, in the 1970s.

    Pure scum. Washington would have had him hung. Perhaps Eisenhower too.

    1. Mike W says

      Kerry = Inept
      Clinton = Corrupt

  87. Ironmike4610 says

    Kerry just continued with Clintons ideology. F***ing up the world.

  88. Edith McGlynn says

    John Kerry did the same traitor garbage when he was in Vietnam. This guy is just like Obama he will do anything for money.

  89. Krazeehors says

    John Kerry. Traitor, Liar, Inflated Opinion of His Own Importance. hmmmmmmmmmmm
    Can’t think of anything else.

    1. Mike W says


  90. disqus_7KiKMOOd1L says

    Every time I see Kerry talk, I think of how close this buffoon came to being president in 2004. I am reminded how God must still love America as He saw that the deranged and unhinged Al Gore and the buffoonish and clueless John Kerry did not become president. With Obama, He tested us and must have reasoned that He had bailed us out the previous two elections and felt that this time, we were on our own and He would see how we would do. Well, He saw, and this time, He had mercy on us and didn’t punish us with Hillary. Thank God for the Trumpster! May the God help him.

  91. Robert Sleadd says

    Yes I will join, Kerry said that as departing Secretary of State; I’m repeating some of this article, some for support, and some that “Kerry said” that I believe are misleading, exaggerated, or just not true! Copied from above,

    “As the departing secretary of state, I cannot claim objectivity. But I will leave office convinced that most global trends remain in our favor and that America’s leadership and engagement are as essential and effective today as ever.”
    Authors agreement that these statements falls short of accurate.

    “This is the kind of nothing statement you can make without worrying about anyone contradicting you. If you don’t make any assertions of fact, you’re exempt from fact-checking. It’s hard to quantify spurious terms like “most global trends,” “our favor,” and “leadership and engagement.” Even if what Kerry says is true, it could be that global trends favor the U.S. in spite of what he and Obama have done – not because of it”. Yes that is me I don’t know where his facts came from, and what “written” proof does he say are authentic and true?

    OK, I don’t agree with Kerry’s statement , Yes that is what Kerry said, and I believe this is an exaggeration, misleading, or simply not true !!

    Kerry said that this administration “Blocked Iran’s pathway to a nuclear weapon, making the USA and other nations safer. Well if this Iran deal, actually had “all” safe guards in this Iran deal, and believe me I’m no expert, what ‘ve read, and heard, by more intelligent people, countries & agencies, don’t believe all these safe guards are adequate? I guess we will see as time goes on? Also what are those Millions of $$$ dollars that were released to Iran for, “Roads and Bridges” I for one don’t believe that!! They could fund terrorism or “YES” even build a Bomb !!

    Kerry said that Putin, had influence, and trickery to change enough votes to give Trump the election, again where does he get this info, if from a very reliable source, “great” just post those “TRUE FACTS”

    I think I’ll be waiting a long time!!

    I wonder why they did not defend President OBAMA’S last days in office with his outrageous pardons, Manning, with the 700,000 military files released. That is not the most flagrant pardon Obama put forth.

    Some of the most “unrehensable” terrorist we’ve had, pardoned with their terrorist activities, that killed innocent people. I believe they also had a prison escape “try” where someone died.

    Does President Obama really believe that these hard core “criminals” will (now released) admit that their past crimes were “unjust” and could, and would “never” do again, these atrocities, but they will respect this freedom as a miracle, and redeem their life, an never support terrorism, or the terrorist cause, and just be honest citizens, wherever they settle?? Dream on????

    Here is another, I know it is old, but still something a sitting President should never do, we had a solider, that abandoned his post, “disserted”, as his fellow mates actually confirmed, was captured, and our government, (USA) never, do ransom for terrorist, or any criminal activity, well president did not call this “ransom”, but he released, “Five very dangerous terrorist” for this “deserter”?? If that is not “Ransom” what is it ??

    I’m sure if I had more time, and at 84, had more experience with google, and other fact finding sites. I could locate many other reasons why Kerry defense of his, and the Presidents administration are highly

    suspect, or as I’ve said very misleading, or maybe just untrue.

    Time will tell, I hope I’m still around, if what President Obama has done, are not exactly what he wants in he legacy, some, maybe even some liberals, of course (not the most racial ones) might even say, I hate to say this, but maybe President Obama was not what I wanted, or hoped for this country.

    I hope Trump can and sill accomplish his dreams, and promises to make America Great Again, and still be supportive of Women’s Right’s, an any other rights that need to be protected.

    If Obama Care is gone, the replacement, will be affordable, keeping your ongoing, doctors,
    reasonable deductibles, and specialist for all serious conditions, and money available for research
    this is important. I’ve not seen this yet in any plan! Keep children up to 26 in parents plan. Including
    past medical conditions be covered. Insure all potential uninsurable to have a program that will work.
    If I missed anything, what I’m saying is the replacement, is not just a replacement, but overall, a better plan than Obama Care. It had in many States, accelerated cost, deductibles going through the roof. I have no currant info, but I’m sure more States have will these problems, and for sure more will be added.
    So that if Obama care stayed in place, and these rising cost and deductibles did continue, UP! It could wipe out all medical coverage, until someone had the authority to change it. All that will be insured by his New Plan !! I think Trump has that authority, and will create this better plan!!

    Robert Sleadd

  92. David Hansen says

    John Kerry was a mistake and we are better off without him

  93. Jeanette Eaton says

    I recently saw an article that totaled up the net worth of Mr. Trump and his cabinet and the proposed ones and it was done in a derogatory fashion. I would like to see a total of Obama and his cabinet’s net worth. The Republicans, unlike what the Democrats want us to believe, are not the only ones who have money. I am talking about those in the public spectrum, because I am a Republican who doesn’t have any but I see so much difference in Mr. Trump and his administration compared to Obama and his administration. The Democrats had the rich supporters, like the Hollywood elites , while Mr. Trump had everyday, common people who gave what they could from the little they had compared to what the people from “Tinseltown” did. The demeanor of the two groups is so different. It doesn’t matter to me that Mr. Trump and his people have money …and lots of it….it is their attitudes that count to my way of thinking and that is why so many people supported him like they did. On the other hand, the rich from the opposite side project the image that “BECAUSE they are rich and famous, we should be paying attention to them and follow their lead. To me, that is the biggest turn-off. I really would like to see a comparison, because they are making it seem as if there was something wrong with the Trump cabinet members because they have money but the Democrats and their crowd , ALSO have money…..Money isn’t the issue and it isn’t a bad thing ( even though I don’t have any} but it is what kind of attitude you have about the fact that you have money . And what I thought was so funny was when Ms Warren kept asking if everything would be done to keep the taxpayer’s money out of Mr. Trump’s pocket. Didn’t he say that he didn’t even want a salary for being President ? He doesn’t even WANT it in his pocket. I hate the hypocrisy of the Democrats when it come to the issue of money….there are a few other things on my list , as well.

    1. Ferd321 says

      Remember, Pocahantas speak with forked tongue. Liberals like leaves on trees, and Trump is strong like iron.

    2. usmc354 says

      It may be a bit time consuming but everyone in public service at the federal level has their financial holdings and/or worth available somewhere on the internet. Whether or not it be voluntary or otherwise.

  94. disqus_Wvtwd61HdI says

    Good riddance! We will be a Proud America again. Those people are irrelevant. Best to ignore them and the lapdog media.

  95. big KAhuna says

    Let’s hope term limits ( 2 terms max) are imposed for politicians and we will never see the likes of: Kerry ( Socialist), Reed, Pullosi, McCain, Shumer, etc, etc again. Their destructive/ideas/unconstitutional leadership have hurt our country. The Founders intended political service to be from the working class citizens and not career politicians.

    1. Mark Plenn says

      Serving in the Government is an Honor and a Duty, not a life time occupation!

  96. Keith says

    No one cares. You and Hillary were the worst secretary’s of State in the History of America. You are a Traitor since the 70 when you lied about Vietnam and you are still a Traitor when you stuck the knife in Israel. Just go back to being a Gigolo and spare us any more articles about yourself, Hillary or the Gay Muslim Communist with Fake Papers.

  97. Normie G says

    John Kerry is a Kennedy wannabee! He is a worthless POS! I for one an so glad to see him go. Sail away dirt-bag on your boat the “Tax Evader!”

  98. real talk 1 says

    You can visit any mental institution and they would all say the same thing every body is nuts’ but them Washington DC is full of damned fools that have some kind of degree from some place of learning and yet some are not aware of the number of states that make up the country !!!

  99. don76550 says

    Kerry, you are a clueless anti American left wing liar and traitor.

  100. Ronald Putnam says

    you know why yobama went to California ? so he could see his good bud sh-t for brains holder . I am sure idiot kerry will join them soon so they can help Cal. fall off the face of the earth . I believe he will start his Ministry of Bull Sh-t out there ,he will have all idiots he needs to make it work !

  101. john says

    Just like when Hillary was asked about her accomplishments,a whole paragraph of rambling gibberish that said nothing.

  102. Tired... says

    In a word…delusional! His only truthful statement was “As the departing secretary of state, I cannot claim objectivity.” Darn tootin’ Mr. Kerry; on that point you were spot on!

  103. Peter Pihun says

    You notice that liberals seldom defend their people like John Kerry

  104. Edna Ethel says

    I am rather hopeful that President Trump and his cabinet will first and foremost mend the relationship with Russia…we have a common goal of defeating ISIS and other Muslim extremists, not to mention the benefits of mutual financial interests. Then I foresee President Trump partnering at long last with China too in order to restore a healthy global economy, and restoring a healthy relationship with President Duterte in the Philippines. The UK and Germany are potentially great allies with the ball basically in their court to reverse their immigration stupidity, but the French have never proven themselves constant. The very good thing is that President Trump has addressed Israel with open arms, and that is nothing but very good news as we battle the fools in the Middle East. Yeah, let’s have some sensible foreign policy for a change.

    1. Mark Plenn says

      Russia is more in need of completely destroying ISIS as much of the remaining parts of the former USSR are MUSLIM!

  105. Mark Plenn says

    John Kerry ran, ran, ran till his mommy took his fast boat away!

  106. Catherine Shields says

    Nasty Nasty person. UnAmerican

  107. barbarakelly says


  108. gotcha1 says

    Kerry needs to find a nice mosque in Iran to live in and go ahead and move there. Suits me just fine. He is pro-terrorist anyway!

  109. Normie G says

    Kerry should throw himself in the same water into which he threw his military medals. He is such a conceited Kennedy wannabe. He is and always has been a disgrace!

  110. E James Maggio says

    John Kerry you are tied for the worst secretary of State with Hillary Clinton. Both of you have created a crisis with other countries that will come back to bite the US. Good riddance to you and Hillary

  111. Gerry Costa says

    Of course he defends it, he’s the only one who will except maybe for obozo.

  112. mike says

    Kerry is nothing but a liar and a joke, He should be put behind bars

  113. sensrbtch says

    what pisses me off the most is the alphabet adepts;nsa,fbi,dia,and all the others can spy on the American people? and not 1 of these assholes will tell the USA that Russia,Bulgaria,Mexico,Canada or hoos ever fucked with the election?!

  114. depaz says

    And we have more to fear from climate change than terrorism. That statement made me feel SOOOOO much safer. I hope he goes home and helps his wife make ketchup. . .

  115. America1st says

    Under the incompetent Obama “leadership,” Hillary & Kerry did more damage to USA security than every spy/security leaker in US history combined while destroying international relationships with virtually every US ally. Likely to take decades to undo damage done. Trump already started recovery with U.K. this week.

  116. steppenfetchit says

    John Kerry is a mobile POS. He is a coward, liar, thief and as unAmerican as there is. Yep, a true democrat.

  117. marinemec says

    Kerry will go down in history as a contributor of un-world peace! One day we will find out what’s behind Obama and the Demorats plans.

  118. Wethepeople Freedomnow says

    John Kerry will go down as the second worst Secretary of State in American History, obviously Hillary Rodman Clintons American For Sale Policy goes down as worst, she will serve time in prison!

  119. Spunky says

    Kerry, you were a screw-up when you were young and still are –

  120. Roy Fredrichsen says

    The false “HERO” of Vietnam has embarassed us all by his siding with the Arabs against Israel our ONLY ally in the far East against the Syrian and ISIS threats. That was a traitoris move by him.

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