Justice Dept Threatens North Carolina: Get In Line…Now


Economic pressure didn’t work. Media pressure didn’t work. Celebrity pressure didn’t work.

So now the Obama Justice Department is ready to bring the hammer of the federal government down on North Carolina and forever change the landscape of state’s rights, religious liberty, and, quite frankly, American civilization.

In a letter to North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory, the Justice Department warned that the state’s new law requiring people to use the bathroom that corresponds with their birth sex is discriminatory and illegal.

“The State is engaging in a pattern or practice of discrimination against transgender state employees and both you, in your official capacity, and the state are engaging in a pattern or practice of resistance,” said the letter.

According to the feds, North Carolina is in violation of the Civil Rights Act, which makes it a crime to discriminate on the basis of gender. And in a separate letter, the Justice Department warned the University of North Carolina that they risked losing federal funding because of the law.

McCrory lashed out at the federal pressure.

“This is no longer just a North Carolina issue, because this conclusion by the Department of Justice impacts every state,” he said, characterizing the letter as the most flagrant example of federal overreach he had ever seen.

If you think this is going to turn out well for McCrory and the Republican legislature in North Carolina, you haven’t been paying attention. At best, we’re talking about another five years of resistance. More likely, this issue will be put to bed by next summer. This is going to go exactly like the gay marriage controversy. When the left decides they want something to change, there is no stopping them. Once they successfully get enough Americans to think of an issue in the context of “civil rights,” it’s all over but the shouting.

It’s understandable. Conservatives, as loathe to accept such bizarre social changes as we may be, are inherently susceptible to the liberty argument. We want everyone in this country to enjoy the same basic rights and protections. Where there is injustice – real injustice – we want to see it repaired.

But are transgender people really being discriminated against?

As absurd as it was for the Supreme Court to strike down bans on gay marriage last year, the truly horrifying effect of that decision was the subtext: Not only could gays get married, but Christians could not opt out. By expanding rights to one group of Americans, the court quietly took them from another.

If we’ve learned anything about the left, it’s that their ultimate goals are usually tangential to their stated goals. On its own, the issue of where transgender people go to the bathroom is so insignificant as to be ridiculous. No matter which way this thing goes, the effect on the average American will be negligible. And when you really start to think about “enforcement,” it’s obvious. You see a somewhat manly-looking woman go into the women’s room…do you stop them? Ask for their birth certificate? Logically, it doesn’t make a lot of sense.

But what does the left really want? What’s the next step?

The really dangerous part of all this is the left’s ability to turn anything into a political issue. They are getting really good at taking fundamental human truths and obliterating them for political gain. It’s not about Christianity vs. immorality anymore. It’s not even about right and wrong. It’s about reality. Americans seem willing to abandon basic tenets of common sense to keep up with liberal social trends. Every insane proposal follows the same path – widespread rejection, gradual softening, and finally, near-universal acceptance.

If you went into a coma in 2006 and woke up today, you would have no idea what the hell happened to the country. Our national slide into the abyss is accelerating. Things that seem unthinkable today will be mainstream in another ten years. We’ve unshackled our society from the anchor of truth, and the consequences will be extraordinary.

  1. Justin Seine says

    Just as open bars attract alcoholics, and cow
    patties attract flies you can bet that open bathrooms will
    attract perverts. Good Luck with that morsel of political

    1. Janelle says

      Love the second one!

    2. Mary Brumley says

      Cool! I wish this would go viral!!!!

    3. meangreenMarine says

      They already have!

    4. Defend America says

      I think that is what these liberals want. They seem to have no morals anymore . They believe in killing unborn babies, so why would they care what happens to little children? They just want a wild and unruly country to do as they please …. until something bad happens to them. This administration just released 19,724 criminals back into our country some convicted of child abuse and murder.

      Everyone needs to also remember their law also applies to locker / dressing rooms where their is no partition to separate male from females. Therefore your six year old daughter are son will be exposed to the opposite sex dailey. It needs to stop now.

    5. Deborah G says

      The truth of this is actually frightening

    6. pappy450 says

      Hell YEH! Love the second one the most! Now HE was a “real man”

    7. Mike Geremia says

      wait till obama’s daughters are molested in a public rest room, but wait—-they are protected by 20 SS agents all the time…..who carry GUNS….

      1. Justin Seine says

        Well maybe they won’t be arrested, but his daughters will still likely, at some time, have to do their business next to a set of hairy legs attached to a less than upstanding citizen like the guy pictured below.. It’s the LAW!!! Obama said!

  2. randolphgarrison1 says

    They just hate it when they are called out on being wrong!

  3. SouthernPatriot says

    Obama and his sycophant leftist AG should be ignored by North Carolina. The Obama Administration is ignoring the U.S. Constitution on the separation of powers act and on U.S. Immigration laws, so why can’t the good folks in NC just ignore the AG’s Injustice Department?

    1. Robert Early says

      I’m telling Comrad Lynch: You get in line, or prepare to be hanged.

      1. PatriotGal says

        Another reason to vote for Trump – get Lynch out of office!!!

    2. Fortuneless says

      Give Obama the one finger salute…

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        1. grumpyolman says

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          1. Alan404 says

            Unrelated posts seem to crop up regularly.

          2. John Doe says

            I absolutely love the humor implied in your comment !

        2. buddman says

          You and lori are low class Hookers at 5 bucks a pop Loser

        3. 2Shadow2 says

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      2. James Andrews says

        Exactly. More states need to do this anyway, and on other issues such as gun rights.

        1. Wildeagleone says

          If every state would fall in line with NC, the DOJ would have one helsl of a time dealing with all of them at once and we the people would get our day in court against this rebel administration

          1. James Andrews says

            Exactly; good post. The state’s need to start fighting the Feds a lot more! Most of the powers are supposed to lie with us, the people, then the states, and THEN the Feds; not the other way around!

          2. glorybe2 says

            Fighting will solve nothing at all. It will generate endless expenses which will come out of tax payers pockets. Our constitutions rests upon the concept of equality. Sadly we have some Americans who give lip service to equality and then try to do everything in their power to strip equality from every aspect of life. So here we have the latest example, the humble toilet. So the basics of law require that a restroom simply be a restroom. A few years ago we got rid of the notion that black people and white people required different restrooms. The world did not end. Now the courts are saying that restrooms should not be segregated according to sex or gender. The sky is falling Chicken Little ! I’m shocked that you don’t want those lesbians using your water fountain. think what they do with their mouths. Oh the horror ! Will Christ still let me into heaven if I drink from the same fountain as a lesbian? And then there are those swimming pools ! Will I be tainted by being baptized in water that queers swim in ? Oh the horror ! Oh yeh, I just can’t pray if those nasty brown people are in my church so let’s not ask them to join.

          3. Gerry Costa says

            You sound like a raving lunatic !!!!!! I don’t recall anyone saying lesbians or brown can’t use their own restrooms or drink out of a fountain. You fit the perfect libtard/retard demoRAT — take a topic, twist it to whatever you want and then spout garbage, You need to find some reality .

          4. gonzales27 says

            This is part of the Libs mindset:

            1-Tell school children what they can eat
            2-Limit the size of soft drink containers,or eliminate soft drinks completely
            3-Tell the general public where they can pee in public restrooms

          5. PatriotGal says

            Gonzales, here are a few more to add to the list:
            4-Take away their guns.
            5-Control their healthcare.
            6-Take away their rights by rewriting history and taking over education through the DOE.
            7-Destroy Christianity.
            8-Divide any way we can to eliminate strength.

          6. Sage says

            Have you ever seen the clip of Joan Rivers telling a reporter that Michele a tranny. And now her family is sueing for malpractice. Judge Scalia….. Why isn’t everyone, who is going to vote, turning to the 3rd party. Libertarian. Hey chances are well have martial law and no election which is nothing more than a scam anyway. The scary crap is getting way scarier. In Liberty

          7. Carol Smith says

            nobody has told children what to eat. they have added healthy things to their diet, but nobody controls what children eat. do you have any idea what childhood obesity costs our healthcare system.

          8. John E Strom Jr. says

            Manure, Carol Smith. Michelle Obama, unelected to serve ANY position has been flitting around the country having schools change their lunch menu to satisfy this moron. She IS the lunch nanny of America. You really need to read more.

          9. gonzales27 says

            The Mooch must not be following her own guidelines by the looks of the size of her azz

          10. John E Strom Jr. says

            This is about the liberals and their “Do as I say, not as I do” hypocrisy.

          11. gonzales27 says

            Never knew a Lib that followed their own advice

          12. John E Strom Jr. says

            THEY are our leaders. We need them to tell us what to do since they’re smarter than anyone else on Earth. Just ask them. They DO love laws, rules, regulations and ordinances – for others. They just exempt themselves from those same laws, rules, regulations and ordinances.

          13. ABO says

            You’ve described our Narcissist in Chief to a ‘T’, John. Well done.

          14. ABO says

            I would suggest for Carol Smith a course in remedial reading and comprehension along with some psychotherapy.

          15. John E Strom Jr. says

            Sadly, I doubt anything would help her. She is beyond help just as our Afrikan in the White House is beyond help.

          16. ABO says

            Likely the case, John. Can’t even feel sorry for her as her stupidity appears to be by choice.

          17. gonzales27 says

            No,but you can tell us

          18. D Hall says

            Do You know what it costs this country for the first wife school lunch program ,that the children THROW AWAY

          19. JBM says

            ditto to your comments…glorybe is probably one of the LGBT’s looking to change things along with the other retards. If your a male your a male if you are a female but these LGBT are CONFUSED morons – so perhaps there should be a third restroom entitled CONFUSED. glorybe is definitely amongst the CONFUSED

          20. db says


          21. azabigail says

            Because once everyone is FORCED to accept it, they can be free to bring more of their LGBT agenda out and FORCE everyone to comply. Including with indoctrinating our children inot their life style. Every thing they have been doing since POTUS bypassed Congress and the majority, to give LGBTQ what they want, they have using the same laws that many of us supported for them, to bully and force citizens, and even businesses who import into America, and who are neutral to their agenda, or are not gay and who have different lives, beliefs, customs, into complying with doing things their way. Including making the homosexual lifestyle, superior to EVERYONE’S else’s life. Which is in itself anti-American and anti-equality, why aren’t there more of our Representatives backing up N.C?

          22. chief1937 says

            Better question is why are we continuing to allow those elected officials to ignore our wishes and bow to pressure from the other side ? We elect them we can send them home where they belong regardless of political party.

          23. joe says

            Proven medical fact 98% of the so called trannies or what ever they want to be called have underlying mental conditions. These sick people want to let these mentaly unbalanced freaks into bathrooms with small girls it is sickening they are perverts every one of them and they should be in prison for the sexual deviance they are proposing.

          24. JBM says

            Absolutely agree with you. Trannies as you so name them are merely perverts and/or totally have mental conditions…confused – what a joke they use to push their sick agendas. Phedophiles in disguise trying to mask their intentions.and sick behavior. It is beyond my comprehension how legislation can even be considered regarding the bathroom use that is going on in this country. Perhaps those behind it are phedophiles or sickos themselves using their position to move things forward to perform their sexual deviance under these these bathroom initiatives that the feds are trying to push thru. Obama is one of them that is a sick minded individual hiding in the closet. Then you have Hillary that is amongst them too. The list is too long to name here but the government is full of them I agree they should be in prison or at least in a mental institution. I don’t know about you but Bruce Jenner andhis whole clan are in my view instrumental in all this nonsense (the disgusting Kardashians) If Bruce Jenner thinks he is a woman than I’m a turtle. puke, puke, puke is all I can say

          25. chief1937 says

            That has been tried and they are not satisfied with that concept. It’s not really about restrooms it is about setting standards that are normally considered wrong to be OK now or in other words special privileges.

          26. Ms D says

            Yes, I think glorybe2 is an IDIOT! Sorry I wasted so much thought on his other post.

          27. Arizona Don says

            Wrong fighting will/can solve the problem. The problem is the federal government more specifically the obama administration.

          28. glorybe2 says

            You fail to realize that a state fighting the federal government is a no win battle. it is like a lion fighting a crippled mouse. And with the right wing they simply do not share common opinions so you won’t get that much support from the right on any particular topic. Right now European nations are listing N. Carolina and Mississippi as troubled , no travel, states due to various state rantings in the media. Do you care to guess what kind of economic losses are already in play due to their recent attitudes? I would not be shocked to see Arizona black listed due to Arizona jails and prisons being considered as violations of human rights.

          29. db says


          30. Arizona Don says

            So you would surrender? I guess when things get tough the weak always surrender. When the going gets tough the tough get going.

          31. glorybe2 says

            No I would never surrender because i would never be in such a ridiculous fight to begin with. If unisex bathrooms work well in other nations they should work just as well in America. Not long ago the big boogy man was college dorms being co-ed. The conservatives decided that every daughter would be raped, degraded or get pregnant if men and women were on the same floor in the dorms. There was uproar and protest. Yet it all went smoothly and there were no negatives effects at all despite the ranting of Calvinist and Puritanical personalities. Think of this junk over the centuries. It was once believed that if a woman’s ankle could be seen that depraved sexual advances would burst out all over towns. In the 1930 era some states made saxophone music illegal as the rural folk felt that surely the saxophone was the sultry lure of Satan designed to steal the souls of young women. In 1957 we could only see Elvis Presley from the shoulders up on TV as the same crowd claimed that he moved his hips and that was considered obscene. And all of this stuff was 100% idiotic junk.

          32. Arizona Don says

            So let me get this straight. You propose not being willing to fight to defend what is yours is not surrendering? Where you’re wrong here is that is what surrendering is.

          33. ABO says

            He’s not the least bit interested in the truth, Don, as it doesn’t fit his liberal agenda.

          34. glorybe2 says

            Take a peek at Buddhist monks. They own nothing. They go with their beggars bowl to the streets to be fed. They do not marry, own homes or have jobs. They are happier than you or I are. They also have no problem with death. Christ used different terms but His message was the same. “Be ye not of this world.”. In other words do not be concerned with the issues of this world. What you see around you and desire has zero worth or merit. It is fleeting and vanishes forever.

          35. glorybe2 says

            The head monk in a monastery was asked to flee as a war lord was about to slaughter the town. The head monk refused to leave his temple. The enrages war lord came to confront the monk that refused to flee. The war lord spoke. He said do you realize I can kill you without blinking an eye? The monk replied, Do you realize that i can die without blinking an eye? The war lord then knew he should not bother the monk.

          36. Amil Baker says

            That is a good STORY if you want to believe it.

          37. joe says


          38. ABO says


          39. Ms D says

            Your arguments are somewhat amusing. Having lived through many of the eras you cite, having read history on much more, & being a woman, I find it to be somewhat ignorant humor. Mass rape has not occurred on our streets by shortening our skirts or living in co-ed dorms. Males & females can live in close proximity without sexual chaos. However, your arguments that ‘everything went smoothly and there were no negatives (?) effects at all’ is inaccurate. We can not possibly know of every young woman or man who has been sexually accosted or even raped by others in the dormitory environment, perhaps by a visitor who otherwise might have been suspect in segregated dorms. The simple fact is – it DOES happen. I’m sure these victims would disagree that there were ‘no negative effects at all’.

            As for music, I Love Music!! But I recognize as do many, that music CAN be seductive. Furthermore, in many, many settings, music is accompanied by alcohol and/or drug use. It’s at festivals, parties, clubs, concerts, etc. Dancing (which I also Love!) is, in many cultures, a mating ritual. Whether for that purpose or not, it can still be euphoric. To deny these facts, their impact on human beings & sexuality is to ignore our humanity.

            The concerns raised by folks you describe as ‘Calvinist and Puritanical personalities’ recognized these facts, though I can’t agree with your ‘description’ or some of the irrational arguments presented in these different scenarios. But, Time has proven their concerns to be legitimate. Women, today are being sexualized in every way & for every purpose that mankind can think of. Music has devolved to the point that many lyrics & dance moves have become pornographic. Little girls clothing has also been sexualized in style & design. Skirts & dresses barely cover their bottoms & padded bra tops are being made for pre-pubescent girls. Teens & younger women now wear their undergarments, & little else, as part of their ensemble. Fabrics are used that don’t leave much to the imagination.

            And before you call me a prudish old biddy, let me assure you, I am NOT. But, as a woman, I RESENT the degradation that has happened to our gender over the past few decades. And NOW, big business & the federal government are trying to FORCE states to admit people into bath & dressing rooms with ME which DENIES MY PRIVACY. A mother or grandmother should be able to take their child into a public restroom without having to have a talk with them about human sexuality. I don’t care what anatomical organ a person has under their clothing or what they ‘identify as’. I have no problem with private Unisex/Family restrooms (1) but in multi-stall restrooms & dressing rooms, the REST OF US ARE ENTITLED TO OUR RIGHTS & OUR PRIVACY.

          40. glorybe2 says

            We can agree that today’s womens’ clothing shows a lot more flesh than in decades gone by. That is simply freedom and females competing with other females for attention. I see no harm in that. We have some nude beaches near where I live and that has not caused any issues either. People usually do not see these things as a process. How awful were the people who tried to stop people from dancing to rock & roll in the 1950s? Just how crazy were the people that fought to shut down Playboy in 1960? How about the old fossils that demanded that Elvis Presley only be seen from the shoulders up on TV? Then we have the rabid dog crowd that made saxophone music illegal in Oklahoma in the 1930s. In 1910 these same lunatics fought to keep women from being able to vote. At some point we have to conclude that the personalities that always want to hold things back are dangerous to others and count up the huge billions upon billions of dollars in taxes that have been collected to fight against all the nonsense. How much money do you think has gone down the drain fighting pornography? Yet we have more porn today than at anytime in history. How many billions have been wasted sweeping up hookers, taking them to trial, and putting them in jails? Yet we have a wealth of hookers still making a living. Can we really afford all of these crazy complaints from the right wing?

          41. Amil Baker says

            Amen to that:

          42. TeaPartyPatriot says


            Vote in November

            THE TRUMP vs THE TRAMP.



          43. GodBlessRealAmerica!! says

            TRUMP got my VOTE 2016 MAKE AMERICA GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          44. ABO says

            glorybe2 is a typical liberal lemming, Don. Great attitude, no matter how bad this law is that the administration is pushing on the people of North Carolina, everyone should just realize there’s nothing you can do about it so just hang it up and let the administration have it’s way. Pathetic.

          45. Brenda says

            So, you think that the monitary loses are more important than the individual rights of people? As for States fighting, if States and the people that live in them refuse to fight the corruption of D.C., then we may as wel hoist the white flag and admit we are the slaves of the federal government and not the employers.

          46. glorybe2 says

            If any real complaint, compleat with evidence is made, law enforcement will act upon it. False complaints and imagined wrongs do not warrant either law enforcement nor the courts to do anything.

          47. Amil Baker says

            It is a little late after the crime. A couple of weeks ago, a young students was accosted and killed by a black man. If this lady would have been carry a handgun, then this may not have happened and we would have one more criminal off the streets. Even if this woman had not been killed then she would have been traumitized for the rest of her life.

          48. joe says

            you are sick you need help you are also stupid, many governments have been toppled throughout history by the people. You belong in prison you sexual deviant

          49. ABO says

            In other words we should all just stick our heads in a dark place and hope everything turns out OK. The government will take care of everything. Pathetic.

          50. glorybe2 says

            Well, as an adult I am quite aware that nothing turns out well. You will either die young or suffer old age and disease and die anyway. Life is filled with suffering and ends in loss. While you are among the living you can do positive things like helping the poor or comforting the sick or you can take a negative path and fight everything that makes you afraid. There may be a much higher authority that will judge you one day.

          51. glorybe2 says

            World history has taught us that fighting or war don’t do much good at all..We have had thousands of wars in recorded history and all they got us was war after war. In one sense a war can never be won simply because the costs of war prevail no matter who wins or loses.

          52. Arizona Don says

            If everyone were unwilling to take up arms in their own defense there would neither be peace or freedom. The bullies, hitler’s, stalin’s mao’s and Islamic terrorists in the world control everything. Everyone would be a servant to evil. I for one am not willing to accept such a fate. Why would anyone be? Do you have nothing in life you are willing to fight for? Perhaps your life or a family member? I cannot imagine such a pitiful existence that cherishes nothing.

          53. glorybe2 says

            Large numbers of the first Christians were dragged from their homes, tortured and murdered and they did not use violence to resist.. Christianity spread like wildfire and took over the western world completely. If those early Christians had fought back the faith would have vanished from the land. “If you seek your life ye shall lose it.”. The way to victory does not involve fighting.

          54. PatriotGal says

            Oh yes it does, whatever you want to be called but it is not glory! All the way back in time, people have fought for what is moral, what is ethical and what is right. Even Jesus overturned the moneychangers’ tables in the temples for desecrating His Father’s House. Christians fought the Islamists/Huns way back when the Islamists/Huns were overrunning the Christians’ countries and destroying their churches, beheading Christians and torturing them, just as they are doing now to Christians. But libs have rewritten history and schools are no longer teaching the truth. It was the Leathernecks, too, our Marines who fought along the Barbary Coast against the Islamists/pirates back then who captured our vessels to hold for ransom and to behead the captured. Our Leathernecks, who wore uniforms to protect their necks (thus called leathernecks) to keep them from being beheaded by the pirates/Islamists earned their nickname, thus our Marines began their outstanding history. What is moral is worth fighting for, no matter what man says or your gobbledegook sputtering of peace at any price. NO! God’s Word is to be followed. TRUMP 2016 AND 2020!!!

          55. coleche says

            Where can I send your shovel, you’ll need it to bury yourself….. oh, your head is already buried

          56. glorybe2 says

            If one is truly a Christian death is no threat for yourself nor for your loved ones. After all, you are simply getting home to Jesus a bit faster. And being that you did as He asked and have given all that you have unto the poor you have no material goods to lose anyway. In the first century Christians really did these sorts of things. Does anyone know of even one Christian being dragged off to feed the lions who fought back? How much of the true faith still exists?

          57. chief1937 says

            How else would you stamp out evil? I am aware we are told if our enemy strikes us on the cheek we are to turn the other however I have not found anywhere where it tells us what we are to do if they strike that one also.

          58. coleche says

            Semper Fi!

          59. Brenda says

            History has not taught the futility of fighting wars. Unlike the “wars” waged since Korea, we have not faught to win. Every war since then has been political wars.

          60. ABO says

            You would have been a great fan of Neville Chamberlain I’m sure. Obviously in your little fantasy world we should have negotiated with Hitler and hopefully he would have been understanding of our views. Lemmings like yourself are simply incapable of thinking for yourselves and terrified of standing up for what’s right. Simply twist the meaning of what’s right so it fits your liberal agenda. Pathetic.

          61. GodBlessRealAmerica!! says

            War is GOOD when you have demonic evil people blowing up your cities and killin your people War is the answer to eradicate evil…not sit back and do nothing like Obama

          62. Amil Baker says

            I think we will solve that problem in January 17, 2017 unless a bunch of Idiots get out there and vote for the lying, stealing Clinton. Obama is apparently not going to let the FBI indict here and the Attorney General is here buddy. VOTE TRUMP.

          63. Arizona Don says

            We will make the decision in November and you are correct the change will be made in January 2017. We can do our best to see the right decision is made. Hopefully fighting will not be necessary. The coming election is the easy way with any luck it will work and the hard way can be avoided.

          64. Amil Baker says

            Keep pushing Don and let’s put this over the top, Trump will be a good President if the powers that be will get out of this way. I have been getting request from the Republican Party for money. My response was that you wasted our money on trying to stop Trump and have not behind him yet, so I will only donate to Trump if he asks for it.

          65. JBM says

            Agree – vote Trump the man not the Party – screw the insider establishment elites that think they are above it all and want to control the people with their agendas. if we need a new party then so be it and it should the TAPP= The American People Party and make America Great Again Romeny the Bushes and people like McCain who are sore losers for the most part have too much to say others. I for one could care less what they think or what their opinion is and that goes for Paul Ryan and many others they are not any better than anyone else even though they think they. are above it all…all HAS BEENS

          66. Amil Baker says

            The Politicians (BOTH REPUBLICAN AND DEMOCRAT) have got to the point that they think they know more what the people need and are going to give it to them whether they want it or not as long as it matches the Politician agenda. I am sure glad we have Trump to bring this to the forefront so we can learn and have learned what they are doing to us. NO MORE SUPER DELEGATES AND HIDDEN AGENDA OF THE DELEGATES.

          67. GodBlessRealAmerica!! says

            TRUMP 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DEFEAT THESE LIBERAL DEMOCRACKHEADS!

          68. JBM says

            Amil, did you see this

            http,youtube.com/watch?v=wk2k5vbm0Q Anonymous – Hillary Clinton:
            A Career Criminal – YouTube

          69. TeaPartyPatriot says


            Vote in November

            THE TRUMP vs THE TRAMP.



          70. JBM says

            GOOD ONE but perhaps it should read TRUMP vs TRAMP TRAITOR

          71. TeaPartyPatriot says

            true suggestion but to make a good BUMPER STICKER it must be short and to the point.
            The TRUMP vs The TRAMP

            Fits the bill and the Bumper Sticker

          72. Sage says

            Same here. I had a long chat on the phone with a young guy looking for RNC money. I think it could be the Tipping Point for the libertarian, Gary Johnson. I’m sorry Trump has good 5hings to day but he stolid l wants more government in bad wsys. Don’t we all want to live with the freedom we’ve grown accustomed to?! Check out Gary Johnson. He’s not perfect, but how can we even consider putting another of any elite in charge. So at least, look at him and the beliefs the party has and spread the word. I’m very afraid of what is happening.

          73. GodBlessRealAmerica!! says

            EXACTLY!!!! TRUMP 2016

          74. richardwfaith says

            And WHY will obamA thwart the investigation?
            ANSWER: HE is propped up by the SAME $ource of money as hillarY is: soro$$$$$$. The gravy train will flow like a big river as long as they cooperate, even though an intense and bitter rivalry exists between them.

          75. db says


          76. glorybe2 says

            Getting AIDS in a bathroom sounds rather difficult to me. And AIDS and gender have no relationship at all.

          77. Ed R says

            Aids and Bathroom gender not have any relationship but Aids and LGBT community does. Check the records.

          78. GodBlessRealAmerica!! says

            Obama is a sick demonic spirit!

          79. joe says


          80. ABO says

            Very likely.

          81. Timothy Johnson says

            wow, you really go over board don’t you.

          82. joe says

            YOU TOTAL moron this is NOTHING like the black thing you sick twisted pervert if you are for allowing full grown men into the bathroom with small girls you are a fu2king pedophile your neighbors should report you to the police you sick twisted pervert. You disgust me you deviant

          83. Shosh 7154 says

            When a man enters the women’s bathroom and sees your little girl and smiles at her….will that make you think… why is a man in the bathroom with my little girl?

          84. ineedtruth says

            This is the response that all the sexual perverts make. Child molesters say their civil rights are being violated because they can’t be around children. Rapists say their civil rights are being violated because they have to register as a sex offender. If you really want to see how perverted the LGBT community is, just watch one of their parades. They flaunt their perversions. If you don’t like the word pervert, then you should have the Merriam Webster dictionary change the definition. It describes the LGBT people perfectly. Pervert: to change (something good) so that it is no longer what it was or should be, to cause (a person or a person’s mind) to become immoral or not normal. That is the definition so call it what it is.

          85. disqus_CeZmTpgh9W says

            glorybe2, reading your comment, it is obvious you don’t have any children!
            NOBODY is saying race has anything to do with which bathroom you can use!
            That idea went away a long time ago! If you can stand to pee, use the men’s bathroom!

          86. Deliadstephens2 says

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          87. tinkerunique says

            Butt, 0’bumma wants to be the American Emperor. Do as he says, NOT as he does. I used to think it was “Leadership by example”. NOW it’s, “DO AS I SAY.”

          88. db says


          89. Son Shine says

            Please send this out to everyone. This exactly what we need to be spread. We have allowed the Devil to destroy our great nation. Please get this out and ASAP
            God Bless

          90. Carol Smith says

            ignorance and extremism are what destroys a nation, as is evidenced by many of the militant comments here.

          91. mac12sam12 says

            Quick, run to your safe zone!!

          92. Brenda says

            It is the ignorance of people to understand how their government works that precludes the destruction of a nation. The extremism of the “progressive” attitude that deals more on social issues and less on actual governance , the moral decay, the failure to protect one borders from illegal invasion, the demands of a minority that outweigh the majority, all contribute to the fall of nations.
            You should read the Fall of the Roman Empire, and learn.

          93. mallen11 says

            Very good book to suggest.

          94. glorybe2 says

            Brenda governance of social issues is the main reason we have a government. What the right wing fails to get is that we vote and the majority wins and the smaller party loses. Since the majority of Americans are not right wing we do not expect the right wing to have much of a voice in anything that we pass into law or public policy. Really, the right wing wants us to go backwards while going into the future. Can you see how silly such ideas are? We need morals, laws and values that match current realities. The US is committed to contracts and treaties in such a way that changes in domestic policies would break our oaths in the signing of those standing agreements. We very much must live within the terms and conditions we have set in motion in the past whether we like it or not. One huge fact is that the international business community may very well remove the US as a qualified debtor and put us into financial hell if Trump is elected. I suspect that we would see an unheard of financial collapse within 30 days of Trump being elected. No foreign entity wants to risk the type of nation that would elect such a person. So far England, Scotland and the mayor of London have all announced that Trump is not welcomed in their nation at all. Do you think that these people are all fools who somehow don’t get the value of Trump? Or is it that they don’t want to deal with a nation that puts a man who declares bankruptcy over and over again as president?

          95. D Hall says

            I guess obama increasing our debt TEN TRILLION in seven years,more than
            ALL THE PRESIDENTS COMBINED ,is just fine with you
            and what the hell do we have to show for it
            Ninety Eight Million out of work Fifty eight Million on Food Stamps
            50% of the people in poverty,one in every four families ,not one person works
            race relations worse than sixty years ago,Violence increasing daily
            our schools the worst,the morals stink.spending hundreds of billions on ILLEGALS ,while our Vets are Homeless,with dwindling health care. our Military being downgraded,and tying their hands at every turn,giving the Green light to IRAN
            to fast forward THEIR Nuclear Program. He has done his best to DESTROY this country,the sooner he is GONE the better

          96. glorybe2 says

            There are two causes for the debt increasing. The first is a long, ongoing war set in motion by the right wing. The second involves surviving the economic collapse caused by right wing economic and the idiot Baby Bush. When companies collapse and millions are thrown out of their jobs the income tax and sales taxes plummet and the consequence is increased national debt. This sewage started with old right wing Ronald Reagan and his absurd trickle down economics. But we all know that those that follow the right wing fail to grasp reality and always want to blame the left wing, no matter what.

          97. Brenda says

            Governance of social issues IS NOT the main reason we have government. Neither was our government intended to meddle into social issues. No where in our Constitution is “social issues” listed as the duty of Federal Government.
            It is the “left wing” that has bastardized the Constitution with their liberal laws, without any regard for what this Constitution truly says or the idea behind its creation.
            Morals, laws, and values are no longer a arguable point. What was once considered moral has degenerated into immorality; where certain acts were considered taboo, they are now depicted as the norm. What values we once held dear have been corrupted by the “liberal left”; where no man or woman can say what they think without being labeled some type “phoic” or racist because they do not agree. What laws that now exist can and are ignored by our political elite class and mob rule has replaced peaceful protest.

          98. glorybe2 says

            The elimination of racism is one social issue that clearly falls under the jurisdiction of government. How can all men be equal before the law if some are treated differently in any way. Allowing women to vote is a social issue as well. Education of youth is absolutely a critical social issue. Fair wages and compensation for injured workers are also social issues. Providing for the disabled, the elderly and small children is also a social issue. Preparing young people to be able to serve in the military is also a social issue. who is accepted for military service is a social issue. So just what do you think is not a social issue?

          99. Peatro Giorgio says

            First off There is zero Federal Authority given under The Constitution. As pertaining to any Guaranteed right of fair wages or of Eduaction written in any area or any amendment to the Constitution. As for the military That is written into the Constitution. Therefore it is not a social issue but one Constitutional issue.

          100. glorybe2 says

            There is also nothing in the constitution to make speeding in your car illegal. That does not imply that laws against speeding are invalid. Out of the many hundreds of thousands of laws on the books almost none are mentioned in the constitution. The constitution is a starting point for all laws.

          101. Peatro Giorgio says

            I see your a bit ignorant as to the difference’s between State rights 10th amendment & states constitutions verses_ Federal US constitutional Authority. State’s hold all the power with in there constitutional authority.And do have the right to set all social agenda’s, whether they be speed limits ,or making illegal abortions , same sex marriages ,drug possession or any such acts as the states residence give their state legislators authority to legislate on their behalf. Remember this. The 13 colones had written drafted and ratified their Constitutions by 1780, Which were written long before the US Constitution was written. Us Constitution began being drafted in the year 1787 and was not ratified until 1788. 13 colones independent constitutions 8 years before The us Constitution. So you see states rights rain supreme . As our US Constitution claims. But not according to liberal, progressive,rino’s the dead from the neck up type. Who only view the constitution as a piece of old useless paper . But in reality it is the fixed laws of this land. Which may only be changed through the amendment process . and not through edict, executive order or bureaucratic editing.

          102. glorybe2 says

            No state may pass any law or take any action that violates the US constitution. And the Supreme Court of the US is the only authority to declare when the constitution is being violated.

          103. Peatro Giorgio says

            No the reason for a federal government is in the defense. Of our nation. The whole,entire purpose of a federal government was. In the act of a united defense of the sovereignty of the states against foriegn enemies. The states were and aRe Constitutionally the sole prepriotors of Social laws,social justice. Period.

          104. GodBlessRealAmerica!! says

            Obama created it! Obama a fraud and a liberal destroyer of AMERICA you don’t see it because you are brainwashed by the Liberal racist Media!!!

          105. azabigail says

            How can I send this to myself so I can share it with other?

          106. Roy Fredrichsen says

            What Washington has lost sight of is that Washington ONLY gets its powers from the combined efforts of the now 50 states. Without the cooperation of the UNITED
            STATES, Washington is powerless. The Constitution IS NOT “out of date”.

          107. Earl Barajas says

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          108. FloridaBoyee says

            WHAT everyone in the USA is STOP paying ANY TAXES to the USA & Washington, DC and see what the hell happens! The let’s see what the FEDERAL gov’t. can do? Get your queer butts back into the closets!

          109. Roy Fredrichsen says

            Well if the House of Representatives will not exercise the power of the purse on O’Bamas excesses, WE will have to.

          110. FloridaBoyee says

            You are correct, because the HOUSE OF CROOKS will NEVER do anything to STOP this POWER HUNGRY FRAUD from doing what he/she wants to do!!Just remember the last election, how they ALL came out to be FOR the PEOPLE!!What a Laugh!! Vote them OUT and send in NON POLITICIANS who KNOW how to make money the Old fashioned way!!

          111. Carol Smith says

            duh, this is obama’s final year in office. he doesn’t need to be voted out.

          112. Brenda says

            No he needs to be tried for treason and sedition.

          113. Mike Burkett says

            One Big A$$ Mistake America and Hillary too.

          114. HotinSC says

            But all his cronies and bureaucratic assignees do need to be kicked out

          115. Mike Burkett says

            It worries me what does this lame-duck president have planned for the country during his last months. Don’t trust the muslim at all.

          116. Antonio says

            And what we see and read is nothing, a like what he’s doing in the S… house. I see nothing but Evil on this man’s face.

          117. esqualido says

            It’s not the Muslim you should worry about, it’s the stooge to big business. Did you notice that his trip to Hanoi is about helping enable them to buy weapons from U.S. arms manufacturers? How do you think that goes over with the families of the 50,000 dead G.I.’s on the Vietnam War Memorial? That war was supposed to have been about saving Souh Vietnam from communism- the domino effect- but when it suited Big Business, while now communist, they have first been granted “Most Favored Nation” status, and now this.

          118. Jack_Ray says

            You’re more intelligent than that. Integrity. Eternity is an infinite number. That’s more than you’re average 77.6 years on earth. Your words sting!

          119. Mike Burkett says

            Are you sure that you’re responding to my post? I know Obama lack of integrity will not be suffered by this country for an eternity. I am surprised that America has put up with Obama’s lack of integrity as the leader of this country this long.

          120. Roy Fredrichsen says

            Carol – Not if he decides to declare Martial Law which would Guarantee he could stay in office indefinitely which would mean NO MORE ELECTIONS.

          121. Zelda says

            More crazy conspiracy crap. He’s leaving when his term is up, with dignity, despite the ugly racist treatment from the Rethuglicans. He was a great president. I wish we could keep him in, but we have to follow the law. Trump will not. He is a radical narcissist who will take out revenge on any newspaper or reporter or anyone who has been against him. He will be a fascist ruler. America as we know it will be over. You all will be so sorry, like the German citizens were – before, during and after the Nazi regime.

          122. grafra102 says


          123. carl arasi says

            He is leaving in shameful disgrace! He is leaving as a Anti-American Communist Scumbag! He is certain to do life in Leavenworth!

          124. Arthur R Valencia says

            ZELDA, Wow! Your thinking is so ridiculous, it isn’t even funny. You would be one of those that would gladly suppress the freedom thinking Americans and put them in concentration camps “for their own good”. God help us.

          125. carl arasi says

            Go Trump!

          126. gspelvin says

            Zelda – If you know what the meaning of narcissist is, you also know that it perfectly describes Obama. Quit placing the race card. You liberals believe that anytime someone criticizes Obama, they’re being racist. How naive of you. But, then you are the kind of poorly informed [person who voted for him twice. And, now our country is paying for your ignorance.

          127. D Hall says

            Most German people that i know,say that all obama needs is a brush under his nose

          128. esqualido says

            Tell us again about that “Affordable” Medical Care program crammed down America’s throat (and the insurance companies dropping the Bronze Plan claiming that despite 30% annual premium hikes they just can’t make money.) Not to mention the most undignified trashing of the Bill of Rights by a supposed expert on Constitutional Law ranging from extrajuridicial executions of American citizens to endless invasions of privacy in the name of fighting terrorism to countenancing three hour waits at the airport thanks to TSA, in order to drive the sheep into the toll lane.

          129. Wes Tipton says

            Wow, you win the prize for the most clueless liberal yet! This inept politician has damaged this nation badly in his 7 ugly years, tripled our national debt, borrowed and spent and golfed and partied like a drunken sailor, and yet your kind can’t, or will not see that.
            He is a wannabe dick-tator who ignores our Constitution, executes illegal mandates and exec orders, ignores our Congress while playing footsie with the UN over the climate scam issue and our Second Amendment rights. Sold us out to Iran, ignores the isis problem and won’t refer to muslim terrorists as terrorists. If you think he is a good leader you need psychiatric help.

          130. Peatro Giorgio says

            Lets go back in time when at first glance Obama began the race baiting, race dividing crap. His first year in office. Does Connecticut ring a bell when Obama chose to side with a racist college professor who had been arrested. Over the honorable actions of police officers. Or how about the Travon Martin issue. When Obama and his D.O.J officials choose to side with a guilty racist murder attempting dog. Over Court Proven innocent man. Who was doing his duty as a neighborhood watch. Or how about all the class war fare crap he has pulled. Or the religious divisions he as inspired or in fact directed. Yes it is a conspiracy. Yes Obama has conspired to divide this Nation into smaller and smaller segments. A great President you say. O so a great president is one who leaves 95 million unemployed or under employed ,a great president is now one who destroys this nations relationships with its allies. So now a great president is one who has divided the nations people into economic classes, cultural classes, religious verses secularist. Jew against Christian. Christen against Non Christian, Black against white, Latino verses all, Poor against middle class. Middle class against upper middle class. Rich against super rich. Blue collar against white collar. And still now more then every in our nations history 35 million still uninsured. 47 million on welfare or some form of government subsidy. Health care cost doubled for many. Veterans treated worse then ever before. Veterans treated as criminals when returning from the battlefield. 30 times more illegals with in our borders including terrorist groups. Higher taxes ,still more crumbling bridges and roads. 57 known hospital closer’s and fewer and fewer doctors remaining in the perspective practices. Our prisons over flowing with illegal criminal aliens our schools over run over burdened with illegal children. our remaining hospitals over burdened over run with illegals. Police and emergency personal over worked over burdened with illegals let alone criminal citizens. Corruption running wild through out politics like never before. Great President MY Arse.

          131. Gene says

            You are a typical welfare receipient.To hell with the country as long as you don’t have to work.You are a total idiot.

          132. Ted Crawford says

            Sooooo glad I’ve some Emetrol handy!

          133. carl arasi says

            And what do you think the solution to that kind of problem would be ?

          134. Roy Fredrichsen says

            Same as happened in 1776 when the British tried to subjugate us – REVOLUTION!

          135. carl arasi says

            Glade we are on the same page!Find the closest oak tree,and hang them for all to see!

          136. GodBlessRealAmerica!! says

            WHY NOT HE’S A DISGRACE!

          137. Zelda says

            a voice of reason!

          138. David Stewart says

            Has the fat lady done her bit, I didn’t hear her? Odumbo isn’t done until he says he’d done!

          139. Mike Burkett says

            You LBGT or ever use public toilet. Obama got 6 months to wreck havoc on the country hr hates.

          140. Mike Burkett says

            Nice idea but, what needs to happen is all professional politicians of both parties need to be replaced by citizen candidates that have accomplished something. Good luck convincing the lock-step knazi democraps who survive on public assistance without a job or even the desire to get a job and contribute.

          141. mallen11 says

            No lawyers only businessmen or smart everyday people like Joe the Plummer.

          142. FloridaBoyee says

            I do believe the same as this, BUT today, I heard multi-Billionaire, Mark Cuban was OFFERING himself to be Hillary’s Vice President. That is the DUMBEST Offering I have ever heard any Multi-Billionaire make! Does he want the Government to CONTROL his money? Well, Bernie and Hillary WANTS the Government to control everyone’s money! Sounds like Pelosi saying,”just pass it and we will read it later”! Yeah! Right!

          143. David Jackson says

            Believe me their money will not go away. Surely you understand the elite establishment do not abide by the laws. Hopefully enough of the people will realize this before it is too late. Imprisonmen is too good for this group.

          144. Mike Burkett says

            Great philosopher Pluto once said ‘… in order to establish a more perfect society, lawyers must be eliminated’.

          145. Ted Crawford says

            Of all the Disney cartoons I ever watched, I never, ever heard Pluto utter a word of English

          146. Peatro Giorgio says

            You meant to write The Greek Philosophers name. ” Plato ” Not the cartoon Character’s name Pluto .” Right.”

          147. Robert Early says

            LOL. I like Pluto better. Plato could only function well in a Platonic (or gay) environment. GO PLUTO !

          148. Zelda says

            Omg, he was a sham and a disgrace to people who HAVE actually worked in the trades all their lives, like carpenters, plumbers, electricians – legitimate licensed contractors! I can’t believe you thought that “Joe the Plumber”(not plummer, lol)) was actually doing what he said he was doing. After very little investigative reporting, it was discovered he wasn’t licensed at all, and had done very little plumbing work.

            This is the big problem with the public that blindly follows Trump, Fox News, and political propaganda from both parties. They live in a fantasy bubble, not the real world. They are new to history and especially new to political history. But they think they know everything, which is frightening.

            The he founding fathers understood the dangers of “tyranny of the majority”. That’s why our system has delegates and the electoral college. It is not “rigged” – it was set up on that way on purpose. As a Republic, not a true democracy, though that does not mean we don’t follow the fundamental beliefs of it..It was a very thoughtful, incredibly intelligent experiment composed of a delicate balance of 3 parts of government.

            But it is teetering on the verge of collapse if we elect Trump. If he is elected, he will be the last president of the United States. I hope this very delicate experiment works to crush the “tyranny of the majority” and will end this crazy mob-thinking…you have been brain-washed by social media, Fox News and hard right religious zealots who would turn our country into a Theocracy, but now, more like an Idiocracy..

          149. mallen11 says

            Try to get your mind out of the left and think what is right about Trump…
            Protect our borders – build a wall if necessary
            Stop illegal immigration and refugees
            Stop Islamists who wish to destroy us from entering our country
            Restore America’s military might and greatness
            Restore America’s economic engine of greatness
            Return America’s Corporations back to the mainland
            Create new, good, high-paying jobs
            Get people off welfare and into a viable job market
            Respect our constitution, heritage, and Judeo-Christian heritage
            Deal firmly with those who hate us – not genuflecting and cowering to them (probably won’t kiss the Saudi King’s ring)

            And for this – the establishment hates him. Some of them are even saying “I will vote for Hillary before Donald Trump!” Really? Yes! Of course they would. They must! And now you know why.

            Here is who hates Trump:
            The Washington elite and establishment shills
            The liberal media
            The socialists
            The communists
            The entitlement mentality crowd
            The racist Black Lives Matters – type groups
            The Chinese
            The Russians
            The anti-Israel nations and groups
            Those who hate Christians
            Those who hate America
            Those who hate the Constitution
            Those who want America’s borders open to the world

            Now you know at least a part of what’s really going on in Washington these days.
            Sally Bergmoser

          150. Roy Fredrichsen says

            Hey! Sally- You told it like it is. No BS like Hillary is putting out. She wants to destroy the Constitution, Bill of Rights and everything America really stands for. If this country is so bad, why are so many taking a chance on dying to get her?

          151. grafra102 says

            rOY: tHEY ARE stupid

          152. Gary Enlow says

            Don’t forget she wants to do away with the 2nd amendment . Trump does not .

          153. Roy Fredrichsen says

            The second amendment IS part of the Constitution so is the First and 4th. All part of it, too Read it sometime, very interesting and still timely.

          154. Jack_Ray says

            No, not quite correct. Her platform is available on line. Guns ok. Just wants mandatory background checks.(keep us safe from the boogie man) Keep, Karry, and Kill. Yeah, guns! Any other reasons for owning besides these three? Please show me where to find Trump’s platform.

          155. Jack_Ray says

            Mallen, What a compelling argument! Thanks for your insightful post. I thought most Christian organizations endorsed Trump. You forgot a very important organization which tried to help with their solution. The Christian organization called the “Klu Klux Klan”. They carried the Christian cross everywhere as their testimony. Bunch of tough Christians, they were, under those sheets. Mayors, policemen, town leaders all. were uncovered during their reign in the sixties and before. They are still active in many areas of the country. Join up! You too can attack and burn, that will fix ’em. Although after a lifetime of being black, MLK, when hassled by them, got busy fixing the problem. It resulted in the Civil Rights Bill. With his signature, LBJ gave you the rights equal to all of us (human animals only) regardless of any reasons you can make-up. Since 1964 you have rights equal to those of queers, blacks, jews, all of us. Congratulations, You are in great company. Bob Marley said it better, though; “The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively.”
            If you were not alive in these tumultuous times (sixties) of our country, historical references may mean little. Experiencing it, like I did, brings much of it in focus. We have already visited this problem, fixed some of it, and moved on. Why bring this up again? Let’s move on and fix what is still broken. Here’s one: “Thirty-five million people in the United States are hungry tonight, – 1.3 million of them are children. If another country did this to our children, we’d be at war.” – and “Unfortunately, many Americans live on the outskirts of hope. Our task is to help replace their despair with opportunity.” LBJ on the War on Poverty, Jan 8, 1964, Denying equal rights to another group of human beings based on your religious (or other) beliefs is still called Bigotry. Best for our country, and best for peace and prosperity, if we all get along as equals. Someone once said in a document, “We are all created equal” The purpose of religion is to control yourself…not to criticize others. The next President? Tell her to tell Trump that “Power is not sufficient evidence of truth” .and…if you are able to fit this into your argument, because after all, what we do today will effect civilization a hundred years from now, Carl Jung said in the fifties; “If there is anything that we wish to change in a child, we should first examine it and see whether it is not something that could better be changed in ourselves.”

          156. mallen11 says

            Thank you. Yes, I lived through the sixties and the changes reflected the lack of knowledge of God’s Word that should have been instilled in those who lived through the fifties but greed and wealth took God’s place. I do disagree with “The next President? Tell her to tell Trump that “Power is not sufficient evidence of truth” .and…if you are able to fit this into your argument…” because Hellory plays the same game but she is a criminal, liar and can’t be trusted. I believe Trump will make a great leader even with all his faults and especially since we need the change from the status quo in WDC. He is picking some very good people to help him make the right decisions. I am sick of politicians; we need a businessman to deal with the waste and deceitfulness of the politicians.
            The only way America will become great again is if enough people will turn back to God, learn His ways from His written Word (not religion) and apply them daily. It doesn’t matter who gets the top job as long as the people are doing the right thing. There have been many great leaders of nations who were not Christians but ruled with the right establishment principles like the golden age of the Antoine Caesars. It was the Christians who made that era great; not the leaders. It can be the same in our country.

          157. Jack_Ray says

            You have made some very good points to ponder. I do not support either of the front runners. At this point, it is which one will do the least harm to the world. One point you made in second paragraph talks of becoming great again (I have no evidence we are not), and to do this “people will turn back to God”. Is it that simple? My neighbor asked me “Whose God? ” The neighbor across the street said, “Five times a day, facing east on our personal prayer rugs, facing Mecca, our holy land” {that’s commitment}, A guy a few doors down said, “Oh yeah, Mohamed hears from me always” A block down, their Buddha statue is in the front window. It’s just great living here. Acceptance, peace, inclusion, friendly hellos, respect, {no one trying to “change” each other’s values} This list expands to 1,000s. If tax payer support is being received, there is either no religion or there for all religions. Taxpayers are a diverse group as well. We are a nation of immigrants , with no room for prejudice or discrimination. We don’t yet have a law stating that a requirement for living here is to adopt our religious beliefs. The Mayflower Pilgrims proved that by leaving the U.K. to practice their own religions, away from the monarchy which required them to invest time in the King’s religion. They were immigrants for religious freedom. We still have that. Don’t start taking this freedom away from groups that may have different customs/beliefs/heritage/valuing system. Would you trade your bathroom for an outhouse? Some religions do. Blame it on Obama.

          158. mallen11 says

            There is only ONE God; the God of the Bible.
            Is 45:5-6 “I am the LORD, and there is no other;
            Besides Me there is no God.
            I will gird you, though you have not known Me;
            6 That men may know from the rising to the setting of the sun
            That there is no one besides Me.
            I am the LORD, and there is no other,
            It doesn’t matter what you see your neighbors do or believe; it matters what you believe about Jesus Christ as the eternal Savior who died as a substitute for the sins of all mankind. After hearing and understanding the gospel of Jesus Christ, we become believers when we have faith alone in Christ alone. BTW, religion is the devil’s ace trump and is a counterfeit to Christianity. Christianity is a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and is a spiritual way of life. Religion is manmade and has no way of salvation. It is based on works for salvation and no grace.
            II Pet 3:9 -The Lord is not slow about His promise, as some count slowness, but is patient toward you, not wishing for any to perish but for all to come to repentance (change of mind towards Him).
            John 3:36 He who believes in the Son has eternal life; but he who does not obey the Son will not see life, but the wrath of God abides on him.

          159. Jack_Ray says

            My “neighbors” have that same commitment to their God(s) as well. Who am I to judge? Freedom of religion/speech/assembly. Isn’t it great? BTW, Freedom has a flavor the protected will never know”.

          160. Peatro Giorgio says

            LBJ’s war on poverty was a complete failure. For what actually occurred was a huge reduction in charitable giving . More folks saying ” Why should I help they have government programs now. Look we all have been greatly deceived . You stated the obvious 35 million Americans still in deep poverty. or 1 6th of our population. Prior to the so called war on poverty the percentage was nearly the same. The only real difference was ; There were far more folks like my Grand Parents an Parents who on every single week end that I can remember. Would joyfully fill their cars trunk’s with food and clothing items . Waiting for dark to arrive so that they could distribute those goods to the poor in our home town and surrounding areas. Driving just past these folks home’s. Interior dome light bulb’s removed taken out. head lights off. Stopping just beyond sight so that my grandparents an parents could set those items on folks front porches or stoops with out notice . Return to their car’s putting the engine in gear while beeping the horn I witness this so many times. Yes monies for clothing taken from their own pockets. Food from Our families vegetable garden, preserves , salami’s hams bacon sausage we produced.Our Gardens four times the size of what our needs were. Our live stock we raised 4 times our need. our chicken and egg production 4 times our families needs and we were and are a huge family And heck no we were not and are not rich or well off folks. I can remember fully participating in barn raising’s Home raising’s. When a neighbors home or barn burnt down we and the local community were there .We would provide the man power we would provide the material purchased and most often donated by the local lumber yard. Yea War on poverty my Back side . As for religion Most religions with but a few exception are about self control ,will power.personal choice. But that is not what ISLAM is about. Unlike Christianity ,Bud ism,, Hinduism,Judaism. Islam is about controlling others.

          161. Jack_Ray says

            What a great family you have. Instilling these values in young children is good. Each one, helping one. They in turn will return the favor some day and continue the pattern they learned from your family.
            Well- written and compelling to read/re-read. Here’s my diddly on religion: Religion is used to control yourself, not to criticize others. I think we agree and have some similarities in our childhoods. I recall barn-raisings, welfare parties, special offerings. Keep the work going, we’ll get there together.

          162. Peatro Giorgio says

            First off LBJ was forced politically to sign the civil rights bill. Which was sponsored by a wide majority of republicans and some democrat co sponsors. JFK tried wiggling his way out . So to had LBJ .The problem for LBJ was the minority of democrat co sponsors of the civil rights bill. They who were truly vocal about their support for the bill were actively shaming LBJ into signing. O and for your information the KKK might be near extinction. But the White Aryan brotherhood An the Aryan nation , the skin heads are far more active and far greater in numbers then the DEMOCRAT Klan could have ever hope to have become. So to is the New Black Panther party the Black lives only matter group and of course old Malcolm X’s group now under Whats his name . Race hate is very much alive and has grown existentially in America.” THANKS ” to the racist bigoted hate mongers mostly on the left and in the white house.

          163. David Jackson says

            Apparently you are a Cruz supporter. You need to dig a little deeper and I’n not talking about dalliances

          164. Catnip says

            Wow, are you ever wrong!
            Except for one thing… you know how to spell plumber. (“lol”)

          165. gspelvin says

            You’re ignoring the great harm the liberals and Obama have done to our country. When he signed the treaty with Iran I knew for certain he did not have our best interest at heart. Electing Hillary will continue our march to disaster.

          166. Jack_Ray says

            But his Iran policy is only one thing. Is that the only “great harm” from liberals and Obama? Just the one? I’ve got 20+ on Reagan, Nixon, Bush One, Bush Jr. (did he really happen to us?) . “Never be afraid to do what’s right, especially if the well-being of a person or animal is at stake. Society’s punishments are small compared to the wounds we inflict on our soul when we look the other way.” MLK

          167. gspelvin says

            No, of course it’s not, we could include his massive spending on failed projects such as Solyndra, “Guns for rebels, Obamacare (which he lied to the public about and where costs are now spiraling out of control), loss of influence in the Middle East, our rising debt, rising employment (and don’t give me the figures this administration puts out – they’re phony because they don’t include those who’ve had to stop looking for work), the incredible downgrade of our military capabilities, which has resulted in our inability to successfully wage war on any effective scale,) Our country has now become a joke in the international arena, Your quotation is interesting since it truly describes Obama and his lack of policy or success in any area. If you also want to include past presidents, we would have to discuss LBJ, Carter and Bill Clinton. But, the problem really isn’t Obama, it’s people like you who voted him into office with no knowledge of who he was, what his experience was and whether or not he had a proven track record of senior level leadership. That said, any further discussion is pointless.

          168. Jack_Ray says

            Exactly, I felt the same way when George Jr. sent our boys in Iraq to be sacrificed (for our freedom?). What was the reason for that again? I visit my brother weekly since that war…..at his gravesite. Did he die in vein? Sure, just ask his mother, 3 brothers, 1 sister, aunts, uncles, cousins, and all the family deceased since him. Our family talks about it often, especially at Big Family Dinners, his birthday, his death day, answering his children’s questions,his best friends from his many walks through life. It doesn’t end. Not everyone who lost his life in the Middle East…..died there. Not everyone who came home from the Middle East…..ever left there. Have you ever shot an 8 year old boy….my friend’s son did, 6 months, 18 days before he took his own life after he was honorably discharged. His dad said his son couldn’t find the honor in the killing.

          169. Francie26 says

            I don’t believe Joe the Plumber ever called himself that. I think others called him a plumber.

          170. Jack_Ray says

            May I quote you on that?

          171. Francie26 says

            Sure. lol

          172. Francie26 says

            He may have told people that he was a plumber, but I don’t think he normally introduced himself as in, “Hello, I’m Joe, the Plumber.” He may have said that to someone whose house he had been called to for water problems, and when he got there, he may have said, “Hello. I’m Joe, the plumber.” Notice the lower case “plumber” which identifies him as a real plumber who was there in that capacity. But it is not using the word, “Plumber” as part of his actual name.

          173. Ted Crawford says

            It is already collapsing under Obama! A Spaniard once told me they have a saying in Spain: “Better is the bad you know than the good you don’t know.” Not entirely accurate; too cynical. But it makes you think. Conclusion; there is no perfect presidential candidate or president. But Mr. O is trying so hard to be horrible on purpose. Trump’s no president, but if he’s the only vote against Obama & his clones(Bernie & Hillary), we’re in more trouble than we can imagine. Definitely an ‘Oh, G_d, Please Help Us’ situation. Tweetle-Dee, Tweetle-Do & Tweetle-Dumb vying for the presidency, presently occupied by Tweetle-DUH!

          174. Jack_Ray says

            I hope you are young enough so you will be here to read his legacy. Sadly, I won’t It is too bad we couldn’t get a smarter one. Obama lags in at number three of all U.S. Presidents in IQ. Two scored above him.
            Yes, employment was cut in half and yes, that has never been done before so quickly. Of course, Congress refused to read any of his proposed bills. They remain sealed for seven+ years. That was his fault, the pages might have been glued. Shame on him for saving my sisters life with his lousy health care availability at an affordable price. (She couldn’t afford $1350 a month, but with current plan, pays $128.75 monthly). Shame she’s still with us. I also am glad Congress refused to read Obama’s Jobs Bill in 2009 employing 3.5 million Americans to update our entire infrastructure (roads, bridges, sewer, water, gas, etc.)

          175. Peatro Giorgio says

            Question Do actually understand .Just what it is unemployment numbers signifies. Those numbers with which you claimed he Obama reduced faster then at any other time in history. Is meaningless Why because they only represent those individuals whom still have unemployment benefits available. They do not account for the other 93 million unemployed or under employed. What actually proves this is the GDP numbers with which are fare below the normal national standard of between 4.5 % And 7.5 % a 1.7 or a 2.7 is a poor GDP number. O and as for roads and bridges. 780 billion dollars was allocated for those so called shovel ready jobs Remember. Obama and the dumbo rats had complete control of congress and the white house. So pack the crap’ola about congress not reading or entertaining his proposals Four of the six years under Obama the house and senate were in democrat control. O and blame the dumbo rats for not allowing your sister or other to purchase more affordable health care across state line. As for affordability bull crap’ola My families health care cost doubled and Im on the lower end of the middle income level. Also or deductibles are now $7,000.00 per year instead of the previous $250 per member annual. We can not afford to purchase health care under O Blow hard theracist lying sack of crap.

          176. Jack_Ray says

            Nothing you say can be proven. Non-facts. Read Congressional Records. That’s what I did.

          177. gspelvin says

            A loty of it can be proven. The unemployment numbers that Obama uses do not inclue those who have stopped looking for work. Proof: the numbers issued by the government on a monthly basis. The negatives about Obama care are now coming to the forefront. It doesn’t work for a majority of the people. That’s why large insurance companies are bailing on it. It’s rates are going up quickly now and more people will not be able to afford it. It was a sham when Obama proposed it (and then lied about it).It’s common knowledge that most Members of Congress had no time to read the bill. That’s true of most of the bills that come their way. How do I know? I worked as a volunteer on the Hill. But, as Pelosi so intelligently pointed out, “We have to pass it so we can see what’s in it”).

          178. Jack_Ray says

            Much of those unemployment numbers include the large number of unemployed Mr. Obama inherited from Mr. Bush Jr. Although, when you figure in the military employment under Bush, minus the dead sons and brother, uncles and cousins that came home in a box, the employment figures always go up in war. Even with his two wars and all the American death certificates counted, Bush Jr.’s numbers showed astronomically low employment years (if you subtract the employment created by the wars and the supporting war machine numbers. If you didn’t lose your dad, brother or uncle in a war, you might not understand. All but two months of Mr. Obama’s Presidency showed employment numbers rising between 100,000 – 400,000 a month. Congressional Records. Just reading the stats and sharing them, all for an increasing educated voting populace. Some call it patriotism. War is good for the economy. War is bad for children and other living beings.

          179. gspelvin says

            As Mark Twain once opined, “There are lies, damned lies and statistics.”

            For the record, George Bush was not a junior. His father was named George H.W. Bush.

          180. Peatro Giorgio says

            So you say you’ve read the Congressional record ,sadly You’ve read the political record and not the record of The CBO. Which actually gives the true statistics. Do you not know the difference. Or are you playing instant replay of the lunatic lefts talking points. As for nothing with which I’ve written can be proven . It is only the fool who would believe such nonsense. Here’s the point The Obama administration very own data is from where I’ve taken the numbers..
            Even as The obummer crew under count an discounted its very own previous quarterly numbers. But as they say nothing speaks more truth fully Then the actually welfare rolls ,National employment payroll figures , and finally The Nations Gross domestic Product which proves all the other figures. GDP 1.9% where as 9 years ago the annual numbers were averaging 4.5 percent. Though they went as high as 7.2 % No the real problem is with in those like you who refuse to believe. You’ve been riding on the wrong track. I on the other hand as a Independent. .refuse to believe or trust in any party establishment . For the Obama health care system failing what do you call 13 of the 26 exchanges going bankrupt.

          181. MakeAmericaGreatAgain! says

            Omg A liberal MORON!!!! TRUMP IS REAL AMERICA & FOX NEWS EXPOSES LIBERAL LIES!!!!! Obama has turned this Country into violence, division, hate, racism he is a low energy President!!!

          182. MakeAmericaGreatAgain! says

            Your Obama Liberal socialist fraud Dictator is GONE!!!
            President Trump will be taking over ha ha ha!

          183. MakeAmericaGreatAgain! says

            Obama plays the race card!
            You didn’t build that Who the Hell did you didn”t build it Obama!!! Shame on you!

          184. MakeAmericaGreatAgain! says

            Obama lol Worst failed President Eva History will show you how low energy he was!

          185. delbert balling says

            Don’t forget those assholes that betray us the last election. They are called Rino’s!

          186. Francie26 says

            But do they introduce themselves as “John, the Rino”?

          187. delbert balling says

            No; but they should!

          188. 77099 says

            Absolutely. And those on public assistance required to do some community service.

          189. sox83cubs84 says

            I’m praying that one such person wins the presidency in November.

          190. Catnip says

            Me too

          191. grafra102 says

            TRUMP 2016!!!

          192. grafra102 says

            TRUMP 2016

          193. GodBlessRealAmerica!! says

            PRESIDENT TRUMP 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAKE AMERICA GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          194. SUZANNE M. says


          195. MakeAmericaGreatAgain! says

            PRESIDENT TRUMP 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BAByyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

          196. Jack Magurn says

            Most Americans agree that we should throw out every damn Congressman (except theirs, that is)! You see THEIR Congressman has the power to do things for his constituents that a newbie will not have the power to do. So as disgusted as we may be with Congress as a whole (maybe even with most of our own Representatives) we can’t afford to dump OUR Representative. Don’ believe me? Watch how few incumbents get sacked next election, especially those with Seniority!

          197. PatriotParatrooper says

            This is exactly why we need term limits, then you won’t have these carter criminals in Washington.

          198. Jack_Ray says

            Agree, bought and paid for. “Owned.” Thanks, lobbyists!
            Newbies think they can go to D.C., make changes, do the people’s bidding. When the billionaire’s/big corp. money reaches their pockets, suddenly the bidding war totally changes hands. Ever played the board game “Risk”? Congress gets paid/benefitted well for playing the same game daily. Problem solving skills vary from one culture/demographic to another. Maybe we don’t have to “all get along”. Maybe just some understanding of our different approaches to life and decision-making? Instead of shooting your adversary with words/guns/violence, we could have an understanding of him. With self-education through books, articles, reference material, personal contact and mutual discussion, videos, documentaries, workshops, we would understand. “Oh, so that’s how you reached your conclusion, and here is how I reached mine” Maybe we can compromise. You’re right, just another, flippin liberal dream” Sorry, but this is what you are up against. Dreams of a better world for All beings. Realize this: If what you are doing isn’t working, change what you are doing.”
            There is always “another way”, an alternative, another choice. Go through them all before you shoot your words. They may be interpreted as hate/threats/violence. Peace is the opposite of that. May all beings be released from suffering.

          199. grafra102 says

            Yes, TRUMP 2016!!!!

          200. PicknPull says

            That’s what I don’t understand. WHERE is the SILENT MAJORITY on all of this?? This is not “for the people”; this is “to the people”. And frankly I’ve been “given” enough. Time for a change. Why has so much time gone by, and so many rights taken away from us as well as pure and outright defiance re the Constitution. “Let’s pick and choose what we want to make a mess of next.” I honestly think that’s the way this Presidency works. And I strongly agree with sending in the non-politicians. They’ve not been poisoned; not yet anyway!!

          201. Frankie Boy says

            Thank you ! That word still applies after 50 years ! Pervert is another label that sticks. It’s not the condition, it’s the attitude !!!

          202. Mike Burkett says

            I would be fine with the transgender policy if any father witnessing a daughter using the bathroom with a transgender is free to punish as he sees fit. Stand up America, states can prohibit any federal mandate. Just make sure your constituency understands the consequences.

          203. HotinSC says

            Problem is they take our taxes right out of our checks try to stop that and see who gets arrested, heavily fined and goes to jail.

          204. Roy Fredrichsen says

            There are not enough jails or prisons to hold everybody. Besides they would have to hire 10,000 more guards and WHERE are they going to get the money? Print more?

          205. esqualido says

            If only that were true. Albert Einstein, the pacifist (when he was not writing FDR encouraging him to make the A-bomb) used that argument against registering for the draft. Unfortunately, with a person like Obama, who promised to halve the deficit, but signed off on every bit of deficit spending quadrupling it, the printing press is regarded as a legitimate way to fund whatever number of privately owned for-profit prisons necessary to lock us up.

          206. Danni Smith says

            This is the resistance I have been touting for several years. The one catch I can’t overcome is how do we prevent the mafia government from seizing our money from the banks, all of which the mafia gov controls. Any ideas?

          207. SUZANNE M. says


          208. brokebill says

            And Obama and his policies are on the way out.

          209. Carol Smith says

            sorry, but our governmen has policies and rules. they are not thrown out when a president leaves office.

          210. Brenda says

            Sorry Carol, but the policies and the rules of previous presidents can be thrown out.
            Only the Constitution can transfer to incoming presidents and Congress. And only the laws passed by congress and signed into law by the president withstand transition.

          211. Mike Burkett says

            Trump will negate everything done by One Big A$$ Mistake America that is not in the best interest of America. That’s why Trump needs a political animal for VP (see Newt Gingrich). Contrary to Hilary’s claim, Bill Clinton’s economy was more the result of Speaker of the House’s Contract for America when he lost the house in mid-term elections.

          212. glorybe2 says

            Trump has no clue what is good for America. He is clueless and ignorant.

          213. Mike Burkett says

            I guess the ‘useful idiots’ will instead vote a criminal that doesn’t care for America or the Constitution.

          214. Zelda says

            Yay, thank you for having a brain. I’m reading a few rare posts of clear thinking.

          215. GodBlessRealAmerica!! says

            Your Jive talkin policies are out of line with the constitution. Obama is a dictator and will be dethroned soon and we will have a new PRESIDENT TRUMP Guess what we taken America back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! restore America from this low energy divider !

          216. Mike Burkett says

            Not soon enough. The muslim will raise havoc these last months.

          217. Zelda says

            He is not a Muslim. Religion is not supposed to be a factor, AT ALL, for elected officials. Our country was set up that way, duh. So if he is an atheist, a Baptist, a Buddhist or a Catholic it is not supposed to matter! Why do you all keep saying that anyway? Have you not read the constitution? The man has been a Christian all his life, anyway. You guys post that crap, that spam, because you can’t stand the thought of an African American being in the WHITE house!

          218. Roy Fredrichsen says

            Zelda – O’Bama has done everything he could to “Fundamentally change America” but not for the better. We have more racial division, unemployment, crime in the streets, murders running loose in Chicago, Our military has been decimated, our borders are overrun with illegals and you say O’Bama is a great. Oh! No! He is just an arrogant fool trying to be a King. Being an African-American has nothing to do with it. Open your eyes and look around.

          219. Proudvietvet58 says

            You are very obviously a total idiot!

          220. grafra102 says

            PROUDVIETVET: THANK YOU!!! She has her nose up OBOZO’S BUTT!!!

          221. D Hall says

            Zelda HE is the one who said “My MUSLIM FAITH’He is the one who said that he would side with his MUSLIM BROTHERS,He is the one who said “the most beautiful soul in the world is the call to Muslim Prayer ,HE is the one who destroyed our space program ,and turned it into MUSLIM OUTREACH
            He is the one who pulled ALL our troops out at once AGAINST ALL Military advice
            leaving a big hole for ISSIS to start and grow, Yes Zelda his JV Team
            Could go on and on,but you obama zombies STIll think he walks on water

          222. Joseph says

            Really? Then explain how he could attend a Muslim school in Indonesia without being a citizen and a Muslim? To be other wise would have been against the law there? Explain how his mother sent him back to the states without a passport and without him being included on hers? I don’t care what he is or isn’t. What I care about in my country that I served. While I respect my country and it’s constitution I do NOT respect my president. I took my oath to defend the Constitution not the president.

          223. Carol Smith says


          224. ABO says

            Brilliant response, Carol. Somebody help you with that???

          225. Lougjr1 says

            We the people must demand that all the states join together and demand that the Fed’s back off or the states will refuse to send in any more tax money that they collect from the people. The fed’s can’t do anything without money.So ,Governors, you better talk to each other and stop this government from dictatorial powers !

          226. Wes Tipton says

            Wait, I thought Barry said there were 57? !!!

          227. Roy Fredrichsen says

            He was counting what we call territories which ARE NOT officially called states.

          228. Peatro Giorgio says

            Stop with the crap-ola excuses for Obama’s idiocies. Not a single one of the US territories have ever requested statehood .They are not now or have ever been states. The US flag represents 50 stars,50 states .No more No less. Whether Provinces,or Territories they do not equate to statehood. As a so called Constitutional scholar Barrack Insane Obama should know that. What territories actually are is huge sucking welfare holes.And are of no intrinsic value to the Greater US.

          229. Roy Fredrichsen says

            Peatro – I was not making excuses for O’Bamas ignorance. Just pointing out his stupidity. He sounds like an over-educated idiot more and more with every statement he makes.

          230. Wes Tipton says

            I don’t think he really had any idea myself Roy. Territories are just that, and not states as you point out. How could a man in his position not know the difference?
            He has always been naive about this country, and shows a definite dislike for our basic values, principles and culture, which is why he set out to ‘transform’ America as he stated in the beginning. He simply does not like America or most of its people, and it shows clearly in what he doesn’t know about this nation.
            Neither he nor his wife would put their hand across their heart during our anthem until someone obviously pointed it out to them, which is inexcusable, as is their disdain for both our flag and our anthem.

          231. Roy Fredrichsen says

            All the more reason he should be arrested and charged with treason, impersonating a native born, signing into law not approved by Congress, and many other illegal activities including the”Bathroom Policy”.

          232. SUZANNE M. says


          233. Roy Fredrichsen says

            First, not many pay attention to what is really happening, second, not many really know the candidates background or really care, Some keep voting the same candidate simply because his name is familiar. Have you noticed how they lie about each other until the election is over and suddenly become best buddies,
            especially for the press? Now you know why.

          234. Carol Smith says

            u read too many radical right wing sites.

          235. mac12sam12 says

            Want to see radical? Go to Huffpo.

          236. ABO says

            Don’t forget Media Matters, mac.

          237. Brenda says

            And you pay too little attention to what is happening and the extent the would be dictator will go to force his agenda on the American people.

          238. ABO says

            And you invariably fail to comprehend what you read.

          239. GodBlessRealAmerica!! says

            You read to many leftist Democrackhead hateful racist websites!!!!!!!!!

          240. Harley157 says

            Correct, he has broken every law known.

          241. grafra102 says

            tinker: I say “F” him!!!

          242. PicknPull says

            Which is actually a dictatorship. I think we should get this Emperor some new clothes – what do you think???

          243. John E Strom Jr. says

            Shame on you! Didn’t you know our “esteemed” POTUS is a living God? All knowing, all seeing and omnipotent?

          244. James Andrews says

            Good one…..the only thing Owebama is is an esteemed crook and dictator wanna be. But he knows he can’t get away with it much longer.

          245. John E Strom Jr. says

            Sadly not one president [or ex-president] has gone to prison for his crimes against America. That should end and Obama needs to spend some quality time in the BIG house making new friends and meeting “Bubba” up close and personal.

          246. James Andrews says

            Good post……I concur!

          247. GodBlessRealAmerica!! says

            Great post! Demon Obama has destroyed America!

          248. Roswell Evans says

            Congress (Democrats) has helped by not doing anything to stop him.

          249. chief1937 says

            We need to include the Republicans also as they have a majority in both houses. They ask for it we gave it to them and they have done nothing with it. Sad situation.

          250. chief1937 says

            That stat should end with this administration.

          251. .madashell says

            I would suggest an alternate punishment, one more unpleasant to our esteemed POSPOTUS than a homosexual dalliance.

          252. Carol Smith says

            u need to get back on your meds

          253. Michael Dennewitz says

            Please John. I just had breakfast, and that comment almost made me puke! ?

          254. Carol Smith says

            sorry, but he is an intelligent human being.

          255. John E Strom Jr. says

            Barack Hussein Obama is either THE most evil president this nation has ever had or a complete ignoramus.
            And YOU, Carol Smith, are either another ignoramus or a left wing kook. I’m thinking the latter. Obama is out to destroy this country. ONE example. BOTH of his supreme court picks are female and lesbian. His current nominee, Merrick Garland is Jewish [which would make FOUR Jews on the supreme court] and I’ll give odds he’s a closet homosexual.
            So is our president [or, rather YOUR president] a closet queen. So much for “diversity”. Four Jews on a nine person court? That means 44.444% of our entire supreme court are Jews, the rest are Roman Catholic. Not a protestant in sight. I guess this is what is meant by diversity to you idiots on the left.

          256. ABO says

            Barack Hussein Obama is the most serious enemy this nation faces.

          257. azabigail says

            That’s right! OK let’s each find if there is already a petition out on this, who our conservative Reps are for every state, and who’s defending / arguing for NC. Has anyone heard if their is something going around?

          258. Jan Fairless says

            The Convention of States has been quietly working on this for months and many states have lined up to do exactly what you said.

          259. Miss Mellie says

            Eleven Southern states tried to tell the rest of the nation in 1861 about the overreach of the federal levithan. We tried again in 1965 with marching-looting King; but you mealy mouthed do gooders WOULDN’T LISTEN. Now live with the monster you’ve created. Only problem is WE have to live with it, too. ……………. unless we secede again.

          260. Carol Smith says

            and what ‘constituion’ did u study, pal.

          261. Brenda says

            Obviously not the same one that you studied. The people have the right to elect their choice. It is not incumbent upon them to re-elect the sitting representative senator, or president. Also, a republic operates under the idea of majority rule NOT minority rule.

          262. John Gagne says

            Actually, we need to vote out all politicians who don’t have the best interest of the majority in site.

          263. Tiger says

            Many have on many things but with O they just get hammered.

          264. sherri palmer says

            That is exactly what is needed, all states should support each other… Take away his power to sue! He would definitely lose! am ever hopeful that he will be brought to court for crimes against American citizens! Besides more and more information is coming out about Obama and we all knew that he is not eligible but he knew it too! So, to defraud us…. firing squad!

          265. db says


          266. azabigail says

            So yes, where are the rest of our TRUE American leaders. Why do we not have more of them there with him protecting the constitutional rights of the majority and the States. Are they planning to just stand by and let this one be abused, and stolen by LGBT like they did to California?

          267. PatriotGal says

            In unity there is strength.

          268. Miss Mellie says

            GREAT IDEA, but such hotbeds of perversion as Massachusettes, Colorado, Calif., Vermont, WILL never go along.

          269. yaki534 says

            Sadly there are governors with no morals such as Inslee of Washington state. He would never fight another democrap.

          270. Carol Smith says

            it is mind-boggling that u would call the o adminisraion rebel. have u not paid attention to the actions of nc lawmakers in that many of them have been unconstituional. look at the lawsuits. most of their shenanigans have been called out. hb2 is ignorance defined as morality, and berger plays to that ignorance with his propaganda machine.

          271. Brenda says

            Why do you find it mind-boggling that someone would call the Obama administration rebel? The administration has made a habit of illegally imposing their agenda by pressuring states, bribery, and threats. But, the administration is a tyrannical administration that rules by unconstitutional orders seeking to become a dictatorial administration.
            NC has all the rights to oppose this tyranny, since this argument is not a federal issue and the Civil Rights Act does no grant protection to transgender people, but only protects against discrimination based on sex.

          272. Mike Burkett says

            The founding fathers of America made the federal government subordinate to the state governments because they understood problems that can be alleviated by governmental authority are better resolved by the authority closer to the problem. The Constitution that One Big A$$ Mistake America uses as toilet paper limits the Federal Government power to monitoring interstate commerce and protection of the borders (see major failure). Besides, the founding fathers also understood, ‘Power corrupts and Absolute power corrupts Absolutely’ and king One Big A$$ Mistake America proves this daily.

          273. chuckster says

            What they need to tell Obama is fine go ahead and cut the federal funds from our schools and we will stop sending our tax money to you and we will use that money for our schools. D.C don’t have money unless it comes from the states

          274. 10579 says

            Come on Gov.Scott And AJ Pam Bondi. Step up with NC.

          275. william couch says

            So far I think that there’s 11 states that have done this.

        2. Bob Marcum says

          Speaking of gun rights; the tea party is getting greedy. They are trying to scare the people into thinking that, congress is approving obuma’s wishes to control
          guns, ammo., and gun dealer licenses, etc. They just want donations. Those
          issues, of guns are already settled. obuma has given up, on that, actually.
          Even, if he hadn’t, there is nothing he can do, now, at this late date. Anything, he
          could try, via executive order, now, is redundant, because, the congress and the supreme court have both, voted down his previous gun control orders. The
          tea party is just being greedy, at this point in time. They don’t know when to quit. Their cash cow has spoiled them, I believe.

          1. glock 19 fan says

            However, if enough Republicans become RINOs and help Hitlery into the Oval Office and she appoints Obozo to SCOTUS it becomes a different story. If that happens the GOP deserves to fade away and never be heard from again.

          2. glorybe2 says

            Bernie Sanders would make a great justice as would Obama or maybe Hillary. And here the right wing had every chance to install a moderate to the court and chose to stall and obstruct.

          3. 2Shadow2 says

            LOL. Insane,

          4. James Andrews says

            Exactly; he’s no “moderate”, by any means.

          5. glorybe2 says

            And yet by refusing to seat a justice right now the right wing actually creates the chance for Bernie or Hillary to be a justice. Hoisted high upon their own beliefs and actions is too funny to ignore.

          6. James Andrews says

            Neither Bernie nor Killary the traitor will ever be a high court justice; you need to put the pipe down man!

          7. glorybe2 says

            OK, yet you may very well be looking at both the House and Senate having a left wing majority along with a president who is only slightly conservative (Hillary). So if this occurs we can put any liberal we like in as a justice for life. Or, if we fail to sweep the conservatives out of government we can use the same tactic that the right has been using and go for total obstruction and refuse to seat any justice at all until we have a liberal president and congress in power. After all, if the right wing can avoid seating a justice for one year then it would be legal for us to do the same thing perpetually, even for decades.

          8. JBM says

            you are more than confused…you are brain dead

          9. joe says

            You have no ability to think for yourself at all do you, that is pretty sad

          10. James Andrews says

            No good can come of seating a left wing, non-Constitution following judge. He is allegedly anti-Second Amendment, which means he should not be confirmed!

          11. glorybe2 says

            We do not judge people by allegations. We judge them by properly submitted proofs to our courts. Bernie is in high standing with the NRA for example.

          12. joe says

            You know nothing about the NRA just as you know nothing about guns or anything else. All you do is spew the lies you are comanded to spew by your left wing criminal liars you are a mindless drone

          13. TeaPartyPatriot says

            Yeah A snowballs chance.

          14. joe says

            hey moron there is NO LAW REQUIRING THEM TO SEAT A JUSTICE with in obammys time period. By law they have EVERY RIGHT decline to seat anyone they want to. You truley are stupid ,you are a damn media puppet a mindless sheep do you even know what the constitution is, how much meth do you smoke every day seems like it is a lot

          15. mikey says

            hey Joe go back to being a plumber because you make a terrible lawyer

          16. James Andrews says

            Neither Sanders, nor Owebama(especailly Owebama), would make a good Supreme Court Justice! That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen anyone post in a long time; you do NOT nominate ANYONE, who is anti-Bill of RIghts! And at least Owebama, is anti-Bill of Rights.

          17. Karole Conaway says

            Tried to delete the following comment. It was not meant for your post. I agree with you totally. It was meant for the same insane person you replied to.

          18. Karole Conaway says

            James Andrews, I agree with you totally. sanders and obamass are not even human beings.

          19. James Andrews says

            Thanks Karole…..

          20. mikey says

            Sanders has the Highest approval rating of any senator or congressman. And as far as Obama, he is well qualified to be a SCJUSA and personally would love to see him appointed as such for no other reason then to watch Mitch McConnell turn so red his head would explode. BTW Obama’s approval is going up also way above GWB

          21. Amil Baker says

            Mikey. just keep talking about that and when your Grandkids cannot pay for the National Debt then we probably will be bought out by China or Russia. You and I will be gone but I have Grandkids that I would like to see live in a free country.

          22. joe says

            lies lies lies his rating is in the toilet you sheep wow you people get dumber by the day.

          23. GodBlessRealAmerica!! says

            Obama rating is up by Liberal racist gallop polls only please stop[ spnning Obama is a disgrace worse President eva!! Obama is a hater of America!

          24. theseer says

            both should be permanently exiled from America…both traitors…repeated law breakers and committed acts of treason…..their ends will not be good but justified!!!

          25. TeaPartyPatriot says

            No, they should be exiled to an island with absolutely no amenities and keep sympathizers from providing any comforts.

          26. JBM says

            how about North Korea – sounds like the perfect spot for these people forget an island too many comforts on an island. If that isn’t acceptable how about IRAN I vote for North Korea.

          27. siridh says

            It is — they are lovers of communism and would think they’d gone to heaven.

          28. mikey says

            Why don’t you guys just go there so you don’t have to give me and other libs any of your precious money you can just keep giving it to the Koch Brothers, They really need it

          29. TeaPartyPatriot says

            I can’t give it to the koch brothers Soros and the D’rat/socialists/regressives keep taking and spending the rest of us into enormous debt

          30. TeaPartyPatriot says

            Posted on May 9, 2016 by Bob LivingstonViews: 1,090

            81 Sharesberniesocialism

            The American economic system, and in fact the world’s economic system is failing, and that failure is being attributed by many on the left (and some on the right) as a failure of capitalism.

            This false notion has given rise to Bernie Sanders and his preaching of social democracy. How has this happened?

            Every writer and every commentator and every politician in America refers to the U.S. as a democracy of free enterprise capitalism with individual privacy and property rights. This is a big laugh to any sober person.

            The system and its paid politicians still repeat high-sounding terms like “freedom of the individual” and “free enterprise,” which sedates the madding crowd. The terms “private” and “freedom” no longer mean what they once meant. They are cruel deceptions that fool the mind yearning for human freedom.

            The fact is that in America we have massive regulation and regimentation. This is necessary, we are told, because it is “in the public interest.” It all spews forth out of “democracy” as if a Biblical word and a holy sanction. Terms like “public interest” and “common good” are code words that mean police state and reduced liberty.

            We live in a fiction of freedom perpetuated with semantic corruption that has evolved us into economic fascism. Language and words that support a free society have been turned inside out.

            With this propaganda reverse, opposition has been neutralized. True words, true meanings of patriotism and freedom have become the farce and illusion that cover fascism.

            So Sanders has attracted the millennials in droves based on the lie that capitalism is immoral but his brand of socialism is moral because it guarantees “equality.” These millennials tweet or blog their discontent with the present system on their Iphones and Androids and computers created by capitalists who got rich and then became crony capitalist socialists or fascists.

            But Sanders doesn’t distinguish between monopoly or crony capitalism and true free-market capitalism. Free market capitalism hasn’t existed in the U.S., or much of anywhere else for that matter, in more than 100 years. So capitalism hasn’t failed and isn’t failing.

            There is a silent marriage between big government and big business. It exists around the world. It’s called fascism, or was in Italy, though we have the same thing.

            All governments are fronts for monopoly capitalism, and monopoly capitalism has many names: fascism, socialism, communism and democracy. Big business has and will promote every ideology and philosophy known to man to disguise its madness for profits. But one equals the other. They are all immoral systems that use the power of government to exist and to suppress human freedom.

            The only moral system is laissez-faire capitalism; the system in which transactions between private parties are free from government interference. It was American free market capitalism that fueled the growth of the U.S. economic engine beginning in the 1800s and raised the standard of living around the globe, before monopoly capitalism began to exert greater and greater control over the U.S. economic system beginning in the mid-1800s and accelerated after the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913.

            Sadly, it’s not just the progressive left and ignorant millennials that oppose free market capitalism. In any discussion forum where laissez-faire capitalism is discussed, “conservatives” are quick to make the disclaimer that “we must have some regulation” or, “we can’t have unfettered capitalism.” In truth, most so-called conservatives are really closet socialists. This is a testament to the powerful propaganda we are subjected to.

            In 1993, C. Bradley Thompson, then assistant professor of political science at Ashland University, described the immorality of socialism and the morality of capitalism as well as anyone I’ve read. This should be shared with anyone you know – particularly young people who are victims of the public (non)education system — who has bought the lie that capitalism is a failed system and has embraced conventional wisdom and Sanders’ false paradigm:

            Socialism vs. capitalism: Which is the moral system?

            Throughout history there have been two basic forms of social organization: collectivism and individualism. In the twentieth-century collectivism has taken many forms: socialism, fascism, Nazism, welfare-statism and communism are its more notable variations. The only social system commensurate with individualism is laissez-faire capitalism.

            The extraordinary level of material prosperity achieved by the capitalist system over the course of the last two-hundred years is a matter of historical record. But very few people are willing to defend capitalism as morally uplifting.

            It is fashionable among college professors, journalists, and politicians these days to sneer at the free-enterprise system. They tell us that capitalism is base, callous, exploitative, dehumanizing, alienating, and ultimately enslaving.

            The intellectuals’ mantra runs something like this: In theory socialism is the morally superior social system despite its dismal record of failure in the real world. Capitalism, by contrast, is a morally bankrupt system despite the extraordinary prosperity it has created. In other words, capitalism at best, can only be defended on pragmatic grounds. We tolerate it because it works.

            Under socialism a ruling class of intellectuals, bureaucrats and social planners decide what people want or what is good for society and then use the coercive power of the State to regulate, tax, and redistribute the wealth of those who work for a living. In other words, socialism is a form of legalized theft.

            The morality of socialism can be summed-up in two words: envy and self-sacrifice. Envy is the desire to not only possess another’s wealth but also the desire to see another’s wealth lowered to the level of one’s own. Socialism’s teaching on self-sacrifice was nicely summarized by two of its greatest defenders, Hermann Goering and Benito Mussolini. The highest principle of Nazism (National Socialism), said Goering, is: “Common good comes before private good.” Fascism, said Mussolini, is “a life in which the individual, through the sacrifice of his own private interests… realizes that completely spiritual existence in which his value as a man lies.”

            Socialism is the social system which institutionalizes envy and self-sacrifice: It is the social system which uses compulsion and the organized violence of the State to expropriate wealth from the producer class for its redistribution to the parasitical class.

            Despite the intellectuals’ psychotic hatred of capitalism, it is the only moral and just social system.

            Capitalism is the only moral system because it requires human beings to deal with one another as traders — that is, as free moral agents trading and selling goods and services on the basis of mutual consent.

            Capitalism is the only just system because the sole criterion that determines the value of a thing exchanged is the free, voluntary, universal judgment of the consumer. Coercion and fraud are anathema to the free-market system.

            It is both moral and just because the degree to which man rises or falls in society is determined by the degree to which he uses his mind. Capitalism is the only social system that rewards merit, ability and achievement, regardless of one’s birth or station in life.

            Yes, there are winners and losers in capitalism. The winners are those who are honest, industrious, thoughtful, prudent, frugal, responsible, disciplined, and efficient. The losers are those who are shiftless, lazy, imprudent, extravagant, negligent, impractical, and inefficient.

            Capitalism is the only social system that rewards virtue and punishes vice. This applies to both the business executive and the carpenter, the lawyer and the factory worker.

            But how does the entrepreneurial mind work? Have you ever wondered about the mental processes of the men and women who invented penicillin, the internal combustion engine, the airplane, the radio, the electric light, canned food, air conditioning, washing machines, dishwashers, computers, etc.?

            What are the characteristics of the entrepreneur? The entrepreneur is that man or woman with unlimited drive, initiative, insight, energy, daring creativity, optimism and ingenuity. The entrepreneur is the man who sees in every field a potential garden, in every seed an apple. Wealth starts with ideas in people’s heads.

            The entrepreneur is therefore above all else a man of the mind. The entrepreneur is the man who is constantly thinking of new ways to improve the material or spiritual lives of the greatest number of people.

            And what are the social and political conditions which encourage or inhibit the entrepreneurial mind? The free-enterprise system is not possible without the sanctity of private property, the freedom of contract, free trade and the rule of law.

            But the one thing that the entrepreneur values over all others is freedom — the freedom to experiment, invent and produce. The one thing that the entrepreneur dreads is government intervention. Government taxation and regulation are the means by which social planners punish and restrict the man or woman of ideas.

            Welfare, regulations, taxes, tariffs, minimum-wage laws are all immoral because they use the coercive power of the state to organize human choice and action; they’re immoral because they inhibit or deny the freedom to choose how we live our lives; they’re immoral because they deny our right to live as autonomous moral agents; and they’re immoral because they deny our essential humanity. If you think this is hyperbole, stop paying your taxes for a year or two and see what happens.

            The requirements for success in a free society demand that ordinary citizens order their lives in accordance with certain virtues — namely, rationality, independence, industriousness, prudence, frugality, etc. In a free capitalist society individuals must choose for themselves how they will order their lives and the values they will pursue. Under socialism, most of life’s decisions are made for you.

            Both socialism and capitalism have incentive programs. Under socialism there are built-in incentives to shirk responsibility. There is no reason to work harder than anyone else because the rewards are shared and therefore minimal to the hard-working individual; indeed, the incentive is to work less than others because the immediate loss is shared and therefore minimal to the slacker.

            Under capitalism, the incentive is to work harder because each producer will receive the total value of his production — the rewards are not shared. Simply put: socialism rewards sloth and penalizes hard work while capitalism rewards hard work and penalizes sloth.

            According to socialist doctrine, there is a limited amount of wealth in the world that must be divided equally between all citizens. One person’s gain under such a system is another’s loss.

            According to the capitalist teaching, wealth has an unlimited growth potential and the fruits of one’s labor should be retained in whole by the producer. But unlike socialism, one person’s gain is everybody’s gain in the capitalist system. Wealth is distributed unequally but the ship of wealth rises for everyone.

            Sadly, America is no longer a capitalist nation. We live under what is more properly called a mixed economy — that is, an economic system that permits private property, but only at the discretion of government planners. A little bit of capitalism and a little bit of socialism.

            When government redistributes wealth through taxation, when it attempts to control and regulate business production and trade, who are the winners and losers? Under this kind of economy the winners and losers are reversed: the winners are those who scream the loudest for a handout and the losers are those quiet citizens who work hard and pay their taxes.

            As a consequence of our sixty-year experiment with a mixed economy and the welfare state, America has created two new classes of citizens. The first is a debased class of dependents whose means of survival is contingent upon the forced expropriation of wealth from working citizens by a professional class of government social planners. The forgotten man and woman in all of this is the quiet, hardworking, law-abiding, taxpaying citizen who minds his or her own business but is forced to work for the government and their serfs.

            The return of capitalism will not happen until there is a moral revolution in this country. We must rediscover and then teach our young the virtues associated with being free and independent citizens. Then and only then, will there be social justice in America.

          31. TeaPartyPatriot says

            Your damned right it is my PRECIOUS money. I paid for it with MY time MY work and MY sweat. If you want some of it Get off your ass and earn it, instead of passing law to steal it from those who did earn it.

          32. joe says

            soon your kind will be extinct you are too weak and stupid to live without some one telling you how so when the government belongs to the people again and we force them to do what they are supposed to do you cowards will all wither away and die, what a great day that will be we will have hats, cake and noise makers

          33. TeaPartyPatriot says


            Vote in November

            THE TRUMP vs THE TRAMP.



          34. James Andrews says

            I agree, but the masses are too brain dead to see these realities, so it won’t happen…….just be prepared for things to get worse, because that’s just a matter of time now……lock & load!

          35. mikey says

            You minorities are getting hard to handle, net you will be wanting free food

          36. db says


          37. TeaPartyPatriot says

            see you are still using the term Owebomb. Everything he does we and our grandchildren will be paying for and Everything he does is a bomb or a total failure I have shortened it to 0bomb (Zerobomb).


          38. glorybe2 says

            Precisely what right has the government taken from you. Name one. Cowardice is a tool and condition of the right wing. They pretend everyone is coming to get them. The list is endless. And now they monger false fears that either the government or the president is out to get them. Meanwhile they practice deliberate obstruction so that the congress and senate can not function. That really is a form of sedition. The right wing wants to take away the rights of us all.

          39. James Andrews says

            Not so much YET, in my state, but in several states, especially staes like Conn., NY, Cali, NJ, MD, etc. people are LOSING their gun rights, and especially their rights to carry. Wake up; we are losing a lot of rights, including some private property rights more and more every year. That’s what legislators do; chip away at our rights!

          40. James Andrews says

            The latter part of your statement is a bunch of crap; the left wing socialist loonies are by far the more dangerous element.

          41. joe says

            wow you live in la la land do you have a pet unicorn in this fantasy land of yours, how about a magic genie do the rivers flow with soda pop and money falls from the sky you delusional sick twisted freak

          42. mikey says

            I can tell you hate Obama but which episode of Fox news said Hillary was an avowed Communist?

          43. TeaPartyPatriot says

            you are confusing emotions we don’t hate the 0webomb we despise him ! ! ! and his presidential edicts. We cannot wait for the muzzie squatter to evacuate the white mosque so that we can get a representative form of government back in DC

          44. joe says

            Does it hurt to be so stupid?

          45. Karole Conaway says

            Does insanity run in your family???

          46. glorybe2 says

            Not one bit. But boorish and ugly behavior seems to run in your family. Too much beer and too little a mind might describe you.

          47. Karole Conaway says

            And it is easy to tell that you are a dumbocrap!

          48. glorybe2 says

            Wrong again Karole! I am a full blown socialist and only vote for the most liberal candidate that has a chance of winning. If the most liberal candidate was a republican i would vote republican. I would vote for a communist before I would vote for a conservative. Conservatives have ruined our nation. We are the laughing stock of the industrialized world.

          49. joe says

            get out of my country TRAITOR!!! you do not deserve to be here and you should be REMOVED by force!!

          50. joe says

            go eat some more of your holy crackers that will fix everything you dimwit

          51. Mark Owen says

            You must be a member of the gimme gang, gimme dis and gimme dat and the udder ting.If he got in the SCOTUS we would all be screwed, even worse than we would be with Hitlary in the White House. Bad enough he wants to be the UN Sec. Gen.

          52. glorybe2 says

            No, you can call me a member of the Jesus Christ gang. He is the guy who insists that we care for those who are unable to care for themselves. You know, the real Christians not those demons who pretend to be Christians.

          53. joe says

            Yea well I have it on good authority that Jesus thinks you are a dick

          54. siridh says

            The Bible also says let those who will not work, not eat. There’s a balance.

          55. mydogpopo says

            u and obambo both r scum of the highest order……….

          56. Gerry Costa says

            You are a complete lunatic !!!!

          57. JACK FROST says

            And YOU get sicker by the minute !

          58. TeaPartyPatriot says

            WHAT MODERATE WAS NOMINATED I only saw the 0bomb nominate a raving lunitic liberal.

          59. JBM says

            think everyone needs to ignore glorybe2 -IT (he or she) is an uninformed moron. IQ probably around 50 if that. It is this mindset of people like glorybe2 that helps put our country in jeopardy.

          60. JBM says


          61. Mark Lahti says

            Oh come on now. Just look at that comment and stop to think about it for a minute. The only reason that comment was made was to incite an angry response. Or maybe an aggressive response. In any event it was not made to provide any kind of rational argument or discourse. It was meant solely for the purpose of somebodies sordid, sick, demented intent to incite anger and resentment. Best course of action anytime a liberal troll tries to provoke this kind of response is my simple approach. Don’t feed the trolls. They will die on the vine and whither away.

          62. JBM says

            your so right Mark but I get totally incensed with the moron comments from these types of people For certain they have not sense of rational thought to start with. I just don’t have the stomach for these “liberal trolls” as you put it Let’s just hope that the vine does whither away and they all die. If I could speed up that process I surely would but your advise of not feeding them with a response is good , if I can bite my. tongue

          63. joe says

            media puppet you have no ability to think for your self you are sick and twisted

          64. TeaPartyPatriot says


            Vote in November

            THE TRUMP vs THE TRAMP.



          65. glorybe2 says

            I would prefer any tramp on the corner to Trump as president. I do wonder if Trump’s wife ever touches him. I suspect not. In essence she gets paid for being a show piece.

          66. TeaPartyPatriot says

            You would prefer any tramp on the corner? Sorry, You have not been nominated and have no delegates so you cannot run..

          67. glorybe2 says

            I meant female tramp. Male tramps are nasty! I don’t think i could be paid enough to become president. It is a lousy job.

          68. TeaPartyPatriot says

            No< I am referring to YOU not some unknown male that you consider nasty. They would not have to pay you you would be nasty just because it's your nature

          69. glorybe2 says

            I am male and prefer females, thank you. And I am far from being a tramp. However with the right girl i can be world class nasty and lovin it!

          70. JACK FROST says

            AND there goes AMERICA !!!

          71. TeaPartyPatriot says


            Vote in November

            THE TRUMP vs THE TRAMP.



          72. Laddyboy says

            0bama may have stopped pushing the gun issue in Congress. However, “everytown” is pushing for more gun control State by State with the Billions from the ex governor of New York ‘bloo——.

          73. James Andrews says

            Bloomberg’s money is still failing in many pro-gun rights states. Here in Maine, he was able to get enough signatures apparently, to get a new vote coming up this next election on the ballot, but hopefully, it won’t pass. It’s for “expanding the background check” crap, which will do nothing to keep gangs and thugs from getting guns. In fact, if it passes, it will actually help push even more guns under the radar, so to speak, over time, not less. And it will turn law many normally law abiding gun owners into outlaws, so to speak. F-k Bloomberg! We need to defeat this bill. There are lots of holes in the current check systems, that need to be plugged FIRST! Plug those holes, and better enforce the laws we already have.

          74. Dianehwright3 says

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          75. 2Shadow2 says

            Spam, spam go away.

          76. sensrbtch says

            u can block the spam by clik on the flag?!

          77. JBM says

            thanks for info about the flag, didn’t know that just flagged Stephanie Tran Surprised the site hasn’t flagged her itself.

          78. glorybe2 says

            That is true and funny. We have people on this thread that crave states’ rights and the states are the ones who push relentlessly for gun control. The right wingers are so ignorant that they can’t even figure that out.

          79. disqus_CeZmTpgh9W says

            Mr. Marcum, JUST WHAT IN THE BLOODY HELL does making men use the men’s bathroom have to do with the “tea party”???

          80. Bob Marcum says

            Nothing, whatsoever. I changed the subject; but, only because I was able to put the comment, where people are reading. The Tea Party’s fund drive ads don’t allow for a person to make comments, so I just found a place to put it. Sorry, bout that. I’ve always been a fan of the Tea Party, but; they’ve gotten greedy. They’re creating excuses, to get donations ( sort of like the “march of dimes” /the most corrupt charity drive, in the nation ).

          81. 2Shadow2 says

            Repeat yourself much? What a broken record you are. Try getting on point. You sound like a troll.

          82. JBM says

            your so correct Bob……..

          83. glorybe2 says

            Everyone has to tea somewhere.

          84. ABO says

            Oh, how clever.

          85. James Andrews says

            The Tea Party is small, and not nearly as big and powerful as many think. It’s too bad they aren’t more powerful, actually. You can’t get “greedy”, when it comes to defending rights and freedoms anyway. The reality is that there truly very few REAL conservatives left in all of Washington. Many of the Republicans are not conservatives anymore, including Paul Ryan, Leslie Graham, etc. They have become socialist crooks, and have supported the massive overspending this adminstration has wanted. That is not the actions of true conservatives!

          86. rocky says

            You are so far out of line to make me suspect you are a ‘ lib plant ‘ !!

          87. Gerry Costa says

            obozo and his muslim regime will keep trying until the POS are out of office and hiding under a rock.

        3. alwaysright21 says
        4. David Shimshon Heller says

          Just like Kansas is doing with gun rights!!

          1. James Andrews says

            Maine’s been pretty good with gun rights too, but we need to keep fighting. Bloomberg’s spending a lot of money up here, and now have a vote coming up on the next election ballot about “universal” background checks. Not only will that not stop criminals and gangs from getting guns, but it would also turn many thousands of formerly law abiding citizens and gun owners into criminals, which is wrong on so many levels. it will also push more guns, not fewer, onto the underground market. They need to plug the gaping holes in the current system, before pasing any more stupid laws. Hopefully, we will defeat this ridiculous bill, and send Bloomberg and his Nazi comrades packing!

        5. HENRI says

          RIGHT ON I AGREE WITH YOU 100 %

        6. 10579 says

          N.Y. and Calif., and all Democrat governed states will not jump in they are all cowards as they are lead by cowards.

      3. Tiger says

        Then stick a stick of dynamite up his kazoo.

      4. Laddyboy says

        Fortuneless: OR, give 0bama the two finger salute while dropping a microphone and saying “BOOM” which he gave to America. This “two finger salute” comes out of England.

      5. E Swisher says






        ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)


        ……….”…………. _.·´


        You mean like that?

      6. Jan Fairless says

        Be sure to use both hands 😉

      7. Jimmy Quick says

        If I were the gov. I wouldn’t wait for a lawsuit to wind it’s way through the court systems. I’d file two law suites immediately. One against Obama and Lynch personally for abuse of office and the second against the federal government for interfering with the states right to govern within it’s own borders.

      8. Laddyboy says

        Fortuneless: There is the two-finger-salute that 0bama has already used against America. This salute comes from the UK.

      9. sox83cubs84 says

        And then I’ll bring my daschund by to lift his leg on his shoe.

      10. Gea says

        Obama is insane and should be removed from power immediately.

      11. Eddie Reynolds says

        If you do that Fortuneless he’ll just try and get you to stick it up his …………glory hole. You have to ask yourself this question…why is OHOMO so adamant about passing this tranny bill…..because he’s living with one ! That’s where the pressure is coming from !!!!!!

      12. IMJSBNME says






        ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)


        ……….”…………. _.·´

        Best I could do on shot notice…LOL

      13. gonzales27 says

        Right up the gazoo

      14. HENRI says


      15. jberry50 says

        With both hands,though!

      16. Bonum Malum says

        Obama thinks that is the normal salute.

      17. william couch says


      18. MakeAmericaGreatAgain! says

        Obama a Disgrace!

    3. Croco Dile says

      ALL administrations ignore the CON-stitution.

      The U.S. government, in fact EVERY government, is created and promoted for precisely one reason : to enable a very small group of people who control that government to exploit, through “authorized” force, the much larger group of people, who do not control anything. You and I, my brainwashed friend, are “the much larger group, who do not control”. I know that most people don’t believe this about “their country”, and that is their right. But their failure to accept reality does not change reality.

      1. Howard Rosenstein says

        If you truly want to neuter the kings and queens in Kingdom D.C., the only way is to be part of history and join Convention of States. Please read my blueprint for a Convention of States.


        1. jimmy midnight says

          New Flash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          The Civil War ended over 150 years ago now, and the, “Secess” side…lost. No one in their right mind wants to join your sick cause. So go hang out w/all the other superannuated would-be slave owners.

          SRMRO. “STATES RIGHTS MEANS RACE OPPRESSION.” And when race oppression is curtailed, certain people look for an alternative “other” to dump on. That’s not gonna work, either.

          This bathroom bill was designed specifically to de-fang local LBGT rights ordinsnces. More power to municipalities and feds. less for the states!

          1. Mike Geremia says


          2. Deborah G says

            Obviously you are gay so your viewpoint and objectivity is moot

          3. alwaysright21 says

            jimmy gets cornholed in truckstop restrooms ( ,)

        2. usncb says

          EXCELLENT !! Did I miss it ? How does one join ? We need this.

        3. Mary Brumley says

          I read through this briefly and am keeping the web site for further perusal. I mostly agree, but some areas seem a bit too open to interpretation. Thanks for the link. I would like for there to be a Convention of States.

      2. Mary Brumley says

        I, and many other folk, are awakening to that knowledge!!!!!

      3. glorybe2 says

        The question becomes whether a controlled society is better than a uncontrolled society. Frankly an uncontrolled society is the worst kind of nightmare. So the question boils down to how much control you want to be in place. And then you have to confront the problem of living in a slightly controlled society when a highly controlled society near you has bad intentions. Germany in 1938 was a highly controlled society and look what they did to lesser controlled societies in the region. Japan was also a very rigidly controlled society when they started wiping out everyone in sight.

        1. Croco Dile says

          All “societies” were and still are very controlled. No exceptions.
          Your example and reasoning is FALSE.
          You are lacking knowledge and reasoning skill.

    4. Deborah G says

      They can but will they? Seems to me the LBGT CArtel with our Bi-sexual President hold the reins. When children are being indoctrinated into the perverse lifestyle and taught to accept it is NORMAL in grade school I believe the battle is going to get ugly.

      1. Mark Owen says

        It is already ugly, hell look at Michael Obama, Can’t wait till Mrs. Trump brings some class to the White House.

        1. alwaysright21 says

          The first wookie is not amused, “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!”

    5. RMCSRET says

      First off the State of North Carolina has every right in the world to pass laws that affect there
      State. If the Federal Government thinks these laws violate Federal Law then it should be taken to
      court and litigated. I did not know that the Federal Government had the Right or wanted the right
      to deny School Children of educations, yet it seems that the Obama Administration don’t think
      much of School Children and would deny them the money that the Federal Taxpayers have given
      to the State of North Carolina.

      1. Jimmy King says

        Another moron with a jr high social studies education

        1. ABO says

          We can see that you’re here, you don’t have to announce it. Very descriptive of your mindset, however.

        2. Wildeagleone says

          you are a total azxxz hole and show it

        3. Mary Brumley says

          Looking at your lack of punctuation skills makes me think you are a product of the failing public education system in America. American children can still acquire a good education in our system IF their parents monitor their progress carefully. Most parents just turn their precious offspring over to the schools.

          1. Bob Marcum says

            Looking at his punctuation is irrelevant. jim’s illiteracy is smeared all over his attitude.

          2. ABO says

            I believe it’s called functional illiteracy, Bob and Jimmy King is a shining example of it.

          3. glorybe2 says

            Mr. and Mrs. Dullard have super hard time evaluating little Jimmy Dullard’s educational abilities and progress. Mr. and Mrs. Dimwit next door tend to have the same problem with little Suzy Dimwit. They often produce offspring like Donald Trump.

          4. ABO says

            That being said, I assure you, glory that we all feel a great deal of empathy for Mr. and Mrs. be2 Please pass along our sympathies.

          5. Mary Brumley says

            Then these folk are doing very well! I would like for a whole army of little Trumps to march across this nation and help us turn it around!
            And I want to thank you for your posts. Just think of the “undecided” Republicans that visit these sites! After reading the postings of the trolls, they will understand they must vote for Trump! Good that you are helping us gather votes for Trump!

          6. glorybe2 says

            Let me guess. You lived in Flint and drank the leaded water for years. Trump is a buffoon, a liar, a thief and a con man as well as an orange bloated carnival barker. The fact that anyone would ever consider voting for him is a proof of education failing in the US. In a way I hope he will be elected just so you can reap the horror of your beliefs.

        4. John Doe says

          Just another example of what might possibly be a human born with the capability of self thought, rather than following the lizards into the den of liberalism ! A truly diseased brain.

          1. ABO says

            Well said, John.

      2. Nellie McConnell says

        More money Obama can give to Muslim brotherhood.

      3. Deborah G says

        The fact that the vast majority of the needy kids in NC are black it seems to me racist which is a bigger issue than men in ladiesrooms

        1. Bob Marcum says

          It is, with barac & killary.

        2. glorybe2 says

          Yes, policies that are racist in their effects are as evil as policies that are racist in their intent. The right wing pretends that they can not predict the effect of certain policies and laws, all the while intending to create injustice and violate the constitution. Just call them Satan’s little helpers.

          1. Deborah G says

            I was talking about OBAMA threatening to cut off aid to the state for education int retaliation for making a few Trannies uncomforatble . The right wing is correct here. Protecting women & children against the LBGT homofacist agenda.

          2. JACK FROST says

            ACTUALLY, protection wanted here is to prevent rapists LEGAL ACCESS to our women, daughters & children which is EXACTLY what this law gives.. Now for YOU FOOLS that don’t understand that then go read a book on common sense !! That may or may not help you understand, depending on how far gone you already are!!!

          3. ABO says

            And just what would you know about common sense??? What you’ve posted here so far shows you to be a very typical incoherent troll. Myopic to the core. Have you read the law? If you had you wouldn’t be making the kind of utterly false statement you just made.

          4. JACK FROST says

            I spoke ABSOLUTE truth !!!Seems you have NOW identified YOURSELF on the internet as one who has disgusting desires toward women & children wanting to pee in private.. As to common sense, I’ve been gathering & leaning on common sense for over 77 yrs now.. How many years have you been leaning on STUPIDITY ??

          5. ABO says

            You are nothing but a sick, twisted, disgusting Moron. Go back to wanking in Mommy’s basement, troll boy. 77 years of parasitic uselessness, more likely.

          6. JACK FROST says

            I have limited time in talking to FOOLS & PERVERTS. DING!

          7. ABO says

            Must be you don’t talk to yourself. Excellent idea since you would be rewarded with nothing worthwhile for you efforts. You remind me of the line cook at the local McDonalds who tells everyone he’s a master chef at a great four star restaurant. In other words a total fraud.

          8. ABO says

            That’s some wild fantasy world you live in there glorybe2. Maybe you should give reality a try sometime.

          9. JACK FROST says

            ABO: You would not know REALITY if it slapped you in the face.. You are already too far gone or maybe you are 12 yrs old..

          10. ABO says

            Oh anew troll, how fun. Maybe you’re not 12 years old, you just act like you are.

          11. Phoebe Isley says

            That is funny you stated “wild fantasy world”. That is exactly what is happening right now with all this BS and especially the BS you are throwing. Deborah and JACK FROST are right because WE THE PEOPLE don’t want it. We like Male/Female separation, we like marriage being male/female, we DON’T WANT THIS and there are many more of us out there that are not going to sit idly by ANYMORE. You keep believing in your lala land of immorality and let the grown ups take care of taking back our moral values and traditions. I know you are here to instigate but quite honestly you are boring. Stick to your own gender and let well enough alone. Geesh…if you can’t figure out your gender you DO NEED PYCHIATRIC help!

          12. ABO says

            My comment was directed a glorybe2, not you or any other, I agree with Deborah but Jack seemed to be nothing but a liberal troll. His response to Deborah’s comment started out with him saying he agreed with her but then said the federal law in question provides protections for those who might be at risk, which it absolutely does not. Also his responses to my comments included nothing reasonably argumentative but simply vile insults and accusations. If you feel he is OK then that’s fine for you but I stand by my distrust toward him.

          13. Phoebe Isley says

            I am sorry if you felt insulted. Just that this country is going on a world class “wild fantasy” ride and that is what I was trying to put across. I have no ill intent towards you or anyone. Interesting these comments and all the different responses. I certainly don’t like the ill intent and cruel accusations no matter who writes them. I truly am sorry if I insulted you in any way. Just really fed up with this downhill spiral we are going through and I believe the many of us who sat silently aren’t being silent any longer…THANK GOD FOR THAT! God Bless

          14. ABO says

            Frankly, Phoebe you sounded very much like your buddy Jack, with your string of vile insults and accusations. If you had bothered to go back and read any of my earlier posts here you would have known exactly where I stand on this issue but apparently you couldn’t be bothered. Please, in the future take the time to learn before you attack someone else on the same side. Thank you for responding and God Bless.

          15. Phoebe Isley says

            Wow ok by the way I am not Jack so I will take full liability on let me see how you said it “string of vile insults and accusations”. I guess the “I’m sorry” was your open door to slam it in my face. Cool…hey at least the “thank you” and “God Bless” was a nice ending. Have a nice day!

          16. ABO says

            I was referring to your first comments directed at me . You know, all about the BS I was apparently ‘throwing’ and if I can’t figure out my own gender I need psychiatric help. Sorry if I slammed the open door in your face but I don’t expect that sort of comment from one who is supposedly on the same side as me.

          17. Phoebe Isley says

            I absolutely agree with you. Thanks and it was nice conversing with you ABO

          18. ABO says

            Same here, Phoebe, thank you.

        3. glorybe2 says

          Good fortune perpetuates good fortune. Those that do well will tend to have children, grandchildren and even great grandchildren who do well. The problem with that is that whether a decent person or a real animal was the one who got the first bit of economic power those results will still be about the same. An evil man can be the first in his small town to put a son through college. That son then earns more money than others in the town and his children are even more privileged and begin to dominate the town. How many people that are well off deserve to be well off? Conversely, how many people who are in poverty deserve to live in poverty? Picture a young soldier coming back from combat with distinct disadvantages such as some inability to use his hands plus awful burns on his face and a bit of traumatic stress causing him to be unpopular. It may be nearly impossible for him to earn a living but the disabilities only allow him 20% of his GI insurance. That guy will suffer all his life, in poverty. Yet he deserves to be at the top of the economic heap. Our justice system will do nothing for him and our social services may also offer him nothing at all. Males in my area,who are homeless, are turned away from shelters all the time.
          Females are often turned away as well unless small children are with the mothers. I usually house one or two of these folks at a time until they can save enough to get some sort of living arrangement. All of you should do the same.

          1. Deborah G says

            You are a wonderful person and I truly admire you. We[Husband and I] support fully disable man. Including the mental therapy the state/VA refuses to give him. It has been a challenge for many years to keep him because to the Stress disorder and the anxiety he experiences. We did manage to buy him a manufactured home in Florida[We have a home there as well] and a roommate who has his issues too.Whenever I hear the libs say Conservatives are mean and don’t care I want to strangle them. I have never met one yet who actually puts their money where their mouth is. They just want to take YOUR money and hand it over to programs that don’t work

      4. SUZANNE M. says

        how are people going to feel when their son or daughter is molested by a pedophile posing as a transgender? if you have a penis, use the men’s room……if you have a vagina use the ladies room.

        1. Bob Marcum says

          put a picture of jimmy king, at the entrance and the will run away, from the restroom. ( sort of like a scarecrow is intended, in a corn field.) hee hee Yeah; I know; scarecrows don’t work very well, but it’s a thught for comparison, though. lol

        2. Deborah G says

          Common sense is not a hot commodity on the left. they have “feelings” LOL

        3. 2Shadow2 says

          As Snoop Dog said of Bruce Jenner’s “transformation” (aka Red Dragon) “it’s just a science experiment.” Pigs with lipstick are still pigs. No matter how much surgery, makeup and clothing, the DNA cannot be altered. That is where the civil rights law will never be a part of this issue. Gender is defined by DNA not by what someone says they are. This is Halloween stuff.

          1. ABO says

            Just look at HRC.

          2. 2Shadow2 says

            Yea. There is that, but there is also Hussein and Michael. Haw.

          3. JACK FROST says

            PLEASE , don’t expect that !!!

          4. glorybe2 says

            So very sorry but DNA absolutely can be altered and is constantly altered in your body by things as simple as a virus. If we can not already it won’t be long before we can change the DNA which causes sexual classifications.

          5. Mark Lahti says

            That is the biggest load of BS I’ve heard in a long, long time. DNA is what is in the make up of every single living cell in the human body. There is nothing on this earth that can or will change that simple fact. The idea that you progressives think that anything you can type on hear has to be the truth is part of the problem that you will never get. It is a mental illness that is behind every single progressive liberal thought.

          6. glorybe2 says

            Do you deny that viruses alter peoples’ DNA every day? Even a farmer practicing selective breeding does so to alter the DNA of valued offspring. Even treatments for diseases involve massive changes in DNA. For example, radiation is used to completely destroy certain patients immune systems and then a donor provides new bone marrow so that the person can ward of cancer or some other condition. The entire immune system is replaced with an immune system with another person’s DNA. By the way that girl you kissed back in the sixth grade has her DNA in your body for life if it was much of a kiss.

          7. 2Shadow2 says

            My point is that it is not possible now. If you want so speculate on the future go ahead but for today’s reality no can do. You let me know when it becomes possible to turn a man into a woman after birth, otherwise it is all a science experiment.

          8. glorybe2 says

            Actually a functional penis or vagina can be created for transgender folks but so far they can not reproduce in the usual manner.

          9. 2Shadow2 says

            Thank you for that common knowledge. That is where the phrase science experiment comes into play. Also known as Frankensteinian medicine. But the question of whether the DNA has been “transformed” still makes the argument of “gender” absurd.

        4. ABO says

          Straightforward, logical, critical thinking, Suzanne, liberals will hate it.

        5. glorybe2 says

          You should be aware that many people can pass perfectly as the opposite sex. With bathroom hysteria you could end up with cops or some other authorities demanding to see peoples’ genitals. There are even drag queen strippers that one would never suspect are males.

        6. JACK FROST says

          DEAD ON SUZANNE.. Been the acceptable understanding for thousands of years… Only a PEDOPHILE mind would want to change it .

      5. Rosie46 says

        The states should join together and start rejecting the federal bribes to take and destroy our children, our communities, our jobs and force them to follow the Constitution. The states need to say a loud resounding NO, as NC has and also Chris Christie in New Jersey. Obama will use whatever means he has to in order to enforce his agenda, just like most dictators.

        1. Deborah G says

          I believe we have a Bi-sexual President with his lesbian thick necked appointees. Add racist Lynch to the DOJ and there you have it

        2. RMCSRET says

          Rosie46 I just cant wait until the Teachers Unions start feeling the pain of these
          cuts because that is exactly what is going to happen. Then it will be interesting to
          see what happens. Which is more important to Democrats Trannys using bathrooms that Nature never meant them to use or Union Members providing
          Millions to there Re Election treasure chests.

          1. glorybe2 says

            Teachers are being laid off due to computers now teaching certain courses. That fact is also being used to hold down their already too low salaries. Think about it. One geography teacher on a computer could teach every primary school geography class in America. The same is true for American history and world history as well as algebra and geometry. I know the nay sayers will not confront that fact but it is already happening. Next year Uber intends to put driverless cars in service in America. A fleet of tractor trailers just crossed Europe without driver for the first time. But you hear absolutely nothing from Trump or the right wing about what must be done with these millions of jobs vanishing. This will occur across all industries and retraining will not help one bit.

          2. RMCSRET says

            Hey Glorybe2 and in response to what you have said I see the Teachers in
            Detroit going out on Strike wanting more and more money when there is not
            money to be had because they and the other Public Sector Unions have BLEED
            the People and the Governments in these areas dry. Right around me area in
            Maryland they are sticking the People with a three to four hundred dollar a year
            tax bill higher than what they currently have to fund Teachers Unions and
            Public Sector unions. Well guess what soon very soon that money to will be drying
            up. Oh by the way what are we getting for the money being spent. Worse and
            worse standings in the World of Education. This is what we are getting, falling
            math and science scores etc. So tell us what are we getting?

          3. glorybe2 says

            The reason the schools are degrading is quite simple. Children from poor neighborhoods usually struggle to keep up in school. Parents of poor children insist that their kids must be taught according to their backgrounds and capacities. That means the teachers can not teach towards the top of the class but have to drag along trying to teach the slowest kids in the class. There is a distinct racial component that is locked with poverty. The best single predictor of how a student will do in school is the value of the home the kid lives in. Wealthy kids tend to do quite well in school.
            Detroit is in a financial mess due to a downturn in industry as well as the 2008 collapse of the economy. Republicans bragged about keeping wages down but people do not understand that they kept wages down by moving companies offshore. Combine that with the fact that teachers are very poorly paid compared to any other profession with similar academic requirements. A new teacher signing in at $30K a year, who has just spent $100K getting a masters degree will not make as much money as a UPS delivery man. On top of that that delivery man was an earner for five years while the teacher was being educated. Some fast and dirty math tells us that when we add the $30K for five years to the $100k in college expenses the teacher is starting out $250K behind that delivery man. And worse yet the delivery man has already got five years of pension stacked up which the new teacher does not have. So just why would anyone even want to be a teacher? And what kind of nerve does it take to complain about teachers being paid when they are being robbed blind. In the Detroit teachers strike the city was trying to not pay for work already done. Those teachers chose the option of being paid less during the school year so that they would have pay in the summer months. Detroit turned around and took the position that they could not pay the money the teachers had already earned. The real answer is that Detroit needs to find a better way to earn money and be prosperous as does our nation. We also need to give teachers across the nation a large raise as they have been wronged for many years.

          4. RMCSRET says

            You sir are a BIGOT, I was born into a family of 8 children and a father who was
            making 25 dollars a week. I worn hand me down clothes from my two older brothers and did quite well thank you very much. Oh by the way I graduated out
            of High School with a 3.6 GPA and wound up during my working years to end up
            making over $100K a year. Don’t tell me it is because you are poor. It is because
            the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT and the TEACHERS UNIONS are corrupt to the
            hilt. In fact it has been heard on several occasions that the head of the National
            Teachers union has stated he don’t worry about the kid he worries about the
            teachers and how much money and benefits they can get out of the States that
            they work in.

          5. glorybe2 says

            Funny, I don’t believe you a bit. Also the current era will not offer the opportunities that were available a few decades ago. We really are coming to the end of needing humans in employment. And it will create chaos if we do not provide for displaced workers. IN NYC taxi drivers have to purchase a “badge” in order to drive. Those badges are very expensive and the drivers count on being able to sell those badges when they retire. In 2017, Uber will have driverless cabs on the roads . They don’t need badges. Now how can a cab with a computer doing the driving not charge one heck of a lot less than a cab with a driver. Millions of people who drive for a living will soon have no jobs at all.

          6. RMCSRET says

            Hey idiot try and look as to why these things are happening. Oh gee we are now
            forcing yes FORCING companies to pay ENTRY level folks $15 dollars an hour
            for wiping down tables and sweeping floors. How much is a taxi charging now a
            days look that up and see why things are going the way they are. Liberals are
            the down fall of this country and then they WHINE like little babies when there
            jobs go away and then the wonder why and hold out there hands for a hand out.
            This country needs to go back to its old ways of if you don’t work you don’t eat.
            Then the country will start healing itself.

          7. Linda says

            MD? The really big joke on the taxpayers of MD that had me laughing at just how many ways the progressives there can think of ways to TAX you guys/your state, was with their ‘rain tax’. https://www.google.com/?gws_rd=ssl#q=Maryland+progressives+pass+a+rain+tax

          8. RMCSRET says

            No Linda the better or should I say the Best Example of a Maryland Progressive
            Tax is the FLUSH TAX.

          9. Linda says

            Omg….RMCSRET, I thought you might be joking so I looked it up…. you aren’t….. Leave it to the progressives. Soon to tax us for breathing, hey – maybe that’s why their pushing their climate change hoax so they can. roflol

          10. RMCSRET says

            There are to many things to even list that Progressives have either taxed or would
            like to tax. Soda’s, amount on non-porous materials in you yard, the list is never

      6. Linda says

        These things are the reason we should be following our Const and NOT allowing so much of gov to be centralized… leave it to the states where our FF’s said it belonged.

    6. swann2001 says

      All States that have not abandoned Democracy and Freedom and the Constitution should embark up a course of non-compliance with Liberal doctrines that not only go against common sense and decency but may end up costing some little girls or young woman’s life. To quote the Constitution as follows: Amendment IX The enumeration in the Constitution of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people. So I say let’s put this issue in front of the people, the Supreme Court, Justice Dept. or even or especially Obama’s pen has no right to make this change if the majority of the people would reject it. The only way to determine that would be a special election or put it as a question during the upcoming Presidential election assuming they occur. But Amendment X is even more specific as to States rights: The powers not delegated to the United States (To the Federal Government) by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it (Constitution) ARE reserved to the States respectively, or to the people. Much of Obama’s term has been an overreach in terms of what he is and isn’t able to do, but he has stacked the deck with liberals/progressives/communists who refuse to obey the Constitution as written and interpreted for the last 225 years. He is a loose cannon bent on destroying the economic and military might of this Country for his own twisted reasons that go back well over 75 years to when his real father Frank Marshall Davis mentored him as Obama puts it in his book about how Communism was superior to Capitalism, how this is a racist nation and that all corporations are greedy. Corporations may be greedy but they also employ millions of people nationwide and have help make this Country great. States must exert their power under the Constitution to thwart an agenda that favors perversion and twisted values and devalues our Christian heritage. You don’t have to be a Christian to know that attacking Churches and Christianity while allowing prayers to Allah in our public schools and market places is wrong. Rooms set aside for Muslims to pray while banning even the mere mention of God in graduation ceremonies is wrong. The left must attack Islam just as it so loves to attack Christianity or it is being hypocritical. Imagine a leftist, communist, and their liberal useful idiots being hypocritical? When aren’t they?

      1. Jeff Brodhead says

        “DEMOCRACY”? We don’t need no STINKIN’ “DEMOCRACY”! Constitutional republican form of governments is what we are “guaranteed”.

        Other than that, agreed!

        1. Deborah G says

          The IRS will find you with the drop of Obama’s little pink paw destroy you.

          1. ABO says

            I believe Mr. Broadhead will await their arrival at full draw Deborah.

          2. Deborah G says


        2. glorybe2 says

          So just how can we have a constitutional form of government when congress practices complete obstruction? The right wing did that and does that. They have ruined our form of government.

      2. Deborah G says

        The DOJ is corrupt to the core with Lynch as OBAMA’s hatchetman. The Supreme court is homofacist. Trump is right it IS a corrupt government. We can’t have Hillary place more lefties on the Supreme court. PERIOD

        1. glorybe2 says

          Sadly Hillary is not left wing at all. I wish she was.

      3. glorybe2 says

        So you want to put the question of equality up for a vote ! Just think of what consequences that might have. You might have people slapping others in chains as slaves or taking property owned by women as the founders never had a concept of allowing women to own anything and you could drag some young girls into your home and chain them to your bed as they don’t have the same rights as men and they might be of a non white race. Equality is the very basis for law and civilization. Mess with it at your own peril.

    7. Jimmy King says

      Clearly you don’t understand Constitutional Jurisprudence

      1. ABO says

        I am truly amazed that you have managed to spell it properly. Somebody help you with that???

        1. Jimmy King says

          Yes, several people while I was on my way to getting my LLM in Constitutional law

          1. ABO says

            I can only hope they have successfully educated you in the realm of jurisprudence as well.

    8. Janet Bosley says

      socialist democrat trump agrees with his democrat friend Obama and his anti-God justice department

    9. Mary Brumley says

      At the least, they need to drag their feet until, hopefully, we can vote in a Republican Prez. I will be happy to have this election behind us! Come Nov., we will know what we are facing. Four more years of extreme liberalism may take America down.

      1. alwaysright21 says

        shheeeeeeeeit dem niggahs is jus bunch a faggote cok suckerz muh dik!

    10. Carol Howard says

      Good for you Southern Patriot. I am with you. Amen!

    11. Bob Marcum says

      Legally; gthey can. But; it takes a lot of guts, by the governor. And; his constituents MUST stand behind him. Otherwise, he gets creamed, by the beuracracy.
      My point is; you shouldn’t forget that all laws must be enforced. At the state and fed. level, the enforcers are themselves. That’s where the situation gets gooey.

      1. glorybe2 says

        Bob your mayor and police chief decide how many arrests will be made every day as does your state governor. That has always been true. When jails have no beds and courts can not hear the cases the police are ordered to make as few arrests as possible. Often inmates are released to create space to make arrests. Exactly the same thing is done on the federal level. A huge example is crooked phone sales or so-called telemarketing rooms. Almost 100% are very crooked yet the DOJ usually only prosecutes about twenty of these companies per year. There are tens or hundreds of thousands of such rooms that commit felonies with every phone call. Yet the DOJ only goes after a handful of the big money rooms. The reason is budget restraints by congress and you can bet that many people in congress own some of those phone rooms as well. And then there is the issue of just how many people you want in prisons as the US already imprisons more citizens than any nation on earth. I’ll wager we could make serious arrests for another 50,000,000 Americans if the truth be known.

    12. alwaysright21 says

      Trump/Haley in 2016!

    13. sensrbtch says

      they can and will, buttheds will threaten too withdraw fed monies?! there is lotsa shit the fed will do. butt if the states stand up for our rights, then we vote the lefties out.vote trump! vote trump!

    14. E Swisher says

      They can…and probably will.

    15. Arizona Don says

      They can!

    16. John says

      The idiots Liberal want a one way in everything ! It’s NO Civil Rights on the books as yet . The NC Law protects Female and Male locker rooms !

    17. David Shimshon Heller says

      NC is doing just that ignoring the AG and telling the AG to G.F.Y!

    18. GodBlessRealAmerica!! says


    19. IgnoreTheFools says

      Your comment is dead on. There comes a time when enough already. Bummer is a real asshole and has lost the respect of our nation. Those who support him are Braindead.

    20. HardingDies says

      North Carolina’s response should include transgender bathrooms in ALL FEDERAL facilities, including the White House, the Supreme Court, the Department of Justice and Congress as a condition of their acceptance of the new ruling. As usual with Liberals, they want YOU to make all the changes, but the Liberal Elite don’t/won’t follow their own dictates.

    21. Carol Smith says

      no, mccrory is ignoring the established laws of this country. u might want to read up on those.

    22. Mike Burkett says

      I’ll send money to the North Carolina to replace any federal funds they need. One Big A$$ Mistake America thinks he is King issuing and enforcing executive privileges as if they were the king’s edicts. The problem is seen as the democraps with their muslim leader is using this as a stepping stone for something far more nefarious.

    23. jon says

      Obama is threatening criminal charges. we will see is they try to jail the governor.

    24. hora says

      Six more month and all big guys Lawyers be will end in Jail and never back to practice Law again. But a funny are who real are a looser, transgender and homosexuals, not only be will loose too, but next years be will scare to dead go out street, and most be will end in a coronel office.

    25. Roy Fredrichsen says

      I agree with Southern Patriot- We have an ignorant imposter trying to become King O’Bama the 1st of America who ignores all Constitutional Laws and writes illegal laws HE expects us to follow
      without question. I believe we threw out royalty in 1776, so we might have to do it again in HIS case.

    26. Arizona Don says

      I would agree but for one thing. Ignoring something usually allows it to get worse not better. Taking action to negate it is best. It is obviously illegal, act on that fact!

    27. Sue says

      Well, the Feds will withhold funds for education. I say, cut all meal plans, all Title I funding for tutoring, begin charging illegals for the expense of educating their children in the same way you would a student whose parents enroll them in a non-adjacent district, and cut all sports programs. Then, educate only the children of citizens unless non-citizens pay tuition. There is a way to provide payback to Obama, but it requires taking a hard stance. Make sure parents know who is causing the cuts – Democrats.

    28. Wes Tipton says

      The corrupt DOJ can bluster an bitch all they want, but as soon as they begin their attacks at least 29 other states will block them as was done with barry’s illegal amnesty BS.

    29. ram1020 says

      North Carolina is doing the right thing in suing them. Ignoring the Obama government doesn’t stop the administration’s overreach.

  4. Porphyry says

    In a year there will be a new (preferably better) administration. If the executive is sufficiently reasonable, these erroneous decisions should be gone, as should any troublesome holdovers/resisters in the Department of Just Us.

    1. Marie Saqueton says

      I wonder what Pres. Obama will do if his daughters were molested by a pervert in his approved bathrooms. Any SANE person is aware that perverts will use this law to get into women’s bathrooms, not to assert their rights but to assert their perverted,immoral and criminal acts.Sometimes I wish people on the left experience the abuse…oh ,I forgot, they are the perverts.

      1. Mary Brumley says

        To the pervert that molested one of his “daughters,” Obama would probably say, “This could be my son!” LOL

        1. E Swisher says

          I could not have said it better….LOL

        2. Richard says

          I wonder whose daughters they are really from. He certainly does not care.

          1. Mary Brumley says

            I have wondered about that also. I am concerned about just how much damage Obama will do in his last months in office! Whomever become the new Prez, if Republican, might find it difficult to clean up his mess. But, if it is the Hill, who knows what would be next. The Hill seems to not be able to handle power wisely.

          2. Jack_Ray says

            I’ll bet it won’t be quite as bad as the mess G. Bush Jr. left him. This time there won’t be two wars to pay off at least. And with unemployment at the lowest in 18 years, I think a repub Prez will be all set for success.

          3. Mary Brumley says

            Too many Breadwinners in my town no longer can get jobs that pay a decent wage, so they are still on food stamps. I would like for factory jobs to come back home, or new ones be opened.
            I really, really wish for today’s youth to have even half the opportunity that my generation had thirty years ago.
            Yes, Bush was a mess too! Tried to do more awful things that he didn’t succeed at thankfully!

        3. cool breeze says

          GOOD ONE

        4. Bob Marcum says

          If he had one; then, it probably would be.

      2. Ron Long says

        Well, under Sharia law he would have to kill her.

      3. Michael Dennewitz says

        Actually, those aren’t his daughters. His husband/wife is a guy, remember? THEY borrowed those girls, just for show!!

        1. Patricia says

          One of Slick’s victims shared that Hillary had many abortions until she was convinced by that inner circle that having a kid would help her career, so Chelsea was allowed to come to term.

          Calculating, always scheming, plotting and devising evil against the taxpaying citizens.

          1. Bob Marcum says

            I don’t have actual knowledge, of mickelle’s gender; but, one thng I DO know, for sure, is; she’s damned well UGLY ( a truly, geniunely, ugly bitch ).

          2. ABO says

            Spelling police here, Bob, I believe the word you’re looking for here is spelled FUGLY

          3. Michael Dennewitz says

            Good grief, I just checked mine and my ring finger is an entire fingernail longer than my index finger!! Ha!!

          4. skipsart says

            Mine too. No wonder the feds are so pro-transgender.

        2. wish in one handism says

          And used tax money to dress them in $20000 gowns, what a waste of cloth.

      4. Mark Owen says

        Under Sharia law the daughters have to be circumcised, wonder how Michelle is going to handle that. He will be going back to Islam as soon as the White House is rid of him.

    2. Bob Marcum says

      Don’t fret; You’re right. There WILL BE a better administration; and, he WILL do what’s right.

  5. MuslimLuvChrist says

    it was just a matter of time before this corrupt DOINJ sued,

    they will sue any state that defies muslim traitor

    1. Mary Brumley says


  6. Helga miller says

    What? Are we still a free Country? Our dept of Injustice has scorched the earth again! Why is Obama so hellbent on pushing this agenda? I have no answer other than he truly hates the good people of America!

  7. Juan Ganem says

    Hohoho one black man turned the country upside down we hope one white man with guts gets america on track agsin

    1. jug says

      Dont bet on it!
      He actually agrees with Target!
      That white man you are talking about, that is!
      He is a NY liberal democrat, just like HRC!

      He should have ran on the democrat ticket, but his good friend, Bill Clinton convinced him not to even “get close” to Hillary until AFTER the primarys.

      Brilliant stratagy by the old fox, now NO Republicans or conservatives on the nation wide ticket this year, and likely still locked out, even the next elect

      1. Defend America says

        He did not exactly agree with Target. He said leave the law as it is now . No need to change it. Which means transgenders have been using women’s restroom for years. The difference is they have now board casted it which will plausibly cause some danger to our children… plus they have added the dressing/ locker room to this law. Hopefully we can get Trump to change are alter this law once he becomes President.

        1. Tricia Harris says

          It’s NOT the Transgenders who are the problem, Trumpo is just to stupid to recognize that – it’s the perverts who rape and molest women and children who will use this law to do exactly that – have a legal “right” to declare they are transgender “today” and need to go to the women’s restrooms. Trump is NOT going to be what you want him to be -just like Obama YOU’VE BEEN HAD!

          1. Bob Marcum says

            and; U’re more stupid than the killary supporters.
            Trump knows; if the law is left as is, target will lose a tremendous amount of business, and therefore, learn a hard lesson ( the hard way ). That’s common sense.

          2. Tricia Harris says

            OMG you are such a darned idiot and a FOOL! What you are failing to understand is what Trump was saying..he was opposing HB2 which was passed to counteract the Charlotte ordinance which was forcing all business to allow any man to go in the women’s bathroom..this was opening pandora’s box to welcome sex predators and pedophiles with open arms to go in the women’s bathrooms, showers, and or locker rooms(which was championed, btw, by a convicted sex offender that was the president of the chamber of commerce)..Trump was in essence defending the Charlotte ordinance which was defending the high possibility of sex predators and pedophiles going in the women’s bathrooms, etc..this has already happened numerous times if anyone would research this..a male pretending to be a woman or trans to cause harm to women and or children!!. .then Trump stated that Bruce Jenner was welcome to use any bathroom at his Trump tower..which Bruce did the next wk..Bruce went into a woman’s bathroom at one of Trump’s businesses and made a video about it and put it on his show..and the last thing that I read about good ole Bruce is that he is still a man(he had not had the necessary surgery done to make HIM a woman..trans have had and still have the unisex or family bathrooms to use..and if they are truly a trans(had the surgery)..then there is not issue..it is the ones that are still confused that have no business going in the bathroom of the opposite sex or opening the door for sex predators to misuse the law..God how can you be so darned ignorant – PAY ATTENTION for a change!!!!!

          3. Gene says

            I hope Mr Trump is using Obamafags tactic.Lie like hell until you get elected.Then do the opposite when he gets in office.

          4. glorybe2 says

            OK, here we go again. Other nations have bathrooms that serve both men and women and they do not have huge issues with rape or child molestation. But for some reason in the US it is some sort of world shaking threat. It is rather like socialized medicine. It works in all the industrialized nations but somehow can never work in the US according to fear mongers. Other nations can have very high academic standards but the US can not. Other nations offer free college for people but the US while claiming to be a wealthy nation can’t even have decent primary education. Is anyone seeing the lack of truth that prevails in America?

          5. Tyler Krivan says

            That is because our government doesn’t want an educated population. Stupid people are easier to control. You tell them something and they take it as the gospel truth because someone from there government said it.
            By the way our government is how many billions of dollars in debt. That is because of the fantastic democratic leaders that spent how much money on who knows what?

          6. ABO says

            glorybe2 must be incredibly easy to control, judging by his / her idiotic, thoughtless posts. Excellent response, Tyler.

          7. glorybe2 says

            We have been at war for 15 years. That tends to create lots and lots of debt. I do wonder if oil had not been such a big lure if we would have been at war in the Arab regions at all. As far as education being a problem our political system causes education to be troubled. Here is one super easy example. A kid drops out of school, gets in trouble, etc.. The parents whine and cry that little Johnny is dead meat for life due to a lack of a diploma. They insist in some sort of program that will get little Johnny a high school diploma. Due to that political pressure the GED is invented. Obviously a GED can not cover what four years of high school normally does cover so we get little Johnny with a nonsense GED in hand. But the big shock is that kids realize that they also can get that GED so they drop out of school. Some will never get any kind of diploma and some will eventually get that pitiful GED. Your jails, nut houses, drug rehabs and more are chock full of these school dropouts who dropped out because of the GED nonsense. That little Johnny’s parents for pressuring politicians to create that GED system.

          8. ABO says

            The debt you refer to, Tyler currently stands at 19.2 Trillion dollars.

          9. grama18 says

            WE do not travel to those countries . I like America so –Please — do not contaminate !

          10. Tricia Harris says

            OK, so you are just fine with one of the perverts who prey on women, to use a women’s restroom and rape or molest your mother, grandmother, aunt, wife, sister, daughter, granddaughter, or niece? What the heck is WRONG WITH YOU????? That you are ok. Get your flipping head OUT OF the sand and wake up to reality – these perverts are arrested every week in the US for doing just that. Good grief, you are sick if you are ok with this!

          11. Jack_Ray says

            OMG! I hadn’t heard. When/where did this happen? I live in NC and we’ve never had one problem (ever) in our bathrooms. Come to NC, you are protected here, even with your pants down.

          12. glorybe2 says

            Do you have any reality at all that the Puritanical customs in the US just might be creating the perverts? How do you explain so many deviants in the US? Yet nations that have open prostitution don’t seem to have anywhere near the problem that we do with deviants. At some point people really need to grasp the fact that their beliefs have consequences and those consequences are quite often 180 degrees out of line with what they really want. But who knows? Maybe its just the lead in our drinking water.

          13. Tricia Harris says

            Just because YOU PERVERTS thinks it’s fine, the rest of us with MORALS and VALUES do NOT!

          14. glorybe2 says

            It must be wonderful to be the anointed one, with the one, true knowledge of just exactly what God wants. Heck, you don’t even need God at all. I am so very certain that you and only you are the one holder of the truth. And I am also certain that Christ will not know you.

          15. Debra Bowser says

            Why don’t you wait for it?

          16. Tricia Harris says

            Good grief GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE SAND! These perverts are arrested across the country every week for getting into women’s restrooms and raping or molesting women or little girls. What is wrong with you that you are OK with this?

          17. Debra Bowser says

            No I’m not ok with this! Why so much hate! I am a Trump supporter and I believe what he said was
            leave the laws alone. Leave it the way that it is. Hasn’t that worked until now? In the words of Franklin Graham : “I have hope for America, because of Jesus Christ”

          18. Tricia Harris says

            Then you need to pay attention to what Trumpo was talking about!!!! What you are failing to understand is what Trump was saying..he was opposing HB2 which was passed to counteract the Charlotte ordinance which was forcing all business to allow any man to go in the women’s bathroom..this was opening pandora’s box to welcome sex predators and pedophiles with open arms to go in the women’s bathrooms, showers, and or locker rooms(which was championed, btw, by a convicted sex offender that was the president of the chamber of commerce)..Trump was in essence defending the Charlotte ordinance which was defending the high possibility of sex predators and pedophiles going in the women’s bathrooms, etc..this has already happened numerous times if anyone would research this..a male pretending to be a woman or trans to cause harm to women and or children!!. .then Trump stated that Bruce Jenner was welcome to use any bathroom at his Trump tower..which Bruce did the next wk..Bruce went into a woman’s bathroom at one of Trump’s businesses and made a video about it and put it on his show..and the last thing that I read about good ole Bruce is that he is still a man(he had not had the necessary surgery done to make HIM a woman..trans have had and still have the unisex or family bathrooms to use..and if they are truly a trans(had the surgery)..then there is not issue..it is the ones that are still confused that have no business going in the bathroom of the opposite sex or opening the door for sex predators to misuse the law..God how can you be so darned ignorant – PAY ATTENTION for a change!!!!!

          19. Debra Bowser says

            I’m not as hateful as you! I quit trying to talk to you because there is no arguing with a fool! I cannot talk to someone like you! Obviously not a Trump supporter, you’re either a Cruz or Bernie supporter!

          20. Mike Geremia says

            and Trump haters like you will ensure a Hillary victory……