Kentucky Judge Rips Into “Racist” Toddler


From time to time, someone will wonder idly why there really isn’t a market for conservative political comedy. Why isn’t there a right-wing equivalent of Jon Stewart, for instance? And when someone does pop up, why aren’t they able to really break into the mainstream?

It’s an interesting question, but the answer may be a simple one. Good satire relies on being able to make piercing observations sprinkled with just a touch of exaggeration. With the right comic sensibilities, you gently nudge the absurd into the outrageous. Nudge too far, and it veers into stupidity. Nudge too little, and the comedy loses its edge. But when everything you have to work with is already outrageous, where is there to go?

How do you make this funny, for instance?

Kentucky Judge Olu Stevens, himself a black man, decided recently to use his judicial power to launch into a disgusting tirade against the racism of a three-year-old victim of armed conflict. Stevens was presiding over a case in which two armed black men (not to be confused with the unarmed variety we hear so much about) broke into the home of Jordan and Tommy Gray in March 2013. The men – Gregory Wallace and Marquis MacAfee – found the Gray’s toddler watching Spongebob Squarepants on TV. That didn’t stop them. They wielded their guns, robbed the Grays under threat of death, and escaped. They were arrested weeks later, and MacAfee was sentenced to ten years in the clink.

Wallace, however, is another story, and it was during his sentencing phase that Judge Stevens took exception to something the Grays wrote in their victim impact statement.

“Whenever we are running errands, if we come across a black male, she holds me tight and begs me to leave,” wrote Jordan Gray. “It has affected her friendships at school and our relationships with African-American friends.”

In other words, as one might expect, this little girl’s encounter with a life or death situation has had a significant impact on her psyche.

But no, says Judge Stevens, that’s not the problem. “I am offended,” he said at Wallace’s sentencing hearing in February. “I am deeply offended that they would be victimized by an individual and express some kind of fear of all black men.” He went on to slam the parents for “accepting that kind of mentality and fostering those type of stereotypes.” Putting the cherry on top, he let Wallace off with probation.

Not certain that he had gotten his point across, Judge Stevens took his ill-advised rant to Facebook. “Do three year olds form such generalized, stereotyped and racist opinions of others?” he wrote online. “I think not. Perhaps the mother had attributed her own views to her child as a manner of sanitizing them.”

Surprisingly, this is not even the first time this year that a black person of note has accused a toddler of racism. Just last month, Indiana Democrat Vanessa Summers took to the floor of the State House of Representatives to insist that her colleague’s 18-month-old was scared of her because of her race. “I have told Representative McMillin I love his little son, but he’s scared of me because of my color,” Summers mused. “And that’s horrible.”

We’ve traded common sense in this country, built up through thousands of years of civilization, for politically-correct, pop psychology nonsense. It was one thing when that crap was fodder for the Oprah Winfreys and Tumblr users of the world. Now, though, it has come to darken our classrooms, our politics, and even our courtrooms.

And even the world’s most gifted comedian would have a hard time seeing anything funny about that.

  1. Badd Catt says

    The only thing the judge did wrong was let the scumbag go with only probation. His comments were not “disgusting”. They were ABSOLUTELY CORRECT. The fact is, little children don’t even SEE color. I guess if the thieves had been White, she would then be afraid of all White guys? (including her dad)
    It’s getting REALLY difficult for me to dis-believe the sterotype about conservatives being racist, when every time I turn around, I see examples of it. That’s what’s “DISGUSTING”.

    1. Ms_V says

      I am pretty sure a three year old – black or white – would notice the skin tone of someone that was brutalizing their family. And, three-year old kids are incredibly honest, and would have no problem voicing their fear about the thug that scared the hell out of her – black or white. The judge is an idiot. If it was a black kid scared of the “cracker” that brutalized her family, people would be calling on Eric Holder to investigate the cracker.

      1. Badd Catt says

        So then Ms_V, If the thieves had been White, Do you think this White kid would then be afraid of her White dad?
        I agree with the last part of your statement. But one groups foolishness does not justify anothers.

        1. Ms_V says

          I doubt she would be afraid of her dad, she already knows him well. However, she knew nothing of the thugs that broke in – only what they looked like and what they did. It is events such as this that can traumatize anyone for years to come – ask any rape victim. Do you think that rape victims become afraid of their own family members based on the color of the perpetrator’s skin? Of course not. Your argument lacks substance (there is no evidence to suggest your scenario has ever happened) and common sense.

    2. 1Shot1Kill says

      To generalize any race as racist is racist. I am highly conservative, however I an far from racist. I spent 13 years in the National Guard, Army Reserves, and Active duty. I then worked 12 years in corrections and have been working for 2 years in the Housing police. I have seen bad in all races. I have seem good in all races. To answer your questions before you ask the.. yes I hate Obama, and Clinton. Not because of their color or their sex, but because they don’t give a crap about anything except squirting more power for themselves.
      I don’t see color, or sex, I have taught my children to not see color or sex. I will judge you on your character, and your actions. Not on who you call god. Not on your color. And not on whether you sit or stand to pee.

      1. Badd Catt says

        I wasn’t generalizing any “race” as racist. I mentioned the stereotype of conservatives being racist. (I’m conservative, by the way.) And I don’t care for Obama or Clinton policies, but I don’t hate them as people. In fact I love them enough to pray for them and hope they come to see the error of their ways.

        1. 1Shot1Kill says

          I am a Christian Conservative. Although I fail all the time at the Christian part, because I fought to defend this country, and I hate anyone who would try to destroy what was the greatest country in the world. Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t just Obama and his crew, politicians for many decades have been usurping power, and using it for their own means. What we need in Congress and the presidency are citizen leaders, not politicians. Congressional and executive service were never meant to last a lifetime.

          1. Badd Catt says

            I totally agree. By the way, I neglected to thank you for your service. Sorry. And Thank You.

        2. OSAMA OBAMA says

          Idiot! Conservatives don’t hate obama, holder, sharpton or jackson because they’re black, it’s because they are RACE BAITERS. Why do they vilify blacks that preach education, work, responsibility, family etc., (West, Carson, Elder, Cosby), as “Uncle Toms”?

      2. crustyone says

        1Shot1Kill–Thank you for your service. Growing up as an Army dependent and especially living on base at a number of my dad’s assignments, beginning in the early fifties, I coexisted with those of other races and beliefs. My positive attitude continued with my own Army service and my wife shares the same attitude especially with her own service to our country in the Army.

    3. Marshall Korvela says

      You do not understand conservatives. I for one, have political beliefs that are mostly conservative. I do however, have many black friends and I am an uncle to black children. I believe there are many such as myself who prefer not to judge a person by the color of their skin but rather the content of their heart. I think what is wrong with some people today is that they pre-judge others before really knowing about them and that is where the problems are fomented.

      1. sammyg227 says

        A three year old learns from fear, joy, their environment, parents, etc. What’s more fearful than two morons disrupting her day, yelling, threatening and scaring her and her family? She is every bit justified to be afraid of black men … and who says three year old kids don’t see color. Our society is getting dumber every day!

        The judge and everyone who thinks he’s correct in his assessment of this situation .. they are the racists! I’m soooo tired of the idiocy of the few NWAs who are destroying our Country. They are the racists… They are the morons … They are responsible for their problems… they are the sickies!!! Soooo fu–ing tired of this!!!

        Check this video… Tells you what’s really going on in our society and why.

      2. Badd Catt says

        Marshall… I AM CONSERVATIVE!!!!!! And I’m Black. As I said, I TRY not to believe the stereotype, but it’s difficult when I see so much evidence of it. I agree with the last part of your statement whole-heartedly.

    4. Anthony Miller says

      That judge sucks!

      1. Badd Catt says

        Can’t argue with that. I base it on the fact that he let a criminal go unpunished.
        But what do you base it on?

    5. jgfsmf says

      The kid was tramatized. Did you actually read the article?

      1. Badd Catt says

        Yes, I read the article. Did you? Can you even read? Your spelling is not so good.

        1. jgfsmf says

          Oh no. I’m busted by the spelling police who can’t comprehend what he is reading and the only arguement he’s got is my spelling. Loser.

          1. Badd Catt says

            I fully understood what I read. It’s obvious that you did not. And pointing out your lack of spelling skills was in response to you accusing me of not actually reading the article and to indicate your apparent inability to read with comprehension. By the way – No “e” following the “u” in “argument”.

        2. jgfsmf says

          Oh no. Busted by the spelling police who has no reading comprehension but thinks he’s the sharpest tool in the shed. Too bad he just doesn’t realize that he is a total loser. And has no morals.

    6. ipsd48 says

      Are you saying the child DIDN’T see 2 black thugs break into their home? DIDN’T threaten them with guns? DIDN’T rob them? Her reaction is to what she has experienced from CRIMINALS………..and the judge’s CRIMINAL lack of justice will most likely perpetuate the child’s fear of blacks.

      1. Badd Catt says

        I’m saying the child saw two THUGS. Color doesn’t come into play in a child’s mind unless parents put it there. As I said – if it had been two White guys, the child would have been just as upset. But would she then be afraid of all White guys? Color had NOTHING to do with it.

        1. OSAMA OBAMA says

          Stupid argument.

    7. Ray says

      You like the judge are a FOOL! Yes I think if the rolls were reversed and it was a black family that was robbed and frightened out of their minds by white men that black toddler would be just as traumatized by white men.
      At 3 years old neither child (depending where they live) would have much interaction (if any) with other cultures. So someone so different from them would be quite noticeable to them and they would react to others that resembled the perpetrators.
      In any event the Judge was not qualified to make the assumption he did!

      1. Badd Catt says

        Dummy!!! That’s not even what I asked. I asked if the SAME White family had ben robbed by White thieves, would the WHITE kid then be afraid of White men (including her dad? All you idiots are letting your foolish racist thoughts cloud your mind to reality.

        1. Ray says

          Stupid question has nothing to do with the event. Why would the kid be afraid of her father? You like Al Sharpton can try to make anything that involves White interaction with Black — Racist

          1. Badd Catt says

            The kid would be afraid of her father because according to her mom – she associates the color of the crooks to everyone else. So if White guys had robbed them, she would be afraid of ALL White guys including her dad.
            Associating me with Al Sharpton was a LOW BLOW!!! C’mon, Ray. Fight fair.

    8. John Beam says

      You are basically saying that a little child does not innocently make associations according to what they SEE. You are either terribly under-educated, a hateful liar, or a moron.

      1. Badd Catt says

        So then answer my question. If the men that robbed them had been White. Would the kid then be afraid of all White men, including her dad?

        1. John Beam says

          Of course not, because little children are not at all sophisticated regarding their ability to make associations, but they DO see racial similarities and racial differences, despite your ignorant notions that little children cannot see these differences. This has nothing whatsoever to do with “racist” characteristics, any more than if you tend to make your personal associations according to the people who you are most comfortable with (just like everyone ELSE in the world).

          Add to this the undeniable FACT that this little child was TRAUMATIZED by these thugs (yes–THUGS), and it should not be put-upon these VICTIMS of this crime that what has effected this child in the way that it has. Of course the child should get counseling in order for her to make proper judgements between individual people, rather than make generalizations based upon physical characteristics, but for this crap-tastic “judge” to make HIS sweeping generalizations only goes to show that he has learned very LITTLE since HIS impressionable early days, and you can include yourself into that club.

          1. Badd Catt says

            Your answer makes me think that you’re starting to see my point. And my notions are not “ignorant”. They’re based on experience and observations. I don’t know what your age is, but think back to when you were three. Did you think about the race of people?
            Funny you should mention impressionable days. Growing up in the South in the 60’s, you would think I would have an “anti- White” mentality. I don’t. Not in the least.

          2. John Beam says

            I grew up in Michigan in the 60’s, I rarely saw Black folks, and when I did, I noticed the differences. I also had relatives in North Carolina who were “nlgg3r”-spewing racists. It didn’t effect ME at all, because if I have any notions of prejudice towards anyone, it’s towards the human race in general, because in my observations, people will typically arrive at the worst possible conclusions towards each other, based solely upon their individual biases, whether they be regarding to race, culture, or any of a wide berth of associative circumstances.

            It makes me sick when ANYONE arrives to irrational conclusion, based upon personal experience alone, because it is ridiculous to assume that everyone sees, processes, and understands their experiences the same, AND, it is also irrational to assume “racist” motive based upon the the behavior of a little child. First of all, racism presumes a sense of racial superiority over another, which could not possibly have anything to do with this case.

            Another thing that makes me sick is the disgusting use of “racism” to describe someone who simply disagrees with another person of a race different from yours. I can present any of a number of ideological reasons why I disagree with Barack Obama’s policies, but it rarely fails to get somebody accusing me of simply “hating on” Obama because he’s “a Black man in the White House.”

            My conclusion with regard to the use of such irrational tags, such as “racist,” are things to either shut a person’s opposition up, or it’s just a knee-jerk reaction based upon that person’s own biases against the very people who they are tagging. It’s called “projecting.” Not knowing the mindset of this “judge,” who gives the benefit of a doubt to the armed robbers, but jumps reactively at parents of a scared little girl, I cannot say that he’s a White-hating racist himself, but it’s not difficult to conclude that he merely projected his own deep disdain and hate upon those parents, while accusing them of the very hate that he feels.

    9. OSAMA OBAMA says

      bad pussy is just another “put upon” black or guilty libTURD. This puke blames the victims and not the thugs. So frikken typical of the Treyvon crowd!

  2. chaka says

    U got one thing right; what u said was some dumb sh**!! Cause I have two kids and raised both of them! In fact in the neighborhood (segregated neighborhood in Fayetteville NC) I grew up everybody had a father except the ones whose fathers got killed in action! Maybe that’s why I get pissed at people like Cosby and POTUS who buy that stereotypical bs and lectures us on taking care of our families!!

    1. Croco Dile says

      Hurst ?
      Where is that town/village ?

      1. chaka says

        Have no idea that was 1960!

    2. says


    3. joe says

      Are you some kind of braindead moron the kid is three , quit using race as an excuse to be a lazy failure you emptyheaded fool

    4. ussacitizen says

      Black on white crime is a good way to teach racism. Along with special treatment due to skin color, religion, or national origin. Either we are all equal or were not.

    5. jgfsmf says

      The kid was tramatized by these men who robbed the family at gun point. Good God. If the jerks were white, she be tramatized but white men, or mexicans, or asians. You seem to be the racist here.

      1. crustyone says

        If the crime was committed by those from the land of dunes, the incident in court would not have occurred because the entire family would have been savagely murdered.

    6. James Maxwell says

      What you learn at home, for the most part, determines how you will go thru life. I know many

      children of my era raised in the south (Texas & Louisiana) who played with black, hispanic and
      other race children after WW II. As kids we really didn’t care about the color of a persons skin
      unless our parents had taught us to. Fortunately while my parents had their own views they

      tried not to cloud mine when dealing with others. This has helped me when I grew up and

      went into the world. As for this “Judge” we can see where he came from.

      1. greyfox says

        You’re right about what you learn at home. This three year old was at home when this incident took place, hence, “what you learn at home”

      2. ELAINE MARZANO says

        yeah, i think he was put their by our present administration. He fits there answer to a racist.

    7. Brenda Harrell says

      Well we know who the real racist is and it is you! How long ago was that? When you are black and you traumatize a child, break into his home at gun point, and threaten someone with death, how do you think a child that young is going to react and respond to black people, and this had nothing to do with the parents, but the trash that broke into his home. Get a life and stop your racist rants. This had nothing to do with racism, but had to do with trauma and the color that did it.

      1. Francie26 says

        They probably came racing quickly and loudly into her very own house, into the very room where, just a nanosecond before, she had been sitting quietly watching television, and the tension in the room jerked and jarred her suddenly from feeling calm and peaceful to feeling scared out of her little wits, taking her to extreme fear within a nanosecond, which is what the intruders wanted, and it was all swept up in a swirl of loudly yelling male voices, along with an extremely fast lifting of tension in the very atmosphere, suddenly going from comforting and peaceful to loud and scary, along with an intense fear of a little three-year-old girl when she was suddenly confronted by two big black strange men whom she had never seen, and they were suddenly filling huge amounts of space in her very own living room, filling what had always been her comfortable space with extremely sudden loud, scary yelling, male voices bouncing off the very walls, and she could not process all of this because things were just moving too fast, with ugly, unfamiliar changes coming at her too quickly for her to make sense of them, all of which had to scare her badly, and now . . . that idiot judge thinks it’s racism that she cries when she sees another black man? Yeah, it’s the little girl’s fault, or maybe her parent’s fault, and the thief is not actually a bad man–he’s really the kind of guy we all want to be freed to roam our streets and even our very homes, I’d say. . . . ::sigh:: . . . What kinds of idiots do we have on the benches of our courtrooms these days?

    8. TheeLynnChase says

      Oh please. I love how ignorance is born from one incident. Your predjudice was born from one incident, and so was this little boys prejudice. Its called learned behavior. If you touch a hot stove as a child and get burned you learn not to touch a hot stove, but you also learn a cold stove is just fine. Not all stoves will burn you. Just the hot ones. Pretty simple folks. Good and bad in ever single human regardless.of the color of their space suits.

      1. greyfox says

        One thing about three year olds, they have the wisdom to make these determinations. When I was three I knew all sorts of interesting things, I knew wrong from right, black from white and left from right. Most three year olds are in the genius class, Now return to the mother ship, Gnopz is expecting you.

    9. John Beam says

      This isn’t about a racist bully. It’s about a TODDLER who was traumatized by an armed ROBBER, and how this EVIL man has caused the this little child to associate all men who look as they did to be evil and to be feared.

      Now, I can see how perhaps the judge encouraging the parents to find counseling for the child’s unfortunate condition, so that THIS INCIDENT does not permanently scar her; however, this judge’s reply to them was ridiculous, and made the VICTIMS into as bad if not worse than the actions of the perps.

      Your situation was not analogous to THIS situation whatsoever, and if you sincerely believe so, then you are living in delusion.

    10. A natural born American says

      I agree. Racism is learned. I also think that most people, at least those I know well, judge others by what’s in their hearts. My kid had a very heavy set grandaunt who lived several states away. For months after meeting this grandaunt my 3 yo child could be heard knocking on any window facing the street while calling out things like: “Aunt Jean!”; “Hi Aunt Jean!”; “Aunt Jean, it’s me, Suzie!”; “Mommy! Aunt Jean’s here!” The first few times someone ran to the window to see “Aunt Jean” only to realize that our child was innocently suffering from a case of mistaken identity. I suppose you’ve never walked down a busy street and called out to someone you knew only to discover you’d hailed a perfect stranger? What was it about that person that made you think the stranger might have been your friend? Wouldn’t have had anything to do with being the same color as your friend–would it? Mistaken identities happen to all of us. Except, apparently, when it happens to a toddler who has not yet reached the age of reason. Those babies are racists.

    11. greyfox says

      You sound like a real tough guy but when it comes to brains, you are out to lunch.

      1. chaka says

        Another racist assumtion! The last time I took one of your culturally biased IQ test I scored 145 with a twenty point margin of error my IQ is either 125 or 165, Einsten was 160. Further when I’m on my game I read 900 wpm with 98% comprehension. Further more once I read something I remember the main idea and pretty much where I read it at forever. The bottom line is that whenever I walk in a room I am one of the smartest if not the smartest in the room!!

        1. greyfox says

          Not only are you tough but a real intellectual brain trust. I really don’t want to spar with you, you are my intellectual superior times two. I don’t know too many real smart people so it’s an honor to meet you, even if it is on the internet. Wow an IQ of either 125 or 165. And you remember, “where you read it at,” and “when you walk in a room” I never walk in a room, too confining.

          So much for high IQs

    12. crustyone says

      I remember an incident in K-Town many decades ago (I was in the first grade or so of elementary school) when the school bus arrived at our dependent apartment housing. While disembarking a little Latino girl scratched my face for no reason–it may have been as a result of something she saw occur at home. Even though I still remember the incident I have no animosity toward members of the Hispanic race and I have forgiven her in my mind and heart.

    13. Badd Catt says

      I understand you, Chaka. It’s a shame that others can’t.

    14. ELAINE MARZANO says

      No you are wrong. A Parent can not explain that a to a toddler. my granddaughter is 2 and no way would i try to explain this mess. I think you have to watch and see how they play with other children And when they ask you questions then you know they see the difference. Now is the time to explain to them.

  3. Upward Trend says

    The judge should be removed from the bench.

    1. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says

      Yes this judge is the racist not the child.or her parents. He should be put out cause he sure is not a judge who should be on the bench AT ALL/

      1. crustyone says

        He’s probably an appointee of the head racist clownbama.

      2. Karen Gaddy says

        The worst thing to me, is what nobody is mentioning…he let and ARMED ROBBER off with probation! Now he can go out and rob and possibly kill other innocent people.

      3. hangem'high says

        Whatever he paid for his bench, he didn’t pay enough!

        1. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says

          What ever do you mean.

          1. hangem'high says

            I guess you never heard of paying for your office, or did I just now make that up?

          2. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says

            I don’t know did you make it up or is it the truth.

          3. hangem'high says

            Well, little Jackson Jr. got busted trying to buy Obamas senator seat, so I imagine that’s how Obama got his senator seat, and that doesn’t include all the rest that had success in their purchasing of office?

          4. ELAINE MARZANO says

            good answer . I forget about all the under the counter stuff…

          5. hangem'high says

            I believe the catch and release has existed since Obama obtained office?

    2. concerned citizen says

      Usacitizen. U. R. Exactly right! Armed robery in ohio florida texas and others does not allow for probation. Besides the parent should lose the child

      1. Beachley CE says

        you must be kidding…loose the child….are you related to the judge?!

        1. concerned citizen says

          Yes lose the child!!!! Racism is taught largely by the parents and if thats whats being taught….. NO I’M NOT RELATED TO THE JUDGE WHO SHOULD BE DISBARRED

          1. greyfox says

            And liberals think Conservatives are radical, Lose the child? for what?

          2. 1American1st says

            If you took children from parents when you “thought” the parents were racists, Social Services would be overhwhelmed with black children who are taught to be Racists by their parents.

          3. Bird says

            First, moronic “concerned citizen”, you’d better be able to prove that the child learned racism from the parents …..or, could it possibly be from the two black men, holding guns, in his own house, and threatening to kill him and his parents!! Second, if every child, who was influenced by their parents toward racism, was removed from their home… the child welfare services would be bursting at the seams with millions of black children rather than white!

          4. Hoping4Change says

            Concerned, Cit, how dare you say such a crass thing! Racism was taught by the JUDGE and by those who perpetrated the crime, as well as you. The parents, in their statement said “our relationships with African-American friends”. How dare you accuse them of being racist – they have African American friends. It is the actions of the Blacks that are causing the reaction from the child, not the actions of anyone else. How dare you blame the victim of the horror of experiencing their home being broken into by gun wielding Black men while she is watching a cartoon. That is her safe refuge, her home and the Black men violated her refuge, thus her mental attitude towards Blacks is now affected. Stop looking for trouble and realize the perpetrators are the criminals!

          5. Stash Holly says

            I think Concern is a kid. No grownup would have said this. He is a clown or an POS Obama troll.

          6. hangem'high says

            More than likely they started out in the same three ring circus?

          7. Karen Gaddy says

            I totally agree with you. The most cogent comment yet.

          8. Shari L Mikaelsson says


          9. furiousvet says

            Some people are terrified of snakes and spiders . All people have a fear of something. Some are afraid of heights . As far as this ” color ” thing we are called
            ” white ” which is a misnomer. We are caucasian . White is albino and any albino is a real minority, if you can ever find one . Regarding fear of browns. Alot has to do with caucasians interactions with some browns .Do a search on http://www.channonchristian/christophernewson , and tell me if these two caucasian kids were still alive, they wouldn’t be terrified of browns. They were carjacked by browns and tortured sexually mutilated and butchered for days by five browns till they finally died . The judge, ( I assume he was brown ) said this wasn’t a hate crime ! Athought crossed my mind, a monument should be erected for the slave owners of the south .
            If it wasn’t for them most of the browns we have here today would still be in Africa !

          10. LadyGreenEyes says

            Most of the slaves that came here were given to the traders by other blacks. Usually Muslim ones.

          11. Michael Dennewitz says

            “Their” own people SOLD THEM OFF, and yet they blame whites for all their misery.. “We be gittin stepped on fo 200 years!” Yeah, riighttt!!!

          12. LadyGreenEyes says

            Well, whites did purchase slaves, and some (though not all) did treat them badly. However, you’d think they were the only slaves int he history of the world, when in fact, people from all over, of all races, through the centuries, have been slaves. People are still sold into slavery; it’s simply underground in more modern countries.

          13. Stash Holly says

            Your an idiot and if you have any children you should have them taken away. What ever drug your on, is harmful to children.

          14. joe says

            You are sick plain and simple the kid is three you stupid slackjawed moron a kid of three is too young to even understand the concept of race. Somone should stick a screwdriver in your eye you stupid empty headed fool.

          15. hangem'high says

            Uncle Joe, just give the kid back his pacifier!

          16. hangem'high says

            She didn’t call him any names, just stated she was scared of him, back to jobcore with you,my judgments finial !

      2. LadyGreenEyes says

        Wait, what??? Why would you claim he should be disbarred, then agree with him and call the child racist??? That makes ZERO sense. The child isn’t any such thing! A child of three sees something violent happen to herself and her family, and reacts to someone that looks, to her very young mind, like the person that did it. If it was a red-headed woman that robbed them, she’d react that way to read-headed women. No racism is involved. You not only agree with the racist judge, you then claim the parents should lose the child?!?!? Get a clue = no government system has any right to remove a child from a home over OPINIONS. People like you shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

        1. hangem'high says

          This is what happens when you put them on marijuana at an early age, they become locoest and intolerant!

          1. LadyGreenEyes says

            That’s a possibility! Indoctrination centers disguised as schools don’t help, either!

        2. Michael Dennewitz says


      3. Shari L Mikaelsson says

        Why should the parent lose the child?

    3. Beachley CE says

      Of course he should ….but he is black…..that means in today’s society anything goes as long as you are black, a pervert, a liberal or if all 3 you really get a get out of jail free card so to speak. I know what I would do if it were me & he would be facing some stiff charges. Once again because the lying , fraud pos muslim bastard is squatting in the wh they think they are above the law. It will end & the sob will crawl back under his rock & guess what judge….it will be a cold day in hell before the likes of that bastard gets in there again……you all really messed up & put a total pos in there & it has shown us just how stupid you really are.Affirmative action has produced some real “winners”. I still lmao when I replay the idiot from Ga..Hank Johnson….know him judge?.He is the ignorant congressman that thinks “islands” can tip over in the sea if they have too many people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now that is funny!!!! You are a disgrace to your profession & all judges that are decent. You are a racist & in need of some serious help .You should be removed immediately from the bench & lose your law license…if it were reversed & the judge was white just imagine. You do not deserve to share the judicial bench with real judges, you make a mockery of the system & not if but when the scumbag you gave probation to kills the next victim you should be held accountable as well. You & those like you & unfortunately there are far too many only make your race look bad,cause people to doubt you & give credence to what many thought was changing. Your pres (because he certainly is not mine as I live in a country with no leadership & certainly did not vote for him) has divided this country and moved back relations to the 50 & 60’s & your race is too blind to see.

      1. Michael Dennewitz says

        Racism IS learned, and cases like this do a fine job of teaching! If there’s any racism of any kind from white people, it’s cases like this that make a white person resent them. It’s almost as tho the judge is approaching a hanging tree and bringing his own damned rope!!

        1. Smart Old Fart says

          One can only hope the rope is for his own “drop” into hell. What ever happened to the good ol’ days with a proper “hangin’ tree” in every town square?

          1. Michael Dennewitz says

            Perhaps, instead of marching forward, this country needs to seriously do the backstep!?

          2. ELAINE MARZANO says

            Hey Mihael, that sounds interesting, what do you mean the back step to wear?

          3. Michael Dennewitz says

            What I meant was that perhaps we should be going BACK in time, to a point where it wasn’t near as complicated as it is now. 🙂

          4. ELAINE MARZANO says

            Sorry Buddie I thought you wanted to teach me how to do a new dance step. For me I would have to go back to being a baby. I can’ remember when that would be good.

      2. Pirate Sword says

        Well done ! I wouldnBeachley’t change a single word.

      3. Ms_V says


      4. furiousvet says

        He’s not black, he’s brown ! O’Bamas our first BROWN president ! In fact the majority of those that call themselves black are really brown . I don’t know why they do that unless they all are real black wannabes.

        1. OSAMA OBAMA says

          He was a LibTURDS dream!! Our first black AND our first woman president.

        2. LadyGreenEyes says

          That is part of what they are taught. There are some celebrities of mixed race I read about, who were demonized by many in the black community for stating that, instead of calling themselves black. If I talked about them that way, I’d be called racist, but they can do it themselves?

        3. Trisha Holmeide says

          In fact our entire nation is becoming homogenized. It’s why I see hope for the future of race relations because it is pretty hard to hate your own grandkids and pretty hard to have family reunions when half your family is made up of mixed races if you are a racist! finally, maybe the liberal mantra “love conquers all,” may come to pass, but it won’t be because of the government or the race baiters who simply exploit for their own gain. It will be because our children will experience genuine love and the product of that loving relationship will be our own.

          1. ELAINE MARZANO says

            You are the best . Thank you . Now if we an make the rest of the country realize this we would e fine. did you read the post below frm OfcSh

          2. Trisha Holmeide says

            Thanks Elaine–it all seems so self-evident to me it literally hurts inside to see the way the American people are being purposely divided and turned against one another. If it were not for political and economic gain the warmongers among us wouldn’t have any vested interest in supporting or standing up against perceived or real injustice. And, they certainly do not have the best interests at heart of those they are so willing to artificially enrage and send forth as a sacrifice for their obvious but not admitted agenda.

          3. ELAINE MARZANO says

            Thank you Trisha, it is good to hear from people that have reason to believe we are in trouble and we have to end his rein of terror that has yet to materialize and it will soon.

        4. Michael Dennewitz says

          Crap is usually brown also.. Hmmm.mmmmm…..

          1. ELAINE MARZANO says

            OK, you are right. just don’t spread it around!!!!!

        5. Michael Dennewitz says

          I guess if it’s not white, it’s gotta be called black!? The Puerto Ricans across the street call themselves black! I dunno…. lol

          1. ELAINE MARZANO says

            if that is what they call themselves So be it. it’s ok with me. see you are covered. just stay out of trouble if you can. .I need you…

          2. Michael Dennewitz says

            Ok Elaine, I just wrote a very long and condemning email to Gov Beshear in Ky.. I only hope that he reads it and acts on it. That racist judge needs smacked down HARD!!

          3. ELAINE MARZANO says

            OH, Michael , Thank you, maybe we should all do that plus the petition. Right now that crazy lady has been after me. you know Faye Hayes. She is the one with the filthy mouth. God I am so proud of you.

          4. Michael Dennewitz says

            I have never, EVER encountered such a filthy mouthed woman. And she uses her filthy mouth against God and the bible!

          5. ELAINE MARZANO says

            I hear you, I told you she is nasty. Thanks for confirming that bit of info.

          6. ELAINE MARZANO says

            I am removing her from my posting. She makes no sense and she reads until she finds something personal. then she attacks like a mad dog drooling .

      5. ELAINE MARZANO says

        That was a wonderful post. Thank you for reminding me of the too many people will cause the islands to tip over and fall in to the sea. l can not believe he said that. I wonder how many more crazy people are out their running our country.

        1. hangem'high says

          Hell, I’m still waiting for Kaliphorny to slip into the Pacific with all this global warming and all!

          1. ELAINE MARZANO says

            hllo, I just wanted to say I got an email from someone a wile ago that said he was leaving there because over 1million people were doing the same thing within the next 6 weeks.

          2. hangem'high says

            Let’s hope the door hits ‘em on his azz so hard on his way out, it leaves a life time welt!

          3. ELAINE MARZANO says

            oh my goodness my is getting so bad. I just noticed it was being crazy again, I am sorry you will know what I mean.

          4. hangem'high says

            Well I’m not known for holding my breath, so I I’ll have to build a small ark, or go down to the local sports store and purchase a two man raft.

          5. ELAINE MARZANO says

            Hi, hangem’high, my vote is for the local sports store and the 2 man raft.

          6. ELAINE MARZANO says

            hey, don’t hold your breath, I do not think it will happen

          7. ELAINE MARZANO says

            you are a sweetheart.

          8. hangem'high says

            Back at ‘cha, I’m still scratching my head with every national disaster what does it have to do with gas prices?

          9. ELAINE MARZANO says

            Notin , honey. I used to tell my kids that when something didn’t make sense.

          10. ELAINE MARZANO says

            I haven’t figured that out yet. maybe they did not have anything else to talk about.!! how about that?

      6. mtman2 says

        “….or if all 3(and you killed a cop) 3rd graders will send you get well cards” ~!

        1. hangem'high says

          THAT’S RIGHT! She’d be the second man women president, but let’s hope not!

      7. Shari L Mikaelsson says

        I agree with you. This is awful! President Obama and his wife are racist. They are wowrse than any whites I know.They would definitely be taken to task over these statements. Come on, a 3 yr old and an 18 month old, who are the people. This really makes me angry.They are their own worst enemy. This is a three year old for God’s sake.

      8. Mohamad Cartoonist says

        That POS judge got in because of affirmative action and special set assides because he is black. The guy is unqualified to hold a door open. What an ahole this judge is – a couple of black thugs break into any white home and ransack and steal everything they deem valuable. This thug judge lets these ghetto beasties back out into the unprotected public. The complicit media doesn’t care about this case but the more people that can talk about it the more whites will arm themselves and begin to rid society of this plague.

    4. Michael Bristol says

      absolutely, he is clearly unfit for the position

      1. Shari L Mikaelsson says

        He definitely isn’t for “the people” regardless of race or creed!

    5. USCBIKER says

      Probably a PC or affirmative action hire in the first place.

    6. Jarhead says

      Tar & feathers would add a nice touch and the BLACK tar would match his BLACK robe?
      Or is that too racist?

    7. james walls says

      He should not been there to begin with he is there because he is black No doubt. And racist

    8. DivineEncounters says

      He will be promoted to the Supreme Court with the rest of the prejudiced, liberal, jackasses.

      1. hangem'high says

        Great minds think alike, you beat me the punch!

    9. LadyGreenEyes says

      Yes, but suggesting it will surely earn you a “racist” label. He’s protected by his protected color.

    10. hangem'high says

      He’ll probably be moved up in line for the next supreme justice!

  4. joe says

    That judge should be hung from the nearest tree

    1. Thomas R Bunnell says

      hats right where is the KKK when you need them

      1. ELAINE MARZANO says

        Hiding from the beheader. I guess. By the way I am still waiting for an answer. is anybody ready to sign a petition to get rid of the judge.??? Or are we not ready for it yet. I guess you need to talk more.

    2. Brenda Harrell says

      Along with Obama, Holder, Pelosi, Reid, and Clinton!

      1. crustyone says

        Don’t forget to include Hillarity.

    3. Clint McInnes says

      When the action taken is an execution via rope, the word is “hanged”. A murderer is hanged by the neck until dead, and the execution is a hanging.

      All other uses of the word (She hung her coat on that hook. He got hung up on question 3. I hung up the phone. We hung out together.) employ the standard “hung” for past tense.

      And, no, I don’t believe the judge should be hanged. That would be a serious over-reaction. He SHOULD, however, be impeached and removed from the bench.

      1. joe says

        Are you serious don’t you have anything better to do, is your pitiful little life so sad that this is all you have to do. Wow you need professional help someone should “hanged” you from the nearest tree ha ha ha, you sorry little man. How sad indeed your life is so meaningless that you felt the need to post this. I really feel sorry for you and grateful that my life is not so insignificant that I need to fill my time with garbage like that.

        1. michael t says

          You are reading all of this, some is garbage, seems you need to get a life too.. LOL

          1. joe says

            Thank you for the kind words, you are special.

        2. Clint McInnes says

          At its heart, the goal of language is the accurate transfer of information from one person to another. That is the reason why language structure is so precise, and why the rules of grammar are important. It is in the finely nuanced shades of meaning that English excels.

          Putting aside for the moment the vitriol inherent in your attitude toward the errant judge (which, to a far lesser degree, I share, as his actions were reprehensible) the strict interpretation of your pronouncement would have the judge suspended from the tree in the same manner as a coat hangs from a rack, specifically, in a non-lethal position (perhaps in a net). If that WAS your intent, I apologize for misinterpreting your words. However, I inferred from context that you wished him to die from the experience. In that sense, “hanged” would be appropriate.

          It seems likely now that my inference was off the mark, and you did, indeed, have in mind suspending him in a net, probably in a public place so that he could be appropriately ridiculed. Public ridicule, after all, is an effective tactic, especially to someone who is obviously not equipped to participate, and flaunts that fact for all to see.

          Wouldn’t you agree?

          1. joe says

            Bloop bloop thats the sound debbie the space monkey from lost in space made. I like jello my favorite is green flavored.

      2. crustyone says

        He can apply for a non-judicial job. We don’t want him hanging around to be restored to the bench by another clueless fool.

        1. 1American1st says

          Do you mean “another clueless Democrat”? Oh wait. Fool & Democrat are synonyms. Sorry.

      3. greyfox says

        Thanks for the English lesson, dolt!

        1. Clint McInnes says

          DOLT (n): a stupid person.
          Synonyms: idiot, fathead, moron, ignoramus, lamebrain … and many more.

          Assuming that’s what you meant, I’m curious as to why my comment prompted this response.

          1. greyfox says

            Is your name Sheldon from the Hit Series “Big bang theory”? You are a pedantic dolt,

            This is not the forum for English lessons, need I be more clear.

      4. hangem'high says

        can’t we just hang around until the world gets hung?

      5. Smart Old Fart says

        So Clint, Mr. Grammar Policeman, to quote “greyfox” above, and just “How many baskets of knit have you picked today?”. Here is a tough one for you to ponder. If a BROWN man (like say like Kentucky Judge Olu Stevens) is walking past a group of multi-colored ladies on the sidewalk in LA; and they see a large bulge in the front of his trousers, how should they react?

        Should they run away shouting “he has a pistol in his pants”; or perhaps politely inquire if he has a banana in his pocket”; or should they quietly share that “OMG, that dude is well HUNG; or possibly they could observe, OMG that stud-muffin was righteously HANGED?

        Personally, I’d go with the LAST option, social justice and all that; but then I’m caucasian and I have observed years of the “KNOCK-OUT GAME” being played in our once-safe streets by BROWN MEN. Caucasian men should begin to play their own “Two in Center Mass” game. Just a thought. Cheerio Clint.

        1. Clint McInnes says

          At the risk of breaking one of the sacred rules of the internet (Don’t Feed The Troll) I will venture one question and offer one explanation.

          — What does your very peculiar hypothetical situation have to do with the original question, or with my comment?
          — “Hung vs. Hanged” … Apparently Standard English irritates a lot of people. In my case, though, it’s been a life-long interest. Some might call it an obsession (a fair observation, since I do have a touch of OCD). I am not trying to belittle anyone. It is not my goal to be overbearing. My only desire in the interaction is to improve communication. If I make a mistake, I WANT for someone to call my attention to it so that I don’t make it again. That would seem to put me in a distinct minority on this board.

          If you were truly offended by my attempt to help, then my confusion is complete. Have a nice life.

          1. Smart Old Fart says

            Clint, Clint, Clint … OCD really? I’d never have guessed. At the risk of providing you with additional cannon fodder; I will respond to your “one question”, with a question of my own. Please help us all here, explain what your original rant and tutorial on the grammatical difference between “Hung vs. Hanged” have to do with the subject of this blog post: “Kentucky Judge Rips Into ‘Racist’ Toddler”? Am I missing something here Bubba? So the relevance of your lecture would be ???

            Don’t forget to take your meds.

          2. Clint McInnes says

            Sadly, there are no meds for the condition. If there were, it is possible we never would have had this conversation.

            The rant/lecture (Is that how you interpreted it. Really?) was an attempt at clarification with regards to a pet peeve. Nothing more. Would you prefer to have remained unaware of the difference?

            The pertinent comment was limited to the final three sentences, and perhaps that is all I should have said.

          3. Smart Old Fart says

            Peace brother, or is it piece perhaps? I understand, I am a grammar freak also.

    4. Jarhead says

      Lets be fair now…he could be retarded, an Affirmative Action employee, suffered a severe brain injury or is on heavy drugs?
      Select any two.

      1. joe says

        Yes I should have been more compassionate I had not thought about the possibility of him being retarded its just I did not see a helmet on him or a drool cup strapped to his chin so I assumed ha ha.

  5. says

    you don’t want to know what i think of this article! these are kids and you cannot judge them as adults

  6. ussacitizen says

    I think we all know who the real racist is here.

    1. TheeLynnChase says

      My exact thoughts. And to be yelling at the victims to begin with is atrocious!

      1. WhiteFalcon says

        Those doing the yelling need to become victims themselves.

        1. Mark Clemens says

          If this Judge has small kids, I wonder how they would perceive white people, if some white thugs gave his family a home invasion?
          He’d probably give all white defendants the Maximum sentence allowed by law……..

          1. Michael Dennewitz says

            Naaaaa, come on now! All black chillin are taught to love whities!!! NOTTT!!! lol

          2. Mark Clemens says

            White People should not try to Speak Ebonics, it makes y’all sound uneducated, and goofy.
            I’d say about your hypothesis it’s about like the whites teaching their children racial respect is 50/50. Some do, some don’t. Like the parents of those Oklahoma University students. They obviously didn’t teach their children any racial respect. Just hide their racism, and they didn’t do a good job at that……….

          3. Robert says

            Acceptance of another’s flesh color. Hummm. Let me tell you, I was raised in a half black, half white school system. A d half of my friends were probably black too. I say “probably” because skin color wasn’t taught as them against us thing. But as a one or two or three year old, they should NOT have to be taught at THAT age that you should “accept”them. That is mental!!! Take twenty kids of age thereto a park, and turn them loose. Will bet you that they ALL will play and even get along. When I was in school, of course us kids noticed there were others of different skin color. All you had to do was open your eyes. Hate is learned, taught.

          4. Mark Clemens says

            We all bleed red.
            I think a 3 year old lives on impulse and reaction. If a doberman attacked her and her family. I’d say she’d have a thing against dobermans, maybe even dogs in general. Depending how bad the trauma was…..
            Do you like rattlesnakes?

          5. Robert says

            Actually, they don’t bother me. Just like a copperhead. I don’t poke them in the eye, and in turn, they go their way. I live in the mountains of East Tennessee. Same goes for All other People. I don’t “bother” anyone, and I DEMAND the same. But, snakes are much easier to deal with, and almost always nonlethal in nature. But when the day comes, and the snake “wants” to bother me, and keeps “bothering” me, after Fair warning, their death will come. .357 style! So, the moral of MY story is: I will give fair warning, and those that “bother” me after I rattle my “tail” will pay the ultimate price.

          6. Michael Dennewitz says

            I have a sign in my front window here in Orlando. It says, “Due to the sudden increase in the price of ammo, there will be NO WARNING SHOTS FIRED! lol

          7. Mark Clemens says

            You know you live in the only state were a warning shot is legal……

          8. Michael Dennewitz says

            The room mate is a retired CSI detective from NJ. Trust me, we have checked every angle and that’s why the sign is there. lol

          9. Robert says

            The way I see it, if I feel threatened enough to have to pull my weapon, I will pull the trigger. If I feel enough of a threat to place my hand on its handle, then they should consider THAT as my warning. In my home, they will never get a warning, just an express one-way ticket to meet our Lord. Warning shots get you killed. Signs such as yours do serve a purpose to deter most criminals.but not all criminals. I think Chuck Norris or it maybe Clint Eastwood has a sign on their retreat cabin: there is nothing in here worth your life( something to that affect.) I carry except when swimming or in the shower. Everywhere I go, only exception is on a plane or courtroom. Hopefully peace!

          10. patriotdaddy says

            all that tuff talk makes you sound oh so peaceful too!! lol

          11. OSAMA OBAMA says

            What do you soil yourself when some one sez, “GUN”?

          12. Robert says

            Why should I try to sound “peaceful”? Is that your rule? Does it make me a bad person to state that I would shoot to kill to defend myself or property? Maybe you need to change your name to “commies addy” or Libtard, or 0bamas Son”? You sure don’t stand up for RIGHTS. SOME CRAP OF A “patriot” ( yea, a little P). Buzz off jerk. Wasn’t addressing you in conversation in the first place. Why do you want to converse with someone, whom, evidently must feel inferior to? Hey, your mommy is calling you, time for your bath.

          13. Pastorbob666 says

            Murdering someone over property is very cowardly.

          14. Robert says

            Only a cowardly crook low life scumbag takes stuff that don’t belong or is earned. I work hard for my stuff. Bet you don’t live in Texas?? ( not actually asking you for a reply).

          15. Pastorbob666 says

            I work hard for my stuff too. But taking a human life over a TV set is immoral. No,.. I don’t live in TX and I never would. Too many repukes.

          16. Mark Clemens says

            You just posted you have a gun “behind the store counter”
            You are double talking here
            1. You say Robert is a coward for being prepared (having a gun) to shoot a thief of assailant.
            2. You say you kept a gun behind a store counter. Why? If guns are bad.
            3. You claim you disarmed a thief. Then assaulted him/her in someway.
            Why didn’t you just give the thief what he/she wanted? You expected Robert not to defend himself or property.
            You seem to have a double standard here………
            Two Faced Jew Boy

          17. Pastorbob666 says

            Not my gun and not my store… I was expected to protect my employer’s property/
            I made him shoot himself during the struggle for the gun. I’d rather he got shot than me. I may be a “jewboy” but at least I’m not a sissy boy boot lip!

          18. Mark Clemens says

            I asked for a news link, not your lying narrative.
            Why is it wrong for Robert to protect his person or property w/a gun, but it’s justifiable for you to force someone to shoot them self with a gun to protect your employers money and property?
            Somewhat of a double standard here, wouldn’t you say??????

          19. Pastorbob666 says

            There’s no news link” on an incident that occurred 47 years ago. Your jebus is gonna burn you for judging me a liar., when there is no proof I lied about anything.

            It’s OK if your ammosexual friend wants to use lethal force to protect himself, but he doesn’t need to carry a gun everywhere to “protect” himself.

            I was an employee, (The only one) The money in the store wasn’t mine. Neither was the gun. The gun was the store owners. If it was my money, I probably wouldn’t care. I have plenty of money.

            The only reason I jumped the black guy was because he was a junkie, shaking so bad that I thought he’d shoot me by accident. I didn’t kill the guy. He sustained a flesh wound. He ran out the door after getting wounded. He was picked up when he went to a doctors office 3 days later for sepsis of his wound. I picked him out of a line up. He had committed a series of armed robberies in the area.

            So, SMD & KMA!

          20. Mark Clemens says

            That’s queer about no link. I can look up stories all the way back to the late 1930s. What town did this happen in? What was the criminals name? Give me those 2 things, I’ll find it, if it really happened. I’m not judging anyone, I just don’t see any facts from your side, to support your claim. That puts your story in question.
            Why is it wrong for Robert to protect his property w/a gun, but it’s ok for you to have an employers gun, at hand? You could of told your employer you didn’t want the gun on your shift. Also I don’t know many rich people working as a convince store clerk, especially a solo night shift. FISHY very FISHY………
            Your experience should of told you “One can never predict when danger strikes”. Did you call “TIME OUT” During this so called robbery? A gun is like a condom. It’s best to have, incase you need it.
            You are one hypocritical person.
            It’s OK for me to have a gun at hands reach, but Robert needs to surrender his arms……….
            As I said before
            You are a prime example of why brothers and sisters should not have sex w/each other. It makes their offspring plum dumb……..

          21. Robert says

            Some folks ( pastorbob) just want a reaction and I just will no long feed his ” trolling desires “. All he wants is to puff up his chest (alpha complex) and I will no longer fulfill his sexual fantasies. He gets off on it. Thanks Mark. There are nicer trolls to waste our time on!!

          22. Mark Clemens says

            Yep, old pastorbob666 is just another Blow Fish!!!!!

          23. guest says

            I think people are sick and tired of being victims, and trusting the law to handle their situations. The law seems to protect the perps. I never thought I’d ever want a concealed carry permit, but given the state of the world today, I now have one. Feel much safer too. BTW, with idiot judges like this one, everybody had better be prepared. Calling a 3yr. old racist is so beyond the pale. He has no business judging anybody.

          24. OldPatriot32 says

            When there’s a criminal causing a crisis at home, the PD is only 10-20 minutes away, but my trusty “firestick” is close at hand. Besides, most cops’ main job is writing reports after the fact, same as when I worked security for years.
            “You never need a gun unless or until a situation arises when you need one!”
            Anyone who refuses to take the precaution of protecting his/her loved ones with the proper weapon can be considered pretty much a coward, IMO

          25. Pastorbob666 says

            I protected myself from an armed robber without a gun. I couldn’t get to mine, behind the store counter, so I just took his from him and used it on him.

          26. Mark Clemens says

            I’m calling BullShit!!!!
            Link us all to a newspaper or TV news story about the incident.
            A store clerk disarming a thief and pistol whipping or shooting him/her is always news worthy.
            Why did you “Use it on him”? You made him unarmed. Your actions back up Robert carrying a gun.

          27. Pastorbob666 says

            The incident happened 47 years ago. There is no record of it except in the charging documents. Call BS all you want, he was a bootlip just like you!

          28. Mark Clemens says

            That’s even better. What Police Department arrested him?
            What state and county was he changed in.
            All police and court records are public information. I can go back in court records, from when most US counties started arresting and trying people.

          29. Marlene says

            He sounds prepared.

          30. Pastorbob666 says

            It must suck to be you, afraid all the time. You have to carry your weapon everywhere… so sad….

          31. Robert says

            Actually….NOPE. Do you wear a watch, carry a wallet, set of keys, a pocket knife, put your lighter, etc in your pocket before you start your day? My weapon is just a tool. But that tool has a purpose. Hope some goon doesn’t rape you or your wife ( or your husband if you are a fruit cake ) and you can’t protect yourself. Why, do you think I walk around all day being on “Red Alert “? Sometimes I forget that I am carrying 3 pounds of steel and plastic on my hip. But it doesn’t mean I am afraid. Just means that when and IF I ever need to provide safety to someone….anyone…. I can. You??naw…666 will protect you and yours!!!

          32. Pastorbob666 says

            I think you are confused. You forgot to list yourself as a “tool.”
            The only “fruitcake” here is you. I’m married to a woman. But I do perform gay marriages.

            Only paranoid people need to have the false security of a gun on their hip to feel safe at the supermarket. If you ever pulled that gun on me, I would take it from you and shove it up that place on your body where the sun don’t shine.

          33. Robert says

            You are a troll. And a confused troll. This blog is a year old. You enjoy going back and trying to rehash old posts?
            Come do something to bring me to that point that makes me fear enough to pull my weapon, and we’ll see if you can take it! You stepping over that line. Go away devil dude.

          34. Pastorbob666 says

            Troll? ROFLMFAOMOYBJ! This thread is filthy with repuke trolls. As to pulling any weapon on me….go ahead. I’ll take it from you and put it where the sun don’t shine.

            P.S. Your mr. devil is imaginary.

          35. Robert says

            You are a joke. You think you make someone worry about what your imagination fantasy? You just seem like a redneck trailer park trash talker. I am ready, Bring it. Can hit a moving target. Troll jerk on.

          36. Pastorbob666 says

            You need to be careful what you wish for. Karma’s a bitch!

          37. Lonewolf says

            So Funny, I have the same sign in my yard. Plus on the front door. Roflmao

          38. Roger_T73 says

            Beautiful, simply beautiful!!!

          39. festmatt5440 says

            I have a sign in my yard , that says ; ‘ beware of dog ‘, he eats everything I shoot ‘.

          40. Pastorbob666 says

            Now you have advertised to the whole world that you have guns in your house. That’s a great way to lose them if somebody decides to burglarize your home to get those guns when you go out and no one is at home.. It also lets potential home invaders that you have a weapon(s). giving them the ability to get the drop on you.

          41. Michael Dennewitz says

            I spent $3,000.00 four years ago to have a vault installed in my home. If you or anyone can use a cutting torch and gain entry to it, I’ll give you EVERYTHING that’s in it!!

          42. Pastorbob666 says

            I don’t need you toys…. I have plenty of my own!

          43. Mark Clemens says

            Does your wife let you play w/her sex toys?

          44. Pastorbob666 says

            Boy, you are really hurting your jebus. I was referring to my weapons. My wife doesn’t need any sex toys because she has my 10′ schlong. Does your preacher know how far in the gutter your mind is? Your jebus doesn’t want you thinking impure thoughts. Are you masturbating while you try to imagine me and my wife having sex, or the virgin Mary and Joseph committing adultery?

          45. Mark Clemens says

            I didn’t think Jewish Liberals had weapons. What do you have? Guns, Knives, an obnoxious personality? You know the old Jewish saying.
            “He who claims to have the most, really has the least”
            So you say you have a 10 foot schlong? ( ‘=feet, “=inches).
            Once again you show how dumb you are. And again you are an example why brothers and sisters shouldn’t have sex w/each other. They have stupid offspring. Little Man.
            10 foot dong!! What a joke!!!!
            Your wife told me yesterday afternoon, she calls your schlong “Inch High Private Eye”
            Have a Good Day, Little Man……

          46. Pastorbob666 says

            I banged your sister and your granny and your niece,
            And when I see yo momma, I’m gonna get me another good piece.
            Her jugs hung down like an outhouse bucket,
            And her crotch is so funky, my dog don’t want it!

          47. Mark Clemens says

            Damn it, Little Man. They all have AIDS, and several STDs that we can’t even pronounce! So your into having sex with the dead I see. Mama been in the ground since ’67. How’s she doing? I imagine her personals would have a odor to them. Did you remember to clean the maggots off your little pecker?
            Like I’ve been saying, you are a prime example why brothers and sisters should not have sex with each other. You CorpsFuckingBastard!!!!!!!!

          48. Pastorbob666 says

            I think you are having a better day fellating Robert!

          49. Mark Clemens says

            Jehovah, made you
            Lucifer, wants you
            Jesus, loves you
            (This proves they all have a sense of humor!!)

          50. Pastorbob666 says

            Jehovah = imaginary

            Lucifer = imaginary
            Jeezus = Imaginary

          51. Robert says

            Give him heLL Mark. He don’t even believe in the devil!

          52. Mark Clemens says

            Well the Devil believes in poor old preacher Bob!!!!!
            Looks like the Devil moved into him lock, stock, and Barrel.

          53. Pastorbob666 says

            I heard you had to go to the ER to get a tampon pulled outta your butt!

          54. Mark Clemens says

            I know, you shouldBitch slap your slut wife for sticking it up there. She told me that’s how you cure your hemorrhoids

          55. Mark Clemens says

            You and the snake share the same philosophy………..
            Don’t Tread on Me!

          56. Robert says

            Now THAT is so true. I havent been to the range( back yard) for a while. Saving up my available ammo. Hand loading, and stocking up, just in case… The SHTF. but I do need some “target practice”. Thinking of taking a trip to the southern TEXAS border. Lots of “targets” near there to practice on ( I hear IS IS is close to a visit enmass )

          57. Mark Clemens says

            ……..One last comment…….
            GO VOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!

          58. scott says

            eat sh-t nigg-r

          59. Mark Clemens says

            Tell your Mama I’ll be over in a hour!!
            “Scott, I am your father” *breath*
            “Feel the power of the dark side”
            *gasp* * hisp* *ha,ha*

          60. Michael Dennewitz says

            Scott must be related to Faye. lol

          61. Robert says

            Faye sure is a hum dinger isn’t she? I gave her something to think about, and am sure it “lit her fuse” good night everyone, and just be thankful for having today, and hoping tomorrow, that the sun will rise to be blessed with another day!

          62. OfcShane (MGySgt USMC) says

            OMG! LOL!

          63. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Nah, Faye’s relations breed in dead animals.

          64. Pastorbob666 says

            Upvoting yourself? Whatta putz!

          65. Mark Clemens says

            Only after 2 up votes, Looks like a lot of your friends up vote them selves.
            Or are you jealous of the multitude of up votes I’ve got on this thread?

          66. Mark Clemens says

            I just ate your wife and mama, in your trailer. You’re a WhiteNigger.
            Your wife isAnigger lover!!!!!!!

          67. scott says

            now thats funny n-gg-r.they would love to shoot a worthless n-gg-r like you as-hole.get back in the closet you sh-tball.

          68. Mark Clemens says

            Damn Scott, you got a ugly wife!!!
            I see you had to sneak up on her w/a camera!!
            She looked better in the dark……..

          69. Pastorbob666 says

            That wasn’t his wife….it was your momma!

          70. Robert says

            I don’t follow the football anymore, after Fulmer left they kind of got sucky( just my opinion ) and they still don’t make it to the “real” bowls. But am glad they still get support from near and far. Hope they get a coach who will hang in there more than a year or two and give it to them! And try to ignore racists who are just down right RUDE. HEY SCOTT, WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO GROW UP? That wasn’t called for unless I missed something rude and racist that Mark said to you. Can’t you be a “bigger man” than that??.

          71. Mark Clemens says

            Yea, Doughboy gave that Florida coach (w/a visor) hell!

          72. Rboo says

            I live in S.E. Texas, it’s pretty thick here from the border.

          73. Robert says

            Perfect place to “sight in” a .338 Lapua? Got a 7 mm Remington Mag. She will do a 1000 yards without breaking a sweat! Make hand loads custom for my rifle! Hot loads with 175 gr bullets fitted to my bore!( which means no one else can shoot the cartridges as they are “fire formed” to my chamber only). And accurate as Match grade. Sure wish I was down there just across the river from those ISIS turds. If you are defending your country from the DECLARED WAR that they announced, we can’t be convicted of murder. Especially since that poor excuse of human waste in the People’s House won’t get off his duff to do anything to prevent them from crossing, We The People have not only a right, but a duty to do it ourselves.

          74. Rboo says

            I haven’t seen any islamics, but we have plenty of illegals.

          75. Robert says

            Then, the good old .22 will do! Not gonna waste my ammo, at least the high dollar stuff that is lubed up with bacon grease on Mexicans.( really just kidding about the mexicans, but not about the terrorists!) It really isn’t their fault( Mexicans) they seek such a great deal for a life. It is the administrations fault for allowing and encouraging them to come here. And it used to be that they came to WORK. Now they come for our tax paid freebies. Stuff we have to pay for TWICE. Not only do we get TAXED to pay for the programs, we have to pay for our benefits too! Truly disgusting.

          76. Rboo says

            Well, I want them deported. All of them. I guess being in a border state and putting up with this for so many years, you get tired of it. We have a lot of them around here that have been milking off the government for years, not just last year when this influx happened.

          77. Robert says

            I agree. They should ALL be deported. If you sneak into our country, you have broken this country’s law. There are thousands, who stand in line, and wait to come here Legally. That should be encouraged. Not coming here illegally, and not paying their fair share of Income tax for their earnings, and definitely not given “welfare” which encourages them to stampede across the border, and rape, rob, steal, murder, and disrespect America. Hope this will change, and NO AMNESTY. Thanks for the reply. God Bless you, and yours.

          78. Pastorbob666 says

            Maybe you and all your ancestors ought to be deported. After, the whites stole this place from the Native Americans. Came here uninvited and slaughtered the Native People.

          79. Robert says

            Dude. What makes you think I am “white”? Bet I have more ” native” American Indian blood in my genetics than you! Go away. Take the advice you gave to me: go commit suicide and herlp man kind.

          80. Pastorbob666 says

            How christian of you! Now I know your jebus doesn’t love you!

          81. Robert says

            Please show me where I said I was a good Christian. Please leave me alone. Is there any other way to say it nicely?

          82. Pastorbob666 says

            The only reason you seem bothered is because you persist in reading and replying to me. No one is making you reply. Ignore me and my comments and you won’t be “bothered.”

            In another post, you claimed “we are all god’s children.” That’s a xtian saying. You can deny being a xtian, but your jebus can see you denying him. You will burn in the “bad place.” I don’t believe in hell or heaven, but YOU do, and that’s what’s important!

          83. Pastorbob666 says

            My grandfather was a full Cherokee. From Tennessee. served in the military during WWII.

          84. OfcShane (MGySgt USMC) says

            If you get bit by a dog and then grow wary of dogs… WAIT!!! RACIST!!! BURN HIM! (LOL… JK JK)

          85. Pastorbob666 says

            Illegal immigrants are not eligible for public entitlements. The reality is that the red states have more white trailer trash collecting welfare and food stamps that any other people.


          86. Rboo says

            Actually that’s not true, at least not around here. I’ve been to the DHS offices around here and I have a friend that works in one. Illegals are not immigrants, they are not eligible for a lot of things, however they do manage to get it.

            You do realize this conversation everyone had, not just me, was from a year ago?

          87. Bunny says

            Robert – Bacon grease is what you want to lube them up with for the Muslims!

          88. OfcShane (MGySgt USMC) says

            Pretty soon we’ll be calling them “prospective citizens” if Obummer gets his way…

          89. OSAMA OBAMA says

            They just sent two to their virgins in heaven! LMAO good riddance.

          90. patriotdaddy says

            you are an instigator and most likely a blowhard with no balls!! big talk in a comment thread there, “clint eastwood”!!

          91. Robert says

            Nobody cares what you think. Most likely, nobody cares what I think.i could be an instigator, and you are correct that most likely, I am a blow hard. I do have a set of balls though. If you are that interested, we can make plans for you to come check them out?

          92. Pastorbob666 says

            If you have balls, you better spit ’em out because they don’t belong to you.

          93. Mark Clemens says

            Is that your up vote? Do you want to play with Roberts balls?

          94. Pastorbob666 says

            Wow! All those gay fantasies you have. You know your jeezus can see every thing you post here. He’s gonna send you straight to hell for those homosexual thoughts and feelings you have.

          95. Pastorbob666 says

            You obviously care what he thinks, else, you wouldn’t be responding to him!

          96. Robert says

            You presume an awful lot. Soon enough you may find out what your ego is soooo lacking. So, your wife is home while you’re out trying to bang strangers wife, daughter( you pedophile ) and grandmom too? Pervert.

          97. Pastorbob666 says

            Pedophile? Hah! The daughter is over 18. I’m a grandfather, so I’m old enough to bang a granny!

          98. Robert says

            Sounds like you need some salt Peter there fella.

          99. Pastorbob666 says

            If he were to meet me, he’d be micturating in his panties! The only balls he has are the ones he uses while getting teabagged

          100. patriotdaddy says

            lol are u STILL whining about nobody liking you?! lol…..a fucking year later you loser? lol u have no balls!!! u are a fucking asshole with a mouth that spews garbage and pretends to be tough…but if you were REALLY tough….you would not have to come back to this thread a year later to continue your defense against us that think you are a fag!! lol

          101. Pastorbob666 says

            I never knew this board existed until a couple of weeks ago. It’s still open, obviously.

            Fag? Just what kind of christian are you? Your jezus taught you not to judge others and to love your enemies. Your posts clearly indicate you do not follow your own religion’s teachings.

            Your fascination with homosexuality, golden showers, coprophillia and pedophilia only indicate that your mind is in the gutter. I think you are enjoying your little circle jerk with Mark and Robert!

          102. OfcShane (MGySgt USMC) says

            Oh Lord, God bless you and your guns…

          103. OfcShane (MGySgt USMC) says

            Yeah Juarez, but president Enrique (Iglesias) Nieto said he’ll declare war on you if you so much as aim a gun towards Meaheeko. We don’t take that to seriously but I am not exactly confident we are in a position to defend ourselves adequately as a nation, on the ground, right now.

            It will take a long time to and a lot of resources to recall all those troops back home. We’ll have to hold our borders with the Natoinal Guard Reservists and Police Forces on our sides against an onslaught of a million plus .45/Machete wielding lunatics amped up on crystal methamphetamine and bath salts.

          104. Robert says

            Remember: shot placement, two to the chest, one to the head. Works like a charm. No armor can stop a head/ face shot! I will be looking into getting some armor from “Infidel ” and it is a decent price. As long as one is not a felon, or live in a few commie states here, it can be obtained. Will stop a .308 round for multiple hits. Less than a thousand for plates and carrier. Have a great one, and will someday meet on the battlefield of America( hope it won’t come to that, but it sure does look like it) thank you for your service.

          105. OfcShane (MGySgt USMC) says

            Welcome, I hate to sound modest but I feel it was my duty, so pleasure was mine (if it could ever be thought that way). Sadly, looks like Battlefield America is coming soon to a backyard near you like a high speed train line with failed brake hydraulics… if we don’t change something fast seems inevitable. It is happening all over the world really, not just here.

            It’s like all the a-holes suddenly crawled out of the filth they were hiding in and stood up and shouted, “We’re here.” Makes you almost wonder seriously about that whole Biblical Armageddon thing.

          106. Roger_T73 says

            I no longer wonder “IF”, I believe it is now “When”

          107. Pastorbob666 says

            Body armor? Pfffft! Your opponent sees that and will just shoot you in the head. Probably won’t be fatal because I think your head may have a missing organ.

          108. Robert says

            You don’t have anything more to do than visit OLD BLOGS ? No souls to destroy for Lucifer???

          109. Pastorbob666 says

            Your Mr. Lucifer is a figment of the xtian imagination!

          110. Robert says

            No, I get notifications when someone replies to one of my posts. Just to answer your question.

          111. Pastorbob666 says

            That wasn’t MY question. Clements asked me about “old Blogs.” The quote marks are to indicate I’m answering his question. But to tell you what, I too get notifications when there are stories of interest to me. Evidently, the message board is still open.

          112. Mark Clemens says

            Damn it, Little Man you are dumb as a box of rocks. The last name is spelled CLEMENS not CLEMENTS. Only a moron can’t copy properly w/the correct spelling right in front of your face……….
            You keep saying how smart you are, I’m starting to think that is a SELF APPOINTED TITLE!!!!!!!!

          113. Mark Clemens says

            Another self up vote?

          114. Pastorbob666 says

            That wasn’t my upvote. Way2goSassy upvoted me. If you could read, you would see that.

          115. Mark Clemens says

            My iPhone does not show who up votes. Nor do I care……
            Way to go Sassy, sounds like some homosexual has a crush on you, or is that a separate account you’re running?

          116. Linda Heiser Bechler says

            Most citizens are armed and some are well armed. The libs will expect you to protect them. Anyway, maybe it will clean out our gene pool and we can return to normal if TSHTF.

          117. Pastorbob666 says

            I’m more liberal than your jebus and I am well prepared to defend myself from conservative repukes! The best way to clean the gene pool is for knuckle dragging conservatives to commit mass suicide!

          118. OfcShane (MGySgt USMC) says

            Not to mention 75% of these spineless apes are going to flee for freaking hills the moment their marshmallow arses see someone’s brain matter hit their shirt for the first time.

          119. Pastorbob666 says

            I’ve seen lots of brains blown out as I was an EMS worker for 10 years when I was a young guy. Don’t bother me. I’ve seen all kinds of gory, grisly scenes!

          120. scott says

            up yours

          121. Mark Clemens says

            …..are you flirting with me?
            Sorry I like women, not Nancy Boys.

          122. Robert says

            Just wanted to say, that I thought “Scott” was being a racist, and maybe he is, but I made a comment to him, in essence, sticking up for YOU( am sure you don’t need anyone to do that). I had a good exchange with you, and would consider you a friend if I ever met you in person, but then I read your comments that you made, and frankly, they are not what I would expect from someone of your education and age. I looked at your face page, and honestly I know that you get tired of having to put up with all the crap that you most likely have to deal with, but you should rise above it, not LOWER YOURSELF down to everyone of their “level”. I am white. And I guess sometimes I am not so “nice” to those unsavory( if that is the description) thugs. The term “nigger” is not a nice word. But “nigger”, at least for me, is a description of character. I know a few white people in my earlier life, growing up, that were “niggers”. It isn’t color that determines who I feel is one. Just wish you wouldn’t stoop to that level, especially at your age as it isn’t “YOU”. Just let those that are that ignorant spew it if they want. Why do you let them get under your skin? Don’t try to match their mentality as that is the reason we all don’t get along. God said to love your neighbors and he said to Love your enemies. Life is too short

          123. Mark Clemens says

            I saw that, and thank you.
            I’m giving scott a hard time, cause he keeps asking for it. Also it’s 10:50 on Saturday Night, and I’m board.
            Maybe we do some trout fishing on one of the Pigions……..

          124. Robert says

            Pigeon River? Naw, you fish in the wrong place! Norris dam area is the best trout around. I caught a 23 inch rainbow trout this past fall. Biggest one I have hooked! Even got the pictures to prove it. It sure put up a fight! Even the Strippers run huge in the waters below Norris Dam. River monsters. Turkey season is in at this time, but only can take the Toms, but the fall season, you can take either male or female. Have a good one, and maybe some day we will go get them trout!

          125. Pastorbob666 says

            You’re a “board?” LOL! You may be dumb as a board, but you also show the depths of your stupidity… The word you are searching for is “bored.” But then, how could someone with a 4th grade education know that?

          126. Mark Clemens says

            Exactly what is your point, Little Man? Your the dumbass racist bigot.
            You are a good example brothers and sisters should not have sex w/each other. Are you with the Liberal Tea Party?????

          127. Pastorbob666 says

            I bet I’m a bit taller than you, squirt! And if I’m a “doumbass,” how come you cannot even spell “You;re?” My parents were not related. What’s wrong with being a liberal? After all, your jeezus was a liberal (according to the bible myth). He espoused all liberal ideology:

            Peacemaking, not War Making: Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God. [Matthew 5:9] Resist not
            evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him
            the other also. [Matthew 5:39] I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despite-fully use you, and persecute you; [Matthew 5:44]

            The Death Penalty: Thou shalt not kill [Matthew 5:21]

            Crime and Punishment: If any one of you is without sin, let him be the first to cast a stone at her. [John 8:7] Do not judge, lest you
            too be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged
            and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. [Matthew 7:1 & 2.]

            Justice: Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled. [Matthew 5:6] Blessed are the merciful:
            for they shall obtain mercy [Matthew 5:7] But if ye forgive not men
            their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses. [Matthew 6:15]

            Corporate Greed and the Religion of Wealth: In the temple courts [Jesus] found men selling cattle, sheep and doves and other sitting at tables exchanging money. So he made a whip out of cords, and drove all from the temple area, both sheep and cattle;
            scattered the coins of the money changers and overturned their tables.
            [John 2:14 & 15.] Watch out! Be on your guard against all
            kinds of greed; a man’s life does not consist in the abundance of his
            possessions. [Luke 12.15.] Truly, I say unto you, it will be hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. [Matthew 19:23] You cannot serve both God and Money. [Matthew 6:24.]

            Paying Taxes & Separation of Church & State: Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s; and unto God the things that are God’s. [Matthew 22:21]

            Community: Love your neighbor as yourself. .[Matthew 22:39] So in everything, do to others as you would have them do to you. [Matthew 7:12.] If you would be perfect, go, sell what you possess and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven.
            [Matthew 19:21]

            Equality & Social Programs: But when you give a feast, invite the poor, the maimed, the lame, the blind, and you will be blessed, because they cannot repay you. You will be repaid at the resurrection of the just. [Luke 14:13 &14.]

            Public Prayer & Displays of Faith: And when thou pray, thou shall not be as the hypocrites are: for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward. But thou, when thou pray, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret… [Matthew 6:6 & 7]

            Strict Enforcement of Religious Laws: If any of you has a son or a sheep and it falls into a pit on the Sabbath, will you not take hold of it and lift it out? [Matthew 12:11] The Sabbath was made for man, and not man for the Sabbath. [Mark 2:27.]

            Individuality & Personal Spiritual Experience: Ye are the light of the world. [Matthew 5:14]

          128. Mark Clemens says

            Little Man, before you criticize other people’s grammar, use proper grammar your self. It’s YOU’RE not YOU;RE. That just goes to show how small minded you are. Like I said, you’re a good example why brothers and sisters shouldn’t have sex, with each other. What’s up with all the bible verses? You throw them around, like a drunken Baptist Preacher!!!!!!
            Can I have a A-Men!!!????

          129. Pastorbob666 says

            Mocking a man of the cloth won’t get you past the pearly gates, Pizda!

            The only small thing around here is your member, Goober!

          130. Mark Clemens says

            …. I’m actually not in fear of judgment, or your atheism.
            Lucifer loves you. He wants your allegiance. Little Man.

          131. Mark Clemens says

            …. I’m actually not in fear of judgment, or your atheism.
            Lucifer loves you. He wants your allegia0nce. Little Man.

          132. Pastorbob666 says

            What a morbid fascination you have with homosexuality! Your jeezus is gonna send you to Mr. Satan for having those gay thoughts. There, you will burn for eternity! First, your liberal jesus wants you to take that scrotum outta your mouth and stop all that “teabagging.” Then, stop fixating on Robert’s balls. Then, go to your pastor and confess all your sins. Tell him you need a brush up on mr. jesus’ teachings on how to treat others.

          133. Mark Clemens says

            May Lucifer follow you, for the rest of your days. May Lucifer’s suffering be upon you……..
            Good Day, Mate

          134. Robert says

            Ol pastor sure has a fascination with scrotums and penis. Huh!! Maybe he “lacks” in that area???

          135. Pastorbob666 says

            Your mr. lucifer is imaginary. My trollometer tells me that on a scale of 1-10, One being a good professional troll and 10 being the worst troll on the thread, I’dn have to give you a 12. You’re just a typical xtian hypocrite. I’ve been trolled by the best and believe me, you are not even in that category!

          136. Mark Clemens says

            The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled, is making people like you to think he’s not real. What kind of moron has a trollmeter? If you didn’t believe in imaginary people, like Jesus and Lucifer. Why are you putting stock into an imaginary device? You appear to be a confused paradox of your self.
            Don’t believe in scripture, but use it like a preacher to make your twisted points.
            Say you don’t believe in “Imaginary” people, but gauge me w/an imaginary device (Trollmeter). Claim you are real smart, but you didn’t know the differences between YOU’RE and YOU;RE.
            You told me you have a 10′ (foot) Schlong. Where do you pack it? Most whales (Blue) only have a 9′ (foot) shlong. How can yours be bigger? I bet your not an inch (“) over 7 feet (‘), Unless it’s IMAGINARY. You must live in a fantasy world.
            If a battle of wits would be like a gun fight. W/you, I’d be dueling w/an unarmed person. Little Man, you didn’t even bring a butter knife to this gun fight…………
            You should change your handle to SIMPLE SIMON, because you are one big simpleton!!!!

          137. Michael Dennewitz says

            Dude. . Why don’t you tell us how you REALLY feel…….

          138. Robert says

            I thought I just did! I just hate to see us “people” fighting umongst ourselves. We have bigger “fish” to fry VERY SOON. We will need everyone we can especially those with specialized skills ( I have several special skills that will be of necessity when it “breaks loose”) our anger should be directed at the proper direction. Not at each other. Peace( hopefully)

          139. OfcShane (MGySgt USMC) says

            Yeah, the REAL enemies (the ones actually causing all the “little” issues people won’t see through).

          140. Lonewolf says

            I agree with you Robert. There are people in here like Mark Clemens, who wants to stir the pot of shit…… Very soon we will have big fish to fry, yet there are so many in here that has their head so far up their rectums(Mark Clemens)…. I have special skills too and I will be right there with you when it happens…… IDIOTIC BUFFOONS (Mark Clemens) will be begging for help when the shit hits the fan…… Everything you have written is true….. I do believe that when obummer gets to the end of his term he will declare martial law so he can stay in power and call out his private army of muslim militants…….. Time to treat each other with respect… Yet we have those like (Mark Clemens) who wants to keep stirring the pot ………

          141. Roger_T73 says

            I am ready to “raise the heat” on all the mosques in my state.

          142. Pastorbob666 says

            Don’t forget, Muslims may strike back and christian churches were not fireproof the last time I looked. Those Muslims you want to mess with might decide to burn 3 of your churches for every one mosque you burn.

          143. Pastorbob666 says

            Paranoia runs deep!

          144. Mark Clemens says

            Are you inviting me to some kind of battle? Tell me where you are, and we will get it on, if your not scared. I’d like to see if you could physically “Fry” me. DumbAss whiteNigger……..

          145. Pastorbob666 says

            Fraidy Cat!

          146. Pastorbob666 says

            Specialized skills? Like fellating Clemmens without spilling a drop?

          147. patriotdaddy says

            lol listen to yourself…you are nobody….yet you act like you are “teaching” someone something….you are a racist in heart…your comments verify that!!

          148. Robert says

            Hummm. Wasn’t addressing you. Was talking to Mark. Don’t like it, tough. I AM somebody, just as much as you are somebody, and if one of my experiences or conversations can help change the way someone feels or the way they interact with others, then that makes ME better than you, since you seem to be full of hatred. This is why you responded to my post after 16 days, which had ZERO to do with you. Maybe YOU ARE THE RACIST? Some patriot “daddy” you are. Now I am ashamed you are what I call myself. A Patriot. Guess, next time, I will be sure to call myself a TEA Party PATRIOT so nobody( you) will think I am in any association with your kind.

          149. Pastorbob666 says

            You do know what “teabagging” refers too?

          150. Mark Clemens says

            Your sexual experience with a cup of tea? You are a weirdo, or does your lover stick a teabag up your butt?????

          151. Mark Clemens says

            That’s not a very patriotic thing to say, to someone.

          152. Pastorbob666 says

            I keep to myself. If my neighbors love me, I will love them back.

            I don’t believe in your mass murdering monster deity, so I don’t turn the other cheek.
            But I will turn the other cheek of my enemies so I can rearrange their face symmetrically!

          153. Pastorbob666 says

            He’s already so low he needs a stepladder to fellate an earthworm.

          154. Bunny says

            Mark Clemens – LMFAO!!!

          155. OfcShane (MGySgt USMC) says

            Excellent analogy

          156. Lonewolf says

            I wish I was still back home in East Tennessee, Miss the Mountains……. Nothing better then Going Home to where you belong…. I agree with you

          157. Jacky says

            Robert, well said, this kind of thing goes on and on, at some point the people pushing it, have to pay a price.

          158. furiousvet says

            I have a 410 ” snake charmer ” .

          159. Robert says

            Nice. Handy too. If I buy another weapon, it will be a Taurus Judge. 3 inch so I can have buckshot, bird shot, or 45 longs. But that little derringer sure is a butte! Stock up on the ammo!

          160. Pastorbob666 says

            why stock up on ammo? You only need one bullet to shoot yourself in the head!

          161. letfreedomring10 says

            Please contact me, as I have a simple question of you. Thank you

          162. Robert says

            Sorry. I don’t think that is a good idea. Already have one person who seems to have misread what I was saying. Now, he is harassing me. I engage in jovial, but sometimes heated “opinions”, but that s as far I will take this. If you have a question, post it here. If you do post it, I still have the abi
            Ity to answer or ignore it. Thank you back.

          163. Robert says

            Your only comment in the whole blog, is to me? Something is fishy.

          164. patriotdaddy says

            oooooooh lmao…is that a threat!! i live in east TN too….wanna see who has more guns you fool!! who the hell do you think you are?! you do not com into a thread and start throwing around “i’ll kick your ass” comments!! people like you are the reason racism exists!!! you need to be treated like a rabid dog as you only spew from your mouth threats and hate!! get real dude!! get a life!

          165. Robert says

            lunatic . Never told anyone that I “will kick their ass”. But, I will protect what is mine. Go harass someone else j.o.

          166. Pastorbob666 says

            what does he think I will be doing while he’s trying to “kick my ass?”

          167. Mark Clemens says

            Crying and bleeding would be my guess

          168. Pastorbob666 says

            Guess again, douchebag!

          169. Mark Clemens says

            ScreamingShitting, pissing on your self, try to run like a girl. Little Man,
            I see you more as an agitator more than a person of action.

          170. Robert says

            Smelling your own stench?? You left yourself open for that one.

          171. Mark Clemens says

            I Live around Nashville, come on, let’s see what you got!
            I will travel to East Tennessee, if you want to bleed in front of your friends..

          172. scott says

            nope just another dumb worthless nigg-r like you

          173. Michael Dennewitz says

            The saddest part is that “their own people” sold them off as slaves, yet they blame white folk for ALL their misery. How many infamous, well to do blacks do you see reaching down to help their fellow blacks?? Most are, “I got mine, you figure out how to get yours!”

          174. Robert says

            Even though that is 100% true, it doesn’t change anything for the “entitlement ” mentality. What I have a problem with( actually I could really care less ) is the “African ” American label. Only a very, very, small amount of black Americans are African. If you wasn’t born in Africa, you are not African. That is used as a clever DIVISION tactic to stir up hatred. And NOT once have I ever met a slave, or a slave holder. But, I hear there is a southern congress”lady” who has / is a slave. She sure was pitiful with her racist crap. Blacks have every “right” that I do, and even MORE opportunities than me, thanks to AFFIRMATIVE ACTION. (which is racist in itself)

          175. Mark Clemens says

            I know of a WHITE AFRICAN-AMERICAN:
            Mort Anderson, NFL Point kicker.
            He was born in Johannesburg South Africa. If I’m not mistaken, he has scored the most points ever…….

          176. OfcShane (MGySgt USMC) says

            Aye, pull all special funding for all “special” (non-disabled) groups. Stop calling them “black” and lump them in with all other idiots. When one acts like a retard in the hood, smack him in the face just as you would a white boy in your neighborhood. Treat them exactly the same. When they come looking for a handout, say, “You’re white, get a job!” and kick them out onto the streets. == Racism abolished forever.

          177. OfcShane (MGySgt USMC) says

            AND you’ll get to smack them all around 10x more than you ever would trying to fight against the racists as apologists. Just deny the existence of black and white. Nothing to complain about. Treat them like you treat your family. Tough love.

          178. Lonewolf says

            So True, Today in this time of life, they do not want to believe that their own race in Africa would capture villages and sell the people into Slavery, yet they want to put all the blame on the white people.

          179. Mark Clemens says

            The white people shouldn’t of bought the Africans. That would of stopped it all. No customers, no need for demand. No market.
            But hell, who wouldn’t want somebody doing their work, for free, and for life? I bet if the 13th Amendment was repealed, you’d be one of the first hogs to the slop hole.

          180. OfcShane (MGySgt USMC) says

            Yeah the Jews and Chinese would’ve worked much harder. (LOL! again sorry dry but just kidding)

            We’d have pyramids or a Great Wall.. That Great Wall thing would be great on our Southern borders…

          181. Lonewolf says

            if I ever met you in person, but then I read your comments that you
            made, and frankly, they are not what I would expect from someone of your
            education and age. I looked at your face page, and honestly I know that
            you get tired of having to put up with all the crap that you most
            likely have to deal with, but you should rise above it, not LOWER
            YOURSELF down to everyone of their “level”. I am white. And I guess
            sometimes I am not so “nice” to those unsavory( if that is the
            description) thugs. ….. You’re the hog that will be the first one to slop hole…… Other then that do me one favor, BEND OVER AND GRAB YOUR ANKLES AND FUCK YOURSELF You’re such a “LOSER”

          182. Mark Clemens says

            Well, we see who took the low road.
            But that’s what I would expect from someone trying to justify a wrong w/a wrong.
            Just because sorry Africans and Arab Muslims kidnapped innocent people of their race. Does not even make it close to right.
            What if one of your white neighbors came over and kidnapped your whole family. Sold y’all to Columbia drug cartels. Would that make less bad, because the slave traders were the same race as you?
            About your last comment I’d tell you the same, but you probably aren’t endowed enough to accomplish the goal…….Pee Wee

          183. Lonewolf says

            Look who’s talking. .You’re just as sorry as ever. I hope they come and raid your house and sell you to the Cartel, DUMB-ASS. You must be one of those fucking liberals who has no common sense….. You need to study history a little….. If you’re a black man I have no use for you…… Sounds like you treat everyone you come in contact with crap you post here……… Come in my yard and attack me and you will find out what will happen……. You’re the FUCKIN IDIOTIC BUFFOON PEE WEE MOTHER FUCKER………. SO PUT THAT IN YOUR PIPE AND SMOKE IT ASSHOLE

          184. Mark Clemens says

            So you must agree w/me, about slave trading was wrong. I see you don’t want your neighbors kidnapping you,and selling you and family. You are a useless low life. Just waiting for that slop hole to open up. Heck, next go around, white people might be the slaves.
            There was no rule blacks have to be slaves. The Romans used white Europeans as slaves. The Muslims did too. About me being a mother fucker……Your Mama loves it!!!
            I see why your the lone wolf…..
            No bitch dog would put up w/you.
            If you wanna see me in your yard,
            Tell me where it is…….Pee Wee
            I’ll be there. We might make the 6 O’Clock news. I’m ready to go to heaven to day, are you?
            Gimme an address. I don’t think you’re a lone wolf. More like an upset puppy……Wolf!

          185. missy says

            No one living in America today owns slave’s or is a slave. Just like you had no control over your ancestors selling their own race into slavery, we as in white people had nothing to do with our ancestors buying your ancestors. God does not make mistakes people do. God changes bad things and makes a blessing out of it. My point being if your ancestors had not sold your people to our people you probably would not be living in the land of the free. I am not racist never have been, but from what I’m reading racism is coming from both sides not just the white. We are all children of God and when we get to heaven we will not be separated, so we should stand together as Americans but as Christian’s we must stand together because we are all brother’s and sister’s in Christ Jesus. Pray for one another and beyond that love one another a,s Christ loves us.

          186. Pastorbob666 says

            You know that the bible endorses slavery, right?

          187. Pastorbob666 says

            Too bad when you die you will have no consciousness. If you did, you would quickly find out that there is no heaven.

          188. Mark Clemens says

            Are you and Scott lovers, or the same person?

          189. Pastorbob666 says

            somebody has an anger management problem. You are just the kind of person who should no be permitted to possess a firearm.

          190. siridh says

            No both are at fault. But without the Africans and Arab Muslims kidnapping in the first place, the sale would never have been possible (in the second place).

          191. Pastorbob666 says

            His measure of a man is how long the barrel of his penistol is!

          192. joe says

            Are you seriously that stupid or is this an act?

          193. Mark Clemens says

            It’s an simple economic practice called Supply and Demand. If there would of been no demand for slaves, from the Southern Plantation Owners. The Muslims or other Arabs would not of entered the slave trade, no customers, no money, why bother?

          194. TexasStomp says


            btw….I googled over 100 pages of links and never found a more credible, complete, or unbiased source than dam wikipedia.

            WHAT thehel has happened to resource material on the internet?

            Anyhoo…The list of “customers” for the slave trade is a helluva lot longer than anyone here ever talks about. The US is WAY down the time line for it so let’s not pretend we had a lot to do with it either way. It was going on for centuries before the New World was discovered and was run almost exclusively by Arabs and Africans.

          195. Mark Clemens says

            Slaving was a global problem. In some ways ISIS and Boko Harram are kind of bringing it back. Kidnapping young girls. The dumb ones who willfully go to Syria to be “Fighter Brides”.

          196. TexasStomp says

            Gene pool maintenance. And not a day too soon.

            Bon Voyage, ladies. Don’t let the door hit ya on your way to joining a misogynist group of animals who will happily rape, beat, stone, behead, burn you alive and till then you will be treated like goats in a muslim herd.

          197. joe says

            Excuse me but I asked you a question are you really that stupid, now answer me.

          198. OfcShane (MGySgt USMC) says

            Because they don’t know TRUE RACISM, like where whole families are lynched in trees and every black man on the boat gets thrown over board because “we’re taking on water” (they are tossed into the sea before the bags of grain, and cannonballs)…

            They don’t know racism. They know a bunch of people that have a different, quieter way of getting along, that they frighten into acts of violence by riding through our neighborhoods in their low-rider ghetto banger bass thumping cars, blasting music about killing white people, selling drugs, and raping women, shooting guns in parks where children play… AND THEY ACT LIKE THEY ARE A VICTIM!?

            No… Racism is all but dead and what exists of it will never go away, because HUMANS are BORN inclined to DIFFERENTIATE… It is a primitive thing that goes back to thousands of years of warring tribes. Think about animals in the wild – how many animals out there bed down together with other species? Few. It is not natural. Differences have always defined groups or one thing and another. Now, here we are, trying to shrug off tens of thousands of years of evolutionary defense strategy burned into our genes for the sake of those different to us in the name of society. In the last century we made and amazing amount of progress!

            But this, THIS GREAT WAVE OF HATRED being force fed to both sides throughout the media for almost 3 1/2 years now (retracting previous statements where I said 2) has more-or-less UN-ASSASSINATED Martin Luther King Jr., in terms of human rights progress on both sides. We are both being more or less told that a war is coming and we need to stick to our own.

            The question is can we be big enough to realize that those who value progress (the type that got us here before the recent sewage of political theater) are “our own” and those that value drama and chaos (the race-baiters, terrorists, commies, fascists, cultists, extremists, etc.) are the “them?”

            (NOTE: When I say “cultists” I do not mean say – Wiccans, or occultists – I mean like the people that worship Obama like a Messiah, the people that make their political and social views a religious cult in itself, they are like baby terrorists whose bomb hasn’t developed yet)

          199. Mark Clemens says

            …….You can’t sell something unless there is a market for it. Hence the White Slave owners, who were to damn lazy to do their own chores.
            If you think slavery is acceptable. You can do my chores, for free until you die. Don’t that sound like fun?
            People who try to justify enslavement are just ignorant.
            If your white neighbor kidnaps you and sells you to ISIS. Does that make it ok?

          200. Robert says

            Actually, the very first person to own a slave in America( colonies) was a black man. And, as you probably know, there were more demand for free labor slaves, in Europe. America was just starting to be developed, but it was ” legal” and common place to have slaves. Even up in Yankee North America. Difference was that in the South, it was extremely hot, and humid. And the Africans tolerated it better, and were not EDUCATED. Kind of like what today’s democratic party thinks: keep Blacks dumbed down, and dependent on hand outs. Make them reach out to the Government to obtain what they desire and need. Another “myth” is that all slave owners beat and treated them as savages. I wasn’t there as an eye witness, but, I would think that at least most “owners” would have provided good care and housing, meals, etc. for encouraging productivity. And quite a few “pro-created” with their slaves. The path of History today is the same as back in the 1700 and 1800s. It just looks a little different today. And remember, it wasn’t just backs that were enslaved. Chinese, Italian, Irish, and probable many other peoples were enslaved. This just isn’t taught in today’s government schools.

          201. Mark Clemens says

            Yea, I knew that, about the first slave owner was black. See how one bad apple can ruin the whole barrel. He was wrong too. Christians should of known better. Jesus spoke out against slave traders. Tennessee was 50/50 on it. The east didn’t have alot of slaving, but west of Dickson to Memphis is where the huge plantations were.
            Did you see Django? Big Daddy had a plantation in Gatlinburg. I’ve never seen moss hanging off the trees up there like in the movie.

          202. Pastorbob666 says

            Wrong! Mr. jesus believed slavery was okay.

            Luke, Chapter 7, verse 2:

            Now a centurion had a slave who was dear to him, who was sick and at the
            point of death. When he heard of Jesus, he sent to him elders of the Jews, asking him to come and heal his slave. And when they came to Jesus, they besought him earnestly, saying, “He is worthy to have you do this for him, for he loves our nation, and he built us our synagogue.”

            And Jesus went with them. When he was not far from the house, the centurion sent friends to him, saying to him, “Lord, do not trouble yourself, for I am not worthy to have you come under my roof; therefore I did not presume to come to you. But say the word, and let my servant be healed. For I am a man set under authority, with soldiers under me: and I say to one, ‘Go,’ and he goes; and to another, ‘Come,’ and he comes; and to my slave, ‘Do this,’ and he does it.” When Jesus heard this he marveled at him, and turned and said to the multitude that followed him, “I tell you, not even in Israel have I found such faith.” And when those who had been sent returned to the house, they found the slave well.

            Here, Jesus shows that he is completely comfortable with the concept of
            slavery. Jesus heals the slave without any thought of freeing the slave
            or admonishing the slave’s owner.

          203. Mark Clemens says

            Damn, you missed the core theme of your story. Are you trying to share what the KKK Church told you? Here’s the main theme of your story…
            In old society, nobody was lower than a slave.
            If the Son of God ( Jesus) had enough COMPASSION as to heal a sick slave.
            We should ALL show compassion towards all people. All people are equal in the eyes of our savior. Even society’s lowest people.
            Also did you notice Jesus gave the slaves credit in building stuff, for their masters, something nobody on this thread wants to admit……..
            What about all that bad stuff Jesus said to the Money Exchangers, and Slavers at the Temple, when he lost his cool??

          204. Pastorbob666 says

            You mr jebus is imaginary. But if he existed, why didn’t he set the sick slave free?

            The only KKK members I see here are a few of the people posting hate speech! I’m an ethnic Jew…I doubt the Klan would want anything to do with me.

            Being I was born a Jew, you can’t claim that mr. jebus is my savior!

          205. Mark Clemens says

            If you don’t believe in the Bible, why did you use a parable in Luke to justify slavery? Which it did not.That is so illogical!!!!!! I see now why you didn’t understand the story, got it twisted around.
            It appears NOBODY wants anything to do with you. Why are you targeting me, if you think slavery is wrong? Remember Hitler wanted your people either dead or slaves. Have you forgotten the lessons your people should have learned after their exodus from Egypt? Or are you mad at me for being half Egyptian?

          206. Pastorbob666 says

            Why did I use that bible story? Because it does demonstrate that mr. jebus did indeed endorse slavery, according to the story. Just like any other mythology, a person doesn’t have to believe in it to explain what it says. For example, all archaeologists, scholars, etc. know that according to the legend, Isis was the wife of the Egyptian god, Osiris. This myth is well documented. Yet, you don’t believe it. No one in this century believes Osiris ever existed.

            As to Mr. Luke. he supposedly said what he said. Mr. Jebus healed the slave, but had no interest in freeing him. A person who can do such things as walking on water, etc,. could surely have freed that slave or at least admonished the owner to set the slave free. So, by omission, he gives tacit approval that slavery must be OK. You are the one who is doing the twist. Only, there is no place in that “parable” where you can show that mr. jeezus freed a slave when he certainly had the power to do so.

            “Remember Hitler wanted your people either dead or slaves.””

            You are aware that your mr. Hitler was a Christian? Don’t deny it, because it is true. He may not have been a very good christian, but he WAS a christian,nonetheless. There is plenty of proof.

            Hitler’s speeches and proclamations, even more clearly, reveal his faith and feelings toward a Christianized Germany. Nazism presents an embarrassment to Christianity and demonstrates the danger of their faith So they try to pin him on other theistic views. The following words from Hitler show his disdain for atheism, and pagan cults, and reveal the strength of his Christian feelings:

            The words come straight from his mouth:

            “National Socialism is not a cult-movement– a movement for worship; it is exclusively a ‘volkic’ political doctrine based upon racial principles. In its purpose there is no mystic cult, only the care and leadership of a people defined by a common blood-relationship… We will not allow mystically- minded occult folk with a passion for exploring the secrets of the world beyond to steal into our Movement. Such folk are not National Socialists, but something else– in any case something which has nothing to do with us. At the head of our programme there stand no secret surmisings but clear-cut perception and
            straightforward profession of belief. But since we set as the central point of this perception and of this profession of belief the maintenance and hence the security for the future of a being formed by God, we thus serve the maintenance of a divine work and fulfill a divine will– not in the secret twilight of a new house of worship, but openly before the face of the Lord… Our worship is exclusively the cultivation of the natural, and for that reason, because natural, therefore God-willed. Our humility is the unconditional submission before the divine laws of existence so far as they are known to us men.”
            -Adolf Hitler, in Nuremberg on 6 Sept.1938.

            [Christians have always accused Hitler of believing in pagan cult mythology. What is written here clearly expresses his stand against cults.

            I don’t care if anyone here wants anything to do with me (although as a xtian, you should not be judging me.) Nobody is “targeting” you. If you do not like my comments, simply do not reply/ It seems like not too many people think much of you on this thread.

            As to Egypt, there is no archaeological evidence that jews were there at that time. In 1977, Israeli prime minister Menachem Begin visited Egypt’s National
            Museum in Cairo and stated “We built the pyramids.” Perhaps to the surprise of a lot of people, this sparked outrage throughout the Egyptian people, proud that they had built the pyramids. The belief that Jews built the pyramids may be prominent throughout Christian and Jewish populations, but it’s certainly not the way anyone in Egypt remembers things. There was no “mass Exodus from Egypt any more than there was an Easter Bunny.

            As to you being half Egyptian, who cares? I don’t dislike people based on their ethnicity. I dislike xtian hypocrites. I cannot see you through the computer screen and even if I could, so what? To me, you’re just one more xtian hypocrite!

          207. Mark Clemens says

            Jesus did not endorse slavery, you completely misunderstood the moral to the parable. Now that I backed you into a corner, you bring up God’s and Goddesses of many days gone by, even the poor Easter bunny to deflect from your misrepresentation of a bible passage. You do realize the Jews were the first people to be enslaved?
            The reason Hitler hated y’all, is because the Jews “Gave Jesus Up” to the Romans. In short, your people actually had blood stained hands over the death of Jesus.
            About Jesus Freeing the sick slave, he would of had to change the entire Roman Empire. Hell, if your for Slavery, I need a good slave to do my chores.
            Me being half Egyptian and you being a Jew, it’s only natural you being my slave, it was and may again be God’s will……..

          208. Pastorbob666 says

            You haven’t backed me anywhere. I didn’t misinterpret anything. You xtiian apologists just use that (“you’re taking it out of context”) as an excuse when you know what I said is spot on. There is no historical proof that jews were ever enslaved by Egyptians. That’s just a myth. By the next century, your god, jeezus and mr. satan will all join the list of mythological figures through history. christianity is eroding at a very good pace.

            If your gawd (aka jeezus) was so powerful, he could have changed the whole Roman empire with the blink of an eye. But…. he didn’t.

          209. Mark Clemens says

            Don’t you have a life?
            I really don’t give a damn what you think Jew boy.
            I reckon none of your friends and family don’t give a damn what you think either, or you would be talking to them instead of me!!!
            If you don’t know the difference between 10″ (inches) and 10′ (feet) There is a big difference.
            How do you expect me to think you know what your talking about????
            Also I don’t know why you use the bible to make a point. If Jesus and the whole book is a myth, your whole bible passage justifying slavery is worthless.
            What kind of inbred fool would use a book they don’t believe in to make a point??? Crazy!!!
            I said it before, and I’ll say it again.
            “You are a prime example why brothers and sisters should not have sex w/each other………..”

          210. Pastorbob666 says

            Since you are a “brother” and your females are “sistas” this demonstrates why your ilk shouldn’t procreate. You call me a “jew boy?” That shows what a bigot you are! I have to much class to refer to you as the “N” word.

          211. Pastorbob666 says

            “Jewboy?” So what’s wrong with being a jew? Your jebus, the “messiah” you worship was supposed to be a jew. I don’t think he will let you into heaven for dissing his people. You’re making mr. jeezus cry because he will be sending you to the bad place for not following his teachings..

            “”You are a prime example why brothers and sisters should not have sex w/each other………..”

            You’re a “brother…” Don’t you have sex with your “sistas?”

            I may be a “jewboy,” but at least I don’t worship imaginary friends! I think you are in need or the rubber room with crayons and some professional help.

          212. Mark Clemens says

            Jew Boy, why do you threaten me w/eternal damnation if you don’t believe in Heaven or Hell? That shows how ignorant you are. The “sistas” I’ve had sex w/are not blood relations, some girls were Jewish. Unlike your Mommy/Aunt, Daddy/Uncle were befoe they boned each other. See how stupid you are?
            Your Mama told me
            “Incest is the best
            Even though it’s a sin, I’ll do it again ”
            Typical Jew Atheist Slut.
            Your Daddy told me their Mammy told him
            “NeverFuck with strangers”
            So now you know why you were conceived.
            Like I’ve been saying
            “Brothers and Sisters should not have sex w/each other”
            You are a prime example of how ignorant inbreeding makes the offspring!!
            Slalom, Jew Boy……..

          213. Pastorbob666 says

            You believe in it… that;s all that matters, bootlip!

            Yor daddy ain;t no good and yo momma’s been a ho…
            I had the bitch on the corner for a year or more…
            Know your little sister you love so dear?
            I banged her all day for a bottle of beer!

          214. Mark Clemens says

            You have no authority in sending people to hell, so your words are meaningless.
            Ps. All those women you claimed to have sex with, have AIDS and other STDs. Don’t you know all of us black people carry them? Your Shlong might rot off if yourFucking any of my relatives. How does your wife like my sister’s STDs???
            Does it “burn” her up?????
            Nasty Jew Boy!!!!!!!!

          215. Lonewolf says

            I agree with you….. This can swing both ways. most of the time White parents teach their children the right way . Then most don’t. Also it goes for the blacks….. I have neighbors on both sides of me that are black and they are some of the finest people I know and glad to have them for neighbors…… I brought my children up to respect people no matter the color of their skin…. We have privileges just as well. We don’t owe them nothing for what happened in the past…. Like Bill Cosby said, The blacks brought all the crap on themselves and they want to blame the whites for them not exceeding in life.. As far as I am concern, I OWE THEM NOTHING

          216. Smart Old Fart says

            We are ALL EQUAL! It’s just that some of us are more EQUAL than others.

          217. Robert says

            Are you talking about Hillary Clit ton? She sure thinks she’s one of “us” and insists she is. How demented she truly is!

          218. ELAINE MARZANO says

            you bet she is. She keep on going thinking she will be the first women President. boy not if I can help it. She must think we have no memory. she is so lost some place deep in her head. And she is shutting down, closing out any negative thoughts. Her behavior is starting to worry me. She seems very unbalanced. in other words she is not playing with a full deck. Thats all folks.

          219. ELAINE MARZANO says

            Thank you Robert, for getting me in this post . I was trying to go to bed. But I can not pass up any chance to talk about Hillary. We will never forget her, even though we want to. And when it comes to Willie how could we forget him. look at the education we got from him. #1 How to use your desk for special occasions. #2 How to lie about what you did not due under your desk to millions of people and think you did a good job fooling us. What a lousy teacher he was. just shock and Awe. Good night all see you in the morning.

          220. furiousvet says

            Elaine, regarding the Clintons, you forgot to mention the immature mindset they have like trashing the white house on their way out and putting super glue in the computer key boards. Taking furniture that didn’t belong to them . I shudder to think of her as president, but again, there are very few politicians in government now that are in there for reasons other than doing what’s best for our country, most seem intent in destroying our country as it was meant to be . From the east we have Cuomo and the west they have Brown .

          221. ELAINE MARZANO says

            Hey, how did you know that? I never heard that. It figures they she would od that he did not have time to do stupid things like clean his desk . It would be just like her. her anger in uncontrollable. And we know that. We have seen her in action . If I was her I would stay home and play with my grandchild. She could tell him how everybody hates her and she does not know why. and the best part is he will listen to her . cause he has no clue. Hmmmm maybe he out to go see the Kentucky judge, he will tell him all about his grandma .

          222. Robert says

            The staff also removed all the “w”s on the computer boards and changed all the phone extension “numbers”. Not real damage, but enough that the incoming personnel had a lot issues. I am sure that Hillary and Bill were quite upset that they couldn’t come and visit Albert Gore and have walks in the rose garden. Bill was thinking about starting a cigar import business, but the only place he liked to “smoke” and try out them was in the Oral Office. And George W. put an end to that!

          223. ELAINE MARZANO says

            Oh my god, were they that crazy? I knew she was short some marbles but him too. Robert he was running our country?

          224. furiousvet says

            Elaine it was in the news back then. Must’ve been before your time !

          225. ELAINE MARZANO says

            Hey nice try, but I don’t think so. That still gave me a little happiness because she is so crazy.

          226. furiousvet says

            Do a search clintons/superglue . There’s an article about them trashing the white house .

          227. ELAINE MARZANO says

            Hi, I am still trying to get to the article. do not give up on me, I will get it..

          228. John Doe says

            Furious Vet, first of all, thank you for your service. I’ve generally got a pretty good memory, but I’ve got to admit I’d forgotten all about them stealing anything that wasn’t nailed down and trashing the WH. You’d think they were a bunch of meth or heroin addicts leaving a hotel room.

          229. John Doe says

            There used to be a program on decades ago called “Lost in Space”, I guess Hillary’s somewhere out there, possibly the dark side of the moon.

          230. Mark Clemens says

            I can hear the Robot at the DNC Convention
            WARNING! WARNING! Will Robinson
            Don’t check the Hillary box! DANGER! DANGER! Psyco on left of ballot!!!!!!!

          231. John Doe says

            LOL !

          232. ELAINE MARZANO says

            wow that is such a good answer. I remember that show!!!! I am loving your idea. so I think she fits it perfectly Hillary.

          233. Pastorbob666 says

            How demented you and your repuke friends are.

          234. Rboo says

            They hear that from parents about being “owed”, just like you say in a white home racism is a learned behavior, in a black home “whitey keeping us down” was taught to them by their parents. It’s always a 2 way street. The only way it’s ever gonna end is to just stop, stop all that talk. I wasn’t brought up to talk bad about anybody and I didn’t raise my son to talk bad about anyone. If everyone would do that, everyone would get along better or at least quit calling each other names.

          235. John Doe says

            Great explanation Robert ! I think it’s fair to say this is the direct result of the democratic party wanting to rule over the ignorant and uninformeed.

          236. Conservative says

            Surely you realize that you can’t tell King Obama anything. He believes he is infallible and knows it all. To advise or criticise him is considered treason!

          237. siridh says

            I saw a woman on tv yesterday a.m. She said that its well known that how you present yourself is how you’ll be perceived. When I see people rioting and looting, I see thugs. When I see pants drooping and a hoodie in 75 degrees, I see a thug. When I see a guy in a pair of jeans (that fit) and a shirt — I see a regular guy. Its the same when I see a woman with her boobs hanging out — I see a slut. Now you can say that I’m somehow prejudiced; but the fact is we go to lengths to polish our image (whatever that may be) because we know that our presentation is others’ perception. Dress and act the way you want to be perceived because its human nature to assess.

          238. patriotdaddy says

            nobody “taught” this toddler anything!!! the toddler is naturally scared of the color of that skin due to the traumatic experience the toddler had during a robbery…ummmm would you not be scared of chinese people if they robbed you on the street?!!? not to mention the obvious underlying psychological effect……this judge needs removed from his post!!!

          239. siridh says

            Agreed. He’s obviously a racist himself. Would he say the same if a black child was afraid of white people after being robbed at gunpoint by one? I think not.

          240. Robert says

            I think you must have misunderstood some I posted. I didn’t say that someone taught the white child to be racist. If that is what you read it as, you are wrong. The white child had probably never been exposed to blacks. And that trauma scared the child. The judge was definitely a racist for just thinking a child was taught to react the way he did. All I said was I was raised in a halfwhite half black school. And I wasn’t raised to be racist. Evidentially, you were raised in Chicago, and brought up in it. I don’t judge people by skin color alone. It’s CHARACTER THAT COUNTS. If you don’t get that, sorry, but that is the way I see things. Now go attack someone else.

          241. Nikita63 says

            Thank you for a reasoned and ACCURATE comment. In my 70 years I have travelled all over and NEVER seen an instance of racial hatred on the part of children. As you so marvelously point out in your statement: hate is learned and people like, Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and other prominent blacks have been teaching it and supporting it. I am sure some white racism exists but : unless those who feel so are threatened, they keep to themselves and when there are civil disturbances involving police who are automatically considered “Racist,” it is not whites in any event I have ever seen, who use the disturbance to excuse rioting, theft, arson and property damage on a grand scale costing millions. Perhaps the entire black community in the inner cities would be better served to follow the comments of Robert Valentine during the Baltimore riots; a black Vietnam vet who attacked the rioters and declared their angst was misplaced and that he did not consider himself a black American , just an American and decried the actions at large of the community. His reaction was startling but, in the given circumstances, very appropriate and far more credible than days of uncontrolled violence.

          242. Robert says

            Though, I don’t feel there is anything “wrong” with identifying one as “black” or “white” I feel that it is a disservice to allow the “AFRICAN” designation. Granted, black Americans did come here in the 1700’s and 1800’s and a lot were brought here for legal slavery, they are not the same as the blacks that are here today. No black person ( well, very few) here in the USA are actually from AFRICA, BUT IT IS A DIVISIVE DESIGNATION which keeps them under the Democrats chains that somehow they are still enslaved and discriminated against by only REPUBLICAN WHICH ARE ALL WHITE. Flawed logic at its grandest. Welfare and NOT being pushed to excel in school makes them uneducated or t least undereducated, which is part of the reason they live in big city slums and live a life of “if you won’t give that to me, I will take it” mentality and that is a cause of their conflict between us whites and them. Just the way it is. Thanks for the polite dialog.

          243. Pastorbob666 says

            I was agreeing with everything you said until you got to the part claiming we are “all god’s children.” There is no god. I am the child of my parents, created by their DNA.

          244. Rboo says

            Black people speaking Ebonics sound uneducated and goofy.

            Blacks teach racial respect to their children less then half the time. It goes both ways.

          245. Mark Clemens says

            Ebonics makes anybody look stupid. I’m not sure what it means? Spell half words, use numbers for words.
            You know how latin was an educated man’s language?
            Ebonics is the stupid man’s language.

          246. Mark Clemens says

            I reckon Dr. Carson’s children act like hood rats too? Why don’t Col. West act like the people you described? Jackson and Sharpton know how to play most of y’all like a fine tuned fiddle. Stereotyping people is how they keep the fires of racism going. I see how respectful those rich, white Oklahoma Students showed us, how respectful their rich parents raised them……….
            Should I believe that all white people make up little snappy racist rhymes, in their spare time?
            Looks like white people are dropping the ball, as fast as the blacks…..

          247. John Doe says

            Mark, it’s obvious that you’re an educated and well spoken man. I was born and raised in south Texas in the 50’s, we had a black maid as both of my parents worked in higher ed at the University of Texas. Our maid was like my second mom. We learned by example of watching the way our parents treated others, regardless of their skin color. One time when I was 5 or 6, there was some white kid that called a black woman the “N” word, my mother said she felt sorry for the boy, as his parents didn’t correct him. If we ever said something unkind to someone, we were taught to go and apologize. It’s the person, not their color that gives them charcter. When I was in high school, they started busing blacks into our predominately white school. That’s where I got my first bad experience with some, as many of them would go around in gangs, shaking kids down for their lunch money, taking things that didn’t belong to them and worse. In 1970, our school had the national guard called in and was locked down for a few days due to a giant race riot. I’ve seen both the good and the horrible in people of all colors, and was only blocks away from where the Rodney King riots went on. Such a tradgedy, as so many lost their homes and businesses, some were my customers. Someone said it above, but we’d all be a whole lot better off if everyone practiced what the Mark 12:30-31 says.

          248. Rboo says

            Jackson and Sharpton do not play anyone here, I know exactly what they are, race-baiting money grabbing low-lifes. They are bottom feeders, when theirs a crisis they are the first to take advantage of their own people and they make me sick. I’m sorry I don’t know what you’re talking about regarding the white Oklahoma Students. I don’t always catch everything, I get so sick of all the bad sh*t happening I stop watching the news for weeks at a time. Not all white people are racist, just like not all black people are not.

          249. Mohamad Cartoonist says

            Yes Mark because a racist song is so horrible – how can the world go on?? A simple armed home invasion is so easy to justify. I will say this I am still surprised those black THUGS didn’t rape the 3 year old and then shoot her in the head and poor bleach down her throat like the black THUGS usually do. See Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom and the Witchita Massacres. I would love to see what happens if we could make every single interracial crime and turn it into a hate crime with a 30 year multiplier. 95% of all interracial crimes are committed by AA’s aka Canandians against whites. That would put a huge dent in all the criminals committing so many crimes. The US would be safe in couple of years.

          250. duif100 says

            Don’t use the word respect so loosely.
            The examples of respect I have seen in the black community equate respect with fear.
            Respect and fear are not the same!

          251. Mark Clemens says

            I use the word respect the way Webster intended it to be used.
            Are you black? If not do you spend 3-7 hours a week w/a black family?
            Do you interact w/a local black community for more than 48 hours a week? If your answers to these questions are NO, How do you know what you’re talking about? If the answer is YES, You need to get your house in order fast! I bet you think all of us are on Welfare, Food Stamps, Drugs, Etc…. Jackson and Sharpton have you right where they want you………..under their thumb.

          252. Bird says

            @Mark Clemens: How funny, I was just thinking how ‘uneducated, illiterate, stupid, lazy, moronic, unschooled, lowbrow, laughable, and yes, even goofy’ ANYONE sounds talking “ebonics”. It was a real slap in the face to teachers everywhere when schools allowed ebonics spelling for black children! Any “white kid” had to write a proper sentence while “black boys and girls” didn’t have to bother learning how to spell, punctuate properly, speak correctly, or write intellegently. I’m sure this decision was meant to really help them climb the ladder of success.

          253. Mark Clemens says

            I went to school before desegregation. At a black school in north west Mississippi. We got second hand books from the white school. Reading, Math, Grammar, Some Science, History. Our teacher drilled the Math and Reading in us.
            Nothing was taught on how white people were bad people. Our teacher didn’t teach the Bull they teach today. I don’t know where Jessie Jackson gets his crap from. Being as close as he was to Dr. King. Jackson’s talk baffles me…..
            Dr. Kings message was to judge people by character, not skin color.
            Jackson’s message turned to
            “It’s all whitey’s fault”

          254. Robert says

            Jesse and Al can be described in ONE WORD : opportunists. The will never apologize and will never admit they are wrong about anything. They both push racism as their careers. I thought they were “men of God”? If they truly are, they should look up the Ten Commandments. Thou shall not lie. Thou shall not steal. Thou shall not commit adultery. Thou shall not Kill. Thou shall not covet thy neighbors goods( wife, and possessions) and probably about FIVEmore !!

          255. Bunny says

            Mark Clemens – ►White People should not try to Speak Ebonics, it makes y’all sound uneducated, and goofy.◄

            With all due respect, how do you think it makes black people sound?

          256. Mark Clemens says

            With all due respect, I’ve addressed that issue in this very thread. I stand firm on what I say. I would think you’d agree w/me……….

          257. Bunny says

            Yes, I do. I was simply adding the point to this particular comment. It was more of a rhetorical question. 🙂

          258. Mark Clemens says


          259. Emma says

            Respect for RACE?
            How about respect for
            PEOPLE ?!

          260. James Maxwell says

            When you go out and live in the real world you will find Racism everywhere
            you look. How it is applied can make the difference. I was not taught
            to hate anyone and even those who attack us are should not be hated.
            We might just remove them from the planet but that is their problem.
            Dislike for an individual or a race is learned experience you are not born
            to either like or dislike others. In the United States we have pockets of
            Racism that will always exist, to extent might be confusing at times. But
            if you go overseas you will discover Racism immediately. some places
            do not like Americans, in other countries you will see it when they serve
            others before you. When i was stationed in Turkey back in 1964
            several of us went to town. At one store we stoped the sales clerk
            came up to one of our group and served him first over the rest of us.
            It was opposit of how things were done here at the time. They served
            the two Black Airmen before the would serve us. Later we discovered
            they though the two Black Airmen were Muslim and Christians came

          261. SPOTSOTW@GMAIL.COM says

            You gave me a good laugh. I don’t know if you are black or white. With what you said ‘White People should not try to Speak Ebonics, it makes y’all sound uneducated’. Well if you are white it makes me laugh. If you are black you win the chuckle head of the year because if us Whites sound uneducated talking that way you are correct however it makes you sound like a complete IDIOT you talk like that!

          262. concerned citizen says

            I bet those thugs wuudnt get probation!!!#!

          263. RMCSRET says

            I can just point you to the Latest RIOTS in BALTIMORE. It seems that the
            Majority of the bottle and rock throwing was by Black kids just out of school. It also
            seems it was kids who looted and burned the CVS. So yes I would have to agree
            that this JUDGE IS THE RACIST in this story.

          264. suz says

            Are they themselves not saying this about White Police officers. Look what has happened in Baltimore and other states. That’s all you hear black lives matter but at the same time they are looting around the corner another black on black crime and nothing is said. Point the finger in the mirror before you judge.

          265. Roger_T73 says

            he probably already does.

      2. concerned citizen says

        Yes the judge should go down with charges against him racism is taught.. we are not born with it!!! Besides are we not all. “Earthlings”????

      3. lildebrarae says

        That’s so true, especially when the victim that he is throwing all that vitriol at is a three year old toddler!

        Olu Stevens is just another member of the ‘Libstapo”, who doesn’t realize there’s a ‘higher authority’ who’ll be kicking his a** at the end of his days!

        1. Pastorbob666 says

          At the end of my life, if an undertaker “kicks my ass” I won’t know it ‘cos I’ll be dead!

      4. guest says

        I understand this judge is one of the poorest rated judges in the area. He has about as much business on the bench as Daffy Duck does. He’s a racist in a black robe and is an embarrassment to Kentucky.

    2. Michael Bristol says

      without doubt

      1. furiousvet says

        Some little kids are afraid of Santa Clause !

        1. DivineEncounters says

          Amen all three of mine were. LOLOL

        2. ELAINE MARZANO says

          Good point . Thank you…

        3. joe says

          If a kid is bit by a dog they will be afraid of dogs, the kid is three what does a kid of three know about race this is disgusting. Some one should tap that judge in the skull with a shovel.

          1. Michael Dennewitz says

            A sledgehammer would do it quicker…

          2. b.badenoff says

            The new judge Wopner

          3. Proudvietvet58 says

            Best option I have seen so far!

          4. Mark says

            Three-year olds probably don’t know anything about racism. It’s their parents who do. The bit by the dog analogy is great. When I was in elementary school, (a long time ago), a dog bit me on between my upper lip, and my nose. I was understandably scared of dogs for a while, but I got over it. We as a society need to put racism to bed, PERMANENTLY, and realize that incidents like this would have scared us if they’d happened to us. Any questions?

          5. Robert says

            Some expect racial diversity/ sensitivity training while the child is still on the “teat”. But you just can’t change STUPID.

        4. hangem'high says

          The tooth fairy also, but that’s also racist!

          1. ELAINE MARZANO says

            Maybe not the tooth fairy she always brings a little money. I am not afraid of the tooth fairy

          2. hangem'high says

            Well maybe if you had a big and hairy one like mine! Good thing they show up in the dark and hopefully while they’re asleep! Lord forbid if they open their eyes, all us parents would be in front of child services, and I’m sure the judges wouldn’t be as lenient!

          3. ELAINE MARZANO says

            my Goodness. Which one of your parents did this?? That must have been horrifying. my parents were horrifying enough. but I know my mother was the fairy.

          4. hangem'high says

            My mother would do the tooth pulling and my dad would do the tooth exchange for a quarter, so of course we feared our mother more than we did dad. Most kids today would be happy to have a dad as the tooth fairy, doesn’t say much about today’s society.

          5. ELAINE MARZANO says

            Hi, your mom with the pulling. Dad couldn’t do it? you are right about that. Were you a cry baby when they did it? your right above todays kids. I wish we could bring them all to the time when my kids were young. They enjoyed life so much. they had so many kids on our street to play with even if 5 were sick and could not come out there was always someone else to play with. they had a great childhood. No sex and drugs. clean fun.

          6. ELAINE MARZANO says

            Hi, did you mean the toth fairy was hairy or you were hairy????

          7. hangem'high says

            I was referring to myself as not to be sexist, or insulting to myself, my kids have all grown up. I’m hopping normal? Most of the grandkids although, I still have grandkids and great grandkids stay over once in a while. Maybe I should insist the mrs. play the tooth fairy bit?

          8. ELAINE MARZANO says

            There you go that would be a better idea as long as she doesn’t have hairy armpits. you know how you have to lean over the bed to put he money so they won miss it.

          9. ELAINE MARZANO says

            Hey, hangem’high I was working on the petition this morning and I had it pretty much done on line. then they said I had to go thru one more security check and the screen changed to this really stupid thing they said it was to make sure I was no a robot. So I figured ok it looked simple . it was pretty silly. so I did it and the sign came up try again. so I did like 20 times. and it still did not work. they said if you can not complete the puzzle tell us and we will do something else. ok I said I can not do this. so I went back in and guess where I was , right where I started. I was furious by this time. so I said ok I will try tomorrow. And I will because the petition is about ready to put out.

          10. jim marcum says

            Maybe the Fairy is a he.

          11. ELAINE MARZANO says

            ok, that would be fine. I don’t have a preference. it is because I had 3 girls and one boy. guess what the girls said there fairy was a girl but who cares just give me the money. ok, Jim if you want a guy fairy you can have a guy.

          12. jim marcum says

            gee thanks Elaine I was about ready to hang up my Tu Tu.

          13. ELAINE MARZANO says

            OH, no don’t ever do that. personally i would love to see that picture. As long as you are not the hairy guy the one hangem’high said he had.

          14. Robert says

            The tooth fairy doesn’t go into ‘hood at night.

          15. ELAINE MARZANO says

            Thanks Robert, how the heck does she get the money the kids Boy the grown ups really ruin a lot for us. don’t they? poor kids. First they can’t have the tooth fairy any more because HE/She can’t come out at night, then they decide to tell us their is no Santa Clause. I am glad I am not a kid anymore. It was hard for me when they found out because I used to tell them if you don’t stop hitting your sister I am telling Santa and you get nothing for Christmas. or you have to go to bed or Santa won’t deliver your presents. Growing up is not fun. does anyone out their still believe in Santa Claus. ????
            how about you Robert???

          16. Robert says

            As a “manner” of giving, it is symbolic. But the real NON Commercial meaning of course is JESUS. And I do believe in Him. My sister, who is a born again, no holds barred, shove it down your throat Christian( guess I should be nicer to her and her “devout” beliefs!), or let me rephrase that to a God fearing, reader, and attending church “Christian” ( glad she is saved ) was pretty obnoxious

          17. ELAINE MARZANO says

            Hello, Robert, I was beginning to lose faith. I thought no one believed in Santa Claus. I worked with Santa for a lot of years. We always had fun. I worked for developers from ohio they had a whole bunch f shopping centers. and I was at the one that they had in my city. every year we had santa and his fiends for about 1 month. We took pictures of the kids with him. And sometimes with their dogs big and small. I loved taking pictures the only thing was when the little ones decided that they did not like this big man in a bright red suite and all the beard and hair. And boy could they scream. but it was fun. I guess I never grew up, but that is fine with me. one year we had Santa and his elves parachute in to the shopping center. the kids loved every minute of it. and that year we decided to have Mrs. Clause
            I asked my neighbor to do it for me . at first she said no , but I talked her into it and she performed beautifully. The kids loved having Mrs claus. They asked her al kinds of questions. like where are the little Clauses. She looked at me I smiled and turned my head, and laughed, but more to her surprise she did ok. She did so well that I hired her for the Easter bunny. we always had fun . I feel sorry for kids today. I think we had way more fun than they do now. well thank you for posting and then reading my stuff. sometimes i have to do something else other wise it gets depressing. Please post again..

          18. Robert says

            I know what you mean. For instance, I was having a conversation just above with a fellow, about Tennessee Football team “Vols” and then, out of no where, so jerk racist comments to him telling him to “go eat sh%+” and calls him a ni@@ er. Totally uncalled for. What is wrong with people? I know there is a lot of black/ white issues in our recent days, but the fellow “Scott” I assume who is white, certainly doesn’t realize that the hate that he spews is being caused by our Government leaders, especially Barry and holder. That is Exactly WHAT THEY WANT. Us fighting with everyone. I judge people by the content of their CHARACTER, not the color of their skin. If I dislike a black person, it isn’t becaus e they are BLACK. It is because they are THUG!! I hope “Scott” finds Jesus. Then, and only then will he “understand” who the real ENEMY is. Peace and may God bless you. And, I enjoyed talking to you. Too bad you live so far away. Bet you are fun to “hang with”!

          19. ELAINE MARZANO says

            Hi Robert, Thank you for responding. I just want to telll you how nice it is to have someone respond that thinks the way I do, I have been trying to get them to listen but like I said they don’t want to hear it. I am getting to the end of my rope. I don’t know what else to tell them to make them listen. I thank you for your kind words. y the way where are you from??? I live in OHIO. I was born here and spent my life here. I was married for 24 years, then I decided that was enough nothing time. And I got a divorce. he remarried like 6 months later. a he passed way 20of December 2010. I have 4 children 3 girl an done boy. My son has 2 children 1 of each model my grandson is going obe 5 this month his little sister is 2 and they are both beautiful and both have a sense of humor already, my next set are older one is 24 She is also beautiful she was a model but she is in the Army now . She did her tour of duty in Afghanistan, she is now back but in florida she is there in training. her brother is here infact he bought a house in the city I live in. he is a couple streets away. his mom also moved back here. she bought house in a new development on the lake it is a gated community. her back yard faces lake Erie. the sun sets in her yard every night and it is beautiful we love going their and watching it set down in the water. I tis amazing how he water sparkles like diamonds. it makes a perfect path from the sun to the shore line it is probably about 30 ft. wide. they love it their. And my other daughter is divorced. he was an alcoholic and a felon. they had one son. And he is the apple of my eye. I love that kid so much. he is 12 yeas old and taller than his mother and me . He is a good boy. very handsome. my last daughter works for a pediatric clinic for one of the hospitals. she I a GM, she manages 5 clinics from top to bottom She hires, fires, takes care of payroll, scheduling, Dr’s I think there is 15 of them, she is on call most of the time. I thank god they all are pretty funny and have a great sense of humor. I Am grateful for things like that. holy cow I just looked at the clock and it is 1:15 am. by the way we had 3 Roberts I our family. my littlest grandson his name is robetbut we call him Roberto. his mom is polish hand we are Italian. both th ekids speak polish and English. my son laughs and said if they don’t speak English I never know what is going on. In fact they are going to visit their grandparents in poland pretty soon. I am a little upset with that. but I am a good mother in law. I keep my mouth shut. Ok got to go to bed. please keep in touch.

          20. ELAINE MARZANO says

            just for your info I posted him about that in the wee hrs of the morning but I have not gotten a chance to see if he replied . I don’t live far you do. maybe some day you could visit Here. Oh yes I am lots of fun. I am not sure you would be ready fro all the craziness . mY whole family is a lot of fun. We laugh a house is always been the house for people to come to for a good laugh. you are welcome to visit.

          21. Robert says

            got some things to do, so I can’t post for a while. Will message you later and give you “my” life story. Talk to you this evening.

          22. ELAINE MARZANO says

            ok, it is evening. where are you?

          23. Robert says

            Well, I am attempting to fill you in. I was married for 23 years, had three boys while living in New Jersey. Moved to Tenn in the early 90’s. I am a nurse. My wife became ill and passed away in 2008. I became involved with my son’s girlfriend’s mother shortly after losing the love of my life. Dated for 5 years, and after both of us agreeing, we got married. She is a nurse too. And, if it wasn’t for her, I would not be alive today. She helped me get back up, and love life and Jesus. And has been there for me through thick and thin. She is my everything! She helped me learn to laugh again. I guess that is why I value your sense of humor and I took offense when you were unfairly picked on. My oldest son has a 5 year old daughter who is so beautiful and smart. His wife is a teacher with two “master” degrees. She teaches in a school that is mostly a “minority” school that is usually thought of as a problem school. But, she IS making a difference. Both of my younger sons( twins) are exploring the world. The youngest ( one minute apart in birth) is moving to Oregon next week. The other, works hard in shipping. At present, I was injured on the job, and after two years of surgery and therapy, am about ready to find an easier job to do, due to my physical lifting limitations. I live in the Knoxville, Tn area, and stay with my wife and mother-in- law to help her maintain her home and keep her “stable”. So, that pretty much is my life. I like to hunt, fish, shoot guns, and ride my Harley( it has been parked since my surgery) but am about ready to get her back on the road.

          24. ELAINE MARZANO says

            wow you had a very rough life. losing someone you love is never easy. But look what God gave you. You are very lucky to have a caring and loving wife. And the children. The only thing that bothers me about todays children is they do not have the family ties. They always think the grass is greener on the other side. I think when moms decided they wanted to work. not because they had to because of the Women’s movement . that took away the home. I am glad my girls are here. So you better be careful on your bike. I am working on the petition for the judge. not easy. but I will get it done. ok , you will keep in touch right. you know we always have good stuff going on.

          25. Robert says

            Of course. I know when I meet good people, and I think YOU are on my list. So sweet and kind hearted. If I ever get up near your area, I will be sure to make an effort to meet you in person. The world needs good souls. And you are one. Hope I didn’t mis lead you in any way. But, if I was a single fella, I would want someone who has a kind heart like you. A picture is worth a thousand words. I promise to keep ” following ” you. Friends nowadays are hard to find. And at my old age of fifty!!, you never know when we will be called to Him. Keep up the good word. It will be rewarded.

          26. ELAINE MARZANO says

            Hi, Robert, I would be honored to have you as a friend. Thank you for all your kind words. No problem you did not mislead me. I am happy to make friends. I am fine with that. my problem right now is getting rid of Faye she is becoming a real nasty person. I don’t think she is playing with a full deck either. being the moderator I can dispose of her at my discretion . I think I had had enough. So you continue to keep in touch you will be fine. you are still very young. God Bless you.

          27. ELAINE MARZANO says

            Hey Robert , I just saw your I did not write any of this post it is ok if you would rather not be on my follower list. I think they just do it. I am not sure how to get you off. but let me warn you if you want off I will be offended. Just kidding do what you want. I am really computer Illiterate.

          28. ELAINE MARZANO says

            Robert I came back to read your post, an di was totally impressed. I know you are right about letting kids grow up slow and let them be children as long as they can . child hood is only for a short time. and you can not do it over. Then the rest of your life gets hectic.

          29. ELAINE MARZANO says

            Oh, why not she can fly. I bet she can give it the gas and split a cloud if she has to. Who could chase her maybe someone on drugs. and won’t he think he is having a good time. I would love to watch that one.

          30. Mark Clemens says

            Never liked the dentist, but the Tooth Fairy is OK in my book………

          31. ELAINE MARZANO says

            all right Mark, What time did you finish arguing last night? I finally got to bed at 4 am. and then my neighbor was banging on my bedroom window at 6:30Am. he was looking to see if I knew where they were I said they went on vacstion why? He said their house Is on fire. So I had to try and call them. I am the only one that had her number. so I called her but they did not answer. when I finally went to look out the front door I could not believe how many fire trucks police cars and an ambulance were here, If my neighbor had not gone out to have a cigarette we would it would probably have burned down. It is funny because I am always telling her to quit. The fireman said it was a birds nest that caught fire. they built it on the gas furnace that takes care of the family room. it is on the outside of the house. some how the nest got pushed out of the area it was resting on and it fell out on the ground. And when that happened the electrical wire came down with it. That set the nest on fire and continued down the back lawn burning the leaves that were on the ground it went to the end of the lot line and set the bushes on fire. that is when my smoking neighbor first saw it. my neighbor that lives their finally called me back. She said what’s up so I told her as calmly as I could. she said we will be home in about 4 hrs. I told her the house had smoke damage. OK , so far my day has been interesting. I am glad they were not home because they would not have known about the fire because it started outside. but the smoke went wright thru the inside of the house. They have 2 boys that are young. so I have a Baptism to go to today I believe I missed part of it
            already. I am not sure if I will keep awake long enough to go. I think I had I hour sleep.

          32. Mark Clemens says

            My battery died around 10:30. I was also playing Clash of Clans. I believe Robert was the last post I made. You have had an exciting morning. I’m glad everyone is OK.
            I had a bird nest almost kill me too.
            It was in my dryer vent. The dryer exhaust didn’t leave the house. My granddaughter said the laundry room made her sleepy. I looked around for an hour or so, before I discovered the nest 1/4 way up the dryer exhaust. My wife said we were lucky the dryer didn’t break.
            I hope the rest of your day gets better……..

          33. ELAINE MARZANO says

            I finally was able to reach my neighbor. They were going to leave for home very soon. She asked me if the house inside was ok. she was concerned about the boys sleeping in a house that smelled of smoke. I told her If she wanted come to my house she could. She said she would see when she got home and checked things out. I guess everything is ok. she hasn’t called me to come over for a pJ party. Oh speaking of those darn birds. I won my battle last night with the huge robin. I showed him who was boss. when I say no building under my canopy I mean it. He was the laziest bird I ever saw build a nest You would think he would use what little brain he had..His girl just wanted to drop her eggs, did he care ?. No he was more interested in the war he was fighting with me. what a poor excuse for a husband he was. if he was building his man bird house he would have done a better job. All right now ii am thru with the stupid robin. so I just had a phone call from a friend of mine , I guess she is fighting with her boyfriend and she asked me if she could come over. So here I go again. another night with out sleep.

        5. dinkerduo says

          They all are at a certain age—until they realize that this is supposed to be the present guy!

        6. Mark Clemens says

          ………Was that Santa on a sex offenders list????? LOL
          Sometimes you gotta go w/that child tuition.

        7. ELAINE MARZANO says

          Do you blame them? Here is this thing big as a house in a bright red outfit on trying to pick the child up and they are not ready for this giant yet. then starts the screaming. I know how it goes I did Santa pictures for a lot of years.

      2. Mark Clemens says

        LOL! !!!!

    3. nevergiveup says

      This judge is the one acting like a child. He has a child’s mind. Oh Mommy, I’m offended by this three year old. Poor judge. He has no buisness even being a judge if he can’t tell that children that small don’t even know what racist is. What would it be if they were robbed and then his child or grandchild was afraid after that. Could a judge then say to him that he must have taught
      it to his child? Of course, no way!! He needs to be put off the bench.

      1. Trisha Holmeide says

        nevergiveup, this Judge has an agenda and simply used the opportunity to move it forward without care or concern for anyone but his own purposes. Even the criminal was not delt with fairly let alone the victims. He is NOT an example of an honorable jurist of which there are many from the Black community who are most likely not only ashamed, but enraged at how this judge was willing to set aside his legal responsibility to use the justice system fairly in order to promote his own agenda and give pause to those who would otherwise be sympathetic to the cause of racial equality.

        1. Michael Dennewitz says

          W O W ! You just painted the perfect picture of the TIC ! (terrorist in charge). lol

      2. EDWARD MIKAN says


    4. Michael Bishop says

      Ain’t that the truth.

    5. ELAINE MARZANO says

      Yes we do, and it is a shame. That kind of thing does not belong in our court of law. So I am checking to see if we can do a petition on him to have him removed from the bench and any where else in the court that requires him to make a Judgment call.

      1. Carol Johnson says

        I’d guess he either doesn’t have children or has forgotten how little kids are afraid of strangers.

        1. ELAINE MARZANO says

          I truly hope he never raised any children. Can you imagine what a father he made?

      2. Michael Dennewitz says

        Actually, the governor of Kentucky should down another cup of coffee, jump to his feet and get his hands dirty! He has the power!!!

        1. ELAINE MARZANO says

          OK, mike , jump right in their and send the governor a message. tell him to make sure it’s got caffeine he will need it.

    6. Mark Clemens says

      …….The Judge.
      You’d think he’d have compassion for a little girl who was traumatized by thugs….

    7. b.badenoff says

      He can’t be racist because he’s black @ judges are impartial. Wanna hear another one.

      1. Smart Old Fart says

        Here is one from the 60s – “Black is Beautiful!”.

        1. b.badenoff says

          Yea, ray Charles @ Stevie wonder came up with that one .

    8. Jimmy Quick says

      Wouldn’t want to be white in this guy’s court room.

    9. yahoo says

      yea the judge

    10. pmbalele says

      Did you ask why they aren’t really broken into the mainstream? – Repubs and TPs were abused when young. That is why they never smile. TPs and Repubs live in fear that someone wants to steal their money. That is why they do not trust the government to keep them safe. TPs and Repubs are also racists and bigots big time – that is why they enjoy riots like that in Baltimore and Ferguson. They love to see people of other races suffer. You cannot have satire if you’re always angry and divorce all the time. That is why TPs and Repubs have heart attacks.

      1. Mohamad Cartoonist says

        Yeah the taxpayers just love to see the permanent welfare recipients destroy fire equipment, police cars, and free enterprize that the taxpayers paid for only to see all the future wefare recipients and EBT card carriers destroying everything that they would never have contributed to. Yes all the Republicans have heart attacks – do you have any clue who supports all these rioters and looters?? Without whitey’s money all the animals would die off. Getting called a racist is so insignificant – so what!

        1. pmbalele says

          There is nothing wrong with looting by people who have been bullied all their lives. Racism has to be stopped. This is the biggest role of federal judges. But we see of and one Repub appointed judges as being racists as their friends in their neighborhoods. Please read the 7th circuit decisions and you will wonder how these Repub appointed judges were appointed-to bully Blacks. I hope the Repub appointed judges at the 7th circuit will retire; otherwise Blacks and that including me are in trouble. They do not believe Blacks are as smart as themselves.

          1. Mohamad Cartoonist says

            pmbalele – Are you telling me that all the looters that were shown, have been bullied all of their lives? Those look like thousands of school kids who wanted to have fun at the expence of all taxpayers and destroy building, property and peoples lives. I really don’t see those rotten kids being bullied – I would venture to guess that they would be doing the bullying. I saw on LIve Leak videos an alterntive realty media that doesn’t sanitize the videos. It showed just how really horrible these feral animals are. They had grocery bags loaded with rocks and were throwing them at every cop and every white person that they came in contact with. No one is stating the obvious, these liberal cities have no one to blame but the extremely unqualified people they have representing them. These liberal anclaves are nothing short of complete and abject failures. I have two children, my children are incapable of the type of behavior. I see and read about the millions in the inner cities youths who are so horrible and destructive but the sad part is that it’s not the inner city kids faults it the mothers who are not qualified to raise gold fish who go out and have multiple children and have zero responsibilities to any of their children. The taxpayers pay for everything for these people from birth to jail to death and everything in between. In the not to distant future, there is not going to be enough taxpayers to cover all these dregs in society; this will be the tip of the iceberg and complete anarchy will break out. While we are all racists, we are all prepared for whats coming down the road. Only the strong will survive.

          2. pmbalele says

            It’s sad but that is the
            truth. Yes, those looters have been bullied all of their lives? These are
            Americans who have been denied housing, school and jobs. A person with a job
            will not be tempted to loot or sell drugs. When there is nothing else to fall-on,
            humans do strange things including crimes. You and I are lucky we had good
            education, employment and defense mechanism such as tolerance. But there people
            especially young people when they are purposely denied opportunity some will
            tend to riot. Today I read and saw a map where racism is rampart. The author
            however, did not stress how racism and bigotry are anti-American. Racism and
            bigotry breed crimes because some people are denied opportunities. And I have noticed that even those who
            graduate from colleges are hung-up with their racism and bigotry despite their education.
            We see this among federal judges, police and prosecutors. Do you know police people never patrol or
            arrest people in their neighborhoods? They are afraid of being censored and
            even killed. They are cowards. They always fill their quarters in the Black
            community. Go to Chicago or Milwaukee. These
            police are not in Black community as peace-makers; they are there to find fault
            with Blacks. You have read about white celebs die of overdose. Why are they not
            arrested before they kill themselves with drugs? Their neighbors are police and
            judges. Have you seen the pictured from Colorado? Most of pot smokers are
            Whites. Some have migrated from other
            states to Colorado just to smoke joints.
            I have several stories how racism has affected me and people around me.
            I have cases in the state and federal courts. I will keep you posted.

          3. herb portere says

            How pathetic can you get? So thugs that steal and burn are justified? Some lessons for you “pmbalele” whatever those letters mean…For 50 years Democrats have been in control of every major city in America…have any of them gotten better under Dem control? Got any good answers other than the Blacks have been pinned down by their own Liberals for over 50 yrs!!!!!

          4. pmbalele says

            Thugs! You call human beings thugs? It is you and your friends that discriminate against Blacks and then you turn around and call them thugs. You’re hypocrites big time. After all all damaged or stolen items will be payed by insurance. If you stop discriminating against people, that is when you can call them thugs-Not now. You’re driving me nuts.

    11. Harley157 says

      This judge needs fired immediately. No room for this crap.

    12. liberaldisgust says

      But But But …. ussacitizen …. haven’t you heard Blacks CAN’T be racists and now you can’t call them thugs … according to the Leftards because as you , and all White ” old ” conservatives know “thug ” is just a replacement for the N word ….. Talk about Fascists , the Leftards aren’t liberal they’re Fascist …..

      1. ImOffendedTreatMeSpecial says

        With Hilldolph Clinton paraphrasing some of Hitler’s early speeches I think fascists (or as Rush Liberal says feminazis, gaynazis, etc) is exactly on target. They have gone so far left they are past socialist and right into fascism.

    13. RMCSRET says

      Fully agree and he is wearing black robes.

    14. Pastorbob666 says

      His name is Cemmens!

  7. HankBar says

    I suppose the judge forgot to mention that all black children are brought up to love whitey. Racism is learned, and people like this judge, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and ob are the best at teaching it.

    1. Orley says

      You mean the unrev.Jesse Jackson? That isn’t racist, if he was white and his life style I would even say it stronger.

      1. HankBar says

        I never refer to him or sharpton as Reverend. They are as far from being a Reverend as one can get.

        1. james walls says


    2. Philip Duckworth says

      When I was sent to Day camp back in the 1960s and early 70s it was always 30 to 40 white and 200 to 300 black and all they did was hate White E what do they think white E is a little Jesus they keep pushing what they want what they think when are the White people going to get enough and put the black filth back where they belong

      1. LadyGreenEyes says

        Sounds a lot like what I saw when the bused us to another school, to “desegregate”. What they really did was shuffle a few white students to a mostly black school. By the sixth grade, there were only three to five white kids in the entire grade level. and they had to move them all into one room. We moved after that (dad’s job related, not because of that), so I don’t know what happened, but it wasn’t good when we left! The ironic thing was, in our own neighborhood, the kids we played with most were black. They were the ones with whom we best got along. The difference between our neighborhood friends and the kids in that other area was profound! Racism is indeed taught, and lots of blacks teach it.

        1. EDWARD MIKAN says

          YES , VERY MANY LOTS!!!!

          1. LadyGreenEyes says

            The really bizarre thing is, they expect us to believe they “can’t be racist” because of their skin color. Racists come in all varieties.

      2. Trisha Holmeide says

        Philip, I’m sorry that was your childhood experience and promoted your current views. I have never known any Black people who treated me or mine with anything less than the normal neighborly respect they were given so I know not all Blacks are against all whites. There are principled parents who raise principled children in all walks of life, ethnicities and races. Obviously, you were thrown into a hornets nest of children brainwashed by unprincipled parents. My oldest grandson is mixed and shys away from both Black and White racists and has found a large group of individuals who accept him and care about him just as he accepts and cares about them–they are more the norm than those we see in the media. I would hope you can overcome your child hood experiences and be open to good relations with decent folks no matter what race they happend to be from.

      3. Robert says

        I can “understand” the hate back during all the civil “rights” era. But that ended a while back,up until the present administration pitting everyone against everyone( not just color)

        1. ELAINE MARZANO says

          Robert, I finally found someone who agrees with me. I said the same thing. I hope they are paying attention. We have to move on this problem or it will never end. I have been begging them to get it together and get rid of this problem. but it seems they are content to write about . I think the reason they are like that is because thy are scared, well we are all scared. We are not used to this kind of life and we are trying to avoid change, we never had any question about our place I the world. we were #1. Now all that is gone. And we face the threat of war on our turf. and they are here already. Most of us know this. That is good enough reason to be scared. Heck do you think I am not scared. I am very, very scared. And sometimes sick to my stomach scared. But I can’t let that stop me from stopping them. if I did I would be giving in to his dream of his life he wants. So I will with the help of every citizen available turn his dream into a nightmare. So he gets lost in another dimension. But we can not do this alone. We have people waiting for the go ahead . but why should they have to do it without the help of as many American citizens as we need to get the job done. more is better. I think the words were Shock & awe we need that again. God Bless everyone and be safe. it is time to rid ourselves of this Tyrant and the people he let in our Country!!!!

        2. Philip Duckworth says

          I know black people for what they are and old hatreds never die
          we hate them and they hate us and no matter what the Gov does they can NEVER change how people think Yugoslavia is a good example

          1. Robert says

            I think you have your opinion, which represents the way YOU feel about blacks. You can only speak from your perspective. I, though, don’t hate black people. I just hate “ni@@ers” and by that, it is a CHARACTER. It is NOT COLOR of skin. Do you understand that? Probably not, but I hope so. I know a few WHITE ni@@ers too, which I do not associate with. There are quite a few black skinned folk, who take responsibility( unlike those in our present administration) , who try as best as they can, to raise their kids to respect others, police, elders, white people, and society, etc. those in this same category, work, educate themselves, and are assets to our society. Not takers, not willing to wait for hand outs, vote with an informed perspective( usually voting, or running for political office; as republicans) as they are smart enough to realize that the Democrats have been lying to them. Most of the “educated blacks” that run or office, and are republicans, get attacked by the Dems. Example: Condi Rice, Herman Cain, Dr. Ben Carson, Allen West, and even Colon Powell was attacked( well, while working for the uncle Tom GEO. BUSH) until he BLINDLY endorsed 0bama X 2. Now, he is considered a super wise guy from the Dems point of view, a champion of “justice” and any other LIBERAL applaud that can be bestowed on a man of “color”. Powell has no honor left. I don’t hate him. I just consider him a racist for his Liberalism/ Marxist support for our “King”. And, sorry, I don’t know anyone from Yugoslavia.

          2. Philip Duckworth says

            Yes I understand about white N word about Yugoslavia in case you don’t remember For about 70 years their Dictator Tito made them by decree get along despite their differences When Tito Died even though a lot of them had intermarried they began killing each other due to old hatreds Some even killed their own family members to cleanse their family of the other

          3. Robert says

            Wow. What a. Shame. Seems like such a waste of human kind, doesn’t it? Just the reason to NOT continue such a tradition( in my opinion). Now, don’t get me wrong, I can see how different ethnicities fight agains themselves around the world. A the hatred against the “Jews” is a prime example. And Christianity is another. But I, for one, will not bear that “weapon” ( thought process) and further the hate cycle. But if a black, or Mexican, or muslem, or whoever…. Brings it to bear against me or mine, THEN. I will take them out. But, here, right now, our guvernmint

    3. DivineEncounters says

      Yepper we in Florida are called “Crackers”.

      1. Wayne Graham says

        I had a student call me a cracker once. I said I would rather be a cracker than a crumb.

        1. hangem'high says

          I did too, and I said; OK Oreo, who you calling a cracker?

      2. Michael Dennewitz says

        Actually, I love being called whitie, Florida cracker, redneck, honkie…whatever… But you call one niggah here in Orlando, and watch out. Except for the Haitians tho. They speak Creole and can’t understand what you’re saying anyhow!! lol

      3. HankBar says

        They must be more polite there. LOL

        In a message dated 4/17/2015 11:11:12 A.M. Central Daylight Time, writes:

        “Yepper we in Florida are called “Crackers”.” (
        _Settings _ ( (

        A new comment was posted on _fixthisnation_ ( p:// ervative-breaking-news/kentucky-judge-rips-into-racist-toddler/#comment-1972774732:rkrhMkSvM-fHXRwNRCEMdyVTfjQ&variant=act ive&experiment=digests&behavior=click&post=1972774732& .registered&event=email)

      4. Michael Dennewitz says

        Ha! I live in Orlando and I LOVE being called a cracker, or honkie, or redneck or whitie….ROFL

    4. Mark Clemens says

      I think being prejudice is is all animals nature. Being civilized and having humanity is part of what separates us from the beasts of the wilds.
      Like murder and violent behavior, prejudice has to suppressed. You can’t let it get the best of you…….

    5. ELAINE MARZANO says

      Hey, Hank, that is why we have to get to work on spring cleaning. if we don’t clean them out we will still live a horrible life. Boy we have so much to do. And a short time to do it in.

      1. HankBar says

        Whole lot of cleaning. Who ever we elect will have to clean out the EPA, IRS, Attorney General, and the Federal Reserve bandits.

        In a message dated 4/18/2015 12:31:13 P.M. Central Daylight Time, writes:

        “Hey, Hank, that is why we have to get to work on spring cleaning. if we don’t clean them out we will still live a horrible life. Boy we have so much to do. And a short time to do it in.” (
        _Settings _ ( (

        A new comment was posted on _fixthisnation_ ( p:// o-racist-toddler/#comment-1974525757:LpqmgZitNVvS_ao0QwYY1FGJb84&variant=act ive&experiment=digests&behavior=click&post=1974525757& .registered&event=email)

        1. ELAINE MARZANO says

          you got that right. I am not sure if we will have to wait that long. Actually I hope not. did I cause all that garbage on the screen to come up?

          1. HankBar says

            It does not take much to draw out the garbage.

            In a message dated 4/18/2015 6:31:42 P.M. Central Daylight Time, writes:

            “you got that right. I am not sure if we will have to wait that long. Actually I hope not. did I cause all that garbage on the screen to come up?”
            _Settings _ ( (

            A new comment was posted on _fixthisnation_ ( p:// o-racist-toddler/#comment-1974995688:Xay4SxkRY2TkLboY00qUsbMoV80&variant=act ive&experiment=digests&behavior=click&post=1974995688& .registered&event=email)

  8. Jerry_Morgan says

    This judge is the kind of people we need to cull from our government. His actions against a three year old are ridiculous… claiming this little child is a racist simply because she is terrified of blacks after she was a victim… the normal reaction for a normal person… She would have felt the same way… if Santa Claus had terrified her.
    – – Jerry Morgan

    1. Ms_V says


    2. greyfox says

      You are right, but remember Santa Clause is white.

      1. Jerry_Morgan says

        That was my whole idea… greyfox… to take color out of the equation

      2. nKhosi says

        Not necessarily! I have lived where he is not- depends on dominant culture

        1. greyfox says

          How many baskets of knit have you picked today?

      3. Bird says

        And I know lots of kids who have grown up terrified of Santa…. and HE was giving out candy and toys; not holding them at gun point and threatening to kill their families!!! Goodness…. where does the sheer stupidity come from?!

      4. furiousvet says

        Not always, I’ve seen some brown ones . The only thing the same is the costume .

    3. Apolloone says

      That’s a fact Jeff this is a normal reaction from any child black or white, now you can bet if the thugs were white and it was a black child and black parents this racist judge would have a different position, first he would have given the maximum sentence to the white thugs, maybe extra time for terrorizing a child. Which is fine but the black racists and the liberals don’t want it this way only the whites are racists. Obama and his ilk has destroyed everything Doctor King accomplished.

      1. LadyGreenEyes says

        Odd, though, that I can’t recall a single case where it as like that. White armed robbers in a black household, that is.