Kevin McCarthy Off to a Bad Start


Conservatives rejoiced at the news that John Boehner would be stepping down as House Speaker in October, but the enthusiasm for his likely replacement – Rep. Kevin McCarthy of California – has been muted. At a time when conservatives are looking for brash, bold leadership that looks less establishment and more Tea Party, it’s unclear how McCarthy will be much of a change.

McCarthy’s rise in the House has been extraordinary, putting him right into Boehner’s inner circle as House Whip after only two terms. He has been described as “highly political”; some go as far as to call him “Machiavellian.” But even with all of that supposed savvy, he managed to commit a ridiculous blunder on Fox News.

“Everybody thought Hillary Clinton was unbeatable, right?” said McCarthy. “But we put together a Benghazi special committee, a select committee. What are her numbers today? Her numbers are dropping. Why? Because she’s un-trustable. But no one would have known any of that had happened had we not fought and made that happen.”

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said that McCarthy had “committed the classic Washington gaffe of saying something that everybody already knows is true.”

Hillary Clinton called the comments “deeply distressing,” telling MSNBC that it “does a grave disservice and dishonors not just the memory of the four that we lost, but of everybody who has served our country.”

A leader in the Republican Party cannot afford to give the Democrats these kinds of softballs. Now, maybe McCarthy was nervous. Or, maybe he’s not as sharp as everyone says.

Even without the obvious questions about McCarthy’s ability to speak on national television without sinking the GOP, how is he going to be any more effective than Boehner? He has been effective as hell in building up friendships in the House, but friendships don’t necessarily translate into votes. He’s shown no particular allegiance to the new crop of conservatives, even betraying them on a couple of occasions – whipping votes one way only to vote the other way himself.

From all indications, McCarthy is about McCarthy. And while his political aspirations have certainly come to fruition, that doesn’t mean we should be happy about it.

Conservatives knew within the first month of 2015 that the Republican wins in November would not change one damn thing. And we’ll likely need even less time to evaluate whether changing the House Speaker is any more effective.

Who knows? Maybe McCarthy will surprise us. Maybe he senses which way the wind is blowing. But even if he aligns himself with the hardliners, he’d better improve his skills in front of a microphone. Democrats can take anything out of context and make a federal case over it; we certainly don’t need to hand them talking points on a silver platter.

  1. MAHB001 says

    Anybody in Boehner’s inner circle should resign with Boehner.

    The good ol boy network that controls the Republican party has been put on notice….

    1. Gen11American says

      As a female, I used to buy the line that the “Good Old Boys Club” was a bad thing, but after watching my fellow females in Congress for five years on C-Span, and watching countless congressional hearings when female Democrats espouse their leftists rants and demands, that “Good Old Boys Club” is looking better every day! Save us from the screws and harridans, oh Lord, and whatever you do, Lord, please, we beg of you, keep Hillary and Bill Clinton out of the White House! They’ve already been there once, they abused the privilege, and WE DON’T WANT THEM OCCUPYING THE PEOPLE’S HOUSE EVER AGAIN!

      1. Magik says

        Well said . It still surprises me how many women would vote for Hillary the Corrupt just because she is a woman . The good news is the Democrats are waking up by the millions and supporting Sanders .

        1. Bob2002 says

          We also do not need anymore socialists in our government. Obama is a socialist/Muslim/Communist and you see what he has done to our country. Sanders would complete the destruction of our country that Obama has started.

          1. Magik says

            Bob you are quite uninformed about a true Democratic Socialist and Sander’s policies . Deregulation has cost this country literally trillions of dollars . Use whatever terms fits your mind but we NEED banking regulation . Sanders is the only candidate to even mention it . Sanders is NOT Obama or Hillary Clinton .

          2. Bob2002 says

            Just who are you to say I an uninformed about Sanders? He is a socialist and that is all I need to know. Our country has suffered under the current socialist/Muslim/communist in our White House and we do not want to go 4 more years under the extreme policies a socialist would bring upon us. I know capitalism and socialism and I prefer capitalism. It appears, our Democrat controlled school system is turning out people who really do not know just how bad socialism is compared to capitalism. Come on Trump.

          3. Magik says

            You are making my point for me . It sure wasn’t the 92 million Americans without a job that outsourced 9 million jobs . You have a lot of nerve calling people lazy when their good paying job went to Mexico to fatten the wallets of a few stock holders . 50 million on food stamps that cost us 50 billion and yet a handful of corporations that get $ 1.8 TRILLION in tax loopholes …
            GM took $ 550 million of your capitalistic bailout money and opened an engine plant in Mexico . Caterpillar went to Brazil .

          4. Bob2002 says

            You need to read up on the definition of Socialism because under this system of government, you have two classes of people. The ones at the top, who are the ones who take the money and production and redistribute it to the lower class. Once you are part of the general class (low income), it is nearly impossible to better yourself. However, under capitalism, anyone can become rich. I would much prefer a chance at becoming rich instead of always being poor. But then, I am not a Democrat. Obama (the socialist/communist/Muslim) is the one who gave our taxes to GM. If I had a say in the matter, I would have let them do like Chrysler did a few years ago. Borrow the money, cut costs, and become a thriving company again. Obama made the mistake of saying GM was to big to fail. Tax payers are on the hook for $20 billion that GM will never pay back. You complain about the $1.8 trillion given to corporations in the form of credits, but never mention the $15 trillion spent on the war on poverty that Johnson started and today we have more people in poverty in the USA than ever. If you would enroll in economics 101, you will learn this and much more about the better system. Socialism always fails and capitalism always wins.

          5. Deborah G says

            GM should have gone through structured bankruptcy. IN REAL Capitalism only the profitable survive. As it should be. All this interference by Democrats caused the housing debacle and now the health care debacle.

          6. Bob2002 says

            I agree. Unfortunately, liberal, socialist, Democrats control all forms of leadership positions in our country. Just look at the judiciary, courts, federal and city governments, media and all our schools from pre-school through college. Plus, they are the majority of registered voters which makes it nearly impossible to get the conservative view across.

          7. kbfallon says

            But he had to satisfy the UNION as they helped him get elected–and still doing it.

          8. Cold War Gunner says

            Ahh, you just mentioned one of my favorite subjects..LBJ and the war on poverty..He destroyed the social security trust fund, and took all that money to fund his project to make “the niggers (his word not mine) vote democrat for the next two hundred years”..What did WE THE PEOPLE get in return?? An I.O.U. All the money that WE THE PEOPLE poured into security taxes, went straight to the general fund, and not into a specific account for a specific purpose..You can thank the demonRats for that..And that specific “chicken has come home to roost”..

          9. Deborah G says

            All thanks to the idiot Democrats with their demanding overpaid unions. I’d leave too

          10. kbfallon says

            Exactly correct and it gets worse every day…unions taking the dues and giving it to who they want with no input from the members.

          11. Magik says

            I don’t know how many times I must explain it but UNION DUES , BY LAW , ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BE USED FOR POLITICAL ACTION CAUCES . If you think there is no input you have never been to a union meeting come election time .

          12. kbfallon says

            You think that the unions follow the laws? Who will go after them for wrongdoing? The people in office who they gave millions of dollars to help get elected? Union people I know are always furious that they are doing things against the wishes of the dues-payers…..

          13. Deborah G says

            Just like Planned Parenthood doesn’t use taxpayer money for abortions. Yeah right

          14. Magik says

            I know they follow the laws . I have had a union card since 1969 . And unlike you I actually participate instead of talking crap .

          15. Magik says

            Over paid unions ??? With the CEO’s making 350 times the average worker I would disagree . People complain about a union worker making $ 60,000 a year and praise a CEO that makes $ 60,000 a day plus a bonus . Who is really taking more out of the business cycle Deborah ?

          16. kbfallon says

            Try starting your own company and you can make all the money.

          17. Magik says

            That reply certainly didn’t answer the question … WHO is taking the money OUT of the business cycle ???

          18. Deborah G says

            So what? They are laborers NOT highly educated people who make a lot of money for the shareholders. Apples and Oranges. the two cannot be compared , a worker does NOT deserve the pay of a CEO Sorry. They can’t do what it takes to run the company, have the education/ business expertise or the ability to do it. UNLESS you are a A Socialist Commie Alinskyite the comparison is ridiculous.

          19. Magik says

            Evidently the workers were quite qualified as they PRODUCED THE PROFITS .
            I have had quite enough of your insults and uneducated stupid sniping comments . You don’t know the first thing about the business cycle . All hat , no cowgirl .

          20. Jena Smith says

            Outsourcing jobs, huh? Remember NAFTA which was signed into law by Clinton, another democrat? I remember Ross Perot making a comment about the “giant sucking sound” that would be created by NAFTA. That one little law created by both sides of the aisle helped to wreck our sovereignty as a republic and the globalism marches on.

          21. FloridaBoyee says

            I think of TRUMP as a modern day Ross Perot and this man HAS made a LARGER impact on the election than any politician lately!! He has my VOTE and many of my friends & relatives (except one, who is a diehard LIBERAL and she cannot help herself get out of her education).

          22. Magik says

            Yea , and the little man was CORRECT . We don’t elect smart people like him and Ron Paul . The public seems to prefer demented liars like Clinton and Bush .

          23. muskat antonopolis says

            really makes you wonder doesn’t it? HEY! D.C.!…just whose side are you on
            anyway? Been saying all along…….dump them ALL…..what are the similarities
            between a dirty diaper and Congress….yup……time to DUMP it…….the business of the USA is business as usual (for those who control the purse strings)…the rich
            get richer and the poor get ….welfare checks, food stamps, and empty promises..
            Nothing has changed in the political “system”…nothing….corruption in high places
            and the thing is that it is blatantly done and with a sense that “they cannot
            touch me:…..and in most cases nothing Does happen…well, we Cannot put
            ALL the blame on Congress…they are after all, just people, black or white or
            in between, people….and remember, if a person will LIE to you then they will
            STEAL from you…..we don’t hold our elected reps. feet to the fire…we do not
            hold them sufficiently accountable for their corruption…so…if you want more
            of the same just let things go on as usual…la*de*da……..

          24. Deborah G says

            we atually have a ONE party system that spans the political spectrum. No real difference and they pat each other on the back after their daily performance is over. OUTSIDER is what is need and THAT would be Trump #1 Cruz#2 and Carson #3

          25. muskat antonopolis says

            yea…and it is one BIG party at the expense of the “WE THE CITIZENS”…you
            know, I used to think politicians really had their Country at heart….just like i
            did way back when I joined the Army…God, Country and family….in that order
            and I thought that everybody thought and felt the same….as the old man said…
            “too later, we get too smart”..and was he ever right….there is not one Candidate
            currently running for nomination/the Presidency who is totally HONEST….no
            not one… is my opinion, that they are in the “race” for their own selfish reasons
            ….and not one would admit it…not one…..I would probably VOTE for the
            person just because of their honesty if they were to admit it….”look folks, I want
            to be Pres. because the pay and the perks are really great, I can go everywhere
            on the govt. dime and make a lot of powerful friends at the same time…..hey
            I wouldn’t mind living at Camp David for a couple of years….BUT, I guarantee
            you that I will be the best President this Nation has ever had or you can throw
            me in jail and throw away the key….now here is what I am gonna do for you…”
            There was as a ward councilman in Detroit(?) some years ago and everybody
            knew that he was a crook..he didn’t even try to hide it…he came to Fla. and
            bought a small island somewhere off the west coast of Fla. with money he had
            emezzeled from the citizens of his ward….everybody knew it….But, if you
            were from Detroit(?) and could prove it, and wanted to go out to the island
            to fish or camp or just hangout….you could go absolutely free including the boat/
            ferry trip out and back in….so we don’t even get that….
            Well, make sure that you VOTE with your head and not your heart…….

          26. Deborah G says

            The ONLY one that fits that bill is Huckabee.

          27. kbfallon says

            some of these companies had to leave as the cost of feeding the money to the out of control labor and benefits costs are thru the roof…and the govt. is wringing more money out of them by the minute….they are in business to make a profit.

          28. Magik says

            Perhaps you should consult a different textbook . Labor hasn’t had a raise above inflation in 30 years . The CEO salaries have gone from 15 times the average worker’s pay to 350 times . When the stock market goes from 6,000 to 18,000 and labor doesn’t get a raise just who do you think is taking the money out of the companies ?

          29. kbfallon says

            The GOVERMENT takes the biggest cut and then the line forms behind them.

          30. Deborah G says

            It was the toxic regulatory/tax/union demands that sent them away ALL Democrat ideals

          31. Magik says

            Well we all know what happens to the housing industry ( the backbone of America ) when you deregulate the banks don’t we . Where in any text on free market capitalism does it mention bank bailouts ?

          32. Deborah G says

            You obviously don’t understand that it was Fannie and Freddie run by Cuomo and Barney Frank’s disaster that caused the fallout. Derivitives have ALwAYS been used in investing. That wasn’t the was giving non qualified people loans they couldn’t afford because they were pandering to the blacks.

          33. Magik says

            The reason they were able to do that is because they got rid of the capital requirements . The ” non qualified ” people was their scape goat . We the people paid for their ” toxic assets ” with the bank bailout AND THEY KEPT THE TITLES . I understand full well what happened . Rather than the bank taking the loss for bad loans ( that they produced ) it drove the value of all properties ( yours and mine ) to about half what it was . They were selling condos in Florida for $ 350 K and they couldn’t give them away for 140 . Barnie Frank did not invent the liars loan . That came directly from the bankers .

          34. kbfallon says

            Trump will apply tariffs against such institutions….and he knows better than anyone how to do this as a company owner who has to deal with this all the time. If the companies made no money for the stockholders–there would be no reason to invest in any company—resulting in loss of businesses. The automakers are paying close to $100.00 an hour with all considered-pay-benefits-retirement,etc…that’s a lot of money per person for any company……unions.

          35. Magik says

            You are delusional . There is more cost to the average automobile in ADVERTISING than in the labor to make the car .

          36. kbfallon says

            Delusional? Tell that to a jack-ass and he’ll kick you in the head. When all else fails you people always stomp your feet and yell (CAPS LOCK) louder and start to spew you’re anger and name calling. It looks like you are here to just annoy anyone who disagrees with your opinion–which is like an asshole and everyone has one–some are way bigger than others –now run along before your mother finds out what you are doing.

          37. Magik says

            Yes , delusional ….It isn’t any anger that says advertising costs more than labor , it is a FACT you arrogant jackal .

          38. Deborah G says

            You are so correct. You can’t deposit a dime without getting a letter from the IRS demanding where is came from. I had a family member repay me me for the year I supported her family when she lost her job. IRS wanted to know where that money came from and PROVE IT> Disgraceful.

          39. Greg Taylor says

            Don’t put money in the bank,problem solved!

          40. Deborah G says

            You can’t cash a check at any bank anymore for over a certain amount without them reporting it. wait is gets worse then we got a letter from Social Security[Husband retired} That income of that size would reduce his benefits! we lent them the money FROM our retirement when she lost her job.IT isn’t nor ever was “income.

          41. Bill Senior says

            Spot on Bob2002 …. Magik is just a moron bomb thrower! Additionally, Dodd and Frank – the Faggot, screwed the banks and lending institution all to hell and PEOPLE like myself got SCREWED from buying a Home in 2005 – 2006 …. lost thousands of dollars along with many, many others, too!!!!!!!

            TRUMP in 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          42. Deby says

            hmm technically right –but he is cut from the exact same socialist, communist cloth, and that is the problem-I personally think Sanders will be totally beatable by conservatives, so that is why I hope he gets the nomination. He will never be president-not with the great quality (and quantity right now) of Republican candidates ready to take America back to greatness, not mire it down into a 3rd world socialist disaster.

          43. Magik says

            You could be right but when I see Fiorina jump so much because of a debate and her constant slant on her record as CEO I wonder what people are thinking .
            Most people in the business world and especially the tech sector admit she was a complete flop . Some calling her the worst CEO ever .

          44. Deborah G says

            I refuse to be like the vapid moron liberal women and vote for her just because she is a woman.Trump said I like winners not losers like she has been

          45. Bill Senior says

            Well, your a vapid moron… on Rubio and his immigration ideology/policy! Don’t forget …”Blood is ALWAYS thicker than Water” and he’s of Hispanic/Spanish decent no matter how you cut it!!!!!!

          46. Lance Lucius says

            Her love of the Ottoman empire gives me pause. She was not winner at HP, and a well practiced response to a question by Trump brought applause from an audience does not make her presidential. She will not get my vote.

          47. Deborah G says

            I just don’t trust her a whole lot. I’m sorry she had cancer and I don’t think corporate firings are the do all and end all. My bone of contention with her is her doing what all politicians eventually do. They paint a pretty picture of their failures instead of owning them

          48. kbfallon says

            ya gotta remember that they are just polls and her jump was a direct result of her smart assed mouth of privilage and getting what she wants at any expense to anyone else–her motto is : it doesn’t matter how you get it as long as you get it–straight from the Clinton handbook.

          49. melmack 1 says

            Hey, if it fits you so much then move to Venezuela where the socialist government there has run out of even toilet paper…how many years and governments does it take to convince people that SOCIALISM DOES NOT WORK !!!!

          50. Deborah G says

            yet the morons that want freebies buy into the ideology all the time. Liberals are Socialists now. In fact they are Communism lite

          51. Bill Senior says

            BUT … he (Bernie) could be even Worse, duh! Do you know anything about Vermont Political Ideology? Vermonter’s – for a long time, have wanted to secede from the Union. It’s a Total “Socialist State” and wants that type of Government, period!!!!!

            I say …. leave Vermonters and take Bernie Sander with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        2. Kathryn Caldwell says

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          1. Cold War Gunner says

            Take your sorry multi-level ponzi recruiting crap and spread it on a leftist website..GO AWAY, BE GONE..

        3. Deborah G says

          Supporting Sanders is “good” news? since when is an avowed Communist good? he’s is a freaking cray man

        4. Lance Lucius says

          Just how is that good news? A communist is still a communist, and not in Americas best interest.

        5. melmack 1 says

          Bernie the socialist?? Great choice the democrats have …LMAO**

        6. Joann Holmes says

          We already have one communist in the wh why would people vote another one into office.

          1. Magik says

            No , what we have is another Democratic GLOBALIST TOOL just like Clinton .
            You really don’t understand Communism if you cannot see that this crony capitalism is a mere step away fro Fascism . In Communism the state owns the production . In Fascism the corporate owns the state . Citizens United made that step available .

      2. Bob2002 says

        I say, do the same with Jeb Bush. While he was an okay governor of Florida (my home state), we do not need any more liberals in the White House. Jeb Bush is wrong on Common Core, Amnesty, and bringing refugees from Syria to the USA. I am sure there are many more things he is wrong on, but can not think of them at the moment. Perhaps others can enumerate them.

        1. Gen11American says

          Candidate Jeb Bush made the outright statement today that he would win the nomination. He’s presently down at 3%, so where does his confidence come from? Maybe he knows something We The People don’t know. Maybe the system truly is totally rigged, and once “The Establishment” selects who their “chosen one” is, no matter what the voters say, they’ll finagle a way to assure their golden boy wins. I think it’s definitely time that We The People disabuse those arrogant SOB’s that we’re not going to stand for their “rigging” this time around, nor ever again in the future, not after experiencing it with Obama, who’s been a total disaster!

          1. Bob2002 says

            I hope you are wrong about the system being totally rigged, but I do know how the Establishment Republicans can do a lot of harm to candidates. Look what they did in Mississippi last election. Thad Cochran. with RINO help, came from behind to win the Senate seat in 2014. Jeb Bush has a lot of donors backing him, but I wonder if they can compete with Trump’s billions?

          2. Deby says

            I hope not, and in addition to Bush being a closet liberal-his Bush pedigree is still too hard for the majority to swallow-I was skeptical at first of a win by Trump, but with his detailed plans for revamping the government with new tax laws, a stop to illegal immigration, and most importantly, bringing our great military back to the top where we need to be, I am hopeful he will be on the ticket in 2016. I think a Trump-Carson or Carson Kasich (I am from Ohio) bid will be great for Americans.

          3. Deborah G says

            Kasich is a smart guy but as appealing as a Turnip.I say Trump Rubio

          4. Lance Lucius says

            Smart, but just something about him gives me pause, to ready with prepared responses, never really off the cuff.

          5. Dave Phelps says

            Trump, Carson, much better

          6. Deborah G says

            I doubt the blacks will get off their behinds this election but the Hispanics will . I think Rubio would get their votes and they are a bigger easier group to gain

          7. Esq says

            Don’t put the Cubans in that Hispanic thing! Cubans don’t care much for Ruby!

          8. Deborah G says

            Not from what I saw first hand and heard. They are very supportive of him. Been to Miami lately?

          9. Esq says

            Miami not Cuban! Tampa Cuban! Cubans are not Latin! Cubans are Spanish! live here Born and Raised! Be Careful of your news.

          10. Deborah G says

            Cuban-American Population by U.S. City – NerdWallet

          11. Esq says


          12. Deborah G says

            Sorry that is what the census says

          13. Esq says

            Oh I bet! I myself do not trust polls etc census! This to me is manipulation! I just grew up and have always had Cuban friends. However this hiphin American thing ie Black American,Latino American has got to stop! No one needs special attention for we are to be just Americans! Leave the Baggage home or else stay home! Have a nice evening Deborah!

          14. Deborah G says

            about the hyphenated names I agree 100% I have zero prejudice except against morons.

          15. Esq says

            No assimilate = no Country! We have way too many Fractions which is what our Government is assembling!
            Circle Sign too the Forehead; Praises be too the Republic sort of thing don’t you think?

          16. Deborah G says

            yes I do think. and I agree. The Dems have to divide and agitate to have victims. THAT is who they prey on for votes

          17. muskat antonopolis says

  ….do not lump Mexican, Cuban, Puerto Rican, Honduran, etc. Americans
            together as a voting group or block or even with the same prejudices or passions..
            Altogether different peoples…altogether different agends…….

          18. Angry American says

            All Spanish speakers are latino especially the ones from south
            America. Latino is a derivative of latins which they are not hence the latino designation

          19. Esq says


          20. Bill Senior says

            Rubio’s Biggest Problem is his stance on immigration, he totally for Amnesty … and that’s just plain BAD for the USA!!!!!!!!!!!

            Sorry, but I don’t like …. LAWBREAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          21. Deborah G says

            I don’t agree .

          22. wildeagleone says

            Being of American blood, I would rather think that the American people would vote for Rubio, Cruz or any other Hispanic rather the thinking that only one nationality holds this country in entirety and without them the Republicans can not win. Easier group to gain? Would you say that about Germans, Italians, Swedes, Japanese, Chinese, Etc?

          23. Deborah G says

            I don’t know the voting style of Germans but Italians usually vote Democrat because they are primarily Union,swedes are very Liberal so Democrats,Japanese are Conservative not liberal but are not big voter block,Chines usually do NOT vote unless they are highly skilled then usually Republican, the biggest issue is the Hispanics which Rubio with his American Dream come true is the best choice. Hispanics are leery of Cruz.

          24. wildeagleone says

            I appreciate your attention and I know that he may and I say may sway the Hispanics from Mexico but not sure that is his plan for amnesty. I don’t like his plan or amnesty so, in my mind he may be very good at some other position in the new administration but does not get my vote for President as he back peddled once on his immigration plan and there would be nothing to stop him from changing his mind again once in office.

          25. Deborah G says

            I think he is the most intelligent of the bunch, Trump the smartest in Business Cruz a great lawyer ,Huckabee a great man. WE have some good choices but in my analysis the best of the bunch all around id Marco Rubio for many reasons. Not just his perceived amnesty thing that has gotten so distorted that many conservatives are now trash talking about him like Democrats. I don’t have any belief of that. I am a very pragmatic person and I think he is the best of the bunch

          26. 1American1st says

            Rubio is a member of the GANG OF 8. There is nothing distorted about his participation as a co-author in the 2013 Immigration Reform bill to put illegals on a path to citizenship (Amnesty). Rubio’s colors aren’t red, white & blue.

          27. Daisy says

            Rubio is Jeb Bush Jr. He will never get my vote. Ted Cruz won 40% of the Hispanic vote in TX.

          28. Deborah G says

            Rubio had a mentor so what? Bush wasn’t a bad governor so he got experience. However that being said he Is his own man with a great mind. You have bought into old worn out political reasoning and lost the ability to see with clarity. Dems worked on this until you believe them/ REALLY? think for yourself.

          29. Deborah G says

            Texas IS 40% Hispanic LOL. So that doesn’t prove a whole lot.Crux is liked there and I am not belittling him I think he is a great man. I just think Rubio has a broader appeal and that he is better to get rid of the Dems

          30. kbfallon says

            agreed-but he may be better suited to getting our health care system situated better and more sensible….but, you may have a point for sure–I don’t trust Rubio or Fiorina at all–her especially.

          31. Roger Dodge says

            Gang of eight RINO Rubio is more of the same. Get a POTUS outside if the Washington DC establishment, or accept one world islamic totalitarian socialism. Pull your heads out now, or forever lose your freedom.

          32. Gen11American says

            Rubio supports a path to citizenship for the 48 million illegals in this country, 70% of which are hispanic catholics like himself. Amnesty will be a total disaster for this country, so Rubio MUST BE rejected!

          33. Bill Senior says

            “Trump – Carson” … not bad, but a “Trump – Cruz” Pairing would be “hell on wheels” in Washington, DC!!!!!!!!!!!!
            However … a “Trump and Anybody” would be BETTER than ANY DEMOCRAP!!!!!!

          34. SouthernPatriot says

            I believe that as well. With Trump, we could count on having many candid interviews about what he thinks about Putin, and his meeting with the president of Mexico, his building of the wall and new hospitals for the Vets.

            With Ted Cruze you have a core, living and practicing true conservative who knows the Supreme Court and Congress well. Knows how to navigate it and would have the deciding vote in a tie on the Senate floor. Ted would then in position to be the succeeding president.

            An amoeba would be better than any Demonrat.

          35. Tricia Harris says

            Agreed – Ted Cruz IS the best choice of all of them – he’s brilliant, and loves America and understands the Constitution.

          36. 1American1st says

            Donald Trump loves America, too. He wouldn’t be spending his own money to run for President if he didn’t.

          37. snowyriver says

            Please get Cruz out of your head as a candidate for president or vice president. He is NOT eligible. Read your constitution on eligibility requirements to be president. Thank you

          38. John Williams says

            There seem to be many who disagree with you, only time will tell.

          39. snowyriver says

            Strange, I just read the constitution “both parents must be citizens of the USA at time of birth”. Then I did a research on Ted Cruz, surprise both his parents were NOT citizens at the time of his birth.

          40. John Williams says

            I know exactly what you have read, all I am saying is that there seem to be a lot of people who disagree with the assessment on Ted Cruz.

          41. snowyriver says

            Cruz is a Patriot and a damn good Senator period

          42. Bill Senior says

            Hey Snowy … have another beer and go to sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          43. John Williams says
          44. Daisy says

            Bullshit. His mother never renounced her US CITIZENSHIP. Do you even realize how hard it is to become an American citizen again once one renounces it? You’re falling into the RINO trap…that or you’re a LWNJ.

          45. snowyriver says

            Daisy dear.. BOTH parents must be citizens of the USA. Not just one. At time of birth. I am quoting our constitution. Do you believe in our constitution??

          46. Gen11American says

            Legally, I believe his mother retained her U.S. citizenship since she never renounced it, but his father definitely was not a U.S. citizen at the time of his birth. After the vetting of Obama, and if Cruz’s status is ruled acceptable, my fear is that foreign-influences will become rampant. The Founding Fathers of our country were determined to prevent that, so We The People must remain steadfast to prevent it also!

          47. snowyriver says

            It has happened already Obama was not eligible to be a Senator . He was referred to as a foreign student in college yearbooks. He got funding with that claim. He has never (in his life) done any papers to make him a citizen of the USA.

          48. Daisy says

            Get over yourself and learn the way our laws work. He is eligible and he is OUR best bet to change Washington. What the hell is wrong with you birther cult people.

          49. Deborah G says

            I am more worried about how the middle of the Republican party views him. He doesn’t have a broad appeal except to us conservative right

          50. Rattlerjake says

            It’s idiots like you that would rather go with the flow than to stand for the Constitution. If all of the people that know Ovomit is illegal would stand up and force government to do their job he never would have served a day in office, but instead only a handful are still trying to litigate his fraud in the courts, everyone else like YOU has given up, and now want to do exactly the same thing that the left did.

          51. JeromefromLayton says

            Son of citizens makes him eligible. Far more qualified than the current resident in the White House.

          52. snowyriver says

            Both parents citizens at time of birth?????? Not eligible ! ! !

          53. Bill Senior says

            FALSE: Hey Snowy … you need to get Whiter and Brighter! How come Obama became President with a Kenyan Born, Non-Citizen of the USA – Father, duh!!!!!!!!!
            Secondly, eligibility is “Natural Born Citizen” … which Cruz is .. duh again!!!!!!
            Now, who needs to read the Constitution and do some ‘Fact’ Finding, duh again! Thank You, too!

          54. Mark Clemens says

            You do. Cruz is a NATURALIZED Citizen, not NATURAL Born.

          55. snowyriver says

            Another head where the sun never shines.
            Congress shall have the power to define and punish offences against “The Law of Nations”
            Article 1
            Section 8
            Clause 10
            Vattels Law of Nations
            Book 1
            Chapter XIX
            Article 212
            describes exactly what is a “natural born citizen”

          56. Deby says

            well, apparently NOBODY read them and elected the ineligible anyway-the way around it? Changed the birth records and sealed everything else. Done. Illegal in the wh as we debate this. Precedent anyone?

          57. snowyriver says

            You and I have read them and no matter who claims Obama is president. He is only an usurper to our presidency, nothing more nothing less.

          58. Bill Senior says

            What the hell does that do for the Country, duh … but spoil it, “usurper” or not doesn’t make it right to be carried on!!!!! Usurper are law breakers and are suppose to be arrested, jailed, tried and sentenced!
            WTF happen if that was the “case,” duh!!!!!

          59. Bill Senior says

            Bullshit … that’s is from, The French of Emmeril de Vatte …. This is the USA!

            Furthermore, Senator Ted Cruz became a US Citizen at birth via his Mother a Citizen of the USA from Delaware .. PERIOD, duh! He never had to go through a naturalization process after birth to become a US Citizen! Secondly, being born in Canada he automatically became a Canadian Citizen and thus has “Dual Citizenship” and could not only run for POTUS but could also run for Canadian Parliament!!!!!!!!!!!!
            “Ignorance must be bliss, in your case … duh!!!!!!!!!!!

          60. Mark Clemens says

            Obama had his birth records forged, or he was really born in Hawaii.

          61. 1American1st says


          62. Bill Senior says

            Why do you think Obama “sealed’ All his Records via his 1st Executive Order!

          63. Rattlerjake says

            It really simple, show us documented proof that Cruz is eligible. Give us your definition of Natural Born Citizen and Where it comes from. And I will show you why you’re a f-cking idiot and no better than a libturd!

          64. Bill Senior says

            I wouldn’t waste my time explaining … to a f-ucking shithead like you with the same “brain of a varmint” … as the pix you show, duh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            Go suck a … Rattle Kid!

          65. snowyriver says

            I can only feel sorrow for “poor ole Senior Bill”. It is harder to convince someone they have been lied to once they believe the lie than it is to convince them of a lie in the first place. The only thing wrong is they get mad when you try to show them honesty and fact.

          66. Rattlerjake says

            There are only two replies to expect from a libturd, either they will regurgitate the same lies without any proof, or they will respond EXACTLY as Bill Senior did with add hominem attacks and no proof.

          67. Mark Clemens says

            One must have two US Citizens for patents, plus be born on US Soil, or if born abroad one parent must be a diplomat working. Cruz’s dad is from Cuba, fought along Castro.

          68. Tricia Harris says

            No true.

          69. Tricia Harris says

            Not true. Cruz’s dad did NOT fight along side Castro – he was imprisoned by Castro and fought against him. I have met and talked with Rafael Cruz and heard his story. You are sorely mistaken! Both parents DO NOT HAVE TO BE US CITIZENS – look at the POS occupying the White House NOW – his mother had been out of the US long enough to lose her citizenship, he was NOT born in Hawaii, and his father was NOT a citizen! Cruz’s mother IS an American Citizen and thus Cruz is at the time of his birth; although he had dual citizenship because his parents were working in Canada in the oil fields when he was born, he STILL has American citizenship.

          70. Rattlerjake says

            People like you are not just ignorant but naive and stupid too! Just because Ovomit is presently in the White House doesn’t justify supporting Cruz, but morons like you insist on “if they can do it, we can do it”! Try reading the Constitution which states that the requirement to be President is a “Natural Born Citizen”, then read the federalist papers which contain documentation backing the definition of the term “NBC” and where that term originated (born on US soil to both parents citizens in Vattel’s “Law of Nations”); then read the Naturalization act of 1790 which deals with “birthright” citizenship which is what Cruz has. Contrary to what fools like you believe, the Constitution cannot be revised, interpreted, or defined without a constitutional amendment, so ANY definition of the term “Natural Born Citizen” that was created AFTER the Constitution became law, means nothing! Saddest of all is that fools like you who have bought into the lie that Ovomit, Cruz, Rubio, or Jindal are eligible to be POTUS are simply aiding the left in their ultimate goal of destroying the Constitution.

          71. Gen11American says

            If the Republicans select Cruz as a nominee, either for president or vice president, does anyone doubt that the Democrats will start screaming “ineligible,” despite all the evidence stacking up about the ineligibility of Obama? That will definitely prove who the “Hypocrites of the Century” are!

          72. jaybird says

            They can’t because that would make Obummer ineligible. They are using the fact that his mother was a citizen so he was eligible. Cruz’s mother is a citizen so he is eligible. Things have been changed.

          73. Gen11American says

            You could be right. What I fail to understand is why, despite the fact that our nation has existed for what? 222 years, and we still don’t have a cut-and-dried definition for what constitutes a “natural born citizen” for purposes of eligibility for running for U.S. President! It’s utter insanity! The definition needs to be so understandable, and so clear, that even Obama and Nancy Pelosi get it!

          74. Rattlerjake says

            The fact is that we DO have a set definition of “Natural Born Citizen”, but Americans have been dumbed down so badly that they will not accept it! It is in Vattel’s book, “Law of Nations”. It is a known fact that the founders used this book as a reference for writing the Constitution; it’s referred to in the Federalist Papers and other documents written by the founders. The only way that that definition can be legally changed pertaining to the Constitution is through a constitutional amendment.

          75. rocky says

            Hey neat trick ! All laws signed into law null and void, as are all the regulations enacted by the ‘coat hangers’ he put in positions of authority, and the staff they brought in too. Justice, Augriculture, Interior… I’m just getting started…

          76. snowyriver says

            Please show me the amendment to change the requirements to be president. It was presented to Congress 8 times and has failed every time

          77. jaybird says

            Check out what Gen11 American posted 2nd post down, it give a lot of different changes. Some day they need to clarify it and go back to 2 parents.

          78. snowyriver says

            Constitution on requirements to be president
            Article 2
            Section 1
            Clause 5
            Constitution on powers of Congress
            Article 1
            Section 8
            Clause 10
            Law of Nations
            Book 1
            Chapter XIX
            Article 212
            Is it clear now?

          79. 1American1st says

            They use the FAKE Photoshopped “Certificate of Live Birth” as fake proof that he was born on American soil.

          80. snowyriver says


          81. Rattlerjake says

            Actually they probably won’t, because if Cruz is elected they can then set forth on nullifying the eligibility requirements in the Constitution, that will then lead to repealing the second amendment, and other provisions they don’t like.

          82. beowulf32 says

            Yes he is anyone born by an American Parent, Cruz all the way.

          83. snowyriver says

            Please read our constitution
            Article 2
            Section 1
            Clause 5
            then look up the status of Cruz’s father on the date Ted was born.. Thank you

          84. Tricia Harris says

            He IS ELIGIBLE because he IS an American Citizen – his MOTHER IS AN AMERICAN CITIZEN and he had DUAL citizenship, and gave up the Canadian citizenship. He was RAISED as an American and he loves this country, and understands the Constitution. Look up what numerous Constitutional experts have stated – TED CRUZ IS ELIGIBLE TO BE PRESIDENT AND HE WOULD MAKE A GREAT ONE!

          85. snowyriver says

            It is very clear what the wording in our constitution means.
            You want Ted to be eligible amend the constitution.

          86. Tricia Harris says

            Then you are saying ALL the Constitutional EXPERTS are wrong and YOU are the only one who is right? Nice try. Not working so well.

          87. snowyriver says

            I am not right and they are wrong.. The Democrat party were and are guilty of running someone who they knew was not eligible to be president. To make up your own mind. read the constitution of the United States Article 1 – Section 8 – Clause 10, then read Article 2 – Section 1 – Clause 5. Now to see what a natural born citizen is Read Vattels Law of Nations , which was mentioned in the articles above Book 1 – Chapter XIX – Article 212.

          88. snowyriver says

            You Tricia have not read the constitution of the United States.

          89. Daisy says

            We need Cruz to be President if we truly want to change Washington. Why did Boehner go on every network trashing Cruz right after he announced his resignation? Because he blames Ted Cruz for busting up the good ol boy network. Ted Cruz is the only true conservative running. He is the true outsider.

          90. harry says

            Cruz would make a great Vice pres. in 2016 and2020 and great Pres. in 2024 and 2028.

          91. Deborah G says

            I am not sure we could win the election with Cruz. He doesn’t play well outside the hard right group.

          92. Tricia Harris says

            Oh but you are so wrong, he does play well outside the hard right – the problem is he confronts the LIARS and they DON’T like the lack of decorum in calling them out for what they are – LIARS AND FRAUDS! Cruz IS THE BEST CHOICE!

          93. 1American1st says

            Trump 2016

          94. rocky says

            Carlie in as Sec ‘O State… Cruise as Attn Gen… Palin for Agr… Rubip for Int…
            Trump for #1 and Carson as #2 Rubio and Paul as personal staff to clean house.
            All present staff brought in by ‘the prev’ out the door… jan 2

          95. Deborah G says

            I just can’r get excited about Carley. She has something that makes me uncomfortable. Can’t say what

          96. Tricia Harris says

            Take a look at her record while she was CEO of HP – darn near ruined the company, and more than 25,000 were laid off. She has a lot that makes me uncomfortable – go with that gut feeling about her.

          97. Deby says

            I so agree!! I like the fact that she is unafraid to jump in with the big boys and more than hold her own while doing so, but lately I have a sneaky suspicion that she is the Repubs “token” woman-she does appear to have a lot of baggage, but hey, who among them doesn’t?? I withhold my opinion about her till more facts and details about her are known. She is not, however, among my first 3 choices for pres. but maybe VP… still a lot of time to decide.

          98. Deborah G says

            Right now my top three are Rubio, Trump, Huckabee

          99. Tricia Harris says

            Cruz for President! Allen West for Secretary of State or Secretary of Defense. Trey Gowdy as Attorney General, Rand Paul for Secretary of Treasury, Trump for Secretary of Commerce. Carson as Surgeon General. Shut down Homeland Security. Close the IRS. Close the EPA. Close the Department of Education. Close all of those redundant good-for-nothing departments that have all been started by Democrats. Close the borders. Build up our military. Stop the non-earned entitlements – Welfare, free healthcare, free education are NOT entitlements. There’s a lot that can be done and Cruz is the one to do it.

          100. b glad says

            Forget the Trump.

          101. beowulf32 says

            No Carson he is a religious nut case.

          102. GrizzMann says

            You mean a Christian?

          103. Deborah G says

            he is nOT a religious nut case rather a man of faith. where do you morons get this stuff

          104. Esq says


          105. Deborah G says

            Well I went to college and I never thought like that!

          106. beowulf32 says

            Google his religion, i wont day no more and i think he is using his religion, to run game on people to get them to vote for him just like Obama did. Obama was claiming to be a CHRISTIAN to until his second term was in the bag, then the Muslim came out of the closet real quick.

          107. Unique says


          108. jaybird says

            Too early to choose, need to watch every speech for a slip of the tongue.

          109. 1American1st says

            We would do better with Trump / Bridenstine (Oklahoma House Rep).

            Lt. Commander Jim Bridenstine served in Iraq & Afghanistan & flew missions in the War On Drugs in South America. Trump needs someone with military expertise. Bridenstine is 100% Conservative & was backed by the Tea Party in 2012.

            Less than 6 months after taking office in 2013 he stood up in Congress and said Obama & Biden weren’t fit to lead this country.

            He votes on issues & bills that WE THE PEOPLE want, not what the RINOs or Lobbyists want. He listens to WE THE PEOPLE.

            He voted against Boehner for Speaker!

            Follow him on Facebook:


          110. 1American1st says

            Except they are diametrically opposed on ILLEGALS.

          111. Jjb54 says

            Trump would never pick Rubio because of some very serious negatives:

            Rubio voted for TPP.
            Sorry why would anyone who claims to be conservative vote for that? I would love to hear Rubio’s “rationalization” and see him squirm.

            Then Rubio’s stance on Immigration which is totally “out to lunch” and 180 degrees from Trump’s.

            Rubio’s just a Rino, trying to dress himself and fails as a conservative.

          112. Deborah G says

            he is the smartest guy in the pack but I wouldn’t expect someone who thinks like you to actually get the intricate workings of strategy

          113. Esq says

            From Fla you are right on!

          114. Deborah G says

            I;m sorry I just don’t agree with that. You both have fallen for the Left wing dialog

          115. Esq says

            No not really! Marco is a leftist! I have told Marco that myself and my family will not be voting for him again! I made that mistake once but not again!

          116. Deborah G says

            I just don’t agree. First of he is totally against what the left is. He may be more Middle of the far right but he definitely a Conservative.The tea Party would love to see him get in. I don’t share your views.

          117. Esq says

            First Marco is not totally against the left! And second he is not a Tea Party Candidate!

          118. Deborah G says

            i didn’t say he was I said Tea Party would love to have him in meaning people who support the Tea Party. Please read

          119. Esq says

            No I would not love to have him!

          120. b glad says

            Sure know how to pick the fake conservatives, don’t you. Kasich is a Rino and Trump and Rubio are fake conservatives, just a very slight step above.

          121. beowulf32 says

            Trump & Cruz would be awesome.

          122. muskat antonopolis says

            naaah…no trump…I thought that he might have what it takes but after
            reading some of his thoughts on conservative review, I am not so sure..
            I DO think he would be great as Secty of Commerce working under
            Pres. Cruz……if he, trump could swallow his ego…..?.

          123. Unique says

            Not Rubio………………

          124. Gen11American says

            As a Catholilc, Kasich would grant legal status to the 48 million illegals, making it possible for them to collect social-welfare benefits which will bankrupt this country! He’s a nice man, and has been a good governor, but ANY candidate who espouses amnesty must be rejected!

          125. jaybird says

            I was researching Disney firing 250 American workers and replacing them with immigrants on H-1B Visas to e-mail Trump that big companies are doing this when I found out that Rubio made it easier for more to come in Florida. NO on Rubio do not like his immigration policy. Since Trump owns big companies it will be interesting if he ever talks about the H-1B Visas.

          126. Deborah G says

            he already said that what he does as a business person is entirely different than his political policies will be. I have a business, you’d never know when you come here that I am pretty far right. I have all kinds of customers and they all think I like everything about them. personal and business are not the same. I’m sure he took whatever advantage legally to make his businesses a success and on top of that he is global so he knows how to get what he wants all over the world.

          127. jaybird says

            Well if he approves of companies in America firing American people and making them train H-1B Visa immigrants at a lower salary, he will not get my vote. Is that what you approve of?? Do you fire Americans and hire immigrants???

          128. Deborah G says

            Obviously you can’t comprehend what I said. No I do NOT advocate bringing in people to places like disney and fire Americans. Not one iota!

          129. jaybird says

            Obviously you didn’t comprehend what I said in my 1st post. I want to know what he thinks of big businesses firing Americans and replacing them with H-1B Visa immigrants and will he cut back on these H-1B Visa immigrants coming here if he is elected. Once he is elected he can’t have it one way for other people’s businesses and another for his. I really don’t care what you advocate, I am interested in what he advocates and he has not discussed this problem here in AMERICA.

          130. Deborah G says

            I actually did and I agree it is an issue that has not surfaced in this campaign as of yet. My thinking is he is smart enough to know the difference in the “People’s Business” vis a vis the parameters of his own real Estate conglomerate. I understand what you think of Rubio however the programs Rubio help enact were for a different reason. I’ll have to delve into that a bit more when the day gets a bit easier. Let’s be clear here the business of politics is perhaps not what you and I would totally be privy too

          131. 1American1st says

            Rubio is one of the Gang of 8. If you vote for him, please plan to take Illegals into your home. We are sick of supporting them.

          132. Deby says

            You’re right, Rubio is “seasoned” but fiery and really has more of the exact same ideas as I do-Carson/Rubio or Trump/Rubio both have a nice ring of CHANGE to them!!

          133. Deborah G says

            he is also the most intellient and smart. PLUS he is an absoulute Patriot. He LOVES America. He IS the American dream./ I love trump and Cruz don’t get me worng but if you add it all up HE is by far the best choice.

          134. Deby says

            LOL –right again-I agree with your assessment of Rubio-I liked him way back in 2012 as well, but apparently he was too “wet behind the ears” for some Republicans. I hope the winds have changed and will begin blowing in his direction-and believe me, if he is the candidate-I will lobby hard for his election!!!

          135. Deborah G says

            Me to BUT I will vote for whomever gets the Nomination

          136. Deby says

            My sentiments exactly girlfriend! I am also thinking hard about which one can beat whatever dumbocrat they decide on , and it is really looking like Clinton, unless the FBI can force the sheep to really think about the whole server thing and what it means about her ethics, morality etc. and really, what is in the country’s best interest. IF they ignore those things she will be the candidate and all the obamabots/dems will come out in droves for her, so our person has got to be able to shut the liberal machine down.

          137. Deborah G says

            Great debi/Deby minds think alike. (-:

          138. Tricia Harris says

            No – CRUZ is a better choice!!!!!

          139. Mike with the Silver Star says

            Trump/Carson or Trump/Cruz……that would be a good ticket

          140. muskat antonopolis says

            nooooooooooooo to Trump..hey he is an supremely effective salesman..
            look at all the people he has beguiled with his bombast….WHAT is his
            purpose …WHAT is his real goal…and PULLEZE don’t tell me that
            he is a Patriot and just wants to “fix” America…..oh good grief…Mr.
            T will NOT do anything unless there is a payday in it for him……that is his NATURE and you cannot change the spots on a leopard or change
            the nasty habit of venomous snakes biting…..And, I can hear it now,
            Mr T. the Pres. says….you all knew what I was, my nature, before you
            elected me…now deal with it…..

          141. 1American1st says

            GET OVER IT!

            Trump sees what all red-blooded Americans see, 7 years of pure outright FAILURE!

            He sees the corruption in DC and is speaking out against it.

            He has laid out plans to deport millions of ILLEGAL ALIENS who have brought drugs, crime & even murder to America.

            He said he would return the 100s of thousands of Refugees to the Middle East.

            He has laid out his plans to bring jobs back to America. With 94+ Million Unemployed Americans it is key to get our Jobs Market going again!

            Our National Debt: Trump said he would cut, cut, cut expenses. With the Communist Democrat party it has been spend, spend, spend… MOSTLY on BS!

            I would much rather “deal” with a man who has a plan to stop this runaway Obama train which is heading straight for Economic Collapse.

            Is there a reason you don’t want to “make America great again”? Could it be that you are a Commie Democrat or a Socialist who supports Bernie?

          142. muskat antonopolis says

            1A1st…glad to see that you are passionate about the upcoming nomination for GOP… answer your assumption directly…..NO I am not a liberal…NO I am not
            a communist….No I am not a socialist (of any kind)….No I do not hate Trump..
            Yes I am in agreement with American 1st…..ok? I agree that those objectives
            are great….I just do not think his immigration plans will work…..not all of them..
            I WANT muslims OUT…..I WANT the existing INS laws enforced….and then
            when Citizens start doing some of the jobs that the Mexicans are now doing..
            then tighten the immigrant numbers to just a trickle…this Nation is no longer
            able to be the Nursery for the worlds ill….we have much, much to do here
            before we will be able to help others…..I WANT the USA to GET OUT of
            the M.E. altogether and let the muslims fight among themselves until one
            is in control….THEN we can decide what we want to do with that particular
            group…..I want a balanced budget and China off our back ….I WANT our
            businesses back a full throttle doing what they do best….etc., etc., OH<
            one more thing that I REALLY WANT is to do away with POLITICAL
            CORRECTNESS and let us hear the TRUTH for a change…..well, those
            are some of my wish list…..lets see what happens…BUT< hey butthole..
            just because I do not agree with you DO NOT make the assumption that
            I am not an American…Question to you….you served your country in the
            military yet….or in some other way….eh Citizen?…hope so because
            telling a Vet that he is a Communist might one day get your ass in a
            sling……think about it……

          143. Deby says

            Oh man– you are so wrong! Trump doesn’t NEED more money than oh say the 9 BILLION or so he already has-the presidents’ job is LEADERSHIP- something the US hasn’t had in over 6+ years now and desperately needs it back and that is his only motivation-not to “fundamentally change” America like the current POS in the wh. Trump has already said he will surround himself with experts to help him accomplish his goal of returning America to it’s former greatness and #1 standing in the world. Talk about a sales –pitch-obozo’s team was so good with convincing the public he got elected twice. America needs a REAL change, and that just may be Mr. Trump.

          144. muskat antonopolis says

            you have got to be around 21 yrs of age..maybe a little older..not much…look….
            Mr T*s 9 billion regardless of what he says is Not liquid…it is tied up in all manner
            of r/e, investments, etc….he cannot put his hands on it right NOW..and will have
            to depend on the market for liquidity….yes…Mr. T, WOULD fundamentally
            change America..but, I am not so sure that a man coming on the political stage
            at this juncture w/o some REAL military experience would be an asset to the USA.
            What someone says and what they do is Always different in the hearing….He
            said he would do this…he said he would do that….But, what he meant was…..
            I can hear the T now speaking to one of his Cabinet …”YOUR FIRED”……
            the T is truly having a difficult time separating reality from “his world” where
            he can tell anyone he wants to kiss his arse and w/o reprecussions…don’t
            get caught up in the herd…think for yourself and make your own decisions….lol

          145. Deby says

            try 62 years dude- Trump has no military background true, but the idiot currently running the country (into the ground) has none either-matter of fact he had no real political experience either-he is president because of someone (SOROS) else’s money and is now his puppet. I am not saying I am voting for Trump (unless he is the nominee) what I am saying is his motivation is much much purer than someone who is dependent on other people’s money and agendas-look what has happened in the last 7 years -Benghazi, ISIS in the US,same sex marriage, open friggin’ borders, amnesty for illegals, more taxes and oh yeah, obamacare. My main concern is getting a true patriot and conservative who actually knows and understands our Constitution back in the wh and getting this anti American muslim out. I am not caught up in the “herd”-perhaps you are-and I do think for myself but thanks for your concern

          146. muskat antonopolis says

            yea…a lot of my female friends around your age are named Deborah and go
            by the nickname..Debbie or y….so…well you sound younger….and your have a passion for your country…way to go….But….Mr. T. is not proven politically in any
            regard…..but…outside of Mr. T. I do not know who of the many running are able
            to tackle the Presidency and Manage to keep the USA together…..we have Many
            enemies, and we need much more than financial help….we need basically to
            start over… is really easy (I*ll say this again and again), to say I will do this and
            I will do that, just like politicians have done forever…remember? “read my lips”,
            “no tax increases”, “you can keep your doctor”…yeah, yeah 40 acres a mule and
            a chicken in every pot…..this bs has gone on forever and is going on NOW…..
            Now here is a challenge for Mr. T…….did you happen to catch the Gov*s race for
            Alabama a few years ago…I think that the name of the Gov. is Bennet? Who
            is also a wealthy doctor…..he had stated in his campaign “promises” that
            he would not take a dime of the states money as his salary until…and there
            was stipulation on what was to happen before he would take his salary..i cannot
            exactly remember….but, to Mr. T. a few hundred thousand is chump change..
            So, let him publicly state that he will fore-go his Presidential salary and
            expenses until he has done all of the things he said that he would do and
            quantitative measurements can be set…..He then can either PUT UP or
            SHUT HIM…..think that he is up to the challenge????

          147. Deby says

            look muskat-I thank you for the “younger” nod, and will agree I am quite politically passionate about the direction of this country, but I think you are missing the point since you are obviously NOT a Trump fan and your posts thoroughly vet that-but what you don’t seem to get is that I have not really thrown my full support behind Trump either-what I post is that I am not against him running, and his motivation appears to be real for the moment. However, I really don’t think he will get the nomination-lately he says some things I am not in support of, and his liberal to conservative background is also one of my concerns. Plus at the end of the day-I don’t care for his unnecessary digs at the other nominees when he is criticized or he perceives he is. Mudslinging is best left to the left as they are the true lying experts at that. I want ANY of the current candidates to “put up or shut up”- America deserves a real, patriotic leader-THAT is what I want to see happen in 2016, and I like the fact that most of the candidates on the conservative side think that way as well. May the best one rise to the top of the pack and get it done in 2016.

          148. jaybird says

            He will want to replenish what he has used in this campaign if he wins and it is not a matter of needing more money, these types always “want” more money.

          149. Mark Clemens says

            I don’t know why Cruz is in this.
            He’s not a Natural Born Citizen.
            He’s a Naturalized Citizen. Senator is as high as he can go. I think he makes a damn good senator.
            Trump will need allies in Congress to get stuff done. I think Carson would bring more to the table on immigration reform. He had damn good ideas on it.

            Remember the Executive Branch, can’t do it alone. So during the primary, do the patriotic thing. Vote out every incumbent you lawfully can. Cruz is safe doing this…….

          150. 1American1st says

            Carson is almost as bad about Illegals as Rubio. His “Guest Worker” program will NOT work. This “ain’t Canada” folks. OUR Southern border is 3rd world Mexico, gateway to the Central & South American 3rd world.

            His “Guest Workers” will still be hauling drugs across the Border but will have a “Guest Worker Permit” to do so. Once they get that permit, do you think the Border Patrol will still search them for drugs?

            How will we determine who is eligible for “Guest Worker” permits? How can we determine if they are members of a drug cartel, rapist, robbers, etc.? We can’t do Background Searches on 3rd world Illegals…….

          151. Mark Clemens says

            The Constitution states, to be President, both of your parents must be naturalized US Citizens, you have to be born here, on US Soil, if not, one of your parents must be a working Diplomat, or active service member (like McCain’s birth situation)
            Ted aint even Senator Cruz’s real first name, His father fought alongside Castro in Cuba, until he became a POW. When he got out of POW Jail, he fled to Canada, just like a gutless Vietnam draft dodger. His mom met Cruz Sr in Canada. Ted was born Canadian. Cruz and Obama almost have the same bio.
            Just the names are different.
            Hell if we are going to let Canadians run this country, lets put Neil Purtt in the WH. He has real vision……….

          152. Mark Clemens says

            I like that Carson wants to aggressively use laws we already have on the books. If an illegal immigrant gets arrested, they get deported. That’s just one of his ideas. Trump sending ALL Undocumented immigrants ,home is like rounding up ALL firearms. There’s to many.

          153. 1American1st says

            All ILLEGALS came here & all ILLEGALS can leave here. Never underestimate the ingenuity of Americans, especially when we don’t have Obama stopping us at every turn.

          154. Tricia Harris says

            Cruz IS a Citizen because his MOTHER IS AN AMERICAN citizen, and by birthright he is an AMERICAN! His parents were working in Canada when he was born and therefore had DUAL citizenship. He gave up his Canadian citizenship. He SHOULD be in this because he IS the best choice. He is calm, thoughtful, and collected in every situation he thinks things through and he is brilliant. He shares a lot of the same beliefs as Trump, but more gracious in speaking about them and not the bull in the china closet. He’s a far more NATURAL BORN CITIZEN than the POS TRAITOR occupying the White House now, and numerous judicial experts have stated CRUZ IS a Natural Born Citizen.

          155. Mark Clemens says

            Why do y’all use Obama as an example? He’s a poor one at best, Is Cruz gonna be the GOP’s token foreign token president, like Obama was the token RNC foreign president? Two wrongs have never made a right!!!
            I want our next president 100% born in the USA, not someone born in another country. Next thing you know we will be seeing Elizabeth II/2020.
            I’m sure the Queen would like her colonies back…………

          156. John Williams says

            I strongly suggest that you take a closer look at Kasich before throwing your support behind him, he is a RINO without a doubt and is establishment all the way.
            Please go to the following to get a very simple comparison on the candidates, if you can understand a stop light this will make things very clear on which candidate has proven themselves and which candidate just talks a good story, after all, do we not support a conservative?


          157. Deby says

            good point John, I am not really choosing anyone right now-there are so many good candidates I want to wait it out and see who can hang in there and fight the hardest-My top 4 right now are Trump, Carson, Rubio and Cruz. I still believe Kasich would make a good VP tho.

          158. John Williams says

            I have from the beginning and will continue to support Ted Cruz financially, those who cannot keep the money coming in will not survive long enough to get to the finals. Rubio being part of the driving force behind the gang of 8 has laid his cards out on the table regardless of trying to walk some of it back. Carson is wishy washy on the second amendment and is all for a path to citizenship for illegals, everyone knows you cannot reward bad behavior (no different than a two year old). Kasich has 4 bad strikes against him, 3 of which I cannot get past, the most important being the 2nd amendment, you are either for it or against it there is no middle ground, his record sucks. We need the 2nd amendment more now than at any time in our history, the original reason for it is for defense against a tyrannical government, we have an out of control government that is waging war on we the people. We are approaching a time in this presidential race where the “establishment plants” will have accomplished what they were put there to do “split the support and take money away from viable candidates”, they will start dropping out and throwing their support, money and probably most supporters to an “establishment pick,” more than likely why bush is still feeling confident, he knows what to expect.

          159. 1American1st says

            Go Trump!

          160. muskat antonopolis says

            yeah…go home trump

          161. Mark Clemens says

            Get the economy out of the dump
            Vote for Trump!!!!!!

          162. Deborah G says

            I don’t think trump can be beaten financially. Plus he is a master at getting free publicity lol.

          163. kbfallon says

            Its his charisma that generates the free media….like him or not–people want to see/hear him.

          164. Deborah G says

            I never cared for the guy until I heard him and his ideas. I think he has the most PRACITCAL smart ways forward to prosperity. People make fun of his failures in business but here’s the thing you don’t learn from the wins you learn from the losses.In reality he DIDN”T lose, he strategically got out of investments that turned sour for whatever reasons. Good business

          165. kbfallon says

            Exactly-as a business owner–small one, but a business nonetheless–if you fear failing….you will never reach your potential and learn from your mistakes–life is like that.

          166. Deborah G says

            My own small business depneds on Missle Class people. Since OBAMA took office it has been 50-75% off. I am holding on hoping the Middle Class under a REAl President like Trump or Rubio will be better. Rubio GETS the American Dream no matter what you think of his amnesty deal that he could NOT win at. It was a set up getting him in the group.

          167. Jjb54 says

            Deborah, sorry but Rubio screwed the American people over big time and seriously big time when he voted for TPP.

            Sorry, that cannot be over looked, cannot be ‘brushed under the carpet’. He screwed us over and showed us, for what ever reasons -> He can be bought and sold.

            That right there is a very serious reason why he should not be President and more importantly – Be Trusted. He simply cannot be trusted when it really matters.

          168. Deborah G says

            BS I don’t agree with you at all. He was put in a position that he couldn’t win simply to marginalize his greatness. You fell for it. Democrats won. They feared Rubio so they discredited him.

          169. Jjb54 says

            No, he could have and should have voted NO and HELL NO for the TPP. Cruz did, voted NO. Rand Paul, even had the backbone to vote NO ….. the people with backbone vote NO and rightly so. But Rubio walked in and voted YES ….

            And if the Dem’s had control of him and his vote – and he was, as you stated: “put in a position that he couldn’t win” – then you better ask: WHY??

            Because like I stated, Cruz, Paul and such all had NO issues voting NO on the TPP … so obviously someone was pulling Rubio’s strings to force him to vote YES. Thus my statement – He can be bought and sold.

            So tell me why he voted yes, when others had no issues and voted NO and rightly so … please tell me why he was ‘bought and sold’ to vote YES?

            I DARE YOU! 🙂

          170. Bill Senior says

            Hurrah! Guess you won that debate with great rebuttal of facts, answers and questions back, which she apparently can’t answer …. Ole Deb G. better get some more fact finding info before spewing nothing opinions … “don’t ya think!!!!!!”

          171. Jjb54 says

            I can only guess that she seriously did not think through her post:
            “He was put in a position that he couldn’t win simply to marginalize his greatness.”

            She should have thought this through a lot more carefully – “How or Why was he put in this “position”?” Because obviously Cruz, Paul, et all that voted NO … were not put into any “Position” to have their votes controlled.

            Obviously someone had something on and/or over him that made it so his vote could and would be controlled. OR .. he truly is a wolf in sheep clothing. It can only be 1 of the 2 …. or maybe both ……??

          172. Bill Senior says

            Thanks for your response, I’m in total agreement with you … on Rubio.
            The Voting “Yes” on TPP shows me he’s disingenuous side and that alone cost him my vote and Yes … he maybe both!

          173. Deborah G says

            If you want a candidate that thinks exactly like you then run for office.

          174. Deborah G says

            Have you read the thing? There were so many things Rand Paul and Cruz didn’t get. I love Cruz but he is not someone who would try and get it done any way but the hard right way. Rand Paul is a cuckoo in my opinion.Only Trump and Rubio perhaps Huckabee have the smarts to do it

          175. Deborah G says

            How exactly do YOU of all people a person on the internet KNOw Rubio or anyone can be bought and sold. what a silly childish remark. No better than a Democrat in my book/ Unfounded personal smears. Is that what passes as a conservative these days? I am a staunch Conservative and he is as Conservative as they come except you cant get the immigration issue figured out.He was in ano win situation so he tried to compromise to get what he gave his word he would try to do. You just did EXACTLY what the Dems wanted you to do. Moronic! They feared Rubio so they tried to marginalize his abilities and attacked him personally. what did they get? Student loans and a mortgage. Gee now that is simply awful. Oh I forget his wife’s traffic ticket

          176. Jjb54 says

            Deborah, seriously?
            How is it UNFOUNDED that he voted for TPP? It is a matter of PUBLIC RECORD.

            You said it yourself and I quote:
            “He was put in a position that he couldn’t win simply to marginalize his greatness….”

            How did the Dem’s get him into that “position” that he had to vote YES? You still did not answer that question. Funny, they did not get Cruz, et all into that so called “position” … a point to ponder and seriously ponder it.

            You still failed to answer that question. Yes, you called me names and insults and such, fine … that too just proved my point. You are NOT able to answer your statement that YOU posted, so do you what most Dem’s do – Attack and Avoid. . o O (Just saying ….)

            And I’m sorry, ” …. his greatness ….” OMG, seriously? He is not all that “great” … no more then you or I and actually LESS so, because of his VOTING YES on the TPP. That was not “great” or “Greatness” in action, just the opposite, if we are honest.

            So one of two reasons that Rubio voted YES for the TPP:

            1. The Dem’s have something on him and played ‘hardball’ and as you said, ” he was PUT IN A POSITION …” that forced him to vote: YES. Cause, again if ” .. he was put in a position to vote for it ..”


            The Dem’s obviously did not have the same ‘force’ or whatever you wish to call it, to put “Cruz in a position” to vote: Yes. And though for the most part, Rand Paul is not even on my top 10 list … still, at least he had the backbone and common sense to vote: NO .. as did all True Conservatives that saw this for what it was.

            2. He – Rubio – voted yes on his own … which then tells us a lot about where he stands.

            So which is it, Deb, which is it? 1 or 2

            Then we have his stance on Immigration, which again – only serves the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS and not our RULE OF LAW and such.

            He is accurately called a RINO … and evidence is mounting against his “Greatness” – OMG, I feel like I’m talking about Obama and how the Dem’s see him. 😛

            And as another poster stated, about the Gang of 8 and funny he and Bush are almost, please note I said ALMOST twins on their political stance. Need I say more?

            Now, no insults, no name calling … I have yet to call or insult you, so please return the respect.

            Answer the question: Mark Rubio voted for TPP because:

            1. The Dem’s have something on him and played ‘hardball’ and as you said, ” he was PUT IN A POSITION …” that forced him to vote: YES. Cause, again if ” .. he was put in a position to vote for it ..”

            … OR …

            2. He – Rubio – voted yes on his own … which then tells us a lot about where he stands.

            Or you can continue to “rationalize” – “excuse” and avoid answering them, which again only proves my point.

            But please, no more insults or name calling. I can get that from any Dem.

          177. Deborah G says

            Like I said you and I were not there. I was speaking of amnesty. The fair trade TPP initiative is something I would have to read in toto before I passed judgement on that. As a die hard Capitalist I am for free markets. Let the strong survive. Protecting unions is never was anything I am concerned about other than they are American Jobs. WE CAN make business stay here with Trumps ideas. I think he is greta why do I say that? Because the Dems made such a HUGE deal about trying to destroy him. He may align to a degree with Bush on some issues. Actually so do I but he is his own man. His story IS the American Dream. He loves America of that I am sure. I do think he is the most intelligent and classy of all of them

          178. Jjb54 says

            I have no problems with ‘heated’ dialogs or debates. But I do my best to attack the POINTS and NOT the person …

            But seriously – Go read my posts, TPP was the first thing that I was addressing with Rubio … I’m not really sure how you could have missed that? It is in ALL my posts about Rubio. So again, I’m not really sure how you could have missed it, not sure at all.

            Also, his stance on ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION is pretty much similar to Bush and all the other RINO’s .. note I said similar and not the same .. but similar enough to not really draw a line of difference…

            I’m sorry, but “anchor babies” is just an emo-tool/card that the Dem’s and such use, just like the use the “Race Card” if you speak anything bad about Obama’s policies.

            The ILLEGALS came here, with the intent to abuse our laws and use the ‘anchor baby’ emo-card. Sorry, but talk about manipulation and such. They came here, had a baby here on purpose to abuse our laws and play an emo-card. So take your baby / babies and go home and deal with the consequences of breaking our laws and trying to play the system.

            I have no pity for them, no ‘understanding’ for them. They came here, again, illegally and to ‘play’ us …. that cannot be rewarded and commended or anything else. It was WRONG what they did, pure and simple. 100% W R O N G …. So the consequences of their actions is their’s .. not ours. They can explain it to their children, “we broke the United States of America’s laws and we tried to use to “justify” – “rationalize” to avoid the CONSEQUENCES of breaking the USA’s laws….

            I’m tired of Dem’s and the Illegal Immigrants using / abusing children to “justify” and “rationalize” breaking our laws.

            NO! NO! and NO!!

          179. theseer says

            You are correct Rubio did vote for TPP….
            also voted for Gang of 8 Bill also totally against the American people as TPP.
            It favored illegals…
            It clearly stated that if an a company hired an illegal they would be paid $3,000 for each they hire by the gov….but if they hired an American the company would be
            fined $5,000 for each they hired….

          180. beowulf32 says

            I heard that Jebs donors, are starting to back Rubio, like he has a chance in hell.

          181. Deborah G says

            I think he has a great chance if trump falls out of favor which it doesn’t look like he will. Me personally? I could care less except for fiorino which one gets the nomination. I’ll back the winner

          182. beowulf32 says

            I wont vote for him ever i will set the election out Jeb or Carson.

          183. Mark Clemens says

            I think its rigged. How can people like McConnell and Feinstein keep getting elected? Their constituents can’t be that stupid.

          184. Bob2002 says

            You make a good point.

          185. 1American1st says

            Look what they did in South Carolina! The primary field was so large that RINO Graham won! He was the worst candidate running!

          186. Michael says

            Amen! Cochran stole the election with the help of rinos.

          187. Esq says

            It’s the media ! When the time comes the Polls will have Jeb at 100 and Cruz at 1! There is your answer!

          188. beowulf32 says

            Maybe from voter fraud and he thinks he has it in the bag already.

          189. wildeagleone says

            I have already written to Priebus and told him the Republican party nationwide far outnumber he and Rove and we don’t need the RNC so they may as well retire their pay for play positions and get the hell out of the way of the voters. We are tired of the two telling us how much more intelligent they are then the entire nation of Republican voters. Example: McCain–Romney. They took your advice and we all know how that has turned out

          190. 1American1st says

            It happened with McCain in the primaries. Of all the candidates running he was our last choice.

          191. Jimmy Quick says

            I just want to know where do we keep finding these people? This guy couldn’t lead his way out of a bathroom stall with toilet paper stuck to his shoe.

          192. Gen11American says


          193. Jimmy Quick says

            Hello, did you read the article? I just look at the pictures myself.

          194. Mark Clemens says

            During interviews Bush III and Clinton II all ways look nervous.
            Like they hiding something.
            It looks like they force smiles, to look almost human……..,

          195. Rattlerjake says

            “Maybe the system truly is totally rigged”? You really don’t know? We have been “HANDED” Presidents for many years, and that includes the Bushes. All you have to do is look up the videos proving that our voting machines are rigged. There is absolutely NO WAY that Ovomit was elected by voters. All the left had to do was add up all of the electoral votes of the known democrap states and then figure out which of the “swing states” they needed to complete the majority and rig their machines. That is why you only heard about fraud in a very small number of states and they we all “swing states” (Florida, Pennsylvania, Virginia, etc.). People in this country are blind t the corruption that has and is taking place, that is why they have accepted Ovomit in the White House, Ovomitcare, Hitlery and her constant law breaking, the government’s story on 9/11, Sandy Hook, and the list goes on.

          196. BornAgainSouthernPride says

            If bush (little b) gets the nomination, we will all know the fix is in.

        2. Gen11American says

          Look up “Reasons Not To Vote For Jeb Bush.” You’ll have your pick, 10 reasons here, 10 reasons there, 5 reasons Conservatives shouldn’t vote for Jeb Bush. It’s quite an eyeful but if you’ve got even a smidgin of temptation to consider him, I suggest you read up first! He’s just a male version of Hillary Clinton, he just isn’t shrill, and he speaks Spanish. Other than that, all same all same.

          1. Bob2002 says

            I can not disagree with you. Jeb Bush is wrong on so many things, plus, we do not need any more Clintons or Bushes in our White House. We need a reformer to undo all the errors Obama has done to our economy and Trump is the one to do this.

          2. Lance Lucius says

            You might say he is Hillery’s Bush. EEEEEEGH I’m sorry, I just made myself sick.

          3. kbfallon says

            that’s bad my friend…now you have me trying to get the image out of my mind–and I love those areas…..usually. How does she hang the air fresheners?

          4. Gen11American says

            Naughty! However, Bush would just be a male version of Hillary as far as policies go. I just don’t think Bush would spend his time as president tormenting his political rivals and conspiring to have them eliminated, as Hillary would do.

        3. Debra Johnson says

          The trouble is he has donors on his side and over 100 million. I know Bush won’t beat whoever is on the Democratic side and I don’t understand why they seem to think someone like Bush would win. I am sick of him saying he is a conservative when he isn’t at all. He does not like the Tea Party and he has made it quite plain so why would we want him in the White House when he is clearly not for the people, but would continue the same policies and failures.

          1. maxx says

            The GOP already knows Bush won’t beat the democrat candidate. But since the GOP and democRats make up the “ruling class” it doesn’t make any difference. The liberal agenda will be promoted by either winner if Bush is it.

          2. Esq says

            Yep! The only difference is Jeb is prettier!

          3. Conservative says

            Bush, like so many old-timers, long-timers are so entrenched in politics of the past they do not know how to campaign or govern in the Country today. For both Democrats and Republicans, it’s the way they always played and they are stuck there: playing games with lobbyists, millionaire donors, each other, the voters. They only got older, they are no wiser or smarter. Their minds got stuck in the past. Sorry but there is no further education for ‘full time’ politicians.

          4. Deborah G says

            I agree Bush is not for this time in our History we need strength,passion and patriotism

        4. Lance Lucius says

          I still want to know how that mealy mouth McCain got the nod when he was all but out of contention. Beware the blackguards that gave him the nod, it could be the same with the liberal Jeb Bush. Personally, I can’t stand the slimy double talker, and Bush will never get my vote.

        5. Esq says

          We were duped on Jeb’s educational fiasco here in Florida! FCAT! Jeb is the Father of COMONCORE! Florida has the most stupid students on the entire planet!

        6. Robert Kettler says

          Remember His daddy was the one that said “IT IS TIME FOR THE NEW WORLD ORDER” .. His brother allowed 12,000 per month refugees from Iraq… Were they all vented ??

        7. Ole Man says

          Commist Core .

        8. banjojack says

          He is wrong in thinking we need anyone else in the White House named Bush or Clinton.Bush would be better than Christie or Fiorina. That is not much of an endorsement.

        9. molly kennedy says

          If he is nominated by the Republicans I won’t bother wasting my gas to go vote.
          I have already emailed my representative, Ted Yoho, to please not vote for McCarthy.

        10. 1American1st says

          If we want to keep the 10s of Millions of Illegals already here just vote for Jeb, Rubio, Carson or Graham. If you want to send them home, vote TRUMP.

        11. ricktenny says

          He’s going to be right or wrong on any issue he addresses depending on what gets the most votes.
          I for one am having a ball watching the demons of the party shriek as their grip is pried loose. The people may have finally awakened. Thank you sweet Jesus Thank You.

      3. fred says

        If I were a woman I would be vigorously campaigning against the worst thing to ever happen to women in this country, Hillary Clinton!

        1. Deborah G says

          She makes them all victims and THAT is a disgrace. I am a strong woman never felt like a victim never will so therefore I would never vote for someone who sees women as such.

        2. Gen11American says

          How right you are! Just as Obama’s two terms in office has turned off tens of millions to the prospect of ever electing another half-black, pro-Marxist, pro-Muslim, pro-homosexual as president, enduring Hillary Clinton for one or two terms would convince every male in America, and every decent female, to NEVER elect another vindictive radical feminist shrew to political office as long as our Republic exists!

      4. Conservative says

        Clinton and all the Democrats are deliberately trying to create a new class of VICTIMS! Without convincing the gullible of any stripe the Democrats will be a party of the past. Right now they are the party of Victims and that keeps them in their high-powered jobs that is demeaning to every race and class. Just convince the gullible they are victims and need others to clear every path for them and the politicians stay in power and the victims never learn to make real, productive lives for themselves.

      5. RuFus92 says

        That is a big 10-4 there Gen11American!

      6. wildeagleone says

        Nor do we need the sex capades to continue under the American Flag that stands so proudly atop of the People’s House

      7. jaybird says

        Any of them that are “not” working for the American people is a bad thing! Screw the “Good Old Boys Club”.

    2. Magik says

      One would have thought that ousting Cantor was enough of a notice . One was wrong …

      1. MAHB001 says

        So true, the Cantor election may have been the last true election. I fear all elections from hear on out will be fixed. Cantor caught them off guard, and they didn’t have time to fix it. That goes for Democrats and Republicans. Primaries, and Head to Head elections.

        Note, the establishment was successful in Mississippi at corrupting the election results in the McDaniel and Cochran race… Cochran the establishment candidate won even though McDaniel had well over 55% of the Republican votes.. The good ol boy network really worked hard on that one.

        I believe the old Stalin adage about fixing the elections is an reality on both sides. If you think about it, we assume that the Republicans are keeping the Democrats honest, and vise versa… But in reality the Good ol boy network is really just Socialists wearing conservative clothing… So Socialists are keeping Socialists honest..

        And the kicker is we assume the Media is keeping our Government honest…. The media is owned and controlled by the same socialists…..

        This is how the next election is going to go…

        Socialists own and control the media, the media calls it a close election, We the People Vote… The socialists go behind closed doors and play rock, paper, sciscors to figure out which hand picked politician puppet wins. Sure enough the winner wins by a margin of 52% to 48%…. The socialist media runs out and announces the winner and nobody questions the results…

        The losers go home, lick their wounds, and try harder next time. The winners do their happy dance, and go home blissful.

        The votes are burned in the trash without being opened……

        “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
        Joseph Stalin

        1. Magik says

          Join the ” Vote Them All Out ” movement . There are only a very few worthy of staying in office .

    3. jetmagnet says

      I got news for you the GOP will go nowhere with the Teabags obstruction, people will turn on them and they will be gone by 2020 or 2026. They represent billionaires and plutocracy!

      1. MAHB001 says


    4. Kent2012 says

      and they should stop and pickup up mcdoogler on the way to catch their ship to africa…er syria…

    5. MARYSWEET says

      That is exactly what the “good ole boy” network does. They keep their power by grooming others to replace those at the top. Now that boehner is going, they want a duplicate in his place as Speaker that they can control. We need a strong conservative independent to be Speaker. Someone who will not be a puppet for obama’s demands on Congress.

      1. MAHB001 says

        You are correct, the good ole boy network has suffered a loss, but to think they are down and out would be a mistake,,,,

        The Moral Majority can no longer sit on the sidelines and stay silent… Or the good ole boy network will just rebuild itself.

        1. MARYSWEET says

          The good ole boy system will never die. It is a strong group and they will recoup and survive. We will have to dig down deep to get our American spirit going again because too many of the younger generation are just too spoiled and don’t believe or care what is going on around them. The silent majority is not so silent anymore and we will survive.

          1. MAHB001 says

            I agree, things are not the same, but the same at the same time…
            The good ole boy network is evil, and will always be around.

          2. MARYSWEET says

            Especially when politics are involved. Now in Texas, the good ole boy has a different meaning. We really need to start standing up and being more vocal to our reps in DC. I called all mine last week again to let them know what I expect from them. Ted Cruz is the only one I don’t worry about.

    6. Nina says

      Big freakin game they’re playing! Bonehead resigns…….less than 2 weeks vote McShity in and BAM!! It’s over!!!! Not so fast!!!!!!! This is nothing but a set up same old same old crock of shit!!!!!!! We CANNOT ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN!!!!!!!!! Remember folks………………..”WE THE PEOPLE” say NO!!!!!!! Get in touch with your congressperson! Vote NO!!

      1. Miyako says

        I notified my Congressman (Republican) that I Supported ‘Steve King’ For Speaker of the Hose And Did Not Want McCarthy’!

        1. Nina says

          You go girl!!

          1. Miyako says

            No More PHONY………………RINO……………..REPUBLICANS”! Boehner said, McCarthy was a Good Replacement………….That Was a Kiss Of DEATH For the Next Republican Speaker of the House’! If They Appoint this Ass Kisser…..The FIGHT will go on in the Republican Party And US Senate. (The Next Loser… Mitch McConnell)…………………YES…Mr.Obama”! anything you say”!

          2. Nina says

            Mitch McConnell should be shaking in his boots right now!! You are going down sir!! As for the zest speaker I am still holding ou for Trey Gowdy. He would be a most excellent Speaker! You know he is a little pit bull! I just adore him, his personality that is! Lol!!

    7. Michael says

      I agree 100%, we need REAL conservatives that believe in and will uphold the Constitution.

    8. The Redhawk says

      BULLS EYE!

  2. disqus_Patriot says

    He needs to go too.
    Semper Fi

  3. Richard says

    He’s a boehner clone .S2 D2! Same sh*t Different day.
    Trust NO career politician!!!!!

  4. Gen11American says

    The very fact that Kevin McCarthy is from the No-Longer-Great State of California gives me the willies! No true conservative can get elected from that state without first promising the moon and the stars to his constituents! With $18 trillion in national debt, we can’t afford to promise anything to anyone except perhaps to promise to try to keep our country from being completely destroyed by Barack Obama!

    1. Lord_KABIGON says

      California is not homogenous and LA/San Francisco/Berkley do not reflect the whole state. It may be the state with too many “sanctuary cities” but is also the state where the electorate keeps voting for the death penalty.

      1. Gen11American says

        The voters in California also voted No! to same-sex marriage, but the liberal fruitcakes in California wouldn’t stand for that so they got it rescinded by a ultra-liberal judge. They’ll probably do the same to the death penalty, and start freeing all the pedophiles after making that legal also! California needs to be divided in two, with all the illegals in the bottom half, and all the whites in the top half, and then at least 1/2 of Calif. might be decent! Of course, San Francisco can’t be included because that city is utterly disgusting!

        1. Deby says

          Not to mention CA is the first state to allow a convicted murderer to have a TAXPAYER PAID FOR Transgender operation-because his “wellbeing” was in some sort of jeopardy!!! Insanity at it’s highest level. Agreed, CA as a whole is populated by -to use your phrase-liberal fruitcakes! Don’t forget it is the home of all the overpaid Hollyweirdos as well.

        2. aschark says

          Gen, give California to Mexico. That way there we’ll get rid of thousands and thousands of illegals, and save a lot of welfare payouts. That’s at least a 2fer.

          1. Gen11American says

            We can’t. If we give an inch of territory, as La Raza has been working so diligently to “reconquer,” they’ll take back all the territory the United States PAID MILLIONS FOR as part of the Treaty of Hidalgo in 1849, to conclude the Mexican War! The Mexicans have NEVER accepted that Treaty, they’ve been invading our country ever since it was signed, and we’ve allowed them to do it! It’s time they’re all sent back to Mexico, and time we build the Trump Wall to keep them from coming back! And Trump needs to revise his plan to let them back in!

      2. kbfallon says

        But when was the last time they used it?

  5. Philip Allen says

    Don’t want McCarthy as Speaker…either vote in Trey Gowdy or Mark Meadows. Both are excellent conservatives. Mark Meadows was the one who started the ouster of Boehner movement this last time.

    1. Magik says

      Justin Amash has been mentioned and every vote he makes is posted online for all to see .

    2. Gen11American says

      Third potential excellent choice in place of McCarthy – Rep. Jeb Hensarling of Texas!

    3. Michael says

      Louie Gohmert would be a great choice. Trey Gowdy needs to be saved to put in charge of Justice Department.

      1. Deby says

        great idea for Mr. Gowdy!!! I agree-hope it happens

      2. Deborah G says

        Gowdy hopefully won’t retire like they are saying

    4. Bob2002 says

      There is no way the RINOs in the House would let a freshman Representative be the Speaker of the House, but I also like him. Trey Gowdy would probably not take the job because he wants to complete the job of Chairman of the Select Committee on Benghazi.

      1. aschark says

        Bob, I hope Trey takes it after the Benghazi issue. I also like John Bolton, the former US Ambassador in the UN. He, like Trump, tells it as it is.

    5. Debra Johnson says

      Trouble is they don’t want the job.

  6. daveveselenak says

    Just what we need, another fruitcake from California/NOT! He shouldn’t even be in the conversation! Replacing Crybaby with a clone will not suffice – get real!

  7. Howard Donigian says

    There is a simple remedy to this, ” DUH” Do not vote for him you idiots. Get someone who is not bought and sold. We need a clean change from Boehner and his Charlatans. Gowdy is not one who can be bought or is owing to any one but us THE VOTERS. He has proven time and again that he can be trusted and would make an excellent SPEAKER OF OUR HOUSE. A true Conservative. and He is available.

    1. David Kledzik says

      He also said he doesn’t want the speakership, or the position of majority leader, that’s too bad, wish he’d change his mind.

    2. theseer says

      Yes Gowdy would be excellent as Speaker or head of the DOJ…as now we have
      none…nor do we have a president…7 yrs of this crap.
      NWO totalitarian fascist rule of us and our country!
      They should ALL be hung for being traitors to our country!
      TREASON = execution!!!!!!!!!!
      ****Unfortunately Gowdy has announced he is retiring.
      He did state he was receiving death threats for going after Hillary for
      all the crimes she’s committed and was the cause of the Ambassadors death!!!

      1. theseer says

        McCarthy is a moderate liberal RHINO…SAME AS BOEHNER…THAT’S WHY


        NO MCCARTHY…………!!!!!

        Or we will have to oust him as well….!!!!!!!!

        The big red flag about MC Carthy is he is from California.

        Look how liberal, messed up and anti America those state leaders are.

        He’s alike ol Feinstein wearing a conservative suit in disguise!!

      2. Gen11American says

        If the Clintons have threatened Trey Gowdy, he should go after them like a doberman and fiberatively rip out their throats and shut them up permanentlty! If no one stands up to such evil, vicious, scum of the earth, power-hungry Illuminati politicians, EVIL WINS!

        1. Deby says

          Wow nailed that one. great post!

  8. Bob Faulds says

    No more Rino’s! We have had enough! Only true Conservatives!

  9. Magik says

    Perhaps he is not the best choice for the job . I fully understand the liberals and Clinton defenders totally twisted his words . They are quite adept at creating a crisis . Truth is had they never investigated Bengazi and this administration’s attempt to delay and cover up the truth we never would have known about Clinton’s private server and her attempts to keep information from Freedom of Information requests . She has a long history of hiding or destroying evidence . That is well known .
    Justin Amash has been mentioned as a candidate . He has an excellent record of voting and puts his votes online for all to see . Unlike the Clintons , he has nothing to hide .

    1. David Kledzik says

      He’s definitely a tea party favorite, and an exellent choice for speaker should he want it.

  10. D Hall says

    Mc Carthy another Closet liberal.from the liberal mecca California We don’t need another obama yes man,we already have TOO many

  11. TimB says

    I really don’t see the “gaffe”. McCarthy said that Hillary was unsinkable until the Republicans put together Trey Gowdy’s committee. Now that some truths have been revealed, her numbers are sinking. Seems like he just stated facts.

    1. molly kennedy says

      Trey Gowdy has too much integrity than to put together the Benghazi Committee to discredit Hillary, her numbers are because he is seeking the truth about what happened. The Republicans will really prove their stupidity if they give McCarthy the role of speaker.

      1. Lord_KABIGON says

        Discrediting the slut from Arkansas is good enough reason for me.

        1. Deborah G says

          I read an article about her that was very sick. She is depraved

  12. Rosech Levy says

    McCarthy is not needed nor wanted. Best he step aside because we want young, fresh and truly conservative members taking charge, especially in the Freedom Caucus.

  13. Oscar Y. Harward says

    It appears that Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s remarks may be an effort to change the Benghazi ‘Hearings’ into a political issue, rather than so much criminal activity issues; relieving Hillary Clinton from spending her life behind bars.

    1. Lord_KABIGON says

      The power of Trey Gowdy’s committee is that of a spotlight turned on a cockroach. Until the executive branch is in friendly hands that can of Raid is not coming out.

    2. Lord_KABIGON says

      Saw another headline today, “Russians targeted Hillary”. First thought, maybe a spetnatz team was assigned to liquidate her. Clicked the article and it was just hackers going after her server. Promises, Promises.

  14. dianecee says

    This guy said on Fox news “Americans think the government belongs to them.” Astonishing, eh? Are there any patriots to take this job?

    1. molly kennedy says

      it used to belong to us, maybe one of the “Outsiders” and that includes Cruz but not Bush, will give it back to us.

    2. RobertNorwood says

      I heard that, what we think ain’t necessarily what is. It’s like owning a business, if you don’t show up, stay involved it goes to schit and someone else ends up with it. People are lazy, uncommitted and want government on auto-pilot.

  15. molly kennedy says

    Let’s have someone with integrity for speaker. I would like to see Trey Gowdy drafted.

  16. Gregory Stafford says

    Kevin McCarthy is not a good choice for Speaker. I hope someone else steps up.

  17. David in MA says

    McCarthy is an Obama man.

  18. MuslimLuvChrist says

    We don’t need another asshole at that position,
    I wish Trey would go for it!

  19. dprato says

    Couple of things. First, this is the reason that we the people should insist that the only candidates to run for the Republican Party for President are non career politicians Trump, Carson or Fiorina. The others are essentially worthless. Second, can you imagine Hillary Clinton having the balls to talk about disgracing the honor of the four who died at the Embassy in Benghazi when it was her fault they died in the first place. We need to run all of thiese types of folks out of government. This Country needs some serious reform and people need to think seriously about how to do that.

    1. RobertNorwood says

      It’s what she does, the liberal media does. They spin it way out of shape and create the story.

  20. Goodforall says

    McCarthy is nothing more than a clone of Boehner. No spine and no cahonies-it’s all about him.

    1. RobertNorwood says

      He does seem to like himself.

  21. Kathryn Caldwell says

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    1. RobertNorwood says

      I’m alarmed that when I Googled herpes mouth it pointed to you. Tip: avoid hot coffee, that could be painful.

  22. Frank Chacko says

    If it weren’t for Judicial Watch and their winning lawsuits under FOIA and getting those emails, we still wouldn’t know anything. The GOP’s role in this is nothing.

  23. Stevon f. Nutt says

    He accidentally told the Truth, Damn!

  24. Roger Short says

    I’m as Republican as they come, and I was never too happy with Boehner, but if this guy is the best that the GOP can come up with as Speaker, then I think they are destroying themselves!

  25. Jena Smith says

    What can you expect when Boehner recommended him.

  26. Lance Lucius says

    Not another boehner,.

  27. suz says

    I want Trey for speaker he’s got a backbone

  28. fred says

    Please Mr McCarthy, do the right things for the country with your new found power to make effective changes and challenge the criminal in OUR WH to step down for the good of the country! If you don’t put forth meaningful legislation now holding both houses of Congress you will never be anybody we can be proud of! The time to act was last week, now get to work fixing the mess in DC asap!

    1. RobertNorwood says

      Please Mr McCarthy, do the right thing for the country and recommend Congressman Chaffetz.

  29. RobertNorwood says

    yes, being called into account would be “deeply distressing” to Hillary Clinton. She has a lot to account for.

  30. James in Texas says

    From this point on, all of the elected GOP rep’s need to read the Oath they took, remember that they are “the peoples servants” and remember to tell their Democrat members that, as Obama did, often………..”We Won, Period”!

  31. Francisco Machado says

    “Maybe he’s not as sharp as everyone says” – or maybe he’s a Progressive, which is “saying something that everyone already knows is true.” Definitely Republican Establishment, which is the problem, not the solution.

  32. Gunflint Roseberg says

    All GOP Rinos must go before real change can take place.

  33. jetmagnet says

    Like I said all along the GOP is full of liars and hypocrites. They can’t win fair and square, they have to make shit up. The benghazi tragedy went through several commitees that proved no cupability either by hillary or clinton. The emails are another attack to try to hurt hillary both are GOP strategies to bring down hillary, now it’s exposed!!

  34. armydadtexas says

    McCarthy is no different then Boehner. A limp wristed, sniveling, lying, s.o.b. closet democ-RAT. The GOP wants to lose the next election. Fine, fk them and the lying pcs of human excrement they are.

    1. jetmagnet says

      Whoever they choose- it will be more of the same bullshit.

      Republicans aren’t ashamed or embarrassed. They are so in love with their big ideas to
      remake America, they introduced them twice. Once in the House, again in the

      Here are some highlights of the GOP plan for America:

      11 million families, seniors and children will lose food stamps.

      35,000 children will not get Head Start.

      133,000 fewer poor families will get housing assistance.

      2 million fewer workers will receive job training and employment services.

      $1.2 billion will be cut from education. That could fund 4,500 schools and
      17,000 teachers.

      Seniors aren’t exempt from the devastating cuts. The House GOP plan turns Medicare into
      a “premium support” model that essentially replaces the guarantee of quality
      healthcare for seniors with a system of coupons. They slash services for
      seniors, including 500,000 fewer rides to doctors and grocery

      Since 1980 America has dropped, since we swung back
      to trickle down Robber Baron from a NEW DEAL Demand economy to less Progressive
      taxes, the rise of religious fundamentalism such a success in the Islam
      world(LOL) and 90% DROP in Unions and a Min wage ½ of 1965 in real dollars and
      the Repubs love of outsourcing :

      #1 in Wages to 16th (in min wages half
      of 1965 with more than half of Americans making less than that!)

      #1 In %
      getting college degrees to 13th.

      #1 to sixth in semiconductor production,
      a technology we invented. We do lead in semiconductor Plant closings however
      that cost a billion bucks to build.

      #1 Creditor nation to largest DEBTOR
      Nation (just under Reagan).

      #1 in education to 25th, 31st in internet
      speed, 21st in railroads, 14th electric grid

      #1 in infrastructure to 25th
      (we spent 11% of GDP under Ike on infrastructure
      now ….2.5%, …or 1/3 as much as the countries beating us).

      #1 in
      healthcare, now 37th… at twice the cost, only developed country w/o everyone

      #1 in we have lost 80% of our private industry, 30
      million job outsourced.182K factories closed, 60,000 just under Bush. From trade
      surpluses to trade deficits larger than all others combined.

      #1 In High
      tech, under Bush we lost 50% of high tech and now import more high tech than we

      Only developed nation w/o national healthcare for everyone, and
      yet we pay twice as much per capita to cover only 60% well (much better now
      under Obamacare, which Repubs ant to kill).

      Most of what we export is raw
      materials, like a 3rd world country. Gasoline our number one export, while we
      import computers. The EU exports 50% more than us and it’s not raw materials or
      food, but high value MFG goods…

      We have not produced a commercial ship
      in more than 30 years. The cruise ships are made in the EU, where wages are more
      than double ours and unionization is 7 times greater (we are 61st in
      Unionization, only dictatorships and communist countries have lower rates of
      Unionization, countries with higher wages, GDP per capita and middleclass wealth
      all in top 20).

      We are first in Murders, %population in prison. 91st in
      income distribution, 51st infant mortality, life expectancy. 6th in Auto
      production, in per capita ½ of even IRAN. 27th in middleclass wealth!

      you embarrassed yet?

      Or do you remember like I do when most middleclass
      families had only one parent working, when most things in a store said “Made in
      USA” and when no one would have voted for President for some one who outsourced
      jobs to Communist China!

      Can’t we go back to what Works, higher
      unionization, New Deal Demand Capitalism, more progressive taxes, higher Min
      wage, and back to being a MFG supper power that does not import far more than it
      exports. It works in the other developed nations. Maybe we could #1 again in
      some important areas and be exceptional again.

      1. armydadtexas says

        Funny a big union guy would complain about communism. (UNIONISM IS COMMUNISM) YOU are no different then Boehner, Pelosi, Reid or O-Blow HOle himself. YOU LEFT WINGERS ARE DESTROYING OUR NATION. The most obvious example of UNION destruction is the once great city of Detroit. DEMOCRAT RUN/UNION RUN INTO THE GROUND. I BLAME DEMOC-RATS and BIG UNION FOR THIS. Same with the sick violence in DEMOCRAT RUN/UNION RUN into the ground areas of our nation.

      2. ROBERT says

        You ignorant pos, Economic destruction is of the Demonrats, not the Repubics. 40 years of EPA bs strict standards, policies, no drilling, Corp taxes are the highest compared to all industrialized nations, Illegal aliens/foreign Hb-1 visas for working IT jobs($20-40,000.00) instead of the $55,000.00 -65, that was being paid to american’s. Your facts are full of sh*t.

        1. jetmagnet says

          really? where’s your Facts?

          Very simple, what have conservatives done for anyone but themselves? What
          accomplishments compared to liberals in American history do they have? They have
          accomplished nothing during the obama administration and did nothing to help
          americans. They accomplished negatives like costing 2 million public sector
          jobs, government shutdowns for politics, unwilling to work with the president
          and costing taxpayers millions by trying to repeal healthcare they knew had no
          chance. They teabags are anti-government, yet the take money and healthcare from
          the government and try their best to deny others.
          Their theocracy is mirrored
          in the writings of Ayn Rand, an athiest and teachings are followed by many
          conservatives today.
          Conservatives are “old white people” with racism and
          hate as their foundation, unlike liberals who care about people and their
          country. They are the Biggest Hypocrites the world has ever known, they are
          against social programs founded by liberals, but use them anyway. Show me any
          conservative who will not accept social security, medicare, medicaid or veterans
          benefits- lmao! They all take them and many are on welfare. They like shafting
          hospitals by not paying their bills, and leave other americans the bill. They
          don’t believe in paying taxes and would rather have someone else keep the the
          government funded.
          Their idea of economics is a total failure and a scam, ” A
          rising tide will lift all boats” it seems their billionaires scrapted the idea
          when they foundout “outsourcing” was where they would go instead of reinvesting
          in american jobs.
          They have done nothing for the american people but cause
          harm with wars and disasters with recessions.
          Jul 1953 – May 1954
          Aug 1957 – Apr 1958 Republican
          Apr 1960 – Feb 1961
          Dec 1969 – Nov 1970 Republican
          Nov 1973 – Mar 1975
          Jan 1980 – July 1980 Democrat
          Jul 1981 – Nov 1982
          Jul 1990 – Mar 1991 Republican
          Mar 2001 – Nov 2001
          Dec 2007- Jun 2009 Republican

          There have been 22 recessions since 1900.
          16 have started under Republican
          leadership, 6 under Democrat leadership and the 2 worst 1929 and now when Repubs
          had control of WH and congress for more than 8 years(the only times in

          Given repub economic
          history, the 2 largest depressions in our history, the only 2 times they have
          had control of congress and WH for more than 8 years.. why does anyone listen to
          them on economics, when they never show supporting economic data.. just
          They are the reason we have billionaires controlling democracy with
          their wallets, conservative justices decided corporations are people and are
          allowed to donate billions without disclosure…this is unamerican, but of
          course conservatives tout the constitution but take a dump on it every chance
          they get, because they are “Money” people, greedy and want only the wealthy to
          succeed. All their legislation is geared toward billionaires, they keep stuffing
          their pockets with coin and they get large donations and superpacs to help them
          win elections- and of course kiss their asses afterward- this is personal
          freedom, for who? The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.
          How can you
          say your a conservative and not laugh at the hypocrisy? Lower taxes, small
          government? Lower taxes for billionaires and smaller government for the wealthy.
          They want to give the government to their billionaire buddies, who outsource and
          pay peanuts, and try to make headway getting anywhere with a private
          company…they win 99% of the time.

          Since 1980 America has dropped, since we swung back
          to trickle down Robber Baron from a NEW DEAL Demand economy to less Progressive
          taxes, the rise of religious fundamentalism such a success in the Islam
          world(LOL) and 90% DROP in Unions and a Min wage ½ of 1965 in real dollars and
          the Repubs love of outsourcing :

          #1 in Wages to 16th (in min wages half
          of 1965 with more than half of Americans making less than that!)

          #1 In %
          getting college degrees to 13th.

          #1 to sixth in semiconductor production,
          a technology we invented. We do lead in semiconductor Plant closings however
          that cost a billion bucks to build.

          #1 Creditor nation to largest DEBTOR
          Nation (just under Reagan).

          #1 in education to 25th, 31st in internet
          speed, 21st in railroads, 14th electric grid

          #1 in infrastructure to 25th
          (we spent 11% of GDP under Ike on infrastructure
          now ….2.5%, …or 1/3 as much as the countries beating us).

          #1 in
          healthcare, now 37th… at twice the cost, only developed country w/o everyone

          #1 in we have lost 80% of our private industry, 30
          million job outsourced.182K factories closed, 60,000 just under Bush. From trade
          surpluses to trade deficits larger than all others combined.

          #1 In High
          tech, under Bush we lost 50% of high tech and now import more high tech than we

          Only developed nation w/o national healthcare for everyone, and
          yet we pay twice as much per capita to cover only 60% well (much better now
          under Obamacare, which Repubs ant to kill).

          Most of what we export is raw
          materials, like a 3rd world country. Gasoline our number one export, while we
          import computers. The EU exports 50% more than us and it’s not raw materials or
          food, but high value MFG goods…

          We have not produced a commercial ship
          in more than 30 years. The cruise ships are made in the EU, where wages are more
          than double ours and unionization is 7 times greater (we are 61st in
          Unionization, only dictatorships and communist countries have lower rates of
          Unionization, countries with higher wages, GDP per capita and middleclass wealth
          all in top 20).

          We are first in Murders, %population in prison. 91st in
          income distribution, 51st infant mortality, life expectancy. 6th in Auto
          production, in per capita ½ of even IRAN. 27th in middleclass wealth!

          you embarrassed yet?

          Or do you remember like I do when most middleclass
          families had only one parent working, when most things in a store said “Made in
          USA” and when no one would have voted for President for some one who outsourced
          jobs to Communist China!

          Can’t we go back to what Works, higher
          unionization, New Deal Demand Capitalism, more progressive taxes, higher Min
          wage, and back to being a MFG supper power that does not import far more than it
          exports. It works in the other developed nations. Maybe we could #1 again in
          some important areas and be exceptional again.
          Get a fucking education- Moron!

  35. ZACAL says

    If he is more of the same – he’s finished before he starts. The last thing we need is another presidential pet.

  36. Dave Phelps says

    We do not need another RINO to replace boner, let’s get a real conservative to replace the loser.

  37. junkmailbin says

    he is a slimey CA liberal

  38. Phyllis Schultz says

    Trey Gowdy should be the new speaker. We know he won’t be pushed into doing the wrong thing for America.

  39. OldHighlandGuyOne says

    Kevin McCarthy is from Bakersfield, CA. My wife and I are also from Bakersfield. Our families are from and still there in Bakersfield and Kern County. All of our families are conservative Republicans and not one of them have a good thing to say about Kevin.
    I still don’t see how he got to congress unless he somehow cheated and lied his way.
    We don’t want Kevin as speaker.

  40. Durango 35 says

    Trump still turns me off. I am willing to wait and see. I don’t like his bullying ways. His programs are rich in hot air and poor on fact.

    1. SaneZidane says

      We need to consider though Durango, wouldn’t it be better to have a bully as a true leader for America rather than the ones who bully in secret after they are elected, e.g.. Boehner, McConnell and Obama? We don’t need a political leader, we just need a leader.

      1. Durango 35 says

        Yes we need a leader, no dispute, but we need also somebody who can convince without insulting everybody. You look at Trumps favorability numbers and they are low which I interpret that many have reservation about him.

        1. SaneZidane says

          Well, other than Trump, Carson or Cruz, I don’t see anyone else that will not be beholden to the established politico’s that take their marching orders from the fat cats of K St in the corrupt Chamber of Commerce. I am a hoping that Carson and Cruz will start gaining traction, but if push comes to shove, I’ll side with Trump to take on the all white democrat wannabe’s from the old folks home.

          1. Durango 35 says

            I have no problems with Cruz, Carly or Carsten. They need good advisers but other wise they seem to be OK. Carsten is very soft spoken but he has a mind of his own and he has principles.. Cruz has definitely firein him and Carly seems to have experience, knowlegde. Don’t be fool by the blah, blah they are saying about her, the corporate world is much tougher then the government. To get a position like she had is an accomplishment – from secretary to CEO, she has to have steel to survive and principles to quit rather than give in.

          2. SaneZidane says

            It is Carson, However if truth be known, if We the People don’t go to the polls and give whoever wins the presidency a supporting cast to go along with his victory, it won’t matter who is elected. In other words primary the blasted RINO”S! Then ignore the dastardly radical Demo’s. It may not be a hundred percent foolproof being that greedy corporate moguls will be lurking in the background, but it is workable. Putting our country’s moral compass back in the direction to good health is of the utmost priority. You just cannot dismiss Trump for being able to do just that. He does know something about being a leader.

  41. Al Hope says


  42. bt70 says

    McCarthy will roll over to Obama like Boehner did. America does not need another POS like Boehner for speaker

  43. adrianvance says

    No more Linguini-spined politicos please.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for clarity.

  44. Esq says

    No McArthur! No Webster! They are not exceptable!

  45. SaneZidane says

    White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said that McCarthy had “committed the classic Washington gaffe of saying something that everybody already knows is true.”

    Yeah, but because of the morally bankrupt main stream news service being controlled by a corrupt Obama administration, not everybody is getting to know just what is true.
    Sure Hil-lie-ary is, “deeply distressed,” because her wicked ways have become exposed in full view. Not because of the four fine American men we lost because to her, it doesn’t make any difference.
    In essence, primary the RHINO’s that lied to us, knockout the disingenuous Demo radicals and start putting America’s moral compass back on the road to recovery.

  46. Pegasus says

    Trey Gowdy for SPEAKER!!!

  47. Trisha55 says

    McCarthy has not proven he is his own man. He has proven he is a good errand boy for whoever he thinks can help him gain power. His quick rise to the inner circle proves one thing and that is he knows how to ingratiate himself to the power brokers. No thanks, I just fought to get rid of one of those same types.

  48. SouthernPatriot says

    I’ve communicated with Representative Trey Gowdy. I know he has expressed his heart to return to South Carolina soon, but I appealed to him for the sake of the nation and even the world, for him to consider running for Speaker of the House. The RINO McCarthy is not the answer.

    1. Trisha55 says

      Trey has a young family he wants to guide so I get his reluctance. We have people like Louie Gohmert that would be awesome as speaker. Or Mark Meadows. Also, if Gowdy leaves the chair slot on Benghazi, that investigation will die completely.

  49. TAM44 says

    kevin mccarthy is a rino’ and he will only take up wher john boehner left off, kissing obama’s a$$ every time he’s around. We need a true speaper of the house who has a spine and grit and will not bow to the likes of that lying treasonous sissified BOY barack hussein obama.

  50. dude says

    just put gowdy in as speaker and everything will be all right …besides he’s the one that got the facts that Hillary caused and tried to cover up bengazi…and he don’t like Hillary that should be enough to make him president in my book …cause I hate hillary

  51. Bill Senior says

    2016 Dream Team:

    Trump – President

    Cruz – VP
    Fiorina – Secretary of State
    Christie – Secretary of Defense
    Paul – Attorney General
    Carson – Surgeon General
    Kasich – Pres. Top Advisor
    Rubio – Senate Majority Leader
    Gowdy – Speaker of the House
    Huckabee – Dir. Homeland Security
    Walker – Dir. of Agriculture
    Santorum – Dir.Health And Welfare
    Perry – Border Security

    Bush – Ambassador to Mexico

  52. Steve Huntsman says

    Boner 2.0

  53. RuFus92 says

    Stay away from established good ole boys canidates, that is what cost the Boner.

  54. Davard says

    I still don’t understand why the GOP picked Jeb Bush. He is about as inspiring as used dishwater. Do they live in another world.

    1. 1American1st says

      Yes, they do. If they lived in the Real World then Obama would have already been Impeach and/or tried for Treason.

  55. rayhause says

    I hope that everyone knows just how political this RINO is. How many conservatives were stripped of committees or were not allowed to use Gov. funded junkits to hot spots around the world. He’s a damn loser and was part of the Boehner Team.

  56. Patriot47 says

    No more RINO leadership.

  57. wonduh says

    What? A Californian to replace JB? For goodness sake, don’t House Republicans know what comes out of CA? And are they that stupid? Telling, not asking my Rep, DO NOT vote for this guy; otherwise, I am working to get you back to the work force. You have been told.

    1. 1American1st says

      You mean, “has been warned”…..

      We will be taking names of those who vote for McCarthy & making it public, publishing it on Conservative sites! Now they’ve all been warned. No more weeney Speakers!

      Impeach Osama Obama!

      1. wonduh says

        Great! Far past time for Americans to take back America.

  58. Roger Dodge says

    Where does this spoiled and corrupt lowlife cow get off talking to the “deeply distressing,”and “does a grave disservice and dishonors not just the memory of the four that we lost, but of everybody who has served our country.” Bitch – you left them to die so the truth would be suppressed and you could retain power for islam, marxists and NWO concerns. Go straight to hell, Hitlery Clinton. You serve yourself, and a cattle prod to your genitals before you are killed would be poetic justice.

  59. Nina says

    This blowhard can’t make it to the speakership or we are dead meat!! He may even be worse Han Bonehead if that’s even possible!!!

    1. Miyako says

      Kevin McCarty Has a Dismal 17% Rating at ”Numbers USA” Another Boehner in The Making’? With a Different Spelled Last Name”!

  60. wildeagleone says

    Kevin McCarthy is from Califonoa and we all know how that one party state is suffering under the present legislature and the Obama/Brown leadership.

    His blunder is what his teachings were taught under Boehner and he learned well, how to manage to screw up the Republican party and divide it, in one simple statement and there will be more as Power breeds contempt

  61. W. Coyote says

    “These kind of softballs”? Really? Kevin McCarthy is unacceptable because he reveals the truth about the Benghazi hearings? Is the author saying the Republicans need to find someone who is a better liar?

    1. 1American1st says

      They need to find someone with basketballs, not marbles.

      1. W. Coyote says

        1American1st- Thank you for your reply. I still haven’t figured out what you mean, but I will keep puzzling over it.

  62. DoggyDad11 says

    We surely do not need another Obama yes man and that is what Kevin McCarthy apparently is. He was John Behner’s right hand man. If we want real change we need to go with someone with guts that will standup to the pressures of the White House. If not Trey Gowdy, someone with fortitude and confidence in the Conservative beliefs that will tamp down the Democratic Liberal Agenda in the House. Someone that will carry out the work of the next Republican President with pride and dignity to help Congress rise from the ashes that Obama and the Democrats left in the wake of their dispecable half cocked so called transparent government. We need a Conservative Block Vote in Congress that will drive the Liberals back into their hole of left wing selfishness and progressive hopelessness for this country. We need to make America great again and that needs to start now, with this vote. Republican Representatives need to check themselves and give an honest and trustworthy vote for a real leader in the House. It’s surely not Kevin McCarthy so vote for a real Conservative that want real change and that is confident enough to stand up against the liberal Left Wing Agenda from the Administration to Congress.

    1. 1American1st says

      Trey Gowdy or Jim Bridenstine

      1. DoggyDad11 says

        I edited my post to include Jim Bridenstine! You are right, good choice!

  63. firesale says

    I wonder if Beohner will join AA after resigning or he will need the bottle more to saave his thoughts more about the insider trading with the man in charge of Obama care. and you the people will get stuck.

  64. Michael Skok says

    He’s from California. How can he be any better. He could only be worse.

  65. 1American1st says

    Why is McCarthy even being considered??????

    Trey Gowdy or Jim Bridenstine would be waaaaaaaaaaaay better!

  66. Sharon says

    They had better get somebody good, not sure it is him.

  67. John Williams says

    The word is out that Jason Chaffetz from Utah is going to try for speaker, comparing him to McCarthy is no contest. Per Conservative Review McCarthy has a 45% rating with a letter grade of F. Jason Chafftez has a rating of 82% and a letter grade of B. Could we do better, maybe but until someone better decides to throw their hat in the ring Chaffetz is a lot better, McCarthy is not even in the same league. Please see Conservative Review for information and the ability to compare track records of any of these people.

  68. headonstraight says

    McCarthy is by no means “Machiavellian.? He is too dumb to be called that.

  69. Charles A Mozingo says

    McCarthy shud bow out. Utah Rep Chavitz, shud hv a good chance as maybe Congressman Meadows, no body close tp Boehner shud be considered, we need some one Conservative. Boehner is not. He & McConnell hv been giving OBUMMA everything he wants in the last year since McConnell was elected Speaker of the Senate, Maybe McConnell is afraid of Reid & Pelosi.

  70. JeromefromLayton says

    Rep. Chaffetz threw his hat in the ring. Wonder why Rob Bishop (also from Utah) didn’t get the call? In any case, we need people who won’t cave in to the Administration like a Florida sink hole.

  71. Jean Witte says

    Please. someone in the House spare us from another Boehner, which it what we would get with Kevin McCarthy. We MUST have a strong conservative leader if we are to survive this president!

  72. organic girl says

    We don’t need no stinkin’ RINOs.

  73. jaybird says

    Now Jason Chaffetz said that he wants to be Speaker of the House after he kicked people off committees because of not going along with the team?? NO to McCarthy or Chaffetz. I used to like him but he has proven to be a turncoat.

  74. John Gasper says

    This guy is a total liar, cheat and American political THEIF if he is in Bohners inner circle. STOP HIM AT ANY COST!!!!!!!!!

  75. Randy Daniels says

    He’s a worm, told reports the Investigation was only to stop Hildabeast from being elected, hell no, it was for not doing her job! 4 dead and 5 $billion miss funds while she was incharge, there’s plenty of answers to be had from her!

    1. Reality Check says

      Randy seems to be adding new details to the “fantasy investigation”

      Testimony shows us that Ambassador Stevens refused extra security offered
      AND what 5 billion?

      YOU must be thinking of the 8 billion that GW and his administration lost in Iraq.

      1. Randy Daniels says

        keep living in your bubble!

  76. jak says

    McCarthy is not the man for the job. He is just another establishment player. Trey Gowdy would be great!!!

    1. Reality Check says

      Gowdy is going to be under an “ethics” investigation after the dust settles on the “Benghazi FAKE hearings”

  77. Ron says

    McCarthy should not replace Boehner. We have had enough of weak liberal leaning “speakers.” Get serious Congress or be labeled LIBERAL!!!!

    1. Reality Check says

      if you think he is too liberal, you need a brain reboot.

      the man is a rabid dog conservative who just happens to be brainless.

  78. Rightleaning says

    McCarthy is another RINO, Cannot be trusted or support conservative causes like balancing the budget, killing planned parent hood funding and actually telling the truth. He is probably the poorest choice for Speaker of the House and third in line for President. Being next in line doesn’t mean that you are qualified. I think we need an outsider for the Speakers position. It is a time for change in all areas of government and we may as well start here.

  79. Morton99 says

    It is a classic trap of their own making –
    1) if the new Speaker is unable to compromise with the Democrats then effectively the Democratic party will get control of the House, even although it is a minority. Because the Republican party is severely fractured – and some of the members want to keep their jobs which means they cannot return to their voters empty-handed. So there will be constant defections that the Republican whips will b unable to control.
    2) On the other hand if the new Speaker is acceptable to the Democrats, the internal war between the tea-partiers and the rinos will achieve exactly the same thing. Except that a lot more voters will get very fed up.

  80. ricktenny says


    1. 1American1st says

      Gowdy or Bridenstine

  81. HankBar says

    Kevin McCarthy is more of the same. If he becomes the speaker of the house things will only get worse.

  82. Rich says

    Just what we need. Boner Jr.

  83. Laddyboy says

    I understand he comes out of the State of Californacation. This RINO does not need to be in congress at all.

  84. Reality Check says

    maybe McCarthy was nervous. Or, maybe he’s not as sharp as everyone
    says. – See more at:


    1. Miyako says

      We The tea party Republicans cast McCarthy in with your Lot…. a loser. and a Panderer for “Supposed” Future Hispanic Votes. Not a TRUE Republican….a RINO. Congressman Steve king is A Republican.. Thank You’~!

  85. Earl Meyers says

    You have to hand it to Hillary,only a true psychopath would talk about dishonoring the memory of four people they had a leading role in killing.

    1. Morton99 says

      You mean like the various Republican committees that are reveling in this as a wonderful way to attempt to smear her – as Kevin McCarthy mentioned on FOX ?

      1. Miyako says

        Hey..if you cannot see by her facial expressions she is a liar….and has Contempt….for little people (the Uneducated And Un-washed) Your an Idiot And a Spoon fed Illiterate. or..? A Marxist Lover”? ‘pinko’

        1. Morton99 says

          What a pathetic way of identifying criminal behavior.

          1. Miyako says

            Really………….the truth does hurt……………Doesn’t it………….. Liar………….unwashed……?

      2. Miyako says

        when you ‘stink’ it shows on the witches face”! ‘Arrogance and distrust’….is the Hillary personality……….why ‘ignorant’ people would consider her..? shows extreme….political ignorance and ‘fawning’ over a perceived…. Closet homosexual.

  86. Jon's On says

    McCarthy is a joke. He is just like Boehner. If he becomes speaker it will be the same ole crap.

  87. The Redhawk says

    Showing up as an AIR Head with a BIG Mouth is Certainly NOT a way to audition for a JOB………. This Dumbass will definately be BIG in the 2016 Fall Ads FOR Hillery Shillery DUDD

  88. Jimmy King says

    After admitting that the entire Benghazi investigation was just a ploy to bring Hilary down in the polls, I don’t think this clown has a chance

  89. bsibs says

    SANDERS 2016! F all y’all.

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