L.A. Times Surprised to Find Diversity Among Trump Supporters


The Los Angeles Times was surprised this week to find gays, Hispanics, and black Trump supporters at the campaign’s Long Beach office, right in the heart of East Anaheim’s Cambodia Town. The writer investigated the office when he learned of its location, terribly curious to see who would turn out for the Republican nominee in the middle of a city, county, and state that was as blue as blue could get.

“Two men walked in together to offer their help,” the paper writes of the excursion to Trump’s office. “One was African American, the other Mexican American. Next in the door were a couple of millennials, Filipino brothers in their 20s, and one of them said Trump makes sense but the media twist everything he says. Only after that did two middle-aged white people join the party.

“It was as if the whole thing had been staged, in Cambodia Town no less, to belie the notion that Trump’s appeal is largely limited to older white males,” they muse.

Yes, either that…OR…that notion was always a lie meant to make it look as though Trump and his followers represented the modern face of the Ku Klux Klan. But of course, the L.A. Times never quite gets to that conclusion, seeing as how it would require an apology from the editors.

Instead, the writer spends his column cherry-picking arguments made by the Trump supporters he met at the office and knocking them down casually from the comfort of his laptop.

When one Jewish Trump supporter explains how the billionaire will make it easier for corporations and small businesses to thrive in the absence of heavy-handed federal regulations, the writer gets smug.

“But wait a minute, I said. Didn’t Trump say he’d raise the roof on tariffs, and doesn’t that mean jobs could be lost, prices could soar, and tariffs might be imposed on American goods shipped overseas?” he writes.

The man’s response, according to the writer, was: “I don’t know what Trump wants to do, OK?”

So the writer got to have his little fun with the story. Okay, maybe we couldn’t prove that Trump’s supporters were all white closet racists, but hey, they’re still just as stupid as we always told you!

Guess we’ll have to wait a couple of months before the paper gets around to finding a “staged” group of intelligent Trump supporters to “belie” that notion as well.

  1. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says
    1. greenlantern1 says

      “NEW” improved Nixon change?

      1. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says

        “NOPE” Improved American economic Trump change…..not Liberal progressive Jive talkin Obama ignorant change!

        1. greenlantern1 says

          From the party of the Baja, Mexico condo swindler?
          From the party of “DEFICITS DON’T MATTER?”
          Remember Dick Cheney?
          From the party of Nixon’s “revenue sharing?”
          Remember the bankrupt company of David Stockman?
          Remember the bankrupt BANK OF SILVERADO?
          Neil Bush was its president?
          Remember the GREAT DEPRESSION of Herbert Hoover?

      2. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says


      3. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says
  2. Judy A Lockley says

    The writer should be down at Hillary’s quarters, checking on all their lies and crap. Instead of trying to discredit Trump voters!

    1. Gloria D. says

      Exactly!!! You’ll find a lot of stupid people at the HILLARY headquarters..DEFINITELY NOT the TRUMP HQ’s. We’ve known exactly what we want from the start and WE TRUMP SUPPORTERS AREN’T BUDGING!!! UNITED WE STAND!!! TEAMSTERS FOR TRUMP!!! TRUMP/PENCE November 8th.

      1. 2egypt says

        You’ll also find all the low life, illegals and dummies at Killary’s headquarters…

        1. Gloria D. says

          100% correct!!! The DEMS/libs are definitely the ones that attract all the lowlifes, illegals as well. All the blood sucking bottom feeders that drain the system. The DEMS/libs are good at twisting the facts but the real truth and fact is, they’re the party that missed the boat and need to look at themselves in the mirror and they’re the ones sucking us dry!!!!

        2. greenlantern1 says

          Was Elian Gonzales an illegal alien or not?
          Did Trump decide yet??

          1. Francisco Machado says

            Laws had been written granting asylum specifically to refugees from Cuba. I trust you are aware that he was a refugee from Castro regime Cuba.

          2. Cookie Vranish says

            He was not a refugee from Cuba. He was a kidnapped pawn from Cuba!

          3. greenlantern1 says

            Elian Gonzales was a minor.
            Was he legally, or illegally, deported to his father?

          4. Francisco Machado says

            As Vranish accurately expressed, he was a political pawn of the government administration, which makes the question of legality rather moot. They could, legally, have processed guardianship by relatives. Refugees from the Castro regime flooded into Florida. Virtually none were deported. Note that Cuba was ruled by a regime allied to the USSR and politically hostile to the U.S.

          5. Cookie Vranish says

            He would have been an illegal alien! What relevance does that have?

          6. Francisco Machado says

            After being kidnapped, he could not be held legally responsible for his status. Any citizen who kidnapped him could be held responsible, but since the kidnapping (from relatives seeking legal guardianship) was conducted at the orders of A.G. Janet Reno, Gonzalez was therefore made a pawn of the Clinton administration and there were no kidnapping charges. I’m even surprised, given your apparent political orientation, that you’d even bring up the Reno orchestrated kidnapping.

          7. SUZANNE M. says


          8. rdells says

            Laws are not legislated to do good for the folks that cannot afford Lobbyists – universally obvious to progressives, not so much to the poor fools that keep voting against their own interests. Money is free speech according the intellectually challenged SCOTUS, ya know.

          9. greenlantern1 says

            What laws does Trump want to enforce?

          10. SUZANNE M. says


        3. SUZANNE M. says


      2. Canesmang says

        Gloria, I may know you. Were you born in Ohio and now live on the Florida west coast?

        1. Gloria D. says

          No ..I’m from the West coast. Are you from Ohio or Florida?

      3. greenlantern1 says

        Cliven Bundy could not have said it better!

      4. Deborah G says

        I HOPE the unions see that their future is with TRUMP presidency NOT a Democrat because they won’t have ANY companies left to get jobs from

        1. Gloria D. says

          You’re 100% correct which is why I always signed a form including this year that the union is forbided to use my union dues for Democratic support!! Every election I sign that paper along with many of my union brothers and sisters. Absolutely no way do I want them to WASTE MY DUES on such a brain dead party!!! TEAMSTERS FOR TRUMP!!! TRUMP/PENCE ALL THE WAY TO THE WH!!!

          1. SUZANNE M. says


    2. greenlantern1 says

      Her “lies”.

  3. Bruce in AZ says

    The liberals created the victim classes and now they thing they own them.

  4. Carry Valley says

    It occurred to me that BLM is the black version of the KKK….YET IT IS SUPPORTED BY OBAMA.

    1. Cheryl Detar says

      Did you just figure that out. Most of us have known that since the beginning. Both started and funded by liberal demonrats.

      1. rdells says

        And you’re going to try to make a case that the Republican Party of today is still LIncoln’s party, right? And that the KKK is NOT made up of Southern Republicans, right again?

        1. Mistergilgamesh says

          Good Lord, your question supposes the underlying suggestion that the KKK is a threat. When was the last time a KKK member did……..anything? Is there a KKK version of the “knockout game”? Have any of them been killing anyone with rifles, running them down with cars, kidnapping and raping women, marching around with guns in uniform like the black pamthers…..oh you can’t think of anything? But BLM has. So stop it with the whining. No one is out to get you. All of this professional victimhood is staged, and the “hands up, don’t shoot” trend is based on an event that was proven to be a lie.

          1. rdells says

            Read and understand both the comment directed to as well as the one you commented on. Taken in context UR spiel is irrelevant.

          2. Mistergilgamesh says

            The facts I mentioned are irrefutable and taken in comparison to your comment, are entirely relevant. That you avoided answering my points reveals that you know you are unable to do so.

          3. Upward Trend says

            Correct you are.

          4. AKLady2015 says

            There were 3 stabbed and 13 arrested at a KKK meeting just this past February.

          5. Mistergilgamesh says

            So…..what……? The KKK did not go anywhere to attack anyone. I read the article. They were attacked. Look, aklady, am not defending any hate groups, but in comparison, the BLM has been KILLING POLICEMEN. BACK OFF.

          6. AKLady2015 says

            The KKK has killed far more people than the BLM.
            Many KKK murders were never “officially” recorded
            Many KKK victims have been fed to gators in the handy Florida, Alabama and Louisiana swamps.

            Let me know when the BLM starts dragging homosexuals to death behind cars.
            Let me know when the BLM begins hanging people.
            Let me know when they burn victims to death tied to metal fence posts.
            Let me know when the BLM begins running around in sheets to hide their identity.
            Policement are human beigns.
            Their lives are no more worthy or valuable than any other person’s.

          7. Mistergilgamesh says

            So, that was a long time ago. BLM killing people today is right now. Are you saying there is some kind of moral equivalency so its all ok ?

          8. AKLady2015 says

            Suggest you inform yourself better. Not only is the KKK not history, they are now officially international terrorists.

          9. Mistergilgamesh says

            Whatever, Deluded One. Keep spouting about half truths and misrepresented news. Am sure the pressure cooker bombers think you are a top quality person.

          10. Mistergilgamesh says

            Judging from the wealth of comments critical of you, we don’t know why you bother typing. In fact, if your motivation is to persuade, it is obvious that you have done the opposite, and your thoughts only serve to create more resistance to you. As is usual with Libtards.

          11. AKLady2015 says

            Blah, blah, blah, insult …repeat ad nauseam.

          12. Mistergilgamesh says

            Being the only person in the room with your opinions means you are the only person that common sense and decency has left behind. Enjoy your insubstantial life.

          13. Mistergilgamesh says

            Still posting your useless thoughts? Lets see some more.

          14. AKLady2015 says

            You have been reported.

          15. Mistergilgamesh says

            Acting like a fool, posting ridiculous assumptions, being proven wrong earns you the derision of many.

          16. AKLady2015 says

            You have been reported.

          17. Mistergilgamesh says

            Just pointing out the obvious. Am sure you have been told this by many others as well.

          18. Paul Dionne says

            The KKK was founded by the democratic party. The founder of Planned Parenthood was the leader of the woman’s branch of the KKK and she specifically stated that PP was being formed to kill the babies of the “negro” people. Why do the blacks align themselves with the people who wanted them murdered? If you forget the past, it will definitely repeat itself. So, remember, being black and voting democrat is condoning the killing of your people! WAKE UP!

          19. Beeotchstewie the deplorable says

            Also take note that 80% of the baby killing clinics are located in predominantly black neighborhoods. Wonder why that is? NOT!!!!! The Shariacrats are so fucking predictable.

          20. AKLady2015 says

            You might want to find a better information source,.
            The KKK was founded by the Dixicrats. Members of that Party became Republicans. You might want to study a bit more history before running your fingers across the keyboard.

            PP is not the only evil intent which became good and useful. By the way, PP provides medical care o both men and women. They are a primary STD teasting and treatmenr source. They are also a primary fertility testing and treatment source.

          21. Paul Dionne says

            PP was pounded by Margaret Sanger and in her own words said that the purpose of the organization is
            “We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population,” she said, “if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.” This is quoted from the book: Woman’s Body, Woman’s Right: A Social History of Birth Control in America, by Linda Gordon

            In her “Plan for Peace,” Sanger outlined her strategy for eradication of those she deemed “feebleminded.” Among the steps included in her evil scheme were immigration restrictions; compulsory sterilization; segregation to a lifetime of farm work; etc. Birth Control Review, April 1932, p. 107

            She said: “The marriage bed is the most degenerating influence in the social order,” Sanger said. (p. 23) [Quite the opposite of God’s view on the matter: “Marriage is honorable in all, and the bed undefiled; but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge.” (Hebrews 13:4), but PP is now used primarily by single people as a way of eliminating children consummated through unmarried sexual relationships. Instead, why don’t the participants practice safe sex. which would also help eliminate the spread of STDs?

            I think you need to educate yourself before saying others need to do the same.

          22. Ron C says

            Senator Robert Byrd was a KKK member…why? Because the KKK was a democrat organization.

          23. Paul Dionne says

            The number of deaths and beatings by BLM is getting closer to the KKK every rally. Why have the participants not been prosecuted? The reason is that we have a black president who has used his position to dictate to the DOJ to not prosecute criminals who use their color to justify their crimes. That is a violation of his and any person in a position who took an oath to uphold the Constitutions commitment to enforce the law, not stand by while the laws are violated. Look at the mayor of Baltimore who told police to allow the BLM and other black people to work off steam after the killing in their city. Does one crime now justify another? Who was hurt by her actions, the local residents and business owners. Is that okay? No it isn’t, no matter the reason.

          24. Beeotchstewie the deplorable says

            Don’t feed that useless troll, it gets paid to make outrageous comments, block it so it can only sit in its basement touching itself.

          25. Vassiliki says

            the 7 that were arrested were counter-protesters that attacked KKK members. When you give facts please give the whole story, not just numbers that are meaningless.

          26. Paul Dionne says

            How many have been beat, stabbed, and shot at BLM rallies? The media and current leadership of the is nation are allowing BLM to commit acts that if not related to their rallies would be charged as crimes. BLM is NO BETTER than the KKK, and as such must be labeled as domestic terrorists and therefore the participants of said rallies must be prosecuted as such.

          27. Cookie Vranish says


          28. river says

            The KKK is as valid an American group as the Planned Parenthood racists. U want relevance?

          29. AKLady2015 says

            The KKK is now listed as an international terror group. There are over 10,000 KKK members in the U.S. There were 3 dead and 13 injured as a result of a Klan meeting in California just this past February. The KKK does not simply exist as a phantom of our country’s racist past.

          30. Pellucidar says

            The Klan meets in California??? Who knew? Intolerance has reached our western shores.

          31. AKLady2015 says

            They also meet n Europe.

          32. river says

            I wish they’d meet in your front yard. That would keep you under that porch until the mailman comes along and you can bite him on the leg…. .Hope he maces you.

          33. AKLady2015 says

            Thank you for making a fool of yourself before the world.

          34. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says
          35. AKLady2015 says

            You insult everyone who survived WW II.
            You insult everyone who lost family in WW II
            You are an ignoreant, rude right-wing fool.

          36. AKLady2015 says

            AMERICA IS:

            OUR FAMILY.
            OUR COUNTRY.
            OUR LIBERTY.

            Not just yours.

          37. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says

            Your Liberal racist America is not compatible with Real America!
            We will deport you! You are pathetic and low ener4gy!

            Now get out!

          38. AKLady2015 says

            Low energy, low energy, low energy, blah, blah, insult …repeat ad nauseam.


          39. river says

            Liberal/socialists should be listed on the international terror list. They murder nearly 875,000 babies per year and don’t even blink an eye. They’re so gruesome they’ll scape a living being, limb by limb, from the walls of a uterus where that being will never feel a safer place in all of it’s existence. You should be proud AK, there’s your group of beloved cronies.

          40. AKLady2015 says

            Zygotes are not babies. Zygotes do not meet the scientific definition of life.
            In contrast, spermatozoa do meet the definition of life.
            Men murder them thousands at a time.
            I suggest education as a cure for popular and religious hysteria

          41. river says

            Zygotes are NOT even detected until about 30 days of pregnancy you imbecile and are not aborted. In fact, they’re very hard to detect. You must be partly the genetic mutation of a fish. Some abortionist musta scraped the inner walls of your cranium. Now you have two gaping holes. No, make that three.

          42. azabigail says

            @ river…..You’re, RIGHT!

          43. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says


          44. Jmanjo says

            You are listed as a terror group too. You are a parrot for the democrap party!
            Show me the facts! Show me the article! Where did you hear that! We see, hear, and read just like you do only you just follow the liberal line bull sxxt. Go back to your hole, troll!

          45. Beeotchstewie the deplorable says

            Shariacrats, say it with me now tell everyone to use it, why? Because it’s the absolute frightening truth.

          46. azabigail says

            The Muslim Brotherhood is connected to several Islamic Extremist terrorist groups who chant daily about how they are going to kill us, and Obama and Hillary have no problem making them feel at home in the WH.

          47. Beeotchstewie the deplorable says

            This is why I use the term Sharicrats. It is exactly what they are doing by bringing in all these terrorists and non-assimilating Muslims.

          48. Vassiliki says

            As well as giving them money and arms

          49. Pellucidar says

            Queen Margaret Sanger agrees with you. Long live the queen.

          50. A natural born American says

            And therein lies the crux of the matter. Black mothers have killed more black babies in the past 44 years than the KKK has killed throughout their entire existence. And we ALL know how bad THEY are and have been. But I guess THOSE murders don’t count because those babies mothers ASKED someone to kill them! And I’ll bet AKlady is ALL for it as a matter of ‘choice’! I hope every single woman who has murdered her baby for selfish reasons gets to spend the rest of her life being haunted by the sounds of their child’s silent screams as they’re being slaughtered within the womb. I have NO sympathy for women whose abortions went bad.

          51. river says

            And I have no sympathy for AKlady….. she’s an antagonist, troll, and know it all that makes an a$$ of her self in every venue that I’ve seen her in. And I have no sympathy for mothers that kill their baby because it’s an inconvenience to give life.

          52. Beeotchstewie the deplorable says

            Where does one find sympathy? right between shit and syphillis in the dictionary.

          53. Robert Deen says

            I know a girl that had an abortion at 15. Her boyfriend’s mama coerced her into it and she is haunted by that every day since (24 yrs)-(8760 days)

          54. AKLady2015 says

            The Ku Klux Klan (KKK) is an American, white supremacist organization that was founded in 1866. It has over 10,000 members and has expanded to Europe.

          55. Jimmee41 says

            Have you lost your ability to reason???? Wow. Everything he said is in the news everyday…WAKE UP!!!!

          56. Deborah G says

            Either they are incredibly uneducated or simple liars exploiting a situation as a reason to riot and act badly. On a side note did you see the organizer of the movement was found shot dead in his car last week? must have known too much and outlived his usefulness with Hillary,Obama and Soros

          57. AKLady2015 says

            More of the Goebbels Theory at work. Approaching 100 years and still very effective.

          58. Jimmee41 says

            That would be true of ALL Democrats and the DNC…”Democrat Nihilist Communist” party. The true “Deplorables”!!!

          59. AKLady2015 says

            Blah, blah, blah, insult …repeat ad nauseam.

          60. Jimmee41 says

            And NAZIS. AK AK AK AK YUKA YUKA YUK!!!!!

          61. AKLady2015 says

            Thank you.
            You have just proved my point.

          62. Jimmee41 says

            And your point was?????…Goebbels…your hero????

          63. pmbalele says

            All those Blacks you see at Trump rallies on TV are either paid or are photo-shops. You remember FoxNews was caught phot-shopping for Romney and now Trump. People take photos at Hillary rallies and plant the photos at Trump rallies. These morons think we do not know their trick. After all, how can this country trust a polygamist to run USA. Not me. Polygamists are usually liars. They lie to each wife that they love her more than the other wives. That is why polygamists never look into eyes of their wives. Polygamists treat their wives as token or sub-humans. You have seen footage of Trump slapping his wife on the butt. But you have never seen Trump kissing his present wife who tries as much as possible to kiss Trump. If Trump lies to his wives, you will not tell me he is not telling me lies about his plan for this Country. In fact, we are hearing he wants a new wife because the current one is showing some wrinkles. Trump wants back to a European poor country where he gets a line-up of women to choose from. This time he is taking his supporters such as Roger Ailes now his political adviser, Pence the anti-abortion guru, Herman Cain the underwear groper, Reverend Jimmy Swaggart, Reverend Jim Bakker, Gov. Sanford the soul searcher, Gingrich, ugly Giuliani, Bill O’rielly who has just divorced and now accused for groping Tantaros. These cheat on their wives and then tell us they have family values. Are you really going to vote for Trump who three days ago called American women as fat and ugly? Please plan to vote for Hillary.

          64. Mistergilgamesh says

            Am going to copy / paste your comment into the Wikipedia article for “delusion”.

          65. Pellucidar says

            Can’t photoshop Hillary crowds because there are none.

          66. river says

            That’s not true…. .Trump packs stadiums….. Killary packs the dumpster behind Red Lobster.

          67. Jmanjo says

            and they have to drag her off the curb to get to the limo!

          68. pmbalele says

            Would you really vote for a polygamist – Trump. Shame of you. Trump is already planning to dump the present women for having wrinkles. Now he will have 4 wives at Trump Tower. Shame on you if you’re Christian to vote for a polygamist. Please join me and vote for Hillary.

          69. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says
          70. AKLady2015 says

            Another copyright violation.
            GODBlessRealAmerica#1 is a thief.

          71. SUZANNE M. says


          72. Norman says

            You went through all that effort to write so much that makes no sense at all.

          73. Jmanjo says

            you are an absolute peckerwood. We wouldn’t vote for that liar and the puppet she has for a running mate if they ran alone. The BS Kaine put out this weekend on talk shows was pathetic. He is even more lame than the pneumonic plague candidate herself. The real charade is the one the democrats are playing thinking Hillary is qualified for president. She is worse than Obama. At least he golfs!

          74. Dale F Winans, Cpl, USMC says

            You are a moron. Go find a dictionary and look up the definition of polygamist. Trump is not one.

          75. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says


          76. AKLady2015 says

            Let’s see, tere were 3 stabbed and 13 arrested at a KKK meeting just this past February.

            The Klan has toned down a bit after a number of members were convicted of killings and sent to prison. However, their sphere of influence has been hugely expanded. The KKK is now listed as an International Terrorist Organization.

          77. AKLady2015 says

            The KKK is now on the international terrorist list.
            Wake up, inform yourself. Do a search under “hate crimes”.

        2. Dale F Winans, Cpl, USMC says

          Actually the KKK is, and has always been, made up of mostly Democrats. Also, the 13th, 14th, and 15 Amendments were passed due to overwhelming support from the Republicans, and little or none from the Democrats.

          1. Deborah G says

            because they don’t want ANY of their propagandized blacks to figure it out. SMOKE SCREEN

          2. Mike Burkett says

            Democraps want to keep the low-information blacks on the democrap plantation controlling the voting block by pandering. Good news, a large percentage of the blacks did not benefit from the first ‘Community Organizer’ president and are awakening and throwing off the democrap yoke by voting Republican.

          3. Cookie Vranish says

            If they do vote Republican, I would imagine in a few years they will be very angry with the Democrats!

          4. dave ussery says

            death nell for demo dorks?

          5. AKLady2015 says

            Minorities have been voting Republican for many years.
            You are simply well-brainwashed and dwelling in the past.

          6. river says

            And, wisely, they should. School choice would definitely benefit the black community.

          7. annelouisegelinas says

            Yes charter schools is the smart way to be sure any minorities get the best way for a good education.

          8. Pellucidar says

            Get rid of the teachers union and eliminate the Dept of education. That’s a good start.

          9. AKLady2015 says

            School choice benefitted all minorities, not just the blacks.

            Hispanics have become the current popular hate target.

          10. AKLady2015 says

            Name calling is childish.
            Most give it up by the 2nd or 3rd grade.
            Temper, temper …
            You need to practice more, you have not yet gotten the adult part down.

          11. zrevtom says

            Democrats are better Liars than Republicans who really want to make this
            country better for all AMERICANS not illegals, not Muslims, not drug dealers
            or murders, rapists, slave traders, but AMERICANS.
            If you need to look at the Biggest Liars just look at the Democrats who have
            been in power. Pelosi, Reid, Loretta Lynch, Hillary Clinton, and of course
            Barack Hussein Obama, you can keep your doctor, you can keep your health plan
            your costs will go down 2500 dollars.n you have the newspapers, huffington post
            LA Times, NY daily News, NY Times, and of course the news stations
            CBS NBC CNN ABC MSNBC and I think personally the most dangerous man
            in this country George Soros, controls 27 newspapers contributes to many
            liberal organizations ( if you want to see just how bad he is click on this url)

            pass it on to all those unthinking and uncaring people who vote for anyone
            that has a “D” as their party. it is time for a change and Democrats wont do it.
            God Bless America

          12. Cookie Vranish says

            The Democrats want the votes and they can get them by having the taxpayer feed them!

          13. AKLady2015 says

            Suggest you look up the voter registration regulations for your state and county.
            While the Goebbels Style propaganda is politically encouraged, it is still quite unAmerican and immoral.

          14. Deborah G says

            I don’t want HIllary to die I want her in jail but Soros? Some people just are too evil to breathe

          15. AKLady2015 says

            There are many of those evil people on the Republican side.
            Like you, they are thriving on Goebbels Style propaganda.
            You want evil, you best look up the Koch Dynasty and its support of the Nazis during WW II. Then move over to the Buch Dynasty, they also supported the Nazis during WW II.

          16. Norman says

            Another radical rant that makes no sense at all.

          17. Deborah G says

            It was so poorly written and uneducated it was almost unreadable.

          18. Deborah G says

            These libs make no sense. That is the problem with them. They just rant the prescribed scripts and obfuscate the facts. Anyone can throw spaghetti at the ceiling to see if it sticks. As long as they continue to have people respond to them they get air. Choke off their air and refuse to engage with Alinskey radical tactics

          19. AKLady2015 says

            Blah, blah, blah, insult …repeat ad nauseam.

          20. Vassiliki says

            The Koch brothers are supporting Hillary. Evil supporting evil, you are correct

          21. AKLady2015 says

            Koch, Bush and Trump are only one generation apart from the Nazi collaborators in their families. Oh, and the original spelling of The Donald’s name is Drumpf.

          22. Vassiliki says

            You said the Koch dynasty supported Hitler and were republicans I responded that they are now supporting Hillary so your point is well taken….Hillary is Nazi-like especially with her wanting to take away the 2nd amendment- just like Hitler. My parents were also 1 generation away from Hitler, well actually they lived during the invasion and occupation of Greece by Italy and Germany during WWII- so that makes them Nazis. Uhuh, I see your logic. Trump was born after WWII ended and was living in America, so your point is?
            Many immigrants changed their name or their name was changed for them because it may have been too long or difficult, so what is your point?

          23. AKLady2015 says

            Child, there is a huge difference between living in a country which came under Nazi control and actually providing support.

            Between 1929 and 1932 Winkler-Koch trained Russian engineers and helped Stalin’s regime set up fifteen modern oil refineries” in the Soviet Union.

            Fred Koch partnered with William Rhodes Davis to build the third-largest oil refinery serving the Third Reich, a project which was personally approved by Adolf Hitler. He was also a founding member of the John Birch Society.

          24. AKLady2015 says

            Prescott Bush, the President’s grandfather, provided financial aid to the backers of Nazi Germany. His business dealings with the Nazi, and their supporters, continued until his company’s assets were seized by the government in 1942

          25. AKLady2015 says

            Trump’s father was a founding member of the NYC Chaptee of the KKK. Grandfather owned a whore house in the Yukon during the Gold Rush.

          26. AKLady2015 says

            “You might not care if Donald Trump says Muslims must register with the government, because you’re not one. And you might not care if Donald Trump says he’s going to round up all the Hispanic immigrants, because you’re not one. And you might not care if Donald Trump says it’s OK to rough up black protesters, because you’re not one,” Retired Air Force Col. Tom Moe

          27. ivory69690@yahoo.com says

            and DONNY DUMP to go free no matter how many people he fraud , con scammed and down WRONG SCREWED ??????//

          28. Deborah G says

            The courts dismissed 99% of all cases are without merit.Just because you hate the guy doesn’t mean you are correct. Just like I believe Hillary should face trial, let the courts decide.

          29. ivory69690@yahoo.com says

            true JUST BECAUSE YOU HATE THE LADY DOSESNT YOU ARE CORECT EITHER you cant be that stupid to think that DONNY DUMP didn’t screw those people and so many more can you ? or are you just a DUMPSTER brain dead follower ? do you have your strap on bomb already for when the DUMPSTER tells you to put it on and pull the pin you can be already to do so ? and you im sure are stupid enough to think that $25,000 DONNY DUMP gave to the FL. AG was all cool right ? ill answer this for you for its an easy answer for a stupid one like you (your answer is YES ) and since its yes then why the hell did the DUMSTERS pay the $ 2,500 fine if it was all ok ? as for your 99% with the snake , fraud , con , scam and screwing the DONNY DUMP dose any one with a half of brain (this leaves you out yes yes I know your closer to no brain ) knows he screwed those people and many others he is a POS pretty much like all and any that follow the clown (AND YES THIS MEANS YOU YOU’RE AT THE TOP OF THE LIST )

          30. Norman says

            Another radical rant that makes no sense at all.

          31. ivory69690@yahoo.com says

            another brain dead DONNY DUMP followers that has no clue of the word SENSE

          32. Norman says

            Thanks for so quickly proving my point, Ivory, with another nonsense rant from a radical. You’ve proven again that radicals have nothing intelligent to contribute.

            FYI, I am not a Trump follower. Trump is not conservative. I am a CONSERVATIVE. Trump was my 17th choice out of 16 Republicans. My preferred candidate was Ted Cruz. However, since Trump is opposing hilLIARy, I must vote AGAINST hiLIARy.

          33. ivory69690@yahoo.com says

            easy stuff for me . as for you understanding anything to do with common sense that’s another long story . all I state is intelligent . maybe that is the reason you cant understand it . and dosent really matter how many there are of the GOP gang of pinheads and idiots (and this is not name calling just stating facts ) and with that it shows you also have a long long way to reach a common sense mode . any and all of the GOP party is one of the BIG DANGER’S this country has .

          34. Norman says

            There you go proving my point again. All you radicals do is rant. Just like Donald and hiLIARy both of whom are radicals. (No, Donald is not a conservative. He may be less radical than hilLIARy but he is not a conservative. Donald is a Republican only because he switched from the demoCRAP party a few years ago.)

            Calling everyone you disagree with a pinhead, idiot, racist, deplorable, etc. is not going to sway anyone to your side. Such ranting only proves how shallow you and your ilk are. Rational, intelligent explanations of your beliefs may sway someone but ranting and name calling never will. I am still waiting a rational, intelligent response from you. See if you can surprise me.

            Since I do not expect an intelligent response from you, I am looking forward to your next rant so you can prove my point again. I hope to hear from you soon.

          35. ivory69690@yahoo.com says

            to prove no point to you I tend to state facts as for you to always assume ,and even worse to believe all that the GOP gang of pinheads say . could I go on and on and on about the REP party ? yes the REP. GOP party make a party (as the think it ) out of screwing up the country and its people as much as thy can (all but the 1 & 2 % the greedy bastards ) haven’t you learned from the DIRTY BUSH &CHEEZY CHENEY d the grave the GOP put the country into ? you chant demoCRAP party it was the DEMS that pulled the country out of the grave . and the DUMPSTER might very well changed his party (thank god ) because he couldn’t play his RETARD roll as well being one . knowing if he wanted to be the big POS he could be it would be better to take it and do it from the REP. GOP side then its more realistic . question what dose the GOP and that party of idiots want to do for the American people ? (all the people not just a few ) I can help you with that answer it’s NOTHING heck even with ZIKA and doing something to help the people of the country what did thy choose to do ? GO ON VACATION . and if thy could to help the people thy would take away health care from 20 million people no more ACA . you feel that a good thing to do to the people of the country ? ill tell you the ACA would be doing so much better today id just was more DEM governors country the GOP ones block any chances of health care for the people in their states . think of it what if all was to work together SAY JUST FOR THE PEOPLE as to why thy got voted into their office’s could you see maybe over 100 million people with health care with the ACA that much more then the 20 Million today . with that many more having the ACA it would only bring down money on it . but the GOP gang of pinhead idiots wont have any of that . to them its the hell with the people (well all but the 1&2 %) if it be DONNY DUMP gets in the house rest assure (well better not rest assured then more like worry assure ) he will pull the country down in to his DUMPSTER and bury the country 10 folds deeper then the DIRTY BUSH did . and he already has his cards for that first card will be and he will say well I never had any time in any offices before in my life . so don’t blame me the people should be blaming them self . for it was all of you that believed my B/S (even having facts checkers all the way knowing I was lying all the time ) but you still voted for me . then he will say SO REALLY WHO IS AND OR ARE THE TRULY STUPID ONES ? you know no matter what I still feel the GOP gang of pinhead idiots whole Benghazi thing was all B/S but then thy admitted it was all B/S (ADMITTED IT MIND YOU ) wasted all that time and money just to try to make her look bad . pretty much all thy do to try to make her look bad fails . and on the other side for DONNY DUMP so many facts rapist women beater documented . you want to see something that sick bastard did ? look up trump wants to bang his daughter you can watch the interview on that and how that perverted POS talked about his daughter and what he would like to do to her (AND SHE IS SITTING RIGHT NEXT TO HIM AT THE TIME ) and the DUMPSTER talks about the VETS another thing you can look up trump dodging the draft . another thing their words there not mind he a coward failed 4 time to cowardly get out of the draft and on the 5th time he had his daddy buy as DRT. to write the clown a get out of the draft (and not free card im sure that note cost his dad big bucks )of all the B/S the GOP has done and always dose even just the time and money wasted on all the email and Benghazi BS if be it thy didn’t pull all that B/S (AND GOT NOTHING OUT OF IT ONLY THE WASTE ) do you think you would feel the same way about her ? or do you hate the DEM party that much that it dosent matter how much good thy want to do for the people ? and have to make up bad thing . when Bill on his watch was in the house the country for the first time in history I believe was debt free and had a surplus MONEY IN THE BANK ok there people voted him to be a good PRES. not a good husband

          36. Norman says

            Aw, you are so sweet. No one has ever written so many nice things about me. That really means a lot especially coming from you.

            However, you wasted your time because that hateful rant has not convince me to vote for hilLIARy. Keep trying and have a nice day. I am looking forward to your next hateful rant.

          37. ivory69690@yahoo.com says

            first off nothing I text was meant in any way to be sweet nor do I seek you feeling in anyway to mean anything to you what so ever . also I don’t want to convince you to do anything . as I see it its your rants that are hateful and with no other way you have to understand anything to do with common sense you vet in a hate mode hateful rant I don’t do I state facts seems your are looking for a nice guy im not sorry it wont be me my bat don’t swing the way you seems to want it . so try your sweet talk to the truth is I find talking to you another guy maybe you will get lucky and find him . the truth is I feel id get a more intelligent conversation talking to a board . you will never get it a waste like the GOP dose the most of time really norm I could give a rats rear who you vote for . for as much as ive seen already of you and yes as I see it RANTS of bull you’re more like a DONNY DUMP a problem child minded clown that just seeks attention . no name calling from me here just the facts as I see it and feel you are . good luck with finding your new BOYFREIND as long as you don’t open your mouth it should last at least a week (MAYBE )

          38. Norman says

            It’s so nice to hear from you again, Ivory. It sounds like you had another hateful day. Thanks for proving again that all radicals can do is post angry rants that make no sense.

            I am not sure what you posted above, but it sounds like I’ve finally convinced you to vote for Donald. Others have told me I am very persuasive. I agree, of course. You were one of the toughest NUTS to crack, but it seems like I’ve finally converted even you. Hurray, me! I’ll add you to my long (and growing) list of radicals I’ve rescued from the dark side. I’ll see you at the next Trump rally. Go, Trump!

          39. ivory69690@yahoo.com says

            ranting seems only to come from your dark side . as for you having anything at all to what I do is truly seem only what you want (ive told you Norm my bat wont never swing the way you are ) fitting you want to vote for the very loss child DONNY DUMP as nuts that swing most likely always come in pairs from the back of a bull . as for you being very radical as calm and suddle as you may paint your pic one can still see the true problem child you are . seems you’re at a catch 22 mode . for ignorance is curable but stupidity is permanent . so there is no way out of the land you love so much and fit in so well .(and yes im sure you wouldn’t have it any other way )

          40. Norman says

            Oh, Ivory, you disappoint me. I was expecting a longer, more hateful post from you. Are you finally getting over anger issues?

          41. ivory69690@yahoo.com says

            Calling everyone you disagree with a pinhead, idiot, racist, (deplorable),<<( I never said that you did ) etc. what I say weather you may see it and feel its name calling I don't its just the facts as I see it as for you not seeing anything I state as intelligent it is very well the same way I think and feel about any and pretty much all of what you post . we all have our own minds and to each their own . as for me I tend to research all of what I post and it's what I come up with and feel is right . do I care of those who disagree with me ? NOPE not at all I do lean a lot to the common sense side of things do I enjoy debating ? not really . what I do try to do the most is enlighten people (to the right way of thinking ?) some might say no some say yes do block out all of what others say ? NOPE not at all I rather take what some say and think and believe it or not I do try to see things the way others might see them . im a true believer no one is perfect or right 100% of the time yup even myself . so I do put the things together and look at then from all the ways thy can be seen and what I come up with is right by me as im sure you also feel that same way as to what you think feel and see things

          42. Norman says

            Deplorable? No, hiLIARy said that. You forgot to repeat her. I was just reminding you.

          43. ivory69690@yahoo.com says

            well brain dead <<>(Calling everyone (you) disagree with a pinhead, idiot, racist, deplorable, etc.) <<< see you formed it as you like it was me that said it . do me no favors nor remind me I seek nothing from you .for there'snothing I could ever use from you that would be worth anything just filling up the trash can more

          44. ivory69690@yahoo.com says

            NORM there is a bright side we do agree on some thing about DONNY DUMP (radicals do is rant. Just like Donald DUMP )) and he more so then anyone else and nothing for nothing Hillary dosent rant even close to the DUMPSTER

          45. ivory69690@yahoo.com says

            don’t want THE DUMPSTER to die (well that would be the best thing for the country and the world if he was too ) I want him the clown in jail but Soros? Some people just are too evil to breathe and yes DONNY DUMP is that evil . and his brain dead followers im waiting for the DUMPSTER to tell them to pull the pins of all the ones that strapped a bomb on them self for the clown . (then im sure you wouldn’t be posting your B/S any more ) would you be in a better place then ? I believe a place suited for you yes and with out ones like you can only make the world a better place . PLEASE TAKE DONNY DUMP WITH YOU then you can love that POS next to you till the end of time . I think you make a great pair that swing in the back of a bull in his sack

          46. Deborah G says

            You write almost like an illiterate. Hard to get your point other than you hate Trump and want me to die with him. How utterly sophomoric.

          47. ivory69690@yahoo.com says

            yes English teacher did you get fired from that job because of too many little boys and girls you was keeping after school and one told on you ? im sure that’s the story . how much time did you get ?

          48. Beeotchstewie the deplorable says

            Liberal edjuimcashen prime example thereof.

          49. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says

            Please take Crooked evil Lying ignorant Liberal Hillary with you!
            The Hitlerallites love to lie!!!You can love that lying liberal POS hillary and you can join her in Jail…

            PRESIDENT TRUMP 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e05007d32f4c351dd37443dc65d03604fe71e44f69dcc892d2b4ac6d05e62313.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a486b2b187cafce0537729646d4df3afa8a90f399df2fc5befc0f0a3c51f5d3a.jpg

          50. ivory69690@yahoo.com says

            another DONNY DUMP brain dead follower . hey the DUMPSTER told me you can pull the pin on the strap on bomb he told you to put on now it will make his statement no that you stand (oooopssss you blow up yourself for him ) as for Hitler the DUMPSTER better fits that calling . as a matter of fact when he was asked if it bothered him when people compare him to Hitler he say no not at all . for Hitler is one of his hero’s like the Russian PUTTHEAD

          51. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says

            Another Crooked disgusting Lying evil Liberal Hillary supporter live! Hey Crooked Hillary supporter go suicide Bomb your Liberal ASS make America safe again!

            Crooked evil slime ball lying Hillary is a Terrorist…..

            She makes America weak, vulnerable, unsafe and liberal .

            Crooked Lying Hillary will never ever be President you low energy wacko! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/bde48db08d43b65708fd5ac44dac83db2469727f602a2fd897151e976c8fee36.jpg

          52. ivory69690@yahoo.com says

            i was thinking how one can put together such a B/.S rant and feel thy truly got it to a point the hit the nail on the head . and I believe I got it . you have to be looking in a mirror . as for low anything its you that sets on the bottom of the barrel or toilet bowl . you talk the lying the DONNY DUMP (FACTS) lie’s pretty much every time he opens his DUMPSTER mouth . first he has to drop his draws and bend over this way you can hear him better when he talks heck you can even see his head then also . you’re a LOST MIND never to be found . better for the world . do DONNY DUMP good pull the pin to your strap on bomb . that could only help all involved and not involved too thy may not know it but will still be better off for sure .WACO that has to be the one last glance into your mirror

          53. Norman says

            This, Ivory, is another hateful, name-calling, childish rant from you, a radical who can’t intelligently explain its beliefs.

            Please post something that helps us understand your mental problem, Ivory. Maybe then we will take pity on you.

          54. ivory69690@yahoo.com says

            ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh HATEFUL NAME CALLING CHILDISH RANTS you say ? well I was just putting it in the same form that DONNY DUMP puts it in . then the brain dead DUMPSTER followers would understand it better . BTW no mental problems here at all I tend to slide to the common sense side ( that very well could be the reason you cant understand it ) as for pity I seek none . as for what ive seen of you id much more ask that your arrogant , ignorant , pathetic love for the DUMPSTER one might say forgive him for he knows not what he dose and have pity on this poor pitiful DONNY DUMP FOLLOWERS SOUL

          55. Norman says

            Brain dead, arrogant, ignorant, pathaetic. . . oh, you forgot deplorable.

            So all this name calling is supposed to make me want to vote for hiLIARy?

            Yes, you posted another rant.

          56. ivory69690@yahoo.com says

            as for deplorable well you stated that and no one knows you better then yourself . back to you saying name calling NOPE just FACTS as I see you . these things can be fixed if you wish to . yes im sure that in it self would take a lot of work for you . I do feel you may be way too gone to do the right thing and vote for Hillary . who knows after you take that hard task of fixing your self you might see doing the right things ?(I don’t believe so ) and last but not least no rants at all I think out my texts before I post them so no rants there .

          57. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says

            Take your Crooked evil Lying Hillary blow up and play with your thug Ass!dollhttps://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/225b4205a9119083b5ba8d4abb8e24801bf031ac7b79d9fb1ca53fc67414ee2e.png

          58. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says

            Take your Crooked evil Lying Hillary blow up doll and play with your Liberal THUG Ass moron!


          59. ivory69690@yahoo.com says

            you seem to know a lot about blow up dolls how many of DONNY DUMP do you have ? im sure you have to blow hard to get them all up to the rise you seek

          60. AKLady2015 says

            Nothing in your post is factual.

          61. Norman says

            On the contrary; everything in zrevfom’s post is factual.

          62. AKLady2015 says

            Freedom of religion is the basis upon which this country was founded.

            Islam has been part of America since before it became a Nation. To begin your education, I suggest you research these men, and the contributions that have made to our Nation:

            A Sample of Historic Contributors:

            Crispus Attucs, Yarrow Mamout, Estevanico, Norsereddin, “Hi Jolly”, Abdulrahman Ibrahim Ibn Sori, Ayuba Suleiman Diallo, Omar Ibn Said, Bampett Muhammad, Yusuf Ben Ali, Peter Buckminster,

            A Sample of Modern Contributors:

            Fazlur Rahman Khan, Shahid Khan, Ayub Ommaya, Ernest Hamwi, Shaquille O’Neal, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Farah Pandith, Ahmed Zewail, Aziz Ansari

          63. Norman says

            You forgot Muhammad Ali.

            Anyway, naming all of those muslims does not take away from the fact that demonCRAPS are better liars than Republicans and that Republicans want to make the country better for all Americans including muslims as zrevfom wrote.

            Also, obama did lie when he said “you can keep your doctor”, “you can keep your health plan”, and your health care costs will go down.

            obama did indeed say all those.

            You owe zrevform an apology because his post was factual.

          64. Pellucidar says

            Also research The Tides Foundation. http://www.tides.org

          65. Beeotchstewie the deplorable says

            Agreed, Soros is the money behind all the voter fraud that got us stuck with the Muslim traitor twice and he also funds BLM. He is wanted by several countries for various financial and social engineering crimes. Give Soros over to Putin , he will deal properly with him. Siberian Popsicle anyone?

          66. rdells says

            you’re convincing everybody you’re just crazy, with NO compliments

          67. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            The democRATs own the liberal MSM which as a matter of point is actually the propaganda wing of the democRAT party.

          68. AKLady2015 says

            Name calling is childish.
            Most give it up by the 2nd or 3rd grade.
            Temper, temper …
            You need to practice more, you have not yet gotten the adult part down.

          69. river says

            They’re being called racists because the act of doing so was promoted more than 35 years ago by the Communist Party USA. Today CPUSA.org promotes calling all conservatives, the GOP, and religious right… .Racists, Homophobes, Xenaphobes and any other phobe that can be imagined. Though not true, the idea is to divide Americans.

          70. rdells says

            You DO have to be crazy to be a Marine (that is a compliment, my friend) but nothing you posted has had any element of truth in MY lifetime, and I have grandkids doing what you do.

          71. AKLady2015 says


          72. Daniel Brofford says

            Yes sir cpl, you are so right I’m surprised at how many people don’t know that. Thanks for your service my friend.

          73. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says

            Liberal Democrackhead racist party is alive!!!!

          74. AKLady2015 says

            Why do you need to tell these lies?
            Why do you embarrass America this way?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          75. AKLady2015 says

            The Dixicrats are ancient history.
            They are now members of the “new” hate party: Republicans.

          76. Dale F Winans, Cpl, USMC says

            Actually Dixiecrats were southern DEMOCRATS, not Republicans.

          77. AKLady2015 says

            You need to update your knowledge base.
            Suggest you read what I wrote, more slowly this time.

          78. Dale F Winans, Cpl, USMC says

            Do YOUR research. What I stated is FACT.

          79. AKLady2015 says

            You have one fact correct, the word WERE.
            Past tense.

          80. AKLady2015 says

            Get your history books back out.
            Learn the difference between Dixicrats and Democrats.

          81. Dale F Winans, Cpl, USMC says

            Dixiecrats were southern Democrats opposed to extending civil rights to blacks.

          82. AKLady2015 says

            Thw KKK is now an international terror organization. The majority oif its members are Republica, They are Trump supporters.

        3. Cookie Vranish says


          1. rdells says


        4. Douglas W. Rodrigues says

          The KKK has always been connected with the democrat party. Have you been living in a cave somewhere not to know this?

          1. AKLady2015 says

            You must be living in a cave. The KKK became Republican decades in the past,

          2. Dale F Winans, Cpl, USMC says

            I don’t know where you get your “facts,” but the KKK always was, and still is, a hate group made up mostly of DEMOCRATS!!!

        5. Daniel Brofford says

          Of course that’s right. All anyone has to do it look at the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendment to the constitution and they will find that the republicans are the ones that has looked out for minority’s and women in this country not the democrats. Anyone that knows history knows that and can school people that don’t know.

          1. rdells says

            Have U always had serious issues facing reality or is this a recent affliction?

        6. AKLady2015 says

          Of course they are. It is a convienient lie which they have no problem passing off.

          1. rdells says

            U still mad at me for advising U to steer clear of the Palin yard?

          2. AKLady2015 says

            Palin is my neighbor.
            The entire clan is what we Southerners call Poor White Trash.

          3. rdells says

            but “poor” is inaccurate if not talking about behavior

          4. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says

            hahahahahhahaha Worst President Eva!!!

          5. AKLady2015 says

            Another right-wing copyright violation.
            Shows the true morals of the not-so-conservatives.
            Stealing someone’s artwork without giving credit is wrong.

        7. azabigail says

          Just because the KKK chooses not to support a liberal agenda, does not mean that ALL Republicans support the KKK. In fact the KKK probably hates many Republicans because we are not into Hitler, White supremacy, or them, AND we are not White. Obama and Hillary are constantly in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood which is who we should really be worrid about since they are connected to Islamic Extremist groups who make daily chants of how they hate us and are going to kill us.

        8. Paul says

          When is the last time you saw a KKK rally with more than 20 people? Now compare that with the numbers in BLM riots. You seem to have a disconnect.

          1. rdells says

            How many KKK rallies have YOU attended? I never counted because I never been at one.

        9. Jimmee41 says

          Your implication is NOT RIGHT on both accounts. History will not support your contentious questions!!!!

          1. rdells says

            In a word “NUTS”.

      2. Jenniferbakers3 says

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      3. Maryrbates2 says

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      4. daveveselenak says

        … Communist Party USA is the correct term!

        1. rdells says

          I’m not sure which extreme is the worst. The commies murdered more of their own but my vote still goes to the Nazis. They are literally running the country now.

          1. AKLady2015 says

            Trump is a Nazi.
            You are a bit confused.

          2. rdells says

            Nope, you are. My meaning perhaps unclear unless U think Nazis are not as bad as commies.

          3. AKLady2015 says

            Did Communists murder over 8 million people because they were Jewish?

          4. AKLady2015 says

            Trump is a prime example of what the Nazis were and continue to be.
            Congress does not hold a candle.

        2. AKLady2015 says

          The Cokd War ended a long time ago.
          Communist has ceased to be an insult.
          You need to get with the times.

      5. AKLady2015 says

        Liberal Democrat this, liberal Democrat that .. it really is a worn out slogan.
        Goebbels had it right: “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it…”

        1. Dale F Winans, Cpl, USMC says

          It figures a Nazi Democrat would be quoting Goebbels. Sieg, Heil!

      6. kimbers says

        Cheryl no need to be snarky with Carry …

      7. A natural born American says

        The ‘funded by’ translates into the Jewish Jew slayer ‘soros’ he may have discontinued practicing Judaism but he will ALWAYS be Jewish. It’s a genetic thing just like every other race. Jews are both a RACE AND A RELIGION.

      8. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says
        1. AKLady2015 says

          Yet another copyright violation.
          GodBless is a thief, and seemingly proud of it.

          1. Paul says

            AKL….a senior “writer” for George, is smug as ever. Speaking of thieves… did you hear the one about Mrs. Coattail-riding Bill Clinton and the Clinton Foundation? I bet you are proud!

          2. AKLady2015 says

            WHat has that to do with copyright violations –habitually repeated?

          3. AKLady2015 says

            So, you approve of stealing?

          4. Jimmee41 says

            I like it…it is very truthful!!!!

          5. AKLady2015 says

            So, you approve of stealing?

          6. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says

            AKLADY is no lady but a Liberal Crooked evil Hillary slime ball…and I bet your
            Proud of it fool!!!

          7. AKLady2015 says

            Why do you take credit for other people’s work?

          8. Paul Dionne says

            What is the stealing? It does not say the same as TV and movie names, and placing pictures in a frame was done long before the show and movie did. I think you are incorrect, but if you can show otherwise, please do.

          9. AKLady2015 says

            You presume a connection with the television show.
            That is an incorrect assumption.
            “The Shady Bunch” is the title of a very funny parody video.
            That video is aime at the currwnr administration.
            Tha video is protected by copyright.

          10. Paul Dionne says

            The video is protected, but the use of a name similar to the “Brady Bunch” is not protected. Look at the cover of the video and you should see the letters TM circled. That signifies there is a trade mark related to the name. There is no trademark associated with similar sounding names. You need to learn how trademark laws work as your thoughts are way off base. Oh wait, my comment must be a violation of the American and National League as I used the word “base” because it is part of the word “baseball”. See what I mean?

          11. AKLady2015 says

            You need to educate yourself further.
            If I had wanted to speak to the “content,” I woild have used the term “trademark”.

      9. Ron C says

        Funded by George Soros…

    2. Jmanjo says

      You are supporting them too. Obama has had Loretta Lynch giving BLM and other like groups some of the billions of dollars collected in penalties from the mega banks instead of putting the money in the general fund. We are all getting screwed over by this tyrant.

      1. Deborah G says

        Obama SHOULD be impeached but there is zero guts on either side to do it. THAT is why we need an outsider like Trump whose nest isn’t feathered with corrupt cash

        1. Cookie Vranish says

          And they told us to give them the Congress so accomplishments could be acheived. So we did! Nothing happened! This year they told us we must have a traditional Republican for POTUS! We said to stick their ideas where their head is and we gave then Trump! Still the best move “we the people” made!

          1. rdells says

            Nausea is setting in!!

          2. AKLady2015 says

            We the People do not elect a President.
            We the People have never elected a President.
            We the People cannot elect President — the Constitution does not permit us to do so.
            Suggest you learn how your government actually functions.
            Start with the Electoral College.

        2. AKLady2015 says

          Trump is not neat as rich as he has brainwashed you to believe.
          Why else would he refuse to publish his tax returns?

      2. AKLady2015 says

        Which propaganda machine did that lie come from?
        Where is the evidence to support your fiction?

    3. Gary Smith says


    4. Deborah G says

      Of course it is but that doesn’t fit Obama’s narrative that blacks are maligned and victimized. meanwhile they DOMINATE sports,music and so on with huge salaries ,wealth etc. However you NEVER see any rich blacks go back and actually spend any of their own money helping their people.

      1. Cookie Vranish says

        Isn’t that the truth!

        1. Deborah G says

          IT IS 10 of them could wipe out poverty in Detroit 20 could do more do they? Never. All they’d have to do is clean up the streets,rebuild some schools and actually engage with the kids. How about a few hoops? NAH too much effort so a white cop goes and does it.

      2. SUZANNE M. says


        1. Deborah G says

          I did research it and you are correct LeeBron does help but he is probably one of the very few that do,.In reality there are millions of Christians/Jews and ordinary kind people that help all the time, lots of white folks.

          1. annelouisegelinas says

            Today not enough people take inventory of WHO actually have given their money to help .just as many rich folks in every color. Don’t refuse to look around where you can help, Go back to your beginnings and help. Support gyms, improving parks, improving opportunities for youth.

          2. Deborah G says

            I do

      3. annelouisegelinas says

        And they must it is all about putting your millions of dollars of salaries into programs you the rich players start and support. Look back and reach out to all youths in your old neighborhoods .the kids need you so put your money to good use.

      4. rdells says

        Whadya expect? They’re Republicans.

    5. suz says

      Along with NAACP same thing.

    6. river says

      And Killary

    7. GuardianFlame says

      Yes, but it was created and funded by George Soros for breaking apart the races and creating chaos in our Society. Research Soros! He is the devil’s right hand man and can’t wait to see America struggling so we can be conquered by OWO. And, yes, Soros was/is obama’s Puppet Master…Soros says jump and obama says, “How High”.

      FYI: Soros is also a friend of hillary’s…perfect place to guide if she were president. That’s why TRUMP must be President — and more Conservatives from ALL RACES will be voting for him, not the witch woman. THE MEDIA AND LEFT REALLY HAVE NO IDEA HOW MANY AMERICANS SUPPORT TRUMP — AND HOW MANY AMERICANS DO NOT TRUST KILLARY. But they will find out in November and our Nation will celebrate the end of the liberal madness!!

    8. Macthegent says

      It’s just occurred to me, all White racists and bigots think alike. Since, everything is ‘PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA’S’ fault. You are showing just how all White racists and bigots think. With your small minds, and hate filled hearts. Those thoughts are what controls your small worlds. Maybe, you kid not know it, but, what you are saying is all White KKK, but, your morons are still living in the past, and that is why none of you will ever find happiness…………………Just thought I would let you know……………Have a good day, anyway. But, I doubt that you can, you got some hating to do, right………………….Mac

      1. Carry Valley says

        Whenever there is any criticism about Obama, instead of looking at, and analyzing the truth, you fall back on that overused word “racist”
        If we are racists, how to you account for the majority of people who voted for him being white?? And it wasn’t a fluke, because we voted for him Twice !!
        But you are either too lazy, or you just rather not know the truth….Yeah, I know, it’s very disappointing, when you have so much faith in someone, and they prove to be a dud….but you should stop using that word, because it should be obvious. most people in America were not racists. Now, I’m not so sure. Obama did his best to reverse it.

    9. azabigail says

      BLM began after Obama took office and he began his agenda to weaken America by doing several things, one of which is creating division among the people. From day one he began to take jabs at America’s Foundation, Constitution, standards, laws, etc., people, and it’s unity and identity. Every chance he got he made sly side remarks and baited racial conflict by taking sides in situations that he did not have any business giving input into. He injected himself into situations that he did not have any business participating in. He immediately made one sided remarks which fueled unrest and Black racism against White citizens. He publicly gave his one sided opinion, and comments which incited division, even before investigations were even started, on several cases. He was constantly making comments that would make Black Americans feel oppressed, and weak, and then twist it to direct blame on Whites, and the rich. He does more than support BLM, he encourages them to do worse than they already have, because before he became president, and when he became president, he had a negative attitude toward White Americans, and America. He pretty much says it all, in his books. But aside from his animosity against Whites, especially rich ones, his loyalty is to a liberal neo socialistic agenda. So even now he has prejudice against true Americans who are Black, successful, very intelligent, and FOR America, because he cannot manipulate them into his agenda. The UN has an agenda to bring every nation under their Global Governance Org., so in every nation they have people like Obama weakening the countries they are in so the people will be easily herded in the direction they want them to go. Obama might think he can still create enough division to further weaken America if he can cause further division among the people.

    10. Beeotchstewie the deplorable says

      He is our hyper-racist Muslim in chief.

  5. Delia Shamoon says

    I am sick and tired of the freaking biased media. I am not voting for corrupted, liars and criminals. Trump is telling the truth ands offering hope for this going down the toilet country. When someone speaks the truth they are called racist and when someone despise our values and national
    Anthem and put flags are called heroes. What a disgusting country liberals are made this one to be on just 8 years. I wonder what it will become if they keep winning elections. The most corrupted administration in the history of this nation and the most biased media ever!

    1. rdells says

      If you’re not voting for corrupted lying criminals how can you possibly think of voting for der tRumpenfuehrer? 8 years isn’t enough to recover from the Bush/Cheney disaster with all the corruption in Congress blocking every move that could benefit people that have to work for a living.

      1. irish1919 says

        Blame blame blame . Obama’s 8 years of blame while he doubled the debt. More debt than all the presidents before him. He is the worst in history and now the 2nd worst fuhr Hillary is running. Obama our first Muslim president. Good riddens. He never liked this country anyway.

        1. rdells says

          UR so FOS

          1. Deborah G says

            UR a complete asshole

          2. rdells says

            Truth really hurts, eh?

          3. Deborah G says

            Nope the TRUTH never hurts me and you have yet to present any, neither has Killary

          4. rdells says

            Don’t know what you’re on but it has numbed your brain. You probably haven’t felt anything for years.

          5. SUZANNE M. says


      2. Defend America says

        Excuse me I have to work or a living and I along with millions are worse off now than under Bush. If the media would report the truth you would know that. The first 4 years of Obama’s presidency you had DEMOCRATS in Congress so there goes that theory. You can not keep on blaming Bush for all of Obama’s failures. Yes Bush made alot of mistakes in his last term in office that is why the Republicans did not nominate Jeb for President. That being sad part of Bush’s economy collapse had to do with Clinton because he was the one who made it easy for people to buy homes without qualifying…that is what caused the housing market to collapse . People bought homes when they could not afford to pay for them.

        It is time to stop blaming Bush for everything that is going wrong today 8 years later it all falls on Obama with his disastrous Obamacare….his over spending…his lack to create jobs…his allowing open boarders which is sucking up all of our money paying for illegals and thousands of refugees and Hillary wants to give away more of our money.

        The only thing good Obama has done is made it possible for people with preexisting conditions to get health insurance….he helped people defiance their homes to be better able to afford them and he ( thou it is against my religion ) legalized marriage for the LBGT ( I also do not judge as my Bible says those who have never sinned may cast the first stone.)

        Everything else he has done has been a disaster to our country. We are more divided than we have ever been….we now live in a lawless country….we have more criminals on our streets than ever before….he has broken he Constitution several times….he has inflicted his ideas on Americans regardless of law…he has forced our women and children to become easy Victims for predators…he has changed our values and our whole way of life not for the better but because he hates AMERICA and wants to make it a Muslim country.

      3. Cookie Vranish says

        Oh brother! Still?

      4. SUZANNE M. says


        1. river says

          It tells me we don’ need no steenking Bushes.

          1. SUZANNE M. says


        2. rdells says

          Internal conflict with the Nazis? Heavens, even Hitler executed hundreds of Nazis he had no further use for.

    2. Vicki M says

      The People have had enough and that is why Trump is SOARING. He offers us a last chance to have a government of “We the People” again. VOTE TRUMP!

    3. Michael Dennewitz says

      And the PMIC got it all started!

    4. Dan Dan says

      It is going get worst, I predict if Hillary win this election the next 8 years will be no Republican neither in senate or in the house, if Dem find a way to rigged election then they are going find ways to rigged all, from governor to senate. So all the Republican who don’t want to joined Donald they are going to lose.

      1. Cookie Vranish says

        I’m thinking if Hillary does steal the election, there will be no House, Senate or anything else. The people know and will probably revolt. That means all from that ruling class will be in trouble. News people too!

        1. river says

          News people first, they can burn like firewood….all of them.

    5. Gloria D. says

      Exactly!!! If we don’t get Trump in, this will be the last election we have in a long time. Obama and Hillary will name who sits on the Supreme Court and our Country will be headed into the NWO. The total corruption/destruction of our Country will be complete. We will be a third world with diseases here we don’t even know the name of. Trump has to win or we’re doomed. God help us all.

      1. rdells says

        “You losers need me! Without ME you’re nothing” – D. tRumpf

        1. Deborah G says

          Exactly when did he say that? Cite the quote,speech etc.You are two bit Troll probably living in Mommy’s basement getting $6 an hour working for Soros LOL Time for your diaper change. Now you are blocked.

          1. SUZANNE M. says


          2. rdells says

            I’m not so shocked. I actually know 2 otherwise relatively intelligent folks leaning a bit toward Herr tRumpf. At 3 per state thar makes…hmm, let’s see now……no, make that 2 per state!

          3. rdells says

            Hatred of intellectualism is the bedrock principle of Trump support. When the American nazi party, and the KKK endorse a candidate—yeah, he’s one of them.

    6. EV says

      thank you for sharing your concerns, as you can see most of us feel as you do, you can spend l0 hours trying to find something positive about Hillary and you might find
      one in 50, and the media claims her polls are above Trump??, we all know is false, what this PATHETIC PUPPET REPORTERS AND PUNDITS are doing is “pre-conditioning” the american people to STEAL ELECTION, we know polls are fake

  6. annelouisegelinas says

    Yup progressives, liberals, all who call themselves any name that suits their agenda, love to write spiteful and hateful remarks. They own them but when any other name decides to copy them they suddenly shut down and turn it around on the copy cats.
    That is their operation modem
    They speak any fibs they want to start and to spread when caught they have the same poorass excuses
    Honestly somebody tell them to grow up and stop thinking like 5 year olds.same nasty street fights, same bully tactics , same jealous thoughts, it is rampant in the media and reporters. Will it ever end?

    1. SUZANNE M. says


      1. rdells says

        Right Wing WackJobs rarely make it to college, so what’s the beef?

  7. EV says

    The media destroyed credibility for twisting Trump’s words, and i agree, when they say females are more
    for Hillary it is a TOTAL LIE, THE MEDIA IS CLINTONIZED, but you know, something good came out of all
    this pathetic media reporters, the american people recognized how pathetic they can be, I have always
    know that but I did not realize to the extend, so when you hear a reporter or pundit all you see a

    1. rdells says

      that really is pathetic

    2. SUZANNE M. says


      1. Deborah G says

        you are not alone. We all know Trump isn’t the “perfect” Establishment candidate but he is good for us “Deplorables” LOL

        1. river says

          “Momma’s don’t let your babies grow up to be deplorables”…Wally Nelson

          1. SUZANNE M. says

            LOVE IT!

        2. SUZANNE M. says


      2. annelouisegelinas says

        Just making sure sure there will be no more sleepovers with Bill is the number 1 reason not to invite him back to the white house. His history is criminal and we didn’t impeach him, but why invite him back?

    3. Deborah G says

      I have a business, my entire staff is women there isn’t ONE voting for Hillary.None of my neighbors, family, friends etc. I think the polls haven’t bothered to ask except at liberal venues.

      1. SUZANNE M. says


        1. rdells says

          Hmm. HRC is the MOST! Since U say so are we to believe it is true??

          1. SUZANNE M. says


    4. Deborah G says

      The reality is MOST of the people who are in high positions usually have souses conveniently working for the DNC> Corruption to the core.

  8. tee d says

    ha! why should anyone be surprised! The media makes Trump out to be a tyrant! Others who have know Trump for many many years, all say Trump is very generous and compassionate. end of story!

    1. rdells says

      bridge 4 sale!

      1. tee d says

        I’ll buy the bridge i’m sure it would be alot more reliable than what your candidate is pushin – which is horse manure!

      2. Cookie Vranish says

        Use it to get to Saudi Arabia!

  9. Trico says

    Your Headline should be corrected to: “Diversity Among Deplorables”

    1. Vicki M says

      There are millions of proud TRUMP “deplorables” and they /we are rising from the ash-pit of the last 8 years. They are all colors and religions and they are excited to have a candidate who loves AMERICA and them. VOTE TRUMP!

      1. Gloria D. says

        HELL YES!! GO TRUMP!! Our godsend!!!

    2. rdells says


      1. Krampus says

        Tells is nothing more than a little troll starving for attention. Don’t feed the pos. Go blow ovomit ,michael, or bill they will feed you

      2. Gloria D. says


    3. Gloria D. says


      1. Trico says

        Vote Hillary For President Of Cell Block # 9*
        Now Hillary has my vote!

        Coasters: “Riot In Cell Block No. 9”

        *Paid for by, Prisonettes for Hillary 2016
        Prisonette: a female inmate

  10. rdells says

    Yea, 2 or 3, maybe even as many as 4 of them!!

  11. Macthegent says

    People, he we can see where in one miserable setting, there are a few people of color at a Trump office. What does all of those people look like at his proudly bragged about crowd sizes? Ninety nine point nine per cent are White people. How many people of color do you see there? I venture to say with certainty, not very many. And, when a person of color with good intentions might come to investigate what the White Racist Trump has to say. That person of color is attacked immediately without finding out why he or she is there. And, those people of color are thrown out of the rally spaces for Trump, without giving the their rights to be there or go anywhere they want to go. If it was known or shown, that Trump has a large following of people of color. Why are his White followers so scared, when they see a person of color at his rallies, and they do not give the person of color a chance to witness anything about Trump. Most White people at Trump rallies are racists, bigots, and race haters, who just cannot stand mingling with another race or people of color. So, in the rare cases, and I do mean rare cases of finding a person of color, who is so lost and are mislead enough in following Trump. Then, that person has put himself in danger or harms way of being hurt and assaulted, since, most of the White people at a Trump rally has already made up their minds to cowardly attack a person of another race, and that person of color is there for no good and should be hurt for his foolishness of straying in such a miserable place like a Trump rally. Following Donald Trump and his group of buffoons for a person of color, is like that person of color following Jim Jones. And, we all know what happened to the people of color who dared to follow that demon and devil Jim Jones……………….Mac

    1. Michael Dennewitz says


      1. rdells says

        Not at all gentlemanly of U. Trolling here doesn’t require a boat.

    2. rdells says

      And the stats support your post.

    3. Trico says

      “when a person of color with good intentions might come to investigate what the White Racist Trump has to say. That person of color is attacked immediately”

      I know the Troll is blocked but this is in rebuttal anyway:
      “(Black) Police Officer talks about his experience at Trump’s rally in Tucson”

    4. Mistergilgamesh says

      I don’t know the answer to that Macthegent…oh wait…yes I do. It’s because of this. http://cdns.yournewswire.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/BLM-martial-law-700×350.jpg

    5. Mistergilgamesh says
    6. Mistergilgamesh says

      Maybe we should invite these guys to our next rally so they can be persuaded to vote for Trump? https://saboteur365.files.wordpress.com/2014/11/ferguson-protest-thugs.jpg?w=584&h=390

    7. Mistergilgamesh says

      So I am guessing that there are no “racists, bigots, and race haters, who just cannot stand mingling with another race” in these photos…..right? They are all pure of heart and entirely blameless.

    8. Gloria D. says

      Lololol!! You’re a joke!! Stop being a brain dead liberal and wake up moron!!

  12. Michael Dennewitz says

    I still say: I wouldn’t care if Mr Trump got laid 4 times a week and with different women, or didn’t pay his damned taxes… I mean, come on, he’d NEVER be even 1/10 as bad as the Benghazi Bitch! ! soros OWNS the damned media and they ALL print what the Lil bastard tells them to.. TRUMP 2017 . .

    1. rdells says


      1. Deborah G says

        TRUTH is something libs know nothing about because they have bought the lies of the left

        1. pastriesqueen says

          Truth is not a word in liberals’ vocabulary.

          1. Deborah G says

            Truth vis a vis Libs is an oymoron

    2. gotabgood says

  13. Walter Flatt says



    President Obama: This is why you didn’t go to France to show solidarity against the Muslim terrorists:

    * It was you . . . who spoke these words at an Islamic dinner -“I am one of you.”

    * It was you . . . who on ABC News referenced -“My Muslim faith.”

    * It was you who . . . gave $100 million in U.S. taxpayer funds to re-build foreign mosques.

    * It was you who . . . wrote that in the event of a conflict- “I will stand with the Muslims.”

    * It was you who . . . assured the Egyptian Foreign Minister that – “I am a Muslim.”

    * It was you who . . . bowed in submission before the Saudi King.

    * It was you who . . . sat for 20 years in a Liberation Theology Church condemning Christianity and professing Marxism.

    * It was you who . . . exempted Muslims from penalties under Obamacare that the rest of us have to pay.

    * It was you who . . . purposefully omitted – “endowed by our Creator ” – from your recitation of The Declaration Of Independence.

    * It was you who . . . mocked the Bible and Jesus Christ’s Sermon on the Mount while repeatedly referring to the ‘HOLY’ Qur’an.

    * It was you who . . . raveled the Islamic world denigrating the United States of America.

    * It was you who . . . instantly threw the support of your administration behind the building of the Ground Zero Victory mosque overlooking the hallowed crater of the World Trade Center.

    * It was you who . . . refused to attend the National Prayer Breakfast, but hastened to host an Islamic prayer breakfast at the White House.

    * It was you who . . . ordered Georgetown Univ. and Notre Dame to shroud all vestiges of Jesus Christ BEFORE you would agree to go there to speak, but in contrast, you have NEVER requested the mosques you have visited to adjust their decor.

    * It was you who . . . appointed anti-Christian fanatics to your Czar Corps.

    * It was you who . . . appointed rabid Islamists to Homeland Security.

    * It was you who . . . said that NASA’s “foremost mission” was an outreach to Muslim communities.

    * It was you who . . . as an Illinois Senator was the ONLY individual who would speak in favor of infanticide.

    * It was you who . . . was the first President not to give a Christmas Greeting from the White House, and went so far as to hang photos of Chairman Mao on the WH tree.

    * It was you who . . . curtailed the military tribunals of all Islamic terrorists.

    * It was you who . . . refused to condemn the Ft. Hood killer as an Islamic terrorist.

    * It is you who . . . has refused to speak-out concerning the horrific executions of women throughout the Muslim culture, but yet, have submitted Arizona to the UN for investigation of hypothetical human-rights abuses.

    * It was you . . . who when queried in India refused to acknowledge the true extent of radical global Jihadists, and instead profusely praised Islam in a country that is 82% Hindu and the victim of numerous Islamic terrorists assaults.

    * It was you who . . . funneled $900 Million in U.S. taxpayer dollars to Hamas.

    * It was you who . . . ordered the USPS to honor the MUSLIM holiday with a new commemorative stamp.

    * It was you who . . . directed our UK Embassy to conduct outreach to help “empower” the British Muslim community.

    * It was you who . . . funded mandatory Arabic language and culture studies in Grammar schools across our country.

    * It is you who . . . follows the Muslim custom of not wearing any form of jewelry during Ramadan.

    * It is you who . . . departs for Hawaii over the Christmas season so as to avoid past criticism for NOT participating in seasonal WH religious events.

    * It was you who . . . was uncharacteristically quick to join the chorus of the Muslim Brotherhood to depose Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak, formerly America’s strongest ally in North Africa; but, remain muted in your non-response to the Brotherhood led slaughter of Egyptian Christians.

    * It was you who . . . appointed your chief adviser, Valerie Jarrett, an Iranian, who is a member of the Muslim Sisterhood, an off-shoot of the Muslim Brotherhood.

    * It was you who . . . said this country is not a Christian nation.

    * It was you who . . . said the Muslim call to worship is the most beautiful sound on earth.





    Can there be any doubt that Obama is a true Muslim? Distribute this far and wide, Please! The list continues to grow!!


    1. Krampus says

      You have spoken pure truth in everything you have said. And if that bitch kilary gets put not elected it would be a 3rd and even worse term of ovomit. Vote TRUMP 2016 !!!!! Or there will be a revolutionary war in this country and all muzrats illegals corrupt politicians and all haters of this country will wish they had never either came here or betrayed this great country to begin with.

    2. pastriesqueen says

      Great post! You can add:
      Obama did not go to Scalia’s funeral service
      Obama did not go to Baton Rouge until he was shamed into going and it only happened when his vacation was over.

      1. Deborah G says

        When he did not go to Paris it was because he’d have to link arms with the Jew BiBI . he could never let his Muslim brothers see that. He is our very own MISSING LINK!

    3. Deborah G says

      The very clueless Dem base is so indoctrinated they think the “bombs” are not ISlamic Terrorism

    4. Cookie Vranish says

      You have it all dialed in! Kerry always was a traitor. Ask the soldiers in Viet Nam who he stabbed in the back!

    5. SUZANNE M. says


  14. jscarano7 says

    ””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’DONALD TRUMP 2016
    ””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’DONALD TRUMP 2016
    ”””””””””””””””””””’DONALD TRUMP 2016

    1. Gloria D. says


  15. gotabgood says

    Diversity in Trump’s supporters???
    You mean like some women… some men…. some tall… some short… but all confederate flag waving, KKK members, White supremacist, radical rightwing home grown terrorist… that what you mean?? And of course all of them NRA members .
    The truth about Trump’s visit to Flint’s black church….

    1. Mistergilgamesh says

      We don’t care. The Pope with Jesus could have been speaking at that place and they would still be unfriendly. Trump should have just said hello then politely left them to their misery.

      1. gotabgood says

        I think you are right… or maybe he shouldn’t have even went there…
        I don’t know about you, but I think it was just for the publicity anyway.

    2. Gloria D. says

      That was an Obama set up!!! He’s in thick with those people.(lowlifes) Guess they want to stay in the ghetto forever!! Poverty rules to them. Keep listening and worshipping the wrong people like Ovomit, you get what you pay for!!!!

      1. gotabgood says

        You are living in denial.

  16. 2egypt says

    LA Times has always been liberal

  17. Dianne says

    This article is such bs the reporter is a idiot just goes to show what school yard bullies the media can be. Trump supporters are from all walks of life. The fact he was trying to confuse them and get all in their face trying to make them feel stupid makes him the stupid one for being a bullie.no respect for him he didn’t give them any respect. Hillary is the little boy that cried wolf everything that comes out of her mouth is a flat out lie so if she is ever capable of telling the truth no one will believe her. She made her bed so she can lay in it. She really has no good qualities women are better than this just say no to Crooked corrupt Hillary .

    1. Gloria D. says

      ..and he did great!!! He beat them at their own game!!! GO TRUMP!!! He’s brilliant!!

  18. aaron43 says

    And Hillary has been endorsed by the American Communist party.

  19. gotabgood says

    Now I understand… some actually think Trump is a LIAR!!


    So the initial surge that got Trump famous was a lie. And you think he is NOW telling you the

    WASHINGTON, Sept 15 (Reuters) – Republican presidential
    nominee Donald Trump, one of the leaders of the “birther” movement
    that questioned President Barack Obama’s U.S. citizenship, believes Obama was
    born in the United States, the Trump campaign said in a statement on Thursday.

    1. Gloria D. says

      Not..he’s just putting it to rest. Obama said he was born in Kenya in his book..I read it. So, I guess, if he was born here, it makes Obama a liar as well.

        1. KKmoderate says

          I can see your selection of reading sources is very limited and additionally your English is deficient; 2 days ago
          “I think you are right… or maybe he shouldn’t have even went there…”
          It’s ” he shouldn’t have even GONE there”.
          So I’ll block you and clean up the human waste on my innocent screen and from my deplorable mind???

          1. SUZANNE M. says


          2. KKmoderate says

            True that?

          3. RobertNorwood says

            But you’ve deprived us of such rich humor….idiots like that aren’t rare where liberals are concerned but some are genuinely funny…in a really frigged up way.

          4. KKmoderate says


          5. gotabgood says


          6. gotabgood says

            I see I caught you in time… (pant pant)… you can’t block me.. who would correct my grammar on this political web site…. can’t you see you are needed?

  20. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says


    1. Gloria D. says


  21. greenlantern1 says

    Trump CLAIMS that President Abraham Lincoln was a great REPUBLICAN president!
    Ever read Lincoln’s SPOT RESOLUTIONS?
    What did he say about President Polk’s war with Mexico?
    President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated AFTER he bolted!
    He formed the UNION party!
    He picked Andrew Johnson to be his VP!
    The RADICAL REPUBLICANS, their definition, impeached Lincoln’s VP!
    Perfectly clear?

    1. Mimi says

      Go see the Hillary’s America movie for a great history lesson. Democrats have been demons for all these years. I used to be one – the last one I voted for was JFK and you know what happened to him. I then registered as a Republican. I could switch between candidates, but I have not found a Democrat that had the ideals I have.

      1. Gloria D. says

        Good for you Mimi!!! Absolutely correct!! Smart woman!!! TRUMP/PENCE 2016!!

      2. greenlantern1 says

        Read the CLINTON CHRONICLES!!
        Just as accurate!!
        Just as reliable!!

    2. RobertNorwood says

      I don’t think anyone really cares. Lincoln is valued for what he did, not a few opinions he may have had. Get a life…

      1. greenlantern1 says

        The REPUBLICAN party CONTINUES to claim as one of theirs.

        1. RobertNorwood says

          Maybe you should get a real lantern, try and see through that fog you’re in.
          Clear? Clear your mind…

  22. Joanne says

    These newspapers are worthless, they all stand for the democrats, they are all liberal rags.

  23. tubesaft says

    Hasn’t the demos moved a lot of Federal offices to West Virginia, the home of the Grand Wizard of the KKK and a Demo leader of the Senate a few years ago.

  24. RobertNorwood says

    Well, when you go as liberals will on the presumption that Trump supporters are all white male racists you’re just choosing ignorance over knowledge. We’re diverse with some of the best people you’d want to meet. Wanna hear something funny… stupid little white liberal girl made a comment on how the flags behind trump were all folded in the shape of KKK hats. Like she made some big discovery… These folks are stuck on the KKK… I cautioned her about pizza slices…could be a secret KKK thing when you hold your slice the right way. Look for it and you just might find a pizza joint doubling as KKK headquarters.

    1. Deborah G says

      I am a white very educated 1/2 Jewish 1/2 Catholic Italian woman that supports Trump HOW does that fit their narrative?

      1. RobertNorwood says

        Shudder to think of it on that side. Like yourself, I’m educated, Catholic. In the past I’ve volunteered for the Urban League, Finacially helped the Crispus Attucks Center for Children. I have black friends, I like the people in a genuine way. Nope, they just don’t get us and that’s fine because they’re stuck, Hillary’s stuck and they’re going to lose.

      2. Gloria D. says

        Exactly!! I’m a white full blooded Italian first generation woman born here and Catholic as well ..and I am also very educated with a PHd. I supported TRUMP RIGHT OUT OF THE GATE AND STILL SUPPORT TRUMP 100% and I live in CA!!! The damn Dems always paint us blue because WE THE PEOPLE let them get away with it but if we were to take a popular vote in many elections, our state would have been red like long ago!! The electoral college is a BIG CHEAT for the DEMS!!! Must go back to paper ballots or something that is impossible to cheat with. I, myself, am taking a picture of my vote on my ballot so when they cheat, and they will, WE THE PEOPLE can go back to prove how we voted when Trump demands a recount!!! I will step up with my proof. That machine will change our votes..I don’t trust the Dem/libs as far as you can throw them!!

        1. Deborah G says

          We must be related lol. Same here I have an impeccable educational resume` I live in the OTHER cesspool New York

          1. Gloria D. says

            Well..nice to chat with you Deborah G. We must be related is right, lol.? A best friend of mine actually lives pretty close to you in Jersey. One of these days I plan to visit NY. I hear it’s beautiful!! Can you believe, we’re very educated WHITE women and voting for TRUMP??? There’s the statistics of the Dem/libs right out the window!!! Must be the Koolaid they keep drinking. Well, here’s to both of us..thank God for people in our cesspool states Deborah, because of people like us, we keep fighting for what is right!!
            Wish the robots would all wake up before its too late or move out of our Country!! Can’t wait for some of the Hollywood gang to move out! They promised when Trump won they would move out of the Country, I sure hope they meant it! CA could use a few less nuts here. Keep up the good work over there in NY Deborah. UNITED WE STAND!!! TRUMP/PENCE 2016!!!

    2. SUZANNE M. says


      1. RobertNorwood says

        I was hoping she’d fire back but most liberals block you then crawl away.

  25. peter says

    They are diversified because they are sick of the same old shit the democrats have given them over the past 6 decades. They want something new.

    1. Gloria D. says

      Exactly right!!!

  26. Gammi2Anna says

    Did the LA Times use Hillary Clintons classification mechanism to identify whether these new Trump supporters are ‘basket deplorables who are racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic and islamophobic’? If not, maybe they have chosen to go with Clintons posting that ‘Trumps main voting base is uneducated whites. They are old, white and stupid’. Either way, this old, white stupid person will still choose to “Trump” Hillary’s misuse of the word deplorable with the actual definition, ‘regret strongly’, that she is still running for POTUS instead of sitting in a 5 x 5 prison cell with a pin hole size window to allow in just enough sunlight needed to keep bats flapping their wings and banging into the cave walls.

    1. tCotUS says

      You stated everything I was going to say…Thanks

    2. Gloria D. says


    3. SUZANNE M. says

      ME TOO!

  27. matureone says

    Funny thing this media we have is, I think the Dems have fried their brains, no one has polled all the woman, the young ones and,like me the mature ones, I know not one female that is voting for Hillary. Like me many have known Hillary for years and she has always been known as a pathological liar and she is no different now. God bless this country if she gets in.
    Now Trump may not be what all want BUT I believe he’s set him self up by what he claims he can do and will do it, if for no other reason then to show it can be done and this country will be much better for it.

    1. Gloria D. says

      I second that motion!!! 100% correct matureone!!!

    2. ringostarr1 says

      Dear Matureone:
      You inadvertently used the wrong verb in your post.

      You should have said “God help, protect, and preserve” America if Hellary Clinton is our next President t ! ! ! !

  28. Cookie Vranish says

    Wait for a smarter Trump supporter? Hah, fool! Maybe you have already run into them and can’t figure it out. The Trump supporters know in advance that anything they say will be twisted around and lies added for effect. “I don’t know what Trump wants to do, OK?” That made the super intelligent reporter actually thinking he was very smart!

  29. RsGoat says

    I tend to talk to people and find most of any race the same and easy to get along with, none holding any chips on their shoulders of racism so when the BLM and other trash started I saw it more as media fools starting something and still believe it. Not that we don’t have a few racist out there because I come across some now and again but they are few and far between and on both sides of the racial divide equally but most people could care less about them we know they have no power. Shutting them down is easy and the young ones are not too hard to correct or at least get them to question their racist convictions. Like I said I talk to a lot of people and those were very few who fell into that category.
    The Military had a programs to improve race relations in the early 70’s that was more antagonistic then helpful. The only reason it worked is because people on the bases was people ended hating the social actions group who administered the program more then each other. Black and White joined together in agreement that Social Actions people were morons and they needed to avoid anything that brought those people around. So it was that the racial issues that plagued at least he Air Force in early 70’s diminished greatly and people started working together better. Anything to keep the Social Actions people out of their lives!
    Most of our issues not fall back to film shorts where the media jumps in followed close by politicians who should be the ones calling for calm instead of leading the lynch mobs! Before you know it with out all the facts, or any facts the races are off for hate destruction and money making news stories (ever feel like some one is getting played) After facts are in some times people are exonerated some times not but destruction of personal property is already done and political careers are already boosted? (played?)
    Racism leads to stupidity and it dose not matter which side of the line you stand on it always ends the same! 4th grade the kid next to me had a C I had a B. Same number wrong. After comparing our math tests different ones wrong in each section same amount. We should it to her for correction. We were informed one of us tried harder? It was a year latter I saw a film about the Detroit Race riots and discovered people didn’t like each other because of the color of their skin? How was I to know, dumb kid. One kid was taught he was working hard and the other was taught he needed to work harder. guess the color of the one who was taught to work harder? While the teacher could show better grades for white students how long do you think that was going to last? racism is stupid and counter productive, never allow it to be the reason or excuse for anything! We are people and we need to teach our children that. no excuses stand up for being a person period.

  30. Barbara Ervin says

    TRUMP/PENCE 2016

  31. desert fox says

    Additional proof that the media whether in print or TV is so biased that most intelligent people don’t take “IT” as truth. There was a time when the written word could be trusted but not anymore. I stopped getting all newspapers (and I got three) long ago. The demoncratic party started the KKK, they support the far left, and are dishonest in the fact that they will promote most things that are against any religion except the Obama supported muslim terrorist false religion.

  32. armydadtexas says

    Perhaps it is time some of the FAR left wing, propaganda mouth pieces of the socialist democ-RAT party get over their stereotyping of people they don’t agree with. Hey dummies, it isn’t conservative America that ridicules and demonizes others for just being of a different mindset. That is the M.O. of the left and especially of the socialist democrats and Hillary Clinton. By all means do the research. The truth will truly set you free.

  33. dahniuru says

    LA times regurgitators are surprised any time they encounter intelligence; probably because they don’t spend much time with intelligent people in their offices….

  34. ringostarr1 says

    I for one am planning on helping African Americans get ahead anf the best way to help them is to elect Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States. Just like the Reverand Jesse Jackson said back in the 80s, Well just click on the link and hear it yourself right from Rev. Jackson’s own mouth.

  35. faxxmaxx says

    Well, the writer of this article feels so smug, so superior that he/she couldn’t find it worthwhile to let his/her readers know who wrote it. It was probably a Hillary campaign slug.

  36. GuardianFlame says

    How interesting is it that when I talk to different people, all of them are voting for Trump! It doesn’t matter what color they are or their ethnicity, they want Trump to be President…period.

    The only liberals I run into are the TROLLS on the blog sites that are just playing a game and couldn’t care less about who votes for who, they are HATE MONGERS that just want to get the HATE flowing, no matter what. Those TROLLS don’t have a clue about the numbers and they truly don’t care…they just want to mix it up with HATE flowing over that website. So, if they are the only Liberals actually making noise, what are the other silent libs going to do? Many will cross over to vote for Trump! NO matter, TRUMP is stomping killary under and at the Debate between the two, I’m sure tempers will rise, but when it’s all said and done, Trump should take the debate if he plays his cards right. All killary has to debate with is calling him (and us) names because she is afraid of facts because they will burn her. Tune in…

  37. ivory69690@yahoo.com says

    Filipino brothers in their 20s, and one of them said Trump makes sense but the media twist everything he says. ///// TWIST what the DUMPSTER says ???????????????/ NO just trying to enlighten the BRAID DEAD people that think that DONNY DUMP is anything but a hateful racist greedy self centered POS . he cares of nothing and no one but him self . the DUMPSTER would throw his family under any bus to protect him self BELIEVE ME

  38. Beeotchstewie the deplorable says

    You know what would be even more surprising? Finding one person with common sense that supports Killary and the Shariacrats.

  39. Dennis Derstine says


  40. Norman says

    A liberal LA Times writer was horrified to find diversity among Trump’s campaign supporters. . . Absolutely horrified. Huh? Aren’t liberals always saying we should celebrate diversity?

  41. Silvied says

    Y’all surely know that the KKK has always been the enforcement arm of
    the Democatic Party – just ask the Clinton’s !

  42. Mike McCloud says

    The LA Times remark that Orange County, California is ‘as blue as blue could get’ shows little regard for historical facts- which is how a liberal viewpoint is pushed; that ‘everything is ‘blue’-or ‘theirs’. Orange County has definitely changed, but not all the folks there are pushovers for a ‘Perfect World’, a fallacy they’d hope We The People would ’embrace’-another term pushed upon us by their imagined ‘Perfect World’. The facts are that most OC’ers were raised by Republicans. Even in the mid-fifties, we ‘regular’ folks worked in the Orange, walnut, lemon, & lime groves & the packing houses, the bean & strawberry fields, alongside our Mexican Originales & neighbors from Arkansas & Oklahoma, & green card workers who most of all of us,were friends with, for spending money. We too, hoed fields of weeds for days on end, & even youngsters did yard work( a lot of it!) to help our families with some cash inputs, & we were always looking for a step up to improve ourselves, & our communities. Having served in the armed forces, I can’t say when, or where the fallout happened, maybe it was when USC Fullerton’s campus was bombed by the SDS, in the late ’60’s, but even now. a tax-payer supported state university such as USC Irvine allows communist assemblys & student associations on campus, but OC was the ‘home’ of the John Birch Society, ( J.B. was a Korean War Veteran) among many other such organizations which( mainly)supported the US Constitution’s ideals. Folks who visit these sites should do some research on their own before accepting any current media’s ‘news’ at face values, especially if they espouse their resulting opinions on a public venue. Being informed, responsibly, is hard to attain, unless one spends some time at it, given what we are ‘fed’, but I also believe it’s our responsibilty to intelligently respond with ( hopefully) an informed & sane Comment. I believe in the American value of supporting a fellow American citizen’s Right to his opinion, it’s one of those ideals that separates us from the ‘masses’ , or ‘hordes’ as the unfortunate mobs of people are referred to in the liberal’s ‘ideal’ or ‘perfect world’ of Europe, & one which our Founders hoped we’d aspire to in order to separate us from the age-old successive ‘perfect empires’ of that continent. This, is the difference, between ‘us’ & ‘them’. Having seen the aftermath of wars brought upon regular folks by the regimes of the ‘perfect worlds’, I grew up & no longer care which bum starts what, but I prefer to be, and have defended, an American ideal of America. God Bless ya all!

  43. 7818TD says

    Liberals have a problem with facing the Truth, hoping to “Score”, again they fell flat. Again, maybe us “Deplorables” are all colors, races and ages. I’m voting for the Law & Order Candidate, after witnessing even more Riots in Charlotte. We need quick, and strict Law enforcement.

  44. Justin Seine says


    There are 3 types of Hillary

    1- Those who stand to profit from open
    borders and unlimited H-1b Visa issuance;

    2- Those who are part of the corruption
    scheme that will really start raking it in if she gets in;

    3- The ignorant/uninformed.

    And people are starting to realize it!


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