Left-Wing Lunatics Attack Trump Supporters


Outside a Donald Trump rally in San Jose, CA, the violent, left-wing protesters who show up at every one of his events sank to their lowest lows yet. In a shocking scene that rivaled the near-riotous atmosphere in Chicago earlier this year, these “protesters” threw eggs at Trump supporters, attacked them violently, and left several innocent people bloodied and disoriented.

How does the media frame this scene? From The Washington Post:

The ugly scenes of violence toward Trump supporters appeared to be the inverse of similar incidents earlier in the campaign in which Trump protesters, not supporters, were targeted.

Well, you have to give them credit for at least including the phrase “appeared to be.” They’re not wrong. What they fail to mention is that the only reason it ever “appeared” that way was because they – the liberal media – chose to cover it that way. From the beginning, 99.9% of the violence surrounding the Trump campaign has come from reckless, ignorant protesters.

And so it is today.

“It’s sad to see San Jose representing like this,” said one protester. “Trump is the one igniting the hate. You can’t fight fire with fire.”

Oh, when will these people wake up? There is no “fire” to fight. You’re the ones creating the fire!

But it’s hard to wake up when everyone from your liberal professors to your immigrant activist leaders to the mainstream media is lying 24/7. These poor ignoramuses never have a chance to hear the truth. They’ve been indoctrinated, turned into social justice soldiers who can’t tell the difference between reality and propaganda.

Hillary Clinton, in a speech earlier in the day, said there was a “deep reservoir of common sense” in America that would keep Trump from being elected president.

Well, if that’s what was on display outside the San Jose rally, then America’s “common sense” is going to lead this country down a very disturbing path. Maybe what we really need going forward is some uncommon sense.

  1. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

    These Liberal Democrackhead thugs need to be in Jail!

    1. Croco Dile says

      A nice illusion, isn’t it ?!

      The delusional on both sides are in HOPE for CHANGE……. their own way.

      1. Jimmy Quick says

        How can you say that? The democrats have had their chance to lead and all they did was destroy everything and I mean everything they could get their greasy little hands on.

        i agree that the mentally challenged tend to find exuberance if not outright euphoria at these events, but in the end, once all the confetti and the party hats are put aside we’re still gonna be stuck with one of these individuals as our leader.

        And while you can stand around pointing fingers at every one else, who do you want? The criminal, the communist or the business man?

        I personally want the person who will reverse EVERYTHING that Obama has done. We can’t bring back all the people he has killed or return all the money he has stollen, but we can prosecute him and his closest followers for what they have done during their time in office.

        That is the only thing that will bring any kind of lasting change and healing to our nation.

        1. Ted Crawford says

          NONE OF THE ABOVE!!!
          In a perfect world, Scott Walker! Of the choices on November 8, all things remaining the same Gary Johnson!

          1. Jimmy Quick says

            Okay, in your dream scenario, how do you see the numbers working out?

            Maybe something like this?

            42% Hillary
            39% Trump
            15% Decoy for fools
            4% Everyone else

            Congratulations! You just elected the criminal.

          2. Mark Clemens says

            Your statistics look about right, for now. Trump has been the political Rocky Balboa. Every early pool has had him whipped. Look who’s standing out of a field of 16. Poor old Hillary can’t even shake one socialist off her mangyAss.
            After the conventions I’ll wager Trump will close that gap. Remember you read it here first………

          3. Jimmy Quick says

            I hope your right but the voter pool is limited to the ragging vaginas, the gimme, gimme crowd and the purist who think you need to be a career politician to be a good leader. We have already tried that enough to know it no longer works.

            All that are left are the reasonably intelligent citizens who are sick and tired of elected traitors running our nation into the ground.

            Are there enough of us left and are we gonna get motivated? That is the question.

          4. Mark Clemens says

            I don’t think Hillary is going to do very good with female voters.
            I think the dynamic will play out like Cruz was supposed to of gotten a majority of the evangelical voters. Remember Sanders is not a real democrat. I think 33% of his people, will vote Trump, because he’s an “Outsider” and is Self Funded. Remember Sanders people hate the Donations.

          5. Ted Crawford says

            Not off to a very good start then, he just lost 3 more points today!

          6. Mark Clemens says

            Trump is giving her that early false sense of security like he did to
            Ferina, Paul, Christy, Bush III, Rubio, Cruz and many others who lay in ruins beside the political path to The White House.

          7. Ted Crawford says

            Riiiiight! Unfortunately, for you, your fellow Trumpites and sadly America writ large, it’s the Clinton White House! Reinforced by the Progressive Majority Senate (54 – 56)!

          8. Mark Clemens says

            ………So you’re pulling for Hillary?
            At this point if you’re not on the Trump Train, you have to be on the Clinton Coach.

          9. JoJo Gunn says

            Ted knows this, he and i have dicussed this very thing before.. He is convinced without doubt, that Trump and the Clintons have conspired to create this scenario. To him, its all rigged for Clinton,Trump is just part of that rigging.

          10. Mark Clemens says

            Never know, politics is a very sleazy business.
            We all know Hillary’s history, we can only hope Trump ain’t playing us.
            I’ll take my chances with Trump

          11. JoJo Gunn says

            Same here brother.

          12. Mark Clemens says

            I wanna keep my firearms. I reckon Ted don’t like guns……

          13. Junior Bruce says

            Too bad, teddy, GUNS, GUNS, GUNS! YEEEEE HAAAAAAW! πŸ˜€

          14. JoJo Gunn says


          15. Junior Bruce says

            Why say, “No” to guns, when it feels SO GOOD to say, “YESSSSSSS!” πŸ˜€

          16. Ted Crawford says

            What Ted don’t like is ANYBODY, questioning me with respect to personal Firearms! The Second Amendment is perfectly clear on that issue; “…’Shall Not’ Be Infringed”! In any Legal document, the terms, “Shall” or “Shall Not” leave absolutely NO wiggle room, period!
            They can’t get your…Goat, if they don’t know where it’s tied up!
            I do not now, I never have, and I never will, own a registered Firearm!

          17. Mark Clemens says

            Apparently you have not been paying attention to the 2ed Amendment, it already has been infringed upon.
            1. There are restrictions on what kinds of guns you can own. There was none in 1790
            2. Felons are no longer allowed to own firearms. This is not in the original 1790 Bill of Rights
            3. Background Checks were not imposed in 1790.
            4. In 1790 gun control was the ability to sink your musket ball, into a Red Coat.
            In 2016 gun control is filling out endless bureaucratic forms, asking permission to buy a gun. If it’s a RIGHT, you shouldn’t need the government’s permission.
            Also the Second Amendment can be repealed with a 3/4 majority in both houses, and the President signing off on it. That is why we must take care in choosing a President, and congress. To GUARD OUR Amendmended rights……….

          18. Ted Crawford says

            Exactly! EVERY single one, an infringement on the Second Amendment and therefore unConstitutional! Precisely why one should never even tell them they own a…Goat, never mind where it might be tied!

          19. Junior Bruce says

            Trump likes guns. πŸ˜€

          20. Ted Crawford says

            Consider, from your namesake:
            “I sometimes wonder if the World is being run by smart people who are only kidding, or Imbeciles who are serious”! With respect to International relations, and specifically Foreign Affairs, Trump more, much more, closely represents the latter than the former!

          21. Mark Clemens says

            I have!
            “Politicians and diapers need to be changed often, and usually for the same reasons “-Mark Twain
            I am taking Mr. Trains advice.
            Trump is a fresh political turd
            Hillary is an old stale half rotten political turd.
            I like my political turds Fresh, how about you?????

          22. Ted Crawford says

            An Imbecile is an Imbecile! HOWEVER, I don’t believe that Trump really IS the Imbecile he’s currently pretending to be! I believe it’s a very carefully calculated ploy!
            One recent example of the many available for viewing. His outrageous attack on Federal Judge Curiel. In the text-book manner of a Racist Xenophobe, the brush that the Progressives have long been attempting to paint all Republicans with, he attacks his Mexican Heritage! That not being yet sufficient, he doubles down on it for two more days! Are you really suggesting that is the manner of a “Master Negotiator” Trump paints himself to be? How about his attacking a woman, based on her looks (Fiorina), and yet another on her natural minstrel cycle (Kelly)!!! This is supposed to be the guy that negotiates Multi-Billion Dollar Deals for Breakfast?!

          23. Junior Bruce says

            So? He was RIGHT. πŸ˜€

          24. Ted Crawford says

            Please, tell me you don’t vote!!!

          25. Junior Bruce says

            Any proof of that?

          26. Ted Crawford says

            Your , “All this or it’s all that”, as is the usual case is completely wrong! I have been an outspoken opponent of the Clintons since 1992! Which also explains why I’m against Trump!
            Trump throughout his entire public life has always been a dependable, self declared, Liberal Democrat. In 1999, when Trump first publicly expressed an interest in running, when asked in a television interview, which Party he identified with, Trump answered; “Democrat, of course. I’ve always been more Liberal than Conservative” ! More recently he reinforced that position, by supporting and financing Terry McAuliffe (D), over Ken Cuccinelli (R) , for Governor of Virginia!
            His advocacy of Socialized Medicine, State Funded Infanticide, and Religious Testing, along with his assertion that whatever orders he would issue would be absolutely obeyed by our Military, his idiotic assertion that he can force another Sovereign Nation to pay for our Infrastructure, are positions within the Progressive Platform, NOT the Conservative one!

          27. Mark Clemens says

            What else could it be?
            We are down to two choices
            The Republican is Trump
            The Democrat is Clinton.
            That’s it!!
            Unless you are going to pout, like Eric Erickson and waist your vote on a fringe 3rd party candidate.
            Or you don’t vote a at all. That’s unamerican !!!!
            What logical choice do you have???????

          28. Junior Bruce says

            Ever hear of, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer?” Then, you’ll learn about ALL their dirt, then when the time is right, you POUNCE! It’s GENIUS! πŸ˜€

          29. Mark Clemens says

            Ps, thank you for correcting your senate count. Still one must get 60 votes to advance a Bill.

          30. Ted Crawford says

            Really, I give you Susan Collins, Lamar Alexander, Lindsey Graham, Mark Kirk, Lisa Murkowski, Jeff Flake, Thad Cochran, John McCain, should he chose to run, and good ‘ole Mitch McConnell him self! You see them having any real problems there?

          31. Mark Clemens says

            Hu? I don’t get your reply……..

          32. Ted Crawford says

            You stated, correctly, that it requires 60 votes to pass a Bill. I gave you just a few, the low-hanging fruit if you will, of the 44 or so….Republicans that can be counted on to vote with the Progressives on any given issue!

          33. Junior Bruce says

            Says, the libtard media.

          34. Junior Bruce says

            I have a feeling that these POLLS ARE RIGGED, by the illegal sympathizers, just to try and discourage some into giving up hope and NOT voting for Trump. Too late! The people have had ENOUGH of the b.s. from these lying politicians, and I have a feeling there will be a record turn out at the polls this round. I’ve seen hitlary’s campaigns and there are VERY FEW people who show up to them, compared to Trumps. Even the libtard cameramen won’t turn the cameras around to show how many numbers of people attend his, because they’re SCARED of him winning, and how HIS win would effect THEIR lives. Maybe, he’ll start holding them accountable for their twisting facts around? They SHOULD be held accountable for their lying to the public.

            I think that there should ALSO be a CLOSE WATCH over those who are counting the ballots, and hold ANYONE accountable for fraud. Federal penitentiary would suffice with a 15 year sentence.

          35. Mark Clemens says

            Depends who you poll.
            If we had a poll here asking if Obama is doing a good job. 94% of the people who post here will vote NO.
            94% of the people who read the Koss will vote YES.
            The only poll that counts, is the one WE ALL take on November 7th……

          36. Junior Bruce says

            Amen, brother!

          37. Junior Bruce says

            OOOPS! UPDATE!:
            Apparently, there’s a LAWSUIT against VOTER FRAUD that has just surfaced in Southern Cal?
            They discovered that there’s been some VOTER tampering by hitlary’s team, who STOLE VOTES AWAY from poor ‘ol bern? OH, THE HORRORS!

            NEWS AT 11:00 πŸ˜€

          38. Ted Crawford says

            330 or 340 for Hillary, 208 or 198 Trump!

          39. Jimmy Quick says

            You need to work harder. Engage, engage, engage. You may think these people are your friends but if they vote for Hillary or anyone other than Trump, they are your sworn enemies and they are doing everything possible to destroy your family and your home.

          40. Ted Crawford says

            Trump is on the same team as Hillary!

          41. Jimmy Quick says

            That’s obviously not true.

          42. Ted Crawford says

            It’s perfectly self evident!

          43. Natalie says

            To the deluded maybe. People able to think for themselves know better.

          44. Natalie says

            And Bernie breadline Sanders will give you a real unicorn if you vote for him!!!!!! Please go back to Huffington post. Your sad attempts to act conservative are embarrassing.

          45. Junior Bruce says

            Heh heh! πŸ˜€

          46. Mike Geremia says

            right on, Natalie….

          47. Ted Crawford says

            You are right, of course, I do read Huff and Puff, as well as MSNBC, and the New York Times. I also watch Fox, and listen to public radio!
            I’ve read Engels and Marx, Keynes, Alinsky and Cloward and Piven! ” Keep your friends close, and your enemies even closer!” is sound advice, whether from Sun Tzu or just Mario Puzo 1
            I’ve also read Locke, de Tocqueville, Cato, Freidman, Hayak, Jefferson, Adams, et. al.!
            The tragedy here is that you haven’t!

          48. Mike Geremia says

            that is more caca de toro from you, Ted

          49. Natalie says

            I think this is one of those liberals who act like conservatives so you’ll take them seriously and then attempt to spread their nonsense propaganda.
            I’ve seen them trying it on other sites. Another sad attempt to confuse and mislead by the confused and mislead.

          50. Mike Geremia says

            I think you are right, Natalie…..

          51. Ted Crawford says

            60% Clinton 30% Trump!

          52. Natalie says

            Are you getting your information straight from the Huffington post? You might as well get it from Sesame street. That’s about their level of intelligence.

          53. Mark Clemens says

            Is that counting “super voters”??????

          54. Mike Geremia says

            you wish…

          55. Ted Crawford says

            The delusion runs deep in this one Obi Wan!!
            Nothing could be further from the truth!
            I was a Republican until May 5 and a Conservative since 1973!

          56. Natalie says

            Gary Johnson? Who agrees with 70% of what Bernie breadline Sanders and liberal lawyers say? What are you smoking, you should stop. Its making you babble nonsense incoherently.

          57. Ted Crawford says

            I’d be very careful, after that delusional remark, of pointing any fingers about coherency!

          58. Natalie says

            Why? Are you going to report me to the Gary Johnson fan club? I’m sure all six members will be furious! And what’s delusional about it? Its simple fact. You can read about it yourself. If you care for reality.

          59. Ted Crawford says

            Typical of the Trump Cultists, shallow, delusional, rude and insulting, completely lacking in substance! Like your Progressive counterparts, seduced by sweet sounding rhetoric and rejecting of empirical facts!

          60. Natalie says

            Everything you just said is the exact opposite of truth and reality. You MUST be a liberal. Only they are that ridiculous.

          61. Mike Geremia says

            GTFO of here…..Troll

          62. Ted Crawford says

            And you provide the exclamation point to my statement!

          63. Andrew Cohen says

            Really?? And what are Hillary supporters illegal thugs that attack people going to a peaceful campaign. Hillary is a liar,cheat, criminal, but hey this is ok because she is a liberal. Many people died on her watch. No more Bushes or Clintons in the Whitehouse.

          64. Ted Crawford says

            You are, of course, absolutely right in your analysis of Clinton and her supporters! I also agree with your exclusions. None of which changes in any way the fact that Trump is as completely unacceptable as she is!

        2. Croco Dile says

          Waiting for a healing and a lasting change is a waisted time.
          It just won’t happen.
          American people, in their mass, are not capable of real change. And I’m not talking about some individuals who are capable. Those are far too few….
          The country will just run it’s course.

          1. Natalie says

            If you feel that way then why are you wasting our time with your useless comments. Some of us believe, know it can be changed. We have children. And want them to have a future. Not just sit back and watch it stolen by the liberal cancer.If your not part of the solution you’re part of the problem. So go away, so we can help save America without your uselessness dragging us down.

        3. Mike Geremia says

          I agree with you 100%…………………

      2. Ted Crawford says

        All Three groups are populated by unreasoning, delusional, even desperate people. Having rejected the planks offered, they now grasp at the straws!

    2. CHRISTINE says

      If you have ever witnessed a feral cat in action; look at these Trump rioters and SEE THE FAMILARITIES in action. People do act like wild animals….don’t they????

      1. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

        Yes their Liberal Racist anarchist thugs who want a War!
        Crooked Hillary, Wicked Debbie Wasserman and socialist Bernie when will they condemn the attacks? These Liberal pacs are funding these guys most of then are Illegals and burning Our America flag! The police will arrest them at the Convention!!!

        1. Junior Bruce says

          You mean, the police WON’T arrest them. They just let the thugs get away with their b.s.
          Maybe Trumps supporters should just start packing heat? If the police have a problem with that, then they should put down their doughnuts and get busy PROTECTING people from being attacked? I tell ya what, I see people at the end of their rope with all the b.s. and are just about ready to take things into their own hands? If thats what these corrupt politicians want, then I think people are about to grant them their wish?

          1. Ms D says

            Police officers follow orders. Before you Condemn the Officers, take a look at WHO is DIRECTING their actions. When mayors, governors & other leaders ORDER the police to STAND DOWN, Do You Honestly Believe it is Easy for those Officers to FOLLOW those Orders??? Police Officers are Citizens as are we, they have personal opinions & views just as we do. And they have a unique perspective on many of these actions that we do not have. Before you condemn these brave men & women, Take up the Issue of political leaders who put them out on the front lines & then tie their hands!!

          2. Junior Bruce says

            I know how it works, I’m married to a cop. I hear ALL KINDS of things, so I’m NOT dumb on the matter. But, I ALSO know that cops have their OWN discretion to use and when they ALLOW violence to happen, then they are VIOLATING THEIR OATHES THAT THEY TOOK TO PROTECT AND SERVE THE INNOCENT. All they would have to do is go to the media and say, “We were ORDERED to do NOTHING by our boss. They could even spill it across the net. I think that would be the beginning of their fall, once people learned about it.

        2. Phoebe Isley says

          I was actually thinking that very same thing about when are they going to condemn the attacks? It’s unbelievable they have neglected that very thing which shows me more and more why I will never ever vote for them. For them to ignore violence in such a way is pure and simply evil! It disgusts me the action of these nim wits and the media wants to blame their and I repeat THEIR actions on a Trump rally? Once again blaming everything and everyone else except themselves. Stupid is as stupid does! These are ignorant hateful people and their assaults need to be handled by going to JAIL!!!!!! You assault me and I would think twice…those 1st and 2nd Amendments I hold strong and true for everyone’s information. Trump 2016!!!!!!

          1. Junior Bruce says

            It’s the libs way of punishing Trumps supporters for supporting him, rather than them, so ai GUARANTEE that whenever a Trump supporter gets attacked, they chuckle.

      2. Junior Bruce says

        Ever see ANY of these attackers with ANY common sense? I have to give it to these Trump supporters getting attacked, in keeping their cool and NOT retaliating……….yet?

        1. ward says

          If this attack happened to black lives don’t matter bo, his crony DOJ-AG and soros bought media of lies would be all over it like stink on shit … ! No Justice by lynch !

      3. ward says

        They are animals of the worst degree & their stench of ignorance has to be squelched !

    3. Junior Bruce says

      Or, 6 ft. down?

  2. IgnoreTheFools says

    This comes from Commiefornia, but New Mexico is close. What to do when the cops and authorities won t enforce the Law. Well its a good idea not to bring to much of that crap to ariz. We still have men and women here who are willing and able to protect ourselves. These people don t like Trump because (we are hoping) he secures the border, puts a stop to milking our welfare system, does serious background checks on anyone entering this country. Puts a stop to welfare increases to the scum that spits babies out like popcorn and expects a raise in Public Assistance. The first arrest should be the first lawbreaker, if the cops can t handle it the national guard can.Screw these Dogs.

    1. JoJo Gunn says

      And if they wont call in the gaurd, the militia would be happy to oblige..

      1. Junior Bruce says

        Molon Labe, Brother, Molon Labe!

        1. JoJo Gunn says

          Sic semper tyrannis ad mortem!!

        2. JoJo Gunn says

          And i tend to think they are begging for a revolution to break out.. Then Obama can declare martial law and suspend the elections, and institute his dictatorship.

          1. Junior Bruce says

            I think that would trigger a revolution, because from the looks of it, people have had enough and are starting to feel like they have nothing to lose?

          2. Junior Bruce says

            If a revolution is what they’re hoping for, they REALLY ARE stupid, because don’t they understand that it could be THEM that may be rubbed out? Anyone know any liberals who like to go deer hunting, therefore honing their long range skills? I don’t know any. 😐

          3. Mark Lahti says

            Don’t forget short range stopping power and close combat weapons.

          4. Dave Lane says

            Yeah I know plenty of liberals who hunt, fish, who like to target shoot and a myriad of other activities. I have a large family and we all grew up with firearms. For my 10th birthday I got a Winchester .22 rifle to squirrel hunt with. I also carry an Ithaca 1911. Also for the record look at how many Americans vote, it’s sad but not many so where do you think the non voters are going to stand on this? Think they’ll sit back and just watch? I don’t know but if violence does break out you may find your assumptions were dead freakin’ wrong Junior.

          5. Junior Bruce says

            Did you vote for obama?

          6. ilovemygoats says

            you hit the nail square on the head…Obama’s hidden agenda …Ben Carson and Allen West both made that exact statement many months ago!

          7. Celeste Boles says

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          8. Tiger says

            We all know it we knew it before they made the statement.

          9. Tiger says

            Just said that.

          10. Ted Crawford says

            Seemed obvious from the very beginning: “The Police acted stupidly”, followed by OWS, Travon Martin, Ferguson, Baltimore, Black Lives Matter, and now this!
            As Obama is so fond of saying “TRANSPARENT”

          11. Mark Lahti says

            You are so right and it is the thing I fear the most. Obama in power for God knows how long to run our once great country totally into the ground and a third world non-power. It is his goal you know. I have advocated for a long time now to be prepared. Make sure you have the necessary fire power, ammo, food, water, alternate power and a plan to organize and support your neighborhood. I deeply fear that that is what this is all headed for with everything Obama has and is doing to ignite that fire storm.

        3. David C. Telliho says

          Civil war is the plan. It`s the Communist way. They`ve disrupted societies the same way in every country fallen to them. Break down of law&order,racism claims,moral break down,destruction of family unit,worthless propaganda taught in government public schools,destruction of manhood by homosexual classes. Yep, we been had. It will come to extreme violence to anyone who gets in their way. San Jose is but a small taste. God, I pray I`m wrong.

        4. Barry says

          I agree with you JR Bruce. I’m so bewilder that the people in this country are so freaking stupid for not seeing or caring about the United States Killery and Obama are against the U.S. Ah f—-it

          1. Junior Bruce says

            And, the libs who respond on this thread are disgusting also. They voted for this garbage, then when the crap starts hitting the fan, they start cheering. I’m kind of hoping that we just get on with it. I’m sick of these people thinking that it’s o.k. for government to take away our rights. Maybe we should just get it over with, because you can’t fix stupid, so might as well rub it out? Just saying?

      2. Tiger says

        Where the heck have the militia been all this time? I see Rolling Thunder and X vets protecting the families when our soldiers buried but none of you. Why haven’t you infiltrated the ranks of these lowlifes and done some damage?

        1. JoJo Gunn says

          Who are they?.. These people? Do you know who they are apart from these mob gatherings? That will be one answer to your question. This may shed some light on another answer, let me quote the Declaration of Independence~”and all experience hath shown, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are still sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms by which they are accustomed”. Lastly, once we begin to push back, we WILL be in another civil war. That is in all likelihood more a matter of when not if, which is what the endgame is here. Thats what they want. So why havent we, including you, the militia got involved? Maybe because its still suffereble, maybe for fear that it will fall short as one random “extremist” act, as opposed to the rallying cry for ALL able bodied patriotic Americans to push back. I think thia may sum up my best answer to your question. Most of us are waiting, waiting until there really is no other option, and that there is a clear movement to such a cause. You understand who the militia is don’t you? If so, then you can begin to organize like minded patriots in your area, so that when such a time arises, your community or neighborhood, can be prepared.

          1. Tiger says

            Gotcha but still I thought I would see action sooner against the likes of George Soros the money and the man behind O and these events. I know militia men throughout the country, being an Army nurse and I know in their neck of the woods they do some undercover work. Just as we need some people in with these groups to let go some gas bombs etc within the crowds with all the action and yelling nobody would ever get caught.

            As to what I do I work like crazy with my congressman, I talk on our local radio talk show that is syndicated and I write article for a paper, saying what I think of O and all. As to other than that I am prepared, downsized my life and I educated my children to Islam after serving as an Army nurse in two wars, they thank me and see what I said coming to fruition.

            Now my purse is an armory of weapons and anybody push, shove or come at me gets it. Living in Florida we ask questions later.

          2. JoJo Gunn says

            Well let me thank you for your service ma’am.
            Educating our children on the founding principals of this nation, is crucial, I thank you for that as well. Your children will grow up along side mine. It is for them I reserve the most concern.
            What will we leave to them?
            Hopefully a free republic.
            I fear without a govt reset, that is highly unlikely.
            Just how do we go about that reset?
            Thats the question.
            Time will tell, but I fear paper ballots will no longer achieve this end.
            God bless you. God bless us all.

          3. Tiger says

            Most welcome a family tradition.

            My friend if we don’t win this election we know what we will leave them.

            Well my friend we fight to reset .

            God Shine His precious light onto you and yours also. Together we stand and perhaps together we die.

          4. Junior Bruce says

            I wouldn’t ask ANY questions at all. I’d just continue on my way. πŸ˜€

    2. ward says

      IF the “1st arrest ” of the #1 law breaker would have happened 7+ years ago the U.S. wouldn’t be threated by these illegal criminals that bo let into the U.S.A. with his abuse of power E.O.’s !

    3. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

      Yes These Liberal illegal Democrackhead racist thugs are evil and low energy! The liberals are funding these Morons and cowards $10 an hour to protest and punch people Wait til CLEVELAND 200,000 BIKERS, TRUMP SUPPORTERS, PRO AMERICANS AND ANTI LIBERAL THUGS WILL BE READY !!!! BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!! CROOKED EVIL HILLARY A DISGRACE!

      1. Mike Geremia says

        now yer talkin……

      2. JoJo Gunn says

        Just remember, this is what the puppeteers are aiming for. That way they can suspend the elections, and institute martial law, which of course eo13603, gives Obama unilateral authority to do. Once that happens the gun grabbing begins in full force. So organize and be ready in your neighborhoods. The media won’t cover these events, as that would alert other communities to prepare. This will get very ugly. A united uprising will be all but impossible. They will keep it under wraps so that no two communities will know whats happening in the other. Be ready brothers. Stay alert, stay prepared.
        And remember, only 3% of the colonials who supported the revolution took up arms. Thats an overwhelming encouragement. It was skirmishes and guerilla tactics that turned the tide. The regular army had no chance against the most powerful military force of their time. It was the militia that swayed the outcome.

      3. Andrew Cohen says

        I wish they were their at that Trump rally in San Jose. They would have taken that Mexican flag and shoved it up their asses.

        1. Junior Bruce says

          Maybe we whould have some Mexican flag burning ourselves? That, and burn some isis flags too? Then, put them on YouTube to return the favors? It can go both ways.

    4. russel heim says

      The DEMs are attempting to scare the PUBS from voting it looks like???

    5. Robert Early says


  3. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

    Anyone who believes these paid riot starters are protestors needs professional mental help.

    1. Arnold Young says

      Odd-when I saw the first one of these demo’s months ago I asked my wife,”who is paying these thugs to be there?” And that is proving out, BUT who is financing these idiots?

      1. Ted Crawford says

        Who is benefiting the most from their efforts? Probably using his pal Soros as a funnel, plausible deniability!

        1. JoJo Gunn says

          Possibly, or maybe this is building up to the false flag event that will require Obama to suspend the elections and declare martial law. Hmm.. Guess time will tell, because I sure dont think these “protests”, are “naturally ocurring”.

          1. Ted Crawford says

            All part of the same Trump/Clinton Presidential Strategy! Hillary President, Obama SCOTUS!

          2. JoJo Gunn says

            Many believe that very thing, again, time will tell.

      2. Kelvin Hoffman says

        george sorass, the dumbocraps and the establishment are paying these clueless clowns to do this………

      3. J. F. Samuelson says

        George Soros through his many PACs and extreme left wing organizations that he provides funding for.

      4. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

        George Liberal hateful low energy Soros a communist thug with billions he looks like a Liberal….

        1. Junior Bruce says

          He reminds me of that old man in Star Wars, Darth Vaders boss. The old man with the hooded cape? What was his name?

      5. Lila Jane Tibbitts says

        Soros for sure is financing; the crooked Clintons; Sharpeton, and all of those stars!!! who say they will leave the good ole USA if Trump is elected, I’d love to pack their bags with a one-way ticket to Iran or China, and have them renounce their citizenship. Enough is enough!

    2. meangreenMarine says

      Amen, my Brother!

    3. James Maxwell says

      They always hire agitators to spread among the idiot and incite riots. The old “Monkey see,
      Monkey do” game. A few act up and the rest of the fools follow then the paid ones back up
      after they get the fire started.

    4. Lila Jane Tibbitts says

      It is much more than that, it will give Obama reason to declare Martial Law, and stay in office!

      1. Junior Bruce says

        Which would trigger a revolution and huge slaughter.

        1. Lila Jane Tibbitts says

          That’s why they want us not to have guns, they’ve already tried to buy up all the ammunition.

    5. Junior Bruce says

      Got proof that they’re paid?

  4. catherinedeanni says

    When I see this it remind me of 1938 and Hitler brown shirts who attacked anyone who didn’t agree with them. The plan was to make people afraid to back anyone or anything except there choose. Then they target groups of people who they wanted to kill and take there wealth for themselves. This is what happens when you don’t teach our children America history and why we went to war against nations who enslaved there own people.

    1. Jeanne Stotler says

      That’s where Soros came from, He aided Nazi’s in rounding up his own people, then took gold out of their mouths, he should be returned to Germany and stand trial for war crimes, and take his family with him, we do not need this in USA

      1. Mike Geremia says

        that is the best thing I have heard here today…..

  5. Verna Safran says

    What makes you call the protesters Left Wing? I’m willing to bet they are stooges paid by Hillary Clinton. They look like college kids who can use the money. Bernie Sanders has nothing to gain by such violence, but Hillary wants to destroy Bernie and Trump at the same time. And she has stooped to voter fraud in every state she has won. Why don’t you friggin interview the protesters and find out how much she’s paying them?

    1. mike says

      They won’t because hitlary is most likely paying the libturd media to write what she wants.Once a cheat always a cheat and the same goes for a liar

    2. J. F. Samuelson says

      They are left wingers either way. DemocRAT, liberal socialist, progressive or what ever name the communists are hiding behind today still are extreme lefty!

  6. peter says

    Just a group of Hillary Clinton low life supporters!

  7. EMIRCITNA says

    WHAT does Hillary Clinton know about ‘common sense’; something she has NEVER HAD?!!!

    1. Mike Geremia says

      wait—-she has a degree from Berkeley…..and studied Saul Alinsky there…

      1. EMIRCITNA says

        FACT IS that there are some people who are highly intelligent but lack common sense!
        Hillary is lacking in BOTH areas!!!

        1. Mike Geremia says

          well I agree with you 100% so what’s the beef?

          1. EMIRCITNA says

            NO “BEEF”, just telling it like it is, my friend!

  8. armydadtexas says

    As the San Jose police department “stood down” while the Marxist driven socialist democ-RATS acted out, with violence and intimidation against Peaceably assembled Trump Supporters, they (the San Jose police department) have violated their oath of office. They no longer hold the right to wear the Uniform of a Peace Officer. They were derelict in their duty. They mocked all honorable Police Officers around this country and the world. They acted as COWARDS. They have shamed the uniform The mayor of San Jose dishonored his oath of office by illegally directing the Police Department to stand down. This act endangered the peaceably assembled Trump Supporters from out of control, radical, extremist, left wing, MINDLESS, SLOBBERING socialist democ-RATS funded by George Soros, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and other democ-RAT hacks.

    1. Ted Crawford says

      I would refer you to Ferguson, Baltimore, et. al. Why should they risk their career’s and possibly their lives to interfere with two groups of radicals?

      1. armydadtexas says

        How is a group, who by definition is PEACEABLY ASSEMBLED “radical”? A Protected Right in the United States of America. Read the US Constitution.
        The only “radical” group was the group who showed up to act out and intimidate. That was the socialist democ-RATs, “black muslims” and other left wing trash. They were the ones who were violent (NOT PROTECTED). They were the ones violating the PEACE.
        By your response, there are hints that you are one of those, who would justify the socialist democ-RATS behavior. The actions in Ferguson and Baltimore were equally as unlawful. Examples of what happens when MOB Rules vs the rule of law.

        1. Ted Crawford says

          I completely agree, the Trump supporters have every right to assemble, ironically enough, granted by the same First Amendment their candidate promises to ignore by establishing Religious Testing!
          I also agree that the anti-Trump protesters are completely in the wrong by their violent confrontations! That being said it’s still a problem for the Police!
          By the way, WHAT could be more radical than a group of…pseudo-republicans, championing a Liberal Democrat???

          1. Ribert Koonce says

            Religious testing? You really have been spending too much time in Liberal land. Please , explain how you derive religious testing from the temporary halting of immigration from countries that have no plausible data on it’s own population . Trump’s statement, is and always has been a temporary ban until those seeking entery can properly be vetted. I don’t believe FDR allowed Germans or Japanese to flood in as refugee’s during the 2nd world war. Nor have any other POTUS’S allowed members of any other country to flood in during any other conflict since. Your comments are not only Liberal in nature, but completely assinine

          2. Ted Crawford says

            In the first case that is NOT what Trump said! The way you express it, National Origin, IS Constitutional and has been done before. Trump clearly and specifically stated “Muslims”! There is NO country named “Muslim” ! That therefore IS a text-book example of Religious Testing!
            The second, though I personally have no problem with it, would be we are NOT at war, legally, with ANY country!

  9. meangreenMarine says

    Worse, most are being PAID to go to the Trump Rallies and raise Cain! They have no real opinion…it all
    about the “Money!” The Law Enforcement people should find out WHO is financing these Criminal Acts, arrest them and put their miserable butts in jail!

    1. Ted Crawford says

      Not too hard to determine who that is. Who benefits the most from their actions? Probably impossible to prove however. The one, and only thing his supporters are right about is that he is not stupid!

  10. MILES E DRAKE says

    It is increasingly clear that the regime and its local satraps are not going to do anything about the escalating intimidation and violence against those who oppose Obammunism and the mexicanization of the United States. The Sanders campaign was intimately involved in the riot, and leftists wearing Sanders insignia did most of the beating, along with mestizo invaders obviously brought in for the occasion by Soros. The Clintonite San Jose city government was obviously complicit in the riot also, with a left-wing police chief who is active in La Raza ordering officers to stand down when the riot began and San Jose authorities intentionally directing the exiting Trump supporters into a deadly gauntlet of marxists and mestizos. A mass organization like the Austrian Heimwehr or the Spanish Falange is needed in this country, to provide defense and protection for native-born English-speaking Americans who support a constitutional republic and do not wish to become the subjects of a Third World dictatorship.

    1. Paula says

      Good post! We need to unite and organize and we haven’t in all these years!

      1. GodBlessRealAmerica! says


        1. Mike Geremia says

          amen to that…

      2. JoJo Gunn says

        The Tea Party is putting out a call for that very thing at the GOP convention. However, as I’ve already stated, this is likely just a false flag event to suspend elections. We already have one group inciting violence, once the other decides to return it, things are going to get real ugly real quick.

  11. SouthernPatriot says

    Democrats are demented. Some Democrats are extremely demented.

  12. Ray Tripp says

    Why Trump supporters don’t cause trouble at the liberal rallies is the fact there a higher class of people not well fair cheats, and illegals like her and Burnie free $hit do. They want a nation of sheep and thrive on the low information voters…….

    1. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

      That might change because their bringing in Biker’s, Italians, Irish, bratha’s and others to start kickin some Liberal Democrackhead ASS!!!!

  13. Paula says

    Couple of thoughts:

    hillary said: β€œdeep reservoir of common sense” in America that would keep Trump from being elected president.”

    Should read: A deep reservoir of hate of America that should keep clinton from EVER holding a public office and, in particular, the presidency.

    These “protesters” are no more protesters than radical “activists” are activists who push for Hope and Change for the good of ALL Americans. They are paid thugs.

    Lives and property mean nothing to them as long as they are paid to push someone else’s agenda.

    1. Ted Crawford says

      The Progressives in general and Obama specifically , have kept this festering since; “The Police acted stupidly”, through OWS, Travon Martin, Ferguson, Baltimore, Black Lives Matter, now this! As Obama is so very fond of saying “Transparent”!

      1. Paula says

        This is the beginning of what people were afraid of…a civil unrest. They (commie-liberals) are pushing hard now, if someone gets killed it may spark an all-out-war.

        1. Ted Crawford says

          That, of course is, and always has been, the underlying intent of this administration, kept simmering on the back burner, in case it should be needed! EO-13603

  14. downs1 says

    One more example of the impending dissolution of this once-great nation! Lawlessness and violence is the last stage before the collapse of a dying country. Leadership is chaotic, sanity is lacking and everyone turns to his own selfish way; property is wantonly destroyed, and people die! There is no regard for truth, there is no regard for the consequences! So . . . Obama does what any “good” leader must do . . . he declares martial law! He cancels the 2016 elections, he detains the “guilty” [in this case, the political opposition] and establishes himself as President for Life! Then he begins the task of converting what was once the United States of America to an Islamic Caliphate. That’s where the hundreds of thousands of Arabic-speaking “illegal refugees”, Muslim converts in the prisons, Muslim international students who failed to return home at the end of their student visas, come in. They will becoome the “peace keepers” of the new caliphate. Next, Jews and Christians will be expunged as they have been in the Middle East! Incidentally, that includes people like Susan N. Herman, a secular Jew and leader of the ACLU and many of her associates. Churches and synagogues will be closed, converted to Mosques or destroyed. Can’t happen here? Guess again! Look around! It is already happening!

    1. Ted Crawford says

      Spot on!
      “can’t happen here! We are too rich and too powerful!” Dollars to Donuts, the EXACT same ideology prevailed in Rome, even as their society collapsed around them!

      1. melmack 1 says

        The barbarians are coming thru the gates as we write. They are in the form of ILLEGAL ALIEN Mexican and Central Americans and those from Africa. The LIBERAL SCUMORATS love them and those like BILLARY and BERNIE pray for the fall of America.

      2. JoJo Gunn says

        Save one hope.. They haven’t got our guns yet… Only 3% of the colonials that supported the revolution, actually took up arms. Of course we are in a very different age now.. But the overwhelming odds against such a cause are not so different

        1. Ted Crawford says

          Sadly, many over the years have been either seduced or intimidated into registering their weapons! With those lists, it won’t be too difficult for them to get the guns!
          Two reasons that NEVER should have happened; The Second Amendment and the fact that, they can’t get your goat, if you don’t tell them where it’s tied!

    2. Harry says

      And with the gun control laws and mandatory gun registration requirements we already have in existence, which even the supposed gun rights organization the National Rifle Association supports, when America does become a Muslim caliphate, the American people will be unable to resist this tyranny!

      That is one excellent reason I think gun control laws and gun registration laws should all be repealed. The dreadful possibility that America could become either a Muslim theocracy under Obama, or a Christian theocracy under the Dominionists is why I am also for a complete separation of church and state. To any Christians or Jews reading my comment, regardless of your denomination, the Baptist Church has traditionally supported complete separation of church and state to protect freedom of religion!

      I will admit however, I think that gun control laws and gun registration laws should all be repealed not just because they all violate the 2nd Amendment, but the real reason I am staunchly against all gun control laws is because I grew up in an anti-gun family. So to any hunters reading my comment, please do not try to tell me any feces of male cattle that gun control advocates are not going to eventually confiscate your hunting rifles and shotguns!

      As for the lunatic leftists who are violently attacking Trump supporters, if they did not commit acts of violence on Trump supporters, but peacefully demonstrated, I would have otherwise been in favor their right to do so. Even though I disagree with them and I plan to vote for Trump in November myself. But, committing acts of violence on people you disagree is still unacceptable. If you want to peacefully demonstrate, that is your 1st Amendment right to do so, but do not cross the line by committing acts of violence on people you disagree with. It would also be just as wrong for Trump supporters to violently attack supporters of either Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton for President! There is a saying that goes “I may agree with you say, but I will defend your right to say it.”

  15. pysco says

    Not much difference than Ferguson, Mo. There, they blamed the Police, when it was an out of control thugs on the streets…. Now, they blame Trump for out of control liberal punks and thugs… And, the liberal Democrats stand behind punks, and thug, it don’t say much for a party condoning this kind of action

  16. CCblogging says

    Trump 2016

    1. Michael Harris says


  17. supergun says

    These are the people that TRUMP is talking about. They are no better than the isis who just this last week killed dozens of their own in fear of betrayal. If we don’t have standards and boundaries in our Nation, then that puny lock on your home and autos will not protect you.

  18. junkmailbin says

    I noticed only mexican flags being carried by the anti american protesters. The la raza crowd ius totally anti white and anti american. They are about only themselves. The San Jose Police are a bunch of politically correct whoosies who will let minorities get away with violating the rights of citizens that are not hissssssspanic. It is the polices job to protect citizens from their saftey being violating and protecting them from harm.
    Chinga La Raza

  19. Ron C says

    As far as I’m concerned…the so called authorities are just as un-American as the Mexican flag waving rioters…crimes being committed right in front of them and the LEO’s not lifting a finger. You cant bet though if one Trump supporter tried to defend their selves they would have beat that person down….

  20. WhiteFalcon says

    This is the way that communists and NAZI’s and fascists and now so called democrats enforce their will on the people. They use violence and intimidation. Do you remember the purges that happened under Stalin as well as those that came to power after him? Remember the purges that occurred under Mao Se Tung in China when they killed many million of their own people? This is what today’s democrat party is quickly moving toward.This is why they want to disarm the people. With the people unable to fight back and resist, they can just run over the entire population and we can’t resist them. This is the same pattern that all despots go through in order to gain power. There is no difference between NAZI’s and communists and fascists, and today’s democrats are fast becoming just like them. Have you heard Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders or any democrats denounce that violence that is coming from their supporters? No. That is because they are at the bottom of the violent protests themselves.

  21. Michael Dennewitz says

    And how many would like to take my bet that geo soros finances it all ???

  22. TheSkalawag929 says

    What was it called when the right-wingers attacked dissenters at their rallies across the country?

    1. Natalie says

      Since that never actually happened I’d say its called a biased, lying liberal media’s attempt to make reality fit their narrative. You show me one video that shows that,and not the edited ones the liberal media uses to make it look the way they want it to look. But a real, full length video.You won’t find one. They don’t exsist.

  23. Rick Rogers says

    Did not see any of you complaining when Trump supporters were sucker punching people that oppose him in at the rallies? I don’t agree with anyone acting like thugs but this is the pot calling the Kettle black.

    1. Natalie says

      They were defending themselves. That’s what the liberal media conveniently edited out. Watch the whole video if you care about truth and reality. Or just keep buying the lies and propaganda and help the ones REALLY acting like Nazi’s suppress others rights.

      1. Rick Rogers says

        Bull… The guy walking up the stairs was not doing anything to that old ass hole that thought it would be ok to sucker punch him. You are the ones with the blinders on.

  24. Lila Jane Tibbitts says

    There is a plan folks, these are paid protestors…Obamas is just waiting to declare Martial Law, so he can stay in office. I am surprised some of our military haven’t done anything about trashing the American Flag, obviously this administration will do nothing, nor will Congress. There has been no change i much of anything since the Republicans supposedly has control of Congress. Term limits need to be made .
    God bless America!

    1. Natalie says

      I think your right. He’s looking for ANY excuse to stay in power. And has anyone else noticed the pattern of arming our enemies while releasing terrorists and seeding the ones he’s bringing in throughout the country? Iran? North Vietnam? Why is he arming them? Why is not one real American trying to stop it? Why isn’t anyone in power asking these questions? Is there no one in our government with enough integrity and backbone to stand up to one socialist, anti American, would be king dictator? Guess not, yet. Vote for Trump and there will be.

  25. dkuch says

    IF that was my car they were standing on, I sure would use them as targets. I need to practice my aim and limber up my shooting arm!! I wonder if these people have got their $4000 from George Soros? The people in Fergson and Baltimore that were promised that money and old Georgie Boy did not come through!

  26. Jackie says

    From what I was told by someone who lives in San Jose the protesters were mostly Mexicans. They waved several of ther Mexican flags around and burned an American flag. If they prefer living under the Mexican flag why didn’t they stay in Mexico or return to Mexico? Simple solution if they don’t like our American culture and do not care about assimilating, go back to Mexico. We do not need people like this in our country. TRUMP 2016 – MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN

    1. AKLady2015 says

      Maybe you mean making America white again?

      1. Jackie says

        What I believe is if anyone from another country chooses to become a citizen of the USA then they should assimilate into our culture. Our culture is not difficult to absorb; we are a Judeo-Christian nation. We do not wave American flags around if visiting or living in Mexico and we certainly do not burn the Mexican flag. This is an insult to any country. I detest the burning of our American flag; this is a country they should kiss the ground to be in because it is so bad in Mexico. If you want to become a Mexican citizen and do so you are NOT allowed to vote and do many other things because you are American. The oath they took is: “I hereby declare, on oath, that I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state or sovereignty, of whom or which I have heretofore been a subject or citizen.”

      2. AKLady2015 says

        The Oath for American Citizenship

        “I hereby declare, on oath, that I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty, of whom or which I have heretofore been a subject or citizen; that I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I will bear arms on behalf of the United States when required by the law; that I will perform noncombatant service in the Armed Forces of the United States when required by the law; that I will perform work of national importance under civilian direction when required by the law; and that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; so help me God. “https://www.uscis.gov/us-citizenship/naturalization-test/naturalization-oath-allegiance-united-states-america

  27. Natalie says

    Don’t you just love it when liberals talk about common sense? They CONTINUALLY ignore it in favor of ridiculous, absurd, terrible anti-American nonsense. And then blithely announce that Americans will use their deep core of common sense to NOT elect the only candidate WITH common sense? They are so incredibly twisted. Up is down. Night is day.
    A man wearing a dress is a woman. Four American lives brutally lost to gross incompetence mean nothing because it didn’t happen yesterday. A president who continually over steps his authority, sides with anyone but America, uses the DOJ and the IRS as his personal attack force, arms our enemies, blackmails schools to force them to comply with his dictator like edicts and lies consistently to the American people is a-ok.
    Do these people EVER listen to themselves? Do they EVER see reality? If there is any justice in the world Trump will win, and prosecute her and obama and ALL the rest for their crimes against the American people.

    1. AKLady2015 says

      Why do you need to tell these lies?
      Why do you embarrass America this way?
      Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
      Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

  28. Christian_Patriot7 says

    The stupid protesters are ANTI-AMERICAN and must be deported! All who are against America must be forced out of our nation, this includes democrats, liberals, muslims, illegal intruders, atheist and sodomites!

    1. AKLady2015 says

      You are either a patriot or a Christian.

  29. Drake Travis says

    The Billary Hernia supporters were out in force, eh? Elect either one of those two loons and these riots will be national – not just in Democrat-run cities.

  30. Mark Clemens says

    Don’t the person w/the Mexican flag, look like he/she wants to get their ISIS on?????

  31. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

    George Wacko Soros is the enemy we must deport him! We can indict him!

    1. AKLady2015 says

      Better we support the Koch, their 17 Soviet refineries, their fuel sales to the N-a-z-i?

  32. GuardianFlame says

    Agreed about AZ, 100 percent. We moved from there to Northern Cal — BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER!!

    California is so screwed up and full of illegals and Leftists that you can’t step sideways without stomping on one of them! There are so many liberals running this state that you have Homeless laying all over people’s properties and sleeping on county greenways. Most of the good doctors have left and there are only a few Specialists in this area. Gov Brown is the worst excuse of a governor and walks around stoned most of the time. He doesn’t have a clue what to do with all these illegal invaders in this state, so he goes smoke a bowl or two.

    When you have govt officials that are worthless and incapable of taking care of any issues, you have a volcano.ready to BLOW! San Jose was that volcano! Not to forget that once beautiful San Jose is now majority latino and black trying to hang on to their illegal lives – the eruption at Trump, who plans to change things back so these non-American Nationals CANNOT just walk in and take up residency, is understandable.

    There will be a lot of very unhappy people (not U.S. Citizens!!) when Trump is done, but Americans — true Americsn Citizens — will once again run their own country and feel secure in their homes! It’s coming with Trump!

    1. Reality Check says

      ” Gov Brown is the worst excuse of a governor and walks around stoned most of the time”

      PROOF you are an idiot.

      1. GuardianFlame says

        Have you ever smoked pot R.C.? Have you seen people who smoke pot every day? I have acquaintances who smoke pot religiously daily. They can talk and function just as good as anyone NOT smoking pot. Jerry brown is a throw back to the Flower Children era and most of those Flower kids were potheads. I would know because I was in that generation but highly allergic to pot.and wasn’t able to enjoy mary jean as much as most people did then…or even now.

        With the stresses on the governor of a state failing in every way, being innundated by illegals that get better FREE medical benefits than our U.S. citizens, that has the environmentalists doing land grabs because of some tiny brown frog going extinct, with medical coverage that sucks worse than any other state, and allowing China to purchase major acreage in the North so they can grow Pot extensively to compete with the Mexican Drug Cartels who already own and grow pot illegally on mega farms in the wilderness areas — yes, I would be smoking that stuff just to get some relief from that world of chaos!

        The info abt China is an eye opener (kept hush, hushed up in the North, but the locals all know what’s happening because several got too close to the Chinese pot farms and got shot at), one that if we previously knew about, we wouldn’t have moved to this totally insane, mixed up state.

        Southern Csli has it’s issues: too many nationalities trying to live in the same space, lack of jobs, too many on Welfare getting better benefits than the U.S. citizens, lots of drug gangs in every Orange Cty city, etc. Etc. Northern Cali has the same issues but add the hordes of Homeless everywhere leaving their trash and now the CHINESE DRUG CARTELS illegally growing Pot in our Northern forests.

        Honestly, Cali may be my birth state, but it has been ruined by a poorly run Governorship and the Browns both are responsible for Cal’s demise. We’re done with this disaster and are going back to AZ where people know what’s going on around them and aren’t afraid to do something about it! The illegals, the Gays, the Transgenders, and the clueless corrupt leadership can have this mess of a state…and take Pelosi and Boxer with them!

        1. AKLady2015 says

          Why do you need to tell these lies?
          Why do you embarrass America this way?
          Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
          Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

        2. Reality Check says

          “With the stresses on the governor of a state failing in every way”

          you have proved you are just a LIAR.

          1. GuardianFlame says

            Do you even have any idea of what you’re talking about. No. I fidn’t think so.
            The only people thinking Cali is a solid economical wonder are liberals because they don’t see anything wrong with their destructive actions. Time to take off those rose volored glasses and see whst you’ve fone to our once beautiful state that is now craeling with illegals and homeless, not to forget the presence of tje Chinese govt inhabiting our wilderness growing pot. I suppose you are okay with all of that happening at our back doors? You think it’s acceptable to have a MAJOR FOREIGN GOVT owning property off the grid to grow illegal pot where even our own Forest Rangers and Sheriffs refuse to enter those areas to arrest the offenders? And that is absolutely fine with you???

            California not only has the obvious issues of overpopulation, but now we have two different countries competing with each other to take over the drug cartel business and California’s govt just looks the other way, ignoring the dangers to its residents and children. If placing California’s people at risk doesn’t spell FAILURE TO GOVERN, then what does Mr. R.C.?

            You are all tucked in safely inside your home where you are protected from uncontrolled dangers. And you ignore what is happening to your fellow Californians by calling me a liar. DON’T YOU HAVE YOUR INFO AND PRIORITIES WRONG? Take off those rose colored glasses and see what is really happening around you and don’t be so quick to call people liars until you truly know all the truths. What I’ve said is happening right now this very minute…not one word is a lie but God’s pure truth. I know this to be true as does every other person living in Northern California and our CA govt does absolutely nothing to stop it…zero, nada, nothing. That R. C. IS FAILURE!

    2. AKLady2015 says

      Why do you need to tell this lie?
      Why do you embarrass America this way?
      Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
      Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

      1. GuardianFlame says



        WHO’S PAYING YOU AKLUNATIC? Someone needs to tell them you aren’t worth their paycheck because your comments are all the same – boring, boring, boring.

        AkLunatic: try smoking some weed! It might jump kick that brain of yours that is stuck in reverse. OR perhaps you are a pothead already? That makes more sense because of the exact word for word repetitive vomments you keep using on everyone you think you can P.O.. Whatsa matter? Brain stuck in reverse and no more gas? Get a REAL JOB – you suck at this one!

        1. AKLady2015 says

          Why do you beleive lies require “original” statements?

          1. GuardianFlame says

            Why do you use the same terminology for every blog you don’t agree with? You have NO originality because ALL your answers are the same words and questions. Boring, trite and no originality.

            What you write has nothing to do with lies…it’s just the same-O-same-O replies which means nothing and says nothing.

            TRUTH IS TRUTH even if you do not like it and all I have said is 100% TRUTHS!. Sorry if you can’t handle that. It is what it is and nothing you can say will make the TRUTH go away. It will never change because that is the nature of the beast. Truth lives on while lies fragment and fall to pieces. You obviously choose to believe in lies because your world is fragmenting and delusional…sad for you.

          2. AKLady2015 says

            The board deals mainly in fiction. Truth is a rarity. Valid facts are just as rare — and they are on the internet, published for everyone to see

            People, such as yourself, seem to make up your own “truth”. Then, as is shown above, your become very irate when caught.

            When caught, you lash out with anger, more lies and insults.

            You cannot anger me, therefor I remain rational as you fly off the wheel.

          3. GuardianFlame says

            Problem with people like you who are so tightly wound up in their own tiny worlds is that you don’t accept truth unless it matches your parameters…”your” own interpretation of what is being said. That is why YOU will never be able to comprehend REALITY – because reality IS TRUTH, NOT AN ACTION NOR A THOUGHT MADE TO LOOK REAL, BUT THE ACTUA L TRUTHBEARING EVENTS.

            So when you come down from the Clouds to actually “live” a truthful life, then and only then will your comments have merit and be worth anything. Right now they are trite and boring and hold no importamce.

            Lastly, you are an idiot to “Believe” everything you read on the Web as fact. Ask any college professor. Ask an student of higher education. They know because they have to use the web as a research tool.

            The web is full of half truths and lies made over to look like truths. How’d you expect bho got in office…it wasn’t a legal election, but a totally fixed one to get him in our highest office. NOW BEFORE YOU GO FLYING OFF THE HANDLE, try digesting that comment, then dtart “researching ALL different areas of the web”, compare your results until you get the same answers that support your research from multiple sites…now you know you’ve found a “TRUTH”. DON’T go to the same website you have always gone to because they can be releasing lies to cover up their actions. Bad people can try to make themselves look good, but there is always someone who really knows the truth. BEcome a TRUTHFINDER, NOT A MANIPULATOR OF REALITIES AND TRUTHS. No one wins in that arena, especially the perpetrator!

            So you see I am not angry nor was I angry before writing this blog. In the past, I have dealt with people far smarter and more intelligent than you. I enjoy a good discussion that doesn’t waste my time. And there are good commenters on this site WITH ORIGINAL THOUGHTS that don’t “cut” and “paste” their demeaning replies. The TRUTH is out there – just be careful how it is colored!

          4. AKLady2015 says

            Again, th histrionics of the desperate — the insult.

          5. AKLady2015 says

            Again, th histrionics of the desperate — the insult.

      2. GodBlessRealAmerica! says


  33. Lila Jane Tibbitts says

    Our Congress appears to be bought. There was no vetting of Obama, so both the House & the Senate just seem to roll over. That one senator said they need a raise, because they cannot live on $178K per year, military retirees and social security get 0% this year, and they also get all of their medical for something like $12 monthly. Poor things…they need to live in the real world. Both parties are scared to death of Trump because there is going to be an “uncovering,” and it won’t be pretty!

    1. Reality Check says

      “There was no vetting of Obama”

      PROOF you have the IQ of a radish.

      1. Lila Jane Tibbitts says

        Ha,ha! Poor thing!

        1. AKLady2015 says

          Take an American Government course.
          You are embarassing youtself before the entire world.
          You are also embarassing America with your ignorance and bigotry.

          1. Lila Jane Tibbitts says

            No dear, you are! Bury your head in the sand, and all the bad things will go away…

          2. AKLady2015 says

            Self-imposed ignorance is so sad.
            It is even sadder when someone like you embarasses their country with lies and falsehoods.

          3. Lila Jane Tibbitts says

            No lies just truth! Sometimes the truth hurts doesn’t it!

          4. AKLady2015 says

            No truth in anything you have said.
            Suggest you take an American Government Course.
            Bigotry shames America.
            Stop lying, you embarass your country.

      2. AKLady2015 says


        1. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

          Amen you really you a liberal atheist fool…catch up

          1. AKLady2015 says

            Are you stamping your feet to go with the screaming?

            Temper, temper …

            You need to practice more,
            you have not yet gotten the adult part down.

          2. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

            You remind me of a violent anti Trump protester burning our Great America flag shame on you!

            Get a brain Moron!

  34. Charles A. Stone says

    Any one who stomps on, or burns our great Nations flag in the street & stomps on police cruisers, should be handcuffed & deported, (no return), along with the ones who paid them to do it, also stop all forms of Government Subsidized benefits.

    1. AKLady2015 says

      You must be very young.
      Violent protest has a very ling history in America.

  35. disqus_CeZmTpgh9W says

    I an going to vote for Trump

    1. AKLady2015 says

      So what? We the People do not elect a President. Learn how your government works. Start with the Electoral College.

  36. ward says

    This is a large % of illegal Mexicans & bo’s muslims from hell with the free loading blacks hired to start another crisis situation for bo’s wannabe dictator take over … ! This is the same type of riot just like all the other created crimes that the left is so good at creating … ! IF the crime was reversed and hillery was threatened then bo & the DOJ would be right there to arrest all the instigators on the spot …. ! This is a direct attack from bought criminals that destroy U.S. Freedom & Rights of Patriotic U.S. Citizens !

    1. AKLady2015 says

      Why do you need to tell this lie?
      Why do you embarrass America this way?
      Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
      Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies

      1. ward says

        Why do you continue with your libtard, socialistic, libtard & asinine ignorance to reality …?

        1. AKLady2015 says

          Bla, Bla, bla

  37. bang-n-boo says

    trump should hire his own guards with attack dogs to attack the left wing thugs and whip their butts. these are people that has no green cards to be here and the ones on government entitlements that don’t work.the national guard should protect trumps supporters by arresting them all.

    1. Reality Check says

      what kind of fool thinks an illegal goes and protests so they can get arrested and deported?

      is that your level of critical thinking?

      1. AKLady2015 says

        Red state school dropout?

    2. AKLady2015 says

      Assume, assume, assume …

      .Foolish one, the majority of illegals come here on employment visas, Employers lie to bring them in. The simply stay when the visas expire.

      Corporate America fills your head with visions of the Southern border.

  38. russel heim says

    These aren’t left wing lunatics!!! They are the same left wing fanatics that we have seen the past ten years being created by MSNBC and CNN? Can you actually believe a MSNBC host asking a PUB if Trump is racist or not or if a Trump statement is racist? When was the last time you saw any of these racist/ bigots asking a Left wing reporter if his statement about people not liking the color or texture of the skin of Obama was racist or not when people disagreed with a DEM statement or issue? How about people who disagreed with Bush or Reagan???

    1. AKLady2015 says

      Trump is a racist.
      Trump is being sued by the DOJ, yet again, for rental discrimination.
      Maybe you should look at some very real facts.

  39. GlobalThinkTank says

    America’s Terrorists in Action… not seen at Hillary or Sanders events — and you know darn well if it were seen at either it should be at each and every Hillary event — But Republican and Libertarians are NOT Terrorists; we are peace seeking Patriots looking to safeguard our country from the Evils of Terrorism.

    1. Reality Check says

      they are Trump supporters inciting violence.
      Probably paid by Trump.

      liberals are out saving baby seals or feeding the hungry.

      1. GlobalThinkTank says

        I do others here a favor by wasting my time replying to you; don’t be a troll. If you have some facts to support your evidence of claim, post it. Otherwise, go troll somewhere else for an argument — and by they way, You need to get a Reality Check on the facts.

        Who destroyed property and who through eggs; at which convention? How about San Diego; who were responsible for attacking a driver and pedestrian with violence — who were they and what rationality did they have for doing it?

        When a Veteran was attempting to ask Bill Clinton a Reasonable and Rational question about Hillary’s involvement with Benghazi; not arguing, not fighting, but asking, why didn’t Bill just answer the question rather than allow the guy to be thrown out by Police?

        1. Reality Check says

          lets see you fools prove they are not Trump instigators.

          your type have the propensity for violence.
          just read the thread.

          I make a lot more sense than pretending liberals are now all of a sudden violent.

          1. GlobalThinkTank says

            Liberals have a History of being Violent toward the establishment; do your self a favor and study all the early cases of domestic terrorism in America, and you will clearly see a history of violence perpetrated by Liberals. I am not saying Conservatives haven’t done anything wrong, but today’s Liberals are far more violent than conservatives… BY A LONG SHOT

          2. Aron says

            You really are an idiot, aren’t you?

          3. AKLady2015 says

            I think the term is brainwashed.

          4. AKLady2015 says

            Like America’s Founding Fahters?
            They were liberals.
            They were quite violent, by any measure of the word.

          5. Reality Check says

            gee lets see the last guy to shoot up a church and kill 9 black folk was a white supremacist, so….

            and I will add a right wing bible huger at a PP shooting people while telling us he is doing gods work

            your turn to come up with a liberal.

          6. GlobalThinkTank says

            Your mere language is violent… don’t you get it?

          7. Reality Check says

            oh, lets hear some examples!
            (like that will happen)

        2. Reality Check says

          “When a Veteran was attempting to ask Bill Clinton a Reasonable and
          Rational question about Hillary’s involvement with Benghazi; not
          arguing, not fighting, but asking, why didn’t Bill just answer the
          question rather than allow the guy to be thrown out by Police?”

          Trump doesn’t even let anyone stay who asks “off” questions.

          lets stop with the double standard.

          1. GlobalThinkTank says

            …Sounds a Lot Like Hillary Too. But you don’t see Republican demonstrators violently attacking Hillary supporters do you… you know this is true. If the mainstream media had an agenda to make Trump look bad, you know darn well the news outlets would POUNCE on any such activity and not hide it. But when Trump was in town; in San Diego, who came out to Disrupt the Trump Supporters, VIOLENT Hillary Clinton and Sanders supporters… Liberals — Not provocateurs as you would believe.

          2. Reality Check says

            you still haven’t proven they are Hillary or Bernie supporters.

            they are just people looking for an excuse to get violent.

            if you read this thread, those all appear to be conservatives threatening violence to others.

        3. Reality Check says

          “Who destroyed property and who through eggs; at which convention? How
          about San Diego; who were responsible for attacking a driver and
          pedestrian with violence — who were they and what rationality did they
          have for doing it?”

          were they arrested?
          had to be Trump supporters.
          can you prove other wise?

          again, which group is violent. conservatives.

          my proof, THIS THREAD.

          there are several people just above who suggest killing people.

          1. GlobalThinkTank says

            Do You Know That, You Are Proving My Point? Do You even Read Posts?

            You Are So Angry and He77 Bent On Supporting Your Position That You Fail To See the Very Error You Are Making In Your ‘Argument.’

            Here Is A Clue; You ‘HATE’ Trump… who else would show up to a Trump convention with that much anger to disrupt it?

          2. AKLady2015 says

            Trump represent the Fourth Reich.
            Suggest you review the speeches that took place in 1930s and 1940s Germany.

          3. Reality Check says

            not a liberal.

            we have to feed the hungry.

            pay attention fool.

    2. AKLady2015 says

      They are seen at every political rally.
      Reported in the news as well.

  40. David C. Telliho says

    This news site like so many others, fails to identify just exactly who these ‘protestors’ represent,how they came to be,and who organized such protest movements and what the motives are. Leftist`s/progressive`s/Socialist`s/and Communists are all cut from the same cloth. The Communist Party,USA. The late great Col. Cooper had a grand solution for disembling such a protest. A sniper w/a 22 cal. rifle loaded w/22 CB`s. One shot to the tummy of the guy w/bullhorn would end the leadership. He`d survive but desire attention to his sudden tummy ache.

    1. Reality Check says

      ideas like this prove WHO the violent people are.

      these are not liberals getting violent, they are Trumps supporters creating a story.
      any been arrested and Identified?

      1. David C. Telliho says

        Not quite sure exactly what you mean. ? If you`re referencing my recount of the late Col. Cooper`s solution, no rioter is deserving of respect. Not in my opinion. I only recounted Cooper because he trained many law enforcement personel, A decorated Marine Col.. He, like myself and most of the country, have had just about enough liberal/progressive/leftist/socialist/communist BS that we can stand. Can`t take a little push back ? Tough. I can`t think of any reason to listen to or respect liberal/etc. opinions. Trump`s supporters were assaulted. I wasn`t there, but I sure wouldn`t tolerate such crap. You don`t see or hear of such nonsense at a Bernie or Hildebeast rally. Reality check, indeed

        1. AKLady2015 says

          Apparently, you only read that which confirms your beliefs.
          The violence in Seattle proves you wrong.
          TGhe violence in Oakland proves you wrong.
          There have been protests at every Sanders rally.

        2. Reality Check says

          get a pen.
          write this down.

          It’s called Democratic Socialism. and YOU were born INTO a Democratic Socialist Society.

          you might take a seat for rest.

          Social Security is Democratic Socialism.
          Medicare is Democratic Socialism.
          Medicaid is Democratic Socialism
          Post Office is Democratic Socialism. (and in the Constitution)
          The US highway system is Democratic Socialism(and in the Constitution)
          our electric grid is Democratic Socialism
          Public Utilities are Democratic Socialism
          That road in front of your house is Democratic Socialism
          COPS and FIRE are Democratic Socialism

          AND here we have our first example of Democratic Socialism done BY the Founding Fathers no less.

          “An Act for the relief of sick and disabled seamen
          was passed by the 5th Congress. It was signed by
          President John Adams on July 16, 1798. The Act authorized the
          deduction of twenty cents per month from the wages of seamen, for
          the sole purpose of funding medical care for sick and disabled
          seamen, as well as building additional hospitals for the treatment of


          so now its YOUR TURN to give some “commie” examples to us interested readers.

          and EXPLAIN why you rail against a system you were born into and BENEFIT FROM on a daily basis?

      2. David C. Telliho says

        I see you hide your profile & comments. What you hidin ? Are you a plant ?

        1. AKLady2015 says

          And you want people to believe your screen name is “real”?
          Only someone extremely ignorant would post their legal name on a blog.

          1. David C. Telliho says

            You didn`t bother to see his profile , did you ? I should hope that you,yourself would have more to offer than calling names. Also, you totally missed my point. His name had nothing to do with my comment. As for my name, at last count, I have 41 different ‘screen’ names, & passwords. Would you prefer ponocho feeder? or prostate masseuse? How about turkey choker? Or Billy Bob ?

        2. Reality Check says

          no plant, just much smarter.

          1. David C. Telliho says

            not if you`re a liberal/progressive/leftist/socialist/communist. I see one of them as a control freak in need of therapy.

          2. Reality Check says

            you still working on your examples of communism in America?

            or you just going to stick with “cause Rush Limbaugh told me so”?

          3. David C. Telliho says

            public education
            social security
            no right to own property
            political correct movement
            free speech zones
            gun free zones
            obama care
            I haven`t heard him lie yet. Albeit,I don`t listen to him. In fact rarely. My news sources provide raw news. National and international. I don`t want some reporter or news agency cleansing the news or deleting any before I`ve heard it.

    2. Reality Check says

      You fools SO need to get over this”commie” bullshit?


      Tell me, what is so appealing about Labor camps?

      what is so appealing about shortages of EVERYTHING?

      have you EVER seen a movie about commie USSR?

      ever read a book about it?

      AND why would we want to give up all the FREE STUFF you fools think we get to go to
      a labor camp?

      tell me the Shining light on the Hill of Communism, that is drawing in the liberals?

  41. AKLady2015 says

    That photo was not taken in America.

  42. AKLady2015 says

    The only thing that can make America greater is for stupid people to quit buying foreign made goods.

    You support employment in Asia with your wallet and complain about unemployment in America with your mouth.

  43. Celeste Boles says

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  44. Moe says

    Thanks Obama, for being dishonest, overwhelming the system with illegal immigrants than calling them immigrants, using the DOJ or department of Unjustice to protect executive branch criminals, secret foreign deals no one wants, race baiting to create civil unrest, and bragging with fixed statistical data how good things are under your rule. Things are near perfection now, with six months to finish the job of screwing us for being honest citizens.

  45. Tiger says

    I watched these video and it only makes for more Trump supporters. Keep it up but I tell you this, my purse filled with stuff and nobody going to come close enough to me before they get sprayed good with a strong pepper spray and this attacking people, some poor guy just walking into the rally and beating him with a fist out of nowhere shows what these people are. It is a warning like thunder before a storm.

    The big Zero in the WH hasn’t made a peep notice that folks, and you know why looking for that opportunity to call a State of Emergency and put us under Marital Law. So anything we do has to be very well constructed. Maybe people among them dressed like them and then doing clandestine acts to them without anyone noticing.

    Get my drift. We are going to have to outsmart the fox. We need to get into their henhouse.

  46. Gunflint Roseberg says

    All Presidential Runners have the Constitutional right(along with their supporters) to attend & campaign unmolested. Anyone getting in the way of this should be challenged by any force necessary. AND, if you are here illegally, rioting denying those Rights, burning the American Flag, waving the Mexican Socialist Liberal Flag ….Deadly Force should apply….

  47. J. F. Samuelson says

    Soros funded riot starters. The police should be authorized live ammo and shoot to kill orders. Should have happened in the 60’s and we would not have the lunatics we are dealing with today.

  48. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

    Left wing Democrackhead racist who hate America…start deporting these thugs!!!

  49. Kellycmurphy1 says

    “my room mate Lori Is getting paid on the internet $98/hr”…..!tl525ur

    two days ago grey McLaren. P1 I bought after earning 18,512 Dollars..it was my previous month’s payout..just a little over.17k Dollars Last month..3-5 hours job a day…with weekly payouts..it’s realy the simplest. job I have ever Do.. I Joined This 7 months. ago. and now making over hourly. 87 Dollars…Learn. More right Here !tl525u:➽:➽:.➽.➽.➽.➽ http://GlobalSuperJobsReportsEmploymentsGateGetPay$98Hour…. .β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…::::::!tl525o….,

  50. Gary Von Neida says

    It is not that all in the Media are “so far left that they cannot see the right”; it is the EDITORS.

  51. Robert Early says

    I hope these scumbags come to my area. I will shoot them all.

  52. Gunflint Roseberg says

    Constitutional Amendment II, protects Amendment I. Lock & Load.

  53. MTnman says

    “Democrats” supporting left-wing lunatics indicate the despotic nature of a once respectable party; it has been taken over by socialists, communists, and other Marxist trending acolytes. It is hard to find a real democrat in the democrat party.

  54. nancy miller says

    That’s ok. I consider anyone supporting Killery to be mentally ill.

  55. joe says

    I have two words for the cops when it comes to these scumbags “open fire”

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