Legalized Corruption? Look No Further Than Labor Unions


This week, a socialist named Zephyr Rain Teachout (no, really) wrote an article for Salon once again trumpeting the liberal bugle against the Supreme Court’s Citizen United decision. In the midst of the 2500 word excerpt from Teachout’s longer Harvard essay, she rails against conservative Justices Scalia and Kennedy and re-makes the same tired arguments we’ve all heard a million times. It’s the legalization of corruption, she insists, and it’s a sign that the Supreme Court has gone too far to the right.

Well, someone named Zephyr Teachout would naturally think that, but she somehow left out another giant of political contribution that leftists have supported since before she was born: labor unions.

It’s only September, and already the political advertisements on television have reached their saturation point. By the time the elections get here, many Americans will wish that politicians had a little less money to spend on their campaigns. When that dissatisfaction blooms, they’ll likely blame decisions like Citizens United for allowing corporations to donate freely to the candidates of their choice. But they may not suspect the truth, which is that the Supreme Court’s ruling merely leveled the playing field.

Labor unions, whose representatives have been some of the most outspoken critics of the Court’s ruling, continue to donate more money to politicians each year than almost any other American entity. What’s even more outrageous is that most of their money goes to Democratic candidates even when many of their members vote for Republicans. This is not only a clear misuse of labor dues, but it illustrates the hypocrisy of the left when it comes to political contributions.

In her article, Zephyr maintains that the Founding Fathers would be aghast to see how much money corporate America pours into the political system. But she makes no mention of how they would feel about the same amount of money pouring in from labor unions. Somehow, in a liberal’s mind, a labor union is a person while a corporation is just a building.

There was a time when unions made sense. Before World War II, conditions were horrible for many American workers and exploitation ran amok. Unionization of workers and collective bargaining helped create the middle class and is considered one of the most important developments in U.S. economic history. Now that we’ve swung drastically in the other direction, having regulated everything that can possibly be regulated, the need for unions is not as strong.

Because people in many states saw little advantage to paying the exorbitant dues their unions extracted, their numbers shrank. To make up the difference and stay alive, labor unions went into politics. They helped to elect generations of Democrat lawmakers, garnering plenty of favors in the process. If ever there was a legalization of corruption in America, it was in the labor unions’ funding of leftwing politics.

Today, the unions comprise one of the biggest special interest groups in the country, continually fighting for labor laws that reduce profit, destroy competition, and enrich their own coffers. When they’re neutralized, maybe we can start talking about Citizens United.

  1. susanwho says

    More and more people are realizing that unions are no longer the stop-gap for which they were initially begun. As more and more states become Right to Work states, union members will understand that they don’t need them any longer. They only use their member’s dues for political gain and not for the member’s benefits. Wake up America!

    1. 7papa7 says

      Unions are the most corrupt organization in the country except for maybe government and should be eliminated. When I was younger some of the places I worked were open shops so you could join the union but you didn’t need to, most did not. They will sink to the lowest level possible to get what they, union leaders, want. Their is no such thing as a good union it is an oxymoron. The only acceptable union is a bankrupt one that has been shut down. I would put unions on the same level as the mafia accept the mafia is a little more honest.

      1. Wayne says

        I think LIBERAL DEMOCRATS take first place!!!

        1. 7papa7 says

          That is all that union leaders are, liberal democrats.

          1. marshmil says

            LIBERAL Democrats? I’ve never heard of a CONSERVATIVE Democrat.
            Democrats are essentially the Socialist Party of the USA. They take from the working taxpayers and give to the sponges who are the non-contributing
            members of society with their hands out to get more freebees in return for votes. Notice the number of people riding in late model luxury cars who pay for fast food with EBT cards.

          2. ihatelibs says

            COMMIE party

          3. marshmil says

            Leftists are the antithesis of the principals on which the United States was founded. You’d think they never attended school judging by their behavior and political choices. They display a mentality that defies knowledge of the difference between totalitarian government and one run by the people. All they care about is the freebees they can get. They have no concept of responsibility. It would be great if we could ship them all to Putin’s Russia and Castro’s Cuba. Then we have this fruitcake in the 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue trailer park letting in more refuse from
            all parts of the planet. Question. If America is so bad then WHY IS IT WE HAVE SO MANY TRYING TO STEAL THEIR WAY IN? –other than to illegally take over the country. Hmmmmmm?

          4. 7papa7 says

            Agree, once in a blue moon you will get a democrat that is more conservative than most of the RINO’s in congress. I know that doesn’t take much. We are also seeing an occasional democrat that switches parties to the republicans. Overall though you are absolutely right. I know the great Ronald Reagan use to be a democrat and I love the way he put, I didn’t leave the democratic party it left me. Unfortunately that is the way I feel about the republican party. They have moved way to far left for me.

          5. Okwaho1 says

            Union leaders and the liberals in congress, andthis administration is worse than any previous fo corruption. They actually flaunt it in our face, especiall POTUS e FLOTUS

          6. 7papa7 says

            You are so right. This administration makes both Nixon and Clinton look like they were the most honest administrations in history. It ticks me off that Nixon would have been impeached if he didn’t resign for doing much much much less than what the commie mussie in the white house has done and is doing.

        2. marshmil says

          Right on Wayne! With the “Bosses” Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, John Kerry and the late Ted Kennedy to name a few.

      2. Eleanor B. Jones says

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    2. daveveselenak says

      They have been infiltrated by the communists, just as our government has been infiltrated and it will require anther 1776 in order to stop them! mInr, NSA!

      1. ihatelibs says

        BINGO . >>> VET , LOCKED & LOADRD . OATH KEEPER . Retired NAVY . 100% DISABLED VET . And Ready for the Next REVOLUTION . When do we start . 🙂

        1. marshmil says

          You’re a great American ihatelibs. Some of us appreciate what the “Founding Fathers” gave us even IF they are “dead old white guys.” Nobody else has given the world a better working system. Marx,Lenin,Stalin, Hitler, Castro and maybe a few more upstarts tried but God loving, freedom loving decent people have rejected their garbage. Now we are fighting a social war against the ideas of Saul Alinsky and his star pupil now ensconced at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. It’s time to clean house!

    3. ihatelibs says

      they are ONLY here for the MONEY . PERIOD . Other than that , they are USELESS

  2. grama18 says

    UNIONS !! UGHHHH ! ! I worked under them and saw their corruption ..I will not vote for a politican that
    the unions push.. I believe that UNIONS have no business in Government.. WHY ! ! BEcause the rep. that is dealing with the union is not working with his business or his money.. THE taxpayer is the one on the hook and we did not sign the contracts..

  3. Sylvester Jones says

    Especially public unions, which is the highest thievery ever, we pay and don’t belong to the thieving unions.

    1. PatHenry says

      Public unions are unconstitutional and a complete conflict of interest. They vote themselves raises and the tax payer who has to pay those higher salaries has no say in it. Communist socialism at its finest.

      1. ihatelibs says

        And then comes Congress

        1. PatHenry says

          I think Congress was there first LOL but both are corrupt to the core.

  4. ONLYJB1 says

    Labor unions of today are nothing more than criminal street gangs. Corruption, money laundering, bribes are just some of their tactics. They make the mafioso look like good guys. Wake up America! Ask yourself why business and manufacturing have died in this country! Example? Take a good long look @ the “Rust Belt”!

    1. Mark Clemens says

      Manufacturing died, because we (USA) need $7.50+ an hour. We have a high standard of living. A communist Chinese worker only needs $1 or $2 an hour to make it. They still eat dogs and bugs. If your manufacturing division employs 10,000 people, that is a lot in labor savings……..

      1. ONLYJB1 says

        Sorry Mark, but you are so far off of the mark and target with your comment.

  5. Gregory Lesniewski says

    I worked under a union for many, many years; even was a locl rep for one! The negatives that are voiced here are all very true! Did the unions ever help us at our shop? HELL NO! Anything we got locally, we, the employees, worked out for ourselves with management! I was never a “favorite” with the higher-ups” in the union because I told them outright that I would NOT tell the employees to contribute to the political fund; and also because I was outspoken toward their (non)involvement in our shop! They take your money (dues) and run! Wheen I retired, the railroad eliminated my position, leaving another department (from another union) to get a foot-hold in our shop (the power house)! Where was the union support for us then? Nowhere to be found! And I was told as the rest of the power house employees leave (retire), their positions will ALSO be eliminate! UNION PROTECTION MY ASS!!

    1. marshmil says

      Thank you Greg L. for your eloquent statement about evil in the workplace. Seems to me unions are simply small gangster clubs.

  6. Maria castro says

    Unons are desperate. Now they trying to get money from financial institutions. If you want to open a CD that pays more interest, they ask you to join.

  7. Larry Miller says

    Corruption, corruption, corruption, and more damn corruption. Half this damn country is filled with a bunch of God damned corrupted pieces of s!!t.
    Simply refuse to join these corrupt mafia style unions.

    1. jim marcum says

      what language. but you probably don’t believe in God either do you.

  8. Mark Clemens says

    When the Unions go, and minimum wage drops. All those illegal immigrants will lower your present wages. If you don’t take the pay cut, the immigrants will take your jobs. Keep in mind you need at least $7.50 an hour for 40 hours. Most of these immigrants come from lands were $1 a hour is big money, and probably can make it on $40 a week.
    About this Citizen United…….
    I think there should be a $10,000 donation maximum period. The more someone (real person, corporation, union) gives a candidate, the more favors the candidate owes the money man. Why does a Senatorial or Congressional candidate need tens of millions of dollars to get votes? They only need votes from their state, or district. My guess is, when a politician has no good ideas they hide behind a pile of money. To try to look smart……

    1. AirFrank says

      No outside money should be allowed. You running for a position in Texas, then only Texas money should be allowed. Period.

      1. Mark Clemens says

        Amen, there Frank. It’s nobodys business in California or NYC what we do here in Tennessee.

        1. PatHenry says

          Funny you are from Tenn aren’t the auto plants in your state paying very good money without a union?

          1. Mark Clemens says

            So far. We have two nonunion and one union. IDK what, if any pay difference is…..

          2. PatHenry says

            You will find that the non-union workers are at and above the union pay scale that’s why they voted this summer to stay non-union. I have yet to see a union come to the aid of a worker all they want is the dues. I live in Michigan and have dealt with unions a lot. They are corrupt and greedy turds that will have you go out on strike knowing you will never make up the wage loss all the while still getting thier big salaries while the workers try to survive on strike pay. Saw freinds lose jobs after a strike settlement when the axle plant in Warren closed down due to increased costs less profit.

          3. Mark Clemens says

            I actually don’t know any auto workers.
            I thought it was wrong the UAW didn’t want Senator Corker speaking at the VW plant before the union vote.

          4. PatHenry says

            My brother is a 34 yr UAW member and he says the only thing they do is take their dues when you need help they are never around. They just like to bully you into donating to the political fund.

          5. Mark Clemens says

            You are the second person who said
            “When you need help their never there”
            I’ve only worked a Union Job once (15mo). I did get paid $15 more a hour than non union. So I’m wondering, other than employment what is the Union suppose to “Help” you with?

          6. PatHenry says

            When you have a problem with an employer or fellow employee they are suppose to have your back and many times don’t.

      2. Terry Hamblin says

        The problem in AZ is that although the attorney General and company are trying to find out where the money is coming from, huge amounts are funding even school board candidates! The sad news is that no one can find the money trail.

        1. catman says

          I’m willing to lay a dollar to a donut that funding for school board members is coming from the unions. The teachers union is scared shytless that they will lose their power and thus their money. So long as they can keep teachers paying dues and board members voting their way, they can retain that power.
          I think the one reasonable thing that Hitler did was to abolish ALL unions in the 1930’s to the end it helped his plan of takeover as Fuehrer. Diabolical and fiendish and evil, but it worked. And no I am not suggesting we do the same thing here. I am just making a comparison of a power grab.

          1. Mark Clemens says

            Check this out on You Tube:
            “Make Mine Freedom”

    2. catman says

      Mark, I think you just nailed it insofar as your second paragraph goes !!!! So far as the minimum wage dropping, I don’t think that will happen. Workers are far more sophisticated today than they were 50-75 years ago and even farther back.

    3. RMCSRET says

      Hey Mark You should try to do a little homework before you open your UNION SUPPORTING
      mouth. The UNIONS to a TEA have come out and supported the Import of more ILLEGAL workers.
      They are the ones who are trying to lower your wages and do away with jobs that AMERICAN
      citizens should be filling.

  9. sturgis says

    I was affiliated with unions for more than thirty five years. Yes, they are corrupt! But! don’t forget the Legislature!!!,,,, All Lobbyist should be outlawed also!

    1. phyllisjmurphy says

      And at this point in America, maybe our Geriatric Congress should be abolished, the President a figure head serving at the will of the States who need to take back the power accorded them under the Constitution..Federal Government was never to have control over education, health care, or operations of states…Today sitting in the House of Representatives and in the Senate is over 6000 years of old Senators and Reps who have been in Congress all their lazy little lives….In fact due to these geeks and their repeat terms for life, one could speculate Congress has melded into an Oligarchic form of operation…meaning simplistically, the geeks operate as one body and during operation political party not important. Party only important at election time when they march out and ask for votes from the ignorant masses who are too ignorant to understand America is going, going and almost gone! Why these SOB’s serving a life time have never closed Southern Borders or kicked back across the border all illegals is something beyond comprehension and needs to be addressed immediately as Mexican illegals are obnoxious and demanding! Not to mention diseases they bring over the oborders!

      1. sturgis says

        Oh, I agree! I’ve been saying for years, “Two term limits.” Think of the millions they make with the lobbyist! They serve one term (two years) in Congress, they receive at least, one hundred and twenty five thousand dollar pension plus, free medical for life!!! The Senate for one term receives the same benefits with a one hundred and seventy five thousand dollar pension!!

        1. chuck de says

          I agree two terms max no pension same medical coverage as the ones who pay the bills

  10. FyrBal says

    I have been a member of the UFCW for over 25 years. I am a Combat Veteran (40% Disabled) who was terminated for for talking about a video game called Assassins Creed and asking a co-worker if they wanted to go to the shooting range with me after having a BAD Day at work. The UFCW has done SQUAT to help me. I am being treated like I am going to SNAP from a PERCEIVED PTS,D. This took place in FEB 2014 and I am still NOT BACK to WORK!!! The Kroger co also wants me to turn over ALL MY Military, VA, and Personal DR. RECORDS. THE UFCW tells ME to give up ALL the RECORDS!!!
    Talk about HYPOCRISY!!!!

    1. Mark Clemens says

      Kroger, the grocery store?

      1. FyrBal says

        Yes Kroger the grocery store.
        I belonged to UFCW local 1059 OHIO

  11. phyllisjmurphy says

    I organized a Union once many years ago and was very successful in getting it established and up and running. Within 6 months, I considered it a mistake as the Union goons from Chicago were not interested in the problems at hand at our University but interested in the dues pouring into their coffers for them to pay themselves exorbitant salaries and pensions and most of all, filling the money bags of Democratic politicians without Union Member even being able to vote on the matter.. They all need to go as labor unions are controlled by La Raza Mexican geek woman lusting for takeovers and also Marxist freaks who have been trying to take America down since the 30’s and this would include the creep American Civil Liberty Union! This group of yuppie lawyers who throw out a few crumbs of trying to be open are a continuing Marxist operation usurping law! ACLU was started by a Marxist Commie back in the 30’s! Get em out! They only serve themselves and rob the union members!

  12. MichaelZZ says


    DEFINITION: A number of persons joining together for some common purpose.

    TYPES OF UNIONS: Private and public

    FACTS: Private and public unions negotiate with employers to obtain specific goals for those
    persons being represented.

    Subjects for negotiations include wages, benefits, and working conditions.

    If negotiations result in additional costs to an employer:

    a. A private employer will absorbed those costs or will pass some or all to the customers.

    b. A public employer will have its “rainy-day” funds reduced or will raise additional revenue from its


    a. If a private employer absorbs additional negotiated costs, margins will be affected, which will reduce
    taxable income, which will cause a reduction in the value of the employer’s business. If the employer passes on the additional costs to its customers, it would be inflationary and the customers
    would have less spendable funds for other expenditures, which may adversely affect the economics. In most instances of higher costs, those costs will be passed on to the customers.

    b. If a public employer raises additional revenue from its taxpayers, the taxpayers will have less spendable funds and that may adversely affect the economics.

    c. When a politician, economist, or anyone else calls for high-paying union jobs, they are implying that there be a shift of wealth from customers to the high-paying union jobs.


    February 26, 2011

  13. Green Eyed Lady says

    Yes, a big problem. It seems to me that it became unbearable about the time that public employees were allowed to form unions. Teachers were very poorly paid, but I knew that when I attended a teachers college. I just wanted to be a teacher. Now there is too much emphasis on salaries and perks,

    How popular with parents is it to be on strike and keep the kids from school? How awful is it when a teacher takes her vacation at the very end of the school year when she should be wrapping up and consolidating what she has been teaching during the year?

    Don’t whine to me about home schoolers!

  14. MarcJ says

    This reminds me of the
    agreement between Roosevelt’s administration
    and the railroads in the 1930’s, when the trains switched from coal-fired steam
    engines to diesel-fuel motors. Firemen shoving coal into locomotive furnaces
    were found to be superfluous, and the wave of strikes ensued. The
    government-led agreement consisted for the railroad companies paying the
    existing firemen and their apprentices until these would retire at age of 65.
    Those firemen would dutifully mount the trains on time, sign in, and then sleep
    off their scheduled 8 hours in some sheltered corner of the train. This
    abomination continued for the long 50 years, when Reagan finally stopped that
    drain from the economy with final payoffs to the remaining “firemen”. The
    wasted lives of those firemen and their apprentices are now in our history. Of
    course, the flow of those regular dues to the union bosses was finally stopped,
    after the final payoff.

    Automobiles and airplanes
    eventually destroyed the train travel by the public, and such train companies
    went bankrupt. However, the unions were not happy to retire and look for other
    types of work, and so they exerted their power on the congressional Democrats
    to do something about that disaster. The Congress then organized a
    government-owned passenger train company, to be operated principally in the
    populous eastern states, named Amtrak.
    Annual Amtrak losses of many billions of dollars have been produced year
    after year, with no end in sight, requiring congressional bailouts; but the
    union dues have always been paid on time. Business people rarely use Amtrak –
    they are too busy to afford the luxury of leisurely travel and therefore use
    air planes; politicians and retirees are the main customers of Amtrak.

    In the 1960’s there was a
    revolution in sea transport by the invention of containerships. Instead of
    those so-called break-cargo ships transporting many thousands of small boxes,
    huge container boxes, loaded and locked up in factories, then carried by
    specially designed trucks and trains to and from ports, loaded by huge cranes
    unto ships, with these operations performed in reverse order in destination
    ports, eliminated thousands of unionized stevedore workers, and eliminated the
    losses due to the usual amount of lose cargo theft (about 10%). Not only that
    stevedore unions lost many thousands of jobs, but the usual and accepted amount
    of theft losses were also eliminated; it is much easier to steal a single TV
    package than a huge locked box carrying 2,000 television sets. Strikes were
    organized on all three coasts –agreements were finally signed off, giving the
    existing longshoremen payoffs for doing nothing after signing in and then
    passing the time of day reading newspapers, playing cards, or doing nothing in
    their union halls. Forty five years later this situation continues, at least in
    the western maritime states; some partial new agreements were negotiated lately
    in the East and Gulf coasts. Management of those stevedore unions has consisted
    historically mainly of Mafia members or Communist Party honchos.

    The above three examples of the
    deadly influence of these criminal unions on our economy are only that – three;
    there are many other examples where the outsourcing of our manufacturing
    industries abroad was the only way to save them from union greed,
    featherbedding, and crimes – for example: general electronics (calculators,
    computers, telephones, TV sets, loudspeakers, watches, printers), textiles
    (shirts, pants, socks, coats, pajamas, sweaters, underwear, towels, etc.),
    household appliances (refrigerators, ovens, eating utensils, plates, glasses,
    bottles), automobiles, restaurant equipment, electrical equipment (fixtures,
    switches, transformers, light bulbs, interrupters, generators), etc., etc.

    1. Mark Clemens says

      I miss trains…….
      I think they will be back

    2. VANDY PITCHER says

      union MORONS will have to finally figure it out themselves cause they have been brainwashed NOT to listen to the rest of us……union members and supporters are NO different than the poor bastards who lived in the SOVIET UNION etc…..just total NOTHINGS who dont value FREEDOM and who had NO IDEA how to think for themselves……” STALINS ENERGY SOURCE “…..also the cannon fodder for the rich union bosses AND the SICK DEM PARTY……pitiful and sick

  15. Marilyn Stern says

    The teacher’s union has, literally, destroyed our public education system and government employee unions have contributed greatly to the incompetence of government. The lazy and incompetent love the protection union tenure gives them.

    1. 4Bill_O_Rights says

      “When school children start paying union dues, that’s when I’ll start representing the interests of school children.” – American Federation of Teachers President Albert Shanker

      Karen Lewis, president of the Chicago Teachers Union, reminisced about her teaching days, when she would lie to parents when it came time to discuss their child’s performance. She then said – because of her lies – the student became her “hostage” who would do what she wanted.

      The misnamed National Education Association

  16. moral antagonist says

    I am a retired steelworker The union has given up a lot of the retirees benefits over the last several years.The icing that tops the cake is they had nerve enough to ask us to chip in money so they could try to get some of these benefits back.

  17. Jim Miller says

    What else is new?, remember the crooked pepperoni Hoffa? but, Legalized Corruption is not as big as the one in DC

  18. Happy says

    The MOST corrupt? That’s difficult to say for sure. Politicians are up there (all parties). Isn’t it interesting that NONE of the largest financial institution executives went to jail for screwing with the economy and foreclosed on millions of the “little guys” hard earned homes – making many millions into home-less statistics.
    I’m not sure if I’d point a finger at the Liberals any more than Conservative politicians. I think it’s fair to say that MOST all politicians are there to be re-elected time and again – they will say ANYTHING to any group to put themselves in a good light so they don’t make anybody mad at them. Soooo courageous.
    Then if they do get voted out, they just get a job on K street as a lobbyist.
    While I’m at it, I’d put lobbyists up there, too. Playing a money game with their politician friends (many lobbyists are past politico’s) taking care of Big Business check writers. They know how to put profit first and their employees and common citizens second. Wake up Americans!

  19. Iwasyoungonce says

    I used to be a Teamster. The operative word is USED. After being fired from a Teamster job and the Teamsters did absolutely nothing except “lip service” I had enough. However, not long after all that crap, I ran across something very interesting about Unions. Everybody has seen those UNION YES ! bumper stickers and the logo around, right? What most people don’t know is just who owns the copyright to that logo. It is none other than the DSA. And just who and what is the DSA? The Democratic Socialists of America. Which is a branch of the World wide Socialists Party. Big deal you say? Really? Then tell me this. Why would a political party like the Socialist Party own that copyright? Could be these bastards “run” the Unions? Could be they make the marching orders for the goons they employ to carry out their dirty work. Could be that they dictate policy? You tell me. So next time you hear about how good the Unions are for the “masses” remember who OWNS the Unions. Have a nice day.

  20. conservgirl says

    I though unions weren’t supposed to take political sides. Also to me they need to stop the dues since obviously they are no longer representing their memebers. How much of the money ends up in the union leaders pockets. When they use the money to try to decide elections it is wrong and criminal as in Scott Walker case.

  21. Robert Freedom says

    Get the communist unions out of government, schools, everything. and Regarding all gov. schools google Joseph Gerbles also NONE DARE CALL IT CONSPIRACY and THE LAW THAT NEVER WAS

  22. Yadja says

    There is no news in this. Anyone who has kept up with Unions through the years understands the set-up.

    Doing anything about it with O in office is not going to happen. It was SEIU that put O in the Senate seat along with George Soros, O is totally dedicated to the unions.

  23. defiant1 says

    Look no further than the Obama White House!

  24. MarcJ says

    Roosevelt forbade formation of government employees union – saying they must not work against their employer the people. Kennedy reversed that rule by an executive order in 1962; since then our government has gone to s**t. Our schools produce streams of total illiterates who know nothing about history, geography, literature, mathematics, logic, chemistry, physics – and who vote their “feelings”. Government employees unions are especially deadly – their No. 1 rule is that “no supervisor shall issue any deadlines for any work performed by a union member”.

  25. Deb says

    Unions started to help immigrants because their english wasn’t good and they needed someone to look after their needs, then they just got greedy. I was raised to be a Union kid and democrat I rejected both by the time I was old enough to vote and look into their practices, I was a lone woman in a man’s shop and they vowed to break me, on my 91st day I told them to shove it after I got my card! I did join the waiter, waitress, bartenders union for $5.00 a month I had great benefits, no hassels so there were some good leaders. The SCIU I see today are a bunch of thugs, I would not have anything to do with them!

  26. Bob Waas Sr. says

    I remember how the unions put the beer companies out of business in the NYC area. Gone were Rheingold, Ballantine, Schaefer and Schlitz.

  27. Tony di V. says

    Big election coming up. “Big Deal,” its the government employee union’s that run that show. If you don’t believe me, then ask yourself has anyone of our so-called senators or rep.’s dared to Stand and point a finger square at the IRS and accuse them of meddling enough to “Throw an Election.” Ever read an article about “Government Employee’s” smashing through Richard Trumka’s door and hauling him away for a little “Q & A”.

    Here’s something to mull on. If a government legislature, state, federal or what have you writes a law saying a certain gov. employee’s Job has a value that should be Paid and Benefited at ‘so and so’ then isn’t it Discriminatory from the very Core if it doesn’t transfer to “It’s” civilians and apply to “All”. In the military it is called “Divide and Conquer”, here it is a Living wage with Peace of mind, paid for by, Guess Who? They are out of “Guess Who’s”

  28. ihatelibs says

    Anything , and Everything the LIB/DEM COMMIECRATS Support is Corrupt

  29. Tom Brooks says

    Don’t forget AARP. Not a union, but still using members money to advance denocrap policies. I cannot believe that so many of my fellow old farts have fallen AARP’s line of BS.

  30. mesaman says

    Unions have held their members hostage for too many years. An unscrupulous, fraudulent leadership maintains this strangle hold on it’s membership for one reason, and one alone; MONEY. They spend it and borrow it from pension funds, with no intention of repaying, and enjoy it for their own selfish pleasures while the membership pays homage to these charlatans with their dues. Unions are dinosaurs and should be forced into extinction. Let the democrats earn their donations the hard way.

  31. Marilyn Stern says

    The “teacher’s union” has destroyed our public education system. Allowing government workers to unionize was tantamount to allowing any administration to use its workers for propaganda. How often have government workers picketed for the administration while being paid salaries for jobs they were not doing.

  32. Anne Bradley says

    Part I of VI – Chicago speaks out against Obama – This is about
    Barry Soetoro’s birth certificate and more. Hawaiin music. FACTS – Woman who was supported; Obama now says she no longer
    supports him

    Let Illegal Alian Children Live At The White House

    There’s no
    Place Like Utopia 2014, 2 min promotion,
    interview with Joel Gilbert, film maker. “The REAL Father of Obama is Frank
    Marshall Davis”.

    (This film can be
    found on Amazon or, “Dreams From my REAL father”. In my opinion, Info Wars is not consistently
    correct. Tea Party info is political
    poison. Take that into serious


    uses phrase “New World Order” to fit their whims:

    Breitbart’s public speaking, emphasizing Tea Party was triggered by dems (yet
    news video with Martin Basher claims he was a Tea Party loyalist); Occupy
    Movement was triggered by dems…Andrew Breitbart was murdered shortly after
    this. Martin Basher interviews w/ Andrew


    2. – why Breitbart
    was assassinated ACCORDING to Dr. Manning. Dr. Manning opines the Navy Seals covered
    up a hoax. (Yet Obama probably had the
    seals murdered.) (Note: Obama planners use anyone
    as a social tool. In this situation, I believe it is to get people to believe
    the murder of Bin Laden was a hoax… it was the third time they had Bin Laden
    and Obama was pressured to do his job and order an okay…killing the seals was
    Obama’s message to his terrorists that he was with them, not US, in my opinion)
    Dr. Manning sincerely cares. I agree with him 90% of the time. – this website tells you what is
    going on now at the Israeli/Palestinian border as well as the growth of
    terrorism in the world – Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama: His Birth Certificate
    in Hawaii is found to be fake! – “Who is this man?”
    2009 video which never got attention when it was needed. Obama attended a Catholic School and yet was
    instructed in Islam. Most people in Indonesia were Islam. Indonesia does not
    allow for duel citizenship. Illegal
    Birth Certificate. None ever issued by U.S. – What
    American Progressivism Really Is – Obama is bisexual, people died
    suspiciously, drug user (cocaine habit) Jeff
    Rense interviews Mia Pope, who knew “Barry Soetoro” at school in Hawaii.
    Suspicious death of Obama’s grandmother, reflecting convenience for his presidential
    race. Deaths of three of his boy-toys suspicious – murders. Members of the Down
    Low Club, secret gays. Donald Young Murdered by multiple gunshot wounds done by
    ammature gun user. Nate spencer murdered.
    Larry Bland murdered. Larry
    Sinclair exposed Obama. (Secret Service
    “saved” Larry Sinclair when he attempted suicide and called Glenn Beck – great
    Obama image!) – Exposed! $6.5 Billion for Border Crisis Was Funded by
    Senate In 2013!….including special status for those associated with Monsanto
    Congressional Budget Office


    1. – Obama’s America 2016 film and
    readable version



    2. – Dr. Dinesh D’Souza speaks to University on Obama’s
    America: Unmaking The American Dream

    3. Why Obama wants to Destroy America, w/
    Dinesh D’Souza:
    – – Obama’s secret life. Facts in FBI records. 9.5 minutes
    Comments attached to this film make no sense.

    7/28/2014 Current altering of Military Records
    accounting for weapons seized:


    – Sean Hannity interview w/ Mark Levin

  33. Anne Bradley says

    My pasting is being blocked/encrypted. I will try this again
    Third Part – pfc
    reported as committing suicide when she was murdered…Obama used them as a
    tool…parents claim “they have a torrid reputation of abuse in the military and
    it needs to stop”….their daughter was probably murdered by terrorists they were
    fighting, yet parents do not pursue that, according to this video, which has
    music in the background, reported by a TV station. Two Suspicions: (1) Obama wanted the parents to sue the Army
    to harm it more financially (2) By
    reporting a suicide, they don’t have to pay family any wartime loss, military
    benefits for life insurance…..also, there are several other u-tube videos which
    are created from Afri-Synergy, about black people who claim their family member
    was murdered… – “Butcher of
    Benghazi” Hillary Clinton Headed to Prison?


    1. – Susan Rice
    Caught Lying About Benghazi – Rep. Trey Gowdy Whistleblower Questioning.

    Mr. Hicks answer to Congressman Trey Gowdy was
    practiced. He claimed that the REASON
    Susan Rice went on several talk shows was to put pressure on the FBI to go out
    there as they requested. His emphasis
    was blaming FBI for her need to go on talk shows.

    He literally ducked the fact that Trey Gowdy claimed she
    reported lies deliberately.

    2. Trey Gowdy: If President Doesn’t
    Execute The Law, “What Are Our Remedies?” | Video |…

    3. FUNNY


    1. – Lerner Pleads 5th AGAIN–All Hell Breaks
    Loose!! Darrel Issa questions her. She pleas the 5th. Question:
    Who wanted to fix the problem caused by Citizens United?

    Email found: She
    emails Tea Party Lois
    Lerner’s email provided by whistleblower: TEA PARTY MATTER VERY DANGEROUS. This
    could be the vehicle to go to court on the issue of whether Citizen’s United
    overturning the ban on corporate spending applies to tax exempt rules. Counsel
    and Judy Kindell need to be in on this one please…Cincy should probably not
    have these cases….Holly please see exactly what they have please

    Lois Lerner’s hearing was adjourned because of
    uncooperative testimony. She just kept
    pleading the 5th. Mr. Elijah Cummings, MD. Attacks Mr. Issa, failing to have
    relevance. Yells out Mr. Issa had a
    one-sided investigation. A snotty rep
    said, “He’s taking the 5th” and they-democrats laugh. This rep, by the last name of Cummings claims
    that Rep Issa had no right to plea the 5th.
    He didn’t plead any 5th. Rep
    Cummings committed contempt since the hearing was adjourned.

    Consider THIS source also – yet THE SLATE is not credible

    Warning! This is torture!

    Warning! This is torture!…/syrian-rebels…/2525038454001/

    Warning on
    impending Bioterrorism in U.S., etc. :

    German (foreign born, yet seems to be devoted) Officer
    serves as Brigadier General in USArmy:



    PALLYWOOD’ films an alleged Israeli “atrocity” that got picked
    up by many in the Mainstream Media – inside look at a tunnel
    that Hamas builds

    terrorists beheading Christian Children: – inside look at a tunnel
    that Hamas builds

    Rev 7/28/2014 – inside look at a tunnel
    that Hamas builds

  34. Anne Bradley says

    Part IV of VI

    Obama planners obviously formed a type
    of coup de tat to get rid of the pope fast, since Adam Lanza was molested by a
    priest when he was six, and people were sharing it. NOT mainstream media, of course, which has
    been doing a lot of lying and failing to abide by their journalism oath.





    False propaganda by Obama; frames him as
    agent for ISIS:


    1. Bill
    Whittle interviews former analyst with DOD and former special agent for FBI. He is disguised to protect his identity. Sharing atrocities of Obama

    Muslim Groups are brought in to US to teach US tactics!

    Holy Land Foundation

    Groups include: Muslim Public Affairs
    Council, ISNA, CARE

    of Muslim Brotherhood are even teaching and training FBI employees



    1. – 1 hr interview with Dr. Sam Vaknin “Obama is a narcissist and
    does not consider consequences”



    4. – Dr. Sam Vaknin, 24 min..Obama is a narcissist,

    5. – Dr. Sam Vaknin, 7-min interview



    1. Interview with Waled Shoebat

    2. Lasts 1 ½ hr. Michael Savage. “Rush was right” (Rush Limbaugh)
    – this website tells you what is going on now at the Israeli/Palestinian
    border as well as the growth of terrorism in the world


    1. picture:

    Ted Nugent “Hillary Clinton Should Be In Jail! Along With Eric
    Gun-Running Holder!”




    BLOG on Barry Soetoro, etc.







    President Obama
    could face impeachment, says a top White House aide:

    – look at this source!


    on Obama’s Short Form Birth Certificate:

  35. Anne Bradley says

    PART V of VI


    Note: Info Wars and Alex Jones Channels are loaded
    with ads. Maybe you will want to ck them
    out. I don’t. I agree with 80% of his stuff but he
    obviously slants with Tea Party Agenda and the Tea Party formed to HELP Obama,
    in my opinion. A trick. I just discovered the Koch Brothers actually formed the
    Tea Party and am appreciative to the woman who pointed that out to me. My opinion is evolving, but as it stands now,
    everything points to my assumption that this is a trick for Obama planners –
    split and conquer. Just like they are
    trying to do to China right now.


    1. Former prosecutor warns these are very
    dangerous times:





    Israel has
    already showed incredible restraint and mercy in dealing with the constant
    threats and violence they suffer at the hands of radical Muslim
    groups. SOURCE IS INFO WARS:






    He’s from
    Chicago…anyone surprised? Medical
    Director who Obama hired at VA:


    Reason, Muslim Brotherhood:;_ylt=AwrBJR9QKMRTL0cA6sTQtDMD

    SSN is false: – great resource

    At least 11 killed, 40 injured in shelling in Donetsk, E. Ukraine, school
    and more news

    June 2014 article:

    BLOG Founded by Paul E. Valley


    1. Ray Stevens… song, Come To the USA, there’s
    no penalty to pay, should you get caught illegally immigration….lots of

    2. – Gatlin Brothers

    Jeff Rense interviews Mia Pope:

    Obama is bisexual, cocaine habit:

    POINTS of


    6.5 billion
    dollar border crisis was anticipated and funded by Senate in 2013!


    Admission of
    hacking many Malaysian computers, more. 13.5 minutes:

    16-min film tells
    America to Wake Up because Obama is a terrorist. We have to support Congress.
    Source: “Officially Anonymous”. Note,
    these are rogue cyber hackers. They
    hacked many Malaysian computers! (Link is after this one): -“Germany did not need to destroy Russia for
    more land”…war fails to accomplish anything…Value of Life….second video is
    interview of producer of “Blue”….”Global Warming is a farce” – taking back the
    environment..false predictions and bloodshed…Blue Beats Green U-Tube Channel – Russian
    fighters facebook. I stand with Vladimir Putin!

    (This is also under
    “RT”) At least 11 killed, 40 injured in shelling in Donetsk, E.
    Ukraine, school hit, and more news


  36. adrianvance says

    When I was teaching the unions came in an took $80 a month from my meager paycheck every month and for what? They insured I would be working with people who committed a crime every time they walked into a classroom.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative,” and you will be applauded when you
    speak truth at your next dinner party, barbecue or church picnic.

  37. lil-echoes says

    I have been made fun of for rejecting the power the unions have in this country. Even my own mate objected when I crossed a union line to buy some groceries when they were picketing the place. I have been against the unions for years… mainly when they get a raise, goods of all kinds go up in price… so how are they getting more money when it’s taken out else where.. It makes no sense to me…. All the unions want is POWER and in this country… so they can elect who they want into office… its nothing but a Mafia made Racket !!!!

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