Liberal Celebs Registered With Conservative Party


According to a new survey by the Los Angeles Times, there may be thousands of voters in California who are registered to a conservative political party…and they don’t even know it. No, these voters weren’t registered in some kind of underhanded scheme; they were merely too befuddled to figure out how to declare themselves unaffiliated. So instead of checking the box labeled “no party preference,” these whipsmart Californians checked the one labeled American Independent Party.

The LA Times surveyed 500 members of the American Independent Party and found that nearly 75% of respondents did not understand what the party stood for. “Nearly 3 out of 4 people did not realize they had enrolled in a political party that opposes abortion rights and same sex marriage and calls for building a fence along the U.S. border,” wrote the paper.

Hilariously, the paper reports that Hollywood celebrities like Demi Moore are registered to the party.

“Demi Moore is not, nor has ever been, a member of the American Independent Party,” said a rep for the actress.

Oh, but she is – even if, according to the paper, “fewer than 4 percent” of the people they surveyed actually knew they were registered to the party.

Due to the rules governing California’s presidential primaries, many of these wayward voters will be shut out of participating. The Republican primary is open only to registered Republicans, and the Democratic primary welcomes only Democrats and independents. Actual independents, not fools who see the word “independent” and mark the box as though competing to see who could register using the least amount of brain cells.

Perhaps this should be the way forward for Republicans. Stop trying to convince the low-information populace that conservative principles are what’s best for the country. Instead, just trick liberals and muddy-minded independents to vote Republican using their limited attention spans against them. This strategy should have been obvious after the 2000 elections when we saw how utterly bewildered Florida voters were by ballots that were, at best, mildly confusing. We just need a candidate with a name like Jack Democrat and the votes will come pouring in.

Now, some will object and say that kind of trickery is beneath us. Bah! Look at what we’re dealing with. We are up against celebrities who don’t even understand how to register to vote. Liberals who think it’s “racist” to enforce the border. Rock stars and corporations who suddenly think that transgender bathroom rights are the defining issue of our time. Democrats have built an entire movement on a foundation of American ignorance. Maybe we should stop trying to be “better” and start trying to win.

  1. gotabgood says

    Why do I find this very hard to believe? You even have fox news at odds with your front runner. You have
    Bill Kristol saying he won’t vote for Trump, you have Glenn Beck calling Trump a Liar!. You have Cruz the most dislike senate in the whole house… not to mention Trump will do a birther on him. National review… Lets put it this way, you know your base… your base would never read National Review…. if they could.

    1. Brittany Burge says

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      1. skipsart says

        So how many different people have this same room mate named
        Lori, who only 2 days ago bought a Silver McLaren P2?

        Inquiring minds want to know…………….NOT !!!

        Get lost !

      2. Tommy p says

        Umm, Brittany, Lori is a whore.

        1. Sherry says

          Just read your post above and have concluded, by your own “mouth”, that YOU are the total train wreck and totally UNLISTENABLE! Your verbage is like the Trumpbot’s brownshirts foul mouths! Glen is RIGHT!!! At first, I listened to him because I was trying to find the “idiot” that the Donald was referring to. As it turns out, Beck was totally plauseable and RIGHT!! YOU idiots will scream your insults to anyone who is able to think for themselves instead of listening to and doing as your Donald demands! YOU will rue the day you even listened to and voted for that menace to American freedom! He is more evil, corrupt and egotistical than even Hillary. You will soon discover the facts about that wolf in “GOP” clothing AFTER he devours you lemmings!

          1. Phoebe Isley says

            Sherry Sherry…He is more evil, corrupt and egotistical than even Hillary? Now who is being naïve? What I see is that the establishment either Rep or Dem is wronging us with every turn of the corner and it may have taken me a bit longer than others but now realize both parties are in it together. They are robbing us and are now at a point where they feel know what is best for us instead of us having a voice. You may not like Trump but have you ever wondered why the establishment is so set against him in that they want to devour him (using your words) so badly? Doesn’t that make you suspicious of the establishment? Their cash cow is a very big reason…they don’t care about WE THE PEOPLE they care about keeping their so called “beds” soft and cozy by screwing WE THE PEOPLE. I don’t want the government telling me what I should or should not do or say…NOPE I believe Trump will do a shake down for the betterment of the country and these establishment people won’t have that. God forbid their “lifestyles” actually have to be brought back down to reality and have them actually work for us not the other way around. Just my take!

      3. jimmy midnight says

        If “Lori” was prostituting herself, perhaps she could make ninety-eight bucks an hour.

        The rest of us really shouldn’t be surprised that each state AND each D and R party within each state, has arcane rules, many of them decades or a century old, and designed, at least in part, to benefit those who wrote them.

        Presidential campaigns really ought to learn and deal with these rules, as Cruz did and Trump didn’t. Apparently, he’s about as politically savvy as Demi Moore. She isn’t running for the Presidency.

        1. worn out 123 says

          Whoever first said politics was a dirty bussiness was certainly correct.

          1. jimmy midnight says

            “Whoever” first said it, doubtless did so millenia in the past. Talk about–covered-up–by the sands of time.

    2. Rox says

      Glen Beck why would anyone even listen to him that guy is out of his mind. You need to do your own research and STOP listening to to crazy…

      1. Tommy p says

        Beck is a Total Train Wreck, unlistenable.

      2. Deborah Henderson says

        Not just with Beck but every voter should take the time to research all candidates and figure out which one best aligns with their beliefs. Few people take the time to do this and I understand it is tedious and boring and you really have to use “reliable” sites (if any of those even exist anymore). Democrats do it less than Republicans but everyone should research anyone they vote for whether Federal, State or Local government.

        1. Gerry Costa says

          Not only align with their own beliefs but who will do the best job for AMERICA and her CITIZENS .

        2. ABO says

          Very well stated and absolutely accurate, Deborah. It should be a legal requirement that every voter research the candidates in order to be fully informed before they cast their vote. unfortunately it would be unenforceable and beyond that, most people just can’t be bothered. Sad.

        3. maxx says

          The democrat party makes it very simple which to chose. If you hate America, hate Christians, hate the truth and have no problem with murdering little baby humans you should vote for the democrat. Otherwise you need to seriously research the other candidate. If they are GOP establishment skip over them or write someone in, even if it is Mickey Mouse, of Daffy Duck. They will be better than a Rino.

          1. Reade Adams says

            Overgeneralizing, maxx. I know plenty of democrats who don’t hate America, don’t hate Christians, don’t hate the truth, and have big problems with abortions. I also know that Mickey Mouse and Daffy Duck are cartoons and no matter how cute and precious they are, they could never run this country.

        4. Reade Adams says

          Can you verify that dems do less research than repubs?

          1. Eleanore Whitaker says

            No she can’t …but with women like her being so man dependent, the only research her MR. Man allows her to do is check on the supply of Charmin.

          2. Reade Adams says

            Oh, dear.

          3. tcurry says

            If you believe that Obama and Hillary Clinton did not lie bout the Benghazi murders at the embassy then you are a Democrat and you have done zero research on the subject. The fact that Hillary doesn’t even care is obvious by her response of “What Difference Does it Make”. She lied to the family members of the murdered victims even when she knew it was not caused by a movie. If you believe that Hillary is for women’s rights you have not read the information on Hillary, when a lawyer defended a rapist, got him off when she knew he was a rapist and put the victim through hell, then you did not do any research. If you believe that Bill Clinton “did not have sex with that woman” in the White House then you did no research. If you believe that Hillary did not set her own private email server up to hide inappropriate behavior behavior while Secretary of State, then you did no research. If you do not believe that Hillary and Bill Clinton filed false tax returns for The Clinton Foundation and re-filled and corrected them only after they were caught, then you did not do your research.

          4. Deborah Henderson says

            I know many democrats and when asked why they are voting for Hillary, these are the answers I get…1 she’s a woman 2 She the democratic nominee 3 because my parents always voted democrat 4 because she tries to help women 5 because she tries to help the poor 6 She now agrees with Bernie about having free college tuition ……There are more but those responses let me know they have done no research.

          5. ReadeMyLips says

            Some democrats have done less research, including the democrats you are referring to. An across-the-board statement alluding to “all or none” is invariably untenable.

          6. Peatro Giorgio says

            The only requirement needed to nominate or elect a corrupt lying thieving, murdering treasonous demo-rat is for the corrupt demo-rat to gain a majority. Majority vote of the ill-informed, ill-eduacated demo-rats .( Note Majority.)

          7. ReadeMyLips says

            I’m sorry you feel that way. Broad generalizations, however, denote an uninformed, uneducated mindset. Some Republicans and some Democrats and some third-party supporters may have their heads in the sand, but certainly not all.

          8. Peatro Giorgio says

            When using broad generalization in refrenced to the American electorate. It is correct to say the vast an over whelming majority of Demo-rat s are rather ill-informed ,ill-eduacated given our failed education system and the evidence is to how an why that particular electorate votes is a Rather clear indication. That our nation should return to the days when only those who owned property or those who where well informed would be the only Eiligible persons to vote. When a person is solely driven to vote for free stuff tax payer benefits or special privileges r extra special rights . My opinion is they have disqualified them selves .. Here’s my Beliefs . As JFK would say Ask not what your country can do for you ,but what you can do for your country. I believe this to have been the most selfless, most compassionate statement any President or political leader has ever made. JFK Was as conservative as I He should have been a Republican after all his policies mirrored those of The fiscal conservative Libertarian leaning Republican Party. Not that of the lying dumbo rats. Even President Ronald Reagan Mimicked many of JFK’s Foriegn an domestic Policies. Those presidents with which I hold in very high regard were #1 George Washington, #2 Calvin Coolidge #3JFK And of course #4 Ronald Reagan Maybe even IK . All the rest in my personal opinion where either genuine idiots or useless maggots.

          9. mrpoohead says

            Foreign policy – not the remit of the President. Duh! JFK was a scumbag.

          10. Peatro Giorgio says

            As for continueing to respond to your idiosyncrasies. The end is now. Go back to your Wikipedia. You useless idiot.

          11. mrpoohead says

            ….because you’ve got nothing. No references; just hyperbole and BS. Obviously you forgot the retard percentage in your DNA – 99.999999%?

          12. mrpoohead says

            I’ve got the facts – nah, nah, na, na, nah!!!!!!!!!!!!! All you’ve got is drivel, made up drivel that has no base in fact. An’ I’m the moron? Your ass has been whooped, you have no point, just some silly delusion that being descended from Latins is wonderful. Still doesn’t make you anything other than a big fat failure. Amusing though. Ha, ha, ha!

            You got no facts
            Jus’ hyperbole
            No proof
            Jus’ a doofus

            “Enlightenment often comes out of the mouths of fools”, but in your case I’m still waiting.

          13. Kol says

            5 Scientific Studies That Prove Republicans Are Stupid – Reverb Press


            Mar 6, 2015 – Republicans like to say that liberals are stupid, but these five … and in doing so, they make these people vote against their own best interests.

            The Birth of the Stupid Party | Huffington Post


            The Huffington Post

            May 25, 2016 – How did Republicans get to be so stupid? Of course, “stupid” is subjective. But by most standards, Republicans fit the bill. In September, Public …

            The Republican Party Has Literally Become the Party of Stupid


            Apr 7, 2015 – The republicans are so stupid? Let’s see. Democrats killed Detroit. Democrats mismanaged water in California to point of a crisis. Illinois, ran by …

            Republicans really fall for this nonsense: The GOP is the party of …



            Apr 9, 2016 – GOP voters eagerly consume lies of party that twist data, welcomes … The GOP is the party of stupid, but its voters are the deluded ones … So it’s not just Republicans, though their deceptions are obviously more cynical.

      3. Peatro Giorgio says

        Well it is clear no one should listen to you either..Glen Beck might be a bit off the wall. But you my friend are completely off the wall having landed on your head cracking open an spewing out what ever brain matter you might once have possessed.

      4. ABO says

        Oh, good yet another brainless liberal troll in the mix. I’m just so impressed.

        1. Reade Adams says

          Why would you say that? Brainless liberal troll? Do you call everyone who disagrees with you a brainless liberal troll? Rox has a right to her opinions as do you. Because the two of you don’t agree is not a good reason for name-calling and put-downs.

          1. ABO says

            When you’ve been here a while and have had to put up with his type with their constant insults and name calling and put downs we’ll see how you feel about it. Until then pay attention and see what they bring to the discussion. Then we’ll see how you feel about them.

          2. Reade Adams says

            Whatever they bring to the discussion, it doesn’t have to include name calling and put-downs. I’m not on this site to defend liberals or conservatives, repubs or dems. I’m here to learn what other people are thinking. In the process, there doesn’t need to be foul language, name calling, et al. Whatever happened to civil discourse?

          3. tcurry says

            Please tell me what you have learned on this website that would help you make a intelligent and honest assessment of the candidates running for President?

      5. gotabgood says

        You’re kinda missing the boat there… It has nothing to do if Beck is a good guy or a bad guy, personally I agree, he is an idiot along with Kristol, and fox news, but don’t jump on one name where there are others mentioned..

        1. Rox says

          FYI.. I was like the 2nd making a comment.. Replying to someone and I get attached.. So whatever.. You know it really doesn’t matter who becomes President this country is soooooooo screwed up it will take many years to get out of this mess because of ALL of our past presidents in the last 30 yrs

          1. gotabgood says

            ” Replying to someone and I get attached.. So whatever..”
            I was not attacking you. I was responding to this statement.. “You need to do your own research and STOP listening to to crazy…”
            I do my own research and if you are referring to Beck as one of the crazies I listen to…. not true, I do not like Beck, but I do pay attention to the messages.

    3. Peatro Giorgio says

      Well speaking of unable to read an comprehend. The senate is not of the House. Seperate bodies ,seperate sections in the capital building. The House of Representatives. Is your congressman. Senators are not house of Repembers but are a completely seperate body ,with completely seperate functions. You must be one of those who also registered on the American Independent party line.

      1. Rox says

        Copy that out of a book good job!! Glad you’re able to read..
        You sound very MEAN better go vote for Ted

        1. worn out 123 says

          You are hypercritical and insolent. Look them up.

        2. Peatro Giorgio says

          No coping required ! Lessons of 8th grade civics class as well 5th grade US history All of which took place some 48 to 50 years ago. Apparently I stood awake and was very much interested in that particular subject matter. Seems to me , you on the other hand were more interested in where your next blunt,line fix or bottle was coming from.

      2. gotabgood says

        Boy you sure told me..
        Did say a thing about Trump, fox news, Kristol or Beck… but you set me straight…

  2. Roy says

    The entire base of the Demonrat Party is made up of people just like those in this article. You have to remember that the average Demonrat voter is too lazy to bother using the brains they were born with. They would much rather have someone else do their thinking for them and just tell them what they should think. That’s why, when you get into a political conversation with them, all they can do is regurgitate talking points. They can’t cite any evidence to PROVE those talking points so all they can do is keep repeating them over and over or make up their own evidence. That’s because they didn’t do the due diligence of looking into the issues themselves – they just listened to NPR.

    1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

      Yes, they constitute the low information votes that gave us Hussein Obama.

      1. maxx says

        Along with the guilt ridden white liberals.

        1. Bob Ware says

          Ah yes … the other band of idiot.

    2. Gerry Costa says

      And when they get pushed into a corner all they can do is throw temper tantrums and call people names.

    3. Peatro Giorgio says

      Wait ,one second ! yes it is true the demo-Rat base is mostly made up of non contributing low educated voters. Truth be told so is the republican parties base . Just look to the steeply who are following either Donald the Trumpertantrum, rump, hump Trump ,Or the rino , fraudster John lyin Kasich . Come on Lets be honest Kasich and Trump are cut from the very same cloth .The only difference is one scammed billions from others the other gave away billions from others.

    4. maxx says

      If an IQ test was required to register to be a democrat I would guess 95% would fail. They only need to know which candidate promises the most freebies in return for their vote. Been that way for decades.

      1. Bob Ware says

        Did you really expect them to be able to get that one right?! LOL!!!

    5. Reade Adams says

      I beg your pardon? Every single Democrat is a vapid, lazy fool? And every single Republican is an above-average high achiever? Generalizations are based on assumptions. To assume everyone in one party or the other is deficient in brains makes an ass out of the speaker and the listener. Meet with members of the other party and find out what they really do think. Don’t judge, just listen. That will be a great first step to making America great.

      1. tcurry says

        For the last 6 years I have been trying to do just that. If I ask a question of a Liberal they either get mad and start the “I Blame Bush” rhetoric or have no opinion at all. Ask the question as to what financial debt and obligation as a citizen you are willing to absorb. Is there a limit? After Bush, it was his fault in their eyes because we had a national debt of 7 Trillion Dollars. Now we are at 17 Trillion and counting. Nothing has been cut or considered for cuts in Obama’s latest budget, only increases. Billions of dollars under the Obama administration to care for illegals and refugees for social services and lawyers to fight deportation. Over a trillion dollars per year in debt to pay for Affordable Health Care and the insurance companies are dropping out. Billions of dollars in foreign aid to countries that starve their citizens or help them immigrate to other countries. What the hell are we sending money to Libya for? It is impossible to get an answer from a Liberal, period.

    6. Bob Ware says

      NPR radio… No Possible Rationale radio… LOL!

  3. James Maxwell says

    Typical of the leftist mentality of the the bonkerwood mentality. They can only reat the script that is in
    front of them and if you put it in writing for them to say or do that is all they can comprehend. Their
    only talent is they look good in front of a camera and can repeat the lines they are given. Rational
    thought is beyond their comprehension.

    1. Wayne Thorson says

      You are obviously talking about Ronald Reagan.

      1. James Maxwell says

        Sorry for your mental problem, Ronald Regan discovered the truth and lead our
        nation with honor and respect. Unlike the current occupant of the Oval office.

        1. Wayne Thorson says

          Sorry I blew up. I didn’t know Ronney was an exception to your rule.

          1. Mike Stempo says

            Nice attempted recovery… Uh huh.

          2. Wayne Thorson says

            I figure my recovery was as good as yours.

          3. Mike Stempo says

            Methinks that you only like to get in the last word… 😉

          4. Wayne Thorson says

            Methinks, I rest my case.

          5. ABO says

            That would be your mental case I must assume.

        2. watchman48 says

          Amen, great come back, but sadly the ill informed and illiterate are incapable of understand the truth; they have been blinded by the god (Satan) of this world.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker says

            Right wingers can’t process truth or facts. They’d go into “culture” shock. Let’s see now…Strike Three? Hastert the pedophile former speaker of the House…Third in line after Gingrich of the hot balls who left his 1st wife while she was undergoing chemo, left his 2nd wife for Wife No. 3, the minute he discovered Wife No. 2 had MS and now? He’s all forgiven and all he had to do was convert to Catholicism…skankage? what else..But perhaps, Speaker of the House No. 2, Texas Blowhard Tom DeLay has the very best act on the GOP stage yet…he and Abramoff defrauded those Native Americans and slicky boy DeLay managed to avoid ANY punishment and all he had to do was force Abramoff, King of K-Street lobbyists to fall on his sword for him. You can’t make this stuff up folks. GOP men and their hot trousers that always seem to go after young boys…like that Republican Senator using Congressional pages for sex toys or that OH Sen. caught in a men’s room for lewd behavior. Yep dose good ole good ole good ole boys…itchy Dicks.

          2. Peatro Giorgio says

            41 Yes that is 41 New York state Democrate politicians have been arrested charged or covicted of crimes either of sexual deviance, bribery, embezzlement. Or other crimes since 2013 and that’s just New York state alone. You wish to speak about republican crime behavior. Well The dumbo rats are winning that race hands down. Fact is there have been more conviction of criminal demo-rats then there have been of republican rats . 2 X as many.

          3. Eleanore Whitaker says

            Not true liar boy…and if you have to defend pedophiles, I’d suggest you check what our prison inmates do to them after they are cell mates. Try again hot shot. Everything in my post is fact..Nothing in yours could be proven in court. The Democrats are winning and Hillary will be president and ooooh doesn’t that eat the asses of guys like you?

          4. Peatro Giorgio says

            He’ll yes it is True . Just Google search Criminal charges and conviction of democrats Politico is a liberal site they have all the facts you need O ignorant lyin demo rat troll rat.

          5. Eleanore Whitaker says

            No it isn’t true. I posted that 3 Speakers of the House…men 3rd in the Line to the Presidency ….not some little local Congressional assemblyman…did.

            And Tom DeLay before he was Speaker ended up in court for playing around with the voter redistricting..Men like you have NO balls….You love to defend the biggest crooks.. Is that because you play fast and loose like a crook too?

            Oh and by the way? From 1966 to 2004, I was a Republican woman. You bet your fat round tushie I know Republican men..all bossy, all domineering old coots long past their prime.

          6. tcurry says

            I am a Republican woman and you insult women period. Let’s talk about Bill Clinton and how the Clinton’s revere the White House. Then we can talk about Hillary and her known Lesbian relationship with Yoko Ono, publicized recently. Many politicians both Republican and Democrat have shown their predilection for straying, being predators, or just perverted. I think anyone in office that is being paid by the taxpayers that is found doing these things should lose their positions and the pensions. It doesn’t matter what political party they belong to. It sounds to me like you are one of these women who think every man on earth finds you irresistible and is praying on you. Get some counseling for that.

          7. Linda Abernathy says

            I think Eleanore wants to do the dirty dance with Hillary. Hey Eleanore, I heard for $50,00 they can make your dream to be a man a reality!

          8. tcurry says

            Did you notice how Eleanor never responds to the questions about Bill Clinton’s pica-dillies in the Oval Office or Hillary’s hook up with Yoko Ono? What do suppose is with that? She thinks she is getting the recognition here that she can’t get from anyone else in her life. I don’t think it is working for her as no one is responding to her anymore. Poor Eleanor!!!

          9. John P says

            You did not do your home far enough Tom DeLay was aquited and the same liberal prosecutor tried the same trick on Governor Perry got it shoved up her where the sun don’t shine.

          10. wooleyoutwest says

            Is that when you became a lesbian because no real man who wasn’t blind didn’t want you?

          11. Cotton says

            Typical WINGNUT throwing out insults when backed into a corner!

          12. wooleyoutwest says

            Your story cotton tell it how you want to , save some of that cotton for tampons!

          13. Cotton says

            If you are trying to make me angry you are doing a very poor job at it troll.

          14. wooleyoutwest says

            Personally your mood,opinion or any other of the numerous things that set you people off really don’t interest me ! (Troll) LOL!

          15. Cotton says

            Now you are just trying too hard to troll me. LOL!

          16. wooleyoutwest says

            No Really couldn’t care less , sorry if that hurts your feelers! Lol!

          17. Cotton says

            Troll harder.

          18. Mary Brumley says

            He is a “cotton boll weevil,” complete with feelers! In my day, we just poisoned those!

          19. Pam Dunn says

            troll alert, troll alert
            Warning Cotton is an ignorant liberal troll who would go down for Bill clinton, obama or hillary.

          20. Cotton says

            Shoo shoo.

          21. Retired Marine says

            Don’t encourage it, let it alone and never feed it after midnight.

          22. Pam Dunn says

            cotton the typical liberal moron with no clue as to the facts and truth.

          23. Cotton says

            Go away troll.

          24. Eleanore Whitaker says

            Go swagger and drawl to those cowgirls shitkickers you love to whore around with out there on the range. Too bad I won’t cow to your stupidity with a response. But I am guessing you Texas Big Oil Big boys are pissing through straws these days now that your fossil fuel puke is about to take a nose dive into oblivion. Gee…how will “y’all all” find y’all alls new work?” Especially with such a effed up state like Texas needing more FEMA money and the rest of the country pissed off at the $17 billion your state gets for Big Oil that isn’t going to happen. OH guess y’all all will yall yourselves into the boozing, womanizing and blowhard BS you cowboys do best.

          25. tcurry says

            You said you would not respond Eleanore, so shut the hell up.

          26. mac12sam12 says

            Major league yawn…

          27. Pam Dunn says

            More BULLSHYTE from the liberal hag full of it to complement its total ignorance, ugly face and complete lack of any intelligence.

          28. wooleyoutwest says

            And you defend Hillary! The worst and most morally defcient politician in America today!

          29. Peatro Giorgio says

            Let’s name all the demo-rats Governor’s who left office in disgrace. New York Elliott Spitser . New Jerseys Govenorships James Megrieve. Again a New Jersey Gov. Jon Corezine. Arizona Democrate Govenors Thomas Edward Cambell, again Sidney Preston Osborn Bruce Babbitt Even Mechanics who was successfully impeached.. Fife Symington 111 Who was convicted of a felony. The list 9f coruppt Demo rats across this nation is so huge it would shut down this Web site.

          30. Retired Marine says

            You cherry pick, what are you mainstream media?

          31. Lillian Newcomb says

            remember Eleanor what you just said when the democrats sell this country down the river. Remember what you said about eating the asses cause baby your ass is going to wish Hillary was never born let alone ran for office. You are an ignorant asswipe. Yeah asswipe.

          32. Retired Marine says

            I just bet she will love the bread lines, murder for fun, torture and control of every move, things that always happen eventually in a socialist/communist society of haves and havenots. She won’t be so happy when the government takes her house and gives it to 7 or 8 families to share. If she complains she will be shot or imprisoned. When the liberals finally see what they are asking for and want, suddenly they will become conservatives. Too little too late, you will reap what you sow.

          33. Peatro Giorgio says

            The dumbo rats are winning. O really? Seems rather obvious to those in the know as well those keeping score including this humble modest independent intellectually honest voter , Republicans control 29 state legislature, 27 Govenorships . Super majority in the house of Rep the senate. This time next year. After having seated a Republican president our nation will once again be on the correct path. Rebuild the military cleaning out the kiss ass PC puppets in all the services as well each progressive Buracrate . Wirh in each federal program an institution.

          34. Joy Daniels Brower says

            You’re a naive libturd. New York State is notorious for its sexcapades and corruption in Albany (my late husband was a New Yorker, born & bred, and he knew plenty of rotten apples!) As for Hitlery achieving the Oval Office, it just proves how low this country has fallen. She’s a known liar, cheat, and corrupt to the core. She began her shameful career as a flunkie on the Watergate Commission, but Dem. Sam Irwin, the Chair of that committee, had to dismiss her for “unprofessional and unethical conduct!” Yes, that was a surprise to me, too, but not when one considers her lifetime of unethical behavior. She’s a “natural” in the field of corruption and eagerness for wealth & power.

          35. Retired Marine says

            Who is lying now? Seen a mirror lately?

          36. Linda Abernathy says


          37. Pam Dunn says

            The ONLY person defending pedophiles is you monkey girl. NOTHING in your post has any relationship or bearing to the “truth”.

          38. Eleanore Whitaker says

            Sexual deviance with women? What did they do? Lift up a woman’s skirt? Oh…wait…maybe the consensual sex was with a bunch of Republican golddigger women?

          39. Peatro Giorgio says

            O so Now your trying to minimize their crimes the demo rat progressive liberal socialist criminal behavior Is that what you are all about.?? How very demo_ rat of you. Try solicitation of minors ,try rape and attempted rape. Aah yes the ignoramuses abound in the demo rat party. Children are fair game to molest , rape ,abort or murder . So long as it is a dumbo rat doing the molesting, raping murdering an murdering the unborn . AGAIN DAMN your are the Prime example of a lunatic low life, low educated, low information, MORON . The pity of it all is just how very much you blindly follow the pied pipers Of the drug induced coma of corruption, deviants, perversion zero ethics zero levels of morality . Which is of the herded sheep mentality. Yes I understand completely. You bask in the abuse of children joyfully excepting their abuse; licking the asses of their abusers. And all while singing comm by ah . .

          40. John P says

            Ad the Kennedys to list of perverted democraps Teddy in particular

          41. Geebub says

            Don’t forget Weiner, the perv.

          42. Eleanore Whitaker says

            No fartface…there are NO crimes. Your lies have gone as far as they can go. Keep feeding shit to your brain and see if it doesn’t become sewer rot.

          43. John P says

            At least they didn’t go around getting head jobs and I did not have sex with that woman

          44. Eleanore Whitaker says

            This from you who has been dumped by more women than you have fingers and toes?

            Happy Days are Here Again. The Right Wing Boys are Skeered again. Cause Hillary has WON again…Happy Days are here again.

            Time for you to get a life? NO? Well, you’d best find something more substantial to do with your life than perv all over the interest. That how you get your “jollies?”

          45. Retired Marine says

            You are a sad example of the problems facing this country, this was far and away one of the most stupid posts ever. Good luck, Comrade……NOT

          46. Eleanore Whitaker says

            You are a pathetic excuse for manhood. Do yourself a favor…Stop living 1950…Your Daddy is dead and his Cold War BS doesn’t cut it anymore. Or should that be your Mutton Chops Pappy with the DogPatch BS?

          47. Retired Marine says

            Sorry wasn’t around in the 50’s like you were, 1850 I think? But good try, your pathetic insults are truly awe inspiring..LOL

          48. Eleanore Whitaker says

            The last thing you were sorry about was when the dime on the string fell into the pay toilet you were about to use.

          49. Lillian Newcomb says

            Isn’t she something? The only argument she/he has is denigrating and insulting her/his betters. It totally amazes me that she/he hasn’t made one solid argument that can hold water. But then again she/he/it is a liberal and liberal’s have such low information that they just spew hatred . Good Luck Eleanor with your devisive rhetoric.

          50. Retired Marine says

            Bill Clinton, Weiner? Are these fictional characters? There are many more from the left that you omit. You just never include the perverts of the left (your platform) in your lists. You must work for Soros or MSM. You lie enough to do both. Omission is a lie, just so you know, not that you will care.

          51. Eleanore Whitaker says

            Jealous that Hillary didn’t divorce him and your womanizing ended your marriage? Men like you consider a silly, very insignificant incident with Bill Clinton cause for crucifixion for the rest of his life.

            I know you boys all think you are fooling women and as players in your Man’s World Olympic games think you have all women where you want them. Do remain in that fantasy world.

            As for Soros, let’s play compare FrigFace Kock boys who donated a measly $19 million to a very Corn Pone Christian university to the $200 million Soros donated to a dozen universities. oooooh…your ass must really be pinching now right.

            I have no reason to lie BS artist. What kind of marine lies lies lies like you do? You are right wing phony. And, I’d stake my life on it that you are Daddy’s little boy. All men who are Daddies’ Boys grow into militant pissbrain who think a stint in the military makes their balls bigger. Think again.

          52. Retired Marine says

            Truly the most stupid response I have ever seen. So long idiot, I tried to give you a chance. Stay strong in your lies, and trust me, any insult from you is worth it’s weight in BS.

          53. Eleanore Whitaker says

            So Daddy’s little man…Tell us..where the hell is YOUR proof of prison records for the Clintons? Come Mr. No Balls…I’m calling your bluff. Post it or STFU.

          54. Retired Marine says

            Oh sorry you don’t understand english? I NEVER said they were imprisoned so I need no proof of that, as for your pathetic insults they are laughable, and my how tough you are on a keyboard. I laugh at you, and will always laugh at you. A fool to the end, at least you are persistent. Post your proof on anything you have written, or follow your own advise and STFU.

          55. Eleanore Whitaker says

            Oh sorry you can’t speak English. You never said they were imprisoned but you called them criminals? Gee..that’s English for what? BS? I agree.

            But at least you do admit that in your stupid moron vernacular a criminal can be someone like Texas Tom DeLay who gets his political cronies to bail his ass out of trouble and all they have to do is flout federal laws and pretend the Lone Star is the US flag…think again BS artist.

            You can find my 2 published suspense novels in any bookstore or you can find my short stories on my blog…As for STFU…you can’t “F” anymore so you retaliate like Daddy taught you by bitching on a minute by minute basis.

          56. Retired Marine says

            Can’t you come up with anything original? You published books? NOW that is funny. Bye Bye stupid, you have proven to be a fool.

          57. Eleanore Whitaker says

            I certainly can. But, do tell..Your parents “came up” with you very likely in the back seat of your Daddy’s car and you aren’t the least bit original. Enjoy your bitch fests.

          58. Retired Marine says

            You are incredibly lame. Repeat yourself much? If you weren’t so stupid you might be funny, but you are just a waste of air. Goodbye moron, if your books are anything like the tripe you have been writing, they have never been purchased by anyone, except yourself. See ya, joke of life.

          59. Eleanore Whitaker says

            Most hyenas do spending their entire lives laughing. Sorry if a man with no balls can’t admit he’s been bested because I post facts I can prove and you only post your own pathetic, neurotic labels of others. You don’t like it when you get as good as you gave, do you? Your kind always love to do all the mouthing off and handing out orders but then when you are on the receiving end of your own tyrannical BS, you cower like little Daddies’ boys always do.

          60. mac12sam12 says

            Sure, what’s a few rapes and molestations.

          61. Peatro Giorgio says

            Only a super dumbo demo rat would use Tom Delay as an example. After all Mr Tom delay was found not Guilty and innocent of all charges. You wish to try again dumbo rat . Damn you truly are stupid.

          62. Eleanore Whitaker says

            Some reason you don’t like the facts about Former Speaker of the House Texas Tom DeLay…He was found NOT guilty because those who found him NOT guilty were from Texas…Please..spare me your BS…Texas law is so corrupt not even a herd of pigs will go near those swine.

          63. tcurry says

            What an angry B.

          64. Eleanore Whitaker says

            Oh yesssireee…You bet your ass I’m a bitch. Why? I’ve been outnumbered by men my entire life. I brook no BS from any man. I am not afraid of any man and I have enough male friends in high places to play the Mr. Man games for me when I need them to. Fortunately for right wing men, your days of bully BS are over. You lost yet another of your pathetic wars…Your psychological mentalities are that of psychos.

          65. Peatro Giorgio says

            You are Truly the dumbest brick ever to be set in morter. Rotten from the core outwardly. Tom Delay was not only found not Guilty but incentives of all the charges he was accused of. By a jury of his peers. Further more the sitting judge in the case stated judge this case to be nothing more then a political hatchet job.

          66. Reade Adams says

            Name calling again. Jumping to conclusions. Speaking without factual backup. Tsk tsk.

          67. tcurry says

            What are the factual backup you are talking about? Seems to me you say nothing at all, just rhetoric.

          68. wooleyoutwest says

            So how long are you going to throw the misfeeds of less than 5 people in a country of 300 million into the mix and expect to be taken seriously?

          69. Retired Marine says

            Oh great to hear!!! Where did you find your proof of that statement? So if you kill someone in whatever state you live in, you will be released because you would be not guilty by reason of the people are from the same state? Very sound legal position, NOT.

          70. Eleanore Whitaker says

            You can find any one of the 3 investigations and trials in any newspaper or magazine from the Bush Swagger Swagger Drawl Drawl BS era. Get a life. You can’t find the Charmin without help.

            What the hell are you talking about? State laws do not supercede federal laws. States rights BS? From a CONfederate like you? Don’t you good ole good ole good ole boys ever get the hell out of the Civil War era?

            As for the Clintons, I’m calling your bluff…show me their prison records. If you accuse anyone of a crime, you damn sure better have proof you can prove before a jury and a judge…but ..oh that’s right…You have NO proof..only lies your make up in your dreams. Get a life loser boy.

          71. Reade Adams says

            Sticks and stones can break your bones, but words like yours are inflammatory, mean, and disrespectful.

          72. ABO says

            Yup just another liberal troll as I suspected. Why don’t you get back to your wanking in Mommy’s basement, clown.

          73. Reade Adams says

            “Yup just another liberal troll”? Why don’t I get back to wanking in mommy’s basement? First of all, my mother is dead. There is no mommy’s basement for me. Secondly, do you have to have a penis to do this wanking you’re talking about? I have never had a penis, and I’ve never been a clown, plus I’m not a liberal troll. You struck out 100%, buddy. Besides, what difference would it make if I were a liberal? Only people who agree with what you say may post here? You seem to be very close-minded. That truly is a shame.

          74. wooleyoutwest says


          75. Reade Adams says

            Don’t cry. It doesn’t help.

          76. Peatro Giorgio says

            Yes they are. And they are directed at those who use inflammatory, hatefI’ll ed bitter speech towards others. Those Others I seek of are those who have attempted to state their opinions, thoughts and beliefs in a polite, kind an gentle manor. So I have felt the need an desire to reciprocate in the exact same manor.. Mean nasty an disrespectful. One receives what one dishes out..

          77. Reade Adams says

            Two wrongs must make a right in your book, eh? Eye for an eye?

          78. Peatro Giorgio says

            Well let’s see . Starting from 1st grade. As one who despised bullies I would often be compelled To knock the snot out of cowardice bullies who would beat upon weaker ,modest or more humble individuals. So yes in my minds eye . Eye for an eye is always righteous & Just.

          79. GuardianFlame says

            And this is what your life has come to? Discussing “itchy Dicks”? I’d get off this blog if that is what it is doing to your obviously intelligent life. Don’t let this misguided Society, lost in its own debauchery, take you down with it. The more demeaning it becomes, and you get involved, the blacker your Soul becomes until there is nothing left of innocense and peace.

            This is “potty talk” like my friend scolds her hubby in front of their children. One would hope we can all control the depths of depravity we knowingly or unknowingly slide into and at least try to crawl out and redeem ourselves.

            You’re a great researcher but the subject matter is a sign our intelligence is being used to discuss acts of a sinful nature when it could be of a benefitting nature to help guide the path our Society is on to an enriching path for all.

          80. GuardianFlame says

            There are “good guys” and “bad guys” everywhere you look. Some are just better at covering up their escapades than others. Don’t let their choices bring you down to their levels when you have so much more expertise in the finer points of life! Just saying…

          81. Eleanore Whitaker says

            All humans have free will to choose good or evil. So why is it so many Republican men is such high places are always the ones with the kinky back room games?

          82. John Doe says

            Eleanore, take a look at Anthony Weiner, husband of Houma Abadien, related to the Muslim Brotherhood. Look up the number of instances that Republicans vs. Demoncrats have been exposed for the sexual deviant behaviors.

          83. mac12sam12 says

            Sexual deviants and predators tend to have D’s after their name. Weiner, JFK, Ted Kennedy and Bubba Clinton, the rapist.

          84. Eleanore Whitaker says

            Oh come off that BS angel innocent act. People like you ONLY get religion when your mortality reminds you that you are not immortals. As for getting off this blog..I absolutely will NOT..and now because you think you are so bossy and have the right to tell other adults what to do, let me guess..You are a school teacher right? If your friend has to “scold” her hubby, perhaps she was a cradle robber or pedophile who married a male she knew has to be treated like an infant? Doesn’t say much for your friend’s intelligence does it?

            I am a great reseachers Sweet Cheeks because I was a tech writer in the all male world of environmental engineering.

            The world is full of depravity. Some of it in classrooms all across the US today. Some of it in former Speakers of the House like the pedophile Hastert. But nice try at demonizing me when your kind can’t even control your own state politicians sexual proclivities toward young children.

          85. Peatro Giorgio says

            Environmental engineering. That is the same group of faux science, fornicators who munipulates science to meet their own criteria ,so as to promote their disingenuous conclusions. Like gays an lesbians who utilize false science to claim they were born that way. When every scientific peer reviewed study proves other wise. Such as social eviromental experiences . Which includes pre adolescent experiences ,which may have interjected certain learned sexual preference.
            I highly doubt you to posses the intelectual capacity. In order to have ascended to The degree of an engineer of any form or other.

          86. Lillian Newcomb says

            you write like a man and sound like a man, are you sure you aren’t a man. Need a minute to check?

          87. GuardianFlame says

            Eleanore, if I am reading your comments correctly, you sound like a woman with sexual issues…not being gratified. Almost every comment has sexual innuendos. That is stating something to the rest of the people on this blog — that you are one tough woman with a sexual need that isn’t being met. It is as obvious as the nose on your face. Have you seen a Counselor for this yet? Or talked to hubby?

            As for working in the Technical Field where only men usually reside, well guess what Eleanore? That is exactly what I did for many years for several Security Software Companies, worked directly with the database programmers — all TECHNICAL guys. in fact, I helped write their Technical Manuals for their popular Security Software being used at many high end Corporations. Loved every minute of it and had the complete respect from every one of the male staff…including the owner of the company who thought he was God’s gift to the female gender. He wasn’t and he knew I wasn’t impressed. So we got along fine — he could womanize (he is a Democrat), berate any female he wanted, but he knew he couldn’t touch me acting that way.

            So having worked in the same arena as you, I came out a lot better than you fared. You sound like a frustrated ole biddy who only can talk about sexual things and nothing else. Apparently that is what you look for in everyone you meet…possible sexual encounters??? Whatever. You are not so tough and definitely not so knowledgeable, but what we all know for sure is that you need to get LAID…soon! Your outlook will change for sure. Good luck with that. Until you remove that flashing red sign across your forehead (HORNY!), no guy is going to take you up on an encounter.

            As for my friend and her hubby…that was years ago, still happily married with no hangups, raised great kids with morals and direction to be the BEST they can, show compassion for those less fortunate than themselves, and always be Thankful you live in the United States of America. And they all go to church each Sunday…faithfully. Husband is 100 percent MALE, no sissy man here.

            And as for “demonizing” you. Wrong on all counts. I’m not putting you down but asking why would you write such demeaning things showing the world a completely different person than you actually are? You ARE intelligent, but you are cruising down an alley that only deviants follow. What’s up with that?

            Is it because you feel you have power because you can say those distasteful things on a blog and no one can slap you for being disrespectful? Many bloggers feel that power, but in the end, they make complete fools of themselves and walk away feeling worse than when they first blogged.

            How long have you been doing this? I’ve been blogging for over 8 years and believe me, you are not the first person who has gone completely off the edge. A couple of them were close to having strokes (yes, TRUE STROKES) AND I PUT UP WITH THEM CALLING ME EVERY NAME IN THE BOOK, but I kept telling them they needed to back away from blogging and get their heads on straight again. Almost everyone of them did exactly that. When they returned to blogging, they were fresh and offered great comments that everyone on the blog was looking forward to reading.

            You Eleanore, NEED TO WALK A WAY FOR A WHILE BEFORE YOUR BLOOD PRESSURE EXPLODES! It is very apparent that you have lost your way and the only comments you come up with all relate to SEX. Please get laid or at least back away from blogging until your thinking is centered once again on THE REAL ISSUES, NOT JUST SEXUAL ONES. I know you have good comments to discuss, but what you are doing now is distasteful and vulgar…so NOT you.

          88. tcurry says

            If I could give you 1,000 likes I would. You hit the nail on the head with Eleanore.

          89. John Doe says

            DAYAM, I couldn’t have possibly stated it better ! Kudo’s !

          90. James Maxwell says

            Go home Troll you are another who cannot process the truth and has to be paid
            to blow smoke that dissipates in the light of day when the truth is out.

          91. Cotton says

            Your “truth” is just your own wild imagination.

          92. Reade Adams says

            Now, now, don’t get all hot and bothered because someone has a different opinion than yours. What facts lead you to say that Eleanore cannot process the truth and that she has been paid to blow smoke? There’s that jumping to conclusions again.

          93. Cindy says

            Speaking of “Dicks” you forgot the “Political Kind of Horn Dogs” Bill, ” I did not have sex with that woman, Clinton.

          94. Retired Marine says

            Don’t forget old eleanore’s favorite, Weiner the perv, whose islamist wife is hitlery’s canoe paddle.

          95. tcurry says

            And, his gay wife Hillary who likes to do Yoko Ono as she reported recently.

          96. Jackie says

            And yet neither Gingrich nor DeLay can compare to Clinton or Kennedy!

          97. Eleanore Whitaker says

            Gingrinch was a Grover Norquist operative. Anyone who had a brain knew that. As for Texas Tom DeLay, that good ole good ole boy just couldn’t stay out of trouble. In Texas, they twist the laws to suit their frat boy club rules.

          98. Retired Marine says

            Get some facts please.

          99. Eleanore Whitaker says

            Those are fact Daddy’s Boy. Unlike you, I don’t feed on every word out of your Daddy’s mouth and then manifest that into law. Try again shitbag.

          100. Retired Marine says

            Careful, your lack of intelligence is showing. I do get a kick out of your kindergarten insults. Keep working on them, I have confidence you can improve on them. Keep them coming brainless one, I just can’t wait for your next rejoinder.

          101. Eleanore Whitaker says

            Careful, your pissbrain is showing…and shows only how a low class jackass like you had no other choice but to do as his Daddy demanded…I insult those who deserve to be insulted. Can’t stand it? Well gee…and this from Mr. Man who thinks his bowel movements are 14K gold? Awwww…..he’s finally been out done and by a woman yet.

            Not to worry…every mean, rotten thing I know came from all those men who outnumbered me my entire life. See? a good little girl who learned not to take BS from ANY man.

          102. ABO says

            Keep in mind, Retired Marine, liberalism is a severe psychological disorder and Eleanor Whitaker is a prime example.

          103. Retired Marine says

            Yes, but It’s just the depth of the stupidity that keeps me amazed. LOL, the stupid just keeps coming.
            Semper Fi, ABO

          104. ABO says

            I know just exactly what you mean. We need to keep fighting the good fight and Semper Fi, Brother.

          105. watchman48 says

            I for one certainly do not condone the sins of those that you mentioned…. Many claim to be Christian who have no real understanding what a Christian is; case in point Mr. Obama for one, homosexual, liar, cheat and supporter of the abominations of abortion and the rejection of God’s Holy Scriptures.. Praising islam and attacking Christianity… The truth is you liberals are blinded as I said the prince of darkness just as the Bible tells us.

          106. Joy Daniels Brower says

            Indeed, hot pants have NO party affiliation – they strike men of all stripes equally and render them foolish and untrustworthy. Let us examine the sexcapades of FDR, JFK, RFK, Lyndon Johnson and SO many others. GOP Congress Critters have not corned the market on men’s urge to surge. After all, as most women know, most men sit on their brains, but they can exercise both brains at the same time.

          107. tcurry says

            Why leave out Bill Clinton? Eleanore doesn’t want to talk about the sexual escapades of Bill Clinton for some reason. Nor does she want to about the gay relationship that Hillary Clinton had with Yoko Ono. Wonder why?

          108. DL Hancock says

            That has nothing to do with the incompetence of the Democratic Party or those voting for them., you are a HOOT. A HOOTIN Nut. I guarantee you MANY more Dems have been arrested amnd had to leave office b/c of criminal activities then Rep. But either way, If corrupt, get them ALL out. Your statement of Ringt wingers cant [rocess Truth or Facts is just the opposite, you are describing Liberals.

          109. Jeanne Stotler says

            You sure are not a “LADY”, your vulgarity is repulsive

          110. Linda Abernathy says

            This chick has made me laugh today! Thanks for the ignorance Eleanore, its a hoot!

          111. mac12sam12 says

            Ted Kennedy was one of the worst sexual predators in democrat history. Did you know that one of Bill Clinton’s friends is a convicted pedophile? His name is Jeff Epstein, Clinton’s been on his private plane and has also been at Epstein’s Orgy Island. Has Bubba been riding the Lolita express? Epstein employs underage prostitutes.

          112. Pam Dunn says

            ANd you liberal morons would know the truth if a pile of horse crap hit you in the face because you are stupid enough to claim it was “face cream” to get rid of your wrinkles (wonder if THAT is what the Shrill Hag Hillary uses or is it Cement?).

          113. legbreaker says

            You are just a stupid, delusional, broken minded, out of touch with reality
            brain washed, Hollywood loving with no good reason to, village idiot Eleanore.
            I bet you love to huff silver spray paint and sniff model airplane glue in brown bags from your retorts Whitaker. Something tells me you are also a hardcore man hating lezbo with penis envy like your hero and idol ” crooked as they come Hillary.”

        3. Eleanore Whitaker says

          Ronald Reagan had Alzheimer’s in the first stage as governor of CA. Who are you BSing? He wasn’t the president. The GOP knew their party couldn’t withstand another WaterGate burglar like Nixon who took orders from no one. So, they got GHWB then head of the CIA to sniff through Reagan’s medical records, no biggie for the CIA, and bingo! They had the pupper president they needed to create the first back room US presidency. Try again hot shot. You are zero for zero.

          1. Peatro Giorgio says

            Dam you truly are ignorant. Facts is one of your favorite liberal sites politico says differently. They state their Reshearch concluded Ronald Regan only began to show signs of alzhiemeres in his second foUr year term after being shot during an attempted assination. No one every educated, intelligent person of reasonableNess thinks of the likes of you as moronic imbeciles

          2. Eleanore Whitaker says

            Not a single one of those so called Dems you posted were 3rd in line to the presidency. Not true…Nancy Reagan took Ronnie to a European specialist in the1st year of his Governorship. It was in all of the Hollywood papers and the NY media. Alzheimer’s isn’t a slowly debilitating illness. His own son admitted his father was diagnosed with first stage Alzheimer’s during his 1st term as governor. Try again Mr. KNOW NOTHING. And when you are ready to accept facts everyone but you seems to know you can go kiss Mitch the Bitch’s KY Bourbon Ass.

          3. tcurry says

            Ohhhhh, the Hollywood papers!!! So it must be true. re you sure you are not the one with Alzheimer’s? Better get that checked out. I don’t like Mitch either he is about on the same level as Kennedy was. Both boozed out losers.

          4. Eleanore Whitaker says

            Oh yes …those Hollywood papers…How about the director of one of Reagan’s too few movies stating that he had Alzheimer’s. Have another bottle of your Haterade…Don’t talk about other boozers, unless you plan to lay off the sauce yourself.

          5. Peatro Giorgio says

            Just another exsample of a liberal idiot. Keep right on pointing to Lib turds as your sources. Damn each posting proves more throughly how ignorant you my friend are . Reagans past movie director dam that is dumb.

          6. tcurry says

            Let’s state that directors name so we can check out what he is known for. I don’t think your statements are true unless the “director” stated this after Reagan had already been diagnosed (in his last years as President) and this fake director wanted to get some notoriety. Talk about a hater. Are you feeling vulnerable that Hillary might lose?

          7. tcurry says

            Is that your answer to dissent? Call people a boozer. Sorry, not a drinker, try calling me something worthwhile. I am a conservative; you can call me that. OK?

          8. Peatro Giorgio says

            Who mean his left wing gay son who despised his father and would say anything to belittle the man. As for Hollywood papers only low information low eduacted voters read that crap. Mitch the bitch is a cowardice treasonous clown . But unlike yourself he is an intelligent treasonous clown . You my friend on the other hand. Are little more then a complete idiot. Who’s sole purpose is to promulgate, lunatic left tripe

          9. wooleyoutwest says

            Well if Hollywood and new York said it can’t be anything but gospel! LOL!

          10. tcurry says

            And you are crazy as a hatter as well. Stick with the Clinton’s honey, they are sane alright. They know exactly what they are doing, scary though it is.

          11. Eleanore Whitaker says

            Do you always think you have the right to tell others what to do? You must not have too many friends…most boozer boys and girls don’t.

          12. tcurry says

            I did not tell you what to do although you spread your lies and think people will believe you. I do not drink or do drugs. Why are you send such angry posts? Conservatives have the same rights to their beliefs as you do. You don’t hear people telling you such bunk about Liberals. You are really a mean person to pick on Ronald Regan when he has passed on and is widely respected. Somehow seems pretty disrespectful to me.

          13. wooleyoutwest says

            When the leftist shitbags do nothing but! You somehow think you have an argument,?

          14. tcurry says

            You can say that 1000 times but it does not make it true. State the source if you want anyone to believe you.

      2. Bob Ware says

        Reagan had brain and he used. When he was not sure he had people who knew inform him. Those people were known as advisers. Reagan was one of the most successful Presidents of all time.

        1. Wayne Thorson says

          What was he so successful at?

          1. Bob Ware says

            Economic prosperity … decent paying jobs, bank paid interest on savings at 10%, not the meager .75% of today. Peace through strength contributed to the collapse of the Soviet Union. (see “Star Wars” — SDI — Strategic Defense Initiatitve. Contrary to the Dem. view point, that helped a lot of companies thus people. The democrat taken hostages by the Iranian terrorists from our embassy in Tehran were freed under Reagan. They just laughed at Carter when and since they took them hostage. The minute Reagan was sworn in they released the hostages after a 444 day captivity. My neighbors did well also. One even won a Fed. contract for his new company and they made tremendous strides in certain technologies which are now standard in use technology. Another, without the Dem. gov’t red tape that Reagan removed, she as a new widow, was able to make it in the railroad business and became very successful. These were not flukes either. All you had to do was apply yourself and stop asking for freebies. Under the dems those days are suspended permanently.

          2. Wayne Thorson says

            A little bit of information. There was a big famine going on in Russia. The people themselves were up rising. Reagan seized on the opportunity to say Mr. Gorbechauf take down that wall. You don’t really think he took it down because Reagan said this do you? Reagan knew it was already coming down. He was for trickle down Reagonomics. It never got trickled down to the less fortunate. During the Reagan/Bush era the banks were going belly up. Farmers were losing their farms. I lost my job at the packing house that went belly up in 1990. I had been there 25 years. Bush handed Bill Clinton the biggest deficit this country had ever had. Bill took it out of the Red and put it in the Black. George W. inherited that and put this country back in the Red further than his dad did. These are all facts. Not some phony story someone just made up.

          3. Bob Ware says

            Reagan outspent Russia with the STI which is the under lying issue that contributed to the USSR’s collapse. I was out of also work for a full year (end of Carter – start of Reagan) and I had to start all over. George W. was not the man for the job either. Bush 1 was not the man for the job also. By the Bush time I had started to understand that gov’t is the problem. Gov’t needs to but out of peoples lives. That is also why the Convention of States is now taking hold. If you have not, please look them them up. Mark Meckler can send you a national video link (since this site won’t let me post it here) which explains and answers a lot of questions on it. There is not run-a-way convention as the opposition lies about. That is all legally explained in the video. The convention only permits 3 criteria which will reduce the control the Fed. Gov’t. has over you personal life by removing it and giving that control back to you where the Constitution says it belongs.

          4. tcurry says

            Let’s talk about the current President and what he is so successful at. Racial division and the hundreds of thousands of people put on social security disability since he took office, because they can’t find jobs. This is exactly why the unemployment count is low, more than half the nation is unemployed on some type of social services or social security. Then there is health care. The insurance companies who have shored up Affordable Health Care are falling like a deck of cards.

          5. Peatro Giorgio says

            In fact the actual numbers acorn to the CBO of those out of work Americans is 97 million . # s for welfare rolls or government subsidies is now at 58 million. The number of those paying taxes are now 86 million or under 49 % of working age Americans

          6. Wayne Thorson says

            You wanna talk about the current President. Obama inherited a country that was losing 185,000 jobs a month. The unemployment was up to 11%. In the last 72 months this country has had an average gain of over 200,000 jobs a month. It is now below 5%. I don’t know what x-president that wouldn’t like to have that on their resume. Hillary says she is going to continue on where Obama left off. I don’t blame her.

          7. tcurry says

   The huge rise in social security disability participants, welfare and social service participants and benefit amounts increasing yearly exceed what reduction in unemployed there has been since the beginning of Obama’s Presidency. You do read the papers I suppose and have read that the sharp reduction in unemployment is based on the unemployment benefits no longer available to many previously employed people who have already maxed out on their benefits and have given up on looking for gainful employment. Why do the liberals continue to pretend like our economy is good. We have thousands more who work out of their homes for a barely livable wage who do not report income or pay taxes. This is Obama’s idea of entrepreneurship which he has called for in place of working for a company who would actually pay wages, taxes and benefits. Companies no longer have decent benefits like paid medical, pensions, profit sharing, dental, vision and on and on. But if you work for any government office, local, state or city government benefits are still plentiful and paid for by the few taxpayers that we have left. Stop with the lying rosy picture you paint as it is far from the truth. What type of government job with all the bells and whistles do you have. At some point Humpty Dumpty will fall under the Liberal Regime. Before you start spouting statistics look at the whole picture or quit with the BS.
            There is a also a new report out on the increase in benefit amounts for those on social services (welfare). A mother of 2 in California now receives over $60,000.00 in benefits a year to stay at home and not work. I am on social security which I paid into for over 40 years and get $21,000.00 per year. This is what people like you do not want to look at. Does someone who has children and refuses to name the father deserve more than me when I paid into the system for over 40 years? Oh and those same welfare recipients who live in Hawaii get more than that and they get cost of living increases every year, which is something I don’t get. You are really on the wrong side of who deserves to be supported by the taxpayers.

          8. Wayne Thorson says

            If your living on $21,000 of tax payers money plus medicare I would keep my mouth shut about what other people are getting off the government if I were you.

          9. tcurry says

            Do you read. I did not say I was living on $21,000. of tax payers money. I said I worked for over 40 years and paid my social security taxes and my employer paid their portion of social security taxes as a benefit to me for all of those years. The government did not pay 1 single dime towards my social security benefits. What the hell is wrong with you. Have you ever worked or paid into the system? Obviously not for you to say something so asinine to me? The money I get in social security benefits is my money. Now that I collect a monthly amount of my own money I pay taxes on my income. Only a liberal would think that is somehow a government handout. Social Security was set up so that people who paid into the fund would have a pension to live on from what you paid in. There are millions of people who collect out of that same system who have never contributed one dime. Your statement just goes to show how ignorant liberals are on taxes. I can only imagine that you inherited your money and never worked for a dime of it to not understand social security.

          10. Wayne Thorson says

            My point is that your condemning other people for something your just as guilty of. The Republicans are trying to take away your S.S. Thanks to the Democrats you have this benefit and they are trying to protect it for you.

          11. tcurry says

            State one fact and show proof that the Republicans are trying to take away social security from seniors who have paid in their whole working lives. Just one fact. These lies have been spread by the Democrats for decades and people like you buy it. I am not guilty of anything and I am condemning people who collect benefits fraudulently. I am now collecting my own funds that I paid into. Just like people collect from their 401(k) plans and pay taxes. Are you really this stupid or do you just like to continue with the Liberal falsehoods?

          12. Wayne Thorson says

            There isn’t a tax paying iiberal anywhere that doesn’t want fraudulent people collecting benefits. You like to think you are unique but you are not. Look at all the bills the Republicans submit. They are full of benefits for the filthy rich and digging into the social security program that we have. I don’t think they want yours or my social security. They want to make so people aren’t eligible until they are 68.

          13. tcurry says

            Because of your response I read the most recent passed legislation on Social Security changes, which was bi-partisan by the way. The only reduction that affects social security in this legislation is to stop the fraud to the Social Security Disability payments. The participants in the Disability program increased by a higher percentage than the unemployment participants went down beginning in 2008, and our current administration says that he does not have the government staffing to go after the perpetrators. The second issue in this legislation that you refer to stops the double dipping of participants enrolling in the Social Security program then postponing benefit payments until age 70 + so that their spouses can collect enhanced benefits. The spouses will still be able to get their benefits but it will be capped at the age 65 benefit amount. I think that both of those changes are appropriate. I I can only hope that you miss-spoke when you said “there isn’t a liberal anywhere that doesn’t want fraudulent people collecting benefits”.
            Both sides of the isle write legislation that hurts the taxpayers and enhances the politicians portfolio’s such as all the free phones, solar payoffs to political co-hearts, relief of tuition debt and the new offer of Sanders and Clinton, free college education.
            The only thing we can do as voters if research how our elected officials vote in Congress and the Senate and vote them out and replace them with politicians whose agenda’s mostly match ours.
            I want to thank you for not using the disgusting swearing and diatribe that Eleanor Whitaker uses in her posts.
            I don’t think I am unique, I just want to leave my daughter and grandchildren in a world that is safe and not going bankrupt.

          14. Wayne Thorson says

            So many words that gives out information that every body all ready know.

          15. tcurry says

            Well, if you know that the Republicans do not want to cut social security for retired seniors why do you post false information saying saying that the Republicans are passing legislation that digs into the benefits of senior citizens? You do not even research the lies you tell. You say Republicans write a bunch of pork into legislation that make the rich even richer. The Democrats do the same thing. It is like they have a contest going on which party can do the most damage instead of good. As for everyone knowing your statements are false there are many people out there that read your kind of information and take it for fact. You are hurting millions of Americans by spreading false information.

          16. Wayne Thorson says

            I tried in a nice way to tell you that you don’t need to use so many words to prove to some one with common sense that you are a dumb ass.

          17. Wayne Thorson says

            Let’s talk about the current President. He inherited a country that was losing 185,000 jobs each month. In the last 72 months this country has added over 200,000 jobs each month. It was at 11% unemployed when he got it, It is now below 5%. This is a resume any x-president would like put in their portfolio. Hillary says she is going to continue where Obama left off, She is going to make a good President.

      3. Bob Ware says

        Actually he is talking about dems and other related idiots such as obama.

        1. Wayne Thorson says

          Wasn’t Reagan a turncoat Democrat?

          1. Bob Ware says

            Yes, that’s correct. He came to his senses and became a Republican. As much as I liked Reagan (I voted for him both times), I still prefer a Libertarian over all view point. That is to get the Federal gov’t out of my personal life. I know what is better for me than any gov’t idiot could ever know.

          2. Wayne Thorson says

            I voted for Reagan the 1st time he ran. I sure didn’t the 2nd time. Not after he ordered those airline workers back to work. He was a union man in Hollywood. He turned his back on the Unions. He had no business sticking his nose in those traffic controllers that were trying to negotiate a contract. What a turncoat.

          3. Bob Ware says

            I remember that. I knew an ATC back then too. Sure, he shouldn’t have done that. That was one of 2 major things he should have not done. The other was that his Budget Director David Stockman tried to abolish NASA.

          4. Peatro Giorgio says

            In do course Most individuals whom posses the ability to form a well reasoned logical opinion. More often then not become conservative. What history has proven . Is this; Those who remain stuck in their ignorance, are those whom are either unwilling to change course even when that course leads to their sure death. Or those who are truly blindly ignorant.. It is only those whom recognize, the flaws of their past decisions, who have the will and desire to rightly change . They become conservative. An remain so for the entirety of their lives Having found Truth in that decision.

          5. Wayne Thorson says

            I think I agree with you. That’s why Hillary is going to be our next president.

      4. LCpl says

        Wayne – You are obviously a “LEFT WING” DUMB ASS !

        1. Eleanore Whitaker says

          And you are obvioiusly a L/CPL dipshit…Time to take off that uniform geezer…today’s military isn’t what it was in your Civil War days.

          1. LCpl says

            Eleanor I’m going to say the same thing to you that I just did to Wayne…….
            Look you stupid piece of crap take a look around you do you NOT see where the Democrats have shit on the people of this Country ! You have Murderers (Bill & Hillary Clinton), you have an enemy to this Country as YOUR President who’s been doing everything in his power to destroy the Constitution which I BY THE WAY TOOK AN OATH TO PROTECT and he also is destroying this whole Country with his OPEN DOOR POLICY allowing everyone including ISIS TERRORISTS in. A young man I am NOT I am 71 years old and fought a WAR to protect YOUR ASS (BIG MISTAKE). So all I can say is F.O. you idiot !

          2. Eleanore Whitaker says

            The only reason a twit like you posts the “same thing” is because you HAVE nothing to offer you piece of stupid moronic turd. I looked around this country in 2008 when you and your Bushians frigged up the economy. A president in his 8th year has a Sept. 2008 financial meltdown? When he was a Harvard MBA? Back in 2008, the 401Ks sailed south thanks to Bush and 2 tax cuts the GAO warned against and made the wealthy 1% 11% richer with each tax cut. Back in 2008, I lost 35% of my income while you live off your military pension MY taxes paid for. Tried again shitbag.

            I’m surprised you were even allowed in the military with your lies and your attitude toward the Commander-in-Chief. Not to worry…eat your heart out…the Commander-in-Chief won’t be a water boarding control freak like your President Cheney.

            The only reason a geezer like you can’t stand Democrats is because you live off Democratic states’ taxes and you want that gold mine to continue. Get a life you loser. As I posted…The only reason you show your ass in that uniform is because you still live as if you are fighting a civil war.

          3. LCpl says

            I’d love to see your dumb ass call me a twit to my face you asshole. The Commander -in-Chief as you call him wants everyone on welfare so he can dictate to everyone and the money you say you earn you’re probably one of the sons of bitches who draw welfare and get your free phone and food stamps ! you are so stupid you don’t deserve to be on this planet. I know a good place for you it’s called North Korea that’s exactly what you want so you need to be there. Obama “The Commander-in-Chief” as you call him has a dual citizen ship and neither of them is an American he’s British and Indonesian he was born in Kenya NOT Hawaii, his class I.D. card as he was going to collage says he’s a foreign student, his Social Security number is off a dead man in a State he never lived ! Bill and Hillary Clinton murdered their friend that knew too much when Bill was President they claimed it was suicide but he had two bullet holes one in his neck and one in his head. Hillary Clinton stopped a rescue that was already on it’s way to Benghazi she killed 4 Americans by order of your Commander-in Chief. Instead of being “Water boarded” because it’s not politically correct Obama lets Terrorists out from GITMO so they can go back and kill more of our troops.
            You defeated your own self with what you said about living off Democrat States taxes. You idiot Republicans want smaller taxes NOT bigger Taxes like the Democrats. Republicans would like to do away with welfare, food stamps and free everything. Free is good until you run out of everyone else’s money. Republicans want smaller Government to reduce taxes and to stop interfering in everyone’s life. Republicans want to stop restrictions on everything.
            You are such a bitch I fought in Vietnam and I suppose that you were one of those shit heads that threw shit on us coming back from Vietnam. That’s like biting the hand that feeds you. We were in a war to stop Communism but you apparently are a Communist and that’s why I said that you belong in North Korea so that you could live it first hand ! By the way you asshole if this shit continues like it’s going because of DEMOCRATS there will be another CIVIL WAR in this Country !

          4. Eleanore Whitaker says

            Bwahahahahaha! I wouldn’t just call you a jerkoff to your face. I would kick those raisins you calls balls into the nearest sewer…after I put them through a blender. As for welfare..You are on government dole. Just because 65 years ago you were in the military? Get off your lazy dumb ass and get a job like the rest of us. As for you and your BS statements about Obama…Did your Grandpappy Mutton Chops or Grandpappy Corn Pone King teach you to be disrespectful scum bag to a president how saved your stupid ass from Bush’s Sept. 2008 Meltdown..Men like you wallow in pigshit and then bitch because you reek. Don’t try and threaten me your piece of long horn dung. I am not scared of any man. Never have been..never will be. But I do enjoy watching jackasses like you make an idiot of yourself. Military man..for what army? ISIS?

          5. LCpl says

            Ha! Ha! you piece of shit you are one lucky person I can’t do anything about what you say because if I could I’d beat the shit out of you so bad you wouldn’t wake up until next year. Yes I’m over 65 and yes I get what I PAID INTO MY ENTIRE LIFE that the Democrats LIKE YOU have probably dipped your fingers in way more than everyone who paid into it and NO it is NOT a Government Dole you DUMB ASS I did NOT retire from the military that wouldn’t matter if I did because I would’ve put my LIFE on the line every day to protect your DUMB ASS. You are probably one of the shit for brains assholes that threw the shit on the troops coming back from Vietnam. You are so F-ing STUPID Obama didn’t save anyone from anything all he knows how to do is to destroy this Country By opening the boarders and allowing everyone in including ISIS terrorists. This imaginary 2008 meltdown is in your mind NO ONE ELSES. Obama is handing out American jobs to ILLEGAL ALIENS hand over fist, he’s depleting our military to where it is now lower then what it was before WWII and at the same time that asshole is supplying ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood with OUR WEAPONS and FUNDING them against us. You are such a piece of PIG SHIT I’ll bet you’re a G.D. FAGGOT also because NO man would ever put up with your foul, fat stinking ass. SO once again I say F.O. BITCH !

          6. tcurry says

            Coward’s are not allowed in the military, if Obama was in the military it would be ISIS as he is a terrorist Muslim. You are so stupid that you think that Vet’s get big military pensions of they spent 2 to 4 years in service, stupid cow. You throw out of your spokes hole more $hit than an elephant. You have never served your country or another person in your life. You are the type of person that would throw your parents on the street rather than take care of them. Completely insensitive piece of immoral Krap.

          7. Reade Adams says

            Damn, what a rant! Can you document each point in your arguments, state where you got that information? That would be helpful.

          8. tcurry says

            You ignorant piece of dog feces. Have some respect for someone that spent their life protecting pieces of dog poop like you. What have you ever done for anyone or for the United States of America except join the ignorant Liberal agenda currently in office?
            If our military could only pick and choose who they protect!

        2. Wayne Thorson says

          Young man you are doing the Service a dis service talking like that.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker says

            He’s a young big mouth…like all of today’s Twerpie Generation punks. No one respects them and they have yet to learn how they earn respect…It’s by making sense.

          2. LCpl says

            Look you stupid piece of crap take a look around you do you NOT see where the Democrats have shit on the people of this Country ! You have Murderers & top of the line CRIMINALS (Bill & Hillary Clinton), you have an enemy to this Country as YOUR President who’s been doing everything in his power to destroy the Constitution which I BY THE WAY TOOK AN OATH TO PROTECT and he also is destroying this whole Country with his OPEN DOOR POLICY allowing everyone including ISIS TERRORISTS in. A young man I am NOT I am 71 years old and fought a WAR to protect YOUR ASS (BIG MISTAKE). So all I can say is F.O. you idiot !

          3. Wayne Thorson says

            I just turned 75 in March. I am retired from the service. I get a nice pension every month. You sound like a bitter old man. The world hasn’t obviously been good to you. Stick around though things are looking up. Hillary is going to be our next president and has guaranteed us that she will continue on where Obama left off, Don’t die on us now. Stick around. The only one who doesn’t think America is great is Trump. He says he wants make America great again. Who doesn’t think its great now? People are risking their lives to get here.

          4. tcurry says

            Do you remember Obama’s words when he took office. He apologized for America.

            Neither he nor his wife think America is a great country. He has made every change he could in the constitution and laws of the United States. He is still doing everything within his power to take the US from a great country to a Communist Regime and punishment the hard working taxpayers by giving their jobs to illegals who hate this country.

          5. ABO says

            Show some respect you liberal lemming.

          6. Wayne Thorson says

            Calling people names is just a comfort zone that ignorant people feel comfortable in.

          7. ABO says

            You post insults toward one who has served his country and then accuse me of name calling ??? I’m simply calling you exactly what you are.

          8. Wayne Thorson says

            Naw, I just call a spade a spade.

          9. ABO says

            Ya, right.

        3. tcurry says

          Yes, he is.

        4. tcurry says

          Bless you for serving our country. Ignore Wayne (the fake cowboy) and Eleanore (thinks she is irresistible) because they would follow the DNC into Socialism gladly.

          1. LCpl says

            I am happy you wrote me because with those two I thought I was on a “LEFT WING” only website 🙂 These two are as stupid as people can get and yet all they have to do is just OPEN THEIR EYES to see what is happening to this Country because of idiots like them. They need to be put in a rubber room not a voting booth !

          2. tcurry says

            I think there are a few conservatives on here. What the woman said is so disrespectful to Ronald Reagan it makes me boil. We conservatives need to set the record straight with these left wing ding bats spout their BS.

          3. tcurry says

            Do you know any military that are Liberals? I don’t think I have ever met one. My brother turned in his RNC and registered as an Independent I think and he was in the military but never deployed in the Vietnam years. I think he was so disgusted by how the returning vets were treated he kind of distanced himself from all political rhetoric. He did vote for Obama but is disheartened on what he is doing with the terrorist attacks and the unsecured borders, also dislikes Obama’s attempts to stop deportations of illegals. We are at odds politically, he seems to have had a problem with Bush’s stance on the middle east but feels like Obama’s stance is subjective. What the heck!

          4. LCpl says

            It used to be about 75% Republican but with Obama in office forcing gays and Muslims in our military I don’t know what it is now. I don’t blame your brother for being pissed about how our troops were treated back then but we need to blame the Democrats NOT the Republicans. we still have them today like Eleanor Whitaker what an asshole ! The Democrats call the Republicans “WAR MONGERS” let’s take a look back at History WWI Democrats, WWII Democrats, Korea Democrats, Vietnam Democrats, Middle East Republicans, 1 out of 5 who’s the “War Mongers” ? I do know one thing for sure way back when Bush senior started the war in the Middle East I said “We need to put everything into this war and take out the Middle East because if we don’t we will be fighting this war in our own back yards” look what’s happened we now have a Muslim President and he’s supplying Muslims with funding and our military equipment plus he’s down sized our military to the point where we can’t even defend ourselves. He’s also been bringing in Muslims hand over fist not only across our boarders and through so called Refugee’s but he’s also been bringing them in by U.P.S. 757 airliners and having then land at “Regional” air ports at night where no one can see them. This is a conspiracy against our Country of Biblical proportions !

          5. tcurry says

            I know what you say is true and makes me sad. I am your age but I am more worried about my children and all the children and grand children we are leaving this messed up crap to try to fix. Will they be able to if this continues under a Liberal rule? I doubt it and it makes me sad. Why do our children and grand children not see the light and stand up and fight. So sad. What on earth is the matter with this crazy Eleanor. She is like a rabid dog with a bone. There is no intelligence or reason behind what she says. She is trying to convince herself she is right. What did the Liberal’s put in her water jug?

          6. LCpl says

            I don’t have any children but that is the reason I’m doing what I’m doing and saying what I’m saying because of my nieces , nephews and the next generation. I’m old enough now that I shouldn’t give a shit but I do. I never thought in my entire life that this Country would be turning into the CRAP that it is right now. These people can NOT understand what is happening to our FREEDOMS. The Constitution and the BILL OF RIGHTS was put in place to protect us and yet step by step one by one the Constitution and our freedoms are being destroyed. They want a “NEW WORLD ORDER” Adolf Hitler tried to do that during WWII and it doesn’t involve freedom what it is, is a GLOBAL DICTATORSHIP and these STUPID, INSANE people are helping them along !

          7. tcurry says

            When I come up against people like Eleanor and fake cowboy Wayne who completely spread false narrative regarding what Republican’s are all about I just completely lose it. Neither one care about another person on earth. It is all about them. I would bet the reason they are Liberals is that they have the government to fix all the countries woes, this allows them to be off the hook for looking to what needs to be done in the US. So if there are homeless people they think, well there are shelters they can go to, but do not look to the mental health issues that are behind the homelessness. Opening another shelter does not fix the problem if they do not fix the person. We have tent cities all over this nation that no one wants to know about. What would Eleanor say about that? She would say send them to a government office for social services, she would not dirty her own hands to provide a meal or some clean clothes. The Liberals legalized marijuana just like they put in place Affordable Health Care without knowing anything about the effects this would have on communities or our economy or caring about the mental health or crime it would cause or the people who would receive the benefits. I am not talking about medical marijuana I am talking about recreational marijuana. I know several people that have been diagnosed with mental illness from using drugs like marijuana. Liberals for some reason like sanctuary cities like San Francisco that harbor criminal illegals. It goes against everything this country stands for but they do not care. This is not a religious or caring thing, it is criminal behavior and because our government pays for these behaviors with taxpayers money we are being forced to participate in this criminal behavior. I only pray that the tides turn with this election. We need to get rid of all the dead wood in all politics, being a politician should not be a lifetime award for who you know and how much money you have or can raise.
            The RNC and DNC have become criminal enterprises, manipulating the political system for their own gains or egos.

          8. LCpl says

            You hit the nail on the head ! The two party system has turned into one big CRIMINAL EMPIRE. The Democrats do the dirty work and the Republicans kiss their ass and let them get by with it ! It’s a proven FACT that Compromise feeds Communism. You can NOT compromise because every time you do it’s a victory for Communism. Communism doesn’t care how long it takes to get there because with compromise step by step eventually they will get it done ! Only in this case it’s NOT Communism it’s Global Dictatorship !

          9. tcurry says

            When I was a very little girl I was at my grandmothers house and I remember she said that if the United States kept going as it was we would be taken over by Communism. This was in about 1954. Being so young I don’t know what was going on at the time but I remember I asked her what was Communism and she explained to me it was when the American Citizens lost all their rights. I thought she was kind of loony at the time but look at us know. For the last 7 years we have been ruled by Obama, changing the constitution, the laws in place and putting us so far in debt I don’t see a way out. Now I think of my granny as a very wise woman. I know for a while that I thought that the blacks were getting the picture that they had elected a megalomaniac and that they were sick of it, but with Black Lives Matter and MoveOn.Org’s recent protests and violence I am losing faith.

          10. LCpl says

            Your Grandmother was a very smart woman ! I knew right from the very start when Obama was nominated before he was elected this was going to happen. I didn’t even know how he could be nominated let alone be elected. At that time I never even heard of George Soros a NON-AMERICAN and that he was the one who manufactured voting machines and was funding Obama to be elected. In 2008 I went down to my poll to vote and they asked me if I would want to vote by machine and not knowing I said I’ll give the machine a try. I punched in McCain & Palin and Obama came up I know they could’ve heard me 3 blocks away because I didn’t mince words I yelled “I did NOT Vote for that son of a bitch” well a woman came running over and said that it was just a glitch and supposedly fixed it. So I went ahead and voted again and this time McCain & Palin came up so I left thinking I voted. Then two weeks before the 2012 election I get a letter in the mail telling me that I did not vote in 2008 ! Since then they’ve improved the voting method they don’t have machines instead they simply select who’s nominated through “Contested Convention” and you have NO choice period. What pisses me off is the fact that in Iraq when they got their fist chance at voting we made them stick their finger in purple ink to show that they voted and that way they couldn’t vote again. In the mean time here we had voting machine that voted for Obama or not at all or people voting 10 times or dead people voting or their dogs voting or criminals voting and now we’re having ILLEGAL ALIENS voting ! Why don’t they just send absentee ballots over to North Korea and have them vote too !

          11. tcurry says

            I received a card from the Registar of Voters today asking me if I wanted to vote by mail. I do not, so I will not send it back. One year when I voted I went to the voting place and gave my name. It was at a school and the person giving me the ballet said really loudly are you a Republican? I was so angry but I just took my ballet and voted. I don’t doubt that the people who work at the polls lose some of the ballets that they do not agree with. Voters need to have proof of voting rights as far as I am concerned.

          12. LCpl says

            The worst of the worst is naturally California those people are so STUPID it isn’t even funny. It’s like I said in my previous post they might just as well send absentee ballots to North Korea because it amounts to the same thing they allow ILLEGAL ALIENS to vote. So in other words anyone from anywhere can go to California and vote. Now then how insane is that ? What’s even worse is that our Government is letting those IDIOTS get away with it.

          13. tcurry says

            I am a born and raised Californian, sad to say, but my roots are here. I feel like I live in a foreign land. It is difficult to even find a restaurant that has normal cafe food as we knew growing up. California wants to be the poster child of the nation to come. It all stems from Berkley and San Francisco University and Hillary’s friends and co-hearts that she protested with in the 60’s & 70’s. I think we need to have another earthquake in the Bay Area to shake some sense into the liberal teachings up there. Governor Brown (Moonbeam) should have never been let back in office. Do you realize because of his political careers for California will give him hundreds of thousands a year in retirement benefits and the people are just to stupid to stop the flow. When I hire someone to do work here I have a hard time finding someone that I can file a 1099 on, but I only hire people who have to pay taxes. I really don’t know why I care but I do.

          14. LCpl says

            Hey I have a cousin that lives in Idyllwild, CA. and he’s one of the few Republicans that live in CA.. I went through Boot Camp in San Diego and was stationed at Pendleton with Ocean Side right outside my gate. Back then in the early 60’s it seemed that people still had brains but there are very few that are there now that do. Most of the ones that did have brains moved out of CA. because of their stupidity, ILLEGAL ALIENS, welfare, faggots and taxes. Don’t feel bad I’m originally from Detroit and worked for Ford, Chrysler and the U.A.W. but I have lived in a small city in Missouri since 1976. Because of Obama and his OPEN DOOR policy with Mexico and him allowing in all the ISIS Muslims I sit here and watch on the news every night all the drive by shootings and out right murders going on in Kansas City and think to myself “You voted for Obama, you got him don’t come crying to me” !

          15. tcurry says

            Small world, I live very close to Idyllwild. I live in a small town called Wildomar in Riverside County between Lake Elsinore and Murrieta/Temecula area. Started out in Manhattan Beach, CA when born and lived there until 1995. Worked for The Flying Tiger Line, Inc. (airfreight and military charters) for 18 years until it was bought out by Federal Express, when I moved on as my job went to Tennessee. My husband retired from Federal Express in 2004 and in 2005 we moved to Northern California, boy was that culture shock. It was beautiful up there and we stayed for 12 years then moved back to Southern California. My husband was a registered Democrat but always voted Republican and I could never figure out why he did not change his voting preference. It may have had something to do with family, not sure. He passed in 2013 and here I am. My daughter moved out here last year and I have a brother in Lake Elsinore and a brother in Colorado. My family is a mixed bag of political mutts, but for the most part we get along if we don’t talk politics. As like with all Liberals when you ask them why they think taxpayers should pay for abortions as a form of birth control, or why they want millions of illegals here, or what is so good about Affordable Health Care (National Health Care) they have no answers. They seem to not care about the national debt or any kind of cuts to the budget. I guess they think that as long as our government can print it they will spend it. They do not discuss the military except to say how much it costs for us to be in other countries and the foreign aid in their eyes helps the poor in other countries. I guess they forget about Raul Castro and Imelda Marcos, Kim Jong-il, Hugo Chavez, Evo Morales and the rest of the socialist leaders who live such lavish lifestyles but their citizens are starving. The thing that worries me also is that the Republicans I talk to are just beginning to understand what the RNC is all about but still do not know the end game that they are trying to pull. I keep encouraging them to do the research on Congressional votes and let’s vote some of these RINO’s out of office and replace them with true conservatives. In this post alone when you point out a known fact about a Liberal they either change the subject or bring up a Republican, there is no acknowledgement that a liberal can be just as bad. I call it on both sides. If you do the crime you need to do the time on either side of the political spectrum. I am not going to respond to any more of the foul nastiness on this post, only to positive, thoughtful discussions here. Thanks for your input.

          16. tcurry says

            I wanted to interject this to this blog since the Liberal’s on here think they are so smart. McDonalds response the forced increase to minimum wages.


          17. LCpl says

            I knew that either places were going to close their doors or cut way down on staff but I never thought of automation 🙂 I knew that McDonalds was going to automate for about a week now and all I can say is MORE POWER TO THEM. I don’t know about where you live but where I live people that work for FED-EX start at $10.70 an hour and their maximum pay is $11.70 for work much more involving then “FLIPPING A BURGER” yet a burger flipper wants $15.00 an hour ! Those jobs are entry positions that a high school student should have they are NOT permanent positions. If these people want $15.00 an hour and if you can’t find one go back to school and learn something then go out and get one !

          18. tcurry says

            I don’t know what is happening with Fedex now but when they took us over no-one got a pay cut, in fact some got pretty good raises. Of course they bought us so their employees felt superior, which was hard to take for many long term Tiger employees, some never adjusted to the attitude. A lot of Tiger employees just lost their jobs. As far as pay went they paid well. Living in California they had a cost of living adjustment for every single employee, same with many other states. They also had a profit sharing plan which added to your pensions when you retired. My husband did well as he was the Facilities Manager for Southwest California and Arizona, which meant a lot of work, but he had a team reporting to him from each of the Fedex locations, airports and customer service facilities. In the past Fedex hired many college students for their sorting facilities, paid them well and gave them benefits even if they were part-time. I think they are one of the better companies to work for but I think they like many business owners will be impacted by the forced higher wages and they will act accordingly which will mean some more automation and loss of jobs. The people who will be handed $15.00 per hour jobs do not have the incentive to better their lives, and will continue to work the meaningless positions as burger flippers. I don’t think it is fair to the people who say work for Macy’s or Penny’s who have struggled to work their way up to supervisors and are still only getting paid maybe a few dollars an hour more than the employees and they will not get that kind of pay increase to give them the self-esteem to do a good job and get respect from their subordinates. I think this is mainly to support the union pay schedules so that the union jobs can pay more dues, which means more financial support for their favorite politicians.

          19. LCpl says

            This is all part of Obama’s plan to destroy America he has put this country in the toilet and if “Untouchable Criminal” Hillary Clinton gets in as President she will flush that toilet ! Obama “Open Borders”, No freedom of speech, No freedom of religion, No Guns, No Constitution, Higher wages meaning NO Jobs at all because he already has our jobless rate higher than it has ever been. He gives out figures about the jobless rate that are false and gets by with it because people run out of Unemployment money, they can’t find work so they just give up and stop looking so they are no longer counted on the rate index.
            They are talking about Social Security running out way before they thought why because Obama is giving our earned and paid for Social Security money to ILLEGALS who never put a dime into it !
            Unions is another thing that needs to be destroyed they are nothing more than a bunch of Criminals collecting on YOUR money. From the mid sixties to the mid seventies I worked for the auto industry and the U.A.W. and I know how they work. Since then I work for places without unions and had very good jobs working for them without paying some union to do nothing.

          20. tcurry says

            My dad had a market when I was growing up and they paid union wages but we were not union. They tried to get the union in there a couple of times but never did. My brothers were meat cutters and worked both union and non-union jobs. The one with the union actually gets some pension the one who didn’t work union did not get a pension. The non -union was in Colorado and they didn’t pay worth crap anyway. He eventually went to work as an IT person for a school district in Ft. Collins and got a pension from that. There are good and bad to unions but there are some jobs like burger flippers and care givers that should never be union. The union has done nothing for the grocery workers but keep their wages low and cut their hours so the would not have to offer benefits. The illegals can now claim low income credits under their tax payer identification #’s and apply for kids identification #’s and get thousands of dollars in credits from their tax returns as they work under the table and just claim enough to put them in the low income status. There was a tax lawyer/accountant on a radio program and he said that the illegals would file returns with him and claim kids, nieces and nephews that never even lived in the States. The IRS says they know there is fraud but they have to way or enough employees to go after them and investigate. I think they need to do away with all low income credits if they can’t stop the fraud.

            Just a bunch of corrupt politicians all the way around.

          21. tcurry says

            I don’t know if you knew this or not but last year Obama flew some of his Central American’s into San Diego and was transporting them to different local cities with no real plan of action. One of these cities that was supposed to get several bus loads was Murrieta, CA. The mayor of Murrieta, CA got wind of it and had a city counsel meeting and all the citizens were notified so they had a really big turnout. The mayor was livid as he was not told this was happening he found out through the grapevine. The City of Murrieta has a brand new large border office there which is where these illegals were to be dropped off and processed. The citizens banded together and went to the border patrol facility and blocked the the streets and buses so that they could not get close to the facility. The buses were turned around and the illegals taken back to San Diego and deployed to another city in the middle of the night. The citizens of Murrieta stood guard on the border patrol facility for several weeks in numbers so no illegals were ever dropped off there. Of course then we had Telemundo and the other Spanish stations there picking fights with the protestors. Then a bunch of militant Mexican protestors were bused in to cause trouble but the citizens of Murrieta stood strong. A couple of the Mexican women even picked fights with the citizens and when the cops showed up they jumped on the cops. They got some jail time for that. It was so refreshing to see our citizens and taxpayers stand up to Obama and his strong arm tactics.

          22. LCpl says

            That’s good that they did that now they have to stand strong and QUIT voting for Democrats ! I don’t know if it was you or who I wrote to about Obama bringing in ISIS Muslims using U.P.S. 747’s landing them at night at REGIONAL air ports on their back landing strips so no one can see them ! I never ever thought that I would ever see this happen to this Country it makes me sick ! Our religious freedom GONE, our freedom of speech GONE, our guns are on their way out Basically what it amounts to is that we are just sitting here waiting to be led to the slaughter ! If the Faggots and atheists think they have it so bad with Christians & Jews just wait until they find out what’s in store for them when the Muslims take over as their heads go rolling down the street !

          23. tcurry says

            I think if the truth be known that the Muslim men have their own weird sexual appetites that do not include women. The ones that were involved in the San Bernadino killings had sought out women from Russia and the Middle East and married them. I think it was like sex for hire if you ask me. Can people like that really hide their character from family. The families claims complete ignorance of their peoples intent. How does that happen, they all lived close by and they dropped their children off with relatives while they did the murders. We are as bad as Spain, Germany, England and Sweden when it comes to our open borders and bringing a bunch of foreigners in that just want financial support and have no intention of working. What is wrong with our government to put such huge burdens on the few taxpayers we have left. Oh, don’t get me started.

          24. LCpl says

            You left one thing out about Muslim men they also like children for their sexual appetites. Murder is something they do on a daily basis ! We have to get rid of the Muslim lawyers, judges and politicians along with the Democrats that are in office. If we can do that we might be able to put this country back in order again.

          25. tcurry says

            But Obama has infiltrated our government offices with Muslim’s, his administration if full of them, so is Hillary’s non-profit. I am doing everything I can with sorting out the politicians and letting people know what they are all about. I prayer that people will come to their senses and change the course of the tides.

          26. LCpl says

            I know that Muslims are the biggest part of Obama’s administration and a very big part of Hillary’s I wouldn’t go as far as to say non-profit because with Hillary it’s ALL about money she’d sell her own mother. I am with you I am doing everything I can to try to stop Hillary and to stop Obama I just pray to God that Obama finally gets put out of office and that Hillary is NOT elected ! From that point then we can start on getting rid of ALL the Muslims & illegal Mexican aliens. What we have right now with our Government is the biggest Criminal Empire in the history of the World.

        5. ABO says

          And no brighter than the rest of them, Lance Corporal. Thank you for your service. you have my respect and appreciation.

          1. LCpl says

            Thank you that gave me hope that there’s still hope for this Country.

      5. wooleyoutwest says

        You obviously need to pull your head out of your ass and read the name on your belt that corresponds with your cowboy hat to figure who you are!

        1. wooleyoutwest says

          Sorry should have read further my opologies!

        2. Wayne Thorson says

          I don’t wear a belt. Now what?

      6. Retired Marine says

        Obviously NOT.

      7. Pam Dunn says

        Thanks for revealing that YOU are indeed a totally ignorant brainless moronic liberal pile of donkey feces.

    2. tcurry says

      And, they love to have the media attention, so they go on record as being Liberal, saying people need to pay more taxes then they move their money offshore or put it in the hands of people who are suppose to protect them who actually steal all their money and don’t file their taxes. Shhhh, don’t tell them, let them believe they are smart.

      1. Joansharrington1 says

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        1. jreb57 says

          For whom does she troll?

        2. 3RD Parallel N. says

          …and spreading a virus?

      2. Eleanore Whitaker says

        Really? The big bad media? You must be talking about the media in the hands of only 6 billionaire media moguls ALL of whom are ultra conservative right wingers…start with Murdoch, Turner and the Kocks. Can’t stand it when someone with access to proof makes asses out of you nutfreaks.

        1. ScranunSlim says

          The KocHs as bogeymen is sooooo lame that Harry Reid even gave up on peddling that tripe, esp. after the surveys showing that the general public thought they were the lovable ol’ coots selling Bartles & James.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker says

            The Kocks thought they could reprise what the Robber Barons, J.P. Morgan, Mellow and Carnegie tried to do, “Buy the presidency and government we want.” Didn’t work then and won’t work now.

            The win in NY by Hillary Clinton has far more signifance than just the election itself. As she said, “This election is one of the most consequential in U.S. History.” I agree.

            New Yorkers turned the tide against the great southern and midwestern dividers. Cruz got less than 6% of the vote in NY and Kasich got even less than that: 3%. That was a great smash in the chops to the Corn Pone Kings and Queens and the Mutton Chops and their Dixiebelles.

            As New York goes, so the nation goes. Now, Ryan and Bitchy Mitchy are already in their back room office trying to offset Hillary and Trump’s wins in NY. They see the handwriting on the wall for their Tea Party TeaShits.

          2. ScranunSlim says

            Yes, as a lifelong Democrat, I just can’t wait to vote for the incompetent Abuela Alinsky, Hillary Botox Sniperfire.

          3. tcurry says

            Ok, cray cray Eleanor, here are the actual results of the New York Primaries. I don’t know where you dreams took you last night but you printed completely false results.

            Politics & Government Story
            New York primary results: Clinton, Trump get big wins; Cruz gets zero delegates

            By Julie Pace, Associated Press


            04/20/2016 08:32:31 AM PDT | Updated: 53 min. ago

            (AP) — Hillary Clinton emerged from New York’s presidential primary
            closer to clinching the Democratic nomination and becoming the first
            woman to reach that milestone. Republican Donald Trump strengthened his own path to the general election with a commanding victory, but has little room for error in the states ahead.

            Trump’s victory Tuesday was hard to dispute, the billionaire winning
            almost 61 percent of the popular vote, while Kasich won 25 percent and Cruz came in third with 14 percent.

          4. DL Hancock says

            Not sure where you are coming up with your numbers, but they are NOT correct.
            Do you know why so many liberals are backing Bernie? B/c they are so stupid that they DO NOT know percentages. Bernie wants 90% of your income for taxes and these people do not realize that for every $100 you make, YOU ONLY get to keep $10. I dont believe, trust one word Hillary says but she would be alot better then Obama or Bernie.
            However, Trump or Cruz is the ONLY answer to the problems now facing this country since Obama screwed it up so royally.

          5. Mary Brumley says

            I doubt few of Bernie voters have even bothered to research “socialism” or “Democratic Socialism” to even have a clue about the meaning or consequences of fully embracing that.

          6. Jeanne Stotler says

            Mary, they only hear one word, FREE, they don’t see the high taxes etc. just what they THINK they are getting for nothing.

          7. Mary Brumley says

            Yes, especially the young voters.
            I briefly researched Democratic Socialism and was so turned off that I really haven’t followed Bernie to know his version of how it should play out in this nation.
            Perhaps I should, for it would enable me to better discuss Bernie with others.

          8. mac12sam12 says

            What a foul moth you have. Republican voters are turning out in record numbers, while democrat turnout is at record lows. When Hillary was asked what her accomplishments were she couldn’t come up with any. She claims to be for women’s rights and yet has a sexual predator for a husband. Hillary, “America needs a vagina, and I want to be that vagina.”

          9. Pam Dunn says

            More stupidity , idiocy and moronic spew froma total moron aka: Useful Idiot, who “thinks (used loosely) that whatever happens in new jork matters to the rest of the people in the USA; IF new york sank beneath the waves, the ONLY THING we would miss is the statue of liberty. Our founding fathers would PUKE if they saw what a hole of total idiocy and moronic actions new york has become.

          10. mrpoohead says

            French would take it back – the Statue of Liberty that is. Have you fixed your hair yet?

        2. tcurry says

          Murdoch is a registered Republican but as far left in the Republican party as you can get and then move him left some more. Ted Turner is a Democrat and was pushed farther left by his Hanoi Jane wife when they were married. He owns CNN and that station if as liberal as it gets. Yes the Koch Brothers are Republican. There are just as many Democratic billionaire as Republicans. What about Brad Pitt, Clooney, Tom Cruise, etc., most of Hollywood are billionaires and most are Democrat. Why do you think Obama is in California every other week for political fund raising dinners?

          1. Eleanore Whitaker says

            Shows what you know..The NY Times did an interview with Murdoch back in 2004…He said and I quote, “I am, like my father, an ultra conservative. I only became an American for the money and my journalists will print what “I” tell them to.” Sound like his far left?

            Ted Turner was also interviewed by Lesley Stahl on “60 Minutes” back in 2007 and he stated than he was a Republican. You like to lie don’t you? One of the reasons he and Jane divorced was that very fact that he became an ultra conservative living on a huge million acre ranch in Montana (which I can attest to since I was in Montana near that ranch back in June 2005) and Jane was a flaming liberal.

            And…As for you jackass…Obama is doing what all presidents do for their party…raising funds. Funny though how that Libertarian/Socialist Sanders stated last week that he “doesn’t believe in donations” and then used those “small donations” to try to corner the Pope in Rome. All paid for by his donors. Try again stupid.

          2. tcurry says

            Murdoch owns the majority interest in Fox News and currently he is pushing the FOX News reporters to undermine the will of the Republican Voters because he likes illegal entry into the United States because he hires them for very little. You may think everyone that is registered Republican is strongly conservative but that is not the case. Murdoch goes against everything a conservative stands for as currently the RNC does also. As far as Ted Turner is concerned he became a Democrat after marrying Jane Fonda. Read interviews of his son who tells the story.
            I feel sorry for you that you may actually believe the lying crap you spew.
            As far as Obama goes he comes to California to golf and live the high life without his family in tow. He sets himself up to present some fake award so that the taxpayers have to pay for his fake Presidential presentations, when they actually vacations for him. He spends more time by far vacationing and golfing then being the President.
            Let’s agree to disagree as I think the only reason you respond is to be a nasty, disgusting liberal. You just like to swear and call people that disagree with you completely ugly names.

          3. Eleanore Whitaker says

            Are you for real? He owns Fox News, the Wall Street Journal, PBS, National Geographic and you think Fox News is liberal. Get the hell off that bad liberal BS. All conservatives love illegals. Look at what Texas did back in 2011…they passed a law while they were collecting border patrol money from our states, to allow Texans to hire undocumented “yard workers and maids.” And you can keep repeating yourself like Sanders does but Turner is an avowed Montana Republican…there are NO Democrats in Montana.

            And as for you bitching about Obama…Bush spent 18 months going around the US campaigning for a for profit war only you hicks made any profit from. Get a life moron. You have no idea what they hell you are talking about. I gave you facts I saw and heard along with millions of others who same and heard the same. Take the shit out of your ears.

          4. tcurry says

            Yawn! You repeat the same old disgusting nasty vomit over and over again. Glad you believe yourself because not many others here do. Take a very long nap and then watch 13 Hours, the movie.

          5. Mary Brumley says

            Wow, Eleanor, I see that others noticed the “crap and garbage” you are spewing! You are responding right on cue.

          6. Peatro Giorgio says

            Eleanore Whitaker. Listen up O simple minded one. If one carries the moniker Of Republican. Does not mean the same thing as living,voting supporting the Republican Party Platform . Rupert Murdoch,Ted Turner, Michael Bloomberg, Mike Huckabee,Joe Scarborough ,Lindsey Graham, Eric Cantor John Corrnan, Erick Bowling, Dana Perino, George H. Bush ,George W. Bush, Bob Dole, Mitch McConnell, John McCain, Iowa’s Joni Earnest. Many, way to Many far to many mascaraed around pretending to be Conservative Republicans. When in reality They are little more then liberal phony’s play acting . Fox News has turned sharply to the left. Nearly 100 % of their pun-dents are center left to far left .

          7. Linda Abernathy says

            HAHAHA Eleanor we are still on Bush? What about the last 8 years of that pansy mansy Obozo? Remember when it was all about Bush being the “bad guy”, well you had 8 years to blame on Bush, now I think its about time to face up to the reality that the Democrats really screwed up when they bought that “change” speech he made. Only changes have been made are bad ones. How’s Obamacare working for ya? I can’t wait to get another 55% increase! That way I can quit my job because I can’t afford the insurance and then go on welfare and suck off the government for a while and get free healthcare and food stamps! Then I can avoid the nasty penalty it will cost me to have forced healthcare! Now we can talk about the murderess running for president, its the same old crapola! More money the middle guy cant afford so we will have 2 classes of people: rich and poor! Face it Eleanor, you are living in a dream world, go have a drink of kool-aid!

          8. mac12sam12 says

            Hillary voted for the war in Iraq. Bush was the last real leader we had, now we have obama, the worst president in US history. Record debt, record poverty and a shrinking middle class. He’s also turned the Middle East into chaos, along with Hillary. Millions of refugees are leaving for Europe, thanks to Hussein Obama.

          9. Pam Dunn says

            More liberal bullshyte spew; Gather it up and fertilize your garden now.

          10. AmericanPatriot says

            HEY ho! I’m a conservative and if I NEVER saw another illegal or immigrant in my country it would be cause for rejoicing! There’s a whole bunch of us that feel this way. Get a life HO!

          11. AmericanPatriot says

            He probably also comes to CA because there are so many queers there for him to choose from.

          12. Peatro Giorgio says

            First Off as for a 1 Million acre Ranch in Montana ( horse crap) the largest ranch in the United states is in Texas That ranch is 900,000 acres. Secondly Both Ted Turner an Rupert Murdock are the same sort of Republican as Michael Bloomburg. Rinos Republican in name only . As for their conservatism. The only thing conservative about either has been their willingness to conservativly screw other folks. Eleanor Please please stop spewing garbage. My friend ,for you are not nearly as bright as you attempt to promulgate.

          13. tcurry says

            Bravo Peatro for standing up the Eleanor (crazy) Whitaker. Although, you will get no where with her. Now she will respond to you with some of the dirtiest, disgusting and nonsensical diatribe that you have ever heard.

          14. Ted Crawford says

            You pay Far, far too much attention to Rhetoric and almost none to actions!!
            Remember: ” I’m not a crook!”, “I did not have sex with that woman!”, If you like your Doctor”, “Not a smidgen of corruption”!
            Many talk the talk, few, very few, walk that talk!
            “Your actions speak so very loudly, I can’t hear a single word you are saying!” is my watchword!

          15. jreb57 says

            “journalists will print what “I” tell them to.” Sound like his far left?”
            Sounds like Pravda and that is far left.

          16. Mary Brumley says

            Well, people are just different! Some like to lie, some like to eat their own crap! To each his own.

          17. Pam Dunn says

            AND you ARE dumbarse enough to believe the garbage, lies, leftist propaganda and out right BULLSHYTE printed in the New York Slimes. How sad for you.
            Doubly stupid if you believed whatever bullshyte ted turner the leftist spewed.

          18. Peatro Giorgio says

            Ted Turner like Donald Trump has switched his party affiliation’s more times than I care to count. As for Rupport Murdoch. He may claim to be a Republican, But claiming and being are too whoa fully different subjects all together. Now as For the Koch Brothers .Their claim is of the Libertarian persuasions, Yes Like Rand Paul who runs on the Republican party line Ballets in Kentucky . They the Koch brothers are all very much Libertarians. And yes the Koch brother have contributed toward democrats and republicans alike. O and Sanders is not now or has ever been a Libertarian. Not when he bankrupt the city of Burlington Vermont as he was then that cities mayor or as a Senator of the state of Vermont. Neither is he, as he now runs for the presidency. Sanders is what he claims he is. And that is a Democrat socialist.

          19. jreb57 says

            “Yes the Koch Brothers are Republican”
            They are Libertarian I am sure.

        3. DL Hancock says

          LOL, Ted Turner is the biggest Liberal that ever lived. Your are either a fool or are blind IF you do not see the bias in the media for Liberals, but that just proves that they are as ignorant as though they follow or brainwashed by.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker says

            Really? In a Republican state like Montana? Try again. His ranches is thousands of acres located about Montana’s high line.

          2. mac12sam12 says

            Turner is a liberal.

          3. tcurry says

            coo, coo!

          4. PsykoKlown says

            Lots of libs from California live in Montana. Why do you think the real estate is so high? I used to work with quite a few Montanans, and they told me all about it. Needless to say they weren’t happy about it. They said something about raising minimum acreage for ranch purchases to try to keep them out. That was just over 20 years ago.

          5. Peatro Giorgio says

            Sure Now his ranch is thousands of acres 2 days ago you were saying he owned a 1 Million acre Ranch. So what will it be tomorrow. I wish to correct a mistake I made two days ago. I had said the largest ranch in the united states was 900 ,000 acres Wrong in total the owners of that ranch own 900,000 acres . But their main ranch is nearly 600,000 continuous acres Still the largest in the united states. How ever they own 2 other smaller ranches which combined is 900,000..All of which is in Texas.. Years ago I had the privilege of visiting that ranch . Absolutely beautiful. .

          6. Rattlerjake says

            Living in Montana doesn’t make him a conservative. That’s like saying you’re an American because you live in the US. What planet are you from? Turner is one of the biggest loser libturds on the planet, along with his buddies Al Gore and Gates!

          7. Pam Dunn says

            AND he collects BIG BIG money from the fds for NOT planting something, PLUS banning other people from those “thousand of acres” sounds like a total liberla rectal opening to me; say you look like that too !!

          8. Carole Moore says

            OMG, Eleanore Whitaker, they are all just effing loony toons on here, aren’t they??? Some of the comments totally defy any common sense whatsoever!!! WOW!

        4. Verna Freund says

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        5. 2Shadow2 says

          Murdock is an open borders fanatic and as anti-Trump as Fox news.

        6. Mary Brumley says

          Well, nutfreak yourself, most Republicans know that our corrupt party is only a notch better than the Demos, so don’t think you are offending us. The difference is that the actual Repub voters WANT to do right, while the liberal right voters want to do evil. THAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE ACTUAL VOTERS.
          So, “crap” away on us, we know you feast on “it” each time you take a dump on us!! LOL We love to see the actions of your backside.

        7. Pam Dunn says

          Usual liberal load of idiocy and bullshyte from a totally moronic left winger useful idiot moron.

    3. Cotton says

      My thoughts are fine though.

    4. ObomoTheStupidNiggerTerrorist says


      1. ReadeMyLips says

        Sir, I believe that what you are suggesting, “hunt them down and put them out of their misery,” is tantamount to genocide of our own people. Dangerous thinking. That, my friend, is the action of dictators and their paid assassins.

      2. mrpoohead says

        I think the most amusing thing is the rhetoric after the first Obama win and before it. Never a nigga in the White House, never taking orders from a nigga. We’ll shoot him – well he’s made eight years – am I to believe that the right wing bigots are really just a bunch cowardly sissy’s or the Secret Service can actually do a decent job. What a bunch of fairies!

    5. 7papa7 says

      I think you are being far to complimentary to these knuckle heads.

    6. Retired Marine says

      You forget they can lie on command, fake tears, make up the oddest BS and dipshits will believe them.

      1. ReadeMyLips says

        Trump had done his own share of lying and misinforming voters about the issues. In fact, he may have cornered the market on lies and half truths.

    7. jreb57 says

      Two words that are anathema to the Democrat party: rational and thought..

    8. mrpoohead says

      What is wrong with “liberal” – look it up. It believes in freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, free markets, civil rights, democratic societies, secular governments, gender equality and international cooperation. What are you scared of? They listen to both sides, evaluate and then make a decision. Duh!

      1. James Maxwell says

        The TEXT book definition is a dream and if it actually existed it would be fantastic,
        sadly though it is just a dream in those who claim to be “liberal” If you talk to those
        who claim to be “liberal” you will quickly discover they have no concept of what a
        Liberal really is and are nothing more than brain dead fools for the most part. They
        have already formed an opinion and are incapable of changing or even comprehending
        what it would be like to change their minds on any subject. They have bastardized
        the actual meaning to suit their personal agenda and mindset.

        1. mrpoohead says

          I think that can apply to every political doctrine. Socialism is defined in the US by Venezuela, yet most W Europe countries, Canada, NZ and Australia have socialist parties that frequent power there. UK Conservatives are the ones that introduced gun regulation. So I’m curious what have the liberals “bastardized”; essentially they represent free market and social responsibility, in what sense do they not do that?

          Surely the ones who have already made an opinion are the more right wing. These days no one I know cares about LGBT or abortion and whilst they are happy for folk to have hobbies gun regulation is deemed common-sense like the rest of the modern world.

          1. James Maxwell says

            Liberal mentality as with the Socialist mentality destroys personal inventiveness
            and people are not encouraged to develop to their full capability. If you go to
            those countries you mentioned you can see that quite clearly. There are those
            who will strive to improve their lot in life and actually do despite their government
            restrictions. I was stationed in Europe, Turkey and a few other countries. Government control restricts the development in socialist countries because they
            take away the majority of the monies you work to gain and “supposedly” share it
            equally with others. But only after they have taken the lions share for themselves.
            In Venezuela it is a classic example of what has happened before and led to the
            French revolution and the demise of the King and Queen by the Guillotine. We
            do need rules and regulations to maintain a society that gives everyone a shot
            at having the good life. But Government intervention must have limits. The system designed and which governed out nation for generations was not
            perfect by any means but it was and is still head and shoulders above anything
            that has come forth since. We currently, due to a corruption of our school
            system, have lost the view that made us great. Thanks to people playing
            games and teaching doctrine rather than reality and truth in the education
            system since the end of WW II. Now our schools have become political
            science experiments and indoctrination centers. We as a nation have lost
            sight of what made us great and the willingness to work for what we want
            You look around and the mentality of many is “I deserve something and do
            not what to have to work to acquire it, the government should “give” it to me.”
            :Life does not work that way, I work for what I have and why should I give up
            the majority of what I have worked for to someone who won’t even make an
            attempt to go out an earn what they want or make the
            sacrifices and take the risk I did to provide for my family?

          2. mrpoohead says

            Are you related to Peatro Giorgio? You seem to have much rhetoric, but very little substance to back it up.

            Venezuela; hardly a fair example, a developing country very much reliant on oil revenue. If you review the history of France you will find that the peasants revolted because the “elite” had it all. The top 5% owned 95% – that I think you will find represents the US more than Europe.

            W Europe, Canada, NZ and Australia are the countries to compare with. Their tax rates are quite varied, some lower than the US, some higher – they all have socialist parties that are in and out of power.

            Despite being stationed there, you seem to have not lived. If they are restricted were’s the details? America has more Nobel Prizes, yet 50% of post-graduate students are foreign (we claim their awards) at our important colleges. We have a prize per million people, the British have one per half a million and the Germans have one for every 300,000 – who’s restricted? Our schooling system is deemed the most inadequate in the OECD countries – 33rd. Our social disparity and social mobility is the worst and our homicide rate is often five to ten times that of W Europe et al. Violent crime is on par, but in the US it means homicide, rape and armed robbery. In Europe it means getting punched in the bar by your best friend over a girl; rape in Sweden includes pinching a girls behind. Who’s more violent?

            If socialism and liberalism is restricting them, then thank God. Most of them are more productive, remember we have much mineral deposits and oil, Europe has little. Germany rocks – do you want a German automobile or some piece of garbage from Detroit?

            Suggest you review what you said and open your eyes a bit. Try again, no cigar.

          3. Peatro Giorgio says

            Well here you go again Mr crap filled cranium . Talking about European crime statistics with zero facts >Germany Population 80.62 million United Kingdom 64.1 million France 66.03 million Germany 2 times more murders per million person then the USA According to Nation Master Rapes unreported in Germany more often then not but according to Nation Master Germany has see a steady increase of violent rapes OF their women over 1,000 in the last months of last year alone / Now on to the United kingdom, which NEVER EVER includes those crimes committed in either Ireland or Scotland with their over all crime statistics statistics But what they do do is include those population of Ireland and Scotland . But you like many other liars never look to the actual data.

          4. mrpoohead says

   – 2013 was a good year for the US. Since then we’ve had spikes in all cities, suspect that is why the figures haven’t been released. Back to five to ten times Europe et al.

            Britain; includes England, Scotland and Wales. UK is them plus N Ireland. Rape – try again. Violent crime what does it include in US; how much more stuff elsewhere? You never look at the data, which is why when you are presented with some you find a different subject to rant about and every time you fail to come up with anything. Fail again or provide proof!

            Terrorism – 5% is Islamic (Europol and FBI figures) yet it gets 100% of the media. Should we worry about Islam or all of the other idiots?

            Obviously you spend too much time believing the nut-job “right”. I am banned from many of their sites as I provided proof that they were full of garbage.

          5. Peatro Giorgio says

            Obviously You believe you know best. . Reality is quite contrary to what you believe. Take Germany for instance. German officals only report crimes which have been solved. Britain has never ever included criminal activity in either Scotland or Ireland. One need only look to Interpol then compare known international statistics with those produced an published by these nations . Now back to Germany. Disclosed reports coming out of government officals have shown violent crime in Germany is up bY over 204,000 reported crimes,in Germany alone. British violent crime statistics are also on the rise. Their , goverment officials have always unDer reported violent crimes. Same with Belgium, France ,Spain, Italy an Greece. Unlike our nation where crimes are reported by a mulitible of agencies our FBI Statistics reflect actual reported crimes.
            No I do not suspect I’ll ever change your narrow closed mindedness. Least wise a miracle we need to occur. Keep believe garbage posted on Wikipedia. The old saying goes like this (Garbage in Garbage out) You must eat a hell of a lot of crap..

          6. mrpoohead says

            Has nothing to do with knowing better; I don’t believe in conspiracy theories, I read the news and important works – annual Europol (FBI one too) report.

            Interpol is for high-end international crime, Europol produces the FBI like figures and organizes co-operation within Europe. Look up Europol report. Read the facts, not the high-lights.

            “German police and crime reporting” – “officially” or a story created by some nut-job? It goes completely against the German persona – efficiency! England and Wales have separate forces to Scotland and N Ireland – in which I think you’ll find crime is fairly low anyway; Scotland has one large city, Glasgow, and N. Ireland one in Belfast. England has the lions share with plenty of large cities. Either way your point is irrelevant – it never claims “British” it always breaks them up. If you Google crime stats, it always differentiates.

            Violent crime is up everywhere – why? Times are tough, economies worldwide are on the fritz, always happens. Our homicide figure had been steadily decreasing – it spiked two years ago. Violent crime figures are fairly on a par in the modern world, but how they categorize is very different – violent crime in US is “homicide, rape and armed robbery”, much more is included in W Europe et al. Things that are misdemeanors in the US are deemed “violent” elsewhere. Fact!

            Facts are facts and you have none – well none with any substance. I doubt you’ve been to Europe you can’t even spell police – Carabinieri and it’s London! More than half my family live in Europe – you’re talking out of your bottom. I have lived and worked there for many years; a detective told me they averaged 2 homicides a year in one place. A mass shooting there is a national disgrace, in the US it’s normal. You have nothing but BS and conspiracy theory – you need to get a life. I believe facts!

            If these ludicrous stories you concoct were real then it would be in the papers – unfortunately for you the “serious” newspapers have to justify stories or they’d get sued, fined or lose all credibility. If they were real they’d sell more copy – duh!

            Wikipedia – you’re happy to discredit, yet you have still to show me one page of lies, backed by substance. Thus, you are full of rubbish and easy to ridicule. Now you just stay in your Momma’s basement – I doubt you’ve got the kahuna’s to leave home, never mind the state and definitely not the country. Sissy!

          7. Peatro Giorgio says

            Suggest you Read The following OSAC.(Gov) Germany 2016 Crime and safety reports.Then read Daily mail >uk>news>article 3673302 ,Then continue with WWW>>refugees-in-germany-rep…. A document titled “Challenges to And impact On police’: was leaked to the News magazine Spiegel Heres the facts which came directly from police Authority’s in Germany Put in print by the German Magazine Spiegel. Now onto Great Britain Read this completely ! Crime statistics in the United Kingdom -expand Your mind->mai .s=Crime stati… Now down load THIS pdf file ;Report No.27-UK Statistics Authority. Then proceed to read the same. P.S : PULL YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR Wikipedia arse You know jack squat. Your full of crap In more ways then one. Great Britain has continued for years to claim a population all inclusive of England,Scotland & Ireland. Yet they separate out the crime statics. Of England, Ireland & Scotland. Now as you see Both Scotland & Ireland small majorities desire to Separate from England After Br exit. Let Go the Protestants.

          8. mrpoohead says

            So, after all the Romans, Latins, dual nationality this is all you’re giving me?

            Question, do you pick up the National Enquirer for serious news? What Elvis isn’t still alive, the “Two-Headed woman” didn’t have a baby? The Daily Mail is currently being sued by Trump, the original article about Germany comes from a “newspaper” that regularly has tits on its front cover. No substance, which’ll be why it wasn’t pursued by real newspapers. Mind you the Mail’s sports section is not bad.

            Der Spiegel, not a lot better but that is not where your second bit of news comes from – Deutsche Welle. Equally if the quotes were real then why did the article not get written about by anybody else? Germany’s plan is to take in a million people – this maintains their population so that their welfare system is not too much of a burden on the working population. A number of Germans have told me that. Efficient!

            “Revolvy” – couldn’t find your bit of drivel. Doubt it’s there. Most amusing is that all of the pages that I did visit were accredited to Wikipedia – ha, ha, ha! Suggest you use it to look up “Latins”. Ha, ha, ha!

            If it says “UK” it means all, if it says “GB” it doesn’t include N Ireland. If you Google Crime Stats for UK it will take you to a site that clearly states “England and Wales” – there is no confusion, unless retarded? The, UK is inclusive. Even if it were not, Scotland and N. Ireland account for 10% of the population and crime is low in both compared to large English cities. They are hiding nothing.

            “Bobbies in Londan ,Cabinarries in Italy” – liar! “Kahuna’s” is Hawaiian – I surf! “Twit” in Italian – rimproverare.

            “Let Go the Protestants” – what? Brexit (one word) – waste of time referendum. Nothing will change, other than UK has no voice at EU Parliament. Total waste of time! Discord always happens in poor economic times, fingers crossed we don’t go as low as Germany in the 30’s or we’ll end up with a Hitler/Mussolini in charge. Trump is definitely a possible idiot of the same order, but he’d have to completely take over Congress and the Senate too. Civil war first then?

            So you were stationed in Europe and baby sat by the forces – “now watch were you go, these Europeans are all rather dangerous”. Right! Not exactly travelling is it and I’ve seen loads more than you. Loads more!

            So now I’ve laughed at some more of your missives I’ll start one rolling for a change.

            The Middle East issue is totally the fault of the US. Prior to 1948 the Middle East was religiously a peaceful place for 500+ years. Any “issues” were political not religious in origin. The Ottoman Empire was secular, the person in charge may have been a Muslim but there were Christian regiments in the military and Jews migrated there from Europe where they were persecuted – the Ottoman’s encouraged them to move to cities and start businesses.

            In 1948 the US bullied and bribed countries of the UN to create the State of Israel – this alienated everyone else in the region as Jerusalem is sacred to all. To maintain the status quo the US supported despots and dictators in the region, then when those regimes collapsed wondered why the people there hate the US, go figure? Now with the US waning, bankruptcy, the people are taking over, we can no longer prop up “nasty” people.

            In conclusion – Middle East problem wholly the fault of US interference. The Brit’s said “No”, but were gracious enough to abstain in voting. All our fault!!! We stuffed up big time!

            Go on disprove that. Who’s the “gullible, poorly educated, ignorant fool? That’ll be the one that just believes the propaganda he’s been shoveled since he was a little boy. You know nothing, have nothing and despite denouncing Wikipedia use a site that constantly refers to it. Who’s the dummy?

            If (you do) need genuine news in the UK then use the Times, the Guardian or the Independent. Personally I favor the Guardian, the news is straight down the line, their political opinion maybe somewhat left of mine, but it’s reporting is straight. This is probably why Wikileaks releases stuff there first. In Germany you need Die Welt, but as your English is rubbish and presumably your first language I should forget it. At home I should stick to the NY Times, Washington Times or Post – the news is real, the political opinions are here and there, especially in the latter. They at least report facts, not hyperbole and BS. Credibility! Very important.

            Good luck at disproving anything I have said – it’ll be a first for you. If nothing else this has been entertaining – hope you’ve learnt something.

          9. Peatro Giorgio says

            The OSAC Crime and safety reports United States Department of State Bureau of … An annual report produced in conjunction with the regional Security Office at the US Embassy In Vilnius Lithuania. .As For the Der Spiegel ! It is one if not The largest influential Weekly News Magazines in Europe. & in Germany A Highly regarded Publication Throughout Europe . The Deutsche Welle Is also highly regarded by German’s & is offered on line In Multiple Languages . Where as you have falsely claimed these papers sourced Wikipedia. Actually that is reverse of the truth. Articles posted on Wikipedia are sourced From both the Spiegel & The Deutsche. HA HA HA HA.
            Next explosion in your stupid face ! You falsely claimed the middle east to have Remained peaceful for 500 Years prior to 1945. LIE LIE LIE Try the Caliphate of 1915 & the Iraqi Kurdish Revolt 1943. These are but a few ! Though exposing them leaves you with a rather dumbfounded look on your stupid lying face ( Right ? Little Missy Squat’s to pee,yes you the ill-informed-ill-educated ) As for the US starting conflicts in the middle east??? Try looking at your beloved Great Britain’s Imperialism through out the middle east prior to the 1930’s :: You freaking idiot. Add to the other middle eastern wars the Chitral campaign of 1895 Northern Pakistan. The middle east has never seen a lengthy period of peace .The middle eastern people are either Waring between themselves or neighboring countries. Take your Brick dense cranium out of Wikipedia. WIKA ;STUPIDO
            Next Explosion in your face ! >mai.s= crime stati… Funny thing is I located this once again & still once again was able to down load the PDF file they offered .. Must be rather difficult for a retard to Utilize anything other then The brain dead source Wika;stupido .
            AS for nothing Changing in Europe ! O how naively gullible your are My little squat to pee friend.. Many other Eu countries are now considering, pushing to leave the EU. O yes Change is a coming ?
            (cojones ) Spanish for balls ! Kahuna Big chief important person In Hawaiian.
            Two words similar pronunciation; different spelling different meaning’s The way in which you utilized Kahunas was not in pretense of a person of importance such as a Priest, minister, wizard, sorcerer, magician, but rather in the Way ones speaks of Balls > Yes of course you who is without. NEXT FACIAL EXPLOSION in your stupid face The combined populations of Scotland and Ireland are not as you stated one 10th of Britain’s total population. But rather 1/6th. of Britain’s total population. Ireland 2016, 5 million , Scotland 2016 5.65 million. Britain’s total Populations 64.1 million . So for all here to see it is rather clear your math skills suck also. TAKE YOU DENSE CRANIUM OUT OF THE WIKA:STUPIDO

          10. mrpoohead says

            Obviously it is true; masturbation makes you go blind. Presumably whilst stationed in Europe you were in “Intelligence” – that would explain your lack of comprehension, politics, history and geography. No wonder we can’t find those WMD’s and only turn up for the important wars once we know which side to go to. Not too mention why we can’t beat a bunch of peasants in Vietnam, Korea, Iraq and Afghanistan.

            Nothing wrong with Spiegel, it is a bit like Time being a weekly. In depth articles – your article wasn’t worthy of Spiegel. It was “fluff” or padding – it said everything but said nothing. If half of Kansas moved to Colorado it goes to say the police would have to up their game in Colorado and more would need to be trained and some cut in Kansas – duh! I suggested Die Welt as it is a daily, much more representative of life than a few in-depth articles.

            OSAC says nothing substantial – let me know when it does. Otherwise shut up!

            Actually I said “revolvy” used Wikipedia as it’s main source – every article I came across. Duh! Did you try “Latins” there? Ha, ha, ha!

            The Middle East had no British Imperialism – because the Ottoman Empire was there. During WWI the British aided Arab nationalism in the area, this helped unsettle the Ottoman Empire – duh! They’ve made movies about it, “Lawrence of Arabia”. After WWI the British and French were given a mandate to administer the area by the League of Nations. That is not taking over, merely helping – duh!

            I guess the excuse is maps again – Pakistan is in the Far East, technically Egypt is Africa, with a smidge of very un-populated Asia. “Intelligence” – duh?

            I said any “issues” within the Ottoman Empire were political not religious – I am right, again! Arab tribes became nationalistic during WWI and wanted out of the Empire. Religiously they had lived reasonably harmoniously – the Jews had migrated there from Europe because of persecution. Duh! Compared to the same time frame it was very peaceful compared to Europe. The US created today’s problem by sectioning off the most holy city. Duh! Stupid beyond belief!

            More countries are due to join the EU – so wrong. – duh!

            Kahunas Hawaiian! You’re thinking of “cojones” in Spanish – duh!

            Obviously you were too lazy to look at a map whilst in Europe. Ireland is an island and consists of two countries. Northern Ireland, population 1.8 million, is part of the UK. The Republic of Ireland or Eire is not part of the UK. The Protestants are in the north, I doubt the Republic wants them – they’re mad! 10% – duh! No confusion – for folk that can read a map!

            Please read slowly as you seem very confused. Would you also add paragraphs to the language and grammar requests.

            Still got nothing and you’re still a moron.

          11. Peatro Giorgio says

            Obviously you enjoy taking it up the ass !
            Why else would you come back for seconds, third, forth & fifth helpings of correction !
            Let us begin ! Obama administration Forced to admit Bush was right ! WMD’S Found in Iraq : NEW YORK TIMES Reports From 2004 – 2011 American troops repeatedly encountered,& on six occasions were wounded by Chemical weapons. Weapons of mass destruction ( Or WMD’s ) In all over 5,000 warheads shells or aviation bombs.

            Another pertinent question!
            Where is your response to the Caliphate of 1915. (500 year peace my ass.)
            So you say ! The middle east issues stemmed around political issues not Religious issue’s ! ( Bullshit ) Islam is all inclusive Islam is politics, Islam is religious. Islam is a complete life style, encompassing all and every aspect of lifes situations. Marriage, Politics, War, Law enforcement, Legal adjudication, Education ,Philosophy,The arts , musics. Islam is all encompassing.
            Even during the Ottoman empire their was civil wars,civil unrest between all the factions of Islam. Most often put down by force .

            NICE TRY ! Attempting to divide the Islamic nations ; far east, middle east , or western Islamic nations ! ” NICE TRY BUT Geography is not a legitimate dividing factor Here ! The entire east has been in utter turmoil ,at war with one & another or their neighboring nations for centuries. Aided by British & French imperialism. Which by the way is a huge factor. !
            ( British Aiding other nations my ass ! ) British forced aid. ) Tell that to those Indian’s of India ! Tell that to those in Pakistan,Tell that to those in Afghanistan,Tell that to those in Argentina ! Tell that to those in & On & all over the Continent of Africa, Tell that to the Irish, Tell that to The Scottish. Tell that to the Native American tribes. Whether US or Canadian Tribes.
            Your British loyalist & French loyalist invaded, stole, murdered natives all over the globe.
            Both The British & French ! Were the slave traders of the world ! British & the French began wars all over the enter global. BORE WARS COME Also TO MIND. Falkland Islands Also ! India wars with the British. From 1858 – 1947 Now let us speak about the treaty of Versailles Where the Allies the French, British & to a much lesser extent the Us choose to starve the German people. Causing world war 2 which is exactly what the Us Intended tried to avoid. BUT NO you French & British bastards would hear of it.
            From the 1600’s right on up through the 20th century. Whether we are talking about the far east Vietnam, Middle east, India,Continent of Africa, South America ! British & French imperialism ! Your shit hole countries are those war mongering, thieving, pillaging , murdering dog nation.. The US up and until world war 2 ; The US : on the other hand our nation was a neutral nation. But when you have so called friends like the British or the French ! Who the hell needs enemies ?.
            .Hey idiot I flew into Shannon Ireland 39 years ago was held on a lay over for two weeks their. Until the next Us Transport plane would arrive to take me To Keel Germany. Along with some US diplomats : When then the IRA was doing its best to kill British Protestant shit.
            Though Like the British you have also chosen to separate out to distinct populations like the Scott’s & The Irish ! Well Now ! As we all know both those populations desire complete separation from the British protestant shit’s

            Just as the Brits did with India. Just as they had and have done with Scotland! The Only problem is those Two, former separate nations want total and complete independence. Just as India did What a freaking British fair tale story ! If it had only contend half truth. The British prospective is Not now & neither has it ever contend any morsel of the truth. Least wise not according to billions of people around the globe.
            ( Your Hypocrisy knows no bounds. ) You castigate the Us For its intervention in foreign affairs. ( Our nation The US ) The one nation which has contributed trillions of dollars to aid around the globe :
            Yes we have acted with self interest in mind. No doubt about it. ! Yet you sit at your lap top claiming British imperialism is ( Help ) ! What a piece of dishonest horse shit. Take you stiff neck horse shit & spread it some where else. I hope, I pray the Us with draws Militarily entirely from world affairs . Let all the nations of the world; With the US as sole exception Destroy one and another.
            2nd to last point ! Your now claiming that Revoley Used Wikipedia as its source ? Here once again your caught IN ANOTHER LIE In your first response you wrote you could not find Revoley; Now you claim It contend no information so which is it ? Liar, bullshit artist .
            Next point: Thus far you’ve been wrong on every single subject Including the Ottoman empire being at peace Never !
            Lastly Your smug reply to Kahunas was all to telling > From very the beginning you used it wrongly in reference to what you perceived it to have meant as in the Spanish word cajone’s ! Only to be taught corrected by me as to what the Hawaiian word actually meant ! RIGHT MORON Now shut the f### up and go away you lying hypocritical, brain dead lying bastard. And take your Wika-Stupido with you.

          12. mrpoohead says

            Definition of WMD – A weapon of mass destruction (WMD or WoMD) is a nuclear, radio-logical, chemical, biological or other weapon that can kill and bring significant harm to a large number of humans or cause great damage to human-made structures (e.g. buildings), natural structures (e.g. mountains), or the biosphere. Anything of substance found? Nope!

            “Caliphate” – political not religious. I said no “issues” over religion – nationalism yes. Duh! Only one country is not secular in the Middle East – all the rest are, most have a wide variety of other religious groups – Jews included. Most of them use elements of Sharia Law, we use elements of Biblical Law. Thankfully we have moved on from some of the more abhorrent aspects of Biblical Law as have most of the Middle East from Sharia. Duh!

            Shannon in County Clare is in the Republic – doubt you met any folk from the IRA there. Wrong Ireland – doofus! Kiel, Germany – good job you were taken there, you’d never have found it by yourself.

            Think you’ll find the Portuguese were the biggest slaves traders not that that makes it right, nor does buying them make it right. Duh!

            Treaty of Versailles not helpful, nor was the Great Depression – solely created by the US and ludicrous credit – again. Unfortunately lesson not learned there – Versailles at least wasn’t repeated.

            Stuff Imperialism – that didn’t create today’s Middle East problem. America did!

            What on earth is the Bore War – drilling for water?

            Falklands – think you’ll find the inhabitants are all British descendants and wish to remain part of. They were invaded and the British freed them.


   – not a British entity. Duh! The British and French administered the Middle East after WWI – there was no takeover

   Per capita the US is a very poor “giver”. Also very poor receiver of refugees per capita – worst in modern world in fact.

            South America is mostly Spanish or Portuguese – duh!

            Revolvy – I said I couldn’t find an article you alluded too. The pages I did check, out of interest, all used their only source as Wikipedia – funny as!

            “Kahuna’s” in surf-speak is heart/guts/soul/balls. I surf.

            Well destroyed again and you still keep coming back. Ha! I am not defending anything, other than history and facts – I care no more for the UK than I do the US. Both are a bit crap!

          13. Peatro Giorgio says

            Wrong !
            WMD’s Weapons of mass destruction. weapons of mass disruption.
            [‘ wep-enev’mas distrek’shen ] US Military Definition WMD’s A weapon that can cause widespread destruction or kill large numbers of people, especially a nuclear, chemical or biological weapon. ( Government,Politics & Diplomacy ) Nuclear,chemical,or biological weapons that can cause indiscriminate death or injury on a Large scale.
            From the dictionary of Military and associated Terms US department of Defense 2005. weapons of mass destruction.
            Weapons that are capable of a high order of destruction and/or of being used in such a manner as to destroy large numbers of people. Weapons of mass destruction can be high explosives or nuclear,biological,chemical,and radio-logical weapons,but exclude the means of transporting or propelling the weapon where such is separable and divisible part of the weapon. also called WMD. See also destruction,special operations.

          14. mrpoohead says

            Secular: not connected with religious or spiritual matters. Duh! Sharia Law – only one country employs it.

            Caliphate – the steward is like the Pope. Not everyone takes notice or the other religions wouldn’t exist. Duh! They may be in charge of the Muslim community, but he is not in charge of the country, ditto the Pope. Duh! Element of Sharia are used just like we use some of Biblical. Libya, Egypt and Turkey – fail! If they had then their leader would be an Islamic Mullah and not a President – duh!

            WMD – same difference, any found.? No!

            Obviously County Clare is where IRA leaders holidayed. Doubtful – I think you’re full of garbage.

            “Though unlike you I have no desire to reminisce of past exploits. Neither do I ever intend to divulge what my actual assignments or duties entailed.” Don’t think I’ve done that or you’d know know something about me. And, as for you, not being able to read a map would probably mean you are a pot scrubber in the canteen. Doubt you’d be trusted with much else. Only the failures have to big note themselves. I knew a chap in the SAS who worked under-cover in N Ireland – never said a word, never big-noted himself, very quiet and un-assuming. Accidently that I found out where he’d been.

            “Unlike you one who has lead a sheltered life , I having been blessed with the good fortune of living through some very high risk encounters & situations.” Is this because you can’t read maps and end up in the wrong part of town? Kiel – really dangerous!

            “I know who I am ,what my capabilities are & are not. I also am blessed with the Knowledge of from whom & where I come. I fully understand your resentment of these facts. For you have so concisely established the fact that your neither indifferent or doubtful, but rather bitterly resentful ,jealous of one who knows his family history.” I think we are all aware of your capabilities or rather total lack of any. Don’t really care where I come from, today is important, the past is merely history – interesting and often amusing but it is gone and you are only representative of “now”.

            I take it you gave up on Israel and everything else. Fail! I’m right, you’re wrong. Funny how you keep changing topics as you realise you’ve lost each one. Failure!

          15. Peatro Giorgio says

            O. YES OF COURSE,I WAS ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN YOU WOULD ONCE AGAIN RETURN WITH THE VERY SAME UN- INFORMED IGNORANT NONSENSE. WHICH proves you remain sheltered in your bunker basement at mom’s an pops home . 5,000 Wmds found an destroyed by US forces in Iraq.
            3 additional nations over the last 4 years now also Islamic state control They where secular goverments. Now under Islamic exstremist control with but one exception Jordan is the last hold out as a secular middle and eastern Asian Nation Government

          16. mrpoohead says

            WMD or not? “Among the reasons for the secrecy? “The discoveries of these chemical weapons did not support the government’s invasion rationale,” Chivers writes. “After the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, [President George W.] Bush insisted that [Iraqi leader Saddam] Hussein was hiding an active weapons of mass destruction program, in defiance of international will and at the world’s risk. United Nations inspectors said they could not find evidence for these claims.”

            The discovery of pre-Gulf War chemical weapons — most of them “filthy, rusty or corroded” — did not fit the narrative.

            “They needed something to say that after Sept. 11 Saddam used chemical rounds,” Lampier said. “And all of this was from the pre-1991 era.” FAIL! Big time! NY Times. American Intelligence – can’t read maps, can’t find WMD’s. Duh!

            Islamic nations – prove it, you can’t! Duh! Bit like WMD’s, you might believe it but without facts you can’t proof it. And similarly – there’s no facts as they don’t exist. Also Middle East includes Israel, Cyprus (bizarrely – although probably historical reasoning) – that’s at least three “including Jordan”, but the rest bar one are too. Duh! ISIS, though technically not a country, and Saudi Arabia are the only places that are not secular. Saudi is an absolute monarchy so religion not in charge, though that is were they get their law/discipline from. Just because you think something don’t make it correct – prove you’re right with substance. Good luck – you’ve failed again.

            No facts, don’t believe – you have already convinced me you have nothing. Duh! Think you’re the one in the basement – I’ve been all over the Middle East so don’t need Wikipedia. Duh! Go away, get a life, live and discover the truth, not conspiracy!

          17. Peatro Giorgio says

            The Time has come for you to pull your head out of wika-stupido ass. And read the following legitment source provided information.
            These two sources are world renowned for their indepth provided information.
            However one must read the entire research material provide.
            The core material which covers civil religious basedcourts with in Muslim majority states from the far East ,,northeastern regions Or the far western Muslim nation. HERE you shall also find the facts as it relates to British an french occupation of these regions
            NOW read N learn.
            World’s Muslims :
            RELIGION, politics and society
            Pew Research
  >2013/2014/3 0 Z the…
            Middle east maps/ map of the middle east-facts,geography, history of the…
            Read & weep over your arrogance an stupidity.

          18. mrpoohead says

            Worldatlas: “The eastern and northern borders of the Middle East are somewhat difficult to define. Both Afghanistan and Pakistan border Iran to the east, but Pakistan’s shared history with India causes it to sometimes be seen as part of South Asia instead of the Middle East. Some of the countries bordering Iran and Afghanistan’s north, such as Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan, are sometimes included within the northern borders of the Middle East, but are other times seen as their own Central Asian region alongside Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. ” No were else will you find Pakistan or Afghanistan referred to as Middle East. Duh!

            Pewforum, hardly a credible resource – Christians on Islam. Either way the article says nothing. Ambiguous to say the least. “Conversely, in some countries where Muslims make up more than 90% of the population, relatively few want their government to codify Islamic law; this is the case in Tajikistan (27%), Turkey (12%) and Azerbaijan (8%).” Dream on buttercup.

            What you got – NOTHING. As usual!

          19. Peatro Giorgio says

            O yes of course ! You my friend are the obvious lazy deceitful little fool ! Had you read in their entirety, these studies, reports ,Rather then skimming over, while selecting but 3 small sample states as your points of conjecture. From those of over 27 plus known Country’s where Islam is mostly the predominant religion. You instead chose to utilize these lone 3 > Tajikistan Turkey and Azerbaijan. How disingenuous, How Un-studious of you ; How intellectually dishonest of you . Did you not take heed to these reports,studies . As to the vast and over whelming majorities of those whom Practice faithfully Islam. As to how These folks most deepest desire desire,wishes is for not just their civil court’s to use Sharia ,but their entire governments. To fall under Sharia. . THE HINT FOR YOU HEAR, IS THE VERY FACT THAT IN MANY OF THESE COUNTRIES THEIR CIVIL COURTS,FALL UNDER SHARIA Jurisdictions . COURTS GOVERNMENT. Did you not read as to the extent as to how very many of these nations Include in their civil courts Religious Justices Who use Sharia as their guiding Laws.
            What it is that you have claimed in past comments is this. Islam has but one country which falls under Sharia. I shall grant you this! (Quasi -secularism) More then 3/4 of these 27 plus Islamic countries contain with in their civil courts Sharia based justice who use Sharia law as their guiding authority.. Still some more still, though not nearly as many countries USE Sharia law as their frame work with in their criminal courts as well. (Quasi Secularism ) is not now or has it ever been Secular. On the surface what the world see’s from day to day; Is that with which the Islamic state desire’s for the world to see.
            . On to Pewforum , You claim hardly a credible source . Funny! Not that long ago you posted a comment claiming Wika-stupido as your source reference. But what you missed entirely was The actual source of the posted information came directly from the Pew Forum. The author of said article accredited his source material to have come from the Pew forum . FUNNY how you back track continuously. While claiming to have victory . Yes of course in your narrow mindedness utter defeat is winning . Now onto the Ottoman Empire
            And your dumb ass comment ! Referencing the Leigh of nation’s authorizing Britain To Help in the middle east ! You claimed they were not an Occupying force . How utterly an completely wrong here again you were and are. As for the ottoman empire being at peace horse shit here again Wrong !! Pewform Worlds Muslims : Religion Politics an society ! Apparently you do not read very well. The source title I gave you was not Christians on Islam ! Try again dummy . The source I posed to you was far from Ambiguous . Had you read it You would now have surrendered.

          20. mrpoohead says

            Pewforum’s report says everything and nothing just like your “FBI shooter incident report”. The questions are ambiguous – I high-lighted one point to show that. Most of these reports are a waste of money – they are too broad for any relevant reference, you can cherry-pick bits to make things both wonderful and appalling. Pew Research started out as a Christian Conservative funded entity.

            Nothing wrong with Sharia Law, most of it is the same as Biblical – reasonable and common-sense. Extremes in both are not so savoury. The Western world takes it’s laws from Biblical, but thankfully not all of its missives. Ditto the Muslim world and Sharia. You are cherry-picking extremes.

            “Leigh of nations” – you mean the League of Nations. It was a mandate to administer, it was not a mandate to take over, merely prepare for the future. Duh!

            Ottoman Empire – internal disputes were nationalistic not religious based. Fact or disprove. You can’t!!!!!!!!!

            All but one country is secular, taking legal rulings from Sharia does not make it not secular or the rest of the world is not. Basing laws on Sharia is no different to us basing ours on Biblical. Your comment is moronic. Secular: not connected with religious or spiritual matters. Islam is not in charge of any of those countries, having a state religion is not all-encompassing, does not mean it is in charge. Ireland is secular, yet refers to elements of the Bible, but the church is not in control of the country. Duh! Sharia and Biblical are merely morality codes.

            Go away and grow a brain. Open your eyes dummy.

          21. mrpoohead says

            No wonder American Imperialism failed – countries full of dumb “latins” who can’t organise a “piss-up in a brewery”, which’ll be why all Latin Empires have gone the way of the dodo. Bankruptcy and losing wars – good at running away, nothing else. Ha, ha, ha!

          22. mrpoohead says

            Lobotomy time.

          23. mrpoohead says

            Thank you for making me look really good. As I live in a house full of females I am accustomed to always being wrong, but you have restored my faith – having not yet been wrong with regard to your idiocies and missives. Always right so far Mr Poohey – not something I ever expected to have as an epitaph but now a possibility. Thanks a million.

          24. Peatro Giorgio says

            So long as you truly feel after I having Proven you wrong over & over again; while in the very same breath; proving you to be the most abhorrent liar to enter upon this web site makes you look good?? Well then; (Your so very welcome )

          25. mrpoohead says

            I have, you haven’t – once. Thanks. Not one lie from me, just facts – much easier to do when you have no side to back, just facts.

          26. Peatro Giorgio says

            Ah yes : You do suffer of a Syndrome known as the diversion ,deflection obfuscations syndrome . THERE are predeterming factors to wit is evidence of this pervasive syndrome. AND yes you exhibit each of these symptoms. #1 propensity to use unreliable sources Ie wika-stupido. #2 self endorsement ,self agrandizment, #3 The propensity to lie with out cause.#4 This is the most obvious of symtoms. THE enability to recognize when he or she is in error. THIS SYNDROME IS NOW RECOGNIZED WORLD WIDE TO BE FOUND PREDOMINANTLY IN THE LIBERAL, PROGRESSIVE SOCIALIST LEFT SECTORS OF A MODERN WORLD.l

          27. mrpoohead says

            Never lied, just state facts. Don’t believe I’m powerful or influential whatsoever – I live in a female dominated house, bottom of pecking order. Still waiting for you to provide a better resource or refute one thing on Wikipedia – which is not were all of my resources are.

            “Enability”? You have yet to prove me incorrect, I am however happy to admit being wrong and when you find, the only error, I have made so far I will congratulate you. Good luck with that. Yes, I got something wrong, but it beats you, who have yet to get something right.

          28. mrpoohead says

            I’d say you have the intelligence of an amoeba, but I think that’s kind of insulting to the amoeba.

            Question; if Wikipedia is so stupid despite being asked on numerous occasions why have you yet to prove one page incorrect? There must be millions to chose from and you can’t find one. Why?

          29. Peatro Giorgio says

            O Mr Brain dead ! Do you not comprehend the meaning of I neither use or site Wika-Stupido Therefore ! Why would I then even consider to peruse that phony site. ?????
            O Y certainly a Monad has far superior mental dexterity over you.
            Which brings us right back to one of my original question I had proffered to you ? Remember ?? ” No I think not ” Well the correct answer is a Single cell life form. But in your case I have been absolutely wrong! For the Monads are living live life forms. You on the other hand are completely dead from the neck up.

          30. mrpoohead says

            I am smug because you make me look really intelligent – thanks! Mind you compared to you that only means I have an IQ of 30. Duhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          31. mrpoohead says

            PS You’re still a bit simple!

          32. mrpoohead says

            Heh, here’s some facts – “mass shootings”. One in ten years in UK, one in twenty in Australia and two in the lifetime of the gun, Switzerland. US averaged one per day last year (NY Times and Time did reports) – guess which one gained national news coverage? San Bernardino, the Muslim one – the rest were just “regular days at the office” – nice! Obviously with your logic that’ll still make elsewhere more violent.

            In fairness you cannot compare other areas of crime – in the US “violent crime” is homicide, rape and armed robbery. Elsewhere a bit of a “punch-up” in the pub is deemed violent, rape in Sweden includes squeezing a ladies behind. Not really sure how that makes Britain seem like they are painting a “rosier” picture, surely if they catalogued the same way as the US the picture would be even rosier?

            If memory serves; England and Wales have one police force, Scotland and N. Ireland have their own – sometimes they add them all together and sometimes the US says “Britain” when it should say “England and Wales”. I doubt the inhabitants would get it wrong. Why? Scots, Welsh and Irish very upset if you included them in the wrong bit.

            Germany – really. The last figures released are from a few years ago – still way below US and the “rape” definition much wider. In the US it is only “rape” if accompanied by violence or threat of.

            Still wide open to ridicule heh? And I’m still waiting on all that “proof” you don’t really have to substantiate your other idiotic claims. Waiting…………….zzzzzzzzz….
            You got nothing, just bile and that’s un-substantiated. You shouldn’t believe this “alt-right for the retarded sites” they are so full of holes, you can drive a truck through them.

            Now off you go and find some substance.

          33. mrpoohead says

            How about changing your moniker – “MrKnowsNothing”, “Doofusfacts”, “I-Got-A-Nothing”?

          34. mrpoohead says

            Am waiting – c’mon “open up”. You deserve more ridicule. You know you want it.

      2. Peatro Giorgio says

        The pretext of liberalism was ,pass tense, liberal, liberties inclusive , is nolonger the case . Liberalism has been taken over by this faux Idea of progressivism, Which is neither progress or the advancement of individual liberties. How else might one account for . Conservative views being banned from campus, or ,even the advancement of the idea to prosecute those with differing views. Or the devaluing of human life,life of the near born or the unborn,then there is this so called affirmative action laws which set precedence preferences of one group over another. Liberal ,libertos . Is a figment of one’s imagination, Liberalism, is dead an has been dead with in the democratic party for the entire past century. Hence the coming of the Libertarian Party. This is one of the many ,very many reasons for the growth of independence. Truth be told there is not one particular establishment party with which truly represents the vast majority of the American electorate. As much as you an I brother contest each others beliefs an opinions. We must agree on this.. Liberty in this nation is meaningless. For liberty without freedom is but a word ,Freedom without shared responsibility. Is not freedom ,Liberty which encompasses every form of goverment control over ones life is not freedom . But it most certainly does meet the criteria for the term endentured servitude.

        1. mrpoohead says

          Please re-read; when you’ve taken the time to edit and punctuate then maybe I’ll take the time to read your usual drivel. Please stop trying to write from a higher person you are not.

          1. Peatro Giorgio says

            Thus ! once again your generic response. Insult the messenger. Rather then give thought to the message. Though I’m able to read an write in three distinctly different languages. I’ve never claimed to have mastered either of them. Yet you my friend seem unable to respond with anything other then ridicule. Which in an of its self, leaves you in the lower ,lesser form of life.
            After having read many of your diatribes. The above was a rather easy conclusion to draw upon. Suggestion return to your sole source of Faux facts ( Wikipedia. THEE single source from which only the simple minded utilize.
            As for a missing vowel or consonant,punctuation mark or two neither detracts from or adds to the message. Rather it appears your a rather slow reaDer

          2. mrpoohead says

            Not “generic” – I have in the past worked my way through the “message” and merely highlighted the errors, this time I couldn’t be bothered. Two or three errors in a “message” is one thing, two or three per line is bone idleness or the mark of a moron. Ridicule is all you deserve!

            So far I have refuted, with references, all of your drivel – well bar Climate Change where I disagree with both sides, thinking it a pointless subject. You begrudge Wikipedia as a reference despite the fact that it is only written from references to other notable works or listing already published facts, whereas your message has no reference other than it is what you think. A professor/scientist may think something, but before they publish they will substantiate their thoughts. You have so far failed to find one error in Wikipedia – there are a lot of pages there surely you could find and substantiate one? Ridicule is all you deserve.

            “After having read many of your diatribes. The above was a rather easy conclusion to draw upon.” That would have more relevance coming from me as a sentence – you have drivel, no reference and you bemoan me of one reference. Ridicule is all you deserve.

            I may think you are a moron – ridicule is all you deserve. I’ll be waiting for one reference – a long time I suspect. You’ve got nothing, all of your facts are not – just the rantings of some silly old fool with an axe to grind. Pathetic!

          3. Peatro Giorgio says

            Pathetic is in deed your Name .Your only source which is derived from Wikabullshita ! I gave you not 1, not 2 but 6 distinctly different sources in regards to the false notion of Global warming. Each article, each report, Having been peer reviewed ,co authored, with numerous endorser’s. Published in six separate yet highly respected journals and or publications , I have yet to see any such repudiation of these source, those for which I offered. . Though you do continue rambling on about this false notion you’ve repudiated each of my positions. Truly Pathetic is your first name. Liar is your second ,Idiot is your last name Yes all together Pathetic lying Idiot. AS I have so stated in many previous postings Wikapedia is not now or has it ever been considered anything other then a secondary source, and a non reliable source at that. Certainly never; should anyone consider it as their primary source. O but the fool is you.

          4. mrpoohead says

            “……….well bar Climate Change where I disagree with both sides, thinking it a pointless subject.”

            Doofus! Try reading it.

  4. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

    The democRAT electorate always has trouble figuring out how to vote.

    1. maxx says

      HUH? All they need to know is the name of the candidate promising the most freebies. Why else would some of the morons in Congress ever get elected?

      1. Reade Adams says

        Big corporate/billionaire donors to political campaigns may have as much impact on who is elected as regular voters. Throw enough money at something and you may get your way. They don’t want to see the middle class succeed, or the lower classes. They just want everyone’s money for themselves. That seems to be a verifiable fact based on my extensive reading of the subject. So I believe that neither the dems nor the repubs have as much clout at the voting booth as the Really Big Boys. Stamp big money out of politics.

      2. Eleanore Whitaker says

        are you kidding me? In PA, they restrict voting hours so those who are working can’t vote. In ME? They did the same thing by refusing to allow seniors who voted for 6 decades without ID to vote. If todays asshat young men want power, they’ll get the power of a lot of seniors kicking them to the curb…or better yet…putting their idle asses to work. IN real jobs..not that texting BS.

        1. tcurry says

          I don’t know about your state but if you lived in California an employer has to give you so many hours off to vote if the polls close during your working hours. Why would a senior not have an ID. If you have a birth certificate, drivers license or state ID then you do not have anything to worry about. Maybe you should look into one of your state Liberal legislatures writing legislation so that they will have mobile registration that can come to your home and register you. That would be a real good use of the taxpayers money. Surprised the big liberal spenders have not already done that to shore up their voting base.

  5. Scrubjay says

    The Republican establishment has not tried to convince anybody of the virtues of Conservatism. They don’t like Conservatives, that’s why they attack Cruz.

    It would be a really bad idea to be more like the Democrat establishment. It hasn’t worked for the Republicans yet, why would it now?

  6. EdStone says

    And they r suppose to be so smart. Remind me to never follow a Hollywood celeb. They may be walking off cliffs.

  7. 3RD Parallel N. says


  8. Gerry Costa says

    I would think more of Demi if she was actually registered as a conservative. That would at least give the appearance she cared for America.

    1. Combatvet52 says

      They only care for their pocket book, these people are so overpaid and some poor guy or gal who have top notch degrees get paid almost the same as the $15.00 hour people.
      Give me a break $20 mil to make a movie, Iv’e been a top foreman all my life at one time I was getting $3.00 an hour with the responsibility of 20 workers under me.
      Hollywood is all liberal with just a handful of conservatives and it stinks when they put their two cents into politics……for instance that creep George Clooney he sure didn’t take after his aunt Rosie Clooney.

      1. Gerry Costa says

        I completely agree – combat. As far as I’m concerned I wouldn’t give 2 cents for all of caliphony. I have been there twice and that was 2 times too many. Calling clooney a creep is being very nice, I have better names for that hypocritical POS.

        1. Combatvet52 says

          What I wanna call that AH i can’t print it………caliphony I was there once that’s enough.

      2. maxx says

        To these people playing “make believe” is hard work. You have heard them talk about the long hours they put in. Then we see the “out takes” and all the “bloopers” that go on. Good thing they never appear “live” in anything because they can’t do it unless they get dozens of do overs.

        1. Combatvet52 says

          Agree 100%

      3. Reade Adams says

        Actually, who gives a rip what candidate a celebrity is voting for. They’re celebrities only because people know their faces in public. I’m sure they have the same range of intelligence as everyone else. This whole article stands out as an unnecessary rant about who’s smarter than who and why. Inflammatory and boring.

        1. Combatvet52 says

          You have your opinion and we have ours.

          1. Reade Adams says

            Celebrity beliefs and interests are so important to you? It’s fine that we have our own opinions. It’s not fine if we can’t have a civil concession about same.

          2. Combatvet52 says

            Who’s not being civil………I just don’t like their attitude they think they are above every one else, most of them didn’t even finish high school.

          3. Reade Adams says

            Thoughts are not facts.They can think all they want and be 100% wrong on everything, but they still have a right to think differently than you or me. And so what if they do. They’re looking at you and probably saying the same things you’re saying. Makes it tough to work together when both parties disrespect each other. We need to work together, now more than ever.

          4. Eleanore Whitaker says

            I don’t give a fat rat’s patoot what they think..I do mind when what they think is wrong and they decide it is right. Manson used that old saw.

          5. Combatvet52 says

            I’m not here to start a war. I’ve met quite a few of them and I don’t want them as my friend……just for your info they carry their acting home to their family and that’s not good……a neighbor of mine a celebrity his wife divorced him for his acting at home, was a shame but this is the way they are……I’m not naming names it’s in my best interest.

          6. ReadeMyLips says

            It seems reckless to condemn an entire group because of the actions of a few.

          7. tcurry says

            He did not say he cares in celebrity beliefs and interests, just the opposite. Only like little minded people care what celebrities say. After all none of them actually care about the real world or financially supporting the government of the United States except through political dinner contributions and that is only to be seen.

          8. Eleanore Whitaker says

            Yours isn’t an opinion. It’s BS you know you cannot back up with proof and facts. Try posting something that isn’t biased phony boy.

          9. Combatvet52 says

            Phony boy HA………and this is pure BS>>>>>>>>>>

            (Most right wingers and Republican men are Haterade alkies who can’t get through a single day without packing it down in lies and slathering it in bias.)
            Where were you protesting while I was on the front line putting my life on the line to save your sorry Azz……….your the PHONY.

          10. tcurry says

            No one cares where Eleanor was or is or is going! We just care that she is gone.

          11. Combatvet52 says

            Rodger that curry

          12. tcurry says

            Do you have a hand grenade to send to Eleanor?

          13. Combatvet52 says

            No but i have a mortar round.

          14. ReadeMyLips says

            My opinion is that everyone, even celebrities, have the right to make bad choices. They also have the right to speak out for the candidate they support. Denying that puts the Constitution in jeopardy.

    2. tcurry says

      The name should be Dimi. I doubt she votes. Per the Inquirer she is too busy doing mind altering meds.

  9. John Williams says

    Sadly these people are also allowed to vote, if they cannot even figure out how the register then how can they have enough brains to be an educated voter.

    1. maxx says

      The right to vote should be given only to people that have some skin in the game, like by paying taxes. If you live off the taxpayers you do not deserve a say. Just because you are alive is not fulfilling the requirement to vote.

      1. headonstraight says

        Hey, maxx–you have a big job to do to effectuate your silly elitist take on suffrage. Your standards for voter eligibility would require a Constitutional amendment, and guess what? It ain’t gonna happen.

      2. Reade Adams says

        What about senior citizens or the disabled? They should be denied the right to vote because they’re not active wage earners? You might want to check with your parents to see how they feel about that. Good luck with that.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker says

          Young punks with big mouths…Hitler had them too..they were called brown shirts.

      3. John Williams says

        I do not disagree on that point, one should not be in a position to vote themselves more of someone else’s money.

    2. tcurry says

      They do not need to know how to register the Liberals will fill out all the paperwork for them. They even except an X for a signature. They even take the registration to their homes if they can’t get out and don’t have a family member to help them. I wonder how many Dementia patients the Liberal’s have on their rolls.

      1. ReadeMyLips says

        We all should be working to get out the vote. Dictating who people vote for is not part of the process. Differences of opinion provide depth to the conversation and are an opportunity for more understanding.

  10. fred says

    Better late than never! maybe they are tired of being ripped off by their treasonous libitard masters who NEVER give to any cause except themselves! Yes that’s right even the worst of all, Streisand keeps her money close unless there is a TAX write off for her!! They all have offshore accounts that are very secret, the Panama thing is the tip of the iceberg for these hypocrites in tinseltown!

  11. papa doug says

    Just because someone is a celebrity doesn’t mean they are intelligent. It’s a very simple matter to go to a party’s web site and read their mission statement, what they stand for. And BTW you can also check what a politician stands for by checking out his voting record and political history on issues you care about. Just a little time invested wisely and anyone can vote intelligently.

  12. Ddenney1 says

    LIBS are stupid???? Who would expect that followers of policies that have imprisoned or killed millions over the last 100 years and destroyed economies are STUPID???? See Soviet Union China Cuba Venezuela Greece etc…ect…ect!!!!

    1. Greg Mac says

      All of Sanders followers.

  13. jdbixii says

    While the generosity of the liberal left, especially in Hollywood, is laudable, accountability must be an issue, even for them. Government has lost any sense of what “balance” is. It is the variable which never stops varying and nobody seems to care that it becomes more difficult for lower income persons to make ends meet when the costs of goods and taxes increase. Certainly, Hollywood understands the need or desire to get rid of something or somebody they don’t like. On that basis alone, they should have more tolerance of the right which, with regard to almost any issue, simply wants to prevent the need and cost of having to. It is the “ounce of prevention that is worth the pound of cure,” the “pre-nup” that prevents financial devastation or a very messy divorce, the birth control that prevents abortion, the fence or wall that prevents break-ins, the singularity of purpose and policy which prevents the gridlock of diversity, or the law which makes sense and ought to be obeyed by everyone, being equal before the law.

    1. tcurry says

      Exactly what generosity do you speak of. There are a few on both sides of the isle in Hollywood who would do for others, they are few and far between. I feel mostly any consideration they give to doing good for others only is to land them in the media for PR.

    2. ReadeMyLips says

      Our legislators and our leaders are elected by “we, the people.” If they’re not doing their job or are subverting progress, shame on us voters for electing them to office.

  14. NavymanBill says

    Funny. Most of these people barely graduated from high school, even fewer went to college, and even less graduated from it. Put something in front of them and they sign it. (sigh).

  15. juneausr says

    That’s why you can’t have an intelligent discussion with them, they keep repeating the same script. They cannot read anything but the cue cards.

  16. mallen11 says

    Good, as long they are NOT voting for Hellory or Bernie. Too bad they don’t have enough sense to vote for Trump.

  17. Reade Adams says

    This article is part of the reason for all the trouble between the parties. Of course there’s going to be disagreements between democrats, republicans, and independents, but grown-ups develop the skills necessary to conversate, negotiate, advocate, without resorting to insults to the other’s intelligence. We’re all in this together. It’s critical we work together, no matter who is in the White House. This is our country, the citizens of America. Please, stick to facts and figures, and leave the disparagements out completely. We need each other, whether you shop at Wal-Mart or Saks Fifth Avenue. We need to stand together and not be divided by anger and mistrust. We are one family on earth.

    1. tcurry says

      Seriously? How do you communicate with someone like Eleanore Whitaker with her foul mouth and insulting statements. I do not know why she feels she has to write about the sexual proclivities of Republican politicians but completely pretends like there are not those same proclivities from Democrats. If they are a bunch of perverts and sexual deviates on both sides then lets not talk about that but talk about real issues that affect the US Citizens like illegals, National Debt, Jobs, Health Insurance, etc. There is sure plenty of stuff to discuss other than calling names.

      1. ReadeMyLips says

        I definitely agree with you that we need to focus on what’s really important, and in my opinion, who sleeps with who is mostly irrelevant.

        As far as Eleanor Whitaker, it appears she has fallen into the same trap that many others have fallen into, that being anger and outrage at what she perceives as ideas and activities dangerous for America, accompanied by questionable generalizations about the intelligence of people who don’t agree with her. I think each of us has an opinion about what’s good and what’s bad for our country, and I’m pretty sure that differences of opinion well will always exist.

        At some point, sooner than later, I hope, communication between opposing beliefs would be less dysfunctional if everyone were respectful and civil, at least. A house divided against itself cannot stand. We can agree to disagree but at the same time work together to make America the best it can be.

        1. tcurry says

          Thank you for your intelligent input. There is media input from both sides, one saying Hillary did this, emails, Benghazi, Clinton Foundation false tax returns, then the other side Hillary is a saint and did none of those things. It is impossible to get the real truth. How do we make intelligent voting decisions when there is so much false innuendo out there? My take is that Hillary is pure evil.

          1. ReadeMyLips says

            I’m not a fan of Hillary but I sincerely doubt that she is “pure evil.” I save that phrase for people like Hitler, Stalin, and other violent dictators. If we go around categorizing anyone we don’t like as “pure evil,” that creates its own problems.

          2. tcurry says

            I categorize her as pure evil because of how she treated the women who her husband accosted or had consensual sexual relations in the White House. I don’t care if she chooses to stay with the cheating B but they did not have to demean his victims.

            Also, Hillary Clinton facilitated the purchase of a Canadian Uranium mine to Russia during her stint as Secretary of State. Since then the men, the leaders of the Canadian mining
            industry, who participated in the sale have become major donors to The Clinton Foundation and the endeavors of
            former President Bill Clinton
            and his family. Members of that group built, financed and eventually
            sold off to the Russians a company that would become known as Uranium

            Third in the many inappropriate acts of Hillary Clinton she held a very important job as Secretary of State and chose to go against government policy by running her emails, whether they be government business or personal, through an un-secure private email at her home in New York, that we know now has been hacked.

            The Clinton’s do not hold a position with the government of The United States in very high esteem, so I hold them in very low esteem.

          3. Peatro Giorgio says

            Not liking someone and placing that individual in the same category as other evil individuals is perfectly eceptable especially when that individual is directly responsible for the murders, of others. Lets us not forget The many others who’s life’s where lost over the years in connection with the clintons. Vince Foster comes to mind. Strang how a man who collected fire arms was found dead. With an antique firearm wirh out the proper ammo. Yea it was claimed he committed suicide. Horse crap’ola

    2. Peatro Giorgio says

      Yes we have need for each other ! Yes again we are mostly all in this together. Inevitable though there will be those who persistently. agitate, instigate, advocate and promulgate false hoods,deception . Comparatively speaking , The most divisive speech appears to come from both sides of the major party establishments. As we are all becoming more readily aware. The overly whelming,membership of both establishments work in collusion, to betray the general public. It is through my own personal observance that most of us; whom claim to be Independent. Seem to reflect greatly more truth in most dialogues.
      What isn’t hard to understand is the absolute angry, frustration, bitterness and resentment of the electorate. Promises after, broken promises, after broken promises. Hundred of millions unemployed or underemployed ,47 million on some form of government subsided ,millions upon millions of illegals including thousand of terrorist entering our nation . Receiving benefits beyond what any American would have received. Our education system rated at or below that of the 27th next best nations. Our people subsidizing the pharmaceutical cost of other nations while we pay 100% -1000 % premiums on the very same medications. Our roads and bridges crumbling,all around us. Why we our people pay to rebuild other nations infrastructure . Our election systems filled with fraud , corruption and abuse, all a matter of who you know and who you pay.
      A federal government not accountable to the people ! More like a dysfunctional dictatorship. Our military over used ,over abused, stretched beyond its breaking point. Vets mistreated or not treated at all. Our police and emergency personal abused, mistreated , Racial divides growing ever more widely apart. Economic divides ,religious divides, cultural divides, economic divisions, Divisions among the sexes. All these divisions instituted by the progressive, socialist,and communist among us. And heck yes they are forces among both major political party establishments. Wake up my fellow Americans. We are not each others enemy .Our enemy is our Government. Our enemy is those we have chosen to elect. and those they have chosen to appoint.

      1. ReadeMyLips says

        I agree with much of what you wrote, but not your statement that our government is our enemy. By our voting choices, we often put power into the hands of those least able to manage it.

  18. Tiger says

    Hollywood is one of the most valuable tools to the Liberals. We see it in the way they have portrayed our Military in Action movies for years now. They went berserk over the Chris Kyle movie and they would have taken it down if they could. But that movie made it clear, through the eyes of a sniper how difficult it is to have to fight.

    Who cares what they think? Most can’t even read a script and memorize it they have to do pieces at a time. I have no great respect for the bulk of them only a few like Stallone, Eastwood and others worth a flying f a r t.

    1. Deby says

      true true true Tiger! they have also pulled 13 Hours somehow-been waiting for cable to get it, and am still waiting-they don’t want that movie in circulation while the Queen Biatch HRC is still trying to run for POTUS-can’t have the TRUTH hit them in the face while she continues her lying tour of America. I agree, only a few Hollywood types are worth following, the 2 you mentioned, and of course Arnold S!

      1. Tiger says

        Love Arnie he and all the named along with most of the cast of the “Expendables” my favorite along with anything Stallone does are true Patriots. During the last episode when Israel attacked they went there to lift the moral of the Israeli troops. Today I see where Biden is criticizing seriously Netanyahu and saying he is taking Israel in the wrong direction, I was horrified that it has come to this now. Russian news all over it and the bloggers are many Muslims loving and praising what Joe said. I blogged and said he wouldn’t know about direction with what he and O has done to America and the world.

        Anyway I agree with you 100% on everything you say. Hillary had another serious coughing spell her third one, the woman won’t be president she is sick in more ways than one and she is so ridden with scandal that her entire persona is being eroded. People are waking up.

        1. ReadeMyLips says

          Arnold may be a true patriot, but his inability to keep his Johnson in his pants seriously compromises his political stance.

          1. Tiger says

            I don’t pay attention to the misconduct in the private lives of these people and our politicians. All leaders throughout history including queens have had lovers. To me that usually doesn’t affect their ability to lead. Doesn’t matter my approval it is fact.

            George Washington had a lover.

          2. ReadeMyLips says

            I agree for the most part. However, in this current campaign, a candidate’s personal life has become fodder for the tabloids and for those who seek to discredit him or her. Trump hinting that he would go after H. Clinton for the indiscretions of her husband is hitting below the belt (no pun intended).

          3. Tiger says

            No it isn’t and the reason is Hellary protected Billy and went after these woman and actually destroyed them and her claim is she is all about Women. Her Foundation took money from those who daily hurt women in the ME. She also in her time blamed a 12 year old for her brutal rape and laughed at her. It is a war against Evil.

          4. ReadeMyLips says

            No matter what action she chose, it would be extremely difficult for any woman to deal rationally and with detachment to a scandal of this magnitude made public to the entire world. Whether Mrs. Clinton behaved well or not after-the-fact doesn’t affect my opinion of her. I’d become a roaring lion if I found out my husband were on the make. I doubt I would express my personal views publicly, but I most certainly would feel free to express them to my husband in the privacy of our own home. What would you do under the circumstances? I don’t know what I would do, whether I’d throw my husband under the bus by divorcing him or if I’d stand by him to the end or some other scenario. None of those alternatives are decisions easily made.

            However, going after the “victim” is classic victim shaming, with which I absolutely disagree but can certainly understand. If everything written about those actions is true, Hillary made a mistake. I don’t know what I would have done in her situation, though, and I hope I never have to walk in her shoes.

            As far as the the 12-year-old, I looked up what it was she said that people have interpreted as her blaming the child for the rape, and I haven’t found anything that substantiates that belief. What is true is that Clinton didn’t want to take the rape case but the judge ordered her to. Turning down a judge’s request is career suicide. Lawyers defend rapists, murderers, and other criminals every day. Part of their oath as attorneys is to provide the best defense possible, no matter whether the person is guilty or innocent. Defense strategies in such a case require the attorney to strive for at least reasonable doubt about the defendant’s actions. Clinton gave the case her due diligence and was successful in getting the charge reduced through a plea deal rather than a jury trial. The man still had to serve jail time and was on probation for four years following his incarceration.

            The alleged “laughing at the victim” was instead:
            –laughing at the efficacy of polygraph tests (they can be defeated),
            –laughing about being denied the right to examine the prosecutor’s evidence (a basic right of defense counsel), and
            –laughing about the forensic expert’s statement that the evidence didn’t prove rape, and that he would be coming to testify to prevent a miscarriage of justice (despite the forensic expert’s testimony that rape couldn’t be proved, Clinton was able to plea-deal the defendant into a jail cell).

            No matter how you feel about a defendant’s actions, s/he has a right to a fair trial and competent defense. The evidence presented in this case wasn’t enough to prove to a jury that the charge of rape was correct, so the prosecutor went for a plea deal, which at least required the defendant to admit some culpability in the case and sent him to jail. That doesn’t necessarily mean he wasn’t guilty of rape, just that the evidence didn’t support that charge. Clinton operated appropriately within the bounds of the current justice system, though, for which we all should be grateful. Any one of us going up against the justice system could only hope for the same.

            If you want to bring up a war against evil, I think it would be more appropriate to take a long, hard look at Trump’s actions over his lifetime and his beliefs about the treatment of women and others. He’s called women pigs and slobs and other nasty names, which proves to me that he has little to no respect for women. He consistently lies and denies the truth about what he has said recently and in the past. Denying women essential health care (shutting down Planned Parenthood would throw millions of women under the health care bus) and maintaining that women who have abortions need to be punished (when abortion IS legal in the United States) are two important issues upon which I judge his suitability for office. As far as I’m concerned, the war against evil would do well to hold Trump accountable for his actions and derisive statements.

          5. Tiger says

            She was filthy and I have lawyers for friends don’t know what liberal rag you got all that out of but I know they can decline a case.

            Oh get off it.

            Trump never killed anyone.
            The women he called names when he was a TV personality were Whoopie and Rosie they deserved it.
            Trump never destroyed his computers and put security at risk and the American people.
            Trump hasn’t broken any laws, none.

            I see what you are and not worth my time. Hellary is a pig. You are quoting trash from the liberal rags and TV and most likely never listened to a Trump speech to see the truth.

            Just as Pence told that little demon Kaine if Trump had said all those things you have taken out of context in the manner you say he did he would have no supporters.

          6. ReadeMyLips says

            I am sorry you feel that way. Your opinions effectively close off all discussion. Additionally, even if you don’t agree with a candidate’s views and ideas, that doesn’t automatically make them evil or demonic.

            I’m not going to argue about the validity of sources, but I do know something about the law, as I worked in that field for 12 years. If you choose to refuse a court appointment, you better have a damned good reason for doing so. Disgust of the criminal and/or the crime is not considered a good reason.

          7. Tiger says

            I have news for you, the world who is allowed to see the truth about her feels this way. They know what she is. I know what she is and without the main media in her pocket she would be in jail.

            I didn’t work in law but I sure knew a lot of lawyers, in fact too many. They play games and they put people’s lives in their hands as they buddy and coffee with judges and make sure they pick the right jurists. I could not be a lawyer.

            She is filthy, she wrote letters to Saul Alinsky when an activist. You know who he is? Well he dedicated his book to Satan, that pretty much says it all. Her and Bill’s entire careers drowning in scandals.

            Good luck if she wins and if you have grandchildren they will ask you why you did this to them. You really need to take your head out of her backside and breathe some fresh air and truth.

          8. Tiger says

            I believe all those parents of victims of Benghazi feel that way.
            All those parents whose children killed by illegals feel that way. Hellary wants more of the same. Billy did away with Catch and Release, Bush put it back, O did away with it again.
            I believe all the women Billy raped feel that way.
            I believe all the soldiers whose security jeopardized by her feel that way.
            I believe Libyan people, who call her the Butcher of Benghazi feel that way.

            Sad really that people like you are going to win.

          9. Tiger says

            Here is a post from my friend across the pond. Suffering in Sweden from the mutliculturalism you and the gits in America want. Look at how intelligent people who get the truth are. This is all over Europe, they are watching, they can’t understand why Hellary not in jail. You need to read this. Sad how you are duped by this evil woman.

            I read one e-mail that looked very sketchy, she was collaborating with the former CEO of fox at the time about slandering Trump. I’m not sure if it’s illegal or if they were part of her super pac at the time. But if they were that is a felony, right? Also proof that despite denying it she indeed supports multiculturalism, talking to wealthy donors and foreign diplomats in a secret meeting, part of the speech is included in the transcript. Some statements about multiculturalism which every sane person could agree to, problem with integration with gypsies, blacks, muslims barely succeeding despite opportunity and circumstance, and which races do better. How her ideal view of America is one of open borders and complete gun control, where victims can sue manufacturers out of business. She acknowledges the problems, pushes for it anyway, slanders those who AGREE what she acknowledges as racists and xenophobes and makes millions doing it. Scary stuff, really makes you fear for the future. And the Billy Bush stuff is completely ridiculous, what guy- or woman for that matter is not guilty of the same thing or worse?? All the while defending that sketchy rapist Bill. Maddening she still has the upper hand, what is it Trump needs now? 5-6 states and she only 2 realistically? I hope you and your family have fire arms. And what about her buying ads for weather channels during the Hurricane, heartless witch. You’re not in the vicinity of that hurricane, are you?

          10. Tiger says

            By the way my X a cheater it was easy to leave him. No excuses she is nothing more than a piece of DNA waste.

          11. ReadeMyLips says

            You must be terrified that Clinton will win. Calling her a piece of DNA waste, though, is saying, in essence, that she is a despicable human being without value, which may indeed be how you feel. No matter which candidate wins, I hope for the best for you and your family. Take care and please try to keep an open mind.

          12. Tiger says

            My mind is wide open and to make it clear to you yes me and those who are knowing what she is, what she has done, who she is in with, who supports her, all of us throughout this world terrified of her winning due to people like you.

            She is a disgrace to our country, she and Billy are a disgrace to the offices she has held and yes she is a waste of DNA. Yes she is despicable and inhuman and inhumane and without value.

            Thank you I will be fine. We have money and so do our children and can leave if we have to. You best to worry about your own hide and your family cause you will get what you asked for.

  19. Liberty says

    Ex-husband Bruce Willis is registered Republican and has been outspokenly so. I’s possible that at the time they were married, she leaned toward the middle. Choosing Independent even just as an adjective over Democrat tells us she may actually have some sense. The rep says what a Hollywood rep has always said to keep the roles coming: “Duh, we deny having any independent thought.” Rather refreshing to think we have thousands in California who prefer the word Independent over Democrat. Now if only they’d think, act and vote that way until “Independent” enough to take a full stand.

  20. Jo Ann Cooper says

    What do we expect from a country whose college students are so incredibly clueless? Have you heard some of the questions posed to these Bernie burners lately? Who knew that George Bush was president during WWII?

  21. Eleanore Whitaker says

    The problem with the obsessive/compulsive CONservatives in the US today is they absolutely feast at the table of denial. You will never hear them say, “I am wrong.” Because in their pathetic minds they are ALWAYS bet they are so damn far right they are off the beam.

    No one actually knows what they are really after or trying to prove with their hostility, anti-government, anti-humans, anti-planet earth hate hate hate…But they do love that hate fest don’t they?

    Then, there is the matter of how these sly little dogs of war cannot pass a single bowel movement without labeling it “liberal.” You do have to wonder about that particular obsession.

    If they so despise liberals and every liberal in the world suddenly disappeared, these CON boys and girls would be working their asses off on some Corn Pone of Mutton Chops plantation from dawn till dust at Walmartian salaries. After all, that IS all these nut bags are good for.

  22. Eleanore Whitaker says

    Everyone who had a brain knew precisely what Dickface Cheney was up to back in 1994 when he approached the RNC to put him out there to run for president. They turned him down. Why? Because they knew Dickface was as much the belligerent decision maker as Dickhead Nixon. Two Dicks…both bossy, overbearing autocrats lusting for autonomous power.

    So..Dickface used Halliburton’s back door to get his back room presidency. In 1996, he took the job of Halliburton CEO making a deal to hand a no bid contract to Halliburton for the war in Iraq. He remained with Halliburton until the RNC decided to reward Cheney for his contribution to another for profit war. No sweat off Cheney’s nose. His old lady is a billionaire so he wasn’t going to pay a dime of that $350 billion in profit that Halliburton was to earn from Iraq. As for GWB, he was the perfect foil to hide the back room presidency in 2000 and 2004. He had to win that election or Halliburton would have exposed the deal Dickface made with them. Bad juju that.

  23. Eleanore Whitaker says

    One thing we are all observing…our prison inmates have better morals than Republican men. So when Hastert goe to prison for his pussyfooting around with teen boys, I’d love to see how far that Speaker of the House title gets him with his cell mate. Prison inmates don’t like grown men who play with little boys.

    1. ringostarr1 says

      Maybe we should empty Guantanamo and send all of our Afghan Taliban detainees to the big house instead. Those lovely Mohammedans have a saying, “Women are only good for making babies but little boys are made for having fun.” I have always suspected that Democrat Women are secret Tranies now thanks to Miss E we have conformation. If you will be so kind as to post your mailing address I will send you a looking glass and and a book on human anatomy so you can learn how to channel your inter dick face.

      1. ReadeMyLips says

        All women Democrats are transvestites? Upon what facts do you base your accusations?

  24. Eleanore Whitaker says

    Well, let’s see now…The Republicans slash and burn went so well didn’t it? Kansas had to shut down schools before the mandated school year ended due to lack of funds. Iowa? Had to shut down hospitals because their asshat governor and his Republican war lords spent spent spent. Now, Texas is complaining about lack of funds from FEMA…booooo hoooo…You vote for Republicans, get used to living in the gutters.

  25. Eleanore Whitaker says

    I am always ready to take on Republican men. Why? I was a Republican woman from 1966 when I first registered until 2004 when Bush and Cheney started their crooked direction and put this country on the wrong path. What I saw in GOP meetings was not unlike sneaking into a frat boy initiation. All the control freak big mouths lording it over their waterboys.

    1. ScranunSlim says

      And that’s why The Big Creep said, ” . . . he’d (Obama) be gettin’ us coffee.” — right?

      1. Eleanore Whitaker says

        The people in this country have had it up to their ears with right wingers always bashing bashing bashing bashing….They aren’t Americans. In fact, I suspect some of them are really operatives of foreign countries. How else can they explain their hatred for the President of the U.S. or the government of which they are part?

        I was a Republican woman from 1966 until 2004..I refused to vote for that swaggering, drawling New England Texan Bush ’43. Because I’d already read enough about the Bush family and Cheney to know he couldn’t be trusted to flush a toilet much less be President. And that was proven by his constant failures year after year. From 2004 to 2008, Bush/Cheney racked up 8 million unemployed. They also managed to finish a presidency with a financial meltdown..This from Bush, a Harvard MBA and Cheney the former CEO of Halliburton?

        1. ScranunSlim says

          I had the privilege and honor to serve as a Marine officer, but now some aging Queen of Remainderd Books is telling me I’m not an American.

          Lemme splain sumthin’ to ya, Pantsuit.

          Besides being a bumbling incompetent, The Syndicate Known as “Hillary Clinton” is a LIE from beginningend. She wasn’t named for Sir Edmund and is nothing but a co-conspirator in a sham marriage. 

          And it’s hereditary too. If Chelsea was jogging around the WTC on 9/11, it was probably with Rosie Ruiz.

          1. ReadeMyLips says

            Dear Scrotum/Slim, your negativity is off-putting and would never in a million years convince me to change my vote. If you want to win over voters to your side of the issues, I suggest treating them with respect and dignity. Personal and collective attack language only drives people further apart.

            P.S. interesting choice of name. What made you choose Scrotum/Slim?

          2. ScranunSlim says

            6 month old whining about “negativity?” — are ya wearing your leisure suit or Nehru jacket? That phony issue died with the ERA.

            re: my choice of name
            I can’t remember whether it was your mother or your wife who suggeted it.

            Who suggested yours, “Lips”‘– your cellmate in Pelican Bay?

          3. Craigslist Redshirt1 says

            This from the troll who thinks Michelle Obama is “uppity” just like Omarosa simply because Michelle is aware of our nation’s shabby treatment of minorities

          4. Peatro Giorgio says

            Uppity You mean like those illegals who came here over staying their visas . Or those who entered our nation illegal. They who think America owes them. Or are you referring to the Italian an Irish Americans who came here legally and were abused mistreated left an right an up an until the 1940s when ever an employer would advertise help wanted He or she would post signs in their windows. Dagoes whopps, Guinnie’s Italians Micks Irish need not appply. Well we persevered. we chose to assimilate, we educated our selves, we survived an we certainly prospered. We chose not to be locked into one particular party establishment. We chose indendence . We chose to work hard not depend upon the lies of the liberal lying democratic party. Micheal Obama is little more the a racist bigoted treasonous dog. As for shabby Treatment. Look to your preferred party. Look to those cities states which have been under the control of demo-rats for 50 to 100 years. The the minority groups chose to be loyal to a party that has utterly destroyed them.

          5. Craigslist Redshirt1 says

            Thanks to tighter border controls, illegal immigration is down under Obama, and when they do sneak in, they tend not to commit violent crimes or otherwise call attention to themselves… but don’t let facts get in the way of a good racist screed!

          6. Peatro Giorgio says

            So the source for which you have chosen to trust is the Washington post. Proves you the useless idiot. I choose those 8,000 Border patrol an Immigration Officers who have chosen to Support Trump. Illegal immigration levels of entries is higher then levels of previous Administrations according to those immigration an border patrol officers . Who support Trump. Lets see Washington post. Or those directly confronting immigration both legal an illegal.

          7. Craigslist Redshirt1 says

            I could care less about what some union decided to support, it’s pretty irrelevant given the fact that all you can do is cast shade on the source of information while doing nothing to actual refute the facts they bring up in their articles (I’ll bet you didn’t even bother reading them, did you?)

            So sorry reality has an anti-Trump bias and your fragile little ego can’t handle it. Maybe if you’d paid attention in school and worked at picking up new skills instead of blaming Mexicans for taking your jorbs (lol if you can be replaced by an “illegal immigrant” you aren’t that valuable as an employee)

          8. Peatro Giorgio says

            O Y Yes of course . The epitome of a functional idiot decrying the sources of the Washington post. I have gave up reading sources known to be completely biase. Such as The Huffington Post,The Washington post, The New York Times,The Examiner . They serve but one purpose an one purpose only and that is to decieve the Useless idiots who follow The Lunatics of this administration. Now according to New Mexico Sheriff’s, Texas Rangers , Arizona Shreiffs And all border patrol across the south . The only reduction of illegal immigrations is in the detentire of illegals , The orders handed down by this administration is to release do not detain. As for illegals taking jobs ,social security health care benefits. Your either a welfare queen who isn’t affected by those actions or a lying liberal Ass Hole. So which is it? Or might it be both. Yes that is more like it. Useless liberal leach.

          9. Craigslist Redshirt1 says

            “Your” is the possessive, “you’re” is the contraction of “you are”- thanks for demonstrating my point about your obvious value as an employee and functional, productive American and person in general.

            In any case, no where in your ranting do you even post one thing that is true or factual, and honestly I find your impressions of news sources not on your Dear Leader’s approved propaganda list pretty unimpressive… and of course, you haven’t posted one link to an external source of information, pretty much demonstrating how uninformed you really are.

            In other words that stuff you just made up in your post doesn’t impress me, nor do your factless attacks on me- I’m fully employed and a tax paying citizen, AND I have a basic command of the written English language, along with being able to basic factual research.

          10. mrpoohead says

            …..but instead I am happy to believe anything the idiots in the “alt-right” say, despite having no reference or substance. Devoid of facts, just hyperbole, BS and paranoia. Still, he’s educated with the most amazing language and grammar skills, plus he has many “sources” around the world – Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy included. Keep taking the tablets zippy.

            “Peatro Giorgio” is Latin for I’m a dumb, ignorant hick. Duh!

          11. mrpoohead says

            Or, he gave up reading it because he couldn’t understand the big words – their spelling was better.

            O Y?
            it.? surely ).
            Post, The
            Times, The Examiner.
            the lunatics
            Shreiffs – Arabs?
            illegals, those
            jobs, social security, health
            Useless, naive
            gulilble, liberal

            The mysteries of the English language as portrayed by the retarded monkey that is obviously “Latins” – ha, ha, ha!

            Who’s the dimwit? Nice one doofus!

          12. mrpoohead says

            According to the Immigration Department “illegals” numbers are decreasing; from a high of 12 million down to 11 million. More blabber from Santa?

    2. ScranunSlim says

      Everthing you post SCREAMS that a RINO dumped you for a hottie spokesmodel or Jazzercise instructor.

  26. Eleanore Whitaker says

    Most right wingers and Republican men are Haterade alkies who can’t get through a single day without packing it down in lies and slathering it in bias.

    1. tcurry says

      No, Ted Kennedy was a murdering Democrat.

    2. ReadeMyLips says

      Generalizations and name-calling don’t add anything useful to the conversation. Please don’t lower yourself to fighting dirty.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker says

        When wingers lie and lie and lie, I fight as dirty as I know how. If that offends, don’t read my posts. Your problem. Not mine.

        1. ReadeMyLips says

          I still don’t see how fighting dirty gets anyone anywhere. I’m not offended, just puzzled by how you think that advances the discussion. It appears to me to drive people further apart.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker says

            Sorry I give as good as I get. But to answer how fighting dirty gets anyone anywhere, here is how far it got Trump:

  27. tcurry says

    I sure wish our leaders of higher education would hire some conservatives to teach and equal out the Socialism taught by our current band of Political Liberals. I went to my grandson’s graduation and had to listen to some Socialist screech out Liberal Faux Truths. She went on and on for two hours. People were passing out in the heat and as they assisted them to ambulances she kept right on droning about global warming and the nasty conservatives. They finally had to stop her so that people could recover.

    1. ReadeMyLips says

      That would exhaust me too. A two-hour speech at a graduation is an hour and a half too long no matter who delivers it.

  28. Deborah G says

    Not surprising that a Hollywood Lib is so stupid they can’t even register to vote or read

  29. Austinniceguy says

    This is why so many actors end up broke once their stars flame out, they are too stupid to even check the correct party affiliation box when registering to vote and they are equally brilliant at managing vast wealth.

  30. Mark Nicholas says

    This site is typical white trash ignorance supported by the GOP. You’re all scumbags!

    1. Deby says

      why don’t you go back to Salon magazine then? that site is for typical low-information sheep such as yourself who repeat liberal lies ad nauseum.

    2. tcurry says

      If the only reason you posted is to be insulting why don’t you find someone who cares what you have to say. You know nothing about conservatives.

      1. Mark Nicholas says

        True conservatives are not the GOP today.

  31. Arthur Ittus says

    Demi Moore, disgusting slore!!! she wouldn’t take time outta bed to vote anyway……..

  32. kaitty says

    Well it is obviously quite true, a great many legal USA citizens are too ignorant for their own good! It is very unfortunate! I do believe if they set their egos aside they should try to understand their limitations and seek help plus there is the possible need to “stop hurrying” and take time to read and understand. If you have to read it over and over that is OK, but keep at it until you understand and then reply or enter your choice on the paper in front of you. Do not be bullied or pushed into hurrying in your own mind or in reality.

  33. GrizzMann says

    That happens in a make believe world.

  34. glorybe2 says

    Our economic and social systems have people too tired and unable to think. Then we have the lowering of standards in our school systems as our schools have been raped by social issues and starved for reasonable funding. We have a couple of generations that need to be relabeled the “duh ” generations. It is so warped that people living in Atlantic City New Jersey often could not name the ocean when interviewers pointed straight at the water. That included students.

  35. MAHB001 says

    If the liberal media had actually done the same type of survey on illegals, they would have found out that 100% of the illegals that have registered to vote did so without their knowledge.

    The Democrat party helped them register.

  36. Joansharrington1 says

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  37. Eleanore Whitaker says

    Awwww….the right wing has lost another round. Now, they’ll pout, whine and look around with there beak noses and bird brains for someone, anyone to blame. Hey Stupids! No country survives or advances to the next level with dipshits who can’t move on. So keep puking up the same old, same old…you’ll be left in a morass of your own BS.

    1. John Doe says

      Eleanor, I do respect you (although to a very slight degree), you at the very least seem or somewhat appear to have some intellectual capabilities, unlike most liberals. But, please, you need to get off the Kool-Aid habit ! It’s obviously become overly intoxicating.

  38. Frankie Boy says

    It’s easy for a puke infused movie star that actually does nothing for a living ! They can sit around and count their millions for doing nothing ! They have the time,money and a brainless audience that thinks what movie people have to say is worth something ! Liberalism is easy when you have more money than God !

    1. ReadeMyLips says

      How is what you say about movie stars in any way connected to liberalism? Just like the rest of the voting population, some celebrities vote Democrat, some vote Republican.

  39. ScranunSlim says

    Would someone tell the nurse that the patient calling ITself “Eleanore Whitaker” has gnawed through the straps on her straitjacket and is hammering on a keyboard somwhere hoping someone understand what she posts.

  40. armydadtexas says

    Script readers, what does one expect?

    1. ScranunSlim says

      Dem-EEE justified the different ending to “The Scarlet Letter” by saying that she’d checked with her friends and very few of ’em had read it.

  41. Verna Freund says

    “my room mate Mary Is getting paid on the internet 98$/hr”..,……..!wc644ctwo days ago grey MacLaren P1 I bought after earning 18,512 was my previous month’s payout..just a little over.17k DoIIars Last month..3-5 hours job a day…with weekly’s realy the simplest. job I have ever Do.. I Joined This 7 months. ago. and now making over. hourly 87 DoIIars…Learn. More right Here !wc644:➽:➽:➽➽➽➽ http://GlobalSuperJobsReportsEmploymentsMagazineGetPayHourly$98…. .❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦::::::!wc644……

  42. Jim Young says

    This really funny

  43. Ted Crawford says

    What more is to be expected of people who spend all their time pretending to be someone they aren’t!? Take George Clooney, who claims to be a freedom loving American, YET he supports every Socialist/Communist/Marxist/Progressive that comes down the pike! Apparently he believes in the freedom of those, like himself, that can afford to pay for it!

    1. ReadeMyLips says

      That’s a sad statement, sir, and is much more about your prejudices than those of the individuals you mention

      1. Ted Crawford says

        Whatever blows your skirt up Comrade!

  44. jreb57 says

    It figures. Most of today’s Democrat voters think that Obama’s policies have united the country, that our foreign policy is successful, that our economy is stronger and our borders are more secure. They don’t realize that the Democrat party might as well be called the Socialist party and Hillary is having to scramble to paint herself as sufficiently liberal to be acceptable to the core Democrat voters. Or perhaps they just like being dependent on government programs.

  45. Mary Brumley says

    When I read a conservative article and scroll down to the comment section, the “ads” offered are not believable! Is that the trash they think conservatives want to view, or is it my computer “choosing” for me? oh, well.
    The Republican Party, of which I am a member, should not cheat to get votes. It is already so corrupt I am surprised it doesn’t just implode.

  46. Frankdidit says

    What could you possibly expect from people who live in lala land. Just remember, they are living in the largest insane asylum in the world. The land of fruits and nuts. Nancy POS Pelosi.