Liberals Are About to Start Despising the “Executive Action”


Well, they can’t say we didn’t warn them.

For eight long years, the liberal media looked the other way while Barack Obama used a novel, dangerous strategy to get around what they glibly referred to as Republican obstructionism. With his “pen and phone,” President Obama forced rules and regulations on the American people without so much as a conversation with Congress. And since he did so to further a (very) left-wing, statist agenda, the media backed him every step of the way.

We saw this start to come undone months ago. Faced with the mere specter of a Donald Trump presidency, academic liberals started singing a different tune. Hmm, look here now, maybe Obama should ease off those executive actions. My God, man, we have a Constitution!

Too late, my friends.

Now, on his first day in office, President Trump will have the ability to immediately and ruthlessly rescind every single Obama order that never went through the proper channels of the legislature. Goodbye, overbearing EPA regulations. Goodbye DAPA. Goodbye gun control orders. These measures will be undone by their very weakness – that they were never consented upon by the governed. In truth, even those liberals who supported the goals of those orders should be glad to see them go.

But we’re probably not going to hear much of that sentiment.

Nonetheless, we are going to watch the restoration of true democracy, and it will be a pleasure we’ve waited on for a long time. We deserve to enjoy this moment, assuming Trump goes through with it.

At the same time, let’s not make the mistake of simply flipping the coin. This is going to be the tough part. It would be very satisfying to watch President Trump abuse his executive powers over the next four years. It would scratch that itch for revenge. We have to resist the urge. Just like Obama, Trump has an expiration date. In whatever ways he expands the power of the presidency, that power will be inherited by the next guy, who may be even further to the left than Obama. Hopefully, with the backing of a Republican Congress, Trump won’t be tempted to resort to the same constitutional end-arounds as his predecessor.

We have an extraordinary chance to turn our government back into a truly representative institution – one that is more focused on staying out of our lives than on micromanaging liberty. If that is the trend of the next four years, our choice last Tuesday will have been resoundingly validated.

  1. Tiger says

    Trump isn’t taking the salary, he isn’t taking vacations or going to play golf on the tax payers dollars and all these stupid would have found out quickly how much Hillary and the Progressive/Socialists loved them when they found out they couldn’t go to college unless the government decided they could and they would all be working for the government, living where the government told them to, eating what the UN told them to, not eating meat and no air conditioning and no refrigeration and if you think that is absurd then you didn’t read the leaks or listen to Kerry, Obama and Hillary.

    1. richard says

      good morning Tiger, i’m glad your still with us, and that you still stick with facts, and some good old fashion common sense. The “Hillery got robbed” crowd is having a melt down, never in my life have i seen such ignorance and just pure stupidity,Trump not only won fair and square,he did it against the worst,most corrupt and the nastiest media attacks that no candidate has ever had to endure,and he beat them all…..and like the little cry babies they are they don’t know how to cope….well here’s to all you “never Trump” whiners “Sit On It and Rotate”……

      1. Tiger says

        LOLOL HI Richard right on. I think the children getting in on this is a Red Flag that Common Core needs to end and this poison has gone deep into our blood stream because the youth of any country are our life force.

        1. cmi says

          Just think for a minute, How this country sent our young men & women off to fight in WW2 to keep this & other countries free from tyranny,……then think what a predicament we would be in if suddenly we had to send these whiny, crybaby, scabs of the human race off today to fight for our freedom!!! We would be in a WORLD of trouble!!! I’m sure they would have to have their “cry-rooms”, etc., & be allowed to take their protest signs with them!!! Look back over the last 15 or 20 years, & really think,……..who in the HELL raised this sorry, worthless, ignorant, lazy, G.D. good-for-nothing generation!!! This young generation SUCKS,……… unbelievably!!!!

          1. Tiger says

            Right on all the way around but as long as we stay a Volunteer military then we have nothing to worry about. I heard Congressman Duncan Hunter talk this AM. He was military and he is on the boards for military and he might get a position in the Trump administration but he only wants one if it means he can do what needs to be done. He laid it out clearly what O has done to our military and how he has taken all the power from our military leaders, Generals and Admirals and put lawyers and his own hands into everything. Our pilots have to get permission straight from the Crazy WH before they bomb and it takes so long the enemy gone and they get back to their planes with all bombs still on board. He didn’t talk about that problem but he laid out what needs to change and quick. People don’t realize O runs everything in our military and our government I mean everything.

            So yes it is going to be a different world. I hear them saying assassinate Trump then assassinate Pence well you got Paul Ryan after that and on down the line so what are these punks and pukes proposing?

          2. Conservative says

            Oh great, this crazy youth and those who raised them want to just kill anyone and everyone if they don’t get their own way.

          3. Tiger says

            Yes and rape Melania they are very disturbed youth and generations and can you imagine our country overwhelmed with them led by Radical Islam? Slaughter, mayhem, chaos and just plain death and destruction. A war within our borders but we squeezed past it.

          4. Mark Plenn says

            Again LET LOOSE THE DOGS OF WAR, after that there’d be no Radical Islam!

          5. Tiger says

            I am hearing from many of my military “Doge of War” that they have just about had enough of this. Notice where these people meet with no resistance from the rest of us, if there were these people close to my home I would go and I would take my pepper spray and a few other things and fight them.

          6. R. T. says

            Let the Generals run the wars , keep the pencil pushers out !!!!!!!!!!!

          7. ABO says

            Now there’s an idea!

          8. Mark Plenn says

            That’s why we won WW 2 Roosevelt let the dogs of war loose.

          9. Tiger says

            Duncan Hunter spelled it out clearly today he is expected to be offered a position. He said not unless he actually is in a position to do something. He said the WH running the military. He said give it back to the Generals and Admirals. Right on.

          10. lovinspoonful says

            The president is the Commander-In-Chief of the military. He has the ultimate say. However, he should consult with the military advisors (which Obama did not do) as to what should be done. And, he cannot go to war without requesting Congress declare it (which Obama also did).

          11. Mark Plenn says

            LET LOOSE THE DOGS OF WAR: Iran, China and Russia will get the idea that their shit will stop or be stopped.

          12. Kol says

            Вы на самом деле действовать как идиот! Зачем?

            Now don’t forget, Trump’s kissing Putin The Puke’s arse.

          13. albaby2 says

            Uh, what did you call Obamas removal of the Easter Europe missile defense shield?

          14. Kol says

            An effort at true DIPLOMACY… a much smarter idea than a right wing extremist would have. But I fault Obama for not doing enough in that direction, since I have very close family in Russia and do not want to see them threatened, nor hurt, nor killed in an uncalled-for war. It’s time for the human race to get a little fucking smarter in that area,… wouldn’t even you say!?!?!!

          15. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says

            Like electing Obama the disaster and jive talkin Liberal fool was smart please give America a break loser hahahhahahaha

          16. Kol says

            Ты ведешь себя, как идиот! Зачем?

          17. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says

            Fung gu u stunod poshit liberal

          18. Motorhead says

            President Obola is Muslim born in Kenya,! 82nd Airborne

          19. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says
          20. Kol says

            She looks like she’s giving birth to you!


          21. Motorhead says

            I heard that Hillary the Hag had terrible body order….now I know why! ,<keep up the good work. 82nd Airborne

          22. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says

            The Liberal losers hahahahahhahahahhahahaha
            I luv it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


          23. Carol Smith says

            now trump will not pursue an investigation of hillar. that was a huge promise in getting him elected.

          24. Carol Smith says

            Obama did consult with military advisors, idiot.

          25. Deborah G says

            And then did the exact opposite, BUT? he did shove Military Chaplains into jail and pushed his LBGT agenda so we have girlymen everywhere

          26. Woody says

            Google latest LGBT study out of Johns Hopkins; “not such thing as LGBT–it found it to be a mental illness — nothing more.” Study is quite detailed.

          27. Deborah G says

            i know about the study and have tried to post it but the libs don’t buy it anymore than I buy Global Warming. They are Science Deniers

          28. alwanderer says

            What are the odds girlymen don’t lift the seat?

          29. Deborah G says

            %99.999 to %.001

          30. Scrubjay says

            He may have consulted them, but he, being an arrogant ass, completely disregarded their advice and went about his own agenda.

          31. Carol Smith says

            were u here to hear the advice they gave…..

          32. Deborah G says

            It was fairly obvious he didn’t listen as he tied their hands with ridiculous rules of engagement and literally told the opposition what why when and where.

          33. Scrubjay says


          34. Carol Smith says

            please tell us how u know that….alex jones, breitbart…..

          35. Scrubjay says

            The President’s own words and deeds.

          36. Ron Everett says

            Yea he consulted them as soon as he fired anyone who opposed what he wanted to do. His mission was to weaken the world’s best military if a country which he often said “needs to be taken down a notch or two”.
            You are the idiot who gets all her info from the MSM which is nothing more than the propaganda arm of the democrat party.

          37. Carol Smith says

            u are a victim of the right wing rumor mill. he did not fire anyone. do u listen to alex jones and breitbart, he lowest form of journalism. that is where trump spread a lot of his hate and lies. his appoinment of sessions will bring us a dark person like george wallace.

          38. Ron Everett says

            You are a victim of everything. He stopped the careers of all who opposed his skewed view. Obama has nothing but try to tear the US down. How many apology tours did he go on?
            You can bury your head in the sand all you want, but you will never deter those who are awake.
            You must not know anything about Senator Sessions. He is a great and honorable man. He like Trump cares about protecting Americans and America. If you are offended by that, then please feel free to leave the US.
            If hillary was elected I would have left. I am married to an American-Mexican so I am eligible for residency in Mexico. But as it stands, I will try to do my part to Make America Great Again.

          39. Woody says

            Lowest form of journalism? Not even Journalism are CNN amd MSNBC; their biggist complaint lately is Trump’s wife wearing a gold bracelet. Huh? And then giving the questions to Hillary before the debates…give me a break! That’s how I voted listened to these two weasels and then voted opposite. (97% of Americans voted the same way)

          40. Will Carver says

            Can’t help it, but did you graduate, from the 3rd grade that is?

          41. Deborah G says

            Absolute nonsense. Jeff Session was the brunt of left wing charachter assinnation. His actions and acomplishments speak louder than blatent lies and spin from 35 years ago.

          42. Deborah G says

            And those girlymen DNC cheerleaders on MSNBC and Cnn are what? Honorable Journalists?? The problem the truth is too hard for libs they need puppies and safe places.

          43. cmi says

            Yeah,……and the ones that didn’t agree with him, he shit-canned!!!!

          44. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says

            Obamas a Moron and if u voted for the jive talkin fool u a Moron plain n simple now go watch CNN!

          45. hairyputter says

            Yeah, but his version of consulting is to tell the Generals he knows more about the topic than they do.

          46. Deborah G says

            You didn;t understand the statement one iota.He fully said what he meant.The ones OBAMA elevated are surely NOT MacArthur more like Sesame Street

          47. Woody says

            yes, after he fired the great ones and replaced them with only people who agreed with him…which as it shows was losing.

          48. Tiger says

            O never went to any of his briefings by the military and the officers said so. He picked the targets for the drones, 300 strikes that killed over 3,000 people and Human Rights Groups on his ass. No he never consulted Congress on anything and now he will pay. Because he has no legal Treaties and his EO are going out the window. He used our military to fight Ebola in Africa and that is nowhere in our Mission Statement. He has abused all his powers. Personally I believe he, Hillary, Jarrett, Rice, Kerry and many more need to be tried for Treason. Many generals and admirals agree.

          49. Carol Smith says

            and what are their names. o was a the briefings…maybe the officers were not. was this said b alex jones or breitbart….lol

          50. Tiger says

            No actually it was the officers themselves who said it. In fact O threw out over 200 officers from top down who didn’t agree with him being the one handling the drone targets without any approval and killing over 3,000 civilians with his over 300 strikes and telling our pilots what they can and cannot hit, taking all power away from the people who know what they are doing.

            No Carol Admirals and Generals across America backed Trump, the military and we vets backed him because we know what O did.

          51. Woody says

            Yes, bo shredded our military down to wwii beginnings area; and fired most of he great Generals because he did not agree with them, and then lost Iraq, and the other mideast countries; he and Hillary backed Saudis, Yemen, but she is not smart enought to know that these countries treat women the worst: genital mutilation, rape by husband is okay, any woman who reports her rape must have up to five men as witnesses (lots of luck); not Christian or Jewish churches may be built in their countries–this is who she aligns herself with(her head in he sand) “Know the truth and the truth will set you free.”

          52. Tiger says

            She knows she just doesn’t care. Yes he did all of the above and it is so good to see these people crying and slobbering and complaining and acting like a cage full of monkeys on rotten fermented fruit. Just wait til they see what happens when we get on our feet again and shove the boot right up their liberal backsides.

          53. Woody says

            Hey, maybe they will inter-marry and infect each other.

          54. Tiger says

            Most likely already have and this is what we ended up with.

          55. Carol Smith says

            another broken promise from trump…and his huge promise helped him win he election.
            Donald Trump “doesn’t wish to pursue” further investigations into Hillary Clinton’s email practices, a top adviser said Tuesday, a turnaround from all the campaign rallies when Trump roused supporters to chants of “lock her up.”

            kellyanne Conway said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

            That comes after months of Trump nicknaming his Democratic
            rival “Crooked Hillary,” questioning whether the Clinton Foundation is a
            pay-for-play scheme and raging against the Justice Department for
            refusing to prosecute her for blending private and official business on
            her homebrew email server. He told her face-to-face at a presidential
            debate that if he won the presidency, she’d “be in jail.”

            Conway’s comments were striking because Justice Department
            investigations are historically conducted without the influence or input
            of the White House. Presidents do not dictate decisions on which
            criminal investigations are pursued or their outcome.

          56. Tiger says

            Sorry dear no broken promise. You see he doesn’t have to get his hands dirty with her or Billy. They are already under 5 investigations and Congress is still pursuing her. When the new AG and the cleaned out FBI and DOJ get into gear she will not fair well believe me. As president he will let them do the work and he won’t interfere believe me.

            You just don’t think outside the box much do you?

          57. Carol Smith says

            he repeatedly told his supporters that he was going to hire a special prosecutor to invesigate her. now he is not. that is a broken promise and that is what incited he right to vote for him. she has already been thoroughly invesigated, and this is wishful thinking on your part. u are trying to muddle he story here. he broke his promise to hire a special prosecutor. in addition, he would have gone to court re trump university, but he knew he could not win and did not want the evidence aired.
            u will not be hearing much about hillary invesigations.
            he only thinking righies do outside he box is lapping up information from he radical right propaganda sites.

          58. wantsthetruthGrandma says

            @Carol…We discuss things on this site…if you are a trouble maker or just a basher..maybe you belong on yahoo’s site..
            I always enjoy Tiger’s posts…

          59. Carol Smith says

            birds of a feather

          60. Tiger says

            You just don’t get it do you? Doesn’t matter how she is prosecuted as long as Justice served. No she has not been thoroughly investigated she was let off the hook by a crooked FBI and a crooked AG along with a crooked president.

            The Congress is still after her and there are several other investigations ongoing concerning her Foundation and her Child Sex trafficking. No he would not have gone to jail over Trump University. Now you are dreaming.

            Go sit in your corner, suck your thumb and suck your pacifier. The Standard Protocol after winning an election has everything to do with Trump’s announcement. He will let the people do their jobs.

          61. Carol Smith says

            yyes, i get i. comey found nothing in those emails but a bunch of duplicates that had already been looked at. trump was involved in human trafficking with his model agency. he is guilty of rackeeering. u don’ get that, do you. i did no say trump would go to jail, but he had to settle all the lawsuits out of court to avoid publicity and he fact that he could not win. trump universiy was not a university and never should have been named so. it met none of he requirements that universities have to mee. .u blame everyone else and are gullible where trump is concerned he is a huge scammer. his foundation was ordered by the justice dept to cease taking in money.

          62. Tiger says

            That is not what he said Carol. He said plainly to Congress and in his speech she did have Top Secret and Classified and that she was negligent of duty. Don’t try to change it. She lied.

            Oh Lord keep me from reaching through this computer and slapping this idiot. Listen nobody ever at any time was investigating Trump for any such thing. If it was true don’t you think these people wold have thrown that out there? They couldn’t make anything stick.

            I have a Realtor’s license I went to Realtor’s school to get it, it was not a university per se and only dealt with Real Estate law etc. I had to pay to go further up the ladder and I got my job, used that information and made it.

            I put facts on the table and you are the one who can’t see the forest for the trees. Your O is a failure, the world hates the man and so does most of America and that is why you people lost.

          63. Tiger says

            Listen very closely to Comey admitting Hillary lied about her emails. Then remember the FBI does the investigating they don’t do the prosecuting that was Lynch’s job yet before Comey gave his findings she had met with Bill in her plane and then she said whatever Comey decided she would go along with. That is BS not his job. Good Lordy.

          64. Richard Kraus says

            this is fantastic – lock her up !!

          65. Tiger says

            Trump already said that he will not interfere with any investigations on Hillary and the FBI has 4 investigations going on her and Congress now with a Real President, real DOJ and AG are turning into the Hounds of War on Hillary.

          66. Richard Kraus says

            I appreciate your comments . There is so much news out there , it is hard to keep up with all of it . I voted for Trump / Pence but my problem is that I live in NY and as you know it is a blue state , so my vote really does not count – ya know ? . I am hoping that by the time I die , NY turns itself into a Red state .

          67. Tiger says

            Oh your vote counted never say that. Your welcome here is the story Assange thought would be the final blow to Hillary, O and Washington as we know it. But like Assange said if the truth is not allowed to be told to all then it is useless. The European papers carried all this and my European contacts sent them to me so they know.


          68. Richard Kraus says

            Pizzagate – another one of Hillarys greatest moments – lock her up !

          69. Tiger says

            The woman investigating it in Haiti found dead with a bullet to the back of her head last week. This makes 6 dead who were going to squeal on her.

            Oh and this shows the mentality of these people, this woman pooped in public on a Trump sign and smeared it with her hands, mental illness runs a muck in her voters. An Ohio man set himself on fire to protest.


          70. Tiger says

            There are 4 FBI ongoing investigations into Hillary and those affiliated with them.

            Also congress still after here.

            “Hillary Clinton may have lost the 2016 election, but she
            will still face investigations into her use of a private email server
            and an alleged “pay-to-play” scam at the Clinton Foundation, according
            to Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT).”

            “This is the largest breach of security, perhaps, in the history of
            the State Department,” Chaffetz said of Clinton’s alleged mishandling of
            state secrets.

            He added that the committee is still looking into dozens of people in Clinton’s inner circle.

            “We have perjury issues that we still want the Department of Justice to look at,” he explained.

            He noted that the questions about a pay-to-play scandal involving the
            Clinton Foundation and Clinton’s State Department is a completely
            separate – and also ongoing – investigation.

            Read more:

          71. Portia Snow Wadsworth says

            Tiger, whoever you are, that video is so funny, is it possible to send to my email address?

          72. Tiger says

            Will do.

          73. Tiger says

            Sent it to that address and it came back to me so here is the link.


          74. Tiger says

            OK going to try again. Darn computer.


          75. Tiger says

            Can’t do it. Won’t go through. But you can google drunk animals marula fruit party and get it there. I tried.

          76. Kurt Hanssen says

            killary was selling top secreats to China ( China gate ) she sold Uranium to Russia and Iran, 20.% of the US stock pile. enough to make 70.000 war-heads’ Treason big time. And this lady are steel a free woman.?

          77. Tiger says

            Exactly but it is not only her it is O and others who are treasonous. Giving aid and comfort to all our enemies. She and the others will get it and I believe Trump will make the FBI and DOJ Clean Again and they along with Congress will take care of business. The Clinton Foundation also involved in Child Sex rings and human trafficking this in the Wikileaks and before anyone poos that the woman investigating her in Haiti just got a bullet to the back of her head this week, suicide they called it.

          78. Kurt Hanssen says

            If they call it a suicide, that’s tells me who is behind, that makes it No. 128. Belive me, it is not easy to come across a gun in Haiti you got to bring that in on a boat, and only a person with special credentials can bring it on a plane, CIA. etc.

          79. Tiger says

            Or to commit suicide by shooting yourself in the back of the head. Hey enjoy O met with riots again, every country now the world hates the man.


          80. Kurt Hanssen says

            Twice Libya and Syria.

          81. MAHB001 says

            Duncan Hunter is my representative…. I don’t know how, but Duncan is the ONLY person that I vote for that has ever made it.

          82. Tiger says

            He is some sort of manly man. Great speaking voice, good mind and great ideas.

          83. Jacque McBride says

            Where is a General Norman Schwarzkopf when we REALLY need one !

          84. Deborah G says


          85. SpiceGirl says

            And lawyers…that is whom Obama is letting run the wars.

          86. Carol Smith says

            what are their names.

          87. SpiceGirl says

            Look them up….it is a well known fact that the war on radical islam has been micro managed by Obama and his drones and the generals have been stating their hands are tied. But all of that is about to change once we have some real leaders in place.

          88. Carol Smith says

            wrong on all counts.

          89. SpiceGirl says

            Yea me and about 40 million other voters that outed the liberals. Yea let’s make America great away with the ethnic politics.

          90. Deborah G says

            Trump will let them do that I’m sure

          91. albaby2 says

            I know this idea will not gain traction, but I would like to see a requirement of prior military service for anyone employed by a State, Federal or any civil service or government funded job. No exceptions for sex, race, etc. Maybe the young men and women would think differently if they had some skin in the game and were forced to live outside their protected environment. Good heavens, they may even have to rub shoulders with those who serve their country rather than just themselves.

          92. Tiger says

            Great idea just look to Switzerland and Israel. In Switzerland the government gives every family member a gun they all have had military training and they are required to keep the guns fire ready. Also Switzerland has tunnels leading into their country and if a war breaks out they close the tunnel openings and they are ready.

          93. Deborah G says

            When you let Liberal morons run AMOK we get Obama. Thank GOD we got smarter

          94. albaby2 says

            Those tunnels won’t stop paratroopers, but bullets can.

          95. Tiger says

            They are all armed like I said and all military trained. Been to those mountains and they are jagged and good luck in the winter to any paratroopers.

          96. albaby2 says


          97. George E. LeFebvre says

            The biggest error our leaders made in DC was to abolish the DRAFT. With draft our young men learned how to be men it helped teach them many values. Most of all they finally learned discipline and you might remember they didn’t march down the cities because they learned to accept and be a part of our Country. When they finally did their obligation, they went on with their lives and sought out and found their futures. Now they can’t spell, count or write sensibly. I’m always grateful for my time in the military.

          98. albaby2 says

            I recently was critical of the Rules of engagement being dictated by politiciians who have no military background snd the danger it presented to our young men and women in the military and was told ” so what, they are all volunteers”. I said he should be glad and he said ” why is that!. I said because if they didn’t, your ugly azz might be in Afghanistan right now. Guess I’ll have to find a different mechanic.

          99. Deborah G says

            I am not a fan of the draft BUT IT SHOULD BE SOME FORM OF SERVICE, because when America is threatened it USED to be REAl men WHO stood up. Now we have children who sit DOWN

          100. Artemis says

            Ditto for me on that subject, and I would like to add that Military Service usually gives you a first hand view of how tough life is in “third-world” Countries. The young people of today seem to think that most, if not all of the other Countries are like the U.S.A. All of us need to thank God that we were born in America and feel blessed, believe me, we ARE! Millions of good men and women died that we could live a life free of dictators, and the like! The Clintons, and Obama have a lot of audacity to call themselves “Democrats”….nothing could be farther from the truth! In fact, through lies and subversion their “Agenda” has been to “transform” the United States into What Cuba and the former Soviet Union were, SLAVES to their own Governments for over 50 years! Some of you should simply have a conversation with people that lived in a Communist Country as I have many times.
            This Country has been the most caring and giving country that ever existed on Planet Earth……Sorry folks, it’s not all about ME,ME,ME, it’s really all about God and HIS plans for the future!

          101. Carol Smith says

            Trump was a draft dodger.

          102. albaby2 says

            What branch of service did Obama or either of the Cintons serve in? Was Trump convicted with evading the draft? And last, what branch of the service did you serve in?

          103. albaby2 says

            No one denied her got a deferment, What was your point? My question is, was he convicted of doing anything illegal regarding the deferments?
            Did either Obama ore Clinton serve? If not, why not?

          104. Woody says

            Good points; they are legal but a non-American would not recognize American laws like the debauchers in the streets right now. Few of the current Admin served but Libs miss this point since it does not further their evil agenda.

          105. Deborah G says

            You have no idea what went on during the Viet Nam War were you alive then?

          106. D Hall says

            What did CLINTON or OBAMA do

          107. Woody says

            So were you hypocrt

          108. kmdilli says

            YES! That really is a terrific idea. It might gain more traction than you think- except from the draft-dodgers. I would hate to see legitimately physically disabled people entirely excluded from the possibility of a gov. position depending on what it is. I do agree though, that any position that “has a vote” for military action, and/or military funding, SHOULD HAVE military experience!

          109. albaby2 says

            Sorry, had no intention of discriminating against disabled. I’m talking about women, college students, “critical employees” such as snow plow drivers, lawyers, nurses, politicians etc. They can all serve in some capacity ON THE BATTLEFIELD not in some stateside office. JMHO

          110. kmdilli says

            Oh no! I didn’t think you were discriminating- and I really didn’t specify either, sorry. I was referring specifically to MILITARY service requirement, those physically disabled that would never qualify for military specific employment. Yes, there are MANY “physically disabled friendly” public service type jobs that I believe could qualify as previous “service” though it isn’t military. Of course it should also depend on which government appointment is being considered. I think I agreed that any position having power to “vote or veto” military action should have military experience.
            To anyone that want’s to respond with, “Mr. Trump doesn’t have that experience”, well, neither does Ms. Clinton!

          111. Carol Smith says

            trump does no have governing experience, either.

          112. Deborah G says

            DISABLED PEOPLE CAN SERVE IN SOME CAPACITY. My brother is disabled but he volunteers to do free computer repairs

          113. Deborah G says

            I would like them to have some sort of public service yes

          114. real talk 1 says

            The Rubber Room what else ??

          115. Tiger says

            No they would have too much fun in there.

          116. Mark Plenn says

            The widows son speaks true.

          117. Mark Plenn says

            Obama should be exiled to Iran.

          118. Tiger says

            What a beautiful visual I just got.

          119. Carol Smith says

            no, every radical right winger should be. that would eliminate a lot of hate.

          120. albaby2 says

            Yes, Obama, Reid, Clinton etc were such great healers. The nation is far more divided thsn it was 8 years ago.

          121. albaby2 says

            Obama boarding a plane to exile with Jesse Jackson under one arm
            and Al Sharpton unddr the other.

          122. Carol Smith says

            The president is the commander in chief, pal. When we invade other countries, our government has to approve. It has always been that way and Obama is doing what all presidents before him have done. Why don’t u educate yourself instead of hanging out on the Internet where ignorance abounds. Look all of this up for yourself if u dare. Try educating yourself and the other posters here on what the duties of the president are.

          123. albaby2 says

            Hanging out on the internet where ignorance abounds- and here you are. Thanks for providing an example.

          124. Deborah G says

            No President EVER inflicted a radical left agenda on the Military. Now we have rules of engagement 100% put in place by his toady LBGT generals and they are too afraid to act. Taking Military Chaplains and criminalizing them? Naming Navy ships after perverts?The QUEERING of the Military and his stupid world view plus diminshing our power because he wants to have a NWO? He was and is a disaster for the strength of the Military in the world and for the USA. Stupid libs are just that STUPID not to realize what damage he’s done

          125. Tiger says

            Carol you delusional nut bag, I am an Army Combat Support nurse since 1988 and served in two wars. Our government did NOT approve of his using our military resources to go into Libya and kill someone who was no imminent threat to us. He went to the UN and used a Resolution “Responsibility to Protect.” He has not gotten the permission of Congress for any of his over 300 drone strikes, he picks the target and he has killed well over 3,000 people and the Human Rights groups have gone to the UN and the International courts to get him on war crimes.

            Look all this up if you dare and by the way Officers take an Oath to the Constitution not the president. Know why so we can make decisions downrange and challenge any decisions we see as dangerous to our health.

            I am happy you don’t live near me because if we ever had a conversation and this kind of idiotic nonsense came out of your stupid face God only knows what I would do. You need a boot to the head.

          126. D Hall says

            Congress didn’t approve his Arab Spring,Syria,Or his NUCLEAR DEAL WITH IRAN

          127. Deborah G says

            ANARCHy? but me question remains what are they going to do IF they got power? they can’t even cope with going to class

          128. Tiger says

            Gotcha with the mess we have seen I doubt a Liberal will step foot in the WH for many years. Unless we get lazy.

          129. Carol Smith says

            now we will be run by the mob, people like george wallace, i.e., Sessions, pond scum like steve bannon, who is as radical as they come. i am concerned for women in his country, seniors, and the middle class.

          130. Tiger says

            Concerned for women in this country. Why? Men like the one’s you named made this country. Our Founding Fathers all Christians even thought today people try to say otherwise. Even Thomas Jefferson was Christian until he brought Sally his slave into his home, made her mistress of his house and had 6 children by her.

            Your Constitution protects all your rights it was O that tried to censor and did censor the media and still is trying to censor. It is O who put out an edict not a law for bathrooms in schools to be open to anyone who feels like going to them stomping on the rights of millions of Americans, it was O and the left who have been after religion, catering to atheists and trying to stop our Holidays not the Right.

            You have to be kidding me O tried to make everyone equally poor, the UN already had Kerry sign an agreement on stopping our use of refrigeration and air conditioning, don’t be preposterous Carol.

          131. Carol Smith says

            man, u are so full of radical right wing propaganda that there is no hope for u. lol, nobody is going to stop refrigeraion and air conditioning. that is funny, bu also sad that u believe his suff..i have never read anywhere on any crediable source that anyone has tried to stop our holidays. pls. tell us where u get ‘this garbage…..alex jones, breibart,, etc. palin tried to spread ‘the end of the holidays’ lie once and it failed. nobody bough’t the book, either. she is so whacked out.

          132. Tiger says

            I beg your pardon do I have to once again prove you wrong? You are so uniformed you frighten me cause I know there are others just like you.

          133. Woody says

            she is with the losers and intellect shows why

          134. Tiger says

            Scary people.

          135. Tiger says

            No wonder Hillary and O were so sure they could continue attacks on Real Americans people like you have not a clue and I wonder how old you are. And if young what kind of parents raised someone as clueless about the world and your own country as you.


          136. Tiger says

            I feel sure you won’t read it so here is part of it. By the way welcome to the Real America and a Real American president who loves our country, our people and will once again put dignity, honor and integrity back into our Military, FBI, CIA, Homeland Security and our country.

            f course it’s a war on Christianity — or, more precisely, a war on
            the religious nature of America. The Left in America, like the Left in
            Europe, wants to create a thoroughly secular society. Unfortunately,
            most people do not realize that the Left believes in secularism just as
            fervently as religious Christians believe in Christ.

            That’s why “Merry Christmas” so bothers the anti-religious Left. It is
            perhaps the single most blatant reminder of just how religious America
            is — and it must therefore be removed from public discourse. Here’s a
            safe prediction: the ACLU and other secular activists on the Left will
            eventually move to have Christmas removed as a national holiday.

            The Left doesn’t announce that its agenda is to thoroughly secularize
            America. Instead activists offer the multiculturalist argument — that
            saying Christmas, as in “Merry Christmas” or “Christmas party” or
            “Christmas vacation” is not “inclusive.”

            This inclusiveness argument plays on Americans’ highly developed sense
            of decency. Most Americans don’t want to gratuitously offend other
            Americans, so the inclusiveness argument has been effective.

            But the argument is preposterous. Who exactly is being excluded when one
            wishes someone “Merry Christmas?” Non-Christians?

            I am a non-Christian. I am a Jew. Christmas is therefore no more a
            religious holy day for me than Ramadan. But I am an American, and
            Christmas is a national holiday of my country. It is therefore my
            holiday, though not my holy day, as much as it is for my fellow
            Americans who are Christian. Irving Berlin, an American Jew, wrote
            “White Christmas” as a celebration of an American holiday, his holiday.
            By not wishing me a Merry Christmas, you are not being inclusive. You
            are deliberately excluding me from one of my nation’s national holidays.

            But even if Christmas weren’t a national holiday, I would want companies
            to have Christmas parties, schools to continue to have Christmas
            vacations, and pilots to wish their passengers “Merry Christmas.” Just
            because I don’t personally celebrate Christmas, why would I want to drop
            the word “Christmas” from public discourse when Christmas is celebrated
            by 90 percent of my fellow Americans?

            It borders on the misanthropic, not to mention mean-spirited, to want to
            deny nearly all of your fellow citizens the joy of having their
            Christmas parties called Christmas parties or to force them to replace
            “Merry Christmas” with “Happy Holidays.” A majority-Christian country
            that treats non-Christians so well deserves better.

            Narcissism, misanthropy, meanness, and ingratitude. That’s what the
            Leftist campaign against “Merry Christmas” and “Christmas parties” boils
            down to.

            So, say “Merry Christmas” and “Christmas party.” If you don’t, you’re
            not “inclusive.” You’re letting the real-life grinches win.

            — Dennis Prager is a nationally syndicated radio talk-show host and
            columnist. His latest book, The Ten Commandments: Still the Best Moral
            Code, was published by Regnery. He is the founder of Prager University
            and may be contacted at

            Read more at:

          137. Woody says

            Just saw the fiction again that Hillary beat Trump by over 1mm votes and the true facts that over 3mm non citizens voted in the election (all illegals) No surprise by they still fell short when prayer beat them all. Thank you Father

          138. Tiger says

            These people are proving daily to the world and to Americans that there is something seriously afoul with Public Education, worse than we imagined and that if this mentally affected bunch had continued our country would surely become Third World garbage.

          139. Tiger says

            You might not understand this saying but it is you in a nutshell along with all the other nuts out there today. Sorry if you think me cruel I find you stunningly stupid.

            Those who will not reason, are bigots, those who cannot, are fools, and those who dare not, are slaves.”

            George Gordon Byron

          140. Woody says

            Luv it describes Libs perfectly–notice she never googles anything. “Know the truth and the truth shall set you free.”

          141. Tiger says

            Ignorance is not bliss for those of us who have to live with these people. I believe though like the Vietnam war when all the students marching and rioting the attention is on them and not on the fact they are not the majority of this country. They will fade away even with O continuing while overseas to encourage them. To what end? We will see. He surely won’t step down graciously we know that.

          142. Woody says

            Typical Lib you believe all the lies of the Lamestream media; no wonder you are so sick and full of hate. Just look at any city run by the Dems over the past 80 years; nothing but poverty, crime, illegitimate babies, abortions (Marg Sanger founded PP for the purpose of killing blacks and today they are one of the most races to kill their babies – google it.

          143. Carol Smith says

            i worked a a university, and the sudents ‘coped’ quite well with going to class. did u work at a university……..i did, evidently u did not.

          144. Deborah G says

            Actually yes. I have a Phd from a top ten and stayed on for awhile. It was too uber liberal for my tastes and did not reflect the reality of life. Kids are not getting the skills they need to cope or understand the real world. My degree BTW is in Psychology and a masters in “Medical Sciences” I completed another masters in business a few years later.

          145. Carol Smith says

            i worked for an mba program.

          146. Deborah G says

            Tough job. I applaud your ability to do that. The politics in university life is as bad as the current political landscape. I decided to open a business because I wanted to be free of that gut stress. LOL This is challenging but the control of people is harder.

          147. Carol Smith says

            Amen. the stress was difficult but i survived and am now retired. Congrats on opening a business

          148. Deborah G says

            I didn’t just start a business now LOL That was 35 years ago. I am 66 and still running it. I got my fill of working for other people a long time ago. In fact ,my business has zero to do with my letters LOL Except for the fact my degree allows me to judge human nature and with a the business that helps a lot. Plus A good education allows you to converse with a myriad of people across the spectrum. The only people left that I find challenging are the Millennials. That what are you going to do for ME TODAY. No loyalty,no real sense of the world and what it is going to take to get from there to here and that everyone has to worry about their sensitivities FIRST

          149. Carol Smith says

            absolutely. one of he last new hires in our office before i retired was a millennial, and there were problems.

          150. albaby2 says

            Didnt get it, did you.

          151. Woody says

            My former university gave a day off and passed our tissues and let the students cry all day (Cornell) Can you imagine if these wimps has been here for WWII; one of my best friends was a bomber pilot B-29 and flews 29 missions over Germany [he was the head ;pilot over 23 men] yet he was only 21 years old -Now those were MEN!)

          152. Carol Smith says

            i am reading A higher Call, by Adam makos, about two pilots during WW2. Good book,

          153. albaby2 says

            i hope u wur a profeser. not

          154. Skyhawk says

            Also the locations that are given for air drops, to who we are supporting, just happens to be where the ISIS are.

          155. Kurt Hanssen says

            As NObummer once said, thanks Allah that the american people are to stupid to understand, dos that mean he is not an American.? We know what he has done to the military, we also knows that he is bringing ISIS in to this country. using U.P.S. plains, no emigration, no customs, no homeland security, bused straight to one of the 35. training camps. Really wonder what hes plans are before leaving the office, he is steel the commander in chief.

          156. Tiger says

            We must stay vigilante he will not go silently from his power but his encouraging his minions to continue to rant and rave is dying out. People across this country finding their backbones and these people looking like the Cretins they are.

            We will see.

          157. bpgagirl22VAnow says

            The Dr. Spock idiots and the ME ME ME ME ME CROWD! That’s who!

          158. lovinspoonful says

            There were many 17-year olds and 18-year olds who went to war in WW 2. Now what we have are crybabies who are crying over nothing. Send them pacifiers, diapers for their safety pins and bottles so their mommies can feed them. How ridiculous they are acting and they don’t even know why. Same applies to the ones that are rioting. The colleges, for some strange reason, are catering to them and letting them out of classes and not making them take tests. Why? Obviously, they are not mature enough to be in college. send them back home and tell them to wait until they grtow up.

          159. sensrbtch says

            now that the congress has changed too the conservative, we can snd the crybabies labials out to the park and take care of the homieless! now chuckie schumer will take ovr from the haggis pulpussie. better a MAN imn the position, butt not in the dnc. that guy is a muzzie! ohhh welll, the dnc is the party of the under-doggs?

          160. kmdilli says

            You ain’t quite right, ay?

          161. Mark Plenn says

            The colleges are staffed by left wing dozzers. Out children are brained wash by touchy feely left wing Droneocrats.

          162. albaby2 says

            Have you read where colleges are providing safe rooms,crying rooms, coloring books, Play Doh, ball pits, puppys and ponys for the delicate snowflakes that are stressed because the election didn’t go their way? Wearing a safety pin is supposed to indicate you have a shoulder to cry on. Mine is on my belt, front and rear.

          163. D Hall says

            one is even giving them coloring books and play doh

          164. Mark Plenn says

            They’ll be take crying and wyning to the draft office

          165. Carol Smith says

            Guess what..trump was a draft dodger. By the way, in case u did not know, these cry babies are in other countries right now protecting our freedom. Trmp never did that.

          166. albaby2 says

            Did Obama or either of the Clintons serve? Oops, I forgot about Hillary dodging sniper fire in Bosnia. Thank God that little girl bringing her flowers was so small the bullets went over her head.

          167. Deborah G says

            That doesn’t count lol you know that. We’re talking the liberaland view of the world

          168. Fedup says

            No, the cry babies are out in the streets rioting, looting, destroying property and burning cities down because they were never taught that there IS such thing as a loser! That LOSER has a name and it’s HILLARY CLINTON!

          169. D Hall says

            did Clinton

          170. albaby2 says

            Not the cry babies I’m talking about. The college kids, rioters etc have never earned anything or fought for our freedom.

          171. Carol Smith says

            DUH,the college kids will be equipped to earn, he rioters will not.

          172. albaby2 says

            Oh yeah, those who took liberal arts courses will be tending bar and the drive through windows. If they did real good, and recieve additional training, they might qualify for a titled position at Starbucks.

          173. Jorge Robert says

            This new generation makes a strong case for brringing bacck the Military DRAFT !!!;-D

          174. Ronney says

            You have no idea how right you are. I got knocked out cold at parris island. I couldn’t keep my big mouth shut,
            These days all recruits have to do is hold up a card, they cannot take it anymore. I hope to hell they appoint a Marine, that knows how to make Marines. Not these litte whimpets they are turning out today. And it is all these dam liberals fault. It’s sad a lot of these young men will die because of liberal stupidity.

          175. Wildeagleone says

            In answer to who resided these C S punks look no further than their anti American parents that spit on our troops and degraded then during the Vietnam era. They were against America then and have passed this down to their stupid anti brats.

          176. Skyhawk says

            They weren’t raised, they were indoctrinated in the liberal philosophy.

          177. Francie26 says

            They would scream and cry, demand a safe place, and jump up and down, and eventually, they would stop, look around, see that they are “finally” real Americans where LIFE, itself, is a safe place, and like most American’s before them, they would just do their jobs. Under all the crap, they are Americans first, but they just haven’t yet been forced to grow up. However, if an emergency came, they would do meet it head-on, and they would do it fast. That’s just what Americans of that age do.

          178. Will Carver says

            Sorta like when Jeff Foxworthy says, “Here’s your sign”.

          179. Dan Lloret says

            cmi, they were raised by the children of the ’60’s hippies; their parents were brain washed with the stupid philosophies of child rearing promoted by Dr. Spock, rarely if ever disciplined, allowed to “find and express themselves” instead of listening to instructions and wisdom from their elders, who then raised these brats. Almost can’t blame the kids for the stupidity of their parents/grandparents, but unfortunately they can’t escape being responsible for their own actions…..thanks mom & dad ?

        2. GuardianFlame says

          Our children’s lives and futures were stolen the day barack took office. In order to change the direction of a country, the children must be brainwashed to believe in a different ideology/destiny. Common core is that tool. The faster Trump removes it from our schools, the sooner our children will come around and not be so confused and lost.

          Besides, being a teacher, this form of teaching is off the charts when it comes to understanding a bunch of equations and taking the long complicated path to find a simple answer. Ridiculous my friends. Believe me, It would take one day of the older generation being exposed to this kind of disruptive and corruptive thinking and the whole education system would be changed immediately!

          We have done our kids a huge disservice by allowing this form of instruction to happen! Trump must remove this thinking from our schools immediately and get back to teaching meaningful subject matter, so our children can learn to be successful by creating a better world to live in!

          1. Tiger says

            Yes my children had good Public Schools and I worked the Baylor Shifts to be in school with them during the week. Many mother’s did that, we helped the teachers and having a teaching degree many of us served as substitutes. We were able to monitor their lessons. But when my daughter went to the University of Florida in Gainesville, that is when the Liberals latched on to her. Now her younger brother, due to a serious accident had to put off his continuing education until he was grown, good for him they can’t subject him to their indoctrination. Should have waited on my daughter also. My oldest so talented with cars etc that he didn’t need any more education with exception of certifications for new cars, computers etc.

            Now my oldest has 2 and they know the score so no indoctrination there, my daughter well she has two daughters and even though she understands Islam, I taught her and she sees what I said coming true she still has some liberal views. We don’t talk politics. I was thinking of sending my one grand daughter who has spewed some strange liberal garbage my way but I ignored it, sending her a sympathy card since Trump elected and I know her very wealthy, very well educated mother and father hated him.

            You just never know.

          2. albaby2 says

            They were stolen when people quit paying attention to what their kids were being taught and let the “professionals” decide.

          3. Mark Plenn says

            Right on.

          4. Deborah G says

            Schools should be at the LOCAL level NOT some Commie Alinsky ideolog in Washington who thinks it is more important to let a tranny in the bathroom than teaching REAL history or Math

          5. Deborah G says

            The liberal mindset in schools is what makes us so far down on the list of best educated in the world.It isn’t that our kids are dumber it is that their parents were idiots to buy into the liberal crap

        3. Conservative says

          Sadly the parents of these wimpy kids were raised by Socialist/Democrats.

          1. Tiger says

            When in college the first time round I saw the changing of the guards in our generation and the pot heads and druggies and the irrational Gits. Surprised they had so many children.

          2. Mark Plenn says

            The Anti- Vietnam crowd was in control’ the traitor John Kerry and his kind fucked up this great Nation. Hopefully Trump will drain the swamp!

          3. Tiger says

            Mark like your blunt and right on assessment.

          4. albaby2 says

            Not really. Only one of my six children is a delicate snowflake and all were raised by my wife and I, both Republican leaning Independents.

          5. real talk 1 says

            I believe you are correct !!!

          6. Mark Plenn says

            Truth and light shall come from the mouth of the widow’s son.

        4. albaby2 says

          Control the minds of the youth and you will control the future. What we need to do is pay more attention to those who are in charge of the tenured liberal professors who indoctrinate our kids and hide behind the cloak of academic freedom. This also applies to those union members at the grade and high school level. When was the last time you saw a teacher or professor removed for incompetence or anything else that didn’t recieve negative publicity first?

          1. Tiger says

            True that. But we have much work ahead and I say we cause we have to keep him on top of things.

        5. jaybird says

          The parents are at fault also. They never told these kids “NO” or “get over it if” something did not go their way. Everyone gets a trophy whether they win or not.

          1. Tiger says

            I think with so many it is worse than that.

      2. GuardianFlame says

        That just proves there are more Conservative brains beneath the brand of “deplorables” than the whiney, clueless Left realized.

        The Left was so busy micro managing our lives/world, they forgot we could smell a rat before seeing one. Hillary was that rat – nothing so dirty or nasty or self serving would ever run our Nation! We have had enough of their twisted lifestyles! We let that happen with barack – fool us once. But it will not happen again!

        Trump may lead the charge of “change”, but Americans will direct his actions as he removes the damage “barack the bad” has done! The Left was the catalyst that created Trump who is the solution! May he lead with God’s guidance…and may killary and her cronies find themselves incarcerated after Trump’s Investigative Committee digs deep and wide into the corruption known as barack’s administration, policies, and the phony charity called The Clinton Foundation! The proverbial CaaCaa us going to hit the fan!

        Executive Orders come in handy especially when the previous fraudulent president ignored the laws of our Constitution.

        May justice be swift and brutal for those who thought America was their own play toy! And may they hate the accommodations of their very own “cells with a view” at a prominent prison facility. It’s coming! Wonder if “orange” will be the new black for hillary?

      3. jimwilson81 says

        I agree with your sentiments. One of their heroes is John Kennedy, yet they don’t realize he won by a very slim margin of the vote. They should read about that.
        John Kennedy is one of my heroes as well because he kept us from a nuclear war during the Cuban Missile Crisis. He also admitted to his many mistakes. Neither Obama or Hillary has done that.

        1. D Hall says

          JFK would be a REPUBLICAN NOW

          1. jimwilson81 says

            Exactly. Today’s Democratic Party is not Kennedy’s Democratic Party. They are completely different.

          2. hangem'high says

            It always kind of bothers me when democraps and repubrats switch back and forth between Republican and Democrat after they’ve been elected or depending on which way the wind is blowing?

        2. hangem'high says

          Kennedy didn’t belong to the secret society either!

          1. jimwilson81 says

            I know. Kennedy did not let the power players manipulate him. He pushed back and they did not like it. He made too many enemies which is why there is so many conspiracy theories about his assasination.

      4. R. T. says

        I Still can’t see how you can have a melt-down when they are to young to vote or did not vote !

        1. albaby2 says

          They are having a melltdown because they thought if Hillary was elected and college education was “free”, they could become professional students and never have to earn a living. They can’t handle the thought of being responsible for their own life. It’s the entitlement generation.

          1. sensrbtch says

            u think these lil queers r crying, go look @ the administration mavins standing in the unemployable line; outside the whitehouse!! LOL! and means ::laughing out loud!!

        2. sensrbtch says

          we r talkin immature,labial,spoiled fagg girls! and totally useless, except to their mommies.

      5. gizmologist says

        Trump also made the media pay for the whole thing by keeping his name front page for well over a year. with their attempts to demonize him, more and more of the public finally agreed that they felt like he did. Plus the fact that there is still a good portion of the citizenry that does not take well to a dictator who lives to destroy the country.

        1. Mark Plenn says

          Trump trumped the big headed Democratic model.

      6. lovinspoonful says

        Hilary did this to herself. She and her campaign group did not know how to campaign. she did not hit the states she should hve – she just went to the same ones over and over. she did not campaign constantly and her rallies were total failures. Now she blames James Comey’s letter. It is his fault. No, Hilary, it is yours. She did not offer the people anything nor did she tell the people what she was going to do to help them. All the rigging and fraudulent actions did nothing for you because it was obvious to the people what was going on. Even the women did not vote for her.

        1. Mark Plenn says

          She thought she was entitled to be President. Only Kings are entitled.

      7. Mark Plenn says

        There is no honor among thieves! Someone in her inter circle screwed Hillary, probably Bill.

      8. Carol Smith says

        U, too, are ignorant and will believe anything trump says. He knew that in his campaign and he knew all the nasty things u wanted him to say. He divided this country, ran on hate, and is stupid enough to ask us to come together. Pathetic.

        1. D Hall says

          our country has been divided by hate for EIGHT YEARS,and it started with “THE police acted stupidly

          1. hangem'high says

            U see all the zombie willing to sacrifice them self’s for a worthless cause on the streets after Killarys loss? While everyone that works with the wicca’d witch are popping Champaign and celebrating her loss!


            Well, you have a few of these mindless zombies in the police force just waiting for their marching orders to create a race war by killing unarmed innocence. These people have no conscience and are indifferent about the consciousness of their actions, if it furthers the progressive cause!

        2. hangem'high says

          Chit I always thought that is what a politician was supposed to do?

      9. celiayounger says

        sorry but what you call ”corrupt;; robbing..” and that he won fair and square???? you must be kidding. you do not have idea. more than 2 million votes in favor of Hillary… and he won??? are you kidding WHO IS THE FRAUD AND THE CORRUPT HERE? you will quicly will learn with his actions…(reminded me to Hitler before he won the elections in Germany … exactly the same populismo.. and they believed him!))))

        1. hangem'high says

          U leave me no choice, it’s her party and she can cry if she wants too, period!

      10. Kol says

        …‘Trump is saying Hitler-level things in public’: Singer John Legend warns US not to be ‘complacent’

        1. kbmiller says

          You are an Idiot. Let’s meet. Come to Chicago. You seem like such a well educated AS$$hole.

          1. Kol says

            A guy with your IQ should have a low voice too!

          2. Kol says

            I speak several languages. How many do you speak?

          3. kbmiller says

            A dog understands “Go fetch” in several languages too.

          4. Kol says

            POSHEL NAHUI PIDARAS – YouTube
            ▶ 0:41
            Sep 2, 2014 – Uploaded by omich kun
            POSHEL NAHUI PIDARAS. omich kun. SubscribeSubscribedUnsubscribe 3030. Loading… Loading …

          5. Kol says

            Your mother probably did too.

            POSHEL NAHUI PIDARAS – YouTube

            ▶ 0:41


            Sep 2, 2014 – Uploaded by omich kun

            POSHEL NAHUI PIDARAS. omich kun. SubscribeSubscribedUnsubscribe 3030. Loading… Loading …

          6. kbmiller says

            I’m too busy with YOUR mommy.

          7. Kol says

            Wow! Necrophilia! And she’s been dead 32 years!
            You’re pretty sick!

      11. Francie26 says


      12. Carol Smith says

        one of trump’s biggest promises and one that was a huge factor in his election was prosecuting hillary. he now says he is not going to do that, kellanne conway has announced.

    2. MAHB001 says

      This is going to be refreshing.. After 8 years of praying that 0bama takes another vacation, or stays on vacation permanently or at least plays another round of golf, just to keep him away from doing another disastrous thing to our County.

      Having a real president actually working for the people and making America Great again will be a welcome change.

      1. MikeS says

        Yes! Real change. Not the krap obama was talking about.

        1. MAHB001 says

          0bama never defined his change, that is because it was changing America into a Communists State and dictatorship. .

          1. DD788Snipe says

            Oh yes he did. He told the American public exactly what he was going to do. The problem was that no was listening and the ones that were thought it was just political rhetoric and he wouldn’t do most of what he said.

          2. MAHB001 says

            0bama promised to fundamentally change America. He never defined what HE meant by fundamental change.

            He never said, I am going to collapse the economy by unrestricted spending, destroy the Constitution with executive orders, and establish Communism in the United States

            He let every individual define in their own mind what “fundamental” change meant to them. There is a whole lot of disappointed people whose version of change never happened. That is why 0bama is such a failure.

          3. DD788Snipe says

            Agreed. But what I still don’t get is how did he get reelected in 12? Oh well I’m counting the days till he’s gone and his presidency will go down as just a footnote in history. Nothing else.

          4. MAHB001 says

            I believe the 2012 election was rigged. 0bama probably didn’t win.

            They planned exactly the same fix, that is until Project Veritas actually exposed the plot.

          5. Joel says

            Because they put a weak RINO traitor named Romney up to assure his re-election. It’s how they kept their power.

          6. D Hall says

            no because of a corrupt press,and the rigged voting ,with the dead rising up to vote democrat

          7. sensrbtch says

            and it will read lick this BLACKL FAMILY EVICTED FROM THE WHITEHOUSE TODAY, AND WER SEARCHED FOR THE SILVERWEAR,LINENS,and pencils among other things deemed to be missing!!

          8. Mark Plenn says

            The youths were on soma and the minorities voted for color.

          9. Mark Plenn says

            Obama has no legacy; but FAILURE!

          10. MAHB001 says

            But his failures were Bush’s fault…. (sarcasm)

          11. hangem'high says

            Fundamental change says it all, or was it just me?

          12. MAHB001 says

            Recall, the message wasn’t fundamental change, it was just “change.”

            The thing is, even with fundamental change, when you define what fundamental change means to you, it might be different than mine, and our definition would definitely be different than a liberals definition.

            0bama let every person in the world define what change meant the them. Then he could go into a room and ask what change they wanted, and regardless of what the rooms answer was, he could agree with it. The lie about working towards it, and then march off with that group solidly supporting him, and do and say the same thing with the next group.

            0bama didn’t give a rats arse about the groups change, all he wanted was their support. He ignored their “wants” and did what he wanted to do.

            That is pure evil.

          13. albaby2 says

            He’s still got two months to accomplish his agenda. Stay alert.

          14. MAHB001 says

            You are correct and very wise. Only a fool would turn his back on 0bama now.

          15. ABO says

            As Churchill said, know your enemy.

          16. Mark Plenn says

            Churchill’s bust will be back in the oval room.

          17. ABO says

            As it should be!

          18. Mark Plenn says

            Fear not the wolf at the door; rather the snake on the floor.

          19. MAHB001 says

            The enemy is within….

          20. hangem'high says

            Another one under foot is Paul Ryan

          21. Mark Plenn says

            And that’s the truth.

          22. MikeS says

            Of course he didn’t. If you want to succeed as a fighter, you don’t telegraph your punches.

          23. MAHB001 says

            If you want to succeed as a communists, deny that you are a communist…

          24. hangem'high says

            That’s why they call them self’s progressives!

          25. MikeS says

            you’re still showing your hand and communism never succeeds.

          26. MAHB001 says

            True, 0bama’s actions always exposed his true intent, but only to those that were closely watching him. They also exposed his lies…

            Think about it this way, if you were to ask Lenin or Stalin if communism was a success, they would say yes…..

            0bama is not thinking about what is good for the people, only what is good for him and his ideology…. That is the Alinsky way.

          27. Kol says

            But Lenin has been dead 92 years, and Stalin has been dead 63 years… so why would asking either of them make any sense today!?!? ‘

            Hey, I’ve been to Red Square maybe 20 times during my trips to Russia and two very intriguing things to see are Lenin’s Tomb and Stalin’s grave at one side of Red Square. One curious thing about Lenin is that when one sees him lying in state, if you look very closely at his right hand, there is a small, flesh-colored band-aid on his right little finger. I’ll bet you can’t even guess why it’s there… and forget trying to find out on the Internet because there isn’t anyplace there where it tells you.

          28. MAHB001 says

            Then why does the left follow Stalin and Lenin’s teachings????

            “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
            —-Joseph Stalin
            “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.”
            “The goal of socialism is communism.”
            ‘Socialized medicine is the keystone to the arch of the Socialized State.’
            Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.
            The best way to destroy the capitalist system is to debauch the currency.
            It is true that liberty is precious; so precious that it must be carefully rationed.
            Our program necessarily includes the propaganda of atheism.

            The greatest trick the devil ever pulled on humans was to convince humans that he did not exist. All your denials do is convince me that what I am saying is true. Now if you could disprove any of them without insults, you might gain a little credibility on these posts. Otherwise, you are just an useful idiot.

          29. Kol says

            Your mindless OBSESSION with “communists”

            really makes you look kind of absurd and nutty!

          30. MAHB001 says

            I am right… deal with it.

          31. Kol says

            OCD re: “communists/communism” makes you right???
            That’s a GOOD one! :-)))
            Hee haw again, jackass.

          32. Kol says

            “… as a communists…” ? ? ? What kind of grammar is that? Geesh!

          33. hangem'high says

            Especially the sucker punches

          34. hangem'high says

            Once I heard those words come out of his mouth I knew he was no good for America!“Fundamental Change”

          35. MAHB001 says

            I had much the same reaction. Although I did (Still do) recognize the brilliance of his actions, I could see just how evil his intentions were.

        2. hangem'high says

          If they like their climate they can keep their climate, but it going to cost them!

      2. Tiger says

        Isn’t that the truth and did you see where O was met by violent protests in Greece.

        1. MAHB001 says

          No, Is 0 in Greece now? Can we revoke his passport? 🙂

          Just thinking…

          1. Tiger says

            Oh if only yes in Greece bragging about himself.

          2. hangem'high says

            Damn uppity white people don’t know their place!

          3. Tiger says

            Seems his victory tour in Europe has fallen and won’t get up. Thousands protesting him in Germany and then Greece. LOLOL

          4. hangem'high says

            A very good sign Let’s hope Angela Merkel gets the same receptions?

          5. Tiger says

            Ohhhh they hate her. This Muslim situation is just unbelievable and Europe is through.

          6. Tiger says

            They don’t show this in America damn them.

          7. Tiger says

            I could post all day but I think you see why Trump needs to stick to his word. Americans are not in on this they don’t see it but they will and thank God for Trump. Please share and educate. Thank you.

          8. hangem'high says

            Most certainly do and will, thank U!

          9. Tiger says

            Good cause nobody gets any of this out there.

          10. Mark Plenn says

            The Greeks have to much pride to leave the looser stay.

          11. hangem'high says

            Too bad that they’re now Muslim!

          12. hangem'high says

            U can’t get a passport without a birth certificate; let’s hope he makes a travel arrangement overseas when Trump is president!

        2. Mark Plenn says

          I hope they had rotten fruit to throw at him.

          1. Tiger says

            Or excrement.

        3. hangem'high says

          Wonder if O Bummer will ever get the hint how well he’s loved around the world these days?

          1. Tiger says

            Just sent two video showing how much the world hates him.

    3. icthelite says

      He says he’s not going to take vacations or the Presidents annual salary but that remains to be seen. He has back peddled on several campaign promises and he hasn’t even been sworn in yet.

      1. ABO says

        Indeed a serious concern. Hope his advisors get it straightened out.

        1. Tiger says

          He has backpeddled on nothing and his advisors are his choices and recently today he has thrown all out with connections to Christie. So stop already with your crap.

          1. ABO says

            He stated yesterday that he would not look for charges to be brought against Hill and Billary in the FBI’s investigation of the Foundation. Said the Clintons are good people and don’t deserve to be put through all that. It’s not crap. If you don’t believe it look it up. It was reported on Fox News.

          2. cmi says

            Relax,…….things are going to be MUCH better!!!!

          3. ABO says

            I realize that. I’m just expressing concern not changing sides.

          4. Tiger says

            I heard him and he did not say that. When asked he said he had other things to center his attention on. First things first. Hillary already under 5 investigations. I have heard it and he did not say they are good people.

          5. ABO says

            What he said in the interview video I watched on Fox was exactly that. I’m not spreading rumors, just expressing concern. This transition HAS to go well and if he does back off from some of the issues that were huge concerns for those who so actively supported him he will lose support. That is my concern as I want it to go well.

          6. Tiger says

            He is now the president elect. I believe that this country is so used to a president who ruled like a king, interfered with the FBI, CIA, Homeland Security and all our agencies and our laws and bypassed our Constitution that they have forgotten what a Real President does. He lets those people do their jobs. He doesn’t interfere. Like he said I will tell you when I am in office. As far as ever saying they are good people I have blasted him on his email site through his people. Good people don’t rape, good women don’t condone it, good people don’t take money from our enemies when in office, good people don’t let Americans die and lie about it and good people don’t take trips to a Child Sexual abuse island. I also contacted Pence. I ended by saying that this is an insult to the raped women he put out there along with the parents of the Benghazi victims.

            I will not only hold his feet to the fire I will become his worst nightmare via my articles for my local news paper, yes I do know grammar and how to write, my local Talk Show syndicated radio, our vets and through many more outlets. I told him STOP IT now and he has lost support.

          7. ABO says

            As usual we agree so why are you telling me I’m full of crap???

          8. Tiger says

            Because I was hotheaded and blew up before researching. Sorry.

          9. ABO says

            Thank you for that.

          10. Tiger says

            My friend when I am wrong I admit it. I look to the International news daily and then go to my other sources and yes I didn’t see that interview only read parts of it so there ya have it. A case of heads up and listen more closely. By the way O was met with protests in Greece and thousands were protesting his visit to Germany. Both countries overwhelmed with refugees, crime and rape so O not welcome they blame him and Merkel, who is out this time round. Europe woke-up the UK left the EU due to overbearing rules being put on them by the EU and the refugee problem. So his tour to boost his ego has fumbled and fallen and won’t get up.

          11. ABO says

            No problem Tiger and thanks for your time and consideration. I appreciate it.

          12. Tiger says

            They hate us and we know it and now the Democrat Party cannot say it is not tied to Soros and that is going to kill them for good. ;p

          13. ABO says

            I’d love for you to read the eulogy!

          14. Tiger says

            Would be a pleasure.

          15. hangem'high says

            I also see where he started the swamp draining in his own ranks with Christy and a few others!


          16. Tiger says

            There are those taking it out of context I listened to it again. He did not rule out anything and he made it clear she did very bad things and that he would tell her more on this after he got into office. He will let the FBI, the new and Real FBI and AJ do their jobs. He is the president now and can’t just come out with his plans. Like he said before the element of surprise and FOX is careful what it says and we are going to hear all this again and again all sorts of things that are far from the truth and Trump will do the job.

          17. ABO says

            I was not disparaging him or suggesting that he was not what he appeared to be. That being the case I do not appreciate being told to stop spreading my crap. Especially by one whom I have agreed with and supported on this site and others for years now. As you well know I was not a fan of Trump at first but once assured by Ben Carson whom I trust completely, I supported Trump and indeed voted for him. So don’t tell me that my concerns that everything needs to roll well with his administration are crap!!

          18. Tiger says

            I call it like I read it and I did review everything he said and I know and understand your concerns. You spread what you want but expect me to bite.

          19. ABO says

            I’m not ‘spreading’ anything. Apparently I’m not allowed to voice concern for the good of the new administration.

          20. Tiger says

            Of course you are for crying out loud I was wrong even though he did say she did many bad things and you were right about his calling them good, again that sickens me.

          21. Tiger says

            That being said I did email his team and gave them a piece of my mind and I respect your opinon.

          22. ABO says

            Thank you.

          23. Tiger says

            Welcome and sorry I offended, I just am on the alert for people trying to take Trump out before he gets in. You are right he did call them good people made me sick. Now my husband says he did this to throw people off maybe to stop O from giving her a pardon. Who knows.

          24. ABO says

            Your fears are certainly justified and thank you for responding as you did. Renews my long time respect for you, Tiger.

          25. Tiger says

            Ahh thank you I am still concerned over Trump and his families well being. That Tower of his sure would make a target and he can’t know all the janitors and help in that building. I am worried and won’t stop until he is in the WH.

          26. ABO says

            I share your concerns and I sincerely hope that all is well. I hope I didn’t come across as a whiner over this but I couldn’t believe I was hearing that from someone I have invariably agreed with and respected. No hard feelings.

          27. Tiger says

            Good that is how it needs to be. We have mutual respect and that is what counts. Keep fighting for the good and I will also. I see where O has met with riots in Greece and Germany. He went for comfort and got a boot to the head. LOLOL

          28. ABO says

            Glad to hear it, Tiger.

          29. Tiger says

            Lots out there today. O has gone off the deep end. He is going to keep pushing until there is killing in our streets. Now since his European tour beat him up he wants to pardon over 750,000 illegals and bring thousands of Haitians here. He is telling Europe the news they heard during the elections, I am thinking Wikileaks was false. He just won’t stop. What a demon.

          30. hangem'high says

            It probably won’t be the president to bring up charges but the heads of the FBI, CIA and congress We’ll have to wait and see, if the swamp starts to drain first!

          31. ABO says

            You are of course right on this. It just struck me that he seemed to have made the decision already but we’ll just have to wait and see what, if anything comes of it.

      2. Tiger says

        He has backpeddled on nothing so far. He doesn’t need the 400,000 a year he is a billionaire with homes in Florida, a mansion by the way, a palace owned by a famous woman at one time, along with Trump Towers, golf courses all over the world.

      3. Tiger says

        No he has not backpeddled on anything. Good grief.

      4. cmi says

        Another Hillary butt-sucker!!!!! Get real, FOOL!!!!!!!!!

        1. bonijo2012 says

          YOU will get it right if you only listen and watch the changes for good of our country.

          1. cmi says

            I haven’t seen any for eight years,……I’m ready!!!!!!

      5. bonijo2012 says

        Trump has always been a business man and probably any vacation he took was work related.

      6. hangem'high says

        I’m sure they’re a lot of us that would love to see the Donald knock out O Bummer and take over the White house now! But as law abiding citizens we have to let the murdering chief and arsonist to continue his destruction of this nation!

        Until congress grows some freak ‘en BALLs, or until January? O bummer still has a couple of days to declare marshal law!

    4. Beeotchstewie the deplorable says

      We stopped the theft from the left!

      1. Tiger says

        By the hair of our chinny chin chins. And they are huffing and puffing and still trying to blow their communism and One World Order in.

        1. Mark Plenn says

          Tiger you got my vote.

          1. Tiger says

            Mark we are going to have to stay on this like stink on road kill.

      2. sensrbtch says

        u r not deporiable anymore. butt u mite be d-portable if u r not an American 1st?! yana hoo! an injun.

        1. Beeotchstewie the deplorable says

          Not me, Born in North Carolina

      3. hangem'high says

        I don’t see ‘em in jail yet?

        1. Beeotchstewie the deplorable says

          Not until after Jan 20th.

          1. hangem'high says

            Good then there’s hope?

    5. Joe Farnsworth says

      The people responsible for this are the very people who had them and the teachers who taught them. Didn’t understand what this country represents.

      1. Tiger says

        And sadly we see just what these teachers have really been up to with all these children missing school to protest something they have no idea about and a man they could not even vote for or against. There is much to be done.

      2. bonijo2012 says

        Of Course NOT our slanted media would Néver show any opposition to Obama.

    6. Carol Smith says

      So no other presidents took vacations or played golf. Listen, pal, u have a hell of a lot to learn about past presidents and history. Why don’t u separate urself from the right wing rumor mill and educate yourself. Ignorance is what elected trump. Hate is what elected trump.By 5he way, the government does nor decide who goes to college. Ignorance will take this country down, and that is what put trump in office. Steve Bannon is a racist fear mongering pond summer who has no business being anywhere near the white house. And that is the caliber of people u will see around trump. He will take away what this country stands for and what people died for.

      1. Tiger says

        O has spent more money on vacations that any other president in the history of our country.

        You have not even the sense to comprehend what I posted. You don’t understand or know the tenants of Saul Alinsky the star player and game plan for Hillary and O.

        Odd how Steve Bannon is a racist when your party of Progressive/Communists thought it fine to take over the Main Media and preach hate to everyone concerning Bush and now Trump. You hypocritical Git.

        You didn’t see any violence perpetrated by any of Trump’s followers but you sure can’t say the same about your team. Can you?

        Caliber of people? O has Muslim Brotherhood in our Homeland Security and has hobnobbed with every Dictator and enemy we have Thank God you people are throuogh.

      2. Tiger says

        Learn something you perverted, twisted sister. Hillary wrote letters to this man who dedicated his book to Satan, my God you people are ignorant and worse than lobotomy patients, when she was an Activist she called herself a Progressive as did O and they both adored Alinsky. Just read O’s books.

        How to create a social state by Saul Alinsky:

        There are 8 levels of control that must be obtained before you are able to create a social state.

        The first is the most important.

        1) Healthcare — Control healthcare and you control the people

        2) Poverty — Increase the Poverty level as high as possible, poor
        people are easier to control and will not fight back if you are
        providing everything for them to live.

        3) Debt — Increase the debt to an unsustainable level. That way you
        are able to increase taxes, and this will produce more poverty.

        4) Gun Control — Remove the ability to defend themselves from the Government. That way you are able to create a police state.

        5) Welfare — Take control of every aspect of their lives (Food, Housing, and Income).

        6) Education — Take control of what people read and listen to — take control of what children learn in school.

        7) Religion — Remove the belief in the God from the Government and schools.

        8) Class Warfare — Divide the people into the wealthy and the poor.
        This will cause more discontent and it will be easier to take (Tax) the
        wealthy with the support of the poor.

        1. Carol Smith says

          another right wing paranoid post. and, by the way, nobody has ever come to take away your guns. a president cannot control anyone’s belief in god. the republicans are the ones who pander to the wealhy, pal. he debt was lowered.

          1. hangem'high says

            U can always tell when a liberal lies, because they tell U what they’re not going to do, before they do it!


          2. Carol Smith says
          3. D Hall says

            What a beautiful woman. with BRAINS

          4. Tiger says

            The debt was lowered? Are you kidding me pal? Good Grief the debt was 10.6 trillion when O came into office it is now close to 20 trillion pal.

            Our guns have not been taken away not because O didn’t try but because of the 2nd Amendment and it stands. He did however make a tremendous grab on ammunition when first coming into office that left many short for awhile. Hillary made it clear she intended to take the guns one way or another. By the way the only things O was present for when a Senator was to vote for Late Term Abortion and Gun Control.

            O and his minions throughout this country most assuredly did start causing problems for Christians everywhere. You are a zombie. In fact many Liberal Governors attempted to make pastors tell them what their sermons would be. There has been a huge attack on Christmas and out of all the persecuted people in the ME O has only brought in 68 Christians the rest Muslims.

          5. Tiger says

            Unemployment was 7.8 when O came into office.
            Bush faced a debt of 5.7 when coming into office and in 8 years only raised it to 10.6.
            Bush had 52 straight months of job creation and produced more than 8 million jobs. O has more people on unemployment and Food Stamps than in the history of America.
            The Auto take over by O lost jobs and his Green Cars did not work. He used Tax Payer dollars to bail out his Green Companies.
            The Stimulus too us down 7.87 billion dollars.
            Nearly one million people were shut out of main stream banking from 2009 – 2011. O’s Dodd Frank has been a disaster for the Middle Class and poor.
            The average unemployment rate under Bush was 5.2% under O it is 9.4 and up.
            O care and the threat of new taxes, as we have seen has businesses firing not hiring.

            While I am at it you do know, pal who George Soros is? Do you know you had no Democrat run for president? Only a Socialist and a Progressive like O and H. Tied at the waist to George Soros who is wanted in several countries for interfering in governments, causing riots like he is here and all your mail leaders in Congress have been meeting with him all this week. You do realize he is a Communist? You are a fool.

          6. Tiger says

            Your O is hated around the world. They love Trump, suck it up.


          7. Carol Smith says

            u r absolutely wrong. o had to repair relations after the bush years. in the last week, foreign counrties have expressed uncertainty about what he is going to do and the odd nature of his phone calls. he has not gone through any channels to speak with foreign leaders and they have said so. ur picure is a fake and was made by he right wing propaganda machine.

          8. Tiger says

            Oh my God you are unbelievable. These video are real look to the International news. They hate him everywhere. The president of the Philippines has called O’s mother a whore and told him not to come to his country, the Chinese refused to put down the steps for O or to give him a red carpet, he had to exit out the back of the plane, the Cuban government did not meet him at the airport when he went to see them and their papers said America had an Ignorant Negro as president, the French president Sarkozy along with the head of the EU said he might be insane.

            You are a really sad sack. Sick in the head.

    7. celiayounger says

      ”TRUMP NOT TAKING A SALARIE’??? RIGHT no one believe that and he is laughing at people who believe him when he only tell lies and tell false stories and tales.

      1. Tiger says

        Really? Guess he wasn’t lying about Sanctions on the table again for Iran. Our Congress just passed the Bill. Guess he wasn’t lying about ridding himself of lobbyists he just put out that anyone in his administration must agree not to become a lobbyist for 5 years after leaving him. He seems to be moving right along on the wall being as the president of Mexico wants a meeting and wants to talk border security and trying to figure out where he is going to put those we return. Suppose he was not lying on Trade deals being as now a huge company talking coming back to America and also Japan’s PM talking with Trump today so take it down the road.

        Why should a billionaire, living in a palace atop Trump Tower, owner of businesses and golf courses around the world and a huge palace style mansion in Florida want 400,000 a year? He is a man of honor he doesn’t need it. Keep talking A wipe you people are laughable.

    8. Kol says

      ‘Trump is saying Hitler-level things in public’: Singer John Legend warns US not to be ‘complacent’


    9. StormyKnight says

      “…read the leaks or listen to Kerry, Obama and Hillary.” I like to refer to them as Berry, Kerry and Hillarry. That way it rhymes. ;^)
      And your comments are right on the mark!

      1. Tiger says

        Thank you. I see riots followed Obama in Germany and Greece telling him to go home and they don’t want the international trade deal. Just like Trump says won’t fly. O is telling people in Europe the news they saw during the election was false meaning the Wikileaks etc. He is not giving up or in. Now thinking of pardoning over 750,000 illegals then bringing in thousands of Haitians. Most likely let another 6,000 drug dealers out of prison like he already did. I think he is looking to that mass uprising throughout our country so he can call Martial Law.

        1. Richard Kraus says

          You are the only other person – besides myself that believes this . I told everyone I know , a year or more ago , that obama is addicted to power and will do anything to keep it . I agree that he will create an atmosphere of chaos and the declare martial law . As I’ve said before – I hate obama , I hate libertals .

          1. Tiger says

            We all do.

          2. Woody says

            I believe this; Libs are the personification of Evil.

        2. Richard Kraus says

          I’m not sure what happened to my ( 1st ) response to this . I said over year ago that obama is so addicted to power that he will create an atmosphere of chaos and the declare martial law . I totally agree with you – 110%

          1. Tiger says

            Responses of mine have been disappearing today. Happens but yes he won’t stop he is evil to the mean heart beating in his chest.


    10. Kurt Hanssen says

      Right again.!

  2. Justin Seine says

    Would you expect anything different from the ideology that espouses outstretched palms? The group where success is measured by the number of participation trophies they have “won”. The “even though you earned it, where’s my fair share?” bunch. All the while being led around by the nose by the pocket-stuffing party they elected. Barak Obama is not the only one with a pen and a phone. Executive Action was considered their “Ace in the Hole”. Actually, it still is, it is just aimed at a different hole.

    1. MAHB001 says

      What you describe is the hoards of victims of ideological subversion. Introduced by the Communists of old, they have been stewing in the belly of America, until they can no longer be suppressed.

      The unfortunate part for the victims is that if the Communists had gained control, the useful idiots would be exterminated. Squashed like a cockroach… as the video describes.

      Being that we are still a civilized society, we are just stuck with them…. The moral majority can not go silent again, and must take back our Country.

      1. Mathew Molk says

        We won the second American Reevaluation last week and God has given us a second chance,,,,,let’s not screw it up. – The constitution is NOT a living document relative to each person’s whim. It is an absolute code to live by. Let’s put things back to the way they were. – No more PC crap and elitist immune from our laws. Truth, Freedom , the American Way and Justice for all.

        1. MAHB001 says

          That is music to my ears.

        2. sanjanas says

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    2. A natural born American says

      Maybe the philosophy that says every kid should be rewarded not just for any real achievements but also just because they exist backfired. I’ve seen many bright kids who actually did/do have the talent to achieve and succeed develop a ‘why bother’ attitude.

      1. Gary Smith says

        I think this is true

  3. MAHB001 says

    The MEDIA backed 0bama at every step because they are Communists just like 0bama.

    Elite MEDIA = Elite Democrats = Elite Republicans.

    The elites have turned our government from of the people, by the people, and for the people, to a government of the elites, by the elites, and for the control of the people… That is at its very core, communism… Big Government is communism….

    If the liberals don’t like crony Capitalism, perhaps they should not practice it. Crony Capitalism is Communism in a different form…

    1. Janthony132 says

      That looks like Hillary & wild Bill in one face

      1. Mathew Molk says

        Who cares about them. In 2 months they will all dry up and blow away and head back to mommies basement. We have a lot more pressing things to worry about then the useful idiots and their commissars.,,,,like term limits and sending the RINOs down the road ASAP.

        1. Deborah G says

          Once the weekend snow comes these cry babies will demand free heat

      2. Bob Marcum says

        LOL LOL I agree, with Mathew Molk, but; you’re right. It does look a lot like killary
        and wild bill ( mostly killary, of course ). hee hee

    2. RobertNorwood says

      As we would expect, liberals going off the deep end without one fact to support their beliefs. It’s like one protester’s sign that read “I’ll blah blah blah when you stop taking away my rights”. There she was protesting, perhaps even getting a good grade from her professors for protesting and I wondered, “what rights are being taken away”? The right to have a pony or a puppy to pet, the right to safe a room? Even these things, which aren’t rights, aren’t being taken away. No one has their rights taken away in this country, armed bands of trump thugs aren’t roaming the streets – quite the opposite, concentration camps aren’t being set up despite left wing liberal comparisons of our election to the Nazis.
      So my wonder wasn’t satisfied, and then I realised how can I know what their problem is when they don’t even know what their problem is. Actually…that’s not 100% correct. I know they’re just not right in the head.

    3. hangem'high says

      Funny they’re in such an uproar when they view him as killary?

  4. Justin Seine says
    1. bonijo2012 says

      Great photo shop! and very accurate.

  5. picklyman says

    What Goes Around… COMES AROUND!!!..

    1. ABO says

      Ain’t that the truth, picklyman.

  6. fidel says

    Obozo is a true fraud. He’ll be on american tax payers welfare for the rest of his life. Go to kenya traitor obama.

    1. cmi says

      I still believe that’s where he was born!!!!!!!!

      1. ABO says

        His own grandmother and his brother have both said it.

  7. The Help says

    Executive Orders written by a sitting president contrary to what republicans claim are not new and have been written by every sitting president. The totals are Democrats 8319 executive Orders and Reoublicans 7132 Executive Orders. Franklin Delano Roosevelt wrote a total of 3721 executive orders but he served for 12 years during the depression and world war II which were large contributors to the volume of executive orders.
    I digress to get back on topic the most recent presidents Clinton 364, G.W. Bush 291 and Obama 242. The executive order abuse was just another hyped phoney presidential abuse sold to the public by republicans about a presidential practice that has been used since the office was founded. I’m quite sure that at specific times the order written has upset the opposite party but if the practice were a clear way for a president to abuse his authority congress would have surely passed legislation to end it.
    So that being said if you the voter want to continually be pushed into a frensy over abuses of power that are nonexistant and hyped way out of proportion I feel sorry for you. Do some research when any politician or pundit makes a statement of this nature, you will be surprised that it is in fact false, factually cherry picked and purposely misleading.
    Republicans after railing against Obama for using executive orders now want to pre-justify Trumps use of executive orders. If it’s abuse by one then it is abuse by all that use it.

    1. Warren says

      I do not believe a Trump Executive Order to Cancel an obama Illegal Executive Order should not count it would not be changing anything just Deleting Illegal Crap.

      1. The Help says

        Warren if the executive orders were illegal they could not be carried out. One order was challenged and the courts determined that the president overstepped his authority.
        So Trump does not need to write executive orders to cancel Obamas unlawful executive orders CONGRESS has already taken care of that issue through the courts.
        As I stated republicans are now setting people like you up to allow Trump to do what they screamed was illegal for Obama to do.

        1. Bob Marcum says

          The Help; I don’t care how many executive orders are issued by ANY president.
          It’s the intent, behind the order, that counts. If a president decides, he must issue
          an exec. order to set up a law, for expediency ( the time element ); then, allow congress the opportunity to vote on making it a permanent law, then; it would be
          very easy to understand the use of the exec. authority ( as a temporary measure ).
          Otherwise; it doesn’t really serve much purpose, beyond harassment and confusion ( for the balance of the present term in office ). I believe, every president should go thru and research each and every exec. order, given by the previous president, with intent of agreeing with it or demolishing it.

          1. The Help says

            Each President elected to office is Elected as the Majority of opinion /consent of the voters and electorial college and that president surely does not have the favor of every voter and will agrivate some voters by his actions and agrivate some of the voters that favor him/her as well. That is why we only allow the office to be held for four consecutive years. A sitting president is acting in the best interest of that majority even through executive order.
            Congress has shown that any order that excedes the presidents authority can be overturned by the court. There is no need for the next president to review past executive orders because by the actions of congress “no legal challenge” the orders were within his authority. To have a new president review those past orders and at his/her discretion decide which ones are or are not legal/constitutional flies in the face of your argument because the next president can then overturn what that president did.
            As I stated in my original post the executive order has been allowed by sitting presidents since the start of the presidential office. George Washington wrote 8 executive orders. Republicans used the presidents use of executive authority as some new method to unconstitutionaly circumvent congress and vilified the executive order to attack and discredit Obama. Now these same republicans are trying to spin the use of executive orders as a necessay presidential tool because a republican will be president.
            I have no dog in the fight I do not like or dislike Obama as far as I’m concerned he was an average president that worked in an extremly hostile environment that set our country back because both partieare became unwilling to work with each other I do not like Hillary and do not think Trump is tempermentaly or knowledgable enough to be president and only hope that Pence can somehow manage Trump.
            My gripe is non political but based soley on the issue. If it’s not good for the goose then it certianly is not good for the gander no matter how you color it.

        2. James Watt says

          The Help What we’re trying to re-legitimize and reassert right now is that the legislatures of our country, those people at the state and federal level who are duly elected by legal voters, not the executives nor the judges, have the right and duty to make our laws. The executive branch, governors and our President, only have the right and duty to enforce the laws. Judges only have the right and duty to interpret the passed laws, not to make up laws from their own ideology or pressures of contemporary pressure groups(homosexual marriage, for example). We should have gradual change, that which is authorized by the means, such as referendums and amendments, set up in our state and federal constitutions. I’m very upset that lawlessness is encouraged by liberals trying to achieve Utopia on earth. They seek to lie, cheat, and force the world to abide by their foolish social justice schemes, just so they can have an illusory perfection and egalitarian lifestyle, where any behavior, wish or desire must be satisfied, no matter the cost of a loss of freedoms to their fellow citizens. Liberalism is the epitome of selfishness, doing violence to our country and its traditions. I’m hopeful that Mr. Trump will be able to reign in the extreme socialists, anarchists, and, yes, even Communists, that want to rule our country by their revolutionary zeal.

          1. borecrazy says

            One subject not mentioned is part of the reason laws must originate and be passed through Congress is so they can approve or disapprove budgeting. When you don’t pass a budget for 7 years and also have a President writing laws into effect without concern where the money is coming from you have-WE HAVE-a bigger debt! Now Trump has to try and clean an irresponsible Presidents toilet!

          2. James Watt says

            Dear borecrazy You are so right! Thank you for the further reminder of why we have and need legislatures. Obama sent over 140 million dollars(?) in cash on an airplane to Iran, keeping American hostages sitting on a tarmac there, to sweeten the pot in finalizing Iran’s agreement with the nuclear proliferation treaty. This was done without any attempt to get Congressional approval, another one of Obama’s many lawless, evil actions. I’m hopeful that Trump can back us out of that deal, despite what Iran’s leader says can’t be done. Since Iran has boldfaced already dishonored and violated the treaty, it’s something we should abandon ASAP.

          3. ABO says

            Well said borecrazy and accurate. Thanks!

          4. borecrazy says

            Thank you!

        3. Deborah G says

          I believe Trump will look at all of them and get legal advice from a REAL AG and find out what is legal and what is not

          1. The Help says

            What is a real AG. The AG gets approved by the Senate so I believe thay are all real AG’s. Start using real facts when you make a statement. Look up the List of Positions Filled by Presidential Appointment with Senate Confirmation.
            The list has 100’s of positions and Congress has a say on every one of them, so if you insult a holder of that position you insult democrats and republicans for the choice.

          2. Deborah G says

            I can tell you what a REAL AG isn’t. LYNCH meeting Bill on the Tarmac. She knew that was wrong yet she did it anyway. There were other ideologs but they deported themselves in a reasonable fashion.

          3. The Help says

            Yes it was inappropriate but you should applaued the meeting because it helped Trump win. Also does not change the fact that she was approved buy the Senate republicans and democrats.

        4. David in MA says

          Trump needs to if for no other reason than to avoid costly court cases in the future, if they are illegal, remove them from the books.

          1. The Help says

            Nonsense because democtrats can then legaly challenge Trumps executive order republicans are not the only group that can legaly challenge an executive order.

          2. David in MA says

            I am not the sharpest tack in the box but you make me look sharper than you are. Troll!

          3. The Help says

            Don’t know about the sharpest tack thing but a troll wonders off point and resorts to name calling I have remained on point and have not name called. I do not being called or asking some one if they are a troll a troll name calling.

        5. Warren says

          obama did not care one bit how he was able to do it & I don’t care one bit how it is undone he is a complete Fraud & it will all come out real soon that is if they do not get away with clipping him like they did Jack.

          1. The Help says

            What do you mean by clipping him like they did Jack ? If you are talking about Kennedy Trump is taking care of that rumor is Trump is adding Ted Cruz (the senator who’s father Trump stated was involved in assasinating Kennedy) to his cabinet speculation is as attorney general or appoint to Supreme Court. Nice reward for a supposed assassins son.

          2. Warren says

            Has nothing to do with Cruz the main players were Sam Giancana Chuckie Nicolletti Jacob Rubenstein HW Bush CIA Lyndon Johnson Secret Service Bilderbergers Warren Commision gun was XP-100 Remington .221 Fireball was fatal shot ! Grassy Knoll was through the windshield hit him in the neck that is when he grabbed it & Jackie leaned over to see what was the matter then the fatal shot was fired from the storm drain the SS were not at their posts they were called back just before the shots & Lyndon ducked down at the same time. Jack was going to do away with the Federal Reserve & the CIA but most of all he was not going to go into Vietnam he had ordered the withdrawal of our Advisors within six months Jack was to popular with the people even with their unlimited funds they couldn’t get him out SOooooo Sam helped Jack get elected Union Votes Frank & the Rat Pack he made a deal with Joe who had a contract out on him by Costello in NY wanted Sam to fix it then Jack made Bobby AG they knew the deal & Bobby says screw those Dagos we are in charge now went after the Outfit NY Mob Unions & screwed up getting back the Casinos in Havana the CIA knew this & recruited Sam as they could set it up but could not pull the trigger. Jack Ruby ran Numbers on Chicago’s North Side guess for who? Oswald was raised in New Orleans by his Uncle who worked for Marcello. Oswald was telling the Truth when he said I am a Patsy he never fired a shot although he may have placed that crap $18 rifle

          3. The Help says

            Warren I’m just responding the comment about Kennedy and connecting how Trump said Cruzes father may have been involved in the Kennedy assasination during his campaign. So as a joke I said Trump covered his ass on that because rumor says Cruz may be appointed Attorney General or nominated to the Supreme Court by Trump.

      2. Deborah G says

        EXACTLY. CANCELLING AN UNCOSTITUTIONAL law is simply civic duty and upholding the Constitution. Be very well aware that OBAMA’s claim to being a Constitutional Attorney was simply his way to subvert the constitution NOT uphold it as he swore to do.

        1. David in MA says

          I believe he has been exposed as a “Constitutional Lecturer”, not a professor. (well maybe a professor down in the ghetto)

          1. Deborah G says

            A “GUEST” lecturer

          2. David in MA says

            Thank you.
            And probably only for non-credit courses on how the hood can intimidate someone so they get their way. What a POS!

        2. Warren says

          I would like to see obama take a College Test on our Constitution I am betting he would Fail Miserably, then again I am sure he could Pass a Sharia Law Test with Flying Colors (The Flying Colors in this case would be an ISIS Flag)

          1. Deborah G says

            Since ALl his records have been hidden or scrubbed we don’t even know what he is educated in. Harvard admitted him as an Affirmative Action student after being given a HUGE donation from a Saudi. That is the end of any information but let it lead you to whatever conclusions you want

          2. Warren says

            There is no doubt that the Bilderbergers (NWO) put him in Office also Bush 41 & 43 Bill Clinton Jimmy Carter Lyndon Johnson they have been in control ever since they Clipped Jack and got away with it. I do not believe they have strings on Donald Trump just by the way they fought Tooth & Nail to keep him out Thanks to Assange Anonymous Guccifer Guccifer 2.0 & other Hero Hackers they had their A$$ handed to them on the way out the door.

    2. logicrules says

      Trying to educate people that have no use for it is a waste of time.

      1. hangem'high says

        They turn daffy!

    3. richard says

      you miss the point entirely, it’s not the amount of orders written it’s the content of what is in those orders,almost all of obamas “orders” created more Government controll and regulations that were never voted or approved by Congress, i suspect that Congress never challenged him for fear of being labelled as “Racist”……that is really the sad part,not so much what obama did,but what Congress did not………….

      1. The Help says

        Richard you need to prove that statement. Get a list of all of G.W. Bushes executive orders and a list of all of Obamas executive orders I think you will find little difference between the two.

        1. borecrazy says

          Why don’t YOU get a list together-you are the one who made the declaration! WE KNOW Obama’s E.O.’s were shamefully wrong! Do you remember much more than a grumble about ANY President’s E.O.’s except Clinton’s and Obama’s?

          1. David in MA says

            That is the mentality of Ted Cruz the Canadian citizen, Obama is from Kenya and he did it so why can’t I?

          2. The Help says

            borecrazy this is exactly why people like you are easily misinformed you refuse to do any research and believe what is said or printed as long as it is from a source you consider good. Your logic is based on emotion and feelings not on fact and reason. I do not accept what politicians I like without a little checking. In my opinion based on your statements “WE KNOW” you do not have the slightest idea of what types of executive orders Obama has written and certianly do not have the knowledge to determine if they are or are not within his presidential and constitutional authority. The senate does have the knowledge and has only challenged one order out of the 242 that he has written this fact alone implies that the rest were within his presidential authority.

      2. Bob Marcum says

        Richard; I fully agree, but, let me point out; the real reason congress didn’t pass judgement on the exec. orders, is that, too much of congress had already gone corrupt, themselves. They’ve been bought off, by the lobbyist and bad money, ( ie; george soros ).

    4. John Phillips says

      Executive orders are for little things to implement the law pass by congress not to change the law or create new law. Any order that is written to do an end run around congress is outside the scope of executive order intent.

      If you look at order scope Obama has done much more than his predecessors.

      1. The Help says

        John you need to prove the statement with facts.

        1. Mary Brumley says

          Try transgendered bathrooms in our Public SCHOOLS!!

          IF you want THAT, we should not be even honoring you with our replies!!

        2. Bob Marcum says

          You sound like a liberal. Allow me to remind you, John is in a conversation,
          of opinions ( NOT a court of law ). So you should quit being so damned crappy, with him.

        3. borecrazy says

          How about making a global climate change commitment to other countries without a bit of debate with his own people? Or being on the verge of a Worldwide Small Arms Agreement with the U.N. which would negate our 2nd amendment and put the U.S.A. and parts of our Constitutional rights under U.N. control? Both without a word to Congress or the American people! That is not the act of a President, but a Monarch!

        4. Francisco Machado says

          In debate, it is your responsibility to refute what John has stated. It is then his responsibility to demonstrate that your refutation is flawed. You didn’t prove your thesis; he doesn’t have to prove his. You have obviously not followed the career of Obama through his Presidency or you would have no further need of proof. His very statement, “I’ve got a pen and I’ve got a ‘phone” describes his attitude toward Constitutional government. That Congress, particularly the House, has not stopped, has not defunded his programs (particularly having campaigned on their dedication to do that) is what resulted in a Donald Trump presidency. The public perception of Obama’s career as president, his policies, the disasters he has created, is reflected in the electorate increasing the majority in the House, giving the Senate and the Presidency to the Republicans, as well as a majority of the state legislatures and governorships. Obama has been a disaster not just for the Economy and the Middle East, but for the Democrat party.

      2. David in MA says

        EO’s are for internal use within the administrative branch to keep the administration of government working smoothly and within legal parameters. Obama has done neither unless a person supports a larger government run by Islamic Marxists.

    5. Deborah G says

      IT IS not THE number OF EXECUTIVE ORDERS it IS THEIR scope> WRITING LAW THROUGH EXEC ORDERS AND GOING AROUND CONGRESS IS dictatorship. Who other than ALisnky radical Community Agitator Obama did that?

      1. The Help says

        Again if the executive order is illegal congress can challenge it in court. Only one of Obamas orders was challenged and overturned (proof our system works) so I’m guessing that the rest even the unpopular ones were legal as far as republicans were concerned.
        So my guess is the claim the Obama use of executive order to circumvent the congress and is unconstitutional is 99.9% political bullshit and now they are doing a bat turn on it’s use now that a republican holds the office.

        1. Joel says

          You’re forgetting, nimrod troll, that most of the executive orders Obozo signed were when the Demoncraps had control of Congress, and he knew the orders wouldn’t be challenged in court! He knew he could get away with anything then, and he used that to his advantage to go as far as he could without the media turning on him.

          1. The Help says

            The republican party took Obama to court over an executive order not the senate so control of Congress is irrelevant and as I stated earlier they won. Another unsubstantiated fact shot down.

    6. borecrazy says

      The numbers may be correct, but not your reasoning. Executive orders were to be used to fine tune legislation already in law that needed a bit of tweaking. They were NEVER a substitute for making law without congressional approval!

      1. J.B.Jacobs says

        Let me give you an example of how important Executive orders are:

        In 1961 President Kennedy signed Executive order 11030 that all executive orders have a left margin of 11/2 inches. George W. Bush in 2006 updated the order and changed it to 1 inches. Obama updated the order again in 2014 and changed it from “1 inches to 1 inch”. This would never have happened if it had to be approved by Congress.

        1. hangem'high says

          The end of the world I’m sure if it didn’t get past!

          1. J.B.Jacobs says

            Obama has been so busy taking care of all the important business like this, I’m surprised he’s even had time to play golf.

          2. hangem'high says

            At least O bummer has some negotiating abilities


    7. TrickleUpPolitics says

      Way to set up a strawman. We are not complaining solely about the number of EO’s but about what he used them to accomplish: bypassing Congress.

    8. David in MA says

      The point is more for what they were for than the number, but congress is not without fault, congress can review all EO and either approve them or veto them, the congress did neither.

    9. Francisco Machado says

      The number of executive orders used by individual presidents is not relevant. Executive orders are generally used for issues not warranting Congressional consideration. Obama has used them to enact or modify laws in ways that should only be done through acts of Congress. Insofar as these are Obama’s executive orders, it rationally follows that they can be rescinded by executive order. If Congress wasn’t judged by Obama necessary in making them, Obama didn’t consult with Congress in changing them, they are, by Obama’s own logic, subject to elimination without action by Congress. Consider also the U.N. Climate Agreement: Obama signs an agreement that is not confirmed by the Senate. That agreement is, therefore, between Obama and the U.N., not between the United States and the U.N. If Obama implements the agreement (this is not a U.S. treaty – Senate confirmation is necessary for that) by executive order, there is no constitutional obligation to conform to it after he leaves office. By not working through Congress, Obama creates a structure of laws with no foundation beneath it. He has built castles of sand at low tide.

      1. The Help says

        As I have stated, If the president has overstepped his authority by executive order congress has a remedy. Also a incomming president can by executive order change previous executive orders Tit for Tat. That is not my point. My point is Republicans have purposly villified the use of presidential executive orders and NOW that the office will be occupied are trying to validify the use of executive order.
        I don’t know anout any of you people but I certianly do not like being played and treated like an idot.
        Republicans have spent several years saying it’s not good for the goose.
        I’m more concerned about how people can be OK when the script gets flipped.

    10. elmcqueen3 says

      Why of course…however some executive actions are more demeaning than others…for this we get what we deserve…some good some bad.

    11. ABO says

      It would seem that your buddy Obama has set a precedent.

  8. kbmiller says

    I wonder what would happen when the Dumb A $$ oc RATS filibuster ANY Trump Supreme Court nominee, if the Republicans do what they did, when Obummer wanted far left federal judges to be affirmed by the US Senate, declare the Repubs. need only 60 votes for those confirmations?

    1. Kol says


  9. gotabgood says

    Top Secret Clearance for his children!?!
    What’s next… making an additional nuclear football with codes for each of them?

    1. John Phillips says

      I would guess that it would be nice to be able to share what is going on in his life with the kids and get their take on it.

      That would be a lot better to do it up front than to have your maid print classified material or your uncleared lawyer deciding what to delete as they had access to classified email.

      1. gotabgood says

        Nice to share top secret information with your kids who has a friend named Wendi who is Putin’s girlfriend.
        There is a reason they call it top secret.. not to be shared with family member and close friends… get serious!!
        As for your bring up the past of CLEARED accusations…. I say.. get a life..

        1. Jim says

          Or gotabgood can get a maid to print out his classified material…oops…did I say that? Snork, snork !!!

        2. hangem'high says

          Huma could have sold you an elbow rub with O bummer at one time, for a small price? But all she can get U now is a date at her mom and pa’s chop shop!

    2. Bob Marcum says

      GO SUCK YOURSELF. Trump didn’t ask for top secret clearance, for his children.
      Nor did the children themselves, ask for it.
      P.S.; By-the-way; they’re not exactly children, anymore. Family, yes. Children, NO.

      1. gotabgood says

        You are so UNinformed… if only you would check things out BEFORE you vote and BEFORE you tell the blog how ignorant you truly are…

        And if you notice, the news calls them children.. are any of them old enough to be president? I know that all of them are NOT!

        Trump team seeks top-secret security clearances for Trump’s children

        1. hangem'high says

          Even as children they have more sense at protecting that information then the old priestess killary, and her warlock sugar daddy Soros!

          1. gotabgood says

            And you know this…… HOW?

          2. hangem'high says

            Because I had the highest top security clearance given out at the time in the seventies! If I did ½ of one percent that Killary did I’d be doing a thousand year sentence.


            Trumps kids should pass the clearance with flying colors. If’n O Bummer and Mikel passed it; any wine- o on the street corner shouldn’t have a problem?

      2. gotabgood says

        As for your vulgar suggestion..”GO SUCK YOURSELF”… I could send you photos… but then you would just feel more inferior and insecure than you already do….

        1. hangem'high says

          I can get all the pic’s of killary and O bummer off the internet, so put your Weiner back in jail!

      3. ABO says

        Take it easy, Bob. The abysmal idiot gotabgood is in no way worth driving your blood pressure up. He’ a moron as well as a troll and a liberal lemming, ready to jump off the cliff at Obama’s slightest suggestion for no better reason than that he is entirely incapable of thinking for himself. Getting your ire up is just what he’s looking to do and responding to him brings you down to his level. Not where you deserve to be.

    3. Francisco Machado says

      Hell, they gave Hillary clearance – criteria must be rather low. Give this a thought – remember who Obama’s parents were? They gave him clearance.

    4. Airborne869 says

      A MUSLIM


      1. gotabgood says

        YOU don’t pay attention do you???? Either that or you do not comprehend the meaning of words.
        Nothing on Hillary’s servers… nothing on Huma’s laptop..
        GET A LIFE!!

        1. Airborne869 says


      2. EddieInFL says

        WITH Charles Manson……in the kitchen

    1. Bob Marcum says

      OH; but, HELL NO.

      1. gotabgood says

        Well…. I see we do agree on one thing…

    2. Airborne869 says

      U wanted to give Democracy to MUSLIMS…CAN’T be done! ! !

      MUSLIMS will FORCE their RELIGION on the World given time…

      1. gotabgood says

        KInda like you forcing your opinions on the world…you are just a forceful type person… I know your not religious because of all the hate you have for fellow humans… but if you were, you would try to force your beliefs on other people.

  10. Denise says

    Suddenly, every Liberal has become a Constitutional Conservative.

    1. Gary Smith says


  11. Denise says

    The difference between Obama’s executive actions and those of other presidents is that many of Obama’s are unconstitutional.
    While those on the left worry about Trump’s pen, they are clamoring for Obama to appoint a liberal Supreme Court Justice, bypassing Congress.
    It is impossible to shame Liberals, they wear lies, deceit, and hypocrisy like badges of honor!

  12. RobertNorwood says

    Safe spaces are springing up everywhere in light of this elections massive spike in “inability to cope”. Here’s one that offers hugs from a clown instead of puppies.

    1. Gary Smith says

      Like Chicago the murder capitol

      1. RobertNorwood says

        Chicago “safe space” – an armored car.

      2. cmi says

        Rahm says, “you’re safe in Chicago”! REALLY???!? I wouldn’t drive through Chicago in a damn tank,…….I’d go around it!!!!!!!

        1. ABO says

          I think driving through in an M1 Abrams with a .50 BAR on the pod might be fun.

  13. zrevtom says

    The first executive order is for any city giving sanctuary to felons that all Federal funds be stopped
    and that US Marshalls go in and arrest any Public official ignoring the law up to and including
    the Mayor or Police Chief as they are the most vocal. Trump is looking for criminals not innocent
    and hard working illegals but the criminals. This is something the Democrats seem to have forgotten
    to differentiate between and the criminals know it, Chicago is the worst with NY LA and SF all
    Democrats, all breaking the law and all deserve their punishment. When Mayors allow millions to suffer
    for the sake of a couple thousand criminals then they should be voted out of office but of course
    because the public votes only one way they stay in power and the public continues to get screwed

    1. elmcqueen3 says

      If they are breaking the law then they should be arrested and face the consequences of their action…Obama said we are a nation of laws…we need see that sanctuary cities which are controlled by their mayor’s and police chief’s start enforcing the laws which govern all of society…that includes federal laws…whether they agree with them or not…if they disregard the law because they don’t agree with it then that is breaking the law…plain and simple…these metropolitan elitist who think because they are the mayor or police chief and or because of their status quo they can ignore the law which applies to all citizens…these law breakers must be dealt with accordingly…their elite status role in society is of no exception to the law…if they break the law they go to jail…same as anybody else.

  14. RichFromShowMe says

    Will the Left light its hair on fire due to the installation of a Rational Government? Got a match? 🙂

    Their currently Rioting “organ grinder monkeys”, who are Rioting for no particular reason other than the inability to read our Constitution, makes one think the Left has already fallen into the Abyss of insanity.

  15. Davard says

    The major criteria for being a good person is not being other than Caucasian.

  16. Bob Stewart says

    I hope the republicans don’t fall into the same trap they’ve been in for years, meaning that they don’t know how to govern. They should take a lesson from democrats and rule with an iron fist. Let democrats feel what it’s like to live under a Harry Reid regime. Quit trying to prove how fair you are and get stuff done whatever it takes to get it done. Liberals won’t support you because you’re fair. Get over it and govern like the people who elected you want you to. Get rid of the Obama legacy.

  17. GB2179 says

    Thank You Tiger, you are spot on. Here is a Youtube video I would like to share with all of you.
    He says it all, I just wish he could have found a quieter place to record it. May all of you have seen this but just in case, here it is.

    1. ABO says

      Good man. Plain and simple. Good man.

  18. james gould says

    Maybe executive orders should be within definitive parameters set by SCOTUS?

    1. Barney Biggs says

      Keep the freakin court out of it. Left wing bunch can only do more harm. You have a Congress and Senate who are ELECTED use them. Make the devils do what they are paid to do.

  19. icthelite says

    CLIP: “assuming Trump goes through with it.” This is the operative phrase. So far he’s been back talking on some of his campaign promises. I hope there’s not more to come.

  20. kotoc says

    I am eagerly anticipating all the improvements Trump has planned for the U.S. I hope he rolls up his shirt sleeves and gets started right away, starting with the day after the inauguration. I just hope and pray he won’t back down, to satisfy what he referred to as being ‘president for all the people.’ For example, sure, there are a lot of people upset by the proposed “wall” to keep illegals out. They think it means keep ALL immigrants out, but that’s only because they don’t know the difference between good and bad. I hope he won’t back down on being tough on illegals sucking jobs and tax dollars from American citizens. That’s only the tip of the iceberg, though, on fixing all the things needing prompt attention.

    1. mahaska says

      One has to understand that the Pontus can only act with the approval of congress, he cannot
      spend money or make laws without congressional approval.

      1. ABO says

        How exactly then did Obama get away with doing just that?

        1. mahaska says

          congress has 30 days to challenge any EO in court, if they fail to do that, as they
          did in most EO cases by Obama, it becomes permanent. However, the constitution specifically states only CONGRESS may make law exclusively.
          Again, it its not challenged it floats through, congressional wimps let him get
          away with it and only congress could stop it.

          1. ABO says

            Exactly correct Mahaska, I was mistaken as to your point in your response to kotok.

  21. Estoban says

    Trump has already told the Brits that he’ll be moving the bust of Winston Churchill back to the Oval Office.

  22. Syl says

    Congress should make a law to limit executive powers nstead of giving more like theyhave been. Wait ’til Trump cleans out the trash, however.

  23. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

    “Elections have consequences” I believe Obama said and this one says kiss your legacy good bye as far as anything of a positive nature.

  24. Lexus RX says

    This will be sweet! I would love to see the list of every Executive Order Un done. There are so many that are just ridiculous. That is why we need a list because we lost count. Im sure there are some that we didn’t even know about! can’t wait for Trump to be sworn in!

  25. Airborne869 says

    America’s Liberals have had a DICTATOR in the White House for 8 years
    and that’s just what they will now call President Trump…
    Liberal’s are OBAMA’S / SATAN’S ARMY

  26. ward says

    The libtards & rinos in congress are the worst destruction against the U.S. Citizen Constitutional Freedom & Rights that bo created & a congress that did nothing to stop bo’s wannabe dictator whims from hell ! The abuse of power with spending to bankrupt the U.S. was very obvious … ! E.O.’s that let illegal foreigners & muslims enter the U.S.A. were worse than by passing congress but has all the stench of treason … ! bo & hilary are guilty of treason with plenty of proof to indict & prosecute them after Trump takes the Jan , 2017 POTUS ! “Hope” Gowdy is appointed DOJ-& “change” will nail both of these traitors along with the cronies !

  27. cmi says

    Barack Hussein Obama, was one of the WORST persons that has EVER been put in the power of the president!!!! And to think, all the voters were trying to do, was bring this country closer together!!! There’s no doubt in my mind, he’ll go down in History as the WORST president IN History!!!!

    1. Airborne869 says


  28. Thomas Ridella says

    The one and most upsetting with all the people writing and commenting on our government affairs is referring to our system of government as DEMOCRACY, remember Ben Franklin’s quote “WE GAVE YOU A CONSTITUTIONAL FOR OF GOVERNMENT IT’S UP TO YOU TO PRESERVE IT” what part of that statement don’t they understand? I am totally amazed that a great number of our elected servants refer to our government as a DEMOCRACY rather than a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC. These people should be corrected every time they make that statement, even our president makes reference to our government as a DEMOCRACY, rule by a majority WHICH CAN BE ONE, in a lot of cases that one is OBAMA himself.

  29. 777oneradio says

    Tune In for Inspirational Music, Truth and real News:

  30. Ronald Logan says

    It seems like the more corrupt the Democratic party has become the more corrupt it`s voters have become

  31. Moe says

    This is why the left is reaching out to the woman who said in a speech the problem with America is white people? Anyone who public ally attacks her is of course another racist, or bigot? She is exactly what we need for an even more divide and fighting amongst ourselves nation. She can guarantee you she has the ability to piss away another eight to twelve trillion dollars leaving yup clueless as where it went. Yup, vacation that cost tens of millions of dollars, not a problem she deserves them. Another legal scholar like Lynch, ready to secretly screw the nation over like the current President. Yup, we need Michelle, she can finish the nation off quickly and has the ability to blame others while doing it. It is the easiest way to cure political cancer, kill yourself and get it over with by creating more of it. I don’t know about you, but in love being lied to by the Obama controlled media and the democrats, I love living in fear of being brutally beaten for my political views by the party of love, not hatred. Obama fixed this nation real good in only eight years, not even Trump can correct most of it now. Job well done, he got away with it, my hat is off to him.

    1. hangem'high says

      Can’t wait till the generous giving Americans wake up to getting the shaft by the greedy give me everything generation and illegals.

      If they really want this kind of change all they got to do is move to Argentina, they have their desired government in place!

      1. Norman says

        That’s the voice of the late Paul Harvey. Paul Harvey was actually a conservative, however, in this audio clip he is predicting how the radicals would bring about the demise of the U.S.

        It’s amazing how accurate his prediction was!

  32. Cadfael says

    They loved “executive orders” for the last 8 years – they had their cake – now it is time for them to eat this! LOL

  33. akoby says

    I have a feeling that even if Trump does a great job of restoring this economy and improving the lives of ALL Americans, the Progressives will still try to disparage him and his accomplishments. He is not even in office and the vicious attacks have begun. Trump needs our prayers and our support. As to the Dems talking point that Hillary won the “popular” vote….she wasn’t even close until California was tallied. Do not misconstrue popular to mean most people supported her. Popular in terms of the election means based on population. The Democratic Party has become a regional party of the East and West Coasts. These densely populated areas do NOT reflect the majority opinion of most of the country; they represent mostly an urban population that has different values than the heartland. Most (but not all) of the urban population does not understand how things are produced or the work it takes to feed this country. Their world view is more theoretical than pragmatic. If you look at the post election map of the US, you will see that most of the country is Republican. The Democrat vote was concentrated in very narrow areas along the east and west coast and Hawaii. Thank God for the foresight of our Founding Fathers for setting up a system that protected the voice of all Americans.

    1. Norman says

      The radical news channels have already started their “hate Trump” campaign as they did their “hate Bush” campaign in 2000. Then everything will be Trumps fault just as it was all Bush’s fault.

      Much of the “popular” vote hilLIARy claims was vote fraud. Some experts are estimating that 3 million illegal aliens voted on November 8th and the vast majority of them were likely to have vote for. . . . yeah, you guessed it . . . hilLIARy. And that does not take into consideration some radical Americans who voted more than once for hilLIARy using fictitious names and names of deceased voters, demanding to vote without showing identification, erroneously programmed electronic voting machines, and ballot box stuffing.

    2. hangem'high says

      If she even came close to the popular vote even her own staff was celebrating her defeat!
      she might have came close with the help of rigging from

      Soros and his minion Traitor and chief!

      They’re trying to steal the country away from its citizens.

  34. GuardianFlame says

    The Left did this to themselves! Their inability to see past their own immediate needs created a need for someone brash, loud, angry and larger than life to change things up! In walks Trump.

    Trump wasn’t afraid to say what every red blooded American was thinking…America was hurting and the clueless Left went on without even changing lanes. Nothing nor no one was going to save our country from falling off the cliff – except that tall blondheaded brash man who seemed to “get it”!

    He wasn’t afraid to address the source of our Nightmares…the present government and its shackles on the American people. We listened, he talked, the Left tried to paint him out to be a womanizer -when the Left’s own candidate was married to the BIGGEST WOMANIZER in U.S. history and was impeached because of his immoral actions! What a laugh!

    So the Silent Majority listened to Trump’s words, felt his genuine appeal to the American people about “Making America Great Again”! We listened and liked his message! And we were called “Deplorables” by hillary because her numbers were falling and she was panicking! The Media loved Hillary’s name for the Conservative nothings! They ran with it!

    Christians and the Silent Majority were done with the Left and their narcissistic egomaniacal psychotic candidate that was more Criminal than cautious…and hillary HUGELY lost the election…as it was written by the Powers that be.

    Sometimes there is an evil so strong that Good must destroy it. That happened on November 8. God stepped in and evil was defeated! The screams and moans and hysterics we are seeing are the last traces of evil leaving a corruptive body. Soon they will be gone and America will be cleansed FOR NOW.

    However, evil is a cancer that keeps coming back and we must ALL be aware of its signs, be vigilant, and ready to take it down if it raises its ugly head! Can you do that? I know I can…and will!
    God Bless America! God Bless Trump!

  35. millerstwo says

    Let Trump attempt to “right the ship” utilizing Executive Action if he must but then he should go before Congress and request that a law be passed making it very difficult for future Presidents to invoke this very dangerous tool.
    Remember too that a RINO controlled Congress didn’t say a word while the Traitor-in-Chief usurped their authority numerous times. The RINO Congress is the next swamp that “we the people” must drain!

  36. real talk 1 says

    I hope that the Republican Party will continue to be aggressive and continue to be honest and fair with the policies and constitution and be fair to our laws , The American people do not don’t want this Political Correctness compassion we want law and order and the only way to have peace and harmony every one I said everyone has to obey . If you can’t assimilate whether citizen or not you should leave the US. if you are in the country illegal you should leave, the hard working citizens are sick and beat down with the governments allowing people from Central America to come here illegal and then taking care of them until ? Next we hear we shouldn’t break up the family they the illegals did it to them selves but liberals want America to feel responsible for their anxiety let them put the pressure on their governments to make their lives better period !!!!!???

  37. real talk 1 says

    The present time in America is in a flux but it’s been at work by the liberal democrats for a very long time the media has helped divert attention elsewhere while the swamp dwellers move in and get position and comfortable , Now they claim rights under the guise of Political Correctness we have to come to grips with the old saying tuff love if you are in this country illegal you have to go !!!!

    1. Norman says

      They are claiming SPECIAL PRIVILEGES under the guise of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS.

  38. sensrbtch says

    u r all fired! and the blacks are gona be evicted from the WHITEHOUSE! the s.s. will be @ the door to make sure yu’alls lev the linen and the silverware. butt-hed dont lev u r uinderwear?? phuuu stinking!

    1. Airborne869 says

      THE OBAMA going on his European Apology Tour is CRA P

  39. Joe S Hill says

    The Crybabies protesting are all typical examples of liberals,who didn’t get their “woman” in office,so they whine and bitch,they throw tantrums by protesting and threatening others with all their foolish gestures,and these are the progressives that would rule America? sorry,but smarter and wiser Americans prevailed in the voting polls,and i’m glad i got involved with that piece of history,because eight years of Obama’s out of control administration was enough to motivate many of us to the voting polls,and we won fair and square,while the liberal media attacked Trump with every rotten piece of lies that they could dig-up-but the worm has turned,and that’s it! all these protesters will either get jailed and fined,or they’ll surrender to common sense and move along! they get anarchistic,then they get arrested and jailed! meanwhile,the rest of America has a new chapter-recover from Obama!

    1. Norman says

      I believe that hilLIARy and the radical propaganda “news” channels continuously calling Americans racists, sexist, hateful, intolerant, deplorable, homophobic, other derogatory words actually worked against hilLIARy’s election. I know I was sick of being called all of those things which actually describe the hilLIARy and her radicals. Therefore, I and many others VOTED AGAINST hilLIARy.

      Do you think the radicals learned NOT to describe Americans with such derogatory terms? Oh, hell, NO! The DNC believes it did not use enough derogatory terms to describe Americans and is already planning to intensify its hate campaign for 2018 and 2020.

  40. Larry Cowden says

    Can’t wait to watch those XOs start falling! Can you hear the crying now from Obama and his henchmen about how that isn’t Constitutional? Wait for it! It’s coming.

  41. Airborne869 says

    That LIBERAL WOMAN that got into Walters World FACE today…
    If she had done that to me…! ! !

    1. Norman says

      Watter’s World? Yeah, I saw it. She was one of those self-proclaimed “tolerant”, “peace and love” liberals that are actually INTOLERANT, VIOLENCE AND HATE radicals. . . And she was UGLYYYY. . .

  42. Patriot47 says

    Hoisted on their own petard. I LOVE IT.

  43. celiayounger says

    this election was a fraud. and (some secret )republicans know it. AND PEOPLE IS STUPID IF THEY BELIEVE ANYTHING HE SAYS OR PROMISSe. like the money he gave to charities, or many things he said he did but in rality didn’t etc. he is a natural lier and manipulator.

  44. celiayounger says

    AND some of us, call the democrats a socialist? they don’t have a clue like a socialist ist. they should go to Cuba or Russia. (the old days).. or any socilist country. then they will know what is a socilist country. I will be mad and upset that someone call me a socialist only because i don’t think the same… that tell me that this person is not a democrat in his/her mind and are controling and manipulative to obtain their own wishes.

  45. Airborne869 says


  46. Mike Slaney says

    Executive Orders can be fixed too. Only to be used in a certified WAR or National Calamity, no other time, PERIOD!

  47. Richard Kraus says

    I hate liberals , I hate obama . Both have weakened our position world wide . Iran is laughing at us while we pay for their nuclear bomb(S) . That’s right – I forgot – obama is a muslim .

  48. Michael Anderson says

    Guess they don’t like it when the shoe is on the other foot……. 🙂

  49. CUZIN ERN says

    The restoration of America will take more than words, money or kind words so; roll up you sleeves and dig into it like it is an 1965 Ferrari show car perhaps!