Liberals Denounce Trump’s “Silent Majority” as Racist


If liberals were half as good at finding solutions as they are at finding racism, the Democratic Party would rule Washington for the next hundred years. Whether it’s hoop skirts, Confederate flags, or using the word “resilient” to describe the city of New Orleans, there’s nothing too small or insignificant or downright silly for our nation’s treasured race-baiters. The latest thing they’ve deemed racist? Donald Trump’s “silent majority.”

“You know when Trump talks about not having time for being PC and for wanting to ‘make America great again’?”, wrote Hillary Linardopoulos in the Huffington Post. “He means for white America. And the silent majority he refers to? And people being ‘afraid’ to say things? White people. Afraid to say racist things out loud.”

Linardopoulos doesn’t provide a source for this conclusion, so we can assume that she pulled the idea – to quote Trump – “out of her wherever.” But she’s not alone in condemning Trump’s supporters as a collection of fearful white racists. Ron Brownstein of the National Journal told CNN Sunday that the phrase had its origins in a divisive time.

“When Richard Nixon coined the phrase in October 1969,” he said, “the first time it was used in the fall in a speech defending the Vietnam War, there was no question it was in the context of political and social protests from young people and African-Americans.”

Brownstein’s not wrong, though the historical context of the phrase has little to do with Trump’s use of it in 2015. Brownstein’s hardly a liberal, but with this remark, he might as well become one. This is exactly what the left does, time and time again. They go poring through the history books to find some way to make the innocent obscene.

Even if it’s true that Trump’s supporters are overwhelmingly white, what of it? We seem to be marching towards a future where it’s automatically racist to have a paler shade of skin. This is what all of this “white privilege” talk has brought us. White people are born evil, saddled with a thousand generations of racism. And this is true even if not a single one of your ancestors ever even thought about owning a slave. How DARE you make matters worse by voting Republican! You should bow your head in deference to any black leader, any black politician, and any black person you meet. Black lives matter, fella, and ONLY black lives matter.

The really astonishing thing, though, is that they can’t see how this is a creation of their own design. Let’s say it’s true, for the sake of argument. White people love Donald Trump because he speaks to their racist hearts. Fine. Why would that suddenly work? Could it be because the left has spent the last 12 months relentlessly claiming that police are racist murderers, despite having very little evidence to support their theory? Could it be because white Americans are sick and tired of feeling guilty for a problem they didn’t create? No, no, couldn’t be that.

The so-called silent majority isn’t “afraid of saying racist things out loud.” They are afraid of this country being pushed so far to the left that we leave any semblance of truth, justice, and common sense behind like so much campfire ash. If it’s racist to look at the facts and say to a black man, “Nope, you’re wrong,” then being a racist is no longer anything to be ashamed of.

  1. Duhr says

    Complaining that people call you racist does not make you not racist.

  2. MAHB001 says

    Liberal logic-
    If you are not liberal, you are a racists.
    If you are black and not a liberal, you are an uncle Tom.
    If you are a minority and not a liberal, you are an idiot.

    Proving liberals are the source of racism these days.

    1. Ed says

      Excellent comment and fortunately the ‘silent majority’ is neither racist nor silent. But Unfortunately they may no longer be a majority!

      1. Mister Vice says

        Anyone that leaves the so-called “silent majority” to join forces with the degenerates deserves to be their lap dogs. We don’t want or need swine like the woman stating a policeman deserved to be murdered because of his “pervy eyes”. She is like the rest of those morally deficient lemmings who mistakenly think they are “progressive”. They are not progressive when they think like blood-thirsty Huns! Race is the most stupid excuse for this argument. I hate the ideas these people harbor, hatch and promote. Their thinking is unbelievable yet they prove we must this reality and we must fight the good fight in combating this virus spreading across this country that love so dearly. They are traitorous, murderous and unconscionable barbarians that we should stand up against with all necessary force.

        1. gini62 says

          Yeah scary isn’t it? They don’t get angry, they get vicious. They scream they want everyone to die who doesn’t agree with them. I have been having an online discussion of sorts with an individual. He feels it is his right as a Christian to scream at gays and tell them what sinners they are. I quoted to him judge not least ye be judged and that Jesus commanded that we love one another as he has loved us. I pointed out that the Bible says take out the beam in our own eyes before we try to take out the mote in someone else’s eye. He didn’t get it. He really thought he was doing God’s will. I felt he was very arrogant. But I don’t know his heart so I shouldn’t judge him. If I do I am not better than I feel he is. He feels because I believe we are all on our own journey to God and that I think the greatest gift we have from God is free will, that I don’t love the sinner or I would point out their mistake so they can fix it. I told him we have to convince with love and under stranding not hate. We as Christians can’t join the haters. Then what difference is there between them and us?

          1. Isabel Sinclair says

            There are REAL Christians and then there are FAKES. The Bible does warn that Satin knows the every inch of scripture.

          2. cae973 says

            what does being gay have to do with this article?

        2. Isabel Sinclair says

          A civilization cannot exist without laws. Otherwise it becomes a community of chaos which will soon implode and destroy itself.

          America strives to be a civilization. We have laws. we have a constitution we have a government designed to implement those laws in order that our civilization will continue to survive.

          It’s all so simple and so basic. That if at any time we make decisions that disrupt civilization, we risk self annihilation.

        3. IMSweetOlBob says

          I saw a picture of that woman. His “pervy eyes” would have taken at least an hour to “perv” her, and then would have missed her feet.
          Just a “pervy” glance would have called to mind the blind men and the elephant.

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          2. Lance Lucius says

            Yes, that woman (being polite) would stop a clock with one look. Ugly to the bone.

      2. Arizona Don says

        Oh, they are still a majority all right. It is just some are still silent. Not all are awake yet. It is not Donald who is waking them up it is obama!

        Anyone saying the silent majority is racist is an imbecile at best. However, why should anyone give a sh t what they say. Who listens to imbeciles?

        1. gini62 says

          Unfortunately everyone. It is so much easier to hate and call names than it is to be patient, kind and respectful. I understand too. We see the US falling to ruins. No jobs. All goods made outside the US. Our goods get tariffed and other countries’ goods come here duty free. Everyone wants to come live here, but by coming here they make it less free and more crowded. Every sponge has it’s saturation point. We have reached it.

          1. erleebird says

            Like the immigrants of old, if they really wanted to integrate into our nation, it would be a joy for them to assimilate, not just for the “bennies.”

          2. gini62 says

            I have a daughter in law who is from Italy. She learned English before she came here and then improved upon it. Now she speaks very good English. She did not have the option of continuing to speak Italian like the Mexican or Hispanics do. She had no choice. We need to give the Mexicans no choice.

          3. erleebird says

            I had the honor to work with a woman who came here from Italy when she was 10 yo. She went to an all English school when she arrived here and learned to speak eloquent English. She worked her way through college, got a BS and then a Master’s Degree. She ended up working in a prestigious position in the college where she received her degree. She is as American as you and I, and I’m proud to call her my friend. As an immigrant herself, she is against the non-motivating “free lunch” expected by some immigrants. I agree with her!

          4. gini62 says

            That’s all any of us want. Come here legally, work hard, and add to the American economy not take from it. They act like burglars. The sneak in to our country, usually in the dark of night, and they take what they want. They don’t care who lives in the house and what their taking will do to those who live there. It is all about themselves. But if anyone should be in the house, well look out. They are not reluctant to rape, or maim or kill if anyone gets in their way. But they leave deposits everywhere in the house of drugs. They bring in bad stuff and take our hard earned money. Now not all are this way, but a large enough margin that it makes us all mad. They take our jobs, our health, our money, our health care and what do they give us? Tortillas, tacos, and pinatas. Fair trade? I think not. I want them all gone, everyone of them that are here illegally. It is the law so enforce the law. Parents need to kick their children out the door to go work in the fields if necessary. I have worked in the fields, milked cows and worked in factories. Too many kids thinking they need to have high paying jobs or they are not taking their heads out of the cell phone. If we are going to make America great again everyone must have a job and must be working. When I turned 18 I had to start paying room and board. I went out got a job and started paying. I didn’t question it. I didn’t scream, “Unfair” We have too many indulgent parents in this country. Get this, your kids are not special just because you love them. Make them work. The Lord said, “Teach your children to walk uprightly before the Lord. Teach them to work diligently and to not fight one with another.” That is a commandment to all parents.

        2. QUASAR says

          Way to many deluded idiots unfortunately.

        3. erleebird says

          You are correct in saying Obama is the one waking them. His deeds and misdeeds are so blatant and disrespectful, and he is at the heart of the “racist” movement, along with the Rev. (not so) Sharpton.

          1. Arizona Don says

            I think we will survive obama’s fundamental transformation, it will be tough these last few months (he is getting desperate to complete his fundamental transformation) but we will survive. What concerns me the most is the ridiculously ignorant people who actually voted for him and put him in office not just once but twice. That is the scary thing about all this. Also there is still around 40% support for him. Are there really that many blindly ignorant people here in America? That is hard to believe!

            No one will ever convince me all these murders and lawlessness, happening right now, would be happening under a different president. Therefore, obama has some responsibility for it. Many whites mistakenly thought he would end racism, he caused more of it because he himself is extremely racist. It is one thing to misjudge a person but another to blindly look the other way regarding his destructive actions. He has actually been blatantly obvious about it and many who support him look the other way and say he isn’t. He became president under the most false pretenses of any president in the history of the United States of America. Nothing he promised to get into office has been done in nearly seven years! He lies, cheats, is untrustworthy, morally bankrupt, narcissistic and conniving at best. It is not enough to describe him as no good he is worse then that. He is trying to and will, if left unchecked, completely destroy this nation if he can. Nearly all of his past actions have me, at least, convinced he has no other goal. Why else would he run up the debt he has? The debt alone will eventually, and absolutely, destroy this nation.

          2. gini62 says

            Do you not watch “Water’s World?” It is embarrassing how ignorant they are. They could care less about politics. Most, thank goodness, don’t vote. They feel like it is America, the land of the free and the home of the brave. Nothing can go wrong here. Besides to be involved in politics is to get down in the gutter of corruptness.

          3. Arizona Don says

            Yes I have watched Waters World and I, like you, find it amazing people could be so ignorant about politics. Or perhaps even the world around them. That speaks volumes about America’s (for the most part) youth. I do know however, all young are not so ignorant. I have grandchildren who know what is going on. The first president I was able to vote for was Kennedy. However, not being democrat I did not vote for him or anyone. I was in the military at the time and really had no chance.

            One of the biggest mistakes Americans ever made was allowing 18 year olds to vote. The second worst mistake we made was stopping the draft. If the draft did nothing else it made the young aware of what was going on around them and gave them personal pride about their country. We could use a little of that now. National pride is something obama has always wanted to put down. Apathy seems to still be running wild in America especially among the younger generation. It remains to be seen if it, he and they, destroy the free nation I grew up loving. No one today realizes, I guess, freedom is not free.

          4. erleebird says

            Good post, and certainly mirrors many people’s positions on this topic. It is embarrassing to listen to college student’s on Water’s World act like imbeciles! (Or has common core affected them already?) I hope the “silent majority” surprises everyone in the next election.

          5. Arizona Don says

            I think they will!

      3. cyclemama33 says

        MAHAB001 is very true and Ed is also true. But I say when they bad mouth the silent majority they will have to eat crow because the “silent majority” is gonna get Trump elected. The “Whie Crakers” are gonna beat out the”black crackers”. Hang in there, if they call you “Uncle Tom”, you are correct in being a conservatative.

        1. muskat antonopolis says

          litmus test for being a part of the silent majority is getting the DUCK elected?!?
          well…count me out…..uncle tom? today that might get changed to AUNT Tom
          or SISTER Tom….this whole freaking thing is CRAZY on top of being as STUPID
          as it can get…..Trump in my opin is a CHUMP….a self serving, egotistical,
          blow hard (don’t get excited all you LQGTB), who cares only for himself and
          thinks that We THE PEOPLE don’t count…..get a life pls….

          1. Mark Lahti says

            I’m on your side here. I think the donald is everything you just said and more. He is just a salesman. That is what he does. Probably the best salesman ever but a salesman none the less. He has no qualifications to be the leader of the greatest country ever in the free world. MAH and I are on the same page on most issues. But I believe he supports Trump also. Probably the only thing we disagree on.

          2. Lance Lucius says

            So, he has no qualifications? What qualifications would that be, that he is missing?

          3. The redhawk says

            IS he able TO Understand the difference between GIVINg orders as an OWNER of BUSINESS so that THINGS get Done or ELSE and Giving Orders to Unionized BUREUCRATS who are Used to do NOTHINg and NOT get Fired?? and Dealing with the DO NOTING professional Leeches aka Elected politicians ???….WITHOUT BLOWONG UP AND SELF DESTRUCT???

          4. Mark Lahti says

            Well, to start with, he has no real experience with foreign governments. And right now that is at the top of the list of serious situations Obama and his lot have put us into. After that I would have to say that dealing with other business types no matter how good he may be at that is entirely different than dealing with congress, our allies, our enemies, and so on. He has yet to answer any questions related to how he would accomplish any of his claims. Even the few he has tried to describe are pie in the sky dreams. Like making Mexico pay for a wall from the Pacific to the Gulf. Then he talks about a great magnificent gate and calling the whole thing the Trump wall and gate. Come on now. This guy is a blow hard that is trying the old two chickens in every pot promises of politicians of old. He is blasting a cry that we all feel but is next to impossible to do. His ego is equal to that of Obama and what would keep him from making his dictates law with a phone and a pen just like Obama? No, I don’t give him any credibility at all. It is this kind of popularity contest, similar to high school class president, that makes a mockery of the process. True, that has already been done by all those we put in office in the last two mid term elections. Look what that accomplished. No, I don’t believe Trump is the one to get it done. But it sure looks good on the public stage.

          5. Dennis Dumas says

            And so u think obummer is qualified?

          6. The redhawk says

            where did you get that Idea??????????

          7. OSAMA OBAMA says

            He has no qualifications to be the leader of the greatest country ever in the free world.LMAO!!! Right, he wasn’t a community organizer and didn’t have a Nobel Peace prize.

          8. Justice says

            Christian Rock is of the Devil.

          9. hmmathis says

            Sounds like you are a Hillary supporting troll!

          10. muskat antonopolis says

            sounds like you had a lobotomy…..trolls are fantasy creatures who live under bridges and are meant to scare children…..well, the only fantasy that I see is that the DUCK would make a good Pres….I don’t think he lives under a bridge..
            but the thought of him and his BOUGHT entourage is SCARY….mathis? I know
            several people by the name of mathis….wonder if you could be related to
            them….some in ga…..oh well, they are nice people….what happened to you?

          11. Gregory Tbd says

            Leave it to a liberal to hurl personal insults when they lose the argument!

          12. muskat antonopolis says

            there was no argument thibedeaux…only a slighty intense conversation…not
            a liberal or a conservative…those labels have been placed on people by the news
            media and adopted by people like yourself to hurl back and forth as an insult…
            soft insult at that but better than stupid, idiot, sob, n—-, etc….oh well…I never LOSE an argument and I never win an argument..i only LEARN from discussions
            and suggest you take that approach too…saves on the heart and vessels….

          13. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Geez, another self important, scholar here to stink up the thread.

          14. muskat antonopolis says

            hey OO…you hurt my feelings you big bully…I took my spring time bath a
            few months ago..just like I am suppose to and you tell me that I stink…
            hoo …..ha ha good laugh and all that….hope that you are happy….so, because
            I think about things before I open my mouth = stink up the thread? Well, i
            could just say nothing but would that not mean that I have given up my
            Const. right to “freedom of speech”..? We all have that right although some speak thru their azzhole and their breath really stinks and others using the mouth
            prepare by using some type of mouth wash to be acceptable to those who
            do not care if their opinions stink…like you dear friend…..and speak thru their
            azzhole……ta ta…..

          15. OSAMA OBAMA says

            10 lines of tripe just proved my point.

          16. Justice says

            How’s this for bizarre… a witch writes most of Elton John’s music.

          17. Justice says

            Anton LaVey founded the Church of Satan in 1966. LaVey later published The Satanic Bible in 1969, in which same year The Rolling Stones Rock band released an album titled Their Satanic Majesties Request, featuring the song, Sympathy For The Devil. On the Eagles album cover for Hotel California, Anton LaVey appears in the balcony on the rear cover. It is widely purported that the song Hotel California is a tribute to the Church of Satan, where “you can check out any time you like; but you can never leave” (lyrics from the song). Other lyrics from the song go: “They stab it with their steely knives; but they just can’t kill the BEAST.” Yep, that sounds demonic to me.

          18. Justice says

            My friend, the New World Order has been in the works for millenniums (unofficially). This is evidenced by The Great Pyramid in Egypt. Officially, many people believe that the New World Order became official in 1775 with Adam Weishaupt’s (a Freemason) group, THE ILLUMINATI. The following is a strong quote back from 1950. Please understand that the New World Order is not God’s plan; but rather, Satan’s plan. God allows it in His permissive will, but God is not behind all the killing, immorality and oppressing of honest men. The following describes the modern-day completion of building the tower and city of Babel from Genesis 11:7-9…

            “God’s plan is dedicated to the unification of all races, religions, and creeds. This plan, dedicated to the new order of things, is to make all things new—a new nation, a nonsectarian religion that has already been called the religion of ‘The Great Light’…to unfold the New Age of the world—A Novus Ordo Seclorum.”

            – C. William Smith, The New Age Magazine; God’s Plan in America” (Sept. 1950, p. 551)

          19. Lance Lucius says

            Thanks for your troll input, get to the back of the line to see your Killery.

          20. muskat antonopolis says

            Lucius…what makes you think that I am a Hillary supporter??? You do know,
            don’t you, that there are SEVERAL different candidates who are running for
            the nomination of both the Dem. and the GOP NOT be in favor of
            the DUCK does not mean that I am automatically in favor of Hillary….and as
            far as being a troll….reading posts that are a day or two old really puts
            perspective on what voters are saying and then comparing what was said
            to what is transpiring in the political race gives me better insight as to where
            things are headed……you do “think” don’t you…..

          21. OSAMA OBAMA says


          22. Justice says

            And let’s not forget country music… Dolly Parton actually sang Zeppelin’s Satanic Stairway To Heaven on her recent album. Mr. Gospel, Johnny Cash, sang the song Thirteen by Satanist, Glen Danzig. The group Danzig, led by Glenn Danzig, is one of the most openly Satanic bands in rock. Glenn Danzig, spewing his hatred for the Lord Jesus Christ, proudly designed a logo for the band — a demon strangling Jesus Christ with blood gushing from Jesus’ eyes! One of Danzig’s song is “Serpent Jesus, Snakes of Christ.” Clearly, the movers and shakers in the music industry are followers of Satan. Artists who sellout to Satan go furthest in the industry.

          23. runnindeer says

            After reading back some of your previous post about Mr. Trump, I see that you refer to yourself as an older person. Not a young person with their lack of political observation to reference from. But I also note that you say that Trump has no real plans. that is not a fact. If you actually followed what is said by Mr. Trump as well as all of the candidates now you would know that Mr. Trump does have good plans He has said that he will tell the media more in September and will wait until October to produce what America can see as better plans than other’s.
            As for your statement that it would cost too much to deport these illegals and that all of them would require a lawyer that we would have to pay for, that is an assumption on your part and reads exactly like more liberal bull shit.
            It can be done. Must be done and has been done in past. As I see it , you are a chump for thinking like a darned brain dead liberal while trying to come off as a conservative.

          24. muskat antonopolis says

            hey runnindeer..thanks for the reply…why do I have to be either? I am simply a
            citizen who does not pick sides…I listen and I hopefully learn…I choose who i
            think might be the best candidate following neither party lines but rest my case on abilities and promises that I somewhat hope the nominee will keep (but I do not
            hold my breath)….election time can get pretty heated….and for some it is out
            of love for their country and the citizens…they only want the best for their
            country and their brother and sister citizens….I hope that is your concern….
            I do not choose to vote for Trump (as yet), simply because he is a braggart,
            foolish behaving man, disregards the facts unless he likes them, wants every-
            thing done his way (my way or the hi-way), disregards that there is a checks
            and balances system, has NOT spoken out re “gay-marriage” ruling which
            90% of Americans do not want, has not offered any plans to cure our ils
            except “deport” them, grandstands at every opportunity, said he was going
            to go independent if not nominated then signed the oath….etc…..etc….
            he reminds me of “flip-flop” Clinton….but hey runnindeer….you vote for your
            choice and I will vote for mine…and I am glad that you are involved in the
            national discussion of WHO should be our next Pres….good luck

          25. Justice says

            Guitarist Jimmy Page of the Rock band Led Zeppelin is a devout follower of Satanist, Aleister Crowley, who proclaimed himself as “The Beast 666.” Aleister Crowley was also a 33rd and 97th Degree Freemason and is recognized as the master Satanist of the 20th century. In 1971, guitarist Jimmy Page bought Crowley’s Boleskine House on the shore of Loch Ness where Crowley practiced his hellish, satanic sex-magick rituals, including reported human sacrifices. Guitarist Jimmy Page actually performed Crowley magical rituals during their concerts. On The Beatles, Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club album, Satanist Aleister Crowley appears in the top back row, 2nd from the left.

          26. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Of course, the cankled whore, Col. Sanders and the other stooges of the left are awesome!

          27. Justice says

            At first it was Al Qaeda is evil, now it’s Ron Paul supporters and the Tea Party. Homeland Security is a fraud, an organization started to police Americans and smash any resistance to the New World Order. This is OUR country. They’re spending and stealing OUR money. They steal, kill and destroy in OUR name. They’re sending OUR children to die in wars that have nothing to do with America’s freedom nor security. And then they set up the fascist-Nazi department of Homeland Security to prosecute us when we get angry and say enough is enough. God is on OUR side! Hell will be hot enough! This life is short and Judgment Day is coming (Hebrews 9:27). God will bring EVERY WORK into judgment, whether it be good or evil…

            Ecclesiastes 12:13-14, “Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man. For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil.”

            In Matthew 12:36 Jesus said that men shall give account for even the words they speak on Judgment Day.

      4. The redhawk says

        Untill we ALL get off the PC bull Crap and HIT BACK with Facts and Fifures and BURY these BASTIDS!

        1. gini62 says

          Trump is doing that. He said to Bush that if you live in America you should speak English. True, very true. By making everything in the stores English and Spanish, and making work places only Spanish speaking work places, helps keep them down. It means they can never better themselves. They cannot go to college. American workers are forced out by virtue of the fact they don’t speak Spanish. It is a way of keeping Mexican’s in their place. Yet no one gets it.

          1. albertbryson says

            First everything must be American English only. Second, we will stop providing translations services for the idiots who refused to learn American English. Religious services must be English only. No other languages can be use. The Catholic Church in New York City has masses in over thirty languages. I understand the canonization mass for Father Serra in Washington being said by Pope Francis is going to be in Spanish only. We need to get rid of the political correctness that is not going on especially in our colleges and universities. Wake up folks we need to make America great again.

          2. erleebird says

            The pandering must be stopped. Right is still “right” and wrong is still “wrong.” If this wasn’t so horrific, it might be funny! However, I see nothing funny about a bunch of ignoramuses trying to convince us “right” is “wrong!”

          3. The redhawk says

            BULLS EYE… !!

          4. The redhawk says

            He also Better “BRUSH” up on Who leads ISIS… Hezbollah.. and the QUDS…and Get to speak SPECIFICS instead ot taking a Page from the Clinton/Alinsky play bok and jUST Attack anyone who Opposes him with NOTHINg but Personal attcks… One OBLAMO is Enough we do not need ANOTHER….Still ANYONE BUT SHILERY or GAS BAD BIDEN/FAUX INUN!!!!

          5. Lance Lucius says

            To be President is to lead, no single person can know everything, that person died on a cross. The best President’s know how to delegate, and can find the best persons to fill cabinet posts, and advisory positions. Trump knows how to delegate, and can certainly find the best advisors. As a bonus, we can bet that there will be no muslime brotherhood in his cabinet.

          6. The redhawk says

            LEAD WITH KNOWLEDGE in Order to Listen to advisors Points of View and Be able to Understand WHAT and WHO THEY ArE TALKING ABOUT…”learning on the job” like the Current Idiot still is Unable to GET” is not a recipe for Success
            IKE was a GREAT delegator But KNEW all the FACTS before Hand…Just saying…

          7. Jane says

            Same for canada we only want to hear english!

          8. Arizona Don says

            You are absolutely positivity unequivocally correct in your analogy.

            I must admit at first I was not understanding Donald Trump, I suspect just like many others. However, the more I see of him the more I think he may very well be just exactly what this nation wants and most importantly what this nation needs.

            I find it very refreshing (at least) to finally get someone running for the highest office in the land that says it like it is. Does not have to be PC. Honesty is and has always been the best policy. America could actually wake up with this guy! We should have learned how important it really is under the current lying administration. Just think no more best of the worst selection for president. After so many elections, that were the least of two evils, that will be great!

          9. The redhawk says

            wEll I agree that ONLY English is to be DECLARED the NATIONAL LANGUAGE.. However if we finally re-design GOOD immigration laws to allow the Best and Brightest Engineers and Professionals from other Nations.. Let’s give them the time to Assimilate and become Fluent in English… Ya thinks?? and if we are to Improve our International Business we better TEACH foreing Languages to out Leaders in order for them not to LOOK Stupid on Dealings OVER THERE.. YA THINKS??
            Staying Unable to Understand OTHERS with a CLOSED MIND is STUPID!
            ONE SIZE does NOT fit All as OBAMANOIDS are PROVING with their ONE DIMENSIONAL DESPOTIC STUPID ways of doing things…

          10. gini62 says

            I have foreign exchange students and they all learned English before they got here. They had to take a test and if they couldn’t speak and understand at a certain level they couldn’t come. Why shouldn’t immigrants be held to the same standard? If you want to get a good paying job you must be able to communicate in English. As far as understanding foreign dignitaries, there are translators for that. You surely aren’t suggesting that our President learn every other language are you? Of course we should teach foreign languages. I think if you ever plan to visit a country you should first learn at least some of that language. Now if you are making a trip through a bunch of countries that would be foolish to try to learn all of them. There is a logic here that escapes you and your logic totally escapes me.

      5. MAHB001 says

        I think the moral are the majority still. They do not scream as loud as the minority though.

        Let us SCREAM…

        The MEDIA is a big part of the lefts success. Please join the fight to defund ABC, NBC, and CBS’s national media at:

        United we will be heard.

        1. Isabel Sinclair says

          You either believe in America or you do not. America is NOT about one group over the other. It is a basic doctrine about FREEDOM to live in peace and prosperity. It is not about one race above or below another. It is not about RACE at all.

          1. MAHB001 says

            Politicians have made it about Us and Them….

            United we stand, divided we fall.

            Those that are silent can no longer be silent or they will be divided.

          2. Mark Lahti says

            With 4 million registered republicans staying at home and not voting in the last presidential election. We shot ourselves in our own foot. I think I know why they did that. Maybe some of them thought that they didn’t have a choice because of the two people up for the job. They didn’t want to be put in the position of having to pick the better of two bad choices. I feel sorry for those people. They had no comprehension of the seriousness of that election or the one before it. I think the rest of the people who did not vote were just totally fed up with the government as a whole. They believe we have come to the point where it doesn’t matter any more because the whole thing is a scam. Nobody in government is doing what they claim to want to do. They are all just there for the job and the money and their egos. It is really a sad state of affairs when so many in our country are so fed up with all the lies and deceit and greed that they have given up. About the only thing I see positive about Trumps running is that he may just excite enough people to get motivated to vote this time.

          3. MAHB001 says

            Those 4 million were the Ron Paulers. I don’t blame them for being upset with the GOP, but you are correct. They put 0bama in office.

            What they didn’t understand that there is a fundamental difference in how the corruption at the top viewed controlling the population. Democrats view the way to control the population is via socialism.. The Republicans view the way to control the population is via Capitalism….

            The lesser of the two evils will always be Capitalism….

            Seeing how both parties are now controlled by socialist, and crony Capitalism is just a form of Socialism in disguise, the Ron Paulers were correct. .

            I just hope they see just how important a vote for Capitalism is now…

            Democrats = Socialism
            Republicans = Capitalism
            Not voting = socialism.

          4. Lance Lucius says

            Well said.

          5. Lance Lucius says

            That and the third party voters, Ron Paul was never going to win, but the votes he took, insured a demoncrat victory. Your are absoluty correct, everyone needs to get out and vote, do not listen to the news you will only be disheartend by their attempt to control the vote.

          6. The redhawk says

            Ralph Nader also helped NOT elect that MORON AL GORE …thank you RALPH! and that is what third Parties are worth….NOTHING! Unless thaey are part of the PROGRESSIVE Anarchist Libtard KKKlan.

      6. gini62 says

        I agree. The majority now are the liberals. I blame it on the liberal education our kids are getting. We have taught them the teacher is always right and now when they are spewing out liberalism to our youth they still believe the teacher is always right. It is just like everyone believes if they read something it must be true. My kids had history books where the facts of history were wrong. I pointed it out to the teacher, she laughed and said, “Yeah I know.” I asked her if she had plans to correct the mistakes. She paused and said, “Yeah sure I think I’ll have time to get around to it.” These are who are teaching our youth. Now not all teachers are idiots. But then the administration gets a hold of them and then they are. Let me explain. We had a very good teacher who didn’t use the history book, but taught by lecture. She was pulled into the office and told that if she didn’t start following the book she would be fired. She knew the book information was flawed, but if she wanted to keep her job she had to comply. The system is against all of us. Against our teachers, our youth, our very core values. Now this system is turning out Liberals right and left. Lazy parents who would rather stay home and watch TV than take their kids to church now have kids who do not believe in God. “Train a child in the way they will go and they will not stray far from that.” But if you don’t train up a child they are lost.

        1. ROBERT says

          That’s why I taught my 9 year old daughter to read the U.S. Constitution. Listen to Michael Savage & Mark Levine 2-3 times a week. Now at 11th Grade she debates her History teacher, love it when I’m called for a parents , teachers conference. Exposes the teachers Socialist, Communistic leanings towards teaching. I’m ex NAVY, Conservative, Republican. And love getting into heated discussions about politics with High School teachers. They shut up when you call them out on their Marxism, Communism, Socialism teachings.

          1. Isabel Sinclair says

            What about the FASCIST, TOTALITARIAN, NATIONALIST teachings???????
            Would you rather have her debating that?
            We teach our children what we want them to be. Be careful what you want your child to be.

          2. Lance Lucius says

            They are getting that now, what do you propose?

          3. albertbryson says

            It is time we packed the School Board meetings and demand the remove of the current history books and bring back the old ones from the fifties and early sixties update with the real history of our country. We must get rid of common core and get the federal government out of education totally.

          4. gini62 says

            Yes, yes yes!

          5. Lance Lucius says

            And make damn sure crap like common core never rear it’s ugly head again.

          6. gini62 says

            Good for you. If all parents were as involved in their kids’ lives as you are we would not be in the pickle we are now. By having the government educate our children, we get a non involved parent. It is one thing they don’t feel they have to worry about. It also stems from the fact that now a days mothers work. They come home tired and then have to help with homework, fix dinner and maybe do a load of laundry. It’s no wonder our children’s education is becoming corrupted. We must always keep an eye on what is being taught to our kids. Too many parents aren’t concerned and think we are all blowing it out of proportion. As long as their children can read, they think their children have gotten an education. Education is so much more than that. It is important that parents teach their children. If the mother works than she needs to have a little Saturday School where she assesses what they are learning and make corrections. I told my children the history book was wrong and their response was, “It doesn’t matter.” They said they had to answer the question as it was in the book or get it wrong. What is this world coming to, when wrong facts is the right answer?

      7. Brenda says

        No, we are still the majority, but allow ourselves to be consigned to the minority status out of fear.

        1. Lance Lucius says

          Yes, because we try to be forgiving. Time to take the fight to the enemy, that perceives us weak for our empathy. I lost my empathy a long time ago.

    2. Liz says

      O’Bama has made stupid fools out of the Blacks and other nationalities who voted for him. He has made them look like racists and the worse by everything he has done in his Administration. I know plenty of people who cannot stand him or his policies because these things have divided people by race, religion and nationality. People working together for the good of America and each other has almost gone away with the patriotism that made us strong and safe thanks to O’Bama.

      1. RobertNorwood says

        They are racist, and they vote with their eyes not their brains. How else could Obama get elected or Elijah Cummings who is a full out baboon?

        1. Beeotchstewie says

          Sheila Jackson Lee, Maxine Waters Hank Johnson, Charlie Rangel, just looking at that small sampling of racist idiots, the list is much longer of course, Pretty much the entire Black Caucus membership. Old milk dud dome Cummings is Obama’s “bulldog” on capital hill.

          1. RobertNorwood says

            I have friends, black friends, who are way smarter than me and it just boggles the mind how the stupidest, most racist idiots in the country are what black people choose.

          2. Beeotchstewie says

            That is what voting for color and not character gets you. This whole Uncle Tom and not black enough BS has got to stop! Why they continually denigrate those who see the best way to independence, financial prosperity, happiness and success is beyond me. Jealousy is a large part of it.

          3. Liz says

            Yes it does, I personally have met and know plenty of successful Blacks who have worked hard for what they have. They believe self pity gets you nothing except being controlled by the Government. They believe that is the ultimate goal of O’Bama’s Administration.

          4. faturism says

            And then they are called Uncle Toms

          5. RobertNorwood says

            On Fox this morning they featured a Black marine who is starting an All Lives Matter movement. In the interview he said part of the issue for black people, the thing they hide, is a sense of embarrassment that something really is wrong in the black community. Rather than face it and fix it they go around in denial avoiding the truth.

          6. Liz says

            Isn’t that also what illegals do? They run away from the issues in their own Countries rather than getting together and fixing them.

          7. beegeegirl says

            and THEN they turn the country they escaped TO into the country they managed to escape FROM !!! doesn’t make any sense to me !!! why flee ”oppression” and ”fear” only to bring it with you and force it onto WE THE PEOPLE ??

          8. Liz says

            You are right, that has not only baffled me and made me upset because we have to deal with these people. If they wanted to be proud Americans that would be different but they don’t, they won’t even speak English and the Liberals encourage them.

          9. Jane says

            If you have not figured it out yet, its their mentality. Its the reason why where they come from is trash!

          10. RobertNorwood says

            Exactly. Liberals yap about the small percent owning most of the wealth here but in South America it is not only very real but people have little chance of rising out of poverty unlike here. Unlike here where liberals bring up “class” below the border it is virtually all about the class system and structure. I was talking to a young woman from Brazil and commented – because I really didn’t know better, that it must be an interesting place to live. “Sure” she remarked bitterly, “if you have money”.
            Liberals say they want a better world but don’t have the backbone to get down and confront the reality of this world. They’re like a group of agitated dogs unable or unwilling to confront the source of their agitation and so turn on the dog they are with. That bizarre behavior in dogs perfectly illustrates the behavior of liberals when they are out protesting against the US and running it down.

          11. Paula says

            Commie-liberals want a Utopia… where everyone is equal, there are no classes, share the wealth. Work towards a common goal. That’s nice. Unfortunately, it never worked out that way. There will always be the “haves” and the “have-nots,” Especially in a communist controlled society. Or in a muslim run country. There is always the “top dogs” who are well fed and live in luxury…and then there is the “common man” who has NO say in anything and is totally controlled by the government. One word could describe what the duped people end up with: slavery.

          12. RobertNorwood says

            The first to try the “community” routine were the Pilgrims at Plymouth. Everything was to be shared in common. After the first year something wasn’t quite working, some were not contributing their share in goods and work – in other words the Pilgrims discovered they had freeloaders. In some that’s simple human nature – just don’t feed them. It’s like putting milk out to the neighborhood cats; they keep coming back to your house. After nearly not making it they revised the plan to “no work no food”. The rest is history.

          13. Paula says

            I remember reading about that… thank you. Makes me wonder if any of the kids in school even know who the Pilgrims were!!!

          14. faturism says

            Right on, Robert, the Pilgrims were on the brink of starvation when they finally wised up. Like the Bible says, “give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime.

          15. QUASAR says

            And one man is trying his damnest to do it to america’ OBAMA.

          16. QUASAR says

            good post ‘ it’s like a drunk denying they have a problem ‘ you can send them to detox 10 times but until they realize they have a problem nothings gonna change.

          17. Isabel Sinclair says

            When you said “FOX” I already knew where you were coming from and need read no more.
            FOX news is a right-wing news COMMENTARY forum. Their views are based upon their OPINIONS.

          18. RobertNorwood says

            You’re just running from the truth. Does not change what this black American Marine is saying or doing. He’s recognized a problem within his community.
            Contemporary black culture, ghetto culture, is dysfunctional. My advantage over you is that I’ve lived with black folk, experienced big whole families where the men were around, where values, etiquette, God, etc. were important. These families enjoyed life the way we all do, they were successful families. You think that broken mess depicted in the news is a family and you have no idea how it became that way.
            Here’s another truth you cannot run from: more black folk die at the hands of other blacks than from anyone or anything else.
            People like you believe fairy tales, like Bruce Jenner, you can dress him up, alter him surgically and chemically but in the end when you test the genetic material it’s still male. Truth doesn’t suck, it just sucks for some.

          19. IMSweetOlBob says

            It’s only their own opinion. That’s why so many people watch them.

          20. OSAMA OBAMA says

            And the fact we see through the “leg tingling” frauds at CNN,!

          21. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Who asked you for anything! When you accused me of being racist, I had your sorry, leftist number. Go frikken away!!

          22. beegeegirl says

            if they want to go with the ”not black enough” argument …. WHY does everyone overlook the fact that the o bambam’s mother was WHITE !??! HE is not black enough, but THEY don’t care, because HE is giving them what they so desperately need …. a reason to HATE WHITEY !!!!! but WHY don’t they hate mr milktoast then ??? he is for sure not black enough …. guess it’s because of that giving them a reason to hate us !!! I was not a racist, except against lazy people of ANY RACE who milked the system for welfare and free housing and all the things that lazy people who sit home all day doing drugs while the rest were out there supporting them ….. NOW ??? I AM RACIST against what is happening today in this country … and sorry to say ….. it is BLACKS who are instigating the slaughter of whites, as well as of their own babies !!! you’d think with the amount of abortions going on, they’d run out of haters, but they are just out there loud and proud and making those of us who are truly NOT RACIST become racists …. same as with the ”gays” … I have a gay nephew and gay friends that go back over fifty years ….. I love them, and I am not ashamed to call them friends and relatives ….. BUT I am becoming so disgusted by that ”gay thing” that is in the rainbow house and all of the ”gays” out there in public who are SLAMMING OUR FACES into their life style that it makes me want to puke !!! I am not against gays, per se, I am against their forcing me to accept what I will never accept … the total degradation of this country in their forcing people to accept the unacceptable !!!!!

          23. Beeotchstewie says

            You, I and many others are getting completely fed up with all the lying BS being thrown in our faces, Perfectly natural reaction to what is going on. Public schools are indoctrinating our kids that homosexuality is good, Muslims are great people and Christians are the enemy. It goes the rest of the way down the toilet from there. I have a sister who switched teams after having three kids, I still love her dearly, we don’t discuss it.

          24. OSAMA OBAMA says


          25. Beeotchstewie says

            I certainly am. So I cannot fault her LOL.

          26. Deby says

            Your last statement (of an excellent post btw) says it all for me-that would also include people of all races, too-the unacceptable being– I WILL NEVER FEEL GUILTY OR APOLOGIZE for the mere fact of being born white. This brewing racial bias atmosphere is being manufactured and fanned by the current racist, Marxist, TERRORIST administration-it has to end.

          27. Paula says

            It burns me up when a “member of the White Guilt Club” disses (mostly White college professors, so far, that I’ve heard do this) being White. Whites are SO privileged. Whites BAD, Blacks Way Better! Giving classes in White Privilege. Those filthy commie-liberals keep forgetting there’s a black man in the WH. They find a White racist behind every blade of grass with an AK47 clutched in their hands… waiting to shoot a black person!

            Racists are those who set out to destroy the nation’s white identity, that is racist.

          28. RobertNorwood says

            White just happened to be the color of our European ancestors. We inherit the legacy of the Renaissance, the Enlightenment and all the great thinkers. If that’s “white”, if they want no part of it that is their loss. The situation could’ve been the other way around but it wasn’t, we could’ve maybe had a different color but we didn’t. It’s just the way it is and in this day and age it doesn’t mean a whole lot – plenty of really stupid under achieving white people to go around. It is what it is and that’s all that it is. Like I said if being educated, cultured, etc. is white then maybe they should try some.

          29. Isabel Sinclair says

            What are you afraid of? And WHY are you afraid? Where does your fear come from? What is your rationale?

          30. RobertNorwood says

            Perhaps because people like you get to vote?

          31. OSAMA OBAMA says

            BOOM! Excellent!

          32. wildeagleone says

            I certainly agree but at the same time, I have to admit that after voting for the Republican party for 57 years, I have become a racist. You see, I am so tired of the red team that they on that side of the aisle have converted me from the fair and balanced individual I used to be, to the I can’t stand the other side and dam$ed well will not give in to silence

          33. ROBERT says

            Your conscious is your guide, with experiences, not the career minded politicians and their media supported liberals. We still have to go to work. live our lives. Let them figure out their corrupted ways. Face it Republicans are the working class. Democrats are whiners, big gov’t, socialism, welfare because they don’t have the capacity to think “JOBS”.

          34. ROBERT says

            Never, ever Feel guilty about being white, your actually envied. I grew up listening to , “Damn if I was white, shit I’d be rich running…” Blacks talking, South East LA . S.D, Ca. They’re too busy blaming others for their failures. Weak people if they aren’t into sports, celebrities/rappers, entertainers.

          35. RobertNorwood says

            A lot of good points but you are talking about a black sub-culture. Sense is not going to make sense.

          36. QUASAR says

            you are not alone friend .

          37. Isabel Sinclair says

            And what was Dylan Roof’s excuse????????????

          38. Jane says

            His irish grandmother is the one who babysat him, fed him, bathed him and made him study every day before and after school!

          39. faturism says

            Exactly, the black race baiters love to invoke Dr Martin Luther King but in all honesty, I don’t think a single one of them has ever read or heard what he had to say. “I have a dream that one day we will judge a man not by the color of his skin but by the content of his character”

          40. QUASAR says

            If MARTIN LUTHER KING was alive today he would be condemning all this BLM bullshit and talking peace and tolerance instead of hate and murder.The blacks behind BLM should be ashamed of themselves .

          41. Isabel Sinclair says

            It’s true. Dr. King would condemn violence as he did with Malcolm X. YET there remains the element of white supremacy in America that created this cycle in the first place.

          42. faturism says

            Isabel, you are so off base it’s ridiculous. Do yourself a favor and read a couple of books. Start with Margaret Sanger and her eugenics that promote the idea that blacks are inferior in every way and must be eradicated like weeds….her words. Then read Hillery’s and Bathhouse Barry’s hero, Saul Alinsky’s “rules for radicals” followed by anything by George Soros. Just for fun, check out Karl Marx’s “Communist Manifesto” If, after reading these books if you still don’t get it, you are hopelessly ignorant and incredibly stupid.

          43. QUASAR says

            I agree’ but where is our asshole president condemning this shit ‘ ON VACATION’ WOW BIG SURPRISE.

          44. erleebird says

            And now he’s befriended the Pope! I am alarmed to see this liaison.

          45. QUASAR says

            You and me both friend .

          46. faturism says

            Exactly. I think a lot of people voted for Bathhouse Barry thinking that he would use the opportunity of President to show that a black man can become president if you……….stay in school, pay attention,, pull your pants up, get off the drugs and gangs and stop impregnating girls and disappearing. Instead he told them they are victims, above the law and white people are not worthy of life. He brought in his race baiters and created all this racial unrest……

          47. QUASAR says

            Great post and 100 percent SPOT ON.thanks

          48. erleebird says

            Obama has destroyed the Constitution and the Bill of Rights! He is encouraging the wrong people to divide, not reconcile the peoples in our country. We are back to the ’60’s because of his irresponsibility and blatant destruction of everything America stands for! He will not win!

          49. erleebird says

            I have always admired Martin Luther King (and I am white). The poor man must be rolling over in his grave to see all his work and sacrifice being replaced with “Obama’s World.”

          50. QUASAR says

            I am white too and admire him to’ martin luther king was a true visionary and had he been alive today REV AL DIPSHIT ‘ and Jesse jackson would be hiding under their rocks .

          51. hangem'high says

            They must have a secret agenda wonder what it could be?

          52. Isabel Sinclair says

            There is no secret agenda. It’s simple: no country can survive if it cannot be in harmony with itself.

            America is a diverse country. It is the nature of this country to be a blend of religions, cultures and races. The very foundation this country was built on is the premise that ALL PEOPLE can live here with dignity and a lack of fear from dictatorship. That FREEDOM OF SPEECH provides ALL of us a safe way to express ourselves without fear of imprisonment or death. That is precisely why white supremacy groups can exist in this country and be free of imprisonment because they believe that white people are superior to all other races. But One might question their “agenda”. too.

            We need to TEACH tolerance. Period. We claim to be God’s chosen people. Yet we fail to practice what we preach. God is not about hatred, fear, racism, white supremacy, Black Lives Matter, or bigotry of any kind. God is about love, tolerance and peace. If we are not practicing these doctrines we cannot call ourselves Christians. Nor can we call ourselves a great country.

          53. hangem'high says

            Frist I agree with a lot of what you said.
            That’s why they have to remove God and destroy everything that resembles freedom by calling it racist, or removing its existence there of!
            If you don’t lean history you can’t avoid past mistakes. If you have no hope, you can be controlled. If we are unwilling to stand up to those removing all evidence of God or ensigns of freedom, we deserve their repressive rule!

            If the Christian refuses to stand up against evil, no they were not much of a Christian. If the Christians rely on the Muslims to build their Church,then they have their place of worship!
            If the atheists get to decide what is allowed in the pastor’s sermon then Satan will anoint himself Christ!

          54. faturism says

            You and the rest of the dimlibs ought to try that tolerance thing.

          55. QUASAR says

            Because they listen to all those EMPTY PROMISES they say they will give them ‘ soon as they get elected it’s AMNESIA TIME .

          56. ROBERT says

            Louis Farrakhan is who they are listening to. “Kill the Whitey like the way they killed us four hundred years ago, start with the police.” Exact quote in a Baptist Church in Florida 2 weeks ago. And J. Right the pastor who married Obummer. And is the God father to his daughters, also lives across the street from Farrakhan in his $3.2 million mansion.

          57. QUASAR says


          58. Dave Phelps says

            The black lives matter movement are all racist, ALL LIVES MATTER you dumb black racists in the black lives matter communist members, you are all sick racists….

          59. Beeotchstewie says

            It is expected and rewarded by the Obama administration. That is how bad it is. Next up we will probably see three separate sets of laws. Sharia for all Barry’s satanic Muslims, laws for blacks alone, and the existing ones for the rest of us poor saps.

          60. Isabel Sinclair says

            I read many of these comments. There is so much fear in your message. Where is all the fear coming from? Could it be a fear of retribution for sins of the past?
            The only thing that will resolve that is a change of heart towards your fellowman. If you have hatred in your heart, you will eventually act on that fear. You lash out because of fear and you create hostility because of fear.

            And then, some of that fear and hostility will naturally fade away.

          61. Isabel Sinclair says

            And what is Dylan Roof?

          62. faturism says

            A nut job

          63. ROBERT says

            Wasserman Schultz added to this POS list.

        2. Isabel Sinclair says

          HOW IS OBAMA STOKING THE HATRED? You make claims that have no merit.

          1. OSAMA OBAMA says

            “Obama: ‘If I Had a Son, He’d Look Like Trayvon'”…….If Obama had a son, I’d hope he’d have taught him better than to be a thug.

          2. RobertNorwood says

            I guess Michael Brown wasn’t skinny enough to be his son, anyway, that be a lot of sons by the time he get through. All criminals too.

          3. beegeegirl says

            can’t have ”sons” OR ”daughters” if you are ”married” to a man named Michael Robinson ….. physically IMPOSSIBLE for one ”man” to get another ”man” pregnant or for that ”pregnant man” to give birth !!!

          4. Beeotchstewie says

            HeShelle is what I call it. Would not be the least bit surprised if Obama wanted to force USA taxpayers to fund implanting a uterus into a male body cavity for the purpose of gay lgbt birthrights.

          5. hangem'high says

            Truthfully, I’m not sure his daughters are his, or it that being political correct?

          6. Dolores Wieland says

            Peeleeeeyuuuuu on PC

          7. Paula says

            You aren’t’ alone.

          8. QUASAR says

            they are probably hired actors .

          9. hangem'high says

            If Obama had a brother I’m sure he’d look like Osama, it’s not the first time a family member took out another for a power grab, or to keep the past secret!

          10. QUASAR says

            I could believe TRAYVON could be obungholes son’ they both make very stupid choices.LOL

          11. Isabel Sinclair says

            Let’s be very honest. If you are a bigot, that is who you are before, during and after President Obama. DO NOT BLAME YOUR HATRED ILLNESS ON ANYBODY BUT YOURSELF!

          12. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Yup, voting for Oblame-o cause he was black is racist, Black lives matter is racist, the knock out game is racist. YOUR blackness and anger is showing!

          13. Isabel Sinclair says

            Yeah. But YOU’RE the one calling yourselves “Christ-like” people. It’s always the people like you who raise the cross up the highest, sit on the front bench at church on Sundays, and turn around and burn the cross on Mondays. And YOUR hypocrisy is showing.

          14. RobertNorwood says

            You’d have to be able to grasp the subtleties. That you ask that question is proof I’d be wasting my time with you. Not a cop out, you would just never get it. Bet you think that Iran “deal” is a real winner too, eh? Another Obama prize that you buy now, read later…that is if the secret side deals are open to the American Public, I mean who the hell are we anyway, right?

          15. Deby says

            You are right Robert-but I smacked her for you. Probably get no response, as she is quite the ignoramus.

          16. RobertNorwood says

            Thank you. She’d go sideways if she did answer. I no longer waste my time with people like that. What Obama is, is self evident.
            The down turn in conditions here, worldwide, have taken a dramatic down turn while Obama’s been in office.

          17. Paula says

            The commie-liberals are spoon-fed horse sh*t, they way they still idolize their Rock Star president.

            I will always remember this:

            Obama’s original statement, in an October 2008 campaign visit to Columbia, Mo:

            “Now, Mizzou, I just have two words for you tonight: five days. Five days. After decades of broken politics in Washington, and eight years of failed policies from George W. Bush, and 21 months of a campaign that’s taken us from the rocky coast of Maine to the sunshine of California, we are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.

            “In five days, you can turn the page on policies that put greed and irresponsibility on Wall Street before the hard work and sacrifice of folks on Main Street. In five days, you can choose policies that invest in our middle class, and create new jobs, and grow this economy, so that everyone has a chance to succeed, not just the CEO, but the secretary and janitor, not just the factory owner, but the men and women on the factory floor.”

            The top paragraph, the bottom sentence that starts with ,,,We are 5 days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.

            He absolutely told the truth!

            One more note on this: in that speech he bashes Wall Street… Of Obama’s entire top twenty contributions, not a single one is under half a million dollars…and they came from Wall Street …. Obama’s top twenty contributors gave him $13,382,825.

          18. QUASAR says

            Bigtime .

          19. Shane says

            go eat a big bowl of dodo!

          20. Deby says

            how about these gems Izzy–“if I had a son, he would look like Treyvon” (Obozo) or “as a young black growing up I feel I was targeted by the police -just for being black” (Holder) Open your ears woman, your 1/2 White president is a racist.

          21. Beeotchstewie says

            The fact that you even asked that question says a lot about how thoroughly uninformed you really are. Trayvon Martin, Micheal Brown, Baltimore, How about appointing Al Sharpton as his personal race czar? You cannot possibly argue he is not a racist bigot. How about Rev Wright or that fact Obama supports Louis Farrakhan who just a few days ago called for 10K blacks to rise up and kill all whites and white police officers? plenty more where that came from. Please at least look at what you are posting before you make yourself look completely uninformed.

          22. Paula says

            MSM keeps their audiences in deep cover!

          23. Beeotchstewie says

            Understatement of the year Paula!

          24. QUASAR says

            When was the last time he got on tv and condemned any of these cop killings’ NEVER ‘ instead the asshole takes a 16 day vacation on the taxpayers dime so he can get out of town and not have to say a damn word about these idiots and their racist movement.

          25. ROBERT says

            Merit 1. Obummer never shows up to a white persons funeral when murdered by an illegal alien in his supported sanctuary city-S.F. Merit 2. Sends AG office personnel, White House staffer to 2 convicted thugs funerals. Merit 3. 1st week as President called Boston Police, “Police acted stupidly”. Merit 4. Won’t come out speaking against blacks killing white cops now (New York & Houston, Tx) !!!. Merit 5. Will not use the term “Terrorist” when the Ft Hood killings 22 dead 8 injured, Tn. Killings at 2 Military Recruiting Merit 6. Allows 66,000 illegal kids earlier along the San Diego to Texas border this year….This man hates America, He loves gays, liberals, lesbians, muslims, islamists. Hes quoted saying these. Know him Isabel Sinclair…Read 1 of his 2 autobiographies. Then you will see his hatred !!

          26. erleebird says

            Someone said he’s the “Manchurian Candidate.” At first I laughed; now, I’m not laughing!

        3. Lance Lucius says

          Can anyone tell me just what kind of laboratory created the multiple hybred Al Sharpton? The head of dinosaur, the body of god knows what, and the brain of a small single celled protazoan.

          1. RobertNorwood says

            I don’t know what kind other than it was located in a sewer.

      2. Beeotchstewie says

        They CHOSE to be racist, Obama just keeps stoking the hatred, intentionally of course. With Al Sharpton as his race czar, how else could it possibly go? Now Al is calling for a national police force run by DC. Can you say Obama Gestapo? I knew you could.

        1. QUASAR says

          Who gives a rats ass what that income tax dodging pile of shit thinks ‘ AL’ JESSE’ OBUNGHOLE AND HOLDER are the four biggest race baiters on the planet .

        2. gini62 says

          He has found out it is the best and fastest way to destroy this country. He hates America and always has. He is a student of Sal Alenski and so is Hillary. What Obama does not accomplish Hillary will finish. What Obama is doing was her brain child anyway.

          1. Lance Lucius says

            Don’t forget his favorite, mohammed the puke as his first teacher.

      3. Mister Vice says

        Hope and change. We got nothing but change and lost all hope.

      4. Arizona Don says

        Your right! He has also divided us by wealth or perhaps it is better stated by successes. He who gave the appearance of bringing America together has turned out to be a great divider.

      5. MAHB001 says

        0bama is an example of a politician that was evil before he was put into office.

        0bama thinks and treats as stupid minions
        As Jonathan Gruber described.

      6. QUASAR says

        Yeah ‘ bathhouse barry is a piece of work is’nt he .

      7. gini62 says

        Yes again. You are so right. We all have the right idea now how are we going to implement these ideas. We cannot be just couch activists.

    3. fullspinzoo says

      Yeah, I explained to some guy how I liked Sheriff David Clarke and how they had the right mixture on how to get along in this country. They sent me a big long article about the “house negro” and the usual BS. Brainwashed!

      1. afftongrown says

        They can find “racism” in everyone and everything, not realizing THEY are the true racists!

        1. hangem'high says

          Black elites are the supreme Race, they can’t be Racist just ask AL Sharpton!

          1. Jane says

            THey should go try to live in africa without money and see how long they last!

      2. RobertNorwood says

        “House Negro”, one of the stupidest and most racist terms employed by the democrat plantation cotton pickers against against Black Americans who don’t get down with the pants down porchmonkey image they’ve crafted. They want to be that way and ostracize the one’s who want to be educated, cultured, successful. You see, to them intelligence, character, bearing, and a concern for those things is “white”.
        Forget “Uncle Tom” the porch monkeys use that term never having read the book or knowing about the Tom character. Recently there was all this brouhaha over a new library in the black community. Library? Why’d they waste the money… I can think of a whole lot of other things they need more and actually get used. Can’t imagine what literature they’ll have in there. Most literature is white.

      3. beegeegirl says

        I AM SO PROUD that I live about 100 miles NORTH of the county that he is Sheriff of !!! he is one of the most intelligent speakers out there these days ….. it doesn’t matter what the color of one’s skin is, as long as TRUTH matters !! And HE speaks the truth … and they cannot stand it that an upstanding BLACK lawman is telling the truth about them … and HE should know, being both a Black man AND a sheriff in one of the worst counties in Wisconsin … he’s got the experience and background to know what he is talking about !!

        1. Dolores Wieland says

          Tough job for that sheriff

          1. Deby says

            true, but he is damn good at it!

          2. Dolores Wieland says

            I wish we had more like him but this country is making it tough on our policemen/women and military

        2. Paula says

          I lived outside of Milwaukee when the “occupiers” had a “demonstration” … the police had the area blocked off so cars wouldn’t run those fools over. I was one of the many cars that had to be rerouted (right thru’ the ghetto)…and Sheriff Clark was pissed off! One of the comments he made was: yeah like bankers will be walking around that area at night.

        3. QUASAR says

          Yeah I like him too ‘ a straight shooter ‘HAHAH PUN INTENDED.

    4. 7papa7 says

      I am 70 years old and would like to see just one election where the mental diseased liberals don’t pull the race card and actually go for an honest election. I know it is just a dream but it would be nice. I am so sick and tired of listening to the out right lies that anything the left doesn’t like is racism.

      1. MAHB001 says

        Amen my friend. The race card has lost its effectiveness. It has been overused.

        But, It seems that liberals have found a way to use our compassion, honesty, and willingness to give others the benefit of doubt against us.

        That method is Political correctness. I would like to see an election where Political correctness has been silenced.

        1. Jane says

          and why do they call blacks african americans!

          1. MAHB001 says

            Who is “they?”
            and what would you call them?

          2. Jane says

            Not sure. I am talking about the blacks there for centuries. THey have never been to africa, so why do they call themselves african americans?

          3. MAHB001 says

            Good question.

          4. faturism says

            My black friends call themselves Americans……imagine that

          5. erleebird says

            Colin Powell made a statement some time ago that he is an “Islander” but is referred to as “African American.” How “politically incorrect” can one be?? LOL!

        2. 7papa7 says

          All we need to do is ship ALL libs off shore and not let them vote.

          1. MAHB001 says

            It wouldn’t matter, the fix is in… Democrats own and control both parties, and We the People are relying on each party to keep the other side honest….

            My bet if we did send them on a cruise, Hillary would win anyway…

            “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
            Joseph Stalin

            I fear that the fix is on…

          2. 7papa7 says

            I can not argue with you on that. Had the fix not been in 2012 obama would have lost by a significant margin.

          3. MAHB001 says

            The problem is, What to do about it?

            If you think about it, Socialist control both parties… they are counting the votes… the entire system is rigged.

            We are all going to be disenfranchised unless We the People do something about it.

          4. 7papa7 says

            The only thing I can think of is to have the military or FBI or something like that count the votes, or at a minimum oversee it.

          5. MAHB001 says

            I would go for that….

          6. erleebird says

            How about a group of citizens count the vote? I’ll be very interested to know how the government will allow military votes. It’s my understanding that absentee ballots have been sent to the military too late, causing their receipt to be beyond the election date. I strongly believe the absentee ballots should be counted before the election is finalized! It might reveal other interesting results.

          7. 7papa7 says

            I could definitely support that.

          8. iLLuSioNaTi says

            Amen to that brother, fixed it was, and possibly the first time too!

          9. 7papa7 says

            Since the liberals are getting more and more unpopular the only way they can with is to cheat, and they do it very well. When you have the voting machines made by a Soros company what can you expect?

    5. The redhawk says

      they are LED by the PUSSY POTUS the kING of the RACE INDUSTRY…

    6. faturism says

      If you are not liberal when young, you have no heart
      If you ARE liberal in adulthood, you have no brain

      1. MAHB001 says


      2. Jane says

        Liberals did not have santa come visit so are still pissed off!

        1. faturism says

          Or the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, well maybe the fairy guy

      3. Jane says

        Liberals pretend to have a heart, they actually dont give a rat’s ass. They are all narcisstic people….

    7. johnnywoods says

      If you realize that you have no viable argument you call your opponent a “racist”.

      1. MAHB001 says

        As it is written in the lefts playbook.

    8. BayMan says

      That was all pretty succinct and I don’t think anyone can make the point any better.

    9. Isabel Sinclair says

      Chances are, if you are not liberal, you ARE racist. It’s a natural fact. If you would STOP living in fear, that all minorities are going to “take over” then maybe you would have less stress in your life.
      The fact is, non-whites are becoming the majority in America. Now, that shouldn’t make a difference one way or another. But I’m willing to bet that it’s somebody like you who thinks about that and is losing a lot of sleep at night and angry every time you go to bed.

      And THAT, my friend, is what we call ‘racism’.

      1. MAHB001 says

        Don’t you think people who think the way you do are bigots? I think this statement is incredibly bigoted. and comes from someone whom is very ignorant.

        “If you are not liberal, you ARE racist.”

        1. Isabel Sinclair says

          I am a black woman who married a white man. We were married for a decade. We divorced because I wanted to travel and he disagreed. We are still friends and he’s one of the nicest men i know.

          That said, Bigotry comes from FEAR and the erroneous and ridiculous idea that one race or culture is better, or more superior than another, for whatever reasons. I don’t know if that’s how YOU feel. But I do not feel lesser or better than any other race or culture. One wonderful thing I have learned from my international travels is this: people have More IN COMMON with each other than NOT in common. And if we focused on what we have in common, it would disrupt a lot of hatred and fear in the world. I am so glad I have been able to see the world. And I can tell you first hand, there are some great folks everywhere.

          1. MAHB001 says

            To be clear, I agree with everything you just said. And I am pretty sure that we agree on most things. I would add that bigotry comes from IGNORANCE, and low self esteem, as well as FEAR.

            My original post was written to point out the fact that liberals these days are bigoted, hypocritical, and racists. This observation came from my many blog posts where liberals typically point at others bad behavior to draw attention away from their own bad behavior or to “Justify” their bad behavior.

            This is the way I believe Liberals think:
            If you are not liberal, you are a racists.
            If you are black and not a liberal, you are an uncle Tom.
            If you are a minority and not a liberal, you are an idiot.

            To be clear, I do not think that way. But then again, I am conservative.

            Now when you re-posted my statement that emphasizing the ARE.
            “If you are not liberal, you ARE racist.” I assumed that you were trying to emphasize the fact that you think this statement is true. Did I get that wrong? Because, your comment above is contrary to that belief.

  3. MAHB001 says

    Crying racism has gone the way of Chicken Little.

    Trump is right… The sky is not falling!

  4. Bill says

    keep the hate and divide along racial issues. the dems have always been racist

    1. Beeotchstewie says

      The did start the KKK and wrote and passed the Jim Crow laws, facts that blacks seemingly ignore for their entitlements.

      1. faturism says

        Of course the dimlibs and blacks ignore the facts. Heck, FDR appointed the head poobah of the KKK to the Supreme Court and every KKK member of Congress..both houses …have been dims. They filibustered the Civil Rights Act, you name it. LBJ said something about expanding welfare and every nig,,,,, will vote democrat the next 200 yrs. You will NEVER hear a dimlib admit to any of this. That’s why they have taken over education and are hell bent on re-writing history.

        1. Beeotchstewie says

          Indoctrination is necessary to foment the lying libturd agenda. Cannot let a little thing like the truth get in the way of the agenda.

          1. faturism says

            Like Hitler’s Nazis “re-educating” the youth……….They try to change history BECAUSE they WANT to repeat it. It’s a world gone mad.

      2. Jane says

        I thought the KKK was ISIL??

  5. Michael Dennewitz says

    I WAS NOT born a racist! I went thru school with some really neat black kids! Matter of fact, in my English class a little black girl sat right in front of me and I used to rub her ass with my right knee all the time. SHE LOVED IT, but she’d never date me.
    It wasn’t until the majority of the black populace started this bullshit, “We be gittin stepped on fo ovar 200 years,” that I began to really get pissed off. And the majority of them never even had ancestors that were slaves! Now? Now they multiply like roaches and sit on their dead asses and collect welfare THAT YOU AND I ARE PAYING FOR!! And sorry folks, but all I can say this late in life is: “GET OFF YOUR LAZY ASS NIGGER, BE PRODUCTIVE AND MAKE SOMEONE PROUD OF YOU,
    And in doing so, you become a black person instead of what a lot of people now are calling your lazy asses!!

    1. Brenda says

      Stating a fact is not racist. Blacks have always been malcontents, even those who have climbed the social and financial ladder to success. It is not because they do not have the same opportunities as other races, it is because many in their communities constantly harp on the slave issue. They forget that their own race were the original slavers, that their own race owned slaves Now, because of this PC plague, people are wary of saying anything others may construe as being offensive.
      Anger and frustration is not racist. It is what it is, anger.

      1. Jane says

        and the previous slaves (the Irish) fought for their freedom.

    2. Beeotchstewie says

      OUCH the truth isn’t pretty, but it needs to be said.

  6. RMCSRET says

    The TERM RACIST means nothing anymore. The Democrats have completely worn out the rage that
    used to be associated with it.

    1. jsccats says

      The Demagogue Party is the one who embraces a blatant racist like Al Sharpton who has been embraced by that “racial healer” in the White House who spent how many years in the alleged “church” of another “racial healer”, the “reverend” Wright.

      1. RMCSRET says

        Fully agree, and they also seem to fully support the Rev Louis Farrakhan as well.

        1. Betty4440 says


          1. RMCSRET says

            Only because they are called that in public venus. They are no more a Rev than
            I am.

      2. Liz says

        Seems Sharpton, Jackson, and Farrakhan are silent lately.

        1. Beeotchstewie says

          Did you miss Farrakhan last week calling for 10K blacks to rise up and kill as many whites as they could? He spoke from the pulpit of a so-called black “christian” church and received a standing ovation for openly calling for the murder of whites by blacks for the color of their skin. No, not called hate speech either, as blacks cannot ever be guilty of hate crimes under Obama, Holder and Loretta Lynch some crackers.

          1. Liz says

            No I didn’t miss it but you don’t hear so much on local news, what a cover up, then again, most media executives are married or related to people in this Administration.

          2. Beeotchstewie says

            Here is a video from a worderfully enlightened black pastor Jesse Lee Peterson of that horrific call to racial violence if you can stomach it.

        2. jsccats says

          Sharpton, Jackson, and Wright may be too “moderate” for the likes of the “Black Lives Matter” movement!

        3. grammy23 says

          Things must be going “as planned” for them.

  7. Dudley DoRight. says


    1. Gene says

      These are great.

    2. George Block says

      Here’s another work of art!

  8. joe says

    Who cares what any liberal thinks it is a requirement that you be stupid to be a liberal so their opinions are meaningless and insignificant.

    1. Beeotchstewie says

      Liberals and thought, oil and water.

      1. joe says

        You have that right the only opinion they have is the one that is given to them to repeat like a parrot

        1. Beeotchstewie says

          I do enjoy confusing them with facts and reality. The stammering and name calling are pathetic.

  9. CCblogging says

    The left’s Race Card has been so over played and worn that you can see through it.

  10. peter says

    Who cares what these liberal morons think? Unfortunately, the majority of those on the opposite end are cowards and liberals know this.

  11. Mark says

    So boring, call me a racist, I don’t care anymore. The left is trying to demonize any and all who are not in lockstep with them. At this point, their words are laughable.

  12. Russ says

    yup, I’m white, a Christian, a Patriot, and call me what the hell ever you want. I could give a crap. I am sick and tired of watching our Country go down the tubes with no one except Trump with any kind of plan for anything except how they can get on the government dole. So call me “racist” or whatever I will support Trump and you can all stick it where the sun don’t shine!!!

  13. jdbixii says

    Representation is a hard concept, particularly when representation expresses differences which conflict.
    What needs to be remembered is that majority tolerance for minorities has always been based on the law and obedience to it, with respect to differences, whether those differences were race, ethnicity, religion, etc., there must be compliance with the law. Those who come to the U.S. must have the expectation of being required to comply with the law. It is a matter of accountability and due process of law. We have a right to security within our own borders and that security must begin with the security of the border. There can be no wavering on this issue.
    It needs to be resolved to the satisfaction of the citizenry of the United States, not pandering politicians or illegal aliens.

  14. miles says

    I am not racist but I am very prejudice. I am prejudice against any and all fanatics be it Muslim, Christian, Jewish, people with no common sense(liberals), lgbt, pro choice and pro life. I am prejudice against radical blacks, whites, brown, yellow and purple. And I am prejudice against all gov’t that lies, breaks campaign promises, gets sucked in by special interest groups for their personal gain, and abuse the power given to them by us the people. There is always a middle ground, aim for it. If they refuse get rid of them.

    1. Gerry Costa says

      Great post Miles and so very accurate !!!!

    2. RobertNorwood says

      Makes a ton of sense.

    3. Dolores Wieland says

      Same here….not racist but prejudiced

    4. Paula says

      Absolutely dead on!

    5. Paula says

      I didn’t originally write this..but it certainly expresses my feelings:

      I have never been racist…. but now because of what has transpired over the last several years (starting with Trayvon Martin) with the lies of the black race mongers, the congressional black caucus, by Obama and Holder, who are major racists …I am changed. I am now a race realist. I will not shop anywhere where they are in the majority…..I will avoid black people at all cost. Obama, Holder and the rest of the black victim mentality INCLUDING the White Guilt crowd, have set race relations back at least 150 years.

  15. MILES E DRAKE says

    This criminal quisling regime is in the process of replacing the white English-speaking native-born population with an obedient and dependent central American lumpenproletariat and is intentionally importing mohammedan terrorists and disserminating them throughout the country. It has now unleashed black militant revolutionaries who have begun a genocidal campaign against Caucasians not seen since Rwanda. It is no surprise that white people are frightened and prepared to engage in self-defense. it is now time for militant white defensive measures to be organized across the country.

    1. grammy23 says

      To anybody who says those on the right are conspiracy-theorists we only have to look to what you have pointed out. Bringing in more Muslims, letting Mexican criminals loose on our streets, inciting riots and violence against White’s in order to bring about a race-war. All of this 1 year before the next Presidential election. I find it hard to believe Obama doesn’t have a plan to declare Martial Law. At least I know me and mine will be prepared.

  16. Robert Barnes says

    Please tell Trump; DO NOT SIGN RNC PLEDGE. As the RNC supports the commies. see

    1. RobertNorwood says

      You’re spreading the commie accusation a bit broad and thick – be more precise. But I agree he shouldn’t sign because as soon as he does they’ll screw him over.

  17. Andrew Owens says

    If you don’t agree with these liberal assholes your a racist, tired of their PC BS….!

  18. arnapuck says


  19. zrevtom says

    Funny because the biggest and loudest racists are Blacks, Obama is a Communist who uses Blacks to do his bidding, and the Blacks bow down to this black Masta because he is black. A little history for our Black friends. The first slave owner in America was BLACK, just like Obama.
    Black lives matter leaders are RACISTS, Al Sharpton is a racist as is Jesse Jackson, the New Black Panthers racists, Most newspapers and TV stations are just cowards who are racists in their hearts but blame others. When one discriminates against other races or another political because they do not believe what you do then your comments are racists. Obama has torn this country apart because he is not an American but a Communist born into communism, brought up with communists went to a Muslim country and taught in a MUSLIM ONLY school taught by communists, raised by communists, financed by Communists. Taught to lie, deceive, coerce by Communists, his Colllege Professors were Liberal with Socialistic views, his books written by a Communist not Obama, got a degree which he uses to violate the very laws he was taught to protect and enforce. Talk about racists is like talking about cars because there are so many different types and styles, anyone can be a racist if you are alive and speak or write or of a different color (black hate light skinned blacks, or if they have straight hair. blacks hate black which is why they kill each other. If you call someone a racist you should look in a mirror to see another one.

  20. jsccats says

    This from a group who support a real racist movement that calls itself “Black Lives Matter” and others who call for killing cops, specifically white cops, and other BLACK GROUPS calling for killing whites? Didn’t the Dems, who are the party of alleged “liberals”, just endorse the “Black Lives Matter” group?

    1. George Cahonna says

      Black Terrorist Groups calling to kill police…Muslim Terrorist Groups calling to kill Americans….
      illegals invited to raise financial, & criminal havoc in America…..All sponcored by a Democratic Administration, & a sleeping GOP…..What does that tell you?

      1. grams says

        At this point in time seems like Trump is the ONLY ONE watching the store. Except I know Almighty God is on the Throne and judgment day is coming. Even so come Lord Jesus.

    2. RobertNorwood says

      BlackLivesMatter is a terrorist organisation. And for the record black lives don’t matter, there’s no money or power in it. If I am wrong then explain to me why more black folks, innocent children included, die in record numbers at the hands if other blacks and nothing gets said? All you liberals out there with your plantation blacks, I’m waiting.

      1. beegeegirl says

        don’t forget abortion …. it is a wonder that they haven’t died out, the way they are killing generations of black babies !!!!!

        1. grammy23 says

          Between the abortions, gang-shootings, child abuse & neglect I’m surprised there are any blacks except for the educated ones. I guess they (low-life blacks) have the Welfare-Ho’s to thank for not being extinct.

  21. Phyllis Schultz says

    Where do they come up with these people. The only racists are those already in DC and the people they pay to riot.

  22. richard schlinder says

    There it is.They pulled the RACE card.When all else fails,interpret as “He’s a racist”.
    When I hear Trump say,”We will make America great again”,I believe he is talking about Americans.

  23. william C says

    That’s the Liberals’ answer to everything they disagree with: it is either racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic or you are just a “hater”.

    1. RobertNorwood says

      It’s all they have in that empty bag of their’s. The policies of liberalism have failed massively, their own self deceit is their only cushion. Self deceit not only helps them lie to themselves it helps them lie to others.

  24. Gerry Costa says

    The only thing I am prejudice against is azzholes and these demoRAT/libtards seem to be full of them. These azzholes seem to come in all colors and ethnic groups. They seem to want the whole world to believe the way they believe, they seem to want to change the English language to mean whatever they want it to mean, they seem to want all American citizens to accept their word as gospel instead of questioning them. They seem to want BIG gov’t with freebies for all and vote demoRAT to keep these freebies. They seem to want ALL white people to believe we should pay a price today for what happened 200 years ago to groups who created their own problems. I will vote for Trump and hope that Carson or Cruz is his running mate. I will NOT succumb to race baiters threats and theologies. I will be friends with people of all races and creeds except for those who want to harm me, my family or this country and them I will fight by any means necessary to win this battle against all azzholes.

  25. RobertNorwood says

    Liberals have an academic notion of racism and yet use the term so gratuitously they cannot explain why they labeled a thing, person, act, you or me as racist. They sputter, flub, get tongue tied then lash out and storm away.

  26. Rock J. Dueck says

    Unbelievable! Once again proving that you get the most noise from the emptiest barrels. Liberal seem to hate freedom of the press but never miss a chance to use it to spread their misguided views. I, for one as getting very tired of it.

  27. Peatro Giorgio says

    Wait a min ! Who’s the racist, those supporting Trump aren’t the ones Killing hundreds of thousands of black infants every year and selling their Body parts for profit We aren’t the ones keeping the black Americans children stuck in failing school systems, we are not the ones allowing millions of illegals into our nation ,over whelming our health care system ,or taking jobs from our black or white youth, we are not the ones. Promoting death to the police who are charged with the protection of all our citizens. No that is the progressive an liberal demo rats who have deceived hood wink the Black Americans into believing that they change their Klue Klux Klan ways. In all reality they’ve manage to go under ground in a covert operation of minimizing the black population covertly keeping them as indentured servants to the demo-rats..

  28. hora says

    Liberals are natural racist and discriminator with full hate hearth, sure no have any answer and only know use racist word. For own experience I suffer discrimination live where are liberals and Dems in power, are discriminate whites in face and ignore, I am 67 and disable with bad health problem. Liberals talk Nazi propaganda, but doing all different. If any one ask me what I feel against liberals? a deep hate and I won see all dead.

  29. Buck says

    If you are a Democrat, a Liberal or a Progressive you are definitely racist ! If you are a Conservative, a real Republican or maybe an independent you are not racist and are capable of thinking for yourself unlike the other party ! Just because you might be a Southerner doesn’ t make you a racist because the most of us grew up with black friends who think like we do. They have common sense and are educated so they make up their own mind unlike the black lives matter group terrorist ! This group is made up of communist, criminals and just plain fools who are in capable of making a decision on their own ! They are trying to start a race we and when it becomes so they will be very,very sorry. Planned Parenthood is killing black kids off just as fast as they can thanks to the Democrats ! The whites own many more guns and other ways to protect themselves and their families than the black population. If it comes because of them and Obama then there will be a lot of blood flowing in the streets but none of it will be mine or my family ! Locked, Loaded and Ready to rock when the time comes !

  30. bill sexton says

    We white people, the silent majority, back bone, money maker job makers of this country need Donald Trump to stop the crazies, Black mobs, Liberal professors, from destroying and wiping clean any trace of White America from this United States of America. I am white, and I am proud to be white. I do not pander to blacks, liberals, race baiters, lying politicians, or the racist media. I have had enough of their insults and attacks on defensiveness hardworking, innocent White people. Screw all of those ugly monsters.

  31. Swami says

    Any organization or event that has the word “black” in it, is racist !

  32. Philip Allen says

    The Liberals are the racist, black lives matter movement are racist, Obama is a racist. These are the true racist in America. The Liberals, Democrats etc. want you to believe Conservatives, Tea Party, and the Republicans are racist but we are not. They keep calling the kettle black! Obama complains about Law enforcement especially the white police, black live matter chant about the police (pigs in a blanket) and whitie and the Liberals calling the Republicans and Conservative terrorist, but who’s the true racist? The Liberals, Democrats, The President Obama, and the black lives matter organization, Al Sharpton etc. We all know who the true racist are. No More Needs To Be Said!

  33. pmbalele says

    It is over -Hillary will be the next President of the Free World. GOP, Right wing and NY Times conspiracy against Hillary is over. The e-mails, so called scandal has just disappeared in thin air as it started. Benghazi, Iran, Obamacare were the topic of last month. Right wingers wanted to sink this administration and the Clintons. But American people are smarter now than in 2010. They looked straight and found
    all were dramatized lies. We are back to the basics. We should now accept Hillary will be the next USA president.

    1. RobertNorwood says

      Hillary is toast no matter how much the establishment tries to cover her ass. I really don’t know who will be President, I just know it won’t be her.

      1. Dolores Wieland says

        I’m hoping there won’t be a Hitlery..Obama should not have gotten in the second time either…but he had more than 100% votes from some districts.

    2. Rich says

      Maybe if she doesn’t go to jail

  34. Rich says

    You have mad as hell Republicans and Tea Party Patriots. The only true racist now days are the far left Democrats. I think that Trump will find support in the Democratic Party also. There are many Dems that are just as appalled as we are.

  35. George Block says

    How in the world does anybody think they know what the ‘Silent Majority’ thinks. What part of silent is so hard to understand? Keep ticking us off and you may find out. I believe we have finally had enough. Bring it on Sparky.

    1. Deby says

      Love your pic!:)

  36. Patriot47 says

    Race has nothing to do with opposing criminal reward.

  37. ArizonaMilitiaDotCom says

    Wow, the Libtards really *are* struggling against Reality, aren’t they? If everyone in the majority, silent or not, really are “racist”, as this Libtard Crackpot Whackadoodle claims, then all of the minorities and all of the Libtards are *totally* screwed. They will never win another election again, ever, after our experience over the last six years under the Regime of The Zero.

    Yeah, I said it, I consider The Zero to be just that, a big, fat, Zero. Worst POTUS *ever*. Now, call me “racist” because I don’t agree with you.

    The sad truth is that these Crackpot Whackadoodles always fall back on the “racist” accusation whenever they run out of real arguments. Whenever i hear them cry “racist”, I am hearing their admission that they just cannot come up with anything cogent or logical. I am hearing their Surrender.

    The first Crackpot to cry “racist’ is the one who has just lost the argument.

  38. artarlo1 says

    Don’t waste you time with this junk. The skunks use racist for almost anything that is pro American

  39. jjmcl431 says

    well i am not a liberal so i must be a racist. if that is a true fact then i freely admit it and i am proud as hell to do so. that should frost a bunch of liberal’s nuts.

  40. Isabel Sinclair says

    There is a thing called truth and there is another thing called lie.

    the TRUTH is, there is bigotry and racism in this country and has been since it began hundreds of years ago. The TRUTH is there are people who think white people are superior to any other race. The TRUTH is there are hate groups in this country that would like to see the efforts of civil rights movement reversed.

    The LIE is that racism doesn’t exist anymore.

    1. Deby says

      Wait, isn’t your real name Rachel Dolezal? Come, on it’s you Rachel-who-identifies-as-black -Right?

  41. Terry Rushing says

    I’m pleased that the libs are now attacking; that means that they see Mr. Trump as viable and therefore a possible threat to their playhouse. I don’t believe the libs have attacked Jeb, have they? Is that suggestive or what?

  42. Ralph H Moran says

    I LOVE IT, They call me a racist. My Grand-daughter married a blackman and I have 2 great-grandchildren, my grandson married a latina and I have a great-granddaughter, my son married a latina and I have a grandson, and they call me a racist. This just shows you they just throw the word out there when they have nothing to say. OH! I’m a messianic Jew who believes in YESHUA (JESUS) so that makes me a Christian too.

  43. OSAMA OBAMA says

    “Racist”….when ya have nothing else.

  44. EdStone says

    This broad is really racist.

  45. sirwiley says

    Gee, NAZI tactics adopted by the people that would have been executed by the NAZI. Calling terrorism a revolution is a very bad mistake. Murder is still murder and criminals posing as revolutionaries is just pitiful. Time to ask your so called representatives just how many felonies does it take to impeach a felon?

  46. John E Strom Jr. says

    Why even give them a mention? The left are socialists / communists / racists / bigots and anti-American. We don’t care WHAT they think.

  47. kotoc says

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: The main problem with the lower class (“underprivileged”) black community is NOT that they can’t rise above because of their circumstances… it’s that they CHOOSE not to. They won’t lift a finger to get ahead in life by working harder to get ahead, they would rather draw a government check and use the racist card to get more and more. When they’re dissatisfied with their “fair share” they will resort to looting or burglary. Sometimes violence is their outlet for frustration, and I am sick and tired of it. Look at what happened TWICE in Ferguson within the past couple of years… this is inexcusable behavior. And Obama, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, etc. actually sympathize with them… because of the color of their skin. If a WHITE person has been down on their luck, they don’t give a flying crying crap… Now, WHO’S racist???

  48. retbubbleheadss says


  49. rayr65 says

    Of course they call them racist! That’s what they do when they have nothing else! They lie and call others names to divert attention away from the issue. Lies and misdirection is all liberals have.

  50. TAM44 says

    Want to see real racism, look no further than barack hussein obama as he’s shown he is 100% a racist. so is eric holder and lorretta lynch and al sharpton jessie jackson and many more democrats. obama has divided this country and that’s the truth and nothing but the truth.

  51. junkmailbin says

    As Yamamoto said” WE may awake a sleeping tiger with this.”
    The silent are pissed and are commng

  52. Bill Senior says

    Well, for the “Most Part” …. You can take this Racist BS and give it right back to the Black People and their Communities …otherwise know as “The Ni^^er’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  53. VanceJ says

    BS !!!!!!!

  54. Little Lulu says

    Some of the problem is too many people don’t know their own history. They want to completely blame slavery on white people and ignore the fact that it was black tribe leaders in African countries that sold their own people into slavery. Then there is the fact that there were over two thousand blacks in this country who were slave owners themselves. How do all of these people yelling against whites know they are not descendants of slave owners? I have always wondered if Sharpton, Jackson and the like are related to the black slave owners because it sure seems like they are hell bent on keeping blacks enslaved to the government and liberals.

  55. armydadtexas says

    What does one expect from a group of far, left wing, radical extremist, anti-god, anti-family, pro-unborn human baby slaughter, anti-America, anti-US CONSTITUTION, pro-Oppression, ant-FREEDOM. Remember these are the same groups who created the KKK and other racist groups. So democ-RATS, you may wish to look in the mirror, before you cast stones. Ie…Look at who is calling the Kettle Black. You left wingers are a joke. You don’t have what it takes to define the “Silent Majority” You are a bunch of frauds.

  56. John Williams says

    The true racist is someone who, on a daily basis, says to blacks “you are stupid and incapable of taking care of yourself”. Consider the left constantly says to blacks we must help you, section eight housing, food stamps, welfare, affirmative action, lower standards for college, excuses and whatever else they can think of. With that in mind the left are the true racists, they constantly are saying to blacks “you are too stupid to fend for your self we must do it for you” the blacks that fall for the line of BS are simply proving the left correct.

  57. SaneZidane says

    What else can the dispicable Dimwitcrats offer than this time worn cliche that has lost it’s value as an issue with the majority of the American people including the solid citizens of the African American community. If it weren’t for our racist president along with his venom spewing cabal, the issue would be relegated to the back burner. Even their degenerate lily white presidential candidates from the old folks home leave a lot to be desired.

  58. Mister Vice says

    Liberals: You grouse about Trump’s use of the term which includes many minorities, by the way, yet you say naught about Farrakhan’s call for murder of police and whites. You’re all pit vipers and the spawn of Satan. Don’t talk of ,morality and “what’s righteous” when you watch the agency you created harvest the body parts of babies and sell them for profit. How could you become any more degenerated? You disgust me and many others in the “silent majority”.

  59. Ted says

    If I had a son was the starting point for this situation. I blame the Press. They keep selling hate and misinformation. How can a writer for a news paper justify lies and sell their wares of hate to the public as the truth. Big Al Sharpton should have been arrested for inciting riots. Charleston was smart, they told him he was not allowed in their city. Smart people,

  60. A natural born American says

    To be called a racist by a libtard democrat is actually an extremely high compliment. Think about it.

  61. bdcorvette says

    This “Hillary” woman is short some pocket change. Get laid, hon. It will do wonders for your attitude.

  62. tommie says

    And Liberals are a Loud-mouth, whining Minority of Bloom(berg)ing MORONS! Do sane and sensible people really care what they think and rant on about? Except when those people happen to be running the country!

  63. donl says

    Liberals are one or more of the following: A Communist. A Socialist. A Progressive. A Democrat. ( this is what they are called ). A Weak minded coward like our LOSER president.

  64. sharon says

    Liberals are not even Americans anymore, they are the NWO of the UN. They are owned and operated, like good slaves by Obama and his pathetic Regime.

    1. Deby says

      Perfectly stated. nicely done.

    2. wildeagleone says

      And the majority of Blacks that want reparations for the slavery days are still backing this dictator with love and votes. I guess the meals they serve behind the barbed wire are just another perk in their minds and they won’t even have to pay for the living quarters, except with their freedom

      1. sharon says

        Most liberals got chit for brains, nothing new about that.

  65. mesaman says

    It must be the name; Hillary seems to be the marque of an uninformed, mentally euthanized liberal disaster.

  66. Shawnee Niki says


  67. Iris D. Lynch says

    It is all about power and who is going to have it and the only way 12% of the population can overpower the rest is with physical power and fear.

  68. scott says

    the facts proven thru hystory is that the only racists are liberal scum.everything they say the opposite is true.

  69. SheriffJon says

    “Name calling – The weapon of choice of those who have nothing to justify their opinion.” Feel free to quote me on that.

  70. Wayne says

    Liberals ARE the RACISTS !!!! ERNEST HOLLINGS was bad enough, BUT KKK ”GRAND WIZARD” RACIST DEMOCRAT PARTY LEADER ROBERT BYRD IS THEIR REVERED IDOL CONFEDERATE FLAG WAVER !!! Everything in in that state has his name on it with no calls for removal !!!
    A Black coworker summed it up with the statement ”Any Democrat party voting Black ia an Uncle TOM !”

  71. JOY IN TUCSON says

    let’s do away with and BAN the word ‘racist’……that would put sharpton and jackson and all the other race baiters out of business…if enough people put the pressure on and protested…we could eradicate the need for apologies from all the people who merely want to express an ‘opinion’

  72. Bob Ware says

    The dems are the racists. They buy all the minority voter classes with program bribes of cash payments for daily living expenses in return for their votes. This is the tactic the dems use to keep these people oppressed because they are the minority class. Other members of the minority class (Fed. designations) are not that uneducated and they vote responsibly as do the rest of us in the voter minority. Until these people wake up things will stay as is. By the way, in this great obama economy unemployment numbers just went up again, more than expected.

  73. disqus_7KiKMOOd1L says

    The “Silent Majority” simply refers to those of us who are tired of getting beaten over the head by Liberals and the Mainstream Media – but I repeat myself – whenever we voice our conservative, or at least, right-of-center views. We are tired of being called RACISTS whenever we criticize Obama, or when we call out black hoodlums from the ‘hood for what they are when they riot and loot to get free stuff. We are tired of being called racist when we say that welfare recipients should be drug-tested and be required to work for their benefits, and when we object that our hard-earned tax dollars are redistributed by government to the goldbricks, who sit on their asses and drink and smoke weed all day. We are tired of being called HOMOPHOBES when we object to the man-made rule of gay “marriage”, but we prefer instead, to continue our beliefs in the God-given religious law of traditional marriage, the union of one man and one woman. We are tired of being called SEXIST when we object to abortion and the repulsive practice of selling fetal body parts, and the treating of this repulsive practice by the participants as a business, and the designating of the fetal body parts as “line items” on an invoice. And we are tired of being called XENOPHOBES when we call out for the federal government to halt the invasion of illegals streaming across our southern border, and if necessary, to build a wall on the border and protect it with military. We are also tired of being called “gun-toting right-wingers” for defending the 2nd Amendment, calling for a strong military and demanding our national leaders stiffen their backbones and improve national security. The Silent Majority finds all of these issues paramount to the United States being a great nation once again. The candidate(s) who tap into this will get the support of the Silent Majority and we will be heard from.

  74. Seismic4 says

    Who spends all their time talking about ones race? Who has NAACP, Black Panthers, Black Caucus, Black Lives Matter? Who runs all non blacks out of their neighborhood? Who voted for Obama because he was half black? Who votes 95% Democrat? To any normal person the conclusion is that the only race in America that is racist is the American-African

  75. The redhawk says

    Now who started this pure BS Nonsense?? Holder?? Sharpton?? The Mayor of Baltimore?? Jack a sson?? Race king Oblamo?? Cummings??/ after all none of them would have been Known without being Pantatin owners and the Profiteers of the RACE INDUSTRY…

  76. faturism says

    The dimlibs are just afraid they will be found out. All the blacks, Hispanics, and other minorities need to do is read a book or 2. Start with Margaret Sanger and her eugenics to rid the world of inferior people(blacks) Saul Alinsky,(Hillbillery’s friend and hero) another communist who promoted the idea of keeping the masses ignorant (hence the board of education) and anything by George Soros…don’t even get me started on that piece of chat. It’s all out there but for some reason those books can’t be found in school libraries….how odd.

  77. Bob Stewart says

    Speaking of racists, the democrat party has kept black people in bondage and without jobs since Lyndon Johnson. Now tell me who the racists are. Blacks have sold their votes to democrats for trinkets and hand outs.

  78. johnnywoods says

    So what else is new?

  79. Lougjr1 says

    TOUCHE’ !!! I get enjoyment when I hear anyone tell it like it is and not apologize for telling the truth !

  80. J_R_K says

    I’ve been called “racist” just for being white for so long now that it’s never “news” to hear it again.

    I have also been called a chauvinist pig for thinking women should be treated with respect.

    Iv’e been called a Nazi be believing abortion kills human beings.

    I’ve been called “homphobe” by heterophobes.

    I’ve been called “mean spirited” because I don’t believe it’s possible to give tax cuts to people who not only are not paying taxes, but receive “earned income” that was actually earned by other people, taken from them and given to those who don’t pay taxes but cry because they can’t get a tax cut.

    Get this one… I’ve actually been called “stupid” by liberals of all people. Can you imagine that? LOL

  81. TheQuickening says

    Thanks for sharing your agenda notes, Babe! Thanks for the disinformation, Sweetheart! Now go fix me a sammich!

  82. GUNNER says

    Libertrash is what liberals are they have no solutions nor ideas and all they know how to do is spend working Americans money on stupid social programs which have been proven to be useless and a drag on the economy. After throwing trillions of dollars at the welfare problem we have regressed not gone forward which proves when people don’t have to work for their food and housing or medical they will become lazy and complacent case closed.

    1. J_R_K says

      “When you give someone a free ride, you take their guts away” ~ Dexter Yager.

  83. Carolyn says

    Racism is an opinion. Nothing more. You are supposed to prefer your own race. That’s natural. What the left calls racism is white people that refuse to die quietly or commit suicide. Wake up White man!

  84. Niki says

    Definition of a idiot ! A Democrat , Liberal , Socialist or Communist.

  85. Bruce Wayne says

    LIBERTARDS ARE RETARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. sox83cubs84 says

    The stigma of being called a racist is losing its sting because intelligent people know that the race card is almost always played by Democraps towards anyone who’s not a lockstep adherent of socialism/liberalism.

  87. AKLady says

    Trump is a bigot.
    He hates the poor.
    He preaches hate for the poor.
    He put poor people into the street.
    He buys buildings and evicts everyone in rent control units.

  88. John Minnick says

    There are certain words and phrases that are guaranteed drive the loony left off the rails. Words such as “No”, “Facts”, “Capitalism”, “Logic”, “Illegals”, “Constitution”, “Transparency”, “Faith”, and, of course “God”. Phrases such as “Common Sense”, “You’re Wrong”, “Law and Order”, “All Lives Matter”, and “Color Blind”. And the one sentence no one ever wants to hear, of course: “I’m from the government, and i’m here to help”. The socialist scum suckers have had control of the national conversations for the last 40 plus years! Don’t you think we conservatives should start framing the conversations with our own talking points, instead? Don’t you think that would be a much better option, both in the short and the long run? Doing it their way hasn’t worked for either side! Time to change the rules, so that everyone benefits, and not just the select few! Isn’t that what true conservatism and capitalism is all about?

  89. Alleged Comment says

    The tile “racist” is already taken by Negroes, lieberals and Demoncraps. Sorry……

  90. ROBERT says

    Just like calling the TEA PARTY a racist group. Go against mental disordered liberals and your called a racist. Yeah ? Well then why did the Demoncrats form the KKK. Why did a liberal Demoncrat form Planned Parenthood to eliminate blacks. I could go on and on. Bottom line, Black peoples enemy economically is the damned Democrat Party, period, wake up.

  91. peter says

    Liberals need to be put in their place for good. They are the vocal minority and need to be put in their place. They stand for everything that is wrong with this country.

  92. Isabel Sinclair says

    Hey Donald: this isn’t Germany 1933. This is America, 2015. If you don’t think America’s great, then move to Russia. Valdimir Putin will take you in. He takes in traitors. He might even let you play in his corrupt government of henchmen and assassins, if you pay him enough. But try to control your mouth. If you call him “stupid” he’ll definitely have you killed.

    1. kotoc says

      I hope, then, that he has the chance to read what you said.

  93. David Gearhart says

    The silent majority includes all races and nationalities. They are not the minority that you hear and see out there screaming, ranting, having hissy fits, pushing emotional lies and deceptions telling people what to think with their socialist group think propaganda. The silent majority are the ones that act civilized, self supporting, believe in individualism, America capitalism and constitution. If you treat them with respect, they will treat you with respect regardless of skin color or nationality. Political Correctness is the liberals trying to control free speech, by the choosing what is deemed acceptable. Which includes only speech that agrees with them. The last two elections have shown that the silent majority is tiered of the liberals running our government. Obama’s lawlessness has pushed them over the edge.

  94. Robalou01 says

    We’re not so silent anymore.

  95. albertbryson says

    I believe that real racists are the liberal progressive communists marxists. I feel that majority of those who support Mr. Trump are sick and tired of being portrait as the racists. We are getting sick and tired of being push around. Yes, we do support our police and do not like the cop killers. We are also sick and tired of being lied to by evil mass media and by government.

  96. Joseph Montgomery says

    I’m not really part of that silent majority. What I am is a pissed off American! I ran into this same mentality when I was in the military some 30+ years ago. Having been told on more than one occasion by a person of color “you owe me…..”. Fat chance. I’ll say now what I said then……I don’t owe you anything except a righteous ass whippin if you treat me like anything other than a person and adult! I don’t care your national ality color sex or whatever else may burrow into the heads of the ignorant and stupid
    I never owned a slave (just saying), I never discriminated against anyone at all and if you think for one minute I’m going to be shamed by words to the contrary you are sadly mistaken.
    The black lives matter and new black panthers best reevaluate their statements. I still cannot figure out why people are afraid of a group of avowed terrorists? Why law enforcement hasn’t arrested and charged these groups with terrorism? Wait I do know the reason. Fear of being labeled racist and fear of being sued and losi g because the courts don’t recognize jze that the laws and the constitution allies to ALL US citizens not just some bogus special class. So let me be clear so there are no misunderstandings. If you respect me a d my views and can argue intelligently for your cause without resorting to violence and name calling the I respect you. If we can agree to disagree on some subjects but still remain civil you have my respect. If you call it the way you see it based on ALL the available information and evidence then you have my respect and admiration.
    IF on the other hand you revert to name calling and intimidation I have no respect. If you get into my face a d endanger me or mine I WILL respond with overwhelming power and force without a thought. If you wish to have a confrontation being loud and threatening be prepared. You just might not survive the encounter. Like a majority of citizens I don’t actively seek out confrontation. I don’t look to have words with anyone over anything. On the other hand I will not back down not will I willingly be disrespected by fools with an agenda that has really nothing to do with me. No one cares if your feelings get hurt. I’ve never owned a slave and no e of the people I know or see have been slaves themselves. 165 years ago that particularly dark part of our history ended……..GET OVER IT! if you look back far enough in history all people have someone in their family tree who was a slave of indentured servant or otherwise into force servitude. The difference is that there isn’t a host of power brokers and wannabes behind the scences manipulating groups for personal gain. Here is something that BLM and The New Black Panthers need to remember and its something they really need to research HARX before doing something really stupid!!!!!!! YOU ONLY MAKE UP 12% OF THE POPULATION OF THIS COUNTRY. IF YOU RIKE THE REST UP HOW LONG DO YOU THINK you’ll LAST IN THAT INSTANCE? I’LL TELL YOU……SECONDS ONLY!! Mad about how many blacks are locked up? Don’t yell racism. Instead look at the rise in gangs, the drop in black fathers staying with their kids and their mother. Look at the attitude that you don’t have to work for anything if you want it you can just take it. Look at the attitude of you say something I don’t like I’ll just shoot you. Drugs, gangs, owe me attitude, easy money. Is it any wonder that you make up a greater percentage of those in prisons? No it isn’t. There is a direct correlation between that percentage and the liberal “we’ll take care of you mantra. This is the reason things are the way they are. You gave away your sense of responsibility for your actions. You made yourselves a class of victims that is political and now is being used for political purposes. These supposed civil rights leaders have lead you down a road of destruction. Rev. King said he had a dream where all people were judged by the co tent of their character and not skin color. Only problem with that is that your ” leaders” don’t want that to happen because if you finally wake up you’ll realize that you are being and have been used for their own monatary gain! Don’t believe me? Who gains if there is racial unrest? You? Me? The government? Well maybe the government. No, the real winners would be farakan, Jackson, and any other mouth piece with 500-1000 dollar suits that claim to be able to tell a TV audience what being on the bottom means. Know what they just might know cause it is their mentality and pitches that are actually causing this whole situation to p!ay out. As long as you follow their destructive path (which lead THEM to financial gain) nothing will ever change. Until you realize you have been sold a bill of goods that have NOTNING to do with fixing the problem. As long as you want someone to take care of you, hour family, you house a d your bills nothing changes. U til it’s no longer get kool for males to have multiple kids by multiple girls nothing changes. Until you decide to tell the government and the courts to get out of your lives and start teaching your kids response ability and respect nothing changes. Don’t celebrate the athlete but the student. Don’t glorify the drug money and gang leaders it the hard work g people who are raising their kids right and accepting nothing but the best. Until you quit coddling and making excuses for your thug child, until you do the hard thing, the parental thing and turn them in then your the problem. Practice tough love make them responsible for their actions. I have and I do because the reality of the world isn’t that protected place with mom and dad. Society doesn’t care how you were raised what they care about is if you are productive and if you do your share to make this a better p!ace

  97. Brenda says

    Trump is right. We are the silent majority. We have allowed ourselves to become impotent.

  98. IMSweetOlBob says

    Here comes their favorite word again ! Racist ! Did you hear it ? RAAAAAACIST ! !
    Wooooo ! Hide under the bed ! Throw salt over your shoulder ! Walk around a tombstone three times under the full moon ! Hire a witchy-woman to rattle her bones and remove the curse !
    Did that word scare you ? The Prog / Libs and the Black thugs, and Sheila Jackson Whosis have used it only eight or nine times since breakfast. They have it recorded.
    Heh !

  99. Jane says

    All Donald is stating is that 25 americans are being murdered every day by illegals floating around america (and they come in all races!) and that something has to be done about it. He knows 99% of mexicans there before the illegals are great law-abiding citizens as do other americans. I am pretty certain the majority of all americans want to live in a safe country!

  100. TheKajunQueen says

    What I find hilarious it that some of that silent majority is black. Duh!

  101. TAM44 says

    They have denounced God also and they are doing what they can to destroy america. Go Mr. Trump all the way to the white house.

  102. Frank says

    Racist is totally meaningless as a slam for someone who disagrees with someone else. It is over used and worn out, and lost any reason to even being concerned if someone calls you that or not. It is just crying “wolf” to many times like in the old fable, and lost it’s punch.

    Also, no one is required to like everyone or every group in free speech or in America as should be Constitutionally run. It does not mean you can act in total malice, but it does mean you can hold any opinion you want. Somehow, only agreeing with the progressive and liberal “think speech” is OK, but everything else is racist. Not the way it works in works in America; nobody ever said everyone is guaranteed to not have their feelings hurt because of someone says what they think that is a different opinion.

  103. laulau says

    When they wrote the laws on deportation, was that racist? Following the law, racist?

  104. Ryan Gurganus says

    The 2.5 percent of gay of Americans are controling the 97.5 percent of straight Americans. Now that is what is totally racist and bias

  105. Nina says

    To me it’s much more than a black and white issue. The so called “Silent Majority” IS ALL OF US!!!! We are not being heard!! Washington is totally ignoring our mere existence! I myself, and I know many of you out there have called congress on many issues, voted in polls, sent faxes……….NOTHING!!!! Our wishes are being ignore! Ovomit is getting his way on every single thing he wants!! We are not going to take this crap anymore!! The only ones that seem to get anywhere are the muslimes!! For obvious reasons!!! So it doesn’t matter if you are black, white, red, yellow we the silent majority are so freakin done with this!! We want leadership in Washington that is going to do what we sent you there to do or get the hell out and a REAL LEADER that’s going to LOVE AMERICA SO WE TOO CAN BE PROUD OF OUR COMMANDER IN CHIEF!!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA

  106. Roger Short says

    Liberals are cowardly, pathetic people, who contribute nothing positive to our society! They excel at name-calling, and that’s about all they excel at! They have no guts to take a stand for what is right, so they let the PC police tell them what to think! I tell the PC police to try to do something useful and worthwhile with their lives! They love to call people racists, bigots, or any other name that comes to their puny minds! They have never intimidated me, and they never will! I love getting in their pathetic faces, and getting them all worked up!

  107. Randy Smith says

    If liberal progression is a new race, then yes I am racist toward liberal progression.

  108. Concerned parent says

    Political correctness has become a “religion” in the US.
    Kudos to Trump for eradicating pc and calling a spade a spade!

  109. GiveAwayJimmie says

    Total BS—-the liberals are basically stupid—what new!!!!!!

  110. faturism says

    Uh oh, guess I’m a racist because the restaurant I went to for lunch had a sign that said “Mexican food” instead of “Latino food”. Better throw away the watermelon I was going to serve at tomorrow’s BBQ…..and the ribs…..Guess we’ll have to serve ” white” bread because I’m so privileged.

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  112. bandit says

    Amazing how so few can make so many miserable ! Liberals are commies , period .

  113. CCblogging says

    I am not very silent but they can call me racist if they desire. The word “Racist” has been neutered and rendered impotent from overuse. Rational people have woke up to the fact that the race baiters are the actual racists.

  114. Lance Lucius says

    The left leaning libtards better hope to God that the silent majority stays kind, but keep pushing and if it is a race war you want, you will surely reap what you sow. None of us are afraid of you, we are just not murdering thugs, self defense is a different story even enmasse.

  115. Giovanni Fima says

    That’s the liberal trade mark to smear anyone running as a Republican, the RACE card!

  116. jim_wright says

    Excuse me, but the real racist are called DEMOCRATS.

  117. Bob Barton says

    The HuffPO is lower than whale dung.They are insult to this nation.

  118. cae973 says

    seems to me the liberals all somehow forget that without white voters obama never could have been elected.

    1. iamcurious says

      Not forget, but ignore. If it’s not germane to their current agenda, they ignore it. Remember, liberalism is a mental illness!

  119. disqus_CeZmTpgh9W says

    These days the “racists” are BROWN! ( note there very few people who’s skin is actualy black)

  120. Dominic Roy Accampo says

    The reality of our situation is that most to all liberal atheists are bigots:
    What would happen if liberals stopped the race baiting bigotry and admitted that, “All human lives matter?”
    They would have to admit that the lives of the unborn also matter!

  121. GUNNER says

    Liberals rallying cry everybody but liberals are racist when in fact liberals are the most racist idiots in the country we have allowed these fools to play that card once to often time to push back hard every time they open they’re lying mouths they are the cause of the chaos and disruption in this country with they’re hand wringing phony take care of the poor baloney they care not for the common folk all they care about is absolute power and troops we can’t allow that ever.

  122. Frankie Boy says

    Yes, I guess I and all others qualify as rascist ! I don’t live with black people and neither does the president ! Yes, maybe his immediate family but not in the black hoods of Chicago !!! Therefore, I declare Obama as a racist !!!

  123. Tom Briggs Sr says

    Everyone knows racists are just about gone from the U.S. The old time racists are all dying off. The only thing holding race relations back are the opportunists. The opportunist in chief met with Al Sharpton in secret meetings at the White House. Wouldn’t you love to know what was said? If we were all wise enough to ignore all the opportunists we would not have discussions about race problems, there would be none.

  124. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

    Everybody’s a Racist if you disagree with the Liberal racist Democrackhead hate party! Obama is a divider and hater!!! Crooked evil Hillary and the LIBERAL DNC CHAIR WICKED DEBBIE WASSERMAN a Disgrace. Liberals are The racust in America!!! Crooked evil lying Hillary is a wicked Liberal racist hater!

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