Liberals Embarrass Themselves with Debate Tweets


Liberal “journalists” rushed to their Twitter accounts Tuesday night to take potshots at the Republican candidates. A day after MSNBC’s Chris Matthews did some fine handwringing over Chris Christie’s decision to call ISIS terrorists “animals,” the leftists in this country were similarly shocked and outraged by a field of candidates intent on destroying terrorism.

Ishaan Tharoor, the foreign affairs correspondent for the Washington Post, was first out of the gate, taking aim at the first of two CNN debates. “At what point,” Tharoor asked, “can we just say the undercard debate is a bunch of old white men yelling at each other about things they have no control over?”

What a superb question! Counter: At what point could we say something like that about any other race? And there you’ll have your answer.

Except, of course, that’s not really true, because you can say anything at all about white people in this country without the slightest fear of being branded a racist. On the flipside, you can’t even disagree with liberal policies without being chased into a forest by a mob of angry radicals.

Tharoor also joined the Matthews chorus, hinting that the Republican “obsession with radical Islam” was merely an excuse for rampant xenophobia.

The Nation’s Dave Zirin got into the action as well:

“I admit to having called Carly Fiorina a bloodthirsty barbarian,” he wrote.

Zirin is apparently among those in the liberal elite who still think we’re going to conquer radical Islamic terror with kind words.

But hey, he’s in good company. Hillary Clinton herself (or, more accurately, one of her campaign staffers) took exception to the rhetoric she heard on the GOP stage. “We’re not at war with a religion,” she reminded her Twitter followers. “Hillary knows the difference.”

She posted a screenshot of a comment she made in November, where she offered this brilliant insight:

Muslims are peaceful and tolerant people and have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism.

Peaceful? Many, sure. Tolerant? Maybe. But for a person who wants to be the next president of the United States to say that Muslims have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism should be a wakeup call to anyone still thinking about voting this woman into office. There are ways to counter the idea that America is at war with a religion without abandoning common sense. You would be hard-pressed to even find Muslims who would buy into this idiocy, unless they are stupid in addition to being peaceful and tolerant.

All the liberal journalists in the world, however, can’t match the Republicans themselves when it comes to making the party look bad. The candidates that are still out there banging the drum against Donald Trump should be ashamed of themselves. Especially since the worst of them have exactly zero chance of being the nominee. Take a look across the political and ideological aisle. Is it worth sinking the election so you can get your shots in? Do us, the Republican Party, and the country a favor and just drop out already.

  1. MAHB001 says

    “Muslims are peaceful and tolerant people and have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism.”

    ——— Hillary Clinton

    I’ll bet 0bama made her say that….

    1. Austinniceguy says

      Obviously she hasn’t been made aware of this…

      1. Mike with the Silver Star says

        Thanks, Austin; very good wake -up-call…

        1. Austinniceguy says

          Thanks for the support, Mike. Have a great day!!!

      2. jim says

        Time to lock and load ! Coming to a city near you . Obviously Europe forgot when Muslim armies invaded Europe around 1200 A.D.

        1. Austinniceguy says

          Very much so. That fact that OlBluegums and Hitlery would rather see us all disarmed SHOULD be very concerning to EVERY American but, they have a HUGE swath of delusional moron supporters who believe everything they tell them. Those idiots will show up in droves to vote for Hitlery so we must double even their effort and make certain that trash doesn’t become our next president.

      3. Woman Conservative says

        My goodness, this is scary! I surely don’t see too many women and children in this mob. Going over the embankments, they look like rats.

        1. Austinniceguy says

          You’re too kind. They DO look like rats AND cockroaches. The sad thing is that just like rats and cockroaches when they cause an infestation, you can’t really get rid of them without extreme measures.

      4. rocky says


        1. Austinniceguy says

          And I still get many responses from the libtard left that WE are overreacting!!!

    2. daveveselenak says

      You mean her Muslim-Marxist jihadist pimp? They are peaceful alright, up until they become the majority then all hell breaks loose! Armr===========================?, YOU’LL be needing them – guaranteed!

    3. Jimmy Quick says

      Nah, she just stupid all by herself.

    4. gerald Hughes says

      I made landings in Lebanon in 1958 with 3rd bat, 2nd marines, we went in to get American citizens, most of whom were women and children.
      The women and many of the children had been beaten, robbed and suffered multi rapes, at the hands of the peaceful tolerant Muslims.
      1960, with 3rd bat 2nd Marines and the British 4.0 commando, we went into Libya

      1. gerald Hughes says

        Brought out British and America citizenry mostly women and children, the same things happened to them as Lebanon by the friendly peaceful Muslims.
        The reason, they found in the streets with bare faces..
        I can probably arrange for Hilary to address that group.
        I suspect she should probably do it by long distance phone though, they have little patience with people that talk about the friendly tolerant Muslims.

        1. glorybe2 says

          In many Arab nations one must obey civil law as well as religious law. The religious police will beat down people who fail to comply with their version of Islamic law. When in Rome one must behave as the Romans do.

      2. MAHB001 says

        Thank you for your service. I do believe that Hillary is working at being worse for this country than Fonda was….. If she gets into office, there will be no doubt about it.

      3. glorybe2 says

        Maybe it would be wise for Americans not to live in such places. How many conflicts have occurred simply because American businesses are allowed to do business in these type of areas?

        1. gerald Hughes says

          Trying to defend the MUslims on this, is one of the reasons why we despise you liberal garbage, so badly..
          Most of those peope were women and children you fing scum bag.

  2. TOM P O'DONNELL says


    1. Philip James says

      So your saying Moslems do kill Americans. If they are as peaceful as you say there are, they shouldn’t be killing anyone.

    2. Raymond J Ambrozaitis says

      And right wing Christian Conservative radical Republican terrorists are responsible for more than Muslims and Liberals combined So what is your point?

      1. TOM P O'DONNELL says









      2. OSAMA OBAMA says

        Go put your burka on and read your KO-RAN!

        1. Mark Lahti says

          Quite the nut job isn’t he?

      3. 1ColtonDelaney643 says

        are you nuts? you don’t know what your talking about. take a good look at your muslim buddies in austiniceguy’s video above. That’s who they are. its an imformative video showing the spreading of the muslim vermin across Europe. showing their “tolerance and peaceful” demeanor up close. freaken sickening.

        1. Cotton says

          Because that propaganda video with a very very obvious agenda is “informative”. While it does bring up the point on how the crisis is a large issue it is highly editorialized and meant to invoke fear, just like the times of the cold war. Propaganda is especially effective if you are not at least skeptical of it.

          1. Mark Lahti says

            You’re right. Propaganda is effective and therefore scary. However, reality is even more scary. They are not talking about doing all this stuff they are doing it. Or do you not watch the news or at listen to it on the radio. I know radio is old style. But it is quite effective also.

          2. Cotton says

            I would rather make my own opinion than have some guy on the TV or radio tell me what my opinion should be.

        2. Dakota Erikson says

          You do know that there are 1.6 BILLION Muslims world wide. It is true that there are a thousand or so nutty Muslims. But that small percentage does not represent the 1.6 BILLION. Think about it.

          1. siridh says

            Oh, so ISIS are not terrorists? They’re mainstream? The 1,000 or so Muslim terrorists must be really, really bad!

          2. florida3guy says

            There are estimates of 30,000 to 50,000 ISIS terrorists just in Syria and Northern Iraq alone. You know, those nutty Muslims. And they are running rampant in Africa and most of the middle east. Get your facts straight before you distort them because otherwise it makes you look like an absolute ignorant moron.

          3. mac12sam12 says

            Only 8% of muslims are radical. Why aren’t the other majority 92% doing anything about it? Did you know that muslims believe that women should have no rights at all and are treated as property, you utter moron.

          4. Retired Marine says

            Good God, ISIS is currently in the process of training 20,000 “Syrian Refugees” to infiltrate other nations. Where the hell did you get they are only 1000 or so. How about the latest estimate is 7.6% of the muslim population. Can you do math? What is 7.6% of 1.6 Billion, and if you come up with an answer of 1000, you would be an idiot, that would not surprise me in the least.

          5. Freedom Fighter says

            “Small %age” ? How about the estimate that some 15 to 20 percent of all Muslims are ‘radical.’ Let’s make it even lower…. 10%. That’s 160 MILLION radical Muzzies, about half the population of the U.S.!

          6. Mark Lahti says

            You have to try to remember one real important fact. If liberals are to stupid to see the reality of Islamic hate and terrorism what makes you think they are capable of doing some simple math? I know it is frustrating trying to explain reality to a liberal but you have to do prepared with some basic insights. Not being able to comprehend simple math is just one. They were probably studying their liberal arts, gender sensitivity, race sensitivity, and other garbage instead of the three “Rs”. Hand in there though yourself. God Bless and keep up the good fight.

      4. cutterguy says

        need to check your facts then post them so we can see them and show the figures and where you got them.

      5. siridh says

        Name them.

      6. Retired Marine says

        Show your data. All were done by your liberal friends.

      7. Mark Lahti says

        Are you being intentionally that obtuse? Your total ignorance of the truth and the facts that everyone else is aware of is blinding and frankly I feel humiliated for you. Your post is either a great example of the liberal lie, deceit, twisting of reality or stupidity. You pick one. You are totally wrong and have the facts/reality completely turned upside down. How do you live with yourself being that ignorant..

      8. Michael Dennewitz says

        There’s that nazi asshole again. How the hell did you get out of paedophile prison dude???

    3. Dakota Erikson says

      Name a liberal who has gunned down anyone.

      1. Retired Marine says

        Every one of the crazy shooters, sandy hook, and all the rest, were perpetrated by your liberal democrats. Check the facts, not ONE was a conservative.

        1. Mark Lahti says

          Totally agree.

      2. TOM P O'DONNELL says


      3. Mark Lahti says

        Every one of the lone wolf mentally ill people who were not Islamic terrorists but “home-grown” terrorists, to use your words. They all had either a democrat history or affiliation. Either themselves personally or grew up in a democrat/liberal house hold. You can try to deny that all day as you libs usually do but it won’t change the facts. Go look it up. None of those people came from a Christian, republican, or conservative home or background. There is your answer. You can try to defend/deny it but it won’t work as everyone already knows these facts. Except possibly you. I say possibly because lying is a democrat hallmark. I know that once exposed and stripped down to the bare and honest truth all that is left for a liberal is lying some more or the always fun to see is the name calling. So bring it on Dakota. I don’t believe you are truly stupid all on your own. I guess you influenced by either a significant other or a family indoctrination. How about going out and learning the truth for yourself. You will be much happier and healthier.

        1. glorybe2 says

          Most of the nut job killers that attacked school kids were kids from the school that they attacked. They had zero political affiliations. I give Bill Mahir credit for seeing through the issue. The first hint is that all are males. When studied they all turned out to have the same issue. They could not get laid. They had great trouble getting a date or having any relationships with girls in their schools.

      4. mac12sam12 says

        Jared Loughner shot Gabby Gifford, he killed 6 and wounded 12. He’s a registered democrat.

        Nidal Hassan, Fort Hood. Killed 13 and wounded 29. Registered democrat.

        Virginia Tech shooter, Seung Cho killed 32 and wounded 17. Sent hate mail to Bush and was a liberal progressive.

        Wade Michael Page, the Sikh Temple shooter killed 6 and wounded 4. A registered democrat.

        Colorado theatre shooter James Holmes, killed 12 and wounded 58. He was also an Obama volunteer campaign worker and was at Occupy Wall Street. Liberal progressive.

        Chris Dorner, cop killer. killed 4. A registered democrat.

        Adam Lanza, Sandy Hook shooter. Killed 26 and wounded 2. A registered democrat.

        School shooters Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. Killed 13 wounded 21. From liberal families.

        1. Reality Check says

          Hey moron, you DO KNOW that the Democratic party has CONSERVATIVES, right?

          Wendy Davis, the wacky religious NUT was a registered Dem AND conservative as they get.

          so when are you going to PROVE some of this shit?

          you lie constantly and I bust you for those lies.

          PROVE SOMETHING for once.

          1. mac12sam12 says

            You haven’t “busted” me on any lies. Are you trying to tell me that those people didn’t commit those murders, limp wrist liberal?

          2. Reality Check says

            Well dim one, when you post THIS
            “Adam Lanza, Sandy Hook shooter. Killed 26 and wounded 2. A registered democrat.”

            and Adam turns out to not even be registered to vote, kind of adds up to you being a LYING POS.

            When you post:
            “Nidal Hassan, Fort Hood. Killed 13 and wounded 29. Registered democrat.”

            and he is from states that don’t register BY Party, make YOU a LYING POS.

          3. mac12sam12 says

            Adam Lanza came from a liberal family. The nut doesn’t fall far from the tree, and so were the Columbine shooters. Nadal Hassan muslim would vote republican? Sure. You lose, loser. Have a merry Christmas, numb nuts!

        2. Reality Check says

          eventually you conservative, low info voters will come to the conclusion that these people kill for reasons OTHER than religion and “gun free zones”

        3. Reality Check says

          SO that was easy to prove MAC is LYHING fool of the Right WIng Propaganda.

          “1. Nidal Hasan (the Ft. Hood shooter) lived in either Virginia (his state of residence prior to being sent to Ft. Hood) or Texas, neither of which has partisan registration. Therefore the claim that he was a “registered Democrat” is false.

        4. Reality Check says

          NEXT LIE from MAC

          2. Since Virginia does not have partisan registration there is also no way to tell whether Seung-Hui Cho was a Democrat, but again because there is no partisan registration in the state we can say that the claim that he is a registered Democrat is FALSE. (Update: A more obvious point is that Cho was a resident alien, not a US citizen, so he was not eligible to vote in the US)

        5. Reality Check says

          Oh and guess what MAC, the Colorado shooter was also NOT registered to vote.

          So, MORE LIES from Mac, TOOL of Right Wing Propagnada.

          STOP LYING.

    4. Michael Dennewitz says

      You’ve been snorting that shit again, huh?

      1. TOM P O'DONNELL says


  3. Austinniceguy says

    Although I agree that not all of those savage animals are killers, this video shows them for who they really are.

  4. defiant1 says

    This article gave me a good laugh, like the humoresque style although no author listed. Was not surprised at the snide tweets from the radical lefty twits against conservatives, this is what they do best. But the real gem was, “Muslims are peaceful and tolerant people and have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism.”–Hillary Clinton, the best statement of all. Lets see what she thinks when an Islamo-fascist terrorist grabs her and shows her how peaceful he can be toward her kind and tolerant words. HaHa…….

    1. Kevin Leclerc says

      Agreed…… She or Anyone Who’s Liberal Ideology… Won’t Admit it until They Are Truly Under The Gun and They Wont have Citizens To Help With Our Gun’s, Which We Are Not EVER Giving up, THIS IS OUR RIGHT !!!

      1. defiant1 says

        Well Kevin, they are not getting this ole girls gun…….

      2. rjet43 says

        you got that right!!!!!!

      3. glorybe2 says

        Are we not taught serve the poor and needy? Where exactly did Christ stand on issues like this? He absolutely forbade the use of violence under every circumstance.

        1. boucle says

          Christ stood up to the devil and we will defend ourselves from the evil muslim invasion. Same concept.

          1. glorybe2 says

            As a Christian it is your duty to serve your enemies and love them even more than you love yourself. There is no wiggle room. Death or loss of family or possessions should be a joy to a Christian. What is wrong with getting to heaven faster? Or do you confess that you are not a Christian?

          2. boucle says

            No idiot, Jesus was rightfully rough with those corrupt money changers in the temple. To the devil, he said get behind me satan. I concur and will turn the other cheek to muslim invaders so they can kiss the other side of my a$$.

    2. Michael Dennewitz says

      He’s most likely ram her from behind……like they hump goats!!!

      1. defiant1 says

        thanks for the laugh, it is oh so needed!

    3. boucle says

      Haha, her head will roll first if she doesn’t wise up.

  5. Freedom Fighter says

    I believe it was Rick Santorum that said “Not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslim”.

    1. Dakota Erikson says

      No, they are not. We have our own home-grown terrorists. Think Sandy Hook and Oklahoma.. Then there was the IRA in Ireland. The list of terrorists is quite long. Make sure you get the facts before you repeat stupid right-wing platitudes.

      1. RMCSRET says

        Hey Dakota how many of the folks you listed Behead other folks, Crucify alive other folks,
        Bury alive other folks, throw people off of 19 story buildings for being gay, Continually
        Rape 7 and 9 year old girls until they bleed to death and then feed there bodies to there
        mothers? Please show us the IRA, Timothy McVeigh, examples of these atroscities ok.

      2. tomw says

        Homegrown in Ireland. That’s rich.

      3. Retired Marine says

        Back at you for the repititious idocy of the left, get your facts on your own without listening to your liberal friends.

      4. Freedom Fighter says

        Correction on the Santorum quote: “Not all Muslims are jihadis, but all jihadis are Muslim”. My error.

      5. Deborah Henderson says

        Christians are suppose to be such bad people as are members of the Republican Party. I would take a Christian or Republican any day. They don’t usually try to behead, rape or kill you.

        Muslims kill people regularly. Muslims (which includes those who convert) is a list below of attacks just in the US before 9/11/2001: Visit this website for a list of all attacks since 1972 in the USA.

        4/14/1972 USANew York, NY13Ten members of a local mosque phone in a false alarm and then ambush responding officers, killing one.1/19/1973 USABrooklyn, NY11Muslim extremists rob a sporting goods store for weapons, gunning down a police officer who responds to the alarm.7/1/1973 USABethesda, MD10An Israeli diplomat is gunned down in his driveway by Palestinian terrorists.7/18/1973 USAWashington, DC82Nation of Islam members shoot seven members of a family to death in cold blood, including four children. A defendant in the case is later murdered in prison on orders from Elijah Muhammad.10/19/1973 USAOakland, CA11Nation of Islam terrorists kidnap a couple and nearly decapitate the man, while raping and leaving the woman for dead.10/29/1973 USABerkeley, CA10A woman is shot repeatedly in the face by Nation of Islam terrorists.11/25/1973 USAOakland, CA10A grocer is killed in his store by Nation of Islam terrorists.12/11/1973 USAOakland, CA10A man is killed by Nation of Islam terrorists while using a phone booth.12/13/1973 USAOakland, CA10A woman is shot to death on the sidewalk by Nation of Islam terrorists.12/20/1973 USAOakland, CA10Nation of Islam terrorists gun down an 81-year-old janitor.12/22/1973 USAOakland, CA20Nation of Islam terrorist kills two people in separate attacks on the same day.12/24/1973 USAOakland, CA10A man is kidnapped, tortured and decapitated by Nation of Islam terrorists.1/24/1974 USAOakland, CA41Five vicious shooting attacks by Nation of Islam terrorists leave three people dead and one paralyzed for life. Three of the victims were women.4/1/1974USAOakland, CA11A Nation of Islam terrorist shoots at two Salvation Army members, killing a man and injuring a woman.4/16/1974USAIngleside, CA10A man is killed while helping a friend move by Nation of Islam terrorists.3/9/1977USAWashington, DC11Hanifi Muslims storm three buildings including a B’nai B’rith to hold 134 people hostage. At least two innocents were shot and one died.7/22/1980 USABethesda, MD10A political dissident is shot and killed in front of his home by an Iranian agent who was an American convert to Islam.8/31/1980 USASavou, IL20An Iranian student guns down his next-door neighbors, a husband and wife.11/6/1989 USASt. Louis, MO10A 17-year-old girl is stabbed to death by her parents for bringing ‘dishonor’ to their family by dating an ‘infidel’ African-American.1/31/1990 USATuscon, AZ10A Sunni cleric is assassinated in front of a Tuscon mosque after declaring that two verses of the Qur’an were invalid.11/5/1990 USANew York City, NY10An Israeli rabbi is shot to death by a Muslim attacker at a hotel.1/25/1993 USALangley, VA23A Pakistani with Mujahideen ties guns down two CIA agents outside of the headquarters.2/26/1993 USANew York, NY61040Islamic terrorists detonate a massive truck bomb under the World Trade Center, killing six people and injuring over 1,000 in an effort to collapse the towers.3/1/1994 USABrooklyn, NY10A Muslim gunman targets a van packed with Jewish boys, killing a 16-year-old.3/23/1997 USANew York, NY16A Palestinian leaves an anti-Jewish suicide note behind and travels to the top of the Empire State building where he shoot seven people in a Fedayeen attack.4/3/1997USALompoc, CA10A prison guard is stabbed to death by a radical Muslim.3/17/2000 USAAtlanta, GA11A local imam and Muslim spiritual leader guns down a deputy sheriff and injures his partner.

        1. Patricia says

          Thanks Ms Henderson, C&P to My Docs for future ammo 😉

        2. boucle says

          We are at war with muslims, obvious to almost everyone. It would be great if Hillary discovers this the hard way.

          1. Miriam Farnum says

            We are not at war with Muslims, THEY are at war with us.
            Also, all Muslims are not terrorists but all terrorists are Muslims.
            Terrorists are getting into other countries WITH the refugees. It is important that we kill terrorists on their land, not here in America. They are already here. Peaceful Muslims also have to stand up against the terrorists. Instead they keep quiet and let us and other countries do THEIR job. It turns out that others make the sacrifice on their behalf.

          2. boucle says

            No muslim will stand up to the terrorists doing their dirty work, which is terrorizing the infidels into submission to their ” supremacy”. They ALL want sharia law and they all believe violence is justified for drawing their terrorist hero. They all live by the koran and want halal food sold only, covered women, multi wives for men, and all go to violence spewing mosques. They all want a tax from infidels without paying taxes themselves. They all stick together and defend each other, all a protected class by those CAIR and muslim brotherhood terrorists.

        3. Kent Powers says

          If Muslims are not at war with an enemy they turn on & kill each other over tribal or sect disagreements, we’ve seen it happen dozens of times in hundreds of areas in just the past 20-30 years. They hate everybody incl. themselves.

          1. Michael Dennewitz says

            The only good MOOSELUM is a DEAD MOOSELUM!!

        4. glorybe2 says

          OK, now balance the situation. How many Vietnamese, Cambodians and people in Laos were murdered by the US? The US is almost perpetually at war for two hundred years. In addition to war we managed to destroy the American Indians, kill off 600 million black folks and make others spend their lives as slaves. As a nation we are probably the most violent people in the world. We need to judge ourselves by the same yardstick that we judge others.

      6. Mark Lahti says

        Each and every one of these “home-grown” terrorists are of the so called “lone wolf” style of atrocities. Each one of these was someone with a mental health issue and was acting out of their own personal agenda. As screwed up as it was considering their mental health problems. Additionally and more as a side note is that each of these incidents were committed by someone either directly associated with or with a history of liberal/democrat ideology. The one main exception being Timothy McVeigh. He was affiliated with an underground subversive, anti-government group. That was a completely separate and isolated incident.

        The rest of the attacks and there are many of them are attributed to ISIS or other Islamic terrorist groups. They were either made clear by the perp or taken credit for by those groups. When they went out to kill it was after either growing up in or becoming “radicalized” in the Islamic “faith”. They were compelled to act or ordered to act by Islamic rhetoric. They were supplied by, trained by, and encouraged by other muslims either at their mosques, on the internet, in person here in our country, or by contact in muslim countries.

        For you to deny the fact that these are all attributed to Islamic radicalization is just plain blind stupidity. The evidence is all over the wall and can not be wiped away with liberal talking points. It is there, it is real, it is dangerous, and to laugh it off or ignore it is doing so at your own peril. They hate anything of western culture or christian/jewish faith. They scream it in groups by the thousands in the streets of their dust hole countries. They scream “Death to America” and “Death to Isreal” and chant those things by the hour. To hide your head in the sand and believe someone like Obama or Hillary has or will do anything about it to ignore the past seven years of his dominion over our government and her rantings about the continuing the same plans. You show your ignorance every time you deny or defend this past so called “war on terrorism”. So far it doesn’t exist.

        Lastly, no one is repeating “stupid right-wing platitudes”. That is just liberalize for “we are right and you are wrong” mentality for no logical or rational reason other than to defend the wrong minded and destructive liberal/progressive/democrat insanity. It has not worked, it has never worked, and it never will work in the entire history of this planet. To grow government and support all the lazy people with the hard earned money of hard working taxpayers is called socialism. It never works. Sooner or later you run out of other peoples money, drive the country into uncontrollable debt, and bankrupt the entire nation for the sake of being kind and compassionate to all of humanity. We are there. Your experiment of putting an unqualified, inept, socialist/marxist/muslim in our white house has failed miserably and you can’t handle the defeat. How about recognizing his failure, the failure of the democrat party, and the failure of your “experiment”. Stand up straight, become a real American, accept the failure, get on the train to straightening out this mess, and join the real human race.

      7. Jimmy Quick says

        Drugs lead to violence – established fact.

        Violence leads to murder – established fact

        Who is making our children violent – court systems that lie and cheat – police officers that you tell your children, the last thing you ever want to do is call the police – wall to wall filth on the TV, in music, on the internet, broken homes and teen pregnancies as far as the eye can see, chopping up babies and selling them for drug money, schools that teach our children that they are just animals and their parents are stupid.

        Government is the problem, not the solution.

        1. glorybe2 says

          Are you not aware that in some places when you call a cop none will respond? Are you not aware that cops have quite a history of deliberately doing harm to minority races? Right now we have numerous murder trials in progress over cops who murdered people. Two in my area shot their own families..

          1. Jimmy Quick says

            I’m not, per say, against the police. They serve a function in or society and we have all seen what happens when they abandon the mission. It might surprise you, but minority races make up only a small percentage of those killed each year by police. My fear is that the police will become so fearful of us that no one will be safe from harm and then the criminals will rule.

          2. glorybe2 says

            It would be a huge blessing if cops refused to be tax collectors and impose absurd fines on people for little or no reason at all. In the bad old days, black folks were hung in my area for being in town after dark. We no longer lynch people. But black folks who drive late at night will be issued lots of tickets to the point where they dare not drive in many areas after dark. There was a huge law suit a few years back caused by a rotten arrest. In broad daylight a black man, nicely dressed, was hand cuffed and arrested for being in a very wealthy area called Hillsborough Beach. In the civil-suit the arresting officer stated that he arrested the black man, for being out of place in that neighborhood.
            Although today, it is done in less obvious ways. That black man had been called by a resident to help sell his property. The man was a real estate salesman.

      8. Kent Powers says

        64 years old, been stabbed twice, although I’ve never been shot, would like to see all knives except plastic butter knives banned. On second thought maybe forks too! I carry a gun to keep from getting stabbed again, in many neighborhoods in this country this exact problem exists. All bleeding heart liberals need to live in the real world a while!

        1. Michael Dennewitz says

          My .357 is rather light. And I can have it out of my shoulder holster in less than 5 seconds! I carry it because the cops don’t get there until everybody has been shot!!

        2. glorybe2 says

          I’ve been stabbed a bit and shot at twice and I’m a very far left, liberal, as well as a gun owner. But I am aware that using those guns on a human is a very serious sin under any circumstances.

        3. Reality Check says

          ONE child was killed by a lawn dart and they were banned from the US and Canada.

          a few hundred kids kill each other with guns and we do Squat about it.

      9. Conservative says

        As long as Obama can find a way to call ‘work place violence ‘ he can go on protecting the terrorists and keep filling Homeland Security with his flunkies who are paid to Not Do their Jobs.

        Soon all the Syrians Obama imports will be working in U.S. factories, schools, business, etd. They have the education for good jobs and when they are ready to strike they will strike at the places they are employed and Obama will call it ‘work place violence’.

        1. glorybe2 says

          The recent incident in California actually was a work place incident as the terror nut worked at the place he attacked. He was going to kill somewhere but it did happen at his workplace.

          1. olf says

            The god of this world (satan) blinds the minds of the unbelievers.

          2. Reality Check says

            your religion has obviously warped your beyond help.

          3. olf says

            Thank you. My Father God is beyond anything you could ask or think. Ask Him, He will answer you.

          4. Reality Check says

            My God told me your God was not real.

          5. olf says

            Please don’t follow allha (satan) he is a known liar and killer. The evil one comes only to steal, kill and destroy. Seek your creator for He is good.

      10. glorybe2 says

        Way back in the 1920 era there was a fellow who got a contract to build a public school. As he built it he packed the walls with dynamite so that he could kill all the kids at once. And he followed through and did blow up the school when full of kids. He was an American and the state was either Wisconsin or a state near Wisconsin.

        1. boucle says

          The San Bernardino terrorist was an American, and he just did his slaughter last week. What’s your point? Some people are deadly? I believe the terrorists who say they are coming with the refugees to behead us and do not believe barry who has heavy security paid for by taxpayers.

      11. mac12sam12 says

        Sandy Hook, Oklahoma and the IRA didn’t murder non-believers. Islamic apologists are disgusting.

    2. The Redhawk says

      TRUEST WORDS were NEVER SPOKEN…and Totally “MISSED” by the DAISY POTUS and his Collection of CLOWNS!

      1. Jimmy Quick says

        You people seem to miss the point. These results ARE the plan, not just the default.

        Ryan just showed his true colors, and as we suspected, he is just Boehner in Eddie Munster’s adult sized body, giving Obama everything he wants.

        These punks are all in on the destruction of our country. What is the motivation? How about that they have already sold us to our enemies and the big pay-off won’t come until final delivery.

        1. The Redhawk says

          First of all RYAN walked intio a Baked Cake of bOENER’s doings….Time is against him THIS TIMe due to not wanting another CLOSING of the Countyry before Elections….If you heard him he shall restore te Budget ways of ONE Budget PEWR departent done over 12 months unles REID nad the Progressive CLOWN keep “OBJECTING” so that they can “FUDGE” the budget in the dark of MIDNIGHT as they have done for 9 Years….so let’s wait until 2016 to GO NUTS without PROOF…

          1. Jimmy Quick says

            I don’t agree. In fact I remember Ryan putting on a big show when Boehner passed the CR back in October, stating that he was not going to do the same thing if elected to be the new speaker.

            How soon we forget?

          2. The Redhawk says

            Let’s see what he does in the Spring of 2016 then we can “talk again” I am sure we’ll be seeing each other then….MERRY CHRISTMAS!

          3. glorybe2 says

            The last thing I want to do is defend any republican. however when people actually get into a new position they often find that they are very limited in what they can actually do. From the outside things may look like they are quite easy to do. But once in position those things may be found impossible to accomplish.

          4. Jimmy Quick says

            Well said, by the woman with a gun to her head?

            I can’t believe you actually are willing to eat that line of horse dung and then attempt to sell it to the rest of us. Ryan was supposed to be the boy wonder-wiz kid or doesn’t anyone else remember?

            Now, he’s just “Eddie Muster Goes to Washington,” following in lock step with Obama and the democrats.

            Are we so spineless anymore that we can’t even recognize a film-flam when we see it?

          5. glorybe2 says

            Here is the problem. The republican party may well split into two parties, and that assures defeat in the upcoming elections. That is just dandy with me but an immense issue for republican party leaders. If Trump is the republican nominee that also threatens a total loss for the right wing.
            Compare that to the democratic party which is not about to split up and has only two serious candidates either of which would almost certainly run right over Trump in the elections. It is remarkable that the republicans still can not produce a sane, qualified candidate, just as they could not in the last presidential race. They are left with Trump who has a secret answer for everything that he can not reveal until after the elections. A man with zero experience making that sort of claim is really sick.

          6. Jimmy Quick says

            Well, as you said, that would only help you to destroy our nation all that much more quickly and since that suites your purpose just dandy, what’s the problem?

            Trump this, Trump that. What do you care unless you have already looked into your deep, dark chasm of a soul and seen the emptiness that is Hilary Clinton or that coo-coo bird, Bernie Sanders. Surely you can’t be placing your marker with the dope smoking, shirtless O’Malley, could you? Well I wouldn’t be surprised since the one qualification to be a democrat is you are not allowed to have an IQ higher than that of a broccoli sprout.

          7. glorybe2 says

            Are you unaware that Trump is giving aid to our enemy and turning non-radical Muslims into recruits for ISIS? His ignorant remarks will cause American blood to be shed. The overwhelming majority of Muslims are good people but if we discriminate against them we can turn them into our enemies at a time in which we need their friendship the most.

          8. Jimmy Quick says

            Number 1 – your enemy is not my enemy, in fact your enemies are most likely my friends.

            Number 2 – Your statement about Trump is a lie. It was fact checked by both Fox and CNN and both confirmed what we all know – Hillary lies about everything and as one of her trained parrots ,you are also a liar.

            Number 3 – If you think muslims are good people, that just shows that you have no experience in the real world or any idea what you are talking about. The list of ingrained character defects within the muslim community is so long there is just no sense in even beginning to go into it here. Suffice it to say, Trump is 100% correct about Islam. It is pure evil and must be outlawed and punished by death if found being practiced.

            Maybe you need the friendship of muslims because you are one of them beneath the surface, but they are not going to accept you because you are an infidel. How could have possibly missed that little fact?

          9. glorybe2 says

            Talk about hate speech! I suspect that you just committed a felony.

          10. Jimmy Quick says

            When opinions are outlawed and free speech is now longer guaranteed by the first amendment, then you may be able to point a finger at me, and I promise you that even then, I will still use every ounce of my being to break it off and feed it to you piece by piece.

            So traitor, this isn’t going to end easy like you idiots seem to think.

          11. Reality Check says

            “Number 2 – Your statement about Trump is a lie. It was fact checked by both Fox and CNN and both confirmed what we all know – Hillary lies about everything and as one of her trained parrots ,you are also a liar.”

            A COMPLETE LIE you will make no attempt to prove.

          12. Jimmy Quick says

            Do you live under a rock or something? Its all over the news. Every time you post, you democrats just prove every derogatory thing that has ever been said about you.

          13. Reality Check says

            so was that a con proving something?

            Flapping gums don’t prove anything other than you are too low functioning to post a link.

          14. Jimmy Quick says

            You prove my case better than I could ever do it on my own.

          15. Conservative says

            Republicans need to take at course from Reid and the Socialist/Democrats on The Art of Rhetoric. Since Baby Obama threatens to VETO any spending Bills he does not like that is what would close the Government down. He and his Socialist/Democrats insist on taking care of themselves but must cater to the radical Islamists and illegal aliens and simpletons to remain in office they insist on throwing money to support these causes.
            The Republicans better wise up because 1) We Ain’t Gonna Take It Anymore or we will be destroyed.
            Weakness is always replaced with one stronger and it could easily be that
            Vladimir Putin will be the next World Leader and people will flock to him just as they did to Hitler.

          16. hangem'high says

            If it was between Putin and Obummer I’d take Putin!

          17. Conservative says

            I agree. We all know what Putin is and he makes it clear what his objectives are. Obummer is a lying traitor who hates his own Country and is determined to turn it into a Communist cesspool with the objective of having it ruled by the One World Government; the U.N. I do believe he has a significant job lined up with them after he has done as much to the U.S., it Constitution and it’s people. Obummer and Hellary are both corrupt liars and self-serving narcissists who believe they are some sort of superior demi-gods who are destined to rule over all the ‘stupid, little people of the U.S.’ They always appeal to the basest instincts of self centered people and unfortunately, their corrupt, heinous ways are working.
            I truly believe that if things don’t turn around drastically after the next election, we are doomed. Six years of Hellary following eight years of Obummer will be the final blow to democracy and freedom.

          18. Reality Check says

            you know he KILLS dissidents, traitorous puke.
            you would gone long ago in Russia.
            (and the collective IQ of Russia would rise)

          19. gonzales27 says

            Me too

          20. The Redhawk says

            As i said often…. Mc Connell Up tio now has allowed Reid to almost Shut down the Senate as he has done for 6 years …..But not having a super Majority and having Reid’s BOSS telling Harry what to do.from the Oval Toilet ……………may be 2016 can continue the trends of 2012 and 20q4 and put the DUMIEC RATS in a BAG! THrow them over the bridge and let them go UNDER!

          21. Reality Check says

            “He and his Socialist/Democrats insist on taking care of themselves but must cater to the radical Islamists and illegal aliens and simpletons”

            well the simpleton I can identify as YOU.

            were do you moron get this crap? written on the walls in bathrooms?

            maybe the TOOL of the Right can f=give me an example of how Obama catering to the radical Muslim?

            is it the bombing and killing of them perhaps?

          22. glorybe2 says

            Mrs Clinton probably learned a great deal about the economy from her husband. Wouldn’t it be just awful if we had full employment and a booming and robust economy again? It would be just like Bill was back in office. Now baby Bush sunk the economy into the toilet, and now the right wing wants to sink it again after Obama saved our economic rear ends from ruin.
            Further no one seems to notice that the Taliban has all but vanished now. Al Quiida seems to be out as well. Perhaps Obama still has time to make ISIS vanish as well. It does seem like we are winning in the Arab world quite a bit.
            As far as Putin goes people should be aware that many portions of the old USSR are Muslim states and as you can imagine Putin has to keep those states from getting out of hand. He may well be an ego maniac and perhaps a bad guy but he seems able to keep the Muslims under his flag in a more orderly way than the rest of the Muslim world.

          23. Reality Check says

            I am currently an ardent Bernie supporter, but Hillary works for me if it comes to that (probably will)

            we need to get the money out of politics.

            as for ISIS, it seems odd that the right is hell bent to send over troops to die but Turkey and Saudi who have HUGE armies don’t think the threat is big enough for them to be on the ground, AND they share a border with ISIS territory.

          24. glorybe2 says

            As there has never been a world leader, it is impossible to be the next world leader. There may be more than one flaw in your reasoning.

          25. glorybe2 says

            Any president is free to veto any bills he does not like. Further if you really irritate Obama he is free to grant a presidential pardon to every inmate in every jail and prison without any limits or approvals. As commander and chief he can also order the release of any prisoners held by the military. If he really was a Muslim , perhaps that is exactly what he would do.

          26. olf says

            He is going to do that as well as agitators and refugees. Those people are part of his new world order army just like you. I believe you are too evil to be a Christ follower. The Holy Spirit is not evil.

          27. figmo says

            The dems just sneaked a bill past the sleeping repubs by passing it bihind closed doors with a committee of 4. This calls into question the jobs of the “leaders” of both houses. It also raises the question of whether we should continue to support the GOP or (after the general election) start a new party.

          28. The Redhawk says

            and REID the Progressive WEASEL “OBJECTED” to having a by partisan bill out of Committee that would have given Inspectors Generals Immediate and Full availability to all records….IRS.. DOJ… State… EPA….erc which might have Connected the LYING DAISY POTUS to all of the PROBLEMS creatd by those DEPTs….any wonders who ORDERED the POS to “OBJECT”??????

          29. Linda Shelton says

            Reid is suppose to have quit as of the first of the year, has that changed?

          30. The Redhawk says

            His being an iDIOT to SCREW up via BHO-ZO’s orders has NOT changed,, Reason is that the GOP does not have a Super Majority to Override BHO-zo VETOES!So like BHOZO he is bent on SCREWING up until he GOES at the end of 2016………..two Tyrds going out together

          31. Conservative says

            The Republicans need to gather up the courage to let Obama veto and then learn rhetoric from the Democrats and let the people know that it was Obama that has shut down the government because he refuses to work with Congress in the best interest of the people. They need to learn to articulate all the gravy in that budget which will negatively impact every honest person. $680 Billion in tax breaks for business and individuals: that is a joke, those Wall Street business and those millionaire Democratic donors are taking care of themselves, all their relatives and associates with those tax breaks. And yet, the Socialist/Democrats will rail against Wall Street and they all have their paws in that pot.

          32. Reality Check says

            when you fools attach a “de-fund Obama care” to a transportation bill, YOU fools get the blame.

            no rhetoric needed.

          33. Reality Check says

            ” and those millionaire Democratic donors are taking care of themselves,”

            so the FOOL thinks that the conservative millionaire donors are not getting SOME from the GOP?

            are you really that shallow?

          34. Reality Check says

            “all their relatives and associates with those tax breaks”

            funny that the disingenuous human never mentions the conservatives who get tax breaks and own congressmen?


          35. Conservative says

            That’s the end of 2015.

          36. Reality Check says

            Ya NO.
            easy to look up.

          37. Reality Check says

            not running in 2016.

            try to be informed.

          38. Linda Shelton says

            Bless you, you are using the wrong recipe

          39. Reality Check says

            try proving some of your SHIT.

            Right Wing Flapping Gums are always WRONG.

          40. The Redhawk says

            C-SPAN got it all in color and Sound… Check it out MORON.. IT is all THERE if you can Manuver your Computer or have someone do it for you… IMBECILE!

          41. Reality Check says

            oh, I see, but not one news organization bothered to report it?

            sure silly tool of the right.

          42. The Redhawk says


          43. Reality Check says

            God you ARE Dim.
            YOU are the Tool of the Right

          44. Reality Check says

            Why do you think everyone smarter than you is gay?

          45. The Redhawk says

            Well LOOK in a mirror and BEND over.. you might Make yourself a HAPPY… MORON!

          46. Reality Check says

            Ah, the intellectual prowess of the righty on display.

            prove to the world how infantile you are.

          47. Reality Check says

            HEY MORON.
            the Dems can’t PASS anything in either house.

            another con with no idea how the country works.

          48. glorybe2 says

            Bills are never passed behind closed doors. A vote must be taken by the house and senate. So you have been caught in a lie.

          49. Reality Check says

            proof reading would be something you should look into.

          50. The Redhawk says

            new eye Balls and a brain transplant WILL be of EXTREME help for you… LOOK into Odumbocare for HELP…………..If you can FIND IT!!

          51. Reality Check says

            I have really great insurance and kept my doctor.

          52. The Redhawk says

            and those were the LAYING GAY “PROMISES” Happy still???

            or is DELUSION what needs you to have looked at???

        2. hora says

          I am convince liberals not know what said when some said a real true, liberals are against freedom and American, are beast with mental problems and start realize next election be will loose, but some atrocity commit today, after be will receive a some and more atrocity Justice. Liberals have mental problem and most start realize a true. Don’t care destroy USA and American, thing are right, and disarm American can’t self defense and die, can’t understand for mental incapacity for see what wrong or not. imagine for a minute, if force all Dems and many Republican take a deep mental evaluation, in Dems all fail like a rest Republican, But in Dems must take out politic all for mental problems, Dem Party cease of exist, for no have any politician. Most show and act normal, but are not, call terrorist murder criminals, and are a fact, but call poor alien refugee, murder American baby, call woman right,destroy economy call OK, how thing show what mentality decease have.

          1. Jimmy Quick says

            Well said, I think?

          2. hora says

            Liberals see all inverse, like crime are not are good, obey Laws?o must not doing because are ok too, corruption are OK, honest and decent Citizen are like criminals, understand what won understand, left thing with legalize a murder, like I was read today Michael Moore with sign said WE ARE ALL MUSLIN, there you can see are beast with mental problem. Who are in good mental health know what are real wrong and what not, but when loose a capacity of brain for work normal, is when see opposite to all are normal, if you said a true, fast be will attack you, what said liberals must be accept and normal, mean I don’t drink, and I told if I am in power, I don’t like drink and all another must don’t like too, do0n’t care if majority opposite, won force majority accept what small group won. A idea of are a lot of citizen liberals with mental problem are grow, and in not long Dems Party be will cease of exist and be will force all candidates take a deep mental evaluation, clean mental ill from politic.

          3. Jimmy Quick says

            I think you are saying something very important here,

          4. glorybe2 says

            Just how can Hora be taken seriously when the posting is so screwed up that it isn’t even legible?

          5. jaybird says

            Give him some credit, he is trying to tell us that Liberals have mental problems and they think corruption is OK. Some agree and understand some of it, he has likes

          6. gonzales27 says

            A normal person’s brain works clockwise,a lib brain functions counter clockwise

          7. jaybird says

            I agree with that one.

          8. gladdrial says

            I take Hora seriously because it is Truth but you can’t see because your unknowingly incapable LIB.

          9. hangem'high says

            I understand him perfectly he’s try to figure out why the Democrats and Republicans are so suicidal when everything they do is so destructive to everyone and everything around them. I call it the Titanic syndrome, or maybe the Hitler syndrome would be a better description for it?

          10. olf says

            The god of this world (satan) blinds the minds of the unbeliever. The are insane. They have lost all reasoning ability, logic, moral compass and common sense. God calls it a reprobate mine which is insanity. Listening and watching these people speak you can see their on automate pilot with no brain power engaged. It is the most amazing and scary thing I’ve ever seen. I’m relying on the creator God of the universe. Jesus I’m following You for ever. Forgive us our sin’s O’Lord. Amen

          11. Reality Check says

            the Stupid Conservative syndrome is more accurate.

          12. joe says

            you are off your meds again aren’t you, I told the doc you were not ready to be released

          13. Ed Stahl says

            Possibly you are one with problem! A liberal can only understand and comprehend
            drivel promoted by “Ivy league liberally graduated experts”! Ever consider that Hora
            Might be a perfectly sane and intelligent person who has escaped with her life -only- from one of those “wonderful peacefully ruled country’s,- controlled by the “paceful Muslims”! Or a Christian (horrible folks)- who has escaped from middle east??
            Having lived in it and escaped — what could they possibly know, as their English language is not not mastered and sufficiently perfect for a liberal to understand (as if
            they wanted to in first place! Yes ” I am just guessing”– but I have known escapees
            from other oppressive country’s who I could barely understand their “english! But
            could perfectly understand their grasp of freedom”! (And what causes it)!!

          14. olf says

            Could you please name “wonderful peacefully ruled muslim country’s”.

          15. glorybe2 says

            Dubi seems to have an enlightened government.

          16. olf says

            Until the trap snaps with all sorts of rich lofty fools realize the have been conned.

          17. Jimmy Quick says

            I thought it was perfect…ebonics?

          18. Reality Check says

            another prime example of the scary intellect of the right.

          19. hangem'high says

            In order for the above to take place the Paris accord or the world government’s coorperation in recognizing a manmade deserter which in this case is Global warming, which may exist, but it’s not manmade it’s more of a natural occurrence. Once the world signs on then the control of your life in every aspect will be controlled and so then the depopulation process begins for the better of humanity

          20. Jimmy Quick says

            Interesting theory. I sense a book in there somewhere.

          21. franco leon says


          22. Jimmy Quick says

            Hey, if their on our side, then encourage them and welcome them to the team. We’ll teach them how to type later.

          23. hangem'high says

            What I can tell is all Democrats are mental or they wouldn’t be so destructive to America, the Republicans are also mental because they play; go along to get along as with this PC correctness.
            For example; The New World Order was initiated as a government of the people. After the ruling elite put their PC spin on it, it’s the elite ruling the world.
            Obama is doing what the puppet master wants him to do, as will Hillary if she’s elected. The problem is if America isn’t fundamentally transformed the ruling Elites PC version of the New World Order is unachievable, this is why they need to bankrupt America and defeat the second amendment in order to start the depopulation proses.

          24. D Books says

            I believe your hypothesis is spot on! America is the only country that, so far, hasn’t cow-towed to the UN/NWO elite and thus is standing in the way of their complete world domination. The Cloward-Piven ideology is the progressives’s agenda to financially ruin our country for the NWO takeover. It’s being implemented here at a rapid pace since the lyin king was put into office. Raising up the third world degenerates while making American patriots seem like the bad guys against them when really its the democrats/elitists themselves! Can’t fix stupid!

          25. glorybe2 says

            You folks really need to breath a bit and find out exactly what the NWO is. It is not a conspiracy. It is not evil. Their meetings are not in secret at all. Yet we have lunatics who are willing to run radio shows and write trash books that make all kinds of false claims. Many of these so-called authors have never been more than a few miles from their small town in their entire lives. They simply publish to make a buck. Ayn Rand never believed a single word that she wrote. She was just a bit more clever about her diatribe than most. Rush Limbaugh never believes a word that he says. Yet you put him in a mansion.

          26. Conservative says

            Liberalism is truly a very serious mental disorder and unfortunately it is highly contagious and easily spread by the corrupt and the simple minded.

          27. jeannemartin says


          28. hangem'high says

            The government and the illuminati have been experimenting with mind control for a long time now, with the introduction of pot and hard drugs it has become a lot easier!
            This is why Americans have been labeled by the liberal progressive as stupid because of their own brain has been taken over by the illuminati/ government sometimes one and the same!

          29. glorybe2 says

            And yet there is zero evidence that the Illuminati has ever done one, tiny thing, that is wrong. Now if you want the names of two people who smuggled drugs to be sold on the streets in America we have Ronald Reagan and Oliver North as examples. There was nothing enlightened about the mentality of either of those two individuals.

          30. DonRL says

            hora you have a serious communication problem!!

          31. hora says

            Much less who politician, a only different I don’t need lie.

        3. Conservative says

          Unfortunately, both Democrats and Republicans are owned by Wall Street. Their ‘salaries’ and lavish retirement packages are just gravy, their millions are earned on Wall Street. Until we change, by ousting or impeaching them, nothing will change. Politics has become so corrupt that the corruption will destroy us before ISIS does.

          1. Jimmy Quick says


          2. jaybird says

            The UN is gaining more control everyday, they are the ones that are helping to bankrupt us. Read Agenda 21, 2030. It’s the Bill Gates, Soros and others that are “real rich” that want NWO. Bill Gates Foundation is involved in Common Core around the world. I just signed a petition to keep him from testing GMO food on college students to see what it will do so they can use it in 3rd world countries. We will be funding these 3rd world countries more that we already are. Does it make sense that Dicktators are running the UN and on the committiees??

          3. hangem'high says

            America has been used as genie pigs on GMO since the 90s this is why Diabetes is up, heart disease and cancer. Americans are dying at a faster rate than they ever have in the past; it’s a good thing it’s by natural GMO causes!
            rBST is used in milk and milk byproducts, you can’t leave Rothschild’s off that list!
            You know the UN’s a scam when you see which countries are the champions of human right’s!

          4. jaybird says

            I agree with everything you posted. I could go on forever about things they are doing and who is involved.

          5. hangem'high says

            I hear yea! Have a Merry Christmas!

          6. jaybird says

            Merry Christmas to you and yours!

          7. usathoughts says

            Rural town in Texas. The Nursing Home is filled with farmers & ranchers. The vast majority over 90. Most take care of themselves. Every Friday many go to the VA Hall for Bingo.

            These are the people growing up on Real Milk, and Real Milk products. Breakfast was Eggs, Bacon, and Pancakes. The chickens themselves stayed healthy past 7 years, then they met the stew pot. Yes, they were edible. Syrups were made from scratch. All the farm animals ate real food – no chemicals of any kind. You could even eat raw field corn without it killing you.

            The life span was lower than today but only because of accidents. Otherwise these people worked into their late 70s and early 80s. I am 73. 12 hour days are gone, but can still work 8 hour days. The generation behind mine look like they belong in a nursing home.

            The young people act as if they are constantly drugged up. No wonder with all the chemicals pumped into their bodies.

            There are a lot of very bright people coming up but not nearly enough.

          8. olf says

            Your statements are correct. We were made by our creator to keep working, creating, building, dreaming vision and caring for each other. The problem with those who do all they can to avoid these attributes are trying to dampen the very propose the God created us to do. Those that keep working and moving are happier, healthier and live longer than those who destroy themselves by throwing away the gifts God gave them. Free is never free. Free is a lie from satan. To be happy, be obedient. “Working is the answer to what makes life worth living.” Dishonesty has terrible consequences.

          9. usathoughts says

            I am not a Christian, however i am in complete agreement with the Christian philosophy as you have stated.

            A merry Christian to you and yours.

          10. olf says

            Thank you. It would be a better world if people understood that the principles taught by God are for our protection and abundant life. Merry Christmas
            It’s never too late with God as long as your still on earth.

          11. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says

            MERRY XMAS TO YOU .

          12. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says

            We’er going to be ruled by this ( U.N. ) before this world is gone.

          13. M. "Wyatt" Howell says

            Yes, we must rid ourselves of this political cancer in our America… Once and for all. Tired of these parasites, criminals, and morons in govt. and media.

          14. Dennis Dumas says

            I have maintained for a long time that political campagain contributions should be illeagal. The only exception being $3,000.00 per individual or family! The balance of funds to support elections should come from taxpayer funding. A portion of tax revenue collected should be placed in a election fund, to be handed out at election time to house, senate, and presidential candidates. It should also be made law that under the above regulations no candidate is able to self fund his campaign either!
            All this should level the playing field.
            Wake up America, we are being over run by the donor class political class, it’s time it ends here and now!
            Trump/Cruz 2016

          15. Reality Check says

            and they you support Cruz who got 35 million from THREE people?

            kind of the opposite of publicly funded, don’t you think?

          16. Dennis Dumas says

            Not shit, that’s the way the system works today fool! Outside of Donald Trump who is self funding his campagain. If it were fact that large doner contributions were prohibited, Trump would be running unopposed!
            Apparently you have some sort of reading comprehension issues! Try reading my earlier post again!

          17. joe says

            Oh crap when did they let you out

        4. Ddenney1 says

          World wide financle melt down that kills millions leaving only the 1% (both parties) in charge as USUAL!!!! CRUZ 2016 for a chance to take our country back and if that fails RIOT!!! That seems to work in the Demon Rat cities …RIGHT????

          1. Jimmy Quick says

            Maybe I’m wrong, but I think Cruz and Rubio are distractions to keep us from giving Trump a real chance. He is far more likable than the rest as well as more intelligent and more earthy. He listens to the people. The others couldn’t give a rat’s behind.

          2. glorybe2 says

            Trump is a mess. He is ugly, rude, obnoxious and not well educated at all. He is everything one would not want to hold any position of power.

          3. gerald Hughes says

            Scared to death aren’t you low life liberal dem bloodsucker.
            You know all of your handouts go away when Trump takes office.

          4. hangem'high says

            Yours More than likely, I’m not scared at all!

          5. glorybe2 says

            Well Gerald Hughes , you are a perfect example of the ignorant, swill drinking, bums who are part of the right wing. I’ll bet you aren’t even potty trained and probably wet your pants on a daily basis.

          6. gerald Hughes says

            Lol liberal dem bloodsucking parasite, of course I am.
            So, why is it always the liberal dem bloodsuckers on public forums whining and begging for handouts and trying to raise taxes on some one else to pay for them.
            Post your name and address, I’ll send you a red top hat.
            Wear it when you are in the streets rioting and burning because they won’t fund your handouts, riots are a lot more fun to watch when you know someone.
            be a little careful though, conservative are prone to shoot you, when you burn their property

          7. ABO says

            Do you use a cup or do you just drool on your keyboard?

          8. Tony Donaldson says

            If Trump gets the nomination, he’ll win in a landslide. The suicide rate for liberals will skyrocket. The nation will be great again.

          9. Ronald Putnam says

            Trump might be ugly , rude and obnoxious but the one thing he is ( is an American 100% ) as you are not dumb a$$..!!

          10. glorybe2 says

            Well if you think being an American means that you are ugly, rude and obnoxious I suppose that is a confession on your part. The ugly part may not be repairable but perhaps you could work on the rude and obnoxious parts.

          11. hangem'high says

            If Trump were elected president after all the liberals’ progressives’ chicaneries, he’d slap Hairy, Pelosi so hard with his tongue they’d both be bawling on the senate floor, he would line up the Republicans for their turn at a lashing, as Obummer and Mikel would be the odd men out!

          12. Tony Donaldson says

            He’s a lot smarter than you. He’s a billionaire. He made his money the old fashioned way. He earned it. Has it ever occurred you that he purposely doesn’t appear intellectual just to gather votes from the common people? People like him just for the things you posted. He’s everything they want in power. He’s everything they want in a leader. Your complaints are superficial. Envy doesn’t become you. It’s just your opinion and we all know what those are like. Crawl back into your shell and hibernate until February 2017. That’s when political correctness ends. There will be a National holiday commemorating the end of it. There will be a great weeping and gnashing of the teeth.

          13. glorybe2 says

            Trump was born rich and inherited a fortune from his father. We don’t know for a fact that he has increased the family fortune at all considering continuing income from his father’s investments and inflation. Keep in mind that Trump has bankrupted many projects and it seems his investors lose it all and he slips through the cracks. His behavior is way too crude to come from an intelligent man.

          14. Jimmy Quick says

            How easily you are fooled.

          15. The Redhawk says

            “MAY BE YOU ARE WRONG”…. A distinct possibility ….but a few months from now we;ll see who has REAL plans besides HOT AIR…but aNYONE EXCEPT SHIL_LIER_RY in the WH is what I believe…..

          16. Jimmy Quick says

            Yes, let’s not loose focus on that.

          17. glorybe2 says

            Rich and powerful people have the most to lose if financial collapse occurs. They would become poor people. So can we knock this foolish conspiracy notion out of the box?

        5. olf says

          From what can be seen on a daily bases you are correct. It looks like we were sold to the islamist world for 30 pieces of silver in hopes they could save their own skins. But evil never works like that. When evil is done with you, your dead too. All the money and power promised will be worthless. I believe that the isis folks want this country as head of their caliphate. They already have the WH. Why else would disarming citizens be such a big rush ? Gun safety is for easy pickin’s not for saving lives of our neighbors. Anyone who seeks will find, the day you fall in love with truth is the day you fall in love with Jesus. Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. He will never change. His love and righteousness will endure forever.

          1. Jimmy Quick says

            Well said.

          2. glorybe2 says

            Yes, and Jesus would never allow anyone to shoot another person for any reason what-so-ever. If some creep wants to murder you or your family,you simply get to Jesus faster so why not stop fearing violence? Self defense and Christianity are not compatible beliefs.

          3. olf says

            I disagree. King David was a warrior fighting for God’s people. Do you believe Israel should not defend it’s self ????

          4. glorybe2 says

            Jewish law, or Old Testament, law permitted the use of violence. But Christian law, or what we call New Testament law, prohibits violence under any conditions. What Christ taught was that nothing in this life is of any value or concern at all. All one need be concerned with is your salvation and service to people in need. Following Christ’s words would destroy every government in this world thus paving the way for the Kingdom of God. There are two forms of the Kingdom. One is inside yourself once you become “not part of this world.”. The other is the establishment of the Kingdom on Earth, and the raising of the Christian faithful, into the new Kingdom of god.

          5. olf says

            God sends out prophets as truth tellers, not leftist communist agitators.

          6. Reality Check says

            “leftist communist agitators”

            who is that supposed to be silly tool of the Right?

          7. olf says

            It looks like I name it, and you are claiming it.

          8. Reality Check says

            I see, you just say shit you can’t define.
            kind of typical of you conservatives.

          9. olf says

            If you humble yourself to Father God He will restore you back to health. Matthew 6:33 God Bless

        6. Jack says

          You forgot to mention they are also doing all they can to give obama,a lame duck excuse to declare Martial Law..Personally I believe such a declaration by the POTUS,deserves special attention.In typing this,makes me wonder,how many of the AMERICAN masses,really,understand,what such a declaration,means.


          1. Jimmy Quick says

            I agree. I run into people all the time who think he is the greatest president ever. You might want to think they are all idiot’s and schmekels, but some are just good people who believe everything they hear on the news and never question the results. Sad really.

          2. Jack says

            I totally agree,and the sad part,publishers know sensationalism sells,must have something to do with that”common core”program.I have read articles by/of”high ranking educators,who refer to”common core”,as”dumbing down.”

          3. glorybe2 says

            Dumbing down is a real problem. It is not caused by the right or the left. It is caused by ignorant parents who do not want their child assigned to classes for slow learners constantly calling administrations and insisting their kid is as good as every other kid.
            Common Core is a great idea and it insures that schools will provide an education that is acceptable at universities around the nation and around the world. What do you do when a local school offers no courses in chemistry, higher mathematics, or physics?
            A good school will teach at a level at which the brighter students who are studious, well behaved and free of problems have to struggle to pass. Most youth need to be removed from an academic system and taught a trade, or at the very least how to manage their own life. The problem starts with parents who can not face the fact that their kid is simply not suitable for an academic education.

          4. glorybe2 says

            There is another fear rant from the right. The idea that Obama wants to declare martial law is absurd. Like all other accusations made by the right, there is not one hint of truth nor a shred of evidence that such a thing is true. On their pillows, in the wee hours of night, they have fantasies of the government coming to get them. The truth is much harder to swallow. Nobody wants to get you at all. Nobody cares one tiny bit about you and the last thing in the world anyone wants is to own you.

          5. Jack says


    3. Gunflint Roseberg says

      Well… Yes maybe…But then we have the Liberals, & their glorious leader in Washington…What do we call them?

      1. glorybe2 says

        Obama is miles right of being a liberal. He is actually quite conservative. But if people can’t see that I wonder why they should be allowed to vote in the first place. Obama never called for the confiscation of wealth yet Trump has already said he would take 14% of the wealth from the rich and re-distribute it to the middle class. That makes Trump far more liberal than Obama.

        1. gerald Hughes says

          You are a bare faced low life liberal dem bloodsucking liar

          1. Gunflint Roseberg says

            Slow down Gerald.. You know anyone that compares Odumbo to Trump is mentally
            unstable & could easily be a recruit with ISIS.

      2. gerald Hughes says


    4. edward says

      Obama is a Muslim pure and simple!

      1. glorybe2 says

        And no proof exists! Did Allah tell you that, while your head was on your pillow in the wee hours of the night? I am certain that you are a Muslim.

        1. edward says

          glorybe2, you are the typical in denial liberal troll fart! Huff Po loves the way you bend over..

          1. Reality Check says

            so what is the proof you tools of idiocy are banking on?

            “Jeb Bush: Obama Is ‘a Christian and an American’”


            “Chris Christie: ‘Self-Evident’ That Obama Is A Christian, Born In America”


            “GOP presidential contender Rick Santorum on Sunday hit back at claims
            that he does not believe President Barack Obama is a Christian,”


            “Rand Paul: Yes, Obama is a Christian”


            even the leaders of the GOP think you people are morons

          2. edward says

            and your reality is the most corrupt women in the world, Trump will clean her fat clock!

          3. glorybe2 says

            I do understand you. When you fall into poor mental health you have to keep with your denial and delusions in order to maintain your illness. It’s Ok. You may be fine one day.

          4. Reality Check says

            you still looking for some proof, Ed?

    5. Rock J. Dueck says

      and yet we still bring them in by the thousands without proper screening. Exactly how stupid are we?

      1. glorybe2 says

        If you want to know how stupid the right wing is simply reply to gerald Hughes posts. He does a demo of totally stupid constantly.

      2. fred says

        We aren’t stupid, the treasonous criminal potus is, and will only be pond scum to me and many of my associates as long as we are allowed to voice our opinion.

        1. glorybe2 says

          Watch president Obama’s income go through the roof after he is out of office. He will earn as much giving one or two short speeches than most people earn in a lifetime. How many huge law firms would pay millions every year to have Obama’s name on their door? Bill Clinton has been in a similar position making many millions in his retirement. Jimmy Carter could care less about money but you can bet he gets offers every day just to appear at events and say a word or two. Jimmy may be the most honest politician we have ever had and he is a credit to the Christian faith. Make note that all three of these men had humble beginnings and earned their positions in this world.

      3. Gunflint Roseberg says

        Now Rock..It’s my understanding that the Refugee’s are screened by one of the best most reliable Odumba approved police dept.’s in the world… “The ISIS terrorist Police Dept.”

    6. M. "Wyatt" Howell says

      Good one…. So, UNTIL we’re sure, stop all refugees and immigration to our fine country, and seal our southern borders.
      This country belongs to Americans, not a bunch of demanding, whiny Muslims who have no intention of their commitment to our Christian/American culture. One cannot serve two masters.
      This is still America, and we run it according to OUR own rules, not for someone out of country.
      Wake up people.

    7. olf says

      Rick is correct. The sick narrative of terrorist left new world order people, must be seen for what they are. “insane killers” Seek the Kingdom of God who reveals all truth. Matthew 6:33

  6. Robert Taylor says

    So far all I’ve heard from these debates, you haven’t answered the question, will you answer the question. What an embarrassment to the country. Well good thing we have Hillary Clinton on our side. Their 3 o’clock in the morning call will be to puton.asking what next. Yeah yeah thanks, same time tomorrow.

  7. Dakota Erikson says

    I am more worried about the white right-wing male ammosexuals who go bat shit crazy here in America. I consider them terrorists also.

    1. Retired Marine says

      All the shootings in this country starting with John Wilkes Booth, were perpetrated by left leaning individuals or muslims. So your idiotic statement doesn’t fit the facts. Ammosexuals? That doesn’t even make sense, to you and yours maybe, but not to anyone outside your little group of fruit flies.

  8. Rich Schmidt says

    Hillary thinks we are not at war with religion. True to the exrent that RadIslamic terrorist “happen” to be Muslims. Untrue to the extent that they are religious zealots stating their murderous intention as interpretation of Islam.
    However Hillafy musr be aware of the many leftist secular pols in her midst and in her entourage, whom are most certainly making religious war on believers of all creeds (save Islam of clurse). In this section see she is either oblivious, duplicitous or insane.

    1. Michael Dennewitz says

      The biggest mistake is people calling it a “religion!” It IS NOT A RELIGION, IT IS A DEMENTED, SATANIC CULT!!!!

      1. Rich Schmidt says

        Michael, explosive hatred in response the same is sure to result in massive casualties.
        You fuel the fires dude! My guess is that if you lived elsewhere, say Syria, you wouldn’t be so vociferous.

  9. RMCSRET says

    Once again the Ignorance and stupidity of Hillary Clinton has shown ever so brightly. Maybe Hillary
    should ask the Syrian Christians what they think of ISIS (MUSLIMS), Maybe Hillary should ask the
    Libyian People what they think of ISIS, Al Qeida, Boko Haram and others they to are MUSLIMS.
    Maybe Hillary should ask about the PEACE and Fun Loving MUSLIMS who behead folks in Malaysia,
    Phillipines, and other place in the Far East. I for one do not think we need to have these PEACEFUL
    FOLKS according to Hillary Clinton in our country at all.

  10. peter says

    Hillary, Obama and ISIS are all terrorists, except that ISIS is way smarter than Hillary and Obama.

    1. LYN says

      you Mean Osama?

  11. says


  12. suzn123 says


  13. bt70 says

    NEVER trust a stinking low low muslim, they will stab you in the back

  14. Taladad says

    I thought Muslims were anti Gayfers.

  15. American ex-Pat says

    When the Democrat’s “cream of the crop” consists of the likes of Madam Hillary, DNC Chairwoman Wasserman Schultz, House Minority Leader Pelosi, and Senate Minority Leader Reid, you resort to smoke & mirrors and any other methods available to shift attention away from the problems at home!

  16. jim142 says

    These blind liberals will still be singing the praises of Muslims as they have their heads cut off.
    O wait I am so wrong, They won`t have their head remove, because their head are so far up their backside that no one could find it.

    1. Mark Lahti says

      So true. The only way to decapitate a liberal is to make the cut just south of the rectum.

  17. Effenexes says

    Politicians and today’s journalists…conjoined at the hip. They walk side by side, eat each others feces to produce their brand of garbage while deceiving themselves into believing that every American is liberal enough to believe their insidious blather.

    1. Austinniceguy says

      And that’s how they manage to keep information like this from the masses…

  18. Retired Marine says

    Typical liberals looking at life through rose colored glasses, with their heads shoved up their behinds. A trick only a liberal could accomplish. Bravo! Read some news reports from other countries, your “peaceful religion” is a murderous politicl party, much like our demoncrats, which explains why they love the muslims so much. Then we have the global warming idiots 97% of retarded scientists with no proof have decided we are destroying the earth. Liberals are well on their way to DESTROYING the once greatest country on earth, even in the history of the earth with human population being .0000000002% of the time the earth existed, they think we can cause climate change, not by true science as their is NO data that is replicable, no science that can be proven, nothing at all relevant, but there is a “consensus of scientists”. The earth laughs at liberals and their conceit, because a consensus is not scientific fact. That means there is not a shred of evidence to prove their hypothesis. Liberals lie, people die, and they always back the most evil positions. Called enlightenment to them, head in the sand to me.

  19. Robert says

    Hillary Clinton is a scandal ridden liar who believes she and her minions are above the law and smarter than everyone else. I can think of no politician who has been embroiled in the number of scandals the Clinton family has.

  20. Gerry Costa says

    libtard/retard/demoRATS —- just a bunch of mentally challenged morons and they just seem to prove with every passing day.

  21. James in Texas says

    As for these Liberals and their Tweets. For the simple-minded folks they are, they just have to expose how stupid they are. It’s that simple! They believe that Hillary is their next “Messiah” and she will complete the “New world” of sitting under the Kumbaya Tree and singing cool songs all the days of the empty lives!

  22. adrianvance says

    The whole process has become an embarrassment and Trump has depantsed the Republican establishment so there is no place to hide.

    See the “Two Minute Conservative,”

  23. Bob Stewart says

    Liberals need to take note that the average real American would stop the infusion of Middle Eastern Muslims into America. Despite what liberals think, we’re not being attacked by blue eyed Scotsmen and it’s getting easier to spot would be terrorists. Whether liberals like it or not, we are in a religious war. Americans will never accept sharia nor the religion that supports it. And Muslims who support
    sharia will never be accepted here. And if liberals don’t like it, TOUGH!

  24. The Redhawk says

    I wonder what these iDIOTS might TWEET after the Dumbass Progressive Communists will Debate during a Football game as the DNC does not want the SHIL-LIER-RY, the Freaking Sicialist Idiot and the DUMBASS ex mayor of Baltimore discuss IiCICLES on Palm Trees at the Equator as their ONLy reason for Running for President..( read iNEPT TYRANT).. They’ll never discuss HOW they’ll END THE REPUBLIC….which is their GOAL….

  25. A natural born American says

    Even a tiny, terrified child hiding from a predator is too smart to fall for the line: “Come out, come out wherever you are” that predators call out in a sing-song voice. Or the other line: “[Insert child’s name here], I’m not going to hurt you. I just want to play. You can trust me…”

    It’s NOT xenophobia when the people from other countries have already threatened to kill you and everyone you love and to destroy all you hold dear. It’s just good common sense to do everything in your power to save yourself and to protect all that is most precious to you.

    Look at all those people who are screaming “xenophobia”. How many of THEM have invited these ‘refugees’ to come live with them? To be THEIR next door neighbors. Their roommates. Why not? Are they calling their fellow Americans, people who live thousands of miles away and have rejected having muslim ‘refugees’ relocated in their communities “xenophobe”, so that no one will notice that THEY themselves would rather not have muslims living in their own neighborhoods? If our potus keeps sneaking them into our country then at least send them to all the places where libtards prevail.

  26. Paladin says

    ‘Raisin Nuts’ administration doesn’t have a complete brain, collectively, amongst the lot!!!

  27. boucle says

    The college experience today is liberal brainwashing the young and vulnerable with threats of bad grades or shunning/expulsion. It’s like the homosexuals and pedophiles hijacking the catholic church, also attracted to the young and vulnerable. Parents need to pay attention and protect their kids.

  28. Dave says

    Hillary As President Will Open The Muslim Gate On America, Vote All Liberal Communist Out, Vote #TRUMP 2016.

  29. R. T. says

    It sounds like there saying they are NOT against terrorism !

  30. Kent Powers says

    Those of the rich & elite who believe all the stories of peaceful Muslims should hire a good Muslim to drive their children to school, be their nanny, guard them, protect them, & live with them in their own quarters.

    Your home should be of course unarmed & this should be proudly announced to others to prove how you practice what you preach. Reports show that over 30% of those who publicly oppose guns, own unregistered as well as registered guns in their own homes. Hypocrites & liars, make a strong democratic party, hell they can’t even trust each other!

  31. Kent Powers says

    If you were in a Mexican stand off, you & your opponent are both armed, would you, should you trust your opponent by surrendering your weapon & putting yourself at his mercy. Our government which has proven to be unable to lead & run this country is armed, they want you to surrender your weapons to them, & trust them to do the right thing. To protect you, be on guard, protect your family, & though they control all your money, healthcare, security, jobs, infrastructure, you trust the biggest bunch of failures on earth to run your life? They can’t even control one of our borders, look at Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, Ferguson, names go on forever, you would have to be an idiot to put your family in the hands of the inept, who can’t even control their own lives & families.

  32. Iris D. Lynch says

    Just WHEN are we all going to understand that Muslimism is NOT a religion? It is no more a religion than the guy who took hundreds of people to South America and they all drank the Kool aid. It is in truth a THEOCRACY which is a government based on a ‘religion’. So will you please tell me where in the world we can have two governments operating simultaneously? One has got to go and I am voting for FREEDOM.

  33. j0e cave says


  34. Gea says

    Anybody who had read Koran, Hadith and Sira ( KNOWS that Islam is an IDEOLOGY of hate of ALL non-Muslims and also of Muslim women and children who are a chattel of Muslm men instructed by Mohamed to be treated “as riding animals such as cows, horses and camels”. Islam is a totalitarian, supremacist and imperialistic Ideology which is INCOMPATIBLE with the US constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and thus has no place in any country that respects liberty, justice and human rights.

    Trump does not go far enough with his banning immigration of Muslims as new soldiers for Allah are created daily in most American mosques where Koran, Hadith are read and Sira provides as a role model a pedophile, polygamist, rapist, looter, slaver, misogynist and mass murderer, Mohamed, who in any sane and decent society would be convicted for his crimes against humanity and not emulated by 1,600 millions of Mulsims as “the most perfect human being who ever lived” and their “beloved prophet” whose “honor” they are defending by murdering non-Muslims.

    All those news reporters should be compelled to read koran, hadith and sira and learn the bloody history of imperialistic conquest of Islam and Mohamed, and be shipped for Haj to Saudi Arabia or Iranian ayatollahs to enjoy true Islam in practice.

  35. Alleged Comment says

    You better wakeup one of the richest men in America. Warren Buffoon. He thinks “the thing” will make a great president.

    I never thought Warren Buffoon could be so CORRUPT. No more Sees’ Candy for me. Will NOT support a person who does not research a candidate but is wiling to spend his lifetime searching for another company to make a dime more.

    Always, the irony of the left and the wicked.

  36. Joyce White says

    If Muslims are peaceful and tolerant, why are we needing to take in refugees from Muslim countries.These “peaceful Muslims” need to get up off their dead asses, pick up some guns and fight the radical element. Do it yourselves.Because if other people have to do it for you, there will be no Muslims left in the Middle East

  37. MILES E DRAKE says

    The fact is that anything can be said about and done to native-born English-speaking caucasian heterosexuals with impunity, particularly if they espouse Christianity. We are headed for a Judeo-Christian Kristallnacht which, like the Nazi original, will be blamed on its victims by the elite that organizeds it.

  38. icetrout says

    after what Paul RINO & the other fokhead traitors did the other day I could care less what happens in this country next… spending the last of my greenbacks till their depleted on more guns,ammo & other assorted dry goods… hear War Drums getting closer every day now…

  39. John Doe says

    Liberal’s embarrass not just themselves, but the entire human race every time they open their mouths. They make all snakes seem harmless.

  40. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says

    This is war with these Muslims cause they want to convert us to there lord and that’s the TRUTH

  41. jdbixii says

    In the cause and effect logic of liberals, ignorance and poverty are the justification, or reason, for crime and illegality. If we teach, “Thou shalt not transgress the law,” (currently prohibited by the liberal interpretation of the “separation of church and state”) and do not provide compensation for the consequences of the deprivation caused by the denial of benefits obtained by transgression, the letter of the law certainly kills, while maintaining security within the borders of a country. Current discussion is practically irrelevant to the realities of what is actually transpiring which is causal of it. If the status quo is what is wanted, status quo is status quo. No regulation of behavior occurs without the imposition of law, by personal choice of obedience, or law enforcement for possible violation. Until we cease rewarding transgression, and stop transgressors, we will continue to pay for it. Our sympathetic nervous system is more nervous than sympathetic. Can we afford to be more sympathetic?

    1. Dan says

      Simply put, NO!

  42. Ddenney1 says

    Tell them that Moslem’s throw Christians overboard on trip from LIBYA to Italy just a couple of weeks ago. But the were “moderates” that 0 and Killary created! I KNOW the left isn’t at war with anyone but Americans!!!! I know a lot of Moslem’s are not involved in this war but 1 to 2% are involved and if their are 1.8 billion Moslem’s WORLD WIDE that is 180 MILLION that are involved!!! I guess the left thinks or FEELS that the “peaceful” Moslem’s do NOT know that 180 MILLION want the west dead and it is WAY more important not to offend than to FIX THEIR OWN RELIGION!! When Iran chants death to America and death to Israel the left says it rhetoric and don’t pay attention they do not mean it it is just for show????? How do you elect a party that is THAT CLUELESS????

    1. Reality Check says

      “I KNOW the left isn’t at war with anyone but Americans!!!!

      It’s always the conservatives that says the most stupid shit.

  43. Edward Conley says

    You are dead on about the entire party being more interested in defeating #Trump than the Democrats. The GOP has turned into a bunch of whiney, jealous ,backstabbing RINOs and are willing to sacrifice the election as well as to implode the whole party in the process.Once the primary election is over, I am switching to become an Independent.R.I.P. GOP.

    1. Reality Check says

      the GOP are owned by the Oligarchy, but most of the Right can’t see past the end of their nose.

  44. CUZIN ERN says

    This senario is when rats are allowed to reproduce, shit happens!!

  45. gerald Hughes says

    I don’t care if you are democrat or republican.
    if you support bringing the Muslim killers in to our country I want your name and address.
    if some one in my family is killed by these outlaws, I want to know where to go and who to thank, appropriately.

    1. Reality Check says

      well they are not killers.

      why are you not concerned about the 353 cases of mass shooting by the NON Muslims and obsessed over the TWO mass shooting done by Muslims?
      NOT refugees by the way, Ger.

      so WHO is afraid of the incident that is 150 times LESS LIKELY to happen?

      silly conservatives.

      1. gerald Hughes says

        You liberal dem bloodsuckers really do have a, “strangers in the night” relationship with the truth don’t you.
        Tell me, does becoming a democrat require you to become a bare faced liar or do only bare faced liars join the Democratic Parasitical Party?
        There were 4 mass shooting this year, ersatz life form, not 355.

        And if you are so stupid that you don’t worry about something that is a viable fear, you are a liberal dem bloodsucker who is concerned about starving to death with out your handouts, more than your life.
        Not killers, the 14 that died in Ca aren’t really dead then you worthless life form?
        so glad, I suppose that means the 131 dead in Paris didn’t really die either, eh?
        You liberal garbage are not going to walk away smiling on this when people start dying , you pos.

        1. Reality Check says

          the Dim con should eventually learn that the liberal does not post anything he can’t PROVE. unlike you morons.

          “The San Bernardino shooting is the second mass shooting today and the 355th this year”

          1. gerald Hughes says

            You liberal dem bloodsuckers not only lie, you try to use the same lying places as verification for your lies.
            The problem that you scum have is that all of the decent peope know the names of the far left bs artists.
            The NYT The Washing Post The Huffington post.
            You are a bare faced low ,life liberal dem bloodsucking liar.
            You have no merit, no worth no valueno morals and no honor, no integrity.

          2. gerald Hughes says

            You are the liberal dem bloodsuckers, AKA American Jihadists, just like your Muslim counterparts, you will tell/accept any lie, any cheat and any theft, so long as it advances your liberal agenda.
            Talk all the garbage you like scum bag, you will not walk away smiling when our friends and families start dying as a result of your actions.

          3. Reality Check says

            Gee Ger, where is YOUR LINK proving something?

            “Liberal media” bull poo again.

            a very Tired talking point they tell you shallow conservatives so you believe the crap told to you by Fox news.

            somehow you cons are gullible enough to think that the “Liberal media” including
            the media from 195 other countries, is colluding together to shape American politics in favor of the “liberals” .

            ya that makes plenty of sense to people desperate to believe.
            all you have to do is suspend all logic and common sense.

            The same media that the GOP candidates flock to.
            the same media that tear the Pres a new asshole every week.

            the same liberal media that the GOP candidates quote on national

            you people are so gullible.

            so either GOP politicians are lying to the American people, or “Liberal media” is the BIG LIE.

            your choice moron of the Right.

          4. gerald Hughes says

            Low life lying liberal dem bloodsucker, everything that you post is a lie You have no options you are low life sum with out morals honor or integrity
            i am going to pretend that you are not just a low life fing liar

            Any one else reading this and wants to know, google FBI/stats/ mass killings/2015 and there it is the liar gets pinpointed on the spot.
            This bs he is spreading is a lie made up by Shannon Watts of Moms demand Action, funded by Bloomberg, and gleefully picked up by the left wing Washington Post.
            This pos picks it up and runs with and shows us his complete lack of intelligence and veracity.

            But really all that is immaterial, what this POS is doing is trying to avoid that what the liberal fing garbage want to do is spend our lives and bring the Muslim killers into our country, right after they disarm us, just to keep their handouts coming.
            i say again start collecting names and addresses, so that you will know where to go and who to thank for the death of your friends and families.
            This particular pos I have been sending all of his posts to all of the military sites in the country for about 3 weeks Usually takes 3 to 5 weeks before some enterprising young man posts a name and address, when he does I will splash it all over the internet.

        2. Reality Check says

          “worry about something that is a viable fear”

          Death by “refugee” has a ZERO history in America, low info tool of the right.

          3 million refugees in the past 30 years and not one of them has committed a terrorist act.

          yet the moron right is shitting themselves.

  46. Lizard says

    I say they are all retarded f—–ks

  47. Betty says

    Sure Hillory wants kind words that’s why 4 americans were killed while rescure waited on her word to go that word never came

    1. Reality Check says

      Oh God Betty.
      same lame Benghazi LIES.

      HELP arrived in about 30 minutes from the CIA base across town.
      it’s in ALL the 7 GOP investigations.

      Why LIE all the time?

      cause you are brainwashed?

  48. Odildo says

    Seeing liberals are basically Shit we have to figure out how they are not drying up and disappearing

  49. fred says

    The ignorance of the people who voted (or did they?!) for this criminal potus who has committed murder and treason is never to be underestimated!

    1. Reality Check says

      SO who did he murder?

      and what treasonous act are you referring to?

      the GOP must have been asleep. they are desperate to impeach him.

      I think Fred is making up poo.

      1. fred says

        it must be painful to be such a glib fool, you are so delusional you will never know the truth, then deny it when it is right in front of you…did you miss Benghazi, maybe fast and furious escaped your tiny libitard excuse for a brain as well? How many lost their lives due to pure incompetence? not at all surprised, you really should stfu every word you write is an embarrassment to your parents that they spawned such a numb-skull!… dropped a lot as a child weren’t you?

  50. missourisam says

    Hillary is such an idiot that the whole democrat party, by supporting her are showing their complete disconnection with the American people. Unless they are hard core yellow dog democrats, Americans all know that even if the politicians refuse to call it a war, the radical muslims are at war with us, and have so declared. You have to be a special kind of stupid not to recognize a cult is not at war with you when they keep telling you they are.

    1. Reality Check says

      “by supporting her are showing their complete disconnection with the American people.”

      Seem silly con, what you don’t understand is that all the “things” you think she has done is NOT REAL.
      no proof, no evidence, just flapping Gums from the Propaganda Machine.

      SO, the normal people out here that are NOT brainwashed drones of the Oligarchy, DON’T CARE.

    2. Reality Check says

      “Americans all know that even if the politicians refuse to call it a war”

      I wonder why the GOP controlled house and Senate DON’T call it a war and vote on it?

      they must not think it’s a war, like Obama called it.

      “Obama Administration: Yes, We Are at ‘War’ With ISIS”

  51. nmasterson says

    The Liberal chickenshits are at it again. Vote Liberal and you can expect more terrorist acts in the USA then ever before.

    1. Reality Check says

      Oh BUT who was in charge on 9/11?
      same guy that took out Saddam and created the unstable middle east?

      the Conservative was it?

      we’ve had a liberal for the past 7 years and nothing but lone wolfs.

      you war hawks have cost us 3 trillion in Nation debt, and where did it get us?
      deeper in the shit.

  52. Roy Fredrichsen says

    Hilliary Clinton is a known liar who cannot be trusted with the truth. She IS NOT even qualified to run for dog catcher because of her past history. She can’t run on her record, becaose she doesn’t have one after 2 or more years as Secretary of State.

    1. Reality Check says

      she IS running on her record.

      rumors and innuendo from the silly right are not really FACTS that hurt her.
      they do make cons seem silly.

      the desperate right keep bringing up stuff from the deep past, that she has already run on and won.

      1. Roy Fredrichsen says

        You just may be right. O’Bummer didn’t have a record of accomplishmens and got elected despite lack of one.

  53. CUZIN ERN says

    The world got sucker punched and now will pay the price of being so loose upstairs!!!!!!!

  54. Bob says

    For a ll these dumocrars that think muslums are peaceful why are they not moving them in their neighborhood and even housing them. They passed the 1.1 trillion budget wit funding for 200,000 more mullums I hope every one lioks at the list of the gop democrats I hope they take that to the polls and send them home of all that dumocrat lyin Rysn who shoul be held for treason along with obama and the gop dumocrats. I also see where obummer has taken off for hi 6th snnual vacation for the year. He probably took his husband with him. They need to send those poor girls back to their parents

    1. Reality Check says

      Well Bob, considering not one of the 3 million refugees resettled here in the US in the past 30 years has EVER committed a terrorist act, 40% of them Muslims, it think your fears are misguided.

      you should be worried about the 10 million Muslims in the EU who can get on a plane in the morning and be kill you by lunch.

      why aren’t you worried about them?

      1. Al Hope says

        Reality Quack, Daesh just started 2 years ago and you are hiding them within 30 years of mostly peaceful non-muslim immigration.

        1. Reality Check says

          Ya, I hate to break it to you but the RIGHT say ISIS was around since we took apart the Iraqi army.

          “A spokesman for Bush’s political action committee pointed to a 2014 op-ed by Ali Khedery, who served as senior adviser to three heads of US Central Command from 2003-10.

          It starts by saying, “Three years ago, the Islamic State (ISIS) did not exist; now it controls vast swaths of Syria and Iraq.”

          Technically, yes, a group with the name “ISIS” did not exist under President Bush.

          The group’s roots, however, trace back to 2004.

          “There were evolutions that took place with some of the name changes,” said Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, senior fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.”

          not to mention, silly human, terrorists who want to harm America have been around for years.

          IF coming IN via refugee status WORKED, there would be some evidence of that after 30 years of the program with a million Muslims coming IN.

          Get informed. STOP being a scared little girl.
          act like you belong in the land of the brave, instead of the land of the stupid.

          1. Austinniceguy says

            You REALLY are a blathering moron.

        2. Austinniceguy says

          And this is what is going on in Europe now…

      2. Austinniceguy says

        You’re SUCH a delusional moron. I guess you think we can’t find out how they are progressing in their mission across Europe, looking to move here? I guess you are unaware that they just found out that they are now known to have BLANK passports? That came from the current administration, you idiot.

  55. michael schimanski says

    Maybe we are starting a new era , we are going to elect Trump and then we should start cleaning house with the other members who screwed us over and replace them .

  56. Gary Von Neida says

    Sad,prompter reading,fools,all.

  57. michael schimanski says

    you always hear about how stupid americans are and how much more proof do we need when we see with overwhelming proof that hillary clinton has lied , and cheated , and stole , and maybe even murdered , takes bribes from other governments to sell out America and because of our corrupt president her crimes have been covered up or dismissed by this administration yet people don’t even care about all of her crimes and still want to vote for her for president. if by some chance she should be elected i really hope the ass holes who voted for her are the first to get screwed over and the republicans in congress that just screwed ALL of America get voted out of office . when the STUPID people or more likely there kids and grand kids are forced to speak in islumic then they will realize what voting for her instead of convicting her really did to our Great,Great Nation !! or maybe not!

    1. Reality Check says

      “how much more proof do we need when we see with overwhelming proof that hillary clinton has lied , and cheated , and stole”

      I hate to break it to you Mike but NO PROOF has been found, period.

      you ill informed cons are brainwashed into thinking there HAS, but you will be unable to link me to anything other than talking heads “claiming” she did.

      It’s all smoke and mirrors

      1. Austinniceguy says

        Really? She is a well documented liar and even the libtard lamestream media has constantly called her out on it. She has a rating of 61% of the public finding her untrustworthy. That comes from the media that has tried so hard to protect her. Moron….

    2. Reality Check says

      “when the STUPID people or more likely there kids and grand kids are forced to speak in islumic”
      Islam does not have a language. Muslims speak at least a dozen different languages.

      lets discuss stupid Americans again, shall we?

      1. Al Hope says

        There is a very specific language of Islam…spoken in all tongues. But do not be concerned…all ideologies are the same…go to sleep…no worries about Islam…take the candy. Islam is just like all religions of peace…totally peaceful…go to sleep and vote for hilly.

        1. Reality Check says

          “because gays, woman and liberals in general must help Islam spread”

          does the moron realize that Islam is not friendly to GAYS, or WOMEN?
          why would they be trying to help them spread Islam, silly tool of the right?

          don’t you require some proof before you go “stupid”?

          you DO REALIZE that you have a better chance of getting hit by lightning, TWICE, than killed in a terrorist event.

          1. Austinniceguy says

            Where did you read that, one of your useless libtard rags? Of course you believe anything those useless morons from the left tell you. I’ll bet you would even argue that Obamacare is still a great program even though ALL media is reporting that the exchanges are collapsing from coast to coast and prices are going to rise again next year, IF it’s still around. MORON…

      2. Austinniceguy says

        You have no idea what you’re talking about…

        1. Reality Check says

          Oh really?

          what language is the language of Islam?

          1. Austinniceguy says

            Asked and answered but I’m glad you responded, I just copied and pasted that entire exchange on my Hitlery CLOWNton page so everyone can see how very stupid you really are.

    3. Austinniceguy says

      This is what we’re in store for if she gets in…

      1. Reality Check says

        how does the average American get this ignorant?

        Right Wing Propaganda.

        1. Austinniceguy says

          LOL, someone just posted a pic of a talking assh*le with your screen name on it onto one of my Hitlery CLOWNton videos!!!

          1. Reality Check says

            It’s good to be feared.
            why no link?

          2. Austinniceguy says

            Feel free to look for my facebook page. There are now some even funnier posts regarding you and your responses. I found you on some other sites where people are REALLY let you have it. You’re helping me get my videos viewed even more than before, THANKS!!!

          3. Austinniceguy says

            LOL, FEARED? Try CLOWNED!!! You are the moron of the year!!!

          4. Reality Check says

            that must be why you are all afraid to debate me.

            you seem obsessed with “likes’, like a small child.

            other morons “liking you” is hardly something to be bragging about.

          5. Austinniceguy says

            Your a laughable moron. I’ve debated you before, I have those conversations, too. You talk in circles and NEVER offer any irrefutable evidence for anything you post, that’s why you’re such a hit on the Hitlery CLOWNton page. You’re the epitome of a blathering idiot. I also copy and paste your responses when you don’t know I’m there, just more fun when I’m not part of the conversation that way it doesn’t look like I’m baiting you. Just you being the idiot you were born to be. Keep up the great work!!! It has become a great tool/game that my readers enjoy playing. Thanks again!!!

          6. Reality Check says

            NO ONE has ever debated me idiot of the right.

            so far all talk and no game.

          7. Reality Check says

            I do hope you include my links.

          8. Austinniceguy says

            They are equally laughable and moronic. So yes, I include them.

          9. Austinniceguy says

            It’s not the likes that I’m after, it’s the voters getting to see the moron Hitlery in action. Your comments are just a game that we play. I’m getting PLENTY of hits on ALL 27 videos I have posted and, they have grown quite a bit since I started posting your responses. These people LOVE the talking assh*le named Reality Check. You’re a hit and I thank you!!!

  58. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says

    I don’t really know what is going to be in the near future but i now know we’er in much more mess than post of you really know about. Some our LEADERS have sold out our country and they think that they’ll be safe in that hole in side of that mountain well they cab think that but GOD want let that happen.

  59. Dominic Roy Accampo says

    Did the moron stop to recognize that one of the “white guys” is a woman while another has skin that is a bit too dark to be truly considered white by any open minded human?

    1. Reality Check says

      a large majority of the 355 mass shooting done this year, are perpetrated by angry white men.

      crazy white people are a much bigger problem when it comes to mass shootings.

  60. Austinniceguy says

    Sadly, liberals are morons with no moral compass so they are inherently incapable of being embarrassed. They lie to the public and when they get called out on those lies they just lie more. It’s HIGH TIME for a HUGE change!!!

    1. Reality Check says

      sadly conservatives LIE ALL THE TIME.

      love to here some of those lies liberals tell.

      1. Austinniceguy says

        There you are, my illiterate little fluffer!!! Even the lamestream libtard media had to call her out on her blatant lie!!! Like I keep saying, she’s going to be called MANY things and none of them nice but, the one thing that confirmed liar will NEVER, EVER be called will be Madam President!!! I just linked the latest video to my facebook page and already it’s getting A LOT of activity. I LOVE when she opens her big, stupid mouth and gives me more ammo to nail her with, it puts a great big smile on my face….

        1. Reality Check says

          so that was the low info Right tell me the lies of the left?

          sounded more like you avoiding answering that.

          1. Austinniceguy says

            LOL, you talk in circles because you can’t come up with anything irrefutable with which to make your point. I have taken to copying and pasting your responses onto the videos of Hitlery and Burnout Sanders so EVERYONE can see the degenerate level of morons who support them. I’ve gotten over 15 million hits and I just enjoy reading the responses. You’re considered one of the most delusional, unstable, moronic of her followers. I love that for you…

          2. Reality Check says

            actually fool of the Right, I asked you for the Liberal lies you claimed they were even busted for.

            since then you have been posting word salads but not any liberal lies.

            there isn’t a facebook post in existence with 15 million hits moron of the right.


            so again I prove the con is a LYING POS.

          3. Austinniceguy says

            LOL, you forgot links to other sites like YOU TUBE!!! You really are an idiot!!! So again I proved that you have no idea what you’re talking about!!!

          4. Reality Check says

            “I just linked the latest video to my facebook page”

            you brought up facebook idiot.

          5. Austinniceguy says

            I did, from my Youtube account!!! You DO know what a link is, how it works and that you CAN link onto youtube, don’t you? Moron.

          6. Austinniceguy says

            Plus, there are SOOOO many other youtube users posting more and more Hitlery and Burnout Sanders videos EVERYDAY!!! There’s a lot of competition building up. I love it!!! You should look us up, you’ll be busy for the next year just getting through the many videos!!!

          7. Reality Check says

            you are going to hopefully off yourself when a Dem wins and you lose the Senate.

          8. Austinniceguy says

            LOl, no chance of any DEMONCRAP winning so no chance of me “offing” myself. OlBluegums is leaving a horrible, crumbling legacy and Hitlery is tied to too much of that and she also comes with so much baggage that we are going to drag her through over and over until there’s nowhere left for that evil BI*CH to turn. Burnout Sanders doesn’t stand a chance so no concern there.

          9. Reality Check says

            so the moron does not know that Hillary and Bernie beat trump easily in the polls.

            and that is before the GOP fool get in a debate with the Dem.
            you deny climate change , YOU LOSE.

          10. Austinniceguy says

            Again you’re making us ALL laugh. She still has a 61% untrustworthy rating and that’s ONLY going to grow as she gets called out on new lies. She still has Benghazi around her neck and with the movie premiering on January 15th, she won’t be able to deny her culpability for it any longer. With the upcoming releases of new information she won’t be able to step out in public without people wanting to rip her murdering ass to shreds. You REALLY should do your homework, I guess you didn’t know about the movie? There’s a great trailer already out!!! Not only do YOU LOSE, YOU’RE A LOSER!!! ROTFLMAO!!!

          11. Reality Check says

            sure moron.

            Positive views of Donald Trump have doubled since his controversial comments on immigration, although many more Americans still dislike rather than like him, now by nearly a 2-1 margin — and his negatives have soared among Hispanics, a sought-after group in national politics.

            Thirty-three percent of Americans see Trump favorably; that’s doubled from 16 percent in a pre-candidacy ABC News/Washington Post poll in late May. Sixty-one percent see him unfavorably, down from 71 percent but still leaving him deeply under water in popularity overall.


          12. Austinniceguy says

            LOL, just wait until the new information comes out on Hitlery!! And, I live in a heavily hispanic populated area and you’d be surprised the support he gets around here. I don’t have to look at the left leaning libtard sponsored polls for my facts. Did you watch the trailer for the Benghazi movie? I’m going to take that movie and staple it squarely on Hitlery’s forehead!!! I’m loving that you know the end for that bi*ch is coming at her like a freight train. As it happens, a friend of mine owns a chain of theaters here and I am hosting a showing for 350 guests, most of them military!!! Can you guess who they will vote for? You really need to get new shtick.

          13. Reality Check says

            you seem to forget I am a Bernie fan.
            couldn’t be better if she dropped out.

            Clear path for Bernie.

            I don’t need “shtick”, I have facts.

          14. Austinniceguy says

            I’m thrilled by that. He’s going around pandering a bunch of garbage for free everything that is all wholly unsustainable. Even the libtard media have called his programs into question once the experts put there numbers crunchers to work. He’s a delusional moron.

          15. Reality Check says

            no fool of the Right.

            Bernie has it all paid for with a tax on stupid humans.
            probably pay off the national debt with that tax.

          16. Austinniceguy says

            LOL!!! Now that is EXACTLY the type of response I was PRAYING you would give!!! It clearly shows how woefully uneducated you are on economics. You REALLY should have done a little homework before making that statement. I just copied and pasted that moronic statement onto my HITLERY CLOWNton page and my BURNOUT PANDERS page and am willing to bet that it makes you one of, if not THE, most delusional moron so far. Do look it up and you’ll see what an ass you just made of yourself, THANKS!!! Christmas came a couple of days early for me thanks to you!!!

          17. Reality Check says

            “The cost of this plan is fully paid for by imposing a tax of a fraction of a percent on Wall Street speculators who nearly destroyed the economy seven years ago. More than 1,000 economists have endorsed a tax on Wall Street speculation and today some 40 countries throughout the world have imposed a similar tax including Britain, Germany, France, Switzerland, and China. If the taxpayers of this country could bailout Wall Street in 2008, we can make public colleges and universities tuition free and debt free throughout the country.”


            post THAT.

          18. Austinniceguy says

            You’re quoting HIS own website and expect to be believed? Hitlery does the same foggy math to make her numbers work but statisticians and economists alike have cleared that ALL up for us. Furthermore, Britain, Germany, France and Switzerland are all in DEEP financial straits, by their own admission. You should learn about these things before making an ass of yourself posting that you want to be on the road to bankruptcy like the European Union. So yes, I will post that since you can’t seem to stop making an absolute ass of yourself. Your post on his plan to tax “stupid humans” is getting the reaction I had hoped for and then some. Keep them coming, moron.

          19. Reality Check says

            well moron, YOUR candidates have NOTHING to show.

            and I think young people are going to LIKE that.


            “More than 1,000 economists have endorsed a tax on Wall Street speculation and today some 40 countries throughout the world have imposed a similar tax including Britain, Germany, France, Switzerland, and China”

            seems to have gone right over the morns head.

          20. Austinniceguy says

            Nope, just won’t fly when you and they realize that ESPECIALLY Hitlery and Burnout have NO plan to pose such a threat to their purse keepers!! Furthermore, EVEN with those taxes imposed in those countries, those economies are teetering, where do you think the American public is going to find comfort in that? China isn’t part of the European Union and they manufacture goods that are exported GLOBALLY so they do ok but, what of the European Union? You can get 10,000 economists to say that we should impose taxes that will only give the reckless demoncraps more money to spend but, you won’t get a single one of them to say that the EU is on stable footing for having done the same. Simple news of what’s going on overseas seems to have gone over your delusional, moronic head. Perhaps you prefer an economy just like Greece? Yes, the bankrupt Greece. The EU is right on their heels economically.

          21. Reality Check says

            Gee, if only this had meaning.

            “Nope, just won’t fly when you and they realize that ESPECIALLY Hitlery and Burnout have NO plan to pose such a threat to their purse keepers!!”.

          22. Austinniceguy says

            Thanks again, I had 10 people post that you would respond just like you did. Nothing of substance, as usual. Another one called you a Burnout Panders SHEEPLE!!! LOL!!!!

          23. Reality Check says

            your statement was gibberish, tool of the right.

          24. Austinniceguy says

            LMAO!!! You just can’t help yourself!! The trailer for the movie 13 Hours in Benghazi is burning up the internet!! I love showing people the truth about Hitlery. BTW, thanks for the link to Burnout’s website, we’re getting some real kicks reading his moronic blathering. He’s a great jokester.

          25. Reality Check says

            your moron is showing when you think Bernie and Hillary supporters are “following” an idiot like yourself.

            on the same note, preaching to the choir isn’t much of an accomplishment.

          26. Austinniceguy says

            Keep them coming!!! Now you’re to the point where your posts don’t even make sense. I love getting you all worked up. I guess you did a little research on the economy in the EU because you sure dropped that argument in a hurry. No worries, I copied and pasted your words so we can keep laughing at you and Burnout Panders.

          27. Reality Check says

            I wasn’t making an argument for the EU.

            THAT was part of Bernie web site idiot of the right.

            work on your comprehension skills

          28. Austinniceguy says

            Thanks for that point. What you just told the world is that that blathering moron you support, Burnout, wants an economy just like that of the EU. I guess you DIDN’T do the slightest bit of research to find out just HOW BAD their economy is. If you’re using HIS website to make your point, you’re supporting his views so yes, you ARE making an argument for an economy like that of the EU. Only morons like you would believe it’s a good idea based on the lead moron telling you it is. Please keep posting. I’m going to find a way to paste all your responses to either his website or his facebook page so he can see that he hooked a real stupid one to vote for him. He’ll be so proud of his pet moron.

          29. Reality Check says

            “I’m going to find a way to paste all your responses”
            Knock yourself out moron.

          30. Austinniceguy says

            LOL, you’re my star moron on my HITLERY CLOWNton AND BURNOUT PANDERS pages. Everyone knows cockroaches are smarter than you. I wish I could repeat some of the things people are calling you but I’m waiting to use those very names on you, myself. Don’t get mad, my little fluffer, keep posting your moronic responses for the world to laugh at. It’ll be your contribution to society.

          31. Reality Check says

            you should give the links.

            BUT you seem to be ashamed.

          32. Austinniceguy says

            You immature moron. Guilt doesn’t work on me. I give the links all the time, you just have to find them for yourself. “ashamed” LOL!!!

          33. Austinniceguy says

            You also forget the fact that Hitlery wants to bring that savage trash into our country. As much as I hate people getting killed by them, every time they kill innocent people it makes Americans want MORE safety!! There’s also the plans Trump has for his VEEP, you’ll be very surprised as to how the hispanic vote will go. LOL, you think you have all the answers and all you’re doing is giving me more stuff for my HITLERY CLOWNton page. You even made my point that Trump’s numbers are improving and growing.

          34. Reality Check says

            you don’t seem to understand that your master will NOT let trump be Pres.

            that is how low info and brainwashed you tool ARE.

            you cons are not in control of shit.

          35. Reality Check says

            “bring that savage trash into our country. ”

            the con creates a half down more terrorists.
            you should go work for Trump.

          36. Reality Check says

            Obama actually has the highest number at just over 2 million.


            so tell me moron, WHY LIE?

          37. Austinniceguy says

            You idiot, you think that’s not the only place I post, I link from several sites INCLUDING Youtube. I have plenty of videos there, too. I love that you’re chasing your tail trying to disprove me. Won’t happen, I’ve got the viewers and you’ve got nothing. Thanks for running around looking for stats, I will make sure and post your desperation on my Hitlery CLOWNton page. You look as desperate as she’s going to be. LOL!!!

  61. Paul_A says

    I just learned something from our liberal “friends”. Silly me, I never knew that Muslim was a race.

  62. David Gearhart says

    liberal propaganda is never about truth, facts or rational thought. It is always emotional with nothing to back it up.

  63. joe says

    I have come to the conclusion that it is a requirement that you be as dumb as a can of tuna to be a liberal there is just no other possible reason for the insane things they say. I also think you must be easy to manipulate, so weak willed that you require the government to tell you how to live ,a pathological liar, a coward, a traitor and a 5th grade dropout.

  64. Michael Holdcraft says

    Folks, wake up. Politicians are not out to destroy our Country, that would be destroying their own “cash cow”. They are out to take care of themselves and haven’t looked far enough ahead to see that their selfishness will ultimately result in our destruction. Self-centered greed is the ethos in play here and will continue to be until we begin electing people who are not out for power, fame, or the all powerful dollar. I see only one person running who isn’t out for one or more of those – Ben Carson. The real problem here is that a majority of American’s are just like the politicians, self-centered and selfish.

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