Liberals Gone Wild – “Is Rioting So Wrong?”


On both sides of the political spectrum, most people were appalled by what happened in Ferguson on Monday night. While some blamed the rioters and others blamed the “man,” everyone mostly agreed that the looting, arson, and violence that shook the city was to be condemned.

Well, not everyone.

Some liberals in the media have decided that violence just might be justified. Despite the fact that the Ferguson rioters only hurt themselves and their neighbors with their lawless actions, some have suggested that peaceful protests are only available to white people and minorities who are safely ensconced in “mainstream culture.”

Consider an op-ed piece on, written in response to the criticism. The author, still carrying the simplistic, divisive narrative of a police officer killing a “young, unarmed black man in the streets,” argues that it is only natural that anger should follow the grand jury’s decision. They go on to ask: “In such a case, is rioting so wrong?

Let me say this. If what happened in Ferguson on August 9th lined up with what many protestors seem to think happened that day, perhaps a violent uprising would be justified. After all, if a white cop decided to harass, attack, and kill a college-bound black teenager for no good reason only to get off scot-free, what options are left but violence? But that story doesn’t line up with the facts of the case. At all. Forensic evidence – each and every piece of it as far as I can determine – perfectly corroborates Officer Darren Wilson’s version of events. And since that’s the case, protestors can fall back on only one argument: since Michael Brown was unarmed, Wilson should not have shot him. Period.

But that’s ridiculous. While there’s little evidence to corroborate Wilson’s claim that Brown reached into his waistband before charging him, it’s certainly not a stretch to imagine that he did. Considering Brown’s actions up to that point – which included reaching for and nearly taking control of Wilson’s gun – the officer had every reason to think he might have had a weapon of his own. Even if he didn’t think that, Brown was apparently coming at him. I guess protestors think he should have engaged in a wrestling match with the suspect, allowing for the distinct chance that Brown would win the confrontation, take his gun, and execute him right then and there.

Since there is very little evidence to suggest an alternative explanation for what happened that day, violent protests are in no way excusable. In fact, it’s hard to justify protests of any kind. But when most of the mainstream media continue to lob criticisms at the police, the prosecutor, the governor, and Wilson himself, the outcome is inevitable. The protestors didn’t come up with this narrative all by themselves. They were fed this garbage version of events systematically, and almost every reporter and pundit on the major networks shares the blame. Protestors may chant “F**K CNN,” but I’m not sure why. CNN and their cohorts are wholly responsible for them being out there in the first place.

Enormous, unlawful protests broke out well beyond St. Louis on Tuesday night. New York, Boston, L.A., and Atlanta were among the many cities engaged in marches. These demonstrations, thankfully, were largely peaceful. But if reporters, politicians, and left wing instigators continue to lie about the facts of this case, that peace may not last long.

  1. JIMBO says

    I don’t care what any liberal has to say about the rioting going on in Minnesota. They are part of the problem for agreeing with the lawlessness taking place all over the country. I thought that Holder was supposed to make sure the rulings of the courts were supposed t be honored. As anyone with half a brain can see, he is doing the exact opposite. That also goes for singleton as well. Obama is the head of this whole mess and should be put in jail for his NONACTION to stop this mess.

    1. Michael Dennewitz says

      Excuse me, if it had been handled in the manner that it really should have been, or if it had actually been peaceful, it would never have fit into the HNIC’s plans to destroy our country in the name of Oozelom..

      1. Mark Lahti says

        Love the HNIC thing. I’ve been using that or similar types of things to describe our POS POTUS. Are you military or prior military? That is usually the way we use to describe things when I was in and still do at the VA.

        1. Paul Chapman says

          Military retired and agree whole heartily !

          1. helen sabin says

            Thanks for your service!

      2. Ricarrdo estavans says

        B O certainly was able to take Amnesty off the headlines. Mmmmmmm

        1. Deborah G says

          Wag the Dog

        2. The redhawk says

          But Did it again by LYING to Unsuspecting MEJICANOS ..THERE Shall be DEPORTATION… NO Benefits like SS .. Medicare nor Free College Rides… .But be happy he only lies whenever he Speaks … Just think Of what he could have done in 2009-10 but LIE and Kept Illegals Confused and on a string for 6 years.. HAPPY??

      3. cumiadom says

        What the H stands for? I know the rest.

        1. catman says

          I think it stands for Head , and not the kind he gives.

          1. cumiadom says

            And with the amount he gives, his neck must be the strongest part of his body with so much exercise.

    2. Deborah G says

      Holder won’t stop anything if it pertains to racism. Get that into your head. He and Obama are radical Commie bastards

      1. Jim says

        see response to Jimbo above.

      2. Angry American says

        I sure hope that the left has learned their lesson after 6+ years of this turd. Although I doubt it very much & they will probably also vote for Hillary, UGH!! or should I say fugly Hillary?

        1. Deborah G says

          They are so stupid they wouldn’t know how to make a conscious good decision but hopefully that base won’t get off the couch for an old rich white woman

        2. omegaman says

          Very elegant wording Angry.

          1. helen sabin says

            I thought so too but I would add “serial liar” to her description!

          2. Roger_T73 says

            Many people who stood in her way died violently, think Vince Foster!!!

          3. Angry American says

            If you are a “fan of obama”, that would also make you a fan of hillary & I am sure you would not want to hear what I really have to say about that lying bitch. To put it in a few words, they sure would not be nice but I say it from the heart but also use my head for something besides a hat rack. Not sorry one little bit & I sure don’t mince words I speak complete gutter language that almost anyone can understand & of course it is my opinion, so if you don’t like it don’t read my posts. Is that to hard for you to understand? Also notice I show complete lack of any kind of respect for either one of them that I will not start their names with a capitol it’s the least I can do

          4. Paula says

            I cringe thinking that hillary might make it. If we don’t put up a strong charismatic candidate..we’re screwed! The marxist-liberal propaganda machine will chew him up and spit him out like they’ve done every 4 years.

            I did say “him” .. I’m not PC at all.

            AND because of people like you and me… the administration will try their damnest to rule the internet and stop us from being able to communicate with one another.

            With a marxist POS like hillary whatever freedom of speech obama doesn’t take from us… she will finish us off!

          5. Deborah G says

            As a conservative woman we do NOT have a viable woman candidate. It should be a man

          6. Jarhead says

            PALIN ?

          7. Deborah G says

            Much as I admire Sarah she was trashed beyond viability and the GOP let it happen.

          8. Jarhead says

            What a great loss for America…….

          9. Deborah G says

            It is but she needs to run for Senator or something to keep her impact. Plus she also would be a very good Secretary of defense

          10. Btty says

            Of course she will. Remember her saying? I describe myself as a Progressive liberal. Know what that means? She’s a Leftist Commie!

          11. Paula says

            She is a die hard Communist. Not only should she answer for the Benghazi murders, but what about the 56 or so deaths of bodyguards and associates from the Clinton presidency? You can research those deaths on the internet complete with names and positions.

          12. Btty says

            I don’t have to research it I remember it. Disgusting!! Both her and her creepy husband.

        3. Bob Sims says

          Ugh is right. I can’t even begin to imagine Billie Boy as the “First Man,” under that sorry liberal, lying bitch.

          1. Ronald Gunn says

            Billie Boy as first man?? You have to be a man first.

          2. Roger_T73 says

            Well said, Bill “the Pervert President” Clinton must be drooling over the thought of having another crack at the white house Intern pool !!!

          3. David Gearhart says

            When I was in the Marine’s back in the 60’s there was a young college man that joined the Marine’s as an enlisted man. When I asked why with his education he didn’t become an officer. He said that to get away from being a Congressional intern the enlisted was the only quick way out. According to him, his family was affluent and politically connected and would not believe him, as to that all of the interns were used as sex toys whether they were boy or girl. That had he stayed he would have been forced to be a part of the on going sexual deviance. I had once had a politician pick me up while hitch hiking and after I turned down his sexual advances, he threatened me with the power of his position to destroy my military career. There are a pediphels out there and some are in positions of power.

          4. Herb Branch says

            Yes, there has been far too much corruption around DC for a long time. Most of it (but not all) resides on the Left. It is unfortunate that those personalities believe that their political allegiances and positions insulate them from any culpability and public guilt for immoral behavior. And yet the Bible clearly states, “Do not be deceived, God is not mocked. For whatever a man sows (plants), that he will also reap (receive). That which is sown to the flesh, shall of the flesh reap destruction; and that which is sown to the spirit shall of the spirit reap everlasting life.” Such persons as the politician who picked you up cannot escape God’s Final Judgment, if they do not truly repent and change their behavior, and appologise to those whom they have wronged.

          5. David Gearhart says

            The Bible also says that just because everyone believes it is so does not make it true. It isn’t he majority out there making fools out of themselves, it is the minorities acting like spoiled children having a temper tantrum. We have had 6 years of no controls. We need a two party system to keep either party from doing exacting what the democrats have done to us. Not all democrats are socialist, it is just that they don’t understand what their party leadership is doing.

          6. Chris Robinette says

            Answer to that problem is “Term Limits”!!

          7. David Gearhart says

            Term limits will not change human nature. These deviant believe that they are above the law, and so far they are correct. Change the situation so that the interns are protected.

          8. Chris Robinette says

            When you get men in office for so long they feel that they are immune to laws. Take that away and you will have a safer environment for Interns and laws based on what the constituents look for.

          9. Michael Dennewitz says

            Not to mention the action under the desk! Get ready Monica! ROFLMFAO

          10. Joe T says

            The real reason she is stalling is that if she is elected, they are fighting over who will really run the country again…

            (HIM OR HER) and, in that, she gets the office ONLY in the daytime and he gets (IT) at night…………got it?

          11. David Gearhart says

            Bill was I feel your pain and agreed with each group that he was with at the time. The political spin on that was that Hillary and he discussed everything and that she would help him make the right decision. I found that to be scarey since she didn’t seem to have concern for anyone other than her socialist politics

          12. Joe T says

            David….thanks 4 your input………these type people develop corrupt ideas in their mind…..integrity is what is needed in a USA political office, starting from the top down. Look at the simplistic def of integrity, but notice what it entails:
            noun integrity:
            the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness; honesty probity rectitude honor good character principle(s) ethics morals righteousness morality virtue decency fairness scrupulousness sincerity truthfulness trustworthiness….why in the HELL can’t we find people to embrace these humanistic qualities? What’s so hard about integrity? And….

            Look at Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama, who’s a blatant charlatan and a pathological prevaricator to boot…..society per se’ in on a downward spiral
            due to entitlements and racial issues presently being used by Herr Obama.
            best regards….Joe T

          13. David Gearhart says

            You are right. Obama says that he doesn’t believe in the Constitution. He appointed a minority to the Supreme Court as in Affirmative Action strikes again. She also says that she doesn’t believe in the Constitution. Having never been a judge, she is now supposed to interpret and uphold our Constitution which she admits she doesn’t believe in.

          14. Joe T says

            David….. Barack Husein Obama aka Barry Soetoro is guilty of not honoring the sacred oath of office of the President of the United States of America.


            Before he (Obama) enters on the Execution of his Office, he shall take the following Oath or Affirmation:— “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” HE HAS NOT!


            SOMEHOW VOID HIS PRESIDENCY NOW! What the HELL is wrong with US!

          15. David Gearhart says

            Every thing about Obama is a lie, the liberals knew it , and deflected all questions off as being racist. he is their greatest hope of destroying capitalism for socialism. They found someone that can smile and lie about his hate for America and they were still able to steal elections to put him into office. Eric Holder shut down all voter fraud cases. We will never know who would have won.

          16. Joe T says

            Yeah..a very SAD SAD state of affairs……….many reasons for this situation.
            Getting worst year after year……….

          17. pappadave says

            I don’t understand why everyone’s so surprised that Clinton and other Democrats have no interest in keeping their oaths of office since none of them seem to be disposed to keep the vows they take to their spouses.

          18. Chris Robinette says

            Hillary will not win.

          19. Joe T says

            Chris….I really like your thinking, and I hopefully agree…..she won’t.
            The Liberals (Progressives) and Dems accuse the Conservatives and Reps of hating them….not true; it’s the ideology of give everything away to the public in general………..singularly for votes for the Dems, without digressing 2 far I’ll attach an article FYI….best regards, Joe T

            Conservative vs Liberal Ideologies

            Political Views


            Anti-federalist. Prefer smaller government, less regulation, most services to be provided by the private sector in a free market, and a literal interpretation of the Constitution.


            Federalist. Prefer more regulation and services like free universal health care to be provided by the government to all citizens.

            Economic Views

            Right wing

            Government should tax less and spend less. Cutting spending to balance the budget should be the priority. Higher income earners should have an incentive to invest (credits). Charity is the responsibility of the people.

            Left Wing

            Government should provide more services to the less fortunate (like health care) and increase taxes if necessary. High-income earners should pay a larger percentage of their income as taxes.

            Social Views

            Right Wing

            Opposed to gay marriage, abortion and embryonic stem cell research. Support the right to bear arms, death penalty, and personal responsibility as an individual.

            Left Wing

            Gay couples to get equal rights like everyone else (e.g. marriage); abortion should be legal; support embryonic stem cell research. Support restrictions and regulation around the right to bear arms.

            Personal Responsibility

            Right Wing

            Individuals should exercise personal responsibility and it is the governments role to hold them accountable even with severe penalties. Laws are enacted to reflect the best interest of the society as a whole.

            Left Wing

            The people should look to the government to provide a structure. Laws are enacted to protect every individual for an equal society sometimes at the expense of economic freedom if necessary.

            Indisputable facts

          20. Chris Robinette says

            Thank you and that was interesting reading.

          21. The redhawk says

            which bring the Question :’ Who’s on top’??…She’s on the Heavy Side and Huma might Fold !!! oOPS did you mean On top of Bubba??

          22. dkuchera says

            Careful there have been people around hillary no longer alive after they said bad things about her!

          23. Joe T says

            SHE’s a BIG POS……………a liar to boot, one thing for sure she can’t spell INTEGRITY………….or abide by it….nor Mr. Bill………..SAD, SAD, F’ing SAD.

          24. Chris Robinette says

            You mean that Hillary has a bigger cock than her wife, Bill?

          25. ward says

            billy will kiss bo’s posterior for all the Cuban cigars that will assist his hobby & hill can sit back & dream … !

        4. Btty says

          I think Killary has her work cut out for her if and it’s a huge IF the Republicans put up a decent Republican. Sorry, but Jeb Bush is NOT the one! Killary has a lot of hurdles and she will be bombarded with the death of four Americans and her shrill voice saying: WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?

          1. Dave McFarland says

            My 2 choices to run for the next POTUS are Dr. Benjamin Carson and Mike Huckabee. I like Mitt Romney; however, he has way too much baggage. I want someone every conservative can rally around. I believe Ben and Mike are the best to offer coming from the conservative side. Both has very solid moral standards and both support The US Constitution beginning with the very first word, to the very last word. Regardless of the GOP nomination, this country will fall into chaos if another radical progressive liberal Marxist makes it to the Whitehouse. Wake up America! The Democrat Party is evil and has shed its moral coat for tyranny. Where are the JFK Democrats?

          2. Deborah G says

            They were killed off look at Killary’s kill record. Look at the Dead Bankers, look at the NWO ALL are trying to take over America. This next two years we ALL better get behind every constitutional Conservative candidate whoever it is and get out is HUGE numbers and vote this scum into oblivion

          3. Angry American says

            The reason no country has dared to invade America is that there are just to many guns that will be pointed at them with patriotic
            Americans that are also former military & doing so would be very costly in terms of men & material. Is that the reason Obama wants our guns? Think about it for awhile I am sure it will come to you, their gun grab with using the UN is just another attempt to make the U.S. defenseless

          4. Deborah G says

            I never doubted his agenda for a second. Hirohito during WW2 made it a point never to invade outr mainland because he feared the armed citizenry. AND I ZDo believ as sure as I breathe that OBAMA and his henchmenn had Chris Kyle killed[American Sniper] because he was a threat to Obama. Obama feared he could take him oput from 1/2 mile away. The story about him getting killed by a guy he was helping? No witeneesses then the guy is taken away NEVER to be seen or heard from again even by his own family? His own sister said he told her the “men” told him he shot Kyle but he had no memory of it. They put him in a mental hospital but his family was not allowed to see him. Then they said he was moved but wouldn’t tell them where? THIS does not pass the smell test

          5. dondehoff says

            Deborah, only as a very last resort, should we resort to armed revolt. True, we would have much “firepower”. but in todays modern armed world, the average “deer rifle” or other available weapons would be no match for weapons that can identify and strike a person from at least 5 miles away. Also the typical household has but enough food/potable water for only 2 or 3 days, and on the streets, we would not be able to identify the “good guys from the bad”—and most all electricity, gasoline, cellphones, computers and food would not be available and yes, the NWO fanatics would be out in force, using WMD. At this point, our problems rise well above the political party level, and the “pen(vote) is still mightier than the sword”. If enough people contact their legislators, both at the state and federal level, they will listen, as their jobs are at stake, especially if the NWO factions get into power, as all future decisions will be made by a handful of fanatics. Those NWO groups, just for “PR” purposes, might let congress survive, but their duties would be reduced to settling family squabbles and traffic tickets. People, it is time to “speak-up” and vote conservatives into office.

          6. Seldena says

            AMEN!! I agree 100%!!!

          7. Jarhead says

            And put the guilty in prison. Traitors in Gitmo.

          8. Al Clarke says

            And that doesn’t mean Republicans.

          9. Chris Robinette says

            What makes you think the military will stand with Obama against the American people?

          10. dondehoff says

            Chris, as a retired military officer, I think an enemy would infiltrate and use our Homeland Security forces with most of our armed forces being “pre-committed” to overseas “situations”. I suspect the new HLS department is presently invested with many Muslim or “others” of a socialist “bent”. And, don’t forget, the Muslims since the 7th Century, have used “locals” called to “armed Jihad” to augment their forces, and they have somewhere between two and ten million Muslims here in the U.S., and we don’t know who most of them are—as they are your neighbors, fellow workers, business owners, etc. Most of their efforts would be directed to blowing up cell-phone, TV, and communication towers, bridges, police and fire stations, power stations and grids, airport control towers, auto and rail “tunnels”. dams, etc. To defend from this potential enemy, we need for every law enforcement agency in the U.S., to have a voluntary “auxiliary/reserve” force equal in size to their regular forces, that could be dispersed to protect those critical locations. .

          11. Seldena says

            No, something is awfully fishy with all that I agree.

          12. Michael Dennewitz says

            I think we all know the HNIC had him done in and then made sure no one could find the bastard that was sent to off him… But I also feel that you can’t possibly get rid of all of them! Somewhere, unbeknownst to anyone, is a sniper, honing his skill until the perfect time!!

          13. hankthetank says

            Remember ,Benghazi, they knew to much of what was going on,& had to be taken out!!!

          14. Al Clarke says


          15. Joe T says

            Because the WH is full or rats

          16. OldHighlandGuyOne says

            You must remember that Obama is in a position to invoke martial law, and he probably will do so within 18 months. When Obama does that, this country is doomed.

            Martial law will lead to civil war and you and I will be fighting for our very lives. Many of us will lose our lives in this struggle.

            Go to RUNBENRUN.ORG and sign the petition to get Dr. Carson to run for president.

            Pray for America.

          17. Jimmy King says

            ok chicken little

          18. edward martis says

            I know lots of cops and military troopies that will turn their backs on oshit—-they hate the little ‘god’ to no end……………and would have him hanging from a tree on the WH lawn; than to fire on US citizens…. this in particular—-tune in cities (on your short wave radio) that have military bases near-by and listen to the ‘talk radio’ types——-you will hear for yourself——I lived near Las Vegas (Nellis AFB) and you should hear what the GI’s have to say about oshit ; they called him every fucking name you have ever heard and would have him before a firing squad if they could………..I am x-Army (21 yrs) and personally know hundreds of GI’s who would fight over the privilege of being on that ‘firing squad’ ; just like the commie Romanian Presiident Nicoli Chauchescu (sp) in the 70’s (the whole thing is on YouTube )—–the Romanian army troopies were picking out cards from a polker deck ——the 5 highest cards won—–they nailed his evil wife at the same time

          19. edward martis says

            if o can get just 2 more ‘progressive’ s appointed to the US Supreme Court—–you can kiss the 2nd Amendment good-by——and then the civil war with ‘progressives’ will start shortly thereafter——–the US military will promptly arrest him—-I know that for a fact…. that all of the US military hates O—with unbridled hate—–I spent 22 yrs in the US Army—–if you doubt it–ask any active duty member of the military for their opinion of o’

          20. Angry American says

            Obama at one time suggested that the military pay for their own health care among his many other moronic ideas for the military, is it any wonder that they do not like him?

          21. Jarhead says

            With all the massive corruption in the VA Health Care System for Vets MANY disabled vets are paying for their own Health Care.

          22. Angry American says

            I have paid for my own health care since I started working I also paid for one of my employees that was also a vet. The cost as we got older became prohibitive, so when I turned 65 I went on medicare but continued to pay for the other vet until I found out that these days the VA health care is like having an HMO & going to the VA w not a all day affair. Dan like it unfortunately I had already signed up for medicare but have given considerable though about taking my VA benefits too as many do, not sure if I would use the VA or keep seeing the drs that I see already of course the prescription drug program would be a good benefit as the co pays are small. My disability is not service connected but rather by an accident I had in 2006 that left me with mobility problems & of course these days the civilian drs do not want to prescribe the pain meds I need to make my life somewhat normal. I stilll have the option of changing health plans to one here in orange Co Ca. I was sent to pain management that I have been to before & actually hate going there & o0f course he didn’t or wouldn’t give me what I have been taking for about 8 years thanks to the new restrictions on pain meds. To that I have all the addicts to thank for that. It all started with the price of the Avinza that I was taking, when they refused to pay for it due to the cost & life has been hard for me since then. I even had an MRI done to show that my vertebrae are still grinding away at each other & have lost 2 1/ inches in height & pressing on the nerves & this drs lowered the dosage making it even more difficult to stand erect. I will be getting the first prescription filled later this week & already know it will not be effective to that I can thank obamacare

          23. Todd Driscoll says

            I feel your frustration with the insurance company’s. I am undergoing chemo and radiation for a brain tumor and spend my days over a toilet/trash can or whatever bucket I can find to use due to the fact that my insurance refuses to pay for my nausea pills that my doctor prescribes. I don’t take ANY pills that have not been proven to be effective(by my tests, not there’s). my first day of treatment I was puking in the parking lot at a local super center and due to the fact that my illness has caused hair loss and other physical deterioration,s the L.E.O.’s were called for a drug attic having an attack in their parking lot. when I walked away from the L.E.O. so I wouldn’t puke on him he placed his hand on his gun and un-secured his weapon. luckily my mother(god bless her) was the one driving at the time and explained to them that I was sick due to my treatments and I was told I should be confined to my house for the course of my treatments so I don’t get arrested for public intoxication.

          24. Angry American says

            I sympathize with you as I know that the anti nausea meds will help & also how it feels when they deny you something that would make life easier for you. When I first went on medicare it was a good program with affordable co-pays. Now some of the co-pays are so high that I pay more than the insurance co’s do. When we need it the most obamacare has made it into a program that sucks & there isn’t much that can be done. One thing you can do is have your dr call the insurance co & speak to the about the meds you need. I think it is called preapproval & they will make exceptions in some cases & it sounds like you would probably be eligible for the anti nausea meds, good luck & may your suffering be short lived

          25. gingergirl says

            Where are our military leaders? They should have ALREADY arrested him and taken over the rule of this country until we can elect a true American that believes in our Constitution!
            It is imperative that we elect a true American this time around. I don’t think o has any intention of leaving his cushy job in 2017.

          26. Angry American says

            Those are the ones that obama had dismissed from the military, they had to take some kind of loyalty test & if they didn’t give the “right” answers they got the boot along with some of their staff that supported them. This is why so many people say that he has decimated our military keeping only the jr. officers that supported him. Sad day when the congress made him commander in chief. Why they did it the 2nd time is beyond me. The president is not made commander in chief automatically just because he became president congress has to give him that job & they should have with held it after the first term as they knew then what he was & probably figured out what he was up to by then, but it was still under democrap control then too. Let us not forget that obama also has his private army also. I haven’t heard much about that little trick he wanted but am sure it is moving along, just kept secret from us all

          27. edward martis says

            I agree; but doing this is a very serious step; to say the least….at the rate things are going, who knows ? remember, oshit still has 2 years to go,,,,,,,hopefully, when jan. comes and the repubs take over congress and the senate; things will change…if not we are fucked into oblivion…

          28. gingergirl says

            I, for one, REFUSE to be f***** into oblivion. At the very least, I will stand and fight this muslim loving, American hating A**hole! I am sure that there are very many more that feel as I do!

          29. Elmer Goetz says

            You are right….I’ve several relatives in the military and they hate Os guts.

          30. edward martis says

            have you gone to any very large gun shows lately (like las vegas, nv) ? ..- they sell ammo by the tons—-if oshit thinks the US military will obey him—when he zaps the second amendment====and tries to grab all of the guns—-he is sorely mistaken—-the US armed forces from general to private have a boiling hate for him…..I spent 22 yrs in the US Army—–Also, the average cop feels the same way—–

          31. Angry American says

            Is that why he has made over 200 staff officers leave the military? They gave them a “loyalty test” & the ones that did not support him & his agenda were shown the door leaving only “loyalist to him” in charge of the military. As for the services standing with Americans I wouldn’t be to sure about that & as for them not firing on citizens I have 2 words for you “Kent State” You remember that, that was when the national guard was called out for demonstrations on campus & they opened fire on students that were protesting killing some & wounding many more. I don’t know about our Army today but would like to think they would join us after all they are Americans too & most have family that may be in those marches. When I was in we went to D.C. for the civil rights marches & waited in the wings but nothing happened then & hopefully nothing will happen if Americans march on D.C. by millions this time as it will be a major march against what many view as tyranny by this administration but I wouldn’t put it past obama to send agitators into the crowd to create problems for the many. In fact I don’t put anything above what this turd would & could do, I like the boy scout motto about being prepared it has worked for me my entire life

          32. Seldena says

            With BHO I think if things keep going–ISIS will be here before you know it and yes their flag will fly on the WH because that is exactly what he wants!! He has already state that we are a muslim country!!!

          33. Angry American says

            The quote he made about “standing with the muslims” to me was the most disturbing. I hope that if it comes to that he is standing in the front instead of his leading from behind. I doubt very much that he knows how to lead anything

          34. emag says

            But no one in the media picked up on the ‘standing with the muslims”. No one wondered about that.

          35. Chris Robinette says

            How about, “I will not go against my muslim brothers”?

          36. Arizona Don says

            They would/will kill him before giving up the power to them!

          37. Arizona Don says

            NO administration, not just the obama administration, can ever confiscate all the guns in the United States of America unless we, the citizen gun owner, surrender and give them up. It is physically impossible. The progressives have been crying it is impossible to deport 20 million or so illegal’s from this country, then turn around and support gun confiscation. That’s how dumb they are. However, there are well over 300 million legal guns here and perhaps another 20 million or so illegal guns (legal guns owned by felons). It is impossible to confiscate them all! Never register them and never give them up. Ever!

          38. hankthetank says

            You are 1’000 % right ! Look at other country’s, they take them over once a year,look at Tanzanian, it has changed 3 times sense obama has been in office!!!

          39. Al Clarke says

            Likely true. He combats the Oath Keepers by purging them out of the military. Thomas Jefferson, for Christians: “Those who turn their swords into plowshares will plow for those who do not.”

          40. Conservative says

            I’m glad you said Conservative since there is such a thing a a RINO Republican and Republicans whose usefulness to the Constitution is now irrelevant.

          41. Seldena says

            Amen to that!!

          42. Carl Showalter says


          43. Deborah G says

            Excellant choice

          44. Roger_T73 says

            Deb, I am sorry, but as a Conservative, I will not vote for a RINO, even if it helps billery. Last election, Ann Colter begged Conservatives to hold our noses and vote republican. I did and we got Boehner’s 1.1 Trillion dollar Surrender!!!
            I will not make that mistake again.

          45. Deborah G says

            She was 100% right. FIRST we have to gain back the houses then I have big faith in the real conservatives to push back hard. I think people truely do not understand Boehner’s job. He is not bad like people think because of what he has to do. That being said I think you have to trust the new people and the T-party members to make the difference. It would be childish to assume that 2 months after the election everything would be exactly what you or I want. We don’t have to deal within the landscape. Trust God and the people elected to get it done. PLEASE>

          46. hankthetank says

            You only have 2 choices!bad or worse!!!

          47. Unique says

            I would never vote for Dr. Carson, I do not want another black man in the white house. Neither would I vote for Huckabee, I do not want anyone religious in the white house. I do not want any one who is against women. Stay out of my bedroom and out of my vagina. I would also not vote for Bush, not Christie, not Perry, not Walker, not any of these comedians that want to run for President. I do know that if Elizabeth Warren was running I would certainly vote for her.
            It seems to me that the United States is in big trouble and either Russia or China will be the next big countries to run the world.

          48. Dave McFarland says

            Unique, you must be a very frustrated woman. You obviously don’t know anything at all about Carson or Huckabee. It sounds to me that you are just another bigot who will not or cannot filter out the liberal liars. I feel badly for you because from the words that you speak, you would not like any black person, even if it were Mia Love. Please do some soul searching and look for the truth. Or, if all else fails, keep your racist, bigoted, and ignorant comments to yourself. They serve no purpose.

          49. Conservative says

            Why waste your time responding to “Unique”. All she really cares about is her ‘vagina’.

          50. emag says

            Ah yes, that might be Sandra Fluck under “Unique”.

          51. Angry American says

            She would vote for them only if they are liberals & of course a democrat

          52. emag says

            And she would vote for fauxcohantas Warren, the liarwaha?
            Well, that tells you something. You know Warren is a total commie.

          53. Angry American says

            Why don’t you just say “I am a liberal & will not vote for any gop, no matter how qualified they are

          54. The redhawk says

            BUT will these Narcissistic Dipstick ever admit to BEING STUPID???

          55. linda15419 says

            Somehow I have the feeling that no one has a problem staying out of your bedroom and out of your vagina.

          56. Deborah G says

            Elizabeth Warren is a LIAR {said she was American Indian to get free education] Her law license was taken,She is an avowed Communist. You want that? Then I don’t think you belong here go to a site where Communists are . The best party for woimen is Republican although you obviously have been brain scammed into the lies of the left.

          57. Conservative says

            Elizabeth Warren is a Communist.

          58. Deborah G says

            Tel me something I don’t know LOL NOW try and get the stupid vapid Liberal white women to believe the truth. THAT is an impossibilty.

          59. Angry American says

            What do you think Hillary is? m It sure isn’t obama light

          60. Deborah G says

            Hiallry first and foremost is an avowed Saul Alinsky personal friend devotee` Commie lying hypocritcal murdering theiving exploitive bitch..if I can think of anything else I’ll let you know

          61. OldHighlandGuyOne says

            You got it wrong about Dr. Carson, he is not just black, he is an American. Dr. Carson is a true American.

          62. Seldena says

            Yes he is! People quit look at the skin colr!! Look where that got you low IQ voters! Look at the CHARACTER, INTEGRITY of the person this time around. Please you have got to vote for a true CONSERVATIVE that wants to restore our Republic!

          63. Ted Culbreath says

            I’ve been reading up on Dr. Carson. I like his values and his outlook for America and our people. He has a forward view of just what America stands for. As for Elizabeth Warren isn’t she a dis-barred liar? So that’s who you would want for our President? You may as well vote liberal and stay Democrat and Communist.

          64. dondehoff says

            “Unique”, you are woefully ignorant of the much larger picture. I use the term “ignorant” only to mean you don’t have the facts., Now is not the time for ANY female president. About half of the world land-mass is controlled or heavily influenced by Muslims and they are focused on world domination and women do not fit into their concept of “people”—-they are treated like cattle , at the beck and call of domineering males. “They” say in a legal process, it takes two women to equal the vote of one male. They also say a women raped, must have 4-witnesses to back up her story (If there were 4 witnesses, a rape probably would not occur). If the raped female cannot prove her case, she could be “stoned” (based upon the barbaric Muslim idea, that she brought the issue upon herself). Due to this 7th Century very barbaric approach to women, it does not yet make sense to place a women in positions of authority as they just would not be accepted as equals at a negotiating table. Our ladies’ time will come, but right now we do not have one of the “Margaret H.Thatcher” caliber. Also, everyone, recall Hillary Clinton’s very apparent distraught appearance and responses to the Bengasi issue—and in her case, with an ex-president, as a husband, whose input and expertise would we be getting?—-I would hate to see an international or other critical issue be subjected to one of the “presidents” being forced to “sleep on the couch! And, let us “face it”, a “tour” as a Vice President, does not in any way, qualify anyone for president—look at the last two general elections.

          65. Seldena says

            Not have a godly man in the WH is what has caused all this trouble in the first place!!

          66. Btty says

            Wow, you better pray we get a Christian in there. We have a non Christian and look where it’s gotten us! Sounds to me like you’re leaving the door wide open to liberal commies. Most of us have had enough of liberal idiots! Aren’t you watching what they have done to this country? Are you one of Obama’s useful idiots?

          67. Shauna says

            Unique, question for you….Who do you think is responsible for the US being in big trouble? Have you looked at our debt? Have you seen any foreign dealings that has been successful under this current admin? How about healthcare? Elizabeth Warren is yet another dumb ass, buried in the same ideology…In your comment, I see your spewing the same talking points that are being spewed by the left.. ??? Are you truly aware of what is happening to our country right now, or are you happy hiding behind false narratives?

          68. mac12sam12 says

            Warren is further left than Barry. An anti-capitalist who became a millionaire because of capitalism. After 8 years of failed democrat policies, do you think voters would vote for four more years? The last time the Whitehouse was held longer than 8 years was when Bush Sr. won after 8 years of reagan.

          69. Btty says

            Dave, I like the two men you mention very much but not for President. I love Dr. Carson and what he stands for but he has no experience and no military background. I hope and pray we get a President that has a military background and a has foreign policy experience. Having said that I would take Dr. Carson over Mike Huckabee. Mike Huckabee is not tough enough. He would be good with financial matters and to get this country on the right road but I wouldn’t want him for foreign policy. We need someone who will rebuild our military because until we do that we will always look weak. We need to reinstate the draft and if we get into these wars we need to start winning them. Sending our young men and women to war just to pussy foot around and get them killed has got to stop! Just to sum this up we need stronger men than the two you mentioned. For Domestic issues I love Dr. Carson but there’s more to being a President. We have one with no experience we better learn from it. Huckabeee lost once and he would loose again. He just isn’t a get in the mud fighter.

          70. Conservative says

            Dr. Carson has the wisdom to choose the very best Secretary of Defense and the intelligence to weigh and follow sound advice. He would respect and use the Military intelligently and uphold their rights.

            Mike Huckabee could also be appointed to his Administration in many different positions.

            Dr. Carson’s Presidency could make great strides in repairing the damage Obozo has done and is continuing to do at every level. Obozo hates us, period!

          71. Btty says

            I hate to be the one to say it BUT and unfortunately I think of has ruined it for a black man for sometime. The other thing is and I stand strong on this point. I want military experience in my president. I want strong experience and love of our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

          72. Deborah G says

            I think you are probably tight sadly

          73. Angry American says

            When the congress came into session & the congressmen that stood & raised their hands showing solidarity with Michael Brown even though the grand jury refused to indict him, seems to me they think this cop should just have let him to beat the crap out of him with out him protecting himself, where does the hypocracy end with these clowns? You know it had to be the black block of them

          74. fred says

            They are too disadvantaged on the evolutionary scale to understand how they are being manipulated by the deceptive minds of the evil king born in kenya and his minions! Darwin was right!

          75. hankthetank says

            You can have them ,in Department of defense, & the Sectary of State !!!

          76. Seldena says

            Mike is just too weak in so many areas. We need a Constitutional Conservative that will uphold and defend the laws of the Constitution. I wish Ted Cruz could run!!

          77. hankthetank says

            How about Scott Walker & Ben Carson or Rand Paul ! Scott Walker, has proved he can win, He has beat Obama, then the democrat recall then the Unions!! he has walked the talk !!!

          78. Jimmy King says

            Which “laws of the Constitution” are you referring to?

          79. Seldena says

            ALL of them!!! Gun rights. freedom of Speech, etc.

          80. Jimmy King says

            How has Obama violated your freedom of speech?

          81. Seldena says

            he is trying with the Internet and Reid has been trying to change our Freedom of speech for a year! Where have you been?

          82. Jimmy King says

            LOL Trying with the internet Where have I been??? Right here waiting for an example of how Obama has violated your free speech. And all you can say is he “tried with the internet”

            Specifically tell me how Obama EVER violated your constitutional rights?

            You morons parrot this shit you hear and don’t even know what it means

          83. Deborah G says

            I agree I love Dr Carson but we need someone tough an can handle this mess. Obama screwed up the Democrat party until it is now the Communist party. Middle of the road republicans honestly DO have the best chance to effect any change but the TRUE cionservatives will put on the heat.

          84. Conservative says

            Dr. Carson yes…..Mike Huckabee No, he is a good man and would make a good president but he is unelectable. Romney No….We need new fresh blood and Romney is too nice to fight the radical left and their corruption.

            The liberal Democrats would crucify JFK and MLK. The liberals are now reject everything they stood for.

          85. Seldena says

            Demonrats have gone to much with the Communists and have become so UNAMERICAN that they cannot even run themselves!

          86. Deborah G says

            Romney said today GOP should take a deep breath and grant permanent Amnesty

          87. Seldena says

            Mike is a good choice–Ben Carson with Allen West is a good ticket!! Ben would be a good Conservative and West is a good military man…

          88. Deborah G says

            We just dpon’t need another inexperienced person. I love Dr Carson but more as a VP frirst time

          89. Phyllis says

            I think Ben Carson is a fine upstanding man and certainly capable, by way of character, intelligence.. to run for president but unfortunately Mr. Obama has closed the door for a long time for any African american to be elected as president. There are 3 massive groups of people that will determine who gets elected in 2016 and none of the politicians are even aware of them and that is a good thing.

          90. Jimmy King says

            “I like Mitt Romney; however, he has way too much baggage. I want someone every conservative can rally around.”

            Did you really write those 2 sentences next to one another? Mitt, the architect of Obamacare is who you like and you want someone every conservative can rally around? Holy Shit are you stupid

          91. Dave McFarland says

            What on Earth is your problem? I said I liked him. I did not say I would vote for him. His envision of his healthcare system in Mass. is very different than The Affordable Care Act. Apparently, you have trouble understanding the written word. I wonder how much more you misunderstand? My nominees would be Dr. Ben Carson, Mike Huckabee, Mia Love, or Rand Paul. Now, perhaps, you might re-read my first comment, then, apologize. You have the right to your opinion; however, you don’t have the right to your own facts. One more thing my friend. Once someone uses foul language, one tends to rely on it. It just makes you sound classless.

          92. kenndeb says

            Do you really think there will be another election? I’m not too optimistic about our future as a country. I think we are going to have a war, just to keep what we have left in the way of rights and freedoms. The Emperor will most likely declare martial law and stay.

          93. Michael Dennewitz says

            My grandmother told me some really scary stories of hangings in the south in her time. Maybe it needs to happen all over again. Guess who I’d choose first?? heeheehee

          94. hankthetank says

            You, better think again on your choice! you are right about Jeb Bush, you can add; Mitt Romenny, Chris Cristie , & Mike Huckabee, I ,can not trust these four!! Huckabee ,couldn’t make it as a preacher, or Governor! I think they would flip on us in a NY minute! I like; Scott Walker- Ben Carson—- or Rand Paul!! no body would vote for Ron Paul because he didn’t speak well, but I believe him to be a true American!!!

          95. Al Clarke says

            Huck is a socialist, expecting government to reflect the New Testament ethics of caring for the poor and socialism as practiced by the early church. The story in Acts of Annanias and Saphira is a good illustration of the mechanics of socialism, even as practiced by sincere Christians.

          96. Dave McFarland says

            Al, why is Mike Huckabee a socialist? You must have him confused with someone else. You must also think Ronald Reagan was a socialist.

          97. Angry American says

            I concur can’t stand to hear obama & with hillary & her voice it is like chalk on a black board to me can’t get hold of the remote fast enough to mute or change channels

          98. Paula says

            She’s not any better than barack… who can stand before a camera and LIE with a straight face and get people to believe him! She can and will! I will bet that Benghazi gets swept further under the bus!

          99. Seldena says

            jeb Bush will not be the Republican nominee! A strong Constitutional Conservative will be.

          100. Btty says

            From your lips to God’s ears

        5. Lili J says

          Nope they haven’t… that’s why there are still those who agree with all this garbage

        6. The redhawk says

          HILDERBEAST … That who you mean??

          1. Angry American says

            Yes I thought that was very clear & hilderbeast is a nice term for her I have slightly stronger language for her, so no one can make the mistake that I support her in any way shape or form. Just can’t stand to look & or hear her voice, I just sent a chill down my back thinking about her simply a disgusting female that wants to be a male

          2. The redhawk says

            Oh a few more Off the Cuff DUMB AS SED Speeches… Hand shakes with either Jack Daniels or Johnny Walker… bouncing Off walls causing Concussion and the SOW is DONE!

        7. hankthetank says

          They are ALL helping obama do this, they all belong to the Communist Party !!

        8. James Maxwell says

          You cannot fix “STUPID” unless you cut off the welfare so they have to go to work
          like the rest of the Nation to support themselves. Currently as long as the Left
          can buy votes with welfare, food stamps, free phone and other “gimme’s” from
          the Government TAX Payers they will continue to be the ignorant low information
          masses that the Left depends upon to continually vote them into office. After all
          you’re slaves has to vote for master or you might cut them off and make them go
          to work for a living.

        9. John Keatts says

          Angry American. They have their escape goat. That being the GOP. As long as these Liberals can put the blame on Bush they will. Wrong I agree. But then George W. refused to defend himself.

      3. Ronald Gunn says

        HEY Deborah, what did bastards do to you??

        1. Deborah G says

          Tried to destroy American values

          1. The redhawk says

            By VOTING as STUPID A- HOLES I PRESUME .to ELECT Gigantic mORONS..

      4. WhiteFalcon says

        The entire democrap party has become just that. They are totally run by the commies, or Nazis, Fascists, socialists, liberals, or whatever else you might call them, they are all the same which is total and complete tyranny. I would rather live in anarchy than that, but living under the Constitution is the best.

        1. Dave McFarland says

          Actually, WhiteFalcon, their agenda most closely mirrors Marxism.

          1. WhiteFalcon says

            There is little to no difference between any of them. They all amount to a great big Government that is all powerful and totally intrusive and it is run by a small elite group of morons. Each one boils down to complete and total tyranny. The average person is feces under their feet. The opposite would be total anarchy. I would rather live in anarchy than under total tyranny. The best that has ever happened is our Constitution, but the Government should reside within the boundries set out by the founding fathers, not today’s moronic Congress/president. They are fools.

          2. The redhawk says

            any “ISM” … All Bad Crap!

      5. The redhawk says

        and let Plantation Owners like Sharpton and Jack a ss on get away wiht Promoting Destruction via thugs hired to RIOT by them…

      6. badger says

        Yes Deborah, you hit that one out of the ball park. Look at his advisers, V. Jarrett’s father -in-law, Vernin Jarrett was an associate of Frank Marshall Davis, Labor movement activist and a member of the Communist Party movement and a big influence on Obama. Also the Black Chicago Defender a Communist newspaper had a big influence on Obama. Look it up.

      7. Joe T says

        Black birds of a feather…………….

      8. Michael Dennewitz says

        Everydamnedoneofthem are the new breed of mooselums and Ovomit is their emperor! Woe be to the USA!!

      9. Shauna says

        They should be in jail for this…..remember..we can’t ye;; “fire” in a crowded room…what the fuck are they doing? JAIL is the answer for these scum…I’m sick of these hypocrits..

      10. Herb Branch says

        Deborah, you are technically correct about the way the president and the A.G. think and function. But, please make your remarks without the curses. It will be more effective in persuading some persons to change their minds, instead of using those curses as an excuse not to accept the rest of your argument. Besides, you have a lovely BibIical name not associated with any vulgar behavior. Deborah was a prophetess and hero of the Israeli People, whose story is revealed in the Book of Judges in the Bible. All the best to you.

        1. Deborah G says

          I appreciate the reproach.So I editied the post for you. So sorry if I offended you. I just am so sick of people like Obama that hate the jews, sides with Islamic and wants to ruin America. His moral/Social values defy American values.yes my dad was jewish and my name is important to his culture and religion. My Mom was Italian catholic. All of Obama’s values are alien to me.

    3. chamuiel says

      Minnesota? Huh?

      1. Mark Lahti says

        Cut the guy a little slack here. He’s upset just as we all are and you know what he ment anyway.

        1. Ricarrdo estavans says

          Large sodas, medium sodas, mini sodas all taste the same.

      2. Ricarrdo estavans says

        I cant buy a large soda in NYC anymore only mini sodas.

        1. Angry American says

          Another case of government knowing what is best for you, lol

          1. Ricarrdo estavans says

            My reply had to do with another commentator mistaking Minnesota for Missouri I was having fun Minnesota mini soda

    4. The___Don says

      Hold o a minute Jimbo. I’m pretty sure Holder has half a brain and Obama has the other half.

      1. Mark Lahti says

        I beg to differ here. I firmly believe you couldn’t round up two complete brain cells if you gathered together all the socialists in our government today. BHO, Biden, Pelosi, Reid, Holder, and all the rest. Each and every one of them is at least two brain cells short of a complete thought.

        1. The___Don says

          I have to admit, sometimes I do exaggerate.

        2. ipsd48 says

          That whole group have synaps with burned out contact points

          1. Ricarrdo estavans says

            What about those zany and silly voters.

          2. Ben says

            “Obama won in every state that did not require a Photo ID and lost in every
            state that did require a Photo ID in order to vote”.

            This is a quote that was on the internet quite awhile back. Remember it?

          3. Ricarrdo estavans says

            What state(s) require a voter ID? I do agree If one is required to have an ID for just about everything from traveling on a plane to opening a checking account You would think the masses of peasants would demand an ID to preserve the integrity of choosing so called leaders of this once great republic now known as Romerica.

          4. helen sabin says

            This should be a FEDERAL law that is mandatory on the states – to vote – ID required and stop the nonsense with same day registration and mail in ballots. Show up and vote or shut your mouth.

          5. Ricarrdo estavans says

            I do show up and keep my mouth shut.

          6. helen sabin says

            thank YOU for voting!!

          7. Ricarrdo estavans says

            It hasn’t helped except maybe this time. But I doubt it. The repubics are selling us again. Guaranteed

          8. helen sabin says

            VOTE anything but for the status quo whether DEM or GOP and try the tea party. They can’t be anything worse than Hank Johnson (D) who asked an admiral if they put more military on Guam if it would tip over. JEEZ – talk about stupid? And this guy is a congress critter?

            Or the DEM Black congressional congress who won’t allow WHITES into their caucus and yet are asking Obama to not “authorize” an Indian tribe for being against interracial marriage? JEEZ – talk about hypocrisy?

            And the GOP LIKES being the party that is in the minority – thus they don’t have to work hard. I would LOVE to get rid of McConnel and Boehner especially – can’t stand that guy!

          9. Ricarrdo estavans says

            I happen to be a friend of Jenny Beth Martin. I vote tea party, Ive been to wash dc. rallies. Lost count. Too many bus trips.Who knows, once these people get to dc they love the drug of power.

          10. helen sabin says

            You know the saying, “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely?” IT is often hard to resist the “trappings” of power.

            I too support the tea party but find that some of the local tea party groups forget WHY they are in politics – poor candidates have often been supported by the tea party – and the DEMS win every time.

            However, the GOP now has two years to do good things for America and if they don’t, then I will work to get rid of them and increase the power of the tea party!

          11. Ricarrdo estavans says

            Who knows. Prepare for the worst hope for the best. I trust no one. For three reasons. Id,ego,super ego.

          12. helen sabin says

            AMEN dear – and stick to this thinking!! BUT….depending on how old you are, you might consider getting involved in politics and TRYING to change the way the status quo does things….starting with term limits for congress and SCOTUS. Old foolish and most stupid liberals are dominating that bench and they NEED TO GO!

          13. Ricarrdo estavans says

            Im on board and been to many Tea Party rallies. A true AR shooting, cigar smoking, scotch and beer drink vegan patriot. Also trying to leave the biggest carbon footprint I can make. You have to leave something for future generations Im leaving carbon.

          14. Deborah G says

            Yup sure do

          15. OldPatriot32 says

            The moronic and entitlement-minded 52% who voted these maniacs into office will soon get what they deserve, and it won’t be the Utopia they thought they were voting for! Ferguson is just the canary in the coal mine now.

          16. Ricarrdo estavans says

            You mean entitlement programs are going to be cut.

        3. Ricarrdo estavans says

          Your all wrong they are evil geniuses. The ones who put these pukes into power are also geniuses and the ones who voted for B O (twice) are the morons.

        4. Ben says

          I hate to think what the group you’ve listed are doing now, with the leader of the “Chum” gang in the oval office.

        5. Deborah G says

          You forgot the poster child for Communism Lite Killary a Saul ALinsky personal protege`.

      2. Ricarrdo estavans says

        In keeping the spirit of this holiday season I see you are being generous.

      3. omegaman says

        No, that would make a whole brain and even his whole cabinet doesn’t have that much grey matter.

        1. The___Don says

          Point taken. I surrender!!

    5. 7papa7 says

      Just a side note it is Missouri not Minnesota, but that does not take away from what you are saying. You are so right that obama should be jailed, not for a lack of action but for inciting the people to riot by what he said. Before the first fact was in he blamed the police. First of all if he and holder would have stayed out it this never would have happened. It would have been kept a local issue, which it is, and it would have been over by now. Nobody would have been killed, no business burned to the ground, no looting, no stores forced to close etc.

      I wonder what these idiot liberals would be saying if it were reversed and a black cop killed a white man, was found innocent by a grand jury and the whites took to the streets doing the same things that the blacks are doing in Ferguson. I wonder just how quiet these idiot libs would be then. I would bet that the military and all the alphabet agencies would be sent in with orders to shoot on site. All rules of engagement would be suspended.

      1. Mark Lahti says

        It has happened just the way you described it with the exception of whites taking to the streets and rioting. We have more brains, common sense, and moral character than to do that sort of thing.

        1. Ray Taylor says

          In Alabama, coupla years ago.

          1. Ronald Gunn says

            Your point??

        2. 7papa7 says

          I was just making a hypothetical comparison of what would happen. It is obvious that they would not take to the streets or we would have seen it after the OJ trial and other “controversial” decisions.

          1. Elmer Goetz says

            We should have rioted after OJ got off. Because we didn’t I had to wait almost 6 years to get a big screen tv….and I had to pay for it. I’m still pissed. (sarc)

          2. Angry American says

            Just like every riot that has ever taken place they go for the items that they covet so much, But I have one question & that is>> Why do they break into dry cleaners for used clothing but then of course it is cleaned for them but still used I would think they would rather have new cloths instead of used. But then I have never rioted & stupid enough to pay for every thing I have, sure would save lots of money

          3. Deborah G says

            They think they are “entitled” because whitey 150 years ago had slaves. Sick stupid bastards

          4. 7papa7 says

            Hey it’s not to late, maybe you can return your big screen and then join a local riot to steal it back. //s

          5. Angry American says

            True many, many whites are simply to busy working to support their families & they can not afford to take time off to march & let this government know how disgusting their program of changing the greatest country the world has ever seen. These are some of the words that oweblowhole has used in the past, it is just to bad that he does not believe his own speeches to him they are only words used to garnish votes

          6. 7papa7 says

            I agree. He says what the audience he is in front of wants to hear knowing that he has no intention of following through.

        3. Angry American says

          It just may come to the point where we all have to unite to keep America free & take down this administration & go back to the basics like following the constitution. I have been hearing about a large group of
          Americans marching on D.C. to show our disgust with the government that does not follow the constitution rather looking out for them selves. Makes me wonder if millions marching on the capitol would actually bring about the changes that are needed to go back to where we were a few decades ago.; With nostalgia being for the freedoms we enjoyed for so long, this may just happen soon. With all the talk on the internet the government knows that something is up & they are preparing for this to come about

      2. Fedup says

        There are incidents of black cops killing whites. The difference is that the liberal media believes that ONLY whites are racist. Whites don’t take their aggravations out on their communities. Whites are more civilized and know how to conduct themselves. I include Hispanics when I say whites. You don’t hear about Hispanics rioting and looting when one of their own is killed by a cop. That’s because we know it was more than likely justified. We know what it means to be held accountable for your OWN actions. Black people haven’t learned that yet and won’t as long as they allow the liberals to kep them on their plantations.

        1. 7papa7 says

          That is the point I was makiing along with the fact that this dictator and his AG are total 100% hard core racists.

          1. Fedup says

            Yes they are. The liberal media refuses to report the race of the individuals when it’s a black cop shooting an unarmed white kid. These black cops could possibly be thinking “that’s one for the blacks that are shot by white cops”. Who knows what they think or if they think that way at all. Browns parents are making it sound like Wilson woke up thinking “I’m going to kill an unarmed black kid today. That is my goal.” The media is buying it. White people are the only ones who are racist. If that was really the case, not a single unqualified black person would be holding jobs they are not qualified to do. Like the man occupying the White House? How can a community organizer be “qualified” after only serving one term in the senate? That proves he was elected based on skin color only.

          2. Angry American says

            Yes & this political BS is getting very old, I think a majority of people voted for this turd simply because he is black & this is what has been brought about by being politically correct how very cosmopolitan they elected a unqualified inept moron as president

          3. Fedup says

            What exactly did he do to deserve a Nobel Peace Prize? I think I read somewhere that after it was given to him, they realized it was a mistake but it was too late. Moochelle got her “job” because someone was owed a favor. She never actually did anything in that “job” except talk on the phone and take extra long lunches. I bet they clean out the WH of everything valuable when they leave. Poor Moochelle will have to pay for her own staff to wipe her a$$. I wonder how she’ll like that? They may have to cut back on the lavish vacations and golf outings.

          4. Angry American says

            I have also wondered since they gave him the Nobel, just exactly what for, being born black & 1/2 white? I also want to know which 1/2 is white & which 1/2 is black is it upper & lower or left verses right? As far as I have read he has accomplished nothing in his life prior to being elected a senator from ILL. & even that he did not vote for any thing significant mostly voted present it sure is a mystery to me??? But then I do not sit on the committee that awards the prize

          5. Fedup says

            He only gave SPEECHES. He smooth talked his way into the Nobel Peace Prize just like he did the presidency. His actions have not been consistent with those speeches and it’s rumored that the committee asked for the NPP back. Don’t know if that’s true or not. No time to research now.

          6. Deborah G says

            He didn’t talk his way into anything he was hand picked and elected, call it NWO affirmative action . he just THINKS he won because he an egotist

          7. Dave McFarland says

            Angry American, when Obama was in his first reign of terror, I had a golfing buddy who wanted to know for whom I voted to be POTUS. I told him that voted for the GOP nominee because he more closely matched my personal ideals. He then told me that he believed I voted against Obama because of the color his skin. Well, I then went on to explain to him why I voted the way I did. Because my ex-golfing buddy is black, he went on a tirade declaring that white people would naturally vote against him simply because he was black. I then asked him if he voted for Obama and responded “I did vote for Obama because he believed only a black man would understand the racist history behind the Republican Party.” I then asked him if the reason he voted for Obama was because he is black, he said “Of course I did.” At that point, I told him that he was then a racist. Because my ex-friend is black, he voted for Obama. That makes him a bigot and a racist. He refuses to associate with me any longer….and that is okay with me. I do not associate with bigots or racists, regardless of their color. Nor should anyone else. If anyone out there is a bigot or racists, that is your loss. I have no use for racists or bigots. Stay away from me. Angry American, stay the course and stay conservative.

          8. Angry American says

            Yet they call you racist, but not the black former friend. I have found that blacks & Hispanics are the most racist people in America. Not all of them but a majority & some blacks have insulted me for being white & blame me for things that happened before I was born & even before my grandfather was born I always ask them starting with the word, Huh? I used to0 try to explain to them that it was before my time but gave up a long time ago, you just can not reason with stupidity

          9. 7papa7 says

            I totally agree. A friend of mine was a cop assigned to gangs and he finally got so fed up with it he quit. He became a baby sitter instead of being allowed to do his job. He understood that you needed to be tough on gang members not coddling them. The only way to stop them is to show you are tougher than them and have less tolerance for them and if they are going to participate in crime you will be on them like white on rice. If the blacks were as tolerant toward whites as whites are towards blacks this nation would change dramatically. This doesn’t include everyone obviously but it does include the majority.

          10. Fedup says

            Why would he not be allowed to do his job? The police have to show force against criminals otherwise they will not be taken seriously. I’ll be the first one to say it, we need more cops like Officer Williams. He was still attempting to do his job when it appeared that Michael Brown was running away. The more tolerance the white people show, the weaker we appear to other races. They take advantage of that and when that happens, we get another Ferguson. The one thing that makes me angry with Ferguson is their chant of “Black lives matter”. Like they are the only ones? What about whites, hispanics, asians, or any other group of people? We allow them to stay on their plantations instead of challenging them to rise above it. Cut off the welfare, foodstamps, Section 8 housing, and any other government subsidy after a certain amount of time. I don’t care if they go to school for a hugely discounted cost as long as that discount can be used by all people who are at or below the poverty level. Encourage them to move up in the world and you’ll see more of them taking responsibility for their actions. Why? Because when someone gets an education, a good paying job, and is in a position to obtain whatever they want within their means, they are going to realize they did it themselves and will do everything they can to hold on to it. Even with a little “help” because they are no longer depending on someone else to take care of them. It’s a freedom within itself. Their tolerance will also be greater because of the huge number of other races they will come into contact with when they leave the ghettos. They start to realize that their beliefs about racism are misplaced.

          11. 7papa7 says

            I agree with you, the only concern I would have is that because they believe society owes them instead of making something of themselves the breaking and entering, stealing etc will increase. They were held back from “getting up in their face” was against police policy and they could be fired for it. The rules had changed where you had to be a baby sitter NOT a cop. This was in CA and they are pretty much always on the forefront of stupidity. Another thing that must happen for any group to improve is for it to start at the highest level, the WH. The actions are no surprise because they are just emulating the president. He has been on the wrong side of these types of happenings every single time. He and his boy holder believe that in every situation the black is always right regardless of the facts.

          12. Fedup says

            Very very true. Hopefully that will change when BO and Holder are gone. Any AG he appoints is going to continue down the same line. I hope these next two years fly!

          13. 7papa7 says

            I hope that unless he sends over someone who is truly politically neutral and who supports the Constitution they just don’t approve them. I would have no problem whatsoever we go the next 2 years without an AG especially a racist like he and holder are.

          14. Fedup says

            Yup. Same with the Surgeon General. His pick is not even close to being qualified for the position and he sees guns as a public health threat. He has been a practicing physician for only 8 years and has never even been a department head let alone a chief of medical staff. Obama wants him only because he is shoved up his a$$ so far he burps farts. I apologize for my un-lady like comment but it’s the truth. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that Ginsberg last until after the first of the year. Obama has been pressuring her to retire so he can nominate yet another radical liberal to ensure all SC decisions are unfair and biased. It’s probably Holder he wants in that position. God Bless You 7papa7. I sure hope we all make it through these next two years.

          15. 7papa7 says

            Since obama is totally unqualified why would he actually look for someone who is and make him look like the idiot that he is. He needs people dumber than he is no matter how difficult it is to find. Many think that obama will have a recess appointment for Ginsberg. The best thing about that would be it would be one liberal for another so the court would remain politically the same. Secondly recess appointments are only valid until the next election.

          16. Sue says

            He was elected because the Feds created a law called ‘Affirmative Action’, which was the most racist law in this country ever to be implemented. People weren’t accepted into colleges or the workforce because of their abilities – they were accepted because of their skin colors. That’s racist and the racism went all the way to the White House by appointing a dumb, ignorant Mulato who the globalist knew both blacks & whites would vote for if he preached about ‘change’. ..The only change Obama has made is stealing what rights we had left after all the other corrupt bastards stole as many rights as they could possibly get by with. ..So, the globalists did a swicharoo from Americans having an evil, corrupt, old white President, to Americans having an evil, corrupt Mulato to still f–K them over…Evilness is not in the skin color – it lies in the ability of dysfunctional human beings who allow themselves to be indoctrinated and brainwashed by evil, dysfunctional human beings.

          17. Fedup says

            You are absolutely right. I don’t believe in affirmative action at all. I think it needs to be abolished along with the NAACP, ACLU and many other black organizations. Get rid of Black History Month, Black Entertainment Television and anything else dedicated to blacks only OR allow the Whites, Hispanics, Asian and all other ethnicities to have their own TV station, month, awards show, etc…And we wonder why America is so divided…

          18. Sue says

            Agree wholeheartedly… If you look at the big picture blacks have, and have been given, more rights than any other nationality in America or on earth. They form their own black organizations, but if whites do that blacks complain and go to the extent of suing. They then complain that everything’s based on racism, whereas they are the actual racists…It’s a mindset of trying to accomplish something with no real accomplishments on their behalf. I believe that in order to accomplish something one has to set goals and work for it. I realize that the black community doesn’t want to do that because they think everyone owes them something. Nobody owes anyone anything and when the black nationality realizes that perhaps we can or will come together as one race.

          19. Deborah G says

            You forgot Muslims they get a free pass on everything as well. Plus they are the fastest growing sector of Welfare benefits

        2. alaskat says

          This business of encouraging disrespect for the law regardless of the facts is a sinister communist-inspired scheme to incite violence. If you can get emotional people to resort to criminal behavior by telling them it’s justified, you can then control them for your own evil purposes. When martial law is declared the criminals in D.C. will disarm this nation and become true, unfettered dictators. Then we will see the hideous slaughter of innocents not seen since Atilla, Mao, Stalin and Hitler. Tens of millions dead.
          We do indeed have too many useful idiots among us

          1. Fedup says

            As long as we have a president and AG who promote it, we will never be rid of it. I don’t believe his mother really knew her son. She was probably absent in the sense of being in the same house without actually “being” there. She perceives herself as a victim and her son fed off of that. I bet he disrespected her as much as he disrespected authority. She had blinders on if she believed her son was just a sweet, innocent, gentle giant who would never steal anything or attack a cop. When my daughters were growing up, I always made sure to get both sides of the story when it came to my youngest. More often than not, I believed her friends over my daughter because I knew what she was capable of. She’s almost 18 and a lot different but every once in a while she tries to blame others for her own actions. It can still be difficult to get her to see things as being her own fault but she’s getting there. She’s not as quick to blame others as she used to be. Amazingly, my oldest daughter has never been one to blame others. She always takes responsibility, learns from it and moves on. I hope and pray that we still have a constitutional republic when my children have their own families. I hope we can get someone in the WH who can turn this nation around and get us back on the right track. But most of all, I hope the a$$hole in the WH does not find a reason to declare martial law and bring us to our knees.

          2. burt banford says

            And how are they to disarm this country?

          3. OldPatriot32 says

            80 million legal gun owners with 250 million or more guns aren’t about to give them to the Man; therein lie the seeds of a R E V O L U T I O N, and that’s the direction in which the nation has been heading for 7 years. Only massive public pressure on Congress and the current corrupt administration will bring about a change in the policies being implemented in the halls and back rooms of D.C. Write, call, or email your representatives, and demand they put a stop to this insanity!

          4. burt banford says

            I have been for the past 6 years. They just ignore the people of this country. Remember they are royalty. Only vets should be allowed to vote and run for office.

        3. Deborah G says

          Actually there are FAR more instances of blacks killing white cops than White cops killing blacks I sure don’t remember any riots or even much news coverage

          1. Fedup says

            Race is never mentioned when a black kills a white cop. The liberal media does not give it any consideration because there’s no way blacks are racist. Only whites are according to them.

          2. Deborah G says

            Ever listen to a news report when a black kid kills someone they never mention race.

          3. Fedup says

            Here is a story from an NBC station out of Reno. Notice how they tell you the victim was from Bosnia but don’t mention the race of the suspects.
            ST. LOUIS (AP) — Police in St. Louis say they’ve arrested two juveniles and are seeking two other suspects after a Florida man was beaten to death with hammers.

            Police say 32-year-old Zemir Begic, of Miami, was in his car about 1:15 a.m. Sunday when several young people approached and began damaging it. He suffered injuries to his head, abdomen, face and mouth in the attack and was pronounced dead at a hospital.

            About 50 people briefly blocked an intersection Sunday night to protest the killing of Begic, a Bosnian man who moved to St. Louis this year.

            The Post-Dispatch reports St. Louis police Chief Sam Dotson spoke with residents during the street protest. He said the killing did not appear to be motivated by race or ethnicity. A motive hasn’t been released.

          4. Deborah G says

            Ever notice that whenever they are black they say “juveniles or young person? BUT if they are white they have no issue sayiong two caucasans?

          5. Fedup says

            Yup. In this story you KNOW they are black kids especially when the the story says the attack wasn’t racially motivated. It’s the media that’s constantly promoting racial division in the way they report. Leave race out for everyone or report the race for everyone in all articles. They can’t make an issue of whites killing blacks but not blacks killing whites. It should be all or nothing. Damn liberals.

          6. Deborah G says

            My true belief is that there will NEVER be true equality UNTIL the left ALLOWS the blacks to be personally responsiblefor their actions instead of handouts and excuses. When people have EQUAL responsibility for the same exact things thye do then we will see some closing of the race gap. You do NOT have a WHITE majority in the prison population or crime stats.

          7. Fedup says

            You’re absolutely right! Thanks to Holder and his new guidelines for “racial profiling” by law enforcement we will probably see less blacks being charger with crimes because law enforcement will be afraid of being charged with civil rights violations. The federal government needs to stay out of the local and state law enforcement agencies. They never should have gotten involved in Ferguson because they show they are united with blacks but not with whites. Where are they on black killing white crimes? You’ll never see or hear from them. They keep the blacks in their victim mentality!

      3. RicC says

        Maybe we should also jail the mother for raising a bully and over grown thug

        1. 7papa7 says

          I believe he is an adult so he is totally responsible for his actions. His mother should not be allowed to have any more kids though that is for sure because she is not capable of raising her son to be a responsible adult.

      4. Ricarrdo estavans says

        Im sure there are morons in Minnesota.

        1. 7papa7 says

          NO argument there. They elected Franken. He was a comedian and has proven that he is a joke.

      5. Ronald Gunn says

        I’ve said it once and I will say it again, It’s as much our fault as it is his because he, Obama , is doing what he damn well pleases and we are doing NOTHING about it. Until we decide to stand up for ourselves, It has to be US because D.C. couldn’t give a damn less about us, we might as well sit back, keep our mouth shut and enjoy the screwing. And there is more to come. I am not looking forward to 2016, his last chance to take America down.

        1. 7papa7 says

          I totally agree, I have said it since 2008. That is why I am a fan of seceding and a Constitutional convention. That is the power we have and both of these are gaining popularity.

      6. Danny Marchell says
      7. Angry American says

        The sad thing is, whites do not stick together like all of the minorities, that is one of the reasons they (democraps) hate the TEA party so0 much they think that it is composed of whites, where as all are welcome but you must be conservative or you are not wanted. The democraps do not want large numbers of whites voting as a block for conservative candidates in their eyes it is just not done & they want to keep it that way. It’s called divide & conquer & they are good at that tactic, keeping the largest group divided just plays into their book & they want all minorities to united to negate the vote of the largest group of voters, whites

        1. 7papa7 says

          Excellent point. Most whites are so busy trying to put food on the table pay their medical expenses etc they are not able to join together in protest. Most of us realized it is our responsibility not the governments to meet the needs of ourselves and family, we are not leeches.

    6. Conservative says

      Holder, Sharpton, Obama, etc. will be adding fuel to this fire for at least another year!

    7. Ricarrdo estavans says

      The problem as I see it is those people you are commenting about only have maybe a quarter of a brain.

    8. Jim says

      Actually obola and ALL the two legged rats called democrats and ALL their minions in ALL parts of USA life really should just be “put down”. Just treat them like they TRY to treat their opposition, at least here in USA. Lot’s of blood will flow…

    9. Angry American says

      Minnesota? Don’t you really mean Missouri, kind of got your states a little mixed up or are they having riots in Minn. too

    10. Angry American says

      Did you know that Obama had the national guard step down instead of going on the streets to protect the citizens of Ferguson

      1. burt banford says

        I belive it but prove it?

    11. catman says

      MINNESOTA ??? Did I miss something here ??? I thought the Ferguson rioting was in Ferguson, Missouri…………

    12. Glenn Jacobs says

      Let us see how the all-forgiving “Liberals” would talk if some government agents were blowing open the gates to their gated communities and urging the rioters to go in and burn and loot and hurt and kill.
      I think all this phony liberality “depends on whose ox gets gored”.

    13. Jay Star says

      He never did explain his comment of “Stay the course!” Peaceful protest is fine, rioting, looting, and destruction of property, NO!

    14. 58 Squarebird says

      I guess you missed our President saying that the decision of the Grand Jury should be respected. Either that or you’re just stirring the pot for no good reason. As for the rest, that’s not the President’s job. If he got involved in it, you’d scream bloody murder about State’s Rights.

    15. hora says

      Liberals are die slow and know and won make much more damage possible and Nobuma are a head, but he will go out too soon.

    16. Jarhead says

      NONACTION?….hell he encouraged it!

    17. Scosh73 says

      Better yet, cut the head off the Snake!!!!

    18. 7papa7 says

      You say anyone with half a brain can see ….. Obama and his boy holder don’t have half a brain between them. You are absolutely right that his lack of action is causing devastation to many innocent men and women of Ferguson Missouri. I can guarantee you one thing for an absolute, if it were reversed and whites were looting and were committing arson you would have military black ops on the ground and every alphabet agency that exists. I also find the gross stupidity of the left to be over the top. The article says “The author, still carrying the simplistic, divisive narrative of a police officer killing a “young, unarmed black man in the streets,” argues that it is only natural that anger should follow the grand jury’s decision. They go on to ask: “In such a case, is rioting so wrong?” I guess that means if I get angry at a store for running out of an add item I then have the right to loot and burn them down. That is the stupidity of where this idiots ideas can lead to. What else can you expect from a liberal?

    19. OCDiver says

      He should be sending in the NG to help the Police fight the lawlessness, just shows how bass ackward the liberals think

    20. Rick Rogers says

      So I want to make sure I understand this so tell me if I have it wrong.. We are suppose to over look a Few Rotten Apple Policeman that are giving the good Cops a bad name. But then we are going to condemn All protesters just because a Few Rotten Apples are giving the Peaceful Protesters a Bad name.. Is that about it? ITs sort of amazes me that that most of the people that are jumping in to try and Defend these Bad Apple Cops are the some ones that did not have a problem Torturing people by the order of our Former President and Vice President. You know the orders that Violated Article 6 of the constitution.. here let me list it for you This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding. Since we signed the 1984 UN Treaty against Torturing Prisoners and according to Article 6 that Treaty ” WHICH SHALL BE the Supreme Law of the Land”

    21. Alan404 says

      In case you had forgotten Operation Fast and Furious, the activities of the BATFE, which is part of Dept.of Justice, Mr.Holder, who heads DOJ is,without doubt, a bum.

    22. Barrustio says

      Holder is the Agitator-in-Chief…(ok…maybe vice-agitator)

    23. nevergiveup says

      Holder upholding the court rulings? That’s a laugh. He is so for tearing down America just like all his buddies in Washington.

  2. ihatelibs says

    Then , Wouldn’t Shooting Back , at Rioters Be Justified Also ???

    1. Michael Dennewitz says

      Hail yes… With BOTH barrels….

    2. EXNFLFAN says

      Not according to Obama, Pelosi, Reid Feinstein, and Biden would only give you two shots!

      1. Deborah G says

        Have 6 arms then

        1. EXNFLFAN says

          AMEN! Deborah! AMEN!

      2. Ricarrdo estavans says

        Two shot times 100 million gun owners uhhh that’s 200 million shots. Last night I did six shots That was enough, orange , strawberry, cherry, grape and lime jello.

    3. Deborah G says

      That’s what I said. IF it is OK to riot then every red blooded American should grab their arms and have at it. Start with the Moron Lib in WH and his minons

  3. MILES E DRAKE says

    There can now be no doubt that this was a hoax and a fraud from the beginning, planned by communists, black militants and the regime to ignite widespread civil disorder and justify another attempt at imposition of a marxist dictatorship. It is just one Reichstag fire after another with these people, and definitive regime change is the only answer.

    1. Ben says

      You are right about this. It is a choreographed event. First, there is no “love loss” between one negro for another, as they kill each other at staggering rates, without any other race of peoples involved. It is unimaginable that they could organize around some event like “one more” negro death (they are so common in the negro race). Rather, they act as if they are setting around like vultures, waiting for just such an event, so they can openly go on a criminal rampage of looting and burning. Check out the media photographs of the rioters. They seem overjoyed.

  4. farrightwing says

    Obama is to blame fo the ness that he has encouraged.

    1. Deborah G says

      Not only did he encourage it he had Black Panthers and Rev AL to the WH for lunch to prep them on the Alinsky Rules for radicals.

      1. Ricarrdo estavans says

        Morons don’t think and Charlie doesn’t surf

        1. Deborah G says

          LOL True!

    2. crazyfreddie says

      UR Congress elected officials Will Do Nothing to Remove your Illegal non American fake fraud phony Imposter corrupt crooked sneaky devious destructive treasonous stinking rotten muzzle because your Congress is Also. About. Greed. Money. Power. Just. Like your. Illegal President. One World Order ! Have you all ever Really listened to this new black muzzle Hitler ???

    3. Ricarrdo estavans says

      I thought it was Ollie who got us into this fine mess.

  5. Goodforall says

    The lame stream media is just as responsible for this as the people who are rioting are. There is nothing right about this anarchy-it’s just plain wrong!

    1. crazyfreddie says

      Only A Revolution Will Return Our Real America

      1. Mark Lahti says

        Damn, if only that was not the truth. As so many before me have stated, our elected representatives will do nothing to stop this. I hate to think that the only way we can get our country back is by a new revolution. There is nothing wrong with our constitution or our form of government. What is wrong is the way it is slowly being perverted into something that no longer resembles what the founders envisioned. We may have to take back our country by force and reinstate the laws of the land that were set in motion by those early visionaries. Long live the USA and all free Americans.

        1. crazyfreddie says

          Excellent comment Mark We are at a point where Revolution is And Will Be The Only Way to regain Our. Country ! We the People Must Be. Just as Ruthless as these Greedy power hungry. Money hungry. Liberals. And any politician who Is DESACRATING Our. Constitution from the Illegal fake lying phony fraud imposter crooked destructive corrupt treasonous. Non American Stinking Slimey Rotten Muzzle in our ( We The Peoples White House ) !

      2. Goodforall says

        Sadly, I am afraid you are correct. Seems like we are being held hostage by 13% of our Country-and it keeps getting worse.

        1. Ricarrdo estavans says

          According to my calculations, due to demographics that 13% is more like 15% and growing faster than our deficit,

          1. vkbmvoter says

            I have been reading your comments. You have an interesting take on things.
            AMERICA was founded by those seeking a place to be able to worship without fear. When our founding fathers stated freedom of religion it was to allow a free people to worship as their hearts
            If you are a student of the Bible you
            know Satan rules this world. He is the master deceiver, from the time of Adam and Eve. He knows his time is short for Christ is soon
            returning to reclaim this earth
            foe He created it and all of us. He came here as a man to give us a chance to be hIs children and give us the paradise He intended for us
            to have in the Garden of Eden.
            According to prophecy, time is coming to an end here. If We have
            the times correct, Christ is now int he Holy Sanctuary pleading our cases before GODS throne.
            We are in a time of probation. The dead are being judged, those here
            who have rejected the offer of salvation WILL have the Holy Spirit removed from them. It is fin

          2. Ricarrdo estavans says

            Its sunday Im bored and just having fun riling people up, playing devils advocate and trying to make people think about many things. Im not religious. Im a non threatening not in your face not against judeo/Christian symbols in the town square. atheist. My intention is not to insult, however I will never be convinced there exists an invisible man in the sky who has an arch enemy living under the ground. If you do its fine with me. As far as evil and the devil, I think evil is a mental disorder like all other mental disorders some benign and some you got to watch your back.You can pray and believe in prophecy’s written and edited by high priests I believe in my Armalite AR10 Super SASS. As far as the end times Im scanning the skies for a giant meteor.

          3. vkbmvoter says

            Thank you for your honesty. I must
            admit you are interesting. I am sorry
            you have rejected Christ. I will remember
            you in my prayers. May you have a wonderful day. I must get busy here.
            Look forward to talking with you again.

          4. Ricarrdo estavans says

            I have not rejected Christ. I am profoundly sure he was quite a good and kind man to have gained such a following. Even the Muslims say nice things about him. We should all follow what he has taught, like Gandhi, Buddha and many other such teachers. I would never reject goodness. I just do not believe he was born from a woman who was impregnated by a holy ghost or someone invisible. I believe you to be a kind and caring person. Commenting that I rejected Christ sounds like I am a bad person. Stay well and enjoy your holidays. you can follow my rantings and ravings on the various conservative “news ” sights. If I read something that I find interesting I read the comments and try to enlighten through sarcasm and playing the devils advocate.

  6. Robert H. Pike says

    All of us who’ve had babies that cried for no clear reason get it.

    There’s a logic to burning the businesses in their home community if you understand the suffering of infants who can’t speak.

    Any oppressed people in dire straits are like these children…they’re suffering so intensely that they have no choice but to lash out…it’s their “cry for help”…America has ignored the upset child too long.

    There might be good results to all these businesses going under. The business owners will restart elsewhere. The community will lose its’ tax base,and the cops, fire, and health care workers will go elsewhere. Many who are mobile will move out.

    Those who are stuck (can’t afford to sell or move), or devoted to rebuild, will rebuild – and it will more likely be a much more positively integrated community made of those devoted to working in harmony –

    Conservatives and Liberals joining hands and working together? I can imagine it might work.

    1. Deborah G says

      To compare babies to rioting blacks is totally disengenious. First of all they have been created by the policies of the Democrat party that destroyed their race. They had choices they chose to be dependant. Some didn’t and they succeeded just fine.There was NO real racism UNTIL OBAMA got into power then he made sure he ressurected it to control his base. The blood is on HIS hands.

    2. patriotdaddy says

      you must be a liberal!! lol you are highy mistaken….i come from the south side of chicago…..if u burn down a business …what damn business owner will want to rebuild in the same community?? time to show these bastards that they are ruining their OWN future!!! arrest or kill every single 1 of them!!!

    3. linda15419 says

      Robert, you’re part of the problem. You condone this lawlessness. People are being hurt because of rioting and looting. Losing a business may mean the start of a never-ending spiral to homelessness, family breakup, alcoholism, etc. Burned police cars means higher taxes. Police officers will leave this area and so will other city workers because they want no part of this willful, senseless destruction of the community they are trying to protect. Rioting is not like a baby crying! There is always a reason for a baby’s cry — you’re just not smart enough to figure out what it is. What if they burned and looted your business, burned your car, looted and destroyed your home? Would that be okay with you? Would you let a child having a temper tantrum destroy his/her own toys and possessions? No. Don’t be stupid.

      1. Robert H. Pike says

        Linda; I’m not condoning the lawlessness; I’m saying there’s a deep-seated reason for it, and with some effort we can fix it. We can chose massive punishment (we already have the highest per-capita inmate population of any developed nation) or isolationism (moving away from the problem) or we can be empathetic, and some would say “Christian” about it, and try to understand and resolve their suffering. But that’s what Liberals try to do, and Conservatives fear doing.

        1. linda15419 says

          Robert, Your neat little graph notwithstanding, how did you develop the idea that conservatives fear trying to understand and resolve suffering? This is what makes me crazy about liberals — generally, you do not know what you’re talking about but make unfounded assertions as if they were chiseled in stone. Your attitude keeps you from the very thing that you advocate — understanding. You have no idea what conservatives fear.

          What if our empathy and understanding led us to conclude that we have done too much for people through welfare, subsidized housing, etc.? What if we learned that people need work to know self-respect and to teach it to their children? What if we discovered that the principles that made this country great have not been shared equally with everyone? Humans need meaningful work to feel a sense of accomplishment and to make their own way in the world. Through welfare we have denied this to too many people. We need to re-establish the work ethic in our country and stop supporting people who can work but have decided they don’t want to. When you have had a stake in building your own community, you’re not as likely to want to tear it down when you’re angry about a perceived injustice.

          Don’t you find it interesting that liberals want conservatives to accept the report on Benghazi as the final word on that issue? And isn’t it equally intriguing that liberals want us to stop complaining about the Affordable Care Act since it is the law? But liberals do not want to accept the grand jury decision not to indict officer Wilson. The irony is so bloody distracting from your efforts to be empathic and to show understanding! Why is it that liberals get to pick and choose which laws, which decisions from official government bodies that you will accept? And if you don’t like something, then burning down a community is fine with you. How pathetic.

          Sharpton, Jackson, and Holder have all stated that they are activists so you know that their behavior and rhetoric is not fair-minded. And what hypocrites they all are! Sharpton owes millions in back taxes and claims his debt to the IRS is “political”. This is yet another twist of irony in light of the IRS discriminating against conservative organizations by violating their Constitutional rights. This is okay with liberals because conservatives deserve this kind of treatment, right? What a joke. Holder has publicly stated that officer Wilson is not absolved of any wrongdoing until he (Holder) is through with him — Holder apparently doesn’t abide by pesky little details such as grand jury decisions either. The attorney general and the president have made public statements about this case and have swayed people to play out their disappointment over the failure to indict. This is not their role and they need to stand mute until all all aspects of the case have concluded. They don’t have all the evidence in any event and should not comment. And since they allegedly serve all of the people in this country, taking sides so blatantly is just disgusting.

          Given the extreme examples of lawlessness we have seen in the last six years, is it any wonder that people are encouraged to burn their town’s businesses, loot stores’ merchandise, and beat up white people on the street? But, according to you, it’s the conservatives who fear trying to understand. Where do you people get this stuff? And the fact that you believe it simply defies logic.

    4. Mark Lahti says

      The other three people responding to this liberal are exactly right. Only the perverted mind of a demented liberal could justify whats going on in Ferguson in such a manner. This is the kind of sick liberal mentality that is causing these disgusting outbursts to go unpunished and unstopped. When are we the people going to rise up and take control back? When are we the people going to say enough is enough already. We need a total house cleaning from the ghettos all the way back up to the WH. Then when we have the control back in the hands of we the people we can begin to put this country back on track the way the founders planned it to be. Long live the USA and the free Americans.

    5. Dale Gibson says

      You are a true idiot, The only reason these people are oppressed is because they allow it. If you think for one second that this is the lot they have chosen, then you ARE part of the problem. The folks have been put down and oppressed for YEARS and yet they have no intention of getting out of the situation they are in. STUPID is as STUPID does.

      1. Robert H. Pike says

        Sorry, Dale; obviously you haven’t had children yet, and I’m sure you call them “stupid” and “idiot”whenever they cry out in pain. If you have, I feel sorry for them and everyone else you name-call instead of giving an semi-intelligent debate.

        1. linda15419 says

          Why do you insist are equating these lawless rioters with children? You do children a huge disservice by this comparison! Children are learning, make mistakes, and may become frustrated with the process but they are in no way like a criminal. I feel sorry for your kids. I have a feeling that they get lots of “understanding” but lack structure and a strong male role model.

          1. Robert H. Pike says

            Not children, Linda…infants who can’t talk. Thanks for feeling sorry for my kids; but they’re grown, and quite successful. I’m sure you’ve raised your children well – I just feel sorry you don’t understand the concept of empathy for the suffering minorities in America that inspired me to write and say what I did.

          2. linda15419 says

            Robert, I get the empathy. I do. But what good does it do when the object of your compassion does not want to work for improvement? Empathy is a great thing but it goes one way. Your empathy will not change generations of welfare culture. They need to do it for themselves. Their own leaders (and I do not mean Sharpton, Jackson, Holder or anyone of their ilk) need to organize people who want to lift up their own communities. I truly think that they do not want white interference. Would you? They don’t respect us; they resent us because we have completely messed up their family structure, culture, etc. We need to butt out and let them do it but stand ready to help if asked. And I don’t mean money, I mean mentors, adult education teachers, etc. People will help if asked but they need a plan, an organization that they build themselves. We can’t do it for them.

          3. Robert H. Pike says

            Professional demographers – people who study population stress and density – know exactly why oppressed people lash out and commit violent acts…it’s the crowded conditions. Until we go to international family planning – if we continue to grow as we are now (150 more people per minute world wide) we will continue to experience the “unexplainable” violence. In the mean time to just say “they don’t have male role models” is to be very UN-empathetic. To even say “they do not want white interference” and “they don’t respect us” is clear blanket bigotry and as un-empathetic as any person can be. I think you’re so entrenched that you don’t see or hear what you’re saying.

            read this;

            and take a peek at this;

          4. linda15419 says

            I read the teacher’s article. While I respect the author’s position, I don’t think the problem is what white teacher’s teach white students.

            Where is the injustice in the Ferguson incident? A grand jury failed to indict based on evidence. They heard testimony of 70 witnesses. The forensic evidence supported Officer Wilson’s testimony. Video of MIchael Brown in the grocery store prior to his death documents him stealing and assaulting the owner of the store. I’m not saying he deserved to die because of this but it may show a pattern of behavior that makes Officer Wilson’s account believable. Also, Michael Brown’s criminal record is lengthy for a young man his age and included a homicide charge as a juvenile.

            Calling me “bigoted” and “un-empathetic” (the correct word is empathic — look it up) is a huge waste of your intellect. And only serves to polarize people in a discussion. Besides, we’ve all seen and heard the racist card played so often that it no longer has any meaning. We have different opinions. I could label yours with something derisive and heinous and you wouldn’t like it but I would feel justified in my judgment. What you think of my opinion is not the issue — how this situation affects our country is. You have an opinion, I have one. How does calling me names help me understand your position? It makes me feel all the more justified in mine.

            And the paper on demographics? Please. Overcrowding is the problem? Really? Think about that. Overcrowding is not the reason people in Ferguson decided to burn down their town. Plus, senseless acts of violence are committed when there is not overcrowding. The issue isn’t that simple. I think your pat answer may show some of your own prejudice.

            International family planning? Great. Don’t tell me — let me guess. Access to abortion is part of the plan.

            And if you care to check it, my comment about male role model referred to your children. I’m beginning to think they succeeded in spite of you if they had to put up with convoluted thinking like you’ve shown here.

          5. Robert H. Pike says

            Linda; I don’t think you “get the empathy” with bigoted statements like “they don’t respect us” and “they don’t want white interference”.

            I read this by a “white teacher of mostly white students” and it reflects a lot of what I feel; I thought if might help you understand my view;

            “The tragedy of Ferguson, and the much larger tragedy of race in this country in general, will not leave my mind. My thoughts will not quiet. My anger will not lessen. My tears will not stop flowing. And I am thankful that this is the case. I am thankful to be bothered by the injustice that exists in this country. I am thankful to feel anger about the things that I know are not right even though I do not know how we even begin to fix them. I am thankful to feel saddened by the reactions of my white friends and family when I bring up these injustices. I am thankful that I am not willing to just move on.

            “Because the truth is that we, white teachers of mostly white students, we have a lot of work to do.” Here’s the full article;

  7. EXNFLFAN says

    The U.S. Constitution gives us the right “Assemble Peacefully” if I am not mistaken! So “rioting”, “looting” and “burning” is NOT PEACEFUL ASSEMBLY! So liberals, take your dumbass attitude and move to a Country that let’s you roit anyway you want! Gosh, any other Country, you would have been shot by now! So much for that idea!

    1. Mark Hayward says

      Yet we are supposed to have the right to shoot back when the Government becomes Tyranical and out of Control. When will we reach that point and how will it be determined ?

      1. Ricarrdo estavans says

        The second amendment was not added to the Constitution so the peasants can hunt deer. It was added for the hunting of Tyrants by the peasants.

      2. omegaman says

        Mark — Hopefully it will not bee determined by people such as you.

  8. crazyfreddie says

    Shoot All Riotiers ( Dead ) !

    1. Mark Hayward says

      Shoot Looters and the people who burn cars and buildings ,,, not just demonstrators or rioters.

  9. Deborah G says

    Then they shouldn’t care when LEGAL patriots riot to throw Obama and these liberals out on their azz?

  10. ONLYJB1 says

    While all of this was going on, did anyone notice the 3500 actions coming out of this illegal White House, that will affect every American Citizen and business? Oh, missed that did ya? Well, we’ve just been taken political advantage of once again!

    1. Ricarrdo estavans says

      I got on my knees and prayed and the peasants got fooled again.

  11. Maria castro says

    Let them bark. Most in the international community are calling them primitive stupid savages.

    1. Fedup says

      That’s what they are proving themselves to be.

  12. b glad says

    Everything concerning the events in Ferguson, Missouri have been hashed and rehashed, along with everything that has happened since. We have heard lies and we have been shown the truth. We have heard a few stories of good people banding together to help other good people as well as evil actions taken by evil people, an stupid actions taken by ignorant people. We have had race-baiters from everywhere shout out their incendiary tirades, turn their backs and walk away, glancing back over their shoulders the violence they initiated. There was no story here other than the senseless death of a young man brought on by his own foolish action. May we please just let Michael Brown RIP, his parents forget about seeking their thirty minutes of fame in the spotlight and work through their grieving process remembering the happy times of Michael’s life. May Barak and Holder, and Al and Jesse, and the new black Panthers,disappear. May we let the business that were destroyed by foolishness be rebuilt in cooperation, and the people lead peaceful lives. Left to themselves, if they choose to, the people of Ferguon can prosper.

  13. Yadja says

    Apparently not and is actually incited by our own president and his Attorney General.

    But only Blacks and Hispanics if Christians, Tea Party or Whites riot for any reason the National Guard will be given orders to round us up. Especially if anyone dares to wave a Don’t Tread on Me flag, then they will be shot.

    They are beefing up the base. What a testimony to who they really are, shameless, gutless and totally playing the “Stupid” segment to the last vote.

  14. Kevin E says

    Holder is part of the problem not the solution. That’s because he is one of hussein’s puppets and their agenda is disruption and division. Used to be an old expression – ‘if you’ve got an infection, lance the boil’. We have a big infection in DC. And it has been oozing out all over my Country. It’s a shame that the voices of reason have been drowned out by the shouts of the mob. And eventually this will all go away (one way or another along (and sharpton and the rest will find another ‘blame the white man’ situation). What will be left is the hole in the hearts of this boys parents…..this will not go away. And for them I pray they will have some relief from the grief.

  15. JosephDygas says

    Liberals are in the same camp as socialists, unionists and Saul Olynsky political radicals. Rioting and Mob Rule is how these various ideological organizations govern. They seek to attain their goals by mob threats and intimidation. The police and national guard showed great restraint in ferguson during the riots when they could have easily shot the looters and arsonists on sight but due to a lack of leadership failed to do so.
    There is no excuse for rioting no matter what kind of event occurs which some group does not like. Most of America does not like what Obama has done to ruin the country but we go and vote to change the rules not riot in the streets like the Apes in the movie Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.

  16. Joe T says

    The “hit the nail on the head” article of describing the Liberals in USA…

    February 17, 2008, reprint – Psychiatrist Confirms: Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder

    As a clinical and forensic psychiatrist, Lyle Rossiter has treated over 1,500 patients and examined over 2,700 civil and criminal cases. Turning his hand to political psychopathology, the author of The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness, has diagnosed an alarming percentage of the population as suffering from the grotesque form of mental derangement known by some as moonbattery

    The Liberal Mind is the first in-depth examination of the major political madness of our time: The radical left’s efforts to regulate the people from cradle to grave. To rescue us from our troubled lives, the liberal agenda recommends denial of personal responsibility, encourages self-pity and other-pity, fosters government dependency, promotes sexual indulgence, rationalizes violence, excuses financial obligation, justifies theft, ignores rudeness, prescribes complaining and blaming, denigrates marriage and the family, legalizes all abortion, defies religious and social tradition, declares inequality unjust, and rebels against the duties of citizenship. Through multiple entitlements to unearned goods, services and social status, the liberal politician promises to ensure everyone’s material welfare, provide for everyone’s healthcare, protect everyone’s self-esteem, correct everyone’s social and political disadvantage, educate every citizen, and eliminate all class distinctions. Radical liberalism thus assaults the foundations of civilized freedom. Given its irrational goals, coercive methods and historical failures, and given its perverse effects on character development, there can be no question of the radical agenda’s madness. Only an irrational agenda would advocate a systematic destruction of the foundations on which ordered liberty depends. Only an irrational man would want the state to run his life for him rather than create secure conditions in which he can run his own life. Only an irrational agenda would deliberately undermine the citizen’s growth to competence by having the state adopt him. Only irrational thinking would trade individual liberty for government coercion, sacrificing the pride of self-reliance for welfare dependency. Only a madman would look at a community of free people cooperating by choice and see a society of victims exploited by villains. [From The Liberal Mind; The Psychological Causes of Political Madness by Lyle H. Rossiter, Jr., MD]

    1. Ricarrdo estavans says

      So the inmates are running the asylum

  17. Joe T says

    Let the liberals (Democrats) keep thinking their delusional thoughts, it only hastens the demise of the liberal agenda and brings more of their base – the ones who are finally seeing the truth behind their rhetoric to the ranks of Conservatives voters. People are waking up to the fact that liberal “solutions” do more harm than good to our nation, our people and our economy so their solutions are based on lies, fabrications and their Gruber mentality that the American electorate is stupid, makes poor choices and only they can lead us to the promised land. A promised land where the US becomes a 3rd rate 3rd world 2 bit country of misery, no hope, no change and divided.

  18. Joe T says

    Somewhat scary these days…in the 1800’s and early 1900’s they would institutionalize these type persons (Pelosi) to keep them mainly from harming themselves.

    Now…they give meds and let them roam Congress and diverse places to harm us!
    Did you read about Nancy (with the sunken eyes and blank zombie stare) Pelosi?

    Minority Leader (Liberal) Nancy Pelosi had to be removed from the House Floor by the Sergeant at Arms, after breaking protocol and charging across House Floor twice, while wagging her finger. Even Democrat Nita Lowey of NY was caught on mic saying “What is she doing?”
    This is not an isolated case for Pelosi.……
    Hollywood Actor James Woods has publicly raised the issue of Pelosi being mentally ill after watching her House meltdown. “Pelosi may actually be mentally ill.

  19. cdansreau says

    my feeling is that a lot of the rioters were not really angry. they were doing as they were told and avoided taking chances. One woman business owner stood her ground and they left her alone. i have not heard about any houses with whites in them being attacked. the police could not have stopped them, i think it was a concern that armed homeowners are not to be messed with. particulary when looting stores for merchandise is so much more rewarding. they did attack an old feeble white guy needing oxygen to survive. they beat him up, stole his car and ran him over. that was the limit of their guts. i hope the police find somebody driving that car. another thought is that none of these outside agitators seemed to be worried about showing up for work on tuesday morning, could it be because they do not work?

    Presidemt Obama ran on a platform of jope and change. what he brought us was despair and change for the worse. congress needs to defund the white house.

  20. scottymoore says

    Even if the rioters were right in their thoughts of what happened, they could’ve protested in a different manner more appropriately. Acting like kids that don’t get there way and then destroying all the good and innocent people and things around them is shows they need to be “grounded”, or jailed for disciplines sake.
    Their behavior needs to be stopped and corrected, or it will go on for another generation.

  21. robertmccabe says

    Anytime innocent people are harmed it’s a disgrace in our country at least now more and more of us see the officer Wilson is a true hero.Next year they will be naming hospitals after him.

    1. Mark Lahti says

      I do not believe for one minute that officer Wilson would agree with that description of his actions. I believe he would say that he just performed his job to the best of his abilities and that he is not happy about the results. We must get down to the real humanity of the situation and quit blowing everything totally our of proportion. Brown was a criminal and a thug. He brought on the situation that resulted is his own death. The rioters are totally out of line and deserve to be rounded up, arrested, tried, and convicted of their actions. That is how the rule of law works. We are either a nation of laws or we are not. If not then we have anarchy. What needs to be done more than anything else is to stop this nonsense at the source. The source is in the WH, DOJ, the Senate (Reid, Pelosi, and the rest). We need to take our country back. If we can’t do it on the soap box, or the ballot box, then we need to resort to the ammo box.

  22. John Barleycorn says

    If rioting is good behavior . . .why do police have riot guns?

  23. John R. Turner says

    Rioting is wrong! Importing instigators to make sure there is a riot is even worse. Sending so-called black leaders in to encourage the protesters is worse yet. The Fact that the governor did not send the National Gaurd in is criminal. That the muslim queer encouraged the so-called black leaders to incite a riot and more than likely advised the governor not to send in the National Gaurd is High Treason, punishable by a public hanging on the White House lawn.

  24. Loony tune says

    HNIC was hoping to declare martial law in America due to all the rioting and protests by the free loaders and democrats. Now him and his communist administration have got to drum up another crisis. The POS will probably call the race bater in for consultation.

  25. billy edens says

    they (blacks) don’t say a word about a black shooting a white EVER !!! blacks just want to riot and loot over anything !!!

  26. oldMiss says

    This kind of communist-inspired violence is EXACTLY what happened in Alabama in 1960’s. Our governor TOLD you all that it was “outside agitators” who came in to stir up the blacks. You did not listen. Instead you deified martin luther king (real name Michael king). The photos with the police hold bully clubs over prostrate blacks were staged. Blacks were taught to fall, pull down the officer’s arm holding the club for the liberal media to get a picture. These marchers defacated and urinated on people’s lawns; there was illicit sex from “Selma to Montgomery.” Ask men today who served in the national guard whose job it was to “guard” the marchers. America has created a PERMANENT VICTIMS CLASS. Ferguson is the child of Selma. Cut off their EBT cards, welfare, housing supplements, energy supplements, free phones and internet and YOU WILL SEE THEIR JUNGLE NATURE in living color (no pun).

  27. Fedup says

    How else are they going to do their shopping at the end of the month? Oh, and with Christmas right around the corner….

  28. jimwilson81 says

    We all know that liberals believe that the ends justify the means. We also know who else believed in that in the past and now.

  29. imbog says

    There is NO justification for rioting. =50 years ago if some one would have said we would be having riots in Americas streets i would have laughed . ” Not in America ,-,because we are more civilized then any country on earth it could never happen” Inciting a riot is a very serious crime Period . Who’s in charge ? the street gangs??

  30. FloridaJim says

    Protesting is permissible if you don’t commit any crimes or abuse any other person. If a crime is committed jail awaits you, or should. Bill Ayers bombed building an harmed private citizens and got away because of the feeble law enforcement and the worse media. Had I run into Bill Ayers I would have kicked his liberal hind end as we should have back in the day. It still should be done today any crime should have penalties.
    Cowards like Ayers, Ward Turner, Bernadine Dohrn and their like became multi-millionaires as tenured professor/s or lawyer spewing their venom to generations of indoctrinated youth now rioting in Ferguson.

  31. Robert H Cooper says

    Just more proof that the old media, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBS, ABC have become leftwing propaganda arms of the DEMOCRAP / PROGRESSIVE / SOCIALIST Party. The press are supposedly seeking the ‘ TRUTH ‘. But these butthead networks just plain flat out LIE / Fantize stories to fit their agenda. To every normal american, stop watching these liars and propagandists. The truth and facts are of little concern to them

  32. Florio Vino says

    Really agree in most ways with most everyone and at my age, (87) I love a good argument, but here we are and all this proves that when something like this happens, the lefties turn this into a Racial incident and send Al Sharpton or some other one of their RIOT directors to get the Screamers to set up riot circumstances and they are carried out and carried on and on ! These are done to show an example of Whitey`s problem with the Blacks, and reflect TOTAL organization. This Bunch are well organized and are the real Criminals. They Love to Burn and Steal and generally start or continue what has been an incident generally started by one of their Miscreants, and resolved by Police doing their duty! They (the hierarchy) look for situations and they are going to continue unless Law and Order is restored in this once Wonderful Country and the rioters and the Al Sharpton` Idiots are allowed to carry out their Perpetrators attempts to get some cheap and unentitled publicity for their so called cause instead of creating HAVOC for their miserable Phoney Cause.

  33. Jim says

    People had better wake up! This whole situation has never been about the shooting of Michael Brown, the man was a violent criminal and everyone knew that he was. This is all part of the plan by the Communist/Muslim in the White House to destroy the United States from within. This has always been the plan of the Communist Party and what we are witnessing today, the organized and coordinated “demonstrations” across our country for such a pathetic excuse, is further evidence of this Communist conspiracy. Has anyone read the history of the Communist movement? This is one of the primary methods that they use to bring about sufficient chaos to allow a dictator to take over the government. The Communist Party along with the Muslims are trying to impose a Communist dictatorship in this country with the illegal alien Barak Obama, not even his real name, as their facilitator.

  34. WhiteFalcon says

    All looters should be shot without exception.

  35. OldTradCat says

    Although I have little respect for today’s cops; Michael Brown was a thief, a druggie and a punk. He got what he deserved. As for the looters…they should have been summarily shot on sight.

  36. billy edens says

    they are all commies exile every last one to Kenya if they will take them !!!

  37. Iwasyoungonce says

    I’m quite sure Liberals like the rioting as long as it fits THEIR agenda. As well, Holder and his ilk will just keep swinging at the “hornets nest” until they get what they want. Or until THEY get stung.

  38. Mark Forrer says

    How else should they react when their leaders and the media,as well as Hollywood keep putting it in their heads how repressed they are….

  39. Elmer Fredrick says


  40. Conservative says

    a fraction of 99.9% of the population was affected by such vicious hatred and rioting so what have they accomplished except to convince normal,sane people that these people are totally ignorant. They only accomplished destroying the livelihood of their own people who serve them daily. So now the stupid rioters will have to go to another town for services. These businesses will certainly lose multiple thousands in Christmas sales but eventually most of these business owners will collect on insurance and likely move their homes and businesses out of those destroyed business districts. This will impact on the citizens who worked for these places and now they are unemployed and will probably remain unemployed. This has destroyed Christmas and the holidays for their children and families. The rest of us will go on like this never happened. Of course Michael Browns parents are making a bundle off the death of their son and they will leave Ferguson and move up to a better more successful neighborhood. What did Michaels stepfather he care when he screamed ‘burn the bitch’. It has made them very popular with Obama, Holder, Sharpton and all the other culprits keeping blacks uneducated, unemployed and on the Government Plantation.

  41. Arizona Don says

    The current administration did not cause the current strife they just threw fuel on the fire. Never allow a good crises to go to waste. Right? They’re not! Usually when governments are able to take over nations like the US it is because the citizens beg them to correct some injustice. The problem is they in their effort to correct the problem create a much larger one. Law enforcement must an will take care of these problems and the federal government needs to keep its nose out of this. Personally I don’t want holder to have any part of it, just stay out. The federal government already has it nose where it does not belong. How does the size of centralized government ever get reduced if people keep requesting it to get involved in matters that should be handled by the state?

  42. Paul Chapman says

    Looters should be shot on the spot! Not a form of protest. Outright breaking the law !

  43. Colin Sword says

    The Power of the Pocketbook. I’m sure that everyone has some idea of what that phrase means, but most do not understand the power that it has. As many Broadcasters have found out, as have many, mainstream entertainment (?) folks have found out, the Power of the buying public can terminate your career or your company, just by not buying your product. If the liberal media’s market were to diminish, the character of their whining would, also. In the case of “live” news broadcasting, it, too, is affected by the viewers; lower numbers on the viewer polls will, decidedly, produce changes in the character of their broadcasts.

    Use your buying, or viewing power. You will find you have a strength far greater than you originally believed. In terms of Viewers, you really don’t have to do anything proactively… just quit watching the show, and the broadcasting company has ways to tell who is watching what.

  44. Sammy says

    I’m assuming they feel it’s OK to riot just not in their neighborhoods. This is being exacerbated by outsiders, read subversives, just like the campus demonstrations that gave rise to bill ayers and his fellow travelers , many of whom are now subverting from within the educational, political and judicial systems. The civil rights movement has devolved into open revolution.

  45. ArizonaMilitiaDotCom says

    If the Whackadoodle Liberals have come to the conclusion that mob violence, including looting, assault, murder, and arson, are now “justified”, then they should have no problem at all with the private Tactical Security Teams that are now being established in Ferguson by the Oath Keepers:

    Sauce for the Goose is sauce for the Gander, right?

    Let the violent mobs come to those businesses that are now being protected by Oath Keepers teams. The mobs will get a bellyful of violence in return.

    Spread the word, the Oath Keepers need more volunteers. See the link above for more info!

    Buy More Ammo. Support your local Militia (or your local Oath Keepers chapter). This won’t end pretty, America.

  46. 2001CPT35E says

    Rioting is always wrong and borders on the line of domestic terrorism. If such rioting presents a danger to life and if it leads to assaults and/or death, then rioting is dangerous and should outlawed. If anyone is harmed as a result, then it becomes domestic terrorism. Any person of public office or anyone using the media to inflame a situation to cause a riot should be charged with the Riot Act and/or an act of Terrorism!

  47. Deborah G says

    Can someone please tell me exactl;y what these rioting morons accomplished ? I see stupid priviakged white kids rioting with them, commiting ridiculous acts as a sign of solidarity. YES Morons ALL lives matter but you are protesting a THUG> Why don’t you protest OBAMA/Holder/ SHarpton who caused all this?The police didn’t cause this HIS parents did by poor parenting and NOT teaching him respect for other and the law. Protest THEM>

  48. cumiadom says

    Protestors chanted “F**K CNN,” and I’m sure why. Because the GRUBERIZED thugs disguised as protestors were incited by CNN and their cohorts of the lame stream media cause it help these irresponsible leftist propaganda networks to create and exacerbate divisiveness among Americans which pleases the plantation liberals who are interested in perpetuating the dependency to Government of the ghetto dwellers justifying the always increasing taxation and the growth of Big Brother.

  49. phil62 says

    That is prove positive just how screwed they are in their useless gray matter. But, that is your precious NEWS people. The Huffington Post probably agrees with every the thieves and thugs are doing, but I’m quite sure that ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC and CNN are all on board. NEVER watch the national news on any of these useless news entities – NEVER!

  50. David Gearhart says

    Obama is creating one scandal on top of another to distract us from the destruction he is causing. The Ferguson riots are Obamas doing.

  51. Leo Klaudi says

    “Is Rioting So Wrong?” What f__king idiot asked that stupid question??

    1. jim marcum says

      Paul Revere????

  52. helen sabin says

    These violent extremists were on social media ASKING FOR body armor, gas masks, etc WEEKS BEFORE the grand jury rendered its decision. They wanted any excuse to create chaos and damage and destroy and they should have been “shot” like the rabid dogs they were.

    The media, the President of the US, the Attorney General, the race baiter Al Sharpton and the parents of Brown all were complicit in encouraging chaos and destruction and should be made to pay for damages as well as do jail time!

    For those who want to know the “truth” here is the link to the Grand Jury Testimony as printed in the NY Times:

  53. joe joe says

    if these ass wipes had to get up and go to work this shit wouldn’t be happening but since their pos great leader gives them a welfare check and food stamps each month they have nothing else to do! cut there black asses off and make them pay for their crimes and this shit will stop!

  54. Ddenney1 says

    I wish it could have been ONLY Ferguson and NOT several cities in this country and I would like to know what would have happened IF the outsiders had NOT GONE in there to flame the fires! That INCLUDES Holder and the OTHER two stooges!!!! I would also like to know what it would have been like IF the shop owner had killed the robber himself!!!! Or what if the shop owner had been killed by Little Darlin’ would the Asian community rioted and would the stooges come then???

  55. Porphyry says

    If the riotin’ punks systematically attacked those mediacs, maybe they’d change their ever-so-understanding tune.

  56. The duck says

    This Article has everything wrong. First off protests are the correct reaction against law enforcement and government regulations when they are abusive. Boston Tea Party of 1775 was one. Rioting on the other hand against innocent people and business’ is always wrong. Attacking those who had nothing to do with the causes of a supposed wrong is most certainly the worst way to display displeasure. It is criminal on its face.
    Protesting is a constitutional right. We may redress our government when ever we disagree with it. We may do so in mass if we see a reason to do so. But we may not attack innocent business’ and individuals in the process.
    For anyone who is at all interested in the grand jury process in this case just Bing it typing in Ferguson, MO Grand Jury and it will pop right up. Then also type in the Missouri Grand Jury process and see how these people are chosen and what they must comply with to sit on it for one whole year.
    The Occupy Wall Street Group that is complicit in the rioting nation wide will not and will only play to the mentality of the uneducated and uninformed, thus creating a mob ruled riot with no real direction or plan other than destruction of private property and steal from ;aw abiding citizens. That is what really happened in Ferguson.

  57. treebird says

    There is a trio of men who have organized, encouraged and incited these riots. they are Obama, Holder and Sharpton. It is not a coincidence that the timing of Sharpton getting signed on as an advisor just as this case was being discussed and investigated. All of the cities with riots are cities where Sharpton organized the protests. They have a plan and an agenda, we are just not privy to it!

  58. Rod Graham says

    These animals should be caged, the violence should be punished, and reparations should be made to those that have suffered property loss and damages…..

    It’s time to make them responsible for their actions and to make them support themselves, why should productive, lawful, citizens be forced to give these leeches, anything?

    Getting paid to have children shouldn’t be considered a legal source of income. There should be a cap on the amount and a limit to the duration. If one is a recipient of financial aid, their right to vote should be sacrificed until they can support themselves…..

  59. 1LTLos says

    I agree with the Chinese and how they would manage what are truly idiots in the streets. First they do not understand the Grand Jury nor how that arrived at the proper outcome, second how retarded do persons have to be to listen to the most inarticulate racist man on the planet Jesse Jackson and actually believe some violence is good – especially the type of violence that burns down properties that these idiots do not own and also burn stores and shops that provide the very few jobs that some in Ferguson do have. They do not know why they riot. These are the dumbest young persons America has ever spawned. I have had my fill of Obama and definitely had several decades to grow very tired of the worlds most cotton-mouthed inarticulate man in America who never amounted to a scat pile Jesse Jackson.

  60. 1theonlyAnswers2 says

    How come almost everyone has missed the REAL problem in Ferguson …Black Ca. Pastor J.L. Peterson , says Justice server in Ferguson, Mo. , Brown not Raised Properly , trained to serve God…and the REASON for every other PROBLEM in America…

  61. takeitbacknow42012 says

    Maybe I missed something, are the liberals out there protesting all the blacks killing blacks and whites? How about when O.J. killed Nicole and Ron? No one went and protested that! Or was that because O.J. was black and Nicole and Ron were right? You get my point. It’s always one way with liberals. It’s not about protesting the right thing, it’s about protesting for THEIR causes. I’m so glad I’m not a liberal although I’m sure there are some that don’t go along with what’s going on these days! We’ll get much more of the same with Hillary or Elizabeth Warren so we better hope we get a great candidate for 2016. Personally I think we should divide the country up and let liberals do their thing in half the states and conservatives can have half and run it their way. Of course it wouldn’t be long before the liberals would want our states because theirs will have gone to pot. . . pardon the pun!

    1. takeitbacknow42012 says

      Sorry, I meant Nicole and Ron were white.

  62. OldPatriot32 says

    Obama, Holder, Sharpton and Jackson have put the US on a one-way street to either the 3rd World existence and possible dictatorship, or an outright race revolution in coming years, and it won’t be pretty. All part of the Muslim & Marxist plan to bring the US to its knees, and eliminate the white power structure. All that will be left will be burned-our cities, and streets full of corpses, unless leftist voters and others come to their senses, IMHO.

  63. William Fejka says

    The problem is that the black community ( comprised of those that are unemployed by chance or choice, racially driven,government dependent, un or undereducated, lazy malcontents ) cares nothing for the outcome of their violence, rioting and looting.So they get arrested ( not new to most ) spend a little time in jail, are released and go back to doing just what they’d been doing prior to the altercation that put them their.Most have “rap” sheets as long as your arm and could care less. Why ? There is little consequence to their actions.They mostly never attempt to change or better their lot.The leaders in gov’t are as dirty as they are so it must be okay to continue on that course.The media treats them as victims, so victims they want to be. The main problem which they fail to see is that they are willingly accepting the situation as par for the course.
    As for the damage inflicted on their community, their neighbors and neighborhoods, so what. Somebody will come in and clean up their mess and soon everything will be forgotten. That is the biggest problem there is, it’s forgotten. Not one thing has been changed, no solutions for the problem ( real or imagined ) and all is just status quo. If a change was made by their actions perhaps there would be some justification. I don’t buy that but who am I. The truth is that no change is made and all the damage, injuries and ill will created just tend to amplify a no win problem. Until the unlawful actions coming from the black community is recognized as useless and corrected BY the black community, there will be no end to these criminal episodes. They need to be given a wake up call from within as any solution submitted by the whites is racist and demeaning to them.
    Their dissatisfaction with whites leaves the answer to them and them alone.Time to show responsibility afroamericans way past time.
    Semper Fi & Para Bellum

  64. Clifton Ralph Gray says

    I fell that anyone supporting violence on the basis of color should be arrested and charged under the constitution with high treason. As you know treason carries the penalty of death by firing squad. This should be the last straw. We must stop what is occurring with our country and those who have a determination to overthrow our way of life and deprive the people of our God given rights to self protection of life liberty and the persuit of happyness. If we do not act we are as good as dead because the plan is to eliminate any and all who defy their tyrannical regime. This icludes the genocide of the white race like the elite now openly demand. Do not believe these open statements by the blacks, Muslims, and the drug cartels from Mexico are made lightly. They mean what they say and plan to carry out their wishes. We are about to enter a time in the history of this country that will decide the future of this country and cannot be ignored. You will see the truth when the UN starts the systematic elimination of all veterans.

  65. jeff BROWN says

    The protesters are crying wolf over this, and in so doing are jeopardizing their chances for justice when just causes arise. Just check out the story on young John Crawford. Police all over the country are put on edge over these threats of retaliation. They can use the situation in Ferguson to justify their actions against Blacks no matter what the circumstances. This is most harmful to the black cause. Please pray; everyone!!!

  66. Ronald Gunn says

    What a bunch of F##KING IDOITS

  67. ABBAsFernando says

    Liberals are USEFUL IDIOTS of communist, Fascist, and Islamic puppet masters.

  68. Mike Gillum says

    One thing we white people need to learn from this is that we are on our own. If you are in a public place such as a mall and the blacks come in in mass doing the knock-out game, do you think that if there were a white cop there he would shoot one of the blacks to protect you? No way now. He will not risk his career to help. Get a carry permit and be ready to defend yourself.

  69. larry says

    I am so tired of black riots. It is almost like it has become a part of their culture along the lines of the Irish having St. Patricks day. Maybe we need black riots in ALL major cities at the same time and spilling out into the suburbs. Might as well get it on with a civil war if we are headed that way anyway. At least loser of that war will have to acknowledge their loss and STFU and the victor can go on to live their lives without being hounded by the losing side.

  70. David Mangum says

    Every time i read about obama and holder, I can’t help but think, this is how the nazi’s behaved when they came to power, What is it gonna take to impeach this idiot.

  71. sandraleesmith46 says

    Of course rioting is wrong! It’s criminal! Encouraging such behavior only fuels the hate and destructiveness and some folks’ sick delusions!

  72. Robert Brennan says

    Typical moronic liberal.

  73. Lili J says

    So does this mean the hard working person, paying their taxes to a gluttonous, tyrannical government should start rioting and looting? I mean, aren’t those people working themselves to death at others expense??? Just a question…

  74. Korean_Vet says

    If you think that it’s “That Bad Now”–Wait until You see What Happens–when Muslims go Kill Crazy-!
    From what I’ve found–they are “here in numbers” with the “Blessings of Allah from our President”-!

  75. Robert Freedom says

    See for the crimes of all these assholes

  76. marilyn says


  77. Erin Dougherty says

    There can be no doubt that Michael Brown had been up to no good. Absolutely, he shoplifted and shoved the store clerk. The forensic evidence also agrees with Ofc. Wilson’s account of what happened in the police car, but that’s where it ends for me. Police do not have the right to execute criminals. Using lethal force (10 shots!) should be rare and the very last resort. Wilson’s story about what happened in the street doesn’t add up, and now we won’t ever know the truth. Time for cameras on all cops.

  78. Daniel W says

    I remember when I was a kid back in the 60s we had rioting and looting, at that time, the police and the National Guard arrested the rioters and shot the looters. The riots and looting stopped.

  79. yshaw1 says

    Yes, rioting is wrong. We are a nation of laws and it is about time we revisit that, and get this country back in some sort of order. This entire black administration has so screwed-up this nation it is infuriating to watch! They all fan the flame of discontent. What country has given more to these do nothing black activists. this entire group: OB, Holder, Valerie, Johnson, Sharpton, – all out to harm this country for their own benefit. We need to throw the bums out. No liberals, no Muslims in this government!

  80. sanford paris says

    Rioting fine if you think children should be allowed to freely throw tantrums if they don’t get their way.

  81. The redhawk says

    Progressively STUPIDS Insane dipsticks need to learn to Distinguish between:
    Peaceful Demonstrations and
    Anarchists Incited Destructive RIOTS by THUGS ….

  82. adrianvance says

    Liberals will do anything to avoid, ignore or deny the truth.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for facts, ideas and more.

  83. JosephDygas says

    Both the press and the liberals and democrats are to blame for the rioting and inciting riots with their misrepresentation of the facts of the ferguson encounter. Why is it no one ever asks why black men can not obey the law for love or money. Why did the brown kid decide to go into a store assault the clerk and rob the store? Where did he learn such behavior?

  84. KatRob says

    Liberals are the reason these savages feel free to loot and riot any time they want. The liberals encourage it. This ghetto trash that is out there destroying yet another city are nothing but useful idiots for the communists who run this country. Martin Lucifer King, Al SharpTongue, Jesse (what the hell did he just say, ebonics-speaking) Jackson, Rosa Troublemaker Parks, they were/are backed by the communists. If Senator McCarthy had more support back in the day, this country would be communist-free.

  85. badger says

    Look closely who or what is behind the rioting. Anti Americans, Terrorist, Weak minded mobs, Illegal Emigrants and Left Wing Liberals.

  86. Dave McFarland says

    I believe the bottom with so many of these protestors is they want something to be wrong so their existence can be justified. In a way, it could also be just plain envy.

  87. He is the World's Larget piece says

    Hello Brother, I am like you a Patriot who did not stick his head in the sand.

  88. pat ange says

    Brown’s mama said, this cop just wanted to kill someone , so he killed my child. Well mama, your 300lb, 6ft4 hudlum, gangsta. thug, criminal “child” died because you raised him to be these things and taught him to disrespect laws. Had you raised him to be a responsible educared worker, not stealer & law braker, to respect the laws we all need to obey, your son would most likely be alive today.When black people learn to do this, their children will be respected & will respect & obey the laws and their fellow man. No one dislikes this thug/criminals mentality as much as respectabe law abiding black people who were willing to worke & make something productive out of their lives. So while you are blaming someone; you need to look in a mirrow, because you are to blame.

  89. JB Wright says

    They are partially correct, sometime the only way to make your point is to get extreme. However as the author points out, to be justified, there must first be a legitimate reason to protest. You can’t just make shit up and justify protests turned riot.

    Actually I was under the impression that inciting a riot was against the law, time to arrest Obama, Holder, (not so)Sharpton, and the rest of the demoncratic racist henchmen spewing their injustice’s on us.

  90. Robert Brennan says

    Liberals are modern day slave owners, we will feed, house, give you free health care to boot and someone else will pay for it. Just keep on voting for us stupid!

  91. Edward J Baker says

    Libs trip over themselves trying to fulfill the old adage that some ideas are so stupid, only intellectuals can have them.

  92. RMCSRET says

    Why don’t the likes of Louis Farrakan stand out in front of these Rioters and preach the same HATE that
    he does in a forum where his armed body guards are all around him. He wants the everyday black
    man, woman. or child to get killed but like him and Sharpton and Jackson they sit in there swank offices
    and just blabber. It is really sad that anyone with a mind in the Black community even listen to these

  93. hangman57 says

    When people go out there and riot .Burn down businesses for no reason ,it Bull Shit . Michael Brown was nothing but a Thug ,the best thing that could have happen was the officer shooting Brown . This Officer save the life of someone down the road . Because Brown would have murdered someone the road . This young man was nothing but a thug gang banger .

  94. Seldena says

    obama and holder plans are all coming together in Ferguson! They encouraged the rioting and did not allow the National Guard to do their job. Yes, Americas biggest enenmy is sitting in the oval office laughing…..

  95. Florio Vino says


  96. Sir Dirty Harry says

    What’s wrong is Oath Keepers go to protect private businesses and Holder sends his Hit Squad Snipers to make them stand down and those businesses were sacked and burned. Oath keepers should have barricaded themselves in the stores and made those Snipers fire their weapons at them but not return fire, don’t give them a reason. It would have been easy to get the rioter’s attention to attack those snipers thinking they were shooting the rioter’s. It’d been a WACO moment.

  97. GK says

    Thomas Jefferson said: “When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.”

    The key word being “injustice.” Ironically, the Ferguson rioters seem to have no more sense of justice than the Ku Klux Klan.

  98. fsa0033 says

    An officer loses his job over a criminal that lost his life during a crime. People riot over the death of a criminal. If you replace the race it’s crazy. A Black officer loses his job over a white criminal that lost his life during a crime. White people riot over the death of a white criminal. Says something about the race doesn’t it.

  99. marilyn says


  100. informus219 says

    I see the GOP, has found a way to get elected 2016 racial hatred. whatever works.

  101. Beverly Wilson says

    Rioting is always wrong…chop owners get hurt, the local economy gets hurt, and people loose their jobs. It is bad when rioting is done because of social justice issues and if the particular local team wins a big sports game…..funny it’s not called rioting when white people tear up after winning a big grame it’s called over-celebrating……….

  102. Florio Vino says

    DON`T think that this” Insurrection” was not planned right after the initial incident. It has been used over the past 10 or so years, probably to a lesser, but look it up. Every occasion that involved a Black being shot after being caught in Thefts, Murder, etc., their Leaders have sent organizers to create chaos and often riots. and shootings. It seems it all started in LA during the 50`s, when all hell broke loose there. Each event, seems to bring out all the organizers( Sharpton types) to incite the angry crowds of demonstrators, and they love it. Watch the next time and see what happens when a similar or worse incident arises,

  103. Arizona Don says

    Rioting is destroying property. Destroying property in the right places can and sometimes does get the destroyer killed. Not withstanding that fact however, rioting is always wrong and illegal. Looting always goes hand and hand with rioting, always. Looting is stealing that too can get someone killed.

    If the state does not punish those who took part in the rioting and looting it will get worse each time an incident happens. Punishment is the key to keeping peace, without it there is anarchy.

  104. adrianvance says

    Many of those people were just looking for free stuff. What ever happened to “Shooting looters on sight?”

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for facts, ideas and more.

  105. yaki534 says

    Stealing and looting is against the law. Participants should be jailed and forced to pay restitution to the owners and the city. Problem is that most of the looters and rioters have no job.

  106. Shauna says

    Tell you what you freako, libtard nutjobs, how about you roll up your sleeves and go clean up the mess from all the rioting and looting, better yet, go put on a police uniform and try and reason with the savages that did this..

  107. Joyce Laverne Sullens says

    Jombo, I agree with your post. But I disagree with finding the policeman not guilty for choking the black man for noncooperation with the police arresting him for selling cigarettes by the Grand jury. There were 4 or 5 men took him down, the procedure of doing a choke hold on anyone had been past a yr ago,and I feel the police should go to trial for what has been done. This Black man was killed when it was not necessary.

  108. Timothy Bunn says

    We are playing right into the hands of those who want America to destroy itself. This is for those who don’t care.

  109. Jim says

    I wonder how the left would perceive it if the Tea Party had enough of all the antics of the left and began rioting in the streets.

  110. fred says

    The criminals running the gov’t want this to be able to declare martial law and stay on their thrones until they collapse the whole country! Why doesn’t the MSM report the lawlessness going on over NOTHING at all? they are complicit with this fraud in the WH and everything he pulls on us! I feel very badly for those npot willing to defend their property, yet if they come into our neighborhoods they will die very quickly and nobody will be the wiser, so bring it on rioters on welfare! It’s time to see if you want to come somewhere we fight back and defend what’s ours! BTW where do you live, and would you mind if i came into your town and started stealing and burning your stuff over NOTHING for no reason? Think about how you would want to be treated, then act…

  111. William Merrell says

    This is the most fearful and racist administration this country has ever, and hopefully will ever have the opportunity to see in our history again.

  112. John Burks says

    peaceful protest good. rioting bad. this for those who are non-thinking liberals.

  113. McFerguson says

    Much like the Treyvon Martin case, what happened in Ferguson was fabricated. Both involved thug- wannabee, teenage hoods whose actions caused their own deaths. And the liberal media whipped them into cause celebre race cases because that’s what they do. For one thing, the leading newspapers are progressive wussies who, like Obama, want a weaker America where the government distributes wealth to those who support socialistic policies and are in direct opposition to the U.S. Constitution.

  114. Kenneth Duncan says

    So, it is now okay, when a BLACK gang kills someone, it is okay to rob nearby stores. If the protestors are protesting the police, why are they robbing and destroying stores? Cause they get away with it.

  115. joecool1 says

    Hope this doesn’t lead to “our riot is bigger than your riot!” Oh yeah, that’s right, where else CAN all this mess eventually lead us??

  116. James Maxwell says

    There are many good point brought in the article but one overriding factor was ignored. That is the
    unemployment of Black Americans is at an all time high across the United States. It is primarily
    their fault for failure to get an education and the fact that the drug abuse in most cities is higher
    than anywhere else. The problem is the have been taught that they have to remain in exclusive
    Black area rather than move away to find work and improve their lives. There are other factors that
    have dissuaded them from leaving where they were born also and that is the sense of families staying
    together. While this is a good thing it has keep them restricted from leaving and finding employment.
    The only time the seem to leave the “Hood” is if they are able to go to College or join the military.
    Then they are exposed to the outside world and become more apt to move away and find employment
    to support themselves and improve their lives. But another problem arises in the Black Community
    and that is their distrust of the Police and Other Races. They refuse to acknowledge the strides
    made by people like Rosa Parks, Dr Martin Luther King and other Civil Rights members. Instead
    they have holed up in their homes and avoided contact with the rest of America. By doing so they
    have denied their children their place in our society and their acceptance by others.

  117. marilyn says

    no, rioting is an excerise in futility,the shop owner,car owner people get hurt,rioters should be shot they are law breakers pure and simple demonstrations fine destroying property bad,obama is the cause of this problem by his lack of action to stop these events..

  118. artarlo1 says

    Sharpton and the puppets Nazi, communist, socialist, progressive, liberal idiots are trying to change our country into a Marxist state. They are almost getting away with it under the Obama regime

  119. JosephDygas says

    If the cops are afraid to put down the rioters, looters, arsonists, anarchists, terrorists then it is up to the people to put snipers on their roofs and windows and elsewhere and defend their homes, businesses and communities. It is an atrocity that authorities allow the street thugs to take control of the streets. It is the responsibility of mayors , the police and even military to defend the public from these racist looters. Write your state legislator and demand passage of the Castle Doctrine Law which allows the public to defend itself.

  120. Maria castro says

    They want chaos, anarchy, for the establishment of Martial Law. What do you think Sharpton is doing with the OK of Obama?

  121. RMCSRET says

    Look at these people from this perspective. If they were marching and saying death to the President they
    would be arrested right away. But in the minds of the liberals it is perfectly legal to call for the
    assasinations of Police officers during there marches. Maybe the instigators should be arrested just like
    they were calling for death to the President.

  122. Diana Brooks says

    ABSOLUTEY! The willful destruction of other people’s property and your own as in Ferguson is not only wrong but asinine! Now to top it off , they think other’s should repair the damage they did! Let’s look at it this way you are a parent with a teen child ( we’ll pretend they acted like they were that old) and you take his/ her car keys away and ground him for a month and send him to his room ? He is MAD! FURIOUS AT this perceived big INJUSTICE so he proceeds to break out the windows in his room, piles his furniture in the middle of the room , tears down att the Sheetrock ,rips up the flooring. Or carpet then proceeds to set it all on fire. WOULD YOU CONDONE THIS BEHAVIOR? Again if he were a toddler( and this is more the age level rioting exudes) and in a temper tantrum breaks his very favorite toy would you run right out to replace it? Judging by people’s behavior today that is EXACTLY what the PARENTS of today’s youth have done! REWARDED BAD BEHAVIOR ! The media REWARDS this behavior by unending coverage! WE the PUBLIC REWARD THIS BAD BEHAVIOR by unending DISCUSSION! If you want this kind of thing to end treat it as you should a toddlers temper tantrum, ignore it ! And for GODS SAKE DONT REBUILD IT! Encapsulate it in razor wire and bulldoze it to the ground if necessary. ARREST AND IMPRISON those who INSITED THE RIOT! No matter how high up the political ladder they are. It is time and past time to get control of total lawlessness. Michael Brown was a thug, who stole from someone he is not a HERO! Even his parents have behaved like thugs. His mother against her own mother ( who incidenly he LIVED WITH because his MOM couldn’t handle the job herself). Has behaved like a thug! The old statement about the apple not falling far from the tree certainly seems to apply here! Also that we reap what we sow! Is this the future we are sowing for ourselves and our children? Is it the kind of future and example we want them to have?

  123. WhiteFalcon says

    I think that the author of the article should have his house burned down by rioters and then see if he writes the same article again. Fools like that shouldn’t be allowed outside a mental institution.

    1. snowyriver says

      That is like obama. He would have a totally different attitude towards Al Qaeda if his daughter or wife were captured , held for three years then beheaded on film for all to see.

      1. WhiteFalcon says

        Lets put him and Biden in the same group.

  124. Patriot47 says

    Rioting is OK like sharia law is OK. Both are illegal in form and substance.

  125. dittybop says

    all protestors who broke the law, should have been arrested! No ifs, ends or buts!

  126. Kim Paulsen says

    It will be when I shoot your ass for violating my rights

  127. Saxondog says

    If I understand this LIBERAL POINT OF VIEW correctly, The Poverty of the minorities allows them this violent venting, and the POVERTY OF WHITE PEOPLE which seems non-existent? Of the 50 million on assistance dear LIBERALS how many are wealthy “WHITE PEOPLE” and of the remainder how many are POVERTY STRICKEN WHITE PEOPLE?

    One other common sense point,completely overlooked. Dr.Martin Luther King Marched a much poorer “BLACK” population to victory long before the “NEW DEMOCRATS” existed. So why now is violence required?

    Because the LIBERALS have designed,created and nurtured a minority population of violence,a culture of violence promoted through the RACIST SOCIAL ENGINEERING in our FAILING SCHOOL SYSTEMS.

    Together with the destruction of the FAMILY. Massive populations of FATHERLESS minority “BLACK” males populate every American city,and PRISON all resulting from LIBERAL POLITICAL SOCIAL ENGINEERING.

    List the 5 most violent cities in AMERICA, now list the 5 cities with the Highest failure rates of public schools? Now list the 5 cities with the oldest DEMOCRAT/LIBERAL controlled city Governments.

    Find the common factor? Same cities. Gee wonder why?

  128. betty says

    Since when is this country ruled by mob rule?

    1. OCDiver says

      Since the NAACP and ACLU convinced the pea brained masses it’s their constitutional right

      1. betty says

        Amen to that!
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  129. Mike Laborde says

    The ignorant protesters don’t care and are deaf to the truth. And so are these idiots that side with them in the media.

    1. OCDiver says

      It gives them the excuse (not justification) to act like the ignorant animals they are

  130. desertcelt says

    Having dialogue with liberals is like teaching a pig to sing. You only waste your time and annoy he pig. That is time better spent teaching your family and friends to shoot.

  131. Laurence Almand says

    Question: How many White or Asian people have staged riots over the past 10 years?
    If Whites or Asians staged destructive riots, what would Holder et al say then?

    1. OCDiver says

      Depends on whether we protest and riot against blacks or not

  132. Jarhead says

    Not if they start with the homes of each liberal in Congress?
    Just to get their attention for once.

  133. Combatvet52 says

    Liberals (violence just might be justified,) you can all kiss my a$$ stupid liberal AH

  134. adrianvance says

    Dr. Michael Savage has long said “Liberalism is mental illness.” He is right!

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for facts, ideas and more.

  135. OCDiver says

    Makes me wonder how up in arms they’d be of conservatives started plundering and pillaging like that when something set us off that they agree with.

  136. Archie Cogollos says

    The BIG LIE worked in Nazi Germany…and it worked here…beware people…justification of anything is possible…we can’t thru a day without at least three good ones…….no matter how ridiculous they are!!!!!!!

  137. ArizonaMilitiaDotCom says

    If rioting is not wrong, then neither is introducing the rioters to the Lord.

    “Our job is not to judge the Enemy, for that is God’s job. Our job is merely to arrange the meeting.” – unknown

  138. Gustavo DiGiovanni says

    Only an ignorant liberal could ask the question “Is rioting so wrong?”

  139. Jimmy King says

    Jumbo, Are you REALLY THAT STUPID ??? “Obama should be put in jail for his inaction” ??? Quite possibly the stupidest thing I’ve read today I thought you people were for “States rights” Why would the federal government come in to what is essentially a local police matter, in Missouri, not Minnesota you dumb ass

  140. Peggy says

    A good part of the problem may be, that the rioters cannot read or are incapable of thinking for themselves–that seems to be how the media and the race baiters are treating them—like they are sheeple and cannot even make a decision for themselvess–just stir them up and let them go–that is all they are good for? I hope not–maybe they will see themselves here and starting actually reading and thinking for themselves. They have only accomplished getting on tv and if that is all they want–well done. They have only accomplished being used, and if that is wat they want–well done.

  141. Joe T says

    Peaceful assemblage is permitted………..rioting connotes violence………when is violence OK!
    Especially when they are rioting against truth and factual events that transpired….not BS events.

  142. David Gearhart says

    Obama was saying when Europe and the Arab spring were rioting, that he didn’t understand why the young people here where not rioting as well. Obama has been encouraging racial hate and trying to get race riots going. The Trayvon case was not racial and yet Obama, Holder, and the liberal media tried to make it racial by calling the Cuban a white. It was two minorities, but with Obama black trumps the minority picking order. Although he did try to place gays ahead of blacks for the military and even for the Affirmative Action. He seems to want the tribal mob justice that they have in Africa where mob violence is normal. Holder said that the white police were violating the black’s Constitutional rights to riot. Obama had Sharpton and his race baiters in the White House before the decision and told them to keep up the good work. Obama kept the national guard out for over 3 months until after the Grand Jury decision. 3 months of lawlessness caught on camera with with the media and the liberals promoting the lies. We have as usual the one liners that are lies as was Obama’ s campaign promises and his heath care failures. They got a laugh out of their lies for Obama care, this one must be a real belly roller as to the stupidity of the people.

  143. Alan404 says

    I wonder as to how the “liberals in media” would act/respond if it was their homes or places of business that were being set alight or otherwise ruined by these rioters? Also, as I remember from reading, during the San Francisco Earthquake of the early 1900’s, some looters were shot.

  144. UT Swede says

    i care who is funding these riots. Let us all work to find who is funding these riots and make them pay for all the damage, cost to rebuild, and all other costs associated with each rioting!

  145. hankthetank says

    They don’t give a fuck, if it was right or wrong, Just like in the O J Simpson trial, they DON’T want justice, they just want what they want ,no matter what They all need to die, for tearing this country apart for nothing!!! just for their greed!!( IF YOU WANT RESPECT ) then earn it! DAMN YOU !!

  146. alaskat says

    Destructive rioting is no longer a protest demonstration. The inaction of the government’s protective agencies when private property is endangered is deliberate social engineering. Our own govt., at the very top, has now legalized theft. No doubt only minorities can get away with it.

  147. Joe T says

    Does Marrying Bill Clinton Qualify Someone To Be President?

    But isn’t Hillary Clinton is a brilliant politician in her own right? Oh, please. She has been involved in more scandals than the whole rest of the Democratic and Republican fields combined, she’s a participant in an off-putting sham marriage, she has minimal charisma, she is one of the most polarizing figures in politics, she has a reputation as a shameless liar, and so far, in her entire tenure in the Senate, she has never once accomplished anything of great significance or displayed notable leadership on any issue. Additionally, this is a woman who has gotten away with taking bribes, which is what her famous “cattle futures” scandal was really all about and had she been Hillary Jones, ordinary person, as opposed to Hillary Clinton, First Lady, she would have ended up in a jail cell over White Water.

  148. sandraleesmith46 says

    Yes, rioting IS “so bad”! It’s CRIMINAL in and of itself! 2 wrongs never, under any circumstances, make a “right”. Protesting an honestly “wrongful” act or circumstance isn’t wrong. However , when the facts don’t agree with an individual’s or group’s agenda, rioting is often their criminal and hate- fueled response, which solves nothing!

  149. KatRob says

    No, rioting is not okay. Want to act like a savage, go back to the jungle, and bring all the liberals with you.

  150. FloridaJim says

    Peaceful protesting is fine but many democrats and their foul organizations taunt the police and break the law. When they break the law they should be jailed for 5 days minimum to think about heir actions and regret. By giving them a pass and no police record or probation they become Bill Ayers mocking the system and repeating their foul acts again.

  151. Wayne says

    This shit is out of hand. Start shooting some of these f—-re!!!

  152. lfallar says

    One question If your son was shot 8 or 9 times unarmed and also in the head while on his knees would you ignore OTHER eyewitnesses and just believe the policeman who did not file a report? Would you mind your son laying there for 4 hrs? Would you, at least, want a trial? Never mind the other 8 OR 9 unarmed black men that have been killed by police recently. Think about this if it were your son. Or Eric Gardner, or the 12 yr old with a toy gun, or the man in Walmart holding a BB gun from the store and on and on and on. Until we realize we have a serious problem nothing will change. Then we will see a lot more than anger and protests.

  153. John Gillis says

    My baloney has a first name, it’s B-A-R-A-K,
    My baloney has a second name, it’s O-B-A-M-A!
    Oh, I’d like to chuck him in the trash and if you ask me, “Why?”, I’ll saaaaayyyy….
    ‘Cause Barak Obama has a way of messing up the USA!

  154. Christopher Chance says

    Rioting is plain wrong and punishes the people who have nothing to do with the issue. These rioters care nothing about the reason, they are just in it to riot destroy and steal. A few surveys have pointed out some don’t even know what they are rioting for. How stupid is that???

  155. hjjusa says

    Protesting peacefully I can agree with, rioting, burning a destroying your businesses and those of others is criminal.

  156. Michael Skok says

    Obama got in the WH with the slogan: Hope and Change.
    The next person in the WH will win with this slogan: Law and Order.

  157. Adrian Vance says

    Hey, turn it on them and see how they like it, but do they have anything worth stealing?

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for clarity.

  158. James Maxwell says

    Apparently according to the Left Utopians, Rioting, looting is permissible only when it is to their advantage
    and for political purpose in their favor. If someone on the Right (GOP or TEA Party) has public
    meeting, does not destroy nor trash the property then it is a RIOT and not permitted. The Left are the
    only ones who can meet publicly, burn property, loot and cause general mayhem and not get into
    trouble. After all they are only express outrage, stired up by their members, over an assumed insult
    or injustice perceived.

  159. MarcJ says

    Michael Brown’s rap sheet from 2013 on “Casenet” (see Internet). Note that he also has
    a seemingly considerable juvenile criminal record that is unfortunately sealed.

    1) Description: Burglary – 1st Degree {Felony B RSMo: 569.160 Code: 1401000 OCN: AJ006207 Arresting Agency: ST ANN PD

    2) Description: Armed Criminal Action {Felony Unclassified RSMo: 571.015} Code: 3101000 OCN:
    AJ006207 Arresting Agency: ST ANN PD

    3) Description: Assault 1st Degree – Serious Physical Injury {Felony A RSMo: 565.050} Code: 1301100;
    OCN: AJ006207 Arresting Agency: ST ANN PD

    4) Description: Armed Criminal Action {Felony Unclassified RSMo: 571.015} Code: 3101000 OCN:
    AJ006207 Arresting Agency: ST ANN PD

    This rap sheet does not yet include the latest attack on the police officer while
    resisting arrest and trying to take away the policeman’s gun, and the preceding
    store robbery. The policeman in question ended up in the hospital with a broken
    eye socket. Now let somebody explain to me – how come that established habitual
    violent criminal and a “potential Obama’s son” was not in jail? Or is this a
    different 6’-6” 240-pound drugged-up “gentle giant” Michael Brown? Not the one
    who sent the policeman to the hospital with a broken eye socket?

  160. Russ says

    I swear that our country has been invaded by a spaceship full of firggin’ MORONS and dumb as-es for God’s sake!!!

  161. John Keatts says

    Not at all if it is against Liberals.

  162. cjg says

    The stupid americans that riot i call the black tribe
    of america and the white trash that joins them also the rest of you best pull your heads out!! This is exactly what the illegal muslim obama wants. When it gets out of hand any further i guarantee you martial law will be invoked and if you think it was bad then with martial law will be shoot first NO questions. Rioters will be shot too. these dumb ass younger generation have been dumbed down so far they cant think for themselves
    they follow dumb shits like obama jessie jackson al sharpen al gore, the dumbasses of america

  163. MAHB001 says

    The Liberal Media had the opportunity to correct themselves and the record with regards to their corrupt and misleading reporting of Ferguson during their New Year wrap ups.
    But Alas, they took that opportunity to propagate the lies, even after the Grand Jury had ruled that the Hands Up don’t shoot never happened.
    The Liberal Media is corrupt and a big part of the problem. .

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