Libs Shocked by Justice Alito’s “Racist” Comments


Has there ever been a pattern more predictable than this one? Conservative points out the obvious logical fallacies upon which some special black program is built, liberals call him a racist, liberals get their way. But if you missed it the last four hundred times it happened, the rerun is on again this week.

The Supreme Court on Wednesday heard opening arguments in the case of Fisher v. The University of Texas, in which a white student is accusing the university of denying her admission because of her race. Depending on the outcome, we could be on the verge of seeing the end of affirmative action in the world of academia.

But it was a comment by conservative Justice Antonin Scalia that had liberal tongues wagging. From the New York Times:

In a remark that drew muted gasps in the courtroom, Justice Antonin Scalia said that minority students with inferior academic credentials may be better off at “a less advanced school, a slower-track school where they do well.”

“I don’t think it stands to reason that it’s a good thing for the University of Texas to admit as many blacks as possible,” he added.

Muted gasps! Lordy.

So Scalia is a racist for suggesting that blacks may not be able to handle the workload, because the politically correct opinion is that there are no substantive intellectual differences between whites and blacks.

But hold on. Right now, the University of Texas gives every student in the top ten percent of their graduating class automatic admission to the school.

So if there are no intellectual differences between blacks and whites, why wouldn’t this program be enough to ensure racial fairness?

Liberal Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg provides us with one possible answer. “It seems to me,” she said, “that it is so obviously driven by one thing only, and that thing is race. It’s totally dependent upon having racially segregated neighborhoods, racially segregated schools, and it operates as a disincentive for a minority student to step out of that segregated community and attempt to get an integrated education.”

Hmm. So by that logic, black students cannot possibly rise to the top ten percent academically in a well-integrated school? On an afternoon where this comment was made, how is it that Scalia is the one being accused of racism?

Blacks are either intellectually equal, in which case they should not need affirmative action based on race, or they aren’t, in which case they should go to special schools where they can learn at a slower pace.

But no one wants to point out this logical disconnect. You either believe in affirmative action or you’re a racist. End of story.

In reality, it’s more likely that the reverse is true.

  1. Patriot1955 says

    You don’t go from high school to the NFL unless you are exceptional. It doesn’t matter what color your skin is but just admitting people because of race is not fair to anyone especially if they are not ready.

    1. bb says

      In the Book “1984”, the Author discuss “New Speak”, or something that. It is where the Government tries to control thought by limiting language. Also, the O. S. S. Dropped Instructions via phamphlets, directing German plant managers to fire competent Workers and promote idiots. I watched them do that at the Post Office. The purpose being to intentionally cause Mayhem.
      All this hubbub is an intentional and crafted effort to wreak havoc in these United States. It is being perpetrated by folks who wish to ruin our society.
      Semper Fi and good night chesty puller where ever you are.

      1. RT says

        What else was mentioned about the O.S.S. in the book? Thanks

        1. bb says

          The O. S. S. Was not mentioned in the Book 1984.
          The air drop of derogatory phamphlets was Psycological Warfare carried out by the O. S. S. And other agencies during W.W. II.
          Semper Fi And Good Night Chesty Puller Where Ever You Are

          1. RT says

            Thank you for that response, because my old man was in that org. that you spoke of and it was just one of many things they did to create havoc. Another item was the “Dirty Dozen” just like the actor Lee Marvin portrayed the officer in the movie!

          2. bb says

            My Mother as well. Congress made them eligible for Veterans Benefits in1984.

      2. Retired Marine says

        Wish he was here now.
        Semper Fi

        1. denniscerasoli says

          I think you missed his point,he didn’t say that black people were inferior intellectually,all he said was that affirmative action allows some in that perhaps shouldn’t be there.Of course there are black people that don’t need help and are quite capable.It sounds racist until affirmative action is mentioned and there are many white people who can’t meet whatever standard they go by.

          1. denniscerasoli says

            Oh and Semper Fi,just one hitch.

          2. Retired Marine says

            Semper Fi

          3. Retired Marine says

            I understood that perfectly, and do not believe that standards should have changed, race included, period. Academia is in a state of flux. Why have SAT’s if bonus points are offered for minorities, and penalties for others? GPA, real SAT’s, and other achievements should be the only qualifier for higher education. Anything else should not matter, race, gender, etc., don’t belong in education. Only an ability and a desire to learn should be considered for acceptance.
            My comment was that I also wish Chesty Puller was with us again, a GREAT military mind, well ordered, and able to see what was happening and create a plan of action.

          4. Herb1949 says

            Considering the crap that is going on in our schools today, learning is at the bottom of the list of reasons to go to college.

            Semper Fi
            MGySgt USMC, Ret.

          5. MDKTT20 says

            yep, they always use the race card. someone needs to push that race card down their mouth and boot them in their behind a few times to get their attention.

          6. afftongrown says

            Exactly! However, but of course, someone had to immediately run with the “race card”!

        2. James in Texas says

          Chesty is still with us, He lives in our hearts and memories always! Great leader of Marines and an inspiration for all of us! Semper Fi, forever!

          1. denniscerasoli says

            Chesty was and still in spirit is the Marines.

          2. William Fejka says

            To all my brothers (USMC 68-71) Semper Fi ! Oh yeah, Chesty is always with us & as long as there is a Marine Corps always will be. Merry Christmas brothers.

          3. denniscerasoli says

            Semper Fi.

          4. Billy says

            William Fejka – – – “As long as there is a Marine Corps”, which may not be for long with the big eared Muslim fool in the White House. Putting women in front line combat units will have us heading down hill, rapidly. Chesty wouldn’t be happy.
            Semper Fi
            SGT USMC Vietnam Vet

          5. afftongrown says

            Allowing Obama’s muslim buddies will be of no consequence?

          6. denniscerasoli says

            The Marines are fighting that question tooth and nail,they already tested woman Marines and they fell short,and if woman Marines can’t meet combat standards then forget about it because to their credit woman Marines have some very tough training in boot camp at Parris Island,so i’m not taking anything away from them they are some pretty tough gals,but they are not men.

        3. Ron says

          Who are you referring to, Marine? Chesty, Smedley Buttler, Dan Daley, “Howlin’ Mad’ Smith,” Archie Vandegrift, ‘Manila John’ Basilone, Theodore Roosevelt, George Patton, John Pershing, ‘Bull’ Halsey, Douglas MacArthur, Jim Gavin, George Washington, Presley O’Bannon???? I don’t know about you, but I sure wish we had one (or even better all) of them right now!!!

          1. Retired Marine says

            Any and all would do perfectly. A true list of the great ones.
            Semper Fi

        4. nKhosi says

          Thing is~ he is where you knew to go look – OUT FRONT! Best of best CP is a FOP. Intel smokin’ hot kept his boys safest & nothing too good for them! Rest Easy, he has over watch…

      3. hrandym says

        Good ole Chesty. Met him at a county meeting in Virginia. Good man! And your points are well taken. Thanks.

        1. Jarhead says

          Had the Duty at the Gate to TI back in 1951 (waiting for my Discharge) when Chesty came for a visit…..still remember his comment to rip out the Coke Machines in all the Marine Barracks and put in beer. Good Night Chesty where ever you are ….God Bless & Semper Fi

      4. pmbalele says

        I believe you did not read my observations yesterday. I said I am Black and I believe affirmative action should be ended now. This is because Blacks, Whites and other racial minorities are scoring the same in employment exams. Therefore we should have quotas if employer’s workforce does not reflect racial and sex compositions of qualified in a state, county and city. Unfortunately we still have racist and bigot employers wondering why Blacks are now scoring as high as Whites. In fact all those employees you see working in government offices did not score highest in exams and at interviews. They were hired there because they are Whites or have relatives or friends hiring officials. Actually affirmative action program has benefited White women more than Black males. But also blame racism on federal court White judges. One day I was in USDC-Western District of Wisconsin when a White federal female judge wondered how I ranked highest in exam beating Whites. She had been raised to believe Blacks were intellectually inferior to her as a White woman. I have reported her to the US Judiciary Committee. But I wonder if the Judiciary committee will take action following Scalia observation implying that Blacks are slow. I am also preparing to sue some DOC officials in Wisconsin for their corruption. I caught them changing documents to avoid hiring Black males. I will keep you posted. So affirmative action programs are not necessary now. All we need is equal opportunities in schools and at work. Therefore quotas should be back now as a matter of law.

        1. poppopami says

          That’s all great and stuff, but, I live in Connecticut…all schools are integrated, fair and square. Every class room, according to grade, is equal at the beginning of the year. How ever in high schools,after 1/4 thru the academic year 12% of blacks and latino’s drop out or are just plain absent, by 1/2 way thru the year 20% are absent, by the end of the year 35% have vacated the academic environment. Why is that? These individuals are being taught the same way as every other student.. unless of coarse they have a learning disability in which case they are in special classes… . To always point a racist finger at any institution whether it’s a work place or an academic place, just because a “black” fails to meet expectations required for a given opportunity is in it’s self ,By your definition, “racist”. White People fail to meet expectations every day but you don’t see them rioting or calling every one racist. At some point in ones life they have to take responsibility for them selves and stop blaming every one for their “OWN” failures. Blacks have to get over themselves, they aren’t that special. If they don’t want to be left out in the cold…then they should stop acting like the world owes the a living….’Cause it doesn’t.

          1. pmbalele says

            i am Black and do not whine.

          2. poppopami says

            proud of you,just don’t fall into the blm crap because you will just be another whiner

          3. afftongrown says

            blm is just another radical group funded by the White House!

          4. Herb1949 says

            But you do fail to tell the truth

          5. pmbalele says

            When did I not tell the truth? Give examples.

          6. franklyfrank says

            You just did!
            Most of you do. In my 45 years in the business world it was a rare event to come across a black man without a chip on his shoulders.
            No one can instill self respect and confidence in another person. Just as no one can take away your pride and self respect. Its as simple as that. You acquire these attributes by working hard and succeeding one rung at a time.

          7. pmbalele says

            Who is dying of cocaine overdose? Not Black; but the rich Repubs and TPs in the suburbs who still money from the government as entitlements. Cops do ot arrest Whites – they are their brothers and sisters. One Repub in NY stole 5 mi. Now he is going to prison. Good luck with GOP nominee -Justice Scalia is planning to join GOP nomination.

          8. BIGOTIST says


          9. KingDon says

            I’m also not sure what he said.

          10. DOC says

            Funny when a white man whines he is speaking up for his rights black man is whining or playing the race card that not correct to do. LOL

          11. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Difference Rastus is, blacks whine 24/7. Decades of welfare, equal opportunity, Affirmative action, preferential treatment hasn’t shut them up.

          12. DOC says

            Never whine never took welfare never have been on food stamps never took a unemployment check. was raised by married couple. Both grand parents worked so in my family there has been no give us a damn thing. Grandfather served in WW. I served 21 years in USAF my brother was a marine so whats your problem?

          13. Allen Shaw says

            Really, I bet I have read this statement so many times and never has the
            person who made it justified it.

            Certainly, the only way to get ahead is hard work and/or luck. Not many
            people have luck other than those who are related to the well off.

            Now, when there are insufficient jobs in the nation, many of the available
            jobs are where the workers are not and when the workers are concentrated in
            areas of high unemployment and they have no way, either financial means to get
            to, or have a destination it seems rather foolish to tell someone to get a job!

            Take your foolish cap off, take your hate hat off, take your mistaken one
            race, ethnic group or ones religion is superior, out of play and enjoy the
            balance of the year!

            Bring this Christmas up to a high level and remember that the golden rule of
            the Christian Church is to love one another and to feed Jesus’s sheep!

          14. afftongrown says

            I believe that most of black America does not whine or complain. Thanks to obama and his minions, the American black community has purposely been taken out of context. ie:race baiting!

          15. pmbalele says

            I am not complaining about life. My life is okay now. So jump in the lake; we will pull you out before you crop.

          16. afftongrown says

            pmbalele: Read my comment again! I said nothing about anyone complaining, just the opposite! Sorry you took my comment the wrong way.

          17. OSAMA OBAMA says

            You are learning! PB am stoopid.

          18. afftongrown says

            WHO is this PB you speak of?

          19. BIGOTIST says


          20. Allen Shaw says

            So I am to understand that there are no White drop outs in Connecticut?

          21. poppopami says


          22. Allen Shaw says

            So now I am to understand that there are no White people in Jail in Connecticut!
            No White men beat their wives, no White person has ever stolen anything in Connecticut, no White person has ever robbed anyone in Connecticut.
            All Crime in Connecticut is committed by minorities!
            R I G H T.

          23. poppopami says

            you are wandering . the article and my subsequent comment was in reference to the content of the article and a response to another comment. try to not turn my response into something it was not intended to be. blm will welcome you with open arms because the truth seems to elude you.

          24. Allen Shaw says

            You need to read what you write. You consistently imply that somehow Blacks
            are more of something or another than others.

            You cannot “weasel” your way out of your remarks just because
            someone reads more into them than what you may have intended!

            There is no doubt in any honest readers mind that you
            inferred that Blacks were the problem! Please carefully read your remarks with
            an open mind.

            Instead of just shooting off like a rocket maybe you should
            take time to think out the full ramification of what you are putting down for
            others to read.

            If you are not prejudice it is extremely important that you
            do not give ammunition to those who are!

            May the “Force Be With You”.

        2. James in Texas says

          Why is that everything that goes against people of color is “Always” racism? Life is tough, and no one wins every time at everything! That is the “Nature” of being human, I like some folks and I don’t like some folks, it’s that simple! When you get to the point that “everything is somebody else’s fault, you have proven that you are a failed person”! How could I every trust you as a friend if I were sure, or even thought you would blame me for your own failings?

          1. pmbalele says

            Ask that question to Judge Barbara Crabb of USDC-Western
            District of Wisconsin. She hated to hear a Black male had ranked highest on
            employment exam. There are radicalized Christians and judges, cops and other
            government officials and employers who will not budge for their racism; however
            stiffer laws we enact in this Country. And some of those judges are Crabb,
            Crocker and those old Repub appointed judges at the 7th circuit. Blacks are in
            trouble in the Circuit. Do you have suggestions how we can cure these morons.

          2. James in Texas says

            I can not ask her anything. She, herself, has issues and it is up to the people of WI to do something about her. She does not speak for anyone but herself, she dang sure does not speak for me, and yet, you, by your own decision, blame all peoples of a color different than you are as being “like her”! The blame game is destroying the good and honorable Black Americans, who are the color they are by “Divine decision”! I guess you now put me in the group of “radicalized Christians”. Well, I am a Christian and am proud of that fact!

          3. pmbalele says

            Did you hear what Dr. Carson is saying now? Ben Carson goes ballistic over GOP ‘betrayal’. I told him that GOP is party of rich White males; but he did not listen to me. I am older than him and therefore wiser than him. Now he is whining. You cannot trust Gingrich; Romney;Sean Hannity, Bill O; Rush Limbaugh; Charles Krauthammer to like Blacks. They are radicalized Christians who hate Blacks and mouthy white women.

          4. James in Texas says

            Another example of your hatred of “All Whites”, even though you know almost none of us! I see, read about and listen to all of the folks who have grown-up to fully believe that they are “victims” and therefore demand that they be given “more rights and understand” about how terrible it is to be Black?? Please educate me about how it is that all Black folks are victim just because of their color! For more than 80 years the Democrats controlled the Congress and what did they do to make their lives better. The Congress did nothing, but a wonderful man, Dr. King, set out to make changes, which he accomplished, and I don’t remember him ever saying that “All White people” were racist. I went all the way through school with both Black, Hispanic and Asian kids, and I found that I liked some of them and did not like some of them, but that was a “personal decision”. So because I did not like some of them I “must” be a racist……….. Oh, by the way, early on I e-mailed Dr. Carson that he was entering a profession that is harsh, mean-spirited and something that I feared for him. He is a kind and gentle man who has found himself in a swamp, and that goes for all sides. I remember clearly when he was called an “Uncle Tom” by your side, not mine!

          5. pmbalele says

            Did I say I hate All Whites. i live in Wisconsin and almost all my neighbors are Whites and we get along very well. I am talking about radicalized rich White Repubs who are not abandoning Dr. Carson because he is Black.

          6. James in Texas says

            You don’t have to say anything. Every single post of yours indicates that “if only the White people would just go away everything would be much better”! If we do go away where will you get the tax monies to support all of the programs that have been created to keep Black folks “in their place”! I hope that you would give at least a thought about what the real cause of Black poverty is, you might start by reading a book titled “Crimes of the Educators”. It all starts with the “dumbing-down” of all of our children!

          7. Seismic4 says

            Pinhead: If you hate a white does that make you a racist? You are the racist. Looking for racism at every turn is an excuse and an answer for every problem you have or think you have. It’s like you’re still child when a parent says you can’t do something. The child’s response is “you don’t love me.” It’s evident for all to see today that the real racists are blacks and their pimp and whore leaders wanting stuff just because they’re black. I know why. Because whitey, who aren’t racist, doesn’t like to be called racist. Blacks scream “racist” because it’s easy to get stuff. Blacks like to get stuff not earn stuff. So, Pmbalele, go cry racist somewhere else after you stop being racist.

          8. Billy says

            After what Obama has done, there will never be another Black president. There are many, many Blacks out there who despise him as much as Whites do.

          9. pmbalele says

            Now your color is out. You must be White to say that. As a matter of fact about 10 years ago I was in a hearing when one White supervisor said; ” We appointed a Black male and he was talking to White women all the time.” This supervisor moron forgot that the while women were Black guy employees.

          10. pappadave says

            Get a clue. Life isn’t fair and NO ONE WINS at life. EVERYONE dies–even rich people. I could get pissed that no one will “give me a chance” at the big bucks earned by pro basketballers just because I’m white, only 6′ tall, overweight and 74 years old. That’s racism, height-ism, weight-ism and ageism. I should be able to sue. Right?

          11. pmbalele says

            Did you say “EVERYONE dies?” Republicans and TPs do not believe they will die. That is why they leave their wives and prey on their office girls. Anyway, I will keep your posting as Souvenir. I do not know where you got those isms.

          12. Sluggo D. Mann says

            Prey on their office girls? Bill Clinton wasn’t a democrat, neither was Gary Condit

          13. shavager says

            YOU are a liar pmbalele, I’ve been a REGISTERED Democrat voter for over 40 YEARS now–there is NO “Democrat Party” anymore–it’s now the RACIST National Socialist DemocRAT Party of ISLAM. This president IS a racist “choom” headed SODOMITE who’s hiding his muslim religion despite admitting it to ABC news in an interview as well as to Egyptian Foreign Minister. Gingrich, Romney, Hannity, O’Reilly, Limbaugh, Krauhammer will be FIRST to correct any statement they make which proves to be false–Obama BIN LYING–the muslim IMAM in the new MOSQUE at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has LIED to you since he begin campaigning–from hiding his personal records to ObamaCare cancelling your policy and your doctor to NOT adding ONE DIME to National DEBT when the Congressional Budget Office admits it will COST $10 TRILLION. You’ve got a marxist president who favors ILLEGALS and muslims over American citizens.

          14. pmbalele says

            I believe Dr. Carson and his campaign manager were not reading what TPs
            and Repubs were talking about behind doors. There were rumors among the two
            part-members that they cannot stand having another Black US First Family in the WH. GOPers are radicalized to believe Blacks were intellectually inferior to them as Repubs and the WH is supposed to be occupied by Whites. Here we are now. Carson has been side-lined, does not like it and want to go solo. So does Trump. I guess it will be Ross Perot re-do and GOP will die a natural death. To save money I am asking GOP members to drop-out. Let’s have Hillary as sole candidate.

          15. James in Texas says

            I’m wondering where you are getting this information from the TEA Party, aka: Taxed Enough Already Party, and the Republicans. I have never seen such information and as committed to covering for Obama and Hillary, I am certain that the MSM would have published this information around the world. You and I and almost everybody are being played by powerful people who intend to keep the “Party going” at “our cost”. All you have is “talking points” and as long as you continue to believe the false information we all fail! Here’s a thought for you to ponder………”Does every White person awake in the morning, and then say to themselves….What can I do today to make a Black person’s life miserable”! We have enough issues of our own to deal with, and I personally do what I have to do to make my life and family secure, nothing more and nothing less. In fact, I don’t have to do anything, far too many Black folks spend their lives making themselves miserable, Why?

          16. pmbalele says

            Have you been stalked in stores like Boston, Sears, etc. No. I have and confronted the guy who was stalking me. That is why Blacks are not employed. There are still bigots who hate to hire Blacks.

          17. James in Texas says

            No, I never have been “stalked” anywhere. But I must ask….”Are you telling me that in Boston MA, a bastion of Liberalism, Democrat vast majority, the temple of the most famous American drunk, Teddy Kennedy that you were taken advantage and accused of “Being Black in public”? Oh, the horrors! Just for your information, there are more White people unemployed than Black people because we are the majority of the population. I am still looking for the place where us terrible White folks have rioted and burned down our own community because we were “offended”! Here’s a lesson I was given by my 30 yr. Naval veteran Father when I was coming into my mid-childhood. I complained that something had happened that was unfair. He looked me in the eyes and said………..”Boy, he called me Boy, Fair is a half of a word, it is a half of the word fairy-tale and if you believe in fairy-tales you are going to have a miserable life. Life is tough, do something about it!” Stop crying Wolfe every time your feelings are hurt, it is known far and wide as “Life”!

          18. pmbalele says

            Did you say Whites do not whine? You were not in Madison WI in 2009 when Walker stripped white workers of their free health insurance, free 401K, and de-enacted union rights to speak for lazy workers. There were more than 30,000 state and municipal employees cursing and damaging the state capital. It cost 1mi to rehab the walls and windows of the Wisconsin Capital. Remember these people had jobs making at least $40,000 a year. Still they whined at Walker who took their entitlements. Most of these had been hired by Thompson, the Wisconsin republican governor. What if these people did not have jobs? They would burn the capital.

          19. James in Texas says

            My last post to you, Yes, the whole country saw what you are talking about. “We” also knew that they were all Union crybabies, Democrats and paid activist who were doing all of the damage. Nowhere in the Constitution does it even mention “entitlements”, it states that we have “God given Rights” which includes the requirement to “earn what you need”! When any “peoples” think that they have “a right” to destroy public property, which by the way, the dummies paid for themselves, because their feeling have been hurt, well, you then have anarchy. And sadly, that appears, from a distance, to be the current plan of the leadership of many cities and states. I have worked since I was 12 years old, and I have never been given anything that was truly free. The free stuff is always paid for by somebody else, and the part that we really hate is that the receivers of these benefits are never thankful, it is never enough, and when does the next free-stuff arrive! I wish for you that you find this “perfect place” you seem to believe exists, where nobody will ever be discriminated against and that the free money grows on trees, but then, you would have to “pay someone” to pick the trees, and they will then complain that they are being discriminated against and need the government to raise the minimum wage so they can live a middle-class life while picking money off the trees, that do not exist”!

          20. BIGOTIST says

            Does that make it right??~

          21. pmbalele says

            It is a secret- I had warned these government employees what Walker was after removing their entitlements if elected. They thought I was a Zonk. Then after Walker was sworn in he hit them with a baseball bat-removing their entitlements. The same employees came to me crying: “You were right-we voted for a tyrant. We should have listened to you.” It was too late -they asked for a Governor; they got him – Walker.

          22. BIGOTIST says

            unions, have been and will continue to be the demise of the middle class and the homeowner- EVERY year my property taxes INCREASE due to the school, but you probably don’t own a home~

          23. pmbalele says

            You must have money for you look like Hitler. Any relations to Commandant?

          24. BIGOTIST says

            uncle- you look like ur head, empty~

          25. Billy says

            pmbalele – – – Ask youself a question. Why does this happen ? It happens because Blacks have a history of shop lifting far higher than Whites. Do you honestly think they don’t follow some White people around in their stores as well ?
            Get over yourself stupid man. Black people have a bad reputation for a multitude of reasons, none of which are false. Tell your Black brothers and sisters to stop acting like a bunch of uncivilized animals and things might change.

          26. pmbalele says

            Sure that is what you and your people believe. That means you’re radicalized Christians for your bible teaches Blacks were offspring of Cain, the estranged son of Adam. Get over it. Blacks are as honest as you people. I am suing a bunch of state officials for their corruption. They changed scores of Blacks to avoid hiring Blacks. I will keep you updated. I am just drafting my lawsuit now -and I am going to do it myself.

          27. Billy says

            pmbalele – – – Not surprised. You people are always suing someone. “They changed scores because they didn’t want to hire Black guy’s”. Are you serious ? Good luck with that. Besides, WHO would want to hire Black guys ? All you people want to do is “whine and moan” about everything. You are mistreated, or someone looked at you wrong or you didn’t get a promotion. Wha Wha Wha. You people have terrible attitudes, walk around with your damn pants around your knees, hell you just don’t fit in. That’s the whole truth. You act like a bunch of uncivilized animals and want to be looked upon in a godly way. FORGET IT.
            Hell no, nobody wants to hire you knowing all the problems you bring with you.
            If I sound racist, that’s probably because I am but remember this, YOU PEOPLE made me this way with all YOUR racist BS.

          28. pmbalele says

            Did you ask “WHO would want to hire Black guys?” Well, that is your opinion like Justice Scalia. I do not know what Thomas is now saying when his fellow Justice branded Blacks as slow. That means Justice Thomas is slow. Well, I will keep you posted about my case -and I am doing it myself.

          29. BIGOTIST says

            You’re wasting your time on this ni99er- He’s a useless entitlement scumbag on the dole~

          30. BIGOTIST says

            Their too fckn stupid!!!!!!~

          31. BIGOTIST says


          32. Herb1949 says

            He is getting his information from the demonrats talking points. He is blindly following the party of jim crow, the KKK and slavery.


          33. denniscerasoli says

            If i may cut in,i am a white man who has 5 biracial children,black and white,and i can assure you that they are not less intelligent then whites or anyone else.But i do see where black children are between a rock and a hard place when you have people like Farrakhan telling them that to get ahead in America is a slave mentality,that would confuse anyone,should i or shouldn’t i is what probably goes through the minds of the children.If they study like Carson you’re an uncle tom,white people are not pressured that way,just a thought,i could go on and on.

          34. pappadave says

            Blacks in the inner cities disparage any black kid who studies hard, gets good grades and wants to get ahead in life as “trying to be white.” Many kids give up on academics to “fit in” with those crowds. That’s the STUPIDEST possible thing anyone could do, but I understand WHY they do it.

          35. denniscerasoli says

            I agree because i have seen it,and it is difficult on kids because of peer pressure,youngsters are more apt to be influenced.

          36. Billy says

            pmbalele – – – In your last sentence you just PROVED your total and complete ignorance. What you just said makes YOU a standout. Your complete ignorance is absolutely astounding. Hillary, habitual liar, thief, murderer, Marxist, with NO accomplishments to her name and YOU want her to be your next president. amazing. YOU are one stupid human being.

          37. pmbalele says

            Do you want a radicalized Catholic like Scalia to be your next president? I am okay with Hillary to take the rein as president. She is tough and a non-sense to Repubs and TPs. I watched the first Benghazi hearing – she blasted them like kids.
            John McCain came out of the briefing whining that Hillary mistreated him.

          38. afftongrown says

            wasn’t aware that Scalia was running for the office. So, your point is moot!

          39. pmbalele says

            I heard he quitting the SC – He has up here being surrounded by open-mind Justices. Once a present he will fire all Justices and appoint ones that think and act the same him.

          40. afftongrown says

            In so many words, you’re saying he will appoint muslim judges to take the places of the judges he(Obama) unseats.

          41. Sluggo D. Mann says

            Dlly, don’t you know it’s not nice to call morons stupid?

          42. BoundlessExistence says

            You need to be strapped to a gurney and force fed the meds you have been flushing!

          43. pappadave says

            Just another BLM whiner here. Deny it as he will. I have a black SON, Daughter-in-law, three black grandchildren and 4 black great-grandchildren. I don’t want to HEAR how being a Christian “radicalizes” white people. That’s simply STUPID–which bears directly on the subject of this article. ANYONE who thinks the Democrat Party is their “friend” is as ignorant as a bag of cat hair.

          44. Herb1949 says

            Age doesn’t make wisdom.

            A young genuis becomes and old genuis.

            A young idiot becomes and old idiot.

            While I am VERY displeased with the GOP leadership, racism is not a part of my displeasure. From the start of th GOP they have always supported black equality. Unlike the democratic party that you so blindly follow.

            “Fact: The Republican Party was founded primarily to oppose slavery, and Republicans eventually abolished slavery. The Democratic Party fought them and tried to maintain and expand slavery. The 13th Amendment, abolishing slavery, passed in 1865 with 100% Republican support but only 23% Democrat support in congress.”


          45. Billy says

            pmbalele – – – YOU are a fool. All of the people you mentioned are bad people but Muslim Obama / Barry Sotero is your answer ? Once again, YOU are a fool. The people you are calling “Radicalized Christians” are the only reason you are not in chains, picking cotton. You are watching to much MSNBC.

          46. pmbalele says

            I watch also FoxNews with bigots like Sean Hannity, Bill O, Charles Krauthammer; Eric Bolling and Andrea Tantaros and Rush Limbaugh. These are radicalized Christians. I hope you do not subscribe to their beliefs.

          47. BIGOTIST says

            Wow, you’re one upsided psycho ny99er~

          48. pmbalele says

            That is why I am on this site to counsel people like you to avoid looking at Blacks as inferior to you.

          49. BIGOTIST says

            Ur wasting your time for sure!!!!!!
            blacks and muslims, same savage scum~

          50. pmbalele says

            I am told KKK groups are radicalized Christians.

          51. BIGOTIST says

            I don’t care what they are as long as they continue~

          52. OSAMA OBAMA says

            LMAO!! Back to the plantation where the Democrats want you!

          53. pmbalele says

            I do not like to go to plantation to live with Allen West, Allen Keyes, Michael Steele, Herman Cain, Laura Ingraham, and Megan Kelly.

          54. joe haire says

            Simple…move to San Francisco where the 9th. circuit court gives everything to liberals regardless of their qualifications. Black leadership (Sharpton, Jackson etc.) encourages whining & has devided this nation along with the greatest race baters in our history…Barak Hussein Obama.I have read many of your posts and you are clearly a racist!!

          55. Herb1949 says

            yeah, a lib judge, appointed by Carter, in favor of homosexual marriage, in favor of doing away with all religous ideas, and a woman would say something like that…
            Bet you think she is a republican, don’t you?
            Guess what skippy? She supports your racist agenda.
            James in Texas, the people of WI can’t do a thing about her, she is a federal court judge, appointed by the 2nd worst president we have ever had, jumping jimminy carter, the attack rabbit slayer.

          56. pmbalele says

            Yes, that is what I told her. She forgot that White women were also subject to bias by Repub white males. She knows I filed a complaint against in the Federal Judiciary committee. I will check if she graduated above average.

          57. Billy says

            pmbalele – – – YES, I do have a suggestion for you. Go back to wherever you came from. If you were as smart as you pretend you are, you wouldn’t be having problems with all these different people. Stop whining.

          58. pmbalele says

            I did not say I am smart. I said I ranked highest on state exam. I had good education and experience. Please call Judges Crabb and ask her why she wondered I ranked highest.

          59. Billy says

            I don’t think so !

          60. pmbalele says

            You’re chicken like the White cops who go to the hood to arrest Blacks.

          61. Billy says

            Whah, Whah, Whah.

          62. pmbalele says

            Am i whining or blaming people on this site for their ignorance or radicalization as Christians? No doubt you hate Trump as your nominee. I am enjoying my life as here you’re whining. Good grief?

          63. afftongrown says

            You have yet to say one positive thing to anyone.

          64. afftongrown says

            Perhaps pmbalele should get the chip off his/ her shoulder. It appears to be weighing them down!

          65. BIGOTIST says

            If the last sentence is a question, I believe we need more moron judges as these in the circuit~

          66. pmbalele says

            Corrected. I know their cure – Justice Keagan. is on top of their racism.

          67. OSAMA OBAMA says

            WOW! You have even out done yourself.

        3. denniscerasoli says

          I don’t know where some of this stuff i coming from,i live in Massachusetts where everyone,white,black,Latino,Asian,whatever all go to the same schools with the same curriculum and they all need to meet certain standards period.

          1. pmbalele says

            Do you mean Asians are brighter than Whites?

          2. denniscerasoli says

            I don’t think that Asians are brighter then anyone,i think it is diligence on their parts and hard work.I had an experience with an Asian person on that subject and he took offense at being called brighter,he said i wasn’t born smarter but i did work very hard in academics,so there you go the guy actually got angry because he wants people to know that he wasn’t born smart just because he is Asian,he wants people to know that he works very hard at what he does.He told me that anyone could do it if he could and i think he is correct.My feeling is if you take a child from different races and put them in the same environment they will achieve.

          3. pmbalele says

            You’re right. Then why did Scalia brand Blacks as slow learners? Healthy environment is key to success. I remember when in college my girl friend dumped me, my grade dived. But when she came back my grades sky-rocketed and I graduated with good GPA.

          4. denniscerasoli says

            I just read the article again and i guess it depends on how one takes it.Scalia said that those blacks who don’t meet the standards of a particular school because of quota’s or affirmative action,it was about black students who shouldn’t be there because of quota’s and not merit,i would think that a lot of people wouldn’t meet the standards across the board.I guess you have to be very careful on how you say things,i don’t know,maybe my being white i don’t see it as racist i see it as those people who don’t qualify and in this case it was black students.I think if i were Scalia and sitting on the bench of the highest court in the land,i would have said,any student.

        4. pappadave says

          Scalia didn’t “imply that blacks are slow.” He said that it’s apparent (it IS, by the way) that SOME blacks are admitted to colleges for which they are NOT academically prepared, which is very true. Many are admitted BECAUSE they are black, and NOT because they have the intellectual capacity to withstand the high-intensity, academic rigors of some colleges. There are certainly many WHITE students who lack that intellectual capacity, but THEY are “weeded out” BY those colleges before ever being admitted. THAT’S what’s wrong with “affirmative action.” RACE is the determinant…NOT intellectual ability.

          1. pmbalele says

            George Bush II was not that bright. In fact he was arrested for using pot. But his father Bush 1 had money to send him to Harvard.

          2. pappadave says

            So what? Obama had a “sugar-daddy” with enough money to send HIM to Harvard, too, and HE was a MUCH heavier user of pot than ANYTHING Bush is “accused” of doing. I will remind you that Bush was NOT convicted of anything–ever. Obama won’t be until he leaves the White House and his “records” are opened up for public scrutiny.

          3. pmbalele says

            President Obama is another JFK.

        5. Herb1949 says

          Like a little cheese and crackers with that whine?
          Oh, and I don’t believe you about a judge making a comment like that, or the avoiding hiring blacks.
          Quotas are for hiring the unqualified and have no place in a free market place.

        6. Billy says

          pmbalele – – – BALONEY ! Blacks are NOT scoring as high as whites overall. So you are preparing to sue someone. Very typical of you. That’s what Blacks do when they don’t get their way or cannot keep up with everyone else.
          YOU are just another RACIST BLACK so don’t be to impressed with yourself.

          1. pmbalele says

            Did you see FoxNews today -all political analysts were White. Do you mean there are no Blacks qualified to analyze politics? After settling my case with the state, I will file a charge against FoxNews for discrimination.

          2. afftongrown says

            Perhaps it’s as simple as none have applied for the job!

          3. pmbalele says

            Sure, that is what everybody says. Have you seen the women at FoxNews. They all wear skimpy dresses to show their legs. And FoxNews aspires for family values.

        7. franklyfrank says

          Dude you are talking out of both sides of your mouth.
          If as you say, you are brilliant you don’t need any help. I for one would be ashamed to be shoved ahead of the line to enforce affirmative action. Secondly if you are as brilliant as you say you shouldn’t have any problem finding a job. I don’t know of any successful business manager who would prefer an inferior talent because of race. That is just pure hogwash and stupid incite-full rhetoric in today’s competitive world.

          1. pmbalele says

            I have hired Whites, Blacks and Asians and found them just as good or bad. Do you know why we have lawsuit related to disparate impact? Whites show one another answers before exams. So they pass higher than Blacks. I joined a white fraternity and found the secret. In fact when they let me in their fraternity, they told me the secret. One of them is that pretest exam showing. That is why I urge government to have quotas. All people who pass exam are eligible to be hired. Forget about affirmative action. It is dumb program. We should have only equal employment opportunities and that can be measured under the disparate impact observations.

        8. MDKTT20 says

          That is why I never looked for a Government job once I retired from the Navy after 20 years. I went to work for the DuPont Co. and retired from them with a Pension that I only had to work for them to get , no money from my Paycheck. and we had no Union in places I worked. Of Course I am old school, like the rest of us were in those days. You were fired for one safety violation.. period, and you knew that when you were hired.

          1. pmbalele says

            Sorry about that chief. I did not know and did not ask for details.

          2. MDKTT20 says

            No need to be sorry, but those are the facts and some of the Details. have a good day .

        9. Allen Shaw says

          Perhaps where you live things are great. Perhaps you should study the law to determine its intent.

          If there is no violation of civil rights there is no action taken!

          Once again the selection of students is not always done because of the law, sometimes it is done to make up a diverse class.

          Please reread what Judge Scalia said. We all know that his month is his problem, yet we keep looking for small missteps or “slip of the lips”!

          The word “Quota” is not going to ever fly! What we seek is an opportunity for all individuals to have an equal chance.

          Stop and Think:
          “So affirmative action programs are not necessary now. All we need is
          equal opportunities in schools and at work. Therefore quotas should be
          back now as a matter of law.”

          How would you achieve “Quotas” without Affirmative Action”?

          1. pmbalele says

            Quotas should be back in school and work. You raised very interesting issues. People judge you on what you say because that is what is your mind. Example, I was in USDC-Western District of Wisconsin when Judge Crabb wondered how a Black male could beat Whites. The Black male was me; and dared question how I ranked highest on employment test. She was raised to believe Blacks were intellectually inferior to her as a White person. Recently I was in state court with Correction officials. I had applied for Correction supervisory position and passed it very high. But DOC refused to hire me. I asked to see interviewers’ notes under Wisconsin Open Records law. DOC officials refused. But days after that, I received got subpoena to report to court to answer how I passed the exam. Indeed I attended. Here was a DOC attorney, before judge, holding my papers showing I was qualified. But she wanted the state judge to rule I was not qualified and that I should be stopped applying for DOC supervisory position. The Judge looked at this female white attorney and told her off. I am getting the transcript for the hearing tomorrow. I want to post it on the internet. I will give you a copy if you want it. There are still a lot of your kind who still think Blacks are intellectually inferior to you. That is what was in Scalia mind. Even Alito wondered what came out of Scalia mind. Quotas should be back to racially balance workforce.

          2. Allen Shaw says

            Maybe you should read what Judge Scalia actually said and don’t think about what you think he meant!

            I hope you get your job!

          3. pmbalele says

            People assessment of Scalia was that Blacks should go to special schools where they can learn at a slower pace. And that was puzzled Judge Crabb and Wis Corrections officials -how I as a Black male ranked highest. There is still a bunch of radicalized Christians who still believe Abel and Cain the off spring of Adam if at all he existed. These believe Blacks are off spring of Cain the cursed son of Adam.

          4. Allen Shaw says

            Did you read what he said or are you still going on what other people said he said?
            Go Back and read what he said! Get the quote!

            I am not interested in some history that supposedly is written in the Bible!

            Have you ever found any quote in the Bible that said what you just included in a conversation about “those Blacks who are slow”!

            I may not much care about Judge Scalia; however misquoting him is not my way to gain!

            I am sure if Judge Crabb read what Judge Scalia actually said he would agree with me!

          5. Allen Shaw says

            This is what he is supposed to have said:
            Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia made controversial comments during a hearing. Scalia is reported to have said on Wednesday:

            “There are those who contend that it does not benefit African-Americans to get them into the University of Texas where they do not do well, as opposed to having them go to a less-advanced school, a less — a slower-track school where they do well.”

            What did he say that is wrong?

            I believe he meant: Is a degree at the University of Texas better no matter how low the grade or how little knowledge gained, or is a better grade and better education at another school better.

            He did not say that all Blacks were inferior and having paid attention to his previous remarks, I do not believe he meant that!

          6. pmbalele says

            I am not the only one who understood that Blacks were intellectually inferior to Whites. His own fellow Justice were shocked and wondered how Justice Clarence felt for he Black. Justice Alito rolled his eyes in disbelief. We need quotas now to balance the workforce in government and private sector with qualified individuals. Did you see who attended the GOP Debate today? 99.99% were Whites. And did you see who were selected by CNN to referee the Debate? All were Whites. Does it mean there are no Blacks with qualifications, yes there are. We need quotas now.

          7. Allen Shaw says

            Did you read the quote. You seem to miss the point because you want to say what others said.

            There has to be a law passed! You cannot have Quotas without “Affirmative Action”.

            What would you call the law “Quota Action”?

            What ever corrective action that is to be taken whether it is Quotas or whatever it will be a form of “affirmative” action.

            If I am not mistaken the Supreme Court has ruled against Quotas.
            Regents of the University of California v. Bakke, 438 U.S. 265 (1978)
            Ricci v. DeStefano

            By the way I did not bother to watch the Ex “Southern Democrats” who now refer to themselves as Republican. If you have any understanding of the current Republican, it is a composite of the Governor Bilbo era individuals. Why on earth would you expect there to be any Blacks represented?
            Maybe you should study the history of the south so you will have a different grasp of the desires of the two main groups in the Republican Party. First the Tea Party which is made up of Religious zealotry and desires to return to the days before the civil war and second those poor White individuals living in the deep south and Central states who are conditioned to “have not” but have the believe that they are superior to all other races of people. The balance of the Republican Party is frighten to death that an anti establishment (coorporate)

          8. Allen Shaw says

            Did you read the quote? You seem to miss the point because
            you want to say what others said.

            There has to be a law passed! You cannot have Quotas without
            “Affirmative Action”.

            What would you call the law “Quota Action”?

            Whatever corrective action that is to be taken whether it is
            Quotas or whatever it will be a form of “affirmative” action.

            If I am not mistaken the Supreme Court has ruled against

            Regents of the University of California v. Bakke, 438 U.S.
            265 (1978)
            Ricci v. DeStefano

            By the way I did not bother to watch the Ex “Southern
            Democrats” who now refer to themselves as Republican. If you have any understanding of the current Republican, it is a composite of the Governor Bilbo era individuals. Why on earth would you expect there to be any Blacks represented?

            Maybe you should study the history of the south so you will
            have a different grasp of the desires of the two main groups in the Republican Party. First the Tea Party which is made up of Religious zealotry and desires
            to return to the days before the civil war and second those poor White
            individuals living in the deep south and Central states who are conditioned to
            “have not” but have the believe that they are superior to all other
            races of people. The balance of the Republican Party is frightened to death that an anti-establishment (corporate) administration is going to gain power but reuse to join the Democratic Party.

      5. Michel says

        Holy crap…that happened at the University I worked at. Hard workers, people who came in early, stayed late, took work home and came in on weekends, rarely called in sick, volunteered, and contributed….these were the ones badgered, criticized, getting shitty reviews…while those who socialized for ten minutes before even starting work, or were habitually 10-30 minutes LATE all the time, gossiped, lied, goofed off much of the day, spent hours on personal crap on the phone or internet…these were promoted, lauded, received awards, excellent reviews. My supervisor was actually caught with nearly 3 reams of gay porn pages he’d been looking at IN A SINGLE MONTH while at work!!…did he get fired? NO!!!….craziest crap I’ve ever experienced.

        1. Sue4477 says

          Like we see in gov’t. today!

          1. RobertNorwood says

            Oh hell yeah, you wouldn’t believe what some GS’s get away with – actually, I imagine you do! They surf porn on classified systems, do all kinds of schit and get away with it. I recall this one drunk who really couldn’t work no matter what simple BS tasks they gave him, he also had a bad very negative attitude. They passed him around one dept. to another until he retired. Beautiful. We had war fighters in the field depending on folks like that to fulfill requisitions, fund programs, etc. Shameful.

            To be fair that is more the exception than the rule in my experience. Most GS’s were quite serious, especially those working for SPOs supporting mission critical initiatives.

          2. Mark Lahti says

            It is called government workers unions. If not for that we would see a lot less of this kind of unfair treatment of both the slackers and the hard workers. Although I have to admit that I was on the losing end of this kind of discrimination while working in a non-union environment. So I guess it happens everywhere but it is just more protected in the union “shops”.

          3. RobertNorwood says

            Got to say I never spent a day in a Union shop – well, not quite true, I dodged joining for 4 mos. then joined and left for another company non-union job a day or two later. Unions had a place once but like many entities that gain power they get greedy, abuse it and forget whom they serve – just like the government it begins to kill its host. Detroit is what it is today because of the unions – nothin’ we don’t know, right? My non-union experience was, fortunately, always positive but I know that is not always the case. It has to be a symbiotic relationship where both parties understand that success for one has to mean success for the other as well. As a manager I always maintained that keeping good workers happy by recognizing hard work, dedication by sharing in the perks worked best. who the hell wants to work in an unhappy place why should anyone have to do that? As always one or two are never happy no matter what, always want more for doing less but, eventually, they screw up and you just fired them.

          4. DOC says

            No body will say it but Unions are the reason jobs went overseas.

          5. RobertNorwood says

            Parasites have a bad habit of doing in their meal ticket.

          6. rex ames says

            Doc, That’s only partly true. I worked both ends Union and non union tool & die shops. The IAM for which was a part of for 34 years was a good union. But the union is no better then your current stuard in the company. That small body of people in the locals are not governed by the IAM, but the IAM does support the contract that’s settled on. Our contracts always said a fair days work for a fair days pay and union die makers did everything from running a press for try out with dies to jumping on a lift truck. We were a very flexible company and union and everyone made good money. But other unions were not that flexible and suffered for it.
            The other issue is the corporate and the small business tax choke a company to death. I mean gee wiz 20% in Mexico and 40 some percent in the USA. The other reason for companies moving to Mexico is access to other markets around the world. Allot of countries hate the USA so they wont do business with us, so we don’t always have access to other foreign markets. I mean really we are a minority in the world being a free nation, and most other countries are dictatorships, communist, or monarchy’s. So companies move their corporate head quarters to Mexico to gain access to at least 20 other foreign market places. Most people don’t realize how important it would be to have a guy like Trump negociating trade treaties with countries we never were allowed to trade with before. Hope this helps clear thing up. Its not always the unions fault.

          7. DOC says

            Simple math pay 25 dollars or send to a place that pays 1.50 you do the math.Be careful who you tie your wagon too.

          8. Sue4477 says

            Thanks for the explanation.

          9. BIGOTIST says

            That’s TOTAL BS!!!!!!!!~

          10. joe says

            Unions are parasites feeding off the hard work of others they have no reason to exist these days. Any decent company is smart enough to know they will never get good people without good benefits and good pay they do not need a union to force crap on them. Any union guy that showed up at my company would be run out so fast he would not know what hit him the people working here to not need a leach sucking money out of their pockets. Unions are corrupt and should be eliminated

          11. Jsph Hiagan says

            The silent majority know that. Everybody that knows me know I am not now nor have ever been racist. But…. am now slowly becoming one

          12. DOC says

            You will be in a large gang. Do you want your sheet?

          13. Allen Shaw says

            You can’t really become a racist! You may never have had an opportunity to deal with problems associated with different social groups, no matter if they are ethnic, racial or religious, but a person does not know if they are bias until they face their own circumstances.
            I hope you find some way to overcome the direction you are moving towards; however it seems you will have plenty of company!
            In the end the sad part of being a racist is the unhappiness that a person has!

          14. BIGOTIST says

            You’re wrong!!!
            I’m a racist, have many reasons not to be tolerant of useless, ignorant, savage people~

          15. BIGOTIST says

            the sooner you are, the brighter the lite will be~

          16. Susan Short says

            I’ll say it, because I’m not afraid to speak the truth, and that is the truth!

          17. DOC says

            GOOD FOR YOU

          18. Joseph C Moore USN Ret says

            Use “who”. “Whom” needs a modifier such as “to” or “from”.

          19. RobertNorwood says

            Or, of whom, for whom, as in “For Whom the Bells Toll”… Thank you for that professor. It should remind us that spelling and grammar deserve equal attention when checking commentary. It’s so easy to just get sloppy, boy schit happens don’t it. I know…question mark, but I’m taking some artistic license here. I mean, these aren’t exactly term papers. Um, I don’t wish to appear crude but, that was a free service, right?

          20. pappadave says

            Government workers’ “unions” became “legal” for one reason only. JFK issued a “Presidential Directive” MAKING them “legal.” If he could make them “legal” by PD, another President can make them “illegal” by the same means. Why has no GOP President ever done that??? In any salary or benefits “negotiations” with such unions, the people responsible for the bills ARE NOT REPRESENTED.

          21. gonzales27 says

            Political suicide to do so now with the number of union voters

          22. pappadave says

            Union membership is at an all-time low–except for government employees. Frankly, I don’t care if people want to join a union in some private industry–though I think it’s counter-productive. What I DO care about is PUBLIC employees unionizing because it’s THEFT from the taxpayers.

          23. BIGOTIST says

            True, look what schools did to property tax~

          24. RobertNorwood says

            Once done it is difficult to un-do especially when the opposition can hang it around your neck forever.

          25. pappadave says

            So? You mean like we should be able to hang Hillarycare, the stolen FBI files, Foster’s “suicide”, “Bimbo eruptions,” Rose Law Firm “lost” files, dozens of mysterious deaths of Clinton doubters, foreign campaign donations, the $100,000 commodities “miracle,” the hundreds of lies she’s told about their finances, Benghazi, private e-mails of classified information, etc. etc. around HILLARY’S neck??? Good luck with that. Just DO it.

          26. Sue4477 says

            Yes, there’s no one holding the crappy employees responsible. And their benefits and pay are way too good for them compared to non-gov’t. employees.

          27. The Watson says

            Got that right. Only hire the very best @ my company.

          28. Brother says

            In yesteryear, government employees didn’t get paid as much as those in the private sector but their benefits and retirement were much better. That justified their lower pay scale. Now their benefits still exceed the private sector and their pay has jumped above those in the private sector. Not to mention that you rarely if ever see a government employee get fired or laid off.

          29. Sue4477 says

            Yes, the more I learn, the more it sickens me. It seems that the gov’t. employees that hold legislative power have made gov’t. jobs almost everywhere far too bloated…just like gov’t. itself.

          30. Smart Southerner says


          31. GrumpyOleMan says

            What these morons get away with at the upper levels of the VA is literally criminal!

          32. RobertNorwood says

            We’ll not see any justice under Obama.

          33. Steve Crawford says

            All the readers here should Google the GOA reports of waste and fraud in the US Government. I worked 16 years in the government there in Washington, DC and there were people that I never knew what they did. There are 81 redundant US Agencies in the government. The only way you got fired in the government is fighting and stealing. But when I worked for a private corporation they tried to push out all the high paying people and hire people who were only paid a fraction of who they replaced. Sadly many Americans Citizens will be replaced with foreign workers under the H1-B and the H2-B Bills that was just doubled. You can give the Republican Congress thanks.

          34. RobertNorwood says

            They waste because they don’t earn the money, they don’t make anything – other than regulations. Both parties, the President, are to blame.

          35. Bill Ingram says

            Incompetents rule because Liberals put them in charge. Conservatives use logic and guidelines to determine who is to be admitted. My experience is that Conservatives don’t give a bloody hoot what your skin color is but what your track record in earlier events (High School – etc) indicate if you are qualified.

          36. RobertNorwood says

            Oh yeah, Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan have done a sterling job with that. I’ve always thought Ryan was a two-faced ayhole, it’s in his eyes.

          37. Bill Ingram says

            Politicians have to be two faced. That is the only way they can speak out of both sides of their face. To get elected they can’t rely on truth or facts but ONLY how many vote they can get. FACTS don’t matter. Getting re-elected is all that matters.

        2. OSAMA OBAMA says

          Bet he was a Democrat!

        3. patriot2 says

          sounds like where I work,you can’t say shit without getting wrote up!! damn I’m tired of this politically correct BS.

        4. John Doe says

          Me and my old best friend in the 60’s were always being threatened, or having our tires flattened by many of the union employees who would often be found just hanging out, drinking endless cups of coffee in the mens locker room, but they were rarely if ever fired. Just like all other federal government agencies / IRS and all the otheral agencies in the men’s locker room for hours drink everyone else worked . When was the last time any of you has ever heard of one being fired for watching porn, stealing ? Not too different than our politicians or legalized thiefs !

      6. Larry Wilson says

        The Post Office is full of lazy(that’s not my job) people. It’s never their fault you don’t get your mail!

        1. afftongrown says

          That’s typical government jobs.. has nothing to do with a person’s race or creed or religion. All boils down to the government making the job easier to accomadate the employee.

      7. Lougjr1 says

        I agree, Semper Fi !!

      8. Penny Fuentes says

        I tried to ask a person delivering my mail a question and he responded with ” No entiende (sic) engles” (sic)

        1. bb says

          I believe you. Before the Negroes ran me off, I noticed many foreigners working at the mail sorting facility I worked at that could not speak a word of English.
          We are being replaced. The Hell of it is, especially at the Post Office; It is like how the Nazis got Jew “Capo’s” and sondercommandoes to help them kill Jews, White supervisors help them get rid of white workers.
          Semper Fi and Good Night Chesty Puller Where Ever You Are.

      9. Billy says

        bb – – – It was happening where I worked as well which is why I retired when I did. I was told from above (Human Resources) that I “had to” promote someone into a supervisory position, overlooking people who had the knowledge and the ability to do the job while this BLACK person had neither the knowledge nor the ability to do the job. His skin color got him promoted and caused me to decide to retire early. White people need to stand up and put a stop to this garbage.
        Semper Fi, my brother.

        1. bb says

          I am convinced that all this is being done with malice and forethought. It is intentionally being done in order to wreck havoc within our society and tear it apart. The American Intelligence Services encouraged German factory owners to fire smart people and promote stupid people in hopes of de railing production of war material. Disrupted mail service, non functional government due to hiring of unqualified people, emergency services and other functions in disarray due to stupidity caused chaos. To what end this chaos is supposed to achieve, your guess is as good as mine. But, I do see it happening. Walk into any postal facility and most government functions and tell me what you see. My mail goes to every one else house but mine.
          As I said, we are being replaced.
          Semper Fi and Good Night Chesty Puller Where Ever You Are.

      10. daledor says

        Another way to put it “divide and conquer”. Chaos is what the New World Order uses to empower itself outside of stealing our money and resources through THEIR Federal Reserve. Our Treasury is supposed to print money not the Federal Reserve, an outside bank that steals the term Federal to confuse people. Like the Rothschild’s before them, who gained control of many of the world banks and governments in the 1800’s, the Federal Reserve prints FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES backed by NOTHING. They make loans to our government at interest and run up our national debt with the help of NWO pundits like the Bush’s, Clinton’s, and Obama. Semper Fi.

      11. dogtrainer1 says

        You are certainly correct about the Post Office. I took a test for employment, when I was a senior in High School, back in 1969. I was told that I scored too high and therefore would not be a good employment candidate! When I questioned the logic of that comment, (remember this is a High School student questioning a Federal Employee), I was NOT provided with an answer. That was 45 years ago, people have gotten dumber since then and the Government is off the radar, dumb! Oh, by the way I lost out to several scholarships because I am white. Before Political Correct “newspeak”, I was actually told that I was more qualified than other applicants, but the wrongs of the past had to be corrected and I was the “Wrong” color. Again 1969…

      12. nKhosi says

        LBP is on his post, just to the rear of St. Peter. The Old Man is issuing assignments as Uncle Sams Misguided Children come through the gate. Report? All Secured, Sir!

        1. bb says

          Semper Fi!

    2. vietnam6871 says

      You address “physically” exceptional which is a totally different set of rules. Mentally exceptional individuals don’t get a chance to escape from their hell where they are shamed for “being smart”. The physically exceptional make lots of money for people, including themselves. Money talks. Meanwhile, back in the ghetto, brilliance is ridiculed.

      1. FJ Rocca says

        And who is at fault for that? Certainly not a university that admits students on the basis of their record. Even being laughed at for being smart can’t stop someone who is smart from being smart. And Scalia, by the way, didn’t say that black students couldn’t make the grade. He said that, IF a student couldn’t make the grade, just being black should not be enough to admit him.

        1. vietnam6871 says

          Did I blame the university? I don’t think so. I blame a society mangled by the democrats to primarily lock in votes. Yes, the republicans haven’t helped much either, but, they did not create welfare or the Dept. of Education, the two primary drivers of today’s broken society.

        2. hrandym says

          That jumped out at me also. Scalia didn’t say ‘blacks’, he said only said blacks that weren’t qualified other than race. Race should not be a factor.

      2. fred says

        All true! If anything, the environment is a limiting factor of so many in low-income neighborhoods, and ridicule is merely a defense mechanism used by those of limited intellect, and that is a shame, many would call it a form of “bullying”! In public schools if your child is taking AP classes, even some of the teachers now consider those advanced students to be “freaks’ and that is but one of our problems in the education system of today’s “dumbed down” world!

    3. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says


    4. alfy says

      hold on there,the blacks are given lower grade standards, as they care more of playing fb,instead of studying and the colleges want to win.CASE IN POINT DEXTER MANLEY WHO PLAYED FOR THE REDSKINS IN THE 70S OR 80S ADMITTED HE DID NOT KNOW HOW TO READ, SO HOW DID HE EVEN GRADUATE FROM HIGH SCHOOL?

    5. daveveselenak says

      Right on, let the Caucasian race file discrimination charges against the NFL and NBA because they are comprised of mostly blacks – to hell with the quality of the sport because it isn’t fair as the mentally disordered Leftists would cry! There should be some white person or group to file charges against both leagues for this reason just to show how ef’n asinine the useful idiots on the Left are! The Right should start using the same tactics of the Left and tie up the courts with their BS suits! Let them make the leagues spend some of that jack that they are hustling, especially the NFL WHICH PAYS NO TAXES and has become the N- egro F- unding L- argess!

    6. Aldo nova says

      Exactly Ben Carson had no problem being a very good doctor

    7. RobertNorwood says

      True but it takes more than skill on the playing field to be “learned”. The NFL is, in a way, college to students who got there straight from high school – they have to learn what their coaches, mentors, etc. are putting out and they have to be disciplined. When it comes to study they need to commit to memory complicated plays and scenarios. But all in all it can’t teach a person to be articulate and come off as intelligent. By the same token, In the NFL it’s a whole lot more different smoke than High School because after that there’s nothing else if you fail.

    8. hora says

      You right, like to Law School a lot student with IQ to low became and are Lawyers.If was all student with high IQ, today we will no have crisis with corrupt Lawyers.

    9. Chris Robinette says

      Liberals hate the truth.

    10. icetrout says

      exceptional with playing with a bloated pigskin… 2000 years ago they would of playing in stadiums for their lives to entertain the masses… same diff…

    11. BIGOTIST says

      Exceptional in sports, not academics!!!!!!!~

    12. rex ames says

      I think at the time that affirmative action took place, there were many different racial problems in the United States. High schools were not open to just anyone,the military, voting ! All this stuff was corrected. I went to an 80% black school in Muskegon Heights Michigan and it was difficult for me because you had to fight just to keep your lunch money in your pocket. I was never a prejudice person until I went to a black school in the seventh grade and saw for my self how many acted like animals towards me. But my parents moved to Mona Shores a mostly all white district 99.9 white and my problems went away. I was a B student at Hts. but at Mona Shores I went straight down to a D+. A big difference in curiculam level I think because it was allot more work and I wasn’t used to it. I eventually got to a B- to C student. But sice the last 60’s and on the blacks have more opportunities to get well then any other race. The real problems are they always want to dwell on the past and keep using their color for an excuse for falling short. Its always the white guys falt for failing a test or not getting admitted to a program, so then automatically we are a racist unless the standard gets lowered to let others in that are not up to standard. The reality is we are not all equal, white or black and most of my white friends are smarter then I am and I was not smart enough to be admitted to some of the schools my white friends went to, but I make more money because I made smarter decisions and was willing to work 80+ hrs a week. My father kicked my butt allot growing up so I knew I had to be aggressive and work hard. Right now as far as I’m concerned the minority races just need to forget what color they are and go to work studying hard. The problem is they have been falling back on the color issue for so long now, I think its actually hurting them. There are just certain things in life that require allot of work, and if you don’t have a father figure at home kicking your ass, your going to have a very hard time in life and its not whities fault. So you just need to own it for what it is and stop blaming people for it.

    13. Erin Dougherty says

      Affirmative action has been judged as legal and desirable for decades. There is a reason for it. Brown people have not had the same access to climbing the ladder as whites. A quick scan of the comments in this forum will show why we need it. Also, I’m not aware of high schoolers going directly to the NFL.

    14. figmo says

      Many year’s ago a a white student named Bakke? brought a law suit because he was denied admission to a medical school while non whites with lower admission scores were admitted. He won! but the court ruled that this case stood alone and would not be used as precedent for other lawsuits. (kind of cowardly on the part of the court don’t you think?)

  2. Brenda says

    College admissions should be based on academic abilities, not on the color of ones skin.

    1. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says

      You are RIGHT .

    2. pineapple says

      Just like admission to the sports team should be based on ability alone. This is why most teams are predominately black. Coaches can deny whites with less athletic ability, and are not chastised for doing so.

  3. RMCSRET says

    There was a discussion on FOX NEWS the other day about this same subject. The Liberal on the panel
    stated that is was only right that the School use skin color as a way of allowing student into the institution.
    Well it was also brought out that Texas uses the top ten percent from all high schools as an admission
    criteria for the University of Texas. The Liberal panel person stated that was wrong since some of those
    schools had racial makeups that would put unqualified persons into the college and would not allow
    in other folks from other schools that had better grade point averages. She did not mention that some of
    those folks at the other schools just might be of a different race than the other students. This is a problem
    that you run into all the time when you use skin color for anything. What happens to the Person either
    Black, White, Red, Yellow or Brown that is better prepared for higher education than the other one that
    is allow in for SKIN COLOR only?

    1. Linda Lee says

      Whites are minority her in Texas in most everything. In San Antonio, you better speak Spanish if you want a decent job in many instances, (but not all). My grandson tried to get a job at Home Depot and was told he would not be considered because he needed to be able to speak Spanish. Even the Fire Department where he works now as an EMT/firefighter did not require him to speak Spanish. But guess what it isn’t in San Antonio or liberal Austin.

      1. RMCSRET says

        My son ran into the same thing when he tried to join the Border Patrol and was told he
        didn’t speak Spanish so he was unfit for there requirements even though he had been
        trained as a Military Policeman while in the Army. He also had background in Drug
        operations and that to did him no good because he didn’t speak the Language.

  4. Goodforall says

    He is only telling the truth-the stats back him up. Race needs to be taken out of everything and people need to be judged on their own merits and abilities and not the color of their skin. MLK said exactly the same thing-was he a racist too?

    1. Niko says

      MLK was a filthy piece of shit. He was a devout Communist just like that filth mandela.

  5. vietnam6871 says

    In the majority of cases, blacks are not ready for the university environment but it has nothing to do with IQ and learning capability. LBJ’s Great Society (AKA Welfare) and Carter’s totally dysfunctional Dept. of Education have created the ongoing plantation from which very few escape. Until we clean up those two disasters, nothing will change. (And – the so called “white trash” are in the same pickle.)

  6. vahillbilly says

    Hmmmm……….. the article says, ‘Alito’s racist remarks’, then shows Scalia’s picture and credits the remarks in the article to him???

    1. Retired Marine says

      Good catch.

    2. John Topper says

      they’re interchangeable!

      1. SickofPoliticks says

        Two great men!

  7. Niko says

    Affirmative action is for morons,The Truth ,biting the hand that gives them everything. Ginsberg is a filthy, white ,liberal whore who should be put out to pasture.

    1. FJ Rocca says

      And, by the way, SHE said that we ought to consider whether we want inferior people polluting the gene pool–straight out of Margaret Sanger’s eugenics playbook. You don’t suppose she was talking about black kids, do you?

      1. Niko says

        Sanger was a filthy white moron liberal bitch who only thought white people are the best and everyone else is inferior. I spit on her . She is the one who started planned parenthood as a way to “douche” the blacks so there would be no more of them. Now blacks are doing that to themselves, example (blm) movement, safe areas , microagressions what a bunch of bullshit. Many stupid blacks out there, they have been at the hands of extermination by her and her fithy cohort elitist liberals leading and enslaving blacks to this day into an unrealistic,sureal,fantasy land.

    2. mary murphy says

      I am a conservative, and I find the above comments trashy and unwarranted. No wonder we get the words “racist” and “Jew hater” tacked on to us.

      1. Niko says

        I’m a Right Wing Extreme Orthodox Christian Conservative from filthy NYC. You are a fool with your head in the sand. That’s right I’m a racist, I hate,etc…!!!! That’s being human . You most likely are part of the five million conservatives that did not vote the last election and gave it to that fag/muslime in the oval office.

        1. mary murphy says

          Definitely DID VOTE in the last many elections and NEVER voted for a liberal on purpose. I certainly didn’t vote for our present POTUS! Never ever even considered it because from the very beginning, he told us he wanted to change this country. I love this country, with all of its faults and failings, but I don’t blame them on race. I blame them on faulty progressive thinking.

          1. Niko says

            Now you’re talking, I feel exactly the same way, No If ands or buts about it!!!!!!!! I never blamed it on race ,I was going after the ones that do as you so nicely pointed out,lol.

        2. headonstraight says

          You are no Christian if you really hold the views you describe. The founder of Christianity instructs us to “Love your enemies….” You obviously fail big time in that regard. You have much work to do if you are to cancel your reservation in hell. Get busy and REPENT!

          1. Niko says

            You most likely belive in gay marriage, if you do you are not a Christian. Jesus ,ate among prostitutes ,thieves,murderers but he did not condone their actions. You seem to be okay with shit like that ,then you are not a Christian. You most likely go to a church that does not say anything politically to protect this country ,if you do you are not a Christian. If you do not want to stand up and fight for Christianity then you are not a true Christian. You are the one that will burn in hell, you stupid ,filthy ,moron.

          2. headonstraight says

            You are DEAD WRONG. I strongly condemn same sex marriage and I do so on Biblical grounds, most especially on teaching in Romans 1.The church of which I am a member finds no prescribed Biblical obligation for “say[ing] anything politically to protect this country,” let alone making that activity a prerequisite for being a Christian. What do YOU find in YOUR Bible that tells you otherwise? My Bible teaches that Christians are to be “subject unto the higher powers”, meaning civil government, since they are “ordained of God.” (Romans13:1) and that we as Christians are not to RESIST the power of civil authority.. (Romans 13:2). Thus, when we criticize the actions of civil government, we do so in a civil way, unlike the evil, salacious, scatological contemptible, and UN-Christian comments I so often encounter throughout this forum from those who call themselves Christians, but whose words betray them as only poseurs. And I have voted in all the presidential elections since 1962-every last one of them! I do that as my duty as a citizen. As additional information, I preach every other Sunday to a small congregation of Christians and I do so without financial compensation. I have been a deacon in my home church for over 30 years and that church is conservative, certainly more conservative than Orthodox Churches, with their idolatrous icons and their un-Biblical system of ecclesiastical hierarchy.

          3. Niko says

            America became a great country with political talk from the pulpit in the 17/1800’s. We are not allowed to critize curfews, must submit to the will of the state or federal goverment,that is what you are projecting when you speak civil goverment. I live by the correct moral code of “Right is Might” you can use good dose of what is between its pages of the book thus named. If it was not for the Orthodox faith you will not have any Christianity. the Roman Catholics of the today and the Vatican are pushing nothing more than a filthy socialist society on their populace,and such as the Orthodox Church ,Greece is more socialalist than can ever be imagined , for Russia maybe not so much anymore.

  8. Wayne Smyer says


  9. Retired Marine says

    First, he said “minority students with poor academic credentials”. Never mentioned SAT scores, or any particular minority. So the fuss must be over too stringent studies and workload, I assume that means they can’t have time off to protest and must really do the homework.

  10. kotoc says

    I am white, and I was BARELY able to get into the University of Texas when I got out of high school, because my grades in high school, and my PSAT and SAT scores, weren’t all that great. In order to be admitted as a regular student there, I had to attend summer school as a “provisional” student. Only if I were able to pass my classes there would they admit me. Fortunately, I did pass…. but it WAS NOT because of the color of my skin!! The University of Texas is packed to the gills with students and they HAVE to be selective to those who take their studies seriously. They can’t just let everyone in… there’s not enough room or professors to handle the general public just because they want a diploma. You gotta have what it takes to succeed there.

  11. Barney Biggs says

    Up here if you go on ability alone, you will be looking at a majority student body of Asians as they are the kids who generally study the most who’s parents will not accept average as good enough and have peer pressure to succeed.

    Is this affirmative action only for blacks? or does it apply to any color other than white?

  12. says

    surprised that ol”Hook ’em Horns” still has nards-for now…California has already surrendered

  13. william barr says

    color should not matter

  14. Gea says

    It is not Supreme Court Justice to suggest what to do with students who are not good in academia, but it is his duty NOT to continue promoting discrimination based on skin color, gender or any other but scholastic criteria.

    So called “affirmative action” had served its purpose and it is time to retire it, as it had become a discrimination based on skin color, which is totally opposite of what Martin Luther King’s dream speech recommended: that a person is judged not by the color of their skin but by the quality of their character!

    I am sick and tired of racists making money by claiming victim hood where there is none!

  15. Michael Henry says

    I wouldn’t say his comments were racist. Look at test scores by race, look at home environments, do parents get involved or not? Does the student actually care about school? How do the races actually stack up against each other? Granted there are exceptions to everything. UT is not a school that just hands out good grades and a pat on the back. Students should be accepted based on academic merit and not race. Plenty of students fail out of this school, just like any other school. Why should race be a factor in admission? How much of a factor is race when students drop out?

    1. Karen says

      I’m not sure this is going on everywhere, but were I live, The “mentally handicapped”(slow learners if you will) are given a check(PAYMENT) to compensate their learning ability. Well, to get this check a child has to be “mentally handicapped” so, they (parents) make sure that their kids DON”T learn very well so they will qualify for this mentally handicap check, thereby increasing their(parents) income base! It doesn’t matter to the parents that their child will have a hard time getting a job when their child graduates from special ed, because they will be just get on welfare also and have about 5-6 kids on welfare and live the good life!! See a pattern going on here? Its called generational welfare and it is totally supported by the democratic politicians!! Its the same as being in slavery because they are slaves to the democratic government who OWNS them!! But, alas, they have gotten too “mentally handicapped” to understand this and the democrats tell them its the “white mans” fault! The demos taught them to use the “race card” ANYTIME someone questions their actions or way of life!! I hope the Demos are VERY PROUD of how they have manipulated a whole race and managed to make that race believe that someone else is to blame!!

  16. Gerald A. Reason says

    “….with inferior academic credentials” is the key to this statement. The same is true of anyone who wishes to go to College. We have put so much emphasis on a “College Education” that people are made to feel like they are a failure if they don’t go to college. Our high schools are mostly oriented to the college bound student and the majority are being denied training which can get them into the work force, in meaningful jobs, because of it. It is time that we stop all this “Political Correctness” and face reality. Black, White, Hispanic, Oriental, or whatever, if you demonstrate the ability to do the work in an institution of higher learning, then let them in. If not, don’t. When there is any person denied a college admission, based on some man made quota dealing with race, it is wrong. Discrimination, based on race or gender, is not tolerable. Discrimination based on ability is necessary in many areas in the work place and especially in the realm of higher education. Putting any person, who is not qualified, academically, into such an environment, is only hurting both the university and the unqualified person being placed there.

  17. richard schlinder says

    The judge has called out P. C. as Trump has called out Muslims. P. C. sucks!

  18. Ralph H Moran says

    If everything was just and fair then we would see the same percentage in everything, Blacks 19% of the population would equal 19% of colleges. Each place in society would be equally represented, but alas everything is not equal unless you have a socialist form lifestyle, Oh wait a minute even there not everyone is equal. You still have the very rich and the very poor. Socialism, Liberalism and Communism no-one is equal with everyone else. You still have the very rich and the very poor it’s just the very rich promote those types of government because they feel they know best and they get the young people to overthrow the elected government and then install the leaders and everyone but the leaders are poor.

  19. Susan Fuchs says

    It doesn’t matter what the discussion is, if the liberals can throw in “prejudice”, by their own definition of what is prejudice, then they will. What they don’t see is the beam in their own eyes! EVERYONE has the ability to learn, if guided by their parents, they will, if the parents don’t put a priority on this, they may not, not will not, but may not. You can prove people wrong by working hard, doesn’t mean there won’t be some hard knocks in life, but don’t give up. As far as the liberals are concerned, they try to blunt anything and everything that may help people, with their disgusting claims of racisism, bigotry, etc, when if fact, they are the worst! Most liberals are democrats and have done not one damn thing right except divide this country, current president leading the way.

  20. MARYSWEET says

    This judge is saying what most of us have been saying for years about affirmative action. No one should be given special treatment whether it be for a college or in the workplace. I ran into a case of this in the workplace where a black woman just couldn’t do the work but they couldn’t fire her either. The work was given to someone else to do over. This was one of the nicest people I have ever known and I felt so bad for her that she was not being treated fairly. She should have been taken aside and pointed out her problem areas so she could work on them but they never said a word to her. She eventually left of her own volition but that just proved to me that affirmative action is such a negative and hurts the people it is suppose to be helping.

  21. AmericanBelle1 says

    Affirmative action discriminates against all races except blacks. And because it’s discriminatory, it should be ended. Racial quotas for all walks of life are just as discriminatory and they should be banned as well. We have blacks in every walk of life who got there simply because they were black and this country suffers because of it. If the cure for mentally ill mass shooters is to strip Americans of their second amendment right by confiscating their guns, then what should be the cure for black college students who can’t make the grade? what’s the cure for generational welfare support for those blacks who refuse to abide by the customs and norms of the rest of society in taking responsibility for their lives and their rabbit-habit of bearing large families in poverty? what’s the cure for blacks demanding reparations for a situation that was cured 150 years ago? what’s the cure for voter fraud when blacks claim they’re disenfranchised because of vote ID laws? What’s the cure for black rioting over the death of a thug refusing to abide by police commands when black-on-black crime is astronomical and ignored? What’s the cure for racism where none exists? What’s the cure for being labeled a racist for simply asking: “what’s the cure”?

  22. JIMBO says

    Our education system is not geared up for any particular race. If you have the grades during your high school years you should not have any problem getting into a popular college. This is the way the system has always worked. We have the best colleges in the world. People come from all over the world to attend our colleges. The facts are there, why should we change it because a black person was refused entry into a college? Scalia is correct. Ginsburg is wrong.

  23. johnanaguski says

    The Truth destroys liberals.

  24. Austinniceguy says

    The fact is that no matter what we do, the black community will never be satisfied. It is no secret that the vast majority of their neighborhoods are ghettos or well on their way to becoming ghettos. They receive welfare and subsidies from the government and that only serves to take away the incentive to better themselves. They don’t teach there children the pride of ownership of homes by taking care of their homes and neighborhoods so the kids find it easier to steal, deal drugs and, gang bang their way through life. In my city they were literally given an entire new neighborhood to enjoy and in just 10 years it has become one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in town. Even the businesses that were opened when the neighborhood was built have closed because of graffiti and robberies. They don’t need higher education to gang bang and rob businesses. If they scored in the top 10% of their class they would be a shoo-in, why is this even an issue? In this country there are plenty of programs and grants available for me to believe that there is NO WAY to get an education, especially if you’re underprivileged. It’s the middle class that is saddled with all the student loans and cost of living expenses while their children go to college.

    1. Goodforall says

      This current administration has actually set the black population back. Way too many facts to back this up.

      1. Austinniceguy says

        Very much agreed!! And, although they would never understand, A Hitlery presidency would only serve to make things even worse for them. She’s all about bigger government and more people depending on the gov for total support.

  25. headonstraight says

    Am I expected to take seriously an article captioned “Libs Shocked by Justice Alito’s ‘Racist’ Comments?”
    when Justice Samuel Alito is nowhere mentioned in the article, when the article features a photo of Justice Antonin Scalia, and the entirety of the article is about Scalia’s comments, NOT those of Alito? Am I to take seriously the lengthy string of commenters who apparently did not even notice this blatant and sloppy error? May I be permitted a few “muted gasps” of my own?

  26. Jim says

    Providing an “entitled” class of citizen based upon their race as a qualification to receive special consideration, both in the education system and in employment, has proven to be a complete disaster, and has been very destructive of providing incentives to people who wish to advance themselves. There must be no “entitled” class. Either your qualified to hold the position, or receive the benefit, or your are not. Why should we settle for less when it comes to who is to be admitted to a particular education institution or to a particular job? Anyone ever hear of the capitalist system? Competition is healthy and very much more productive than the socialist’s idea of “equality”. It is not a matter of numbers, but a matter of obtaining the best results for your investment. Affirmative action programs have proved over and over again that the end results are inadequacy and failure. Get real people, as opposed to the current socialist ideas that everyone must be a winner, the fact is that everyone cannot be a winner, their must be losers no matter what their race happens to be. That is how our society excels and advances, not by having untrained and unqualified people thrust into the mix.

  27. Campbell1000 . says

    Was it Alito … or Scalia ???

  28. Art Hock says

    The Dumocrats are a bunch of hypocrites and communists in disguise. Why then all the “affirmative action” bullshit if there wasn’t a problem???????

  29. SickofPoliticks says

    Seems logical to me. The same applies to non-minorities and rightfully so. It has been that way forever and should be the same for all people, whatever the color of their skin.

  30. buddman says

    Poor Libtardds SCOTUS rules democrats suck

  31. James Elliott McDaniel says

    The title is a mistake in identifying the SCOTUS Justice who said it. Rather than Alito, it was Scalia, one of the finest American patriots of Italian descent who has sat on the highest court in the country. He has been consistently conservative as has Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito.

  32. James Elliott McDaniel says

    I’m sick to my stomach over the damned charge of “RACIST” or “RACISM” every time we whites have to bend over and take it up the anus from these more racist Lieberals because of the fairness issue. What is “fair?” What one person calls “fair” turns out to be “unfair” to another individual. I’m NOT NOW NOR HAVE I EVER BEEN A RACIST. Milton B., my best friend, is Black as are many of my finest neighbors. I’m now as angry with the University of Texas as I am with the University of Alabama for their Lieberal tilt. Affirmative Action was intended to apply to Whites, Blacks, Oriental, or Red. Let it be so, or get rid of the program altogether. Not surprisingly, most of my friends and neighbors agree with me.

    1. Goodforall says

      Isn’t it so ridiculous that “fairness” only applies to blacks instead of all races? We are drowning in this BS!

  33. fred says

    The amount of resources in the country wasted on trying to raise an unqualified student no matter what his/her race is has been one of the greatest wastes of public funds in our history! A relative working in medical research told me you are flushing public dollars down the drain if you try to force a person with an “intellect challenged by evolutionary limits” to be something they are not! And my father always says,”It’s ok to be a ditch digger, they make more now than they ever have and there is no shame in working at your station in life as determined by your intellectual capacity”!

  34. RMorrow says

    Everything offends the liberals. When the Liberals wake up in the morning, they are offended by their own shadow. Libs call their shadow’s racists, because it make them look fat. This is how insane Liberals truly are.

    1. iamcurious says

      Michael Savage is correct. They’re afflicted with a mental disorder.

  35. Michel says

    I’ve worked at 2 four year universities. The last one lowered their standards for the entrance exam, to allow in students (predominantly black) who were in no way prepared to enter college. Many took theffect absolute minimum classes required to get financial aid. Then thinkingredients they could get away with it, they would make up some bullsht story like, the bookstore giving them the wrong books so they couldn’t get caught so they needed to drop one class, or the professor was rude…always some complaint. The real goal was to drop the class and get a financial aid “refund”. It was such a treat to catch them in their lies and tell them that if they dropped the 1 of 2 classes, they would ONE for the class they stayed in, because in order to qualify for financial aid, they had to take a minimum of 2 classes. Funny how they decided to stay in class once they found out they’don’t have to actually pay for the class.

    Many of these students also eventually ended up being suspended for NOT ATTENDING CLASSES, as well as failing grades.

    Did the college care?? No, it’seems just another big business getting government handouts.

    1. iamcurious says

      You’re not PC for having exposed this scam.

  36. Jackie says

    Everyone is a RACIST if they do not agree with the LEFT/LIBERALS. The one who screams “racist” is most often THE MOST RACIST!

    1. Scrubjay says

      Yep! The medical term is projecting. Progressives, Liberals, and democrats are masters at projecting.

  37. ThominSC says

    I wondered why the headline said Justice Alito, and I opened the article seeing a photo of Justice Scalia. You might want to fix your headline.

    1. iamcurious says

      I went round and round trying to see where I’d made my mistake and finally realized the writer screwed it up.

  38. Larry Wilson says

    There will never be an end to Affirmative Action till the ACLU goes away too. That’s like saying the prisoners in all the prison will not get everything they want too…..the ACLU will not let that happen. They will always stand up for the Criminals!

  39. Mynickelsworth says

    The difference is not intelligence it is the lack of drive and desire. That may, I repeat “MAY’, be due to the parents and the environment in which they grew up. I worked my way thru college the first time working in supermarkets, movie theaters and restaurants but I got my degree in Mathematics. Then, after 4 years in the military, I went to the university and got a degree in Elect. Engineering. I grew up on a 30 acre farm in the ’30’s. Plowing with horses and hoeing corn and tobacco. We had no electricity, no phones, no piped in water, and an outdoor restroom.
    It is more a matter of desire and determination than it is intelligence. In this day and age I believe most will be better off without a degree. I was turned down for many jobs I wanted but they said I was over qualified. Then I assembled torque wrenches, phones, swept floors, cleaned up and stocked paint store fronts and car parts stores after the company sold out and I was listed as over qualified.

    1. iamcurious says

      There is no dishonor in doing honest, useful work to sustain your life, while trying to better yourself and get ahead.

  40. VanceJ says

    Not the least bit racist.!!!!

  41. Alleged Comment says

    Don’t kid yourself.

    The LIEberals know about the negro man. That is why they sent one to be “president”. But they didn’t expect one to be this dumb and ungrateful.

    BUT we did! 🙂

    1. iamcurious says

      They see him as the messiah. He can do no wrong in their eyes.

    2. iamcurious says

      I’m not terribly concerned about the 2016 election outcome. We have 2 choices as American’s. We can either elect a candidate that has the potential to get us back on a sustainable course, and grow our way out of the damage already done, or we elect Hillary and watch the shipwreck, suffer the losses, rescue any survivors that we can, and face the very possible fact that America as we knew it is lost to history. Since the outcome either way is beyond my ability to effect it, I will do my part and accept that I can’t save it by myself.

  42. Opinari says

    I guess you could be called a racist if you have a higher IQ than another of different hue. Have to redistribute the intelligence. Not fair that one is more intelligent than another.

    1. iamcurious says

      Yes, for sure. This is one of the inequities that socialism attempts to resolve. By spreading around the wealth, loot, spoils, they believe they are bringing Heaven on earth. What they’re actually bringing is h3ll.

  43. Proud US vet/American says

    How can admitting the top 10% of all students of all ethnic groups be racist? Isn’t allowing more poor blacks into the same school over poor whites even MORE racist? This IS “AFFIRMATIVE ACTION”! Which is one of the most racist laws ever to BE put into American society!
    The “Black Community” better decide real quick if they intend to continue with their racist baiting existence in American society, or if they truly want equality and to be an equal citizen in America in all facets of this society!

    1. iamcurious says

      As long as a free ride exists, there’ll be plenty in line to take advantage of it!

  44. garrylynn says

    Scalia, Thomas and Alito are the only sane ones in the Supreme Court. Depressing.

  45. iamcurious says

    Crying “racism” is their common tactic to intimidate most folks into silence, or submission. Didn’t work this time! Great!

  46. Lougjr1 says

    Personally, I know blacks who are literally smarter than a lot of white people. To me affirmative action is a slap in the face of black people and that should be a lesson to the black community. It happens to be the truth ! Any person who continues to assume that black people are stupid are making a BIG mistake !

    1. iamcurious says

      I think they’re recognizing that “stupid is as stupid does”. Of course all blacks aren’t stupid. The ones that are, pull the rest down, in the public eye.

  47. Kenneth Cole says

    people need to understand that if you can’t cut the mustard you don’t get to go this should be in all schools as well you don’t lower the standards to let kids in if you do it well be a lose lose for everyone if you don’t believe that look at your president he is one of the dumbest people in America today other then the ones that voted for him

    1. iamcurious says

      They were/are enamored with his charm and charisma, external aura, and didn’t have the wherewith all to recognize the lack of substance therein.

  48. shavager says

    MUST be a MINORITY who wrote this article–he calls out Samuel Alito’s name–but it’s ANTONIN SCALIA that made the comments and whose picture is shown in the article itself!!!!!

  49. Tchiock says

    Science tells us the mind is not mature until the age of 25— So, why do we allow people under that age to vote?

    1. iamcurious says

      Because the people would never accept the idea of “mental maturity”, so late. It’s PC and tickles their ears to hear 18. In the last 3 generations, adulthood has been delayed increasingly until it’s debatable whether the average age of mental maturity occurs at 25. Certainly we can all point to examples far beyond that point, if ever.

    2. Scrubjay says

      I’ve read the area of the brain that processes long term consequences is not fully developed until around the age of 29.

      That would explain much of what’s going on now with the children on campuses running around protesting ideas based on nothing.

    3. ABO says

      Common sense tells us that liberalism is a mental disorder, so why do we allow liberals to vote???

  50. JB Wright says

    Of course once an improperly prepared student gets shoe-horned into a college that they are not ready for, more allowances will need to be made to justify having put them there in the first place. I believe that would be called “lowering the bar” once this begins to happen things will spiral downward

  51. Thewryobservator says

    Wasn’t the main thrust of his comment directed toward “inferior academic
    records?” I think so. It’s probably way past time to start judging
    men (and woman) according to the content of their character, rather than
    the color of their skin – particularly when it comes to college
    admission. To further the point, I grew up under crushing disadvantage.
    Though I was quite intelligent, I am white. I know that if I have an
    academic record better than that of a black peer, and we’re competing
    for the same slot in college, I’m liking going to have to look elsewhere
    to find a space. I just won’t get my preferred spot. And it wouldn’t
    matter if the guy with whom I’m competing came from a far better
    circumstance than my own. Further, the true reason for the rejection will not be revealed. Universities cannot tell the truth about why they would do this – because it’s racist and if it’s not illegal, it should be. This can also apply to job slots at
    universities. And many have been victimized on that account. None of this has to do with justice, and it could fuel
    racism. So, I hope the individual bringing the suite wins, and that it’s a
    first step in getting things back onto a just course – one with a level
    playing field, one where anyone disadvantaged has an equal

  52. kay says

    When you are taught you are owed what others have to earn you slack off or stop trying to earn what you get and begin demanding it as your right. How many, many, many years have we listened to the feds, the ACLU, the MSM, and dozens of other agencies cry out the blacks are owed, the blacks are suppressed, the blacks are abused by the system. Racism is cried out at the drop of a hat if it can be used to stress the BS being spewed by the powers that be. Not once has anyone of real significance told the truth that 99% of blacks problems is due to falling for the agenda to keep them in the ghettos and believing they are being crushed by the privileged white people.
    They have their own clubs, colleges, grants, magazines, beauty contests, UNCF, NCNW, NAACP, and the list goes on while other races do not have the same options nor orgs to defend or any of the things done to advance their race. They have to actually earn it.
    The leading percentages of blacks murdered are by other blacks. The leading cause of poverty is not due to others holding them back but by their willingness to believe the BS being spewed and that in it’s self holds them back. No one forces them to drop out of school, no one forces them to goof off and not get an education, and it is the black community that has the advantages due to all the agencies just for blacks and the ones for all other races open for their use.
    So when I hear white privilege as an excuse for all that is wrong with their lives I want to laugh my butt off because the facts are they are the privileged and they have the best chances of success but they refuse to take advantage of what they have. Success is not owed to anyone but earned from hard work and your own abilities. Some find success easy and other have to work ten times as hard to gain it and others no matter how hard they work to become a success never reach their goals, but it is never owed to anyone no matter what color their skin is.

    1. ABO says

      Absolutely true and very well stated, Kay.

  53. jdbixii says

    If and since academic records are an indication of the probable, future success of individuals in an academic institution, is it not reasonable to admit them on the basis of those records alone, rather than on the basis of the, seemingly, academically-irrelevant factor of the color of skin? My “white privilege” allows me to make such an observation, however, admittedly, my academic accomplishments do not. Those accomplishments may have been a direct result of the color of my skin, a fact which would cause me to be prejudiced against myself, since I have always thought that scholastic aptitude had very little, if anything, to do with skin color and more to do with the substance of answers to examination questions concerning some subject. Never, in my entire educational experience, have I been given a grade in response to the multiple-choice question, “what is the color of your skin?,” or “what is your race?”

    Or, for purposes of discrimination, “True or False,” are you white or some other color?
    So, as indicated by the above, some consistency in criteria is necessary for “equal justice” based on the inequality of individual ability without an expectation of accomplishment higher than that ability. The criteria for law can not be changed simply to accommodate those who disobey the law. Does God really understand or allow for the fact that some people disobey because right and wrong are delineated differently relative to their knowledge of them?

  54. Ronald Homan says

    Dexter Manning is a perfect example of blacks not being properly educated which is the fault of the black welfare mind set.

  55. Marie Hoffman says

    Why is it that is America you are not allowed to tell the truth.

  56. Ken V says

    Damn lazy blacks need to go back to the jungle where they belong if they expect everything to be handed to them.

  57. RobertNorwood says

    White students gain admission solely on academic record, affirmative action ignores that many affirmative action appointees have difficulties not because they are black but because they either under performed as students or the bar they had to hurdle was set lower. This is nothing new, it’s not made up and it is not a mystery – studies have shown this. The social priorities of a group influence individuals as much as social conditions and blacks have difficulty with classic Western studies, methods, and materials – not because they are too hard but because they are deemed as “white” which leads many blacks seeking to be more black to minimise their value. Social conditions lead many blacks and lower income whites to spend more time hanging out, listening to music, etc., adding poorer cognition, reasoning skills to a situation already troubled by a less well rounded, less educated, less informed mind interested in things of lower value. Nothing supports this more than the more visible blacks we see today; their ignorance and their own racism is shocking.
    The obverse of this is that disciplined students who work hard, learn, become interested in real learning, interested in the works of the great minds that have come before just do better no what color they are.
    Let’s take two favorites of mine who couldn’t be more different, Thomas Sowell and Barack Obama – one is a genius and the other a waste of an education. Guess which is the latter.

  58. Los Robles says

    Given Ginsburg’s comment, I would very much like to read about minorities in non-segregated schools who are performing exceedingly well but being held back. Would like to read cases of minorities from segregated schools who do exceedingly well and are denied college entry. Note, “exceedingly well” means meets or exceeds all entry criteria. If socioeconomic factors are the barrier, I would think that further education opportunites from smaller accredited schools would be best for anyone regardless of race. Many persons use Community Colleges for that very purpose. Overlooking deficiencies upon entry for the purpose of agenda is diasterous for the student and deceptive ignoance by those pushing the agenda.

  59. Scrubjay says

    It will hurt much less, in the long run, if admissions were based solely on academic performance.

    In real life, the affirmative action student will quickly learn the degree given, not earned, means nothing when he/she can’t keep a job due to lack of qualification.

    The only place left for employment is academia or government. How’s that working so far?

    The Progressives/Liberals hate truth so much, they’ll shout it down wherever it rears it’s ‘ugly’ head.

  60. millerstwo says

    Isn’t “Affirmative Action” itself a racist entity? It’s mere existence implies that most Blacks aren’t intellectually capable and require ‘special’ treatment in order to comply with average intellectual standards?
    This is simply another program ‘enabling’ incompetent blacks to compete with people who have worked their butts off to actually learn something!
    “Affirmative Action” is the reason American Corporations are forced to seek engineers, physicians, scientists, etc. by from Asia and the middle east!!!!!

  61. dude says

    if you want to get in that school is like everything else should be …you earn it and that’s the way it should be

  62. scott says

    every black organization is a racist group against the white man,which the liberals hate more than anyone and go to great lengths to drive this hate mentality into the blacks and young dumb kids heads.

    1. headonstraight says

      WARNING: Blithering racist comments by the North Pole Knucklehead! Does she know that there are far more non-black Americans receiving food stamps and other forms of welfare than there are blacks? Probably not, since she actually knows little about anything–the Wacko of Wasilla!

      1. scott says

        wrong again you simple minded dumb fuk.liberal idiology isnt facts moron.your a pos waste of life and the whole reason americas being destroyed as-hole with prove once again that liberals hate america and the white man more communist scumbag

  63. Jackie says

    No two people, regardless of race, color or creed, have the same brain capacity or intelligence level. Those who have a higher I.Q. should have preference to higher education. Those with lower intellectual skill levels, which are also very important, go into “technical” schools, etc. They excel in other areas. It is just as important to have a plumber, electrician, car mechanic or a carpenter as to have a physician, professor or scientist! ALL are needed.

  64. Dennis B Anderson says

    I have been a crane operator / drove my own semi tractor trailer hauling bulk mail for the government / drive hyster / painter / sand airplanes? The state of Oregon said I didnt have enough experience for the job of bridge tender. What they hired was a pimpled face 18 year old black kid. I looked at this for one second and concidered the source. I figured I was better away from a job like this. I had been in a situation like this one before and got my asp worked off while others stood around smoking cigarettes watching me.

  65. tarheel61 says

    AF should have been abolished years ago. And I agree with you on the Post Office. I rented a PO Box because mail was missing from my mail box. They still put mail in my mail box. Go figure .

  66. freedomoutpost ken says

    The racist comments were not Alito’s, but were quotes from others in higher educational institutions who study and teach the subject of race. Some of the quotes were from black educators themselves.

  67. Ohso says

    The author needs to double check the Headline – which refers to Justice Alito, while the picture and quote are from Justice Scalia, although the questions posed about counter productive results from alleged ‘affirmative action’ as a tool for forcing round pegs in to square holes to satisfy political ideology remains valid.

    BTW Justice Alito is also quite a brilliant Jurist, and had this to say on the ‘Ogre’ Marriage ruling, by which justice Tony Kennedy out-voted most of the nation:

    “The Decision usurps the constitutional right of the people to decide… &
    – will be used to vilify Americans who are unwilling to assent to the new orthodoxy…
    The implications of this analogy will be exploited by those who are determined to stamp out every vestige of dissent.

    I assume that those who cling to old beliefs will be able to whisper their thoughts in the recesses of their homes, but if they repeat those views in public, they will risk being labeled as bigots and treated as such by governments, employers, and schools.
    Today’s decision will also have a fundamental effect on this Court and its ability to uphold the rule of law..
    all Americans, whatever their thinking on that issue, should worry…

  68. Ohso says

    BTW – the IRS has New Rules (comments still open till 12-16) for Thought Policing unhood viewpoints, and here is my response joining others to Save the Electoral Process in the Republic:

    Agency: Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
    Document Type: Rulemaking
    Title: Substantiation Requirement for Certain Contributions
    Document ID: IRS-2015-0049-0001

    Comment: Public Response by Citizen Michael J. McDermott.

    As one of the many Targeted for Citizen participation in the electoral process via the “Lavender Liberal” Stalker List – in Political Retaliation for making two separate $100 donations to groups promoting the Successful California Constitutional Marriage Amendment known as Proposition 8 – I OPPOSE This Rule.

    Given the Partisan Political Pogroms conducted by the IRS and the revelations about ‘Secret’ emails hidden by Lois Lerner in the ‘5th Amendment’ Scandal – targeting the political ‘enemies’ of the current administration and its Radical Activist Agenda – I Oppose giving more power to Harm the Citizens to such biased bureaucrats and radicals.

    As a former Assistant Manager for Field Operations for the Sate of Idaho in Census 2010, I finished their first ever usage of a hand held computer system with the Best Quality record in the whole Northwest Region. Regardless, I was retaliated against by the Census 2010 / Dept. of Commerce power structure as part of their disgraceful pogrom to financially milk and deceitfully manipulate the US Census for partisan political gain. This New Rule promotes such Retaliation pogroms.

    I have detailed much fraud, waste, abuse, budget busting incompetence and outright partisan political Retaliatory Vendettas that fueled Census 2010 and the radical activists who ran it. You will find it for comparison to the IRS Scandal and similar abuses of power that this New Rule would help to further, in the Evidence before the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals in the current Case of – McDermott v. Blank (acting secretary of commerce) & US Census 2010 et al, Civil Case 14-35022.

    The Collusion of the US-Department of Justice in withholding Dispositive / Incriminating Emails and keeping them a ‘secret’ (in my case emails were withheld until After qualified immunity was granted the bureaucrats) – until it is too late to question the author or undo the harm, shows the type problems with this proposed New Rule & the DOJ.

    Those at DOJ who are supposed to be guardians of non-partisan system integrity are too often willing conspirators seeking to make permanent the “fundamental transformation” of the nation BAMN -By Any Means Necessary. Enabling this New Rule would expand such radical activist retaliation, with only similar DOJ radical conspirators ‘guarding’ them.

    I attach below a Contra Costa Times article from 10-20-09 showing the Collusion of Top Census Leaders to Overturn Federal Laws while allegedly doing the 2010 Census. The article shows the Federal Law of DOMA was clear at the time and lower level employees who were required to follow the Law until legally altered, were Retaliated against if they didn’t join in the behind the scenes scam to overturn DOMA.

    This New Rule giving greater access to Citizen data has great potential for Abuse for partisan purposes by insider radicals. It is a Great Threat to the Public Trust in the Integrity of the Republic and fair systems for apportioning electoral representation nationwide. I Oppose It.

    Family Research Council said:
    “As it stands, groups like FRC don’t ask for — nor do they need — donors’ Social Security information to process gifts. If they were forced to, it would significantly raise the cost of securing that data. More importantly, it would scare away potential donors…

    I agree with FRC and join with them and many others in Opposing this Abusive New Rule.

    Sincerely, Michael J. McDermott

    SEE: “US Census Leaders Actions to Quietly Overturn DOMA
    *Same-sex married couples ‘pleased’ to be counted in 2010 census
    By Matt O’Brien Contra Costa Times 10/20/2009 SAN FRANCISCO

    Instead of ignoring same-sex couples who identify as married, the Census Bureau has tweaked the software so those couples are counted…
    Most states continue to deny same-sex couples the legal status of marriage, including California with the passage of Proposition 8…
    The federal Defense of Marriage Act, passed in 1996, prohibits the federal government from legally recognizing same-sex marriage… Obama administration lawyers have interpreted the act differently…

    2010 Census LGBT Community Roundtable
    # Where: San Francisco LGBT Community Center
    # Who: Speakers include Tim Olson, assistant division chief for the Census Bureau’s Field Division;

    Gary Gates, scholar with the Williams Institute at UCLA; Geoff Kors, executive director, Equality California;

    Lynn Sorgenfrei, assistant regional census manager.

    SEE Also: *Census: 28,000 same-sex couples in California say they are married, regardless of the law. Contra Costa Times 9-27-11: “the number of same sex couples counted around the country in the 2010 Census was artificially inflated…”
    & Staff – April 05, 2010 “What I tell folks in the bureau is that this is a powerful, important part of American society,” said Tim Olson, a Census Bureau assistant division chief helping to oversee the campaign.

  69. gladdrial says

    What he says is just common sense but then we live in a World today that common sense is called Politically incorrect, racist or not acceptable by these elites in society today.

  70. BH says

    They’re as smart as everyone else, until they aren’t and are being discriminated against because they don’t get special help. Also Sharpton’s is the poster child for affirmative action.

  71. rridgsr says

    He was 100%right by saying what he said rather be a racist than a lying Democrat any time period ?

  72. franklyfrank says

    Government Promoted discrimination and racism.
    The fact is that we are all different in our intelligence quotient. It is a proven fact that certain groups have genetically higher IQ . The longer a culture takes to evolve from the tribal stage the lower their average IQ. In Africa it is 40 to 50 percent lower than the rest of the world as a result. Generational welfare and living in urban ghettos keeps them from improving the gene pool.
    Our not so bright president is a product of affirmative action. How is that working out for us ?

    1. headonstraight says

      In Texas, affirmative action is working pretty well. The FACT is that the minorities admitted to the “elite” University of Texas at Austin have a higher graduation rate than do minorities graduating from any other units of the Texas college/university system. Had Scalia t known this, perhaps he would not have exuded his knee-jerk racist comments.

  73. PBHayes says

    The truth is simply the truth. Affirmative action allows non qualified students to enter programs that will most likely end in their failure. How does that help the student or the university?

  74. JeromefromLayton says

    The California Civil Rights Initiative (CCRI) started after some parents from SF Chinatown found out that their straight “A” children with advanced courses were being passed over at UC Berkeley so that minorities with barely qualifying GPA scores could be admitted. The problem isn’t the race or ethnicity of the person but using that as an excuse to bypass qualifications that apply to others.

  75. itriedthemall says

    Ginsburg’s comment that it is driven by race is correct – if “it” refers to affirmative action.

  76. Paul Norman says

    Well, now we finally know that Alito is a racist. Time for impeachment.

    1. iitywybad says

      How did the title of this article become “Alito’s racist remarks” when it was Justice Scalia, quoting another author who made the comments?

  77. Brenda Little says

    Ditto. You also do not go from junior senator to president of the United States.

  78. Alan404 says

    Scalia’s observation has the ring of harsh truth to it, which might well be why some liberals are upset.

  79. icetrout says

    Fok Skin Color… I’m as white as freshly driven snow but still got kicked out of Catholic School by the 8th grade because I couldn’t read or spell … Am DYSLEXIC & was sent to Public school thank God where my DYSLEXIA was recognized by a remedial reading teacher… Politically Illogical Democrats have ruined everything they touch… Black Americans are being pacified until the Cheap Labor Latino Invasion is complete… than adios sambo ! 😛

  80. Cayla123 says

    There should be no special reasons for anyone, either you pass all the required entrance tests to get into a school or you don’t get in .White or Black should not make a difference…….

  81. Alleged Comment says

    I did not see that as racist but as a realist. There is a difference you know.

    A racist will see that comment as racial and a realist (like me) will see it as reality.

    Which one are you?

    1. icetrout says

      logic went out with of style in the 1960’s along with Feminist shaving their underarms…

  82. marlene says

    Of course we agree with Judge Alito, The complaints are what’s racist!

    1. icetrout says

      true that !

  83. icetrout says

    I got 1 for you… this happened last February @ Morgan State University in Baltimore… we a group of X-Union Tile Setters doing tile bathrooms @ the New Performing Arts Building… 1 of us was a 67 year old black mason named Rob. well it was a prevailing wage job @ $38 + per hr. tile company was David Allen & the GC was Gilbain… we were being paid $26 per hour & David Allen was pocketing the diff illegally… had to get the labor board involved… tried to get Morgan State school newspaper journalist involved to @ least help old Rob get his pay… what amounted to slavery on a Black University Campus… the black student journalist refused to help old Rob or any of us @ all…. truly sad… we finally got paid because of the Labor Boards involvement… fok those Morgan State pukes !

  84. mwood13 says

    affirmative action is racist

  85. dennodog says

    ” A waste is a terrible thing to mind.”

  86. MarcJ says

    The modern tools of destruction imposed by the Democrat
    Party on our once free country include:

    1) Affirmative action, whereby inferior candidates
    for a job are given preference if these candidates are black, female, or

    2) Multiculturalism; giving preference in hiring,
    promotions, immigrant visas to people from the cultures inimical to Western

    3) Inclusiveness; promoting inferior candidates
    often inimical to Western values, such as jihadist Muslims, black racists,
    former jail inmates, clinically insane, illegal aliens;

    4) Hate speech; instituting legal action against
    people with opinions different from the approved opinions (approved by our
    socialists, communists, Eco-Nazis, liberals, progressives, Democrats, college
    professors, and other bottom feeders, slime, and scum of our once free country);

    5) Disparate impact; illegal higher payments to the conscientious
    employees compared with the perennially late and lazy; also to bigger and
    stronger males vs. smaller and weaker females in jobs requiring physical
    prowess and endurance; when any two groups have different behavior or
    performance, that plain fact can be turned upside down and twisted to say that
    whatever criterion revealed those differences has had a “disparate impact” on
    one of the groups. In other words, the criterion is blamed as an injustice to
    those who failed to meet the standard.

    6) Racial profiling; illegal when applied to ferreting bearded Islamist jihadists boarding planes;
    also illegal when the police concentrate their efforts to find killers among
    black gangs, where 70% of all murders are committed by 3% of our population
    (black males 18-30 years of age); also failing to prosecute criminals among
    ACORN and Black Panthers members;

    7) Diversity; giving preference in hiring, promotions, salary raises, to people racially and culturally different from run-of-the-mill white born Americans; also giving preference in granting immigrant
    and student visas to young Muslim males from Arab countries.

    Obama’s choices for the new leaders of our armed forces illustrate the above principles
    in bright colors. For example: General Casey declared, in the aftermath of the Fort Hood
    massacre perpetrated by the Islamist jihadist “Major” Hasan: “What happened at Fort Hood
    was a tragedy, but I believe it would be an even greater tragedy if our
    diversity program becomes a casualty.”
    Another example: General Odierno declared: “I told my soldiers that
    preventing sexual assaults in the common barracks is our No. 1 priority.” And
    we the stupid unenlightened Americans all thought that the No. 1 priority of
    the US armed forces was to “defend the country against enemies foreign and domestic”.

  87. drthomasedavis says

    Blacks have a propensity to separate themselves from Whites, Hispanics, and Orientals, and in no uncertain terms tell others to stay out of the ‘Hood.’ Ginsburg is obviously a “Racist” while Alito correctly states the issue. There are blacks who are intellectually deficient just as there are whites. The issue arises in large part due to the frequency of single(Female)parent homes. With no male parent to administer discipline, Black kids frequently isolate themselves from a friendly environment, join a gang and get involved in illicit activities. the Black young females end up pregnant; go back home to Mama and the irresponsible young black male impregnates another underage female. and on goes the cycle. The major problem then is parental inability to establish discipline. As a rule the majority of Black males are not amenable to school discipline and routinely disrupt classes, to show their “Power” or macho self. Those fortunate enough to get into a highly disciplined environment Army, Navy, Marine Corp, Air Force or Coast Guard develop a sense of ‘worth’ and start aiming higher, Get an education and become a worthy member of American Society, or else they remain undisciplined, thugs peddling drugs or sex and end up in prison and become some bigger thug’s “Bitch.” Peer pressure from black educators, Ministers and Police is needed and can come only from the Black populace. Otherwise the local police authorities will need to embarrass a few thugs by putting them in public stocks in view of peers who will embarrass them until they learn to behave properly and learn some self-worth. Dr.Thomas E. Davis, Colonel, USA (Ret)

  88. BoundlessExistence says

    Alito is just another arrogant lunatic in a position of power, nothing new here.

  89. Allen Shaw says

    “that minority students with inferior academic credentials may be better off at “a less advanced school, a
    slower-track school where they do well”
    – See more at:

    Note: “with lower academic credentials”


    Sometimes when I read articles I become confused. In this
    case it seems as though Judge Scalia made a true statement about who should be
    competing in which schools.

    If a school is prepared to deal with a wider range of capabilities,
    they can have students with both higher and lower test scores. There is a limit
    as to how low the range can be.

    The second part of the equation is: what are the academic
    levels of the schools where the students are coming from. Everyone knows that some
    children, Black and White, graduate from socially challenged areas and the ten
    percent top would be very low in the actual academic achievements.

    Many higher knowledge Black students choose to go to the
    Black traditions schools like Spelman and Howard or “White” schools like
    Harvard, Yale, etc. thus draining a portion of the ten percent of top graduates
    from other White colleges.

    If one were to carefully analysis what Judge Scalia said
    they might come to realize it was not a racially incorrect statement, just insensitive
    to the ears of those who are listening for negative remarks.

    No student Black or White should be required to compete in
    an academic environment which is above their level of achievement.

    This case is similar to cases that were heard in the beginning.
    If the range of students is to have all races, ethnic, religious or other different
    groups allowing a diverse mix, someone with a higher score is going to be left
    out! It is inevitable because the higher score is not the determining factor,
    just one of the factors!

  90. GrumpyOleMan says

    Anyone ever think that maybe the reason is an “inferior education” at the hands of the Liberals in the inner city public school system rather than a purely race based reason? Nah. That wouldn’t be possible would it?

  91. jug says

    By merits only.
    No other criteria.

    1. Allen Shaw says

      If a college or university uses just the SAT score as it means of selecting students you could be correct; however many or at least some higher education organizations consider it a part of their curriculum to be an awareness of other individuals.

      I am not quite sure either you or I can control the desires of the organization involved.

      We may be irrelevant!

      If SAT scores were the only basis for entry all races, ethnic and religious groups, yes even some Whites in addition to some of the Blacks and Hispanics would be pushed aside. Also the graduating classes might have an inferior education because the students might not have an understanding of others.

      That also does not mean that the Whites would have the highest SAT scores.

      1. dennodog says

        Our universities would probably be all Indian,Chinese, and other Asians. They seem to be the only ones who are willing to do the jobs that Americans don’t want to do any more, like being doctors, scientists, mathematicians and so on.

        1. Allen Shaw says

          Don’t have a clue about your meaning or remark! Could you explain?

  92. Jack L. Feasel says

    Why is it that the question of the ability of people of color always have to brought under scrutiny? It is equally true that there are people all a cross the spectrum of humanity that have varying abilities and there are different levels of intelligence. Not all learn at the same rate and have to be taught at a level suitable for the individual. It is impossible to fit everyone into the same mold, however that does not mean they can’t be taught and brought up to a competent level of learning, as a matter of fact the more they learn the more they learn to learn that is, if they have competent teachers. What teachers need to do is to teach the student how to learn so they learn on there own. In today’s educational system students are not being taught how to think, they are being taught what to think (brainwashed) and that is a major part of the problem. Learning is not passive, nor should teaching be. Nobody learns much at all being spoon feed all the time. Just because a person is of a different skin color does not make them inferior either because we all have weak areas in our abilities. We need component teachers to teach them. For those who may not agree with what I’ve said, I have been through the whole gambit. In my education I can count the competent teachers on one hand and have fingers left over that were good at their job. I know a good teacher when I see and hear one. It is the agenda of the liberal element in America to dumb down one generation after another to be lead like sheep to do their biding.

  93. coneyro says

    Sorry, no matter how you spin it, that was a very rude thing Justice Scalia said. Should have omitted the word “minority”, and said “all”. In the second sentence instead of “black”, it should be “idiots of all races”. Stupidity covers every section of humanity. In Justice Scalia’s case, so does insensitivity and a complete lack of common sense. That he judges the laws is scary.

    1. Allen Shaw says

      Yes I am sure he has some mighty fine law clerks developing his responses. The Supreme Court is not just a few people. There are law clerks who do the research an assist in the decisions.
      Unfortunately decisions like the hated “A Corporate is a Person” makes it hard to believe anybody did their homework properly.
      Judges do not have to be politically correct like politicians, they are appointed for life.

      1. coneyro says

        And there lies the rub. There should be term limits for serving on the Supreme Court. New opinions, objectives and ideas need to be interjected over time. Old fashioned views need to be replaced with a modern, younger take. Liberals or conservatives should not have a constant advantage. There has to be an election without bias. The Supreme Court is not, I feel, a representative of all citizens. The panel needs to be replaced, so there is some semblance of judicial integrity.

        1. Allen Shaw says

          What you want will take at least one if not more than one Constitution Amendments.
          Good luck as you pursue your goal!

  94. coneyro says

    Why does the headlines say Alito, when this is about Scalia?

  95. Trythis Last says

    Yeah, we need affirmative action in the NFL and NBA.
    Get some 98 lb white boys on the field!

  96. jug says

    Keep it simple, otherwise someones agenda is going to creep in.
    Always happens, and becomes “that the squeeky wheel gets the grease”.
    That is the problem today, not the most deserving, but the loudest, rankist,
    least deserving, do nothing but complain and hog the trough types get the lions share.

  97. Pam Dunn says

    Always remember that the Department managers PAY LEVEL is BASED on the number of employees he/she supervises; Doesn’t matter IF they work or not.

  98. daledor says

    Scalia has brains and common sense, most of the others need firing or to be send to one of those slower learning schools so they can be better educated..

  99. MaryLipchey says

    [Affirmative] action was created for Blacks,because they had lower scores,than whites
    this is just a fact..Justice ALITO’s remarks were not raciest,he called as it is..

  100. Dominic Roy Accampo says

    The judges comments were centered as much upon prior failure to make good academic scores than anything else but this seems to have been totally missed by many liberals. Putting poorly performing students in more advanced courses may just guaranty lower grades regardless of skin color, hair color, height or gender. Though issues not addressed here should be more important! Why should anyone who lacks a college diploma be relegated to slave labor at minimum wage for life while college grads should be given five times or more the income the very first year they are working. In other words, why is it correct to have a strict, hard, cast system based on education within the Western World? When slaving away for a company for 13 or more years is less valuable to that company than a college degree that may not even relate directly to the job there doing isn’t something drastically wrong within our society?

  101. allen goldberg says

    Actually who give s flying F what liberals think? Their complete reality is bankrupt and does not work at all…instead they behave like their opinions and principles are the only ones and demand obedience or death..looks at the lying fraud in Colorado, ACLU board member….he actually asked his followers to KILL anyone who dared not to vote for his party…and then claimed it was a joke…

  102. Bill Ingram says

    Liberals take words and insert their “biased” synthetic words and ideas to refute what others have said. Everyone has the right to attend college – is turned into – All blacks are to be admitted to college.
    NOT all whites, latinos, orientals – etc- are admitted to college. ONLY those that qualify and only a limited number of spaces are available as there IS a limit as to how many of (any and all) races can physically fit in their facilities at any given time.

  103. Glenn H says

    I well know that I was turned down for a state job for being too white!
    There was a quota that had to be met and so I was a victim!

  104. bcamota says

    My friend told me just recently that white people are more intelligent than other races because they eat more quality food and get as much education as they can. This is their culture. For me, I would rather stay is a school where I can compete based on my capability..

  105. MARYSWEET says

    The University may say that they automatically take the top 10 percent of high school graduates but this is just for appearance sake. My son and grandchildren have both gone to UT and that practice is only for appearances sake. Like all colleges they grant special attention to minority students no matter what their standing was in high school. This has been going on for years and years, not only in universities but in private enterprise as well. And I speak from personal experience. I worked for a major oil company in personnel and they were looking for minorities over whites and especially native Americans. That has not changed in aspect of our life. Once you that affirmative action in force, it is impossible to really get rid of it.

    1. Allen Shaw says

      Dear Marysweet, perhaps you are too young to remember when there were signs
      which stated No Blacks, Jews or Indians need apply. Or “White Only”.

      Perhaps you are unaware of the economic conditions of Blacks brought on by
      the period of slavery and the following 100 years of “Jim Crow” or that Jim
      Crow means laws written that placed Blacks in an inferior position!

      Perhaps you are unaware of the time that major corporations did not hire any
      Blacks, except for menial labor.

      Perhaps you did not read of the days when Whites refused to allow a Black to
      work with them!

      Perhaps you are unaware that Blacks, no matter how intelligent, could not be
      employed, except for menial work.

      Perhaps you do not remember when US Marine “grunts” enlisted men
      were not allowed if they had an AGCT score higher than 70; however no Black or
      certain other groups need apply!

      Perhaps you are too young to remember when Blacks were assigned to all Black
      military units and the only jobs they were given were infantry (two units), and
      menial work, no matter what their mental capacity was!

      Marysweet, the above are a few of the reasons that the Civil Right movement
      was started. The reason that it continues is because there are still places
      were unfair treatment of individuals exist.

      Please, help wipe out unfair labor practices wherever they are no matter who
      they are affecting!

      It starts in the schools. If one school receives $1000 per student and
      another school receives $ 50 per student there is going to be a difference in
      the abilities of the graduates. If one school has the latest in facilities and
      the other has inferior facilities there is going to be a difference in graduates!
      If one school is in an affluent neighborhood and another school is in a deteriorating
      neighborhood there is going to be a difference in the graduate! If the one
      school receives new up to date book and the other school gets used books which
      have survived the careless use of others and are partially out of date there is
      going to be a difference in graduates.

      Unequal education does not occur only in Black neighborhoods it occurs in
      the poor neighborhood of all races!

      1. MARYSWEET says

        Dear Allen Shaw – I am 80 years old so yes, I do remember those days. We did not have the extent of prejudice against blacks in Ohio where I grew up but I was aware of it happening in other parts of the country. I never could understand why people were so biased towards blacks but that is my nature to accept everyone for who they are not by the color of their skin. I think the way the blacks were treated and still are in some areas is a disgrace and terrible black mark on our history. But the only way we can change that is to stop living in the past and acknowledge that everyone has the same opportunity here if they will just take advantage of it and are willing to work for it. It will not be handed to them because of what happened to their ancestors. That is one reason why I hate the Federal Education system because they give money to schools according to the income rate in each area. It should be the same amount of money goes to every school no matter where it is located as every American citizen has the right to the best education we can provide. It is up to the student to take advantage of it but unfortunately there are many black families who are stuck in a welfare state and the parents are not always encouraging their children to go to school and work hard for their future. But then there are also whites and latinos who have the same problem.

        We have to stop living in the past and bringing up past injuries and the slavery. That was something that never should have happened. But again, slavery is over and yet the blacks keep using that as an excuse that they are being held back. I think we agree on this subject basically and I have always been ashamed of that part of our country’s history but it is in the past and it is only hurting the blacks to keep this subject alive. I know many blacks feel the government owes them for the slavery of the ancestors but that is the past and the only way we can stop this racism is to put it in the past and stop teaching hatred toward anyone who doesn’t look like us. That is what the muslims do – teach hatred and to kill all those who believe differently than their belief. Nothing will ever change if we continue as we are now. Everyone should be proud of who they are, no matter what color, race, origin. Everyone is a child of God and he must be so sad at what his children are doing to each other.

        I also remember how blacks were treated in the military during WWII and prior. I have never understood why anyone would think blacks were inferior just because the color of the skin was not white. I know several whites who were definitely inferior but superior to blacks I knew so it is not a color issue that makes a person successful or not. It is the person themself who decides what to do with their life. In fact, today it is more likely that a black person will take precedence over a white person in being hired or even being accepted into a college. I also remember when it was illegal for a black and white couple to marry. Somes states actually imprisoned the couple and charged them with a crime which, to me, was ludicrous.

        As I said before, it was not as prevalent where I lived in Ohio but I was very aware of it and as a child never could understand it and still don’t at age 80. I feel we agree on most issues on this subject. My family never encouraged me about school or anything else I wanted to do. In fact, I was always told I was not good enough to do what I wanted to do. At the time they were not big things but when a child is continually told they aren’t good enough, the child begins to believe it. I guess I had a stubborn streak in me because that just made me more determined to do it. My family refused to help me continue my schooling and there were no student loans back then so I just continued to hone my skills and became very successful in my working life. So it is something everyone should remember that what you say to a child can affect the rest of their life. They should always be encouraged to succeed at whatever they want to do. I did that with my children because of the way I was raised, I didn’t want my children to think they could not succeed at whatever enterprise they chose.

  106. WhiteFalcon says

    Find a true racist in this country and the chances are very high you have found a liberal.

  107. daveveselenak says

    Not everybody has the IQ to go to college! The communists want everyone to go so that they can be indoctrinated! The Caucasians need to come up with their version of the NAACP! They need to sue the NFL and the NBA because they are racist organizations as there are not enough white players! This is the same as having dumb asses that are intellectively challenged competing with academically superior as it would for my short little white ass playing in the NFL or NBA! M. Savage has it right: liberalism is a mental disease! What ever happened to trade schools and apprenticeships! Armr=========================?, you’ll soon be needing them!

  108. adrianvance says

    As one who has taught and had “black” kids with chips on their shoulder defying you to teach them anything because you are white and they are only waiting until they are old enough “…to get a check.” The problem is far deeper and the roots are in liberalism.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for clarity.

  109. svio87savs says

    And stupid.

  110. joe says

    race race race I am sick of hearing about it they use it as an excuse to be lazy failures then expect hard working people to give them handouts. Screw you and your race GO GET A DAMN JOB you lazy pieces of crap NO ONE OWES YOU SQUAT!!!.

  111. Allen Shaw says

    It really depend on how many Black students want to go to that school!

    If the majority of Blacks with high academics scores decide they want to go to say Spelman, or Howard or Yale or Harvard or any of the many other quality schools there might be a drain on the balance of the 10% that would want to go to Texas.

    Certainly some people with sports scholarships may make up a percent it may be difficult for Texas to even get 10% of the top graduates.

    The University has a right to select a sufficient portion of various groups of individuals to make up there classes, regardless of the 10% rule.

    In the end this case is just one more battle by some individuals to continue the fight against equal opportunities of Blacks and other minorities. “There is no there there”! Stein’s Book _Everybody’s Autobiography

  112. Observant_One says

    Maybe his would not be an issue if the ghetto folks would go to school in their earlier years instead of gang banging on the streets. Skin color and intelligence are not related, some homo-sapiens are smarter than others regardless of their color, red, yellow, brown, black or white, or some combination of them all. But, it is a wonderful opportunity for the liberal mindset to create BS.

  113. Dale_G1 says

    Those who don’t deserve what they don’t achieve are what’s ruining this country. Political correctness is the death knell to a country already descending into anarchy, chaos, apathy, poor morals and blatant stupidity. Stick a fork in US. We’re done. Unless we can bring common sense and strong principles/virtues back.

  114. jdbixii says

    Who ever made “black” a criterion? Or, any color, for that matter?

  115. jerry young says

    when you give priority to someone just because of their race it doesn’t mean they can handle the academics in a particular school, test them and place them where they belong, nothing racist about it, black or white no one deserves special treatment because of race

  116. MuslimLuvChrist says

    only black lives matter

  117. RicC says

    There is nothing racist about his remarks, it’s all the PC junk that persists in everything that makes all statements racist. This country has gone to the dogs because of PC. THERE IS NO MORE MORAL LEADERSHIP OR GOD IN THIS COUNTRY TO RELIE ON. PC IS THE CANCER OF THIS NATION, IT WILL CONTINUE TO DESTROY US. NO, FAITH, NO RULES, NO LAWS EQUALS SLAVERY.

  118. Effenexes says

    Ginsburg’s remarks are racially motivated because it doesn’t solve a chronic festering problem. Scalia’s proposal of a Community Jr College concept would improve the process of continual growth for all who wish to uplift themselves into contributing to the betterment of all can hardly be construed as racist.
    Ask yourselves…who is it that fosters racially segregated neighborhoods thereby promoting racially segregated schools. The answer lies in the self serving democrat party that insists on pointing fingers at every one but themselves for creating a plantation mentality by promising them everything and not delivering because that is the way they can keep minorities dependent on their empty promises.

  119. CUZIN ERN says

    Who needs to know what Dat Is or Dat Ain’t, we’s got welfares and doent’s got ta gradgiate either!!

  120. Jackys says

    Alert on Alito is WRONG!! Got the wrong Justice! When will you fix this….English challenged??? Scalia is not Alito!

  121. jackirvin says

    Where is the shock? You are sensationalizing, and to what end? Media is worse than greedy slimy politicians

  122. Rock J. Dueck says

    Admitting people based on race is a backhanded insult to that race and ultimately a waste of the educational systems financial resources.

    1. Allen Shaw says

      So says a person who has not been denied employment because of race!
      I am positive this individual has massive knowledge about conditions all over the United States.

      1. Rock J. Dueck says

        You have no idea who or what I am but I do appreciate your typical left wing ad hominem attack.

        1. Allen Shaw says

          It is your statement my friend not you. You do not know enough about the system everywhere to make such a blanket statement.

  123. liberaldisgust says

    Racism is , prejudice , discrimination or antagonism directed against someone of a different race , using race and race alone to determine an outcome is racism … this government is a joke , it defines Racism as a hate crime on one hand while perpetuating it on the other …

  124. Wayne Smyer says

    where is Justice Long Dong Kong when you need him??

  125. Douglas A Young says

    Did anyone catch the problem with the face appearance of this article? I wonder what Justice Alito has to do with all this issue. The only persons quoted in the story are Justices Scalia and Gingsburg.

    Is anyone other than me outraged by the inaccuracy and incompetence of the news media to properly report events?

    Agree: w/BB… Semper Fi and good night chesty puller where ever you are.

    1. headonstraight says

      I noticed it the very first day, within a few hours after it was posted, and I commented on the error but apparently the pseudo-journalists who run this web site are a bunch of hit-and-run artists who blurt out their wackadoodle, slanted drivel and never come back to see what their adoring public of predominantly fellow wingnuts (with an occasional competent and same person like yours truly) have to say.

      1. Douglas A Young says

        Based on our observations it looks like Hillary beats Donald in November? …. Guess if you listen to the news media this is what we get….

  126. papa doug says

    I made these same arguments against affirmative action back before it was passed and after it passed saw colleges forced to lower their admission standards to accept certain students. True affirmative action to me would’ve been, and it is what I argued for, that all students who met a college’s academic criteria and whose S.A.T. scores were in range would gain access regardless of financial ability. These students would have been required to work “X” hours a week to help pay tuition with the rest being subsidized.

    Affirmative action is a weed in academia and will continue to infest the garden.

  127. John Williams says

    Blacks complain all the time about their being
    questioned, think about it from the prospective of the employer doing
    the hiring. Colleges must, because of affirmative action, enroll a
    certain number of blacks, if they cannot do so with QUALIFIED applicants
    then the bar must be lowered, then when said applicant cannot hold up
    to the standards, the standards must be lowered so some of the
    unqualified can graduate, if for no other reason to keep the college
    from being sued for discrimination. The prospective employer may be
    looking at a degree from a college, but, was that degree earned or was
    it bestowed. You can bet that an unqualified white never had a chance to
    get into college, a few of the qualified ones are starting to sue for
    “reverse discrimination” (as stated in the article) because they were turned down because the school
    was full. There are many qualified black people that colleges should be
    more than happy to have, I am not saying that all blacks are too
    stupid, I am saying the system is rigged and it many times does not
    benefit either side, only the quota. I laugh at those in Ferguson and
    Boston who claim that there would not be the problems with the blacks if
    the ratio of blacks on the police force mirrored the ratio of the
    population. I always ask, which one of those blacks do you want on the
    force, the ones jumping on the hood of the police car, the one torching
    the drug store, the one throwing the brick thru the window or the one
    carrying the 46″ flat screen out thru the broken window? There are certain
    qualifications required for almost everything that we do, many times minor qualifications, but qualifications none the less, our system at times seems to be at odds with that. Maybe
    blacks need to step back and ask themselves, what other country in the
    WORLD offers them a better opportunity to advance themselves than the
    US, you have the same rights and opportunities as everyone else, if you
    refuse to search out those opportunities, that is your fault not mine.
    Remember an excuse, which ever one you use, is like a part of the human
    anatomy, everybody has one.

  128. juneausr says

    I worked for the feds for20 years and I watched less than stellar people move up the ladder while others were kept back. I believe the reason for some of this is fear. Some supervisors were afraid of intelligent people so dumber ones were promoted. I also saw reverse racism practiced openly. We have to hire Indian, black, Spanish,etc to fill slots…..ridiculous. also the post office had a bunch of foreigners working the customers windows and couldn’t understand English….

  129. Dan says

    Discrimination is worse on whites. You have to have a certain amount of any other color, but white. So ultimately, we get punished, simply because of the color of our skin.

  130. stan lee says

    If students in general produce mediocre scores in their pre-college schools, the race-issue may accommodate the black student because, in most cases, secondary education institutions take for granted that black students attended inferior schools to those of white students. That metric is flawed and arbitrary. A black student may have attended superior schooling and could score just as well as students of other races. Besides, only schools attended seem to be the qualifier here. What is not being considered is the motivation of students whatever race they are. Case in point, Benjamin Carson, MD, is the foremost Pediatric Brain Surgeon in our country, and he had no privileged early life.

    However, black students with mediocre academic scores may be allowed a retest for entrance to a secondary education school, whereas a white student with mediocre scores could be judged only on his/her high school scores and either be accepted or rejected based upon such scores. The white student may possibly not be offered a test at college level if the assumption is the white student attended a higher achieving pre-college school.

    The entry requirements to college level should be the same for all students. Not only is Judge Scalia seeking fairness, and is discredited for it, but Justice Ginsburg, a liberal,also seems to be in agreement with Justice Scalia, but is not discredited.
    It appears that the NY Times is also involved with this issue, a paper not exactly known for impartiality.

    1. Austinniceguy says

      Well stated. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  131. John Beam says

    Blacks are raised to be stupid. The welfare system prefers that the “Black family” be parented by single mothers, and their schools are virtual indoctrination centers. Some Blacks are able to be raised out of this corrupting system, and when they are, they fair as well as anybody. Leftists and progressives want a stupid Black population in particular, and stupid, dependent, easily led cattle in general.

  132. supergun says

    Hope they did not snot and cry.

  133. welshcorgi says

    Harking back to the title of this article, who is the supposed miscreant, Alito or Scalia? Or is this an Oops! opportunity to smear both?

  134. hora says

    Master of corruption and discrimination call a judges racist?how dare are.

  135. Gregg the voice of reason says

    The TRUTH hurts but It’s the TRUTH , plain and simple .
    Taking up space when you really haven’t done your homework and are NOT ready for this type of higher education is costing me and all other hard working people .

  136. Susan Short says

    Libs need to be shocked, preferably with a high voltage power line!

  137. alaskat says

    Politically correct lies and distortion of facts, changing history and filling newsrooms with agenda driven liberals is catching up to itself. They put their foot in their mouth on a daily basis because the truth will always expose the lies eventually, even if most of the population has been dumbed down. You can’t fool all of the people all of the time. Especially if the people become hungry.Conservatives should be ridiculing and exposing the idiocy coming from the left, instead we let them ridicule and destroy us.

  138. Jean Witte says

    I think Scalia is right and it doesn’t sound so much like a racist remark as it does common sense!!! I have had trouble for years with attempting to put everybody in the same mold, when the goal should be to have students who sincerely are interested in an education rather than trying to force school and universities to meet ‘quota’s’!! We are NOT all equal, but under our Constitution we are granted the freedom to try…again with the goal of attaining an education, not trying to make headlines! Doesn’t it really make more sense to have a student, regardless of race, seize the opportunity to study in an atmosphere whereby they can become better educate, or to perform within their physical or mental abilities. In my opinion, that is another plus for trade schools. For instance, I have a relative who was crippled by polio years ago and left without the use of her left leg. Before the polio, she was a normal free spirited girl with an abundance of energy and athletic ability. Her dream was to to be cheer leader in high school. She didn’t start an uprising over the fact that she was not even given the opportunity to try out for the squad, because, not only she, but the school officials, had sense enough to know it couldn’t happen. She partially fulfilled her dream by helping with the cheer team, not allowing her handicap to become a big issue…(oops, I just made a very big Politically Incorrect statement..and the sky hasn’t fallen, yet!) Where has our common sense disappeared??

  139. CUZIN ERN says

    The only fact justice can be credit for is the” FACT HE IS ITALIAN”!…DOES THIS MAKE HIM A BAD BOY NOW????

  140. Tim Groves says

    I have had many black friends in my life and have enjoyed the relationships we had.There are many wonderful blacks out there however I do not believe they should recieve preferential treatment just because of the color of their skin or where they happened to grow up.If that opinion makes me a racist ,so be it.However From all the violence spread by blacks against whites I think the racism is primarily owned by the blacks.

  141. headonstraight says

    For several days, the caption of this article MISIDENTIFIED the Justice who is the subject of the text. It is the Court’s resident gasbag, ASSociate Justice Scalia, not Associate Justice Alito, who blithered his inaccurate and nonsensical analysis of affirmative action.

  142. kassa1 says

    People are tired of the communist (intimidation, shut your mouth) racism every time people tell it like it really is . We have raCeism in this country , but it’s black on white , Marxist media on white, Democrat/ Communist party on whites on down thru them communist brain washing professors in the indoctrinating grammer schools and colleges !

  143. Michael Dennewitz says

    Aren’t we all a little tired of this racial bullshit?? If ANYONE visited Orlando and took a good look at the BRAND NEW high school up the street from me, a multimillion dollar high school, PAID FOR WITH TAXPAYER MONEY, they’d know the little assholes aren’t going there to learn shit! Not even a year after completion and the little bastards have just about torn it up!!!!

  144. NickFortune says

    My brother was discriminated against twice because he is white the same with my niece. Affirmative Action is just plain wrong; to discriminate against innocent people just because their skin is white

    1. Allen Shaw says

      Poor thing!
      We will just have to go back a few years when you could demand that Blacks not be hired!
      You also can move to one of the states that only have a few “African Americans” or Blacks!

  145. NickFortune says

    Haitians, Jamaicans, or newly immigrated Africans are given special biased treatment yet had no history of discrimination by white Americans

  146. atkoa says

    Democrats should be “shocked” by the state this country is in.

    1. Allen Shaw says

      Just what do you mean when you say “Democrats”?
      Why do you say “Democrats”?
      Most citizens of this nation are neither Democrat or Republican. They vote for whoever their local leadership places on the ballot.
      Most national elections are close!

  147. Allen Shaw says

    Antonin Scalia said that minority students with inferior academic
    credentials may be better off at “a less advanced school, a slower-track
    school where they do well.” – See more at:
    This is a misquote: and is the cause of much confusion. By eliminating part of what Judge Scalia said you changed the complete meaning of his statement. At the beginning of the statement I believe you will find that the words “Some say” were included!

  148. Observant_One says

    Congratulations Justice Scalia, any liberal idiot you manage to ****off is a step forward for America

  149. KatRob says

    It’s about time a White person stood up. africans scream about equality but then want special treatment. Too many africans at a school, whether it be elementary, high school or college, lowers the educational standards so that africans can pass, in the meantime the White students get a sub-standard education.

    1. Allen Shaw says

      Could you please explain where this is occurring?

      The majority of Blacks live in isolated areas today and in more than 20 states there are fewer than 5% Blacks!

      Please review the statistics before you make such statements.

      Please identify the colleges where the level of education has been lowered!, Which cities have such an integrated system that Blacks have caused a lowering of standards.

      What is the actual difference between the IQ of individuals and where did you get your facts from. Do all Whites have an IQ over 110 or do some have 70 or below?

      How many Black individuals have you actually met?

      1. KatRob says

        This is occurring throughout the entire country. Blacks live in isolated areas? And where pray tell is this occurring? Every state in the nation is infested with blacks. They have infiltrated every White city, town and village working feverishly to turn them into the ghettos they came from. Once all White towns with no crime now have violent crime occurring. Feeling comfortable to commit crimes against Whites.

        All colleges with a black presence has a lowered standard to accommodate the low IQ blacks, too numerous to list. The once all White elementary schools now have White children going through what they have already learned in an effort to allow the blacks who arrived from the ghetto to catch up.

        Of course there are Whites with IQs as low as Africans but the percentage is much lower among Whites. The experts agree that on average IQs among Africans is much lower than Whites and Asians.

        If Africans were on the same intelligence level than why are they given 10 to 20 points before even taking a civil service exam?. Again, they want to be equal but expect special treatment. Even with the head start, Whites will usually score higher.

        I have met thousands of blacks. Unfortunately I was born and raised in Chicago, the hub of African violence today. They have now infested the White suburbs of Chicago and immediately began committing crimes and terrorizing the White people who fled Chicago to get away from them. They are terrible guest!

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