Liberals Unleash Hate on Black Republican Victories


If you thought that Tom Scott, Mia Love, and Ben Carson were poised to change perceptions of the nation’s conservatives, liberals are here to tell you that the opposite is true. Left-wing zealots flooded the Internet this week, claiming that these black Republicans were “tokens” thrown to the African-American community by the GOP establishment, and that they only solidified the racism of America’s right wing.

Mia Love made history in Utah, becoming the state’s first black female Republican. Instead of praising the right for incorporating some diversity, liberals decided to pull the covers back on their own racism. One Twitter Twit said it “seems like the R’s can now finally pull the ‘I’m not offensive, I have a black friend’ card.” Ignoring for a moment the questionable literacy of these liberal pigs, it’s worth wondering how genuine their own multicultural aims are.

The election of Tim Scott was similarly historic; he managed to become the first Southern African-American elected to the Senate since just after the Civil War. Liberals should be turning cartwheels, no? Well, no. When it comes to Scott, it’s not just the idiots on Twitter pitching a fit. The NAACP themselves decided to take aim at Scott, giving him an “F” grade on their legislative scorecard. Scott didn’t hesitate to fire back:

Well, let’s just ask ourselves if we look back over history when the Congress was controlled by the Democrats for 40 consecutive years. If we look at the result of that control what has happened in black America? We saw greater poverty. If we take the statistics from 1970s to the 21st century, what we see very clearly is that poverty’s gone from 11 percent to 15 percent. These are classic examples that the policies of the left have not worked.

I will tell you that if I have an F on the NAACP’s scorecard, it’s because I believe that progress has to be made, and the government is not the answer for progress.

RNC Deputy Press Secretary Raffi Williams had harsh words for the non-congratulatory NAACP himself, writing several Tweets slamming the organization. Williams said that the NAACP was “failing the black community by only supporting Dems.”

Wise conservatives have known for a long time which ideology harbored the real racists, but it’s rare that we get to see it in such vivid color. For liberals, it is a sin of almost unspeakable magnitude to go against the prescribed demographic. If you’re anything but a white male and you don’t vote for Democrats, you’re a traitor to the cause. An Uncle Tom. It goes for blacks, it goes for women, and it goes for Hollywood. Get in line, or pay the price.

Thank god we have people like Love, Scott, and Carson who don’t give a damn what liberals think. Far from turning their backs on their heritage, these black Republicans believe that liberalism is the very thing that has held African-Americans back since the civil rights era. With increasing prominence in the Republican Party, black Americans could soon see that the Democrats only want them to stay dependent. When that realization occurs in a big way, the Democrats will go extinct.

  1. Michael Clemente says


    1. banjojack says

      Listen to Ms. Love, or Tim Scott, or Ben Carson, or Alan Keyes, or Thomas Sowell. They are intelligent, articulate, and poised. They have class. Then listen to Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, or that moron Jeremiah Wright, Even better, listen to Sheila Jackson Lee. They have class also, except unlike Ms. Love and company, theirs is all low.

      1. BillORights says

        Sharpton and Jackson aren’t the same thing as Wright.

        They’re both from the old CUBAN neighborhood in Brooklyn.

        Think “Occupy”, “Anonymous” and Ed Snowden.

        : )

      2. Goodforall says

        All those people mentioned in your first line are solid Americans who have over come adversity from their own race. Most blacks can’t stand to see someone actually think for themselves, much less embrace conservative practices. As long as the poverty pimps like Sharpton, Jackson, Quanell and the rest keep spouting their hatred for whites we will never be able to come together as a nation.

        1. RobertNorwood says

          “Poverty Pimps”. I believe you have coined a new and accurate description for these odious individuals.

          1. Goodforall says

            Thanks. That’s what they are.

          2. RobertNorwood says

            Cute kitty!

          3. Goodforall says

            Thanks again Robert.

        2. Korny says

          M ost blacks want “bigga welfah checks”. That’s it. They are LAZY BUMS- GHETTO BUMS.

          1. Goodforall says

            That is sadly true-thanks to the demorats and their insistence on keeping them on Uncle Sam’s plantation!

        3. WILDCATF4F says

          I would like to see a ticket with Dr. Ben Carson and a very qualified Woman, so that the left will have NO room to attack and expect any with a Working IQ to even give them the time of day,!.
          LOCK & LOAD!!!

      3. cowgirl20 says

        Dr. Ben Carson is the best. He is so calm, cool, collected when he talks, yet he gets his point across. I say Dr. Ben Carson for President.

        1. URKiddinMee says

          I cannot support someone who eschews my 2nd Amendment rights, as does Ben Carson. I would rather go with an Allen West/ Trey Gowdy ticket.

          1. Carol Chadbourne says

            Also true. We have 2 yrs to decide….as you know, anything can and will happen to change the tide of good vs. evil.

          2. Poodleguy says

            You have misunderstood the total context of Dr Ben’s statement concerning “heavy weapons” in large metropolitan areas. I suggest you do some research & find his statement(s), in toto & then come back & discuss it. He is in no way anti 2nd Amendment. It is so refreshing to watch & listen to this man who is articulate, down to earth & conveys his thoughts in that way. I think he would make an utter fool of Hitlery in a debate. Hell, he made the obamaliar look the fool @ that prayer breakfast some time ago & did it in such a gentle manner! He is a singularly gifted man. He will continue to rise as an asset to America & the Republican Party. He has a very special sort of wisdom & articulation rarely seen in the political arena……

        2. Carol Chadbourne says

          He says he’s in the running…he could beat the crap out of her highness, the commie.

        3. Korny says

          So, let’s start pushing it. Send him emails.

          1. Carol Chadbourne says

            I already have bumper stickers….”.Carson for President….Clinton for Queen “….

      4. RobertNorwood says

        I’m glad you mentioned Alan Keyes. I got to see his address to Lynn University Grads years back and it was an amazing thing. He’s so brilliant and thoughtful and he didn’t go from prepared notes either, he went straight from the heart and the head. It’s sad how the liberal press went after Alan, marginalising him and most likely because he was an early threat to the liberal’s lock on the black vote. His address to those Lynn students should get re-played, it was a beautiful thing.

      5. Indiana_James says

        I disagree,..liberals have NO class whatsoever.

    2. Betty M Scheef says

      Using the F word does not make you articulate. Rather, clear concise use of language strengthens your argument.

      1. labrat says

        But it does get the meaning across!

      2. cowgirl20 says

        Michael Clemente is angry as is a lot of us. I have used language that I don’t ever use before obozo got elected,(partly by fraud). obozo has brought America to her knees and I hate that. obozo is the ONLY President EVER to reduce America’s credit rating, he is totally destroying us. I cringe at the thought of what is he going to do between now and January to destroy us as much as he can. I hate him and all of his idiot people. Don’t put Michael down because of his language, he is right, and most of us agree.

        1. Betty M Scheef says

          Just saying, this language weakens the argument. I love my country and hate what has been done to it in the 77 years I’ve lived. Did that message require profanity to be clear?

          1. cowgirl20 says

            It didn’t “require” it, but that is his way of getting it across and he has every right to with freedom of speech. I get the same way because I am sooooo angry at what obozo and his idiots have done to America, and it makes me cuss about the “blankety blank blank idiots that voted for him and that really still support his sorry behind. I’m sorry, obozo just makes people ANGRY. Have a great day. I’m off to work, my cattle are waiting.

          2. dickG says

            So you would agree then that O’Bummer is “All hat and no cattle”?

          3. Korny says

            NOT! BO is PURE NWO SOCIALIST- the two class system- government, and surfs, the rich and the poor, no middle class. Think Hitler. Think Stalin. Think Fidel Castro. Think Obama. Got it?

          4. emag says

            Absolutely right.

          5. Carol Chadbourne says

            No, it doesn’t…BUT…it got your attention…and sometimes it can do a lot to influence the topic. imho

      3. RobertNorwood says

        That wasn’t too bad, nothing wrong with fuckyou at the end. It’s when every other word, sentence etc. is a slew of swears, well, you know…it just goes off the rails.

      4. squeak says

        NOT NECESSARY to use Profain language to get a point across, My opinion, does nothing for you !

  2. Deborah G says

    The Democrats have to keep the blacks fooled and they sure HATE “UPPITY” one like Mia. Conservative Love this bright young woman. She is a true American patriot with a great story!The left doesn’t deserve her quality. They can keep the garbage like Holder and sharpton.

    1. BillORights says

      Sharpton and Jackson aren’t the same thing as Holder.

      Holder is just too dumb to know any better.

      1. The redhawk says

        HEINRICH HIMMLER HOLDER is the CHIEF RACIST.. the two Singing “MINISTERS” are just his TOOLS…..they are the Two DUMBER THAN DUMB Plantation supervisor of the ODUMBO/HOLDER plantations…

        1. Carol Chadbourne says

          On the nose…!!!!

          1. The redhawk says

            Can’t wait to see how many of the Demo Dimwits in the Senate are going to FLIP if he continues in his Delusional Path of Destruction to OVERTURN his Vetoes just to save their A*ses in 2016…. meantime Cal polls show that even in LOON land they want Boxer and Feinstein to GET OUT!

          2. Carol Chadbourne says

            Music to my ears!! I believe Feinstein and Pelosi are both ‘certifiable’…I also believe time will prove me right.

          3. The redhawk says

            NO time needed .. YOU HAVE BEEN RIGHT… Add boxer to the “CERTIFIABLE” list they are a bunch of Professional; Delusional SOCIOPATH as Incompetent as ODUMBO!

        2. BillORights says

          While I agree that Holder is a racist, he and Obama are THEIR tools.

          Sharpton and Jackson are CUBA, like the neighborhood in Brooklyn that they both grew up in.

          Let’s take a look at Ferguson, Missouri…

          What is Ferguson? Ferguson is “Occupy” and “Anonymous”. Ferguson is HuffPost, Adbusters, the Daily Beast, Mother Jones, Media Matters, RT (Russia Today, multimedia arm of Ria Novosti), Rolling Stone, Forbes.

          What’s the pattern? THEY ARE ALWAYS AGAINST THE ADMINISTRATION IN POWER, unless the administration in power conforms to their narrative.

          We’re talking about experts in destabilization. And when have they had greater reason to destabilize than now?

          Recall that Alex Jones (infowars) has been talking about “police militarization” for years. And where does Jones source half his material? RT, Izvestia, Voice of Russia, Ria Novosti, Forbes.

          Huffington Post?

          Recall that Pravda was sold to a wealthy Greek family. Friends of Golden Dawn, friends of Arianna, friends of Russia. You know, Arianna Huffington…”I’m a Liberal. Now I’m a Conservative. Now I’m a Liberal again.”

          When the narrative needs to shift, the pushers of the narrative shift.

          Same as David Brock, founder of Media Matters.

          Ever noticed those funky Russian futurist fonts that Adbusters uses?

          Do you know of another media outlet that is both pro-LGBT and fiercely pro-Life?

          Rolling Stone and Mother Jones? Notice the Ed Snowden obscession? And now their articles aren’t very supportive of the administration, are they?


          Steve Forbes, Mr. “Flat Tax”…same tax structure that exists in Russia. Remember 2013? Putin is the “most powerful man in the world”? Recall that when the Ukrainian crisis was ramping up, Pravda published a puff-piece on the Ukrainian opposition leader, Vitali Klitschko, helping to dispel the “myth” that he’s somehow tied to the Russian mafia. And there was Forbes, publishing a piece asserting that in order for fair elections to exist in Ukraine, it would only be fair for Klitschko to run. This, despite the fact that when he speaks Ukrainian, his Russian accent is so strong that Ukrainians have a difficult time understanding him.

          THIS is what is going on.

          But, even having said all this…

          Qatar and the Muslim Brotherhood in American government is STILL a much bigger problem. I almost can’t blame the Russians for going all out. I suppose I would do the same thing, if I had a superpower like the U.S. going after me, while controlled by Qatar and the Brotherhood.

          1. Poodleguy says

            Everytime I see Arianna Huffington’s name, I can’t help but think about the fact the woman has never been the same since her husband left her for another man……

          2. BillORights says


            Man, so many directions where one could go with that!

          3. The redhawk says

            may be as far as BATHHOUSE BARRY’s SAUNA???

          4. Ben Name says

            wooohooo. we all know what berry and obama are doing.

          5. The redhawk says

            Obama and Berry doing Itself is TRUE Flexibility

          6. Barack_OnumbNuts says

            She cant help it that some Baloney Pony Boy was more attractive than her. SAVE the HUFF n BLUFF. We need all the STUPID we can find.

          7. Joe T says

            Astute comments…..on diverse people/entities etc….I 4 one concur.
            best regards Joe T

          8. BillORights says

            After the Soviet Union fell, the GRU crowd just took over the old resources. Only difference is, they’re like pre-revolutionary Czarist/Nationalists…like White Guardists in 2014, not card-carrying Communists, like their KGB predecessors.

        3. Korny says

          BO is HNIC. Holder is his number one.

          1. Poodleguy says

            Make that HMFNWIC……

          2. Carol Chadbourne says

            OK, now…I haven’t heard this one, forgive me..what does it mean????

          3. Poodleguy says

            “H” is for Head, “WIC” is for “what in charge”….you’ll have to figure out the “MFN” for yourself……censors, you know.

        4. Ken Trefaller says

          Dom”t forget the racist Oprah

          1. The redhawk says

            That COW is just Window Dressing.. Valerie is another Snake in the Plantation to help Odumbo Poison the well and Mochelle PEES standing up to prove she is not Balls Free like BARRY the Pathological Balls Free Egocentric WHINING Delusional Sociopath!

          2. LaVonne69 says

            We don’t need your poison redhawk (whoeveryouare – probably a Democrat – very discusting). Grow up…….. 🙁

          3. Ben Name says

            he’s living up to stereotypes.

          4. The redhawk says

            COPY THAT!!!

          5. Ben Name says

            so are you!

          6. The redhawk says

            do you know what’ COPY THAT MEANS

          7. Ben Name says

            copy that means you agree, not that you are a copy of that. that term is ditto.

          8. The redhawk says

            STFU TOOL I bet you vote (D) for DERANGED!

          9. Ben Name says

            moooo mooo mooo!

          10. The redhawk says


          11. Deborah G says

            tell us what you really think LOL I concur

          12. The redhawk says

            Time to REMOVE ANIMALS from PUBLIC LIFE!! !
            10NOv 2014!!

          13. WILDCATF4F says

            And to all that are no longer here, ( they have gone to HELL to regroup ) My Grandfather is there, and BHO and the COW will be delt with by those very reinforcements we are waiting for!.
            LOCK & LOAD!!!

          14. The redhawk says


          15. WILDCATF4F says

            Semper Fi
            Do or Die
            LOCK & LOAD!!!

          16. The redhawk says

            OLD saying Brother:’
            IF YOU NEED TO GET THINGS DONE GET A MARINE” Not a bathhouse TOOL!
            And the EXTREME RADICAL LEFTIST Alinsky Disciples just have NO idea !!!…

          17. BillORights says


            Church of Scientology…

            L. Ron Hubbard’s widow, Mary Sue Hubbard?

            She had the IRS bugged and infiltrated.

            Kinda like Snowden, in a way.

            : )

          18. doomsdae says

            notice no peep out of Harpo…?

          19. The redhawk says

            Nor cHICO

        5. emag says

          And don’t forget, they make a good living being tools.
          They don’t know how to do anything else. Honest work??? Ha, forget it.

          1. The redhawk says

            Using “HONEST’ in the same vein as these TOOLS is really an OXYMORON

        6. Ben Name says

          I saw them in white hoods the other day while walking The Mall.

          1. The redhawk says

            But I bet that they has BLACK holes cut in them

          2. Ben Name says

            only in one place. har har har har. I love being racist with you.

          3. The redhawk says

            DELUSIONAL… You are the LONE RACIST

          4. Ben Name says

            come one, it takes one to know one and I see you too.

        7. Jarhead says

          Spot on!

          1. The redhawk says

            The Maggots that vote (D) for Dumba ss still DON”T GIT IT. !!
            Semper Fi brother !!!…

      2. URKiddinMee says

        I dunno. I personally think he’s intelligent enough to KNOW he’s subverting our constitutional republic.

        1. BillORights says

          Oh, yes, he certainly does. But there’s more to the story.

          Please see my comment below.

      3. Korny says

        Holder wants to be pert of the socialist ruling class- the bourgeois- a “prince”.

        1. BillORights says

          No doubt.

          But the ruling class is the university class.

          And the university class are the universities with the greatest clout in Washington, D.C. and the national security apparatus. That means Georgetown, GW, Carnegie-Mellon, Harvard, Oxford, Cornell, Northwestern, etc…ALL of which have satellite campuses in Qatar.

          Remember Mohammed Elbiary? He was a fellow at Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service.

          The reason D.C. believes the Muslim Brotherhood are pro-Western Progressives is because that’s what Qatar tells them.

          “And we have to confer with the Qataris, who have told me over and over again that Hamas is a humanitarian organization…”

          — Nancy Pelosi

          1. Korny says

            SCHOOLS OF LIBERAL ARTS! That’s what they are taught. Democracy is unfair to those who want what is yours, instead of earning their own.

          2. BillORights says

            The irony is that Russia created the entire belief system in the universities.

            Now, that is the same impediment that prevents Progressives from understanding that Qatar and the Muslim Brotherhood OWNS them.

            You couldn’t make this stuff up.

          3. The redhawk says

            So Why is it that all live in the Most expensive , Least Lawful Cities where Minorities get LOUSY Education, Food Stamps survival and High Crime??? NYC…LA.. San Fran..Chicago.. Boston…THE LAND FOR DERANGED LIBERAL TURDS!
            Someday the Incarcerated Black Voters of those Plantations might just WAKE UP!!

          4. BillORights says

            I hope they do.

            Republicans freed slaves, initiated the Civil Rights Acts of 1957 and 1960 and were instrumental in passing the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which Johnson initially refused to sign into law. Democrats filibustered the first two Civil Rights Acts, but the record shows that Republicans voted for all three acts in high percentages that far exceeded the Democrats.

            So the Democrats gave birth to the “Southern Strategy” myth, which purports that the Republican party completely rejected their honored place as history’s champions of civil rights, and became the party of racism, when a small handful of racist Southern Democrats joined their ranks.

            I have seen scores of great rebuttals that demolish this myth, but one of the best is the book, “The End of Southern Exceptionalism: Class, Race, and Partisan Change in the Postwar South”, written by two liberal college professors named Byron Schafer and Richard Johnston.

          5. The redhawk says

            Look at what Mia, Dr Carson, SEn Scott and many others have achieved via Parents and their Intelligence to allow them to ESCAPE the NAACP Legacy of MENTAL SLAVERY for Profit and Plantation/ghettoes for abodes…

          6. BillORights says

            They make me proud to be an American and a Conservative.

          7. The redhawk says

            ABSOLUTELY… they are REAL Americans!

          8. BillORights says

            Oh, BTW…great resource on the Russians:


            And the reason the Obama administration’s pro-Hamas stance just feeds right into the Russian narrative can be understood by looking at the brains behind Russia’s foreign policy:

            (notice the flag…kinda like this one, right?

            Dugin writes about annexation of Israel, and using Israel as a staging ground for taking down the U.S. Turns out, Israel has the same problem we have…Likud is totally infiltrated by the Russians.

            And Netanyahu distanced himself from Avigdor Leiberman, a.k.a. Israel’s Ron Paul.

      4. Poodleguy says

        Been wondering… Holder will be a civilian very soon it appears – shouldn’t he be charged with the crimes he committed as AG, especially since there won’t be the impeachment impediment? He’ll be just some lawbreaker subject to indictment, trial, conviction & incarceration!!!!

        1. BillORights says

          Not only should he be charged, convicted and imprisoned, every accomodation should be made to supply him with a 450-lb homosexual redneck cellmate.

          1. Poodleguy says

            “C’mere boy, you be ma gurlfrand!”

          2. BillORights says


          3. Barack_OnumbNuts says

            Holder prefers Baloney Pony Boys in hot pants and pink tube tops. There’s a reason he has handle grips and fox tails on his ears.

          4. LastGasp says

            He just wants to be part of Obola’s legacy.

          5. BillORights says


            Good point!

          6. Jarhead says

            Your want to put him in a Pleasure Palace ?? Bill lets get right !!

          7. BillORights says

            Dang, I forgot!

            This guy isn’t wired like most of us.

        2. emag says

          Charged?? He will be pardoned by his BFF 0. ASAP.

          1. Poodleguy says

            Of that I have no doubt. The obamaliar will probably pardon his own self when he leaves office, which is another reason he should be impeached – he has no power or authority to avoid it. Problem with that is the fact there aren’t 67 votes in the Senate to convict. How will the American people ever see justice when it comes to “the regime”? Apparently we are screwed & it is a very bitter pill we will be forced to swallow!!

          2. Deborah G says

            Baloney. Ibelieve in Americans to get it right eventually. This little tea time with Socialism has been an Epic fail and theyknow it. We can Impeach OBAMA OF enough Dems see it would be in their best interest to do so. IF their political careers are over they can always jump sides. Been done

          3. Poodleguy says

            I am in complete agreement with you as to how it SHOULD be done, but WILL IT? Leave the baloney out, will us? Really heavy duty garlic breath, don’t ya know….
            Really, my hopes are we can persuade or scare the you know what out of enough dem senators to bring it to 67 votes for conviction. After all, if this horrible excuse can’t be impeached successfully, who could be?????

          4. Deborah G says

            There has been such a unbelievable take over that I am sure it will be hard BUT it isn’t impossible. 67 votes? I think you could get several that want the Democrat party to remain intact instead of it being the Communist party of America. I am in total agreement with scaring the Bejesus out of them and I agree if we can’t impeach this traitor we are really weak. I think the American people have the resolve I’m just not so sure of the politicians. Tough talk from Boehner but talk is cheap. I personally like the Cruz, Gowdy Lee attitude way better. WE WON! for heaven’s sake now behave like victors not sissies.everyone is is this touchy feely lets get along with the monster capitulation mode.

          5. Joe Weaver says

            67? If there is impeachment started, then I believe the actions of POTUS, FLOTUS, DOJ, Sharpton, etc. will let the American People see something that will make Senate Democrats jump aboard and abandon the pirated ship they have been cruising on. Deborah, I agree, if we cannot impeach this traitor we are really weak. Come on GOP, you were just shown an open door last Tuesday. Do your jobs, put Trey Gowdy in charge of the speaking and get on the ball…open this door further, throw a grenade in the room, and go in and mop up when the dust settles. The reaction to Obama’s B.S. has been like America apologizing to the Japanese Government for the bombs exploding at Pearl Harbor hurting their pilots’ ears!!!

      5. WILDCATF4F says

        I agree for the most part, but he was there too long for too much of the trash to have soaked in!.

        1. BillORights says

          It gets even weirder than that…

          Ready for the ‘red’ pill?

          Sharpton and Jackson are CUBA, like the neighborhood in Brooklyn that they both grew up in.

          Let’s take a look at Ferguson, Missouri…

          What is Ferguson? Ferguson is “Occupy” and “Anonymous”. Ferguson is HuffPost, Adbusters, the Daily Beast, Mother Jones, Media Matters, RT (Russia Today, multimedia arm of Ria Novosti), Rolling Stone, Forbes.

          What’s the pattern? THEY ARE ALWAYS AGAINST THE ADMINISTRATION IN POWER, unless the administration in power conforms to their narrative.

          We’re talking about experts in destabilization. And when have they had greater reason to destabilize than now?

          Recall that Alex Jones (infowars) has been talking about “police militarization” for years. And where does Jones source half his material? Russia Today, Izvestia, Voice of Russia, Ria Novosti, Forbes.

          Huffington Post?

          Recall that Pravda was sold to a wealthy Greek family. Friends of Golden Dawn, friends of Arianna, friends of Russia. You know, Arianna Huffington…”I’m a Liberal. Now I’m a Conservative. Now I’m a Liberal again.”

          When the narrative needs to shift, the pushers of the narrative shift.

          Same as David Brock, founder of Media Matters.

          Ever noticed those funky Russian futurist fonts that Adbusters uses?

          Do you know of another media outlet that is both pro-LGBT and fiercely pro-Life?

          Rolling Stone and Mother Jones? Notice the Ed Snowden obscession? And now their articles aren’t very supportive of the administration, are they?


          Steve Forbes, Mr. “Flat Tax”…same tax structure that exists in Russia. Remember 2013? Putin is the “most powerful man in the world”? Recall that when the Ukrainian crisis was ramping up, Pravda published a puff-piece on the Ukrainian opposition leader, Vitali Klitschko, helping to dispel the “myth” that he’s somehow tied to the Russian mafia. And there was Forbes, publishing a piece asserting that in order for fair elections to exist in Ukraine, it would only be fair for Klitschko to run. This, despite the fact that when he speaks Ukrainian, his Russian accent is so strong that Ukrainians have a difficult time understanding him.

          THIS is what is going on.

          But, even having said all this…

          Qatar and the Muslim Brotherhood in American government is STILL a much bigger problem. I almost can’t blame the Russians for going all out. I suppose I would do the same thing, if I had a superpower like the U.S. going after me, while controlled by Qatar and the Brotherhood.

          1. WILDCATF4F says

            I have been watching for the better part of 30 years, and each year things just looked worse than the year before, now this, and I am sure it is just the START of the end, so I hope that any of those I had the occasion to say ” I told you “,are looking and remembering what I said as they scream that it just isn’t right,!.
            LOCK & LOAD!!!

          2. BillORights says

            Amen, brother.

    2. Abacrombee says

      and obama.

      1. Biff Kress says

        And Amen.

    3. squeak says

      Congratulations MIA, we welcome you to the Conservative Republican Party & are PROUD of you… GOD BLESS !

      1. The redhawk says

        COPY THAT!

      2. LaVonne69 says

        My sentiments as well. Wonderful campaign, Mia. You Go Girl!!

    4. Beverly Miller says

      They want to rule, not Govern. I remember when both sides compromised. We have the schools and the influx of too many illegals to blame for the changes. WE had freedom ; Yes with Freedom comes laws, but the last I remember our laws did not take away our freedom like they are doing now. Since when do we have to keep our mouths shut because we may fend an atheist. We are not forcing the poor souls to listen.

      1. emag says

        Exactly, that’s what Val said “We will be ready to RULE”.
        She IS the White House.

    5. fred says

      Mia Love is a star and will boost everyone’s perception of someone who gets the message and wants freedom for all regardless of race, or religion! I think she will give many people on the other side lots to think about when it comes to stealing from people from cradle to grave as they have done since 1913! An Ad Valorem tax system is the only fair way to run the federal gov’t, and the budget has to shrink to about 1/20th of it’s current size! more power to the states and less to the Feds!

    6. Ferstl LeRoy says

      Girl You nailed it on the Head !!

    7. Bryant Hill says

      That’s right! WE love Mia.

    8. cardnut says

      I have admired you, Mia, sine you spoke at the Republican convention. Congratulations!

  3. Combatvet52 says

    Tuff Horse Dung Dummiecrats all your a$$es will be out soon.

  4. RobertNorwood says

    Whatever the liberals do they cannot allow blacks to believe they can make it in America without them. Once that happens, the plantation will begin to empty. I’ve been a fan of Mia since she first came onto the scene. If someone like her is a token how do they explain her intelligence and insight, her ability to communicate her ideas? Tokens are just unoriginal dummies who regurgitate party propaganda which is why Sharpton and Jackson are where they are – you’ll never hear anything new from those three card monte dealers. Tom Scott, Mia, and Ben Carson are bright and original people and they are no one’s dummies. You want dummies, watch the democrats, there aren’t enough laps on the planet to sit all those dummies on.

    1. dickG says

      The (D) after their names does not stand for “Democrat”.
      It’s short for “Dummy”.

      1. RobertNorwood says

        I wonder, do folks get a suitcase to store them in or is that extra like everything else?

        1. dickG says

          I’ve heard (but I cannot confirm) that Hairy Reid has introduced legislation to demand that the government provide suitcases free of charge to (D)’s upon their demise.
          These suitcases, I understand, will be marked with a “(D)” on the lid to make it is easier to identify in the cemetery for the voter registration folks come election time.
          For you, Robert, It will be an extra.

    2. emag says

      Remember when they destroyed Alan West? Another articulate, intelligent, upstanding Black Man who served honorably in the military. They couldn’t bear to be a republican.

      1. RobertNorwood says

        Liberal progressives have turned the Democratic Party into a hate machine of lies, the subversion of the once free press, and mental slavery to their nonsense.

    3. WILDCATF4F says

      I have told the greater number of people that ‘CLAIM’ they are paying attention this, but for the most part I feel they were talking just to hear themselves make noise, I only new of ONE that was registered to vote, and that was due to my handing him the app. and watched him fill it out, then I put the stamp on it and dropped it into the mail and saw him open the registration card, I can not say that he ever went to the polls, as I went with my wife and we always do something to reward our selves for doing what all too many won’t, but are the ones you hear ‘BITCH & MOAN’ the most when things do not go their way, Hence if they go stand in line and VOTE! they might just do something to make things better.!
      As for the DUMMBOCOMMIES!, we could NOT get enough IQ out of them if you were to compress ALL of them into a 1 gallon paint can, it might even become corrosive, so let’s just keep them under wraps, and constant ‘OBSERVATION’ to protect US for what we want in the future.!
      and remember, stay alert, (the world needs more lerts) LOLOLOL.

  5. KWKSS says

    Blacks and liberals are the most hateful people on the face of the earth. Next in line are the muslims and their ISIS buddies. God will have a special place for you.

    1. cowgirl20 says

      Not all blacks. Look at Dr. Ben Carson, Mia Love and Tim Scott. They are good. But then you have the ones like obozo, now they are hateful.

  6. John Beam says

    I wonder what grade Hank (Guam “might tip over and capsize”) Johnson got from the NAACP–probably an A+++++++++++++.

    1. Bird says

      He got all the stats regarding the island correct…. but, capsize!? What does he think the thing is attached to or does he just think it’s got an inflated bottom!? Do you think he’s on drugs? Wow

      1. RobertNorwood says

        Took him long enough to spit them out. What a moron.

      2. John Beam says

        Later, Johnson tried to laugh it off by saying he was “joking.” It is SO obvious that he was attempting to sound intelligent (epic fail), so if he was joking, besides being an idiot, he’s also completely lacking in comedic ability.

    2. RobertNorwood says

      Oh my God, what an idiot. I had to stop, I mean on an on trying to get even the simplest thoughts – if you call them that, out. This is the kind of clown our people have to explain things to?
      If it had been me, career be damned I would’ve got up and walked out after informing the fool he should go see a doctor about that retardation he got going on.

      1. John Beam says

        Had I been the Navy officer listening to that blabbering nit-wit, I don’t know if I could have been as patiently polite in responding to him. I’d probably stare at him for a few seconds, and ask him if he thinks that islands actually float on top of the ocean, and can be thrown off-balance like a canoe. It is totally unbelievable that this moron ever made it through the second grade, let alone acquiring a seat in the US House of Representatives.

        1. RobertNorwood says

          Unbelievable. They should save every clip they have of that clown and use it in election campaigns. He’s an embarrassment and all the motivation independents, conservatives, and Republicans need to get out and vote vermin like this down the river.

    3. Terry Hamblin says

      I think that Hank Johnson typifies the results of the “equal opportunity” fraud espoused by the Dem/Libs to put black people into the “mainstream”. What the program did was place ill prepared blacks into positions that embarrassed them and astonished well prepared co-workers. That program alone set equality back half a century. I like Ben Carson a lot and I think that the establishment Republicans would be very foolish to ignore him and stick one of the stuffed shirts in there.

  7. Tex Irvin says

    If we can elect a good person to be president , like Carson , then and only then can we get this country rolling again

  8. Javiersteva says

    The history of the KKK started with democRATS. DemocRats don’t no jack! I want FREEDOM from people who believe they know what’s right for everybody else and then do the very opposite for themselves HYPOCRITES! Not that politicians in general aren’t out for themselves. They don’t want Hispanics, African Americans or anybody else to be self sufficient or who are able to think for themselves.

    1. RobertNorwood says

      They need people to be stupid and poor – no smart hardworking individual is going to fall for all that nonsense and support a bunch of people who chose ignorance and poverty for a career.

  9. cowgirl20 says

    They must all be racist’s if they didn’t vote for the “black” candidates…..give them a taste of their own medicine. That’s okay, the democRATS will soon see that the Republicans are the ones that will fix America. Only the ones that get their “freebies” will be the ones to disagree.

  10. George Beach says

    If the black democrats hate black politicians who are republicans they are doing it because they fear that if many black democrats become republicans the welfare system will be revised to cover only people who have a valid reason for not working.The white democrats who hate blacks that are republicans hate them because if a lot of blacks become republicans they will end welfare as it is now because they actually vote for what they believe in and do not believe in enslaving black people to buy votes by keeping them on welfare
    and will not fund it..If the democrats can not get the government to fund their vote buying they have nothing but race baiting to run on and that is getting old and starting to become a wasted effort.

    1. Carol Chadbourne says

      I can’t count the times, in the past 2 yrs. that I’ve said something similar. I can NOT comprehend what makes them so blind as to what is really going on…and the obamedia is extremely guilty of NOT being truthful about hizzoner’s lying, deceit and tyranny…do they live in caves???

  11. jim scofield says

    The NAACP needs to replace their acronym to NAALAAP. since they
    don’t like being called Colored People any more It stands for National
    Association for the Advancement of Liberal African American People.
    This is one of the reasons this country is in the mess were in the
    divisive politics that has been pushed by Liberal Communist Democrats
    like the Usurper in Chief and Eric Holder and the list go’s on.

  12. lorenvpf says

    This is absolutely no surprise. They remind me of the little kid who legitimately got beat and throws a “temper tantrum.” Little kids I can understand since they can be disciplined and shown how they are wrong. Adults on the other hand there is no excuse other than that of immaturity. The Liberal Bullies also remind me of the little kid who wants mom to buy cookies as they are shopping. Mom says no and junior tells mom he’s going to hold his breath and kill himself. And mom caves in. The smart mom lets him hold his breath until he passes out and catches him so his head doesn’t hit the ground. Point here are the Republicans tough enough to follow the mom who catches the little boy after he passes out or are the Republicans going to cave in like mom number 1?

    1. RobertNorwood says

      Whose kids do you think are the ones going on shooting rampages? They’re overly coddled kids who weren’t taught to cope, that competition is unfair, problems are unfair, and the others are against you, the playing field isn’t level – you deserve to win even if you don’t compete. Take a look at their backgrounds and you’ll see they’re not well adjusted conservative, Christian kids raised around guns and taught how to deal with and accept that not everything goes your way, that life can be unfair and you move on. When things don’t go their way, they can’t handle the pressure, these pampered kids lash out.

      1. Carol Chadbourne says

        Yeah…and there is one big one in the Senate…for now… nicknamed ‘dirty harry’….one big jerk. Thank the good Lord in all His Wisdom, helped us to finally rid our Country of this monster…do you know, he still has amassed a stack of 360 HOUSE BILLS that he won’t bring to the floor? He’s insane.

        1. RobertNorwood says

          Sitting on them bills doesn’t quite describe it…

        2. RobertNorwood says

          What harry did with those bills….

      2. lorenvpf says

        You might want to re-read what I wrote. It appears it is over your head.

        1. RobertNorwood says

          Maybe mine is over yours? I didn’t see a problem with your’s first time so no re-reading necessary. Don’t like mine, sorry. No, I’m not actually.

  13. ONLYJB1 says

    Let me see. If I was a black man, would I rather look up to people such as, sharpton, jackson, farrakhan, jackson lee or holder?
    Or would I rather look up to and listen to people like Allen West, Mia Love, Tom Scott or Ben Carson?
    I would believe this to be a no brainer!

    1. RobertNorwood says

      Yeah, but it’s the “brain” part that’s a problem. I mean if a Hank Johnson can get elected whatthefuck…no hope.

  14. thunderbob says

    An American who happens to be Black escapes the grip of the Democrat Party and is punished! Disgraceful talk, accusations, as well as any type of disgusting slim, doesn’t this sound like a slave escaping the Plantation and is caught? With the Democrats its the same thing only packaged in a different wrapper.

    1. RobertNorwood says

      Back in the day they took an ax to a runner’s foot, nowadays they just do the full hatchet job. What you doin’ you Uncle Tom nigga, gets back the plantation foh I tells uncle Jesse on you. Be glad Reverend Al ain’t here to baptize your ass in a bucket of lye.

  15. squeak says

    Goes to show the Blacks just what the Democrats are made of & it was true, they just used the blacks for their votes… they fed & kept them under their control with welfare, kept them poor, to be dependent on them… they did not like Blacks being Republicans & won seats… Wake up America, see the Socialist Democrats for what they truly are… they are not for the people, ONLY THEMSELVES …We the people must work together, NOT DIVIDE as they want us WHITES & BLACKS to be… we can work wonders if we truly want to be True Americans & a FREE Country !

    1. Goodforall says

      Well said Squeak! But we have a long road ahead of us.

  16. Don Dale says

    Us white folk are racist if we don’t vote dumbascrap, yet we’re still racist for electing some blacks? I just don’t get it! As usual them dems just can’t make up their minds!

  17. bobwhite1935 says

    Mind numb liberal blacks & the NAACP expect a black person to be a democrat & live in a ghetto & live off of welfare, food stamps & kill each other over drug selling corners & democrat handouts & they’ll thank them by keeping them in the ghetto for life with no mind of their own. While barack hussein obama, harry reid, eric holder, jesse jackson, al sharpton etc. live the life of Riley laughing at all the way to the bank. They help elect people like, lyndon baines johnson etc. that talk behind their backs with remarks like LBJ I’ll have these ni??ers voting democrat for the next 200 years & he was right & the stupid black liberal democrats proved his point & stay on the democrat plantation like little kids begging for more candy. But the savvy blacks like Mia Love, Ben Carson & Tom Scott get educated & are not fooled by these liberal democrat politician’ lies.

  18. Richard Knack says

    The Dummycraps kept blacks virtually enslaved even after the Civil War with their “Jim Crow”/”separate-but-equal” policies. Then they figured out they could enslave them even more, while pandering for their votes at the same time, by giving them welfare – a handout, rather than a hand up, so they would be dependent on the “good will” of the leftists rather than learning job skills and earning a living. Now it’s a vicious cycle, and anyone who tries to break that cycle is instantly labeled a “racist” by the leftists.

    1. RobertNorwood says

      Lyndon Johnson was smart, he saw the handwriting was on the wall and figured out how to get them back on the plantation. He just gave that ol’ plantation a fresh coat of paint, curtains, and he was all set – they been there ever since.

  19. Green Eyed Lady says

    Blacks will not be fooled much longer thanks to these two !

    1. RobertNorwood says

      If he can fool them at all blacks got themselves a long, long, long road to the thing called intelligence.

  20. DustyFae says

    Now this is racism…LOL, Can’t never please Democrats. If Whites put Obama’s policy down it is them saying we are racist against Obama because he is Black, Now voting for the Blacks we are racists… Stupid Democrats, everything is racist with them. And if Blacks are Republicans ,the Democrats call them Uncle Tom s. I am Proud the Black Americans are speaking up and waking up to the tricks of Democrat to hold them back. It is time the Blacks prove we are all equal regardless of the race…

  21. The redhawk says

    Well oDUMBO takes advice from AL Sharpton the TAX delinquent Racist …. His First Call after getting his A*S Whipped… So what can we EXPECT??????????????

  22. Robert Freedom says

    Liberals the false title of the communist in America. Now is the time to get these enemies of freedom out of the government controlled school system. Disable, shut down, and outlaw the Federal Dept. of Education now. Fire everybody involved in this treasonous activity. No money to these people in any from. All of this needs to apply to every school in the our country. The number one per pose of the school system since 1960s is the warp the minds of the young people. google hitler and Joseph Gerbles watch videos on AMERICAN HONER CHANNEL and PBS and Hitler and Gerbles the first socialist too prefect mind control. The communist since 1960 have been using the same method. see

  23. tk-atty says

    The only way the democrats can win. They want to keep blacks locked in a vicious cycle of welfare dependency and thinking they cannot move out of their subsidized housing and off food stamps, but hopefully more and more blacks are seeing the truth that they are lying to them and they can do anything they want if they get an education and move on with their lives, without depending on anyone but God and themselves. God Bless Mia Love, Tom Scott, and all those who know the truth and getting things done for themselves. They should be shown as examples of what you can do when you truly want to.

  24. M.J. Marsalek says

    So the real reason Democrats hate Mia Love, Tim Scott and Ben Carson is because they all achieved notariety & success through self determination instead of government dependency. Neither Love nor Scott nor Carson have sanitized & sealed their personal records. Nor have any provided fake birth certificates or other official documents. Love, Scott & Carson are proud of who they are and what they have accomplished. Obama and a great many of the Congressional Black Caucus are deeply flawed with much to hide.

  25. Milton W. Lowe says

    I for one would rather look at & listen to the lovely Mia Love than the lying aged & ugly Harry Reid for sure & she also very intelligent & a true conservative who has paid her dues.

  26. realistredneck says

    The Chickens are coming home to roost!
    All these years the dummying down of blacks to get their vote and finally some blacks are beginning to see they have been duped all these years by the Democrats!
    Makes no difference to the Liberals as they have their sights set on their next block of “dumming” voters….Hispanics and they are letting them stream across the border in record numbers!

    1. fog donkey says

      I find it heartening that more blacks are awakening to the libs control tactics.
      When blacks walked out on several of Obama’s speeches I smiled, there is hope all will see through the lib’s plantation/hate tactics and mentality. Congrats Mia Love, please take your oath to protect and uphold our constitution to heart for all that put you in place.

  27. Archangel says

    These individuals like Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Al Sharpton and Charley Rangel et al, along with organizations like the NAACP owe their entire existence to divisiveness and will never change!
    You can’t fix stupid!

  28. Biff Kress says

    Don’t want to change the subject-but I thought the War in the Middle East was over-why, Obama said it was so himself over a year ago! Oh, maybe he meant the War on his Terrorist buddies like ISIS.

  29. URKiddinMee says

    I am reminded of the old explanation of why no lids are needed for the barrels of live crab on Fisherman’s Wharf. The other crabs gang up to pull one back into the barrel should one make an attempt to crawl out!

    1. RobertNorwood says

      There it is…
      Besides, it be nice down in that barrel.

  30. Shauna says

    Isn’t it funny that they would support thugs, criminals like Obama and Sharpton and Holder, who have done NOTHING for these communities, NOTHING, all the while spewing narratives like “war on women.” And they are attacking accomplished people who are good role models and can inspire others in those communities to strive for a greater life then that of a common criminal. How sad, how ridiculous and how pathetic. I hope that people will begin to really emphasize the hypocrisy that runs through the liberal left agenda and narrative.

  31. gutz22 says

    Libetards can’t tolerate any blacks that have escaped the plantation.The plantation of course is the hand out palm up existence that many blacks rely on provided by the gobermemt at the cost of all who work & have their wealth redistributed.It is a sad reality that the black sub culture looks down on any black who acts too white or is not black enough , a prime example Is the bulling of any student who does well in class.

  32. Carol Chadbourne says

    The bottom line on this whole laughable mess…….They…the socialistic liberals…..called us with their inane and banal race card when we totally disagree with b.o.’s ideology…i.e. ‘dictatorship’….this is the epitome of HYPOCRISY!!! Now, they are doing a flip-flop because we voted for Scott, Love, and Carson…who, btw, are very well qualified….actually, THEY are AMERICANS….whereas our fake prez is NOT. We find ourselves having to defend our choices once again…don’t do it..!!! THEY are in the wrong. Just because some people have a darker shade of pigment does NOT mean they aren’t American or that they are not qualified. Listen up, socialists..!!!! You can not have it both ways, and I’m speaking to only those who feel this Country owes them something and everything…we do NOT stand guilty for something that occurred in the 17th-18th century…NONE OF US WAS EVEN BORN….and on top of this, the African slave sellers were BLACK. Grow up and get some intel as to what is going on around you and throughout our Country and try to Americanize yourselves……I and most Americans…black, white, yellow, brown or purple…are fed up to the gills with your damn selfishness and stupidity. Sharptongue and Jackson like to keep the kettle boiling…..they are NOT your friends and they hold back progress. JEESH…!!!

  33. jak says

    It shows how desperate and despicable these ignorant people are.

  34. Korny says

    There is one thing liberals can do well. They can lie (to their constituents). Anything they say (or don’t say) must be reversed to get at the truth. They all support the socialist agenda. They are too lazy to actually think for themselves.

    1. Poodleguy says

      Liberals HAVE to lie, for if they were to speak the truth of their intentions, no one would give them the time of day!!!

    2. fog donkey says

      They enslave the losers and demonize the winners.

  35. Deborah G says

    All you have to do is simply LISTEN to this wonderful Patriot. She makes us all smile. Conservatives LOVE Mia. No matter what those dilussional liberals say hoping it will stick like spaghetti to the ceiling.

  36. FloridaJim says

    Remember in 1864 as Lincoln was Passing the Emancipation Proclamation Democrats were passing a bill “Slavery Forever” how has this escaped wide distribution? Revising history is the answer same as this comment about FDFR’s failed Depression attempts: in
    “New Deal or Raw Deal?” Burton Folsom quotes Sec.Morgenthau, testifying
    before the House Ways and Means Committee in May of 1939, the FDR
    ally did not sugarcoat it: “We are spending more money than we
    have ever spent before and it does not work. I want to see this
    country prosperous. I want to see people get a job. We have never
    made good on our promises. I say after eight years of this
    administration we have just as much unemployment as when we
    started and an enormous debt to boot.”

  37. johnanaguski says

    Great article.

  38. fog donkey says

    Libs are telling Blacks not to stray from the plantation. The mentality that they the “massa” will provide all things needed if you worked once applied before slaves were set free. Now, the “massa”of 2014, the Democratic party provides all things and nobody has to work.
    Note that all races, colors, religions are included here Many suck at the teat of the taxpayers.Yet the Libs maintain party loyalty with threats, intmidation and the degrading of character. Also notice how hostile libs are to Blacks (their voter slaves) that have succeeded in life without the need of assistance of same said libs. No, the blacks that achieve status in life are demonized, not congratulated. I hate these tactics as well as the mentality that thinks them up and enforces them.
    Congratulations Mia Love, I hope you succeed in your political career and personal life. I hope you take your oath to protect and uphold our constitution to heart because the phonies that currently reside in D.C. have trampled on it, both parties.
    I want my rights back, all of them, I want my privacy back, all of it. I want my country back, all of it.

  39. Ron Allen says

    This election was a real “smack-down” for Obummer, Holder, the NAACP, Jackson, Sharpton, Reid, Pelosi, and all them other small minded, two faced, fork tongued, jack in the boxes. Tee Hee Hee Hee.

  40. pysco says

    Why do liberals and Black leaders sneer at Conservative Blacks, maybe they could read a little history…Hiram Revels, Senator, 1870 …… Joseph Rainey Representative (Speaker of the House) 1870…… Benjamin Turner , Robert De Large, Robert Elliot, Josiah Walls, Jefferson Long……….. A total of sixteen Black Republicans served during Reconstruction.. Liberals have done their best to rewrite history. The fact of the matter is that the Republican Conservatives have pushed for advancement for equal opportunity more than the liberals ever have….. READ HISTORY

  41. MAHB001 says

    Saw a wonderful movie last night, “God’s Not Dead.”
    The movie deals with the anti Christian leadership controlling our Colleges.
    Kind of fits in with this story. Liberals use their power to suppress opinion and force people to think the way they think.

  42. desertcelt says

    It must drive them insane that these duly elected black conservatives don’t live on the Sharpton/Holder planation! Give em hell Mia! I am proud to have donated to her election.

  43. gmhunt4 says

    All this hate for GOP Black people is coming from the KKK win-in the Democrat Party……..

  44. Steve Harr says

    I used to think that in time level headed, educated, firm stanched, thinking liberals would see the Democrats for what they are: hate mongering, biased, racists……….but they keep these people in line with hate and back biting.

  45. Lizard says

    I wish all Democrats would get angry and Beat each other to death

  46. RMCSRET says

    If no one had seen the RACIST portion of the DEMOCRATIC party before they sure should be able to
    see it now. Including there RACIST partners within the MainStream Media.

  47. fred says

    Very happy to see that there are so many voters and candidates that are fighting the treason of this criminal fraud, and coming to their senses and doing what is right for the Country and thus eventually benefiting all of us that truly believe in freedom and equal opportunity for all IF you work hard and don’t steal from others as the Democrats have been doing forever! This is not a victory until the criminal fraud born in kenya is exposed for HIS truth, and sent to jail! I also believe that unless the repubs blow it with stupid outdated policies, they will be holding off the criminal hillary in ’16, stick with the growth and improvement of the economy and stay away from losing socialist issues like women’s health and welfare state entitlement issues that nobody can win! Abolish the IRS and you might win for sure!

  48. brabbie2002 says

    Congratulations to both these wonderful people. Not because of your skin color, which all libtards seem to hate, but because you both have a wonderful sense of self, your conservative views, and your work ethics! Do not be disheartened by those nasty racists that “dis” you. There are millions of us out here that wish prosperity and success for both of you. Hopefully your term will see the socialists getting more sand kicked in their faces and I hope you two are the leading kickers! You deserve it!

  49. Ray Looker says

    As long as we have universities like”Tuffs” we will always have liberals – socialists – anti-religious graduates being dumped upon the people and the educational systems of America teaching the children their anti-God doctrines and brainless ‘opinions’. Blacks should understand that it was the Republicans who abolished slavery in America, not the Democrats. The fact that they and the media call them Democratic is their first and greatest lie. They offer a new form of slavery … Slavery to the Government through their welfare programs.

  50. jngtelco says

    To begin with Scott,Love and Carson are not African Americans, they are Americans and understand the Constitutional freedom that this country offers them. Welcome to “The Land of the Free because of The Brave”! Vietnam Vet 1966 to 1968.

  51. Arizona Don says

    They, the liberal progressives, have removed any doubt that they are the racist bigoted ones. Which of course we all knew all along.

  52. Deborah G says

    All you have to do is listen to this intelligent woman then look at the open hoonesty and integrity in her eyes. THIS is the heart of America conservative women. Love this person. She could be president one day.

  53. brucethompson22 says

    Liberals don’t like this, they can’t keep anyone on the plantation if they know what’s going on around them. They want you to be like Sgt. Schultz ” That Looks Like Something I Know Nothing About “

  54. Krazeehors says

    Y’all know that Raffi Williams is Juan Williams’ son, right??? Good to see that ol’ Juan’s influence didn’t work on his kids.

  55. David Mangum says

    democrats sound more like isis every day, think about that.

  56. Ish says

    God bless those who have stepped up and decided to be different than their accusers

  57. Ish says

    We need the likes of Carson, Love, Scott and others of the Black race who are true Americans not African Americans with free thinking minds not slave driven drones to come to the forefront and lead their masses out of the wilderness.

  58. David Gearhart says

    The democrats have to keep the hate and lies going, it is what they have built their base on. The lie of they have created that the white’s are responsible for all the problems of the black’s and that their hate is equal to their own. the republican’s actually want the black’s to join the society and become productive rather than anti social and full of hate and violence. Would I feel better if I blamed someone else for all of my problems? Maybe so, but it would be non productive. I find it difficult to understand that when upset, go out and riot, loot, burn and attack someone as a solution to anything. Obama is the reason for much of our current problems, but his solution of rioting as if we were in Africa instead of a civilized country is not the answer. He has the black’s talking genocide as if they were becoming tribal. All that anyone ever asked was for them to join the society and act like a person.

  59. MARYSWEET says

    To Tom Scott and Mia Love – CONGRATULATIONS and good luck with your upcoming new jobs. I don’t believe race should ever be a consideration in any area. We are lucky they will be helping us get our country back and they will need all the support we can give them as they will have stubborn obama to deal with and he’s NOT going to change. Again Congratulations and good luck to them.

  60. Ira Schafer says

    The NAACP and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference were once respectable organizations. Then the Democrats bought them out and they forgot their original mission-equality. Their leaders got rich off Congressional pork and they forgot they needed to work their way out of a job. Now irrelavent with their original goals gained, hate is the only commodity they have left to sell. Personally, I’d be proud to say, “The victory is won.” and go on to other achievements. Apparently, they have no self-respect, so they tear others down.

  61. marilyn says

    love one another as i have loved you,christians sell love,hate is not our bag,a society that kills the unborn won’t last long,politics are a game played by grabbers of power.we all breath the same air,grow up

  62. MarcJ says

    The DEMOCRAT Party: The Party of Slavery, The KKK, Jim Crow, Poll Taxes, Separate-but-Equal,
    Lynching, The Black Panthers, Welfare, Oppressive Taxes, Oppressive Regulations,
    Lies, Fraud, Sodomy, Bribery, and Abortion…And now in the hands of Mullah
    B. Hussein Obama – our Marxist Muslim President from Kenya – and his cohort of
    White House advisers all of whom are either communists, jihadists, socialists,
    terrorists, union goons, or all of the above.

  63. Arbuckel Mcniffelshet says

    Mia congratutions and you are admired by us and wish you the very best. Thank you for choseing us.

  64. Arbuckel Mcniffelshet says

    We have Mia and they have Obama’s main man…Al (the bottom feeder) Sharpton.

  65. Nutbar Mcloony says

    Their narrative that Republicans and/or conservatives are racist seems totally untestable to me, for the reason given in this article. If we vote against a black candidate, it’s because we’re racists. However, if we vote for a black candidate, it’s ALSO because we’re racists and are just trying to deceive everyone about it. What possible evidence could convince someone with this mindset that we’re not racists? I don’t think anything could.

  66. loran says

    Really not unexpected from racist liberals.

  67. librtyship says

    The Liberals constitute one of the biggest threats ever to our Constitution and our freedoms that we have ever faced. Come our next election we need to toss as many of them out of our government as is possible!

  68. James Fleming Jr says

    Liberals and Democrats are the right hand of the Devil. In my opinion they have no soul and have nothing but the darkest of hopes for America. They spew venom and are cowards who despise people who think differently. I have no use or respect for anyone who runs under the Democrat banner after they booed the name of God at their 2012 National Convention!.

  69. Reuben Hart says

    Conservative Blacks have to endure attacks by the lowest scum this country produces…Black far leftists.
    Is there anything lower than Al Sharpton? He and the rank and file of the NAACP are vermin, plain and simple. In contrast are sterling Americans like Mia Love, Niger Innes, David Webb, Charles Price, Denise Borelli and some others. They are shining stars, and will continue to shine when the demonic Black democrats and their shameless race baiting and race hatred have gone to dust.

  70. USCBIKER says

    There are none so blind as the lib morons whose heads are up their rectums, the only TOKEN in politics is OBAMA!! He got elected and is coddled by the sycophant media only for his color. But that’s great, let them keep stepping in it and doubling down on failed tactics and rhetoric. It will only hasten their demise and the GOP’s resurgence.

  71. b glad says

    Democrats can’t stomach people of character, no matter what the color of their skin. They want to claim the gains made by men like Martin Luther King while ignoring what he believed in and fought for.

  72. Robert A Kaufman says


  73. jerrycollie says

    We all love Mia Love!

  74. Old Ga Dawg says

    Its a shame that her parents either did not try or didn’t care about her education to help her later
    on in life so she would had been able to read this letter instead of only
    embarrassing herself at no fault of her own.

    Reading cursive isn’t hard unless they are taught early in life to write and
    read in this type of writing. One can not blame the schools for the lack
    thereof of learning cursive writing and reading it.

    Someone has failed this child and to think these are the one to whom we are
    counting on to run this country and or vote for those that has their interest
    in mind and not others that believes that they can not do for themselves but
    only Government can.

    I applaud those young adults that go beyond high school to either college or a
    trade school to learn to better themselves and not having to rely on Government
    to carry them through life.

    For those that stays in school, works hard to achieve their goals and strive to
    better themselves as Mia Love and Ben Carson has shown that it can be done. Blacks
    would then realize as to who might care and those that could really care
    less such as this Government if they become more than
    what they are or not…

    Liberals “Democrats” are those that believe that most
    Americans, including Blacks, Hispanics and others can not do for themselves and
    needs Government to guide their lives.

    The NAACP along with Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are stuck
    in a time warp. For all they can seem to do is fill their pockets with monies
    collected from those that believes they can not do for themselves and needs
    Government handouts and using “Race Baiting” tactics to cause further separation
    between Americans.

    It’s time that those above needs to be put out of business (NAACP,
    Sharpton & Jackson) so maybe color or nationality will not ever be an issue
    so we can then be called Americans.

    Mia Love & Tim Scott are stars in their on right because they achieved their goals and went on to become much more and they did this on their own. Government didn’t give them this they earned these positions.

  75. Jay Star says

    Thats all that Liberals have is the Blame Game and the Race Card! When you corner one and ask what the think a solution is to whatever the problem is you are discussing, they have no ideas, but whatever you say is a possible solution you are called Racist. That sure gets mighty old! Need to move on and find solutions to the problems this nation has!

  76. doomsdae says

    The likes of Mia, Dr. Carson, Scott and a handful of other great black conservatives, is that they can actually think for themselves despite the left-wing Dumbocratic party holding them back for the past fifty years. These are forces to be reckoned with because they are a cut above the rest, the Dumbocratic party. They also cannot bear the fact that the majority of Americans have spoken so the scapegoats now, are the great Conservative Black Americans. I also happen to be a minority

  77. OldPatriot32 says

    Further proof that the Dem. Party is: a. Racist; b Liars; c. Fact-evaders; d; Enemies of blacks; e. Totally self-destructive.

  78. Bryant Hill says


    Republicans are happy. YOU are miserable. That’s what we want.


  79. Ben Name says

    I can’t believe how racist those lefties are. They will say and do anything. They are sick sick sick.

  80. 1josephg1 says

    These people are tokens. These people are decent God fearing freedom loving people. You left wing scumbag racist reprobates can go to hell. That is where you will go unless you change your ways.

  81. Earl says

    Forget the liberal cutthroats, people have the right to be whatever political party they want whether it be Libertarian, Democrat, or Republican.

  82. cardnut says

    The NAACP isn’t racist — it’s “partyist.” If you’re not a Democrat, you aren’t black!

  83. keepyourpower says

    Since Scott can be on TV any time he wants…WHY doesn’t he bring up that facts that the KKK was started by the Democrat Party….That it was the Democrats who did not want the Blacks to have equal rights, that it was Republicans who took the Blacks OUT of slavery…that it was Democrat President Johnson that gave the US Black women all the fodder they needed, to never marry, and become baby factories, and live off of welfare forever!?

  84. madlyncole says

    It’s the Republicans who first registered black voters and welcomed them into the party. The southern Democrats were busy wearing white robes and hanging blacks and raping their women. Don’t tell me the Republican party is racist. If you don’t believe me, Google it. You’ll find out what the facts really are.

  85. George Ortiz says

    Democrats are the party of Slavery. They instituted Jim Crow laws and supported the KKK. Why am I not surprised? But the people who vote for this criminal Democrats need to understand that!

  86. Ben Name says

    I believe that only one person can speak for an entire party. Then we can judge that party based on just one person.

  87. Jim says

    Mia is a fine Mormon.

  88. Tony Hillbruner says

    Let’s look at the real record of Democrats in regards to black “progress”. Firstly, the unemployment rate of blacks today is 14%-almost 3 times the rate of white unemployment-(thanks mostly to the Democrats). Secondly, after Johnson passed the Great Society program to End Poverty in the 1960’s. the rate of the breakup of black families increased from 30% to over 70%. Many black marriages dissolved. Why? In a attempt to stop poverty, the new anti-poverty programs ruled that if you were married with children, you received a certain amount of welfare. But if you were NOT married with children, you received substantially more welfare. So there was a great increase of break-up of black marriages to increase their income. So while black families received more welfare, it tragically resulted in the breakup of black families.

  89. Greg137 says

    Democrats have always been the racists in this country! The liberals have always been the real bigots! Typical Left wing nutjobs!

  90. Mary Starr says

    Dem’s have been taken over by commies, socialists, and dummies no matter their color. Republicans get the best of the blacks and love them. They are America as it should be. Racist blacks will always hate them and find others to reduce them to each other and to dumb Dem’s! God bless our great blacks including my favorite brilliant Dr Benjamin Carson and though I back many, he’s just special over any color. He’s God loving and I’m worn out from this left wing Muslim who is not finsished ruining America!

  91. Mary Starr says

    And we owe a THANK YOU JONATHON GRUBER, if not for you calling the voters who were the Dem’s STUPID for voting for the destructive and vile Obamacare no less than 3-4 times, we’d no have a forum to prove their lies. You are a Republican’s honor student, but to the Dem’s you’re like Judas at the Last Supper .. not to us… you’re message was loud and clear and you know for you’re the author of it!

  92. informus219 says

    Here’s How to Become a Liberal in 2015

    Posted On 29 Dec 2014
    This is how you view Americans who disagree with the right

    Maybe you’ve decided you want to fit in better with the kids at school. Maybe you have your heart set on dating that hot chick with dreadlocks. Maybe you’re just tired of fighting over Thanksgiving dinner with your liberal family. For whatever reason you have, you’ve decided that 2015 is the year you join the left.

    Only one problem! You have no idea how to do it. Conservative thinking is so ingrained in your head that you’re not even sure where to start! Have no worries. You can be a liberal – and a good one – if you just follow these simple tips. Start slow, stick with it, and by the end of the year, you’ll have a bleeding heart that you can wear proudly on your sleeve.

    Check Your Privilege
    This has become one of the most important aspects of American liberalism. And if you happen to be a white male, you have a whole heaping helping of privilege to check. Because of your whiteness and your maleness, you simply float through life on a cloud of entitlement, wealth, and opportunity. Because of this, you must surrender your right to an opinion. You may want to get familiar with the term, “Well, I’m white, so what I think really doesn’t matter.” It’s easy!

    Trust in Government
    The federal government presents several pitfalls for the fledgling liberal. On one hand, you must condemn the military. On the other, you must support welfare, entitlements, public school, Common Core, and Democrat initiatives. You must remember that America was founded on unspeakable violence and oppression, and yet you must believe that government is the answer to what ails us today. But capitalism is bad. But freedom is good. But NSA spying is bad. But giving the government control over the Internet is good. You know what, you’re going to have to figure this one out on your own. Sorry.

    Feelings are Better than Solutions
    There’s a popular school of psychological thought that indicates an important difference between the genders. When men talk about a problem, they want their conversational partner to help them figure it out. When women talk about a problem, they want their conversational partner to listen and sympathize. Liberalism is the woman of politics. You don’t need to come up with solutions. In fact, you are probably better off not even trying. Listen, nod, twist your mouth into a sympathetic frown, and maybe shed a tear. That’s enough.

    Minorities Get Unlimited Credibility
    Before the journalists at the Washington Post turned out to be right about the Rolling Stone UVA article, feminist bloggers were excoriating them for daring to question the legitimacy of the story. Even today, many liberal writers claim it is racist to simply recall the facts of the Michael Brown case. If you’re going to be a good liberal, you’ll have to remember that minorities – women, blacks, Hispanics, homosexuals, Muslims, etc. – have access to a higher truth. That truth doesn’t always have a lot to do with “facts,” so get that old notion out of your head.

    Do a Lot of Apologizing
    As an American, you have a lot to be sorry for. You killed Indians, you enslaved blacks, you kept women from voting, you stuck your nose into Islamic countries where it didn’t belong, you supported the evil Zionists, and you ran your shower for too long. If you’re going to fit in with the liberal crowd, you need to be angry and apologetic in equal measure.

    These tips won’t turn you into a liberal overnight, but they will give you the foundation you need to start. But don’t worry. If you get a couple of months into your transformation and decide it’s too much work, we’ll be happy to have you back.

    But please remember to take a shower first.

  93. miles says

    All we heard from the obama camp and democrats during the 2008 elections was “it is not about race” but once obama was elected everything became racial. Do not forget the dems in michigan and florida can not follow their own party rules let alone any others.

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