Liberals Want to See Hate Speech Criminalized


There was a time when to be a liberal, you had to believe in concepts like free speech. In fact, that was one of their primary platforms. Nowadays, it seems that the First Amendment, like the Second, has fallen afoul of the liberal plan for a totalitarian, socialist America. According to a new poll from YouGov, 51% of those respondents who identify as Democrat support creating laws making hate speech illegal.

This really takes the cake. For several years, conservatives have warned that loony left-wingers had hijacked the mainstream Democratic Party. Now, it appears that may not be the case; this kind of craziness extends to the rank-and-file voters as well. Perhaps it is an inevitable consequence of this “social justice warrior” phenomenon that is sweeping the Internet, turning formerly-apolitical sites into hotbeds for some of the nuttiest ideas you’ve ever seen in your life.

The idea of punishing people for hate speech is not as uncommon as you might think, even in the West. Several European counties treasure their hate speech laws and think nothing of sentencing individuals to prison for saying the wrong thing. In America, we’ve put the right to free expression above the right to go through life without being offended. We understand that to protect the free trade of ideas that makes this country great, we must also tolerate those who don’t agree with us. Even if we didn’t believe that, we certainly don’t trust the government to determine where the line should be drawn.

Can you imagine a United States where the government gets to throw people in jail for advocating hateful ideas? We already have a government that picks and chooses which groups should be targeted for IRS audits based on their political affiliations. Perhaps the Lois Lerner scandal is just the first step toward seeing certain types of political speech criminalized. Certainly, free speech advocates scratched their heads when Eric Holder sent the Justice Department to investigate a “racist” parade float earlier this year. Since when were offensive floats – even directed at the president – a matter of federal urgency?

This is why I get frustrated when I see otherwise-sensible conservatives calling for the imprisonment of the Pennsylvania teen who used a statue of Jesus for some lewd photographs. While it was a sickening display for anyone who has a sense of decency, the kid didn’t physically destroy the statue. No legitimate crimes were committed. Some of these same conservatives are among the first to cry foul when Muslims protest comics depicting Mohammed. Guys…you can’t have it both ways. Laws against blasphemy are the kind of thing you find in countries like Saudi Arabia. I believe that most conservative libertarians can see that for the dangerous step that it is.

Laws against hate speech stifle free expression and indicate an ideology afraid to stand up against disagreement. No one likes the idea of the KKK, but if you believe in the Constitution, you should be ready to die to protect their right to say whatever they want. Because the next form of “hate speech” the government targets could be yours.


  1. Patrick Henry says

    This will put Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton out of business cause they really know how to get the hate message out!!!

    1. Clint McInnes says

      Nope. Because, as FedGovCo defines it, what $harpton and Jack$on spew is not hate speech.

      1. SaneZidane says

        Nonetheless, a Rose by any other name, is still a Rose.

        1. Mark Clemens says

          And Bull Shit by any other name………
          Still stinks!!!!!!

          1. SaneZidane says

            perhaps, but fact remains my Rose smells a lot better than your Bull Shit does.

          2. Mark Clemens says

            Ain’t my bull shit, I’m not trying to censor anybody.
            Unless you drop your rose in some political bull shit, then the stench will follow………

          3. SaneZidane says

            True, as long as the keyword is political. Otherwise, a moot point.

          4. Mike Curtis says


          5. T. VOGT says

            My Grandmother was a Teacher and High School Principal, I was only allowed to curse if I did so in PROPER ENGLISH, So I managed just fine disarming my bullies with ” Up an Unsanitary tributary without sufficient means of Locomotion” or “Defecation occurs” or “Bovine Paddies” ! Try it sometime you will inevitably get someone still trying to figure it out as you walk away.. That’s what a Lady that became a Teacher at 16 and taught 65 years taught me before she became a substitute teacher.. That doesn’t count the Great Uncle that worked on the Manhattan Project, at the Tennessee Valley sites with what he laughingly called his Post Hole Digging Degree. His son went on to be a engineer and simple sailor, on one of the first Nuclear subs.. he now builds houses with Samaritans purse. So I do NOT EVER EVER say sorry for my Family..My brother has been in Iraq under Both Bush administration’s, and Retired disabled 60% a LT Col. US ARMY.

          6. william couch says

            Try this for the SPOOK… “Child of Unwed Parent’s,,,,, Who Sleeps With His Mother”

          7. RobertNorwood says

            Great story. And I’m not being flip here because I loved reading it and waited for its point ’cause I felt there was a good one coming but….
            Anyway, I’m going up and down the posts, did anyone say something with regards to your family? They certainly sound like solid folks.

          8. T. VOGT says

            my point was that generally If Obama,Holder Reid, Pelosi, Radical Islamist, Illegal Aliens Invaders, Tax Funds used on Abortions, The Bible, The Flag or any of a hundred things that Make up the Fabric of what we should be proud of and stand up for are thrown to the ground because someone somewhere will find it offensive. I usually find the bigoted idiots and Liberal of all PAID responders not real people that want to pick someone and call them Racist, White uneducated white trash, Inbred Kentuckian.. and many more things… My point was that a family that was raised by a Big sister who by age 6 was the woman of the family in 1908 was a teacher by age 16 and the school she attended when she was nearing her 60 was named a college, she raised her younger brother to become a physics Engineer, and did so much that a town attended her funeral, that Race was never a question because you were raised by a higher law then MLKJr’s Content of Character, because the Golden Rule was learned long before I had a dream.. I am tired of being Politically Correct that meter pegged and stuck in blowing my pressure out a long time ago when helping people out turned into assisting an illegal opened us to lawsuits from them because they were brought here purely for their votes and are mad that they haven’t been given Obama care already..

          9. Tom Brooks says

            She didn’t teach you much about “run-on sentences”, did she?

          10. Deborah G says

            She obviously did [and you are being sophomoric to point it out]. Moron

          11. Tom Brooks says

            You, Debora G. -, obviously, don’t understand much about the Americanized English language. Run-on sentences are nearly impossible to convey any information.
            My third grade teacher made sure we understood the thought process. It is important if one wishes to carry on a logical conversation.

          12. Sue4477 says

            Unfortunately, Western Journalism has no guidelines for people’s posts. They also write obnoxious political letters themselves. WJ actually LIKES people to argue, post obscenity, stoop to name-calling and general childish behavior. If you are looking for logical conversation, this is not the site for you. Nor me.

          13. sandy2249 says

            And your point is to put down the way someone writes a post right ! So what’s your point ? Your point is your a liberal that is here JUST TO ATTACK ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING YOU READ BECAUSE THAT’S HOW IDIOT LIBERALS WORK ! YOUR ALL A BUNCH OF WHINEY BABIES THAT LIVE TO SPREAD HATRED !

          14. Tom Brooks says

            Sorry, sandy2249, I, being a Constitutionalist want everybody equally educated. And for those who are gifted, I think they should have the advantage of cheaper higher education. You pretend to be a conservative, but because you are black, you really don’t believe in equal rights. You give away your true self when you resort to the liberal philosophy that says, “if you can’t express an intelligent thought, resort to name calling.”

          15. Deborah G says

            I agree . The only way to TRUE equaliity is that everyone has the same advantages and RESPOINSIBILITIES. not just get handed the advantage without any skin in the game.

          16. Deborah G says

            The liberal mindset ala Saul Alinsky Progressives is exactly that/ DESTROY any opposition or destroy a person’s reputation IF they disagree with the Marxist PC ideology of the left., There is NO inclusiveness that is just a buzzword to them. They only include their perverions and all else is gone. There is nothing “good” about liberals they are a one trick pony. Destroy anyone or anything that doesn’t agree with the plan

          17. teriquajones says

            Don’t be rude! Didn’t your Mother teach you anything?

          18. Deborah G says

            No and that’s the problem . With the liberalization of the American culture all things like manners, Christianity,polite conversation is now deemed to be passe`. The fact you even know that warms my heart! Blessings on you and yours.

          19. Tom Brooks says

            No, my mother taught me to be honest. Therefore I do not believe in “political correctness” as you obviously do. If you are afraid of the truth, admit it.

          20. Mark Clemens says

            Leave our friend T. Vogt alone. We enjoyed his story. Had great insight.

          21. marshmil says

            You are speaking about the non-contributing, non-members of society demanding freebees paid for by working, tax paying members of the society. Some of those lice come here to lay their eggs, hatch them then expect us taxpayers to pay for all the nourishment and medical care while the “hen” demands citizenship and freebees to take care of her brood. Our wonderful Constitution needs an Amendment to curtail this giveaway policy for unearned goodies accepted in return for votes. America cannot long endure the picnic afforded by the Constitution and the free enterprise system with all these rats, roaches, flies and fleas barging in.

          22. Uzoozy says

            These are people , and have the right to a good life.
            Illegals are not on welfare they work hard and cut your grass and are nannies to your kids. Clean your house and do things you would not do.
            God bless them .

          23. David C Kelder says

            The country was founded on the principles in the declaration of independence. They include “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. There is no guarantee of that happiness but you are free to pursue it. Illegals should be eliminated. Legal immigrants and those with work visas are welcome. ,

          24. Uzoozy says

            Its not an ideal world, however its good in the west,
            People do not like persons who want to better themselves.
            Like the illegals(in paper) but are people not moose.

          25. infadelicious says

            the people are not moose? Are they squirrel?

          26. Mark Clemens says

            I thought we were hairless apes in blue jeans……..

          27. teriquajones says

            Uzoozy, WTF are you trying to say?
            The United States of America was built by and for people who want better better lives for themselves and their children. Our Nation has laws. If people want to be citizens; there is a legal process. And the legal process does not involve climbing over fences.
            I don’t know what to tell you about illegal moose.

          28. Uzoozy says

            Illegal immigrants are people not moose.(animals)

          29. Terry Tate says

            Illegals are Illegal.

          30. Robert E Boltz says

            uz ,people yes, law breakers yes , they have no rights until they are legal citizens.

          31. RobertNorwood says

            So they’re people – so are you me and the rest of the world. They’re not what we want here, they do not understand the concept. They don’t want to be Americans, they just want to stay here, do what they want, reap what ever benefits they can, avoid taxes and ship money home.
            They have no concept of this country except the one they have got used to and the falsehoods told by liberals and immigration activists. I’ve bumped into a few of these folks and for the most part they are nice people but, nice ain’t enough. America has to be worth something to them and it starts with laws, citizenship, and respect. We may hand out welfare to some people but handing out citizenship will just make them as worthless as the people who’ve made welfare a career.

          32. marshmil says

            Well stated Norwood. They want a free ride and to be paid to do it. The 21st Century seems to already be running in reverse gear.

          33. ward says

            What in hell is your moose crap …? Chocolate pudding or just illegal shit that does not belong in the U.S. free loading off of U.S. Citizen tax payers …? …!

          34. Uzoozy says

            Illegals are humans not animals. They work hard and say out of trouble(most of them) . Try some compassion.

          35. ward says

            Since when does blatant criminal violation of U.S. Laws demand compassion for illegal entry & theft of U.S. Citizens benefits …?

          36. Uzoozy says

            The illegals immigrant should be treated as a guest, given a house, car and a job.
            Solve the problem.

          37. marshmil says

            You have cat feces for a brain Uzoozy.

          38. marshmil says

            Well stated Ward. Thanks.

          39. RobertNorwood says

            Compassion for what? They’re riding the gravy train free and clear. If a movie theatre were allowing people to climb in through windows, exit doors, etc. while charging others in line at the entrance what would you do – get in line or climb through a window?

          40. marshmil says

            Who on this planet told you that?

          41. marshmil says

            So what’s your point?

          42. Uzoozy says

            Treat them like a guest would be treated, they are human

          43. Terry Tate says

            You will have to excuse Uzoozy, he a Liberal idiot!

          44. marshmil says

            No kidding! Maybe one of those spoke of by N. Lenin in Russia. That class of voters useful only on election day.

          45. ward says

            Do believe he is a commie, muslim anti – U.S. moron of bo stench support ..!

          46. marshmil says

            teriquajones this guy has no clue as to what he is trying to say. Ignore that tacked on thing about moose.

          47. marshmil says

            I respect all people who legally and responsibly try to better themselves. I’ve never said we have an ideal world but considering the condition the USA is in today and since January 20, 2009 we are far from it. The agenda of Marx, Lenin, Hitler and Alinsky have made only equal distribution of misery for those forced to live under them.

          48. David C Kelder says

            I do not li9ke people who are stealing from others in an effort to better themselves. I don’t think many people begrudge those that legally try to better themselves.

          49. Uzoozy says

            Good idea, so what do you do with these people who have been here for 20years plus,

          50. Merienne Lynch says

            I know many great individuals who help so many in life that have done it legally and live here loving this country they worked hard to become a part of. Although this is the way this all started what is in process right now should not be the way it finishes.

          51. RobertNorwood says

            Have go them to back the way they came – most likely that hole they crawled under is still there. It’s not a tough question to answer. I mean they got here somehow right? If they can do that they can find their way home.

          52. David C Kelder says

            Last in first out. Start with most recent and work our way backward deporting all illegals found along the way. Modify amendment 1 to remove anchor babies clause. . In order for a newborn to be automatically granted citizenship,at least one parent must be a citizen. No welfare for illegals. medical care should be provided to illegals and then they should be deported.

          53. Merienne Lynch says

            the cry is about the way it is being done, not what is being done. I know so many beautiful awesome individuals that did it all the right way and worked for their citizenship. Give a person a puppy and they more than likely if they are not well to do will never truly take care of it properly. But make them pay for it even a little they have much more respect for what is given. It is human nature. If you do not value what you are freely giving away and in this case Citizenship then no one else will.

          54. Robert E Boltz says

            Uzzozy the problem is not wanting to better themselves but they are breaking the laws, if they break one they will break any they do not like., are you as dumb as you seem?

          55. marshmil says

            Obama & Company doesn’t like thinking people. They are a threat to his socialst agenda. He prefers “useful idiots” as N. Lenin called them.

          56. marshmil says

            Liberals (Socialists) don’t like people who want to better themselves because the former want to keep everyone down–in slavery.

          57. 3ronald1 says

            I agree. I’m not sure what you mean by “eliminated,” but I believe all who enter our country ILLEGALLY (without going through the correct process) should be sent back where they came from and encouraged to return the legal way. Those who come here by going through the correct process are WELCOME.
            The people coming into this country over the Mexican border expect (and most of the time are given) free education, medical care, food stamps, housing, etc. They are invading our country by the thousands, often bringing criminals and diseases with them. However, we have ONE Marine who made a wrong turn and ended up in Mexico and wanted to turn around and come home – he has been in jail since March. Something is very wrong with that. Even their military have crossed our border by mistake and were sent back home.
            Send the illegals back home!!!!!! All of them!!! NOW!! SECURE OUR BORDER AND STOP THIS INSANITY!!!!

          58. Sue4477 says

            Well said!

          59. David C Kelder says

            That is what I meant be eliminated. You said it elegantly and completely. Thank you.

          60. Merienne Lynch says

            I agree with both of your comments. I also know that this border situation was created as a distraction to make sure no one sees what is truly going on. What I do is pray. Being a person who was told 30 years ago I was terminally ill with cancer, would not live past two weeks. I was completely healed all over my body through prayer. Being left for dead by doctors for so many things that God completely over came for me and for those i pray for, there is complete trust in the LORD. God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change and to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference. To have peace with what is going on to me is not acceptance it is know Who’s hands I leave it in. God bless you all

          61. grover rambo says

            Send them back with their leader Oblame-n-lie!

          62. Mike Lawson says

            Not long ago a Mexican military chopper came across our border and began firing on our border patrol agents unprovoked. The president of Mexico said it didn’t happen and our president said, “Okay!” It’s bad enough that illegals are pouring over our borders but our enabler-in-chief is aiding and abetting them.

          63. ConsultantInAction says


          64. marshmil says

            No kidding! Now you are talking logically. That’s something most voters cannot comprehend. And most of the Dem ones are interested only in the freebees they can get for their votes.

          65. sue says

            Not true dummy.Democrats are interested in the wealthy paying their taxes,not hiding in tax loopholes and not having politicians like Bush that signed laws to allow legal tax evasion.Because of his laws the elite wealthy YOU vote to protect at the expense of the middle class there is 300 BILLION off shored in banks .Luckily President Obama is going after this travesty.What people don’t realize is the “lazy poor” the 1% speak of is people like YOU that vote in their flag waving,bible toting,gun carrying politician puppet.Billionaires feed people through Fox “news” ,they will do and say anything to get laws to stay out of their pockets.How dare they call a poor child lazy,a hard working family lazy ,elderly or disabled !!!!

          66. marshmil says

            Miss Sue, you are obviously not talking about me because you don’t know me. The “wealthy” pay the greater portion of taxes to support the government. Would be neat to know what percents are paid by George Soros, Harry Reid, the Kennedys, the Cllntons, Mayor Bloomberg to name a few. But frankly, I don’t care. My take is that the lower bracket people who are griping are simply jealous that somebody can afford “nice” things. Those who do so worship material things. I never hear griping about movie people making loads of money. ****So you hate George Bush. But then he’s the cause of all of America’s problems since 1789 so that’s fair enough. Democrats remind me of Robin Hood. They want to rob the wealthy and give to the poor. Nice idea but it violates one of the Ten Commandments. There is no Commandment proscribing being wealthy. It is noble to VOLUNTARILY share wealth when “blessed.” Then there’s the concept in Christianity taught by it’s famous Rabbi of 2000 years ago and which is rejected by atheists. It centers on trusting God to provide. I believe He does. So to me government is not a solution for today’s problems. It happens to be a major cause of problems. The United States is the wealthiest nation on earth, at least for now, yet we have economic problems. So government has not solved nor will it solve America’s economic dilemma. Government needs to get out of the workplace and let free enterprise run a natural course based on supply and demand. The Soviets proved communism does not work. Socialism is no match for free enterprise.

          67. sue says

            Requiring the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes free of absurd loopholes and tax evading laws signed by Bush is what most people desire. The “blessed” people are not expected to pay a percent of tax above what is expected. The problem many hard working blue color,middle class people have is that they are paying a higher rate/percentage than the elite 1% ! It isn’t about “jealousy” or wanting to be “lazy” and live on government” handouts”,THAT speech comes from the the elite 1% of Americans and how DARE they imply elderly,disabled,working poor,single mothers and the middle class are lazy! So the poor are to be noble Christians taking the brunt of taxes while the “blessed “elite wealthy can save their money in banks that already hold 300 BILLION they have off shored already? The middle class have been paying a higher percent than the elite 1%,and that is what its about.But I’m sure you want to listen to their insults that fellow Americans that are serving in the military,have served,are disabled because of it,factory workers that lost jobs because jobs were allowed without penalty starting with Reagan to run overseas ,poor families that work hideous hours at minimum wage without any benefits are really sitting there expecting some magical government handout.It is sad you think you understand poverty ,hard working Americans that you honestly think they want the security of a home not a mansion,a dependable car not a limo,and a college for their children that doesn’t have to be an Ivy League college.Nobody is talking commies and socialism ,(another weak piece of elite propaganda),it is about not having the cards stacked and the wealthy getting wealthier from oppressing everyone else .History speaks for itself .We had sweatshops in the U.S. nothing has changed with how companies have done business,they just moved overseas.

          68. marshmil says

            Madam you need to wake up to reality. Here is something for you to study: The more you tax something the less of it you will get. The less you tax something the more of it you will get. That is an economic principle not found in Socialist or Communist thought.

          69. sue says

            Yeah we did that before and jobs flew overseas as Reagan held the door for companies and he gave Saddam Hussein millions and weapons that the Taliban used for 9/11. Oh that was your hero? lol

          70. sue says

            We tried that several times.That is when Reagan held the door and companies ran overseas without penalty for child sweat shops. Bush left the U.S. crumbling .I’ll be voting Democrat 2016 dummy.

          71. marshmil says

            Let’s cease immigration for about ten years and also return the illegals to wherever they came from. BUILD A SECURE FENCE ALONG THE BORDERS. Forget who we theoretical or actually light offend. They are not paying us anything.

          72. Merienne Lynch says

            All I ask is for there to be a guideline of respect for this country that they may do it legally. But right now. NO ONE is doing anything legally.

          73. 3ronald1 says

            I agree with you David. Totally!

          74. marshmil says

            “Eliminated” can mean shot…as with a firearm.

          75. sue says

            The country was founded by illegals.The only people that could vote and were “equal” were rich white,male landowners. Is that what you want?

          76. David C Kelder says

            The cpountry was founded on i migrants not illegals. Before the constitution, there was no country.

          77. marshmil says

            Yes ILLEGALS. King George III wanted to kill every one of the Founders. Thank goodness we had some people with guts in the late 18th Century, unlike now, who were willing to fight to keep tyranny out of the new country. Now we have a wannabe Emperor in the oval office who is playing the role of Emperor..when he’s not spending taxpayers’ money running off playing golf.

          78. Cletus B. Neckbeard says

            ¡Bien dicho, Mojado!

          79. Uzoozy says

            Same to you gandu, phudi bhosra chood

          80. infadelicious says

            You are a moose

          81. Uzoozy says

            MOOOOO to you

          82. Robert E Boltz says

            Uzoozy, if they wish to citizens they need to speak English, if not no favors for those who do not, we did not ask them to come, would you like strangers into you home uninvited? Many have criminal records, 2 teens from Guatemala car jacked a 90 year old man, but were caught ,not is what has come into the USA

          83. RobertNorwood says

            These people are used to crime, crime is okay which is why they come here illegally. No good people do this, when will folks understand. I know Guatemalans, I’ve had them for friends for many years – since the 80’s, and they came here legally.

          84. Shep Schultz says

            Que bueno ha dicho?

          85. Cletus B. Neckbeard says

            Estaba bromeando. Pensé que estaba mojado.

          86. Shep Schultz says

            I really need to learn how to get tildes, accents, and inverted punctuation.

          87. Cletus B. Neckbeard says

            Direct and indirect objects and reflexive verb use (similar) will always be my curse. Well, those and I’ve forgotten too much to get much use out of it anymore.

          88. Shep Schultz says

            Anymore, natives just smile at me like I’m retarded.
            I’m gonna need about 6 weeks in country to sound like an educated person again.

          89. Cletus B. Neckbeard says

            Ha ha. So that’s what that was… :o)

          90. Shep Schultz says

            In the past I would just develop a relationship with a pretty lady who spoke Spanish…
            The last time it was a Spanish major from Spain. She was a lot of fun.
            Now that I have a boss I have to do it the hard way.

          91. infadelicious says

            Esposa feliz, Vida Feliz.

          92. Shep Schultz says

            Esposa gorda….?
            No debe decir nada Miguelito. Nada.

          93. infadelicious says

            Resume? Miguelito ?

          94. Shep Schultz says

            “You had better not say anything, little man Miguel. Not a thing.”

          95. David C Kelder says

            Start with a Spanish keyboard.

          96. Shep Schultz says

            I don’t write that much in Spanish.
            I know MS has command functions to do this on a conventional keyboard. It would be nice to have that list.

          97. Merienne Lynch says

            You must be learning it and therefore I respect you for working on it.

          98. Shep Schultz says

            Thank you for your kind words.
            The truth is I have been forgetting it since 1990 when I came back to the States.
            By learning about tildes, accents and inverted punctuation I meant keyboard shortcuts.
            Perhaps I should do something respectable and regain my fluency.

          99. Shep Schultz says

            Hiciste una chiste!

          100. Merienne Lynch says

            Sir, I wish I could understand your language and perhaps one day even though I am 71 years old I will learn Spanish for I respect the language but I do not respect those who abuse our laws whether they are white, black, green or blue. English, French or Spanish. God bless

          101. RobertNorwood says

            Mojitos? You serving Mojitos?

          102. Cletus B. Neckbeard says

            Thanks for the reminder–I need to p/u some lime juice!

          103. RobertNorwood says

            Well don’t forget the invite, I love Mojados, Mohitos, whatever…lime…good thinking.

          104. teriquajones says

            You need to read the paper or watch the news. Barack Obama is changing the fate of Illegal immigrants. They will be on Welfare and every other government program. In fact, they become registered voters.

            Since Obama took office; our unemployment is at epic levels. We don’t need or want anyone to take our jobs.

          105. RobertNorwood says

            As I said to oozeoozi – not that he’d get it. “We may hand out welfare to some people but handing out Citizenship will just make them as worthless as the people who’ve made welfare a career”.

          106. Terry Tate says

            Illegals do not do crap for me and my family, we go out of our way to keep that from happening.

          107. Michael Dennewitz says

            You-oozy, you are one of the very few people that I would love to just “bitch-slap” for about an hour. You act as tho you are the one and only authority in existence.! Truthfully, I wish you had your “shitlom” crammed up your ass..

          108. Sue4477 says

            You are talking about the decent portion of people crossing the border. There are no criminal checks and plenty of criminals, people who come only to receive & not give back or work, pedophiles, rapists, just plain nasty bad-for-the-nation people and possibly terrorists who will cause the injury & deaths of others. You seem to forget ANYONE can cross the border right now. The good & bad & deadly. Please be realistic!!

          109. jbombznabombz says

            each comment that I read from you just goes and strengthens my belief that you are a complete moron.Illegals doing the jobs we won’t do ? sorry but I work as a custodian that gets to clean the bathrooms at the school which can get really gross.I am a LEGAL NATURAL BORN American that is doing a job that most really don’t want to.and sorry but I clean my own house.these illegals are people yes but they are also stealing our jobs getting free money from the government in which hmm the government gets the money to give them by taxing the hell out of legal citizens that are working their asses off to support themselves and THEIR families,not to support strangers that wont come to this country the right way.Which in fact is like a kick in the balls to all the legal immigrants that have come to this country and done what they had to do to stay LEGALLY.

          110. Uzoozy says

            You are right the way you look at it.

          111. Robert E Boltz says

            YOU Sir are a brainless person , as you see it they are entitled to what belong to the citizens of this country for by them, the illegals are welcomed by Obama and his supporters like you contribute very little to this country.

          112. RobertNorwood says

            It really does not speak well about us when we let some crawl under the fence and make others wait in line, go through the process, all that. How can those folks respect us? The illegals don’t already. And the stuff about doing jobs we won’t – you are right on, it’s all BS. Before those folks showed up we were doing those jobs.

          113. marshmil says

            If illegals are not on welfare why is the healthcare system in California going broke with its emergency departments filled daily with colds, rashes, aches, pains and a host of other complaints? Because it’s FREE. Only people abiding by the laws and paying their way have a right to the “good life.” I’ve never had ANYONE volunteer to landscape my property, clean my house (don’t have children so a nanny is not needed) or anything. Nor has ANY welfare recipient done any of those things for me when with my tax money I’ve been paying their way. We used to give directly to the needy bona fide Americans. Today we pay salaries to social workers and other “administrators” to distribute our money according to THEIR whims after it’s confiscated from us.

          114. grover rambo says

            It’s plain to see that you have been brain washed by means off a Ocare administered enema!

          115. ConsultantInAction says

            Uzoozy, it’s not about the Illegals, they certainly are deserving of a good life. But with that said, it’s the system that has failed us all. There is no reason why we cannot have a Guest Workers Program that permits them to come here legally. Once again, it’s going to take action on the part of the Administration, Congress and those coming here. This is long overdue….Government is Corrupt, don’t think for one minute those with Money get here….Bill Gates is bringing in East Indians by the Thousands, he then lays them off. Now where are those Aliens at? Hmmmm, make you wonder? Don’t, they now own Gas Stations.
            Yes, most Illegals are hard working, however there is another component here, the Cyotes, Cartels are profiting

          116. Uzoozy says

            Why cry over spilt milk, everyone gets rich except the poor immigrants legal or otherwise.

          117. 3ronald1 says

            Yes, they are people and have a right to a good life. There is a legal process for becoming a citizen of this Country and if they don’t use it and come here without going through legal channels, they don’t have the same rights and should be sent home. Sorry. That’s life! We have laws and they should be followed. Those abiding by the laws and coming here legally are WELCOME. End of story!
            By the way, we can’t just cross the Mexican border and be accepted with open arms…if you cross by mistake you are thrown in jail.

          118. Uzoozy says

            You are right that these illegal people should be sent to their countries. Treat them humanely it seems that pets are better treated than these humans. Act like true Christian

          119. marshmil says

            Second post to your mush. Uzoozy you are hyper filled with semisolid waste material.

          120. Uzoozy says

            We have to get back the humanity in humans.

          121. marshmil says

            Well Uzoozy if they do these things I’ve not seen even one of them yet. I need some yard work, painting and fixing-up that I expect them to do for me without receiving any pay from me. Where are they hiding? Speak up!

          122. Uzoozy says

            Government by the people “gone with the wind”

          123. ward says

            Exactly what happened in 2008 & is getting worse daily by people letting the wannabe dictator & his E.O. demands of criminal violations that are dictating U.S. Citizens Freedom and Rights ..!

          124. Uzoozy says

            Find out yourself, BHO did not do anything inappropriate ,
            Its all in your insecure mind and religion.

          125. Sue4477 says

            Haven’t you been paying attention? Look back at what your Obama has said is illegal or he would never do & then months later he does it anyway.

          126. marshmil says

            Uzoozy you should get a job working with Harry Reid. You might also have fit in nicely with Adolf.

          127. ConsultantInAction says

            UNZOOZY BHO Has violated the US Constitution regularly, he’s been overturned by the US Supreme Court and will continue to be overturned.
            He never managed anything in his life, more than likely Michelle Handled the Check Book…
            His inability to make a Decision as of late is hurting America and crating genocide in IRAQ and Syria….
            America needs to send Ground Forces into both areas to save them….
            I’ve Been there and Done That, and you?

          128. 3ronald1 says

            I heard on the news that BHO is saying he will put ILLEGALS in the military (after downsizing our military forces) and arm them. WHAT?????? ;Is he nuts? And they will uphold and defend OUR Constitution? Get real! He needs to be removed from office in any way possible before he totally destroys America. Come on, Congress – put on your thinking caps…find a way! A German Shepard would be a better President…at least he would love the people who feed him and defend him – and he would be loyal, too!.

          129. RobertNorwood says

            He is inappropriate at every level, from the bottom up with his juvenile gum chewing around more polished individuals, saluting with a coffee cup in his hand – or maybe it was a double mocha latte…his lies and obfuscations and the mere fact that what ever he has done has benefited islamic radicals. I wouldn’t trust the guy to make me a bologna sandwich, baloney perhaps…
            ISIS is not islam? Guess again turd brain… All your fawning over islam just makes them laugh. Somehow liberals have got it in their heads if they are good to bad people the bad people will be grateful and not cut off their heads. Try selling pulled pork sandwiches to them…
            In science and nature patterns mean something…so far Obama’s actions form an obvious pattern. Over turning secular Middle Eastern regimes opposed to islamic radicalism. He suffered a set back in Egypt, scored with Libya and now he’s trying to figure out a way to do it in Syria. It’s messed up ain’t it, all he’s got is “Assad” as the bad guy, a bad guy who never threatened us. Most folks knew little about Syria until we suddenly got all concerned over the civilian deaths. There are no moderate muslims and he’s knows we know it not how much he preaches on the virtues of islam.

            His strategy right now, don’t give the Kurds the support they’re asking for and since he funnels all support through that effed up Baghdad he’ll let the Kurds lose in a war of attrition with ISIS and blame Baghdad. turkey, who’d like to see the Kurds gone can sit on the side lines and watch it happen best of both worlds for this on paper “Nato Ally”.
            He is the master of deceit because the liberals innate proclivity for self deceit makes it easier to lie to others. No one outside of the liberal camp take him seriously, most European nations want him to just stay home, they’re sick of having to pick his gum from the table bottoms.

          130. sue says

            There are extremists in every religion. Here in the United States our extremists group the American Taliban is also known as The Tea Party.

          131. grover rambo says

            How about removing your brain housing group from within your colon dump, and clear it with a breath of fresh air!

          132. daver says

            The only terrorist group forcing their agenda on us are the democrats. You will accept our lack of morals, abortions and special rights for every group that does not represent straight white males. You will accept gay marriage and the gay lifestyle. You have no choice for we, the democrats, discriminate against straight white males. But if your a white gay male we will accept you just not you straight white males. Get the point here, sue? Even straight white females receive special rights Just not straight white males, they are evil.

          133. marshmil says

            Well now I know my position. I’m evil because Democrats define while males as being evil. Then Harry Reid is evil because he’s a white male. Then so is Pope Francis. Hmmmm. Never knew it was so easy to tell who is evil. Thanks California Loser for the tip. 🙂

          134. marshmil says

            Tea Party is not a religious group or organization.

          135. sue says

            The Tea Party wants separation of Church and State ? Why do they fight for prayer in school and are appalled when Christian texts are removed from schools? Why do they hold signs up at rallies demanding a “Christian President”? Do you think the Koch brothers and other billionaires really care about “Christian family values”,gun rights,Teaghazi,prayer in school or abortion? No they could care less but they know what buttons to push to get you to vote for candidates YOU back because they say these things.But the important thing to them is LESS government so they can monitor themselves,tax laws with huge loopholes for them to hie their money and run overseas without penalty .I was very happy to hear that the 400 BILLION that was run overseas that Bush allowed to happen by changing tax laws ,Obama is going after to recoup the taxes they should have paid in the first place.Here is a suggestion stop watching FUX “news” as it is opinion and has been proven to be edited to give the slant to make you think there are cover ups etc. Amazing how billionaires can get you to vote against your better interests by calling the poor lazy( which BTW,that includes ANY of you reading this compared to them),wave a flag,thump a bible ,point a gun all the while like in the Reagan ,Bush’s administrations jobs ran overseas,the burden of taxes was on the working poor/middle class and bridges were collapsing,huge power grids were on the verge of failing ( you probably don’t know Obama had to put 4 billion on neglected power grids to even keep the lights on in the entire eastern seaboard! not ONE DIME did Bush spend !) But there are 300 BILLION beautiful roads and bridges Bush spent in IRAQ! Why do you think billionaires like the Koch brother’s want Obama out so badly? Well he is black for one thing which they can’t stand but it is not about anything but them not paying taxes and all of you are helping them!

          136. marshmil says

            Ho hum!

          137. sue says

            Yep ho hum dummy while the Koch brothers and the other 1% are laughing at you for voting for them to keep money in their pockets but spending yours .

          138. marshmil says

            Campaigning for any person because of her/his “religious” affiliation does not violate the concept of “separation” of church and state, which by the way is not part of the US Constitution. Congress is not permitted by the Constitution to make any law establishing a national religious requirement. NOR does it permit the Congress to prohibit the free expression of religious practice. That means there can be no law or requirement in the US requiring or prohibiting religious affiliation.
            Campaigning for or against is a personal preference and is part of the democratic process of selecting government representatives into offices of our republican form of government. It’s permitted to campaign for a Hindu, an atheist, a Jew a Christian or any other religious affiliated person based on preference for that candidate’s platform. Once elected and in office each can express her/his biases
            but no law can be made regarding those preferences. And you know that.

          139. jbombznabombz says

            hey ward your wasting your time commenting to Uzoozy he’s a diehard braindead Obummer fan

          140. ConsultantInAction says

            Sooo True!
            In Fact, Teddy Roosevelt realized it in 1905 when he said; “Behind the Ostensible Government, sits Enthroned a Government, Acknowledging No Allegiance and Owing No Responsibility to the People” Welcome to Bureaucracy then and only Worse Now……
            IRS, GSA, EPA, DOE, DOJ and US State Dept. – All agencies out of Control…………
            Congress needs to Abolish them and start over

          141. marshmil says

            THAT would be a nice start. But wait! The current Congress is not qualified to do anything. It has proved it.

          142. Michael Dennewitz says

            I’m a Vietnam veteran and I can’t even get dental care but – – the WHITE bitch down the road can stroll into Publics grocery with her FOUR half-breed kids, load up Three full shopping carts and get it ALL for free thru food stamps and then go out to her black BF and his Cadillac and load it all up. You can bet she has a free cell phone, gets sub housing and free medical care for the family too. THIS is what’s F—-d up with this country, AND ONLY GETTING WORSE!!!!

          143. Mark Clemens says

            True That!!

          144. grover rambo says

            You Sir are the problem today! Instead of just going with the agenda, you choose to be filled with hate filled speech, and racism! You need to be reeducated to accept the fact that wrong is right, and right is wrong!

          145. Michael Dennewitz says

            And you sir are certainly educated enough to understand what the letters G F Y would happen to mean, eh??

          146. Mike Lawson says

            grover was being sarcastic, genius! Does no one other than myself know how to read between the lines anymore? Sheesh!

          147. Michael Dennewitz says

            And as educated as you are, I’m sure you understand what the letters G F Y mean, eh bubbah??

          148. grover rambo says

            LOL! Glad to see someone has some grit left! Please realize that my last post to you was done in jest!

          149. Mike Lawson says

            Look up “brain donor” in the dictionary and next to the definition is a picture of Michael Dennewitz!

          150. ConsultantInAction says

            Grover, no offense taken…. The Beauty of America, we all get to tell is as we see it.
            As far as why we are experiencing so much of the Illegal Immigration, it started with Carter, then Reagan, Bush 1, Clinton really didn’t do anything nor did Bush 2 do anything to stop it. Now here we are with an individual that along with his Cronies, the “Hey Dude” Crowd that are not only complicit, but encourage the Illegal entry to America….But Fear Not, 2014 is here, November, if we and all other Americans believe in the Constitution, we will have a Republican Senate and House of Representatives. That is, if they are able to set an Agenda and stick to it.
            They need to can the Rhetoric, take the necessary action to eliminate Obama Care, Build our Military to the Standard to continue the Greatness we know we truly are., Secure the Border, create a Mandatory Reporting by any Illegal Immigrant, no matter where their Native Land is. Register them, those with Criminal Records, Immediately Deport them to their Native lands, not simple Traffic Offenses, but Criminal Activity. Now that these folks are Registered, they can be Returned to their Counsel General, apply for Entry, with out being Deported, after a Background Check, a determination for Guest Worker Status can be granted. Taxes, to expect them to pay all back taxes, how does anyone know. There needs to be a determination of value on their asset base, a fee that is corroborated by a simple equation can determine the amount. Not less than 5,000 dollars per adult. As for the children, there needs to be legislation passed that bars children brought here illegally are not granted automatic citizenship.
            An exemption can be granted for Military Service.
            Next, the Draft has to be reinstituted. You live here, you must serve a minimum of 3 Years of Military and 5 years in the Inactive Reserve. Only this time, you can get a deferment while attending school, then would complete their service after they graduate….Only one deferment, no Ongoing Deferment while they become Academically Indoctrinated to the Left. All those refusing to serve can be deported to the country of their choosing. They will pay their flight, as well as forfeit any land.
            Next, Congress needs to pass a Law disallowing Foreigners from owning Land in this country….Citizenship is Mandatory to own land…I’ve witnessed so many Immigrants utilize their University Salaries while having students teach their classes while they are managing projects building structures to sell….Not any more, it must be stopped….

          151. ConsultantInAction says

            Grover, before you condemn, go to the Ghetto, stand in the Store by the Checker, then go to the local Casino or the International District, these are the places the Minorities are dealing in EBT Cards or spending their EBT at the Casinos
            Or better yet, do some research into the current investigations into Illegal Trading of EBT Transactions…. Under this Administration, there are fewer of them. IRS Fraud, Minorities, living in Third World Countries that have come here, qualified for Assistance, including EBT CARDS, they hire a Third Party to maintain their continuity of service by receiving mail at an address, transfer funds to those living overseas…. The same goes on in the GHETTO….
            HATE, RACIST, NO, How about Fed Up and getting real, how about that.
            Now take a long hard look at Terrorism; Do you realize the only Terrorist that has committed a crime in this Country is Timothy McVae. Racism? Hmmmm
            What about the Major that Killed all those GI’s, Hassan, what about him? His crime was classified by none other than Eric Holder as Work Place Violence. Why do you suppose that is? After all, GI’s are expendable, it was during war time….
            You need to be Re Educated, if you think every person that has witnessed Abuse of our system by Minorities is Racist, not at all, just Fed Up.

          152. grover rambo says

            The post that you are responding to was followed op by another! Relax already!
            By the way, I don’t know how old you are, but T. McVae was not the only terrorist in this country! Go back to the 60’s and research the “Weather Underground” They were led by a group of America hating a-holes!
            Go a little deeper in my post, and see that I was only joking , actually it is the post directly below this one!

          153. marshmil says

            Grover rambo I can’t tell if you are a Joker or some nujtcake being negative. I personally reject the modern agenda that wrong is right and right is wrong.

          154. Merienne Lynch says

            I respect every Vietnam Vet. I have people in my family were in the Green Beret’s, in Special Forces, trained even in civilian life with the Navy Seals. I understand the frustration of believing and loving your country and the truth. I understand the things that you were taught. What I don’t understand is name calling. For no foul word is the reason you are heard. The reason I hear your frustration is because I know about where you went and what you did to protect a country that seems right now to be falling apart. Sometimes feeling helpless causes us to strike out. I am in agreement with seeing big fat mothers have children that are suffering malnutrition while their buggies are piled up to the hilt with things that satisfy them. I am in agreement that giving welfare brought a mentality into life in the US that makes them feel so entitled that they get angry when they don’t get yours. I personally did for five children while the father squandered everything and then got mad when I did not have it any more to give. I learned great lessons with the mistakes that I made. I learned that although many people have needs to be able to spot the greedy takers and simply leave them out of my life. Sir with the greatest respect for those that died serving with you. I tell you, all is not lost for there is hope in the LORD. And although it is getting worse, remember. God is not up there wringing His hands worrying about what is happening. He is able to help you and me and will. Let Him judge who is wrong. And as far as right being wrong and wrong being right for this country seems to be upside down. I refuse to accept any such thing. I hold on to a reality of truth that tells me plainly and clearly that every one will reap what they sow. I keep my eyes focused on making sure I am right, making sure I do all that I can to obey His will. And keep peace in my heart that I can give it to Him and leave it there. God bless you all.

          155. ConsultantInAction says

            I too am a Vietnam Vet. as well as having served my country elsewhere, I can tell you, while I was going to school on the G.I. Bill, my records were kept outside the normal facilities in Colorado. The Government VA couldn’t get my VA Check to me for over 7 Months. I had used my savings, my credit and I was desperate needing to feed my family. I had two children.
            I went to a Social Welfare Office, attempted to get Food Stamps..They told me; You need to fill out an Application, the wait time is 4 Months before you can be seen by a Social Worker, there is nothing available until then. I was amazed, really amazed, seeing one Minority after another, including Vietnamese, Cambodians, Mexicans, Blacks, all being seen and given assistance, immediately!
            I asked to see the Office Manager, of course he was not available, instead, a lady came from the back somewhere, she reiterated what her peer has said. Of course she was a Minority as were most of the office. Racism? Hmmmmm
            Then some clown came in, walked up to the Black woman behind the counter, he said; “Hey MaMa, I’m here for some Stamps, I need money too…The woman to her credit said; “I’m not your “MAMA”, you’ll need to get in line, I’ll need your Birth Certificate and ID….
            I left the office, I called Senator “Scoop” Jackson’s Office…Scoop was in town, when his Staffer told him what I was going through, that I was a Vietnam Vet. I could hear him yell; To Hell with That Bullshit, you tell him to go back there, Oh, he’s going to get what he needs. The staffer asked; Did you hear that, the Senator is infuriated, go back to that office, you’ll get the help you need.
            I went back to the same office, when I arrived, they were Paging Me…That Office Manager, the one that was unavailable, well he met me in the Lobby, you know what else, he had 4 months worth of Food Stamps for me. I told him My Plight was Temporary, but what about those that are returning, that don’t speak up, what about them? He replied; I can only speak to this. I left, never needed assistance again, the Good Senators office kept in touch with me to see that my VA Assistance was moved along correctly, even then there were those in the VA that never served in our Military, they were Condescending and Rude with no ones interest but their own…..
            Now it seems Americans in our Health Care are a Rarity…Keep an eye on that… You’ll find there are few White American Girls being allowed into Nursing School, the Federal Government is blocking Whites from entering, the Schools are, regardless of GPA only taking Minorities into the 4 year RN programs….
            RACISM? Hmmmmmm

          156. Jordan48 says

            We have had enough of this pandering to illegal immigrants who come into this country and immediately get food stamps, medical care, housing assistance, and whatever else these bleeding heart liberals have allocated for them, even though they are here illegally, in violation of our immigration laws! I am as compassionate as the next person, but enough is enough! I too am a Vietnam Veteran (U S Army Special Forces !967- ’68)! I did not fight and bleed for a Socialist form of government!

            If it was legal, I would grab Obamanation and every other socialist pig in this country, put them on a ship or twenty ships and send them to Communist North Korea! They would fit right in there just nicely. Let them learn just how wonderful this country can be if they would stop forcing the rest of us to live with their immoral values, their lawless actions, and brain dead ideology! Jesus was right when he said; “Broad is the way and wide is the gate that leads to ever lasting destruction and many there are that shall enter therein, but straight is the way and narrow is the gate that leads to everlasting life and few there are that shall find it”!

            In all of my years, I can attest to this truth and that is many of those who now work to pervert this Constitutional Republic and twist it into a socialist Islamic state will see the inside of hell which will be their eternal home! Thank God that some, a remnant will be saved, but the vast majority have hardened their hearts so much that they are already dead, but they just don’t know it, yet!

          157. marshmil says

            Michael I’ve witnessed several women get out of Cadillac Escalades, Lilncoln Navigators or Lexus vehicles, go into a fast food service and pay for food with EBT cards. I’ve though, “Maybe if I buy one of those luxury cars I can get free food too.” I’m a Veteran. USAF This entitlement crap needs to stop. Let’s vote these
            DIMocraps out of office in Novemer.

          158. Jordan48 says

            I assure you that I do not lie when I say that this is going to get all straightened out real soon! real soon! Watch and see! Its’ going to be hell on earth for many of them!

          159. Merienne Lynch says

            In my 71years I have seen too many people become wicked in making demands of what they will not work for. They squander theirs and now want yours and when they squander yours what will anyone have. Gov. leaders don’t care because they go around the country even to Hollywood in fundraisers and comes out with millions given to him by those who claim to be Christians. Money, power, all that you have will not save you in the day that will surely come in the truth of reaping what you sow. You let the devil in to destroy this country, God Himself will be against you. And the God fearing Christian would rather endure or suffer anything than a great big spanking from the LORD. I have had too many that was my schoolmaster and taught me not to fear man but God. Now, I walk in peace and joy with Him. None of it troubles me except for those who need to know that God will keep His children. God bless everyone of you that has a concern enough to speak about how you believe. I pray it makes a difference to some even one is more than none.

          160. marshmil says

            Amen Ms. Lynch. God be with you. He loves you and all true faithful followers.

          161. ConsultantInAction says

            That’s their intention…Liberalism = Socialism + Obama + Holder = Socialism

          162. marshmil says

            We know. And the scheme works fine until they run out of other peoples’ money. This is why we absolutely have to get rid of as many of these Leftist socialists as we can in November. I suggest we require those like George Soros, the Kennedys,
            the Rockefellers, the Bloombergs, etc. open the gates to their estates and house these people they want so strongly to “help.” But leave the rest of us working, taxpaying people out of the equation. It’s their idea; let THEM pay the bill.

          163. sue says

            Interesting ,Hitler also used the same terminology towards groups of German citizens.In one particular propaganda film ,Jews were compared to rats spreading filth and disease to the “upstanding ,clean pure citizens”,I assume you feel you belong in this category since you feel at ease throwing words around comparing human beings to lice ,rats,roaches or fleas.

          164. marshmil says

            I do not know why Adolf disliked Jews. Were they illegals sponging off the German economy and government? They seem to be quite productive considering their contributions to science, medicine and physics as illustrated by their number winning Nobel Prizes in those areas. Then too, God Himself considers them His Chosen People. I take issue with the acts of non-American people breaking international, United States, State and local laws. They are neither invited nor welcomed to the United States. They are like rats, roaches, lice, flies and fleas at a picnic. They are NOT CITIZENS of the United States. My comments here are not propaganda. For any US Citizens who disagree I suggest you contact our Department of State and ARRANGE FOR ILLEGALS TO LIVE ON YOUR PROPERTY TOTALLY AT YOUR EXPENSE.

          165. marshmil says

            So? I guess that make ME Hitler.

          166. sue says

            If the shoe fits…….

          167. marshmil says

            Sorry dear, wrong size. I’ll go to another store where I can higher quality. But thanks for your service. Dog day. 🙂

          168. Durango 35 says

            Any living thing when over run by parasites will weaken, sicken and die. The same holds true for society. Check the History.

          169. Roger_T73 says

            oblamo’s America cannot succeed financially!!!

          170. mallen11 says

            Great posts – thank you and for your service for our country.

          171. Merienne Lynch says

            Political correctness is a killer to the truth. The truth is sometimes very painful but once you accept it within yourself you see the total value of it enough to change. That is why it is very important not to be surrounded by those who just yes you and tell you how great you are. It is better to tell me the truth so that I do not wind up like the king who thought he was wearing new clothes and was the only one who did not know he was naked.

          172. Frank Brady says

            Well you asked 🙂

          173. ConsultantInAction says

            Me too…? ? and his Point? Oh, by the way, I thank your family for their Service

          174. RobertNorwood says

            Some times folks don’t do a great job getting there point across, I do my best to understand what’s being said.
            Thank you for your service I’m also a vet so I shall call you “brother” if you allow it. Take nothing for granted.
            My family goes back all the way to the founding on my father’s side living in the Colonies and Canada but can only trace military service back to WWI. I would like to think since we were always a military family that those folks did their part as well. We soldiers may not be perfect individuals but we have tried to aspire to noble traditions. I often think of our guys who did not make it back, the lives, the loves, and simple things they never had. I think of their moms, the ones who sent packages and put in enough for us, the buddies, the ones who could only send back their son. It seems some times like we failed them some how which is why we must always try and make things right and be right.

          175. ConsultantInAction says

            RobertNorwood; Thank you for your post and Service as well.
            As for my Roots, my family goes back prior to the Revolutionary War, Civil War and WW I, WW II, KOREA and Vietnam, they all took their Toll. Shell Shocked what we have come to realize is PTSD. Pork Chop Hill in Korea, my Uncle Died while his son my cousin was involved on PCH, Chinese Enemy, he chose to stay when they told him he could take Leave go to the rear. He chose to stay with his Comrades and he returned home…
            No, our Fighting Men and Women may not be Perfect, but Damn close to it. They endure the Political Guidelines that allow them to Take Objectives, then Abandon them. Watch as their Comrades are dropped in their tracks, packed up and sent home, sometimes in a Coffin, other times Broken with no fix in site for them. And yes, even when Politicians decide to reduce our forces because some Liberal thinks the ranks have grown too large. Then, where are they ? They’re left to fend for themselves… There’s no Retirement Check for most, just a Farewell and by no means with Fan Fare either….Just as after Vietnam, the GI was treated by most as Vermin and in some cases by the VA as well.
            America has the Greatest Military in the World, we can do it all, but we must be allowed to do the Job, do it with out all the interference of the Arm Chair Quarterbacks that have never donned a Uniform, never seen their Buddy Die while you are talking with him.
            We have a President that is and has been influenced by none other than Weatherman Bill Ayers, Bernadette Dorn, Jane Fonda, Barbara Streisand, Lou Grant, you know all Legends in their own minds. Yet, he’s probably never managed his check book or a scout troop. What he has done; He’s managed to screw up the Middle East, including Libya, Syria, Afghanistan and now he’s going to Giver the World Ebola…..We are living in difficult times, but our founders realized this, which is why we get to Elect New Leaders with the Frequency we do.
            Our Air Force while the best in the world, still cannot do the job with out proper advance forces….. We need Forward ATC, Rapid Deployment Units, Spec Ops. we can succeed with these first, then Ground Forces to get those Villages and Towns Cleared of the Bad Guys….

          176. ward says

            What the hell is proper English for being pissed off to the point of telling someone they are full of it and really deserve the whole load in the face…? Free Speech ..! The enemies of the U.S. do not deserve the respect of proper English …!

          177. marshmil says

            I agree ward.

          178. Merienne Lynch says

            I always said I want the grace to tell the truth to those who would misunderstand and take it as an insult and it would take them three days at least to figure it out. They would naturally receive it as an insult when it was intended to help them find the truth.

          179. Terry Tate says


          180. Mark Clemens says

            Word up!

          181. Michael Dennewitz says

            This means that, by next summer, if I say the word”nigger,” I could easily get about 10 years, right? WTF has happened to this ONCE GREAT country??

          182. Mark Clemens says

            I reckon, you know I’m 1000% against any speech censorship. I just like my phrase. I’m not even implying the woman w/the Rose statement is full of it either.
            The Founders didn’t figure in term limits……

          183. Deborah G says

            That only applies of you are a white conservative. IF you are black that is common usage. The law will never apply to anyone but those on the right understand that. The left will always get a free pass to call us whatever they want.

          184. Mark Clemens says

            I think it’s degrading for black folks to call each other nigger. If they don’t show respect for their race, why should any other race show respect? Respect is something you earn. If one does not respect ones self, why should the rest of the world show respect?
            If your gonna talk ghetto, expect to be treated like trash……..
            Word of the day:

          185. Deborah G says

            It is degrading but they seem to relish in it. Like you said it is TRASH talk white trash/Black trash trash is trash. The fact is having respect for yourself and others is the only way forward for these people. Unfortunatly the Democrats keep them believeing theyare only Victims. The only way to become a victim is to have no respect for yourself. Circle

          186. Mark Clemens says

            Having respect for one’s self is the very first step to success. Speaking of
            I’ve never heard Aretha Franklin say nigger.

          187. ConsultantInAction says

            WELL SAID….And Washington D.C. Has B.S. in Spades…..

        2. Clint McInnes says

          Oh, I agree. It’s tough to find a more hateful speaker than $harpton. I’m just saying that if they manage to enact a LAW against “hate speech”, it will, by its own internal definition, exclude hateful speech BY Liberals AGAINST Conservatives. They will make sure the law is heavily stacked against common sense. (But then ANY “hate crime” law is against common sense because it puts the State in the position of being able to read someone’s mind.)

          1. marshmil says

            Under provision of the US Constitution freedom of speech will not be abridged.
            What comes out of a persons mouth tells me what’s inside that person. Trashy minded people speak trashy things. When I was a kid there was a saying, “Sticks and stones can break my bones but words will never hurt me.”

        3. bdcorvette says

          So is a turd … 🙂

          1. SaneZidane says

            Stop me if your heard this before, but I’ll take the smell of a Rose over that of a Turd any day.

        4. Jeanne Stotler says

          It’ll be used against Conservatives and Liberals will get a pass

          1. RobertNorwood says

            It’s already happening. You can’t even get the DoJ to do their job equally for all Americans and as for their priorities…jeezus, all I can do is shake my head…anymore and I’d surely go to jail. That’s an option I’m saving for something better.

          2. T. VOGT says

            This was the comment they deleted earlier..
            Hate speech, I see speaking out against Obama, Holder, Reid, Pelosi,
            Radical Islamist, Illegal invaders… those and all the other
            “politically correct” double speak is meant to silence me but it is fine
            for some idiot to get on a forum and tell me that because he is BLACK
            God is his and I have no right to pray to HIS GOD… when I express
            Islamic taken in the extreme is someone that worships a syphilitic
            pedophile warlord… they can lie to me because I am female and worth
            nothing to them other then to rape then kill… I really don’t see that
            as a religion of peace… Yet as long as they agree to follow those
            teachings in their homes and religious houses then that if fine since
            they take away my ability to say thank god, merry Christmas, or heaven
            forbid bless you when you sneeze.. Kids are being brainwashed that
            guns, the bible and fair competition is wrong everyone must get
            participation awards.. that works in special Olympics but not in an
            honor program..I don’t Dress up in my wedding dress with all my friends
            and go thru the streets chanting about male female sex acts, why should
            my kid be subjected to GAY pride displays that a whole heck of a lot
            are down right obscene.. AND YES I don’t go to New Orleans for Mardi
            Gras either I have a set of breasts I am not interested in seeing theirs
            or flashing mine.. I get enough of that stuff as a nurse/emt..

            So yes call the word police.. after all we have food police.. my feelings
            are hurt police, I’m Black so I can’t be racist police..{yea most of
            the racist I have come across are Black not white..} but I have been
            told that isn’t a possibility every one knows it’s whites only.. Call
            ALL THE POLITICAL CORRECT ADJUSTMENT POLICE.. I’ll just load my gun and defend my Self, Family and Property, Church, Bible,Flag, and our
            Troops…. The RESIDENT in the White House I consider a TRAITOR and
            wouldn’t do a darn thing to revive him if he fell unresponsive at my
            feet.. I’d take that as an act of God that I shouldn’ interfear with..

          3. Verity says

            Here! Here! Bravo!

          4. marshmil says

            Way to go T. VOGT. I like your individuality. Stick to it. We both need to teach
            others to try to be “color blind.” With me, content of character is what counts. It can be good or evil and the individual has the power to choose.

          5. Mel says

            . Thank you for posting this, I couldnt have put it better. As a nurse, I agree entirely. My heart goes out to the med professionals who had to care for the ebola pt that died in Dallas. He LIED to get here while risking the lives of hundreds so HE could get the best FREE healthcare in the world. We paid millions for his care and now because of his irresponsibility and that of his family, many more will likely perish.

          6. ColoMom says

            And then any of the Duncan family that haven’t will sue & claim heir family members died because they received poor treatment because they are Black.

          7. Robert E Boltz says

            Agree , Jesse Jackson has already been there and spoke with the family and not surprising he Backs the Family only because they are black!! no surprise there !!!!

          8. ColoMom says

            Unfortunately you are right. Race relations in this country would be light years ahead if we didn’t have the two race baiters Al not so Sharpton & Jesse Jackson stirring the pot every time the can smell money when a black person is involved. MSNBC should be ashamed for letting Sharpton have a program. But then from what I read no one watches it except to laugh at his gaffes

          9. Robert E Boltz says

            COLOMOM , Thanks for your reply Have a nice evening

          10. marshmil says

            With the current makeup of the Senate you are very likely correct. It’s not “of the people, by the people and for the people.” In the Senate it’s OF HARRY, BY HARRY AND FOR HARRY.

          11. T. VOGT says

            That is why EVERY Conservative, Right wing Ding bat I don’t freaking care needs to vote in November and END HARRY REID”S stranglehold on the SENATE there have been great laws passed that died on his damn desk if not straingt to the shredder.. His Land Grabbing has basically made Nevada HID OWN PERSONAL STATE… he takes his little nobody underling sets him up as Land management boss and suddenly Federal and is now owned by the TROLL.. HE DAMN WELL NEEDS A PSYCH EVAL STAT and not IN Wasington or Nevada!!! because the troll is not right in the head !! Yet every darn day he can he gets up leaves the HOTEL HE”S LIVED IN FOREVER and goes down and calls everyone that doesn’t give him a kiss on his pecker an ANARCHIST. RIFFRAFF GOVERNMENT destroyers…tell me that is sanity….just try… Pelosi has had so much BO TOX her brain is petrified and this Illegal aliens vs Undocumented persons is BULL MANURE they are INVADERS not from outer space but from another country…and the Story they are fleeeing for their lives.. excuse me when did you ever see someone with three kids preganant ready to pop Flee when NOTHING CHANGED AT HOME other then an INVATATION.. come on up y’all

            I’ll bet ever single one got an absentee ballot filled out and sent to one state then they got registered in the state they landed in.. and don’t even try telling me they are children needing help those gang tats prove they killed and the grey hair on some of them proves that they aren’t babies.. Why do you think I have bought more guns and ammo this year then medications or clothing…TRUST AMERICA in this ADMINITRATIION what the hell are you smoking??? Put the PRETENDER in PRISON and his HOOCHIMAMA QUEEN of scows and bad taste in ther make it a cold base in ALASKA so they can’t have their tropics life style and get down to brass tacks putting the Consitution back in pllace, discard most of the buracracy supporting do nothing idiots and then maybe this country can become the AMERICA I GREW UP IN.. I don’t need someone to teach me about racism I learned it as the golden rule… That is the same as content of character… and after that I am sorry you respect the law and those that enforce it or maybe you get shot.. IF needed we had a revolution before and we can have one again… but laying down and being handed over to the UN or such is not going to happen ..
            sorry I have to answer the door so spell check being skipped..

          12. marshmil says

            Hope that was not the speech police at your door. January 20, 2009 ushered in
            a new system in America, presided over by Lucifer.

        5. Uzoozy says

          Its all in ones mind,
          God is God whatever name you call it.

          1. Robert E Boltz says

            another stupid comment from UZOOZY You now move to the top of the class

      2. RobertNorwood says

        Exactly, it’s the world where the new black panthers are good, the Boy Scouts bad.

        1. Clint McInnes says


        2. Cranky Steven says

          Very well put. And straight married people are perves but homos, trans and whatevers are heros and role models.

          1. Fedupwiththefeds says

            Now that’s a sickening thought.

          2. Verity says

            Cranky Steven…….. I personally know several same-sex couples and they are intelligent, hard working and not a threat to anyone. They’re just trying to make it through the day like the rest of us. OH, but NO to Black Panthers….they seem to be trouble wherever they go.

          3. Cranky Steven says

            Too sadly true.

          4. T. VOGT says

            What happens in a bedroom between consenting ADULTS I have no issue with.. Never have.. but special equal treatment …if someone doesn’t want to cater your wedding then find someone else.. don’t sue them because they don’t condone your actions.. better yet do the flowers and food the same way I did YOURSELF… I had a great wedding but paid little because I did it myself.

          5. Verity says

            I used to own a bridal shop. Brides can be wonderful or they can be a wicked demanding witch. And yes, we had a few same-sex couples…they were responsible and they loved each other…nothing else matters. Oh and when I got married, our dear friends got together and made the food for the reception. It was a very friendly occasion. Dh and I were married in 1968. He passed away last year.

      3. Terry Tate says

        Wrong Clit McLnnes!

      4. bobclaville says

        Right you are. EXTORTION of the Uneducated is not hate speech. But then. They don’t know the difference anyhow. Ask one of them to spell DISENFRANCHISE.

      5. Richard Knack says

        It’s only “hate speech” if it promotes ideas that run contrary to leftist ideals and agendas.

      6. Jordan48 says

        Very true. There is a double standard here! I have heard numerous rants of violent and hate filled comments come out of the mouths of left wing-nut liberal hypocrites, but if you are a conservative, they immediately condemn you if you speak out in opposition of their warped and insane ideology! These brain dead and morally bankrupt morons use any vile means available to them; i.e., lies, distortions, thefts, frauds, murders, and smear tactics against those who will not support their socialist agenda! They are vipers, servants of their father, Satan! Believing themselves wise, they have become fools!

    2. robbjack says

      LOL, your forgetting who gets to define “hate speech” their voice will be heard.. Anyone saying to a black kid, “pull your pants up, go to school, and get a job” will be prosecuted for hate speech.. Hang a confederate flag in your dorm room? You guessed it, prison time! Read the constitution in public… Super Hate speech, 25 years in prison for reading aloud the words written by a bunch of rich white racists.. see where I’m going? “If you let them control the language, they will control your view of the world and make you their slave”

      1. T. VOGT says

        shoot a person trying to blow you and your squad up land in Levenworth.. When fighting a war, the nice nice gloves have to come off at some point.. and throwing our guys under the bus again with wishy washy orders makes me wish that traitor learns the hard way what a coup d etat means.. because liar in chief is much more accurate then commander in chief.. he only commands scandals and cover ups and is the most courpt bigot in tthe bunch.. AND IF I SEE HER MOUTH SAY ONE MORE TIME “All this for a FLAGGG” I will be happy to travel to washington and wash her foul mouth out with soap ! Those girls need to go in WITSEC because they are being mistreated by Mommy Daddy and granny..

    3. grover rambo says

      Hate speech only applies if you are speaking against what is going on today!

      1. marshmil says

        Right! grover. Today “hate” speech is defined by WHO’S side you’re on, not WHAT side you’re on. Side with liers and scammers and you’re politically correct. Side with morality, common sense and civility and you’re guilty of hate speech.

    4. grover rambo says

      Since Butt Holder stepped down, who’s going to uphold these BS laws!

    5. ConsultantInAction says

      Well, kind of; You must realize, only “White Folks are Racist” See Eric Holder as an example of Divisiveness and Hate….After all, he’s been the “Victim” of Racism.
      To be honest, there is no one on this Planet that has not been a Victim of some sort of Racism. Do Blacks have a Monopoly on being Victims? Of course not. Racism is a Natural Occurrence.
      Society brings Racism to us Naturally, It starts with Ethnocentrism, ones taking pride in his or her Species, then Race, add Greed and Ideology and finally Economics, you now have Modern Racism.
      It’s not the KKK any longer, not at all, but it is Bigotry being practiced by none other than Blacks.
      Blacks find themselves in a Socio-Economic Rut, not because of Whites holding them back, not at all. It’s actually their own unwillingness to reach out, become educated and maintain the Family Structure in a way that promotes Fatherhood and Birth Control.
      Are we really to believe what Eric Holder, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, the Urban League, NAACP are promoting? No t at all. These people and organizations overwhelmingly spew Hatred, Poor Me attitude and claim if it weren’t for Whitey, they’d all be on a Parr with Bill Gates. The reality is quite a bit different. In fact, when offered Work, there are those in the Black Community that will laugh at you. There are Generation after Generation that have become Government Dependent and the Liberals Love that. Why not? Because they have a Base that will Vote for any Economic Giveaway they can find. Take the Obama Phone, do you remember the woman that said; “Vote Obama, he give you a Phone, Free” that woman was replicated all over the Country.
      In Issaquah WA., at a local Safeway Store, there were State Government, employees seeking out those to Give Phones to. They would even help those willing to listen, fill out the Application, the “Right Way” so they would qualify for the Free Government Phone. A 250 Call Limit was placed on these phones, but Free none the less.
      Next we have the EBT Cards, go to Low Income Neighborhoods, the “HOOD”, you will be amazed what you find, that is if you don’t get shot in the process. Gun Control has no place in these places…Nor does Legal Guns, most in the possession of street thugs that exchange EBT Cards for Drugs are Packing Stolen Weapons. They Trade Guns for Drugs as well.
      Certainly there are Blacks that are moving beyond this, via education, the Military, but the issue here is; a good many of these are self perpetuated, as well as reinforced by Liberalism.
      Hate Speech, there needs to be a lid on the Liberals if this is to happen first…Bill Maher, Ben Affleck, Barbara Streisand, Lou Grant, Gwyneth Peltro, Rosie O’Donnell, Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Hanoi Jane Fonda and the List goes on…
      This post could go on and on as well, there are certainly lessons to be learned form our Liberal Neighbors; Truth, What is that? Honesty, just a thing Government compels the Citizens to live by, not them. A Do as I Say, Not As I Do Practice, Noooo, not at all.
      Finally, President Barack Hussein Obama; Herein is Americas Worse President Ever..He SINGLE HANDIDLY Has Destroyed what it has taken over 200 years to Build. His Socialist Views, his Racist Views, his World Views are apologetic, America is a Bully by his definition. When if Fact if it weren’t for America, we’d all be speaking German. Now, if we aren’t Careful, we will be speaking Chinese. Oh, don’t worry about Illegals, because if he has his way, ISIL will be using that Border, after Killing all the Cartel to get there….

    6. Merienne Lynch says

      Before this began with them both of these men and Juan Williams were called to the White House and then Al came out with claiming to be MLK and Jessie Jackson claimed to be an humanitarian. The all three got their endorsements.

    7. americanpatriot1 says

      You are so right, Patrick Henry, these evil racists work to divide with their racism for only one reason, to cause a war inside our country. Their black panthers foam at the mouth with hate for whites and swear that they will kill white babies and that there will be blood in the streets.

      To them, whites are the only people who can be racists. They can spew hate and racism all day long and it is not is considered hate speech, and they are just voicing their pain and anger that WE whites caused for them.

      Having said this, the only people that the hate speech will exercised on is white people because the blacks, the muslims, and all the illegals from any country are exempt from it, and you KNOW that will be held up in court as anyone of us will be slammed in jail and guilty as charged. On the ballot in our state, there is an amendment to our Constitution for us to vote on that says the judge can determine if the court can “waive” a person’s trail by jury if the charge does not include a death sentence. ARE YOU BELIEVING THIS?

      Our Constitution says ANYONE has a right to a trial by jury. And our Constitution says we have free speech. This administration and it’s demonRAT regime are rogue communists and have seriously over stepped their responsibility and their power over us! It’s called TREASON, and they are spoon feeding their bull crap to us and expecting the low information and complacent, apathetic and passive citizens to not be capable to discern this totalitarian power and control jump into communism.

      No, demonRATs will make themselves exempt, and will it will make it law to demonize all conservatives and shut us up. They have used the race card, class warfare, social warfare, economic warfare, and republican party affiliation to divide and demonize our citizens, and if this passes, it will be a direct shredding our Constitution into bits and pieces, of which is one of obama’s main order of business the second he took his oath of office.

      If you will notice, on obama’s second inauguration, obama flubbed up on his sworn on oath and instead of making him start over in front of everyone while they had him on the podium in front of the nation, he had a private swearing in, which only a few of the denonRAT elites were present. I will make a wager that he was sworn in on the Quran. They said he had a few Bibles stacked that he put his hand on, but I didn’t see that, and with all the lies they tell us, I don’t believe one single word any of the demonRATs tell me. We don’t even know if it really happened, and we don’t know what his choice of words were in that oath of office.

      People should NOT have accepted this, but everyone did because they just love their demonRATs. The demonRAT party needs to be disbanded because they have mutated into the communist party. The demonRATs work for the party, NOT for America. They put their party before our country and our citizens, and the only thing that matters is fund raising to take money from us, and for power and control. They are vicious and determined to finish that fundamental transformation of our country into a UN controlled communist country so they can be in control of our money, our land, and every aspect of our lives to keep us in line so we can be their worker ants to put money into their pockets and rule supreme.

      It is totally obvious. Their politically correct bull was started first to get us used to being under their control. If you listen to what is going on you can determine what is the most important to these greedy traitors.

      Obama and his demonRATS call criticism “racism”. Free speech is racism, so they want to take free speech, our first amendment away. How stupid is that? Yet, the demonRATS can have their free speech and demonize, poke fun of, demean, lie, terrorize, mock, bully, and it’s okay. They didn’t just criticize Bush, they demonized him and everyone associated with him. If you are a
      republican you are fair game. Bush took it like a man with dignity, held his head high, and even laughed about it, never, never threatening to take away our right to criticize or voice our opinion. But, demonRATs will rip you apart and gang up on your like bullies from hell. They are by all definition, “hypocrites” .

      We are suppose to do what they tell us to do, not what THEY do. A true dictatorship, they make themselves exempt from all laws, even the laws that they make for us, and they call us names but you cannot criticize anything they do as they bully you by their automatic race card on any subject they choose. Now they are telling us that to shut anyone who exposes their treason they want to lock you up.

      obama bully is calling US names when he calls us a racist and a terrorist. He can’t bring himself to call the terrorist a “terrorist. Of course, he’s special, he can call us names of racists and terrorists, but we can’t voice a simple opinion or tell the truth. Words are so dangerous, they get more of his attention than a deadly and dangerous virus called “Ebola” and a deadly evil barbaric dangerous terrorist called “ISIS” who swear to fly their evil terrorist flag over OUR nation at OUR White House.

      To obama, words are more dangerous than getting your head cut off, or being infected with Ebola, or closing and security our border to protect and defend OUR citizens! Wow, he sure is smart! Wow, the demonRATs are taking such good care of “the illegals and the terrorists”.

      Obama’s’ selection of what is really important is mind blowing. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see why our country is in the shape it’s in, and why all the leaders on this earth question his inability to make a sound decision, and shame his lack of integrity, dignity and morals. He shames our country with
      the lack of dignity in OUR White House, and his treatment of our citizens and our precious troops. And he has the nerve, THE PEOPLE WHO PAY HIS SALARY, to call us the racists. He’s got it all turned around, it is HE who is the racist.

    8. Glenda says

      Has anyone seen the Video of residents in Fugerson, Mo., being ‘shown” how to be Arrested? It is on FOX. The Riots got ”worse” when Obama talked about it at the Summit in New York. Most likely 98% of the people at the Sumnit had never heard of Furgerson until he ‘fed’ the ”frenzy.” He wanted to be recognized as the the Top Racist Informer along with his ”yes,” men, Eric Holder, Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton.

  2. DustyFae says

    Then let us clean out those in the WH ___they are great on the hate speeches

    1. Jim says

      What exactly do you mean; “Then let us clean out those in theWH…”? The election is in November of 2016.

      1. Cranky Steven says

        True, Jim, but maybe if we flush often enough?

      2. DustyFae says

        We do vote to control senate and try to take down the one party government and of course there is to be election in 2016… but do not forget to vote Nov 2014…

  3. WhiteFalcon says

    I would think that whether or not you like what someone says he has the right to say it. Criminalizing speech of any kind violates the First Amendment and therefore what is criminal is the criminalization of free speech. This is nothing but another attempt by the commie/Nazi left to impose more tyranny on the people so that they can control the people more. It is like trying to criminalize the name of the Washington Redskins football team. What is racist is those that yell racist at everything. I think it was Al Sharpton that claimed that white chocolate is racist. That is how stupidly racist the left is.

    1. Roselind Berry says

      It is not protected speech, when there is on firer, to shout fire in a crowded theater. There are limits to the right to say things that cause trouble. We must criminalize a few things to protect speech. For instance the person who dies when someone causes a calamity in a public place no longer has any freedom of anything, let alone speech.

      1. Mark Clemens says

        What if you yell “Movie” in a crowded Fire House????

        1. TexasStomp says


        2. Cranky Steven says

          LOL! But Rose won’t get it. 😉

          1. Mark Clemens says

            She’s working on it……..
            (I can see the smoke from here!)

          2. Cranky Steven says

            Hee, hee, heee! ;o)

        3. RobertNorwood says


        4. Fedupwiththefeds says

          I just love that comment! Thanks for the laugh!

          1. Mark Clemens says

            Thank Steve Martin. I saw him do a Stand up act (during his King Tut days). He had like 5 minutes of one liners like that…….
            The most amazing comic I ever saw live was Robin Williams.

          2. marshmil says

            The rest must have been dead.

      2. Andrew_DeMoray says

        There are not “limits to saying things that cause trouble”, there are consequences. Anyone can shout “fire” in a crowded theater. The consequences arise when the theater is not actually on fire. What the Left wants is to gag people so they cannot express opposition, whereas a just society would allow the speech and deliver consequences for misuse.

        1. Sue4477 says

          Well said!

        2. marshmil says

          Correct. And thanks for posturing Andrew.

      3. marshmil says

        So what’s your point Roselind Berry?

    2. RobertNorwood says

      The more liberals exist the more they are seen for what they are. They’re dangerous, crazy, misguided, and backwards on every issue. Perhaps I’m just some kind of optimist, but I think their time is on the way out. Events are catching up to them and they have nothing new.

      1. WhiteFalcon says

        I hope you are correct.

        1. marshmil says

          Me too.

    3. Fedupwiththefeds says

      I don’t know the answer but I’m sure you would know, how long have the Redskins (yes I said it!) had that name? Why has this never been an issue until just recently? Even Harry Reid is calling for a name change. Since when did politics interfere with NFL? People have to find something to be “offended” about. Are we going to consider that to be “hate speech”?

      1. WhiteFalcon says

        The Washington Redskins began life as the Boston Braves in 1932. As time past and because they had a head coach that was part Suiox Indian, the team was renamed the Boston Redskins. They couldn’ make any money in Boston at the time so they moved to DC and became the Washington Redskins in 1937. Suurce: Wikipedia. It is kind of an interesting history if you want to read it.

        1. Fedupwiththefeds says

          That’s very interesting! It only took over 70 years for someone to figure out they were offended by the name…

          1. marshmil says

            It’s simple. Today we have a breed of nut cakes who have nothing better to do than bitch about irrelevant matters. Show us where their value systems are located. In he pits.

    4. marshmil says

      Thank you White Falcon. It could not be stated better. And I’m sure someone, somewhere will label you a racist because you post as ‘WHITE” Falcon. There are in entomology two birds called Blackbirds and Black Vultures. Just wait, some nut cake will cook up a complaint about those two terms that have been standard for decades. The politically correct cannot stand it if they are not bitching about something. Shows me how much value they are to the general society. Zero!

      1. WhiteFalcon says

        I think it was Al Sharpton that bitched because he thought white chocolate was racist. Those people are such morons.

  4. Ken V says

    Perhaps Joe McCarthy was right all those years ago.

    1. Paula says

      Ken V… I’ve said that many times too. He was ahead of his time!

  5. Joe V. says

    I knew it!! First attack the 2nd Amendment then go after the 1st Amendment. The way liberals are, you will be charge with hate speech if you are a white Veteran who sees a fellow Black Veteran, And simply say “What’s Up Brother”.

    1. kuntrywraith says

      Absolutely on target statement! PC has gone to far……

    2. Fedupwiththefeds says

      What pisses me off is, when it comes to black people, they call each other “nigger” all the time. God forbid if a white man says it. They call whites “crackers”, “honkey” and whatever else and nobody says shit!

  6. jimwilson81 says

    Very good article. It reminds me of a case some years ago where a man was convicted of murder and got life imprisonment and the government wanted to add a “hate crime” charge against him too. Just plain stupid.

  7. Yadja says

    Well if that happens that means they can’t open their mouths anymore. Especially Reid, Pelosi and Debbie Washmymouth out chitz.

    If they added to that no more lying then we would be in business and O’s big purple lips would be shut.

    1. msbets says

      No, that means it’s only for the peons, people like you mentioned can still keep spewing the hate stuff, plus the kind of rot gut that LOVES OBAMA AND HIS TYPE, MALE OR FEMALE.

      1. Yadja says

        Ever hear of Radio Free Europe? Where there is a will there is a way.

        Black Market, Underground, Stealth Fighters, Night Warriors, a blind 15 year old started the French underground. His young fighters were invaluable.

        This country won’t take too much more.

        1. msbets says

          That my very well be true, but it shouldn’t be happening here AT ALL……..we shouldn’t be taking anything from the this pos, I certainly have NO faith in the voters.

          1. Yadja says

            I am going to be perfectly honest with you…..I don’t either and I am very worried about my country. Republicans and Dem/Progressives no good.

            I only hope that nobody comes onto the scene in 2016 to split the vote.

          2. msbets says

            that’s just another way to it, they will leave no stone, plus fraud, plus illegals voting, or I forgot to be PC(according to p!glousi) THE TERM IS………………. UNDOCUMENTED.

          3. Yadja says


  8. Helen says

    No, liberals want to see censorship of everything we say and do.. Nazi’s all!!! To agree or not agree with various things are normal. We do not need any illiterate liberal telling us we are not allowed to have freedom of speech!

    1. Paula says

      I didn’t see what you wrote.. but we said the same thing. The liberals are trying:

  9. Jerry_Morgan says

    If all hate speech was criminalized… no Liberal will be heard from again since all the hate and Racist speeches come from them. It would be kinda nice not having to hear their Anti-American… Anti-Christian… Pro-Homosexual, Pro-Baby Killing and Pro-Islamic Terrorist, Racist RANTS

    1. Paula says

      That’s in a normal world, Jerry_Morgan. obama would appoint a Racist Czar and he or she would sit in committee coming up with words to ban and they would be aimed at White and all Conservatives. It would be the epitome of PC.

      1. Jerry_Morgan says

        At that point… it may be necessary to employ that other little thing in the Constitution about citizens having the right to form a well armed Militia to fight the tyranny of Obama’s government.. Conservatives are not Racist and welcome all citizens to come together and fight the common cause of Destroying Obama’s Dictatorship.

        1. Paula says

          Amen.. That’s why obama has been dividing us… divide and conquer. He knows that if we all came together .. he’d be screwed! But he has all his alphabet agencies to sic on us and all of his race baiting tax payer funded buddies keeping us off balanced. We fund these people! That’s something we all need to remember! That’s something “they” need to realize!

          1. Jerry_Morgan says

            Spoken like a True American Patriot… Paula

          2. Paula says

            Thank you, sir!

          3. Cranky Steven says

            Wouldn’t it be just awful if Obama, our much-beloved president, got a dose of the Ebola? Just awful. I shudder to think what would happen to our country without our great leader.

          4. Fedupwiththefeds says


          5. Paula says

            Yeah me too!

          6. Cranky Steven says

            Or what if His head got stuck in a microwave while popping corn for the homeless poor because of those wonderful ears that are wide so that He might hear our prayers? And Michele tried to help Him by turning it on and His entire head boiled and swoll up and EXPLODED like a meatball bomb! How tragic does that sound.?!Please help me stop my weeping like a little girl…. (choke.)

          7. Paula says

            OK suck it up! LOL The ONLY thing I find unreal with your scenario is: he wouldn’t do anything for the homeless poor! You’ll have to come up with something a little more realistic. But I like the meatball bomb!

          8. Cranky Steven says

            Pork bombs for ISIS all around! And snag another banana for Obama, he lost his somehow.

          9. Paula says

            Wait… pork is expensive! Besides I like pork spare ribs. I have an idea how about the Neutron Bomb on those bastards? Oooo I think I just criminalized myself.

          10. Cranky Steven says

            Hmmmm, I just love a nice, slow-cooked pork roast myself. Possibly we could just drop their squishy doodies on them? Would that work or is that too close to their regular food?

          11. Paula says

            I haven’t heard (seen) the word doodies in years! You’re to funny.

          12. Cranky Steven says

            I be old. Real old. I helped God invent dirt.

          13. Paula says

            We’ll all be lucky if we get there! You did good on the dirt idea.

          14. Cranky Steven says

            Thank you. I just pointed out to Him that walking on gravel and stones was uncomfortable and those stupid flip-flops He insists on wearing don’t much help.

          15. Paula says

            LOL I’ve tried flip flops on gravel and sand, not a good idea.

          16. Fedupwiththefeds says

            That’s very true but I believe there are those individuals that will actually refuse his orders. He may think he’s all that and a bag of potato chips but he also has people in these alphabet agencies that love their jobs but don’t like him at all. My friends son works for the FBI and he and his colleagues do NOT like anything about Obama. They would arrest him before they would follow orders against the people. They have families too.

          17. Paula says

            did you see that video on Youtube how the military/police took guns from registered gun owners during Katrina? This was during Bush! So what could obama order?


            The government has gotten TO big.

          18. Fedupwiththefeds says

            I have not seen the video but I will have to look it up. It doesn’t surprise me, though.

          19. Paula says

            I haven’t heard that expression in a long time.. he’s all that plus a bag of potato chips! You made me laugh.

            True, I would think there are people that love their jobs, country and family…but look at the IRS, NSA, CIA (director is a muslim convert). DHS in ’03 bought 2 billion rounds of ammo, and some of the top people are muslims. All the agencies buying guns and ammo. Our Border Patrol Agents are given bean bag ammo BUT EPA agents are armed with live ammo. Nothing is making sense.

            But the liberals are more concerned with limiting Conservatives speech. Let the illegals flood the borders. Let the muslims start murdering our citizens. Let Ebola come into the country. Don’t be concerned about all the scandals that have rocked the obama administration. Because the ONLY important thing is: protecting minorities against alleged hate speech from Conservatives! But NO ONE is protecting US against their hate speech.

            FUWTF: I got off subject.. sorry. ALL of this is frightening and there’s no end in sight. At least not a good one.

    2. Maggiemae says


  10. bpr1122 says

    The trouble with criminalizing hate speech is that the liberals define what hate speech is. For example, saying George Bush lied, George Bush is stupid, George Bush hates black people; Republicans want kids with Alzheimer to defend for themselves, Republicans want dirty air and dirty water, Republican want to throw grandma from the cliff; etc. is not hate speech. However, liberals classify saying Obama told a lie is as hate speech.

    1. Roselind Berry says

      Well, so far, we don’t have any kids with Alzheimers. And even some liberals recognize, and resent, that Obama told a dandy pair of lies about keeping satisfactory policies and doctors.

      1. bpr1122 says

        There is a video showing Eric Canter telling Obama that millions of Americans will lose there heath insurance if the ACA is passed. Obama laughs as says that they will have better insurance. Therefore, Obama knew that Americans would lose their health insurance if the ACA became law.

        1. Fedupwiththefeds says

          Now why doesn’t that surprise me? Can you name one thing he has said that was true? I can’t think of any.

          1. bpr1122 says

            He was going to fundamentally change America.

          2. Fedupwiththefeds says

            Ok, you got me there. He’s done a damn good job of that. Had he just come out and said he was going to destroy America the stupid liberals and blacks that voted ONLY because of his skin color STILL would have voted for him.

          3. bpr1122 says


      2. Fedupwiththefeds says

        He’s told more than just a “dandy pair of lies”. Everything that spews from his mouth is a lie.

  11. Kenyan Mocker says

    Sounds like the easiest solution will be not to say anything and aim precisely.

  12. allen goldberg says

    Hate Speech = you do not agree with Democrats

    1. Cathy L Clark says

      I agree with you.

    2. Cranky Steven says

      Or common sense.

  13. Lily Haley says

    “Congress shall make no law……..”
    A hate speech law would be unconstitutional. Period.
    Could they be sued for violating their oath of office?

    1. Cranky Steven says

      Who would do so? The RINOs? I think not. The Constitution has been trampled into the mire with the compliance and even assistance of the RINOs.

      1. Fedupwiththefeds says

        Based on a Supreme Court dissent I was reading yesterday in regards to whether or not parts of the ACA were unconstitutional (which they are by the way), I would like to hope that the Supreme Court would rule that a law of such nature would be unconstitutional. I can’t see our First Amendment rights being censored like this. I would imagine that a law would be made that made it illegal to engage in conversations in regards to “hate speech”. So in other words, you can say whatever you want, but you can’t talk to anyone else about it. That’s how ridiculous liberals are and that’s probably the way they will get around it.

  14. Sylvester Jones says

    Hate? Its called diversity idiots.

  15. draftinging says

    I go alone with that,,,if we add politation lying become criminalize…We can start with obama”if you like your insurance to can keep it” etc…Nancy P has so many …Harry Reid” mit Romney has cheat on his income tax for ten yrs” etc Debbie Schultz Wiseman.another who lies everytime she open her mouth…maybe Bill clinton could share one of his cigars with her…and point his finger saying “I didn’t have sex with that women.” Susan Rice “it was a video, Hillary clinton” What difference does it make”

  16. RMCSRET says

    Just read between the lines folks, it is LIBERALS who will make the determinations of what is covered
    under the law and then the LIBERAL JUDGES will hear the cases. GUESS WHO LOSES?

    1. Andrew_DeMoray says


      1. RMCSRET says

        So very Very right/

  17. Jr1776 says

    Good rule for liberals.

  18. Namdoc68 says

    First and foremost banning so-called “hate” or any kind of speech sounds like an attack on my 1st Amendment rights. Secondly, who will determine what is to be considered “hate” speech? The GOP and conservatives? The Democrats and liberals? The Bible or the Koran? Because there are so many opinions on everything, maintaining the 1st Amendment is paramount. And in plain terms, the last thing I need is the government or liberals or anyone else telling me what I can say or can’t say. The PC Nazis and race baiters are bad enough.

    1. lha says

      In Nazi Germany,they put people who disagreed with them in “work camps”. In the USSR,they put them in Siberian”reorientation camps” to get their minds on the right track. I guess here,if the libs have their way,FEMA camps will be full!!

  19. red55bird says

    You say this can’t happen ? Ronald Reagan said it only takes one generation to lose FREEDOM, the question should be our we that generation ?

    1. Cranky Steven says

      We already are, to our shame.

  20. dosadoe says

    There is not enough jail cells to house all the Liberal/Socialists who are committing hate speech crimes everyday!

    1. Cranky Steven says

      True, dosadoe, but libcoms need not be afraid. It is not they who need fear the jails.

  21. SaneZidane says

    It’s a moot point anyway it comes down. If enacted, there is no law that says a democrat politician cannot vote while behind prison bars. After all, their the ones that perfected hate speech.

  22. guest says

    What about Free Speech is so difficult for liberals to understand? When they can SHUT UP the people, communism isn’t far off! There is a reason the founders gave us FREE SPEECH. No one has the right to not be offended.

    1. Cranky Steven says

      Well put.

  23. John Burks says

    how would the “dems” campaign? most all their ads are hate filled.

  24. Cathy L Clark says

    It will be what THEY consider hate speech.

  25. Terry Rushing says

    It’s too bad that the “public education system” no longer teaches things like The Bill of Rights, American history and the constitution as a part of grades 1 through 12 education. I believe that the founders were inspired as they laid out our system but due to lack of understanding people fall victim to the “touchie-feelie” lure of political correctness. Some with an agenda but many more of sheer ignorance. I offer only an observation because I have no solution in mind.

    1. Verity says

      I just hate this hippie ‘touchie-feelie’ stuff. You can be nice, but you also have to be real.

  26. william barker says

    this would not cover blacks hate speech only what white people say. If they change our constitution it may cause white people to protest in the streets by the millions. IT COULD BE WORST. then it might be hard to find a cop to enforce such BS

  27. PIERRE77L says

    Then let’s have the liberals democrats be criminalized for being a member and terrorist. So we could put Obama and his crew in jail. So he could be a queen to those would be lovers.

  28. FloridaJim says

    Liberals want only their speech to be unchallenged that is a liberal tenet and always has been. Hypocrisy runs rampant throughout the world of Liberals /Democrats/ Progressives/ Marxists, New Dealers/ change the name change the debate is an old liberal tenet.

  29. USCBIKER says

    Great, we can imprison most of CNN and all of PMSNBC!

  30. Mark Clemens says

    A lot of those mean mouth gay and female activists would be jailed, the first day it went in effect. Some political partys just don’t look out for their voter base any more………

  31. Educated fool says

    Hate speech regulation? Or is this just the latest tactic to mute our righteous criticism of those lawless incompetent fools, whom are now sadly in so-called power?

  32. Maggiemae says

    Free speech, along with our other freedoms, has to be preserved at all costs or we really become a communist country with no freedoms left….government will dictate everything. I would love nothing more than to shut up the hate spewing liberals on TV. However, I accept their freedom to speak their opinions (I just walk away from the TV), but they also have to respect the conservatives right of our opinions, which they don’t do. The liberals view of everything is ‘jam it down everyone’s throat’ and force them to change their minds. That will never happen with me!

  33. Maria castro says

    Are they finally going to shut up. Stop twisting, yelling, blinking and talking over the other person? Have you noticed how they get cross eye?

    1. Jeanne Stotler says

      James, the Libs will trump up charges on anyone they think is a barrier to them ruling us, just look at the former Gov., they took what was and looks like an affair of his wife, and used a disgruntled employee, to file charges, now there is Perry, they brought up an old item on Christie, wait and they will find something on anyone DARING to compete with Hitlery and Bill, oh yes he’ll have a lot of say, They want a one party rule.

  34. James Maxwell says

    Open and honest speech use to be prized in our nation then came the Ultra Left wing Lying liberals who
    will spew forth innuendos and chargers against their opponent. They will tell an spread outright lies
    they resort the the trick in book of spreading untruth about their opponent to try and convince their
    low information uninformed voters to fall for their Hype and Scam games to get in or stay in office.
    We have seen them filed charges that have tied up others in the courts for years such a Tom Delay
    driving them out of politics. Eventually the truth comes out and the courts rule in favor of Tom Delay
    exonerating him from the lies and charges filed by a political motivated criminal who hid in a
    office that prevented him from being held accountable for his actions. We see the same tactics being
    used against the Governor of Texas and other states. The Ultra Left are hoping to drive them out
    of politics because they are exposing the corruption and lies of the Left. if the Left gets is wishes
    and passes this legislation they will be exposing themselves to the same criminal charges and
    prosecution they hope to used when the truth is told about them. Should be interesting

  35. Arizona Don says

    In order for such a law to satisfy the liberal progressives it would have to be “them” who made the determination as to what is hate speech. That is the way it is with liberal progressives they know the conservatives will not abuse it but they also know they can. However, everybody knows restrictions on speech would be unconstitutional (against the first amendment). Just another reason why the founders were so wise when establishing this Constitutional Republic. Changes to the constitution must be done in a specific way and that procedure is spelled out within the constitution itself for a purpose.

    For some reason the liberals think they will be the only party to ever hold power again in this once great nation. They are wrong. Before, that happens there will surely be a civil war right here in America. All or at least most conservatives know a one party nation is obama’s goal. Make no mistake, real Americans had to fight tyranny to get that constitution and real Americans will fight it again to keep it. Take that to the bank. Eighty million or so armed citizens say we “ain’t” gonna be a push over and sure as hell any takeover attempt will not remain peaceful.

    These imbeciles may have elected the idiot now in the white house with the intent of transforming this nation but it will not happen without violence. That is fact. So either back off or get it on!

    barack obama has no spine he is all talk no action. He has demonstrated that over and over in the last nearly six years. He is a lying no good imbecile who should not be in charge of the chicken coop and the libs elected him as “their” leader. Doesn’t say much for them does it? Consequently, he will never succeed in his fundamental transformation, never! Maybe the libs are pansies the conservatives are not. That we are willing to prove if pushed into it.

    One last thought. The only people who never make a mistake are those who do nothing. We all know that is fact. Now think about something, obama has, according to HIM, not made any mistakes since taking office nearly six years ago. Who now thinks he is an active president with great intentions? Anyone?

  36. daveveselenak says

    Really. if they did that then they would be rendered mute as they are the guiltiest ones that incessantly spew hate speech from their sewer mouths! mInr, NSA!

  37. bdcorvette says

    Liberals are fools. If hate speech is criminalized, they will all end up in jail or fined.

  38. Scott D. Young says

    Ha, thats one way to shut them up!

  39. IMPCALGI says

    This law will NEVER be directed against the Al Sharpton’s and Louis Farrakhan’s of the world. It will NEVER be directed against the Bill Maher’s of the world, when they call conservative women the vilest names possible. In fact, let’s call it like it is: it will NEVER be directed against any of the herd of fools, criminals and power mad fanatics who voted for Obama. This is meant to silence patriots, conservatives, libertarians, preppers, pro lifers and indeed anyone who questions the fascist police state dictatorship America is becoming.
    ed, We are at war. The ObamaNazis of this country hate you, and they want silenc

  40. infadelicious says

    funny how it’s liberals that get to define “hate speech”..

    1. Jeanne Stotler says

      I got a catalog yesterday from a place called “The Lighter side”, they sell a lot of silly stuff and tee shirts, they got one that is a jewel, says, I WILL NOT be FORCED to learn a FOREIN LANGUAGE to accommodate ILLEGALS in MY COUNTRY, we should all order one, there are other good ones as well, this company is 100 yrs. old, family owned in Bradenton, Fla.

  41. loran says

    We should all know exactly what the Progressive liberal is after, what their ultimate goal is. They do desire the full repeal of our Constitution because it’s the only thing standing in their way of a complete political takeover of this nation. That and the nuclear family unit, a traditional family unit with a real mother and father must go. Then there is the problem they have with religion, Christianity especially. That has to go too. Call me a nut case, I really don’t care. Look at the support the Democrats give to same sex marriage and the gay community. You think it’s because they agree with this culture? No it’s definitely not. Even some of their lesbian leaders have come out and were bold enough to tell the truth about what their desire is. Look at how they are implementing this practice of gay couples adopting children. I don’t care what you say about this, in my mind this is not good. These Progressives are messing with the minds of our children. California is currently trying real hard to make all public school toilets, locker rooms and SHOWERS co ed. They are using the excuse of gender identity or more correctly misidentify as the reason. Already some other states have implemented this program in their schools. None of these states are being successful in this endeavor. Parents are pulling their children from these public schools which is probably a good thing. Finally all one has to do is listen to the TV or read a newspaper or even the internet to see how fierce the attack obj religion is. You’ve got the ACLU and other organizations like the “Freedom from Religion” people attacking at every chance they can think of. And the money behind all this is in the billions. These organizations have the backing they will need for 100 years. I used to think that these Progressive liberals had hijacked the Democrat party. Maybe they did in the beginning, but now days I believe their ideology has spread to the rank and file like a deadly virus. The only way to oppose them is through education. We must get people to want to learn what a Progressive is, where and how this movement started and what their goals are. That is going to be the hardest thing to do.

  42. Roger_T73 says

    It all depends on who define Hate Speech!!!
    If the liberTARDs are in power “Obama lied” is hate speech and “Bush lied” is perfectly fine. Be careful Amerika

  43. wildeagleone says

    I have a message for the liberals and that is that I HATE ALL YOU ARE DOING

  44. killnow says

    well, the first thing that comes to mind…is this: WHAT ABOUT ALL OF THE F#@KING HATE SPEACH THEY OOZE OUT OF THEIR FOUL AND POISONOUS MOUTHS….??? HUH?

  45. bill says

    just a word to minnesotans and nevadans .. the two losers leading this movement are al franken and harry reid. they want to stop anyone pointing out what causes these two libtards support.. these two states must remove the two ….. hopefully at their next election.

    1. Fedupwiththefeds says

      From what I read on the Reno news station, the current governor, Brian Sandoval (a Republican) is considering running against Harry Reid in the next elections. If there is anyone that can beat him, I believe it’s Sandoval. The last election, Sharon Angle went up against him. If you looked up “ding-bat” in the dictionary, you would see her picture. She was a very weak candidate. I strongly believe Brian Sandoval would take the entire state. I lived in Nevada for 15+ years before moving this summer.

  46. Christopher Riddle says

    LibTurds should just”Look In The Mirror”for They are The”Purveyors of HATE”!!We just want to left alone(Protected)by The US Constitution which they seek to Destroy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. T. VOGT says

    Hate speech, I see speaking out against Obama, Holder, Reid, Pelosi, Radical Islamist, Illegal invaders… those and all the other “politically correct” double speak is meant to silence me but it is fine for some idiot to get on a forum and tell me that because he is BLACK God is his and I have no right to pray to HIS GOD… when I express Islamic taken in the extreme is someone that worships a syphilitic pedophile warlord… they can lie to me because I am female and worth nothing to them other then to rape then kill… I really don’t see that as a religion of peace… Yet as long as they agree to follow those teachings in their homes and religious houses then that if fine since they take away my ability to say thank god, merry Christmas, or heaven forbid bless you when you sneeze.. Kids are being brainwashed that guns, the bible and fair competition is wrong everyone must get participation awards.. that works in special Olympics but not in an honor program..I don’t Dress up in my wedding dress with all my friends and go thru the streets chanting about male female sex acts, why should my kid be subjected to GAY pride displays that a whole heck of a lot are down right obscene.. AND YES I don’t go to New Orleans for Mardi Gras either I have a set of breasts I am not interested in seeing theirs or flashing mine.. I get enough of that stuff as a nurse/emt..

    So yes call the word police.. after all we have food police.. my feelings are hurt police, I’m Black so I can’t be racist police..{yea most of the racist I have come across are Black not white..} but I have been told that isn’t a possibility every one knows it’s whites only.. Call ALL THE POLITICAL CORRECT ADJUSTMENT POLICE.. I’ll just load my gun and defend my Self, Family and Property, Church, Bible,Flag, and our Troops…. The RESIDENT in the White House I consider a TRAITOR and wouldn’t do a darn thing to revive him if he fell unresponsive at my feet.. I’d take that as an act of God that I shouldn’ interfear with..

  48. ROGERGB says

    First it was Political Correctness devised by the Liberal Democrats to be the first step in curbing our 1st Amendment of Free Speech, when that wasn’t enough to meet their demands they have now come up with Hate Speech to further their agenda to shut us up. I say to these people, you can kiss my and millions of other Americans butts as we are going to call them like we see them. A Spade Is still a Spade no matter how you say it.

  49. robbjack says

    If the progressives are pushing it, it is to stifle every voice but theirs.. Like i have said a thousand times.. “If you let them control the language, they will control your view of the world and make you their slave”

    1. Jeanne Stotler says

      Thanks for your service, I feel for all in uniform today, they are fighting to preserve this Country and the POS in the WH is under minding them at every corner, God Bless them and America

      1. robbjack says

        Thank you Ma’am .. My son-in-law is active duty, I fear for them as well…

        1. Joseph Toth says

          I am just waiting to see if the servicemen’s votes will somehow disappear in the upcoming elections! I too want to thank you for your service to this great Country! May God bless you and all server Her.

          1. robbjack says

            Thank you sir, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that..

    2. Verity says

      Thank you robbjack for bringing up that very important point.

  50. SKULLTAKER says

    NOW that homosexuals getting So-Called married is gonna be legal in 30 States of Course they will try to Stop people from saying anything to hurt their little feelings ! The Elections Next Month should start to put America Back on the Right Path !!! The Liberals will next PUSH to legalize Pedophilia, its just a Matter of time.

  51. bushwacko says

    Hate speech falls on the ears of the beholder. Do liberals not hear the hate spewed from the lips of organizations such as The nation of Islam, The Black Panthers, the Naacp or obamas church? Sure you want to go there?

    1. SKULLTAKER says

      LIBERAL LOGIC- ” Oh that’s Different “

  52. Paul Revere says

    We should criminalize the Democrats as they are truly COMMIES and not truly Americans as our Founding Fathers would see today. Therefore we must attack those Liberals as enemies of the Constitution.

  53. Paul Revere says

    One of the very reasons we have to have a war because the courts and anything else will not make any difference to change our country back to Under God as our Founding Fathers put it and clearly Stated!!

  54. Joyce White says

    The problem with that idea is, you can hate what a certain group stands for, without hating the individuals in the group. Where do you draw the line? Is it a crime to hate an idea? I absolutely abhor the Homosexual Agenda. I don’t abhor homosexuals, I have known many and I love them all. It is important to seperate the individual from the idea.

  55. Mark Clemens says

    ……..Ain’t it strange. Those who cry tolerance the loudest, are the first ones who want to silence people who decent their opinions

    You know else is stranger……..?
    A man who seals all of his past legal documents and records to run for President. Once he is elected to the presidency, he eavesdrops on the whole nation. Wanting to invade every aspect of our lives and privacy.

    Jesus had a word for both groups mentioned above. HYPOCRITES

    1. Verity says

      still cannot understand how the voters could have elected O not once, but
      twice! I still do not understand why the voters do not demand, even now, to see
      everything….you know, that thing called, not only transparency….but
      honesty. When his lies and deceits are revealed….will everything he had done in the name of the President of the United States be overturned???? Think about it.

  56. adrianvance says

    That will backfire and half of them will wind up in jail.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” and get sharp.

  57. SFC US Army Retired says

    Liberals Want to See Hate Speech Criminalized. Big deal I want to see Liberals Criminalized, and souls in hell want ice water. Don’t see that happen either!

  58. RobertNorwood says

    As I like to say “is a pattern emerging here?”.
    Of course there is, and we’ve all been watching it. Back in the day the liberals used to run around decrying big government and government intervention, it was all about free speech even when it came to art that featured religious themes smeared in schit, flag burnings, trashing as a form of protest. They went around with George Orwell’s book “1984” like it was some sort of catechism and Big Brother was all on their minds. Big Brother was the boogie man they warned everyone about, well….fast forward to today and 1984 is here and the liberals brought it. And the boogie man? Can you say Obama?

  59. kris littlefield says

    Sounds a whole lot like we’re headed toward creating the “Thought Police”, as in “1984”, as in pre-war Japan as in pre-war Germany. This has been coming for over 100 years. The powers that be are already re-writing and destroying our history. The minute we opened the door to and started acknowledging socialism we headed down the path of our demise. The minute we allowed socialists to teach our kids without defending our values and standing up for ourselves we started nailing the coffin shut. Even with all that, I have a hard time believing that anyone that was born in this country would want to destroy who we are. What country do you think is better? Who should we be like? Once we lose our freedoms and our identity there won’t be any going back. I hope people wake up to that fact. It’s like once you’re dead you’re dead. No coming back. Once America is gone it’s gone and that’s all she wrote folks.

  60. jbftskj says

    I love it, let’s do it! That will put Jesse, Al, Reid and Pelosi in prison where they rightfully belong!

  61. BlueEyedAl says

    Besides destroying the 1st Amendment, only non-democrats would be guilty of hate speech. That is the democrats plan to silence the truth, not to silence hate speech. Hate speech is the only kind of speech that Harry Reid knows, but of course it would not be classified as hate speech.

  62. bobwhite says

    Of course those Commie dirtbags will want to determine what is “hate speech” and what isn’t. Just another Commie trick to silence any and all opposition. Screwumall!

  63. Storm says

    If the Dems or libs do away with hate speech what will they have left to say….I don’t know if I can take the silence

    1. Fedupwiththefeds says

      No kidding. Then we would miss laughing at all the idiotic things coming out of Nancy Pelosi’s mouth!

  64. Betty Hanner says

    you can not belive one word the dems tell you because the only thing that come out of thery mouth is what obama tell them to say and you know obama is lieing ever time he open his mouth

  65. ttoolman says

    Well they have taken away a lot from us Americans so now we will not be allowed to have an opinion..What is next a limit on how much air we can breath in..Man we need to clean Washington out..get rid of all of those idiot morons from Obama right down to every mayor in every city…Well I need to go to the restroom and take a Obama and then wipe my congress.

  66. Mark Clemens says

    Let’s try this out & see how it works, on a small scale:
    Next time a liberal or democrat disagree w/you, or better yet calls you any name from stupid to Teabilly. Just tell them it’s” Hate Speech”. Let’s see how they like it. If they reply anything else. Call it Hate Speech. Tell them not to hate. Just keep repeating. Watch ’em melt down………

    1. Fedupwiththefeds says

      There are a couple that I haven’t seen commenting recently. One is J.B. and she ends her comments with Love, Judy and the other is kathy who is filled with hate and uses the teabilly term all the time. Try it on those two.

      1. Mark Clemens says

        I think Kathy is were I’ve seen Teabilly. I think it’s funny really, but any insult is really hate speech. Only a fool in a free country, or wanna be Tyrant would want censorship.
        What about Clayton Bigsby? That is the funniest thing I’ve seen in 20 years. This proposal would of denied my right to access humor.

  67. stephanie wilson says

    why am i not shocked by this??

  68. bobclaville says

    If they make any kind of speech criminal. Then they should obey their own demands and take the Entire Obama admin, with every Congressional Democrat on a one-way visit to GITMO.

  69. soldiermom11 says

    Sounds good to me! One way to shut them up!

  70. KayO says

    I’ve noticed they have no problem expressing their hate. It doesn’t take much to make them hate you-just disagree, and that’s all it takes.

  71. Archangel says

    I want to see Liberal euthanized!

  72. Karen Scharps says

    LOL Liberals won’t be able to talk if this is accepted. They have the meanest mouths on FB.

  73. rmwayne says

    Does that include the hate speech being spoken by left wing liberals against anybody who’s white, Christian, heterosexual and/or conservative? Or is this just another double standard being pushed by the maggots to force their agenda on normal Americans? I have a feeling it’s the latter.

  74. Clay says

    I don’t know who penned the laws governing hate speach or “use of fighting words” but I would like to take them out behind the barn and beat a little backbone into the spineless jellyfish aka empty suit.Our Founding Fathers would roll all over their graves hearing about these politically corrupt laws being penned!

  75. runnindeer says

    No, this should be rewritten to say that liberals and democrats like Harry Reed , want free speech to be only for Democrats or those who support their cause. They also want to do away with the Constitution and take over the Government and in my opinion that would constitute treason! So they are ( again in my opinion) advocating for treasonous acts.

  76. terrymengle says

    Canada already has such laws and the main target seems to be religious speech. If, for example, you express the religious opinion that sodomy is wrong, you can go to jail. That is where criminalizing speech will lead. Freedom of speech will be killed along with freedom of relgion!

  77. billdeserthills says

    We rally need some more cartoons depicting Mohammed, I recall it keeping muslims busy being pissed off at just one guy (the cartoonist) instead of the world.

  78. ihatelibs says

    If That passes . The LIB/DEMS wouldn’t be Allowed to SPEAK .

  79. ihatelibs says

    Whats My CELL number . Keep the sheets changed , If this passes . I’ll be a Regular .

  80. slypuffers says

    The only “Hate Speech” to be held accountabe is the free pass Reid, Pelosi, and other Progressive Democrats, spew on the floor of both Houses of Congress. They yell this disgusting babble with complete immunity from disingenuous, deceitful, innuendos. The MSM supports these comments, by failing to verify, and passing said trash, supporting their biased Ideology. All should be able to be sued………..sweethearts. Democrats are in total fear of the Constitution, and should be removed from office, fined, and lose retirement benefits, for failing their oath to support, and defend the Constitution.

  81. Dianna Zerbe says

    Lord help us JESUS! our ancestors are turning over in the graves!
    open our eyes and ears and get us ready for what is about to happen in this great country

  82. Hudmar says

    If that’s the case there wouldn’t be any Liberals talking.

  83. Harold Cranford says

    This is about as goofy as anything the liberals have come up with to date! First off, it not only would put them out of business, but it would prevent people from KNOWING who the haters really are, ONE CAN HATE WITHOUT GIVING VOICE TO IT!!! S T U P I D D D. . ..

  84. Jesse Broadt says

    That would be trampling on our First Amendment rights. Short of making terroristic threats, NO speech of ANY kind should be illegal. This is a thinly veiled attempt by the left to censor Christian conservative conversation. Is hate speech such as “Jesus Freak and “Bible Thumper,” and “Cracker” going to be banned as well? Yeah…I didn’t think so.

  85. Deborah G says

    I do too. Start with Al Sharpton, Jessie hjackson, Black Panthers, Alan Greyson and Debbie Wasserman Shultz, Maxine Waters and Guiterrez. Once they are in jail for their filthy hate speech then we can move on

  86. Loving America says

    Well the next expense if Freedom of Speech is trampled on is to spend the money to imprison all the liberals in Office, and arrest Sharpton and Jackson and all the rioters, oh boy what a day….it will all be taken care of then for the rest of us who despise the acts of abortion…it is a silent speech saying it is okay to kill and be immoral, rioting is a silent speech saying it is okay to rob and destroy others property,
    the okay for gays is a silent statement saying it is okay to allow men to lay with men and women with women, when people are for laws to hurt other people plus our Nation in the eyes of the World it shows the rest of us that the leaders wants another Roman Empire! Let’s take them down! States that do not want to be told by the liberals how we should run our own business and affairs then ignore them!

  87. Goodforall says

    Now that’s just too much as libs are the ones who use hate speech in their daily activities.

  88. Judy says

    I want liberal trash criminalized.

  89. pysco says

    Liberals make 90% of the Hate Speech….. However, I still believe in the First Amendment… Liberals need to STFU.

  90. fog donkey says

    KY Senate Candidate Alison Grimes (D) donor: She’s going to f**k ‘em as soon as she gets elected. Of course libs never use that kind of language! LMAO…HYPOCRITES!

  91. ONLYJB1 says

    But beheadings and shootings are just workplace violence? That terrible hate speech! If it is TRUTH, then it’s truth speech! If it’s lies, then it’s lie speech! We have a government that is out of control as well as CORRUPT! So many can say what ever they want and that’s ok. The problem the progressive communist have is when people speak the TRUTH! To them, truth is hateful! Well, I wonder why that is?

  92. mallen11 says

    Since most libs seem to have criminal ideals, they can only think everyone else should think like them but not say anything against them. They just don’t like to hear the truth.

  93. sandy2249 says

    Since its democrats that do 99%of the hate speech it will be tougher one them then us but they don’t mean hate speech they mean anyone that disagrees with them , that’s what liberals consider hate speech !

  94. WhiteFalcon says

    I would like to see liberalism criminalized.

  95. marilyn says


  96. David C Kelder says

    If hate speech is outlawed, liberals will have nothing to say. Of course, they will find a way to exempt themselves.

  97. mike slaney says

    Hate Speech compared to responsible “Free Speech.” or should we say “TRUTH SPEECH” back by the Constitution. To deny Hate speech (as offensive as it may be) is to deny all men the right to, “FREE SPEECH, a Constitutional Right. Many would like to deny Atheists and Liberals their RIGHT to speech, as foolish speech, but they have the right to that to as fools.

  98. sherri palmer says

    then liberals will not be able to speak, oh happy day!

  99. gutz22 says

    Starting to call the kettle black? I would think that when Barry The Bathhouse Punk said “We will reward our friends & punish our enemies ” would fall into this catergory.

  100. nancy williams says

    Turn it around on them. When we see they are speaking ugly and crazy just say you are racist and let them know that is not allright for them to think or talk that way to us. It works they freek out because we are saying that to them. Try it. I did on the internet and the girl did not know what to say because they never get called out for what they say that is demeaning to us. We have to learn to fight back there way so people will see it is not us.

  101. badger says

    Hate speech is a one way street. The left wing and one of many steps that has already been started toward dictatorship.

  102. dhwilson58 says

    WTF! Obama got all his maggot sheep stirring up as much havoc as possible while he’s still in office. I didn’t realize just how many totally brain dead, ignorant mentally disabled maggots he has causing trouble for the rest of the country. We have to stop that muslim terrorist now!!!

  103. Terry Tate says

    Keep dreaming you Liberal bas terds!!!!!!!!!

  104. Concerned Citizen says

    No group practices hate speech more than the liberal media.

  105. ward says

    Hate speech is quite affective against the dictators & satanist criminals trying to control every persons thoughts ..! This part of Free speech is not a crime & the ones trying to make it the law are the abusive criminals..! Libs are the ones that are attacking U.S. Citizens Rights & even J.J. & A.S that are full of it !

  106. RobertNorwood says

    They want to put themselves out of business?

  107. Wayne says

    LIBERALS suck!!!

  108. Patrick Thomas says

    Democrats and liberals can kiss my ass. They are worthless pieces of shit.

    1. Cletus B. Neckbeard says

      They got a promotion?!

  109. mmbz67a says

    I say F the liberals and There hate speech mongering along with there I want to put you in jail cause I don’t like you tactics , speech or you attitudes.

  110. badger says

    Even if the truth is being told about the liberals.

  111. bobclaville says

    If they succeed in criminalizing HATE SPEECH. They will effectively be closing the doors on the DNC, and the DEMOCRAT party forever. No first amendment, and they are GONE.

    1. Cletus B. Neckbeard says

      Ha ha. Like it will apply to them…

  112. Blanche R Payne says

    That’s what concerns me about all this “hate speech” drivel. How do you define hate speech, and whose going to define it?

  113. PIERRE77L says

    No wonder they’re called Demonrats. Oh by the way if Rat is mentioned would rhyme with Rap musics. Rap with Black. Then they will say I’m racist. Stupid ! Stupid ! Stupid !

  114. Ed Shick says

    Some of these Muslim Clerics sound more hateful than any one when they talk up their Shara law ,when killings, lying and Beheading is their belief .

  115. ihatelibs says


  116. MJB says

    “Hate Speech”, “Hate Crimes” are all violations of the 14th Amendment’s equal protection clause!

  117. Joseph r carreiro sr says

    If this happened the Dems would be in big trouble and they know it. Opinion.

  118. James W Parker III says

    Who decides what hate speech is? One person’s hate speech is someone else’s idea of free speech. If you don’t like it, don’t listen. Unfortunately, news hungry TV stations spend too much time magnifying the antics of idiots and the ill informed. NOT EVERY PROTEST IS NEWSWORTHY. The news megaphone makes every incident a major event. Cool it!

  119. mercurydeb says

    The above states issues I have considered lately. If these laws are passed by amending the first amendment, the next thing will be to outlaw speech against certain PARTIES. And you may
    make book on that!!

  120. John Burks says

    obvious violation of first amendment.

  121. grover rambo says

    Liberalism should be criminalized!

  122. thunderbob says

    a good Communist move!

  123. william g munson says


  124. Mark Tallman says

    Maybe the Democrat whores of Barak HUSSEIN Obama need to look in the mirror first before they start throwing stones.

  125. Merienne Lynch says

    If Liberals want hate speech stopped they ought to define it. Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, Juan Williams and many others speak hate. If disagreeing with someone’s point of view means to them that I hate them, they are dead wrong. I disagree with them and even speak out against their point of view but I HATE NO ONE. Jesus died for everyone therefore I have to follow His example and not hate. He hated SIN NOT THE SINNER.

  126. babsan says

    Great,then all the vile Marxist,vile Leftists will not be able to open their big mouths

  127. Mike Lawson says

    “Hate-speech laws” will never work in this country for one reason: the average Joe and Jane, and most if not all true conservatives for that matter, speak in plain English because they know their words “can and will be used against (them) in a court of law.” Liberals like to accuse their enemies of using “code words” and you cannot prosecute someone for defamation or slander for using “code words”- they must be judged by their exact words. No judge who wants to keep his/her bar license will instruct a jury to look beyond what the defendant has said, and interpret what he/she “actually meant.” That’s a self-inflicted wound that many liberal troublemakers bleed from, and it doesn’t appear the wound will close anytime soon.

  128. Archie Cogollos says

    We don’t need this …Speech Laws….Freedom of Speech…We the people are good, smart. and moral enough, to do the right thing……if you don’t agree…well ask that you think of the places that have controlled speech…..that should answer it for you….

  129. Archangel says

    There is a disease debilitating this country referred to as LIBERALISM, and it shares the same basic delusional tenets of Progressivism, Socialism, Marxism and Communism. The most common and obvious symptoms of this disease is the overwhelming need of the infected individual to constantly
    exhibit an unbridled penchant to champion one ludicrous cause after the next with complete indifference and disregard to the consequences of their actions!

    It is relatively simple to diagnose.

    When an individual, usually a Democrat, begins to babble on incoherently, spewing delusional drivel regarding the need for egalitarianism, or THE NEED TO DEPRIVE EVERYONE OF RIGHTS TO WHICH THEY OBJECT, or the need to make someone else’s life as miserable as their own, or the need to redistribute the income of American’s who actually work for a living, or the wonders of the Tyranny of Collectivism and a Marxist Socialist Dystopia, or they begin to banter about virulent terms like racist, bigot, homophobe, misogynist, sexist, xenophobe, islamaphobe, nativist, white privilege or “George Bush” you can be assured that individual has contracted LIBERALISM!

    Other symptoms that are prevalent with those who have had prolonged exposure to the disease of
    Liberalism is that they develop an uncanny need to lie, to distort the facts, to distort the truth, to rely upon abstract logic and to orchestrate and foment political hysteria and chaos at every opportunity for which they can take advantage regardless of consequences!

    It never ceases to amaze me when these Delusional Democrats, Liberal Lunatics and Progressive Communists who espouse the sociopolitical ideologies of Socialism, Marxism and Communism and who are intent on raining destruction and chaos upon our CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC will simultaneously cry out for the protection of that which they are intent on destroying when they come to the realization that they are also required to adhere to their own insanity!


  130. Merienne Lynch says

    I am very illiterate when it comes to new things on the computer. So when I see that you are following me here I don’t know what to do with it. So if you want to contact me I am on face book, twitter as MerienneL. and you can google me for the “Let’s Get Real Show” on; which is a secular network, I don’t necessarily like talking with the choir when so many need help in other things. I enjoyed these posts even the negative ones for an expression of how you feel and for whatever reasons is a way that I can help other and issues in prayer. God bless every one of you.

  131. Patrick Thomas says

    I hate liberals. I hate progressives. I hate Democrats. I hate queers. I hate Muslims. Now try to arrest me for that.

  132. Mike Lawson says

    “Hate-speech laws” will not work in this country because the average Joe and Jane, and most if not all true conservatives for that matter, speak in plain English for they know their words “can and will be used against (them) in a court of law.” Liberals like to accuse their enemies of using “code words” because they can’t catch them using truly defamatory terms, and you cannot prosecute someone for using “code words”- it must be according to their exact words. No judge who wishes to keep his/her bar license will instruct a jury to look beyond what a defendant has actually said, and interpret what he/she “really meant.” That’s a self-inflicted wound liberal troublemakers have been bleeding form for some time now, and it doesn’t appear that wound will close anytime soon…fortunately for the rest of us.

  133. sandraleesmith46 says

    No need to “criminalize”; if they’re so set against it as they claim, all they need to do is quit spewing it!

  134. TAM44 says

    obama’s = Hate 100% truth.

  135. Loving America says

    Oh no…the haters will keep right on unless the World comes to an end! Words cannot hurt anyone but sticks and stones can break the bones! We have sit and allowed everyone to dictate enough in this Country and threaten our rights….what is next?

  136. Alexei Choquet says

    What kind of homsexual message?. They may well indeed have a right to self expresssion, both idividually and collectivity, but a certain ammount of hate speech andsedition is among the things expressed in the name of acceptance of homosexuals and no individual, bussiness or government has any obligation to be a party to pernicious hidden agendas And the onewhose time and money has the right indeed the obligation to prevail in that judgement call.

  137. Ste Margarita says

    I applaud the new law… any speech derogatory to Blacks, Hispanics or Muslims must be outlawed. We must protect the oppressed minorities… that’s what America is about.

    1. americanpatriot1 says

      You are talking about any criticism, any opinions, and any defense of a person’s ideals. THAT IS OUR 2ND AMENDMENT right to have free speech. It is a sad day when politicians see mere words more dangerous than ebola, dangerous drug cartels, and muslim terrorists who vow to annihilate us and cut off our heads!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow, they are so smart!!!!!! The demonRATs USE this politically correct against anyone who speaks to expose them or criticize a wrong of what they are doing. They don’t give a flip about your feelings, they only want to control our tongue. They have the media in their pocket to keep us in the dark, and all the demonRATs keep us in the dark. It’s all about greed, power and control. Once they have used YOU to get their agenda complete, you will join the ranks of the who love our country and the conservatives. I don’t know you, and don’t know how patriotic you are for our USA, but the citizens of this country who fought for her, bled for her, raised our children here with blood, sweat and tears owe it to our God Who gave this nation to our citizens, and the people who love our country, to keep her free, even free for the people who work to take it from us.

      1. Ste Margarita says

        The fathers of this country were concerned about protecting the rights of rich, white landowners… nobody else could even vote.

  138. americanpatriot1 says

    This is in response to Ste Margarita- You are talking about any criticism, any opinions, and any defense of a person’s ideals. THAT IS OUR 2ND AMENDMENT right to have free speech. It is a sad day when politicians see mere words more dangerous than ebola, dangerous drug cartels, and muslim terrorists who vow to annihilate us and cut off our heads!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow, they are so smart!!!!!! The demonRATs USE this politically correct against anyone who speaks to expose them or criticize a wrong of what they are doing. They don’t give a flip about your feelings, they only want to control our tongue. They have the media in their pocket to keep us in the dark, and all the demonRATs keep us in the dark. It’s all about greed, power and control. Once they have used YOU to get their agenda complete, you will join the ranks of those who love our country and the conservatives. I don’t know you, and don’t know how patriotic you are for our USA, but the citizens of this country who fought for her, bled for her, raised our children here with blood, sweat and tears owe it to our God, Who gave this great nation to our citizens, and to the people who love our country with all their hearts, to keep her free, even free for the people who work to take it from us.

  139. badger says

    They want to trash free speech and destroy the 1st. Amendment.

  140. Robert Freedom says

    THE LOONY LEFT-WINGERS are listed at google U.S. CODE TITLE 42 SECTION 1983

  141. 1uncle says

    Demos trying to make more of our guaranteed rights illegal and doing it while bringing in millions of illegal aliens to vote for them.. Stupid scum.

  142. jetmagnet says

    That would put the bagger nation on gag order! LMAO! The most hateful, spiteful, mean spirited and nasty people on earth. Bound and gagged is a good idea. Less hate in the world is a good thing.

  143. jetmagnet says

    I like this website a whole lot better

  144. alpambuena says

    ….and who decides what is hate speech…the libs or the lap dogs in the media…who?…..and let me guess…fox news and rush will be some of the first violators….then the tea party……but those nutballs like al Sharpton, harry reid and Pelosi…that’s bot hate speech….I think Obama is a muslim terrorists…and I hate the crap out of him….that’s hate speech…I hope.

  145. John Barleycorn says


  146. Taking care of business! says

    A euphemistic expression for they want free speech “criminalized.”

  147. John Barleycorn says


  148. wapitihunter says

    If this was true the whole Demoncrapic Party could never open their mouths. This would kill Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.

  149. Girlie58 says

    Then they would have to arrest all the hosts of msnbc first because that is where the hate is coming from!

  150. Jordan48 says

    This is nothing less than a WELL CRAFTED maneuver by liberals to abridge the 1st Amendment guarantee of freedom of speech! It is difficult to listen to any left wing liberal moron without occasionally hearing them condemn those who refuse to be deceived by their flawed ideology! I may not agree with my neighbor for what he says openly, but I will defend to the death his right to say it! In most cases, (speaking of the left wing-nut liberals) it is better to be thought a fool than to open ones mouth and remove all doubt!

  151. WSmith says

    Hate Speech to a Liberal Democrat only applies to other people. Anyone who disagrees with their agenda. Real Hate Speech and the Acts of Hatred it accompanies can be best described as………………. “A Democrat”. I can go back to Truman and have never heard an American President who took such pride in turning American against American like Obama. Such a law would not apply to the likes of Sharpton, Jackson, Farrakhan, The New Black Panthers etc. But Christian churches would be shut down and sermons would have to be approved by the government. The racist’s would be exempt from the law while the voices of tolerance are trampled asunder. Call it National Socialism (NAZI) under new management.

  152. says

    What they really want is to be just like china. No bad comments about government period. Good comments are ok but will be closely monitored. America’s leaders have sold out to china and other enemies in many ways. This means both parties. No comment from the state/federal funded “MILITIA” that was suppose to defend here at home.

  153. KayO says

    Their definition of “hate speech” is “anyone who expresses disagreement with me”.

  154. OldPatriot32 says

    Maybe I’ll go to jail for this, but I HATE the people running this corrupt government! There, now I’ve said it; lets see if the corrupt criminal DC crooks come after me!

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