Like Him or Not, Trump Is Serious


Business-wise, this has not been a good week for Donald Trump. Fresh off his announcement that he is officially joining the race for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination, Trump has been besieged by boycotts and corporate cowardice at every turn. In a rush to distance their brands from Trump’s controversial comments on immigration, NBCUniversal, Macy’s, and Univision have severed ties with the real estate mogul.

Now New York City – the city that has been synonymous with Trump for decades – is even contemplating a split with the billionaire. Dyed-in-the-wool liberal Mayor Bill de Blasio said Wednesday that his administration is reviewing the city’s contracts with Trump. “Donald Trump’s remarks were disgusting and offensive, and this hateful language has no place in our city,” de Blasio said in a statement.

If you would expect that a brilliant businessman like Trump would be concerned about these repeated blows to his empire, you would be wrong. Instead, Trump has doubled down on his blunt remarks. Appearing Wednesday evening on CNN, Trump reiterated his original points. “If you look at the statistics of people coming, you look at the statistics on rape, on crime, on everything coming in illegally into this country it’s mind-boggling,” he told anchor Don Lemon.

This, more than anything else, proves that Trump is serious about making a real bid for the presidency. While few political analysts give him much of a chance of securing the nomination, Trump would not be willing to watch all his bridges burn if he wasn’t willing to go all the way. And it is this obvious commitment that has conservatives excited in spite of themselves. He may be a joke to liberals, a villain to establishment Republicans, and an inexperienced candidate, but he has a backbone. That alone sets him apart from many.

Of course, the fact that he’s right doesn’t hurt matters, either. Immigrants from Mexico do not represent the best the country has to offer. That’s simply a fact. They have low levels of education, they are almost uniformly poor, and they are largely uninsured. This isn’t about making judgment calls about Mexicans in any way. This is about an honest look at the facts. These are immigrants who are hoping that somehow a move to America will change their fortunes. You can’t blame them for giving it a go, but that doesn’t mean we have to stand by and watch it happen. Why does the United States have to take on the burden of not only our own societal dregs but those of other countries?

As they do on every issue, liberals have decided there is only one way to hold a conversation about illegal immigration. And it basically comes down to this: If you can’t say anything nice about it, don’t say anything at all. That way, they can cherrypick examples of college-bound illegals without any fear of counter-examples. Trump refuses to play that game, and that makes him dangerous.

  1. readmylipsnow says

    Politically the opposition usually attacks someone they fear. They fear Trump. He bluntly tells the truth. It’s refreshing to hear facts that are not watered down to the point of being unrecognizable.

    1. Peoriaboy says

      It looks like Fox New’s is in with the opposition.

      1. Doris Simonis says

        To their detriment. Watched Hardline this week. Now maybe I can read between the lines and get the truth. Fox was the best of the lot & I am sad to see them go. Hopefully we can still depend on Megan Kelly.

  2. Dandyangie says

    I’m voting for him. First sensible remarks I’ve heard in years. I will also boycott those against him.

    1. grama18 says

      GOOD IDEA !

    2. Angry American says

      In my inbox there is a list of co’s that have pulled every thing to do with the name Trump, I had just decided to pull my sup-port of these co’s when I read your post so someone did the research for us. This will make it real easy to shop else where for what ever you are looking for

  3. ConservativeSenior says

    Liberals are allergic to truth and facts.

    1. Karen says

      All the Dumo’s worry about is votes! It doesn’t matter to them wether they are alive or dead, criminal or illegal, or dumb, cause the know any honest, knowledgeable thinking person wouldn’t vote for a Dumo even if they were paid to!!

      1. edward martis says

        Unfortunately, the country is full of these ding-dong folks and will cheat, lie, etc. to no end to WIN votes…..and the Dem ‘progressives’ are experts at this—–No I.D. ? No problem…Please go to a voting cubicle and vote…..They are evil and nuts; no doubt…

        1. festmatt5440 says

          We learned in 2012 ‘ ; that free ‘ and honest ‘ elections ; are a thing , of the past .

  4. pianobill says

    In my opinion, Trump is the most qualified candidate to be President. Most importantly, he is not a politician. Politicians have ruined this country. He is very smart. He does not take crap off of anyone.
    He will do what he says! Wake up AMERICA!

    1. tommie says

      One very good thing about Trump is, he can’t be bought with a few million dollars in political campaign contributions like Hillary Clinton and all the others. He has a net worth of $9 billion dollars. He’s already released his financial records unlike Clinton. In fact, Trump will use his own money to run for president, where as Hillary is being funded mostly by foreign governments and international corporations, who will expect a return on their investment, should she win!

      1. Paula says

        Same folks that bought & paid for obama.

        1. Ed Shick says

          They were not Americans , That iss why we buy Mid east oil!!Freedom is not Free!!

        2. festmatt5440 says

          O’ bama’ s biggest supporter was’ , and is ‘ ; ” Communist ” George Soros “.

          1. dinkerduo says

            And a supporter of Killary too—her daughter was married at the George Soros estate—don’t get much more cozy than that!

          2. Paula says

            We’ve been told that Republicans are the party of rich white guys, and Democrats are the champions of the poor. Which simply isn’t true… the GOP has lost out to the Democrat Party in the eyes of fat cats by $416 million over the last 25 years.

            Not only that, if you factor in “all the indirect benefits the Democrat Party gets from the nonprofit sector, left-wing activism, public and private sector unions, Wall Street banks, universities, and superfund contributors, it has been estimated by Dr. David Horowitz and Jacob Laksin in their book The New Leviathan that the Republican Party is outspent in politics by a factor of 7-to-1.”

            The bigger the government, the easier it is for the increased power to be abused by moneyed interests. Growing the government doesn’t change that fact; it only changes the people who become rich.

            This information is withheld from the “man on the street” interviewees & college students. When it comes to politics & history these people are as dumb as a box of rocks!

          3. QUASAR says

            The democrats are the party of the poor ‘ they want to keep everyone but themselves poor so people keep voting for them cuz they are all about food stamps and public assistance rather than getting people working and caring for themselves.

          4. QUASAR says

            Yeah they never say anything about the hundreds of millions the dreaded KOCH brothers give to charity’ how do you idiots think so many great institutions stay open ‘ST Judes children hospital is one of their pet charities so the KOCH’S are not all bad .

          5. runnindeer says

            Soros has all ready raised 25 million dollars for Hillary Clinton. Proof positive, she is his girl and they have the same agenda.

          6. donl says

            And the Muslim Brotherhood. We send them support money and a portion of it is donated to obama and hillary. Thanks tax payers.

        3. hangem'high says

          Then why are the Liberal progressives and dynasty Rhinos sweating over how he’s twisting their Cha, Cha’s

          1. Paula says

            He’s a mega threat! Like Sarah Palin (is), like Newt was, like Herman Cain was…anyone that could win over the commie-liberal has to be destroyed! Anyone that would or could change how obama has “fundamentally changed” America back to the Constitution is a danger to their power base!

          2. hangem'high says

            America’s return to greatness; Trump 2016!

      2. Jarhead says

        You bet that HITLERey will pay Payola to supporters provided they give her enough cash!

        1. edward martis says

          And the T-man will ‘blitzrieg’ them into dust; I can only pray……Just saw ‘Ron Bergandy-Anchorman’. A professional, psychotic, narsarsistic liar and thought instantly of Oturd——

      3. Kenny says

        The liberal faction will use his wealth against him,like they did on Romney,but I agree with you. Also he’s not holding an elected position and being paid by tax payers while he’s campaigning,and not doing his job.

      4. QUASAR says

        Yup ‘how do you bribe someone worth 8 billion dollars .

        1. Michael Dennewitz says

          This fading country needs SEVERAL expert snipers before it goes too far. The first one for ovomit and the second one for killary and so on and so on…

      5. seersuckerandapanama says

        Hillary is also funded by George Soros, an anti-American if there ever was one.

        1. Paula says

          I believe soros is anti human…and he’s got sons to take his place!

      6. QUASAR says

        If I were trump I’d promise the american people that I wouldd not accept a check as president and would pay for all my own travel expenses as president ‘that would show the people he is serious’ how much f*****g money have the obamas wasted on unnecessary travel for all their friends ‘vacations in the alps for the family ‘hawaii ‘bahamas ‘ were talking millions of dollars trump would not put on the taxpayers.

    2. Kenny says

      I could not have said it any better. I agree with you all the way.

    3. Ken Trefaller says

      Trump at least tells it like it is. But he is not Presidential material. I like Cruz-Carson and Walker-Carson.Republicans better wake up because the must lie to get elected,e.,g., give the free loaders more free stuff and then renege

      1. worn out 123 says

        I agree with the free stuff part. “A chicken in every pot.” Carson would be the equivalent of a Jimmy Carter, lost in D.C., however. Cruz is too polarizing and cannot beat Hitllary. Rand Paul has beaten her in recent pollings, is strong minded on liberty and immigration, and, has a refreshing domestic economic plan. Rand Paul is the best choice, IMHO. Paul/Trump – Paul/Cruz – Paul/Walker

        1. edward martis says

          And how many decades has Rand Paul been in D.C. and how has he made the country any better ? It is long, long overdue to flush professional, decades long, politicians out into the Potomac River and be done with them—–

          1. worn out 123 says

            His first term will expire in 2016. Do u think one junior Senator can change Washington alone?

          2. edward martis says

            seems to me he has been around a long time; but you are right–Getting rid of rabid, long term dems and repubs would be a great thing for the USA—-I HOPE Trump destroys them all…..

          3. worn out 123 says

            Senator Ron Paul is retired. Rand is his son and better, much better.

          4. edward martis says

            thanx anyways—–i’ll pass on second generation professional politicians…..

          5. Triston Treber says

            jr is a spineless coward.

          6. Shauna says

            Your right…..His ONLY fight is intrusion of our privacy….It’s been gone….
            He is among the establishment. I am also beginning to think that the libertarians are nothing more then liberals. They don’t do anything but create more divide..prove me wrong…

          7. Linda Canciglia McWilliams says

            You are thinking of Ron Paul, his father.

          8. seersuckerandapanama says

            Decades? How about five years?

          9. worn out 123 says

            One senator cannot change congress regardless of time. We seldom know when someone is not speaking honestly. Rand Paul is saying those things I like to hear and making sense.

          10. Linda Canciglia McWilliams says

            You are thinking of his father, Ron Paul. Rand Paul is pretty new to the scene. They have similar but not identical views.

        2. LastGasp says

          Yeah, Paul/Trump would be a good combination,,,legal by the Constitution, also.

        3. QUASAR says

          Walker pres’ trump vice pres.

          1. worn out 123 says

            Isn’t Walker the one trumpeting common core?

          2. QUASAR says

            Not familiar with that term what is it please.

          3. Doris Simonis says

            Common Core is the liberal thinking way to teach our kids about perverted sex, muslim religion and the dumbing down of our kids. Jeb Bush is a big proponent as well as Huckabee Any candidate that thinks DC can educate our kids better that we can at the local/parental level will not be getting my vote. No matter what he does on other issues. Kids are being indoctrinated to the socialist/communist ideas and will be our next leaders. That would finally take our country down if we even last that long.

          4. edward martis says

            I live just south of SFO===So, one fine day; for chuckles, I called the San Francisco Unified School District Admin Office and asked the following : “Does the SFO USD teach; that sex with animals is just fine and acceptable ? ” After being phone transferred for 5 min. or so; I never did get a straight answer….ANY other school district would have said a flat out NO in a new York minute !!! They do teach all about ‘ alternate’ ‘gay’ lifestyles; as a matter of policy etc., the SFO USD…A lot of parents have taken their kids out of the SFO public school system; in that some schools were closed because the kids were removed–The kids were moved south; to get out of SFO- city and county boundry’s (which is same thing)–The Castro St. district ( GAY home base) is a non-stop gigantic orgy—-I have some friends in the SFPD that have told me unbelievable stories about the GLBT (whatever)…Lastly; do you know what a ‘brown bomber’ is ? It goes like this: One guy will lie on his back under a nice thick GLASS table and has his ‘lover’ crap in his face; on the table—-That is something I could never even envision…….but, is about right for SFO ….If SFO sunk into the Pacific tomorrow; I would smile at the news—–That city makes Sodom and Gomorrah look civilized…………………….I cheered (quietly) when SFO was sunk under a gigantic tidal wave in the Wayne “The Rock” movie; about 3 weeks ago..

          5. Muriel Katz says

            Sorry but anyone wanting Walker will have to want Commoncore education, too. While he SAYS he’s against it, his ACTIONS in Wisconson have been Pro-Commoncore.

            And when a politician says one thing while doing another, he loses all credibility and trust with me.

          6. QUASAR says

            What is common core ;am not familiar with that.

        4. Linda Heiser Bechler says

          Rand Paul is for open borders and pro-illegal as a libertarian is. Illegal immigration will take the country down even farther. That is the problem with him. Trump calls it as it is. Has my vote and everybody I know here in rural America!

          1. worn out 123 says

            Because you say so? You should do your research before you make false claims.
            I know this Senators platform fairly well. He is absolutely NOT in favor of open borders.

      2. QUASAR says

        Walker has a solid track record of being a conservative ‘ he took on the big unions and won ‘ survived two recalls after ‘moochelle ‘Kilary and pedophile bill went down and campaigned for his opponent .

      3. patriot carpenter says

        Cruz is not eligible to be president or vise-president. WTF…that’s what got us into this mess fore Christ sake…

      4. bill sexton says

        Do not forget Mike Huckabee Ken. All you spoke of are great, but they support the IRS and the federal income tax on your earnings. Mike Huckabee is for dismantling the IRS and eliminating the federal payroll tax. Is more people got behind Mike, the others would take notice and start pushing for a 10% fair tax and elimination of the hated IRS also. I want my entire earnings left on my check each pay roll. How much is that worth to you? I mean, just think of keeping ALL your hard earned money each pay day? OMG what a blessing that would be. I mean, I am just saying how I truly feel about it.

      5. Muriel Katz says

        Just what is “presidential material”? The ‘status quo’ warm smile in front of the cameras? A nice suit? A good haircut? Being “PC”?

        That’s what we’ve had up to now, and look where we are!

        No, we DON’T need anymore ‘presidential material’. Instead, we need a person who is just like US.

        Someone, warts and all, who will put his money where his mouth is.

        Someone who has just as much to lose…maybe even more…as we do.

        Someone who is ready and willing to fight for us, our country and our way of life.

        Someone who can’t be bought!

        No, we don’t need ‘presidential material’. Let’s go with The Real Thing this time…Trump!

        1. Ken Trefaller says

          Look at Carly Fiorina. Really I will vote for whoever is electable except for Jeb Bush. The Bush Family has sold this country down the river.

    4. Steve M says


      1. edward martis says

        That is to be expected and is coming shortly………Dare say; the T-man knows this and expects it……To bad you cannot put a ‘bounty’ of $50 each on a libs/ communist head (like they used to do to coyotes)—–I wish it was true—–I would be very wealthy by now—-and would take a lot of pleasure nailing them—-

        1. festmatt5440 says

          And , we still have too many coyotes ‘ .

          1. edward martis says

            access to military hardware would help—-I was a Huey helicopter mechanic/ crew-chief/ maint. instructor for the CA NG and Royal Saudi Air Force—-Armed with 28 2.75 ” rockets, 2 M-60’s machine guns, and 2 ea. XM-123 (newer version is the M-124). mini-gun …Each mini-gun could blast out 6000 rounds a minute…. times 2 is 12,000 a minute……the gunnery officer/ co-pilot had a switch on the console; in that he could switch from 4000 to 6000 per minute—–unfucking believeable to see in action—–That could vaporize a large boatload of coyotes—-Ah, only in my dreams. The armorer would (angle) set up both mini-guns so that all of the 12,000 rounds would hit the center of same bullseye…Ah..The good old days………………….

          2. gonzales27 says

            Way too many

      2. Paula says


    5. edward martis says

      And notice how much stronger he gets every single day—–I have seen articles where the CEO’s of the companies that have dropped Trump are themselves being ‘boycotted’ ——Luv it….It will be interesting to see how things work out for the T-man in 2 weeks or so—-Donald has started a ‘brushfire’ and I hope he burns out the communist/ progressive/ dem. libs…permanently——The Dems must be getting scared shit-less………I sincerely hope so…….

      1. QUASAR says

        Go don go ‘ I like the donald for our next pres’ with him you know he is not gonna steal from you cuz how the hell can anyone worth 8 billion dollars that he earned and did’nt steal worry about the chump change that would be thrown at him as pres.

      2. James Brewer says

        Oh they’re scared and they’re desperate alright. The anti-constitutional democrats are doing everything they possibly can to stop him, pissing themselves wondering why their boycotts aren’t working. Because he’s not a politician they can’t hurt him with that stupid shit lol. I hope to God we win the 2016 election so we can laugh at the democrats like we did in the midterms. Do the world a favor, remind a democrat that banning guns doesn’t stop criminals from getting them! That overwhelmingly taxing businesses doesn’t create jobs! That Muslims are against gay marriage! And that having a firm discussion with our enemy won’t make them go away.

        1. edward martis says

          I lived in Saudi Arabia for 2 1/2 years; about 20 miles from the Holy (?) City of Mecca-(At Taif)- (–the Summer capital) -(GUNS, DRUGS. SLAVES) –in that period I saw many holy muslims stick their Holy penises into each other. I have had a bunch of penises waved a me—-and quite a few blow-jobs, in progress.; while driving down the 6 lane highways from my high vantage point in a Chevy Surburban- and a real live ‘circle-jerk’—–Also; SLAVERY is alive and well in the first most Holiest City of Mecca- SAY-WHAT ? you ask ? Let me explain..In the non-stop Christian VS Muslim wars in the Horn of Africa area (Sudan/ Somalia etc) when Christian’s are captured; they are shipped to Mecca for sale….Going price for an 17 yr old female Sudanese Christian is $ 600….The Saudi government consider them ‘non-believers’ / ‘infidels’ and ‘worthless’—I; as Christian ‘is considered ‘ worthful because I was training the RSAF in helo gunships ( Italian helicopter gunships) etc…..The holy Mullahs/ Matawa’s (non uniformed religious police—identifiable by their gold inlaid robes) get a ‘cut’ of the slavery ‘sales’—–Muslim’s in general are not worth two pounds of goat shit; and speaking of goats—I saw a few goats get nailed too—-a lovely site to see…..Saudi women are no more than ‘live-stock’ and treated like so….I have seen a fair amount of Saudi women slapped, kicked, knocked down, pushed, punched etc.–Muslims are not endearing–to anyone

          1. bill sexton says

            lets send Hillary and Mrs Obama there. They deserve that place because they have been supporting Muslims all their life.

          2. Paula says

            And several of the women of the Black Caucus!

    6. QUASAR says

      And what he said about mexico is true ‘ they are bringing drugs here ‘and If anyone could be pres I would vote for him’ he is the only candidate with the countries best interests at heart.

      1. dcfla says

        There IS ONE MORE! Dr. Ben Carson! One Wolf, with a “SET” and the MONEY to DO It, and One with a Brilliant Mind, who also LOVES OUR COUNTRY, and is Filled with COMMON SENSE! One Wolf and One Sheep..Perfect Pair!! A Literal Brain Surgeon and a TRUE JOBS CREATOR who is NOT AFRAID to Get Our Money Back & OUR JOBS! PLUS Between the TWO, they Can Get all the ADDITIONAL FOREIGN “POLICY” they NEED!

    7. Croco Dile says

      Politicians oblige. If the voters wanted men who spoke Sanskrit, dressed in kilts or used the language of mathematics, the politicians would procure them.

      As experience has shown, the average mentally handicapped or boobish citizen, his brain in a scramble, attaches vast importance in candidates to religion, race or ethnic grouping, national origin, sex and generally conventional conformist outlook and behavior. He feels grimly punitive toward any sort of deviation from a fixed norm, a stereotype, in his mind. He wants, above all, no independent thinkers – freaks who emit horrible propositions about the importance of intelligence tests, read books or use three syllable words. Not only does the public consist of many parts but many of these parts are mutually and irrationally antagonistic on grounds irrelevant to the welfare of each. Their various ethnic, religious, nationalistic, regional, occupational, class, caste and cultural differences have in most cases nothing to do with their personal and mutual welfare. Yet they enjoy indulging these irrelevant infantile predilections as though they mattered – and politicians are solicitously attentive.

      Voters, it has been found, will not take anybody who lectures to them or even indirectly appears to be lecturing to them, although this is precisely what they need before anything else. In any event, the rank-and-file citizen prefers to accept the ready-made pre-financed, pre-fixed parties, in which in most cases he is permanently enrolled as in a religious brotherhood. Most voters ploddingly vote straight tickets, for one party, year after year. They are, as anyone can see, creatures of easy habit with little genuine political discernment. One can count most of their votes in advance. Politicians do. The party leaders, to give them credit, do the best they can in selecting candidates.

    8. gene jumper says

      the Liberal’s are scared to death of Trump, they know he can win, and he probley will, i bet he would clean out that whitehouse in just a little while, he don’t mind saying, Your Fired!!!, great choice for 2016.

    9. Miyako says

      YES…I Agree. He Can’t be bought like all the Other Neo-Con Republicans

    10. FloridaBoyee says

      I get very disgusted with ALL of these Liberal medias doing their best to make Trump look like he is just trash talking! Anyone who would say there is NOT a problem with any different races in this country, brought on by Obama’s division of our USA! And for that idiot as a mayor of NYC looking into Trump’s contracts, is he that stupid? A self-made man who has a net worth of over $9 Billion, makes sure that all of the dots are dotted and all of the T’s are crossed! What has de Blasio ever done but run his Liberal mouth ever since he has been in office. But coming from NYC, that does not surprise me. And the US government tries to sell us on unemployment going down, must think we are all complete idiots! We need someone who will REBUILD AMERICA and that will take someone who is NOT a CAREER POLITICIAN!!! God Speed, The Don!!

    11. George Cahonna says

      Prior I liked Cruz as a possibility, & now I see Cruz is backing Trump? This could be an interesting team.

    12. Bob says

      He means what he says. He would be a great job producer! TRUMP 16

  5. RMCSRET says

    It is about time someone speaks the unvarnished TRUTH.

  6. Arcturus6 says

    Apparently what we have is a political party (the so-called democrats) who have been infected by neo-marxists and worse to the point that the Democrat party is in name only! Parasites such as the mayor of NYC are splendid examples of this infection. Anyone being opposed by these social, economic and political parasites should be someone worth supporting. Trump calls a spade a spade and the power crazed opposition cannot stand the thought of the truth appearing anywhere!

    1. edward martis says

      You may know this; in that hiz honor NYC mayor de blasio spent his honeymoon in Havana (at Fidel’s invitation)( when it was illegal to do so) and supported then and now, the communist Daniel Ortega and spent a fair amount of time in Salvador ; helping the communists….DE shit also has a communist Sandanista political poster framed in his mayoral office….What a fucking piece of work…..At his inauguration Bill and Hillry were his honored guests seated just in back of him while he yapped a speech and clapped and hugged him when the communist yappings were over….And now you know why every NYC cop hates him…He bull-shitted his way into office just like Oturd—Pelosi; among many other dems is held in very high esteem by the American Communist Party (Berkeley-)–I know this because I joined the ACP for 4 months ; just to check them out…..What a fucking adventure that was; with those insane ‘sewer rats’…Those folks are very scary and very dangerous… The ACP in Berzerkly (used book store front) is shared with the New Black Panther Party—–I, like you, would vote for a non-politician like Trump in a New York Minute—-I hope he, very loudly; will tear professional politicos apart and does not stop telling the truth about them; for a second…….Imagine a world without scum dems OR repubs——He reminds me of Teddy Roosevelt….Brains coupled with Balls ….a GREAT combination !! I hope to God he wins….So far; so good……..Just keep shredding the D’s and R’s; and DO NOT stop until they are destroyed…….and politically dead and buried….

      1. Paula says

        November 5, 2013: Blasio was so open about his Marxism that on Sunday, he campaigned with Harry Belafonte, who during the Cold War sang at a “Concert for Peace” in communist East Germany, where he attacked President Reagan’s anti-communist foreign policy. A long-time supporter of the Castro dictatorship, Belafonte was also an ally of the late Venezuelan Marxist ruler Hugo Chavez.

        1. edward martis says

          Did not know that. Thank you… I wonder what other info. about Comrad De Bullshit and company is floating around in cyber-space; that folks are not aware of……

      2. SNuss says

        The Democrat party, in general, IS the Communist party.

        1. worn out 123 says

          There is absolutely no doubt the communist party has found its niche in the democrat party and it is at the top. Socialists, like the self-professed admirer Brad Pitt, are the stepping stones for communists. “The goal of socialism is communism.” . . . . Vladimir Lenin.

        2. edward martis says

          You have NO idea—I joined the American Communist Party for 3 -4 months (to see what they were all about) it was a journey through a rat filled sewer—The ACP holds Oshit, Pelosi, Barbara Lee (D-OAK) and a lot of other dums in very high regard——the ACP types are extremely dangerous and belong in federal prison for sedition and treason-for starters —-Why the US govt. stopped locking up commies in the late 50’s is beyond me—-Maybe President Trump will start locking them up again—-I would love to see that—–The ACP’s stated GOAL’s are to induct/ inject communism into every single facet of American life—-Look up American Communist Party Northwest Region on google and see for yourself…….Maybe Trump can ship these ‘sewer rats’ to Gitmo for a 30 year vacation in the hot-humid tropics……

        3. festmatt5440 says

          ‘ Absolutely ‘

    2. edward martis says

      The Donald is the last hope of the USA—–

      1. Jarhead says

        And the USA is the last great hope for the planet!

        1. edward martis says

          So very well said—I recently received my Canadian Citizenship Certificate from Ottawa and will apply for a Canadian Passport very shortly——-The RMS Titanic is sinking and it is time to get into the life-boat—–Hopefully; Trump will destroy the Communist D’s and R’s and I will happily come back…..

          1. Peoriaboy says

            Running to Canada isn’t going to help stay and fight as an American would do, Canada may be a beautiful place but socialist as all hell.If you go to Canada stay there.

          2. edward martis says

            The majority of my family live in Canada—Oshit is not giving me any choice…”Help’ stay and fight” ? Against who ? The 1.5 million people of the US military ? Suicide is not in my genes……We are just dots to be erased by Oshit….It is time to get off the RMS Titanic …..It would be better to nuke D.C. and be done with him and the commies—-I will not die for nothing—-

          3. Miyako says

            Canada is a Socialist Country. I Wonder how many ‘un-informed’ Americans know this….? And…………Canadians Are cheap….and When Here….don’t tip Our American Bartenders,Waitress,Etc. But….They Like our Winters Here in Florida”!

          4. DougDeGrave says

            In the restaurant service industry, the term, “Canadians” is a secret code word used to designate a certain racial group. Albeit, one that never tips, endlessly complains, and tends to be loud and disruptive. Guess which ethnicity that could be?

          5. Nicholas I says

            Dixie Pride!

        2. edward martis says

          Just heard that the self-admitted communist Bernie Sanders (D-VT) has pulled ahead of Hilly—-in the polls—-I hope so; Trump can expose Bernie and all his works and turn Bernie into ‘saw-dust’ in very short order…So much for the dem/communists…….I could never understand communists…and why people think they are so great……..Look at their 100 yr. body count and what has communism ever done to make life better for anybody, anywhere , EVER !!!-They are great at destroying everybody and everything they touch; much like the Dem. “city destroyers”–of Detroit, Flint, Chicago, Baltimore, San Francisco etd.—-The world has run from communism; for their lives—at every turn—and nobody runs TO communism——except the Dems—–A big why I ask ? To quote Sir Winston Churchill–‘ SOCIALISM IS A PHILOSOPHY OF FAILURE–THE CREED OF IGNORANCE AND THE GOSPEL OF ENVY..ITS INHERENT VIRTUE IS THE EQUAL SHARING OF MISERY’…

          1. Nina says

            Not sure why Americans like comm/soc but my only guess is that the real majority of them that do don’t really understand what the hell they are voting for!! They hear take 90% money from very rich which leaves them out so it sounds like a win win for them. Most I am assuming are low information voters,the same ones that voted for Obama. They want to be taken care of they just don’t realize that means being controlled! In the words of the great scholar Forest Gump……..”Stupid is as stupid does!” Ain’t that the truth!!!!

          2. edward martis says

            yeah—your right—the schools and universities do not teach the horror stories of communism any more—-I see ‘che’ , communist chairman mao and pol pot t-shirts up in Pier 39 SFO—all the time——The stupid ass kids have been taught that these mass murderer’s are ‘revolutionarys’ working for the people etc….and typical communist, progressive shit—-In 20 yrs or much less; the kids will be full-blown hard core communists—-thanx Dums.—-I hope T-man addresses this communist indoctrination of the kids as fast as he can—–

          3. Nina says

            Nothing like rewriting a little history to make it sound nice nice!! I have a young daughter who is a college grad and I thank The Lord every day that she made it through the university without being intoctinated. She always hung on to her conservative values and was disgusted by all the stupidity on the far left!

          4. QUASAR says

            Sounds like she will grow into a fine woman .

          5. Nina says

            Thank you!! She is a wonderful young woman!! So so proud of her!! I am just frightened for her in this country the way it is going.

          6. QUASAR says

            I hear you I have 3 of my own ‘2 boys and a 10 month old girl and I want them to live in a country that they will be proud of .

          7. Nina says

            We just pray that we can live without Obummer doing anymore damage to our beautiful America until it’s time for him to go. Then put in one of our guys. I like a few at this point, but none of them are fat ass Clinton! God Bless you and your family! Have a Blessed 4th!!

          8. QUASAR says

            I personally like SCOTT WALKER ‘ he has a pair and turned wisconsin around real fast ‘ he also survived two recalls even after Obunghole sent the tranny MOOCHELLE ‘ KILARY and pedophile Bill to campaign for his opponent .

          9. Nina says

            I like Walker. I like Cruz and I like Carson. He’s a good and smart man. I want to see the first debate in August, I’ll have a clearer pic. I know one thing, any one of them can wipe the floor with fat ass Killary!!

          10. QUASAR says

            Yup ‘all they need to keep bringing up is BENGAZI and WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES OT MAKE NOW ‘ checkmate

          11. Nina says

            My only question about Fat Ass is what exactly is she running on?? What’s her platform?? What’s she selling ? The only thing I see is that she’s a woman (I think) so am I, and there’s no way in this universe I would ever vote for her!!

          12. QUASAR says

            Good for you ‘ tell everyone you know not to just vote for her cuz she’s a woman but try and find anything besides aborting little babies ‘keeping blacks on food stamps and taking gun away from citizens that this evil witch feels strongly about .Don’t do it america cuz she is just obamas third term and nothing more.

          13. Nina says

            To me it’s insulting someone would vote for this witch just bc she’s a woman!! Again, low information voter! Kjust how we got Obutthole…twice!!! Of course these animals want to keep the poor down how else can they contro!! We have to rid the world of thes maggots!!

          14. QUASAR says

            Yes we do ‘ the problem is the low info kids who don’t even know what she is about ‘ all they hear is the empty promises time after time .Do your research people ‘this bitch will be the death of liberty if she gets in and the beginning of the revolution.

          15. Nina says

            You are so right!! The prob is its NOT just the kids!! My husbands brothers wife, they live up north in N Y well if you talk to her, which I don’t, too stupid, will vote for her bc she is a woman, and there are grown ass woman, not kids who will and don’t have a clue what the hell is going on in the freakin world!! These same ppl who voted for Barak Ofreakinbama bc he was black TWICE!!!! I’m talking about white friggen ppl!!! Bc they needed to show they weren’t bigots!! Well I’m not a damn bigot but I don’t want to give my country away to some racist commie bastard no matter what color he is!!! What assholes!!!

          16. Geo says

            Yes, Obama was elected by mostly white women who felt in their heart that they had to vote for a black. There were many more blacks more worthy!

          17. Miyako says

            So RIGHT You Are”’! Thanks MOM. For Doing a GREAT Job Raising Your Daughter”’!

          18. seersuckerandapanama says

            Liberal Democrats depend on low-information voters. In 2016 they’ll add perhaps millions of no-information illegal immigration criminal voters.

          19. edward martis says

            You; or course, are right—-all the wooden headed voters have to do is look at cuba, Salvador – viet nam ,- north korea —-(-Greece, Italy ) etc. and see how they are doing under comm/ soc —-I cannot believe that a country under com/soc is supposed to be BETTER than a democratc/ capitalistic one………these ‘voters’ have the mental capacity of an earth-worm and make PERFECT dem/soc’s…….Just for fun You Tube–“-The execution of the Romanian President-‘ —-remember him ? Communist Nicoli Chauchescu (sp) circa 1978 or so……..One fine day he told the Romanian people (in an arena like St. Peter’s Square when the Pope addresses the millions of people there) —that HE was going to build a SECOND overly massive palace (like Buckingham Palace)…for him and his wife Elana (a sort Hillory/ Moosie ; if you will)…the only thing was that the Romanian National Treasury probably had about $ 127. 26 cents in it and that HE was going to raise taxes AGAIN for the PEOPLE to pay for it. .The Romanian people were getting close to a almost to starvation-diet -..Those million or so people EXPLODED on the spot….within a day or 2 Niki and his wife Hillory/Moosie were taken out in the back of an army barracks and zipped with an AK-47 on ‘FULL AUTO’…..The other thing is that to stop all the arguments by the Romanian Army soldiers about who was to zap ‘ Obama and Moosie ‘– a deck of poker cards was found—and the soldiers took one–Hi card won; and that was that—the soldier was overjoyed—–Niki and his wife were screaming at the GI’s in that THEY would have the soldiers f amilies shot–bla-bla-bla and the only thing that shut Bill/Hillie/ Oshit/ Moosie up was the AK-47—–Die-hard com/soc to the bitter end—the soldier had a big grin on his face when he pulled the trigger…….

          20. Nina says

            My only comment I have to you in this is……Sweet!!! 🙂

          21. edward martis says

            Nina—Go to YouTube and type in EXECUTION OF THE ROMANIAN PRESIDENT and see how this happened in 8mm black and white film—-Also King Louis and Marie Antounette of France in the late 1700’s…Remember ? king Louis wanted MORE tax money to ‘upgrade’ and expand ‘ the Palace of Versai (sp)-( 10 miles outside of Paris)—Gold plated French lever type door knobs—-gold plated this -that and every hi-dollar gold bauble thing you could possible imagine; at a time when the French people were almost reduced to removing there wide leather belts (the style of the time) boiling them; to soften up, so that they could be EATEN—-and we all know what happen to them and at least 10,000 other ROYALS—-Does this all sound familiar; with Moosie taking endless ‘vacations’ etc.-Obams $18 trillion debt—Nicoli-Elana/ Louie-Marie/ Barak-Michelle…..same fuc—g mentality—–ME ME ME and F–K, F–K, F–K YOU, YOU, YOU … For what it is worth; the city of Paris was the most smelliest filthiest most polluted city in the world—There were no bathrooms just buckets; which were emptied in the Saine River—–the vast populace did not own horses and were basically restricted to the walls of the city of Paris . You were born-lived-and died in the most smelly, discusting polluted city on the planet—At that time Paris was world renown for there VERY supple, soft leather-products —The secret was a secret formula of every friggin chemical you could think of(Paris and the Saine was a unbelievable toxic waste dump) .the SUPER SECRET item was DOG SHIT——which gave leather its very soft suppleness… Nodules growing in the back of your throat and sinuses were common—The Parisennes did not have a clue as to what the ‘sickness’ was—How about throat and sinus CANCER—-Lastly; remember the ‘job’ Moosie had with some university hospital before she became ‘the first cow’—–as soon as she left the position was dropped and never filled—-the whole thing was extortion for a hi paying for Moosie which the hospital never needed in the first place……..I should mail a post card with the picture of a French guillotine on it to Oinsane and Moosie on it …….Why not ??? I hope you found the Paris thing historically entertaining……By the way; do you have any idea of what French perfume is made from (Chanel # 5 etc)—–THAT is another story………………

          22. edward martis says

            nina–did you get my reply about Paris–King Louis of France etc—–etc Look up on You Tube EXCUTION OF THE ROMANIAN PRESIDENT—and you can see how all this played out for Nicoli and Elana……

          23. edward martis says

            also—I live south of SFO /Pier 39 etc—-and I see t-shirts like the following all the time POL-POT (cambodian killing fields) remember??—-CHE / FIDEL/ HO CHI MIN / UNCLE JOE STALIN / CHAIRMAN MAO / CHARLIE MANSON/ NIKKI CHAUchescu/ dead communist HUGO CHAVEZ –Venazuela and other assorted mass murderers. How did this all happen you ask ? the CA school system is dedicated from K thru 12 and then the CA University level takes over in that they are fully indoctrinated to communism/progressiveism/ liberalism-etc..- by the time they graduate from college (PhD’s included)====The American communist party runs CA—-The ACP has a “used book store’ front at 6501 Telegraph Av. (Oakland) about a mile from UC Berkerly…The ACP has about 30 offices from coast to coast; primarily funded by George Soros…..Who do you think funded all the past riots (Ferguson) motels, meals, transportation etc——I joined the ACP for four months (to see what they were all about) These folks are MORE dangerous than you could possibly ever imagine in your wildest dreams…….I KNOW a LOT about them—-All of the above CHE etc. have been taught to the kids as “FOLK HEROS” and FIGHT FOR THE PEOPLE bla-bla——-Charlie is a ‘political prisoner’……..The US needs Trump BADLY…….I propose out-lawing the ACP for a second time—-Remember when communists were locked up in the ’50s—-for sedition/ treason ? I am SURE the dems did away with that—-God ! How I hate them…………..

          24. Peoriaboy says

            So well put.

          25. edward martis says

            If it all gets violent in the future; you will be seeing millions of refugees from the US fleeing to Canada, any way they can or to Mexico for that matter——Oshit is setting up the country for that scenario—-You Tube FEMA death camps and millions of coffins– and see endless plastic tub (3 bodies) coffins almost as far as the eye can see—-prison trains 3/4 of a mile long and federal bids to make chain shackles and chains for them—–the tub/coffins even have federal stock number tags on them–dated 2/09—note what looks like pigeon hole mini apts—-you can hardly see what it is—–They are coffins wood strapped together with wooden panels and sort of look like a checker board from a distance…..Oshit is a pure evil communist——–For what other purpose could all this stuff be for ? You can only come to one conclusion…….I would like to see the US military ‘overthrow’ him; then take him out to the white house lawn and hang him from a tree—–millions of lives would be spared by his hanging

          26. Peoriaboy says

            They just might want to be careful for they may be the ones that end up in them,I know they want millions of americans to be erased from this country so they would have more control ,and they say we have to many folks in america but yet they keep letting them come across the border.You are on the right track but fleeing this country don’t help.

          27. edward martis says

            YES it will….It is coming down to absolute survival—I am lucky in that I just received my. Canadian Citizenship Certificate from Ottawa a few days ago…I am applying for a Canadian Passport very shortly. Most of my extended family lives in Montreal, Quebec and St. John, New Brunswick (Atlantic Province)—–Physically SEEING that ” FEMA millions of plastic coffins…prison trains a mile long” You Tube video really rattled me…….The average American has NO idea; whatsoever how truly and totally EVIL Oshit is……

          28. edward martis says

            note children’s coffins too–the smaller ones….I have heard all the yap regarding this; but to physically SEE it for your own eyes, will scare you……..and open your eyes——Donald Trump is the only person that can save us from Oshits future plans—–Oshit has 18 months to do this; or less…..When I saw the You Tube video it rattled me and then some—–Again; what are these millions of tub/coffins for ? floods etc ? I doubt it; especially since there are soooo damn many of them….

    3. edward martis says

      I’m sure the commie dems and rpbs are gearing up to destroy Trump….From what I hear he can bury them and has the money to do so….All he has to do is tell the truth; which he is famous for, and the scum will die from their own lies—–

      1. GoldenRudy says

        They (the Dems) just may be a little afraid of what Trump’s money can dig up on them and they know Trump will use it if they try it on him and his family.

        1. edward martis says

          I hope the T-man digs up tons of ‘dirt’ on the Dems. and totally destroys them all…..

  7. grama18 says

    I love — TRUMP — .. And I will vote for him..

  8. grams says

    How refreshing to hear someone with power, say it like it really is. . They will bash him for everything he does or says but he is going to be like a wall of steel. I’ve prayed that some one would step up. This country is going down the drain without a plug.

    1. Karen says

      These companies, NBC Universal, Macy’s and Univision should be boycotted by the public! Who are they to try to muscle a candidate about what is right and what they believe in? We need to avoid watching and buying anything from these companies that think they can control or destroy someone who takes an HONEST stand against what is happening in this country!!

      1. Paula says

        You are right!

  9. unbridled says

    Trump should drive the first nails into the dirtyrats and the establishment GOP’s political coffin and run as an Independent on a third ticket. To hell with all of those lying bastards….Trump has my vote!

  10. Richard Magnuson says

    Interesting how the liberals howl when the truth is hits them in the face. I love it. Keep going Donald.

  11. Gary Purdy says

    This is absolutely a organized attack. They leave out illegal on purpose. Pull their green cards.

    1. tommie says

      Illegals don’t have green cards, that’s what makes them illegal! If you come into the U.S. legally, you get a green card which allows you to work.

  12. bobangelo says

    He has my vote hands down. He is the only one that speaks for the TRUE Americans. We are a dying breed. I never ever thought I would see what is happening to this country in my lifetime. Our forefathers must be turning in their graves, not to mention Martin Luther King. We are toast. I pray every day for it to end but it only gets worse. God help us………………………………..because the Republicans won’t. They are in on it.

    1. Jackie says

      There are a couple of Republicans that I do not think are not “in on it.” I really have faith in Ted Cruz. He has integrity, speaks his mind, will win any debate coming or going and he has done a great job representing our State of Texas. Rand Paul comes in second here because I think he is a good man. However, a ticket of TRUMP/CRUZ would be fantastic.

      1. Paula says

        I like Cruz too. It’s “funny” the libs are saying he’s not an American citizen! The hypocrisy of these people is mind boggling!

        1. Jackie says

          The hypocrisy runs rampant — a good example is the Confederate flag.

      2. tommie says

        I would like to see a Trump/Fiorina ticket. Neither one will get support from the Establishment Republican party, but there is still a chance.

        1. Jackie says

          Unfortunately, Tommie, the elitists have already selected the Republican nominee which will be another Bush. The media is all over bashing of Trump, Cruz, Paul, somewhat Fiorina — guess they are afraid they might make waves. You do not hear of them bashing Bush!

          1. worn out 123 says

            True. The general election candidates have already been decided by the RNC. Your vote does not count at all, not at all, IMHO.

          2. Jackie says

            If the truth were known most likely the entire 2016 Presidential election has already been decided and it will be Hillary. I do not trust her any more than Bush. She has lied consistently — that is one thing she is consistent about. She is the person who, in 2008, started the “birther” movement against Obama saying he was not an American citizen and was born in Kenya.

      3. Michelle Minze-Bryant says

        I second your motion. Never thought of that. I was undecided, until now, IF they run together.

        1. Jackie says

          I pray they do nominate Trump, Paul, or Cruz. I will vote for any one of those if they are our candidate. However, the elitists have already decided that I believe and it is another Bush that will be the candidate. Maybe we should think of doing away with the Republican Party and rename it THE PATRIOT PARTY. (-:

      4. worn out 123 says

        We are pretty close in our thinking. I think Paul has an excellant domestic economic plan I would love to see enacted. Basically stated it is: controll immigration, drive a stake through the heart of the IRS, lower taxes, fairer taxation, coupled with the basic concept of no work, no eat policy. A foreign policy of non-intervention (not to be confused with isolationism) was that of our founders and Paul is for that. He has genuine appeal to moderate democrats and independents. I would love to see a Paul/Trump or Trump/Paul ticket.

        1. Jackie says

          A Trump/Paul ticket would be great. However, I do not believe Cruz is too polarizing therefore, I think a Trump/Cruz ticket would also be great. Either way the “agenda” the elitists have is to put another Bush in for the Republicans. I THINK WE SHOULD DO AWAY WITH THE REPUBLICAN PARTY AND FORM A NEW PARTY ===== THE PATRIOT PARTY.

          1. worn out 123 says

            Not sure we can do that, Jackie. Senator Reid has declared “patriots are criminals”. I expect there will soon be a bounty on our heads. Retired USN

          2. Jackie says

            They already have “us” in their sights. I was jesting somewhat when I wrote that but it really isn’t a bad idea. Thank you for serving for us – the real Patriots.

          3. worn out 123 says

            Ask democrats. Paul has beaten Hitllary in recent polls. NO ONE else has.

          4. Jackie says

            I rarely believe any of the polls any longer. They can be contrived also. I don’t doubt your poll you are referring to and as I said if it came down to Trump/Paul I would vote for them in an instant; but I do like Cruz.

  13. old broad says

    Don’t like him ,never have ! Having said that and that I’m NOT a Republican, if we had the elections today I’d probably get A ticket driving as fast as I can to polling place to VOTE FOR TRUMP! He’s the ONLY one running that has the interest of WE THE PEOPLE and AMERICA as HIS priority , not lining his pockets and kissing commie lib ( both Democrat AND Republican ) arse ! Finely someone who has the guts to tell the truth ! Nov.2014 the American people spoke and voted in people who said they would listen and do OUR will !What did we get a bunch of lies and stabbed in the back by commie lib arse kissers looking only to line their own pockets and the hell with we the people !THEY THINK WE ARE SOOOOOOOOO STUPID WE DESERVE WHAT WE GET ! Trump thinks the Democrats are bad the Republicans will eat him alive !

  14. george michael says

    I remember when Ralph Nader rand for president – – He spoke the truth but no one was prepared to hear or deal with the truth. Trump is beholden to no one and I would support his presidency.

    1. Laurence Almand says

      We need a billionaire in the White House to counteract the Socialist billionaires like Soros.

  15. MILES E DRAKE says

    It is not just Christian bakers and florists who will be economically persecuted for opposing the coming Rainbow State/Estado del arco iris. Fortunately, Donald Trump is able to withstand the same sort of action that the Nazis took against opponents when they assumed power. We must all prepare now for the next phase of their plan, in which bakers and florists and Donald Trump are to be taken away for expressing their beliefs.

    1. Paula says

      Yes! Because in the eyes of the commie-liberals, only they speak the truth!

  16. Sue says

    Trump would make a great president. I think those in politics and the media who oppose him are afraid they have nothing on him to blackmail him because he hasn’t joined the cesspool of scum in D.C.

    P.S. Government is just an idea created by people. Idea’s cannot own anything nor does it have anymore power than the people gave it…The idea we created in D.C. has turned into a slush of s–t and pulling this country into the sewer with it. It needs to be scraped and the people need to create a new idea. Trump would be the beginning of that new idea.

    1. Angry American says

      No problem with the liberals finding something on him no matter how trivial & if they can’t find something of substance again no problem they will simply make something up. Remember dirty hairy reid & what he did with Romney he made up the fact that he hasn’t paid taxes & how about his “secret bank accounts” the dirty bastard simply made it up & it spread like wildfire among the liberals, they didn’t even stop to think that if the bank accounts were secret how did dirty hairy know about them also he posted his tax forms too but it didn’t even slow the dirty bastard down

      1. Paula says

        It’s a wonder why the GOP never fights back. I’ve heard, many times, we won’t lower ourselves (to fight dirty)…well, time has come to take off the gloves and pound the commies senseless. Not senseless — wrong word. Pound them into ground!

        1. Jarhead says

          After their neck-tie party?

      2. Jarhead says

        Fiction & Fantasy cornerstones of the DemonicRATS, Liberal-RETARDS, RINOs, MU-slimes and traitors agendas.

      3. Sue says

        I kn

  17. Michael Dennewitz says

    This proves what we’ve ALL known for decades.. M O N E Y !! It’s all about money! They don’t like a guy, they cancel their contracts with him! GREED N MONEY is what’s corrupted this country from day one. Politicians buy their way, all thru life, which makes them the most corrupt sumbitches on planet earth. You and I take a hammer to every damned quarter we get, trying to stretch it and make ends meet. Politicians just buy and sell, as tho they have a printing press in the back room.. YOU GO TRUMP ! Hope you piss off a lot of them!!

  18. Sharron Thompson says

    Go Donald. People dont like to hear the facts or truth

    1. Jarhead says

      “Veritas Vos Liberabit”
      The truth will set them free!
      “Mundus Vult Decipi Ergo Decipiatur”
      Some want to be deceived, so let them.
      Keep telling the truth Donald.

  19. Tiredofsocializm says

    Oh ya, all the ubber leftist libs will do eveything they can think of to destroy people who do not agree with them. they will do anything to get a grifter like Clinton elected. I personally hope Trump wins just to have the undies of all libs and rinos bunched up their cracks! man it would do my heart good to listen to them bitch and moan for 4 or better yet 8 years!

  20. GAGIRL12 says

    How in the he!! does Jebbbbb keep coming up first in these polls? I just don’t get it. Trump is the only candidate that would not be beholden to lobbyists and crony capitalism.

    1. bayoucastine says

      Gagirl — Remember, it is SO easy to “fix” a poll. You start out with a predetermined finish and design the “questions” to get certain “answers” to validate exactly what you want at the end.

      1. Paula says


    2. Paula says

      Who could hillary beat, Jeb or The Donald? The GOP is in koots with the commie-liberals.

    3. mx842 says

      Most polls are rigged in a way to get a desired result. Don’t believe everything you see or hear in the media they only tell you what they want you to know. We don’t need no stinking j bush in office, just more of the same. I would vote for Trump in a heartbeat.

    4. Gabriel A. King says

      Because the “polls” are a bunch of rigged BS. Trump is the real front runner and everyone knows he’s right and can save America. Trump is trustworthy and loves America.

    5. theseer says

      Jebbie’s poll statistics are rigged.
      In larger unrigged polls he comes in 3rd from the bottom in a long list of candidates.
      They keep advertising he is a top contender which is a total lie of deception.
      Jebbie is backed by wealthy nwo fascists totalitarians…
      He is a very weak man…Even a top man that worked for Jebbie stated he is no one we would want as president…Jebbie’s wife is no one we would want as 1st lady with
      her past of lying to authorities and her unbelieveable expensive spending sprees…
      and after being in U.S for decades her English is poor…plus
      Jebbie’s daughter a drug addict.

  21. proudtexan62 says

    The New York mayor, along with all the scum Democrats, are petrified of Donald Trump. They know he has the money to match dollar to dollar with them. Speaking of money, Donald Trump is a very rich man but he is sacrificing his fortune to run for President. He speaks the truth, calls a spade a spade and doesn’t back down from any criticism. I was very skeptical when he kept saying he was running but I will never forget the day I heard his launch speech. It was right on target with everything this country needs and must have to drive back the massive voter fraud that will be nationwide in November 2016. The Democrats will continue to try to discredit Donald Trump, embarrass Donald Trump and get their scum bag supporters like the MSM, the Hollywood community (except those who have a brain out there) and any other communist, Marxist, Nazi, terrorist supporters to attack him. Remember, there are many more of us than them in this country. The problem with “US” is that we don’t go to the polls on Election Day. On Election Day, 2016, EVERYONE in this country who is decent, moral, ethical, honest and a Patriot needs to be at the polls. We have to drive back this scum that has infected our country and taken so much from all of us. This is D-Day for America. We get it done in November 2016 or we give away our country and our lives as we have always known them. WAKE UP AMERICA and make this happen. It will take all of us, no one gets a pass!!! Obama is going to try and evoke martial law and we have to stop him and the scum that would support him in that effort.

  22. Paula says

    It’s not surprising that the libs jumped and ran! In today’s world, ONLY blacks, muslims, gays and all screaming white liberals can say ANYTHING thing they want…because they are expressing their freedom of speech! Even if they’re foreigners. Meanwhile, whites are being targeted for race hate and are being denied our freedom of speech. With all the money from the wealthy celebrities, soros, unions, foreign “investments” to the democrats the commie-liberal propaganda machine will chew up, run over and then spit out any Conservative in their way.

    We saw, in 2008, the smug “super star” named barack obama strut around with that knowing look of a man who KNEW he had the nomination in the bag. The real and only threat to him was Sarah Palin and they tried their best to destroy her. In 2012, the 1st “debate” was disgusting…a dull & dumb obama sat there and let Romney beat him. From what I read, obama didn’t think he needed to rehearse (because he KNEW he was going to “win” the why bother.) The propaganda machine geared up and the obvious cheating started!

    I’m noticing how smug hillary is looking these days… with her “white privilege” rant. Could it be that she knows she’s got the election in “the bag?”

    The elite 1 percenters are going to do everything they can to discount, make fun of & destroy anyone we put up. And the GOP will not fight back.

    1. festmatt5440 says

      Whomever does the most ‘ cheating ‘ , will win ‘.

  23. Jo Hatton says

    A true American who loves this country unlike the current administration and many on both sides of the isle. He speaks the truth. ILLLEGAL aliens are bringing crime etc into this country but the liberal press and the left will fashion every story to discredit him. Go Donald !

  24. Randy G. says

    The commie left or barry O’s boys can say and do what they want. Give tens of billions away and tell us we are broke and evrything from social security to whatever has no money for us. They give billions to illegals (say it mexicans) and free heath care (strating to come out as so) and have tripled Americans heath cost per family and it will keep going up. When someone says the truth on the right they are the bad guy. Look at the stats since the southern border has been opened. Crime and murder are way up and the jails are filling up with illegals. Again say it mexicans. These people draw money monthly and are not even U.S. citizens and again I am told I will not be able to get what I worked for for 40 plus years. HOW ANYONE CAN COME HERE AND VOTE FOR demoRATS AND VOTE TO POWER PEOPLE THAT WILL GIVE THEM THE SAME AS THEY LEFT THEIR COUNTRY FOR.?.?.? What do they gain! This is socialism and the demoRATS future for America. FUNNY HOW THE LAW IS WRITTEN NOT TO EFFECT THEM. People are stupid and we need a President out for America and to keep ALL OUR MONEY until we are in the green again. We owe nothing to these blood sucking countries who hate us. They owe is for winning W.W. 1 and 2 and letting them live their livesas they see fit. They owe us to be truthful and we should charge China what we owe them for bailing them out in both World Wars.

    1. Michelle Minze-Bryant says

      Yes Mexicans, but also ISIS, they are coming in the flood gates too. NOT part of the discussion but I’d like to know Trumps views on the military side and our extermination, like the Hola cost (sorry, spell check isn’t fixing my poor spelling)

      Also I’d like to know his Christian values and his stance on religion. What place does it have in his life, and what place will it hold in his decisions.

  25. Karla Andersen says

    We need to stand up for Trump. The Libtards will try to tear him down. They are afraid. They should be. The veil has been lifted from the people & they see the evil in Washington. Trump can’t be bought & he is a Patriot. We need to get rid of the scum in DC.

  26. Kelli Lines says

    I agree with everything you say in this article.

  27. ART L LINDMAN says


    1. Jarhead says

      OR Palin?

  28. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says

    Maybe Donald Trump is our answer cause i think we need some one now who is not control by anyone. He can be just the right person to do what is needed to be done for AMERICA. I also know he want stand for no bull.

  29. papa doug says

    Donald Trump is a liberal no matter what mask he wears today so never forget that. His comments about illegal immigration resonate with me and other conservatives very much but that doesn’t change the fact that he’s a liberal. If you are looking for a real conservative, non-politician, presidential candidate look at Ben Carson.
    Those persons and corporations who don’t like Trumps stance on immigration are part of the problem in America and by their support of illegals are also supporting illegal drugs, rapes, murders and all manner of crimes illegals commit not to mention islamic terrorists who come across with them. We need to boycott all companies and corporations who support unsecured borders!

    1. Bob Ware says

      So far from what I have heard from the candidates, Dr. Ben Carson MD is the best. He’ll do what it takes to undo what obama has destroyed. Equally important, he doesn’t like obama policies anymore than we do.

  30. junkmailbin says

    Trump is a breath f fresh air. He directly brings to the front what is necessary to talk about.
    Piss off donors?? he is his donor. The others have to actually address what he highlights.
    Fiorina is also wonderful in saying it as it is. She just make hilary bust blood vessels.
    Things have not even heated up and the dems are showing how oppressive they are.
    The repub runners have to keep their comments moderated as to not poison their own pool.
    Yes, illegal aliens are a big thing and it needs to be fleshed out

  31. Dennis says

    This is the right guy at the right time to salvage what is left of our republic. Besides it will drive the left absolutely nuts!! That alone covers the cost of the popcorn boys and girls.

  32. Roger K says

    Trump is stating facts. Some that critasize are making money on federal or state programs that offer assistance to those who entered illegally.

  33. Gerry Costa says

    I would love to see a ticket of Trump & Carson. A shrewd businessman and a former neurosurgeon with more intelligence than the whole demoRAT party. These politicians are all the same regardless of what they say — all seem to be corrupt with deep pockets and can be bought by anyone who has the money.

    1. jimmy hoffa says

      Trump? LMAO! Gerry you are a bigger fool than I thought you were. Like Trump you are a clown and like most commenting here are fools. I give Trump six months and he’ll disappear into the woodwork.

      The President does not make our laws. I would try to explain how our system works but I do not think your brain has the intelligences to comprehend facts.

      Fact is, both parties have have been bending fools like you over and treating you like a sheep. But, I guess you enjoy that, as you are acting like one…. baaaaa, baaaaaa,

      Bend over now Gerry time for your feeding….

      I suggest you try and get one of those smart pills or have someone slap your face to wake you the freaking up. Because, unless we get the majority of the thieves out of the Congress and Senate. It doesn’t matter who we have for President, nothing is going to change.

      1. Gerry Costa says

        You seem to do a whole lot of name calling which tells me a lot about you. My guess is that if you look in a mirror the biggest fool of all will be looking right back at YOU. !!!!!

        1. jimmy hoffa says

          LMAO!!! What is the matter Jerry, you don’t mind calling names but get offended when your called names? I guess you do not look at yourself in the mirror, hypocrite.

  34. Sgt. York says

    Go trump go make America again what it was before uber ovomit

  35. Albert L Biele says

    While other politicians, with few exceptions, remain politically correct, Trump tells it like it is. The
    people are fed-up with our politicians, the Supreme Court, giving countries who hate us billions of dollars, denigrating our men in uniform, ignoring our immigration laws, and sacrilegiously attacking the very Christian/Judea principles this country was built on. He’s being attacked by the progressives because he’s for what they’re against i.e. a democratic republic (a peoples government), verses a federally controlled dictatorship. (Total bondage). “WE NEED TRUMP IN THE WHITE HOUSE!”

  36. richard schlinder says

    “Not been a good week”????? Are you kidding? He poles in second place behind Walker.PC or not,he is saying what a lot of voters are thinking. (whether you love him or hate him).

  37. TPS12 says

    The facts are out there which would support DT truth telling but the dems and msm will twist and lie about the facts to keep their agenda going. Our Country is in the worst shape ever and people continued to be blind to the truth. dems, repubs and the msm keep saying these people are coming here to better their lives, the dream of America, unfortunatly all of them are destroying the Country and it will no longer be the America it was.

    1. worn out 123 says

      Yes, but, the democrats will gain millions of new voters for every election under the sun so they will continue to rule under what is essentially a one party system. Call it communism, socialism, fascism or whatever you choose.

  38. Scottyone77 says

    I agree with Trump and if he gets the republican nomination I’m voting for him

  39. Proud US vet/American says

    Hey America! Remember this famous movie line? “You want the truth? You can’t handle the truth!” Seems America has the chance to answer this very question in a few months. Or, will she continue to wallow in the pile of despotism and leftist crap that we find ourselves in? America needs to make some very BIG and BOLD moves this election and NOT vote the party line. Most of America knows J.Bush is a putz, he just hasn’t admitted it to himself. The only two real candidates that have a chance of saving this country are Donald trump and Ted Cruz-all the others are just cannon fodder. We need to step away from the main-stream, business as usual candidate and take a chance on something different.
    Mainstream “Republican” or “Democrat” candidates need to be flushed where they belong!

    1. worn out 123 says

      Assuming you are totally correct. How do you expect to win the general election? Either Trump or Cruz will be too polarizing. Socialists, communists, free loaders, and illegals outnumber any other coalition and Trump or Cruz would loose, imo.
      Paul has beaten Hitllary in recent polls. Paul/Trump, Paul/Cruz, Paul/Walker

      1. Proud US vet/American says

        That is the $1 million dollar question, isn’t it? People will have to make the decision to go in a totally new direction and vote with their heads instead of following party lines in this case.

      2. GoldenRudy says

        The same was said of Ronal Reagan. You know the Class B Hollywood movie actor. Well, that “can’t win” guy did twice by a large margin both times.

        1. festmatt5440 says

          Yes ‘ , guys ‘ ; but that was when we had , free ‘ and honest ‘ elections .

  40. Laurence Almand says

    Trump is one of the few (very few) politicians who has the courage to speak out truthfully about immigration and the harm it has caused our country. With 10,000,000 unemployed – probably more – the last thing the USA needs is more people pouring in.
    Hope Trump runs for President – I will vote for him, if for no other reason than he stands up and speaks out, regardless of the “politically correct” nonsense.

  41. falloutrb13 says

    I like Trump’s honesty. I wish he would frame his comments in such a way as to use statistics to backup his views. It is blatantly obvious that there have been many American citizens assaulted, raped and murdered by illegal aliens from many countries, but predominantly from Mexico. Just ONE American having their life impacted negatively by an illegal alien is ONE too many. The sad fact is the mainstream media won’t report on the crimes committed by these illegal aliens. Are all illegal aliens committing crimes beyond crossing illegally? Probably not. Most of the people that cross only do so because they want a life they can’t possibly attain in their home countries. However; it is not the responsibility of American citizens to provide a better life for these people. I say American citizens because where does the federal government get their money? They get it from taxpayers. So, in essence, we are paying for the illegal aliens to live in this country. Can these levels of “Entitlement” programs be sustained? Absolutely not. I’m afraid that the only way this country will be restored, is if the current governments, at all levels, collapse under the weight of their own unlawful coercion of the American people.

    Would I vote for Trump? Yes. I would vote for anybody to oppose Hillary or any other tyrant the Progressive/Liberal party wants to destroy what remains of America with. There are RINO’s running for the nomination of the GOP. They are nearly as bad as the Progressive/Liberals. If Trump runs as an independent, he will hand the presidency to Hillary or another parasite. Can Trump win the GOP nomination? Not likely. I hate to say this, but I believe we are headed for an economic collapse unprecedented in our history. It will reshape America and the only question now is: Who will emerge to rule America in the aftermath? I’m hoping it is a government committed to the Constitution and restoring our freedoms. If not, then we are probably looking at a civil conflict of some kind. There are those who want the government to control every aspect of our lives and those who do not.

    Donald Trump is speaking the truth and I admire him for that, but I wonder if he is speaking to an America that fades away a little bit everyday. He is speaking to an America which is being silenced and vilified by the mainstream media. He is speaking to an America that gets audited by the IRS or has their assets seized by some government entity, if they protest too loudly. He is speaking to an America that has double-standards depending on your political beliefs. He is speaking to an America which is desperate for change, with little hope of attaining it. He is speaking to an America which must rise up and take back what has been taken from them. He is speaking to an America which will no longer exist if we do not.

    1. worn out 123 says

      He is saving immigration statistics for the debate, imo.

  42. Gabriel A. King says

    Trump is a damn HERO telling the truth. And he will not bow to “politicial correctness”- a WEAPON which has destroyed our country. Trump is a solid patriot and is great “on the issues”. He threatens the RINO’s…. Communist scum Libtards…. and the New World Order.

    Not voting for Trump will ASSURE the final death of America. If you even “WHISPER” anything the liberals don’t like you will be labeled a bigot and viciously / relentlessly attacked. If you remain neutral on anything you will also be viciously attacked.

    The ONLY solution is to vote for Trump and give the middle finger to “PC” once and for all. The RIGHT candidate- is the one who is being attacked the most.

  43. mona.tate says

    AMEN!!!!! Can’t say anything better.

  44. e michael says

    I do not think the media is taking him serious and they should right now he is telling Americans the way it is and that it needs to be changed and Trump is the one who can do it, the rest are afraid to comment because they will get bad publicity from the left media. Its time we have some one in the White House who is for helping Americans first and not adding debt to support illegal immigrants and their families. Don’t these Liberals living in the US already know that the money spent on these illegals is all going to come out of what they are receiving now and they may have to start working and pay for these illegals or get less assistance. The 50% that pays the bills is only going to get smaller!

    1. worn out 123 says

      The 50% to which u refer will decide to stop working (the sooner the better) and get the freebies “from the rich”. Then watch as a mass exodus of wealthy leave for better nations. “Capital flows toward the nation with the best treatment of capital.” . . . . ME.
      This is when guns are necessary to make the people obedient to government — Communism is socialism at the point of a gun.
      Welcome to communist America. How do u like it so far?

    2. Gabriel A. King says

      The media DOES take him serious. That’s why they are desperately trying to comicalize and demonize Trump. I have NEVER seen a candidate so viciously attacked right out of the gate !

    3. Follow Me Boys says

      All liberals should be rounded up and a “final solution” is found for them

  45. Bob Barton says

    The old folk is going to save this nation again.

  46. txstrat says

    He may very well be but I don’t trust the man. He has an ego that drives the man stupid all he wants is to be is in charge. What he represents is corporate America well if he could put people who could work and get people off of welfare and help themselves hey man I am all for him.But don’t cut the ones who really need it .

    1. Gabriel A. King says

      What we need is JOBS and a robust economy. Not more welfare / control scams to feed the Communist parasites.

      1. festmatt5440 says

        ” Absolutely “

  47. rmwayne says

    I like Trump. I also like Cruz, Walker and Carson. But Trump’s not falling over and being a weak, gutless coward to the left wing media has improved his standing in my estimation. I’m sick of supposedly right wing candidates who have no gonads whatsoever when dealing with Obama, the media and the rest of the left wing criminals.

    1. worn out 123 says

      Careful. Senator Reid said, “Patriots are criminals.” Don’t want to emulate that turd. There are plenty of democrats that are not socialists or communists and we need them in the general election. IStandWithRand, btw.

      1. Follow Me Boys says

        If someone is a dem they need what they are about to get when Barry gets his race war he is driving for. I hate that MFer

      2. Gabriel A. King says

        I like Rand… but he caved to PC on the Confederate Flag issue like a pussy. And that indicates he will bow before the golden calf of PC just like the rest of the Republi-cant’s.

        TRUMP is the man. A rich patriot giving the middle finger to PC.

        1. worn out 123 says

          The flag is an unimportant issue. It’s better to leave it to museums than to fight over anything so trivial and be labeled a bigot. There are many much more important issues facing America.
          Senator Paul is the only candidate who has beaten Hitllary in any of the polls to date. I like his domestic agenda. He has a good economic plan for Detroit. He plans a huge tax break that will create at least 1 million new jobs. He claims his “fair tax” will “drive a stake in the heart of the IRS and he is right on immigration, FIX THE BORDERS. Legalize M.J. and collect the taxes on it. He is opposed to McCain and others who want to rush into wars. He believes in a foreign policy of non-intervention (not isolationism), a policy of which I greatly favor as I am weary of our sons and daughters dying on foreign shores for corporate America. Unlike Obama, Senator Rand Paul trusts in the U.S. Constitution and will destroy two things I see as unConstitutional: the ACA and the “Patriot Act” (the most unpatriotic Bill ever passed). IStandWithRand …. RandPaul/Donald Trump

          1. Gabriel A. King says

            There is nothing “unimportant” about PC. That is the weaponized psyops which is taking down America. I still support Rand, but I think Trump is coming out much stronger. And Trump is basically the ONLY candidate not grovelling to PC like a disgusting coward.

          2. worn out 123 says

            It’s good to hear the thoughts of others. Thankx.

      3. edward martis says

        Why be a commie dem. in the first place or a ball-less repb ? …… go independent or not at all……like Teddy Roosevelt—-He had more energy than an A-bomb and accompolished tons of stuff while in office…… trump has in the business world…….

        1. worn out 123 says

          Point is, a presidential hopeful cannot win by simply carrying republicans. Finding a platform that appeals to all moderates is the most likely way to win and Senator Paul has got appeal to moderate dems and independents without giving up his liberty-based on the Constitution, stance.

          1. Snake Eyes says

            Worn-out, check Paul’s stance on the Cuban embassy. He’s finished. He’s silent on traditional marriage and even ignorant on the Monroe Doctrine (i.e. , Cuba). Cruz should pull ahead once the primaries start.

          2. worn out 123 says

            Paul has sent me a message that he’s dissappointed in the S.C. decision and that he considers their decision a grievous error of the responsibilities. Paul is not silent, however, one cannot know his positions fully because the media will not speak to his platform yet he has beaten Hitllary in recent polls in more than one state. Senator Paul is the only republican running democrats fear. Haven’t heard anything about the embassy, but, many believe it is time to attempt open dialog with Cuba. I know that Paul recently said he is not in favor of immediate trade deals with Cuba. He believes as the founding fathers that tradeing with all nations and avoiding alliances is generally the better way to proceed. Cruz might win a primary, but, Bush has all the donation monies. I will not vote for J.B. (Hitllary lite). Neither one can beat Hitllary. Paul is the only one that has any chance, imo.

          3. Snake Eyes says

            WO, with all due respect, I gotta disagree on Paul. As to his being feared by the DNC, either he or Cruz. When a Democrat says someone is a fringe candidate that’s a euphemism for a true conservative. Regarding the Founders and trading with all–they of all people should have known trade with ALL eventually means binding trade agreements which eventually will encroach or supercede a nation’s constitution (e.g. , NAFTA, CAFTA, NAU, GATT).

            At some point Ron Paul’s stance of” Western imperialism has caused the RUSSO-ISLAMIC aggression, not their inherent anti-Western ideology” will surface in the primary debates from his son’s mouth. I’m still betting on Cruz. If he gets the “evil Koch brothers” support then that will trounce the inept Rockefeller/Soros Bush campaign. Once the public hear Jeb’s incoherence, he’s done. Even Hillary comes across as more articulate. Peace, brother-in-arms, Snake

          4. worn out 123 says

            I only require a wee bit of respect.
            If everyone thought alike there would be less reason to communicate.
            Keep thinking. That’ll work for me.

          5. Snake Eyes says

            Were all in this together. Every conservative has my respect!

          6. edward martis says

            screw them all and let the Donald obliterate every single communist/ socialist democrat and ball-less repub.—–The T-man said that nothing will ever change; as long as these D/R professional life long politicians remain in office—He is RIGHT !!

  48. Spark1845 says

    I totally am on Donald’s side. I think he would make a fair president. I know one thing for sure, He is much, far so far better than the little Muslim PUNK Assbama. He cares about the country. He doesn’t want to change it for the worst. This is Obastard’s goal. By the way FUCK the Mexicans. They don’t count. Only in an election. So, go out and get white and non-black and Mexican votes. Get people off of their asses. They better come to the party.

  49. Reality99r says

    Trump is the panacea to slow our county’s mirroring of the decline of the Roman Empire.
    A non politician with big brass ones is what is needed to reduce the size and scope of government, earn the lost respect of the rest of the world, and to curb the maniacal aspirations of lobbyists and unions.

    1. edward martis says

      Some years back I had to go to K Street in D.C. for a job interview (where all the lobbyists have offices) …K St goes on forever and ever…….

  50. Holland180 says

    Despite Trump’s shortcomings, he truly hit’s the nail dead center. Who can doubt that the majority of illegals sneaking in from Mexico are poor, undereducated, may have medical issues and often have criminal past or tendencies toward crime and drug involvement, gang association etc, etc. There is no question that there are good, hard working folks in Mexico that are only trying to better their standing in life but you cannot do that by breaking our laws and entering illegally. Look what would happen to U.S. Citizens if we get caught entering Mexico illegally! You will be thrown in jail and abused and might not ever be seen again. When it happens in the U.S., democrates welcome them with open arms, provide entitlement benefits, housing, medical, education and the list goes on and on.

    I say go Donald Trump and say it like it is!

  51. 83footsailor says

    Time to stop playing around with these QUEERS – WET BAKS – MUSLIMS and others who are HELL BENT on DESTROYING AMERICA as JOHN Q. PUBLIC CITIZEN knows the US of A . //////////////
    The DONALD has AMERICA at heat and is reedy to defend her to the END . /////////////////////////
    OBOOOOOMASSS – the magnificent – is out to destroy AMERICA . ///////////////////////////////

  52. niko says

    Being a lifelong right-wing New Yorker from the city the only person that is disgusting, offensive,dirtbag in this article is that filthy socialist,liberal, white trash, piece of shit mangina dumblasio who is married to some filthy fag.

  53. falloutrb13 says

    Donald Trump recognizes the fact that ANY GOP candidate will not garner a majority of Black, Latino or Progressive/Liberal votes. The reasons are numerous, but the bottom line is that the aforementioned groups want handouts and more government. Not all people who belong to a minority group want what many believe they are “entitled” to. There are hard working minorities that see the Progressive/Liberal agenda for what it is, enslavement. There are too many white folks that want the handouts and big government as well, although they don’t really stand to improve their lives in any meaningful way. They, like many others, believe the propaganda. They cannot or do not want to recognize or acknowledge the fact that their Progressive/Liberal “Crusaders” have gotten quite wealthy under the watch of Obama. They don’t see the rampant corruption, nepotism, favoritism, reverse racism, waste, fraud and abuse that are the hallmarks of any socialist regime. There is a false perception that most wealthy people are all old, fat, conservative white men. How many times have you seen incredibly wealthy liberals railing against the rich? How many of them actually support, in a monetarily perceptible way, the socialist/Marxist ideologies they would have the rest of us live under? Taking wealth from people, who have lost their representation, isn’t that difficult. Essentially, the government is redistributing wealth under the threat of punishment or violence.

    The mainstream media is clearly in the camp of the Progressive/Liberal election machine. It has long ago dropped any pretense of journalism and is nothing more than the propaganda arm of the Democrats and by default, the Progressive/Liberal agenda. That is why he is telling the truth, because the mainstream media won’t. The truth is not the friend of the Progressive/Liberal agenda. If Trump were not a threat, they would not attack him. The key to this election is to mobilize the people who are tired of paying for the handouts and big government. Donald Trump and a few of the other GOP candidates only want Americans to have a chance at self-determination, without the interference, coercion and tyranny of a big government leviathan. I can only hope that 2016 is a turning point. If we continue down this path, then I advise you all to prepare for the worst.

  54. LastGasp says

    Good for him! This pc crap has ruined America just as the Progtards wanted. Mr. Trump has the courage to say what needs to be said. And I think he has the stones to do something about it when in office. It’s about damn time a candidate tells it like it is instead of being a soft and fuzzy panty waist.

  55. Niki says

    Donald Trump is like sex ! He just gets better & better.

    1. festmatt5440 says

      ‘ You betcha ‘ .

  56. GoldenRudy says

    Obama was/is serious and look at what his “fundamental change” has meant to America and the Free World. I’ll take Trump over Obama, any day.

  57. rayhause says

    Trump and Cruz are the only two who are calling out the rest of the candidates and all of their cronies.

  58. Lougjr1 says

    TOUCHE’ !! I’ll stand behind that statement and challenge all red blooded Americans who love this country to show your support for The Donald. Donald Trump that is ! To all Mexicans, Donald Trump does not dislike the Mexican people, he is talking about those people coming across the border illegally with drugs contraband and criminal activity. This is not protecting the rest of the legal Mexicans who came here to get rid of those same people. Do not listen to those lying Socialist Democrats. All they want is your vote so they can tell you what to do, where to do it, when to do it, and if you can do it. I think all Mexicans had enough of that before they came here. Thank You !

  59. buddman says

    I would prefer TRUMP over all the Chickenshit Established COWARDS we Need Fresh Blood who is not looking to Cash In like O-shitstain or hillary

  60. scott says

    Go Trump Go! A man with a backbone and not offended by the truth.

  61. Donald Vestal says

    I am not sure about Trump for President but the number one thing that I have been waiting for any candidate for President to say since Ronald Reagan is “I will put working middle class Americans FIRST”, instead of the steady “we need more immigration, or we need a pathway to citizenship for illegals, comprehensive immigration reform, etc. etc”. I don’t know about anybody else, but I am tired of feeling like I am being treated as a second class citizen in my own country.

  62. MichaelZZ says

    Trump was “inartful” with both the Mexican remarks and the concept of “taking” the Iraqi oil (ignorant or stupid…, or both?), but I don’t perceive him to be a mean person.

    Narcissistic? Oh, yeah!

    I believe he meant to be dramatic (and he was!! lol), but he caught himself as he added that “And some, I assume, are good people.”

    If I knew trump, I would have strongly suggested that he, immediately, explain his “inartful” comments.

    Perhaps his best characteristic is that he is NOT a politician.

    NOTE: We need “leaders”, not “politicians”.

    If one running for Office sounds, looks, or acts like a “politician”, turn your back to him or her and run, and while running yell at him or her that you may be back once he or she begins telling truth. Sadly, lying appears to be imbedded within the DNA of “politicians”.

    An extremely serious discussion must be, rationally, undertaken to understand and to mitigate our “unauthorized visitors” problem.



  63. donemyhomework says

    Bringing up immigration was a bad idea because most of these reporters don’t know anything more about immigration than they do about astrophysics. They just throw something inflammatory out on the table to get readership. And they didn’t touch the forced Islamic immigration problem. Immigrating terrorists and complaining about Hispanics. The force behind immigration from south of the border is and always has been Corporations.

  64. Peoriaboy says

    Fox New’s continually trying to destroy Donald Trump,they as the democrats want the mexican viewers. Any more they have become less fair and balanced and they should be supporting as many candidates that want to run for president after all that is what america is about ,it’s not just for the politicians in office that never get nothing done and always fear saying something about another race of people or queers and dyke’s . I guess we need voting booths for each race of people and voting booth’s for gay and lesbian’s and then figure out to add their vote into the system as we are so divided anymore ,christians are having their right’s taken away from them and homo’s and the ACLU along with George Soros is trying their best to destroy America the man should be arrested.

  65. JIMBO says

    I am so sick of seeing these impeach Obama surveys. Damned sit , if you are going to impeach this idiot, do it and stop running these stupid surveys. I just signed one earlier today and over 90% voted yes.

  66. Deb says

    Donald should be President he would clean out the fascist there now and Deblasio in NY, he is an ignorant trouble maker.

  67. robert says

    We must begin to elect Americans not politicians.Trump has my vote. OH and look up congress communists and you will find over 80 confirmed communists in congress. Hope it is still available.

    1. edward martis says

      I know…I joined the American Communist Party (Berkeley) for 4 months (just to see what they were all about) …. The shit I learned about these ‘sewer-rats’ would scare you to death;…. first and foremost is that Obama is their god; hands down—-They have nothing but adoration for him (and Pelosi, Barbara Bell(D-OAK) and slews of other dems——-If you ever want to join ONLY give them a disposable e-mail address…which is acceptable——Then they, a short time later; will want to physically with you—–The local Denny’s is the place their ‘local’ commies hang out for mini-meetings—-which I passed on——-Go to a very large meeting with a phony/replica drivers license and get lost in the crowd and NEVER give ANY personal info. for they do back-check————-I wish I had your ear—–I could tell you tons of info. about these ‘sewer-rats’…………………………

  68. Amish Prepper says

    Truth, and that is what I like about Trump, as well as him not needing any bribes to get into office. No paybacks for the huge Corporations and Lobbyists! I like that, and it is time for us to have someone who has our interest!

  69. patriot carpenter says

    Cruz is not eligible to be president or vise-president… WTF…that’s what got us into this mess for Christ sake.

  70. Bruce Wayne says

    Trump is right,Mexico sends their worst to the United States and to top EVERYTHING off they expect US to
    give them a FREE RIDE!I say IT’S TIME TO TAKE OUT THE TRASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. Paul D. Conley says

    I voted for my former wife’s uncle in my first Republican Presidential Primary race, Berry Goldwater, who I had meet, liked, and felt that he would make a great President! Then I voted for Dick Nixon, again someone I thought would make a great President! Then I Voted for Jimmy Carter, but that was a mistake, then I got it right with Ronald Reagan, and then I voted for Bob Dole, because he was a war veteran, but not much more, and John McCain, again a war veteran, not much more, then Mitt Romney, sounded good, but no back bone! I did vote for Ross Perot for the Republican Presidential primary, but he lost his sprite somewhere before the election was over, something about men-in-black and black helicopters, now I am prepared to vote for Donald Trump, with the expatiation that he will keep his back bone, and sprite, and become the Ronald Reagan of 2016!

  72. seersuckerandapanama says

    What is resonating with common, workaday Americans is not only WHAT Trump says but HOW he says it. Grass roots Republicans have long longed for a Republican who will say what he believes and tells, by implication, the establishment ruling class to go stick it. The Republican base is weary of mealy-mouthed moderates whose apparent goal is to be as mediocre as possible.

  73. disqus_7KiKMOOd1L says

    Trump’s refreshing because he isn’t AFRAID or overly-PC to say what he believes. He didn’t deliberately disparage the Mexican people; he commented on the dregs of Mexican society that want to bring their problems here, while acknowledging that doesn’t apply to all illegals. Trump is dangerous to the “bipartisan” political elite, which always seeks to try to set up the presidential election campaigns the way they – both parties – want it to be. Their surrogates are already coming to the fore – NBC, Univision, Macy’s – cancelling contracts with Trump, and now the radical Lefty NY mayor – a socialist putz if ever one existed and who is despised by most proud NYers – wants to possibly do the same with city business with Trump. Hey, Donald! Call the bluff of Comrade NY-Mayor! Take your business and capital out of NYC and let’s see how that know-nothing, left-wing radical replaces the jobs lost and the tax revenue generated from YOUR capital! Call his bluff, Donald – Please! It would be great to see this sanctimonious putz – as well as other idiot liberals and radicals – have it handed to them. You’re the only Republican that can do it! The others are too chicken-plop!

  74. jim_wright says

    This is a fullon assualt from the leftist both in our government snd more importsntly from the talking head leftist in the main stream media. They have gotten away with misquotes and mischaracterations for far too long. Most of them can’t be trusted to faithfully report the news let alone a political story that most of them disagree with.

  75. says

    This would be like electing a modern day JOHN WAYNE for president. He’s GOT OUR VOTES! At least we know what we are getting, instead of a flip flopping Obama.

  76. says

    Obama does NOTHING to give back our JOBS, we lost 3 times due to Obamacare! Unemployment & debt is Obama’s legacy!

  77. James Brewer says

    I know a person (whom I will not name) who was yelling “DONALD TRUMP WILL MAKE US WORK FOR OUR MONEY!” and I was like umm.. I don’t see how that’s a bad thing, people who are able-bodied and want to work should be rewarded lol, I think that able-bodied people who are on government benefits and are unemployed should be given a job opportunity. Socialist morons like Bernie Sanders want to do the complete opposite of that, basically take away all job opportunity (he suggested raising business tax to 98% even on live tv) and just re-distribute the income until the eventual collapse of the economy or the complete takeover of all finances by the federal government. We definitely do not need a socialist in there, or a democrat. We need Donald Trump or at least a republican candidate with conservative values, most republicans believe in creating jobs and not dependency in able-bodied people.

  78. Larry says

    Like him or Not, I llike him as there are few Americans now days who will take “Politically Correct” and tell them it sucks and instead tell the truth. Where did common sense and telling the truth go. I guess the truth is God told us this would happen, “good will be bad, and bad will be good. SO SAD!

  79. Triston Treber says

    GO Donald…………

  80. runnindeer says

    Raise your hands anyone that remembers back when Jimmy Carter allowed Cuban refugees into the United States and just what those immigrants turned out to be… Castro opened the prison doors and the insane asylums and we got some very strange -people. The crime rate rose at that time but nothing as bad as what America faces now. With terrorism as it is this unbelievably bad move to open doors for immigrants that are not legal and that are exactly as Mr. trump said, ” criminals, rapist,” and some of the worse their own countries have to offer.

    1. edward martis says

      and disease carriers–TB–Denge Fever etc and tons of tropical diseases; that we know nothing about

  81. bill sexton says

    Trump is the man of the hour for this country. He can make America strong again. He has the talent, the skills, and the knowledge of how to make American great again. I wish he would eliminate the payroll tax so middle Americans are rescued from unjust taxation, disband the hated corrupt liberal IRS, and institute a Fair Tax of 10% set in stone so it can never be raised. The poor would receive rebate checks monthly from the Social Security Administration. Millions upon millions of dollars would flood back into the country from where it is hid from the prying eyes of the IRS. The rich could not hire lawyers to protect them from paying taxes. The Fair Tax works in countries like the Philippines. They pay 12% on everything they buy, but they take home all of their payroll check. They love the Fair Tax, I am sure once Americans saw its value and fairness, they would love it too. Mike Huckabee says he will dismantle the IRS, abolish the federal payroll tax, and institute a fairer way to tax people called the Fair Tax. I wish Trump would learn what Mike Huckabee has learned, that the Fair Tax is right for America!

    1. edward martis says

      I worked for the Saudi air force as an American working for an Italian contractor—–The Italian company admin would tell the IRS (US consulate in Jeddah) to ‘fuck off’ all the time when the IRS wanted to know what the americans were making—–We made up our own W-2’s and vastly under-reported what we made—-I hid all of my money in a country you have never heard of—-It was great fun porking the IRS——

      1. bill sexton says

        wow Edward, you warmed my heart. I am laughing as I am getting ready to pay an additional $300 to the damn cheating IRS. I paid $350 to have my taxes done by a very reputable company and was supposed to get around $1500 back. Now I get a letter with no explanation saying I owe them an additional $300. I sure hope Mike Huckabee gets elected and disbands this illegal corrupt group of haters. I want to see everyone of those no account money grabbers out of a job and on the street. I am glad you were able to save some of your money. It is YOUR money, not theirs. Way to go Ed.

        1. edward martis says

          actually; I only had $300 /month in Saudi Riyals-(cash)-to live on–that was all I really needed—the rest was ‘allotted automatically’ to my ‘european’ account by the Milano,) Italian company I worked for in US$dollars—-The sneakiest way to get cash into the USA is to have a bunch of less than $2000 money orders drawn by a European bank and then fly to Montreal, (Canada of course) and then take the train/ bus to the US Border crossing and Then take the commuter flight to JFK and fly home——Putting about 2- 3 European bank $2000 . money orders in your US account every 4-10 days or will not raise any IRS eyebrows—so to speak….. In reality you are SUPPOSED to declare to US Customs if you have’ ‘ over $10.000 in ‘monetary instruments’ … if they do find the ‘monetary instruments’ you will be arrested etc and the ‘monetary instruments’ will be confiscated —–IN REALITY this does not happen–to the average traveller—It is very easy to hide a bunch of European bank .M.O.’s —–and they take about a week to ‘clear’ your US bank and be deposited into your US bank acct——OR just cash them a few at time and take the cash home—-I did this a bunch of times—–It may seem like a lot of trouble to screw IRS—but I enjoyed every minute.of it—-It was all James Bondish –secret bank accts—secret passwords etc.–great fun. By the way Montreal is beautiful city to stroll in for a day or more; to decompress …from all the airline traveling—-Jeddah, KSA to my ‘European bank was 6 hours—-then on to Montreal; about another 5 hours and then–the bus to the US laid back border-crossing (St. Albans VT )—- the commuter flight from St. Albans, VT to JFK was another hour or 2—- —-I have mailed Cuban cigars from Amsterdam to the US and got away with it……..If the US customs found them and tracked to a US address—-so what !!I never got bagged… The addressee could just deny it all…’unsolisited gift’ etc…and the Amsterdam address was a made up name—The Dutch could care less– I shipped 300 or so CD’ s ( movies, concerts etc) from Jeddah to Boston, MA—–I got a call (in Boston) from US Customs in Boston to come down and see a US Customs officer about my ‘goods’ etc—–The Customs dudes were only interested in 2000+ CDs etc—-I loaded my 300 CD’s and drove home—-no customs duty etc—–The thing was I paid $ 1 each for all of them—-they were expertly copied in Macao (formerly owned by Portugal)-China –They do great spotless counterfeiting—–The going price for a AK-47 is $25 in SA—USAF contacts will make it a done deal—and USAF C-130’s are in and out of RSAF Bases all the time……AH–The good life—-It was all a blast………….

  82. raziel71 says

    The left-tards only plan is to fill this country with illegals because illegals are too misinformed to make any wise decision but to praise the stupids that offer them the American paradise in exchange for just coming here. I am yet to find an illegal that now the history of our country in a positive and factual way and much less one that wants to really contribute to solve the problems of this country( since they are part of the problem). Worst is that after they come here and gain a few rights, they want to obliterate our flag and bring the same lousy culture and way of life that made their original countries a hellhole from which they want so desperately to escape. I dont think Trump is the best candidate but he said a few truths. But he completely said them in a way that can be utilized the way is being. He should have brought specific data and numbers of the amount of crime illegals bring and should have widened it to all illegals and not just mexicans. I think Ted Cruz is the only real and sincere politician that can really bring change and if you see him in any of the interviews he have been so far, he owns the democrats in every question and with every answer. Now if only Donald Trump would use all his money to support Ted Cruz and then Cruz put Trump as VP , it would be a winning combination for all of us.

  83. Len Tippett says

    At this point I will only vote if I have the opportunity to vote for Trump or Cruz. I was leaning toward Rubio as I was about to forgive him for his previous misguided actions on illegal immigration, and then he craped in his mess kit and showed his true colors again when he just criticized Trump on illegal immigration. He has now been written off by me as to your an inexperienced.

  84. George Cahonna says

    Never thought much of Trump before, but he has created a lot of high power enemies. The same enemies that has been attacking “OUR” Constitution/Bill of Rights. I will be watching him closely before making a final decision, so far he is the only one that has shaken the Liberal Tree to it’s roots.

  85. kbfallon says

    Its not the whole city…its the phony American who goes by the name of “BIG BIRD DeBlasio” who is sesame street in stature–New Yorkers are finding out that he is all about making himself a big shit–but he is a little turd in reality.

  86. Pete says

    Trump would be very effective in the areas of trade and international relations.
    He can’t be bought.
    He is demanding, self-confident, and, when necessary, quite capable of making and following through on tough decisions.
    I would love to see him as Secretary of State.

  87. dinkerduo says

    Even tho Trump could have phased his comment about Mexican ILLEGAL ALEINS a tad differently one good thing about him is that he is going to force the rest of the GOP runners to talk about the REAL issues and make the Dems. so nervous that they’ll break down!!! He’s the only one with the guts to tell it like it is!!!
    He’s got it right about China and Mexico ripping us off–plus too many others to count–HE DEALS WITH THEM ALL OF THE TIME!! And he has the money to defeat the Clingons machine!

  88. 83footsailor says

    The DONALD didn’t get where he is being a ** MISTER NICE GUY ** . ////////////////////////// Some one needs to be able to kick some BUTT and that is big time BUTT out of office – then take on OBOOOOMASSS – CARE to the point of total re- write of the entire ** BILL ** that NANCY – PREPARATION ** H ** PELOSI sold to CONGRESS . ///////////////////////////////

  89. Shauna says

    So, it seems, NBC wants to play hard ball with Trump. IF, I were NBC, I would back off. IF Trump manages to be elected for Prez. The first thing I think he would do is make sure NBC is cancelled, due to hate speech….Two can play at this game…..I don’t know who I want for pres, but I like the fact that Trump is not holding back….Wish more would grow a pair and do the same.

    1. 83footsailor says

      The DONALD can take NBC done the merry lane in a real quick hurry if The DONALD so chooses. //////////////////
      If NBC wants a WAR – the Donald will give it tot hem . /////////////////////////////

      1. Shauna says

        LOL….I’m sure he has some secrets that NBC doesn’t want the public to know…..I would urge NBC to back off…just sayin…..Trump has tons of support. Americans are sick of liberal BS, and if they don’t want to back off, we will help that process. I say play the same game, and watch how quickly they run and hide…sissies….I despise far left liberals…despise them and happy to crush them and make them scuttle back under the rocks, they crawled out from…..

  90. Carl Young says

    There are many reasons to vote for Mr Trump. I would vote for him because !. He don’t need the money. 2. I think he truly cares about the common man and don’t care if big business like him or not. I think he will do what he says when he makes commitments to America. I believe him to be an American with guts to get the job done.

  91. Standandfight says

    Go Don bust them a new one.

  92. David Gearhart says

    The3 liberal hate hearing the truth, facts and rational thought. It interferes with their emotional rants blaming the republicans for all of the problems that the democrats create. They do not want to hear that their ” for the common good” socialism is ruining the country.

  93. JIM DALLY says


  94. Tobydog1 says

    If Trump is willing to go up against the political bureaucracy and continues to call a spade a spade, he’s got my vote!

  95. Michael Dennewitz says

    deBlasio is operating without a damned brain anyhow. You expected something different from the little ovomit lover??

  96. Linda Heiser Bechler says

    Looks better every day! He has my vote! I like a Trump/Cruz ticket!

  97. Francis Medina says

    Personally I like Trump, we all say things with some sharp edges at sometimes, or another…. He speak his mine, and said all the things we all are thinking, but a louder, and without the candy coating, or running around the bush…. The government official can’t buy him, he’s not going to sit back and be told what to do…. Government is like BIG business, it an investment in everyone in this country…. The things that work stay, and the things that don’t go, NO CRAP…. Trumps a smart man, he wouldn’t be where he is today if he wasn’t. I say, HE SHOULD GO FULL STEAM AHEAD…. You know sometimes, if you don’t know EXACTLY WHAT HOW SOMETHING SHOULD WORK, you find someone THAT UNDERSTAND THAT AREA, I believe that how TRUMP WORKS…. NO ONE KNOW IT ALL, WHEN YOU REASON AND FIND THE BEST SOLUTION POSSIBLE, THINGS WORK!!!! I BELIEVE HE’S TRYED AND TRUE, AND THAT’S ALL AMERICAN TO ME….

  98. Francis Medina says

    And one more things, I really don’t have to watch NBC, or shop at Macy, or buy a Mattress from Serta…. Or take what every anyone else, who wishes to make some waves…. I am so tired of seeing this government give the black eye to anyone not playing their game!!!! Lets show them that Americans can stand strong!!!!

  99. Bar Weight says


  100. LaRae Bailey says

    Trump is the only one who can and would save this country from these damned corrupt career politicians…they are only going to do what they have always done…nothing but cover their guilty asses and make themselves rich at our expense. both parties are in this shit nest together, as both have had many chances to make changes they promised, and neither did a thing but blame each other. both parties want the border open for the illegals to vote for them. Trump cares about this country and will do exactly as he promises, he can not be bought and paid for like the rest of them and he owes none of them one thing…all politicians, media, and obama administration are scared to death of him as he will change their bullshit laws, prosecute them for corruption, and make this country great again but everyone needs to be voting for him….they will move heaven and earth to make sure Trump does not win, we must make sure he does win

  101. Michael Dennewitz says

    This country is now centered on $$$.. The more contracts he loses, the less apt he will be to continue his bid! Watch!!! GOD HELP THIS MESSED UP COUNTRY! Where are all the expert snipers when we really need one??

  102. Hopefull1 says

    Yes Trump is the answer! I will boycott everybody who boycotts him!

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