Louisiana Lawmaker: Declaration of Independence is Racist


According to Democrat Barbara Norton, a Louisiana state lawmaker, the Declaration of Independence is a racist relic of our nation’s past that should not be taught to today’s children.

After Republican Rep. Valarie Hodges proposed a bill requiring Louisiana 4th-6th graders to recite the Declaration daily, Norton went on a screed against one of America’s most important historical documents.

“I’m not really sure what your intent is,” said Norton on the Louisiana House floor on Wednesday, “but one thing I do know is: all men were not created equal. When I think back to 1776, July the 4th, African-Americans were slaves and for you to bring a bill to request that our children will recite the Declaration, I think it’s a little bit unfair to us to ask those children to recite something that’s not the truth.”

Norton, whose wisdom is only exceeded by her eloquence, continued:

“In 1776, Dr. King was not even born,” she said. “African-Americans were in slavery so since they were in slavery and the Declaration of Independence says we were all created equal, we were not created equal because in 1776, I, nor you, nor any of us were born, now was Dr. King born, so we were in slavery and to have our children to repeat again and again documents that were not even validated, I don’t think that’s fair because we are teaching them a lie.”

That is one tasty word salad. This person was actually elected by other human beings? Just goes to show you how much attention the average voter pays to state elections.

Let’s try to parse this out. Children should not be reading the Declaration of Independence because:

It was written before Martin Luther King was born.

It was written before Barbara Norton was born.

It was written before slavery was abolished.

This is apparently what passes for logical thought in today’s Democratic Party. It makes you wonder. Does Norton oppose the Declaration of Independence because she thinks it’s racist or does she oppose it because she literally can’t understand what it says?

  1. Croco Dile says

    It’s not fair, she said.

    She just need to look at this unbelievably fair guy, Obamao !
    And what would Mr. King say about this exceptionally fair guy ?

    1. Martinn says

      She is the dumb ignorant racist as we all can see!!!!

    2. Don Dunn says

      MLK..JFK…RFK would all be ashamed

    3. Michael Dennewitz says

      And here’s our infamous TROLL, CROCO SHIT!# Where’s the rest of your TROLL buddies.. Oh, I forgot, you have to log out and then come back as one of them.. okay TROLL, say something intelligent, shit for brains!

  2. Steve Coffell says

    She also seems to forget that Dr. King was a wife beating Republican. Quite the role model for her people and the “gimme” crowd.

  3. I Love my country says

    She doesn’t know our history of our founders and should resign. There is not a country in world for blacks to have even close to what this country offers. And to call our declaration racist is beyond the scope. I doubt she knows MLK jr. was a Republican. Further does she know Lincoln and Rep house and Senate passed 23 Civil rights bills for blacks only to have all 23 overturned when the dems took over the presidency and house and senate in 1892. It’s in our history. And does she know the KKK was formed by the dems to keep republicans from voting as of the 5000 lynched, over 3000 were white and then over a 1000 were black and not as the movies make it out to be, but they were only Republicans. REF: The American Heritage Series, found at Wallbuilders.com

    1. Allen Shaw says

      The Republican Party (Lincolns Party) is not the same party as today’s Republican Party.

      The Southern Democrats were not the same as the Democratic Party of today.

      Do not get mixed up both political parties have changed.


      I believe that you will find that the original KKK, whatever name it was called, was to fight the carpetbaggers and their bad influence, and to some extent to maintain law. It, like all such organizations got out of hand and became the unfortunate organization that is is today and was.

    2. Dave McFarland says

      Blacks in the Democrat Party will not learn their own history, let alone American History. Norton is racist. So are most progressives. They take their ideology from the same people who now embrace slavery. The Ivory Coast still has slavery. ALL Muslim run governments embrace slavery.

    3. Gerry Costa says

      It is obvious she knows NOTHING about our history.

      1. ABO says

        And as is the case with most liberals doesn’t want to know the truth.

    4. IM1Ashman says

      GREAT GREAT POST “I love my country”. You have your facts correct from probably the most reputable and reliable organization in the USA….Wallbuilders. However, to state the real “true history” and not the rewritten history of the far left loons and some progressive republicans, would destroy their hateful narrative. It is no longer about what is best for America, but more specifically, it is about how can they destroy America and turn it into a far left, progressive, socialist, European Style State without borders and with out God. If you get a chance read the “Communist Manifesto”. What they are doing, comes directly from the Communist playbook. God bless you. I am and shall remain,
      Faithfully Yours in Christ,
      Pastor Matthew

  4. enubus says

    The so-called woman is as dumb as that Georgia congressman who thought by putting troops on Guam it would capsize. Also, a demonrat. These liberals suffer from just having a neural net and no frontal lobes, mid brain or even hind brain. What is the definition of racism: prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior. In this case this woman is a inferior hominid…

    1. DrSique says

      I dunno, was that theory about Guam tested yet??!!!!!

      1. enubus says

        Are you being facetious or are you just plain dumb

        1. Linda Lee says

          No he’s not being dumb. Hank Johnson is the one who was being dumb

          1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            As well as that other esteemed member of the Congressional Negro Caucus, Sheila Jackson-Lee of the Martian flag gaffe. Not overly bright, but lucky enough to have moved into highly Gerrymandered areas where blacks will vote for anyone with a “D” following their name.

      2. Linda Lee says

        LOL, poor old Hank is about as backward and dumb as they come.

      3. Jarhead says

        Lets try it with LaLa Land, the land of fruits, nuts & flakes first…….and if it does not work lets sell CA to Mexico for a of couple bucks.

  5. Al McDerment says

    She has her head up her Ass as far as Hillary does.

    1. Retired Marine says

      You might say she has her head up her Hillary. Same thing.

      1. Gerry Costa says

        AMEN to that

  6. David Stewart says

    Let me guess; she is a black, in a position of power few whites can hope to emulate; yet she’s critical of a key reason this country exists. Hm, wish she lived in Somalia, she’d have a reason to complain!

    1. Erica Ling says

      Or Mauritania, where anti-slavery activists are locked up, 2016.

    2. Bella Gray says

      Well said!

    3. Retired Marine says


    4. ABO says

      Excellent point.

  7. rivahmitch says

    Those such as she will make interracial war inevitable. Semper Fi!!

  8. nobody says

    It is for A M E R I C A

  9. avlisk says

    Dear Miss Norton, be grateful you were born into THE Nation that said, “After THOUSANDS OF YEARS of human slavery, we, the United States of America, forming the greatest Nation ever conceived on this planet, knowing slavery is wrong, founded on the principle that all men are created equal, we will fight a war among ourselves to once and for all put an end to slavery.” If not for what this great Nation did, you would still be servicing your master and picking his cotton. For all of my ancestors who fought and died to restore your God-given right to Freedom, you don’t have to thank me. . .it was the right thing to do, and America did it.

    1. DrSique says

      And, there you have it. For this ignorant leftist, who clearly knows little of our nation’s history to have the temerity to suggest what should, or should not, be taught in our schools is a perfect example of government being involved where it should not be. Maybe she should learn about the fact that there were indeed free blacks in America when the Declaration of Independence was written and signed by men who put themselves and their families in grave danger for doing so. Hundreds of thousands of white Americans died on the battlefield to end slavery, in no small part due to the words in our founding documents. Also, 750,000 southerners, mostly farmers and mountain men, did not take to the battlefield in order to protect a minority of slave owners. They went because they saw a usurpation of state and local rights by an over reaching federal government. Sound familiar??!!!!!!

      1. Allen Shaw says

        The Civil War was started and fought to allow the South to preserve “States Rights” and the Federal Government to preserve the Union.

        1. G.Mann says

          Students of history who actually study the period PRIOR TO the Civil War easily find there were TWO types of slavery practiced at that time.. One was slavery of blacks and indians, as well as some whites, both by the North and the South.

          The second type of slavery was the enslavement of the Southern cotton producer by the Northern Ruling Class. Very parallel to what we are seeing today with the 1% utra rich controlling the banks and companies that employ everyone else, including OWNING Congress.

          History repeats .. it is said.. and it has..

          1. Allen Shaw says

            Why is it that when people borrow money and use it for their own purposes they claim to be enslaved by the lender.

            Some of the money lenders lived in the south and in Europe (England and France).

            The plantation owners borrowed money to enhance their life style and failed to pay it back. Same as today. If you do not want to be in debt do not borrow.

            They used free labor gained by use of force.

            “I gambled on my crop, it failed. I lose!”

      2. Laddyboy says

        Thank you for putting the TRUTH that the WAR of AGGRESSION was fought for STATES’ RIGHTS. Abraham Lincoln, being a lawyer, thought the “slaves” would rise up and fight for the aggressive North. Boy! were they surprised!
        This is where we are AGAIN in our times.
        0-bama and his communistic leaning lefties STILL do not understand WE Americans will NOT accept this PROGRESSIVE (in truth, REGRESSIVE) TRASH being shoved down OUR throats.

        1. jimmy midnight says

          De Niie does a good job of draining a large potion of the African land mass. Denial does a bad job of interpreting the History of out great, but troubled, nation. “States Rights” means race oppression, even today, and the Civil War was fought over the “state right” to let people own slaves–of course of African descent..

          There’s right-wing flim-flam going on in this article, as the “villianous” legislator’s objections were actually about forcing public school students to recite the Declaration as a daily exercise.

          1. Don Fischer says

            The War Between the States was NOT fought over slavery.

          2. Gerry Costa says

            “right- wing flim- flam” ????? Why do you say that — because a person wants to put some PATRIOTISM back in our youth and in our schools. Oh wait — is that another word that the leftist libtard morons and obozo and his muslim regime want to ban from the ENGLISH language ????

          3. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            Nice leftist spin as usual. Paid Soros troll?

          4. Brenda says

            Actually slavery was only one issue. Another issue was the Southern States wanted to sell their cotton directly to the British mills, without going through the Northern brokers. So saying the war was fought for only the reason of slavery is vastly untrue. Learn the history jimmy, learn the history.

          5. ABO says

            As is the case with most liberals “truth” and “facts” are simply annoying diversions. Jimmy is a typical liberal troll. He believes only what he’s told by the liberal elitists that he worships. His only knowledge of history is the liberal sewage he was taught in the public schools by order of the liberal elite, hence his abysmally delusional views. Just an aside, Brenda, he IS a longtime liberal troll and as such, not worth responding to.

          6. Jeffrey Cahoon says

            No one is “Forcing” anyone to do anything! Any child who does not want to recite it, dors not have to, just don’t speak the words!

          7. BARRY SOETERO says

            Do you lefties ever get embarrassed by the likes of this Legislator?

            Do you ever get tired of the same old rhetoric, blame, finger pointing?

          8. IM1Ashman says

            No Barry, they never get tired of their old rhetoic. Remember, we should elect “Crooked Hillary” because she is a woman….ha ha ha. She will be woman’s great defender—especially after she took millions of dollars from Saudi Arabia–the country that does not allow women to vote, the country that states when women go out in public they must be accompanied by a male chaperone, a country that states when a woman in raped, she must have 3 witnesses that will say she was raped. A great defender of women, who in her own NON PROFIT company :-), The Clinton Global Initiative, pays men 38% more than women. No, they shall never get tired of the same old rhetoric. They have drank the poisoned cool aid and ask if they can have more of the same. Keep up the great posts Barry and keep the faith. I am and shall remain,
            Faithfully Yours in Christ,
            And Fellow Patriot,
            Pastor Matthew S. Asher 🙂

          9. IM1Ashman says

            J.M., “state’s rights”, does not mean oppression, it means following the Constitution and freedom. And if you suggest that say Voter Registration, Voter ID Laws, unfairly discriminate against the minorities, then you are saying that minorities are so weak and mindless that they are unable to obtain and get a photo ID, at the State’s cost. I know you said nothing about Voter ID laws, but that usually is the next sentence that comes out of far left, progressive socialist, Soros’ puppets. In 1958, the Communist Manifesto was published and one of its main tenets was to remove God from the public forum and to disparage the Founding Fathers and our Founding Documents. I guess you have been following “Your Bible”, the communist manifesto, pretty closely. However, there is one thing you cannot control and that is God, Himself. Education belongs to the State, not the far left federal government. The Holy Bible, written by men who were inspired by the Holy Spirit, which I am sure you will call racist as well, is the basis for our country and was what our country was founded on. God knows all and He knows your corrupted heart and evil ways. Mankind can be deceived. However, as the Holy Scriptures State: “Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap. (8) For he who sows to his flesh will of the flesh reap corruption, but he who sows to the Spirit will of the Spirit reap everlasting life.”–Galatians 6:7-8. God will continue to bless this great country as long as we turn to Him, and all your “corruptible words” will only lead to the very true corruption of your life and soul. REMEMBER, GOD IS NOT MOCKED AND HE KNOWS YOUR HEART AND WHAT IS IN YOUR HEART. I shall pray for your Jimmy, that our Heavenly Father will make Himself known to you, and that the peace of God which surpasses all understanding will eventually keep your heart and mind in Christ Jesus our Lord. AMEN. Oh yes, and if you say Jesus is not your Lord, that is fine, when compared to mighty power of God, your small words of hate and ignorance mean nothing and God remains God and God remains Lord of all creation, no matter what irrational discontent comes from your heart and mind. In the name and power of Jesus Christ, I am and shall remain,
            Christ’s Servant and America’s Defender of Freedom,
            Pastor Matthew S. Asher

          10. jimmy midnight says

            Well now, Pastor Matt, thanks for taking the time and trouble for a wretch like me; but I stand by my statement that, “States’ Rights means race oppression.”

            I’m a huge admirer of Jesus, and find his prophecy to be uniquely authentic in all Human History. You might even say I’m a red-letter christian, but with a lower-case c.

            Saint Paul meant well, I guess, but had convinced his fool self that having an explicitly Jewish church with himself at its head would bring salvation to the whole world, Which makes me say, “What a dink!”

            The most important word Jesus said was, “Bless-ed;” and the next most important, and equally indispensable, was, “But,”

            I’m probably not as well-versed as you, but what I do know is that Scripture, apart from what Jesus had to say, is like anything else us poor humans have ever read or written, characterized by good points–and bad points.

            USA was founded on the attitude that all are equal, whether motivated by one God, or a thousand, or none, or the notion that we just don’t know, and can’t know, Personally, I’m down with acknowledging and revering a minimum of 15,000 deities. Your Yahweh, Allah, would likely account for several, maybe dozens, of those spaces.

            I was glad to read your post carefully, since it was addressed to me. But you really should create paragraph breaks after a maximum of five lines. That’s respect, too..

          11. IM1Ashman says

            Ahhh Jimmy, you are not a wretch, as I am your well placed sarcasm suggested and was appreciated and that I do mean. I understand and can appreciate if you do not know or believe in God or the Holy Spirit men & women He used throughout the Holy Scriptures. The great thing is that even if you do not believe in Him or the “instruments” He divinely uses, He still believes in you and loves you unconditionally. Jimmy, I shall keep you in my most fervent prayers; prayers that will include safety for you and yours and that God, Himself, shall reveal Himself to you, according to His Holy & Divine Will.
            (Paragraph Break)–sorry I went over the 5 line limit. ha ha 🙂

            And now May Our Lord bless you and Keep you. May the Lord make His face shine upon you and be gracious unto you. May the Lord lift up His countenance upon you and give you His perfect and everlasting peace. AMEN!!! Jimmy, I am and shall remain, Faithfully Yours in Christ, Praying for you always and in all ways, and remaining in His Divine Service. Until I have the honor of speaking with you again, Pastor Matthew S. Asher

          12. jimmy midnight says

            Isn’t there some other element in The Benediction?

            The Communist Manifesto was first published in 1848, not 1958. Your notions date from 623 BCE, when Deuteronomy was “discovered,” with the original sin of removing the Golden Rule from the Ten Commandments, in tow.

            Jesus tried to change that, but was hemmed in on all sides by stiff necked fools, whose “spiritual” program was to own, control, and decide everything for everyone, and that’s where you BIBLE people are coming from, even today. It’s really pretty sick.

            But as long as there’s human life, there a chance to learn a better way.:-)

          13. IM1Ashman says

            I am sure you were right there beside Jesus as He was trying to change what you were speaking about…..ha ha ha. I come from a personal relationship with Christ, not a boxed in one. It is great…you should try it. Remember, if you have never really tried or experienced something, how can you really judge it or make an informed conclusion about it? Actually, I have read and experienced the Bible from the original Hebrew (Old Testament) and Greek (New Testament) and it has nothing to do with control, but only freedom in Christ.
            AS far as the Communist Manifesto…I was speaking about when it was under scrutiny by Congress in 1958.
            Also, I am sure that you were right there beside Moses, when God Himself gave the 10 Commandments to him…so of course, you know exactly what was in them from the start. Sorry, when it comes to Biblical Accuracy, you are talking with a Biblical Scholar.
            As far as controlling “everything for everyone” which you say, “you BIBLE people are coming from, even today. It’s really pretty sick.” Actually, true Christians, and there are those who state they are Christians but have no actual idea about a relationship with Christ or what is in the Bible, so they do not count….but TRUE Christians, who have a relationship with Christ, have no intention to or desire to control you or anyone else. You see, God gives everyone free will and choice. He did not make us robots to serve Him as His creation. If you CHOOSE to deny Him and ignore Him, that is sad, but IT IS your CHOICE JM. WE ALL have a soul and therefore, we all will have an eternity and it is OUR CHOICE where OUR SOUL ends up.
            JM, it shall also be my CHOICE to continue to pray for you and ask OUR Lord to reveal Himself to you…even if you deny His Holy existence or not. If you do, it does not matter….He is still there; loving you, His creation….just as I love you through Christ, who died for your sins….which I am sure you shall completely dismiss, just as you dismiss the long time standard of “BC” and “AD”, by writing “BCE” just so there can be no mention of Christ in historical dating….Are you so threatened by the mention of His Holy name that is you and your history friends must remove it from historical dating?
            Finally, (even though you have not brought it up yet, but I am sure you will at some time) please never tell me about “separation of church and state. Let us be clear, that phrase never appears in the Constitution. It was written by Thomas Jefferson in a letter to a group of Pastors stating that there should be a “Separation of Church and State” so government WOULD NEVER intrude or interfere with God, the Church, or religion. He never stated that Religion or God should be removed from public life, schools, the public arena or government. He actually stated that the moral and ethical standards derived from Judeo-Christian Tenets, found in the Holy Scriptures are what our Western Civilization and the USA government is based upon and should continue to be based upon.
            I shall continue to pray for you JM and wish you only the best….That is MY CHOICE…not to hate, not to control…just to care….and I am sure that drives you crazy. Remember, JESUS said love your enemy….pray for those who hate you. It was allah, through mohammed, who said kill the infidels….those who do not believe as they do. That is what I call a lack of choice and a religion that is based completely on control and hatred.
            I wish you only the best and with prayerful consideration, I am and shall continue to remain
            Faithfully Yours in Christ and in His Divine and Blessed Service,
            Pastor Matthew
            Psalm 37:3-8–“(3) TRUST in the LORD, and do good; Dwell in the land, and feed on His faithfulness. (4) DELIGHT yourself also in the LORD, And He shall give you the desires of your heart. (5) COMMIT your way to the LORD, TRUST also in Him, And He shall bring it to pass. (6) He shall bring forth your righteousness as the light, And your justice as the noonday. (7) REST in the LORD, and WAIT PATIENTLY for Him; Do not fret because of him who prospers in his way, Because of the man who brings wicked schemes to pass. (8) Cease from anger, and forsake wrath; Do not fret—it only causes harm.”

          14. jimmy midnight says

            I wasn’t there when Moses received the Ten Commandments. No one was, because as a matter of fact, it never happened. Josiah and his minions made the whole thing up. And they did a brilliant job of it. It’s literary quality is unsurpassed and probably unsurpassable.

            And the Human yearning for self-d0ermination is a manifestation of the divine within us. So the Exodus story has a very powerful appeal to this day. But they (Josiah and his minions, that is) used it as a recruiting tool in the war of conquest they were planning in the drive to re-create a United Kingdom, that actually never was.

            Along the way, they removed the Golden Rule, and the Call to Charity.so that their recruits wouldn’t question what they were doing in putting people so very much like themselves to the sword. Want to talk about Original Sin, then seek no further.

            I guess I’m honored that you’re praying for me, but bringing some dad-blasted paragraph breaks in what you write would be far more welcome. I’m glad to be able to engage with someone as well-versed as yourself. Why don’t you let me know your e-mail, seeing how far afield we are from any Louisiana legislators.

            The BCE thing came up because Jewish scholars were tired of the, “Jews killed Christ, let’s kill Jews,” abuse that so abounded in the first two-thirds of the 20th Century, and thought a different designation might lessen that. It’s pretty much swept the intellectual world, so, “Like it or lump it.” More later.

          15. jimmy midnight says

            After due consideration, I’ve decided to use the BC designation in future dialogues with you–as a personal favor to you.

            But I’ll be doing so under protest, because it’s quite a symbol of our disagreements. “BCE” has swept the academic world, where verifiable scientific and historical facts are generated.

            A fact that has been generated by something like 150 yrs. of scholarship is that the Exodus story was made up. It’s because in all that carefully focused looking, we’ve yet to find an artifact that points to: years of mass encampments in Sinai, the sudden arrival of a large group of people anywhere in the Holy Land, or the moment when, “Pharoah’s army got drownded.”

            There is no such artifact, so when you insist. as I’m confident you would, that the Exodus story is real, you’re doing something blasphemous as far as I’m concerned, because my faith informs me that verifiable fact is also a manifestation of the divine, in human culture.

      3. disqus_htVNWSBEmM says

        A person has to have some sense to understand the facts you state. People like her never see or acknowledge the facts. She cannot connect the dots…not enough ink! She never stops to think that if some rival tribe had not kidnapped and sold her ancestors into slavery, she might still be running around with her teeth filed off and a bone in her nose while chasing down her breakfast.

      4. IM1Ashman says

        AMEN Brother….AMEN…Great points and Great Post

    2. Marie Parvi says

      Miss Norton, You may thank my great grandparents and their families for your freedo also

      1. Lynn McCrann says

        She surely cannot thank those blacks in Africa that sold her ancestors into slavery. In fact Ms. Norton the first black slave in the north was owned by a black man.

        1. Jim_Macklin says

          The Arab ancestors of our President were probably slave traders. Are those records sealed?

          1. James Maxwell says

            Every thing else about him is sealed from public view from is Birth to when he

            slithered onto the political scene. Does make you wonder what is hidden in his
            records and why so much money has been spent to keep them sealed for all time?

          2. Lougjr1 says

            We will find out about Mr. Obana about 40yrs. from now when it won’t matter any more. We ‘ll all be too old to remember !

          3. James Maxwell says

            I’m 74 now and on the down hill slid of life but I must admit if there is any way
            possible to hold out that long to confirm what I already know it would be worth
            plugging in and doing my damedest to be here when they final dig up those who
            lied to our Nation and have a public execution for those contemptible criminals
            from both parties.

          4. Lougjr1 says

            Right on James, I’m a little older than you , but I’m going to try as much as possible to see Justice done to all those ba***** who have done harm to this country before I leave this beautiful place !

    3. John says

      Very well said!

    4. BARRY SOETERO says

      Don’t forget the “Inconvenient Truth” Blacks sold their rival black tribesmen into slavery.

      1. Stikit says

        And the Muslim’s that invaded North Africa sold their captured slaves. Obuma’s ancestry would know more about that.

        1. william C says

          Muslims still ply the slave trade even today. Always have.

          1. Retired says

            Mainly pre teen girls for sex slaves.

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          4. Retired says

            Take your add and put it were the sun don’t shine.

          5. DHConner says

            Get the hell out of here with your horse shit scam. If anybody is dumb enough to get in this non-sense, they still don’t deserve to be ripped off. You are somewhere between shark carp and whale sit, which is on the bottom of the sea. Maybe one of those smoking deep sea pipes is you secret entrance to Hell?

          6. Junior Bruce says

            If I were making that kind of money, I wouldn’t go telling everyone about it, I’d keep it to myself. 😀

          7. Luke says

            Bull crap, keep your lying ads from a public forum.

          8. goldlions says

            Wish the same regarding annoying unwanted Telemarketing ads/calls on the phone.

          9. Emma says

            Block them.
            Every time.

          10. goldlions says

            Don’t forget the men drooling over the little dancing boys dressed up as women……

          11. Kenneth Fichtl says

            That is a Politician right?

          12. ward says

            Libtard dem politician; for sure …. !

          13. boone1 says

            Kill’em all.

          14. Paul Robinson says

            Unfortunately any semi human can become a politician these days.

          15. Kenneth Fichtl says

            The idea of getting a great education makes you a valuable human is true. So why are they eliminating so many programs? They want total control less humans. We are a pain in the ass to the Elite that includes the leaders

          16. Bob Ware says

            and wives as property to abuse to their personal contentment.

          17. Robert says

            Yep, and they like to keep the young boys for themselves even though they “aren’t homosexuals” wink,wink, nod nod….

          18. sherri palmer says

            …perhaps it is non beliver homos they don’t like

          19. ward says

            muslims are worse than just sex slave dictators ; they are proven murderers … !

          20. Luke says

            you are so right William but no one says anything about it they just keep bringing up the fact that we had slavery here in America that cost us hundreds of thousands of lies to defeat.

          21. Oldlady25 says

            The fight for justice continues here and over all the Earth. No one nation has it all together, either. If you are ignorant, follow Boco Haram’s bloody footprint in Africa. I’ll face our own nation’s failures and hope for a brighter future, rather than see the horrors inflicted upon the innocent in Africa, just because they are of a different ethnicity, race, religion, or culture. Oh, yes, most of the oppressors in Africa are Black, fostering their idea of “racial perfection” on fellow Blacks. Look it up and weep.

          22. goldlions says

            Expect all goodness when evil is called good and all good called evil. So much for “offending” the special 1%…..

          23. goldlions says

            If the US falls into Communist/Islamic rule expect slavery to rear it’s ugly head again. Had enough “Hope and CHANGE” yet?

          24. crazyfreddie says


          25. Bobby Hopkins says

            it wont.lock and load prepare.

          26. billdeserthills says

            It’s damn disrespectful of all the lives lost in the Civil War to keep on harping about it

          27. Luke says

            Can’t change history but you can talk about it, no disrespect meant by talking about history. We studied history every day when I was in school in the fifty’s and sixty’s.

          28. siridh says

            And the left lionized Muslims and protects their right to do everything the left is supposedly against. Go figure.

          29. ward says

            muslims have proven though their Koran belief that they are the world enemy to murder all that do not believe in their cult …. ! muslims supported nazi hitlers genocide to murder Christians & Jews WW2 along with their enslavement …. !

          30. Rosie46 says

            So do the Democrats — that is the purpose of welfare – to keep the blacks enslaved to the government. Maybe Norton should try to reverse the growth of the welfare state that has enslaved the blacks, broken up families, and kept children in poverty. Teach the children about equality of opportunity, not equality of the welfare dollar.

        2. James Maxwell says

          And they are still doing so today around the world and even in our Nation they
          want to continue to molest little boys and girls and see not problem with the
          rape of others for their pleasure as women are nothing more than property
          for the pleasure of the men.

          1. goldlions says

            Expect more of this to come if the US become Islamic as Europe will first.

        3. IM1Ashman says

          Remember this—We, as a country have been fighting against the muslims from the beginning of our country. They were capturing our sailors and holding them for ransom…..that is until we sent the Marines in to set the record straight. As is captured in the Marine Corp Hymn–“from the halls of Montezuma, TO THE SHORES OF TRIPOLI…..” However, that would destroy the now, progressive, far left propaganda line that Islam is a “peaceful religion.” Give me a break….Muslims have killed, raped, and destroyed ALL countries and people that do not agree with them. In Christianity, which Omama always condemns, you do hear “Kill the infidels” or “kill your enemy” as found in the Koran. What you find, as Christ states…is this–“LOVE YOUR ENEMY” and “LOVE THOSE WHO HATE YOU.” I have no doubt that Omama, “Crooked Hillary”, and many progressive republicans, along with their democratic socialist counterparts, want to destroy America and replace it with a European, far left, progressive, socialist style state, with open borders…a one world order….and we have to be strong and DEFEND our Founding Documents and Country from all those who would attempt to destroy it. The time for half measures is at an end. One is either for America and the Founding Documents it was built upon, or one is against all the freedom and liberty they stand for….there is no middle ground any longer. Keep of the great posts Stikit…and keep the faith. Yours in Christ,
          Pastor Matthew S. Asher

          1. Stikit says

            Thank you so much, dear Pastor. You are so right sir, in fact we are looking at a line in the sand. The time is now to save this great nation from the Obamanation it is becoming. It is time for all good men to stand up against the corruption and tyranny. So happy to stand side by side with you!

          2. IM1Ashman says

            You are the one who should be thanked and it is I who would indeed by honored to stand by your side and fight the good fight, to finish the race and to keep the faith until our gracious Lord returns in victory. If you get a chance, read from the Gospel of Matthew, chapter 24. It is like reading a headline in your local newspaper. I wish you well brother and may our Lord continue to bless you and yours always and in all ways. I am and shall remain, Faithfully Yours in Christ, and in His Divine Service, Your Friend from the Land of OZ, otherwise known as Kansas, Pastor Matthew 🙂

          3. QuanellEleven says

            My Lord is Lordier than your Lord

          4. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

            Ru ignorant or plain Liberal?

          5. Robert says

            The latter.

          6. Bobby Hopkins says


          7. ward says

            What the hell does that mean …??

          8. Shannah says

            Please don’t leave out us Ladies! Pistal Packing Mommas want to see the whites of their eyes when we pull the trigger as well.

          9. Stikit says

            Welcome Shannah! All patriots are welcome!!

          10. Rick01234 says

            Well said, she will sell us off, and enrich her and her husband and daughter, in fact she already did, the Clinton foundation was just a way to raise money to put her and Bill back in our White House. They claim it’s to raise money for charity, they donate it to get her

          11. IM1Ashman says

            Amen my Brother, Amen. May God richly bless you and yours and may He keep you all safe until the day of His blessed return. May the Lord bless you and keep you. May the Lord make His face shine upon you and be gracious unto you. May the Lord lift up His countenance upon and give you His perfect and everlasting Peace. Amen. I am and shall remain, Faithfully Yours in Christ, Pastor Matthew S. Asher
            Psalm 37:4–“Delight thyself also in the Lord and He shall give thee the desires of thine heart.”

          12. Junior Bruce says

            Anytime a lib is crying about changing something, somebody should do some investigating and see what’s REALLY behind their agenda and see how THEY’RE gonna make money off of it? That’s REALLY what’s behind their b.s. anyways.

          13. Robert says

            I thought it was to benefit Haiti’s poor that had their homes and lives destroyed?

          14. JERRY HOOPS says

            Hillary an Bill are the lowest kind of people in America today one is a child molester the other has sold us out to Muslims for her own gain to be President. An some people is dumb enough to follow her around like a dog in hear’

          15. Luke says


          16. ward says

            The bible also says “do not follow the anti-Christ”; so does that mean when they try & murder you, to love the enemy that hares you” then let them kill you …. ?

        4. Allan Scott says

          I wonder if our failed leader would admit it. Probably not!

          1. Stikit says

            Not in any life time. Because they are so peace loving humanitarians…(gag-vomit)

          2. Bobby Hopkins says

            he is too mentally ill to admit he is mentally ill.thry never do.

        5. Eleanore Whitaker says

          Oh give it up already. If you two were supposed to be an example of boy genius, pigs have better brains.

          1. Junior Bruce says

            Libtard Alert!

          2. Stikit says

            Your a very poor example of that Eleanore…the PIG!

          3. Bobby Hopkins says

            thought his statement was funny.in the face of whats going on in the world we all the humor we can get

          4. hangem'high says

            And unlike U better hearts, they have a better chance at heaven!

        6. GuardianFlame says

          Most of the Slave Traders were Muslim that sold the slaves to Americans. And today the muslims are still involved in Human Trafficking, especially young women! How does that taste in your mouth Norton? So how abt ms norton wakes up to the great things this country is known for instead of choosing to be a negative radical liberal intigator???

          The reason our Nation is failing is: #1. We have a Non-American in the White House who is systematically shredding our Faith snd Traditions while trying to remove the foundations of this great country!
          #2. That same president is a muslim masguerading as a Christian — actions speak louder than his denials of being a muslim AND his damning statements to the Middle Eastern nations that “I am one of you” confirms who he really is.
          #3. When Americsn History/Civics classes were removed from public schools because of some lamenting wailing liberal making ridiculous demands that certain races were being hurt by those courses, that was the beginning of the downfall if our Nation. Without our kuds learning “how” America grew and became great, the steps to FREEDOM, the processes of developing a strong Faith based Nation, and ALL the cultures that worked hard to make this happen, how are they going to develope the Patriotism and Pride of a Nation well built that to this day still gives billions of dollars to World Nations struggling to exist.

          The strikes of the Liberal tongue have created scars where a strong united Country should glisten. Their perpetualky bleeding hearts have undermined our lives and our Nation like nothing else. The sooner liberals are gagged and re-educated abt their destructive ACTIONS, the sooner the Sane can begin rebuilding this Nation.

          One last question to libs: Do you honestly think anything (Nation) worthwhile can be built without mishap, injuries or misdirection? Because if you truly do believe that csn happen, your delusional mind has tsken you to another place and time on another pkanet…not here with humanity. Remember, Yin and Yang? Black and White? Up snd Down? To every action there is a reverse action? Humans are not Gods (bho may think he qualifies), we make mistakes even with good loving hearts, it’s a human thing. But all those mistakes are counted in the final hurrah of buildung our Nation — and the Positive far outweighs the negative! Our children need to know how we got here so in the future they will be better builders than we are!

          1. GodBlessRealAmerica! says


          2. Junior Bruce says

            I racist a Chevy! 😀

          3. Stikit says

            Very well written…excellent!

        7. gonzales27 says

          Obama is only half black,so he could go either way,just like his Presidency

          1. Robert says

            Actually he is Arab and white. But close enough…

          2. crazyfreddie says


          3. hangem'high says

            He’s half muslin and the other half is Jewish, to be Jewish is to be Communist!

      2. SouthernPatriot says

        First slave master/owner in the British colonies which soon would become the United States was a black man–Anthony Johnson.

        1. Gerry Costa says

          Right you are Southern.

          1. Brenda says

            Doesn’t negate the fact. So what is your problem beside a lack of historical facts/

          2. Gerry Costa says

            People like you who are ignorant enough to agree with her.

          3. Brenda says

            People like me, are the ones that actually took the time to learn the History of The United States and not believe those that have not bothered to learn. We also read the books and letters of the Founders and the purpose behind many of the documents people scorn today because of lack of knowledge.
            And if you are implying that I am in agreement with Miss Norton, you are wrong. The woman displays her lack of knowledge by her statements.

          4. Bob Marcum says

            ms norton shows a lack of human intelligence and you show an excess of confusion, about whatever you’ve been reading.

          5. Tallulah Cusati says

            Bob Marcum, You are right, Brenda is confused. I grew up in the South. In the 1930;s, whos parents and family members worked in cotton mills and cotton fields. Brenda and Norton know absolutely nothing of living during, ‘hard times’, or mistreatment.

          6. Brenda says

            I grew up in the South in the 40’s. But, I had many relatives that picked cotton and worked in the mills. My mother worked in a garment plant, my Grandfather as a train engineer, my Grandmother raised my sister and I. We had food from the garden, raised chickens, and owned a milk cow. So although I did not grow up in the 30″s, I was told stories of the sacrifices, hard work, and hard times. And times were not all that good in the 40’s.

          7. Junior Bruce says

            Til hitler tried to go on his World Tour, but got CANCELLED.

          8. hangem'high says

            Europe could use a Hitler right about now!

          9. crazyfreddie says


          10. Brenda says

            I don’t have a beef. And unlike many of today’s youth my grandfather impressed upon me the rule: Give eight hours work for eight hours pay. A rule I practiced throughout my working years.

          11. hangem'high says

            That’s the problem many don’t have fathers that stick around.

          12. Brenda says

            Since you are totally unaware of my life and living conditions you really have no right to comment. Hard times were and are not limited to a specific time period and even today we have people facing the same hard times. You go out and work two or three jobs to pay rent and buy food for your family and still they get to eat and you don’t. You don’t go to the welfare office or the food banks because you feel others are more needy than you, you don’t seek medical care for yourself because your family’s needs are more important, you sell personal items to provide the basics, and then you tell me or anyone else we are not aware of hard times.

          13. Tallulah Cusati says

            Brenda, there is NO way to get through to people like you. You think you are the only person who ever lived a ‘hard’ life. You have NO understanding of what is going on in the world. You need to get a life and stop blaming the world for you problems.

          14. Upward Trend says

            Correct. Brenda agrees with Ms Norton while falsifying knowledge of history yet says Norton was wrong.

          15. hangem'high says

            I’ve got to admit it’s hard to do?

          16. rocky says

            OK… Now I know you !!

          17. IM1Ashman says

            Great Point Brenda.

          18. Rick01234 says

            Brenda should be thanked for her sharing her historical view point and she would know this from personal experience, unlike those who get their history out of a book. Thanks for shareing your view.

          19. Junior Bruce says

            As long as there isn’t any personal SPIN put on the facts.

          20. Janine P Barker says

            The Bible says “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”…

          21. Gerry Costa says

            My apologies — I took your post to mean something totally different.

          22. ABO says

            Now it’s Brenda’s turn and all should be well. Good man, Gerry.

          23. Junior Bruce says

            EAT THAT CROW! YUMMMAY! 😀

          24. Upward Trend says

            That’s the key. Most Democrats don’t want the America it was designed to be nor informed about history, because they need Socialism that leads to Communism. In fact many signers of the Constitution originally wouldn’t sign unless slavery was abolished. The Constitution was finally signed when a truce was called to expedite passage and an agreement that an amendment would later be added (less than a hundred years later).

          25. ABO says

            Actually I believe you initially misunderstood Gerry Costa’s response to Southern Patriot”s post referring to Anthony Johnson. I believe he was in agreement but used only the first portion of Southern Patriot’s moniker in response which gave the wrong impression of his intent. Simple mistake. I think you and Gerry are both on the same side of the fence. Kudos.

          26. crazyfreddie says


          27. Brenda says

            You need to stop assuming that you are the only one that is knowledgeable. Histories are written by the winners, are very likely slanted to the winners opinions, and very rarely deal with the actual issues.
            You want the truth of anything, you have to look at all sides of the issue and not rely solely on the written historical records. Read the bios of those involved, learn about the politics of the time, read the letters. All this information is available for those that really want to learn, not know. Learning is a life long endeavor, one that is not limited to our school years only.

          28. hangem'high says

            Nothing like firsthand experience, doesn’t say much for the victims of the Bolshevik’s or Nazi’s

          29. Greg says

            And you sit are an ass.

          30. Junior Bruce says

            “Sit”? 😀

          31. Greg says

            Excuse me. “sure” not “sit”

          32. rocky says

            HUH ???

          33. anoesis says

            The facts are: Martin Luther King, Jr. was a registered REPUBLICAN who GAVE his LIFE so this STUPID woman could puke out lunacy and get PAID handsomely to do so. If we negated the truths and value of a document JUST because it was written BEFORE someone (MLK or this stupid woman) was born we would throw away the BIBLE, The Mayflower Compact, The Magna Carta, The Constitution, The Gettysburg Address, The Oath of Office that put this stupid woman in the position to call our Declaration of Independence racist and that document she probably reveres above all others, The Emancipation Proclamation. Without that one she’d be in high cotton or deep s**t whichever you prefer. I’d prefer the latter. As the old saying goes, I wish we’d a sent ’em all back to Africa and had picked our own damn cotton.

          34. Tallulah Cusati says

            anoesis, I agree.

          35. ABO says

            Excellent post! Very well put.

          36. Junior Bruce says

            I don’t have any problem with colors, or races, unless they have a problem with me.

          37. Jim Jordan says

            I strongly suggest you do a little research yourself. The first “slaves” in the colonies were Irish sent to the colonies by Oliver Cromwell prior to any blacks being brought into the plantations either in the north or the south. The first plantations were in Massachusetts and Virginia. Cromwell wished to rid Ireland ot he Irish “trouble makers” they were not indentured servants but slaves. The second group to be enslaved were the Indians, but they were more problem than they were worth to the slave owners. The Dutch were the first to start the “blackbird trade ” as it was known.
            What bothers me is the fact that most uneducated persons seem to think that the Civil War was fought by Martians or Eskimos or some persons that were any color than white. Many thousands of white soldiers (over 200,000) fought to free the slaves and paid for it with their lives. Yet all we hear is that all whites are racist and the Constitution is a racist documents. Good Lord woman are you so ignorant that you have no clue what it means when it says “all men are created equal”.
            Suggest you travel to your library and read the Constitution and some books on Franklin and Jefferson. Stop judging al whites with the same brush as the racists that ar eblack are doing!

          38. Brenda says

            I believe the discussion was about the racist charge against the Declararion. I am well aware of the Irish slaves and the English prisoners being shipped to the Americas. As well as the practice of indentured servants.
            Only problem is that your assumption of my being stupid is wrong. But, then seldom are arguments won when one has to resort to name calling.
            I don’t have to travel to the library to read the Constitution as I have a copy readily available for reference. As I have judged no one as racist, I wonder where that charge came from.

          39. Tallulah Cusati says

            Brenda, You seem to be a know-it-all, who actually, knows nothing. I grew up in the 1930’s ‘south’. I actually picked cotton, helped my family grow their food. My father worked in a cotton mill from age, 13, until he died, in his 60’s. Everyone around us, lived the same way. No in-door plumbing until I was ten or 12 years old. Yet, I never missed a day in school, for ten of those 12 years I attended. Everyone in our community helped each other. No welfare. No Medicare, Medicaid or free housing. Yet, people like you, think you know everything.

          40. Brenda says

            And you Tallulah are not the only one that lived during those times or faced hardship. Come down off your ivory tower and look around at those in your age group. They too experience the same things. And, people like me are nothing more than an excuse for your narrow minded bigotry.

          41. Tallulah Cusati says

            Brenda You, are the MOST ‘NARROW MINDED BIGOT’, know-it all person I have ever came in contact with. So, go out somewhere, and get a ‘LIFE’. You are no more than a ‘NARROW MINDED SHOWOFF’.

          42. crazyfreddie says


          43. Brenda says

            Good man can you not keep the conversation on point.

          44. Junior Bruce says

            Well, THERE YOU HAVE IT! The blacks should be pissed off at the DUTCH! 😀

          45. Allen Shaw says

            No everyone should understand the problem and the reality of racial prejudice in this nation.

            No one can do anything about slavery or even the worse period after slavery which is referred to a “Jim Crow”.

            Today people should educate themselves to today’s problems.

            There are locations in this nation where all individuals are treated about the same. People who live in such locations find it difficult to understand the conditions that exist in other locations. Instead of blindly denying the conditions exist they should at least study the social situation.

            Many of the comments on these pages show a complete lack of understanding and also show no empathy for others.

            Everyone should try a little harder to work toward common goals.

          46. Upward Trend says

            Well…it would help if you actually knew the history and not the nonsense the public school system is spewing at our children. Another great design by the Democrats and Progressives.

          47. crazyfreddie says


          48. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

            Historical racist facts lol what u smokin Democrack…………..
            Democrat Barbara Norton, a Louisiana state lawmaker is a racist!!!!

          49. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

            PRESIDEN TRUMP is coming and you cant do a thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          50. Junior Bruce says

            And, slaves BEGAN with Noah cursing his GRANDSON into slavery, for what his SON did. Big deal! Had NOTHING to do with me, so anytime I hear someone WHINING about slavery, they should SHUT UP, because it had NOTHING to do with THEM either. It’s like they CAN’T let go of the PAST? I DON’T own any slaves, NOR fo I TREAT anyone like they are, so they need to S.T.F.U!

          51. GodBlessRealAmerica! says

            TRUMP 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LIVE WITH IT!
            IT’s going to happen!!!

          52. crazyfreddie says


        2. Ms D says

          Yes, I read about Anthony Johnson some years back, but such facts are not conducive to the ‘hateful racist’ rhetoric. And African tribes have & continue to ply the slave trade by kidnapping people from other tribes, for their own purposes or for trade. The ignorance about the Civil War seems to become more prolific every day.

          Slavery was an issue for economic reasons, not just to ‘keep blacks down’. Southern states were fighting to protect their way of life & to maintain States’ Rights. The overwhelming majority of Confederate soldiers didn’t even OWN slaves. They were poor farmers who were battling what they perceived as an Oppressive Government
          (much as we must NOW).

          As for the North & the Emancipation Act, blacks were not looking at a ‘rosy’ future there, either. While there were some areas where free black men were treated more fairly, Lincoln’s government was considering ‘colonizing’ the slaves, possibly outside of the country.

          Instead of this ignorant woman (Norton) making foolish ‘arguments’, she should be encouraging the education of school children in the facts of the circumstances that led from the DOI in 1776 to the freedoms we all share today. Unfortunately, Obama & others like him are working to DIVIDE this country yet again, using race as their primary wedge. Let us be Wiser than to Buy into It.

          1. Allen Shaw says

            Each individual has a right to have and to express their opinion just as you are doing here.

            What does President Obama have to do with this conversation?

            The “Woman” was talking about the Declaration of Independence. She was using her experience, not yours, as a basis for her remarks.

            I may not agree with her; however I feel she has a right to her opinions and also the right to express them.

            Living where she lives she may not enjoy all of the freedoms that you do.

            You are not the “thought police”.

          2. Karen says

            Living where she lives gives her MORE freedoms than if she lived anywhere else!! If she goes to school and gets an education, she has the ability to become anything she wants! The sky is the limit and with affirmative action, she only has to try 75% as much as her “racist white people”! If she chose NOT to get educated and aspire a job, she could have 5 lil chillens and be set up with a home to live in, free food on the table, free education for her chillens, free phones with service, free medical coverage, free breakfast and free lunch through the school system for the chillens in addition to the free food stamps, AND get cash $$ money to have her hair and nails done, and go to the casino! If she was really smart, she would work at a minimum wage job only part time so she would be eligible to receive thousands of more dollars from the government for unearned income credit! Yes, she definitely is a VICTIM of “where she lives”! But you know what? The blacks are subject to lose ALL of these benefits, but not because of the “white man” but because of the so called “black man” that they put in office , who actually is muslim and is now giving ALL the goods to the illegal muslims pouring into our country! Make no mistake! Just a little hint for you black people, if you think you are oppressed now, vote for Killary cause you ain’t seen nothing yet!!

          3. Junior Bruce says

            COME ON IN! THE WATER’S FINE. 😀

      3. fred says

        Exactly!! Slavery is widely considered to be black selling black for millennia before the other races were shown how to do it by the African Kings at the time! Wake up people! You are the ones who started slavery, we are the ones who ended it for you! Of course there were people who didn’t agree with the DOI and other documents when our Nation was formed, and continued to own and trade in slavery, however, even then many of the biggest slave owners in this country were black also!

      4. Tiger says

        And lest they forget who were the Barbary Coast Pirates? Muslims and they killed thousands of whites and blacks during their time before Thomas Jefferson beat them down.

        But do you ever hear them screaming about Muslims? You bet they won’t because they don’t even know who it is that started all this and continues it to this day. Scream to the Arabs and Muslims to give you Reparations most of us here today never owned any slaves nor did our families.

        1. IM1Ashman says

          Oh but Tiger, then they would not have anyone to hate….just as with the “black lives matter” group….that omama, himself supports. A president who stated he was going to be the most transparent and bring everyone together has failed miserably….just as Hillary would as president. To them, the presidency is not about service, it is about power and control. I call Omama, the “opposite president.” Whatever he states, you can almost guarantee that he will do the opposite. He has done everything he can to cause division in the USA and Hillary will do the same if she is elected. Great Post Tiger and keep the faith. Yours in Christ,
          Pastor Matthew S. Asher

          1. Tiger says

            Right on.

        2. Gerry Costa says

          Then they would never be able to call themselves victims .

          1. Tiger says

            True and that is very important to them.

      5. Jeffrey Cahoon says

        Is that your real name?

      6. Mike says

        That is something that is always left out. And another was that there were alot of black slave owners. One of the biggest black slave owner resided in south louisiana.

        1. crazyfreddie says


          1. Mike says

            Why? Why not tell the truth.

          2. crazyfreddie says


          3. Mike says

            Can’t argue at all on that one, except maybe fat and stupid

      7. Edward B. Levy says

        Well, whether people became slaves, slave owners, rich folk, poor folk, etc has nothing to do with the statement ALL CREATED EQUAL! This quote is accurate 100%. It is what occurred after creation. I like what avlisk had to say in her comment as well as SOETERO, Stikit, Wiilliam C and the many others that follow

      8. Retired says

        They do not want to hear that their own made them slaves in the trade market in Africa.

      9. IM1Ashman says

        Great point Barry….but that would make their entire argument, one that is already so weak it would blow over if a gentle wind blew against it, completely dissolve…then who would they have to hate? Only themselves…..Only themselves.

      10. ChiefBoring says

        And free Blacks in America owned slaves. And my ancestors in the 18th Georgia Infantry did not own any slaves. They fought because they were invaded, and folks in those days were loyal to their State, not the Federal Government.

      11. junkmailbin says

        they also sold there own tribesmen who were trouble makers, Notrh African Muslimes slavers were very busy capturing Negros ( Obama’s fathers relatives).
        Having aome so stupid, ignorant, and racist in office is very offensive

      12. marcus johannes says

        Most Black Slaves where enslaved and sold by Muslim Slave Traders

      13. Junior Bruce says

        And, DEMOCRATS were the ‘BUYERS’.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker says

          Since southerners in the 1900s WERE Democrats before Republicans, do you boys need a refresher course in you Mutton Chops and Corn Pone History?

          1. Junior Bruce says

            I WONDER if they removed THAT information from their teaching curriculum in the southern and mid-western states?

          2. Eleanore Whitaker says

            That doesn’t surprise me. Texas has practically reinvented the history of the Alamo. Half of the south reinvented the history of the Civil War and most of the midwest hates any historical reference to their having pandered to Wall Street (whom they claim to hate) by depleting their soil and causing their own dust storms just as Hoover’s Great Depression hit.

            When history comes down to rewriting it to suit and children are taught that good is bad, we seniors won’t suffer the consequences of that. The now middle aged parents of these younger generations will.

            They’ll tell you they can teach a 5 year old respect for a gun until that 5 year old is 15 and asks, “Mommy can I kill you?,” thanks to their dopey ideas of irresponsibility as adults and parents.

            Freedom means responsibility. There isn’t a single U.S. Constitutional law that doesn’t require responsibility. Yet, the lunatic fringe who hate laws, hate government, hate the president, hate their fellow Americans want you to believe you can have a society predicated upon “Do as you all damn well please.”

      14. Emma says

        The first slave owner in America was …wait for it…
        A BLACK MAN!!!!
        All I can say is it is a good thing giving birth is natural & automatic because this woman is too flippin’ stupid to have found her way out on a one way path!!!
        She needs GONE!

      15. crazyfreddie says


      16. sherri palmer says

        …that is the part they very conveniently never mention, they also forget that muslims are the first people to enslave blacks and still do today

      17. Juan Two Three says

        Barry: You’re 100% correct. “F” that BLM bull shit…these blacks think they should get something out of being a dirty ‘knee-gro??’ “F” them and all of their fuking welfare, scamming murdering bastards! These spoiled black mf’er’s should just pack up, go back to Africa where these trouble makers began and live off of their ‘Brothers & Sisters” Like Moosechellle Obongoloid is doing right noe, on OUR taxpayer dollars, taking her mother and two ‘nigletts’ on a ‘girls time’ to go back to where the fuk they came from and should be!! What’s that old term….’they are thinking they a “N” rich??’ On OUR hard earned taxpayer dollars. The Obongolid ‘tribe’ are disgusting, he’s the worst President EVER and his Moose of a wife is an absolute disgrace!

    5. Allen Shaw says

      It is not necessary that a Black person was a slave in 1860.

      Please remember the Civil War was started because of State’s Rights not slavery and President Lincoln was afraid to sign the law freeing slaves because he might lose the support of the Northern Army.

      When did your ancestor arrive in the United States and where did they live?

      1. Lougjr1 says

        What you say is pure Hog Wash, President Lincoln wasn’t afraid of any such thing. He was a man of honor and knew very well the country needed to unite or be destroyed within itself. Lincoln was anti slavery and black people should be happy he was president at the right time in History !

        1. G.Mann says

          So worry cupcake.. Lincoln was NOT anti slavery… in fact he was very pro-slavery. Do your research, as you should, and you will find numerous citations of Lincoln supporting slavery and not abolishing it.

          1. Lougjr1 says

            Man, you got your head screwed on backwards, Lincoln was no more pro slavery than you are. I can understand how you came to that conclusion. What they teach in the schools for the last 30 yrs. is not History, but liberal Marxist garbage to keep Blacks believing that no whites were responsible for doing away with slavery. There are no real History books in the schools for the last 30 – 35 yrs. The last three administrations have done a good job changing History to justify their liberal agenda !

          2. G.Mann says

            Read it and weep cupcake.. Apparently, your education is not complete.





            And this.

            When you have finished your reading assignment, above, you will have gained a larger understanding of Lincoln, the man, and his true motivations. Not what some slanted history writer chose to write about him. It is a duty you have as an American Citizen to understand the war that killed more than any other war we have ever had, on our own soil, and why that war was waged, by the North. You will find, after properly educating yourself, it was indeed a “War of Northern Aggression” which destroyed the very foundations of States Rights, at the cost of personal freedom for everyone.. black or white.

          3. Lougjr1 says

            As far as states rights is concerned, I also believe in states rights, but not if those states believe in slavery which the southern states did. and it was solved by none other than Lincoln and as you put it, his war against states rights. The federal government was established for making sure that states governments did the right thing to secure freedom for it’s people ! among other things like equal opportunity for all it’s citizens , not to control everything they do and say !

          4. G.Mann says

            Wrong, yet again cupcake.

            Go read and understand the 10th Amendment of the Bill of Rights.
            Freedom is “secured” by the Constitution AND the Bill of Rights, which BOTH LIMIT GOVERNMENT to specific acts it may make ON BEHALF of We the People, at OUR control.. not governments.

            Did you know the LAST state to abolish slavery was a NORTHERN STATE? Almost 10 years after all the SOUTHERN STATES abolished slavery?
            Look it up..

          5. Allen Shaw says

            Think of National Highways, Major dams, control of the rivers and lakes and other activities which were not included in the Constitution. What about the airports and security, and let us not forget the national weather.

            So many things today are controlled by the federal government because they cross state lines; but are not in the Constitution.

            The 13th Amendment was passed in 1865 after a terrible Civil War fought over states rights. Many millions of African-Americans were freed.

            The 13th amendment abolished slavery in this nation.

          6. ABO says

            A little vague there, G.Mann. “A northern State”? And just which northern state would that be? maybe you could lower yourself to enlighten us, or not.

          7. G.Mann says

            New Jersey.. in 1804 …. 40 years after the Emancipation Proclamation. Other Northern States lagged well behind the forced abolition of slavery imposed on the Southern States.

            If you were not to lazy to use Google, you could have found that..

            Educate yourself.. it’s not my job

          8. ABO says

            Oh, thank you so much you’re so kind.

          9. Allen Shaw says

            Emancipation Proclamation signed 1863.

          10. Allen Shaw says

            Today is now – 1860 was then! No thinking today is without 156 years of history supporting it.

            To understand people in 1860 a person has to attempt to think like a person living in 1860.

            We are learning and should not condemn.

        2. IM1Ashman says

          Great Post Lougir1…and remember his famous quote…..which is based on a Biblical principle…. “A House Divided against itself cannot stand.” He wanted to preserve this great union, this great Republic. However, far left, progressive/socialist loons hate True History and want it, along with the Judeo-Christian Values found in the Holy Scriptures removed from EVERYWHERE because it exposes their lies and their evil hatred for our country and for God, Himself. Keep up the great work and posts Lougir1. I am and shall remain,
          Faithfully Yours in Christ,
          Pastor Matthew

          1. Lougjr1 says

            Thank You for your comment and I surely will continue to speak out for this great nation, especially when they try to rewrite our true history to suit their socialist agenda !

        3. Allen Shaw says

          Please spend some time reading about Lincoln while he decided if and when he would sign the document freeing the slaves. Remember he did not free the slaves in the northern states, just the “states in rebellion.

      2. Lougjr1 says

        Believe what you wish to believe, Lincoln freed the slaves , knew perfectly well that a war had to be fought in order to save the nation. A nation divided can not stand. Period. Take a good look around you today, looks familiar except for slavery of course, but divided. The insiders who wish to destroy this country are doing everything to divide it . If it continues, they will have won. Trump can solve the problem if we let him. Could he be the next Lincoln to save the country in the 21st century ? I say yess !

        1. Allen Shaw says

          Please read your history! It is not what I believe.

          The separation today has to do with political and religious differences plus regional considerations. The nation is well advanced with growing pains and “States Rights” is being challenged by requirements for a more powerful central government.

          Looking back on the history of this nation in 1860 can be a fatal error if it is not viewed in the correct context.

    6. SouthernPatriot says

      Democrat Norton must be excused. She is a member of the most racist political party in U.S. history and a product of one of the worse educational systems. She has been taught the politically correct government version of history.

      1. Lougjr1 says

        OH, so many of us think alike , don’t we ?

      2. BARRY SOETERO says

        BOOM!! Like most, if not all leftist America haters.

      3. ABO says

        I believe you refer to the Party of the Perpetually Offended. or would that be the Party of the Perpetually Victimized? Actually they are one and the same, used to be the Democratic Party, now umm, not so much.

    7. Tiger says

      And they just keep feeding this fire of hatred down through to their children as if they have just been freed. Not even the Jews or those interred in POW camps in the wars continue to harp and harp on their past. They remember it only because we as a people must never go there again. But they don’t hit and nag and complain and moan and groan like the blacks, Indians and others.

      You don’t think they still hate us? Google youtube and take a look at what they are saying especially now that Hispanics are claiming to be original Americans.

      1. BARRY SOETERO says

        Even though none of us owned slaves, or our ancestors never owned slaves, we must CONTINUALLY hear the whining and crying, pay their welfare, section 8, dumb down the schools, lower job testing standards. Hmmmmm! They are still enslaved!

        1. Tiger says

          Appears so.

        2. Allen Shaw says

          Does this happen or are you dreaming?

          If your school is being “dumbed” down you must live in a poor neighborhood.

          It is not because of race.

          So no White individuals are on welfare or receive Section 8.

          If job standards are lowered and the job is getting done, the standards were too high in the first place.

          No one is complaining about slavery, they are complaining about lack of opportunity. Generally because they live in an impacted area.

          You are blabbering about something you know nothing bout.

    8. Phoebe Isley says

      Bravo avlisk…it’s called appreciation yet this ungrateful citizen can’t see beyond her “poor poor me” attitude. What a bunch of panty waists whining and complaining after all that has been given to them living in this country. Please leave and don’t come back you traitor Miss Norton. You are what is bringing down this great country and WE DON’T NEED or WANT YOU not even a little bit. Go away

      1. ABO says

        Yes, she should go away. I would respectfully suggest a few years in oh, say the socialist paradise of Venezuela. There she could witness first hand people enslaved by a socialist government under who’s control they cannot afford even the basics in the way of food and reasonable shelter. Maybe then Ms. Dim bulb Norton would see the truth for what would obviously be her first time, although I have my doubts that she possesses the intellect to understand what caused the situation.

    9. IM1Ashman says

      AMEN and AMEN!!!!

    10. Conrad B Dreczko says

      hundreds not thousands of years, we need to be correct to dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s when dealing with these @%#^$!s. But Ditto to you and your ancestors…very good point! To Norton ; because people didn’t “TREAT” others right does not mean they were not created equal. I dare say you do not treat everyone equally. Under your own words that makes you a liar and a racist.
      Correct to Barry and Stikit.

    11. PJ says

      avlisk….You have spoken the truth….prepare for the onslaught!!! 🙂

      I have been following politics since 1963 (Kennedy assassination). In those earlier years (60’s, 70’s, even 80s’) a conservative (Republican – perhaps) could talk to a liberal (democrat – perhaps. Oh, I hate those labels) and have an intelligent discussion. You might learn something from each other, minds were open and there was a thought process involved and mutual respect for others opinions. That seems to have DRASTICALLY changed, more so in the past 7 years than ever before.

      With that said, the far left leaning folks, in my opinion as a general “rule”, can be categorized as follows:

      1. An intellectual, clear thinker that wants change to benefit all and is open to other ideas and concepts
      2. Far left ideologue based on a perception of the world as they see it and not open to another opinion
      3. Racist and / or race bait-or (one who plays the race card to further their agenda)
      4. Ignorant of the facts and not willing to analyze their comments, falling upon ill-conceived notions
      5. Going along for the ride to collect government hand-outs

      There may be more, but this will suffice for now. By the numbers….

      1. There are few of those left.
      2. There were many of those in recant years, but since the Obama administration, many of those have fallen to 3.
      3. This is the new norm. Anything you say, regardless of the truth, that disagrees with their “vision” makes you a racist. In this category are those that use the race card for monetary and celebrity stature gains on a personal level. They really do not believe what they are preaching, but it makes them richer or more popular. That would be the Sharptons and others of that ilk.
      4. Those that are truly without knowledge of the facts and believe the utter nonsense that the left leaning media presents and anything their favorite politician says without question
      5. This “class” has grown exponentially in the past 7 years.

      The scariest group of all are those that fall across, and are included in, numbers 3 and 4. That is Ms. Norton. Ignorant of the facts and a racist. There are now many of those thanks to the Obama administration (primarily). Stupidity is the new norm, overall. We are slanting education to further the racist agenda, as seen clearly by Ms. Norton’s words, and hiding some of the truths so that their message is not subject to challenge. However, in Ms. Norton’s case, based on the way she spoke and the message she believes, clearly puts her more in category 4, as opposed to category 3.

      The scariest part of all this is how she ever got elected to a government office!! A lot of those in category 5 so as to keep those hand-outs coming!!!

    12. 3RD Parallel N. says

      “…right thing to do,…” Not according to Samuel Johnson, a genius far beyond Thom Jefferson…

    13. Allen Shaw says

      Please reread your history. unless your mind is made up and you do not want to be confused with facts.


      However, many African-Americans were able to secure their freedom and live in a state of semi-freedom even before slavery was abolished by war. Free blacks lived in all parts of the
      United States, but the majority lived amid slavery in the American South. It is estimated that by 1860 there were about 1.5 million free blacks in the southern states.

    14. Mark Brickey says

      Good write! I think that one of the requirements of any high school should be for a student to spend at least 1 summer in a foreign 3rd world country. No cell phone, no internet, living right with the common people, even if it Haiti, doesn’t even need to be in Africa….

    15. Allan Scott says

      I wish every black politician would read what you just wrote including our racist president. Then too, to realize that it was their own kind that sold their captives into slavery. But they won’t!

    16. Jim Smith says

      Thanks. First class comment.

    17. Kenneth Fichtl says


    18. Jim says

      I would like to add that slavery in our world is not eradicated throughout the world, only in the United States. Slavery is still common in many countries around the world today. Norton should be extremely grateful for our constitution and our constitutional republic, which she apparently does not respect.

    19. Bob Marcum says

      Allow me to add a slightly different view of basically the same thing.
      ;;;; When the US was created, slavery was already in common existance, all over the globe, basically. it was a part of life, of the times. The US was simply stuck with it, until we gradually got our nation organized; then, began to improve our way of life. One of those improvements was to eliminate slavery, because it was contrary to our way of life, as stated in our constitution ( ” ALL
      MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL” ). That’s why it was abolished. The dumb-ass old bitty, who says
      that’s a flaw in our constitution, is implying that, we should not have allowed slavery, before we existed.

    20. Mary Stevens says

      The South did not fight a war to perpetuate slavery!!!! Lincoln, who was a racist, said he would not touch any slaves as long as the South remained in the Union. Therefore, there was no impetus for the South to secede.They did so due to divisions, conflicts, differences and tariffs. Her anger should be directed toward the African tribal leaders who sold their own into slavery to slave traders from New York, Massachusetts, Delaware and Rhode Is.

      1. Allen Shaw says

        Especially to those slave holders that forced female slaves to have children by special studs. It was the woman’s fault.

        I am sure it is OK with you to breed people like other animals as long as they are not White.

        Mary if you study the history of slaves they mainly were taken to the Caribbean Islands and I believe you will find a very healthy market in the USA south.

        Now also try to remember that slavery is as old as mankind and it was favorable to killing the losing enemy.

        Please spend a little time is separating slavery and Jim Crow in the southern states with other parts of the world where the slaves were integrated into the society.

        Of course you can continue to believe that the Tribal Chiefs were responsible, you have the right to your opinions.

  10. Bradley Cummans says

    Sounds Like Another AL Sharpton to Me and a Member of The Racist Group Black Lives Matter a Group That is Trying to Start a Race War in The U.S.A.

  11. Chuck Herr says

    This reflects the utter stupidity of many people who can expound on what is wrong with America, by using the very Constitution that gives them their freedom.

  12. Murphmeister says

    I concur if the words are taken literally. No two men or women are created genetically equal and the circumstances under which they were born and raised and their experiences makes them all the more different, even identical twins. But Jefferson was not speaking ontologically but politically vis a vis vested, God given rights. Martin Luther King would agree even though he was born before me. ( ?! ) pssst.

    1. Allen Shaw says

      Ontologically is a good word, I will have to try to remember it.

      The Declaration of Independence is a goal we are attempting to reach. We have a way to go before all individuals have the same opportunities. Think Religion, Ethnics and Race and you realize the difficult path we have to travel.

      Many individuals get frustrated and cry out in anguish; however that does not mean they are any of the negative things expressed in these comments.

      Please note how many comments contain a lack of knowledge of our history yet it does not mean the commenters is stupid.

      1. Murphmeister says

        Allen, You will see the word more often as robots develop, assume many human functions and challenge humans to think about the purpose of their existence.

  13. trishae61 says

    This is a total bunch of crap if I ever saw one. She needs to get her head out of her ass !!!!!!

    1. James Edmond says

      Get her head out of her hillary.

    2. Gerry Costa says

      Actually trishae —- she needs to get her racist head and ass out of our government.

    3. Jarhead says

      All Liberals have the same colon mucus problem…..even when they remove their head from their colon the sticky, opaque, smelly colon mucus clings to their eyes, ears & tongue and prevents normal thoughts/hearing/communications.

  14. moderate voter says

    What do you expect from a Liberal, racist women trying to destroy our country as President Obama is trying to do. She gets her marching doers from the top racist liberal.

  15. Eddddy says

    She for got the whites. They were first. Where would you b doing if you were still in Africa??????????

    1. John P says

      She has most likely never to Africa much less outside the United States.

    2. Allen Shaw says

      There is a very large population of highly educated and rich individuals in the 57 nations of the Continent of Africa. They are not all White.

      The Whites were not first in North America the Native Americans were first. The Whites conquered this land by force the same as all of the history of all individuals of all places on this earth.

      Study the history of this earth and you will be amazed at how much less misinformation you will have in stored in your mind.

  16. MNCM(SW/SS) says

    Wow! It would be extremely interesting, if not for pure amusement value, to hear her profound thoughts on the Constitution.

    1. Retired Marine says

      As a stand up comedian, NOT a Senator.

      1. James Edmond says

        A shitty standup comedian.

        1. Retired Marine says

          Indeed. But anything she has to say is off color. (sorry couldn’t pass it up) LOL

  17. imbog says

    If all else fails “say it is racist” True Americans and those who died to free the slaves are being unfairly called racist===Makes you wonder if Abraham Lincoln wasn’t right when he claimed all Africans should be sent back to Africa because their culture would never merge with whites. He claimed that the difference in the cultures were so far apart that it would be almost impossible to get along. I personally think the blacks do NOT want to get along with the whites because they would have to give up their leverage which is racism===Makes you wonder if we did the right thing

    1. DrSique says

      Ours is the only country where many descendants of slaves have been unable to become full and productive members of society. The Spaniards, who are now considered the oppressed brothers of blacks, were the biggest slave traders in the world. Those who weren’t brought to work mostly in the cotton industry were trafficked to Caribbean and Central American sugar plantations. Those nations, almost all of which are completely impoverished, have totally integrated their black populations. Here though, where education and advancement are more attainable than anywhere else on earth, they are held back by their own senseless rage, fueled well by the hiphop industry and race hustlers.

      1. imbog says

        Right on===and thanks for explaining it

    2. Nathan Marley says

      imbog u smart .so was Mr. Lincoln

  18. Karin Isbell says

    Obviously, Norton’s motto: historical, spiritual, and across-the-board-ignorance is bliss., which should be foisted upon our children

  19. Paul Sandstedt says

    There was no slavery when the declaration of independence was written. Who is this bitch saying this crap. She has no clue what the hell she is talking about. Slavery happened long after it was written. Get your head out of your ass you dumbass dumbocrat bitch.

    1. Francisco Machado says

      Slavery existed since prehistory and was part of virtually every culture until mechanization and portable steam power made it uneconomical. It ended in all the technologically advanced nations within less than a half century, but it still exists in Africa where they still have slave markets – and I recently read a report that slaves are being offered on the internet. Prior to the civil War, some Southern states even made it illegal to “grant” slaves their freedom to prevent slave owners from escaping their responsibility for taking care of them by kicking them off the plantation when they weren’t needed. Like what happens when a modern plant converts to mechanized automation, but there was no welfare state to take care of them then and it wasn’t like they could just find another job. The Northern blockade strangled the South, economically. France was its main market.

      1. DrSique says

        The slave market in Africa is driven in large part by the ideology of islam, just as it always has been.

        1. Allen Shaw says

          Get over your bull about Islam the Germanic people enslaved, the individuals living in what is now China and Mongolia enslaved. The Tribes of Africa enslaved, the Native Americans North, Central and South enslaved. No matter where you go when you study the history someone was enslaved.

          In Europe and England the word peasant and serf were terms of a form of slavery!

    2. coneyro says

      Sorry, but your statement is historically incorrect. If you wish to make a point, you should, at the very least, check your facts first.

      Vulgar language doesn’t make you sound any smarter, or make your assumption any more false.

      The idiots who upvoted you need a world history lesson, as well.

    3. Allen Shaw says


  20. david goodman says

    norton your a racist.teach morality,respect,and love of one another.your like muslimobama and trumpty and demoncrats.there is no black or white.it’s we the people.Americans.go peddle your trash in england where it originated.

  21. Michael Dennewitz says

    Where do they breed DUMB CUNTS like her?? ?

    1. AKLady2015 says

      Michael Dennewitz, age 19, 9645 State Route 821, Lower Salem, for domestic violence, a misdemeanor. Dennewitz turned himself in to Corrections Officers and was processed into the Washington County Jail on 23 Jul 15 at 9:24 pm.

      Washington County (OH) Sheriff’s Office NEWS RELEASE FRIDAY 24 JUL 15

    2. AKLady2015 says

      Michael Dennewitz, age 19, 9645 State Route 821, Lower Salem, for unlawful sexual conduct with a minor, a felony. Dennewitz was arrested at his residence by Sgt. Johnson of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office and processed into the Washington County Jail on 8 Jun 15 at 3:56 pm.

      Washington County (OH) Sheriff’s Office NEWS RELEASE TUESDAY 9 JUN 15

  22. Pattie says

    Why is it that blacks don’t go after their own ppl in Africa that gave them up to become slaves to whites?

    1. AKLady2015 says

      Your statement is false.
      Those sold as slaves were usually war captives.

      1. Pattie says

        I take it you didn’t see Roots..

        1. AKLady2015 says

          The niniseries was based on a fictional book.
          Alex Haley wrote the originsal novel.

          Unlike you fiction, I have read the diaries of my Lousiana cousins.
          Not only were they slave owners. but they bred “high yellows” and trained them for the house slave market. That particular type of slave was also labeled “octaroon”.

          I suspect I know more about slavery in Ameruca that you everywill.

          1. Pattie says

            Amistad prisoners had been captured in Africa by Africans who sold them to European slave traders.
            Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored. –

        2. Allen Shaw says

          Roots is a movie and does not represent the truth in its entirety. At first AKLady2015 is expressing the facts.

          After a while Greed probable took over.

          Slaves have been sold by everyone to everyone in history and in some nations and continents like Europe and England another form of slavery was in force. Power goes to the Lords and Ladies

          Remember Peasants and Serfs.

          Do you know what they were called in Russia?

          If you are a person who is referred to as White ask your self “Why did my ancestors flee Europe!

          Were they serf, peasants or did they seek religious freedom?

          Or were they one of the gifted group who inherited large tract of land.

  23. carlosandrews says

    Who elected this brain dead women. Without the GREAT people that were involved in writing this instrument We would not enjoy the FREEDOM we so enjoy, even this idiot What is the relationship with the Declaration of Independence have to do with Martin Luther King. Brain Dead in the least.

  24. Tome says

    This woman needs to be put in the loony bin. I am begining to think anyone that calls themselves Democrats are getting loony! Look at Washington DC any more! Oregon is as bad anymore!

    1. AKLady2015 says

      Not much into facts, are you?

  25. rapunzel972 says

    She’s another one who needs to join the ranks of the unemployed. Can we ship her out with Rosie, Whoopi, Al & the others?

    1. AKLady2015 says

      You need to look at the paychecks of the men you work with.
      People like you are why women are still second-class citizens in America.

      America refused to pass the Equal Pay Act.
      Women in Canada have pay protection.

      In America women are paid less than men,
      In America women of color are paid even less than white women.

      1. John P says

        you sound like a mockingbird you keep repeating yourself, like a broken record.

        1. AKLady2015 says

          Maybe people like you should do some actual listening.
          Maybe people like you should do something about the problems.

  26. barbarakelly says

    Who ever made that statement may he get a good kick in the ass and have his mouth washed out with soap. I have had enough of these damn liberal idiots. Remove this bugger of a low life.

    1. AKLady2015 says

      You are the bugger of a low life.
      People like you are why women are still second-class citizens in America.

      America refused to pass the Equal Pay Act.
      Women in Canada have pay protection.

      In America women are paid less than men,
      In America women of color are paid even less than white women.

      1. My2PenneysWorth says

        Canada is a socialist country
        America is not, it is capitalist
        You get paid what you think you are worth if you don’t like what you are offered don’t take the job and start your own business.

  27. rdk3 says

    People like her are one of the reasons we left Louisiana, the IQ scale of democrats is small to begin with, but it must be the bayou water or red beans and rice but they certainly do crawl to the bottom at a high rate of speed.

    1. AKLady2015 says

      People like you are why women are still second-class citizens in America.

      America refused to pass the Equal Pay Act.
      Women in Canada have pay protection.

      In America women are paid less than men,
      In America women of color are paid even less than white women.

      1. My2PenneysWorth says

        Canada is a socialist country
        America is capitalist
        You get paid what you think you are worth if you don’t like what you are offered don’t take the job and start your own business.

      2. ABO says

        Some whine with your crackers, dimwit? Or do you still prefer thorazine?

        1. seasiren2 says


  28. Infidelnight says

    Ridiculous bulls**t from an obviously racist and ignorant woman. Blatant democratic bulls**t.

    1. AKLady2015 says

      America refused to pass the Equal Pay Act.
      Women in Canada have pay protection.

      In America women are paid less than men,
      In America women of color are paid even less than white women.

      1. John P says

        The question here is how qualified are these women to get the equal pay. The liberal democrat presidential candidate Hillary is the biggest violator of equal pay for women.

        1. AKLady2015 says

          In the majority of cases of pay discrimination which have been investigated, the women are more qualified than the men. They have had better education and more experience.

      2. coneyro says

        Is your finger stuck on a duplicate button or sonething? You keep on saying the same thing over and over.
        People only need to ignore you once.

        And BTW, that really demeaning libelous police description you are describing of M.D. is not him. You have the wrong person.

        You’ll go to any low level to get attention. You should be banned from this site.

        Go get your jollies somewhere else, you miscreant.

        1. AKLady2015 says

          Insults only matter to those who respect your opinion.
          You have not earned my respect.

          1. coneyro says

            And no one on this site respects you, which is entirely your fault, so it’s a wash.

          2. ABO says

            Over and over and over, ad nauseam. We know you’ve memorized your liberal troll talking points and irrelevant comments. You don’t have to show us with every single post!

        2. Retired Marine says

          Finally something I can totally agree with you on..Well said.

        3. ABO says

          She has memorized her liberal talking point and wants everyone to see.

  29. barbarakelly says

    she needs a good kick in the rear. She is another of obama puppets does what she is told Way to go you liberal sucker. Turn the country up-side down with your rambling While he is laughing his head off. You bought into his propaganda program you fool. Have you read the bible about Ischmael prophecy. –well you are looking at obama madam.

    1. AKLady2015 says

      Your draw a paycheck equal to a man’s in the same position, with the same experience?
      I’ll bet not. That does not even happen in Federal Civil Service.

  30. barbarakelly says

    What wasn’t my statement good enough to put up there. I wrote twice and I don;t see it.

  31. AKLady2015 says

    And women are still not equal, could not vote until 1924, are still paid less than men in 2016 …
    Women of color face even worse discrimination in the work force than d white women.

  32. mjhiggs says

    She must think Martin Luther King freed the slaves instead of Abraham Lincoln. Typical Obama supporter who gets to vote despite the fact that she only has about two brain cells.

  33. Ray says

    What a jerk. She should never represent others in her community or anywhere else in our great country!

  34. luckyg53 says

    What scares me is how stupid do you have to be to vote for a moron like Barbara Norton ??

  35. John P says

    This woman as lot of room to talk being that Mary Landrieu and family running the state of La. with their background o slavery.

  36. KittyKittyKit says

    That’s what you get when a G.E.D. (General Education Deficit) grad is presumed to be as smart a person who spent 12 years (k-12) to learn.

    G.E.D.s are 90 day wonders…….and they are forever “wondering” what to do or say to sound like they even went to school.

  37. Bebe Nix says

    The Declaration of Independence is not racist! It gives all Americans the freedom we love so much, We are all so lucky to live in a free society where all are created equal.

  38. Jose says

    Just another N (nobody) wanting their 15 seconds of fame. She probably has not EVER done anything worthwhile so she uses the “race card” as most N (nobody) do. Maybe she should be grateful she is free thanks to those that fought so she can be all she can be but she ends up being just another N (nobody).

  39. C.M. Dawson says

    You just can’t fix stupid.

  40. Luigi Biello says

    if she could read all the cmments writen here she should put her head up her ass and smell her self first and then talk about the d.o.i dum f”’k

  41. Glynda says

    What a bunch of nonsense! I guess she thinks the Bible is racist, too. It meets her criteria.

  42. Gail says

    Dear Miss Norton your ignorance is astounding you should be relieved of your job immediately. I do not know your color an perhaps you are one of those that can’t tell either . But I know one thing people like you would like to eradicate all whites from this country . You know nothing about slavery and there is no one person walking around today that does . In the first place you enjoy all of the things America has to offer and people like you are about to find out how millions of pissed off Americans are about to put you in your place . I for one would like to send you out of my country . Slavery has been going on for more years than you can count . White people were in slavery too. As for America the North were the people who brought the Africans to this country . The South didn’t own any ships . Northern states never want to take the blame for this or the fact the Union Army was the ones that killed the Native Americans . Our great nation was bought and paid for by the blood of our ancestors and you dare to defame them with you stupidity . Leave if you don’t like it and guit dumbing our children down .

  43. Jim_Macklin says

    Racism is alive and doing well in the USA because the former civil rights groups cannot acknowledge that the charge of racism is what empowers them.
    In a world where people are judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin, could such racists as Ms. Norton pr Barack Obama get elected?

    Maybe the USA should do a body swap… offer a free relocation to Africa for unhappy black residents of the USA and bring back of Africans who would appreciate being in the United States of America with a 5 year path to citizenship?

  44. Nathan Marley says

    I think what we should really be doing is escorting all these America haters to the other side of our borders. And agree to disagree from a distance

    1. Nathan Marley says

      especially the ones flying mexico’s flag in disrespect

  45. myfordtruck says

    If she don’t like it here and our declaration of independence let her get off the government payroll and carry her but to any where else and all like mined people can go with her

  46. Patrick Driscoll says

    Back to the getto!
    There is a reason you savages are living in the gettos. Go to South chicago or baltimore. mucc better cities with the dem loons in control.
    How many fuck-up gems can you get in a bathroom without flushing. Hoe obuma thinks. Scary isn’t it?

  47. Bruce Rowley says

    Hey you folks down in Louisiana! Don’t you think it is about time you recall that stupid, racist, ass hat of a Senator you have there? Send her sorry fat azz packing.

  48. Defend America says

    Norton must have received her diploma from The Uneducated Idiots school of education….
    and only received her diploma due to no child should be left behind rule.

  49. Allen Shaw says

    We are still attempting to achieve the goals set by the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal,
    that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights,
    that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That
    to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving
    their just powers from the consent of the governed,
    Many wrongs and perceptions have been corrected and more corrections will be
    made in the future.”

    Nothing about the above says anything other then “we will strive to reach these goals”.

    Many Whites today cannot trace their ancestors back to the time of the founding
    of this nation; however they have enjoyed some of the privileges granted to
    Whites only.

    We need to aspire to make all citizens of this nation reach the goals set
    by those who first dreamed of this nation including Crispus Attucks (c.1723—March
    5, 1770), who was Black and the first person to die in this nation seeking


    I am truly sorry for those citizens of this nation who do not realize the
    progress of humanity since the end of the 15th Century.

    1. BARRY SOETERO says

      Stick your White Privilege up your Obama.

      1. Allen Shaw says

        Did you respond to something I said or was this an anti President Obama remark?

        You do not believe in “White Privilege”?

        Why don’t you read my entire remark?

  50. BARRY SOETERO says

    I KNEW it was a blackassed, sorryassed, whineyassed

  51. SeanM62 says

    In a sense, Norton is right – the document is racist in two paragraphs of the document.

    “He (George III) has endeavoured to prevent the population of these States; for that purpose obstructing the Laws for Naturalization of Foreigners; refusing to pass others to encourage their migrations hither, and raising the conditions of new Appropriations of Lands.”

    The above paragraph refers to the fact that the Crown refused to allow European settlement west of the line of demarcation of 1760. This line was set to defend Americans (Native Americans) from being murdered by avaricious frontiersmen and settlers who wanted their land.

    “He (George III) has excited domestic insurrections amongst us, and has endeavoured to bring on the inhabitants of our frontiers, the merciless Indian Savages, whose known rule of warfare, is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and conditions.”

    The above paragraph is self-explanatory. It was OK for Europeans (Whites) to massacre Americans but not the reverse. It was also untrue in that the Crown wanted to separate the two groups to minimize friction, while settlers wanted to increase the friction. Ergo, the document is also deceitful and self-serving which should be obvious from the reading. That’s why they wrote it.

  52. IgnoreTheFools says

    Every time an ancestor of slaves complains about ancient history they need to remember it was Their Race that Kidnapped and sold humans to slave traders. A horrible thing to do but that was part of the world experience at the time. Nothing like that goes on any more in the U.S. This country fought a horrible war to right that wrong and today Blacks are given every opportunity to succeed and thrive in this (the finest country in an imperfect world). Each one of us ,Blacks included should thank God we were lucky enough to be born here. Why is it every race excels in America easily beating the black community of Whiners. Well I ll tell you this, until you get your heads right you will never excel. History is just that, America has given the black community every tool needed to live a great life in this country except the one thing no one else can give you, and that is the attitude to quit Whining and Succeed.

  53. Erica Ling says

    Any thoughts on a two state solution ?

  54. jefz says

    The mere fact this individual was elected to office reflects on a constituency that is either brain dead, illiterate or both.

  55. Albert L Biele says

    Her statement boggles the mind. If these are the kind of teachers that are educating our children, we shouldn’t expect too much from the next generation. I wonder what else she doesn’t know. I would hope that there is some sort of test administered to teacher-applicants, as an assurance that they can properly interpret documents as important as the constitution. The phase, “all men are created equal,” is really a strong argument for abolishing slavery. It doesn’t mean that all men are the same height, or weight, or have the same intellect, or are of the same nationality/race, etc.; it means that we are all equal under the law. The Emancipation Proclamation can be looked at as a catalyst, or starting point that would eventually bring down the democratic Souths segregation policies, via, Martin Luther King’s desegregation efforts. To eliminate the phase “all men are created equal,” today would bring us back the ideology that we are not all created equal under the law.

  56. jim jones says

    Oh how I wish my ancestors left those darkies in Africa; or where ever they got them.

    1. Allen Shaw says

      If they would have who would have given the United States all of that free labor for of those years. Perhaps those “darkies” would not have suffered so much. Who knows.

      Are you sure that your ancestors are not a part of those peasants or serfs that came from Europe that were given free land in this nation which was taken away from the Native Americans?

  57. ANONYMOUS says

    If the founders were all black would she feel the same way? Like it or not this country was founded by whites. It isn’t a perfect country but it’s the greatest in the world. Yes, slavery was wrong and blacks weren’t the only ones mistreated. Love this country, lite a candle. Hate it? You can always move.

  58. gmhunt4 says

    She needs to re-check her history, NOT all Blacks were slaves. Not only that but there were Black slave owners. She also look in the mirror, she is a Black American NOT an African unless she was born there

  59. Laddyboy says

    Misss. Norton: If you really do not like the Constitutiion, Feel free to LEAVE America. Happy life to you in your new country of choice.

  60. Abel says

    Typical Communist Democrat agitprop.

  61. GR Arnold says

    What a dumbass. The Declaration of Independence is anything but racist.

  62. Cameron Triplett Sr says

    As wrong as it was, Blacks were not generally considered to be equal to Whites. Even the “Great Emancipator, ole Honest Abe, considered Negroes to be little more than highly trainable animals. The American education system is in the toilet precisely because of Liberalism & idiot lawmakers meddling where they have no expertise. But then, as proven here, you can elect the Village Idiot to Congress & suddenly he/she is the most intelligent person in the room. All candidates for public office should be required to exhibit actual knowledge of the position’s duties & LIMITATIONS being sought. Then if they fail to stick to the limits, impeach & CONVICT them!

  63. Bella Gray says

    Frankly, I am to the point where I would be pleased to contribute to tickets to send all these Democrats to another country to settle and conform to their distorted view of utopia. Certainly they are unhappy with our country. We are not the ones looking for this drastic change, it is them. Let them go then. In fact the Middle East has recently been evacuated, that would be a good choice for them. I hear they have many friends already there imposing laws that suit the Democrats quite well, as they are trying to inflict them here.

  64. Tom Dewart says

    I would think that maybe she should get her own life in order by resurrecting facts before she opens her mouth. Blacks sold blacks into slavery. Muslims sold blacks into slavery, Maybe she should also stop believing everything she is told about history.

  65. ShemSilber says

    Miss Barbara’s assertion is invalid, because all men WERE created equal long before any of the Scriptures were even written, let alone before 1776. The fact that men had rendered some others to inferior positions does not negate the fact that all men were indeed created EQUAL in the sight of Yahuwah Almighty, in the Name of the Master Yahushua, whom our Father sent to be the Creator, the Redeemer, and the King over all kings, as we shall soon see, and all men will be SHOWN to be created equal, omein!

    1. ShemSilber says

      Remember that there is a very important word in there: “CREATED.” For us to be created, there had to be a Creator, namely, the Master Yahushua (Lord Jesus, as Christians call Him), whom our Father Yahuwah sent to do so, per John 1:1-18; 8:58; Colossians 1:16; 1Corinthians 10:4; Hebrews 11:24-26 and numerous other Scripture references that you can dig out for yourself if you’re really interested, in the Name of our Master Yahushua, omein.

  66. 67N20 Army says

    Excuse me Barbara Norton, just answer one question for me PLEASE !!!
    Which came first? The democrat OR STUPIDITY ???

  67. Paul Troch says

    She must be removed from office.

    1. 67N20 Army says

      Exactly,, She`s quite apparently too STUPID to be in charge of much !!!

  68. TAM44 says

    Just wish she had been born back in 1676 so we would never have heard this racist.

  69. Retired Marine says

    To a demoncrat, EVERYTHING is racist. I find it racist that every commercial has a black in it. A white family celebrating Thanksgiving and surprise a black person. What the hell is that if not racist, yet if they show a black family celebrating the same holiday surprise there is NOT a single white person.
    Please explain how 17% of the population is in 99% of every commercial or tv show.
    Just to be sure, I am NOT YET a racist, just pointing out the convoluted thinking of the left, and if they want me to become one it is simple, keep the bullshit up and bingo you have created a racist.

  70. Robert says

    Just another ignorant, worthless, parasite victim!

  71. paulrph1 says

    She failed to recognize the time frame. If it were not for the Declaration of Independence we would still be living under the crown with no inalienable rights. We would still be serfs. We would not be a government of the people, for the people and by the people. And she would not be holding an office of which she should not be entitled to hold. When you cannot figure it out just play the racist card.

    The DofI was something to aspire too and not necessarily something that was in vogue.

  72. Michael says

    Democrats really drive home the point of what our educational system is doing to dumb down the population. The federal government needs to get out of education now. People need to think about person they are voting for and not support a particular party. The parties have become entities run by someone seeking and wealth.

  73. Linda Lee says

    And now you know why we are in the situation that we find ourselves. When one is elected based on color this is what one end up with.

  74. carl says

    Ms. Norton showed the world how stupid she is.

  75. Michael Penson says

    Boy, R U wrong. If it wasn’t for the 14th Amendment, you would NOT have any rights at all. And today 20016, you have only civil rights, not Constitutional rights. The first 10 Amendment sets that out. After the 10th, it is civil rights only. And the word racist was invented by a German *ueer in 1900’s and the Constitution was written several years before. the German *ueer. Be thankful that U aren’t being chased by lion or raped by NATO peace keepers.

  76. James Maxwell says

    Norton is a blithering Idiot of the worse kind, and elected legislator who does not know American History
    nor much else apparently except the Communist / Socialist manifesto. Ho the people in her area voted
    for her is questionable and makes me wonder what Kool Aid they were drinking. Our Constitution is
    the greatest document in American History. At the time it was drafted it was done so to give all free
    men and women and equal shot, Yes we had slavery at the time and fought a Civil War to abolish it.
    There were other political ramifications at the time also but people point to that as the highlight of the
    Civil War. As our Nation developed and moved forward the Constitution included all American
    Citizens and has provided protection for all who are here in a lawful and legal manner. It included
    all races, creeds and colors without exception. As our Nation grew and changed it has become more
    inclusive than when first written, the words, intent and meaning have not changed. Failure to teach it
    in our school is tantamount to a criminal act and leads to the problems we see today in our society where
    people have become lazy and not pay attention to what their elected leaders are doing to destroy our
    Nation and enslave all of us..

  77. phil says

    Norton should be expelled from office. She took an oath to protect the Cinstitution when sworn in office. Just another idiot voted in by idiots.
    The one who plays the race card IS THE RACIST

  78. albert says

    is this story for real?????

  79. tax man says

    We are all of the Human Race – that should be the limit of the word “race” regarding people. Get the race card out of our lives. It happened a long time ago and it is over. We cannot go back, We can only move forward – to do that we need to scrap all reference to race/color and quit racially related BS – like calling anyone an African-American unless they actually moved here from Africa and now have dual citizenship! America is fully Equal Opportunity – but it is up to each person to work hard to make a success of their lives. If you rely on hand-outs you are a failure and you can never get ahead in life. It has nothing to do with slavery, race or color – it has only to do with your own character and drive to succeed. There is NO “white privilege” anywhere in the world.

  80. Dave McFarland says

    Ms. Norton is a racist vile excuse for a human being.

  81. fred says

    You should have supported the Hodges initiative to educate the children of Louisiana! Ms. Norton is the ignorant racist who wants to completely disregard the time of the documents writing, and act like they should have been more PC back in the 1700’s! She is insane and needs to be censored for trying to stop children from learning about their Country’s HISTORY and how they enjoy some remaining freedoms in spite of the criminal mafia trying to steal all of our freedoms in Wash DC!

  82. Gerry Costa says

    New proposed bill ::: Before anyone can run for or hold a public office , they must first PASS an IQ test. Where do these people come from. I would like to have this norton point to Africa on a world map — if she could and then point to exactly where her ancestors came from. I’ll bet she can’t. People like this should NOT be allowed to hold a position in government. It sounds to me like she is both ignorant and racist.

  83. millerstwo says

    The woman is an ignorant fool and a prime example of the hypocrisy which is so prevalent in the Dumbocrat Party.
    The following quote by one of Americas most famous, respected and intellectual black men who died in 1895, which by the way, was before Dr. Martin Luther King and Ms. Norton were born………
    “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”- F. Douglass
    Mr. Douglass also said this (AMAZING!)……….
    “I am a Republican, a black, dyed in the wool Republican, and I never intend to belong to any other party than the party of freedom and progress.” Frederick Douglass
    According to Ms. Norton’s flawed logic the words and deeds all great men both Black and white should be ignored because no one today was born when they penned their words?
    This say’s as much about the ‘Kool-Aid drinking’ dolts as it does about the idiot they voted for!

  84. Karin Murray says

    Dear MS Norton. Are you really as stupid as you appear? When will the liberal morons in the State and Federal Governments stop the crap?

    We are not African Americans, Polish Americans, Irish Americans, Italian Americans. WE ARE AMERICAN AMERICANS..If everyone which claims this Country as theirs, then let’s stop the nonsense and unite for the common good.

    Keep in mind Ms. Norton, It was the tribe leaders, which sold the Africans to the slave trade. Not America. After all don’t you all celebrate black history month in February? Why are you not telling everyone about that.

    I am also sick and tired of hearing on the news a white officer shot a black person. The simple truth is Ma’am when a police officer orders you to do something, Then Comply! We never hear about the black man killing a white,Asian, American Indian have we? Allow me to explain it to you. That is not the LIBERAL NEWS. Oh and by the way, All Lives Matter. I think you are a racist. I know that is not politically correct, but it is true.

    You also insulted this Country. You offend me!

    The Declaration of Independence was about, our birth as a Nation against the British. Please see attached.

    U.S. National Archives and Records Administration

    http://www.archives.gov May 31, 2016

    The Declaration of Independence: A Transcription

    IN CONGRESS, July 4, 1776.

    The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America,

    When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.–Such has been the patient sufferance of these Colonies; and such is now the necessity which constrains them to alter their former Systems of Government. The history of the present King of Great Britain is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States. To prove this, let Facts be submitted to a candid world.

    He has refused his Assent to Laws, the most wholesome and necessary for the public good.

    He has forbidden his Governors to pass Laws of immediate and pressing importance, unless suspended in their operation till his Assent should be obtained; and when so suspended, he has utterly neglected to attend to them.

    He has refused to pass other Laws for the accommodation of large districts of people, unless those people would relinquish the right of Representation in the Legislature, a right inestimable to them and formidable to tyrants only.

    He has called together legislative bodies at places unusual, uncomfortable, and distant from the depository of their public Records, for the sole purpose of fatiguing them into compliance with his measures.

    He has dissolved Representative Houses repeatedly, for opposing with manly firmness his invasions on the rights of the people.

    He has refused for a long time, after such dissolutions, to cause others to be elected; whereby the Legislative powers, incapable of Annihilation, have returned to the People at large for their exercise; the State remaining in the mean time exposed to all the dangers of invasion from without, and convulsions within.

    He has endeavoured to prevent the population of these States; for that purpose obstructing the Laws for Naturalization of Foreigners; refusing to pass others to encourage their migrations hither, and raising the conditions of new Appropriations of Lands.

    He has obstructed the Administration of Justice, by refusing his Assent to Laws for establishing Judiciary powers.

    He has made Judges dependent on his Will alone, for the tenure of their offices, and the amount and payment of their salaries.

    He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harrass our people, and eat out their substance.

    He has kept among us, in times of peace, Standing Armies without the Consent of our legislatures.

    He has affected to render the Military independent of and superior to the Civil power.

    He has combined with others to subject us to a jurisdiction foreign to our constitution, and unacknowledged by our laws; giving his Assent to their Acts of pretended Legislation:

    For Quartering large bodies of armed troops among us:

    For protecting them, by a mock Trial, from punishment for any Murders which they should commit on the Inhabitants of these States:

    For cutting off our Trade with all parts of the world:

    For imposing Taxes on us without our Consent:

    For depriving us in many cases, of the benefits of Trial by Jury:

    For transporting us beyond Seas to be tried for pretended offences

    For abolishing the free System of English Laws in a neighbouring Province, establishing therein an Arbitrary government, and enlarging its Boundaries so as to render it at once an example and fit instrument for introducing the same absolute rule into these Colonies:

    For taking away our Charters, abolishing our most valuable Laws, and altering fundamentally the Forms of our Governments:

    For suspending our own Legislatures, and declaring themselves invested with power to legislate for us in all cases whatsoever.

    He has abdicated Government here, by declaring us out of his Protection and waging War against us.

    He has plundered our seas, ravaged our Coasts, burnt our towns, and destroyed the lives of our people.

    He is at this time transporting large Armies of foreign Mercenaries to compleat the works of death, desolation and tyranny, already begun with circumstances of Cruelty & perfidy scarcely paralleled in the most barbarous ages, and totally unworthy the Head of a civilized nation.

    He has constrained our fellow Citizens taken Captive on the high Seas to bear Arms against their Country, to become the executioners of their friends and Brethren, or to fall themselves by their Hands.

    He has excited domestic insurrections amongst us, and has endeavoured to bring on the inhabitants of our frontiers, the merciless Indian Savages, whose known rule of warfare, is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and conditions.

    In every stage of these Oppressions We have Petitioned for Redress in the most humble terms: Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated injury. A Prince whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people.

    Nor have We been wanting in attentions to our Brittish brethren. We have warned them from time to time of attempts by their legislature to extend an unwarrantable jurisdiction over us. We have reminded them of the circumstances of our emigration and settlement here. We have appealed to their native justice and magnanimity, and we have conjured them by the ties of our common kindred to disavow these usurpations, which, would inevitably interrupt our connections and correspondence. They too have been deaf to the voice of justice and of consanguinity. We must, therefore, acquiesce in the necessity, which denounces our Separation, and hold them, as we hold the rest of mankind, Enemies in War, in Peace Friends.

    We, therefore, the Representatives of the united States of America, in General Congress, Assembled, appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world for the rectitude of our intentions, do, in the Name, and by Authority of the good People of these Colonies, solemnly publish and declare, That these United Colonies are, and of Right ought to be Free and Independent States; that they are Absolved from all Allegiance to the British Crown, and that all political connection between them and the State of Great Britain, is and ought to be totally dissolved; and that as Free and Independent States, they have full Power to levy War, conclude Peace, contract Alliances, establish Commerce, and to do all other Acts and Things which Independent States may of right do. And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.

    The 56 signatures on the Declaration appear in the positions indicated:

    Column 1


    Button Gwinnett

    Lyman Hall

    George Walton

    Column 2

    North Carolina:

    William Hooper

    Joseph Hewes

    John Penn

    South Carolina:

    Edward Rutledge

    Thomas Heyward, Jr.

    Thomas Lynch, Jr.

    Arthur Middleton

    Column 3


    John Hancock


    Samuel Chase

    William Paca

    Thomas Stone

    Charles Carroll of Carrollton


    George Wythe

    Richard Henry Lee

    Thomas Jefferson

    Benjamin Harrison

    Thomas Nelson, Jr.

    Francis Lightfoot Lee

    Carter Braxton

    Column 4


    Robert Morris

    Benjamin Rush

    Benjamin Franklin

    John Morton

    George Clymer

    James Smith

    George Taylor

    James Wilson

    George Ross


    Caesar Rodney

    George Read

    Thomas McKean

    Column 5

    New York:

    William Floyd

    Philip Livingston

    Francis Lewis

    Lewis Morris

    New Jersey:

    Richard Stockton

    John Witherspoon

    Francis Hopkinson

    John Hart

    Abraham Clark

    Column 6

    New Hampshire:

    Josiah Bartlett

    William Whipple


    Samuel Adams

    John Adams

    Robert Treat Paine

    Elbridge Gerry

    Rhode Island:

    Stephen Hopkins

    William Ellery


    Roger Sherman

    Samuel Huntington

    William Williams

    Oliver Wolcott

    New Hampshire:

    Matthew Thornton

  85. Scrubjay says

    Stupid person. She’s a credit to Democrat party.

  86. 012017 endofanerror says

    Why do these crazy lieberals act like the colonies and then the USA where the only people in history to own slaves? That were sold by other blacks nonetheless and shipped by England not the USA, and the first slave owner in North America was himself black. Also of all countries that owned slaves we were the fastest in history to abolish it.

  87. Edna Ethel says

    The level of stupidity evident in people like this Norton nut would be beyond comprehension were it not so prevalent in our society…make that prevalent in the Democratic Party and its nonsensical extensions like Black Lives Matter, etc.

    1. 012017 endofanerror says

      The sad part is with black lies matter is its funded by a foreigner by the name of George Soros. He needs eliminated.

  88. Loving America says

    No the Declaration is Not Racist …The RAcist is You Woman Troublemaker Trying To Make A Name For Yourself! Get on the streets of America and”Clean Up America starting in Your Own Neighborhood”! You cannot holler about anything until you “Clean Up Your Own Race of People Causing their Own Problems in the World!”

  89. TheSkalawag929 says

    Stupidity does not respect political boundaries.

  90. Ron C says

    Barbara Norton…one cannot argue with stupid…and you take the cake on stupid. The declaration of independence is the document that started the concept of independence for all humanity and eventually for slaves that were owned by blacks and white slave masters…you ignoramus.

  91. armydadtexas says

    Miss Norton, it is completely apparent you are an IDIOT. A Race Baiter. You are the poster child for out of touch fools. You don’t have a clue about Historical Facts. You are part of the Problem. You are a bigot, an Anti-America dumb a$$. A far, left wing, radical extremist, MINDLESS, SLOBBERING, socialist democ-RAT. In short you are a complete FOOL.. Oh well>>>STUPID is as STUPID does and lady you are one dumb a$$

  92. Scott Campbell says

    It is amazing how much someone can ramble on and never actually say anything. She said NOTHING. She is incoherent. She must be black. She did not study or understand history. Blacks were slaves because other black took them to be slaves. Whites got slaves by buying black slaves from black slave owners in Africa. There were no ” white slavers raiding Africa”. Next, she forgets who gave blacks freedom. It was not blacks, it was WHITE Americans who gave blacks freedom. Blacks actually fought for the south during the Civil War. King did nothing but protest. It was WHITE Americans who were the moving force to equalize blacks. King’s dream means NOTHING. Without white people freeing slaves and giving them equal rights, blacks would still be picking cotton. Without whites, most blacks would still be in Africa , living like a stone age civilization.

  93. Tiger says

    Now they are getting down to the nitty gritty of taking out our documents and she must not have read any of them.

    All people in this country are protected under the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights. Those who don’t like it here, which appears to be many please go where you feel comfortable, like any Socialist or Communist country and see how you like it. Better yet go to a ME country that has Sharia Law.

    But they surely have enjoyed, all that hate us the blacks, Indians, Muslims refugees etc the Welfare, Section 8 Housing, Food Stamps and all government programs that they now find easier to get than to work for their well being.

    I have had my fill of “White Hating” and “White Bashing” time to get this over with. Slaves been free for over 150 years show me their accomplishments, with the exception and boy it is the exception of the few and even they are attacked and called trying to be white.

    Stop it already.

  94. junkmailbin says

    cranial rectal and vaginal impaction at its best

  95. Michael Dennewitz says

    Where do they breed these dumbasses??

  96. Conservative says

    She doesn’t understand it, plain & simple. Half of the Democrats in Congress thrive on their stupidity and it sees they are determined to keep all the children of the U.S. uneducated, incompetent and stupid. The Communists and black racists in Congress are systematically destroying the U.S. Most of our children coming out of the public schools are thoroughly incompetent and mentally crippled from ever succeeding.

  97. Kathee Wagoner says

    Well Norton your just plain stupid it was written to include all its you race baiters saying crap like this that makes a problem stfu

  98. jackhy says

    This Democrap Norton must have nothing better to do besides wasting taxpayer monies than to question the intent and wisdom of our founding fathers to whom she could not hope to equal! What a nut case!!!!!

  99. disqus_htVNWSBEmM says

    Norton is obviously black and anti-American. Sounds as if brains were lard, she would not have enough to grease a skillet.

  100. Sherie_S says

    Another example of liberalism’s brain distroying effects! Seriously it’s a mental illness!

  101. Billy says

    I think, if Barbara Norton don’t agree with the Declaration of Independence, maybe she should take her Black asz to a country where she won’t have to deal with it. We don’t need people like her in this country.

  102. papa doug says

    She seems to ignore the truth that before slavers went to Africa and other places African tribes sold their own into slavery but Norton seems to ignore that little fact. America may have been slow to act but act we did. Norton also seems to forget that approximately 620,000 soldiers died from combat, accident, starvation, and disease during the Civil War to end slavery. Many thousands more civilians also died in the war.

    Something else Ms. Norton seems to ignore; Abraham Lincoln was the first republican President and he wrote the Emancipation Proclamation freeing the slaves to the uproar of DEMOCRATS who tried to stop it because they preferred slavery. A hundred years later the DEMOCRATS were not very supportive of of the civil rights act of 1964 and it was republicans who rallied with more than 73% of the 2/3 majority needed to pass the act. DEMOCRAT Al Gore Sr. fought hard to stop it’s passage and even lied to the NAACP in his attempt to discredit it.
    It was the Republicans who championed the cause of affirmative action to correct past wrongs and level the playing field but again DEMOCRATS fought hard to stop it and failing that twisted it so that it was a detriment to the Black community instead of helping.

    The next time you hear a Democrat tell you that Republicans are racist remember that this Democrat is just pandering for your vote. They also distort the truth
    regarding the Republican record. Democrats need to keep minorities in poverty, so that they will keep their voting base. It’s in their best interest that minorities remain in poverty and dependent upon the
    social programs of Democrats. In this they have unfortunately been successful with the strange and unimaginable full support of the Black Community.


    The ignorance of the Democrat Party about American History just boggles the Mind !

  104. Jackie says

    Thomas Jefferson, who drafted the Declaration of Independence, summarized the philosophy in “self-evident truths” and set forth a list of grievances against the King in order to justify before the world the breaking of ties between the colonies and the mother country. Does Barbara Norton not know this?

  105. EH says

    What a crock! This is a timeless statement she is attacking and suits today’s world perfectly. This is NOW, and all people, citizens of this nation, are equal under the law. If Norton wants to see herself as different from others and not a citizen, then she should give up her political office!

    When people of the USA recite this passage, they feel a combined pride. We have earned the right to pledge our allegiance and, whatevsr color our citizen, whatever religion we choose to follow, that is the proper way a democracy should be. By making such a public statement, she has proved herself the prejudiced one since she only see’s the world in two colors! It’s old? It’s ignorant!

    Why? For example, I do not hear her or her supporters make any statement against those on public campuses or in some exclusionary communities who belittle Jews, and Jews, too, consist of all colors and nationalities! She is, without doubt, a narrow-minded trouble maker who, along with her ilk, undermine the very fabric of our society! Surely she can find a legitimate box to stand on?

    1. coneyro says

      When the founding fathers created these documents, it was a different time. “All men are created equal” translates to “All white Christian men”.exclusively. Even in population counts for political purposes, black people did not figure in the results.Women were insignificant, as well.

      Even nowadays, anyone who truly believes that all citizens are truly equal under the law is delusional and/or naive. There are separate unwritten laws for the top 1% of society and the average Jane and Joe. Witness Trump and Hillary, for example. They are examples of the “Teflon” class. Rules made for the average don’t apply, and they “slip off” being held accountable.

      Bottom line, the woman is not entirely incorrect, as uncomfortable as the truth makes people feel.

  106. Daniel says

    Let’s just use the “R” word to label something and it just has to be that…get a life!

  107. Lougjr1 says

    Poor Barbara Norton, she doesn’t even realize that she is what she calls every white person, A proud bigot. She doesn’t realize that all these years of freedom she, in her own mind, keeps herself a slave because she hasn’t been able to find that open door which has been open for 150 yrs. She only wants to keep the slave thing alive for political purposes. She continues to hold power over her people. Just like the Clintons, she knows how to hold power over her people so she can tell them what to do, when to do it, how to do it, and if they can do it. Guess what, She will be getting away with it until her subjects wise up to her scheme !!

  108. Charley C. says

    Ms.Norton should go home and just stay there she has no concept of the real world and needs her meds .Cause this women is nuts!

  109. ch says

    Hey racist Norton. Just keep in mind it was your own black people that sold the blacks into slavery and it was the white Republicans who freed your ANCESTORS. It is you Democrats that are again enslaving the black people. All people ARE created equal. It is what you choose to do with your life that moves you forward or back. If your mom sucks the government tit, then chances are your offspring will continue with the same tit.

    1. Goodforall says

      Well said and right on the mark!

  110. phil says

    The one who plays the race card IS THE RACSIST!!

  111. disqus_MZe2ymfHQj says

    Her wisdom is only exceeded by her ignorance. She is doing her part to destroy freedom, VOTE HER OUT.

    1. snowyriver says

      Problem here is her voters have the same mentality

  112. snowyriver says

    Ms. Norton please… If they are African- Americans, then they are not Americans. Why don’t you call them 1/2 breed Americans? When do we get English- Americans or German-Americans?? Does the term Asian-Americans include all from Asia or just the oriental? I mean you are discriminating against the Russian-American.. Wait we had better have Australian-Americans also.. Now does this category include all that England sent there as unwanted criminals of just the indegenious?

    1. Allen Shaw says

      Please do not get confused. All citizens of the United States are “Americans”. The use of the phrase “African American” is just a term which has been accepted to define those individual whose ancestors came from Africa and who in most instances might also be called Black. The struggle to find a proper definition continues. If you know that your ancestors come from Germany you might say that you are of German heritage.

      No biggie.

      1. snowyriver says

        Ok you are only African-American if your skin and hair texture shows it. YOu are only Native-American if your skin tone and hair shows it. Damn I was wanting to use both claims. I know the dna is there but my eyes are blue and skin is pale, hair is only wavy not kinky, and dark brown not black.

        1. Allen Shaw says

          According to some in this nation “one drop of Black blood makes you Black. I do not recall talking about skin and hair.

          If you choose you can say you are and are a mixed Black, Native American and White.

          Check out the rules of the US Census.

          Once again “no biggie”.

          1. snowyriver says


          2. Rattlerjake says

            Your generalizations or of ignorance! Everyone born in the New World is American, that includes south, central, and Canada! Putting a prefix on the word American describes nothing. Consider that Haitians are not African but most have African traits from very distant ancestry, yet many of them claim they are African-American when resident in the US, but they are NOT African-Haitian when resident in Haiti. Hyphenated “Americans” are not American at all. Of course then what about the white South Africans who have settled here, they are NOT called African-American, so yes it is based on their looks and not necessarily their genealogy! The hyphenation is only used to establish themselves as deserving of stealing from the American taxpayer!

          3. Allen Shaw says

            So you believe that all African-Americans steal from the American taxpayers.

            That believe speaks for itself.

            Again, your ignorance is no biggie either.

          4. Rattlerjake says

            That comment shows your ignorance again. Many minorities, to include blacks, refuse to use the hyphenated terms, those are true Americans. And yes, all those who use the hyphenated term, in one form or another, steal tax dollars. This Hyphenation was created in the US by libturds and is used in NO other country. There is NO REASON, NOT ONE, that anyone needs to use those terms other than to differentiate themselves for entitlement programs or for “special” treatment! Idiots like you buy into all of this socialist crap because you’re gullible.

          5. Allen Shaw says

            You are dreaming, have misread or are attempting to confuse. You cannot justifiably make such a statement.

            I understand that in the southern states more individual use the the term American; however if you review the census you will find that in other part of the nation other terms are used.

          6. Snake says

            My comment was quite clear, there is not one thing I stated that is confusing or “misread”, if you can’t understand it, you’re in the wrong country!

            You keep repeating the census, which everyone knows, only uses this information for purely political reasons. None of the information on the census has any relevance for anything, the census is specifically designed as an invasion of privacy to get information that the government can use for corrupt purposes. Only a libturd would think that the census a good thing.

          7. Allen Shaw says

            I see.

  113. Dennis McLain says

    The only thing racist are the people that holler “racist”. They point fingers at everyone else and three point back at them. Check out the history of the democratic party and you will see a lot of racism in how they vote and what was the object of their voting. Remember, Lincoln was a Republican.

  114. Goodforall says

    Why doesn’t this moron gather up all of her people and GTF out now and go back to mother Africa! The Constitution pertains to all people regardless of race. I’m sick and tired of black people saying everything is racist when they are the ones who are in fact racist. Enough of this nonsense.

  115. CHRISTINE says

    Miss Norton, you have a personal problem that goes back to your mother and father. You cannot accept the fact that you were born dark brown and resent it. Don’t take your personal problems and blame the public. Ask both your parents why they did not pick someone of lighter skin to procreate so you would of been born lighter skinned. If you still can’t get over it, see a dermatologist.

    1. IM1Ashman says

      🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  116. Philomena says

    Rep. Norton, You are the RACIST here not the Declaration of Independence. Learn some History. Punch as the first documented slave in America, …

    The First Legal Slave Owner in What Would Become the …


    Today I found out the first legal slave owner in the British colonies that would eventually become the United States was a black man. The man was Anthony Johnson.

    America’s first slave owner was a black man. – CofCC


    According to colonial records, the first slave owner in the United States was a black man. Prior to 1655 there were no legal slaves in the colonies, only indentured …

    Did You Know the First Legal Slave Owner in America Was a …


    Did You Know the First Legal Slave Owner in America Was a Black Man? Jim Hoft Apr 27th, 2015 1:32 pm Leave a Comment

    The First Slave Owner In America Anthony Johnson, A Black …


    The First Slave Owner In America Anthony Johnson, A Black Man !!! … Secret History of Slavery in the United States … Black slave owner and breeder

  117. Dexter L. Wilson says

    Historically certain things were provided in the constitution to make all men equal. Even if it were not true at the time, the reality remains, we all are children of Adam and Eve and if that is not accepted even the Chinese language in it’s pictorial of a boat describes 8 people in a boat, Noah, his wife, and his 3 sons and their wives. We all came from these people.

  118. AL, Orange Park, FL says

    how often does Norton walk on the other side of the “idiot line” seems to be often
    only these types of people talk like this, she has the One World Order agenda in mind and that’s the just of it
    the NWO is working hard to remove National identity among all the Nations of the world and Norton is just one more useful fool for the elite

  119. Ron Stephany says

    she is just too stupid to understand,,,,maybe some of the words were too long

  120. Mr Bill 13 says

    I revert to my original premise that there should be an intelligence test before being allowed to run for elected office.

  121. tony says


  122. rayr65 says

    This is the end result of teaching monkeys to talk and then more monkeys electing them to office. You think that’s racist? Ask me if I give a rats butt!

  123. Bonum Malum says

    Well Barbara, the Constitution / Declaration is the greatest document ever written, next to the Bible. You should be celebrating it, not demeaning it. All men were created equal “in the eyes of God”. Not humans. Perhaps THAT is your problem. God.
    As well, your side, has managed to take God, and the National anthem out of schools. You have inserted gay rights, transgender rights and illegal alien rights. NOW you are mounting an assault on the very thing that “Made America Great”. What’s next? Oh ya, pedophilia rights.

  124. Gary Qualls says

    100% lack of respect for America, leave this country & find a better one ! You were elected to do a job – Do It !

  125. Michael says

    I’ve read that the first slaves were sold by black men! Black men enslaved other black men, but only a black person can claim that it was white people. Shame on you, you racist bigot of a law maker in Louisiana!! It’s a shame I’m not in your district to vote you racist ass out of office!

  126. Dianna Zerbe says

    Ms Norton if you don’t like this land pack up your belongings and get on a plane, ship, train, bus, automobile and go to a country where you feel you belong! See if you will be welcomed into that community! You should be PROUD to be an American! People are loosing their lives trying to get into this great country. All of our ancestors have been enslaved at one time in history. In Almighty God’s eyes all
    men are the same! You are either for Him or against Him! I don’t believe children should be reciting the Declaration of Independence every day! How many of us even know the first verse or even when it was written or who wrote it! I’m so very thankful God was so good to me by placing me in such a great and mighty nation. We have to turn back to JESUS and ALMIGHTY GOD!

  127. Art Hock says

    Miss Norton. You are a person who should follow the old rule of ” better to be thought a fool than open your mouth and remove all doubt”. Real Americans don’t use a hyphenated label for their heritage, only “American” and be proud of it. One language, one flag, one country.

  128. DJ says

    I didn’t realize Dr King ended slavery! The Civil War ended it even though that was not the reason the war was fought.

  129. Filmaker says

    The Declaration of Independence was the first of many steps to creating a freer nation than that which existed before. As such, it was a limited one. Years later, when crafting the present Constitution of the United States, an attempt was made to end slavery completely; but as one founding father stated “We are inconvienced by its convience”. Still, there was an end to the importation of slaves agreed to. To say the Founding Fathers were perfect is to state a lie. They were human, they had their own bigotries to deal with. But they did try to get beyond them, one small step at a time. Miss Norton does seem to want to do the same. We can acknowledge they were men who were fallible, but we should not deny their works because of it.

  130. whisper says

    Does she FORGET that we went through a CIVIL WAR to FREE those in slavery because ALL MEN ARE EQUAL AND NONE SHOULD OWN ANOTHER HUMAN BEING?? who VOTES for these idiots??

  131. Jack says

    MUST be one of those ILLEGAL ALIENS,of obama’s.

  132. M.R. Canon says

    Has anyone thought of impeaching this democrat state lawmaker who apparently detests the United States of America and/or needs to be re-educated by reading the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of our great Republic. Perhaps she wasn’t listening in her history class. In terms of racism, it was not Americans who snatched Africans and sold them to far places. Nor was it racism that grabbed their own people and made them stay and serve in Africa. At least we have a constitution that guarantees, as long as a citizen is lawful, the right to pursue their own way to happiness, along with all other rights – as long as the person obeys the laws of our land. Indeed, Norton could read the newspapers of countries all over the world where people now are suffering under socialist, or worse, governments. Because, under their wasteful governments, citizens realize so little of the profit they can make with their own time and energy, many of them would love to be free to take Norton’s place here in America. It’s good to remember that people (of all races) who work in America also give more of their wealth to charities that help the underprivileged and ill. Because the Bible says that we will always have the poor with us, we help those who can’t help themselves. As a result even our poor generally live in far better circumstances than any country in the world. Indeed, we would be remiss if we didn’t teach our children the blessings of getting to live in this great United States of America.

    1. Joseph Nicholas Toth Jr. says

      How on earth did she ever get elected? She is a disgrace to her position as a public servant in office. She should be recalled if that’s possible in that state. All she is doing is poisoning the minds of young students.

  133. hangem'high says

    I hate stupid, clueless, ignorant people,


    doesn’t say much for senators.

  134. Richie Diana says

    Children should all know that all men and women are created equal , then they will not grow into racism and respect all cultures, and not growing up thinking one countries culture is better or worse than another! If they know and learn this, they will respect others. As they grow, with civility, they will learn also which cultures that don’t respect human rights, and therefore standing against the wrong in the world,and ALSO learn that slavery was wrong,it happened,and is STILL in societies, everyone in the world knows slavery was wrong, and we still fight against it in countries and cultures today, and stand against what is wrong. Barbara Norton is just another Crazy liberal that believes that anything written more than 5 years ago should be taken out of world history! So, I say Norton, you are the one racist against human civility in our country and you say The Declaration of Independence is racist! You just don’t know the difference between right and wrong!, the word racist” is used far to loosely in society , and maybe we should just take the word racist” out of vocabulary, because it has turned into discriminating phrase without thought!, and everyone and everything is racist without action. Liberals want to add to the wrong of society, and seek the lesser of the truth, and push their selfishness onto others, to destroy anything but selfishness and encourage weak discipline ! O.k. liberals !, you say no”,here’s something simple; pushing bathroom legislation!? That is a direct discrimination of privacy against women and childrens’ privacy and promotes and provokes damage and wrongful acts against gender, and liberals want this in public grammar schools where children are just learning the difference between right and wrong and not giving children the right to learn what is right and respect gender! It is irrational and there is no justice in this legislation ! Barbara Norton,you need to pull your lip over your head and swallow, your irrational ! You are one of many that need to go, we protect our country against people like you!

  135. bbb says

    Hello, Louisiana. Remember who God is? Know what He says about turning away from His word? Maybe Barbie does not belong in an elected office but in an elite university where she can spew all the venom and hatred of everything American and the children must listen to her. Or, maybe Barbie needs to go back on the shelf so she cannot hurt anyone else.

  136. Bob Stewart says

    Proof that there’s an idiot born every second.

  137. IM1Ashman says

    Dear Miss Norton, & Mr. Omama, and “Crooked Hillary”, and Harry Reed, and all of the other far left loons out there who want America destroyed for a more European, Socialist type State, “All Men were created equal” by God…by our Creator….not by man, nor by government, but by God. Are you questioning the Preeminence of God? Are you questioning the Omniscience of God, Himself? Mankind was endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights—life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness….by God, not by Government, not by you, not by Omama. You take for granted the rights given to you by God and then curse the very rights from the documents that afford you those rights. In Jefferson’s original “Declaration of Independence”, the one that required all 13 colonies to ratify for it to be adopted, slavery was to be abolished. However, South Carolina, would not ratify or vote for the document if that was left in, so in a compromise, it was taken out and the Declaration of Independence was ratified and adopted, and a nation was born….a nation which you now live in and a nation which you serve. YOU, Miss Norton, are a bigot of the worst kind. You take advantage of the country that gives you these rights, by God, and use them to disparage the very freedoms you were blessed with, contained in the very document(s) you profess to call racist….You benefit from the documents you profess to call racist, but have no idea what is in them, or the countless hundreds of thousands of souls, both white and black, who died to defend and support them so you could be an idiot and spew the hatred that so easily comes from your tainted mind and mouth. I would bet that you are the racist and you hate most white people and YOU are not proud to be an American because the white people you despise because of the mistakes of the past, are not slaves themselves. Yes, Miss Norton, all men and women are created equal. Unfortunately, not all act EQUAL; and you, by your words and actions have lowered yourself into the gutter because of your hatred for OUR God BLESSED country, Founding Fathers, and Founding Documents, which you abuse yet use to get to the place in society which you currently reside. Yes, Miss Norton, you are the worst type of person: A hateful, hurtful politician, who only knows anger, hate and racism (toward our white founding fathers) who bought and paid for the price of freedom with their very lives, so you could eventually be free. I actually feel sorry for you and all your kind (those who hate America, the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the Flag, Capitalism, and probably Christianity and God, Himself,) because you will never know the joy of being proud to be an American as you attempt to destroy it with every far left, liberal, progressive, socialist, anti-American, racist word that comes from your hateful mouth. Yes, Miss Norton, All Mankind was created equal by God, but NO, Miss Norton, YOU will never be equal because of your actions and hateful talk, that has lowered you into the dark depths of despair and inner hate which comes forth from your racist words….what God has given you freely, your born equality, you have destroyed with your hateful, racist talk about our Founding Fathers and Declaration of Independence. I shall pray for you Miss Norton and ask our loving Heavenly Father to reveal the love He has for you, through Christ, Jesus, His Son…the very one who gave you those God-given rights, displayed first through the Holy Bible and secondly through the Declaration of Independence which you so vehemently oppose and disparage. Fortunately for us and unfortunately for you, YOU are in the minority with you opinion. YOU, Miss Norton, are the Hater,,,just like the far left, liberal, progressive democrats…just like Omama, just like “Crooked Hillary, Just like Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, just like “black lives matter” and all the others who want to destroy this Great Country that was blessed by God. That is why you will never understand the revolution that is taking place in this great country with Trump. That is why the republicans and democrats of both parties in Washington D.C. are terrified and have been wrong from the beginning about Trump…because they are losing their “so called power” and they have lost touch with the people they are supposed to serve….the same people which you are SUPPOSED TO SERVE, and they have lost touch with the great documents….the Founding Documents and the men and women who wrote them, defended them, and died for them, with their very blood, so you could spew your ignorance about them and show just how out of touch and ignorant you truly are. May God bless America, May God Bless the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, and yes, Miss Norton, I pray that God forgives you and will bless you and bring you back closer to Him so your heart may not be filled with so much stupidity and hate and be filled with the love of Christ which surpasses all understanding. I am and shall remain, Faithfully Yours in Christ,
    Pastor Matthew S. Asher
    PSALM 37:4 “Delight thyself also in the Lord and He shall give thee the desires of thine heart.”

  138. Al Hope says

    The beauty of Africa is that Africans have leaders that are not trying to dispossess their own people of the land because “everyone is too black.” Must be nice.

  139. Harold Sammons says

    Who is this racist Idiot; there were black slave holders at the time the declaration was conceived; so your argument has no basis!

  140. downs1 says

    Ms. Norton, by her argument, is a fool! Ms. Norton needs to understand that in the eyes of God Almighty, all of His creation is incredibly valuable regardless of race or gender, and every person is therefore “equal” in His eyes. The US Constitution and Declaration of Independence speak of the honor given by the founders of this once great Nation to God for His sustaining grace, power and protection. It is He who raises up nations and brings them down. The militant Black folks, and others, need to step back and consider this before they shoot themselves in the foot . . . again!

    1. IM1Ashman says

      AMEN and AMEN….Great Post.

  141. ersliva says

    then why are they not allowing tomboys then in the boys room and showers….they want boys and men in the girls/ladies areas but they dont want girls and women in the boys/men areas…talk about b.s.

    1. AKLady2015 says

      You need to educate yourself better.
      There are women transexuals.

      1. ersliva says

        i know there is…and there is bull dykes as well….but they are not allowed in the mens areas…..even though they think they are men….while panzies are allowed in the womens….and those who are pervs as well…just because they think they are a female doesnt mean they are female….and this law allows those who at least think they are…and they dont have to have the right plumbing either nor do they have to even get the right plumbing done….thus i guy who feels hes a lesbian can be in the womans room with your daughter…however a female who feels shes a guy cant be in the mens room….
        now thats totally wrong…

  142. David Shelby says

    Barbara Norton, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, the Rev. Al–what more proof do you need that America, which was once a WORLD LEADER in EDUCATION is dumbing down ITS education..MORE PROOF NEEDED..OK Barry O., ‘crooked hillery., slick willie, who does not know the definition of IS..

    1. AKLady2015 says

      The “red” states have the highest levels of school dropouts (U.S. Census).
      The “red” states receive the most government handouts. (Congressional record).
      The “red” states are home to the most military bases.0 .
      The “red” states use the most food stamp benefits. …

  143. seasiren2 says

    My God, do you think blacks were the only slaves? Check your history books, they weren’t. Early (pilgrim) American’s were not the ones who bought the slave’s to America. If you look at history fairly, you will see that a lot of the slaves loved where they were. They were treated with dignity and were valued members of the estate or household. It is also very true that there were a lot of them treated very poorly. If I were running a business I would make sure my “employees” were well fed and taken care of. Not mistreated. Do you think people were so stupid back then to not take care of what they owned? Granted, it is intolerable to own another human being but it IS the Past and not the future. (unless the muslims take over. they still do slave trading to this day.) It reminds me a lot of what is going on today.

    1. AKLady2015 says

      Slavery still exists in America.
      It has simply been renamed: minimum wage employment.
      Unlike slaves of the past, owners are no longer required to feed, clothe, shelter or provide medical care for their slaves.

      1. seasiren2 says

        I do not believe that min wage = slavery. Most m.w. jobs are entry level. You are paid per experience usually. M.w jobs are generally for college kids. Most house cleaners make at least $12/hr. I still don’t know why they say Mexican labor is cheap, it isn’t. We owned a business and had to pay our employees by order of the government $35/hour for general labor. Is that nuts or what? Tax payers footed the bill. After all when you bid the job you bid it according to what you have to pay your employees according to government mandates. Medical and benefits were also required on top of that. That was the lowest paid in our employ. Some made over $50/hr. Guess what? Most of our employees made more than we did. Sometimes we lost money yet our employees always went home with a paycheck every week. When you kill business you have no job unless you want everyone to have a government job. Don’t know about you but when I was young I worked 3 jobs at a time sometimes. None full time but all part time. Imagine a youngster today juggling that. Most can’t even figure out how to use spell check these days.

        1. AKLady2015 says

          Slaves could buy their freedom.

          The ACA gave them back medical care.

          Save the spelling insult for someone foolish enough to be impressed.
          I am not a parrot. Neigher were Benjamin Franklin, Alfred Mosher Butts,William Faulkner, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, John Keats, John Irving, Jane Austen, Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill ,John F. Kennedy Jr

          Are you a parrot?

          1. seasiren2 says

            It was not a spelling insult. Sorry if it offended you. I am not a parrot, I do like parrots. Just don’t want to own one. They sh** all over the place. Don’t know why you bother replying to my post if I irritate you.

          2. ABO says

            The more you read AKL the more you will see that she posts nonstop insults and hateful comments and baseless accusations and then claims that conservatives are insulting, hateful and accusatory. Typical liberal troll. As far as the ‘parrot’ part she has a collection of responses that are numerous and invariably irrelevant which she posts incessantly, over and over, word for word. Not a parrot? What then?

          3. seasiren2 says

            It doesn’t bother me what she writes to me. Had to laugh about they typical liberal troll. I can’t understand how there are so many people who can’t discern the truth when given all the true facts. Guess they were all brainwashed in the liberal colleges. I’m sorry to even think it no less believe that there will come a time this country may have another civil war. I don’t think that day is too far off. I just hope the government hasn’t taken away our second amendment by then.

          4. ABO says

            I know just how you feel.

  144. Deby says

    apparently Ms. Norton’s grasp of reading comprehension is severely lacking. if the people of Louisiana ELECTED this dummy, then they deserve her ignorance.

    1. AKLady2015 says

      When the document was written, “man” was a white, male property owner.
      Women did not become full citicens until 1920.

      1. Deby says

        hey troll, keep your stupid and completely irrelevant racist comments to yourself-and learn how to spell.

  145. Marilynn Reeves says

    This happened long before she was born and has been corrected. Quit living in the past.

  146. NCConservative says

    It is very, very simple God created man equal. Man created slavery.

  147. VanceJ says

    Dear Miss Norton, go back to Africa were you belong, how you ever got elected is a mystery. or total lack of judgement by the voters.

    1. AKLady2015 says

      You would be incorrect.
      In that era, “men” was defined a male, white male.
      Women were property, ranked not much above slave.
      American women were not granted full citizenship until 1920 — when they wom the right to vote.

  148. Mick says

    Dear Ms. Norton – What “avlisk” said, with the following addendum to his post: …”that all men” (meaning both men and women) “were created equal”, to which you are objecting as being racist, was in reference to the assumption that God was the Creator ,and he made the sexes and the colors and the races all equal. That took place long before 1776, your or my birth, or Dr. King’s or slavery’s appearance. Men changed that, not the Declaration of Independence. Shame on you and the voters who put you in office.

    1. AKLady2015 says

      Sorry, in that age, men ment male, white male.
      Blacks were not considered to be entirely human.
      You might want to gat out the history books — older ones.

  149. Texas Belle says

    Unfortunately there are hundreds like her who are serving in our government. There is no cure for such ignorance.

    1. AKLady2015 says

      I syspect, you are of an age that your grandmother did not have the right to vote.
      Sexist and racist …

  150. disqus_7KiKMOOd1L says

    Great comments about the true origin of slavery. If it hadn’t been for the American slaves’ African brothers selling them out to the white European slave-traders, we might not have had slavery in this country and perhaps wouldn’t have fought the Civil War. I doubt that the white slave-traders would have risked life and limb roaming thru the African jungles themselves to gather up Africans to make them slaves. Not when they had black Africans to do it for them for profit. Ms. Norton is simply part of the “constantly-on-the-lookout-for something-to-be-offended-about” crowd, and if they can even remotely tie it to racism, that’s good for the “feel-good” Loony Left”.

  151. R. T. says

    The only reason the Constitution seems racist is the time it was written African’s were considered property Lincoln fixed that making them Americans , Evidently it’s liberalism that takes things out of it’s time and puts it in ours with out taking the changes to !

    1. AKLady2015 says

      I then took until 1920 for women to become full citizens.
      A constitutional amendment has to be passed to allow women to vote.

      1. ABO says

        This from you who are constantly telling us about your incredibly extensive education and the fact that you are an MD, a lawyer and a former high ranking US Diplomat among other great things? You don’t sound very downtrodden to me, or were you one of the elite???

        1. AKLady2015 says

          Grow up.

          1. ABO says

            What’s the matter AKL? Can’t stand that you got caught? When you make up your ridiculous little stories you need to be more careful as the truth always wins out and we all know how much you despise the truth.

  152. Nina Ferguson says


  153. Roberto Fiad says

    Where did the voters of Louisiana get that ass clown of a state legislator?

    1. AKLady2015 says

      Out of a red-state public school.
      Lousiana is a red state.

  154. Roberto Fiad says

    There is Islamic slave trading now in parts of Africa. Why doesn’t this supposed state legislator attack these Islamic slave traders?

    1. AKLady2015 says

      There is slavery right here in the U.S.A.
      It is called minimum wage.

  155. Bob Ware says

    Oh my gosh! What pure ignorance! Sure there is racism here and yes it’s wrong but come on lady. Try to show some intelligence and not Democratic PC BS.

  156. AKLady2015 says

    It is also sexist.

  157. Forrest Huck London says

    Miss Norton has lost her mind and does not understand the declaration of independance without it none of us would be free it is would pushed slavery to be obolished every person is born free and is born equal its what we do with it that matters and not teaching it to our kbut teachiem about the koran is surely not the way to go about it

  158. reverand on the west coast. says

    All these people still have to harp on slavery, they need to get over it. All that animosity keeps them from advancing. I mean, a lot of people have been slaves since the beginning of time practically and they have not all held animosity forever about it. I mean, like get over it.

  159. GuardianFlame says

    Norton is grossly misguided and confused…just another Democrat out in left field looking for the Home Run ball – but it’s over the fence! Maybe she can convince the people in the stands that the ball is the wrong size and that’s why she missed it, that next time if they use a soccer ball, she will catch it? That’s the logic of the Left — completely out in Left field!

    Someone give that woman a good ole Southern Gin Fizz. Maybe that might bubble away the Dementia building in her brain.

    1. GuardianFlame says

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe Dr. Martin King respected our Declaration of Independence. He must be turning over in his grave about her cretin remarks. Perhaps his Spirit will pay her a visit and scare some sense into her!

      This would be one step below a Comedy act if it wasn’t so pathetic and typical of a DemoCracked!

  160. Allen Shaw says

    Once again all of the highly informed have come out of the
    wood work to cry out in alarm. First there are Muslims who are always guilty of
    everything bad, also probably nothing good either. Next there are the Africans
    who sold their people in to slavery to the nice Europeans. Next the massive
    number of Black slave holders who probably did most of the torture. By the way
    I am sure the Africans forced the slave owners to keep the slaves in bondage
    forever and to breed them using selective “studs” for birth control.

    The only innocent people where the warm cuddly White owners who did no harm to
    their slaves.

    It is doubtful that the Declaration of Independence was a “racist”
    article, mainly because at the time no though was given to the subject of
    slavery, to any extent that was meaningful. The main goal was to provide a
    justification to the citizens of the nation, some who were Black, to rise up
    and shake off the yoke of King George.

    The massive response means that most of the respondents were not giving any
    thought to the frustration of the individual making the statement. It was an
    opportunity to scream out the dissatisfaction of the commenters with the status
    quo today.

    People whose ancestors may have been peasants and serfs in Europe and who may
    have been given free land to live on when arriving in this nation years after
    the laws outlaying slavery, are speaking out as though they have something to
    say. Other, who have not studied the history of the southern United States and
    the Jim Crow laws are chirping in like it should have no effect on the lives of
    those who were victimized by the laws. Still other who live in the millions of
    towns in this nation who have no Blacks as a part of the population and who
    would block any attempt of a Black to take up residence, yet do not actually
    realize how they have harden their minds to any acceptance of the
    statement “White Privilege”.

    Add to the above those who only know Blacks by watching
    television or seeing them when they visit some public place where they may
    witness the worse of the individuals.

    Now the conversation about the Civil War and it reason which
    while the slaves were a part of the equation actually had nothing to do with
    slavery per se. The Abolitionist group which became the Republican Party of that
    day wanted to block slavery from continuing into the new states they did not
    advocate war.

    It was the people of the southern states, who visualized
    themselves as being independent of the north and dreamed of a nation which actually
    included Mexico, who desired to end the union with the north. By counting the
    value of their slaves as part of their wealth they miscalculated their strength.

    When the proportion of the House of Representative was established, the south
    had an advantage because they counted the slaves as three fifth of a person in
    the population, even though the slaves could not vote. Therefore they had more members
    voting for their cause then the north.

    No one died to free the slaves!

    One would have to read a large volume of books to find anyone
    who lived in the United States who actually believed that there was a means of
    the slaves, who were held down in education as required by the laws of the land,
    to be compatible with educated Whites. There is no way today to determine the
    mindset of people living during the period 1777 to 1941. With electricity being
    introduce to most of the land during 1936 it would be probable that most
    individuals only knew those people who lived close to them.

    Try to moderate your opinions of others who express their
    thoughts. No one has to leave this nation because they do not agree with you!

    1. ringostarr1 says

      Allen Shaw is obviously logic challenged because the Women living in every state, North-South as well as East-West could not vote then and they were counted as full 100% citizens in every way. In fact, 50% or more of the English men who died fighting the Germans during WWll also were denied the right to vote. Well at least it looks like we may have found who educated Ms. Norton, the evidence all points to Mr. Shaw.

      1. Allen Shaw says

        Just what did I say about women? I said that slaves were counted as three fifths a person to increase the members in Congress; however they could not vote. My conversation was not about voting, it was about the Confederate States miscalculating their strength.