Marvel Exec Called Bigot for Donating to Vets


According to the liberals over at, anyone who gives money to a charity that Donald Trump supports is a racist. Well, that’s all you can conclude from the way the site savaged Marvel Entertainment CEO Ike Perlmutter after the executive gave $1 million to Trump’s fundraiser on Thursday night:

Beyond simply endorsing Trump’s campaign, he is actively backing his efforts to punish Fox News for not capitulating to Trump’s misogynistic demand that Kelly either kowtow to his ego or not be included among the panel’s moderators. Between that and his willingness to help elect a presidential candidate whose campaign has been fueled by bigotry against Mexicans and Muslims, it’s impossible to believe that Perlmutter’s reactionary beliefs aren’t shaping the properties he plays such a major role in helping to craft.

Let’s unpack this, to use a term liberals are fond of. Let’s see how many sins Perlmutter committed by helping wounded veterans:

1. Supported bigotry against Muslims.
2. Supported bigotry against Mexicans.
3. Supported misogyny against Megyn Kelly.
4. Punished Fox News (!?)
5. Tainted the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe with reactionary beliefs.

Wow, that’s a lot of sinning for one donation to a worthy cause. It seems you can’t even get within conversational distance of The Donald without being lambasted by the liberal media. And as strange as it is to see Salon get upset with someone “punishing” Fox News – a channel Salon and their ilk have built careers off despising – it’s even stranger to make the claim that Marvel movies are somehow infected with Trump-esque philosophy.

“The reactionary ideals embedded in Trumpism are also promoted in our entertainment products,” says Salon. “And that if we are going to oppose the former, we must also recognize and take a stand against the latter.”

What is Marvel doing that’s so abhorrent to the liberal view of the world? Is it suddenly “Trump-esque” to turn green and smash things when you get angry? Is it the height of bigotry to fight aliens from other planets?

Oh, no. It’s just the usual crap.

“Marvel continues to churn out movies that disproportionately star white, male, and heterosexual characters, with no end to that trend in sight,” writes the online rag.

Yeah, the world is chomping at the bit for more gay superheroes, no doubt about that.

See, this isn’t about any kind of progressive ideology. This is about a world that doesn’t match up to the way these liberals think it should be. And when it doesn’t, they feel justified in smearing others as racists and bigots. Considering how seldom the real world works like the weird utopia of their dreams, they end up sharing kinship with Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner: they’re always angry.

  1. Fraginals5 says

    This liberals way of thinking stink. It does not matter that the donation was for our heroes. But is bad because Trump initiated it. Are they sick, mentally deficient or plain stupid. It is really despicable. God save us from Libarals.

    1. AKLady2015 says

      Another one — csn’t have people disagree with you, even slightly.

      1. Robert Pekarik says

        Liberals don’t disagree they just rant, rave, lie and deceive in order to pervert society.

        1. Retired Marine says

          I don’t respond to the lying bitch, but I do find it funny she was jacking me about a mispelled word due to a typo, yet here she posts a typo (csn’t), of course being a typical lying liberal it’s ok for HER but not anyone else. Don’t try and argue with a moron, it only gives you a headache.

          1. old codger says

            Much like you I gave up responding to her rants. I’ve done my time trying(?) to educate her BUT it “is a lost cause”!! I don’t recall if it was on this blog or another but someone said if her brains were made of nylon she wouldn’t be able to make a pair of panties for a piss ant! ROFLMAO!
            To AKLady don’t bother to reply because as soon as I see your reply to anyone I just vote down and “will not reply to your narcissistic rants”!

          2. Retired Marine says

            We are of one mind…..Semper Fi

          3. Francisco Machado says

            It is rather unchristian – like teasing an idiot or making fun of the class dummy. It could be justified if the point were enlightenment, but we’ve all long recognized that’s far outside the realm of the rational. It’s just done for fun.

          4. Retired Marine says

            Good point Francisco, it’s just so easy to tease an idiot. I will attempt restraint.,,LOL

      2. eagle keeper says

        God and country God and country!! Have we forgotten what and who our country was founded upon??

        1. PatriotGal says

          eagle, wonder if anyone besides us remembers, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country”. Guess the DEMONcRATS would hate JFK today because he would expect them to stand up for their country. Boy, have they made a 180.

      3. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

        LOL! The democRAT party requires absolute allegiance. They always march in lockstep. Of course a Comrade like you already knows that.

        1. Retired Marine says

          Spot on. Semper Fi

    2. rex ames says

      I guess the liberals don’t want the government to protect them from terrorist. They living in happy happy land. You know my wife and live on the border of Texas Mexico on a small ranch, and she is a legal Mexican. My wife can’t wait for the border to be protected. She says the illegals are giving good Mexicans a bad name. We have had our fence’s cut, animals killed, barns and house broken into and my wife assaulted by illegals. I would love to bring there worthless asses down here and let them camp out on my fence. Its a dayly ordeal here. Who F do these assholes think they are?

      1. rivahmitch says

        Actually, they do want the Behemoth in DC to protect them but they’re willing to feed everyone else to the allibator in hopes that they’ll be the last beaten;-) Semper Fi!!

        1. rex ames says

          Hoa, Amen to that brother !!

        2. Karen says

          Let them come to south Louisiana, we show them what an alligator can do to them!!

          1. Retired Marine says

            Now Karen, what did the poor alligators do to deserve being fed that crap? LOL

        3. Retired Marine says

          Spot on.

      2. Fraginals5 says

        That is at the border, if you go to the cities most gang members are illegal aliens. The majority recives welfare for their children, they qualify for section 8, school meals, Medicaid, food stamps, WICS, electricity bill subsidies, oh! I almost forget a monthly check. They are responsible for a chunk of the national debt and in top of it the Traitor in the White House give them cellular phones. Still our American homeless die in the streets because of the cold weather.

        1. rex ames says

          This is why we must have a wall.

          1. Ian MacLeod says

            Letting the Border Patrol do their jobs would make huge difference!

          2. JYuma says

            Oh. The Border Patrol IS doing their job. They catchup, takeum back to the Border. then Rearrest them the next nite.
            As per the justice dept. and at the ORDERS of his Royal Hindass bozo.

          3. rex ames says

            I agree, but I’m not aware of restrictions for border patrol. All I know is that there allot of open border area’s.

          4. Ian MacLeod says

            Last I read, they’d been told to lay off people coming across and just let them through. Several articles said it was essentially an open border. I’m FROM Texas, and I know that would upset a LOT of people back home! They’re passing young people with gang tats, including those with the teardrops by the corner of an eye (for people they’ve killed), etc. I gather pretty much anyone gets through these days. Muslims especially.

          5. JYuma says

            I live 80 miles from the border. I have not been down that way for a bit. As soon as it warms up over 60d. I will be going down that way again.
            The BP were picking them up in all 80 miles taking them back to the border then turning them loose so that they could do it again the Next Night.
            The state troopers, county cops, and city cops were told by the Justice Dept. To not arrest any of them unless they were caring dope. Speeding was not is not worth arresting them. According to JD. Then it had to be over $800 worth. Arizona has just started a Special Highway unit to try and stop the ones that BP has had to release. As their driving , speeding when they see a cop car is making our roadways very Dangerous.

          6. rex ames says

            I don’t trust anything to do with the government or the liberal left. I think everything could have been avoided if we would protect the the borders. The government is completely at fault here. I think Mr. Trump is the only answer that I can see. Don’t trust Cruz or Rubio either, they are establishment too. They both do allot of talking telling everyone what they are going to do. The reality is they have done nothing since they took office and that’s a fact. Accomplished literally nothing, so why would anyone want Cruz or Rubio for president. Now these two charactor’s sing the same tune as Trump on imigration. It was not that long ago they were against Trump until the American people sided with Trump. Now suddenly they sing the same tune as Trump. Rubo is like a used car salesman, and Cruz is lier because he deliberately put out word that Carson quit just so he could pick up the few votes. He did not have the guts to tell the truth even when they produced the text message that he sent about it. Hope you Texans do the right thing and support Trump, its are only hope.

        2. Jeanne Stotler says

          The worse part is, a lot of those dying and homeless, are the same men that fought for us, Yesterday’s WashPost, a vet died while those who CHOOSE to have kids out of wedlock, come here illegally, and etc. are living in MOTELS.

        3. Ian MacLeod says

          Texas used to have more sense than that! What happened??

        4. rex ames says

          Not sure about perameters for getting this stuff.

    3. cal3301 says

      The Democrats are all of which you have written. We should round them all up, put them in a room with the AKlady and let her talk them to death.

      1. JYuma says

        Now THAT is the BEST Idea that I have heard in a week or two.

        1. Jimmy Quick says

          Democrats destroy their own homes first and then look around to see how they can bring everyone else down to their level.

          1. paulrph1 says

            Actually it start with the government and then they do the best they can to turn our country into a banana republic. They are burning the rope at both ends, the government end and the moral end.

          2. Tiger says

            If you Google number of Congressmen/women who are members of the Socialist/Communist party you will find the list and all Demoncats.

            They been at this for years through our every infrastructure and O is their Messiah who they thought would fulfill all their dreams, nightmares is what he has brought and they won’t make it unless we let them in 2016.

          3. GuardianFlame says

            Let’s not let that happen – let those O snakes slither and crawl into our Congress. 2016 needs to bring healing hands and Patriotic hearts to this land to save her! Nothing else will do!

          4. Tiger says


          5. Virginia Hornibrook says

            Hey tiger what happened to big boy Trump??????

          6. Tiger says

            Nothing he is still up there. Cruz only beat him by a few points which shows how popular he really is.

          7. Mark Lahti says

            Actually the real message to take from this is that paying any attention to the “polls” is an exercise in stupidity. They are never accurate. How can you judge what 350 million people think by sampling the opinions of a couple thousand or less? It is usually less than a thousand in most cases. It is just plain ridiculous. I never give these pollsters any credence what so ever. You can’t help but hear about them if you watch or listen to any political news. It is everywhere these days. I mean from as early as a year and a half to two years before the election we have been bombarded by these mystics that thing they can predict how the nation will go. I know this is big business for them and that somehow or another they make a lot of bucks doing this. Although I haven’t really figured out how they do that. I mean really, how do you make a buck by calling or talking to a thousand people, ask them some questions, publish the results, and then try to sell that as the sentiments of the whole nation?

          8. Tiger says

            Great post.

          9. Mark Lahti says

            Thank you. I really like everything that I read from you also. I thought about being the grammar police on a couple of your posts but I made a resolution not to do that even to our antagonists. Besides your message comes out loud and clear and I have your back all the way my friend. God bless and keep up the good fight.

          10. Tiger says

            Well how wonderful of you and I have your back my friend the OK corral is coming down the pike.

            LOLOL yes and I have a Teaching degree in English/Fine Arts. LOLOL never used it, grammar bores me I think faster than I type so don’t worry. I also learned to read phonetically and find myself spelling that way. Thank goodness I went on to be an RN where my knowledge was more important than my writing skills.

            Happy to know you and people like you are here we have a huge war on our hands for the minds of the people to get them to listen. God Bless you also. ;p

          11. John Doe says

            Tiger, although I only went to the school of Hard Knocks, I can fully understand thinking faster than my typing skills and I used to type at 88 WPM in 8th grade. I later went on to teach an early form of AI (Artificial) intelligence. Something of which no democrat possesses. I’m glad that you’re a Patriot that will stand among us.

          12. Tiger says

            Wow what a resume’ you have. When people talk to me I can see what they are saying. I close my eyes and I see people, places all sorts of colors etc. I have vivid dreams where I go to certain cities and I know the people and the place and I can leave a dream and come back to it. I dream in color, vivid colors and when I saw the pictures taken by Hubble in deep space I saw what I had been seeing all my life, those colors. I thought everyone had this ability but found out different.

            In the military to become a Head Nurse, one who will eventually run hospitals and set them up and have great responsibility they gave us a test, the Barr and Barr. It is a three day test. I was one of 5 women, there were hundreds of us who was found to think with both sides of my brain. This is why I have always not really understood women and they bother me with their nonsense. So like you there are ups and downs to being “Different”. Much more I could tell you about me that I surely consider “Gifts” as I am sure you could tell me.

            I find myself spelling theater, theatre and so it is with so many words they just spill out onto the page. Sometimes I don’t even read what I post, not good. My children all have certain “Gifts” like you and me that have caused them to have problems playing the “Scripted” games that all people play to get along or to get a job. They are like me, they know what to say and so they say it.

            Artificial Intelligence is going to be the end of mankind as we know it from what I have read. Very interesting subject. No Democrats are clones created by the Public Schools that were taken over long ago by Socialist/Communists and it is becoming very evident what will happen to America if they win this coming election.

            I am an Army Combat Support Reserve nurse since 1988. I served in Shield/Storm and this war. This is where my interest in knowing the enemy and continuing to study, like Thomas Jefferson those who practice Islam. It is alarming what they have accomplished and only because our leaders are weak. In America it is because we have a president who hates us and wants us to fall. He should have been taken out of office long ago. Yes I am a Patriot and with all of you.

          13. Ian MacLeod says

            Tiger – Our leaders aren’t necessarily weak – they’re 1) BOUGHT, and 2)threatened/blackmailed. At this stage of the Game the “elites” are taking as few chances as possible. Have you noticed the incidents of people being “suicided” are getting more and more frequent as well as more blatantly murder? The lies are completely out in the open half the time now, and they’re just DARING someone to call ’em on it! Between that and the apparent fact that those who got snagged into the “super-secret” super-science part of things are now saying that they are specimens with superior DNA who deserve to lord it over us, and that we deserve to be killed off and gotten out of their way. How do people get pulled into that superiority crap so easily? They seem to me to be more easily led than a lot of US are.

          14. Tiger says

            My Congressman told me that one of the main reasons that O has not been Impeached is because he is Black in color. He said they refuse to be blamed for the rest of their lives for Impeaching the first Black president. We also know from people who said it from day one O threatens people, uses foul language and when you have the IRS in your pocket along with all the other means to destroy someone it does make it tough to fight him. This is why I like Trump but even his plane had to come down the other day due to some problems.

            The list of people who bucked the Clinton’s is long. Really long even someone in prison who was to testify against them died. The list of those who died, committed suicide etc is huge where O is concerned. Another thing I noticed is how there have been more incidences of bad viruses etc . since O came into office. There was that flue years back that they claimed was so bad and they spent billions on creating a vaccine then many states were talking about calling Marital Law and keeping people in their homes and O said he may have to declare a State of Emergency. But I had that flu and many of us in the Medical Field bombarded our local Talk Radio Show and said it was no worse than any flu and that the flu kills around 35,000 people a year. Then we had the Ebola fear and the water now in the Flint along with the other river mess on and on. Now the birth defect that is in America and in Florida we have 11 counties struck with it.

            O has taken down our military and replaced over 197 Admirals and Generals on down the line. He has downsized our military and he changed the Rules of Engagement and has our men reading Miranda Rights to those who were caught downrange trying to kill us. He recently had to change the Rules of Engagement back to what they were due to the number of troops downrange and the insistence of the Generals. That finally came on the news people always called me a Racist, Bigot and Liar for things I claimed he did but now millions of us being vindicated daily.

            Also O has in his administration several who wrote books on how to bring the population down and how it was going to be necessary to eventually do away with those who were not contributing to the whole. Genetic messing around for the Super Race will never stop. You know it has been going on since scientist first realized they could mess with genes. I don’t doubt at all that there is an underground “super secret” super science. Many years ago two scientists working on anti aging left their government jobs, went underground and wrote books telling it all that the government was working on how to keep the super rich and those who run this world alive for years and years along with gene therapy. They said we already have the ability and knowledge to live those 120 years the Bible spoke of and longer but they won’t ever release it to the average people due to already too many on SS, Disability etc.

            Thing is people like me, whose mother beat cancer over 30 years and was a herbalist already know many of the secrets of keeping mind and body young for years. Number one if it is not made of the earth you don’t put it in your body. Number two you don’t take medications given by any doctor except in case of infections or serious accidents then you get off the pain meds and antibiotics. In fact I have never taken a birth control pill and few antibiotics in my life and no pain meds even when having serious accidents because I climb mountains and climb trees and many other things. But then I went to my herbs, natural pain meds and natural antibiotics. When my daughter broke her pelvic bone she used natural meds. When I dislocated my elbow, fell down a mountain, tore my ligaments you name it I used natural. That is why they have been after our vitamins and herbs for years and years. Now people see the side affects of medicines on commercials and it is amazing, The government is not in the business of keeping us alive that is for darn sure.

            I could talk to you all day. Sounds like “The Truth is Out There” and you are Moulder on X Files. People don’t realize how many segments of the X Files were taken from actual stories that were in books on the paranormal and UFOs years ago.

          15. John Doe says

            And to prove that they aren’t wise men, none of them brought gold, frankinsense or myrrh to the table. They’re all sellers of what they consider to be qualified facts when they only poll 400-600 people. Gee, where do I sign up for a job like that ? They’re really no different than most weathermen, make predictions, you’re right 30% of the time. I just wonder if their odds are any better than Vegas. It’s just like the DNC’s recent decision to do a coin toss in Iowa.

          16. Jackie says

            Here is the list taken from WND, Communists in Congress dated 8/18/2013.

            The congressional profiles of current members of Congress provides extensive evidence of radical leftist ties in the backgrounds of top Democratic Party legislators, including Democratic Party Sens. Barbara Boxer, Dick Durbin, Tom Harkin, Barbara Mikulski, Elizabeth Warren, Ed Markey, Debbie Stabenow, Al Franken, Sherrod Brown, Ron Wyden, Jeff Merkley, Patty Murray and Tammy Baldwin.

            In the House of Representatives, Profiles of the radical left background of Democratic Party Reps. Nancy Pelosi, Louis Gutierrez, John Conyers, Charles Rangel, Marcy Kaptur, Peter DeFazio, Sheila Jackson Lee, Jim McDermott and dozens more.

          17. Chamileon says

            WHAT??? this is just more of your ignorant BULLSHIT……..

          18. JYuma says

            What Hell! Go look it up yourself.
            Then and only then will you gain any knowledge.
            There are those Jackie wrote of and more.
            There are four of them from Arizona alone. One from Tucson the rest from Phoenix.
            Don’t tell me that I am full of BullShit as I know two of them Personally.

          19. Chamileon says


          20. organic girl says

            Why do you think bernie, a registered member of the american socialist party, is running for the democrat nomination?

            You drank some very tasty kool-aid there.

          21. John Doe says

            With any luck, it would have been laced with arsenic ! No wonder they claim global warming, they’ve had their heads up their asses for so long, it’s got to be mighty hot in there and they’ve got to be starving for oxygen.

          22. Chamileon says

            YOU`RE ONE IGNORANT SOB……………

          23. Chamileon says


          24. Chamileon says


          25. joe says

            you can’t handle the truth

          26. Chamileon says


          27. joe says

            NEVER speak without my permission again you strange little fellow.

          28. Chamileon says


          29. joe says

            Hey little man you WILL SHOW ME RESPECT I am superior to you in every way you will bow down before me and obey my orders without question. Now go sit in the corner until I call on you junior

          30. Chamileon says


          31. joe says

            Typical brain dead liberal can not think for yourself so just take what I say and re post it. How do you weak cowards make it through the day with your limited mental skills. How does it feel to be so stupid that you require the dumborat party to tell you what to think what to say and how to act, you are pitiful.

            Scum like you put a liar and a muslim traitor in the whitehouse who is destroying this country and you mindless sheep will gladly follow this monkey right off the nearest cliff you spineless lemming. You are a joke of a human being I am so glad that there are not many of you and will be even less once we get rid of obammyrat and get a real president.

          32. JYuma says

            Ahh, Wood U 2 Kiss and make up.
            U R such a cute couple!

          33. ringostarr1 says

            Chamileon, your standing so deep into ignorant BULLSHIT that your chamileon hide has turned a sickening shade of green.

            Use this Leftist web sight to learn how the Democrat Party scores law makers.


            Americans for Democratic Action (ADA) list 134 law makers in the 113th Congress (2013-2014) as complete zeroes. All of ADA’s zeros are Republicans Including former Senator Saxby Chablis from the state of Georgia who threw up his hands in frustration over repeated Tea Party attacks on his voting record along with labeling Senator Chablis a RINO. Likewise some of the names that Jackie dropped appear on the ADA’s wall of champions, meaning these congressmen and women are as LEFT WING as it gets. It is then obvious to any thinking voter that the Tea Weasels are not interested in how Conservative or how Liberal you Senator or other Congress persons are. The Tea Weasels only want the pay checks and other benefits that go along with being in Congress.

          34. Chamileon says


          35. ringostarr1 says

            I told you why your post was Psychobabble, Propaganda, and Bull Shit. Now kindly try to come up with some factual reasons to discredit my post. That is if you can or are able to do so. In any logical argument the Tea Babble Party and the Communist Party of the United States of America are working hand in hand and standing cheek by jowl. The Babblers are only interested in defeating Republican law makers (who they label RINOs) and hopefully it seems nominate sure losers to face the Democrat Party in the November’s General Elections. I won’t go as far as to say that’s the Babblers plan of action, but that is all that the Tea Babbler Party produces in general election after general election. The Babble Party has now had over 6 years to show results and so far all that they have demonstrated on the Presidential and Senate level is abject failure and defeat, time and time again. The 2012 and the 2014 Elections are good examples.

          36. Chamileon says

            `what the hell are you talking about, do you even know?…….I THINK NOT, so please shut up and stop spreading IGNORANCE…PLEASE

          37. John Doe says

            I would assume you take the form of the Johnston’s chameleon, the three horned creature that changes colors all the time, always sticking your tongue out to grab the closest insect to you, admit it, you’re just another flaming liberal.

          38. Chamileon says


          39. Chamileon says

            MORE HORSE SHIT AND LIES…………

          40. joebabe says

            When I was a child, I remember candidates running for political office as members of the Communist Party. Well, they rarely, if ever, got elected. So, they joined the Democratic Party……and were quickly accepted to the extent that they became the driving force. Today, we see the fruits of their labor. They have infiltrated every aspect of our government , educational system, healthcare, Agency czars,and they are constantly prodding and attacking our Bill of Rights. The Democratic Party is not your grandfather’s Democratic Party! Re-read the Declaration of Independence and THINK!

          41. Tiger says

            I have read often the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and my children well aware of what is happening and has been for years.

            There is no Democrat Party and no Republican Party of my father or my grandfather.

            The thinking are fading fast.

          42. joebabe says

            We agree! Now, if the rest of our countrymen would do as we both have done,,perhaps we can turn the country back in the right direction…………..towards the vision of our founders. Those “old white guys”knew from whence they came ……….tyrannical governments!

          43. Tiger says


          44. Jane Graham says

            Demand that you schools teach Civics and History…..Teach your children yourself around the dinner table and put the dang phones down. I saw someone interviewing students from a university in TX and they didn’t even know who won the Civil War and who the VP of the United States is….It is terrible and sad! I blame the parents and school systems.

          45. John Doe says

            Jane, I was raised by parents who were involved in faculty at UT Austin, we did have discussions around the dinner table, we learned civics and history, unlike what most parents teach their children today. Of course, we were only allowed to watch Mayberry RFD, Gomer Pyle or a few other programs, as our parents realized just how much the liberals had infiltrated our media at the time.

          46. Jane Graham says

            I am thankful for your parents John Doe but in many homes of our children today this is not the case. Sounds like you had a wonderful home and wise parents. Universities have changed our own local schools have changed…..our kids read books in our English classes that are trash. I too raised our children on just the same type of TV programs and they were not allowed to go see certain movies. I was called all kind of things by so called friends but my children have turned out just fine! They know what they believe and why they believe it. They are strong and independent and not warped as some of my friends thought they might be! LoL. It is our job as parents to protect our children and raise them in a way that honors the Lord and can stand strong for what they believe. Take care

          47. Jeanne Stotler says

            People should have listened to McCarthy, he tried to warn everyone.

          48. JYuma says

            Why should have people have listen to a WOMANIZER and a LIER?

          49. joebabe says

            Because , on the issue of communism infiltrating our government, he was not a LIAR, He was correct!……Oh,wait! Are you talking about Bill Clinton? …….womanizer…liar. Sorry!

          50. JYuma says

            Clinton,MaCarthy, and Gary Hotpants.Are in the Same boat.
            McCarthy is the Only one to, years later, admit that until he had to go into and run a Business of his own. How wrong that he was.

          51. carla AMERICAN says

            Womanizer? He’s dated and married several times, how many have you celibate and verginal? Lied,no obutt there,how many have you told?

          52. JYuma says

            “I” am a Gentleman!!
            I do not Kiss OR Procreate and Tell!!!
            Bout as half of those that you have.
            OH! Ya. What were you attempting to say with your use of: celebate and verginal?

          53. carla AMERICAN says

            Right you do’t tell but blame others.

          54. JYuma says

            Blame? No Report. Inform.
            How come you did not answer the Question to you that I posed?

          55. JYuma says

            Whom have I blamed?

          56. ringostarr1 says

            Me thinks that Madam AMERICAN sounds unrequited. Dare i suggest that it is true??

          57. JYuma says

            You may have semised correctly.

          58. ringostarr1 says

            Hey, if we’re going to draw lots to see who has to requite her I’m out of here.

          59. Mark Lahti says

            Do you mean the Clinton family? I think that that sounds like the Clinton family. So I don’t understand why you bring it up here in this context.

          60. JYuma says

            MaCarthy and Gary Hotpants both had the same problem as The Clintons.
            That is why they both had to drop out from running for President.

          61. Ian MacLeod says

            Bad habit of getting caught..?

          62. JYuma says

            Gittin caught? Hotpants told the media that they could not prove that he was ah ah ah Stepping out on his Wife. That they were full of brown matter. So they fallowed him, around and FILMED it.

          63. Tiger says

            Amen we best get this next election right.

          64. Ian MacLeod says

            How would you know whether we “got it right” or not? I don’t believe we’ve seen an honest count of a national election for a long time. Some investigations that were started the last couple of times were BLOCKED. That doesn’t say “honesty” to me!

          65. Tiger says

            Sigh……………….this time more states are cracking down and making sure people have voter ID. I live in Florida and in our state alone when cleaning-up our polling areas there were 35,000 dead votes cast and ballots not counted. Many polling areas new bosses and Florida doesn’t want anymore problems.

          66. ringostarr1 says

            I’m going to be an election official on Super Doper Tuesday and the undocumented shall not pass. That is except to cast a challenged ballot.

          67. Tiger says

            There ya have it.

          68. Ian MacLeod says

            The real problem is that the “elites” have control of Left AND Right AND of the vote counts. And as far as votes in Congress go it’s VERY clear that there’s only one driving force: the super-rich banksters. People who go against them tend to have shortened lifespans.

          69. Tiger says

            We will see I believe Americans backs against a wall and I think this election is going to be that straw that is going to break the camel eating Muslim in the WH back and his minions.

            I have had it, I am thinking commando now.

          70. Ian MacLeod says

            I hope you’re right, Tiger! I would have thought that would have happened long ago. It MUST be all the nanoaluminum and other toxins in the chemtrails, right? Well, and chemical crap in the food supply, the water, etc ,etc, ad nauseam.

          71. Tiger says

            LOLOLOL you are more right than you know concerning the toxins. Think of all the crap that has come down the line since O in office. That flu that was supposed to be so serious that we spent billions on vaccines never used and his saying he might have to call a State of Emergency due to it, the fouled water we see now, the Ebola garbage and now the deal with the deformed babies is in America. Florida has 11 counties infected with it. Accidents I don’t think so.

            Someone said earlier and I have to agree with him it is not that our representatives are cowards so much ass it is that O has so many Big Guns in his arsenal to take them down IRS etc. Trump all we have and he best watch his step the Republican Party won’t fall easily not as easily as the Democrat Party that went quietly into the Darkness of Progressives and Socialists.

          72. Jarhead says

            TIGER: Voting ad in local SW FL newspaper:
            “You will not be turned away if you DO NOT have proper ID”.

          73. Tiger says

            Haven’t seen that but will look into it. I do know we have three Sanctuary cities, Orlando, Jacksonville, Ft Lauderdale, St Augustine owned by Muslims. So could be.

            Personally if a Socialist or another Progressive gets into the WH I am through. We are at a point that we are paying cash for everything, own our boat, ATV , cars and trucks. I have paid off all my credit cards, my husband doing the same before this election. We have our assets and we intend to sell everything and move deep into the mountains, which we know very well, build a cabin, supply it with guns and what we need and it will be there as will we for our families.

            When and if the dreams of Bernie or O come around to total fruition there will be chaos and death in the cities and only those who know how to survive off the land along with knowing the plants and herbs will make it.

          74. John Doe says

            I would lay odds in Vegas that the 35,000 dead votes were all for democratic candidates. It’s the only way they can win. They’ve mastered the art of stealing elections, because they only know a few things, how to lie, cheat and steal anything and give OTM (other peoples money) away to those that are ignorant enough to vote for them.

          75. Tiger says

            True that and too boot what happened to all the documents taken from the ACORN centers raided by the FBI in 2008 suspecting voter fraud? If there were 35,000, yes democrat votes in Florida imagine how many in every state. The thought that the Democrats say voter ID is racist is ludicrous when one thinks of all the times in their lives they had to have ID, picture ID to cash a check or to get a DL and on and on. How this kind of insane and ignorant thinking ever is accepted is a Red Flag. Public Schools have raised people who are drones, minions, followers, cowardly and most of all more and more ungodly.

          76. ringostarr1 says

            In one state to the North of you there were more votes cast in a one horse town than total citizens who were counted in the entire county during the 2010 census.

          77. Tiger says

            Yes exactly.

          78. Ian MacLeod says

            Sorry, but Some Dems and some Republicans are in on that. Washington D.C. is damned well OWNED, literally, by the same people who own the Fed. Congressmen and women ARE “servants”, but lately especially lately and increasingly as time passes, they are NOT OUR servants! They’re PUBLIC servants – but they’re privately owned and operated when it counts.

          79. Ian MacLeod says

            What ticks me more than almost anything is when the military is DISENFRANCHISED because they were “”unable” to get their vote HERE in time! Bullfeathers! Those people are out playing tag with bullets and shrapnel on our behalf – to take away something so basic as the right to by God VOTE is NOT RIGHT!

          80. Tiger says

            And odd how the plane carrying the military votes went down in 2012 and people just shrugged it off. There is more foul play going on in O’s government than any I can remember. He stinks to high heavens, his IRS and every single department stinks to high heavens, has been exposed and like Hillary just keeps on rolling along………………..right over the people of this country.

          81. ringostarr1 says

            Tell it to the Democrat Party, and tell it loud and clear. Republican control of the US Senate is at stake this year, and I know that you people would rather see any Republican as opposed to the most Conservative Democrat Party Congress. So get out there and vote for a Republican.

          82. ringostarr1 says

            When you personally see and hear a Tea Party Weasel who is a National Coordinator for TPP, telling Romney Voters that a vote for Mitt Romney is a vote for the devil because Romney is a Mormon then there is nothing that The Tea Party Patriots can do but own up to causing Obama’s second coronation. It is what it is. Whether you like admitting it or not is besides the point.

          83. Jarhead says

            The DemonicRATS are already scanning the headstones…..and even the local newspaper had this to say at the last election: “You will not be turned away if you DO NOT have proper ID”.

          84. John Doe says

            Jarhead – Great post, too bad headstones aren’t bar coded yet, it would make the job so much easier to list people on their demonrat’s rolls of registered voters.

          85. John Gillis says

            ROTFLMAO! John Doe, this post made my day!

          86. John Doe says

            Glad to have been able to provide you with a chuckle today. I simply rely on the comments made by liberals to give me my daily dose of laughter.They’re far more entertaining with their idiotic comments/statements than even Robin Williams could have ever been. I mean like Hillary most likely broke the decibel meter with her latest shouting, perhaps I should have said Shrillery.

          87. Tiger says

            Hitler brought in people from outside Germany to win his elections.

            I don’t doubt anything you are saying.

          88. Jay says

            SHOULD HAVE ADDED a line in the Newspaper, just come on we will be collecting your DATA and DNA to make a record for you. WE WANT YOU IN THE SYSTEM.

          89. ringostarr1 says

            If you go by the Chicago registers’ records there are voters there who have been voting for 150 years. Must be all that damn pure Lake Michigan Water.

          90. ringostarr1 says

            That is correct but by the same token neither does the Court Clerk have to count your ballot unless there is a recount and then only after it is a proven fact that you are a fully qualified voter and citizen. Don’t runaround tweaking your lips with your index finger like you were playing the Jews’ harp. It makes you look more stupid than you already do.

          91. ringostarr1 says

            Don’t forget to register and or request absentee ballots for nursing home residences. The National Democrat Party of Sleaze won’t overlook these seasoned voters and neither should the Republicans. It is worth the trouble just to see their Teachers’ Union sons’ or daughters’ faces when their mother tells them, “Those nice Republicans sent me an absentee ballot and they were even nice enough to help me fill it out”.

          92. Tiger says

            I have been a DON and ADON in long term care facilities and these people very influenced by their CNA they also many of them should not be voting due to their Dementia. If they are unable to make good decisions for themselves and have someone else handling their affairs then they should not be allowed to vote.

            Yes it is a segment of the population that is used and abused in so many ways it is difficult to keep up with it or prevent it.

          93. ringostarr1 says

            Are they prohibited by law from voting? If the answer is no then why are you enabling Hillary, Obama, and Biden by turning the votes of our most seasoned citizens over to the Democrat Party? Let me suggest why you are against helping the elderly cast ballots. You do not wish to have any eye to eye contact with people that you consider beneath you? Admit it. There in another 15 or 20 years but by the grace of God sits you.

          94. Romi says

            Amen, Jeanne Stotler.

          95. ringostarr1 says

            That is why I go bat-turd-crazy when someone posts that the Republicans and the Democrats are one and the same. Outside of both being political parties there is a world of difference between being a Democrat party slug and being a Republican party eagle.

          96. Tiger says

            Amen my friend and I have gone bat shatz crazy today over the flying turds who are atheists.

          97. John Doe says

            Very correct ! While most (not all) of one party has common sense, values, ethics and morals. In the other party, those traits simply don’t exist.

          98. ringostarr1 says

            On November 8th 2016 carry 25 other Conservatives to the polls with you and every one vote a straight Republican ballot. Actions like this and this alone will heal the body politic.

          99. Tiger says

            All my family aware and my X and my son who lives with him and cares for him take all my son’s friends to the polls.

          100. boone1 says

            Liberals have no morals.

          101. Ian MacLeod says

            Between sheer greed, power hunger and pure D Cowardice, when push comes to shove the pols vote JUST enough in the same direction to make sure the so-called “elites” get what they want. If they don’t, there are just too many potential accidents for them worry about. Washington D.C. is private property, it includes the politicians who “work” there, and they DON’T belong to us, but the Rothschilds and Co..

          102. Fraginals5 says

            Yes they destroy their little house, destroy all the others, and then build a mansion. You stay homeless. I know them.

          103. Jimmy Quick says


          104. Anniegjorden3 says

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          105. JYuma says

            You TOO. Spam somewhere else!

          106. Mark Lahti says

            Don’t forget about stealing everything not nailed down first.

        2. albcl108 says

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          1. JYuma says

            Bull Shit.
            Get your Spamming Butt out of here!

      2. timmyT says

        The AK lady would have to be pre-programmed to speak. A primitive robot could do as well. I guess it could “waddle” up to the podium and at least every other word might NOT be a lie.

        1. cal3301 says

          She doesn’t need programming to speak, she can’t shut up. I take it you have never been on the receiving end of her endless drivel. I can see though where you are going on your comment.

          1. Retired Marine says

            Yes, I was a target of the idiot also, never listens, it’s brain can’t function well as the one cell left her must do everything. Don’t play her idiotic game.

          2. joebabe says

            I answer her rants with one word……,,,FUBAR ! That about says it all.

          3. Retired Marine says

            Perfect, but I wouldn’t recognize her if I saw her. My bet is she looks like a cross between Hitlery and Pelosi. LOL

          4. ringostarr1 says

            To find the truth behind AK Lady Google Internet Research Agency.

          5. ringostarr1 says

            She (AK lady) is pulling down 65,000 Rubles per month as a foreign language blogger at Vladimir Putin’s St Petersburg Internet Research Agency.

        2. Kent2012 says

          my thinking is that the only things that would not be a lie would be the periods used in the “written” version of what the ho said…

          1. supergun says


        3. John Gillis says

          AKlady is not quite as bad as heroay, who spews anti-Semitic crap on top of his leftist rants. But AKlady is a complete irritant.

          1. david b cordick says

            have you ever encountered katie swann yet? she is a muslim and preaches anti american crap all the time.

          2. John Gillis says

            Not yet. Islam itself does not offend me, but when you immigrate to a new nation, you go there because you wish to be in that nation and abide by its laws, not try to remake it into a Third World hellhole. I know a few Muslims who are unabashed American patriots. Katie Swann, as described, does not sound like one I want to meet. God bless you David!

          3. 2Shadow2 says

            I agree to take Muslims like everyone else. On a case by case basis. For your edification and enlightenment may I present a nice essay on
            some points of Islam, which many people may have missed, that should
            shut the door on all but the most die hard Progressive. You know. The
            ones who are and have been flooding this country with people who hate
            us and move here to make us them. Yes those politicians who are
            redefining the term murder-suicide.

          4. John Gillis says

            Thank you , 2Shadow2!

          5. ringostarr1 says

            If it wasn’t for the Mohammedan converting stable nations into 3rd World Hellholes before long Third World Hellholes would go extinct. Then the EPA would have to step in and create a safe home for 3rd World Hellholes.

          6. Kent2012 says

            have you noticed how all of the clowns, twits, idiots, racists, commies, and just plain mental defectives seem to settle in the USA and then make converts of the mental midgets that are already here ?? Other countries exterminate them and anyone that disagrees with those in power…We, on the other hand, have to endure them due to the wonderful design that our founding fathers used to shape America..

          7. ringostarr1 says

            Not only that but at least since 2008 we seem to elect more than our share to the highest office in the land

          8. Kent2012 says

            or you can substitute idiot for irritant…or merge them…idiot irritant…

          9. John Gillis says

            The ‘idiant’ has a nice ring to it! 🙂

        4. Gerry Costa says

          That would be an improvement over clinton and obozo where everything out of their mouths is a lie. Trouble is, the words that would not be lies are — if, and or but.

      3. Sickofit says

        Love it cal3301!! Can’t stand AKlady! She’s a liberal troll!

        1. Michael Dennewitz says

          Don’t forget her two buddies….. Unreality chick and headuphisass!! Oh, and there’s a third, croco shit!!

          1. pineapple says

            If their brains were nylon, there wouldn’t be enough to make a pair of panties for a piss ant.

          2. 2Shadow2 says

            You say? 🙂

        2. 2Shadow2 says

          Spot on. Thank you.

        3. joebabe says

          I like to reply to those troll- types with one word………FUBAR !

      4. Mike Stempo says

        The most equal opportunity approach, giving all an equal chance in the process, would be to allow all liberals to participate in a circular firing squad. No one is any more or any less than anyone else and all have equal opportunity. Now that’s a circle jerk that I can believe in!

        1. eagle keeper says

          Yes but you would have to use as a weapon of choice something that doesn’t have a high capacity magazine. Also they probably would declare the circle a gun free zone. So they couldn’t shoot anybody. Are those folks crazy or what??

          1. Mike Stempo says

            Maybe we could give each of them a feather so that they could tickle each other to death. Pillows would be outlawed since they would be considered a high capacity “magazine” of feathers…

        2. Kent2012 says

          and throw in the hos on the “view” and most of the talking headjobs on the alphabet news(sic) media shows…

        3. pineapple says

          As inept as they are, they would probably all miss their targets.

        4. Retired Marine says

          What a great idea….LOL

        5. boone1 says


      5. supergun says

        They are the domestic terrorists.

      6. Jimmy Quick says


      7. PatriotGal says

        Talk about cruel and inhumane treatment! The UN will cast the USA into oblivion for crimes against humanity if that is done. Let’s do it!!!!

        1. JYuma says

          There was a group called the John Birch Society at one time in this country. [in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s] The ONLY thing that I ever agreed with them on was” Get the U.S. out of the U.N., and the U.N. out of the U.S.”

          1. Jeanne Stotler says

            Remember it well, huge billboards along US I, before I–95, We should leave UN like we did League of Nations. Kick them out of NYC

          2. JYuma says

            I remember billboards here in Arizona. I was unfortunate to have some of them as Relatives and all.

      8. pineapple says

        That would be considered cruel and unusual punishment.

        1. cal3301 says

          Not cruel enough for what they’ve been putting us through.

      9. kbfallon says

        But – I thought she was the smartest person in any conversation…..she said so a couple times.

      10. John Gillis says

        You owe me a new keyboard. I just spewed my soda all over it, LMAO!!!!

        1. cal3301 says


          1. John Gillis says

            Quite all right. You made my day!

      11. Retired Marine says

        Don’t even respond to that lying bitch, I don’t, she can’t say good morning, without lying twice,. I told her/it I would never respond to any of her idiocy, after attempting to shed light into her dingy rotten mind. Just let it rant, and ignore it.

      12. Mark Lahti says

        Ohhhh….snap. Love that one, especially the part about the AK liberal troll. But as to the subject matter here. What gets me about all the liberal/progressive/lefty BS is that they don’t have any creative answer to their own distaste of the particular subject. I don’t care what it is that a liberal gets pissed about. They don’t have a counter to it other than their expression of hate, disgust, or just plain old being offended. The offended part is the part that especially pisses me off. They are “offended” by almost everything conservative. So what!!!!!!! I could care less if they were offended by anything. If they started to be offended by the economy, our world standing, the debt, the unemployment, or any of the many malady”s suffered by the majority of Americans today. Then maybe I would care if they are offended. This particular “offense” of someones donation to someone they don’t like is really ridiculous. Yet it is their stock in trade. It is what they do. To borrow from Fraginals5, God save us from liberals. God bless and keep up the good fight.

        1. cal3301 says

          When I think of the party differences, I am reminded of an old saying by my grandmother. When a Republican sees something that has to be done or fixed, he will work on ways of trying to get it done. When a Democrat sees the same thing, he first complains about it, then states whose money will pay for it, and when all else fails, he’ll blame it on the Republicans.

          B-enedict A-rnold R-eturns A-s C-orrupt K-ook
          O-ppressive B-ureaucrats A-gainst M-y A-merica

      13. The duck says

        A padded room please.

    4. timmyT says

      They call themselves liberals but are really Communists. Their policies and world views are out to destroy this great nation. May God deliver us from such dung and give us some leaders who will stand and profess “ONE NATION UNDER GOD”!!!!!

      1. rex ames says

        You are more right then you know when you say communist. Years ago in this free nation of ours we did have a communist party, but they decided to dis band because of allot of harassment and other pressures and throw their support behind the democratic party because its assimilation to each other was pretty close.

        1. JYuma says

          OH no. They are still very much in play. Did you know that we have about 20 or 30 ofum in Congress TODAY.
          One of the Biggest ones is a Dirty, Fat, Ass Wipe from Tucson, Az.
          The Communist Party of yesterday IS the Dimecart Party of today.

          1. rex ames says

            Yeah , thats what I said they offically dis banded there party and threw there support behind the Democrats. Yes I know in there mind they think like communist.

          2. Retired Marine says

            If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck. (or aklady in disguise).

          3. JYuma says


        2. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

          The Communists in America quit running candidates in the Presidential contests because they stated the democRAT party was giving them all they needed.

      2. eagle keeper says

        Note to liberals; 2 Chronicles 7:14 (ESV) “If my people who are called by my Name will humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their evil ways, then I will forgive them their sin and heal their land.” But first we have to show that satan is the great deceiver and he is leading them to the slaughter and forever in hell. Not a pleasant way to spend eternity.

        1. James says

          Eagle; the biggest problem with your Scriptural quote is that most people do not know The Name. Almost every translator has covered The Name above all names with “the LORD”. Lord is a title not a name. God is also a title and not a name. It is time people learn what The Name is so they can call upon it!
          Many of us have been proclaiming That Name for many years, but meet with much resistance from the ignorant, and rebellious elements!

        2. rex ames says

          The problem is they really think they are right, and it all starts with the liberal thinking professor’s on the college campus’s. 3/4 of what they teach you, you never use in the real world. Its just a key to get a door open. Your education starts when you actually have to do the job, and then you find all the shit they taught you is only for the professor’s fat ass salaries.

        3. Ian MacLeod says

          “…but first we have to show that Satan is the great deceiver and he is leading them to the slaughter…”

          How could ANYONE miss it??

      3. Fraginals5 says

        For the first time in my live I am really scare for the future of the country… the debt, the LGBT pushing their agenda, Muslim Doctrine taught in school, illegal immigration exploding, the Constitution trample by the president, the Supreme Court and liberal judges. Is there any hope at all.

        1. Jeanne Stotler says

          Yes, it’s called PRAYER

    5. TAK1 says

      Yes they are, all three.

    6. John P says

      The are all of the afore mentioned adjectives description.

    7. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says

      I’m very glad that TRUMP done this for our veterans they need our help now more than ever.

      1. Ian MacLeod says

        I’ll vouch for that! I’m a disabled vet, and it usually takes a ridiculous amount of time to get much of ANYTHING done! If it gets done at all, that is. Last time I had to go into ER many years ago it took 3 hours to drive there (my late wife was driving), then the “projected wait time” was 15 hours. That’s not counting 4 – 6 hours at the pharmacy. When your diagnosis is “massive nerve damage and chronic intractable pain” it feels like years!

        1. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says

          I know what it is to have pain in both of your legs that you’ve got to have a walker to walk but still have pain; I went to the doctor and asked for a good pain reliever i got told i would get hooked on it. My husband was given every month when he was living thee pills each day for a thirty day supply.

          1. Ian MacLeod says

            Irene, things are changing around opiates again now, thanks to the same group of anti-opiate fanatics in Wash. State. Again. (The whole U.S. is flat INSANE when it comes to certain drugs; and not others. Those that give real benefit are the most hated, of course, and EVERYONE is a likely, not just potential, addict as far as most doctors are concerned. Can you say, “Mind Control”? *sigh*) They tried this crap about 5-6 years ago. Since they failed last time, this time they found like-minded docs all over the country, and set up a bunch of (groundless as far as I can see) new “Guidelines”. They SAY that suddenly, for no good reason, people on “chronic opiates” are dropping dead like flies all over the place, on the same dose they’ve been using for years or even decades. Personally I think they’re full of male bovine alimentary end-product. I’m one of those with “Chronic Intractable Pain” from “massive nerve damage” and CP (for chronic pain) that never goes away, and it’s of such a level that in (not very much) time it will kill me through lack of rest, too much stress etc. that usually ends up in a heart attack, stroke or some other such thing. Their solution? They dropped the MAX allowable dose to 90 mg PER DAY of morphine or equivalent. I’ve been taking 200mg 4x per day (time release) with 30mg tabs as needed for breakthrough pain for about 5 years, and it was working fine. Everyone is different, but for people with this level of nerve pain, it can vary per dose VERY widely between different people. I’m just going to have them cut it off (the morphine, dammit! Dirty-minded people…) once I’ve been titrated down that low; it’s a totally useless dose for me. I’ll have to hope the MMJ (it’s legal in my state) works well enough to make a difference. If the MMJ doesn’t do it, I don’t know if I’ll choose to (or be able to) survive this yet again. To top it off, the Medicare Part D ins. company found a way to cheat: they decided that the new prescription (already cut in dose to begin cutting it down) was a FORTY DAY supply and not the 30 day supply it was written for. They CONTRADICTED my doctor and refused to pay unless it was treated as a 40 day supply. I was out (right on time), and CIF (cash in fist) would have been $1,050.00 for the normal supply minus 15! This is for pills any decent high school chem student could have made in a decent HS lab for about 3 1/2 cents per pill! Enough profit there, ya think? Bastards! Well, on Soc. Sec. Disability and a pittance from the V.A., I couldn’t put a down payment on a free meal most of the time. My first “for basics” grocery shopping trip today was $299.00. BASICS!

            SO – with everybody and his second cousin sticking their noses into MY business, with the insurance (AETNA) deciding they know so much more about my condition, tolerances etc. than my doctor or I do that they feel confident in OVERRIDING his prescription and CHANGING THE DOSE, blackmailing me into the bargain: “You can make it last 40 days instead of the 30 days your doctor wrote for, or pay for it yourself out-of-pocket, or do without. It’s entirely up to you. Have a nice stroke… Uh, I mean day.” I wonder if I can find a lawyer who’d like to sue an insurance company? I’ve lost a couple of friends to this kind of thing: we’re allowed enough to let us function again, not a LOT, but enough to start having a real life again, then somebody – a doctor, a nurse or whoever – PANICS, and that’s all it takes to lose the script, the doctor, and we have to start over again. Sometimes all at once (nothing like withdrawals on top of “massive nerve damage pain”) … and someone ALWAYS tries to send me through drug rehab, which always tosses me out within a day or so with a note: “This man is NOT addicted; he has more than enough nerve damage and extreme pain to justify the dose of morphine he was on. He has no “junkie deprival panic”, and is emotionally stable; he’s just in extreme pain. TREAT IT!” They don’t of course.

            So once again… unless the MMJ REALLY works WELL, I’ll be a real cripple again shortly – AND the Insurance company has decreed that I MUST go through as bad a case of withdrawals as they can get away with causing by changing the prescription without authorization. (More $ for less medication for them). Not that I’ve been turning cartwheels or anything like that WITH the meds. But I can still play piano, guitar, sing, write music… For the time being. Oh yeah – there WAS this little, just SLIGHT case of drain bamage… Anoxia, or an anesthetic reaction; it only took a year and a half for it get better! Now if I can only convince my wife that’s what it really was, and it IS better now… THAT’S the kind of thing that comes of this anti-opiate idiocy and interference by every damned doctor, preacher, nurse and dog-walker within 50 miles of a pain patient…

            Please excuse the long snivel. I also had to drive (once a month, every month, come Hell or high water, a blizzard or Armageddon) 300 miles to see my pain doc – so the DEA decrees – so my doc can SAFELY write another prescription, for that month. Safely for HIM from the DEA, I mean; or as safe from them as anyone ever gets. I had to drive through the snow and ice again, and then the damned greedy bastards at AETNA TOOK 10 days worth of the meds, for all intents and purposes. May they all end up with the very same conditions they screw us for having! I’ve had to BURY too many friends over the past 30 years because of crap like this!

            Okay folks. You may continue. Apologies again.


    8. Jimmy Quick says


    9. elmcqueen3 says

      Meaning…(liberal) Democrats.

    10. Arnold Young says

      Are they sick, mentally deficient or plain stupid.
      Do w have to select just one?

      1. Jarhead says

        You forgot heavy hard drug users….also that colon mucus problem that those who place their head in the colon suffer…..i.e., brain damage, blindness & loss of hearing.
        I suggest selecting at least THREE.

    11. Gerry Costa says

      Self imposed stupidity – Frag. They refuse to see the truth when it is right in front of them and won’t deviate from their lock step march. These libtard’retards, as i call them, have taken ignorance and stupidity to a new low. They are totally brain washed morons.

    12. franklyfrank says

      They are all of the above.
      I would only add Suicidal.

    13. rex ames says

      This very sad way to think. Trump decided OK I’m not in this debate so what can I do to help a worthy cause. So if you donate your a bigot or racist !! That’s just so stupid beyond belief. I’ve served in the military(Vietnam) was 11F40 and did over watch security around the fire bases. ( Sniper duty ) Came home to egg thrower’s and demonstrations like you would not believe. A bunch of vile crap !! Does anyone realize that Mexicans and black folks both men and allot of women serve us in the military. Can’t believe someone could be so stupid to say racist. Its probably the most non racist thing you could do. You can tell this person never did a Dam thing for anyone but him self. What a selfish thing to say.

      1. Fraginals5 says

        Agreed 100%.

      2. Jeanne Stotler says

        Thanks for your service, my nephew was a jarhead in Korea and Nam, I am an Army Brat and will gout of my wat to thank a Vet or active duty Military person, Thanks again.

        1. rex ames says

          Your not a military brat, you had the courage to stand up and say what you believe. You are what Americans should stand for. God Bless.

      3. Virginia Hornibrook says

        The money hasn’t gone to our vets it went the Trump foundation

        1. rex ames says

          Hum Virgina, you sound like you work for the news media. You only tell part of the story !! The Trump Foundation is set up in a 502 ( c ) and is a non profit organization run by people who work on a board to figure out who gets what.You might want to tell all of us the whole story like between the beginning of 2009 through the end of 2013 during the worst down tern of our economy the 08 crash, his foundation donated 5.5 million dollars to 298 charities which averaged 18,456.00 dollars per charity. But the vets received 57,000.00 , way more then the average in that time. So the money collected as of recently does not just go out the minute it comes in. It has to be accounted for, records have to be made for the IRS accounting, and eventually dispursed to various organizations. Allot of things have to happen to do what he does and its not easy. He has to pay allot of people to do this work for him, and eventually organizations will get money. Stop your bitching and worry about how much more taxes were going to have to pay to support Obamacare, and the new tax hikes that took place this year for 2016.
          If we don’t get a business man running this country, we are all going to be dead ducks. Nothing is free, and someone has to pay for all these talked about give away programs.

          1. Virginia Hornibrook says

            No t don’t work for the media I just said it goes to his foundation and we’ll see how long it takes to the vets I didn’t say he’d keep it I just wonder how long it gets to our vets since Obama has taken everything away from them

          2. rex ames says

            Ok Thanks,

            It sounded like you were being a little critical of him doing the charity for the Vets.

            Thanks for clearing that up. It all take time and there is always a lengthy paper trail.

          3. rex ames says

            All charities have non profit foundations. They have to be run that way according to IRS rules.

          4. JYuma says

            rex. Whats the word for someone that states on thing while meaning something that isTotally DIFFERENT?

    14. Ian MacLeod says

      I’m not sure it can be CALLED “thinking” at all! It seems to be an emotional reaction to some trauma or other disguised as a pseudo-reason opinion. Regardless of the reason for it, it’s destructive! The problem is, the so-called “right” is far from BEING right most of the time as well! They’re almost ALL tools of the “elites” one way or another through blackmail, bribery or stupidity, and THEY simply want their Depopulation Agenda carried out and to own the remaining population and the ravaged land after anyone with an actual reasoned opinion is dead and GONE.

    15. John Gillis says

      Liberals corner the market on stinkin’ thinkin’.

    16. jimwilson81 says

      Didn’t you just love it when Gibbs in “NCIS” told the Deputy Secretary of Navy, “Are all of you stupid up there?”

    17. Ronald Starkey says

      It’s apparent that they are all three and Obama’s ass kissers too!!

    18. boone1 says

      The liberals will be the first one’s to take the mark of the beast 666.

    19. The duck says

      Hey the Libbers can not help it. They were all created in Gappedo’s shoe shop out of fire wood. Give em a break after all. We have to respect those who are mentally challenged, that was why the term was created.

    20. sharolinethomas says


  2. rivahmitch says

    Progressives will soon come to understand what we used to say in ‘Nam, “PBIMF”.. and it’s coming.

    1. catman says

      OK, I’m a Korean vet. What the hell does PBIMF mean?? If it’s possible to print it here that is …

      1. rivahmitch says

        Pay back is (a) M***** F*****!!

        1. catman says

          Thanks…Now I’m educated. BTW, WELCOME HOME BRO.
          1950-54 Navy
          1954-60 USMCR

          1. rivahmitch says

            Thank you! USMC/Nam 68-69.

          2. catman says

            I’m going to guess that you were in the brown water (river boats) perhaps. Some Marines were I understand or at least had something to do with that operation.
            I was in Submarines and destroyers myself in the Navy. Combat air control in the USMCR/MACS 18 out of Los Alamitos NAS near Long Beach, Cal.

          3. rivahmitch says

            No water, except when we were briefly afloat before being choppered int “Op Bold Mariner” on the Rattan Peninsula. Before that all over I-Corps from Camp Carol to the successive Phu Loc activities, to Chu Lai. We moved around mostly on land (….well, the rice paddies were pretty wet;-(

          4. Ian MacLeod says

            Mom was a WWII vet with time in Germany at the end; Dad was a USN A.O. in the Korean War and then multiple tours in Vietnam. I was Hospital Corps (NOTE: the closest I got to a war zone was East Oakland, but it wasn’t MY fault – I tried! I don’t want to to take credit as combat vet; closest I got was a few street fights and a bar fight or two. I delivered several kids, assisted with more, and sewed up a lot Marines and a few sailors) and my brother went Army; we’re both Vietnam “Era” vets. As much as I hate to say it, SOMEbody pulled the damned flush handle on my country!!

          5. rex ames says

            Thanks for serving guys.
            God bless !!

            4th Ranger Airborne, Vietnam
            Go Trump

          6. Jarhead says

            Gosh I feel old… guys are all kids… time was 1945 – 1951 USMC.
            Started as a Sea Going Marine and the Navy Capt. was an amputee. Ended in Korea B/1/11.

          7. Bob Marcum says

            Thanks, catman, for your efforts, in the military, of your time. It was the efforts of men like you and my father, which made America what it is supposed to be.
            It’s just a shame, the memory of the human mentally is so short.
            My father was a cook, on the USS Samaritan, in 43′-44′ ; ( a hospital ship, in the pacific).
            I did my time, from Jan, ’62 to Jan, 67, in Korea & Germany and some garrison time, in Arizona. ( obviously. not an active hitch, but, it was what was, at that time.
            I was obviously, a decade behind you. My 053.1 MOS, radio teletype operator, should have been sent to vietnam; but, didn’t.
            I was assigned to toy soldier games ( air-ground support ), in Korea and Germany.

            As per today’s situation; I cringe to think, of what will happen, if the conservatives don’t retake the oval office . It’s just as scary, to think of the conservatives not taking the congress.
            Well; it is what it is. Take care, live long and Thanks, again, patriot.

          8. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            Welcome home!

        2. michelle1124 says

          Thanks for your service! (USN 1966-1987)

          1. rivahmitch says

            T’was my privilege!

      2. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

        Welcome home.

    2. AKLady2015 says

      I suspect a “progressive” is the label you attach to anyone who does not agree with you 100%.

      1. rivahmitch says

        Actually, it’s the label that those who believe in big authoritarian government uses to describe themselves with before they became “liberals”. These, days, since that latter has become anathema to folks, many are reverting.

      2. Stargeezer says

        No. A Progressive is a person who believes in being charitable with other peoples money, believes that anyone who does not think like they do should be imprisoned, stripped of their rights and property, and maybe their life if they refuse to denounce any exercise that involves critical thinking (how you feel about something is soooo much important). In other words they are selfish, self centered bigots.

        1. TAK1 says

          Dont forget they want to end free speech and make thinking bad thoughts a crime too, aka hate crime.

          1. Stargeezer says

            Oh yes, we’ve got to end all this free speech and even worse, free thought going on. All the wisest and most educated university professors agree that rote memorization of important concepts is much better for “lesser minds”, like those heard on talk radio. Some people simply “need” to be told what to think.

            Gulp…..I think I threw up a little….gulp. 🙂

          2. TAK1 says

            That IS how they think. Condescending aholes.

          3. eagle keeper says

            I remember reading an article someone posted a while ago. It was comparing how a conservative thinks about things compared to how liberals think about things. I probably won’t get them all but I will try my best. When it comes to guns a conservative may not choose to buy one. We don’t infringe on anyone’s right to do so. Liberals on the other hand want to trample on everybody’s right to even own any firearm regardless of what type it may be. That’s all I can remember, but you get my point as to how each sides thinking processes work. The liberal crowd want to eliminate any and all freedoms we now have to conform to their twisted evil concept of how we are to live and think. It sure isn’t about freedom at all. A boot to the back of your neck is their verson of what freedom should be, control control and control some more till there are no more freedoms left. They are just a distant memory.

        2. Bob Marcum says

          You must be new, to this blog. The rest of us already know, by nw, nt to waste a lot of time on the aklady shit pile. A very short comment is the maximum effort needed, to insult aklady ( obviously, not a lady, of course ).

          insult aklady. That’s all she’sgood for.

      3. timmyT says

        Another definition would be “socialist, i.e. communist”.

      4. Bob Marcum says

        In ur case, there is no label. No one puts labels on garbage. lol

    3. rex ames says

      Amen from the 4th Army Ranger company Bubba !! 1971

      1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

        Welcome home from the USN! My Dad was a Ranger in the Pacific theater in WWII!

        1. rex ames says

          Thankyou my friend.

          Go Trump

  3. Clint says

    Just another reason to vote Trump.
    Trump 2016!

  4. AKLady2015 says

    Garbage piled higher and deeper.
    Are there people who actually believe this vomit?

    1. JYuma says

      Yours? No! Just you.

    2. fixitcr63 says

      Yes, there are thousands and thousands of us that believe what he says and a whole lot more that he doesn’t. He’s usually just expressing what most of the rest of us feel, but don’t have the venue to say to complain. This country has been so screwed up by the left, (Hillary and her crowd, Ovomit ahd his crowd, and Hillary has brought her hubby back into the mix, thinking he’ll charm the crowds that she can’t), that it’s going to take someone like him to straighten things up and turn them around.

      1. pineapple says

        Bumper sticker:

        “Monica Lewinsky’s boyfriend’s wife for President.”

    3. icetrout says

      was done with him too until I just saw what he had to say about liberal progressive socialist & Muslim extremist…

    4. kbfallon says

      well you are here to learn, aren’t you?

  5. JYuma says

    Damn. I wish that we had MORE BIGOTS like he.!!!!!

    1. rivahmitch says

      To be called a “bigot” or a “racist” in this society at this time is to earn a badge of honor.

      1. dmbunce says

        Yes! Be proud to be called bigot, racist, profiler, hater or whatever. We need badges to put on our shirts along with the words truth, honest and the American way.

        1. Bob Marcum says

          I compare humans and liberals, parallel to the compaison with dogs and cats.
          ( They don’t like nor trust each other ). Does that make me bigot ?
          Are dogs and cats, bigots? And; which one is actually, the intelligent one ?

      2. Jeffrey Cahoon says

        I agree wholeheartedly! I wear my badge proudly!

    2. Alan Connors says

      Doesn’t matter how grounded in common sense he is, he’s a bigot, according to the Demonics. Liberalism is truly a mental disorder. One has to have a true brain deficiency to be a Democrat.
      The Democrat Party is a disease, nothing but.

    3. Bob Marcum says


  6. James Brown says

    He’s nothing a bigot, against Muslims or Mexicans, actually he has people from all nationalities and religions that are employees in his business, you crazy liberals take and twist everything out of context to misrepresent someone for you’re own benefit. What he means is, due to the nature of the world we live in, and IS IS has said they would infiltrate the refugees to gain access to our country and with that being known wants to figure out a way to vetting these people more cautiously and proficiently than as it is now. And we also need to address the problem with the ILEGAL IMMIGRANTS being whoever or whatever you are and what you’re doing here. Get the facts straight. Or don’t say nothing at all. Your part of the problem. You people like to misconstrue anything and everything someone said and read thins into it. That really Pisces me off. We are all LEGAL IMMIGRANTS AT SOME POINT IN OUR LIVES. DUMMY!

    1. JYuma says

      Mr. Brown, You are accurate to a point. That point is where you refer to them as ILEGAL IMMIGRANTS. They are Criminals by the very FACT that they have entered this country ILLEGALLY. Without the proper papers. Nada. The fact that they come here expecting to be let do as they wish, receive welfare, housing. Now THAT PISS”S ME OFF.
      My people, when they came here were neither Legal OR Illegal, as they came here before there were any LAWS in Effect.
      One part came here in 1635, the other around 1640.
      Then there is the part of the family that wish’s it had,had a LAW, other than Bows and Arrows to stop the others.

      1. James Brown says

        Yes sir I know what you mean, my Great grandmother was full-blooded Cherokee and my Great-grandfather was full-blooded Irish. But that was a long time ago, and it’s a tragedy that can’t be fixed. You know what I mean? If anyone really had a legitimate complaint it would be the Native Americans.

        1. rex ames says

          There are some very good native American Mexican people here to. The whole south west was inhabited before allot of our families were here.
          Its people here that are illegals that’s a problem, the law is the law. Anyone illegal is breaking the law, not just Mexican but anyone.

          1. James Brown says

            That’s absolutely true Rex, I grew up in California and some of my best friends were Mexican Americans, they’d help you with anything including being a best friend. What is it people don’t get about LEGAL VS. ILLEGAL. THAT’S WHAT I DON’T UNDERSTAND IT’S QUITE CLEAR TOO ME.

          2. rex ames says

            Well, when Mr. Trump started out about all this months ago, he came across sounding a little crass, but I think he felt he needed to get the peoples attention to a very big problem. My wife is Mexican and I just love her to death. She is a really good person and she says the illegals are giving honest legal Mexican Americans a bad name. Truthfully in California , Arizona, New Mexico and Texas, there are many Mexican families settled here long before any other Americans settle their.
            My wife is a beautiful woman inside and out and she never thought about the fact that she is of Mexican origin until Trump talked about it.
            My wife says that allot of the Latino’s crossing the borders come form Honduras, El Salvador, Panama, and they just pay to cross the southern border of Mexico, and then walk across the northern border.

          3. James Brown says

            Rex, that’s all true in what you’re saying and I truly believe you love you’re wife as you should do. There a lot of Mexican American people living here in the United States and are really good honest hard working people with no bad intentions and believe in the Constitution and live by it, that’s what makes this country Great. The immigration problem isn’t just about Mexican people as the liberals would have you believe, it’s about anyone entering this country illegally. They won’t say that, they just use the Legal Mexican Americans because they want to disillusion them to get more democratic votes. Everyone here at some point and time was a immigrant, you know what I mean? But we are all LEGAL IMMIGRANTS. And there are laws already on the books on illegal immigrants that this administration seems to dismiss as he has also some unconstitutional executive orders that he has penciled in himself. He has actually broken the law himself in his actions by his own hand. So what does that tell you. He has own agenda and it for the betterment of the citizens of the United States including you and I or you’re wife’s best interest.

          4. rex ames says

            Thankyou James, you are right on all counts. I just hope that all legal Mexicans understand this. Actually Mr. Trump will get my vote because I know he does want this country to be better and he does want to protect American legal immigrants of all nationaility. That includes everyone here that are legal, you & I Mexicans and everyone. Just wants to protect the borders, and then enforce the laws on the books.

          5. Jeanne Stotler says

            Trump has said OVER and OVER , ILLEGAL, but the MSM just leaves that out, they want him to look bad, Reason, THEY CANNOT OWN HIM

          6. Ian MacLeod says

            The invaders that Obama MANDATED be allowed in without any sort of vetting way to track them have STATED repeatedly that they intend to take over and FORCE America to become Muslim. Another thing – about that rape game, they’ve said over and over and over, “Americans have no sperm anymore! WE will sire their enemies on their OWN WOMEN!” Can you think of anything that would be more clear than that? If just ONE ever laid a hand on those I care about they’d not have to worry about how to get home again… There’s a shortcut through Hell I can show them in a split second. I’m old, disabled (a vet), and it takes about half a second to turn someone OFF barehanded.

    2. rex ames says

      I travel internationally allot for my company and what I here from the European folks is that they made a big mistake letting a million refugees into Germany. They are saying that its much worse then the western papers or news media is printing. All Trump wants is to properly vet these people. Even the democratic state department admits there could be 1% terrorist, but what if its more?
      I don’t understand how a liberal could be against using some common sense here.

      1. James Brown says

        That’s true, look at the U.K., France, Germany. Merkel the Chancellor of Germany is admitting that she made a mistake by letting them all in there and in England it’s having all kinds of problems. Their taking over certain cities and running British citizens out of them calling their cities now, and that’s the facts. Like you said, you won’t see it on the media here in the United States because it is being censored . Obama and his cronies doesn’t want the American citizens to see that. Ask yourself why? I think you and I really know why without going into details

        1. James Brown says

          And they are as we speak setting up sanctuary cities here in the United States. Last I heard there were 42 spread around in different states of the U.S. You remember operation Jack Helm? That’s what it was all about. FACT!

        2. eagle keeper says

          Apparently a majority of the world’s leaders are brain dead idiots. How may sane thinking people would gladly welcome a fox into a hen house? Egg production will dramatically drop, hens will die and in short order you will be out of business. My point being, the average farmer knows how to best protect his or her investment and property. Perhaps some of these brain dead world leaders could learn a thing or two from a farmer.

        3. pineapple says

          The first countries to ban Islam: See how the world is acting fast on the threat posed by Islam and its barbaric Sharia Law.

          Japan has always refused Muslims to live permanent in their country and cannot own any real estate or any type of business, and have banned any worship of Islam. Any Muslim tourist caught spreading the word of Islam will be deported immediately, including all family members.

          Cuba rejects plans for first mosque.

          The African nation of Angola and several other nations have officially banned Islam.

          Record number of Muslims, (over 2,000) deported from Norway as a way of fighting crime. Since these Muslim criminals have been deported, crime has dropped by a staggering 72%. Prison Officials are reporting that nearly half of their jail cells are now vacant, Courtrooms nearly empty, Police now free to attend to other matters, mainly traffic offences to keep their roads and highways safe and assisting the public in as many ways as they can.

          In Germany alone in the last year there were 81 violent attacks targeThere’s hope! It has started …. Finally!
          ting mosques.

          Austrian police arrested 13 men targeting suspected jihad recruiters.

          A Chinese court sends 22 Muslim Imams to jail for 16 to 20 years for spreading Islam hatred. And have executed eighteen Jihadists; China campaigns against Separatism (disallowing islamists to have their own separate state). Muslim prayers banned in government buildings and schools in Xinjiang ( Western China ). Hundreds of Muslim families prepared to leave China for their own safety and return back to their own Middle Eastern countries.

          Muslim refugees beginning to realize that they are not welcome in Christian countries because of their violent ways and the continuing wars in
          Syria and Iraq whipped up by the hideous IS who are murdering young children and using mothers and daughters as sex slaves.

          British Home Secretary prepares to introduce ‘Anti-social Behaviour Order’ for extremists and strip dual nationals of their Citizenship.
          Deportation laws also being prepared.

          The Czech Republic blatantly refuses Islam in their country, regarding it as evil.

          Alabama – A new controversial amendment that will ban the recognition of “foreign laws which would include Sharia law”.

          The Polish Defence League issues a warning to Muslims. 16 States Have All Introduced Legislation to Ban Sharia Law.

          Many Muslims in Northern Ireland have announced plans to leave the Country to avoid anti-Islamic violence by Irish locals. The announcement comes after an attack on groups of Muslims in the city of Belfast, Groups of Irish locals went berserk and bashed teenage Muslim gangs who were referring to young Irish girls as sluts and should be all gang raped, according to Islam and ”Sharia Law”.

          Even hospital staff were reluctant to treat the battered Muslim patients, the majority were given the Band-Aid treatment and sent home with staff muttering ”Good Riddance”.

          North Carolina bans Islamic “Sharia Law” in the State, regarding it now as a criminal offense.

          Dutch MP’s call for removal of all mosques in the Netherlands . One Member of the Dutch Parliament said: “We want to clean Netherlands of Islam”. Dutch MP Machiel De Graaf spoke on behalf of the Party for Freedom when he said, “All mosques in the Netherlands should be shut down. Without Islam, the Netherlands would be a wonderful safe country to live in, as it was before the arrival of Muslim refugees”.

          Please share this e-mail with your family and friends if you agree.

          If you lack patriotism towards your beloved Christian country,and lack guts then simply click on delete.

          I’m more than happy to forward this on – maybe I’m more of a realist than a racist?

          1. JYuma says

            What the Irish a Violent country? Even Northern Ireland? Where could anyone get that Idea? They are MORE Peaceful than the moos lims.
            Just because the Irish have Kicked the Shit out the the British for the last 700 years. Someone Feels that they MAY BE Violent???
            Now that IS something to PONDER for a nano-second or two.

          2. Jeanne Stotler says

            Sweden now preparing to expel about 8,ooo Muslims, after increase in crime.

      2. Ian MacLeod says

        First off, “common sense” is an oxymoron: sense has NEVER been common, and it’s less so now than I’ve ever seen it! As for “letting a million refugees into Germany”, they were no more “refugees ” than the invading hordes of Mongols were in Europe long ago! They were an invasion force! Refugees bring their families – women and children. Take a look at those crowds: “playing the rape game”, invading homes, stealing anything not nailed down and breaking anything couldn’t carry off, beating down men who objected to having their women abused and their homes destroyed, etc. – ALL MALE. There’s a difference between racial discrimination and self-defense; it’s too bad more Americans don’t recognize it. Obama has IGNORED the Constitution as if it wasn’t there, and the total refusal of our “elected representatives” to do the jobs they were elected to do is completely unacceptable! There desperately needs to be a LOT of recalls and at LEAST one impeachment!! And since Muslims don’t ALL carry their intent printed on their foreheads, we need to block ALL OF THEM until we can find a way to vet them. PERIOD.

        1. rex ames says

          You said a mouth full, but for sure you are right.

          Prey for Trump

        2. Jeanne Stotler says

          Everyone should read Brian Kilmead’s book “Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates”, different century, same attitude.

  7. icetrout says

    Glenn Beck has Liberal Progressive Social Communist pegged good. He gives the reason Liberals side with Radical Islamic Cultist… check it out !

    1. TAK1 says

      Done with Beck, the pompous windbag.

      1. Playcard2U says

        You’re lying through your teeth. You have never been a listener of Beck’s.

        1. TAK1 says

          First, you call me a liar, you are a presumptuous POS. Do you know what that means? I walked my dogs earlier and scraped you off my shoe.

          Second, I used to listen Beck daily and watched his show until Fox fired him. I wrote a letter to Roger Ailes about it, didn’t get an answer. CVS stopped advertising on his show, I wrote a letter and said I am done with you, hypocrites, I see you advertise on shows far worse on MSNBC. Got a letter back, didn’t shop in CVS for about three years.

          When I heard Beck ripping on Romney, I started to turn against him. Why bring down the GOP nominee? But about 6 months ago I heard him ripping into Trump. I thought Beck was a populist, he claims to be an ideologically pure conservative. He actually said he would prefer Hillary win than Trump, at least he could sleep at night for not selling out his vote. That did it for me.

          You owe me an apology you little POS.

          1. pineapple says

            Beck accused Trump of voting for Obama twice, based on a rumor.
            He later apologized to Trump for his mistake.

      2. kbfallon says

        He is so full of himself it makes me sick to listen or see his hypocrite face…a little fame and money turned him into an ignorant asswipe—even Fox fired him.

        1. TAK1 says

          Exactly! Now he is desperate to be relevant. Not working.

        2. says

          Actually fox fired him because he started injecting God and the bible into his show, which they could not take. He might offend somebody with his Christian talk. Kinda sounds a little Liberal like to me.

          1. JYuma says

            Kinda? Fox is headed that way about as fast as their little feet are able to take them.
            Proof? How many Male to Female hosts do you see on it anymore?

        3. JYuma says

          o. He was an ignorant hypocrite of a ASSWIPE, before he got money or Fame.

  8. Gregory Sarmas Sr. says

    I don’t see these numbskulls boycotting the “The Apprentice” in NBC,perhaps a more appropriate target.
    Either way it seems that no one can make the left happy.They perpetually on the rag!!!!

  9. Gary Qualls says

    If liberals love Muslims so much, why are they not yet Muslims ? Secretly – they already know the truth. Liberals just express their miserable life’s.

  10. Len says

    VETS deserve every penny, I’m sure if someone donated your “charity” you would be very happy so don’t be a hypocrite, a racist and a bigot too.

    Now Trump neeeds to make sure every penny goes to a Vet.

    1. Virginia Hornibrook says

      Amen to that but I’m afraid it will be tied up for months

  11. Betty Hanner says

    they should round up all of the dems and put them in with isis and see which one would last the longest

    1. says

      lol good idea BH

  12. The duck says

    If the Lbers are always angry they are at least even tempered. Gotta give them a break for their eveness of tramtrumism. Come on after all they are mentally challenged. The chickens always come home to roost and Socialism died out for the most part in Russia and its doomed here also. Maybe a little sooner.

  13. LK says

    What a total load of propaganda BS! Look I believe that people have the right to say what they want because we have that right in our nation. In the same vein I also have the right to say look anyone who calls people and/or businesses racist because they donated to charities to help the Vets that Donald Trump supports is beyond ludicrous. It shouldn’t matter who helps these charities to get the money to help our nations Vets!

    Look as much as I would like to see a woman become president someday I would never vote for Hillary “the dishonorable” Clinton. If she had a charity other than her own charity and named a particular Vet Charity I’d donate money to it and I wouldn’t use the lousy racsit rhetoric that used. Sounds to me like anyone at who feels the same regarding Trump and charities needs to be rounded up and made to walk up and down the sidewalk of the busiest street where they live with an A-frame sign that says on both sides “Hi! I’m an ignorant person who calls people racsit because they don’t agree with me and because I don’t want people to donate money to Vet Charities because Trump asked for donations! Honk if you agree!”

    1. pineapple says

      I read that the Clinton Foundation, which is supposedly a charity, only gives 10% of it’s donations to charity.

  14. eagle keeper says

    The department of veterans affairs is seriously in need of a person who actually cares about my brothers in arms who sacrificed for our great nation. They were willing to put the wellbeing of America far above their own safety and security. I can’t thank them enough. What Trump did was straight from his heart. He didn’t have to lift a finger to help anyone. But he chose to do so. My hat’s off to Mr. Trump, thank you from an old vet.

  15. Kent2012 says

    salon and the huffy puffy posty are two examples of what you get when crybabies, panty waists, and cowards congregate in one location….

  16. supergun says

    I could care less about the looneys over at salon. They are the drudge of America. They would take your freedom of speech, your freedom to bear arms and the rest of the 8 from you if they could.

  17. ADLoggy says

    So by Salon’s reasoning…. their support of Hillary Clinton is the height of hypocrisy. Since Hillary’s, Clinton foundation, accepts money from people who actually have proven records of misogyny, like Muslim billionaires, and from rich people who are from xenophobic countries who don’t allow all foreigners to migrate there.
    Another example of the left’s selective outrage to be ignored.

  18. Dan says

    I believe that anyone that has common sense and can think for themselves pays no mind to the MSM anyway. The news of today is nothing more than propaganda strictly reserved for indoctrinated and the hopelessly dependant oppressed.

    1. ADLoggy says

      Unfortunately Dan, common sense, especially on the left, isn’t so common anymore. Now it is about feelings and ideology and damn the 2nd and 3rd order of effects on everyone.

      1. Dan says

        You are correct. There are a handful of people in this country that have entirely too much power. They dictate how the other 99% live, learn and “think”. I wish there were more that could see through the veil of lies to the truth, but unfortunately most don’t want to even if they found the proper channels.

    2. pineapple says

      In case you thought there might be some bias in news reporting….

      How’s this for having the “inside track”?


      ABC News executive producer Ian Cameron is married to Susan Rice, National Security Adviser.

      CBS President David Rhodes is the brother of Ben Rhodes, Obama’s Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategic Communications.

      ABC News correspondent Claire Shipman is married to former Whitehouse Press Secretary Jay Carney

      ABC News and Univision reporter Matthew Jaffe is married to Katie Hogan, Obama’s Deputy Press Secretary

      ABC President Ben Sherwood is the brother of Obama’s Special Adviser Elizabeth Sherwood

      CNN President Virginia Moseley is married to former Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Secretary Tom Nides.
      And now you know why it is no surprise the media is in Obama’s pocket.
      Ya think there might be a little bias in the news ???
      It also explains the cover up of Benghazi………

      1. Dan says

        It is absolutely disgusting what the government and media have combined to do to us as a society. It really disappoints me just how few actually know how bad they are getting lied to.

  19. Robert Barnes says

    liberals = Communist = oppression = death. This is their history. Export them all to the worst muslime hell hole now.

    1. Dan says

      I don’t think there are enough freighters and cargo planes in the world to deal with them all.

  20. Art Hock says

    That’s why liberalism is closely associated with insanity.

    1. pineapple says

      And cancer.

  21. peter says

    Liberals are sick individuals and like a disease must be removed

  22. NovelDog says

    Liberals have a brain disease it is caused by sin. They hate those who do good without their approval. All Vets should seriously consider supporting Donald trump. Why? because he cares and puts his money where his mouth is. Many others are all talk and no action.

  23. Scrubjay says

    It’s a good thing Salon is irrelevant to thinking people.

  24. Wapitiman says

    I am, and remain, a ‘locked-in’ Trump supporter! Go Donald!

    1. pineapple says

      An interesting analogy
      >>>> You’ve been on vacation for two weeks, you come home, and your basement is infested with raccoons. Hundreds of rabid, messy, mean raccoons have overtaken your basement. You want them gone immediately so you hire a guy. A pro. You don’t care if the guy smells, you need those raccoons gone pronto and he’s the guy to do it! You don’t care if the guy swears, you don’t care if he’s an alcoholic, you don’t care how many times he’s been married, you don’t care if he voted for Obama, you don’t care if he has plumber’s crack…you simply want those raccoons gone! You want your problem fixed! He’s the guy. He’s the best. Period.
      >>>> That’s why Trump. Yes he’s a bit of an ass, yes he’s an egomaniac, but you don’t care. The country is a mess because politicians suck, the Republican Party is two-faced & gutless, illegal’s are everywhere. You want it all fixed! You don’t care that Trump is crude, you don’t care that he insults people, you don’t care that he had been friendly with Hillary, you don’t care that he has changed positions, you don’t care that he’s been married 3 times, you don’t care that he fights with Megyn Kelly and Rosie O’Donnell, you don’t care that he doesn’t know the name of some Muslin terrorist,…this country is weak, bankrupt, our enemies are making fun of us, we are being invaded by illegal’s, we are becoming a nation of victims where every Tom, Ricardo and Hamid is a special group with special rights to a point where we don’t even recognize the country we were born and raised in; “AND WE JUST WANT IT FIXED” and Trump is the only guy who seems to understand what the people want. You’re sick of politicians, sick of the Democratic Party, Republican Party, and sick of illegal’s. You just want this thing fixed. Trump may not be a saint, but doesn’t have lobbyist money holding him, he doesn’t have political correctness restraining him, all you know is that he has been very successful, a good negotiator, he has built a lot of things, and he’s also not a politician, he’s not a cowardly politician. And he says he’ll fix it.
      >>>> You don’t care if the guy has bad hair.
      >>>> You just want those raccoons gone.
      >>>> Out of your house.
      >>>> Now.

  25. MILES E DRAKE says

    To paraphrase Patrick Henry, if this be reaction then let us make the most of it. There are times when to be reactionary is a good and even necessary thing. When a predator attacks, you must react by getting away. When a criminal approaches, if you do not react you will be robbed, raped or killed. A society that is besieged and infiltrated will be taken over if it does not react, and a country will be destroyed if it fails to react to an invasion. This is precisely what is happening on many fronts to the United States as it confronts a blitzkrieg of Marxism, islam, decadence and degeneracy, the most determined and so far successful of the succession of attempts at Leninist overthrow and Maoist cultural revolution that the left has launched in this country over the past century. There must be a reaction, and it must be firm, determined and effective or else we will be corrupted, despoiled and enslaved.


    the worst liberals are Christian liberals, why, praise god on sunday and abuse god on election day, oh ya, vote democrat on election day, so confused, the word “ding bat” was coined for Christian liberals, dumbest voting block on the north American continent, dumber than dumb, and supported by their pastors, just as dumb or dumber. . . .prove me wrong, they also believe that good Muslims exist !

    1. Wiz says

      A Christian Democrat is an OXYMORON and a Democrat is just a plain MORON.

  27. FEDup says

    It takes one to think they know one

  28. melmack 1 says

    LIBERALS do not think…How can they rant about the characters in Marvel comics when they cannot possibly understand them or any other hero or heroin…They support socialism…they KNOW NOTHING !!!

  29. elmcqueen3 says

    “To anger a conservative Republican…Tell him a lie…To anger a liberal Democrat…Tell him the truth”….Author unknown.

    1. Phoebe Isley says

      I like that

  30. clem says

    Treat the libs like North Koreans( F@#k them and feed them fish heads.)

  31. Elizabeth Valentino says

    HO HUM!

  32. Elizabeth Valentino says


  33. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

    Thinking of liberals if you must: Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups. They are the portion of the electorate that gave us Romney as a candidate and Obama as a spot holder in the White Hut.

    1. Ian MacLeod says

      I’d say, “Never underestimate the power human stupidity,” period! It sure seems to me that lately, no matter HOW stupid or venal those who get elected are, the next one is even worse! And if you want a nearly perfect example of absolutely, never-learns, plain, old-fashioned friggin’ STUPID, look at Feinstein! Back when she was mayor of San Francisco she instituted a gun buyback, telling the populace they’d “…melt ’em all down into manhole covers that can’t hurt ANYBODY!” (Clearly she’s never had one fall over on her foot!). Predictably the armed break-in crime rate went sky-high. People went out and bought more guns, a few armed would-be break-in robbers got slightly ventilated, probably quite a few former Liberals became at least closet Conservatives, and things went back to more-or-less normal – for San Francisco, that is. And Feinstein, apparently incapable of learning, about 35 years later now is STILL pushing disarmament of Americans! (Except for her own body guards – THOSE she’d have carry one of each kind of firearm they’re capable of LIFTING!).

  34. Loving America says

    The ones talking and ranting against anyuthing and everything to do with Veterans and Mr. Trump are just trying being bigots against the American Ways of Politics….they want to follow a murder, gays, baby killers, thieves, and it just tells everyone they are a part of the evil crap that goes on in America! God does not like ugly! Come On Americans and get your morals straightened up and make your plans where
    you will spend Eternity after the Great Judgement Day!

  35. Nina Ferguson says

    These people (Salon) are so ignorant that I can’t think of anything good to say about them except that when they are this STUPID, they make me laugh and cry at the same time.

    1. Ian MacLeod says

      I have to wonder: does Salon donate to anyone? If they DO, to whom?

  36. John Williams says

    Typical liberal drivel, if someone disagrees with them, then out come the labels, I am not a Trump supporter but I am sure the left would not like my decision either. If it were not so serious, it would be funny, the abject stupidity of these people.

  37. Gerry Costa says

    Donating to our veterans is now racist because it is something Trump believes in — WOW — will these asinine brainwashed morons ever see reality. Whoever this is — should be no more. This country has been so divided in the past 7 years — I really don’t believe it will ever be united again which is really too bad. This once great nation has become nothing more than a divided cess-pool and it was accomplished by a muslim regime and his shitbirds known as the demoRAT party.

    1. Ian MacLeod says

      “…This country has been so divided…”

      As per the plan and preference. With 350 flippin’ MILLION OF US in this country, a great many of us old enough to remember what it’s SUPPOSED TO BE, and young enough to still kick ass if it’s necessary, they can NOT afford to have us getting together seriously with the intent to determine the real problem and FIX IT! They’re scared witless that might happen, and they’ll do anything they can to prevent it! How many of us old vets ARE THERE out here, anyway??

      I remember several years ago, when the conditioning of cops was really getting underway, a young Hispanic vet who had just mustered out recently was awakened by, I think, he’d heard a noise outside around the house somewhere, and then maybe some knocking. Of course he got out of bed, picked up a rifle and went looking. He wasn’t threatening anyone with it, it was pointed DOWN, as he still wasn’t sure exactly who was there when the cops, all in black, suddenly all shouting at once, hit him with several shots without warning. They refused to allow anyone near him, including paramedics, until they were sure he’d bled out. He and his wife had just had a new baby. Welcome home vet. He’d never aimed his weapon because he was never sure who he’d be aiming at, so he never actually threatened them. The thing is, you see, he was REAL combat vet, he was armed, AND THEY WERE AFRAID OF HIM!!

      I don’t know HOW many of our police are conditioned this way, but whatever the number it’s too damned many! I don’t feel any doubt whatsoever that as many as can be gotten to “work with the military” and gain this “war-fighter’s mindset” continue to be conditioned, mind-controlled or whatever you prefer to call it, and as far as they’re concerned THEY ARE IN A WAR ZONE; some of them say they should be thinking like this everywhere they go at all times! Folks, that’s INSANE. Small Town U.S.A. should NOT BE a “war zone”! Not even the bigger cities should. Yes, there are problems, but being occupied by “killer cops” who now think they’re at WAR at all times, and any American with a firearm is The Enemy is NOT the answer! I don’t know if Trump could or would turn this around, but this kind of thing is a bad symptom of creeping totalitarianism – a frequently fatal disease for a Republic or any variation of a democracy!

      I’m hoping that what I feel is true: that Donald Trump is the ONLY CANDIDATE who, if he’s elected (somehow) and actually gets to occupy the Oval Office, could maybe bring in HIS OWN security people. I’m sorry, but I don’t think he’d be safe in the White House if he was, like Obama and others before him, under the guns of the Secret Service and/or other agencies under the control of the “elites” so they COULD take him out whenever they got the order! If they DIDN’T have that kinda/sorta security blanket, I’d almost bet they – the “elites” – would find a way to pull the trigger on Trump pdq just for their own peace of mind, as they did on both Kennedys. Unless he’s been compromised and is working for them already. Threat or actual killing though, only another “patsy” would ever be caught and punished. I don’t know, but it’s possible. The last time someone like Trump tried this – Ross Perot – a believable threat on the phone against his beloved family was enough to get him to quit, immediately, on television; there was never even an investigation as far as I know. Why investigate when you KNOW a)who made that threat, and b)that they’d never be named, much less touched by L.E. of ANY kind no matter WHAT they said or did?

      I honestly believe that what MUST be changed before America can even BEGIN a real recovery is obvious, and I don’t see any way in the world for it to happen. Without that change, though, we’ll never again have an honest election or an honest government, NEVER, and the deliberate destruction of America will continue to completion.

  38. Carol Ann Rohr says

    It is an awful thing that the sick liberals cannot want help for our vets God bless each one of them so glad he donated as he did I’m all for helping our vets anyway we can

  39. Robert Russell says

    I can understand why Sanders is getting votes he is giving away our taxes but Lib’s voting for Hillary i don’t understand she is a Socialist just like Sanders. Hillary will tell you anything to get elected example “Fast & Furious” “emails while SS” the video “Benghazi” all these are just down right lies that also envolved Obama should have been impeached just shows how rotten our government really is. Pleas vote out these people.

    1. Ian MacLeod says

      I have to wonder if voting Hillary out is even possible. The “elites” seem to like her – meaning she’s really, really useful to them. Another sociopath, I guess. Seriously though, I don’t believe that ANY vote can’t be made to go exactly the way the owners of the Central Banking System (here, it’s the Fed) want them to go in D.C. And any honest soul who ends up there somehow, by accident no doubt, gets slimed coming in the door! Face it: Washington D.C. just needs to be emptied out, covered over, considered too toxic for use and forgotten!

  40. BTeboe says

    The real bigots in this country are the liberals who hate the military and the American way of life. They would never volunteer to serve their country, and yet they spend all the their time running down veterans and veterans causes. It’s somebody else’s job to keep them fat, dumb and happy behind their keyboards.

    1. Ian MacLeod says

      When I was a 14, three years before I joined up myself, I used to go to the V.A. hospitals when I could or a couple of “nursing home” like places and play music for ’em. (I’ve played professionally off and on since I was 14). I’d get the nurses to dance with the guys in wheelchairs sometimes. (And there IS a way for a healthy person to dance with someone in a wheelchair – I’ve done it myself when I was stuck in one!*grin* Two ways, actually, but for the second one there’d best not be any supervisors around…) I kept telling ’em they’re just hurt, not dead, and every one of ’em is still male! Now I’m 60, disabled and a patient there – when I can’t avoid it. I guess I’d better show up there soon, come to think of it. *sigh*

  41. wildeagleone says

    All those that follow the liberals that are in power will suffer the perils of Godlessness when they find that the liberals, all in power, believe that they are God’s in their own minds and destroy all that is good, for their own selfish desires

    1. Ian MacLeod says

      The people everyone is calling “liberals” are nothing of the sort – they’re outright paranoid schizophrenics! Some of the worst are so far gone, giving them medication and a long rest in a nice, quiet, padded dark room is about the only treatment I can think of… For US to have a little peace, I mean. THEY’RE hopeless!

    2. JYuma says

      Something like ISIS does now?

  42. El says

    I call the donor a great American.

  43. jim says

    Its sad to say this is not the country I was raised in, While I understand those kids ( wimps ) who had their lunches taken and sand kicked in their faces looking for payback, but its becoming a in fad to cry and whine about everything we used to stand for, and resent the rugged individualists who built this nation. Maybe because the new neanderthal women feel threaten by a real men and this is their payback but we have become a pathetic society . When this all shakes out and the day of reckoning comes the wimps will be easy prey for the those evil people who live among us and are just waiting to pounce on their opportunity. Leaders like the Clinton’s and Sanders are wolfs in Sheep clothing and as long as they promise the populace the world at someones else’ s expense, we are screwed. Thank God for the men and women who still enter the service of this nation, even if its defending this nut jobs —

  44. Albert L Biele says

    Why would anyone condemn a charity that benefits our veterans, regardless of who the contributors were? apparently gives more consideration to political correctness, then they do to helping the real heroes of this great nation; our veterans. I applauded, Marvel Entertainment’s CEO Ike Perlmutter, for his generous contribution to our vet’s; from a member of “The American legion, and US NAVY VET.

  45. ArizonaMilitiaDotCom says

    Behind every angry blue-haired fatty is just a lonely girl who never got asked to the Prom.

    You know it, I know, and everyone else knows it, too.

    “To rescue us from our troubled lives, the liberal agenda recommends denial of personal responsibility, encourages self-pity and other-pity, fosters government dependency, promotes sexual indulgence, rationalizes violence, excuses financial obligation, justifies theft, ignores rudeness, prescribes complaining and blaming, denigrates marriage and the family, legalizes all abortion, defies religious and social tradition, declares inequality unjust, and rebels against the duties of citizenship. Through multiple entitlements to unearned goods, services and social status, the liberal politician promises to ensure everyone’s material welfare, provide for everyone’s healthcare, protect everyone’s self-esteem, correct everyone’s social and political disadvantage, educate every citizen, and eliminate all class distinctions.”

    “Radical liberalism thus assaults the foundations of civilized freedom. Given its irrational goals, coercive methods and historical failures, and given its perverse effects on character development, there can be no question of the radical agenda’s madness. Only an irrational agenda would advocate a systematic destruction of the foundations on which ordered liberty depends. Only an irrational man would want the state to run his life for him rather than create secure conditions in which he can run his own life. Only an irrational agenda would deliberately undermine the citizen’s growth to competence by having the state adopt him. Only irrational thinking would trade individual liberty for government coercion, sacrificing the pride of self-reliance for welfare dependency.”

    “Only a madman would look at a community of free people cooperating by choice and see a society of victims exploited by villains.”

    [From The Liberal Mind; The Psychological Causes of Political Madness by Lyle H. Rossiter, Jr., MD]

    So, there you have it. Liberalism is a mental illness. The deluded Libtard Whackadoodle Douchebags all need to be institutionalized for the rest of their natural lives.

  46. Bruce Kellar says

    Isn’t it apro po that the group which openly, supposedly despises racism etc. practices it so openly and with so much gusto. Their representatives oppose free speech, free thought and discriminate freely against creativity and hard work while standing hatefully with their hand out while calling the donors nasty names. Draft all of them into the military and find a war for them to participate in. Or just find them a good country that they could live happily in. Get them somewhere that is perfect besides the USA.

    1. ArizonaMilitiaDotCom says

      Load them all up onto a spaceship and blast them into space. Tell them that they are going to colonize Mars, and that they can make it into the kind of whacky Communist society that they have always wanted. They will be so happy that they will be smoking dope in their drum circles for the entire trip.

      When they arrive and look out the window, some of them may ask why it doesn’t *look* like Mars. That’s when we tell them that we decided that they were better suited to colonize Uranus instead.

      Let the headlines read “Liberals infest Uranus.” It certainly has a ring of truth about it.

    2. Ian MacLeod says

      I’ve another idea: why not send everyone in the Congress AND the President to the war zones with the military every time they concoct another “police action” or other-named “war”? These undeclared “wars” are one of the things being used to destroy this country! And it breaks my heart to see my own country is THE world’s worst war-monger, attacking and outright ROBBING Second and Third World countries and then openly ROBBING THEM of their one natural resource that they could have used to pull them up into First World status. The OTHER price they pay for the Greed that drives the use of our military is the lives of the poor, the general populace most of the time: their young men, women and children! Iraq and other countries are also now pretty much PERMANENTLY POISONED with the so-called “depleted” uranium, which is no more “depleted” than the core of a nuclear bomb! The poor, monstrous children being born are a true HORROR, a genuine, needless and terrible Evil and it’s OUR DOING! America is NOT “the Land of the free”, nor is it the country that’s the model for “Peace Through Strength”. If anything it’s morphing or morphed into a country with the motto, “Land of the fee, home of the slaves”; people just don’t listen well these days and they hear what they want or expect to hear… *sigh* And too often what was REALLY said, however it was phrased, is “STFU and do what you’re told or ELSE, suckers! That country still has some blood left we haven’t sucked dry!” They may as well have said openly, “There’s still plenty to steal over there!” This planet is, in FAR too many ways, now poisoned beyond any redemption WE’RE ever likely to see.

  47. Patriot47 says

    Many of us realize being condemned by liberals is a badge of honor.
    Honor, being the one thing liberals can’t get.

  48. Tiger says

    Who cares the day this country doesn’t respond to the Mad Rabid Dog Libs and that is an insult to the dogs, then they die out like embers in a cooling fire.

    Throw water on them and don’t feed into their hype no fertilizer let them die on the vines.

  49. Deby says

    Too funny! “the world is chomping at the bit for more gay superheroes ” sorry, that cracked me up. Why would any normal, educated person read Salon anyway? Libs get po’d when they realize they are losing whatever “battle” it is they are championing.

  50. Gunflint Roseberg says

    Marvel Entertainment CEO Ike Perlmutter is obviously an American Patriot. Lets see what has the DemoRats leader done for the Military ? First one comes to mind is Benghazi, firing 197 Military
    Commanders since 2009 on cooked charges, white-washing a traitor for the release of US Military terrorist murder’s.
    The list goes on to 36 pages of a Congressional Report..

  51. G.Mann says

    Haters gotta hate, and there is no segment of society more filled with hate than those who subscribe to the liberal progressive school of thought and action.

    Notice need be taken, the bulk of the hate is displayed in a Passive Aggressive delivery. Something which real men and women, who actually face their opposition with facts do not do. Passive Aggressive acting out is recognized by mental health professionals as unhealthy behavior.

    Some studies indicate it increases individual stress, which may cause early death… so, as always, nature wins.

    If I can raise a liberal progressives stress level, I just look at it as an “Assisted Suicide” … Win/win… as I measure it.

  52. John Williams says

    My assumption would be that these are the same vets who fought and many died so these liberal idiots have the right to spew their venom? Liberal logic is an “oxymoron”.

    1. Ian MacLeod says

      So is “Common Sense.” Especially when it’s coming out of D.C. or the MSM these days.

  53. junkmailbin says

    Liberals are for the suppression of the human race

    1. Ian MacLeod says

      Kinda makes you wonder what they REALLY are, doesn’t it?

  54. jjmcl431 says

    hell, should talk. they are just a bunch of racist blacks who hate everyone who is not some shade of black. they need to be exterminated.

  55. Deborah Henderson says

    I personally am against abortion. The liberals could always use Pelosi, Obama, Bernie, both Clintons, Biden, Reid (and many others) as the poster children for why you should have one. LOL

    1. LIEberalschism says

      Yep. They are proof of why some animals eat their young.

    2. John Gillis says

      I am a big fan of postpartum abortions in their case.

      1. Ian MacLeod says

        In Pelosi’s case, when the very first words as the first woman Speaker of the House were “Impeachment is OFF the table!”, she made what SHE was and who she worked for VERY clear. As for the others, they ALL work for themselves, aka “I, me and mine” are the only pronouns that count to them, and for that matter, to pretty much ALL of D.C., clandestine or not. Hell, Dubya and Delay’s “Washington Royal Court” should have been heat-sterilized and the whole blasted thing started over clean, from scratch! Since it wasn’t, THAT infection has only gotten worse and worse. It’d likely take a nuclear antibiotic to take care of it now…

  56. poppopami says

    If liberals, atheists, BLM, muslims ,most Hollywood types, and all the other kooks in this country hate America so much, why not send them to a country that will appreciate their hatred …like Iran, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan. Put them on the front line in any one of those countries and let them proclaim their hatred to every one that could give a shit.

  57. buddman says will soon be Adios .com another Liberal misinformation rag nobody reads LOL

  58. buddman says

    There are 10x as many marvel comic book readers than Salomi. com readers Morons

  59. LIEberalschism says

    Stand with @marvel and @realdonaldtrump on twitter.
    Keep criminals and killers in their place and where they belong, in their own countries – not ours.

  60. LIEberalschism says

    Politicians take $1m bribes, Trump makes $1m donations to a worthy cause.

    1. Ian MacLeod says

      THAT’S putting it very nicely into a nutshell! It’s, as Trump would say, “The bottom line”!

      1. LIEberalschism says

        It should be illegal for candidates to accept donations from businesses because they are special interest bribes and nothing else.

        1. JYuma says

          Not to argue mind you.
          If businesses are not able to give money to candidates. How much should , could, can unions give?
          Just wondering .

          1. LIEberalschism says

            Unions are businesses too.

          2. JYuma says

            Glad you said that.
            As the onions… pop unions spent about 3,000,000,000 to put the Indonesian , Muslim, Gay, Not a U. S. citizen, where he is right now.
            As well as Most of the Dims in Congress.

  61. Dan Menard says

    We conservatives have to have our “big boy pants” tied up high and tight when dealing with the liberal socialist factions of politics. When there are no fact to support their claims, name calling of the most vile nature vomits out of their mouths revealing their inner most corruptions. Politicians and their politics can be a most vile and corrupt business these days!

    1. Ian MacLeod says

      If you think about it you’ll see that there really ARE NO “Liberals” OR “Conservatives” who are worth a tinker’s damn. When you get down something like the TPP, JUST enough of BOTH “sides” vote to screw us over, and that’s what happens. The owners of the Federal Reserve Central Banking System can’t afford to allow Americans to actually vote, a legitimate, correctly counted citizen’s VOTE, on anything that’s actually important at this point. Their intent is to literally BURY US and Balkanize the country to be sure it STAYS dead. They can’t afford even one major screw-up now, so they’re trying not to let ANYONE improvise. They need at least ONE of their own at the wheel from now on until TSHTF. Otherwise the whole stinking pile will land squarely on THEM! We can always hope… What worries me is that we haven’t seen the worst of the weapons handed to them by DARPA, not yet. I think that if we don’t find a way to pull and push together before then, we’re ALL in deep kimchee!

  62. Timothy Toroian says

    WHAT THE HELL! Did I actually read such Horse Hockey!!!!!! If the doesn’t be careful WE WILL BE BIGOTED, against them. As Un-American and anti-constitutional. And when we do we will be able to prove what they really are. And who made them the arbitrators of good??? They support communists, back certain religious terrorists, (Islamic) And support taking part of what some people work to achieve.

    1. Wiz says

      We can never in the furthest stretch of the imagination become like those autocratic arrogant
      self-righteous recalcitrant incorrigible slugs. Did I leave anything out? Their claim to fame is
      their inclusiveness yet they hate conservatives and Christians to the point of saying “You need
      to be eliminated. You are causing all of the problems.” Sounds like bigotry, racism, hatred
      and Christianophobia to me. The guilty are always the complainers.

    2. JYuma says

      Back certain religious Terrorist? The Dims. and the libs. openly support them.
      Look how many of them that bozo has in his office as Advisers.

  63. boucle says

    I am so sick of being viciously attacked for saying Trump is great. Libs say at least support Bush because they know Bush is a loser, and they twist everything good into a politically incorrect, therefore a bad thing. So if I say I don’t like Megan Kelly (who is a witch) I am called misogynist which makes no sense.

    1. Wiz says

      Definition of PC: 1. Liberally brains washed.. 2. Collared and enslaved to the controller, 3. Thought control by means of instilling fear of rejection by one’s pears. 4. To be afraid the man might come and take you away.

    2. Ian MacLeod says

      You misspelled “bitch” too… *grin* For some reason people are INSISTING that the candidate they vote for MUST be absolutely “perfect” – no flaws. All I can think is that they’re stuck in adolescence, ’cause there ain’t no such person on this planet – not quite yet anyhow,though I’m told He’s on His way. Okay, Trump isn’t perfect. I just have a bad feeling he’s been compromised though, and if he gets in he’ll be another Obama: working for the side opposite to the one he claims to be working for. I’ve come to the point at which I no longer believe that we can correct much of ANYTHING through voting;The Enemy has control of that process AND the law-making process along with enough of the clandestine Alphabet Agencies to remove ANYONE from ANY OFFICE. The Founders at least had a clear enemy to fight: King George and the monarchy in general. They were tired of being the property – literally – of a man whose OTHER brain cell didn’t work either, and who was in charge only because he happened to crawl out from between the right pair of legs. We’re in much the same position with the so-called “elites”: they were born a bunch of rich, lying thieves to a bunch of the same, and looking back a few generations, the one who seems to have started that line (I think it’s even older) was also a lying POS and a thief.

      We CANNOT fight this group through voting; they have control of that process, and they’ve demonstrated it over and over again. They now essentially have total control of Western Civilization! The Founders told us what to do in this situation! That’s why they left us the Second Amendment, and made it unmistakably clear that THERE IS NO LEGAL WAY AROUND IT! And THAT is why little by little Obama has been ignoring the Constitution and making up “laws” as he goes along, aiming for martial law as soon as he thinks he can get away with it. We have a foreign usurper in our highest single office whose clear mission is to finish this country off. People can call him a Democrat if they like; call him Rumpelstiltskin or Harvey for all I care! The super-rich put him there to do what he’s doing. Some of it goes well with his Marxist/Communist personal beliefs and his “all-conquering Islam” beliefs (he’s practicing taqyiia and ketman now – religiously legal lying), and what doesn’t he does anyway because he’d be killed in a heartbeat by the very people who “sanitized” him well and long enough to GET HIM THERE.and he knows it. He thought when he started out that he’d get to do the job, then get out and live well; I don’t think that was EVER the plan, and I think he knows THAT now, too. I don’t believe his owners DARE let him live very long after he’s out of that office. Too bad; he made some bad choices, and the single worst one of ’em was choosing to be America’s Enemy!

      1. boucle says

        True, however John McCain was so horrible (warmonger), we had no choice, and now realize the squatter in the WH is a foreign enemy kissing the behinds of muslims hoping they will spare his head.
        I believe in Trump, not beholden to evil forces, not a foreign enemy, investing his own $$ to be attacked by scum just to save the country. He only jumped in because it got so bad, especially watching Europe fall to the muslim caliphate. That took courage.
        I hope he can save the country using common sense.

  64. says

    Tell this to Hillary, if she is elected it will get much worse

  65. jimwilson81 says

    I guess I must be a bigot too, because I have made donations to Veterans organizations because I ma a Navy Veteran.

    1. Ian MacLeod says

      So am I, Jim, and there are a LOT of us here! I was Hospital Corps. To be clear,too, the closest I got to being stationed in a War Zone was East Oakland, but I tried! (Didn’t get shot at until I got out and worked ambulance there!) I’m classed as a Disabled Vet at just under 40%, meaning I couldn’t put a down-payment on a free meal. I do what I can, though; I’m a LOT luckier than a lot my contemporaries have been.

      1. jimwilson81 says

        I was a Hosptal Corpsman too during Vietnam and again when I because a Navy Reservist in 1991. The closest I got to combat was in Charleston, SC for Vietnam and Milwaukee, WI for Desert Storm. 🙂

  66. Drake Travis says

    yes, this is quite the turn of events from the tolerant, sensitive, insightful, enlightened chumps at

  67. Solider for liberty says

    boucle You have to remember the people you call libs or progressive are communist expect nothing less if they ever truly get unopposed power they will jail and kill people who think like you do. Don’t dismiss them as as uninformed or stupid they are part of a larger agenda that is growing and they are dangerous to our Republic!

  68. Gerry Haines says

    Who even gives a dam, what Salon thinks, they are nothing but Obama’s lackies, and the only reason they can bitch, is because of a veteran who fought for their right to do it. They make me sick.

  69. survivor33 says

    No matter what good a Rep tries to do, the liberals play the “RACE CARD”. Not hard to see that the only thing they have in their heads is call it racist….no matter that the money was donated to the Vet’s, something McCain who is head of the Veterans Administration is doing…McCain has left them out in the cold so to speak.

    1. Ian MacLeod says

      McCain works for McCain , period. Except for when his owners have a gun to his head. Or maybe a wood chipper in front of him…

  70. 2Shadow2 says

    Great read. If you’re not ticking off the Bolsheviks you’re not playing hard enough. Character assassination is the highest form of flattery. Especially from the Progressives.

  71. Roy Fredrichsen says

    If the liberals have so many negative complaints, They are free to go to Liberia and vent their anger as long as they leave the United States.

  72. Sharon Bauerle says

    Anyone who agrees with needs to be in the front lines in our new “war” against Libya.

  73. PIERRE77L says

    Reminds me of the the movie” Underworld” The libtards, democrats, socialists/communists are bunch of mindless beast. Incapable of thoughts and feelings. PINKO COMMIE F#GS ! SUBHUMAN TROLL MINDED FREAKS !

  74. Pat Alexander says

    Heard it said this way,” liberals were dropped on their heads at birth”!

  75. Bill Wilson says

    So what do these ‘people’ call what members of the islam cult of terrorism do to non-muslims? Go read US Public Law 414, Chap.2, Sect.212 and explain your reason for not enforcing a law made to prevent terrorists from gaining easy access to US soil…islam has declared war on America and has attacked our citizens and military on our home soil. Where are we supposed to draw the line as to what is islam vs what is islam? A rose is still a rose by any other name. A muslim is still a muslim by any other (radical, moderate) name. A “moderate” muslim is just a terrorist-in-hiding until their leaders tell them to become “radical” and go on jihad and we are letting these terrorists into the country, even putting them into our military and offices of leadership. What the hell is wrong with this country?

    1. LIEberalschism says

      “A ruse by any other name is still a ruse”.

    2. Ian MacLeod says

      What’s wrong with this country is that the so-called “elites” have grabbed control of the mechanisms of government through bribery, murder and threats of it, through trickery (Washington D.C. is NOT the legitimate government, and the Admiralty/corporate law courts are NOT the Common Law the Founders designed the structure of American Law to operate under!) D.C. is a FRAUD! What’s wrong is that the people who are actually in charge of America are our Enemies! That would screw up ANY country!

  76. 012017 endofanerror says

    Not only is liberalism a mental disorder they are just plain stupid. What is worse an islamic terrorist, an illegal immigrant or a disgusting liberal? What a hard decision to make. F them all.

  77. Joyce White says

    If you don’t like the game, pick up your marbles and go home.We are tired of your constant complaining and exaggerated claims of bigotry. If someone doesn’t like what you do, they are bigots. If they don’t agree with you, they are bigots. If we decide to vote for someone you think is a bigot, you calls us bigots. When are you anal idiots going to learn, you can’t tar everyone with the same brush, even if they are all standing in the same place. Grow up! Start acting like adults instead of spoiled brats.

  78. Wiz says

    “gay superheroes “How about Hitlery in the WH? So the role goes like this. WOW her comes an
    alien. OOU I think he’s cute. Got your Gaff on? I’d like to shoot him with my ray gun. Which one?

  79. johnnywoods says

    What an ignorant ass.

  80. LIEberalschism says

    These people were either not breast fed as babies or they were spoiled with a pacifier every time they cried, either way they just didn’t get quite enough luvin’ and attention.
    It’s no wonder they’ve grown up into Liberal Gay Boy Toys.

  81. johnm says

    Any move that benefits our wounded vets, is a good move. they deserve it !

    1. JYuma says


  82. Renegade says

    Liberals don’t think. They are genetically pre-programmed to be perpetually wrong. Common sense is an anathema to them.

    1. Ian MacLeod says

      “Common sense” is an oxymoron.

  83. Patriotic USVeteran1776 says

    Personally I do not care who initiated the donation to us veterans. But I believe if Trump had started a donation for some liberal group, there would not have been a problem. I really get sick of idiots who attack those who donate for a greater good.

    I applaud anyone who gives to us veterans.
    I myself have been homeless along with my family, just a few years ago. I could not find, any government program to help me, not even my BA in Criminal Justice was worth the paper it was printed on. Thank God, and Donations made by some great people to the veteran program, at The Florida Heart of United Way, who put us up in a Hotel, then assisted us with housing. Because of the United Way, my family and I are recuperating from homelessness. The answer is no the VA would not help me and my family off the streets, We were denied help because we were not a full year on the streets in order to qualify.

    Bottom line is I want to thank those who have and still donate to veterans, I am sure you are all aware that as veterans we are normally thrown under the bus when we need help from our own government, and if you do not believe that because you have not been in this position, I ask you to look up all the funding removed from veterans to house illegals, and refugees who do not have to spend a year on the streets in order to qualify for housing, and other benefits.

  84. Debbie says

    Are people just looking for something to complain about?

    1. JYuma says

      AH. What is your complaint?

  85. Paladin says

    I’ve never known a liberal to have cogent thought!!!

  86. gmhunt4 says

    Liberals do not believe in donating to charities. Liberals think that is what government is for.

  87. gerald Hughes says

    Ike Permutter, you are the man, we thank you, on behalf of your vets.
    And remember if Salon likes you, you suck, it is a badge of honor to have Salon upset with you.

  88. Susan Short says

    I was born shortly after WW II, and am born of the “greatest generation.” Part of the reason it was the greatest generation was because liberalism had not shown its ugly face in this country yet. Over the course of my lifetime I have come to learn some things about liberals, and among them is the fact that they are gutless cowards who, if you get in their face, they run away crying to their mommy! If the U.S. had fought against Hitler with nothing but liberals in the military, the Nazis would still be killing Jews, if there were any left! Why do you think that Obama, and other gutless liberals like him, despise the military?! Remember, it was Slick Willy Clinton, who this STUPID country elected president twice, who dodged the draft, and wrote in a letter to the officer who tried to draft him that “I loathe the military!” This was the statement that this liberal piece of crap, Bill Clinton, made. and this STUPID country made him “commander in chief?! Are you kidding me?! It’s no wonder why we have the problems that we do today in this country! Then, I wonder how many people know about the hundreds of thousands of military votes from overseas that never made it over here in time to be counted for the 2012 election?! Do you think that it’s possible that that little Muslim, Obama, had anything to do with that?! Your’e daxn right he did! Once again, this STUPID country makes this little black Muslim the commander in chief? Clueless Americans! The greatest generation is long gone, and I look forward to seeing them again some day in Heaven, where the cowardly liberals will not be, and I won’t have to listen to the liberal crap that they spew, because God won’t allow it in Heaven!

    1. JYuma says

      Liberals have been here from The start of this Great Nation. They have gained in popularity in the last 150 years, howsoever.
      The Most LIBERAL president WAS Wilson. With Johnson, Carter, and obozo close behind.

  89. doctorbob says

    Liberals do not think like Americans anymore. They come across as “the enemy.” I never used to think of declaring liberalism as a capital punishment crime. But then I took a look at Michael Moore and George Soros.

  90. Gunflint Roseberg says

    According to DemoRats logic 101, Marvel Exec should have spent 1 million more wisely. Like sponsoring additional Syrian refugee Terrorists into the US, giving 1 Mil to Hitlery for legal representation, or maybe
    spending it on DemoRatic hand book’s “How to by-pass the Constitution” . *sarc*

  91. Ddenney1 says

    Yet there are still people that support Demon Rats!!!! This mental illness must be treated!! The libs are the mass shooters they are murdering the unborn and promote violence and sodomy and call it tolerance!!! I thought that liberalism was the open discourse of different ideas???? NOW it is the stifling of any idea that “DOES NOT CONFORM”!!!

  92. David Nichols says

    Sites like Salon are only preaching to the choir, they have no influence on people not already contaminated with the Liberal virus… Better to ignore them and their ranting, responding to their ridiculous and specious “reasoning” just encourages them to spew more hate…

  93. joebabe says

    The doctor is correct. Liberalism, (progressive, or lefty)’is a mental disorder! No gun permits for the mentally ill , please!

  94. bikerscholar says

    Salon is categorically in opposition to historical American values. They consistently promote homosexuality, God/Christian bashing, and positions that many of us recognize as despicable and traitorous.

  95. AKLady2015 says

    The hate displayed on this site is an embarassment to America,

    1. JYuma says

      Then way do you stay on it?

  96. R. T. says

    Ya he should have given it to there campaign so they could distribute it , to there don’t want to work voters !!!!!!!! NOT!

  97. therealstory2 says

    This country is screwed up because it is controlled by powerful people and distorted media. In this case the twist you put on this article fits right in. The Salon article slammed Marvel comics for lack of diversity not for Perlmutter donating to vets. Trump’s race baiting is no secret and it’s no secret that he was attempting to draw attention away from the Republican debate. OK the subhead that it was “a slap in the face” is over the top but you twisted the article to fit your agenda. It doesn’t help.

  98. jimmy midnight says

    Last time Trump raised money for vets, there were real questions ’bout whether vets actually got any of it.

    1. JYuma says

      Bull Shit. Not only does he support our Vets. with money he employs them in his Business’.
      He IS not like The Wounded Worrier group that Only forwards 52% of the money they receive or less.
      You can look that up If you are not to dimwitted too.
      I gave to them until I found that out. Now I give to the Disabled Vets. organization. That does.

      1. Wiz says

        DAV Disabled American Vets has been on my list for 35 yrs.
        That’s my choice.

  99. NovelDog says

    Just goes to show what they really think of our Vets.

  100. NovelDog says

    Let’s just be too tough for them. We stick together and vote Trump come blank or high water.

  101. David Mangum says

    Calling liberals retarded would be isulting to the retarded

  102. parthia says

    The Iowa caucus Has Proven to me how CORRUPT the democrat liberal Iowa are people. Either that or they are Very Very Stupid people. Whatever you choose is pretty bad. They voted for KILLARY 50% and then the other Idiot socialist progressive Bernie the other 50%. Judging by these imbeciles we Patriotic Americans who still Believe heart & soul in America & her constitution we are in Great Danger. Does any of them Know or realize what our countrymen who formed this country & died for so we would be Protected by our GREAT CONSTITUTION is NOW wanting to go completely CORRUPT or just as Low Life, Socialist. I am Horrified and Scared crapless. These FOOLS Started to help take us down with the somehow voting obama into OUR White House & then the somehow illegal second term where he is doing his Best in Totally Destroying America. And WHAT FOOL would ever want to put him into the supreme court. Has America gone MADD. Seems like half America is MADD & the other half is MAD. I am very tired of all this. One day it seems like America will make a great Come Back then the next the old Arabian flying Carpet is pulled out right from under our feet. I hope with this Shock from Iowa that ALL OUR CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN AMERICANS come out to vote us back to HONOR, VALUES, HONESTY, JUSY PLAIN CLEANLINESS THAT we can Feel in the Air Around us. Can’t you just feel the filth & Corruption stick to you when you walk out your door. Look at the madness of the young people these days, disrespect for everyone & everything including themselves. They have no clue & don’t know how to behave. We are all LOST. People who LOVE America let’s get it right this year let’s all go vote in November TOGETHER and vote Conservative Republican, who is Definitely not a Political Eat Out Our American Constitution. Together we STAND Divided we WILL FALL. If the liberal democrats win you better learn spanish & or the muslim sick tongue.

    1. JYuma says

      Why did it take you this long to see that?
      I do like your reasoning though.

      1. parthia says

        I’ve seen it for a very long time but I just didn’t write it here because I have written a lot of comments BUTTTT a bunch of the type’s of people I’ve talked about write back & over & over & it is hard to get rid of them. These liberal democrats are really so Demented & then to now add socialists to the list of freaks my God it takes your breath away. HAHAHA Thanks for a breath of fresh air to find someone who has not lost his or her Killary or obama to follow the corruption of government we are now drowning in. Parthia

    2. Ian MacLeod says

      The SCOTUS has been corporate-owned for a long time now – they’ve ruled against us and for the “elite’s” corporations over and over again. The same goes for Congress now too. The few who’d vote for decent legislation have been leaned on hard enough that in votes important to the “elites” they throw us under the bus. We the People have totally lost control of the “government” – or the corporate imitation of the government. We CANNOT take it back through any legal process; they’ve seen to that too. All the alphabet agencies that I’m aware of work for Them; the same goes the “government”. What does that leave, folks? It seems to me we’re up shyte crick without a paddle!

  103. soldiermom11 says

    But they had no problem that Soros gave Hillary 6 Million dollars. You think Hilliary can defend us like our warriors? Gee I don’t know let’s ask the dead of Benghazi.

    1. JYuma says

      I do
      I wonder what FOREIGN Bank or Fund, he took it [the money] from to give to her.

    2. Ian MacLeod says

      Hell no! Give ‘er a gun and send her on over! Let’s see if she can do any better than the ones she ABANDONED! Hell, let’s be generous and give her several guns and maybe a grenade launcher! And let me know if anyone’s taking bets. Three to one she puts her own head into low Earth orbit and that cheap wig into interplanetary space and headed OUT… Oh! You mean that’s her OWN hair..? Oops. Sorry ’bout that. REALLY, though?? *sigh* Well, let her do with that what Harrison Ford did with his hat in the horse-chasing-train scene and staple the thing on!

      1. soldiermom11 says

        I can’t stand her either. Grandma and grandpa socialist have to go. Conservatives need to educate our young people like how much of their paycheck they are going to lose if the Bern gets elected.

  104. organic girl says

    ” “Marvel continues to churn out movies that disproportionately star white, male,
    and heterosexual characters, with no end to that trend in sight,” writes the online rag.

    Yeah, the world is chomping at the bit for more gay superheroes, no doubt about that.”

    You forgot non-white, female, lesbian characters.

    1. Ian MacLeod says

      I wonder if any complainers have actually looked at any comic books lately? I don’t recall EVER seeing any gay heroes or heroines, but there ARE people of various skin hues, tones, and different countries of origin. I used to collect the things, and I still give ’em a glance now and then even if I AM an old fart…

      1. organic girl says
  105. jimmy midnight says

    The reason there were questions is because of “charity” rules and regs. Questions remain about veteran charity cases actually getting any money outta this. On previous occasion, some sharp operator walked away with a few hundred thousand, unless I’m badly mistaken.

    At 52% reaching advertised recipients, Wounded Warriors actually, and tragically, compares more or less favorably with big-name American charities, so thanks for looking that up. I’ve seen their emotionally evocative ads, which likely consume much of their budget. The fact that 52% of something big can help more that 85% of something small is one of those vacuum related realities that so abound in our
    Third Millennium.

    JYuma, I’m honored you bothered to reply to a so-called “LIBTARD TROLL” such as myself. Your future posts will be better read if you remember that bullshit is a single word, and that the comparative “too” is spelled with a double o, whereas the infinitive particle is spelled with a single o. You got ’em backwards. Sadly, this points to the possibility that you are also backward.

    1. organic girl says

      Personally, I don’t contribute to any charity that uses more than 15-20% for administrative expenses, and I include fund-raising in that.

      I’d rather see taxes fully fund programs for vets and leave the tax write-offs for wealthy donors out of the picture. In a perfect world…

      1. Ian MacLeod says

        A campaign plank you could actually SLAP the snot outta someone with would be a good thing. Might actually get someone’s attention for a change… Remember that politicians have an extra, very sensitive nerve the rest of us don’t that leads to their re-election accounts (usually labelled “Recreation”; that way they can claim it’s a misspelling) Who would doubt..?

    2. JYuma says

      The owners of Wounded Warriors are wasting the 52%.
      As for me calling you a Lib. Troll?
      I did not do that.
      I would not INSULT A TROLL by referring to them as a Lib.
      A Mad Troll IS a Awful thing to see.
      As for my spelling , Grammar, forming my English to your satisfaction?
      Stuff it! Ifn ya d doesn’t like it. Dosecent read it.

  106. SickofPoliticks says

    Screw them all! It doesn’t matter what Trump supports or doesn’t support as long as he is helping our vets. This nation hasn’t taken care of them the way they should be. So Salon needs to STFU.

  107. jimmy midnight says

    ‘We would find that several steps down the road to a perfect world. Still waiting. And, just saying.

  108. Reta Mae Cherry says

    The libtard wants everyone to donate to only the cause of libtard.

    Picture this stupidity: Welfare for RAPEFUGEES.

    Feed the hand that kills you and yours? The people who conquer worlds by rape, and murder, and human sacrifice by burning. Doesn’t make any sense to feed them so they can wipe you out!

  109. Sean Rickmin says

    Liberals are”wanna be”commies and they are very good at what they”wanna be.Anyone with about a half an ounce of common sense can see how the liberals are destroying America.”O”bozo is the great divider,black people are far worse at racism and bigotry.

  110. Effenexes says

    If ISIS, yes they are Muslims, ever got a toe hold in the U.S. they are going to have lots of fun with Salon and the diabolical group that infest it’s operation. Poetic justice wouldn’t you say?

  111. joe says

    They are liberals and the only wat to be a liberal is to be very stupid it is a requirement,of course you also have to be a good liar and be easy to manipulate. A person that can actually think for themself could never be a liberal because they don’t make good sheep.

  112. JOE says

    r all liberal-demoRATS on crack like o dumb @*$*$*?

  113. miles says

    Oh, but it is ok for planned parenthood to donate 20 million to hillery’s campaign. No that is illegal.

  114. VanceJ says

    Don’t like his politics, but my hat is off to him for his donation to the Vet’s.

  115. Joseph Flanagan says

    Screw, and all other Democrat/Communists (Same thing?) We must change the far left regime in D.C, and alter it’s evil effects. The only way to do that is by electing a Republican. Either Trump, or Cruz???

    1. Ian MacLeod says

      That reminded me of a quote I’ve not seen in a long time:
      “To get a Conservative to change his mind on an issue, convince him with evidence and logic that you’re right and he’s wrong. To convince a Liberal to change his mind on an issue, offer to pay off his dealer…”

  116. jimmy midnight says

    I want to read it if you’re replying to me, and will struggle through it regardless of grammatical niceties. I’m pointing out to you that many others may not. I called myself a liberal troll. It’s good to be one in spaces like this. So I’m not accusing you of name calling.

    Yours in friendship

    1. JYuma says

      Then I will tell you something that you will probably already Know.
      “I” am a CONSTITUTIONAL conservative .
      Yours too in Friendship and Servility.
      Now! lets git back to the ARGUING.

    2. JYuma says

      I never had the opportunity to go past the Sixth grade. As at the young age of 19 I was drafted into the Marines for V.N. Got married straight out of there (Marines)( VN)(shotgun wedding) and have been married for the last 50 years to the same women.
      I have at times wished that her Pap wood pass on so that I could gain control of that damned shotgun. Althoe she wood very likely be that one to git the shotgun.
      There are ONLY three things that I FEAR. Her, that shotgun and “GOD”. In that order.
      That may explain my spelling and grammatical errors.

  117. ringostarr1 says

    Whats Salon going to do next, market their very own line of lavender scented, pink personal lubrication products?

    1. LIEberalschism says

      They haven’t done that yet?!!

  118. Roy Fredrichsen says

    Anybody that thinks donating to a worthy cause is a bigot is just plain stupid. Had he donated to an All-Black Regiment they might have claimed he was prejudicial for not making a similar donation to an all-white regiment.” Some days you just can’t win for losing” say some.

  119. jimmy midnight says

    It’s to the everlasting shame of all Americans in general and The Establishment in particular, the way they manipulated you fellahs into doing military hitches, much less fighting and dying for their Southheast Asia project; and your biographical sketch explains, and all but entirely excuses, almost all. (There must have been at least one moment when someone suggested, “Hey, c’mon, man, let’s run to Canada.”)

    About 2’s, think of me as a clumsy someone with thick glasses, and not necessarily paying full attention, telling the following story: “On my way back TO the drawing board, I was surprised TO notice that, although I had cut the piece TWO times. it was still TOO short. Disappointed, too.” Another way around would be to just use the numeral 2 in all cases. Then everyone’ll think you’re just being very modern.

    1. Ian MacLeod says

      Ah… not EVERYone. The juxtaposition of too, to and two and all the other spelling ERRORS (call them what you will, they’re ERRORS) drive me NUTS! The occasional typo is one thing; what I’m talking about is a HABIT of ignorance or a seriously compromised IQ. Whatever the reason, it makes someone’s post do to my mind what most dog whistles do to my ears! It HURTS, and it’s REALLY ANNOYING! (No, I’m NOT a dog, and YES, I CAN hear a lot of dog whistles. I’m 60 years old and a professional multi-instrumental musician/singer/songwriter).

    2. JYuma says

      I believe that there are a lot of men that think that being called to fight for this country is AN Honor. Sir. No matter the country we are sent to.
      For myself I jave Two To Too 2 Honorabl discharges. One from the Army after they found out that I had Asthma. One when I finished my service to country And the U.S. Marine Corps. I LIED my ASS off to get in there.
      As for Running with your TAIL between your Legs for Canada! I Had a brother that did that. Dad sent me after him. Told me to bring him or carry him back. I talked to him, he stayed there.
      Dad didn’t speak to me for 5 years after that.
      When DAD died, we did not allow him to attend his services.
      Now, as for you grammar, spelling an what ever. I get on this post to exchange Ideas, Facts,beliefs about different subjects.
      If you do to like the way I spell. The way I or anyone on this blog believe, or their grammar. Look past it or STUFF it.
      Tell me> ArE you one of the Cowards that RAN off to Canada to?

  120. daveveselenak says

    Put simply: God has given these hypocrites over to a reprobate mind as they can not distinguish good from evil. They think of themselves as gods even though they are full of sh*t! The problem is that nearly half of the nation are in the same boat – the Titanic II – as the nation sinks into the abyss of debauchery!

  121. Jordan48 says

    It is a Biblical truth that liberals are insane. “The heart of a wise man leans to the right; while the heart of a fool leans to his left.” (Eccl 10:2) The accumulation of unforgiven sin in a mans life will render him (or her) insane. They become confused, not sure of which hoices are the right choices, and they often times compromise with wicked and evil men over social, professional, and personal issues. Sin, in the eyes of God, is a form of insanity. Now you know the truth.

    1. Ian MacLeod says

      Obama is not a Liberal – he’s a Manchurian Candidate – a plant, and he’s doing exactly what he was put in place for: destroying what remains of America. He’s a tool of the so-called “super-wealthy elites”. He’s not a Liberal OR a Conservative – he’s The Enemy! The “elites” and their assassins are (most likely) holding the Congress out of the way and preventing them from acting, the few who would. The same goes for the military, which is why so many highest ranking officers have been killed or fired: the HAVE TRIED. Those who did are dead. America stands on the edge of the Abyss. Either we act, or we die; maybe both. But if no one acts, that death is certain for this country and every single patriot now living as well as the old, the disabled and many many others, totaling out to 90% to 98% of the populace. So the “elites” have said. The U.N. is theirs; so is NATO. And with Obama and his representatives selling pieces of America off to China and other countries, those countries, having paid HIM, will start feeling justified in sending their military here to protect their investments, though Obama has NO RIGHT to sell off pieces of this country. That’s also part of the “elite” plan: to balkanize America, weakening it even more. Time is running out.

  122. C6Vette says

    Libturds are all alike, just look at what they have done in this Ovomnit World! In the last 7 years we have LOST GOD in our schools, churches, even on the streets! Lost tradition Marriage. Lost a once Awesome, Powerful Military and forced certain people that normally would never, ever qualify for entry into the Military, caused MORE Racial Divide than I have EVER seen in my life and so much more there just is not enough room to write it all down! If you’re a mudslim you can pray anywhere you like and if Christians don’t like it they can either move, or be “Beheaded”! Ovomit has turned ALL our Allies into Enemies and ALL our Enemies Allies (I seriously doubt that Iran, N. Korea, China, or Russia will EVER be our allies)! Maybe I should leave Russia off that list, Putin likes nothing more than to make a fool out of Ovomit and for all the right reasons! Nobody fears Ovomit except any American with half a brain, we can see what has happened to this once Great Nation since he has taken over our Oral Office, (Thanx Slick Willy for re-naming the once most respected office in the world)! Anyone that is even looking at a Libturd as our next potus should go have their heads examined! This Rag “Salon” that is trying to belittle Marvel Comic’s Donation to help Veterans must have communistic ties, or BFF with Ovomit, something I would never acknowledge in private, or public! To disrespect our Veterans, the very people that gave them the freedom to spew the BS they do and then criticize them should feel fortunate they are still in business! Let us not forget these same people are the ones that keep hiding all the things Ovomit & Killery (Team: “Butchers of Benghazi”) have done to harm this country, while they keep inviting Terrorist here to KILL US are very lucky they can still write their BS! Just MY opinion…..

    Nam Combat Vet
    :Live Free or Die”
    “Freedom is Not Free”

  123. Pam Dirac says

    “Wow, that’s a lot of sinning for one donation to a worthy cause”.

    Well, it *was* a $1,000,000 donation. That buys a helluvalot of sins, amitite?

    “Considering how seldom the real world works like the weird utopia of
    their dreams, they end up sharing kinship with Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce
    Banner: they’re always angry.”

    Actually, it wasn’t Bruce Banner who was always angry. That was the Hulk. Considering what the Hulk could do, it’s a good thing Dr. Banner isn’t a libbie.

    1. LIEberalschism says

      Nor, apparently, is Mark Ruffalo a libbie either.
      There are still some hollywooders that haven’t embraced the dark side and become hollyweirders.

  124. jimmy midnight says

    Hey, Ian we should get together and jam out sometime, in the interim we need to bear in mind that not everyone has had the educational advantages that I, and I presume you also, have had. In particular, our friend JYuma only went to sixth grade in what I’m guessing was an even-poorer-than-average American public school.

    I try very hard to edit my posts properly, and encourage everyone to do the same. I don’t actually find ERRORS painful, but of course I notice. Most others just unconsciously turn off their attention. Regret not capitalizing the final TOO previously.

    1. JYuma says

      Least I didn’t slink off too Canada as you did.
      As I stated. I am not in ,on here to sooth your english rules ejikatshon.
      I am here to disscuss, Facts on history, the Constitution, or other interests of the people here.
      Not to argue with Ass Holes such as you. I wood rather converse with lean right, foil, or even aklady.
      I am dun wasting time on a trool such as you.

    2. Ian MacLeod says

      No problem, jimmy midnight. It’s like the texting kids – and too many adults – who do that so much it sneaks into what’s supposed to be adult composition. I can read it of course, but I feel like I’m trying to communicate with someone who’s severely handicapped, though I suppose I’M the one with the handicap. Every friend I’ve got has been trying to talk me into getting a cell phone, my brother wants to send me his old one… *sigh* They just don’t get it at all. Ah well. As for advantages, I did graduate from high school. Had a few college courses. Other than that I read everything I could get my hands on about things that interested me, worked quite a few different jobs – worked EMT1 ambulance 10 years, then was a Paramedic Neonate Specialist; Sr. Electronics and Mechanical Design Drafter in Aerospace (job shopper). Other interests were rock climbing, been a martial artist all my life, but somewhat limited these days; mycology (was a resource for Central Oregon hospitals for a time in mushroom poisoning cases – as an identifier), I’ve been adopted by 3 cats who were left here when my wife had to leave (more to that than it sounds like, and less; I still love her completely, but have things here to take care of I can’t just walk away from). I guess I’ve stayed busy. Still in Central Oregon for now, until I can get the disposition of this house and some other business taken care of. What can I say? Life remains interesting…

      I’d love to jam sometime! I don’t get much chance to anymore. I’m a piano player and a singer more than anything, but I’ve got an old accordion (in fine shape!), 2 12-string guitars, (one’s a Washburn!), a nice Martin 6-string and some others, a Kurtzweil SP88 keyboard and various other instruments. Also picked up the first Mackie powered mixer. 6 channels, 500 watts mono with 2 300 watt speakers… Nice setup for solo work. Check out “Kelly and the Monsters” on YouTube. Not the best song OR recording, but it did what I wanted it to.

  125. jimmy midnight says

    I had an uncle who fought with distinction in WWII. I opposed VN War, and still do. Had eye problems as a boy, knew that I’d get a 4-F because of them. In ’65, I took Armed Forces physical and was classified 4-F, but I would’ve done whatever to avoid military service in the Vietnam period.

    The Declaration of Independence talks about a duty to oppose tyranny,

    1. JYuma says

      Your way. My way. On that differ completely. One of my very good friends studied to be a Priest.
      I was raised differently.
      If I offended you. May be I should say that I am sorry. Howsoever I will not.
      Now do you Feel that we may git back to discussing something worth discussing besides Spelling Bull Shit like that? To type nothing about insults.
      I wood rather save my insults for ak broad, flail , crarla shecono.

  126. jimmy midnight says

    You haven’t offended me, so need not apologize. I wonder if you understand the dark side of the Constitutional meme, and realize that it’s actually about removing, or removing the effect of, all amendments–well, maybe not the Second and Tenth, but certainly all the others, and the 13th,14th, and 15th, passed in the wake of the Civil War.

    Do you understand that they may very well be playin’ you, again, with this?

    1. JYuma says

      Yep. They are trying. What I can not understand is the people that will not, or have not read Article II. Nor the court case’s that SCOTUS has rule on pertaining to it. Have you? If not I am able to send it to you as it was sent to me by another seeker.

  127. jimmy midnight says

    Certainly have read Article II, and am basically familiar with it and the state of jurisprudence relevant to it. So let me know, my friend, what you’re trying to get at.

    1. JYuma says

      Just wondering if you had read what it actually states. Most people have not. I hadn’t until is article was forwarded to me. Now it makes me wonder IF indeed rubio, or Cruz may hold the office. Constitutionaly.

  128. jimmy midnight says

    Rubiio is clearly eligible. As for Cruz, there’s lots of controversy. Graduate lawyers are all over the place about it, and I have to admit that my opinion wouldn’t be definitive, either. Like you, I sort of wonder if SCOTUS can, or will jump in on this.

    Either one of them, or any R would be a disaster for this count,y, and the world at large, because their SCOTUS appointees would all-but-certainly rule that national government can’t do a

  129. jgfsmf says

    Wow. Don’t they realize that there are Mexicans and I’m sure Muslims who are veterans? Idiots!

  130. MakeAmericaGreatAgain! says

    Why don’t we deport this Liberal Marvel exec trash ..Liberal atheist pigs in America!

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