Massachusetts Public School Textbook Glorifies Islam


For years, liberals have done everything in their power to make sure Christianity is kept out of the public school system. In this, they’ve largely been successful, erasing school prayer, condemning student Bible readings, and even crushing private clubs that hold meetings on school property. But when it comes to Islam, they’re predictably less concerned about appearances.

At least one parent in Revere, Massachusetts is concerned about how his son’s history book teaches about Islam. Anthony Giannino told a local news outlet that, “No religion should be taught in school. It says Allah is their only God. That’s insulting to me as a Christian who believes in just Jesus only.”

While the textbook in question stops short of endorsing Islam, it portrays the religion in an overly-celebratory context that might run at odds with how many view it in light of recent events. It reprints the Muslim Call to Prayer in full, which includes such statements as “I bear witness that there is no god but Allah.” It also includes a rather biased overview of Muhammad’s life. “Muhammad never expected to change the world,” the book tells us. “He had a strong sense of right and wrong.”

This is the religion, in case anyone had forgotten, that is claimed by the Taliban, Al Qaeda, ISIS, Hezbollah, Hamas, Boko Haram, and countless other terror organizations. Granted, it’s also claimed by more than a billion non-violent followers, but it’s curious that the book does not appear to mention the dark side to the “religion of peace.”

Liberals want American children to forget that more than 18,000 terror attacks in the last decade have been committed in the name of their favorite religion. They will dig and dig until they find a Christian equivalent, often being forced all the way back to the Crusades to come up with a salient point. But we’re not talking about things that happened 500 years ago; we’re talking about the state of the world today.

The philosophies that drive these terrorists are not some “perversion” of Islam, though they may be rightfully condemned by Muslims who only wish to worship in peace. They are taken from Muhammad himself, the man who “had a strong sense of right and wrong.” In the last years of his life, he ordered more than 60 military campaigns for the glory of Allah, luring faithful soldiers with the promise of loot, sex, and an afterlife filled with wonders. Perhaps Muhammad was practicing a “perverted” version of his own religion.

To be sure, there are verses in the Bible that call for fairly barbaric and violent actions. The difference is that we don’t wake up to news stories about Christian terrorists stoning women, killing gays, and blowing themselves up on a weekly basis. Whether the difference is economic, regional, or religious really makes no difference. The facts are the facts, and they need to be recognized.

As long as bleeding-heart liberals are in charge of the public school system, though, don’t expect your kids to know anything about that.

  1. Barto says

    This sounds more like propaganda from the Liberal left.

    1. sandman says

      What would that be? the text of the story, or the liberal way it is presented to young children?

      1. Barto says


  2. william g munson says

    they want to worship the DEVIL in peace and I say that because they are against the Bible and its teaching and for Allah and I am also affended to thinks that they even approved this book to be taught or even read in school, for we the people here believe in GOD WE TRUST AND IN NO OTHER WILL WORSHIP OR EVEN RECONIZE

    1. Uzoozy says


      1. J_in_TX says

        A false god (allah).

        1. Kent2012 says

          oozing is a troll from euro ville…

  3. Carrie Barton says

    Islam is a gov’t hiding behind a hateful religion.

    Spread the word – Chris Mitchum for Congress via Chris Mitchum Jack Orswell for Congressman Jason Chaffetz

  4. Combatvet52 says

    Liberals want American children to forget that more than 18,000 terror attacks in the last decade have been committed in the name of their favorite religion, this is what they call peaceful HEAD CHOPPERS

  5. 1American1st says

    Parents should be outraged! What is wrong with Liberals? They are deeply mentally disturbed people & since 9/11 it has become even more evident. When they elected a man with strong Muslim ties & Muslim educated, I knew we had a problem! How could they forget 9/11 in just 7 short years? How!?!

    1. Uzoozy says

      You seem to be an expert in BS, just an empty drum, echoes when hit.
      Islam is a great religion where they pray to one God unlike the other two where multiple gods are prayed to.
      May God bless you

      1. Wes Tipton says

        islam is a cult based on the dreams of a so called ‘prophet’. So apparently I can wake up each morning, have my scribe (wife) write down my dreams and then I will also be a ‘prophet’. Difference is I am not attracted to little girls and not being a pedophile I don’t qualify!
        BTW muslim, what other two religions pray to multiple Gods? I have no idea what that means.

        1. Mark Clemens says

          I’m guessing the American Indian, Egyptians, Old School Romans………?

        2. 7papa7 says

          One of the “religions” he is referring to is probably Christianity (not a religion but a relationship). He, like Mormons, believe that the trinity is 3 separate Gods. They don’t have a concept of the trinity. It would be like saying an egg is really 3 eggs, the shell, the white and the yolk. Once again we see absolute proof that you can not fix stupid. I have never seen a religion that was so hateful, so angry, so irrational and the list goes on. Any god that teaches these things are a danger to the world and should be eliminated any way possible

          1. catman says

            I suggest you go study the Mormon religion since you apparently don’t know shit about it.

          2. 7papa7 says

            I have studied it and it is polytheistic. It also believes that the men will become gods. They have a saying “As man is God once was and as God is man will become”. I had to take a class on cults in seminary and Mormonism is one that we had to cover. I also have friends who are Mormons and we have had many discussions on what they believe and compared that to Scripture. A friend of mine was the great grandson of one of the Mormon leaders and I got a great deal of insight, so don’t tell me I don’t know about the Mormon religion. You are the one that needs to do some serious independent study, not me.

        3. ljcarolyne says

          This Bullshit has to stop. Mohammad was a pedophile, evil as Hell, along with Islam and that Godless book the Queer’an. Put them ALL in a sack, including Obama, and they ALL would come out together. This Bullshit has to stop, now.

        4. SirWilhelm says

          Islam is a slave cult, based on every Muslim swearing to be a slave of Allah, in order to be a Muslim. Is not slavery evil? Does that not make Allah a slavemaster? Are slavemasters not evil? Islam is an evil slave cult.

          He’s referring to the Christian belief in the Trinity. The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Muslims believe that makes Christianity a religion of three gods. They don’t understand the part about the Trinity being different aspects of the same God. That God, being God, can manifest Himself anyway He pleases. It can be a difficult concept to accept, especially for those who prefer their beliefs kept simple, and what is simpler than one god? I believe, if you can believe God exists, as the Creator of All Things, that the existence of the Universe is His greatest manifestation, and it proclaims His ability to create anything, and do anything, within His Creation.

      2. Pamela Craghill says

        Islamists pray to a God who teaches them to kill all non-believers have sex with little children, kill animals in a cruel way. He teaches you to kill, You even kill your own family if one doesn’t marry who you wish them to marry. My Christian God teaches me to love and be kind. To help others that pass our way and live a decent life. I know which I prefer and it is not yours Bozo.

      3. Michael Dennewitz says

        This ASSHOLE here must be related to that other asshole in the white house. Hey asshole, screw your religion and screw your Allah. Your Allah so far is nothing but a murderer. Shove Allah up your ass.. Shitlom!!

        1. squeak says

          Love it, YOU GO ! We are behind you 100% ! LOL !

      4. Joe T says

        Listen Azazel aka Uzoozy………

        WRONG…..IF THEY believe the Quran/Koran……and you do not……you should be killed or dead as for as they are concerned. 4.89 : They desire that you should disbelieve as they have disbelieved, so that you might be (all) alike; therefore take not from among them friends until they fly (their homes) in Allah’s way; but if they turn back, then seize them and kill them wherever you find them, and take not from among them a friend or a helper.3.85: And whoever desires a religion other than Islam, it shall not be accepted from him, and in the hereafter he shall be one of the losers…..from the QURAN!

        KEEP BELIEVING THEY ARE PEACEFUL…..8.12: When your Lord revealed to the angels:

        I am with you, therefore make firm those who believe. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them. RIGHT

      5. Yadja says

        Muhammad was born 600 years after Christ was crucified and thousands of years after the Jews were a Nation. Therefore there were no Muslims in Biblical Times and Islamic teachings that put Muslims in the place of Christians and Jews is nothing more than a Fairy Tale.

        Muhammad was a murderer, thief and since his last wife, Aisha was 6 when he married her and 9 when he bedded her he was also a pedophile. All one has to do is read the story of his life and the Hadith along with the Qur’an to see what Islam is. It is no more a religion than I am a goddess.

        There is no connection of Islam to anything in the Holy Lands. The Dome of the Rock is built on the Holy Mt. where Abraham was to sacrifice Isaac and not Ishmael, whose mother was Egyptian not Muslim since Islam was not invented yet. The Muslims occupy it, the only connection they make is that Muhammad in a dream, a DREAM, The Night Journey, said he was carried on a winged creature to the foot of the Temple Mt. carried up into the Jewish Heaven where he met all the Jewish Prophets and spoke to Yaweh to argue how many times a day Muslims should raise their backsides in the air.

        Jerusalem was the Capital of the Jewish Nation and their king was David. Solomon, David’s son built the Temple on the Temple Mt. Muhammad never set foot in Jerusalem physically and after is dream he lost many followers, they thought him nuts and they were right.

        There is no such thing as Allah, the Jews were given by the Almighty from the beginning His only name and that was Yaweh to separate him from the many gods of the time. Muhammad knew the name was Yaweh because he spoke the language and took his book to the Jews to get their Blessing and to accept him as the last prophet and his book the last word. They told him to pound sand and that is when Muhammad turned really nasty towards the Jews, started having his followers face Mecca when they prayed and threw Moses out and brought in Abraham as the head guy trying to make a connection between Muslims and Ishmael. But there is none. The Bible etc name the descendants of Ishmael and it says nothing about a prophet Muhammad who will write a new book for people to follow. In fact nowhere in ancient Biblical or any texts is there a prophecy that Muhammad is coming. But Jesus had many thousand year old prophecy that he would be coming.

        The only Allah at the time, and Muhammad would have known about him was a Pagan god and on his chest was the crescent moon and a star. Muhammad was no prophet and there is only One Almighty and it is not Allah.

        1. Uzoozy says

          The Americas belong to Indians give it all back to them.
          Your article is a joke, uneducated rhetoric .
          How can there be Islam at Christ’s era.

          1. Yadja says

            Islam is the joke and a bad one that has gone awry for the world. Suppose you forget that it was Muhammad that began the Crusades? Before his death he wrote a letter to every Potentate of the time telling them to convert to Islam and save themselves. They told him where he could go.

            Before his death he already was starting to go outside of Arabia and before his death he told his followers to take Islam to the world, which they did by sacking, rampaging and taking others lands along with destroying their icons until they came to the gates of Europe and the Pope drew the civilized world together and stopped them.

            The American Indians would have been like any other people or country in the world conquered sooner or later and how much more worse for them if it would have been by Muslim hordes? We see daily what Islam is doing throughout the world.

            All the Holy Lands belong to the Jews….Give it Back.

            Shove it

          2. Uzoozy says

            Its been like this for a very long time.
            My way or the highway.
            Your hatred is the most I have seen.
            Middle east peace can be achieved very easily.

          3. Kent2012 says

            yes it can destroy islamy rags wherever you find them, then wipe out the commie scum sucking pigs and the rest of the world will enjoy peace that has not taken place since that jerk off mo hammy was screwing over all of his neighbors and his neighbor’s children back there in 655 A.D……that means After the Death of Jesus Christ, the Son of God….

          4. Yadja says

            Nobody cares what you believe or anyone else it is when Islam has in it’s doctrine the entire world becoming Islamic, setting up it’s Caliphate and taking the Jihad to all corners of the world that we as a people have a problem.

            There is no denying by Muslims that today all over the world, everyday people are suffering once again under the Muslim hordes. They are decapitating, raping, hanging, impaling, mutilating and slaughtering everywhere.

            Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood, al Shabaab, Taliban etc. everywhere and they are all Muslim.

            You can fool some of the people some of the time but you can not fool those of us who have a very clear picture of Islam that Islam is painting as I type. The net and video and cell phones are bringing the truth to all.

          5. catman says

            Sounds to me like Yadja has done his/her homework and knows from what he/she speaks. Good post Yadja…….

          6. Yadja says

            I served in Shield/Storm and this war as an Army nurse. During our training for Shield/Storm we had 6 weeks of intensive terrorist training to understand what this enemy was and how they fight and why. We were introduced to the Qur’an and Muhammad. I continued my studies and we all knew that this would come back to bite us over and over.

            Thank you for the compliment.

          7. Yadja says

            LOLOLOL “Your hatred is the most I have seen.” Obviously you have not been looking very far or only listening to the mealy mouthed.

            Hatred is a strong word but I suppose at this stage of the game I am coming pretty close to hating everything that comes out of a Muslim until they show me different they are nothing more than lying, which the Qur’an allows, murderous, child molesting sons of Satan.

          8. Uzoozy says

            Its all in your sick mind. Islam is a beautiful religion its teachings are out of this world.
            Does not allow anyone killing a single person.
            Your fundamentals about Islam are reflective of the repressive methods used by your religion.
            Islam means peace.
            Read the Quran and clear all your misunderstandings. Your quotes are from a bigoted list of rumors floating around.

          9. Yadja says

            It is not minds like mine that are causing mayhem and disaster to people worldwide nor is it any Jews, Christians, Mormons, Hindus, Buddhists, atheists or anyone else. The foo has chit and Muslims are wearing it.

            Please tell me what Qur’an you are referring to????? The one I read was violent.

            “Your fundamentals about Islam are reflective of the repressive methods used by your religion.” Pray tell what religion would that be? In all Protestant religions, Hinduism, Buddhism, Mormonism, Taoism etc there is no repression only so-called religion that represses is Islam.

            LOLOLOL you only wish that the truth stayed hidden but Islam has torn back the covers and shown the truth of it’s very core and it is ugly.

          10. squeak says

            Then go where they live & stop trying to change this Country into what you believe… You & I have crossed paths before when I thought you were an obama lover & a Mental Midget, guess what, you have not changed , if anything you are more of a threat to this Country then before ! Still a Troll making your low life money from this Administration !

          11. Uzoozy says

            Islam spreads by itself they have no pope so why?
            i am an old guy and harmless but very nice.
            world is changing, the churches are reading out sermons based on. The Quran

          12. Jesus is God says

            You are an insane psychopath, Islam is an accursed demonic lie! It was condemned by St. Paul over 600 years prior to Islam even coming into existence! JUST READ GALATIANS CHAPTER 1, VERSE 8 ! Since you are probably too lazy or blind to look it up, here I will post it for you!

            Galatians 1:8 from the TRUE AND UNDEFILED HOLY WORD OF GOD, THE CHRISTIAN BIBLE! states unequivocally:

            But even if we, or an angel from heaven, should preach to you a gospel contrary to what we have preached to you, he is to be accursed!

            mohammed was deceived by satan into establishing a demonic lie which has lead to innumerable murders and mayhem over the centuries! The facts are incontrovertible!!! Islam is a lie from satan, and if you insist on advocating it, then you too must be a child of the DEVIL, who is the father of lies, and a MURDERER from the beginning!!!

          13. Ray Taylor says

            Filthy Lyin’ SOS. I’ve read enough of the shitbook to know better.

          14. Michael Dennewitz says

            Hey asswipe, you haven’t even seen hatred yet. Put your demented people in front of me, along with that asshole you call Allah, and I’ll show you hatred, UP CLOSE!!

          15. Yadja says

            LOLOL now tell us how you really feel.

          16. Uzoozy says

            Its not easy, the main thing is people should live in peace, so why not the other way around, US can contribute one place here so they can settle here forever and more.

          17. Yadja says

            America is gracious and welcoming to immigrants but not stupid. The American people are seeing that Islam has bad plans for our country. Muslims do not mesh they overcome by numbers and American values have nothing in common with Sharia Law so you can wish in one hand and do your stuff that you wipe with a rock in the other and see which comes true first.


            List of attacks by Muslims on American citizens since 1972. I believe Muslims are the only immigrants to come to America and kill 3000+ on our own soil. More killed in one day here than in years of our troops fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.

            You are not winning friends and influencing people kid.

          18. What's Up? says

            God help us if that comes to pass.

          19. Uzoozy says

            I see bunch of lies and assumptions
            people covert to Islam because of Islams clear message. One God which are lacking in all other religions . Nice theory about American Indians.
            no one killed more people than Hitler the Chistian
            6000000 at that.

          20. Yadja says

            LOLOL keep trying your burying yourself in a huge hole maybe you will get to those virgins.

          21. MacDaddy12345 says

            Cap, you really can attract the nutcases….Muhammad was a pedophile who cut an pasted two older religions to create a cult whose only original dogma is “Kill any unbelievers and go to Heaven and be awarded 70 virgins”….wadda a cult and wadda dope like Uzoozy!

          22. Yadja says

            LOLOLOL HI ya Chief seems my calling. If your a nutcase and a wacko call on Yadja.

          23. J_in_TX says

            There was no written copy of the Koran, from what I have read, until after Muhammad’s death. Muhammad was illiterate, so he couldn’t write anything down. I read that 4 men had 4 different parts of the Koran memorized (guess that would explain why Muslims today have to memorize it). They were brought together by Muhammad’s successor to put the Koran in writing. Muslims say the Koran is the only true word of god (their god, not mine) and the Bible is corrupted. I would imagine the Koran, having been written from the memory of 4 men, is more corrupted than the Bible. Plus, anyone with common sense can see the Koran is directly gleaned from the Bible. Many of the Bible’s people and stories exist in some form in the Koran. I believe these stories were heard and picked up by Muhammad during his travels as a merchant in Christian and Jewish lands and not directly from his god as is claimed. He took the stories he heard and bastardized them to make himself appear to be a powerful prophet to gain influence among the people. This allowed him to wage war and marry children without any questions because he “received it from his god”. Muhammad was a false prophet and anyone with any sense can see that.

          24. Kent2012 says

            to koran is just a handbook for murderers, rapists, thieves, and liars….oh I forgot school bus bombers….

          25. Uzoozy says

            Christian hatred , in toleration ?

          26. Uzoozy says

            JC was uneducated so were all the followers of the Prophet Jesus.
            There is only one God from time immorial , unlike the 10,000 years mentioned in the bible.
            I am not going to discuss right or wrong.
            There is ONE God whatever name you give it. and worship Him

          27. squeak says

            Why don’t you take your” SALAMI ” { Shalom } & go on Huffington Post where you will be welcomed ! GOOD RIDDANCE !

          28. Kent2012 says

            which Indians there oozing….

          29. Uzoozy says

            The ones in US that were replaced by whiteys .
            You will be given a blanket with typhoid germs.
            And made to walk from North to south bare footed.

      6. patriotdaddy says

        you are a blind and ignorant fool!!! islam is no religion, but a cult!!! any religion that focuses on rewards fin heaven for killing and raping….well, that is EVIL….those that refuse to speak out against the radicals are just as guilty for allowing those to tarnish their “religion”. there are no such things as radicals……they are all the same…..those that claim they are “moderate” are lying!!! otherwise they would find a new and wonderful, but fulfilling religion to turn to…instead of following the devil repeatedly throughout history!!! the devil is over thrown every time lol……..this will be no different…i have read the kuran and it is disgusting!!!! half the book is written on opinions and lies…….many verses spreading cheer and celebration for the murders of innocents!!! the entire book was written with perversion and death in mind….not to mention the entire purpose of it’s existence…….control!!! DISGUSTING!!!

        1. EDWARD MIKAN says

          RIGHT ON , patriotdaddy , RIGHT ON!!!!

      7. elmcqueen3 says

        The Aztecs and the Incas prayed to their gods as well…I doubt if praying to one God has any signifigance over the others…It doesn’t seem to stop the killings of innocent souls all in the name of one God or more…Does it not?

      8. zrevtom says

        What is the Muslims praying to? The God of Love, Mercy, Peace? or the God of terror, rape, subjection, murder, marrying underage girls or to rape and murder their enemies which is anyone that doesn’t believe as they do. There may be good Muslims that want to live in peace but it seems that to live in peace they must remain quiet and submissive otherwise Muslims have no trouble murdering other Muslims and raping or selling the women. Yeah Obama is a Muslim and he is just another submissive punk ass kid with no testicles or knowledge of right or wrong, don’t believe than check the news and open your eyes

      9. Kent2012 says

        islamy rags are terrorists and terrorist supporters…..scum and trash there oozing…

      10. Betty M Scheef says

        May God bless you and may He enlighten you from all erroneous thinking.

        1. Kent2012 says

          doubt that will happen until after he has croaked…

        2. What's Up? says

          Sorry Betty, you don’t ask God to bless evil. Do not say God Bless you unless you know what you are asking Him to bless.

      11. ihatelibs says


        1. Kent2012 says

          yes and more he is a rag SFB idiot…

        2. Uzoozy says

          Your Christian complements are welcome

        3. Uzoozy says

          Your x’tain compliments noted.
          Christianity seems to be full of hate of all other religions.
          Chritalibans are not welcome

      12. Michael Dennewitz says

        Sloozy, you seem to be an expert on how to be a dumbass too. How about if you shove your great Allah up your weird ass and run in the other room. I think your sister wants laid..

        1. Uzoozy says

          Typical xtian response of hate?

      13. EDWARD MIKAN says

        ozoozy IS A “STUPID” , “IGNOR EAT” , “A8SHOLE”!!!!

      14. Timk says

        Back Under The BRIDGE TROLL…
        People Like You Are The Reason For People Like Me….
        Just Keep Up Your “tayiqqa” or WTF ever It’s Called..
        Liar Liar Pants On FIRE..
        Sempre Fi’

      15. squeak says

        WOW, one sick cookie, that is full of Crumbs… He has knowledge & we agree with him… take a poll & see who agrees with you or 1American1st…try some other method, this did not work !

      16. SirWilhelm says

        Allah is not, and can not be, the same god that Jews and Christians worship. To begin with, Allah says he has no son, so, he can not be the Father of Jesus, the Son of God, and he can not be Jehovah, because He acknowledges His Son, if you believe the New Testament, where God says, “This is my Son, in whom I am well pleased.” Allah also makes it clear that Jews and Christians are to be converted to Islam, which means they must acknowledge Allah, as the one, only, supreme god. I hope you do mean “God bless you.” and not, “Allah bless you.”

        1. Uzoozy says

          SirWilhelm,, In Islam it is believed that God has no son, on the other hand there are sons by the tons in the bible.
          New Testament is man made and additions and alterations whenever needed. Recently the word begotten son has been removed from the KJV as a concoction by the Christian elders.
          In the Quran it is written that if Allah wanted he could have made all the people the same religion. Also All religions belong to God.
          I would like to leave it like that.
          The is and always been the same supreme God, whatever name you may call it.
          No one has been able to explain why after millions of years of humans have been on earth why God suddenly needed a son?
          God says be and it is , no help needed.
          To you your religion to me mine , God bless.

          1. SirWilhelm says

            Muslims believe the Quran is unalterable, and the final word, yet, verses have been removed, as detailed in the Satanic Verses. “The Satanic Verses are a small number of apparently pagan verses that, in traditional Islamic interpretation, were said to have been temporarily included in the Qur’an by the Islamic prophet Muhammad, only to be later removed. Narratives derived from hadith involving these verses can be read in, among other places, the biographies of Muhammad by al-Wāqidī,Ibn Sa’d (who was a scribe of Waqidi), al-Tabarī, and Ibn Ishaq (the last as reconstructed by Alfred Guillaume)”

            “The subtext to the event is that Muhammad was backing away from his otherwise uncompromising monotheism by saying that these goddesses were real and their intercession effective.”

            You can “like to leave it like that” all you want, the fact is, that it’s up to those that read the Bible, and the Quran, to decide what they believe, or not. And, if they’re really discerning enough, to research further, into how those books came to be. If they are really thorough, they may find that there are ancient texts, contemprorary with the Bible, that are more detailed, and more complete, than that book, and that the Quran, which was written at a much later date than any of those ancient texts, was fabricated, and plagerized, from those much more ancient texts.

            I can not leave you to your religion with out pointing out one more, very fundamental, aspect of it. Your deity, Allah, demands that his followers swear to be his slaves. Is slavery not evil? Does that not make Allah a slavemaster? Is a salvemaster not evil? Slavery makes Islam a slave cult, an evil cult, because slavery is evil. What do you say to that, slave of Allah? Are you not ordered to conquer the world, in the name of your slavemaster, no matter how long it takes, by any means necessary? Isn’t terror one of those means? Is that not more evil. which stems from the evil nature of your evil deity?

          2. Uzoozy says

            Satanic verses were alledged thoughts of the Prophet nothing more
            Allah or God is the same .
            Terror and killings by Molosovic ,Hiller ,Mussolini,Franco and at least three more were more atrocious than the world. Can handle. Islam is the most sensible of all religions.
            JC preached fot three years where does the immense garbage words come from must be by the leaders of the cult of the church.
            Being a slave of Allah is good, what’s your problem.
            when the 110 million were imported African slaves were treated like crap then it was ok. Guess what only 11 million arrived . Over 90 million died in transit
            Who invited US to Iraq and Afghanistan, killing innocent Muslims.

          3. SirWilhelm says

            “Being a slave of Allah is good, what’s your problem.” And therein is where your problem lies. Anyone who thinks slavery to anyone, or even to a deity, is a good thing, is either deluded, or evil themselves. “Hitler, Mussolini, Franco and at least three more” do not justify the actions of other evil people, no matter what religious beliefs they claimed. And criticizing the origions of the New Testament, does not justify the, even more dubious, origions of the Quran, which was originally written on palm fronds, and camel shoulder bones, before copied down, and collated, by scholars who had trouble making out the faded, and smeared words, on those mediums, the rest being verbal memories, passed down by Mohammed’s friends and relatives, with their own agendas. Then there are the athesits, and those that belong to other religions, that don’t believe in the Bible, or the Quran. What do you say to them, that makes the Quran credible, in their eyes?

            Those “110 million” African slaves, were enslaved, and sold, by Arabs, who didn’t care how many survived the trip to the Americas, because they had already made their money off them. And, how hypocritical of you to cite the enslavement of Africans, as a bad thing, while claiming being a slave of Allah, is good! Why do you think being a slave of Allah is good? Especially if conquering the world, involves turning non-Muslims into slaves of Allah, involuntarily?

            The US invaded Iraq and Afghanistan in response to 9/11. At the time, much of the world supported the US, saying they would never forget the people that died on 9/11 at the hands of Muslim terrorists. It is not surprising that a Muslim, like you, would “forget” the real reason the US invaded those countries, but it is sad how many other people have forgotten 9/11, when they promised they would never forget.

            There is no such thing as an “innocent” Muslim. All Muslims must know that Allah has commanded them, his slaves, to conquer the world, no matter how long it takes, by any means necessary. If they can not be fighters, they must use dawa (proselytizing), taqqiya (lies), and kitman (half truths), as you are doing, to try and convert non-Muslims to Islam. They allow the fighters to hide in their midst, and the fighters use them as human shields, whenever they need to, believing if they are killed, they are guaranteed to go to paradise, because they died in jihad. Then there are the rules against apostasy, in Islam, that allow other Muslims to kill the apostates, those that try to leave Islam. How can any Muslim be “innocent” if they are allowed to kill any that try to leave Islam?

            You can deny the historical citations, in the writings of Muslims, to the Satanic Verses all you like, but, they are there, for others to see, and to judge, according to their own free will.

          4. Uzoozy says

            Its the signs in Quran that will make it unique.
            From the big bang theory, separation of sea by a barrier etc.
            The New Testaments are partially holy but most of most of it man written, hashed and mashed.
            no one can say this part is right of wrong. And that is where the problem lies.The jeqish

          5. Uzoozy says

            Religion is belief and 1.8billion people are not stupid.
            if you want to poke fun ir insults is fine, it does not bother me ar all.
            Islam is a good religion ,only
            God can help from your present delima..By the way each and every slave was bought so,s and Transported by the chickenshit people.
            And of course the Americans bought them, raped and tortured them at lesure . Its a bad past and I do mot to start a rough subject.

    2. Michael Dennewitz says

      Kinda’ knew that was coming. Anyone that couldn’t see it has to be blind. Got news for ya… THE CONSTITUTION IS NEXT!! Wake the hell up America!!!

      1. ihatelibs says

        LOCK & LOAD Mike , the Day of the NEW REVOLUTION is coming . Sooner than we think … IMHO . And I’m Not Alone

        1. Michael Dennewitz says

          A lot of idiots will laugh, but the revolution is in the making, and even as old as I am, IM READY. Closet is full…..

          1. squeak says


          2. marla1 says

            There are 82 communist in the white house!!! Vote the old slime out! They have become white house political sewer rats!!!!

          3. ronbreen says

            They were communist slime sewer rats before they got into the presidents residence. The irony is this: THE PEOPLE of the USA PUT THAT MARXIST into the “White” house – totally ironic –Should be called the 1/2 White House — I hope that at the very least, the MARXIST living there now is inviting homeless folks to come in, have a meal and sleep in the Lincoln Room … each and every day. BUT you KNOW that sort of offer has not happened since BEFORE the days of Louis XIV in France … a despot who lost his life BECAUSE of PERSONAL GREED …

          4. 1American1st says

            I hope that piece of crap is inviting the African Ebola victims he wants to bring into America for treatment to the WH. I would love to see a special “Welcome Committee”, made up of Obama, Pelosi, Hairy Reid & the rest of the Senate.

          5. mrmsjb12 says

            that would be a good idea and then when they all are there lets quarantine them all for 6 to 8 weeks

          6. Anne Marie Bradley says

            Too good to be true! Quarantine them WITH the ebola!

          7. Danny Paul says

            Unfortunately.., Probably Nothing Short Of a Nuclear-Holocaust Will Effectively
            cleeen-up this world of many different worlds. Only IF All the warheads could be
            un-leased all at one time Or re-leased within a few hours Or a day and a night,
            then we wouldn’t have to worry about it much because we might not know that much about it any ways. Depending how close you are..

          8. edward martis says

            google –“-Wikipedia” on hillory. obam, axlerod, Jarret ,,,van jones. Pelosi, Barbara Lee (d-Oakland) NYC mayor de blasio and a lot of other dems you can think of…..bill ayers, ward Churchill ,,the ‘weathermen’ Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) etc======they ALL have a common spyder web link to the ‘American Communist Party’ 6501 Telegraph Av, Berkeley—1-510-332-6511 (actually in Oakland on the city line) about 2 miles from UC Berkerly (clock tower)

          9. Anne Marie Bradley says

            That is so true they are part of the web!!!

          10. edward martis says

            obams major mentor in college was a hard core socialist (read that as communist)…. his name escapes me at present….very easy to track down….socialist , progressive , liberal, democrat ,,progressive caucus, etc…..a sewer rat, by another name;is still a sewer rat….. the ACP boys in Berkeley wield a tremendous of power in US politics—–as we all have seen—-UC Berkeley is the dead center of “Charlotts Web”

          11. edward martis says

            I live about 30 miles away from the ACP Hq. in Berzerkly—-it looks like a used book store—very non-descript——if you ever come to SFO; check it out—–UC Berkeley should be re-named ‘Moscow University, West’—–If you ever wanted to see Communism in action—-walk around the area and engage people in conversation–coffee houses, bars etc—–you would think you were in Castro’s Havana—–fuc— unbelievable——the true path to Socialism (again, read as Communism) etc. etc——-IT is something to experience……totally surreal..

          12. Anne Marie Bradley says

            Democrat Party should be sued at the least! Judges in the Supreme Court knew exactly the crook that Obama is! Nancy Pelosi should be arrested!

          13. azsequaya says

            82 communists in the white house & 35 + terrorist training camps across AMERICA!
            It IS TIME TO WAKE UP !!!!

          14. hankthetank says

            There are people still asleep,& will not believe this, But it is true, maybe more than 82!!!

          15. marla1 says

            Plus 15 from the slime muslim brotherhood that Oslima installed! One muslim and a whole country is afraid to do anything!

          16. Anne Marie Bradley says

            Good you pointed out “Muslim Brotherhood” and not just “Muslim”. The Muslim Community in this country are very afraid because ISIS kills Muslims who refuse to join their caliphate.

          17. Debbie Pineau says


          18. James Lowder says

            But when it comes to defending America where will their allegiance fall?

          19. Anne Marie Bradley says

            I didn’t know the number was that high, but easily believable. The others that are there just collect paychecks and care nothing about our country!

          20. 1 Fed Up American says

            Michael, I’m with you on Revolution the only problem I see is I don’t thing there are enough of us who share those same feeling to take our Country back. The vast majority of Americans have a very distorted view of Freedom–as long as they have a job, their cars and house and can pay there bill’s they don’t give a damn what the government does even to the point they are paying Taxes amounting to 50% of there total income. We have definitely become a country lazy, self center IDIOT’S.

          21. LastGasp says

            There’s more than you think.

          22. Anne Marie Bradley says

            I do believe that is true. And I believe that if Obama tries his sorry axx to come after us with his ISIS, he will not live through it.

          23. edward martis says

            if you could get the pentagon and all the military chiefs of staff, and other hi-ranking generals to do it —it would happen—————–all the US troopies would dig it—they absolutely hate Obama and his wife Moosie and the dem’s in general—–the troopies have seen the damage O. has done to the military….

          24. James Lowder says

            Don’t fool yourself my friend.

          25. NSB FL says

            There are many, many out here that share your feelings. It’s a question of organization and communication.

          26. Anne Marie Bradley says

            Please don’t give up fighting socially – holding Obama accountable by supporting the officials we trust. There is so much propoganda out there, to twist the minds of society. People need to be critical thinkers now more than ever. I wanted to just catch a documentary on Amazon before I went to sleep a few nights ago and selected one that alarmed me so much I got my notepad and took many notes, so angry! Even though I was exhausted. Name of it is The Eye of the Phoenix: Secrets of the Dollar Bill. Created a year after Obama took office! Here we go with the propoganda! I just bet this “Christian” film maker got a grant from the govt to make it! It is complete hogwash!

          27. Michael Dennewitz says

            Franklin Graham said it best when he talked about Hollywood pumping violence down the throats of this younger generation. Think of it. Most of their so called”action” movies are made up with total violence. Kids watch it and they play these games of violence on videos – no wonder they go out and see if they can actually duplicate it. On another note, a school up in Mass is pushing textbooks that glorify Islam. One teacher even printed up flyers to that effect. See where this country’s headed??

        2. Michael S Smith NJ says

          Yes but from the working class against you guys and the corp elites

        3. FLBuck says

          That’s for damn sure brother.

        4. Anne Marie Bradley says

          God help us if it comes down to that, but Obama is using the Dept of Health as his army on the side; the funding for our armed services is lower than ever, never this bad since before WWII!

      2. Michael S Smith NJ says

        OH Bull C%$#

        1. Anne Marie Bradley says

          Dennewitz is very biased and fails to factor in what the Islamic Community is all about. is very useful in informing the public of that. Searching on “Middle East History and Security”. Islam is a complex community. Christianity has meatheads that are almost sociopathic as well! I just watched the film on Eye of the Phoenix: Secrets of the Dollar Bill. Full of BS.

      3. sandraleesmith46 says

        No… the Constitution was “taken care of” by Congress, under the leadership of Thaddeus Stevens, in the post -Civil War ( War between the States, for Southern readers) era; it effectively has been an ILLUSION since eighteen sixty-eight.

        1. Anne Marie Bradley says

          I disagree. We may have some cracks in our government, but we are a constitutional republic. Not socialist democracy.

          1. Michael Dennewitz says

            She must be a LIBERAL !!

          2. sandraleesmith46 says

            Not hardly; but I’m a realist, willing and able to seek, and see the truth, even when it’s ugly and unpleasant.

          3. sandraleesmith46 says

            Sorry, but that’s a self-delusion you’ve developed, like many others, in response to once carefully nurtured illusion the PTB kept us in line by perpetuating. We have not actually had a Constitutional Repulic here, since1871, when the federal government incorporated itself into a PRIVATE corporation!

          4. James Lowder says

            And we’re going to keep it that way.

      4. Danny Paul says

        So* It Looks Like Uh We Should Learn To Love~Another Local To Where~You~Are*.

    3. 7papa7 says

      IMHO parents need to pull their students out of these schools and either put them in private Christian schools or home school them. Anything less is damaging the child.

      1. Kent2012 says

        I think it would be something to do while we “clean out the communists” in the education system and government….just a thought…

        1. 7papa7 says

          So what you are saying is that we need to fire about 95% of so called teachers. Yea I can go along with that.

          1. Ariviste says

            Teachers are learning it in the colleges and universities. Maybe we should start there? In all reality, parents have to give their children the knowledge to fight this. They will always be confronted with it, so they must have good firm base of religion, morals and the role of government from their parents before they face the rotten corruption that is in this world.

          2. squeak says

            Exactly , Your Colleges, Professors are teaching OUR CHILDREN Communism, Socialism, even Muslim, the list goes on ! Parents where are you ????

          3. hankthetank says

            They are asleep!!!

          4. ipsd48 says

            What we need is an alternative to the ‘ivy covered halls of academica’. They were taken over long ago by marxists.

          5. Ariviste says

            I would bet if parents would refuse to send their kids there, the universities who hire these left wing nuts would change their mind.

          6. 7papa7 says

            I totally agree. Hillsdale College has a free on line course on the Constitution on a pretty regular basis. ALL high school should be required to take it. You have hit on the reason I am such an advocate of home schooling. You will then be prepared to fight the evil in the world. You will also be a far better employee because of what you have been taught at home. You will be a better citizen for the same reason. Their are no negatives and a myriad of positives.

          7. squeak says

            YEP, they are Socialists, & are too comfortable with ” TENURE “, knowing they will not be fired , that has to change along with the Supreme court, NO ONE SHOULD have a LIFE TIME JOB, they can do as they please with ANYTHING ! NO, not going to happen !

          8. 7papa7 says

            Tenure is a terrible thing, it breeds incompetence. In NY, for example, if a teacher is accused of pedophilia they aren’t fired they are taken out of the classroom and not allowed to be around students. They have to show up and do absolutely nothing but they get paid. You are absolutely right that life time jobs should not be. SCOTUS and congress should have limits on the time they can serve. IMHO SCOTUS should need to be voted on not appointed for life. I can see for a first term to allow the president to get who he wants if it passes the senate but after that they should be accountable to the people to stay in on a rotating vote like is done with senators. 1/3 of them voted on every 2 years.

          9. Ariviste says

            That is the policy in states like New York. Most states will fire a teacher, tenure or not, for just cause.

          10. 7papa7 says

            Yes they can fire for cause but it is a real battle with the union to do so. They have to jump through a ton of hoops to get them fired. If they could dump the unions then they could fire as needed. The union, like all unions, have a reputation of supporting those who are wrong and don’t give a hoot about an individual who could be dangerous. All they care about is numbers.

          11. hankthetank says

            Some teachers ,not all, It’s the people at the top, the communist one’s!! & the muslim’s one’s; they need run out of this country!! YOU fucking people, that come to this country,DO NOT bring your country with you,WE do not want it here,If you don’t like this, you can kiss my ass!!!! (live like American’s )

          12. 7papa7 says

            I like what T. Roosevelt said about immigration:

            Theodore Roosevelt’s ideas on Immigrants and being an
            AMERICAN in 1907.

            “In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the person’s becoming in every facet an American, and nothing but an American … There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn’t an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag … We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language … and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”

            Theodore Roosevelt 1907

            He had it right. It is even more applicable today than when he said it.

          13. hankthetank says

            I agree 100%, if they really want to be American,& come through the front door they will be proud to join us, if they come across the border, then they don’t want to be an American,they just want to get what they can & still be true to their country!! we don’t need or want them !!

          14. 7papa7 says

            Amen to that.

          15. squeak says

            So right… we allow these people in OUR Country , they get comfortable & want to take OVER, DEMANDING THIS & THAT… WE HAVE BEEN A STUPID COUNTRY FOR TOO LONG, starting with ” Push one for English” from there it went to putting directions on all items in stores,… well America are we going to continue to bend over for these ILLEGALS & ALL Foreign Muslims, Spanish, TERRORISTS, the list goes on… NO MORE …We need Republicans in office 2014-2016, to CLEAN HOUSE & TAKE OUR Country back, we must stop all this BS,” OUR CHANGE “… all the laws that this Administration passed on their own, ” EXECUTIVE ORDERS ” be thrown out, starting with ” OBAMA CARE ” !

      2. Michael Dennewitz says

        Oh wait! Haven’t you heard, my friend? The liberal communists are in the process of outlawing home schooling! How can they teach about that asswipe Allah if the kids aren’t in public schools??

        1. squeak says

          THIS IS STILL America, we STILL HAVE FREEDOM OF SPEECH, RIGHTS, the list goes on… TRY US ALL you Communists , MUSLIMS, Socialists, Marxists… we had enough of YOUR BS, we are here to fight for what we believe in, THIS IS OUR COUNTRY, NOT any foreigners Country, go back where you came from if you want your beliefs, DO NOT dermand it on us AMERICANS, NOT going to happen, Period !

          1. VanceJ says

            Wish that were true, but look who was elected twice, the bulk of the people don’t care, and it is obvious.

          2. jessejames5 says

            Just give them their welfare cheque and they will give up their country to be fed, supported, and be plain lazy.

          3. Sam W says

            Just grind these fools up and feed them to the HOGS!!

          4. Bruce O'ryan says

            Just throw ’em in, no need to gunk up a good grinder

          5. Anne Marie Bradley says

            No way, because we eat the hogs. First, we need to flip the Senate. When we get sound leadership in both houses, Obama will have no place to go and his truth will have to come out, including his illegal citizenship!

          6. ronbreen says

            That’s “check” not “cheque” … unless you are not from around here … i.e. the USA

          7. Arizona Don says

            The people (notice I did not say citizens) who elected and reelected obama are the under informed, miss informed and uninformed. But they are also made up of the imbecilic. One thing is for sure obama is going to and has done more damage then ebola! Most of his supporters at this time are bordering on mentally ill as well.

          8. Anne Marie Bradley says

            Arizona Don, I have some opinions about the mental health industry, which gets oversaturated when it is not needed, and underdeveloped when it is needed. Drug addicts are a big business. And they oftentimes go back out and sell and buy and use. They have inflated egoes and will pull any trick in the book to manipulate people. Many who have joined ISIS come from criminal backgrounds. The man in Canada recently is a good example. He went on a rampage for Allah. Second, our military do not get the counseling they need when they need it for ptsd and puwso (putting up with stupid Obama!). There are myths that infiltrate society, coming from mental health promoters. Those who are not proving to do all they can for themselves first, will no doubt be a waste for counseling. Psychotropic drugs should be trashed for the most part. Very rarely have they really proven to help. Yet these forms of malpractice still get away with degrading society. Face it, there are many who keep their heads in the sand and let others do all the thinking for them.

          9. Arizona Don says

            I am a retired pilot my wife has spent her entire life in the medical field (doctor). I have a good idea what you are saying is fact. She by the way agrees.

          10. Sam W says

            That last election was RIGGED!! WHO owned the machines that counted votes?!!

          11. marla1 says

            we had better be prepared this time for the same thing! The Rinos don’t care as ong as they keep their jobs in the white house or it could become the black house!!!!

          12. FLBuck says

            Yeah? I wonder what their reactions would be if there were over a million angry Americans protesting in front of the capital.

          13. jessejames5 says

            They would be in hiding and not show any response at all to those who care about the country. There should be protests beyond thoughts to drive OB out and get someone with some form of reality of what really is, and what the country was really built on: Christianity standards, and a democratic society.

          14. 1American1st says

            It’s already started with the Republican politician who tried to vote early for himself. It defaulted to his Democrat opponent 3 times. Tell me those freakin machines aren’t rigged AGAIN!

            I am going to DEMAND a paper ballot. Sick of this Democrat voter fraud & corruption. SICK OF IT!

          15. Anne Marie Bradley says

            Volunteers can be so lazy just checking ID’s also. Man, my head is about ready to explode from all this corruption!

          16. What's Up? says

            George Soros.

          17. LastGasp says


          18. Anne Marie Bradley says

            EXACTLY! But there are others who pull his strings as well. Thomas Ayers, for instance.

          19. Anne Marie Bradley says

            Voter fraud is being exposed more and more. I recenty read an article coming from North Carolina, on twitter. Believe me, there is much work and accountability on voter fraud, due to the goodness of organizations. Not Obama Admin!

          20. squeak says

            I know what you are saying, i wish also… one constellation, he won twice, the second was more fraud then the first election, Right ? I believe more people are seeing through this administration, but, NOT enough to satisfy me… WAKE UP AMERICA !

          21. ronbreen says

            Why don’t YOU care? Will it interrupt watching an NFL game on TV? This is HOW the Roman Emperors undermined the will of the people: FREE BREAD (foodstamps) and CIRCUS (televised “armies” of sports teams battling 3, 4, 5 times per week for ??? for WHAT ?????? — to keep all of the ‘protesters’ from protesting and just keep the stupid a$$es at home, drinking beer, eatin’ “wangs” and chips and trying to GUESS which team is going to win (easy, the one with the most points at the end) …a TOTAL of $ WASTED HOURS for every game watched – in the meanwhile, the progressives take EVERY opportunity to demean the “radical” right, bible-believing, conservatives …. AND THOSE LIBERALS make a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE, HUGE imprint in the leftist news — otherwise known as “Al JE PROGRESSIVE”

          22. FLBuck says

            They’ll care once their rights and freedoms are no longer existing in their everyday lives. I have a Russian friend who lived in Belarus at the time of the Soviet Union who told me that the problem with you Americans is that you live in a very unique country and it saddens me that some of you take your rights and freedoms for granted,…So much that it can be immediately denied from you at a moments notice.

          23. Anne Marie Bradley says

            It is good you keep reminding the public of this, Mr. Vance! I voted for Obama twice, being completely reliant on mainstream media which is a den of liars!

          24. Danny Paul says

            May be the appearance and Election of Donald Trump is a ploy of the New World Order. Just to make us ‘think’ we are gunna~be~free’er. Whereas actually it is just
            a way for the Elite-Few* who “Run the world” they say, …maybe this scheme is to
            just “Identify” us disidents, AND, then Raid-Us and ship us ll to FEMA CAMPS!

          25. VanceJ says

            Who knows, but sometimes you just gota roll the dice.

          26. Michael S Smith NJ says

            It seems to me it is not LIBERALS who are trying to suppress real free speech

          27. Tony Donaldson says

            Oh No? You go to the liberal universities and try to speak your mind. You will have to make an appointment to speak in the “Free Speech Zone”. What Is “Real” free speech? All speech is real if it comes out of someone’s mouth. I’m a thought slinger myself. I can hurl thoughts at people faster than you can blink.

          28. Buzg says

            Did you just parachute in? I think I smell a LIBERAL.

          29. hankthetank says

            HE is one we were talking about!!!!!

          30. mrmsjb12 says

            who is it allen colmes I presume

          31. Velma Saccone says

            In addition to liberals, it is also the muslims who recently stoned the Christians to stop their free speech while the cops stood by and did nothing. You are either a dumbocrat liberal or a muslim or both.

          32. edward martis says

            actually, it is……when dems start getting knocked off and a civil war comes around, then and only then will the dem/communists get the message——-until that time comes, the dems will continue to wreck the schools (indoctrination) , gov’t and everything else this country holds dear——–google ‘AMERICAN COMMUNIST PARTY —NORTHWEST REGION ” read how powerful they REALLY are—-check out their guest lists for testimonial dinners (via front orgs.) I am sure you will recognize a lot of names====I live not to far from berkerly and know how these sewer rats operate—only too well …. a great deal of dems have ACP Berkerly connection ( the dead center of the spyder web of Communism in the USA)

          33. Danny Paul says

            Looks like it already has happen, my Brother.

        2. 7papa7 says

          I haven’t heard it. I am out of the loop because all my children are through high school so I don’t follow it. This is no surprise but I don’t know if it will be successful. I believe that their will be to much of a backlash. Their are millions of home school families who will fight like crazy. You all have lawyers who are part of of a group called the Home School Legal Defense which is an annual dues and they will be your lawyer at no cost to you. The number of law suits would be crazy. Then when they won they would sue for costs etc until they cost the libs so much they would stop harassing home school families.

          1. ronbreen says

            I think you mean “there” not “their”. It really diminishes the effectiveness of a post when poor grammar and spelling is used … especially when posting a defense of home schooling. I am a believer in home schooling and 9 of my grandchildren are being home schooled right now … but I think your rant is more harm than help ONLY because you cannot spell — and the liberal left will POUND all of us because of that.

          2. hankthetank says

            I can’t spell either,but what a asshole you are! What matters, is where his Heart & mind is, and what he has to say!! the last day I went to school was 1947,8th grade!

            Have a good day !

          3. LastGasp says

            It’s the thought that counts.

          4. 7papa7 says

            I was educated in government schools. My strengths are Math, Science and Engineering. English was my weakest subject, my wife taught the English and History because that was her strengths. You have just proven the negative of a government education.

          5. LastGasp says

            Yes sir, both of my sons were home schooled. At least until high school when they discovered girls. They both graduated at the top of their respective classes, A YEAR EARLY! Anybody denigrating home schooling around me better be able to move faster than a speeding bullet!

          6. 7papa7 says

            All my children were home schooled through high school except my youngest he went to the last 2 years of HS. My oldest graduated with honors for her BS and medical school. I have an other one who is a pharmacy tech, another one in home financing. They have all done well. The main thing that home schooling teaches is discipline and how to find answers aka research for answers. I have found nothing negative with home schooling and everything positive.

        3. Michael S Smith NJ says

          You just called GOD and asswipe!Allah is just the Arabic word for God you moron

          1. Michael Dennewitz says

            I was referring to his fake god, dipshit, or haven’t you been following the context flow around here?? Dayuumm.!!

          2. sandraleesmith46 says

            Allah is the proper name of a very different being than He to Whom most Americans refer when speaking of “God”. Allah is the name of the primary deity worshipped in Ur, and from whose worship Yhwh called Abram away. BTW, Allah was known earlier than Abram’s time, in that region, as Alla (not a typo), a deity of war and violence, which character he STILL presents, without the least evidence of love or mercy in his nature. Yhwh is righteous and just, but also loving and merciful, so NOT the same Person at all!

          3. Ken says

            No he did not, just a moon pagan god.

          4. What's Up? says

            You are the moron. They don’t worship the same God.

          5. hankthetank says

            There god, not our god! if you want to follow allah, go right ahead, asshole!!!

          6. LastGasp says

            Not my God, limpwit.

        4. marla1 says

          That is right. !! Some of them need to be beheaded and let them see what they are choosing for our country!!

      3. Michael S Smith NJ says

        And teach then fantasy and superstition instead of facts and science right?

        1. 7papa7 says

          Do yourself a favor before you talk. Research how students from government schools compare to how students who are home school fare in college. You will find that home school kids totally out perform those of government schools and that includes in science classes. She only got one B in college and rest were A’s. She graduated with honors in both college and medical school and she was taught at home. I can also give you a myriad of other examples. Home school kids on the whole always out perform government school kids and that is a fact.

      4. Ken V says

        It’s time for all Christians, black, white, Asian, Latino, to rise up against Obama and his Marxist cronies. If Obama wants to declare Martial law, so be it, he will be among the very first casualties.

        1. 7papa7 says

          Be careful how you word things and what you say, remember big brother is monitoring what you say. I do not disagree with you just please be careful for your own safety. The last thing you want is to be on the governments radar.

    4. Ken Trefaller says

      You ain”t seen nothibg yet. Wait until Commoon Core totally brainwashes your children against America. It is happening right now. Talk to your kids and tell them the truth to counteract the bunch of lies being fed to them.

    5. alfy says

      since obama stole our whitehouse,he has brought this evil to america and the easy way he can make people follow his lead.The omen is becoming true in every aspect of the movie.

    6. David says

      Most of the Libterds have the 3 second memory of a Goldfish. They don’t realize that when the Christians and Jews are gone that their heads WILL be next.

    7. PCLEMSC says

      Yes, parents SHOULD be outraged, but remember, this is the state that held how-to-do-it seminars on homosexual behavior, and banned parents from attending or finding out about it. It has always been democrat, liberal, is now Progressive. The People’s Republic of MA.

    8. Haymster says

      The Liberals Are For One Thing Out Of Many Morally Bankrupt. They Are For Anything And Everything That Is Contrary To The American Way Of Life And Intends To Morally Corrupt It At All Cost. This Is Another Important Reason For Their Defeat Not Just In The Upcoming Mid Term Elections But All Elections That Follows.

    9. Michael Dennewitz says

      Hey! You there! Yes, YOU, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!
      Take heed, you may learn something!
      The prime minister of Australia has boldly taken a stand. If you can remember, this once blessed country felt this way.
      SHE (yes, she), has stood up and said that she is sick and tired of people expecting her country to conform to THEIR beliefs and their way of living. (and this is the best part).. She also said that her country was founded on Christian principles and that IT’S GOING TO STAY THAT WAY! She said there will be NO MOSQUES BUILT especially for the Muslims and that if they didn’t like it, GET THE HELL OUT OF AUSTRALIA!! WooHoo.. I’m loving this woman! Why doesn’t she come over here and help free us from the bullshit imposter in the big house??

      1. Ariviste says

        Julia Gillard is no longer PM of Australia. She was ousted last year. Maybe she could come here and replace Obama???

    10. Ken Trefaller says

      Wait until the rules of engagement story is finally let out. Right now the coverup is in place. Call your Congressman. Emai Fox News @ Do it now. The rules of engagement are scandalous and need to made public. Demand it.

    11. Velma Saccone says

      You are absolutely correct and if parents don’t begin to get involved in the public school system and demand changes, then their children will become muslim because that’s what they are being taught. Talk to your children, look at the books being used in their classes and take action before it is too late. Attend your school board meetings and demand your rights as parents.

    12. Ken Trefaller says

      You ain”t seen nothing yet. Wait until Commoon Core totally brainwashes your children against America. It is happening right now. Talk to your kids and tell them the truth to counteract the bunch of lies being fed to them.

    13. Ken Trefaller says

      You ain”t seen nothing yet. Wait until Common Core totally brainwashes your children against America. It is happening right now. Talk to your kids and tell them the truth to counteract the bunch of lies being fed to them.

    14. 1 Fed Up American says

      Hey 1 American1st to answer your question “How could they forget 911 in 7 short years. Our society in General has a lot of Stupid-Uneducated individuals and unfortunately they VOTE. The young 18 year old’s and the 20 & 30 year old’s haven’t a clue about what goes on in our Government most are lucky they know the Presidents or Vice President name let alone who in Congress. Then you have a huge percentage of population who are uninformed that vote, then the Welfare class who only vote for the Democraps for hand out purposes. So there is no wonder why the country is sinking into a state of Government dependence and total control so they can survive. As to those who really care about this Country the sad realization is there are not enough of US any more to make things count or change things.

    15. Ken Trefaller says

      I think the Republicans want to lose.

  6. John English says


    1. Andrew says

      John, I highly support your ideas and agree that Islam is a culture of power and death. It is NOT a religion of peace. With that said, please sharpen up your English grammar skills. After all, your last name is English.

      It is not, “THERE KID’S”, but rather, “their kids”. It is not, “THERE HOME WORK”, but rather, “their homework”. It is not, “IF IT DON’T LOOK RIGHT”, but rather, “if it doesn’t look right”. It is not, “WHAT THERE TEACHING”, but rather, “what they’re teaching”. It is not, “WANT YOUR KID’S LEARNING ABOUT”, but rather, “want your kids learning about”. Learn when and where to use apostrophes. Learn the difference between there, their, and they’re. It’s hard to support someone who says to be intelligent and then to read what you write.

      I don’t mean to destructively criticize you but rather I hope it is constructive criticism. We need more people like you but you don’t look intelligent when you write with poor grammar.

      Peace and blessings to you as I know you are a good, God-fearing person who has the one and only true God at heart!

  7. SgtMaj JD USMC Ret. says

    Had enough yet? make your votes count or get back under the rocks. Saving my best for after the Nov elections. “Live Free Or Die”

    1. Michael Bellinger / Cooliedawg says

      Semper Fi Brother…………………..

      1. Combatvet52 says


        1. Michael Bellinger / Cooliedawg says

          Thank you Sir….

          1. Combatvet52 says

            Your quite welcome

    2. J_in_TX says


  8. Maria castro says

    What is the congress doing? They are allowing that these ideas penetrate our children minds, which is a step to getting them use to the idea of communism. What about what they preach, separation of church and state? Merchants, willing to sell their own country to keep in power.

  9. PatriotGal says

    Folks, please be aware of how textbooks are selected for school districts. It begins in TX – publishers bring their wares to the textbook selection committee, many of whom never even open the textbooks presented, let alone read them. The publishers reps make presentations: powerpoint, interactive, etc., with lots of pretty photos, contrived stats like the unemployment figures presented by this admin, etc. They are feted and catered to so the new wares will be selected – promises are made as to how much “free stuff” will be given to each school. Once the list of publishers is winnowed down to a manageable few, the process is repeated throughout the country. Oh yes, and the publishers are politically correct police who only provide the info they want to provide, not the truth, not what is accurate, etc. It is in the form of ideology and the ruling ideology is left/progressive/lib, anti American, pro globalism. This process has been in place for years and you see the result of the uneducated, poorly educated student who has no knowledge of true history. Russia promised that we would be taken over from within and that prose is coming true. It is time to stand up to your school boards, your teachers, school administrators. Use their own “rules” to prove what they are doing is hurting students. Become involved!

  10. JIMBO says

    I agree with every word this person has to say. I have done the research on Mohammad and the author of this this article is being being very kind in his comments about Mohammad, If they are permitted to teach this kind of language about any religion, they should also be able to teach about Christianity. Apparently the people of Massachusetts are not concerned enough about what is going on in there schools or they would rise up and challenge this brainwashing technique being taught to our children. I compliment this gentleman for his courage. We need more people like him throughout this country.

  11. Pamela Craghill says

    It is frightening that the Islamic faith is going to take over even large countries like America. It is happening here in England, that we have so many of them on our tiny island and we are getting Mosques built everywhere. They breed like flies, so they will overtake all the Christians eventually, unless you do something about it.

    1. Joe T says


    2. patriotdaddy says

      no…unless YOU do something about tit…..that is the problem with ppl today…they all want someone else to do their dirty work to allow them freedom….get off your asses and do something YOURSELF!!! stop expecting everyone else to do something about it……if enough ppl took the initiative and planned, organized, and executed their own ideas, small battles, and patrolled neighborhoods/communities…….well, i think we would not have so many here as they would get sick of the constant investigating and scouting (or worse), to their children……i am not telling you to ASK or petition your state or FEDs for this, i am telling you to start a militia and defend your own area as best as you can and watch them disappear little by little….keep in mind you will have to stay anonymous the whole time as to stay out of gov’t cross-hairs!!

      1. Pamela Craghill says

        patriotdaddy, I will try and explain my situation here in England. I am a woman in her seventies, I am not fit enough to do all you say. The younger people of my country are lazy and spoilt and do not fight for their country in a way that will keep us English. We have so many Asians now, that if we say or do anything. they will do something to us. This is why I say to you in America, stop them coming before you are overrun. A guy pf 75 uears pf age was at an airport in our country and they asked him to take of his shows. He asked why, because he was not a Muslim. The security called police, he was, on his return kept four hours answering questions, they sent him to his police station, who charge him with threatening and abusive behavior. He refused to plead guilty, so he went to court. He had to have another court appearance for there decision. Just before that he was told they had dropped it. In the meantime, that old man had, had a heart attack, and lawyers had cost him £1,5oo. We cannot say anything in this country, as they rump on us as racists. This will happen in your country, if you don’t call a halt to them coming and remember they breed like flies.

        1. patriotdaddy says

          i see….well then …if what you say is true…then it is already too late and the only choice you have is to move somewhere else where you can at least continue to challenge and fight back w/o any back lashes……sorry to be so blunt, but it is what it is… a matter of fact….if americans do not get off their lazy asses and do more than protest……..we will be in the same boat!! in all honesty….i understand UK is your home, but if your country is really that bad off, it is time to find a new home, let the beasts have your country for now….allow them to gloat for awhile…and then watch them RUIN what they stole and then ask for brittish to come back and help fix it….then you will have your chance…..truth of the matter is…..muslims can be educated, but they cannot hide their taste for blood and carnage…….so it is inevitable for them to lose everything no matter how many times they attain it…….they are their own undoing…..i have seen it for the last 20 years,…they do not know how to rule…..they are only good for being ruled……..even their most civilized and educated of men are still blood thirsty for imagined crimes made up by those that wrote their doctrine in the koran………..they could never rule for more than 10 years ANYWHERE….b/c they require too much control over every citizen, and they are mistreating the very fruit of their population by beating and killing their own women out of anger…….sorry again for the harshness in my last post, but we have same issue here going on and i am getting sick of people asking others to fight for them and they take no risk. i guess i just needed to hear that it was too late for your country…….we true americans feel your pain and we understand the urgency in your plea………i pray that someone near you hears and sees……so that they might rescue UK from the grasp of EVIL!!! GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!!! I PRAY YOU ALL STAY SAFE AND FROM HARM!! III%

      2. .madashell says

        Come on PD, think.
        Are you preaching to the people of England or The US ?
        The good people of England have had a previously prosperous way of life destroyed by the stupidity of the liberals.
        They have had all means of protest stripped away by refusing the right of personal protection by weapons first then squelching free speech through the courts.
        This is the course that Adolph Hitler took when he began the overtaking of Germany.
        He, by the way, colluded witrh the leaders of Islam to accomplish his evil goals, thus “The Ovens” among other atrocities.
        The Muslims are using this same approach to subdue America. The millions of NRA members, have kept them from taking our weapons but they are chipping away.
        Meanwhile they have infiltrated our government, local to federal, our court system and especially our education system.
        The more brain dead liberals we turn out of our education system, the better the Muslim’s chances are of having their way here as they have done in other countries.
        This is what has happened to Pamela Craghill’s country so don’t challenge someone who puts themselves in harm’s way to warn the people of The US.
        Thank you Mrs. Craghill.

  12. b glad says

    Where are these billion non violent followers of Islam. I don’t hear them condemning the extreme violence being conducted by terrorists in the name of “Allah” I assure you that if the acts were being carried out in the name of “god” the true Christian believers would be the first to stand up and cry “foul”.

  13. randi says

    Liberals are no better than Hitler’s propaganda they should shut up and teach American history instead.

  14. greyfox says

    liberalism is fair and honest, all hail to liberalism and political correctness.

    1. Joe T says


      Somewhat scary these days…in the 1800’s and early 1900’s they would institutionalize these type persons to keep them mainly from harming themselves.
      Now…they give meds and let them roam Congress and diverse places to harm us!
      Did you read about Nancy (with the blank stare in her eyes) Pelosi?

      Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi had to be removed from the House Floor by the Sergeant at Arms, after breaking protocol and charging across House Floor twice, while wagging her finger. Even Democrat Nita Lowey of NY was caught on mic saying “What is she doing?” This is not an isolated case for Pelosi.……
      Hollywood Actor James Woods has publicly raised the issue of Pelosi being mentally ill after watching her House meltdown. “Pelosi may actually be mentally ill.??? WOW

      1. patriotdaddy says

        look at the user name…….they are old!!! liberals are mostly made up of old ass ppl that are about to die soon anyways lol…….every liberal you see on tv is OLD!! lol…b/c the young 1s that think they are liberal are to smart and will most likely figure out the old ppls bs when it is their time to promote…..then liberalism will be much different….hopefully soon!! ALL LIBERALS SHOULD DIE…THEY ALL NEED TO COMMIT SUICIDE!!!!

        1. Joe T says

          thinking of her own funeral arrangements, nursing care/home….NOT trying to take GUNS away….in her 81 years 60 no doubt in CONGRESS did anyone shoot at her….doubt it….Now she wants another OBAMA to take her seat, UNREAL

          Responding to a report from last week, Senate Intelligence Chairwoman Dianne Feinstein (D-California) said she would be “flattered” if First Lady Michelle Obama decides to run for her seat when her term is up in 2018, but admitted she has “no idea” what she’ll be doing at that time. It has been suggested that Feinstein, 81, won’t seek re-election at the end of her term.

      2. greyfox says

        Joe, my sarcasm must have escaped you. Pelosi is beyond mentally.

        1. Joe T says

          You GOT me on that ONE…thought you were another pseudo pundit defending the liberal (chaotic) agenda……RULE BY MADNESS…aka Pres Obama!
          February 17, 2008, reprint – Psychiatrist Confirms: Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder
          As a clinical and forensic psychiatrist, Lyle Rossiter has treated over 1,500 patients and examined over 2,700 civil and criminal cases. Turning his hand to political psychopathology, the author of The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness, has diagnosed an alarming percentage of the population as suffering from the grotesque form of mental derangement known by some as moonbattery
          Best regards greyfox.Joe T

  15. fred says

    Muslims have sealed their fate in this Christian country, we can only hope their horrifying culture is overrun in all countries, including Saudi Arabia! It is a false prophet that tells his people to lie, cheat, steal and murder in the name of Allah, and it WILL fail! The fact that it is being taught in our HS textbooks is horrifying but not surprising, given that the criminal muslim born in kenya has ordered it so! Time to VOTE this scum out of our lives for good!

  16. Mark Clemens says

    If you really care about your children’s education, send them to a privet school run by a Church of your faith………..

  17. Michael Bellinger / Cooliedawg says

    I find it hard to believe that “Americans” sit idly by and constantly allow this Fake ass President and his administration to continue to try and bring our Great Nation to total destruction…Lock and Load….

  18. SFC US Army Retired says

    Liberals are fruitier than a fruit cake! Muslims and Muslim Islamist are not our friends.

  19. keepyourpower says

    If Christianity cannot be mentioned in school text books..then Islam CANNOT either. I hope they fight this! Contact ACLJ..they will take the bono…from what I hear!

  20. SFC US Army Retired says

    A clinical and forensic psychiatrist, Lyle Rossiter, has treated over 1,500
    patients and examined over 2700 civil and criminal cases. He is author of the
    LIBERAL MIND: The Pathological Causes of
    Political Madness, and diagnosed this form of mental derangement known by some

    “Based upon irrational beliefs and emotions, modern liberals relentlessly
    undermine the most important principles on which our freedoms were founded.
    Like spoiled, angry children, they rebel against the normal responsibility of
    adulthood and demand that a parent’s government meet their needs from cradle to

    Basically liberalism is a willful failure to mature beyond adolescence that can
    have catastrophic consequences for society.

  21. David Mangum says


  22. chuck says

    The only thing special about mohamad, yes small letters on purpose, was that he managed to marry a widow who happened to own a BUNCH of camels. It was against the law for women to own property so she married mohamad. He sure screwed her. Most of his directives were written down after he woke up from his “dreams” many scholars believe these dreams, due to historical evidence, were epileptic seizures. This is the wingnut islam is based on.

  23. Yadja says

    Coming down to the wire where parents are going to have to Home School or send their children to Private Schools. This won’t go away as long as the Liberal/Democrat/Progressives are in control.

    Only parents and the churches are going to combat this. Where is that Separation clause coming in????

  24. ConservativeSenior says

    Indoctrination. Welcome to the People’s Republic of Massachusetts. If the parents don’t stand up to this, they deserve what they get.

    1. Gess says

      Yes…yes they do. The problem is their children don’t deserve it & neither do we. I’m a big advocate of parents not having their natural right, to raise their children as they see fit, removed. When the way they choose endangers that child, another child, or anyone’s life, though, the tables begin to turn & fast! By allowing this to be introduced to their child, or simply by refusing to raise their child, which is EXACTLY what sending them to someone else for their learning is, they are endangering the childs life, other children’s lives, & each & every person’s life at risk!

  25. 2 parrots and a dog says

    I have only one objection to the story above. I am a Christian and have read the Bible cover to cover six or seven times. I believe in the God of Abraham. Jesus is a part of God just as your children are a part of their parents albeit it’s more complex than that since Jesus has also always existed because of the part of him that is God. Jesus has powers given to him through God. Only God is God. That is why we pray to God through His son. You are not the only Christian that believes as you do and I have also heard preachers say the same. I am not sure why this occurs when Jesus himself says otherwise and prayed to God himself. Christians need to read the Bible from cover to cover and not just pull out small sections of the Bible. I enjoyed your article. It is very important work for God and His son. I am glad that there are people like you exposing these abominations. While I’m at it let me express my feelings about the Muslim ideology.

    They do not worship the God of Abraham. Theirs is a false god. I am not a Bible expert by any means. Each time I read it I learn more. One thing that recurs in the Bible is how much God loves truth.Lying is a grave sin to Him. The Muslims believe it is good to lie and deceive. That fact alone demonstrates that they worship a false God. There are many other examples, but why bother going into them now when the example I give says it clearly and can not be denied on any level. If any person out there still thinks that Obama is a Christian, this example also proves he is not. It’s simple, true logic.

  26. IFGA says

    If that text is anything like the one my granddaughter had, which had a section on how Islam helped to develop the U S, then it was published by the same outfit, Liberal National Geographic.

  27. Alice Hallock says

    I think muslim is a cult. But the people who follow it, say it’s a religion. SO BY LIBERAL VIEWS & muslim iT CAN’T BE ALLOWED IN THE SCHOOLS .Any school that lets it even be mentioned is breaking the law. The same goes for the atheists. The GOV. LAWERS HAVE DECLEARED THAT TOO IS A RELEGION. Thay can’t have it both ways.

  28. elmcqueen3 says

    Mohammed had a sense of right and wrong…Are you sh#tting me?…This guy was a evil as they come…Like with Saul in the Bible Mohammed was whacko as well…Their minds were skewered…In today’s world both would be placed in a straight jacket and attended to by peoples who wear white clothes.

  29. 2399molly says

    How about the schools sending your foreign exchange students to live with a Muslim family.

  30. leslie green says

    Our President is Islamic. Does that mean that he wants to behead all the infidels in America as his religion demands? I think we need to consider just what are his ulterior motives for America… nauseating thought.
    We need to insure that his “religion” doesn’t bring down America… which from what I’m seeing, is their apparent intention. We must not allow them any foothold in changing our Constitution lest we end up all headless.

    1. slypuffers says

      No head, surprising from “Bath-house Barry”, his position has involved, as a modern savage. He sees Ebola as the way…………sweethearts.

  31. John Stratemeyer says

    Less “concerned” about Islam than Christianity? No. Liberal/socialist/Democrats (LSDs) are scared to death of Islam. They are mortally afraid of what Islamists might do to them. Downright petrified at any notion of standing up to them to stop it, the LSDs “think” that the best alternative is to say nice things about them. The LSDs don’t like Christians any more than the Islamists do anyway, so to their “minds,” what’s the harm? No Christian will be walking into a classroom wearing a suicide vest.
    To all of the LSDs out there, you’d better think this through. These Islamist-fascist-neo-Nazi-terrorist-fanatics think that they’re doing God’s will. That’s the reality.

  32. Gess says

    A good write up, & so far, good comments. So very true are some of the comments! People must start raising their children. If they don’t, it’s easy to see what the results will be. The past generations, whether out of ignorance or simply not caring enough to keep up w/their jobs as parents, have shown us the results w;current generations. For those not involved (& I mean really involved) in their kids lives – that doesn’t mean asking them how their day went over a quick meal. Parents have to know & control what is being fed to the children! Sending them to publicly funded daycares… err, public schools IS NOT PROPERLY RAISING YOUR CHILD!! IT IS ALLOWING OTHERS TO DO THE DUTIES YOU TOOK ON WHEN YOU DECIDED TO HAVE A CHILD!! People/parents MUST get involved & :, “Eph 6:4 And, ye fathers, provoke not your children to wrath: but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.”. If not then it’s already too late. For those that refuse to homeschool & shut down this common, evil, way of lifestyle currently going on–just remember: it is you that will be the cause of the end of this country as we know it!

  33. jak says

    What do you expect from “THE PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF MASSACHUSETTS?” This state is a one party state dominated and RULED by the democratic party. There are only a handful of republicans in office. Sen. Elizabeth Warren [the fake Indian], is so far left it’s scary. Plus the likes of others whose only goal it seems, is to promote a communist/Marxist agenda. And then you have Harvard University. Need I say more?

  34. ihatelibs says


  35. Kent2012 says

    not surprised, the communists have been infiltrating the education system for as long as they have worked to infect our government and now they have achieved a complete success…then they got kenyan boyo into politics and got him to run on the parasite/union/pseudo intellectual platform (that is steal from those that create and work, give to those that will not) and before they could realize their mistake (?) they found out that the african pretender is a rag lover as well as a communist parasite….

  36. babsan says

    For being as ANTI AMERICAN as the Mass.Liberals are I ‘ll say that they deserve their Muslims and the Boston bombings.Must like it!

  37. sgtyork says

    Just wondering where these liberals were when Hitler was rising in power to promote his Nazism in our schools? He would of loved these traitors of our way of life to promote his death camps.We are losing our way as Americans to a bunch of liberals who are turncoats with dreams of a communist/Islamic America.Down with liberal America,we are a free nation

  38. catman says

    Not at all surprising. After all, this is Mestupchusett’s. They haven’t had their collective act together since the Kennedy’s took over.

  39. Frick says

    I would be pulling my kids from sorry US schools!!!!!

  40. squeak says

    WHERE are the PARENTS ?? I would be storming in that school with hundreds of parents demanding they burn all & any Muslim material to teach our Children with…If it was to continue there will be more of the same, only with Lawyers, Period ! Time we Americans wake up & fight these Communists, Muslims, Socialists, Marxists, any or ALL of them Immediately, This has gone on long enough… When the Senate gets in office, they sure as heck better do their job or they will see OUTRAGE from the PEOPLE ! THAT IS A PROMISE !

  41. tom barry says

    Where are the atheists and the ACLU why aren’t they screaming about this??

  42. Jimmy King says

    WOW Fixthis nation, nice article. Nothing but Bullshit rhetoric to get the morons all fired up. Reading through all these posts is hilarious. “My religion is better than yours” “Your religion teaches others to kill” “my religion is the only true religion” “your religion is nothing but gutter monkeys” I don’t think any of you know anything about the others religion. In fact, it doesn’t seem like you know much about your own religion. Jesus, if you believe in him, taught us to love everyone. You people are so full of hate and ignorance and all in the name of god. ALL Religions should be wiped from the face of the earth. More killing has occurred in the name of religion and religious hate than any other cause. This is disgusting

  43. Tom Brooks says

    Damn all this useless chatter. Get out there, group together and sue the board of education. Or do you not have the time )or the balls) to spend protecting your children? If you don’t help solve the problem, you are part of the problem. Quit whining and do something. There must be at least one freedom loving lawyer in MA willing to take the case. Hell, if I lived in MA, I would be on the news every night protesting before the board of ed. But, thank God, I don’t live in MA.

  44. Archie Cogollos says

    It’s about time the parents got pissed off….schools stopped teaching history or make it an elective in schools..stopped teaching cursive…kids can’t sign their name or read letters..much less write..WTF…we got issues…and we better start getting more’s time to ante up!!!!!!!

  45. Jens Pedersen says

    Liberals? They are a very Dangerous to our freedom, They make the Taliban, Al Qaeda, ISIS, Hezbollah, Hamas look like bad kids in Preschool.

    Any and All that is good for America they want to destroy it, Twist it in to something bad. I understand why we should take religion out of Government ( I do not agree ) but OK we have many different religions here in the USA.

    Liberals are a 2- Face breed there is nothing they do that is good. If you are a Piss Ass LIBERAL show me what you do that will help the USA. What do you do that is good for the Citizens of America — NOTHING

    Liberals, Give them no Respect they do more Damage to America and its Citizens then all the Terrorist Groups wrapped all into One.

  46. brucethompson22 says

    This is a back door way of getting rid of all religions.It’s called Communist Propaganda. If you look into these teachers unions and a lot of Dems. are Socialist/Communist, look at the people around Obama, Valerie Jarrett, Van Jones, Bill Ayers, Franklin Marshall Davis,Saul Alinsky and, so many more all the way back to his mother and father.

  47. PCLEMSC says

    To learn the truth about Islam and Muslims, read “GODS WAR ON TERROR”, written by ex-Palestinian terrorist, now convert to Christianity, Walid Shoebat. No better expose anywhere.

  48. ralph says

    Congradulations your blind democrat vote year after year and your support of the democrat union power every election is working for you and I love it. You want change vote American that means no party voting follow all those’s running and think for a change about our country and not your greed, and any time you here the word free try to remember all the money the government has is the tax payers, and when you hear the country going into debt. that is the tax payers debt we are the ones that pay it. Some one yelling change fine what you must hear then is just how we are going to do that in detail

  49. Jesus is God says

    Folks, whether we choose to recognize much less accept what is happening these filthy satanic liberals are destroying this once great nation. The last time I read the United States Constitution it clearly states that there are to be NO LAWS which establish a state religion or prohibit the free exercise thereof. Liberals with their radical, violent, and unrelenting demonic agenda – abortion (murder of innocent babies), despicable homosexual death choice that they insist on shoving into normal people’s faces, (which every normal person, even the unregenerate know is abominable and demonic filth), and the unrelenting attacks on Christianity and the freedom to worship the TRUE GOD of Love who is JESUS CHRIST are just 3 examples of the DEMONIC DRUM BEAT OF SATAN HIMSELF! If TRUE CHRISTIANS do not stand up and DEMAND the end of this radical death march, then this nation could easily find itself soon in another UNCIVIL WAR! Is that what you want you and your innocent children subjected to because of your apathy and cowardiceness???

    We didn’t do anything to precipitate this war on TRUTH, but as citizens of TRUTH, we must be fearless in defending JESUS CHRIST WHO IS GOD AND ABSOLUTE TRUTH, because if we choose not to, then He clearly states He has no cause to defend US!!!

  50. Jeffrey Cahoon says

    I was born and raised on Cape Cod, my mother was born in Revere Mass. I cannot believe what I just read! The people of Mass. should be up in arms over this! True new Englanders ought to hold the state of Mass. in great contempt! I am outraged!

  51. Jesus is God says

    You think that’s bad. In 2009 I decided to return to college to obtain a Business Education teaching
    certification because I have a badly injured back and severe neuropathy in both of my feet which for all practical purposes limits me to working in a sedentary job. In order to complete the academic qualifications for the teaching certification, it was mandatory that I take a “multicultural” class. During the class, every student was forced to watch a film presentation from a “gay” student in the class celebrating his “gay” friendships and so-called lifestyle. Not only that, but shortly after that travesty, the teacher demanded that every single student in the class reveal their beliefs on “gay marriage” in front of every other student in the classroom. It just so happened that I was sitting at the very back of the class because periodically I would have to stand up and stretch because of my injured back. As a result the class ended just as I was set to be the last person to be forced into revealing my beliefs. It was either the class ending or the fact that the instructor knew that I was a fearless Christian that doubtless despised homosexuality that triggered her decision not to question me.

    Just to show you how extreme this reverse discrimination against “Christians” has become, check this
    out. Also as part of the class requirement, every student was required to deliver a five minute presentation on what life experiences had led us to want to become a school teacher. During my presentation, I revealed that I was almost killed by a drunk driver in 1980. At the time, as I was a poor college student with no medical insurance, I turned to the Bible to seek God’s intervention for
    physical healing. I had my Bible with me during my five minute class presentation and I testified that during the process of turning to the Bible for help for healing I had obtained salvation by accepting Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. I also stated that during my search for physical healing, the Holy Spirit had sustained me. As soon as I said the two words “Holy Spirit” the teacher exploded out of her chair and demanded that not one more word on religion be spoken in her class and insisted that I was to instantly discontinue my presentation.

    I reported everything that I am stating in this post to the Dean of Education and he basically told me that
    he couldn’t care less. Not only that, but that he also told me that he and a few other leaders in the Department of Education had convened a meeting and decided that I would not be permitted to student teach. He stated that it was primarily because of my physical limitations, but I had just finished walking all over that college campus for 18 months completing 12 classes to obtain the teaching certification. Although it was very difficult for me to walk on campus because of the neuropathy in both feet, I
    still managed to make 7 As, 4 Bs, and only 1 C during these 12 classes. I truly believe that their refusal to permit me to student teach had nothing to do with my physical problems, but because I had took a stand against this demonic lie of homosexual marriage.

    Thus I was left having to repay a $6000 student loan and no way to complete the requirements to obtain the teaching certification because the University refused to permit me to student teach.

    I inserted exclamation points around the word “gay” in my message because to me there is nothing gay or
    happy about these people’s satanic choice. That homosexual individual in the classroom who the students were forced to watch him and his little friends queering off had nothing gay about him. He was a sad and bitter person who wanted revenge on society for people not being open to his acceptance of demonic darkness! Satan enjoys taking poor souls prisoner by deluding them into accepting what is not an alternative lifestyle, it’s a DEATHSTYLE!!! As any rational thinking person knows in their heart, engaging in homosexuality is extreme depravity and abomination just as the Holy Word of God tells mankind! And the Word of God instructing mankind not to engage in homosexuality is not a choice; it is a ABSOLUTE COMMANDMENT FROM ALMIGHTY GOD!

    I am still trying to obtain justice for what that University did to me. And if we as free Americans don’t
    start standing up and demand our Constitutional and First Amendment right of freedom of assembly and worship, we may as well be living in Nazi Germany! It is an absolute travesty that any business in America can be forced to accommodate WICKED people engaging in extreme DEPRAVITY AND HORRIFIC CORRUPTION! I will say it again, homosexuality is a filthy lie from the satanic abode of the bottomless pit, and you better prepare to be burned alive, because as Jesus Christ burned Sodom and Gomorrah over two thousand years ago, He will do it again to us.

    I am not married but if you don’t realize that if you have little kids in school that they are having this filthy
    lie of homosexuality rammed down their throats, then you are completely self-deluded and deceived! Wake the hell up, this homosexual agenda is not only to ram this vile lie down your kids throats in classrooms, the truth is that these filthy predator scum want to ram their filthy sex organs into and down
    your kids throats!!! Wake up and start fighting for truth or you will find yourself burning alongside these depraved animals in the eternal lake of fire!

    And don’t you dare think that the things that I am telling you are not real! God the Father sent His only
    begotten Son to be ripped apart on Calvary’s cross to pay for mankind’s wicked sin. Sexual depravity, perversion, and homosexuality were one of the main reasons that Jesus Christ had to be crucified so that you and your children could be saved from eternal hellfire! At the core of homosexuality worship of self and the most extreme depraved lust, and a predatory demand that normal people bend over and have these demon beliefs and actions forced into and upon your lives and your children’s lives!!!

    We can’t say you that we were not warned! We need to intercede to God the Father in the Holy and Perfect name of Jesus Christ to please put a stop to this REPEATEDLY AND FOR ALL or I assure
    you that very soon we all will be appalled and terrified at the consequences of our apathy and refusal to DEFEND TRUTH and the ONE AND ONLY TRUE GOD WHO IS JESUS CHRIST ALONE!!!

  52. jlp5871 says

    You know who your enemys are. The enemys from with in. Communist [ democRATS ] iSIS, Arm your selfs.

  53. Michael S Smith NJ says

    First at first glance I do not see what is wrong here School text should not glorify nor demonize any religion and to condemn an entire religion and all its believers on the actions of a few fundamentalist extremists is wrong and shows ignorance

  54. dondehoff says

    If religion is to be taught in schools, there should be laws, that require “equal time” for the top six or so religions., with none being “touted over another”. Also, I note most Muslims have no concept of how Islamic “abrogation” is applied in the study of their Qur’an. Basically, abrogation requires later revelations, that change or modify earlier revelations, take precedence of the earlier revelation. The problem is that the Qur’an is completely lacking in chronology as are the randomly inserted abrogations. They is no way for a lay person to know what or when later revelation abrogated earlier ones. For instance, Surah “Nine” (out of 114), known as Muhammad’s “death bed revelation”, abrogates many earlier revelations, especially those dealing with love, equality, peace, acceptance of other religions, etc. Those chronology and abrogation issues make the Qur’an undecipherable to most all, including the very learned. The “learned” (Imams)Instead use the “Approved”. “Reliance of the Traveler: A Classic Manual of Islamic Sacred Law, translated by N.H.M. Keller. It is printed in Arabic, with English translations, well indexed for subject mater and is not hampered by chronology and abrogation issues—a must read document if one is to fully understand the Muslim culture, ideology and it pseudo religion. I use the term “pseudo” in that the international accepted meaning of the word “religion” is devoted to divinity and spiritual issues and day-to-day- activities that vary from place to place, season culture and meaning, fall under the categories of culture, and ideology.

  55. jessejames5 says

    What is prejudicial is that Muslims do not have to study Christianity as it goes against their beliefs, but liberal minded dictators force Christians to study and be open to a terroristic religion.
    This is a result of the voters who put OB in the WH and he is pushing the Islamic doctrines that he is committed to. It is time to get that dictator, or anyone in that party as far away from the WH as possible before an overpowering cultic religion takes over this country in a much more forceful manner.
    OB’s plan is to make gov’t as small as possible and this means to have it run only by federal means and take the power away from the individual states, a communist style of control over everyone. Therefore, who votes for the dems is saying it is okay that common core is appropriate for all is fooling themselves as it will come from the WH’s control and this is what will happen, muslim doctrines will be something that will cause students to fail if they don’t pass the course. If some don’t believe me, just watch and see.

  56. NoRINO says

    It’s time to re-educate public school teachers and administrators through labor, the hard way.

  57. slotiac32 says

    Liberal/progressive insanity and treason at work in our schools, thanks to the leftists who hired more leftists to write the curriculum designed to brainwash the kids at an early age. And not just in Mass. but all over the nation. The US Dept. of Public Education should be abolished, and control given to states and counties and cities.

  58. Tony Donaldson says

    Liberal= ANARCHY

  59. Jerry Hughes says

    When are we going to acknowledge that reason and votes are not the way to deal with the liberal dem bloodsuckers, aka American Jihadists.
    Contact your legislators , urge them to set up a national referendum on partitioning the USA

  60. Mark Tallman says

    This is why we have good American kids converting to this gutter “religion” and attacking fellow Americans. It is time to take back our schools from the liberals assholes.

  61. Sam W says

    WHO is this Allah character? Does our MONEY say in allah or GOD WE trust?!! WHO approved the expenditure for this propaganda? HEADS should roll of the people that approved these books.!!

  62. David Mangum says


  63. Robert Brennan says

    Time to fire the school boards, time to file lawsuits against the board of education. This is the only thing they understand or home schooling..

  64. James E Groves says

    Hope they included the fact that Muhammad was a caravan robber, murder, and rapist of very young girls. Did this text include a bio of Christ, Buddha and other historical religious leaders. What about the believe of American Indians and the South American Indians? While the Muslim faith is very very relvant since there over a billion in the world, these other historical religious founders have also affected the world greatly.

  65. marla1 says

    What the hell is wrong with that muslim ass kissing state? After what the muslim terrorist brothers did to their state, they have to be the stupidest state in the Union!


    Next time anything like this happens put the name of the
    school or business in the article or an internet address where we can find out
    the name, then we could bomb them with e-mails. If I was a parent I would pull
    the kid out and send him somewhere else. Do you know what a moderate
    muslim is, a muslim that ran out of bullets and bomb’s. Tell
    the school they need to update their math skills also, because estimates from
    many non-muslim investigators say out of 1.7 billion muslims 1.5 billion
    muslims are radical or support radicals. The only cure is KILL THEM ALL OVER 2
    YEARS OLD AND THEN LET THEM START AGAIN. No questions asked. Number 2 any
    muslims in The USA who work for the government need to be fired ASAP today, why
    The US Constitution forbids any political actions in our government that are
    based on religion, and guess what guys all the muslims their religion is islam
    and their government is islam need I say more. Now to all those who have
    similar thoughts I have 1 thing you should always do STOP CAPATALIZING muslim,
    qouran, islam, hamas, isis, AND obama and his family or cronies or
    supporters, this is insulting to them
    GOOD, maybe it will piss them off. Now to everyone who is on my side and
    specially not on my side read the quran. To those not on my side of the tracks
    you will see that the quran tells its followers IF THE PERSON IS NOT islamic
    BE KILLED. You don’t believe me read if
    you can. You know what they say if you
    can read thank a teacher, if you are reading in English THANK A SOLDIER.

    1. Political American says

      You are some kind of special. So for one radical muslims are a very small small percentage and all of that percentage is the governments of the area. Muslims are as good/bad as Christians you cant say condemn Islam because of a “Convert or Die” saying or passage when the Christians have been doing that for over a century.The bible is also apart of the quran so really you’re hating on a christian faction and getting angry in the name of a peaceful religion.


  67. Political American says

    100% Agreed that it shouldnt be in textbooks. You cant say no to one religon and yes to another. Yes Allah is the only god….the Muslim god and the Christian God ARE THE SAME GOD!. The dude says He believes in Jesus ONLY…wtf? So you only believe in the son of god but not god? Could we hear from someone less stupid please?

  68. jer1041 says

    Why would parents be outraged? They have no idea what is going on in the schools. They do not care what is going on in the schools, as long as their kids are away from home and out of their hair. Do you really think we have come to this point with parents giving a damn about their kids and their future?

  69. wanda faye allen says

    This Country is Screwed ! Toast ! DONE !!!!

  70. American says

    Non-liberals best pay attention to their school boards; there needs to be a fairer representation of non-liberal views – better yet, reclaim American education for God and Country. The liberals don’t understand it yet, but their support of Islam is only as a useful idiot; once the Muslim numbers are greater and they infiltrate into our government, police and armed forces, they will no longer need the liberals, and the liberals will be the first to go – the liberal views really aren’t compatible with Islam.

  71. Michael Bellinger / Cooliedawg says

    Fact: Massachusetts public schools glorifies Islam in their textbooks……

  72. Penny says

    Michigan passed Shari law! What other US state is going to? Oklahoma voted NO! Americans need to wake up fast! Look up what happened in UK when they passed it! This is scary stuff. It really breaks my heart how so many people are against God.

  73. Snaps says

    And where is the ACLU (which I call the American Communist Liberties Union, it was actually founded by a communist to promote communism) and the FFRF (Freedom From Religion Foundation)? If the book were praising Christianity they’d be all over it. But because they are anti-Christ organizations, they get in a wad if anything Christian shows up in public, despite the Supreme Court’s recognition that the First Amendment applies to everyone everywhere.

  74. ronbreen says

    Liberals are plain and simple CRIMINALS when they foist this agenda crap on everybody else. The ONLY TWO possible solutions are: 1) the ballot box; 2) armed insurrection. I hope that the latter is NEVER necessary. But IF it becomes necessary, we should ALL remember the Boston Tea Party, Bunker Hill, Washington Crossing the Delaware, Lexington, Concord, Fort McHenry and Valley Forge. Each of these put necessity above political correctness (because the King of England – like Obama – was a despot) in order to secure the glorious freedoms which we enjoy in this country. In diplomatic terms: ALL solution options are on the table, and Marxist rhetoric will not dissuade the CITIZENS of the USA from claiming, preserving and protecting their inalienable rights. Just sayin’.

  75. David Gearhart says

    The liberals are always giving a minority more rights than an average citizen until the minorities have more rights than the majority. Muslim’s are 2% of the population, gay’s are 2% Black’s are 13%, 6% are atheist and yet the majority are having to conform to the rule of the minority. This is America everyone is welcome to become a part of our society. But the liberals are making us conform to the minorities rather than have them become a part of our society. We have fought for their rights and now they are taking ours away.

  76. 1uncle says

    Since LBJ at least, the demos have been ruining the USA. Buying the votes of their special interest groups with your taxes and passing laws favoring them.
    Do not vote for demos or Rinos. NO MORE ‘born on welfare’ and NO MORE aliens.

  77. Mark Erickson says

    The ACLU will probably see nothing wrong with this. But they’ll be wrong. This is just another of many signs that Islam and Sharia law are an ever-growing threat to mankind.

  78. Alan404 says

    Religion should NOT be taught in Public Schools, that applies to any and all religions.

  79. librtyship says

    The worst thing in the world you can do is to send your kids to the government run public schools as they are hell bent on making good little Socialists and Communists out of them!!

  80. plb5678 says

    time to abolish the dept of ed and the public school system. start vouchers for private schools. the public school system is corrupt and run by the government to brain wash our youth.

  81. nwrkjoel says

    Since the founding of our nation, The Holy Bible has been in our classrooms and Congress for generations until some liberal judges perverted the meaning of the First Amendment and the rolling stone of secularism has been picking up speed ever since.

  82. Joe T says

    4.89 : They desire that you should disbelieve as they have disbelieved, so that you might be (all) alike; therefore take not from among them friends until they fly (their homes) in Allah’s way; but if they turn back, then seize them and kill them wherever you find them, and take not from among them a friend or a helper.

    “Protestant pastors in the U.S. have a negative view of Islam and more than half agree with Franklin Graham’s statement that Islam is an “evil” religion…” EVIL AS IN DEVILWORSHIP

  83. Joe T says


  84. matt mccleary says

    We are totally with you Antony….The muslim religion needs to be totally banished from AMERICA AND AMERICANS……Id throw all there asses outa the country…No questions asked…..Gone. We will take it back….THE REVOLUTION IS VERY CLOSE NOW…..

  85. 1josephg1 says

    What is wrong with you people. The religion of peace does not kill everyone. Just those infidels who do not convert to islam. What else would you expect from the idiots in a state that votes a killer into office year after year. Just in case any of you low life liberal left wing scum bag democrats cant figure

    that out it is ted kennedy.

  86. slotiac32 says

    All part of the plan to indoctrinate our kids with leftist and Islamic propaganda. Parents should be outraged, and storm the school dept. offices, if necessary to get the curriculum altered into a more neutral presentation. The US Dept. of Education should be junked, and school curriculum left up the the counties and cities, not state or federal.

  87. 1 Fed Up American says

    In 5 Days this Country will sink or swim. If the Republican’s can’t control the Senate and House the SOB President will have accomplished his mission to DESTROY AMERICA. With Amnesty coming to 30,000,000 plus ILLEGAL ALIEN INVADERS, and total destruction of our Constitution this will be ONE SHIT HOLE of a Country to Live In. OBAMA’S final victory will come when he declares himself EMPEROR of the UNITED COMMUNIST STATES.

  88. beware says

    guess American women will start wearing berkas and jock straps

  89. Laddyboy says

    This is an example of the “silent jihad” that has been going on in not only America but around the world. If anyone speaks the truth about ‘mohamMAD’ than that person is a bigot or a race hater. mrs. v. jarrett, along with mr. obama, is one of these islamist theology cult believers.

  90. phil62 says

    The children will not “know anything about that” unless you/we teach them at home. We teach them and they will teach the other kids that don’t get the truth at home. If you tell another person that means you and that person equals 11 – if those 11 tell 11 then that equals 1,111 (gotta love that domino effect).

  91. lin says

    One must vote! And keep voting sacred, in which non citizens are barred from the voting booths!

  92. adrianvance says

    This is the simple-minded insanity of “political correctness” where you are nice to your attackers so they will like you and stop cutting off your head. Guess how well that works? Never try it.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” and get sharp.

  93. badger says

    Islam’s plan to take control of our schools, infiltrating our country’s leadership by elections and using our constitution and laws against us, is their plan in to convert our country to become a Muslim Islamic State and this administration is helping them to complete their mission. We Americans must stop their advancement to destroy our country. We must take Americas leadership away from the Democrats this election or say goodby to America.

  94. badger says

    I hate to say this, you can see the writing on the wall. Obama intends to bring in thousand of Palestinian refugees to America. You can bet many of them terrorist. This is exactly what took place in Lebanon. Christians and Muslims lived and worked together until Lebanon felt sorry for Palestinian refugees and allowed them in. Then they took over the county and bombed the U.S. Marine barracks and drove Christians out of Lebanon and then attacked Israel until Israel drove them back. When are we going to realize that Muslims hate us and wants to see us killed if we do not convert to Islam. Not all Arabs are Muslims. Many Arabs are Christians. only Muslims are the ones to watch closely. Also keep a sharp eye on the mosques. Many of them are recruiting stations for terrorists.

  95. QuisPercusit says

    Every body worth counting (Conservatives, Moderates, Republicans, Catholics, Baptists, Mormons and all other Christian denominations are getting their knickers in a bunch over the socialist liberals touting Islam, allowing Muslims to block streets in order to face Mecca and pray(prey) etc. Where was the outrage when the liberals hid between “separation of church and state”(a false doctrine of biblical consequence if there ever was one). and are still clueless (evidently to the insidious evil behind Socialist Liberalism in our government. The First amendment Clearly states: Congress shall make no law “respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. No where does the Constitution require the press to be unbiased, truthful, fair & balanced or apolitical, I suggest the holier than thou bunch either solve their dilemma by any means available to them in the immediate future (before the next election for POTUS or Shut the F up and keep a jar of Vaseline close by at all times because the day is coming when ya’ll will most assuredly need it when the Liberals, socialists, progressives Infringe the nuts right off the second amendment tree of liberty. Which of course is the only thing still keeping the first amendment and the rest of the bill of rights clinging to life. If you are too limp wristed, weak kneed, gutless or stupid to know when evil’s ugly head has stuck it self in your tent . I have no sympathy for ya’ll, no pity, nada, zip, zero, zilch. ya’ll brought it on yer selves for the sake and safety of the children, That’s exactly what the evil prince (prince of evil wanted ya’ll to do, you all being baited and switched. big time. Ya’ll that didn’t vote for Romney are either evil, stupid or traitorous, maybe all three. I have seen very few peaceably assemblies bin an effort to redress any redress of grievances related to the quasi pseudo Separation of church and state ploys of the liberal supreme court or congress or POTUS for that matter.

    1. Paul D. Conley says

      You expressed my sentiments, no, fantastically well, God Bless you and yours!

  96. Randall Razz Taylor says

    WE may not fully understand everything thats happening but this one thing is sure GOD IS IN CONTROL AND NOBODY IS GETTING AWAY WITH ANYTHING.
    Why do you think the Bible says that hell is enlarging itself? So it can hold ll those who oppose and blaspheme God.
    GOD’S NOT DEAD!!!!!

  97. mike johnson says

    The constant activities of our bustling government leaves me to confirm that there is no doubt they have been left to their own devices since before the Vietnam War. When ” WeThePeople” Take back our government,it needs to start at the mid terms. There are roughly two thousand changes that must be made across the board, starting with the arrests , indictments , convictions , of public figures elected into office; that should now be removed- from society. Remember we have an established dogma of corporate run prisons in this nation. In many cases I do believe the wrong people are in them.
    Majorly the Constitution of The United States of America, must be on the forefront of needed change.
    The updating of the documents to be brought up to todays issues, needs, and absolute clarity. Like I said,
    2000 + changes.
    I would like publicly Thank You all in advance for the abundant views on these issues. We must preserve what our ancestors fought for to create this great nation.

  98. mike johnson says

    Thank You to Randall Razz Taylor, Not Forgotten , Our Nation Began and established that it is God that will be in our new land. That we should follow in his righteousness.

  99. F S says

    Will anyone ever be able to shut down these liberal idiots?

  100. mrmsjb12 says

    If you love islum so much please move to Afghanistan that way you can stone women to death, liberals are some sick puppies we should put them down

  101. RMCSRET says

    This just goes to show the IQ of the bulk of people who actually vote for Democrats. They also dont
    care that Religion in this country is being killed one day at a time by the GODLESS Communist who
    are controlling the Democratic Party apparatus. Just look into Obamas and Hillary Clintons backgrounds
    and friends and you will see quite a few high level Communist.

  102. Bruce True says

    America what do you expect when you have a muslim in the white house

  103. Bruce True says

    The CONSTITUTION if it goes because of LIBs so does TEXAS from the US. Without approval from his highness and communist friend or anyone else TEXAS will leave without there permission.

  104. tarotcardman says

    we need a protection of our rights no changes no changes

  105. Mike Gillum says

    There are no non-violent followers of islam. They are all evil.

  106. Joseph Toth says

    The people in Massachusetts keeps voting the Kennedys in time after time, so it’s only natural they’ll go along with the Muslim agenda for the state and country.

  107. RobertNorwood says

    Just add this to the growing pattern of things emanating from the Obama White House. The wild eyed liberals seem empowered, and why? They have the very institutions that are supposed to serve the American citizen’s interests on their side; Obama, Holder, the IRS, the media, along with any other government institutions by which you can be violated. The Obama admin is the most corrupt government since the Third Reich.

  108. norma says

    The Obama administration and some state Governors tried introducing Common Core Curriculum into our school systems, (Dummy down education) and many parents raised their voices and they removed it in Tennessee. So now they have introduced this inexplicable islam into our school systems. They have removed our Founding Fathers and our Country’s history in order to point out the good of islam! I say take the books and build a large bon-fire in front of your schools and your governors building.
    Please take 5 minutes of you time and vote out every Democrat in office. Let our voices be heard!!!

    Our senators, congressman and its representatives have done nothing to Stop Obama………….Next our Rights to Bear Arms…

  109. Dexter L. Wilson says

    Two factors I wish to present but many of you will consider them too long. When Thomas Jefferson was Speaker of the House and with the Speaker
    of the Senate concurring, they allowed church services to be conducted in both the
    Supreme Court and Congressional
    Chambers. The Sunday Church Services lasted about 60 years–no
    separation of Church and State there!
    Jefferson’s letter to the Danbury
    Baptists who had experienced severe persecution for their faith,
    Jefferson borrowed phraseology from the famous Baptist minister Roger
    Williams who said,”…the hedge or wall of separation between the garden
    of the church and the wilderness of the world, God hath ever broke down
    the wall….”. Jefferson also in his letter included
    this,”…I contemplate with solemn reverence that act of the
    whole American people which declared that their legislature should
    ‘make no law respecting an establishment of religion’ (examples such as
    the Anglican, Dutch Reformed, Quaker, etc which were state churches in
    New England), or prohibiting the
    FREE EXERCISE thereof….”

    The Supreme Court, legislating from the bench, used the Danbury Baptist
    letter “to protect” the state from Christianity instead of protecting
    Christianity from the state. The Constitution being the final authority
    of the law; the Supreme Court
    should have obeyed the Constitution and the Amendments. Thomas
    Jefferson was not a signer of the Constitution nor present at the
    Constitutional Convention; therefore his letter should never have been
    used for this purpose.
    The Justices effectively secularized our
    Republic. They should have paid more attention to Fisher Ames, who penned the
    First Amendment and Benjamin Rush another founder who is considered the Father of Public school warned the Bible was a great educational
    which should be used in the teaching of children in the public schools and if removed will increase violence. I
    add this as a reminder of what has transpired: After School Prayer,
    Bible Study, and
    the 10 Commandments were banned from the public schools, circa 1963;
    school violence increased by 554%, and after 2007 by 995%. Prior to
    1963, violence was increasing, but very slowly.

    There has been
    no void in a religion being taught in public schools. Secular Humanism
    has been the underlying support for educational material. To verify,
    computer search the Humanist Manifestos I, II, and III. Our children are
    being taught under these misguiding doctrines. Under this religion,
    there are no absolutes. From the extreme, killing your fellow man may be
    acceptable if the culture decides it is ok (situational ethics);
    —Your friendly Secular Humanism.

  110. Dexter L. Wilson says

    This email
    explains the scientific methods that were used to demonstrate that our
    Creator was the only one who could have written the Bible through 44
    inspired writers. Scientific and Statistical research says that if a
    scientific experiment can be repeated again and again it can be
    considered a scientific fact. Therefore I present this evidence as

    The Bible, with the Hebrew Old Testament Text and the original Greek
    New Testament do things that no other religious text of any other World
    Religion does; demonstrating that only the Creator could have, through
    44 inspired writers, written this book. The scribes who copied the
    original Hebrew Old Testament text copied carefully every letter, jot
    and tittle. As they read the copied text, if a single letter, jot, or
    tittle mistake was made, they would destroy all that had been written
    and start over.

    Ivan Panin, a Harvard Hebrew, Greek, and Mathematical Scholar
    researched the numerical values of the Hebrew and Greek letters. He sent
    43,000 pages of numerical research to the Nobel Research Committee in
    1900, and they could not refute the fact that God through 44 inspired
    writers wrote the Bible.

    Del Washburn has written two books expanding on the numerical values, “Theomatics” and “Theomatics II”. (See ).

    most amazing proof that the Creator of the Universe wrote the Bible
    through the inspired men of God is the Equidistant Letter Sequences.
    The NSA tried to duplicate such coding and failed. Harold Gans, the
    lead code breaker for the Pentagon, before he died, satisfied himself
    that God wrote the Bible, by using a mathematical formula to determine
    the probabilities involved in creating codes throughout the surface
    text of the Old Testament (
    ). Through the code, the multitude of information reads like
    yesterdays news–you must know the names, events, persons involved,
    locations, and/or the dates. For this reason it can not be used

    The original text of the Old and New
    Testament with the letter numeric values and the multitude of
    Equidistant Letter Sequences should be enough to prove to anyone that
    the God of the Bible, is our Creator. There are thousands of words,
    names, sentences and locations encoded in the Old Testament. If you are
    thinking that some super intelligence wrote this book other than God,
    God reminds you from Numbers 23’19”, “God is not a man that He should
    lie….” No human or computer can duplicate anything resembling the
    quantity of ELS coding in surface text like the Bible does. There are
    even codes between books, God knowing which books would be canonized.

    In Ezekiel 36′ 25″-27″ it describes God’s way of salvation–“I will
    remove your stoney heart and give you a heart of flesh (being born again
    and receiving Jesus as your Savior), I will sprinkle you with water and
    make you clean (water baptism), and put my Spirit in you to cause you
    to walk in my laws and statutes (receiving the Baptism of the Holy

    The Bible is the Manufacturer’s Handbook for Planet Earth!

    Post Scripts

    Sources: “His Name is Jesus”, “The Genesis Factor”, “The Signature
    of God”, “The Writings of God”, “The Mysterious Bible Codes” (book and
    DVD’s), “Cracking the Bible Code”, “Bible Code Bombshell”, “The Torah
    Codes and Israel Today”, Computorah/The Bible Code I, II, &III,, “Yeshua”, “Jesus Is My Name” ,, and there are so many more.

    Ivan Panin corrected an Exhaustive Bible Concordance using what he
    called the Bible Numerics. He said if there were 2 words found in the
    Greek New Testament in a sentence and you wanted to know which word to
    use, the word that harmonized with the sentence numerically was the
    correct word. He provided a Greek Numeric New Testament. Example of
    Bible Numerics: In the first sentence in the Old Testament, Genesis
    1’1″, every verb is divisible by 7, every noun, and more; there are
    over 34 features of the number 7 in just this one sentence and these
    type features are consistent throughout the Bible.

    a few of the codes found: Hitler, Holocaust, Eichmann, Fuhrer,
    Meinkampf, Berlin, Germany, Belson, King of the Nazis, Crematoria for
    my Sons, (for statistical purposes only-there are more) 66 names of
    Rabbis-the cities in which they lived-dates of death, Anwar
    Sadat-1981-parade-shot-gunfire-Chaled (his assassin), Yitzchak
    Rabin-Israel-will be murdered-date born-date of death-location of the
    assassination-assassin’s name-Oslo Peace Process, both Wars in the
    Gulf, George Bush, Saddam Hussein-America Schwarzkopf-the missiles will
    terrify-Scud B-they shut the door-3rd of Shavat-empty the gas, Murrah
    Building-Tim-McVeigh-slaughter-desolate, (in Genesis 38′) all the
    ancestors of King David, (in Genesis)25 trees are named, (between
    Isaiah 52′ and 55′) Behold the Blood of Jesus-Let Him Be
    Crucified-Mary-Joseph-Jesus is my Name-all the disciples
    evil Roman City, (in Zechariah 9’13”)Jesus, (in Zachariah 11’13”)Jesus,
    (in Daniel 9’26”) The Peace Offering, (in Micah 5’1-2″ Mary, Joseph,
    and Jesus(Yeshua),(in Matthew 24’7 through 48″)
    Jesus-Nazareth-Mercy-Lamb, (in Mark 8’9″ through Mark 9’2″) Jesus-
    Blood-Son-Innocent-Lamb, (in John 5’5″-13″) Jesus-Nazareth-Lamb, the
    name of the person most responsible for all the satellites circling the
    Earth and their names—–and on and on and on and on. I don’t think
    all of the codes will be found. Who knows, the Old Testament in
    the original Hebrew may have the list of those whose names are written
    in the BOOK OF LIFE.

  111. Ray Heffley says

    Obama says Islam is a peaceful Religion, so it must be OK in the schools. But the evil Christians are to be shunned. In fact anything Obama says to Liberals is accepted as soon as it leaves his mouth. Kinda sounds like the Muslim faith that follows the words of a 1500 year dead Tyrant. Say a Christian prayer in their school and they go into rage. When Obama gets his way and these Liberals are surrounded by Muslims who demand Sharia Law in their towns lets see if they are so open armed when their gay people are taken out and stoned. How they will respond when their daughters are told not to go to school. When women are told not to go to their jobs and order’d to cover their body’s. That’s just a small number of changes they may need to adjust to. But when a woman is charged with lying about a rape, is not allowed to be represented and is charged with infidelity and then stoned to death, and those liberals will be instructed to throw the stones, we will see.

  112. Byran Cook says

    I know things look bleak now but it is only obvious that everything well eventually blow up in Obama’s and the communist faces. I know deep in my heart that Obama is using this Ebola outbreak as a way to create mass hysteria and possibly anarchy as a way to gain grounds for declaring Martial Law however too many Americans see the writing on the wall and will not go along with this bullshit the revolution is soon to begin and this time the tyrants will be out numbered thousands to one.

  113. Diane Rudd says

    It’s a dangerous world out there. Before you were wondering if a thug was going to get you. Now you got the thugs, muslims, illegal imigrants, democrats, or lefties, the whole freaking white house cult. We need to send all these people on the other side of the world. Americans that still love our country and support our soldiers, true believers of God. True Americans will stay on this side of the world. This is America and they don’t want you to fly an American Flag. Then, they tell a retired veteran to take down his American Flag. You are right some people take our Freedom for granted. They don’t think about our soldiers that are risking their lives or our fallen soldiers that are allowing us to have that Freedom. Whats wrong with people out there? All muslims are they same they talk innocent enough, but don’t let that fool you. They all beleive in Allah, and why are they confussing the children saying there is no God only Allah. The schools should put a stop to this now. The children will grow up thinking Allah is a God. They will teach them their way of living, and the kids will begin to think thats how life should be. So wrong, so unamerican.

  114. dondehoff says

    I have been doing a lot of soul searching, trying to understand why congress has been setting on its “duffs” (being polite). We know, most congresspersons are good people but they all are obviously afraid (petrified?) that if they impeach and file criminal charges against the President, VP, Attorney General and several other high administration officials, including the President’s wife, there will be “blood in the streets”. And that concern has considerable merit—the problem being however, the longer congress delays, the more blood will flow. Too many blacks and perhaps other minorities, will ignore “the law of the land” and take only into consideration, “one of their kind”, is being attacked. That is not the case, as anyone, if they ignore the race issue, and just examine the “issues” and how they affect all citizens, they would be forced to act. However, when the “race card” is inserted into the problem, too many ignore the issues. And, there are several “plants” among us whose sole job is to stir the “political pot’ to create dissension and split the citizens into several warring factions. All too many Democrats fail to realize that if the Administration remains in power, even with another “leader”, Democrats will find they have been nothing more than “useful fools” and they too will be forced to get in line with the rest of we (us?) “infidels” and, man Democrats will also lose their heads. In a socialist society one either does “their” bidding or they don’ eat. And, just who do you think built all of those huge castles, churches, monasteries and other great buildings in Europe and Asia—-not free enterprise or union companies. I believe it would be safe to say they were constructed by slaves, prisoners and those living on starvation wages. If anyone doubts any of this, I encourage them to take an extended trip to Russian, and some of the old countries that used to be in Russia—then come back and tell we “capitalists”, just what changes they would like to see. As for the Muslims, don’t try to understand their Islam by reading their Qur’an, as it is completely undecipherable. Instead, read their “approved” “Reliance of The Traveller”(sic): A Classic Manual of Islamic Sacred Law”, translated by N.H.M. Keller. It is printed in Arabic, with English “facing”, is well indexed and is not encumbered by chronology and “abrogation” issues. That document (Sections “m” and “n”, should of special interest to all women in that it clearly places women under control of male Muslims, as chattel or “tilth”, at the (sexual) “beck and call” of male Muslims—-there are pages of “no-no” issues for women. I find most all women who read the Sections “m” and “n” clearly state that “Islam is not for them”. The manual is available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other major book sellers. for about $25.00—-a “must” read.

  115. fsa0033 says

    Islam tricks people into the “peaceful” side of Islam. They convert so many young incorrigible waifs that don’t know any better. Once they are in the organization (not religion) they ply their trade of torture, power, and sexism. They put down women and empower young men to do horrible things. The peaceful side is no longer there. Look deep and you’ll find that lying is expected to achieve their goals, killing is required and honored in many ways, glorified death is a passage to a higher end, and the ones leading all this place naïve young men/women at death’s door.
    They kill the peaceful ones that get in their way if they don’t act aggressively to their will. Even if the entire world is Islam, peace is not there. They will continue to chop off limbs, behead those that stand in their way, and kill family members for no reason. Girls are killed because they are too sexy. They are killed because they were raped. They are killed because the husband is tired of them. It goes on and on. There is no peace with Islam. It is a horrible way of life. Their prophet is false. Their god is false. Their religion is false. Their book is false.

  116. Barbara K says

    The same thing is going on in rural California. My sons history book has a large section on Islam and Mohhamed. I have sat in his class and and spoken to the teachers about it. But NO other parents have taken the time to do so. They also had a Bazaar and my son went as Moses. Last week they went to a Masque in Reno. My son didnt go on the feild trip so he is being punished and has to do three 200 word essays. Not all of California is Liberal the Northern part is very very conservative.

  117. Debbie Pineau says

    I just don’t understand why civilized people in civilized countries would accept this being taught to their children when they are up in arms about Jesus and the real Christian God being taught to their children. Yelling and hollering about religion being taught in the schools and they don’t want it and now so accepting of a violent, Dark Age mentality cult and culture, not a religion. Islam is destructive, evil while Jesus is all about peace. Have they taken some monstrous drug or programming that makes them accepting of destructive beliefs themselves?

  118. Robert L. Rice says

    That school board,that ok ed this bull crap,should ALL be fired

  119. Debra Johnson says

    It just shows that its not about the separation of church and state its to get Christianity out of everything. Most Christians are conservative and they will do anything to wipe it out so they can get total control of our government and our lives. We are just in the way of their agenda and they don’t care if our rights and freedoms are taken away.

  120. James Lowder says

    I bear witness too. That Muhamed was a pervert pedophile.

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