Maybe We Don’t Need Betsy DeVos After All


If there is anyone in America Democrats hate more than Donald Trump, it might be Betsy DeVos. The Senate minority did everything they could possibly do to keep her from being confirmed as the next Secretary of Education. They can’t stand DeVos’s passion for conservative solutions like vouchers and school choice, and they are running around in a tizzy worrying about what will become of the Education Department.

Hmm. Perhaps there is room for compromise.

If Democrats are so dead set against having DeVos lead the agency, we have just the solution: Get rid of the agency altogether! Boom, problem solved.

And look at that, House Rep. Thomas Massie is ready to get the ball rolling. On the same day the Senate finally confirmed DeVos, the Kentucky Republican introduced a simple, one-page bill to abolish the Department of Education.

“Unelected bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. should not be in charge of our children’s intellectual and moral development. States and local communities are best positioned to shape curricula that meet the needs of their students,” Massie said in a statement.

Massie’s bill gets right to the point. No complicated legalese. No political maneuvering. Straight, simple, and easy for anyone to understand. Shut the doors on the Department of Education on Dec. 31, 2018…and that’s it!

Several Republicans have signed on to the bill, including House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz.

Unfortunately, there’s not a great deal of reason to think that the majority of Republicans will get on board, and there’s no reason at all to believe that Democrats would give up such a cherished part of their precious federal government.

Still, it could be of great benefit to American education for Congress to debate this proposal in serious terms even if it ultimately fails. We take a lot of these federal agencies for granted, automatically assuming that they serve an invaluable purpose. That’s an unwise assumption to make. This country was running just fine before many of these departments were created, and it would continue to run along fine without them. And in the case of the Education Department, there are many reasons to suspect that we’d be better off if it were shut down.

In recent years, we’ve started turning the public school system into something resembling a nationwide factory, standardizing endlessly in a desperate attempt to give every child the same education. Sadly, that’s the worst thing we could possibly do. Any teacher knows you can’t give the lowest kid in the class the same regimen as the highest. These destructive policies are holding bright students back without doing anything constructive for those kids who can’t keep up.

Every state, every district, every school, and every classroom needs to have a certain amount of individualized policy. Teachers need room to be creative and spontaneous. Federal grants are nice, but our nation’s schools are paying much too high a price for that money.

But yeah, if Democrats are really serious about getting rid of Betsy DeVos, here’s their chance.

What, no takers?


  1. Justin Seine says

    The public education system in this country is such a freakin joke that any non-establishment lackey with nothing more than a pulse and the desire to do the right thing would be a vast improvement over what we have today. When you always do what you always did, you always get what you always got. We need to do things differently. The children are not all winners and, to quote Aerosmith, “You got lose to know how to win”. If you don’t let them lose, they’ll never learn how to win. I believe this is why they all need crayons, therapy dogs and safe spaces when confronted with some of life’s tougher challenges after graduating high school.

    I believe it was Albert Shanker, President of the United Federation of Teachers from 1964
    to 1985 and president of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) from
    1974 to 1997, who said: “When schoolchildren start paying union dues, that’s when I’ll start representing the interests of school children.”

    That quote explains a lot about why education is getting prohibitively more expensive and the results are getting more and more dismal.

  2. Justin Seine says

    The public education system in this country is such a freakin joke
    that any non-establishment lackey with nothing more than a pulse and the
    desire to do the right thing would be a vast improvement over what we
    have today. When you always do what you always did, you always get what
    you always got. We need to do things differently. The children are not
    all winners and, to quote Aerosmith, “You got lose to know how to win”.
    If you don’t let them lose, they’ll never learn how to win. I believe
    this is why they all need crayons, therapy dogs and safe spaces when
    confronted with some of life’s real challenges after graduating high

    I believe it was Albert Shanker, President of the United Federation of Teachers from 1964
    to 1985 and president of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) from 1974
    to 1997, who said: “When schoolchildren start paying union dues, that’s
    when I’ll start representing the interests of school children.” That
    quote explains a lot about why education is getting prohibitively more
    expensive and the results are getting more and more dismal.

    This picketing teacher’s union does a nice job proving my point:

  3. Justin Seine says

    The public education system in this country is such a freakin joke
    that any non-establishment lackey with nothing more than a pulse and the
    desire to do the right thing would be a vast improvement over what we
    have today. When you always do what you always did, you always get what
    you always got. We need to do things differently. The children are not
    all winners and, to quote Aerosmith, “You got lose to know how to win”.
    If you don’t let them lose, they’ll never learn how to win. I believe
    this is why they all need crayons, therapy dogs and safe spaces when
    confronted with some of life’s real challenges after graduating high
    I believe it was Albert Shanker, President of the United Federation of Teachers from 1964
    to 1985 and president of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) from 1974
    to 1997, who said: “When schoolchildren start paying union dues, that’s
    when I’ll start representing the interests of school children.” That
    quote explains a lot about why education is getting prohibitively more
    expensive and the results are getting more and more dismal.
    This picketing teacher’s union does a nice job proving my point:

    1. Robrage says

      Ditto..I went to a teacher Union rally here in San Diego . I had my anti union signs and this thug came up to me and said..”your lucky the cops are here, I beat your ass” .

        1. jetmagnet says

          Trump sucks! Obama had a great legacy! Look at trump, the dumbest whiney azz cry baby on the planet. Obama was a decent human being, never bitched about anyone.

          1. Tired... says

            Let’s run that by the fact checker: It’s all Bush’s fault…if you like your health plan/doctor you can keep them…I’m going to bed, let Hillary handle Bengazi…let’s give Iran money so they won’t build an atomic bomb…not to mention he had the best opportunity to unite the races in this country and he deliberately did the opposite…no, he is not a decent man…he is a skilled manipulator of people and he isn’t done yet. He will demonstrate none of the grace that Bush did during Obamas term

          2. jetmagnet says

            I have the same doctor, ok? Benghazi is bullshit, 12 hearings proved nothing but republicans are idiots! Trump first military venture was a failure. His ban is a failure. He’s going to be a failure!
            I like what he did, he made most millionaires, and billionaires richer!!!!!!!!!
            Now we get even more tax breaks! While trump cuts all benefits for you losers!

          3. Tired... says

            Your experience doesn’t reflect everyone else’s, the soldiers in Bengazi say otherwise; your arguments are self-centered and weak.

          4. real talk 1 says

            Just like all the rest they will pay the price and their children as well !!

          5. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

            You suk and you area liberal progressive cowardly moron get lost moron!

          6. introspector7 says

            Decent ? You might want to ask the Parents of the wounded and dead children that were canon fodder from numerous drone strikes.

          7. real talk 1 says

            You look it !

          8. Ken says says

            Obama Legacy – All Bobo’s EO’s will be torched history and the unAffordable Care Act will be in the trash (as it should have been 6 years ago) in the next 90 days. Now let’s see what that leaves – oh yeah! – his partner Mikey.

          1. jetmagnet says

            I think after trumps reign of terror, no one will EVER vote republican AGAIN! lol

          2. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

            I think once we start kickin some liberal thug ass and deport them will make America safe again i

          3. Ken says says

            Your one liners put a smile on my face. All the whining and crying are such joy! LIBERALS TEARS ARE MUSIC TO MY EARS.

          4. real talk 1 says

            Sir you should try it a whole new world awaits you !!

          5. introspector7 says

            There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth…

          6. Osamao says

            Music to my ears.

      1. Millie Karnop says

        People are so hateful..there is no reason for this kind of behavior!

        1. John Williams says

          Try and explain that to the left wing loons, remember, conservatives are not allowed to do anything (and for the most part they have no desire to act like a delusional idiot) because they disagree the left, but the left MUST shove everything down everyone’s throat.

          1. jetmagnet says

            Look at who they elected, a delusional idiot, in Trump!

        2. Retired says

          You can thank Obama and the losers Clintons for the hate. Then there is their God Soros the money king.

          1. jetmagnet says

            Just look at this blog, full of hate! You have Hate as president , people Hate trump, he sucks, his supporters are stupid, hateful and suck. The don’t know the truth if it bit em in the azz.

          2. Osamao says

            Figured out why you lost yet?…………..Nope. Still haven’t a clue have you?

          3. jetmagnet says

            Yeah, those liberals, They suck too! I’m not a liberal. Both parties blow! Especially the stupid party , yours!

          4. ward says

            The dems are wannabe dictators & the dupes that are supporting the tyranny wannabe dictators like bo & hilary have to be commie idiots or planeo libtards !

          5. jetmagnet says
          6. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

            PRESIDENT TRUMP whether you Liberal racist low energy pigs like it or not!!!!!!!!


          7. Retired says

            Name how many demonstrator Bus loads the Koch Brothers have paid for or the plane loads of Pussy hat demonstrators nation wide . Koch’ s support Republicans and that is all they are guilty of. How many body trails do Republicans have compared to the Demon Rats??

      2. ward says

        That is the democrat party of libtard idiots that don’t deserve U.S. freedom ! Lock ’em up !

        1. Osamao says

          Not only that. They’ve become a threat to ours……… PURGE!

          1. jetmagnet says

            Millions of people all over the world hate the Commie sympathizer Trump and his little commie bowel movement is disappearing as many who voted for him are crying now. hahahahaha

          2. Osamao says

            I smell fear.

    2. Millie Karnop says

      Trump made several statements that, for this period time and he is busy, first was to rid the country of Ethanol for it is killing the planet..not one thing about that; then he put Haley in. He had made the promise out of the UN..she came out and said she did not want out of the UN? How will that play out..she is Pakistani and heavily criticized him during the primary as well as the general..getting right down nasty verbally! With Education, he said that Education will be going back to the STATES..I am not a Democrat but that needs to happen and now we have a very poor choice of ED. Secretary, so where is that going also. Education is a STATE right, not a FEDERAL right,…all the FEDS have done is bring poorer and poorer, less effective educational experiences to our youth!

      1. songstress250 says

        President Trump has been delayed in instituting his campaign promises for one reason, and one reason Only. The Left has fought him every step of the way, which began before he was even in office. It’s another attempt to derail him and coerce his supporters to lose patience with him and to join them.

        1. jetmagnet says

          You mean his Nazi , unconstitutional agenda? Trump has done nothing, and he’s going back his promises that will hurt your wallet. Poor poo poo’s.

      2. bill14729 . says

        Your spreading More Lies just like a Democrat, Liberal and the Fake News

      3. ward says

        Woman you are a true blue libtard with the genuine ass logo that identifies a complete moron to facts that all things in government cannot happen or be corrected at the snap of your libtard whims and ways finger pointing ! Your ignorant expectations only create more problems beside the bo abuse of power E.O.’s that created the mess for all U.S. Citizens that now have to correct all the dem, created nightmares of socialistic greed & free loading obama-mites that want everything for doing nothing for there own existence in life.. ! Poor choices are your own down fall by supporting a bo & hilary wannabe dictatorship from hell ! Pull your head out of your dem libtard stench of ignorance & see the facts of the Patriotic U.S. Citizens that are protecting U.S. CONSTITUTIONAL FREEDOM & RIGHTS THAT LYING DEMOCRAT SOCIALISTIC, COMMIES HAVE TRIED TO DESTROY FOR THE PAST 30 YEARS & ESPECIALLY THE LAST 8 YEARS OF bo’s ABUSED POWER… !

        1. Mike Vander Wielen says

          You are starting to sound like a crazed Fundie. Might want to lay off of the Nazi Kool-ade.

          1. ward says

            You do not sound like anything but what your libtard duped whims of the far left dem logo of asses proves your ignorance of reality to facts that dems suck … !

    3. ted j says are right about that I have always wondered why do we need a national education admin. we already have a state system in place…. we don’t need two failing systems…but your point on teachers unions is spot on… time to dissolve that union as they are detrimental to our childrens education..or as I see it.. indoctrination!!

      1. Mike Vander Wielen says

        Yeah. With our girl Betsy, schools could teach Fundyism all day and then the kids wouldn’t need to be taught Fundyism again on Sundays. Of course, they won’t know anything but Fundyism, but that appears to be fine with you.

        But then, with that kind of indoctrination, we might have a chance of having Fundyism as the official State religion, supported by the taxpayer. What a utopia!

    4. jetmagnet says

      Your stupid. You’d rather make some billionaire rich who provides crappy education? This bitch ia all about makin money of dumb sons beaches like yourself. Look at her record. Poor education., bad results. She paid $200 million for the job. LMAO

      1. Gil says

        STOP, STOP! you out of anyone in these comments are spewing hate. Every other word out of your mouth is a name called at someone. People like you are what is wrong with this country. You are showing YOUR stupidity with name calling instead of discussion.

        1. jetmagnet says

          I guess if you have kids you’ll find out, wont ya! hahahahahahahaha!

  4. Osamao says

    Teachers unions or your child’s education. You can’t have BOTH.

    1. Gary Smith says


          1. jetmagnet says

            Compared to the last republican president? he’s a success!

            Obama’s Legacy: Nearly 450 Accomplishments, With Citations
            BTW, most of that is in GOP held states! LOL
            Especially poverty, with right to work laws, no health insurance etc.

          2. Lillyhammer Lip says

            Oh he had accomplishments alright. Most of them useless and ineffective. Gives himself citations because no one else would. Nobel Peace Prize? Now that was a JOKE! But some democrats/liberals still have that glimmer of a thrill up their leg for essentially an ineffective president in all categories. I thought Jimmy Carter was the worst president until Obama had his chance—and BLEW it!

          3. real talk 1 says

            That’s all they have nothing more can’t you tell do any of them have anything to offer America?. There’s a long list of the Democratic congress people that have had years and years of soaking the public and now we know why !!!

        1. real talk 1 says

          If everybody in Washington fit and actually did their jobs we would not have this conversation washington is full of appointees that don’t have a clue about their jobs and yet they die with on the job training after forty and fifty years !!

        2. Lillyhammer Lip says

          Sometimes one needs to THINK outside the box and WORK outside the box. Perhaps this is what is happening and needs to be done. Some of you post and appear to know very little or you seem to have a chip on your shoulder. I don’t profess to know everything like some of the lib-tards and lib-tarts. I for one would like to see the demise of the Department of Education. Give control back to the states and local governments. But then you liberals would have a CRYING fit and need your baby bottle and or pacifier because you would lose control of a system that propagandizes students to your way of thinking and agenda.

        1. jetmagnet says

          Trump won big with uneducated voters, so the GOP plans to create more of them by electing Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education. hahahahahaha!

          1. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

            Liberals lost Big with Crooked Hillary no Voters lol

            TRUMP Crushed you liberals idiots we WON you Liberal losers lost hahahhahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          2. alegalcitizen says

            Guess again with 6,103 comments, and NOT ONE upvote.

        2. jetmagnet says

          Love the boot!

          1. Rob Anthonisen says

            JETMAGNET—-You are misled by idiots and you do not seem to have the smarts to see that. I feel sorry for all you underachievers in school. Trump will turn out to be 1 of our best presidents. He has done more for the USA already than Obama did in 8 years. Obama hates the USA and Trump loves the USA. Why do you not go to Syria or Iran, or somewhere that agrees with you!

    2. Retired says

      Teachers are supposedly Smart so why do they need a Union ??

      1. jetmagnet says

        How about making a freakin decent wage, Dummy? Teachers are overworked and underpaid for work they do.

        1. Gil says

          PLEASE DON’T CALL NAMES. It has gotten out of hand. Lets try respect instead.

          1. Osamao says

            It’s way past that now. We’re at war with Communist Democrat Revolutionists.. It’s US against THEM and the useful idiot tools will never “Get It”.
            History will tell you that,………..Well……….REAL History will tell you that.
            Not the revisionist Communist Democrat lies they’re teaching our children in Communist Democrat controlled public(?) schools.
            Khrushchev and McCarthy were right after all.

          2. real talk 1 says

            Great comment thanks !

        2. Osamao says

          Government union shill?

          1. jetmagnet says

            I guess you are either wealthy or stupid. Don’t like good paying jobs? Go to china!

          2. real talk 1 says

            Mister you have a serious problem you must come from the left good grief !!

          3. Osamao says

            Neither actually.

        3. BH says

          Only those that are doing their job. And sadly, more and more are not doing their job. Part of that may be the federal “system” that halts their creativity. A lot of it is because of what I call the union mentality. If there was a consistently good “product” from their work, I think their argument would go a long way in gaining public support for higher pay. But as long as a union is involved, I don’t see that happening.

          1. jetmagnet says

            So go recruit teachers that will do an excellent job for pennies. lol
            At the same time ask billionaires like devos if she can the $200 million on helping people instead of using it to buy influence, and fill the swamp!

          2. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

            Go protest, riot, cry and pound the pavement like we care TRUMP is the Presidemt you lost loser…
            you liberal pathetic anti American thug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          3. pcabal says

            Resented?, you missed the i.25 Billion (that we know of) that Desoros spent to keep the your swamp going. Git…Git…Git….back in the pond.

          4. Bob Wexler says

            Right to work would be a good place to start. Stop paying teachers union dues and the teacher gets an immediate raise. The good teachers catch on right a way. The unions die of apathy and lack of funding. With school choice and vouchers, the good teachers could gain merit raises at the schools that were chosen by the parents and students. The not so good teachers would be at the unfunded schools, but would probably not stay long without pay checks.

        4. Leah says

          As usual, change the subject. I’ll go along with your comment, however. Not, nearly, enough money goes to teachers. Use all the money that goes to fund the DOE toward higher salaries for the “good” teachers who make a difference.

        5. alegalcitizen says

          Yeah, sure, I had to work ALL day EVERY day for what I earned, and only received a SMALL percentage of their wages. PLUS they retire with full benefits and FREE health care supplement that includes eye and dental. Nice Try, They only worked a fraction of the time I had to for lots LESS!

          1. Tom Allan says

            Unless YOU have walked in a dedicated teacher’s shoes, you’ve absolutely NO IDEA of what you’re running off at the mouth about!! In order to do the job RIGHT, A TRUE teacher, especially in the critical primary grades, puts in mega hours at home AND in the summer’s OFF time preparing material that can complete with the TV and electronics that fill the minds of the children entrusted to their care… I taught high school shop classses and Drivers Ed classes. For the most part the kids couldn’t care less. My wife taught the lower grades forty plus years and “paid the price” …. We’re retired now, after a “job well done”. …. Just sign me “One who KNOWS”

          2. alegalcitizen says

            So you worked that ENTIRE 3 months off preparing for the next year??? Nice try, I know personally some teachers who do a lot of work for that 3 months, then I see where they get to also travel in those 3 months. Like I said, I worked 50 to 52 weeks ALL day and came home and worked another day to take care of my family at a FRACTION of their pay. PLUS I didn’t get free health care and a pension for my efforts. I am also ONE WHO KNOWS. I SEE it, I hear it. My friend who’s Husbands supposedly benefit of health care supplement and pension disappeared because the company sold the company who then re-sold the company. When she went for new eye glasses the Dr. asked why she wasn’t coming in every year like the teachers do, she said I can’t afford 5 to 8 hundred for an eye exam and new glasses.
            So I don’t feel sorry for any retired teacher.
            You said the “magic” words of a “dedicated teacher”, see some of our children received their education from one of those “dedicated” by showing them a movie every day till complaining parents made her “magically” retire.
            I’m sure many worked very hard, but some are totally worthless and only get to stay because of the teachers’s unions. Just ask our Daughter who is one of the dedicated ones about some of her co-workers!

          3. Tom Allan says

            There are rotten apples in most every barrel… but perhaps there are many good ones too. I left education early and ultimately became an over the road owner/operator truck driver. You talk about underpaid? No medical, or retirement, and little respect. Well that’s another topic on another forum… But extremely necessary and often unrecognized for the long hours they put in for “all of us”.

          4. alegalcitizen says

            Yes, I could NOT be one of those drivers, I cringe when Hubby passes them. LOL, the country girl can’t take the traffic on the Interstates and the big cities! And I know we wouldn’t have the food and clothing if NOT for those long haul drivers, I just couldn’t do it, I’m a weenie woman. LOL

          5. Theresa M Collet Armstrong says

            I agree, I am not a teacher, but I have friends who are. They put a lot of time in to their kids they teach. I’m not saying that some teachers don’t care, but there are a lot of teachers that do!

        6. Retired says

          Teachers start out pay is based on what grades they teach . Bottom is $30,000.00 to $90,000.00 not bad for working part time . Almost free medical and retirement . where else do you get raises after you retire ??

        7. real talk 1 says

          Some get dummy wages because that’s what the are worth when they are teaching little minds to hate they shouldn’t be in the class room !!!

        8. Yul bolsun says

          The only people I hear that from are teachers.

        9. Cookie Vranish says

          Ha! What work? All they do is follow the handbook and pass out the papers the handbook says to! A computer broadcast in the classroom will work just fine!

      2. Rodzzz says

        The bad libtard teachers do. Without the Union, they’d be replaced with real teachers.

        1. Allysonjkenny says

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        2. Lillyhammer Lip says

          More truth than fiction in your statement. I’m convinced that unions don’t care if students get educated. They only play lip service to it. What really is going on there is CONTROL. If one has a tight grip on a nation’;s education you have or will attain total control of the population via propaganda.

          1. D Books says

            Actually educating the children would do an awful disservice to the agenda. Instead, they continue to under-educate them and are turning them into a bunch of whining, spineless, disrespectful snowflakes who are terrified of their own shadow never mind something that doesn’t support the agenda they’ve been brainwashed to believe in.

          2. ward says

            The socialism of unions is the same as teachers educating kids a stench of lies !

        3. ward says

          Unions have proven to be a scape goat for lazy that cannot fend for themselves !

      3. real talk 1 says

        Who say’s they are all smart come on get real !!

        1. Retired says

          Just ask them. You missed SUPPOSEDLY .

      4. flashy0ne says

        I don’t believe that “teachers” need a union. The union needs teachers for money and to protect those masquerading as teachers

        1. Retired says

          Teachers were given the choice to leave the union , but voted to keep it . This was in a right to work state .

    3. jetmagnet says

      No union, no teacher! Why should good teachers work cheap? There’s better jobs with a degree.

      1. real talk 1 says


  5. Croco Dile says

    Why do you think they make everyone go to school for 12 years using THEIR MANDATORY curriculum ? If you say “to get an education”, then they have done their job ON you.

    Creating “people” who reflexively comply with Authority is the MAIN purpose of school. And THAT is why it is “mandatory”. Home work is a critical piece of that system because it controls you and your children subtly in your own home. State sponsored and controlled school has NOTHING to do with helping you and your children. It is the opposite of help ! Ring a bell, change classes, sitt down, be quiet, repeat after me, learn what I tell you to learn…. Wake up ! The State is not your friend, it is your Master.

    1. Lindacphipps says

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  6. geneww1938 says

    To abolish the Department of Education by 12/31/18 is a great plan and Betsy Devos will do an excellent job to transfer those powers to the parent, local and state levels with the options for vouchers for home, private and public school choices for every student.

    1. Tired... says

      While I would not miss the DOE in the slightest, the issue is a little more complicated, because the states could still refuse school choice. Abolishing the DOE may be a good start, but it does not necessarily resolve the school choice issue. The fight would merely transfer to the states and we know the outcome in places like New York, Massachusetts, and California…no school choice for you!

      1. geneww1938 says

        That is what Mrs Devos must accomplish through congressional legislation. That legislation must some how state that every child has a right choose (or guided by their parents or guardian if still a minor) into a school of education that must not be impeded by any laws to the contrary.

        1. Tired... says

          I am not sure how she would do that, since she is not a member of Congress, but I am sure that she could float the idea to some who would be in a position to do so. However, I am not sure how federal legislation could force states to comply to a federal education mandate when they just turned over those responsibilities to the states; that seems incongruent to me.

          1. David in MA says

            Read this part again: “That is what Mrs. Devos must accomplish through congressional legislation”
            See the last two words?

          2. Tired... says

            David, you may want to read this part again: “I am not sure how she would do that, since she is not a member of Congress, but {I should have said ‘although’ instead of ‘but’] I am sure that she could float the idea to some who would be in a position to do so.”

            See the context?

          3. David in MA says

            I read it that she would have to go to congress, not do it herself, otherwise she cam make a rule or regulation in department approach, but congress has the authority AND responsibility to review it and either allow it or veto it. (which they have not done much of reviewing in all departments)…
            (Are you from down south?)

          4. Tired... says

            The key phrase is “I read it…” Although I understand your perspective, I did not make the assumption that you did, which is why I made a clarifying statement.

            “Are you from down south?”

            This discussion has been respectful up until now. I happen to be a Northerner who migrated to the South (damn Yankee to the locals), where both the people and the weather are generally nicer. Perhaps you already know this but just in case you don’t, a Yankee is someone who lives in the North, travels to the South and then returns home: a damn Yankee is a Northerner who travels to the South and stays.

          5. David in MA says

            LOL, OK.
            I asked because in my travels southerners speak and think differently then the damn Yankees.

          6. Tired... says

            Gotcha…my mistake.

            No, evidently I skew the northern curve in the southern direction…perhaps that explains why the south felt like home from day one.

          7. David in MA says

            Glad you happy, I want to move to N.C. but getting to old and to broke to do it, so, I’m basically stuck in the democratic socialist state of stupidity, I guess.

          8. Tired... says

            Don’t let that stand in your way. The south is less expensive, the people are nicer, and we need solid people to offset the influx of those damn “damn Yankees” in northern Virginia, so consider cutting your costs by shortening your move.

          9. Mike Vander Wielen says

            Oh. I took your screen name to mean that you are a fetus.

          10. Francisco Machado says

            The Constitution empowers Congress, and only Congress, the power to make laws. Congress has (many say unconstitutionally) delegated these powers to agencies and departments. Congress can make a law denying states the right to bar individuals from applying to the educational establishment of their choice. It could, and almost certainly would, face court challenges. The right to apply does not imply the right to be accepted, but limits already exist concerning which criteria cannot be used.

          11. Tired... says

            Students already have the right to apply to any primary or secondary educational institution. For example students in my area can go to another public school outside of their assigned school; they just have to pay for the privilege. The issue is not about acceptance but rather who will pay for it.

          12. Francisco Machado says

            Schools are funded on the basis of the numbers in attendance. That will still be the case if the schools are funded by education credits issued per juvenile to the parents, credits that can be used only for school tuition purposes. That would also motivate the schools to compete for demonstrated competence in education. I suppose now that a lot of Liberals are going to home school, some allowance for the costs of that will probably be proposed.

          13. Bill says

            Tired, put strings on the money going to states that school choice shall be part of receiving federal $. If states refuse they simply do not get the federal $.

          14. Tired... says

            It is worth exploring, but right now that money flows through the DOE. If the DOE is disbanded, who will disburse the funds to the states and, once the political pendulum swings back, what will ensure that those funds won’t be used against alternative education?

          15. Osamao says

            It’s not swinging back. Not in our life time anyway.

          16. Tired... says

            I’d like to believe that, but history and human nature suggest otherwise.

          17. Osamao says

            I acknowledged that.
            I said ,”in our lifetime.”

          18. Tired... says

            I understand…I just hope to live loge than the historical cycle….

          19. Osamao says

            O.K………..In “my” lifetime.
            I just want to see the victory. See……..All better.

          20. Tired... says

            I am glad that works for you.

          21. Osamao says

            I think I’m older……………Like a lot.

          22. Tired... says

            Perhaps, but I wish you good health…

      2. 83ragtop50 says

        Yours is a fair assessment. However we should not hold back all states because there are a minority of states controlled by left-wing zealots.

        1. Tired... says

          I agree.

      3. BT says

        Now you’re talking. And this is exactly where the debates and battles should be taking place instead of Washington dangling money in front of people to shape their choices.

        1. Tired... says


      4. James says

        You are absolutely right; if and when the schools are turned back over to the local level, there still needs to be a standardization to insure that all children across America are given a level playing field!

        1. Snake says

          Also, all federal funding would be pulled from states that refuse to allow school choice, charter schools, and home schooling.

          1. James says

            Absolutely; and this should be one of the primary focuses of Betsy Devos, to get members of congress to pass legislation assuring this!

          2. David in MA says

            Federal funding should be pulled from all area’s and return to the constitutional value of “ultimately the people”, if the people want it they will find the funding, if the fed’s subsidize they will want a say in how things work and this leads right back to where they were.

      5. ward says

        Does any U.S Citizen parent really know how many tax $$$’s are paid to school districts to educate illegal foreigners kids …? With out this added rip off of tax $$$’s the school system would not have a problem educating U.S. Citizens kids … ! Stop the illegals & get the U.S. back to a #1 nation again with National Security that protects U.S. Citizens again !

    2. fred says

      And then ALL of those tax dollars supporting an Administrative nightmare in DC will finally get into the STUDENTS hands, not some horrible Government Administrator who could care less if that child learns or not! BHO’s Administration expanded this horrible department and test scores when DOWN!.

    3. jetmagnet says

      The DeVoses
      are incompetent. Doesn’t anyone remember what a fool DeVos’ husband was
      when he ran for governor in 2006. My god man, we couldn’t be any
      stupider as a country than puting these idiots in positions of power.
      Ms. DeVos
      lobbied hard and successfully to ensure that the Detroit charter schools
      were completely free of annoying oversight and being held to proper
      standards. She and her family’s ideologically blind push have resulted
      in lousy, poor-performing and unaccountable charter schools in Detroit.

      But she got that thar guviment off’n the backs of them thar cowboys.

  7. DavidMacko says

    My only qualm about Congressman Massie’s proposed bill is the date, December 31, AD 2018. I favor 72 hours from passage of the bill by Congress but I would be willing to compromise.

    1. CCblogging says

      Likewise my Patriot friend.

  8. Elizabeth Raynor Short says

    Even if bill to terminate Dept of Ed passes, we still need Sec. DeVos. Someone must be in charge to unwind and close it DOWN! I was hoping that choosing her meant the dept. was going away, which President Trump said on the campaign trail that he was going to do. Make American Education Great Again. Wrest it from the hands of those who indoctrinate rather than teach!

    1. anibanib says

      Home schooling is the best way forward for the ignorants jerks in the USA, you guys are so thick, so stupid and so brainwashed by brainwashed parents……….Think thats enough for now…….see if anybody with guts replies

      1. CCblogging says

        I home schooled and it is far superior to the government’s one size fits all propaganda mills parading as schools.

        1. anibanib says

          Well anybody can brainwash a small Child……….its obvious your parents got you done to a turn…….ignorant gullible and brainwashed

          1. CCblogging says

            You must be looking in the mirror porkie. Don’t be so down on yourself.

      2. Robrage says

        Who are..”you guys” ? private and charter schools with few exceptions do a far better job of educating as does home schooling.

        1. anibanib says

          Then how come that Americans in general are so stupid, they know almost nothing about what goes on outside of the USA

          1. notpc says

            I think this is because Americans in general are being educated (or rather not educated and instead propagandized with ‘liberal’ drivel) in public government schools that have been usurped by extreme left idealogues who hate the country and recognize that it is vulnerable if its youth are ‘dumbed down’ and filled with fallacies about the history of the country – when history is taught at all.
            These young people are becoming more stupid daily as schools become social labs instead of educational institutions. Most no longer know what truly goes on either inside or outside of the USA and instead of being taught about the miracle that is America and its great constitution and legacy of freedom, they are taught to hate their country and focus on its faults rather than its greatness. They fail to realize that they have the freedom to do so only because of the amazing country which was built on principles that defend their right to dissent.
            Civics education is now ignored in many schools and we allow that at our peril. Parents need to reclaim the education of their own children and take control of failing public schools or find alternatives that provide a decent education.
            Do not blame the private or charter schools for the stupidity of American youth, that responsibility belongs solely to public education and its subversion.

          2. anibanib says

            Possibly true, half go to schools as you say, and the other half read ultra rightish drivel, like this website

          3. mac12sam12 says

            If you don’t like it here, take a hike, pickle puffer.

          4. anibanib says

            Whats a pickle puffer…..more Yankee slang

          5. notpc says

            If you were to meet children who have been homeschooled or have attended private or charter schools where discipline is enforced and actual education is taking place, you would see that most of these children are NOT stupid, they are engaged and engaging, they score higher on achievement tests, they are much more knowledgeable about what is TRULY going on in the world and they are much more disciplined and higher achieving.
            The stupid Americans to whom you refer are almost all products of public schools. This is not to say that all public schools are bad, but many are, and government interference in these schools has had only a very negative effect.
            A big reason for the success of home schooled and non public school students is that their parents actually care enough about their education to find a good alternative to public school and to be involved. And teachers in the private or charter schools are there because they want to be, because they seldom make what the teachers’ unions get for public schools. It makes a huge difference to have teachers who really care!
            You would appear to be a product of public schooling, based on your rhetoric.

          6. anibanib says

            The USA doesnt do too well, does she…..

            The U.S. was ranked 17th in an assessment of the education systems of 50 countries, behind several Scandinavian and Asian nations, which claimed the top spots.

            Finland and South Korea grabbed first and second places, respectively, in a global league table published by the education firm Pearson, while Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore ranked third, fourth and fifth, respectively.

            The study, carried out by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), combines international test results and data such as literacy rates and graduation rates between 2006 and 2010.

            A wide range of education inputs, both quantitative data — such as spending on pupils and class size — as well as qualitative data — such as level of school choice — were examined along with numerous potential outcomes ranging from development of cognitive skills to GDP growth.

            The U.K. was ranked 6th, followed by the Netherlands, New Zealand and Switzerland, respectively. Canada was ranked 10th, followed by Ireland and Denmark, respectively.

            Australia, Poland, Germany and Belgium fared better than the U.S. on the top-20 list, which also included Hungary, Slovakia and Russia

  9. silverbackV says

    We do need Betsy, but we don’t need the 4,500 bureaucrats. Send the money back to the states for education and Betsy and a dozen helpers can keep their fingers on the pulse.

    1. CrustyOldGeezer says

      LEAVE THE MONEY IN THE STATES it came from.

  10. SouthernPatriot says

    Since the origin of the Department of Education, there has been a movement to rid ourselves of this illegal federal department. If now is the time, let’s do it.

  11. AlanWH says

    Abolish the Department of Indoctrination aka. Education Now!

    1. anibanib says

      What, an have a nation of extremely stupid, indoctrinated gullible religious jerks

      1. steppenfetchit says

        When you compare the education in public schools vs. say Catholic schools, your statement makes it clear that you should have attended a Catholic school.

        1. anibanib says

          Catholic schools, we dont have them here……….far to much buggering goes on in them

          1. steppenfetchit says

            You must live in San Francisco.

          2. anibanib says

            Why do you say that………….this media site is a “www” site, which means it is right across the World, yet most Yanks Always assume that the World Wide Web means AMERICA………everybody lives in America………no I dont live in SF

          3. steppenfetchit says

            If you don’t live in the U.S., then your thoughts on our sec. of education or schools aren’t really relevant.

          4. anibanib says

            Like I said this is a www site, now you shut the fuck up

      2. mac12sam12 says

        Speaking of extremely stupid, incarnated gullible religious jerks, Sweden is have a rape crisis by the Religion of Peace thanks to the tolerant liberal leaders inviting them in. Here’s a common sense thought, don’t invite people to your country that hate you.

        1. anibanib says

          See you are still Reading made up reports about rape in Sweden, so until you know what constitutes rape in Sweden, best you STFU……….and the people that we accept from war torn countries started or aided by the murderous USA………are extremely grateful to the kindness shown by Sweden and her Citizens,,,,something the USA could perhaps start to learn, instead of the 52 wars since1945 and as many as 50 million murdered by the USA in them

          1. mac12sam12 says

            The UK Daily Mail is the best at reporting it theses invasions by muzzies. You don’t want to admit that those 7th century cave does were let into country your country by your stupid leaders. They go on your county’s welfare and then the muzzies say they’re offended by your traditions and values. DUMB! Then they rape and grope your women. Rape CRISIS IN SWEDEN, enjoy!

          2. anibanib says

            I know all about the DAILY MAIL, and the DAILY EXPRESS and BREITBART……..all 3 based in London………not Sweden..with the D MAIL usually the first to publish some kind of story they had made up………and the others follow suit, even the DMail reporter doesnt live or work in Sweden…….and this media site has been warned on severaloccassion bythe UK government to stop making such stupid acccusations…………so until you really find the TRUTH…STFU you Little turd

          3. mac12sam12 says

            Great Britain has also invited the cave apes to their country. You’re in denial. Over 200m killed and 400 wounded in Paris, one attack in a theater and one Jihadi killing 60 in a truck. Want to see ME culture and then you’re going tell me that they will assimilate? They throw homosexuals off roofs. Like beheadings and people being beaten to death with clubs? This website has it all. Viewer warning. “STFU you Little turd.” Emotional immaturity and you’re not a rare case in the world of liberals because liberalism is based on emotion.

            Come to Sweden, the rape capital of the world. A lesson for you, Jethro, don’t invite people to your country that hate you.

          4. anibanib says

            But you little jerk are still missing the Point, why di these terrorists kill in France……….they come from African countries where the French foreign legion raped women and Children on a Daily basis, in a dozen French colonies………..and you wonder why THEY hate the French…………same applies to the USA…………..IF ever these refugees get into the USA you can expect murder and destruction like you have never ever seen Before…….I hope some do get in…………….cso now IT IS PAYBACK TIME………..

          5. mac12sam12 says

            Most of the terrorism comes from the ME. Did you go to the website I provided? The French foreign legion does not rape women. That would be the muslims who think that if a woman doesn’t have a burka on she’s asking to be raped. They are 7th century barbarians. So you’re OK with the massacres in Europe? Sicko! Enjoy your muslim rape culture, Euro Trash!

          6. remuda says

            More to come…’anibanib’ is just a ‘motormouth’ or whatever it’s called in India (NOT even ‘Svenska’). He/she has the same lib obsessive-compulsive mental disorder that all lefties display…pseudo-intellectual ‘last-word-psychosis”. See here–

  12. Mary Muennig says

    What we really don’t need anymore is the democrats.

    1. Robrage says

      or Rino Republicans like John..Mc..Commie..Cain..and Lindsay Grahm.

  13. tCotUS says

    GREAT START !! Now, Lets move on to other worthless Departments !! ..

  14. downs1 says

    If you get rid of the Department of Education, then communities would return to education instead of indoctrination, and we certainly can’t have that! What would happen to teachers’ unions? What would happen when schools decided it isn’t so bad to pray after all?! What would happen when Saudi money and influence doesn’t call for silent Islamization of your kids?! Horrors!

  15. crazyfreddie says


  16. CrustyOldGeezer says

    Secretary of State – (keep)
    Secretary of the Treasury – (keep)
    Secretary of Defense – (keep)
    Attorney General – (keep)

    Secretary of the Interior Functions are duplicated at the State Level and is unnecessary in todays world.—-(dump)

    Secretary of Agriculture Offers nothing beyond regulating private business for regulations sake—-(dump)

    Secretary of Commerce Offers nothing beyond regulations on Private Industry.—-(dump)

    Secretary of Labor UNECESSARY payback to unions for political favors.—-(dump)

    of Health and Human Services Neither is needed beyond a small office to
    correlate and disseminate information on health issues.—-(dump)

    Secretary of Housing and Urban Development STRICTLY LOCAL ISSUES and a direct affront to the 9th and 10th Amendments.—-(dump)

    of Transportation Formerly the interstate commerce commission loosely
    attributable to the Interstate Commerce Clause, but highly bastardized
    by congress and the Supreme Court.—-(dump)

    Secretary of Energy Another political payback for helping carter get elected.—-(dump)

    Secretary of Education FAILURE on a massive scale, and NOT MENTIONED in the Enumerated powers Article I, Section 8.—-(dump)

    Secretary of Veterans Affairs Used to an office in the Defense Department, should still be.—-(dump)

    Secretary of Homeland Security UNCONSTITUTIONAL usurpation of the Bill of Rights.—-(DUMP with criminal charges)

    have not yet done the budget amounts for these, but I’m betting we
    could cut everyones taxes, pay off the national debt and get all those
    former government workers back into the PRIVATE SECTOR where they can
    EARN a living and pay REAL TAXES and help relieve the burden on us

  17. CrustyOldGeezer says

    One room schools…
    Americans that were educated in one room school houses did the best in OUR history.
    Today, in towns, cities and suburbs, the system needs very little alteration for todays population and culture.
    A modest house with kitchen, 2 bathrooms and a large living room will suffice.
    One teacher with an assistant, preferable parents that volunteer teaching
    the older children, with older children teaching the younger ones how to
    read and write and arithmetic.

    The act of one generation teaching another generation builds a tremendous tie between the participants.
    Teachers would have the ability and authority to mete out corporal punishment,
    ‘parents’ who have a problem with that can always send their children to government schools.

    children, high school age, will have another school nearby for the
    upper levels for all nearby schools that they will attend 2 or 3 days
    per week. again, one
    room, one teacher and one volunteer assistant.

    Historically, Americas children that attended this type of school knew more about
    cognitive thinking that any college professors of todays universities.

    Parents would be more than welcome to stop by and observe or help out with
    their own, and others children to ensure they actually LEARN the real
    history of America, ALL of the Founding documents, the Federalist
    Papers, etc.

    I feel certain that curriculum and subject matter could be obtained from
    Hillsdale College and others at minimal cost for digital copies.
    Think about it, study it, pass it around and see if it is doable in your neighborhood.
    It removes the union influences, the heavy hand of an oppressive government.
    This would build cohesion between the different age groups and solidify the communities they way they were 100 years ago.

    Tommy, 18, teaches Suzy, 6, her alphabet and beginning reading and writing. Tommy graduates and gets married.
    8 years later, Suzy, now 14, teaches Tommys son, the alphabet, or
    arithmetic, spelling, etc until she graduates. The cycle continues…

    “bullying” is stopped in its infancy.

    “Grade” schools divide and separate children into a system that is unrelated to
    the health and welfare of the community as a whole and the community
    loses the cohesion necessary to stand together whenever danger or need arises.

    Parent volunteers on hand every day, the teachers can be judged and
    evaluated and if a teacher is found to be lacking in strong moral,
    ethical and Honest character traits, it will be a simple process to
    remove that teacher and replace with a more acceptable person.

    the massive ‘institutions’ where children are mere numbers instead of
    Young People the quality would increase and the drop out rate would
    plummet along with the expenses.

    Toss MANDATORY FIREARMS TRAINING K-12 into the mix and in a couple of decades, crime will head for the shadows and there WILL BE A “gun behind every blade of grass to fight off Americas enemies, both foreign AND DOMESTIC.

    1. jimmy midnight says

      A great many of our people wound up either totally or functionally illiterate back in the day. It’s a period in our History that only the fully duped think was great.

      1. CCblogging says

        Most of those people can think and perceive wisely. Your post is nonsense.

      2. CrustyOldGeezer says

        And your family tree has what to add to the conversation?

      3. JT1964 says

        Since the entrance of unions and the DOE, our student test scores have continually dropped; when compared to other education systems around the world. What are we ranked now, 27th? I think that the system is broken.

    2. James says

      Agree with everyth9ing posted, but you left out one important factor; Parents who have, (and teach their children to have) a “give a $hit attitude”! These need to be addressed or you get a generation of ‘jimmy midnights’!

      1. CrustyOldGeezer says

        Second generation they will be weeded out.

        and I believe the jimmy midnights you speak of are on the 9th circus snort?

  18. tCotUS says

    Great start getting rid of a worthless dept. ! Now, their are other Depts that must GO !

    1. CCblogging says

      Yes, the EPA and the IRS for starters.

      1. tCotUS says

        Agreed !!

  19. richard schlinder says

    We know our children have been dumbed down for the last fifty years because of who was in charge. It’s time for a new direction. NO ONE knows how Devos will do. All opinions with no facts at this time but change is needed.

  20. river says

    It’s not hard to understand why the shariacrats don’t want to give up their main voting block of useful idiots. WA, CA, OR all are liberal centers of GOP hate, predominately Shariacrat, and seething at anybody or any thing that challenges education for the money they get. They’re like growling Rottweilers hovering over their bowl of dog food if their money is threatened or their political education is criticized. Every year, new levies are begged on the basis of the necessity for “smaller” class sizes while the content of education gets more centered on liberal ideals. Our poor kids, terrified of global warming, hate Donald Trump, and cant stand the sight of a firearm on a T shirt. And this is what the Dept of Education manages school money to accomplish? This is where their low grade, dog food school menus come from? And this is how you reward a voting block for the ShariaCrat party? Last year, by referendum, WA voted to fund private schools with tax money, the state dept of education sued in state supreme court to keep a fair share from the private schools. The courts defied the electorate and denied private schools any financial backing…period. We’re in the trouble we are because of these state run schools…. .

    1. Robrage says

      Ditto all that. Public Ed. has went downhill since the Saul Alinsky marinated crew took over in the 60’s. . A conservative administrator or teacher is rare especially at the college level.

      1. river says

        We desperately need conservative control in Ed Dept. They have removed Christianity from schools, and replaced it with prayer rugs for all. Ed Dept has bequeathed unlimited authority to school districts including the elimination of 1st amendment rights. The liberals have indoctrinated, through fear and manipulation, kids with Global Warming, Racism, and Political Correctness as well as trashing food for the kids. They have had years of it, and it will take a heavy hand to reverse those trends. The education dept has used social manipulation just like cults who alter social acceptance, diet, and throw love bombs at the accepted. We wouldn’t tolerate the Jimmy Jones Cult of the 80s… why tolerate the liberal cult of the former education Dept.

    2. Bill says

      River, your right on, but in Oregon we have 5 county’s out of the 36 that control our state and many are fed up with no representation.

      1. river says

        I know what you mean, Bill, I lived in Southern Oregon. Every time they built a tavern they built a church, but Portland controls everybody. And it’s a shame, I love Southern Oregon.

  21. Morton99 says

    Oh we love SCHOOL CHOICE. But that is not what DeVos is really proposing. It is schools for profit that excite her. And her State has some of the most egregiously failed charter schools to be found anywhere in this nation. Her plan appears to be an attempt to mine public funding for education and divert it into the accounts of the wealthy – like her own family.

    1. Robrage says

      You sound like you’re an advocate for the failed Public indoctrination schools.

      1. Morton99 says

        As against the many failed Charter Indoctrination Schools ? Keep on defunding Public schools and we WILL have a nation of unemployable of illiterates.

    2. Bill says

      Morton99, you have to be kidding, our public schools are a massive failure and it is directly link to liberal ideology and PC indoctrination. Our kids are not graduating from high school with basic skills and we spend 9-15000$ per student. It’s not a lack of money it is simply dumb down teachers, teaching dumb down classes. The teachers unions need to be shut down, competition needs to be re-invented and we need to stop handing out participation trophy’s and get back to teaching basics, critical thinking and exercising their gray matter.

  22. river says

    Give federal money to states who support school choice and deny it to states that wont.

  23. susmart3 says

    Who needs education, when stupidity is free!

  24. CCblogging says

    The DOE was Jimmy “Peanut Breath” Carter’s creation and we all know how stupid Carter is. Our public schools don’t educate near as much as they brain wash our kids with leftist socialist propaganda. Take it from someone who home schooled a grandson. Home schooling is far superior to our public school system. Yes, close the door on Carter’s nightmare.

  25. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says


  26. akoby says

    Unfortunately, we are seeing the results of public education and it resembles the totalitarian regimes education of Nazis and Communists. There is more indoctrination and social engineering going on than actual education. If, as parents, you cannot or will not homeschool, than please, please, please consider letting your local governments (local and state) know that your district will not accept any federal monies. That will leave you free to set your own policy. Federal money accounts for only 3-5% of your annual school budget. Would you let some stranger contribute that measely amount into your home budget for the right to tell you what you must teach your children, who they must go to the bathroom with and what they must eat???? Certainly not. Then why do we allow that in our school districts? Our most precious resource is not gold, solver, technology etc.; it is our children. And, no, it doesn’t take a village to raise a child, it takes two loving, concerned parents, who are willing to do whatever it takes to preserve their well-being.

    1. CCblogging says


  27. gotcha1 says

    They (dept. of education) promote history the way they see it not by historical fact. They promote socialism and eventually communism by their misguided vision of the past and what is best for the future. It used to be that school was where you were taught how to think. It is totally different now where you are taught what to think. Doing away with the department of education is a positive step to bringing this country back to level headed common sense. It would not be missed and would save the country a lot of money in the process.

  28. dhartley231 . says

    Destroy the Common Core Education system that is destroying OUR kids learning on certain things ,religion, homosexuality , global warming hoax, vaccines, critical thinking. The government has NO place in OUR public school system !!!

    1. CCblogging says

      Correct. Also the government should be cut back to a fraction of it’s size so We The People control it and not the Globalist Socialist NWO elites.

  29. David in MA says

    ““Unelected bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. should not be in charge of our children’s intellectual and moral development. States and local communities are best positioned to shape curricula that meet the needs of their students,” Massie said in a statement.”

    But, But, it’s the communist way, remember, “Capture the Children and Capture the Nation”.

    1. CCblogging says

      That’s why we must completely destroy the leftist globalists starting with George Soros.

  30. MILES E DRAKE says

    From the pharaohs to the Soviets to the teachers unions, aspiring tyrants have known that early capture and indoctrination of the children is key to establishing and maintaining a dictatorship. The planned brown Third World American Peoples Republic will not be possible without a comprehensive and inescapable system of dumbing down and indoctrination. A two-pronged approach of legislative abolition of the orwellian monstrosity of a department and a determined advocate for educational freedom facing down the corrupt oligarchy of propagandists and perverts will permit the fastest possible shutdown of the vast unionized network of snowflake factories.

  31. fred says

    95% of the Federal Government needs to be abolished, start with the IRS, FED, and many hundreds of other”Agencies”…

  32. tCotUS says

    Dept of Edsumacation is a great start to dump…. Keep going Trumpsters !!..

    He was so learned that he could name a horse in nine languages; so ignorant that he bought a cow to ride on.
    -Benjamin Franklin-

  33. Natalie says

    One of my sons sociology teachers first lessons this year was that all white males are both racist and sexist. She spouted a lot of nonsense statistics she probably got from some uber liberal site. My son, using his laptop quickly and easily refuted everything she said with simply common sense and pointed out that lumping an entire race and sex into one category based on personal opinion IS both racist and sexist. She immediately stopped her little lesson and didn’t try it again. But it set the tone for the rest of the year. I’ve tried to talk him into leaving her class. I keep telling him he’s alienating himself because she’s a popular teacher and we’re new here. I was going to let the administration know what she was doing but he said no. Let him stay. Let him prove her wrong every time she tries to promote this nonsense.
    And he has, the latest being her assertion that the wage gap still exists. He wrote an impressive ten page report that completely, cleverly and even humorously debunks her nonsense, again. I’m so proud of him. He’s taken alot of flak for it. But their are kids in that class, others like him who’re maybe not as brave to challenge liberal indoctrination who’ve thanked him. And I’ll bet his simple reality got some of the semi brainwashed thinking. By the way, we live in rural Pennsylvania.


    EXCELLENT COMPROMISE! Just cut it out all together!

  35. Cadfael says

    The Department of Education needs to go, teachers unions, EPA, Department of Energy, Department of Agriculture, Department of the Interior, Department of Housing and Human Services, all Federal Law Enforcement, Bureau of Land Management, all non-military functions of the Army Corps of Engineers, Department of Transportation, National Forest Service, all of them need to go! Membership in the United Nations, Foreign Aid, the Peace Corps, International Monetary Fund, World Bank, Federal Reserve Bank, Import-Export Bank, none of it furthers the goals of our Constitution. Amtrak, U.S. Postal Service, Corporation for Public Broadcasting, Voice of America, Air Traffic Control, TSA, National Museums, all need to be privatized and de-unionized so that they are no longer a drain on the national budget. Uncle Sam has been sticking his long nose where it does not belong and living high on the hog spending in a way that made drunken sailors into fiscal ultra conservatives – time to reap a close down, garage sale dividend from the long overdue good bye to communist/progressivism. We have finally arrived at the point where America can no longer afford to turn a blind eye to the lefts efforts to bankrupt our country so they can create an oppressive tyrannic, corrupt, communist dictatorship out of its ruins. Go home 1960s radicals turned Clinton/Obama Aggressive-Progressives, we didn’t like you back then when you dreamed it up and we definitely don’t like you now – tell your friends the Cloward-Piven Strategy has failed.

    1. Greg Hernandez says

      Well thought and Well stated. You hit the nail on the head.

    2. KKmoderate says

      Nice list☺

  36. Linda K Edwards Harless says

    Wow…. Does that mean all the lottery money that would be going directly to the schools instead of in the pockets of the politicians?????

  37. Greg Hernandez says

    I went to a local Catholic elementary school in the So. Bronx And yes, for all the Snowflakes out there, it was a private school. The tuition was $ 4.00 a month. In the citywide testing for ALL 8th graders ( This was in 1959 when Public schools had to teach reading, Everyone in my class read at over the grade level. Over 50% were reading at what was then called 12+ ( College ) level, the rest read at various HS levels.NO one read at grade level or below. It was the same for the math test. The public school in our neighborhood had 10% HS level 20% 8th grade level and 70% below their grade average reading and math levels.
    Today’s schools are even worse. I teach a special guest class in Civil War History and the stuff I hear from some of these kids ( Especially when I used to go to MD schools) is pathetic. The colleges I have visited are even worse. Get the Federal government out of schools, They are leaving ALL the kids
    behind .
    Kill TENURE for teachers especially at any level below universities ( And review it even there ), Make the teachers union Voluntary and have all state schools Right to Teach. Encourage states to have proficiency tests, for all teachers from Kindergarden to College, put together by working professionals in their fields.
    And make sure we never again have teachers STILL being paid ( By the City of NY Who have 6 or 7 of these costing over a million dollars a year ) sitting in rooms alone, because they have committed sex crimes against students but the UNION forces the city to keep them on payroll. Make the stinking UNION pay their damned salary or FIRE them now.
    Again , get the Federal Government out of administrating schools .

  38. Ken says says

    Eliminating the Dept of Education would be a financial boost to school systems across the Country. States send in tax dollars to the Dept of Education and get about 60% back for State education needs. Just getting rid of the Dept of Educations would increase available funds for State Education about 40% without a tax increase. Ms DeVos could continue in the role as a leader in helping the States set up the diverse education needed in their specific States.

  39. Tommy p says

    I keep looking but I can’t seem to find a single word in the Constitution about education!
    Can anybody help me?????

    1. ABO says

      There is no reference to education in the Constitution. That is reserved for the States rather than the federal government to oversee.

      1. Tommy p says

        So Why do we have this Federal Dept????

        Along with a host of other ABC taxpayer funded waste of money departments?????
        Like BATF EPA etc.
        Aren’t these also at the state level (rightfully) as well?????

        1. KKmoderate says

          We have the DOE thanks to its founder, Jimmy Carter who, until Barack Obama trashed our country for 8 long years, was considered the worst president ever to hold office. BO now has the distinction of being the very worst of our presidents.

    2. Ken says says

      Not confusing – that leaves it to the State. Wasn’t that easy?

  40. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

    PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DEPORT A LIBERAL OUT OF AMERICA!

  41. DouglasDauntless says

    Shut down Government controlled education. If you work for the Government, State, Country and City, you are protected by Federal laws. You don’t need Unions in Government. The only reason Unions are in Government because they bought and paid Senators and Congressmen to take over all the Departments. The unions make billions of dollars in Union Dues that Government workers don’t have to pay, because they get nothing from the Unions and the Union officials live high on the hog with the most expensive cars and salaries, and trios to Vegas all expenses paid, and go all over the world on the Union Dues that dummies are forced to join because of our enemy Presidents Senators and Congressmen. Greed Rules.

    Get rid of the Unions.

  42. BIG STAN says


    1. chief1937 says

      Please remove caps we can read normal print.

  43. chief1937 says

    Excellent idea our education policies should not be decided in Washington. They do not know what is needed in Main nor any other state. Abolish the department completely save money children’s future and possibly the sanity of our nation.

  44. SHELBY says

    get rid of that core system! make hand writing mandatory!!! get back to the 3 r’s and also major and minor as well and PHONICS!!!!!

  45. Lilly Putney says

    I never thought we need all of the crap from the DC in our schools to begin with.Me I would be the first one calling my Senator and Rep to vote to get rid of this rope around the neck of every school Principle to have what he feels is what he and his teachers need to teach their students. We should insist that our children learn the building blocks of society so that when ask a question like who was the first President of the United States they would have an answer. Or where does the Gov. get all of it’s money to pay for all the free stuff that every one wants now a days. Also how to count money to give change if they don’t have a cash register. You might be surprised how many people can’t give you change for a twenty dollar bill if you spent $16.37. Had this happen to me in a restaurant. Went to pay my bill and the young man said he couldn’t take my money because he couldn’t give me change because the cash register was not working. I ask to see the manager and when he came and I explained the problem and asked if the cash register could be opened he said yes and I asked why I couldn’t pay my bill? He looked kind of dumb founded and said it didn’t tell me how much to give me back. I picked up my money and walked out the door. Never did pay the bill if even the owner can’t figure out how much.

  46. Junior1950 says

    Remember that old saying: “I’m from the Government, and I’m here to help you”???? Well, the same can be applied to the Department of Education!! Under Betsy DeVos (giving educational power back to parents, local school boards, and States), we will hopefully see such things as the ridiculous common core educational teaching being flushed down the sewer (where it belongs), and the continued “dumbing down” of our young people being halted!! The responsibility for QUALITY EDUCATION belongs first to the PARENTS, THEIR LOCAL SCHOOL BOARDS, AND THE STATE THAT THEY RESIDE IN, NOT THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT AND THEIR OVERREACHING LEFT WING LACKEY’S!!!!!!!!!!

  47. daveveselenak says

    The Communist Party USA won’t have any of that, they must keep their indoctrination camps turning out good little future commies!

  48. James Bryson says

    I hope she fights the good fight. Education without competition and parental options is toxic.

    Fight like our children’s future (i.e. our future) depends on it!

  49. BIG STAN says


  50. James says

    While I am by no means an advocate for big government, common sense tells me we do need a Dept. of Education in order to standardize education throughout all 50 States and Territories. Of course; that does not mean we need the bloated and wasteful dept. we now have, much of which is redundant. And America’s education system definitely needs a major makeover.
    First; and above all, the political overview currently guiding the Dept. of Ed. needs to be dismantled.
    Next; Common core must be done away with and basics returned to what has worked well in the past 200 years.
    Lastly; (and this is by no means a complete list of all that needs to be done), schools needs to have disciplinary action strengthened. this would include major punishment for parents who do not assure their children attend each and every class, each and every day, they are not sick or in any other way unable to attend. And parents should be given incentives for attending teacher/parent conferences. Parents found below par in teaching their own children need to be given remedial classes, and any who are found contributing to inappropriate activities of their children; (foul language; violence; lewd gestures and/or dress; etc.) need to face a court which is judged by their peers.
    America’s social problems today, are assuredly the product of schools brainwashing our youth, and has been so for at least two generations, with some school districts extending back to many more generations.

  51. Bob Stewart says

    This article is exactly right. Democrats want DeVos out of education so give them what they want, eliminate the department of education.

  52. Patricia Gleitz says

    Let’s try it Mr. Trump’s way. We voted for Mr. Trump and he wanted Betsy DeVos as Sec. of Ed. Forget about getting rid of her until she has a chance to prove to you that she is correct. We owe a worthwhile education to the American children to make sure they have the best education we can provide for them.

  53. WhiteFalcon says

    Dept. of Education (?) was created by Jimmy Carter. It would seem reasonable to assume that it could be dispensed with by Donald Trump. All the Federal Government needs to do with education is to provide money to the states to cover educational expenses. That is it. One person could handle that job. While he is at it, he could get rid of the Teacher’s Union.

    1. Bill says

      WhiteFalcon, and teachers who try indoctrination of students instead of educating the basics.

  54. John Williams says

    One of the big problems for the left, is DeVos “does not have experience, try and wrap your mind around the same loons supporting a Presidential candidate whose only experience was as a”community organizer,” liberal logic is an “oxymoron.”

  55. mallen11 says

    It isn’t always easy but parents need to follow the education of their children and challenge their schools and teachers on a local level. If enough parents would do this, our schools would have better education. Back to Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic — they all include science. Keep politics out. Parents need to parent and train their children from their early lives to counter the socialism/communism taught in our schools. Conservative education starts at home.

    1. Bill says

      Mallen, amen! Our schools are a disgrace and need a major overhaul.

      1. TadhgMcLir says

        I agree, they “teach” kids liberal “values”, and don’t (or in a lot of cases – can’t) teach English, Math, and Science. As an Engineer I had to “re-explain” a lot of Math & Science taught in school.

  56. Jon's On says

    Getting rid of the Dept. of In-Education is a great idea. After all where in the constitution does the federal government have the power over education? The answer is they don’t.

  57. Charles says

    Rep Thomas Massie (R-KY) must take care to avoid the fate of Judge Thomas Massie who was shot to death in his judge’s seat in the Carroll County VA courthouse in 1912. The DemonRats have Union Bosses capable of such.

  58. JMICHAEL270 says

    Time for LIBERAL INDOCTRINATION TO END as well as the DOE

  59. Mark Shaw says

    But that leads me to a question. We have schools out there that don’t allow our Christian children to pray but Muslims can we are not teaching the constitution as it should be. The pledge has been taken out how will this be monitored school in new jersey teaching Islamic crap and indoctrination of our children who monitors these kinds of things without an agency not that I’m for big government but we are talking about future generations of America land of the free home of the brave.

  60. Robbert Hoekstra Azusa says

    Really now. Are the Democrats the 21st Century Bolshevik Anarchists of America? If they cannot have it their way they behave like spoiled brats. Eight years of Hussein Obama’s hate and rage “Agenda of REVENGE ” have left their mark and are hard to break.

  61. dranalog says

    Education isn’t the only agency that we should do away with. Basically State and Defense should be Federal Government, everything else could belong to the individual states.

  62. Susan Short says

    Those spoiled, rich-kid demoncrats, most all of whom attended private schools, don’t want someone who might give poor, inner-city children a chance at a private school education! Those kids just might end up getting a good education, and then getting a good job, and supporting themselves without govt. assistance, and then the dems are out of business!

    1. Swampfox1965 says

      Sound reasoning, Susan. Seriously!

  63. Swampfox1965 says

    A serious debate about the Department of Education is long over due. Unfortunately, with the political divide I have little hope that serious debate on this issue will ever take place. Or any other issue, for that matter.

  64. bj veteran says

    The reason the dept. of education will not be eliminated is Two fold 1. The federal money would dry up and the states would have to fund their own education systems. 2. Related to the First, if the federal government removes federal (ours) then they can no longer use extortion to dictate their will on YOU.We all need to look up the definition of extortion and apply it to whats going on in our country, whether it is good or bad. It cannot be used only when we agree what it is to be used for. I know a lot of people want this to be OK when they like it, but that is not the way it is suppose to work. I personally think that the government should not be involved in the states education of it’s children. Look where it has gotten us;ie our colleges and universities which have turned into government places of training and not learning. Tell your state and federal elected representatives what you think.

  65. billyrb1 says

    Why are Democrats so willing to remove the Department of Education? Just because at this time they want smear President Trump and Education Department which should have been done away with years ago. Simply because all Democrats are smear mongers if they can’t have their way all the time. I agree the Department of Education should not have ever existed. But for Democrats to be so mean spirited about it now is only because they couldn’t get their choice for Department of Education Secretary they want.
    If they do away with the Department of Education, what about Teachers Unions? Democrats have a lot of lobbyist paying them to support Teachers Unions. Democrats would not dare to control Teachers Unions. These Teacher Unions are the ones getting Federal Government Funds that should be going to the schools to help our children. Teachers Unions can continue to skyrocket teachers pay at the expense of the education of our children, that are the future of this Nation.

  66. Deplorable Lanie says

    The babies have spent the last 8 years without a President, and now they have one but they don’t know what do him! It is like kids that don’t have a father for 8 years and then all the sudden he returns or Mom brings home a new Dad. The kids are going to revolt cause the now they have to follow the rules.

  67. Richard I Ellis says


  68. ward says

    The damn dem socialists are a #1 enemy against Constitutional Freedom & Rights but they use U.S. Rights & Freedom to destroy U.S. Patriotic Citizens that protect their asinine whims of a dictatorship ! libtard, bo views of common core teaching was the same type of indoctrinated socialism that WW2 hitler used to dupe the German people into his Nazi dictatorship … ! libtard dems did not learn from history ..!

  69. draftinging says

    As a former teacher and administrator, I wouldn’t put my children in public schools today. I would sent my children to private school or home school. The best bet and hope for public schools is Betsy DeVoss, if she doesn’t get the job done…close the public schools.

  70. Alleged Comment says

    Any ABC agency of the government creates another illegal bureaucracy, another excuse for illegal taxes, another excuse to ENLARGE government.

    That is why we have the Constitution to block this NONSENSE. But it isn’t working and we are slowly crawling our way back to a democrapcy instead of a republic.

  71. TEA9876 says

    Education workers have the highest union membership rate, more than five times that of the private-sector. The education unions would have a harder time lobbying and spreading money around if they had to deal with 50 states.

  72. alaskat says

    President Reagan promised to shut down the Dept. of Ed. but didn’t. Someone tried to assassinate him.

  73. Gregory Sarmas Sr. says

    She might reconsider her role after what she went through at a DC school,These people are fricken
    animals,Oh grow up,There lucky her body guards didn’t put a thumping on these POS!!!

  74. 1PierreMontagne1 says

    At the Federal level every Federal Agency runs the risk that at the social level a could hijack the Department and impose a minority view upon every state and thereby usurp the majority view in each state. We have seen this in the Department of Education which achieved its influence through funding and training initiatives upon which the States Educational departments came to rely upon. Subsequently non-compliance with Federal desires and regulations when imposed would result in Funds being withheld. Teachers Unions of course found capitulation to Federal interests augmented their interests as well.
    This is how the game is played with all Federal Departments working in the 50 states.

  75. RsGoat says

    Eliminate the department of education and be done with it. In it’s place States will step up the Feds can make a simple requirement to them to teach basic knowledge of math and science to level X, each student should have the ability to pass the same test we expect of any new immigrant who becomes a citizen of our country. Make it the same test! Teacher’s Unions work for pay and benefits not political office. I hated paying dues to people to select the people I should vote for! That was lame! Far worse it seems some how criminal to me like some twisted extortion racket. I’m free to vote but paying for these guys to support someone else I don’t like? What’s wrong with this picture? Then they have all that pull in Washington D.C. too! Why? No we can find a better way.

  76. CHARLES S says

    She is not whom she pretends to be:DeVos
    fails on two key promises Trump repeatedly made to voters: “Get rid of Common Core” and “keep education.

    Like Rhee, DeVos has adamantly supported Common Core. She’s even a board member of Jeb Bush’s Common Core-supporting education foundation (and one of its biggest donors),
    not to mention “closely aligned to Republican education officials like
    Sen. Lamar Alexander” — which should give any education freedom lover
    Alexander, R-Tenn. (F, 15%), of course, is the same guy who promised he was “ending the national school board” by rushing a huge federal education bill into law this spring that
    gives the U.S. education secretary direct, “mother, may I” control over
    what kids learn and when. In short, these are a bunch of nanny statists
    who may promise “local control” and a love for kids, but whose every
    effort is directed in the opposite direction.

    Hensley-Clancy writes that DeVos now claims to be against Common
    Core, of all things! That’s sure news to all the grassroots folks she pit her big money against during
    their legislative battles to reject Common Core. Grassroots folks
    report to me that DeVos’ husband personally called state senators in
    Michigan to get them to vote against a Common Core repeal bill. DeVos’
    American Federation for Children also contributed huge sums of money for state school board races in Alabama on the side of Common Core supporters trying to oust Common Core opponents.
    If Trump wants to increase school choice and be known as a president
    who dramatically improved education options for kids, he needs to send
    DeVos packing. Her forms of manipulative bait-n-switch “school choice”
    degrade the market by replacing one set of monopolies with another one
    they control. That’s not school choice. That’s bureaucrat choice. In
    other words, same old, same old.

    If Trump also wants to make good on his promise to “drain the swamp”
    on behalf of Americans who are sick of political cronyism, DeVos is
    again a horrible pick. Just read what she wrote in Roll Call in 1997:
    “I know something about soft money, as my family is the largest single
    contributor of soft money to the national Republican Party. Enough said–NO DEVOS!!

  77. Waymon Meadows says

    The Democratic Socialist Judges do not believe in the rule of law based on the constitution. They believe in making the rule law. They do not believe in the Constitution of the United States of Americas original meaning. They believe in a living constitution which changes based on their views. They do not believe in the Electoral College. They believe in the popular vote. They do not believe the Bible and prophets of God. They believe in living scriptures which changes based on society conditions. They do not believe Donald Trump is a legitimate president. They believe Hillary Clinton is President based on popular vote. Finally, they may change Gods laws but they cannot change the punishment for breaking Gods laws

    1. Estoban says
    1. Tired... says

      So I’m curious: What percentage of reporters at the major networks and organizations such as politifact and buzzfeed do you believe voted for Trump?

  78. BeautifulAmerica says

    FIXTHISNATION: Why haven’t you kicked the troll jetmagnet OFF here yet???

    1. tCotUS says

      Do what most have done with buttmagnet…Go to the far right of his statement
      a tiny downward arrow will appear. It will say “block user”Click that. then click “OK” & now
      “it’s” talking to itself..

      1. BeautifulAmerica says

        That was very kind of you. Thank you!
        Have done, but I wrote the above post when that troll kept being allowed to comment; I think the moderators should do their job, along with us.

        1. tCotUS says

          Your very welcome …

  79. gmhunt4 says

    Republicans love big government just as the democrats so nothing will change in Washington

  80. desert fox says

    Under the last liberal administration, look where The United States’ education – public school system – is ranked. That is a disgrace. Teachers are passing and graduating students who are total failures just to raise the percentage of the graduating class. So students are unqualified to compete in the workplace. At one time I wrote for School Research in California. We wrote programs for students showing the areas of comprehension that they needed for the minimal of jobs in various areas. It was disheartening when a course program was turned back because too many three-syllable words were used. Actually the public school system is the “dumbing” down of America. I feel that Betsy DeVos will try to raise the level of education from her experience with private schools. She can’t do any worse than the past Secretary(s) of Education.

  81. Bella Gray says

    This is why we need Federal oversight: They are infiltrating exactly as the communists did in the universities. They have weakened out children. They are now terrified of chalk on a sidewalk and need safe rooms and crayons. Yet the riot and destroy businesses, cars. They bully and intimidate people and if that fails they personally attacking others. They do all this in a mirror image of the Nazis “Brown Shirts.” Why? Because the leader on the left is Soros, who was a Jew in the Nazis concentration camps. Only he worked for the Nazis against his own people. He gets a sick high out of manipulating our youth until they to do the same as Soros did—attack their own people.

    Look at Islam invading our schools from elementary school on up. A Soros tactic. We have to have Federal oversight in the schools, in fact MORE OVERSIGHT! Saudi Arabia has inflitrated schools in all 50 states. Just a few example are below. The schools are accepting large sums of money to indoctrinate our children.

    Islamic Jihad and Sharia in American Schools (videos) |

    Florida High schoolers had to recite Islamic prayer in class, make prayer rugs as homework, websites say | PolitiFact Florida

    Georgia Parents Mad About Islam Lessons | The Daily Caller

    Mother Upset Over School Assignment About Islam | The Huffington Post

    In its latest report, the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) said students in US public schools are now being forced to learn how to convert to Islam and recite “Allah is the only God.”

    “It’s Islamic indoctrination right here in our schools,” the organisation said.

    Several concerned parents in Tennessee and other parts of the county have been in touch with ACLJ and raised concerns over the things their children are being taught in school. Brandee Porterfield, one of the parents, told Fox News that her seventh grade daughter is learning about Islam as part of world history in her class at the Spring Hill Middle School in Maury County, Tennessee.

    ‘ALLAH IS THE ONLY GOD’ Tenn. Kids Learn | The Daily Caller

    Parents Object After 7th-Graders Write ‘Allah Is the Only God’ in History Class | Fox News Insider

  82. Normie G says

    Look at what the schools are producing and tell we we don’t need change. Who are these professors anyway and what the He!! are they teaching our kids?

  83. real talk 1 says

    If it’s better to abolish then let’s do it but as said the Democratic Party could do a lot worse Oh well let’s see what else we can get rid of we don’t need !!

  84. dux nobis28 says

    Outlaw teachers unions Unions are for workers not over paid parasites !

    1. Osamao says

      All Government Unions should be abolished Not just them.

  85. Mary Muennig says

    Oh yes we do need her; just leave her alone and let her do her job for crying out loud.

  86. DonRS says

    Get rid of Dept. of Education, shortly after: A) The power of the Teacher’s Unions are stripped of their power to serve: #1) The Unions’ political objectives; #2) Protection of INCOMPETENT Teachers; #3) Rich salaries to Union Officials; …..#999) Students, B) The regulations embodying the far left objectives of atheism, government controls, social engineering, etc., C) School Choice!

  87. RsGoat says

    I was listening to a man of color yesterday, wish i caught his name) who asked the question. “Why is it we can’t use private schools when our public schools are failing us?” He had a valid point. There will be those who want to learn in schools filled with student’s who don’t! Why should those who want to learn be forced to pay the consequences of the foolishness around them? When the parent’s and teacher’s decide to actually get serious and work on issues that work instead of sucking up money while not producing results let those who can swim make it to shore strike out.
    Our colleges have been turning out junk on how to teach and work with hard to deal with students’s then blaming the people in the field for not doing it right. Look back on Dr. Spock whose book on child care was the gold standard for decades but in the end came out decrying how discipline was left out leaving us with a generation of spoiled adults! I’ve watched as student’s were rewarded for positive behavior after negative behavior!It taught them in order to earn a reward they had to act up then act good to get a reward! These guys were being rewarded for bad behavior! It was the only way to get to the reward part!!!!! Educated people do this!!! Until they can get the parents to quit doing the same things at home we are going to have lousy schools but I over simplify. That is only one of many issues. And until they begin to lose students and must swim will they actually work on those problems.

  88. Lorraine E says

    The educational system in our country was far superior before the federal dept of indoctrination was created. The academic achievement of our country’s s students has been steadily decreasing under federal control. Hopefully Betsy DeVos will over see the complete dismantling of the federal dept of indoctrination before it can any more damage to American students.

  89. Starman535 says

    Just like anything else, if you want top performers all around, you’d better be prepared to pay top dollar, and be willing to dismiss those who don’t measure up. 30 – 60K/yr + health insurance isn’t great in a city where the median home is > $400K. Not many get more than $60 – 90K + bennies.

  90. ralph says

    I agree with this totally start shutting down the Education Department. And along with that so that we can get some real teaches in the school system pass a Federal Right to Work Law

  91. Patricia McGhee says

    I think the governmant has too many different Departments that are just soaking up money that they don’t need & would help this county with it’s debt! Get rid of a bunch of them!!!
    Pres. Trump, delete all that we don’t need!!!

  92. Cookie Vranish says

    Oh yes we need Betsy alright! Anything else will be a cop out!

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