The Media Says Trump’s Son Committed a Crime. But Did He?


For the last week, pundits have used words like “fire,” “smoking gun,” and even “treason” to describe Donald Trump Jr.’s admission that he met with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya in June of 2016.

The meeting, also attended by Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner and then-campaign manager Paul Manafort, was apparently set up under the pretense that Veselnitskaya would be sharing information damaging to the Hillary Clinton campaign. According to the publicly-released email chain, the president’s team was also told that the Russian government was backing Trump’s candidacy and that the meeting would reveal the Clinton team’s connections to Russian officials. The president’s son says that Veselnitskaya provided no such information and that, if she had, he would have immediately reported his findings to the FBI.

But there’s no spin doctor on the planet who can make this look good.

Still, there’s a difference between something looking bad politically and being a crime. So, based on what we now know, is Don Jr. in danger of criminal charges? Does this meeting rise to the level of collusion or conspiracy?

Special Counsel Robert Mueller will be carefully investigating these questions in the days and weeks ahead. He will first need to determine if there are any laws on the books that the Trump team specifically violated by attending this meeting. There are certainly laws that prevent a campaign from receiving material assistance from a foreign government, but what qualifies as material assistance? There is no indication as of now that the Russians funded the Trump campaign in any way. And all parties involved deny that Veselnitskaya gave the team any helpful information. Is it possible that Trump Jr., Kushner, and Manafort could be charged simply for attending this meeting? It seems extremely doubtful.

That said, this latest news robs the Trump campaign of the benefit of the doubt and it puts them on high defense for the first time since the allegations of a Russian conspiracy began to develop. Reports from all over the journalism world say that the White House is in chaos as they try to cope with these bombshells. And since the New York Times obviously withheld information from their initial stories to see if Don Jr. would fall into a trap with his responses, it’s possible they still have news that they’ve yet to drop on the public.

Politically, this is the biggest disaster to hit the president since Inauguration Day, and it’s going to make his business – the business of pursuing his agenda – even more difficult to accomplish.

On the other hand, if this meeting represents the full extent of the “Russian collusion” story that Democrats have been hanging their hopes on, then let’s face it: It could have been much, much worse. If Trump can weather this storm and come out on the other side with his presidency intact, perhaps the relief of having it all out there on the table will allow him to finally be the leader that we know he can be.

  1. Tiger says

    No he hasn’t committed a crime but the shills for the Progressive/Communist/Socialists like Ryan etc think if you fart and it sounds like a Russian word then it needs investigating. As Trump starts his second term it will still be going on.

    1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says


      1. Tiger says

        Hi there my friend join in the fun.

        1. Retired says

          The guy that stands a GOOD chance to beat Ryan is a union guy who is racking in big bucks , seeing the Educators union is strong in the southern half of Wi.. Is that a good replacement ????

          1. Tiger says

            I haven’t looked into him but I know this much, rarely does Ryan call Trump President Trump, he said he would never accept him and he hasn’t. He and McConnell and others have proven to be Progressive/Communists and they are under George Soros. They had seven years to get the repeal and replace in order, they ran on saying they had it and Obama rejected it. If they had it then they would have presented it to Trump. They lied they lied for 8 years.

            Entire bunch needs to be cleaned out or I will tell you, we will have One Payer and we will eventually be facing terrible situations in America.

          2. Retired says

            I don’t like what Ryan is doing [ playing politics ] to keep his Job . The guys name is Bryce a iron union worker , he would help undue some of the Republican work. He raised 2.4 Million in the first week end so you know where the money is coming from .

          3. Tiger says


          4. Retired says

            Yes we are in a bowl of Shitsky with new arrivals in politics and our Media . Just trying to help you with what is going on as far as Ryan and those running against him . there was also a Dem. from Ohio moving to his district ,but he now backed out with Bryce running and getting more support . Have a nice day .

          5. Tiger says

            You are always a help and thanks.

          6. Dick says

            You don’t need a union guy to undo Republican work. You need a Republican to undo the work of Obama and the other liberals. As a union guy, he is beholden to the democrats and George Soros for financial backing. Voting according to their wishes is why we have the mess we currently have. I don’t want America to become another Detroit or another Illinois. I do agree however, that Ryan needs to be replaced.

          7. Retired says

            Dick >>>> I am only pointing out what is going on with Ryan and a potential candidate to replace him , as so many here are against Ryan .This is what I have Read coming out of his district . There is a great chance that he will replace him as there is a court battle to change the District voting Border .

          8. Mathew Molk says

            If he is an Iron WORKER don’t bet in him being anti Trump….and just what do you think RINO Ryan and his ilk have been doing all along anyway?

          9. Retired says

            I follow Ryan as he and Priebus along with Scot Walker, they are tight friends . and the Educators Union In Wi. hate all three .Walker made Wi. right to work State . So it will be interesting to see what Wi. will do in 2018.

          10. Mathew Molk says

            The teacher’s unions could be flattened by just putting in school board members that will stand their ground and not cow-tow to the commies. When the contract comes up NO MORE TENURE. and if you cant get the job done, you can’t stay. OH MY, But what about the children it the snowflakes go on strike? – They are not learning anything anyway but moslim(sic) and commie propaganda so where is the loss? – How bout replacements during the strike like they did in the NFL too.

            What union is this guy from. BTW? – If he is a trades union guy the vast majority of his members votes for Trump.

          11. Retired says

            Iron workers , but Ryan’s district is in a court battle about bundry changes and if it is changed back the Demon Rats have control as the teachers Union is to strong . Bryce raised 2.4 million after announcing his run . Plus the state media will push for him .

  2. Robert Early says

    The Media commits treason every day. Trump Jr did nothing wrong. Let’s just have our Civil War and be done with it. The left will not survive.

    1. Jackalyn Morrison says

      You are probadly right!!

    2. John J. Mulhall says

      Whole-heartedly agree that the Media commits treason every day… they haven’t told the truth since the beginning of Viet Nam. They, themselves have become lying sacks of (media) because they only talk to themselves. I’d rather not have another civil (no war is ‘civil’) war only because of the number of good guys who died freeing slaves, and we DO need to make them good Americans. ‘Course then, a ‘good enemy’ is one who can no longer shoot back….

      1. Edward says

        Well if you thought the first civil war was to free slaves. Then the media lies started a lot longer than you think. I know they got it wrote up in the history books that way. But its far from the truth

        1. rick meek says

          Correct sir – the north made slavery a call 3 years into the civil war to justify their cause……Even the north had slaves and even “Bond Servants”…..

          1. usmc354 says

            Please read my response to Edward. After doing so I then ask you to explain why that was mentioned 3 years earlier in EACH and EVERY Letter of Secession of ALL the Southern States.

          2. smilee says

            The elephant in the room was states rights and slavery which prompted the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments after the war which removed the elephant from the room and greatly reduced states rights. IT WAS PRIMARILY ABOUT SLAVERY.

          3. Pam says

            Yes the south wanted to keep their slaves. All the other reasons were also valid. It became a media debate point between politicians and Lincoln’s enemies. In his early career Lincoln was abrasive and made enemies. Read Lincoln’s letters, he wasn’t very concerned about slavery and wanted all to be repatriated to their native countries once freed. He was afraid that integration would never work. What people need to do is try and view history in that era and not with today’s mindset. Europe had slaves and it was not as foreign a idea to them. Another pet peeve is people act like America invented slavery. It was here for far less time than any other country but has been punished more . All those people are long since dust, why can’t we move on?

          4. usmc354 says

            You are 100% correct in all you state. You being correct I MUST agree. Most in USA also are unaware of Lincoln’s desire and attempts to repatriate those back to their native countries.

          5. buffalobob826 says

            Yes Lincoln had ships in the New York harbor to take them out of America but he was assassinated and the ships rotted and sank.

          6. Lizzie2 says

            You too Rick…..are those words that you used correct? I think that you have a few historical facts that are not entirely true. Bond Servants (also known as Indentured Servants) were generally not black. They were NOT OWNED. They were persons who owed money and were therefore “Indentured” until they paid their debt.
            Blacks were not considered equal to whites, and could then be property until they died. This is the way many white ‘christians” rationalized Black Slavery.

          7. sowotsup says

            You fail to mention that the first slave owner in the US was black. Don’t know if he was Christian or not or even claimed to be.

          8. Lizzie2 says

            The concept of slavery has never been a black/white issue….it was always about ownership of other human beings. (I remember Egyptian ownership of Jews. Who can forget those early movies!)

            Partially true……..
            Here are the complete facts:
            ” Possibly true. The wording of the statement is important. Anthony Johnson was not the first slave owner in American history, but he was, according to historians, among the first to have his lifetime ownership of a servant legally sanctioned by a court”
            Here is the rest of the story……
            A former indentured servant himself, Anthony Johnson was a “free negro” who owned a 250-acre farm in Virginia during the 1650s, with five indentured servants under contract to him. One of them, a black man named John Casor, claimed that his term of service had expired years earlier and Johnson was holding him illegally. In 1654, a civil court found that Johnson in fact owned Casor’s services for life, an outcome historian R Halliburton Jr. calls “one of the first known legal sanctions of slavery — other than as a punishment for crime.”

            (My comment regarding Christian ownership of human beings was meant to be a cynical.reference to the fact that many persons preach gospel, yet practice otherwise. I shold have left that remark unsaid. )

        2. Mike says

          then why does every articles of secession from southern states first and foremost mention right to slavery? if this was not the main issue why did every southern state when they seceded feel compelled to give it as the reason for their secession?

          1. Edward says

            The war started over the tariff the north charged the south to bring there goods to the north to sale. Had nothing to do with slavery at all. I don’t know what is wrote on any secession paper you know they changed the history books they could of changed that too. If your even telling the truth.

          2. Jackalyn Morrison says

            You are SOOO RIGHT and it doesn’t have anything to do with monuments or the rebel flag either!!

          3. smilee says

            They are a representative and a symbols of slavery and suppression to a large part of the population they should not be displayed as a symbols of national pride but should be in Museums to be shown as part of our history

          4. usmc354 says

            I am responding to assure you Mike is correct. I was completely unaware it was included in the Letter of Secession of every Southern State until reading post by both of you. A desire to be informed caused me to google “southern states letters of secession”. While there are but few other grievances addressed in the ORIGINAL individual notification to secede of EVERY state, the most prominent and prevalent common theme, which fills no less than 80% of entire letter, is that of those states’ rights of SLAVERY of those from AFRICA!

          5. Alan says

            The “North” fought the “South” to save the “Union” of the States. Slavery was a side issue.

          6. usmc354 says

            Maybe you should expound upon your reasoning. The “Union” of the States was in jeopardy caused by the conflict between the “free” states vs “slave” states! And it had everything to do with the issue of slavery!

          7. smilee says


          8. usmc354 says

            ????, hell! Do the math!

          9. Retired says

            He can NOT , Demon Rats have No Brain they follow a script handed to them .

          10. Bill says

            John Brown fought before the Civil War to make sure that Kansas would be a free state. Alexis de Tocqueville, when writing Democratie en Amerique, understood that slavery shaped the personality of the South when he said, “The influence of slavery, united to the English character, explains the manners and the social condition of the Southern States.” This debate of whether slavery was or was not the very central issue of the Civil War will never end, because if you punch me in the face because I feel that you shouldn’t own slaves, and I hit you back because you punched me in the face, it will never be clear whether slavery is the root cause of our fight: each person can and does have his own reasons for going to battle. So, whether slavery is framed as the official reason for the Civil War or not, it will still be true that the Civil War was caused by a dispute over what rights people do or do not hold, and to an important degree, the degree to which people have a right to enjoy freedom while also depriving others of it. This is a hugely important question for all times and circumstances, because it never goes away. It is a question of equal human rights present in a handshake or a greeting, in the acceptance of a job, and certainly in every interaction that a citizen has with a governmental authority.

            Whichever way this debate ends, if it ever ends, we can no doubt agree that there remains a great controversy over what freedoms any person should have, including of course to exist and live, to act, to possess, to think, to believe, and to say. In this age, we can assume that racial slavery is not the key issue, since slavery has been banned by law, despite continuing maneuvers of some people to oppress others. Our key question of this age concerns simply what freedoms a citizen has the right to enjoy, and what freedoms are properly surrendered to government rather than to the other slavemaster. To be sure, the Southern view of the Civil War did challenge submission to government even as it sought to ensure submission to the slavemaster. Its result resolved to a large degree that there would no longer be submission to the slavemaster, but if anything, the Union victory also did much to establish government power above the rights of the individual. Our discussions today are very much about where individual rights to self government begin and end, and the degree to which the Federal Government needs to stick to its commissioned purpose, instead of sticking its fingers wilfully into every aspect of American life.

            If Democratic-Socialist/Communist-“Progressive”-“Liberal”-Leftists have any merit in their charges that the Trumps have done anything wrong, that remains yet to be seen, despite their repeated rushes to judgment. However, if they succeed in bringing down the Trumps (not yet likely) and re-asserting their strong-government, oligarchical, liberty-despising agenda, then their boldness to destroy democratic rule warrants an equally bold response to preserve democratic rule.

            Yes, I realize that we live in a republic, which is a formal, definite structure. However, it should be recognized that a republic is merely a buffered democracy. A quick glance at Venezuela shows that a republic can be completely overtaken and destroyed by unbuffered democracy, simply by ambitious leaders leveraging the weaknesses inherent within a republic. This has often been attempted here in the US, especially from 2009-2016 but also since at least the 1960s, by manipulation of the ballot box, by Federal overreach, by individual corrupt politicians, by cronyism and closed-door dealing, by trying to pack the three branches of government with partisans instead of patriots, and by manipulating government agencies to perform partisan functions. There are all kinds of vulnerabilities in a free society, and wolves ready to take advantage. The Romans destroyed their “res publica,” as did the Venezuelans, as can we. And when a republic dies to give birth to tyranny, somehow the name “republic” manages to survive as an ornamental title, as if it has some sort of meaning, like when North Korea calls itself so shamelessly the “Democratic People’s Republic of Korea”. A lesson from this is that we can lose our liberty completely and still use words like “republic,” “democracy,” “voting,” and “liberty” to convince ourselves that we are free. We’ll see if the usurpers will win even now, or if people really will wake up and take back our shrinking “unalienable rights” before they disappear completely.

          11. Edward says

            Winters were brutal in the north back then. They relied of the terif/ tax put on goods coming up from the south to support them in the winter. It don’t make since they would stop slavery that got the cotton picked that made those taxes possible. Cotton was the main reason slaves were here. You can not trust the history books they lied about slavery in them to make theirself look good

          12. Edward says

            Look where the south was going to sale their cotton to other countries and not the north. The reason was the south did not want to pay that tax to take the cotton north. That will prove what i said is true. Why would the north block ships from getting the cotton unless it was going to bankrupt the north. If they could not tax it.

          13. Lizzie2 says

            But you forget one thing….your hated “Liberals” have always been believers in humanity.. It’s what makes us liberals.!

          14. Edward says

            Lets not forget the other thing about you hated liberals you like to spend every dime you can beg barrow or steal. That is why every state or city run by you liberals is in debt. And why obama spent 10 trillion dollars on what nobody knows.

          15. Arizona Don says

            Interesting born in 1939 I started to school 72 years ago the year WWII ended. you are correct history had not been rewritten by progressive communist so called democrats “YET.” It has now! Most of what we studied in school and universities is no longer even a small part of today’s curriculum. It hasn’t been for some years now.

          16. Lizzie2 says

            What does political ideiology have to do with this issue?. Just another way to attempt to drive a wedge between “Liberals” and ” conservatives”. You really have to learn to think logically (and would be able to if you took a few lessons in school, not too late for you)

          17. Just1Saddletramp says

            Lincoln’s foremost objective was to save the Union. Actually, Lincoln, being a Southerner at heart, had no issues against slavery. Kentucky, not Illinois, is the land of Lincoln.

          18. smilee says

            He was opposed to slavery but ending it was not hi first priority but it was his final success. He was born in KY but spent most of his adult life in IL and saw that as his home,

          19. Just1Saddletramp says

            His formative years were in Kentucky as he was around 11 when his family left there. Even in Illinois he was known as “the Kentucky rail-splitter”. He was a Southerner at heart. When asked at the Victory Ball which tunes he would like to hear his first response was “Dixie “

          20. smilee says

            He moved out of KY art age 7, he moved to IL in 1831 and that was his residence the rest of his life except when president and he is buried there and his museum is there albeit it was not built until 2009 to celebrate his 200th birthday. What ever you believe he personally did not believe in slavery and aligned himself with the Yankees.

          21. EnjoyzCoffee says

            It wasn’t a side issue for the slaves.

          22. SouthernPatriot says

            And it was not a “side issue” for the Southern Democrats who wrote the Articles of Succession and who were in charge in the Southern states.

          23. smilee says

            That was Lincolns first concern but the reason we got into the war was primarily slavery which was the basis of the succession that Lincoln was hell bent on reversing which he did.

          24. Mike says

            Thank you for doing some research on it. I admit I am baffled at why people cannot admit slavery was the predominant reason for the Civil War. We should not be proud we allowed slavery in this great country, but it is a part of our history and we should also not hide our faults as well as our tremendous successes as a nation.

          25. usmc354 says

            I am as Southern as one can be, a Constitutional Conservative as well as a realist. I refuse to allow my Southern “Pride” to blind me to the truth!

          26. SouthernPatriot says

            Southern Democrats owned slaves, Southern Democrats were in power in the South. Southern Democrats wrote the Articles of Succession of each state.

          27. EnjoyzCoffee says

            it is part of world history. Always has been. Today it is called Human Trafficking.

          28. SouthernPatriot says

            Who own slaves today? Not even Southern Democrats own slaves anymore, though one could say Democrats have a “plantation” mindset when it comes to blacks in their Democrat party, but all that aside…who owns and pursues slavery today? Muslims in Africa enslaving Christians and others who differ in belief from themselves.

          29. Mike says

            There are sex slaves working throughout the United States and in other countries. There are slaves working in Asia’s fishing industry as well. unfortunately the practice of slavery is alive and well in the world.

          30. Retired says

            Those that work are slaves to the Government and home owners are slaves to the Education system trough property tax .

          31. smilee says

            And you are a slave to your ignorance,

          32. Retired says

            No my name is not Obozo like yours .

          33. smilee says

            ALL BS the racists and bigots have all abandoned the democrat party since the sixties and they now have attached themselves to the GOP and that is why the blacks mostly align with democrats, Muslims enslave a lot of other Muslims than Christians so it is not just Christians at risk of that .

          34. TruthBeTold says

            While there are racists in both parties (and in many other places), to say that these bigots left the democrat party and went over to the GOP in the sixties is complete nonsense! The democrat party and a number of republicans have been radicalized by devil-worshipping globalist pedophiles who want to reduce America to third-world status and the world population to no more than 500 million who will serve as able-bodied slaves of the EU elites. The democrats have always been based on hate and victomization by dividing Americans into victims based on race, economics and anything else they can find so they can make and keep them dependent on their radical leftist government and keep them that way so they can hold on to their power.

          35. smilee says

            It is fact as none of the white supremacist groups support the democrats any more they all support the GOP and the alt right also shows a lot of racism. WOW your nuts, nothing you say is real, GET HELP!

          36. TruthBeTold says

            You are so brain-wiped that talking with you is like talking to a stop sign. There is nothing new that you could tell me that I already hadn’t forgotten years ago cause it wasn’t worth remembering back then. Keep digging your sllipery slope, and slide on back to your troll hole. Buh Bye, genius.

          37. smilee says

            Your so delusional and truth deprived. What a stupid ridiculous response!

          38. Retired says

            What did you expect from a troll who knows everything about nothing other than follow a script .

          39. noBS says

            The Southern ECONOMY was the true reason for the war. Of course, because slave labor was crucial to the agrarian economy in the South, it was, indirectly, the main reason. But as someone posted much earlier, northern industrialists prevented any buildup of Southern industry, effectively locking them into their plantation lifestyle, which forced their continuation of dependence on slave labor. The subsequent tariffs on Southern exports, especially cotton, and attempts to prevent the South from selling its cotton abroad (to avoid the tariffs), were the final straws that led to secession.
            PERHAPS, if the South had been able to industrialize, it could have shifted away from its dependence on slave labor (gradually, of course), and the slavery issue might have died a natural death. Also, with a mixed economy (not reliant on farming alone), the economy of the South could have better sustained itself, and the other issues that led to the war would likely have worked themselves out as well — avoiding secession and the War, completely.

          40. smilee says

            You have found the truth! Those who seek the truth always find it.

          41. Laddyboy says

            Absolutely correct. The War-between-the North and South was fought over “STATES RIGHTS”. You even stated that fact in your comment. Slavery was only a minority concern. COTTON sales and the tarriffs that were applied to the Southern States was the BIGGEST concern.

          42. smilee says

            The biggest states rights in the equation was slavery, all states rights but slavery was priority number one, They at the time had no way to harvest cotton without their slaves so cotton sales were secondary.

          43. Mike says

            You are so wrong. You can say it was fought over states rights only if you state it was about the states right to own slaves.

          44. Ron says

            That cannot be true because some northern states owned slaves.The Northern and Southern sections of the United States developed along different lines. The South remained a predominantly agrarian economy while the North became more and more industrialized. Different social cultures and political beliefs developed. All of this led to disagreements on issues such as taxes, tariffs and internal improvements as well as states rights versus federal rights.

          45. berg1928 says

            Who would have picked all that cotton without all that slave labor?
            States “rights” meant the “right” to own and sell human beings.

          46. Arizona Don says

            You are correct!

          47. smilee says

            SO the south wanted you to believe and cover up that it really was about slavery and loss of congressional power due to the admission of western states who voted against them in congress so they lost power in the federal government, was also a major factor. They hated our Constitution as it made federal laws supreme law and those who idolize them today think pretty much the same especial the alt right part of the GOP

          48. berg1928 says

            Y’all must be a Suthener, Suh! Y’all keep fighting the Civil War over and over ad nauseum.

          49. GODBlessRealAmerica!!! says

            You must be from The Liberal Ghett ‘O ” thug cess pool hating, lying, perverting and destroying little man! Sit dow little man! Sit down!

   t be from The Liberal Ghett O thug cess pool hating, lying, perverting and
            destroying little man! Sit down!

          50. marielaina says

            It was fake news, Mike.

          51. SouthernPatriot says

            The people in charge in the South, big plantation owners, etc. were in power. They wanted to maintain slavery to keep the way of life they enjoyed so much and they needed a huge amount of labor on their farms. All those in power in the South were Democrats that signed the Articles of Succession.

          52. noBS says

            Mike, you are correct in your statement that the southern states listed slavery first in their letters of secession. However, WHAT was their underlying reason for slavery? Sure, they had slaves to work their fields, so slaves were instrumental to the Southern economy. But WHY was that? Was it not at least partly because of the economic “oppression” put upon them by northern industrialists? Read the post above by “SouthernPatriot” in which he describes how the North held the South back economically, by preventing them from building factories. So in effect, the North perpetuated the South’s need for slaves, by keeping the South in its agrarian economy — which was dependent on slavery.
            I’m NOT saying that slavery was right, nor condoning it in any way. I’m just saying that without the artificially imposed economic limitations placed on the South, just maybe Slavery wouldn’t have been first and foremost on its list of reasons for secession — and very likely, the states would have had no reason to secede at all!

        3. EnjoyzCoffee says

          Lincoln also changed while in office, as Trump is and will continue to. Lincoln became a praying man (these times will bring you to your knees in prayer to Almighty God for His wisdom because human wisdom will not be enough to deal with these liberal devils – the forefathers of today’s Democrats/liberals) while in office and changed position on things. Not just to have them fight but because he was against slavery. In his youth he was worked very hard (I think by his father) and hated it. That will give you empathy for human beings being treated brutally like animals. Who wants to be worked to death? Lincoln didn’t like it and keenly remembered it. No, you have missed the mark on your comment. Lincoln did not like slavery, but it was an accepted practice for eons (there has always been slaves and probably always will be because of these tyrants that rise up to enslave humanity… more recently the NWO and globalist agenda).

          1. Edward says

            Lincoln did not care one way or the other about slaves or he would not of sent them back south for 2 years of the war. And slave were not treated as bad as the Movies make them out to have been. Most would of stayed on the plantations if they could. And a lot of them loved their masters and went to war with them to peotect them. You can not beat anyone everyday with a bullwhip and them be able to work like the movies would have you think. Sure there were a few hard heads that was lazy and had to feel the whip but you can bet ur behind it only took once to cure them.

          2. Mike says

            Your ability to contort the truth of human bondage is remarkable. Its ridiculous, but still amazing.

          3. berg1928 says

            Oh, yeah! Nothing like a bull whip to make a human being ( who could be separated from his/her family at any time) work harder, longer, faster. Gotta keep Ole Massa living in luxury.

        4. Mathew Molk says

          Media lies before Vietnam? Ever hear of the Spanish-American war and a jamoke named Hurst?

        5. smilee says

          Slavery was not make illegal until shortly after Lincoln died when they ratified the 13 amendment. You do not understanding the real history. .

        6. SouthernPatriot says

          A little clarification…the North built factories during the Industrial Revolution. The large banks (all in the North) would not loan money for factories to be built in the South. This led to great animosity in the South and a call for leaving the Unioin 50 years before the war. Most every new invention was made in the South (cotton gin, plow, etc.) but these tools could not be made in the South. Northern whites did everything they could do to exclude blacks from working alongside in the factories…so all those factors combined for the North to have slaves 6 months less than the South, so over 6 months, a war was fought?

          1. Michael Dennewitz says

            And smack dab, in the middle of “all this,” I often wonder how my mother’s ancestors, the NATIVE cherokee indians felt, and worse, I often wonder exactly why they deserved extinction! ?☹??

        7. Lizzie2 says

          Edward, how do you know all this? Where can I find those truths that you seem smart enough to know? I have looked high and low for the Lincoln statement that you quoted. “They don’t belong to me send them back to their owners”

          1. Edward says

            Years ago pbs had a special on the civil war. I was lucky enough to see it b4 it was yanked off the air. They were telling the real truth. And they were forced to stop showing it. Maybe you can write pbs or call them and see if you can buy that special from them. I know they offer to sale there stuff at the end of the show. The history books do not tell the truth about that war. Pbs channel 8 here in Houston pubic broadcast station

          2. Lizzie2 says

            YOU ARE CORRECT!!! See is all there

            In fact, if you go to your local PBS Station you can watch all episodes on your computer, or your smart TV if you have one. Also, a writer Eric Foner has written a book on the subject. Here are a few abstracts:

            Foner traces the evolution of Lincoln’s thoughts on slavery in “The Fiery Trial”: Abraham Lincoln and American Slavery. He explains how Lincoln’s changing thoughts about slavery — and the role of freed slaves — mirrored America’s own transformation.

            In the Peoria speech, Lincoln said that slavery was wrong, Foner says, and then admitted that he didn’t know what should be done about it, even contemplating “free[ing] all the slaves, and send[ing] them to Liberia — to their own native land.”

            “Lincoln is thinking through his own position on slavery,” says Foner. “[This speech] really epitomizes his views into the Civil War. Slavery ought to be abolished — but he doesn’t really know how to do it. He’s not an abolitionist who criticizes Southerners. At this point, Lincoln does not really see black people as an intrinsic part of American society. They are kind of an alien group who have been uprooted from their own society and unjustly brought across the ocean. ‘Send them back to Africa,’ he says. And this was not an unusual position at this time.”

            Foner traces how Lincoln first supported this kind of colonization — the idea that slaves should be freed and then encouraged or required to leave the United States — for well over a decade. Like Henry Clay, Lincoln also supported repealing slavery gradually — and possibly compensating slave owners for their losses after slaves were freed.

            It was not until the Emancipation Proclamation, which declared the freedom of all slaves and then named 10 specific states where the law would take effect, that Lincoln publicly rejected his earlier views.

            “The Emancipation Proclamation completely repudiates all of those previous ideas for Lincoln,” says Foner. “[The abolishment of slavery is] immediate, not gradual. There is no mention of compensation and there is nothing in it about colonization. After the Emancipation Proclamation, Lincoln says nothing publicly about colonization.”

            Foner says many factors led to Lincoln’s shift in his position regarding former slaves. Neither slave owners nor slaves supported colonization. Slavery was beginning to disintegrate in the South. And the Union Army was looking for new soldiers to enlist — and they found willing African-American men waiting for them in the South.

            “As soon as the Union Army went into the South, slaves began running away from plantations to Union lines,” Foner says. “And this forced the question of slavery onto the national agenda.”
            Eric Foner is a history professor at Columbia University and the author of several books about the history of American race relations.
            courtesy of the author
            “Almost from the very beginning of the Civil War, the federal government had to start making policy and they said, ‘Well, we’re going to treat these people as free. We’re not going to send them back into the slave-holding regions,'” Foner says. “And the Army opened itself up to the enlistment of black men. And by the end of the Civil War, 200,000 black men had served in the Union Army and Navy.

            “And envisioning blacks as soldiers is a very, very different idea of their future role in American society. It’s the black soldiers and their role which really begins as the stimulus in Lincoln’s change [with regard to] racial attitudes and attitudes toward America as an interracial society in the last two years of his life.”

        8. Pam says

          Bravo! Wish more people would read his letters and realize this.

        9. sowotsup says

          The civil war? Was a matter of control. As are all wars.

        10. RsGoat says

          The Civil War started so the South could keep their Slaves but it did end with them losing that abdominal institution and that is what counts more then anything. Our Constitution was written in a way to push that out come some day right down the 3/5th rule! Even though many see that as a blacks only thing in writing the word was “slave”. The South could increase it’s power in Congress at any time in the House of Representatives by increasing it’s population. How? Free the slaves and count each as a whole person increasing the number of people they could put in that House. As long as Black people were slaves they could not be counted fully. The reasoning was that an owner could tell them how to vote giving one man many more votes then others. The arguments on this subject went back and forth for a long time almost stopping us from becoming a country. The whole world was still in a slave state of mind, not just America! France had it’s sugar cane islands, South America would soon develop a system of it’s own too and even Europe before Napoleon had it’s share. Tom Reiss’s The Black Count give some indication of this when he writes about the father of the Three Musketeer’s. Then if you paid attention at the Olympics 1888 was the year they ended slavery, 3 years after the end of our Civil War! One country in Africa waited until 1981 and I’m not talking about apartheid of the south. Mauritania holds that dubious honor. Even apartheid was a done deal. It takes a lot to learn your history on this subject and you can’t do it in college or from an activist. All of these people are agenda driven. If your want to know the history of Black America you have to dig for it yourself and cut out the politics that produce hate or fear. History is the story of the past. The past is how people thought and felt in the past, not today. We can not transfer our attitudes of today and transplant them in the past and ask why didn’t they…..? How do you think we got here to day if we did not live through the mistakes of the past?

      2. elmcqueen3 says

        I remember the slogan “kill a commie for mommy”…sadly we won the battles in Viet Nam but lost the war…No thanks to John McCain and Lindsey Grayham we are still losing the wars even though we are winning the battles…Something is definitely wrong here.

        1. Mathew Molk says

          We were winning when I left (Class of ’68) and just giving up and bailing out is a far cry to being defeated. I highly recommend you never go even into the parking lot if a VFW and spout that Walter Krankite bullshit about us ‘loosing” the war. Our government just did not allow us to win.

          (And yes, we never should have been there in the first place, Mr Truman and Mr Kennedy)

          1. elmcqueen3 says

            Good point…We weren’t allowed to win the war…hence we didn’t lose it…Now if we could just convince those anti-war protesters during the 60’s into believing this same narrative John Kerry would be at a loss for words.

          2. USN Vet 31yrs Svc says

            We weren’t allowed to win Korean war either. Hence, we have a problem with NK today.
            WW II, If it wasn’t for the USA, China would be under Japanese imperialist rule. Now they have turned against USA.
            I find the MSM is the most corrupt organ of the government. During Desert Storm their reporting was totally BS. We watched BBC. Now BBC is corrupted.
            VN/D.Shield/D. Storm Vet

        2. smilee says

          Such stupidity.

          1. Retired says

            Yes your posting proves it .Pure Stupidity .You have the Demon Rat disease .

      3. EnjoyzCoffee says

        Why don’t we coin the phrase LPM (Liberal Propaganda Machine) instead of calling them “media” or MSM because they aren’t legitimate news outlets anymore. They’re PURE LIBERAL PROPAGANDA MACHINES. Let’s stop calling these traitors of the Constitution of the United States of America, the media, as though they are legitimate news sources. They aren’t. And they haven’t been for quite a while.

        1. USN Vet 31yrs Svc says

          CNN is 13th in ratings behind 50’s & 60’s sitcoms. Can’t imagine investors & advertisers are happy. They only broadcast to commies/socialists. They surely aren’t convincing the patriots. They are turned off.

      4. smilee says

        LOL no where near the whoopers we hear from trump every day, he is he founder of real fake news, You have a serious problem is not being able to see the truth,

        1. Retired says

          Haven’t you figured out yet that Trump plays the media like a fiddle with his tweets and the suckers fall for it just like the people checking daily what he said .

        2. USN Vet 31yrs Svc says

          Then why are NYT & WAPO retracting.
          Lie once your a liar forever. Suck one *ick your CS for ever.

          1. smilee says

            If they make a mistake the print a correction and all good newspapers do that. Unlike trump he never admits a mistake and no one makes more than him. Your BS does not fly!

      5. Lizzie2 says

        Who are the “them” of whom you speak? As to the truth….how do you learn what you know/believe without media?

      6. Ed Anderson says

        I agree about the media. I think we lost the Viet Nam war because of the way the media covered it and lied about it.

    3. Edward says

      I am sure a lot of whites would be lost in a civil war but it would rid us of the deviants that have been nothing but a drag on this country ever since they were brought here.

      1. Retired says

        Are you talking about the Criminals England put on ships and told to never return .

        1. Edward says

          Why no not the criminals from england, that would be my ancestor. No i mean the one they brought from a lot farther south.

          1. Retired says

            Doesn’t mean yours were from that bunch , but I remember reading in the early days of the US [ colonial ] ship loads of prisoners were sent to the US and Australia . the southern stuff came later . They were not allowed back , now if we could only do that with our trash .

          2. smilee says

            That is all true.

          3. Lizzie2 says

            Keep smiling….

          4. Lizzie2 says

            Southern “STUFF” !! do you mean human beings who have more Melanin then you have? TRASH? You sir are the trash, and a disgrace to humanity.

          5. Retired says

            You must not live where the Trash roams the streets stealing – killing and selling woman as well as drugs , that or you are blind to it .

          6. Joan Ferrantesimplyme says

            Agreed!!! If only it’s the political nuts jobs that GO!!!!!!

          7. Retired says

            Don’t forget about the Hollywood nuts.

          8. Joan Ferrantesimplyme says

            I stand corrected!! The Hollywoood ( Hollyfools ) are indeed included!! Thanks!!!!

        2. Mathew Molk says

          That’s us (on my Mom’s side anyway.) The most vicious fighting men the planet has ever seen.

          1. Retired says

            Well at least they had a second chance on life , how did you find records going back that far as so much was lost in the Colonial days .

          2. ABO says

            Many wound up in the 67th New York Regiment as “The Irish Brigade” and don’t them boys love to fight!
            But I think Edward is referring to black slaves.

      2. elmcqueen3 says

        A civil war would be a push over…white liberals hate guns…thus they have few…line em up and take no prisoners…please don’t take this comment seriously…it’s just a joke.

        1. kornkutter says


        2. Retired says

          Come 2018 we can eliminate some in the voting booth .

        3. Terry Rushing says

          Ahhh….a recent graduate from the Griffin school of comedy?

        4. Retired says

          But many of those liberals have body guards that carry . Just look into getting into Soros Pelosi’s or Schumer’s property, then there is where Obozo lives.

          1. rick meek says

            Yes – but tac-teams will be used – NOT LONERS……

          2. Retired says

            Only one drone now a days does the trick .

        5. Joan Ferrantesimplyme says

          Why say anything if it’s a damn joke!!!

      3. Lizzie2 says

        You are disgusting.

        1. Mike says

          Unfortunately just another example of a good Trump sheeple.

          1. Lizzie2 says

            It is amazing how a forum like this enables the bigots to freely demonstrate their sickness.

          2. Retired says

            Everything was fine till you showed up , does mommy know you a playing on her computer ????

          3. Mike says

            Yes Lizzie Retired here was able to spew his racist comments and hide behind a thin veneer of his own BS to try and shield them.

          4. Retired says

            Are you lizzies mouth piece ??? I tell it the way it is and you don’t like it because the media did not say it .

          5. Mike says

            no you tell it the way it is based on your false assumptions and the fact that you don’t care about Trump being transparent because… well no reason ever truly given, but you sure as heck care that Obama be 100% transparent again because… no reason given. I wonder what that reason could be. Oh yeah Obama is black and Trump is a 70 year old white man who has hurt many middle class business by not paying what he owed them despite delivering on their contracts or defrauded thousands of middle and lower class people with Trump University but that is fine I guess in your world because he is white.

          6. Retired says

            I gave you a reason for the difference .I guess you can’t comprehend the difference between the two , must not be in your Troll script . Obama is Half and half who played the poor N____r game and brought back the racial problem back to the 60s . You do sloppy work why would I or anyone pay you ???? What are you a Union hack , because you are repeating everything the union prints . You forget about the University the Clintons Milked for years .

          7. Mike says

            Again what specific information do you want to know about Obama that is sealed that we have on Trump? that is a simple question. Please elaborate.

    4. Donald Lindsey says

      That is so right

    5. smilee says

      At the very least he showed stupidity, ignorance and willingness to collude with Russia and the very worst treason. No one has an iota of proof of what really went on in that room so we do not know what they are really guilty of but we do know the purpose and agenda of the meeting which was to arrange collusion with Russia and JR said he loved it and before he told the documented truth about it he was caught lying three times about it, This is a very serious matter, You are so ignorant you do not even know what treason is. It is the GOP who is in full destruct mode, they are at their peak in power and have clearly shown they are inept at governing and that is the primary thing independents look at in deciding who to vote for as these swing voters determine the outcomes in our elections, Remember in 2009 the left was far more powerful as they had a super majority in the senate as well as the house and white house and they were pretty much in sync and the GOP now is in disarray with less power than the democrats were in 2009. They are divided and the alt right freedom Caucasus will cooperate with no one so the end result is total ineptness in governing,

      1. Retired says

        You did not talk that way about Clintons and the Bilderberg society ,nor the Clinton Campaign meeting with the Russians . But that was OK because they are Demon Rats .2018 more Demons are going out the door for their obstruction .

      2. USN Vet 31yrs Svc says

        Treason can only be exacted during a state of war declared by congress. What about podesta’s dealing with the russians. Hitliary’s sell 20% of uranium assets. Bubba giving missile guidance systems to china. charlie tree ring a bell. Haiti not receiving chaity donations.
        A civilian, not involved with a campaign, is treason? I guess all double agents & CIA/FBI are guilty. Guess L. Lynch is guilty of allowing a previously denied russian in to the country. Usurping Dhs authority.
        Shall we continue? No, its to much documented data committed by DEMONRATS.

        1. smilee says


          “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.”

          Giving an enemy aid and comfort is also treason. Also cyber war is an ongoing war with Russia and giving them aid and comfort is treason. Hillary did not make that decision and that decision was not an illegal act All three were involved with the campaign. Any citizen who gives aid and comfort to the enemy could be charged with treason. This is being investigated so we will see in due time.

    6. Retired says

      Just was against the Media would put thousands on the street .Cancel news papers – pay TV and leave the theaters empty. lets see Hollywood cry like little babies with no money coming in

    7. MAHB001 says

      Please help me fight the MEDIA. We are going to END MEDIA BIAS, or at least make Soros pay for it himself.

      A boycott that will work, because we will be working together.

    8. berg1928 says

      He did nothing right here, either.

    9. Ron says

      Robert, I am with you. Great retort.

    10. Rosech Levy says

      Robert, many of us are talking about time to time the tree of liberty needs to be nurtured, and, yes, all these liars/clowns/hateTrumpers better have all their burial plans made as soon as possible or wind up in a general toss in whatever hole in the ground. They are asking for it and God is good, he answers many times what you want!

    11. kassa1 says

      You’re totally right the only thing that will cure the problem that we have because both parties are involved in it ,is a Civil War and ,that is we the people taking our country back from the whores that work for us in Congress. You don’t have to worry about the left defeating the right because they’re a bunch of brain-dead immoral Lunatics anyway! Most of them don’t have brains enough to blow their nose.

    12. TruthBeTold says

      No, they most certainly will not survive. MAGA!

    13. figmo says

      The conservatives own the most guns!

    14. chucky001 says

      Stupid post. While the li’l trumpster may not have technically committed a crime, a patriot would have reoported the russian’s offer of dirt on Hilary to the FBI. Instead, he put party ahead of country. He is a little lightweight turd. Just like his apologists. And you are wrong about the left not surviving. America is becoming more diverse. You Trump trolls are generally older, less educated, and your birth rates are cratering. Chicks don’t dig you, what with your neanderthal, racist, anti feminist views. Not to mention your teeny tiny weenies, like on the Trumpster statue..

      1. GODBlessRealAmerica!!! says

        Chucky take that Liberal hate and all your liberals lies and stick it up yo ASS!!! Keep lickin Dat Liberal Ass Im sure you’ll enjoy it all. Lol

    15. Californiasailor says

      Like Fujimori did in Peru. He wiped all the liberals from the universities….and I don’t mean jailed them…I mean he exterminated them all. Professors as well as students who followed…..simple enough…

    16. rdells says

      GFYS, AssHole

    17. SUZANNE M. says


      1. Robert Early says

        There are only two remedies for the crazy liberal problem: Either vote them all out of office, or the 30 caliber solution. I prefer the former; but am committed to the latter and Civil War if necessary.

  3. disqus_Ytst6sP9fH says

    Not a Big Deal ! Get some things done for our people and stop all this blocking everything !

  4. Katie Jones says

    I am not sure the media would know what a crime was at this point. They are so off with the American people it is pitiful. How can a media organization stay in business when they are always so far off from the majority of the American people.

    1. smilee says

      We do not know enough facts to know as yet if it is a crime but they will be found if they exist. Most Americans voting did not vote for trump so you are off on who you think are the majority as those you think are, are not.

  5. EnjoyzCoffee says

    And who is listening to the MSM these days? We all need to turn our backs on Obama and Clinton’s globalist propaganda machine.

  6. James Kirksey says

    While the nay sayers are looking for weapons to use against our President, elected/appointed cabinet, and our constitutional Government, President Trump is wrestling with the residue of mistakes or just misdeeds of former President Obama. Everything form false climate claims to North Korea/Iran bullies have been mishandled by former “leaders.” I look forward to the day when President Trump and his Attorney Generaal, Jeff Sessions, say, “Enough” and desolve all these investigations with intent on bringing harm to the current government. Sessions was a victim of Kennedy lies years ago, when he was “black Balled,” by Ted Kennedy, in a confirmnation hearing for a judgeship. It is true, our country needs investigations; but, a different political party and different people.

    1. smilee says

      Trump has been handing them weapons and begging them to turn them on him, He is his worst enemy and the reason for all his problems. LOL Trump has made more mistakes in his first six months as president than Obama has made in his lifetime but to cover up your lies you use him as a diversion from this truth,,

      1. James Kirksey says

        smilee, I agree that President Trump is no trained politician to make ambigious speeches of empty promises. I also know that Trump has made some mistakes in life. However, I disagree over your comparison of his mistakes to Obama’s. Should you have an interest in details of Obama’s objectives, google Democratic Socialist of America, a raw, Communist Group. BTW, I do not believe in political correctness, as a standard for TRUTH. If this is your motive for the lead in to call me a liar, I will not go there. President Trump is a problem for liberal Democrats and liberal Republicans,as well. I do not think Trump will be pulled into any political correctness traps or MSM spin. Like me, he is also “too old of a cat to play with the string.” I think political change has arrived. All the Democrats’ rage about what could have been is no evidence for our courts or impeachments.

        1. smilee says

          SOME MISTAKES, trump has a mountain of mistakes going way back and he never learns from them. I do not buy your premise about Obama an I am well aware of google and it finds all even the propaganda which clearly appeals to you. Trump is a problem for all even you but you just have not figured that out as yet. Trump has dug himself into a very deep hole of which there will be no escape from. His days are numbered. Enjoy your dream as it will turn into a nightmare some day.

          1. James Kirksey says

            smilee, I parted ways with some distant relatrives over Obama. I know you have heard all the complaints of his failures to enforce immigrtion, his flag hate ceremonies, and the such. I am a veteran and Obama’s attempts to make homosexuals a protected group in the military was not somethng I could accept. After the courts got into the act, we still have an entangled mess that may never be properly resolved by man. Also, Obama appeased our enemies, by sending an air plane loaded sith cash to release hostages, without consulting congress. Iran has a head start on a nuclear program, thanks to Obama and his cohart, John Kerry. If the crimes of the Syrian embassy nelect ever gets a just investigation, we will likely see executions and jail time for many, who either participated or covered up these illegal arms deals. You are however, mistaken about my dream. I am looking forward to the unannounced time, when Jesus Christ will call out the Church. This will start the time, when all will give and account for his/her deeds.

  7. John J. Mulhall says

    This is the latest ‘nothing burger’ that the left-wing has created. Notice that most of the sources are ‘anonymous’… more recently I have taken that to mean the ‘reporter’ made it up. Notice also what they accuse the Trump Administration of, they covered up for Hillary, Bill, and the DNC. They accuse others of what they themselves are doing…

    1. smilee says

      WOW created by Donny Jr, and admitted to by him and you still want to blame it on the left wing, Your totally delusional now and so many lies to,.

      1. Retired says

        So you have a problem with the man being honest and not like the Clintons and Obama ??? You are so worried about this Russia bull with Trump and Ignore Clintons ties . The other thing the media keeps your brain on Russia while China walks in and takes over. then there is all the problems in the far east with ISIS moving in , take the blinders off , china Military is growing faster than Russia can . If you would pay attention China is doing NOTHING to slow Kim Boy down , did it ever occur to you that China is actually helping him just like during the Korean war ??? You won’ be smiling standing on the street corner begging for a bowl of rice .

        1. smilee says

          If he had been honest he would have reported this to the FBI in June 2016 and not met with this lady but he said he loved what she offered. He was not honest until others found out the truth and he was told it was gong to be published and until then had no intent on being honest and he was also caught in three lies contradicting the emails he released and you call this honest? The rest of your response is just lies and garbage!!

          1. Retired says

            You are a media guppy as well as a Demon Rat member. No they are not lies there are pictures available of Chinas ship Yards as well as the Military Air craft factories and the planes that have been built . The same goes for Russia which is falling way behind . Why did China build the reef military installation for a hobby . you are not following what is going on in the far East . Why is China not stopping Kim Boy ???? By the time you and the Democrats wake up it is to late .Get your bowl ready .

          2. smilee says

            What are you responding to?

          3. Retired says

            Typical Demon Rat reply when lost .

          4. USN Vet 31yrs Svc says

            The russia story is more dangerous. Go figure that.

          5. Retired says

            By the way where is the Information she supposedly gave him ???? One article said she had nothing to offer .

          6. smilee says

            She and donny jr know but donny claims nothing (that is what you heard) but he has been caught in three lies on this now and now I hear a fourth as I hear there was another Russian in the room so I guess he lied about that to,

          7. Retired says

            No I herd it come out of her mouth the other night that she had nothing for him . You need to widen your horizon and listen to everything and not just what your boss tells you .

          8. smilee says

            So did I and out of Trumps mouth to but neither can admit if they did so it means nothing, Fools like you might believe them no intelligent person does. I do not have a boss I am my boss.

          9. Retired says

            You can got to Hell for lying , No Virgins for you FOOL .

          10. USN Vet 31yrs Svc says

            And, hitliary said Bengazi was due to a video. That she did not transmit classified data on an unsecured server. That she found the whitewater documents in the WH. That all her past team members, whom are dead, committed suicide 70+.
            Certainly hope your not on her team.

          11. smilee says

            No one ever saw anything classified that was not authorized to see it… Hillary has been cleared of any wrong doing in all those investigations so that is all irrevant now so time to get over it, Whitewater was investigated by a special prosecutor (Ken Star) for six years (cost us over 80 million dollars) and he presented it to a grand jury and lost proving that was all a joke.. You have the alt right propaganda down pat but the truth totally escapes you. Your such a sad sack!

          12. USN Vet 31yrs Svc says

            It was an unsecured server outside government control. No difference when leaving your brief case on a park bench. She did not have control. She transmitted on non-goverment blackberrys. If she did not deal in official communication or transmit classified material, then there is no more need for a state dept. Obviously everything is of comic book info. Official is the lowest classification. Even that is only for need to know. If it is classified confidential or higher, you must be in a secure room to view & again cannot copy or transmit without secured server. Her use of the word “classified” is not a catagory for classified info. Look up categories. She said she did not transmit documents marked classified. No document is marked classified period.

          13. smilee says

            Legal at that time her two predecessors also used private servers and not government ones, not true now! They found no evidence she was ever hacked and the same can not be said for some government ones, Not a big concern expect to you idiots that want to try and exploit this lie, Boy nothing you say is accurate so forget it liar!

  8. Edward says

    So they said this is the first time trumps campaign as been on the defense from Russian collusion. Where the heck have they been. They have been on the defense every since the democrats dream up this sceem. Well they the dems needed something to keep the witch hunt going

    1. smilee says

      It is not a scam sunny and many many republicans see that so what is your problem.

  9. rick meek says

    FFFF the media —- they’ve been trying every angle possible to find a crime or collusion……While they protect the real criminals and traitors……

  10. gotabgood says

    The Media Says Trump’s Son Committed a Crime. But Did He?
    Nah.. of course not… and Trump is just giving the WH a face lift.. nothing to see here…

    1. GODBlessRealAmerica!!! says
    2. psychosally says

      you have got to be kidding-are you saying trump is turning the wh into a mosque,roflmao

      1. smilee says

        No, Kremlin II is his goal, if you wake up and it has been painted red you know he will have suceeded,

        1. psychosally says

          and when you wake up and we have our america back you will know he succeeded,roflmao

          1. smilee says

            What a joke cannot you see trump is taking this country down the sewer and until he is gone that will not happen. He is the most despicable man to hold the office ever and the most destructive to our democracy.

          2. psychosally says

            wow-he must have peed on your birthday cake to have that much hate-roflmao-or youre just another dipshit libtard following your bosses and their “no trump” campaign

          3. smilee says

            Again you do not respond with an intelligent response. What a despicable response and so full of BS

          4. psychosally says

            roflmao-my response is exactly what you get-youre a libshit or a never trumper and it makes no difference whats true or not youre gonna listen to your msm bosses-dont respond youre starting to bore me with your stupidity

          5. smilee says

            One cannot expect more from a dumbarse like you, lacking intelligence I know you cannot do better than this.

  11. GODBlessRealAmerica!!! says
    1. Retired says

      Gitmo for the whole Bunch .

  12. GODBlessRealAmerica!!! says
  13. billie says

    I am just so tired of the left wing media, and the left smearing TRUMP. After 8 years of all the garbage

    thought a little peace would nice.

    1. smilee says

      No one smears trump more than trump himself. Your attempts to cover that up will not the end save him from himself,.

  14. gotabgood says
  15. Mike says

    it is possible this is the extent but that is doubtful. senator McCain said this week after this story surfaced that there was more coming out. I am not a lawyer so I cannot speak to whether this particular meeting was illegal, but there does seem to be a pattern emerging that the trump campaign was ready and willing to collude with Russia. I understand the true trump supporter Will decry this as a witch hunt, but even trumps choice to run the fbi has said it is not a witch hunt.

    1. Valor says

      Use your head! The only pattern emerging here is the ongoing efforts by the left to create an illusion of collusion. Ask yourself this: Why on earth would the Russians want a US President who advocates rebuilding the US Military and putting America first over a corrupt political hack who actually DID collude with the Russians in the sale of US Uranium reserves to Russia in exchange for $145 million in kickbacks to the Clinton Foundation? The whole mantra is absurd! As for McCain! he is so full of crap his eyes are brown. He has no more credibility than any Demorat! As for Trump’s choice to run the FBI, he has no credibility either. He is obviously part of the swamp!

      1. Mike says

        stop with the stupidity about uranium. 9 separate government agencies signed off on that deal. Hillary Clinton ran one at the time. I thought trump was brought in to drain the swamp, but you admit he is filling right back up with his fbi choice. you must be very disappointed in the president in that case.

        1. Robert Dostoevsky says

          Save your breath! The uranium sale which, was approved by the nuclear regulatory agency, will continue to be a rallying cry for the uninformed. I’m surprised Tiger hasn’t said something negative about you for your posting facts.

          1. smilee says

            Uniformed of deliberate liars?? Some of each I suppose,

      2. smilee says

        ILLUSION?? Donald JR. admitted he was willing to as he knew that was that he was told he was being offered information and his response was I love it. He met for that reason and we do not know if he got the information or not as that is still an open question yet unanswered. All your questions are not relevant only an attempt to divert form this reality. If you do not like the truth any lie will do for you.

    2. psychosally says

      he said no such thing-what he said is -in the event a US politician is contacted by a foreign entity with supposed info on a politician then he thinks the fbi should be notified

      1. Mike says

        Christopher Wray in his questioning for his confirmation as the director of the FBI was most certainly asked if he felt the investigation into Russian collusion was a witch hunt. He responded “I do not consider Director Mueller to be on a witch hunt.”

        1. psychosally says

          yes he did say that-kinda makes ya wonder

      2. smilee says

        That is in effect that he is saying it is witch hunt,, Your attempt at a play on words changed nothing. IT IS NOT A WITCH HUNT!

    3. smilee says

      Donald Jr has now admitted they were willing so that is no longer in question, what is in question is did he actually get what she said what she had to give him that is still a question unanswered. THIS IS NOT A WITCH HUNT AND ANYONE THINKING SO IS JUST DELUDING THEMSELVES.

      1. Retired says

        You did not read the follow up as to what she had ,did you .Just spouting demonratshit.

  16. VirgoVince says

    WHAT will be their punishment AND WHEN??

  17. ECwashr says

    This is a joke, just like all the Fake News channels! You want real crime, obama/hillary, 8 long years of it. No one will do anything about it!!

  18. John Centonze says

    You know darn well that once this is cleared up the media and the Left will cook up some other pseudo-scandal to obstruct Trumps administration. We finally get a president who is willing to honor the principles that made this country a world leader and all the Left wants to do is destroy him!

    1. Valor says

      Destroy Trump AND America as constituted!

    2. smilee says

      Your nuts! all lies!

      1. Retired says

        Come on guy , It has been going on since the day he announced that he was running and the Russian thing started with Hillary early in the campaign , was you sleeping that day when she accused him .

        1. smilee says

          LOL your problem is no facts suport your BS. She has been cleared trump not yet and not likely. Your attempts at diverting this will not work for you.

          1. Retired says

            She was not Cleared You did not listen to Comey . Only Dummies like you can NOT see a tree in the forest .

          2. smilee says

            LOL Comey was the one who investigated and cleared her and he reiterated that in his last testimony after he was fired, So why are you lying.

          3. Retired says

            He lied just like Hillary , and a new Clinton body count ..

      2. John Centonze says

        What about my nuts and who lies?

      3. John Centonze says

        What about my nuts and who lies?

  19. Valor says

    The real “crime” is the media which no longer fulfills its mandate to report the news, but has become the propaganda arm of the radical left.

    1. smilee says

      Ah but the NYT broke this story and AH HA it is true not fake news which donny jr as admitted now is true. This proves the NYT does tell the truth and the real fake news in coming from crooked that donny saying they do not!

      1. Joseph Carrilho says

        Are you a stupid paid troll or just another useful idiot? I think maybe both.

  20. Austinniceguy says

    This is the same media that covered for Hitlery after all her lawlessness and we’re supposed to listen to them? Only the brainless libturds will do that, the rest of us will be educated.

  21. desert fox says

    You media ash wholes….GET OVER IT….YOUR LYING PSYCHOTIC BRITCH LOST THE ELECTION….and we are efn tired of your continual attacks on President Trump, his family, and his administration. You no longer have any credibility with the American People. Go back to your cesspools where you work and flush it. It has been proven that this was a set up by those bastards in the demoncratic party.

    1. smilee says

      WOW this has nothing to do with Hillary so why do you attempt to use it as a diversion from russaigate. It does not work any longer so give up your nonsense. When some go to jail over this you will be forced to admit the truth;

      1. desert fox says

        You will see when the other investigation that is not being publicized by the media comes out and Podesta, Killary, Lynch, Rice, Holder, Comey, and hopefully obamwamadama and the rest of his muslim administration are hauled into court. And you can’t take the truth….your psychotic lying britch lost the election – Get over it!!!

        1. smilee says

          LOL what a dumbarse you are, that is dream that will never come true,

          1. desert fox says

            Wait and see! It’s already in the works. New people in the administration taking over from the crooked leftovers. Things will be done right and honestly.

          2. smilee says

            OMG this is the most dysfunctional white house ever and trump has no clue how to govern, He is a loser and will go down in history as the worst president ever and doubtful he will finnish his first term as he is that bad, Trump does not have a honest bone in his body and never tells the truth proving that!

          3. desert fox says

            He accomplished more in six months than the muslim dysfunctional did in eight years. The only thing dumbo did was put the “N” word back in America’s vocabulary.

          4. smilee says

            LOL He has in six months showed to the whole world he is totally inept and incompetent and a lying jerk and that is about the sum total of his accomplishments. Most voters did not want him and with Obama he won twice with with an actual majority of the votes both time (in excess of 50%) of which only four other presidents have done they being Jackson, FDR, Eisenhower and Reagan so history has already recorded Obama was one of our most popular presidents ever and he is good company with these four. His approval ratings were never as low as crooked donny is now and he went out with over a 60% job approval rating and a personal rating even higher. You come across was a bigot and a racist , ARE YOU? Your response was all false too.

      2. desert fox says

        Because the demoncrats are using Russiagate as a diversion from the truth about killary and the previous crooked administration. And evidently you are blind to the truth.

        1. smilee says

          Hillary is history so forget her as that is just waste of time and they have finished her investagation and cleared her. Nothing there to divert from and that is what you are dong using her to divert from trumps crimes. He is most likely guilty and he may be locked up. That would be such sweet justice for the jerk

  22. Gammi2Anna says

    No Donald Trump Jr. did not commit a crime. However the Obama administration, the Clinton Crime Cartel and Hillary’s entire campaign staff, the Democrat Party, the Rhino’s , the majority of our MSM hate squad, the many groups of paid protesters and antagonist and the left wing court systems are all guilty of crimes against America and our Liberties. Until these hate-filled angry people realize and accept that we are not going to allow them to destroy our children and grandchildren’s future, this country is in for some very disruptive and harmful situations. It is time for everyone to put down all their mean spirited rhetorical accusations, accept the President that WE, the People elected and join our efforts to make this country great again, just as President Trump promised would be his primary agenda. He WON. Clinton, LOST. Grow up, get over it, pull on your big boy pants and act like decent, God-fearing, America loving citizens that want everyone to be successful. I guarantee that if we continue down this road of fighting amongst ourselves, we will wake up one day to find that the enemy has stolen their way into every aspect of our lives and we will pay for it, with our own lives and those of our children and grandchildren.

    1. smilee says

      OH ignorant one that is yet an unanswered question, none of your garbage talk will change that fact!

      1. Gammi2Anna says

        According to six, very well trusted legal Scholars who have addressed the issue this week, Donald Trump Jr. did not and has not committed any criminal acts by agreeing to the meeting, which we now know was set up by some liberal friends and members of the Democrat Party of Destructionist. They lost the election and have gone off the deep end of the pool, drowning in their own tears of remorse for picking the wrong horse to run as POTUS. With that said, I took the time to review your many, many comments to almost every person that has responded to this story in support of what the legal teams have concluded, no criminal acts were committed by Trump Jr. I am curious, what else do you do with your life? Is this your job? Are you one of those paid liberal hate-squad bombers that troll the comment sections for sensible, fair and logical commentators, then attack them with your juvenile name-calling rants and atrocious vulgarities? You have the habit it seems, to be exact with your derogatory diatribe while conspicuously suffering from lack of any facts. You might want to take some time off from the hate-mongering and review some definitions in the Webster’s Dictionary. Apparently you have another definition of the word ‘facts’. For those of us that are proficiently capable of understanding the meaning of the words we use, a fact is something that exist or is real. What I stated in my comment is factual, has been confirmed as real by experts of political and legal ethical standards. Please take some time off, rest your little brain and give this some thought. Donald J. Trump was duly elected for a 4 year term as POTUS. No matter how much the idiots, who do not understand that ‘FACT’, cry and wallow around in their world of hatred and threats of doing harm to others, this ‘FACT’ will remain true until 2020. Now if you do not care to spend the next 4 years of your life living this miserable existence then I will just say a prayer that one day you will have the ability to open your eyes, get out of the basement and try something other than HATE. There are some very wonderful blessings awaiting those of us that wish to find them.

        1. smilee says

          Until we know what really happened in that meeting we cannot know if a crime was committed so saying he committed no crime is merely a guess on your part, Donny jr has been caught in four lies on this meeting already so he has no credibility and if they commited a crime are you really so stupid as believer they would admit it. Donnie’s friend asked if he wanted to meet with her to receive dirt on Hillary and his answer was he would love to. There is zero evidence the Democrats was behind and if your theory was correct this would have come up in the campaign and used against trump. Your theory is so stupid and is a bold faced lie so ridiculous only an idiot would believe it, They did not lose the election they lost in the EC as most voter did not want crooked donny and the EC is not always representative of the people’s wishes and five times in our history that has been the case and of the five minority presidents crooked donny lost the election by the largest margin, It is becoming president through the back door and of all presidents crooked donny has the least confidence of we the peopleof alll 45 presidents This fact is documented and known. I am retired and my life is irrevant to the subject matter here, Your are so despicable and clearly a deplorable person as your response is not abut truth and facts but lies and deceptions,. SO SAD, SHAME ON YOU!!

          1. Gammi2Anna says

            Smilee, Smilee, Smilee, you have proven that my conspectus of what you have been indoctrinated to believe and advocate on behalf of is indeed what provides the sustenance you require. When I began reading your reply, I immediately thought I was reading a recent mind-boggling rhapsody we heard being spewed by Rachael ‘Madcow’. The same elements of evil, hate and total disrespect for anyone other than yourself and your opinion is very much the same as we have been hearing from her and the other MSM Fakers and Liars. You really need to stop just listening to what they tell you and what is the truth. With that said, I will not waste more of your time except to say “Thank You”! for your compliment in calling me a deplorable person. I look back fondly on the day I first heard this word used by Hillary Clinton when she boldly announced that she did not need the support or votes from the under-educated, stupid, old, white deplorables in order to win the election. As for myself and many of my fellow deplorable family, friends, neighbors and millions more that I will never have the pleasure to meet, the election was pretty much a lost cause because we all felt that Trump did not have a chance in hades against the Clinton Cartel and cheaters. But Hillary’s comment pissed us off and we decided that if we all did our civic duty and made sure to get out and vote, we would have at least had our voice heard. Lo and behold, our voice turned into a very loud echo that is still resounding off the mountains of illegal, fraudulent and liberal followers whose vote could be bought by the Clinton money and promises of favors once in office. As for Hillary Clinton, I will speak for myself in letting her know that while she was correct that I am old, white and deplorable, I AM NOT under-educated or stupid. If I were, I would have been a supporter and voted for her. Hope you can one day find the truth that will set your heart and soul free of all the hate and anger. Good-bye!

          2. smilee says

            Truth is not indoctrination what is real indoctrination is being indoctrinated to see truths as falsehoods and that is your problem and thus it is you who is really indoctrinated. You have taken my response and spun into a total falsehood as none of your BS is true. Your so indoctrinated with the alt right propaganda you have actually come to believe their lies and your words mimic all theirs to a tee. Their agenda is to indoctrinate suckers like you to believe their lies, You have swallowed them hook line and sinker proving you are the sucker you are, You are not a deplorable person because Hillary used the word you are actually deplorable by your own creation she just identified the real you. I will ignore all your lies here as my only interest is truth, Even some of the most educated are capable of being so indoctrinated and you are the perfect example. I am also old, white but not deplorable like you

  23. Michael Dennewitz says

    When will this once blessed country ever get on with being America and get off this “Russian BULLSHIT?” Good grief, will there ever be an end to it all?? ?

    1. Retired says

      They will beat the Russian thing to death while China slowly walks in and takes over .

    2. smilee says

      Unless you can sweet talk russia into backing off probably never.

      1. Retired says

        When Kim’s Missile hits you in the head it will be to late for you to wake up .

  24. mrp15 says

    If Trump, Jr. committed a crime when he was set up and did what anyone would do under the circumstances in a political campaign, what do you call what Hillary did by instigating contact with the Ukraine and selling US uranium to Russia in return for hundreds of billions of dollars to the Clinton “Charitable” Foundation whose only beneficiaries turned out to be the Clintons themselves.

    1. smilee says

      LOL spin spin spin

      1. Retired says

        Yes you are full of spin and going no where , is that you OBAMA ??? It sounds like your 8 years in office .

  25. CrustyOldGeezer says

    New Plan for the day.

    Appoint ‘special prosecutors’ for hillary, obama, loretta lynch, james comey, and assorted others.

    Each given the authority to go where ever the evidence leads them.

    The democrats will have something new to screech about, the media will go nuts 24/7….


    1. Retired says

      Even if there was 100% proof , it’s like Comey said find a federal Judge to send them away for live .It would be a ten year court battle and more suicides with holes in the back of the head.

    2. smilee says

      You first need probable cause and then a conflict of interest in the DOJ if they find any, but to date zero probable cause , GET OVER IT. Go back to sleep and your dream.

      1. CrustyOldGeezer says

        Well, since “Probable Cause” is already widely known and proven where do you think your ‘credibility’ is on a scale of 1 to 10?

        Stay asleep, you have no value to any civil conversations.

        1. smilee says

          The investigators found none and dropped the case so you are believing in the boogy man. My credibility is credible as the facts show, and you have none,

          1. CrustyOldGeezer says

            And yet you still believe that global warming is real?

            How twisted your brain cell must be.

      2. Retired says

        You did not listen to what Comey had said , typical Demon Rat only hears what he wants to hear .

        1. smilee says

          A lot has happened since Comey said that and new investigations have been since opened. It uis being investigated now. Comey may not have been able to say otherwise even if then there was an investigation ongoing that couldd have been jeopardize had he said so, You really want to believe this is nothing but I fear you will find out in the end it is very serious and not he witch hunt they put Hillary thorugh.

          1. Retired says

            She is a professional at lying and cover up , it has been her way of life since high School and after Shaking up with Bill it got worse . Some day you will wake up to the Damage the Democrats have done since JFK was Murdered .

          2. smilee says

            How then do you explain after all these investigations no one has ever been able to prove any of them she has been accused of. This is but nonsense you spout. It is lies pure and simple,

          3. Mike says

            They require multiple investigations into Benghazi, but one investigation into the Russians meddling in our election and the right loses it.

          4. smilee says

            There was only one criminal investigation on Benghazi all the congressional ones struck out and I think there were eight of them, the joke of the decade they were. The criminal one found no crimes weer committed and it counts the rest were nothing but political theater. Trump will be the bigger loser with the Russian meddling.

          5. Retired says

            With 90% of the legal population and the Democrats along with Guppies like you ,Media eaters how can she be found guilty . Why do you think she lost , lies after lies and you got the guts to talk about Trump and spread more lies , which rag do yo work for or are you a Moderator ????

          6. smilee says

            God what ridiculous nonsense!

          7. Retired says

            You are the ridiculous one . Can you find any practicing lawyers that are not Democrats. 90% are demon rats . The other ones who could not make a living are in WDC and some of those claim to be Republicans in sheep clothing .

  26. RsGoat says

    Treason would be something like taking control of the country in opposition to the election results which is what the Democrat’s and our Media are in the process of doing. These two groups are working hard to take the Presidency away from the Elected President, Trump, and pass it on to some other person. Who? That is more in line with Treason. The fact that these lawyers are playing with words to achieve their goal does not modify their actions in the slightest. This still has the markings of a Political Coup. To top this off the are smearing the legacy of President Obama. Instead of having the opportunity of being remembered as the President who brought about the change in our country that saw heath care brought to more American’s improving our Nation. His new Legacy will be that of divisiveness. he will be the one who tore our country apart! Does he have what it takes to come bac and fix this or will he watch his Party and our nation swirl along the porcelain walls?

  27. Donald Lindsey says

    When the Radical democrats did this to Trump the news media says it not a crime it is news, double standards but what do WE THE PEOPLE expects from Socialistic ran news media.

    Fairness is not something Socialists do not understand nor have any Honor when it comes to reporting anything including all crap.

    1. Chi Sam says

      Expect. Simple verb tense is called that for a reason.

      Write like a white man.

  28. EnjoyzCoffee says

    What media says Trump’s son committed a crime? I don’t consider the liberal’s propaganda machine to be legitimate media sources. The LPM (liberal propaganda machine) is trying to drum up hysteria, which also makes me wonder… what are they hiding? (Chaos Theory) What are they doing right now – separate from this little horse and pony show – that they don’t want us focusing on? Any ideas?

    1. smilee says

      Jr is the cause of this story and he has openly admitted it so we have no doubt it is not fake news and once he new the NYT had the information he himself released it and it proved the NYT story was not fake news! I am sure that frosted the arse of the alt right!

      1. Retired says

        NYT is like use toilet paper no one wants .

        1. smilee says

          Since going digital the NYT has sold millions of subscriptions across the world as it is so highly desired and except for the alt right they are highly regarded as is the Washington Post as one of the best and that is why trump ad the rest of the alt right hates them as the fake news coming from trump and the alt right is exposed by the NYT who again proved that with donny jr. as they caught him in three lies and forced his to come forward with the truth. This is why the founders believed strongly in a free pres and they would be proud of the times as they are doing just what the founders wanted them to do. Expose the liars out there and they sure flushed lying little donny jr. out with the truth.

          1. Retired says

            Yup ,the only liars are Republicans .You keep right on proving how bad Demon Rats are. Funny that they are selling so great ,I get mailings from them every other week plus on the Internet . My local rag copies some of the left wing stories . Now can you name one Honest non one sided paper in the USA that isn’t used toilet paper .

    2. Retired says

      In China they would have been shut down by now for lying and most writers would have disappeared .

  29. Garys_opinion says

    The media says a lot of things, they’re mostly wrong.

    1. Fortuneless says

      And they are biased

    2. smilee says

      Not about trump though they have him pegged right on.

      1. Retired says

        Which one do you work for and how many names do you post under OBAMA ????

      2. Joseph Carrilho says

        Are you ignorant, outright stupid, or just a useful idiot troll?

  30. Mathew Molk says

    Don Jr is a private citizen. He has no classified information and can talk to anybody he wants too that is not in a country that is not in a country that to which travel is banned by the State Department.

    In other words. Crime, No. Bullshit, Yes. Even if he DID get dirt on the cackling witch how is this different from the dozens of foreigners and even citizens that are constantly “leaking” stories about the President,,,and some of those ARE classified.

    Lastly, the very idea that the Russian government would rather have had Trump of the cackling witch is the most stupid bullshit of all. Trump is a MAJOR thorn in their side and the hillrat has a track record of collaborating with the Ruskies. ,,,,And anybody else with enough money. You have to be cracked to think they would help Trump over the witch. Like Putin said. She belongs running a stove, Not a country. He could have plaied her like a fiddle. The President has been nothing but a pain in the ass to them.

    1. smilee says

      Enjoy your dream while you can as it will become a nightmare before this is over.

    2. COMPU-TRON says

      Who has more money, Hillary or Trump? Your blind faith is appalling.

  31. Joe Pewter says

    a witch hunt…not just a witch hunt ..a punk ass witch hunt

    1. smilee says

      I guess that is how you punks see it, so cockeyed a view.

  32. jim jones says

    What the fuck happened to making America Great, it got lost in all of this hideous bullshit, by design, to cover the do nothing administration.

    1. smilee says

      That was trumps founding of fake news.

  33. k9maiden says

    I am so sick of these liberals trying to find every little thing they can to bring down the Trump family when we had to put up with REAL criminals who murdered, lied and cheated their way to lead the greatest country in the world and turn it into a Communist/Islamic nation. Nothing is going to happen, PERIOD! DT is our President, going to be our President, and will be our President for 8 years! Get over it, we dealt with unbelievable corruption, nothing even as minute as this, in the BO REGIME. I hope to HELL President Trump starts weeding out the Media like he did the VA! The more the hateful, disgusting, liberals try to get rid of him, the more powerful this man becomes. In the end, good prevails, and the rest will fall into the sewer they tried to make of this country.

    1. Mike says

      Based on that last line you are mistaken because Trump and his family would have fallen into the sewer a long time ago. Trump is President for 4 years not 8 and that is only if the constant flow of information about Russia stops. Senator McCain stated earlier this week that there is more information to come as well. I am not sure why you see this as liberals trying to bring down a President. This is Americans attempting to discover the truth about a President who is one of the least transparent individuals ever to set foot into the Oval office.

      1. smilee says


        1. Retired says

          Wrong again ,Is that you Obama ???? Trump for 8 years.

        2. Joseph Carrilho says

          One troll complementing another……

      2. Retired says

        Mike >>>>>The least transparent President was Obama who had his record Sealed thanks to Jarret and the UN who brought him to power .

        1. Mike says

          You are comparing Obama to a man that will not release his tax returns, lies frequently about his ties to foreign countries, his administration has had to make “amendments” several times about meetings they had with foreign individuals only after they were caught to Obama who did release his taxes, released his birth certificate which no president has had to do previously. I realize you still want him to release more information again none of which was released by any previous President because no matter what Obama did you will not see him as your President. I cannot change your mind on that, but please stop trying to compare a snake oil salesman like Trump to any other man in the world because Trump always comes out below them.

          1. Retired says

            What about the lies from the Clintons and Obamas . As far as the tax return goes it I s no ones Business other than Trump and the IRS , he did say that he uses every loop hole available just like many rich Democrats . There were three different copies of Obamas live birth recording. One that could have been actual was a smeared up mess , the other two looked like fresh made and all were After the fact , he could have been several weeks old when the papers were made out . Why was Obamas record Sealed , what is hidden in there ???? Obama was a racist in Chitcago and brought back the racial issue yust like the Clintons supported it . The Snake oil salesperson was Jarret along with the UN that brought Obozo to power , get your facts together . Are you a black racist Muslim who supported Obozo ????? Obama was so great that he moved Carter up from the bottom .

          2. Mike says

            Your mind is made up about Obama and that is fine, but how are you okay with now having a man as President that is not transparent about anything? business dealings? no not transparent; tax returns, no not transparent; his own deferment from military service- no not transparent- says its from bone spurs in his foot, but when asked what foot he told the reporter she would need to look it up; about meetings with foreign powers or agents of foreign governments- no not transparent; You said what is hidden in Obama’s record, again a record no past President has ever had to reveal, but then earlier you say Trump’s taxes are no ones business but Trump and the IRS despite presidential candidates releasing their taxes for decades. You cannot have it both ways, it cant be for Trump no ones business and for Obama everyone should know.

          3. Retired says

            Is Trumps past record sealed like Obamas was , NO only in the medias mind looking for dirt . Personally it does not matter to me if a candidate does or does not release its tax forms ,it was started years back for harassment of the opposition . Your tax form is between you and the IRS . Have you ever had a foot spur they are not fun plus I know lots of guys that did not serve because of bad feet . There is no two way , better explain that one .

          4. Mike says

            I do have heel spurs and you are correct they can be painful. Of course I have undergone treatment for mine from devices to keep my foot at certain angles at night, to cortisone shots in my ankle, to better support in my shoes. My heel spur is remarkably better but what I don’t forget is what foot I experienced that pain in as Trump has. Again you demand complete transparency from Obama, but are fine with whatever smoke Trump blows up your rear. You are sad, but as a Trump sheeple no one expects better.

          5. Retired says

            I never used Demand , it is a fact that Obamas record was sealed and Trumps past is not . you know yourself that Schumer came right out and said he will do everything in his power to destroy Trump along with the Democrat party and their Master Soros. Is that the Kind of people you support ???? Congress and Schumer with Peeeelosi are obstructing progress that needs to happen . Off Subject Congress is taking away pain Killer medicine from the elderly but yet refuse to close the border to stop Illegal Drugs ??? Then there is the fact that in Canada and Europe the Identical Brand Drug cost 50% of the USA cost ,why is Congress not doing anything about that they had 8 years of control under Obama and nothing was done ??? Trump wants to do something and the Media with Congress fight everything on a daily basis because Hillary lost and that is a fact .

          6. Mike says

            The Republican Congress refused to pass any legislation about the cost of medications. As of now there is nothing in it in Trumpcare either. Trumpcare only requires Republican majority to pass the House and Senate so the Democrats could not obstruct it even if they wanted to. My point is that if nothing is done about the rising cost of Pharmaceuticals then that is on Trump. He has the ability with both houses of Congress and with Trumpcare on the table to make an impact.
            Trump’s past is not open except for all of the lawsuits he has been a part of as he cannot eliminate those. There is no knowledge about his school records, how he truly got his deferment from military service etc; again his taxes are not open, his business dealing are not open- again unless he was sued for defrauding people as he was with Trump University or for racist renting practices as he was in his past.

          7. Retired says

            There Is no sealed record like Obama has , get that trough your hard head . how he got his deferment is protected by law and you know that . Probably most everything else is protected by the privacy laws enacted over the years . that is why the media goes fishing and claims to have caught a big fish when in reality it was a minnow used for bait . Under Obama drugs went sky high even though they had gone up prior to Obama . Obama did nothing about it for 8 years and like a good Demorat you are trying to blame Trump surprised you did not say Bush . There is no such thing as Trumpcare ,something you are dreaming up .

          8. Mike says

            I am not blaming Trump for the rise in prescription drugs, but Trumpcare which is currently pushing the Senate to pass is not addressing the matter. This is a chance by him with a Republican controlled Congress and Senate and while working with the rules of reconciliation he only needs a majority, in the Senate he only needs 50 votes as Pence would break the tie to get his health care bill passed. My point is that you are correct Obama should have done more on that, but Trump now has the perfect opportunity and if it is not addressed in TrumpCare then you have no one to blame but Trump and the Republicans as they do not need one Democrat vote to get it passed.
            What specifically would you like released about Obama, and then please show how it has been released about Trump. Again if you want transparency for one it needs to be the same for both. At this point, Obama was more transparent releasing his birth certificate and tax returns than Trump has been. I am not questioning Trump’s birth, but am just showing that he has released less than Obama did.

          9. Joseph Carrilho says

            Were you born stupid?

      3. Joseph Carrilho says

        Senator McCain? You re truly gullible.

    2. smilee says

      If yo really paid attention you would see trumo is the one bringing himself down but he always has blamed all his mistakes and stupidity on someone else and he has never been one to take responsibility for his actions or words. He will be damn lucky if he even finishes his first term. He fooled the people once but now many of those he fooled know that so a second term win would be a far bigger surprise than his first. Your a dreamer so enjoy your dream

      1. Joseph Carrilho says

        Here is my version of political correctness: Fuuk off, shit for brains.

  34. junkmailbin says

    so hilary can destroy 33000 gov docs, keep classified material at home, and do favors for entities and recieve massive donations to her personal charity and no one does anything.
    Cut the crap liberals. US citizen have the right of association and speech. What was actually received if anything. Once again, we have lots of hot air with no proof that anything illegal happened.
    Please asl Comey, Lynchwhoitey, and Ogayarab about this Russian( private citizen) lawyer was in the country

    1. smilee says

      They have been shown to be her personal emails and not gov documents so why are you lying about this? A despicable liar at that.

      1. Retired says

        Boy have you been brain washed , Obama

  35. papa doug says

    SMH, another mountain out of a mole hill they are making! Liberals would create a conspiracy from a stick of chewing gum!

    1. Retired says

      It is a Democrat pile of Poop .

  36. Larry Brule says


  37. disqus_7EcB0kPDrU says

    Hillary’s people actually went to the Ukraine to receive dirt on Mr. Trump, and they received this information and attempted to use it to affect the election. Why isn’t the media all over this definite collusion of a foreign government attempting to change our election???

    1. Retired says

      Because it was Clinton and Democrats .Did you forget they walk on water and are above the law ?????

  38. Jmanjo says

    I have heard that Obama and Lynch had this so called Russian lawyer illegally shuttled into the US so she could make this meeting. That sounds like collusion to me and the liberals have one more crime to put on their list.

  39. BeeCubed says

    The media says lots of things, most of which are false. It is the media’s endless list of lies in an attempt to destroy the Trump administration and the Trump family! It is pitiful!

    1. Retired says

      Funded by Sorosky and Demonrats .

  40. Tiger says

    Of course not and the more they dig the more they get dug into their own mess cause Lynch is the one who made a special effort to get this Russian into the country. Again they exposed themselves.

    When caught with your pants around your ankles best to take the attention off yourself, but then their pants are always around their ankles. Surely the Jackass a good symbol for them.

    1. Retired says

      We shall remember come 2018 election to fight the trash out of WDC .

      1. Tiger says

        Amen we will and I heard Trump the other day promise he would name them those who caused this.

        1. Retired says

          And the Media will hide that .

          1. Tiger says

            Yep and that is why Trump will tweet and rally taking it to the people. They won’t stop him.

  41. Ron C says

    If the democrat’s & their MSM have their way, it would be illegal for anyone one to have a meeting with anyone if they don’t like you or the person you are meeting with….but of course the democrat’s and their supports would be exempted from that law…essentially that law would create a dictatorship with the democrat’s in charge…done!

    1. Retired says

      Exactly correct.

  42. Wayne Thorson says

    Trump could put an end to this witch hunt if he would just show his taxes just like all the rest of the politicians have done in the past.

    1. Joseph Carrilho says

      Like the Kenyan showing his B.C.???

      1. Wayne Thorson says

        I fail to see your point.

  43. Terry Rushing says

    It would appear that the media, having become an abject failure as “journalists”, is now attempting to become jurists. It appears that they are just as inept in the legal department as they are in journalism.

    1. Retired says

      You got that one right . A total failure .

  44. rick meek says

    Jr. didn’t do chit – He was set up – The woman was running around DC meeting with a load of dems before and after the meeting with Jr. Now a man named smith who was researching and getting those missing E-mails was conveniently suicide…..

    LMFAO – sorry folks – They never had ANY INTENTION of repealing chit —- it was a talking point to gather votes and send them to DC….Disgustocrats and RINOS….they aim to stay in power and money at peoples expense and that’s the jest of it…….

    1. Retired says

      Read that article and it did not say how he died , was it two bullet holes in the back of the head ????

      1. rick meek says

        Nah – they claim suicide by asphyxiation – they found him with a plastic bag tied over his head and connected to a bottle of helium……

        1. Retired says

          Does this go to the Clinton count ???

          1. rick meek says

            Couldn’t honestly tell ya —— Clintons – obozo’s are nothing but tools to be used by the real power supporting them…..They did the offing…..

          2. Retired says

            It is just strange since the days in Arkansas – WDC and now NY , people with Info are all committing suicide and some with bullet holes in the back of the head and found with a pillow covering their face . These killings go back to JFK murder and if not before .

  45. Mt Native says

    So members of the media are now attorneys and know every law that could possibly be broken? Of course not, they are doing what they do best, lie about everything and tell the story that they want the facts to show even though they have no real proof of anything. With Mueller investigating anything can and will happen and it won’t be good. He is the last person who should be investigating anything if it is going to be a fair investigation.

  46. Robert Cromley says

    So, if the media says he committed a crime, are they going to “arrest him”? I wasn’t aware they had that authority.

  47. laulau says

    What jerks. No crime no nothing. It was a set up and witch hunt to get the Trumps. Obama is behind it.

  48. Morton99 says

    Whether or not Don Trump Junior is in legal jeopardy – politically he is on quicksand. There is palpable fear that many of the White House officials and employees will be dragged into the scandal – the vast majority of them are on modest government salaries and to retain lawyers could cause massive financial distress, The result of all of thi s that the White House is in a free for all with leaks of information like a broken dam, and some who realize that a secret could be a get out of jail card issued by the Special Prosecutor.

    I guess what I am trying to say is that if there is no scandal -then there is nothing for them to worry about. But it certainly looks like many people have been trying to hide stuff – so I suspect that it won’t be long now before this whole Russia thing becomes solved.

    Will Trump be impeached ? No, not if he is innocent of any wrong doing. But I do not think that many people would put money on that outcome.

  49. TruthBeTold says

    I completely believe the media – except all that stuff that they say about things. Oh, and those videos they show on tv until you turn off the tv. But, sometimes I watch them with the sound turned off and try to guess what they’re saying.

  50. Ron says

    Since when have reporters told the truth? I think we know that reporters’ only duty is to themselves and to find the “big story,” even if they have to make it up. Truth in America is a dying issue.

    1. Joseph Carrilho says

      Even as a little boy in the 50s, I knew there was something WRONG with TV news.
      I was too young to articulate exactly what but I “KNEW” something was bad, VERY bad.

      The annoying trolls are here in numbers today creating more flak. Fuukin’ imbeciles.

    2. metheoldsarge says

      Good News doesn’t sell papers.

    3. gotabgood says

      Are you including Breitbart, National Enquirer and Twitter?
      I will agree about truth is dying… but people without facts sitting back in their arm chair proclaiming everyone is lying… is not helping, but creating the problem.. speak with some facts, references.. the bible says 2 or 3 witnesses make it true…. but then again….. look what happened to Jesus!?!

      1. Ron says

        If I did not have the facts I would not have written what I wrote. I am 79 years old, retired US Army with over 23 years service. After Vietnam, Ranger Combat, I went to Counterintelligence. while there I was on loan to the federal gov as an investigator. After retirement from Army I went to police academy. I am also a school grad paralegal. I have been through reporters ropes and enhanced stories. I have seen with my own eyes what reporters do to stories. I have seen what reporters do to court cases. I have seen what reporters do to political issues, rather simple stories blown way out of proportion. And as a Vietnam War Veteran, I have also read those stories. That good enough for facts?

  51. metheoldsarge says

    “If Trump can weather this storm and come out on the other side with his
    presidency intact, perhaps the relief of having it all out there on the
    table will allow him to finally be the leader that we know he can be.”

    Not a chance. The liberals never give up. The main purpose is to keep the Trump distracted ad away from the task of doing what they were elected to do. They will, most likely, have more stories ready in case this one fails. They will find dirt even if they have to fabricate it.

  52. Rosech Levy says

    Amazing isn’t it that every time this is a very very serious problem and there is chaos in the WH. Give us a break. First of all there is nothing there and no law broken and no crime took place. Really, you so-called newspapers, reporters, journalists have nothing to do with what Hillary, Podesta, Huma, Bill Clinton, etc. all did and they committed crimes of treason. Sorry, but fabricated outrage and it was a collusion (they need to look up the definition of collusion and be informed) and is just another horrible thin by Trump and his administration. Actually, they didn’t tell on PBS that this non-attorney was fired in Russia and was not connected to Russia and adoption, but does have connections with the democrats! My or my, who is the criminal now, but heavens to betsy we cannot disclose her as an illegal here but allowed to stay by Comey and Lynch and hence had her connections to the Hillary run. Karma is coming and all these naysayers, fabricating news people won’t like it. Hopefully, it is coming very very soon.

    1. gotabgood says

      Are you one of those paid Russian trolls??

  53. gotabgood says

    Title of this blog is “FIX THIS NATION”
    I think we could start by getting rid of all the Russian agents in the White House!!
    Have you ever witnessed such a 3-ring circus in your life? AG had to recuse himself, after what a month on the job? Of a president who has only been in office 6 months! His son is now under investigation, his son-in-law, he himself, the VP, campaign manager….. lawyers had to get lawyers, lawyers had to resign.
    And why is this a mess….
    CROOKED, LYING HILLARY… TRUMP (and outside help)

  54. TruthBeTold says

    Unlike the War Between the States, current globalist leftist anarchist communists are intentionally trying to undermine our constitutional republic by attacking the underlying fabric of traditional American institutions on a daily basis. Any “civil war” that may be forced upon law-abiding citizens will be a constitutionally mandated war for the survival of freedom through the destruction of tyrannical forces that want to tear everything down to rubble. They shall not win.

  55. ThreeQuarterTon says

    My money says this was a set up. These people are NOT stupid . They leave that up to the libturds and the mudlia.

  56. Eric Pearson says

    “The media” only reports the news. They’re not the ones saying that little Donald committed a crime. There’s a multitude of intelligent, experienced adults who are making that claim. Don’t blame the media for that.
    Why do you insist on blaming the media for any news you don’t like. You people make me feel so superior. I know I’m not, but you damn sure make me feel that way.

  57. Pam says

    I think this was a trap and he fell for it. This lawyer is a total unknown and the media has no interest in digging into who she is. The Trumps had no idea what a deep pool of vipers politicians are. Boardrooms are a different planet, there you get all the background on your opponent as possible and no foul. DC is a world where you literally get you throat cut by your enemies. Just look at the trail of bodies left by the Clinton’s. I pray we survive as the America our forefathers fought and died for.

  58. NovelDog says

    From what I gather from your comments we are mostly all in agreement. The criminals are the News Media who think they have a license to censor the news, reconstruct the news, and use their lies, and insinuations to convict, or destroy all good Americans, truth, and liberty. On our Public Enemy List…the Liberal News Media should be listed first. They are our worst enemy, and their bosses need to be arrested, and prosecuted for treason. They have sold us out to the Devil, and to our enemies. The FCC and the DOJ should be arresting the owners and operators of our Crooked News Outlets as I write this. To get something done we need to urge Congress to apply pressure on our law enforcement agencies to do their jobs. Shut down those whom consistently lie and produce false or fake news! Start with the Owners and CEO’s!

  59. NovelDog says

    There are an awfully lot of good points, and comments, being made here. May each of you enjoy a long and prosperous life. God bless!

  60. soli vargas says

    MEDIA IS BACKING UP Obama and STAFF along with Clinton’s that broke the low obama and Clinton ARE HIDING SOMETHING

  61. Ed Anderson says

    Nobody has ever said it better than William Shakespeare: “Much Ado About Nothing.” Unfortunately, that “Ado” includes a lot of taxpayer dollars being spent for essentially nothing.

    That said, all the comments about civil war are scary. Putin, the Chinese, Um and the Iranians have to be licking their chops when they think about the opportunities that an actual civil war in the US would present to them.

  62. Jmanjo says

    If they think what he did was a crime then they would have to charge all the Democrats first because they are ignore guilty than he ever could be for doing the same thing. But the fake news media does not mention their crimes at all and tries to bully the Trumps. The liberal biased media sucks!

  63. sowotsup says

    The media says a lot of things……Most of which are untrue fabricated bull shit. They should all be in prison.

  64. vinny says

    Of course the Media is going to say some BULLSHIT LIE!!!! They have nothing better else to do.

  65. just me says

    I ask again, Crooked Who??

  66. ernldo says

    So when were the media hacks appointed the justice department?

  67. ernldo says

    I’m still awaiting the lame media’s investigation into the Hitlery Clinton/Russia uranium deal….Het sixty IQ (minutes?) …anything in the works?
    I thought not.

  68. tCotUS says

    F the media….We should start hanging those spreading intentional rumors, & out-right lies….The First Amendment does not protect them. Time to take them out…

  69. DustyFae says

    IF some one told Hillary they had news on Trump, she would meet with them. and since there were others in the room, why won’t they speak up ? it does not make it a bit of different if it was one Russia or a 100. that does not mean Don Jr did any thing wrong . if some one told me they had some thing important to tell me about my child or about you , l would meet with them.. l sure am not going to ignore something that could help my kid

  70. Donald Lindsey says

    When a democrats does it, it call gathering information. when a republican does it, it called a crime. Two sets of standers and laws and the Socialistic news media is ran by Radical Liberal Socialistic Democrats who are BRAIN DEAD.

  71. RsGoat says

    As a private citizen at the time he not only didn’t break any laws but when you look at the facts The Obama administration and the DNC were complicate in setting him up to have that meeting. It was Obama’s DOJ that brought Natalia back into our country and the DNC’s Fusion group that help set up the meeting! You may remember Fusion from the Trump Dossier debacle or if you look up organizations old Georgie Porgie gives money too.. NOW There is a foreign influence that needs investigating! How many of our News groups does he own interest in? His political contributions are fascinating also but that drift form the point. What Trump Jr. did was talk with a person who had nothing and walked away with nothing. During the campaign nothing from any foreign government was used against the Hilary campaign by the Trump group. He just went from State to State and told us what he wanted to do and the populations of more State’s voted for Trump then that of those State’s voted for Hilary. Trump won more popular votes in the 50 States then she did giving him the Electoral College and that is how we choose our President not total Popular Vote. On that point even Harvard has come up with a study that 8 million non citizens voted in this last election! They did that without the cooperation of State official’s which means we DO have a problem as Donald Trump described it and our Ostrich Democrat’s have denied along with the liberal media! When do we fix that issue. There is still no real proof of effective foreign influence on this election but we do have proof of illegal voting. I didn’t mention Hilary’s camp going to the Romanian Embassy for help a couple time because that was not effective. Are we going to fix our voting process which may have affected the popular vote just like the DNC’s thug’s affected the Trump Rallies in California effectively damaging his popular vote in that State through paid bulling. Project Veritas videos verify the thug statement.

  72. BeeCubed says

    I’m so very tired of the democraps trying endlessly to destroy the Trumps! When are they going to get past the fact that a great man won the race against Hillary and finally do their jobs? All they do is waste time and money trying to humiliate our President. If the dems were to great why didn’t they win?

  73. figmo says

    The media in it’s desperation to commit treason by undermining the Trump administration, has become a pitiful joke. It reminds me of the lawyer Algonquin J. Calhoun from the Amos and Andy show whose favorite cross examination question was “do the name Ruby Begonia mean anything to ya !!?

  74. junkmailbin says

    By the Constitution, we have the right of association, not guilt by association

  75. Ron C says

    But of course the media is going to say what ever the democrat’s tell them to say…whether it is the truth or NOT! That is how they keep their jobs…they had to go to school & get indoctrinated to become propagandist’s…everyone knows that?

  76. SDofAZ says

    BS, this was entrapment by BO and his shadow creeps if it has to have a legal term. They set the trap and my guess is there are more. Everyone in the Trump admin had better fess up now for any stupid little thing just like Junior. And the trail will lead back to this same nasty source, BO. It is long past time for Sessions to make the trap setters sorry, really sorry as in jail. And start with the obvious wrong doings of the left. Start with Hillary and her emails, move on to the wire tapping, the special entry for the lawyer in the Junior set up, the tarmac with Lynch and Killary’s hubby, the Comey leaking to get a special prosecutor that is obviously looking from a dem perspective, Fast and Furious, etc.. Put on your gloves Sessions, you need to come out hard and fast.

    This is all dem wit manipulation and dem wit law breaking. And one thing I need to understand, is how can a president only enforce some laws and not all like BO did? That just reeks of illegality, unethical behavior, and treason! But what do I know? Except that for most of the items listed if the republicans had done any of them, they would be in jail and definitely a regular citizen would pay and pay heavily. Hum?

  77. Gen11American says

    No, what Trump Junior committed was NOT a crime, not unless STUPIDITY AND EXTREME POLITICAL NAIVETE are classified as crimes! But the entrapment Junior got himself entrapped in wouldn’t have happened if Trump Senior had insisted upon more seasoned, mature advisers! The American people elected him as Commander-In-Chief, but we didn’t elect his KIDS to advise him!

  78. b glad says

    The Russians and Chinese have been funding the Clintons for years. Nothing here.

  79. says

    The media and the lying democrats are really desperate these days along with the liar Muller wanting to impeach President Donald Trump, well it’s not going to work as the whole truth and nothing but the truth will come out and you liars will look like the lying fools you really are, AKA KKK DEMOCRATS who by the way hates everyone especially black people and people of color no matter where you came from know this which is a fact back in the 1940’s through the 1960’s the KKK which is the democrats were persecuting black people beating them and murdering them and even hanging them because they hated black people and they still do even today. This is part of the USA history of what they have done and now these liars expect us to believe this nonsense because they don’t have a case and I would never vote for a lying democrat again, period!!!!

  80. Jon Willey says

    Russia is the brainchild of the liberal left’s architects of political revenge against the non-politician Trump and the Republican Party. A total waste of taxpayer’s money and a wall holding back the progress American could be making through the efforts of the most patriotic American to sit in the oval office since Ronald Reagan.The majority of Americans are fed up with the Democratic Party and their bidders, the main stream media. Move beyond the sleaze of corrupt politics and the socialist left’s attempts to divide and conquer America. Stop the Democrats and mainstream media from their mission of doom.

  81. EnjoyzCoffee says

    The media says > you lost me right there. Bye.

  82. ZACAL says

    The media thinks they’re the official and rightful congress, the president, the Supreme Court, the dictator of the United States. The media truly believes they’re opinion should be adhered to as factual and should be praised. What the media doesn’t realize, they have the most severe case of untreatable derangement syndrome.

  83. Glenda Hammer says

    Hell No he did nothing wrong!
    What we need is an investigation into how much money the Democrats, especially Tim Kaine, Nancy Pelosi and Schumer have taken from foreign government Lobbyists, to pass bills which will provide foreign governments with welfare and weapons, while American taxpayers pay for it?

    These people are just like Obama and Hillary, and are the lowest of the low, and will sell out America and Americans to line their own pockets.

  84. Walter Flatt says

















  85. Jo Scott says

    If one of the Trump family broke wind and a Dem got a whiff of it, there’d be an investigation. They’d say it was a nerve gas that would kill people. They’d want the person in a hospital and have every inch of them examined and tested. The fool Dems have , now, lost what little mind they might have had. They don’t have a clue how much the decent American despises all this crap they’re spewing and how many more seats in congress they’re gonna lose.

  86. rick meek says

    Jr didn’t do chit – He was set up while being promised 411 but “Cyber Brekut” released it’s investigation….Jr wasn’t smart but they’re INSANE……

  87. rdells says

    Criminal behavior is inherited.

  88. Gen11American says

    Acts of gullibility and stupidity due to political inexperience aren’t crimes, but they can still bring down a presidency! That is why presidents need to surround themselves with extremely wise, experienced, seasoned advisers instead of expecting neophites to avoid temptations and deliberately set traps!

  89. AmericaWakeUpNow says

    Well the left’s Alan Dershowitz says that Jr. didn’t commit a crime!!!

  90. BeeCubed says

    I don’t even have to read the article to know that whatever it says will be negative toward the Trumps! The media will do anything to destroy President Trump!

  91. W. Coyote says

    It’s been fascinating to watch the ever shifting excuses put out to defend the Trumps. First, they said the Russia story is a “hoax” and “there was no collusion”. Now, they are saying ” well, collusion is not a crime”. Reminder: the “media” didn’t put words into Don Jr’s mouth when he said “I love it” over the prospect of dirt on Hillary coming from the Russian government.

  92. Cheryl Heberle says

    He did nothing wrong…..This constant negative stuff especially this Russian day after day badgering is wearing thin…..we as a country should be working together for all of its citizens… is not Worthington listening too…..same thing over and over and over again.

  93. rick meek says

    Check FEC rules and Regs – foreign nationals can be volunteers and advisors to campaigns……..

  94. laulau says

    No crime here. it is a witch hunt. Dems behind roping him into a valid meeting with a lie.

  95. juniemoon says

    The radical libs will do anything to attack the Trump family. That includes fake news from all alphabet stations EXCEPT Fox and OAN.

  96. A_Nobody says

    Well, the media also states that bats and birds would have a problem flying over Trump’s wall when built. These clown would do more for society if they were writing comic books than “reporting” so called news. No junior did nothing wrong. According to the MSM kumquats none of us are permitted to speak to a Russian anymore.

  97. dog lover says

    F**k the left. The ruination of our great country.

  98. Sr. MEyer says

    No crime in a meeting but, there is a crime for having a private email server and using it for government business which leads to a security breach a government computer system and then the dnc colludes to not REPORT IT,, then blame the President Elect for the whole thing! They’ve even convinced lame stream media to follow along.

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