Michelle Obama Faces School Board Fury: Food Nutrition Best Decided at Local Level


There was a time when conservatives had to be wary about liberals pushing their greedy government fingers into our taxes, our religion, and our right to bear arms. All of that remains true, but we must also now have to beware of them putting their hands all over our food! What could be nastier?

Well, it appears that the Muskego, Wisconsin School District is telling Michelle Obama to back off. In an interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the school board president said, “We believe that proper food nutrition and meal portion guidelines are best decided at a local level.” The president, Rick Petfalski, goes on to say that the district will be opting out of the federal school lunch program regulations. While this means they will not be able to receive federal funds for the meals, it also means they will be free to serve the type of menu they want. Even with the federal funds, the district was projected to lose $54,000 this year under the regulations. Petfalski expects to turn that around by opting out and serving a menu that kids will actually buy.

Petfaski closed his comments by noting that Michelle Obama was the catalyst behind the difficult guidelines, pointing out that she had not been elected to any office that he was aware of. He makes a good point that tends to get missed by plenty of Presidents and their First Ladies, though Michelle Obama has been more active than most. One of the worst things we can do is assume that politicians have some secret fountain of wisdom on a wide variety of topics, because this is almost never the case. They have their handlers, they have their strengths, but they are mostly successful because they are good at public speaking and playing the game. That’s all. Michelle Obama is even worse, because she isn’t even an elected representative.

In the desire to have something to do, she campaigned against this national obesity epidemic we’re dealing with. That’s not a terrible thing for the first lady to throw her support behind – I mean, American kids are fat. As usual, though, liberals overextend themselves. While Bloomberg is busy trying to ban sodas in New York, Michelle took her fight to the schools. Take away the tacos, she said. Take away the chocolate milk, she cried.

What school boards and principals and lunch ladies have long known – and what the lefties are just now learning – is that when children aren’t presented with edible options, they don’t eat. That might be fine and well; after all, the point of all this is to get them to shed some pounds. Except that without eating a proper lunch, these children can’t learn. A hungry kid = a non-learning kid. And to think, the liberals have been pointing their fingers at Republicans for slashing programs and starving poor children. Clean up your own house, liberal windbags. Oh, and have a corn dog for the children’s sake.

  1. Dolly M. says

    Who for one minute thinks Mickie eats the rabbit food and cardboard sandwiches she mandates for U.S. schools? Besides she/he doesn’t have the authority to “dictate” lunch programs. More Communism out of the White House. God Bless Us.

    1. ongelofelijk says

      A prototype activist liberal free loader who all of a sudden got the habit and taste and opportunity to have access to the most desirable selection of consumable food items all paid for by “we the people”

      1. jayleigh says

        And a chef to cook it! Paid for by “the people” she disdains!

        1. meangreen1 says

          Watch your stinking mouth jayleigh! you got that boy?

          1. junkmailbin says

            no one elected moochie or michael to any position. the first tranvestite needs to go back under the knife and have some more work done

          2. chrisplumber says

            I agree that bitch is uglier then a toilet bowl of shit after eating corn the night before

          3. PUG says

            I really like that.thanks

          4. chrisplumber says

            that dumbass wants these kids to eat carrot and celery sticks and maybe a hard boiled egg and a pint of 2 percent milk while her and her two daughters are eating at a local sub shop eating foot longs whit oil and vinegiar running down their jowls

          5. Mikeyoung6 says

            Her daughters attend Sidwell Friends school in DC where chefs prepare meals. Socialism is for thee, not for me.

          6. PUG says

            If memory serves right. I remember Osama Obama said he ate dog.so maybe they being the unholy ones really ate foot long dogs . Come to think of it .I have not seen the dogs.who by the way are prettier than the demands the really big big demands.thanks for reminding chris

          7. chrisplumber says

            now you’re talking

          8. Patti1947 says

            You read about that story too Huh? Obama is gay and Michelle is actually Michael. Makes sense to me. She looks like she could beat the crap out of him.

          9. canurelate says

            Such a hater!

          10. Peggy Joseph says


          11. PatrickHenry says

            I dont see anything smelly in what jayleigh said. moochell has an anti AMERICAN attitude.

          12. Peggy Joseph says


          13. Peggy Joseph says


        2. francesca9 says

          more than one chef…don’t forget the pastry chef! we should defund the pastry chef as she doesn’t need pastries…..not healthy according to her menu.

          1. jmortensen says

            According to her HIPS !

          2. DominaAthenais says

            Oh yes remember Obama like the last chef because he said the pies have crack in them while Michelle gave him a knowing look. Obutthole and his tranny partner Moochie definitely seem to be doing crack or some drug!

        3. Tony Donaldson says

          With all her personal slaves eating on the back porch. It has forgotten it’s roots.

        4. patsy1715 says

          Seeing that we pay for her food, we should be able to see what she and her family consume. Anyone know how to get their grocery list? I always thought that who ever is in the WH should by their on food when in their living quarters.

          1. SCSOCAL says

            I believe this was brought up when Bush was in office and the President & family do pay for their own food but not state dinners. Maybe this is why the Obama’s entertain so much. Free food. Typical of the left.

          2. patsy1715 says

            Interesting, Thanks for the info. They do seem to have more than their share of state dinners and exotic travel. The left does like to spend other (our) people’s money.

          3. dmttbt says

            I met a chef that worked at the white house and he cooked for Al Gore and others. He said the worst part was he had to taste everything they ate before they ate it to make sure it wasn’t poisoned. I seriously doubt that they pay for their own food in the white house.
            We should be paying attention to the two idiots who want to add 12 cents a gallon to the price of a gallon of gas. That is to get money to fix the roads. They already have money for road repair but I guess they forget where they put it. By the way one of those people is a senator from Tennessee, and he will absolutely not get my vote. This shows that they live in an entirely different world than the one we live in. It is a totally different world when you are worth millions and when you are being paid a soldiers salary.

          4. Peggy Joseph says

            Do you really think they pay for their own food……………I doubt it, even if they say they do.

          5. Peggy Joseph says


          6. dmttbt says

            I don’t begrudge them a decent meal but their family entertainment is usually having a super star celebrity come over to entertain them. They are amassing their army of illegals and muslim warriors in this country so when Obama declares martial law he will have us defeated. Or would we be better off fighting the IRS?

          7. Dave says

            Of course, Moosehell would just find reasons to hold many more state dinners for progressives and anti-conservatives, so she didn’t have to pay for what she eats.
            They need the pastry chef. I knew a vegetarian once who thought donuts were non-meat items and therefore OK. She had what my stepson called a major Buddhabutt.

          8. DominaAthenais says

            Moosehell…oh my gosh.. new one.. funny. Sad thing is they are putting Americans through hell!

      2. Glen says

        Should Every Home Have it’s Own Brewery? Obama said he has one! How about the Pizza and Beer Partiees at the WH for their friends. Guess Beer, Cakes, Ice Cream, Chicken Wings are just for the Tenants at 1600 Penn., Ave. Now Pot Is Legal…Is Pot on Michele’s O’K List?

    2. Roger says

      The school districts should sue Ms. Obama for exercising powers that she does not have. A president as far as I know can’t appoint their spouse to any official political position! So, sue, sue, sue!

      1. Sam says

        But this is obama’s dictatorship. Brought to you by the demon-crapic party..

        1. romadog says

          Hey I’ve been writing about the Demon-craptics for ages.

          1. Ddenney1 says

            Me too but the more the merrier!!

          2. The redhawk says

            Copy that if we don’t do it MSM certainly will never do it… DEPOSE DEMO CRAPS…VOTE EM ALL OUT… CLEANSE THE USA OF TRAITORS.. This may get some Democrap BATS out of their Belfry

          3. Sam says

            For the first time in years I voted a straight ticket and it was not democraps. But they got back in by hook or crook (cheating I think is the better word). This regime is the WORST demoncrapic regime in all my life. I thought Jimmy Carter was bad (just in over his head) and followed by Clinton. SAD, SAD, SAD. Now Hitlery wants the reigns. GOD forbid!

          4. The redhawk says

            We must stay on target.. Lock and Load and FIRE FOR EFFECT… AMEN to that!

          5. Raleigh Swails says

            American prophecies reveal a war on American soil with massive lives lost, and ends by Divine intervention striking our enemies dead and requiring hired grave diggers six months to bury them (Rev. 11;13).

          6. Judy says

            DA, “American prophecies” I think not. Reread your Rev 11:30 and it’s relevancy.

          7. tinkerunique says

            There ARE FEMA coffins near Atlanta, GA. One of several “storage places in the USA. Search “FEMA coffins”, or “FEMA coffins Atlanta, Georgia” for more info. Fits 4 bodies…

          8. Carol Chadbourne says

            I told everyone about FEMA and their coffins, graves, ‘re-education camps’, etc a full year and a half ago. there was a vid on the one outside of Houston, taken by 2 young men. You don’t want to know the names and descriptions I was called…as long as I knew, the names slid off my back. It was serious chit then…even showed the ‘boxcars , already with shackles attached, someplace in NH…..the coffins piled on ‘improved’ lands of the ‘woods’/forest’ have been on my mind ever since. Scarier than hell. NOW, I don’t feel like the Lone Ranger…THANK YOU, TINKER..

          9. jims-blog says

            lol Hell I ain’t “SKEERED” of this “NIGGER”!! FUK odumbass and his “wookie”!!! Mr. M odumbass!!!

          10. bullet.varmit@yahoo.com says

            jims-blog bVERY!! > WRONG ARAB HALF BREED MUSLIM COMMUNIST < !!

          11. Brenda Howland says

            Muslum communist idiot terriost kenyan and skinny ugly he-she

          12. Nastasyana says

            Are you also a member of the dumbass family? You sound like you’d fit right in.

          13. The redhawk says

            You must be the Latest Edition of what Generations of INBREEDIUNG among Liberal progressives create… JUST AN AVERAGE GHEADINASS TROLL…Nothing Exceptional .. JUst an Average A HOLE… But keep on trying, Mate with Pigs to Improve the Species …

          14. Nastasyana says

            idiots always revert to epithets when they cannot respond with awell thought out response. You do not disappoint.

          15. The redhawk says

            TRY dating a PIG and see for Yourself!! It’ll make you a better Species than what you are!!!

          16. The redhawk says

            NO he Be NOT yo DADDY!….

          17. Brenda Howland says

            One for Killary. Obama. polosi schumer mccain and the rest of the democraps

          18. Denny Merx says

            IT,S the ANTIFA Followers U Have to Watch Out For Just LIKE VIET NAM ! Covered Face, IED,s & Come Out @ NIGHT !

          19. LARRY PUCKETT says


          20. The redhawk says

            Fear NOT… They’d be too Afraid to show up…. the gun might go off on its own!!!

          21. nevergiveup says

            Let’s get back to God and pray that He will rain down fire on all these places they have that stuff stored and on the boxcars or anything they have compiled against us.

          22. Denny Merx says

            1 SHOT = 1 KILL

          23. Brenda Harrell says

            There are several FEMA camps around this country and everyone can google them. It is a shame this country has gone this far left to a dicktatorship! and yes I spelled that as I see Obama!

          24. Brenda Howland says

            Ready to put the democrats in them? They know what they can do with them.

          25. Denny Merx says

            Yes ! I,ve seen the pics.

          26. jamesowens says

            good then all the conservative Nazis will be gone so the true Americans can live in peace without the stupid laws and corporate run policys dictated by the gop

          27. Terrie Moore says

            First off,you are sorta half right. The progressive wing of the Republican Party is as bad as the socialist Democratic Party. They use to not be that way. I am a conservative- libertarian. I believe in personal freedom. Do what you please as long as it hurts no one else. That being said ( please don’t be offended) most democrats ( and progressives from any party) are there useful idiots and will be the first to die when shit hits the fan. Guess who will hide you from the tyrants? The people you are putting down. Please don’t be a follower read up on the bills the maniacs are passing,look at the division they are causing. Together we stand and divided we fall. What our government is doing is the same thing that happened in Germany,Russia,China. Socialism,Marxism never works and millions have died because of it. Please don’t believe or not believe. Learn for yourself. Read every view point and deside for yourself. Don’t be a sheep and only learn from MSNBC,CNN,or FOX. Do the homework and I think you will be surprised at what you find. We need to get back to love in this country or it will fall. The division of color,sexual orientation,religion,income division is all planned. Look at the propaganda from the other country’s mentioned earlier and you will start to see a pattern. I love you sister and there is no agenda behind that. That is where we all need to get to. I am only forty and I remember when it was awesome to hear other points of view. That is the way you learn. That is the way you deside if your theory holds up,now it is just everyone calling each other names if they don’t agree. My heart hurts because of this. How about we have a conversation? You tell me why you believe the way you do,and I will tell you why I do and when we are done we hug or shake hands and see what we have learned. That is the way it is suppose to be. I would almost bet we are closer in thought then the government would have us believe. Love all,Terrie

          28. jamesowens says

            I agree with you in that we the people arent that far differnet in what we wan and most are willing to compromise to reach happiness. the leaders who are greedy feel the only way to keep their power and riches is to keep us divided and agguing so the name calling begins and the division amongst the people. both partys are guilty of selling the people out to the corporations and we are not headed toward socialism or communism as the conservatives claim but we are well along in becoming an oligarchy with the corporations buying the government and running it a their slave camps.

          29. LARRY PUCKETT says

            MOLON LABE

          30. jamesowens says

            to bad you didnt study spelling and grammer

          31. Brenda Howland says

            Lol Trump a dictaor? mean the learning. He is only doing what this country has been needing and the terriost kenyan didn.t do. geez use your piece of brain you have left

          32. Tony Donaldson says

            They’ll love you too and shake your hand, give you hug. Then go do it their way any way and call you a fool. Talk’s cheap. Action speaks volumes. Never give in to foolishness. Nothing they’ve ever changed has been for the good of America.

          33. The redhawk says

            and SONS OF LIBERTY SHALL PREVAIL…just like in 1776

          34. disqus_bQJ5hcTAd4 says

            Free fire zone

          35. The redhawk says

            carry on…

          36. Nastasyana says

            You guys are so violent. Sheesh!

          37. The redhawk says

            and some are P$$y whipped headsinass as you seem to be

          38. LARRY PUCKETT says

            DITTO REDHAWK,

          39. The redhawk says

            May be the “SPIRIT OF 1776” ain’t dead YET in Spite of the HEADSINASS Commies attempts to make it so…..

          40. tommy glen says

            i first thought you misspelled or used the wrong form of “reins”, “reigns”, “rains”, but ,no, you used the right one.

          41. alaine deBreaux says

            Well, she is trying to hold the reins, because she thinks she reigns over us all. I see your meaning, tho.

          42. The redhawk says

            Queen SASQUATCH cannot hold to anything but Kobi steaks.. lobsters and Gallons of wine ( WHINE) at OUR Expense…

          43. AnnieK231 says

            Rofl rofl “queen Sasquatch ” you just made my day.

          44. The redhawk says

            Well we aim to please.. pilgrim :0)

          45. Nastasyana says

            your day is made easily. That was a dumb one.

          46. The redhawk says

            You must have been looking in a mirror to say “DUMB”

          47. Nastasyana says

            See, you learned something. Those words are called homonyms. They sound alike but are spelled differently. Homo is a prefix meaning same.

          48. The redhawk says

            do Humanity a Favor… Do not Procreate…WE have sufficient numbers of HEADSINASS idiots from LIBTURD LAND already…. however if you mUst.. INBREED with Pigs to improve your SPECIES

          49. Raleigh Swails says

            During Bill’s eight years, your tax money built death camps at closed military
            bases, with red and blue sections, barbed wire on fences pointed inward and smoke stacks. U.S. elections are totally controled.

          50. Kathy Diaz says

            Who told u that?

          51. Nastasyana says

            Where do you guys come up with these stories?

          52. BoundlessExistence says

            Well Nastasyana, these stories are produced by the brains of idiotic imbeciles who are also a bunch of paranoid schizophrenics who flush their meds then, unfortunately, they go out and vote and that is the worse part of it all, the fact that these sick, sick, sickos can legally vote. This is bad, very bad!

          53. brianjconway says

            Sam. Don’t even think about 2016 yet. 2014, three months away is judgment day. If we don’t take back the Senate, by 2016, Obama will have implemented the rest of his Communist takeover and the America we know and love will be gone. I don’t want to have to tell my kids and grandkids how we were the generation who lost it. Vote and drag your friends to the polls

          54. jims-blog says

            Or what “FREEDOM IS”!!!

          55. Judy says

            BUT the humanbeans who vote them in DON’T WANT TO READ CANDIDATES HISTORY. They vote them in by how their pockets are stuffed with money and what they can get FREE to vote these malcontents in to offices.

          56. Carol Chadbourne says

            THAT is a major situation that we had better fight…right up to and including NOV4th! She will only continue what b.o. is doing…just as that clown who heads the Sec of State took over Hilly’s place from exactly where she left off…secret mtgs with the U.- freakin’- N. so that we lose our sovereignty…just can NOT let it happen.

          57. tinkerunique says

            Hilarity C was spouting gun CONTROL, socialized medicine, and One World Order when Slick Willy was POTUS. She came back with the “United Nations Small Arms Treaty” which is the start of an international small arms registry.

          58. Carol Chadbourne says

            I regret having to say this…I never in my adult life ‘got’ involved with politics….but, the first time ever I saw b,o. and saw his eyes, I didn’t like the way it made me feel…he was soulless, heartless, and uncaring…said to myself..”uh uh…no way”. I happened to be working in a free clinic in Portland, ME, and one of the counselors there asked me if I were voting for b.o…I shook my head ‘no’ and she said ‘you HAVE to. we need him’…uh-uh. I’ve been in SC for 5 yrs. and I wonder quite often if they even stayed opened for their clients…street people. I’m sure they had to close down…..it saddens me, because they did great work there. And ever since, I’ve kept the same attitude…I hate him MORE than he and wifey-poo hate all things American….never in my life have I hated anyone.

          59. Rosemary Stambaugh says

            I totally agree with your comment about the soulless , heartless eyes. The man is evil.

          60. Nastasyana says

            You too??

          61. greyfox says

            I don’t think you people have a clue as to the ends Obama will and can go to in order to meet his objectives. It goes far beyond heartless, soulless and evil. His vision is of an America governed by Obama for Obama at any cost. You can substitute liberals for Obama it works equally as well.

          62. Randi Blunt says

            He is anything but. Glad I don’t live in the Carolinas. Anything below the Mason Dixon line….

            Boston is where it is at. High education level, great medicine, free thinking …

          63. Nastasyana says

            the first time ever I saw b,o. and saw his eyes, I didn’t like the way it made me feel…he was soulless, heartless, and uncaring…said to myself”
            So he turned you on and you were afraid/ A black man…yikes!..

          64. Karen says

            So that is why we have so many single parent families on welfare, because you black women are “turned on” by soulless, heartless, and uncaring black men? You said it, don’t deny it!!

          65. Nastasyana says

            TIME Magazine: “…The numbers go like this: 61% of the population receiving welfare, listed as “means-tested cash assistance” by the Census Bureau, is identified as white, while only 33% is identified as black. ”

            “You Black women…” Lets’ talk about stupid women in general who think that looks, and sexiness can replace education and independence. Let’s talk about social and economic class. I do not know any Black women who are married to “soulless, heartless and uncaring Black men.”

          66. leisureal- says

            And how many black women are divorced or unmarried raising kids on welfare?

          67. Nastasyana says

            How many white women are divorced or unmarried raising kids on welfare? What’s your point?

          68. Karen says

            Look up “WELFARE STATISTICS” ! Then you can say something!
            As of April 2015:
            11,400,00 americans on welfare, 4.1% of the population with breakdown as follows:
            white 38.8%
            black 39.8%
            hispanic 15.7%
            asian 2.4%
            other 3.3%
            Apparently “TIME” magazine considers hispanic, asian, and other as “WHITE” You need to do research, not just read the headlines and make up the rest!!

          69. Nastasyana says

            So where are all the Black women on welfare? 1% more than white women. Glad that one of you finally looked up a real source.

          70. Nastasyana says

            Hey, a white woman wrote that. I am turned on by intelligent, slender, clean cut idealists like Barack Obama. “Soulless, heartless and uncaring” sounds like a certain GW who rushed us into a war where many Americans were killed.

          71. OldHighlandGuyOne says

            You need serious counseling Nastasyana.

          72. jims-blog says

            That “WOMAN” (still find it hard too belive) killer thinks she has the “godads” too make life altering decisions, lol like how big it is, HER EGO, certainly “NOT” her intelligence, she doesn’t have any of that!!!

          73. Nastasyana says

            to not “too”. And i think you mean gonads and not “godads”. She does have intelligence,. obviously more than you. I guess that bothers you, her being black and all. And she is well built and not fat and dumpy. And her husband is tall and intelligent and her daughters also….and they are all black.

          74. greyfox says

            There it is………..who brought race into the discussion? Could that someone be Mack the Democrat?

          75. Nastasyana says

            Read Mike’s blog where he talks about Niggers.

          76. NolanR says

            She should be well built! She was a linebacker in college.

          77. OldHighlandGuyOne says

            I’ll agree on the daughters only. The other two, mom and dad, frighten me, and not because they are black, because they are socialist scum.

          78. Nastasyana says

            What is socialism? Please read a real definition from a dictionary.

          79. mrstockenstine says

            If you would change the “the” in the next to last sentence to “to” and drop the s on reigns, you would have it right (the word you were looking for is “reins”).

          80. Nastasyana says

            i think it was a great pun using a malapropism. He probably doesn’t even get it. Do you?

          81. hankthetank says

            They want her or the democrats in power, so they can’t be brought to trial!!!

            REMEMBER BENGHAZI- FAST & FURIOUS – IRS – Nsa- ACA – the BORDER – down sizing the Military & voter Fraud & what else is their!!!!

          82. Nastasyana says

            there not “their” You people are awful with your grammar. Did you drop out of elementary school?

          83. The redhawk says

            Yes the QUEEN of Incompetence and LIES wants to finish the Job That the Pansy Headinass Potus will be unable to finish, that is the Demise of the REPUBLIC as she learned from her Mentor ALINSKY

          84. Nastasyana says

            Actually that is a great malapropism and pun.. Good job!

          85. dude says

            i.ve been a dem for 45+ years just became a rep can’t stand the dem party any more even though being a dem all those years have never voted for a clinton or a obama and there is no way on GODS green earth that I would vote for hillary clinton no matter who ran against her

          86. Nastasyana says

            That’s the spirit of a true patriot!

          87. Brenda Howland says

            I don.t know of anything they have won honestly. waters is a theif along with most of them. These people are disappearing and will soon get rid of themselves. Polosi and her lover schumer are the two big idiots in the party. why don.t they stop threatening and do what they are all saying they are going to do to Trump. all they do is stand up get idiots to listen to their stupidity. Hey take rosie for example. that.s a good example

          88. shearwater says

            . . . or termites out of the woodwork of our country!

          89. The redhawk says

            too many are Immune to pesticides….. there may have be a need for more severe methods…Combat boots up their impacted colons!!!

          90. tinkerunique says

            Napalm works too, and easy to make.

          91. The redhawk says

            Copy that! as do Land Mines at the Border….

          92. jims-blog says

            “LOVE THE SMELL OF Napalm first thing in the MORNING!!!

          93. harvey bumfelder says

            Variation on the line you quoted, and absolutely truthful and LONG before the movie came out. My First Sgt. 4th Inf. Div. Vietnam who was already a three war veteran, WWII, Korea and Vietnam. His quote, (to me, I was Charge of Quarters) “There’s nothing quite like the smell of cordite before a good breakfast. Let’s go eat!” We’d been firing our big guns most of the night. Cordite was used as part of propellant for large caliber artillery. “Yes, SIR!”, or rather Sergeant. Cordite is part of the equation, from the old A.T.&T ads… “Reach out and touch someone.”, from twenty miles away.

          94. JeanneD says

            Good post, redhawk, write on !!!

          95. The redhawk says


          96. Tex Irvin says

            Sorry but that is spelled “dumbocRATs”

          97. The redhawk says

            How about DONKEY’S a-Holes as an alternative???

          98. Tex Irvin says

            works for me

          99. The redhawk says

            Let’s start with OBIMBO and His sasquatch…that’ll drive the MOONBATS absolutely Bat S*it!

          100. Tex Irvin says

            sounds great to me

          101. TEXAS AMERICAN says


          102. LARRY PUCKETT says

            true patriot

          103. The redhawk says

            SO’ LET US TAKE A PAGE FROM 17776 SONS OF LIBERTY… iT is GOT TO BE DONE at the LOCAL LEVEL…..KEEP LIBTURDS OUT OF OFFICE, Municipal, State, City, etc GOVERNMENTS and go on in 1, 1/2 YEAR to start Flushing TURDS out of the DC toilet.. Libturds, Rinos and HEADINASS PROFESSIONAL POLITICIANS like Community Organizers, CLINTONS,Lobbyists and COMMIES

          104. alaine deBreaux says

            Hey, I wanna join.

          105. The redhawk says

            Grab Hose and a broom!

          106. Randi Blunt says

            And the Repubdemonics are just so good for you. Seniors, children, women, middle class…they just are so good for us, right?
            You poor disillusioned bastard.

          107. Carol Chadbourne says

            GO A-way….we all have enough problems without another intruder.

          108. Randi Blunt says

            You don’t know what intrusion is

          109. The redhawk says

            Well let me tell you… Intrusion is when an Idiot like you Pretends to have more than ONE live Brain cell still Functioning… now Go away!

          110. TEXAS AMERICAN says


          111. The redhawk says

            He is just a boring TOOL!

          112. The redhawk says

            Well Here is another MOONBEAM BAT sent out from the Obamabot Belfry with NOTHING to say as usual!

          113. Francie says

            Ha! 😉

          114. The redhawk says


          115. Carol Chadbourne says

            do they EVAH??? Just name calling and negativity because they have NO intel what-so–ever……dumb clucks aren’t even aware that ISIS will be visiting us right quick.

          116. The redhawk says

            I bet that that MORON does not even know WHY our New and deserted American Embassy in Tripoli is now used by the ISIS or Whatever else is there now Courtesy of ODUMBO and his Band of IDIOTS………….. Or what day of the week this is…

          117. jbombznabombz says

            no republicans are no saints either,remember we are only voting for the lesser EVIL unfortunately, we vote for the choices given.in my opinion ALL politicians are scum.REMEMBER POWER CORRUPTS AND ABSOLUTE POWER CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY.that was the whole reason for our government to have three different branches to keep each other in check ,but that don’t work when the people that are suppose to keep each other in check are just as corrupt and greedy.

          118. wethepeople says

            You only voted for the lesser evil? Look what you got for your vote, open borders with ISIS and ISIL and illegals all coming in to take over after they kill you…. GOOD JOB, Hopefully you are number one on their list. Don’t be an idiot again, vote for your country and life rather than your pocket book.

          119. jbombznabombz says

            hey don’t know where you got the idea I voted for Obama but no I didn’t, all I was saying is no matter who the choice is one is not MUCH better than the other I do not TRUST ANY POLITICIAN they ALL have THEIR agendas usually benefitting themselves or others that buy them off.And let me make it very clear I HATE Obama he is on e of the worst ever!!!

          120. Kathy Diaz says

            U believe Democrat lies. U sound as smart as Scarlett Johansson, whose friends can’t afford birth control.

          121. Randi Blunt says

            Kathy…honey…I implore you to see a mental counselor. Take a class in something. You need enlightenment. Go…I encourage it.

            Don’t bother to email me again…I won’t be around.

          122. mrstockenstine says

            Actually, you described yourself with your last sentence.

          123. jims-blog says

            oh good, maybe they can fit 2 more in “YOU AND THE DUMBASS you hang out with, dumbass

          124. Carol Chadbourne says

            It isn’t the repubs who are stealing $$$ from our SS fund…it isn’t the Repubs who took charge over what our kids eat at lunch, it wasn’t the repubs that ‘broke’ the middle class….this is all owned by b.o. And don’t get me started on what he’s doing to education with his core curriculum. He has depleted our Military so much that if there WERE a 3rd WW, we wouldn’t be much in defense. This man (??) is evil personified, and the faster he’s ‘gone’, the better off we will be to start reconstruction on our once beautiful….and FREE….Republic, including getting rid of liberal commies and socialized med…(and how is THAT pos working out for you…? ) I might add, you are the disillusioned, and like b.o., you feel you have to blame the Repubs …..or Bush. You have NO intel in the least if you are deaf, DUMB, and blind to b.o’.s “TAKEOVER” of OUR Homeland . He and what’s-her-face hate ANYTHING and ALL that is American….and you’re the schizo.

          125. TEXAS AMERICAN says


          126. harvey bumfelder says

            I’m a retired senior. Life long Conservative. I’ve lost a higher percentage of my retirement purchasing power since Obama came to office than ever before. I guess someone has to pay for all the free cell phones, free abortions, WIC and other entitlements but I’d rather it wasn’t me. Obama and his doubling of the national debt has been a disaster to me and will mean my Grandchildren will spend a lifetime trying to get the nation out of debt… that assumes there will be a nation by the time they reach adulthood. My first comment to you was meant to be amusing. When you start calling names and using derogatory genealogical references you become a low life piece of defecation that even a maggot wouldn’t be interested in. And yes, this posting was intended to be insulting. As to Michelle Obama she is just another……. Well, most reading this know what she is!

          127. Carol Chadbourne says

            You are not the Lone Ranger, sir!! 😉 A few million of us have put sweat and tears into getting rid of this pariah….next, comes the blood.

          128. Randi Blunt says

            Carol They are doing wonderful things for schizophrenics these days. You should consult a psychiatrist.

          129. harvey bumfelder says

            So how did your treatment go? It appears it did nothing about your rude behavior and may have killed the few working brain cells you had before treatment. I guess I answered my own question…

          130. JeanneD says

            Hi romadog ! Now you know we conservatives are reading you and even using your words ! Write on !!!

          131. Tony Bertrand says

            I like to combine the two parties that they represent
            communist party USA
            demomarxist sort of says it all

          132. Joseph Le Bard says

            Haven’t seen it.

        2. Raleigh Swails says

          That’s better than my word for them – Demoncrats. When the hardliners, communists, et. al. lost the nomination in 1968, they rioted and committed felonies of arson in Chicago. By 1972 the hardliners had taken over and nominated McGovern who won only one state’s electoral votes, Massachusets.

          1. brianjconway says

            The Communist Party USA, in the early 80’s realized that they were too few in number to win elections and otherwise take over. They realized that the democrat party was the one closest to their own principals and they infiltrated it running first for committeemen and women positions then minor local elections, and so on. Their first President was Clintong. Fortunately, led by Newt Gingrich, the GOP took the House and Senate in fall 1994. That cut Clintongs balls off and he faked to center for the rest of his terms. During his reign, Chinese Communist intelligence officers were in and out of the White House doors, windows and chimneys like a clown car in the circus. Now, under Obama, the communists (socialists, progressives, democrats) are back in full force. They smell blood in the water, Victory in their policies designed to weaken if not destroy America. If they lose the election they may not give up. Why do you think they are in such a hurry to disarm the public?Get out there in November and vote. If your Senators are not running, send a 5 or 10 spot to a conservative Republican running for the Senate in another state. That’s the best few bucks you’ll ever spend. Small price to save our nation.

          2. Raleigh Swails says

            Absolutely true. Fortunately, when the American people are weary and almost overcome during the coming war, prophecies indicate a Divine intervention, foreign armies totally destroyed, and paid grave diggers who take six monthe to bury them. (Ez:38, 39). BHO will likely loose his pathetic soul.

          3. Carol Chadbourne says

            HE doesn’t have a soul….or heart…he’s a very empty person…like Satan.

          4. Carol Chadbourne says

            I do it all the time…trying to help Tom Cotton, Ryan Zinke, Mia Love an a bunch of others….but, the opposition in MO cheated with the help of dems and our own rinos in Congress funded him…can’t for the life of me remember either name. But, I will. Because I’m sending less to RNC and more directly to the candidate, after that dirty trick.

        3. LARRY PUCKETT says


      2. Linda Lee says

        I agree Roger. But haven’t you heard; she and Obama complained because she doesn’t get paid. Arrogance and greed .

        1. Glen says

          Who pays for her $6,800-$12,000 Dresses. Perhaps she should stay home with her children. There are so many ”working” Mothers who will Never Know Such Luxury.
          Then she could say she is really doing something for this Country..Saving Taxpayers the Money it costs her to travel around the World. She even went to China and Ran In The Streets With The Chinese Poeple Holding The Red Flag.

          1. Barbara Lannan Cunningham says

            What about her tennis shoes $300.00 a pair just think how many Veterans and the homeless that could feed and think how many shoes that would but for the children wow she just loves to spend our money

          2. dinkerduo says

            Those tennies were closer to $500 to $600 a pair! With the kind of money SHE THROWS AROUND–MAINLY ON HERSELF OR HIMSELF (see the video suggesting she is really a man–spooky!!) she could do some good in the world but NO the only thing she does is BITCH about inequality all the while LIVING HIGH ON THE HOG!! Her girls eat REALLY GOOD school lunches while this bitch doesn’t look like she too much low-cal food to me but wants our kids to go hungry at school!!! Boy–if I had kids in school THEY WOULD TAKE THEIR LUNCH AND PHONE ME IF IT GOT THROWN AWAY BY SOME MORON!! AND THEY’D HAVE AN APPLE–BANANA–TRAIL MIX–PROTEIN BARS IN THEIR BACK PACKS!! YOU PEOPLE WITH KIDS IN SCHOOL–STAND UP TO THIS FREAK!

          3. jmortensen says

            You nailed it

          4. Deb says

            Here’s one of the few videos that shows Michelle is actually “Michael” (which is what Obama calls her/him privately) that hasn’t been taken off the internet yet. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7B418vtkQsY

          5. joe says

            Seriously wow lets not go the way of the left with these insane stories, the woman is ugly but she looks more like a monkey than a man. Any idiot can put a video on youtube that does not make it real and there is zero compelling evidence of anything.
            Look she is a beast no doubt ,she needs to keep her damn piehole shut and worrry about her own enormous ass before she has the nerve to speak about over weight people but let’s not go to these crazy extremes and make ourselves look as stupid as the dumbocrats with crazy stories. This seems more like a story the dumbocrats would make up they are the expert liars. And by the way that video has been on the internet for months. Ugly, yes no doubt, a scumbag, yes no doubt but a man I am not really convinced of that one.

          6. Dave says

            For what that woman has squandered on travel and clothes, etc, kids across the nation could probably have had affordable, nutritious lunches, that they liked… or better. How much was wasted on sending a 13 year old to Mexico for her birthday, while regular folks were lucky to provide cake, ice cream and maybe a gift or two?
            The Obama’s, along with most of the progressives, have no real idea what it is like to be ‘just plain folk’. Obama didn’t see his job disappear because he has never had a real job.

          7. wandrako says

            She was considering running for the senate a la Clinton.

          8. Robin says

            Don’t forget Ireland, England and Africa oh and let’s not forget Hawaii where she has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars of our money

          9. boysenberry says

            Who pays for her luxury vacations with her own plane?
            WE ARE!
            The most arrogant, incompetent people ever to occupy our White House.

          10. AwakenedAngryAmerican says

            She has said that she is a single mother. And she recalls a trip back to her husband’s “home country.”

        2. jmortensen says

          Doesn’t get paid ? .. are you kidding ? .. her multimillion dollar vacations, and you think she doesn’t get paid .. I say send her on a permanent vacation and leave our kids nutrition to some one who knows what they are talking about ! ..
          let her start eating the slop she wants to feed our kids !..

          1. wandrako says

            She has a huge staff with a very high turnover rate. One put flowers on her desk without being asked and was fired!! What an idiot. She had to give up her law license which was a guaranteed wealth forever. Law degree from Harvard and black, she had it made. He gave his up also and he will be paid forever by the taxpayer with secret service forever.

          2. wildbill says

            She gave up her law degree to avoid jail time for insurance fraud

          3. boysenberry says

            She has 28 assistants. 28!!!!! What in the he ll for? Hillary had 3, all the other first ladies had one. I guess it takes a lot to get her ready. She is an arrogant, incompetent, ugly, no class c @ w.

          4. jondarmes says

            Her staff is not the only thing that’s huge, she’s got something following her around.

        3. waybackwhen says

          LOL Michelle Obama gets multi-million dollar vacations where she flies SEPARATELY FROM THE POTUS! The dogs get a third plane which I have NO PROBLEM with!

        4. JMM says

          Way to get the conversation back onto the original subject, Lin! Kudos to you!

      3. Glen says

        The Killers Of The Unborn Elected Obama. More Unborn Babies Are Murdered Each Year Than Dying From Obesity.

        1. dmttbt says

          Glen you sound like someone who is really concerned about abortion. If you are against abortion don’t have one. Offer to double what you pay in taxes to care for these unwanted children that you worry so much about. Adopt 4 or 5 and show that the humanity you speak of is real. Until that happens you should shut up and sit down.

          1. j0e cave says

            another dimwit liberal heard from

          2. Dr. Ron says

            I am against abortion, and I have adopted children, I pay twice the taxes that I should pay because of what this administration has done to our country. What would have happened if your parents had decided to abort you dmttbt? I know dozens of people that would love to adopt but out government has made it so hard and exensive that it becomes impossib le. I personally know a family that makes over $100,000 per year and would give anything if they could adopt a baby, they were willing to adopt a baby of another race or mixed race. But because they went to marriage counseling over 7 yers ago, they aren’t allowed to adopt. Plus with all the regulations it cost almost $50,000 to adopt a baby today. Therefore a lot of people have gone to Russia and China to adopt babies, when they would have loved to have adopted an American baby. So don’t give me that crud about people just being against abortion but don’t want to do anything about the babies.

          3. Karin says

            Should be pretty easy now to have a child. Millions are coming droves over the borders….without their parents. Isn’t that special.

          4. Francie says

            No one can afford any of that lot.

          5. Bird says

            @Francie: You’re right about that! They cross the border with the POTUS’s blessings, take thousands of jobs, get federal aid for housing, food, medical, education, etc., etc., and the American Taxpayer (who’s wages are at a standstill and whose hours are being cut) is expected to “foot the bill”….. just one more “drop in the bucket”, say Obummer.

          6. mallen11 says

            That was part of his plan and he will continue to destroy America if we let him.

          7. Tony Donaldson says

            Let’s just all stop paying federal Taxes. We don’t like our representation. They squander all that is given to them. They vote themselves pay raises and take month long vacations. They get very generous retirements and speaking fees and lie to us constantly. Tax revolt will get noticed.

          8. Carol Chadbourne says

            I agree 100%….the thought has crept into my mind more than a few times!! I haven’t come up with a thought in my head how we could possibly organize an undertaking of such proportions…have you, Tony. Easier for the “Boston Tea Party”. before people started “westward ho” !!!

          9. Francie says

            All part of “Palpatine’s” plan to take down the US before we can take him out.

          10. Ddenney1 says

            We have just ADOPTED them did you not hear Oblammers PLAN!!

          11. Elaine Bruemer says

            They didn’t get the memo

          12. mallen11 says

            yes, and those children are going to grow up miserable and we are going to be footing their bills for years and years to come. We have enough problems with our own children who are warped because parents are too busy to bother with them. Our country is better than any other but I am sure there are other countries who could take some of the children being sent here by clueless parents in mexico and central America. They are not going to be safe emotionally and need to be with their native parents. Their infiltration is exactly what -0 wants to infect our country with disease and lack of knowledge of fighting for our freedom.

          13. catman says

            Either that or they will grow up (at least to early teens) and go join a gang and just take whatever they want, rape, murder, etc. MS-13 is recruiting right in the holding dormitories that these youngsters are being held in. Don’t join the gang, you get the crap beat out of you and what few worldly goods they have are taken from them.
            This gang (MS-13) almost makes ISIS look like choir boys.

          14. mallen11 says

            It makes me sick to think that this is going on in our country and this administration doesn’t care. What a group of 3rd world thinking people who are destroying the very structure that so many have died for and forgotten. We don’t want to be like other countries; we want to be the example that our forefathers set up for us by the grace of God.

          15. Raleigh Swails says

            Eventually, there will be a a Divine response.

          16. Judy says

            WAIT! WE the people don’t care, how can WE let this go on by paying taxes?
            Voters do not care to take time to research who they are sending to represent them!

          17. Grandma Go says

            We have allowed MS-13 into this country. How stupid is that? More death and destruction is coming to a state near you.

          18. John H. Kohlenberg says

            More school room shooting with these gangs here. Buy more guns and ammo, your going to need it.

          19. Grandma Go says


          20. Tony Donaldson says

            I see casket futures for them.

          21. Tony Donaldson says

            Send a posse after all of the MS-13 gang members. Round these domestic terrorists up. Cuff them and put them on a plane. Send them to Borneo. Let them work on their cognitive studies there.

          22. alaine deBreaux says

            Its called wiping the slate clean and initiating the New World Order: destroy the economy, divide the races, incite rebellion, neglect the infrastructure, nullify the Constitution, render Congress impotent, bring in foreigners with diseases long since conquered in America, incite those aliens to riot, overwhelm the schools and the hospitals, accuse the populace of having no compassion, and shame them into submission.

          23. mallen11 says

            Thank you, very well said.

          24. Carol Chadbourne says

            We cannot dismiss the case of ‘child trafficking’ either. Those children do not know what they are in for by coming here.

          25. believe says

            I think he should have to take his own money and feed them,house them, O’ wait that would be the money they stole from us. You know like the Vacations they took for 4 MILLION $.

          26. TEXAS AMERICAN says

            SO MOTE IT BE

          27. Sam says

            Yeah, after we teach them English and educate them; then WHAT?! Aren’t taxes BAD enough. Do you really think these illegals are paying taxes? NO, but I am sure they are on every government program that boosts OUR taxes.!

          28. Givendoly says

            We don’t teach them English, we hire special teachers to teach them in THEIR language!

          29. alaine deBreaux says

            They do that in Michigan…….force the taxpayers to build LOTS OF new schools to house the Middle-East invaders who have not just two or three kids, but lots and lots of them, then insist that they have bi-lingual teachers so they can learn in their own languages.

          30. Carol Chadbourne says

            Not only that, Sam…but, b.o. and Pres Nieto made a deal…Nieto wants ALL Mexicans to get Soc. Sec. OURS…..OURS, that hasn’t had a COLA in 2 yrs. until we got a 1.5% raise. The gov’t keeps ‘stealing it’ as if it isn’t due to the elderly who paid into it for 40-50 Yrs….not right, not American and they’re a bunch of lying thieves, who drop “I.O.U.s” in the box that holds our funds. Cute, right??

          31. sparksnavy says

            Not in this particular case–does no good when overwhelmed and cannot help the kids as they should be helped–! Obama is letting this fester on purpose, more votes in the future etc. a lot of politics goes into this! And this will only create more poverty and the kids are being used as pawns!
            Karin–I would not be surprised if Obama tries to go for a “Third term”–even declare himself “president for life!” Though there is only a 2 term limit—period!
            I am all for “LEGAL IMMIGRATION” and that is the way it should be! After all our ancestors were immigrants too– and in my particular case I have a Great, Great Grandfather of a “Tribe” of Cherokee Indians–in my background—“Chief Powderhorn!” Notice I said a “tribe” not the whole Cherokee Nation! In fact, I read about him in the history books–one little paragraph , when I was in school!
            Will Rogers said when asked by one of the dinner guests at the event– she spoke and stated to Mr. Rogers: “My people came over on the MAYFLOWER” and she asked Mr. Roger:; “Where did YOUR ancestors come from?” And Mr. Rogers replied: “My ancestors MET THE MAYFLOWER!” LOL, FUNNYEEEE!
            A little trivia in history!

          32. janet smith says

            Yes where are all those movie stars . They should be taking them in by the droves to back up their man Obama. Hey Clooney, you and your new wife are taking how many?

          33. jbombznabombz says

            hey janet that is great idea let Obama’s rich friends take care of them I’m sure they will love it since they support him and his agendas.and if I remember right this is a democracy still, let us have a vote.

          34. TEXAS AMERICAN says


          35. larry says

            Hi Janet: Good post! Also, couldn’t the politicians in Washington be foster parents to these children and care for them in their own private homes? They could put their time and personal money where their mouth is!

          36. greyfox says

            Give me your tired, your poor, your hungry while we abort our potential population so that we might accommodate illegals…..makes sense to me.

          37. dmttbt says

            Dr. Ron: I assume you are a doctor of medicine or a doctor of philosophy. Either way I defend your right to believe what you choose. By the way there are a lot of unwanted children streaming across the border as we speak. Go down and get you a few. I suppose you don’t believe in the euthanasia of animals either, they are not being killed because they are cute and cuddly, they are being killed because there are more than can be adopted by well meaning people.
            If you don’t believe in all the cost and regulations for adoption, try getting them to change them. I probably should mention that almost all of our representative are attorneys.
            What have you done to stop Obama care or do you believe in socialism? If you are a medical doctor I will almost bet that you don’t agree with Obama care because the amount they are willing to pay for Medicare patient services is extremely low. I have had experience with that, my carrier sent me to a dentist who was according to them was in the network. I got an appointment with that dentist saying I was on Medicare and in that particular plan. They did the dental that was covered that year that was not covered the next year. The work was done 12-26-13 , they refused to pay it in )4-14, on the grounds that dentist was not in the network. I filed a grievance and it was settled 06-02-14. When I talked with the people who furnish the dental care insurance they told me that the dentist was not in the network on the 26th but was on the 27th. They found in my favor. My sister had a colonoscopy and they would not pay for hers because they said the anesthesiologist was not in the network. How was she to know that?
            If you want to pick a subject to complain about there are plenty to choose from, but almost everyone I have talked to that was on Medicare says they have had the same problem. I also want to state that social security and Medicare is not an entitlement that was not paid for, 15.3% of all the wages I have made in my life has been paid in for that. When congress past social security they thought it was good for everyone other than themselves and their staff and teachers and railroad workers. Just the same as they have on Obama care.

          38. ttoolman says

            Man you are a real IDIOT.Have you re read your comment,It just goes to show you that an idiot is born every minute

          39. Eric says

            The Supreme Court’s decision on Roe v. Wade has lent edit to the well known term, “stupid liberal”. The term is also rhetorical. But aside from the obvious truism I’d like to think that even stupid people have some sense of remorse for the evil that they condone. It’s not difficult to recognize the violent taking of human life to be wrong on ANY level, and yet these nut’s can’t see it! I’m completely amazed by this!

          40. glenn398 says

            ttoolman I think you should look in the mirror and find the biggest idiot of all time

          41. carrie page says


          42. Sharon Kidwell says

            Oh gee, I can see you are an Obama fan – one who doesn’t take responsibility for their actions. Since you believe in murder suppose you think all these illegal aliens invading our country should be shot, while I on the other hand think they need to deported!

          43. Francie says

            The logical thing to do(not the humane, of course) would be to let them continue to sit or stand outside of our borders. Then they’d likely go away, and the “coyotes” who continue to ferry them here would not make money as word of mouth would spread to these so-called “loving parents” that we were going to ignore under-age immigrants. Let the human-traffickers who are collecting 50,000/week be responsible for them.

          44. Sam says

            Then when is obamy and the demoncraps going to send them back? Remember, they are future demoncraps!

          45. The redhawk says

            Imported and Paid for by Tax payers without Representation…

          46. carrie page says

            send them all to the white house I’m sure the first lady would gladly take care of them and we all know they wil leat healthy….( but only in her mind )

          47. TEXAS AMERICAN says


          48. NolanR says

            Not a lady either!

          49. carrie page says

            Yes deport them now…..

          50. Independant Thinker says

            Don’t believe in murder but don’t believe in terrorist invasions as that is an act of war and under those circumstances killing the enemy is the best way to stop the invasion. Depends on how you look at the illegal activity they are committing. Bullets are much cheaper than time consuming deportation that Obummer doesn’t do and is much less time consuming. It also puts teeth in the immigration policy that is not being taken seriously by either the administration or the invaders POTUS is encouraging.

          51. grannie says

            How can you compare the euthanasia of animals with the premeditated murder of an innocent defenseless human life? Abortion is not a right and it is probably the most selfish act a woman will ever do. Don’t want a baby? There are too many methods available to keep pregnancy from happening. It’s all fun and games until that “uh-oh” moment and the woman’s thoughts turn to “kill it, kill it”! Abortion used as birth control is simply wrong. Grow up and use a few dollars from your wallet…visit any drug store, many food stores, Sam’s Club, Costco..and others..purchase an OTC birth control and don’t get pregnant. Absolutely positive you don’t want a child? There is a simple, out-patient, couple of hours, home the same day, back to work the next day, very reasonable cost mostly covered by medical insurance, procedure called laparoscopy. Problem solved. Just be responsible for your own actions.

          52. glenn398 says

            Most poor woman can get birth control pills free from the state but other than those that abort it is a good source of income to have more children.

          53. grannie says

            Sadly, you are right. A baby every nine months brings in more welfare checks.

          54. glenn398 says

            Have never figured out how rewarding women to have kids is a plus to society and especially since it is the lowest I.Q having the most kids.

          55. Merle Dickey says

            After two children you should never be allowed on welfare again. I personally would like to say must get sterilized but I know that is no acceptable yet .

          56. grannie says

            No, it isn’t. But abortion is. May God forgive our wickedness.

          57. Independant Thinker says

            Even easier is castrate or vasectomy. Mind you it is the men who would have to have this done, but most of them don’t feel it is their problem so why take responsibility for the problems they cause by spreading their seed around.

          58. MikeInMaine says

            Nope. That would NOT be “easier”, as it would require too much PROVING who the father is of this little snot-nosed bastard – or that one… and then that one… Whereas they ALWAYS pop out of a woman, and the woman IS usually just as, if not, more stupid than the POcrap bangin’ everything he can. Too much legal BS = More complications lead to more government intervention. “Keep it simple, stupid” is always the best policy/ more intelligent. — I wish everyone involved in getting welfare for having kids would be sterilized in whatever way, and have their “rights” to have or parent children rescinded forever. Liberal scumbags in our government have for many decades been intentionally dumbing-down our populace AND tipping the scales toward the government having MUCH more power and we the people MUCH having less liberty. It’s well past time to refresh the tree of liberty/ drop (or spread?) a bunch of manure.

          59. Carol Chadbourne says

            ( hey, Mike…just curious…from where in Maine do you hail??…I’m a Mainer, at heart, being born in MA…Maine will always be my home…even tho’ I had to move down here to SC 5 yrs. ago….just curious….)

          60. Robert E Boltz says

            You changed the subject Dr Ron posted on then you attack him regarding his opinion, a typical DEMOCRATE MOVE you are the kind who defends Obama sso go to a Muslim country and live!

          61. DaveA says

            As far as I’m concerned, a womans body belongs to her! AT NO TIME should anyone, male, female, or government should tell another person what they should do! A body is a castle, and I won’t let anyone tell me what to do in MY CASTLE. Why doesn’r EVERONE MYOB ! ! !

          62. eddyjames says

            It may be her body and her castle as yours is, So here’s the question on so many peoples minds. Why do you expect us to pay for the upkeep on it. When you spread your legs and get knocked up why should anyone else be forced to pay for your mistake. If, you can remember, who did the dirty deed that got you in that condition have them chip in to fix the problem. Or would it be another episode on Montel trying to guess who da daddy be? So little time and so many guesses.

          63. ttoolman says

            Good one.They all seem to think that laying on their back is a nations problem now I can see if it was rape or if the mother could lose her life..But to go out and get laid is no excuse

          64. DaveA says

            I agree with you on the subject of who should pay for the MISS DEEDS of the man and woman. EVERYONE involved should be made to pay for their own, JUST like taxes and death. To be honest, I have NO PROBLEM with class welfare. If you can’t/won’t pay for your well being, then starve. If you are not supporting yourself, then YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS! ! ! You are no more then a subject. The matter in which you speak, I’m on board 100%.

          65. fiddler1861 says

            You probably have never been hungry for more than a few hours. You are in favor of punishing the children for the promiscuity of the mothers?

          66. glenn398 says

            Fiddler I went hungry a good many times in my life but it only made me want to have a better life. Poor today means they don’t have a big screen T.V, car, I Phone. nose ring, tattoos, Ect. Am sick and tired of the so call poor that are far from poor unless you include they don’t have enough money for their drugs.

          67. carrie page says


          68. glenn398 says

            Carrie I grew up before welfare and so you know it was take care of yourself and don’t do stupid things to yourself. Today no problem as there is a government agency more than willing to support you no matter what you desire to do. Problem is someone else has to pay for the others lack of being responsible. What I see is because of the high taxes of today supporting those type of people plus all the foreigners being brought in and illegals allowed to stay the middle class is becoming poor under this burden. If it continues we will all be poor and there will be no way to work you way out of it.

          69. Nastasyana says

            In 1935, welfare for poor children and other dependent persons became a federal government responsibility, which it remained for 60 years.

            If you “grew up” before welfare, you must be close to 100. My mom grew up before welfare (born in 1911) She was one of seven children and her mother did not work out of the home. They were able to buy a house and see their children through high school. None of the children were ever on welfare.

            Now both parents work. or single parents work 3 jobs to pay for rent and food. Americans don’t help each other. ” If I let you have then there is less for me”.
            Really sad. Being your brothers keeper is now called socialism.

          70. glenn398 says

            If you are trying to say that the program in 1935 was anything like today you are full of B.S. The programs before Johnson’s great society were to make sure people were fed and nothing else. Today they supply everything and more that working people receive. The reason both parents have to work is because 50% of the population is on some kind of government dole and the taxes to pay for this is out of sight. Americans don’t help each other, well the government spends over 800 billion a year for government handout to the so called poor, how much more do you think they should steal from the poor tax payer? No I am 75 and have lived long enough to see us going from hard working Americans to half having their hands out.

          71. Nastasyana says

            How is it different? Okay, you don’t have to go to a center to buy hunks of cheese and salami.

            About 29 percent of households received Medicare benefits and 31.6 percent received Social Security. Do you really want to give up your social security and medicare. If so why not give it back?

            Three-quarters (75%) of entitlement benefits written into law in the United States go toward the elderly or disabled.

            The bulk of entitlement program spending goes toward the middle class. Again, here’s (Social Security, Medicare, )

            Do you get a gov break on your mortgage interest? How about estimated Tax credit, child deductions. Poor people usually don’t own homes.

            You christians should be glad to give to the poor to fulfill your responsibility to Jesus.

          72. glenn398 says

            How is it different, are you blind. Today the so called poor get not only food but rent, food stamps, welfare, free medical, free child care, pay no taxes,free cell phones and computer hookups along with the other 122 programs too many to mention. That is a long way from feeding the hungry. SS and medicare are only entititlements to the liberal left, I paid into these programs all my life with poor results. As far as disabled so many signed up that really weren’t disabled it was a joke and at one time they even allowed alcoholics to claim to be disabled and of course don’t forget the drug users that now claim they are disabled. Welfare is entitlements as they pay nothing to receive the benefits. As far as poor people the vast majority put themselves there and I don’t feel sorry for stupidity or stupid ways of life. When you have kids without a father, start having them in high school, kids you can’t afford and don’t bother to get an education that is a sure path to poverty.

          73. Nastasyana says

            Just curious. What do we do with these people? Let them starve? Let them beg in the streets? Put them on a barge and sink them in the river? Put them in concentrations camps? Tie their tubes and give the men vasectomies? What thoughts do you have?

          74. glenn398 says

            Easy, quit rewarding women to breed with no husband and no responsibility for what they do. Before Johnson’s great societies welfare net we didn’t have this huge problem. If people had to face the consequences of their actions you would see this insanity stopped. If you rewarded your children every time they did something negative they would continue to do so.

          75. DaveA says

            As a child I STARVED A LOT ! You don’t know me. I lived on bread a water a lot as a child. ALWAYS hungry, and was under feed for most of my childhood. NOT because of any other reason except I had a mother, and step father that thought THEIR hunger was more important! After the children went to bed, they had what they wanted. Us children would get up in the morning and fight over shells of sefood they had the night before. We would see who could get the dirty dishes to eat what we could get, so the only saving grace you have is you started your post with “PROBABLY” I could go on, but this post is about women having the right to do what they want with their body. NO< NOT YOU< NOT ME< NOR ANY OTHER BUSY BODY HAS THE RIGHT TO SAY OTHERWISE. She live with her decissions, and her God! EVERYONE ELSE, BYOB!

          76. MikeInMaine says

            So you’re trying to tell us that the children are going to starve…. TO DEATH??? Come on now. YANK your head outta your ass. YOU want to sell this RUBBISH that it is up to us to be DEMANDED to take care of others – and their problems; MANDATED by law??? By our government??? That is totalitarianism. We aren’t supposed to have kings and queens in this nation. We are supposed to have INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY. You might think about CHURCHES, other helping institutions, and individuals who HAVE DECIDED… on their OWN to help these poor little staving children. The same argument goes for the illegal invaders!!!! These SCUMBAGS in and outside of our government who are trying to label us as heartless are the most stupid, and/or disingenuous creeps ever born on this planet!! They are trying to tell us how we are going to spend OUR OWN MONEY??? Really?? Do you not understand that they have no business STEALING our money like that????

          77. Sharon Kidwell says

            I agree, use your own funds to upkeep and murder your children!

          78. Robert E Boltz says

            excellent reply !!

          79. carrie page says

            Well said…

          80. Sharon Kidwell says

            Keep your freaking legs closed and you won’t have to murder your unborn child – you are an idiot!

          81. grannie says

            A woman’s body belongs to her. UNTIL she gets pregnant! Then there is another body that must be considered. Another set of DNA, another heartbeat, another soul. Abortion used as birth control is simply wrong. It is all fun and games until that “uh-oh” moment and then her thoughts turn to “kill it, kill it”. That is premeditated murder of an innocent defenseless human life.

          82. Eric says

            Any female who can abort a child (yes, it is a child) would make a horrible mother anyway. If she won’t protect that baby with her life then she’s a self-centered loser.

          83. Billy says

            Hey moron, nobody cares what a woman does with her body. Us “normal” people only object when a woman decides to MURDER a baby.
            I understand you libturds don’t get that but normal folks do.

          84. DaveA says

            I doubt you are normal! You are the problem with this country. Just to let you know, (Using your words) I’m the fartherest from being a libturd, there is! I’d say you are the one as you feel you need to stick your nose where it doesn’t belong.

          85. MikeInMaine says

            Wow. You just keep doubling down on STUPID. What is “fartherest” anyway? Or did you mean furthest? You should shut your IDIOT pie-hole and READ and try to comprehend what MUCH more intelligent people on this board are saying on the subject. You obviously don’t have the reasoning capacity to come up with an intellectual summary on your own, so just shut up and read. Maybe you could also talk to an intelligent adult – if you know any. Certain things that are LEGAL in this country SHOULD NOT BE! And other things that are not SHOULD BE! Passed legislation should not be thought of as precedent on what is right or wrong. IF we had not allowed emotion to dictate law we might never have allowed anyone to KILL a baby – EVER. Read my post above about SUFFERING the VERY traumatic experience of rape or incest. And then stop and THINK for once. If abortion was not available for just ridding a woman of a pregnancy, we might have a completely different view of that sick and twisted mantra about “a woman’s body and her rights to do with it as she sees fit”. Yep; She may use a coat hanger. And she may go to jail for murder. And she may hurt herself. blah, blah, blah. Life is hard. It’s even harder when you’re stupid. We should do a SH!T-TON of things VERY differently in our nation. One is to help ANY woman who has been assaulted sexually – throughout the process of bearing a bastard child – IF needed. Otherwise; in the case of a woman changing her mind or not meaning to get pregnant… oh well. Too EFFING BAD. And to the MILLIONS of low-life who pump out future dirt-bags = no going on the dole either! THIS would PROMOTE responsibility, not more expectations of the nanny state rescuing your sorry ass. I could go on, but it would probably ZING right over your head.

          86. glenn398 says

            DaveA as long as you pay your own way I agree with you but when you go to the tax payer for some government dole than it is my business

          87. DaveA says

            That’s the problem with nour society. The government shouldn’t be rewarding these lazy, titt sucking women the ability to get so much free care. Put them to work, and I will tell you it will stop. Women, and men PLAN on having kids so they can get free government help. Look at all the people who has lived off the government welfare their nwhole life. Those should be removed from the dole, their kids should be taken away, and they should be sewn shut.

          88. glenn398 says

            I totally agree with you and the most crime riddled areas have been produced by the welfare moms. Johnson’s great society produced this society plus the cost has raised taxes to the point where the middle class is being driven into joining the poor. Again this was caused by the Republicans saying nothing when they know Johnson got elected to the senate with votes from the grave but didn’t want to raise a stink. Obama is getting away with anything he wants to do again with the Republicans saying or doing very little. They control the purse strings yet refuse to take Obama on with cutting the budgets to these wild programs.

          89. MikeInMaine says

            That’s because they are just as guilty of being in the political life in order to feather their own nests – while selling us down the river. And they ALSO pass tons of LUDICROUS legislation that is unconstitutional, and our founding fathers would hang them for it. Heaven help us.

          90. glenn398 says

            The Republicans only answer to getting more votes is doing what the Democrats are doing with welfare and legalizing the illegals. Problem with that is why would the welfare group change parties when they have a know promoter of all the goodies.

          91. MikeInMaine says

            Well then I apologize somewhat for going off on you above. I agree with that wholeheartedly.

          92. tommy glen says

            dave, have you or maybe your wive and or children ever gotten “required” vaccinations??

          93. chuckallan says

            Dace, A womans body is a temple it may do her and others well to remember it !!

          94. Bird says

            My daughter and her husband adopted two little girls after being their foster parents for 1 1/2yrs. They fostered a young (10yrs.old at the time), American Indian, but when they tried to adopt him the “reservation council” said, “no, he can only be adopted by an Indian family.” What a crock, they can foster him until he’s 18, but since there are NO Indian families to take he, he’s left feeling like he has no real family at all. The “reservation council” still has control over his activities (where he’s schooled, vacations outside the state, prison visits to his mom, etc.). What kind of people make up these insane rules!?

          95. Kay says

            All I can say is, QUIT fostering the little redskins. Let the indians support their asses, after all they get monthly government checks, PLUS thye were allowed to build casinos and get our monthly government checks as well (or at least those who are stupid enough to drop it on them, thinking that the indians are going to let them win some big jackpot). Let them support their own.

          96. sparksnavy says

            Dr. Ron–you are right on–my late 2nd wife and I were turned down in Calif. when we lived there–their reason was “they” thought that I would be too domineering in the upbringing of any future children! Which was a lot of B.S. due to the fact my then wife had helped raise her two half brothers due to the difference in ages between them and her! She was the oldest in the family!
            But, when we moved to Texas we found out their adoption laws were not as stringent as Calif.,but by then my late wife was not interested!
            Might want to check into that and see if the state adoption laws in Texas have changed! Just a thought! Good luck and take care!

          97. Eric says

            All liberals in this country have made a mockery out of the miracle of life by renaming the practice of infanticide, “women’s health”. Maybe it allows them a better night’s sleep, calling the procedure they’ve just allowed a baby-killing doctor to perform on them “women’s health” instead of what it actually is… infanticide!

          98. janet smith says

            I would never abort a baby, I would never let a bunch of men in congress tell me what I must do with my body. I would make the day after pill allowed with out a fight. I would take a lot of red tape out of adopting. I still think all these decisions are personal not government decisions.

          99. tommy glen says

            janet, do you not consider taking “the morning after pill” abortion??

          100. janet smith says

            No. My honest answer means freedom of speech and freedom of speech means freedom of thought!

          101. tommy glen says

            ok, janet, how is taking the morning after pill expressing ‘freedom of thought’??

          102. MikeInMaine says

            WOW. That was REALLY stupid.

          103. Independant Thinker says

            The easiest and most efficient is still prevention. There are so many methods of birth control available there is no excuse for unwanted pregnacy except rape. As ugly as that is, with so many people wanted babies, even then someone would love to get that baby, but that and incest is the only justifiable reason for someone to want/need an abortion except the mother3s live being endangered.

          104. MikeInMaine says

            I agree with most of your principles, BUT… The ONLY “good”/”justifiable” reason for an abortion is to save the mother’s life. And then… I’m not so sure about that!! Who are we to meddle in God’s design??? If the baby would live, but the woman die… maybe it is what it is??? Anyway, to extrapolate; Bad things happen to good people every day. If a woman is the victim of a rape or incest, it is NOT even CLOSE to being as horrible a thing perpetrated on them as soooo many other things that nice folks may have to endure in this life. Who said life was going to be FAIR? Who made you (or any person) so SPECIAL that you/they can’t carry a human life to term and then give it up for adoption after its birth?? This is what used to happen generations ago, and who’s to say that women are tortured less by their conscience today – with our newer policies? How do you know that carrying the child (along with therapy and all types of support, of course, if needed) wouldn’t alter the mother’s perceptions about everything – and be healing in the process??? Whatever doesn’t kill us makes us stronger – or it SHOULD!! I abhor that so many scumbags use abortion as “birth control”, but I also feel that even good people who have SO sadly suffered rape or incest get to use an EXCUSE to KILL a baby as well. You may think I lack empathy/compassion, but “tough love” is often the complete opposite of that. I believe that I’m looking at the much bigger picture. Having an abortion will never erase that the crime was committed (and the mental strife/pain/suffering be eradicated/evaporated by SUCKING a baby away), nor will it make two wrongs be right.

          105. glenn398 says

            Dr. Ron having been involved with the children that are up for adoption a great many of them are brain damaged due to the mothers taking drugs. So it isn’t like there are all these little sweet children just waiting to be adopted. If you do adopt it is a challenge that most people can’t even dream of what it is like.

          106. carrie page says


          107. cyndal says

            The liberals are also pushing to stop Republicans/conservatives from being able to adopt because they have the nerve to say we are radical.

          108. alaine deBreaux says

            Well said.

          109. larry says

            Dr. Ron: Good post! My question is this. Why can’t the people who initiate these “unwanted children” be held responsible for their own actions and decisions? With the DNA testing available today, determining parentage shouldn’t be too difficult.

          110. eddyjames says

            The should tell the adoption agency that they are a “GAY” couple and one had a sex change, then the government agency would be shoving kids at them to corrupt.

          111. dmttbt says

            I would hardly qualify as a liberal, I can say I am a veteran and that is more than can be said for Obama. I am a realist and if you don’t believe in abortion check with China whose billion or so people would be living in the ocean had they not required abortion. I believe in your right to believe what you want, just don’t make others pay for it.

          112. Seldena says

            Who is asking anyone else to pay?

          113. eddyjames says

            Every welfare Hoe that chimes in “Hobby Lobby won’t pay” or it’s a Republican war on women. That’s who asking someone else to pay.

          114. Louise says

            it’s really unbelievable how stupid some people are….Who’s asking anyone else to pay…..Sandra Fluck for one….says it costs thousands of dollars every year for a woman to buy birth control….now the idiot is running for office and her donations came mostly from herself…..and Harry Reid that dumber than dumb idiot is saying he’s still going to fight Hobby Lobby, that it’s not over….and they call the Supreme court idiots now…but the dems only call them idiots when it doesn’t go their way…how about Pelosi, stepford wife, as I call her..her church has even thrown her out because of her views on abortion…..she’s another one, that is running her mouth and telling lies as usual….that it’s all about birth control….it’s about abortion pills….they lie so much, it’s just incredible, what they get away with….When Obama comes on TV, I want to throw up….he actually makes me sick to my stomach…to listen to him spread his lies….every time….and then tell jokes…just sickening….

          115. The redhawk says

            Good CALL!!

          116. DaveA says

            I believe it’s called obama care, and before that, the low lifers got it for free anyways. I know a member in my family had five BASTAR*S. Us taxpayers paid for each and everyone of them.

          117. fiddler1861 says

            Yep. We should punish the bastards for their parent’s actions. That sounds like a good plan.

          118. glenn398 says

            You got a better one and if so lets hear it.

          119. Ddenney1 says

            Obamacare!!! Planned Parenthood!! The DNC!! To name three!!

          120. grannie says


          121. Billy says

            Seldena – – – ARE YOU SERIOUS ? If so, you are brain-dead.

          122. The redhawk says

            HUH??????????????? REALLY??????????? YOU CAN”T BE SERIUS!!!!

          123. catman says

            Try a whore named Sandra Fluke !!!!!

          124. glenn398 says

            Seldena the majority of abortions are paid for by the government, get your head out of the sand.

          125. MikeInMaine says

            Crawl out from under that rock where you live. #WOW

          126. Sharon Kidwell says

            If these women had to pay for the abortion then murdering these unborn would stop. How about taking some responsibility for their actions and keeping their freaking legs closed!

          127. grannie says

            I don’t know what China or any other country’s lack of humanity has to do with abortion used as birth control. At least you are right when you say “don’t expect others to pay for your “mistakes”.

          128. MikeInMaine says

            But according to liberals.. we NEED more illegal immigrants = a larger population. As for another country’s actions… who the eff cares. We don’t make policy because of what the neighbors do (in theirs). Abortion is flat out WRONG. Those IDIOTS should have PAID their citizens to toe the line. They are wealthy off the backs of their citizens SLAVE labor. Again; two wrongs don’t make a right.

          129. Mi Li says

            @dumbttbt Abortion is MURDER of the most innocent of humans Scientists believe they are humans. I thought you lib tardians believed in science? You all are just hypocritical Pieces of feces. Glad you’re evil enough to approve of it.

          130. Dave says

            Don’t you find it odd that progressives do not mind the killing of countless unborn babies, any of which might have done something important in their lifetime, and yet will fight tooth and nail to keep a criminal from doing time because of over-crowding, or keep a murderer from the death penalty, knowing such people will never contribute to society? That liberals don’t mind forcing society to support the healthcare of thieves, gangbangers, thieves, terrorists, hookers, etc, who do nothing but spread misery throughout society? What is it? Do they think they will get into heaven for that kind of thinking? Oh, wait, religion is bad.

          131. rmagnano says

            The Commandment is” though shall not murder”:

          132. Carmencita says

            BULL HOCKEY! Why is it always the ungodly who think they have right to interpret the Ten Commandments??? The Commandment is ‘Thou Shall Not Kill’ but abortion is actually premeditated, capital murder, so clearly it is included the scope of man’s law as well as God’s.

          133. rmagnano says

            Sorry, I didn’t mean to imply I was for abortion. Yes abortion is MURDER. I was hoping to agree with you about the lack of using the death penalty on your list of criminal offenders.

          134. dmttbt says

            The death penalty is a joke because they don’t use it. In the state of Tennessee several years ago they did lethal injection on a man who had murdered his wife and his children and the bleeding hearts protested because they thought that he might have felt pain. he did the crime, there was no doubt of his guilt. I wonder if his wife and children felt pain when he killed them?

          135. Jenny says

            Even the Jews say it’s a mistranslation of the Hebrew word, and it should be “murder” instead of “kill.”

          136. Ronald Gunn says

            Prove it.

          137. Jenny says


            There are several strong arguments for the case that the sixth commandment should be translated as “Thou shalt not murder.” First, the verb used in the Torah commandment is “ratsah,” which generally is translated as murder and refers only to criminal acts of killing a human being. The word “kill” generally refers to the taking of life for all classes of victims and for all reasons. This generalization is expressed through a different Hebrew verb “harag.”

            Another compelling argument against the “Thou shalt not kill” translation is that there are many places in the Hebrew scriptures that command or condone warfare, the sacrifice of animals, and several methods of capital punishment. While there is much in the Jewish tradition that attempts to limit war and capital punishment, and the biblical prophets indicated that God prefers justice and mercy to animal sacrifices, it can’t be denied that some forms of killing are acceptable according to Judaism.

            If “Thou shalt not kill” were the proper translation, no person who took the Ten Commandments seriously could kill in self defense, even if it meant loss of the threatened person’s life, or could kill in warfare, even if his or her country were attacked. There could be no capital punishment no matter how horrible a person’s crimes were. Clearly there are cases where the Torah permits the taking of a human life. And, if it is sometimes permissible to kill another person, most people would agree that there are circumstances when it is also permissible to kill an animal. Judaism does not consider that the sixth commandment refers to animals.

            Since the sixth commandment has been so frequently mistranslated, two prominent Jewish commentators, Rabbi Samuel ben Meir (Rashbam) and Rabbi Joseph Bekhor-Shor, explained at great length that the Hebrew text refers only to unlawful killing. Both scholars stressed the differences between the Hebrew words for killing and murdering.

          138. Seldena says

            You are willfully taking a life=MURDER!

          139. dmttbt says

            If you want to do what is right, you should ask your representative why we are sitting by and letting the president arm the enemies of our allies. Where is our support for Israel? Our politicians receive about 2 million dollars a tear + 174,000 salary and these are things they have voted for themselves. They have done nothing about the 6.9 trillion dollar deficit turning in to 17 trillion and they have done nothing about the president bypassing them on almost every issue. Does anyone care about these things, or are the abortion issues all consuming? If you want to quote the bible that is your choice but maybe you could multi task and do more than one thing. If you want to deal against organized crime you will do away with all the politicians with some actually honest people who care. The federal government should handle the defense of this country and nothing more, and that should be conditioned on the approval of the states. We send money to Washington and they send back what they think we deserve. I say that the handling charge on that tax money is too high and not needed.

          140. Jenny says

            “Ask your representative why . . . ” What a novel concept!
            Haven’t you heard our representatives no longer represent us, the people? You can ask ‘why’ until the cows come home and you’ll only get the runaround!!!
            Congress should have the power to declare war, but Obama is doing everything for his puppet masters (Zionist Jews) via Executive Order.
            “Where is the support for Israel.” Where is the support for Detroit?? Israel wants all white nations to become multicultural, however, don’t try to enforce multiculturalism on Israel!!! Why are we allowing this minority of Jews to run the world? Because they are Satan’s minions and most people don’t know how to fight spiritual forces.
            If you live in the USA, you should learn about the Noahide Law.

          141. Robert E Boltz says

            Jenny another anti Jew, it is much easier to blame them then our in competent leaders always blame the Jews. Prove what you say,!

          142. grannie says

            Jenny, you are so far off base. It is not the Jewish people who are obama’s puppet masters. It is the muslims who guide his every step. obama claims to be Christian only when it suits his current agenda. Then he says “The future cannot belong to the ones who slander the islamic prophet.” He defends sharia law, but ignores American laws. He said “If things turn ugly, I will support the muslims.” He says the muslims are a peaceful, loving people…while they are beheading Christians. He releases 5 of the worst islamic terrorist commanders for 1 American deserter who plainly is a muslim sympathizer. So, where does obama’s support lie?
            You need to study about the Jewish people. They are God’s chosen people. Jesus was born a Jew. And when he returns, Israel is where He will set up His new World. Isaiah 27:13 “And it shall come to pass in that day, that the great trumpet shall be blown, and they shall come which were ready to perish in the land of Assyria, and the outcasts in the land of Egypt, and shall worship the Lord in the holy mount at Jerusalem.”

          143. Virginia Baldwin says

            When are Americans going to WAKE UP?!?! Yes, the Jews via AIPAC control America’s government! The Muslims are here to fight Americans, just like the Mexicans (La Raza) are here to fight WHITE CHRISTIAN AMERICANS! The Jews want to reduce the world’s population to 500 MILLION.


            The nearly twenty-foot granite slabs, known as the Georgia Guidestones, have sparked controversy around the world – praised by Yoko Ono, defaced by conspiracy theorists, featured on the History Channel, and the subject of the conspiracy web series Guidestones. The monument – five upright stones topped by a capstone – weighs nearly 240,000 pounds and is inscribed in eight languages with ten instructions for humans post-apocalypse. Three decades after being erected, the monument’s true purpose is still being argued, and its quasi-commandments can seem either sincere or satanic.

            The most controversial instruction is the first: that humanity should be maintained under half a billion. Nearly as controversial is the sixth instruction, which proposes that nations resolve disputes in “a world court.”



            So WHEN WIll the NOAHIDE LAWS Be Activated And Guillotines Be Used in America?

            June 8, 2009

            Because of the First Amendment “Establishment Clause” under the Constitution, Congress cannot make any laws forbidding the free exercise of one’s religions beliefs, nor any laws respecting one religion. The NOAHIDE LAWS legislation, signed by Bush Sr when President,(which need to be rescinded and abolished from America forever)CLEARLY VIOLATE THE ESTABLISHMENT CLAUSE COMPLETELY.

            Because the NOAHIDE LAWS forbid the free exercise of religion (especially Christianity) in America, and respect one religion over another (JUDAISM over all other religions) they clearly violate the First Amendment Establishment Clause.


            However, WHEN the CONSTITUTION IS ABOLISHED through the declaration of NATIONAL EMERGENCY and MARTIAL LAW, THEN you will see the NOAHIDE LAWS activated and the enforcers (which are the military, foreign and domestic) and their guillotines brought out in full force.

            Jews are NOT God’s chosen people, and Jesus was NOT a Jew! Read John 8:33 where the Jews say they have NEVER been in bondage. Read John 8:44 where Jesus tells them they are of their father the devil. Jews are Edomites and Kenites. They do NOT descend from Jacob/Israel. And it was Israel that God designated as His chosen people. Now read Revelation 2:9, where Jesus say, ” . . . I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews (Judahites) and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.”

            Jesus descended from the tribe of Judah. The Jews try to pretend that they descend from the tribe of Judah, but they are totally unrelated. Arthur Koestler wrote a book called, “The Thirteenth Tribe” that tells of Jews being descendants of Khazars, of which Mr. Koestler says he descended. He and his wife were found dead in their London apartment – some say it was a Mossad “suicide.”

          144. grannie says

            Finally, you say something that makes sense. It is way past time that We The People clean house from the White House on down. Find the real people who are interested in supporting the people they were sent to Washington to represent. The real people who are not interested in their own agendas to the exclusion of all else. The federal government is riddled with people who only want to line their own nests and to h*ll with Americans. obama’s fixation on amnesty is only to build the democrats voting base. He couldn’t care less about the illegals.

          145. dmttbt says

            By the way how many translations have there been on the bible? Did you know that this planet is millions of years old and other civilizations existed before this one?

          146. Jenny says

            There have been many mistranslations in the bible but not of the whole thing. The book of Esther doesn’t even belong in the bible. It’s a Jewish concept. As for other civilizations living here – that hasn’t been proven. There have other beings that did/do not belong here such as Satan and the Nephilim, but they fell from Grace and now we have to contend with them. Judaism preaches satanism.

          147. Robert E Boltz says

            Jenny you have no idea what you are talking about , you always go back to blaming JEWS , you need to come up with something more solid.

          148. Virginia Baldwin says

            I’m afraid, Robert, that you are the one who is in the dark. Read and weep.


          149. Robert E Boltz says

            Virginia, I have been in this world much longer than you, but I will agree you are entitled to your opinion and that ok, but the issue you raise, will be caused by your leader Obama  People like you always blame the Jews, there are all kinds of radical thoughts out, you need to fear Obama  and his followers, I put my trust IN GOD and his Son. we will never agree appreciate you taking time to give me your thoughts.  and be polite about them! Have a good day

          150. Virginia Baldwin says

            I rather doubt that you have been in this world very much longer than myself. I just had my 75th birthday a month or so ago.

            I’m not the only person who blames the Jewish banksters.

            Peeling Back The Myth That Israel Is Always The Victim

            Americans are being bombarded with disinformation from their government and the main stream media about the Israeli “Operation Protective Edge” being conducted against Palestinians in Gaza that has resulted in the death of over 1800 Palestinians with about 80% percent of these deaths being civilians. Also, over 8000 Palestinians have been wounded and over 460,000 have been displaced from their homes. These brutal attacks have been represented as Israel just protecting itself from rocket attacks by Hamas. Fortunately, one of the alternative media sources, Democracy Now has been doing a good job of in depth coverage of the slaughter in Gaza while asking probing questions of various experts. We think Democracy Now‘s two part interview conducted with Henry Siegman helps peel back the myth that Israel is always the “victim” and sheds light on Israel’s founders’ terrorist acts committed even before its founding in 1948.

            Part 1: “Given his background, what American Jewish leader Henry Siegman has to say about Israel’s founding in 1948 through the current assault on Gaza may surprise you. From 1978 to 1994, Siegman served as executive director of the American Jewish Congress, long described as one of the nation’s “big three” Jewish organizations along with the American Jewish Committee and the Anti-Defamation League.” (democracynow.org – 7/30/2014)


            Why US and Israel wants to ban this video…

            Published on Jul 18, 2014

            This nice Jewish American speaks truth about her experience in occupied Palestine… It will make you cry…

          151. Robert E Boltz says

            Virgin , I realize that you are not the only one who is  anti Israel , Jewish. but on one point I am correct I will soon be 79  so how are you doing ( Kid ) It is nice to deal with people like you!, since many who disagree on issue are nasty we all think our opinion is always right, hope all is well with you and yours we may never agree ,but we can remain civil. Have a nice day Bob

          152. Virginia Baldwin says

            Bob, Ok, I concede that you are a few years older than myself, but that’s all I will concede. I have spent years trying to wake Americans up to what is going on in our government and the rest of the world – particularly Palestine. I even got involved with politics thinking that may have an influence on what is happening. But it didn’t help. Cynthia McKinney did an interesting interview and revealed a lot of what’s going on in D.C. You might want to google that interview.

            Here is a video about life in Palestine done by a young Jewish woman. As you watch it, try to visualize this happening in America – because it will happen as long as people keep thinking there’s nothing wrong.

            Why US and Israel wants to ban this video…

            Have a pleasant day.

          153. Mary Ann says

            Jenny, I think you are a complete idiot! Judaism does not preach Satanism. And if you follow the Word of God you won’t need to worry about Satan either! So I would suggest that wherever you are getting your misinformation that you either go back and re-read it or try reading something that is factual. Maybe you should worry about Muslims that are over here trying to destroy everything America stands for!

          154. Virginia Baldwin says

            I would ask you, Mary Ann, whether you have read the Talmud? If you haven’t, then you do NOT know whereof you speak. Try reading some of this and see if it doesn’t preach satanism.


          155. Sam says

            Abortion is the KILLING of an unborn child and I am sure it is is MORTAL sin!

          156. proudtexan62 says

            Kill and murder are much the same thing, Carmencita. If you murder someone, you have definitely killed them. God’s commandment is “Thou Shall Not Kill” but murder is a synonym. I believe Magnano is on our side. Why would you stand in judgment of this person to call him/jher Ungodly? That is not a very Godly thing to do.

          157. Ronald Gunn says

            Wrong answer, KILL AND MURDER, are very different.

          158. rcdwltd says

            You are correct kill and murder can be two different things. I believe proudtexan62 is equating the killing of the unborn as “murder” which it is! Some folks don’t regard killing unborn children as murder, do you?

          159. DaveA says

            It’s not murder ! It’s no differant the killig a fly, or any other LIVING organism. Are you saying just because it is a living cell, it’s murdering? GET REAL! You murder millions of sperms every time you have sex,,,, IDIOTS

          160. rcdwltd says

            You are really deluded! We are not talking about sperm cells but actual human beings. As bad as it is, I wonder if it would do any good for you to see some of these abortions. To see the infant as it is being butchered, cut into pieces and unable to cry out! To see live babies being born and killed. I really hope you have no children because you would probably raise them with the same attitude that you have.

          161. DaveA says

            Did I say anything about LIVE BABIES BEING BORN and then KILLED? NO,,,,, You want to control what others think, and say. I didn’t say anythig about what you are talking about. WHAT I’M SAYING is those who don’t want to carry to full term, and don’t want children bought into this world has the OPTION to terminate. SHOULD they do it in the last trimester? I don’t think so, but who am I to tell a woman what she should do to her body, or get into her mind. I”M NOT GOD ! ! ! Just because I stand up for what a woman, or a person does to their body does make me a bad person.

            I’m NOT a Doctor, nor do I belive I have a right to dictate when an abortion should take place. As a FREE “AMERICAN” YOU and ONLY you have that decission to make, just like over 300 million “Americans” do ! !

          162. rcdwltd says

            You are correct when you say what a person does with their body is their business, right, etc. But, you consider embryos as mere cells.that can be excised with not other consideration, not correct! An embryo is a child that has been conceived and is alive. Initially, an embryo cannot respond to you but if you ever had a child and paid attention you would know that they do respond as they develop. That embryo is as alive as you and if you kill that embryo it is murders! Murder is consider the taking of another human’s life without justifiable cause, i.e. defense of yourself, your family or other innocent party. An embryo is an innocent person who was conceived with not thought of the consequences of an unwanted pregnancy. “IF” you do not want a child you have two moral choices, abstinence or birth control. Abortion is the killing/murder of an innocent child/embryo!

          163. grannie says

            What was the “doctors’ ” name who was convicted of aborting live babies and sticking a scapel into the back of their necks? And there are reports of “doctors” who actually cut the babies to pieces inside the womb…pictures of these babies trying to squirm away from the hurt and the pain. There is no excuse, no rationalization for horrors like this.

          164. DaveA says

            Where did I say anything about what you are posting about. ALL I “SAID” WAS A WOMAN HAS THE RIGHT TO DO WHAT SHE WANTS TO DO WITH HER BODY. As far as I’m concerned just because sperm finds an egg, doesn’t make it a child! In your wicked mind, and greater then thou opinion, you are no more then whats left after wiping your A$$

          165. grannie says

            Wow! Did I hit a raw nerve! It is a fact, that it is no longer “just the woman’s body”. There is another set of DNA, there is another beating heart, there is another soul that has to be taken into consideration. From the moment that first cell divides, there is a human baby. It doesn’t look like you want it to, but give it a few weeks. It is a human life.
            According to the dictionary, “aborticide” is “the act of destroying a fetus within the uterus.” This rightly puts the heinous act side-by-side with ” genocide” and “infanticide.”
            I’ve said nothing but fact. You don’t like facts? Not my problem. Grow up Davie. There are many who are more intelligent than you want them to be. And there are those who don’t resort to calling names when someone’s opinion and knowledge differs from theirs. Abortion is not a “right”. It is the premeditated murder of an innocent defenseless human life. If that is “wicked” and “greater-than thou”, God will be my judge.

          166. DaveA says

            And God will be my judge,,, Maybe you should take your own advice. It’s the only thing you said right.

          167. grannie says

            I will pray for your lost soul.

          168. Sharon Kidwell says

            Dave you are the idiot because it was meant that sperm not survive unless they ferterlize and egg and which case results in a human being. Sperm are not human beings – you are a complete idiot!

          169. DaveA says

            My comment went WAY over your head !! You are the IDIOT, and DUMBER then a box of rocks! I was being a smart ass because of the stupid comments, and the FACT just because the sperm finds an egg, doesn’t make a person a murderer. FYI (I read many of your posts, and do agree with you most of the time)

          170. grannie says

            When that first cell divides, you have a baby. You have a new life. It may not look exactly how you want it to, but give it a few weeks. It is a human life.

          171. Robert E Boltz says

            You sir are a absolute idiot , no question about that you need to back to bio class

          172. glenn398 says

            DaveA what do you think that organism is, some kind of ant or other insect will come out in 9 months?

          173. DaveA says

            “Thou Shall Not Kill” Do you really know what that means, or is it YOUR interpitation? IT’S NOT FOR YOU, OR I, TO JUDGE when OTHER people believe when that happens. (TO THEIR OWN BODIES)

          174. grannie says

            No, it isn’t God, alone, will judge. That does not say that a Christian should not tell what God has said.

          175. dsnevin says

            Actually, it’s ‘Thou shalt not murder!’ Killing is sanctioned in, e.g., war, self-protection, …

          176. TEXAS AMERICAN says


          177. Jenny says

            Not quite. It’s “THOU shall not murder.”

          178. Ronald Gunn says

            Not Quite, IT’S “THOU SHALL NOT KILL”. Again, Mankind changed it.

          179. dmttbt says

            If you are worried about mankind changing the bible, how many other parts do you think mankind is responsible for?

          180. The redhawk says

            Mankind or DEMOCRAPS????????????

          181. Robert E Boltz says

            Jenny Ronald Gunn is correct you need to read the bible

          182. Virginia Baldwin says

            I have read my bible, Robert. My NKJV says, “You shall not murder” at Exodus 20:13. People need to get a Strong’s Concordance and find the true meaning of some of the words in the bible. For instance: Baptism is not a sprinkling on of water. Baptism translates to “fully wet” in the concordance – meaning ‘immersion.’

          183. Sam says

            Thou shall not kill

          184. Ronald Gunn says

            It used to be” Though shall not kill” Man changed it for their own benefits.

          185. Mark Luhman says

            Ronald can you read ancient Hebrew? Am I to assume you are all knowing? Or maybe you were there when moses brought down the tablets.

          186. dmttbt says

            And just what benefits did man get from changing the bible to say though shalt not murder or kill either way? Our country is sinking into socialism by a muslim and we are worried about symantics in the bible.

          187. Robert E Boltz says

            I have not agreed with you today on some issues but you hit the nail on the head concerning Muslim OBAMA HE IS THE GREATEST THREAT to our country and his Muslim friends in our white house! Thanks for that one

          188. dmttbt says

            I hope you live your life according to the rules in the bible. Do you use all the rules or just the ones that suit your needs at the time? I am glad you think it is ungodly to kill because had someone not been killed in all the wars we have been in you probably would not be alive and able to speak your opinion. I have always wondered how people go to college to study the bible and when they get out they still have trouble understanding it. When you get to heaven tell them about me and how bad I am and then come back and let me know how that has worked for you.
            I attended a religious college and the history class was strictly the bible. How do you feel about drugs and alcohol? Does that sound like a good idea? They drank wine in the bible and there is no telling how many families have been devastated because of alcohol. Now that they have legalized pot in some places they have come out with studies saying it is bad for you and it destroys brain cells. What do they think alcohol does? Personally I don’t do either. If I did I would expect to go by the rules that come with it and if everyone did that it would be no problem at all.

          189. Jenny says

            The reason the government is so adamant about NOT allowing pot to become legal is because cannabis oil is a cancer cure. BIG PHARMA has been making trillions of dollars on synthetic drugs that may as well be placebos. There are many more cures in nature, but they don’t want people to be cured. Chemo therapy has been proven to spread cancer cells. The federal government is going after the State of Colorado for making marijuana legal. (Perhaps there’s a loophole in Colorado’s law that the feds are hoping to exploit. I don’t know.) So far, however, they haven’t said anything about going after Washington State.
            Yes, people drank wine in Jesus’ day – even Jesus drank a little wine. But as He said, “Everything in moderation.” Timothy even says, “No longer drink water only, but use a little wine for your stomach’s sake and your frequent infirmities.”

          190. grannie says

            I enjoy an occasional glass of wine, or a dessert coffee. The key word is OCCASIONAL. I have never been drunk on alcohol a single time in my life. Everything in moderation. I have never felt the need to smoke a cigarette, use crack, pot, or any other drug used as a means to get high and forget, for a few minutes, how to live, because I believe it is wrong to corrupt our God-given body

          191. jmortensen says

            Don’t you think we pay enuff taxes .. Government squanders most of its tax money .. on agencys that do not function ..All that debt $ has probably been rat holed at one corrupt agency or another .. ..Have you ever known a politician to retire broke .. NO !.. they become millionaires when in office.. and then we support them for the rest of their useless lives with a fat pension ..

          192. PatriotGal says

            Maybe Michelle and her hubby would REPAY the $44 MILLION they have spent on vacations in 5 1/2 years – that would help fund the lunches she is demanding schools provide.

          193. proudtexan62 says

            Think we should hold our breath for that? No, I didn’t think so. We’ll be lucky to get out of this with just $44 Million. They have 2 years and 5 months to go yet!!!

          194. Ronald Gunn says

            That’s right, rub it in.

          195. Ronald Gunn says

            Are you out of your mind?? Do you want Michelle and her punk to have a heart attack. On second though, let’s make them repay the money. HURRY, LIKE RIGHT NOW, PLEASE

          196. rcdwltd says

            Maybe someone could file a lawsuit? Didn’t Obama invite congress to sue him? I believe the Obama’s have squandered more of the nations wealth than any other president, even Bill Clinton! Why don’t they share some of these dollars with cousin Pookie?

          197. dmttbt says

            Don’t you find the obamas to be a great example of wealth distribution? They distribute to themselves, but they do not distribute their wealth. When asked if he was going to be on Obama care he laughed and said he has the best insurance in the world. We don’t qualify for really good insurance like he and his family. I thought since he is against capitalism he must be for some other form of government. Does anyone know the name of the form he wants? Have the American people decided that even after all the lives that have been lost and destroyed fighting against the other forms & for capitalism that it is time to give up on capitalism?

          198. grannie says

            The government obama wants is called Islam, complete with Sharia Law, with beheading Christians…you know…the peaceful, loving crowd. He has said “The future must not belong to those who slander the islam prophet.” He has also said, “If things get ugly, I will support the muslims.”

          199. dmttbt says

            I did not say that everyone should pay more taxes, I said if you are not for abortion then don’t have one and you should pay extra taxes and take care of the abortions you prevented and you should adopt four or five children who would have been aborted. I will add make those adoption s of crack babies who are born with addiction already. Make that the ones who will never be able to see or hear or walk or talk, and then I will respect your beliefs.
            I also have posted that the senators and congressmen get about 2 million dollars a year in benefits they voted for themselves + 174,000. Where is organized crime?

          200. wandrako says

            There are so many families that want babies and have to get them from foreign countries. Of course there is an overflow in some communities that just need to be taught that this is not the way to go and insist on moral behavior. Not easy but must be done if not going to go on killing the babies. This has done more to the black community than all the segregation horrors.

          201. PatriotGal says

            wandrako, and unfortunately, the Blacks are unaware that what is being heaped on them by the DEMONcRATS/libs/progressives is Eugenics – Margaret Sanger’s way of eliminating the unwanted.

          202. wandrako says

            That is because they are told that any problems they have is caused by republicans. They believe it and do not believe that before Lyndon Johnson snookered them they were all republican.

          203. wildbill says

            dmttbt in a word shut the fuck up and mind your own business

          204. Brian Millar says

            Actually dmttbt, adoption is a very simple and easy option for any mother that does not desire to keep their child. It takes a few months out of your busy schedule to allow a life that has been entrusted to live, and the mother having to have her looks change for a short while, but the life goes on long, long after the pregnancy. Never has there been an adoption issue, so don’t even bring that to the table. Taxes, how about the ones that are paying for abortion in Obama care? This comes out of all of our pockets, any time you pay taxes. Why am I paying taxes for this? Seriously, if they want an abortion, make them pay for it in full and bear the full consequences that ensues, which is extensively more then just financial. Dmmtb, how about YOU shut up and sit down instead!!! Glen, keep up the good work!!!

          205. Robert E Boltz says

            I have a very good friend who was adopted in the 1930s there was no paper work done it was done by the doctor who knew of a couple who could not have children he was raised by this caring people along with Grandparents and many aunts and uncles. He turned out the be a hard working person ,married a beautiful young woman and they raised a large family , so this is what the world would have lost. Guess what He is anti abortion! His birth mother Made the correct choice, we are all judged by the one we make

          206. PatriotGal says

            dmttbt, in NO WAY should Glen sit down and shut up because you say so. If anything, he should run for office and shout his positions with facts from the highest mountain for all to hear. The absolute hypocrisy of you left wing libs is incredible. What Glen stated is FACT. MILLIONS of babies have been killed by abortions. I don’t hear or see about millions of children dying from obesity. If they are obese, at least they are living to adulthood which is far more than the tiny innocent babies who had NO CHOICE.

          207. Seldena says

            A lot of children have “baby fat” that they will lose as they grow.

          208. abc__jps says

            does not have to happen to you if you keep your zipper up and your legs together

          209. Dennis says

            There is also a thing called contraception, but they don’t want to pay for that either.

          210. Dr. Ron says

            Yea, and again when the dimocrats have something go against them, they immediately lie. Hobby Lobby wasn’t against contraception, they were just against the abortion part. They were willing, and are willing, to pay for 16 different types of contraception. But have you heard the msm or now, or any other group tell the truth about this. But why should someone else have to pay for the contrception of another? If they want to screw around then they should pay for their own sin.

          211. mac12sam12 says

            There’s a waiting list for people who want to adopt children. Murder shouldn’t be an option. Reagan said it’s funny how all the people who are pro abortion have already been born.

          212. rmagnano says

            That’s what I like about FREEDOM. Someone can always speak about what what others should do.

          213. sjones030354 says

            Why don’t you pay double your taxes to pay for the murder of babies and leave those who believe God created aborted babies for reason out of the abortion business! Maybe the men and women who don’t want children should stop having sex!!!

          214. Deborah Henderson says

            Don’t have sex if you don’t want children. Problem solved.

          215. Seldena says

            Now, that is a stupid remark.

          216. Robert E Boltz says

            guess you know stupid well read some of your comments

          217. savetheusa2 says

            That our country supports and approves of abortion is bringing our country and its morals DOWN. One can be against abortion, but not have the money to take care of children. All children are wanted. Years ago I would have loved to be able to adopt a child or two. My doctor said that I’d better find another way to have children. It’s too bad more don’t have their child and give them up. I know a few that are so selfish. They don’t want ANYONE bringing up the child they would prefer to abort. SICK! I give to my church were we give to organizations that help women with problem pregnancies. Many decide to keep their children if they have a little help. It’s wrong to keep suggesting that those who are against abortion don’t do anything for these women. Obama tried to shut them down. He would prefer these women to go to Planned Parenthood where they are told they are carrying a blob. NOT!

          218. Robert E Boltz says

            Planned Parenthood is one of the biggest providers of Abortions check the records

          219. gordon says

            You are such a MORONIC IDIOT DIM WIT to want to continue MURDERING our children. There is a waiting list to adopt, but they put it off for months or years before it is allowed, so YOUR solving the problem by killing them. There has been 60 MILLION BABIES SLAUGHTERED, but I have a GREAT IDEA let all the LOOSE WOMEN and WHORES running around getting several ABORTIONS keep their LEGS CROSSED or USE PROTECTION. Then we could use the BILLIONS OF DOLLARS to get the PRECIOUS UNBORNE CHILDREN placed in good homes and use all of that MONEY to help support them. You are so much for abortion, why don’t you put your neck or one of your children’s on the chopping block, if you are LUCKY enough to have them and LOVE them. PROBLEM SOLVED!! PERIOD!!

          220. American Ukrainian says

            Well dimwit, birth control is free – Maybe if you liberals taught them something of value, they would not have to abort because the situation would not arrive. You liberals have taught our children that a fertilized egg is nothing but a waist product of having sex.

          221. rocky63 says

            To: dmttbt:

            I see. So, in your scary mind, anyone who doesn’t want to be responsible for caring for a child should just kill one.

            Maybe you’ll spend some time in a hospice facility where that philosophy is applied to old folks with poor ‘quality if life’.

          222. proudtexan62 says

            Glen seems like a lot of us. We are concerned about murdering innocent children. How about if we want to discontinue murdering innocent children, how about we practice birth control instead of taking a life after conception. That embryo is a human at conception. That makes far too much sense than having a child that is unwanted or a mistake by those who are irresponsible enough to have unprotected sex. If you had a functioning brain cell, you would think about preventing children from being needlessly murdered when there is birth control available to those who want to be irresponsible.. The minute that child is conceived, it is a living human life. Until you get that through your liberal head, how about you sit down and shut up?

          223. Harold says

            Maybe he is just against MURDER of the unborn!

          224. rcdwltd says

            I can only presume that you look upon abortion as just another birth control solution, correct? Unwanted pregnancies can be prevented by BIRTH CONTROL PILLS, CONDOMS AND OTHER DEVICES! Like a rose, “A rose by any other name is a rose!” Abortion by any other description/name is still murder!

          225. Cathy L Clark says

            And we could say to you…if you don’t want a baby and don’t want to have to go thru a pregnancy….then keep your legs together and don’t get pregnant.
            The wealthy should not have to have their taxes doubled to pay for unwanted children that the liberals are spitting out like clockwork.

          226. dmttbt says

            I am still amazed at the number of people such as Hillary and Harry who are saying that the supreme court has taken away all birth control. they did not, only 4 abortion type birth control and it isn’t like they took it off the market, the people can still buy it if they choose to use it , just like it has been for generations
            Harry Reid said today that they will not sit by and let 5 white men destroy the rights of women. One of those white men is judge Clarence Thomas, who is hardly white. Is Harry trying to play the race card?? He doesn’t complain when they come back in support of Obama care.
            Costco has shown that they will bend to assist Obama, by removing a book from their shelves. I think they have put it back now after huge outcry by customers. I will say they probably just boosted the sale of that book. In the same manner as Chic Filet was helped by idiot politicians.
            I agree about the abortions should not have to be paid for by other than the participants. the trouble is I know a woman whose daughter had 2 if not three abortions and then had 2 children. Her mother raised them and the girl shot herself in the head years later because she couldn’t handle it anymore. You should notice that a lot of drug users wind up committing suicide. Her mother said the daughter kept getting pregnant because she was so high on drugs she didn’t think about birth control. That is a good excuse isn’t it?

          227. Cathy L Clark says

            Yes, that’s a real fine excuse. I personally do not believe in abortion.
            I do not want to have to face my God on the day I die and have to answer to Him why I supported abortion. That is why I will never vote democrat. I believe there are other options besides abortion.

          228. Seldena says

            Glen has FREEDOM of SPEECH rights you stupid liberal! You shut up if you don’t like it!

          229. ttoolman says

            How about keeping your legs together,Or off your hands and knees what ever position you like.

          230. Sharon Kidwell says

            DMTTBT Women need to keep their legs closed and men need to keep their flys closed. It is not our responsibilty to care for these children being born, nor is it the governments responsibity to mandate murder. You appear to be very disturbed and also a liberal because no one can have an opinion that differs from you.

          231. Ddenney1 says

            If you love abortion show you character and kill yourself after you late term abort your children! It seems that is your reasoning and it makes NO sense! Have all the kids you can afford but do not make me pay for your MISTAKES!!!!!!!!!

          232. Gary Moeller says

            Why should he pay? The feds want to take in illegals to house, feed and educate. Put that money to use for CITIZENS!

          233. Elaine Bruemer says

            Can you say contraceptive????

          234. Beverly Buckman says

            How did you get off the topic….that is a democrat thing….get you talking about something else. Stay on track and keep to the subject.

          235. Robert E Boltz says

            some one in your family saved you! since you are pro abortion think how lucky you were.

          236. Bird says

            @dmttbt: we can’t afford to adopt!… have to take care of the 70,000+ kids (not counting teens, terrorists, and illegals in the country). Oh, right…. that’s because of the liberal Democraps as well! As far as Glen goes…. he’s spot on!

          237. kirkmcloren says

            Another Pedocrat heard from.

          238. Billy says

            dmttbt – – – Hey dumbazz, all “normal” people are concerned about the mass killing of babies. How about “low-life” women keeping their legs together, then they wouldn’t have to murder a baby. I am NOT refering to ALL women, just the low-life’s who would murder a baby..
            If they don’t want the baby, put it up for adoption. DO NOT “MURDER” it.

          239. sparksnavy says

            And the same goes for you “dmttbt” Your comment could not have been a little biased could it?–having seen the picture of at least 3 maybe 4 kids of your own!
            I am against abortion and for adoption, think that is a much better option! One exception to that is the mother’s life is in danger with medical proof, as much as can be presented by the Doctor!

          240. The redhawk says

            Gee I bet you MOMMa regrets not having had one… she spawned a JERKOFF!

          241. Eric says

            So Glen can’t speak from his heart without having a baby-killer respond with some snarky remark? Why do you get off on infanticide? What’s with that?

          242. Cranky Steven says

            dmttbt, speaking of shutting up and sitting down, before you do, please explain why all the free birth control your kind snivelled and whined to get is never used? if you did or had your hens keep their knees together there would be no need to murder your babies.

          243. Phoneman says

            He can’t, all his tax money is going to Illegal alien kids invading our southern border

          244. tommy glen says

            well, why don’t these women use all the free birth control that is available to them????

            ‘t thwe

          245. carrie page says

            you are trurly an idiot killing is killing if a woman doesnt want a baby keep her legs closed….

          246. jackw97224 says

            Logical fallacy. Just because one opposes the murder of the unborn does not logically follow that he must be forced to pay taxes for born children. You assume that the people will not adjust birthrates without murdering the unborn, which in fact they do without murdering the unborn.

            Here are some good reads that will surely help you:

            United States v. Moylan 417 F. 2d 1002 –
            United States v. Moylan http://openjurist.org/417/f2d/1002/united-states-v-moylan

            We recognize, as appellants urge, the undisputed power of the jury to acquit, even if its verdict is contrary to the law as given by the judge and contrary to the
            evidence. This is a power that must exist as long as we adhere to the general
            verdict in criminal cases, for the courts cannot search the minds of the jurors
            to find the basis upon which they judge. If the jury feels that the law under
            which the defendant is accused is unjust, or that exigent circumstances
            justified the actions of the accused, or for any reason which appeals to their
            logic or passion, the jury has the power to acquit, and the courts must abide
            by that decision.

            No Treason No. 6, The Constitution of No Authority (http://praxeology.net/LS-NT-6.htm)
            The NoStateProject blog by Marc Stevens (http://marcstevens.net/)
            Economics n One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt (http://mises.org/books/economics_in_one_lesson_hazlitt.pdf)
            The nflation Crisis, and How to Resolve It by Hazlitt (http://www.e-booksdirectory.com/details.php?ebook=1686)
            The aw by Frederic Bastiat (http://www.fee.org/files/doclib/20121116_TheLaw.pdf
            That hich is Seen and That Which is not Seen (http://bastiat.org/en/twisatwins.html
            Stephen’s Guide to the Logical Fallacies (http://www.onegoodmove.org/fallacy/toc.htm

            I don’t see how anyone has the right to take a vote to sanction the politicians to use lethal force against you to control your person and property. I don’t see that
            as a right, I see it as a crime.

            “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.” — Benjamin Franklin

            The 1928 US Army Training Manual on Citizenship explains that Democracy leads to mobocracy. Now replace Democracy with mobocracy in the following slogans: The US will Make the World Safe for Democracy and The US is the Arsenal of Democracy.

            “The government consists of a gang of men exactly like you and me. They have, taking one with another, no special talent for the business of government; they have only a talent for getting and holding office. Their principal device to that
            end is to search out groups who pant and pine for something they can’t get and
            to promise to give it to them. Nine times out of ten that promise is worth
            nothing. The tenth time is made good by looting A to satisfy B. In other words,
            government is a broker in pillage, and every election is sort of an advance
            auction sale of stolen goods.” ~ H.L. Mencken

            “The only people who don’t want to disclose the truth are people with something to hide.” (Barak Obama) Yeah, tell it to the criminal IRS, Lois Lerner, Eric Holder, Chuck Schumer, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Leslie Marshall, Harry Reid and that commie/socialist cadre of criminals and liars. “I got a pen and a phone,” hears a thought, “Do something.” And remember, I,I,I I’m just tellin’ the truth now I, I, I don’t have to run for office again. (so he admitted he and his cadre of commie/socialists previously lied…heh, heh, heh…so many lies, so many gaffes so little time left to terminated him)

            Gresham’s Law: Bad money drives out good

            Triffin’s Dilemma: Industry is destroyed at the source of money creation

            Quis custodiet, ipsos custodes (who will guard the guards) – Juvenal – Roman Poet

            Better to be slapped with the truth than kissed with a lie. — Russian Proverb

            Molon Labe – come and take (should be the motto of politicians and their thugs in the IRS)

            “Everyone understood that the union of the states was voluntary and that, as Virginia, Rhode Island, and New York stated in their constitutional ratification documents, each state had a right to withdraw from the union at some future date if that union became harmful to its interests.” – The Jeffersonian Secessionist Tradition – Thomas DiLorenzo 7-5-2014

            The most basic question is not what is best, but who shall decide what is best.” – Thomas Sowell

          247. Roger says

            I am not against abortion when it involves rape or incest of young girls. But when women want to sleep with any man they can and get pregnant they need to take care of what they created. A good whore does not get pregnant! If a woman wants to sleep around she should get herself fixed. Period!!!

          248. glm 3914 says

            I’m thinking I am against honor killings too, but I guess I am not entitled to be against them because I don’t want to commit one..

            Yea, like it’s his responsibility to adopt babies because these dumb asses refuse to use birth control or abstinence.

            You have 27 morons that agree with you.

          249. alaine deBreaux says

            What about teaching people not to have babies that they can’t care for and/or don’t want. Condoms are for sale in every drug store in the world and they aren’t priced out of sight. When did it become the responsibility of every taxpayer to pay for the mistakes of people who have no regard for human life.

          250. jbombznabombz says

            it is NOT OUR RESPONSIBILITY to take care of the WORLD’s kids,and we cannot possibly try to, how long at the rate these kids coming into this country before this country is NO BETTER than the countries they are trying to flee from?

          251. kjenkinsaf says

            I think we would all much rather have both parents be responsible and have the children they can afford, and work 2 or more jobs to pay for the ones they have. Does that make sense to you? Responsibility, work, pay for what you can afford? Until that happens you should sit down and shut up.

          252. Francie says

            I suppose PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY doesn’t count for anything in YOUR WORLD anymore.

          253. LastGasp says

            Who are you to tell anybody what to do?

          254. greyfox says

            Democrats have no respect for the unborn. They also take no responsibility for their actions, have sex, have a baby, no problem, I can have an abortion, problem solved.
            I always hear how many soldiers were killed in Bush’s war. You never hear how many children (babies)have been aborted, (killed). Democrats can rationalize anything, even killing the unborn. —Too bad your mother didn’t abort you. If you don’t want a baby, don’t make a baby, it’s called responsibility.

        2. Carmencita says

          For a moment there I thought you said ‘The Killers of Unborn Obamas’ and for a brief moment I was actually a SUPPORTER of Abortion!

        3. Dave says

          And then they will go to bat to keep some murderer from the death penalty because he is Black.

        4. jackw97224 says

          And by murdering the unborn, the Democrats and many Republicrats deprive future generations as those dead will never produce goods and services and TAXES! So, murder of the unborn is kind of like killing the “seed corn” and in so doing cuts the throats of the many, whether they support such murders or not.

      4. POTUSSUX says

        Sueee Sueee Sueee!! Oink oink!

      5. sparksnavy says

        Please ,I wish you wouldn’t use my LATE WIFE’S NAME IN VAIN– “SUE”—I BURIED HER 4 YRS.2 MONTHS, AND 21 DAYS AGO! And am still grieving over losing her although I know she is in a much better place! Just being human—
        Take care and best to you–you do realize this is partly humorous? Got’ta have some humor in life or one could go bonkers–Sue had that sense of humor and I loved it for it!

      6. Linda Lee says

        Hell even the p resident doesn’t have the right to tell us what to eat, when to it , and where to eat it.

      7. The redhawk says

        Reading a list of DEMOCRAP scripted posts below.. it seems that Sasquatch Botched School Dictated Policies by the SHE Incompetent has now been turned by DIM DEMWITS ( Democraps that is) into BIRTH CONTROL.. Issues…Typical tactic to divert subject matter to confuse Themselves as usual…

      8. Richard Adams says

        All the lawyers are demoncrats.

      9. Saltporkdoc says

        She probably sees herself as “poor” as Hillary does…poor thing, and therefor has nothing to lose in a lawsuit. I’m glad I can help her and the girls get away once and a while! [Sarcasm abundantly!]

      10. The duck says

        Even better she never be allowed even close to schools. We need an Obama and Michelle free zones.

      11. Raleigh Swails says

        When BOs grandma said BHO was born in Kenya, I believe her. When his birth certificate looks as as phony as a $3 dollar bill, he impresses me as an imposter. His mentor was Zbignew Brezinski, the supposed Russian hater; but me thinks he is as phony as the1989 collapse of the Soviet Union – see NEW LIES FOR OLD by Anatoly Golitsyn. And just how much has Prez BO cut down our military forces? The U.S. Is going to pay a terrible price for aborting incoming souls that GOD guarateed a RIGHT TO LIFE!

      12. Elizabeth Miller says

        I like that and I shall encourage a few good lawyers I know to do just that

      13. Freedomsprice says

        Why hell we’re letting her husband exercise power he doesn’t have and no one is doing anything about that…..If we don’t stand up for what is right on all sides we may as well shut up and become their slaves….. Aaron Tippin said, it better than anyone” You’ve got to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything.”

      14. Nightwing K'Trevala says

        We should also charge the First Wookie with Child Abuse, Child Endangerment and Child Neglect, one count for each student in America as well as practicing medicine without a license for her trumped up attemps at being a nutritionist

      15. Nastasyana says

        Oh FCS! the american farmer needs to sell his vegetables and kids need to eat them. Hamburgers and french fries modified to become addictive are hurting our children and out country. Children are entering puberty earlier because of the hormones and who knows what in the fast food. Our american ancestors grew up on organic and so did the FF’s. What was good for them is good for us- don’t you think?

      16. Jean Witte says

        Amen! to that. She was not elected to anything and has NO voice in telling anybody what to do. While they are going after Hillary, Bill and Obama, let’s add Michelle O’s name to the list to get rid of. This beautiful country of ours is being overrun by vermin!

      17. ESQ says

        Or maybe the People should sue Mrs Obama for exercising power she doesn’t have!

      18. dinkerduo says

        But remember Hillarycare while she was flotus–she wasn’t elected either but that didn’t stop her from writing a Bill that would have made Obozocare look good!
        Now Laura Bush and Nancy Reagan did it the right way–Mrs. Bush INCOURAGED READING–didn’t mandate it–and Mrs. Reagan INCOURAGED–JUST SAY NO TO DRUGS–but didn’t mandate it either! Moooooch obozo is soooo out of her depth at doing anything–let alone do it right!

      19. Joseph Le Bard says

        How about there boyfriend micheal

      20. tamalam says

        The school districts still make the menus……they are now just expected to follow nutritional guidelines. Your god forbid kids eat some produce at school instead of frozen pizza. The slop you are seeing is the schools taking a cop out because they don’t want to actually cook. So they get whatever heat and serve has the right amount of calories on the side of the box rather than employ people who can actually….COOK!

      21. sniperbait66 says

        Impeach, Impeach, Impeach!

      22. LARRY PUCKETT says


      23. Dwight Mart says

        You are right, Michelle is not a certified nutritionist, dietitian, Chef, Doctor or anything to be able to demand certain lunch meals for children. Michelle the other day made different meals available for Muslim students so they could be alert from needed nutrition, I asked what about our children?.

    3. Miss Mellie says

      You can look at her HIPS and see she doesn’t eat raw squash and raw sweet potatoes.

      1. Randi Blunt says

        Miss Mellie
        Some people are built with bigger bones and/or have glandular issues. I think Michelle is gorgeous. What do YOU look like?

        1. Sam says

          They hang signs on trucks that she ought to wear; “WIDE LOAD” And who appointed her as dictator of the lunchroom?

          1. Randi Blunt says

            Post of picture of yourself before you criticize her. Your mud flaps are probably rated “O” (objectionable)

          2. Elaine Bruemer says

            Get your head out of her sand. I’ll feed my kids anything I damn well please.

          3. Miss Mellie says

            And you probably weight 400 lbs.

          4. Eric R. Johnson says

            Lost 50 pounds doing yoga, while having have a severe neurological disease. Please don’t assume people posting here live in any way an unhealthy lifestyle.

            Post your pic and weekly menu. I’m, sure you eat unapproved by Michelle foods all the time.

            And the lunch ladies at my schools fixed wonderful food… but if it was a menu, published in the paper, I did not like (tacos at the time) I did not eat them.

          5. Cranky Steven says

            Or “Toxic Waste.”

        2. Arnold Young says

          You have to be kidding! gorgeous not hardly. Mean- selfish-self centered-queen asperations all would be better descriptions .

          1. Miss Mellie says

            And she HATES America: quote – “In all of my adult life, this is the FIRST TIME I have been proud of my country.”

          2. Lloyd M. Jr. says

            Enough dummies voted for that POS.
            As a famous movie character said, “Stupid is as stupid does.” The Monkey-in-Chief and his wife are the epitome of that.

          3. PUG says

            What a piece of work she is.what a telling remark that was 2members of my family gave their live up so a pig like her could say that.

          4. Gunsmoke11 says

            She hasn’t shown it as of yet, check out her response to the American Flag at Ground Zero in New York, as what she says to Barrick Obama….. If she was Proud of this Country, she surely does NOT Show it in the least little bit…..

        3. Agustin Jauma says

          She is ugly and with a huge butt!!
          Broad wide shoulders more like a man!!
          Besides she has never been elected to any post whatsoever!

          1. Randi Blunt says

            A lot of women are far less attractive than her. Broad wide shoulders?
            She looked like a million in those clinging dresses for festivities. I wouldn’t mind having that…

          2. gian2012 says

            You’re welcome to it, her husbands prefers guys.

          3. Randi Blunt says

            And you know this because…?

          4. Bimu says

            ….and you know this HOW…?

          5. Cranky Steven says

            It’s a lie. Just because Putin raped him doesn’t necessarily mean he liked it.

          6. Mi Li says

            Randi get your head out of the sand EVERYONE that is honest knows he likes dudes. Put in Bath house Barry, Larry Sinclair and others. Stop drinking the liberal kool aid it makes you lib tarded.

          7. Glen says

            She did say that she was a Single Mother!

          8. Eric R. Johnson says

            You are welcome to her. Please keep her out of public life.

          9. Cranky Steven says

            Pelosi, Hilldabeast… you have a point. But, “she looked like a million”? A million what? Fat globules? Leeches? Venerial warts? IRS hard drives? Be more specific.

          10. Randi Blunt says

            Take it easy. It makes me sad to read all the hate on this post…including my come-backs. It just really gets to me that men of all ages, looks, weight…are never mentioned and most men are not as good looking as most women.

          11. Cranky Steven says

            Men are not as good looking as women as that is the way it is intended to be. But there are plenty of articles on the sexiest man alive type.
            A poll was taken and mickie was declared quite ugly by authoritive sources.

          12. joe says

            Most larval stage insects look better than Monkeywoman does.

          13. jmortensen says

            Are you gay?

          14. Dave R says

            even sicker

          15. mac12sam12 says

            Those dresses can’t be too clingy or the bulge in the crotch will be evident. The adams apple is also tough to hide.

          16. joe says

            A million what, twinkies yep that ass has room for that

          17. Cranky Steven says

            Has any agency checked her butt crack to see if the Malasian air liner crashed into it thinking it was the Chinese main land? Just asking.

          18. Glen says

            You must have seen the Photo of her Running In China With The Red (Communists) Flag! A

          19. Gunsmoke11 says

            Why do you want to look at her Butt Crack to tell anything from it, when all you have to do is look at her Fingers on either hand…..as they tell you whether she is Female or Male when Born….. Males have all fingers at different lengths, whereas Females have their Pointer Finger and Ring Finger is the same Length or a very small difference….. Michelle Obama’s fingers as mentioned with Females, DO NOT match-up as with ALL Females, they do match-up as a MALES….. Check it out !!!!
            GOD BLESS AMERICA !!!!

          20. Cranky Steven says

            I saw on CSNBC or somewhere that Mickey told Putin to “Pull my finger.” You know that old gag.
            He did and she let him have it but good. Now he wants better relations with the US. She showed him what the Obama’s are made of!
            God bless America!

          21. Gunsmoke11 says

            Obviously, Obama must have something to HIDE, as we ALL know it and the Proof is plainly seen with Michelle Obama’s Fingers….. it doesn’t change anything as to what anyone does to make it look as if they changed their SEX ( Male to Female or Vice Versa ), it still shows with their Fingers as to what SEX they were Born with and will remain that throughout their Life Span…..
            GOD BLESS AMERICA !!!!

          22. Patricia says

            Damn it Steven, now I’ve a mess to clean up. Just spewed coffee all over the keyboard! 😛

          23. Cranky Steven says

            Patricia, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have made that (get ready!) wize CRACK! Bwahahahah! Damn! Now my keyboard is soaking!

          24. Patricia says

            U B bad

          25. Cranky Steven says

            Very bad. Punish me. Make it hurt! 😉

        4. Steve Thomas says

          She has a fat A$$ because her mouth is bigger than the hole in back.

          1. Randi Blunt says

            You can post ‘asshole’, asshole. See? I just did.

            You hate black women, don’t you? Just small and skinny for you. You must have a long slick….

          2. gian2012 says

            Long slick what? Finger?

          3. Randi Blunt says


          4. William says

            I like black women but not one that has a moose head, If their mouth won’t stop just to eat I stay away from them gets on my nerves. If I don’t I would go to jail for bitch slapping them. Evidently Michelle has a motor mouth.

          5. Cranky Steven says

            Randi, you are a guy; why pretend? And why do you spell your name with an “i” at the end? Are you gay? Don’t be ashamed. Many are. Come out of that dank closet and roar!

          6. Randi Blunt says

            Randy with a ‘y’ is how to spell it when you are male. Randi with an “i” is how you spell it when you are female.

          7. Dave R says

            You are a GIRL?????

          8. Eric R. Johnson says

            But it doesn’t make you look good.

          9. Dave R says

            Some guys just like their women to look like women. Some guys like their women to look like men because they are still in the closet. A woman with man hands and man feet is not all that attractive. I would rather have a 300 pound trailer trash woman than one with man hands. Just my preference.

        5. delbertballing says

          You did know that Michelle is really Micheal, didn’t you?

          1. Randi Blunt says

            Not seeing it. You just hate her, not her looks

          2. delbertballing says

            Mens ring finger is longer than their index finger, womens are just the opposite. Look at Micheal’s!
            The good Lord says we are to love everyone, but hate the sin, and Micheal is a sin!

          3. Randi Blunt says

            Why? Because she is female and this is a War on Women society.

            What is the word for ‘man hating’ Dirt Ball? That’s right. No one knows because no one hates men.

          4. joe says

            War on women is a lie made up by the dumbocrats there is NO war on women and NO women even believe that unless they are witless dingbats.

        6. Timk says

          How Many “FAT” Skeletons You Seen?
          MORON……It’s a “MAN”..Check Finger Length & Adams Apple.

          1. Randi Blunt says

            And of course men are allowed to persecute women…never see or read about women calling men ‘fat’, ‘gross’, ‘ugly’ when so many clearly are. What’s up with that? And everyone knows ‘misogyny’ means hatred on women. I had to look of ‘hatred of men’ to finally get the word, ‘misandry’.
            I am a proud misandrynist.

          2. Eric R. Johnson says

            They do so all the time. You clearlybhaven’t been listening.

            Lots of people hate men. Makes about as much sense as hating women.

          3. Randi Blunt says

            Would you go out with me, Eric?

          4. Eric R. Johnson says

            You are waaaayyyyy to young to be going out with me.
            Besides you are married.

          5. Randi Blunt says

            I am 63. No word of lie. You are probably WAY too young for me, unless you need a cougar…and a very old one. True. We Geminis are the Peter Pans of the Zodiac. Go figure.

          6. Eric R. Johnson says

            You do sound in this thread like a very whiny grad school co-ed, which is why I had framed your age at between 21 and 25.(Emerson is mostly women, at least in the early 90s.)

          7. Randi Blunt says

            My whole life men have felt privileged in judging every aspect of me. Men I did not know just felt entitled to give their opinion on my hair, clothing, age, what I needed in life…and on top of all of that gave their predictions (what the future would hold for me). I guess many of them were whiny grad school-nerds majoring in Sociology. Maybe I was part of their assignment. Who knows? I just lost all respect for you. I tried to be nice. Forget it. (make that VERY whiny Sociology nerd).
            Don’t look for me again here. I am, thankfully, gone…..

          8. Eric R. Johnson says

            This is what happens when you become a pedantic irrational troll on comment board. You brought everything here on yourself, and I don’t have to feel bad becasuse you don’t like me. (Support of Michelle Obama is unforgivable, it really is. She has been elected to no office. She is supposed to be seeing to White House decorations and entertaining, at most, something Nancy Reagan was critcized for, and the quiet raising of presidential children.)

          9. joe says

            So you hate all men huh there must be an underlying reason for that and I am very afraid to find out what that might be

        7. pamlois says

          Thunder thighs was brought into the Rev’s club to match undesirables (that would be Michelle) with someone who wishes to be ‘validated’ as a public figure (Barry) who is gay. Guess you haven’t seen prior photos of her before the designer team went to work on her. Quite frankly, haven’t seen much of an improvement. As they say, you are what you are.

        8. gian2012 says

          I look like the same gorilla Michelle looks like and I’m a male age 70. In your eyes does that make me gorgeous too?

          1. Randi Blunt says

            I don’t see what you see

          2. joe says

            Are you into eating the carpeting?

        9. Miss Mellie says

          She has BIG HIPS and she has an under bite. I am not the issue.

          1. Randi Blunt says

            You are the issue, snob! Bet you could win Mrs. American hands down! Again, I ask for a photo ID (because the one shown here is butt ugly)

          2. Miss Mellie says

            There you go again: NAME-CALLING. No I’m not the issue. I am not trying to dictate what people should or should eat. Geez! You have so much ANGER. Perhaps you’ve been bullied or you’re a small man?

        10. Cranky Steven says

          I agree. Mickie IS gorgeious for a hippo.

          1. Randi Blunt says

            Gorgeous for a woman (otherwise known as the female of the homo sapiens).

        11. Patti1947 says

          You need your eyes checked if you think she is gorgeous. She is ugly on the outside and inside.

          1. Randi Blunt says

            Patti……small minds supposedly went out with the 1950’s. Too bad you never got an enlargement.

        12. SCSOCAL says

          There is no accounting for taste Randi. The Obama’s lack any kind of grace and class!

          1. Randi Blunt says

            NOT I hope to meet them as I see them as the epitome of grace and taste.

            Oh…you probably prefer moose-hunting, “you bet’cha”, phony-baloney Sarah Palin with the I.Q. of 80 (if that). The “I can see Alaska from my bedroom window” cunt who lies like a rug and loves to hate anyone not just like her. The worst excuse for womanhood imaginable and a disgrace to our nation of women. She did not know Africa was a continent (” ‘Africa is a country, doncha know? And all those separate areas must be …uh…states? counties?’ ” She would have become Leader of the Free World if McCain had become president and died while in office…the myopic and bumbling ‘can’t find my parking space’ guy…yeah…that one.

          2. Eric R. Johnson says

            cunt? Aren’t you a gracious woman?

          3. Eric R. Johnson says

            Worst excuse for womanhood imaginable? Worse than Susan Smith, who killed her kids because the man she wanted as her new boyfriend?

          4. Eric R. Johnson says

            The Reagans and the GW Bushs were the epitome of class. JFK and Jackie, too. Obamas haven’t a clue what class is.

          5. Eric R. Johnson says

            It was I can see -Russia.- California is 12 miles from my parental home. Part of the metropolitan area where I was raised is in California, some of it to the North (Susanville, ) West (South Lake Tahoe to Verdi to Truckee), and South (Bishop).
            As a result, Ihave a keen eye for (Northern) California. I know it’s government structures, It’s business environment, and various other things, as the 2 states are so connected.

            It’s the same with people in Holland who live on or near the German border. Because they came receive German TV and have many German friends in the near-in region, they can speak German and have a keen understanding of (Northern) German Issues.

            I could see the sun set over Belgium on a 5 minute ride behind my dorms in grad school, and Flemish is a mere dialect of Dutch, being called the same official name even: Nederlands.

            And people in Mass. know a lot about Rhode Island, Vermont, Maine, and New Hampshire, just as people in NYC know a lot about (Northern) New Jersey.

            Being that close to a place makes yoi know a lot about the issues of that place.

            Tell me do we still Jam each other’s radio? No.

            So In Wasilla, it’s possible to hear the radio and see the TV broadcasts, assuming one has the appropriate TV, likley not hard to procure given the proximity as well.

            Nobody in Wasilla speaks Russian? No Ferry nearby? Nobody across the way speaks English? News travels, especially locally.

            So for you to make her declaration from spmething like I have described into something to be ridiculed is an attempt for you to discredit her, for whatever reason it is you don’t like her.

            Why is that,by they way? Whay makes the left so animated about Palin, if she is in fact such a dult?

            By the way, they stopped doing IQ tests a very long time ago, and those who have had one were few and far between, anyway. What is yours, and when and where did you have it done. And why?

            What is Michelle’s? Obamas?

            The smartest among us are doctors and military–>airline pilots over 50.

            Not politicians.

          6. mac12sam12 says

            You’re a hypocrite when you talk about a war on women then say Sarah Palin has an IQ of 80. Sarah Palin as governor had an 80% approval rating. She also didn’t say she can see Russia from her window, Tina Fey said that on SNL so your criticism is not based on reality. Obama said there were 57 states. He said his grandfather was one of the first to free the inmates at Auschwitz, when in fact, it was the Russians that freed them. Obama is the most incompetent president in history.

          7. Randi Blunt says

            I guess you missed the Katie Couric interview when Sarah said, “You know, you can see Russia…” And Katie asked what she meant by that. I used Tina Fey’s ‘poetic licensed’ version, but it means the same thing. Sarah did say it to Katie and Katie never got an answer to her question, “What did you mean by that?” because Sarah didn’t have one.

          8. joe says

            Hey sweety ever hear of editing, go fetch me a sammich beyotch

          9. mac12sam12 says

            Right, you’re stretching it. The democrats always talk about ”The war on women.” The war is liberal men who say false or demeaning things about conservative women. This is why I have zero respect for progressives. The hypocrisy is blatant.

          10. joe says

            That is another left wing lie that NEVER happened the whole I can see Alaska was made up by the media, nothing but creative editing and if you had a functioning brain cell you would know this was already proven true. You are just too damn lazy to seek the truth Palin is a very intelligent woman where as you are about as smart as a can of soup.

        13. j0e cave says

          you must be blind as a bat

        14. Mi Li says

          Haha good one.

        15. babaluba says

          O ja, tell me from wad side you see this “gargoil”?Shie personovies ogliness wischesness and disdain for the America.

        16. Gunsmoke11 says

          WRONG, she is NO Different than any other Female when it comes to her Fingers…. Females have their Pointer Finger as the same Length or slightly different, but as with Males, these same two Fingers, there is a significant difference, as the Ring Finger is LONGER in Length….. Comparing Bones or the shape of a person, means NOTHING, but looking at their Fingers, this will tell you without a doubt as to what SEX the person is beyond a Shadow of any Doubts….
          If you care to ask Snopes about it, go ahead, they will Confirm this as well…..
          GOD BLESS AMERICA !!!!

        17. Dave R says

          Sick, have your eyes replaced.
          I looka like a man, so me and Mrs. Obama have something in common after all.

        18. mac12sam12 says

          Michael has two taxpayer funded makeup artists. It also amazes me what they can do with a bucket of paint and a roller.

        19. joe says

          WOW really that jagged toothed rockbiter should wear a sack over her head so she does not scare off all the small children in the area. She looks like the spawn of a malformed scrubwoman and has an ass she can hide a cooler full of snackcakes in. You need to get your eyes checked, maybe even removed.

      2. Rick Van Horn says

        I would supose she is a a regular diet of bananas, like all of the other monkeys in the white house

        1. Miss Mellie says

          Hmmmm. Well. Bananas are a good source of potassium!

    4. Sam says

      How many kids have opted to bring their own lunches? A female Adolph Hitler of the lunchroom. I would really love to see what her kids (if they are hers) eat at lunch or even at home!!!!!

      1. Bimu says

        6 heads of lettuce, 5 bunches of carrots, 4 spears of asparagus, 3 bowls of Special K, 2 French Kisses and a swift pat on the bu–uu–tt!

      2. Randi Blunt says

        You are the Hitler. Heil!

        1. drstonesr1 says

          Why should some first lady be able to dictate and mandate to the citizens like she does? The school her daughters attend feeds them all the foods that are restricted in public schools.

        2. Eric R. Johnson says

          Godwin’s law states the first one to make a comparison of their opponent to Hitler and or the NAZIs loses the argument.

          1. Lloyd M. Jr. says

            “(Anyone who makes) a comparison of their opponent to Hitler and or the NAZIs loses the argument.”
            Only a fool would buy that one.

          2. Eric R. Johnson says

            Godwin’s Law is an internet adage that is derived from one of the earliest bits of Usenet wisdoms, which goes “if you mention Adolf Hitler or Nazis within a discussion thread, you’ve automatically ended whatever discussion you were taking part in.”


            Mike Godwin coined his observation as a “natural law of Usenet” in 1990. For more information about Godwin’s Law, check out the original FAQ page. According to the online slang dictionary Jargon File:

            : Godwin’s Law: /prov./ [Usenet] “as a USENET discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches one.” There is a tradition in many groups that once this occurs that thread is over and whoever mentioned the Nazis has automatically lost whatever argument was in progress. Godwin’s law thus practically guarantees the existence of an upper bound on the thread length in those groups.

            While Godwin’s Law was originally conceived for the Usenet newsgroup discussions, the humorous rule remains just as applicable today in any threaded online discussion, such as message boards, chat rooms, comment threads and wiki talk pages. Since the dawn of online discussions, Godwin’s Law has been used as an indicator of whether a thread has gone on too long, who’s playing fair and who’s just slinging mud and who finally gets to “win” the discussion.

            In 2007, Slashdot noted that Godwin’s Law affected an ongoing, highly public dispute between Linux author Linus Torvalds and the GNOME project.

            A May 2007 issue of Randall Munroe’s webcomic xkcd anachronistically portrays Allied officers trying to discuss Axis military tactics, but being interrupted by Godwin’s Law.

            Similarly, a November 2007 issue of Jeph Jacques’s webcomic Questionable Content, entitled “Godwin Wars”, referenced (and contrasted) Godwin’s law and the reductio ad Hitlerum.

            In October 2007 issue, Wired published a “Geekipedia” piece that includes an entry for “Godwin’s law” among “people, place, ideas, and trends you need to know now”.

            By 2007, The Economist had declared that “a good rule in most discussions is that the first person to call the other a Nazi automatically loses the argument.”

          3. Bimu says

            This is cool. Thanks for sharing. I’m not big on internet ‘stuff’ because I prefer privacy and the intimacy of friends and friendship.

        3. Lloyd M. Jr. says

          You, Randi, are sure the modern Hitler, right after Moochelle Ma Belle.
          Go on, Randi… you know you want to do the sound a cow makes…

      3. francesca9 says

        you should see her kids menu at their private school………gourmet! they don’t eat what she wants ours to. someone posted their school menu on line…it was very enlightening!

      4. Glen says

        She would never go to their $60,000 per year Elite School and Demand They Feed Her Children Anything!

        1. Bimu says

          She doesn’t have to. “They rule by fear and if need be by fiat”. Believe their arrogance as it pervades their essence.

    5. Arnold Young says

      I hope he will because we need all the help we can get to stop this ever intrusive government!

      1. Randi Blunt says

        Yeah, let’s all become Redumblicans. Too dumb to make ANY decision. They fear Obama’s intelligence and demeanor.

        1. Arnold Young says

          Whoo-Whoo-Whoo. Are you really trying to say that the S.O.B. in the White has intelligence and demeanor? I have no idea what world you live on but I want to know so I can mark it OFF my vacation list.

        2. mac12sam12 says

          Obama’s so brilliant he’s hidden his academic records. I guess Affirmative Action couldn’t help with his grades. Bill Ayers wrote his book. He was also the first person to head the Harvard law review and never write a word. He was also told to give up his law license for lying on his bar application. Michelle had to give her license up or face trial for insurance fraud. Nice people!

        3. joe says

          HA HA HA he has the brains of a chimp with downs syndrome and he is a lying traitor he is also guilty of murder or at least he is an accomplice to murder. He is a Muslim loving steaming pile of shi7. He has been a total failure as a president and in fact as a human being. He has the mentality of a 5 year old ,blames everything on someone else refuses to take responsibility for anything, wastes millions of taxpayer dollars on vacations for him and his apelike wife. He is a joke hated by the vast majority of the country only the stupid ones still follow him. He has attempted to destroy this country, violated his oath of office trampled the constitution and you say something as stupid at that. WOW you are not too bright why don’t you go vacuum something sweety. This traitor is the worst joke of a semi human being EVER TO HOLD THAT OFFICE PERIOD!!

    6. dhwilson58 says

      I’m sure she eats a seven course meal twice a day with all kind of snacks in between! Her manly size tells all !!! Oh, her and Barry was complaining the other day about the cake baker that’s leaving the White House and how they could only eat cake on weekends now due to Barry’s high cholesterol, That pretty much sums it up! Kick her evil butt out of our country, send her to Barry’s home country where she said she’d love to go back and live there with the girls. You know the ones that are being rented for looks sake !!!

      1. Randi Blunt says

        Palin is ‘manly’ appearing to me. Michelle O. is just feminine and pretty.

        1. catman says

          Randi, you have a taste for s–t !!! I don’t think you would know a “pretty” woman if she kicked you in the ass.

          1. Randi Blunt says

            One did once. Because I was prettier than her…(wink)

        2. bobwhite1935 says

          You’re just a racist. What do you think of women in general? How about hillery clinton she your type?

          1. Randi Blunt says

            Thanks for the support. You get ’em, kid!

        3. francesca9 says

          get your eyes checked, i wouldn’t call her feminine or pretty but not ugly either. she just doesn’t wear clothes well. not exactly ann romney!

          1. Randi Blunt says

            Ann Romney…the cheerleader you loved to hate in high school. Now SHE is ugly. Both inside and out.
            And you, Francesca, are a female misogynist. Why don’t you tell me about an ugly MALE instead of attacking a woman who wants the best for your family and never did a thing to you? C’mon! Let’s get the ugly men mentioned for once! Oh, that’s right…men are absolutely divine. One small feature that is a bit ‘off’ on a female and we rip her to shreds.
            But men with their hideous pot bellies. . .the hairy, farting, walking beef disgraces NEVER get picked on! I challenge you, Frannie…pick on a guy. Just one. And no cheating. Pick an ugly guy…they are everyone, far more prolific than ugly women.

        4. Eric R. Johnson says

          You have got to be kidding. The problem with Sara Palin is that she -is- feminine, hot, and politcally articulate. If she were ugly, she would not have caused such a problem for the press and the left.

          1. Randi Blunt says

            Sigh. No use arguing with a pea brain. She left her job as governor of Alaska and fired some innocent dude for flashing the ‘finger’ sign (and it was not at her even though she deserves it). I speak the truth as I have friends in Anchorage and I lived there when Sarah lived in Wasilla.
            Your idea of femininity is obviously different from mine. We saw her in a parade five years ago…she is a big woman. Her hair will never be a modern style because she thinks it is beautiful the way it is (if she lived a few decades ago, then maybe).
            I think Penelope Cruz is hot…Sophia Loren at 79 is hot…
            I think so many women are hot, but not Sarah. And I am a married woman to a very hot guy (women hate me for it). We both like observing beauty in both sexes, which in your Gomer Pyle mind is analogous to being ‘gay’. Sorry…too big of a word for you?…will tone it down for your limited grey matter.
            Politically articulate? Whoa….Ms. Palin cannot even put a coherent sentence together and she wants WHO??? for president.
            My Alaskan friends called me to tell me about a comedy act in Anchorage last weekend that was all about Sarah Palin and they were rolling on the floor. Everyone left the theater screaming, ‘You betcha!’ Tina Fey would have been proud.

          2. Eric R. Johnson says

            Pea brain? Glad to know you can use ad hominem so well and so easily to make your points. Why do you need to cast me as something less than you (M.A. Communications, Emerson (Maastricht Campus,) 1995) at the outset?

            And If I am not worth it, why do you make the effort?

            She did leave, yes. But she was elected, and there is something to doing that, even when you are from a small predominately Republican state, just as I am.

            Many people in Red states find “decorum” a major aspect of life. If he flashed the finger, and she fired him with authority to do so, what is the problem? And what difference does it make to whom the finger was given?

            Her hair will be redone if she runs in a presidential campaign of which I have participated in 2 at an executive level.

            So you think Penelope Cruz is hot. Fine. Clearly others, including Saturday Night Live, see her as good looking

            You are married woman to a very hot guy…. hmmm do you brag a lot? I live in LA, where he would likely be a 6 instead of an 8.

            Women also hate other women for having nice(r) shoes.

            My Gomer Pyle mind, who gave a valedictory speech at Emerson?

            In our study of Aristotle at Emerson, he did not recommend ad hominem as a primary or any other tool for pursuading and thus convincing people toward your point-of-vew.

            Analogous too big? Why do you constantly need to bash your debate partner?

            My second language is German, and my third Dutch, which I can speak, read, and write well enough to speak to the King or any member of government about any issue under the sun. Did 24 minutes in Dutch on the Radio inAmsterdam on 8/2/2012 regarding the election.

            My mother in my foreign exchange, now in it’s 24th year, calls my German perfect, and she doesn’t speak English.

            So after living abroad for 15 years, I have 3 completely different sets of analogy to use when making communicating a given idea.

            I have also programmed computers using 3 different computer languages, 2 high level and 1 low-level. Can you develop software in Assembly Language? Cay you abstract to that level? How are you are at using base 16?

            Yes, politically articulate, as she can whip up a crowd on the campaign trail, which causes them to be ativated into the political process.

            In Nevada there is an annual tradition known as “Sheep Dip,” referring to the Basque population in Nevada, where all of the politicians, left and right, make venemous but hilarious skits about each other and the poloitical doings of the previous year.

            Alaskans seem to have a sense of humour. Good for them.

            What did you gain by your post here? Two jabs at me?

          3. Dave R says

            hair makes the woman.

          4. mac12sam12 says

            Wrong again. After her campaign run for vice president she was being sued for made up ethic violations that was costing Alaskans millions of dollars in court fees.

          5. joe says

            You are a brainwashed liar and wow I pitty the man that is stuck with you. I would rather slam my penis in a car door than have to live with a woman like you

        5. joe says

          Oh my god the beast makes me want to vomit my liver out

      2. drstonesr1 says

        If that’s how she really feels than she should leave there is nothing holding her back from going to another country.

        1. dhwilson58 says </