Michelle Obama’s School Nutrition Agenda Has No Basis In Science


Nebraska experts are shaking their heads in dismay over the new federal guidelines for school nutrition. They believe – as many students do – that the new guidelines are too strict and have taken the power of choice away from the kids. “We might have changed the school but we haven’t changed the child or our world,” Diane Zipay, the director of nutritional services for the Westside School District told Omaha’s KETV.

Therein lies just one of many problems with Michelle Obama’s wellness campaign and the 2010 Healthy Hunger-Free Act that blossomed from her activism. Kids may be stuck with granola bars, whole wheat bread, and vegetables at the school lunch table, but that doesn’t prepare them to make healthy choices when they get home. In fact, psychology suggests that these kids will be even more likely to chase down a donut after school when they have been forcefully deprived all day.

Some of the rules now in effect at Nebraska schools – and schools around the country that have chosen to participate – restrict snack calories, remove salt packets and shakers, and reduce drink options to diet soda, water, tea, and milk. When schools opt out of the guidelines, they risk losing federal funding. This isn’t a choice many public schools can afford to make.

But What About Our Kids?

The arguments against these kinds of restrictions seem to fly in the face of common sense. After all, we have a major obesity problem in America; why shouldn’t the federal government be doing everything they can to stem the tide? Conservatives will argue that the feds should stay out of local schools altogether, but the day we elect someone willing to get rid of the Department of Education – or at least severely restrict its influence – will be the day we see winged pork in the grocery store.

The problem is that “common sense” doesn’t always work in situations like this, and liberals should know better than to think they could apply it anyway. Two years after the Healthy Hunger-Free Act became law, a Pennsylvania State University study was published. Researchers followed thousands of American students from kindergarten through to the eighth grade. One group of students went to schools where junk food was banned while the other set went to schools where it was allowed. The results? There was a statistically insignificant difference in the rate of obesity between the junk food kids and the no-junk-food kids. In other words, what schools offered or didn’t offer made no difference at all in how fat the students got.

But how could this be? Well, it’s simple: kids aren’t getting the majority of their junk food out of the school lunch line. They’re getting it from home. That means that Michelle’s major accomplishment as First Lady has done nothing but grow the government that much more. This probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise to anyone who has closely watched this administration, but it’s certainly interesting. For all of the criticism Democrats like to lob at Republicans for being anti-science, they don’t mind ignoring a study or two if it doesn’t fit their pre-determined philosophy.

  1. Carrie Barton says

    I am so tired of this administration and will fight to save my Republic.

    America is craving for a leader. One who is not afraid of taking charge. A person that will protect it’s citizens and make America strong. Help us keep America’s Republic strong. sign the petition for Dr. Carson to run in 2016. http://www.runbenrun.org/petition?recruiter_id=207883

    1. helen sabin says

      He is a good man and I would like to see him as VP first. I would like Cruz or Gowdy in as PRES and Carson as VP. I would also like Palin in as VP too. There are many conservatives who would fit the bill. For a tough nut, consider Alan West – I like that guy!

      1. Carrie Barton says

        What we have to do is make the GOP listen to us and not put someone in we don’t want. They have there own agenda. You and I have our country at heart; GOP does’nt

  2. LMW51 says

    This Obama program will only last as long as they are in the White House. The Free Lunch program depends not only on federal money but on paying students paying. Since those students are opting out and packing their lunches, the schools are losing money.

    Beyond that, this program once again highlights the hypocrisy of the liberal mind. Trash cans full of wasted food. Empty bellies. They preach the “compassion” of filling bellies that are empty all the while it is the trash can that is being filled. It is always the intent that counts with a liberal and never the result.

    1. Merle Dickey says

      It is all about control with her and her icky husband,

      1. helen sabin says

        ICKY is right – equivalent to worms, snakes and pond scum.

        1. Peggy Joseph says

          and bottom feeder

        2. Merle Dickey says

          How funny, I call him pond scum all the time. Glad I am not alone!!:)

    2. jayleigh says

      But, some school lunchroom “guardians” are taking away the home-packed bag lunches and bringing the student the cafeteria food and then charging the parents for the meal. Some districts have “outlawed” bag lunches! That is taking away the parents’ right to make decisions regarding their children’s diets. Not only that, but MO’s diet doesn’t take into consideration children with special dietary needs – it’s a “one-size-fits-all” (which, btw – her meal plan does NOT fit all!).

      1. Korny says

        Liberal Democrats fire another salvo. Vote for Hillary for more of the same.

        1. Peggy Joseph says


      2. helen sabin says

        My kids would be out of that school in a heart beat or I would sue them if they took away my kids’ lunches.

        1. jayleigh says

          My kids had excellent meals in their elementary school years. i would not have stood for this nonsense either. But then, like me, my kids were physically active and never overweight because of their physical activity. i was careful about their nutrition at home, as well, but the government didn’t own the schools until the Carter and then good ol’ boy Clinton began to hold out money to School Districts if they’d just walk lockstep with the liberal agenda… “ain’t it the truth” that money can sway almost all of the idealogies if it is offered in great enough quantities?

      3. MrSwingGuitar says

        Wow, if what you say is true, that’s shocking. On the other hand, if it’s total made up crap (which I suspect) you’re just another right wing liar. I’d love to see proof that schools systems are “taking away the home-packed bag lunches”. Please provide a link to a reputable source for this information, and I’ll be happy to apologize for ever doubting you.

        1. jayleigh says

          What do they pay you to troll here? YOU look it up! It has even been in some of the liberal newspapers. Just google it – you know how to do that, don’t you? But then, you are a paid goon on these blogs, so i don’t waste my time on your opinion – it’s simply spoonfed to you by your handlers. i’m laughing at you. Yuk, yuk, yuk.

          1. MrSwingGuitar says

            Hey…I just did Google it, and found that there was ONE elementary school in Chicago whose principal implemented this policy in 2011. This was of course a local decision, which had NOTHING to do with federal directives. I think it was a misguided policy on the part of the principal, though I understand her viewpoint. You, on the other hand, are clearly just a doctrinaire hater….what “special dietary need” would demand high fat, low nutrition food? All schools that I know of try to deal with food allergies and such, some even banning any peanut products because one student has anaphalactic response to them. Oh, and the idea that anyone who disagrees with your narrow minded view of the world MUST be paid to do so is laughable. I’d consider getting professional help for your paranoia if I were you.

          2. Peggy Joseph says

            There are more than that out there fool!!!!

          3. MrSwingGuitar says

            That’s the only example that shows up on Google. If you care to point me to articles that prove this is an endemic problem, I’d be happy to read them. Unlike most of the people on here, I read articles in order to get better educated, not just to reinforce my prejudices.

          4. LastGasp says

            Then apparently you need to learn how to use search engines. Take some lessons in manners while you’re at it. We like our trolls to be courteous.

          5. jayleigh says

            Laughing at you… i know you get paid to troll on conservative sites… have fun – we just laugh and go on our way…

        2. Peggy Joseph says

          They have had several articles on the lunch cops taking bagged lunches from students, since this he/she decided to assert it’s so called power, so guess you are behind or just don’t care to listen or read, my advice is…………stfu.

          1. Whistlebritches says

            LOL…… love it

      4. LMW51 says

        Yes, some over zealous “lunch inspectors” have taken away a packed lunch and provided the school lunch to a student…as in NC last year. However, when one follows the story one finds this:

        “The child’s mother took action. She anonymously wrote her local paper and called a state representative. The North Carolina rep contacted the school regarding the issue and the school issued an apology. The child’s lunch was deemed acceptable after a second review.”

        The is another school in Chicago where the Principal has decided to ban home packed lunches; it would be up to the parents in that school to fight to have that policy over ridden. But this school has been doing this for over six years – it has little to do with Michele Obama’s attempt to take over the school lunch program.

        And that doesn’t change the fact that Obama’s program is slowly bankrupting the free lunch programs and without increasing the federal funding the her takeover will die a slow death once she leaves the White House.

        1. jayleigh says

          Thank you – i read those two accounts at the time they happened, but to recall which news source, date and time when some buffoon-troll demands it is a bit impossible. Thank you for posting these instances. There are more. The Omaha School District in NE has decided to forgo the cash and provide a menu the kids will eat. Trolls get paid to troll…

    3. helen sabin says

      I used to teach in the K-12 level and had good meals in school. Tasty and seemingly well balanced. What happened??

      1. jayleigh says

        Moochie happened! And her power-hungry golfer-boy – they truly believe “the state” knows best. You can take the boy out of a Marxist regime, but it’s nearly impossible to get Marx, Alinsky, et al out of the “boy” – like Nero, he plays while the world is in shambles and true threat of WWIII – but, his socialist beliefs can only focus on subjecting America to the socialist agenda.

  3. Mark Clemens says

    Today is the 13th anniversary of 9-11
    God have mercy on all the departed souls that day. Except the Hijackers
    May Osama bin Ladin burn, rot, and be tortured in hell!!!!
    Obama was on TV last night, talking about aiding Syrian Rebels, Extermination of ISIS. Made it clear he won’t let no country abhor these people.
    All this publication can comment about is how bad it is that Mrs. Obama wants you to eat your veggies???????
    Would someone please give me the money to start a media outlet. I remember what journalism use looked like………

    1. Arnold Young says

      You might try The Blaze. it seems to be even handed and even has some good news!

      1. helen sabin says

        Just watch out for Glenn Beck. He is going more and more “religious” and NOT posting dependable research. So double check everything coming from him.

    2. maxx says

      Hey Mark, know anybody that knows or is close to the Koch Brothers? They have her hands in all sorts of businesses; why not a “Real News Media Outlet”.

      1. Mark Clemens says

        Don’t know anybody who even know them. We have down to earth millionaires here in Nashville. I’ll give you a mighty fine example.
        In 09 Nashville flooded. FEMA Cut checks, then as fast, FEMA wanted their money back…..(go figure)
        Garth Brooks stepped up big time. He don’t publicly perform a lot. He did 7 shows in 5 days, $50 cheap seat, $125 good seat. He gave 100% of the money to the people FEMA stiffed.
        Never heard of Soros or Kotch’s helping people out like ours do…….

        1. helen sabin says

          Soros NO – he helps only those who help him politically. The Koch Brothers through AFP donate to local things like the recall of John Morse in Colorado Springs, Co and Angela Giron in Pueblo, Co. Without the AFP and the NRA we wouldn’t have been able to get rid of these two corrupt anti-second amendment slime balls. They donated thousands to the locals here in our efforts to clean up our state government. BOTH are DEMS by the way!

          1. Mark Clemens says

            Here in Tennessee I haven’t heard a peep from any political parties. In my district (4th) The RINO (Dejarlaes) beat the Tea Party (Tracy) candidate by 38 votes. Why don’t the Tea Party raise some hell here, like in Mississippi? I actually voted for Tracy. Dejarlaes talked his wife and mistress to both get abortions so he wouldn’t have to pay child support. This should of been EZ pickings…….hu?
            Why don’t the Tea Party get off the elephants back? Organize your own party. The Standard here in Tennessee to establish a party is rather low. You only need 20 members in each county……

  4. Jane Jessee says

    When did this idiot get the UNELECTED POWER to make these decisions? Diet Soda???? are you kidding me? it is full of aspartame, a known chemical detrimental to good health. Her mandates are illegal and someone in Congress needs to stop this: additionally, Dept of Ed needs to be shut down, along with EPA, Labor, Health and Human Services, and anything J. Carter or Truman put together.

    1. starcass says

      You are right, Jane. These departments are completely unnecessary and go against the 10th amendment. Every state has different problems and each state should have their own guidelines. The only reason to keep them is to grow the federal government and its power.

      1. MrSwingGuitar says

        I repeat, the Department of Labor was established in 1913, during the (Republican)
        Taft administration. HEW (the forerunner of both the Education and
        Health and Human Services departments) dates from 1953, during the
        Eisenhower administration. The EPA was authorized by an executive order
        of President Nixon. But then, I suppose all these Republicans were
        “RINOs” because they didn’t happen to hew to the anti-intellectual and
        narrow minded agenda put forward by today’s extremist Tea Party types.
        I’m sure that these facts won’t shake your beliefs, as you will no doubt
        merely ignore them.

        1. 7papa7 says

          These agencies were NOT out of control when they were established and did a pretty good job, now they are dangerous because of the powers they have taken on to themselves. ONLY congress has the right to make laws. All of these agencies need to be ended or under very very very strict control of congress. My preference is to dump them like a bad habit. They have become useless especially under the marxist idiot in the white house.

          1. MrSwingGuitar says

            So, you’ll then agree that the nutritional guidelines put forth in the article above are okay, right…after all, they were authorized by an act of Congress. One other thing: how do you explain someone you call a Marxist bailing out giant financial institutions and assorted other corporate entities? Surely, if he WERE a Marxist, he would have seized the opportunity to nationalize all of them.

          2. Merle Dickey says

            No sense talking to an indoctrinated follower . God help you . But i bet you aren’t religious are you?

          3. autrypma says

            I found this out with a great guy friend. When he said he thought Obama was doing a good job, I sent him a few e-mails. He said that was just hate mail and I needed to quit looking at that. I asked him what planet did he live on..So, I mailed him some REAL pubished information from JUDICIAL WATCH…they currently have 50 to 100 lawsuits against Obama, DOJ, many others. They are the ones who actually blew the whistle on the IRS and their threatening intimidation policies. I haven’t heard back from him…That is ok, I know what I believe in, and it is justice and freedom for all. You can’t change an indoctrinated follower…they follow blindly…

          4. Merle Dickey says

            I follow Judicial Watch also. They have really pinned him to the wall on a lot of things but a liberal will not listen to reason , they are full of hate for any one who doesn’t believe the wy they do .I believe what I see happening and I read true information. And this man is setting this country up for failure! I don’t want to live in a socialist country! Neither do I want to live under a NWO. Why do we have to live the way one man has decided we should!! And he would have total control of our lives while he lives high on our tax dollars which would be at least 50% of what we make!!

          5. MrSwingGuitar says

            Merle Dickey, last time I checked, this country is governed by elected officials. First among these is the president, whose powers are kept in check by the congress and the judicial branches. I take it that you did not vote for Mr. Obama. That is of course your right as an American. It’s also your right to bitch about losing the election. What ISN’T your right is to make bogus claims and expect to get away with no contradiction. This article has no factual basis, for the reasons I cited above. Trust me, I hate no one. I don’t even really hate Dick Cheney, though I fear his soul is lost, and I very much regret the damage he’s done in the world. I don’t know your age, but certainly if you’re 100% opposed to any form of socialism, you’ll have to opt out of collecting social security, or signing up for medicare. You’d also need to avoid driving on the interstate highway system, or expecting any federal relief in case of natural disaster. Sane societies don’t really on scary names, they use what works and discard what doesn’t. Trying to divide the US into groups that refuse to talk to one another is a good recipe for disaster. Hence, I attempt to keep up a dialogue with those with disparate opinions. I’ve learned things this way, but this page has nothing worthwhile on it; it’s just frightened and ignorant people who aren’t even paying close enough attention to the article above to realize that it contradicts its very premise.

          6. Guest says

            Except that his “powers” are NOT being kept in check.

          7. Krazeehors says

            Ovomit’s powers are NOT being kept “in check.” He stood at his podium last evening and bullied everyone in America when he said, “I have the power to act unilaterally.” He told all of us, “It’s my way or the highway, folks.”

            How is it that you KNOW/FEAR Dick Cheney’s “soul is lost,” when you know NOTHING of his relationship/lack of relationship with Jesus Christ???

            Separating people based on their various characteristics was once tried as a social experiment in one of our schools. It was called “blue eyes brown eyes.” You should read it. It is quite interesting.

          8. MrSwingGuitar says

            Every American president since Truman has asserted their right to act unilaterally in situations like this. I don’t agree with this, but singling out Obama is foolishness. As far as Cheney goes, if you think that you can do anything in this life, no matter how evil, and then find redemption just because you have a relationship with Jesus, well, we’ll just have to disagree.

          9. Krazeehors says

            Then, you don’t know Jesus.

          10. LastGasp says

            Why is singling out Obongo foolish? Because you believe so? I’ve got news for you, your opinion is just that, an opinion. My opinion is that Obongo deserves to be singled out as a liar, fraud, megalomaniac, sociopath, and traitor. He deserves the ultimate punishment for trying to ruin this great country. Don’t you see what’s been happening?

          11. MrSwingGuitar says

            My beliefs have nothing to do with this. If you’re upset because Obama has used executive actions, and you were not when previous occupants of the office did the same thing, the problem is yours, not his or mine. As this is a free country, you’re allowed to believe whatever twisted nonsense you wish, just don’t expect to not have someone call you on your lies.

          12. LastGasp says

            Who died and made you the arbiter of justice? Did I say anything about E.O.s? No, I did not, but you did. My twisted nonsense eh? Who says it’s twisted, you?
            Your beliefs have every thing to do with this discussion, but you assume that your beliefs are facts and we should think so, too.
            “Do you think it’s a good idea to let gross misstatements of fact go unchallenged?” You posted. Just explain why you are the truth police for this discussion. What makes you so special? You want to call me a liar you better back it up with more than your progressive liberal opinion. Where I come from if you call someone a liar you better have a damn good reason or be prepared to have the shit kicked out of you.

          13. Krazeehors says


          14. MrSwingGuitar says

            “LastGasp, you put yourself in the middle of a discussion on executive appointments, and then are confused that I address that issue? Everything I have stated as a fact is a fact. All you said above was that you accuse the president of being a liar, fraud, megalomaniac, sociopath, and traitor. That’s nothing that can be responded to, because it says nothing factual. If you care to actually cite examples, there might be something worth talking about. I DO believe Obama to be a liar. I would also call everyone who’s achieved high electoral office the same. To call the president a sociopath might possibly expose your own sociopathic tendencies (further illustrated by threats to “kick the shit out of you”), but it says nothing about him.

          15. LastGasp says

            I was not confused at all and that discussion had many elements besides recess appointments in it. Somehow you have decided to be the moderator here,,,you want to guide the discussion, you want people to prove things when you won’t, you use ad hominem attacks on people who don’t agree with you, and you think your shit doesn’t stink. I really don’t care if I provide you with something to talk about, it’s not my desire nor inclination to keep you happy.
            Krazeehors was correct when he said Ovomit was unique in making ILLEGAL RECESS APPOINTMENTS. The ones you provided (without a source) were legal. If you do not know what a sociopath is it’s time to do your homework. I did not threaten you, I mentioned that if you want to impugn someone’s integrity you better be prepared to back it up. Like most progressive liberal/commies you put words in other people’s mouths then make an argument based on flawed data.
            Why do you insist that you need to “call out” people whose opinion differs from your own? Get off your high horse and learn some social manners. Not political correctness, just the manners your mother should have taught you.

          16. Krazeehors says

            And, picking a spot to land.

          17. Michael Dennewitz says

            Last gasp… When you stand before a wall and preach to it, do you ever actually receive any intelligent answers? LOL

          18. jayleigh says

            No – not in “situations like this” – and actually the POTUS cannot even declare war when Congress is in session without Congressional approval! If Congress is not in session, the POTUS only has powers to act unilaterally in EXTREME SITUATIONS, such as a dire threat to the security and safety of this country. The POTUS does not have the power unilaterally to make recess appointments that are NOT CRITICAL to the operation of the government. There is NO CONGRESSIONAL APPOINTMENT other than that of VP (should that office become vacant by reason of death) that the POTUS should EVER have to use his EO to fill a post. Not in this day and age of swift travel. That clause was put in to give the POTUS certain powers when Congress was in official recess – and in their home states far from D.C. – which “home” for a congressman back in 1776 would have been a great distance unless he actually resided in VA or Maryland near the D.C. border. You forget that a distance we can travel in a matter of hours now, was several day’s of travel in the 1700s and into the 1800s. Now, it is only a few hours by jet to D.C. from almost anywhere in the USA. So, once again, you’ve shown your ignorance of American History and the U.S. Constitution. There are very few “situations” that would allow the POTUS to become a dictator and rule without consent of Congress! You need to study American History and take a class in what we called “Civics” when i was in H.S. – that was basically U.S. Constitution, the Founding Documents, Bill of Rights, and U.S., Government. The schools have ditched those important classes in favor of “multiculturalism” so no one will be “offended.” grrrrr

          19. MrSwingGuitar says

            Recess appointments made by president George W. Bush: The following relates to recess appointments made by President George W. Bush.

            A. Paul Anderson to be a Federal Maritime Commissioner August 22, 2003. [1]

            Michael J. Bartlett to be a Member of the National Labor Relations Board January 22, 2002. [2]

            Warren Bell to the board of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting in December 2006. [3]

            Andrew G. Biggs was named to be Deputy Director of the Social Security Administration April 4, 2007.

            John R. Bolton as U.N. Ambassador in August 2005, after having been blocked by the Senate. Bolton was Bush’s 106th recess appointment. (FSRN 1 Aug ’05)

            William B. Cowen to be a Member of the National Labor Relations Board January 22, 2002. [4]

            Susan E. Dudley
            to be Director of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs
            (OIRA) in the U.S. Office of Management and Budget on April 4, 2007.

            Eric S. Edelman as undersecretary of defense for policy to replace Douglas Feith in the No. 3 position in the Pentagon. “Democrats on the Senate Armed Services Committee led by Carl Levin
            of Michigan, their ranking member, stalled Edelman’s nomination to
            force the release of documents related to a specialized intelligence
            unit Feith set up before the conflict.” [5]

            Gordon R. England to be Deputy Secretary of Defense, January 4, 2006. [6]

            Alice S. Fisher
            to head the Criminal Division in the Department of Justice, after the
            “nomination stalled over tactics at the Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, naval
            facility.” [7]

            David W. Fleming to be a Member of the Board of Trustees of the James Madison Memorial Fellowship Foundation (Public) August 22, 2003. [8]

            Peter Flory as an Assistant Secretary of Defense, after having been blocked by the Senate. [9]

            Sam Fox was named Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenifotentiary of the United States of America to Belgium on April 4, 2007.

            Cynthia A. Glassman to be a Member of the Commission of the Securities and Exchange Commission January 22, 2002. [10]

            C. Boyden Gray
            to be the Representative of the United States of America to the
            European Union, with the Rank and Status of Ambassador Extraordinary and
            Plenipotentiary January 17, 2006.

            Jay Phillip Greene to be a Member of the Board of Trustees of the James Madison Memorial Fellowship Foundation (Academic) August 22, 2003. [11]

            Floyd Hall to be a Member of the AMTRAK Reform Board, January 4, 2006. This is the second time that Hall was appointed in a recess appointment. [12]

            Tracy A. Henke
            to be Executive Director of the Office of State and Local Government
            Coordination and Preparedness at the Department of Homeland Security. [13]

            Isacc C. Hunt, Jr. [14] to be a Member of the Commission of the Securities and Exchange Commission January 22, 2002. [15]

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            Peter N. Kirsanow to be a Member of the National Labor Relations Board, January 4, 2006. [17]

            Charlotte A. Lane
            to be a Member of the United States International Trade Commission
            August 22, 2003. She was nominated on June 7, 2002 and again on January
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            Robert D. Lenhard to be a Member of the Federal Election Commission, January 4, 2006. [19]

            Deborah Matz to be a Member of the Board of the National Credit Union Administration January 22, 2002.

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            Steven Kent Mullins to be United States Attorney for the District of South Dakota, vice James E. McMahon, January 9, 2006. [21]

            Julie L. Myers to be Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security (Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement), January 4, 2006. [22]

            Daniel Pearson
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            John Richard Petrocik to be a Member of the Board of Trustees of the James Madison Memorial Fellowship Foundation (Academic) August 22, 2003. [24]

            Charles W. Pickering, Sr. to Federal Appeals Court January 17, 2004, from which he had been blocked twice by the Senate. [25][26]

            Daniel Pipes to be a Member of the Board of Directors of the United States Institute of Peace August 22, 2003. [27]

            Benjamin A. Powell to be General Counsel of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, January 4, 2006. [28]

            Anthony J. Principi as chairman of the Defense Base Closure and Realignment Commission, as well as eight members of the Commission, April 1, 2005.

            William H. Pryor, Jr. to 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals February 20, 2004, “in the face of a Democratic filibuster of the nomination.” [29][30]

            Otto Juan Reich to Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs January 11, 2002. [31]

            Ellen R. Sauerbrey to be Assistant Secretary of State (Population, Refugees, and Migration), January 4, 2006. [32]

            Eugene Scalia to Solicitor of Labor in the U.S. Department of Labor January 11, 2002.

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            Dorrance Smith to be Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs, January 4, 2006. [34]

            Enrique J. Sosa to be a Member of the AMTRAK Reform Board, January 4, 2006. This is the second time that Sosa was appointed in a recess appointment. [35]

            Michael E. Toner to be a Member of the Federal Election Commission
            March 29, 2002, for the remainder of a term expiring April 30, 2007;
            first announced November 21, 2001, and nomination sent to Senate March
            4, 2002. [36]

            Juanita Alicia Vasquez-Gardner
            to be a Member of the Board of Trustees of the Harry S. Truman
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            Hans von Spakovsky to be a Member of the Federal Election Commission, January 4, 2006. [38]

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            John Paul Woodley, Jr. to be an Assistant Secretary of the Army (Civil Works) August 22, 2003. [40]

          20. Krazeehors says

            Yeah. And Congress was ACTUALLY IN RECESS.

            Others were TEMPORARY appointments (John Bolton comes to mind.)

            And the Supreme Court has ALREADY ruled that Congress wasOT in recess when he made those appointments, sir!! Therefore, they were ILLEGAL!!

            Obama: I have a pen and a phone.

            Reid has 333 bills on his desk that he refuses to take to the floor of the Senate. He does NOT get to decide which ones are “worthy of debate.” It is HIS RESPONSIBILITY to bring EVERY BILL to the proper committees, and then for the committees to send them to the floor for debate by the whole Senate; and THEN for a cloture vote to either stop or continue debate.

          21. MrSwingGuitar says

            Come on, “Krazeehors”, you had just stated in the post above “There is NO CONGRESSIONAL APPOINTMENT other than that of VP (should that office become vacant by reason of death) that the POTUS should EVER have to use his EO to fill a post. Not in this day and age of swift travel. That clause was put in to give the POTUS certain powers when Congress was in official recess – and back in their home states far from D.C. – which “home” for a congressman back in 1776 would have been a great distance unless he actually resided in VA or Maryland near the D.C. border. You forget that a distance we can travel in a matter of hours now, was several day’s of travel in the 1700s and into the 1800s. Now, it is only a few hours by jet to D.C. from almost anywhere in the USA.” That statement says NOTHING about recess (which is when the overwhelming majority of Obama’s appointments have been made). Don’t be such a weasel.

          22. Krazeehors says

            I stand corrected on the Citizens United issue and the fact that it was NOT a bill, but that is where I draw the line.

            The FACT is that Ovomit USED the provisions of that case/superPACS, etc., to raise MORE campaign money than ANY presidential candidate in our history. It’s the truth, and you know it. The Court has ruled it Constitutional, and that is good enough for me. He turned down matching Federal Election funds, used that case to raise unbelievable amounts of money, and then had the unmitigated GALL to stand before the United States Congress, his Cabinet, his Joint Chiefs of Staff, his military generals, and the Supreme Court and the American people to INSULT the highest ranking judges in the land. I agree 100% with Samuel Alito’s reaction to those insults, by the way.

            I figured that you don’t “like Ovomit,” but you sit by and do NOTHING to try to stop him except to get on these threads to find out if “anyone disagrees with what you believe.”

            Recess appointments ARE recess appointments. Ovomit KNEW that Congress was NOT in RECESS when he made those appointments. He did it to pack the Labor Relations Board without having to go through Congress. He got sued. HE LOST. THAT makes him, in my humble opinion, LOWER THAN A SNAKE’S BELLY.

            You mention in yet another response that Bill Gates has donated millions of dollars to the poor in Africa. Yes, that is a noble gesture. However, when WE have HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of poor CHILDREN and FAMILIES in THIS COUNTRY, I don’t understand. THEN, he complains about what a “racist” country we are, then I believe he should put at least some of his money where his mouth is. Same-same for Mark Zuckerberg.

            I was born in Omaha. I am very well aware of Warren Buffett’s reputation, sir. And, yes, he got rich by being a greedy skinflint. He got rich by paying almost NO Federal Income Taxes because he didn’t EARN any WAGES — just like Romney did, by the way. Now, he OWES the Federal Government over ONE BILLION DOLLARS in unpaid Income Taxes, and he HAS owed that money for YEARS!!!!

            George Soros?? YES!! He ADMITTED to being a Nazi Collaborator in an interview on 60 Minutes. His EXACT words were, “If I didn’t do it, somebody else would have.” That makes him ALSO lower than a snake’s belly. And this country DID, INDEED persecute John Demjanjuk. All charges against him were eventually dropped, partly because he died, but also because there was no proof. So my question is this: WHY did the US arrest and deport him, after he came to this country, made a life for himself, raised a family, etc., and they ALLOW a piece of CRAP like George Soros to stay??? BOTH of them were Nazis. Demjanjuk’s role will probably never be fully known. Soros has made no bones about what he did.

            Soros stated goal is to bring down the United States financial system. He has already done so in Great Britain and in other countries.

            And again, that makes him a criminal who doesn’t deserve to live in this country.

            And, I am NOT a weasel. You have made a huge generalization about recess appointments because, well, gee whiz, things are different now than they were then.

            The law is the law, sir. NOBODY has the right to circumvent it, including the POTUS, whoever he may be. I don’t like him, but not because he is black. I don’t like him because he is an incompetent, racist, lying piece of crap.

          23. MrSwingGuitar says

            Why on earth would you assume that I’m in favor of huge campaign contributions from Soros, Buffett or anyone? Obama raised lots of money from small donations, and got lots more from rich people. Why? Because in the current situation you cannot be elected president without spending an incredible amount of money. I think that stinks. The Citizens United decision is undoubtedly against the spirit of our country. The current supreme court found that such donations are constitutional. Presumably this decision was based on research and previous decisions. Neither you nor I are legal scholars (well, I’m certainly not) so I can’t truly judge that. The proposed constitutional amendment that was voted down by GOP senators would have brought things into a state far less liable to have billionaires control the results of all major elections. It specifically stated that there was to be NO abridgement of free speech and the first amendment, so using that as an argument is totally specious. As to Mr. Gates, as I said he has donated BILLIONS, not millions, to help curb malaria in Africa. Unless you think that people are worth less if they don’t have US citizenship, the fact that he decided that he could best save lives by his foundation concentrating on this is commendable. Just think of all the good that could be done here if ALL the billionaires who fund our elections took that money and put it to work fixing poverty within our borders. As to the recess appointments, I merely pointed out that you stated there is no justification for them in modern times, and claimed that Obama was unique in using this power. I gave numerous examples from the Bush administration that proved you were completely incorrect. The fact that you STILL refuse to admit that you were caught in this inconsistency confirms your weaselness to me.

          24. Krazeehors says

            I was trying to compare, without mentioning any names, that the Koch brothers, the Romneys, the CEOs of MANY conservatively owned companies give MILLIONS of DOLLARS in AID to noble and necessary causes in THIS country. I wasn’t trying to insult Bill Gates.

          25. MrSwingGuitar says

            There are definitely conservatives who give freely to worthy causes. I certainly didn’t dispute that at all. It certainly seemed like you criticized Gates for donating immense amounts of money to save lives outside the US. My guess is that, if he could have accomplished as much good for dollar invested, he would have done so in the US as well….I frankly have no idea to what degree he has supported other charities, as I don’t believe he publicizes all that he does.

          26. Michael Dennewitz says

            Give it up “broken guitar,” You no longer make any sense… And stop snorting that shit, eh?

          27. Krazeehors says

            NONE of them acted without consulting Congress.

          28. LMW51 says

            See, here is a prime example of how a liberal argues.

            According to you, no First Lady has EVER been criticized in the same way as Michele Obama.

            But, also according to you, EVERY President has used his “phone and his pen” to circumvent Congress’s restraining powers on the Executive Branch.

            Sir, reasonable people know that the NUMBER of Executive Orders is not what they should be looking at. Reasonable people understand that the ACTION the Executive Order takes is what matters.

            And also typical of the liberal is the tendency to over generalize about their political opponents…i.e. “this page has nothing worthwhile on it; it’s just frightened and ignorant people who aren’t even paying close enough attention to the article above to realize that it contradicts its very premise.”

          29. MrSwingGuitar says

            As you clearly are someone who has thoroughly researched this, perhaps you’d like to enumerate by category all the executive orders of the last ten presidents and how all the others differ significantly from those made by president Obama. I’d be most interested to share in this knowledge. My guess is that there is no substantive difference, other than the reaction of the knee jerk type to the current chief executive.

          30. LMW51 says

            Your “guess”? Nice way to be informed….by guessing.

            And yes, I have researched them. But I’ve learned that it is a waste of my time to present the evidence to a liberal. So how about this? I’ll give you the links and YOU can do your own research.

            http: //www.archives.gov/ federal-register/ executive-orders/wbush. html

            http: //www.archives.gov/ federal-register/ executive-orders/obama. html

            But here’s a little bit of help….The “take care” clause of the Constitution empowers the President to “take care” that the laws passed by our congress are faithfully executed. It doesn’t give the President the power to make law or to decide which parts of a law are to be enforced and which are not.

            The Dream Act failed in Congress so President Obama changed the deportation laws of our nation. Can you point to somewhere that Bush did something similar?

            The Free Exercise Clause of the Constitution does not allow for the federal government to discriminate against those who are practicing their faith; yet this President has deemed that the federal government will not do business with any business that refuses to ….oh, let’s just say….doesn’t offer health benefits to same sex couples – which there is no federal law at this time stating that they must. Instead of congress passing such a law, President Obama made a law all by his lonesome. He decided that American folks who don’t believe the same as he does forfeit their rights to do business with the government. Can you point to an example of Bush doing that?

            And we could discuss all those changes he has made to the ACA couldn’t we? You know, the law that was passed by Congress in his first term but hasn’t been implemented as congress wrote it to be implemented.

            Oh, never mind. Arguing with a liberal is as I’ve already said – simply a waste of time.

          31. MrSwingGuitar says

            There is certainly no abrogation of anyone’s right to practice their faith as they choose in the order to not do business with companies that deny health benefits to same sex couples. A company, first of all, is not a person (despite Citizens United) and cannot have a religion (Churches would be an exception to this, but I can’t see where they would ever have government contracts, as separation of church and state is guaranteed in the Constitution). An individual, whether the CEO of said company or a low level employee remains free to use whatever moral religious compass they choose in their personal life. If you grant a business the right to discriminate because of the religion espoused by someone involved in the business (as did the extremely poorly thought out Hobby Lobby decision..talk about making laws without congressional approval!), you open the door to a company stating that they will not hire black people, as their religion states that they’re the descendents of Cain, or that (if said person is a Christian Scientist) that they will just not provide any health insurance, regardless of the federal regulation. I can hardly take the weeks necessary to read through all of Bush’s executive orders, but I can mention one: the creation of the Office of Homeland Security. He by fiat created an entirely new bureaucracy that has had an extremely chilling effect on personal freedom in the US (I thought conservatives valued liberty). As to Obama’s immigration policies (which have resulted in record numbers of deportation, I might add), here’s a link to Fox News (not generally known as a haven for left wing extremists) on what is legal for the president to do in that regard: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2014/08/02/obama-has-room-to-maneuver-on-immigration-changes/

          32. LMW51 says

            I would say that the recent Hobby Lobby SCOTUS ruling disagrees with you; and add that I thought liberals hated the “slippery slope” argument?

            Somehow I knew you’d find it difficult to take the time to do research rather than continue in “guessing”.

            Oct 8 2001 Bush E.O. “Sec. 2. Mission. The mission of the Office shall be to develop and coordinate the implementation of a comprehensive national strategy to secure the United States from terrorist threats or attacks. The Office shall perform the functions necessary to carry out this mission, including the functions specified in section 3 of this order. ”

            Difference between this and the Dream E.O? Congress had NOT previously been unable to pass a law regarding the new agency that would facilitate intelligence sharing between agencies – something that had failed pre-911. Furthermore, while the various agencies worked within the boundaries of the E.O. Congress was writing and preparing to pass a law regarding DHS.

            From the Obama Administration’s own website: “With the passage of the Homeland Security Act by Congress in November 2002, the Department of Homeland Security formally came into being as a stand-alone, Cabinet-level department to further coordinate and unify national homeland security efforts, opening its doors on March 1, 2003.”

            Shall we discuss how Obama has expanded all the very things that liberals opposed in the Patriot Act?

            As for Obama’s record of deportation, those who pay attention know those numbers are not quite accurate:

            Department of Homeland Secretary Johnson questioned in a House subcommittee indicated that a large chunk of the 368,644 people deported by ICE in 2013 were essentially caught at the border.

            Culberson: “But under the Obama administration, more than half of those removals that were attributed to ICE are actually a result of Border Patrol arrests that wouldn’t have been counted in prior administrations.”

            Johnson: “Correct.”

          33. Whistlebritches says

            Its the waste of your valuable time and anyone else’s time to attempt to reason with this idiot. mrSwing feels he knows it all (expert on every thing) no one knows more than him (in his mind) and if you don’t agree with his ideologically view he reverts to the usual LIB. tactic (spin doctor). Much like banging your head against a wall in order to open the door next to you. (not an intelligent action)

            He is so tedious in his ideas of how his little world is and feels its his duty to cram his views down anyone’s throat obviously reflects his scued mental capacity. (poor bugger)

            Bottom line is… “ya just can’t fix STUPID”. Funny how the little troll side tracks to off topic this article from Mooschelle’s mandated school meals to his expertize of all historical and current political events. As for myself, I will not acknowledge his postings and ignoring his nonsensical ramblings. Lifes just too short to turn ones attention to such irritating hemorrhoids.

          34. Krazeehors says

            Yeah, I know. I just didn’t have anything else to do today. It’s raining. Arguing with him is like the perpetual argument with a little kid who is continually asking “Why?” only to receive the answer “Because.” You know the rest.

          35. jayleigh says

            You really don’t know recent World History, do you? i mean that sincerely – you really believe what you are saying regardless that history shows it not to be valid. You are exactly like the Europeans and Russians who blindly followed charismatic leaders who expounded on the virtues of wealth redistribution and using epithets like “greedy rich” to get the “common folk” to follow their line of drivel. My generation, the “baby boomers” grew up in the shadow of the “hammer-and-sickle” in post WWII – our parents lived through that war, and my uncles and cousins fought in that “war to end all wars” which was the second war to end all wars, because WWI was supposed to do that. Totalitarian thinkers always make utopian promises, but the utopia is only for the ruling class, not the common folk who lose everything, along with the rich. We who are now in our 70s and 80s see with clarity where we are headed, but we’ll never be able to convince you who are gullible that we are on the verge of another round of Social Injustice, posing as “salvation” for the masses of “downtrodden.” You don’t understand that YOU aren’t a part of the ruling class; you are just a humble citizen like the rest of us and you won’t receive any upgrade in your status just because you are swallowing the party line of the day. You don’t get it – when “the party” was through with an informant, he/she wasn’t rewarded with riches and houses and land – they were “ex” for a reason – they became EX-TINCT – get it? Socialists do NOT have the welfare of the common person at heart…they don’t even have the welfare of the state at heart…the only welfare they have in mind is their own. Read up on good ol’ altruistic Adolph and see how many houses, mansions, and pieces of stolen artwork he owned; check on how much jewelry, furs, furniture and trinkets of vast worth he possessed. But, then, read about his suicide in the bunker… you are frightfully naive!

          36. MrSwingGuitar says

            What on earth are you talking about? I lived through the cold war as well. The USSR was an abomination (Russia today isn’t much better). It was never an actual communist regime, just another totalitarian dictatorship, like Franco’s Spain, Mussolini’s Italy, etc. The USA during that period was also very intolerant of divergent opinions, though we (mostly) didn’t send political prisoners to gulags, we just blacklisted them so that they couldn’t find any work. All governments are geared to serve the rich, regardless of what they call themselves. In the US, it doesn’t matter that much which party is in power, as the important economic decisions are made by the same group of billionaires. This was brought home yet again yesterday when the Senate killed the proposed amendment to overturn Citizens United, a decision that insures that the ultra rich will continue to determine who is allowed to run for national office.

          37. Krazeehors says

            And the DEMOCRAPS have used this particular bill and subsequent SCOTUS decision to their advantage. That INCLUDES your hero, sir — Barack Hussein Obama, who used the decision to raise more campaign money than ANY presidential candidate IN OUR HISTORY!!

            This bill has been debated, passed into law, brought before the highest Court in the land, and declared Constitutional.

            You continue to rail about “the billionaires,” when you are CLEARLY talking about the Koch brothers, yet you REFUSE to say ANYTHING about the DEMOCRAP billionaires:

            George Soros — who could buy and sell the Koch brothers many times over;
            who is allowed to remain in this country even though he is an ADMITTED Nazi Collaborator (remember what he said on 60 Minutes?), ,and we persecuted and deported John Demjanjuk on charges that were later debunked;

            And the DEMOCRAPS use this decision to THEIR ADVANTAGE, sir. This bill has already been voted on in the Supreme Court. IT IS CONSTITUTIONAL.

            Warren Buffett — who owes over $1 Billion in unpaid Federal Income Taxes;

            Bill Gates — who NEVER (or RARELY) donates ANY of his money to the poor in this country, even though the need is clearly there;

            Mark Zuckerberg — who doesn’t even know WHAT he wants, because he just fell into his riches by accidentally developing his social media site, Facebook, and now uses his position to censor the American public who disagree with Ovomit’s policies.

            Also, there are MORE millionaires in the House and Senate who happen to be Democraps than Republican.

          38. MrSwingGuitar says

            Is all you ever do make assumptions based on no evidence? My guess is that, had this proposed amendment made it out of congress, BOTH parties would have worked to defeat it. Do you have such minimal observational powers that you haven’t noticed that I’m not a fan of President Obama? Incidentally, Citizens United was NOT a bill passed in congress. It was a supreme court decision, which affirmed the unchecked right of any corporate entity to spend unlimited amounts of money to achieve their political ends. Do you actually find this a good thing? If so, please explain. p.s. Gates has donated BILLIONS to African relief, which has so far saved hundreds of thousands of lives that would have been lost to malaria. If you find that to not be a worthwhile use of money, please explain your position there as well.

          39. Guest says


          40. Michael Dennewitz says

            WOW, you’ve snorted tons of that shit, eh bubbah???

          41. Michael Dennewitz says

            What’s that old addage??? If you spread BS long enough, (tell a lie long enough ) you actually start believing it?? Think it goes that way. ROFLMAO

          42. Krazeehors says

            Yeah? Say that to every mother and father who lost a son or daughter in Afghanistan during his time in office.

          43. autrypma says

            I have learned about how the liberals think. Don’t understand why they can’t think beyond the box…Why they believe in him so much, why don’t they realize what this is doing to their families, their children…but I can see this blind belief in several friends…they do not read newspapers…which are so liberal press, do not watch e-mails (I sent several e-mails to a friend in NJ…after he said “why are you so
            against Obama, I think he is doing a good job, then he said” didn’t he
            look good on tv the other day” (when Obama was in the tan suit). I do not want what
            I think of Obama in print.(they are also trying to take away our right to free speech).. my friend says they are hate mails…but many are true, and you cannot convince them of the disaster that is about to hit us…basically they are un-informed, believe what their Democrate friends are telling them…
            AND NOW OBAMA IS ASKING FOR 5 MILLION – to fight terrorist, but would not

          44. jayleigh says

            Five BILLION !!! i think his green fees just went up.

          45. autrypma says

            Sorry, I was too easy on him…5 Billion is correct…a million is nothing to him, just go on and shoot for Billions…

          46. Michael Dennewitz says

            Well…. my situation will undoubtedly sound like I’m whining, but: Like some, I’m damned glad that I’m old. I served my country during the Vietnam “CONFLICT,” and at one time, I was getting disability of $1379. mthly. A year ago that was reduced to a mere $1.33.. Yes, I printed it right.. $1.33 !!! And just three months ago, I was told by the US Treasury that they would be withholding 1/3 of my social security, which they are now doing!! Pardon the he’ll out of me if I’m no longer “proud!”

          47. MrSwingGuitar says

            The only reason for me visiting sites such as this one is to see if there are any real arguments that contradict what I believe. If there are, I want to know about them. I don’t have the time to respond to every foolish post here, but (as I said) this article is total nonsense, for the reasons noted in my previous posts. If you are not blinded by partisan biases, you would see that. The fact is that I am no fan of President Obama (nor with any of his predecessors). If you can’t summon actual logical arguments to support claims such as this article states in the headline (fact: It’s not Ms. Obama’s doing, it’s a law passed by congress; fact: nowhere in the article does it prove that the nutrition balance put forward by the program is unscientific, if merely alleges that one study showed that kids didn’t perform better in terms of short term obesity on this diet), then expect to get called on the lies and misstatements made.

          48. Krazeehors says

            The problem with your argument, sir, is this:

            Michelle Obama proposed and advocated this legislation based on her VERY LIMITED KNOWLEDGE BASE about nutrition in general, the most basic nutritional requirements of ANYONE, let alone our children, AND how to determine exactly WHAT is “healthy” versus what is NOT “healthy.

            Trust me, the food guidelines are NOT something that just appear magically on paper. And, those guidelines are SUGGESTIONS.

            Michelle Obama did exactly what her husband did. She shoved those people who know the most about children and their needs — i.e., THEIR MOTHERS — under the bus!! She didn’t even BOTHER to talk to our kids or their mothers, and, when she visited our schools to advocate for her “platform” as first lady, the kids who were forced to attend were not even ALLOWED to have a drink of water, visit the restroom, OR eat their lunch!!! This went on in various schools for as much as EIGHT HOURS.

            Every single day in this country, HUNDREDS of nutrition scientists are RESEARCHING various types of nutrients, foods, how those foods are processed, prepared for human consumption, you name it. I happen to have a bachelor’s degree in Dietetics and am preparing to return to school for a second bachelor’s and a Master of Science in Human Nutrition.

            It is a HUGE and rapidly expanding field and it is people like Michelle Obama who give ALL dietitians a bad name.

          49. Whistlebritches says

            VERY well said. Ty for your take on this subject.

          50. Krazeehors says


          51. jayleigh says

            It is not so much a matter of “high calorie” school lunches as it is a lack of exercise. i’ve looked at my school class photos from the 1950s and there wasn’t a fat kid among us. We played HARD at recess – we ran, jumped, skipped rope, and in winter, we built a huge fox-and-geese ring and played that game almost ever recess. We wore ourselves out at recess, and when we came in (oh, and there was no teacher supervision on the PG, but no one got hurt severely, and no one got into fights, nor were there bullies)…so when we came in, we were exhausted. Our teachers had us put our heads down on our desk and she read to us for 15 minutes for a cool-down period before resuming our class work. We walked to and from school even in the coldest of winter days. We wouldn’t have considered asking for a ride to school. We played outside after school until dark… my goodness, kids are such pansies today. It’s not the calories in the food, it’s the lack of physical activity. sheesh! You must have gone to school during these past years of hover-teachers and helicopter-parents.

          52. MrSwingGuitar says

            I’m in total agreement that more physical activity would be a wonderful thing for kids today. I’m 63 years old, and my school experience resembles yours in this regard. You can mandate that there be a recess, but you can’t force kids to be active then. In the city I live in, many schools don’t have playing fields for sports. Here in California, funding for public education has plummeted from when we were near the top to today when we’re something like 45th in the nation. If we as a nation took education more seriously and funded our school systems as they deserve, our entire country would be in far better shape.

          53. Krazeehors says

            I shouldn’t be surprised by your liberal slant toward everything.


          54. Krazeehors says

            I googled “Michelle Obama and School Nutrition,” sir. I got over 100 hits on that subject. Also, she worked with Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack in developing the school nutrition rules, and she was up to her eyebrows involved in championing the 2010 Healthy Hunger-Free Act, and if you bothered to look up the subject instead of just spouting the liberal line of crap, you would know that.

            I know why you don’t, of course. It is much easier for you Democraps to blame Republicans by saying “Those BAAAAAAAAAAD Republicans!! All they want to do is STARVE our children.”

            It was NOT Reagan who said that Ketchup was a vegetable. It was people who WORKED for him when they were trying to determine exactly WHAT could be counted as a serving of vegetables, and they STARTED with pickle relish because it was easily illustrated. Of course, you probably DON’T know that Reagan summarily FIRED the people who came up with that as well.

            The ONLY reason it was a “hot button” issue at the time was because Nancy Reagan raised PRIVATE DONATIONS to purchase a whole set of White House China for State Dinners, at a cost of $209,000.

            Want to know why? Because when they came into the White House, it was in TERRIBLE SHAPE from the mess the Carter’s left it in. There was not even a complete Service for Eight, and while there was a whole bunch of china, it was not uncommon for foreign dignitaries and other visitors to be served on mismatched China. And there have been NUMEROUS people, both Democrap and Republican who compared the White House to a peanut warehouse after they left. Read Ronald Kessler’s books.

            My objection to Michelle Obama is NOT personal. My objection is because of the FACT that she has summarily IGNORED the advice of HUNDREDS of Nutrition Professionals who have been EDUCATED in the subject.

            Her baseline calorie count of 850 per day INCLUDES every calorie the kids eat PER DAY, not just what they receive at school. It does NOT take into account the fact that kids are GROWING. It does not consider athletes. When she visits a school, those kids are FORCED to sit in the auditorium, gym or whatever for HOURS before she arrives, they are NOT allowed to use the restroom, they are NOT allowed a drink of water, and they are NOT allowed to even EAT one of her school lunches.

            The program is expensive. The kids do not like it. They throw away more than they eat.

            You make assumptions about me that simply are not true. When I took my lunch to school, my mom always made sure we had a sandwich, carrots or celery, a piece of fruit, and a dessert in the bag. We were given ten or fifteen cents to buy milk and were NOT allowed to buy sodas.

            I HAVE heard and SEEN stories of children from various parts of the country who had their lunch bags or lunch boxes SEARCHED and had their lunches confiscated. Why? Because it had a HOME BAKED or Commercial dessert in the bag!!! Yet, the lunches served in the school were either CLOSE to or EXACTLY the same as what the schools were serving sans dessert.

            School lunches have LONG been an object for political fodder from both sides of the aisle. The biggest lobby when I was growing up was Coca-Cola and PepsiCo. Con Agra was a growing company back then.


            Because just like our legislators try to tell our soldiers what they can and cannot have or what they do or do not “NEED” to defend themselves on the battle field.

            The LAST TIME this country was attacked was on 9/11/2001. Of course, I am sure you feel that was all just a big W conspiracy. You would be wrong, sir. We went to Afghanistan to eliminate al Qaeda. Ovomit pulled us out of Iraq when al Malicki refused to give the US a workable SOFA agreement and insisted that American soldiers who committed something as innocuous as a misdemeanor be subject to Iraqi law and Iraqi (SHARIA) punishment. He didn’t have the balls to stand up to al Malicki, and he doesn’t have the balls to stand up to ISIS.

            And I feel the way I do about Michelle Obama’s bully pulpit regading school nutrition because she has NO NUTRITION EDUCATION whatsoever. She has summarily IGNORED real NUTRITION PROFESSIONALS and real NUTRITION EDUCATORS to have her own way.

            I have told you several times that I have a Bachelor of Science WITH HONORS in Food and Nutrition/Dietetics. I am preparing to return to school for a SECOND Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Human Nutrition — something we Nutrition Professionals USED to call “Womb to Tomb Nutrition.”

            It is a passion with me. So, I read and study absolutely EVERYTHING I can get my hands on about the subject.

            And your weak argument that Civil Rights or lack thereof caused black kids in the South to have substandard books, substandard lunches, and substandard everything is just that — weak.


            The difference??

            We had fathers in our homes. And the fact that far too many little black kids and future gang-bangers did not is NOT MY or ANYONE ELSE’S FAULT!!!!

            Except, of course, for the FACT that Eisenhower introduced Civil Rights legislation, and Democraps and fellow KKK members fought against it tooth and toenail. Republicans were responsible for PASSING that legislation.

          55. MrSwingGuitar says

            Why on earth are you going on about Nancy Reagan buying expensive china? That has nothing to do with anything being discussed. It is illustrative, however, that you criticize the Carters for being economical with white house expenses and you criticize the Obamas for not doing so. A trifle schizoid, are you? I’m not going to take the time it would require to deal with all your stuff, but the last misinformation can’t go unchallenged. Eisenhower DID make some moves to deal with the more gross racial inequities, just as Truman had integrated the military. The “Dixiecrats” lobbied against anything that promoted racial equality, but it was Johnson who championed the Civil Rights Act and muscled it through congress in his heavy handed but effective manner. I can list for you the votes by party on this, if you’d like…both parties had substantial numbers of no votes, but without the Democratic administration pushing with all its might, it would not have been enacted. It totally amuses me that the same groups that called Dr. King a communist agitator when he was alive and did everything they could to stop him now worship him as a saint, while totally neglecting to understand that, were he still alive, he’d be fighting the racial inequity that still exists (and they insist has vanished). By the time of Reagan’s election, the “solid south” was solidly in the GOP corner, and believe me it wasn’t the newly enfranchised black people who put it there…it was the old time segregationists.

          56. Krazeehors says

            Okay, let me try this again:

            I brought up Nancy Reagan’s purchase of White House China via private donations because — now pay attention here — YOU OPENED THE DOOR by bringing up what came to be known sarcastically as “Ketchup Gate.” As ANY judge would tell you, because you opened the door by bringing up “ketchup as a vegetable,” I was allowed to post what you so conveniently left out.j

            Why? Because BOTH of these issues hit the wire service at the SAME time. The LSM seized on it, using it as propaganda. One particular nasty attack from the media and Democrap liberals centered around the premise that “Our President and his family can eat from $209,000 fine china, but our SCHOOL CHILDREN are FORCED to eat Ketchup.” And yes, I DID look it up.

            I criticized the Carters? I have never seen the White House and never been to Washington D.C.

            I HAVE, however READ voraciously about the White House in particular because it is on the registry of National Historic Sites. I suggested you read Donald Kessler’s books. I also suggest that you read books of retired White House stewards.

            The FACT is, sir, that Jimmy Carter and his wife did not respect the historic site in which they had the privilege of living. Frugality is ONE THING. Being downright CHEAP is something else entirely. I have seen pictures of what the White House looked like after the Carter’s left, and believe me, it was a mess. This has been said by former Secret Service Agents, servants in the White House, former stewards, and by those charged with its upkeep and maintenance.

            The upkeep of the White House was NOT the responsibility of Jimmy Carter, sir. There is a whole office dedicated to performing that task, and they do their work with pride. Jimmy Carter, in the false image he portrayed as “A man of the people,” took over that responsibility (I guess running the country wasn’t enough for him), insisting on personally approving EVERY single purchase requisition for whatever was needed to keep the White House in tip-top shape. One example would be the r ug that WH visitors walk on during their tours. It has to be cleaned regularly, and must be replaced often because of wear and tear. Carter nixed the requisition as a “waste of the people’s money.” He was known to turn off sprinklers, schedule when the WH was to be cleaned (not daily, btw), and authorized only the CHEAPEST replacements for anything that had become worn out.

            I never criticized the Obamas for being cheap, sir, and that is all I will say on the subject.

            I used to work as a buyer while I was putting myself through college, sir. Like I said, frugality is one thing. Being cheap is another. You ALWAYS, ALWAYS look at more than the price of an item. You must also consider quality for the price you are paying, estimated length of serviceability, deliverability, etc., BEFORE you look at the bottom line, i.e.., PRICE.

            As for Civil Rights, the FIRST Civil Rights Legislation since 1875 WAS proposed BY President Eisenhower, i.e., The Civil Rights Act of 1957, which created for the first time a PERMANENT Office of Civil Rights in the Department of Justice AS WELL AS A Civil Rights Commission to hear testimony about abuses of voting rights. It WAS proposed to Congress BY Eisenhower AND signed into law BY Eisenhower, sir. He ALSO proposed to Congress the Civil Rights Act of 1960 which WAS passed and signed into law BY President Eisenhower. Yes, it was weaker than the one enacted under LBJ, but at least he started the process. And who knows if LBJ would have ever done ANYTHING had Eisenhower NOT started the process??? I certainly don’t. The fact is that it was Eisenhower who FIRST characterized racial discrimination a threat to national security.

            In 1957, when the State of Arkansas refused to integrate their schools, Eisenhower sent in the 101st Airborne Division, placed the Arkansas National Guard under Federal control, and had 9 black students ESCORTED inside their school building (Little Rock Central High School), and received a thank you letter from Martin Luther King, Jr., for refusing to back down to the segregationists.

            John Kennedy first proposed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 in his speech on June 11, 1963, sir. And, with regard to WHO had the most votes to pass the bill, I give you the following:

            Southern Democrats launched a 54 day filibuster to stop the bill. The final vote tallies:

            Totals are in “Yea–Nay” format:

            The original House version: 290–130 (69–31%).

            Cloture in the Senate: 71–29 (71–29%).

            The Senate version: 73–27 (73–27%).

            The Senate version, as voted on by the House: 289–126 (70–30%).

            By party[edit]

            The original House version:[20]

            Democratic Party: 152–96 (61–39%)

            Republican Party: 138–34 (80–20%)

            Cloture in the Senate:[21]

            Democratic Party: 44–23 (66–34%)

            Republican Party: 27–6 (82–18%)

            The Senate version:[20]

            Democratic Party: 46–21 (69–31%)

            Republican Party: 27–6 (82–18%)

            The Senate version, voted on by the House:[20]

            Democratic Party: 153–91 (63–37%)

            Republican Party: 136–35 (80–20%)

            You will notice that the Republicans CONSISTENTLY voted either 80% or 82% in favor of the bill. Democraps never had a vote for the bill that wasn’t AT LEAST 30%+ AGAINST.

            And, NO sir, I am NOT “a little schizoid.” I just don’t like people who twist the facts, or rewrite history to suit their view for the purpose of influencing others. If you are going to talk about our history, sir, then you are OBLIGATED to tell THE WHOLE STORY.

            Regarding recess appointments:

            Yes, Bush did make recess appointments. WHEN THE CONGRESS WAS ACTUALLY IN RECESS!

            Obama’s “recess appointments” were made ILLEGALLY when Congress WAS NOT IN RECESS.

            He was found “out of order,” and his so-called “recess appointments” were declared Unconstitutional.

          57. MrSwingGuitar says

            First of all, I owe you an apology for something said by me elsewhere on this page. I mistakenly attributed someone else’s comment to you, and responded accordingly. For that I’m sorry….hard to keep track of all the stuff on here. Eisenhower was a good man, and I believe he sincerely attempted to make a difference in the racial climate in this country. However, it’s also true that the bills passed during his term were quite toothless and had very little effect on, for example, voting rights. This was more due to the climate of the times than anything else. Johnson was president when the civil rights movement, spearheaded by Dr. King, had become far more visible, and substantial portions of the country had become outraged at the way American citizens were being treated in the south (and in parts of the north, like Boston). Johnson was also a supremely talented manipulator of congress, and it’s possible that Kennedy might not have been able to get the civil rights bill that LBJ sponsered passed. The fact that anyone in either party voted against that bill was a stain on them. The congressmen from the deep south (all Dems at that point) knew that they would not have been re-elected had they voted for it. Had they been good men of conscience, that wouldn’t have stopped them. As to the recess appointment matter (yet again), you are correct that Obama made some appointments at a time when congress was ins session pro-forma. In other words, almost everyone left, but those intent on blocking Obama’s appointments wasted the taxpayers’ money by keeping the senate officially open, with a bare minimum of senators in attendence. The supreme court rescinded these appointments. Obama has made other appointments during recesses, and those of course have not been rescinded. It was someone else to whom I was responding who had argued that there was no longer any reason for ANY recess appointments to be made, and that therefore they were all bad things. For him, I posted a list of recess appointments made when Bush2 was president, to see if he would condemn them. That is “THE WHOLE STORY” as you put it. W did face opposition to some appointments, it’s true. Only Obama, however, has had pretty much all of his appointments stalled purely because he made them, even though the nominees were exceedingly well qualified for the posts and were not politically extremist in any way. The only reason for this that I can fathom was to punish Obama for either not being a Republican, being a man of color, or merely in order to try and disable the government completely. This sort of action is unprecedented in American history, and is nearly as scurrilous as voting to deny equal rights to all Americans.

          58. Krazeehors says

            They were passed SPECIFICALLY for voting rights. And I happen to think that 83 years since the last so-called “Civil Rights Act of 1875,” is a huge accomplishment.

            He started the ball rolling, sir, and sometimes that’s what you have to do to bring the matter to the attention of those who are charged with writing and passing those laws. Also, the establishment of a permanent Civil Rights Office and a Civil Rights Court WITHIN the Department of Justice is a HUGE accomplishment, sir.

            LBJ was a STAUNCH SEGREGATIONIST and all around pig of a person, okay? Had Eisenhower taken the stance he did on Civil Rights I think there is a strong possibility that Kennedy’s proposed law would have gone nowhere.

            And, in mentioning Boston, you are COMPLETELY ignoring Little Rock, Arkansas, where Eisenhower stood up to the segregationists by bringing in the military to make sure they understood that Brown v. Board of Education WOULD BE ENFORCED.

            The National Guard was again called out (under LBJ, I believe) in Alabama, when George Wallace chained the school doors shut and declared that “no (n-word) would ever attend a public school as long as HE was governor.” So, again, it was Eisenhower who FIRST stood up to the segregationists.


            Do you have ANY IDEA just how many appointments were stalled BY DEMOCRA

          59. MrSwingGuitar says

            How on earth did you determine that was ignoring Little Rock? I already said that I admired Eisenhower (who was not a career politician…a BIG point in his favor), and complimented his actions on civil rights. What I DID say was that, after Eisenhower left office, the south was still riddled with racist policies. Johnson (who, as far as I know, was not a particular racist, but DID have to get elected from Texas, which would severely limit the way he could have spoken out on such matters in the 1940s and 1950s) was responsible for pushing through a far more comprehensive civil rights act, by building a fragile coalition of northern Democrats and moderate Republicans (remember them?). Do you sincerely think that Barack Obama targeted YOUR pension? This sounds like delusions of grandeur. You might want to check on the votes on funding for veterans affairs. To the best of my knowledge, the GOP has been the main force voting down such expenditures. If I’m incorrect, please link me to articles proving otherwise. I don’t really think the GOP has it in for veterans in particular, they just like to vote down anything Obama proposes, whether it makes sense or not. Republicans DO seem to be far more eager to authorize funds to wage wars than to take care of those who have fought them for us, which I can’t help but deplore.

          60. Michael Dennewitz says

            Give it up demoncrap! You lost this debate ON YER OWN !!

          61. Michael Dennewitz says

            Ahhhh, I figured he was a damned liberal demoncrap! At last, we now know why he snorts that shit! ROFLMAO

          62. Krazeehors says


          63. autrypma says

            He is working on it. I would call it Socialism…He bailed them out with OUR tax money. He has created disaster in these United States. I would not be on his side ever…

          64. MrSwingGuitar says

            Yes, he bailed out banks and other corporations with our tax dollars. As a citizen, you’re totally entitled to have an opinion as to whether that was a good idea. The point I was making is that some idiot calling Obama’s actions Marxism is totally meaningless. The US government has been providing welfare for corporate entities for generations (see: farm subsidies, oil depletion allowances, etc.). The bailouts in Obama’s first term have a little bit more justification, in that the country was on an economic precipice. I think companies that got this assistance then turning around and giving huge bonuses to the executives who got them into the mess in the first place should have resulted in penalties. But, that’s not what this discussion is allegedly about. The bogus supposition of the article above is that Ms. Obama somehow decreed the nutritional standards that are mandated for school lunches. This is totally untrue, as a close reading of the article proves. This is the US, where divergent opinions are not only permitted, but encouraged. They do, however, need to be fact based. If you make an argument based on lies, expect to get called on it.

          65. LastGasp says

            Without her input it never would have happened. She opened the ball and the DEMOCRATIC CONGRESS voted it in because bigger government with less freedom for us is their ultimate agenda. Control,,,,it’s all about control.

          66. jayleigh says

            i suggest you go to your local library and find a book on the rise of the Nazis and Communism in Europe in the late 1920s and the 1930s. Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, et al, did a lot of “bailing out” prior to their taking over the companies they bailed out. They promised the church leaders who were alarmed at some of the new policies being implemented, that the churches were “safe” from any intrusion by “the state.” They also promised that the “greedy rich” would be punished and the “working class poor” would be compensated. Well, that’s not what happened. Within a very short time, “the State” owned everything, including the farm, the farmer and the farm animals, implements and crops. There now were only two classes of people: 1) the poor and 2) the party bosses. The wealth was not redistributed to the poor. Haven’t you read about or seen the TV specials on the looted artwork that is turning up in the collections of old Nazis? You think you can point the finger to a seemingly magnanimous act on the part of Obama in “bailing out” ailing companies and claim it isn’t a “socialist” action, when indeed, it is exactly what happened in Europe under the Marxist-Stalinist-Hitlerian criminals that took control of most of Europe through false promises and charisma. Why, the British ex-pats who lived in Italy fawned over Mussolini because “he got the Italian trains to run on time” and he invited them to afternoon tea and made promises of safety. But then, suddenly and without warning, they were imprisoned! Yeah, you just keep believing that an afficianado of Alinsky-Piven-Cloward and Marx is a benevolent master who only has your best interest at heart. Those who refuse to understand and learn from history are doomed to repeat it. But who would have thought that within a generation of WWII and the horrors of the Gulag and the Concentration Camps America would fall for the “old soft shoe”! huh!

          67. MrSwingGuitar says

            I know plenty about European 20th century history, and your comparisons are totally bogus. Mussolini was a nationalist, not a socialist. The fact that the Nazi party had “socialist” as part of their name meant nothing. Once again, they were fascist nationalists. Stalin was allegedly a communist, but he did nothing to distribute wealth, except to himself and his cronies. HItler and Mussolini began their political careers by taking violent mobs to the streets to terrorize ordinary citizens. Stalin of course never faced an actual election. Most modern European countries are far more socialist than any of the three you mention, and none of them are poised to become communist regimes. You show a fragmentary and distorted knowledge of history. I’d suggest that YOU go to your local library and actually educate yourself, rather than using misleading misstatements with no understanding of reality. In two years Obama will be out of power. Did you read anything about Hitler, Mussolini or Stalin leaving office at the end of their legal terms? If Obama abolishes the next election and names himself president for life, I’ll come an apologize to you….if he doesn’t, you come and do the same for me.

          68. Krazeehors says

            Have you read, “Hitler, God, and the Bible?”

            Have you ever watched, “Nazis: Evolution of Evil,” a series of documentaries that were largely produced BY HITLER because he was such a megalomaniac that he wanted his “1000 year reign” to have PLENTY of film evidence???

            I have. My dad was a tail gunner on a B-17 and a waist gunner on a B-24 during the Ploesti Oil Field Raids over Romania. He was shot down behind enemy lines in what was then Yugoslavia, rescued by the Yugoslav Partisans, and severely wounded in the crash of his B-17. MIA 51 days. Think he didn’t see any of the horror that WAS Adolf Hitler’s regime?

            Guess again. Have you ever talked to a Holocaust survivor, or a German survivor of the war??? Have you ever seen the haunted looks on their faces when they talk about what is going on here right now and how much it reminds them of what happened THEN???

            I study WWII in my spare time. If we do not educate ourselves on the past, if we do not EDUCATE our young ones on the past, we are doomed.

          69. MrSwingGuitar says

            I have fairly close relatives who died in the Nazi camps. Don’t talk condescendingly to me about this crap. I’m totally aware of Hitler’s crimes, and Stalin’s crimes that were just as bad. I can’t help it if you can’t recognize that our situation here and the situation in Germany in 1933 are completely different. Weimar Germany had a ruined economy, both from waging WWI and from the reparations demanded by the winners in that conflict. HItler came to power in a time of out of control inflation, enormous civil unrest and a power void in Germany. None of these factors are true about the US today. The main civil unrest here comes from undereducated white racists who can’t stand the idea that someone with dark skin occupies the white house, and that mostly consists of internet threats (usually horribly misspelled). The power in this country rests comfortably on the giant corporations, where it’s lived for quite some time. They would have no interest in seeing matters change.

          70. Krazeehors says

            I wasn’t talking “condescendingly” to ANYONE!!! I was telling you the truth!! Do you think you are somehow “different” because you have “fairly close relatives” who died in the Nazi camps??? Who were they, second cousins??? Guess again, bucko. I was in a Bible Lit class with a young man WHOSE GRANDFATHER was gassed in those camps, you fool. He STILL cries about it.

            There is not a single person on this Earth, even today, who has not been affected in some way by that madman. He killed or is responsible for the deaths of 70 MILLION people. Germany and Belgium and other Western European countries are STILL living under the stigma of Hitler because they never bothered to repeal some of his laws — the law against home schooling for instance.

            My dad knew people who died in that war. He fought with them, side by side.

            So, don’t hold yourself out or above ANYONE just because you have some “fairly close family members” who died in the camps. There probably isn’t a person IN THIS COUNTRY who didn’t have relatives who were affected by that war.

            And, my comment AND my feelings have NOTHING to do with the color of the person in the WH.

          71. Michael Dennewitz says

            THANK YOU! God bless..and may the millions we lost, RIP..

          72. Krazeehors says

            And the same to you, my friend.

          73. Michael Dennewitz says

            Well said my friend.. I have somewhat of a diverse family history myself. My great grandmother was full blooded Cherokee and my great grandfather was a holocaust survivor……oh, the TRUE stories that were told to me..

          74. Michael Dennewitz says

            You seriously need to stop snorting that shit bubbah!!

          75. Krazeehors says


          76. Michael Dennewitz says

            Whether it’s based on truth or lies, the POS he/she/it shouldn’t be involved in ANYTHING!!!!

          77. MrSwingGuitar says

            Are you seriously unaware that this conversation ended two years ago? What a dolt.

          78. Krazeehors says

            The only reason he didn’t nationalize it was because it was very early on in his administration and he didn’t want any of us to know his complete agenda.

            If you want to know what this president is like, I suggest you study the writings of Karl Marx and Adolf Hitler. Then watch some of the films that were made BY Hitler and how long it took him to take total control.

            I study it. This POS is as dangerous as they come, sir.

          79. Michael Dennewitz says

            When the POS halfbreed took office, he didn’t have much. The part, amongst a lot of others, that pisses me off is the fact that the Lil bastard is FILTHY RICH now, while millions of we veterans are getting shafted!!!

          80. Krazeehors says

            I could not agree with you more.

          81. LastGasp says

            He did by bailing them out. Control, it’s all about control.

          82. LMW51 says

            Again, because it was an “act of congress” we can’t say “hey, it’s not working as intended”?

            Was the intent of the Healthy, Hunger – Free Kids Act to actually create hungry belies? Because that is what is being reported to be taking place. Schools are reporting that the kids – who are forced to take everything offered – are simply walking to the trash cans and dumping the food and going hungry instead.

            Was the intent of the Healthy, Hunger – Free Kids Act to have more of the paying students drop out and begin to pack their lunches? Because that is what is happening causing the free lunch programs to suffer massive financial losses leading to schools opting out and forfeiting the federal funds they were bribed with in the first place.

            As for your question regarding “a marxist”, surely you are aware that Obama could not have accomplished such a brazen act yet in this country. Instead, he has initiated a series of policies that will ease the way to a future leader being able to do that…Obamacare – where “reinsurance” is going to be provided by the Fed so that insurance companies won’t fail when the new system is proven unsustainable; where those about to enter retirement are paying much higher premiums to insure younger people (redistribution of wealth and health)….

            Never mind. Arguing with a liberal is wasted energy.

          83. MrSwingGuitar says

            Are you in favor of letting misleading articles to totally unchallenged? This story’s headline (and a great majority of the postings following it) seem to indicate that Ms. Obama mandated this policy by executive fiat. That’s total nonsense, and deserves to be corrected, in my opinion. I’d appreciate a link to an unbiased source that confirms what you’re saying about fewer kids buying school lunches. I’m not saying it isn’t true, but I’ve certainly seen no actual news stories that claim this to be the case. When I was a kid, at least, school lunches were sold at cost…there was no profit generated to subsidize anything. I have no children and no direct experience of this for the last 45 years, so I can’t claim to be any kind of an authority on the current situation. Okay, you’ve brought up “Obamacare”. I find it a very flawed solution to a major problem. the US spends far far more per capita on medical care than ANY other country, and yet our medical results are ranked 35th in the world, behind pretty much every other developed country. Most every other first world country has a single payer system covering every citizen. The ones that are adequately funded tend to do far better than the US in terms of patient care. Is that socialism? Of course. Does it mean that those countries are headed towards being communist states? Not any chance whatsoever.

          84. LMW51 says

            Misleading article? Please point out where the article is misleading its readers?

            I went back and re-read it and then did a search to see if the study they cited proving that there was no real correlation to obesity and school lunch programs and guess what I found….

            “Researchers at Pennsylvania State University tracked the body mass indexes of 19,450 students from fifth through eighth grade. In fifth grade, 59 percent of the children attended a school where candy, snacks or sugar-sweetened beverages were sold. By eighth grade, 86 percent did so.

            The researchers compared children’s weight in schools where junk food was sold and in schools where it was banned. The scientists also evaluated eighth graders who moved into schools that sold junk food with those who did not, and children who never attended a school that sold snacks with those who did. And they compared children who always attended schools with snacks with those who moved out of such schools.

            No matter how the researchers looked at the data, they could find no correlation at all between obesity and attending a school where sweets and salty snacks were available.”

            That was in the NYT in January of 2012.

            And this which includes an interview with one of the researchers involved:

            “We were really surprised by that result and, in fact, we held back from publishing our study for roughly two years because we kept looking for a connection that just wasn’t there,” Jennifer Van Hook, a Professor of Sociology and Demography at Pennsylvania State University and lead author of the study said to The Herald News.

            In the study, titled “Competitive Food Sales in Schools and Childhood Obesity: A Longitudinal Study,” the authors used existing federal data sets that tracked 20,000 students’ behaviors from kindergarten in 1998 to eighth grade in 2006.

            They found that while students’ access to junk food in schools increased dramatically between the fifth and eighth grade, the percentage of overweight students decreased. The percentage of students declined from 39.1 percent to 35.4 percent.”

            So, please, tell me again how this article is misleading? Wait, I’ll go a step further and see if it is true that schools are dropping the Obama program….

            “Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake School District in New York said that it lost about $100,000 this year by trying out the federal program because the children disliked the menu choices and started bringing more lunches from home.

            “There were just too many problems and too many foods that students did not like and would not purchase,” said Assistant Superintendent Chris Abdoo. “Students complained of being hungry with these lunches and the district lost money.”

            “CHICAGO (CBS) – The state’s second largest school district has started the school year with a new look for its lunch menu, after opting out of the National School Lunch Program and forfeiting nearly $1 million in federal funding, to gain more freedom in the food it serves students.”

            I think it may just be wishful thinking on your part that the article was misleading because there is ample evidence that it is not…..

          85. MrSwingGuitar says

            The thing that I found particularly misleading in this article was the headline. 1-This bill may well have had input from Ms. Obama, but it’s most certainly not “her” bill. 2-It states “schools’ nutrition agenda has no basis in science”. That’s absurd. All controlled nutritional studies show that a diet with less junk food results in less unhealthy weight gain. The study you cite had NO CONTROLS over the students other meals. I’ll also quote from that very study:

            “Obesity is a significant health issue facing children today. The
            percentage of obese children tripled between the early 1970s to the late
            2000s. Diet and physical activity play an important role in obesity.
            However, childhood obesity cannot be placed solely in the hands of a
            single institution such as schools. Instead, to combat childhood
            obesity a coordinated response among educators, health care workers,
            parents, businesses, and government is probably required. This message
            may come as a disappointment to those hoping for an easy solution.
            Additionally, this study suggests that we need to think more
            holistically about children’s’ food environments. Food is ubiquitous so
            the elimination of junk food sales in schools is unlikely to make much
            of a dent in the child obesity epidemic.”

            This conclusion certainly indicates that, in order to directly impact child obesity, there would have to be a partnership between schools and parents, just as there needs to be in educational matters. Those students that have parents that encourage them to read more, engage in problem solving, etc. will end up far better educated than those whose parents just park them in front of the video console. Similarly, a combination of good nutrition at schools with parents being proactive about what food is served at home will result in less obese children. I hope this answers your questions.

          86. LMW51 says

            First, headlines are not written by the author and are meant to draw in readers. It drew you in. So it worked. If you don’t like the headline, you can take that up with the editor at fixthisnation….however, for you to claim that Michele Obama was not heavily involved in the “act of congress” is disingenuous.

            “FAIRFAX, Va., Jan. 25. 2012 – First Lady Michelle Obama and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack today unveiled new standards for school meals that will result in healthier meals for kids across the nation.”

            Her name is all over this because like all First Ladies, she took up a “cause”; this was hers. Her input is all over this as well. To imply otherwise is well, ridiculous and I doubt that should a Republican First Lady take up a cause that has good intentions but bad results you would be quite so offended when her name was attached to headlines pointing out those bad results.

            Now, to the body of the article….it simply cites a valid study that shows that kids are NOT getting the majority of their “junk” calories at school and pointed out how for all the “anti-science” accusations thrown at the GOP and Conservatives, the Democrats don’t have a problem ignoring a scientific study when it suits them. As they’ve obviously done here.

            And, you conveniently ignore the fact that the kids are NOT EATING the foods that this Law has made it mandatory for schools to provide in order to keep federal funding.

            School after school is reporting that former paying students are packing their lunches instead of being forced to eat what is provided by the school – causing financial loss to the schools who need that money for the free lunch and breakfast programs. What is next? Shall we ban home made lunches and force all public school students to eat what they are told they must eat?

            School after school has reported that kids are simply taking the trays full of food they are forced to take and filling up the trash cans. So how do you deal with that? Force feed children at the school lunch table?

            So much for the “land of the free” eh?

          87. MrSwingGuitar says

            Yes, the headline drew me in. It then repulsed me, because what it stated was not what the article said. As it seems like at least half the people commenting on here seemingly didn’t read past the headline (an all too familiar situation these days), I ventured that it was worthwhile pointing out that it was misleading. As to other first ladies, Nancy Reagan’s anti-drug program was a total flop, but I at least didn’t see people criticizing her skinny ass, etc. What on earth does anyone’s physical type have to do with the policies they advocate?

          88. LMW51 says

            The “Just Say Not” advertising campaign was not a “total flop”. That is just ridiculous. The program still exists in some forms today all over the world and in fact marijuana use went from thirty-three percent of high-school seniors in 1980 to twelve percent in 1991 according to Dr. Herbert Kleber. And other forms of drugs also dropped “psychedelic” drug use dropped from 11% to 6%, cocaine from 12% to 10%, and heroin from 1% to 0.5%.

            Furthermore, during Nancy Reagan’s era, there was no such thing as the internet – at least not in the way we know it now where the majority of our population has access. But that didn’t stop liberals from attacking her for just about everything from renovating the deteriorating living quarters using privately donated money – BUT some of it came from tax deductible donations so the tax payers were paying for so she was “deceptive” or the high fashion she wore to promote American designers over foreign ones – she didn’t report those that she kept as gifts and didn’t donate or give back so she was a “thief”. She was criticized for buying – again with private donations – a china set that would stay in the White House because the country was experiencing the Jimmy Carter recession.

            Do some go too far in their criticism? Yes. But to claim that one “never heard” that kind of criticism of a Republican First Lady is absolutely ridiculous….and let’s look beyond First Ladies to the treatment of Sarah Palin and her daughters shall we? How far did liberals go in their harsh words regarding her?

          89. MrSwingGuitar says

            We’ll have to disagree about the efficacy of Just Say No, but that wasn’t the point at issue. You’ll note that my comment above stated that (to the best of my knowledge) people didn’t point out physical characteristics of Nancy Reagan (or any other first lady) as objects of scorn. So, from your standpoint, LMW51, what is the justification for doing so now? I certainly heard people making fun of Sarah Palin (including Tina Fey), but she was a candidate for office, and pretty much all such are subject to ridicule from opponents. I did not hear anyone making fun of the size of her butt, or any other physical characteristics…did I miss that? Pointing out that a candidate for vice-president knows nothing about any other country seems justified. If there were attacks on her daughter, that would not be. Palin’s talk of instilling a higher moral standard and her daughter simultaneously getting knocked up while unmarried also seems like it would be difficult to ignore. If there were attacks on the daughter herself merely FOR getting pregnant, that would be out of line…didn’t see such myself, but I certainly didn’t read more than I had to about that family…or about the Kardashians.

          90. LMW51 says

            You can dismiss the statistics of the “Just Say No” campaign, it doesn’t change the fact that the strategy was a successful one – as much as any “re-education” campaign can be against a “free” people who have the right to choose how they will or will not react.

            I don’t need to give a “justification” for the criticizing of the First Lady’s physical characteristics as I am not one who has ever done any criticizing of her physical characteristics. And I’m sure that should we have had the internet available in the 1980’s, we would be able to now go back and find that liberals were indeed criticizing the Nancy Reagan in much the same manner. It doesn’t make it right, but to assert that ONLY Michele Obama has ever had unfair comments made about her is simply ridiculous.

            Enjoy the rest of your weekend…

          91. Krazeehors says

            It was NOT a total flop, sir. Her program spurred the introduction of the DARE program that is STILL conducted by POLICE FORCES all across the country.

            No, they didn’t “criticize her skinny ass.” But they were absolutely VICIOUS in criticizing the fact that she had consulted an astrologist AFTER her husband was SHOT and very nearly KILLED by John Hinckley.

            And, sir, I READ THE ARTICLE. I ALSO googled “Mrs. Obama and School Nutrition,” something you very obviously did NOT do.

            And THAT, sir, repulsed ME. You took your “obviously superior and over-inflated view of your own importance” and wrote your answers based on assumptions. And, we ALL know the definition of THAT word, don’t we?

          92. Krazeehors says

            EXCELLENT COMMENT!!!

          93. Krazeehors says

            There you go again. You use a bunch of big words to try to make your point, when the study cited CLEARLY states that there was virtually NO DIFFERENCE in obesity rates between children who attended schools where junk food was available and those who did not. B, mesides that, campuses are NOT closed. All those kids have to do is walk to the local Stop n’ Rob to fill up on all the fattening food they desire.

            Mrs. Obama was HEAVILY involved in this bill AND in the changes in the school lunch program, my friend.

            As I stated previously, I googled “Michelle Obama and School Nutrition” and got over ONE HUNDRED hits. She worked DIRECTLY with Agriculture Tom Vilsack to establish new rules for school nutrition; she SUGGESTED what foods to serve, you name it. This information was published in journals and periodicals on BOTH sides of the political spectrum.

            When a woman, who just HAPPENS to be the first lady, stands behind a podium and says “I am only speaking as a MOTHER,” did’ja get the FIRST CLUE that she was lying through her teeth???

            As a matter of fact, she REFUSED to work with Nutrition Professionals, sir. She just charged in, announced her “platform,” and just like her husband, let it be known that SHE was in charge now and anyone who didn’t like it could leave.

            Again, she has NO FORMAL EDUCATION IN THE FIELD OF NUTRITION. I DO. She is using HER “bully pulpit” to get what she wants even though she holds NO elected position. Our schoolchildren have mounted MASSIVE letter writing campaigns TO MRS. OBAMA to protest the new school lunch program. They have ALL been SUMMARILY DISMISSED and IGNORED.

            And, if YOU would actually READ the articles listed all over the internet, you would know that. Her 850 calorie limit is 850 calories PER DAY, including what they get from home. Those kids DO NOT receive a lunch with 850 calories, sir!!!

            Our schools were FORCED to adopt these programs or face the loss of Federal Nutrition Funds.


          94. HELPUS123 says

            MrSwingGuitar, just do a search for “school lunch program, success or failure” and you will find plenty of links.

          95. Michael Dennewitz says

            You DID have some credibility! I won’t bother reading your posts any further….. 🙁

          96. Sammi De La Cruz says

            It makes no difference that they did their job back when they first started none of the ABC departments are lawful under the Constitution as they take over what rightly belongs to the states to do. Our Federal government has grown to a point that it needs to be taken down and started over. Or maybe our country has gotten so big it needs to split up and form more smaller countries that are able to do the job because they are not to big for their britches! We need men and women who have values we all should have, honor, truthfulness, pride in country, humble, thrift etc. you add to the list. But as of right now we have in Congress and the rest of government men and women who are greedy, liars, no our country or their fellow Americans, power hungry, dishonest almost to the point that you can see the blacken soul living in them and they think they are better and deserver better then anyone else.

          97. 7papa7 says

            That is why I said they should be discontinued or put under the control of congress. They have the power of an up/down on keeping them. I wasn’t talking about the legality only how they have degraded so severely. I have been a strong advocate of states seceding and being what America use to be. We can take the Constitution which the left doesn’t want any how and the can just adapt the old USSR one which is what they want.

        2. QuisPercusit says

          Totals Democrat Republican Aye 264

          61% 247 17 No 157

          36% 4153 Not Voting 13

          3% 49Required: Simple Majority

          S. 3307 (111th): Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 (On Passage of the Bill)

          House Vote #603 [primary source: house.gov]Date:Dec 2, 2010 (111th Congress)Result: Passed
          Democrats spending money that’s not theirs far out number Republicans because its “for the Children”. ya right!

        3. Sammi De La Cruz says

          My beliefs are that the Democrats and Republicans are just two sides of the same coin. Get them all out and vote in anyone who is one who is of some other or no party at all. Unless you can find someone of either party that really does his job by the laws and the Constitution!

          1. MrSwingGuitar says

            It would indeed be wonderful if it were possible to elect someone to national office without the backing of either party OR of billionaires’ money. The bill to repeal Citizens United would have been a good start, but it was just killed by the Republicans in congress.

        4. omegaman says

          MrSwingGuitar — What? Are we supposed to believe moron Liberals like you? I don’t think so. Isn’t that called jumping from the frying pan into the fire? You poor misguided fool.

          1. MrSwingGuitar says

            What exactly is it that you disbelieve that I said? Do you not believe that all those departments were instituted by Republican presidents? It’s particularly easy to research those facts. If you can’t manage to do a simple Google search, let me know and I’ll link to to articles that confirm it. If, on the other hand, you just prefer to remain ignorant, that’s your privilege. Who was the fool again?

          2. jayleigh says

            i’m not sure what you use as a “google” search string – but most of the “agencies” were created by Democrat Prez’s – You need to do some more research to see how many of them were created sans Congressional approval, and how many were added because the POTUS created them and then appointed a “czar” to rule them. The EPA is totally renegade as is OSHA. EEOC is a joke and totally worthless because people are no longer hired by their experience and/or credentials and references, but by the “quota” – Now – if you interpret this to try to prove i am racist, you would be so far off base you’d never find your way back there again. Agencies sound like a “good idea” – after all, don’t we all want to protect our environment? Don’t we all want to be sure that there is diversity of color and ethnicity in the workforce? Don’t we all feel ashamed of the years of racism? Of course. That’s what is so insidious about making a law to insist on a quota of a certain color or gender There is only truly “equal opportunity” for ALL if it is a “blind hire” – meaning, there are no race or gender qualifications listed for a non-gender-specific or race/ethnic origin job. But, we are never going to go back to the days of sending in a resume and getting a call to set an appointment for an interview without having checked the box on the app that asks for “race”. It sounds like a good idea – a way to keep bigot racists from failing to hire someone of a particular race or ethnic group simply because of that – yet, quotas mean companies may end up hiring someone not as well qualified for the job because they have to meet the quota, or at least show they are making an attempt. That’s not the way it should work – and yes, yes, i know there are myriads of bigots out there who will not hire a candidate based solely on their race. There are bigots who won’t hire ‘obese’ people, and bigots who only hire women who look like they just stepped of the modeling runway. There is never going to be true gender or race equity, and the quicker we just accept that and drop those categories from applications (unless the job actually requires a particular gender) the quicker we’ll be on the road to true equality. The Democrats are famous for continuing to keep the race issue alive, and yet it was the Democrats who dressed up in sheets and burned the homes of Blacks, or hung them for “looking at a White woman” – it was the Democrats who forced segregated schools on the south and threatened the lives of the brave students who were determined to enter that Little Rock high school…while the mealy-mouthed, racist governor of Arkansas threatened to have the National Guard shoot them if they tried! The Democrats are mug-wumps – they sit with their mug on one side of the fence while their “wumps” hang off the other – just waiting to see which way the wind will blow. Now, they’ve tried to convince the Blacks that they are their saviors. The Democrats are opportunists who try to turn a situation to their best interest – not the best interest of the American people. They are the party of big government and small enterprise! Make a lot of laws to control the people – stringent rules with heavy penalties. Why do you think the Founding Fathers wrote that this nation was to be OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE AND FOR THE PEOPLE? Because they feared a strong central government would rule the people instead of the people ruling. Now we have a POTUS who says he has the power to do whatever he wants because he has a pen and a phone. huh!

          3. MrSwingGuitar says

            Hmmm…last time I checked, there was no such thing as an official quota for hiring based on race (except for government contracts). Affirmative action quotas were specifically deemed unconstitutional in terms of college admissions. It’s certainly possible that corporations institute such things in house to remedy past discrimination or to avoid getting sued for practicing racial or sexual discrimination in hiring. Unless you think there should be no remedy for that kind of discrimination, there has to be a legal right to challenge that kind of bias. On the tired old “Democrats were the real racists” trope: you bet that the southern Dems were the worst of the worst in the old days. By the time Reagan won the presidency, those same guys who were shouting “segregation forever” were 100% in the GOP (except for the few who went with the American Independent Party). The bigots in the old south bore the grudge against the party that instituted Reconstruction for 100 years, but believe me, they’re way over it. To try and claim the glory of Lincoln and then disavow the misdeeds of G W Bush because, “hey, he’s not president anymore” makes no sense at all. It’s interesting that government has grown under ALL recent presidents, Republican or Democrat. Who is the party of small government again? All the GOP tends to do when in power is slacken regulations for giant corporations. It doesn’t stop them from forever expanding the bureaucracy.

          4. Krazeehors says

            Have YOU done a “simple Google search” about Michelle Obama’s involvement in the School Lunch Program? Or are YOU too ignorant to look it up??

        5. LMW51 says

          Typical liberal response – go back to the GOP to place fault and then insult the “Tea Party”. It matters not which Party was in power when any department is created. What matters is what the Department is or has evolved into at this point.

          There are a great many liberals who were against the Patriot Act because it “could” be expanded to the point where everyone – regardless of any connection to a potential terrorist individual or group – would be spied upon. It was established by a Republican President, but which President expanded it to do exactly what the Liberals were afraid of? A Democrat and one who cried out louder and more articulately than any other Democrat. There were liberals who screamed out against drones. Yet which President has used them more? Once again it is the Democrat who did so.

          Are you happy with where your President has taken the Patriot Act and Drone use? You apparently voted for him but does that mean that from now until the end of your days you must defend his actions or any department that he was responsible for creating?

          Because that is what you are saying about Republicans isn’t it? That we cannot protest anything done by a President who represents our party even if what that department or policy has evolved into far beyond what its original intent/reach was promised to be?

          If that is your belief, then what good is the First Amendment after all? I guess we should just let the Democrats go ahead with their intent to limit free speech as the bill they just tried to push through the Senate showed.

          1. MrSwingGuitar says

            If you read the comment to which I responded, the poster was asserting that all those departments (and apparently everything evil) were started by Democrats. Do you think it’s a good idea to let gross misstatements of fact go unchallenged? There are many things done by Democrats that I find reprehensible, including continuing the war machine, patriot act, etc. My guess is that drone use has expanded because the technology has improved, not because of who is in the white house. I think Obama’s foreign policy has mostly been abysmal, though at least he hasn’t insulted pretty much every foreign leader as Bush2 tended to do. While I don’t consider myself a member of the Democratic party, I certainly feel free to criticize things that either party does. You’re correct that I insulted the Tea Party, if you consider calling them anti-intellectual a criticism. Based on a lot I’ve seen and read from those who consider themselves to be part of that group, many would be proud to be called anti-intellectuals. As to this particular article, it makes it sound as though federally mandated nutrition standards for school lunches are something new. You seem reasonably well informed, so I presume you know that isn’t even close to being true.

          2. Krazeehors says

            And YOU have twisted the “facts” to fit your distorted view of the world. YOU have refused to answer questions asked of you. You have refused to acknowledge Obama as the horrible POTUS that he is and called every person who disagrees with you either a racist or a birther. What a tired old argument that is.

            I have asked you repeatedly to google certain things about this particular article, and you have ignored every request.

            This POTUS insulted every single American citizen when he went around the world, apologizing to everyone for BEING an American. He insulted every single one of our ancestors when he stood at the podium in Egypt and stated that Islam was responsible for the greatest wonders of the world. That’s as bad as the Catholics claiming that Jesus was a Catholic!!! Islam did NOT even exist in the ancient days. The Muslims had NO PART in the forming of this country.

            And, YES, he HAS insulted every head of state who disagrees with him, BEGINNING with the British Prime Minister when he returned a bust of Winston Churchill GIVEN to President Bush and the American people in MEMORY of those who died on 9/11, rudely remarking to him that “We don’t need this anymore.” He replaced it with a bust of Martin Luther King, Jr.!!!

            He insulted Prime Minister Netanyahu the first time he visited this country since Obama’s inauguration by angrily leaving him sitting alone while HE went upstairs to have dinner with his family. He insulted the State of Israel and every single one of her people when he DEMANDED that Israel return ALL of the land they captured in the Six-Day War, which would have made Israel unable to defend herself.

            His boorish behavior has been a disgrace to this country and, YES, we ARE the greatest country in the world.

            His lack of a spine and lack of an effective foreign policy NOW has the crisis in Iraq with ISIS refusing to get on board with the US in taking them down.

            And you know what? YOU and your fellow progressives will be the FIRST ones CRYING and DEMANDING that his successor DO something about the crisis and blaming the entire situation on Republicans if they can’t fix it by DAY TWO of the next administration!!!!

            And, MY conversation with you is now OVER!!! Your inaccuracies have actually made me sick, so it’s time for some Alka-Seltzer.

          3. MrSwingGuitar says

            Do you just believe every lie that appears on right wing websites? Let’s just deal with one of those above, the one about the bust of Winston Churchill. Here’s a link to disprove that nonsense: http://www.whitehouse.gov/blog/2012/07/27/fact-check-bust-winston-churchill I suppose you could insist that the photo there was doctored by the devious commie who now inhabits the oval office…everyone is conspiring against you! Oh, and just as an ancillary thought-why would you find it so dreadful for there to be a bust of Martin Luther King Jr. on display at the white house? Your inaccuracies, etc….I’m not made physically ill by your foolishness, but I’m so very done with responding to all of this. Goodbye.

          4. Krazeehors says

            I figured an idiot like you would play the race card eventually. You don’t get off that easy.

            First of all, I thought Martin Luther King, Jr. was a great and honorable man. And, if he was alive to see how his beliefs and honorable work to stop what is going on today, he would be heartbroken. People like the Reverend Al and Jesse Jackson have so corrupted his movement that they should be hanging their heads in shame.

            Now, here is another link to prove to you that I am correct:

            I figured an idiot like you would play the race card eventually. You don’t get off that easy.

            First of all, I thought Martin Luther King, Jr. was a great and honorable man. And, if he was alive to see how his beliefs and honorable work to stop what is going on today, he would be heartbroken. People like the Reverend Al and Jesse Jackson have so corrupted his movement that they should be hanging their heads in shame.

            Now, here is another link to prove to you that I am correct:

            I figured an idiot like you would play the race card eventually. You don’t get off that easy.

            First of all, I thought Martin Luther King, Jr. was a great and honorable man. He worked tirelessly to advance the Civil Rights of ALL AMERICANS, and he stood up equally for whites who had been denied their Civil Rights and for Blacks who had been denied THEIR Civil Rights. His niece and his children have worked to keep his legacy alive, that it isn’t the color of a person’s skin that matters, it is THE CONTENT OF THEIR CHARACTER.
            And, if he was alive to see how his beliefs and honorable work to stop what is going on today, he would be heartbroken. People like the Reverend Al and Jesse Jackson have so corrupted his movement that they should be hanging their heads in shame.

            Now, here is another link to prove to you that I am correct:

            White House admits it did return Winston Churchill bust to …

            http://www.telegraph.co.uk › News › World News › Barack Obama

            Jul 29, 2012 · Barack Obama’s White House has been forced to admit that it did return a bust of Sir Winston Churchill to British diplomats, after describing such claims …

            Also, I have not be incorrect about anything I have written on this thread. You see, sir, I DO MY HOMEWORK. YOU obviously DON’T, but then that is just like a liberal.

            In other words, the WH originally said such claims were bogus. But then, people began investigating, and others began coming forward, and eventually, the Obama’s were CAUGHT in their LIES.

            They admitted that they returned it to Great Britain. First they said that “the bust was on loan” and that he Brits demanded it back. That is a lie.

            Ovomit has a great hatred for the British dating back to his father’s history in Kenya. Ovomit was BORN in Kenya, has admitted as much, and was a British citizen. I could care less about that, however.

            He will be proven to be THE WORST POTUS IN AMERICAN HISTORY.

          5. MrSwingGuitar says

            Krazeehors=hypocrite. If you actually READ the link that I sent you, you’d have known that there were in fact 2 Churchill busts. From this article “The White House has had a bust of Winston Churchill since the 1960’s. At
            the start of the Bush administration Prime Minister Blair lent
            President Bush a bust that matched the one in the White House, which was
            being worked on at the time and was later returned to the residence.
            The version lent by Prime Minister Blair was displayed by President Bush
            until the end of his Presidency. On January 20, 2009 — Inauguration
            Day — all of the art lent specifically for President Bush’s Oval Office
            was removed by the curator’s office, as is common practice at the end
            of every presidency. The original Churchill bust remained on display in
            the residence. The idea put forward by Charles Krauthammer and others
            that President Obama returned the Churchill bust or refused to display
            the bust because of antipathy towards the British is completely false
            and an urban legend that continues to circulate to this day.” As I stated, there’s even a picture of the British PM and Obama looking at the bust on that page. As to Dr. King, it was you who wrote “He replaced it with a bust of Martin Luther King, Jr.!!!” Now, in the world of normal people, multiple exclamation points indicate that you find such an idea ridiculous or abhorrent. Perhaps you’d care to explain what those marks DID mean if not that. It’s amusing to me how those who condemned Dr. King and Nelson Mandela in the middle of their struggles as communists and terrorists now act as though they’ve always admired them….hypocrites. As a further hypocritical move, you repeat the same old idiotic lies about Obama being born in Kenya (while we’re on the subject, how is it that you are so repulsed by lies about the alleged lack of worship given to Churchill, and yet you call our elected head of state by a moronic and derogatory name?), and then say you’re not a birther? Do you EVER make sense? Incidentally, IF you didn’t have your head up your ass about this whole thing, you’d know that HAD Obama been born in Kenya in 1961, he wouldn’t have been a British subject, as Kenya gained its independence in 1960, but clearly facts have no importance for you, as you’d rather just regurgitate stupid lies you read on sites like this one.

          6. Krazeehors says

            No, sir, I am NOT a hypocrite. I truly did respect Martin Luther King Jr., I just thought that the way the first family treated one of our most important allies on their first visit to this country was beyond despicable. But then again, the man DID bow to the Saudi King AND the Japanese Prime Minister. Neither he nor his wife have ANY idea of what proper etiquette when it comes to meeting a head of state. Winston Churchill was a great man, who was very important to our American History, sir. So was MLK Jr. And, YES, Obama DOES have a very well known resentment of the British.

            Ovomit (which I started calling him AFTER the reprehensible way he treated our murdered Seals when they were returned to Dover AFB) was asked NOT to display ANY photos of the cases of remains as they were returned to Dover AFB. The remains were co-ming led, sir. Were it my son, I would not want the aluminum cases holding his REMAINS to be displayed for all the world to see, either.

            Instead, that jerk not ONLY showed up when the plane arrived, but SALUTED THOSE CASES WITH HIS LEFT HAND. And THAT, sir, was TRULY an absolutely REPREHENSIBLE act!!! But then again, VP Biden, America’s Drunken Uncle (a name he EARNED after attending several gatherings on various military bases) was the one who OUTED Seal Team Six as the ones who carried out the mission. Ovomiit only took credit for it, ALL of it.

            I am NOT required to like ANYONE who runs our government, and most of them make me want to puke. The fact that the Dems in the Senate are falling all over themselves kissing Harry Reid’s arse is what disgusts me the most. And the FACT that Boehner stripped key positions on the House Subcommittee for Agriculture from people JUST because they voted WITH their Constituents and against the financial mess in 2011 is worse. Why? Because he THEN told everyone in HIS caucus that “We KNOW how you vote, and WE ARE WATCHING YOU!” It was the first time in DECADES that there had not been a representative from Iowa or Kansas on that very important committee because Boehner was trying to punish two of its members. It’s like all the Democrats all over the country are being “managed” by Harry Reid, and I have heard many of them say that they feel their votes were thrown away.

            And, it bothers me because I always thought we had a Representative Government, and I pray that Boehner is voted out as Speaker in 2015.

            I use exclamation points a lot. It says NOTHING about what kind of a person I am, what my politics are (staunchly Conservative) and whether or not I like a person.

            I meant what I said about MLK Jr. I truly believe he would be crying tears of shame if he could see what those phony “Champions of the Civil Rights Movement,” Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have done to the cause of getting Civil Rights for EVERY minority in this country. And, by the way, that DOESN’T include just African Americans. I also includes Women, Asians, Latinos, the disabled, senior citizens, gays, and people who worship practice a religion different from yours. MLK Jr., DID, indeed, preach NONVIOLENCE. Sharpton and Jackson do NOT.

            And, what I call Ovomit is NO DIFFERENT that what you stinking liberals called W — you refer to him as Dubya, and many other insulting names, and it has become a habit for ALL of you to ridicule and INSULT anyone who disagrees with you or anyone you don’t happen to like.

            I lost whatever respect I had for Ovomit after he targeted me and took away a large portion of disability payments I EARNED because I had the nerve to complain about his threat to unilaterally bomb Syria without consulting Congress. I did get the money back, but not without a fight that was against the law in the first place and completely unnecessary in the second. This guy thinks he can do whatever he wants to do — because our so-called “elected Representatives” have given him quarter to do so.

            You are a typical rabid liberal — playing the race card when you have nothing else to say. You and your ilk make me sick.

          7. MrSwingGuitar says

            Gosh, you see no difference between Calling George W. Bush “Dubya” to distinguish him from the OTHER President George Bush, and calling Barack Obama “Ovomit”. That says a lot about you right there….like your critical faculties are sadly lacking, and you are filled with blind hate. I know true conservatives who I respect quite a bit, though we disagree on many things. People like you are beneath contempt, driven by hatred and bigotry, with no respect for anyone who dares to differ from your version of political cant. “our so-called “elected Representatives””…someone got elected with whom you disagree, therefore they CAN’T have really been elected??? I will not be responding to anything further from you; you’re pitiful.

          8. Krazeehors says

            1. The way to distinguish from the two George Bushes is quite easy, sir:

            a. George HW Bush

            b. George W Bush

            2. I am not the only one in this country who calls Obama by the name “Ovomit,” and if that is your barometer for judging one’s critical faculties, you are missing more than a few brain cells.

            3. I say “so-called” elected Representatives for ONE reason and ONE reason only:

            WE, the PEOPLE elect them to “represent” US. When they go to D.C. and act to forward their own interests, then they are NOT “representing” anyone but themselves. When the Speaker strips key committee posts from TWO of the biggest producing agricultural states just BECAUSE they voted the way THEIR CONSTITUENTS wanted them to vote, then the Speaker is NOT representing anyone or anything but his own agenda.

            Pull your head out and get off your train of self-righteousness.

        6. jayleigh says

          uh huh…but they’ve never been given the right to make law and prosecute offenders, levy fines and incarcerate offenders and grab land until the last 25 years. In the 1970s, OSHA wanted Western ranchers to wear hard hats instead of cowboy hats They wanted seat belts on saddles, and port-a-potties, 5 to an acre of land, so cowboys out tending the herd could not only have privacy when doing their biz, but could protect the land at the same time. Well, the cowboys wondered how they were going to get the cattle trained to use the p-a-ps… seat belts on a saddle? You’ve got to be kidding! Well, of course, the cowboys didn’t comply and so far as i know, there are no port-a-potties on Western ranch lands. But this is the sort of nonsense that bureaucrats love to impose on the people! The EPA and OSHA are out of control, as are all of the regulatory agencies who make law sans Congress, and then claim that because Congress created them, they have the right to make law and impose penalties… Show me that in the United States Constitution! Every one of them needs to be pitched overboard, and that includes the renegade IRS. Do you think we only support GOP admins? Conservatives do NOT support the creation of new money-hungry agencies. We stand for limited government. In fact, most of us would like to see all of the long-term bums in Congress thrown out. Most of us support term limits for Congress – we just don’t see much hope in getting a Constitutional Amendment to that effect. Taft had one of the lowest approval ratings until Carter. Wilson’s approval rating wasn’t grand either, but mostly because they blamed him for the USA involvement in what America saw as a problem in Europe that did not require our intervention. So, you spend your days looking up goofy anomalies in the GOP, eh? What a worthy project that is. Isn’t very time-consuming though because the DNC’s record is of greater scandal… try digging in there. Truman was probably your only honest man – FDR was a liar and a philanderer and a beneficiary of the Pendergast mob’s “help” – His whole administration was crooked. The only thing he did right was to secretly collaborate with Ian Fleming and the British spies to send assistance to Great Britain sans approval from Congress – His secret deal on that saved G.B. AND likely saved the USA from the scourge of the Nazi war machine, as well. You aren’t a true historian though, are you – just a nitpicker who combs through a few little blips on the net and Snopes to find tidbits… ah well… it’s a murky world into which you’ve delved. None of us supports corruption by either party!

        7. LastGasp says

          Since when has following the rule of law, the Constitution, extremist? Why do you say they are anti-intellectual, because they believe we should return to smaller government and following the Constitution? You aren’t presenting any facts, just opinions and flawed progressive/liberal logic.

          1. MrSwingGuitar says

            Would you like a link to a website that overflows with pictures of protesters at Tea Party rallies carrying signs that are clearly written by people who don’t understand basic rules of grammar or the spelling of the simplest words? There are plenty of advocates of small government who are intelligent and educated. They mostly, however, seem not to inhabit the world of the Tea Party.

          2. LastGasp says

            And because you’ve found some pictures of supposed Tea Party people with signs that are grammatically incorrect you label all Tea Party people as anti-intellectual, unintelligent and uneducated? Think about what you said then look up the meanings of “bigot” and “prejudice” in a reliable dictionary.

          3. MrSwingGuitar says

            Even in the post DIRECTLY above your last, I make no claim that ALL tea partiers are ignorant or unintelligent. What I did and do maintain is that a large percentage of those who identify as such on social media end up mangling the language and the facts. If this were an isolated incident or two (hell, I could also link to “progressives” who do the same, but in far fewer numbers) I’d ignore it. When, time after time, people make arguments that contradict themselves, and in doing so misspell the simplest words, and use grammar than an average fourth grader would recognize as faulty, it’s difficult to come to any other conclusion than that a lot of these bozos are both stupid and uneducated.

          4. LastGasp says

            Well Slick, I’m a Tea Party member. How’s my grammar and spelling? You fricking jerk, this isn’t some contest to please you. Tea Party people have just as many grammar and spelling problems as anyone else does. Actually maybe less because they’ve been shown to be more aware of current affairs and interact better socially. What kind of prejudiced garbage are you trying to spew, anyway? Why don’t you say all people who are 40 years old have poor grammar and spelling? You are obviously a progressive liberal/socialist. You make broad, sweeping statements about CATEGORIES OR GROUPS of people, but never manage to take responsibility for any faults of your own.
            You have shown your true colors as a bigot and mouthpiece troll for the illegal usurper living in the WH. Take your prejudice and ignorant socialist assumptions to another forum, you have no credibility here.

          5. MrSwingGuitar says

            Your grammar and spelling seem just fine. Your rational powers may be lacking some, but that’s a different issue. You’ll note (if you bother reading) that nowhere did I claim that all who claim TP affiliation are ignorant, merely that there seem to be a hell of a lot who are….not only that, they seem to be proud of their lack of knowledge and profoundly uninterested in becoming more informed. I’m happy to discuss issues with folks who are informed. Now, it’s your turn (should you choose to) to defend your contention that Obama is an “illegal usurper”. Could it be that, despite your absolute mastery of English not seen since Shakespeare, you are fool enough to be a birther? Or do you just number yourself among those who consider that any election not won by your candidate MUST have been rigged? I know plenty of left wingers who claimed that about Bush2’s 2004 victory. I told them they were full of it, that Kerry was not a very effective candidate and that the “swift boat” lie campaign did effect voters. They didn’t believe me then, and I doubt that rational argument will have any effect on you now. And, yes, I am a progressive, one who believes that a particular program (social security, for example) being described as socialism is not a criticism. You might want to look up the words progressive and liberal in a dictionary…there’s nothing pejorative about them. There’s nothing inherently so about the word conservative either. It’s only when people stop using their brains and react out of hate and fear that any political idea can be warped into something ugly.

          6. Krazeehors says

            Do you want to know what is wrong with Social Security, sir? Probably not, but I’ll tell you anyway.

            THE “DEMOCRAPS,” THAT’S WHO!!! Specifically, former President Lyndon Baines Johnson!!! It was NONE OTHER than good old LBJ who proposed taking Social Security, Medicare (and 7 other government-managed Trust Funds) OFF BUDGET and put those funds BACK into the General Fund.

            He did it with the BLESSING of his “Democrap” Congress so he could pay for his illegal war in Viet Nam, and the slaughter of 58,000 young men and women (nurses and others). I didn’t see you giving the Republicans for finally ENDING that horrible war. One of my best friends was killed in Quang Tri on my mom’s birthday in 1967. Years later, a disabled veteran myself, I had the PRIVILEGE of meeting some of the people who were there with him, and they described him to a tee!!

            LBJ robbed every single senior citizen in this country on the backs of their dead children and grandchildren.

            Oh yeah, when good old LBJ left office, there were THREE cargo planes packed tight with stuff he STOLE from the White House!!! Again, read Donald Kessler’s books. The man was not only a boorish pig, but he was ALSO a thief.

          7. Krazeehors says

            Me, too!!! Tea Party member, veteran, Oath Keeper, and PROUD of it!!!

          8. LastGasp says

            Yeah! Sempr Fi, Mac!

          9. Krazeehors says

            You betcha! And the proud mom of a soldier.

          10. LastGasp says

            I’ve got a son in the Navy, couldn’t be prouder!

          11. Krazeehors says

            The progressives have no quarter on the proper use of grammar, sir. It is a problem in our schools ALL OVER THE COUNTRY. And, I see MORE errors in the grammar of people trying to make their point on your side of the political spectrum, sir.

            And, as you were asked earlier, WHO died and made you the “Grammar Police?”

          12. Krazeehors says

            Boy, is that ever a cheap shot!!

            Would you like a link showing the abject apathy of people who protest in our Capitol and leave their MESS behind??

            You won’t find that at a Tea Party rally, sir. LSM commentators have been trying to catch them leaving a mess for YEARS. So far, no luck. They CARE about this country. They CARE about those who have to clean up the area after they leave. So, they bring trash bags with them, gather up all the trash and all the discarded signs, and place them in various designated areas to make the clean up easier on Park personnel.

        8. Durango 35 says

          The formation of an agency at a given time may have addressed the needs of the time, but as all government agencies, if they are not watched and monitored, fall prey to internal administrative and political corruption or power play. That is human nature.

    2. 7papa7 says

      I totally agree. She has as much authority to do this as hillary did on healthcare under billy boy. Just a side note, anyone who has as fat a butt as she does has no business telling others how to eat. I would also love to see every student in every school that serves her “diet” not eat it so it all gets thrown out every single day.

      1. helen sabin says

        Ever wonder what her kids eat at The Friends private school she sends her kids to? Think that her daughters don’t eat chips and etc even in front of her?

        1. 7papa7 says

          I totally agree. Like all elitists they want rules for the peons, not for themselves.

          1. Peggy Joseph says

            that’s exactly what you get with marxism.

          2. 7papa7 says

            So very right.

          3. Merle Dickey says

            That is what this administration is all about , control, control ,control. But not for them , they don’t have to pay for Obamacare with all its negative issues if you really read it. Check out in your town how many physicians are “retiring this year!!!

          4. 7papa7 says

            You correct about the retiring. My daughter is a doctor and she is stuck with student loans but may very well retire after they are paid off. I have a friend who is a doctor and he changed his entire practice around. He no longer accepts insurance, it is cash only. You pay a monthly fee, which is very reasonable, and whatever he can do in the office is covered. He dispenses prescriptions at his cost. A side note, he is an excellent doctor. I see more doctors going to this and bypassing obamacare. In the last year he has gotten so busy that he has had to take on 2 more doctors. He will not go over 500 patients per doc. When it reaches that point he brings in another one and he has doctors in line to come in.

          5. JoAnn Dolberg says

            In my opinion, this doctor is a national treasure!

          6. 7papa7 says

            He is great and I would love to see all the competent ones follow in his footsteps. He does get constant requests for information on how to set up this type of office and he always takes the time to respond. All his patients have his cell phone number and email address. If you are to sick to come to him he will come to your house. He has one interest and one only and that is taking care of his patients.

          7. JoAnn Dolberg says

            Is this doctor’s name and address available to such as I? I will find it if you tell me where to look. There are a couple of doctors I know who would love to have this information!

          8. 7papa7 says

            It is Atlas Medical. I don’t have their address but the phone number is (316) 260-6454. They are in Wichita KS.

          9. JoAnn Dolberg says

            Awesome!!! Thank-you so much!

          10. 7papa7 says

            My pleasure.

        2. 7papa7 says

          I have a great idea for the rest of time moochelle’s offspring are in school they eat what government run schools are forced to eat and the government schools get to eat what her kids are presently getting.

        3. Krazeehors says

          Somebody on a similar thread actually POSTED the menu for the Sidwell Friends School. It was quite obviously prepared by at least a 3-star chef. I know of NO parent who can afford to feed their kids this way on a daily basis, OR for even ONE meal.

          1. helen sabin says

            That is why the Obama’s are such lying hypocrites! Vote anything but DEM in 2014 and let’s get rid of the entire bunch in Washington. Then in 2016 if the TP/GOP don’t straighten up, let’s get rid of them too. Jefferson did it with his party and we can do so again!

        4. James says

          These guidelines should not even be put into force unless and until Michelle starts serving rice cakes, tofu and green juiced spinach at their state dinners… what’s good for the kids is good for the world, right Ms O???

      2. MrSwingGuitar says

        Wow, it must be interesting to have as much hate as you clearly do. What a swell idea, have all the healthy food discarded because you have decreed that Ms. Obama has a fat butt.

        1. 7papa7 says

          I have a deep hatred for the government interfering in how I choose to raise my children. It is none of their damn business. They are forcing children to eat the way they think is right totally overriding the will of the parents so yes their is a tremendous amount of hatred. These GD socialists want to control every single aspect of our life and that is totally 100% unacceptable. If throwing out some food for a short time gets these b@st@rds out of our life you better believe I am for it. Instead of throwing it out they can give it to a food bank, just don’t try to force it down my children’s throats. They don’t have that right.

          1. MrSwingGuitar says

            Any parent can send their kids to school with a lunch that contains the worst, least nutritious prepared food available. If you maintain that there can’t be nutrition standards for food served in public schools, you must be insane. Their have always been such standards, it’s just that they have been sadly lacking (remember Reagan maintaining that ketchup qualified as a vegetable in school lunches?). Trying to use actual nutrition experts’ views in determining what should be served is just good sense. By all means, raise your kids to eat the same crap that you eat, if you wish to, just don’t insist that serving fatty and non-nutritious food is the duty of public schools.

          2. Krazeehors says

            You would be wrong about that. As soon as her husband took office, she started talking up the idea of BANNING brown bag lunches, banning Peanut Butter and Jelly, white bread, cookies, you name it, and NOW it’s even illegal to have BAKE SALES!!!

            I actually had a school principle who decreed that kids who didn’t live a certain distance from school could not bring their lunches. It didn’t matter that my parents could not afford to buy lunch for 4 growing kids. My mom cooked very nutritional meals, and we took LEFTOVERS to school in our lunches. But even so, we were FORCED to eat in the cafeteria, and to this day I resent what that school principal did to my parents and my family.

            And, to this day, I DEFY ANYONE who tries to tell me what I can and cannot put into my child’s lunch on school days.

            Nutrition is an absolute passion with me. PROPER nutrition. That is why I studied it in school. I ALSO know how difficult it is to feed a child OR several children when you are a single parent.

            We need to bring back the commodities that were once available to the poor. We still have commodities, but they are no longer used to feed the least among us.

          3. autrypma says

            I am with you…7papa7 – all the way…it is totally 100% unacceptable…I do not want government control in any part of my life..

          4. 7papa7 says

            If we don’t get back to that we are doomed as a free society. This is something worth fighting for in all ways from changing the politicians to taking up arms.

        2. Whistlebritches says

          Well don’t know how your idea of a “swell idea” (your comment) you think discarding healthy food is, but as an adult with children, I have seen these healthy foods that Michelle wants to be served to our kids first hand (Not once, but many many of these meals).

          YOU need to eat the amounts and types of foods served to the kids yourself (for ONE week) while trying to learn in the class room. (just walk a mile in these kids shoes, would ya)

          Have YOU actually seen (repeatedly), first hand, the meals served to our children that the self appointed dietitian Michelle expects our children to eat ???

          There is NO hate coming from 7papa7 comment. HE IS just speaking the truth and it doesn’t conform to your ideology (your political bias is showing).

          Oh and by the way, (NO political bias here, nor hateful talk from me). (its Mrs. not Ms.) Obama does have a big A@@. (at least 3 axe handles wide)

          SO, the size of Michelle’s A@@ has nothing to do with discarding a lousy dictated meals.

          After all she needs to clean her own backyard first before worrying about others.
          Now MrSwing…. have a great day and remember Jesus loves you.

          1. MrSwingGuitar says

            Not only do you take it upon yourself to designate what form of address Ms. Obama should have, you then compound the foolishness by once again referring to the size of the first lady’s butt. Axe handles? Yes, I get the reference, and it’s disgusting. I pity you people, especially those who consider themselves Christians, and yet spread the most un-Christian sentiments. When you are judged by the final arbiter, you might be very disappointed that just going to church while behaving in a hateful manner sends you someplace other than where you thought your destination might be.

          2. Whistlebritches says

            LoL…. MrSwing you crack me up. Please get back on your meds… you ARE soooo very delusional. Excuse me….. the 3 axe handles reference (as you see as disgusting) is oh so TRUE. (Sir, get out of the kitchen if can’t take the heat). You may not agree, (that’s your choice) but just who really cares what you think anyway about that. (I don’t, so I won’t be wasting my time reading any future postings of your’s)
            She sure hasn’t missed too many meals by the press photos of her chowing down on a burger/fries/soft drink… goes the way of being totally hypocritical when she prevails herself to preach about mandating the need to enforce healthy meals (of her choosing) for our children. Her children are not served the same meals as ours are.
            So stop your stone throwing and judging others. (a favorite tactic of liberals and I’m not impressed) Its obvious you are too blind sited by the Ms Dictator wantta be. Just keep drinking that Kool-aid!

          3. MrSwingGuitar says

            Okay, buddy…tell me what you DID mean with the “axe handles” comment. An axe handle is about 2 inches wide and about 3 feet long. Presumably you don’t believe Ms. Obama’s butt is either six inches or nine feet wide. My guess is that you’re too big an idiot to even realize that your comment makes no sense whatsoever, without even going into why you think it’s any of your business what size ANY woman’s ass is. Of course, as you undoubtedly have a dick like a pencil stub, you likely get your only jollies out of criticizing your betters. And then you have the nerve to come down on me for “judging others”. You just won the moron of the week award, congratulations!

          4. LastGasp says

            IT WAS JUST AN EXPRESSION, GET OVER IT. You are the only one here to make a big deal out of an innocent expression. Why do you care? To rebut with ad hominem, emasculating remarks is childish and just plain stupid.

          5. MrSwingGuitar says

            To rebut an ad hominem remark about Ms. Obama with an ad hominem remark about the person making said remark amounts to turnabout being fair play. Of course I’m the only one here to make a big deal out of it. The rest of your cute little club are all agreed that it’s fine to hurl whatever insults you want, as long as it’s at those with whom you have political disagreements. You can dish it out but you can’t take it.

          6. Merle Dickey says

            He is apathetic lonely man (I assume) I am not reading his posts any more . Ignoring him would be far more harmful to his inflated ego. He is blatantly baiting many folks on here . Perhaps he will go to a HP site where he would be a welcome com-mentor rather than a nuisance on here.

          7. Merle Dickey says

            Good point!

        3. Mary G says

          Starving kids, growing kids is not okay and they will not learn a damn thing! Kids need to learn to eat and exercise….not just curbing fast food. It has NOTHING to do with fat butt Obama preaching since she is elite in the WH. She is the ones that need to loose weight first then she might just might get a healthy message out..not before.

          1. MrSwingGuitar says

            What is wrong with you people? First of all, why the hell would you care what size the first lady’s posterior is? Second, why would you feel anyone else would care what you think on that subject? Thirdly, I’d be willing to bet that a bunch of the people making these asinine comments have asses a hell of a lot wider than Ms. Obama, not to mention that their grammatical skills are sadly lacking….there are three grammar mistakes in Mary G’s short note above, which is far from a record on sites like this one.

          2. Merle Dickey says

            Wow you are so brain washed!! This is not a English, punctuation class. The problem is it is about control of our lives that they shouldn’t have any say about!!
            Especially her!

          3. LastGasp says

            ALERT! Grammar police troll!

          4. SmartIrishgal says

            And her husband is losing weight and he looks so much older..Wonder what she fed him…

          5. 7papa7 says

            It certainly isn’t from work, all he does is vacation and play golf.

          6. autrypma says

            If I made the decisions and had the fate and weight of ALL AMERICANS, I would probably look 90 years old…but I would make decisions “for the good of the people” not politically motivated. He is personally responsible for the deaths and beheadings, because he does not/would not work with the Iraq government, thinks ISIS is not a terrorist, and more absolute garbage…He has no foreign policy,
            created disaster in so many countries, would like to make the US, meaning us .folks…become a third world class. Where is our respect as a great nation…he has
            done his darndest to squish it…apologized for us to foreign countries and more..

          7. Krazeehors says

            You know what? I grew up eating right and exercising. I still eat right and exercise several times a week.

            However, when your thyroid gland doesn’t work properly, when you are salt sensitive, have high blood pressure, diabetes, and a whole host of other MEDICAL ISSUES, it’s a little difficult to always be skinny.

            And trust me, there ARE no chips, ice cream, candy, or other fattening foods in my home ANYWHERE!!!

          8. Mary G says

            Totally agree with you…I have MS and exercise is not what I grew up with due to my disability. You won’t find junk food in my home either…my siblings kids have told me how they starve eating school lunch. They are very active and play sports. It ticks me off when Mrs. Obama dictates very little food in the lunch program…she’s not even elected official nor does less calories make sense for growing kids. Kids simply need to learn how to eat…starving them will teach them about eating disorders instead.

          9. Durango 35 says

            The issue is No one neither government nor school official or anybody else has the right to demand that your family follows a certain diet or live style. Since I was raised in Europe my family followed the European Middle class diet. I came to America when I was 21 years old and never liked junk food and me children only got junk food occasional when they were with their friends.
            Obesity has never been a problem. The old saying in the family “A Glutton is not born but raised” was passed on to the children. I am 79 now and have no health issues.

        4. Peggy Joseph says


          1. MrSwingGuitar says

            The nutrition standards mandate a substantial amount of protein, which is needed by growing bodies. Your bogus assessment of the servings contains no protein. Where did you get your information? Incidentally, I love eating fresh corn without either salt or butter, and I’d be willing to wager that I’m in better shape than you are, though I’m 63 years old. As anyone who can read knows, neither of the Obama’s children are adopted. You and your brainwashed ilk who believe all the crap on sites like this one are the only ones who believe otherwise.

          2. Merle Dickey says

            Then please go fix your unseasoned dinner and let the rest of us vent. We can’t stand these people. Apparently you cannot see they do not care about any of us except to use our taxes for their luxurious vacations. Now I don’t care that they take vacations i do care that they are spending millions of our dollars on where and how they take them . Also, she has taken her mother and her children all over the world on our dollar. And China and Ireland both said they don’t want her to come back!! Look it up.

          3. Krazeehors says

            Being 63 years old, you KNOW what school lunches were like in the late 50s, 60s, and 70s. You also, no doubt, remember school prayer, Christmas carols, mandatory physical education, and exactly where you were the day Kennedy was assassinated right before our eyes on national tv.

            Yes, nutrition mandate protein. They do NOT, however, “mandate a substantial amount of protein.” Most of the school lunches that are prepared are full of starch and it has been that way probably since we began giving kids a school lunch. Why? Because STARCH is CHEAP.

            It has recently come out that an uber-high protein diet (129 g/day) is THE BEST way to lose weight. It includes FIVE high protein meals per day in the form of nutrition drinks and bars, etc., 8 oz. of meat, and two cups or more of vegetables.

            I am not talking about NutriSystem@.

            The point? That WE ALL have a lot to learn about nutrition. Until then, we just all have to do the best we possibly can.

          4. MrSwingGuitar says

            Lunches were pretty crappy in my schools, I have to say. Lots of spaghetti and hot dogs. High in carbs, high in fats. There was never school prayer in any of my schools. I certainly do remember exactly where I was when Kennedy was shot. As to the cost of school lunches, my main proposal for improving American society as a whole is to take a fair portion of the money we’re wasting fighting wars there is no chance of winning and investing it in education (including lunches). If we have an electorate that has the tools to actually think, rather than just react to ten second sound bites, we might actually be able to elect those who deserve to be leaders, instead of those who owe their souls to multi-billionaires.

          5. Krazeehors says

            ROFL!!! You and I remember the very same thing about school lunches! They were REALLY bad!! And, like it is today, the REASON they were full of starch is because starchy foods are MUCH cheaper.

            Our “school prayers” were beyond stupid. It was like, “Sit.” “Bow your heads.” “Close your eyes.” “The prayer will now be said.” And then, the official “prayer” was read over the intercom. And, we were ALL “expected” to recite the official prayer. Anyone who didn’t got into big trouble.

            You know, liberals ALWAYS want to strip the defense budget, but the fact is that it takes up only 17% of the total US budget. Obama has reduced the size of our military to PRE-WWII levels, effectively making us unable to protect ourselves on our own shores.

            We are the strongest nation in the world, or at least we were. We live in a global community.

            This is not just a GOP problem, even though liberals think it is. Harry Reid has over 300 bills just sitting in his office because he refuses to bring them to the floor for a debate. He runs the Senate like a tyrant and, in so doing, he is disenfranchising every single American citizen who elected a Representative government. Thirty-seven of those bills are JOBS BILLS.

            Education should be given back to the states. They did a much better job of educating their students because they know what children in THEIR states need. It worked much better back then.

            And, Common Core needs to go. Period.

          6. MrSwingGuitar says

            When was “back then”? HEW has been in existence since my early childhood, and it was then spun off into HHS and Education departments. There’s nothing new in the feds giving guidelines for schools. Back when the states had more autonomy, hey that’s when in the deep south there were two sets of schools, one that was reasonably funded (for white kids) and one that was notoriously underfunded (for black students). Absent federal action, that wouldn’t have changed, though these days it seems unthinkable to most of us. As to defense spending, it’s 17% of the TOTAL budget. In terms of discretionary spending, it’s approximately HALF of the total money available to be spent. Education is allocated about 1/10th as much. A question for you: When was the last time the US military actually engaged in the defense of our country? The last time there was an attack on US soil was Pearl Harbor in 1941. Our military was then deployed for the next four years and helped defeat Germany and Japan, who were definitely a threat to us. Since then, all our military adventures have been attempts to demonstrate our hegemony over the entire globe, and have had NOTHING to do with defense. If you truly believe that we should be expending half of the total amount of money that we have to spend on armaments, despite the fact that the wars we have fought and continue to fight do nothing to insure our security, but only enrich defense contractors and oil companies, we’ll have to disagree. Instead of bombing the hell out of villages where 99% of the population have done nothing to justify such action, we could be actually investing that money in our future by teaching children to THINK. And yes, it helps being able to think if you have nutritious food in your stomach.

          7. Krazeehors says

            HEW was started by Eisenhower — by combining three separate departments.

      3. SmartIrishgal says

        Michelle isn’t exactly slim….

        1. 7papa7 says

          You got that right. Like elitists they make demands and rules that ONLY others must obey, they are exempt.

        2. Merle Dickey says

          3 axe handles is how I have heard her butt described. She makes Obama look like a girl!!

          1. MrSwingGuitar says

            I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and explain. In the civil rights struggles of the 1960s, the segregationists often used axe handles to beat the crap out of black people who were trying to register to vote, for example. The term has a certain significance which it’s possible you were unaware of. As to why anyone would give a damn about Ms. Obama’s physique, unless it was to emphasize that “she’s different than REAL Americans” i.e. white people, I have no idea.

          2. Krazeehors says

            I agree. I have never understood people who judge another person on the basis of their weight. It is something I have struggled with for my entire life, and you would not believe the names I have been called even by members of my own family.

            And, I am a white, educated, well-read, Christian woman. What does being overweight have to do with anything??

          3. MrSwingGuitar says

            In this case, it’s code for bigots not wanting to come out and admit they’re bigots. I agree with you that there’s no reason to discriminate against those who are obese. I do think that teaching kids good nutrition habits can minimize obesity. I know a couple of folks, however, who can limit their calories to half what I consume and still gain weight. What ever happened to people caring about others, and not tearing them down? More than half of the comments on this page are ad hominem attacks on Ms. Obama, who didn’t even write the law this article is based on.

          4. Krazeehors says

            She didn’t write the law. This much is true. But that is where it begins and ends.

            It’s like Nancy Pelosi saying, “We have to pass it so we will know what’s in it.”

            She PROPOSED the law BASED on what she feeds her kids!!! School Lunches are her PLATFORM! You can BET she had a lot of influence in what was in it.

          5. MrSwingGuitar says

            You seem to be missing the point here “Krazeehors”. If congress passed this law, it certainly wasn’t because Ms. Obama proposed it. The House of Representatives has made it its prime objective to block anything suggested by Obama (and presumably his wife as well). If they voted for it, it must be so non-controversial that the GOP folks figured there was no political mileage to be gained by blocking it. It’s even theoretically possible that they had the children’s best interest in mind, no?

          6. Krazeehors says

            You would be wrong on both counts, sir. This bill was proposed, passed, AND signed into law in 2010 — when Obama STILL had his “Super-Majority” in BOTH houses of Congress. It was NOT “passed to make the Obama’s look bad” and they didn’t HAVE the votes to BLOCK this bill.

            It was Democrat all the way.

            My objection to this bill is quite simple:

            NOBODY, from the White House on down to both Houses of Congress did ONE SCINTILLA of RESEARCH to find out how this proposed law would affect our kids!

            NOBODY would even LISTEN to the objections of people who testified BEFORE Congress about the detrimental action such a bill would have on our children, and THEY are our MOST valuable resource, sir.

            NOBODY did any kind of testing BEFORE this bill was ever debated to determine if the proposed changes would be accepted by small, but composite samplings of students all over the country; and THAT, sir, is what they call “industry standard.”

            Without ALL of those prerequisites, then the bill is useless. And the ONLY people who suffer from THIS very bad piece of legislation are OUR CHILDREN!!!

          7. MrSwingGuitar says

            Hey, you’re almost correct, so I should apologize to you. The fact is that Obama never actually had a “super majority”, because of the situation in the senate where Al Franken wasn’t seated, and by the time he was, senator Byrd was off ill. There in fact was no time when Obama had a filibuster proof majority in both houses of congress. Still, you’re correct that I had the timeline wrong. What does this prove? It basically confirms the idea that, once the GOP dominated the house, there was nothing that had white house backing that could get through, no matter how sensible it was. So, tell me what makes this a “very bad piece of legislation” as far as you’re concerned. Do you think that kids should be fed the cheapest junk food regardless of its nutritional value? Incidentally, I just checked and The bill was approved by the Senate by unanimous voice vote on August 5, 2010. In the house, it received 17 GOP votes, though most Republicans voted against it there. As you state, children are our most valuable resource. I’ve previously said that I believe we need to fund our education system far better and reform it so that children are taught critical thinking rather than merely regurgitating stuff on tests. If you can explain how better nutritionally balanced meals would have a detrimental effect on children, I’d be very interested. Previous commentators here have complained that kids who have been raised on fatty preservative laden hot dogs and pizza will be unhappy if you feed them healthy food. Kids are unhappy when you make them do chores too, but does that mean it’s bad for children to have tasks they have to do? My guess is that kids entering the system who haven’t already been poisoned with crap food would have no problem with healthier alternatives, and that those who are already acclimated to too much sodium, too much fat, etc. will whine but eventually will take to eating better. When you consider that, among the poorer segments of society, there are children who get most of their daily nutrition from school lunches, it becomes even more important to make sure that the food served their is nutritionally balanced. As I stated before, this is not a new concept…it’s just one that was bent beyond recognition by previous administrations (Reagan: ketchup=vegetable).

          8. helen sabin says

            Says you don’t exercise, eat wrong for your body, and probably have a low thyroid condition.

          9. Krazeehors says

            Then, you need to speak with MY DOCTOR — or how about if you just take over my medical care ENTIRELY???

            Hypothyroidism is hereditary, ma’am. So is diabetes. So is heart disease.

            And, I am in the gym EXERCISING FOUR TIMES A WEEK. If I am not in the gym, I am IN THE POOL.

            And yes, I DO eat right for my body. My mother made sure we ALL knew how to eat properly, and the healthy eating habits she taught us FOLLOWED ME INTO ADULTHOOD.

            Were you to visit my home today, you would find NO


            ice cream,

            pudding that isn’t sugar free;



            starchy food;

            bananas (one of THE most fattening foods you can eat);


            canned vegetables or other canned food

            My body cannot tolerate raw fruit, so I buy naturally prepared fruit products.

            And, YOU are NO BETTER all the people who ridiculed me as a child because I also happen to have scoliosis. I was NEVER “fat” OR “OBESE” as a child, and I am a MILITARY VETERAN, so you can bet that I stay in as good a shape as I possibly can!!!

            Must be nice to be perfect enough that you can make blind judgments about people you know NOTHING about!

          10. helen sabin says

            First thanks for your service and second – you are touchy about your weight. Man or woman up and be glad you are still alive. Try the Wheat Belly Diet – bet you a sugar free soda you will lose weight! WANNA BET?

          11. Guest says

            I already don’t eat wheat!!! I am not touchy about my weight. I AM “touchy” about stupid people who make ASSUMPTIONS

          12. Krazeehors says

            I already DON’T eat wheat, madame. And, I am NOT “touchy” about my weight. I AM “touchy” about people who make ASSUMPTIONS about things they know NOTHING about.

            I know more about proper nutrition than you think, ma’am. Unless a Bachelor of Science in Food and Nutrition/Dietetics means nothing.

            You do NOT know everything and are NOT qualified to make comments about anyone you do not know.

            As a matter of fact, YOU making that kind of a comment either TO or ABOUT me makes you NO BETTER than Michelle Obama where nutrition is concerned.

          13. Krazeehors says

            “Man or woman up and be glad you are still alive.”


            Just EXACTLY who the HELL do you think you are??? How dare you make such a comment to me or anyone. Didn’t your parents teach you manners while you were growing up? Good Grief.

            I praise God for every single day he gives me. I thank Jesus for giving me the life I now have. And, I thank my church for accepting me into their congregation like I had always been there.

          14. Merle Dickey says

            I believe while he sounds like he has some education that he has a loss of social skills and probably doesn’t work because no one can stand being around him. Possibly, friendless.Or anti-social personality disorder.

          15. helen sabin says

            WHY give a damn? Because she is probably a tranny like Joan Rivers said! Now wouldn’t that be great? A first lady who is a man? YEAH!

          16. MrSwingGuitar says

            Let’s see, you’ve managed to sound stupid, bigoted and remarkably ignorant all in a three sentence post. Quite an accomplishment, actually. Congratulations!

          17. LastGasp says

            Maybe she’s pointing out the fact that this is just another lie from and about the Obongos,,,one of the many types and cases of fraud they are involved in and perpetrated on the American public.

          18. LastGasp says

            Why bring race into this discussion? “3 axe handles wide” has nothing to do with race, it is a measure of length, that’s all. You progressive liberals want everything to be about race for your twisted agenda. I’m sure that M.D. is just tickled pissless that you would condescend to give him/her “the benefit of doubt.” Who asked you?

          19. MrSwingGuitar says

            Okay, LastGasp, explain to me what MerleDickey meant in terms of a measure of length. Six inches (the width of three axe handles)? Nine feet (the length of three axe handles)? Neither of those numbers have anything to do with the physical attribute described. As I noted elsewhere, axe handles were the weapon of choice for a number of arch-segregationists to beat on black people who had the gall to demand to be allowed to vote, shop where they wished, etc. It’s POSSIBLE that ole’ Merle didn’t mean that…if so, what did he/she mean?

          20. Merle Dickey says

            You must be a terribly boring person . If you are married please give your wife my deepest sympathies. I was raised on a nice farm in Indiana and it is just an expression that “normal ” folks say , Usually in humor.. But you who obviously have some education ,lack totally in social skills or humor. Ole Merle is a middle age Danish woman .

          21. MrSwingGuitar says

            Okay, Merle, educate me as to exactly why your statement is supposed to be funny, and what on earth it means. Were you actually unaware of the significance of axe handles being used to beat the hell out of “uppity” black folks? One other thing, Indiana was actually the state with the highest
            concentration of Ku Klux Klan members back in the 1920s. Maybe some of
            that proud history still resides in you.

          22. Whistlebritches says


          23. Merle Dickey says

            Actually , my dad told me after I had my first child that I had better quit eating what ever it was I was eating as i was 3 ax handles across!! My father was a handsome blue eyed white man. I guess you know I dropped 20 lbs in a month and addressed him with that knowledge and he grinned with a twinkle in his eye and said ” It worked didn’t it” Meaning his comment about my rear end.

          24. helen sabin says

            He is a girl! WiMP is a better word.

        3. Whistlebritches says

          Last checked 3 axe handle wide.

      4. Merle Dickey says

        Just make sure your kids eat a good breakfast and dinner. f they don’t eat lunch it won’t hurt them Breakfast is the main meal a student needs.

        1. Krazeehors says

          Yep. And WHOLE EGGS several times a week or even daily are NOT “bad for you.” They are LOADED with protein.

        2. 7papa7 says

          This is not an issue for me, all my kids have graduated high school, I just worry about other children.

      5. Krazeehors says

        You would be amazed at just how much gets thrown out every day. School administrators are furious about it.

        1. 7papa7 says

          No I really wouldn’t be surprised. The fact is if they food that was edible and wanted by the students this would not be happening. You can serve it but you can’t force the kids to eat it.

    3. VanceJ says

      Well she has the usual problem of the left, don’t do as I do, do as I say, the other day I saw a picture of her eating a Big Fat hamburger and fries.

      1. helen sabin says

        And BBQUE sandwiches and lobster rolls that we the taxpayers foot the bill for…….

        1. MrSwingGuitar says

          Are you people really as stupid and hateful as you make yourselves out to be? Do you actually think that the taxpayers don’t pay for the food for all presidents and their families? Are you more upset that it’s true in this case because you disagree with Obama’s policies or because you’re bigots? Inquiring minds want to know.

          1. redneckreaver says

            ARE YOU REALLY THAT STUPID???? Grow up and open your ignorant eyes.

          2. MrSwingGuitar says

            Guess what, “redneckreaver”, using all caps doesn’t make you appear smarter, quite the contrary, in fact. And, answering a question with a question is no answer at all. So, do you actually think that the taxpayers haven’t paid for (quite deluxe) food for every president? Do you not realize that there have been federally mandated standards for school lunches for decades? What exactly do you find different about this situation that makes you complain? p.s….I’m presuming that “helen sabin” was referring to Obama buying bbq for all the people in that joint some weeks back. If you bothered to fact check, you’d discover he did that on his own dime.

          3. Merle Dickey says

            Your a waste of time.

          4. Whistlebritches says

            Been saying that for hours now ! Your dealing with a troll.

          5. Merle Dickey says


          6. Krazeehors says

            Yes, there are federally mandated nutrition standards for school lunches. They are very LOOSE standards, sir. These meals are TYPICALLY full of STARCH.

            Why? It’s cheaper. The kids LIKE it. They have a budget to follow. And on and on.

            And Ms. Obama has caused school districts all over the country to lose MILLIONS of dollars every year because the kids WILL NOT EAT her lunches!!!

            The KIDS are protesting it!!!

          7. Peggy Joseph says


          8. MrSwingGuitar says

            I refer you to my above note concerning the use of caps.

      2. Whistlebritches says

        Me toooo…I saw that too.

      3. Durango 35 says

        Hey, what is wrong with Hamburgers? I love them with crisp bacon and cheese. Not the fast food type, the real type with out fries say once a month.

    4. maxx says

      Can I ad a few more usless (detrimental to America) agencies that should be defunded? How about Dept of Commerce, Dept of Agriculture, Home Land Security, FDA, IRS, ATF, BLM, DOJ and on and on.

    5. Yadja says

      I feel sure she is aware of it and just like the tripe they are filling our college students heads with and our children from K on it is all part of the plan. Nothing worse than a generation or generations of sickly people to push around.

    6. helen sabin says

      HEY Jane – its time that we get common sense people into congress. Consider running. I agree with everything you have said her. GOOD for you!!

      1. Merle Dickey says

        Hopefully this one will be a little more honest and legal than the last one. He is trying to stop states that are requiring Voter ID to vote . Imagine that!! He is a dishonest, traitor .

    7. Kenneth Licker says

      Absolutely CORRECT! Taking away sugar for a chemical that can be harmful is clearly not a positive change. But, why use common sense or science when you can use political clout?

    8. PhylBoyse says

      Jane, he/she wasn’t elected – this is just another part of the “control” these two yellow-bellied commie leeching scumbags want over the country. Until he/she FORCES the school his/her kids and other high and mighty leeches in wdc go to, where they are served by CHEFS and get things like encrusted tilapia, ICE CREAM, PIZZA, as well as other UNHEALTHY items our kids can’t have, then he/she can talk, but look at the backside of him/her, he/she doesn’t go without a meal.

    9. JoAnn Dolberg says

      Need to shut down michelle/michael, whoever she/he is also. What a joke for a first lady/man!

    10. Maggiemae says

      Moochelle has no business sticking her nose in any of these matters. She has NO power whatsoever….just a big bully mouth. You are so on target with the diet soda – most people are running away from aspartame in anything and that shows you just how much of an idiot she is – her head totally head in lala land. I REALLY wish we all could put pressure on our Congressional people to eliminate 99% of the Federal governments ‘over-reach’ and take Education, EPA, Labor & HHS that you mentioned, along with a total revamp of the IRS out of their hands. Absolutely EVERYTHING that the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT touches turns to crap….everything is broken, bankrupt AND corrupt!!!!

    11. MrSwingGuitar says

      Ms. Jessee, if you bothered to actually read the article above, you would have noticed that these mandates are drawn from an act of Congress, and not merely Ms. Obama’s wishes. I agree with you concerning aspartame, by the way. Incidentally, the Department of Labor was established in 1913, during the (Republican) Taft administration. HEW (the forerunner of both the Education and Health and Human Services departments) dates from 1953, during the Eisenhower administration. The EPA was authorized by an executive order of President Nixon. But then, I suppose all these Republicans were “RINOs” because they didn’t happen to hew to the anti-intellectual and narrow minded agenda put forward by today’s extremist Tea Party types. I’m sure that these facts won’t shake your beliefs, as you will no doubt merely ignore them.

      1. Merle Dickey says

        Leave, your spouting things we already know. But we are talking about Obama and his wife . Stay on subject if you have to even be on here / Go get on huffing ton post with the rest of the brainwashed idiots.

      2. LastGasp says

        “What ever happened to people caring about others, and not tearing them down?” You wrote in an earlier post. Now you write, “,,,the anti-intellectual and narrow minded agenda put forward by today’s extremist Tea Party types.”

        You are a bigot and a hypocrite who is painting the Tea Party with the favorite brush of the progressive liberal talking heads. Prove the Tea Party is “anti-intellectual and narrow minded,” or quit telling everyone it’s a fact. Your opinions are not facts, slick.

        1. MrSwingGuitar says

          Do you not see a difference between criticizing a political agenda and criticizing the size of the first lady’s buttocks? If not, there’s no point in talking to you. Goodbye.

    12. Krazeehors says

      You are absolutely right. Diet soda is one of THE worst beverages our kids can drink. It causes you to retain water, makes weight loss even more difficult, and clearly is pandering to the soft drink industry.
      Mrs. Obama does NOT have ANY training in Food & Nutrition/Dietetics, she CLEARLY has never DONE any research in the nutrition field, and she has FAILED MISERABLY in consulting with nutrition experts at either the National Institutes of Health OR at school districts around the country.
      Does she or her ridiculous rules differentiate between whole milk and skim, 1/2%, 1%, 2%, o r Lactose free milk? Does she know just how dangerous salt substitutes are? What about saccharin? Aspartame is pure poison. Splenda and products like it aren’t great for you either, and the ONLY completely NATURAL sugar substitute out there is from the STEVIA PLANT. It tastes quite good, also.
      Does she know that the so-called “baking blends” of sugar substitutes (not counting stevia) have MORE calories in them than SUGAR??
      Just because she fixed healthy meals for her two daughters DOES NOT give her either the right OR the expertise to determine how and what our children all over the country should eat?
      Has she ever had to live as a single parent who is not eligible for free or reduced price lunches or food stamps?
      I have. I only got reduced price lunches for my son in his last two years of high school. He paid forty cents a day for his cafeteria lunches, and I had to send money to school with him for seconds. He was a growing young man. He ALWAYS came home hungry, and believe me, I struggled to keep food in the house. I cannot imagine how hungry he would have been with only 850 calories a day.
      Further, we SURVIVED on ten cent boxes of macaroni and cheese, eggs, 2% milk, homemade bread, and whatever vegetables and fruit juice I could get down him. My ex-husband actually thought that $300 a month was enough to feed and clothe a hungry and growing boy who grew 9″ in ONE SCHOOL YEAR.

  5. Ken says

    Giving people power, they should not have, you get these problems. Thats Okay, I do believe, shorlty we will have a 1 World Govenment lead by the WORD OF GOD. Than about 1000 years, the Holy City Jerusalem will come down from Heaven and My Father’s Kingdom will be estabilished. Praise His Holy Name YAHWAH in the Name of His Holy Son YAHWASUA and let Their Kingdom Come.

    1. Arnold Young says

      Well my friend that does seem to be the only solution. We sure are not managing our affairs very well.

    2. Robert Myles says

      What faith are you when God is called Yahwah and Jesus Christ as Yawasua? I have never heard God referred to in these terms

      1. paula says

        It’s in the bible Robert 🙂

      2. Ken says

        There is but One Faith Ephesians 4:5,6. I found out Their Names ( in Paleo Hebrew) and through the One Spirit. As i know i am one of the lost sheep of the house of Israel. As the lost sheep are the only ones the Lord YAHWASUA came for, and sent His Disciples for James 1:1. CHRISTIANITY has everything turned upside-down.

    3. paula says

      I’ll Amen THAT! 🙂

    4. Roselind Berry says

      Ken, check that Word of God, we must first go through the Tribulation, which will include a One World Government lead by the Anti-Christ, without the Word of God. The Millenium comes later, after a cleansing, and the world will be ruled by the meek during that 1000 years. DO NOT cooperate with the Anti-Christ, or you will be condemned with him.

      1. Ken says

        “Becuase the carnal mind is enmity against God: for it is not subject to the law of God, neither indeed can be. So then they that are in the flesh can not Please God. But ye are not in the flesh, but in the Spirit, if so be that the Spirit of God dwell in you. Now if any man have not the Spirit of Christ, he is none of His. And if Christ be in you, the body is dead becuase of sin; But the Spirit is Life becuase of Righteousness”. I will believe in the Word of God and Lord of Hosts, Not Commandments of Men and Jewish Fables.

    5. MrSwingGuitar says

      Yeah, all you have to do is substitute Allah for Yahwah and Sharia for WORD OF GOD, and you know what you have? The mirror image of the narrow minded religious extremism that you just displayed.

      1. Ken says

        Dwell in you’re Deception, Christianity have No idea who their God is. Even though Christ the Anionted Declared the Father’s Name (must have got lost in translation) in John 17:26. I know His Name becuase He Told me (More than Once,For to me it was hard to believe, But I will Trust My Lord). As Christ Said, My Sheep will Hear my Voice, and Dwell in the House of the Lord Forever. The Devil Jews has used deception to make all the Christians in Bondage to their Bodies of Death and The Valley of the Shadow of Death (which is the world) in Churches with Dead mens Bones. Truth is stranger then Fiction.

  6. William Fisher says

    Stupid, stupid, stupid… like everything else with regard to the Obama Administration!

  7. Floyd Benson says

    The federal gov. Should not be able to regulate. Should be up to the state and parents. I believe. There shouldn’t be any soda and candy. In the school . Kids have no right on this till they graduate. Parent should have control on this what goes on in the school. Not the federal gov. If they want candy bring from home. Bake sale should be up to the parents and schools. No sales during school house. Only after schools out and event like sport game.

    1. maxx says

      That is why the Dept of Education (federal and state levels) need to be abolished. These (government control) agencies were the direct result of the socialist agenda being pushed by democrats. They control all of academia the media which are steps outlined in the Communist Manifesto.

  8. Get Real says

    She needs to butt out…Come to think of it; it is…..way out.

    1. Arnold Young says

      No hope there. Her rear end would never fit through the door. 🙂

    2. Mark Clemens says

      First Lady, got back………
      (Maybe that’s were she hid Obama’s brain,
      In the Junk Trunk)

  9. gretagarbo123 says

    It’s okay for the kids to be drinking chemically laden diet drinks. I never got that about the food police. I stick with sugar in moderation, thanks.

  10. Merle Dickey says

    Since when do we have to take orders from a first lady? ( Choke, the lady part was hard to get out!)This is the woman who admitted she burned the flag, has said “for the first time I am proud of my country” and ” all this fuss over a flag” . She needs to worry about her own kids and her own big butt and stay out of our lives.

    1. Korny says

      Where did Michelle come from? How about, Jeremiah Wright’s Down Low Club?

      1. helen sabin says

        Joan Rivers said Michelle was a tranny and all of hollywood knew it….yeah down low is right. Ever see Michelle in pictures pregnant with her kids? I haven’t. Perhaps because she can’t actually breed?

    2. MrSwingGuitar says

      Why are you people so fascinated by the size of Ms. Obama’s butt? Also, is your reading comprehension so poor that you didn’t notice in the article above that these standards were authorized by an act of Congress in 2010…that means that the GOP dominated House voted for them.

  11. mickey mouse says

    Mymother volunteers at my son’s parochial school cafeteria and she can tell you that the kids who don’t want to eat vegetables and other healthy foods, that the school serves, simply don’t eat them, leave them on their lunch tray and they end up in the trash. She tells me half the food they make and serve gets thrown away everyday. The only solution is to pack your kid’s lunch from home.

    1. Mark Clemens says

      I’ve always been a Rebel.
      When I was in the 5th grade. Our teacher was on a “Kids in China are starving, we have it so good” kick. So she came up w/a rule that you had to eat all but one thing on your plate (usually got 5 things) I’ve always been picky about what I eat.
      This went well from Monday to Thursday. That day I only ate 2 things. My whole class sat in the lunchroom with me for an hour. The principal got on to her for forcing us to eat stuff we didn’t like. Sitting there for an hour, to me was better than sitting in class. My social class upgraded because I stood my ground……….
      I’m with George Bush Sr.
      “I’m grown, and don’t have to eat broccoli”

  12. Robert Myles says

    Every Since Hillary’s public health scheme went down in flames during the Clinton years First Lady’s have been interjecting themselves into “policy” however none till Moochie have ever actually taken over a Cabinet Position by Bullying. That is the only explanation for her Illegal Power in the Department of Education. Many of these Cabinet position’s did not exist in the 50’s and 60’s as the Powers of the President have been slowly increasing to the present point of a Dictator by default. I say by default because not one person elected to represent us in Washington has done a thing to stop it.It could have been stopped dead in it’s tracks during the Truman Era but Congress sat back on their swelling ASSES taking their illicit gains and becoming Millionaires on a job that then paid less than $200,000. Literally every year they vote themselves raises with no public Input. How can this happen? A lazy electorate, We have been allowing this to happen to us. Now the people are slowly waking up and also becoming better educated. Now is the time for major activism by the public to reign in the abusive powers of the President and the silence in the Senate and House allowing him to do so. I never thought I would ever see the day The People elected a man whom we know absolutely nothing about on the :false Promises’ he makes. What really saddens me though is that We allowed this not just once but TWICE! Wake up America before we wake up and are the United SOCIALIST States of America with a Dictator not a president

    1. maxx says

      We have never been as close to the “tipping point” with our government as we are today. This is a reprise of what is going on in the 5 PIGGS countries. When the socialists take over the nation collapses into civil war because everyone lives off the government that has no way to sustain itself.

  13. joe haire says

    I can only imagine what it must be like to live in Cuba, Red China, the old Soviet union, Venezuela, North Korea & other Communist countries. The Obamas are living very well and without regard for WE THE PEOPLE. They need to leave this country!!

    1. Korny says

      Look around you. It is coming HERE, thanks to the socialist, liberal Democrats and the NWO.

    2. helen sabin says

      They will go live in NY – and I hope the golf courses there continue to deny him the right to close down the course so only he can golf! GO Donald Trump! He also donates to the DEMS however – playing both sides against the middle. Kind of like the Saudis.

  14. jak says

    Activity is the main culprit here. Kids aren’t active enough. TV, computers, games, etc. Also, they sit in class during the school year for hours. What do you expect? Eat the calories and then burn them off. It’s as simple as that. It’s all about the life style.

    1. jayleigh says

      You are correct – it is not so much a problem of high calorie meals as it is inactivity! Some schools have dropped recess! i was in public school from 1948-1961 and during my elementary years, we played hard at recess! But, not only at school – we played outside even in winter at home. In all but the worst of the winter days, we were outside playing. In summer, you wouldn’t find any kids in the house unless it was a thunderstorm! Television was a novelty back then, but we didn’t own one – in fact very few people had TVs in the 1950s. We played tag, pum-pum-pull-away, red rover, and other running games. We went out for recess even in the winter – in fact, we couldn’t wait for a huge snowfall so we could make a fox-and-geese ring. And… there was no teacher on “playground duty”! Yikes – no teacher wanted to give up the twice a day break time to watch us out on the playground. But, rarely did a child get hurt. And, contrary to what the movies show, playground bullies were rare. Sometimes the girls jumped rope rather than play group games with the boys, but we were exhausted when we came in from recess. Our teachers had us put our heads down on our desks and they read to us for 15 minutes after morning and p.m. recesses! i have looked at my class photos and there wasn’t a child in any of those photos who had an ounce more than needed! Now, it isn’t safe for kids to be outside without a guardian on duty – but when i was a child – we ran all over town – came in for lunch when the noon whistle blew, and came in for supper when the 6 p.m. whistle blew. In between breakfast and lunch and lunch and supper, we were running, jumping, riding our bikes, rollerskating… i feel sorry for the kids now – they don’t know what any of those games are, including Fox-and-Geese! They are deprived. And then to punish them further, they have to eat moochie’s idea of nutrition – she’s made no provision for children with special dietary needs such as diabetes… she has no degree in nutrition and she gets to eat whatever she demands of the white house chef…. hmmmmm She’s really not svelte, is she?

      1. maxx says

        You and jayleigh make me remember my own childhood. Never had any fat kids in school because of all the activity at school and at home. Good nutritious food at home and brought to school from home. Of course the liberals were not in charge back then. Now all are enamored by what technology has provided. Computers are fine but much of the content of the internet is simply “garbage”. Cell phones will eventually be exposed for what they are…. a way for “Big Brother” to track your every move and word. That’s all most kids do today is diddle with their cell phones. If not talking they are texting constantly and everywhere. There just is not that much of importance to say. I’ve never used social media except for email if that is considered social media. But the things I hear that are put out there is exactly what the government wants. They want to know everything you are doing, saying and thinking. Governments can only get away with what the people allow them to get away with.

        1. MrSwingGuitar says

          “Much of the content of the internet is simply “garbage”. RIght you are! This page is living proof of that.

    2. mldld says

      bring back gym class every day for one hour, that would be better than what they are teaching them in common core curriculum.

    3. Roselind Berry says

      Activity is certainly a key issue here. Public educaiton takes entirely too much of a child’s time.I homeschooled my children,and it only took 2-3 hours in the morning to cover all the academics. BTW, my children know more about nutrition than the fat, oops, “first lady”. Mrs K was more of a lady, as were many others., but the first black one doesn’t have the taste of a hooker. My kids grew up eating health food, and loving it. They never met a vegetable they didn’t love. Well, not all like mushrooms, and they like their squash prepared with flavor. But I taught them to eat what was set before them, and they still eat vegetables with satisfaction. Anyway, public school wastes too much of a child’s time, as it did when I was in school. Too much time spent on reviewing what was taught last year, the year before, and will be taught again next year. No kidding, Englich grammar takes 12 years to learn? NO WAY! Teacha uit every third year, that’s plenty, then give the kids time to read for pleasure, read good stuff, and that will reinforce all the formal instruction on English. Then teach spelling every year, all based on phonics, which should have been half the lesson time of first and second grade. By then, the kids can read, so use reading in other subjects like science and history, but let kids read for fun with some of the time saved by teaching right the first time. My kids also did chores, which we counted as Home Ec, Science Lab (gardening/biology, cooking/chemisty, petcare/biology/psychology), and Vocational. There was plenty of time to run, play, ride bikes, swing, slide, play fetch, and hang out with the few sane kids who survived public school. So much was learned by doing, by reading out of curiosity, by talking with adults who did real things. It is a childs’ quest to learn, but public school takes all the fun out of learning, and keeps kids bored in classrooms when they could be acting like kids, which means learning just for the joy of it.
      You say kids will not learn just for fun? They need someone to tell them what to learn? Think of a tot, asking “Why? Why? Why?” It is the nature of children to learn, but public education squashes that instinct by divorcing lessons from the joy, by making instruction dry as dust. Put the joy back in learning, let kids move on when they have mastered a certain block of material, and leave time for physical play. They will not get so fat that way.

  15. barb patton says

    tSo, the Tranny (than you Joan Rivers) in the Outhouse has taken it upon itself to rule with an iron rod the children of America!!!! As usual money is the bait (taxpayer’s money) that is used to force schools to tow the line in Its unethical journey to destroy the children in America whilst stuffing its face with choice fattening foods!! One look at Its posterior speaks a thousand words.

  16. jayleigh says

    Still..the point is: What power was given to the First Lady to MAKE LAW??? When did her mandates go through the correct congressional channels to become law? She was not elected to any office, and yet her word becomes law? When will we demand that Congress follow the U.S. Constitution! There is no organization on earth that does not follow it’s constitution – none, that is, except our US-C. i’ve belonged to many organizations/clubs over the years, and every one of them had a constitution, rules and regs – even to the exact guidelines for conducting the business meetings, and most of them followed Roberts Rules of Order. Congress is a good ol’ boys club now that just wings it and does as it pleases… time for a major shake up at the polls!

    1. maxx says

      They (the Obamas) have created the perfect storm. She comes up with some stupid asinine liberal feel good idea and he takes his pen and signs another executive order. That’s how government works in America now. If you oppose any of these illegal mandates by her buffoon of a husband, he sends the IRS or ATF to straighten you out.

      1. MrSwingGuitar says

        Did you even read the article? It very clearly states that the nutrition
        guidelines are mandated by a law passed by both houses of congress.

    2. MrSwingGuitar says

      Did you even read the article? It clearly states that the nutrition guidelines are mandated by a law passed by both houses of congress.

      1. jayleigh says

        YOU are the one who can’t read! That was the “hunger free act” that was passed by Congress – NOT MICHELLE’S FOOD RULES. sheesh! You read into things what you want to see, not what is actually there. My goodness, i hope your trolling is paying you handsomely because you certainly couldn’t get a real job. You lack the skills required for real work.

  17. CarolAnnD says

    The problem with this article is that it only criticizes and offers no alternatives or solutions. I think the POTUS should be tried for treason, so I am NO fan of this administration and most of the people in it. I just think that maybe some of the points may be true, maybe children will feel deprived, won’t eat what they should, SO WHAT’S THE ANSWER. Until the author can provide one, this article is just stupid.

    1. Roselind Berry says

      I have a set of recommendations for reducing the incidence of childhood obesity. 1) feed your baby properly from the start, no formula, only breast milk for the first year. 2) When you wean your baby from breast/bottle, provide 2% milk in a sippy cup or small regular cup. 3) Start early to teach your child to eat a balanced diet, including vegetables, from the very beginning. children must learning to eat solids will try anything you offer, be sure that includes vegetables without added salt or sugar. When your child begins to show preferences, insist that he must eat three bites before he is allowed to reject the food. A young child can count to three, and thus know that the “yuccky” part is limited, can be endured. Be consistent, and consistently let the kid off the hook after three bites. 4) Set a good example by eating your vegetables. The first time I introduced strained carrots, I made a point of eating tomato soup, which looked very like the carrots, even to the texture and the use of a spoon. 5) Engage in physically active play with your children. Then, supply opportunities for your children to play independently. I encouraged my babies and tots to climb all over me, even when I was reading or doing anything else sedentary. They do grow out of it, mostly when they find other things to do that are more fun to a three, four, five year old. Model at least some physical activity. Let your kids see you doing something more physical than staring at a screen all day.

  18. Bandit61 says

    When are the schools going to get smart? Just quit buying frozen premade foods. Go back to the days when fresh food was made. Kids don’t need hot dogs, chicken nuggets with cheese over broccoli, whole wheat pizza, steak nuggets…my kid gained 20 lbs last year. Yesterday he was fed cheese stuffed bread sticks and three cucumber rounds…and 2% milk. 2% milk is more sugar than milk and how nutritious is stuffed bread? The sodium alone kept him drinking water; poor thing was dehydrated by the time he got off the bus. He spent quit some time in and out of the bathroom last night.

    Tell the wench to get a new dietician (sp) who can make a proper school lunch menu for the month instead of eating the same crap every week. How about a few stews?

    1. Roselind Berry says

      Bandit, You don’t know your milk facts. Whole milk is fattening. If you remove the fat from whole milk, you do NOT get more sugar. Nor do you get more water. You get more milk. It is illegal to add anything to milk to fill the volume omitted by taking out the needless fat. So, in 2% milk, you get more protein, more calcium, more vitamins, more of everything nutritious milk.
      Whole milk as it is sold today, is unfit for human consumption, because it is way too fat. It is even unfit for feeding calves, because it is unnatural! I grew up listening to dairy farmers, and they discussed the extra effort to get cows to produce milk with high butter fat. (If you really think your family needs the extra fat, use butter on the table, rather than margerine. Butter does require refrigeration, you probably forgot.)Why did they bother? Because the dairies paid more for high butter fat content, not because it is better for anyone. Fat tastes good, and that trumped not only nutrition, but animal health and common sense.
      Here’s how I know that 2% milk has quite enough fat for a growing child. By the time a breast-fed child is 1 year old, he’s getting the equivalent of 2% milk, and can be weaned to 2% dairy milk. If God thinks children as young as one year old do well on 2%, then who are you, a mere mortal, to decide overfatted cows milk is better? Who are you, an ignorant civilian, to decide that ANYONE needs more fat than that? What is labled “whole” milk is not whole, but milk altered right inside the cow to be excessively fat, fatter than is natural, and thus low on healthy milk sugar, low on protein, low on calcium, low on everything milk is supposed to be.
      Other things tell us that adults should probably not drink much fluid milk, whole or otherwise, as evidenced by the number of adults and even teens who are unable to digest milk sugar, also called lactose. But there are other organisms that can digest lactose for us, and those are necessary to making yogurt, cheese, sour cream, keffir, and some other cultured milk products. Those are better food for adults than drinking milk.

      1. MrSwingGuitar says

        Presumably, Bandit refers to the fact that, if you remove one ingredient (fat) from milk, it increases the PERCENTAGE of calories from lactose (milk sugar). It’s the sort of statement that, while technically true, is actually completely meaningless.

    2. MrSwingGuitar says

      Bandit61, where did you get the idea that these nutritional guidelines favor hot dogs, chicken nuggets, etc? If you read the article, it’s talking about granola bars, whole wheat bread and vegetables.

  19. Charles Hargrave says

    Mechelles school food “program” is another of Obamas attempts to control all Americans and an attempt to erode the Constitution,it’s right out of the Communist 101 handbook,and it’s a failure just like the Obama administration.we have a right to choose what we want and the chrildren are being trained to think as one in our school systems but in this case the kids are rejecting the food and Mechelle can’t understand why,she needs to shut up and sit down and know she is not elected and has no business telling anyone what to do,2016 can’t get here soon enough.

  20. Bruce Dakin says

    Everyone should make a stand..Start petitions, call your local politicians..Write your congress!..It’s all there for you!

    1. maxx says

      Hey, isn’t there supposed to be a white house or government web site that people can go to and voice a complaint or opinion? And if it gets 100,000 signatures the pres has to do something about it? Load up that site with millions of signatures opposed to the school lunch program and force Obozo to do what he promised. We know he won’t do anything but the people would have brought attention to the liar and hypocrite again. Fox would carry the story for sure.

  21. ihatelibs says

    how long did it take for you to figure this out

  22. KarenRuff says

    Her “healthy choice” program is actually more deadly than people realize. The aspartame–noted by other readers as well–is deadly. It can cause ADD, ADHD, headaches, kidney problems–and even the very obesity she thinks she is fighting. That’s because the artificial sugar makes your body think it is getting sugar when it isn’t–which cause an insulin high and additional cravings which spiral into disaster. It is no secret that people who load up on “diet” products containing artificial sweeteners do not lose weight and can have diabetes problems just as severe as those who use sugar. But that is beside the point. She is NOT an elected official to anything in this country. We have a truly pitiful Congress that no only allows a rogue president to disobey laws on the slightest whim but also takes orders from his creepy wife.

    1. maxx says

      You are so correct about aspartame. I had a co-worker who suffered from terrible headaches. They were going to perform an MRI to see if he might have a brain tumor. I happen to notice he had a drawer full of diet soda and asked how many he drank. He answered about 4 a day at work. I explained to him about aspartame and told him to stop the diet soda for a week. He asked his doctor about aspartame and the doctor dismissed it as a myth. Five days later my friends headaches were gone. He found a new doctor.

  23. leslie green says

    Why hasn’t Michelle Obama suggested the reinstatement of physical education then, as mandatory for kids…. like JFK did when he was in office. We had ‘gym’ everyday and there weren’t so many fat kids as there are today. Food is important but, so is exercise which kids today don’t get. My granddaughter has gym for one semester and then only once a week… yeah, like that’s going to do her any good. Michelle is over stepping everything… she hasn’t been elected and she isn’t an expert… get the hell out of out educational system Michelle and take your common core with you… and don’t let the door hit you in your arse on the way out.

  24. Jeffrey Cahoon says

    Michelle and her husband are both losers! And the feds? Leave us alone, you have no business telling anyone what to eat! You would think that with all the trouble her husband is in, Michelle would just SHUT HER MOUTH and be content with being the wife of the WORST AND MOST DISLIKED PRESIDENT IN AMERICAN HISTORY!

  25. Jeronimo Dan says

    Michael is delusional and not grounded in reality, if he were he wouldn’t dress and act like a woman, which he does. His husband “Obama” has brought not the “First Lady” into the White House, but the “First Dude” and he’s (Michael) become frustrated and is taking it out on our kids, instead of taking a million dollar holiday! What a screwed up society we’ve become.

    1. MrSwingGuitar says

      Someone IS delusional here, but that would be “Jeronimo Dan”. Tell me, were you born a hater, or did you cultivate the skill?

  26. Carol says

    When did Mrs. BO”s plan effect federal funding? She has NO SAY with funding to schools! She was hoping people would jump on board and ALL they are doing is running faster and farther away from her and her “DICTATORSHIP” ideas. She and her hub make a great match……………stupid leading stupid.
    It’s time we question how federal funding got in the mix!

  27. ConservativeSenior says

    No kidding. It’s obvious she has absolutely no education and/or training in nutrition. It’s all part of obozo’s plan to destroy our country starting with our children. Those two maggots are a disgrace to this nation.

    1. Janet Julien says

      Don’t insult the maggots, there is a purpose for them in their being as they are. Barapppppppppp and Moochele Obummer have no such purpose and to compare them to maggots insults the maggots.

  28. Ken Trefaller says

    Portion control it is not rocket science. Give the kids what they will eat and cut back on portions, Problem solved.

  29. brabbie2002 says

    But her (?) highness wants it so! Doesn’t count for her (?) two rent-a-kids, but, by GOD, everybody else’s child had better follow this petty tyrant’s rules. OR ELSE! What is she (?) going to do? Sic FEMA on us and send us all to boot camps? If you send all the tax payers to boot camp, who will pay the taxes to support your next million dollar vacation, you ignorant twit? Get off your high horse and leave our children alone. Just take care of the two in your custody. Those two are the only ones that need your attention. Not Mine! Not my neighbor’s. Just yours! You didn’t win any election to put you in charge of anything! So sit down and STFU!

  30. moral antagonist says

    Meanwhile the dumps are getting fuller .Do we have any hog farmers that could use some left overs.The real pigs are in the whitehouse and we need to put them in sties where they belong.NO MORE of Their stupid MANDATES.

  31. jondarmes says

    Does anyone expect scientific logic from a pet squirrel??

  32. Elmer Fredrick says

    Tell the god damn TRANNY to mind her own stupid business

  33. Korny says

    But, she was elected Queen in 2008, by welfare happy liberal low life. A very good reason for requiring both picture ID, and an intelligence test for voters.

    1. MrSwingGuitar says

      Wow…if an intelligence test were required to vote, most of the commenters on this page would fail. None of you seem to be able to actually understand what this article actually says, namely that the nutritional guidelines adopted were enacted into law by both houses of congress, not somehow “mandated” by Ms. Obama.

  34. Combatvet52 says

    Where does this chimp idiot get the right to select what our kids can eat and not eat, she gave up her law license not to go to prison…….we really have a couple of winners.

  35. Yadja says

    When she puts the food she wants for our children into her children someone might listen.

    She is not an elected official and has been given too much power and she needs to shut up and step aside before somebody gets hurt……..like our children due to this malnutrition program.

  36. Deb says

    What qualifications besides being married to the worst president in history does this woman have? A BIG MOUTH, certainly not her petite body, beautiful face or wonderful personality. She has no authority nor was she elected to spew her ignorant philosophy so why bow to it?

  37. RONALD WIEDER says

    She is nothing more than a FRAUD – just as her husband !

  38. John says

    When she gets her degree in Nutrition then she can run her mouth. Till then shut up Michelle?

  39. helen sabin says

    Michelle’s thoughts have no basis in science. Gee…. ya think?

  40. wildeagleone says

    The feseral government and Michelle combined, have no business telling the parents of these children how to raise them. If the parents of any child are guilty of criminal activity involving theri children, then and only then shojuld the governmen at any level step in to

  41. MrSwingGuitar says

    What an absurd article. So, you argue that, because there’s a possibility that children will continue to gorge on total junk at home, there should be no effort to feed them healthy food nor educate them about nutrition? What a very peculiar worldview you must hold.

    1. ohmama says

      No one appointed or annointed Michelle to be the nations food cop in our nations schools. Let her get training and get a dieticians job. Unless she has certification, she is not quailfied to judge or preach about what other people’s kids eat.

      1. MrSwingGuitar says

        If you bothered to actually read the article above, you’d notice that these guidelines are pursuant to the 2010 Healthy Hunger Free Act, which was passed by Congress (including, obviously, the GOP dominated House). As to the first lady choosing causes to espouse, that’s been true all the way back to “Lemonade Lucy” Hayes in the 19th century. So, what exactly makes you act as though this first lady is different…let’s see, what could possibly be unique to Ms. Obama…gosh, I’m baffled (I realize that most of you folks are irony free, and thus will respond with your own personal thoughts on how it’s clear that this administration is TOTALLY different, and that it has NOTHING to do with the color of the skin of the first family…yeah, right).

        2010 Healthy Hunger-Free Act

  42. albertbryson says

    We need to get the government out of our lives. I am sick and tired of the effort to control us even about the food we eat. I believe in total freedom. If it means obesity, alcohol and drug abuse. All it is our lives and if we want to live it unhealthy so be it.

    1. MrSwingGuitar says

      Total freedom…okay, does that include doing things that hurt others? Drunk driving, for example, kills many innocent people every year. If you feed innocent kids total junk empty calories, you’re likely setting them up for a lifetime of obesity that they haven’t chosen.

      1. albertbryson says

        You can educate people on what is wrong and right. If people do irresponsible things they will pay the price for it. I do believe in individual responsibility. That the price of freedom. I want the government out of my life.

        1. MrSwingGuitar says

          When I was young, the common response to critiques of American society was “if you don’t like it here, leave”. If in fact you want a life with close to no government interference, you likely could move to northern Canada or the jungles of South America (or anyplace without any sizable population) and achieve this goal. If you wish to remain a part of American society, vote your beliefs. If you candidates do not prevail, shut up and deal with it. Living in any society involves getting along with others, which entails compromise. Of all the things to whine about, children being served meals with less empty calories would fall pretty far down on any sensible person’s list. But then, so many of the folks on here just enjoy complaining, particularly if they can somehow give it a political spin. Have fun in your tiny constricted universe!

  43. redneckreaver says

    What Idiot would even consider allowing an unqualified Trany to tell them WHAT their children WILL eat?

  44. CarolAnnD says

    I think those are excellent recommendations, Roselind, and I wish every parent would do that. Maybe Michelle could make a real plug for doing those things — it would be consonant with her philosophy.

    Still as much as I agree with the substance of Jane Jesse’s argument (When did this idiot get the UNELECTED POWER to make these decisions? Diet Soda???? are you kidding me? it is full of aspartame, a known chemical detrimental to good health….), the problem still remains that the obesity levels of children (and adults) are going up in this country, and general health is taking a nose-dive. We cannot expect that Big Pharma’s drugs are going to make us healthy, when our bodies aren’t getting the nutrition they need.

    It is said that most common diseases — diabetes, cancer, heart disease could be cured and/or averted, if people ate the right type of foods in the right amounts, so I think the nutritional adjustments we need to make as a society are important. The question still remains though, HOW?

    I’m also disappointed that there seems to be no human being as an author of this article. A name should be attached.

  45. Barbara Ervin says

    If Michelle Obama truly wants to help stem the spread of obesity in this country she should start with the SNAP program. If people couldn’t buy carts full of junk food with their SNAP cards we might see a dip in the obesity rates. The N in SNAP stands for nutrition. NO junk food should be approved for purchase on these cards. And while I’m at it…why is it that people with a SNAP card can buy pop/soda with their card, meaning it’s considered a food item, but when I buy pop/soda I have to pay sales tax on it (in my state we have no sales tax on food) meaning it is not considered a food item? How can it be food for one group of people and non-food for another? I’ve contacted my state government about this and was referred to the feds. I wrote the feds some time ago regarding this and am still waiting to here their explanation. I’m sure if I ever receive any ‘answer’ it’ll be more like an excuse than a legitimate answer.

    1. waybackwhen says

      True! There is a guy in San Diego who plays in a band but reports no earnings, has no other job and he brags about purchasing lobster and expensive foods with his SNAP money!

      He has been on TV numerous times yet he still gets his SNAP funding!!!!

  46. Mike Won says

    The absence of ‘common sense’ restricts the terms of ‘organic’, ‘pesticide-free’, ‘unprocessed’ & ‘fresh’ while sugared, bleached & high fructose corn syrups contaminate & continuously destroy health.
    But look at the ‘common sense’ of those casting support for a Kenyan Ass Clown!

  47. CQQL33 says

    This ‘woman’ studied to become a lawyer and had to turn in her license for a reason that is a closely guarded secret from America. Where did she get the education to determine which foods are good for growing children and which foods are not ? She was not elected to any office, she is just the called the ‘first lady’ because she is married to the president. She has no business attempting to regulate anything….. Keep quiet and stay in the back ground. America does not want to listen to anything you have to say after your remark that you were never happy with America until you moved into the white house. That’s enough for me to ignore you completely.

    1. Linda Shelton says

      Her turning in her law license is not so secret as you might think. The things I read was she turned it in before it was forcibly taken from her.

      No one in government has the right to say what our children eat or don’t eat. Only parents have that right.

      1. CQQL33 says

        Linda – It’s no so secret (?)……..then why was the plan to take it from her ???

      2. CQQL33 says

        It’s no secret……….then why did they want to forcibly take the license from her ??? You are correct, the government does not have the right to say what our children eat or don’t eat, with that I agree 100%. The current government if ‘over reaching’ and taking away the freedom we have grown with, America is loosing more and more freedom everyday this current government is in office.

  48. Ray Heffley says

    No meat Monday Lady Michelle Obama. Only her husbands meddling powers gives her the ambition to rule over Americas children. She’s got to get her name in the history books for something. Her husband takes away, so she will take away.

    1. shafawn says

      Well said and I have never in my adult life been ashamed of America until they came to the white house and that is NOT because they are black but because they are corporate communists with a global agenda to destroy the US

      1. waybackwhen says

        I agree!

  49. ja burgoon says

    I don’t understand Why all of you people are complaining Moochell is doing all of you and your children a big favor. Does the word slave mean anything to any of you ? How about FEMA camp ? , or grewl, or soup line. What you don’t understand is her and he husband Dictator King Obozo are preparing you for what they have planned for all of us by getting us acustomed to eating food with no taste so we will eat what ever they through at us in our pen . Time is getting short keep your eyes open and your ear to the ground they are coming.

    1. waybackwhen says

      IT IS NO FAVOR WHEN THE KIDS WON’T EAT THE FOOD WE PAY FOR! The kids throw it in the trash!

      1. ja burgoon says

        Waybackwhen: what I posted was in sarcasm, I realize , that they will never do anything that would come close to being a favor to any American .They truly hate all of us White and Black alike

        1. waybackwhen says

          Thank you for clarifying that! I didn’t read you entire comment! Sorry! I am so sick of the Obama sheeple!

  50. SmartIrishgal says

    Michelle Obama should keep her mouth shut…We other things to worry about in our country…Let the parents take care of their kids obesity…

  51. James says

    I don’t have a problem with her publishing ‘guidelines’ if that’s her thing. But she has not been elected, assigned or appointed to any Federal or state agencies, so her plan is just a bunch of ideas on paper. There should be NO force behind it to comply!!! Besides, schools are run locally or by the states… not Ms. ‘Gee I’m so Important now’ Obama.

    1. MrSwingGuitar says

      Can none of you people read? The article above clearly states (if you go past the headline) that these nutrition guidelines were authorized by a law passed by both houses of congress.

  52. ohmama says

    Let Michelle go to school and get her certification to be be a registered Dietician. Until then, she is not qualified to tell anyone’s kids what they can and can’t eat at school.

    My son’s Pediatrician once put on him a high fat diet because of the medication he was on. When did Michelle get her MD license?

    1. waybackwhen says

      We, the taxpayers would have to foot the bill for going back to school! She costs us enough as it is!

  53. mark Goldstein says

    when did she become a registered dietitian or nutritionistt otherwise she keep her big nose out of other peoples biasness and her pie hole shut

  54. daveveselenak says

    REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION to the TYRANNY at hand!

  55. Merle Dickey says

    Since when does the american citizen have to answer to the first (yuk) lady? She has no power over us or shouldn’t have any way. I am so tired of these two. I look a them and hope they get hit by a train.

  56. autrypma says

    She has no power. Why do people think they must listen to her idiot advise…Diet sodas are worse than the real one. Aspertame is definitely NOT GOOD FOR CHILDREN, or anybody…Diet mayo is horrible, and they have added more sugar. What ever happened to real Pizza, hamburgers, with tomato & lettuce, meatloaf, real vegetables…my grandkids ate Brocolli when they were 3 and 4 years old, no force, mom just cooked it right or raw with dip…they love that…I agree with Jane (below)!!!.

  57. omegaman says

    There isn’t an Obama alive that speaks the truth!

  58. Yehoshuafriend says

    Michelle Obama is a no body, with no authority to force anyone to do anything! She is no more than Obummer’s house wife and mother of his children, she has not been elected to govern anything, so tell her to take her hair brained ideas and get lost! Shalom! Shalom!

  59. hiway280z says

    some one said not long ago defending her crap, she just suggests it. No they are forced to do it or lost funding.

  60. Douglas W. Rodrigues says

    Simply put, Michelle Obama is a control freak, and taking advantage of her position as First Lady to push her agenda. Note: I don’t consider her to be a “Lady” because she acts more like a first class Bitch…I’m not sure who is worse…Michelle or Hillary?.

  61. jean says

    she is a menace to humanity . to think that she wants the taxpayers to pay her an exorbitant salary for making our children miserable is beyond belief . worried about nutritional values , ha ! she wouldn’t know a nutritional item if it bit her on he arse . you see the pictures of cramming her mouth full of non-nutritional food with both hands as fast as she can shove it in . she is a liar and a hypocrite . not to mention a very dishonest person . had to give her license up to practice law for extortion . she is a disgrace to america . no the only thing this food ploy was for was to see how many american children she could make miserable . she hates america and americans . she has no right to impose anything on anyone . she was not elected , her husband was ! all she is is a president’s wife . she is nothing but a buttinsky !!!!!

  62. Dani McEvoy says

    She has no authority yet parents and schools administrators have allowed her to impede and direct. Who is protecting the children? She should be arrested for impairing health /morals ..and risk of injury/neglect..so should those that enabled.

  63. Polywog says

    If she wants to meddle, why doesn’t she get the GMOs out and get the proper nutrients back in the fertilizers so we would get actual nutrients from the food we eat. She won’t do that because the huge corporations that ruin our foods are big investors in the Democrat party.

    1. MrSwingGuitar says

      …and in the Republican party…Monsanto and that ilk wield far too much political power in our country, thanks particularly to the “citizens united” decision. It’s worthy of note that the Republicans in the senate just killed the proposal to overturn that decision. There’s plenty of guilt on both sides of the aisle when it comes to being bought and paid for by big corporations.

  64. James says

    How long before the Federal Govt will FORCE FEED nutritious meals based on their own ‘guidelines’? What the kids eat and what choices are available is totally a parent’s responsibility. The Feds need to just get out of this and let local PTAs and school boards and parents make the calls.

  65. jbombznabombz says

    yeah diet geez what are the first three letters of that word?

  66. Stacy Burrelle says

    FLOTUS need to shut her big fat mouth. My kids are never picky eaters. She has taken ALL food away, limited portions to really small sides of 3 small califlower and a brothy soup for lunch was what my 9th grader ate today, she would not be doing sports without eating more. Children NEED fat, carbs and protein to build cells to grow up healthy and learn. I am diabetic, even I could not exist on what meager offerings that they consider “lunch”

  67. 1josephg1 says

    Birds of a feather flock together. They even marry each other. Who is the president. The disbarred lawyer or the foreign exchange student. Time to remove all of the trash from Washington. That includes the two aforementioned and all the democrats that voter for hitler care and all of the rino’s that don’t have the backbone to stand up tot the reprobates. Then clean house in the supreme court and get rid of the reprobates in that court. kagan ginsberg and sotomayor for starters.

  68. Whistlebritches says

    Hey , stay ON TOPIC people, would ya. Just in case you forgot , its school lunches, NOT a school debate on who thinks they know more on past and present political happening.

  69. Gerry L says

    But, but the Mooch knows better than anyone what’s best for kids to eat. Even though when she’s walking away it looks like 2 bulldogs wrestling in a sack.

  70. Okwaho1 says

    MICHELLE can take her school nutrition programs and shove and there’s in her trunk for all of her dumbass ideas!

  71. rridgsr says

    Who made this Bitch head of any thing her name was not on my ballot I would not feed my Dogs that chit period .

  72. Durango 35 says

    That whole program is idiotic, It does not work. If the objective is to lower junk food consumption by the kids then get the parents involved not the school. My kids loved junk food but we controlled it, we never let it over ride eating of good food. Any doctor will tell you occasional junk food does not hurt specifically if you are selective about it.

  73. 1776_DejaVu says

    Aspartame, GMO, Fluoride, hydrogenated soy bean and cottonseed oil and dimethylpolysiloxane (anti-foaming agent) which is illegal in most other developed countries. Its all leads to sterilization of our children or causes cancer just to depopulate the planet in the name of population control for the NWO. Look it up, its all there for one to see if they research it. The UN is involved with the Obama administration to push an agenda that is a horrific idea.

  74. Bishop Robert Paris says

    Why would any thinking person expect Michelle Obama to offer a scientific approach to the school lunch programs? She is not educated as a scientist in fact I am not sure she is educated in any field. The average stay at home Mom of the 1950’s was more intelligent than the proclamations of that lame wanna be first lady. I say wanna be because she has neither the class, nor the education, nor the eloquence required of a first lady. She is a low life gold digging good for nothing tramp. This country would be better of without her or her megalomaniac husband. Since they do not like how things are done in this country through the Constitution I say let them leave!

  75. Michael Dennewitz says

    This POS moosechelle is actually a man. It is ovomit’s fag husband. Who in the he’ll put her/him/it in charge of school lunches?? Most states should flip him/her/it off and go back to the way they WE’RE doing it before this fag him/her/it came along…

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