MLK’s Niece Slams Obama for “Moral Bankruptcy”


There has long been this feeling in the country that Democrats are the party for minorities. If you want to see blacks and Hispanics succeed in America, that narrative says, then you’ll want to vote blue. This narrative has only intensified since Obama’s election, and the left has taken advantage by calling almost everyone who criticizes the president a racist.

Well, let’s see them call Alveda King a racist. The niece of civil rights pioneer Martin Luther King, Jr. said in an interview Friday that the current administration was suffering from “moral bankruptcy” when asked if Obama and Eric Holder had helped the black community.

“All of our leaders—or many of our leaders—are just morally bankrupt right now,” she said. “They’re not calling on God. We still stay ‘In God We Trust’ and ‘One Nation Under God’ but we’re not practicing that. We need to call on God. There’s a moral bankruptcy in this country and we really need to come back to God.”

This, of course, is the last kind of language the left wants to entertain, especially coming from a black woman. But who can deny the truth of her statement? The left has all but declared war on traditional religious values in this country, bending over backwards to make sure atheists feel comfortable in America. Worse than that, they’ve convinced black Americans that the best way forward is through continued dependency on the federal government.

Beyond Big Government

It is this kind of dangerous message that Dr. King hopes to eradicate. She, along with various black, Hispanic, and Tea Party conservative leaders, is starting an outreach program, intended to spread a different kind of message to minority communities. Called “Restore the Dream 2014,” the program is intended to shake loose these terrible messages of liberalism and get minorities thinking about a different kind of philosophy. One that rejects big government and the welfare state.

She’s just one of many outspoken black leaders who have begun to question the effect of liberalism in the minority community. For years, Democrats have declared themselves the champions of the poor. Only now are Americans starting to realize that for all their “help,” they’ve actually made things much worse. They’ve fostered and enabled a culture of violence, poverty, and government-dependence that continues, generation to generation, with only a relative few fortunate enough to escape.

To the low-information voter (or the socialist ideologue), it appears that free market capitalism and Republican insensitivity is at the heart of the problem. Nothing could be further from the truth. And that’s not to say that every Democrat idea is terrible for blacks or every Republican idea is wonderful for them; it doesn’t work that way. But there’s no question in my mind that the principles of conservatism vastly outdo those of liberalism when it comes to helping everyone succeed, helping everyone live a better life, and helping end the cycle of poverty.

Is it more difficult for a black kid from Compton to succeed than a white kid from Greenwich Village? No question. But the federal government is not there to turn the world into a utopia. No one with a healthy mind and body is locked out of the American dream. The more we can help people understand that – white people, black people, brown people, women, everyone – the closer we can come to realizing that great dream Dr. Alveda King’s uncle preached about more than fifty years ago.

  1. ShawnNJ says

    I agree with Alveda King 100%

    1. Ken Trefaller says

      MLK said “it is character not skin clolor” so since Obama has proven time after time he has no character why would any black vote for him?

      1. alfy says

        he is black and the worst kind lies, blames,etc

        1. Douglas Smith says

          WAIT ! He’s 50% white, don’t blame his stupidity on blacks

          1. tinkerunique says

            NOT blaming the stupidity on blacks, but MANY blacks will vote for him because of that ONE factor. He admits to being Muslim, that is supposed to lie to all non-believers and the muslin THEOCRACY is conquest of all. ONE time he committed TREASON, is when he traded one military deserter for $?M and the “Gitmo 5”. That was illegal without the “OK” from the Senate. THAT was an act of treason because it gave”aid and comfort to the enemy’.

          2. Fedupwiththefeds says

            Also when he gave millions to Hamas.

          3. gonzales27 says

            Yes if we had an Attorney General that followed the law. Don’t forget the last two have been black.

          4. Carol Chadbourne says

            He’s a quarter white, a quarter arab and half black….he really doesn’t KNOW who fathered him.

          5. gonzales27 says

            I think they found him abandoned hanging on a fence post.

          6. gonzales27 says

            We are really not sure what he is, 1/3 black 1/3 white and 1/3 Muslim

      2. Mark Clemens says

        Two words
        Food Stamps!

        1. marshmil says

          Mark you are both funny and absolutely correct. And I’ver personally witnessed people buying with EBT cards and also riding around in Navigators, Escalades and Lexus cars. Is there a ‘Car Stamp” I might be entitled to? After all I work and have been paying for all this stuff.

          1. tinkerunique says

            SORRY for “off subject”.. It’s just like the blacks STILL rioting in Ferguson, demanding the sentencing of the officer that killed a black thug. Autopsy proved that the officer was being attacked while inside his patrol car, AND there was gun residue ON Browns hands. Brown had a criminal history AND was a suspect in a robbery that day. MOST of the rioters are paid and were brought into Ferguson to make it a race issue. The people that trashed town are demanding it be rebuilt. let them VOLUNTEER to build it back. THIS “administration” has done more the “divide and conquer” this nation than has been done in decades.

          2. Judith Robinson says

            Thank for telling it the way things truly are. My little boy wouldn’t do such a thing mentality really makes me sick! It is time parents started taking responsibility for the way their kids turn out!

          3. marshmil says

            When I was growing up parents did take responsibility. And we didn’t have all the crime we see now. Oddly enough our communities WERE ALREADY ORGANIZED BY PARENTS, TEACHERS, MINISTERS AND BUSINESSPEOPLE. We DID NOT NEED community organizers such as Adolf Hitler and Barry Soetoro. Wanna know
            a major reason for unemployment? FREE SEX and I GOT MY RIGHTS. So now we
            have an overabundance of people filling out job applications many of whom were born without responsible parents. YES I do feel sorry for the VICTIMS of all that recreational sex over the past four decades. Some people just cannot handle freedom. They are essentially children with adult liberties. And that friends, is a major reason for our country being in the mess it’s in today. Better get serious, cut out this entitlement mentality, everybody work together to get us back with the sober ideals the country was founded on between 1620 and 1789. God Bless the Faithful and help us return the nation to the ideals upon which it was founded.

          4. Carol Chadbourne says


          5. Conservative says

            Before Lyndon Johnson blacks were very good, responsible parents. Things were hard for them because of inequality but until Obama we were overcoming that. However, since the libs started the Liberal Plantation too many black and white parents relegated that responsibility to the Liberal Masters. Now they cannot wait until they get all the toddlers in State schools so they can indoctrinate them from the start. That’s always been the way Communism has taken hold and destroyed the peoples freedoms.

            Single issue voters of both parties and all races are responsible for the destruction of this late, great, Country.

          6. Ron says

            It’s interesting the Hebrew Scriptures note at Proverbs 22:6..”Train up a child in the way he should go and, when he is old, he will not depart from it.” -KJV

          7. Eman says

            Yes, train him up when he is young, and in the way he should go is not the way of “you owe me” and “I deserve to have it all given to me” and “it’s not my fault”. What we’ve been teaching for to many years is dead wrong, but now there’s three of four generations to untrain………………go figure.

          8. Conservative says

            They keep their kids on the liberal plantation and expect their Liberal Masters to take care of them by ‘stealing’ from those that work for a living. All they have to do is obey – that means vote for every “D” on a ballot.

          9. marshmil says

            We know. There are people who want OTHERS to pay for everything. They want their stuff free. Tell them to go rebuild what they and their outside buddies tore up. And too, if Al and Jesse are so interested why don’t they come to town, organize a cleanup and refurbish crew. I understand Jesse went there and solicited funds to take back home with him. He and Al carry the title Reverend.
            When are they going to start preaching the Gospel as found the Christian “New Testament?” All I’ve ever witnessed them do is show up for photo ops at political rallies and civil disturbances instigated by members of their own color. Their agenda tinkerunique is to add fire to the agenda of divide and conquer. And it’s time we spoke out. If somebody’s offended then so be it. As an American I’m offended by the crap being stirred up.

          10. Henry L says

            And al Sharpton is their grand marshal.

          11. Ron says

            Perfectly stated Henry L …as well as the Ring Leader for the Circus.

          12. David Gearhart says

            After the Watts riot Detroit rioted and thought that the government would rebuild for them. They were told you burned it you fix it. Obama is now wanting to rebuild Detroit and bail they out of their liberal fraud of stealing to tax dollars as in New Orleans and other failed cities and states run be the Democrats. This riot is Obama’s mess, he should be paying for it out of his own pocket along with the other race baiters that are there instigating the on going riot. If the police can no longer protect themselves from a black felon attacking them then the rest of us are truly unprotected by the law.

          13. gonzales27 says

            Not to worry, Obama is bringing in the blue helments from the UN to replace the local police forces.

          14. David Gearhart says

            gonzales27, the UN is pro arab terrorist as with the Palestine terrorist against Israel. If the UN comes in it will be as an enemy of the people. It would also be another violation of our constitution.

          15. Carol Chadbourne says

            Maybe a ‘century and a half’……..and there shouldn’t be any TODAY…b.o. gave it birth…but, he has no shame or conscience and he blames the moral society…us.

          16. gonzales27 says

            Taxpayers will pay for rebuilding it.

          17. gonzales27 says

            Well Obama said in one of his campaign promises that he wanted to spread it around.

        2. AttMore says

          One word…..IDIOTS!!!

          1. marshmil says

            You’re insulting idiots AttMore. They know what they’re doing. They are out to suck the system for as much freebee stuff as they can get and avoid contributing. Everybody owes THEM a living and they are out to collect. And it’s not limited to any particular ethnic color. But their character has the common denominator.

          2. AttMore says

            I apologize to the ‘Idiots’….LOL,and I love your true analogy of these ‘leeches’…..God Bless!!!

          3. Bruce O'ryan says

            Hey leeches can be beneficial too. Enough with the insults. They ARE excrement though. Human wastes.

          4. AttMore says


          5. gonzales27 says

            Doing what they are taught.

        3. pateboo says

          cell phones, housing, get away with crime.

      3. Karen says

        The first time he was elected, they didn’t know what kind of character he had…he was untested, promised hope and change, and was a great campaigner…that and golf is about all he’s good for (unless the teleprompter goes out). I have no idea why any black would vote for him the second time, just as I have no idea why the blacks in Detroit, Chicago, and other poor, mainly black cities have voted Democrat all these years. Surely, you’d think they’d realize that the Dems are not their “friends” and are most certainly not out to help them better their lives.

        1. Fedupwiththefeds says

          When the teleprompter goes out, all he says is “uh”. I don’t believe that the votes actually went to him. There was too much fraud going on to really determine who was stupid enough to vote for him a second time.

          1. Karen says

            Agreed about the rampant voter fraud, however, there were some honest votes from blacks as well as the dumb, uninformed in the second election. Why those people…even the dumb, uninformed, voted for him that second time is beyond me. By then, enough of his character had shown through like an evil beacon!

          2. marshmil says

            Maybe the (Stalin’s) “useful idiots” had out lived their usefulness so fake ballots were stuffed into the ballot boxes to make up the difference. So now maybe we know the late Paul Harvey’s rest of the story.

          3. Carol Chadbourne says

            I think obamedia owns that little jewel “…never put him in a bad light…” and they got paid for editing and screwing the TRUTH….I, for one , will never wwatch any of their newscasts…all lies and distortions

          4. marshmil says

            I think Valerie Jarrett is actually running the Oval Office. The Kenyan import knows what he’s doing up to a point but without a teleprompter he’s merely a hand puppet without a hand or voice.

          5. Carol Chadbourne says

            I have thought the same thing…often…It’s been said he doesn’t make a move without speaking to her…..the Iranian commie.

        2. Carol Chadbourne says

          Don’t forget the worst kind of FRAUD in voting history…

          1. Karen says

            Voter fraud was not the problem in the first election as much as it was in the second. There was no need for it. There were enough votes coming from the uninformed and the blacks to carry him through to “victory”. It was the second election that extreme voter fraud went on, not to mention intimidation. He knew by then that he would never have been elected to a second term honestly, so he and his cohorts had to use another, dishonest method. What I’d like to know is why nothing was done about it since it was proven that there was such extreme voter fraud. Something certainly should have been done about it, though I have no solutions as to what that should have been. It would have taken months, if not longer to sort through it all. That would only have sped up the damage he’s done since the second election.

        3. gonzales27 says

          You assume those that voted had brains. They were asked who the VP was and all of them just shrugged their shoulders.

      4. Michael Dennewitz says

        Ahhhh, but he suckered all the blacks in the beginning. HE was their “saviour” from the way he sold himself. But it wasn’t long before the blacks started feeling it shoved up their asses, just like the whites were feelin it. HA! Now, as it turns out, neither race can stand his sorry half-breed ass!! Karma’s a real bitch, eh??

        1. Carolkitfox says

          Love it, good for you and 100% the truth.

      5. Shaun Harris says

        Everyone that responded to this stupid remark …you all need help. If you think for one minute that this is why they voted for him then you really need help. And if you think for one minute it’s only black who are on food stamps you need even more help and you need to get out your bubble. There are just as many whites and hispanics on foodstamps as blacks. The biggest blood suckers in this country is corporate america who get more welfare than all the people put together. You even have those in our Gov’t who utilize the farm aid for their shell companies. Stop walking around with your eyes and ears closed and pay attention to what is really going on. The 1% want us all at each others throats while they suck this country dry. Unplug yourselves from the matrix.

        1. Ken Trefaller says

          Corporate America needs to be investigated and seperated from their cozy relationship with Congress. But, if you think for one minute that Corporate taxation is the way to go you are mis informed.
          Corporations don’t pay taxes. The tax is passed on to the consumer. High corporate taxes have forced corporations to go over seas. So, lower the tax rate and they will come back and we willl have more jobs. Duh!

          1. Shaun Harris says

            @Ken Trefaller, I don’t think taxing them more will help either but giving away the farm to them isn’t working either because they have shipped so many jobs to other countries because they are greedy. The CEO’s need another 20 mill for their pockets and 10 billion in profit is not enough. You see where I’m coming from, the people here are not seeing the true villains, they are like sheep being led to slaughter and one of they brain washed who believe what they are told and don’t ask questions or look past what is in your face to the true puppet masters who run this country and our Gov’t.

          2. Ken Trefaller says

            Capitalism has never been taught in schools. Read Ayn Rands the Virturs of Selfishness.It is the moral code of Capitalism.

        2. gonzales27 says

          I see this comparison on several web sites,however there are 3 to 4 times the number of whites as there are blacks,so your comment only worsens the case for blacks.

      6. Carol Chadbourne says

        Question of the decade…makes no sense. A student in the histories of Alinski AND hitler, we know where his agenda is going…to dictatorship…IF WE don’t do a thing about it. I for one, am 100% against him and his agenda….which was not made in America. Period.

    2. Henry L says

      So do I, wholeheartedly.

  2. anestat says

    So True

  3. AlanWH says

    Amen. Biblical Illiteracy leads to a Morally Bankrupt Society and Country, Wherever it happens to be. One GOD-YHVH, One LORD and Savior YAHSHUA/JESUS, One Comforter-The Holy Spirit. One TRUTH-The Bible.

    1. Jane Spaulding says

      Yes In deed. There is but one God and he is going to strike down those who don’t believe in his might.

    2. Mark Clemens says

      The greatest deception Satin will ever pull, is convincing mortals God and Him don’t exist

  4. Arnold Young says

    HUH!! I didn’t know bo had ANY morals!

    1. Combatvet52 says

      That makes two of us, more like a useless nothing.

    2. Mark Clemens says

      Poor morals, are better than no morals………
      Thats written on Obama’ s Irish Coat of arms.

      1. elmcqueen3 says


        1. Mark Clemens says

          Remember when he first got elected. He went Ireland for something official, then he vistied some kin folks over there. They even drank beer at a pub. I think CBS or one of the networks covered this…….
          He is part Irish on his mother’s side

          1. elmcqueen3 says

            Perhpas that explains why he hates Winston Churchill so much…Amongst other reasons having to doing with British colonialism of Kenya!

          2. Mark Clemens says

            Could be, all 6 of those Irishmen I knew hated the Queen. Didn’t O’Bomba send Churchill’s bust back to the Queen? I wonder if the next President could ask for it back? I also wonder if the O’Bomba’s will loot the White House like the Clinton’s tried to……..

          3. elmcqueen3 says

            The next POTUS should ask that Sir. Winston’s bust be returned to the WH…It belongs to we the people…The bust should be returned with an apology to the Queen for Obama’s imprudence and lack of respect for one of the world’s greatest leaders.

          4. Mark Clemens says

            Thats true, it did belong to us!
            I think O’Bomba should pay each of us $2 for our Fair Share of the bust!!
            (Then we’ll ask the Queen for it back.)

          5. marshmil says

            Hopefully the Brits will grant us the courtesy and return Sir Winston to us when this Kenyan impostor is removed. Removal, of BHO, a Muslim, will be a Cleansing of the Temple, the White House, and hopefully a return to the ideals upon which the nation was founded.

          6. David Gearhart says

            When the black are getting aggressive and in my face about how their grandmothers were raped by the whites. I ask them ” does that mean that we are related?”

          7. marshmil says

            Excellent response David. Perfect!

        2. marihia says


          1. elmcqueen3 says

            Quess that changes my bragging rights!

          2. marihia says

            well…… too

          3. Mark Clemens says

            Thank God I’m Slovak!

          4. marihia says


          5. elmcqueen3 says

            I say the same thing over and over to my friends and relatives…Some of them are Democrats and have no clue that the Democratic Party was hijacked back in the 1960’s by all the radical elements in our society…Hence we have Obama…An Irish Arabian Marxist Kenyan now in the WH…What a mixture of tainted blood..
            Excepting for a smidgeon of Irish.

      2. disqus_C6fGXmCFNc says

        WHAT!!!! We the Irish claim no part of this despicable piece of.sewage called bo and do not include him in our ancestry, you can not even prove he is an illegal or was even born and not hatched. .

        1. Mark Clemens says

          Every Irishman I’ve ever met (all 6 of them) gets drunk, and claims to be related to everyone in the bar somehow. With all of Obama’s “Green” projects, there had to be an Irishman in that wood pile at sometime…….

        2. Pat Farley says

          I don’t blame the Irish people foe not claiming kinship with this dictator wanna-be. He has no idea who his ancestors are. And I doubt there are any nationalities (except muslim brotherhood…can’t call them nationality) that would claim him or moochelle. There has never been a president, nor first lady of the USA that has been less respected. These two have made America the laughing stock of the world. He wanted to leave a great legacy…he will, the biggest idiot.

          1. Fedupwiththefeds says

            Moochelle is in no way a “lady”. To call her a first “lady” is an insult to all previous presidential wives (except Clinton, of course).

        3. gregsmom says

          I love your response. Funny!

  5. John Burks says

    establishing a one party sets the stage for total corruption and dependent slavery. the liberal progressive(the current Democrat elite) is not the dream of Americans.

  6. Jane Spaulding says

    BO has no Morals, Wanna Be Kings are focused on themselves. He is a Narcissistic mess. There are two parties and he cannot over run or over rule Congress. He and some members of Congress are so Corrupted they need to be ousted ASAP. She is right he is helping nobody in this Country but himself and a few Elite others.

    1. AttMore says

      Spot On!!!!

  7. chuck says

    King hit the nail squarely on the head.

  8. abc__jps says

    Obama has no morals he was not raised in a christian home. He is back by the scum of this country starting with his Chicago home base. Time for ALL black people to wake up and stop following the pig.

    1. Joann Holmes says

      how true

    2. tinkerunique says

      MUSLIM is his belief and it is a simple CONTROL issue.

  9. bobby says

    I don’t see anywhere in that quote where she mentions Obama by name or even refers to his administration. I did not see the interview so maybe there is more to it than what is stated here. There are many leaders from both parties that need to look at their moral compass, she refers to “many leaders,” don’t put words in her mouth, you can not determine her thoughts.

    1. Joann Holmes says

      she should have been more precise in her words she wanted to comment but not put a face to it.

      1. bobby says

        My point exactly, could not have said it better, thank you.

    2. Barton Woolf says

      Look at the first and second paragraph. She mentions Holder as well.

      1. bobby says

        In this article there are no quotes by Alveda King that mentions Obama or Holder by name, you must be reading another article. The author of this article mentions Obama and Holder by name but Alveda never did. Putting words in her mouth still stands. By the way, the first and second paragraph was not her words but those of the writer.

  10. satin85718 says

    I am sick and tired of the “racist” word used every time someone doesn’t agree with the dem/libs! If they don’t get their way they use the racist card for their pacifier. Give me a break! Although I agree with the article I firmly believe “political correctness” has helped destroy America.

  11. dp52 says

    God bless you Ms. King!

  12. Quell Davis says

    Thank you ! Alveda ! God Bless you and your family 🙂

  13. Maria castro says

    That is why is unfair to generalize, I know black people that hate Obama and what he is doing to black community treating them as domestic pets at his service, they are very much aware of that.

    1. gregsmom says

      That’s great. It’s always good when people are able to see through deceptive politicians like Obama. I hope all moderate and conservative black people are talking with others in their communities to try to get people to understand that Obama is not for anyone but himself. He hasn’t helped blacks or anyone else except his political hangers-on.

  14. satin85718 says

    Although I agree with the article, I am sick and tired of the “racist” card pulled for the dems/libs pacifier every time they don’t get their way. Political correctness has destroyed America.

  15. jim says

    Blacks are being manipulated by those that want to control them — By keeping them in their place they guarantee their doom by making them simply fading away . I am white male, and grew up in a 1960’s middle class working family who always had black friends — I never really ever though of them as black — they were my friends and it wasn’t until MLK died that things changed — I see now how things have came off the tracks –spawned by phonies like AL, Jesse, Charlie Rangle and all the others — I agree with her 100 %!!I
    I don’t believe I owe anyone anything no matter what race or gender except what the Constitution guarantees everyone. That’s before the current 545 people in power in Washington took over — Its time to get rid of them all, they create problems between people to keep them a part — Our Government loves this, by keeping us distracted they keep power away from the US — Our police end up being the bad guys because blacks created by these failed social policies create distractions like in Ferguson Missouri, By destroying the black family unit, liberals accomplished their goal, bringing nothing but hopelessness and frustration to a whole race of people who are going nowhere and the ones breaking away are called uncle tom. Sad but true –

    1. Pat Farley says

      I agree Jim. God created us all equal, no matter what color. But its to these egotistical,power hungry idiots advantage to keep as many people down and out as they possible can.

      1. marshmil says

        Right on Pat. ….in the manner of Josef Stalin, Adolf Hitler and Fidel Castro to name three.
        But some people never learn even when the truth is right in front of them. Oh well. Let’s
        hope the black population wakes up after the mess of the past six years. Some of us sensed this train wreck way back in 2007. It was a prophecy which has now materialized.

  16. William Walizer says

    I truly hope and pray that the Black, Hispanic, et al will follow this God fearing woman. I have quoted her Uncle, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. many times. From his speech on the National Mall, “…someday the person will not be judged by the color of their skin, but be judged by the content of their character…”. Barrack Hussein Obama, Eric Holder, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, et al, are ALL the WRONG character for this Country. They are definitely “morally bankrupt”

    1. Mark Clemens says

      I agree, everything those people touch goes bankrupt. I don’t see why their morals would be any different……..

    2. David Gearhart says

      I was an abandoned child, raised as a ward of the county. I did not have any choice in how I was born and neither did anyone else. I have run into racial hate from the blacks. In Watts, California when surrounded by a mob of blacks yelling that they were going to rape and kill me. I stood still until they stopped yelling and then asked the man in front of me ” did you ask to be born here?” He raised his arms and yelled this is my buddy, this is my friend and escorted me to my truck, where he asked me if I was going to kill him. I have lived my life on a premis; “That everyone has the right to be a person, and that no one has the right to adversely affect that”. Act like a person and be treated as one. If we were all the same it would be a very boring world.

  17. Charles Rent says

    Guess they couldn’t find any of MLK’s descendents (sons/daughters) to make this type of statement.

    The morality of the country is not the responsibility of the president. The president is the nation’s CEO.

    The morality of the country is the responsibility of America’s religious leaders.

    And I’ve seen far greater lapses in morality among our religious leadership.

    1. Uzoozy says

      Its seems always seems to be a blame game, in US we need to have strong leaders to turn the neglected feelings of people. BHO, EC have provided a great deal of support. A man of his complexion can’t do no right.
      I know of cases that a kid does not leave his home because he is likely to get incarcerated without cause , cause and effect plays a big part in the lives of poor people.
      May God bless them

  18. satin85718 says

    Monitors, why do you delete truth? obama is afraid of truth, are you as well? He has messed up big time and pays his groups to cover his butt to make him look good. Did you see his ratings? Not too good is it? The truth shall make you free!
    Although I agree with the article, I am sick and tired of the “racist” card pulled for the dems/libs pacifier every time they don’t get their way. Political correctness has destroyed America.

  19. Dennis B Anderson says

    AHHHHH Barry thinks no one likes him anymore??? Hes said he was going to pull up his panties and go home!

  20. jak says

    Alveda is on the right track. She speaks for MLK, and speaks the truth.

  21. EruditeMan says

    It is too bad that the dummyCrat, Marxist, Socialists and 95+% of dark tanned people who voted for BHO in both 2008 and 2012 without a smidgen of racisim are so into getting the free OBAMA phones and plethora of freebies from the trough that they will never read this article or comprehend the degree of truth presented herein. Perhaps the Dummycrat Senate majority will be changed in favor of a non-Dummycrat majority which can then effect a series of actions to undo many of fraudulent POTUS actions that have destroyed this nation’s standing in the world.

  22. James Andrews says

    A lot of folks do not know their history. Martin Luther King Jr. was actually a Republican, and fairly conservative as well.

    1. gregsmom says

      If he were alive today, he might just be in the running for a Republican presidential nomination. I can’t imagine that he would support Obama’s tear-down of American society and morals.

    2. elmcqueen3 says

      Not forgetting the KKK organization was formed by the Democratic Party to terrorize blacks and white Republicans…Murdering thousands of blacks and whites during and after our Civil War.

    3. Mark Clemens says

      I believe he was a registered INDEPENDENT.
      Saw that info at the Civil Rights Museum in Memphis ( it’s at the Lorraine Motel, we Dr. King was murdered)

  23. Deb says

    I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.”

    I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia, the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood………………………………………

    I have a dream today!

    I have a dream that one day, down in Alabama, with its vicious racists,
    with its governor having his lips dripping with the words of “interposition” and
    “nullification” — one day right there in Alabama little black boys and black
    girls will be able to join hands with little white boys and white girls as
    sisters and brothers.

  24. pmbalele says

    While the article sounds has a good goal to bring people together, TPs and Repubs in Congress are doing just the opposite. The right wing media is cursing all time that Blacks depend upon government entitlements. But at the same time CEOs and government supervisors hate to hire Black people. That is
    why I write these postings. I am one of those Blacks who hate affirmative action programs because they perpetuate hatred between Whites and Blacks. I would love people to be given equal chance. But go to Repubs and TPs offices – you will never find they have hired a Black person. And so you want me to coward from speaking out what I see around
    me? Not me.

    1. kimberly ann thompson says

      Hello, My husband & I are two white people who have been unable to get jobs for the past six years! Affirmative action hiring deterred us for a few years….then illegal immigration took over now I don’t see too many black people getting jobs either. Here in Myrtle Beach,SC where we moved to to be near my parents, the city hires-in russians, phillipinos and dominicans to work, so no jobs. The facts that we are in our 50’s might have something to do with it too. Really, both me and my husband have not ever been nurtured,encouraged or given a break in our lives, that’s just the way it’s been for us. We have other gifts and finally we have each other….we do trust, love and stay close to God. That stood out to me from Ms. Kings’ article….really without God one really has nothing and is lost. The democrats voted to remove God from their mission statement or preamble years ago and it shows. Really, for any of us to go against each other no matter our genetics, is unloving & self-defeating. We need all the love & unity and solution we can get. To see that first of all the President of the Tea Party–Nigel Innis is black, here in S.C. we have a wonderfully effective Conservative Senator, Tim Scott who is black as well as a wonderfully effective Patriot Congressman, Tom Rice, who is white, who would probably take on anyone who needs a job when their establishment has an opening, regardless of their color.
      Watching the lawlessness as well as the self-defeating violence in MO over the death of michael brown, I’ve been real tense & sad. It seems to me as a bystander that the message of Dr. King for “civil disobedience” has been taken and revved-up to now be executed as criminal disobedience. That, criminal disobedience, detracts from the solution that was being sought in the first place!! Do believe myself, as one who has been so out-of-control more than once in my life that the Police were necessary, that michael brown did get fairness, justice and equity–anyone who assaults a Police Officer then tries to commandeer the Officers’ gun would receive the same treatment michael brown got, regardless of their genetics.

      1. pmbalele says

        You have not had a job for what period? Both of you must be lazy. Come to Wisconsin, we have plenty of jobs for you – especially if you land in Oshkosh where they make military vehicles -minimum pay is $25 @ hr. If you’re lazy you can also work in department store, convenience stores. Employers are whining they can’t find employees. If you have Blacks as TP leaders -please don’t trust them. They want to get your vote and money and then dump you. You remember this moron -Allen West – he wanted us
        Blacks back to the plantations. I know racism is still alive in Wisconsin. But I am working on it. I think I am winning. So you and your husband please move to Wisconsin -you will certainly find jobs here.

        1. kimberly ann thompson says

          So, back to divisive name-calling you go….therapy is available for your obvious fear of taking responsibility for yourself as well as your fear of the Truth & intimacy. So sad & destructive this blaming & violence–so self-destructive. No thanks to Wisconsin, I do hope you’all go far with that attitude.

    2. MAHB001 says

      It sounds like you are a very nice person, so I say this with all due respect. You seem to be seeing only one side of the picture.

      I do not think that the right wing media “curses all the time about Blacks depending upon Government. Nor are the Tea Party and Republicans racists.

      The Left OWNS and Controls the main stream media. The left owners and controllers have formed a cabal that is spreading left wing propaganda that sounds like the base to your statements. This rhetoric is divisive on purpose to keep Americans divided. It is all about control of the masses.

      I encourage you to google Niger Innis. And then make the same statement about Repubs and TPs offices.

      1. pmbalele says

        I made a mistake to listen to Bill Orielly show today. Bill repeated the same- He thinks Blacks don’t want to work because they get government entitlements. He does not know if Black person violate the law and end up in prison-he done as to employment. Nobody will hire them. But I have met quite a few whites who told me were in prison. They are working.

  25. James Maxwell says

    I agree with Alveda King, since obolo has slithered into our political scene he has degraded ever
    thing that Dr King worked so hard for and died for. Instead of eliminating color in now we deal with
    others obola has raised racism to new highs not seen since the days of Jim Crow and the KKK.
    Dr King told us to “judge a person by the content of their heart, not the color of their skin”. That
    has not happened since the Democrats have taken control of our Nation in 2006 in the Congress
    and 2008 in the Presidency. Since that time their leadership has used the RACE care ever time
    someone opposed their plans to destroy our nation and the Black community and minorities have
    been thrown under the bus ever time. As yourself this “Has your life improved under Obama?”
    The Majority of our nation, regardless of race, cannot say it has, we have higher unemployment,
    more racial strife, moral decay, families are being destroyed daily by the current policies we are
    seeing forced upon our citizens.

  26. gmhunt4 says

    I have always hear Blacks believe in God and their Religion, so how can they follow the Democrats who through God out of their Party Plank, the blueprint of their beliefs and what they stand for??? Obama attended a “Hate” America Church…………

  27. Shauna says

    I’ll start out by saying I can’t stand Obama, but I’m at a point where I’m just as sick and tired of hearing about the black community whine about stuff. always the victims..always. How about they get off their ass and start cleaning up the mess in the culture? After all, they created it and are allowing it….and I am tired of paying for it…So rather then “blasting” or “slamming”, why not do something about it?

    1. fog donkey says

      When children can see their “their parents” getting away ripping off the tax payers, they just see it s the right thing to do. When you have thug rappers getting rich and becoming idolized for “rapping” about murder and rape and crime the children that listen to it tend to think those thoughts. A lot of blacks work and are just as ticked about their money going to these social programs. I have to believe the last two black teens had no parental upbringing and were heavily under the influence of thug rap. Rap Artists, they are the downfall of America’s children of any color that listen to it. We have enough thugs in Washington D.C..

      1. Shauna says

        Hi Fog donkey,
        I appreciate your response and I’m not saying ALL in those communities are lazy or not working, but you have to admit that statistically this is where the problem is. You will not like my response but I’ll tell you, The whole, blame it on rap thing is exactly what i’m talking about…excuses. WHY isn’t more in those communities stepping up to role model or help? I am seriously sick and tired of hearing the whole “whoa is me” thing. over it, and where once I was sympathetic, not anymore. I do agree we have tons of thugs in DC…What would your solution be other then spending more money?

        1. fog donkey says

          Hi Shauna, it doesn’t matter if I like your response or not, thank you for posting it. Also, I’d never include all of the people of the black communities are lazy or not working because I know for myself that would be untrue. I have a feeling that rap has a lot to do with the violence and hate displayed by many young blacks because they cannot find kindness and love in their home.
          As far as spending more money, you can count on it because that is all our representatives know how to do. Unfortunately the spending is usually on the wrong things. I wish there were a way to curb that activity but you know as well as I that taxes never go down, only up. I don’t see a solution to the mess in D.C. anymore.

          1. Shauna says

            Hi again….maybe a lil tough love? time to cut it off….my father used to tell me, before throwing me in the deep end of the pool, sink or swim! ( always done knowing I could do it tho, with love)…I don’t have answers either, but I think it’s time to stop encouraging this. DC is a mess, no doubt, time to clean it up….Have a wonderful Friday! Godspeed..

  28. CCblogging says

    Alveda King is a Christian with the God given gift of discernment to recognize evil in people. Call me racist if you want too because I must say this, Barack Hussein Obama is Satanic!

  29. Sam says

    God bless this lady. Racism is the stupidest ideal in the world, and if her uncle were alive today, I’m sure he would personally slap the smirk off of Barrack Hussein Obama’s face. The sad thing is, so many otherwise very intelligent blacks who would stand behind Martin Luther King, have been duped into believing Obama is not just the continuation of King’s ideals, but the very incarnation of Jesus Christ Himself. It is high time the cultural differences that made America great to begin with, wake up from our moral and spiritual slumber and get with the program. America has been irreparably destroyed, but a repentant nation will at least gain God’s sympathy. And for anyone who doesn’t think we need THAT, should look at the condition of every aspect of our nation with a sober mind.

  30. jim marcum says

    I thought what MLK did for America was one of America’s great turning points. There were some bad things in America just a few decades ago. Many people alive today can recall the fire hoses being used on people. People disappearing if they spoke their feelings. People who were born into and lived in poverty with little hope of escaping. I think inequality in pay and income needs to be investigated in America and the minimum wage needs to be raised to a living wage. I think that the destruction of our health care system by Insurance Company’s needs to be repaired. I can think of no more basic right people should have than Health Care. How do you deny Health Care to anyone. How do you offer better care to the haves than you do the have nots. We need everyone on Medicare and Medicaid and the price should be based on their income. Cut out the Insurance Company’s and the cost of Health Care drops immediately and the Insurance Company’s treat no one or heal nothing. They take their profit and deny coverage and that is all they do. When each American has the opportunity to work for a living wage, no matter what that job is, and they and their families have the same health care as Nancy Pelosi and John Boehner then you can expect to see the rise in the poorer people. America’s factory’s used to offer a chance for the poor to work their way out of poverty. Union jobs with benefits housed and clothed and educated children across America and was the middle class. Now through greed and dishonesty those jobs have been uprooted and the Unions attacked from all sides. On it’s current path America will not get better. The poor will fall first but the rich will not last long after.

  31. Helen says

    If anyone doubts this they must be morons!!! He came up straight from Hell!!! and trying to turn our country in a Hell as well!

  32. Mike Straw says

    Not that I care for Obama, but who is this niece of MLK’s. Next we’ll hear from MLK’s great-great-great nephew or someone else down the line!

    1. jim marcum says

      I think his old paper boy is next up.

  33. gregsmom says

    He’s only half black, and he was raised by his white mother and her white parents. He is a spoiled little rich kid who went to upscale schools that most people couldn’t have afforded. I don’t understand why black people don’t get that. Ben Carson was raised in the ghetto, but had a mother that encouraged her children to read and succeed. He represents the issues of blacks in this country far more than Obama ever could.

    1. fog donkey says

      Obama hasn’t actually done anything for Blacks that want to work, only those on the dole. Those on the dole have returned to slavery but are to stupid to realize it.

  34. NoRINO says

    Sounds like Alveda King is of the 5% Blacks see the truth.

  35. zrevtom says

    Let us face reality, the Democrats and the MSM are in bed together, One lies and the other swears to it. Obama has lied to the American people BEFORE HE WAS ELECTED PRESIDENT. Nobody reported the truth about, it was hidden from the people until after he was elected. Did anyone know that he didn’t write his books and there were lies and coverups in it. Did he show a REAL birth certificate as proof of citizenship, NO. Did he show his school records or who he was associated with (Communists, Socialists, Muslims, Gays, ACORN etc) NO. Everything about Obama is a lie and that is what he tells the Public, LIES and MORE LIES. Pelosi protected him by not allowing Republicans to help make good laws, after all Obama said ” I WON”. after she lost leadership then Harry Reid took over protecting Obama by not allowing some 325 Bills sent to the Senate even come up for a hearing or a vote. It is the Democrats protecting the worst President in history destroying the Blacks and Latinos or even new businesses to start and increase employment. The real unemployment is not 5.9 but somewhere around 10.3 for Blacks more like 20% and teens around 50%. but you wont hear about it on CBS, ABC, NBC, MSN, CNN or in any of the newspapers. A stupid and uninformed people are what is keeping the Democrats in power. If the people knew the REAL TRUTH Obama and Reid would be out of power in 2012. Obama thought he was going to lose the last election because he caused the country to be in such bad shape and he wanted the Republicans to come in and get the blame but he won and now he is lost because he has no idea what he is doing and no one else to blame but himself. Think about it and vote the Republicans into controlling the Senate and Reid into the minority. VOTE ON NOV 4TH

  36. Joan Barrette says


  37. Joseph L. Light says

    The biggest Racist in America is Barako Obama. It’s just his way of lying to the people. He will eventually meet Someone Who will say depart from, for I never knew you.. Hell bound.

  38. patty says

    As a registered Independent, It is exciting to see so many comments from people that have finally figured out just WHAT WE DON’T HAVE/OR ARE GETTING FROM OBUMMER. NOTING AND HOPE AND CHANGE! hA.

  39. TadhgMcLir says

    Dr. Alveda King is so right, now lets hope the left will listen to a Black Woman with Brains that she can use! Unfortunately she breaks their stereotype and so I doubt they will listen. All I can do is Pray.

  40. fog donkey says

    Because they are deadbeats wanting for the working American to pay their way. You know, “The White Devils” a.k.a. Whitey.

  41. daveycrockett says

    The Obama administration has been an unmitigated disaster. Where do you even start – Benghazi, drone attacks in Pakistan, the overthrow and murder of Gadhafi, the Obama sponsored coup against the democratically elected leadership of Ukraine leading to the death of thousands of civilians, the domestic race baiting??The list is endless (and that is just what we are aware of) and the works of them should not be impeached, they should be tried as war criminals.

  42. Haymster says

    Dr Alveda King Has Hit The Nail On The Head On The Vast Difference Between Capitalism, And Progressive Socialism Of The Democrats Which Is An Destructive And Morally Bankrupt Venture.

  43. 2001CPT35E says

    It’s just as hard for a White kid, Asian kid, or Hispanic kid to make it from Compton than a Black kid from Greenwich Village. Most of the problem is that we have a generational culture divide where certain populations of the generation want to be anything but American’s first and foremost. They want to be Afrian or Asian or Irish or Mexican or Chinese or Japanese… (name your group) – they want to be hyphenated Americans. Let’s just focus on being Americans and then we can all carry our own weight and move this country forward in a positive direction.

  44. bpgagirl22VAnow says

    You better listen up Obama! She’s speaking the absolute truth. The difference here with politics is not $’s, it’s perception. Perception by Democrats that they perceive what they want their party constituents to look like and it’s NOT WORKING! They want compassion, fine, but don’t cripple those you are compassionate towards! You want independence, then assist and equip, don’t crush spirits by the outcome of the very programs that people cannot eradicate themselves from!

  45. shafawn says

    God bless all of MLK’s family. Thank you Alveda King. We love you

  46. jeff BROWN says

    The minorities are just to given to their rebellious nature. They balk at anything that tries to lead, and make them grow some. God wants to feed them a big juicy steak, and they still insist on eating dirt. Stop being so rebellious and eat the steak that God wants to feed you. This was a lecture that was solely aimed at ten year olds fifty years ago. Immaturity is the problem with America.

  47. LJ says

    I admire Dr King so much for her message of faith and peace. She learned well from her uncle. I’m sure she makes him proud.

  48. Carolkitfox says

    Good woman, smart woman. Hope peole pay attention to her.

  49. Alleged Comment says

    LOL! Since when does a Marxist sodomite Mo-slum Demoncrap have morals??? Sister you are sick and slow if you only caught on now.

  50. Margaret Longoria says

    I agree totally with Alveda King. Our country does need to call on God to help us and guide us to find people of good character, decency, and integrity. Giving every special interest group everything they want is destroying our great country.

  51. robertdavidhummel says

    Thank You Alveda, …@obama needs ALL the KARMA that …MAY>>> Re-Direct his Path of DESTROYING Ameica’s FOUNDATION,…It is difficult to believe that #Obama was a Constitutional Scholar

    1. Down to Earth Thinking says

      He is no constitutional scholar, that is just another of the many lies. In fact he doesn’t know shit from shinola about anything. He is a joke that was fraudulently put in office . An illegal pres.

      1. robertdavidhummel says


  52. tinkerunique says

    THAT, is something many have known for 5-6 years. IF the majority will realize that and WANT to get off the freebee government trough, we might get the USA back on track. There was much voter fraud last election that was complained about, but little was done. 0’bummer has told the Hispanic community ( TV speech) that last time only 1/2 of them voted, and NOW they all need to vote. He has bragged about transporting two illegals in the POTUS limo.

  53. slotiac32 says

    I’ll bet Al and Jesse and Obozo and Holder are having fits over this woman’s accusations. Couldn’t happen at a better time; they deserve all of it. VOTE GOP Nov. 4!

  54. deseartu1 says

    Dr King was a Republican! Nothing else needs to be said!

  55. phil62 says

    This is Rev. King’s prayer and hope that he built his life on. This is the TRUE equality that he believed and preached. Thank you Ms. King and God be with your work.

  56. taffytee says

    Right on, Ms. King! If I weren’t so upset about the direction the country has gone due to immoral Democrats, who use blacks by fomenting hate against whomever they consider “whites” (who may be actually other than pure Caucasians: Asian, Middle Eastern, Hispanic etc), I would think it was truly justice that the blacks will soon be displaced further from realism the “American dream” by Hispanics. The Hispanics, who, like most other generations of Immigrants (my paternal side included) indeed want to WORK FOR A LIVING-NOT LIVE OFF THE WORKERS. By obstructing Voter ID,which Eric Holder has vehemently done, the Dems are freely giving the power of the vote to many ILLEGALS, most of whom are Hispanic. So, why do the blacks get used by the Dems? That would be a good thesis topic, wouldn’t it? God bless America! God bless the Conservatives, most of whom “fear God” and love their country, as well as their fellow man. And God bless Ms Alveda King: what a brave, brave woman.

  57. grunion says

    Republicans…Champions of emancipation!

  58. mike slaney says

    Many Black people are turning to be conservatives, realizing the Socialist Democrats and Rino Republicans means one thing, enslavement. Keep going Folks, you are on the right trail.

  59. Maynard Merrell says

    A quote from Human Events during the MLK Civil Rights movement: “In his rabble-rousing heyday, George Wallace had a slogan, ‘send ’em a message,’ that sent chills down many a black spine. Last week…some good ol’ boys on the Senate Judiciary Committee name Kennedy, Biden, and Metzenbaum sent their own chilling message to black Americans: ‘Remember your place- with liberal democrats- and we’ll see that you are fed and comfortable. But you start thinking independently (read conservative or Republican), and we’ll cut you off at the knees.” Biden is the only one of the three living today. What this illustrated is that the blacks are still the slaves of he democrats just as they were before the Civil War and since. The mission of liberal blacks is to keep blacks under the rule of their slave masters- the Democrat Party. The conservaive blacks want freedom from Democrat slavery. The forth coming election can help them get that freedom, if they a smart and independent.

  60. Carol Chadbourne says

    Intelligent lady…blacks should listen to her philosophy because she’s on the nose. 100%. She is right about Prayers to our Lord and Savior….and if we support ANY OTHER COUNTRY, it should be ISRAEL. I support them because “it’s the right thing to do…”.

  61. Conservative says

    If MLK would show up in Ferguson today he would be attacked and killed by black thugs. The last thing Obama, Holder, Jackson, Sharpton and all liberals want to hear today is about GOD. They do not believe in Jesus, the Son of God, His goodness His message of Love, Peace, Forgiveness or his message of what is moral and what is sin brings out vehement bitterness and hatred in them.

    If it was a contest between Obama and God they would choose Obama.

  62. Eman says

    Liberalism has stopped progress on minority achievement almost in its tracks with its “government knows best for you” approach. Lyndon Johnson and the democrat party of Bob Byrd, Lester Maddox and George Wallace(racist all and the faces of the Democrat party of the south) saw the opportunity to achieve prepetual power through the re-unslavement of blacks and other minorities to the federal government. They had almost reached their ultimate goal until Ronald Reagan stopped the liberal takeover in the 1980 election. While Republicans have tried to reverse the takeover of our society by the government their own addiction to the Washington power circles have made them complicit in advancing the liberal cause. The only remedy for this nation is for the people to demand term limits for all elected officials, federal, state and local. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, as seen throughout history!! Wake up America!

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