More of the Same: Bush Moves Toward 2016


There were moments in the last year when it seemed as though 2016 might be a resurgence for a Republican Party long dominated by RINOs, moderates, and crony capitalism. Bright stars like Ted Cruz and Dr. Ben Carson. Forward-thinkers like Rand Paul. Even moderates like Chris Christie, who despite his irritating overtures to the Obama White House has proven a willingness to break script when the occasion calls for it.

But then the house of cards began to fall. Pollsters found that it was not these radical departures from the party line that could make a difference against a Hillary Clinton candidacy. Instead, names like Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush dominated the early polls. Conservative voters began to lose hope that anything would really change. Now, with former Florida Governor Bush announcing that he will “actively explore” a run at the White House, it would appear that 2016 is going to be more of the same.

Big Money Bush

By stepping out first, Bush is going to make a powerful stab at securing the big money necessary to make a successful bid for the presidency. His record is a good one. His time spent at the head of Florida’s government is fondly remembered, and he doesn’t suffer from the cocky cowboy swagger that made his brother so unpopular among independents. His interest in Hispanic politics is also a plus, giving the Republican Party inroads into that demographic when their opposition to executive amnesty threatens to drive them away.

With all of that in his corner, he is likely to prove an attractive candidate for billionaires and corporations looking for a GOP candidate they can throw their money behind. But his policies certainly don’t make him popular among conservative voters. His steadfast support for Common Core, his support for amnesty, and his insistence that we need to stop trying to repeal Obamacare have painted him into an anti-conservative corner.

The Divided Party

To be sure, taking the mantle of the presidency is about more than simply railing against liberal causes. In his record of leadership, his conservative Florida policies, and his potential ability to carry that important swing state in a national election, Bush makes for a pretty good Republican candidate. But at a time when conservatives are weary of Obama liberalism and politicians who put money before principle, he’s hardly an inspiring choice.

Jeb’s brother, Bush 43, and his father, Bush 41, have cozied to the Clintons in the years since their respective presidencies. Tackling charitable initiatives, the two families have grown close. In an interview last week, W. called Hillary Clinton his “sister-in-law” while endorsing a Jeb run. This is what conservatives eager for change are really turned off by. A 2016 election where the “choice” is little more than an illusion. If we’re ever to put a Goldwater/Reagan-style Republican back in the White House, we’re going to have to take some chances. Unfortunately, if the polls tell the story, we don’t seem ready for risk.

  1. Mark Clemens says

    If Jeb Bush is the best the Republicans can find in their party………..
    Just shoot the elephant, and close the doors, because y’all didn’t have nothing
    If Hillary Clinton is the best the Democrats can find. Just shoot the mule and close the doors. Y’all have less of nothing.
    If you vote for either of these wanna be’s you have to be brain dead………

    1. Michael Dennewitz says

      You got it Mark! Same ole bullshit. And I’ve always said it – every one of the bastards are in it for the glamour and the BUCKS!! In this day and age, WE’RE SCREWED WHICHEVER WAY WE VOTE!!!

      1. Mark Clemens says

        It’s a dirty trick Wall Street and BOTH Political are involved in……
        Send the most unelectable/sell out in the party we can find. Look at the last four presidents.
        Bush Sr——— introduced US to NWO, NAFTA
        B. Clinton——- let big biz into government. Signed US up for WTO
        Bush Jr——— Let 6,000,000 jobs go overseas. Surround himself w/Wall Street thinkers, TARP, Couldn’t find bin Ladin
        Obama———- Public Health Care, Runaway spending, Keeps the 9/11 war going, Wants to disarm US.
        WHO’S NEXT?——- They will keep the ball rolling toward communism….
        We will also see more bait and switch, and blame game. The GOP will blame the whole mess on Obama, just like the DNC blames the whole thing on Bush Jr.
        Make no mistake, BOTH Parties are out to rule us……….

        1. fred says

          the Carlyle group has the Queen, the bushes and Bin Ladens in it, think that is a coincidence? we’re being played and have to fight to rid ourselves of these self-declared monarchs! Convention of States is a good start! Send them all packing and start over is what i’d like to see! And send the lawyers and doctors who think they can charge us up the wazzoo for nothing to the bottom of the heap as well, and start over! If we just followed their Constitution, we would be much better off than letting these internationalists steal, lie and cheat in every imaginable part of our lives! The IRS, FED, and so many agencies should just be “sunset” and let to die, and we go to a logical system of taxation like ad valorem and it would solve most of our economic woes immediately! Do you know how many businesses would come here if we revised our tax structure!?! We could pick and choose who we wanted here!

          1. Mark Clemens says

            We have the opportunity to “Start Over” every two years. We call it an Election. I’m starting to think the BALLOT BOX is BROKEN also. This country as a whole, can’t be brain dead enough to keep sending the same trash (and it’s Kin) back to DC over and over again. If Adams, Washington, and Hamilton were alive today, we’d be shooting at The Government by now…….

          2. mrmsjb12 says

            I think it might have to come to that

          3. Tom says

            Armed and ready, sir.

          4. Mark Clemens says

            Why do the people have to be taxed? When the Founders started the USA in 1790, they funded the Treasury 100% with Tariffs. If George Washington didn’t mind foreigners paying our bills, whats this Congress’ problem? Citizens United? Greed? Self-serving Politicians? Low morals? Special Interest Monies? Lobbyists Monies? All of the above?

          5. fred says

            All of the above Mark! Until we kill most of the “entitlement class” of citizens and non-citizens and go back to an “ad valorem” or import tax/tariff that you describe, we will always have deficits that rob our children without any consultation! I think in answer to how did we get here, the Europeans and other foreign Governments went directly to our representatives including the POTUS and paid them off in “campaign contributions” (wink, wink), and we have been sold down the river by these criminals in Washington ever since that was successful for the foreign entities diplomatically.

        2. Sue Zbell says

          While the Republicans were pushing it, it was Bill Clinton that signed the repeal of Glass Steagall that opened the financial industry to the kinds of deals that resulted in massive numbers of foreclosures and bank failures and two (Geo Bush and B Obama) taxpayer paid massive bank bailouts.
          Our nation needs a VIABLE alternative to Democrats and Republicans — a party that makes government more efficient and effective as it works for the vast majority of its citizens — not just the greediest of the wealthiest of the investor class and their pet special interest groups that keep giving them the votes to enable them to hold office and screw up our government.

          1. Tom says

            Audit the FED.

          2. Sue Zbell says

            On this we very much agree. Every time I read or hear anything about “the Fed”, I have a mental image of mob bosses meeting to decide who gets screwed and/or whacked next.
            I’d also like to see a thorough audit of the DoD and all the “intelligence” and “security” agencies for at least the last several decades.

        3. B. Zerker says

          Mark, don’t forget UN Agenda 21 and the “green” movement/lie! That is the “overlord’s” endgame in the guise of saving the planet and our environment. Bush Sr. signed us onto that unconstitutional monstrosity and every president since has stealthily implemented it’s dictates. Their first step is to wreck the economy to more easily control us which is well on the way to being completed. From there they’ll need to disarm us to complete their diabolical plan to reduce the world population by 50% or more. They believe that too many people use too may resources and threaten the health of the planet. If Agenda 21 ever gets fully implemented, this republic’s done along with most of us! For those of you who don’t know the particulars, watch the many YouTube videos on the subject. (I find Rosa Koire’s the most informative. She also wrote the book: “Behind The Green Mask: U.N. Agenda 21” which lays it all out.)

          1. Tom says

            Only part I can see eye-to-eye with would be the population growth rate IS too high. Could you imagine a Billion people in the USA? That’s about 3 times more than we have now. Three times the wait at the gas station, grocery store, and McDonald’s. How much more food, clothing, electricty, gas, cars, toilet paper has to be produced for the increase? How much more pollution would 3 times more people make? These things MUST be thought about. WE must THINK about more than just me, me, me, me. Big families are a luxury very few can afford to support today.
            We only have this one planet and I don’t there will be another made for quite a while longer. We must take care of Mother Earth

        4. Tom says

          NAFTA and GATT were signed by Billy Clinton so stop your insane Bush-Bashing, it makes your dick smaller. Oops, I see, you are a girl…now! Haaahaaahaahaa.

          1. Mark Clemens says

            Tommi Girl, use your search engine, look up when NAFTA was signed, then see if BC or GHWB was in office.
            Where did you learn history, FOX? Or some backroom Tea Party meeting?????

      2. Dexter L. Wilson says

        Let me ask you a question, Michael did you attend your precinct convention at the primary? You want to stop BS, then get involved on grassroots level and help determine the direction of the country. Christians in Texas did and took over the Republican Party in Texas. Look at the economy in Texas, Look at what we are doing with social issues. Act, for the Christian, Being a Christian is not a spectator sport. Go and become a member of the Tea Party if you are not already and get involved!!!

        1. WhiteFalcon says

          You are right on the money. We need to take over the so called Republican party and re make it in our image and get rid of the RINOs and take over the RNC. When we become the establishment, we can do a lot of good. Never quit fighting.

          1. Mark Clemens says

            Why not do like Wall Street, to make sure we get our way. Lets take over both parties. Get a ticket that represents us from both sides of the aisle. Beat them at their own game, by following their example,,,..,,,

          2. WhiteFalcon says

            Sounds good to me.

      3. Korean_Vet says

        Sue is right–Clinton rewrote the mortgage law–“If there’s a hint of discrimination–
        an ‘Excessive Penalty’ will be a ‘banking example’ for the rest-! In 1995, Jr. Lawyer
        Obama & 4 other Lawyers entered a ‘Classic 3-yr Lawsuit’ against Citi-bank in Chicago
        which was entered as a “Racial Discrimination Case” which elevated to a “Class-Action”
        status–under Judge Rueben Castillo-! And in 1998–the Citibank Attorneys–realized
        that they were ‘Losing the Case’–“Asked Judge Castillo for Permission–to Settle ‘Out
        of Court’–so they could negotiate with opposing lawyers–to ‘confine the area of the
        settlement to the Chicago-Area Only-!” (Instead of Nation-Wide 50 States-!) Obama
        & his fellow-lawyers had a “Big Win” for their Client “Buycks Robertson”-! And other
        Banks decided “they would never chance another “Racial Discrimination Case”-! If
        a prospective loan-applicant entered the Bank & even looked ‘ethnic’–they didn’t have
        a “Credit-Check” or “Ability to Pay Check”–just “Sit them down & give them a sub-prime
        loan”–get them to ‘Sign It; & “Get them ‘Out the Door’-!” “If it’s a Bad-Risk Loan”–just
        “Sell It to Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac”–& your Bank didn’t have a “Bad Risk Loan”-!
        Yes, this was the “10 yr. ‘Fuse’ that caused the “Sub-Prime Loan Melt-Down in 2008”-!
        Yes–a young lawyer identified as “Barack Obama” also had his ‘Fingers on the Match’
        that “Lit the 10-yr Fuse” that caused the “Biggest Melt-Down Crisis” in History-! Go to
        Civil Rights Litigation Clearinghouse in “Racial Discrimination” Lawsuits-! id =26021

    2. 7papa7 says

      I guess getting their butts kicked in the last 2 presidential elections because they put forth RINO’s hasn’t gotten through yet, that RINO’s and democrats are cut from the same cloth. President Reagan said that any problems in the republican party need to be fixed not abandoned. The problem is they are NOT being fixed they are getting worse so abandonment may be our only option if they don’t move to the right. They need to move as far to the right as obama is to the left. It is time we got a choice and not just the better of 2 evils.

    3. CrazyAuntJane says

      And AMEN & AMEN!!

    4. Dexter L. Wilson says

      No, Dr. Ben Carson, a Lincoln, a Reagan, and a Teddy Roosevelt all in one, capable of choosing a cabinet that he will research to get us back on track and get us going again.

      1. Cold War Gunner says

        Will not happen, unless he is willing to have a spinal removal by the CFR/NWO/OWG gods..

        1. Dexter L. Wilson says

          Start Contacting the Republican State Chair for each state you are in and tell them the only candidate with a spine and who is so much like Reagan will not back down. Dr. Carson made a reason visit to Israel. To see it you need to go on line to CBN 700 Club.

      2. Mark Clemens says

        I’m black, As fast as Obama sold everyone out, I’ll never vote for a black dude.

        1. Korean_Vet says

          Mark–“I’m a Veteran & a Victim” but so “Were You”-! ‘Don’t stay a Loser’-I’m
          going for a Winner-! A ‘real conservative’–“Dr. Ben Carson”–a ‘Real American’-!
          if He choses “Judge Andrew Napolitano” to run as “Vice President”–You’ve Got
          Two Unbeatable Winners, together-! An “Expert” on Running Hospitals & the
          Other is an “Expert” on the ‘Real’ U.S. “Constitution & it’s History-!” I recognize
          both of them as “Outstanding non-political Leaders”–‘Not Phonies’-! And both
          of these–have 2 U.S. Parents–with U.S. Citizenships–thus they were born as
          “Natural-Born (Heirs) Citizens”–fully Qualified to “Run for President”-!

          1. mrmsjb12 says

            I must agree to that

        2. Camp Taji says

          Obama may be black but he is 100% African (radical) zero American. Carson and West are 110% American

        3. mrmsjb12 says

          never is a long time

    5. adrianvance says


    6. Sue Zbell says

      I CRINGE at the very thought of a 2016 Bush/Clinton presidential contest.

      1. Mark Clemens says

        It would be the most unamerican election ever!!!
        If it comes down to Bush III vs Clinton esq.. We should all vote with bullets…….

        1. mrmsjb12 says

          now that sounds racist

    7. Krazeehors says

      I will vote for Jeb Bush OVER MY DEAD BODY!!!

      ‘Nuff said.

    8. Larry says

      No Presidential thoughts for her, your thought’s ott to be when is she going to JAIL.

    9. Tom says

      Time to check out the OTHER parties: Libertarian? Independent? American Communist Party? Oh, that’s the Demoncrats again using another name–like most of their voters! I don’t know, but it IS time for a change from the present IDIOTS. Obama isn’t worth going to jail for if I killed him, so that’s out. DAMN IT!!

      1. Mark Clemens says

        Maybe the Whigg Party might rise again. To me both D&R are more like the Federalist Party……….

  2. Maria castro says

    I would like Fox to stop shoveling Jeb Bush down our throats, we are choking. It will be a big mistake if he is the candidate. Most conservatives will abstain from voting. Bush = Hillary, don’t let them fool you.

  3. pmbalele says

    At least Jeb Bush is presentable-but Repubs and TPs won’t vote for him because his wife is Latina. On the other hand people will not vote for the other TPs and Repubs WH wannabes. They are either ugly, fat or without charisma as leaders. I would never vote for Chris-too fat; I would never vote for Jindal smart but-too ugly: I would never Herman Cain- he is a white-women underwear groper; I would never vote for Dr. Carson-the guy does not brush his teeth; I would never vote for Rand Paul-the guy is too short; I would never vote for Santorum-the guy wants to be an American little pope; I would never vote for Romney; the guy is a Mormon wants polygamy and 20 grandchildren in the WH; I would not vote for Sarah Palin-too violent and full of wrinkles; I would never vote for Scott Walker-the guy wants Sharia law in this Country; I would never vote for Ted Cruz-he is a Canadian-Cuban -not eligible for the WH job; Santorum-no he wants to be an American little pope. So we ran out piggies. We may as well end up with Hillary or Biden unopposed in 2016.

    1. Michael Dennewitz says

      I think I’d rather have 20 RED BLOODED, WHITE, AMERICAN grandkids running around the tarnished white house than what we have now!! Think about it!!

      1. pmbalele says

        We know it has been hurting racist for the last 6 years now. They are asking themselves -what went wrong we have Blacks in the WH. They were told by their parents that Blacks were intellectually inferior to them as Whites. Too late now. Maybe we will have Dr. Carson in the WH if Hillary or Biden doesn’t run. Well if you let Romney there, tax payers will spend $1 million a day for upkeep of his wives and grandchildren. Well as TP you don’t care if your tax money is spent by White kids.

    2. Jerry Holloway says

      Well it sounds like your advertiseing for the dem party theres one thing for sure if you vote for the hill or the bush your just another loser .We need to get away from politics as they are now we need new ideas new blood and some new people that care for america not every other country but ours. And if you havent noticed jeb is a repub himself

      1. pmbalele says

        That is why I think we should have only Hillary or Biden compete. The present GOP line-up are so unfit for the WH job that I would puke if any competed.

        1. Jerry Holloway says

          yeah i know but the worst repub is better than any dem .Just look at the mess we have now.

          1. pmbalele says

            You’re not thinking voting for Gov. Sanford or Newt as presidents.

          2. Jerry Holloway says

            IT would be a last resort and could be the first time i sat this one out but like i said any repub is better than the commirats.

  4. Robert Freedom says

    IS A THIRD OPTION; Find somebody with the balls to jail obama NOW.
    The guilty veridic from the court is already in. Go to
    see crimes of obama. So jail this unregistered foreign agent Barry
    Setoro (obama) google crimes of obama for more info. Also jail all
    the communist in the U.S. Government Starting with the congress
    & the senate their crimes and records are at
    If the federal gov. is brought to a complete stop, we the people will
    be better off. All these commie bastards & bitches are guilty of
    FRAUD, The taking a paycheck in violation of their oath of office,
    their contract of employment, a felony, In all states of the union.
    This is a good start. Next make a law that; When final election vote
    count is tallied, done deal. All the vote losers are out of office
    zip zero nothing. And are evicted form their public paid offices and
    residences. Also we the people need to stop all law making
    through the entire months of November and December for ever at
    Federal and State level. This applys to all RINOS and communist

    1. Jimmy King says

      Its Medication time

    2. mrmsjb12 says

      should we vote on things instead of these executive orders they sound kind of sneaky

  5. sweetolbob says

    Jeb seems to be the choice of the “Good Ol’ Boys” of the party. We sure as everything holy DON’T NEED ANY MORE OF THAT ! We need some new blood that will DO SOMETHING about closing our southern border tightly. And end the muslim buildup that Obama has brought into our government. And STOP agreeing with liars and despots like Pelosi and Reid.
    We need a party that listens to, and works for the people, not for themselves !
    A great number of voters went for the Republican candidates because they would rather be shot than vote for the party that lied, cheated, and stole elections in order to give us the racist fraud and his lying congressional supporters and his muslim cohorts we have now.
    Can we do it ? Damned if I know ! But we aren’t worth the space we take up if we don’t try ! Take the time to send letters or a postcard. Make calls to Congress. A lot of us can do it for free. People will shrug, not try, not do anything and say “don’t bother me”. “It’s not a life or death situation”. BUT IT IS !

    1. mrmsjb12 says

      the best thing you said was reid and polosi they are the two trouble makers in our government get rid of them two and get back to running the country with out all their spite

  6. WiSe GuY says

    Bush is a white 0bama

  7. Sgt. York says

    Jeb Bush? We want and truly need a. President who wins by pulling all Americans together and not one who can buy his,her thier way in. For once we wasn’t ax person who sees our future for Americans ,wages jobs,great schools,freedom for all if your a legal American,great enegery buy opening up our oil supplies,give the coal back to industry along with ways to get coal clean,stop the device caused by ovomit between white and black buy stopping the racist speeches and putting America First again. Sound impossiable? No we have done this befor buy seeing the person as one with a vision for all Americans.

  8. Jarhead says

    We don’t need any more stinking RINO’s in Washington. We have too many now!

  9. carlton goodson says

    Good going no win bush we are all lost!

  10. gmhunt4 says

    Jeb Bush and Hilary Clinton are TWINS……….

  11. Florio Vino says

    You are damn close! Clinton is the worst, but Bush III is nearly as BAD! Let`s GO for youth and strength! In my near 90 years, this is the Worst President ever! Bush is a Open Door promoter! NOT OUR COUNTRY`S ANSWER. All of the other Young Guns on the REPUBLICAN SIDE are better than either of these 2. Would like to see and hear what and How they do against each other, before I`d make my final! Choice`! We have to change our Country, if WE are to survive as a NATION!

  12. Riding the Tilt a Wheel says

    If the GOP is backing Jeb Bush than the GOP is part of the NWO traitors. The Bush Family are Nazi’s including Barbara Bush who is related to Hilary Clinton!

  13. jim_wright says

    Jeb Bush was a good governor for Florida, however I will not be supporting him for president based upon statements and positions he has shown in the past. If the old guard republicans can not come up with someone better I will not be supporting them any longer either. I am sick of the RINOs in the old guard republican party who are really nothing but democrat lite or “go along to get along” people who are more interested in the careers than really standing on conservative principals. They don’t stand for anything and they do fall for anything.

  14. jim marcum says

    NO NO NO. No more Bush’s or Clinton’s. This country can do better. NO NO NO.

  15. Mynickelsworth says

    If we don’t get someone, other than a moderate or RINO, then the party and the Country are gone.
    Hillary is/will be as bad, or worse, than Obama. Bush, Rubio, Romney, et al are death to the party and nation because they will not win.

    We gotta have a Conservative with backbone aka Scott Walker, Cruz, in short, another Reagan.
    The GOP Hates Tea Party and they are the votes that the GOP candidate MUST have to win the election.

    1. jim_wright says

      The old guard RINOs hate the TEA party because the TEA party challenges them to have a backbone and they don’t like it. The Speaker of the House and the incoming Majority Leader are both old guard RINOs.

      1. Mynickelsworth says

        It would not hurt one bit if we had a similar campaign to replace Sen. McConnell as Majority Leader in the Senate. He has been Minority leader so long he has forgotten, if he ever knew, how to really lead.

  16. James Andrews says

    He’s practically a lefty Dem….no thanks!

  17. papa doug says

    Just who is fooling who? Jeb Bush is a liberal socialist trying to wear a
    conservative mask. That’s the problem with today’s politics, it’s stuck
    in the mud of the early 20th century. Today’s politics have nothing to
    do with yesterdays political parties and everything to do with socialism
    v. root democracy.The voters bought the doggie in the window last November but the alternative was no better so now what are you prepared to do?

  18. Shauna says

    I just went 0-60!!! We don’t want anymore of the same!!! I’m sick of most of them anyway, no difference in the agenda, both parties are screwing us! I’m fed up! Time for new people, fresh ideas, renewed energy, just no more of the same! Only a few are actually doing what they were elected to do!

  19. rchguns says

    If Jeb Bush runs for president that guarantees that the Democrats will win. At this point in time he is unelectable it would be like throwing a anchor to a drowning man.

    1. Mark Clemens says

      The only thing Jeb Bush needs to run for is…….
      THE BORDER!!!!!!!

  20. disqus_MZe2ymfHQj says

    Only two ways to go, either vote for republicans to get rid of the democrats and then take out the bad
    republicans as they come up for re–election or have a march on Washington and throw them all out
    by force. Which the army should have done long ago

  21. Tellenthetruth says

    We have lost two straight elections because we seem to be incapable of choosing a VP, that will bring in big states electoral votes, plus unknowns. You remember how Kennedy picked Lyndon to win Texas ? I love the Bushes but this country will never go for another, or a Christie either.
    If we are to take an election this next go around, it must not be a politician, and that leaves us one wonderful choice. Its a Condellezza /Ben Carson/ Cruz ticket, and no other ticket will put us in White House. Why are we against normalizing relationships with Cuba, when we send billions to Egypt and Pakistan ? The Cuban people actully like Americans, and we know only the richest of Cuban’s could flee when Castro took power. When are we going to wake up and feel the pulse of the country, rather than our own ? I will go with Hillary in a pinch.

  22. steven says

    Then are the American people to learn,the Republican Party is the right cheek of the rectum the Democratic Party’s left cheek of the rectum and Obola is the hole in the middle.
    I voted for the lesser of two evils and feel like I got it in the rectum anyway.

  23. Libya21 says

    Three BUSHES and you’ve either struck out or burned your bushes behind you. No thanks! No more Bushes. Two helped destroy America. Why would we elect a third? He’s a leftist and illegal Latino lover. Enough already!

  24. MacAngheirr says

    I guess we’ll get a little pocket change from Bush which is no change at all…New boss same as the o’l boss.
    I’m done votin.

  25. donl says

    There are two people that do NOT deserve to run for president, They are; Wuss Bush and Thunder Thighs Cling-on.

  26. Dexter L. Wilson says

    Dr. Ben Carson for President, no more Globalists. The Bushes are too moderate. Yes they are a good family but I like someone who will understand what the Founders intended.

  27. adrianvance says

    No more Bush RINOs! Never!!!!

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for facts, ideas and more.

  28. Cold War Gunner says

    What the country does not need is another “twig”..

    But I will bet dollars to donuts that the almighty, wise, repugnican elders will find that he is exactly what the country needs..Another freeking drone..

  29. Eli Charlie Noseworthy says

    Screw JEB BUSH, he’s just like COMMIE MAYOR DEBLASIO, they both married outside their ethnic backgrounds to garner votes from that particular group to further their political careers.

  30. Paul_A says

    Just what this country needs, either another Bush or another Clinton. In a country of 320 million, is that the best we can come up with? Seriously.
    I will not vote for the top of the ticket on the 2016 elections, if that is the choice I have.

  31. Cher says

    Geez, Bush or Clinton? Really? many were very unhappy with the last Bush in the white house and we attempted to impeach Clinton. Why we want to keep repeating what was seen as a failure? It is like amnesty, it has been done and failed but looks like we will do it again. When will we learn?????????? We need a real leader to come along and help Americans right our ship. The only worse choice I see right now is Warren (double yikes!)

  32. Billy Brooks says

    If the RNC pushes hard enough to get Bush, Romney, McCain or Christie nominated, they have lost a SLEW of Republicans (myself included). I’ll either vote 3rd party or not vote at all—since apparently it wouldn’t make any difference anyway. We have some great true constitutional conservatives that would/will make an excellent POTUS.

  33. Ray Heffley says

    What has Liberal Progressive Ideology done for you? Towards the end of 6 years it has anger’d and embarrassed a lot of Kool Aid drinkers that they are not all shower’d with high wage jobs, new Jags and hip hop contracts worth millions. Sorry, you’ve been fed a dream, a lie and you all are just now realizing it. So the controllers run out after a shooting and blame race and many run after the new lie because they don’t want to face truth. You have to work your way out of poverty. Cops or white cops didn’t make your daily lives miserable. Whites didn’t bring gangsta lifestyle to your poor towns. Whites aren’t pulling the triggers of misery. Government dependence,Liberalism and Socialism is not a good doorway for freedom, independence or wealth.

  34. Sue Zbell says

    Jeb Bush, by his own actions while governor of Florida, have proven he disrespects marriage and will use and abuse the power of his office to use government to intrude on personal family tragedy and work to force his choices on families as they make some of the most personal and important and consequential and, often, difficult choices any human being can make. NO to Jeb Bush.

  35. onesilverfox says

    A convention of the states may well be a solution, but that will not happen before 2016,. This is here and now and the only viable solution that I can see, is in January republicans will have control of the congress. But—- as we have seen with Boehner and McConnell, they are part of the reason for Obamas successful agenda to date. They are the trueist form of RINO’S politics has known so far.Get them and thier worker bee’s out of the leadership positions in congress and we can stop Obama’s agenda, just by useing the purse strings. If Obama shuts down the government when the house passes all necessary funding for the essential programs in government, it will destroy the democrat party in the November 2015 and 2016 elections. I know it, you should realize it and the democrats damn sure know it. Why do you think the democrats and the rino republicans want totry to wipe out the TEA party ? It is time to start a new political party. Can there be any doubt that the conservatives in the Independant, Constitution, Libertarian parties and the other dis-satisfied eligble registered American voters would gathewr under one banner to save our country? I think it would happen and niether the democrats or republicans could beat that. And hell no to on another BUSH FOR ANYTHING IN GOVERNMENT! Not even dog catcher!

  36. Larry says

    No To Bush, actually HELL NO. That’s just another OBUMMER, and Liberal, Large Government loser.

  37. ricktenny says

    This time around our Nation needs a LEADER. It needs a real ground swell of We The People to reject the Sugar Coated Candidate. We are the puppets of Big Money. As a whole we vote the way want because we buy into manufactured images that play well on the Television. Sound bites from pseudo men producers think we will buy. When Ron Paul came along as the Libertarian Candidate everyone loved what he had to say except for that thin about do away with the IRS and have a National Sales Tax. vote for him Everyone ran home and dug out last years return, looked at and said hmmm, what if the sales tax is more, I won’t have anyplace to hide from the tax man. OMG if I might have to pony up an extra fifty. Well tune him out. He saw what happened and now he ‘s a Republican and the Libertarians are a thing of the past. It’s okay, I was afraid too. In the meantime The Fed has played fast and loose with our currency for so long that something is coming that will make how they want to tax us a joke. So for now get some gold and silver if you can. Get your cash away from where the govt can get it. And get ready. No new debt!! Our Government is making enough for all of us!! When 2016 gets here lets put a leader in the White House. A man who will do away with the govt in our lives. Defend our shores and deliver the mail. That is what the Federal Govt does better than any country on earth. Let us elect a leader who will do that.

  38. Joe T says

    BUSH< BUSH< BUSH……….anyone else in mind…………2 many (bush) in a row…..get someone else!
    He may be a pragmatic person per se'…dealing with things sensibly and realistically in a way that is based on practical rather than theoretical considerations relating to philosophical or political pragmatism;
    but………someone NEW with staid ideas and integrity to boot.

  39. Florio Vino says

    AGREE! He`s not his Father`s Son nor his older brother! He would not represent this Countries best interests! Let`s stop another mistake by the Grand Old Party and put a Warrior back in charge. Wake up America!

  40. Ricarrdo estavans says

    Whoever the Federal Reserve Banksters want as president will be the president. Dumbocrap or Repubican it does not matter either one will be in the pockets of the Onoxious chosen ones. The Romerican peasant slave class has no say in the matter. Voting has become an illusion. The peasants actually think it matters. Suffer the fools. Want to start a change back to reality?. Abolish the Federal Reserve Banking system. Free yourselves from the Banker Slave Masters.

  41. beowulf32 says

    No Bush or the mexican`s will be the next race of people trying to take over America, and we can see where the black`s and the Muslim`s have got us, no where. But cops being killed, white people being knocked out. And the Muslims will be next to start attacking us in are own country, when they get enough of their people over here, as refugee`s. When are the white sheep going to say enough, when its to late.

  42. pmbalele says

    Can’t people see Jeb Bush is better than other TPs or Repubs now
    thinking running? Bush is
    presentable-but Repubs and TPs won’t vote for him because his wife is Latina. On
    the other hand people will not vote for the other TPs and Repubs WH wannabes.
    They are either ugly, fat or without charisma as leaders. I would never vote
    for Chris-too fat-will need a military cargo copter in case he collapses
    campaigning; I would never vote for Jindal – smart but-too ugly: I would never
    Herman Cain although – articulate but – he is a white-women underwear groper; I
    would never vote for Dr. Carson-although the guy is smart, but is in wrong
    party and, like John McCain, he does not
    brush his teeth; I would never vote for Rand Paul-very sensible and sensitive
    to all people, but the guy is too short; I would never vote for Santorum-the
    guy wants to be an American little pope; I would never vote for Romney- the guy
    is a Mormon – wants polygamy and 20 grandchildren in the WH; I would not vote
    for Sarah Palin-too violent – got into fights over beer and she is now full of
    wrinkles; I would never vote for Scott Walker-the guy wants Sharia law in this
    Country; I would never vote for Ted Cruz-he is a Canadian-Cuban-not eligible
    for the WH job. So we ran out piggies. To save time and costs, let us have Hillary
    and Biden the only candidates. It is not worth it listening to Repubs and TPs
    morons – after they don’t make any sense.

  43. adrianvance says

    We need “act of love” Jeb like we need another Obama. He is a RINO on steroids.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for facts, ideas and more.

  44. mercurymarge says

    I’m sick of hearing about parties, Republican, Democrat, Liberals etc. How about the American Party? What would happen if we coose none of the above? Everyone complains but why are our choices limited? O wants NWO well I want NAG New American Government!! no NWO!

  45. mrmsjb12 says

    JEB, just what this country can use right now someone with a brain

  46. wapitihunter says

    If Bush or Christie are the best the establishment Republicans can bring before the American people I will no longer claim any affiliation with it. The Tea Party should was their hand of them too. At one time I believed the Republican Party needed and or wanted the Tea Party. It seems they just look down their long crooked noses at them. 10 years or maybe longer ago I said Demoncrats were communist and Socialist. Now they either border on or are actually evil. Republicans were Democrats. Evil and corrupt vs corrupt.What happened to honesty, integrity and patriotism? What happened to the love and fear of God? What happened to preserving, protecting and defending the Constitution of the United States of America. I know what the Demoncrats think of and follow the Constitution. But how many Republicans do? Our Government has out grown itself. We can no longer afford it. Our money is no longer worth the paper it is printed on and other nations laugh at our weakness because of Ohomo. The new Congress has a lot of weight on its shoulders. If they don’t deliver they won’t be trusted again for a long time. If they give us a Bush or a Christie I will never trust them again.

  47. onefour says

    STOP! We’ve been Bush(ed) enough. It’s time the Republican party gets someone that listens to the people not Corporate America, Wall Street, NEA, etc. I’m so upset with the Republican party and them being afraid of the liberal news media and the Democrat party. We need someone that will stand up to them and Bush ain’t it. We are become a sub division of the Democrat Party waiting for them to tell us how to think and act.

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