Muslims Team Up With Black Lives Matter


Two of the most virulently anti-American groups in the country – the Black Lives Matter movement and the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) have joined forces in Sacramento, creating an ugly hybrid that makes one wish the Big One would go ahead and hit the San Andreas Fault.

The two groups are teaming up to march on the California Capitol, hoping to persuade Governor Jerry Brown to sign a bill requiring police officers to report the “perceived race or ethnicity, gender, and approximate age of the person” they stop in traffic. The bill also expands the ban on racial profiling to include “racial and identity” profiling.

The merits of the bill notwithstanding, the thought of these two organizations teaming up should send a shiver through anyone who cares about the future of America.

The Black Lives Matter movement has been a destructive force from day one, building a network of protesters and rioters off of lies, distortions, and angry rhetoric against the police. Last week, Fox & Friends host Elisabeth Hasselbeck enraged liberals when she asked a guest, “Why has the Black Lives Matter movement not been classified yet as a hate group?” She said this after showing footage of a Minnesota rally where protesters were chanting, “Pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon” and other hateful sentiments.

The group responded with a statement that said, “The Black Lives Matter Network is a love group. We seek a world which ALL black lives matter, and racial hierarchy no longer organizes our lives or yours. This is a vision of love. As black survivors of white supremacy, our hearts go out to all victims of violence.”

Sure it does.

Then there’s CAIR, an organization deemed a terrorist group by the United Arab Emirates for their connection to HAMAS and the Muslim Brotherhood. CAIR enjoys a considerable amount of influence in the Obama administration, despite the fact that their aims are in league with Islamic extremists who want to see Sharia Law imposed on every country in the world.

This is to say nothing of their checkered leadership past. Some of their luminaries include:

Randall Todd Royer – 20 years in prison for helping jihadists get to Pakistan for terrorist training.

Bassem Khafagi – Deported due to ties to terrorism financiers, visa fraud, and bank fraud.

Imam Siraj Wahaj – Co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

It’s pretty sad that we’re at a point in American history where these two groups are considered champions of civil rights. In fact, it’s more than sad. It’s downright frightening.

  1. MAHB001 says

    Black Lies Matter network is a love group….
    Sure it is…..
    In the same way that the Affordable Care Act is “Affordable.”

    1. suz says

      Now don’t forget Obama said Islam religion of peace and love

      1. bt70 says

        Obama lies like a dog to

        1. Liz says

          The Koran says you can lie to anyone that is an infidel.

          1. Curtis_JB says

            The Quran also states to “Kill the infidels” if they won’t convert!!

          2. autrypma says

            My message above states this…and of course, the president of the United States is a Muslim…that is the reason he supports terrorists, gives money to Iran (our enemy) and they support terrorists, furmish guns and supplies with OUR money.
            He should be impeached and in prison along with his entire Democrat crew…
            Don’t know if our e-mails are being monitored, and if this one is not printed, I will know…I am only speaking true facts…as does Donald Trump. GOD BLESS AMERICA…

          3. Shannon North says

            I agree!

          4. falloutrb13 says

            What we are witnessing is the beginning of a war in the Middle East between Shia and Sunni. Could it be that the solution to radical Islam is to have them kill each other off? If so, it would save many Western lives and treasure. If you study history, you will see that every foray into Muslim lands, by Western powers, has ended in failure. Why? Because the people in those lands are so different from us, that they will not make sacrifices for ideas they DO NOT believe in. I wouldn’t worry about CAIR or BLM, because after our economy collapses and PC goes out the window, they will be dealt with.

          5. disqus_DLdvL3iSgB says

            When the welfare rolls dry up, they wil both move on to more lucrative chumps for victims.
            Maybe if the big sandbox of the east becomes the glass factory, the world will be relieved of some radical chumps.

          6. Harold Sammons says

            Isn’t it a reality that Islamist are so secure that one faction is out to kill all the other’s, but they act like they are all fighting the world to dominate all people, yet they can’t stop killing their own people because of some difference in their perspectives!

          7. worn out 123 says

            Not quite. As I see it “the difference in their perspectives” is merely a power struggle within Islam which encompasses a great deal more than religion. I agree with the statement made by ISIL to the effect that Islam was NEVER a religion of peace, but, of world domination and all should come together in Iraq to fight. Let them all come together, then. That’s precisely what I want to see transpire.

          8. Curtis_JB says

            Darn it Harold……STOP SPEAKING THE TRUTH!!! 😉

          9. Nastasyana says

            Will it be like the war between protestants and catholics. Guess what? They didn’t kill each other. They learned to coexist.

          10. worn out 123 says

            That is a rather significant point you just made. Islam hasn’t changed. What it has done is to expand into an even broader ideology of world dominance with the same islamic policies of sexism. intimidation, cruelty, and murder. The religion of peace is not, and never was.

          11. falloutrb13 says

            Yes, they did. The only problem with your theory is the belief that radical Islam can get along with anybody, even among themselves. Another point is this; the “moderate” Muslims say nothing about the atrocities committed by the radical Muslims. Their silence is a condemnation of the entire religion and many “moderate” Muslims around the world are participating in communal destruction of Christians. Anywhere there are Muslims, there is trouble, ANYWHERE. Muslims don’t want to integrate into the societies that have allowed them to immigrate. They expect people to change their beliefs and behavior to accommodate them. Honestly, the only reason people in the West tolerate Muslim intolerance is the threat of punishment or violence from their own governments. Average people don’t want mosques built in their neighborhoods. They don’t want Muslim men raping their daughters and wives. They don’t want Muslims preaching to them about how they are unholy infidels and should convert or die. They don’t want Sharia Law. Simply put, they really don’t want a gaggle of noisy, selfish, self-righteous, hypocritical and disrespectful Muslims in their neighborhoods, towns, cities, states or country. Maybe you think I’m bigoted and I really couldn’t care less, because there is no logical defense of Islam and it’s practices.

          12. unique201 says

            The President will never be impeached, he has too much
            dirt on everyone in Congress. They are all afraid of having
            all this dirt come out.

          13. Optimista says

            Not so.
            He will not be impeached simply because he is Black. The race merchants would be thrilled at the mayham they could unleash. Racism, Racism,Racism.
            Remember Ferguson and Baltimore? Facts did not matter race did!

          14. Paula says

            Racism to these creeps mean BIG BUCKS!

          15. Nastasyana says

            Racism has always meant big bucks to the likes of Donald trump

          16. RobertLaity says

            One’s race is not a license to flout the Law. Obama is a traitor,usurper,fraud and spy under US Law.

          17. Nastasyana says

            And you are an constitutional attorney who can back these allegations? STUPID!!!!!

          18. autrypma says

            That is exactly what Obama is doing. He was born in Kenya, so isnt a true black. Nastasyana, I read on down…don’t you know any other word besides Stupid. Stupid is as stupid does…

          19. Nastasyana says

            Why is he not a true black if he were born in Kenya. What is he? A true white or an Asian perhaps. You are very confused.
            And my mom told me the same thing- Stupid is as stupid does and you are saying stupid things.

          20. autrypma says

            He has white blood from his mother, he has Kenyan blood from whoever was his father, ??? which is not considered negro as the American’s are, may be Asian. (guess you could say he is black, but looks more oriental) He was born in Kenya, has brothers also born in Kenya, he went to school with a British passport, then went to Hawaii, where his mother had moved and she assisted in getting the social security card of a dead person from the US. He is still using that SS card and when revealing his taxes some time back, the SS Department questioned this…The questions mysterously disappeared, just as the information about the fake Hawaiian birth certificate has been covered up to the tune of several MILLION dollars. Why would he do that if it was a legitimate document?? Would you do this or any legal American ?? His actual school records in the US have NEVER BEEN REVEALED. He and Michelle did have attorney’s licenses, but due to some problem or trouble, both DO NOT HAVE attorney licenses. A lot of unanswered questions…BUT, He is NOT an American citizen, what happened to the British citizenship he had. Again, a lot of unanswered questions.

          21. Nastasyana says

            And you have been reading too many junk websites

          22. Nastasyana says

            You need to retake biology and anthropology and geography for starters.

          23. Diane says

            Wow! Where in the world are you getting all this nonsense? What are your sources? Where did you get the info that he uses the SSN of a dead person? What was the person’s name? What is your rationale for believing his school records should be revealed? Have yours, or have any other presidents? People have come forward to say they went to school with him at Harvard. His name is recorded in Harvard archives as president of the Law Review. Do you actually believe all the evidence from the many difference sources and witnesses are all lies?

          24. Diane says

            No one would a brain would believe Obama was born in Kenya. This makes you an expert on stupid.

          25. Susan says

            Anyone with a brain can see and hear him daily as he flouts the laws
            and our constitution!!! Your’re the STUPID one. You will know the truth
            when they come and torture, rape, and kill you!!!

          26. Diane says

            Surely, no one is as stupid as this post makes you appear!

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          28. Jorge Molina says

            Get off this site. Your post is commercial.

          29. Nastasyana says

            Race does matter in this country thanks to the stupidity of the people who run this site.

          30. worn out 123 says

            Everyone fears a nationwide race riot if he is impeached.

          31. hangem'high says

            I don’t like the odds, but if it happens latter then sooner we’ll even have worse odds! If Trump doesn’t get elected we can pretty much kiss the American way of life good bye!

          32. Victor Archuleta says

            One man cannot set America on its proper course. A Congress, filled with God-fearing Patriots, is needed to properly represent the people, correct the laws and protect the Constitution. If these God-fearing Patriots have not awakened to their duty to God, they have, in effect, already kissed the American way of life goodbye.

            First comes the thought, “I want to do something about this situation”. Then follows the prayers, “Lord God, inspire me and strengthen me to help save this, Your God-given Republic!” Afterward, having received inspiration from any one of numbers of sources, direct action is taken, activating faith in God, who then rewards the believer with an infusion of courage; courage is increased at every step of faith taken.

            Anything else is a foolish hope for a benevolent dictator to bring about the changes American believers in God are afraid to bring about themselves.

          33. Nastasyana says

            God who?

          34. Victor Archuleta says

            An excellent question, but I doubt you will ever find the answer. You’ll wrestle with your question until your dying day.

          35. Nastasyana says

            Dumb reply

          36. Merle Dickey says

            Dumb answer .

          37. Nastasyana says

            Answer and reply mean the same thing.

          38. Victor Archuleta says

            From your point of view, my response probably is a “dumb reply”. From my point of view, your answer underscores my original answer.

          39. worn out 123 says

            Certainly not yours.

          40. Merle Dickey says

            If your muslim then get off here . We don’t need the likes of you .Nothing but a trouble maker .

          41. Nastasyana says

            “your” = you’re. Learn English you dummy!

          42. Merle Dickey says

            And here is another grammar critic . And the first amendment lets me say , Up Yours . LOL

          43. Nastasyana says

            Guess what. The first amendment allows me to say, F**K you!

          44. Nastasyana says

            “WE don’t need the likes of you”. Sounds like something said in the 18C. Guess what. I don’t care what you or anyone else needs. But you certainly do need some rational thought on this site.

          45. Merle Dickey says

            Anyone that can’t see what is happening to this once great country whether it be in the 18thc or the 21stc doesn’t have any effect in their irrational ramblings on the rest of us.

          46. Nastasyana says

            What is happening to this once great country? Looks good to me. The debt has been reduced, Osama is dead.. More people have rights. We are respected by other nations. We have an intelligent president (after 8 years of the dummy). Unemployment is down. What’s your beef?

          47. Nastasyana says

            STUPID and IGNORANT!

          48. worn out 123 says

            Looking in the mirror won’t help.

          49. hangem'high says

            Yeah I’m gaining in rank, but following way behind Nasty!
            I’m working on my trolling ship badge!

          50. Merle Dickey says

            Wow, your just full of ignorant ,nasty statements aren’t you . But always good for a laugh . LOL

          51. Nastasyana says

            Your =you’re = you are

          52. Merle Dickey says

            yes ,you are .

          53. chaka says

            Well kiss it goodbye BECAUSE this man has hit everyone of the buttons that identify him and the idiots who follow him as racists!!! The demographics have changed, there’s not enough self-hating blacks like Carson or racists to get him elected or to even make it close enough to steal like in 2000!!!

          54. hangem'high says

            Hairy Pelosi, is that you?

          55. Sarah Frances Wyatt says

            I don’t fear it. Ready at any given moment.

          56. Nastasyana says

            Great! Get your gun and go to Ferguson or Harlem.

          57. Merle Dickey says

            Thart is old news . Can’t you keep up ? Go to Dearborn M. You will fit right in .

          58. Nastasyana says

            Who is the “everyone”. The dummies like you?

          59. worn out 123 says

            Everyone = those in power. Hello TROLL!

          60. Dolores Wieland says

            And don’t forget…also because he is black (not really..he’s a mixture)

          61. Nastasyana says

            The racist have stated that one drop of black blood makes you black. So he is all black. Therefore given the education and station in life he has attained, he is superior to you, Stupid

          62. Dolores Wieland says

            Huh? Who’s the stupid one? I’m not wasting my time addressing your uneducated remarks

          63. Merle Dickey says

            Stupid is her favorite word . If she would only re read her own remarks !LOL

          64. Dolores Wieland says

            Maybe she is too stupid to reread?

          65. Merle Dickey says

            Perhaps being so full of hate makes her blind.

          66. Dolores Wieland says

            Probably so!

          67. worn out 123 says


          68. Dolores Wieland says

            ‘You’ve got me. She “IS”…

          69. RobertLaity says

            Since Obama has never BEEN the bona-fide President, Obama can be ARRESTED on a simple warrant and tried in the US District Court in DC for Criminal Impersonation of a Public Official. Complaints filed in DC by me have gone unattended to. Obama is a USURPER, Fraud,Traitor and Spy.

          70. hangem'high says

            Beside the charge of impersonating a US citizen, we just got to keep him from reaching the Kenyan embassy!

          71. Nastasyana says


          72. hangem'high says

            Stupider is not the cure, but ignoring facts is! Prepare for all inconsistencies.

          73. Nastasyana says

            You are a nut case. Go back to the asylum.

          74. Bo Wetstone says

            largely because the maggot has told them that if he doesn’t get his way he will “mobilize” all blacks to riot in every major city. stock market will crash, the rich would loose a lot- gop cant have that

          75. Nastasyana says

            A Stupid made up story by a scared stupid rat.

          76. worn out 123 says

            And u r a brave, intelligent ____? Insulting others is hardly a display of intelligence, bird-brain.

          77. Merle Dickey says

            I’m sure” it “is a very lonely person with all the hateful remarks” it” puts out .

          78. worn out 123 says

            “Stupid” is not proper to be capitalized in your response, Ms. Nasty, of the grammar police. A Common Core graduate?

          79. Nastasyana says

            Are you trying to say, “it is not grammatically correct to capitalize the word “stupid” in your response.? yes, I can if I want to. Free speech I can CAPITALIZE any word I want and spell words any way I want just as many people do on this site.

          80. John Norton says

            congress cant do it it has to be the sen

          81. unique201 says

            Thank you. Is it only the Senate or both Houses?

          82. Debra Johnson says

            It has been said that the reason the Supreme Court ruled on gay marriage was because they had dirt on some of the conservative judges. They tried to get Clarence Thomas removed for something I’m sure the liberal judges have done.

          83. unique201 says

            Debra, I have read in the past couple of years the Clarence Thomas’s wife works for the Heritage Foundation making at least $500,000 a year, nice salary. The article also said that Clarence Thomas when he and his wife made out their tax returns to the IRS he conveniently forgot to add her salary to the tax form.
            Clarence Thomas must have a lot on his mind to forget something that important.
            Imagine if it were you or me ??? Do you know how much money the IRS would fine us ???
            I also believe that some of the Judges on the Supreme Court because of some of their rulings like, Citizens United are on the take and receiving money from a lot of Big Corporations and Elites.
            I am sure Obama has a lot of dirt on all of the Supremes, not only the liberal ones,
            that is how politics works.

          84. Nastasyana says

            Clarence Thomas is Stupid and ineffective. He should be impeached.

          85. worn out 123 says

            The opinion of one. That’s all, egoist.

          86. unique201 says

            This idiot again, everyone is stupid. Ignore him/her.

          87. Merle Dickey says

            Good idea “)

          88. Nastasyana says

            Oh and you are in the inner circle and know this as a fact. Stupid!

          89. unique201 says

            If you have nothing intelligent to say except calling
            one stupid, look in the mirror and see stupid.

            I do not have to be in the inner circle to express an opinion,
            unlike you.

          90. Nastasyana says

            Right. Opinions however should be based on some factual knowledge and not just what you feel like saying (Donald Trump) When you express an opinion not based on knowledge it is stupid. Your opinion is stupid. I did not call,you stupid, I don’t know you.

          91. unique201 says

            Read your post just above this where you called me stupid.
            Also below you called Optimista stupid. Your vocabulary is
            quite limited.

          92. Nastasyana says

            I called your comment stupid, not you. I don’t know you. You may be a very smart person making a stupid comment.

          93. unique201 says

            Your comments certainly are not intelligent.
            Please do not answer me, I am finished with you.

          94. Curtis_JB says

            Interesting “Nasty” how you do this EXACT same thing yourself!!! When cornered you reply “stupid” without defending yourself with FACTS, FIGURES or WEBLINKS of any kind… THAT’S “STUPID” IN ANYBODY’S BOOK!!!
            “Condemnation without Investigation is the HIGHEST form of Ignorance”
            (Albert Einstein)

          95. chaka says

            Yeah and he also said that: “America is a racist country” and that Racism is a WHITE problem!!!

          96. Curtis_JB says

            I’m thinking Nasty is a black female, myself…….a radical one with a loud ignorant mouth!

          97. worn out 123 says

            Where are you missing commas, Ms. Grammar Police?? to correctness is all about muting comments, denying free speech. Nothing more. Feel free to disagree, not to silence others or name call. You do not have that right in this nation, YET!

          98. Nastasyana says

            Trump has the right to name call and tell people they are stupid. So in’t that what you are voting for. DUH!!!!

          99. worn out 123 says

            He says, “This is stupid; that is stupid.” He asks, “Is the person who does stupid things what you want for president?” Hillary is not being prosecuted though she admittedly and intentionally broke federal laws as stated in the official FBI report submitted by James Comey. If you or I had done those things you would be UNDER a federal prison, Ms. Nasty. Is that what you want for president? Trump is not my pick for President of the United States, however, Hillary is the only other choice and she is criminal by nature. HILLARY CLINTON for PRISON!

          100. Nastasyana says

            Powell, Albright and Rice all said they had used their private email for classified messages. It was not against the rules until during or after Hillary. But she is female so she must follow a different standard.

          101. worn out 123 says

            Rules change often and for good reasons. As Secretary of State Hillary was informed of all rules. (She had sent out messages on the subject.) On that you can bet your last dollar. She is no exception to the rules, she is not above the law, because she is split instead of hung.

          102. autrypma says

            There is a lot of dirt on him too..the Bengazi Cover-up with Hillary and others…
            I think it is both, dirt and our money spread around..Can’t believe how Boehner
            has become such a turncoat…you know he is second in line to VP if something happened to president…Also, he has HUGE authority as Speaker of the House and what has he done with it…nothing for the Americans who voted for him, for sure.
            I do know that one day all of these traitors and backstabbers that we foolishly elected in with be in judgement day, either here on earth or in Heaven & Hell.
            If we can just try to hold on until we can get a decent honest American president.

          103. Optimista says

            Yes Obama is a Muslim.
            Both his father, step father and their families are Muslims. Sunni I believe.
            Barrack Hussein Obama has a number of muslim mamas.

          104. Nastasyana says

            My family is christian and I am not. Stop being stupid. Religion is a choice.

          105. worn out 123 says

            Do you know another word besides stupid?

          106. Nastasyana says

            Not for this site.;

          107. worn out 123 says

            Then what in the world is your purpose of commenting here? What do u hope to accomplish herein, beyond simply being a bore, that is?

          108. Curtis_JB says

            Limited IQ = Limited Vocabulary

          109. Nastasyana says

            If the shoe fits, wear it.

          110. worn out 123 says

            And you certainly should.

          111. hangem'high says

            Obummer sure is turning America upside down, I guess the only good thing about this peaceful marching activist group, is that they will eventually get theirs and no one save ‘em!
            So kiss your kids azzez good bye, for if they’re not good little Muslims, the other good little (F) maggot Muslims will be lobbing off their heads according to sharia law!
            Save your kids vote Trump 2016!

          112. Nastasyana says

            Stupid, Stupid, Stupid. President Obama is a Muslim. You are stupid! Donald Trump is a narcissistic sociopath and deserving of stupid followers…like you.

          113. worn out 123 says

            Shut up! You are foolish and know nothing.

          114. Nastasyana says

            Are you talking to yourself. A sign of your dementia.

          115. Curtis_JB says

            Nasty……you really DO live up to your name, don’t you??
            So what’s your REAL problem, anyway??

          116. Nastasyana says

            “you’re” = your (Possessive case). I don’t have problems with Muslims or anyone else.

          117. Merle Dickey says

            You definitely have a mental problem . Have you read your comments . They are totally irrational . Get some professional help. If you would quit being so crazy and hateful perhaps you could see there are many trying to discuss a very serious problem in this county . I appreciate their comments whether I agree with them totally or not . Please go to a site that fits your personality better .

          118. Nastasyana says

            So now you are a psychiatrist! Where did you get your degree?

          119. unique201 says

            Here he/she is again calling everyone stupid.
            We are all stupid except for Nastasyana.

          120. Nastasyana says


          121. Merle Dickey says

            I think “it” has mental problems . Perhaps”it” has a brain disease .

          122. donl says

            Where there’s a muslim, there’s a problem. Where BLM there’s a Commie. Mix the two together and you have the worse of the worse.

          123. afftongrown says

            They (muslims and commies) apparently make wonderful bed fellows in politics these days!

          124. hangem'high says

            As some would say; Gaud Damn America for creating the SOB!

          125. worn out 123 says

            That would be the presidents minister, “I say, God damn America.” If this had been not been made public Obama would still be attending his church, IMO.

          126. hangem'high says

            Wright, there are about a hundred other things that could have been leaked, that would have jeopardized his election, but being politically correct was more important at that time! It’s a good thing he’s Christian or he wouldn’t be able to do Gaud Damn thing without a clear Muslim conscience!

          127. Nastasyana says

            Worn out, senile and crazy! and Stupid to boot!

          128. Curtis_JB says

            Loud mouth, Libtard, Ignorant and “stupid to boot!”

          129. George says

            And , we are all ‘ infidels ‘

          130. Bo Wetstone says

            infidel must strike first then, right?

          131. Merle Dickey says

            Be prepared to defend your life at the least .

          132. Bo Wetstone says

            that’s a solid Merle, more and more thinking of vigilantism and striking first would be good

          133. unique201 says


          134. Merle Dickey says

            That is why Obama wants take guns away . so we can’t protect our selves

          135. unique201 says

            That way he brings us closer to the New World Order take over.
            Never give up your guns. This is also why he doesn’t want
            veterans to have guns. They know how to use them.

          136. Merle Dickey says


          137. Gin pj says

            Curtis_JB – Not in isis world, they kill the muslim too. I guess one must be an evil muslim like obama (all in the same pot), then their live is spare.

          138. Nastasyana says

            Oh the bible has the same old garbage from the eye for eye era. get over .it

          139. Curtis_JB says

            Nice try, but wake up LIBTARD…..there’s a HUGE difference between an “eye for an eye” (tit for tat) than outright killing of hundreds of thousands who won’t ACCEPT your religion because your “holy book” says to SLAUGHTER THEM ALL!! Now….wanna try again, but after thinking about it, FIRST???
            A “radical Muslim” wants to cut off your head…..
            A “peaceful Muslim” wants the radical one to cut off your head….
            Now THERE’S the big difference!!

          140. Nastasyana says


          141. Curtis_JB says

            So my proving you WRONG……makes ME stupid???
            Bwahahahaha……..NOW WHO’S VERY STUPID, LIBTARD!!!!

          142. autrypma says

            The Koran says: Kill the infidel…this is us, the U.S. Folks for those of you who don’t believe it, read a book called: Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus…what an education this book tells of Muslims vs Christians…It is really chilling and frightening, because our country is overrun by Muslims…GET EDUCATED FOLKS…

          143. Curtis_JB says

            Let’s go a step further… with all the Syrians and middle Eastern people being taken into all of Europe and the Americas as refugees…..the Muslim “religion of peace” is arriving with them….. WE’RE ALL BEING INVADED BECAUSE OF ISIS, and because of that, the Muslim religion is all the more INFECTING our countries!!
            These people are going to want to VOTE next, and all Muslim-HELL is going to break loose WORLD WIDE!!!
            “Integration without Assimilation is INVASION!!!”

          144. autrypma says

            I have heard very little about this TRUE fact: OBAMA REFUSED TO EVEN RECOGNIZE THE TERRORIST, WILL NOT ORDER DEFEAT TO ISIS….SO, THE BLAME FOR ALL THIS HORROR IS ON OBAMA’S SCOREBOARD. This is the worst invasion of refugees since WW II.WHY is he still in the White House..he is a traitor to this country, a traitor to ALL AMERICANS, everywhere, he has actually CREATED this refugee situation because of his idiotic reasoning and because he will not take the opinions of REAL MILITARY LEADERS, where are we now. ISIS and the Muslims are invading America and he goes to play golf or goes campaigning. HE IS TOO IRRESPONSIBLE ALSO to be the president of such a great country that he is destroying every step of his way. Then, he will retire to
            his golf games, and leave the mess…if anybody is left…for someone else to clean up. HE SHOULD BE IMPEACHED and removed from office…How long do we have to say that before it will be done…

          145. Curtis_JB says

            He should be TRIED AND CONVICTED of TREASON and spend the rest of his miserable Muslim life LOCKED UP SOMEWHERE!!!!

          146. afftongrown says

            Our Congress will not do this. Our only hope is a military coup. He has replaced our original military with his illegals,firing many high ranking officers and other military people. Can only hope he has pissed them off enough that they’ll converge and come up with a plan!

          147. ed says

            Send him to Gitmo!

          148. Paula says

            NO! They are treated better than our Veterans & elderly!

            I’m in favor of: Send him HOME…..

            Kamiti Maximum Security Prison, Nairobi, Kenya

            Situated on a 1,200 acre lot, this prison
            has gained notoriety due to the unspeakable squalor that the prisoners
            are subjected to. The prison, which holds a number of political
            prisoners, has earned a reputation for instances of sodomy, beating of
            inmates to death, and epidemics where malnutrition, cholera, and ulcers
            were normal occurrences.

            He’d be surrounding by ALL his sons!

          149. Jorge Molina says

            Yes with his buddies at guantanamo!

          150. Merle Dickey says

            Isn’t treason a death sentence ?

          151. autrypma says

            Curtis: You are SO CORRECT. I wish there was a true way to make people know and realize what a horrible man he is…He and his entire troop of WH followers, E. Holder, LJarett (continuing E. Holder/Obama’s rules) and the Muslim cabinet he appointed, by decree. Certainly H. Clinton should be impeached and in PRISON..for TREASON…also, do not forget the legislature, Democrat and Republicans WHO SHOULD KNOW better. They are traitors to their voters, to their office…promised to uphold freedom and protect Americans…You and I know that isn’t happening…only stirring up racial hatred, trying to shut down our religious freedom, pushing gun control so they can control us, not protect us. May GOD protect those of us who may have to actually FIGHT for our freedom in the
            US, and overseas..

          152. afftongrown says

            In his view, they’re not terrorists. He sees it as everything going to as planned!

          153. hangem'high says

            What scares me more than these invading Muslims, are the people who still support Obummer , Killary and Blanders? All those meth users! Mildred Circus for one! (Miley Cyrus)

          154. Merle Dickey says

            It is too late to impeach . He should be removed by OUR military and inprisoned to be charged with treason !!

          155. 2nd Amendment says

            He still has an approval of democrats that thinks he s a wonderful guy. He isn’t even American, WTF Hawaii even says they have no record of his birth. How does this even happen? They say he needs to show his birth certificate, he says NO, they ask if he has ever used an alias, he says NO. He should be more then impeached, maybe a swift sword needs to be swung at his neck just like all his buddies!

          156. unique201 says

            Both the Democrats and the Republicans can not say anything
            they are all afraid of the stuff he has on them. Just like J. Edgar
            Hoover had files on everyone, they are all afraid of him including
            Hillary. But not Donald Trump. Trump will let Obama defend himself.

          157. Alexander Seredin says

            ISIS is the product of USA and Israel, not of Islam

          158. Mark Lahti says

            You are right. When Obama abandoned Iraq and withdrew all military support of the Iraqi army. It left a hole in the middle of a country with no real leadership and no standing army with any backbone. Then the talaban came in an when they aligned themselves with the Syrians they became ISIS and now you have the creation of Obama’s foreign policy. I hope all liberal morons who put this muslim in the white house wake up with a muslim in the bedroom in the process of detaching their heads from the rest of their body.

          159. Curtis_JB says


          160. JOY IN TUCSON says

            hahahahahahahahaha THAT MADE ME FEEL BETTER!

          161. unique201 says

            NO, Obama is funding ISIS.

          162. afftongrown says

            Any way he can!

          163. mike slaney says

            The issue is not who started it (I do agree we had our hand in it, to what extent I do not know, Is the WH innocent? NO) but What is our leadership (?????) doing about it, REALLY DOING ABOUT IT, NOT JUST FOR SHOW) Terrorism is a big money making profit scam on the American people. Have you heard of any “MAJOR,” politician (s) killed? You most likely will not. NOW, tell me why? Hit, they that control the purse…Controls. At least they think they do, Higher powers control them and so on. Why do you think no full scale invasion has occurred in the U.S.

            by Muslim terrorists? or Others? Who has the guns? Who has the largest civil militia in the world? That’s why these socialists and liberals want YOUR guns! Here is a note for thinkers. GOD, GUNS, GUTS, is what made America. Liberals have gone after the guts and made men women. Atheists are going after GOD, they think, GOD owns and operates the trap. Liberals now are going after the guns along with gutless politicians. Guess who wins in the END?

          164. Merle Dickey says

            We had better !! Who wants to live as a servant to a bunch of politicians and terriorists if you even survive to start with !!!

          165. MAHB001 says

            Half true…

          166. hangem'high says

            Yeah, you can’t have a peaceful philosophy group take part of their make-up, that would be unethical!

          167. afftongrown says

            That is why they have invaded the west. Not to assimilate, but to invade, kill the infidels, and take over their country!

          168. autrypma says

            True right on…with Obama’s blessings…

          169. Norma Davis says


          170. Alexander Seredin says

            You are LIAR, Quran does not advocate any killing

          171. Mark Lahti says

            Well if your are not a liar then you are just ignorant. Have you even read the book? You can go on and on and on reading the many references to killing and raping and all other kinds of hateful horrific atrocities. You are either blind, stupid, or ignorant of what the fake religion commands of all its’s followers. Grow up, get educated, or shut up.

          172. Curtis_JB says

            Alex…..does the word IGNORANCE mean anything to you??? Then go look in the MIRROR!!! I used to know an “Imam” (Muslim leader) and I asked him this question POINT BLANK and he admitted that the Quran states to “Kill the Infidels”.I then looked it up as YOU COULD if you wanted to……and here’s what it says:
            – “And kill them (infidels) wherever you find them
            Quran (8:12)
            – “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore
            strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them”
            LOOK IT UP FOR YOURSELF…….

            And next time, try starting your BRAIN before you shift your MOUTH INTO GEAR!!

            “Condemnation without Investigation is the HIGHEST form of Ignorance” (Albert Einstein)

          173. autrypma says

            I do not see an apology from Alex, but I do not care. I know what I am talking about and so do you…I am serious, Americans, get educated. Don’t live in a fog of just what concerns you, get informed, vote these liberal, no-nothing politicans OUT.
            And whatever you do, get informed about our future president…if we have a future.
            Obama is hell bent to destroy our freedom…I really hope everyone reading this knows this…if not, don’t blame anyone but yourself. Get on the web sites, watch Fox News, do not watch CNN, read, ask questions…the liberal press does not publish the truth, the twist words of speakers, candidates, and why, I do not know.
            Either they are so uneducated, or are threatened, or have gone to Liberal colleges where professors have shoved garbage at them until they believe it…that should be stopped also. These are our future voters, our future candidates, and they should know the truth, they should know what is in the Constitution of the United States…I will stay on my soapbox, have written, called, faxed my legislators and they have called me, not for donations, but to answer serious questions…everybody can do this…we can make Congress do their job if enough people stand up for our rights…

          174. johnwes says

            You sir, need to learn to read! The quaran is nothing but a handbook for murderers and suicide bombers!

          175. autrypma says

            thank you for replying to Alexander. I have read exerpts from the Koran, and if you do not accept their Allah, you are an infidel…and they have said in the US…
            “kill the infidel” meaning, as I have said, and will repeat…anyone who does not agree with them…meaning Americans, meaning all those everywhere…they are strong in their “religion”, have a Bible plus the Koran, read scriptures, but change the meanings, in the Bible and in the Koran…they are not supposed to do that, the Koran is “holy” to them, but it has been changed…to the benefit of whoever is translating it…GET INFORMED AMERICA…We have been invaded by Obama’s Liberal/Democrats, we have been invaded by the millions of illegals, some terrorist, some criminals, and a lot of helpless children (which is so sad), but these children grow up and Obama’s hope is a new crop of Democrat voters…but do not forget—the invasion of Muslims, (many brought in by Obama also) trying to force their beliefs on Americans, demanding that bacon not be served, and one Muslim with her scarf on…(Can’t remember what they call it) was angry at a store clerk because she has an American Flag on her lapel. She lashed out that the Americans are killing her people in Irac, and a man behind her told her she should be ashamed…that thousands of Americans defended her country and our country, where she could live with freedom….don’t know how the story ended, was interrupted, but do know the woman stomped out and all those in the store cheered for the man and his soldier son standing there by the cash register.

          176. Nastasyana says

            Obviously you have not read it.

          177. JOY IN TUCSON says

            if you are ABLE to read is iffy…….to lie and deceive is not commendable…but you DO understand and you still want to hang yourself out there as a troll…

          178. George says

            And ; you can keep your doctor ‘ .

          179. hangem'high says

            Maybe you can take a little trip to any one of those regions in question, and get back with us to how made out?

          180. George says

            Islam , is not a religion ,it is a cult ‘.

          181. Beeotchstewie says

            Precisely why Obama and Sharpton are pushing for a National Police Force, AKA his personal Muslim Gestapo. Sharpton holding a rally tomorrow 09/09 to push for this. Why do we need this? We have military and National Guard for this. Precursor to the inevitable call for martial law so Barry can begin his real goal of White Christian and Jewish genocide.

          182. autrypma says

            Al Sharpton should be in prison. of course Obama is keeping him free.
            it would be amazing if either of them did anything for the “good” of Americans.
            No, always stirring up racial, threatening Senators if they don’t vote for the Iran deal should be a criminal action also. WHY does nobody actually do anything about this. where is the FBI, why can’t the trouble makers be arrested…guess they are also just waiting for the next incident to incite riots…impossible situation

          183. Merle Dickey says

            And Obama is flying them in now !!! Remember his statement about his personal army that was better than ours ? I think it is all the Muslims that are in the country now !! His change was to destroy this great country and we better be ready to defend it !!!

          184. worn out 123 says

            Obama just invited another 10,000 into America to kill us.

          185. Nastasyana says

            Just because someone writes a book it doesn’t mean it’s education.

          186. Garry Bro says

            Well, no we know why obummer does the thing that he does, and says. He just not good for the US. Maybe Nigera, were he was born.

          187. missourisam says

            You are wrong about where Obama was born. He was born in British East Africa, which was the name of Kenya at the time Obama was born. Thus his purported father could not have been Kenyan as is on his fraudulent birth certificate, just as the hospital that he was supposed to be born in was not in existence when he was born, and the social security number he uses is issued to someone else. His proper place is in front of a firing squad for treason.

          188. autrypma says

            Oh, you are so correct. He has spent millions keeping this information out of sight.
            A lot of people know the truth, but it has been beaten down over and over. Also, if it could actually be brought forth by the right person, it would prove that EVERYTHING Obama has done and is done is illegal, laws, Obamacare, and hundreds of criminal acts towards the American citizens.
            A firing squad is my recommendation also…

          189. Garry Bro says

            Good investigation, you are correct, And yet he was elected by the minority of people of the US, as our leader, and he’s a liar..And our president,
            What a country, we might as well be a third world country!

          190. Beeotchstewie says

            I prefer illegally placed in office due to massive voter fraud and the willingness of Congress to go along with the treasonous plans of George Soros to destroy our country from within.

          191. Dolores Wieland says

            Kenya, where he was born,more than likely

          192. 83footsailor says

            The KORAN is a useless piece of paper also. ////////////////////////////////

          193. autrypma says

            Not really…It influences the Muslims, they actually believe this is the right way to live. And basically controls the Muslim’s total life, until they find out differently, and some lose their lives when they do this…I am also telling the truth about this. Just finished reading a book written by a former Muslim…from birth to college age when he finally saw enough of Muslim lies, was very close to his parents, all his life, was very protected, shielded, then went to college and to Jesus…Book is all true…excellent book, very well educated author.
            Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus…N Qureshi is author…

          194. US Army Retired says

            That’s why they lie to themselves. Bunch of stinking slimy infidels.

          195. Curtis_JB says

            Yo Alex……Have you apologized to autrypma yet??? Come on……just do it!!!

          196. Beeotchstewie says

            Not how liberal trolls roll, they are not taught personal responsibility, everything they say or do is someone else’s fault. When called out their only retort is name calling and or playing of the race card.

          197. Curtis_JB says

            Here’s the BEST explanation on how Libtards “roll”…..see for yourself. 😉
            “If you can somehow force a Liberal / Progressive into a point-counterpoint argument, his retorts will bear NO RELATION to what you’ve said. In the famous liberal two-step, THEY LEAP FROM ONE IDIOTIC POINT TO THE NEXT or go into COMPLETE DENIAL so you can never pin them down. It’s like arguing with someone with Attention Deficit Disorder! It’s impossible to have any kind of meaningful discussion with a Liberal/Progressive because while you’re coming up with logical points to support your position, he’s trying to come up with new ways to convince other people you’re a “moron, idiot, racist, homophobe or Nazi.” Modern liberalism has turned into a willful embrace of stupidity. It’s all about setting reason and intellect aside in order to take an emotionally-satisfying position that makes a liberal feel better about HIMSELF! This is how people who are questionably intelligent can feel good about taking brainless positions that usually have no verifiable facts or figures to back them up. Liberals have emotionally blinded themselves so totally that they believe they’re taking compassionate, intellectual, well-crafted stands on certain topics, when in reality, many of them don’t have a clue as to what they are talking about! THEY’D RATHER WALLOW IN….AND EVEN ADVERTISE, THEIR OWN DAMNED IGNORANCE….AND SO THEY WILLINGLY DO!”

          198. Beeotchstewie says

            I heard the perfect, if somewhat gross, description for it. Arguing with a liberal is like trying to pick up a turd from the clean end. Quite fitting I think.

          199. Nastasyana says


        2. Garry Bro says

          He black, he’s a muslum, what did you expect, from a man that took this country back 30 years? Every country in the world does not respect up any more, they may not have respected us before, but they weren’t crazy enough to piss us off.

          1. missourisam says

            I learned a long time ago that not everyone would love me, but if they don’t love me, they had at least better respect me, and if they don’t respect me enough to leave me alone then they had better fear me. That is where America needs to be right now. We are not loved, respected, nor feared, and thus are vulnerable to attack from within and out.

          2. Mark Lahti says

            He didn’t take us back 30 years. Thirty years ago we were respected and feared more so than today. He has put us in a position we have never been in before since our beginnings. As far as his being black and muslim that is a given.

        3. Paula says

          Generally speaking, dogs are loyal and loving to the one that feeds him. -0- bites the hands that feed him. He warned us and we didn’t pay attention!

          “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”Barack Hussein Obama, Audacity of Hope

        4. sox83cubs84 says

          That’s an insult to dogs. 😉

          1. bt70 says

            Sorry I should have said APE

        5. RobertLaity says

          Obama “lies like a” Muslim. Islam ALLOWS LYING in order to advance it’s agenda. It is called “Taqiya”.

        6. netandyawho says

          Please do NOT insult mankind’s best friend. I liken Obama to the bacteria that is found in septic tanks in the muslim world. Need more be said?

          1. bt70 says

            SORRY!! I should have said POS

        7. Nastasyana says

          “to” = too. You spell like a dog.

        8. Curtis_JB says

          Hey…….QUIT INSULTING DOGS!!! 😉

          1. bt70 says

            Yeah, I did insult the dogs. I should have said APE

      2. MAHB001 says

        And the Black Panthers are a good example of that peace and love…

        1. Curtis_JB says

          Oh… bad….I thought it was called the “Black Panties” party……

      3. afftongrown says

        He also doesn’t know how to tell the truth!

      4. George says

        And ‘ ; you can keep your doctor ‘ , and your insurance ‘ will go down ‘.

        1. Paula says

          What he meant was: I can keep my doctor and you all can go to hell!

          1. George says

            Exactly ” , he hates Americans ‘.

      5. johnnywoods says

        And the check is in the mail:-)

      6. Debra Johnson says

        Obama has made a living at community organizing which Black Lives Matter is a prime example. Obama is just as Anti American as these 2 groups and he is just as responsible for the deaths of the policemen killed recently because of his divisive politics. Obama wants this chaos and hatred and wants to destroy the constitution and what makes America exceptional. He makes deals with our enemies and refuses to name them Islamic terrorists. He despises Israel and has put this country in danger and anyone here killed by terrorists their blood will be on his hands as will all the police killed.

        1. unique201 says

          Obama is following Agenda 21, Bilderberg Group and The New World Order.

      7. Nastasyana says

        Islam is a religion of peace and love as much as is christianity. Read ,more about christian history especially in Alexandria under Pope Cyrus (I think his name was).Stop being such a bigot. Every religion goes through it’s time of orthodox zealots.

        1. suz says

          If you believe it is a religion of peace and love I have an island to sell you cheap.

          1. Curtis_JB says

            Nasty is a “Libtard Extraordinaire” to say the least… what can you expect??
            Consider the source!!

        2. Curtis_JB says

          Nasty…..HERE’S your “Religion of Peace” for you!!!

          1. Peaceful Muslims and their “Sex Jihad” Order

          2. Peaceful Muslims beheading children and putting their heads on
          poles in city parks!!

          3. Peaceful Muslims and the 300 abducted girls in Nigeria!

          4. Female ISIS captives endure “Brutal Rape”

          5. Peaceful Muslims SLAUGHTER 141 children and teachers in Pakistan!
          6. Peaceful Muslims burn 45 people to death in Al-Baghdadi

          7. ISIS militants trick mother into ‘eating her kidnapped son’

          “Immigration without assimilation is invasion.”

          Yep……we’ve never SEEN such a peaceful bunch of folks!!!!

          And you CONDONE THIS BEHAVIOR???

          1. Nastasyana says

            The video says that poor refugee girls from Iraq are becoming prostitutes. It’s the same thing that happens in the US to refugees. Trafficking is evil and horrible whoever does it.

            I don’t condone this behavior. Obviously they are not peaceful Muslims just as their are Jews and Christians who are not peaceful. Stop being such a bigot.

        3. Sarah says

          Hey, I’m late with this reply, but I stand by what you say. Have a good one.

    2. imbog says

      The most startling statement by Obama when he took office was “America’s NOT a Christian nation “. And he made every effort to make sure it would come true. 50 years ago if you would have told me we would have riots and burning and looting in our streets,, i would think it would be impossible for America to decline and become lawless to this extent

      1. MAHB001 says

        I knew he was not from around here when he said,

        “you didn’t build that.”

        The guy is the most un-American president we have ever had in office.

    3. Nastasyana says

      Yes it is affordable for people who could not afford healthcare before. So some people who can afford healthcare need to pay a little more. Either you pay it in taxes for ER care or you pay it for your own care. Stop being so dumb and selfish!

      1. MAHB001 says

        Bull, It is subsidized by the middle class, and just wait till you see how high the rates end up after the businesses are forced to join in next year….

        BTW, what do you consider a “little more.” My monthly 0bamacare taxes have skyrocketed (at least doubled) AND, I have this huge deductible to pay each year…

        It was a lie to call it the “Affordable Healthcare Act.”

  2. MAHB001 says

    Why didn’t the Socialist Democrat controlled California Legislator pass a bill forces the police to stop and ticket only white Christians?

    The Socialist in control of CA have proven they can pass any law they want, regardless of how hard it rolls over the Constitution.

    This law makes no sense to me, It seems that it is trying to collect data to prove some sort of racism.

    When has the left needed data to support their claims of racism????

    1. MAHB001 says

      And when the data they collect shows there is no racism, they will just ignore it anyway….

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        1. Dolores Wieland says

          Stay off our discussion post

    2. suz says

      What is California mostly made up of and who is breaking the law that will answer their question

      1. MAHB001 says

        It is no longer the will of the people in CA.

        It is the will of the legislators, and those that control, are liberal.

        California needs to be booted from the Union for not upholding the Constitution of the United States.

  3. says

    Black lives do matter, no question, this is their Country and not the White Country, however, watch out for the muslims, they want it all and see a way of getting it.

    1. suz says

      I have never seen our country torn apart and on the path of destruction since Obama got into office. He’s succeeding in what the terrorist didn’t finish

      1. Liz says

        He is successfully ushering in the Terrorists and because Americans have had it so easy in this Country most don’t even recognize what is happening. He has continually used our own Constitution against us and what he can’t do that way he goes around it. He is the perfect puppet, “a hate filled person from birth is easily manipulated” and Ayres, Farrakhan, Rev. Wright, Al Sharpton and other haters of our Country and way of life have done a good job. You may think the KKK were bad, just wait until you see what these people will do. The KKK were an ignorant group of vigilantes, the Islamists are for a world dominated theocracy, they will revel in the killing of anyone that doesn’t convert and they won’t care what color you are.

        1. suz says

          Liz your so right . There will be a war on American soil like no war we’ve seen before . Some educated Blacks are waking up and seeing through the Democrats but it maybe to late

      2. Jackie says

        Bush promised to end racial profiling in 2001 and John Ashcroft, who was Attorney General at the time, was to develop recommendations. However, ten years later Bush’s promise had not been fulfilled. Obama said he and Eric Holder would finish the job Bush did not complete. I believe the “End Racial Profiling Act” has been introduced into the Senate but as far as I know it has never been enacted. Correct me if I am wrong. However, I believe this Racial Profiling Act has led to much of the discontent we have today. Personally, I see no harm in it.

  4. johnanaguski says

    Can’t wait for the big one to hit.

    1. David D says

      Sooner then latter

    2. Jackie says

      It is coming this month, September.

  5. Skyhawk says

    They are closely related.

  6. Trisha55 says

    The muslims will use the blacks to get attention and when the blacks are no longer useful idiots, the muslims will turn on them. The black community has once again proven itself easily lead down the wrong path. A large portion of the black community supports abortion, babies born to single mothers, absent fathers, multiple relationships, and the men are on the “down-low”. All of this goes against what the muslims have put into their sharia law so it will be interesting to see how long these two groups get along.

    1. Liz says


    2. EMIRCITNA says

      MUSLIM Useful Idiots using BLACK Useful Idiots… that is a circus side-show, indeed!!!

      1. Curtis_JB says

        Exactly……the Muslims WANT the Blacks to join to help their “agenda” and it’s been working all to well. The Muslims network is a huge GANG in itself!! And because it’s classified as a “Religion” it’s now a “PROTECTED” GANG!!! CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT……A GANG IN SHEEPS CLOTHING????

        1. EMIRCITNA says

          AS I HAVE posted in the past; if Muslims can claim Islam, with all its violence inciting, as a religion and get protection under our U.S. Constitution then CRIMINALS should ban together and create ‘The Church of Crime’ and claim CRIME as their religion to gain the same protection!!!

    3. Jackie says

      It is known that Muslims refer to blacks as “pug noses.”

      1. Beeotchstewie says

        I thought they used kafirs to describe them.

  7. tubesaft says

    Notice the way Black lives Matter works in Chicago.

  8. dominke says

    Just remember when the war starts.

  9. jerrycollie says

    Not surprising, most of the Black Lives Matter people are already Muslims.
    Blue Lives Matter.

  10. Mike says

    I think both groups are worthless. I truly hope that Governor Brown, does not sign the bill. Although, I will not be surprised if he does.

  11. James Allan White says

    We need to start a “White and Red lives” matter group. Red Lives were first and White Lives colonized this country. Black Lives were the slaves and they have been given freedom from slavery; therefore, they need to pick themselves up by their boot straps and build their lives without complaining all the time. As for Muslims they need to accept the U. S. constitution and their 1st Amendment rights and thank Alah they have freedom of religion and saftey from Radical Islam. Both groups are ungrateful for the Life, Liberty, and, Pursuit of Happiness.

    1. Curtis_JB says

      Immigration without Assimilation is INVASION!!!!

  12. Tea Party Marine says

    Cair is a front group who supports Islamic extremism. They loop-hole our constitution to defy our freedoms and use them against us to achieve their goals of hate and misery. Black lives matter is nothing more than a loosely organized group of manipulated morons who have been indoctrinated by anti-American socialists like George Soros. It’s not surprising to see these two groups working together and I’m sure Obama couldn’t be happier! The leaders of both of these groups have been visitors at the White House MANY times!

    1. GESG says

      The bad news is that they are not “loosely” organized. They are well funded & well organized behind the scenes by a network of “community organizers” which I suspect is headed by the Head Organizer in Chief” & his puppet handler.

      1. afftongrown says

        George Soros!

    2. Liz says

      They sound like Progressive Liberal Democrats.

    3. MAHB001 says

      They are following the agenda items listed in the book.

      “The Naked Communist.”

      The list was created to weaken America’s resolve, family units, patriotism, and love of God.

      Why create a new list when this one was started so long ago…

  13. Davard says

    As (I remember,the ten commandments does not specify race, sex or religion when it issues the do not’s. For that matter I’m not sure whether or not it specifies species either.

  14. Davard says

    While we are at it, we need to eat to live and we eat things that were alive. Plants are living things. If we don’t draw the line somewhere, all animals would die.

  15. Tim Hoeflich says

    Black lives matter is a love group just as much as Islam is a religion of love! It is scary that these groups represent “civil rights” in this country! HATE only produces hate and it is counterproductive! I can almost see Martin Luther King Jr. turning over in his grave. This perverted and pathetic “equality” is NOT what he had in mind!

  16. scott says

    where have you imbeciles been.the only ones that areconverting to muslims are nigg-rs being they hate whites as much as the sand nigg-rs.they are the only ones that are 95% of the crime rate in america and think they can do anything they want because they are nigg-rs.thats what liberals have trained their personal monkeys to believe,and the nigg-rs are dumb enough to believe it.

  17. Joseph Le Bard says

    FBI file Silvermaster/CPUSA under SUBUD

  18. David D says

    A black hate group combines with an America hate group and both endorsed by the Administration. Battle lines are being drawn and you know who Obama will back. LLR …. Locked Loaded and Ready.

  19. zrevtom says

    Isn’t it funny that Muslims want to take over the world and kill or enslave anyone that will not become a Muslim. Blacks gather to protest about Black Lives Matter now with the same Muslims that would kill them or Enslave them, Well apparently blacks love to relive history so maybe they want to be slaves again to new Black or Brown Masters. Blacks LOVE to be told what to do, what to eat (look at Moochelle Obummer and the school lunches) where to live (in Ghettos or shacks which they destroy themselves). Blacks do not have to go get a job, they will be given one to them, just like the old days, they don’t have to think for themselves for they will never be educated just like a good muslim woman, keep them ignorant, Muslims won’t kill the Black babies because they want more good muslims. Have you ever wondered why most converts to Muslim are Blacks and not Christianity. because Muslims tell you that there is only one way to pray, to live, to think, to act. One way only THEIR WAY or the Death Highway. Blacks want freedom, happiness, good food, good housing, good education, Just think of the new life as a Muslim, wear a beanie, wear a dress, grow a full beard, cant have ribs or bacon or other food Blacks love, your women are not yours, your kids are not yours, your freedom is not yours YOUR LIFE is not yours.
    Yes there it is my Black friends, Your new life is like your old life
    SLAVERY under your new Muslim Masters
    You know who is one of their Leaders
    Barack Hussein Obama is a Black Muslim with Communist ties
    Communism subjugates its people, Communism is their way of life, no freedom to go anywhere
    no freedom to get your own job, no freedoms, get used to it for when you vote for Democrats this is what you get, until the Muslims take over
    You destroy from within to weaken the country then it can be taken over by a sadistic cult called Muslims of which OBAMA IS ONE. The new KKK is being led by Democrats and who was found to be dressed up in HOODS and robes as KKK members
    D E M O C R A T S

  20. Janet Clayton says

    Well this is just terrific. BLM should be disbanded and all members arrested for conspiring with the enemy! They’ll all lose their heads when the Muslims get done with them.

    1. Jackie says

      Muslims will not take any prisoners – black or whatever color. ALL INFIDELS TO THEM.

    2. Bob Ware says

      They’re to stupid to understand that piece of reality.

  21. m g says

    It was only a matter of time. Muslims prey on poor and those with less education.I am NOT a racist but the above statement is fact based on government statistics that Blacks drop out of school earlier and economic data.

  22. Joseph Le Bard says

    Need to take names an check these people at the door criminal’s need to be jailed an illegal’s need to be kicked out with no hope of ever entering again an George Sorros needs to be prosecuted he has outstanding warrant’s in Greece an Egypt for corruption of Goverment.

  23. Sgt. York says

    Black lives matter a love group? Yes they would love to kill as many whites and cops as they can. This and the muzzie group unite for just one reason and that’s to start a race war on whites and the muzzie part is to kill as many Christians as they can in order to take the country and place ovomit as the supreme ruler of what ever they will rename America as. Hate to say it but,oil your guns boys,sight em in,keep your powder dryand lock and load. We cannot let these traitors take our country NOT in America will these people take over.

  24. 2Shadow2 says

    This is just a continuation of the effort of Islam to make gains in the African American community. Not really much of a different tactic than the Communists. Gaddafi gave Farakhan 8 million dollars to help promote racial divide through the “religion of peace”. Of course, Farakhan has never stopped preaching black revolution and death to the white race, all in the name of the geo-political ideology disguised as a religion.

    1. Tom Murphy says

      Farrakhan took a personal role in black on black crime when he put out a hit contract on Malcolm X decades ago. Malcolm X was sucking up all the oxygen at radical black meetings and Farrakhan had him removed in the the same way that Hitler had Rolm removed in the Night of the Long Knives.

  25. tasharina1 says

    Obviously, they didn’t pick a name that correctly describes the movement. Here’s one that would be more accurate: “Violent Black Criminal’s Lives Matter More”,

    If these people in black lives matters groups really thought that black lives matter, they would start a movement called: “Stop Rampant Black on Black Murders”.

    1. Liz says

      That’s right, but obviously saving Blacks from being murdered by Black criminals is not the objective.

      1. tasharina1 says

        Exactly. It appears that the black lives matter people care more about the lives of a few black criminals killed by police, than the many hundreds of black men, women and children being killed by black criminals.

  26. Liz says

    It was inevitable that they would, we all know what the objective of Islam is and what better way than to team with another hate group. But don’t call it a hate group because this Administration will call you a racist and a bigot.

  27. MILES E DRAKE says

    It is clear that the black militants have come off the bench and joined the militant atheists, radical homosexual activists and abortionista zealots in the fourth wave of communist revolution to hit this country since 1917. The muslims are now getting ready to come in and to pursue a domestic campaign of murder and mayhem here as they are doing in other countries, in conjunction with M13 and other drug cartel enforcers, the Bloods and the Crips and the army of white genocide that Farrakhan is now raising. The native-born English-speaking white population is going to have to organize and defend itself, first from displacement and dispossession, then from enslavement and finally from planned extermination.

  28. junkmailbin says

    our Nigris Americonis not understand the the Arabic word for them is ” pug nosed slave”

  29. Oldawg70 says

    Said it before…say it again! Islam and it’s supporters is the enemy! Just do not forsee a peaceful resolution to this issue…they are bringing the fight to us!

  30. papa doug says

    CAIR joining in with BLM should tell people something, that muslims coming here have a planned agenda and they learn it in their training centers called mosques. That agenda, helped by a hapless and inept Obama, is to turn America into a muslim controlled country. This will fly in the face of socialists who want our country to be socialist. Here is where the battle will be joined!

  31. guest says

    Birds of a feather!!!

  32. niko says

    It’s time to spray the lead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  33. tax man says

    So now it is Black Muslim Lies Matter! Thugs of any race, color, religion need to be arrested, convicted, incarcerated or deported, in the case of murder, executed. All Lives Matter, Especially Police Lives in the USA.

  34. hankster6 says

    Evil begets evil!!

  35. Gregg the voice of reason says

    The Koran says:
    You can be friendly to your enemy on the outside of your heart.
    But in your heart you hate them and want them DEAD !!!

    This was said by a college student (MUSLIM) who got drunk and spilled his guts.
    Remember this when you hear this crap from the President.
    President Jimmy Carter was so happy that Obumma became President because now he is not the worst president EVER !!!

    The Crown now goes to OBUMMA
    or DUNCE Cap

  36. mallen11 says

    Man cannot solve man’s problems. Enjoy the freedom we NOW have because things are going to get worse because most people in our country have rejected knowing who and what God is through the study of His Word. When we lose sight of His precepts, we lose when we don’t apply His Word to our daily life.
    Psalm 28:5 Because they regard not the works of the Lord, nor the operation of his hands, he shall destroy them, and not build them up. (This has been proven over and over in history)
    2 Chronicles 7:14 If my people, which are called by MY name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked (rejection of God’s Word) ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and WILL HEAL THEIR LAND.
    II Peter 3:18… but grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To Him be the glory, both now and to the day of eternity. (When we do this, God will deal with our problems)

  37. Bob Ware says

    It way past time to go back overseas and start by bunker busting mosques and then move out to the battlefields and remove IS participants from our misery. As for here, start prosecuting these traitors.

  38. will kari says

    Black lives matter with Muslim membership is definitely a Islamic terrorist group using blacks to riot against USA citizens and the POLICE. DOJ should launch an investigation to evaluate their destructive force on USA citizens,businesses . Are there any Brotherhood or ISIS members in with Black lives matter?

  39. Oscar Y. Harward says

    Prior to the inauguration of President Obama, America had most very ‘peaceful’ communities across the USA. ‘Racism’ was all but non-existent.

    Since the 2009 inauguration of President Obama and his Attorney general, Eric Holder took office, many minority neighborhoods are becoming lawless communities.

    It is the responsibility of all community groups, and specifically our ‘public’ schools, our Houses of Worship, and others to teach their children the importance of listening to police offices and to obey the law. When a police officer says, “STOP”, then he/she must understand that ‘stop’ means to quit whatever you are doing; and obey the police officer.

    This does not permit members of the communities to throw bricks, rocks, or any other lethal article to injure or kill the police officer. It further does not authorize the potential individual to attack the police officer(s).

    It has become a ‘TEAM’ effort to destroy (y)our lawful communities. Black Lives Matter, CAIR, the left-wing NAACP, the ‘main-stream’ Medias, and others are taking criminality among others in the ‘minority’ communities and manufacturing ‘LIES’ to attack, destroy, and/or kill our police officers who are attempting to protect us all. These groups are supporting their own ‘LYING’ criminal activity rather than telling the ‘TRUTH’.

    When criminals attack police officers, it is the police officer’s expectation to ‘STOP’ the criminal ‘AGGRESSOR’ at all cost. If the aggressor is shot by the police officer in an effort to thwart the attack from the aggressor, it should not matter how many shots are fired to stop the criminal.

    “Two of the most virulently anti-American groups in the country – the Black Lives Matter movement and the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) have joined forces in Sacramento, creating an ugly hybrid that makes one wish the Big One would go ahead and hit the San Andreas Fault .”

  40. Garry Bro says

    Ya, that would do it, blacks, and rag heads, together, then you would see things happen.

  41. PBHayes says

    If our nation ever has a real President, CAIR will be indicted again and banned and racist groups like Blacks Lives will also be banned. The socialist/communist left Progressive Liberal Democrats have gone too far and finally our citizens are responding. Trump/Cruz/Carson in any combination will save our nation.

  42. Michael Bolger says

    Don’t forget Luies Farakakhun? Who wants to kill all whites. With all these loving feelings going around. I am having a hard time. If it weren’t for my Holly Bible I would be hateing you with all my heart

  43. cjg says

    interesting how they can do it, but let a white guy cause hell and the whole country gets him right now.
    we know who they are, lets illiminate them right now and the trouble goes away… pretty simple
    eh? dumb ass law enforcement can call anyone a terrorist, but when a group that they know is one
    they hide behind their cars

  44. missourisam says

    This is what you get when you elect the enemy to lead your army. Obama is not going to do anything to deter the muslim movement to subjugate America. That has been his agenda from the start. Aided by the leftist media, and the just plain ignorant people that will vote party lines in blind loyalty to a political party that is so corrupt that it will destroy America, this nation has no chance of survival unless its citizens once again become patriots and put country ahead of a political party, and I see no chance of that happening when a lying, thieving, treasonous, woman of so questionable character as Hillary leads as their choice of presidential candidate.

  45. Robert L. Rice says


  46. Alexander Seredin says

    Islam is a religion of peace. Christians have slaughtered many millions of people since WWII, and caused much turmoil in Middle East. True Muslims are not ISIS or Al Qaeda.

    1. Curtis_JB says

      Alex..WHERE are you getting your information?? You’re wrong again and I’ll prove it!!
      As for your “Islam is a religion of peace?” Read these and then remember the Quran quotes I gave your earlier…..
      1. Peaceful Muslims and their “Sex Jihad” Order
      2. Peaceful Muslims beheading children and putting their heads on
      poles in city parks!!
      3. Peaceful Muslims and the 300 abducted girls in Nigeria!
      4. Female ISIS captives endure “Brutal Rape”
      5. Peaceful Muslims SLAUGHTER 141 children and teachers in Pakistan!{CAMPAIGN_ID}&listID={listID}
      6. Peaceful Muslims burn 45 people to death in Al-Baghdadi
      7. ISIS militants trick mother into ‘eating her kidnapped son’
      Ya…’re right……VERY PEACEFUL PEOPLE ALRIGHT!!!!

      Now…show me SOME LINKS since WWII where “Christians” have “slaughtered”
      innocent people for the sake of their Religion…..(PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY CLAIM TO BE CHRISTIANS!) A person “being born in the USA” does not make them a “Christian” any more than living in your garage makes you a Chevrolet!!!

      Quran (2:191-193) – “And kill them (infidels) wherever you find them”
      Quran (8:12) – “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore
      strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them”

      An “extremist Muslim” wants to cut off your head…..
      A “peaceful Muslim” wants the extremist Muslim to cut off your head….

  47. Norwod McDaniel says

    Send them all back where they came from. This is AMERICA and live like an American or leave.

  48. Lougjr1 says

    Why is it so hard for Americans to understand that Obama has literally invited the extremist Muslim brotherhood into the U.S. and into his administration ? He has no interest in fighting and defeating ISIS . The reason my dear American brothers and sisters, your president is a true Islamic patriot and is intent on helping to form a universal one religion world. There is no way to un-indoctrinate a brainwashed Muslim. Islam has been bred into them for a thousand years by intimidation. That intimidation is called Shariah Islamic law ! It is imperative that Americans recognize the problem in order to solve it. If you don’t recognize it, the snake will bite and you will die ! METAPHOR !

  49. sharon says

    And so the murder in America begins.

  50. Norma Davis says


    1. bt70 says

      They are reverting back to their ancestry ways; Monkys

  51. Joseph Nicholas Toth Jr. says

    Now I know the group Black lives matter is just a gang when the Muslims join and support them.

  52. JOY IN TUCSON says

    before this pos was placed in power by soros….we didn’t need to worry about such ‘groups’ as the above.

    gang wars were within the ‘system’ and racial harmony was not ‘really’ strained. but now Americans need to be aware of gathering in groups..what you say online..the police..the military..the muslim populace ..the black race and EVERY DAMNED democrat you know!!!!!!~!~!!!!!!!!!

    they are as complicit as anyone holding a gun to your head…they hate America and the only reason for being in politics is to line their pockets with lobbyist’s and graft money…

    Black lives matter….niggers don’t !!

  53. US Army Retired says

    Black Lies and Muslims slime they kind of go hand in hand.

  54. unique201 says

    CAIR is using black people for their benefit.
    CAIR doesn’t care about black lives.

  55. wildeagleone says

    One grenade will get them all as they sing cum by ya holding hands in a circle

  56. get a life and stop being stup says


  57. downs1 says

    No one seems to be listening! America is finished and Obama and his Muslim Brotherhood associates are at the helm! They are abetted by the fools in the ACLU [a misnomer if ever there was one!] and a bunch of liberal leftist groups, supported by an impotent, ignorant, corrupt Congress!

  58. Mike Alan says

    Remember when Obama said right wing groups are the biggest threat facing the country? The piece of crap was wrong again.

  59. Miss Kitty says

    Islam is the concrete which binds them together.

  60. disqus_DLdvL3iSgB says

    As far as identifying race of those stopped for traffic violations, it’s easy- Martian or non-martian.
    The merger of Black Lives Matter and CAIR are no surprise. They just help focus the target group in one slightly wider field.

  61. jeepscout68 says

    F*#& both these terrorist groups. They have incited riots and have called for the death of police and whites. There have been no arrests of these scum. We have a federal Injustice Department who has reneged on their duty to uphold the laws of our country. They should be tried for malfeasance in office. Hopefully, conservatives will win the 2016 election and CAIR will be kicked out of the US since it is a terrorist group.

  62. Freemanmd says

    It seem a marriage not made in heaven, but the other place. Two groups that hate America and Americans. Two groups who are only out for themselves and what they want, not what is best for everyone concerned. The Black Lives Matter are made up of people who don’t want to work, don’t want to follow the law, and do not respect others. They ring leaders are only in it for the money they can make, just like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson has done in the past. Jesse Jackson is worth $10 Million and Sharpton is worth $5 Million.

  63. Nina says

    Better yet Jerry Brown should sign a bill into law “Nocops in California enter at your own risk” see what all the jackasses do when they’re in trouble and need one!! Screw y’all!!!!!

  64. Barbara Ervin says

    ALL lives matter and Muslims have no business in this country!

  65. Paula says

    Color me … shocked! The muslims KNOW exactly who to support and enlist and then convert… radical and angry blacks! There’s more than one article on the conversion to islam of blacks in prison. Wonder how many BLM’s are muslim anyway.

    (1997) By Muammar Kaddafi
    (after meeting with Louis Farrakhan). “We are used to facing the United
    States as a fortress from the outside. Now we are finding a breach to
    penetrate the country (the U.S.) and confront it from within.”

    (1997) By Louis Farrakhan (in Harlem). “A decree of death has been passed on America. The judgment of God has been rendered, and she must be destroyed.”

  66. Carolyn says

    Good. Now we can kill them all at once.

  67. jak says

    CAIR should be raided by the FBI and shut down. Where is Obama the traitor Muslim. He should go on national TV and do something. But that will never happen. This country’s people have suffered so, under this man and his thug administration.

  68. johnnywoods says

    Well there you have it, the blind leading the stupid.

  69. Larry Cowden says

    Black lives like muslims don’t matter! Those niggers have spent the last 100 years or more proving it time and time again with their constant violent assaults on every other race when they aren’t busy killing their own kind! Taking them out of this plane of existence is the only way to stop them and save lives.

  70. 1_NKEN17 says

    If it wasn’t for the “sand”, isis would be just another bunch of unhappy, rioting n****rs.

  71. Bruce Wayne says

    If ‘Black Lives Matter’ is a love group,why then are they killing white people and white police officers???? Don’t get me started on ‘CAIR’ talk about a hate group,they are just as bad as the ‘Black lives Matter’ group.They say the same thing,’KILL THE WHITE PEOPLE’. People,we are going to have to be on our GUARD,looking out for not only us,but our ‘Brothers and Sisters in Blue’!!!!!!Carry your firearms with you at ALL TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. debi feldet says


  72. Alleged Comment says

    THE stupid Negroes don’t realize once their protector is gone (the white man) the Moslems would turn on the Negroes in a dime and make them slaves again.

    Moslems don’t have much respect for Negroes. They only act nice now because America is still around. Believe you me when we are gone the Negroes will be hunted down and EXTERMINATED. Whatever is left goes in a cage to be SOLD!

    Only white people feed and cloth Negroes. Only white man freed him (something the Negroes conveniently forget).

  73. debi feldet says


  74. Patriot068 says

    Debi! This is why its important for those of us of like minds no matter our skin color or backgrounds to band together & fight back against hate groups like this& back our Police!! Did you notice any black person denouncing the black lives matter movement were called racial slurs etc & where our supposed Commander in Chief?? ( absent as usual) this fits his narrative!! Get the populace to fight among themselves and are to busy to see what that slimey snake is up to!!
    Hitler did the same

  75. Bruce Wayne says


  76. RobertLaity says

    Obama is a usurper,fraud,traitor and spy. Obama is also a Muslim supremacist. Obama’s arrest for these crimes is LONG OVERDUE.

  77. Robbert Hoekstra Azusa says

    Hallelujah, Who is the smart guy that finally figured it out, eh? America, brace yourself for Hussein Obama’s Arab Islamic Inquisition! When America voted a Muslim Arab as her president she gave the devil a nome in the White House.

  78. Gray_Doug says

    Mr. president, hate is hate no matter how YOU or ANYBODY ELSE slices or packages it.

    People are defined by actions and character (or lack of character). It’s my belief you’ve had so many chances to make things right and better; yet you continue to betray us all . . . and I mean all.

    Believe it or not I pity you. I don’t know why except to say it’s my morality.

  79. Bo Wetstone says

    incinerate them all. nuke Baltimore now

  80. David Gearhart says

    More of Obama’s mess. He has the CAIR and the muslim brotherhood in the white house and through out his administration. He denies that they are terrorist. The black lives matter and the race riots are Obama creations. Funded by George Soros though his occupy movement, he claimed 33 million on his taxes for Ferguson.

  81. Betty Weaver Woods says

    “Black Lives Matter” and CAIR should both be designated Terrorist Organizations!!

  82. duif100 says

    That was to expect since most home grown terrorists have been blacks who converted to Islam.

  83. Francine Weigle says

    It’s RACISM in the purest form!

  84. mike slaney says

    WELL NOW! You have got to hand it to the Muslim leadership, a cold and calculating deceptive people. It is no secret thing that Many Black Americans are turning to Islam esp., those in prison. There is a catch on both sides as they feed on one another. The end results will be devastating to the Black discontented culture of America. Muslim have been a ruthless people under the culture of Jihad and will use “ANY” tactic to get the goal accomplished. In this case the Black culture. It is no strange thing that when other ethnics have used up the energies of Black men and women they are tossed away like a used up rag, and that is what the Muslims will do. The goal of the Muslims is to use the Black culture as a wedge to divide America and Conquer. That has always been their objective for America. Thus, many Black Americans are willing to oblige and will do. As always, “the plans of mice and men,” come to play, Black Americans will be tossed away again and the “pure breed” of Islam and it’s goals ended. Just like what the Communists did with the Socialists, in Russia, China, Korea, and others. What can we learn from history? Those that fellowship with skunks, get sprayed.”

  85. Bruce Kellar says

    This groups that intend an entire nation harm have been in the making for a long time. In the sixties these same groups spit on combat weary soldiers and spread hate throughout the country. Hillary was a black panther sympathizer. A democrat (in Europe they call themselves communists) then is today just another Republican. Our education system is now completely on board with the New World Order and the concept all white people are bad. If that is something you don’t believe, then look at who is organizing the hate groups against whites. Those are whites leading the chanting. Most of them are just punks scared of their own shadow hoping the blacks will have mercy on them when shit finally hits the fan with Obama in the lead. Let us cower and bow to the people who gave us nothing and took everything. America there are no returns, it is time to fight back

  86. OSAMA OBAMA says

    All is going according to plan. Divide and conquer. Thanks obama for dividing this nation.

  87. sharon says

    That pig Brown will do it, he will cater to these murderous animals with no problem.

  88. EdStone says

    Obit are is a pig and the islamists are going to eat him for lunch.

  89. Michel says

    Islam = ISIS….ISIS = ISLAM read their hate filled books …quran, sunnah, hadith. Iisten to an expert on islam, David Wood:

  90. Michel says

    Islam is DEATH CULT

  91. 32609307 says

    Makes perfect sense. Both groups are allies in the war on Western Society based upon Christianity! Hitler’s Brown Shirts were criminals against Jews. Obama’s Brown People are Criminals against Whitey and anybody enforcing the LAW!

    Hitler = Brown Shirt low information German useful idiots

    Obama = Brown People low information American Black useful idiots.


  92. George Cahonna says

    Black Radicals team up with Muslims, The Muslims team up with Odumba Administration/Dems.
    Hummmm, I think there’s a pattern here….. And the Lame GOP is snoring.

  93. Nastasyana says

    “Two of the most virulently anti-American groups in the country – the Black Lives Matter movement and the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) have joined forces in Sacramento, creating an ugly hybrid that makes one wish the Big One would go ahead and hit the San Andreas Fault.” –

    What a dumb statement! So when the KKK or White Supremacy party team up with christians are they virulent.
    Muaslims and Blacks have much in common. They are maligned in this democratic,freedom loving country. Their lives are always in danger from the racist “patriots” that want to return this country to its European roots.TALK ABOUT ANTI-AMERICAN. You guys would recreate the monarchy and have most of us including poor and middle class whites as serfs to your greedy multi millionaires.

    1. netandyawho says

      Boo-hoo-hoo. Stop feeling sorry for yourself with the PLOM (poor little old me) attitude! Pull up your boot straps and stand on your own two feet if you are truly woman enough to.

  94. Alexander Seredin says

    If ISIS is a Islamic terrorist organization how com the helicopters donated to israeli IDF by JewSA are picking up wounded ISIS thugs and treating them in Israel? How come ISIS never fired a shot towards the Jewland?

  95. Justin says

    This country is going right into a civil war. We need to come together.
    “We at are collecting signatures to put INDEPENDENCE on the voting ballots in over 20 states and to pressure another 11 state legislatures to vote to put independent on the ballot!

    So join us now and help collect signatures”

  96. Gnarly Charlie says


  97. Victor Archuleta says

    This alliance should have been expected. Elijah Mohammed founded the black muslim organization to inspire blacks to self-respect and pride in themselves. The letter “X” was chosen to replace English last names, which were reminders of the time of slavery. But he demanded white shirts and ties, self-improvement, and enterprise. Then Malcolm X came along, traveled to the sites most respected by muslims, and witnessed people of all colors worshiping together. and among the many things he said, he said:

    “Be peaceful, be courteous, obey the law, respect everyone; but if someone puts his hand on you, send him to the cemetery.”

    But the many of the things he said suggesting peaceful coexistence brought about his murder. And then Farrakahn gained prominence. So why shouldn’t the enemy of all things American make a move to continue to stir the pot of racial hatred set simmering by the Black Panthers, Louis, and the BLM movement? For those slaves of satan its only a step or two to enforcing their infamous cry of convert or die – and they won’t have to raise a hand. The manipulated black population will carry out the deed. Because black people forget that black Africans are included in this century’s muslim slave trade.

    In all of this escalation toward anarchy, it is well to keep in mind Malcolm’s saying. No one color can be attached to a universal truth.

  98. BROOKLYN BOB says


    1. netandyawho says

      I liken Jerry to the bacteria that is found in septic tanks in the muslim world. Need more
      be said?

  99. Big Ray says

    Where did OB live when attending College – the first college – who raised him – why a false social security number ? Our lives matter – we been had – great leaders have let it happen ! Watch your necks

  100. Nastasyana says

    OMG! What ignorant comments. Do you people even think critically or just believe the hype you get from this dumb website.

  101. hankster6 says

    As I have stated, already, idiots will hang with idiots. I believe that even the Black Lives Matter people will not get along too well with Muslims. They just might NOT like Sharia law, because they don’t like any laws, accept their own!!

  102. Susannah Fedders says

    We have plenty of time it will only take a week too.. eliminate everyone of them

  103. Susan says

    If he signs this into law, it is plain ridiculous!!! These thugs are twisting everything to suit themselves.
    Osama, oops, Obama is catering to their every whim!!!

  104. Diane says

    Wow! I would say your website is one of the “most virulently anti-American” blabbers of all time.

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