Navy Sailor Won’t Salute the American Flag


A Navy sailor named Janaye Ervin faces possible prosecution following her refusal to salute the flag during a recent ceremony at Pearl Harbor. Ervin, ranked as Petty Officer 2nd Class, explained her actions in a Facebook post that she has since deleted.

“I feel like a hypocrite singing about the ‘land of the free’ when I know that only applies to some Americans,” she wrote. “I will gladly stand again when ALL AMERICANS are afforded the same freedom.”

Joel Cesar, spokesman for the U.S. Pacific Fleet, said it would be up to Ervin’s commander to determine what punishment she faces, if any. Ervin has said she was threatened with imprisonment for her protest. Navy protocol requires sailors to stand and salute the flag during the national anthem; by declining to follow this protocol, Ervin put herself in danger of prosecution. Even if she was not specifically instructed to stand, she could still be found guilty of disobeying orders, an infraction the military does not look upon kindly.

“The Navy has decided to punish me for defending the Constitution and has taken away my equipment I need to do my Naval job,” complained Ervin in her FB post. “It was my pleasure serving my country, I love it dearly, that is why I must do this for you. I will keep you all posted on what happens next!”

Ervin’s protest attracted the attention of the New York Daily News’ Shaun King, a prominent supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement. King reached out to his Twitter followers on Monday, asking them to sign a petition to keep Ervin from facing punishment.

“We are standing with her during this time & needs your help if possible to not allow her go to jail along with receiving a dishonorable discharge. Intervene, if you will,” King wrote. “She loves her country. On the other hand, she is a black woman who has to constantly see what her people go through in her country while she is in uniform.”

Actually, she’s a fool and so is anyone who signs that petition.

Free speech is not at issue here. The First Amendment doesn’t apply to our soldiers and sailors. The U.S. military is, in a strange way, almost like another country. They have a separate legal system and a separate set of laws. Whatever defenses people have come up with in the case of Colin Kaepernick do not apply to Janaye Ervin.

Unfortunately, those divisions have started to blur. The evils of modern “social justice” are creeping into the military, weakening our entire armed forces day by day. Ervin deserves a dishonorable discharge, if only to send a message that the military will not tolerate this kind of disorder. Imagine if this trend were to spread. Imagine if our troops felt they could do whatever they wanted as long as they could come up with a socially acceptable cause to rally around. Imagine if that cause was built around the abject fiction that is modern black oppression.

These are the problems that manifest when a nation lacks the will to nip a destructive movement in the bud early on. Let’s stop giving credence to outrageous nonsense and maybe we can prevent the disaster that looms before us.

  1. Tiger says

    “I feel like a hypocrite singing about the ‘land of the free’ when I know that only applies to some Americans,” You are a hypocrite, it applies to you doesn’t it? Your in the military. You have benefits, free uniforms and housing. If enlisted you have benefits out the kazoo. So what is your beef?

    “It was my pleasure serving my country, I love it dearly, that is why I must do this for you. I will keep you all posted on what happens next!” With the love and respect you show go join ISIS.

    You took an Oath you are not honoring it. Get out and I sincerely hope you are out with a Dishonorable Discharge because you are dishonorable and disgusting.

    1. MAHB001 says

      Thank you for your continued service.

      1. Tiger says

        Ahhhhh so welcome.

    2. Scuttlebutt says

      I don’t believe any Military person gets free uniforms, except when they go to boot camp. After boot camp, they have to pay for their own clothes. That was the rule during the Vietnam days & I’m sure it is still the same now, but, I could be wrong.

      1. Tiger says

        I am a Combat Support nurse since 1988 and during those years enlisted were supplied with uniforms and many benefits. Officers, like myself and well it should be paid for our clothing. As to medical all those years, and by the way my X started off as an E nothing in the Army so I know what he got and we got, the pay for Tricare is based on your pay grade, as it should be.

        If it has changed I don’t know but the bottom line is she took an Oath and she is the perfect example of the changes we have seen from our military 1988 to now. I served in Desert Storm and this war and I saw and had to deal with minority smart mouthed enlisted who thought that the military would baby them and go with them the way the civilian world did. They skipped Chain of Command and thought they could take it to the top but the top threw them back to the bottom of the rung and we took care of them.

        1. denniscerasoli says

          Enlisted Marines get their first set of boots and utilities,rifles and bayonets etc for free,or at least that is how it was when i went to Parris Island many many moons ago,lol.If uniforms or utilities or what the Army calls fatigues needed to be replaces it came out of our own pockets,and there were no guffs taken from minorities or anyone else for that matter and if we start now we are are finished,this woman needs to be discharges without question according to the UCMJ.

          1. Tiger says

            My stepfather a Marine, my X Army enlisted then Naval Officer, TACCO on P3 Orion during the Cold War. Personally as an Officer I never minded what the enlisted were given. They do the bulk of the fighting downrange and they deserve the most pay in my books. Never liked the set-up for pay. I think pay should be based on the complicity of the job done and the dangers involved in it.

            ;p Yes the guff will continue and get worse. I hear from so m any who are disgusted with O and his Social Experiment but you and I know that soldiers have a way of taking care of problem people downrange and in other areas. The most disgusting thing to me was the way Iraq made into a Reality TV show and those embedded journalist and reporters needed their backsides kicked. They lied several events but got caught. I am sick of this entire thing and sick of O and his lying tongue.

          2. ponomo says

            You mean the Kenyan that is in the white house?

          3. Tiger says

            Yeh that one.

          4. JYuma says

            He is no Kenyon.
            He is a Indonesian.

          5. jim says

            The problem is are elected officials need to let the military run the wars and get them over with .Enough of the PC crap and I remember men getting knocked around in basic but for the most part it made for stronger men

          6. Tiger says

            Well when training for Desert Storm as we were marching to breakfast and past the stores on base a little girl asked if I were a man or woman. That tell ya a story? Lost 20 pounds in those weeks but nice trim fighting machine, who sure knew how to shoot many weapons, could identify tanks and those who would survive a hit in them, and also was right on catching so called terrorist in training play who infiltrated our medical tents and when staying up three days and three nights, while again the Majors and above slept on the sly, I couldn’t tell day from night. LOLOL But loved every minute of it and they never broke me or made me cry.

            The Army did the right thing, they knew what war was and they didn’t baby us. They were right.

          7. usmc354 says

            Concerning clothing read my response above to “Scullebutt” and “Ron Everett” .

          8. chief1937 says

            In 1955 we received a uniform allowance each month. Not enough to cover expenses but an allowance anyway. But just what does uniform prices have to do with the subject at hand? Nothing.

          9. usmc354 says

            If you will but read what I was responding to you will see! I also take exception to you critiquing my post! Are you an official member of the speech police now?? My I see you credentials and badge number please?? Any other comments or complaints, please redirect to toll free 1-800-CAN-GFYS!!

          10. BT says

            Agreed. Get back to topic, everyone.

          11. denniscerasoli says

            Nothing actually,it was mentioned in a conversation.I don’t think anyone let her off the hook.

        2. jim says

          Thank you for serving and you are totaly correct to many of todays young people think this a game and it is not a game all all men and woman in uniform are there for one basic reason to fight and put up with hardship as it comes to you , no one wants to die but it does come to that a lot of times, my grandson is now 2lt and dam proud to serve

          1. Tiger says

            Welcome yes they forget and God help this country if there are no more who remember like your dear grandson.

        3. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

          I was discharged in 1969 and for the life of me I can’t remember, but it seems we paid for our uniforms after our initial clothing allotment. I had a set of tailor made blues made for me in Hong Kong and had to pay for those of course. Amazing how you are able to forget those little details. I do seem to recall paying for extra uniforms, but I sure would not stake my life on it.

          1. Tiger says

            Well now after hearing from so many of you I am doubting myself. Although I know my X got his uniforms free all he needed when enlisted at the start and all enlisted got theirs in this war but then we all got free boots.

          2. Byron says

            I was sent from Germany to Viet Nam in 68 and was discharged in 69 and to the best of my knowledge we did get our clothing for free even dress green which I still have to this day but they sure won’t fit me now. Now that’s out of the way and back to the problem at hand the young lady needs to be kicked out of the navy ASAP with a dishonorable discharge and not allowed any thing from the VA. If she can’t stand up for this country then she needs to leave the United States of America ASAP and don’t ever come back. A proud Viet Nam Vet 68-69

          3. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            Thanks for your service and welcome home brother. Two tours from !966 through 1969 on LST 1126!

      2. Mathew Molk says

        You aee wrong. EMs and NCOs all get uniforms on Sam’s dime. I was commissioned in 1966. Officers have always had to buy our own clothes. – They did give me the use of a rifle and pistol for free, though.

        1. 2010HDSTGLIDE says

          USMC enlisted veteran. Had to pay for my own uniforms from the beginning to the end.

          1. Joe Veteran says

            Do you mean you never received a yearly Uniform allowance?

          2. 2010HDSTGLIDE says

            You know it has been awhile but I may have received an annual allowance I will check my LES. I am sure that I had to pay a lot out of my pocket and out of boot camp I did have to cover the majority of uniform expenses. Didn’t mean to be deceitful.

          3. Joe Veteran says

            No big deal, I have been out since 96, so I had to research on the clothing allowance. I was not sure myself. But you are correct, we did spend a lot more out-of-pocket on uniforms, than the allowance we were given.

          4. Jack says

            I enlisted in the Marines when I was 16 1/2 in WW2, and never had to pay for anything including clothing. How did paying for your clothing come about, excluding Officers, but their first allotment was free.

          5. Sequin38 says

            Right on Joe, Uniform allowance and if you spent more then it came out of your pocket. Same as food allowance, rent if didn’t live in the barracks, etc. etc.

          6. usmc354 says

            I received mine monthly which would have totaled to $48 a year!–lmfao

          7. Joe Veteran says

            FY2016 Military Clothing Allowances (eff. Oct. 1, 2015)



            Air Force

            Marine Corps




















            Air Force

            Marine Corps







































            Day in 30 day period

            30 days in 36 month period







            Page updated Dec. 15, 2015

          8. Dave McFarland says

            2010HDSTGLIDE, are you sure? Allowances were part of your pay or do you still think that liberalism is better than capitalism? As a veteran I salute you; however, if you do not salute the flag and pledge allegiance to our flag, then, you are a traitor. Plain and simple.

          9. 2010HDSTGLIDE says

            I’ll get back on track. Salute the flag or face the consequences. I definitely am not a liberal so to repeat myself I could have received allowances for uniforms but that was a long time ago and I am sure that whatever they were I still had to pay a lot out of pocket. And again I will look at my LES to see what if any allowances I received.

          10. usmc354 says

            Only partially correct! Received a monthly clothing allowance (a mere $4 when I was in) after 4th month of enlistment!

          11. worn out 123 says

            Me too. There is a small clothing allowance given, but, not nearly sufficient to cover the costs.

        2. Joe Veteran says

          MALE FEMALE
          BASIC $327.60 $349.20
          STANDARD $468.00 $496.80

        3. Darlene Joan says

          That is not the way it is for non-coms sir.

        4. usmc354 says

          YOU ARE WRONG….SIR! Please read my response to Scuttlebutt and Ron Everett for breakdown!

        5. BT says

          For God’s sake, People. Stop yammering about uniforms, equipment and costs!! That’s not what this woman’s complaint is about. You guys have been totally distracted from the subject of the article. [Gibb slap to the back of the head.]

          1. usmc354 says

            For your own sake may I suggest merely read the post you wish and avoid those you do not!!

          2. BT says

            Yes. Good point. Thanks.

      3. denniscerasoli says

        You are right.When you go to boot camp the uniforms are given to you,after that you pay.

        1. usmc354 says

          Wrong! Please read my response to same you are responding to for breakdown! I still remember it as if yesterday!

      4. Gerry Costa says

        I never paid for anything during Vietnam — well, except one thing which I don’t need to mention here.

        1. usmc354 says

          Gerry, I don’t know what branch you were in. If you were in USMC, you DID pay for your uniforms in bootcamp! When you got to VN, you then were able to get them free. But, hell, what a price!!

      5. SickofPoliticks says

        Does that really matter? She took an oath in a voluntary military. She’s enjoyed Affirmative Action for years. Whether she paid for her uniforms or not, she is way out of line.

      6. bb says

        Clothing allowance $4.50 monthly.

        1. usmc354 says

          Ohh, you got a raise?? Mine was a mere $4.00 monthly–lmao!

      7. usmc354 says

        Most do not believe what I am about to convey in the first couple of sentences. Even though true, I still feel it my HONOR and PRIVILEGE to have served. USMC is the ONLY branch that had to pay for their uniforms even in bootcamp. After 4 months of service we had a clothing allowance, so miniscule as to not to be noteworthy, included in our pay each month. With that being said there are four things that to this day, some 51+ years after being honorably discharged, that tear this Ol’ Marine’s eyes. They are the “USMC HYMN”, “TAPS”, THE STAR SPANGLED BANNER” and OLD GLORY!! I chose to serve my Country when it was not all-voluntary as today and anyone that chooses to serve now is the same as an individual seeking employment. When one works for another there are certain responsibilities that go with the job!!

        1. Ron Everett says

          I went through Navy boot camp in the summer of 1984. I can assure you that I paid for every uniform I ever owned.
          We got an initial clothing issue in boot camp but the charges were deducted from our first checks. Some may not remember this because we didn’t get any checks until we were leaving boot camp. So we received 2 months salary at one time so the uniform expenses seemed minimal.

          1. usmc354 says

            1961 we were paid monthly in boot camp which was 4 months. First month was $15, second month was $25. third month was $35 and forth month was $96. Why so much 4th month I have no idea since I went in at $72 per month. After forth month my pay was $76 monthly taking into account the $4 monthly clothing allowance ’til promotion.

          2. jim says

            Gosh I was doing great in 65 I made $78 a month lol and was dam proud to have served even if I complained lol

      8. TPM says

        Lots of posts below, discussing free uniforms. Not an Issue, IMO. Heck, our prison population gets free clothing, grade A beef & chow, free gyms, internet, cable TV, air conditioning & health care. We treat felons better than our service men and women.
        With that said, this disruptive POS should have been given a DD, on day one. In the good old days, the Captain would have had her keel hauled.

        1. glenn398 says

          TMP only if she were white would that have happened.

      9. worn out 123 says

        I am a combat veteran. I got one free set of uniforms when I reenlisted. I paid for every other piece of clothing and ever ribbon/medal I ever had. As far as this type of behavior, it is just that; behavior. Dishonorable discharges are for SEVERE crimes if they are to be accepted as such by everyone. Just bust her in rank to E-2 and flush her out of the military for her poor behavior and misplaced loyalities.

        1. Norman says

          She probably enlisted only for the G.I. Bill and obviously not for patriotism. She should get a General Discharge and lose the G.I. Bill.

      10. Norman says

        I’m not sure about now, but enlisted military service members used to get an annual allowance to pay for uniforms even after boot camp. Perhaps obama removed the allowance.

    3. Mathew Molk says

      Defiantly deserves a DD….And a few years in Leavenworth to go with it, unless she had someone with a pistol to her head when she took the oath,,,,(Didn’t think so. This IS now an all volunteer military isn’t it?)

      1. Tiger says

        Most certainly we are volunteers and I don’t want it any other way. Don’t ever want to be in a Field Hospital with someone forced to join.

        No she didn’t have a pistol to her head she had dreams of free stuff and security rolling in her head.

        1. AKLady2015 says

          “I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.” Martin Luther King.

          She shares that dream.

          1. underthewire says


          2. Robert Wilson says

            Intelligent reply; best of the best.

          3. judy says

            If she loves this country so much. get off her butt and salute the flag. That was one of the conditions when she joined the military. I was in the Army 63-64 never once thought of disrespecting the flag of our Country.

          4. Robert Wilson says

            Perhaps she broke her hand fighting for ISIS.

          5. DaveM says

            Maybe she is rebellious and trying to make a stand! She does not belong with honorable men and women!

          6. bill sexton says

            Amen to that. Good for her that she was not in the Marines…LOL.

          7. Michael Dennewitz says

            No, she’s a porch monkey, trying to become famous for standing behind the BootLips Matter movement! ???

          8. AKLady2015 says

            Perhaps you do not support the U.S. Constitution. There is this small thing called the 1st Amendment.

          9. Anthony Guastella says

            Not in the military. The military does give a vote, it is a finely tuned machine that must mandate cohesiveness in the ranks to be effective.And people such as yourself and her, use the First Amendment selectively and one sided.

          10. AKLady2015 says

            Your copy and pasted fragments do not make any sense.
            Suggest you learn our langiage before insulting our people.

          11. joe says

            yep his “langiage” is pretty bad huh ha ha ha ha, dullard

          12. Katherine Scapa says

            Still suggest that learn to SPELL, before insulting his language.

          13. Katherine Scapa says

            Oh, and another thing, his COPIED fragments, that you called them, also show your lack of grammar skills, as well.

          14. AKLady2015 says

            I am dyslexic.
            I will never learn to “spell”.

            Save your insults for someone you can impress.
            You might also want to increase your reading comprehension.

            Oh, and by the way, these people also could not spell: Benjamin Franklin, Alfred Mosher Butts,William Faulkner, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, John Keats, John Irving, Jane Austen, Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill ,John F. Kennedy Jr

          15. Allan Morrice says

            REALLY, you are dyslexic? Then how did you get through medical school to become a surgeon? You have to be able to read and write to pass the MCATS. You are so far out of touch with reality that you probably are in a padded room so you won’t hurt your self running around like a chicken with her legs chopped off. You radiate stupid and stupid is forever.

          16. AKLady says

            Gee, how did Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill and John F. Kennedy Jr make it through college?

          17. bill sexton says

            the military does not have a 1st Amendment. They only have the military code of justice. There is NO right to bitch in the military. You follow orders…Period, or you get your ass kicked!

          18. AKLady2015 says

            I suspect you choose to abuse the 1st Amendment and got yourself in trouble.
            Your sewer mouth indicates that is probably the case.
            My parents werw career milutary.
            I served in the military.
            I have two husbands buried at Arlington — KIA, Vietnam.
            I have never encountered any difficulty when exercising my 1st Amendment right.
            Then again, I don’t ehgage in the same foolishness your seem so fond of.

          19. joe says

            wait I thought you were in WW2 when did that change you said you helped people at the concentration camps so which is it and what are you today a doctor a cab driver?

          20. Katherine Scapa says

            Again, your spelling and grammar are so poor that it distracts anyone taking you seriously.

          21. AKLady2015 says

            Blah, blah, blah, insult …repeat ad nauseam.

            Stalking now? You have to be.
            The message you added your insult to is 5 days old.

          22. Katherine Scapa says

            Doesn’t apply to the military. Did you ever think you had the “right” to speak back to a commanding officer? If you did, you were mistaken.

          23. AKLady2015 says

            If you love your country so much, you would support the Constitution.
            The 1st Amendment gurantees free speech.

          24. Motorhead says

            Not in the Military…you give up that right when you join. You are not very bright are you? You must live in a basement somewhere. Also the blindfold is EXACTLY what is wrong with you. You think you are smarter than anyone else…. but alas; you are just another idiot.

          25. AKLady2015 says

            Blah, blah, blah, insult …repeat ad nauseam.

          26. Patriot says

            Here’s Looking at you!

          27. AKLady2015 says

            The 1st Amendment gurantees free speech.
            Insulting a superior will get you fired in civilian life.

            Members of the military have the right to say or to write what they think, up to a point. They cannot say things that encourage violence (other than as part of authorized military operations) or urge others to violate military regulations.

            The military regulation that covers protest and dissent by members of the military is Department of Defense (DoD) Directive 1325.6 — “Guidelines for Handling Dissident and Protest Activities Among Members of the Armed Forces.”

            Restrictions on the time, place and manner of speech — but not the ideas behind them — are mainstays of the law regarding freedom of expression by those of us in military life. The context of the speech matter in both military and civilian life.

            The Uniform Code of Military Justice, the legal rules for the U.S. armed forces, requires obedience to all lawful commands.

          28. AKLady2015 says

            If you loved your country as much as you claim,
            you would support the Constitution.
            The 1st Amendment gurantees free speech.

          29. disqus_bQJ5hcTAd4 says

            Disrespecting the country you took an oath to support and defend is not free speech. No one put a gun to that traitor, forced to join or threated with jail. Like my comment or not make sure all of your buddy’s will be there for you when you need them the most. With the disrespect you show you not only disrespect the country you swore to defend and protect. You also disrespect those who have fallen. Take the uniform off. Leave. Go home back to the hood. I would not help you, not accept you help. You gave up any rights to that when you put that uniform on.

          30. AKLady2015 says

            The 1st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees freedom of speech. Suggest you read Department of Defense (DoD) Directive 1325.6.

          31. joe says

            you are a dullard and I bet you have a basket full of laundry that you have not seen to.

          32. Patriot says

            Not when you are in our Military DIMBULB!

          33. AKLady2015 says

            You seem to be very confused. I suspect you have never actually served in the military.

          34. Patriot says

            Take a walk…LOSER!

          35. DaveM says

            And a contract is a contract! To protect this countryu form all enemies …Like you Troll

          36. AKLady2015 says

            Name calling is childish.
            Most give it up by the 2nd or 3rd grade
            You need to practice more, you have not yet gotten the adult part down.

          37. Ted Crawford says

            Your disgustingly repetitive, disingenuous misrepresentation of the Military standards display that you have NO valid position here!

          38. AKLady2015 says

            Your remark is totally without sense.
            I quoted law, I misrepresented nothing

          39. Ted Crawford says

            You exist with your head four feet up the back of your front, in some fairy tale Progressive Fantasy Land. In the world of reality, your full of ….beans!

          40. AKLady2015 says

            Blah, blah, blah, insult …repeat ad nauseam.

          41. Anthony Guastella says

            Oh sure they do, like the black racists of the Marxist Black lives matter propaganda machine or the Marxist La Raza racist organization who thrive on their evil and cowardly ways.

          42. AKLady2015 says

            Blah, blah, blah, insult …repeat ad nauseam.
            Do yoi even have a point to go with the childish name calling, lies and insults?

          43. AKLady2015 says

            The 1st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees freedom of speech.

          44. Ted Crawford says

            There is little point in attempting to debate the moron. She has only ONE thing to offer, a disingenuous representation of the First Amendment ! And this, apparently compulsive liar, claims to have served in the Military! Had she actually done so she would be aware that the Military IS NOT a democratic organization!

          45. Ted Crawford says

            Last verse same as the others, and equally as idiotic this time as the first time!

          46. bill sexton says

            Not in the Military. There is NO freedom of speech. You follow orders from your superior! you have no right to talk back or to bitch like a winning little cry baby!

          47. AKLady2015 says

            Free speech is a Constitutional Right.
            If you abuser that right, you do not deserve it.
            Your sewer mouth is an example of 1st Amendment abuse.

          48. AKLady2015 says

            Section 301(b)(1) of title 36, United States Code states “individuals in uniform should give the military salute”. SHOULD is a suggestion, not a command.

          49. UwasaWahya says

            Try the UCMJ instead.

          50. AKLady2015 says

            Maybe you should have done just that before running your mouth.
            I refer you to UCMJ Sec. 595.
            You should also review U.S. Cose, Title 4 Chapter 1.

          51. Katherine Scapa says

            The Officers I have known, working at McConnell in Kansas, would not have been pleased if anyone took their “Should” to mean anything other than to do the job.

          52. AKLady2015 says

            That is a rather small sample.
            You are not in Kansas anymore Toto.

          53. Bobby G. says

            Maybe she should stop trying to be a man!

          54. Robert Wilson says

            How do we know??

          55. Vickie Wisniewski says

            By faith we are saved by grace. Bobby G, thank you for standing up and sharing the truth. It’s too bad for AKLady2015 that she remains blind.

          56. Motorhead says

            Amen John 3:16 ,,,,,82nd Airborne in

          57. AKLady2015 says

            Maybe you should seek out a psychiatirst.
            You seem terribly confused.

          58. Bobby G. says

            AK, you seem to be diagnosing. Do you have the cridencials to do such? I doubt it, based on your reteric. Having said that, I REBUKE you in the name of the Lord Almighty for your spreading of satan’s lies. May God Himself silence you and soften your heart and open your eyes so you can see the battle as it truely is, before it is too late for you. There once was a guy named Paul who believed as you do. I pray God does to you what he did to this Paul dude!! May God touch you today AK. My work is done here. I now turn you over to the Holy Spirit.

          59. AKLady2015 says

            “AK, you seem to be diagnosing. Do you have the cridencials to do such?”
            As a matter of fact, I do. I am a retired medical doctor.

          60. Motorhead says

            You mean retarded mental health recipient. Just what kind of fruit cake are you…have mental health professionals determined the diagnosis.

          61. AKLady2015 says

            Thank you.
            Just for your information, the word is “fruitcake”.

          62. joe says

            she is a liar and a fraud she has been about half a dozen different things over the last few months she is no doctor never was she is a confused old lady in a state run home with delusional fantasies about her life.

          63. joe says

            ha ha ha ha wow it was a nurse before now its a doctor huh you can not keep your lies straight. The truth is sweety you are a mental patient in a state home you just think you are all these things

          64. AKLady2015 says

            Religions tech hate.
            You are a prime exampke of that hate.

          65. Motorhead says

            Bobby, I just banned her from my posts. She is a really mixed up person with many issues. I as you had to leave it up to the lord.because she is infected by the World atheist view point. You said , what you were asked to say to a sinful person. It is now the Sprint of the Lord’s mission. she just couldn’t get John 3:16 from you but the spirit has been stirred. Remember the first verses of the gospel of John.” In the beginning was the Word. The Word was with God and the Word was god.” I know it. It is the truth and the way. 82nd Airborne.

          66. disqus_bQJ5hcTAd4 says

            You mean she is not a man??????????????????? Now I am really confused.

          67. AKLady2015 says

            Maybe you should try living in reality!

          68. Shosh 7154 says

            It is written : 2 Thessalonians 3:10 For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat.

          69. Robert Wilson says

            HALALEUGAH!(sp). Take a trip to Washington D.C. where you will find that 75% of the citizens there are black. Take a look at most ANY federal job market and you will find most of the “positions” are minority friendly.

          70. Katherine Scapa says

            I think you might have misunderstood Shosh7154. I think she actually was disagreeing with AKLady2015, which is a good thing.

          71. AKLady2015 says

            You are a prime example as to why, after more then 50 years, equality still does not exist in the United States — Not for minoritrs; not for women.

          72. SEABEETOM says

            Blame people like hillary and the unions for that.

          73. AKLady2015 says

            Excuse, excuse, excuse …

          74. Motorhead says

            You got rapped up *SS backwards. I pity you. Your momma should not take drugs during pregnancy. You can’t help it. You were born stupid.

          75. AKLady2015 says

            Did your Momma teach you to be a sewer mouth?
            Sewer mouth is something people must leatn.
            People are not born that way.

          76. joe says

            more made up stories not a single word of truth there

          77. AKLady2015 says

            First there must be jobs.
            Keep buying those foreign made goods,
            unemployment will simply continue to grow in size,

          78. Shosh 7154 says

            Vote for Trump. He will bring back the jobs from those foreign countries.

          79. AKLady2015 says

            We the People do not elect a President.
            We the People have never elected a President.
            We the People cannot elect President — the Constitution does not permit us to do so.
            Suggest you learn how your government actually functions.
            Start with the Electoral College.

          80. Shosh 7154 says

            Is there anything about America that you do not denigrate ? Have you considered moving to another country ?

          81. AKLady2015 says

            Maybe you should take an American Government class.
            I uggest you learn how your government actually functions.
            Obviously, the education sysem failed you.

          82. Shosh 7154 says

            There is no country that will satisfy the emptiness. I know a Person Who can take you to a place more beautiful than anything your mind will ever experience in this life. With Jesus/Yeshua there is perfect contentment in the sweetest knowledge…of being home at last. Ask Him to give you this gift of eternal life with Him. He is a star-breathing G-d (Psalm 33:6) Who alone has the knowledge of your deepest need and greatest longing.

          83. AKLady2015 says

            Religion is the scourge of mankind.
            More people have been murdered in the name of religion than for any other reason. Christians are the apex reigious murderers

          84. Shosh 7154 says

            He is not a religion. He is a Man. His love does not change with your waist size or sagging skin. He loves you more than your mind is capable of grasping. He is the sweetest knowledge and His love will change you from the inside out….from lies to truth, from darkness to light, from death to life, and from the lonely emptiness that stalks every human heart….His love transforms not just informs…I was once hard and cold, unable to give, to receive or believe anyone until I met Jesus. He has become my deepest joy and greatest need….ever increasing excitement of seeing Him face to face. Soon… in our day according to Matthew 24….we will see Him return.

          85. AKLady2015 says

            I am not interested in your mythology.

          86. Shosh 7154 says

            What would you say if you could see the evidence for yourself ….G-d told Isaiah the prophet about a man who would be born 150 years in the future…Isaiah wrote down details of Cyrus’ life, including his name and specific details in Cyrus’ life….look

            Question: “Who was Cyrus in the Bible?”

            Answer: Cyrus is a king mentioned more than 30 times in the Bible and is identified as Cyrus the Great (also Cyrus II or Cyrus the Elder) who reigned over Persia between 539—530 BC. This pagan king is important in Jewish history because it was under his rule that Jews were first allowed to return to Israel after 70 years of captivity.

            In one of the most amazing prophecies of the Bible, Isaiah predicts Cyrus’ decree to free the Jews. One hundred fifty years before Cyrus lived, the prophet calls him by name and gives details of Cyrus’ benevolence to the Jews: “This is what the Lord says to his anointed, to Cyrus, whose right hand I take hold of to subdue nations before him . . . ‘I summon you by name and bestow on you a title of honor, though you do not acknowledge me’” (Isaiah 45:1, 4; see also 41:2-25; 42:6). Evincing His sovereignty over all nations, God says of Cyrus, “He is my shepherd and will accomplish all that I please” (Isaiah 44:28).

            Cyrus’s decree releasing the Jewish people, in fulfillment of prophecy, is recorded in 2 Chronicles 36:22–23: “Now in the first year of Cyrus king of Persia, that the word of the LORD by the mouth of Jeremiah might be fulfilled, the LORD stirred up the spirit of Cyrus king of Persia, so that he made a proclamation throughout all his kingdom and also put it in writing: ‘Thus says Cyrus king of Persia, “The LORD, the God of heaven, has given me all the kingdoms of the earth, and he has charged me to build him a house at Jerusalem, which is in Judah. Whoever is among you of all his people, may the LORD his God be with him. Let him go up.”’” Other Old Testament books that mention Cyrus include Ezra and Daniel.

            King Cyrus actively assisted the Jews in rebuilding the temple in Jerusalem under Ezra and Zerubbabel. Cyrus restored the temple treasures to Jerusalem and allowed building expenses to be paid from the royal treasury (Ezra 1:4–11; 6:4–5). Cyrus’s beneficence helped to restart the temple worship practices that had languished during the 70 years of the Jews’ captivity. Some commentators point to Cyrus’s decree to rebuild Jerusalem as the official beginning of Judaism.

            Among the Jews deported from Judah and later placed under the rule of Cyrus include the prophet Daniel. In fact, we are told Daniel served until at least the third year of King Cyrus, approximately 536 BC (Daniel 10:1). That being the case, Daniel likely had some personal involvement in the decree that was made in support of the Jews. The historian Josephus says that Cyrus was informed of the biblical prophecies written about him (Antiquities of the Jews, XI.1.2). The natural person to have shown Cyrus the scrolls was Daniel, a high-ranking official in Persia (Daniel 6:28).

            Besides his dealings with the Jews, Cyrus is known for his advancement of human rights, his brilliant military strategy, and his bridging of Eastern and Western cultures. He was a king of tremendous influence and a person God used to help fulfill an important Old Testament prophecy. God’s use of Cyrus as a “shepherd” for His people illustrates the truth of Proverbs 21:1, “The king’s heart is in the hand of the LORD; he directs it like a watercourse wherever he pleases.”

          87. AKLady2015 says

            I am not interested in your mythology.

            Religion is the scourge of mankind.
            I have seen the evidence for myself.
            Extrene Islam murderers are all over the Middle East.
            Extreme Christian Mutderers are all over the Central Afican Repuvlic.
            Extreme Christian murdererd are all over Middle America.

            More people have been murdered in the name of religion than for any other reason. Christians are the apex reigious murderers

          88. joe says

            ha ha ha you have seen nothing you never leave the nursing home except when it is seniors day at the zoo.

          89. AKLady2015 says

            Religion is the scourge of mankind.
            You and people like you refuse to see the evidence before your very eyes.
            You and peoplle like you refuse to respect the beliefs of others.

          90. Motorhead says

            You are going to hell…I should be sad but can’t seem to get there.

          91. AKLady2015 says

            Religion is the scourge of mankind.
            All religion teaches hate.
            Motorhead, you are a prime evidence ot that fact.

          92. Motorhead says

            I don’t hate you…I pity You. You neurons don’t communicate.

          93. AKLady2015 says

            Here are examples of non-Islamic terrorism that have occurred in the United States in the last 30 years. All of them are related to the religious extremists, none of which is Muslim. The list is simply a sample, it is not all-inclusive.

            1. Wisconsin Sikh Temple massacre, Aug. 5, 2012.
            2. The murder of Dr. George Tiller, May 31, 2009.
            3. Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church shooting, July 27, 2008.
            4. The murder of Barnett Slepian by James Charles Kopp, Oct. 23, 1998.
            5. The Centennial Olympic Park bombing, July 27, 1996.
            6. The murder of Dr. John Britton, July 29, 1994.
            7. Planned Parenthood bombing, Brookline, Massachusetts, 1994.
            8. Suicide attack on IRS building in Austin, Texas, Feb. 18, 2010.
            9. The murder of Alan Berg, June 18, 1984.
            10. Timothy McVeigh and the Oklahoma City bombing, April 19, 1995.
            11. The Knoxville Unitarian Universalist Church Shooting
            12. The Campaign of Terror Against Abortion Doctors
            13. Everything The Ku Klux Klan Has Ever Done
            14. The Massacre At Zion Emmanuel AME Church in Charleston, S.C.

            The rampant xenophobia that has taken hold of the Republican Party is an affront to everything this nation stands for. Terrorism spawns from the desperation of humankind, and for that, we are all guilty.

          94. Shosh 7154 says

            And now I will give you examples of the Man, not a religion. I follow a Man Who teaches me to love my enemies and overcome evil with good, a Man Who says to turn the other cheek when accosted and to give, not to take, not to seek self aggrandizement but to build up other people and make them stronger. A Man Who said as He was dying “Father, forgive them….they don’t realize what they are doing” Luke 23:34

            and now I give you yet another Jew who made this statement about the Man I follow:

            As a child I received instruction both in the Bible and in the Talmud. I am a Jew, but I am enthralled by the luminous figure of the Nazarene… No one can read the Gospels without feeling the actual presence of Jesus. His personality pulsates in every word. No myth is filled with such life.

            – Albert Einstein

          95. AKLady2015 says

            MAJOR PROBLEM — You do not follow the teachings of Christ.
            You publish that fact every day, right here on this blog.

          96. Shosh 7154 says

            I am not your judge. The Word of G-d is your Judge.

          97. AKLady2015 says

            MAJOR PROBLEM — You do not follow the teachings of Christ.

          98. Peatro Giorgio says

            And each an every single one of the criminal acts you posted was preformed by deranged disgruntled demo rats. Even Timothy McVeigh He an Terry Nickolas were both Registered demo rats.

          99. AKLady2015 says

            Why do you need to tell this lie?
            Why do you embarrass America this way?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          100. AKLady2015 says

            McVeigh was a white supremacist. He was a Republican who hated government.

          101. joe says

            wrong again you clay brained harlot

          102. mrpoohead says
          103. Ted Crawford says

            Perhaps, Comrade, you should read History. Begin with Josephus, for example. Even as a Deist I’m perfectly aware that Jesus ben Joseph was a real human being, NOT a mythological figure!
            That’s one, of many, reasons you are always on the wrong side of every issue, you begin with a false premise!

          104. Motorhead says

            Man is always blaming God for man’s atrocities.

          105. AKLady2015 says

            Religion is the problem, not God.

          106. Motorhead says

            You are the only one here having a problem. Antisocial aren’t you. Is this part of your re-socialization? We’re you mistreated as a child or worse? Poor child.

          107. AKLady2015 says

            Which religion taught you that it is acceptable to lie?

          108. Motorhead says

            Are you on some kind of day pass? When do you need to sigh back into the mental ward? Make sure you take your medication like a nice little girl. Go to sleep now. Hope you don’t have anymore nightmares. You can come back tomorrow to irritate us normal people. Nite NIte?82nd Airborne

          109. AKLady2015 says

            Blah, blah, blah, insult …repeat ad nauseam.

          110. AKLady2015 says

            Thank you.
            Which religion taught you to lie and insult?

          111. disqus_bQJ5hcTAd4 says

            If you hate this country so much GET THE F$&( OUT NOTHING IS STOPING YOU. Yes we do elect a President. You are just mad because they caught you trying to vote. You do need to be an American Citizen to do that. SUCK DON’T IT NOT BEING ONE.

          112. Motorhead says

            She couldn’t survive without food stamps.

          113. AKLady2015 says

            Why do you need to tell this lie?
            Why do you embarrass America this way?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          114. Ted Crawford says

            You, Comrade, are the Champion of repetitive lying!!!!!

          115. AKLady2015 says

            We the People do not elect a President.
            We the People have never elected a President.
            We the People cannot elect President — the Constitution does not permit us to do so.
            Suggest you learn how your government actually functions.
            Start with the Electoral College.

          116. AKLady2015 says

            You might want to actually read your ballot forms. The names on it are those of your state’s Electoral College representatives.

            I’m willing to bet that you do dnot even know how your state’s Electoral College members are selected. I’m also fairly sure you do not know if they are required to follow the people’s vote.

            Even more shocking for you will be the factual truth: Only Maine and Nebraska assign Electors to represent the actual vote. In the other 48 states the candidate with the most votes takes all.

            A system of proportional representation would ensures that virtually every constituency in the country would have a hearing in the national elections.

            These Presidents did not have the majority vote: John Quincy Adams,Rutherford B. Hayes, Benjamin Harrison, George H.W. Bush, William Clinton, and George W. Bush.

          117. joe says

            why are you so stupid did something happen to you as a small child

          118. David Hansen says

            AK, Why don’t you try being a little friendly? Any thing you write is usually mean and nasty.

          119. AKLady2015 says

            Sorry, David, I have no control over your perceptions.
            I deal in facts. Apparently, you find facts to be “mean and nasty”.

          120. Patriot says


          121. AKLady2015 says

            Do you even look at the tags on the things you buy?
            How many of the tags said “Made in China”?
            How many jobs will you need just to pay your rent if Emperor Trump has his way?

          122. Patriot says


            If you want Freedom and Liberty and The Rule of Law VOTE TRUMP!


            Put AMERICA FIRST!

          123. AKLady2015 says

            How many jobs will you need just to pay your rent if Emperor Trump has his way?

            You know very little about freedom and liberty and almost nothing about rule of law,

          124. Patriot says

            You have Vacuous LIMITED MIND!

          125. AKLady2015 says

            Is “vacuous” your spelling word for the week?
            You need to study harder. You have used it incorrectly.

          126. Patriot says

            Get Bent LOSER!

          127. AKLady2015 says

            A may throe you over my knee and give you thw spanking your need. It os obvious you been running without controls for awhile. I doiubt the Army would tale, Thwy have gotten fussy now that it s all volunteer.
            Sleep wel. Maybe you can find someone yoi can impress with yout insults on another day. I am not one.

          128. Patriot says

            You write like you have a substance abuse problem.
            Try using WEBSTER’s or ROGET’s.

          129. AKLady2015 says

            Blah, blah, blah, insult …repeat ad nauseam.

          130. Patriot says

            No English lessons are needed from a ESL TYRO!

          131. Patriot says



            Up with AMERICANISM!


          132. AKLady2015 says

            How many jobs will you need just to pay your rent if Emperor Trump has his way?

          133. Patriot says

            Trump will make AMERICA BETTER and SAFER!
            Defund the Evil UNITED NATIONS!

          134. AKLady2015 says

            Find a psychiatrist.
            Your paranoia has become clinical.

          135. Patriot says

            Go Away Anti- American LOSER… cannot even spell correctly!

          136. AKLady2015 says

            ..Blah, blah, blah, insult …repeat ad nauseam.

          137. Patriot says

            Describing your Anti- AMERICAN SELF AGAIN…….BORING!

          138. Patriot says

            And you state this from your lifetime experience of receiving MENTAL HEALTH CARE an IMAGINE YOURSELF “DA DOCK TAR”……YOU’RE A JERK!

          139. AKLady2015 says

            Trump will make America’s large cities turn into Cscutta. There will be poverty worse than anything seen in the Great Depression.

          140. Patriot says

            Your delusional!

          141. Peatro Giorgio says

            You may wish to Ask Hitlery where those 800,000 Jobs are she promised for up state New York when she ran For New York State Senate. You may also ask her why we she was the sitting Senator of Up state New York where the 8,000 jobs that were lost as she was being payed by the residents of up state New York You frigging dumb ass .
            Trump employees 100drs of thousands of people. Hitlery an Obama have cost the jobs of Millions of People.

          142. mrpoohead says

            34,000 is the biggest estimate of Trump’s employment – hardly 100,000’s.

            The House is in control of the economy so how has Obama or Clinton cut the jobs of millions when the House makes all policy, did they employ them all personally?

            I’d like proof for your other missives, as you usually talk out of your posterior.

          143. Peatro Giorgio says

            30,000 Directly employed by Trump. The there are those whom are indirectly employed By Trump. They range in hundreds of thousands. When combined together. Included in those numbers are Steal workers, Concrete brick & Stone masons ,Dry wall,electricians, Electronics Tech’s, Carpenters, Plumbers , Painters, Windows and glass installers, Floor & Wall coverings, Hospitality suppliers , Grounds keepers, security , Limousin services , Realest sales persons, Finance officers,Accounting , Lawyer’s And all the many construction site suppliers.
            Your Half correct the House of Reps. controls the Budget ! Still the executive,Obama has veto Authority , Question ! Exactly how many times has Obama’s veto’s been over ridden.( UNO,ONCE, 1 TIME. ) However that said. The economy is very much in the hands of the bureaucracies. Such as the EPA. & the Federal reserve,& the Us Attorney general. EPA falls under the direct control of this administration. The Us attorney generals office interferes on behalf of the administration when a particular corporation, Is unwilling to fall inline with said goals of this administration. Funny you think rather highly of yourself ? Yet your very much a blind idiot.

          144. mrpoohead says

            “Trump employees 100drs of thousands of people.” No he doesn’t; though am still curious to know what a “drs” is.

            Presidential veto, little used and easily over-rode. Obama and Bush about eleven apiece. Big deal! Suggest you read Article Two of the Constitution; lays out Presidential responsibilities – no one was supposed to have any “kingly” power.

            The reason the economy is up the creek without a paddle is because the House failed to impose regulations on the Finance industry and the bankers went mad – lending money irresponsibly. The President et al has zip control over this. It will take two generations to balance the books, the President is immaterial, the House steers, or fails too, the economy. They set taxes, they set incentives, they organise QE, they spend. Whether the President signs the bill/law or not, it becomes a done deal; passed. The job of President is administration, pen-pushing and hand-shaking. President is like Queen, zip power all pomp. Duh!

            As I have pointed out references I think I’d like some from you next time – your missives are devoid of facts. I do not think highly of myself I am merely defending facts. Duh!

          145. Peatro Giorgio says

            First off ! Article 1 section 7 of the US Constitution grants to the President veto Authority.. (2nd ) Congress is granted Authority to give name an place Presidential Authority to set in place any excutive Burracracys. (Damn you are stupid ) ( 3rd ) As a contractor. Small company owner) I directly employed 30 individuals. & indirectly electricians plumbers, excavators,. engineers ,surveyors and many suppliers. You are the dumbest bastard I’ve ever had the nonprivlege to have come across. Trump employees indirectly 100drs of thousands you simpleminded ,phony fool.
            As for the economy languishing, What party was it that put in place the destructive Dodds Frank bill. O yes that’s right Bill Clinton an the dumbo rats. And what President was urging an warning the nation about the coming Housing bubble an market Collapse beginning 2002 right on up till the end . O yes that’s right H.W.Bush But who did he have to deal with then why yes of course a house leadership under dumbo rat controls.. Now back to excutive power . As stated in the beginning This administration and any administration, can either help or hinder economic growth. By means of utilizing policies with in their governing authority which includes the EPA The IRS US Attorney generals office, The FCC ,The FDA, An of course Foriegn deplomacy. As well The appointments to the Federal reserve. Which always leads to the Federal Reserve Board members following the prefered policy of what ever administration appointed then or is in power. Dam you are rather simple minded.
            So you say the President is like a Queen no power zip nada.. once again proving yourself to be illeduacated an illinformed. Many Queens through out history wheeled great power an Aurhority.Dam You are a history Neophyte.

          146. mrpoohead says

            “Trump employees 100drs of thousands of people. No he doesn’t; though am still curious to know what a “drs” is?” Your wording was woefully incorrect – are we supposed to guess at their true meaning? Duh!

            Presidential veto easily over-rode so zip power. It is more of a “do you think this is a good idea?” stop-gap. The Queen (UK) has zip power, just like the President. Yes, many millennia ago the monarch had absolute power but you’d have to go back to Elizabeth I for that.

            Not really sure what Bill Clinton has to do with Dodd-Frank as it was passed by Obama in 2010? Duh!

            Administration, it’s all in the wording, has what power over policy. Go on zippy list them and supply some references. Waiting…………zzzzzzzzzzz.

            The economic problem was created by the Gramm-Leach-Billey Act which was signed by Clinton, but actually passed by a Republican House. Don’t think it really mattered who passed it as the Finance industry owns both parties so would have gone through either way – that’s what you get with a plutocracy. Duh!

            Nice try, no cigar – fail again! Ooooh; Executive Orders – moral, technical and at behest of House (emergencies), the President is a patsy. Duh!

          147. Katherine Scapa says

            No one was supposed to have “kingly” power, but he took it. How many executive orders did this President use to by-pass Congress for his own goals? Over 30! But how many did he use to establish jobs? 0. End of story.

          148. mrpoohead says

            List one then and provide a reference.

            Executive Orders are for moral, technical or at behest of House – emergencies.

            I’ll be waiting then……………..zzzzzzzzzzz………….Duh!

          149. mrpoohead says

            Still waiting……………………..zzzzzzzzzzzz……………DUH!

          150. mrpoohead says


            Just a dummy huh?

          151. AKLady2015 says

            Trump sells his name.
            The people who buy his name employee people, not Trump.+
            Oh, and yoi might want to get facts correct — the job numver was not 800.000.
            Lately, you have been going out of your way to damage your credability.
            Clinton’s goal was 200,000 jobs. Promise? No one can do that.

          152. Peatro Giorgio says

            My bad ! Yes she promised 200,000 new jobs. But her representation as state senator she lost 26,500 Jobs Broken promise, after broken Promise. Hitlery one hugely profound liar, murdering, thieving scumbag ! O when you say no one can make a promise like that and have it come true well As far as I know The Governor’s of the following states have kept their promises Ohio, Wisconsin,Texas Florida, Hitlery had a House of reps Under Demo-rate,A Senate under Demo-rate , A governor of New York a Demo-rat A president a demo-rat . So what her excuse For all the lost jobs and the BAD faith lack of effort. You like so many others refuse to grasp the very concept that it is the stupidity of the lunatic left is the very reason for demo-rat corruption destruction of families, destruction of our economies,whether state or nationally. Demo-rat policies lead to no where;with the sole exception of utter devastation.

          153. Katherine Scapa says

            The politicians have a tendency to promise, whether they can do it or not. Speaking of credibility, yours needs improvement.

          154. Katherine Scapa says

            Did you ever notice, that even as a child, the bottoms of goods said MADE IN CHINA, MADE IN ITALY, MADE IN GERMANY, MADE IN ENGLAND, etc. and most of those things actually were more expensive. Those Presidents didn’t think that everything had to be made in America, they were just smart about the deals and tax agreements made with other countries. As soon as you get rid of whiny, apologetic, legacy seeking Presidents like the one we have, we’ll be better off. Also, what about that DEBT he is leaving the office with? Whoever is President will have to deal with that and Mr. Trump as least knows how to do that.

          155. AKLady2015 says

            “Most of those things actually were more expensive.” is the important point.
            By the way, Ms. Katherine, Congress makes the inport/export laws.

            Debt? Awe, child, yet another one taken in by the lies.
            Debt is cumulative. It was only recently that WW II spending was not adding to that debt that you whine about. Saint Reagan increased the debt by 288%.

            Then, you see there were these two wars Bush started. They cost $1 million per day, EACH. One of them is still going on.

            I suggest you learn somnething about government accounting. You might want to start with the term “deficit spending”.

            I also suggest youlearn something about your government:: Congress spends the money. You elect Congress.

          156. AKLady2015 says

            How many jobs will you need just to pay your rent if Trump was to get his way?

          157. Shosh 7154 says

            I know a woman who by herself raised 4 little girls. She worked in a bakery the night shift and made only a few dollars an hour. She did not take anything from anyone, but angered her own children by giving some of their little to those who had even less. Her children had clothes and food and basic necessities which did not include many times milk or meat. Her children did not see a dentist until they were in their early teens. Her husband was an alcoholic, but she never denigrated him and told the children whom he had fathered that he is their father and must be respected. Two of the little girls are now wealthy people and the other two are well cared for.

            The reason is Jesus. The mother was a strong believer in this Man. She followed Him in His teachings and His commandments. And her needs were met. And now she is with Him forever as it is written:

            Psa 16:11You will show me the path of life;
            In Your presence is fullness of joy;
            At Your right hand are pleasures forevermore.

          158. joe says

            I am calling your nurse right now so you have only a few minutes to get back to your room or no jello for you tonight

          159. Katherine Scapa says

            Yeah Shosh. I knew I understood your first post correctly. You’re definitely on the side of the “intelligent” choice. In this case, it may very well be the lesser of two evils, but still the “intelligent” choice. I stuck up for you, two comments back, and I am sure the two other responses didn’t mean anything wrong, they just misunderstood your post.

          160. RsGoat says

            She is in the Navy, a well paying job. And she will see plenty of minority working in the ship yards for good pay.
            In Ohio I came across a conversation of a couple black men, also union. They were talking about the job one had recently driving fork lift. The boss wanted him to move something with his hands and this gentlemen thought that beneath him because he was a “forklift” driver. I can’t swear that it was not the Union” side of his head speaking but he did make reference about not being a slave either so as long as he was a forklift driver the man needed to get a flunky to use their hands to put stuff on the pallet before the “forklift operator” did his job!
            Some of the difficulty is attitude. As employees we work for our boss,not as slaves but as people earning a pay check. Louis Lamour has the best phrase for it in one of his western books. It was about cowboys working on a ranch.
            Some road for the the wages while others road for the brand! When you have a little loyalty for your employer you go the step further, sometimes they even notice and reward one day if they are wise and want others to follow that example.
            Losing the ideas of prejudice and knocking the chips off our own shoulders will get us farther in life then waiting for someone else to do it for us.

          161. UwasaWahya says

            Since when did being in the military become a well paying job?

          162. RsGoat says

            Since I retired and tried to find one that paid as well. I understand that starting out in the service is a low paying job and it takes time to get to a place that earns a good living but in the military that can happen while it is harder to do once you leave government employment. I know that is not a popular answer. You guys earn every penny you get and twice that when you come across those management types who decide you are being paid salary for 24 hours a day 7 days a week so they need to see how many of those hours they can get out of you every week instead of realizing they don that often enough that when there is a light week you do deserve a break
            The Navy is the worse offender to my way of thinking. They go out to see for months at a time and do work those guys hard then back in port will let them stand around 2 or 3 hours before telling them what they need to get down in the next 8 hours! That is just poor time management. I had two kids in the Navy and that ticked off both of them.
            Dad was Army along with a few friends and they had their issues with time management too when a person went up a stripe to test them out? I saw it in a few places in the AF but generally not as bad. The deal was get the job done and support the mission. War zones all bets are off you work and that is when a body really earns a paycheck
            But the truth is Uncle Sam is not a bad employer and you will never fully realize that until you work for someone on the outside.

          163. AKLady2015 says

            In the US, women and minorities are paid less than white men, no matter what their education or work experience may be.

            That is a proven fact.

            Women who are computer programmers, chefs and dentists earn 72 cents for every dollar men in those same positions earn. That is 28% less than than the men in the same jobs, even their male coworker.

          164. Shosh 7154 says

            The Man I follow said of John the Baptizer: Truthfully I say to you, Among them who are born of women there has not risen a greater than John the Baptist…

            And John said this: Luke 3:14 And the soldiers likewise demanded of him, saying, And what shall we do? And he said unto them, Do violence to no man, neither accuse any falsely; and be content with your wages.

          165. AKLady2015 says

            Prime example of one reason women are still cheated when it comes to paychecks. Some foolish women actually believe it is all right for employers to steal from them and show them disrespect.

          166. Shosh 7154 says

            But I am happy with the One I follow. Doing what He says always leads to happiness and in the end, unspeakable joy. He is returning in our day. If you read Matthew 24 you will see why.

          167. joe says

            nope more FAKE numbers by the fraud this has been debunked dozens of times it is simply a LIE

          168. Robert Wilson says


          169. AKLady2015 says

            Are you stamping your foot to go with the screaming?

          170. Scott Campbell says

            She should be sharing a 6X9 cell at Leavenworth Federal Prison, for the next ten years or so.

          171. AKLady2015 says

            Then you claim to support the Constitution,
            Apparently, the 5th Amedment is not part of
            the Constitution which you claim to support.

          172. Motorhead says

            When in the military you actually give up rights in order to be a member. You no longer have the right not to obey a lawful order. One could say to salute the flag is an lawful order. You then are guilty of article 134 of the UCMJ. Which is conduct unbecoming of a member of said service. The result will be a Dishonorable Discharge…and good riddance.

          173. AKLady2015 says

            One coild say, however, that has not been claimed.
            Yes, some rights are given up.
            Freedom of speech is not one of them.

          174. Motorhead says

            Just what planet do you live on?

          175. joe says

            she lives on Jupiter at least she claimed to in the past, shhhh please to not upset her it makes it that much harder for her nurse to coax her back to her room.

          176. Motorhead says

            I just banned that BUTT. To much drama for me. Mrpoohead
            is also on my list. Another escapee from Arkham Mental Institution……82nd AIRBORNE

          177. Gary Smith says

            With Hillary and Obama

          178. Motorhead says

            Love it Gary

          179. Patriot says

            Commie AK “Lady” surfaces again from the Ashes!

          180. AKLady2015 says

            Which religion taught to that it is acceptable to lie and insult?
            Which of your parents taught you that it is acceptable to lie and insult?

          181. Patriot says

            Idiot loser!

          182. AKLady2015 says

            Which religion taught to that it is acceptable to lie and insult?
            Which of your parents taught you that it is acceptable to lie and insult?

          183. Patriot says

            Just STHU…..ANNOYING GNAT!

          184. Patriot says

            Stupid AKLADY NEVER MAKES SENSE!

          185. AKLady2015 says

            Patriot is a red state, school dropout.
            He does not understand sarcasm.

          186. Patriot says

            More Intelligent than you loser!

          187. AKLady2015 says

            Blah, blah, blah, insult …repeat ad nauseam.

          188. AKLady2015 says

            Thank you looser.

          189. AKLady2015 says

            ..Blah, blah, blah, insult …repeat ad nauseam.

          190. Patriot says

            You are THAT…Exactly!

          191. DaveM says

            Troll….you have no voice and only try to stir the pot! You are a pathetic psychological bipolar person in need of help! You continually state things that only Hillary wold Love and you are sick!

          192. AKLady2015 says

            Blah, blah, blah, insult …repeat ad nauseam.

          193. Anthony Guastella says

            Right, how about all the caucasians who have paid trillions and helped and died for those people whose own leaders sold them into slavery. Many forget the millions of Irish, Scottish and English who were sent here as slaves and indentured slaves. Selfish, self centered bigot and you think only as does a racist.

          194. AKLady2015 says

            Maybe you should master English before trying to insult people.

            Irish, Scottish and English could be indentured servants, but never slaves.
            Many people indentured themselves to come to America.

            You might want to get out the historu books and get off the race garbage.
            By the way, I am white and my family came to America several hundred years before we becam a nation.

          195. joe says

            any you share a delusional idea of la la land right along side of that treasonous bitch.

          196. bill sexton says

            You and BLM people are not followers of Mr. King. He had a dream. You have a sponge and a hand out for freebies at others expense.

          197. AKLady2015 says

            Well, Bill, I knew Martin, even had the honor of marching with him several times.
            I suggest you save your insults for people you can impress with nonsense.
            Oh, and Bill, I am white and financially secure.

        2. Robert Wilson says

          Her motto; FREE AT LAST!

          1. Tiger says

            She is free alright, free to make her way without the support and all the benefits of being in the military.

          2. Sandrasloveland4 says

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          3. Tiger says

            I have blocked you several times and if you put this shit on any of my posts again I will report you for harassment. Understand?

          4. AKLady2015 says

            Sewer mouth threatens people, yet again.

          5. LiberalsLie says

            You need to crawl back to whatever sewer you slithered out of, _itch!

          6. AKLady2015 says

            Blah, blah, blah, insult …repeat ad nauseam.

          7. Katherine Scapa says

            People like you needed anonymity, because NORMAL people would probably never talk to you. Join the ranks of the Hilary liars. Suits you!

          8. AKLady2015 says

            You Might Be A Fascist If…

            6. You are driven to indoctrinate others into your way of thinking. So much so, that you try to re-write history, change the way school children are taught and you brainwash the ignorant.

          9. brucethompson22 says

            Sounds like what obama and his commie/muslim friends are doing with the help of public schools and collages.

          10. AKLady2015 says

            You Might Be A Fascist If…

            7. You fear and demonize intelligent people who have a higher education because they are the ones who can thwart your effort to brainwash people. You then attempt to prevent others from achieving a higher education because you want the people as ignorant as possible so you can convince them that your way is the right way.

          11. Nita1931 says

            If you are so intelligent, you sure are not a good example, LOL. If you guys are so smart how come you just lost the election with your crooked planning which didn’t work. I think a Higher Power decided to block your wicked actions.

          12. AKLady says

            Pease educate yourself.

            Your insults are baseless.
            We the People do not elect a President.
            We the People have never elected a President.
            We the People cannot elect President — the Constitution does not permit us to do so.

            Suggest you learn how your government actually functions.
            Start with the Electoral College.

          13. Marialice Barone says

            We the people do elect a president..the electors vote for whom the people have voted for. Why don.t you stop pretending like like you know something!

          14. AKLady says

            I suggest you check actual facts. These men did not have the popular vote: John Quincy Adams (R), Rutherford B. Hayes (R), Benjamin Harrison (R), George W. Bush (R) and Donald Trump R).

          15. Marialice Barone says

            So what…the popular vote has nothing to do with who is elected..

          16. AKLady says

            You said: “We the people do elect a president..the electors vote for whom the people have voted for. Why don.t you stop pretending like like you know something”

          17. Allan Morrice says

            Neither did John F. Kennedy (D) in 1960. But I am pretty sure that both Bush and Trump had the popular vote although with Trump the gap might have been close. I don’t vote so it didn’t matter to me who won, because Satan is still in control.

          18. AKLady says

            Neither Bush nor Trump had the popular vote.
            Lucifer is the Father of Lies. You might want to remember that.
            In the Kennedy election there was an issue regarding the Alabama count.
            It had to do with a third candidate, Harry Flood Byrd.

          19. Allan Morrice says

            I guess then that Lucifer must be your daddy, since all you do is spout lies.

          20. AKLady says

            You better history education.

          21. Allan Morrice says

            I was a History/Computer Science Major at the University of Arkansas. You on the other hand never finished Elementary school. You radiate stupid and you can’t fix STUPID!!

          22. AKLady says

            You are correct, you are a prime example.
            Computer programming requires linier thinking.
            You are obviously well-programmed.
            I learned to program back when the home computer first came out.
            Back then, you either wrote your own software or did without.
            One also did it within the confines of 16 bit memory.

          23. Allan Morrice says

            You obviously never wrote code. The microcomputer came out about 1981 and the 8086 microprocessor was 8 bit. Even today with my 64 bit microprocessor it still processes data 8 BITS AT A TIME. It just runs faster due to clock speed. I would wager that you have brown eyes. WHY? Because you are so full of feces it turned your eyes brown.

          24. AKLady says

            You obviously cannot be bothered to look up facts.
            Suggest you try some:

          25. AKLady says

            Totally over the top of your head.

            Some basic facts-

            If ALU is 16 bits , it can perform operation on 16 bits data at a time.
            If register is 16 bits , then it can store 16 bits data at a time.
            If data bus is 16 bits , then it can pass 16 bits data at a time.
            If address bus is 16 bits , then it can pass 16 bits address of data at a time.

          26. AKLady says

            Why don.t you stop pretending like you know something

          27. Marialice Barone says

            Not. Sure what you are trying to prove, other than you can be obnoxious, most people on this blog think you are bonkers!

          28. AKLady says

            Most people on this blog are bonkers!
            Like you, they have a major dislike of facts and truth.

          29. JYuma says

            Most people on this Blog have Block her!

          30. Marialice Barone says

            It doesn’t. Seem to be working. You wonder if there are others out there like her! Scary thought

          31. JYuma says

            If you block her. All that you will see is the start of one of her posts.

          32. gotcha1 says

            Sound familiar…”Blah, blah, blah, insult …repeat ad nauseam.”

          33. AKLady says

            Not my criteria.
            Save your insults for someone you can Impress.

          34. gotcha1 says

            Don’t flatter yourself! There is no way in hell I’m trying to impress YOU!

          35. gotcha1 says

            That is exactly what the Lib Left is doing! Great point! You finally said something that is totally correct about your left leaning idiotic ideology!

          36. Katherine Scapa says

            Report her, she is unbelievably wasting her time on a site nobody wants her on.

          37. Tiger says

            She is a mess. ;p

          38. Motorhead says

            Get those claws out beautiful! Beside you all the way Tiger!!!Motorhead!

          39. Tiger says

            Ahhh thanks my friend, she changes her name and comes right back. What a PIA.

          40. AKLady2015 says

            Benefits of being in the military?
            Why don’t you tell us what those benefits are?

            Being shot at?
            Being away from your family for months, if not years at a time?
            Moving your family every 18 to 24 months?
            Being insulted by people like you?

            Oh, and foolish one, Section 301(b)(1) of title 36, United States Code states “individuals in uniform should give the military salute”. SHOULD is a suggestion, not a command.

          41. Tricia Harris says

            HOW DARE YOU! YOU UNGRATEFUL LITTLE WITCH! I am the child of a career military man who fought in 2 wars so ungrateful JERKS like you can rant the stupidity YOU RANT! You are disgusting and a disgrace to our country as well. Go crawl back into your igloo!

          42. AKLady2015 says

            Maybe you should go back and read what I wrote, a bit slower this time.
            I served my country in war.
            I buried two husband at Arlington — KIA, Vietnam.
            Not long ago, I buried husband #3. He was also career military.

          43. Katherine Scapa says

            With all that military around you, who do you get along with? They can’t possibly ever agree with you.

          44. AKLady2015 says

            Blah, blah, blah, insult …repeat ad nauseam.

          45. Roy Fredrichsen says

            Tricia – Don’t pay any attention to AKLady. She is out of touch with reality and insults everybody with her sarcasm.

          46. Tricia Harris says

            Thanks Roy! You are right, she’s a flat out and out KOOK! I ended up blocking her so that I do not get so riled up at her disgusting rants any more. There are several things I have little to NO tolerance for, and disrespecting our military is at the list after my dad and uncles fighting in WWII and Korea, and some of my cousins in Vietnam and the Gulf War, so that little bitches like her can rant about them. NOPE, I do NOT tolerate that well, so thank you for your words, it’s greatly appreciated – and I’m calmer today since I have blocked her and can no longer read her idiotic BS!

          47. AKLady2015 says

            Thank you.
            I so enjoy your complinents.
            They say so much about you.

          48. desertgranny says

            no really it says more about you, if you are the only one that is right and every one is wrong you may want to look at your thinking. just saying if i were you i would be looking at my thinking if so many people though i was wrong, i might be.

          49. AKLady2015 says

            You approve of sewer language?

          50. Nita1931 says

            Yeah, they do, so I’ll show my admiration for them and take their advice to block you.

          51. Shayne Jenkins says

            Just report her and block her. I did and it works great! If everyone does this, she’ll either go away or change her name and start over…

          52. brucethompson22 says

            Sounds like one of those we as tax payers foot the bill for collage for her, no wonder she so far left, a socialist.

          53. Michael Dennewitz says

            The more you people react to this sick bitch, the more you feed her demented ego! I blocked the bitch months ago!! ??

          54. Nita1931 says

            and idiocy

          55. AKLady2015 says

            Two of my husbands are buried at Arlington — KIA Vietnam.
            I served in Vietnam, sewing pieces parts back togeather. I am a surgeion.
            My third husband passed recently. He was career military and lived with wounds from two wars.
            I have two children currently on active duty in Afghanostan.
            My parents were career military.
            Feel free to insult. It says so much about you.

          56. Marialice Barone says

            You cant even spell surgeon

          57. Marialice Barone says

            Your timing is all screwed up

          58. Marialice Barone says

            She likes to think she was doctor saving lives..what a bunch of BS. My son was in dessert storm as a doctor and he doesn’t talk like her. My daughter was a signal officer and she doesn’t act like her either. I don’t believe a word she says. If shes old enough to have served in Vietnam, she brobably is demented!

          59. JYuma says

            You could have left brobably out of the sentence.
            She IS Demented!!!!

          60. bill sexton says

            i am a veteran. We all took an oath to follow our leaders commands. If we do not do this, the military command structure falls apart. Not following orders puts us all in danger. Any soldier who enlists takes this oath. If any soldier breaks this oath, they need to be removed for everyone’s safety. It is clear that You AKLady know nothing about following orders. Stay the hell out of our military. Get back to the kitchen were you belong. The military will handle this insubordinate traitor by military justice. you know absolutely nothing about the people who keep your freedoms safe.

          61. AKLady2015 says

            I probably know a lot more than you about our military and those who serve

            I’ve seen their blood and their guts, quite literaly.
            I’ve seen brave soldiers beg for their mothers like small children.

            I entered the military as a Captain, left as a Major, I served in Vietnam.
            I sewed many pieces parts back together.

          62. bill sexton says

            don’t act so smug! many of us patriotic constitution loving AMERICANS were drafted right out of high school at age 18 and sent to Vietnam. We did not want to go, but we honored our country and went. I was one of those drafted at age 18 three months out of high school. I served as a combat medic. You do no honor by insulting the memory of fallen heros who died in the service of their country. We all saluted the American flag. We all took an oath to defend that flag and what it stood for. Many of us left body parts and mental pieces in that jungle hell hole. We fought with honor as i am sure you did also. But, for a person with your experience and rank to support a traitor like this BLM socialist piece of shit is a disgrace to your comrades and the people living in our country that are honorable. I salute your service. I deplore your attitude.

          63. AKLady2015 says

            Have you ever been to rural Alabama? Have you ever been to rural Mississippi? How abot rural Florida, Georgia, Lousiana, Arkansas, even parts of East Texas? Poverty is Ameeica’s mountain states is also remarable.
            If you have not been there, you have absolutely no idea what American poverty actually looks like. No electricity, no runing water, no plumbing of any kind … Falling down houses that date to before the Civil War, former slave quarters.
            I’m sure you have seen those National Georgraphic pictures of malnurished children in Africa. Well, you don’t have to go to Africa to take pictures like those, just visit the rural South.
            I am a woman. The combat I saw was in the hospital tents and the operating rooms. You cannot have spent much time with the seriously wounded. Some wanted the safety of their mother’s arms. Eighteen really is not adult, but we ask them to be maimed and die. Others beg God to let them die. Then there are those that cursed me for saving their lives.
            Save your insults for someone you can impress. The traitors are the people who involved us in unecessary, meaningless wars … Korea, Camvodia, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan …

          64. bill sexton says

            Trust me, i know poverty. My father’s people came from Ireland in the 1600s. Arrived in Virginia. Then they walked all the way into Eastern Kentucky. We were called hill billies for a reason…we lived in dirt poor make shift houses in the hills. No electricity, no running water, no food from the government. We raised our food in the garden. My grand father moved first to Ohio to the foundry. when the foundry moved to Marion Indiana he moved with it. Coal and a pot billie stove were what heated the non insulated house. When my family could not afford to keep me, i was sent to live with my mother’s parents on their 80 acre farm. They went to the market once a month for yeast, tobacco, and salt. Everything else we grew on the farm in our garden. I helped my grand father farm the land with an old Ferguson Tractor and an Allis Chalmers yellow tractor. We cut wood using the buzz saw ran off the PTO of the tractor. We raised pigs, chickens, and cattle. My grand father died at the age of 62. I was on my own at age 14 along with my sister age 16. We lived with who ever allowed us to stay with them. My sister finally got a place to stay with a United Pentecostal Minister and his wife. I stayed with friends or who ever would let me sleep on their couch. i rode my bike to school. I passed papers on my paper route. i pushed an ice cream cart during the summer months starting at 6 am and finishing around 8pm. After one summer pushing the cart, i was promoted to the only bicycle cart the next summer. I finally landed a job at age 16 in a fast food joint called Myer’s Thrifty Chef. My sister got a job at Vogel’s Donuts shop in Marion. We finally had enough money to rent an apartment. I stayed with her in that apartment until i was drafted. My younger brother told me once, “i am so sick of poverty, how do i get out of it?” i said, well, we are not rich, do not know any one who is rich, so we have no one to ask. But i believe if you take all the math and sciences you can take in high school and work your butt off, that will open doors for you. He did just that. he took all the hard classes in high school and worked his butt off. At the time in 1974 he had no running water in the house. My father used rail road ties that were discarded from the rail road track for fire wood in a 55 gallon drum stove in their front room. smelly, omg. smelled like coal oil. Today my bro works for Boeing Air craft company as an engineer. He has an elevator in his house on the coast of Puget Sound. I became a high school principal and an RN nurse. No one gave us anything. Not one cent of government handouts except the GI Bill. We worked our butts off to get out of poverty. We did not wine or bitch or cry about our life situation. We still saluted the flag. i have had several operations on my left leg from my injuries. I have venous insufficiency along with blood clots today. My right leg was shot up pretty good. I am a survivor. I still salute the American Flag. You are right, they did send us into a hell hole. For what reason was not for me to ask. I did what I was told. This is how White people think. Most of us follow orders. Most of us would die for honor and country. i am sorry if i offended you, but you should not talk down to others who were on the battle field. You should not support a person who goes against who we are as a nation and who we are as soldiers. If you want to change the nation, do it respectfully and with honor. Not saluting the flag as a soldier is just plain DUMB. Supporting someone in the Military who does not want to salute the flag is just as dumb., maybe more because you are educated! My advice to you is to grow up and grow a pair!

          65. AKLady2015 says

            I went to work and was self-supporting at age 13.
            I obtained a GED at 16.
            Uncle Sam put me through medical school.

          66. rick vincent says

            Well said – you have clearlybeen thinking this through….

          67. Michael Dennewitz says

            I grew up in southern Ohio with 8 brothers and 3 sisters. God, does your story sound familiar. Dad worked at Goodyear and operated 3 gas stations for us to just get by! GOD BLESS AMERICA, GOD BLESS OUR FLAG!! ?

          68. Allan Morrice says

            Hey there Bill, Where in the Philippines do you live? I lived in Talisay, Cebu from 2005 to 2008. When my wife got pregnant I decided to bring her to the US rather than have her give birth in Cebu. It was NOT because the doctors were not good but because at that time there was a 2 year backlog in US passport applications. Our son was born here in Roswell, NM the home of the little green men. We went back to the Philippines a year ago to visit my wife’s family in Southern Leyte and we really had fun. But you are absolutely correct about the poverty there. It was hard to see children living on the street because they had no homes to go to.

          69. bill sexton says

            Glad to hear from you Allan. I live in Tarlac City. 150,000 people 4 hours by bus North of Manila. No storms. safe, people are nice. the infrastructure is stronger than in the South of the country. I lived in Davao off and on for around 7 years. Nice, but just outside of Davao there are bandits and the infrastructure goes to hell. Brown outs happen just about every fricken day. I bought land on the beach and built a small Filipino style bungalow on that beach. My son’s wife’s family lived around that land and they wanted me to purchase it. So i did. i felt secure there because of the family compound. It seems family live next door, across the street, and just about everywhere else in a Filipino village. My wife has three grown children. two live with us most of the time while going to college. I pay for their tuition but it is very cheap here at 500 dollars per semester. My wife Josefina Tomas is taking pharmacy subjects. When she graduates i hope to take her to the US in Missouri where my sister lives. I have a brother who works for Boeing living North of Seattle i might live close to. That place is very expensive thought while my sister’s place is quite reasonable. I kinda like to make gardens for our food so will probably purchase a few acres of land at my sisters place. My sis and i were on the street as kids so we are pretty close. She came to visit me in Tarlac City this past year and we had a ball. Traveled to Singapore first then traveled the length of Malaysia by bus to Thailand. We came back to Philippines and explored several tourist sites. I like Philippines better because they speak English, all the street signs are in English, movies and some TV are in English, and the transportation is fantastic if you can stand riding in a jeepney or tricycle. I love it here. I wish i had American friends, but they are not around here. Angeles has many, but that is a little far for me to go for friends. I just have Filipino friends. Some can speak almost perfect English some not so much. but they are all honorable and hard working people. I don’t hang out with the slobs here. Anyway, i am happy to make your acquaintance. Maybe some day we can hook up. until then we can be pen pals if you like. later my friend. God bless and stay healthy.

          70. dustoff 63 says

            Mr. Sexton, I commend you for your comments.

          71. Katherine Scapa says

            I totally agree with everything you have said, and I am always so positive thinking, that it didn’t occur to me to doubt this person at their word. Sorry for being that naive.

          72. C6Vette says

            Thank You for your Service and Comment, Welcome Home Brother! WE both served in a place nobody can understand, we did as we were told only to be treated like Trash when we returned but that is nothing compared to what WILL happen if Clinton is allowed BACK into the Oral Office with Slick WIlly!

            Nam Combat Vet
            “Live Free or Die”
            “Freedom is Not Free”

          73. azabigail says

            Thank you for serving C6Vette, so glad you made it home.

          74. azabigail says

            Thank you Bill. For everything.

          75. AKLady says

            As a woman, I could not be drafted.
            As a woman, I had no obligation to serve
            I traded six years of my life for an education.
            I patched many a young man back together.
            Some lives I could save, some I could not.
            My commission is lifetime.
            Your enlistment had an end, even with the “end-zone” reserves.

          76. Name says

            So you are one of the 90 Day Wonders. You went to college and became a doctor then went in the military, went to officer school to learn protocol. How long were you in? 2 yrs?

          77. AKLady2015 says

            Six years in addition to the 2 years at the Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences. I never went to “officer school”, it came with the medical education.
            I very much doubt the pieces parts I sewed back togeather in Vietnam would call me a “90 Day Wonder”. However you are free to insult.

          78. Nita1931 says

            You are the one handing out the insults, and so self righteously. Gimme a break! By the way, I live in one of the mountain states, so I can call you out on that – WRONG, not poverty stricken in any way, shape or form! Hey, go back to your little corner and cry to your heart’s content.

          79. AKLady says

            Get an education. Stop embarrassing yourself and America.

            “America’s poorest county: Proud Appalachians who live without running water or power in region where 40% fall below poverty line”
            Read more:
            Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

            Capturing Appalachia’s “Mountain People Read more:
            Give the gift of Smithsonian magazine for only $12!
            Follow us: @SmithsonianMag on Twitter

          80. Nita1931 says

            I’m not embarrassed by any tripe you put out, ak. However, I am no longer amused by your lack of enlightenment, so will take the advice of my fellow Americans here and say bye bye forever.

          81. AKLady says

            Enlightenment? You did not read one of the articles.
            Instead, you played the insult game.

          82. Maria Diosa says

            Aklady you need mental health help. Stop
            Your ignorant comments and go do something of value like educate yourself. We all know in this post you are a liar just as those you follow. Stop wasting our time.

          83. AKLady says

            Prove it.

          84. Marialice Barone says

            You are too stupid to be a are making up that biography and too unpatriotic to ever have been in the military. The uniformed medical service in the 50s and 60 s was not putting women through the program.

          85. brucethompson22 says

            Were you a Doctor?

          86. Marialice Barone says

            You are so full of it

          87. Norman F Brown says

            Some of these people have never been taught to follow commands at home. Those at home were not taught what commands to follow. The blind lead the blind, both fall into the ditch. So sad!

          88. JYuma says

            No, There are about 14% of the population believes that LAWS do not pertain to them. They feel that way because of something that happen over 150 years ago. One that No, living American had a hand in.
            We had a Great War to end the problem, however a part of this counters political leaders have keep them in bondage still from that time.
            In all that time the party that started and fought a War to help them, Free them has been vilified as the party whom has done NOTHING to easy their Plight.
            Yet that 14% still fallow, Heel to the Call of those that have keep them down for the last 500 years.
            70% of the Children raised today have never known a Father, had any guidance at home. How is a Mother able to work to house and feed her children properly working on or two jobs. Paid at minimum wage because her eduction is sub-par because the schools that she attended had Sub- intelligence Teachers, ones that all they showed up to work for was a PAY CHECK?
            Time to step off the Soap Box. Excuse me.Please.

          89. Tricia Harris says

            Well said and thank you!

          90. Katherine Scapa says

            Well said.

          91. azabigail says

            Especially since Obama removed the intelligent, patriotic military officers with his hand picked ones.

          92. AKLady says

            You mean the openly, insubordinate officers?

          93. Marialice Barone says

            Officers who are openly insubordinate do not last in the military!

          94. AKLady says

            That was my point. Maybe you should have read the entire thread. Then again, sarcasm can be over the top for some people.

          95. Tricia Harris says

            They are required to be insubordinate WHEN THE COMMANDS coming from a POS TRAITOR ARE ILLEGAL! Obama IS A TRAITOR!

          96. AKLady says

            Prove it.

          97. Tricia Harris says

            Prove what? Prove that Obama is a POS TRAITOR? Fast and Furious! Benghazi! Iranian Nuclear Deal! Occupy Wall Street! Black Lives Matter!
            Prove that when the Commands are ILLEGAL they are required to not follow ILLEGAL orders? My Admiral in Iceland refused to tell the troops to stand down during the Iranian hostage crisis when that stinking lousy coward Carter told him to stand the troops down. He was an Admiral when Carter was a lowly Lieutenant JG in the Navy and very much disrespected and stupid. He and the next Admiral who came in told that traitor Carter the same thing. Carter left both of them alone because he KNEW this was an illegal order and he was committing treason by telling them to stand down the troops? That proof enough for you, you flaming liberal moron?????

          98. AKLady says

            Rules are not commands, they are limits and guidance..

            Commands should be reserved for life and death situations.
            Over-ruse could prove to be a death sentence.

            Children must learn to make choices,
            they must also learn the consequences of bad choices.

          99. JYuma says

            I have Banned her. However I am still seeing her posts. I understood that the Only time that I would see her posts was if she replied to me directly.
            eI guess that I may as well un-ban her so that I may again insult her for her pots.
            I am beginning to believe that her screen name is for Billary to use.

          100. Marialice Barone says

            She is a nut cake. She thinks she’s intelligent!

          101. JYuma says

            She thinks? Ya , could have Fooled me!

          102. C6Vette says

            Thank You for your Service Brother! do not pay attention to AKLady, she is no more than a TROLL! Many, including me have Blocked her comments! We do not need input from someone with 2 Brain Cells, 1 lost and the other out looking for it! Indeed we all took an Oath, that Oath still stands today, it did not end with us leaving the military as far as myself and many others have been saying right along! Again Thank You for Serving!
            Nam Combat Vet
            “Live Free or Die”
            “Freedom is Not Free”


          103. taliesin319 says

            Got your back.
            USAF/56 AMES/NC
            Vietnam 68-70

          104. azabigail says

            ….Bill, sometimes AKLady is even more anti-American than usual.

          105. AKLady says

            Thank you. So nice of you to publish your limited legal education.
            Why is it that you do not look up case law?

          106. Motorhead says

            She has shown herself to be unreliable…She needs the Boot and a DD!

          107. AKLady says

            Oath of Office — Enlisted

            I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.”

            Oath of Office – Officer

            I, [name], do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office upon which I am about to enter. So help me God

            Oath of Office – Federal Judge

            “I, ___ ___, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will administer justice without respect to persons, and do equal right to the poor and to the rich, and that I will faithfully and impartially discharge and perform all the duties incumbent upon me as ___ under the Constitution and laws of the United States. So help me God.”

          108. bill sexton says

            you make absolutely NO point what so ever. Why not shut up and go away. No one wants to listen to your snow flake, socialist views

          109. AKLady says

            Apparently, you cannot read or compare one document to another.

          110. bill sexton says

            your a god damn traitor, nothing else needs to be said about the subject. Get lost. your worthless! Your comments are full of holes.

          111. AKLady says

            I gave orders, even to officers who’s rank was higher than mine.
            That is what medical doctors get to do 😉
            I did two tours at combat hospitals in Vietnam.
            As a Commissioned Officer, my enlistment is basically lifetime.
            I am called to work out at Elmendorf AFB at least 4, 5 times a year.

          112. AKLady says

            “Enlists” is the factual statement.
            Officers are commissioned, they do not “enlist”,
            An Officer’s commission is lifetime.

          113. George Bartenfeld says

            Discharge her and cut all her benifits

          114. Tallulah Cusati says

            AKLady2015, No one is forced to join the U.S. Military. So, stop complaining.

          115. AKLady2015 says

            No one forces people to lie. So stop lying.
            No one forces you to be stupid. So stop being stupid.

          116. UwasaWahya says

            I take it you never served in the Military.

          117. AKLady2015 says

            You would be very wrong.

          118. joe says

            no sweety that is not real you are in a hospital remember those people are there to help you, they are your friends.

          119. UwasaWahya says

            From your rants you make it very hard to believe you ever signed up let alone made it through boot.

          120. AKLady2015 says

            Maybe you should look up the process called “direct commission”.
            I am a graduate of the Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences.
            My rank upon graduation was Captain. When I left the service I was a Major.

          121. UwasaWahya says

            Having had an honorary rank in no way makes you a veteran. Sorry hun but you are blowing smoke up your own back side.

          122. AKLady2015 says

            Maybe you should have looked up the Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences.before running your mouth.
            I am a retired surgeon. I served in Vietnam. Educate yourself.
            Direct commission is not an “honorary rank”.

          123. Katherine Scapa says

            If you only retired as a Major, after starting as a Captain, you don’t have much to brag about. Correct that, you don’t have anything to brag about, hence to complaining.

          124. AKLady2015 says

            Maybe you should not make assunmptions.
            I did not retire from the military.
            Feel free to insult.

          125. Michael Dennewitz says

            It’s not a SHE guys. It’s a 13 yo boy, operating a computer in his grandmother’s basement! ?

          126. joe says

            sure she did she was a nurse in WW2 then in Vietnam then she was a doctor then a spaceman and the captain of a submarine. You need to humor her she does not know who she is or where she is at she keeps making up stories and they are different every day.

          127. Marialice Barone says

            She hasn’t been the Queen of Sheba yet!

          128. disqus_CeZmTpgh9W says

            You are confused about the term “should” In the military. that defines the proper action to take. It DOES NOT give you a choice! I would remind you that you have a choice of joining or Not joining today’s military, The draft ended after Vietnam.
            I find it amusing that your “handle” glorifiys a weapon that has slaughtered millions of innocents!

          129. AKLady2015 says

            I am not in the least confused.
            Suggest that you educate yourself better.
            AK is the US Post Office code for Alaska.

          130. worn out 123 says

            YAK would be more appropriate for you.

          131. AKLady2015 says

            Blah, blah, blah, insult …repeat ad nauseam.

          132. Katherine Scapa says

            You must have to copy that response regularly. I have seen it many times. Can’t you be more original?

          133. AKLady2015 says

            Blah, blah, blah, insult …repeat ad nauseam.

          134. AKLady2015 says

            Thank you.
            Your compluments are always welcome.
            They say so much about you.

          135. joe says

            You are not in Alaska sweety you are in a nursing home that cold you feel is coming from the air conditioner

          136. Katherine Scapa says

            I am sure he was confused about the AK, just as I was, due to the constant assault chatter.

          137. joe says

            wait a second now I thought you were a combat nurse ah ha caught you red handed in yet another one of your lies. You are a sick twisted little woman it is good you are in a home where they can help you , you fraud

          138. worn out 123 says

            Good for you! You caught that lie of AKL. Ask her her unit in Nam. I’d love to see her response. I was Navy Medical in Nam. AKL is no lady. She/it lies to distract and obfuscate many issues, and pretend to be of some importance. Little twirp!

          139. joe says

            She has been so many different things and in so many different countries she would have to be over 200 years old to have done half of it, she lies in here on a daily basis. She was not only a nurse in Vietnam but also during WW2 where she helped the people in concentration camps

          140. Marialice Barone says

            She says she was a surgeon. She upgraded herself!

          141. Marialice Barone says

            She says she’s a surgeon, which she can’t spell if she went to medical school,and did a surgical residency and served in Vietnam she’d be in her 80s and old enough to be demented!

          142. worn out 123 says

            Hello AKL! How’s your little commie butt today? When did you get your license to practice law, anyway? Why, you were riding the short bus not long ago. Your parents must be so proud.
            For your edification, every advancement above the rank of E-3 requires one take an oath to obey the orders of ALL those appointed above you, DUH! This member was an E-5 and knew much better, I GUARANTEE. Refusal to salute the flag is a punishable offense in itself and demonstrates a severe absence of leadership skills, AKLad. Conclusion: She does not deserve her present rank, nor the rank of E-4 as they both require such skills be demonstrated on a daily basis. Furthermore, disrespect toward our flag while in the service of our military represents disrespect toward our nation, period! Every military frowns on such hypocricy exhibited by one who is voluntarily fed, clothed, and trained by said nation. Everyone of worthwhile character would be ashamed of her actions. Guess where that leaves you, comrade?

          143. JYuma says

            Maybe if more did as some, including myself has done, have done you, we wood not have to even see her on any site.
            Ban her.

          144. AKLady2015 says

            Blah, blah, blah, insult …repeat ad nauseam.

            Suggest you refer to UCMJ, SEC. 595. Military Salute for the Flag During the National Anthem

            You then might want to refer to Section 301(b)(1) of title 36, United States Code

          145. joe says

            I suggest you refer to the T.O.S regarding the mental institution you reside in I suspect you will find you are not to interact with the public unless you are under the supervision of your nurse.

          146. Katherine Scapa says

            Great comment. lol

          147. Katherine Scapa says

            Comrade is the appropriate handle for AKLady2015. She is certainly not a lady. If she indeed is of the age to have been in Nam, she would be my age, and ladies were taught during my youth, not to call other people liars and stupid. Also, ladies were generally not complainers like her.

          148. Katherine Scapa says

            I am sure you took that our of context. HOW does it read with respect to the Flag? If indeed it is not clear, because it was written during the days of “polite essay”, then I will vote to change that word to MUST. Everyone displaying our country’s uniform definitely SHOULD salute, even if they misunderstand the context you just gave.

          149. AKLady2015 says

            The U.S. Constitution is quite clear on the right to freedom of speech.
            You might want ot read it as well as the UCMJ.

          150. wayne waldack says

            I believe that joined the military of your own free will expecting to get something out of it. The Military allowed you to join with the reasonable expectation that you were required to obey commands. I believe that you should be relieved from duty and suffer all legal and reasonable consequences.

          151. AKLady2015 says

            I believe you should learn how to read.
            Some basic math would also help you a great deal.

          152. gotcha1 says

            Obviously, you have never been around the military. “Being shot at?” Nice try but she willingly joined the Navy, so she understood what the possible consequences could be. You need to go join the Navy then not salute and see what “should salute” will get you! Take a hike you troll!

          153. AKLady says

            Uncle Sam put me through graduate school: M.D. Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences. In payment, he received six years of my life. In that six years, I served two tours at combat hospitals in Vietnam.

            Both of my parents were career military. Two of my husbands were KIA in Vietnam. Two of our children are currently on active duty in Afghanistan.

          154. gotcha1 says

            All of that and you are still “out to lunch!” So far I think all of your blather is “fake news!” I don’t agree with your pro-communist views. This is a free society and it should stay that way. Our whole government is corrupt, leaning toward a one world government and that is where I draw the line. You may want that, I don’t! This is why Donald Trump got elected because the left is totally “out to lunch” and wants everything given to them. Our enemies are mounting an offensive against us and heaven forbid we ever have a war in this country. People like you with your wild ass ideas don’t see what is right in front of you! It is time for a real leader to run this country and one that doen’t take shit from whiney politicians. The same ones that have bloated the government to an overwhelming size! It will be cut in half by the time Trump gets finished and it should be. We are over regulated and there is no real freedom thanks to your friends on the left. Time to change! You, my friend, can go daydream all you want but do me a favor go somewhere else and do it maybe Iran! While you’re at it you should have plenty of sand to stick your head in and cower down!

          155. AKLady says

            Please, Lord, don’t let gotcha1 be one of the lives I saved.

          156. gotcha1 says

            You haven’t saved anyone! Take a hike!

          157. AKLady says

            How much are you paid for your insults?
            I’m told that DISCUS pays $5.00 for them.

          158. gotcha1 says

            You should be making a good salary from your blather. If that is the best you can come up with you need to troll somewhere else. I don’t consider responding to idiots insults.

          159. AKLady says

            “Truth is its own reward” so sayth Plato.

          160. Peatro Giorgio says

            Bullshit! No one is buying you served In America’s armed forces. Your talking way to much bullshit, non fact based crap. Prove it Copy ,Paste & post a copy of your seperation papers DD214 Just black out your Service number & social security Number.

          161. mrpoohead says

            Ha, ha, ha – have you actually provided any fact facts yet Pea-brain?

          162. AKLady says

            Why would anyone feel the need to prove anything to a rude child?

          163. Peatro Giorgio says

            Thank You : For proving my Point : You are full of crap : Just as everyone here not only suspected but in fact knew : Your a Liar. If you are not . You can easily prove it by simply Coping, pasting, an posting ,less service number, less social security number, your seperation papers DD214.

          164. AKLady says

            Are you really that stupid?

          165. Nita1931 says

            Plenty of benefits, and Janaye joined the military, she was not forced into it.

          166. AKLady says

            No different than that which is offered by any large corporation.

            Free medical … not really, the military pay does not meet civilian standard.
            Free housing … no, military pay for their housing.
            Free food — no, military pay for their food.
            Education — sure, but not what it was 30 years ago.

            Look up facts for a change. You embarrass yourself and America.

          167. Marialice Barone says

            That,s weird. My children and Grandson got and get a housing and food allowance..isn’t that the same as the military paying for it?

          168. AKLady says

            How does their pay compared to those doing the same job in the civilian sector?
            I am a surgeon. When I left military service, my pay increased almost 500%

          169. Marialice Barone says

            I resent your idiotic remark…some people feel they are doing something useful like protecting the rest of us. My children were in the military as is my Grandson, a Lieutenant on a cruiser, and they are all proud to have served..gave them purpose. My son is a Cardiologist which the military helped pay for. My daughter was hired by a Neuro-surgical instrument company because of her military background and she makes 200k so I guess serving was worth something!

          170. alfy says


          171. AKLady says

            The U,S, Congress commissioned me with the rank of Major.
            I served two tours of duty at combat hospitals in Vietnam.
            Both of my parents served in WW II.
            I have two husbands buried at Arlington — KIA, Vietnam.
            Trump is teaching people to hate. It is the focal point of everything he does0 Trump has been charged with discrimination over 200 times. He has been named in over 4,000 lawsuits. Suggest you begin your education with United States v. Donald Trump, 1973, New York State.

          172. HairBare says

            In ALL fairness she should be required to reimburse the military for EVERY cent spent on her including every meal tame spent by instructors and the wear and tare on the UNIFORM she MISREPRESENTED while she was in the service. Time as prisoner at Leavenworth at HARD LABOR!!!

          173. Tiger says

            Agreed and in the years I was actively doing my monthly drills and served in two wars people like her didn’t exist but it is just another sign of the total destruction of our Republic and law and order.

          174. Edward Micallef says

            They do now, and if they get away with it one time ,you can say good by to our constitution. I came to this once great country because it was a the greatest country in the world , it sure has changed in the last 68 years. It has been going down hill like a snow ball heading to hell.

          175. Tiger says

            The Progressive/Communist/Socialist party took over the Democrat party and they also took over our schools and colleges. It is amazing Trump came along and we know by those apposing him that he certainly is not part of that movement, they are horrified they lost and panicked they might not get it back.

          176. Gary Addcox says

            I’ve said it before and will; say it again. The current pack of losers known as the DemoRAT party would rather see America fail than see Trump succeed. Quite a shame and a disgrace.

          177. Tiger says

            This is our last hoorah. We win or they win.

          178. JYuma says

            No, Tiger. We Win, or they get shot!.
            Your skills will be in demand before long!.

          179. Tiger says

            Times are hot
            got me a lot,
            of ammo and targets in sight.

            Times are showing,
            our impatience is growing,
            And soon there will be justice for all.

          180. JYuma says

            Thats Good. Real Good!!!

          181. William Thompson says

            Hi Tiger once more. If things break loose while I’m still alive, I promise to get my share before I go down for the final count.

          182. Allan Morrice says

            Just remember this: “He who runs out of ammunition first, is dead”.

          183. William Thompson says

            A lot of things in this world can make a person dead, blind trust is one of them because nothing in this world is actually as it appears to be.
            And how many people know that many of the demoncrats are now helping the muslims via giving money to their organized crime. They have become so blind with hate their stupidity could very well be part of the cause of the next revolution.
            ” Don’t shoot the wrong target.”

          184. Allan Morrice says

            I have never hit the WRONG target with any weapon. I qualified expert with the Garand, Thunder lizard, M-16, M-60, .45 Colt, Thumper, M-203 and a bunch of crew served heavy weapons. If I was not a Comanche, when I got out of the army in 1978, the only occupation I was qualified for was a Mafia Hitman. But being Comanche that was not possible so I became a truck driver. In the Army I was a grunt, so driving a truck was pretty much the same. Pick up something here and take it there, only “there” might be clear across the country.

          185. William Thompson says

            Well Allan, that just so happens to be what I was, a grunt and being in The Armor Div., some of the things I had to do made me just that, because loading a M-60 tank with 90 MM shells plus all the other stuff we had wasn’t easy, but needed. And I’m sure buy the what you write you understand, somebody’s gotta do it, might as well be me. And if I don’t make it home, I’d like to think people would have something nice to say about me.
            I got to know a BlackFoot in New Mexico and at the time didn’t know a lot about The Native American Indian at the time, I had no idea there were so many different tribes until he and talked while we shared some time.
            It’s too bad more people don’t stop and listen.
            Thanks for your service!!!

          186. Allan Morrice says

            I can relate to the grunt of loading a 90MM round. I sometimes had to load the 106MM Rifle on our gun Jeep because we were under strength for a while in 71. Sometimes I do wish we had a written language like the Cherokees do, then I could really badger Frankie by using my native language. Which Armor Div. were you in? I was only in infantry units although I was a paratrooper and served 3 different times with the 82nd.

          187. William Thompson says

            33 rd. Armor, 3 rd. Armor Div., SPEARHEAD

          188. Allan Morrice says

            I was trying to remember where the 3rd Armor was. With many of the bases being closed it’s hard to remember. Weren’t you at Ft. Bliss, TX? I did some time in G-3 with the 2nd ID and one of the things the Major I worked for wanted to know was the readiness status and location of Armor and Infantry Divisions that we could expect to be deployed in the event the N. Koreans came south. I think that your unit was at Bliss in 1975-76 but can’t remember for sure. Anyhoo thanks for your service.

          189. Michael Dennewitz says

            My great-grandmother was full blooded Cherokee. She always told us all, “We hate being referred to as american indians! We were here first and are NATIVE INDIANS!” 🤗

          190. Michael Dennewitz says

            William: My great grandmother was full blooded Cherokee. My grandmother told me stories that would rip the soul out of the strongest man! And they hated being called “American Indians!” Granny used to say, “This country belonged to we NATIVES first! America wasn’t even thought of as yet!” And the “trail of tears” was the biggest injustice done to the NATIVE indians. So sad what one group of humans can do to another, strictly out of greed!😣

          191. Allan Recticuli says

            Many were qualified for that position; and we probably should have embarked; and taken up that vocation.

          192. WOrkingTaxpayer says

            ISISISIS via WH had their Hdq in the old Reagan Bldg WDC now the culprits who donated the CASH in the BILLIONS reign..dancing as if “:ya can;’t touch us” we shall see because not all blacks are cowards…

          193. Renee says


          194. Charles Lagioia says


          195. Michael Dennewitz says

            As crazy as it may sound, I’LL BET MY LAST DOLLAR that none of them will be punished! 😣😢

          196. Michael Dennewitz says

            When I was in Nam, we made it simple, IF IT MOVED, WE SHOT IT! 😁🤣😃😄

          197. Allan Morrice says

            Only when we knew there were no friendlies in the area would “If it moves, KILL IT” apply. Remember “Friendly fire, AIN’T”. We had LRRP’s, Rangers and Special Forces all running around in the same area we were in and sometimes communication would break down. There was an incident where a ranger unit was sent to a village reportedly supporting the NVA, and a LRRP unit was also sent to the same village. I don’t know who started it but the LRRPs were all killed and several rangers were wounded and the village was empty.

          198. JAY says

            there are bunkers full at FB.

          199. John D says

            I had sniper training.

            “One shot, one kill”

          200. Frank Shirley says

            hey tiger your last sentance said it all, their are way to many people that pollute society, to the point that they only can have things correctly if their rights are for white folks and no one else especially the white male population, their hatred is disgusting

          201. JAY says

            ill help im good for 1000 yards with windage & elevation and my sniper riffel.

          202. Peatro Giorgio says

            So you say 1,000 yards. Question at what longitude, latitude lines. North to south ,east to west ,south to north or west to east.???Next question at what elevation .45′ above sea level or 1 mile above sea level .??? .Next Question what is the designated caliber of YOUR so called sniper rifle. An the spec code there of.

          203. 2Deep4_U says

            You lose HO

          204. Tiger says

            You talking to your mother and sister?

          205. stoth says

            Who is they?

          206. Tiger says

            The Ult Left.

          207. LLJINTL says

            This needs announced 10 times daily on all networks!

          208. william surratt says


          209. 2Deep4_U says


          210. Susan Rachels Proctor says

            So well said.

          211. 2Deep4_U says

            Trump’s a Shame a d a Disgrace.

          212. 2Deep4_U says

            He is your President, not mine.

          213. GODBlessRealAmerica!!! says

            Thats rights he’s Real America’s President!!!!!!!!!!!!!



          214. 2Deep4_U says

            The man who speaks loudly and carries a small dic.

          215. Francis VanDevender says

            GET THE HELL OUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          216. 2Deep4_U says

            You’re not qualified to tell me what to do or where to go.

          217. GODBlessRealAmerica!!! says
          218. 2Deep4_U says

            If Trump succeeds that means America fails.
            If there ever was a system created by the DEVIL himself it is Capitalism under Republican control..
            Don’t worry about going to HELL you’re living in it Right Now.
            Welcome to HELL MF

          219. GODBlessRealAmerica!!! says

            Trump succeeds we Americans succeed only Liberal morons like you fail! Now get lost MF!

          220. 2Deep4_U says

            Trump should be locked away in a Loony bin some where.
            Trump is proof that any white RACIST Misogynist SOB can be president of the United States.
            America is a white RACIST Misogynist Criminal Enterprise , how the hell can Trump make it great again when it’s never been great for anyone but white RACIST Misogynist males?
            What year was it that America was great for women or Black people? Never.
            When Trump says make America great again he is talking about rich white males like himself and enslaving everyone else , especially BLACK people.
            FU and Trump to.

          221. GODBlessRealAmerica!!! says
          222. John Roman says

            Awe……. poor little guy, I’ll call my congress person and see if they can increase your food stamps, bridge card and snap benefits. Heck, maybe they will throw in some extra Obama phone minutes so you can keep trolling the web with your hate.

          223. 2Deep4_U says

            FU, your congressman and your momma to….. MORON
            Did somebody forget to tell your DUMBASS that there’s more white people on welfare than BLACK….. Ignorant RACIST MF

          224. Artemis says

            Simply because there are more whites in the country….If you ever decide to go to college (Perish the thought), don’t even consider being a MATH Major!

          225. 2Deep4_U says

            I am a math major you DUMB MF.
            I am an accountant I specialize in tax returns you Ignorant RACIST Misogynist SOB.

          226. Francis VanDevender says


          227. 2Deep4_U says

            I Have a question for you , Did you know that you’re a worthless RACIST Misogynist Lying ASS Raping Murdering Robbing Kidnapping Enslaving Thuggish Goddamn SOCIOPATH? I know you are.
            Where would you be if your people had not RAPED Robbed and Stole the natural resources of Africa just like you’re still doing Today? I know your ass would still be in the CAVES and hills of Europe shitting on the floor and FUCKING your momma and your sister with no shoes to wear on your feet and living in a house with no God-damned windows.
            We made the mistake of thinking you devils we’re human and we’re still paying for that mistake.
            I know better than to argue WITH a Goddamn SOCIOPATH like you so FU.

          228. Francis VanDevender says


          229. 2Deep4_U says

            You’re out of your Goddamn SOCIOPATHIC mind.
            I will never work for a white man as long as I live I will give that SOB a job.
            You have NO BLACK friends you know some Coons and house NIGGERS who are DUMB enough to believe that a Sociopath like you could be their friend.
            Will my people ever learn to recognize the DEVIL?

          230. Francis VanDevender says

            when they see your face…you are the devil if i ever saw one..a foul mouthed one at friends are neither coons or niggers,but hard working people. s work…you say you will never work for a white man,, but you do in many ways,and are so dumb to think that you don’t.if anyone is the devil it is YOU>>>IF I GO TO HELL YOU WILL BE THE ONE AT THE GATE>

          231. 2Deep4_U says


          232. Francis VanDevender says

            And you say you don’t work for white men,But Yet you do taxes,,Who For??? Every thing you say about others sounds like you are looking in a mirror and are talking about yourself you are just plain simple minded ,stupid,dumb and any other dumb thing,Stop your stupid rant,nobody give a crap what you say or think,Most won’t even read your rants because you use so little sense, Maybe if you stopped with the hate and foul mouth,maybe some might listen..This will be my last note to you because you are not worth my time to respond.

          233. 2Deep4_U says

            I know this is above your pay grade but “I AM SELF EMPLOYED”
            You Ignorant MF.
            STFU and stop spreading your damn RACIST Misogynist Ignorance and Stupidity.
            P.S. FU

          234. 2Deep4_U says

            Simply because you’re a worthless bunch of NINCOMPOOPS.

          235. 2Deep4_U says

            There is nothing Simple about it .
            Whites are less than 10% of the world’s population but they CONTROL 90% of the world’s resources while at the same time whites are 65% of those on welfare…… Dumbass
            As usual you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about….FU

          236. 2Deep4_U says

            Explain to me then why is it that whites are only 10% of the world population yet you devils Control 90 % of the worlds resources? The answer is that You’re the most successful CRIMINALS in the world, which comes from your ability to LIE, CHEAT, and STEAL Rape Rob and Kill better than anyone else because you’re a SOCIOPATH and a PSYCHOPATH.
            Your Goddamn lies will not work on me boy because I’m 2DEEP4_U MORON.

          237. Tiger says

            Because from the beginning of history, the Greeks on down, it is the white races who brought the best to the world while as we see today, like Africa that has been around for centuries, the blacks are still starving, thirsty, poor, diseased and killing one another.

            You are such a great example of the reason that blacks have failed, please continue to rant and use filthy language.

          238. 2Deep4_U says

            There were NO God-damn Greeks at the beginning of history you Ignorant RACIST Misogynist white BITCH.
            The African built the Pyramids before anyone ever heard of a FUCKING Greek.
            The Greeks were THUGS just like you.
            DAMN you’re a SOCIOPATH and and Ignorant MF.

          239. Tiger says

            The Egyptians were not Africans. Their statues, hieroglyphs and paintings prove that. Sorry you lose again.

            In fact the Out of Africa shit went down the tubes, skeletal remains of ancient mankind found all over the world at the same time as life was in Africa.

            You will love this, there are no indigenous people in the U.S., even the Indians came over on land bridges, from Aisa/Siberia and the Siberians have European DNA just as many Indians do. Too boot the Clovis people, Europeans here before the Indians along with the Bog people here at the same time.

            There are no great civilizations on the Continent of Africa containing great artists, builders, philosophers, musicians, astronomers, mathematicians, physicians or anything else. Just like the Indians were when the Pilgrims came, same as what they had been for thousands of years.

            Wow you are a treasure trove of vulgarity etc. A little boring though cause you say the same insults over and over, little bit of brain damage there?

            Fell on your head when a baby?



          240. Tiger says

            This is an incredibly vile person, who with his posts and lack of civility shows why we have a problem in America with NFL players who kneel etc, they are so filled with hatred.

          241. 2Deep4_U says

            We’re sick of MF like you.
            That’s all.

          242. Tiger says

            Then do something about it so we can take care of the likes of you once and for all.

          243. 2Deep4_U says

            That’s Ignorant MF, there is more women in this country than men yet we have not had one female president…
            There goes your theory you DUMBASS MF.

          244. Tiger says

            There are more whites in America than blacks, more whites than Hispanics, more whites than refugees but you put those three together and they far outweigh anything white families get.

          245. 2Deep4_U says

            DAMN lie

          246. Tiger says

            LOLOLOL. You are so funny.

          247. 2Deep4_U says

            Tell your congressman to increase your sorry ASS momma’s food stamps.. MORON

          248. carroll wood says

            You had better be careful or the N—Apes, Alligators, and Possums will get you LOL MSgt USAF Ret

          249. 2Deep4_U says

            Suck it like your momma did.

          250. Michael Lewko says

            The only racist here is you… must be tough to be black and stupid!

          251. 2Deep4_U says

            YOU should know because you’re white and Stupid.
            That is the NEW RACISM , you either pretend that everyone is Racist or you pretend that RACISM doesn’t exist, but everyone knows that only white RACISM exist.
            The only Functional form of RACISM in the world is White SUPREMACY.
            Nice try MF but you just got BUSTED……FU

          252. 2Deep4_U says

            STFU and stop spreading your damn RACIST Misogynist Ignorance and Stupidity.
            The only Functional form of RACISM in the known world is White SUPREMACY.

          253. Peatro Giorgio says


          254. mrpoohead says

            Babbling again!

          255. Peatro Giorgio says

            Babbling is The fermentation of a crap filled cranium! ( Right Mr POOPOO’HEAD??)

          256. mrpoohead says

            Should i be concerned – maybe it’s contagious. Did you sent it to me?

          257. Peatro Giorgio says

            Did you mean Send ? Not ( Did you sent it to me) Or the proper use would have been written as follows, Had you sent it to me.” Right Dummy.”

          258. mrpoohead says

            The put-down loses effect when your own statement has considerably more mistakes than my one. Funny as!

          259. Peatro Giorgio says

            On The Contrary: The put down was extremely effective. How you might ask?? Easily answer . Now for nearly to years you proclaimed your self to have possessed unfailing literacy.
            Isn’t awkward for you having been corrected by one who, has never claimed to have mastered spelling in either of the 3 languages for which I read write & speak. Now not just once this week but rather in two separate occasions with in a weeks time frame.

          260. mrpoohead says

            No claims ever, aside from being better than yourself. Fail!
            And there’s about ten mistakes of yours to one of mine – so I’m correct.

          261. 2Deep4_U says

            YEAH, we’re so DUMB we built the Pyramids white people were living in CAVES eating raw meat and shitting on the floor and screwing your momma and your sister and your DOG and eating your own SHIT.
            STFU and stop spreading your damn RACIST Misogynist Ignorance and Stupidity…. MORON

          262. 2Deep4_U says

            Your momma really must be a God-damned DUMB BITCH, how else could she have produced a damn low life Genetic Recessive Mutant UNCIVILIZED THUG like you and let it live.
            I feel sorry for you.

          263. mrpoohead says

            As opposed to your pig-ignorance which you’ve been cultivating for decades. Funny as!
            America – lazy niggas and dumb white trash. Whoop!
            At least there’s illegals to do the work.

          264. 2Deep4_U says

            WRONG, WRONG, WRONG .
            RACISM is patterns of preception thought speech action and emotional response when consciously or unconsciously applied the goal objective is WHITE GENETIC SURVIVAL ON PLANET EARTH This is carried out in every area of people activity including Education Entertainment Education Labor Law Politics Religion Sex War and Medicine, Without RACISM white people who are Genetic Recessive can’t survive in the presence of ALL these BLACK Genes that are Dominate to their own.
            You got that little boy?
            Nice try MF but we got your DUMBASS.
            Now FUCK OFF, you’re Good at that.
            PALEFACE speak with forked tongue always have always will.

          265. 2Deep4_U says

            Nice try MF but we got you…..FU

          266. John Roman says

            2deep4_U first, your online handle is stupid. Second, if this capitalistic system isn’t working for you, the door is open. Believe me, no one will stop you from leaving. But of course you won’t go anywhere, your just a troll. Ignore this douche bag!!!

          267. 2Deep4_U says

            I won’t go because my people built this MF with FREE labor , blood, sweat, and tears for 500 years.
            I won’t go because a Fucking THUG like you is not qualified to tell me where to go.
            Go dig up your sorry ASS Dead ancestors and ask them SOBs why they didn’t Do The RIGHT Thing in the first place.

          268. 2Deep4_U says

            That’s just what a Racist Misogynist LYING Cheating Stealing Murdering Raping Hypocritical Ignorant MF THUG would say.
            FU, why don’t you leave BITCH you’re Always complaining about something you Stupid SOB.
            Pay me my Reparations MF I will leave this SHIT Hole like Yesterday.
            Your momma had to to be a worthless BITCH, otherwise she would have drowned your damn RACIST Misogynist white ASS at birth….. LOL

          269. Philomena says

            About 4.7 million children aged 5–14 work in Congo. In addition to copper mines, children with their families participate in artisanal mining of cobalt, wolframite, cassiterite, columbite-tantalite, gold, diamonds. Many of these use hammers to break free the ore, pour harsh chemicals with no protective equipment, and manually transport rocks from deep pit or open pit mines. Children also work in agriculture and continue to be recruited as child soldiers for Congolese National Army and various rebel groups. Child labour is commonly visible on the streets of Kinshasa region.


          270. 2Deep4_U says

            RACIST Misogynist redneck SOB like you control it all.
            Goddamn America.
            If you could not LIE you couldn’t talk at All…… Ignorant MF

          271. Philomena says


          272. 2Deep4_U says

            FU, Reverend Wright was RIGHT
            Satan has already blessed America.
            I have many talents calling an ASSHOLE an Asshole is one of them……Next

          273. Artemis says

            Look in the Mirror!

          274. 2Deep4_U says

            Look up my ASS.

          275. 2Deep4_U says

            Look up my ASS.

          276. 2Deep4_U says

            Is your momma a HO? MORON

          277. Peatro Giorgio says

            Remember this American Farmers children are working the live stock & fields. The fishing an clamming fields. Which puts food on your plate. Do not give us that pitiful bullshit story.
            Hell I grew up in America working along side my stone mason father after school an on week ends. I became a master stone cutter by the age of 7 ! kiss my ASS Jack off. Children all over the world are grateful to have jobs so that they might help support their siblings. Morons who never ever EARNED a dollar but were handed everything speak & write as you do. ( WHAT a sheltered pussified life you’ve lead.) Get real. The real slavery is found in the sex slave trade.
            YOU sound like your part of that disgusting crap are You ????

          278. 2Deep4_U says

            And who benefit most from child labor in Africa ?
            White people like you , Trump, and Steve Jobs may he rest in Hell.GOD DAMN AMERICA.
            Rev. Wright was RIGHT.

          279. Philomena says

            Don’t forget all these guys who wear a diamond on each ear. You benefit most from children working in the mines. Did you ever contribute to Merch Ships? Look it up and make a donation. Jereimah Wright is dead wrong.

          280. 2Deep4_U says

            When I say Shit Paper then you Roll Out.
            Jereimah Wright is DEAD RIGHT.

          281. 2Deep4_U says

            Wright is DEAD RIGHT… Chump

          282. Susan Rachels Proctor says

            Praying they DON’T get it back.

          283. Tiger says

            Susan it will take work. All of us together again. Praying and doing.

          284. 2Deep4_U says

            Pray in one hand Shit in the other, see which one fill up FIRST……lol

          285. Tiger says

            We did see and Trump was elected.

          286. 2Deep4_U says

            A pile of SHIT in the white house.

          287. Tiger says

            Seems to me if anyone is shit it is you.

          288. 2Deep4_U says

            If I put you and Trump in a bag and shake it up all that’s left is a bag of SHIT.

          289. Tiger says

            Shit seems to be your forte or farte. How old are you 12?

          290. 2Deep4_U says

            I’m 3 million plus, that’s why I am 2DEEP4_U……. MORON

          291. Tiger says
          292. 2Deep4_U says

            YO momma.

          293. Tiger says


          294. Francis VanDevender says


          295. 2Deep4_U says

            That shows how STUPID and IGNORANT you are… MORON

          296. Francis VanDevender says


          297. 2Deep4_U says

            When I need advice from SHIT paper I will say Roll Out.
            Did your momma have a brain? Was that BITCH also a RACIST Misogynist SOCIOPATH?

          298. WOrkingTaxpayer says

            Yep and they love those whom are completely external with no morales, nor integrity no truth; no belief in Liberty nor Justice…nor self responsibility…nor standing for the soil of which others died to pass on the same… EVIL vs good of the USA as One Nation Under GOD no exposed, as self cursed…and it ain’t going to stop…All those who drive with their faces painted wardrobed or even in cutoffs to their pews…to the mega buildings as NON PROFITS in the BIZ of Religion..act as if they are special…no have to do nothin…GOD is their puppet and no have to do notin as a Puppet…FREE WILL voided along with TEN COMMANDMENTS the buildings owners and collaborators…bowing to them!

          299. 2Deep4_U says

            JESUS is a Socialist, SATAN is a capitalist just like Trump.
            So we now know who you’re serving, don’t we?

          300. Tiger says

            LOLOLOL Jesus didn’t hold political convictions but I sure know who you are working for.

          301. GODBlessRealAmerica!!! says

            2DEEP Ur one ignorant low life scumbad you ass o….
            Ru smokin Democrcak again???

            You idiot!

          302. LLJINTL says

            As predicted in Revelation. America is Babylon, and altho Trump is trying to right the Titanic, we shall see how long before Our Lord returns to wipe the slate clean and rule as our King. Most people think this is fairy dust, that they can do as they please. Our rivers run red with the blood of the innocent, 61 million and counting as we freely murder our children. Pleasing to God? Not! We are under harsh judgement for unabated sin in America. Study American and world History, study the Bible, Biblical Archaeology, Theology…do not depend on Godless numbskulls to tell you what truth is.

          303. WOrkingTaxpayer says

            LL jintl F R E E W ill sit back and do nothing DO NOT CONFRONT EVIL: then what are you?

          304. 2Deep4_U says

            The Con–stitution is a document that was used to con the people into believing that someone who doesn’t own the land has a Right to make the Law……..

          305. GODBlessRealAmerica!!! says

            Kick this Liberal low energy loser out!!!! We did woooooooooooo hooooooooooooooooooooo lol

          306. GODBlessRealAmerica!!! says
          307. Whaledriver says

            What she doesn’t realize is that in the military service of dozens of nations, she today would be whipped for her misconduct.

            In other nations still, she would be put to death.

          308. Tiger says

            For sure and perhaps her fellow soldiers will whip some sense into her, we used to.

          309. Whaledriver says

            No way. Many sailors have had careers end because a black woman has alleged sexual harassment, misconduct, or assault; racial abuse, etc. Most section leaders in a ship will simply allow black women to go off and do their own thing on a ship because in this politically-correct military, it can spell a career end just to have one in your command. They say blacks go “ROAD” — Retired on Active Duty — because obama’s military always sides with the black: you can’t even give them a bad efficiency report despite their unwillingness or inability to work for fear of having your career end. On surface ships, everyone (especially carrier deck crews) work so hard and in such grueling conditions, and one person not pulling their weight is resented by everyone because it creates such hardships. Some blacks want to learn and do very well. The bad apples threaten the very safety of a ship.

          310. Tiger says

            I am a Combat Support Army nurse since 1988 and served in two wars, the blacks were as you say but we still got them, they can’t always run with the crowd and when alone they will listen and if no video nobody knows. Got to be smart. They didn’t work on putting up and taking down the field hospitals either, they spent their time in the med tent the 115 degree heat on exercises was always too much for them. But back then they didn’t do what they do today and get away with it.


          311. Whaledriver says

            Thank you for serving.

          312. Tiger says

            Family tradition and you are so welcome.

          313. Whaledriver says

            Mine, too.

            My grandfather commanded the Big E during WWII; my uncle commanded a WWII destroyer in the Atlantic and Pacific; one of my cousins just retired the day after Trump took office as a USMC BG. I’m the family’s black sheep, having gone into the USAF.

          314. Tiger says

            LOLOL my father in the Death March, my stepfather a Marine served in Korea.

          315. JYuma says

            Do you know that the Commander of Bataan, whom made that walk, lived through out the War in that Prison Camp. Holds a 25K March at White Sands, every year?
            He can only do about 6 miles, but he does them in Remembrance of the Death March.
            I can not remember his name, at the moment.
            I do Know, that he WILL not allow any one to call him a Hero. He says that he sat out the War , just being in a Prison Camp, does NOT make one a Hero!
            Kind of brings a certain Senator to Mind.

          316. Tiger says

            I am so glad you mentioned the fact this man does not consider himself a hero. My father spent the duration of WWII after that march, in the POW camps.

            My grandfather and mother were also in POW camps for the duration of the war. None of them considered themselves hero. They were survivors. McCain plays up his POW time and thinks he is a hero but he didn’t make the ultimate sacrifice and his story is flawed, he proved to be a coward on that ship that was hit, not his plane hit, he ran below deck and pretended to help while others fought and died fighting the fire on the deck.

          317. JYuma says

            Yes, I know. He came close to sinking that Ship.
            I have not liked him from the time I first heard of his service time, his POW time,And how he came to be one of Arizona’s ,senators.
            O not of that he is the South end of a North Bound donkey.
            I have talked to him.

          318. Tiger says

            John ‘Songbird’ McCain Exposed By Vietnam Vets And POW’s As A Liar And A Fraud (Video)


            Zoom Out

            Zoom In

            By Lauren Richardson

            9:00 AM February 18, 2017





            voice their disgust for John “Songbird” McCain who spilled his guts to
            get out of being tortured. There is evidence that McCain received
            ‘special’ medical treatment from a Soviet physician and other
            ‘considerations’ to avoid being tortured just so he could come home.

            No one disputes that John McCain was a
            Vietnam POW, but he’s been the subject of damning articles, and
            criticism by other veterans, and for good reason. McCain has a lot to

            He voted against a bill that
            was otherwise unanimously passed that would have released sealed records
            that would have revealed what happened in Vietnam, presumably because
            those records would have confirmed his dishonorable actions.

            The severely wounded McCain was thrown
            on the back of a truck and hauled to the infamous Hanoi Hilton prison
            camp. Immediately, his captors began to interrogate him using sadistic
            methods they had perfected on hundreds of captured U.S. servicemen
            before him.

            As they did with most prisoners of war,
            his interrogators demanded military information. When he refused, his
            guards kicked and pounded him mercilessly.

            McCain admits that three to
            four days after he was captured, he promised the Vietnamese, “I’ll give
            you military information if you will take me to the hospital.”

            McCain also admits that the Vietnamese
            rushed him to a hospital, but denies he was given “special medical
            treatment” because of his promise.

            He claims he was given medical care
            normally unavailable to captured Americans only because the Vietnamese
            learned he was the son of Admiral John S. McCain, Jr., the soon-to-be
            commander of all U.S. forces in the Pacific including those fighting in
            Vietnam, Wayne Dupree reports.

            Vietnamese figured that because POW McCain’s father was of such high
            military rank that he was of royalty or the governing circle in the
            United States. Thereafter the communist bragged that they had captured
            “the crown prince” and treated him as a “special prisoner.”

            than two weeks after McCain was taken to a hospital, Hanoi’s press began
            quoting him giving specific military information, including the name of
            the aircraft carrier on which he was based, numbers of U.S. pilots that
            had been lost, the number of aircraft in his flight, information about
            location of rescue ships and the order of which his attack was supposed
            to take place.

            There is also evidence that McCain received “special” medical treatment from a Soviet physician.

            After he was
            out of the hospital, McCain continued cooperating with the North
            Vietnamese for a period of three years. He made radio broadcasts for the
            communists and met with foreign delegations, including the Cubans. He
            was interviewed by at least two North Vietnamese generals one of whom
            was Vietnam’s national hero, General Vo Nguyen Giap.

            June 4, 1969, a U.S. wire service story headlined “PW Songbird is Pilot
            Son of Admiral,” reported one of McCain’s radio broadcasts: “Hanoi has
            aired a broadcast in which the pilot son of the United States commander
            in the Pacific, Adm. John McCain, purportedly admits to having bombed
            civilian targets in North Vietnam and praises medical treatment he has
            received since being taken prisoner.

            broadcast was beamed to American servicemen in South Vietnam as a part
            of a propaganda series attempting to counter charges by U.S. Defense
            Secretary Melvin Laird that American prisoners are being mistreated in
            North Vietnam.”

            McCain says he violated the Code of Conduct only when the North Vietnamese brutally tortured him.
            He further claims that he was so distraught afterwards that he tried to
            commit suicide. He has never explained why his “aid to the enemy”
            continued for more than three years.

            Even though
            there are no reports in the public record from other POWs who witnessed
            McCain’s claims of torture and heroics or his attempted suicide, the
            American media has accepted his version of events word for word, no
            questions asked.

            Yet, the same
            press that transformed the admiral’s son into an “incredible war
            hero–an inspiration to all Americans,” vilified the two grunts.
            Comparing the
            incidents surrounding the fates of three POWs,’ who collaborated with
            the enemy, makes one question why two faced possible execution for
            treason, while the third won acclaim as a hero fit to be President of
            the United State

          319. JYuma says

            I don’t know for sure. But I don’t believe that any Enlisted[Grunts] made it to the Hilton. Most were Killed soon after. Those that did what I did. Were Killed on the stop. Thermally.

          320. Tiger says

            My father a Grunt and if not for Grunts wars would never have been won.

          321. JYuma says

            No War in History has EVER been won without Grunts.

          322. Tiger says

            Amen to that.

          323. FloridaBoyee says

            I was in Vietnam in 1969 and the only news we got was the letters from special people at home and the infamous “STARS AND STRIPES” and they made it sound like he was a hero! HA!

          324. Tiger says

            My X was a private and we were on Okinawa during the war, we heard the American news and the military news and they were different as night and day. These Elites, who have no decency and think they are above us are the filthiest, lowest of the low in our country. They manipulate everything and that is why they are fuming over Trump, they can’t own him because he was Twitter.

          325. Tiger says
          326. 2Deep4_U says

            You’re all PATHOLOGICAL LIARS

          327. michael a says


          328. JYuma says

            No, all he did was kill 28 Sailers, Burn an Aircraft carrier up. Sing like a Cannery when captured by the North Vietnamese, and have Nixon Pardon his worthless BUTT, when he got home, for Singing like a Cannery!!!

          329. USN Vet 31yrs Svc says

            Ur correct except, McCain was sitting in the cockpit of an A-4 skyhawk on elevator 4 prepping for launch. Rocket fired off fighter across flight deck and hit aircraft on EL4. His 500 lb. Fell on deck. Conflagration from then on. Rockets were, zuni’s, and we’re taken out of service for a time. Static electricity sets them off.

          330. USN Vet 31yrs Svc says

            No sir, u got the wrong war. Batan was WW II. McCain was Viet Nam.

          331. michael a says

            Oh, ok thx for correction

          332. Michael Dennewitz says

            Yes, mccain was our vietnamese “song bird!” When we hoisted anchor and readied to leave, he should have been strapped to said anchor! FTG 3rd class onboard ship.. ??

          333. FloridaBoyee says

            You cannot mean the traitor in Hanoi, could you? He LOVED Hanoi Jane, when she came to to”visit”! Just ask any of his fellow POW prisoners! His father was a retired Admiral and he should have NEVER been in a jet plane in the first place because he was a dingbat! Came home as a “Hero” and got elected as a Senator and has shown his real colors! NOW, where is he on on Memorial Day? Australia!

          334. JYuma says

            I saw that he referred to Nixon in a speak last week. Of how Trump and Nixon were so close in Actions.
            I, thought, for myself. I some ways he maybe correct.
            Howsoever, there is one way Trump would NEVER make the same Mistake that Nixon did.
            Trump, would never give a Presidential “Pardon”to maccain, for his actions as a Prisoner of War.
            There by allowing maccain to become a Senator!!!

          335. FloridaBoyee says

            You are right! McCain is just another Lowlife and getting paid for it the rest o his life!

          336. Michael Dennewitz says

            He’s so damned old that he needs help in changing his “depends!” ???

          337. FloridaBoyee says

            I just saw that Sen. Feinstein, who is crazier than McCain and about as old, is going to run another re-election again! The scary thing is that the people out in California would more than likely put her dumbass brain back in!

          338. Michael Dennewitz says

            And I wonder how many dead Californeeners will vote for it??

          339. 2Deep4_U says

            I see your damn Racist family couldn’t get along with anybody.
            No wonder you’re so fucked up.

          340. JYuma says

            Can’t swim or what?

          341. 2Deep4_U says

            You MF couldn’t get along with anybody, could you ASS Hole??

          342. Neil Orris says

            so “they” want a petition to “protect” this traitor … one of us, that is a better author than I, needs to set up a petition on calling for her courts martial forthwith with a minimum of 4 years in Leavenworth at hard labor, DD, and financial recompense noted above. I for one will not only sign it I will print cards with the URL to hand out at my local VAMC. This has nothing to do with “race” it is a purely Military discipline issue and it needs to be cut out quickly and efficiently, lest this cancer spread farther than Barry has allowed for the last eight years.

          343. Tiger says

            But you see it does have to do with race, O made that a point all throughout his time in office, they are thinking they can do anything they want. Look at BLM calling for killing cops, O did nothing. Yes it is about those of the black race that are thinking they are above any law.

            I will also sing the petition.

          344. Neil Orris says

            Tiger, from my reading of the posts you seam to have 1 a good sense of the issue, 2 a good grasp of military law, 3 an effective soap box (this blog) and 4 a clear, effective wrighting style.
            I elect Tiger to be our spokesperson. If I knew how to send you a private message I’d give you my email address I’ll help you if you want just let me know.

          345. Tiger says
          346. 2Deep4_U says

            Nice of you to Admit you’re a DUMBASS MF….. MORON

          347. Neil Orris says

            Also has anyone checked for a follow-up… 6 months is a long time in the military courts this may have already been adjudicated.

          348. Tiger says


          349. Bella Gray says

            I believe it was. She was discharged, if she is the same one I read about.

          350. 2Deep4_U says

            I hope she told them to KISS her entire BLACK ASS on her way out.
            They did her a favor, she is better off…

          351. Mark says

            You are the biggest most ignorant jerk I have read in a long time. Life sucks and so do you, what a jerk you are. Maybe she can join the lie based black live matter org now……that si about all she is good for.

          352. 2Deep4_U says

            FU, Your momma the most Ignorant Jerk you know, Otherwise she would’ve drowned your Dumbass at Birth… MORON

          353. Mark says

            Funny how when you stand up for the wrong, you come across as the racist jerk you are you have to attack our “momma’s” well I guess that is okay as yours was probably a crack whore and your daddy was her pimp dealer….The biggest racist in this country today are the Blacks. So back at ya!

          354. 2Deep4_U says

            Once again showing your Goddamn Ignorance.
            The only Functional form of RACISM in the Known world is White Supremacy.
            To be Racist one must have Genetic Recessive Genes and have Economic and Political Power.
            Black people have Neither, Therefore BLACK people can’t be RACIST…. Ignorant Racist Stupid MF.

          355. Allan Morrice says

            That is where you are so wrong, the blacks that came here as slaves were sold by other blacks. I have known many Black Men from my time in the Army, and one of my 1st Sgt’s, who was black would have described YOU as BLACK TRASH. That was how he described a black man in my platoon that would not follow orders. I would tell him to do something and he would just cuss at me. I finally gave up trying to be nice and just whooped his ass. I ended up having to whoomp on him 3 times because he was just to stupid to learn.

          356. 2Deep4_U says

            Lying SOB, you MF been using that God-damned excuse for too long it’s really getting old, but I understand that is all you got .
            The only SOB who just follow orders is a God-damned SLAVE like that damn house NIGGER first Sargent he is the REAL Black Trash.
            The most Dangerous Superstition in the world is ( The Unquestionably Belief In Authority ) .
            He cussed you out because he knew you were an Ignorant RACIST Misogynistic MF an he had no desire to listen to a MF who was 10 times dumber than himself, he knew you were in charge simply because your ASS was white.
            He most likely Whipped your white ass….. Moron

          357. Motorhead says

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          358. 2Deep4_U says

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          359. Motorhead says

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          360. 2Deep4_U says

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          361. Motorhead says

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          362. 2Deep4_U says

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          363. Motorhead says

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          364. 2Deep4_U says

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          365. Motorhead says

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          366. 2Deep4_U says

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