NeverTrump – The Movement That Won’t Die


A new Washington Post story says that the NeverTrump movement is not quite ready to throw in the towel. The paper reports that a cabal of Republicans intensified their search for a third-party candidate in the days after Donald Trump dispatched the last remaining primary contenders. Mitt Romney, conservative writer Bill Kristol, and RedState’s Erik Erikson are among the prominent names hoping to launch an independent run against both the billionaire and Hillary Clinton.

“These conspiracies for the public good are time and labor intensive,” Kristol wrote in an email last week. “In any case, things are at a delicate stage now, so I really should keep mum. Suffice it to say that serious discussions and real planning are ongoing.”

Hmm, nothing gets a man’s patriotic juices flowing like a “conspiracy for the public good.”

Unfortunately for them, there doesn’t appear to be much interest from GOP donors. Most are unwilling to throw millions of dollars behind a candidate who has no shot at winning the presidency. And while the idea of simply stopping Trump by any means necessary appeals to some conservatives, others have their doubts: If the only outcome is President Hillary Clinton, what’s the point?

Some think there’s another possibility. A third-party candidate could draw enough voters away from both candidates that the election would go to the House of Representatives. At that point, the House – controlled by a Republican majority – would select the next president. They wouldn’t even have to choose among the candidates actually running. President Paul Ryan, anyone?

Others think that a third-party bid would preserve the future of the conservative movement. As columnist George Will said a couple of weeks ago, sometimes you have to lose to win.

The truth is that these Republicans are betraying the conservative movement, not helping it. The absolute worst outcome this November is for Hillary to win the election, and any conservative enabling that result can only be regarded as a traitor. This country cannot survive another four years of abject liberalism.

These elitists have one goal: Protect the establishment club they’ve worked so hard to build up. They don’t care about the working-class voters who made Trump the nominee. They want to keep the status quo going, the government expanding, and the money flowing into the Middle East. None of this has anything to do with restoring the American dream, and it certainly doesn’t have anything to do with protecting social conservatism.

This was the year that the voters went around the power structures, and the establishment can’t stand it.

  1. MILES E DRAKE says

    Even in North Korea there is more than one party. The official party of Kim Jong-un operates in coalition with two or three others in the Parliament, although in fact all power is in the hands of the regime. Although as much at risk of being fed to starving dogs or blown up by antiaircraft guns at the dictator’s whim as any other North Korean citizens, the leaders of those parties are part of the elite, and they eat and have clothes when the population starves and wears rags. The “Republicans” and “conservatives” who are in last-ditch opposition to Donald Trump are no different than those party “leaders”, and are only interested in crumbs from the table of the marxist muslim from Mombasa and the leather-clad liar from Lesbos. It is no longer a question of Trump versus someone else you may prefer; it is now a matter of Trump versus a one-party socialist dictatorship that will be an international laughingstock and an economic basket case.

  2. 81537 says

    As the first comment, how can you comment? I have deleted Red State, and wish I could delete Kristol/Romney. As I’ve said before, they don’t care about the country, just their own agenda’s. They must be really afraid of losing money/power/control over all us dunderheads.Happy RNC chair said “suicide”.

    1. Sapient1 says

      Good morning 81537

      Re: “As I’ve said before, they don’t care about the country, just their own
      agenda’s. They must be really afraid of losing money/power/control over
      all us dunderheads.”

      i have a couple of questions for you:

      Is there any way that this might not be true—that perhaps those you list ARE genuinely concerned about our Country and what a President Trump means to it.

      For example…the article states “the absolute worst outcome this November is for Hillary to win the election….” and goes on to say that anyone thinking otherwise should be considered traitors, etc.

      Now, I know that sounds nice on the surface, but why is that really true, when her opponent is someone who has been bankrolling her and her ilk for decades? Would, for example, that statement still be true if her opponent was George Soros or Bill Ayers…would her election still be the absolute worst outcome?

      It is very possible that one of the men from behind the curtain has stepped forward…why is that better than their puppet?

      Just curious.
      God bless

      absolute worst outcome this November is for Hillary to win the
      election, and any conservative enabling that result can only be regarded
      as a traitor. – See more at:
      absolute worst outcome this November is for Hillary to win the
      election, and any conservative enabling that result can only be regarded
      as a traitor. – See more at:
      absolute worst outcome this November is for Hillary to win the
      election, and any conservative enabling that result can only be regarded
      as a traitor. – See more at:

      1. 81537 says

        You have picked 2 beauties so of course the answer would prob be no but even Romney/Kristol/ Erikson would be better than “crooked Hildebeast”. Then again so would my dog. I don’t think my dog would nominate a liberal judge that would screw up the country for generations.

        1. Sapient1 says

          Good morning 81537

          Thanks for your response…now, as a follow up.

          Re: “hen again so would my dog. I don’t think my dog would nominate a liberal judge that would screw up the country for generations.”

          Why do you think Trump would not nominate liberal judges who support the causes he has been supporting for decades?

          Now, just as an example….

          We have all heard Trump’s rhetoric about Muslim immigration, and the Wall on the Southern border. A true problem that must be solved pdq. In effect Trump said, about the wall, “”IT WILL GET DONE–YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE IT. IT WILL BE REALLY, REALLY HIGH.” Now that he is the nominee, his tune has changed dramatically. NOW he is saying “We will have a really really great commission to study it…and if Congress enacts it, then we will get it done.”

          THAT is a far cry from “It will be really, really high.”

          Same with the Muslim immigration issue—instead of stopping it, now he wants to study it….

          Anyway…so that is my question..why should I believe that Trump is not still who he has always been? Fact is, one of his supporters assured me that Trump has been playing a game all this time so he could get the GOP nomination and that we would see the real Trump soon…

          OK…what will that look like…throwing the election to Hillary? What?

          Again, thanks for the response.
          God bless

          1. Paula says

            I do agree with many things you’ve stated. Politicians… you have a problem, form a committee, talk about it for a long time until the public forgets about it.

            I’m voting for Trump…but I do have a problem with all the promises he’s made. Although he’s not an elected politician he’s still a politician. And like all of them, they promise the moon and stars and let us down every time.

            And if he loses to hillary and does not fight the fraud (and there will be lots of it again) and he just walks away…well then he did one of the best snow jobs in recent history.

          2. Sapient1 says

            Thanks Paula

            Honestly, I am not defending anything…fair enough? And, i would be the first person to suggest there needs to be some changes…BUT, one very big issues is that a whole lot of those people being referred to as “the GOP Establishment” are actually elected by the people…as are the liberals, etc…so, there is a problem far down that chain.

            Re: “I’m voting for Trump…but I do have a problem with all the promises he’s made…snow job” etc.

            My question is then, given all that, would you be adverse to a movement trying to avoid all that–the Never Trump folks, rather than being behind it?

            God bless

          3. James Brooks says

            No worse than Bush and Obama

          4. George Durdin says

            Can we really afford to take a chance on a “snow job”?

          5. George Durdin says

            When asked about a Supreme Court nominee Trump intimate that he might consider his sister, Maryanne Trump Barry, a Federal Court Judge who is known to be liberal in her opinions……SO he may not be so inclined to appoint conservative judges since he doesn’t support conservative issues.

          6. Sapient1 says

            Funny thing huh?
            Thanks for all your other comments…spot on.
            God bless

        2. Cookie Vranish says

          I don’t agree that Romney and Kristol would be better than Hildabeast. Yes she is horrible, but so is this group. If they are able to sabotage Trump, we may be at a revolution like Thomas Jefferson said we would need to do from time to time. That is the reason we have the 2nd amendment!

          1. James Brooks says

            TRUMP is the one and only chance we have.He is GREAT.

          2. George Durdin says

            Of course you do realize James that Trump doesn’t give a damn about you……it is ALL about WINNING at all costs.

          3. 81537 says

            I’m with you but it was a hypothetical. Only because my dog can’t run.
            But on second thought…….

          4. George Durdin says

            Come on Cookie…..are you really that irrational that you would be willing to go to a call for arms? Are you really that delusional? After all, this is a political race and not the abolition of slavery.

          5. Mathew Molk says

            You obviously are into loosers, Otherwise you wouldn’t be supporting Mitt Witt etal.

            How can you claim to be a conservative and not know and agree that the liberty tree must occupationally be watered by the blood of patriots? You talk out of both sides of your mouth.

            HEY GANG, 5 ‘el get you 10 this clown is anti second amendment. – Like the Clinton Shill he is.

          6. Mathew Molk says

            I’m with you.

            Subvert the ballot box and I’m going to reach for the cartridge box.

      2. JoJo Gunn says

        Indeed thought provoking… Ive been saying this for a bit… But still.. I’d rather take my chances with Trump… I know what Hillary will bring.. Trump may bring better.. Maybe worse.. I’ll play the wild card every time over a sure loss.

        1. Sapient1 says

          Hi JoJo Gunn


          Re: “I know what Hillary will bring.. Trump may bring better.. Maybe worse.. I’ll play the wild card every time over a sure loss.”

          I suppose that is my question—why that, when the Never Trump people are trying to provide an alternative?

          BTW: do you remember the 1% Controversy Dick Cheney got caught up in?

          His comment was based on what is called a Threat Matrix where the likelihood of a threat and its destruction are put into a grid. There are those things that are so destructive that with just a 1% likelihood must be treated as if they were an ever present threat because the destruction is so massive…a nuke in the hands of terrorists would be an example.

          So, why should we not think of Trump and Hillary in that category rather than just her?

          God bless

          1. James Brooks says

            The NO TRUMPS are losers who don’t care about our country,TRUMP is doing all this for free,he will put himself and family through hell to save our country,he is paying for all this crap,he don’t need the money or power he could be just out playing golf and let us go down the drain,but he loves our country.

          2. Sapient1 says

            Good morning Jame

            …now, let me ask you: why do you believe this?

            To use a historical example, do you remember Nelson Rockefeller….the VP under Gerald Ford? He certainly meets all those “does not need” qualifications you listed for Trump….

            …and guess what? His wife, as I recall, said that he would have given everything he had to be president for just one minute…

            So, it might be entirely true that “he don’t need the money or power he could be just out playing golf…”

            God bless

          3. Paul Burton says

            Let me ask you something…How the hell can you trust Hillary? With all the turmoil (and dead bodies) she leaves in her wake such as Email-gate, IRS, SCIF, Whitewater, etc., etc., how can you really trust her? She’s a KNOWN liar! She (and the left) call conservative racist! That’s BS! There are just as many, if not more racist among liberals! That I would bet on…Take me and my wife for instance…We’re conservatives. I am Cherokee, my wife Japanese…and of our two children (also conservative so they too must be racist), one married a black, while the other married a Chinese. Now that really sounds like a racist family….right?

          4. Sapient1 says

            Hi Paul

            Re: “Let me ask you something…How the hell can you trust Hillary?”

            Who said anything about trusting Hillary? I think she should be in prison long ago for innumerable crimes from the Rose Law Firm to the things she did at the White House to the Clinton Foundation to emails.

            Wouldn’t trust her any further than i could throw the Tetons…

            BUT THAT does not make Trump trustworthy just because he is running against her..does it? Far from it.

            God bless

          5. George Durdin says

            Of course you do know that after duping you and 10 million others with his pledge to fund his own campaign to win the nomination, that he doesn’t have the liquid cash to fund the general election that he has done everything to win. In fact he is now breaking that pledge because he can’t fund the general election and must rely on the lobbyist and fat cats to help him. What will he owe them and could he be influenced for their support? After all….that is what he slandered his opposition with during the primaries.

          6. JoJo Gunn says

            Because I feel that the never Trump people are part of the establishment which IS the domestic enemy our forefathers warned us about.. And you may be right… He may turn out to be the greater of two evils… He was not my horse in the race… I have grave reservations about him… However.. I have hope that i am wrong. I ABSOLUTELY do NOT believe the Never Trump movement have any but their own interests at heart, and I feel any 3rd party candidate.. Especially those spoken of in this article, would be a victory for Clinton.. That MUST NOT HAPPEN.. no I’m not yelling but trying to emphasize the strength of my conviction.

          7. Sapient1 says

            Hi JoJo Gunn


            Re: “…no I’m not yelling but trying to emphasize the strength of my conviction.’
            No problem…

            In this regard, may I ask you to simply look around on this site and see the absolute vitriol that is on display toward anyone who has concerns about this guy? The temperament of his supporters is enough to make one wonder what they see in him that is so important to them…

            Re: “I have grave reservations about him… However.. I have hope that i am wrong”

            The whole point is that part of our design anticipated the great maladies that can befall a Republic. Infiltration by a foreign power, to bank roll a presidential candidate,for example, was negated by the Natural Born Citizen requirement…

            ….the separate of powers negated the enforcement and law making functions, etc…and also created a tension between them….the ambition of each jealous for their own function.

            Wanna guess what was one of the truly BIG concerns of our Founders and those citizens…what they called Faction—a sweeping of passion across the nation like a wildfire, as demonstrated in the horrors of the French Revolution–and they built in firewalls to stop that sort of popular driven disaster…state governments, local governments, counties, etc…all with independence….

            Note if you will this, from Alexander Hamilton, a guide to safeguard what is happening today:

            “The General Government will at all times stand ready to check the usurpations of the state governments; and these will have the same disposition towards the General Government. The people, by throwing themselves into either scale, will infallibly make it preponderate. If their rights are invaded by either, they can make use of the other, as the instrument of
            redress…the state governments will in all possible contingencies afford
            complete security against invasions of the public liberty by the national
            authority. Projects of usurpation cannot be marked under pretences so likely to escape the penetration of select bodies of men as of the people at large. The Legislatures will discover better means of information. They can discover the danger at a distance…they can at once adopt a regular plan of opposition, in which they can combine all the resources of the community.
            They can readily communicate with each other in the different states;
            and unite their common forces for the protection of their common liberty.” ~Alexander Hamilton The Federalist Papers Federalist No. 28

            I point this out because this part of the design is rarely appealed to….yet it is part of our structure…a structure that resists anything else, on purpose.

            We may be stuck with Trump, but that hardly means we are helpless if we will use the tools bequeathed to us.

            Oh…while I am on this subject…one of the issues we face today, is the insistence that “my vote has to count.” Odd, that is NOT our design at all…but rather, we extend our power indirectly through representatives…that is part of a Republic…

            “Pure democracy cannot subsist long nor be carried far into the departments of state – it is very subject to caprice and the madness of popular rage.” –John Witherspoon, signer.

            James Madison – “Democracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention; have ever been found incompatible with personal security or the rights of property; and have, in general, been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their deaths.” –James Madison.

            “Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.” –John Adams.

            My friend, If any of that describes what we are seeing, then yes, there are things worse than Hillary.

            God bless


          8. JoJo Gunn says

            I love the quotes by our founders.. Thanks for those…
            As to the Trump mania.. Yes, I see it.. I’ve been on the receiving end of it.. Thankfully no, I’m not infected with it. Contrary I’ve mentioned it in other comments in other articles.. And indeed it is disconcerting to say the least, and quite reminiscent of the same mania that swept this country, and continues to do so, in regards to our current President.. Wow.. It hurt saying our current president.. Thats the only time I’ve ever said that or put it in print, lol. I think you and I are not so different in our stance save this: I no longer believe our representatives are representing us.. At least very few.. Why now do the choose to excersice the structures available to them to upset the Trump movement, when they have sat idly by and let Obama run roughshod over our Constitution, for 8 years? Especially on EO’s like HB13608? This bill unilaterally allows the potus to declare martial law bypassing congress.. Surely you’ve heard of this order? Anyhow. That would be where you and I differ. I think our hearts and principals are alike.. It is our trust that varies.

          9. Sapient1 says

            Hi JoJo

            Re: Founder’s quote
            You are welcome of course

            Re: our current potus

            hurts me too…but i would suggest there is a moral there…popularity does not mean correctness. There is almost an intoxication here…and friend, drunks don’t like someone to take their keys.

            Re: ” think you and I are not so different in our stance, save this: I no
            longer believe our representatives are representing us.. At least very

            Allow me to offer this, from another great Founder, Noah Webster:

            “When you become entitled to exercise the right of voting for public officers, let it be impressed on your mind that God commands you to choose for rulers, just men who will rule in the fear of God. The preservation of our republican government depends on the faithful discharge of this duty; if the citizens neglect their duty and place unprincipled men in office – the government will soon be corrupted; laws will be made, not for the public good so much as for selfish or local purposes; corrupt or incompetent men will be appointed to execute the laws; the public revenues will be squandered on unworthy men; and the rights of the citizens will be violated or disregarded. If a republican government fails to secure public prosperity and happiness, it must be because the citizens neglect their divine commands and elect bad men to make and administer laws.” –Noah Webster

            Let me just offer to you the possibility that a real problem is that those people who are elected DO represent us…for we put them there, and they are of us.

            So, while I have the same concerns as you, I add to that concerns about what has happened to us as a people that is reflected in our government “of the people.”

            Now, I admit that stings (I am one too)…but until we fact that, we can’t correct the problem…and Webster was hardly the only one to say it. Here is how Franklin ended the Constitutional Convention:

            “In these sentiments, Sir, I agree to this Constitution with all its faults, if they are such; because I think a general Government necessary for us, and there is no form of Government but what may be a blessing to the people if well administered, and [I] believe farther that this is likely to be well administered for a course of years, and can only end in Despotism, as other forms have done before it, when the people shall become so corrupted as to need despotic Government, being incapable of any other.” ~Benjamin Franklin, Closing Speech at the Constitutional Convention, September 17, 1787

            Note how it ends…and what he saw as the problem that brought it.
            Nothing to sneeze at.

            God bless

          10. JoJo Gunn says

            Amen, and thank you… God Bless us all… I am truly concerned, not so much for my own wellfare.. But for that of my children.. What will we be leaving them?? This is the thought that “stings me” what am i doing, or can i do, to leave them a free republic, as good or better than the one i received??? Much respect my fellow American.

          11. Sapient1 says

            Thanks JoJo
            you too sir…

            These words are just as applicable today as they were the moment they were first uttered:

            “Honor, justice, and humanity, forbid us tamely to surrender that freedom which we received from our gallant ancestors, and which our innocent posterity have a right to receive from us. We cannot endure the infamy and guilt of resigning succeeding generations to that wretchedness which inevitably awaits them if we basely entail hereditary bondage on them.” Thomas Jefferson.

          12. George Durdin says

            If that is the case then there are well over 16 million “never Trump” people that make up the establishment. Have you ever stopped to think that they are just as concerned about the future of our country and are alarmed at the loose canon that Trump has proven to be?

          13. JoJo Gunn says

            Sure.. I would tend to believe that of those like you… Not so much the ones already in office, most of whom have shown themselves as a part of the establishment. However, what then is the solution? One which does not hand the presidency to Clinton or Sanders.. Show me this solutiin, it may well get my vote, otherwise, i will vote my conscience, which is to support Trump.

          14. George Durdin says

            Apparently JoJo you don’t get it… really doesn’t matter whether you do or don’t vote for Trump at this point. It seems that you and 10 million others have supported Trump and forced three or four very qualified candidates out if the race, leaving us with the worst of all alternatives. If you remember the 2012 presidential primaries, Trump has done the same thing that was done then by forming the circular firing squad and literally destroying his and ALL of the Republican candidates reputations and creating reams upon reams of negative campaign material that the liberal progressive media, liberal pundits, the DNC and the Clinton machine will use to SMEAR and destroy Trump or any Republican in the general election. In fact some of it is already starting to hit the airwaves and will get MUCH worse. Sadly there aren’t any solutions at this point. As old Don Meredith would sing after Monday Night Football……”turn out the lights, the party’s over…..”

          15. JoJo Gunn says

            I get “it” very well sir… For lack of a better choice.. I can see no other option.. Cruz, was my horse in this race.. Financial support and all sir.. So your allegations are incorrect.. I’ve the same concerns you never Trump supporters do.. Before there was a never Trump campaign.. So don’t tell me i don’t get it.. I get it all too well. Sadly, your closing remark is probably true either way…. Anerica is SOL… If my God wasn’t bigger than America.. I would have no hope at all!

          16. George Durdin says

            Cruz wasn’t my first or second choice but I would have surely voted and campaigned for him because he was still a very conservative Republican and a FAR sight better than Donald Trump(aka John Miller) and would have given the Republicans a reasonable chance against Hillary. I am not in the “never Trump” camp, I am simply an active loyal Republican that will not vote for a liberal Democrat in disguise and will not sell out my morals, principles, values and integrity for a huckster and hypnotist….they aren’t for sale and can’t be held hostage. I definitely agree with you regarding the strength and wisdom of our God….he will get his believers through this.

          17. pj says

            Cruz was a lying cheat. Don’t u read

          18. Mathew Molk says

            Why doesn’t this guy tell you where the alleged 16 million never Trump votes are coming form? – It’s because all the Never Trump people are RINOS and Clinton supporters.,,,, hoe ever many of them that actually exist at all.

            I think this George Durdin guy is actually a Clinton Shill.

          19. George Durdin says

            Hey fool……do I need to hold you by the hand and take you to Wikipedia to ask the simple question…”What are the current results for all of the Republican primaries and caucuses to date?” and that is just one of many sources. There are REAL cures for stupidity and ignorance Mathew. It is no wonder that you have been so easy for the master manipulator to hypnotize and take advantage of. As Forrest Gump said……”stupid is as stupid does” Mathew.

          20. Roger H Baum says

            I agree; it looks like the Republican party is cutting their own throat. I have been a Republican since I was 4 or 5 yrs old and hate to see it happen.

          21. Mathew Molk says

            Where was this messiah alternative 6 months ago?

            I’ll tell you, Hiding under his bed afraid to go toe to toe with the others.

            Mitt Witt etal had their chance, pal, and they ALL blew it. Now the RINO/ Democrat establishment sees if they do not stop Trump they are in deep shit and will do anything to keep him out including putting the treasonous felon in.

        2. ward says

          The U.S. Citizens have been deceived by bo & his cronies for 7+ years so how can one not vote for Trump who has brought out truth about U.S internal destruction ?

      3. 81537 says

        As far as bankrolling goes, I, as a much smaller businessman, had to “contribute” to both sides. Perhaps you were not in that position. More power to you but some have to play the “game”.

        1. Sapient1 says

          Hi 81537

          Re: “I, as a much smaller businessman…”

          Congrats on your efforts. I have been in the “responsible” side of things.

          Re: “…but some have to play the “game”.

          I understand that to mean staying on good terms with both parties so that no matter what happens you can survive, right?

          Does playing the game include supporting liberal causes directly rather than just policy makers that have a direct effect on your business?

          God bless

          1. 81537 says

            Unfortunately you must make it look and sound palatable. Again unfortunately the words “liberal” and “conservative” have been somewhat reversed in my lifetime. When I was much younger, I’m an older person, liberal meant more freedom than it does today. I have never supported the modern version of liberalism, just staying on good terms with whomever had the power. It smelled but……
            Have a nice day.

          2. Sapient1 says

            U2….maybe we can pick it up again sometimes….and in particular, Trump and the Constitution he will take an oath to protect and defend.

            God bless

            “The present Constitution is the standard to which we are to cling. Under its banners, bona fide must we combat our political foes – rejecting all changes but through the channel itself provides for amendments.” ~Alexander Hamilton Letter to James Bayard April, 1802

          3. ward says

            democrats used to be a working persons party & republicans used to fight abuse of power by any POTUS that tried to dictate their whims and ways of destruction against U.S. Freedom & Constitutional Rights ! Now both are bought off & bankrupting the U.S. !

      4. Paula says

        If they were that concerned about our country…why didn’t they mount this same concern in 2008? Why didn’t the GOP launch an investigation over the blatant fraud that took place in 2008 & 2012? Why in 2008 did they run a tired old man against a young, black,”cool” hip dude? Romney’s son Tagg said after 2012 that his dad did not want to be president at all! So why did he run? Did he get paid to lose? Don’t care how much money the rich have they still want more. Where were these concerned Republicans when -0 was/is passing laws that went against our Constitution? Why didn’t the GOP insist on -0’s records to be shown? They could have screamed down the house over that one. No one vetted him, why? Where was the GOP’s strength when -0 gutted our military? Lost jobs and ruined the healthcare system

        Anyone against -0 was brought down and silenced…some permanently…think Breithardt.

        Oh yes, they are concerned alright….for their own butts!

        1. Sapient1 says

          Good morning Paula

          I understand what you said…been there too.

          Here is my question…you use the word “They” quite a lot…ie the GOP establishment.

          What part did you play in all this…ie where were you during the elections you described? Did you run for office? Did you actively support a candidate with time and.or money? Did you work with your local GOP organization? Did you go to precinct conventions, county conventions, state conventions, etc?

          I suppose what I am asking is this: if you are a conservative, then why is the word “they” and not “we”?

          God bless

          1. Paula says

            Hi, “they” are the elected officials on both sides of the aisles…in this case “they refers to “concerned Republicans.” In my eyes..they are NOT We The People.

            I have and do actively support my candidate…besides the hundreds of emails and calls to my “representatives” I have volunteered to help in anyway, phones, surveys, meetings whatever is needed I will do. And I have never missed an election! So that my pedigree.

            The rallies I like the best are the Tea Party. Why? Besides agreeing with what they stand for…each rally has police presence….but you know damn well that 9 out of 10 of us are carrying. Not only does it make me feel secure, watching the speaker’s stand in front of Old Glory, looking around at the quiet respectful people in the gives me a sense of PRIDE!

            I have to go, for now, I have a deadline to meet.

          2. Sapient1 says

            Thanks Paula…go git-em!!!
            God bless

          3. James Brooks says

            RIGHT ON PAULA

          4. ward says

            Very Truthful & well stated & you are right that congress representing all U.S. Patrotic Citizens has been nil for the last 7+ years of bo & his crony regime … Now we have only one choice for freedom & that is Trump hoping he’s not lying

          5. James Brooks says

            WHY,Were you there or are you just a talker.a TRUMP Hater?????

          6. Sapient1 says

            Hi James

            Re: “WHY, Were you there..?”

            Yes, I have long been quite active in such things, and I asked the question(s) because one thing that is really obvious when you are active, is just how many people are not, yet who complain about the results that would have been quite different if they had simply shown up when urged to do so! And I am talking about when things are being decided like platform planks, rules, delegates, electors, etc..more than a few conservative votes are lost in such areas because people simply do not show up…

            So…that was the purpose of my question. Does that help?

            Re: “….or are you just a talker.a TRUMP Hater?????”

            James, yes, I have VERY serious concerns about Trump, you betcha. He has a long history. I am not sure that concern makes me anything other than an American citizen who is concerned about who gets enormous delegated power. Does that make me a Trump hater, as you describe?

            For my money, a man, any man, it hardly the primary issue. Trustworthiness is very high and I do not see that in Trump, as are the Constitutional issues.

            So, one of my main interests at this point is why, even when contradictions are pointed out, such numbers of people resort to personal attacks, ad hominem, etc…ignoring those contradictions…

            God bless

        2. James Brooks says

          RIGHT ON PAULA

        3. Phoebe Isley says

          Well said Paula…funny how all of a sudden it’s come to this. The Dem and Rep are lying in the same bed and that is quite obvious to me now. Maybe I was naïve for far too long but with this election Trump has more or less opened the curtains to the great and powerful wizard of oz so to speak. We are seeing the real story and WE THE PEOPLE don’t like it not even a little. It’s refreshing to finally see the truth yet very disturbing to see how WE THE PEOPLE have been raked over the coals so to speak for so very long. Trump is the only one to vote for…ruffle things a bit and if anything I trust that he will apply the right people to help him in his presidency. One thing I do like about Trump is he isn’t cocky as to just go with the flow because he is who he is…he is intelligent and has been around the block and having very capable people by his side is something he is very proud of. Making good choices to get the job done for him means surrounding himself with wise and intelligent people.

        4. Mathew Molk says

          With you 100%

          And the way I saw it Mitt Witt threw the election. Now you have people like George Durdin and “Sapient1” wanting him to pull votes away from Trump, that could be the ones that keep the treasonous felon out of the white house and give them to the same Mitt Witt looser that allowed his Royal Exulted Boma to get a second term.

          BTW, You are aware that the Clinton Campaign has allocated a million dollars to pay shills to disrupt conseritive sites. – Are these 2 clown paid trolls?

      5. 81537 says

        For example…the article states “the absolute worst outcome this
        November is for Hillary to win the election….” and goes on to say that
        anyone thinking otherwise should be considered traitors, etc.
        Do you really think that’s how they feel? I don’t. It has been published that they (many) would prefer Hildebeast because they feel they can work with her where Trump would upset their applecart.

        1. Sapient1 says

          Hi 81537

          Re: “Do you really think that’s how they feel?”

          Sorry, I have missed something. You were referencing my quote FROM the article itself, that “”the absolute worst outcome this November is for Hillary to win the election….” and it went on further to say that “anyone thinking otherwise should be considered traitors, etc.”

          That is what the article said….and my question was whether that was a true assessment of the situation.

          Now…you brought up a great point:

          Re; “…where Trump would upset their apple cart.”

          My question is, just what does an upset apple cart look like, specifically, your understanding of it?

          I ask this because all change is not good, some is bad, some very bad and much worse than what we have now. So, what does that mean in real time, and what takes its place?

          God bless

      6. ward says

        Don’t be curious, discover the facts about Hilary’s deceitful past that never gets her indicted for criminal trial but always has a way out of truth being told to U.S. Citizens !

        1. Sapient1 says

          Good morning Ward

          I am quite familiar with Hillary and her past and ways…she should be in jail 1000x over, and her ilk.

          My question is why Trump, who has been bankrolling the very things you rightly complain of, is suddenly the savior of us all rather than the adversary he has been all of his life?

          Listen…I know that Saul of Tarsus became the Apostle Paul on the Damascus Road…but the Churches were rightly leery of him…so, what was this Damascus Road that converted Trump from ardent foe of things Conservative to champion and savior…?

          …and friend, if that conversion not there, then we have a snake oil salesman of high order and history.

          God bless

          1. ward says

            Trump as my studies has only done a businessman’s agenda to survive crooked competition & corruption of people like Hillary & bo … ! His democrat roll appeared as the only choice when the party used to be the working persons party but changed to socialistic dictatorial deceit & corruption … ! The Trump platform may be a deceitful lie but the U.S. Patriotic Citizens have already been historically lied to by bo & his crony administration so Trump’s truth is a welcome chance For “hope” & “change” back to a government For & By the U.S. Patriotic Citizens … ! The vote for Trump appears our only chance for the U.S. Constitutional Rights & Freedom survival and National Security protection that bo has given to illegals, criminals traitors and muslim’s support of & commie enemies … !

          2. Sapient1 says

            Hi Ward

            Re: “Trump as my studies has only done a businessman’s agenda to survive
            crooked competition & corruption of people like Hillary & bo….”

            Great…so why do you think he will not do the same thing if elected, and with the same people?

            Now…I do want to point this out for your clarification:

            Re: “The Trump platform may be a deceitful lie but the U.S. Patriotic
            Citizens have already been historically lied to by bo & his crony
            administration so Trump’s truth is a welcome chance For “hope” &
            “change” back to a government For & By the U.S. Patriotic Citizens”

            There is a contradiction there I would ask you to clear up:

            –“the Trump platform may be a deceitful lie…
            –“…so Trump’s truth is a welcome chance….”

            My friend, Trump’s platform cannot be both a deceitful lie and the truth needed to provide real hope…not at the same time and in the same way.

            Which is it?
            Would you care to elaborate on just what about Trump’s platform you know is a “deceitful lie”….?

            God bless

          3. Catnip says

            I’m thinking God took care of their doubts as He did mine. When God does this, so many of us can smile and say of Trump…that two Corinthians told him!
            It doesn’t matter because he’ll know God in a deeper way after his presidency.

          4. Sapient1 says

            Hi Cantip


            Why would the same God who gave us opportunity to choose Godly leaders, and requires that we do so, turn around and give peace about someone whom we have every right to suspect is not?

            God bless

          5. Catnip says

            Religion shouldn’t need to be a requirement for presidency. Jimmy Carter was
            elected on that hope and that didn’t turn out well.

          6. Sapient1 says

            Hi Catnip
            Then what were you talking about when you said:

            “‘m thinking God took care of their doubts as He did mine. When God does
            this, so many of us can smile and say of Trump…that two Corinthians
            told him!
            It doesn’t matter – he’ll know God in a deeper way after his presidency.”

            That is what I was asking about.
            God bless

          7. Catnip says

            You forgot the “I” in “I’m” when you were mocking my words back to me.
            You know what I’m talking about. You’re just trying to exasperate me.

          8. Sapient1 says

            Good morning Catnip

            Re: “You forgot the “I” in “I’m” when you were mocking my words back to me.”

            It was a simple cut-and-paste error…not intentional, certainly not “Mocking” you. Actually, to the contrary, i was trying to make it a convenient reference for you since I don’t know how you have your browser set. Didn’t want you to have to search for what you said….

            Anyway…for you, i have corrected it. Better?

            Re: “You know what I’m talking about. You’re just trying to exasperate me.”

            The purpose of my question is to find out if YOU know what you are talking about when you made your own statement. If you do, then being asked to enlarge and support what you said should not be an exasperation, but an opportunity to “give a reason for the hope that is in you…” a paraphrase of what Peter said.

            Of course, if you can’t, then it would be exasperating I am certain.

            So, can you support what you said?
            God bless

          9. Catnip says

            I don’t care what you were trying to do or what you think your purpose is. You’re a mocker and have no business using God’s name to bless as you curse Trump. There is one answer to your many questions of DT – but by criticizing him you won’t find out what his base support understands.
            Your time is wasted.

          10. Sapient1 says

            Hi Catnip
            Thanks…and sorry for the delay.

            Re: “You’re a mocker and have no business using God’s name to bless as you curse Trump.”

            THAT is an extraordinary statement, could you explain just how you connect those two things? Its your statement!

            Re: “There is one answer to your many questions of DT – but by criticizing him you won’t find out what his base support understands.”

            Great! How about sharing that with me, that ONE ANSWER to all my many questions about Donald Trump?

            What is it that his base support understands?

            Again, those are YOUR statements.

            Catnip, if I am indeed wasting my time asking his base support, including you, such questions, then its because, so far, no one has been willing to answer those very questions. Again, you raised them. You said the answers were available and you knew them, so how about your writing them down?


            There is an old adage, from Socrates that goes like this: “When the debate is
            lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser,” and so far, what I have seen is slander aplenty. If the debate is NOT lost, then how about dropping al that and start giving some substance. If you don’t have substance, continue with the slander.

            That is up to you of course, but those who know logical fallacies recognize an ad hominem attack when we see one and understand that no matter how oft repeated and or how loudly, it remains a fallacious argument.

            YOU are up.
            God bless

          11. Catnip says

            It doesn’t need explaining. You’re the one who slanders.
            I will not tell you, that would be wasting MY time. You are outside.

          12. Sapient1 says

            Hi Catnip

            Thank you so very much.

            If by some chance what just transpired begins to haunt you a bit, then feel free to contact me. I am more than willing to assist you in reconnecting your thinking processes with reality, assuming that possibility remains. it does not always.

            God bless

            “He again fixes a certain day, ‘Today…’” …if you hear His voice, Do not harden your hearts.” Hebrews 4:7 NASB

          13. Catnip says

            You are no Christ follower.

          14. Sapient1 says

            HI Catnip

            Re: You are no Christ follower.

            How do you know that?

            God bless

          15. Catnip says

            I think this public forum would vote you off overwhelmingly.

          16. Sapient1 says

            Good morning Catnip

            Interesting, again you do not support what you have said.

            Re: “I think this public forum would vote you off overwhelmingly.”

            I find that very interesting, and frankly, in these days, I do not doubt you one bit. That by the way, is the reason the FREEDOM OF SPEECH is one of the inalienable rights protected by our Constitution…so that I, you, or anyone has the right to speak their mind whether others like it, agree with it, or not.

            At one time those in the military would say to someone “I disagree with what you say 100% but I would die for your right to say it.”

            Odd, that does not seem to be the consensus these days.

            So, all that said…how would you vote–for the right of freedom of speech, or against it?

            God bless

          17. ReadeMyLips says

            “When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.” Great quote. I’m going to remember that.

          18. Sapient1 says

            You are welcome of course.
            That truth, like most, will not make you popular.
            God bless

          19. ReadeMyLips says

            Yeah, I hear you. I seem to have many views that don’t make me popular. With some people at least.

          20. Sapient1 says

            In an era of national madness, to be unpopular is to be sought like a candle in darkness, like Lot in Sodom.

      7. Karen says

        You people ALWAYS bring up that Trump “bankrolled” The Demos and their ilk and FAIL to say he ALSO “bankrolled” the Republicans!! That’s what it takes in big business because the government is set up to be bought! How do you think these politicians come out being millionaires AFTER they get into politics? You people always rant about one side of everything and leave the side out that refutes what your are trying to refute yourselves! A half truth is still a lie no matter how you tell it! Get over your whinny selves! You don’t rule anymore because your cause has gone way overboard and is now liberal/commie!! Where has your party gotten this country so far? P. S. We are fixing to be in the GUTTER if the current regime doesn’t end! WAKE UP AMERICA!!

        1. Sapient1 says

          Hi Karen

          So…why would you be enthusiastic about a bank roller of anyone with whom you are in such opposition…

          I will need you to help me out on something…
          I am not certain just who “you people” are that you are referring to…and if you are talking specifically to me, then how being concerned about Trump makes me that.

          God bless

      8. SCSOCAL says

        Trump knows how to get things done and if it means sending campaign money to get it done, he will. Hillary would be a nightmare for the U.S. She would just be working for herself and not for the betterment of the U.S. You can see what she has done in the past. That is a sure fired indication of what she would do in the future.
        So far Trump is the only one the voters have enthusiasm for. We want an outsider and someone who is not in the Washington beltway. Those people who have been in office are only serving their best interests not ours!

        1. Sapient1 says

          Hi SCSOCAL

          Re: “Trump knows how to get things done and if it means sending campaign money to get it done, he will”

          Interesting you pointed that out. On this very site a Trump Supporter named Ward made this comment to me not too long ago:

          “The Trump platform may be a deceitful lie but
          the U.S. Patriotic Citizens have already been historically lied to by bo & his
          crony administration so Trump’s truth is a welcome chance For “hope” &

          Read that one carefully OK? And on another site, someone said:

          “Yes, but in case you haven’t noticed, there are NOT TWO PARTIES, BUT
          ONE. Trump had to play their game and run as republican in order to get
          to where he could instrument the immediate eradication of the Globalist
          Elite that have taken over our government and want to destroy American

          Now…here are two men, both Trump supporters, who both acknowledge that Trump is actively engaging in lies and deceit, as you said, “to get things done” but they are equally confident that they are not being lied to and/or deceived in order to get their vote.

          Am I missing something here?

          Re: “So far Trump is the only one the voters have enthusiasm for…”

          Does it matter WHO those voters are? Does it matter that they might be cross over democrats like we had here in Texas with the “Turn Texas Blue” movement, or that they are actually liberals who like Trump. A big tent is nice, if you have the right people under it…

          God bless

      9. Mathew Molk says

        You live on 1/2 truths and a genuine lack of understanding reality.

        1. Sapient1 says

          Hi Matthew

          Re: Sophomoric. You live on 1/2 truths and a genuine lack of understanding reality.

          How so?
          God bless

    2. Paula says

      Their own agenda is money and power. On both sides, the career politicians have built their own dynasties and have proven they will kill to keep it!

      1. Cookie Vranish says

        That only shows that we the people must win and get Trump into power. Our country, although large in area, will turn into a banana republic!

        1. Sapient1 says

          Hi Cookie V

          Re: “…we the people must win and get Trump into power.”

          Why do you think that of all the people available, Trump is the one that should be entrusted with this power?

          God bless

          1. Cookie Vranish says

            If these Establishment Republicans are able to sabotage Trump their hand picked stooge will lose to Hillary. Trump also has a plan to get America working again and stop the terrible trade deals that are destroying America. Trump is not perfect by any means, but he has the balls to fight for us and the smarts to learn his new job very quickly. The most important thing is his attitude. He is rich so making money is secondary to someone like him. He loves winning and fame (ego) so this guy may very well be the best president we ever had!

          2. James Brooks says

            HE WILL because he is a winner.

          3. Sapient1 says

            Hi James

            Re: “HE WILL because he is a winner.”

            Hmmm….James…there are a lot of winners in this world– Pablo Escobar is a winner in his field…the Drug Lord category, Stalin was a winner in his field, etc…so, it takes more than being a “winner”…the game one is playing matters too, and playing by the rules of the game is also important if one is to be a true winner…don’t you think?.

            So, how do you envision Trump “winning” if there is a hostile congress or state governorship, etc?

            God bless

          4. George Durdin says

            Unfortunately the zombies don’t understand that the president of the United States is NOT a CEO of a closely held corporation and a friendly board of directors. They don’t understand that the president is only one third of the Federal government and will have to deal with a politically divided Congress of 535 members as well as the Supreme Court. That ALL of Trumps(aka John Miller) wish list will have to be approved and appropriated for by Congress. That the president does not have the power to tell a sovereign country what they will have to pay for. Doesn’t Trumps call for “winning” remind you of Charlie Sheen?

          5. Paul Burton says

            I think he can deal with that. Do you realize how many governments he’s had to work with concerning his companies? He didn’t became one of the worlds richest men by being stupid! That’s why he gets the best of the best to work for him…While Hillary on the other hand, has to use a foundation to rip people off. A quarter of a million dollars for a speech? yeah…right….you go ahead and believe that…if you’re simple minded enough…And sanders, is a socialist, just as hitler was…

          6. Sapient1 says

            Hi Paul

            Re: “I think he can deal with that. Do you realize how many governments he’s
            had to work with concerning his companies? He didn’t became one of the
            worlds richest men by being stupid.”

            Let me ask you this: the Constitution governs this whole enterprise. The issue is that we have MANY people in our nation, and in our government who are vehemently opposed to it, in violation of their oath I might add.

            So, when there is a Constitutional question, and half of the people in Congress want to do something that violates it, what is the negotiation and deal Trump would make? You see, that is far different than a business deal where everyone gets a little bit…when it comes to Constitutionality, there are to be NO violations.

            Funny, i do not hear him speak of how he will restore the government to Constitutional bounds…the actual issue we face.

            Think of it as is someone broke into your house and was going to steal your TV and silverware. Is there a deal to be made where he only gets the TV and therefore both are happy? Hardly.

            Re: “yeah…right….you go ahead and believe that…if you’re simple minded enough..”

            As I have said repeatedly, I do not believe it. But, that hardly makes me less concerned about Trump.

            God bless

          7. Sapient1 says

            Hi Cookie…

            Re: Trump has a plan….

            Yep, I have heard all of that. Now, let me ask: do you remember Trump’s plan for the southern wall and muslim-terrorist immigration problem? Remember?

            Well, as of yesterday, that plan has changed dramatically.

            It is no longer “We are going to build a really really great wall, that is really, really high, and you are really, really going to love it” but now it is “We are really, really going to have a really, really great commission to really, really study the problem and make really, really great suggestions that we will really, really do IF congress enacts it.”

            All of a sudden…yep, as they say in the military “A battle plan doesn’t survive the first contact with the enemy.” And already Trump’s plan(s) are not surviving the the most preliminary contact with reality?

            Now what?
            God bless

          8. George Durdin says

            Amen…..a rare voice of reason in the sea of Trump mania and that is exactly what it is MANIA.

          9. SCSOCAL says

            You are the only voice of mania!

          10. George Durdin says

            There are over 16 MILLION other anti Trump(aka John Miller) maniacs behind me…..and that doesn’t include the masses of American women, blacks, Hispanics, Muslims and minorities that can’t stand the “orange one” either.

          11. Ah nutz says

            you’re a sicko.

          12. NymRod says

            You’re the one that suffers from TrumpTardism.
            Trump is a Trojan horse to hijack the Republican party to clear the path for his good friend Hillary to win and the TrumpTardidians fell for their liberal trickery even after being warned because they refused to listen and continue to refuse to listen.
            A vote for Trump IS a vote for Hillary!

            Trump will NEVER be president.

            Trump vs Hillary – Loses by 90%+

          13. Ah nutz says

            you sure chose the right handle , there nymrod

          14. Marty Thompson says

            You’ve got it backwards there retard.

          15. Paul Burton says

            Still better than anyone else out there. I do believe Trump when he says the border security will be tightened. I believe him when he says he’ll create jobs! I believe he WILL do the things he has promised. Now, he may have talked to people who may have a better way to do what he wants done…doesn’t mean he’s changed his mind one bit. And if he doesn’t, it’d STILL be better than any lame Rino or ANY of the Democrats offered up by that party….

          16. Sapient1 says

            Hi Paul

            Re: “And if he doesn’t, it’d STILL be better than any lame Rino or ANY of the Democrats offered up by that party….”

            Could you elaborate on why that would be true, when Trump has long bank rolled the very people you are complaining of here? Why is the Puppet Master expected to be the contradictory of the puppet?

            God bless

          17. George Durdin says

            Amen Sapient1……these poor folks don’t realized that they have been used by a master manipulator who has been at this all of his life. You don’t change the stripes on a tiger……and you don’t put a fox in a hen house.

          18. Paul Burton says

            And how the hell can you support Hillary or Sanders? Remember a guy named Reagan? Wasn’t he also a Democrat at one time. He too supported had supported Dems. I used to be a Democrat…as were my parents. The Democrat party no longer supports the working man…they support special interests! Special interests did not make this country great…they’re tearing it apart. Race relation have been set back to the 60 again. (thanks mostly to Obama, the real puppet master) Trump employees thousands of people. If he’s as bad as you say…where are all of the disgruntled employees? When I see them come out against Trump, maybe then I’ll believe some of the crap liberals spout…until then…I’m a Trump supporter.
            P.S. By the way, there are doctor’s out there that believe the old bag Hillary has brain damage from one of her falls. Just type in Hillary concussion…just saying…

          19. Sapient1 says

            Hi Paul

            Re: “And how the hell can you support Hillary or Sanders?’

            Who said anything about that? Both are abysmal, at best…Being concerned about Trump is about that, concern about Trump…our topic of discussion, and that certainly does not equate to support Hillary or Sanders.

            Personally, I think Hillary should have been in prison long ago, and Sander’s entire philosophy is antithetical to the Constitution…the Founders called it “leveling…”

            “The Utopian schemes of leveling [redistribution
            of the wealth] and a community of goods [central ownership] are as visionary
            and impractical as those which vest all property in the Crown. [These ideas] are arbitrary, despotic, and,
            in our government, unconstitutional.” –Samuel Adams

            Re: “Remember a guy named Reagan? Wasn’t he also a Democrat at one time..”

            Great question.

            I don’t know where you are from Pau…but in Texas for many years there was only ONE political party of note—the Democratic. To be a Republican was political suicide because of our experience during Reconstruction era and the Radical Republicans. Our first GOP governor was a guy named Bill Clements in 1979…so, the Dem reigned 100 years, BUT, and note this, in Texas there were TWO branches in the Texas Dem Party…the Conservative and Liberal.

            The big switch in Texas came when we realize that there was a world of difference between a Texas Democrat and a NE Democrat…and then no matter how conservative our guys might be, when they got to Washington it was a numbers game…the party with the most numbers had power…by being democrats we were empowering liberals. So, we switched parties…not values, but so as to NOT empower those whom we disagreed with. That is how the game is played.

            So, for guys like Phil Graham, etc to have once been a Dem and then switch, is NOT the same thing. That switch was on principle.

            I believe that was also Reagan’s case. I know Judge Roy Moore, a Dem, wrote a book titled “A National Party No More.” I do not believe that is Trump’s case. At least, that is not what i hear him advocate as to values, principles, etc.

            I am GLAD to be corrected on that…but again, that is not what I hear, in fact the contrary…the principles he advocates and apples are a far cry from what Reagan did.

            God bless

          20. SCSOCAL says

            Sapient – Trump is not a politician and unlike most politicians he listens and changes his mind before he is elected. Most politicians change their mind after they are elected much to the surprise of those who voted for him. Why do people like you hate successful people who know how to lead???? It baffles the mind. The Dems always take our military down when they are in office and then when we are attacked it is a disaster! Obama has removed/fired 200 Generals and putting his
            “Yes” men! He has put in place stupid rules of engagement which has put our military at risk. The Army has had to buy ammunition from the Navy because they
            don’t have enough. Obama is the only one who could issue the order to “Stand down” so he has the blood on his hands of those in Benghazi. Other countries can find and jail terrorist, we can’t!

          21. George Durdin says

            I’ve watched Trump change his mind three times within one five minute interview with Hannity…….that’s because he is making it up as he goes along. You are absolutely right….he is not a politician or a diplomat and NONE of the other candidates should have ever considered becoming a real estate mogul and over their heads.

          22. Sapient1 says

            Hi SC Socal

            Re: “Why do people like you hate successful people who know how to lead???? It baffles the mind.”

            Sorry…I have no idea where you got that one. Does being concerned about Trump’s politics, etc. somehow equate to that?

            re: The Dems….
            My friend, I am fully aware of all the things you said there….DITTO 1000x times over…BUT none of that negates what Trump is…

            …or does it somehow for you?

            God bless

          23. NymRod says

            “Trump is not a politician”

            But he’s been buying them for decades.
            He is part of the problem of crony capitalism in Washington.
            Nothing will change.

          24. Cookie Vranish says

            Don’t buy into that. The establishment Republicans are forcing Trump to tone his story down. He is not toning anything down but to satisfy them, he has to make it look like he did. I hope he doesn’t do too much or many of us will begin to believe it!

          25. Sapient1 says

            Good morning Cookie

            Now…for the sake of conversation, you said:

            Re: “The establishment Republicans are forcing Trump to tone his story down. He is not toning anything down but to satisfy them, he has to make it look like he did…”

            How is the establishment forcing him to do this? I thought one of his biggest points was that he was funding his own campaign, that no one, especially the dreaded establishment, could force him to alter his course. Yet here, in the least of things, he is already “toning it down??” How will he “shake things up” if he knuckles under even now when it doesn’t matter?

            Re: “I hope he doesn’t do too much or many of us will begin to believe it!”

            Cookie–we have every right to be wary of someone we will be delegating great power over us to…and that is what this is about.

            Have you noticed that one thing that is never or rarely even mentioned is the Constitution–the immovable framework that all this must take place in? Odd don’t you think?

            When should you, me, or anyone, not believe what we actually see–Trump, as you described, is playing a game with someone, being dishonest with someone–and that someone just might be us… and friend, while it sounds good to hear people say the Establishment has the most to lose, its US that has the most to lose…

            God bless

          26. Paul Burton says

            That’s the same way I feel…Trump hates to lose or fail at anything. So he will bring in the best people to do the job that is needed. I’ve been saying for a long time now…if he’s so damn bad as Liberals and Rinos are saying, where are all the disgruntled employees? There must be thousands of them considering he employees so many people all over the world, right? Hell, even an executive of one of his companies came out in his defense. By the way…that executive was also a female, and black! And before one of you say, “oh, I bet you she was paid”…she wasn’t! She came out because of all the lies liberals and rinos alike are telling.
            Besides…look at the bright side, many non-talented liberals like Rosie O, G. Clooney, K. West, E. DeGeneres, Beyoncé, B Springsteen, and many more said they would leave. Now, we know that liberals lie. Saying one thing and doing another…but with any luck, maybe, just maybe, some of these losers will leave this country. We’d all be better off without them!

          27. NymRod says

            “he will bring in the best people to do the job that is needed”

            Trump Picks Former Goldman Partner And Soros Employee As Finance Chairman

          28. Arizona Don says

            Absolutely positively right!

          29. NymRod says

            “Trump also has a plan to get America working again”

            Dream on O clueless one. What would that pie in the sky plan be?

            Trump is all hot air empty promises of more hope and change.
            We should correct the mistakes made in 2008, not repeat them.

            “this guy may very well be the best president we ever had”

            May be? May be NOT!

          30. Cookie Vranish says

            Nimrod, your comments are straight from your Democrat playbook and Obama already used them!

          31. James Brooks says


          32. Sapient1 says

            Good morning James…

            “Boloni” what?

            God bless

          33. George Durdin says

            I think that is bologna……

          34. SCSOCAL says

            Sapient – Trump has gone through nearly a year of contests and is winning them and is the nominee! There are no other nominees now! Wake up.

          35. Sapient1 says

            Hi SC Social

            Re: “There are no other nominees now! Wake up.’

            Of course, we have not had the Convention just yet…but I understand what you are saying there.

            Unfortunately, that is not the question being asked…the question is why conservatives are not scared to death of this guy who has been bank rolling the very things they are against, for decades.

            Rather, I have interacted with innumerable supporters who seem to equate this with the 2nd Coming…

            God bless

          36. George Durdin says

            I’m just waiting to consider the “orange one” when he can walk on water…..

          37. George Durdin says

            You know Reince Prebus continually says that Trump is rewriting the book on political campaigns………..but that doesn’t mean we have to buy that book and over 16 MILLION haven’t.

          38. NymRod says

            “Trump has gone through nearly a year of contests and is winning them and is the nominee”

            Trump IS NOT and WILL NOT be the nominee.

            Get a clue you brain dead liberal Fool-Aid intoxicated TrumpTardidians.

          39. Cookie Vranish says

            OK! Trump will focus on the economy and national security besides all the other areas. For sure he will spend minimum time and effort on climate change and politically correct. He will focus on the most important issues. Hillary will bring in tons of immigrants to strengthen the Democrat voting base. She will finish ruining the coal industry and put those people on new job training which of course will fail. Most of the people in the coal industry never finished high school and could never accomplish the new training so the training will turn out to be welfare for a few years and Hillary will drift off and leave those people to scratch! Hillary knows nothing about economics except sell off American values for her foundation! She announced yesterday that she would have Bill Clinton handle the economy for her. We got the worst trade deal in history from Bill. With those two people, it is all about back door deals for their foundation. Bernie although it sounds nice just can’t ever tax the people enough to keep the country going! Just no!

          40. Sapient1 says

            Good morning Cookie

            Re: “OK! Trump will focus on the economy and national security besides all
            the other areas. For sure he will spend minimum time and effort on
            climate change and politically correct. He will focus on the most
            important issues…”

            My question is—how do you know that? Or, to put it another way, what reason do you have to believe that?

            Now, just as an example, here are a couple of Trump statements…of late, so they are AFTER any conversion to conservationism he may have had, etc.

            “One of the first things I’d do in terms of executive order, if I win, will be to sign
            a strong, strong statement that would go out to the country, out to the world,
            anybody killing a police man, a police woman, a police officer, anybody killing
            a police officer, the death penalty is going to happen.”

            Now…I understand the sentiment, but friend, but the question is did he mean that or not? If he did, then he is far, far, far outside the Constitution, and if he did not, then how do you tell the difference between what he says and means and what he says and does not mean?

            I have many Trump supporters explain to me that he is being forced by the Establishment, etc to tone it down, etc…and then turn around and say he is independent of the Establishment and can’t be forced to do things…


            You mentioned Hillary, and her programs…how about this one:

            “Third [as POTUS], I would press for universal health care. It’s ridiculous that the richest country on Earth can’t provide first-rate healthcare for our people. I would put forward a comprehensive health care program and fund it with an increase in corporate taxes. I’d strictly regulate the pharmaceutical firms to end these 500% profits on the drugs that are cheap to produce. I like the Canadian system, although their healthcare is not the best. If you combine their system with the quality of our health care, we could provide cradle-to-grave health care for everyone.”

            Now…I have been around long enough to know liberal positions…and THAT is a liberal position from a man who is supposed to be the great antithesis of liberal positions and programs–do you have a problem with that?

            Finally, how about this one:

            “I like the idea of amending the 1964 Civil RIghts Act to include a ban on
            discrimination based on sexual orientation. It would be simple. It would be
            straightforward. We don’t need to rewrite the laws currently on the books,
            although I do think we need to address hate-crimes legislation. But amending
            the Civil Rights Act would grant the same protection to gay people that we give
            to other Americans – it’s only fair.”

            You tell me…is that Trump, Hillary, Bernie, or Obama?
            Its Trump.

            So, while I appreciate the issues you raised, I am at a loss to see how anyone can believe Trump is the guy to undo it rather than further the very things you are concerned about, based on the things he actually says.

            But that’s me…
            God bless

      2. John Gagne says

        It is our duty to change that.That’s what Trump is all about.)(

        1. Roger H Baum says

          Well Said!!!!!

    3. ward says

      Both parties are destroying the U.S. patriotic Citizens Constitutional Rights & Freedom with the asinine views of politicians whims & ways of personal greed ! They have to be replaced 2016 & the Senate is a start point to return government for & by U.S. Citizens eliminating all the wannabe dictators that are destroying the U.S.A. internally while bo gives the U.S. to illegal foreigners …!

  3. Milton W. Lowe says

    The RNC elitists should just back off with the Mitt Romney group of no-do-wells & let the RNC take it’s course & finish the primaries & go from there. The group “We the People” are telling them (RNC) but they don’t want to listen. TRUMP 2016 & 2020 MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

    1. NymRod says

      Trump will NEVER be president.

      Trump vs Hillary – Loses by 90%+

      1. Milton W. Lowe says

        Talk’s cheap…put your money where your mouth is…loser!

        1. NymRod says

          In typical liberal fashion you attack the messenger because your are mentally incapable of addressing the issues.
          Typical liberal TrumpTardidian response.

      2. Milton W. Lowe says

        Only a Libtard would have a name like NymRod…

  4. peter says

    Never Trump brought to you by the group of Romney losers. I’m sure that the democrats are behind the elite GOP establishment of hard core nuts.

    1. George Durdin says

      Sanders has done the same thing to the Democrats that have now been split by a hard core socialist, to much less fanfare in the MSM.

  5. AlanWH says

    Where was Kristol and the Rest of these Morons, when we Needed a NEVER-HUSSEIN Movement? Sitting with their Heads Up their _ss! Go Away and Stay Away! NEVER-RINO Establishment Again Ever!

    1. George Durdin says

      I’m sure that they voted FOR Romney back in 2012, when millions of Republicans chose to stay home because Romney was not their preferred candidate thus handing the White House back to Hussein. You surely weren’t one of those were you?

      1. jreg9304 says

        All the potatoes that stayed home and didn’t vote in 2012, clik like on George’s comment!!!

      2. AlanWH says

        I Held My Nose and Voted for “Mittens” as I did for “Distain” in 2008.

      3. babette reynolds says

        B S. I’m NEVER TRUMP and I held my nose to vote for Rommey and McCain. If you really wanted to beat Hillary you should Not have voted for someone with the HIGHEST DISAPROVAL RATINGS EVER! FOR A CON ARTIST THAT WILL BE NO BETTER THAN OBAMA! When America falls it will be on you

        1. Barbara Ervin says

          A vote for Killery = 4-8 more years of 0bama! That’s what you want? Sad!

          1. George Durdin says

            A vote for Trump IS a vote for Hillary. Do you wants four more years of that? Sad!

          2. Barbara Ervin says

            So you’re saying we’re damned if we do and damned if we don’t. Yes, that is definitely sad.

          3. Retired says

            I can not believe Trump is more Evil than a Clinton.Why would you want to put them back in the Black House ????

          4. Barbara Ervin says

            Uh, I’m voting for Trump but according to George Durdin, to whom I replied, a vote for Trump is a vote for Killery and that translates to we’re damned if we do and damned if we don’t. In other words, America is SOL!

          5. George Durdin says

            Yes……very much so.

          6. Marty Thompson says

            Woa! Not if Trump is the nominee! then and only then, everything will be just fine. GO TRUMP!

          7. NymRod says

            If Trump becomes the nominee he will lose to his good friend Hillary!
            A vote for Trump IS a vote for Hillary!

            You’ve been fooled by the liberal Trojan horse Trump who’s in it to clear the path for Hillary to win.

            Trump will NEVER be president.

            Trump vs Hillary – Loses by 90%+

          8. Michael Dennewitz says


          9. NymRod says

            Yes, you are a TrumpTardTroll!

          10. tbs says

            No if you believe a vote for Trump is for Hillary than you have NOT done your research homework but listened to the lies our media, facebook people who just copy what other posters say and embellish it!
            Get a life and research!
            Trump 2016 ALL the way!

          11. MasajMiradh says

            Yes! Screw facebook!

          12. Barbara Ervin says

            Perhaps you should reread my post to Retired. In that post I was ‘quoting’ George Durdin who is the one who said a vote for Trump is a vote for Killery. I’m neither a Democrat nor a Republican, I am an Independent and I DO my research!

          13. NymRod says

            This is reality.

            Trump will NEVER be president.

            Trump vs Hillary – Loses by 90%+

          14. MasajMiradh says

            Never give up hope! We will prevail!

          15. George Durdin says

            Believe it or not but there is NO difference between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump(aka John Miller)…..neither of them is fit for the White House.

          16. Donald Tucker says

            And your not fit to breath fresh air, so why don’t you STFU !!!!

          17. Marty Thompson says

            I’m with the beav! He knows what he’s talking about!

          18. babette reynolds says

            You sound like a Berrny supporter with all you hate

          19. red110306 says

            You sound like a real Hellary supporter with all of your BS!

          20. the beav says

            like it or not Donald Trump IS the only hope we have ! I feel his heart is set on saving America and I will back him all the way.

          21. Marty Thompson says

            SMART GUY! GO TRUMP!

          22. JJ says


          23. NymRod says

            The lying liberal belligerent babbling buffoon is a liberal Trojan horse to clear the path for his good friend Hillary to win.

          24. Marty Thompson says


          25. NymRod says

            Drink more liberal Fool-Aid.

          26. tbs says

            George you need to stop trolling and go back into your bat cave to do more research to get it right!

          27. Michael Dennewitz says

            How much are you being paid to be a DAMNED TROLL ??

          28. NymRod says

            How much are you being paid to be brain dead stupid?
            Oh, I forgot, it comes naturally to the Fool-Aid intoxicated TrumpTardidians.

          29. MasajMiradh says

            Good bye george, go away ass wipe.

          30. red110306 says

            And George Turdin isn’t fit for this blog.

          31. NymRod says

            They don’t even know who John Miller is, that’s how clueless they are.

          32. George Durdin says

            I found that out for myself yesterday……very little light, oxygen and a considerable amount of brain death. Just zombies……..can’t believe they have a vote.

          33. George Durdin says

            Yea…….isn’t sad that in a wealthy, educated country of over 330 million people we couldn’t come up with two better candidates? There isn’t a choice of picking the best of two evils because they are equally evil in different ways. The American people should demand a Mulligan or do over before we make a tragic mistake.

          34. Marty Thompson says

            We have come up with the only one we need and that’s Donald Trump. WE NEED A GUY WHO CANNOT BE CONTROLLED BY THE GOP AND WE CERTAINLY DON’T NEED ANOTHER OWEBAMA BY THE NAME OF HILLARY. Wake the holy hell up!

          35. NymRod says

            A Mike Tyson knockout bitch slap to the face couldn’t knock the stupid out of you.

          36. John P says

            You made your choice when you put Obummer in

          37. Michael Dennewitz says

            Snort another one TROLL. You’re seriously trippin!!?

          38. George Durdin says

            You apparently can’t read or comprehend Michael…….the facts are just a bit too much for you to understand. Perhaps Hillary will start reading comprehension classes for those struggling with reading and facts. BTW – She also thanks you for your support.

          39. Michael Dennewitz says


          40. NymRod says

            He speaks the truth, something that eludes Branch TrumpTardidians.

          41. Michael Dennewitz says

            Was yo momma in much pain when she hung her fat ass over the bathtub and shit you out?? ?

          42. red110306 says

            Yea…….isn’t it sad that in a wealthy, educated country of over 330 million people we couldn’t come up with two better people than you and Barbara to allow on public sites.

          43. MasajMiradh says

            Unfortunately, that is probably the inconvenient truth. As sad as it may be. I’ve never been one to promote civil war, but it’s looking more and more like that is the way our society is headed. Arm yourselves Americans, the shyt is about to hit the proverbial fan. God help us!

          44. NymRod says

            There was another option, a long proven true Constitutional Conservative in the race but instead you supported the lying liberal belligerent babbling buffoon Trojan horse Trump.

          45. Barbara Ervin says

            I didn’t see anyone else in the race who truly wants to protect America and her citizens from the illegal home invaders pouring across our southern border on a daily basis and that issue is high on my list of priorities!

          46. babette reynolds says

            You are right that’s what I have been saying

          47. kbfallon says

            Hillary sticker for you!–keep it up and you may get two.

          48. George Durdin says

            Hillary wants to thank you kbfallon for your support and would like to invite you to her White House warming party in January. Of course RSVP

          49. pj says

            George Durbin how can. U be for woman that has lied time and time again to Americans W
            .What about her laughing at getting rapist off ,Benghazi ,email and her saying when her and Her husband left white house they where broke .??? Alot more Skelton’s in Hillary closet this is few..Hillary should not be dog catcher or president .

          50. George Durdin says

            Apparently you can’t read or comprehend pj…….I’ve never said I support Hillary Clinton. You don’t have to convince me how evil she is….just as evil a Trump but maybe in a different way. But she does appreciate your support of Trump that is opening the door for her to the White House.

          51. Michael Dennewitz says

            Anyone who responds to this dumbass TROLL is just feeding his ego. That’s all he/she/it came on here for – to eventually succeed in pissing someone off.. . and you’re all playing right into the TROLL’S hand..

          52. NymRod says

            George is NOT a Hillary supporter like you clueless TrmpTardidians are.
            A vote for Trump IS a vote for Hillary!
            Trump will NEVER be president. He cannot and will not defeat his good friend Hillary.

            Trump vs Hillary – Loses by 90%+

          53. Michael Dennewitz says

            Georgie, yo momma have any kids that lived??

          54. Frankdidit says

            We, all of us with some intelligence, would like to know what it is like living in your world there Georgeeeeee? Must be nice. Ignorance is bliss, as my college professor said once!! You have to admit that we live in the greatest Country in the world. Where else can you be as dumb as you are and still be breathing?

          55. the beav says

            and also teaching in college

          56. Marty Thompson says

            Is he breathing? His mind is dead! GO TRUMP!

          57. JJ says


          58. NymRod says

            #DumpTrump #NeverTrump

          59. NymRod says

            You suffer from the Dunning-Kruger effect.

          60. Frankdidit says

            Why thank you very much numskull. At least my head isn’t up my ass. You really should let your out into the daylight.

          61. the beav says

            Sounds like another RINO

          62. George Durdin says

            NO……Trump has managed to wrangle in about 10 million of them that have no clue as to what the Republican party is all about. Just voting Republican or putting an “R” behind your name doesn’t make you a Republican….knowing and supporting the party is beav. Do yourself a favor and encourage Trump to go independent as a Nationalist Populist and stop claiming that he is a Republican…..not even the Democrats believe that. One way or the other he has ALREADY split the party, vote and has lost the race.

          63. Marty Thompson says

            Hey George, he doesn’t have to be a Republican he just needs to defeat Clinton who would destroy America.

          64. pj says

            ????? g

          65. Marty Thompson says

            You have NO idea what you’re talking about!

          66. George Durdin says

            And your facts and sources are? I’ve given more than sufficient evidence for anybody that is curious to look for themselves but it is easier to just attack the messenger. Just too lazy to look for yourself…..

          67. pj says

            Don’t talk about us being lazy u are ..Trump 2016

          68. Michael Dennewitz says

            It’s obviously a TROLL Marty, trippin out !!

          69. JJ says

            Yes, it is!! I am sick of these people who won’t vote for Trump! Good grief! I have had a stomach full of the liberals. And that is exactly what you will get if you don’t vote for Trump! This world can not stand another liberal in office!!! Once Hill goes in, we will never get her out! I had rather vote for a dog turd than a liberal! Excuse my choice of words- I could not think of anything less offensive for them.

          70. George Durdin says

            Don’t blame it on the majority of Republicans that are opposed to Trumps nomination or the million upon millions of Americans that oppose him outside of the party. Just go on youtube and watch how Trump has destroyed his own reputation and candidacy as well as the Republican party with his bullish, childish,foolish and petulant behavior. We shouldn’t put a 69 year old man child in the White House.

          71. JJ says

            Well, I had rather put a guy in office that is childish and foolish than a mean evil bitch that has no care whatsoever for the Anerican people. Hope you don’t get drug up and down the road!

          72. hankthetank says

            I am 84 with an 8th grade education, I could run the government BETTER than both of them put together !!!

          73. MasajMiradh says

            The sheer number of scandals the clintons have been involved in should disqualify their entire family for being qualified to be in American politics for eternity.

          74. hankthetank says

            Maybe, ( parasite )

          75. NymRod says

            A vote for Trump IS a vote for Hillary!
            Just how damn stupid can a Branch TrumpTardidian be?

            Trump is a liberal Trojan horse to clear the path for his good friend Hillary to win the presidency.

            Trump vs Hillary – Loses by 90%+

          76. JJ says

            Well, oh ye of little sense, did you even get out of the 1st grade???? You are the one who is a dumbass!!! Trump is too arrogant and loves himself to well to hand it to Hillary. That is where you are wrong oh bright one!! Go Trump Go!!!

          77. NymRod says

            Does the truth that you were hoodwinked by the trickery of Hillary make you angry?

          78. JJ says

            You are a goober, NymRod, and because your mental capacity is so low, I am being polite in saying goober!!! Your the only one that is hoodwinked, and you don’t have mind enough to know it. ?That is what is so hilarious!! Now, get back to work so your paycheck can be redistributed!!

          79. JJ says

            I believe you were the one that was hoodwinked!!! She apparently did not trick anyone!

          80. JJ says

            Polls don’t mean a thing!!!

          81. JJ says

            Get it through your idiotic brain! Trump does not play second to anyone about anything.

          82. JJ says

            Oh Bright one, she can barely beat Bernie!

          83. JJ says

            I voted for Trump, and he got my vote unlike what you thought! Does it bother you that you were wrong?

          84. Michael Dennewitz says

            …..wants ???

          85. Pam Dunn says

            Another brainless moron spews.

          86. tbs says

            How do you figure that? Proof please as they have nothing incommon!
            She is a criminal and needs to go to jail to serve her time!

          87. hankthetank says

            Both of them should be 6 foot under the jail !!!

          88. Barbara Ervin says

            And she has marched in lockstep with 0bama ever since he was elected and will continue his current agenda! Even the coal miners in Appalachia are intelligent enough to know that.

        2. George Durdin says

          I’m not sure where you are coming from Babette……I too am opposed to Trump because he isn’t a Republican and definitely not a conservative and there is NO reason for me to vote for someone that doesn’t represent my political concerns and values. Plain and simple…….the truth is the 2016 Presidential campaign is already over for the Republicans and Trump after the controversy and circus he has turned it in to.

          1. babette reynolds says

            I think we are on the same track, but we certainly are in a pickle

          2. Bob Marcum says

            Getting in a pickle is easy, for you two. Life is hard enough, when you’re smart. But; it’s a real bummer, when you’re stupid ( as you two are ).

          3. George Durdin says

            Remember what Forrest Gump said Bob…….”stupid is what stupid does” and you done been stupid for supporting Trump(akaJohn Miller)

          4. Michael Dennewitz says

            Bob, I think she said she USES a pickle every night!! ?

          5. Bob Marcum says

            hee hee hee hee I think, you may be right.

          6. NymRod says

            You suffer from the Dunning-Kruger effect.

          7. George Durdin says

            No…..we are just floating on the very top of this pickle barrel with a lot of really pickled people that don’t realize it. At least we do……

          8. Ah nutz says

            you’re a sick dude.

          9. Bob Marcum says

            Ah nutz; you’re absolutely right. They are all sick. Anyone, who is willing to allow
            killary to continue obuma’s term for another 4-8 years, is absolutely sicko. They
            would virtually destroy this nation, if we don’t get out there,and over ride their
            destructive voting mentality.

          10. babette reynolds says

            You allowed Hillary to win when you voted for Trum9

          11. George Durdin says

            Amen…..another brilliant, rare voice of reason and wisdom in the sea of hypnotized Trump mania.

          12. babette reynolds says

            Thanks George good to know there are still some sane people in this country

          13. George Durdin says

            Hang in there and don’t give up on your morals, principles, values and integrity. Nobody can take those things away from us. We will get through this some how……

          14. STEVIETEES says


          15. Donald Tucker says

            I thought her name was KILLERY !!

          16. Marty Thompson says


          17. Mathew Molk says

            Are you one of the trolls that the Clinton campaign spent a million dollars to plant on conservative sites?

            I see your point, If the Treasonous Felon looses you will not get paid.

          18. babette reynolds says

            No I’m not and your insults and accusations are definitely not winning me over to vote for your precious Donald

          19. Michael Dennewitz says

            Where do you sick ass TROLLS come from? Is there a gutter somewhere that you’re breeding in???

          20. babette reynolds says

            You sound like a left wing hate monger

          21. Bob Marcum says

            How is that possible ? She didn’t win. The election is in November.

          22. George Durdin says

            Lets see Trump supporters are approximately 11 to 12 % of the total American electorate (118 million people voted in 2012) so just how do you expect to “over ride” the will of the vast majority of the American people. You need to get out in the real world for awhile……it doesn’t revolves around Trump(aka John Miller)

          23. George Durdin says

            And you have an empty head and not much of a vocabulary…….

          24. Ah nutz says

            don’t take much to describe ‘chit’.

          25. Michael Dennewitz says

            Was yo momma in much pain when she hung her fat ass over the bathtub and shit you out??

          26. Retired says

            The circus was created by the Clinton Machine.

          27. George Durdin says

            You have apparently missed the 24/7 news coverage of the Trump(aka John Miller)circus….nobody but Trump, with an assist from the liberal progressive media could have created this chaos. And you want to give the loose canon the keys to the White House?

          28. Retired says

            That loose canon as you claim would be better than the lying self centered Clintons with a grave yard full of skeletons that you seem to have missed.

          29. George Durdin says

            I don’t think I missed anything retired……I have pretty much said that both of them do not offer the best alternative to the other because they are both evil in their own way and right. Neither one of them is fit to serve in the White House. And once again it is ashamed that in a wealthy, educated country of 330 million people we could not have two better candidates to consider for the presidency. They are both a sign of our countries moral decline and decay.

          30. Retired says

            Not arguing your point, it’s just that I am willing to take a Chance with Trump. A third party issue would give it to Clinton.

          31. George Durdin says

            Like I’ve said before Clinton has it locked away barring her indictment and in that case it would either be Sanders or more likely Biden. We will see…….

          32. Marty Thompson says

            Trump has it in the bag. Even Sanders is beating her and he is because no one likes Hillary

          33. George Durdin says

            Marty, Hillary sincerely thanks you for being so gullible, your support and would like to invite you to her White House warming party next January. RSVP, black tie only Marty.

          34. pj says

            l .Hillary does not have it locked up educate yourself

          35. Marty Thompson says

            Trump WILL become one of the best presidents that this country has ever known. I, at 74 won’t live long enough to realize it, but I know he’s the right guy as soon as Romney opened his mouth about him. GO TRUMP!

          36. Debby says

            Google it…… The Clinton Chronicles 2015…… listen all the way thru….. something to really think about !!

          37. Marty Thompson says


          38. STEVIETEES says

            yeah george, it is STUPID voters like you that got Obozo elected and will get hitlery cliton elected too!

          39. the beav says

            THE Scared RINOS and progressive Socialist ::hillary:: have turned the political scene into a circus

          40. rosalindr says

            Does anyone think Trump might be running as a Republican to help Hillary win? What dummies voted for him in the primaries? Whatamess!

          41. George Durdin says

            In this day and age of conspiracy theories, it would not be out of the question, after all Trump was a self proclaimed liberal Democrat LONG before he declared that he was a Republican. In fact Trump has changed party affiliation four times just since 1999. It seems he continues to go were he can get the best deal or find an advantage. And remember that he did meet with Bill Clinton the week before Trump announced his intention to run for the Republican nomination. So…….as you said what a mess.

          42. Marty Thompson says

            If you don’t vote for Trump it’s most likely a vote for Hillary. A vote for her and THIS country is finished.

        3. Retired says

          Why don’t you admit the only reason you won’t vote for Trump is because Hillarious is a so called Woman.

          1. George Durdin says

            NO……it is because she has NOT been hypnotized by a master manipulators and possesses a conscience, morals and values.

          2. Frankdidit says

            Well, you have to Hildebeast credit, she likes the same thing as us men!!!!

          3. Retired says

            You are going to get the ladies lovers excited now.

          4. Donald Tucker says

            Yep, one that couldn’t take care of her man,,,!!!

        4. kbfallon says

          You’re pathetic-there are two choices for president and you are one who educate yourself and stop listening to all the crap you have been reading/watching as most have been proven wrong time and time again.

          1. babette reynolds says

            Yah vanilla and vanilla

          2. George Durdin says

            And your proof and facts are? That is a pretty empty argument…..

          3. Marty Thompson says

            ONCE AGAIN, GO TRUMP! The only guy who doesn’t need the job and cannot be controlled. That’s why there are more Republicans voting this year and many less dumbocrats

          4. Debby says

            The Clinton Chronicles 2015 – Google it…………

          5. kbfallon says

            Argument???? Its a statement….OK–there are THREE people running for president-Happy Now ?

          6. the beav says

            look at all the mysteriously dead people with close ties to the clintons in their history book

        5. Mathew Molk says

          What a fool you are. Remember, Trump was going to “implode” months ago. Even in the liberal media its Clinton that is imploding. The Treasonous Felon is NOT going to win this election.

          Stop listening to rigged polls and get yourself a reality check, kid.

          1. Marty Thompson says

            GO TRUMP!

        6. Marty Thompson says

          The only chance America could possibly have is through Donald Trump. How come this 74 year old man and his wife of 55 years knew that Trump was the ONLY person for the job the second he announced his bid for the office. GO TRUMP!

          1. babette reynolds says

            For the sane reason I was dancing in the streets when Cruz announced. But still I was willing to give Trump a considerations but the more I learned the more I realized I could never vote for him.

        7. Marty Thompson says

          And so you think that an extension of owebama will be better? GO TRUMP!

          1. babette reynolds says

            So you think that 60 % of Republicans will vote for someone with the highest diisapproval ratings EVER EVEN HIGHER THAT HILLARY’S. Not so smart.and then you expect us to just go along.

          2. Michael Dennewitz says

            Are you a DYKE ????

          3. babette reynolds says

            He’ll no I’m not a DYKE and I don’t believe that men should go into ladies rooms either. But Don the Con does.

          4. Pete says


          5. babette reynolds says

            Ok “little Marco” my only problem is fat fingers on a little phone that keeps auto correct my words. And if you must know I’m a college graduate and i work 70 a week and have had my own business for 16 yrs. So up your if you can’t talk about the issues

          6. Pete says


        8. John P says

          You are a total imbecilic idiot

        9. Pam Dunn says

          Gee sweetie; You DO NEED to up your meds.

          1. babette reynolds says

            I don’t do drugs and never have. That’s why I look 40 at the age of 65.but maybe if you came off yours you could actuallytalk about the issues

          2. Pete says


        10. Vicki Allred says

          I agree with you Babette. But I couldn’t hold my breath long enough to vote for trump and I am tired of voting for the lesser of two evils, and both Clinton and frickn trump are evil! I will write in Cruz’s name and go home knowing I can still hold my head high!

          1. babette reynolds says

            Exactly right I will write in Cruz unless we can come up with a good 3rd party candidate. Did you know that the 3rd person doesn’t have to win they only have to keep both Hillary and Trump from getting 270. Then it goes to Congress and each state only gets 1 vote.

        11. red110306 says

          Are you Babbs?

      4. hankthetank says

        And they were right, he is a prick also !!

    2. SouthernPatriot says

      What we really need is a #NEVERHILLARY movement. No patriot, no one is their right mind, no one who is really a producer and not a taker, wants to have a third term of Obama…or worse.

      1. AlanWH says

        AMEN! Unfortunately, these Clowns would rather see Hillary win, if they can’t get their way in the Pathetic “gop.”

        1. Brian Bonner says

          They would rather hitlery win because she is one of them! It is a ONE party system; Right and Leftwing progressivism

          1. NymRod says

            Thanks for proving my point that TrumpTardians are the stupidest people in America!

          2. Pam Dunn says

            Hey moron to see the STUPIDEST person in the room, go look in a mirror after pulling your head out of your rectum.

          3. andydog says

            Nice, like Donald

          4. Theresa Hall-Klos says

            Do not expect a nice comment back to someone who has not been nice. We don’t care if you don’t think Donald is “nice”. We are voting for him to be the leader of the USA. This is not the time to speak softly. Obama has broken our big stick.

          5. SUZANNE M. says


          6. Paul Burton says

            There was a child dying in another country. The child needed to be brought to America for treatment. The airlines would not allow the child on their airlines because the disease was highly contagious. Trump heard about the situation and immediately sent one of his personal jets to bring the child here. Libs can call him names and say their filth, but I’d bet that child and family think he’s a saint.
            On the other hand, there’s Hillary…with a trail of dead bodies in her wake….

          7. SUZANNE M. says


          8. Catnip says

            Love that story.

          9. Paul Burton says

            Thank you Catnip…appreciate your input….
            Go Trump!!!

          10. Awaitingtherapture says

            You claimed earlier that you are not supporting Trump, Clinton or Sanders.
            Who are you supporting ?
            Careful, TRUTH AND FACTS are lethal to libtards.

          11. Sherry says

            You’re going to be waiting a VERY LONG TIME……………

          12. Awaitingtherapture says

            I know, but what NymRod does not realize is that I have all eternity, since I am a born again, saved, washed in the blood of Jesus Christ, CHRISTIAN. Where as he/she/it only has until their death of the flesh. THAT is what they absolutely fear and reject. God Bless 🙂

          13. LastGasp says

            It’s a troll. Not old enough to vote or way too ignorant.

          14. ABO says

            c) All of the above.

          15. iitywybad says

            The only point you have is your head.

          16. Jose Quiñones says

            Liberals are soooo smart? Nex war… Let send only Liberars see how many of you cowards will show up. I been in both Iraq and Afghanistan, I am Hispanic with Law degree… I am voting for Trump. Hillary took 120 million dollars from Arabs, she’s compromised, maybe that is why she set up her private server… It was a “pay-per-view.” You cannot figure that out, smart one… But the FBI is on it….

          17. Vicki Allred says

            Then you of all people should have cared more about this country than to have voted for that ego maniac parasite! Thank you for your service, but damn you for voting for an idiot!

          18. ward says

            Your the idiot & asinine libtard if you vote for hillary or sanders …. !

          19. Vicki Allred says

            Not voting for hillary or sanders or trump! Not paid to say how I feel, but I am just as free to say it as any of you are!! Not one of those three would be worth the time to vote for! Held my nose to vote before just because they were on the Republican ticket. Not doing it again! I will write in my candidate. If they can’t come up with better candidates than trump and Hillary, then the hell with both parties! Just an FYI ward, I bet I am more of a patriot than you will ever be, and I can do so without calling you names!

          20. ward says

            All for you write in so why vote anyway ……?

          21. Jose Quiñones says

            Look at Trump’s family… if he runs the country the way he runs his family we will do well. When was the last time you saw a president who did not have a scandal, use cocaine or, in the case of Obama, hated his own US Constitution and country by trying to take away 2nd Amendment or flooding the country with Muslims or put men in girl’s bathroom… We really will do better with Mr. Trump, Vicki… I’d ask you to have a little faith this time and vote for him… We can do no worse than we are doing now. Thank you.

          22. Jim Samaras says

            Of course she will have no answer to for that well thought out post. It’s all very true and the Trump haters can’t articulate “why” All they can say is rants with lies they hear from the controlled media. Comical really…..

          23. Mike Burkett says

            Vicki, your dis-satisfaction with the GOP establishment should not taint your vote for Trump. Both parties are guilty of laboring under the ‘Americans Last’ (see Phyllis Schlafly’s Breitbart interview) ideology for decades and American’s are tired of these same professional politicians of both parties running America and her constitution into the ground. Trump, sensing this sentiment, is taking America back and will make her great again.

          24. Jack Magurn says

            Stay home, don’t vote! Enjoy the results (if you don’t enjoy the results, please don’t blame anybody but yourself)!
            Incidentally, I expect, as a direct result of your staying home, you will probably never have the opportunity to do so again.

          25. Lois Choate says

            Yes you do have the right to vote and believe how you want but so do all Americans and majority rules no matter if it isn’t who we may want personally. Throwing away vites from Republicans helped put Obama in. How did that work for us! Just sliw down the anger andxtake time to really

          26. Ah nutz says

            patriot , nah. you’re thinking that not voting Trump is ‘noble’ = you’re a hero in your mind…actually you’re electing hillary…patriot NO WAY.

          27. Old and Infirmed says

            You would be better to hold your nose and vote because soon you may not get that privilege. If we were governed by Sharia Law, as women we would be nothing. And I don’t even think they have real voting for the people who run their countries. Well if you vote for Hilliary, sharia law may be in your future since she is inviting the muslims, syrians, etc here and that is the law they are accustomed to and want. Maybe that is okay with you. But my vote is on Trump and I thanks the Lord that I have the right to vote.

          28. Catnip says

            Well said! Me too, go Trump!

          29. babette reynolds says

            I will write in for Cruz or if Austin Peterson gets the libertarian party nomination I will vote for him. Check him out you might really like him.

          30. Cheryl Detar says

            Then, you will be helping hildabeast get elected. Neither of your choices are actually electable.

          31. babette reynolds says

            And neither H or T are acceptable. I think what the Trumpsters don’t get is the NEVER TRUMP people are not FOR H or B we just can’t vote for Trump. It is ashame that we had some excellent choices but the Trump people are so insistent on tearing up the system , which is what we have had for 8 years, that they would vote for someone as bad as T knowing 60% of Republicans can’t in good conscience vote for him. Hell even Bush would have been better.

          32. Cheryl Detar says

            Not voting or doing a, “write in,” is a vote for hildabeast. If Trump does nothing more than close the borders, we win and, at least, some of the destruction of America will end. We will save money, by not giving the welfare and drug traffic will slow. IMO, those are reason enough to vote Trump.

          33. Catnip says

            Great post Cheryl

          34. Cheryl Detar says

            Thank you.

          35. Catnip says

            We’ll do it without you.

          36. Jose Quiñones says

            It is better not to use insults, friend. You get better results without being offended but calm. They are a special kind of stupid and may not see or understand what you are saying…

          37. ward says

            What I said is not an insult it was a return of facts about her post of insults …. !

          38. Lois Choate says

            Very nice insults only show weakness!

          39. Catnip says

            Well I was ready to jump on her too. Like what you say here Mr. Q 😉
            She won’t feel like much of a patriot in November as she votes for nobody. I think Trump will win over the best of the doubters in the time that’s left. Go Trump!

          40. James Maxwell says

            The only parasite running is the Hildabeast withe Skirt Chaster close behind along
            with her dyke friend. Stole more money and are connected to more mysterious
            deaths than any one else in American History.

          41. andrew says

            Just dang proud to say that I did not vote for the little muslim Piss-ant either time !

          42. Jay Star says

            He could have done great things for this country but chose to do harm to both sides. Thats the reason the Democrats ran him because they knew if anyone went against him they would be called racist, etc. But I think it blew up on them too.

          43. Marty Thompson says

            The only idiots are those who don’t support Trump

          44. NymRod says

            “The only idiots are those who don’t support Trump”

            The only idiots are those who do support Trump.

            There, fixed that for ya.

          45. Cookie Vranish says

            Nope! You can’t fix anything! How can you even type with your head up your backside?

          46. Sherry says

            The very same way you can read this with your head up your backside…………..

          47. Storm says

            shame such talk

          48. SUZANNE M. says


          49. Catnip says

            Seriously, I’d rather be talking about this with Mittens Romney. This is how he repays friend Trump who stood up for him when the chips were down.

          50. LastGasp says

            Another troll heard from. Waiting for the third one. Come on down, Janet Rowe.

          51. Catnip says

            Hahahaha. Yeah, seems like there are always three.

          52. Ah nutz says

            this must be mrs. limp stick…

          53. Mike Burkett says

            Momma helps him when he is not nursing.

          54. SUZANNE M. says


          55. Mike Burkett says

            Type-A personality that will put America first.

          56. Paul Burton says

            He’s a troll, people. Just ignore him…liberal trolls HATE to be ignored! …in fact, liberals HATE to be ignored! LOL!!!

          57. Catnip says

            Ah, ok. Funny you.

          58. Mike Burkett says

            ‘Useful idiot’ troll. Are you on Soros’ payroll?

          59. Ah nutz says

            doubt he could pass soros aptitude test. ..too weak

          60. ABO says

            Or Hitlery’s.

          61. Paul Burton says

            Just like the anti-Trump protestors are paid to harass Trump’s speeches, Nymrod is probably a paid liberal internet troll…you know, as a way to supplement his/her welfare check.

          62. Ah nutz says

            LIMP STICK might be a more fitting handle .. you are weak.

          63. jscarano7 says

            ””””””””””””””””””””””””DONALD TRUMP 2016

          64. Catnip says

            …and then we look at your name and that fixes all your statements for us.

          65. Catnip says

            … and then we look at your name and that fixes your comments for US.

          66. Mike Burkett says

            ‘Useful idiots’ will keep the democrap party in power when, in reality, these are people who can not or will not carry their own weight and contribute to society.

          67. jscarano7 says

            YOU GOT THAT RIGHT
            ”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’DONALD TRUMP 2016
            ”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””DONALD TRUMP 2016
            ”””””””””””””””’DONALD TRUMP 2016

          68. Abel says

            He didn’t say he was voting for you, he said he was voting for Trump.

          69. Cookie Vranish says

            He hasn’t done it yet dummy! I’m hoping he does though!

          70. LastGasp says

            The only idiot is you. Getting paid to disrupt meaningful discussions is lower than low. Real meaningful, couldn’t even define who you meant. Take your three buddy trolls with you when you go.

          71. Jose Quiñones says

            When was the last time we had a president who did not cheat on his wife, use drugs and fill his pockets with money? You voted too.

          72. babette reynolds says

            I agree, and I don’t know about you but I wanted to vote for Curz. Being from California I didn’t get the chance.

          73. Cheryl Detar says

            Obozo won, due to proven massive voter fraud. Not because MOST Americans voted for him.

          74. ABO says

            He never said he would vote for you.

          75. MakeAmericaGreatAgain! says

            The only idiot is you and Crooked Evil Hillary! The Democrackhead low energy idiot!

          76. John E Strom Jr. says

            The FBI has been bought and paid for.

          77. Jimmy Quick says

            Sorry to say, the acronym FBI now stands for Flipping Big Idiots. They have been ordered to stand down by the dictator in chief and nothing is gonna come of Clinton’s multiple criminal acts.

            Our only hope is for Trump to stand tough and kick her butt in the debates.

          78. Mike Burkett says

            Your right. During the Vietnam War with the draft purge America of liberal/hippie democraps that did not want to serve their country and went to Canada or were incarcerated and no longer able to vote. Unfortunately some of the weaker hippie democrap cowards laid low and now they’re running America.

          79. Lois Choate says

            Thank you! Great response!

          80. Jimmy King says

            Jose can you see how stupid you sound? Only a hispanic with a “Law degree” would vacation in Iraq or Afghanistan. I guess you were afraid if you went back to Mexico, Trump wouldn’t allow you to come back here

          81. Mary Brumley says

            Good post! Thank you for your service. There are many, many who really do appreciate you.

          82. Vicki Allred says

            They elect the idiot and then blame intelligent people for not wanting to vote for the puke!

          83. ABO says

            Who said they would vote for you???

          84. William Mancia says

            Hey! libtard! NymRod? Why don’t you move to France? Or China?

          85. Sherry says

            So, why don’t you? Does he NOT have a right to his own beliefs without you all ostracizing his personal choices?? Have we forgotten the reason for those rights? Why so much childish RAGE and HATE just because someone differs in their opinions? Is this NOT America anymore? Just what ARE we voting for?

          86. LastGasp says

            Those aren’t beliefs, fool. All it has done is insult and slander. No meaningful contribution at all. Just like you, worthless.

          87. Marty Thompson says

            Except for you!

          88. Milton W. Lowe says

            Liberalism is an incurable mental disorder!

          89. NymRod says

            Which the liberal Fool-Aid intoxicated Branch Trumpidians suffer from greatly.

          90. Cookie Vranish says

            Tell me about Hillary running as the first women President and can’t handle the job! She intends to have rapist Bill handle the economy!

          91. Sherry says

            Now THERE, we can ALL agree!

          92. SUZANNE M. says


          93. Mike Burkett says

            People voting for Hilary should have their United States citizenship revoked.

          94. ABO says

            She not only allowed it, she viciously attacked those women, called them sluts and trailer trash and now she’s “working hard for womens’ rights” Oh really??? I wouldn’t trust Hillary Clinton as far as I could throw her.

          95. Paul Burton says

            He’ll be to busy mishandling women…LOL!!!

          96. Mike Burkett says

            Come on Nym, get off momma’s tit and stand up for America.

          97. Sherry says

            NOT TRUE…….Become a real Christian and God will open your eyes to see CLEARLY!

          98. Catnip says

            You’re confused.

          99. Cookie Vranish says

            Nope! The stupidest people in America voted for Obama the second term! I have only found 3 people that would admit to voting for Obama the second time!

          100. Sherry says

            They PROBABLY didn’t! The entire “election” was fixed; a total FRAUD! Don’t forget that the military vote wasn’t counted, early GOP votes weren’t counted, the voting machines were programed to vote for “o”, and the ballot boxes were stuffed in the big cities, as well as dead and phony (Micky Mouse, and Pluto votes) votes were cast by the thousands! The guy who programed the machines was a hired programmer paid by Soros. All of this was done in SPAIN! They wanted the “victory” to win by only 51-53% to throw off suspicion. It was in a hearing on C-Span a few years ago! Look it up on U-Tube.

          101. Storm says

            & you know this how?

          102. Joseph C Moore USN Ret says

            Only the naive have a disbelief of the fraud perpetrated on them. The establishment democrat/republican (in name only) party knows the truth about the coming NWO that they want established. The Constitution of our Republic means nothing to them except for their disingenuous (lying) talking points to befuddle the voters into thinking that they have the public interests as preeminent.

          103. Paul Burton says

            I wouldn’t doubt it one bit. My wife and I had threats from liberals at a polling place. It came down to me defending my wife and I as we left the place. Lucky, I have a carry permit and flashed my piece…only then did they back off and allowed is to leave. Yup…the good old ‘tolerant’ left attempted to stop our vote, then threaten violence we they couldn’t change our minds…

          104. Paul Burton says

            hey Cookie, and they’re in a mental asylum…right?! LOL!!!

          105. Theresa Hall-Klos says

            And YOU are supporting who? Trump supporters KNOW who they will vote for, for the good of the Country. You, however, are obviously for one of the LOSERS. No vote is a vote for Hillary. Be careful who you call the “stupidest”.

          106. LastGasp says

            Now that was a really intelligent addition to the discussion. Be a good little troll, dry up and blow away.

          107. Greg Hernandez says

            Hey NymRod, it is wonderful that you use the epitome in names for stupidity as your handle. You let the whole world know you are mentally challenged. The Trump phenomenom is happening because the two parties have failed in their duty to the electorate and needs a thorough housecleaning. Brian is quite right. they are two sides of the same coin. If ” Trump Tardians “: are the stupidest people in America, where does that leave you, …. The stupidest person in the World ??????

          108. Mike Burkett says

            Nym, you afraid of the free market capitalism or enjoy your affirmative action too much.

          109. Lois Choate says

            You proved yourself with”stupidest”!

          110. ABO says

            Beyond any reasonable doubt whatsoever, Lois.

          111. Independent Female Voter says

            Don’t assume we’re all stupid. You voted for Obama. Says a lot about YOU!

          112. Cheryl Detar says

            NymRod…Great name for you….informal and inept person. The great grandson of Noah, associated with the Tower of Babel which led to his reputation as a king who was rebellious against God.

          113. ABO says

            No, I think you’ve got that one tied up.

          114. ward says

            Traitors is the term & execution is the solution …. !

          115. Brendajlocklear2 says

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          116. 3RD Parallel N. says

            Click a virus. AKA Typhoid?

          117. Jimmy Quick says

            And all of this from the comfort of your hut in Nairobi? Simply amazing.

          118. Greg Hernandez says

            Don’t need this gargage on the site.

          119. elmcqueen3 says

            It sure looks that way…I would never have thought Romney would be such a sore loser…if he would have been as tough against Obama as he is against Trump he might have won the Presidency…but No…Romney folded when when he should have stood his ground when he had the chance to trample all over Obama…but isn’t that what RINO’s are all about…mostly they are sore losers and would rather pick a fight with a fellow Republican than someone who’s a Democrat…such as Mitt Romney is proving his self to be…a spoiled loser from “get go”.

          120. Ted Crawford says

            Trump is a Republican to the same degree that an Ayatollah is a Catholic, or the Pope is a Buddhist!

          121. elmcqueen3 says

            For a moment there I thought you were going to say “to the same degree that Barack Obama is a Christian”.

        2. NymRod says

          Trump is no Republican and most certainly not a Conservative.
          Trump is a liberal plant to clear the path for his good friend Hillary to win presidency.
          He is a Trojan horse that tricked the clueless Trumpidians into believing his babbling buffoonery which only the most foolish among us would believe.

          There was a long proven true Constitutional Conservative in the race but the foolish who failed to do their civic duty to properly vet the candidates blindly supported the liberal Trojan horse after being repeatedly warned. We wouldn’t be in this mess today if it weren’t for the fools that supported the lying liberal belligerent babbling buffoon.

          Now the Trumpidians with their skewed liberal logic are attempting to blame others for their own failed actions. You wanted it, you got it, you own it, deal with it.

          1. jackhy says

            you are the babbling buffoon. get back on you meds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          2. Michael Dennewitz says

            And you’ve been snorting far too much of that shit too! DAYUUMMM! Trolls are out really thick today!!

          3. Paul Burton says

            LOL!!! So true…

          4. tornadohunter says

            WELL, at least everyone including myself, now know why you have the name NymRod!!!!

          5. NymRod says

            4 Signs From The Last 24 Hours That Trump Suckered Conservatives

          6. tornadohunter says

            OMG WOW! So, that makes him like everyone else? All that crap was early on. So, I guess Trump isn’t aloud to research anything, then realize that he may have been wrong, so he went a different direction. Holy shit dude! You listen to the media WWAAYY to much. As far as wages — wow you know what? I’m not gonna set here and try to explain something to someone that basically has no F’ING clue about how anything works and believes it’s illegal to take a different direction!!! You must be a Hitlary lover! Am I right? I think I ‘am! So, here’s what you do, ok! Listen close, I’m only gonna say this once!!
            Why don’t you go out and try to find The SKANK Clinton and give her that nice big wet juicy french kiss that you wanna give her! What a dick head!! But do it fast because she’s a lesbian!!

            TRUMP 2016

          7. NymRod says

            “I’m not gonna set here and try to explain something to someone”

            That’s because you don’t posses mental ability to do so.

            “You must be a Hitlary lover!”

            Shows just how clueless you TrumpTardidians truly are.

            Trump will NEVER be president, not ever.

          8. red110306 says

            Wahhhh. Give the baby his pacifier!

          9. Marty Thompson says

            You’d better get used to the idea because Trump WILL be the next president.

          10. Sherry says

            SOOOO…….It’s fine when the Donald does it but NOT for Ted Cruz??? You people are total nuts! You DESERVE what is going to happen to you!!!!

          11. Storm says

            Cruz is history why fuss over him, its a waste of time. Trump will win

          12. tornadohunter006 says

            Yes I do!! And it will be much better than if The SKANK Clinton gets elected, which she won’t. She’s being investigated for ESPIONAGE now along with the Email scandal. And we have the Cruz sex scandal AND THIS THING WITH HIS CUBAN DADDY and LEE HARVEY OSWALD! So. yes! It’s ok for the Non-establishment, non-political puppet and not Rafael “LYIN TEDDY” Cruz Jr. 7 or 8 out of 10 people will agree with me also!!! So have a nice day. NOT !!! :o)>

          13. NymRod says

            Do you have anything substantive to say? Or are you the typical boring
            Trump supporter who never shows the slightest knowledge of the issues.

          14. red110306 says


            Obama is against Trump… Check

            The Media are against Trump… Check

            The establishment Democrats are against Trump… Check

            The establishment Republicans are against Trump… Check

            The Pope is against Trump… Check

            The UN is against Trump… Check

            The EU is against Trump… Check

            China is against Trump… Check

            Mexico is against Trump… Soros is against Trump… Check

            Black Lives Matter is against Trump… Check

            Move On is against Trump… Check

            Koch Brothers are against Trump… Check

            Bushes are against Trump … Check

            Planned Parenthood is against Trump….Check

            Hillary & Sanders are both against Trump … Check

            Illegal aliens are against Trump … Check

            Islam is against Trump … Check

            Kasich & Cruz are against Trump … Check

            Hateful, racist, violent Liberals are against Trump.. Check

            NOW THAT BEING SAID…

            It seems to me, Trump MUST BE the Best Qualified Candidate we could ever have. If you have so many political insiders and left wing NUT CASES all SCARED TO DEATH, that they all speak out against him at the same time!!

            Most of all, it will be the People’s Choice…


            He’s not a Lifetime Politician…Check

            He’s not a Lawyer…..Check

            He’s not doing it for the money…Check

            He’s a Natural Born American Citizen born in the USA from American parents

            Bonus points!

            Whoopi says she will leave the country…

            Rosie says she will leave the country…

            Sharpton says he will leave the country…

            Gov. Brown says California will build a wall…

            Cher says she will leave the country…

            Cyrus says she will leave the country…

            The Constitution and the Bill of Rights will prevail….

            Hillary will go to jail…..

            The budget will be balanced in 8 years….

            Americans will have first choice at jobs…..

            You will not be able to marry your pet….

            You will be able to keep your gun(s) if you qualify… (Not a criminal, etc.)

            Only Live Human American Registered Citizens can vote….

            You can have and keep your own Doctor…..

            You can say what you want without being called a racist….

            He will make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

            Come to think of it, we have no place to go, but UP!

            Is that enough for you Dork?

          15. The Grump says

            I was sold at whoopi, rosie, al and cher leaving. Hopefully with a few million illegals.

          16. Ramocat says

            THAT WAS GREAT!!!!!

          17. red110306 says


          18. NymRod says

            70% of the population is against him. How will he be able to win?
            He cannot and will not defeat his good friend Hillary.
            A vote for Trump IS a vote for Hillary!

            The TrumpTardidians have drank the liberal Fool-Aid and fell for the liberal Trojan hose to clear the path for his good friend Hillary to win.

            You were warned but refused to listen.

            You wanted it, you got it, you own it, deal with it.

          19. Marty Thompson says

            You better see a shrink there bud! A vote for Trump is a vote for this just about lost country. GO TRUMP AND ONLY TRUMP. I don’t give a damn whether he’s a conservative or a f–kin liberal. All I do know is he is absolutely the only guy who can and you can bet, will save this country. That’s the truth no matter how you try and spin it.

          20. red110306 says

            First off, your 70% is a fallacy that is being used to spread the BS on here. Please site your source? And I don’t mean your “Never Trump” blithering idiots either. Listening to them makes me want to throw up.
            All of you Cruzer Losers are just mad that Lyin Ted didn’t matter.
            We wanted it, We got it, we own it and we are happy!

          21. Sherry says

            Someday, you will eat those very words. Trump was afraid of Cruz; that’s why he had to dive into the dumpster to make up those lies about Cruz’s Dad being part of the JFK assassination! He KNEW full well that all of that was a LIE! Just like the lie spread by the donald about Cruz’s charge that Carson was leaving the race! Donald KNEW that that story was put out there courtesy of the Trump machine and CNN! Trump has spewed so much lies and slanderous innuendo against Cruz because he saw Cruz as the threat that he was! Cruz won many states that Trump couldn’t and he realized it was time to get down into the mud and do his dirty politics! Have you NOT been LISTENING to this idiot? He changes direction constantly, while denying things he CLEARLY said! Talk about a flip-flopper, Trump is the king of flip-flops! Think about it; the reason Cruz was hated so much by the house, senate and Bush, was because he REFUSED to go along to get along with the corrupt Rinos as well as the corrupt Demoncraps!

          22. red110306 says

            No, someday you will realize that you got your blood pressure up for no reason. Cruz flip flopped as well. When Trump first brought up building a wall and deporting illegals, All of the other candidates (including Cruz) said he was being racist and irresponsible. But low and behold, after Cruz saw how the electorate was in step with Trump on that issue, Cruz did a 180 Degree turn and all of a sudden was for building a wall and deporting illegals. Same with keeping Muslims from entering the country from trouble areas in the middle east. Trump made it an issue, it resonated with the electorate, and all of a sudden Cruz was on board with that as well. I thought at first that Cruz would make a good SCOTUS nominee but I am not so sure even about that any more. I believe he is an illegal immigrant sympathizer and would vote as such on the Supreme Court. One last thought, look what happened to Ben Carson when he took some time out from his campaign in Iowa. Rumors were spread by the Cruz camp that Ben had dropped out of the race. Pretty fishy to me. But I guess you will have some pro Cruz answer for that as well. We are for Trump all the way. The alternative is Hitlery and a majority liberal Supreme court for the next generation. I will NOT be party to electing a self serving criminal like Clinton.

          23. RobertS says

            Sherry, i am a life long conservative. Cruz didn’t have the right stuff.

          24. Edward Conley says

            Snooze is a NWO shill.Or don’t you do much research? You whining Cruzbots are in major denial.

          25. NotJim says

            For the record, I stated several times that if Cruz won the nomination I’d support him. That’s despite considering him ineligible (and I do think it matters), and having policy differences with him. I also think the “NWO” accusation has some merit. Some of what Trump does irritates me considerably, including the accusation of Cruz’s father being connected with the JFK assassination (although not if it was true, but I doubt it). Mudslinging is a risky business, often backfires even when there are grounds for it.

            Go Trump! Let’s remember to hold his feet to the fire also (if he needs it).

          26. Storm says

            No he is not & where do you get your information from. Its easy to say things but having to prove those statements is another thing. Trump will win

          27. Joseph C Moore USN Ret says

            Look in the bible for the correct spelling of NIMROD, and then learn why he is not a role model for humanity.

          28. Edward Conley says

            Get your information from a reliable source please.You Trump haters love to gloat in false information.Nice try.

          29. Marty Thompson says

            And they are all good reasons to vote for Trump

          30. Peoriaboy says

            Red when the other side lives off of freebies they just can’t stand the thought that they might have to work or starve and as far as going to college for free i don[‘t see where they are even smart enough to go to kindergarten as when I watch Waters World they just don’t know even the simplest questions. The dumbocracts are just establishing a voters base to keep them in office.

          31. red110306 says

            Today’s younger college generation are so brainwashed that they would elect a Socialist to lead the country. What a bunch of brain dead incompetents. What is really scary is that after people like us are dead and gone, these snow flakes are going to be running the country! Trump is the last chance to save this great country from total ruination. Maybe if he wins this year, we can start reversing the trends in our learning establishments and weed out all of the leftist teaching morons that currently run the schools.

          32. Peoriaboy says

            Im by far no intellect but I appreciate your voice on things and encourage you to keep with blasting them with the truth for we all have been snowballed for far to many years from our own local government all the way to DC and its time to end and I hope Trump makes a wise decision on a VP pick as I lean towards Col Allen West to Herman Cain or even the Sheriff from Milwaukee for it will balance out the power between the blacks and the whites and inspire us all to come to gather as a race that is now in turmoil.He can hire others in his cabinet that have more financial and foreign experience. I just feel that a black man as Vp would be of more significance to the black community than a woman at this stage of the game.

          33. red110306 says

            While I agree that Sheriff Clarke would be a great pick, I believe that would leave an opening for the left to hammer home a lack of experience in both positions at the top. Herman Cain would be a great pick as well and has been involved in politics for some time now. But personally, I would like to see either Newt Gingrich or Jeff Sessions. Now I see that the establishment losers (Romney and his gang) are trying to undermine the election at the convention by getting delegates to either not vote for Trump on the first ballot or to stay home entirely. And if that does not work, they are planning to see if they can get some of the establishment morons to run third party in about 9 states in an attempt to deny the Presidency to both Clinton and Trump. That way the house would then pick the president. If any of those scenarios happen, it is time for the people to rise up and say “NO MORE”! Personally, I have had it with the Republican party. The Dems are a bunch of Socialists and the Repubs are only interested in protecting their Gravy Train at any expense.

          34. Peoriaboy says

            Well put Red as you seem to have a good reading on things. Me not being a good student of english I appreciate one that can converse with the intelligence of others out there to get across wise points of view.

          35. Joseph C Moore USN Ret says

            The country does NOT need all chiefs and no indians. The Industrial wealth was created by the working man with physical skills. The liberals have the illogical belief that creating a glut of “chiefs” is the solution, when what is needed is more technical (labor) skills, not useless college degree holders who cannot find employment.

          36. Peoriaboy says

            Well said JCM as you and red are great with words and not only words but good writing skills and facts so it’s going to take men like you guys to bring america back to its greatness as intended by our for fathers not as a ponzi scheme like the politicians in DC have turned it into for them selves.

          37. Sherry says

            Your entire post fits Cruz much better than it does Trump…….Just sayin…….

          38. red110306 says

            No, it doesn’t! Just sayin….

          39. Storm says

            Most of these people are afraid of losing payoffs when Trump wins, of course they run their mouth.

          40. red110306 says

            That is the ultimate truth. For the establishment politicians it is no longer about representing the people. It is about representing their special interest groups and their donors. Term limitations are desperately needed in all positions of government. The career politicians need to go.

          41. RobertS says

            Red right on the $. If I weren’t a 75 year old hetrosexual who is married for 50 years, I’d ask you to marry me. Great stuff.

          42. Theresa Hall-Klos says

            Do you know the issue(issues). The issue is, who will stand for America and Americans? Who will preserve, protect, and defend our Constitution? Who has not and will not sell us out to the highest bidder? Foreign Countries put their Country and their citizens first, and in their dealings with the USA, and for far too long, SO DOES OUR GOVERNMENT.. It is time for a change, back to why and how our Nation began. This is the 2nd Revolutionary War.

          43. herb portere says

            Where can I get what you’re smoking and drinking?

          44. NymRod says

            It’s called reality and you reside far from it.

          45. NymRod says

            You drank the liberal Fool-Aid and were fooled by the liberal Trojan horse Trump to clear the path for Hillary to win. You were warned but are too damn stupid to listen.
            Trump will NEVER be president!

          46. Rox says

            Wow you’re a real dips it aren’t you..Idk what the h ll you’ve been watching or better wake up tho unless you want a nwo and TTP open boarders

          47. NymRod says

            Drink more liberal Fool-Aid, you have a few more brain cells left to kill off.

          48. tornadohunter says

            WOW, good come back! You are totally amazing! Ya, I know the issues and you need to listen deeper and do something else that apparently you don’t do very much, and that’s to comprehend what you hear and/or read!! Get a clue!! Respond if you want to, but I wont open it! Not gonna waste my time!! LOL

          49. Pam Dunn says

            That wasn’t a booger on the tip of your pinkie, THAT was your brain.

          50. Brian Bonner says

            Ah a cruzbot! Just be glad Cruz quite cause when his skeletons start dropping you will feel very foolish. If he is a Constitutional Conservative then he is a hypocrite! He is not a natural born citizen & I am not sure he is even a citizen! Born in Canada by a cuban immigrant & a citizen who immigrated to canada. There is some indication that his mother gave up her usa citizenship and there was NO dual citizenship back then and frankly shouldn’t ever exist. So I saw his Canadian birth certificate but not a us birth certificate or naturalization papers? To be Prez/VP U must be born of 2 citizens on USA soil. Have a nice day

          51. NymRod says

            “He is not a natural born citizen”

            A citizen AT birth IS a natural born citizen. A very simple concept that only the very simple minded cannot comprehend.

            Judge Pellegrini in his 22 page memorandum opinion found that Ted Cruz was a natural born citizen thereby ruling that Cruz’s name can appear on the Republican primary ballot in Pennsylvania on April 26, 2016.

            From The Wall Street Journal on Mar 11, 2016

            On the Meaning of “Natural Born Citizen” – Harvard Law Review

            “There is some indication that his mother gave up her usa citizenship”

            Please provide sources to support your false claim.

            “To be Prez/VP U must be born of 2 citizens on USA soil”

            The law AT the time of Ted Cruz’s birth.

            8 U.S. Code § 1401 – Nationals and citizens of United States at birth

            The following shall be nationals and citizens of the United States at birth: <<< AT BIRTH

            (d) a person born outside of the United States and its outlying possessions of parents one of whom is a citizen of the United States who has been physically present in the United States or one of its outlying possessions for a continuous period of one year prior to the birth of such person, and the other of whom is a national, but not a citizen of the United States

            Please provide sources to support your false claims.

            In TrumpTardian lingo that you may be able to comprehend that means Put Up Or Shut Up!

          52. hankthetank says

            I don’t give a fk ,if he doesn’t belong to either party,I don’t belong to either party, i gave up both party’s in 1997 !! I will die for Donald J Trump, He is the Man!! If not i can take care of him !!! ( the name of the party don’t mean a damn to me )!!

          53. Vicki Allred says

            You probably will die for that idiot! He has you all so frickn brainwashed that it is pathetic!! I promise you will rue the day that you let some billionaire narcissist twist your brain out of your patriotism, your freedoms, your rights. He will, if he makes it to the White House, be the biggest embarrassment the world has ever seen. I wouldn’t give a crap what party he belonged too either if he was the right man, but he sure as hell is not!

          54. red110306 says

            No, you are an idiot and the biggest embarrassment the world has ever seen is currently in the white house. But you are running a close third behind Nymrod!

          55. NymRod says

            You prove just how brain dead stupid Trumpidians are.
            You were warned that Trump was a Trojan horse to clear the path for Hillary to win but voted for the lying liberal belligerent babbling buffoon anyway and now you want others to support him to help defeat Hillary.
            You wanted it, you got it, you own it, deal with it.

          56. red110306 says

            The only Babbling I hear is coming from you and Vicki. No one cares how you vote. You are just beating a dead horse. Your candidate lost, get over it and get on with your life.

          57. Marty Thompson says

            The only idiot is anyone not voting for Trump

          58. George Durdin says

            Another very rare voice of reason……..but there is NO reasoning on this thread. Just zombies…..

          59. kbfallon says

            And here you are sucking it all in .

          60. red110306 says

            No reasoning coming from George Turdin at all.

          61. George Durdin says

            Hey thanks red…….you just proved my point deusch bag.

          62. red110306 says

            George, you are certainly in the minority within this chat room. Each and every time you open your mouth and your ridiculous opinions come out, you prove that their are surely a degree of idiots left in this world that are not actually liberal.

          63. Sherry says

            Does this look like a repeat of Germany in the late 1930’s??? They don’t have a clue what they are raising their loyal hands to……a man who wants to be der fuehrer of Ammerika! Exactly the very same M.O……..

          64. George Durdin says

            I’m glad to hear that someone else sees the same sad comparison….their ignorance and gullibility is frightening. And of course mein fuhrer is of Germanic ancestry…….just a little ironic.

          65. rosalindr says

            Yes, you are correct. Trump’s ascension to the Presidency is frighteningly similar to Hitler’s in 1934-35. I wrote a blog about it two months ago. Trump is a megalomaniac but I do not believe he is evil. I hope he won’t surround himself with Fascists, but it’s very scary reading the anger and desperation in the comments here.

          66. hankthetank says

            Donald, can’t take that honor, it is already taken by the democrat’s & people like you! One thing i would like to know, how do the democrat’s brain wash you ? I gave up both party’s in 1997!! I can not be brain washed !!

          67. Sherry says


          68. Storm says

            He may be all of those things but Hillary has him beat. This country needs new blood not the same old crap that has not worked in years. What ever he does will be a breath of fresh air. Give the man a chance he will be much better than what we have had. He has not embarrassed a whole ton of people, Thankfully he is different

          69. NymRod says

            Trump will NEVER be president. He is a Trojan horse to clear the path for his good friend Hillary to win the presidency and all the foolish Branch Trumpidians fell for the liberal trickery even AFTER being warned about it.

          70. kbfallon says

            Now I see why your name is Nymrod…you have the same thoughts as Nancy Pelop-sie.

          71. Storm says

            You must have seen this at the movies. Terrible attitude, Hillary is the one using trickery. She should be locked up for causing those men to burn to death, because she would not allow anyone to help them get out of the burning building. Not to mention all the e-mail crap. I seems like too many are forgetting all of that.

          72. Marty Thompson says

            Way to go there buddy. That’s how I feel about Trump. Go Trump and no one else.

          73. MasajMiradh says

            Hey nimrod, I’d like to say something profound but you’re not worth it. Having said that I will only say to you…BLOW ME!

          74. NymRod says

            You don’t posses the mental capability to do so.
            TrumpTardians reside outside the realm of reality in some pie in the sky fairy tale world that does not exist.
            You suffer from the mental illness of liberalism.

          75. MasajMiradh says

            Go Trump!

          76. NymRod says


          77. MasajMiradh says

            BTW Nim, say my screen name a few times out loud and you’ll get the message.

          78. Pam Dunn says

            GO wash the brown stains off your lips, Hillary didn’t wipe good.

          79. NymRod says

            Hey TrumpTardian, I’m not a Hillary or Bernie supporter.

            TrumpTardians are the stupidest people in America.

            You suffer from the Dunning-Kruger effect, that’s how stupid you are.

          80. Awaitingtherapture says

            If as you claim, you are not for Trump, Hillary, or Bernie,
            Who are you supporting ? Who do you think will have a chance of being elected ,
            outside of those three ?
            Careful, TRUTH & FACTS are lethal to your type of people.

          81. NymRod says

            “TRUTH & FACTS are lethal to your type of people”

            That would apply to the Branch Trumpidians.

            I support the only long proven true Constitutional Conservative in the race, a very intelligent and honest man of integrity that has fought for and defended our core Constitutional Rights and for the very sovereignty of our nation.

          82. Awaitingtherapture says

            If you are speaking about Senator Cruz why are you so timid that you do not name him ?
            I supported Ted Cruz from the 1st day he entered. But unlike you, I am a realist and will now support Mr. Trump.
            ANY OTHER PERSON YOU VOTE FOR IS A VOTE FOR HILLARY, which is who I think you secretly support.
            like I said, truth to a liberal is lethal.

          83. red110306 says

            On the contrary. You are the one suffering from dementia. Your fairy tale is that Trump won’t get elected. Face reality.

          84. Pam Dunn says

            More idiotic BULLSHYTE from a total moron who is going to kiss HIllary’s butt and help elect her. Your BOY lost, get over it, the INTELLIGENT CONSERVATIVES picked TRUMP.

          85. iitywybad says

            If you’re intellectually honest, which you’re not, you’ll read this in spite of the fact
            that it’s long. I don’t understand why a person would post a remark that
            identifies them as truly one of the low information voters and living in total
            ignorance. This comment is for you and all the others who are posting in
            agreement with you.

            Donald Trump was on John McCain’s finance committee in 2008, endorsed and supported McCain – NOT Hillary, and raised millions of dollars for the Republican Party. HOW MANY MILLION DID YOU RAISE??

            Donald Trump was recently honored by the Marine Corp Foundation for his contributions and support, and after receiving the award he wrote them a check for an additional $100,000. When the Mexican government imprisoned Marine Sgt.Tamoressi and Barack Obama would not help, Donald Trump worked behind the scene to help secure his release. After his release, Trump provided a private jet to fly him and his mother back to their home and wrote him a check for $25,000. HOW MANY CHECKS HAVE YOU WRITTEN TO THE MARINE CORP FOUNDATION?? HOW MANY THOUSAND DOLLARS HAVE YOU GIVEN TO PEOPLE IN NEED??

            Donald Trump endorsed and supported Mitt Romney in 2012, raising millions of dollars for him and the Republican Party. HOW MANY MILLIONS DID YOU RAISE??

            When the Republican Governors Association needed money, they asked Donald Trump for help and he gave them $350,000. HOW MUCH DID YOU GIVE TO THE REPUBLICAN GOVERNORS ASSOCIATION??

            In the 80s DonaldTrump raid an article about a farmer in Georgia who committed suicide thinking his life insurance would pay off the mortgage and save his farm for his family. Unfortunately the suicide clause in the policy prevented any pay out of the policy, so Donald Trump paid off the mortgage and held it while the widow set it on fire. HOW MANY WIDOW’S MORTGAGES HAVE YOU PAID OFF??

            Donald Trump Jr. Is a life member and huge financial supporter of the NRA and other 2nd Amendment groups. HOW MUCH SUPPORT HAVE YOU GIVEN THEM??

            He’s only 32 years old, but already Eric Trump is a life member and supporter of the NRA and other 2nd Amendment groups. In addition, Eric Trump Foundation has raised and donated over $30 millions dollars to St. Jude’s Hospital! HOW MANY MILLIONS HAVE YOU RAISED AND DONATED to any charity??

          86. Vicki Allred says

            Oh my Lord, you are gullible aren’t you! Try doing research on your candidate of choice!! He only does things in front of the media that make him look good, and like his father before him, he has taught his son to do what makes him look good to manipulate you and the media. Go back and research his dirty deals and who he has screwed, and I’m not talking about all the women either. That’s another whole sordid story about the garbage you want to put in the peoples house!

          87. iitywybad says

            No, you’re the gullible bitch. You are also a bold faced liar and a despicable low life creature. You have never done anything good for anyone in your life and you hate that other do. I don’t have to do ANY research. I’ve known the Trump family since 1959.

          88. Vicki Allred says

            Right on NymRod! But they don’t have a clue, so we are both wasting our breath. We will have to reap what they have sowed!!

          89. Ed Shick says

            Any way you look at it , Trump is the one man who can make America great again , We have been had by trash since about 1988 , America has problems but they can work out , Muslims and Terrorists ,like Obama and Hillary will destroy us

          90. Sherry says

            I have always liked and respected you, Ed, even though we do not agree on our choices for POTUS! You have always been a true gentleman and I wanted you to know that we appreciate your attitude! You have never, to my knowledge, descended into the lower class pit of foul mouths and hateful rhetoric! Thank you for the courteous discourses! God bless you…and may He open your eyes before it is too late…….Sincerely hopeful for a righteous outcome!

          91. Ed Shick says

            Thanks for the compliment , I really do not deserve it I have just got very old , I have a daughter I talked to tonight who was a type 1 diabetic and she went to nurses school tauht Diabetics and it is catching up with her , She is 62 but bones break down and now after having her foot in a cast for the winter , more Problems but she keeps a smile on her face , Has a great husband , She lost her mom to lupus when her mom was just 39 , There are a lot of great people out in our world , Shame they are not into politics !

        3. Cookie Vranish says

          That is about it!

        4. John says

          Dumb ass H Clinton

        5. Mike Burkett says

          America’s public enemies list is headed by democraps with the GOP professional career politician establishment running a close second.

      2. Arizona Don says

        Just some of the reasons why

      3. Hugh Akston says

        It’s already started.

      4. Mike Burkett says

        American citizenship should be revoked for anyone voting for Hilary. These un-American ‘useful idiots’ who can not or will not carry their own weight in this country of opportunity look to gain more public assistance from electing and democraps. Solve America’s problems – Open hunting season for democraps.

      5. Lois Choate says


      6. Lois Choate says

        We do it just isn’t loud enough!

    3. slk5 says


    4. disqus_MZe2ymfHQj says

      AlanWH—You’ve got a way with words that I LIKE

      1. AlanWH says

        To GOD Be The Glory!

    5. Cookie Vranish says

      Well for sure Bill Kristol is a fake POS so you get what you expect. Nothing! Romney is just a loser following in his fathers footsteps who also screwed up some elections years ago!

    6. Paladin says

      Yet another reason why I don’t subscribe to the Weekly Standard!!!… and never will…

    7. Lois Choate says

      Agreed! Again they are not listening to the American people!

    8. slk5 says

      hussein??? where have they been for the last 30 years!!!

      1. AlanWH says

        “barack HUSSEIN obama”

        1. slk5 says

          sorry, i was wondering where they were for the last 30 years, with their “principles”…none of the gop candidates came close!!!

    9. Cheryl Detar says

      Thank you.

  6. James Maxwell says

    It would be funny if it wasn’t so serious. A group of disgruntle has been trying to subvert the will of
    the people much like the democrat socialist have done with their members. Perhaps if they had
    actually ran a campaign for the office of President it might resonate with some voters. But based
    upon their action when they ran for office and those who held their noses to vote for them still
    fill betrayed by the GOP “Elitist” members who have not listened to the voters for numerous years.
    Personally I feel they deserted us many years ago and only grudgingly supported Conservative
    ideals and morals.

    1. George Durdin says

      That “group” represents 59.2% or over 16 MILLION Republican voters that voted against and do not support Trump’s nomination. This group represents the morals and values of concerned conservatives and realizes that Trump is NOT a Republican of any stripe and certainly not a conservative. It appears that the minority is the “disgruntled group” subverting the will of the majority. You can check the results for yourself at:

      1. SCSOCAL says

        George – Any one can post on Wikipedia! Apparently we have a majority because no one else was able to win states and be the nominee!! You are some kind of stupid!

        1. George Durdin says

          Post on Wikipedia? You are apparently confused…….the results from ALL of the primaries can be found on the Wikipedia site. Do I need to help you find the results of ALL of the Republican primaries and caucuses on the site or can you find it yourself? You apparently ARE the stupid one. And the numbers don’t lie…….

          1. Ah nutz says

            numbers are fabricated – constantly FOOL.

          2. George Durdin says

            Can’t count Ah nutz…….over your head?

        2. Michael Dennewitz says

          Can’t fix stupid, eh??

      2. Barbara Ervin says

        So you’re saying they would rather see 4-8 more years of 0bama. Because that is what it will be under Killary.

      3. James Maxwell says

        What you are showing are those who did not pick Donald J. Trump as their first choice.
        That does not mean that they will not vote for him when and if he wins the party

        nomination. In this election cycle we had 17 candidates who ran who siphoned off

        votes form the others. At this point in time he is the only one still standing so your

        argument is not valid. If they had been behind one person then I would accept you

        statement. Whether or not you like or dislike Trump is not the point. The point is

        that he has acquired more votes than any other candidate at this point and to all

        intent and purpose will be the GOP candidate. Do you want him in office or do you

        what the Hildabeast, a known Democrat Socialist who will make the muzzie look

        like a babe in the woods? Don’t vote and you have effectively voted for her and
        the destruction of our Nation. Personally I would rather have a business man in

        charge for a change and someone who understands how to save a crumbling

        business such as our Federal Government.

        1. George Durdin says

          Keep dreaming James…..Hillary does thank you for your inspired support and would like to invite you to her White House warming party in January. RSVP

        2. rosalindr says

          A businessman? You mean a real estate investor who has filed for bankruptcy four times? Who bails him out? Us, our tax money. Yeah he would make a great President!

          1. James Maxwell says

            Still head and shoulders above the Democrat Socialist and the destroy the
            world mentality. So he went bankrupt four time, big deal, in today’s environment
            that is not uncommon for many. Real Estate is a risky business and when you
            go bankrupt the investments are seized and sold off to repay the debt. Those
            who put money in are well award of the risk in Real Estate. He recovered and
            still built his fortune which tells me he is not as dumb as you would like to think
            or try to get others to believe. Perhaps you need to look at who loaned him the
            money and thought they would get rich of of his dealings. At least he was
            willing to take risk, you cannot say the same for the Mau Mau comunity
            organizer in the Oval office. A bottom feeding muzzie troll from get go who
            has tried to destroy our nation at ever turn in the road.

      4. Bob Marcum says

        Look at it this way, George. The republicans, ( gop, rinos, or conservatives, etc. ) are as
        detrimental to ths nation, as are the democrats ( liberals, etc. ). So; why would we want to replace them with another one, just like them ?????? How about, hiring someone else; like a citizen patriot, maybe ? That’s Donald Trump. He’s certainly, not a politician ( conservative, rino, gop, etc ). We don’t any of those crooked dude. We need a citizen,
        patriot ( Donald Trump ). Is that so hard to understand ??????
        Life’s a bummer, at times. But; It’s much worse, if you’re stupid.

        1. George Durdin says

          You have just clearly shown that you have NO clue as to what you are saying and have NO idea of how our government functions and just how fortunate that your are to be an American.

      5. Mathew Molk says

        Get your facts straight pal.

        The 59.2% did NOT vote against Trump. That is an aggregate number of people that voted FOR someone they wanted as a nominee.

        Your defective logic would indicate that over 40% of the voters voted against Trump’s opponents and no one voted for him at all. .

        Are you so stupid that you cannot see that if there were only 3 or 4 candidates from start it would have been a VERY different story.

        Hey genius, what happened to Trump “Imploding” ? Even in the liberal media the stories are all about his opponent’s pending implosion.

        This is the time to band together to prevent the treasonous felon from getting into the White House and get her into a penitentiary where she belongs and not to be bad rapping the only person that can stop her. .

        Or are you one of the hired trolls that the Clinton Campaign is paying a million dollars to infiltrate conservative sites?

        1. George Durdin says

          And your source of facts are what pal? Trumps numbers did not go up appreciably as the candidates dropped out of the race and in fact it wasn’t until he got to his home state primary in New York that he garnered more than 50% of the states votes. In fact the same day that Trump received 525,000 votes in the New York primaries Hillary Clinton received over 1,100,000 Democrat votes. Trump went on to sweep five primaries in very liberal northeastern states the following week, BUT doesn’t stand a snowballs chance in hell of winning ANY of the those same states, including New York in the general election. Even more embarrassing is that he ONLY won 61% of the primary votes in Nebraska running UNOPPOSED!! Can you handle MORE facts? Trumps 10 million minions only represents 11 to 12% of the TOTAL American electorate (118 million voted in 2012). You do realize that ALL of these numbers and facts are online, don’t you genius? Hired troll? You are a clown aren’t you…..I happen to be a well educated and active Republican that knows a huckster when I hear and see one. You can’t be fooled or hypnotized IF you know what you are talking about.

      6. STEVIETEES says


      7. JohnGalt49 says

        Well, what about the group that represents 80% of the GOP voters – those who didn’t support the globalist open-border candidates of Bush, Rubio or Graham. Your point is silly – in a field of 17 to single out the votes for everybody but one person is disingenuous at best. The GOP set the rules and Trump won. He wasn’t my first choice, but he won it fair and square. People like Kristol and Romney are trying to force a coup – these guys’ influence will obviously fade very very rapidly.

        1. George Durdin says

          Apparently you are challenged by basic math and numbers John? What 80% of the GOP voters John? After the Indiana primary John, 26,638,585 had voted in ALL of the primaries and caucuses. Of that total Trump received 10,713,526 votes. So where is the 80% of what John? Just shy of 16,000,000 people voted against and do not support Trump….that is 59.8% of the total vote opposed John. there is nothing silly about the numbers…they don’t lie. Trumps numbers and percentages did not go up precipitously as the candidates dropped out one at a time resulting in a total of JUST 40.2% for Trump. Trump literally badgered and bullied his opposition and the RNC through out the process like a 69 year old spoiled, petulant, boorish man child that he has shown himself to be. You should be ashamed of Trumps behavior instead of enabling and supporting it and not being a politician is NO excuse for a 69 year old man to act like a child. So he did not win fair and square he bullied and threatened his way through the process and should have been shown the exit last summer. Kristol and Romney are acting as the mouth piece for the MILLIONS of Republicans that don’t support Trump(aka John Miller) and in the end Trump is responsible for destroying his own campaign.

          1. rosalindr says

            Who is John Miller?

          2. George Durdin says

            I’m sorry, I guess you haven’t heard. “The Donald” aka the “orange one” was caught back in 1991 passing himself off to a People magazine reporter in a phone interview as Trump’s publicist John Miller and spoke of Trump’s conquest and prowess with women and other topics. He got caught and confessed in a court deposition that he indeed had passed himself off to the reporter as John Miller and admitted that he had also used the name John Barron. Now when confronted with the revelation by the Washington Post, Trump claims that it wasn’t him on the phone, even though he has already admitted it years ago. So he has been caught openly lying about what is already known. Now that sounds like the fine character of a man that we want to put in the White House

          3. pj says

            I heard that tape did u?? If u thought that was Trump u must love media that is doing Trump bashing .go study candidates u apparently haven’t

          4. George Durdin says

            Perhaps you need a hearing aid pj……..that or you are delusional.

  7. HenryA says

    The never Trump movement is dead, they lost period! Now we all need to back Trump and take down Crooked Hillary. Let’s MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! Trump 2016

  8. John Gagne says

    We need to make a note of all the Republican establishment drifters, so we know who to replace come election time. We need unity. In fact, with all the new unconstitutional laws and current activities of Obama and Congress sitting on its hands just watching it all happening, tells me me, it’s time to clean house anyway. Trump just may be the one to cause this effect.

    1. Edward B. Levy says

      Their is so much being said in support on this site today, that it is hard to add more. EXCEPT, we shall never forget this group and any other Republcan who does not support the ticket of
      Trump/Martinez(I hope) Any RINO running for reelection for any Federal/State/Local office should LOSE! I have sent out my own grass root NEVER RINO to my address book of over 100, which I know will continue to multiple. I also did this to TARGET and I know that it is going Viral, because the message is coming back to me from other books that I must be on

      1. James Brooks says


        1. James Brooks says


        2. Edward B. Levy says

          James Brooks. What is the NO MARTINEZ reply?? She would be a super asset to the ticket. Serving Governor two terms (executive experience), Latino, Female So unless this is a bias issue, please spell it out NO MARTINEZ

          1. James Brooks says

            Well then yes for you and no for me.

          2. Edward B. Levy says

            Once again, I am asking why specifically NO MARTINEZ? Are you not voting at all, voting Hillary or whatever. Of course you have the FREEDOM to vote as you wish. i was just trying to find out since you specified Gov Martinez, is there some negatives about her in particular. Enlighten me, if she is picked, wyh you feel that I should follow your advice

          3. James Brooks says

            I just feel there are much better choices than Martinez but you must do what you feel is right as I am doing.Thanks

          4. Edward B. Levy says

            Well, I feel that we have better choice than both front runners.
            Fortunatley, we still have a system to vote as we wish. Nice “talking” with
            you. Best wishes, Ed

    2. Cookie Vranish says

      Romney and Kristol have no elective offices so there is no way to get rid of them unless we use physical force. Paul Ryan can be voted out because there is a fella running for his seat in Wisconsin, His name is Paul Behlen, but he is a long shot because Ryan has powerful people financing him! We could help and I did last week by sending money to his campaign!

      1. George Durdin says

        Perhaps you folks should do what Trump should have done last June and that is form and run a Nationalist Populist third party and not deceitfully try to hijack the Republican party and exercise a hostile take over. Trump is not a Republican and openly claims to have no interest in conservatives issues.

        1. SCSOCAL says

          George, We didn’t leave the GOP the GOP left us. As long as things are going their way they don’t want change. They have completely ignored Conservatives and have lost two elections so far!! Do you want this to be #3????

          1. George Durdin says

            You are not a conservative if you insist on voting for a liberal Democrat and don’t know the difference……YOU have left the party. Perhaps you can encourage Trump to start his Nationalist Populist party and you can follow the messiah on his merry way.

          2. Ah nutz says

            you’d be doing yourself a huge favor by following Barbara Ervins advise -twerp.

          3. George Durdin says

            Ah nutz…….Barbara Ervin would be doing herself a favor by following my advice and waking up from her comatose state that the exalted Trump(aka John Miller) has place her and apparently you in…….twerp.

          4. Mathew Molk says

            Is George Durdin one of the Trolls paid by the Clinton Campaign to foul up conservitive websites?

          5. George Durdin says

            NO….I happen to be a well educated, knowledgable and active loyal Republican that is ashamed that there are people who call themselves Republicans and others RINO’s but are not smart and perceptive enough to know when they hear and see a huckster and master manipulator. It reminds me of the brainwashing the German people succumb to back in the 30’s. Blinded by a bombastic, egotistical Nationalist Populist politician that took them to their tragic end. Of course you wouldn’t know anything about history……..

          6. rosalindr says

            The Clinton Campaign doesn’t have to pay Trolls “to foul up conservative websites.” You Trump supporters are already doing that for free.

          7. Wyonia Farner says

            Matthew, we would all be wisewise to completely ignore this George. He truly sees all of us well below his LEVEL of intelligence. I think he most surely is a Democrat trying to stir you up. His ignorance is truly showing. He may be highly educated, but educated on the wrong side of intelligence. I am one, of many, who can see a through his demeanor.
            I challenge everyone to silence him by ignoring his meaningless propaganda.
            Believe me he has a lot of practice debating and bullying. So. Shhhhh. He is not with us anymore. Ignore the glorified Democrat with his own agenda, bait you and I. No way.
            And yes I too have a higher education, but with a good mind and truthful intentions. I believe in the Constitution and the rights of all U. S. citizens (note the word U.S. citizens) to vote for their choice to be our President, without people calling them stupid, dumb, or any other inflammatory word.
            Trump was not our first choice, but he was not our enemy either. Common sense says BEAT HILLARY CLINTON OR BERNIE SANDERS, or who ever gets the Democrat nomination , as that my friends is being smart and the right thing to do for our future.
            Our only chance is vote for whoever wins the nomination. Trump appears to have it. Now we stick with the choice of the Republican people, and vote for him

          8. STEVIETEES says


          9. rosalindr says

            Trump has 25-30 years of marrying, divorcing, womanizing, making money, losing money, declaring bankruptcy, supporting candidates in both parties, and doing whatever is good for Donald Trump. A Trump Presidency would be a disaster for America. If you think Obama was bad, as Al Jolson used to say, “You ain’t seen nothing yet!”

          10. Wyonia Farner says

            But he has not been responsible for killing anyone that we know of. Cannot say that, and be honest, about Hillary Clinton. He has not used his personal emails for Government top secrets, to jeopardize our security. He has made many mistakes, and questionable ones. But, I chose to get the Clinton’said out of politics permanently. The habitual liar of all time, no, we will vote Republican, there is no other choice unless you want 8 years of Clinton in Obama’said pockets. Bottom line is ( like him or not), your choice will be in your hands on election day. Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. I will take my chances with Trump.

          11. rosalindr says

            I never said I would vote for Hillary either. I’ll proba