New Poll: Obama Worst President Since World War II


In a surprising rebuke of Barack Obama, a new poll from Quinnipiac University has 33% of respondents naming our current chief as the worst post-war president, a bit of news that can’t come as a welcome message at the White House.

Surprisingly, Obama managed to even top George W. Bush, who only attracted 28% of the scorn. Showing just how sick the country must be getting with Obama’s weak, liberal agenda, Ronald Reagan sat atop the mountain as the best president since the war, scoring 35% of the vote. Is the country finally coming to their senses?

Maybe it’s not quite time for a bonfire. History shows us again and again that unless it’s a time of remarkable prosperity or patriotism, Americans tend to dislike the man in charge. Furthermore, it takes a while for a president’s true place in history to outgrow the political fighting. It will be impossible to really reflect on Obama’s legacy for a number of years, though it’s difficult to imagine how it could recover from what we’ve seen thus far.

There is a shame in all of this, and it goes beyond the current state of the union. Whether he should stand for the African-American community or not, the fact is that Barack Obama will forever be known as the country’s first black president. His failures will inevitably echo throughout history with that label taking the worst of the tarnish. Obama’s ridiculously poor leadership shouldn’t hold the country back from electing a black president in the future anymore than Clinton’s disgrace of the White House should hold back whites. Unfortunately, it may do just that.

Contrary to what the left would have us believe, most conservative voters have no problem electing a black man to the highest office in the land. I saw plenty of right-leaning young people get in line to vote for Obama in ’08 just for a chance of being on the side of history. That may be taking it a little too far, but the good news is that there are plenty of strong, black conservatives who would make fine presidents. If they managed to erase the tarnished legacy left by the groundbreaker, so much the better. Tim Scott, Condoleezza Rice, and Ben Carson are but a few respected African-Americans who could fly the elephant banner high as they brought honor to the White House.

Is it important that the GOP put a black man into office? Perhaps not immediately, but Obama’s two victories proved that the black community has a lot of sway at the polls. It would be disingenuous to assume that the community voted for Obama only because of his skin color, but it would be equally foolish to pretend like it didn’t matter. The sooner the Republican party can make the black community understand that liberals don’t have their best interests at heart, the sooner they can shore up that demographic. Plus, wouldn’t it be nice if the second black President was someone we could look up to?

  1. CCblogging says

    O joy! My legacy has been saved by Barack Obama! I will not be remembered as the worst buffoon in the oval office. I think I will take the day off to lust in my heart. At my age, that is the best I can do…………. Jimmy Carter

  2. Jonathan Mannering says

    Obama is the worse President in the entire history of American Presidents. But we have to remember that Obama is a MUSLIM; a God Hating Islamic who worships a lesser god (Satan the Devil}… the evil one who disguises himself as an angel of light) and delivered the Koran; i.e. ISLAM to Mohammed, a false prophet and as notorious as Joseph Smith the founder of Mormonism, who wrote the Book of Mormon and chose to worship an angel of light rather than the Creator of all things, the Almighty God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Thus, we must try to understand that Obama is deceived by the angel of light… i.e. Satan the Devil… the evil of all evils. Such that there is no way Obama could be good at anything other than murder, mayhem, deceit, and hatred. Thus, as President of the United States, Obama just plain-ass sucks!!! All of these things can have light shed upon it by the knowledge that Obama learned his tricks from “Dirty Bill” the head of the 1960’s Weatherman Underground organization that murdered people at random during the 1960’s…

    1. Allen Shaw says

      Poor thing, you do not know your a– from a hole in the ground!

  3. disqus_pNhkHlXhCQ says

    Ya know, Obama is not even a black president. He just uses that to benefit himself. Once that quits working, he will probably decide that he is actually white. Which he is more of then African American and probably by then, they black community will be glad to separate themselves from the most disasterous president that this country has ever known. One whose plan was to destroy America from day one. Along with his brother Muslims. God help us.

  4. gpo1913 says

    obama is doing exactly what he’s supposed to be doing in his own mine “DESTROYING AMERICA” and turning it into a Socialist State. Now some of you will possibly see who this is an not listen. But I challlenge you to listen an reflect on what has already taken place in this once great country. Then continue reading the WHOLE article and make your own decision.

  5. dan mccarthy says

    thank you for the validation…….however, he will go down as the worst ever

    1. Allen Shaw says

      Lets see 33 from 100 = what 67 likes.

  6. Allen Shaw says

    Ha Ha Ha!

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