New Shocking Testimony: How Far Did Obama Go to Secure Iran Deal?


What we’ve already learned about the lengths to which Barack Obama went to secure his precious Iranian nuclear deal should be enough to trigger a full-fledged congressional investigation. The secret pallets of money sent in the dead of night – money that turned out to be a ransom for U.S. citizens held in Iranian prisons. The hostages WE let go, some of whom were dangerous spies and terrorists. The secret side deals that escaped the scrutiny of U.S. lawmakers. The text of the deal itself, which put Iran in charge of monitoring their own adherence to the nuclear restrictions.

President Trump called it one of the worst deals in history. That might have been an understatement.

But this deal is the gift that keeps on giving, so to speak. Because with every passing month, we learn something new. We learn that the Obama administration went even further than we thought, all to ensure the president secured this historically-terrible agreement.

Now, thanks to the congressional testimony of former Defense Department adviser David Asher, we are learning that Obama’s government “systematically disbanded” any and all investigatory units looking into Iran’s funding of terrorism around the world.

“Senior leadership, presiding, directing, and overseeing various sections and portions of the U.S. intelligence community systematically disbanded any internal or external stakeholder action that threatened to derail the administration’s policy agenda focused on Iran,” Asher told the House Foreign Affairs Committee on Thursday.

According to Asher, administration officials called off these investigations – which also touched on terrorism financing coming out of Syria and Venezuela – in the months leading up to the finalization of the Iran nuclear agreement.

Asher said that the Obama administration’s short-sighted actions ruined our chances to dismantle Hezbollah’s financial network and limit Iran’s ability to “readily terrorize us, victimize us, and run a criminal network through our shores, inside our banking systems – and in partnership with the world’s foremost drug cartels – target our state and society.”

“We lost much of the altitude we had gained in our global effort,” Asher said, “and many aspects including key personnel, who were reassigned, budgets that were slashed – many key elements of the investigations that were underway were undermined.”

Obama’s decision to try to dissuade Iran from pursuing a nuclear weapon was an admirable one. But the way he went about it was disastrous from every standpoint you can think of. What cards did Iran hold that we needed to go to these extraordinary lengths to bend over backwards? And how DARE Obama’s supporters criticize Trump for thinking about rolling back Russian sanctions when their guy abandoned common sense and national security to secure this deal with a far greater enemy?

  1. Ken Thomas says

    Why isn’t the SOB not in jail?

    1. rick meek says

      because —- the beltway boys and whatevers are protecting him…..

      1. gvette says

        Yes, to protect themselves!

        1. The Redhawk says

          Hookers and Pimps protect one anoter

        2. gonzales27 says

          Soros money

      2. stgabrn says

        they probably were in on the deal and are afraid their evil deeds will come to light. Get ’em all Trump.

        1. Fredsgirl1 says

          Sorry sunshine Trump is too busy trying not to get himself from being “got”.

          1. k9maiden says

            He isn’t paying one bit of attention to the scandals you brainwashed loons are HELL BENT on drumming up against him, all the while, the most hypocritical bunch of slime this country has ever had to deal with. He is going about the business of MAGA, and doing a fine job. He isn’t going anywhere, get used to it, like many agree, we will help chip in for tickets for you all to go to Cuba, as for America, we have it back! GOOD BYE!

          2. SouthernPatriot says

            Amen! Obama alienated Israel and our Muslim friends and wanted to cozy up to the less than 10% Shia Muslims of Iran, who are the terrorists today and sponsors of terrorism. Ignoring their illegal activities, ignoring the pleas of more moderate Muslims, ignoring the pleas of our long time friends and allies–Israel–and gave the Shia Iranians every bit of money, authority, and benefit he could. The worse POTUS in U.S. history and instead of a “transparent” administration he promised, he gave us the most scandal-ridden non-transparent administration in U.S. history.

          3. Kenneth Jones says

            Muslims, our “friends?” Who are you kidding? They’re nobody’s friends!

          4. k9maiden says

            I had ARAB Muslims move in next door. Unfortunately I wasn’t too happy, but they are there, at least for the meantime. My neighbor came over and said they are watching Al Jazerra, this was during Ramadan. I had to see for myself, so I took a bag of trash to the dumpster, and looked in at the huge television mounted on the wall, they had a slew of family members in the place with their Hijabs and Sharia enforced garb, all watching Al Jazerra. They don’t bother to learn English, they only speak Arabic. Yeah liberals, this is the kind of people only you want in this country, those who refuse to follow our LAW OF THE LAND, the Constitution, if they don’t conform to our ways as far as our law goes, they should be out. They only follow Shariah, it tops all laws, and that includes the Constitution. President Trump and anyone with a brain knows this, that is why they can never, and will never make good citizens of this country. Our Founding Fathers, spoke out about the evil of ISLAM. Remember the BARBARY COAST? Liberals refuse to learn the true history, and that Americans do NOT discriminate with any immigrant who comes into this country legally and conforms to our ways as far as our laws go. But ISLAM will never do this and they do not belong in this country. Look what happened in Europe and in the Nordic countries when they came in with the majority, they take over, and would do the same here. Get a damn brain!

          5. Kenneth Jones says

            Make sure that your post goes viral. People need to know the truth!

          6. Susanna Gordon says


            Jihad in America.

            CAIR is a front for the Muslim Brotherhood, which said in 1983 that they would take over the world in 100 years – and they are certainly closing in on their 1400 year old plan.

            In the secretly recorded and filmed footage in the film, Granddeception, the Muslim Brotherhood – most of Obama’s inner circle were/are Muslim Brotherhood – plans to take over the U.S. in 20 years. The film includes the head of CAIR discussing the plan to take over America,-starting with the public school system – pay attention to your child’s seventh grade teacher, and how the liberals can’t say enough good things about Islam – the religion of peace…

            Second on their agenda is Sharia, which is gaining here. It cannot possibly prevail because of the Constitution, but remember, the Bill of Rights is a huge target of the Left, and the Left has been in bed with Islam, since the 1920s.

            The Supreme Court will be the only thing between us and a take-over by Islam/Leftists and the dismantling of our Constitution. THAT is why Trumps’s election victory was SO important.

            In England, the country that largely created Western Civilization, and brought democracy to the west, over 100 towns and villages recognize Sharia.

          7. Mary Brumley says

            Have you read about Hamtramck, MI? So takeover by the Muslims will happen if we can’t slow it down now! I am not sure we can stop this.

          8. Michael Paul says

            You are 100% correct. I also believe there will be some sort of quiet announcement in the next 2 to 3 years that “former President Barack H. Obama has just announced his conversion to Islam, the religion of peace!” The mainstream media, CNN & MSNBC will play this down as freedom of religion in the United States when those of us with a brain already know that he never stopped being a Muslim. He just pretended to stop being a Muslim for political reasons. He thought he could get a lot more done to Islamacize our country but he did not realize that his bankrupt (of ideas and money) democrat party was going to lose its majority in the House and the Senate. Obama thought that he fooled everyone but most of us knew who and what he was and is right after becoming President and that’s why Trump got elected.

          9. Marialice Barone says

            I’m sure there are Muslims in this country who do not adhere to Sharia Law! Islam has to reform itself from inside just like Christianity did.
            If any Muslim prefers Sharia Law here, they should be deported. Switzerland does not let any one who is an immigrant and not compliant with that culture be come citizens

          10. Mike Burkett says

            Could the ‘ninth circus of appeals’ overturn an executive order along lines that citizenship be awarded only to immigrates assimilating to the Constitution? How has Switzerland fared against the Islamic barbarians? So far, the Federal judges appointed by Obama has not allowed any executive orders to protect the American constituency. Have we found a #1 enemy of America?

          11. Marialice Barone says

            I don’t think there are that many Muslims in Switzerland. The case they quoted was a situation where some Muslim girls refused to take a mandatory swimming class in school with boys and their parents concurred, so they test anyone applying for citizenship for cultural adherence and they are also told to leave the country if they refuse to abide by Switzwelands mores! Not a bad idea!

          12. Mike Burkett says

            Well it seems to work for Switzerland, the rest of Europe seems overwhelmed by the muslim hoards. Maybe bright spot for Europe as far as the muslim immigration is concerned.

          13. Craig Vandertie says

            There is more than sufficient evidence to charge and arrest every judge that has defied the Trump administration, they have mandated law, they have disregarded the law, and they have misinterpreted the law all in an effort to strip us of the liberties guaranteed to us within the articles of the U.S. Constitution.

          14. Mike Burkett says

            Judicial activist Is part of the DC swamp we hired Trump to cleanup. The embedded anti-America scum running this country now is the same miscreants that spit on drafted soldiers doing their duty for the mis-guided democrap administration of Vietnam (another democrap screw-up). Do I remember correctly that Billy ‘I never had sex with that women’ Clinton replaced all the Federal judges to fit his agenda. Big job but, that needs to be Trumps next move just to rescue lady-liberty with sound justice for all Americans.

          15. Craig Vandertie says

            I may not believe in the scriptures of the bible or the torah but the 1 thing that is undeniable is that it never preached deception towards 1 enemy as a means to lull said enemy into a false sense of security, and the new testament never preached hatred towards those who not embrace the same dogma that you do.that

            The quran that repeats deception of and hatred towards non-believers many times over.

          16. Janice Woodard Overton says

            You are much too trusting Marialice , and are not informed enough to see this for what it is .You will eventually have to switch to a different way of thinking , in order to remain safe . You can not afford to trust any Muslim at this point . This is too serious !!!

          17. albaby2 says

            It’s not against the Muslim faith to lie to a non-Muslim, snd Obama was, and is, fully aware of and practicing that.

          18. ABO says

            It is not only not against the Muslim faith to lie to infidels but is encouraged in the Quran which describes it as Taquia (one of several accepted spellings). It involves several provisions in Islam to lie under certain conditions, including advancement of the ’cause of Allah’ and the purpose of deceiving one’s enemies.
            You are most certainly correct where Obama is concerned.

          19. Craig Vandertie says

            How do you know when a “Moonie Muslime,” Demoncommiecrat or Rat is lying?, their lips are moving.

          20. ABO says

            You sure got that right, Craig.

          21. Craig Vandertie says

            I thought that he never denied being a “Moonie Muslime” 1 would think that denying he adhered to the doctrines of that demigod Muhammad/allah and being physically intimate with a freak Michael/Michelle that is that true “Moonie Muslimes” would have him at the top of their list for execution.

          22. Janice Woodard Overton says

            BINGO. !!! And the SociaLibs NEVER saw Trump getting his foot in the door of the White House …… until it was too late ! What a Drama ! Trump is a fighter so I hope he will give back as strong as he gets. The Cesspool Party ( the Dems , The Washington Club) are the dirtiest I’ve ever seen , and I’ve been around a good while. All of obama’s plans , to break the U.S. , were in jeopardy . Panic on the Left !!! Talk about a BIG scramble…… How to get rid of Trump ????!!! Can’t wait to see what they do next !

          23. wired says

            Well they can keep it and I would rather FIGHT than switch because Americans for the most part are awake now feeling the same so LOCK N LOAD !

          24. albaby2 says

            The majority of my conservative friends only give lip service to the cause. Not financial, Won’t write letter to the editor, (but ask me to) don’t attend GOP meetings, Don’t volunteer to work in campaigns or even put signs in their yards. Most own a gun of one type or another but haven’t practiced in years. IOW, don’t count on them for support. Almost all are ex-military and some are multi-millionaires. Lock and load? I’m sure they would cheer those who took a bullet for the cause, but do little else.

          25. Mike Burkett says

            You may be surprised when they and theirs are threatened. As far as supporting the ruling-elite professional politicians that pass laws we must live under and exempting themselves, they are the very reason for this muslim threat to America (see CAIR lobbyist pumping all the money into Washington for favors). As far as fir arm practice, three rounds should be enough to put an American above all muslims never being trained correctly.

          26. albaby2 says

            They won’t even support conservative candidates via donations or letter to news sources, but some forward stuff on Facebook. That doesn’t require money or much effort. You’re right, I would be surprised.

          27. Janice Woodard Overton says

            I hope they ( and others like them ) realize that WE will not stand with them …and will not protect them , if it comes to that !

          28. Marialice Barone says

            And England wonders why all those terrorist attacks!

          29. Sandy129 says

            They do and there are many “no go” zones so police and emergency services are greatly hindered. I wasn’t aware of this film but will view it. Thank you for sharing that info with us.

          30. Mike Burkett says

            One small omission that will save America, no other country falling to the muslim savages allows the private ownership of firearms. These owner/operators will be the next heroes as they turn back the islamic hoards. Professional politicians in DC’s swamp has made this muslim threat possible and Trump will keep our future heroes intact by defending our rights to hold and bear firearms.
            Lock-n-Load, the purge is coming.

          31. Craig Vandertie says

            Yet that Baroness Bitch is blaming alleged islamphobia for the terrorist attack on the London bridge, boot her pompous ass out of parliament, better yet charge, arrest, incarcerate during the hearing find that worthless whore of islam guilty of treason, just make sure that the judge, prosecuting barrister, and the jury are not “Mooney Muslimes” or completely clueless Looney Libtards themselves.

          32. Sandy129 says

            Sharia law is already being introduced little by little. Special protections for muslims and illegal to dis mohammed or islam. The PC crowd has already decided silencing us is necessary. Some of the courts in America are honoring sharia law in court cases with muslims. The information dump began with obama and one of our Homeland Security men was ordered to dump and destroy all files on terrorism and muslims. This can all be read in See Something Say Nothing by Phil Haney. He did the extreme vetting our President wants and they all came against him and forced him to resign. He had worked all the Security areas and with his knowledge of so much they saw him as a threat. He knows many of them in the swamp now and being a huge supporter of our President would be an awesome addition to President Trumps staff.

          33. Lizzie2 says

            You swallowed that? You are as bad as is the “maiden”

          34. Kenneth Jones says

            I take it that you’re a liberal Democrat, right?

          35. ABO says

            Did the fact that she’s an obvious idiot give it away, Ken?

          36. Tom woods says

            Better plan on moving soon.

          37. Marialice Barone says

            Where would you suggest one goes where there are no Muslims? Japan is one country that comes to mind

          38. Mary Brumley says

            I would like for every Muslim to be sent out of our beautiful America. Every last one!

          39. Retired says

            Don’t forget about the Illegals that have invaded the USA under Clinton and Obama . It all started with LBJ after Kennedy .

          40. Eleanor Cummings says

            They were coming in before then!! JFK started warning us in ’63, but no one listened. Yes, we the people just passed it off as political rhetoric. Why do you think he was assassinated?? And even today, I believe LBJ was deeply involved in it. And yet his daughter is a die hard democrat and follows the Clinton/Obama agenda!! JFK and John John must be turning over in their graves!!

          41. Retired says

            You got that one right . LBJ was Our downfall .

          42. Marialice Barone says

            He gave us the great welfare society!

          43. Retired says

            Don’t forget about the Corporate welfare which is running wild just like people welfare .

          44. Marialice Barone says

            What is corporate welfare..isn’t that a Liberal notion. At least corporations hire people..people on welfare do nothing for anyone!

          45. Retired says

            Corporate welfare is where Companies get tax breaks and cheap loans that they do not have to pay back. After they expire the Companies move to another state and do the same thing all over again , usually 10-20 years .

          46. Marialice Barone says

            Well, that’s an incentive for them to stay and keep people on the payroll. You do know that American corps are the highest taxed in the world. If you were thevCEO of a company and had to pay 35%, wouldn’t you look for ways to not pay have stockholders…I can see you are not aware of how companies are run. I bet you also don’t any stock that you purchased, but if you have a retirement pension, you own stock, so I wouldn’t be so quick to criticize what you call corporate welfare.

          47. Retired says

            You are not aware of how many Corporations pay 0 taxes , it’s all available . I am well aware of how Co. operate and how they play the tax game just like the money people . You need to stop listening to the Fake Media and the lies that are presented .

          48. Dana says


          49. David in MA says

            Both foreign and domestic, all of them. If islam is so great let them live in a muslim country, leave America to her own future..

          50. Mike Burkett says

            They do seem rather anxious to meet Mohammed,LOL.

          51. Dana says

            These muslims and also illegal Mexicans are NOT immigrants. They are settlers, intent on taking over this country once they can breed enough spawn to outvote us. Run them out NOW before that happens.

          52. Eleanor Cummings says

            Bingo, Dana! Some of the American People STILL don’t realize what’s going on. These people have been coming here since the 50’s, nd then especially after Kennedy’s assassination. They’ve become naturalized, had lots of kids, who are NATURAL BORN CITIZENS, who in turn have had large families. Now YOU figure it out. No one has enforced the law called Public Law #414 passed on June 27th,1952. Called the Immigration and Nationalization Act, this law states that ISLAM is banned in the USA!!! The reason being is that it is totally against our constitution. This law is still on the books and we can use it to it’s full extent right now!

            This means we can stop the refugees and deport the ones already here.
            We can close the mosques and ban shariah Law in all 50 states.
            We can go after the Muslim Brotherhood and the CAIR and the more than 10 other Muslim organizations in our country that are sworn to the destruction of our country from within.
            This means we can stop islam from being taught to our children.
            This means we can give back to the veterans and seniors what was taken from them to subsidize the so-called refugees.
            This mean we will no longer have muslims running our government.
            This means……. NO MORE MUSLIMS!!!

            Yes, I voted for Trump, and if that makes me a racist – so be it. I want my country back for my kids, grandkids, great grandkids and future generations. Now you can see why they are attempting to overrun us by numbers. And the pro NWO (globalists) have been helping them all along, both in ALL political parties!!!

            Way too many look at islamic muslims as refugees but these islamic refugees think of themselves as colonists, an army of colonists that want to take control of the United States. It is a well planned take-over to which, within the first four years, the Obama administration gave an amazing foot hold. If you open your eyes you will see it.

          53. Mary Brumley says

            Yes, “we can stop” all you list in your above post! But I ask, ‘”Will we’ put forth the effort?”
            And how far ahead of us is the “tipping” point of no return? I think it is now or never.
            I am expecting some significant ground gained in the elections of 2018.

          54. Lisa Meyer says

            Maybe he can use it as evidence in his legal battle over his travel ban too!

          55. wired says

            If I am not mistaken this was to be OMuslims new flag for the USA ! LOCK N LOAD !

          56. Camille Gilliam says

            I understand, I work in a building where we deal with them, and they are pigs. the guys get naked and sit in 2 sinks ,one for their ass and the other for their feet. They never clean up after themselves, and the other guys are expected to use the sink after that. The women flush paper towels down the toilet and then leave, it is disgusting.One even wiped Sh-t all over the walls because we told them that they couldn’t flush the paper towels, they don’t dissolve.

          57. Craig Vandertie says

            Thomas Jefferson and other founding fathers knew this, any open invitation to any “Moonie Muslime” should have resulted in the impeachment, tried and found guilty of treason of any politician from the signing of the Constitution forward.

            Either you abide entirely by Sharia law or you die no exceptions, but yet there were those fool politicians throughout history who lost sight of the truth.

            Is that Dr. Ben Carson?, did Donald ask him to fill a Cabinet position?, possibly Secretary of Health and Human Services, could not be any worse than Tommy Thompson under G Dubbs.

          58. Lizzie2 says

            Are you multilingual Maiden? What a wonderful neighbor you are, I am sure (if they really exist) that you’ve made them feel welcome. To assist you to improve your serious lack of world knowledge I am pleased to inform you that many red blooded English speaking Americans faithfully watch Al Jazera. They judge it to be an excellant source of news of world affairs. I think that your post is fantasy; made up in your mind.

          59. gearbox says

            Yeh I was wondering about that myself ! mudslimes our friends ?

          60. Retired says

            Just ask someone from the EU how they feel about the Muslim invasion , I have friends here visiting and they can give you a earful . Our next invasion will be from Hatti if Congress makes them a state .

          61. Kenneth Jones says

            Not a chance of Haiti ever becoming an American state. Puerto Rico, however, is a different story, since they’re already a U.S. Commonwealth.

          62. Retired says

            Are you aware of the Thousands that went to South America and traveled through Mexico to the US Border that Mexico procesed into the US . Mexico gave them a 48 day temporary Visa to get to the US.

          63. Eleanor Cummings says

            Or Puerto Rico!!

          64. Beeotchstewie the deplorable says

            They are friends of Satan, they comprise his personal army.

          65. k9maiden says

            BO allowed the leader of ISIS out of an American Detention Camp in 2009 in Iran! He fled to Syria and founded ISIS! Isn’t it amazing SouthernPatriot, that the liberals only have one lined insults about Trump, but can’t see the forest for the trees when it comes to the worst REGIME this country has ever seen? That’s because they watch the Marxist Media, and refuse to watch Fox, which actually had both sides of the story, left and right, and had videos that couldn’t be denied with BO and Killary lying through their teeth, all the while trying to turn America into an Islamic Caliphate. How stupid are liberals, didn’t they get a clue when the countries that declared war on us by ramming and destroying the twin towers, killing thousands of innocents and planes that went down with men, women and children, gave Killary hundreds of millions of dollars for her campaign.

          66. Susanna Gordon says

            Over 160 of the terrorists Obama released went back to the battlefields of the Middle East to fight against us. One of many reasons the traitor Obama should be in prison.

          67. gearbox says

            I would pay big money to see that scumbag puke executed !

          68. Marlene Binger says

            In my opinion, this ignoramus traitor should have been hung and shot AFTER his first term. The only so called President in my life time that truly HATED America. What a disgrace!

          69. Beeotchstewie the deplorable says

            Too many reasons to even begin to count. He needs to be in Gitmo and be waterboarded with pig blood until he tells the WHOLE truth. Then the penalty for treason should be immediately put into effect.

          70. AmericaSupportsTrump! says
          71. Beeotchstewie the deplorable says

            It was so true and accurate, I had to download it and reuse it.

          72. Marlene Binger says

            Hitlery and Obama deserve imprisonment for the rest of their no good lives! What a disgrace to our once great United States of America! We are so far gone that it will take a miracle to get America back to what it USED to be!

          73. Dana says

            We had a miracle in the 2016 election. WE need to SUPPORT OUR PRESIDENT and shun and shame anyone who tries to present false evidence against him. We have a chance to keep our country in the hands of AMERICANS again for the first time in over eight years and we’d better not squander that chance. The un American left is ganging up like the 1917 Bolsheviks in Russia did to try to bring America down again in the 2018 election. We’d better be prepared to stop them.

          74. Marlene Binger says

            Obama and his ILK should be incarcerated for LIFE for selling America down the tubes. He gave Iran $300M for what? To destroy America? In my opinion, what a low-life he is!

          75. Tallulah Cusati says

            There are NO muslims who are, ‘friends’, to anyone in America, unless, you are obummer and the democrats.

          76. pineapple says

            “The worse POTUS in U.S. history and instead of a “transparent”
            administration he promised, he gave us the most scandal-ridden
            non-transparent administration in U.S. history.”

            Consider the following:

            I will have the most transparent administration in history.
            The stimulus will fund shovel-ready jobs. I
            I am focused like a laser on creating jobs.
            The IRS is not targeting anyone.
            It was a spontaneous riot about a movie.
            If I had a son., he would look like Travon Martin.
            I will put an end to the type of politics that “breeds division, conflict and cynicism”.
            You didn’t build that!
            I will restore trust in Government.
            The Cambridge cops acted stupidly.
            The public will have 5 days to look at every bill that lands on my desk
            It’s not my red line – it is the world’s red line.
            Whistle blowers will be protected in my administration.
            We got back every dime we used to rescue the banks and auto companies, with interest.
            I am not spying on American citizens.
            Obama Care will be good for America .
            You can keep your family doctor.
            Premiums will be lowered by $2500.
            If you like it, you can keep your current healthcare plan.
            It’s just like shopping at Amazon.
            I knew nothing about “Fast and Furious” gunrunning to Mexican drug cartels.
            I knew nothing about IRS targeting conservative groups.
            I knew nothing about what happened in Benghazi .
            I have never known my uncle from Kenya who is in the country illegally and that was arrested and told to leave the country over 20 years ago.
            And, I have never lived with that uncle. He finally admitted ( 12-05-2013 ) that he DID know his uncle and that he DID live with him.

            And the biggest one of all:
            “I, Barrack Hussein Obama, pledge to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America .”

          77. Sharon Chesher says

            Great post…and may I add…”the Iran deal is good for America”!?!

          78. Marialice Barone says

            It’s truly amazing that he got away with all that crap!

          79. Beeotchstewie the deplorable says

            And extremely racist.

          80. Marialice Barone says

            Trump has made a start by getting the Sunni Muslims on the same page!

          81. Marialice Barone says

            Hopefully Sessions will get around to investigating the tarmac fiasco and anything else to do with Loretta Lynch, to say nothing of the IRS and BenGhazi scandals!

          82. Lizzie2 says

            Man! have you been thorougly brainwashed!

          83. Mic says

            What makes you think Cuba would want any of them. Unless you expect the U.S. taxpayers should have to get stuck with paying more money to countries that are not our friends.

          84. Marlene Binger says

            k9maiden – Thank you. AND I will add to them: “GOOD RIDDANCE!”

          85. Climax says

            No matter how much hate and vial actions the liberals are preaching they lost the election because the rules of the election were followed by the winning side, while the losing side cheated, lied, and stole votes illegally. You still lost because the majority of the citizens of the USA saw right through all the Liberal BS which was destroying this country. Get a grip, stop promoting racism and it will go away, stop saying gimmy and go get a job, if you commit a crime expect to get arrested, charged, tried and sent to prison. You liberal days are over, get a life you little worthless pieces of excrement.

          86. Martha Serafini says

            Apparently you missed the 4 tweets Trump posted yesterday and the 4 tweets from the day before when Trump attacked the investigations and those individuals managing them. Not only is Trump clearly obsessing about the investigations, he continues to dig himself into his own grave every time he opens his mouth. Trump is guilty, and if he keeps going on the path he’s on, he will make the job of impeaching or prosecuting him much easier. He is the king of self-sabotage.

          87. sharon Ott says

            Wouldn’t you obsess over so many people accusing you of something you did not do? I do not have time to read anybody’s tweets. I just observe the actions and the information from truth seekers like Judicial Watch who is totally unbiased as to whether someone is Democrat or Republicans. They don’t automatically believe something said about someone, especially the MSM, Washington Post, New York Times who are obviously biased and do not care about seeking out the truth. They’re just anxious to jump on anything that Trump says and does.

          88. Martha Serafini says

            Sharon, the tweets are directly from Trump. He writes them. He has said it’s his way of “going around” the media. He’s famous for his tweets. How could you follow Trump and not be familiar with any of his tweets? You really don’t know about it?

          89. Craig Vandertie says

            Cuba would be far too good for those Deep State deeply intranced Looney Libtards, send them to Afghanistan, just boot them out the back unloading ramp/hatch, no parachutes.

          90. k9maiden says

            I’m sure you conveniently over looked the blatant lies about Benghazi didn’t you? Well, here is a refresher, what has Trump done, NOTHING, what has BO and KILLAry DONE? Besides furnishing weapons to the enemy, they blatantly lied to the American People. We don’t spread propaganda on the right, we watch and listen, this came out of Killary and BO”S MOUTH, try to deny it! This is the very enemy that our President is protecting the American people from and you idiots on the left would rather have them run like savages in our country like they did in Europe killing and torturing, innocent people. You are one stupid bunch of idiots, Communist even care more about their lives than allowing the enemy into their country to prove a point because they didn’t win an election. SMH LISTEN TO THIS, then try to spin it!

          91. Larry Baker says

            Hey Maiden nice rant! Obama, Hillary and Kerry sold us down the proverbial tubes. The Democrats are pandering to votes rather than following the Constitution they swore to uphold. People need to know that ISLAM is not a religion but an infiltrate and take over scheme/Ideology. They have no intention of assimilating to our culture. Some will convert to Christianity but not enough. We are in for a bad time as Christians and Americans if refugees are settled here.

          92. k9maiden says

            I couldn’t agree more Larry! Great comment!

          93. Marlene Binger says

            This video from Killary Clinton and idiot Obama is a DISGRACE. That should turn all voters against the DemocRATS. What a pity our once great United States of America has gone thru with these two, in my opinion, “killers of America”!

          94. chief1937 says

            Two of the biggest liars and traitors this country has ever known speak.

          95. k9maiden says

            It takes brains and common sense NOT to fall into the lies the Marxist Media feeds us. Unfortunately, they have a following of liberals who prefer the lies and propaganda to the truth.

          96. Mic says

            I am Not sure, they may be 2 of the top 3. Of course I think the other one in the top 3 is married to one of them. Remember, it took a stained dress to get him to tone down his lies.

          97. Kenneth Jones says

            Oh, you’re so RIGHT! Should Hillary and pals be tried for treason? Hell yes!

          98. nocbsfan says

            LOL Now be nice LOLOLOLOL

          99. Susanna Gordon says

            It fits the far-Leftist agenda of taking over the country and destroying American capitalism – a one hundred year goal.

            A NOTE OF HOPE:
            The stupid Liberals are too blind to see that after the Muslims have finished using them to take over, the Muslims will come for the Liberals and kill them – since Muslims secretly despise Liberals because they do not believe in God.

          100. florida3guy says

            Says the brain dead moron who supports other morons and traitors like Hillary, Pelosi and crazy Maxine. It must be difficult being so profoundly ignorant.

          101. ABO says

            Those like Fredsgirl seem to be perfectly comfortable with their profound ignorance,florida3guy.

          102. Garys_opinion says

            What ever that bit of nonsense means?

          103. nocbsfan says

            Wonder why Fred can’t speak for himself ?

          104. VolunteerVet says

            No fan,
            because he is a liberal, and is lacking testicles and a brain. Lib men are required to be emasculated and lobotomized. no thinking men allowed… Liberalism is a mental disorder. the only possible cure is working testicles… Maybe a brain transplant would help. Check out the nut job who killed baseball players in DC. He was a bernie supporter… That says it all. Libs should be sent to N Korea. Little Kimmie could maybe bribed to take them, and teach them the error of their ways… No guarantee they will learn any useful lesson. Maybe a new type of drug is needed… A grand tour would be good. Butterball kimmie land, Venezuela, and Cuba followed by some muslim countries might open their thought processes.

          105. nocbsfan says

            Sure is a weird bunch

          106. berg1928 says

            Oh, you know. It means confefe -or whatever.

          107. AmericaSupportsTrump! says

            We not talkin about Trump you Liberal moron! Obama the jive talkin fool who you voted for loser!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hes Worthless like you!!!!!!!!!!!!!


          108. nocbsfan says

            My, you could recognize those ears anywhere !

          109. mac12sam12 says

            They’re not ears, they’re convenient handles.

          110. ABO says

            Says Obama, “letgo my ears, I know what I’m doin’ “.

          111. Kenneth Jones says

            Those jughandles?

          112. ABO says

            That’d be them.

          113. mac12sam12 says

            Thanks for the belly laugh!

          114. ABO says

            You’re entirely welcome mac12sam12.

          115. AmericaSupportsTrump! says


          116. k9maiden says

            He looks like a chocolate Howdy Doody. What an effeminate idiot!

          117. Kenneth Jones says

            More like Alfred E. Newman! Remember him?

          118. ABO says

            What? Me, worry???

          119. Mr Rollo says

            Who can forget?

          120. nocbsfan says

            Yeah I believe he acts like one too. Do you raise dogs, or do they just sniff out gangsters

          121. Mr Rollo says

            Dark or light?

          122. Mr Rollo says

            I saw that in my cesspool today.

          123. nocbsfan says

            Why are you playing in your cesspool ?

          124. Mr Rollo says

            I found you in there too. Feces much?

          125. AmericaSupportsTrump! says
          126. nocbsfan says

            Looks like he straining to do something ? I think he needs a few doses of colace

          127. Obie Miller says

            NO, he was not “dumb”. He was evil, and pretending to be dumb to cover what he was doing!

          128. ABO says

            Exactly! I have said for the past decade that Barack Hussein Obama is the most dangerous enemy this nation has ever faced and he’s still at it.

          129. De'Plorable says

            I will pass out candy when it is finally brought to justice and is a cadaver-like his ilk do when one of murders innocent people.

          130. Susanna Gordon says

            I absolutely agree. To say that the monster Obama is either incompetent or dumb is to give him a pass.

            He is not the smartest person in any room, despite what he likes to be told – but he is not dumb, not incompetent, he is pure evil.

            People need to keep that in mind. This was all deliberate.

          131. Mr Rollo says

            What a perfect portrait of the marxist/ leftist/progressive/co,mmunist/liar/crook. etc., ad infinitum.

          132. mac12sam12 says

            Do you think Trump is worried over a democrat witch hunt? Don’t think so!

          133. Susanna Gordon says

            Still, Trump needs to fire every Democrat in the strategic parts of the Federal government. Every one.

            He makes a mistake keeping any, and seems to not fully understand how evil these people are, and how determined in their goals to assassinate Trump, and take over.

          134. MissionController says

            Hey…..ID10T! You’ll be going down with Obumpkins legacy! What a joke……he is so “transparent” we see right through him!

          135. singcanary says

            You are so confused … Comey/Clinton/Obama are the real criminals… not Trump. They set him up to look bad…

          136. Mary Brumley says

            Fred should be ashamed of his girl!
            However, the libs haven’t noticed it, but our POTUS is actually bringing many changes already.
            Still, the corrupt, elite, vicious crocodiles that are up to his waist are slowing our POTUS down a little bit. But our POTUS and sane Americans are definitely winning!
            We won. You lost! And We the People will prevail.

          137. Retired says

            The Soros – Clinton Machine along with Schumer and Pelosi are working 24 Hr. to damage Trump . But in the end they are hurting themselves .

          138. Mary Brumley says

            I, also, seriously believe that they are hurting themselves and their party! I think many of the conservative Demos will join us in the elections of 2018!

          139. Dan Turner says

            Fredsgirl1, your “getting got” response shows YOU projecting how YOU would react if you were in Trumps shoes. Its a flaw in your character, because you can’t imagine being in his circumstances and winning, so you credit Trump with spending his efforts as YOU would (regardless of the fact) he is marching forward in spite of what you see as barriers and impediments. Bottom line? You’re weak. Trump has balls. You’ve never seen real leadership so you have no frame of reference to make any comparison. You own mediocrity because it’s all you’ve ever seen or known. Sad.

          140. Tim Groves says

            Very Well Stated Dan & SOOO TRUE !

          141. johnnywoods says

            What crime is Trump trying to protect himself from being “got”? No evidence found for the past seven months. Probably because there is none.

          142. Dana says

            When this is all over in ninety days or so, Trump will be vindicated and Hillary may be indicted.

          143. defiant1 says

            There is nothing to get!

          144. David in MA says

            This going after Trump is going to produce more than the democrats and RINO’s can ever imagine, GITMO will never be closed until the last one is executed by hanging.

          145. A_Nobody says

            ROFLMAO…….all the whiny left has as “evidence” is BS and if they go after him they won’t like the hell they unleash. the Dem party is just another organized crime syndicate.

          146. Camille Gilliam says

            That is because the Demorats are a bunch of EVIL bastards.

          147. Carolyn P. Weader says

            While the real criminals against America have no investigations on them. We need to clean out both GOP AND DEM FROM OUR GOVERNMENT. THERE IS NOT A LOT OF DIFFERENCE IN HOW THEY VOTE.

          148. Fredsgirl1 says

            What are the crimes specifically have the Democrats committed. There are few if any. Any administration has gray areas that they shouldn’t have gone into but collaborating, and at best turning a blind eye to collaboration, is not on the Democrats agenda. Trump is not only not aware of the magnitude of the harm Russia has done our country but he has not interest of throwing the weight of the presidency behind the prevention of it happening again. The reason? It doesn’t have any relevance to his image in his eyes. And with him his image is everything.

          149. Beverly Taylor Mullins says

            He’s busy doing what he promised the voters and has made good decisions. My only complaint is his using the stupid, idiotic Tweeter.

        2. Marlene Binger says

          stgabrn: Each and every one of them – OBAMA FIRST -should be incarcerated for treason against our United States of America!

          1. red110306 says

            Unfortunately, until the Trump DOJ gets rid of any and all Obama holdovers withing the Government, that will never happen. He must clean up DC before he can effectively “drain the swamp”!

          2. gearbox says

            And than executed ! “MAGA”

        3. EMILIANO says

          They are not afraid,because this Country lost the Pride to be a Christian Country and they are from his Back Yard.Americans who voted for this guy sold America out and there is no Return to an America we all knew.

          1. tbs says

            Don’t be too sure about that! The people are awake and it only takes a few, with God’s help, to get the job done!

          2. Craig Vandertie says

            I hate to burst your bubble, but most Agnostics and Atheists are as appalled by the actions of the Socialist islamic party as Christians are, who in their right mind would want to live under Sharia law.

            Oh, by the way that was a rhetorical question, hence no question mark required.

        4. Gerry Costa says

          stgabrn — that is exactly the reason almost every politician in DC wants to see President Trump gone. They are all living in fear of 2 things — their total corruption being exposed and losing their golden fleece to power and wealth.

        5. Susan Lindauer says

          obama’s corruption has no bounds– And they have the audacity to attack Trump! It’s all about diverting resources away from a real investigation of Obama’s legacy! God help us all!

        6. Roger Domnie says

          they all were, and guess where the split went???? kerry’s son in law iranian sat on their side of the table….

      3. USN Vet 31yrs Svc says

        Need to go after oversight committees, FBI & CIA dept heads. As it is now, u could have a Stalin or Hitler in office conducting business as usual. Political leadership is a sleep. Every one needs to go on trial to explain their incompetence. Their first and foremost priority is safety & security of the USA period. We, IAW the Constitution, are suppose to have 3 independent watch over each. Obviously not.

        Makes me sick to my stomach. This is why the demonRats are initiating law suites & investigations back to back back. Rinos are most disgusting of all.

        Mr. Meek: sorry for the rant but I am pissed!!!!

        1. The Redhawk says

          Ooh Rahh Many of us are PISSED also!

        2. gotabgood says

          “……u could have a Stalin or Hitler in office …..”
          Haven’t you been keeping up with the news??? He is in office now!!

          Germans know fascism when they see it.
          While Americans can joke about “Soup Nazis” and Hitler mustaches, Germans know firsthand what it means when a failed businessman moves from a fringe candidate to a leader who takes over your democracy and burns everything to hell.
          I learned this, repeatedly, while I was in Germany for a weeklong lecture on the 2016 U.S. presidential election hosted by the State Department and German officials. As I hopped from one beautiful, Old World city to another, from Hamburg to Frankfurt to Munich to Berlin, every person I spoke to said that the rise of business mogul-turned-reality-TV star-turned-GOP front-runner Donald Trump reminded them of the early stages of Adolf Hitler’s rise to power.
          “How is he so successful?” asked a student reporting for her school paper.
          “Doesn’t America know how dangerous he is?” asked an irritated Gen X woman in Hamburg.
          Germans, like Europeans in general, can draw direct lines from violent, aggressive rhetoric to bombs destroying their homes, millions being displaced and whole nations collapsing. The scars of World War I, World War II, even the war in the Balkans in the ’90s, all still affect Germans and other Europeans. Pieces of the “Berlin Wall” are still for sale in souvenir shops.

          1. AmericaSupportsTrump! says

            We had a Liberal racist Hitler in office and we kicked his ASS out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! While you can spread your hate, lies, propaganda and liberal agenda online you just look stupid and ignorant and hateful every time you post your hate. You are an evil liberal man!

          2. gotabgood says

            Sorry chump… Hitler was a rightwing radical….

            Hitler’s Political Views
            Hitler lived in Vienna for several years, working at odd jobs and absorbing the ideas of Austrian right-wing extremists. In 1913, he left Vienna and moved to Munich in southern Germany. He took with him the basic political ideas to which he would remain committed for the balance of his life. Central to Hitler’s thought were his notions of race. He believed in the racial superiority of the Germanic peoples (the Aryan race) and in the inferiority of other races, especially Jews but also Slavs and blacks. Hitler also advocated the Pan-German ideology that was popular among many Austrian extremists. Pan-Germanism held the view that all Germans should be united in a single state. In addition, Hitler was hostile to the ideology of Marxism, which emphasized the unity of the international working class rather than racial solidarity.
            The following extracts illustrate some of the political ideas of Adolf Hitler (1889-1945):


          3. Katia says

            U R about as stupid and ignorant as they come..Learn your History get an education and try comprehending what you read or hear..OMG how can anyone in this day and age be so stupid? sounds like the typical democrat follower that we all know haven’t got a leg to stand on let alone a brain in those empty heads..

          4. ABO says

            Your assessment of gotabstupid is tremendously accurate and well stated. Your suggestion that he/she/it learn history, get an education and try comprehending what it reads or hears is likely far beyond it’s abilities. Thank you again for your very accurate assessment of the brainless wonder, gotabstupid.

          5. AmericaSupportsTrump! says

            The only chump is you and your liberal racist thugs chump!

            I do have to say you are one ignorant anti American low life one day your day will come and karma will rain down on your liberal atheist low energy racist head! Remember little man we Defeated you and your ideology of destroying America we kicked your asses the American way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



          6. gotabgood says

            How is all his wants working out for you???
            You better hope to Christ it doesn’t get passed.. if it does, you will weeping and moaning….. along with the rest of America..
            And yes that is EXACTLY what the Russians wanted to happen….

          7. AmericaSupportsTrump! says

            Trump is a blessing a great man we love him! Jobs, pro america, build our military deport illegal thugs like you all his wants are coming Truth PRESIDENT TRUMP is a breath of fresh air since we had 8 years of Liberalism and lies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          8. gotabgood says

            I know you’re not old enough, but you would have thought Nixon was a great man too… his famous words… ” I am not a crook” And Trump quotes him…

          9. AmericaSupportsTrump! says

            I know your a Liberal moron and ignorant. I know you think Obama was a great President and man but the truth is he was a fraud, liar and a treasonous liberal !!!!!!! I have no knowledge of Crooked hillary emails but he send her emails prior Lol……WOW liberalism is ignorism!!!!!!

          10. mac12sam12 says

            By today’s standard Nixon wouldn’t have been impeached. Look at the crap Hussein O got away with. Trump/Pence 2020!

          11. k9maiden says

            EXACTLY MAC! I am so sick of the left still demonizing this man. He was preschool compared to the Arab in office! He was preschool compared to the Whore of Islam. Yet, that’s all the left have. They excuse treason, lying and murder, but a white lie that affected no one, purely political is the worst thing any President of the U.S. ever did, and this shows you just how brainwashed the liberals are! SMH

          12. k9maiden says

            Nixon was a great man, in many ways, and trust me, everyone with a brain knows that if NIXON were a Demoncrap Watergate would never have happened. You tell me, did NIXON kill anyone? Were their deaths through a lie, that even JFK said all presidents are guilty of, but Nixon got caught. Compare Nixon’s 18 minutes of lost tape to Killary’s thousands of emails that disappeared, what about that gotabgood? How can you justify Hillary then demonize Nixon? Did Nixon ever supply the enemy with weapons? Did Nixon eliminate everyone who got in his way like BO and KILLARY? BO DID NOTHING BUT GOLF AND GO ON EXTRAVAGANT VACATIONS, He spent more on lavish vacations courtesy of the tax payers than all president put together including CLINTON! Over one and a half billion dollars! Did Nixon use tax payer money so lavishly? While BO stayed on the golf course while an American journalist was beheaded by ISIS, Nixon would never have done this, nor would he comment about
            Benghazi, “Just a bump in the road, no big deal that four Americans were savagely butchered and massacred, on the David Letterman show!” At least Nixon opened the Gateway to China, and at least Nixon ended the Viet Nam War that you Demoncraps started. Again, what accomplishments did BO achieve besides turning America into a cesspool of illegals and terrorist? That’s what happens when you don’t elect an American and natural born citizen. BO had complete allegiance to Arab/Islam/Africa! So before you loons demonize Nixon for a white lie, that was purely political, think about what BO did to destroy this nation and on purpose, all the while spewing blatant lies from his mouth. Nixon was pre school, if even that, compared to BO and his Islamic Regime.

          13. Lisa Meyer says

            Hillary said four men died because of a video. Which one is worse? The one who quotes a former president who was accused of being a crook, but was subsequently pardoned by his predecessor? Or a former SOS who is not only a proven liar, but is a soulless hag that knowingly allowed those men to die because to her they were expendable and not worth her time. And thats just ONE of her faults!

            Liberal justification in 3…2…1

          14. gotabgood says

            For one…. Hillary has been investigated 11 times for Benghazi? Lil’ bush lost 60 people at 10 different Embassies and how many investigations? 0, that is a zero, like in NOT ONE INVESTIGATION!!!!! 60 people, a little more than 4. Then he lost 3000 people and on his watch and for bush and cheney’s testimony, they went TOGETHER, behind closed doors, no reporter, no recording device, no transcript and NOT SWORN IN… Now picture if Obama and Hillary had done that????
            And you still pointing your nasty finger at the wrong person… you should be looking to congress over Benghazi.



          15. Lisa Meyer says

            You might want to check your facts a little better before copying and pasting someone else’s “facts”
            We could go all the way back to 1928, when the first US diplomatic facility was attacked. Historically, US consulates have always been tempting targets for attacks due mainly to regional instability. The attacks became more frequent after the War On Terror began during the Bush administration. Beyond that, your argument disintegrates.
            None of the attacks you cited rose to the level of the Benghazi overrun. In fact, almost all of them were either by lone suicide bombers, or groups of half a dozen or less. None of the attacks penetrated the outer security perimeters of any of the compounds. None of the victims who were killed were Americans (which does not negate their deaths, save for the purposes of this rebuttal), one of the attacks, (the first one on your list) was not even an embassy, it was a cultural center which only housed the embassy’s library. And the 2nd attack at Karachi was not specifically targeted at the embassy, but rather the paramilitary rangers protecting it.
            The biggest truth of all? In NONE of these attacks were there prior calls for increased security, or fears of the embassy staff for their safety. Unlike Benghazi, these attacks were unexpected” Lone wolf” attacks that were quickly put down by security forces.
            Benghazi was a completely different set of circumstances, and no matter how Clinton and Obama tried to spin it, Americans died, needlessly under their watch, and they are both guilty, if nothing else, of Dereliction of Duty and reckless endangerment. And they both need to pay for their sins.

          16. gotabgood says

            Let me see if I got this straight….. It makes a difference if it was a lone bomber or a 100 + terror group to really classify it as a terrorist movement.. and the people killed only count if they were American. Where do YOU put the Oklahoma bombing by Tim McVeigh. A Saturday night brawl?
            So, 9/11, 2001, (don’t want to mix up events with the more important one in 2012).. because there were only 19 men involved in 9/11, 2001.. Maybe they listed the number of NON-AMERICANS in the event massacre that took place on that day.. and I am sure you would deduct them from the actual people killed…. YOU ARE SICK!!
            And you criticize MY FACTS, but give none of your own…. nothing more than opinions.
            They died needlessly, for the almighty dollar…. and priorities… listen to Chaffetz explain it to you AGAIN!

          17. Lisa Meyer says

            You obviously didn’t read what I wrote, or else your comprehension skills are seriously lacking. I gave you facts, not opinions,and I also stated that just because the lives lost were not Americans, it did not negate their deaths.
            Your original argument was that Bush should have been investigated for over 60 deaths. Those deaths, tragic as they were, were not due to security issues, or the result of credible threats that were IGNORED by State Dept heads and the president himself, as was Benghazi.
            You bringing 9/11 and OKC into this just shows you have no argument, and are just deflecting and reaching to try to justify your ignorance.
            You’re obviously too lazy to do your own fact- checking beyond that which accommodates your version of the truth, so we’re done here.

          18. gotabgood says

            Facts based on what????????? Your say so???? No thanks..

          19. AmericaSupportsTrump! says

            I know your a liberal pos thug….not old enough to debate.
            We won America from you, Obama racist thugs, Liberal pos thugs and the Democrackhead socialist party!

            Keep Hope alive we are here!

          20. k9maiden says

            NEWSFLASH, Trump had nothing to do with colluding with RUSSIA, or didn’t you bother to listen to Comey’s testimony? It was another waste of time, but why isn’t Hillary being hounded by you leftist for selling 20% of our uranium to Russia? President Trump is gaining popularity every day, and not just by those who voted for him and stand behind him, but for those who were on the fence. Only on CNN and Marxist Media would you find fake polls, but the truth is, the most liberals and the crazy women from CA, Pelosi, Waters, Feinstein, Boxholm try to find one little thing to impeach Trump, the more they are actually being found out by the American people as being completely crazy Communist. NANCY PELOSI may want to review her videos and realize that President Bush hasn’t been in office over over 8 years. She continues to call President Trump President Bush. The leftist are losing it. They are not dealing with reality any longer. Trump goes on with business, he is improving our economy, he has cut the illegals from invading our country by an astronomical number, he has cut unemployment way down, more than in 10 years, he is protecting the people he took an oath to protect and fulfilling his promises to all who voted for him by protecting us from ISLAM so that we will not turn into another Europe. He will probably go down as the greatest PRESIDENT of our times because he literally ignores and laughs evil in the face all the while MAGA! PRESIDENT TRUMP THANK YOU!

          21. gotabgood says

            I know, I know… it was just a coincident that Trump fired these three when getting just a little to close to Trumps butt…
            Preet Bharara, Sally Yates and James Comey:

          22. Lisa Meyer says

            Better hope what doesn’t get passed? Your post is not making any sense. What do the Russians want to happen?

          23. gotabgood says

            They deleted “AmericaSupportsTrump” message. He listed a poster of Trump wants the wall, Trumps want tax reform and Trump wants healthcare..
            The wall should be self explanatory… personal property, who gets the river? Plus who pays for it?
            The tax reform SHOULD be self explanatory also…. You people think when Trumps cuts lose the ACA rich mans taxes, you think you are going to get part of it…. hahahaha
            And healthcare… should be scaring you people… but finally the people are waking up… but you better be calling your senator…. QUICK!!


          24. ABO says

            More tremendous wisdom from a drooling moron. Thanks gotabstupid.

          25. gotabgood says

            Trump has the scissors out.. cutting everything that can be cut… watch out he maybe getting close to your needs..

          26. Lisa Meyer says

            Well, let me give you some info about ME(as opposed to you lumping me in with ” you people”)
            I voted for Trump because, like several elections before, he was the lesser of two evils, and his platform appealed to me far, far more than Clinton’s did, starting with building the wall. Did I believe Mexico was going to pay for it? I’m not as stupid as you believe. Plus, it will take more years than Trump will be in office for that project to be completed, if it ever is. And it won’t do a thing but possibly slow the illegals down a bit. A far better plan is what is already happening, by Trump and Sessions unshackling ICE and Border Patrol agents and allowing them to do their jobs. That’s a good start.
            Regarding healthcare…that has been a clusterfvck ever since Obama’s brain schat it out and stupid Pelosi said “We have to pass it to see what’s in it.” Some of the stupidest words ever uttered by a leading (?) politician. I was firmly against the ACA, and I am fimly against anything else they come up with. I think the whole thing should be repealed, and the choice given back to the people whose shoulders it falls on to pay for it. Or else the idiots that come up with these ideas should have to live under them too (which they are supposed to, but that’s another topic).
            As for tax cuts, I am not one of the rich people, so I will gain no direct benefits from any of that. Plus, I live in Taxifornia, where everyday they find something else to add taxes TO. Electronics, tires, batteries, lumber, paint. Our gas tax, which is the highest in the nation, is about to be raised another 12cents a gallon by our idiot governor, who thinks that the people of this state have unlimited bank accounts. So, even if I were to be affected by Trump’s tax plan, it would be negated by governor Moonbeam’s mindless policy force (farce). In any case, I’d be interested to see just what plans Hillary would have put forth. I suspect you wouldn’t have liked her either, considering all the wealthy globalists that she is close to. Thank God we’ll never know!
            Oh, and most senators from CA have their own agenda. They work for the people who feed them money, not us peons. The only California politicians that ever worked FOR the people, was former Congressman Bill Thomas, and current Congressman Kevin McCarthy. The rest of them are just swamp creatures.

          27. gotabgood says

            If you claim you are not as stupid as I think you are… then explain his platform to me….
            On every issue….. not one or two…. EVERY issue he was on both sides of the issue, sometimes in the case of immigration…. it was almost like watching the game of hot potato… back and forth, back and forth.
            But his main platform was lies… he lied about everything and sometimes contradicted himself in the same day. Don’t use the excuse all politicians lie… true… but this guy took it to an entirely different level… From his products, to the size of crowds to whether it was raining or not…

          28. Lisa Meyer says

            MAGA! What dont you understand? Trump’s platform was to give this country back to the people, and recover from 8 years of Abomination at the hands of the REAL illegitimate president.
            What you think of me is irrelevant. What you have proven is that you are incapable of civil dialogue, and as I stated earlier, your lack of fact- checking ability and comprehension is obvious, since you didn’t read or understand my prior post.
            As I also stated earlier, we’re done here. Pig-dancing class is over.

          29. gotabgood says

            My posts, where I talk of FACTS, I give references…. you think because you write something down, it automatically becomes a fact….. maybe in Lie Lie Land.. but not in the real world..
            And I have no thoughts about you personally… I think righties are like a sponge, (along with the others on here that check nothing out), you absorb what the Donald says and accept it as the gospel.


          30. mac12sam12 says

            Hitler and Trump again!! Everybody drink!!

          31. Skippy says

            More mindless liberal drone dribble. This is nothing but y’all’s propaganda. This proves you know nothing about Hitler and the Nazis ya pathetic moron.
            TTFN Brainless Wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!

          32. k9maiden says

            For everyone of your propaganda memes, I have more as to why BO and Hitler were the same, including a psychiatrist from Israel that specialized in the Narcissistic Disorder saying that BO is not just a Narcissist, he is a pathological Narcissist, just like Hitler, even had the same background. Tell us what PRESIDENT WAS IT THAT WAS HELL BENT ON GETTING OUR GUNS? TRUMP? NO, THAT WAS BO! That’s what Hitler did, after he confiscated the German’s guns, by using children as his plea to save Germany, the Third Reich took over. I haven’t a clue how old you are, but I would guess you are a young man and haven’t a clue what happened back when. But I do as I am in my 70’s and I heard plenty from my older brothers and my parents. I can tell you, they were all Conservative, and they remember well what Hitler did after he was able to get their guns. Why do you think every single attack from BO’s buddies, ISIS, was about gun control?

          33. k9maiden says

            So gotabgood, BO and Hitler were not only raised by the same type of mother, they were dictator wannabes. Is it any wonder that the great Alvina King, Niece of MLK, voted and campaigned for TRUMP? Is it any wonder that BO’S own brother supported Trump?

          34. gotabgood says

            Most of your stuff is BS….
            But the 2nd amendment orders were never to take guns away… that is NRA’s BS. Which caused record breaking sales in guns and ammo.
            What he tried to do where 90% of America wanted was restrictions to the ammo clips, sales at gun shows and online and etc.

          35. Fred says

            I see you do not have the mental faculty to understand simple concepts. You fail to understand NAZI stands for “National Socialist German Workers’ Party”.

            Word Origin and History for Nazi

            1930, noun and adjective, from German Nazi, abbreviation of German pronunciation of Nationalsozialist (based on earlier German sozi, popular abbreviation of “socialist”), from Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei “National Socialist German Workers’ Party,” led by Hitler from 1920.

            The 24th edition of Etymologisches Wörterbuch der deutschen Sprache (2002) says the word Nazi was favored in southern Germany (supposedly from c.1924) among opponents of National Socialism because the nickname Nazi, Naczi (from the masc. proper name Ignatz, German form of Ignatius) was used colloquially to mean “a foolish person, clumsy or awkward person.” Ignatz was a popular name in Catholic Austria, and according to one source in World War I Nazi was a generic name in the German Empire for the soldiers of Austria-Hungary.

            An older use of Nazi for national-sozial
            is attested in German from 1903, but EWdS does not think it contributed
            to the word as applied to Hitler and his followers. The NSDAP for a
            time attempted to adopt the Nazi
            designation as what the Germans call a “despite-word,” but they gave
            this up, and the NSDAP is said to have generally avoided the term.
            Before 1930, party members had been called in English National Socialists, which dates from 1923. The use of Nazi Germany, Nazi regime,
            etc., was popularized by German exiles abroad. From them, it spread
            into other languages, and eventually was brought back to Germany, after
            the war. In the USSR, the terms national socialist and Nazi were said to have been forbidden after 1932, presumably to avoid any taint to the good word socialist. Soviet literature refers to fascists.

            Online Etymology Dictionary, © 2010 Douglas Harper

          36. gotabgood says

            I do not care where the word originated from, or how it is pronounced, or what year it was established… All I said was Hitler was a rightwing radical.
            Here is another message to back that up…

            Germans know fascism when they see it.
            While Americans can joke about “Soup Nazis” and Hitler mustaches, Germans know firsthand what it means when a failed businessman moves from a fringe candidate to a leader who takes over your democracy and burns everything to hell.
            I learned this, repeatedly, while I was in Germany for a weeklong lecture on the 2016 U.S. presidential election hosted by the State Department and German officials. As I hopped from one beautiful, Old World city to another, from Hamburg to Frankfurt to Munich to Berlin, every person I spoke to said that the rise of business mogul-turned-reality-TV star-turned-GOP front-runner Donald Trump reminded them of the early stages of Adolf Hitler’s rise to power.
            “How is he so successful?” asked a student reporting for her school paper.
            “Doesn’t America know how dangerous he is?” asked an irritated Gen X woman in Hamburg.
            Germans, like Europeans in general, can draw direct lines from violent, aggressive rhetoric to bombs destroying their homes, millions being displaced and whole nations collapsing. The scars of World War I, World War II, even the war in the Balkans in the ’90s, all still affect Germans and other Europeans. Pieces of the “Berlin Wall” are still for sale in souvenir shops.

          37. ABO says

            You truly are amazing, gotab stupid Every time you post you raise the limits of your idiocy to a whole new level. Until I first read one of your demented rants I would never have believed that any adult human being could actually be that stupid, yet you continue to raise the bar with every response you post here. Congratulations, dimwit.

          38. gotabgood says

            That sounds pretty much like a rightwing opinion to me… and you know where the get their facts….


          39. ABO says

            “and you know where the get their facts”. Yet another indication of the level of idiocy you have risen to gotabadimwit! Well done.

          40. k9maiden says

            Go to Cuba, this is America, we aren’t changing, that should be loud and clear by now, even against all odds, a rigged election for Hillary, lies and spins, and embellishments on the Media, Soros spending billions to spread his evil, TRUMP WON! Get off this site and go to a Commie/Islamic site, because you aren’t going to be successful spreading your hate here.

          41. gotabgood says

            Even your poster is UN-American! We do concern ourselves with those less fortunate than ourselves. It is even biblical…and it is written on the Statue of Liberty!!
            And you are so much like the boiled frog syndrome.
            After FDR, is the place every body wants to “Go Back To When America When It Was Great”! We struggled during the Nixon years with introducing HMO’s, but we were still a strong nation. Reagan knocked down some pillars, tried to repeat the great depression, but we struggled through it and got a lift with Clinton, but then along came bush and took us down hard. Obama would have been better off not to try and compromise with the righties, but he did and they took advantage at every turn. Now we have bush on steroids, or should I say on Putin.
            You have been sliding down hill since Reagan and just haven’t noticed the economy slipping away… ever hear of “Trickledown”… more like “tinkledown”.
            It will take a Democrat to get this country running right, like it has with all the major takes downs this nation has had to go through at the hands of the rightwing.




          42. k9maiden says

            I’m for that! They are the farthest thing from good Americans there is, they are not Democrats, that party is far gone, they are a combination of Socialist/Communist/and youth brainwashed by the twisted Communist professors.

          43. nocbsfan says

            You are nuts FDR sold us out to the Japanese by having the entire navy on R&R in Hawaii so the entire fleet could be sunk and at least give the Japanese a slim chance of winning a war

          44. Skippy says

            You’re so full of crap, and you live in liberal fantasy land. You truly are a mindless liberal drone. Reagan gave us one of the biggest economic growth in the history of this Country.
            TTFN Brainless Wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!

          45. gotabgood says

            Ask the farmers how great Reagan was.

            Ask the Savings&Loan how good Reagan was
            Definition: The Savings and Loans Crisis was the greatest bank collapse since the Great Depression of 1929. By 1989, more than 1,000 of the nation’s Savings and Loans had failed. Between 1986-1995, more than half of the nation’s S&Ls had failed.

            Ask Wall Street how great Reagan was
            What caused Black Monday, the stock market crash of 1987?

          46. Skippy says

            Boy you sure are a mindless liberal drone, that can’t read. All your references didn’t even put the blame on Reagan. If you would have read it like I did you would have seen that it was Congress that kept on kicking the can down the road. That’s what caused Black Monday. Who was in control of Congress during the Reagan presidency? Answer The Democraps!!!! Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!!!! Both and Investopedia said that. As for the farmers in Nebraska that wad do to that States policies. That was what nebraskwstudies said. You wasn’t even alive when Reagan was in office, I lived through it, and he was the best president on my life time. You idiots can’t handle the fact that Reagan took a bad economy, because of double digit inflation and the policies of Carter, and turned it around in three years. That gave us one of the biggest economic growth in the history of this Country. I remember Carters policies that drove the cost of fuel up and caused gas rationing. I remember waiting in long lines at the gas station with my Dad, and we had to go somewhere else because they ran out of gas. Try again!!!
            TTFN mindless liberal drone!!!!!!!

          47. Skippy says

            That’s a lot of crap spewing from your mouth. As I said before you’re full of crap.
            TTFN brainless wonder!!!!!!

          48. k9maiden says


          49. k9maiden says

            RESEARCH IT, TELL ME HOW MANY ARABS CAME INTO THE COUNTRY THROUGH ELLLIS ISLAND LIKE MOST OF OUR ANCESTORS DID AND BECAME LEGAL AND AMERICAN CITIZENS AND WERE PROUD OF IT! I have my great grandfather’s document the day he became a U.S citizen, he denounced the KING OF PRUSSIA! He only had allegiance to the U.S. and he learned the language and made his children speak English and not GERMAN even in the home. Then he sent for his wife, my great grandmother from Germany, and she came through legally through Ellis Island with her sister and they learned the English language as well. They were PROUD AMERICANS! You tell me how many ISLAMIC loving Muslims here in America are willing to become citizens of the U.S. by denouncing Shariah and following the CONSTITUTION. You are so delusional and brainwashed, I’m sorry, but you just don’t have a clue that a true MUSLIM will never be good citizens of this country because they want a caliphate, and they will wait patiently, like they have from the beginning of this barbaric so called religion, until they get it! WISE UP!

          50. Phoebe Isley says

            My sentiments exactly! They meaning what’s their name will never get the jest of it. LAWS…follow them, go to jail or leave. No more going along to get along, This is OUR country and our Traditions and Values not anyone else’s. Don’t like it…we aren’t asking anymore.

          51. Gooyoung says

            Look at what is happening in Michigan and Minnesota, they are being turned into beirut little islam, it will only spread further as they breed like cockroaches, we have to get a handle on it NOW before it is to late and that won’t be to long from now. All this talk and no action won’t get things done. How can the citizens of those states allow it to happen to their cities without a fight?

          52. gotabgood says

            “Keep ancient lands, your storied pomp!” cries she
            With silent lips. “Give me your tired, your poor,
            Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
            The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
            Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
            I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

          53. Fred says

            Stop drinking the Kool-Aid and get a grasp on reality! Your poisoned mind is spewing irrelevant Marxist trash. If you HATE America so much, you are invited to leave and go live in any Socialist hell-hole that will have you. Don’t go away mad, just go away! Obviously, you have spent way too much time painting yourself RED to see the truth. You do realize you are exactly what “they” want you to be…A USEFUL IDIOT.

          54. ABO says

            As I stated earlier, Gotabstupid, if you had a brain you’d take it out and play with it.

          55. Susanna Gordon says

            You are an ignorant ideologue for the Left.

          56. Tim Groves says

            You are TRULY Brainwahed, You Questioned My Comment, But YOU are One FU*KED UP Airhead. You kno Nothing. The msm is WORKING Overtime to Destroy President Trump. You keep watching your msm, So YOU can be TOLD What to Think Today and EVERY DAY! I see you sitting around with your Crack head demoNazi antifa Bitches laughing at comments like to bad he was such a poor shot. So you & your antifa Crack heads Count on this, I Would Put a Round in the 1st M.F. That tried ANY of your Pansy ass Sh*t on Me. Go Home and Sleep like a Baby, You & your ILK Disgust Me. You lay Blame when it’s demoNAZIS who have PROVEN Time & Time Again YOU Are the Liars & Violent Trash out there.
            YOU ARE DISMISSED !!!

          57. gotabgood says

            Those are news paper headlines….. I showed you three.. you show me one, that the Democrats were responsible for a major crash.
            History says you belong to the Nazi group.
            DHS says you belong to the Home grown radical rightwing terrorist group.
            You demonstrate in front of God and Country you are ready to kill federal agents with the Bundy group.
            Religion means nothing to you, you demonstrate that too by going into a church on Sunday morning and killing a doctor.

          58. Tim Groves says

            Listen NAZI, YOU ARE DISMISSED !

          59. Tim Groves says

            * Black Lives Matter, All Other Lives Don’t Matter.

            * College should be free and all student loans cancelled. (Free means
            somehow magically the tax payer doesn’t have to pay for any of it)
            All medical treatment should be free if your unemployed or illegal, but
            the middle class should pay for their Obamacare that is unusable due to
            high premiums and high deductibles.
            * To become a protected criminal, who is also an illegal immigrant, you just need to show up here and live in a sanctuary city.
            * The Middle Class was shrinking rapidly before Trump was elected, but it was not Obama’s fault.
            * Average family income was continuing to drop before Trump was elected, but it was not Obama’s fault.
            * Black youths had over a 50% unemployment rate in the last 8 years, but it was not Obama’s fault.
            * Hispanic youth unemployment was over 35% and after 8 years in office, it was not Obama’s fault.

            * 50% of the population is paying 100% of all the taxes and they are
            still not paying their “fair share.” The other 50% are not receiving
            nearly enough free stuff and deserve more. Businesses and the middle
            class do not deserve a tax break.
            * Everyone who votes Democrat
            needs to violently try to overthrow the government and demand massive
            Muslim immigration until Trump is impeached. And Every celebrity and
            former Obama government official needs to call for violence against
            Trump, but they share no responsibility when it happens
            Obstructionist, Democrat Senators want even more money to squander on
            old promises and old policies that have never worked. They don’t care if
            Obamacare is imploding.
            * Being a “Progressive” is less cringe-worthy than saying you’re a Liberal, a socialist, a globalist or a Democrat.

            * When America sovereignty is destroyed by globalism and socialism we
            want to be like Venezuela, without the food riots. Or Sweden without all
            the women being raped by Muslim immigrants.
            * Republicans don’t believe in the Paris Climate Treaty and we must destroy more US jobs to prove it is needed.
            * If Hilary would have been elected, everything would have been rainbows and Unicorns – just like with Obama.

            * Hillary Clinton never committed any crimes while her bank account
            went up to $300 million as Sec. of State. Obama never did anything wrong
            while his bank account went up $10 million as President .
            * Hillary and Bill Clinton understand what it is like to be born a poor Black Child.
            * All the qualifications needed to be President is to be a woman, A Muslim or a far left Black man.
            * Evil looks like anything white, rich, successful and productive.

            * Agreements or Treaties of any kind should be signed and committed to,
            even if the other agreeing party doesn’t live up to its obligations. It
            is OK when America gets nothing in return.
            * Everyone else is
            flooding their country with Muslims and becoming socialist, so should
            we, regardless of any results in those other countries.
            * Everything was Bush’s fault while Obama was president, but Obama does not have any blame while Trump is President. This IS the demoNAZI party, Nothing but Blamers, Crybabies & Free Loaders !!! Snowflake. I Would Kill Nazis. Think About it LOL !!!

          60. battue_you says

            Nailed it Tim.
            And left wingers think repubs and conservatives are nuts. They own no mirrors, I’m guessing.

          61. gotabgood says

            * Black Lives Matter, All Other Lives Don’t Matter.”

            Your opening sentence/paragraph is a lie! Why read and further? More lies? More opinions?

          62. Tim Groves says

            ithout Botering to read The B.S. I’ll Just say it 1 Lat time =, You’re Dismissed, I have No time for Those ho Don’t Look at the Reality of this Nation. I’m Done !

          63. gotabgood says

            Can’t come up with anything.. so you run home to get your blanky…
            It isn’t you don’t have time…. you do nothing…. you don’t have the knowledge to look anything up…. Plus you could look till hell freezes over and you won’t find anything, it is not there..
            Now little boy, go sit in the corner for misbehaving.


          64. Phoebe Isley says

            Love that pic! GO TRUMP!

          65. k9maiden says

            REMEMBER THIS? LOL OF COURSE YOU DON’T. The silent majority of “WE THE PEOPLE” wanted these fools, these traitors to America, to be impeached over a blatant lie they knew was a lie, they knew this attack was imminent and a gun running deal gone wrong by BO’s buddies! THEN YOU HARP ON TRUMP who has been proven time and again, innocent, and you loons are wasting our money and our time. Get over it, he lost, good overcomes evil every time and will until the end of days.

          66. IzzyBell906 says

            I can hardly listen to this psycho-babbling beotch spewing her PC lies. Sure wish she’d return to the woods and let the bears feast on her. That’s cruel and unusual punishishment though — for the bears. I hope she rots in He!!.

          67. k9maiden says

            I agree, PC has gone too far in this country. When PC comes between saving our citizens from terror attacks, and smoothing it over as the Kenyan/Communist/Muslim always did after an attack “Don’t jump to conclusions” then PC needs to go out the damn window. It is destroying this country!

          68. nocbsfan says

            Isabelle do we really want the hate of news media to cause us to have feelings of murder ? Okay we like one side of the aisle over the other, fine , I would rather follow republicans, because I want less government in my life, I want less taxes in my life. You like more government and taxes in yours fine keep trying for such a thing.Lets not bother with feeding each other to the bears

          69. IzzyBell906 says

            More than anything, I would like to see her locked up in an orange jumpsuit, fully cognizant of her crimes. I’m still waiting for that to happen. When Ovomit was President, I wasn’t happy about it but tolerated it because he was duly elected. It’s the MSM and DemoRats who are engendering feelings of hate and murder, not me. And don’t talk to me about wanting more government and more taxes in my life. I want nothing more than a government that is true to the Constitution.

          70. Skippy says

            You’re really a pathetic excuse for a parasite. You have no clue what a real Nazi or a Fascist is. This is all you Brainless Wonders can do is throw out these terms racist, fascist, and Nazis to Republicans. You Democraps mindless liberal drones are exactly that. The Democrat party is the party of slavery, segregation, and racism.
            TTFN Brainless Wonder!!!!!!!!!!!

          71. Beeotchstewie the deplorable says

            Call them what they really are the SHARIACRATS, as they are the ones taking in huge sums of money to bring the Muslim murderers here and making the US taxpayers pay their way to come and kill us all. It is INSANE!

          72. k9maiden says

            ANY WOMAN, and that goes for the liberals who defend ISLAM, needs to actually go to the MIDDLE EAST and see how far they get with the savages if they refuse to cover completely, curse, look at a savage in the face, or talk back to a savage or caught with a drink. They will soon wake up, that is if they aren’t buried with their head sticking out and stoned, raped several times by several savages at once, or beheaded. The liberals are such idiots, and they still want to see the Whore of ISLAM take over our country, she owes Islamic countries big time, they funded 20% of her campaign and these liberals are too stupid to realize what that means.

          73. Beeotchstewie the deplorable says

            That has always made me wonder why they align themselves with Muslims who openly state thei r goal is to kill ALL infidels and take over the globe. They seem to think their heads and those of their relatives will be spared, think again. The army of Satan is Islam.

          74. Katia says

            Goes to show how stupid the Germans are..Of course they were the same ones that gave up weapons because the asshole Hitler was going to protect them and take care of them.How did that work for them..We have a President finally that knows the price if the masses are unarmed..All anyone with a brain

            should be able to see what unarmed citizens look like in the country’s without weapons to protect yourself..Piles of dead bodies..Ya, like Obama and the Hitler regime brainwashing all the stupid that follow instead of using their own brains. Stupid is as stupid does and it shows with all the fools still hanging on to the good for nothings that did more damage to this country in 8 years than any in 240 years. Sad but that’s ignorance for you..uneducated, typical free loaders that know nothing about Gov’t or the Constitution..

          75. AmericaSupportsTrump! says


          76. AmericaSupportsTrump! says

            Same ole same ole liberal lies and propaganda whos paying your ignorant low energy ASS? Soros??


          77. AmericaSupportsTrump! says

            I like kicking your liberal ignorant low energy ass little immature man LOL


          78. nocbsfan says

            Best cartoon ever created !

          79. nocbsfan says

            LOL for a really long time 🙂 LOL Gee can’t quit. You’re right AST LOL OH my ribs are hurting

          80. k9maiden says

            That’s because it is the truth!

          81. nocbsfan says

            Yes its the truth but at the same time it is really funny Shame Pelosi couldn’t be in there somewhere

          82. Lisa Meyer says

            There needs to be a bunch of them standing in line. Pelosi Waters, Shumer, 99%. of the Congress…That poor bear would get arthritis in his kicking leg before he got done giving all the fools the boot!

          83. nocbsfan says

            Oh well we will just give that bear a shot and let him keep on kicking (or is that a little bunny with a drum)

          84. Lisa Meyer says

            HA! The bunny should join up and be the bear’s wingman. Then, when the bear gets tired, the bunny can take point and beat the fools with his drumsticks! 😀

          85. nocbsfan says

            Lisa that is really cute, gives me a really big smile and that is a really good idea about the bunny

          86. Lisa Meyer says

            Lol. Thanks! Glad it made you smile. Sometimes it just gets so serious around here! 🙂

          87. nocbsfan says

            You sound like an Air Force person….Yep we need to start a smiling brigade around here, get rid of the tears and angries

          88. Lisa Meyer says

            I wanted to join the Air Force in my younger days, but a medical issue took care of that, sadly.
            The smiling brigade would probably work out really well if we could keep SOME people out of here who only post to stir up the hornet’s nest. I must say though, I really do love to watch all of you intelligent and well-read people give the Irrational trolls a beat-down 🙂

          89. nocbsfan says

            Its easy to keep them out of here all you have to do is smile at them, If you look happy they go crazy. Keep that grin up, we will win. You were referring to the bunny having a wingman I’ve heard airforce pilots use that phrase. Don’t worry about the trolls, if they had any intelligence they wouldn’t be working for a no cause. Just remember to smile at them, they really can’t handle it . Gosh how are you Lisa ?

          90. Lisa Meyer says

            There are an awful lot of trolls who claim to be highly successful business owners and professional people. I am wondering how they manage to spend so much time posting here? Shouldn’t they be focusing on running their businesses?
            I am about to become a crispy critter out here in Caliente-afornia this next week. 111, 112, and 114° here where I live. We will set some records this week for sure. Look for me on the news for living in the hottest place in CA besides Death Valley! Sizzzzle

          91. nocbsfan says

            I didn’t think you started having temperature like that until around late sept. unless you live in the Mojave. You poor girl, You probably own a cotton farm 🙂

          92. Lisa Meyer says

            I live in the southern San Joaquin valley, and our normal temps in the summer get into the hundreds in late July and August. But we are going to have AT LEAST 5 days over 110° in a row. And according to the news, that hasn’t happened since 1939!
            I WISH I owned a cotton farm! At least then I would be riding around in a nice air conditioned cotton harvester to do my work, and making good money while doing it!

          93. nocbsfan says

            Southern San Joaquin Valley, sounds like grape country, so you should be riding around in an air conditioned wine press. If you don’t make good money at least you will be having fun. Yep who cares if it is hot. Lisa 110 is on the hot side (Pardon my typing I didn’t want to run down the degree symbol)

          94. Lisa Meyer says

            You’re right! Lots of grapes here, as well as cotton, pistachios, walnuts, tomatoes and potatoes.
            And the largest rose grower on the west coast.
            It will be too hot for man and beast, but the crops will love it!

          95. nocbsfan says

            Wow sounds like a real nutty place

          96. nocbsfan says

            Lisa I am not sure if I answered this one or not, I know I answered it but I’m not sure I hit post button Just didn’t want you to think I was ignoring you…I always thought it didn’t get that hot until around Sept. Unless you live in the Mojave No one lives there except maybe lizards (was a joke) I don’t know you might live in the desert

          97. Lisa Meyer says

            Only the Tehachapi mountains separate me from the vast expanse of the Mojave. It is about 60 miles to the east of me. We are still in the arid climate zone that it creates though. If I were a lizard, snake, or any other desrt-dwelling critter I’d be staying underground this week!

          98. nocbsfan says

            I was going to say go over to the desert it would probably be cooler. But let us go west young lady and it goes up to what six or seven thousand feet very quickly should be a little cooler there. See what good advice I give ?

          99. Lisa Meyer says

            I will be heading for the north bay area. Unfortunately, not until the end of the week. But I just heard today that the hundreds continue next week, though closer to normal. By then, I will be enjoying the coastal breezes for awhile.

          100. nocbsfan says

            Well are we going to fisherman’s wharf while enjoying that cool ocean breeze. ?

          101. Lisa Meyer says

            Probably not, as I will not be going through SF. I will be making an end run to avoid the traffic, and visiting my cousin in Santa Rosa. I checked the weather there last night. They have been experiencing abnormally high temps also, but by Saturday, it is supposed to be back into the 70s. Whew!

          102. nocbsfan says

            Shucks I always miss out. All that cool weather comes out of the Arctic stream that runs down by S.F. unless this global warming is going way ahead of it self Shouldn’t be all that warm in that part of the country But 70 degrees this time of the year is pretty nice. Offer it to Phoenix and you will see some appreciation Hey Lisa have a good time while we are dreaming of Fishermans Wharf Till you get back

          103. nocbsfan says

            Lisa, enjoy yourself even if you have to do it without me. (hope you know I am kidding) Your probably married to a wrestler Come saturday 70 degrees is pretty cool but relax and enjoy , see you when you get back

          104. mac12sam12 says

            Hitler and Trump again!! Everybody drink! Trump’s doing great, hack.

          105. k9maiden says

            President Trump is the epitome of an American President, head of the free world, the greatest nation in the world. He is protecting the people he took an oath to protect, he is on the side of good, and is overcoming the evil of the BO/Satanic Regime. Maybe you liberals should stop being atheist/Islamic lovers and come to the good side. It pays to pray to the God of Abraham to get our country back from the brink of Communism. We weren’t the only Parish that had a special mass to “Save the Nation” on election eve. Many of us at the mass were actually not going to watch the election results until the morning because we KNEW KILLARY HAD BEEN RIGGED TO BE POTUS and the Marxist Media had literally lied and embellished everything out of Trump’s mouth and campaigned for Hillary! It pays to believe in God and trust in him to bring our country back to the being what it once was, a long time ago before Demoncraps became Communist/Socialist. Against all odds, even with the hounding of the liberal and Marxist Media, Trump is the victor, he isn’t paying one bit of attention to what the liberal media says or does, he knows what is right, and he KNOWS he has a long way to go to achieve the results his constituents expect but he is going to do it. Eat Crow you leftist, the Marxist Media and Soros have met their match!

          106. mac12sam12 says

            You misunderstood my comment, I’ve never voted left of 12 o clock in my life. Aren’t you tired of Trump Hitler comparisons?

          107. Sonny says

            Gotabgood – You are just another brainwashed liberal who drinks the koolaid and hasn’t the intelligence to know better. What Trump has done in his first 5 months is more than your deadhead in Chief, Obama, accomplished in the 8 years he took this country down! The biggest threat to this country is not the Russians, but the Democratic party. And these people whom you quote no nothing about this president, so why are you listening to them? What they’ve done to their own countries is shameful, and you want to emulate them? What a fool!

          108. gotabgood says

            Today’s biggest threat is Trump and his entire administration… including Ivanka.

          109. Tim Groves says

            YOU ARE THE Problem, Friggen Brainwashed Moron, OON lynch, comey & killary Wiil be in DEEP SH*T, They’ll sing their gut’s out bho will be on a Tray ! the Little Bitch WILL Pay !!!

          110. gotabgood says
          111. Tim Groves says

            NO asshole, It’s WHAT I SEE The demoNAZI liberals Doing. Keep watching And Eating the SH*TBURGERS the msm feed You, I know you NEED to be TOLD What to Think Each DAY.
            YOU ARE DISMISSED !

          112. ABO says

            As I have remarked in the past, Gotabstupid, if you had a brain you’d likely take it out and play with it.

          113. gotabgood says

            Really.. we are doing playground quotes now??
            How about if you had another brain, it would be lonely.
            Or, If brains were made of dynamite, you wouldn’t have enough to blow your nose

          114. ABO says

            Oh, you’re just sooo clever. All the mental capacity of a typical liberal…absolute zero. Now go on and dream your little dream of some day having a brain. Just don’t hold your breath waiting for it to happen.

          115. gotabgood says

            Unlike you.. I wish for you to hold your breath until your brain comes along..
            Even if it is from a single celled amoeba.

          116. ABO says

            I can’t begin to imagine the effort required on your part to put together your pathetic little idiotic diatribe that you pass off as a response. As I said earlier, if you had a brain you’d take it out and play with it. But we don’t have to worry about seeing that happen.

          117. gotabgood says

            You are worthless.. this all started me making a comment and provided references, so you know I didn’t make it up.. and all you come back with is childish name calling with no rebuttal…and I wasn’t even talking to you… just like a child would do when backed into a corner and doesn’t have a reply…. “Oh Yeah!” and that is all you have

          118. ABO says

            You made a comment and provided references???What you did as usual was to spew a load of ridiculous nonsense from one of your favorite ultra left wing garbage sites and you expect a thoughtful rebuttal??? Morons like you are what is wrong in this country today. You offer nothing intelligent whatsoever, just brainless insulting, mindless drivel and baseless accusations and then claim that you deserve the respect of others in the form of a thoughtful rebuttal.
            Your moronic, divisive blather deserves nothing respectful in return. The type of fabricated divisive crap you post is just the sort of drivel that encourages liberal lunatics like Hodgkinson to go out and shoot up a bunch of people at a ball field and you’re proud of yourself for posting this crap. What you are is a disgusting, poor excuse for a human being. You don’t deserve any better than you get from those of us that are subjected to your vicious propaganda. You want respect but as usual you start your response with “you are worthless”.
            Go to Hell, Moron.

          119. gotabgood says

            “You made a comment and provided references???What you did as usual was to spew a load of ridiculous nonsense from one of your favorite ultra left wing garbage sites and you expect a thoughtful rebuttal???”
            At least I provided you with a website, that allows you to read further and you know it wasn’t me making crap up… and from you…. you dug your information straight from a place on your body the sun refuses to shine.
            And you bring Hodgkinson… in another post I said that I and hopefully other Democrats do not condone such acts….. you know… following the style of the righties… they are so bad the DHS calls them home grown TERRORIST.. people like Bundy are your heroes. And to list the bombing, the killing by the rightwing would take too long to list… but you know… you may be in denial… but you know.

            And now… bite me.

          120. ABO says

            As usual nothing but lies, hypocrisy, deceit and hateful, baseless accusations from the sick, twisted Leftist lunatic gotabanidiot. You are obsessed with “providing” us with a website that “allows you to read further and you know it wasn’t me making crap up”. Right it was you providing a link to a ridiculous leftist website full of lunatic left wing crap so that you can say that it wasn’t you making up all that crap. Brilliant. Gotta have somebody lined up to blame for the crap you spew. And here you are saying outright, that providing that website allows me to read further and that way I know it wasn’t you making up all that crap. Exactly. You got all that crap from the leftist website that made it up. And you’re just so proud that you get to spew all that crap and have your scapegoat all lined up ready to take the blame. You are such a pathetic clown.
            As far mas you making a list of bombings perpetrated by the right, be my guest, we’ll put that list next to the list of terrorist shootings, bombings etc., etc. and so on and then we’ll start eliminating those on your list that are falsified by you and your sleazy leftist buddies at your sleazy leftist website that you are so fond of yet use as scapegoats to cover your own sleazy, pathetic ass. Good luck with that gotabanidiot.

          121. Susanna Gordon says

            Europe does not like Trump because after decades of putting the well-being of other nations ahead of our own economically- starting after we won WWII, Trump is openly an America-firster.

            AND, the logic there is that if America does well, the world will do well.

            After the destruction by Barack Hussein Obama, America has a way to go to recover from the disaster he caused.

            Meanwhile, after WWII, Europe turned to Socialism, all financed by American money for 70 years, from we horrible capitalists.

            My mother used to ask, “If socialism is so great, why do they always have their hand out when they come here?”

            And, we kept them safe from Soviet ambitions all during the Cold War, for which they were seemingly ungrateful and critical.

            Too bad about Europe! I make an exception for Britain, who not really “Europeans” and which remains our greatest ally, and does everything we ask of it, especially in military matters. Obama was insulting to the British on several occasions.

          122. gotabgood says

            Name one where Obama insulted UK?
            with references please.
            As for UK….
            MPs debate refusing Donald Trump a state visit to Britain – Politics live
            Government’s intention to host President Trump reaffirmed after three-hour debate where MPs denounced him as unworthy of state visit


            In another paper the headline read….
            Donald Trump
            Anti-Trump petition to stop UK state visit passes 1m signatures
            As online campaign gathers support, Downing Street confirms PM will not be withdrawing invitation to US president

        3. Tim Groves says

          You are Absolutely Correct, Then we have the antifa Pussies like goat !

      4. Kenneth Jones says

        Haul them in, too!

      5. Marlene Binger says


      6. Dawn Doran says

        Because, is would be racist to put Obama in prison…He’s the first Black POTUS and he was the worst President ever…

      7. AmericaSupportsTrump! says

        The socialist Democrackhead liberals who have $$$$$$$$$$ to support him and their agenda….

      8. Mike Burkett says

        Beltway boys? The ruling-elite professional politicians of the DC swamp has always protected each other and explains why the pit bull ‘WE, the people…’ sent to Washington DC is simply ignored by both parties. Go Trump, ‘damn the torpedos, full-steam ahead’ – clean out the swamps starting with FBI (firing Comey was good start) and DOJ (not sure Sessions has the desire or ability). Fine the DNC for wasting taxpayer money on ‘Fake News’ witch-hunt investigations. Obama sold America out and we can blame voter fraud committed by democraps nation-wide’. When the Iranian dirty nukes go off in downtown America, pray more democraps are slaughtered than Americans.

    2. Borninbrooklyn says

      Good question!

    3. Martha Serafini says

      keep dreamin’ LOL

    4. The Redhawk says


      1. Worried Vet says


        1. The Redhawk says

          10-4 Buddy!!!

      2. k9maiden says

        That’s why Trump wants to clean the swamp. But you know as long as there are fools in CA, they will continue to put the braindead Pelosi and Waters in Congress.

        1. The Redhawk says

          Fools are not Just in California, Illinois, the N/E and west coast in general put such illuminaries like Warren, Markey, Schttf,Schumer,Wydem, Whitehouse, Sanders, Mc Cain, into office too many times way past their ability nad integrity to govern the Country….TERM LIMITS are a MUST

    5. Bill Mullins says

      Because he is who he is.

    6. Tim Groves says

      Ken, Now that the Evidence is on hand that bho Spied on American Citizens Illegally, Then Authorized the Unmasking He will eventually Face Some sort of Justice, I Love the Fact they are Re-opening the Fast & Furious Investigation, bho was up to his ass in that Cover-up. And Now that lynch & killary are Getting a New look into, (killary is already under a New Investigation)

      If killary & lynch go down I assure you killary will Roll on bho in a Heartbeat. She is a Hard core Racist from back in the Day, KKK type Racist. ALL of this is coming back to to the MOST Scandalous Administration in History !

      1. Ken Thomas says

        I sure hope that you are right, but I’m not going to hold my breath. If everything is put on the table it will eventually come out that he wasn’t qualified for the presidency in the first place and I’m not sure the country can handle that as there could/would be war in the streets as the blacks and liberals aren’t going to accept that bho was/is a fraud. There are too many people high up the food chain that will do everything in their power to see that it doesn’t happen. And people thought “Watergate” was a big deal when in fact all it was was a cover up of a 3rd rate burglary in which no one was hurt. Benghazi alone puts that to shame.

        1. Tim Groves says

          What I’m Seeing is that as the Noose closes tighter around killary’s & bho’s Neck, The demoNazis get More & More Frantic, Screaming ” Russia, Russia, Russia. ( Jan Brady ) They know if killary goes down THE Whole SH*TPILE will Go down, Because she will Spill her Gut’s, Like bho, She IS A Coward. Gitmo has a Cell with HER Name on it. lynch IS DONE, I’d Be Amazed if she Didn’t Die of some Weird Natural cause !

          1. Ken Thomas says

            She will become infected with the “Clinton disease” which in most cases is terminal.

          2. Lisa Meyer says

            If and when the noose ever gets tight enough to scratch their collective necks, they will all just scurry like the cockroaches they are to the nearest country with no extradition to the US, and live out the rest of their worthless lives Scott free. Hopefully someone will have enough sense to freeze their assets before they can send them offshore.

          3. Tim Groves says

            That’s What Navy S.E.A.L.S. And Army Rangers are For.

          4. Lisa Meyer says

            Sorry, Tim. I don’t always get notifications from Disqus, and just got your post.
            Judging from the amount of veterans here, I am going to go out on a limb and say that those SEALS and Rangers probably HOPE that they get sent after those two traitors!

          5. Tim Groves says

            Chomping at the bit !!!

        2. Beeotchstewie the deplorable says

          Obama is a minion of Satan, nothing will happen to him, nobody has the balls to take into custody and charge him for his thousands of crimes against the USA. He need to go to Gitmo and be waterboarded with pig blood until it all comes out. Then use the penalties on the books for treason in short order.

      2. Michael Dennewitz says

        I sincerely think that Mr Trump has far more mooseslimes working under him that he even begins to realize. I also think it is going to take months/ years even to weed them all out.. But I still can’t understand why the benghazi bitch and her halfbreed, faggot partner are still free and walking about. In any case, I’m damned glad that I’m 73YO..??

      3. Worried Vet says

        The Clinton’s have something on everyone just like Hoover did. That’s the only explanation that makes sense, why their not in jail.

      4. Beeotchstewie the deplorable says

        Yes indeed, her mentor was Robert Byrd, a KKK Grand Wizard.

    7. Patty Mcafoos says

      Could it be that he was the first black president?

      1. k9maiden says

        You mean the first White/Arab/1/4 Black President?

        1. Katia says

          With a mother like he had who knows what the hell is really is..He doesn’t even know..But then he doesn’t know much at all does he..

          1. k9maiden says

            I agree! He had mother issues, that’s why Obama despises the White side of him. She was a whore, an atheist, who loved Communism and Islam. There is not ONE POSITIVE thing that you can say about BO. I am still astonished that he ended up as POTUS. He wasn’t a true Black man either, I am sick of hearing he was the first Black POTUS, he was White/Arab/and a smidgeon (using his word), of Black. The first Black President would have been Herman Cain, who I liked, or another of my favorites, Dr. Ben Carson, who supports Trump and is in his Cabinet. BO was the founder of terrorist groups, BLM, who called for killing cops, Muslim Brotherhood, he hasn’t one decent bone in his body.

    8. Tasine says

      Because the other SOBs in DC are too gutless to do their jobs and need to be kicked out onto the streets where they belong. Time to clean house along with the swamp in DC.

    9. k9maiden says

      Because he is evil and so are the Marxist/Satanist in Congress and the Marxist/Satanist Soros who is HELL bent in turning this country to the dark side. President Trump, although not polished, was elected by true Patriotic Americans to bring back our country, protect us from ISLAM, the most evil ideology in the world, and the left will not allow him to do this, they are going to fabricate scandal after scandal in hopes of finding one, little thing they may be able to use against Trump, all the while allowing BO and Killary, THEE most evil, heinous REGIME (BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT IT WAS), in the history of our country to blatantly lie to Americans about OBAMA CARE, Benghazi and much much more, but the media would NOT report it, they protected these Alinsky worshippers, atheist, from revealing the truth, and the brainwashed left believes them! These two people also committed Treason, by allowing the enemy to infiltrate the WH and giving arms to the enemy! Yet, NOTHING! If you all haven’t noticed, Trump is going no where, he is staying, he is going about his business and doing a great job of fixing the cesspool the Kenyan enemy put us in ON PURPOSE! These people thought they had the election in the bag, they forgot one thing, because they are atheist and many worship Allah and a Pedophile Prophet, God is with us, he is with the good, against evil, and he answered our prayers on election eve. Even my parish, which is HUGE, held a special mass to “Save our country.” Even when many of us were afraid to even hear about the election, and turned off our sets, after we went back home, we turned on our sets and Trump was winning. I was with a group of friends, and we watched until 2:00 in the morning, elated! Our prayers were answered and for all you atheist/liberal/brainwashed Soros lovers, America is going to fight ISLAM, Soros, BO, the Clintons, and we will win. Good over evil!

      1. bc says

        Good for you K9maiden, TimGroves, KenThomas – well spoken — what you have said throughout is true the silent majority must start speaking up and standing against the brazen ignorance of the mainstream media dumbing down the clue-less folks who take no responsibility to learn and become educated on their own……….they just repeat stories heard by “their sources” like Soros’ 400 companies who have been bho and killary’s and the dems sources for years…..just like climate change hoax – go to G. Ed Griffin’s website and see the real story by hundreds of scientists who will never be interviewed by the dems/mainstream media…….

    10. Skippy says

      Because these two useless twits Obumer, and Hillary Rotten Clinton is currently above the law. I really hope that changes soon.

    11. Hilly says

      Or better yet, swinging at the end of a rope? We all know Oshitstain is a mooSLIME.

    12. Rob D says

      Yea the POS moose-slime trojan horse.

    13. Tiger says

      Ken there was always more than enough information and proof and witnesses to try Obama for Treason. There still is and it is mounting daily. Notice he is not in that compound down the street from the WH, does all his speeches in private settings and isn’t in the country. I feel sure he is listening daily to what is transpiring and will flee like the wind coming out of a rotting corpse, if thins do not look good for his filthy ass.

      1. nocbsfan says

        My little Tiger is one smart little girl

        1. Tiger says

          Thank you hey the shooter has been disclosed in today’s shootings and he hates Trump and said Trump and all had to go. These people are toast.

          1. nocbsfan says

            What disturbs me is this may start happening more often.where you can’t even go out an play sand lot baseball with being assaulted by some leftist crazy. Actually it has been happening at malls, other shopping places Clubs ,gatherings. We know who , we know why, and just can’t seem to be able to do anything about it. Politics are really crazy ! Thanks Tiger for the information.

          2. Tiger says

            Welcome. They died today. They will have to shut down for awhile. They can’t continue to preach this Anarchy, Coup and Resistance. Stay vigilante and armed. If not with a gun with a taser.

            No won’t be the last there will be more.

          3. nocbsfan says

            I know and it is such a terrible thing to look forward to. Sure it doesn’t come to have to shoot at each other. Like the old civil war, where brothers were killing brothers, for what reason,All you can do is shrug your shoulders, and proclaim “I have no idea why I had to kill my brother, I loved him ?”

          4. Tiger says

            They have a full understanding of who they will shoot and why, when someone kept in a room and only allowed to see and hear what the evil is telling them, they are released when ripe to kill and they are ripe.

            But you and I know so are we, this has spiraled out of control and Obama, Hillary and George Soros are as much responsible for this as the man who pulled the trigger.

          5. nocbsfan says

            Of course you are correct Soros is I suppose the main instigator ,but for the life of me I don’t understand why, I guess when some people have more money than they can spend there is nothing left to lust for, “I want the world at my finger tips”. We have a lot of billionaires today, a good thing they all don’t feel the same way. If we got war, can I be on your side ?

          6. Tiger says

            You are on my side. George Soros said once in an interview, I am in America because my Great Society cannot survive with Sovereign Nations around. He is wanted with warrants for his arrest even in Russia, for his organizations and interfering in governments. He escaped being killed as a youth by working with the Nazi. He is and always has been a problem.

          7. nocbsfan says

            Way to late for Killery to be president, so what is he after now ? Even trying to have a democrat elected at this stage of the game would be tough, the mess the demo’s have made I don’t think even their staunches supporters would vote for them now. He backed Killery so maybe he is not smart enough to understand he can’t have the election for the next eight years

          8. Tiger says

            Oh trust me my friend he is smart and he will continue to attempt to upset our government. They came too far and they honestly believed they won, that is why Obama went whole hog in his last year and they were so surprised. They are so filled with the ale of hatred and revenge now no telling what they will do. But I tell you this whatever it is you are right won’t work.

          9. nocbsfan says

            You don’t make that kind of money without having smarts, with the exception of knowing when to quit. He needs to takes some lessons from that guy who knew when to fold and walk away

          10. nocbsfan says

            Yeah it is an established fact that Soros is the money behind the devil. When you have that kinda money it is hard to take away from you. It is OKAY Tiger (that name is awfully fitting) sooner or later we will win. WE WILL WIN

          11. Tiger says

            That name was given to me by the Colonel who delivered me at Brooks General Hospital in San Antonio, Texas. I weighed 10 pounds and he said this is a little Tiger she is first to scream for food in the nursery and gets everyone screaming. Being an RN for 30 years, working all fields and newborn nursery that type was not appreciated. LOLOL He wanted to adopt me knowing that things were not good for my mother. So all my life Tiger is the name until I got into nursing.

          12. nocbsfan says

            You weighed ten pounds ??? Girl you didn’t wait until you got in the nursery to eat…..So what was your grade, rank or what ever you call it when you retired ?
            I can just see you beating up all those babies taking their bottles away from them……Rather call you Tiger than Roberta Nancy (RN)

        2. Tiger says

          Now this article doesn’t show his Facebook page. Where he said all he said.

          1. nocbsfan says

            Seems he is sheltered somewhat , but you can still put a lot of stuff about him together as it is published. We have to keep trying and one day we will be successful.

          2. Tiger says


          3. nocbsfan says

            Gosh You are easy to get along with !

          4. Tiger says

            My friend you are among the few who think so. You are a gentle Soul and a good person how could anyone be cruel to you, no way.

          5. nocbsfan says

            Oh I bet there is a lot of people who think you are easy to get along with, you just maybe a little modest. And like you feel about your self, thinking you might be hard to get along with, There is enough people who don’t like me to go around. I can’t say they are cruel, they just don’t like me..

          6. Tiger says

            LOLOL you might be right. I have from childhood always been a leader and people either liked me or hated me no inbetween.

          7. nocbsfan says

            We could not be leaders if there were not some followers, they don’t like it but live with it. Like you said a while ago, I don’t think any one could really hate you.

    14. AmericaSupportsTrump! says
    15. mac12sam12 says

      Because he’s black.

    16. Kenneth Jones says

      Haul that rotten SOB into Federal court and try him for treason!

    17. Gary Smith says

      Good ?

    18. Tasine says

      I think it is logical to think that if our elected officials do not have to face a judge for doing crimes, it stands to reason that none of us has to either. They are, indeed, role models, right?

    19. Commander B says

      I couldn’t agree with you more. This traitorous criminal was involved in so many illegal actions and cabals that is amazing there are not millions of people calling for his incarceration immediately. Then I remember that there are so many ignorant democrats that they would have gladly given him another term were it possible.

    20. Gary Smith says

      Good ?

    21. Obie Miller says

      Plainly put——he has too many friends in high places!

    22. EMILIANO says

      Because he is a bad Word.

    23. Beeotchstewie the deplorable says

      the RACE CARD!

    24. Dana says

      He should be. Unfortunately, because he was fraudulantly elected, he can’t be put in jail for the crimes he perpetrated on this country while in office. This shows the stupidity of the electorate for blindly electing a non-American to the highest office in the land so he could work to destroy the nation.

    25. battue_you says

      or under it….

    26. Gary Smith says

      Good ?

    27. Ppointy says

      Without a doubt because he allowed himself to be Butt Fucked by an important person/persons?

    28. vinny says

      Because he is A NIGGER!!!

  2. E James Maggio says

    what good is this unless it is brought out to the public. CNN and the rest of the liberal networks will not show or print this even though it is damaging to our country. They do not care about the country they would rather protect liberals from any bad press

    1. stgabrn says

      CNN and the lying Liberal media are all in on it,,they sold themselves to Satan long ago,,and following his agenda. Which is why Soros is backing them all,,That is just my take on it, my opinion,,and that is not slander or anything else. Just saying what I think.


        I think you are right!!!

      2. polly says

        No slander just speaking truth which offends then the devils try to twist truth to say you are racist,homo,I whatever,biased etc all that they are guilty of

    2. gilfaethwy says

      Quite right, Mr Maggio– sadly, the Left will never entertain the notion that their Messiah, Obama, could have done anything illegal or treasonous… unless they read it in THEIR Bible, whose “books” are named “New York Times” and “Washington Post” and CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and so on, and whose apostles include Hillary and Bill, Michelle, Schumer, Pelosi, Waters, Warren, Wasserman-Shultz, Franken, Lynch, Biden (and even their Court Jester, Sanders). And even THEN! They’ve gotten it stuck in their minds that up is down and good is bad and bad is good, and it’ll take a 10.0 earthquake to dislodge those delusions.

      1. Tim Groves says

        Absolutely Correct !

    3. Worried Vet says

      These morons think their protecting power. They don’t get Sharia is bad for this country, especially women and the LGBT community. The gay pride March not allowing Trump supporters are doing exactly what Isis wants and the idiots running the parade don’t get it. I knew when I see liberals honoring people like Castro and Chavez they have went down hill. Socialism don’t work, has never worked and this country won’t stand for it right now. In a few years when our generation is gone the young voters will follow someone like Bernie to hell and won’t know their doing it. They have been brainwashed since grade school and we didn’t put a stop to it. This is why it’s very important Trump gets to drain the swamp, maybe if all the facts come out about the corruption and the plan for the NWO young people will wake up.

  3. Chuck says

    Obama pays ransom ? Time for Congress to investigate. Sounds illegal to me.
    Why does the “Left” always get off “Scott Free”?

    1. stgabrn says

      Because this is Satan’s System,,and the corrupt demon lying ones are on his side,,and he is protecting them and trying to destroy the decent ones trying to get changes made to get the corruption out of DC. Make sense?

      1. Fisherman says

        Agreed! It is time t o clear up this mass and save the country from the evils!

    2. USN Vet 31yrs Svc says

      Good luck, if they had any self respect, they would have demanded investigation when the unmarked jet arrived in the dead of night with pallets of cash. WTF, where did all that cash come from? U, Chuck, take only $10k out of Ur bank in cash, u will be visited by IRS. If Ur not stopped on the road and arrested for possible drug dealing. This damned amazing. Congress didn’t question crap. What’s up with this picture.

    3. Tim Groves says

      bho is Satan’s handyman, That’s why the demoNazis Love him So. But as More & More American Realize that cnn/daesh, And the rest of the demoNazi outlets are NO More than Propaganda for the soros/ New World Order. The only purpose they Serve is to Satan, They ( cnn/daesh ) have Actually Set-up FAKE Pro-islamic rallies ( LMBO ) One of the Smart Folks on the SET used their Phone to video the Entire Production. Once again cnn/daesh Leads the way in FAKE news. It will be Priceless to see the looks on their faces when the Dominoes start to FALL. Even democrats are calling for Obstruction of Justice Charges Against lynch, The Entire bho Administration was SO Corrupt It has Still left a STENCH in D.C. Actually Maling it Smell like what it is, A Foul Swamp. Today is the ONE Year Attack by a TERRORIST at the Pulse Night Club in which 49 people were Brutally MURDERED by an islam TERRORIST. WE had a BLAST in Seattle this last Sunday, Antifa are SUCH Pussies ! They just Don’t understand that their little helmets won’t protect them from a Good Throat Punch, From what I Saw any way. And Someone Might want to explain to these Pin Heads that By Protesting Against Those ho are Protesting Against sharia TRASH, They are IN FACT supporting sharia TRASH, The Idiots Scream we were Protesting against muslims, NOT TRUE, The Protest was Clearly Against sharia TRASH, NOT muslims as a whole, But being the Complete Morons that they ARE, The antifa were out there doing daesh’s job for them.

    4. Mike Lashewitz says

      T+Ransom? More like Jizya for being a fag.

    5. k9maiden says

      Because the entire media protects him, as well as Hillary, that is powerful. LOOK at what they did to Nixon for telling one lie which was nothing compared to what BO and Hillary have done! But the Marxist Media not only protects these heinous criminals, they campaigned for Killary. I remember Al Roker saying on the morning of the election that this election would be over within a few hours. That’s how SURE they were KILLARY would be the victor. They still can’t believe everyone in America refuses to buy their propaganda.

  4. Bill says

    I certainly hope that Mueller’s and other investigations don’t start and end with the supposed collusion between Russia and Ptesident Trump’s team (which as yet seems to be wishful thinking among the snowflakes and other leftists). That would be like searching for gold and then stopping inches away from the mother lode. The corruption in Washington DC during these recent years could be mined richly for years, if anyone is willing to just open their eyes instead of becoming so expert in ignoring and covering up. Unfortunately, not seeing is what so many of those in “leadership” do best.

    1. rick meek says

      Mueller is another plant and beltway boy —— He’s there to cover up and disavow……

      1. Seb says

        So True

      2. USN Vet 31yrs Svc says

        Friends of friends: Comey said he leaked doc’s to get muellar to be special council. How would he know who would be selected? Set up is right. The cess pool is rancid. Also, Comey said he leaked due to POTUS tweets, except POTUS had not tweeted until the next day. WTF

  5. FAITH47 says


    1. joe says

      Either that or lock him up in a zoo

  6. rick meek says

    This is only the tip of the iceberg……..

  7. Tim says

    Well that just goes to prove that the Trump administration is not going to do nothing about it. What ever Hillary did ( the cause of 4 americans getting killed, 6 million dollars unaccounted for, play to play scam, e-mails ) which is only to name few. And now look at what all that nigger they elected did. Will he be charged with any crime for supporting a country that walks the streets chanting DEATH TO AMERICA) NO he will not. So I say to Trump just do whatever you want to and tell every american fuck you if they don’t like it. Hell nobody’s gonna do a damn thing about but talk about it. If Odumber can give nukes to iran & enough cash to destroy us with, well let Russia run our elections. Hell what kind of job are we doing ? We might as well elect or wait until someone takes the country a dictator because is on a self destruct path and will not do anything to stop it. If they let that nigger get away with that then this country just ought to be took by iran and it’s sidekicks and let the american just see 1st hand just how stupid they are. It is impossible to be as stupid and retarded as a liberal/democrat and still have a brain. I hope god has no mercy on the souls of anyone that supports the left. None THey deserve the most painstaking death known to man for what they have done

    1. antiliberal00 says

      Not 6 million but 6 billion.

      1. Tim says

        That’s right 6 billion don’t know why i said million. I made that stupid comment cause cause I so sick of hearing the crimes these people committed and not one charge put on them. I wanna read about someone getting jailed for it.I voted for Trump to LOCK HER UP and she is still a thorn in his side and not a word from him about doing nothing. With the new e-mails they have now (judicial watch) is enough to get her on the pay to play scam she was running and still nothing is done. Let me or you try that and we would never see daylight again. If they are not gonna prosecute her they should open the doors and release all the people for there crimes that’s in prison now. It’s really making me hate this country that I have loved my whole life and stood up to defend. I put my life on the line and saw others killed for doing it. And for what ? So these no good pieces of shit can do this ? I’m feeling now america needs a damn good ass whooping and let these liberals/ democrats see their love ones blown all the pieces and total destruction of their towns once was and smell nothing but dead bodys everywhere. Then maybe they would see things a little different. But I doubt they would then. At anytime they ready for a civil war God knows I am. There’s nothing I rather do than strap up and fight the left with everything I got & I know I could fill a graveyard myself of the bastards before they get me. Talking is over they chose their path. It’s damn shame cause ain’t none of them worth the cost of the bullet it would take to kill them. It can’t keep on going like it is something will happen soon and we will all suffer because of them bastards.

    2. bhagawan says

      They are keeping Trump distracted and busy so he will have no time to go after the phony and impostor from Kenya or carrying out any of his campaign promises!

    3. USN Vet 31yrs Svc says

      And, the dems are questioning POTUS about what he said to Comey in private.
      That had nothing to do with money or national security.

  8. Mike W says

    The sad thing is we don’t even really know who this wipe is. Yet so many had to be “politically correct” and elect all of this garbage.

  9. Garrett Auman says

    Treason warrants the firing squad,,,,, DO IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. antiliberal00 says

      There are so many traitors we would run out of bullets. Hang them instead as rope is reusable.

      1. stgabrn says

        Anriliberal…I like your way of thinking.

      2. USN Vet 31yrs Svc says

        That’s why the feds sucked all the ammo.

      3. Michael Dennewitz says

        Hell, I’ll even supply the damned rope!! ?

  10. Marlene Marty Fowler-helfrick says

    Nobody wanted to be called racist by criticizing Oshitma. Filegate put Hillary in the position to blackmail everyone. The double whammy. Every politician in Washington DC, with a few exceptions, was sacred to do anything. Either of embarrassing exposure or death.

    1. Rosech Levy says

      Not scared, Marlene, but part and parcel of the whole overthrowing our country and too stupid to realize that once in communism (One World Government) they will be the first to die because not trustworthy.

  11. dman says

    We the people must stand up. Write our congressman and senators and let them know we expect something to be done . we the voter can put them out of office if we will stick together. However we must quit talking and do it. I plan on contacting those offices today. Lets join together and get something done about Mr. anti American

    1. Rosech Levy says

      dman: we must drain the Congress swamp because those we elected/hired have seriously failed in their duty to us and we need to kick their behinds out today! Don’t wait for tecalls or not re-electing because the time is now. As any bad employee they must be fired asap. They are blocking our President from MAGA because they are part of all the troubles and woes Americans are suffering and they prefer taking big money rather than fulfilling theirs oaths and promises. Enough!

      1. dman says

        I agree 100%

  12. Edward says

    Are you kidding me. You throw obama in jail where he should be. And every negro in the united states will riot and burn down everything they can get to light up. Use your sense man.

    1. antiliberal00 says

      I would consider that a target rich environment. Protest, fine, destroy then die.

    2. stgabrn says

      then shoot the can protest but not burn and destroy. They the rioters would have declared war against themselves,,disturbing the peace, property and causing danger to others. Eliminate them.

      1. Rosech Levy says

        Can I say that most of us have never thought of killing anyone but now we have been pushed to the brink and know we must kill the vermin trying to take over our country and our president. AND confiscate all their assets here and abroad and use to bring down our national debt they have given us. I do not see these as murders but cleansing a serious disease.

    3. Rosech Levy says

      Edward, you would be surprised how many blacks dislike Obama and what he has done to our country. Many voted for Trump as well, as did many legal hispanics, and many of we who are Independents. Have you noticed lately that BLM has been quiet, and no protests other than silly ignorant and stupid females and some students who can’t even spell the word “fascism” let alone even know what it is? Now the game is to try and bring down Trump with lies and more lies and it angers me a lot that the intelligence committee and many others have known for months that there is nor was ever a Trump-Russian connection, but they have failed royally to go after Hillary who had a lot of connection to the Russians including selling a portion of our uranium to Russia. Our FBI and CIA have also failed royally for becoming political and not doing their duty to protect America, and Comey thinks he has come home free after telling us about his treason in removing notes from an FBI file and send thru a friend (now missing in action) to a newspaper and almost bragging about it. So, Trump time to drain the FBI and CIA swamps and hire back many that left because they did not want to be part and parcel of what was happening. We must drain the Congress swamp for failing to do their duty as our elected/hired representatives and senators and remove them today! They must leave with no benefits/perks that we did not give nor okay for them to have. Let them live on a lesser salary and no annual increases either.

      1. Edward says

        Levy you might know a few but i have not seen a one yet that don’t believe donald trump is a racist. Along with most of the Hispanics i have read on here. Idk why they think democrats care about them. They are just votes to those people. They gave them a short time of healthcare they knew would fail but it would last until after the election and its all it was designed to do. All the billions put in it was just money throwed away.

    4. k9maiden says

      Not every Black, the intelligent Blacks got off the Plantation of Democracy votes years ago. They hate BO as much as the rest of us do.

      1. Edward says

        Maybe so but the problem is there are not that many intelligent ones.…

  13. Cheh Low says

    This scumbag Obama Muslim shit definitely has to be locked up and send to Gitmo and let him rot there.

  14. Arnold Young says

    Sure sounds like treason to me! bho for Gitmo—-

    1. The Redhawk says

      and some “water Sports” to see if he can talk without LYING!

  15. The Redhawk says

    The Egomaniac, Narcissistic, Trannie SOLD AMERICA to CREATE a PHONY LEGACY that Beginning with Odumbocare is fast running into derailment in FLAMES… reducing his Sum Total of 8 years into 300 Blank pages bound in BLACK Leather he calls his Legacy of Infamy and a large PINOCCHIO TROPHY Gallery

    1. Rosech Levy says

      But O was a great puppet of Soros and other evil elites because he is cunning but not smart and has a choom fried brain. He is also a white man pretending to be black and to me that is REAL racism!

      1. The Redhawk says

        NOT “WAS”>>>> IS a puppet of SOROS!!! and Co founder of BLM with SHAR PIMP TON the RACIST TROLL

  16. Justin Seine says

    There is POTUS and there is POS. Obama was never the POTUS, he was 60% of the POTUS, or The POS.

    And yet the LIBS think he defecates Neapolitan Ice Cream. Either they are not paying attention and are believing the hype that the gubberment exists solely to take care of them or, they are TERMINALLY STUPID!

    1. The Redhawk says

      Well the Sample of those who voted for him are SO STUOID that horse PUCKEY for them are Ice cream Balls coming from their ELECTED horse’s a$$

    2. Kelly Nur says

      Brilliant commentary, going down with the ship eh?

      1. Justin Seine says

        I have absolutely no idea what you are trying to articulate but I suspect you already went down with the ship but don’t yet know it.

  17. carbonstbum says

    The biggest terrorist in the US just might be Obama. He has put all Americans at risk with his foreign policies. He has given Iran the bomb and a rocket to deliver them.

  18. David says

    This is the find of stuff that trump must address first and jail all involved A.S.A.P…….

    1. Rosech Levy says

      I am sure, David, that it is on Trump’s agenda at the right moment and he pounces. Anyone can have direct communication with Trump, a novelty that I truly appreciate and love: and I contact him frequently with suggestions and ideas. Try it and you’ll love it.

  19. Rosech Levy says

    When he steps on our soil, arrest him, throw him in jail, and then a quick overnite Pelosi trial, and hanged the next day publicly so we know the vermin is finally and completely removed from this planet! He ripped off our country, he sold our country, and my question is where did he get the money he sent by dead of nite – was our House of Representatives okaying this? Or was the source from someone else or a group of America haters. We need to know!

  20. Garys_opinion says

    Thank God Obama’s gone.
    Every now and then in our history someone comes along to save America. George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, F. D. Roosevelt, and now President Trump.
    Someone up there is watching out for us.

    1. Bachelor With Sense says

      F. D. Roosevelt was a COMMUNIST who helped DESTROY this Country!

  21. John D says

    This fool is a Muslim loving traitor that should be tried and hung.

  22. Walter Flatt says















  23. Tom Sanders says

    I’m not surprised, from news reports for years everyone new he was evil, without the best interest in America in mind.

    1. k9maiden says

      NEW? LOL Another brilliant liberal. Learn how to spell, point out why the WORLD “NEW” HE WAS EVIL, but then, maybe you are talking about BO, who the world does KNOW is evil!

  24. PBHayes says

    And yet Obama, Kerry and Clinton remain free to continue their tyranny. America is gone folks and it’s not going to return.

  25. polly says

    Devils protect other devils

    1. k9maiden says


  26. Chuck says

    Hearing are worthless face time charades. Obama and Clinton could get caught by a thousand witnesses committing murder and they would get away with it. How many persons have been indicted and tried because of “hearings” in Congress? I can’t think of any. The appearance of both would me immeasurably improved by appearing in orange jump suits. But, never happen. There is law for us and a different law for them. If I, as a naval officer, would have done what Clinton did I would be in Leavenworth Federal Pen–and rightfully so. Meanwhile, the death toll keeps rising for all those involved with of intimate knowledge of the modern day Bonnie and Clyde. Go figure.

  27. dutchman123 says

    Obama and company need to go down as the most corrupt anti-American administration in history. His actions are, in my opinion, traitorous.

  28. Mike Lashewitz says

    Obastard was a traitorous Manchurian Candidate from the beginning and still we know veritably nothing about him. Pull your heads out.

  29. Michael says

    Bring the kenyan terrorist up on charges and prosecute him to the fullest.

  30. Motorhead says

    Now…finally we are starting to ask the correct questions ! All this Comey, Clinton and Russian crap is a farce to “SMOKESCREEN” the true treason and collusion which is the Obamination Administration! They are Tratiors of Epic proportions! They have financed American destruction with its own money! The must all be brought to matter how long it takes!!!God bless America and the 82nd Airborne

  31. Irene says

    Just to think –>> I voted for that SOB in 2008. What the hell was I thinking?

  32. mrpoohead says

    Laugh and the world laughs at Trump!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. k9maiden says

      Who is the world? One far left comedian, much like Kathy Griffin, the most pathetic, ugly, none funny, and sorry idiot along with all the other far leftist immoral Hollyweird. No one cares what this guy says, and trust me, no one is going to listen to his opinion he obviously doesn’t have a brain, like all liberals.

      1. mrpoohead says

        It’s comedy stupid! Look in the mirror then you’ll have something to laugh at.

      1. mrpoohead says

        Not sure how Trump will MAGA – job has zip power; Congress makes law and policy. Debt still rocketing, still a toilet and the biggest joke on the planet. Thankfully the EU and China took the moral high ground and didn’t call in debts. The end of The Empire That Never Was – thank God!

  33. mrpoohead says

    Not wishing to point out the obvious, but the deal was with the UN, not one man or one country. Fukwits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. k9maiden says

      Spoken like a highly intelligent leftist loon, gotta use a curse word in every sentence, maybe more. And you wonder why no one cares what you have to say. Trust me, try to sound like you honestly know what you are talking about, maybe someone other than brainwashed loons will listen to you.

      1. mrpoohead says

        I’ll pay $10,000 to a charity of your choice if you can refute what I said, reputable reference required. Good luck chubby!

  34. Robert Early says

    Arrest Obama now, or we will. I truly hope that he resists.

  35. Fredsgirl1 says

    Conservatives can fabricate and all the fake controversies they like, it won’t absolve Trump and his swamp of responsibility in their helping Putin invade this country via cyberspace. Or their continued invasation that will not stop until we stop if for them. And until you come to this realization you have no excuse to call yourselves patriots. Trump uses unsecured mail servers in Trump Towers and Mar-A-Largo. Trump has just made an agreement to sell arms to the Saudis who are no friends of this country. Investigate that and you really will have something. Obama isn’t in office, Trump is. If you won’t do anything to defend this country from the Russians then thank God there are plenty of liberals who will.

    1. 4freedom says

      And here we have your typical hate filled MSNBC fed liberal.

    2. KKmoderate says

      Where do you get these fairy tales?

  36. gotabgood says
  37. Delores Newman says

    When we disban the entire government and set up a government governed by the people we will heal this nation. All are tainted or completely involved with corruption.

  38. zizi Newton says

    The nation-destroying traitor should be put in jail for life. Yet he is often being hailed as a great president by many. We see comparison of him and President Trump. That is so ridiculous. Trump is a patriot working his head off to restore the greatness of the country. Obama is the traitor who has brought nothing but misfortune to us.

  39. Tim Groves says

    I don’t care if you Believe me or not, But it’s time to Look Very hard at the ” New democratic ” party, They Look And ACT EXACTLY like Pre-WWII Nazi Germany, 1- The M.S. Media Demonizes Anyone who doesn’t follow the ” Liberal : Agenda, They don’t even try to hide their LIES. 2- The Party leaders are Screaming about the P.O.T.U.S. With Absolutely NO Proof, They Don’t Care. They just get LOUDER. They have their own SS- antifa. This is NO Joke. Read Real History, Same exact behavior, Shut down ALL Opposition by Any Mean, They Claim racism, They are the victims, Then Violence. They are Systematically trying to Erase OUR History, The Confederacy is just a Pretense and a TEST.
    We are doing NOTHING and Allowing it to Happen. The MSM my as well be being run by Goebbels, The democratic ( Nazi ) party is using Propaganda to create a Cult of Personality. The naacp has become the NSDAP,
    The blm movement looks and Acts Just like the Gestapo. To be Honest I DON’T CARE if YOU Believe me or not, I KNOW WHAT I SEE, White American Men are the New Jews.

    1. k9maiden says

      I believe everything you said because it is the truth! You need to listen to some of the videos on how many years we were on the dark side, and now, with President Trump, we are beginning to see the light. He is doing exactly what he said he would do and he could care less about what the foolish leftist think of him. The Commie/Socialist have met their match, he isn’t going anywhere.

      1. Tim Groves says

        k9maiden- Amen to That !!!

  40. Tim Groves says

    The Congress is Re-opening the Fast & Furious Scandal that lead to the Murder of a Border Patrol Agent. This BLOOD is on bho’s Hands.

  41. James Kirksey says

    No doubt, the many people posting their observations of the political crimes in the recent past, have hit upon facts that should bring justice to our society. But, only if these malfactors are punished with jail and/or death, as appropriate. Yes, there will be justice at the great White Throne judgement, when God demands full accountability. However, to keep our sanity, we must realize that criminals and deceivers often escape close examination in a court of law. Those of us, who obey laws are often frustrated over political corruption, without any punishment. Too often we do not recognize these crimes until the damage is already done. We need to catch the criminals at the scene; not arrive after they have fled. I see few if any writing about Obama’s covert organization to overthrow our elected government. His nationwide organization for action or whatever he calls it, launches massive attacks at our President and other elected officials to destroy the government. Check it out: They even have tax exempt status for contributions to this organization. The underground leader of this organization, OBAMA, is working about 2 miles from our Whitehouse. Our sleeping Congress is sitting on its hands, planning their next “CAREER” move. This experienced Communist, Muslim, Community Organizer has expanded his scope of operation. America is in grave danger.

  42. k9maiden says

    Gee, funny, I wrote a paragraph telling everyone exactly why the Kenyan Impostor and Killary aren’t being held accountable, and it isn’t here! Must have hit a liberal nerve, “Freedom of Speech” still not allowed unless you are a liberal huh? WELL see if this gets posted. HERE IS A VIDEO, BO AND KILLARY APOLOGIZING TO THE ENEMY FOR BENGHAZI! KILLARY IS STILL APOLOGIZING FOR A MOVIE SHE KNEW WAS NOT THE CAUSE OF THE ATTACK!

    1. k9maiden says

      These two traitors took $70,000 of tax payer money to fly to Pakistan and apologize to the enemy that butchered our Ambassador and murdered our American Patriots. Oh yeah, you liberals just conveniently overlook this, all the while spending time to find one little thing Trump may have done that could possibly have you all in a sexual frenzy including the Media, to harp on day and night, and spend millions on worthless testimonies that only prove what anyone with common sense knew all along, President Trump is innocent of all charges, let him get on with the business of protecting us so we don’t end up like Europe, under his leadership, we will remain the only free, Christian country in the world, as ISLAM is already taking over, by the sword, the entire continent of Europe. Russia won’t allow them in their country, thank God for Trump or we would all be in grave danger of these savages.

  43. Skippy says

    There needs to be an independent investigation on Obama and this act of treason.

  44. TexRancher says

    Not only a closet muslim, but a full fledged TRAITOR! There is no statute of limitations on treason and he should be brought up on charges along with the so called leaders in his party!

  45. Dawn says

    Jail this impersonator that has destroyed our country. What a wicked web he strung and now
    he is caught and yes Ken Thomas, jail time for him and any of his co workers.

    1. raj says

      Muslim hater dirty kuffar natanyahoo’s a$$ likker

  46. arishsahani says

    OBAMA IS a muslim his job he was doing Job as a muslim what we were doing .

  47. Lynne Douglas says

    Obama is immune from any kind of prosecution — for him, life and politics are only a big “game”
    of Monopoly, and he holds the winning card: the Race Card. Anyone who disagrees with him is
    immediately labeled “racist.” Game over. This traitor will never be held responsible for the vast
    amount of damage he did to our country with his extreme leftist views added to his bitterness
    aimed at the white race in general and practicing Christians specifically. Muslim ties did much
    to aid and abet terrorism as well. His 8-year power trip is a dark blot on American history.

  48. codebooker says

    Obama is only the puppet so now the question is, who is the puppeteer?

  49. george briar says

    It’s time to arrest the Kenyan and uncover his real life story. This is something Trump must do. And we would still like to know who that homeless guy they killed and dumped out to sea claiming him to be Bin Laden. Obama’s whole 8 years in office was illegal and fraudulent, the assholes name isn’t even Barack Obama. And that clown supposed to be his wife? was really a guy and those kids weren’t his either.

  50. Patriot47 says


  51. Donald Lindsey says

    The lengths to which Barack Obama went to secure his precious Iranian nuclear deal should be enough to trigger a full-fledged congressional investigation. The secret pallets of money sent in the dead of night totally billions to muslim countries against America. The secret side deals that escaped the scrutiny of U.S. lawmakers, The text of the deal itself, which put Iran in charge of monitoring their own adherence to the nuclear restrictions not the USA for safety.

    Obama’s government “systematically disbanded” any and all investigatory units looking into Iran’s funding of terrorism around the world. Anything to help out his muslim war dogs he did against America, this is under the Constitution is TREASON. And of the Radical Liberal Socialistic Democrats should be held responsible and convicted of murder for every American who has died because of it.

  52. RichFromShowMe says

    One rumor was that John “Fraud” Kerry had to drop his drawers 🙂

    1. KKmoderate says

      Now that’s a truly ugly thought to wake up to on a beautiful summer morning??

  53. Michael Dennewitz says

    Is there ANY way that you people could stop showing that little halfbred faggot’s pictures? I almost vomit every time I see him or his husband the moose! ??

  54. Bachelor With Sense says

    FIRST, Everyone MUST Understand that Obama was and is a TRAITOR to this Country!

    He should be tried as such and Along with the Clintons, Lynch, Holder, and others he should be stood against a wall and shot!

    THAT should be done on National Television so that EVERYONE sees and Understands what happens to TRAITORS!



  55. Katia says

    Because he’s black, everyone knows that..Have to keep all the PC people happy..

  56. zrevtom says

    if you want to know what treason looks like you only have to look at the
    Democratic party and who they selected to run for President.
    President Obama was never vetted, it was passed by Nancy Pelosi and Harry reid to get
    the nomination, it was the news media who hide the facts about Obama, and then
    it was Obama himself who hid his records, dismantled our security agencies, gave money
    and positions in his government to Muslims who are hostile to the United States.
    Obama released high ranking Muslim terrorists from Gitmo for little or no reason, he
    bypassed congress in his actions and the Democrats allowed him to do it without sounding
    any alarms or LEAKING THIS INFORMATION. The Democrats now leak or make up
    fake news for President Trump and are hostile to our nation by trying to knock Trump and
    his administration. It is Democrats who have no plan except outright obstruction to the United
    States and its citizens. instead of working to make things better they only work to make
    things worse. America does not want this they want action but Democrats will not do it
    time to kick every Democrat out of office in every town, city, state and national offices
    This article show how the Obama admin works, they hid their actions and now we see just
    how traitorous these actions are and it may be time to call a special counsel to investigate
    the Obama admin and his corrupt peons, wake up America and Republicans and to
    one Senator McCain if you are a Republican act like one because you act more like
    a Democrat than Democrats and maybe that is why you were picked to run against Obama
    because you are so weak and corrupt.

  57. Susan Short says

    Obama is a Muslim! He is one of them, and he sold this country out with the Iran deal, as well as a whole lot more that he did! Why couldn’t more people see what a total phony that smooth-talking Obama was?! He is like a cult leader!

  58. VirgoVince says

    ARREST the ugly fukin’ basturd sob pos muslime ni666er and HANG ‘im HIGH, the NEXT day!!
    PUBLIC hangings FOR ALL anti-Americans!!

  59. Albedamned! says

    They made this country a disgrace. This is how NYC operates, utterly disgraceful, and honoring terrorists? This is when the lowlifes believe they can get away with anything, and do. Time to investigate, prosecute and imprison this garbage! Drain the cesspool!

  60. organic granny says

    Is there a new pc definition of treason that obama put into practice?

  61. chief1937 says

    Not to worry Trump haters will say and do anything to make him look bad. You will never hear the Obama administration did anything wrong according to liberals. Our president has accomplished more already than the previous administration did in eight years.

  62. Beeotchstewie the deplorable says

    Obama is the most powerful Muslim terrorist on the planet.

  63. Russell Ponder says


  64. Tiger says

    I listened to the congressional investigation to the Iran Deal. All witnesses save one pleaded the 5th. They were asked if they were going to do this for every question and they said yes. They were told to leave. The main witness was given protection by Obama and was not there. However; an email from him showed how they laughed at how they were pulling the wool over our eyes.

    Then there is the business of all the documents found at bin laden’s lair, they say it is enough to fill a small college library, the few documents congress was able to see, showed Iran was backing bin laden, al Qaeda and also had a hand in 9/11 then Obama pulled those documents and like the 65,000 documents on Fast and Furious, put them under lock and key. Congress has asked Trump for the Iran Deal documents. The reason Obama did that is he was busy making the Deal at the time.

    Here is the testimony of the one guy very interesting.

  65. David in MA says

    The House must impeach Obama and send him to court for offenses committed.

  66. Richard Bagenstose says

    with all the spying oboma did on every one , those in congress must be really scared of him, we know they are crooks and if oboma holds the goods they would be ripe for black mail

  67. Garys_opinion says

    Obama is a cancer in America. President Trump is trying to cut it out but it has deeply wound it’s way in our government. He has a big job ahead of him.

  68. Jmanjo says

    Why hasn’t he been jailed or hung for sedition? The whole administration under Obama is as crooked and anti-American as you can imagine! All traitors!

  69. AmericaSupportsTrump! says
  70. jackel says

    And the hypocrites talk about impeaching President Trump over witch hunts, when evidence is now coming in on just how un-American Obama and his friends were, and, are. And nothing is done because the corruption runs deep!!!!! Maybe what happens when a street, community organizer and a Vietnam era turncoat try to negotiate in the big leagues!!!!!

  71. Wes says

    The more we learn about Barack Hussein, the more we detest this TRAITOR. He should be put in front of a firing squad.

    1. nocbsfan says

      I can’t believe you said that ?

      1. Wes says

        You’re not serious, correct?

        1. nocbsfan says

          I can see you wanting to put him in chains and hold him up by the heels till he hollered uncle Wes, Putting him in front of a firing squad, right I can’t believe you said that . This does away with him and then we would not be able to avenge ourselves any longer You would take away all this. Not fair how could you do that ?

          1. Wes says

            When you have cancer you kill it or you die. When a nation has traitors you kill them or the nation dies. Make sense, does it not?

          2. nocbsfan says

            If you kill them all Wes, we wont have anyone to torture. now be reasonable. !

  72. Morton99 says

    The ‘ransom money’ was actually their money that had been seized during the Carter Administration. As far as Obama calling off terrorist investigations .. that sounds like total baloney especially as there is no supporting reference for it. This site makes money off hyperbole and plain crap – to sell advertizing.

  73. My country says

    Washington has been filled from the day of inception by those who tried and still are destroying America .Thats why for years they have been de-Americanizing us .Putting other nations names in front of the word American .Our last thing (Obama )in the White House nearly finished off what they have been trying ever since we became a nation .For those of you who don’t know history of the world no nation was ever created by people popping out of the ground .Nations have always been created by those who came from somewhere else to to takeover a land weather it already was occupied or not . As long as America loved God his blessings were upon this nation .Then we allowed a man who hated this country and is a Muslim to remove any reference to God from everyone’s view .All while we discover that our Government has been honoring Islam for 20 years .Then you realize why they have for 20 years been getting rid of God . Not one time did any of the elected officials stop himself from this horrible deal that also gave our enemies the ability to create the Nuclear suitcase bomb that will be used by one of those who enter illegally with their blessing to kill millions of Americans . Now over 400 years later we have a politicians who do not serve or want God And a government that that is purposely making all Americans sitting ducks to those they are allowing to come in and takeover . Then you see the clear reason they have to change our culture of free thinking people into one filled with illegals .

    1. Morton99 says

      God was NOT given a special place in our government because the founders, in their wisdom realized that no group of humans had a monopoly on spiritual insight. Thus First Amendment is the first of the Amendments because it is the most important.

  74. Mike W says

    Obama has spent his whole life in one lie or another. Lying about who he is to get into schools. Lying on his bar application. 8 years of lying to the American people. All will be exposed soon and those who voted for him will no longer admit it.

  75. Cherie Lynn Davis says

    He isn’t in jail because it is likely they all had a finger in the financial pie somewhere along the way!!

  76. Jo Scott says

    I truly believe that evil Obama is Satan walking the earth. He’s come out of his hole to destroy the most decent nation (before Obama/Clinton) on earth and has infiltrated the elected and appointed politicians. We all need to pray for our nation and Trump who was sent to try to help us.

  77. gideonrockwell says

    I believe Barry O’s Islamic background deeply effected his attitude towards the Islamic radicals. It’s seemed during his entire tenure in the White House he was almost pulling for the followers of radical Islam. His deal with Iran comes as no surprise, as it appears he sided with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

  78. Keith Kyle says

    Everything Bathhouse Barry touched during his presidency is tainted. From the AHCA to this Iran deal he left not finger prints but foot prints. The cretin belongs behind bars not running around the world like he is some super senior statesman. He is a charlatan pure and simple. -30-

  79. Mai Tran says

    He not in jail but running around spending tax money to protect him & his family & destroy much more to AMERICAN

  80. Larry Brule says


  81. Glen says

    This looks like another affect of the Globalist dismantling of America.
    Obama Is a traitor to America and should be dealt with according to our laws.

  82. Thomas says

    Why waste time talking about these things. Put some heat on the government to do something with the ones who do these kind of things.
    Skip the layers of official supervisors and go to the top. Make them responsible for the things they do.
    most of these people are put in place to buffer the ones above them and confuse the process of holding anyone accountable.

  83. dahniuru says

    Why does the article still, still, support the idea that Obama wanted to ‘persuade Iran to stop working on a Nuclear Weapon.’ Just snuck that in there, you little leftist newsie twit.

  84. lerose55 says

    There are so many things that went on in the Obama Admin. that was not a benefit to our Country. Trump needs to continue to find what went on & address it ASAP. Obama limited the Security of our Country. Laundering & funneling money out of our Country to our Muslim enemies. Why were Democrats hiding these facts??

    Democrats are putting distractions out there, thinking they will get rid of Trump, just to save Obama’s legacies, even they know they were not good for our Country. But rather them not to be found out.
    Its seems like alot of scandals are coming out from the Democratic Party.

    If Obama had worked on Uniting our Country instead of destroying it, these Senators today would not have been shot today playing baseball in a park. Many Senators & House members were shot.

    Democrats have been ex-elating the talk to destroy Trump, hate & attack the Republicans of this Country. Ex: Waters, Pelosi, Schiff, Ellison, Lewis, Schumer, Jones, Correa, Sherman, Greene. They are partly to blame for this shooting.

  85. drdavis says

    Obama is a front for Islamic Muslims in this country who want to behead us infidels. If you notice once again during Muslims islamic remadan he removed his ring which is one of the things islamic Muslims must do during this time. If Obama were not one of them why does he practice their beliefs, he has his own prayer rug if you remember right. He is one of them. He has bowed to every Islamic nut in the world, his our White House was filled with Islamic brother hood, Jarrett is a islamic muslim, Clintons closes advisor was islamic Muslim from a family with terrorist connections if not terrorist themselves. This is just a small tip of the ice berg of this man Obama. Look at him now, he is behind the deep state and more. He planted his spy’s over the last 8 years with in our government and now we need to weed them out of every position he planted them. We have one big mess do to this traitor of a man Obama whom in my book should never ever of been elected to the office of President. Those who put him in office are just as guilty and should be punished. Then DNC should be shut down and democratic party dismantled. They are no longer a part of this country’s way of life.
    I hope President Trump unravels every thing Obama did while in office, nothing he did was for the good of this country but to bring us down to a third world nation so that Islam would have and easier time killing us. Don’t forget George Soros who also is a BIG part of the Obama team and one who turned in his own people to Hitlers gas camps. Hitler also had Islamic Muslims working with him to kill Jews and infidels. Some might not know that but Hitler was tightly mended to the Islamic community to kill Jews and infidels any where possible and so our democrats seem to me adhere to these very same acts as Hitler, they side in with Islam they want to allow them free pass into our country they want to block our President Trumps executive orders to stop these terrorist from entering our country he wants to get those here out of here but our democrats appose him in every fashion so think about it what are these democrats they are liberal left wing terrorist who wants our nation to fail. They are of evil nature just as Hitler and his Nazis. How dare any one compare our President Trump to evil of any sort..

  86. Statesman Patriot says


    Why are we even asking “why” he did his Iran deal the way he did? It doesn’t take a scholar to think through this.

    Obumhead is a radical Muslim setting the US and the free world up for ransom and destruction. His deal is to assure Iran, the biggest terrorist sponsoring country in the world, will become a formidable power to keep jihadi terrorism alive! Once they have nuclear weapons, they can threaten to use them if we make attempts to go after their terrorists or refuse to pay ransom.

    By making the hostage payments along with it, their future ransom demands are easier to force.

    Obumhead only worked his destructive set up from the inside to make future jihad easier.

  87. Henry says

    As much as we see, almost daily, of the incompetence of the former president, it appears to me that there should be charges brought against this ex-president because the actions seem to be intentional and designed to weaken our nation. We cannot be so forgiving in this case as to let his 8 years of treasonable actions go unpunished. There will of course be charges from the left and from their lapdogs in the media, charges of racism, which is simply bunk

    1. Kenneth Jones says

      I call it BS.

  88. Big Ed says

    I don’t see what the big deal is. Obama simply guaranteed the world’s greatest group of terrorists will have a nuclear weapon within ten years. He then guaranteed they could continue their terrorism until they get their nuclear weapon by giving Iran $140 million for “standard” terror weapons. He made certain that many of the world’s most evil terrorists were freed (money and manpower guarantees the ability to really muck up the mid-east). To accomplish these treasonous actions, Obama had to lie, cheat and steal-fortunately these are easy for Obama. Will Obama get some jail time for this treason? Not a chance! This is pretty standard fare for Obama over his eight years of attempting to destroy the US. Since he was unable to completely destroy the country in eight years, Obama is now working to finish the job by undermining Trump’s administration. He won’t be punished for this either.

    1. Kenneth Jones says

      You haven’t mentioned the damage that he did…..with the help of RINOS in Congress who slashed military spending to the bone during his presidency… the Armed Forces. In particular, the Navy, when new ship construction was deliberately slowed to a crawl.

      This morning, I read an article about the possible reactivation and commissioning of nine Oliver Hazard Perry guided missile frigates in order to hasten the return to a 375 ship fleet. These will require a thorough overhaul of propulsion plants, hull, and electronics to bring them up to current standards.

      I hope you get my point when I say that Barack Hussein Obama was a disastrous leader as far as the Armed Services are concerned. At best, he was out of his league……a bush league politician who never held down a real job, while at worst, he’s an enemy who has no love for our country and our way of life…..especially if one’s a Christian.

  89. arshloch says

    Obummer did as ordered. He set about to destroy the American way of life and allow the scum to float to the top. Worse yet he is still working for the same purpose. He is boosting the caliphate.