New Texts: FBI Investigators Already Knew the Ending to Clinton Case


The deeper Republican lawmakers delve inside the text messages exchanged between FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok and his mistress, FBI lawyer Lisa Page, the worse things look. Already, congressional investigators have exposed these two for their anti-Trump, pro-Clinton biases, which were on display in dozens of text messages released to the public. Already, lawmakers have found evidence that the two were potentially conspiring to bring down the Trump presidency should he be elected. And now it appears that the two officials had advanced knowledge of the outcome of the Hillary Clinton email investigation before FBI Director James Comey went public with her ridiculous exoneration.

Last week, the Justice Department handed over nearly 400 pages of additional text messages exchanged between Strzok and Page. Congressional committees that have reviewed the new messages say that the two officials spoke via text just after the news broke that Attorney General Loretta Lynch had met privately with Bill Clinton on an airport tarmac in Arizona.

“Timing looks like hell,” Strzok wrote at the time.

“Yeah, that is awful timing,” Page admitted. “It’s a real profile in courage, since she knows no charges will be brought.”

Presumably, this second sentence is meant ironically; Lynch is “courageous” to accept Comey’s prosecutorial recommendation because she already knows that Clinton will get off scot-free. In other words, Lynch’s decision to accept the FBI’s counsel was entirely a public sham meant to give the appearance that she was “recusing” herself from the decision. In reality, she already knew that Comey was not going to recommend that Clinton be prosecuted, so there was no risk at all.

“Another exchange from the day before referenced a change to Comey’s statement closing out the investigation,” reported Fox News on Monday. “While an earlier draft of the statement said Clinton and President Barack Obama had an email exchange while Clinton was ‘on the territory’ of a hostile adversary, the reference to Obama at first was changed to ‘senior government official’ and then omitted entirely in the final version.”

Of course, we know from previous documents and testimony that Comey had begun crafting his “Hillary is innocent” memo months before the FBI concluded the investigation – months, even, before they had even interviewed the chief suspect in the case. Still, it is troubling to now have firm proof that everyone in the upper echelon of the investigation – Comey, Lynch, Strzok, Page, and God only knows who else – knew this was little more than a pretend inquiry, being played out for the benefit of the public – NOT in the interest of finding the truth.

  1. Tiger says

    Comey told congress Lynch told him not to call this an investigation. Americans, for the most part, know the FBI investigates and the DOJ litigates. Why would Lynch say, after the meeting on the tarmac with Billy, she would go with what ever Comey decided? All those years of Obama, we watched, millions of us, as they broke and stretched and bastardized every law of our land.

    Now it is time for our representatives to take the hammer to the nails in the Demon Rat coffins. Do it.

    1. Retired says

      Tiger ,you sure nailed that one 100% correct with Bastardizing our laws .

      1. Tiger says

        Thank you.

    2. MAHB001 says

      I think We the People need to DEMAND IT! It is very hard to tell who is on the take these days.

      We now know that our Elected Officials are no longer following the same laws that We the People are forced to follow.

      My biggest fear right now is in the Election process. I believe it is corrupt, and just like the entire Comey/Lynch/0bama/Hillary thingy, we are turning a blind eye to it, saying to ourselves, it will never happen here….

      It is happening here…. We assume these people are elected officials working for the people… Why would we do that anymore? We no longer know who is counting the votes.

      1. Tiger says

        I have a deep fear about 2018 and for sure 2020. They will pull out all the stops to stop Trump from another 4 years, the Deep State, Secret Societies and the One World Order can’t take it. They are having their feet cut off at the knees daily.

        1. MAHB001 says

          I have the same fears… Voter corruption has not been dealt with. The MEDIA successfully diverted our attention away from the DNC fraud to Russian collusion for over a year now.

          I suspect the subsequent elections were the Dems won were rigged. From this point forward, there will be some dirt thrown at the Non-chosen candidate within the last 3 weeks of the election, (think Moore) and that will inject enough uncertainty into the election results that We the People will not question close results.

          In the case of Judge Moore, neither the Republican Establishment nor the Democrat Establishment wanted him in office. Who is counting the votes? The Establishment, and the Establishment MEDIA is lending its “credibility” to the results by not questioning either.

          Quite the pickle eh? Keep this on top of everyone minds.

          “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
          —-Joseph Stalin

          1. Tiger says

            And boy Stalin has been the Demon Rats poster boy for years.


          2. MAHB001 says

            found this the other day… The Democrat party has adopted all 45 agenda items….


          3. Tiger says

            Oh yes I post this all the time.

          4. MAHB001 says

            Perhaps you showed it to me.

          5. Tiger says

            My friend I don’t remember doing that. But doesn’t matter only matters it gets out there.

          6. MAHB001 says

            You are absolutely right… Keep spreading the word.

          7. Tiger says

            Someone reminded me of this. Forgot about it.


          8. MAHB001 says

            That which does not kill, makes stronger……

            We have got to kill this corruption now… Or lose our way of life.

          9. Tiger says

            Trump came along just in time. If he breaks this cabal of diabolical usurpers, we will have a chance.

          10. Mathew Molk says

            9 Months and days to a devastating blow to the never Trumpers.

          11. Retired says

            I sure hope you are right on that one , it will be interesting to see what kind of lies the Democrats will pull out of the bag before Nov.

          12. Tiger says

            The Shitbirds will go down.

          13. AKLady says

            Yes, Trump and his fellow law-breakers will eventually go down.
            United States v. Trump, NY, 1973 — there are 200 cases just like it.
            Trump has been caught money laundering in NJ, NY and The Netherlands.

          14. AKLady says

            You elected a habitual lawbreaker.
            You elected a legally-documented racist.
            You elected a pathological liar.
            Just how is that supposed to better our Nation?

          15. banjojack says

            It certainly did us no good for the eight years that Obama was president.

          16. AKLady says

            Name a single criminal case brought against Obama.
            Just one.
            I suggest you begin your education with United States v. Trump, NY, 1973.
            The Trump Taj Mahal casino broke anti-money laundering rules 106 times in its first year and a half of operation in the early 1990s, according to the IRS in a 1998 settlement agreement

          17. banjojack says

            He isn’t going to do it by caving on amnesty to the so-called Dreamers.

          18. Tiger says

            I don’t think he is caving. He knows that we can’t give across the board amnesty to those illegals dropped on our soil, it just brings waves of more. What he is planning is a Path to Citizenship, which would include fines, background checks etc and would eventually lead to citizenship after proving they are good for our country.

            But I still contend fix the 14th Amendment, put it back to what it means and stop bastardizing it, it is why there isa billion dollar business for Anchor Babies, Chinese and others come here for that very reason, it is a tremendous elephant in the room. During his campaigning he understood this and hopefully he will get the DOJ to address it.


          19. Tiger says


            The program is not constitutional and Trump has to leave it to congress to make the laws because he can’t, you know that.

            22 Times President Obama Said He Couldn’t Ignore or Create His …

  …/22-times-president-obama-said-he-couldn-t-ignore-or-cre…Nov 19, 2014 – 22 times President Obama said he
            couldn’t do what he’s about to do →
            #immigration #amnesty. … Ultimately, our nation, like all nations, has
            the right and obligation to control its borders and set laws for residency and citizenship. And no matter how decent they are, no matter …

          20. says

            Like you, I too have been connecting the dots for decades to expose the fraud and corruption we are only just scratching the surface on thanks to President Trump. No other candidate on both sides of party could have ever achieved close to what we have seen in only the first year. It is so refreshing to see more and more people wake up to the blatant corruption in all agencies of government, and then the very effective cover up mechanisms in place to insure WE THE PEOPLE are not told the truth.

            Connecting the dots is the only way the masses of asses will see it clearly who will not admit they were on the wrong side of history, the liberal loser party will be totally dead over next decade is how I see it. Of course, most liberal losers are pathological liars and deniers, so there will always be some who will never believe the truth no matter how absolute the facts are. Hell, HiLIARy and her ilk along with the whole frauds previous administration could be in orange jump suits and in prison and these morons would still vote for HiLIARy, SICK, is the only explanation, what is it about being so loyal to any party that these liberal losers just can’t stray from? It has to be something in their DNA, or is it they are all brain dead, deaf, dumb and blind morons, I just can’t figure out which it is. lol


          21. Tiger says

            Amen but we know that the Public Education system changed drastically, I saw it when my youngest in the Third Grade. I worked the Baylor Shift as an RN to be with my children all day, everyday in their school. Many mothers did. We helped the teachers and we participated in school events etc. At the time the change came, they got rid of our male principle, we all loved him, they put in a hard nosed feminist who regarded the mothers as a problem. Once the children would have elections on subjects that concerned them. She decided that there would be no more input from the students and that what she said would be the end of it. She stopped the mothers from being helpers, wouldn’t allow any of us to listen in on classes unless she OK’d it. In fact it had been an open campus and she stopped that also. You had to write a request to come to the campus and she could deny it.

            They began telling the parents that certain children had ADD and encouraged them to put their children on medication. They tried with my son, he didn’t fit into their plans, he fought back when a bully hit him and I gave him permission, they brought me in for a meeting and actually told me that he would go on medication. I lit into them and then insisted on an IQ test. My third grader was thinking and analyzing on the level of a senior in High School, I let them know that I was the parent and I decided what happened to my child and I would take him out of that school. They backed off.

            This was also the time Bill Clinton attempted to have a test for every child at a certain age that would decide if he/she would be a candidate for college or for Trade School, we parents went on a rampage with our representatives and that was thrown out. No putting children into box they can’t ever get out of. I tell you I saw this coming. It was a fight to keep my children informed and strong against this wave of feminism and corruption of their very Souls. They already had been going to Art Galleries, Fine Restaurants, Museums and knew the history of WWII, being as their grandmother had been a POW, they were taught many things at home and we went to church on Sunday. We didn’t see the Almighty as some entity up in the sky, they were taught He is with us always and His Angels.

            We see the results of those children who were subjugated to the indoctrination and had no parents to help them through it, in college now. Public Education is the worst and it is only getting worse, hopefully more parents will Home School or send their children to Private Schools etc. I know my children are very involved in every aspect of their children’s lives, monitoring friends, books, music and computer usage. No child has a computer in their rooms the computer is where mother and dad can see what is going on. No personal cell phones either.

            Yes only Trump could have done this and it needs to be done. He is lighting a lamp of freedom and success everywhere he goes. They love him in DAVOS and the European reporters had glowing things to say about him, he is more popular than any Rock Star and his messages ring clear. America better wake-up, every section of our country and fight hard to make sure we never lose our Republic.

          22. says

            Wow, I am forever grateful for those who post such informative and life changing points to help people connect the dots for themselves. You hit the nail on the head as usual, it all begins in and ends in the education system, or as I have always said, the uneducational system. Unfortunately, most parents are not like you who was involved first hand to witness how they shoe horn our children into a box with is never going to work in our children’s best interest. How sad to here just how bad it really is in the education system, but it does identify why we see so many clueless children now becoming clueless voters.

            My grandchild is going through an issue of bullying in his new school, and it is hard to understand how these kids get away with it, but as you witnessed, it is the education system which had failed us all for they do nothing about these issues even when you file formal complaints. Like you, I told my grandson to stand up to him, don’t walk away which is what his parents said to do, so I had to hold back telling him how I would have handled a bully, which is one of my fondest memories back when I was in new high school. Yes, we have all been exposed to bullies, and many of us didn’t run to our parents or tell the teacher, we took care of business and it was one of the sweetest moments in my life in school because I earned the respect of a dozen other kids who were also being bullied and had dozens of good friends from then until now, amazing what taking a stand can do for you.

            I enjoy reading your posts like no others, you are a real patriot and I thank you for your service, if only there were more Tiger’s in the world of liberal losers and braindead clueless people who are so out of touch with reality they will never get their heads out of their butts. I have had friends who are in this category, and I emphasize, HAD, I just can’t tolerate being around any liberals, so thanks for your contributions, it is nice being around like minded people for a change. lol God bless people like you who have also connected the dots, and your dots went back to the beginning of the downfall in America. I feel so bad for our children and grandkids, and thank God for President Trump to become our leader. The speech in Davos said it all, America First, finally.

            Thank you Tiger,

          23. Tiger says

            My best memories were my school years. I was fat until 11 and took a lot of flak but the school yard is where I enjoyed kicking in the shins and punching in the nose the bully’s, they stopped. My mother exceptional beauty, red hair and green as grass eyes, very elegant and well built. When she came to school for events the boys would say what happened to you Tiger. LOLOL but when 11 things changed. I did her proud , so she said. Being fat or as Europeans say stout, for so long gave me a good experience and I believe guided me in my life to teach exercise, nutrition etc. to women. Also being very poor, wearing flower sack dresses, ugly brown shoes and cotton socks that crept up under my foot during the day, I was 5 but I remember, also made me understand poverty and working to get up in the world. Walked in a lot of moccasins and learned more from the Life Hard Knocks School than anywhere else.

            Thank you for the kind compliments, I also enjoy time posting to like Souls on the net, it is refreshing and so good for raising my spirits and hopes for our country. I enjoy your stories and others also. We are all kindred Spirits coming together at a most important time in the history of our country. I fully believe our concerted efforts in prayer and meditation for someone to come and help us take back our country, were answered in Trump. God bless him and surround him and all his kin with angels for protection. He is taking the world by storm. DAVOS did indeed love him.

            So welcome my friend.

          24. MAHB001 says


          25. Tiger says

            He was a tremendous hit at DAVOS and broke the truth about everything he is doing in America and why, they loved him, the international news reporters praised him and they began putting the fake news down, he was a Super Star and Soros the ole sour puss said Trump a fad and would be gone soon, he needs arresting.

            Anyway my thoughts were since Europe turning on the EU and Soros losing ground there, these elite of the world might just join Trump in righting the world again.

          26. MAHB001 says

            Soros like most Lefties use wishful thinking to sway peoples minds..

            It only works on those that are uneducated enough to know the guy is lying.

            I think the Elites would turn on themselves to save themselves…. Trust but walk backwards out of every room they are in.

          27. Tiger says

            Trump could give the “Slap Heard Around the World” to the One World Order.

          28. MAHB001 says

            I suspect he already has…. Actually We did that by electing Trump.

          29. AKLady says

            Well, it is the so-called, Conservative Right that is filled with corruption.

          30. banjojack says

            No more than the left you seek to vindicate. The right appears less competent at hiding their dirty laundry than the left. They are not more corrupt than the southpaws, just not as skilled at obfuscation.

          31. AKLady says

            The last perfect human was put to death on a cross.

          32. MAHB001 says

            Like Holder, Lynch, Lerner, Clinton, Comey, …

          33. AKLady says

            Like United States v. Trump, NY, 1973 and thw over 200 just like it,
            Like the over 3,500 civil suits in which Trump has been named.
            Like the fraudulent “Trump University”.
            Like Trump’s money laundering for the Mafia through his NJ casino….

          34. MAHB001 says

            hahahahah, you think Trump is Conservative Right…

          35. AKLady says

            His legal record says he Is a racist.
            His legal rectods also says he is a scammer and a cheat.
            His legal record also says he is a kawbreaker who launders money.

          36. MAHB001 says

            TokyoAK,,,, Surely you jest. And you call Jessie Jackson a liar….


          37. AKLady says

            Start your education with United States v. Trump, NY, 1973.
            here are 200 more cases just like it.
            There are also more than 3,500 civil suits.
            I’ll stick with the legally-documented facts.
            Then, someone as juvenile as you, probably can’t recognize fact when they see one. Name calling is very immature..

          38. MAHB001 says

            So Liar it is… Rainbow Push coalition is just a bunch of fools anyway… Glad you agree.

          39. AKLady says

            As usual, only accusations, so facts.

          40. AKLady says

            My God, you are dragging things up from over 50 years ago.
            Really, Tiger, try to live in the current reality …

          41. AKLady says

            However, it is pure propaganda.
            You have been very well-brainwashes.
            You cannot see the forest for the trees.

          42. AKLady says

            Perhaps you should stop posting Fascist brainwashing propaganda.

          43. mrpoohead says

            Presented 50 years ago when folk were paranoid about Reds Under the Bed.
            What has happened since – communism has all but disappeared, yet you’re still worried about it! Really? Currently the far-right are more problematic – they always raise their head when times economically are dire. The left have gone and realistically have never existed in any serious capacity in the US.
            You’re a fool with a very sad life!

          44. Retired says

            You just proved how out of touch you are about Communism , it is well and alive . China – NK – North Nam and Russia are returning back to the old ways . The rag that you claim to read has info about what goes on in those countries . Evedently you only read what favors your thinking ,which is turned into poop .

          45. mrpoohead says

            China has evolved into free market in socialist framework.
            Putin is a conservative as is his party.
            NK – well that’s just a dictatorship and irrelevant unless you happen to live there.
            Vietnam – same as China, Cuba too.
            Suggest you point out which articles in which paper – a read a number.

          46. Retired says

            you just poop something ???? Funny how in Those countries people disappear or are executed or given life at hard labor . Russia is the most easy going but going back to the old way as well . By 2025 China will own you and your government as it is on self destruct with its outdated ways .

          47. mrpoohead says

            ………but you have no proof? Haven’t been anywhere near them either I bet. China is the next potential leader – busting economy and growth. Communism is not required. Duh!
            America is out-dated. Communism collapsed we all rejoiced and then laughed as America disappeared up its own backside with extreme capitalism – seems a dash of regulation and common sense is handy for growth. Funny as!

          48. Retired says

            Better read up on Xi – Putin and Kim boy . How many have been executed and sent to labor camps .One of the Commie Countries just gave life in prison for steeling from the Gov. controlled companies , one is expected to get executed and about a dozen got prison time . Mater of fact it was in the rag you read and claim to be so correct .

          49. mrpoohead says

            Best send me a link then and you have no idea what paper I read. Are you trying to undermine me or doubt facts. Good luck with that!

          50. Retired says

            Oh but you printed them , proving how full of poop you is .You are nothing more than another AK ,useless POOP TROLL.

          51. mrpoohead says

            I do not work in media. Waiting…………….you still got nothing!!!!!!!

          52. Retired says

            You are one big poop hole and blow stinky hot air .

          53. mrpoohead says

            ………………and you still got nothing. You are a nothing – just amusing!

          54. Mathew Molk says

            OK,,,,You guys have catered to shithead and totally destroyed the topic and wiped out the thread.

            Have a good time helping the troll shut down this thread but I’m outa here. -.

          55. MAHB001 says

            China simply KILLED anybody that didn’t evolve into the Socialist part…..

            So now you advocate for the mass slaughter of MILLIONS of people…

            Talk about shit for brains.

          56. mrpoohead says

            …………and we’ve supported and funded despots and dictators who’ve killed millions. Moral high ground??????? Maybe you should engage a brain before commenting – not yours obviously .

          57. MAHB001 says

            Not the same and you know it.
            Well maybe you don’t but those that are not ideologically subverted do.

          58. mrpoohead says

            I really see little difference; if we don’t do it but fund it it’s okay?
            China has moved on, not perfect but then we happily imprison folk for no good reason too – at least they can use us later I guess.
            Thankfully we’re out of the Big Game now being bankrupt. Funny as!

          59. Retired says

            China does not imprison , they just Execute or send them to labor camps and not heard of after that . The ACLU and Unions won’t allow that in the USA and the Hell hole you live in . Your Politics is a bigger circus than our Democrats .

          60. mrpoohead says

            Think you’ll find China imprisons folk too and we still execute.
            What are my politics? Where do I reside? What does it matter? Anywhere among America’s peers is better.

          61. Mary Thompson says

            Oh China with their no God official attitude do much worse than that. They take you to prison and then they fatten you up vitamin you up then they sell your organs and harvest them and who knows what they do with the left overs. Dog food from china anyone? Why is my dog licking me somuch?

          62. Retired says

            You mean we have Americans walking wit China parts in them ???

          63. Mary Thompson says

            A very likely possibility.

          64. Jamie says

            What do you think Potted meat is? There is a reason they call it Mystery Meat, may not be such a mystery any longer though.

          65. Retired says

            Good one , never heard that one before .

          66. Michael Dennewitz says

            My God, I thought maybe my grandmother had come back to life. HER name was Mary Thompson. Her maiden name was Mary Angeline Graham and she was a 4th cousin to the evangelist, Billy Graham! 😁🤗

          67. Mathew Molk says

            That HAS to be from CNN

          68. Mary Thompson says

            I never watch the Clinton News Network! There have been talks for years about China and their human rights violations. Nets outside windows of facories to prevent suicide jumps.

          69. See Janus says

            You are correct that there is much about what the USA has done interfering in foreign governments, assassinating leaders, supporting and funding, training and arming dissidents that is malicious and illegal. That created bad karma for the USA that drops on everyone’s head even if ordinary Americans would have voted against such interference, death and destruction.

          70. Retired says

            You have to remember Britain and France did more and the USA went in to Undue most of the crap they started along with the OWO and UN .

          71. Retired says

            That is why he is called PoopHead !!!

          72. mrpoohead says

            Still; never refuted!

          73. Retired says

            FU lying troll .

          74. mrpoohead says

            Prove it. Waiting……………… still got nothing!!!!!!!!!!!

          75. pineapple says

            If his brains were nylon, there would not be enough to make a pair of panties for a piss ant.

          76. AKLady says

            China’s usable land is vastly over-populates,
            It has great difficulty feeding its people.
            Asia has never had a huge respect for human life.
            That is “Western” foolishness.
            As for the “brains” remark — try acting like an adult.

          77. Jamie says

            “But I say to you that every one who is angry with his brother shall be guilty before the court; and whoever shall say to his brother ‘Raca,’ shall be guilty before the supreme court; and whoever shall say, ‘You fool,’ shall be guilty enough to go into the hell of fire.”

            If a man is but a fool, a blight on society, it would be better for all if he were dead. To conclude that one is worthless, then, is to come to the conclusion that the world would best be rid of him, which is but one short step from murder.

          78. AKLady says

            Your point is what?

          79. Jamie says

            If you were intelligent and wise, you wouldn’t need someone to explain.

          80. AKLady says

            Sober up. You might make sense.

          81. Jamie says

            Sorry but it’s obvious that you are hoarding all the booze and dope.

          82. ARTPSYCH says

            So what are you doing about China and all of asia if you know all this? hmmmm?

          83. AKLady says

            Buy American made products,
            Support charities that provide basic education to third-world countries.
            Volunteer to assist the poor in America.

          84. MAHB001 says

            It is also a Communist society under the control of the Government. If you utter a word against the Government you die.

          85. AKLady says

            Once upon a time, China was Communist. Factually, it has been called Socialist with a market economy.

          86. MAHB001 says

            And once upon a time, the Communist State executed all that dissented….

            Oh wait, that is still happening today…

            What confounds me is that you on the Left have no compassion for humanity. You advocate for a Communist Government, knowing full and well that there are hundreds of millions of people that will dissent. You actually advocate for the destruction of hundreds of millions of people…

            But that is a small price to pay isn’t it TokyoAK?

          87. AKLady says

            What confounds me is that people such as yourself see everything in black and white. Color TV came along in the 1950s. You need to catch up.

          88. MAHB001 says

            No doubt free thinking individuals confound you.

          89. AKLady says

            You need to increase your reading comprehension.
            Your back and white vision cannot be fixed. It is a problem in the brain.

          90. MAHB001 says

            You need to learn how to ridicule, because what you are doing is lame.

          91. mrpoohead says

            Cuckoo, cuckoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No commies here. Duh!

          92. See Janus says

            While it is true that many industries within China have moved away from a straight State controlled model, most industry is still partially owned by the State, with State rules and requirements of hiring Party designated people common. The free market part is that most Chinese can buy what they can afford to buy without undue restrictions. Hence, large numbers of Chinese with cell phones and access to hard alcohol, mixed heavily with tea. Fascist police state and Totalitarian form of centralized government dominates China, and is still to be found in Russia. In fact, most research on the party that Putin heads would say that it is the successor to the Communist Party, albeit not the Communist Party of Stalin. Russians have more freedom since the late 1990’s, but exchanging State controlled police for the thugs of criminal gangs is an interesting conundrum. The US still gets defectors, and that should tell you a lot.

          93. mrpoohead says

            Woeful. State ownership in China is mostly around financial services and utilities, not manufacturing – think you’ll find a good number of state owned services exist in the West; phone, electric, water.
            Hard liquor and tea – ha, ha, ha. Beer and wine mostly. Tea – ha, ha, ha!!!!!!!!!!
            Think you’ll find Russia First is conservative, the Communist Party is still the communist party – albeit more socialist in principal now.
            What current defectors – they have one of America’s, Snowdon. Last one to defect to US was in 2000. God only knows why the US wanted him.
            You are an imbecile!

          94. See Janus says

            There are many, many sectors than manufacturing, but even within manufacturing, there is large scale control by the State. You use a lot of labels, skin deep. Superficial. Look deeper, Mr. Poo Head.

          95. mrpoohead says

            Were it exists I see little problem; they gave their people jobs, this gave them money to spend how they like, they are consumers. Some companies make products for multi-nationals, some multi-nationals own the factories. What is the problem?
            Party members are more likely to be in government jobs or professionals in companies. They regulations are considerably lower – their work practices aren’t always healthy or safe and there’s little litigation for recompense.
            Either way, none of that is communist – socialist with a good dollop of free enterprise yes.
            No labels and suspect my knowledge far greater than your “skin deep” one. You have opinion, but the facts support me or disprove.

          96. larry outlaw says

            You have the right name, you need to change it mrshithead, you parked car chasing idiot.

          97. mrpoohead says

            Factually I’m correct. Obviously you’re the fruit-bat.

          98. Retired says

            You are Never Correct as you always spew the opposite of what is real .You live in the land of fruits and illegal Muslims .

          99. mrpoohead says

            Provide evidence, reputable reference, and I shall depart these pages forever more. Good luck!

          100. Retired says

            The News Rags you read and believe in , so now leave and if you don’t it proves what a lying beast you is.

          101. mrpoohead says

            I asked for a link. Waiting……………………you got nothing. You’re the liar!

          102. pineapple says

            “I shall depart these pages forever more.”

            You will not be missed!

          103. mrpoohead says

            Maybe you should concentrate on refuting with a reputable reference first. I’ve not emitted one lie, how’s your conscience?

          104. AKLady says

            First, you need to provide factual evidence,
            You have been repeatedly asked to do so.
            Like your counterparts, you have not, cannot do so.

          105. larry outlaw says

            You have never been correct in your life, douche bag

          106. mrpoohead says

            Disprove and I’ll pay $10,000 to a charity of your choice. Reputable reference required.

          107. Mathew Molk says

            Block this asshole. He/She/It never has anything on topic and only screws up meaningful conversion between adults.

          108. AKLady says

            Sewer language is evidence of illiteracy.
            Name calling is very immature, kindergarteners do it.

          109. pineapple says

            I blocked him and don’t regret it.

          110. AKLady says

            Larry, you really need to develop some maturity.

          111. larry outlaw says

            You need to develop a brain, misguided prune.

          112. pineapple says

            “communism has all but disappeared,”

            Google Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea, Russia, China, and grow a brain.

          113. mrpoohead says

            Free market in socialized country.
            Democracy, currently conservative party in power.
            Free market in socialized country.

            Have you been asleep or just ignorant since the ’80’s?

          114. pineapple says

            In Venezuela there is no toilet paper. That is not as bad as it seems, since there is no food to eat either.

          115. ARTPSYCH says

            the leftist Venezuelan gov’t Marxist asshole communistic ploy of the elitists love Hillary!

          116. mrpoohead says

            Prove it!

          117. pineapple says

            Google “Venezuela Food Riots”

          118. mrpoohead says

            They have issues yes, why? They still have food and paper – you lied!

          119. pineapple says

            DID YOU GOOGLE IT?!

            There is no need to answer, because I am blocking you.

          120. mrpoohead says

            You lied! Bye.

          121. Mathew Molk says

            And not a one of them is still working.

            Don’t listen to CNN…..Go out in the real world and see for yourself.

          122. MAHB001 says

            Never do listen to CNN my friend.

          123. mrpoohead says

            Or, any TV news – sensationalist claptrap!

          124. AKLady says

            Your guy lost … twice..
            Obama is no longer in office.
            Your claims are false.

          125. MAHB001 says

            Prove it.

          126. AKLady says

            Why do you embarrass America with lies?
            Then, you also stand as a witness Free Speech.
            That video is not of Obama.

          127. Retired says

            You know that the Demon Rats would not survive under Communism as they would have to tote the line and impossible for them to do .Under Communism the ACLU along with Liberal Judges would have disappeared . People need to pay attention as to what happens in China – NK and North Nam to those that act like our Democrats .

          128. Tiger says

            Exactly their stupidity is tremendous.

          129. RockinOn says

            Overwhelmingly So ! Hard to believe that the Liberals everywhere are so eat up with False Narratives on all Fronts ! Not just Demoncraps !

          130. AKLady says

            Jesus was a Liberal.
            The Founders were Liberals.
            The Constitution was written by a Liberal….

          131. banjojack says

            To the Founders, “LIberal” meant the LIberalism as expounded by John Locke,with his emphasis on very limited government, a laissez faire economic system and great personal responsibility, which is the concomitant of any real freedom. Your LIberalism came into being in with the publication of “The Communist Manifesto,” and “Das Kapital;” and requires a powerful central government with a leviathan bureaucracy, massive governmental intrusion into personal lives, and very little personal responsibility. Locke and the Founders envisioned a society in which a moral and educated people chose leaders of the same stripe to lead. Your version features a government which does everyone’s thinking for them. In your perfect world, a benevolent,omniscient and all powerful government forces everyone to think dand act a certain way or suffer the consequences.

          132. SUZANNE M. says


          133. Karma says

            An nsaid is a b/s drug sold by b/s pharma and pushed by b/s doctors and pharmacies that really does nothing to aleviate the problems its prescribed for yet because it makes all these big companies and know it all doctors lots of money they knowingly push it on an unknowing or misunderstanding public..and with alcohol, its all about the tax dollars..period.

          134. AllanGardnerMiles says

            banjojack: Your reply to AKLady was perfect. As soon as I saw the name John Locke my old memory bank re-opened to the emphasis of limited government. Yes the Wisdom of a moral and educated people was envisioned by the Founders. This worked just fine until we became Politically Correct and deviated from all our Former Standards and Religious Heritage and Customs. I anticipate a rejuvenation of employing the Standards that worked so well before their removal in the 1960’s

          135. AKLady says

            Standards before the 1960s: Segregation, racism, separate schools, separate water fountains … If you were a white straight male, you were at the top of the food chain. Leave it to Beaver and Ozzie and Harriet are not documentaries.

            I have no doubt that there are some people who wish to have the return of racism. Some are trying desperately to convince us that is worse now than it ever was.

          136. jimmy midnight says

            Hi. I guess our friends have come 2 despise modernity in any form, with a hatred that used 2 B reserved solely 4 racial and religious “others.” Love the 1 about ’50’s sitcoms not being documentaries. “Father Knows Best,” was also iconic thataway.

            Keep the faith!

          137. AKLady says

            Thank you. We need to keep fact and truth in the forefront.
            America needs our respect and support. Going back in time is not acceptable, let alone possible.

          138. Rex Whitmer says

            AK, you wouldn’t know the truth if it stood before you and slapped you in the face, as it does with almost every comment you peep!

          139. AKLady says

            The post you responded to is 3 days old.
            That is the second post you have gone back in history to respond to.
            Apparwntly, you are stalking.

          140. JH says

            Those programs were never meant to document the society, they were meant to promote the ideals.

          141. jimmy midnight says

            Which means they were propaganda.

          142. AKLady says

            Thank you. Stay around, this site needs both of us.
            There is way too much bad education for one person to handle.

          143. JH says

            The standards prior to the ’60s did include racist practices in a relatively small portion of our country but racism did not dominate . The racist abuses were only a small part of our society. I grew up in the 1930s through the 1950s and experienced this country before you liberals began dismantling it. Basically you don’t know what you are talking about.

          144. See Janus says

            Your comments are basically true of certain states. Yes, and, white male privilege, not for all white males, but for more than now, was the standard. There is as much racism today as ever, only the racism today is different from the standard racism before 1965. And, racism as defined in acceptable dictionaries is not constrained or limited to only white vs. black or other alleged minority. In the majority of states in the USA today, whites are the minority.
            There are other larger societal changes that have affected America such as the availability of large quantities of drugs, and the underground economy of drug trades culminating in powerful organized crime. I’m not sure what group you identify with, but by arguing through Labels and overgeneralizations you have made it difficult to “hear” you speak of anything more than your own bias.

          145. AKLady says

            Organized crime has bean around for centuries, It is nothing new.
            Drug use has been around as long as man, Cocaine was an ingredient in the original Coca Cola. In 1914, the Harrison Narcotics Act was passed that was an attempt to stop abuse of cocaine, heroin and cannabis.
            Your knowledge base leaves much to be desired.
            I suggest you obtain a better education.

          146. See Janus says

            I assure you that increasing the availability of drugs across America was intentional. Druggies don’t spend much time paying attention to policies, laws and plans. Druggies can focus on how they are going to get their next fix. That takes care of citizen protests. And, it has the added advantage of being a very profitable endeavor. The Bush Crime Family engaged extensively in the drug trade, and partnered with the Clinton Crime Family. Maybe, you’ve heard of Mena, Arkansas. Loads of money laundered into the wealth of the Bush and Clinton families. Yes, Yes, Coca Cola and Coke. Well known. Got that from Wikipedia just now, did you? 70 Million American adults are taking psychotropic drugs right now, all legal. More women over the age of 60 years are dying these days from pain pills than from any other reason. Finding an America who is not taking legal or illegal drugs is almost as rare as finding someone with a vast respect for knowledge.

          147. AKLady says

            Humans have been using intoxicants since the beginning of time.
            Where are you getting this brainwashing?
            A hip fracture doubles the risk of dying within a year. The increased risk is not because of the fracture, but because of underlying health conditions such as heart disease. The majority of “pain” prescriptions are for NSAIDS.
            By the way, Janus, I am a physican.

          148. tbone188 says

            So I’m guessing your one that prescribes a lot of opiates?

          149. AKLady says

            Get an education …
            Alcohol is an intoxicant ..
            Alcohol is a drug —
            Alcohol is legal …
            Do you even know what a NSAID is?

          150. Charles Johnston says

            That’s why you’re so opinionated and loud mouthed. A physician and a liberal!
            “I am a physician”! So what. And who cares.
            And you couldn’t even spell it correctly!

          151. AKLady says

            Spelling is rote memory.
            Parrots do it well.
            Are you a bird brain?

          152. Karma says

            Since you say spelling is rote memory, and as a doctor you should see the word physician countless times daily yet you cant spell it, does that mean you are an idiot ?..i see the word maybe once in 6 months, i can spell it, yet im not here bashing others because they cant, nor implying im so smart and anyone not thinking like me is stupid..yes there are problems..a nice long look in the mirrow might help you find it..

          153. AKLady says

            I admit to being a bad typist.
            You are welcome to voice spew until the earth stops rotating..
            You should try to understand that your spew only matters if your target respects your opinions.

          154. Karma says

            Its quite obvious you have no respect for anyone, yourself included.

          155. AKLady says

            Karma, child, you can only insult someone if they respect your opinion.
            All you are doing is providing me, and everyone else with a good laugh

          156. Karma says

            Oh im very sure many here are getting a laugh, at your expense, as you are not as high above people as you think you are…in fact, take your precious money away you are nothing, not even in your own far as im concerned you are anyway because you plainly said money can buy anything, and it can not, not whats important..if you think so you deserve what obviously will come to you..

          157. Karma says

            Janus is exactly right..the govt is more involved in the drugs in this country and others than any dealer….and another stab trying to put yourself above others i see…epic fail you will have the lizard here taking up for you…what a pity..

          158. AKLady says

            You spew one incomplete thought after another.
            You spew one incomplete sentence after another.
            You make one false statement after another …

          159. Karma says

            Thoughts are complete..sentences dont matter…you need open your eyes, pay attention, look around, quit believing everything you hear or think…see it for yourself…the above statement is not false…been happening for years..

          160. AKLady says

            You seem very insecure…
            I’ve seen more reality than you can possibly imagine.

          161. Karma says

            What a joke..just keep will see the reality that your many hours here bashing everyone with your drivel was in vain, for naught…a total waste of time and energy…and when the gavels start dropping, you will change your name in shame, and disassociate yourself from the guilty, just like all good little dems do every time one of their own is doing the perp walk..

          162. AKLady says

            ..Thank you.
            Your input is always welcome
            It says so much about you.

          163. Rex Whitmer says

            Apparently YOU use them quite a bit AK??? Yes, we have them here from, Doctors whom become drug dealers and get quite wealthy from it, but sooner or later they get caught!

          164. AKLady says

            Thank you for your input.
            It says so much about you.
            Insults only matter if you are respected by your target —

          165. Karma says

            Organized crime has been around for has evolved from the good old family mafioso into street gangs like ms-13, and the want it all types in govt, like the clinton trash that this article is about, who want to control everything and everybody no matter the consequences to others..another thing i notice is all who defend the garbage at some point or another they always seem to imply or state that anyone disagreeing with their brainwashed thoughts is somehow inferior in mind, in education, in money, etc…strange..

          166. Rex Whitmer says

            There’s a movie out that I just watched the first time lately called “THE GANGS OF NEW YORK. I had studied it in school history, and forgotten it until then. It didn’t pretend to be accurate, but the end was certainly the truth. Men associated themselves into gangs for both protection and profit! It wasn’t new in America though, it was evident even in Roman and Greek times and is referred to in the Old Testament as well! It was a worry in Egypt at times as well! Men without morals will always attempt to rob honest, hard working persons of what ever they have rightly earned by hard work and sweat. We find this today in our Government. Various programs over the years have attempted to stem it, but too often, their actions only exacerbate the situations! The wild west was indeed wild, but somehow my ancestors managed to live through it. In 1958, I went to work in the Phoenix Police Department. A couple of years before that date the city had been run by criminals. It was not evident during my time there largely because the elite citizens of the city had managed to run many of the criminals out. Without honest government, these situations will always exist! We see the gang wars in the Chicago area still today, and many other places.

          167. AKLady says

            “West Side Story” also tells of the youth gangs of the 1950s and 1960s. Given its age, it is romanticized, but the truth is there.

          168. Karma says

            If you saw truths in that crap fantasy movie you really have been sheltered…hilarious..

          169. AKLady says

            Blah, blah, blah, lie, insult, assume, exaggerate …repeat ad nauseam.
            Tedious, boring, repetitive …enfant terrible

          170. Karma says

            If the truth hurts you so much hillary feel free to hit the block button…at least you can spell assume…your friend cant..

          171. AKLady says

            You seem to have misses the lesson on punctuation of contractions.

          172. Karma says

            And you cant spell…so what ?…a doctor that cant spell her own title, or even an easy word like missed, as in, i think you missed the boat…or the limo to your prep school..big deal your just wanting to rant your starting to remind me of an ex wife.

          173. AKLady says

            I admit to being a bad typist.
            Spelling is rote memory. Something parrots do well.
            I’m in good company, these people were/are also bad at spelling: Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Alfred Mosher Butts, William Faulkner, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, John Keats, John Irving, Jane Austen, Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill, John F. Kennedy Jr

          174. Karma says

            So what ?…you cant type or spell one, i refuse to be proper, yet you insist on trying to insult my education..big deal…like i said above you are just wanting to your mind you think you are somehow superior to anyone not alighned with your beliefs, , and anyone not going along with you is education deficient, or more probable, the beliefs you are being paid to get on here and babble about..either way, i could really care less..

          175. AKLady says

            To “care less” one must first care …

          176. Karma says

            To be a smart ass the donkey must first learn to neck rein..until then, the donkey is merely an ass..

          177. ARTPSYCH says

            it’s quite obvious from the Senate the other nights SOTU address who the enemies of the Country’s not the Republicans. Its the Statist hard leftists and their grumbling and mumbling Pelosi as she tried to adjust her dentures with her lips. Disgusted with these elite white and all they want is power not a republic

          178. ARTPSYCH says

            Schumer was actually clapping once or twice..maybe Dr. Dracula is waking up.

          179. AKLady says

            And we have, yet another, insult from the Karma ..
            This time she is trying to be highbrow …

          180. Karma says

            No insult, just completing the circle and returning your highbrow b/s back to you.

          181. AKLady says

            And we have, yet another, insult from the Karma ..
            This time she is trying to be highbrow

          182. ARTPSYCH says

            your history is way off..the third Reich is and was a leftist comparison to todays Democrats who subvert truth with lies and cast ignorance onto it’s minions. May the baptism end!

          183. AKLady says

            Suggest you obtain a better history education. In 1933, with the support of traditional conservative nationalists, Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany and the Nazis gradually established a one-party state, under which Jews, political opponents and other “undesirable” elements were marginalised and eventually several million people were imprisoned and killed.

          184. ARTPSYCH says

            I read history books all the time- I watch tons of documentaries it ‘s my favorite subject besides biblical issues.I don’t read revisionist history books put out by leftists- they have it all wrong

          185. AKLady says

            Your theft of fee blog space foe advertising says everything anyone needs to know about your honesty …

          186. AKLady says

            Here you are abusing blogging space to advertise your business.

          187. AKLady says

            Your parents need to demand a refund. The education they paid for is markedly deficient. The Third Reich was founded by ultra-conservatives.

          188. ARTPSYCH says

            The Ex-Wife syndrome–man you hit AK below the belt on that one.

          189. Karma says

            While i cant think of anyone better that fits that description i quite sure she is very used to it..and thats being nice 😉

          190. ARTPSYCH says

            I’m going to get some FIX-Odent stocks..Pelosi’s dentures were moving around a lot.

          191. ARTPSYCH says

            I admit to being a pain in the ass..
            AVG 55% off!


          192. AKLady says

            Street gangs are nothing new. Suggest you rent a old movie titled “West Side Story” c. 1961. It is a real tear jerkr

          193. Karma says

            Got your head in the sand it seems ms ak ?

          194. AKLady says

            Go play your insult game with someone else.
            Your burned out here.

          195. Karma says

            No insult..if you think west side story is any comparison to real world gangs you are blind, blindfolded, or have your head in the sand…no insult there…i saw more violence in 1 year of jr high school than the b/s wss movie…thats why sheltered people think everything is grand..they havent been there..

          196. Rex Whitmer says

            Yes, and your favorite president also used cocaine! I suspect that reveals something of his actions and comments.

          197. ARTPSYCH says

            /Trump is no racist- so many blacks and hispanics on youtube endorse him all the time


          198. AKLady says

            Or so claims the author of “Rising Star: The Making of Barack Obama”.
            Apparently you believe just about anything …

          199. MAHB001 says

            What would you call the new type of racism… The Ideological kind of Racism?

          200. AKLady says

            Racism under Trump is the same as it was in 1973 when he got caugh,
            It took over 200 cases for him tot learn….

          201. MAHB001 says

            It has gone down that much? Racism was never worse than under 0bama.

          202. Rex Whitmer says

            Racism had it’s latest boost from the eight years Obama spent voicing it and liberals such as yourself believing it!

          203. AKLady says

            Start your education with United States v. Trump, NY, 1973. There are over 200 just like it. Trump is a Slum Lord. You can top those federal government cases with over 3,500 civil cases.
            The poist you responded to is over 3 days old. Are you stalking?

          204. AKLady says

            Stow the Communist garbage.
            The “Red Scare ” ended in 1991.
            Every modern, industrialized country has a mixed economy.
            It is a matter of national defense. Revolution takes place when the impoverished become the majority population. I suggest you get a better history education, and ditch some of that right-wing garbage.
            Oh, and save the insults for someone you can impress. They only matter to people who respect your opinion. You have not yet earned my respect.

          205. JH says

            Sorry AKLADY but you are dead wrong. The “red scare” is still with us. Just listen to what Crazy Bernie advocates. Basically he advocates Communism. His plans could never be instituted without resorting to the use of force and the end result is communism in practice if not in name.

          206. MAHB001 says

            An awful lot of bad things happen to someone that looks the other way when Communism is knocking on their doors.

            Bottom line, you support Communism, and know that the only way to get your way is to fool people into believing that it will never happen here.

          207. AKLady says

            Bottom line: You confuse Socialism and Communism.
            All modern, industrialized countries have economies which are a mix of capitalism and socialism. It is a matter of national defense. When poverty becomes the majority, revolution takes’ place. I suggest you obtain a better history education.

          208. MAHB001 says

            Bottom line…
            Socialism doesn’t exist and always falls to Communism…

            So it really doesn’t matter if I confuse the two….

            And the Bottom, Bottom line is that you and the Left do not want us to make that connection, so you deny, deny, and deny, until you deflect, deflect deflect…

          209. mrpoohead says

            Prove it. W Europe et al have had strong socialist parties for over a hundred years. Have any moved into communist? No.
            Communist states have mostly gone, some moving into socialist with free market.
            Thank you yet again for confirming you are ignorant.

          210. ARTPSYCH says

            Socialism is the biggest part of the Democrat U.S. party..marxism-to fascism-iron fisted dogmatic intercession by an all-powerful state government over the people.this is why Obama refuted the US Const. by going around it and writing into laws that were illegal. Like stealing money out of the Treasury Dept. to pay for Obamacare recipients’ payments to insurance companies. Obama didn’t take it to Congress for a vote which is in the Constitution to do so. He broke the law which is punishable to be IMPEACHED! But of course Congress didn’t do a we have all these issues from DACA to Iran deals, N.Korea issues and now Obummercare that was never self-sustaining at all..which is why he illegally stole billions out of the Treasury! PRICELESS! and FACTUAL! YesObama had a sheriffs badge but sad to say it was a cellophane one!..weak and plastic!!

          211. mrpoohead says

            In no sense of the word do Democrats policies equate to UK Labour Party, they are UK Conservative Party policies. They are socially responsible conservatives. The Republican party are merely more conservative.
            Fascism is right wing and comparable with the KKK, Dixiecrats, American Nazi Party and anyone who agrees with the drivel put out by the Alt-right press.
            Obama did no such thing or you’d site a reputable reference, no President has power either.
            All you do is provide lies and garbage – never a reference. Why would one take you seriously, you can’t even remove the AVG attachments – you have the brain capacity of an amoeba.

          212. ARTPSYCH says

            Go drive a nail in your head poopbreath!

          213. mrpoohead says

            Never refuted!

          214. ARTPSYCH says
          215. mrpoohead says

            They are the counter balance of your duckies then. Whoop!

          216. ARTPSYCH says


            just for you and your age group

          217. AKLady says

            Now, he has lowered himself to nursery school name calling.
            Aren’t his examples amazing people to look up to.
            What are they advertising — how to die by age 45?

          218. ARTPSYCH says

            I left you a personal message at the youtube video!

          219. Retired says

            The UK is more screwed up than The USA .The UK and France are the pits of the EU .

          220. mrpoohead says

            Collectively W Europe, Canada, NZ and Australia have less debt than America.
            All have better social disparity and mobility, healthcare and education systems, plus a homicide rate a fifth to a tenth of the US’s.
            Please feel free to refute with a reputable reference. They are all better than America.
            The UK and France are in W Europe, I realize your knowledge is lacking.

          221. AKLady says

            Here ART is, stealing free blog space for advertising, yet again.

          222. Retired says

            You keep right on proving how nuts you are !!!!

          223. mrpoohead says

            And you continue to fail to refute anything with a reputable reference. Funny!

          224. Retired says

            You don’t know fact from fiction .

          225. mrpoohead says

            You only have fiction. Never refuted with reputable reference – kind of makes me king of the facts. Duh!

          226. Retired says

            The only thing you are King of is the Outhouse where people deposit you daily . Kingshit !!!!

          227. mrpoohead says

            ….but still never refuted! Thanks!

          228. Retired says

            Why don’t you go play with your flute !!! You wankers are all alike !!!

          229. mrpoohead says

            Not very musical I’m afraid. I remain never refuted though!
            You got nothing, you got nothing
            You got nothing……………………………

          230. Retired says

            You gays play the flute all the time .

          231. mrpoohead says

            Takes one to know one I guess.

          232. ARTPSYCH says

            when a person has to repeat the same tired lines over and over again, the person saying it is awfully INSECURE by psychologist standards. Poopy..they make medication for your mental issue.

          233. mrpoohead says

            Think you’re looking in the mirror. I only repeat to the retards who forget!

          234. ARTPSYCH says

            ..your obviously a loser in a come back…SELL at 45!..repeat after me! LOSER!~

          235. mrpoohead says

            Right – I’m the loser. Never refuted!

          236. Karma says

            Exactly..incoherent babble.

          237. MAHB001 says

            All you can do is play semantics on such an important subject…

            Shame on you, how pathetic.

          238. mrpoohead says

            No semantics – I doubt you know the meaning of the word.
            I have never refuted facts, you lie!

          239. AKLady says

            Bottom line, you are confused, terribly so.
            Communism has fallen to Socialism, and continues to do so.

          240. MAHB001 says

            Make it easy on yourself, Communism is equal to Socialism and both are equally bad for our society.

            Rock on Constitution! We wont let the Left destroy you!

          241. AKLady says

            Every modern, industrialized nation has a mixed economy.
            We no longer put the disabled and aged into the streets.
            We no longer put orphaned children into workhouses.
            If you want to live where they do that, move to India.

          242. MAHB001 says

            We never did….. That is just TokyoAK propaganda.

            Glad your communist friends are doing the same… Or are they still just shooting them and putting them in the ground?

          243. AKLady says

            Thank you for publishing your ignorance.
            Now, go back to school and obtain a history education.

          244. MAHB001 says

            I think the revisionist HATE America version of history was thrown against the wall in my school, guess what it only stuck on the walls that were full of fools.

          245. Charles Johnston says

            Do us all a favor AK and please just list all your education, awards, journal articles and other such “damn i’m great” documentation so we can all see how educated and how brilliant you are. It seems almost every one of your posts has you telling everyone to go get some education.
            You must know absolutely everything!
            What was your undergrad major? History? English? What kind of “physician” are you? Is a “physician” different from a physician? Is it like an Associate Degree medical degree of some sort? From another country like maybe the deep jungles of the Congo?

          246. ARTPSYCH says

            and thankyou for being so open minded!

            SAVE ON AVG! GET IT NOW!!!!!!!

          247. AKLady says

            You have an Internet connection.
            The world’s information is available to you.
            I am a retired surgeon.

            BS, Charter Oak College, State of Connecticut
            M.D. Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences
            J.D. George Washington University.
            MBA, Cardinal Stritch College, Wisconsin.
            Undergraduate major? I did not have one.
            I sat for the medical school required core courses.
            The rest I tested out of.

          248. Charles Johnston says

            Damn, you are great!
            And a military background. What happened?
            Please, please oh educated one, give us your opinion of our past Commander in Chief.

          249. AKLady says

            The Vietnam War happened.
            Two husbands buried at Arlington. — KIA, Vietnam
            One husband buried at Anchorage — Died at 70, health complicates from War.
            I served two tours at combat hospital’s in Vietnam after med school.
            Third husband passed away last year, Yes, Vietnam was part of that,
            After my mandatory six year, I got out. We had a family.
            I started to say we have, but now it inly me, so I have two daughters, both doctors, currentlu serving in Afghanistan.
            My grandson has just enlisted

            Was Obama God sent to save the world, NO.
            Did he have the training needed, oh, yes — he had been fighting ity hall sincehis teen yeats. He grafuated Harvard with it highest Honors — Sums Vum OLaude..

          250. Charles Johnston says

            Fighting city hall qualifies him to lead the only superpower nation on this earth? With all that education I think you lost all your common sense.
            This guy was a walking, talking scandal for 8 solid years.
            You ought to research your 1/2 white boy hero some more. His so called fellow students don’t remember him.
            Try another site besides Wikipedia. The earth doesn’t spin to the left. And if you research more than Wikipedia you’ll find that out.

          251. AKLady says

            Fighting for human rights? — Yes.
            The ability to get people to work together as a team? — Yes.
            By the way, he was employed by the Catholic Diocese of Chicago to do that.
            He was also a Civil Rights attorney
            I’ve hear all the lies, You seem to prefer them to truth.
            Obama Administration accomplishments:
            1. Passed Health Care Reform
            2. Passed the Stimulus
            3. Passed Wall Street Reform
            4. Ended the War in Iraq
            5. Began Drawdown of War in Afghanistan
            6. Eliminated Osama bin laden
            7. Turned Around U.S. Auto Industry
            8. Recapitalized Banks
            9. Repealed “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”
            10. Toppled Moammar Gaddafi
            11. Told Mubarak to Go:
            12. Reversed Bush Torture Policies
            13. Improved America’s Image Abroad+
            14. Kicked Banks Out of Federal Student Loan Program, Expanded Pell Grant Spending
            15. Created Race to the Top
            16. Boosted Fuel Efficiency Standards
            17. Coordinated International Response to Financial Crisis
            18. Passed Mini Stimuli
            19. Began Asia “Pivot”
            20. Increased Support for Veterans
            21. Tightened Sanctions on Iran
            22. Created Conditions to Begin Closing Dirtiest Power Plants
            23. Passed Credit Card Reforms
            24. Eliminated Catch-22 in Pay Equality Laws
            25. Protected Two Liberal Seats on the U.S. Supreme Court
            26. Improved Food Safety System
            27. Achieved New START Treaty: Signed with Russia and won ratification in Congress
            28. Expanded National Service
            29. Expanded Wilderness and Watershed Protection
            30. Gave the FDA Power to Regulate Tobacco
            31. Pushed Federal Agencies to Be Green Leaders
            32. Passed Fair Sentencing Act

          252. ARTPSYCH says

            Fighting city hall qualifies him to lead the only superpower nation on this earth? With all that education I think you lost all your common … sensibilities

          253. AKLady says

            Be advises U have two daughters serving in Afghanistan, physicians
            My grandson just enlisted. With three in the military, and two in a war zone this home is a tense, empty housr..
            Opinion of Barrack Obama

            1. Highly intelligent. Graduated Harvard Law with high honors
            1. He was a well-trained in the Gentleman arts.
            3. He obviously was able to put others at ease.
            4. He managed the Catholic Churches Neighborhood project (slum work).
            5. He was an Illinois Senator,
            6. .As a high-yellow, Obama was neither white or black, yet he fit in both corners with ease.
            7. He was a quite man wish an iron fist. He had a wonderful knack of making people comfortable.
            8. He ended the Iraq war has required by Congers, did it well.
            9. Afghanistan was already to be pulled out, then the bleach blond fool came along.

            Summary: With excellent people skills. respect for others, and excellent knowledge of Constitution Law, he managed eight years without starting a war, His Administration quietly saved the Nation from another Great Depression

            Obama brought peace to America, Something our nation had needed for a long time

          254. Charles Johnston says

            1. Not intelligent but a great orator (insert TelePrompTer) and very lazy.
            With honors? How about
            2. You had this listed as 1 again.
            He was well trained in gentleman arts.
            What the heck is that? The only thing I can think of that would closely relate to that is that he was a member in good standing with the Chicago bath houses.
            3. He put our enemies at ease. The Russians got more uranium. The Iranians got a nuclear bomb. NK just kept smacking ol Oblamo’s ass. They were certainly put at ease.
            Domestically our police across the country were being executed without a word. Muslims killing Americans all over the world and within the US. And from the great orator we get “let’s not jump to conclusions”. I sure was at ease. NOT!
            Yeah and everybody else was at ease.
            4. What does that mean? He managed something? He managed to more than double the deficit after promising to pay it off.
            5. He was a Senator. So what. So was Al Frankin. Not sure of the spelling.
            6. Wait a minute! He was neither white nor black? He had a black father and a white mother. So he had to be at least part black and white. No way around it.
            7. He had a wonderful gift of making people comfortable. You forgot about two letters; un. His enemies loved him. His allies were very wary of him. Just ask Great Britain and Israel. And his domestic enemies (Republicans) got IRS audits. I’m sure they were comfortable.
            8. And don’t forget (although you didn’t see it or hear it on the MSM) but Iraq has been freed from ISIS and Afghanistan is soon to follow. All that needed to be done is get rid of oblamo’s
            suicidal rules of engagement.
            9. See #8

          255. AKLady says

            Suggest you go to Amazon and buy a copy of “Miss Manners’ Guide to Excruciatingly Correct Behavior” Yu might also pick up a copy of Emily Post’s Etiquette, 19th Edition: Manners for Today (Emily’s Post’s Etiquette)

            You might also want to wonder over to “Skills You need”
            Obviousl, you parents failed in those departments.

            The Russians did not get more Uranium. Why do you repeat that lie?
            The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States approved the sale. Uranium One was a Canadian company. Russia did not become the major stockholder until after thw sale took. place. Uranium One does not have an export license.

            Congress spends the money. You elect Congress… Obama did not double the debt.

            Iraq and Afghanistan are Bush;s two unfunded wars.
            Iraq freed the country without our killing 4,000 Americans to hand it to them.
            If Afghanistan can manage to do it, great.

            Oh, and those Rules of Engagement have been on thw books for decades.
            Your post is filled with both self-imposed ignorance a huge fantasy.


          256. ARTPSYCH says

            get the AVG advantage card!

          257. AKLady says

            Please stop embarrassing America with lies.
            Freedom of speech is a right, but abusing that freedom is wrong.
            The nursery school name calling says so much about you.

          258. ARTPSYCH says

            AKNetwork-Where the dung beetle rolls horse crap to the FARRRRRRR LEEEEEEEFT!

          259. Charles Johnston says

            One more question of you…
            How was that Nobel Peace Prize scam pulled off? He had done nothing up to that point. I might add here that George Soros has deep, deep pockets. And oblamo is George Soros boy!

          260. AKLady says

            Soros has no connection, or pull, with the Nobel Committee.
            The Norwegian Nobel Committee announced the award on October 9, 2009, citing Obama’s promotion of nuclear nonproliferation[2] and a “new climate” in international relations fostered by Obama, especially in reaching out to the Muslim world

          261. ARTPSYCH says

            no but obama created a nightmare for illegals and now their children face consequences because of Obamas indirect decision to tackle the border issue at all! So what do you morons on the left do..blame russia for hillarys loss, blame trump for winning and bitch and moan over the electoral college and call it unfair! Read the Constituion AK..and shut up forever! Do some home work and get off this site and impress us all for once! ha! My IRA sure loves the $$$$ ATTENTION!

          262. AKLady says

            Another infantile temper tantrum.
            More nursery school name calling.
            More illiterate failure to properly capitalize proper nouns.

          263. Karma says

            Here we go again..even i know a single incorrect letter in a prescription could mean the difference between life or death to a that the reason all you high and mighty overeducated doctors have all the lowly nurses under you, to find your mistakes before someone dies ?..forced poverty causes revolution..elitist cause revolution..poverty in and of itself does not..

          264. AKLady says

            Nurses are college degreed professionals.
            They are experts in health care areas that physicians have no training.
            Poverty has driven the majority of revolutions across history.

          265. mrpoohead says

            Not a monopoly of communism – fascism too. That’s you and your ilk!

          266. Karma says

            Revolution happens when the meek get tired of being pushed around by the elite know it all smarter than all scum, andor a dictatorship type governmental system, much as we have today, behind all the smoke, mirrows and b/s..funny you insult the intelligence of anyone not playing your game, and also talk about have will not earn any..because you are so far above everyone here, but only in your mind..

          267. AKLady says

            Revolution takes place when a country’s wealth is in the hands of a few and thw majority of people live in poverty. Marie-Antoinette is credited with saying “Let them eat cake”.

          268. jimmy midnight says

            Good luck with an educated populace when U leave that 2 market forces.

          269. MAHB001 says

            Good luck with an educated populace when U leave that 2 liberal progressives.

            Like here in CA…. Spend the MOST, at the bottom..

          270. mrpoohead says

            You mean folk can’t read? It’s all out there – just have to get past your crap!

          271. JH says

            Absolutely. That’s the best explanation I’ve heard.

          272. See Janus says

            Well said, and thank you. This is why Labels and overgeneralizations fail.

          273. AKLady says

            Wrong “Liberalism first became a distinct political movement during the Age of Enlightenment, when it became popular among philosophers and economists in the Western world. Liberalism rejected the prevailing social and political norms of hereditary privilege, state religion, absolute monarchy and the divine right of kings.”

          274. See Janus says

            Oh, were we go, now she is just copying directly from wikipedia. Good grief.

          275. Karma says

            Yes..and yet we see things within the copy/paste from ak that would imply ms liberalism would be rejected herself, judging from most of her posts she is so far up the food chain and all haha..docter* docter* hep* a deplorable and i cant get up..

          276. AKLady says

            Thank you. I am impressed. Just not the way you wanted.

          277. Karma says

            While not trying to impress you nor anyone else, you should be..if not mistaken i told you a month or so ago hillary was guilty, a criminal..the above article seems to be pointing that way pretty hard..maybe that makes me thats impressive…oh by the way i like your standard much repeated response when you cant seem to turn the truth more to your liking.,

          278. AKLady says

            Ha, ha, ha … right-wing, rumor mongering web site …
            You believe everything you read here>?
            No wonder our Nation is in so much trouble economically.
            No wonder, companies take their jobs off shore.

          279. Karma says

            Looking for any path..what a joke..go to judicial watch…read the cold hard truth, straight from govt records (after being obtained with lawsuits as no one wants to give up records that implicate most of whats been in office, and some of what still is)…even the corrupt fbi has (some of) its records online…very interesting reading….

          280. AKLady says

            You assume much.
            It is a habit of the immature.

          281. Karma says

            No assumptions im my above post..just pointing you to the truth..if you cant see it that is called denial..websters can give you a definition of that…you might look up immature while there…and look in a mirrow..

          282. AKLady says

            If you are an adult, then I must say: my condolences. While unlikely, I do hope you someday manage to attain the love and acceptance needed from your peers and family to not berate strangers with textual assaults.

          283. Karma says

            Dont need no acceptance nor love its all overrated anyway are one to talk about someone else berating strangers you have implied 80% of posters on any board you are on is an idiot by telling them they need education in one thing ir another..
            Your problem is you cant handle the truth..cant see it either…and when you know you are incorrect, you revert to the same ploy as hillary, blame what you are doing on others..or, imply they are childish, belong in nursery, etc…you are a genious in your own mind only.

          284. AKLady says

            You can’t write properly.

          285. Karma says

            Oh i can if need be..but here there is no need..i got one up on you though…i can think properly too.

          286. AKLady says


          287. ARTPSYCH says

            Thats what you said 500 times before to 700 people ..repeating oneself is a sign of mental illness

          288. AKLady says

            Good grief, another on too lazy to look at a source.
            Good grief, when one provides a quote, they cite the source.
            Had you bothered to check the article, you would have found that the writer cited 177 factual source. You would also have found references which you could use to further your knowledge — hundreds of them.

          289. AKLady says

            Here we go, another television role model, this one isn’t even an American.

          290. ARTPSYCH says

            she maybe an american at heart..Britain has conservatives who like Trump.


          291. RockinOn says

            Jesus was NOT a Liar, like you !
            Founders were not Liars, like you !
            Constitution written by them, did not promote special privileges for LIARS like you either, founded on Judeo Christian principles, they are manifest all around the capital building in DC . AK Wench go back to your dungeon where you belong ! Read Banjojack’s response again Wench, he is dead on, you on the other hand are beyond the LEFT Field fence plum outta the park !

          292. AKLady says

            I expect you claim to be a Christian …

          293. See Janus says

            Good question, since Christians are supposed to love their enemies. So, the answer is probably not, but then, neither are you, which won’t bother you at all. Your goal is to say loudly what is false and try and cause upset.

          294. Rex Whitmer says

            Frankly AK, anyone whom accepts Jesus Christ as his or her Lord and Master can call themselves a Christian. There is no prohibition against those whom as so many of us do, continue to sin!

          295. AKLady says

            A Christian is as a Christian does.
            Continuing the same sun, over and over, does not get you in the Pearly Gates.
            “I believe: is not a “Get out of Jail” card.

          296. SUZANNE M. says


          297. AKLady says

            Read the Bible.
            You need to better educate yourself.

          298. SUZANNE M. says

            aky….I have had religion shoved down my throat…..I don’t need you or anyone else telling me to read a book that was written by men to keep people in control with fear , intimidation and guilt….I do not believe that if you tell me the GOD is a loving , caring , forgiving god, and he knows we will screw up , because he made us that we will burn in hell…that is how I was brought up…Thank you, white men in suits robes and uniforms. YOU CAN BELIEVE All of the “stuff” you wan…but here is my deal….God gave me a healthy brain and body. and he gave me the gift of free choice…..and some intelligence….of course . no one can compete with your brain…nor do I care to…you to me are a cold fish. lacking compassion and caring except that you believe “facts” good for you …but you see , in don’t trust men and women who don’t think for themselves and follow the lemmings….I would prefer to be wrong on my own than follow what you and your kind does.

          299. AKLady says

            Insults only matter to people who respect your opinion.
            You might want to remember that in the future.
            You have impressed me, but not in the way you desire.
            Ohm and respect must be earned.

          300. Retired says

            AK >>>>You have failed in the earned respect department , BIG TIME .

          301. SUZANNE M. says


          302. SUZANNE M. says


          303. SUZANNE M. says

            aky….I have had religion shoved down my throat…..I don’t need you or anyone else telling me to read a book that was written by men to keep people in control with fear , intimidation and guilt….I do not believe that if you tell me the GOD is a loving , caring , forgiving god, and he knows we will screw up , because he made us that we will burn in hell…that is how I was brought up…Thank you, white men in suits robes and uniforms. YOU CAN BELIEVE All of the “stuff” you wan…but here is my deal….God gave me a healthy brain and body. and he gave me the gift of free choice…..and some intelligence….of course . no one can compete with your brain…nor do I care to…you to me are a cold fish. lacking compassion and caring except that you believe “facts” good for you …but you see , in don’t trust men and women who don’t think for themselves and follow the lemmings….I would prefer to be wrong on my own than follow what you and your kind does.

          304. jimmy midnight says

            Why’s your beef with AKLady, rather than the Mannish control freaks who constitute the majority of those posting here?

            She construes scripture in a positive, peaceful, and inclusive way, such that, in my opinion, her God actually isn’t worthy of her. Her views R entirely legitimate, though, even on deep intellectual levels.

            Like U, I do disagree, and think the, “Forced feeding,” model is where Scripture is actually coming from, and that their omniscient God must take some responsibility 4 that.

          305. AKLady says

            The Bible is written by men, for the control of man.
            The mythology was the best explanation humans had at the time.
            Religion is also man’s invention. It is anpother layer of control.

            All that said, scripture includes immense insight in regard to behavior.
            That insight was developed over centuries.

          306. jimmy midnight says

            Agree with all that, but still see it as a net negative, though not by a huge margin.

          307. Retired says

            I think you and AK should ride off into the sunset , you would make a good couple !!!

          308. AKLady says

            When religion becomes a government mandate, there is nothing positive about it.

          309. jimmy midnight says

            One of the “tipping points” 4 our friends was the SCOTUS decision that (supposedly) ended prayers in the public schools, and found that the “captive audience” aspect made the practice un-American and unconstitutional.

            That’s why so many were so offended when the White House press corps people had to sit or stand as the case might have been, while Dr. Ben Carson led an unpleasantly partisan prayer.

            Is he a clergyman? Anyway, it’s like they’re telling their base, “Just like U, we wanna force our beliefs, or at least rituals, on everybody, the way the Bible says 2 do it.” Ugly stuff, but far worse is also going on. Stay Strong. 🙂

          310. AKLady says

            In public occasions, people stand for prayer for the same reason they stand for the Star Spangled Banner. It is proper courtesy — straight out of “Miss Manners”.
            Attending a public gathering is a matter do choice.
            School is mandatory.

          311. Retired says

            Now you are a expert on religion and the bible ????

          312. AKLady says

            Your insult #19,034.

          313. ARTPSYCH says

            New International Version
            All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness,

            AK forgot about the God breathed part!

          314. See Janus says

            Your argument is circular. The oldest Bible on Earth is circa 150 B.C. Sumerian clay tablets (circa 2800-3000 B.C) originate the story found in Genesis. The New Testament is circa 150-400 A.D. We have the Council of Nicea (325-327 A.D.) officially determining “god”, and Zeus got the most votes. Ergo, your claims of “mythology”, but you should know there is historical proof of the existence of Zeus. Sumerian clay tablets were available to Jewish priests/scholars while in exile in Babylonia. You continue to engage in nonsensical Labels with unconnected overgeneralizations. Can’t you make a single supported point? Scholars agree that religion is mind control. No one has a “source” that is truly off planet. Even when humans claim to speak with “God” there is no proof or substance to these claims. Those who “speak in tongues” are telling what story? Clearly, you enjoy these anonymous bashing blogs where you can pretend you know something and throw your weight around. Referencing the Bible (which one?) is almost meaningless. Give us chapter and verse if you have a claim to make about “insight”.

          315. AKLady says

            The Council of Nicaea did not involve Zeus.
            The Council of Nicaea determined that Jesus was God.
            By the way, Zeus was Greek not Roman.
            Constantine I convened the Council of Nicaea.

          316. See Janus says

            The Council took more than 2 years, and at the first real vote, the winner was soundly Zeus. That’s easy to verify, even with Wikipedia. What proof do you have that Zeus was Greek? Yes, the Greek civilization is a bit older than the Roman, but your sloppy recitation of Wikipedia is missing a lot of historical scholarship. The Greeks borrowed a lot of knowledge from other cultures, especially from Egypt and Persia.

          317. AKLady says

            Where do you come up with this insanity?

          318. See Janus says

            The only insanity is your willingness to insult and slam knowledge. Clearly, you are a person who is being paid to troll and trash.

          319. AKLady says

            Typical insult from the under educated who are unwilling to look up facts.
            Nicaea was the first Ecumenical Council of the Catholic Church.
            Zeus was the son of Cronus. He was the Greek Go of the sky. The Roman equivalent was Jupiter. Proof? LOL. The archeological record is well-documented, as is the written record.

          320. Charles Johnston says

            What physician or “physican” as you say, has so much time to spend on their computer as you do? They are very, very busy people. Even if you’re retired I know you don’t just stop. They have to stay busy and sitting in front of a computer all day everyday doesn’t do the trick. Unless you’re retired and in your upper 80’s, and then I can understand the attitude of I am (used to be) the greatest.
            Relax. Take a nap and quit antagonizing people just trying to elevate your self worth.

          321. AKLady says

            Physicians are people. We retire.
            I like playing on the internet.
            I can afford that play time.

          322. ARTPSYCH says
          323. AKLady says

            More abuse of free blog space. You are stealing advertising space.

          324. ARTPSYCH says

            This is why your editorials are no better than the lefty fascist news networks in America..your disservice is now legally binding to continue the blatant lies. FCC rules Sect.1.666a.2

            Evading and using duck and run tactics by not answering back logically is not your forte!

          325. AKLady says

            What, you didn’t steal advertising space?
            I am shocked.

          326. ARTPSYCH says

            Quitchyer bitchin its a free country–avg 60% off-call now; operators are standing by!

          327. AKLady says

            You are abusing free blog space to advertise.
   is a business.
            That is dishonest.

          328. AKLady says

            More theft of free blog space to advertise your business.
            That is dishonest.

          329. SUZANNE M. says


          330. SUZANNE M. says


          331. jimmy midnight says

            She’s not ambulatory, and is doing what she can.

          332. SUZANNE M. says


          333. SUZANNE M. says


          334. ARTPSYCH says

            Oh my that goes against all post modernists thinking to read my bible or even allow it in my home! Oh the horrors!

          335. jimmy midnight says

            Post modern people know better than 2 try 2 ban Human creations of any kind. That’s what traditionalists do.

            Believing or rejecting ALL–of `ANYTHING–is also something U do that we don’t do–U fascist dog.

          336. ARTPSYCH says

            thankyou for your leftist post modernist fascist intolerance!

          337. JH says

            Yes, but they were not liberal socialists. liberals advocate change. It can be change toward or away from any given ruling power. If in Russia under communist rule someone advocated capitalism, that person would be a liberal. In colonial America the founding fathers advocated a form of government in opposition to monarchism, so they were liberals.

          338. See Janus says

            You sure love your Labels no matter how whacky and in error. You think John Adams and Jefferson were liberals? The Jesus you cite must have been running for an office. Please tell us which one…..

          339. AKLady says

            Your insults are impressive, just not thw way you desire.

          340. See Janus says

            As you say, your insults mean nothing to me because your commentary is so nonsensical and intended only to harm and distribute more ignorance and confusion. You fail to enlighten or clarify. You only argue and engage in contrariness. Perhaps someone has an impressive education, but why would anyone mention the extent of their studies and work these days given what colleges and post-doctoral programs are churning out, and by the way, Poverty is the situation for the majority of Americans today, so according to you, “revolution” must be taking place”, and maybe that is what you are really about. Oh, and please provide us with an explanation of how socialism and communism differ in practice. That should be just a single sentence from you given your dependence on Wikipedia.

          341. AKLady says

            Your insults are impressive, just not the way you desire.

          342. mrpoohead says


          343. AKLady says

            OMG, Youtube.
            I am impressed, just not the way you desire.
            Quite he professional spokesperson — not..
            Thw dumbing down of America become more complete by the day.

          344. ARTPSYCH says

            Its better than AKN: Anarachy Kommie Networks

          345. Rex Whitmer says

            No AK, again you speak without any sense of knowing what you’re speaking of. Christ had been a promise to the Lord’s chosen people for three thousand years! Unfortunately many of the Israelistish people had made up their minds as to what it would be like when he came. They became the Liberals of their people and many rejected him, though many knew and accepted him, else we wouldn’t even know a thing about him NOW! Christ was not recognized by non Israelies until the israrelies brought them the word!

          346. AKLady says

            I’ll put my Catholic parochial school education up against you any day.
            I’ll put my Catholic university education up against you any day.

            Judge not, least thee be judged … and found wanting. Matthew 7:1-3, Luke 6:37, Daniel 5:27

          347. SUZANNE M. says


          348. Tiger says

            The difference is we are not stupid and they are, proven daily.

          349. SUZANNE M. says

            AMEN, MS TIGER!

          350. SUZANNE M. says

            AMEN, MS TIGER!

          351. The Redhawk says


          352. The Redhawk says

            and INCURABLE

          353. See Janus says

            Former Russian KGB officers have already admitted this, but you see, even they agree they need the disintegration in America that the Democrats have brought.

          354. Retired says

            We have many former Russians in the USA some legal and some Illegal .Many became citizens of another Country before coming to the USA. Just like many Europeans went to other countries after the 2 WWs and then entered the USA because of the Quota system at the time .

          355. mrpoohead says

            In the 1950’s, think you’ll find Russia no longer communist. Democracy and Putin and his party are conservative.

          356. Retired says

            You are talking out of your poop chute and have no Idea of the 50s and communism . I worked with a lot of Immigrants from that time period . Communism was alive and well until the IRON curtain fell . Keep right on proving how useless your information is .

          357. mrpoohead says

            Think you’ll find that’s what I said, but suspect numbers were miniscule in reality.

          358. Mathew Molk says

            Why don’t you block shithead like the rest of us did?

          359. Retired says

            It needs some lead treatment or Detroit special water .

          360. AKLady says

            Sewer language is impressive,
            just not the ay you desire.

          361. James Rederburg says

            The communists are in control of the Democratic party. Hillary, Soros and obama are communist fascist muslims! China and North Korea are still communist.

          362. AKLady says

            The Soviet Union fell.
            The “Red” Scare has been worn out.
            Every modern, industrial nation, on thw face od this Earth,
            has a mixes economy.
            Get over it …

          363. JH says

            Red ideology exists in the minds of socialists in their various forms.

          364. Retired says

            But they would never survive under Communism because they would have to tote the line and liberal views are not allowed . Just ask the people who escaped under communism .

          365. jimmy midnight says

            Those escapees also had a pretty clear/idea about/what useful idiots wanted 2 hear/When U look in the mirror/Their identity will be clear.

          366. AKLady says

            Russia was Communist in the 1950s.
            The Soviet Union fell 27 years ago.
            Russia has become a capitalist nation.
            Trump highly admires Putin.

          367. Retired says

            You are nuts and wrong on Russia being a capitalist country . Better check what it takes to visit if you are from the USA . Putin And Bibi are 2 bright and former Military . Maybe you should educate yourself on them instead of the garbage you ROBO POST .

          368. jimmy midnight says

            It’s an oligopoly now, a retrograde republic. If that seems somehow familiar, it’s because USA! has also been one, pretty much from the get-go.

          369. AKLady says

            Capitalist: An economic and political system in which a country’s trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state. Russia IS capitalist, it is just not operating in the sense Western capitalism does. However, in the US, the 1% is taking more and more control, making America more like the Russian version of capitalism.

          370. Retired says

            Wrong Russia -Iran – China and NK plus your N Nam Home a lot of business is Gov. owned .

          371. AKLady says

            You could say the same thing about American businesses. Many are/were built with government loans.

          372. ARTPSYCH says

            oh the horrors! but AK you forgot or actually did it on purpose those pesky loans were PAID BACK!!!

            you always leave out the rest of the story! Nice try! AKN: Absolutely Korrupt News!

          373. AKLady says

            Horrors, many were not.
            On top of that are the grants …

          374. Retired says

            Loans and owned are to different issues , stop your play game .

          375. ARTPSYCH says


            Fletcher is a big fuzz ball! Just for you AK!

          376. JH says

            I too lived those years. Communism was alive alright, but not well. The system could not even feed it’s people, nor could it adequately provide sufficient goods and services to keep the populace content.

          377. See Janus says

            Are you trying to say that in the 1950’s the Soviet Unions was not a communist dictatorship? Are you trying to say that Putin is promoting democracy? We’ve already established you are a Mexican. While labels are not helpful, in your case your use of labels and dates shows profound ignorance.

          378. mrpoohead says

            No, I’m saying the fear of Reds Under the Bed was in the 50’s and that Russia is no longer communist, but yes it is a democracy.
            If you can refute anything I have said please provide reputable reference, I pay $10,000 to a charity of your choice if you can. Good luck!
            Seems my facts are spot on.

          379. See Janus says

            I have worked against Russian mafia groups in the USA, and it is my understanding that Russia and its resources are primarily controlled by senior Communist Party members and oligarchs (heads of mafia groups). I have met several, and they all claim to be close friends with Putin. The Soviet Union, now Russia (again) is still run by the Communist Party, and when double agents in Russia and China were recently “outed”, those agents disappeared. China is clearly still under the strong arm control of its Communist Party. While Russia has relaxed some personal rights, there is nothing comparable in Russia to the U.S. Constitution. Nothing.

          380. ARTPSYCH says

            mrpoohead is a unintellectual moron! i’ve dealt with his sophmoroc evade the answering of a simple question before..he’s a typical moron with an IQ of an ant.

            when he writes crap like this you know your dealing with a terrific idiot or in his case the USEFUL IDIOT here: what he said: “If you can refute anything I have said please provide reputable reference, I pay $10,000 to a charity of your choice if you can. Good luck”!

            PRICELESS he offers money he cant come up with as an escape to his dumb anthole!

          381. AKLady says

            Had you been paying attention, you would be aware that Capitalism brought thw Soviet Union down. Capitalism is changing the face of China. I suggest you pay closer attention to where the things you buy are made.

          382. See Janus says

            You cannot rely only on Labels. Competition with US spending and spending on articles of war de-stabled the Soviet Union. War on its various member states to secure monopolies on oil and gas brought the Soviet Union down internally. The refusal to make or allow consumer goods brought the Soviet Union down, but changing from state sponsored terrorism and fascism to organized crime fascism doesn’t substantially alter the ruling Elite’s M.O.

          383. mrpoohead says

            Russia – the Communist Party aren’t in power. Duh! However, what you are suggesting is in what way different to America’s plutocracy?
            China – true, but the party is now more aligned with socialist principals than communist and has a free market. Duh!
            Both are now more under the influence of big business – like America.

          384. See Janus says

            You throw out Labels without understanding. Unlike you, I do understand Globalist Elite/Big Business/Big Banking. Much of this boils down to simple motivations…..power, greed.

          385. mrpoohead says

            Not sure what that has to do with communist countries and the previous exchanges.

            I take it you have no real riposte and this is a deflection – good for you. Well done!

            Still, I’m never refuted! Thanks.

          386. AKLady says

            The majority of senior Communist Party members are dead and gone.
            The Soviet Union broke up a long time ago.
            Chinese and Russian “Communism” are distinctly different, always have been.
            Trump idolizes Putin.
            Trump kept a copy of Hitler’s speeches on his night table.
            If you had been paying attention, his entire political “plan” is just like Hitler’s

          387. See Janus says

            Russia trained Mao and his compadres. Russia and China continue to concur and work for the same kinds of control and change. You really don’t know Trump, and your comments are total propaganda. And, by the way, Putin, gained political control because he has talent and accomplished goals that cannot be denied which doesn’t mean Trump “idolizes” him.

          388. AKLady says

            The Soviet Union exported Communism. The Soviet Union fell in 1991.

            China has kept N. Korea under control fir decades. It does not want nuclear war at its doorstep. Bejing and Moscow issued a joint statement urging North Korea to end its weapons program in return for a moratorium on drills by the two powers.

          389. JH says

            Actually “AKLADY” Obama’s plans were much like Hitler’s. You have no basis for your statement regarding Trump. I seem to remember Obama wanted to form some kind of youth brigade which would have been reminiscent of Hitler’s Hitler Youth.

          390. jimmy midnight says

            Depends on definition of, “Democracy.”/I look around and don’t see any.

          391. mrpoohead says

            Agreed; America is a plutocracy – no choice. Conservative or conservative. At least 50% of the electorate have the sense to not bother voting – what does it matter? Worst turnout in the modern world – rest of the West has at least 20% more turnout. Funny as!

          392. AKLady says

            The Soviet Union is long gone ..
            Suggest you catch up.

          393. See Janus says

            If you can read, you may notice, I have been calling the country “Russia”, not the Soviet Union. I do not live in Moscow. My news of consumer life is limited to news reports, scholarship and talking to those who come and go freely from Russia.

          394. AKLady says

            That is a fact,
            However, the “Red Scare” lingers on.
            The 1% is quite happy that situation exists.
            You see, the Military Industrial Complex makes huge profits for them.
            Should “war” cease to be an American industry, the unemployment rate would skyrocket and we would have huge unemployment lines.

          395. mrpoohead says

            Yes I understand the why’s just find it a bit pathetic that the mentality exists – can they not read? The only threats these days are a small number of terrorists which will run under the radar of the military.
            The spending is double or more normal countries – Israel I understand, the US no. Crazy!

          396. AKLady says

            Oh, they can read, they just don’t do so.
            They are members of the television decade.
            If you repeat a lie often enough …

          397. mrpoohead says

            Which is frightening as I suspect most are my age or older – mid-fifties.
            God help us with their idiot off-spring.

          398. AKLady says

            Amen. You hit the head of the nail, square on.

          399. banjojack says

            That would be an ideal opportunity for your utopian AUTHORITY to promote the welfare state by printing more and more money until our inflation makes the Weimar Republic and the Argentinian economy of the eighties look downright tame and stable. A country must have a large and stable manufacturing base to remain a player on the world stage. The government you envision would drive these jobs away, as has been happening for the past three decades and longer.

          400. AKLady says

            Why don’t you tell us exactly how Russia poses such a huge threat.
            I live in Alaska. Since they are basically in my back yard, I’d like to know.
            Oh, and China is pretty close as the crow flies, i.e., over the Arctic Circle.
            N. Koreas is not that far away either …

          401. AKLady says

            Go back and read Dwight Eisenhower’s warning.

          402. See Janus says

            Are you also saying that a large country like the USA should not have the ability to defend itself?

          403. AKLady says

            Suggest you read Dwight Eisenhower’s Military Industrial Complex warning of January 17, 1961.

          404. See Janus says

            Obviously, and your point is? Self defense and strength is a separate issue to the creation of war in order to justify a 75% budget for military hardware. With 65% of employment simply government employment creating a massive “welfare” state (90% of which employees are useless), it is difficult to imagine what is more wasteful, the military industrial complex or worthless bureaucrats.

          405. Mathew Molk says

            But we have reversed it,,,,big time. We may HAVE to let the DREAMERS stay, beccause there are more good paying jobs for qualified people out there RIGHT NOW then there are applicants to fill them….In Cleveland there is a $500 bounty on machinists. If you bring in a machinest and they will pay you 500 bucks, plus they give the crank turner a sign on bonus.

            The disintegration is going the way of the royal exalted boma’s legacy. He can keep it the same way we kept our doctors.

            There is nothing the MSM can out up against a pay stub. (By the way, what eveer happened to Blow-see’s “Armageddon” from the tax cut.

          406. pineapple says

            Dreamers should be allowed to stay, but not allowed to vote until they become citizens,

          407. AKLady says

            One must be a citizen to vote.
            Aoparwntly, you have never registered t vote.

          408. banjojack says

            You must be a citizen to vote legally. Even then, it is not a slam dunk. Felons and the mentally incompetent cannot vote. They can only get elected.

          409. SUZANNE M. says

            ……….WHAT, PRAY TELL IS Aoparwntly?

          410. AKLady says

            The “o” key is next to the “p” key.
            The “w”” key is next to the “e” key.
            I admit to being a bad typist.

          411. AKLady says

            It is already here, you just have blinders on.
            The death rate is up.
            The suicide rate is up.

          412. AKLady says

            Actually, we need the dreamers. They bring back the life spirit America lost. People grateful for a safe place to live and raise their children.
            The gangs in California and Florida are children of families who have been here 2 or 3 generation — they are not recent entrees.

          413. AKLady says

            Disintegration took place in the 1960s. The Republicans claim it was there idea.
            Fascism was composed of conservatives.
            The Far Right pushes a mixture of Communism and Fascism.

          414. JH says

            Hell yes they need moral deterioration of our society. Marx stated that up front.

          415. The Redhawk says

            They and MSM would be counted as Communism Fist Casualties

          416. See Janus says

            Commie defectors already admitted the plan is to eliminate all the loud mouth hypocrits as “Dissidents”. As soon as communism is firmly in place, the loud mouth democrats will notice that it isn’t what they thought and scream and yell, and down they will go. First out the door. Their part in destroying America done, their role is over and no more need for them.

          417. Michael Dennewitz says

            I must say: Last night, or rather this morning, I realized I had been viewing clips of Trey Gowdy and Jason Chaffetz (sp) until 5am, and everything that THEY represented caused me to really worry about their own safety. I mean, with the “secret society” doing away with so many people already, my only thought would be, “The real shit hasn’t even begun to be uncovered as yet! What will the once blessed country become when its ALL LAID OUT ON THE TABLE?” Once again, I’m ever so glad that I’m 73 YO….😣

          418. Tiger says

            When you poke a rattler in it’s nest don’t step in it. So my guess is that they are well aware of the dangers but I can’t see the Deep State doing any killing of any of them, not even in accidents, it would seriously put the spot light in their faces.

            The FBI is powerful but they know better, now is not the time. But when they get close to the “Mother of All” the Deep State I don’t know if they will pull a big one, last stand or slither back into the bushes to recoup and wait for another day. Take a different tact. Especially if some are tried and imprisoned.

            Not the first time one of our agencies went rogue.


          419. Brabado says

            Che Guevara was nothing more than a Thug, Criminal Cold Blooded Assassin who killed thousands of Cubans – Men and Women – some personally and others, before a firing squad… with not ever a Trial in between…
            Why is this horrible Pig Murderer so admired by some many people, around the World? Never understood how many ignorant, misinformed, idiots were alive…
            Semper fi.

          420. Tiger says


            Because the ignorant masses in America, who are the Demon Rats, have never lived under someone like Che or Castro. America has been spared a war on her shores with the exception of our War for Independence and our Civil War, many in America are far removed from their ancestors that were oppressed by Communism. They don’t know the truth and American public schools don’t teach it anymore.

            Yes God Bless the Souls, worldwide who have died under the likes of Che and may he still be burning in Hell.

          421. AKLady says

            Yes, that is the Right-Wing propaganda.
            Problem: The Cold War ended a long time ago.
            Wake up, Tiger, you are supposed to be fighting a religious war.

          422. The Redhawk says

            THE FIX WAS IN…..LNCH&BHOZO & Comey got lots o “XPLAINING to do!!!

          423. Tiger says

            While tied to a rack, with a fire underneath them and a flock of ravishing wolves below waiting for their remains.

          424. The Redhawk says

            Do wolves like Char boiled Human waste??

          425. Tiger says

            If hungry enough.

          426. says

            Wolves are scavengers, but even a starving wolf would not eat the waste from the demonrat liberal losers, so cancerous and evil, nothing but maggots would feed of these POS braindead deaf dumb and blind morons. PERIOD

          427. The Redhawk says

            As a small addendum….Wild pigs are also Scavengrs but in their favorr they are better loking than Maxi Waters nad the (D) Crap party members of te CBC

          428. mrpoohead says

            Please get a mental health check and some Prozac.

          429. Retired says

            Take your own advise about seeking help , you are bad off .

          430. mrpoohead says

            “Bad off” what? Money, house, job, future, potential?
            I’m never refuted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          431. Retired says

            It is very clear why the name Poophead !!!

          432. mrpoohead says

            That makes no sense either – you’ve lost it!

          433. Retired says

            That is you alright , no sense of direction .

          434. mrpoohead says

            Well my wife always defers to me in geography questions and navigation and I have worked my way around the world more than once. I know which way is west…………………….

          435. See Janus says

            Sorry, Mr. Poo Head. You see. Easy to get confused. Let’s not attack each other. You are entitled to your opinion, so are they.

          436. mrpoohead says

            Opinions I can live with, especially if backed by some facts. Come forth with reputable reference, far right claptrap news does not count.

          437. mac12sam12 says

            I blocked him. Block him and he can talk to himself.

          438. kteissere says

            And now California will be registering anyone getting a driver’s license, including illegals. Must be stopped or require California to hand count their ballots to make sure non of the illegal votes are going to Federal candidates (at their expense).

          439. MAHB001 says

            A voter registration card goes out with EVERY CA drivers license…. BY LAW…

            Even though it is illegal for them to register to vote, our officials have said that they will not prosecute someone who “makes a mistake.”

            I don’t think the illegals are registering themselves. I think the DNC is doing it for them, and without their knowledge. Each person they get registered to vote without their knowledge is a free vote for the DNC. I would bet that they have hundreds of thousands of them.

          440. Robert Dostoevsky says

            Registering is not voting. How would you turn registration into votes? (I’m not arguing with you, I’m just not sure how it’s going to happen)

          441. MAHB001 says

            It is happening….

            An Illegal gets her drivers license.
            Unbeknownst to her, an Elite DNC operative signs her up as a Democrat.
            This is done thousands of times, the names are stored and when needed the same DNC operative takes those names and votes in key polls where the “favored” candidate needs a boost.

            The illegal is working hard, doing her thing and minding own business and has no idea she is voting.


          442. Robert Dostoevsky says

            This sounds simple but would be almost impossible to do in any of the states I have voted in.
            How would you register?
            How would you vote?
            These actions require identification.
            I remain skeptical of your premise without further explanation.

          443. See Janus says

            It is done in Colorado and New Mexico. No proof of US citizenship is needed in either of those states.

          444. Robert Dostoevsky says

            All states require proof of citizenship to REGISTER!

          445. See Janus says

            Regardless of what the Rule of Law/statutes state, the county registrars in NM and Colorado do NOT demand proof of citizenship to register. I have seen it countless times. I’ve never been asked for proof of citizenship to register to vote in those 2 states. Not ever.

          446. Robert Dostoevsky says

            Can’t argue with that. That’s why there is so much controversy about voting. Even when I lived in CA. I had to prove I was a citizen but that was eons ago.

          447. See Janus says

            Yes, that is where I first voted, and that was all required back then. No longer. Based on the new law, anyone with a driver’s license will be automatically registered to vote in CA. The first electronic voting was the most corrupt and flawed, and it hasn’t improved much. Voters don’t even get a receipt.

          448. mrpoohead says

            Woeful! And in-correct!

          449. Robert Dostoevsky says

            Actually the new law does not automatically register people to vote. It is a somewhat complicated process and applicants are processed through the Secretary of State’s office. You must provide proof of age at the DMV and how do you do that? A birth certificate of passport are the usual ways so unless you have some phony document you are not going to get registered.
            My information comes from the CA Secretary of State’s office.

          450. See Janus says

            Thanks. I sure hope any of this is true. It is not what I am seeing here in Los Angeles.

          451. Robert Dostoevsky says

            What’s going on in L.A. that hasn’t been going on for almost 100 years?

          452. banjojack says

            Having lived in both those states myself, I concur. I have NEVER been asked for voter ID. Segue to Georgia, where I now live. I am personally known to several members of the Board of Elections, one of them is my neighbor and I still have to show my ID when I vote. No exceptions. This is how it should be.

          453. MAHB001 says

            I don’t have all the answers, but I would suspect that each state is tackled differently.

            In the Project Veritas videos, the DNC discussed methods of mass migrations of people.

          454. mrpoohead says

            You have no answers, you are yet to provide a substantiated fact.

          455. Robert Dostoevsky says

            If you rely on highly edited videos as a reliable source and then omit some facts about the video, then you loose credibility. Your statement about mass migrations is a good example.

          456. MAHB001 says

            Actually, that was a CONFESSION from someone inside the DNC…

            Your error seems to be that you believe what your handlers told you…

            You seem to parrot, move along….


          457. Robert Dostoevsky says

            Who was it inside the DNC?
            Your response from a Star Wars clip was entertaining but irrelevant. This is also true of the Project Veritas site. You and they keep posting so much bullshit you must own a dairy farm.

          458. MAHB001 says

            Here is some light research for you:

            Rigging the Election Video IV

            Veritas Voter Fraud Compilation

            Bill Still on Project Veritas Fraud

          459. See Janus says

            California has new law that AUTOMATICALLY registers every driver to vote, with or without proof of US citizenship.

          460. mrpoohead says


          461. mrpoohead says

            No it doesn’t!

          462. MAHB001 says

            It would not surprise me that the law automatically votes for you as well. In other words if you don’t vote, you have voted for a democrat.

          463. mrpoohead says

            Then why do only 50% of the electorate vote? At least half have a brain cell and don’t bother. No choice!

          464. Tony says

            Sure they do. Most of them cannot read or understand the registration process. They just do what they are told by those that are registering them to vote.

          465. pineapple says

            A black preacher in Alabama went from one prison to another registering black felons to vote in the Moore/Jones election.

            Wonder who they voted for.

          466. Mathew Molk says

            The rest of the country is not as stupid as the hey seeds that fell for the lies about Moore, and everybody is wise to the “It’s the Wol-uf, it’s the wol-uf” of unfounded 30 year old unfounded accusations.

            There is nothing the commies have that can beat all those pay stubs and more cash in the pockets of the ever growing numbers of American working people.

            What are the NWO Marxists going to run on? “Vote for me and I’ll get a 2% reduction in the gross national product and get things back almost as bad as they were 2 years ago? – We are the NWO Marxists and we can see to it you loose your job and your house. — That’s about all they got. Money talks and bullshit walks.

          467. pineapple says

            Two more people have been charged with voter fraud in Kansas for
            multiple voting and other offenses. Kansas Secretary of State and
            gubernatorial candidate Kris Kobach has filed charges against two
            citizens of Kansas for voter fraud. Que J. Fulmer and Bailey Ann
            McCaughey were charged with voter fraud violations.

            Kobach said:

            “These prosecutions will help deter voter fraud in the future”.

            If you don’t think small numbers of votes make a difference, look no
            further than the race in Virginia where Republican David E. Yan­cey was
            announced the winner on election night by 10 votes. Democrats were able
            to manufacture 11 votes to give the win to Democrat Shelly Simonds. Then
            the Board of Elections approved one last vote for Yancey that ended the
            race in a tie. They held a drawing and Yancey won the seat. That win
            gave the republicans a 51-49 majority in the Virginia House, giving them
            the ability to block anything the ultra liberal governor tries to pass.

            From Breitbart

            According to Kobach, Fulmer was
            charged with two counts of voting without being qualified, one count of
            voting more than once, and one count of advance voting unlawful acts.

            Fulmer allegedly double-voted in
            both Hamilton County, Kansas, as well as in the state of Colorado during
            the 2016 general election.

            McCaughey was charged with one
            count of election perjury and one count of voting more than once.
            According to Kobach, McCaughey also double-voted in both Finney County,
            Kansas, as well as Colorado during the 2016 general election.

            “Stopping voter fraud is one of
            the most important things the Secretary of State’s office can do,” said
            Secretary Kobach. “These prosecutions will help deter voter fraud in the

            Kobach was granted prosecutorial
            authority in 2015 and since then, he has convicted nine individuals with
            voter fraud. The latest cases of alleged voter fraud now make for a
            total of 14 cases by Kobach that have either already ended in
            convictions or are currently pending.

            Thus far, the voter fraud commission has revealed:

            938 convictions for voter fraud since the year 2000
            Fewer than 1 in 100 cases ends in a conviction
            In Kansas, alone, there are 127 known cases of non-citizen aliens registering to vote
            In 21 states, there were 8,471 cases of double voting discovered

            That means about 9,380 people were charged with voter fraud but they
            seldom get convicted in blue states because prosecutors drop many if
            not all of the charges.

          468. Rick Wenthe says

            John McCain threw sarah Palin and her family under the bus to give Obama his first election and Mitt Romney disappeared for last 30 days I believe both of them threw their elections and McCain keep Obama care so don’t tell me he isn’t the same as Comey who has been under Bill’s wing after letting his wife go on whitewater one of the DOJ attorneys that signed off on it then asked again to sing off on Marc Rich’s Pardon he did on his last day in office with Eric Holder

          469. exmonomo says


        2. Mary Thompson says

          I heard the latest is they will be concentrating on the over one
          million Americans who left for Canada or anyone willing to adopt one of those names to register to vote in Americas 2018 elections and throw the vote off that way.

          1. Tiger says

            Mary I believe it. They are in absolute panic mode and cornered animal mode. We know what kind of vicious snarling and biting that brings. A fight to the death.

          2. Mary Thompson says

            Yes they are grabbing at straws because while they are worried about foreign votes and votes that do not qualify if ever challenged many more are leaving the Democratic plantation of all colors. Not such a solid base after all. But I will do my part to expose what they are up to. I found a site today the world socialist site. Great place to go to get information in the enemy.

          3. Tiger says

            Good job Mary I do the same thing, I pretend to be them and get information.

          4. Retired says

            Thanks , name the site please ??? Moore was just the beginning of what will happen if democrats lose more seats for 2020 .

          5. Retired says

            Don’t forget about all the registered dead people , county clerks get the death reports but wont remove them from the list . Some states leave voters on the list for 5 years if they have not voted and even if you tell then they have moved out of the district , so that leaves the door open to double voting .

          6. Mary Thompson says

            Oh I have not but people need to volunteer and be poll watchers and communities need to be more inclined to prove a fair election. It is like pulling teeth to prove fraud and it should not be thst way.

          7. Retired says

            It is the registration in many states that is the problem more than the actual voting .We need to go back to registering at the Clerks office with a certified Birth certificate and must be registered 90 days ahead of time . those that turn legal in those 90 days can register ahead of time .End of problems . Those that moved vote absentee in the previous place .

        3. Mathew Molk says

          Don’t worry Tiger. They shot their wad already. It’s gong to be a blood bath for the NWO Marxists and RINO elites in September. – Trump has the best campaign literature ever going out all over the place,,,,,Pay stubs. There is nothing the NWO Marxists have that can beat them.

          1. Tiger says

            You got that right.

        4. RockinOn says

          I would say they are starting at the wrong end, whoever is doing the cuttin ! Justice is due, and I reckon it is coming sooner than later, we as Patriots cannot stand to have our country go down the tubes, time to stand for Justice !

          1. Retired says

            The truth about our Politics !!!

          2. RockinOn says

            Damn tired of all the meely mouth BS going on with these criminals, who have been proven to be just that “Criminals” and the DOJ is sitting on their Hands ! Where the Hell is Sessions? He needs to get off the couch and kick some serious Butt with these guys, Lost Texts my Arse !

          3. Retired says

            Sessions hands are more than likely tied by laws protecting people in congress and others like the Clintons . After Nixon got caught [ to bad he did not succeed ] lots of protection laws were added to bills that no one including the media talked about . Until that protection is removed no matter who is in Sessions position has limited power and that needs to be changed . That is why Campaign promises can NOT be fulfilled .

          4. RockinOn says

            Thx, I didn’t realize that those were in place, sounds like there should be something done about those with some new blood in DC, hopefully that is gonna happen while Trump or someone with values, other than those who think the rules should be different for some who have been voted in or appointed. Seems like something like that happened with Hil – Liar – y ! Time for that crap to stop !

          5. Retired says

            Those two are no better than the Clintons .

          6. Tiger says


          7. Tiger says

            I think you are a fellow soldier. I feel it.

          8. RockinOn says

            Semper Fi Sis, we’ve visited before on different posts, I know you were one of the angels, just off the field of battle !

          9. Tiger says

            I am humbled by your impression of me.

          10. RockinOn says

            There are forces working beyond our knowledge or control, that are both unseen that are working against and for man, we are only to discern which we are to follow with our hearts, minds and souls. You my dear a physical angel that was available to aid the members of our military who were wounded, much appreciated !

          11. Tiger says

            Welcome and I could not have stayed home and not gone, it would have torn me apart emotionally. I thought it an honor to be there for mother’s sons. They gave me more than I gave them. I can’t begin to describe what these young soldiers are, every bit as honorable and dedicated as my father was when he served in WWII.

            They lost life and limbs for what they believed to be important for the future of their country, they just didn’t have a Commander in Chief who fit the bill, not even Bush and never Obama. But Trump is strong, respects the mission and is allowing those downrange to be at the wheel of the ship.

            There is no micromanaging from the WH like with Obama. Our pilots would go with their planes bays filled with bombs to take the enemy out. They would locate them and by the time they got the OK from the WH, the enemy had moved. We now know Obama was the only one in charge also of where to strike with drones. He killed thousands of civilians and accomplished nothing. His base doesn’t know that the International Human Rights Groups went to the UN with complaints about Obama.

            I am with you on the unseen forces downrange and in the world. I heard thousands of stories from our soldiers and believe me they know it.

          12. RockinOn says

            Amen Mam ! Semper Fi, Always a Texas Marine Patriot, and will continue with the oath taken at enlistment, also will never be called “Off Duty” to that oath as it i s a personal oath to God, Country and Corps!

          13. Tiger says

            My stepfather a Marine, you guys always on duty and Thank God for it and all of you.

          14. RockinOn says

            Yes Mam ! Agreed, to all of our present warriors and those who have gone on to be with the Lord! I have been out now for 38 yrs, not like I was then, but still in shape to be able to handle what might be coming ! 6’4″ 220 lbs and still Lean Green Machine, as all Marines are just 1 color Green, be it light or dark, just like camo !

          15. Tiger says

            Yes sir 6’4″ and 220 is still the criteria appears. We had to make special beds to accommodate the wounded Special Forces. I stay fit also, I think military does that to many of us.

            A Lean Green Fighting Machine, all the way.


        5. AKLady says

          Here we go, all the old Cold War rumors are pouring forth, yet again.
          What would the “Extreme Right” without its propaganda an brainwashing.
          Those with common sense see it for what it is,
          managing and manipulating the poorly informed with fear.

        6. AKLady says

          I have a deep fear about Trump.
          My grandson just went into the military.
          Two of my daughters are on active duty in Afghanistan.
          Trump will be removed from office,
          His mental health degrades further by the day.
          Pathological lying is a symptom of mental illness.
          His Narcisstic Personality Disorder is obvious even to those without medical training.

      2. tCotUS says

        If Trump fails to clean house, America is screwed. He must become more aggressive
        (Junk Yard Dog Mean) & go on the Offence not defence. He has the Laws , Constitution, & those who he represents on his side. Use them or lose them.

        1. MAHB001 says

          No truer a statement has been made.

          There is a saying, “that which does not kill you, makes you stronger.”

          If we do not kill the corruption within our Government while Trump is in power, the corruption will come back and kill us, and our way of life.

          1. tCotUS says

            Very Wise saying… Taken to heart.. Thanks

          2. MAHB001 says

            Thank you! Spread the word, Trump can not clean house by himself, he needs the peoples help.

      3. Mathew Molk says

        Not hard at all to tell – Anybody that serves more then one term is a balls out crook.- He Prez will be the first one ever to stay honest when he wins in 2020.

      4. ARTPSYCH says

        This is soft tyranny in our midst of how this system has evolved into a deep state under the obvious state we see

        1. MAHB001 says

          Time to take our Country Back! MAGA

          1. mrpoohead says

            MALA – that’s Trump’s job. Make America laugh again – he’s the biz!

      5. Optimista says

        Remember the Al Franken fiasco in Minnesota ? Every time the Republican got ahead during the recount the Dems found more votes for him among other places in trunks of cars. I am unable to trust any politician, lawman or government official any longer.

      6. AllanGardnerMiles says

        They sure get away with breaking Laws. It boils down to who you are: Like when Martha Stewart lied to the F.B.I. she ended up in jail> Now the F.B.I. > is doing the lying and I feel certain that nothing will come of it. And some wonder why certain departments have lost the Respect of the People. The departments created this disrespect themselves.

        1. MAHB001 says

          When injustice becomes law, Resistance becomes duty.

      7. Mary Scales says

        I agree 100% with what you said . How do we repair this issue . Elections are coming up soon , so we have got to think clear and calm to take care of OUR governmental processes .

        1. MAHB001 says


          Great comment and great question. How do we repair this issue?

          This is my thoughts..
          1. Bring it up on every forum you can, remember that putting a light on the subject tends to drive the rats underground.

          2. Dismantle the Cabal of Elite Democrats = Elite Republicans = Elite MEDIA…
          The People can do this by holding their representatives accountable. Don’t let your representatives say one thing and do another… Both Dems and Reps should be doing this anyway.

          3. Join and fight the Liberal MEDIA Cabal. I do not think the Left would be as far advanced in this war without a corrupt MEDIA… If we can STOP the MEDIA from using BIAS NOW. that will go a long way in getting the general public to realize the issues.

          Remember the Elites NEED the MEDIA to sell the election results… I can hear them now.. Anybody that the Dems throw against Trump will be sold as a 50/50 chance at winning. The MEDIA sold the CA people on the idea that Hillary beat Bernie in CA, and the people accepted the results without question…. Fact is, the MEDIA should have been questioning the results… But they are corrupt, and part of the problem.

      8. AKLady says

        Innocent until proven guilty in a court of competent jurisdiction was the law then, and is now. Obviously, you would have preferred that Clinton was tires in the media?

        1. MAHB001 says

          TokyoAK, I only treat the Left as the Left treats others…… Have you read the papers lately? Assumption of “Republican” guilt is the standard, assumption of “Liberal” innocence is the hypocrisy.

          If you don’t want to be treated like a hypocrite. Don’t be one.

          1. mrpoohead says

            Errr. Clinton – you assume guilt but have no proof?

          2. AKLady says

            Name calling is nursery school behavior.
            If you don’t want to be treated like a child, don’t act like one.

    3. Michael Dennewitz says

      And doesn’t it feel great at times, when you can srtetch back in the ole lounge chair, with a shit eating grin and say to youself, “I KNEW IT, I TOLD YA SO!!” The day of judgemet is upon this nation!! 😁🤗😄

      1. Tiger says

        And the only reason so much has come to light is because Trump is POTUS. I am beginning to believe it is the main reason he ran. He is the first candidate ever to run on Draining the Swamp. If he had not won this Shadow Government would have sucked our Republic into a deep and dark place.

        Now that we see what the FBI are, the Deep State, it is easier to understand how all those people who were going to squeal on Hillary were done in. 7 this election and just like others committing suicide by shooting themselves in the back of the head, dropping a weight on one’s neck, or stabbing oneself to death or shooting oneself in the back in a so-called robbery attempt and nothing taken.

        The FBI of all people, all the resources they need to take anyone out anywhere across the world, our enemy, it is stunning what we are learning.

        1. Michael Dennewitz says

          As it has been said – “The greatest and easiest way to destroy a nation IS FROM WITHIN!” How many innocent lives has been utterly destroyed by their “secret society?” Get ready, the American people are beginning to awaken, and there’s going to be an uprising like never before! GOD HELP AMERICA !😣☹😢

          1. Tiger says

            You are correct, I hear it everywhere.

    4. G.Mann says

      Tiger, Again, you went right to the details that make the point with surgical precision. Awesome, can I adopt you?

      I wonder if, when Obama was talking about “shovel ready jobs”, what he had in mind was the Democrats digging their own graves?

      1. Tiger says

        Thank you, can always use more family. Like the cutting pun at the end of your post, I believe none of them thought ” We the People” would ever catch on and have what has been called conspiracy theories, proven to be true.

        Now when this cabal of vipers and diabolical fiends is rooted out and is put away to become some big, bad boys girlfriend, I will be happy.

        1. G.Mann says

          It’s lonely in prison, I’m sure they will find “special friends” among the MS 13 prison gangs, since they are liberals…. or perhaps, the prison muslim radicals. Do you think the prison medical staff is equipped to do the anal reconstruction surgery they will need? You know, after they “feel the love” by their new prison friends.
          Consider yourself adopted. Thanks

          1. Tiger says

            LOLOL perhaps they won’t need anal surgery they might be already acclimated.

            Welcome and thank you for the adoption.

    5. Frederic Charles Hilnbrand says

      Hi Tiger. I wonder if ANY of them will ever be brought up on charges and show US that they are NOT above the LAW?? And then the DACA is still open and the ILLEGALS are rolling in and none of them are being shipped OUT of OUR country. These DEM’S shut our coountry down for these ILLEGALS. Why did they get paid if they shut the gov’t down? Are they not part of the gov’t?

      1. Tiger says

        Hi my friend they lost the Shutdown, they are losing daily, the FBI being exposed for the Deep State it is.

        DACA not still opened, no new applicants are being taken. The program is unconstitutional and was shutdown by a judge and the Supreme Court shut it down.

        You make a good point why do they get payed if the government shutdown, they are government employees.

        Dreamers’ Nightmare Deferred by Supreme Court Immigration Split ……/dreamers-nightmare-deferred-by-supreme-court-immigrat…Jun 23, 2016 – The U.S. Supreme Court upheld a preliminary injunction Thursday against President Barack Obama’s 2014 executive action that would have deferred … Arrivals (DACA) program, which wasn’t directly challenged, have had what could have been a catastrophic threat to their status kicked down the road.

        1. Retired says

          All the Children that crossed the Border during Obamas time should be sent back to their parents . It is time to take action against Mexico for bringing Illegals to the US border . Put a 25 % tax on every car they ship into the US and use that money for the wall .

          1. Retired says

            From what I read at the time most had shirt tail relatives or friends that would take them in. Plus in his second term they were given instruction flyers as to how the process works . As far as adults Mexico gave illegals temporary Visas and processed them into the US , so evidently between the UN and WDC there must have been a deal to allow that .

          2. Tiger says

            Yep and it went so far that the Mexican government actually had fliers to tell them how to get benefits in America.

          3. Retired says

            No one has a problem with legal and orderly immigration the way it was handled in the 50s .You needed a sponsor – job and a quota from each country per year .

      2. Tiger says

        They took the page down so wait a second.

      3. Retired says

        They are privileged and don’t fall under that , they made sure over the decades that they are untouchable !!! Hillary is proof of that .

    6. mrpoohead says

      …….. and commit you to the funny farm?

      1. Retired says

        That is where you and AK live as room mates !!!

        1. mrpoohead says

          Given up with the link huh? Given up with the reputable reference to refute too, I guess?

          Let’s have some fun – when did you last emit a fact you can substantiate with a reputable reference? C’mon amuse me, more than a year ago? Two, ten?

        2. mrpoohead says

          Because all the crazies are out? Good news; you and your ilk represent maybe 1% of the population. Far right nut-jobs! Funny though!

    7. Mathew Molk says

      Want to know the best part? – They all got away with it.

      Every hear the Johnny Guitar Watson R&B tune “Aint that a Bitch” – Somebody did somthin’ slick,,,,,,down town.

    8. RockinOn says

      I would be glad to Tiger, however the powers that be would be greatly upset, because I was being “too rough” on em ! Agreed, it is time for the the criminals to pay the piper, withdraw all benefits, retirements and freedom from all of em ! From obummer on down !

      1. Tiger says

        Indeed time to clean out the cages.

    9. ARTPSYCH says

      I’m just as grevious oh how higher mgmt in the FBI can be so partisan they refuse to do their job in an unbiased concern for the safety of the USA!.

      1. Tiger says

        I was stunned also but not the first time the FBI or CIA did bad towards the country it is supposed to protect. Remember JFK warned Americans about Secret Societies in our country and it got him bullets to the head. Then the Mockingbird plan the CIA and the media. It is just a continuing story, they keep getting back on that One World Order path.

    10. tCotUS says

      PROOF…. many within the FBI/DOJ/CIA are Dirty…Not all, but many

      1. Tiger says

        Sadly appears all the upper echelon are filthy and underhanded, working for the Deep State and with the Secret Society they formed working to take Trump out. These are the most powerful people in our government that we depend to secure our safety, instead they are working to take this country down and I can’t see it any other way but that.

        They have powers to get to anyone of us, anywhere, at anytime even across the pond. Which surely would explain how quickly Hillary’s adversaries have gone down with those suicides.

    11. SUZANNE M. says


      1. Tiger says

        Trump is proving to them daily how stupid they and their leaders are. They have always gotten what they want by pulling tantrums and lying. This is their first defeat when it comes to DACA. They are being lassoed into the corral of actually debating an issue and not controlling the conversation.

        1. SUZANNE M. says


        2. SUZANNE M. says


          1. Tiger says

            You go Suzanne. You remind me of one of my most beloved girlfriends years ago, she spared nobody.

          2. SUZANNE M. says


          3. SUZANNE M. says


          4. Tiger says

            Well Suzanne I do get nasty sometimes, if pushed to the limits, they deserve it. Many I post with on here I would love to know, what fun to talk and walk and enjoy the company of good Americans, I live so far out, nobody here to talk with and my friends of years gone by are all over the place.

          5. SUZANNE M. says


          6. SUZANNE M. says


          7. Tiger says

            I have lived in Europe, Asia and been to the Middle east. America has it all, mountains, rivers, streams, oceans, deserts, you name it. We did a 6,000 mile trip across America, went to National Parks, met the wonderful people of America. I don’t think Europeans understand we may not have thousands of years of history, castles or all those majestic things they do, which I so loved and enjoyed, but we do have everything they don’t have. We don’t need the world, never did, the diversity of our country offers us the ability to live without the world. Not so in their countries.

            Yes Suzanne the world a glorious place and the only thing that makes others poor, ugly and sick is Dictators, Communists and Socialists. Without them and Islam what a world it would be. Islam a plague and now showing it’s ugly head, suffering, pain and misery is it’s forte’.

            I live in one block from a National Forest, one block from a major river and we have Springs all around us. Our water is delicious and we fight to save and keep it. As others pollute their streams and rivers and springs we keep ours pure. Then they want ours. I fight like you wouldn’t believe to save our place here on earth. Money talks and commissioners and representatives walk the line. I hate politicians and the evil in our world.

            I hate the abuse of our animals, our trees, our water and I hate every single person involved in it and would fight them to the death to rid us of them if I could. We were given everything we need to enjoy our lives but then there came evil, there came all the different people, the Almighty kept wiping the world out and starting over, til convinced to please stop it and give us Free Will, so we are given everything, we are given rules to live by and look what happened.

            One day at a time never was clearer to me until our country came to what we had under Obama.

          8. SUZANNE M. says


          9. SUZANNE M. says


          10. Tiger says

            Thank you and will never stop the fight for the righting of America.

    12. The Redhawk says

      LOCK them AL up!! Comey… Lynch.. Obama.. Clinton and KOMRADS!!:ta t might start the REAL flushing of the DC TOILET

      1. Tiger says

        You know Soros said at DAVOS that Trump wouldn’t be around in 2020 and Kerry recently told Abbas to be patient, they are planning to assassinate Trump, I believe it, remember Obama has shadowed him in Asia and in Europe, talking to leaders. I tell yo this will not end well.

        1. The Redhawk says

          but who cares what BRAIN DEAD MAGGOTS like Soros and FREAKEN KERRY have to say?? and that includes Nancy the Bone head, DA SCHMUCK ad Every BS VOMITING MEMBER of the (D) communist party???

          1. Tiger says

            My friend too many of them saying it and that means something foul is afoot.

          2. The Redhawk says

            These STUPID (D) Nazi party IDIOTS better start bying a huge supply of “DEPENDS” as soon as the NUNEZ 4 Page Document gets made Public….Adam SCHITTFT who has Read it “PROTESTS TOO MUCH” and that only means that Obama/Clinton/Lynch/Comey may be getting fitted with Orange one piece GARBS!

          3. Tiger says

            Orange ya glad that we have congressmen who opened the can of the maggots among us? Yes Orange one of my favorite colors for McCabe, Rosenstien, Lynch, Comey, Obama, Holder and all the other flesh eating shit dwellers.

          4. The Redhawk says

            Mc Cabe “getting out” to day just may be the “SMOKING GUN” needed to ORANGE GARB that Bunch f TRAITORS ….and keep Adam SCHITFT and Swalwell (D) Idiots rom covering up for Mueller CRAP BURGERS!!!

          5. Tiger says

            Hannity has been on this like a shit roller bug on a huge ball of crap. McCabe is in it up to his Brown Shirt armpits. Now we know that the head of the FBI read the memo and then McCabe was forced to resign so this is going to take out many and my guess is lots of quivering butt holes about now all over the place.

            Someone just sent me this video you have to watch it the woman is fabulous and some kind of funny. All about Muslims and what is happening in Europe.


          6. The Redhawk says

            McCabe looks like such a Wimpy Shit Head that he Could be TURNED to divulge lLOTS MORE .. IF he wants his “PENSION” without “penalties” for Treason?? I am buying Stocks in GRANGE arb manuacturers … Lynch, Shillery are Fat asses and need lots then Barry.the Hussen . Comey are tall ….Susan Rice, Brennan, Crapper and Sam Powers…

          7. Tiger says

            LOLOLL buying stock in orange garb, well somebody, somewhere is going to squeal like a stuck pig to save themselves. The list is really long and we can name what they did.

          8. The Redhawk says

            The gates to Federal Prisons are getting Spruced up and Greased to WELCOME the Parade of TRAITORS!!!!!!

          9. Tiger says

            Now Hillary can’t have a lesbian cellmate, she would just enjoy that, and Obama can’t have a gay inmate, he would enjoy that, what they need is transition surgeries while they are in there, with dull knives.

          10. The Redhawk says

            Or if pressed to do the POLITICAL “THING”, Lynch, Powers and Susan Rice ‘ CHANGE TEAMS” and cavort with the SOW.. and Comey and Holder ” TURN” and shack up with SLICK…………….Hence proving that the PIMPS, Madama and Hookers STICK together .

          11. Tiger says

            Wow and don’t forget Jarret, she is the real whore of the Obamas.


          12. The Redhawk says

            OLE VAL is ACEY DUCEY ….may be has run to Iran with Huma and Mills or “doing it ” with REGGIE???

          13. Tiger says

            They are not worried, they are privileged goods until Trump puts the boot on their necks.

          14. The Redhawk says

            and SQUASHES these lOW life Maggots

          15. The Redhawk says

            Too many ‘HAND SHAKES” with Scotch, Bourbon and Chardonnay coupled with too many falls from Bar Stools have caused severe Concussions…THAT BE DA PROBLEM

          16. Tiger says

            Their demonstration of defiance last night, to all the good news of what Trump has done in a year, is proof positive they must go.

          17. The Redhawk says

            well Trump hit one out of the park Last night, Mc cabe is now under Investigation, Joe Kennedy lll was a scripted ver angry Disasater nad IF he is the Future for the (D) party Of dumbasses … THEY BE IN DEEP DUDU…as are the CBC and the DO NOTHNG SCHMUCKS AD PELOSI PLANTATION OWNERS since Trump got 73% approval last night!!

          18. Tiger says

            When Kennedy said that the last year was Chaos, I turned it off. Irrational is not the word, insane is the word.

          19. The Redhawk says

            the TWIT seemed Confused at times….Times that he CONFUSED Obama era with Trump NEW way and times when it seemed to be reading exerps from Trump Address to the Nation…………..Like I said if this LIGHT weight IS the FUTURE of the DERANGED PARTY ….. They are DOOMED !!…

          20. Tiger says

            They are doomed anyway. Sad really sad. Now the rats on the left making all sorts of a big deal out of Melania wearing white last night. Melania wore white the night Trump won and she is known for wearing white. These people are insane and going rabid now.


          21. The Redhawk says

            Every member of the (D) nutjob party was in MOURNING BLACK after their GUMNIT SHUT DOWN SHELLAKING so a Classy lady went for VICTORY WHITE and the NUTJOBS had to sit to keep from Spilling whatever is in their “DEPENDS” ….hehehe
            On a serious note Rosenstein and FBI do not want Nunes 4 page opened to the public…..What are they HIDING?????

          22. Tiger says

            They don’t want the truth out that they are the problem in our country.

            White House postures over Nunes memo – CNNPolitics –
            3 hours ago – Washington
            (CNN)President Donald Trump’s chief of staff said on Wednesday the
            White House would soon allow for the release of a highly controversial
            Republican memo alleging the FBI abused its surveillance tools. John Kelly, speaking on a Fox News radio program, said Trump and his …
            The FBI’s extraordinary public rebuke of the Nunes memo — and …
  …/the-fbis-extraordinary-public-rebuke-of-the-nunes-…1 hour ago – Long-simmering
            tensions between the President Trump-led Republican Party and federal
            law enforcement erupted into open battle Wednesday, with the FBI issuing
            an extraordinary public rebuke of a controversial memo that House Republicans and the White House are preparing to make public.
            Adam Schiff: Nunes’s FBI memo crosses a dangerous line – The …
  …nuness-memo…/cbdabedc-0696-11e8-b48c-b07fea9…1 hour ago – On Monday, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) moved to release a memo
            written by his staff that cherry-picks facts, ignores others and smears
            the FBI and the Justice Department — all while potentially revealing
            intelligence sources and methods. He did so even though he had …
            The FBI put out a strong statement on Nunes memo release – Vox
   hours ago – President Donald Trump is currently deciding whether or not to release a controversial secret memo, compiled by Rep. Devin Nunes
            (R-CA), that alleges an anti-Trump conspiracy at the FBI. Republicans
            on the House Intelligence Committee voted on Monday night to release it,
            though Democrats …

          23. ARTPSYCH says

            i was appalled at that guy ..he’s worth 43 million and talking through his anus! He seemed to talk slow and paced like obama did, did you catch that! I did ..he’s no JFK. it was so crying tears leftist i turned it off after 3 minutes of self pity for his country. CHAOS! what a dope! I went through hell for work since 2001 now i’m retired last year. This kid never saw a moment in his life of scrapping for work and putting up with jerks at them in his entire softy leftist elitist bubbled little life.

          24. Tiger says

            You are 100% and they always act like they understand people like us. They haven’t a clue.

          25. ARTPSYCH says

            that look on the democratic bunch of losers IS a look into the fuure in 2020! the same confused angry look of hate and doing nothing! they took a knee last night over all americans who want to do better.

          26. Tiger says

            “they took a knee last night over all americans who want to do better.” Excellent.

            Corey Booker looked like he wanted to kill Trump.

          27. ARTPSYCH says


            you might just love this womans humor and remarks..kb

          28. Tiger says

            What a hoot love this lady.

          29. Tiger says

            Oh this is the greatest I am sharing.

          30. mrpoohead says

            From the Far right – see Nazi!

    13. AKLady says

      Oh, I see, Clinton should have been tired in the media …
      Preventing that was somehow wrong?

  2. Bill O'Neil says

    More right wing smoke and mirrors spin to try and take the heat off the tRump crime family.

    1. Sally Sue says

      Stay tuned! You are gonna be surprised!

      1. Valor says

        He’s too stupid to be surprised. To be surprised one has to have a modem of intelligence.

    2. Retired says

      Still spewing your poop !!!

    3. Skippy says

      More mindless dribble from a mindless liberal drone. You’re getting confused with the Clinton crime family.
      TTFN Ya Brainless Wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4. MAHB001 says

      You project from Clinton crime family…. LOL you are funny.

    5. 1SG Retired says

      Check yourself into the hospital your dementia is showing.

  3. Spunky says

    Everyone knew it was a sham – and lies of the fbi and oblamo admin.

  4. Skippy says

    This goes to show how corrupt the top officials in the FBI are. They all need to be fired.

    1. MAHB001 says

      And DOJ, IRS, CIA, DNC, RNC, Washington DC, EPA, MEDIA….