New Year’s Eve Protests: When Will it End?


A website called Stop Mass Incarceration is sending out a message to the idiots who believe that, in America, black lives don’t matter to the police. Instead of letting this regrettable movement die a natural death, the website is asking activists to disrupt New Year’s Eve celebrations across the country. According to the site, “the powerful, beautiful, and necessary outpourings that have disrupted this society’s normal routine must continue and escalate on New Years Eve and into the New Year.”


With or without motivation from a single website, it seems inevitable that New Year’s Eve celebrations in Boston, Houston, L.A., Times Square, and elsewhere will be interrupted by protestors. And that’s fine. Though I question whether these protestors have the right to take over stores, stop traffic, close bridges, and impede society, they have the right to assemble and chant. The question is when, where, and how is someone going to tell them the truth: your “movement” is built on a foundation of lies.

Because the subject is one so sensitive as race, though, no one is going to risk their political career to come out and say that. No one who would actually have a chance of getting through, anyway. So the protests will continue, the politicians will keep abetting them, and the media will keep reporting on it like it has some relationship with the civil rights movement of the 1960s. It doesn’t.

Dropping Truth Bombs

If the Black Lives Matter protestors wanted to make serious changes in their communities, they might start with the real problems. Problems like the 70 percent of black children born out of wedlock. Problems like the 60 percent of black children who grow up without their father in the home. Problems like gangs, black criminality, and black-on-black violence. Problems like the stunning rate of black abortion. Problems like the Democrats who stifle black progress with programs that encourage the cycle of poverty.

It would be nice to suggest that the protests have had no effect, but that isn’t the case. A story in the New York Post suggests that NYPD officers are beginning to look the other way when it comes to minor crimes in the Big Apple. The protests – and the murder of two NYPD cops – have encouraged a climate of fear where cops are hesitant to do their jobs. This climate threatens to undo the city-wide turnaround effected by Mayor Rudy Giuliani in the 1990s, sending New York back into the crime-ridden hellhole it was the decade before.

This isn’t a white vs. black thing, as much as the instigators want to make it so. The people who will be most hurt by reduced policing are blacks themselves. But that’s another truth no one is going to tell the protestors.

  1. Yadja says

    If O, Holder and Sharpton have anything to do with it this will continue until it explodes in Race Riots across this country. O is throwing things against the wall to see what sticks so he can have that “Turning Point Crisis” that makes him bring into play Marital Law and then implement all the little extras he put into place, like the 2012 NDAA Section 1021 which plainly states O can have any American citizen picked-up without a reason, without Due Process and put them away as long as he wants.

    Ebola did not do it, H1N1 did not do it, the millions upon millions of illegals die not do it but Racial Tension is a sure bet…….”The Perfect Storm.”

    1. Roger_T73 says

      When the oblamo Race War starts, it will be open season on blacks. The police have rules under which they must operate but as a terrified home owner, if a group of thugs enters my neighborhood, my only choice is to kill as many of them as possible, because there will be no one to respond to a 911 call.

      1. Deborah G says

        Obama has set the stage for revolution. He sees that as his crowning glory. He admires anarchists and dictators. The man is completely devoid of Americanism

        1. Ron Warren says

          Deborah G you stated it beautifully. I had hoped that with new legislation back in the 1960s we could all act like adults and put the race crap behind us. But NO! There are anti-American, anti-peace, anti-Constitution hate mongers who have a fetish for stirring up anarchy, social disruption and a host of things that prevent peaceful coexistence of all citizens. The Constitution provides for the right of the people to PEACEFULLY ASSEMBLE.
          It is unfortunate that today we still have Hitlers, Lenins, Castros and their likes in the US who enjoy stirring up discord. Then when law enforcement personnel try to quell the disturbances the unruly start running off at their mouths about “police brutality.” The attitudes and behaviors of these disruptive anarchy fecaliths stink to the ionosphere.

          1. Robert says

            Look at the bottom of some of the signs the protestors are using, you will see check it out you will learn who is supporting the
            the protestors.

          2. Valor says

            Yes, the American Communist Party.

          3. ward says

            That is a fact and they are beyond common sense with any intelligence ! Libtards !

          4. Goodforall says

            JFK would never get the nomination to run as a democrat in todays environment. It’s now a extreme socialist left wing party run by special interest groups.

          5. Deborah G says

            AND they are ALL Democrat Liberal Progressives

          6. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Progressives!!! Funny!! How well did the U.S.S.R. do under strict communism, Cuba, China.??? Look at Cuba today! When Russia stopped propping up their economy, they reverted back to a third world nation. UH, do the citizens there own guns?

          7. Btty says

            And guess who openly and with great pride identified herself as a progressive? That’s right folks KILLARY! Remember that at the polls! !

          8. Deborah G says

            If anyone does not know she was a personal student of Saul Alinsky, google the Alinsky letter/ Hilary Clinton. His special American Student .

          9. greyfox says

            There is nothing progressive about the democratic party, they have once again managed to co op the language and no one seems to notice. They have been doing this for years, massaging the language to hide the truth of their actions. The first time I noticed this was a few year ago during a Federal election. The subject was the budget and the Democrats had a “plan” but the Republicans had a “scheme”. It was then that I started to take notice: “plan” is a nice soft acceptable word, while on the other hand “scheme” is a hard negative almost criminal word. Don’t fall for or use the word progressive when describing democrats, they are regressive.

          10. OSAMA OBAMA says


          11. ward says

            The assinine idiots that bo has duped cannot or will not see what his tyranny goals really are that will destroy their own lives..! bo is using illegals, druggies or any idiot that will support his evil wannabe muslim commie dictatorship..! bo must go 2015 !

          12. Ron Warren says

            I could not agree more. This Kenyan impostor jerk must GO!
            It’s sad that there are people in USA who fell for his Satanic
            program. He told America “Change is coming!” I was asking,
            “WHAT CHANGE?” I check something out before I buy it. Then we had the Wicked Witch of the West Nancy PUlosi saying, “Let’s hurry up and pass this legislation so we can see what’s in it.” SAY WHAT? Or, “lets hurry up and buy this twelve year old used car so we can see if it runs.” People have to be really stupid to fall for that; or is there an IQ classification low enough on the scale? Shows you what American education (?) has given us.

          13. greyfox says

            Liberals want to help the poor by keeping them poor, poor people are so much easier to rule. Give them food stamps and they will follow you anywhere. This message is brought to you by the Liberal/Democratic/Regressive party. From now on i will use this tag line on all of my posts and ask that you do the same.

            Liberal/Democratic/Regressive party

          14. Ron Warren says

            Leftists’ goal is not to help make the nation better but to help themselves make their elected positions more secure. Best way to do it as you say in so many words, toss trinkets to them and they’ll follow you anywhere like a flock of pigeons in a park. I’ve heard pigeons called “welfare recipients.” Note how they produce nothing but poop and more offspring. They contribute nothing in return for handouts but more copies of themselves. New use for the word “pigeons.”

          15. Phyllis says

            The party you need to watch is the newly formed muslim political party and who the head of it is. The shooter of the two cops in NY belonged to his mosque and that person that is the head is extremely close. The only positive thing I can say about it is when they take over we won’t have to be looking at Pelosi, Hillary, Feinstein,etc,etc faces without hoods on them..Isis said they would plant a flag on the whitehouse, well it is coming..and I am upset it is taking so long to repair the dome, are they painting it gold? “Where there is no wisdom the people perish.”

          16. greyfox says

            Phylis, you’re preaching to the choir. I have long been aware of this, no so quiet growing menace, but I must admit your post has added a new dimension. Most people think Muslims are peaceful, most people are wrong. We are already in more trouble than, in this regard, most would admit. We have allowed ourselves to become frightened to death at the mere mention of Muslim or Muslim terrorists. They have already reeked havoc at our airports. Our lives are changing daily because of terrorism and your President won’t even allow the word
            terrorist to be used. I say your President because I’m Canadian. Your only hope is a political administration with balls.

        2. Jonathan Brooks says

          Devoid of humanity would be my concept, but your idea works too.

        3. Goodforall says

          A simple statement, yet so very true!

      2. Yadja says

        Bloody and will be. These Blacks are not playing games. Prisoners who have converted to Islam, Islam playing on this like crazy recruiting, Al Jazeera news is filled with it and insinuating that Blacks are mistreated in America, gang members, drug dealers and sadly well armed.

        The police has wizened up and personally I believe behind all this is O’s thoughts of Nationalizing the police and there he has his Brown Shirts.

        This New Years Eve will be interesting and perhaps more than the ball will fall.

        1. Ron Warren says

          Wouldn’t it be great of the Obama Socialism Ball fell at midnight and cracked into billions of pieces never to be reassembled.
          God save America.

          1. Yadja says

            Who does the bell toll? The bell tolls for he.

          2. Deborah G says

            For whom the Bell tolls? What a great visual!

          3. Yadja says

            Once upon a Midnight dreary
            As I pondered weak and weary
            Over the Constitution
            Suddenly there came a rapping
            As of something gently knocking
            Knocking at my Chamber door
            Then I saw something lurking
            And I and others were consorting
            O a figure in Black
            Standing at my Chamber door
            As we nodded nearly napping
            We began a rapping
            At that raven
            Never more

            More than “We the People”
            Can take
            We for our Sake
            Will out that raven
            Never again as has been
            Out and over
            Through and done
            You Black raven
            Some Kenyans son

            A tall and dark figure he did yield
            And we threw him out into the field.

          4. greyfox says

            Brought to you by your friendly Liberal/Democratic/Regressive party. The party of
            lies, abortion, Benghazi, illegal immigration, fast and furious, Obamacare and working hard to provide you with a one party government.

            Liberal/Democratic/Regressive party

          5. Yadja says


          6. Deborah G says

            They can vote in just one party but they can’t jail all the rest of us

          7. Deborah G says

            We can only hope the sharks are hungry today

          8. Yadja says

            Oh if only oh if only I just got a visual.

          9. Deborah G says

            Of a not so Great White? LOL

          10. Yadja says

            Just a small nibble in the right part of the anatomy would suffice like the hand he writes with.

        2. greyfox says

          It would be hilarious if you weren’t so right, he stated this goal a long time ago.

          1. Yadja says

            Wish I were wrong.

      3. James Maxwell says

        At that point it will not be a matter of RACE but of Criminal of all colors attacking
        honest people. Between the militant Black, White and Hispanic criminal gangs
        it could be a blood bath across our lands. Citizens of all colors will be forced
        to join together as in days of old to protect themselves and restore order and
        decency in Washington DC.

        1. Juan TwoTree says

          “F” it! I say if the protestors/demonstrators or the REVCOM.US people cause ANY disturbance during this New Year’s Eve in NYC, the NYC cops should be ordered to: 1). Hit them with tear gas 2). Hit them with 100 Volt tasers 3). Shoot live ammo and take the aggitators out!! Why should we let these Dem-O-Crap/LibTurds ruin what our country has celebrated in Times Square since 1907. If they have no permit to march/protest/demonstrate, take them out, one way or the other!

        2. Ron Warren says

          Washington has become the new Sodom. Can we find at least TEN faithful there?

      4. draidt says

        except a 1911 semi auto

      5. unique201 says

        A gun in your hand is better then 10 cops on the way.

        1. Deborah G says

          whereI liove it is next to impossible to get one. New York has more Communists than Russia

      6. chaka says

        See that’s what you don’t get! As far as we are concerned it’s already open season on blacks and has been for sometime! This is not new, its just that it took social media for people to realize that the killing of unarmed black people has reached epidemic proportions.

    2. Klang101 says

      Agree with you 100%. I have been saying this for years now but people don’t like to hear the truth.

      1. Yadja says

        Before my mother died in 1979 she predicted on last Civil War in this country, that between Blacks and Whites.

        The Dem/Progressives have built a funeral pier and sooner or later many will get burned.

        1. Klang101 says

          I believe your grandmother to be a wise person. Back in the late 70’s their movement was getting up and running. My grandmother always said from a lawyer up they are all liers. Find people around you can trust. I hope you are ready this war.

          1. Yadja says

            Locked and Loaded as are the police and military those that are home and have been relieved of their duty.

          2. Btty says

            Me to and I have all the reloading equipment and know how to use it. Pickup you brass you may need it

          3. Deborah G says

            Better to stockpile food and water a peashooter at a gunfight won’t stop either the criminals or Obama’s army

          4. Btty says

            Just a little heads up Deborah. My guns are a bit more than pea shooters. It’s good to stockpile food and water but you better be able to defend it or it will be taken away from you. As for myself against criminals/obama’s army? I won’t be alone for there are thousands just like me. If I killed one or two in my defense it would all be worth it because I didn’t sit in my house waiting to be someone’s slave. There are worse things than death.

          5. Deborah G says

            we can’t buy what we need or want in NY. Have to move south to protect my family

          6. Yadja says

            Come on down to Florida we have plenty of guns, rednecks with pick-up trucks, water for now and we shoot first and ask questions later.

          7. Deborah G says

            We are. As soon as we can LOL

          8. Btty says

            I hear you Deborah. I live in Looney California which is just about as bad as NY. Hopefully, I won’t be here to much longer. I want out. I’m sick of states run by Commie Progressives. I’m going to a state that believes in our Constitutions and our right to bear arms. Then I’m going to find a place in the mountains.

          9. Deborah G says

            NY and CA are abusive to taxpaying LEGAL citizens then give all our assets to non productive, illegals and lazy takers. All the while prohibiting us from owning guns? The criminals here have an army while we have to pay for their welfare. Sick

          10. greyfox says

            “Commie Progressives”? Don’t fall for that, they are Commie Regressives.

          11. Btty says

            LOL I happily stand corrected greyfox!

          12. greyfox says

            There is nothing progressive about the democrats they are taking us back to communism and I call that regressive. Happty new year BTTY

          13. Btty says

            I totally agree greyfox. God Bless you and HAPPY NEW YEAR to you to. 😉

          14. Yadja says

            He will be stopped. Wait for it……

          15. CATMAN says

            I don’t know what you consider a “pea shooter”, but I have yet to see a man stand up against a 30-06 or a .308, at least not for very damned long. Also, 12 gauge slugs fired through a rifled barrel also have a devastating effect on criminals out to a good 150 yard range. Change that slug to 00 buck out to around 75-100 yards and you might make some believers out of a criminal element.

          16. Deborah G says

            while I agree what they can do we certainly can’t stand up to 3 home invaders with automatic weapons we are not allowed to buy. PLUS the government has swat teams, tamks,armor etc.

          17. Yadja says

            Mine eyes have seen the coming of the end of my great home
            A Black dark figure stands where the grapes of wrath were sown

            He has marched upon my country with a terrible great pain
            But our truth is marching on

            He has taken all our bounty and given it away
            We have seen the things we stand for all gone awry

            He has stomped upon our honor and all of our Ways
            But Gods truth is marching on

            Those who fight for our country and our great land
            Have been stomped upon and taken under hand

            Our enemies have laughed as we cried and sat aside
            O’s vengeance spread far and wide

            But then we saw the light and we made him fight
            For his very life he fought but history taught

            Our country to stand tall
            And we did for one and all

            God’s truth will stand
            Across this land

            O will fall
            For the good of us all

            God’s truth will find a way
            This is a new day

            Happy New Year

          18. Btty says

            Love it Yadja! Happy New Year!

          19. Yadja says

            With love to you and yours may our great country stand tall again.

        2. Btty says

          When it happens I hope to hell our politicians pay a dear price. Of course I know I’m pissing up a tree

          1. Yadja says

            A country large and strong
            Built with love and men long gone

            Came into being powerful and just
            Paid for with blood and was just

            It changed the history of the world around
            And in it’s boundaries wealth did abound

            It was called upon by others to lend a hand
            To help them in their own land

            It’s armies went forth and through their sacrifice
            There was a new world and many survived

            Then others saw their worth.

            Then came a man tall and lean
            From Kenyan blood and very mean

            He brought this country down to it’s near end
            But there were those who said think again

            They stood and fought and trampled into the ground
            The evil that among them was found

            And a new generation of guts and glory
            Came about to tell the same story

            Of honor and dignity and great things to come
            So Happy New Year to you cause like America there is none

      2. greyfox says

        Remember, it’s the………… Liberal/Democratic/Regressive party,………… Lets use their own tactics against them, it’s ll about the language. Not Progressive…Regressive.

      3. greyfox says

        Lies are easier to believe, just listen to Obama, lies with a smile. The Regressive party.

    3. pmbalele says

      Yadja, there
      is an important mental exercise I have failed to confront. Can you imagine there
      are racist lawyers, judges, doctors and scientists? These are intellectuals. I
      expect them to be well informed about their surroundings. As for judges, these took psychology 101,
      know the law and have been sworn to decide cases based on the law. Still we
      find racist judges. To end my year, I know for sure Judge Barbara Crabb of
      Wisconsin is a racist. Despite her law
      degree, practiced as lawyer and now a judge, she still believes Blacks are
      intellectually inferior to her as a white woman. She decides cases based what
      color of person is before her. She forgot or pretends to forget that white
      women were regarded as intellectually inferior by White males just 50 years
      ago. Now she is working with fellow
      judges appointed by President Obama who is a racial minority. I have no idea how she reacts with them.

      1. Yadja says

        Well my dear that is a very sad thing, just as all this Racial hate towards White’s is a sad thing.

        For too long America has hid it’s head in the sand where our Racial problems are concerned. If not fueled by people like O and Holder and left to our own we would all most likely, get along.

        I worked for years as a nurse with mostly Black CNAs and never met a more wonderful, loving and hardworking people ever. They are the backbone of every facility across this country and I never once saw them give extra attention to Black residents but gave 100% to every Race under their care.

        If not for the constant rubbing of the fur the wrong way by O, Holder and the likes of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, we would be more compatible and less hostile towards one another.

        1. pmbalele says

          I have good news for you -Do you know what was so awesome this year? President Obama was polled as the most loved person in the US and the World. Pope Francis came second. In US polls show Obama has improved lives of people in the USA as to jobs, health, peace, security and leadership. Hillary was the most loved women in the world followed by Oprah Winfrey. Now I am asking where do Mitch McConnell, Newt, Boehner, Dr. Carson, Bill O’rielly and Hannity the racists rank. Nowhere. Let TPS and Repubs cry and whine as you want. President Obama is still the most loved person by American people and the World.

          1. Valor says

            If that is true, it verifies the American People are a cauldron of idiots. The election of a Marxist, Muslim President, TWICE, also verifies it. America has a snow ball’s chance in Hell of surviving.

          2. pmbalele says

            That is your personal opinion. Happy New Year.

          3. pmbalele says

            I was surprised too. But those are facts of polls.

          4. OSAMA OBAMA says

            What polls? Were they taken in San Francisco, Detroit, Shitcago??

          5. pmbalele says

            The polls were taken by right wing pollsters: Gallop, Rasmussen, and FoxNews

          6. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Where, in San Francisco, Detroit, Shitcago??

          7. KLH6 says

            I hope this is a joke. Obama has done more to ruin this country than any president ever. There aren’t more jobs. People just gave up. I haven’t seen so much malaise and depression in the general population since Carter was president. He ruined our health care. Polls show voting Americans- feel less safe than ever and with good reason,Obama supports our Muslim enemies and lets them slaughter Jews and Christians. Obama lacks empathy for anyone and is one of the worst narcissists I’ve ever seen. Everything he does is strictly for political show. Americans who love this president are delusional. He can read a teleprompter and has nice smile. He hates his job. He admitted he likes to watch ESPN all morning and I guess play golf in afternoon. He has no knowledge of history and the world doesn’t love him. They scorn him and think he’s a fool. He kisses up to rulers of Turkey & Iran but they deride him as weak and burn effigies of him. You must be one of low information voters.

          8. Paula says

            He recently announced that race relations have never been better since he became president.

          9. Valor says

            Don’t forget “If you like your Dr. you can keep your Dr.”, If you like your health care plane you can keep your health care plan”, “The border is more secure than it has ever been!” There is only one truthful thing this miscreant has said. His intention to transform America. Everything else he utters is an outright lie. Anyone that believes anything Obama says about anything is an idiot! Obviously, America is full of idiots. I suspect pmbalele may be one of them.

          10. draidt says

            Your post should start out with ” His latest lie was…………………………………..

          11. Deborah G says

            He is truely a sick man .

          12. draidt says

            Polls run by Gallup,CNN,NBC,CBS et all cater to the uninformed

          13. Deborah G says

            They are all biased polls. because they ask the questions in such a paramenter to know what the outcome will be. Logic and Statistics 101. I can make any point I want with the selected crossection. Let’s go to the black neighborhoods and ask who is the best Prez? Or a blue collar area with women asked? get the picture?

          14. greyfox says

            Right you are, but how many people know that?

          15. Deborah G says

            My guess is Obama’s base of moronic uneducated mental midgets probably none

          16. Yadja says

            He is the joke and most of us don’t fall for it anymore.

            Jump on him and do the stomp he is a Troll.

          17. Yadja says


          18. pmbalele says

            I hope you’re not hurting. President Obama is your Commander-In Chief.

          19. Ron Warren says

            So? Satan likely has more followers than Jehovah. Therefore his likeness should be on the covers of popular magazines. But then anything to do with religion or faith matters does not count–as per the anti-God folks. Preferences by numbers does not necessarily establish superiority of something.

          20. pmbalele says

            Are you a KKK to mention the word “superiority.” That is what KKK and TPs believe in. They are superior to us Blacks -they do not know that is dumb.

          21. Ron Warren says

            You are a racist. Not worth my time.

          22. pmbalele says

            Thanks. Just remember what you called me before.

          23. mac12sam12 says

            Ha!! You are speaking from the democrat plantation!

          24. pmbalele says

            Where is the mother of that child. I believe you’re planning to dump for a new mistress. Prepare to pay child -support. Happy New Year

          25. mac12sam12 says

            That photo was taken at her Christening, mom’s taking the photo. Happy new year to you.

          26. pmbalele says

            Sure, sure, that is what cheating men say. They love their kids, but not their mother. Why did not take a selphie three of you.

          27. mac12sam12 says

            I’m still married to the same women. I take it your dad wasn’t there for you and you’re bitter.

          28. pmbalele says

            My father and I had a lot in common-baseball, fooltball and broads.

          29. greyfox says

            Now even the word superiority, in whatever context is taboo? There was nothing of a racial flavor in his comments, stop looking for the boogey man. I hope you don’t take that as racist, you probably will.

          30. Valor says

            That little pudgy dictator in North Korea polls as the most loved person in that cesspool. Dictators are always “most loved!”

          31. Paula says

            yeah or else!

          32. Valor says

            America is well down that path.

          33. Mark Lahti says

            That has got to be some of the best kool-aid ever made. You are without a doubt the most misinformed, blind, deaf, and dumb poster I’ve ever seen on any site ever.

          34. pmbalele says

            If you do not like it, please jump in the lake.

          35. mallen11 says

            I do not believe the polls.

          36. pmbalele says

            We know when polls are bad for the President, TPs and Repubs tell us the polls are correct. But when the polls favor Obama, these same morons tell us the polls are cooked.

          37. Deborah G says

            ALL liberals not a conservative with a shred of personal responsibility or common sense amongst them. BTW? He isn’t loved in the world he is a Joke. All the slanted polls are cherry picked to get the desired results. What grade did you complete in school? It is uneducated people like you that will suffer the most from both their policies. here’s a great poll. I went out and polled 100 conservatives today 100% of them said they hate Obama now do you get the picture moron?

          38. Yadja says


          39. pmbalele says

            Happy New Year! Do not be naughty this year. Listen to me. I am much older than you.

          40. Yadja says

            LOLOLOL you also 🙂

        2. 1American1st says

          Yadja –

          We were all getting along fine & moving into the 21st century together…UNTIL the DemonRats elected the biggest RACIST in American history! Then, he appointed the biggest RACIST Attorney General in American history.

          Having lived through the 60s, I can say this is worse and all because of Obama, Sharpton, Holder & the Democrat Socialist Party, along with some help from Obama’s Communist friends.

          1. Yadja says

            There is nothing more explosive than Race Relations when played to the tune of “Your Still Slaves”.

          2. greyfox says

            Race relations in the middle East would seem to agree with you.

      2. imbog says

        My brother was in a hospital in northern Indiana about 20 miles south of Lake Michigan and told me of the nightmares in service he was given by the mostly black so called nurses that actually would go out of their way to make him miserable . He would ring his bell because of terrible pain maybe twice a day and the nurse would come maybe 15 minutes later and YELL in the door ” WHAT DO YOU WANT” and walk away. I left some money for him to tip hospital staff to get miner things done which he kept in a little case with his wallet that he clutched in his bed at all times.He called me the next day, just before i caught a plane to go home, and told me that some one came in that same night and took all $140 that i left for him. He was in terrible pain and was sedated for sleeping.. It happened between 11PM and 6AM and only hospital staff could have taken his money. He reported it and was told there was no way to trace what had happened. He was a very honest and gentle person who died in a miserable way under hospital so called care. The last time i talked to him ,he said ” If your white, they treat you like shit ” . It really surprised me because he never uses that kind of language .

    4. RONALD WIEDER says

      Nah, Not “Explode” but IMPLODE !

      1. Yadja says

        Been brewing for a very long time with the likes of O’s Rev. Wright and his Black Supremacy Church stirring the pot.

        Now everyone gets burned. Won’t make a difference prejudice and racism has always been around, you have humans you have both mentioned.

    5. Valor says

      Expect this before 2016.

      1. Yadja says

        Most assuredly. O will not stop until stopped.

        1. Valor says

          If history is any indication, he won’t be stopped. Most Americans have their collective heads up their backsides and live under the delusion “It can’t happen here!”

          1. Yadja says

            Trust me he will be stopped. “The Truth is out there and the truth will set us free.”

            When push comes to shove those not pushing will be behind the Black ball.

          2. Valor says

            Hope and pray you are correct. History says otherwise.

          3. Yadja says

            My dear history shows us that when the people pushed beyond tolerance there is a revolution, if that is what O wants then so be it.

          4. Valor says

            If they have the means to resist. Which is why Obama and Company want to gut the 2nd Amendment.

          5. Yadja says

            Never underestimate the enemy you will always be wrong.

          6. Valor says

            Correct. I do not underestimate the evil of Obama and Company.

          7. Yadja says

            Always one step ahead of the game, when we zone in with laser vision one thing they present something new to divert the attention, prime example the hearings on O Care where they were being skinned alive and what have we……the CIA BS and McCain, O , Biden making speeches and taking the laser off the real situation.

            The GOP is short on fighting skills, this is a battle, they need to be in front of the enemy not behind.

          8. Yadja says

            Hate rules O hate sheer and unadulterated for America, Whites, Christians and Jews.

            Hate is a powerful feeling and he is filled with it from the start.

          9. Paula says

            Exactly, German Jews thought the same thing.

          10. Ron Warren says

            And some of them who survived have been warning us of the sham going on in America today. The Kenyan Imposter-in-Chief is Adolf II in the making.

    6. ward says

      bo Sharpton holder and bo’s whole damned administration has everything to do with instigating these stupid & asinine so called protests which are in fact scapegoats for criminals to create lawless actions & no police to arrest their criminal asses & thrown in jail at the least … ! bo and his cronies are the cause of this racism and they are as criminal creating these atrocities as they are illegally supporting bo’s wannabe dictator of the U.S. ! bo must go January 2015..! His oath violations are the proof of his treason & his U.S. Law violations are the conformation for arrest & imprisonment..! bo wants these riots for his martial law & E.O.#13603to dictate the U.S.A. .. !

      1. Yadja says

        I am loving every word. Ya Betcha

  2. Kent2012 says

    The protests will stop when the authorities club the protesters into unconsciousness and settle them into a tent “jail” for three months, then give them “their day” in court, fine them and show them to the bus station..

    1. Ron Warren says

      Then those low life instigator anarchists will scream “police brutality.” A modest proposal: arrange for no response to “911” calls from them.

  3. Robert says

    This is getting OLD. Best way to sum it up is Stupidity. Stupid is as Stupid does. The police need to use force to stop these agitators, and they are 0bama,Sharpton, Holder and all that participate in this massive LIE. The premise that blacks are being “targeted ” because of their skin color is only HALF correct, The 0bama machine IS targeting them to do his bidding. NOT the police. As I said, stupid IS as stupid DOES!

    1. Ron Warren says

      And thanks to the philosophy of Forest Gump. Well stated.

    2. Valor says

      Sadly, you can’t fix stupid.

  4. Barto says

    We the majority of American Citizens are really tired of these Socialist, Communist instigators interrupting life here in the USA.

    1. Deborah G says

      The don’t vote Democrat

      1. Ron Warren says

        Deborah G We the AMERICAN people support the Constitution, not
        Socialism and tyranny therefore cannot vote Democrap.

        1. Deborah G says

          that was rhetorical. I know most here would never consider voting for a Commie. Hillarey is the next communist to try the takeover

          1. Valor says

            Only if Obama hasn’t consolidated his dictatorship before 2016.

    2. Ron Warren says

      Thank you Barto. Well stated. I’m one of the majority. It would be wonderful if all the Socialists, Communists, etc. would move to Cuba, North Korea or China. They love that kind of government and since America is so “bad” there’s no way they can loose.

    3. Yadja says

      Then call your representatives and tell them so and put a I Turn My Back on O sticker on your car.

      Be prepared for the consequences.

    4. Valor says

      I wonder if we are the majority. At least half of the American Citizenry is sucking at the government teat in some way.

  5. Beverly Miller says

    It will end when the Media stops giving them coverage 24/7. Once a day is enough and that’s when most everyone is in bed,

    1. Valor says

      The Media is part and parcel of the Demorat Party. Just like Pravda was part and parcel of the Communist government of the USSR.

  6. Deborah G says

    Only when we arrest those who distrub the peace and lock their useless asses up. Unfortunatly DeBVlasio has Cops on a slow down for petty arrests. NYC is a Joke now. Isn’t it amazing how Democrats can take any of the greatest things on earth and turn them to crap in a very short time?

    1. 1American1st says

      Turning American cities into crime-ridden slums, one Democrat at a time.

      1. Ron Warren says

        Nice observation 1American1st.

    2. KLH6 says

      Yep! I haven’t been to New York for decades. Don’t miss it a bit. We left Philly 25 yrs ago and came out west. Never regretted it.I remember New York before Giuliani. Wasn’t it bankrupt or almost bankrupt? Many Americans don’t seem to put cause & effect together. A city or state will be collapsing, a Republican gets in, pays debts, gets a surplus, crime goes down, tourism improves. Then in about 2 terms, it’s like they forget what happened, vote in a liberal Democrat, crime goes up, taxes go up, every entitlement program gets increased funds and they’re back to square one. Detroit is excellent example. When things fall apart they tend to call in the Republicans to fix fiscal mess.It’s like the “fun parent” who can’t say no and the parent who knows homework has to get done, can’t live on junk food and rules have to be established to prevent chaos. Democrats want to be the “fun parent” even though it will lead to anarchy and more pain for everyone in the long run.

    3. Ron Warren says

      The results are obvious Deborah G. “The fruit is on the tree.” A corrupt tree bears corrupt fruit. I’m always impressed how the Leftists clamor for “rights.” Responsibility is nonexistent to them. They never had the concept of responsibility taught them as they grew up. They live by “Screw them before they screw me.”

      1. Deborah G says

        The clamor for Non “rights” there is no right to commit sodomy or gay marraige

        1. Ron Warren says

          With me everyone has a right to do whatever she/he wants to do PROVIDED THAT IT DOES NOT INVOLVE OR AFFECT ME (AND MINORS ANYTIME) IF I DON’T CONSENT. Having children out of wedlock is NOT a right because it DOES involve me by using my tax dollars diverted for the upkeep. I do not consent for use of my money to cover somebody else’s mistakes encountered during their recreational activities.

          1. Deborah G says

            That’s a libertarian and I agree BUT these people have zero intentions of getting married because then they can’t get welfare as easily. Next they could care less about whitely footing the bill they think THAT is a right and they are entitled to it. Third? They are listenting to Obama who tells them to Stay The Course. He’s an anarchist

          2. Ron Warren says

            The Leftists reject the Declaration of Independence because it states “…all men are created equal, …”. Leftists believe you have to be one of them to be “equal.” And less equal if you are white and of European descent.

          3. Deborah G says

            All men ARE created equal but it is what they do with themselves after they are created. Conservative strive to make a good living take care of their families and personal responsibility.,The left wants to victimize their slaves and the slaves trade freedom and personal responsibility for no work and money handed over to them

          4. Ron Warren says

            Well stated. The Socialist agenda is to make slaves of the whole population so they have to answer to the government which means the “ruling class” bureaucrats in government positions. Bureaucrats are the same even in a democracy.
            They have controlling personalities, are basically insecure and feel secure only when they are the “boss.”

          5. Deborah G says

            The question becomes HOW do we un secure them from their positions of ruling class when we have so many on the dole?

          6. Ron Warren says

            That my friend is one of the problems we are confronted with. Short of finding bureaucrats guilty of infractions that could get them “terminated” we are stuck with them. With elected persons the best way is to not vote them into office. While “bad” people can get elected regardless of political affiliation I try to “size up” the individuals before voting. If a candidate is new to the scene I tend to avoid her/him. That’s why Barack Obama had no chance of support from me. When I first heard his name my reaction literally was, “Who the hell is THAT?”
            Then I began to notice where his support was coming from and it was easy to vote AGAINST him. I was not impressed with his opponent but JM appeared to be the least risk. So the voting process is not something to be entered into carelessly. As it turned out in 2007 the snake oil salesman with his community destruction plans, like the Pied Piper had
            all the rats following him as he played his little tune entitled “Change is Coming.” Now we need a Saint Patrick to rid the land of the snakes and rats. May God help us. —with no apologies to the Left. America is too great a nation to be tossed to swine Socialists and similar ilk.

          7. Deborah G says

            The “left” these days are the Communist party./ That is who is egging the protestors on and with the likes of Shebazz inciting Black Panthers to get gun training and make a revolution in 2015? We just need to start cracking some heads open. Deblasio is an avowed Communist, Hillay is as well. Call it Communism Lite if you will but to me there are no minor degrees of it.

          8. Ron Warren says

            We are well aware. The Left is definitely of communist goals. They want to control the world as did Adolf in the 30s and 40s.
            There will always be a bunch of selfish control freaks who manufacture every lie imaginable against freedom loving people. The Leftists’ first goal is to rid the world of all religions, especially Judaism and Christianity. They might try to hid their ambitions by being “church members” but their true colors come out in the political arena. They clamor for “rights” by supporting flying the ROY G. BIV flag (rainbow). Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet for the uninitiated about light refraction from physics classes. This is not meant to classify all “gay” people as being atheists or Leftists.

  7. JCWS1 says

    There are a few bad apples in every barrel yet who do we turn to after we turn our backs on law enforcement ?
    Odrama ? Eric Holder ?
    Not in this lifetime would I rely on those low life race baiting scum-lords from hades.
    These people should be introduced to a tall tree attached to a short piece of rope.

  8. Rich says

    If they gather in times square they could very well be trampled on by the multitude of celebrators. If only it could be.

  9. American says

    I don’t think those leading these protests really believe in the stated premise: that police are preying on black people. From what I’ve read, these protests are largely being lead by three groups: (1) Islamists who see an opportunity to use this subject to create chaos and undermine police authority as needed in their attempt to take over the US and make it an Islamic nation ruled under Sharia law, (2) communist revolutionaries such as represented by, who even display their website on their protest placards, and whose objective is to overtake the US and make it a communist nation, and (3) the normal race baiters like Sharpton who are doing it for personal/political gain. You can choose for yourself why you think Obama is encouraging this. Those involved in these protests should understand who is using them and for which end. The best thing to do is ignore them, minimize their impact, and deny them legitimacy.

    1. 1American1st says

      American –

      Just the acronym FTP (Fuk The Police) tells you something about the protesters. Their day is coming………

      1. Ron Warren says

        What can we expect from non-contributing street people. Stable, productive Asians, Blacks and Caucasians do not waste time
        getting involved in socially disruptive behaviors.

    2. Ron Warren says

      Well stated American. And WHO can we thank for the past
      six years of national turmoil and disruption? —THE VOTERS who cast their support for the Kenyan impostor, Barry Soetoro, a.k.a. Barack Hussein Obama. It’s time we turn off the fan hit by the fecaliths, clean up and disinfect Washington, District of Corruption. Get our nation out of uncharted waters or we’ll end up beside the Titanic. Shipwrecked, not train wrecked.

      1. Valor says

        America has already struck the iceberg.

        1. Ron Warren says

          We know. But the political ostriches prefer to look at the insides of sand holes and pretend everything in there appears as if they are wearing rose colored eyeglasses.

  10. Azreb says

    We have seen in the past how laws do not seem to apply equally to all – and that includes white, black, yellow, brown and all colors in between. We have seen those who we believe should be in prison “getting away” with crimes that would have sent you or me to prison for years due to the fact that the accused has power or money or fame. “Equality” under the law depends on the people adjudicating that law – the prosecutors, the defense attorneys and most of all the judges and juries – PEOPLE!!!! And people make mistakes – some deliberate, some inadvertent.

    Color should have no place in the equality of justice. But when you have PEOPLE involved, mistakes are made. There are some – we hope few – law enforcement who are prejudiced, we have prosecutors who are prejudiced, we have defense attorneys who are prejudiced, we have judges who are prejudiced and we sure as heck have juries containing those who are prejudiced. We all have things that come from our interactions with those of other colors, other beliefs, other moral values.

    The “equality” of law depends on those who enforce, those who defend or prosecute, those who judge – but it also depends on us to look at problems and insist on getting the facts and looking at those facts without color being part of the equation.

    1. 1American1st says

      Azreb –

      Tell that to Obama, Holder, Sharpton & NYC Mayor De Blah Blah.

      Forensic evidence & DNA proved Officer Wilson told the truth, yet Obama, Holder & Sharpless wouldn’t let it go. They wanted to stir up a race riot instead of backing the facts.

      Obama, Holder, Sharpton & NYC Mayor De Blah Blah never let FACTS stand in the way of their Racist remarks & support for black criminals.

      1. Ron Warren says

        The leadership in communist and fascist tyrannies disregard facts. So why would we expect the above tyrants to be different? They reject the idea of a government of the people, for the people and by the people. Like infidel Castro they want a government of ME, for ME and by ME.

    2. Ron Warren says

      Azreb you are preaching to the choir on this site. Those who should take heed to what you wrote will close their eyes and plug their ears. They reject everything that is good of ALL of the people. They accept as “from Mt. Sinai” only what suits their selfish, personal wants.

  11. Mike Stempo says

    The hyped up protests about the wrong root causes will continue. The left has conditioned minorities to whine about victimization with no personal responsibility. This is perhaps the first group in history to pizz, moan, whine, and complain their way through inequalities of mostly their own making. No accountability here.

    Ironically the left was not on the civil rights band wagon during the formative years but only hijacked it in later years. Go research the history that has either been forgotten or rewritten by the left, the mainstream media and news types who have sold their souls on lies.

    It is never their fault, it is always “the white man”. Sadly those objective, reasonable, and intelligent blacks who see through this charade are shouted down and drowned out by hypocrites. Hypocrites like the racist inflammatory Al Sharpton who has a platform sanctioned by the selectively indecisive bunghole in the white house and his racist side kick “Dick” Holder.

    Note how many many others are targeted for not paying taxes. No so Al Sharpton, the disgusting hypocrite.

    Anyone for more welfare with no responsibilities? Of course, this includes the angry pseudo entitled and cowardly warped black men who procreate with no conscience and move on to the next set of open legs and the black women who allow it to happen. They are called biitches and ho’s out of respect.

  12. 1American1st says

    Maybe they don’t understand how many Americans have CWPs / CCPs. They may find out tonight.

  13. pmbalele says

    There is an important mental exercise I have failed to confront. Can you imagine there are racist lawyers, judges, doctors and scientists? These are intellectuals. I expect them to be well informed about their surroundings. As for judges, these took psychology 101, know the law and have been sworn to decide cases based on the law. Still we find racist judges. To end my year, I know for sure Judge Barbara Crabb of Wisconsin is a racist. Despite her law degree, practiced as lawyer and now a judge, she still believes Blacks are intellectually inferior to her as a white woman. She decides cases based what color of person is before her. She forgot or pretends to forget that white women were regarded as intellectually inferior by White males just 50 years ago. Now she is working with fellow judges appointed by President Obama who is a racial minority. I have no idea how she reacts with them.

  14. Patriot47 says

    These idle idiots get way too much publicity.

  15. Disgust says

    The pos potus with the help of his obamanation democrap thugs and libturd media is destroying America.

  16. 1American1st says

    The message Conservatives need to get out is this:

    If you don’t like what’s going on in America, DON’T VOTE DEMOCRAT!

    If you are fed up with the race war, DON’T VOTE DEMOCRAT!

    Who do you think is causing all this upheaval? IT’S DEMOCRATS!

    Who do you think are promoting race riots, burning & looting? IT’S DEMOCRATS!

    1. Robert says

      And their Communist Friends

      1. Valor says

        Today’s Demorat Party is nothing but a front for the American Communist Party.

        1. Robert says

          They have been teaching this Communist crap in our schools, collages and universities since the end of World War II. Do the research Bill Ayers, Saul Alinsy,
          Cloward-Piven , Ward Churchill to name a few.

          1. Valor says


  17. ONLYJB1 says

    From here on out, when 911 is called from any of these neighborhoods all that will be heard on the other end will be CRICKETS! Too bad, so sad!

  18. lil-echoes says

    Hopefully it will end when the Republicans get some guts to demand and get Obama’s ORIGINAL Birth certificate… and not the one he wanted there. Remaining in office and their jobs mean more to the Republicans than the RIGHT thing to do. Sad.. really sad…. I firmly believe if a Muslim fanatic wanted to run for the Senate, the Republicans wouldn’t say a word. They’d probably said, he’s probably one of the GOOD Muslims…

    1. Valor says

      Sadly, your assessment is accurate.

  19. disqus_w3y1XHrDGP says

    O, Holder are passing civil wrong laws to protect violent islam terrorist inciting jihad rebellion in Boston and Minnesota and spreading it across america, that is O’s “hope” and “transformation of america”. O is bring bloodshed to our Christian america and your neighborhood and you voted for this terrorist, his fellow black terrorists in congress to getr free money for doing nothing. Shame on you black america and now you participate in it”s overthrow. All you know how to do is to destroy good and create evil that is no one’s fault but your own illiterate on drugs thinking. You create your own black on black criminal neighborhoods, no wonder your own people want out of them only to spread your lawless disease somewhere else. I don’t believe africa would take you back for all the criminal behavior you create. Grow up and look in the mirror You Are the Problem accept it and change and be men and change your neighborhoods from evil to good. It’s your responsibility all other races police themselves and report the criminals. DO IT NOW!

  20. lil-echoes says

    You will never stop the looting, or being called a RACIST…. cause this is the one TOOL the blacks use to hack the whites. What difference does or should it make what you are called… They call the whites every name in the book.. and did it hurt them… NO…. the looting only hurts the ones they looted from.. it doesn’t hurt the average American…. so the blacks don’t do it to spite the whites.. they do it cause it’s FREE and they can TAKE it…. and no one can say anything…

  21. Jonathan Brooks says

    If Black Lives matter, then stop aborting half of the conceived babies in the Black Community, people.

    The elite whites are not grabbing women and aborting their kids, like they do in China.

    This is an act of will. Raise the child your self, or give it to a relative, or a gay couple. Stop genocide of your people.

  22. mallen11 says

    They just don’t get it — what the protestors are doing does not make them likable or respected. They are causing more harm and dislike and they solve nothing. Their so called leaders need to stop the outrage and help heal the pain they feel because they are not believing the truth. Their leaders lie and it causes more hate. This is not the way to solve their problems. If the news would ignore the riots, they would not get such a charge out of what they are doing.

  23. sturgis says

    When will it end? When we shoot them all, Starting with the POS in the White House!

  24. marlene says

    It will end when blacks are marginalized and thrown out of government!

  25. OSAMA OBAMA says

    Buy guns and ammo, then tell no one you own them!

  26. wapitihunter says

    It will not end until until people are willing to become responsible for their own actions. But these who are rioting, stealing, looting and destroying property are not going to stop as long as our leadership allows and encourages them to carry out these racist actions. That is not going to happen either. So this will only be stopped by force. Protesting is one thing and supported by the Constitution but Riots, theft, arson, vandalism and murder are a whole different story. The lawless will not stop until they are shot. It is apparent now that they will not stop until they are forced into becoming human beings again and not animals.

  27. Shauna says

    It will be interesting to see what happens, when the police have had enough……see, cause the savages don’t really care about the facts and they use anything as a excuse to loot, tear down things, and act like beasts for no reason, so when they actually turn on each other, it will be a whole other type of genocide..Will those “stirring” the pot take responsibility then? I wonder. If Al Sharpton is shot by one of those who was “riled up” by him and the rest of the idiots, will the rest scream racism then? You know what? I’m going to pull up a chair, open a beer, and watch…( and laugh if Al or the rest of the idiots are shot by the very people they stirred into a frenzy)…..Oh the fun!

  28. Colleen Cardoza Souza says

    Throw a few tear gas bombs then arrest them and let them spend a night in jail that ought to curb some of them!

  29. Michael Skaggs says

    Plus, Bloomberg was a gun control leftist, but at lease he had the backs of the NYPD.

  30. JIMBO says

    There is one very important thing to remember regarding this protest movement. Obama is itching to implement marshal law. These riots are hiss excuse. Don’t be fooled by the likes of Sharpton and all the other so called leaders of the Black population. The only interest in the black population that they care about is what personal gain can the get from it. hey have been living off the backs of the blacks for a very long time. Al Sharpton just happens to be one that is in bed with Obama at this time. Be carful what you wish for, it can come back at you with a vengeance.

  31. Sammi De La Cruz says

    Would it do any good to tell them? Most likely not! The numbers are there how blacks commit more murder then anyone else, they kill more blacks, whites and others. Yes there have been black put in jail who were not guilty of the crime, sometimes they were railroaded even though the cops knew they were not guilty and a lessor amount of other races have had that happen to them too. But all around things have been getting better then along comes Obama and Holder now thing are one big crap hole of lies. The crap of lies that Obama and Holder are putting out as truth are only so Obama can have a reason to call Marshall Law so he can crown him self as king. Pray people that will not happen. Ask the Lord to put a stop to Obama, Holder and all the other liberals and help us save this great Nation. But do not just pray, prepare your self as best you can. Some like my self can not bear the cost of arms to protect our selves but can prepare in other ways and so can you. I pray that we will all come out the victors! Bless you all my brothers and sister no mater what race you are as the Lord is our Father you are my brothers and sisters.

  32. marilyn says


  33. 4b4mac says

    Don’t bet good money that the cops are “afraid” to perform. If they’re smart, the cops will gauge their “let up” or, in other words, be selective about how and (perhaps) what kinds of crime to allow. It may just be possible that the situation so managed could eventually find even the communists pleading for help – and their politicians grasping to order crackdowns. Stay tuned!

  34. Melveta says

    His hope for his fundamental change has unfolded…why can’t others see it for what it has been and IS. The good ones need to stick together…. I only know ones strung out across America…. I am my only protection…. small town…16,000 on west coast…. can’t buy ammo…. or reloading….all shut down here. That is what the deceitful one wanted and all his “Fathers” dreams are coming true…those of Frank Marshall Davis…..God only knows who the real daddy was….who gives a rats butt anyway…the guy is evil as all billy hell….and he is bringing it on.

    The Military, or used to anyway, had the honor of shooting the ONE, who gave the order to kill their own, does this still hold true, does anyone know. If it is true, then our military will not turn against us. If it is not true, heaven help us. I do believe he has his shadow army…. and if the Riots continue…he will use the pen and declare martial law….so he has that race card….and the card of the illegal immigrants….am I wrong ? I think not ! We lost Fox News here also…no coverage for them. Cable, nor Direct have it, now canceled on Dish….. They provide Newsmax and Al Jazerra, plus the lib mainstream crap.
    I have said so in so many places….that I am sure I will be targeted…. I will always stand for freedom and against what HE is bringing… I need a brother to watch my back and don’t have one.

  35. Goodforall says

    The sad truth is that black lives only matter when the thugs are shot by white policemen. I am so sick of all this BS-and we have Obama, Holder, Sharpton. and the rest of the race baiters to thank for all of this discord.

  36. unique201 says

    The police in New York have backed off making arrests. There has not
    been increased crime in the past week. The police are on strike. When
    they decide not to strike any longer, they need to go after the real criminals.
    The murderers, the robbers, the hit and run drivers, the strong armed
    robbers, and not bother a man selling untaxed cigarettes out of a pack.
    This strike has back fired on the police. We will not allow the police and the
    politicians to start a civil war in the United States.

  37. Barto says

    The Socialist Communist faction is continuing the protests with the help of some mindless followers and assorted malcontents in hopes of bring the USA down further so they can make headway in their agenda of diminishing America as we have known it.

  38. Pamela Craghill says

    These people incite murders and riots. They won’t be satisfied till more people are killed or maimed.

  39. The duck says

    IF as this article says, The people who will be most hurt by reduced policing are blacks themselves, it will be because of the closing of businesses run by those other than black and black proprietorships of legitimate businesses. New York could well become a black ghetto. Might be a good thing for the rich and famous libers living there to experience the errors of their ways.

  40. CATMAN says

    Even if there were someone with enough cojones to tell them did so, they wouldn’t believe it. They would still blame their situation on “whitey”. The race baiters have done a magnificent job convincing the blacks that they are the victims rather than place the blame where it belongs, on themselves.

  41. Dave McFarland says

    Those who propagate this racial myth that all ills of the black community are either the result of a systemic anti-black policies or that all police officers want to kill black people do so because it will make their lives relevant. Obama, Holder, Watters, Sharpton, Rev. Jackson (who routinely uses the Lord’s name in vain) and all the other progressive liberal Marxists will stop at nothing to divide this nation. It is one of the fundamental tools to create issues where none actually exist. It is not about race. It is however about culture. A culture that embraces infidelity, non marriage, violence, criminality, and identifying as a victim instead of associating with a producer. Today’s society is a battle among the producers and the takers.

  42. Deb says

    Marchers will be too buy getting drunks or looting on NYE to march. and who knows, maybe some will get jobs in the new year and smarten up and stoop marching.

  43. ONTHE WALL says

    It will end when everyone who is a real American realizes these protests are sponsored by COMMUNIST FOLLOWERS. Please see this internet address Then you will see!

  44. Joanne says

    We need to remember that Obama and his party have made sure to keep the people on the dole with the free money, this properly helped him get elected twice. After four years of this bozo why would anyone vote for another four? This is all part of destroying our country by adding to our deficit.

  45. MarcJ says

    Whatever bad is happening stems from the fact that B. Hussein Obama is a Marxist Muslim racist from Kenya.



  47. adrianvance says

    Those two black guys would be alive today if they had not resisted arrest and attacked police officers. Well duh!

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for analysis, facts and truth.

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