New York Times Grudgingly Reports on Trump’s Diverse Base


Writing as though they had discovered a strange enclave of black Klansmen, the New York Times produced an article on Monday that grudgingly acknowledged a facet of Donald Trump’s support that the mainstream media has been loathe to admit: Not all of his fans are “angry white men.”

Though the reporter still writes as though it is a settled fact that Trump is a racist, the paper deserves some small amount of credit for running the piece at all. In it, they interview several Tampa Trumpers from diverse ethnic backgrounds. Supporters like Mireya Linksy, a Cuban immigrant who spends many of her nights volunteering for Trump’s campaign:

Mrs. Linsky, 55, understands that some may see certain contradictions in the fact that she is now spending several nights a week volunteering here at Donald J. Trump’s campaign office. “Like I’m just pulling the drawbridge up behind me,” she says.

Yet Mrs. Linsky is also quick to acknowledge a long list of racial fears and resentments that she says help explain why she is drawn to Mr. Trump: She is furious at undocumented workers who “come basically to see what they can get.” She is wary of Muslim Americans imposing their religion on communities in the United States. She is fearful of more American jobs being outsourced to China, India or Mexico.

Too bad this article didn’t come with undercover video inside the New York Times editorial office. It would be interesting to see how close they came to sticking this one on the tack. This is the great unreported truth of American politics, and it goes beyond Trump’s campaign. To the undying astonishment of the media and politicians in both parties, it isn’t just “racist” whites who want to see this country made strong again. And there are many, many immigrants who despise illegals who make a mockery of the hard work they had to go through to obtain citizenship. Many Muslims who hate terrorists and terrorist-sympathizers for turning Westerners against the religion. Many blacks who hate nothing more than the cretins who further the worst of the stereotypes.

Liberals want to keep this secret hidden as far from the spotlight as possible. Just look at how mercilessly they attacked Ben Carson when he topped the polls for a week or two last year. There’s nothing more dangerous to their narrative than conservative minorities. They treat them as traitors – Uncle Toms oppressing their fellow minorities for their own selfish aims. When they come across exit polls that show Trump leading his Republican contenders with Muslims and Hispanics, they are baffled and angry. What possible insanity could be leading these fools to vote against their own interests?

These people are too drenched in their own worldview to ever admit that there might be substantive reasons for minorities to vote for a guy like Trump; they will forever see them as hapless idiots misled by a charlatan. And that’s fine. In fact, it’s perfect. Because the further the Democratic Party descends down the rabbit-hole of socialism, the more voters they will leave behind. At the end of the day, most minorities want what most whites want: a chance to live the American dream. And no matter how blatantly the Democrats pander, intelligent Americans of every race, sex, and faith are beginning to realize that their policies are strangling that dream out of existence.

  1. Tiger says

    Trump has indeed begun the “Movement”, this is what many are calling it, even those throughout the world. Nothing like this ever been seen in America since our Revolution. The fact that those with us are diverse is proof positive that we as a people are tired of business as usual in D.C. Tired of being bullied, ignored and abused by government. Good to see.

    This country needed an enema and looks like the “Movement” might just happen.

    1. Reality Check says

      correct me if I am wrong, but I thought you dumped trump a few lies ago.

      now he’s back in your good graces?

      so it’s socialism when Bernie wants Universal Healthcare but not when Trump says it?
      then it’s “good business”?
      raising taxes on Imports is good when Trump says it but a job killing idea when Bernie says it?

      1. Tiger says

        You are so far behind my posts you think you are first.

        Long ago I explained my reasons after research for going with Trump.

        1. Reality Check says

          so still not thinking straight.

          1. alegalcitizen says

            So someone with 25,587 posts and only 5,977 likeminded people is “thinking straight”, you better wake up from the deep sleep bubba.

          2. Reality Check says

            how DIM does a con need to be to think a LIBERAL is on a Tea Party site looking for UP Votes?

          3. hangem'high says

            Is that like having a BLM member at a Trump rally?

        2. Reality Check says

          what no reaction to the Florida Mayors who think Climate change is real?

          too much to handle?

          1. GOLDCLAW says

            Baba Yaga is coming for you out of the swamps!

          2. Reality Check says

            the horror.

          3. GOLDCLAW says

            Raised by wolves,eh?

          4. Reality Check says

            and STILL smarter than you.

          5. GOLDCLAW says

            So you say!

          6. Reality Check says

            you are so afraid of the liberal, YOU will RUN from a debate challenge.

            YOU can even pick the topic.

            now you can prove me wrong, but I highly doubt that will happen.

          7. GOLDCLAW says

            You are one bitter despicable person on this thread! !–Are you boiling poison for lunch?–Drink the kool-aid laced with anti-freeze !

          8. Reality Check says

            though that is a unique way of RUNNING, it comes to the same conclusion.
            cons don’t feel smart enough to debate the liberal.

          9. GOLDCLAW says

            So you think Queen Hillary and Comrad Bernie Sanders debate each other??-All they do is try to see who is more of a far leftist Moonbat!

          10. Reality Check says

            AND I saw the GOP discussing Trumps wiener size for 10 minutes in the debate, so…..

            you think the GOP in congress are “left” so…..

          11. Mike Burkett says

            Brave troll with no name (coward).

          12. Reality Check says

            posting your name on the internet demonstrates lack of a full deck.

          13. Scrubjay says

            Check, Climate change is real; just not the left fantasy of the anthroprogenic farce.

          14. Reality Check says

            wow, “anthroprogenic”

            big word for a moron.

          15. Scrubjay says

            Oh my goodness! Your name calling and judgment on my intellectual capabilities have just made be a believer!

            I’m coming over to your Progressive side. Do you have a hood that I can borrow?

          16. Reality Check says

            you been in a coma for two weeks?

          17. Scrubjay says

            Are you the guy in my profile picture?

          18. Reality Check says

            are you now a troll?

          19. Scrubjay says

            It is you who say it.

          20. Scrubjay says

            Did you miss me?

          21. Reality Check says

            not really.

          22. Reality Check says

            ” Do you have a hood that I can borrow?”

            more proof you are a low info tool of right wing propaganda.

          23. Scrubjay says

            How is that? Please enlighten me.

          24. Reality Check says

            you don’t really seem to be worth the time.

          25. Scrubjay says

            And yet, I’m apparently worth the time for you to snipe at.

            More likely, it’s because you can’t defend any of the positions you espouse.

          26. Reality Check says

            no fool, it’s cause you post moronic crap.

          27. Scrubjay says

            Once again, you take the time and effort to reply to my post.

          28. Reality Check says

            liberals are polite, especially to the “challenged”.

          29. Scrubjay says

            True, but you Progressives are not polite…To anyone. Please review your previous attacks.

          30. Scrubjay says

            Why, because Democrats started the klan and had it’s former grand master as a congressional leader whom they praised?

            If that makes me a tool, hang me in the shed.:)

          31. Reality Check says

            see, fool of right wing propaganda,
            the Democratic party has BOTH conservatives AND Liberals.

            we are an inclusive party, unlike the goosestepping GOP.

          32. Scrubjay says

            What are you talking about? Do you even know who Sen. Robert Byrd was?

            This is an example of you being confronted with facts and retort with name calling and some convoluted retort that has nothing to do with the original fact that you can’t deny.

          33. Reality Check says

            a BLUE DOG Dem, silly.
            and THEY are CONSERVATIVES

          34. Scrubjay says

            So, you don’t know. Would have been simpler to admit the truth.

          35. Joyce Brogan says

            Yeah?Back in the seventies,They were yelling about a new Ice age,when that did not happen,they changed tactics.Now it’s global warming.

          36. Scrubjay says

            I remember well.

          37. Scrubjay says

            Exactly! And the climate continues to change, regardless of what humans or animals do.

          38. Scrubjay says

            Right. Proof that the climate is in continual flux, regardless of human activity.

          39. Mike Burkett says

            Another democrap useful idiot.

          40. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            INVESTING TIP

            Just thought I’d pass along some advice my broker gave me …

            I called him this morning and asked him what I should be investing in as I feel interest rates are not going to be rising as they did during the late 70’s early 80’s. So I told him I thought we ought to be looking to get out of bonds and finding a safe haven in which to invest. I asked him, “Should we move to precious metals, foreign currency or what?”

            He responded, “If the Democrats are in office much longer, canned goods, water and ammunition are probably your best bet.”

          41. Phoebe Isley says

            Another great one! My morning is looking up!

          42. Reality Check says

            so that was supposed to be?

            actually, IF he told you to get out of Bonds, you need a better advisor.

            THAT is where to be right now.

          43. Darlene says

            Exactly————Amen to that response

          44. Tiger says

            Well good to see you still around and a big fan of mine.

            Don’t thins the Florida Mayors are scientists and their opinion worth a tiddly wink. Think the NASA scientists who say it is bunk and bother know what they are saying, I will go with them.

          45. Reality Check says

            THE POINT would be that EVEN GOP mayors are on the band wagon.

            so you think the ONE NASA scientist who happens to be an engineer not a climate scientist, is better than the DOZENS of Climate scientists in NASA and NOAA?

            so still disingenuous and low info, I see.

          46. hangem'high says

            Well, until they start arresting deniers, until that time I say; it’s not man-made!

          47. Reality Check says

            195 countries have already said you cons are morons.

            you opinions are IRRELEVANT.

          48. hangem'high says

            The Muslims have come a long way since then, too bad Europe was pre occupied by global warming!


          49. Reality Check says

            you believe any shit someone makes?

            how about that video I put up about hangem’high who loves to have sex with dogs.

            does that mean it’s true or that someone made some FALSE propaganda?

            and you pretend to be “with IT”?

          50. hangem'high says

            Sorry I must have hit your Gee spot!

          51. Reality Check says

            I guess it WAS asking to much expecting an intelligent response.

          52. hangem'high says

            Oh yeah, you have all the intelligent answers and now your stump’t?

          53. Reality Check says

            no one fears Trump.

            Guaranteed Hillary win.
            half the conservatives will not vote for the ASS.
            Dems will come out in DROVES to stop the ASS.

            go for IT.

          54. hangem'high says

            I’m guessing they will if ‘n the grave train is coming to a stop, it would be a good time to document the Illegals, and expose the elites own fraud of the Ponzi scheme!


            I know you’ll like this one!

          55. Reality Check says

            the fool should know by now he has posted that at least a dozen times.

            you THAT low functioning?

          56. hangem'high says

            OK then how about this one!


            I’m thinking since you don’t watch the clips that brother Nathen’s left profile looks a lot like his right!

          57. Mike Burkett says

            All professional politicians or third-world depots, I’ll go with NASA.

          58. Reality Check says

            you think NASA supports climate change denial?

          59. Joyce Brogan says

            The low info crowd is buying up sunscreen and moving away from the water.getting ready for the big flood.

          60. Reality Check says

            you mean the GOP mayors?

            so WHAT evidence do you base your childrens future ON?

          61. Mike Burkett says

            $19 Trillion in debt and your worried about children.

          62. Reality Check says

            well ya, they have to pay IT.

          63. GOLDCLAW says

            I took Geology in college and learned the earth has ever changing climates! –Remember the earth has had several ice ages down through geologic time period! !–Mississippi had shallow seas up to the middle of the state 3 million years ago!!–I found a shark’s tooth close to Meridian –About 200 miles from Gulf Coast

          64. Tiger says

            Yep and Florida also and that is why our forests are filled with snow white sand. Sharks teeth can be found there also. When in Spain I found sharks teeth thousands of years old. You must be lucky to find that tooth. ;p

          65. GOLDCLAW says

            When I buy that property in Tennessee, I’m gonna use a metal detector to try to find artifacts!

          66. Tiger says

            Ohhh you are on one of my favorite subjects. My X and I had state of the art metal detectors. We used to go to the Court Houses in old towns and look at the plats that laid out the land years ago. We would go to old parks, around old houses in the country and you name it. We had jars of coins, jewelry etc. It was such fun.

            Where I live very active Civil War area. All the small towns around harbored soldiers and I just haven’t gotten into it yet.

            Ohhhhh love metal detecting.

          67. GOLDCLAW says

            Gonna be fun

          68. Tiger says

            And profitable.

          69. GOLDCLAW says

            Hope so!

          70. Tiger says

            You need to put out the money for a good machine. It will be well worth it. You will learn to pick good sites. For quick money the beach is always a good place. I find tons of quarters under the boardwalks etc. Lovers enjoy those places so when disrobing they lose the coins. School grounds good for tons of coins, the playground area. Any stadium, under the stands. Then when going to old homes the fence posts are good places to find jars filled with coins. During the Civil War people kept their money etc, in jars hidden in the barn or around fence posts.

            You will get the hang of it.

          71. GOLDCLAW says

            I hope I can find some vintage artifacts –The county I’m buying the property in is Lewis County–Named for Merriweather Lewis of Lewis and Clark! !–I read where John Bell Hood, a Texas Confederate Calvary officer took some of the iron gates around Lewis grave to make horseshoes !

          72. Tiger says

            I love history. When we would travel around the country my favorite things covered bridges and old graveyards. You will have to do your homework and that means going through old plats at the courthouse. Where I live I am surrounded by ancient Indian mounds and Civil War history. There are over 500 ancient villages in the Ocala Forest but you will play Hades trying to find where they are, no history available. You have to go to another county to attempt to find anything out. There were two towns along the river that nobody can find the remnants of. But the Rangers know and the oldsters who heard stories know and they plunder the sites. We have seen well fitted out people with huge backpacks and digging instruments come out of the forest when we hike.

            OK I have my metal detector in the car you got me all excited. Going to have to go out today and do some digging. ;p

          73. GOLDCLAW says

            I love history as well–Especially civil war history since both sides of my family fought for the Confederacy! –I have to get the property surveyed!–I have been a surveyor, petroleum landman and Cartographer!!–Worked with plats and maps all my life

          74. Tiger says

            There ya have it. Don’t uproot a single thing til you do just that. I had an old caddie once with a sun roof. I would go to the Swanee and park the caddie in front of the kayak rental. They knew me so not a problem. This is when I was Intensive Care and ER dialysis nurse at Shands. I would sleep in the caddie and rent a kayak next day. The guides would take you as far down the river as you wanted. I remember them telling me a story. They were making a new path down the rive roads and they found a box of silverware, hidden in the bushes. An entire box, beautiful. They found gold, coins and so much more everywhere.

            Someone in the business once told me and the X there is more treasure under the ground than on the top of this earth. I believe them, in Florida after a big storm people would go to the beach and find gold pieces. But nobody allowed to metal detect in St. Augustine or on the beaches.

            Then we have battle grounds where thousands died during the Civil War and never touched. Never. But when you go there the Aura is such you would not dare touch that ground.

          75. GOLDCLAW says

            I will say that if I find anything that’s deemed historical artifacts, I’m not telling the government or the state of Tennessee! !–They will shut you down!–Forget that noise! –Treasures are being found every day! !–Have invested a lot in vintage gold and silver coins!

          76. Tiger says

            There is an active underground for treasure hunters you will find it.


          77. GOLDCLAW says

            They are still finding treasures off the coast of Florida –Do you live near the beach?

          78. Tiger says

            I am within one hour of both oceans. Yes they find treasure all the time and some beaches like in Corpus Christi you cannot use a detector.

          79. GOLDCLAW says

            I live about 200 miles from my Gulf Coast–ugly beach!–ugggg

          80. Tiger says

            LOLOL not our beaches ours are gorgeous.

          81. GOLDCLAW says

            I have seen a lot of beaches of the world but I still love Destin Beach!

          82. Tiger says

            Destin Beach that rings a bell. The beaches off Pensacola are sugar white sand as are those in other areas around here.

          83. GOLDCLAW says

            That’s part of the Redneck Riveria,Ft. Walton,Panama City and Destin!

          84. Tiger says

            LOLOL I been to the Real Riveria and not even as beautiful as some of our American beaches just gorgeous people there that is the pull.

          85. Dennis Derstine says

            The earth heats up, the earth cools down 10-12,000 year cycles.

          86. Reality Check says

            YA BUT, the PROBLEM is this is happening in 100 years not 10 thousand.

            so WHAT Evidence do you hang your kids future ON?

          87. Reality Check says

            so do you believe in gravity?
            why the sky is blue?

            WHAT science works for you?
            why do you pick and choose what parts of accepted science to believe?

            is it religious or political?

          88. aschark says

            #3 is Al Gore’s prediction in 2008 that there will be no ice in the Arctic in 5-7 years – since then, the ice expanded. Like I said earlier, mail all of your contributions to bho, c/o Gitmo, Cuba.

          89. Reality Check says

            you cite rabid “dailycaller’, one of the most batshit crazy publications on the internet?
            (so much for your grey matter)

            and I cite NASA.

            WHO do you think the “normal people” are going to believe, fool?

          90. aschark says

            OK RC, you caught me on this one, but here’s a site where Al Gore predicts an Arctic melt down in 5-7 years:


            Uncle Al said this on 12/9/07, There are other clips on this video, starring Uncle Al and his “doom” predictions, that I know you won’t be interested in, but they’re there (not photo shopped). RC, if you really want to save this planet from “climate change,” send your money to BHO, c/o Gitmo, Cuba (I am repeating myself with this address I’m sending you, but I know that facts do get in your way). I wish you the best of luck in your world. You’ll need it

        3. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

          A Short Spelling Lesson

          The last four letters in American………I Can

          The last four letters in Republican…….I Can

          The last four letters in Democrats……..Rats

          End of Lesson!

          No need to thank me, I am just helping you

          expand your education.

      2. GOLDCLAW says

        What these paid Bill Ayers types of protesting thugs don’t realize is, Everytime they show up and scream against free speech,Donald Trump gets 10 more voters!

        1. Reality Check says

          and loses 20 real American voters.

          1. Scrubjay says


          2. Reality Check says

            like cons provide proof?

          3. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            Have you heard they’re using democrats instead of rats in laboratories these days? There are three reasons for this:

            1. democrats reproduce faster.

            2. The scientists don’t get attached to the democrats.

            3. A democrat will do things a rat wouldn’t even consider.

          4. Scrubjay says

            I’m asking you, not the cons, whatever that might be.

            By the way, is this you in my profile picture?

          5. Scrubjay says

            Good answer. Now I see your logic. I believe you’re starting to convince me of your positions.

          6. Reality Check says

            you woke up and decided to troll?

          7. Scrubjay says

            In your mind, apparently.

          8. Reality Check says

            5 days to come up with THAT?

          9. Scrubjay says

            Nope! I only get on here now and then.

            I work full time and have a life, so, unlike you, I don’t have time to troll the web all day, every day.

          10. Reality Check says

            well after 40 years in the film industry, I am retired with my union pension.
            so is the teacher wife.

            live better, work union.

          11. Scrubjay says

            Sleep well at night, work for yourself. Builds self esteem and real wealth.

          12. Reality Check says

            I had my own production company.
            I was the boss.

          13. Scrubjay says

            There’s hope for you yet!

          14. Scrubjay says

            All the time.

            When faced with proof, you start name-calling.

          15. Reality Check says

            lets see some?

          16. Scrubjay says

            In regard to what, specifically?

          17. Reality Check says

            Obama is a Muslim.

          18. Scrubjay says

            There are more important things to discuss. By the way I never said he was one, just a supporter.

        2. Michelle Minze-Bryant says

          Yea, most people aren’t driven by hate, like these establishments now days. Not sure of your religious views, but there’s an outpouring of God’s spirit, and with that, people flee from evil and hate. Want to do all they can to put America Back to a Godly nation. And all the politicians seem to have their own Agenda, not caring about ‘we the people’.

          1. GOLDCLAW says

            Shakespeare said that hell is empty and all the devils walk the earth!

          2. cal3301 says

            I would rather live my life as if there is a God and die to find out there isn’t, than live as if there isn’t and to die to find out that there is.
            Albert Camus

          3. GOLDCLAW says

            Great quote!

          4. Darlene says

            YES———it is

          5. Darlene says

            Amen to that ….

          6. moshekerr says

            Howdy cal3301 a good day to you. I realize the rant that i
            seek to share with you does not totally fit this “Trump’s Diverse Base”
            in the sense that i wrote this as a response to another subject. None
            the less its an expression of my interests and therefore I thought to
            share with you.

            Marx, a product of his Age, rightly despised the Church with all its
            abuses of power and corruption. Marx lived a quiet life, ideas which
            employ Hegel’s dialectics do not fall into theological constructs of
            Satanist or evil spirit or any such metaphor. Marx addressed the
            oppression which resulted from the Industrial Revolution which
            transformed European agricultural based rural societies to industrial
            city based societies. The abuses in child labor, that’s just one of the
            most obvious abuses which prevailed in Western industrialize nations at
            the boom of the industrial revolution in Western Europe.

            of Stalin and Mao that’s a Communism of a completely different Age!
            Confusing Marx’s economic theories with wicked political leaders who
            later lead national revolutions and whose policies bloomed for a season
            or two or three and faded back upon the dung heaps of history, this
            confusion of thought approaches slander.

            With 22 hindsight we can
            all pretend to be political geniuses. The 500 year old Czarist regime
            its bureaucratic corruption and incompetence made it ripe for political
            collapse. But then the same thing occurred with the British empire, and
            this same reality now confronts and directly threatens the evil Pax
            American Empire as it consumed the old USSR.

            Leadership of a
            nation has its risks. Just as business can fail based primarily upon
            poor business leadership and decisions so to national leadership can
            bring a nation to ruin. Obama and Bush before him history most probably
            shall view their “leadership” as both a failure and contributing
            greatly to the total collapse of the post WW2 Pax American Empire.

          7. cal3301 says

            I agree with the Obama part. Bush still showed the military respect and did not divide the country by the color of their skin, as Obama did.
            As I stated, my father’s parents fled Lithuania because the way things were over there(Socialism). The funny, but not so funny, part of my family’s history, is the fact that they all got beat up on. Lithuania was once 3/4 of Europe, from the Baltic to the Black Sea. Now they’re just a speck on the map next to White Russia. The Cree use to roam from Canada to Pennsylvania to the Midwest. Now the majority live on a reservation in Canada. Even my mother’s grandfather was picked on and he was Welsh. Look up about the Molly Maguires in PA. They killed several of my relatives. They liked my mother’s grandfather though and use to dress him up as a woman to sneak him through town so he wouldn’t be hurt. Life can be funny in weird ways.

          8. moshekerr says

            Alas all the elected puppet politicians, judges and police – Federal and State – these puppets, one and all, owned bought and paid for front men/women which conceals the patronage of the Corporate Monopoly Masters who run the United States by means of their Corporate lobbies who right the laws which Congress passes.

          9. cal3301 says

            I can’t say that, as I have known some really honest and trustworthy ones, where I live. The good ones usually get eaten by the rotten ones, but there are some out there.

          10. Mike Burkett says

            See Phyllis Schlafly’s interview with Breitbart – ‘Americans Last ideology shared by both political party establishments.

          11. Darlene says

            That is the truth—I Pray every night that Jesus Christ will HELP America– and keep us all safe, Americans and Christians, and Keep Mr. Trump.. safe, and that
            he will help him to make America Great Again..

        3. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

          It was pointed out to me that on election day the Democratic vote started out with a pretty healthy lead – and then the Republicans got off work.

          1. Phoebe Isley says

            That is classic!

          2. Deborah Henderson says

            It always works that way. I wish there was some way to get a poll of which party has the most working class of people compared to non-workers (not including Senior Citizens as they are getting back part of what they paid in to the ponzi scheme, or full time students). I know which way the results would lean but would really like to know the numbers.

          3. GuardianFlame says

            Easy to estimate. Conservatives have a huge amount of numbers working at every kind of job they can get. I’ve never met any Conservative that can sit around and blow hot air like liberals do. Guess Libs are venting their foggy brains when they do that.

            Conservatives move to make things better and grow, so when they take a job, they give 100 percent, are responsible and loyal to their employers…good employees to have.
            Most liberals I’ve worked with end up quitting for a myriad of reasons and many are doing nothing now because Welfare and its “Perks” pays better than their old jobs.

            Conservatives are “Movers and Grovers”.
            Liberals are “Users and Abusers”
            — easy way to remember who does most of the work in this Nation.

          4. Mike Burkett says

            By stripping away the work requirement from receiving welfare/FS/snap, Obama has made being on welfare/FS/snap more lucrative than working the jobs they are qualified for (for their vote, of coarse). Did you here Hillary tell the hard working coal miners in the coal-belt that she would shut-down the coal industry and immediately enroll all displaced coal workers onto public-assistance programs.

          5. GuardianFlame says

            What a moron that woman is! Yeah, let’s put everyone on Welfare so there are no more coal mines! That makes all the sense in the world, but no one said she was smart, just slippery! I so pray that most libs see through her smoke screen and know she is America’s Enemy #2 — bho is A.E. #1!

          6. Darlene says

            You sure said the truth….JESUS, Please help us get rid of those two Demons, who have ruined America——

          7. GuardianFlame says

            Yes, I AGREE! Interesting choice of words, but you hit it right on the head, at least for obama. Hillary is just so self absorbed she can’t get past her own nose on her face.

            bho, on the other hand is very demonic. In fact, when he was saying his acceptance speech in 2008, I became so deathly sick to my stomach just hearing his words and when I went to see the TV, looking at him I thought I was going to throw up right there on the TV. Weird thing was when I turned the TV off, the whole sick thing disappeared. So I turned it back on to test what was happening, and the feeling came rushing back to my stomach. Needless to say, I unplugged the TV until he was done speaking. Ever since then I can’t listen to him without feeling nauseated — truly physically sick to my stomach — so I don’t listen to him or watch him any more.

            I have a friend who is very spiritual and she said bho affects her the same way, so she doesn’t ever listen or watch him. I asked her why we were feeling that way. Are you ready for this? Because he is pure unadulterated “EVIL” in human form and when people are sensitives (like myself and my friend), they can “feel” other people’s honesty or evil. In this case, I could feel obama’s evil even through the TV.

            Interesting part was I used to work at a high end Luxury car dealership in Southern California. I could tell them if a person applying for a job was a good hire or a bad hire. So I interviewed/spoke to each potential hire “before” they were hired. Every hire I gave the “O.K.” to turned out to be a great employee and hard worker…except one which I told them NOT to hire him because I had a bad feeling about him. They went ahead and hired him and by the third month of his employment, he had stolen over $50,000 in high end luxury car parts and thousands of dollars out of the cash register in the Parts Dept. Funny thing was the Parts Director didn’t believe that I could “read” people, but after that disaster which he was responsible for, he never doubted my judgement again.

            So I guess that day when listening to obama “LIE” in front of millions of Americans, I got a true reading of what kind of man he was…lower than a demonic 7 headed snake! Hillary is right there with him I am sure!

          8. Darlene says

            Thank-YOU Sir for answering my post–I

          9. Darlene says

            Thank-You Sir, for your reply—I SURE enjoyed what you said, I also
            can’t stand to look at him or listen to him..he is such a Liar, the truth is not in him..and all that he stands for, is everything against what I grew up believing in from what I was taught, to be a person of your word and be Honest…Satan is in him and controls him—also Hillary,

            she is a satanic..Demon..I Pray JESUS KEEPS Trump safe till the real Election in Nov. Ovomit-a Muslim–wants Hillary to win so he can control her, and our government-they want a One World Government, under Muslim Shariah terminate All Americans and CHRISTIANS

          10. GuardianFlame says

            The one thing the devil is good at is making people think he cares abt them when in reality he is just using them for his own end. Hillary is definitely a User and Abuser by all her illegal and uncaring acts against the American people. Her life has always been abt her wants and her goals and she will use anyone (Benghazi Slaughter) and anythiing (personal unsecured email server at her home) to accomplish those goals.

            I pray the Grand Jury that is investigating her actions and her fraudulant Charity Foundation finds enough evidence to put her behind bars for a very long time! But know she is a slippery snake and has managed to slip out of the hangman’s noose before but — has never been brought before the Grand Jury. This is a new ball game and the consequences are “time served”. Pray that the governing board finds her guilty and in need of prison time before the General Election. It’s time for the Good to win and the bad to pay. It’s been a long time coming!

          11. Darlene says

            WERE Charges pressed against the man who stole all that money..?

          12. GuardianFlame says

            Yes, he was prosecuted and went to jail. Whenever someone refuses to look at your face when answering questions, that’s a “tell” meaning they are hiding something and are afraid they’ll give it away by their eyes. That thief wouldn’t look me in the eyes when he answered my questions, so I knew he was lying about something. But apparently he was lying about many things.

            Obama and hillary both are pathological liars which means they truly believe their lies to be truths. They have lied so much in their worlds that they are living a life built around lies. Evil is what evil does.

          13. Darlene says

            hillary is a real Demon—controlled by Satan–we NEED to be…. RID of her..

          14. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            I like to think of the present campaign as one of those who love personal responsibility and freedom along with love of the Constitution and Bill of rights vs government as the be all and end all along with total dependency on government and the pocket book of the ambitious is society.

          15. GuardianFlame says

            That’s it in a nutshell! Nicely put!

            Thank you for your service VN Vet!

            Where were you fighting in Viet Nam? I had a close friend who was a Corpsman on the Hospital Ship, U.S. Constitution I believe, stationed just off shore Viet Nam. He would write abt all the atrocities he saw happening to our Military and to the Vietnamese people.

            One of the victims of the Viet Cong was a 2 year old toddler which the Naval Crew named “Charlie”. The Viet Cong doctors sewed his rectum shut and tied off his penis so the little guy couldn’t eliminate. Why? Because they wanted to see how long it would take for him to die or explode. Depraved Monsters! If our Military hadn’t taken down the Viet Cong village and found Charlie he would have been dead in a day because the V.C. kept stuffing food down his throat to see if his stomach would rupture. The doctors on the ship operated immediately on Charlie so he could eliminate normally…highly successful operation! My friend sent me a pic of Charlie and him the day after the surgery. Charlie was smiling and 100 percent happy little boy!

            So I guess there are “monsters” who prey on innocents throughout our lives. I just think Americans are done with the Monsters in Washington D.C. who have been preying on our way of life and we are ready for a better life for all!

            We must consider ourselves lucky! At least we don’t have to struggle with someone who just wants to torture us like Charlie did. Or do we…bho???

          16. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            I think you must be referring to the USS Sanctuary. I was there in parts of 1966,7,8 & 9. Made two tours serving on LST’s and supplying our Marine and Army bases from Da Nang, Chu Lai and Cua Viet plus any other areas we were sent to, The Army and Marines with ‘boots on the ground’ will always be my personal heroes.

          17. GuardianFlame says

            My friend served in 63-66, but I’m pretty sure the Hospital Ship was the U.S. Constitution. He sent me a pic of it at the time. They probably rotated the Hospital Ships in that area because of all the injuries to our guys. Those poisoned bungee sticks the Viet Cong stuck in the marshes caused many to lose part of their feet/legs because of the infection from the poison and dirty infected waters there. It was a nasty war and I wanted to kick any American who wouldn’t stand up for our Guys in Uniform! There were a lot of idiots then walking around talking like they knew what they were saying when they had no idea of what was really going on…kind of like what is happening today in our Country.

            You Military will always have a Special place in my heart and a truckload of “Thanks” for all you risked so we could live FREE! Thank you curmudgeon VN Veteran!

          18. Mike Burkett says

            How about the percentage of contributors for each party.

          19. Joyce Brogan says

            Funny!but sadly true for most.

      3. GOLDCLAW says


      4. Sandrabcurtis2 says

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        1. Dennis Derstine says

          You are doing very well with multi level marketing. I guess residuals on selling an info package are good. When does the pyramid run out of suckers??

      5. Dennis Derstine says

        I don’t really follow Bernie or Hillary. In my opinion NAFTA needs to be repealed and tariffs slapped on all products imported from companies that left the USA. Then lower the corporate tax rate to 7-10% to bring them and the jobs back.
        Personally, I follow companies that have moved production out of this country and I no longer buy their products (if I did use them in the past).
        I have had it with the “tax the rich” we’ll fix ’em!! We need a flat tax of 6% and a federal consumption tax of 1%, except on food and perscription drugs. That would be overly fair. No matter what income level you are, you buy things.
        And enact term limits too. Two terms for everyone and no more pensions, I can’t afford it anymore.
        Ok, I’m off the soap box now.

        1. Reality Check says

          “We need a flat tax of 6% and a federal consumption tax of 1%”

          so much for you knowledge base on economics.

          where did you pull THAT number?

          SINCE 10% flat has been SOUNDLY refuted as NOT ENOUGH and MAYBE 15% would hold but that is if we stop spending like drunken sailors on the MILITARY
          who BY THE WAY have LOST 8 TRILLION .

          that is half the national debt and the GOP don’t even hold a press confresnce to decry IT.

          to busy defunding ACA

          1. Dennis Derstine says

            My numbers are sound. There also needs to be the elimination of waste and fraud. We also don’t need to fund pensions of our elected officials after one term. The civil war was fought over big government in Washington. Now 150 years later what do we have? A HUGE federal government out of control and dictating everything on the states. That was why the south pulled out. When nothing changes history repeats.
            No one (with very few exceptions) in Washington does anything for the good of this nation, all they do is line their pockets. If you aren’t disgusted by this I don’t know what to tell you.
            Taking more from the productive to cover the non productive will not work either. ALL citizens need to be accountable. Any questions??

          2. Reality Check says

            “We also don’t need to fund pensions of our elected officials after one term”

            WE DON’T.

            so much for YOUR knowledge.

            look that UP and get back to me.

          3. Reality Check says

            “No one (with very few exceptions)”

            the Exceptions ARE Democrats, so….

          4. Dennis Derstine says

            We obviously have very opposite opinions and view points. And we can express them in this open forum…….one of the beauties of this nation.
            But I do support a more conservative approach and a much smaller federal government.
            Let’s just agree to disagree.

          5. Reality Check says

            the federal government is smaller than in the ronny reagan era, so…

            Opinions are one thing, FACTS are another.

          6. Dennis Derstine says

            There is far more regulation. There are far more mandates to the states. We have more taxation, more federal programs……..
            That my friend is fact. That is a larger out of control central government.

          7. Reality Check says

            that my friend is WHAT YOU SAY.
            now you have to prove that.

            since you are the small business guy, NAME a NEW fed law that is hurting your business.

          8. Dennis Derstine says

            That’s easy……the ACA costs me almost $4,000/year per employee in increased premiums. If I don’t offer benefits I don’t retain quality people.
            Anything else I can help you with??

          9. Reality Check says

            so you have over 50 employees.
            hardly small business.

            “$4,000/year per employee”

            so what industry are you in.
            Mining Uranium?
            “single payer” pool rates would really help those “numbers”

          10. Dennis Derstine says

            I am a commercial/industrial electrical contractor. My options are severely limited in my zip code. Insurance option vary from state to state and zip code to zip code.

          11. Reality Check says

            construction trades always have higher costs for HC and workman’s comp
            I was film industry.we have the same issues

            pray for single payer and you will get that Mercedes.

          12. Reality Check says

            “If I don’t offer benefits I don’t retain quality people.”

            so lets have this make sense in regards to “you give them healthcare”.

          13. Reality Check says

            so you should be supporting universal HC.
            get that 4000 back in your pocket.

            You a Bernie guy?

          14. Reality Check says

            “If you aren’t disgusted by this I don’t know what to tell you.”

            I AM.

            but the problem is mostly on the GOP side.
            the GOP who voted for the TPP proves WHO is BOUGHT and WHO is NOT.

            look at who voted for the TPP

            190 GOP and 28 Dems in the house voted for the take over of the US economy by corporations.


            ao tell me again who is bought and who isn not.

            Ya the fool Obama did back this.
            I send him a hate email every week about IT and NAFTA.

        2. Reality Check says

          “Personally, I follow companies that have moved production out of this country and I no longer buy their products”

          I would wager that you walk around naked, since pretty much everything we wear is from China.
          unless you have the money to buy Italian?

          and you don’t own electronics obviously.

          1. Dennis Derstine says

            Try shopping at
            No I don’t walk around naked. It costs a little more upfront but my jeans last 3X as long as those cheesy imports at Wal-Mart so in the long run it averages out.
            As for electronics check out Element brand tv’s and the Moto X smart phone.
            You might be surprised what you can find made here with just a little effort.

          2. Reality Check says

            I will not set foot in a walmart.

          3. hangem'high says

            Better do some sole searching?


          4. Reality Check says

            this was stupid the first couple times.
            the hundredth time is moronic.

        3. Reality Check says

          “That would be overly fair. No matter what income level you are, you buy things.”

          so the poor spend 100% of their earnings to live and rich pay .0001% of their earning to live, and you think the tax system would be fair that way.


          now we know why your career in economics was so short.

        4. Reality Check says

          The ideology of a flat-rate tax may seem perfect on the surface to
          many people, but when you look at it a little deeper and examine some statistics, you will find that a flat-rate tax is another scam that
          benefits the rich who will pay less taxes and will only hurts
          working-class people.

          If you haven’t noticed already, America has the highest, and I
          mean highest, wealth inequality in the world. In 2007, the richest 1% of Americans owned about 35% of the nation wealth, and I can guarantee that in 2013, it is much higher. If you were to add the next richest 4% of Americans and take the wealth of the richest 5% of Americans, the amount of the nation’s wealth that they own climbs to about 62%.

          From an ethical viewpoint, one must ask themselves, do the top 5% of Americans work so hard that they deserve 62% of the nation’s wealth? If all of the workers that they hired who created that wealth suddenly left, would those 5% of Americans be just as rich?

          The reason why I explain this is that a flat-rate tax would work
          well if everyone made the same-amount or at least close to the same
          amount of income. However, since America has the highest wealth
          inequality in the world, our tax structure should reflect that.

          We all hear about the deficit and ask what went wrong. What went
          wrong was this: We put in policies that allowed the wealthy to exploit
          the working-class and force so many into poverty. We cut taxes on the wealthy and as the working-class got poorer, we saw less taxable income from them as well.
          The reason why a progressive tax structure works best is that it
          bases off someone’s ability to pay. For somebody that makes $25,000 dollars a year compared to someone that makes a million dollars, a tax rate at 10% is more damaging to their ability to survive off their income than someone who makes a million dollars. For example, after taxes (with a 10% tax rate), it is hard to survive on $22,500 compared to $900,000.

          make sense?

          1. Dennis Derstine says

            So wealth redistribution is your answer? That’s called socialism. A flat tax is a flat tax. No loop holes. I work hard as a small business owner. I’ll never be in the top 1% and I’m ok with that.
            Plain and simple, enact it and enforce it.

          2. Reality Check says

            “So wealth redistribution is your answer”

            so making up POO is your rebuttal?

          3. Dennis Derstine says

            So what did I make up? Sounds to me like you are hating on people for being wealthy. I stated some simple facts. Please re-read my rebuttal. What part of close the loop holes and level the playing don’t you understand?? 6% of a billion dollars is the same 6% on a $50,000 income. If you earn a paycheck, why waste the time and money collecting the federal withholding, processing mountains of paperwork at tax time and then issuing refunds?? Doesn’t collecting a tax once AND reducing expenses make sense to you??
            Also if I were in that top percentage and all my employees suddenly left, I wouldn’t care. I’m sure I would have enough set back so I could live out my days quite comfortably. They didn’t become a success being stupid.

          4. Reality Check says

            “So wealth redistribution is your answer? That’s called socialism”
            THAT was you making up POO.

            wealth redistribution is a cool talking point with NO real MEANING.

            the guy left with 900,000 is hardly poor now IS HE?

            IF we had wealth redistribution, HE would have 22,500 left not 900,000.

          5. Dennis Derstine says

            Re distribution isn’t a talking point, it’s what DC is trying to do with taxes. The ACA is full of taxes. The ACA has raised my premiums almost 50% so I can help subsidize someone elses care.
            They want to raise taxes on capital gains, a penalty on people who have the brains to trade stocks. (I flip stocks and it will hit me in the wallet. I assure you I’m not in the top 10%.)
            Free cell phones, tax added to my bill for those that can’t afford it.
            Tax added to my internet so those who can’t afford it can have it.
            Redistribution of wealth, plain and simple! I’m sick of paying for useless people. Pay attention in school and get a job! I don’t mind helping those in real need, but if you aren’t productive…….piss off.

          6. Reality Check says

            Here we have an example of your BRAINWASHING.

            “Free cell phones”

            started by Ronny Reagan and PAID FOR by the telephone companies and an outside charity.
            NOT the government

          7. Dennis Derstine says

            Cell phones weren’t around in the 80’s…….lol Reagan was, so partial credit. If you own acell phone there is a tax added to your bill to offset the Obama phones. Please check your bill and research every fee and tax it contains.

          8. Reality Check says

            The Lifeline program originated in 1984, during the administration of Ronald Reagan; it was expanded in 1996, during the administration of Bill Clinton; and its first cellular provider service (SafeLink Wireless) was launched by TracFone in 2008, during the administration of George W. Bush.

            All of these milestones were passed prior to the advent of the Obama administration.

            The Lifeline program only covers monthly discounts on landline or wireless telephone service for eligible consumers. It does not pay cellular companies to provide free cell phones to consumers, although
            some cellular service providers choose to offer that benefit to their Lifeline customers.

            Lifeline discounts are not available only to “welfare recipients”— these programs are implemented at both the state and federal levels, so qualification criteria can vary from state to state, but in general participants must have an income that is at or below 135% of the federal Poverty Guidelines, or take part in at least one of the following federal assistance programs:


            Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (Food Stamps or SNAP);

            Supplemental Security Income (SSI);

            Federal Public Housing Assistance (Section 8);

            Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP);

            Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF);

            National School Lunch Program’s Free Lunch Program;

            Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance;

            Tribally-Administered Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TTANF);

            Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations (FDPIR);

            Head Start (if income eligibility criteria are met); or

            State assistance programs (if applicable).

            The Lifeline program is not directly subsidized by taxpayer monies. It is paid for out of the federal Universal Service Fund (USF) through a fee assessed against telecommunications service providers,
            who may or may not pass those costs along to their customers:


          9. Dennis Derstine says

            It actually goes way back. To 1913 if I’m not mistaken. The cost for this unfunded federal mandate is passed on to consure in fees imposed by the provider to cover the cost. Multi billion dollar companies are not going to eat this.
            Not the part of the unfunded federal mandate. Big government that doesn’t care. Hook up the gimmies!!

          10. Reality Check says

            ya, who wants poor people to be able to call for HELP.
            let them die if they can’t afford a phone.

            I fully understand the conservative mindset.

          11. Dennis Derstine says

            There ya go……screw ’em!! That’s not what I said. What I said was I’m tired of paying for someone elses cell phone. If you can’t afford it you don’t need it. I would love an iphone 6S but I can’t afford $800 for one. Make those that can afford it pay for those who can’t……. redistribution of wealth. I want Mercedes C class, will you buy it for me??

          12. Reality Check says

            “If you can’t afford it you don’t need it.”

            “to save just ONE Life”

            I believe THAT is the conservative Mantra when it comes to the Syrian refugee program.

            WHO pays for a phone?
            they give them to me, every two years.

            IF we had Universal HC, you could afford that Mercedes.

          13. Reality Check says

            I gave my employees, HC even though it cost MY bottom line.

          14. Reality Check says

            I am only in the top 10% and I am fine with that.
            I was a small business owner. (retired)
            don’t give you your CRAP.

          15. Joyce Brogan says

            So?more people should try working for a living.They might move up in the world.

          16. Reality Check says

            another fool who thinks they are the only ones with jobs?

        5. MTnman says

          “… a federal consumption tax of 1%, ” Here’s an idea: Why not a Federal CORRUPTION tax by taking a 1% deduction from taxes owed? Actually, that is much too low.

      6. Carolyn says

        Reality check: You do have a reading comprehension problem. Work on it, hopefully you will get there.

        1. Reality Check says

          But being specific was too hard for Carolyn?

      7. hangem'high says

        Save a moron dump Bernie and jail Hillary!

      8. Mike Burkett says

        Yeah, a citizen president the founding fathers would be proud of. We have had enough of the professional politicians.

        1. Reality Check says

          how is that addressing what I just said?

    2. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

      Bad news about Grandpa

      An elderly man had a massive stroke and

      the family drove him to the emergency room.

      After a while the ER doctor appeared

      wearing a long face.

      “I’m afraid Grandpa is brain-dead,

      but his heart is still beating.”

      “Oh, Dear God,” cried his wife,

      “We’ve never had a liberal in the family before!”

      1. Tiger says

        LMAO this is a winner and one of the best yet.

        1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

          A guy is walking along a Florida beach when he comes across a lamp partially buried in the sand. He picks up the lamp and gives it a rub. A genie appears and tells him he has been granted one wish.

          The guy thinks for a moment and says, “I want to live forever.”

          “Sorry,” said the genie, “I’m not allowed to grant eternal life.”

          “OK, then, I want to die after the Democrats balance the budget and eliminate the debt.”

          “You crafty little bastard,” said the genie.

          1. AmericanBelle1 says

            These are great!

          2. Darlene says


          3. Tiger says

            He is a hoot I love this person. Makes my day.

          4. rosemarienoa says

            Me too !!!

          5. Tiger says


            This one I am going to share everywhere.

            dingdingding WINNNER

        2. Bob Marcum says


      2. Dennis Derstine says

        That was hilarious! Never read such a good comment before, well done.

      3. AmericanBelle1 says


      4. Tiger says

        OK got a video for you. Conservative women vs Liberal women.

        1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

          Thanks Tiger, I has seen this previously. I know the democRAT party attracts lesbians, not God’s nicest looking creatures, but aside from Tulsi Gabbard I cannot think of even one female democrat politician without a clock stopping face. Rosa De Lauro, SJL, DWS and Hillary Clinton are actually some of their more attractive dogs. Babs Mikulski, Patty Murray and Lieawatha Warren all appear to have been products of some mad scientist’s laboratory.

          1. Tiger says

            Welcome and don’t doubt you have seen it. You some Johnny on the spot. Now for something I love a scene form the Patriot. Mel Gibson carrying the battered flag to bring Spirit to the down trodden troops.

            Are we still these people?

          2. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            Tiger they are only found on the Conservative side of the Nation. You can look under all the rocks and peer into all the garbage cans and you will find out where the anti American liberals lurk. Take nerds like ‘reality check’ a misnomer if ever. You realize we live rent free in what passes for his pointed little head.

          3. Tiger says


          4. GOLDCLAW says

            I like the scene when the Patriot rams a sword through that snarky British Captain!

          5. Tiger says

            Amen I put someone I truly hate in that scene.

          6. Tiger says

            Well couldn’t find that one but this one pretty good where the tomahawk does a good job.

          7. GOLDCLAW says

            Thanks –Good Scene !!–As good as the John Wick nightclub scene

          8. Tiger says

            I will look that one up.

          9. Tiger says
          10. GOLDCLAW says

            Awesome! !–I have watched this movie more than Tombstone!

          11. Tiger says

            I like the Expendable movies and Red. I could watch them over and over.

          12. GOLDCLAW says

            The closing of movie theaters is starting to happem!!–With on demand movies,movie theaters will probably go away like Drive In Theaters!

          13. Tiger says

            We have a drive-in theater here down the road a ways. But we have not stepped foot in a movie theater in over 10 years. We wait for the CD to come out.

          14. GOLDCLAW says

            Going to the movies is too expensive! !–Same thing can be said about newspapers and snail mail!!–Technology will wipe them out!

          15. Tiger says


          16. GOLDCLAW says

            I had never that word Yepper till I got on Facebook! —lol

          17. Tiger says

            LOLOL Southern, old mammo pappo Southern, Tobacco Road Southern.

          18. GOLDCLAW says

            I had never heard the words Damn Skippy till I worked around a black country boy!

          19. Tiger says

            LOLOL I think Mainers are hysterical with their quotes and quips and I am forever sorry I didn’t write them all down.

            My neighbor was a rather large girl in Maine whose family thought she would never marry. I was teaching exercise classes at the base so I took her under my wing and she went from a size 20 to 13 in one year, got looking good, had a great personality, married a Navy officer and lived in Hawaii and saw the world.

            I transgress as usual, but one day we are out somewhere and I was tiny she was big and she looks over at this guy and says, cause he is staring at her: ” See something green pick it when it gets ripe.” Now that was funny. She was always coming up with stuff like that.

            Oh she would answer the phone, Joe’s mortuary you cuff um we stuff um. Stuff like that. Such fun.

          20. GOLDCLAW says

            I made some friends from Boston when I was on Facebook, and they would say Wicked Pisser for something that was cool!–lol

          21. Tiger says

            LMAO that I like. People are so different all around the world.

          22. GOLDCLAW says

            Never got use to that Bah. And cah. accent–But they probably laughed at my Southern accent!

          23. Tiger says

            When on deployments around the country they couldn’t figure out what my accent was. LOLOL

          24. GOLDCLAW says


          25. Tiger says

            At least they didn’t say it was a Southern drawel.

          26. Tiger says
          27. GOLDCLAW says

            John Wayne fighting liberals! !–haha

          28. Tiger says

            He did in real life. He didn’t like the changes he was seeing back then. Wonder what he would say about the refugees coming here by the hundreds of thousands all Islamic. Look at what our Founding Fathers had to say about Islam. They made it clear Moslems should never hold any office in our government.


          29. GOLDCLAW says

            John Wayne wouldn’t understand all this chaos in 2016 concerning muslim refugees!

          30. Tiger says

            Wish I were in his generation, I remember I used to tell my mother when a child growing-up, I was born in the wrong time.

            He wouldn’t stand for it. But then America back then didn’t stand for them. I had one telling me today about how the Pentagon was praising all the Muslims in all our wars back to the Civil War. How Muslims always part of America. So I pulled up the stats. 4 Muslims killed int the Civil War just to give you an example and I went through all the wars and gave him the site. Then I pulled all the Americans who died in the wars. Civil War 625,000, told him no Muslim did much in any war and nothing that would have changed our chances of winning. There are only 5,000 in the Military now. They are nothing but trouble.

            What a mellofahess and total flustercuck.

          31. GOLDCLAW says

            Liberals love to rewrite history to fit their braindead agenda!!

          32. Tiger says

            Boy Howdy you think they are rewriting history you ought to see what the Muslims are doing to our history it is disgusting.

          33. GOLDCLAW says

            When teachers push islam on students and condemn Christianity, then something is very wrong in our society!!–Surely isn’t the America I grew up in!

          34. Tiger says

            They stopped it in Florida. Parents pretty up on it here.

          35. GOLDCLAW says

            Bottom line is to Outlaw Political Correctness if that’s possible!

          36. Tiger says

            Many onto it.

          37. Tiger says

            Are we still the people that love America like this?


          38. GOLDCLAW says

            America needs more John Waynes!

          39. Tiger says

            Sigh my friend I think they and we are going down fast.

          40. GOLDCLAW says

            Since I watched our sailors crying and apologizing to Iranian Navy,I look at all millenials as cry babies!–I was watching a 21 man cry in North Korea!!–Don’t go to North Korea!!–May as well parachute into the middle of ISIS!

          41. Tiger says

            Yeh idiots for sure.

          42. GOLDCLAW says

            That generation has grown up in severe political correct mode!

          43. Tiger says

            Love this Benny Hill video. Irriates what we have all over America today.


          44. GOLDCLAW says

            Laffed so hard at Benny Hill–I saw his last home while on a London bus tour

          45. Tiger says

            He was one of a kind.

          46. logicrules says

            And with guns on you, you would be ignorant enough to fight? Grow up.
            Why don’t you move to your beloved Russia? Putin will take care of you.

          47. GOLDCLAW says

            Yeah I would fight!!–Better to die for a cause than live under tyranny!!–You are a cowardly piece of dog shit!

          48. Deby says

            Yes ma’am we ARE!! Great video! Great American -Mr. Wayne was

          49. Tiger says

            I only pray there are enough of us left.

          50. Deby says

            Me too girlfriend! Me too!

          51. Tiger says


          52. logicrules says

            There ain’t, hang it up.

          53. Tiger says

            Millions of us home from these wars. All well trained and see the writing on the wall.

            If you think there are not enough of us left please give us the reason to prove you wrong.

            Hanging may be in the cards but not for us.

          54. justagramma says

            Only about 1/2 still are. It has always been 1/3 or more scum.

          55. Tiger says

            You got it.

          56. logicrules says

            You are no where close to being American, you lost your hateful war, and still can’t accept it.

          57. Tiger says

            Never lost Nam nor Iraq nor Afghanistan. O took out the victory in Iraq and trying to do the same in Afghanistan but since people onto him he is not moving as fast. A truly stupid president lost Nam and the Cong said so.

          58. Tiger says

            Now the video of a Canadian talking about how great and good America is. I am sick and tired to the marrow of my bones of people living in this Great Republic and trashing it.

            Far as I am concerned they need to be taken down. Boy am I pissed up today.

          59. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            Just for you considering how your day is going. Hope it helps:

            In case you are having a rough day, here’s a stress management technique recommended in all the latest psychological journals. The funny thing is that it really does work and will make you smile.

            1. Picture yourself lying on your belly on a warm rock that hangs out over a

            crystal clear stream.

            2. Picture yourself with both your hands dangling in the cool running water.

            3. Birds are sweetly singing in the cool mountain air.

            4. No one knows your secret place.

            5. You are in total seclusion from that hectic place called the world.

            6. The soothing sound of a gentle waterfall fills the air with a cascade of serenity.

            7. The water is so clear that you can make out the face of the liberal Democrat you are holding underwater.

            See it worked. You’re smiling. You feel better already.

          60. Tiger says

            Nope still mad as Hell over here. ;p

          61. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            Did you hear the half breed hypocrite regarding his appointee? Guy is pretty far to the left.

          62. Tiger says

            Well what did anyone expect ya know.

          63. logicrules says

            Who bred you, your sister and father?

          64. logicrules says

            Stop thinking of tRump and you’ll be just fine.

          65. Tiger says

            Stop thinking at all and we will be better off all of us.

          66. logicrules says

            If you don’t like people trashing our country why did you elect such trash into office?

          67. Tiger says

            I didn’t. Believe me I didn’t.

          68. logicrules says

            The only ugliness you see is in your own mind. Enjoy!

      5. rosemarienoa says

        It happens now & then doesn’t it ???? I have one in my family too but thankfully she’s in another country !!!

        1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

          Hi Rosemarie. I guess we are all given a cross to bear. Keep a stiff upper lip, only 309 more days of the error in the White House.

      6. TAM44 says

        Nice way to start the day with the real truth, That was just great, and brought a smile to my face.

      7. 1EdMeadows83 says

        Yeah, that is a very funny story. The first time I heard it was about 45 years ago, except then it was about Republicans. That’s why good tales persist. The focus can be switched at will.

      8. jimmy midnight says

        This liberal can still find that amusing. However, the punchline should be, “We never had a Republican.

    3. h m rowland says

      Enemas don’t cure stupid . Trump supporters are just new puppets of the right . If those who can read looked beyond their TVs to find a book by republican strategist Matt Lewis they would learn of a plan by the party, after the Romney fiasco, to bring …well let’s just say the less educated into the fold. The book is entitled “Too Dumb to Fail “, you can buy it on Amazon . “Creating and using fear and racism to attract a more uninformed white voter that does not normally go to the polls”. The plan was to “lead them in with a “character” and then convert them to the candidate.” I think they underestimated the “character” they chose, shot themselves in the foot it seems. How will they convert these people to a legit candidate ? They underestimated the depth of stupid that their own fight against education has nurtured in America . The party leaders, so out of touch with(respectfully) bikers and farmers, blue collars, red necks, assorted bigots and Christian zealots, did not understand to ‘leave a sleeping dog lie’. So, they can kill him(you know, another ‘lone assassin’….wink, wink); manipulate the system (where we are now ); or let Trump run. If they let him run there are two possible outcomes : A) he wins and moves the party to the left with his true nature, or they hold his hand while a neo-Nazi VP runs things as in ’00-’07. B) Allow or aid Secretary Clinton to victory and concede 4 years and then possibly retain the new voters at that time . Tough spot for sure. Once the CIA makes its play and the Koch’s $900 million purchase of the party happen it will be an interesting summer …maybe better than baseball, nah. A baseball season always reflects what is happening in the country ….it will be an interesting summer of ball….162 days, 4,860 games, 43,740 innings, the summer soap and all the drama that abounds within the heat, the dust, the politics and the hot dogs. Peace.

      1. Tiger says

        You might try one anyway to clear that plug out of your head.

        1. h m rowland says

          I didn’t write the book or the plan i was just sharing w u what is happening . i udc, well ok. Go blindly and enjoy . Many blessings.

          1. Tiger says

            OK got it. But this writer is assuming that all of Trumps supporters are the red neck, racists etc, and he obviously has not been to a Trump rally because he would find the people come from all walks of life, all colors and the issues he is addressing are “Real Issues” that have not been talked about in our country for years.

            There is nothing bigoted or racist about wanting to slowdown the flow of refugees from dangerous countries into America. Our FBI, CIA and head of Homeland Security have said to Congress these people are not vetted and we know ISIS among them. Now Carter stopped all Iranians from coming into our country when Khomeini came into power and he deported 5,000 Iranian college students. Now he is not the first president to do this. The American presidents number one responsibility is to the protection of the people. This isn’t being done by O.

            There is nothing bigoted or racist about wanting illegals out of America. What about the word illegal do people not understand? Trump has said over and over, we want legal immigrants. Without borders there is no nation. That is a fact. We cannot allow millions upon millions of illegals to come here, go to Sanctuary cities, hide and we pay for them and all the programs they use when they don’t deserve our tax payer dollars. They have not paid into our system. They are illegal taking away form our own people.

            In Florida due to the influx of refugees and illegals every single person’s Food Stamps have been lowered by a hundred dollars to give to these people. These illegals and refugee get over 600 a month per family member of your tax payer dollars. They average 5,5 family members. Do the math. Add to that we school them, we house them, we feed them, what do they do for us? Most don’t speak English, they have no skills, they have no money, they have nothing to offer us.

            Trump is no danger to this country, it’s people and is far from Liberal.

            I am not a Conservative, I am not a Liberal, I am a Moderate and Trump is also and we need someone like him to clean this country out.

          2. h m rowland says

            ok, thanks. I don’t disagree, mostly .

          3. Tiger says

            Well it is good to share things and that is what these sites are all about.

          4. AmericanBelle1 says

            Great post! FYI, the US spends more than $113 BILLION ANNUALLY to support the illegal crowd. THIS is how Trump plans to pay for the wall. He’s never expected the Mexican president to write a check! But once you send all these illegals home, they aren’t going to be taking jobs here, collecting benefits, and sending money back into Mexico or wherever. In essence, the US will be saving that $113 billion annually and as Trump noted, it’s only going to take a few billion to build the wall. Wall’s paid for within the first year!

          5. Tiger says

            Thank you. I just get tired of people who have not a clue what Trump is saying talking like this.

            His speeches are so informing, he explicitly explains how things are going to work. He is educating people all the time.

            It is that connection he shows when talking to people, the way he listens and reaches out and thanks them, I am a good judge of character and if I am fooled by him it will be one of the first times in my life I was fooled.

        2. Joyce Brogan says

          Don’t you know?If you read it on a book,it’s got to be the truth.

          1. Tiger says

            Guess I never thought of that. ;p

      2. AmericanBelle1 says

        You ignore two of the most important points one should never miss! 1. It is not up to Congress to set the agenda…this is the duty of the president and he lays it all out annually in his State of the Union Address; 2. Do not, EVER, strip people of their right to vote or take away from them their free choice!

        With that said, here’s another important point: Trump cannot be compartmentalized because he is not a politician. All you’re going on my friend is his campaign contributions and as a successful multi-billionaire real estate mogul, I’m sure he gave contributions he was uncomfortable with, but had to make because that’s how our system works.

        What works for him, what IS working for him, is that he’s not just an outsider, he’s a seriously successful businessman. Did you know Trump Inc. is made up of more than 500 companies! So when these idiot politicians and their supporters cry because Trump’s had 4 bankruptcies in his career, it’s idiotic! Another way to put it for a lot of these simpletons, is that if you have $500, and lose $4…how big a deal is it? Now I’m sure there are going to be employees hot under the collar because they worked for one of those 4 companies and lost their jobs. But it’s truly not a major fault in the big picture. Companies go out of business all the time. A successful business person is NOT going to keep open a business losing money for the sake of saving the employees. If there’s no money to keep the business afloat, there’s no money to pay out to the employees. The employees need to read the writing on the wall and move on, and stop blaming the failed business. Also, in business, bankruptcies are a form of reorganization to recoup losses and you either build the business back up or move the funds to another business.

        My point is, Trump knows how to wheel and deal, how to negotiate and renegotiate, and how to hire and fire, and how to build something from nothing. And that’s the kind of experience this country needs right now to bring us out of the chasm. World leaders are calling him names and joining in with the forces. But who the hell are they to interfere with US business? our market? our livelihoods? Politicians will give in to this BS, but not a smart businessman. And Trump KNOWS we’ve been wronged with all these outrageous deals with other countries, giving them everything and getting nothing in return. But that’s going to turn around in our favor, and that’s why they’re screaming like castrati!

        Our government, our political system, has failed us miserably! Foreigners have more rights than US citizens! The incompetent in the White House is giving despotic nations the ability and go ahead to build nuclear armaments! He’s stripped us of OUR rights, while he’s stripped Europe of our protections, while giving it all away to the Muslim world of terrorists!

        We don’t need any more damn politicians trying to please foreign nations and illegals looking for a freebie. We need a businessman to put our country back on the map, build our military might, and make amends with our former allies. Business people write project management plans, prepare budgets with achievable goals and milestones. Donald Trump’s record is he does all that, under budget, and on time. Do you seriously want to throw that to the winds and continue with the destruction of the US, simply because he’s not a politician with a political record you can cite?

        I don’t. And neither does this HUGE … or as the Don would say, HUUUUUUUGE…historical movement to make America great again!

        1. h m rowland says

          America is great . Secretary Clinton has collected more votes total than any candidate . I was sharing the thoughts of someone else. Please contact Matt Lewis with your thoughts .

        2. h m rowland says

          The CIA has set policy since 1963.

    4. Darlene says

      AMEN…..and sure Hope Trump –stays SAFE–TILL THE REAL Election in November. I read on computer—last week the Elite’s were meeting on an Island to see what they could do to stop Trump from Winning…Remember what happened to JUDGE .Scallia….

      1. Tiger says

        I do and I agree. I pray for Trump and his family daily. I can’t imagine after all the years put in by the shadow government, that they will go down without some fireworks.

    5. logicrules says

      tRump has started a “movement” and what’s coming out of his mouth is turning America into a sewer.

      1. Tiger says

        America not a sewer just filled with sewer rat Muslims, Hispanics and Blacks who under this president have been allowed to speak.

  2. Reality Check says

    “She is wary of Muslim Americans imposing their religion on communities in the United States.”

    well obviously she is Brainwashed like the rest of you Trump supporters. Duh

    she repeats the Right Wing talking Point very nicely.

    1. Freedom fighter says

      You must be a Hillary troll. How friggin stupid are YOU!?

      1. macushlah says

        You got that right

      2. alegalcitizen says

        He or she is really friggin stupid, put your mouse over her picture, then you will get the picture of he/she.

      3. Reality Check says

        well fool,
        smart enough to smack your stupid ass to the ground repeatedly.

        Bernie supporter actually.

        1. Freedom fighter says

          wow, your even dumber than i would have guessed! And, an internet badass, which we all knows means you got beat up by girls in grammar school.

  3. MAHB001 says

    It is too bad that so many are influenced by a corrupt MEDIA. I would say that if Trump had fair and balanced reporting he would have a base of about 80% of all Americans.

    Leaving out the 10% of the koolaid drinkers on the left.

    and leaving out the 10% of koolaid drinkers on the right…

    1. Michelle Minze-Bryant says

      Agree on the media. For your cause, is there a way to find out viewership of all the leftist shows? My mom watches Jimmy Fallon and his jokes are always centered on everyone but Clinton. I want to just turn her show off along with other shows. I just wonder if less people watch the shows now, than before.

      1. MAHB001 says

        I don’t know and even if they gave out those numbers I would not trust them.

        What you can do is fight the corruption at

        This is not a simple boycott, we are boycotting the advertisers that keep the shows on the air. It is a boycott where you do not have to watch ABC, NBC, or CBS, All you have to do is go to the site, join, and start sending petitions politely asking the advertisers to move their ads off the prime time news program time slots.

      2. h m rowland says

        duh huh derr duh huh huh…..

      3. Rita McAfee Conley says

        Just look up who owns them. They are all progressives except maybe Fox.

        1. Michelle Minze-Bryant says

          Yea, that guy I was commenting to has a website with information like that on it. Just wondering about things. But Thanks

    2. Jayjay1963 says

      If Trump had “fair and balanced” reporting, he’d be indicted.

      1. Scrubjay says

        For what? Speech?

      2. MAHB001 says

        For what?

        1. h m rowland says

          For being a Drumpf f–k.

          1. MAHB001 says

            A whole lot of people are going to be jailed in your socialists America then.

          2. h m rowland says

            I sincerely feel your pain.

      3. jimwilson81 says

        And so would Hillary.

    3. alegalcitizen says

      Don’t forget to add the Illegal aliens, they are rooting for Kasich, Rubio, Hillary or Bernie.

      1. MAHB001 says

        And that is how they rig elections these days…

  4. rowleya says

    Cruz is only candidate I’ll vote for Prez
    If not on ballot it’s time to secede from Fed Gov

    1. Michelle Minze-Bryant says

      Yea, I thought that way once, and all the power to you, but I doubt it’ll happen. Just no way to support itself. Be hard to divide people to pay taxes, move people if it’s by state. But if Trump didn’t win the wlection, since he’s a big business man, maybe he has the money and power to make our own America.

    2. Scrubjay says

      Cruz is my first choice, being the only proven Conservative. But as long as the corrupt media or political bosses don’t sabotage the primary, I’ll vote for the people’s choice. Meaning Trump.

      1. FredSlice says

        Trump has murdered millions of Americans.

    3. Rita McAfee Conley says

      Cruz belongs to Breitbart. Wake up!

  5. Jerry_Morgan says

    New York Times is not qualified to wrap fish.

    1. alegalcitizen says

      Why YES it is, many use it to line their bird cages.

  6. armydadtexas says

    It really must eat the guts of the far, left wing, radical, extremist, MINDLESS, SLOBBERING rag called the NYT to have to admit POSITIVE FACTS about any Republican Candidate, but especially a Donald Trump.
    I could imagine the so called news editors, bleeding from their own pointed heads over it.
    News in America is now dead. Propaganda has taken its place. Leaning far left under the guidance of Saul Alynski and other commie pukes

  7. david goodman says

    if people would listen to him he says nothing mob and demon-crat owned hires illegals and does business overseas lies straight to people but they don’t see it i want America strong not slavery obama third term

    1. macushlah says

      go vote for Hillery them

    2. Scrubjay says

      Can you rewrite that with punctuation, so it makes sense?

  8. jimmy midnight says

    Florida Cubanos still longing for a return to the Batista dictatorship doesn’t prove Trump has widespread support among Latinos. That support is all but non-existent among those who are not Florida Cubanos.

    1. Scrubjay says

      No, the news of the support is all but non-existent among the corrupt media.

      1. jimmy midnight says

        New York Times just went out of its way to cover this Cubano rhymes-with-itch, but you’re still convinced they’re involved in a blackout. Just keep deluding yourself, and when the election’s over, and you’ve lost Presidency again, keep thinking it’s because Trump, Trump! wasn’t “conservative” enough. Will your families then have you involuntarily committed?

        1. Scrubjay says

          What are you talking about?

          No, never mind. I don’t have the energy to suffer through some convoluted epic rant.

        2. Scrubjay says

          No, they just disseminate misinformation, in order to further the evil Progressive/Democrat agenda…just like you!

  9. Scrubjay says

    I love it when the corrupt Progressive media has to report something true that could possibly edify a Republican. By extension, they also admit the legitimacy of Trumps colloquial style and his political positions.

  10. RichFromShowMe says

    The old gray lady, otherwise known as the NY Slimes, can’t cover it up any more.

  11. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

    The so called MSM is the propaganda wing of the democRAT party. They lie almost as much as Hillary Rodham Clinton.

  12. Albert L Biele says

    At this point, we are faced with what some see as a dilemma, to continue to be controlled by the establishment, who seem to cater to the Obama agenda, while totally ignoring the will of the people. We are presently controlled by the pompous bureaucrats in Washington, who have totally lost track of whom they were elected to represent. Trump is a spoiler for these pompous hypocrites who have ceased to adhering to the people’s will, but have rather chosen to do the will of, special interest groups, and lobbyist. Trump is our only chance to take back our country, and the only candidate with the business experience to stop the oncoming depression. He’s being attacked from all sides, and yet, he stands strong with the Patriots who support him. I’m a member of “The American Legion” and strongly believe that this is our last opportunity to reclaim our country from a tyrannical group of hypocrites. This is truly our last chance to make America great again!!!

  13. jimwilson81 says

    I will be so glad when the election is over. More mudslinging has been used than any other election in over 50 years. Both sides should be ashamed of themselves, especially the liberal Left.

  14. AKLady2015 says

    First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Socialist.

    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

    Martin Niemöller, 1952

  15. justagramma says

    Some of the bravest of our Americans are minorities who are Republicans, and especially those for Trump. Imagine the daily guff they get just wanting a prosperous, safe country, and having no craving for victimhood.

    1. Reality Check says

      “Imagine the daily guff they get just wanting a prosperous, safe country, and having no craving for victimhood.”

      NO ONE gets guff for thinking those things.
      That is Bernie’s Platform.

      they get guff for believing a word out of the carnival barkers mouth.
      good god, the man NEVER gives a detail.
      everything is one BIG GENERALITY and the low info except IT.

      sad really. nothing amazing about it

  16. TPS12 says

    It’s just common sense if your here legally and working hard to support your family and future why would you want to be forced to support illegals coming for a free ride or taking the job you need or refugees who wouldn’t fight for their own country but come here and refuse to accept our way of life? Politicians who refuse to protect this country and citizens way of life need to be voted out. We need more outsiders in Washington like Trump who tell it like it is.

  17. Carolyn says

    I was raised in N.Mex and W.Texas.. Some of my closest friends are hispanic..These people were born and bred in the usa and from many generations of the same. LEGAL as you can get. They don’t like the illegals because people look at them as though they too are ILLEGAL.. This makes them feel badly and they want ILLEGALS GONE.. This immigration issue has to be corrected and the only way to do it is to deport them ALL.. Let them see what its like to enter the Country legally..Anyone that thinks our founding fathers created a way for illegals to hop in and birth a baby, to then become legal citizens, are simply not thinking correctly.. To begin with, they believe whomever they support and that person is wrong. Sheep make it bad for all of us.. Research and find the truth..
    We’re getting right down to the wire in the primaries.. Watch how the three insiders are starting to walk back a lot of their words…They will say and do anything to get elected.. REMEMBER NO MORE INSIDERS. We are cleaning out DC, not adding to it..

  18. Nikita63 says

    Ironic isn’t it, how the liberal left quails and charges Trump with every sin imaginable when in truth, itm is THEY AND THE CORRUPTED RINO GOP, that are the hatemongers for all things AMERICAN. It is THEY who belong in prison or in some other country and so to all of them in Both Parties, to every Jihad oriented Muslim. to the cartel members and MS-13 recruiting in our schools and the cretins on the SJC corrupting the Rule of Law and using LEGISLATIVE powers they do not have to redefine Marriage as an institution and modify or destroy all other historically TRADITIONAL VALUES like hearth and home and raising one’s own children, to criminals in the inner cities and to those considering coming here illegally: We will no longer tolerate such actions and you WILL be held BOTH responsible and accountable in a Trump presidency and THAT is what you are ALL Afraid of. AND YOU SHOULD BE, because the law of the Land is the U.S. Constitution and it WILL be equitably enforced and you WILL be subject to it as all the rest of us; INCLUDING THE ESTABLISHMENT CABAL OF PARASITICAL POLITICIANS WHO SEE THEMSELVES AS ABOVE THE REST OF US AND ACT LIKE IT SMARTEN UP AND FLY RIGHT OR: THE POSITIONS YOU HAVE AND MAYBE A LOT MORE WILL BE AT MAJOR RISK SO, WHAT THINGS YOU SAVE BY COMPLIANCE, WILL BE YOUR OWN! And, witness the depth and diversity of Trump’s base if you need more confirmation. Neither he or we who support him are going away! SO, GET USED TO IT, AND US!

  19. Joyce Brogan says

    Trump is bringing together the people from all races,uniting together to bring their country back from the brink of destruction.citizens realizing that is the Government holding us down from realizing the dream that we all are entitled too.He has started a movement that is uniting the people,which I have not seen in my lifetime.United we the people stand.

  20. Observer says

    Everything the media is reporting on Trump is done grudgingly, and still portrayed as a phenomenon; when in fact it’s the sensible faction of main stream America desperately trying to hang on to the vestiges of what this Country is really about.

  21. Gary Smith says

    Trump people are like Clinton people easy to fool

  22. 1EdMeadows83 says

    I am a Democrat, and I have a question for Republicans who earn less than $200,000 a year.
    What has the Republican Party done for you? For you & / or your family. I’m sure you can think of things the Democrats have done for you; Social Security, Medicare, possibly Medicaid. 40 hour work week (Yeah, I know. It was unions that got that for you, but unions are simply a branch of the Democratic Party), 8 hour day, paid vacations, sick days, time off for pregnancy. I could go on and on, but you get the idea, so, what has the Republican Party done for YOU?

    1. MTnman says

      Not much in the past decade.

      Earlier the party was one of liberty, providing the freedom to make choices relative to individual life circumstances. Today, they are more like democrats, telling us what they are going to do for us, and to us, rather than what we can do for ourselves.

      Everything you mention is either government or unions doing something for the collective, nothing where individuals are freely choosing for themselves, the order of their lives.

      Democrats like government programs, creating a dependency of the underclass that must be fulfilled by more government largesse. Democrats are more than eager to provide programs that keep the people under their power and control. Obama’s Marxism is an extension of that despotic socialist philosophy.

      Today, our debt and chaos is a reflection of that attitude and a government promoting more than it can provide.

      1. AKLady says

        “[D]ependency of the underclass”.
        You prefer seeing the poor living in the streets?
        Shall we turn our cities into Calcutta (now Kolkata).?
        Shall we let people starve?
        We already let people die because they can’t buy medica care.
        You created the poverty.
        Every time you buy a foreign made good you guarantee more poverty.
        Maybe we should put people in work houses lik ethey did in centuries past.
        How about some concentrations camps and a few ovens?

        1. MTnman says

          Your adherence to the class dependency argument is the shameful classic excuse used by Marxists, socialists, and those with similar despotic thought, promoting more of the same, offering nothing in resolution except more dependency; a constant renewal of power and control over the less fortunate.
          To solve the angst in your thinking would require the “community of property” where you would soon find that no one would toil, but that men would be disposed to be satisfied with barely enough for the supply of their physical wants, since none would exert themselves to obtain advantage solely for the use of others. – The American Democrat, XVIII, 1838.
          Dependency thinking is the reason for the greater poverty of the poor.

          1. AKLady says

            Matthew 25:35-40

            35 For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, 36 I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.’

            37 “Then the righteous will answer him, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you something to drink? 38 When did we see you a stranger and invite you in, or needing clothes and clothe you? 39 When did we see you sick or in prison and go to visit you?’

            40 “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’

          2. AKLady says

            Isaiah 58:10 If you give some of your own food to [feed] those who are hungry and to satisfy [the needs of] those who are humble, then your light will rise in the dark, and your darkness will become as bright as the noonday sun.

          3. AKLady says

            Ezekiel 18:7 He is a merciful creditor, not keeping the items given as security by poor debtors. He does not rob the poor but instead gives food to the hungry and provides clothes for the needy.

          4. AKLady says

            Proverbs 19:17 The one who is gracious to the poor lends to the Lord, and the Lord will repay him for his good deed.

          5. AKLady says

            Proverbs 22:9 A generous person will be blessed, for he gives some of his food to the poor.

          6. MTnman says

            You need to update your Biblical concordance. It is much easier to chase down these quotes.

          7. AKLady says

            You must be the lazist slug on the site
            Too lazy to copy and paste..
            Wow the pride of the right-wing.
            No wonder Reagan tripled the debt.
            No wonder Bush killed 4,000 A,erocams in useless wars.
            No wonder our children’s grandchildren will be paying for that debt.

          8. MTnman says


          9. AKLady says

            Infantile, childish language.
            Try harder, you do not have pretending to be an adult perfected quite yet.

          10. AKLady says

            All good bibles have a concordance.
            With an Internet connection, neither the bible or thw concordance is necessaery.
            There are over 100 English translarions of the Bible.

          11. AKLady says

            The poor, unable to support themselves, are maintained by an assessment on the tithable persons in their parish. This assessment is levied and administered by twelve persons in each parish, called vestrymen, originally chosen by the housekeepers of the parish…. These are usually the most discreet farmers, so distributed through their parish, that every part of it may be under the immediate eye of some one of them. They are well acquainted with the details and economy of private life, and they find sufficient inducements to execute their charge well, in their philanthropy, in the approbation of their neighbors, and the distinction which that gives them. The poor who have neither property, friends, nor strength to labor, are boarded in the houses of good farmers, to whom a stipulated sum is annually paid. To those who are able to help themselves a little, or have friends from whom they derive some succors, inadequate however to their full maintenance, supplementary aids are given, which enable them to live comfortably in their own houses, or in the houses of their friends. Vagabonds, without visible property or vocation, are placed in workhouses, where they are well clothed, fed, lodged, and made to labor. Nearly the same method of providing for the poor prevails through all our states; and from Savannah to Portsmouth you will seldom meet a beggar.
            Thomas Jefferson

          12. MTnman says

            Defining the “poor” was as much of a problem in the past as it is now. The political “dependency” thinking merely expands the problem, requiring services of those that would feed them being paid with the taxes of others who would employ them, so they could, then, care for themselves. I would argue that more is to be gained through employment of the poor, using resources that are being drained (more taxes) by those professing needs for funds to care for them which they soon pocket. The “poor” are thus more poorly served under a philosophy of “dependency” thinking than one of elevating self-worth for lifelong benefits.
            Leftists (Syn. socialist, anarchist, communist; see AGITATOR, LIBERAL, RADICAL, PROGRESSIVE; Webster’s College Dictionary, Fourth Edition) feed and clothe the poor from election to election with temporary programs for political purpose and self-aggrandizement. It is their purpose to create continual dependency so they can be paid with the taxes of the working to further despotism of those they pretend to serve; they take advantage of, and use, the poor for illicit and ideological personal gain.

          13. AKLady says

            Where did you copy that rant from?
            Three paragraphs of buzz words.

            “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

            Joseph Goebbels would be proud to see how well his propaganda has worked. Your contempt for the human race, and the poor in particulare is huge.

          14. MTnman says

            Can’t handle it? Try the dictionary. Your idea of “buzz” doesn’t fit your leftist propaganda? Too bad.

            We defeated the Nazis and Goebbels only to, seemingly, have the same problems with today’s leftists in this country. They have used Goebbels, and Saul Alinsky’s philosophy (RULES FOR RADICALS) to destructive purpose. Both Goebbels and Alinsky have been a great part of Obama’s philosophy during his administration. Don’t believe it? Read a few books, Obama’s and others.

          15. AKLady says

            “You speak an infinite deal of nothing.”
            ― William Shakespeare

          16. AKLady says

            Insults only hurt when they come from someone I respect.
            You have not earned my respect.

          17. MTnman says

            “If the shoe fits ….” I thought you were going to ignore me. What happened? As for “respect,” I doubt you have any for most, disagreeing with a leftist agenda. In that sense we should welcome it.

            When you argue, you should test the water before breathing your own methane. It would help you avoid unnecessary flapdoodle.

            And, you would do well to take Shakespeare’s advice, you so aptly quote.

            Lastly, who said anything about trying to get respect, especially that of a leftist?

          18. AKLady says

            “Civilization, therefore, or that which is so-called, has operated two ways: to make one part of society more affluent, and the other more wretched, than would have been the lot of either in a natural state.”
            Thomas Paine

      2. 1EdMeadows83 says

        Well, you started off with a reasonable response to my question but then you went of course and essentially called President Obama a Marxist. Very disappointing.

        1. MTnman says

          Haven’t you read and studied anything about Obama, even his own account of his associations and comments? Come on. Get with it. I have on my “ready” (at arm’s length) shelf 6 that I can reference and more at a short distance. I’ve read those by liberals and conservatives, including Obama’s favorite, DREAMS FROM MY FATHER.

          You will salve your disappointment by opening a few books.

          1. 1EdMeadows83 says

            It’s impossible to ascertain what you are trying to impart. I’ve read many books, a lot of them about and by President Obama. I expect “Dreams from my father” and “The Audacity of Hope” would rank highly on President Obama’s accomplishments since 4,650,000 of them have been sold. I don’t imagine the President is disappointed nor am I. I haven’t written any books so why should I be disappointed I rather doubt if you’ve written anything that could compare with Obama’s so why do you criticize him?

          2. MTnman says

            Because this is America and I am free to do so.
            Reading about Obama and his beliefs (out of his own mouth), his associations, his training and education, etc. would confirm in most people’s minds that as an admirer and student of Saul Alinsky who, though not a communist, supported Marxist thinking. Alinsky fervently studied Goebbels and implemented many of his ideas in RULES FOR RADICALS. Reading books (hard-copy, not changeable internet propaganda; and, books have better references for research, sorely lacking on line) for and against Obama’s political ideology can pretty well give one an understanding of his future behavior. Not everything, but a good deal.
            Obama’s training, study, and associations give a real insight as to how he thinks – Obama’ Marxism, because that is his training and what he has said. Information, much of which has been deleted from left-wing websites so as to satisfy the radical base.
            Had Obama been properly vetted by other than the socialists in the democrat party he would have never been nominated as their candidate. The radicals in the party have been promoting the lie from the beginning.

          3. 1EdMeadows83 says

            Yes, this is America and you have a perfect right to be wrong, as you are in this post. If you are the bibliophile you claim to be then you know that nowhere in President Obama’s background did he ever “Train” to be a Marxist. I don’t know where you Regressives get crap like that. You probably listen to Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh every waking moment. What do you call a person when he knows the correct answer to something, yet deliberately says the opposite. I can almost think of what he is called but can’t quite bring it to mind! 😉

          4. MTnman says

            Of course he didn’t “train” to be a Marxist. That is goofy deflection from meaning and intent. And, not what was said. Did you “train” to be a leftist, socialist, democrat? Of course not. You may be an old misguided traditional democrat. He wasn’t going for a degree in Marxist philosophy. Foolishness.
            Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh? I rarely (once or twice a year) ever listen to them. You listen to them more than I or you wouldn’t have any idea what they are saying. Give people some credit for original thinking instead of trying to attribute arguments to those you believe to be disliked by many, so as to add credibility to your thinking. Leftists often use dialogue, such as that, as filler material when they have nothing to say.
            Maybe my thinking is being copied by so many that it makes you uncomfortable. Be precise. Argue to the point and we will get along just fine.

          5. MTnman says

            And, “What do you call a person when he knows the correct answer to something, yet deliberately says the opposite. I can almost think of what he is called but can’t quite bring it to mind! ;-)” – 1EdMeadows83. Of course the one person that comes to mind is OBAMA. He is an expert at doing the opposite of his rhetoric as he learned from Goebbels via Alinsky and his RULE FOR RADICALS.

            It is easy to tie it all together if you read the pertinent hard-copy books.

          6. 1EdMeadows83 says

            “Obama’s training, study, and associations give a real insight as to how he thinks – Obama’ Marxism, because that is his training and what he has said;”
            You really need to make up your mind! To a reader a person might see this sentence and assume you meant that he trained to be a Marxist. Why? Because you wrote “Obama’s Marxism, because THAT IS HIS TRAINING!” Look at that statement. That is ACTUALLY WHAT YOU SAID! Speaking of Goofy! I can’t imagine anything you might say could be copied by a reasonable person! Do you get my “Point”? Just because you have the surname of a great president, doesn’t make you great! The last thing I desire is to “get along” with you!

          7. MTnman says

            Your “point” does not come close to the argument, but is ACTUALLY WHAT YOU THINK! “Said” and “think” are not on the same field of play.
            Read again. You intentionally misread or misinterpreted. He didn’t “Train” to be a Marxist,” as you imply, is not the same, as to say, that in his training he studied Marxism. What he learned in his training about many things, including Marxism, is what he has become.

            “Obama’s training, study, and associations give a real insight as to how he thinks – Obama’ Marxism, because that is his training and what he has said;..” was the line, not that he trained to become a Marxist. Again, did you train to become a democrat? And, finally, do you really think, for one minute, that Obama Marxism and Marxism, ala Karl, are the same? No, Obama has used the Marxian influence to develop his own idea of the beast which includes Alinsky’s thoughts.
            For Pete’s sake, why is it necessary to constantly explain the obvious of what was said.

          8. 1EdMeadows83 says

            The reason I’m being persistent is because you are too pig-headed to admit you made a mistake This is what You said, ” Obama’ Marxism, BECAUSE THAT IS HIS TRAINING.!! and what he has said.” OBAMA’S MARXISM! That has no other meaning to an intelligent mind than Obama is a Marxist. You seem to think Marxism a la Obama is not named after Karl Marx. It certainly wasn’t named after Groucho Marx, or did you think it was? You are deliberately attempting to twist what you wrote into something you wish you had written. I’ve known people like you my whole adult life, and that is a helluva long time”. People make errors, I do, and you most certainly do. Just admit it and move along. You probably worship Donald Trump because he never admits to making mistakes. That’s primarily because if he admitted it, he would have to apologize and he ain’t about to do that! You made a mistake, an error, a boo boo. You probably won’t wind up in hell for that, so clear your conscience and say, “I goofed!”. I certainly won’t think less of you — well, I couldn’t anyway.

          9. MTnman says

            English is difficult for you.

          10. 1EdMeadows83 says

            Whatever MT. I’m not going to waste time arguing with you. When you wrestle with pigs you’re going to get muddy and the pit loves it. I’m sure, if you set your mind to it, you can twist that around to mean something entirely different, like everything bad that has happened since WW-2 is President Obama’s fault. I’ve been on these inane conservative sites long enough to know that reason plays no part with most of you, and you’re the leader of that particular pack. So go ahead, have at it but don’t expect a response from me I’ll nothing more to do with you, so now you can tell all your little cretinous friends that you bested a guy who is much smarter than you in a battle of “wits”!

          11. MTnman says

            My, my, my, the final assault from the chairman of the Dunning-Kruger committee. No problem from this end. You win the name calling.
            It is about America, not me or you.

          12. Frankiev says

            You forgot the first seven years of Obummer’s reign, that was all Bushs fault.
            History still teaches Bird.

          13. Frankiev says

            Well, is he or isn’t he a Marxist, or a Markist, or a Markie?

          14. 1EdMeadows83 says

            Frankie, do you even know where Marxism gets it’s name? I doubt it. I’m not going to respond to any more of your inanities. It’s not my job to make you think you’re intelligent because I answer your stupid comments. Frankie, you need to face facts. I am much smarter than you, which, in itself, doesn’t really say very much, because you are hopelessly stupid and nothing I nor anyone can improve that state. So tell all your little friends that you outlasted a man who is so much more intelligent than you. Have a good life, Frankie. Don’t get trapped in that hydraulic door on your Company’s garbage truck.

          15. Frankiev says

            An 87 year old man who never grew up. Bird, didn’t you ever hear the adage about being young and libnut but growing to adulthood and developing a brain so you become conservative? You are running out of time Edbird, feel the Bern.

          16. Frankiev says

            Yeah, I know what it is and we are closing in on it Edbird. If you have the knowledge on how to google those Obummer years and his Marxist economic policies, it will be proof that I know .
            I do know you’re smarter than a fifth grader, er, fourth grader, well forget the lower grade, and keep voting Dim, all will be well in Lala land.
            BTW, you one of those privileged white people Killery keeps talking about?
            I was at the country club yesterday, ordered a prime rib dinner, and because I was white and priviledged in the past, all I could get was a chicken dinner. Go figure.
            Where will it all end up Edbird.

          17. MTnman says

            “The last thing I desire is to “get along” with you!” – 1EdMeadows83. That is not surprising and fine with me, but that is not the issue here. IT IS AMERICA AND OUR INTENDED FORM OF GOVERNMENT WHICH WE ARE LOSING TO LEFTISTS.

          18. 1EdMeadows83 says

            OH GOD!!! I hope you are right! Bernie Sanders is the president we need, but Hillary Clinton is the president we’re very apt to get. I’m quite sure the America we have known our entire lives and that has existed for 240 years, cannot survive as such,with another Republican administration, and especially one administrated by Trump or Cruz

    2. squeak says

      What have the Democrats done ,put people in poverty til they are dependent on the government for votes, whether we have money or not, just keep on printing, borrow from China, etc… maybe that is you, one of the takers ? Thank God I am not !!

      1. 1EdMeadows83 says

        Of all the stupid responses you might have offered, that one wins the prize for the most stupid! Pay attention now. I am a Democrat. I am retired. I have Democratically provided Social Security and Medicare. I also have a pension that was won by my Union, which, of course, is a Democratic organization. So, yes, I am a taker, but so are you. Every American benefits in some way from what Democrats have provided. If you say otherwise, you are a liar, and that’s just as bad as being a Republican. In fact it’s exactly the same thing.

    1. AKLady says

      Third Reich here in America.
      He won’t just tale us back 50 years, he will destroy America.

      1. jscarano7 says

        fuck you where you breath buddy i see you got your fkn head out of your ass, its time to put your fkn head back up in your fkn ass again you twisted minded s. o .b you big fkn moron retarted scumbag bastard

        1. AKLady says

          Trump’s Daddy founded the NYC KKK
          Trump is a KKK member.
          Trump’s speeches are right out of zegregation.
          His speechea arw right out of 1930s Germany.

          1. jscarano7 says

            it appears your developing alzheimer’s disease your brain is starting to deteriorate, going back 85 fkn years your brain is turning to mush like the scumbag that you are, look at your grammar ”look”””””his speechea arw””’that’s your big indication that your brain is going berzerk i think your sitting in that chair to long your starting to decay along with your brain you fkn lmbecile

          2. AKLady says

            Thank you for proving my points.
            Keep those insults flowing.
            They say so much more about you that I ever could.

  23. C K Johnson says

    Trump is on the verge of leading a complete take over of Washington DC. This is brought on by the lying thieves who call themselves politicians are common Criminals! The party establishments on both sides are scared their big Scam of We The People will come to an end. The lobbyist who have run DC for 75 years will no longer call the shots. The Democrats and Republicans are supporting this Trump movement!

    1. AKLady says

      You think it is bad now,. just wait until you put a Second Generation Klansman in that office.

  24. AKLady says

    Elect Trump, welcome in the Third Reich

  25. AKLady says

    Mein Trumpf
    Vol. One: A Reconing
    1. The Hespanic Peril
    2. The Arab Peril
    3. The Black Peril
    4. The Female Peril …

  26. Edwin Zackrison says

    I am laughing that all the bullies are calling Trump a bully! Go Trump and deliver us from the bullies running for office!

    1. AKLady says

      Trump’s threats:

      “I’ll beat the crap out of you.” Kansas City

      “Part of the problem … is nobody wants to hurt each other anymore.” St. Louis

      “The audience hit back. That’s what we need a little bit more of.” St. Louis

      “In the good old days this doesn’t happen because they used to treat them very, very rough.” NC

      “Try not to hurt him. If you do, I’ll defend you in court, don’t worry about it.” Michigan

      “I’d like to punch him in the face.” Las Vegas

      “Knock the crap out of them.” Iowa

      “Maybe he should have been roughed up.” Alabama

      “I don’t know if I’ll do the fighting myself or if other people will.” Press Conference

  27. 1EdMeadows83 says

    Have we lost our collective mind? Are we, as a nation, going insane?

    How could we even consider letting a person like Donald Trump campaign for the highest office in the land, if not the entire world. What would FDR think? What would HST think? Go back even further, what would our founders think? I can almost imagine what ol’ Ben Franklin would say about this impostor thinking he is the best qualified American to lead this once great nation.

    The president we need is Bernie Sanders. The president we’re apt to get is Hillary Clinton and she ain’t half bad. What we need to do, as a nation, is to elect ONLY Democrats this November 8, If we are to survive as a world power.

    It is not ordained that we remain the world super power, There have been super powers before us, and, if we aren’t careful, there’ll be another sooner than we think. Russia and China are lurking just below the horizon, poised to take our place. Letting Donald Trump even near the Oval Office would grease the skids for one of those two great nations to take over. We cannot let that happen!

    1. Deby says

      idiot on so many levels-if you love socialism so damn much, move your sorry butt to Europe and Canada and pray you never get sick. America will never be socialist-as -listen carefully–It Doesn’t WORK in a free society.

      1. 1EdMeadows83 says

        Deby darlin’, I’m 87 years old so I think I have earned the right to support whichever political party I want to. I support Democrats. As the old, worn-out expression says, I’ll vote for a yellow dog before I vote for a Republican. The Republican Party is dying – in some areas it’s already dead. There are some states made up of low-intelligent people that still blindly vote for the party that is desperately trying to make America a third-world nation, but on the national scene they are disappearing. How else could a buffoon be leading the pack of Regressives?
        As far as the inalienable right you would love to deprive me of, I have voted for Democrats since I cast my first vote for Adlai Stevenson in 1952. There was a Meadows living in America before there was a United States Of America. One of my ancestors was living in what is now Virginia in 1648. Don’t you think the Meadows clan is deserving to be called America. I don’t need to go to a foreign country to vote for a Democratic-Socialist. We have one right here. However, he will not be elected or even nominated. We will have another first occupying the Oval Office. We will have the first woman sitting there! So you can take your stupidity back to Guatemala, Haiti or wherever you squirmed from.

      2. 1EdMeadows83 says

        Deby darlin’, I’m 87 years old so I think I have earned the right to support whichever political party I want to. I support Democrats. As the old, worn-out expression says, I’ll vote for a yellow dog before I vote for a Republican. The Republican Party is dying – in some areas it’s already dead. There are some states made up of low-intelligent people that still blindly vote for the party that is desperately trying to make America a third-world nation, but on the national scene they are disappearing. How else could a buffoon be leading the pack of Regressives?

        As far as the inalienable right you would love to deprive me of, I have voted for Democrats since I cast my first vote for Adlai Stevenson in 1952. There was a Meadows living in America before there was a United States Of America. One of my ancestors was living in what is now Virginia in 1648. Don’t you think the Meadows clan is deserving to be called American? I don’t need to go to a foreign country to vote for a Democratic-Socialist. We have one right here. However, he will not be elected or even nominated. We will have another first occupying the Oval Office. We will have the first woman sitting there! So you can take your stupidity back to Guatemala, Haiti or wherever you squirmed from.

        1. Deby says

          I come from right here-the United States of America-where morons (such as your self-righteous self) are free to vote for whomever they please, along with other freedoms such as voicing your opinion with those that disagree and not fearing retribution or retaliation from a government. You have voiced your opinion and I have done the same-and we disagree on all political levels apparently. You must want the government to dictate how you live, etc. if you think socialism is a good thing-which history has proven, it is NOT. I prefer to live my life as I see fit, and conservative values work best – little or no government interference-and no entitlements or dependency needed. You must be one of the “low-intelligence” people – since you volunteered your lifelong democratic voting record. When I was much younger and uniformed I too voted democrat-but then I went to college, and lived in the real world for the past 40 years and have found that democracy has progressed to extreme liberalism-and big government, and horrible healthcare options, less jobs, more debt, taxes, etc. all espoused by ignorant libs such as yourself. Just because we have never yet had a female president, does not automatically qualify killary to be the first. If that is why you are voting for her, you are dumber than I thought. Good day.

          1. 1EdMeadows83 says


            “I come from right here-the United States of America-where morons (such as your self-righteous self) are free to vote for whomever they please”

            Thank you so much for your permission!! I don’t know what I would have done without your permission to vote!

            Dear child, you know nothing about American Politics and American History, compared to me. So you should give up testifying for things you know little about. I could ask you questions that would send you scurrying for Wikipedia. In other words, Deby Dear, I’m a lot smarter than you.

          2. Deby says

            Wow Ed you are truly a legend in your own (warped) little mind. Enjoy yourself then and please stay on your meds as without them you are completely delusional.

          3. 1EdMeadows83 says

            Aw, come on Deby Girl. You know you’re outclassed! Why don’t you slink off into a corner and join other dispirited Regressives who have crossed swords with me. You ain’t gonna win! You don’t have the intellect to match wits wit someone who is much, much smarter than you. You can spend an inordinate amount of time and words trying but you’ll come out no better than second place. I love it when women take part in political discussions, but let’s face it Deby, you ain’t no Elizabeth Warren!

          4. AKLady2015 says

            You confuse Socialism with Communism — they are not the same.

          5. Deby says

            you confuse me with someone who cares what you think demented trolllady

          6. AKLady2015 says

            They say ignoeance is bliss.
            You seem quite blissful.

      3. AKLady2015 says

        Socialism and COmmunism are ot the same.
        Socialism works quite well in free societies.
        Every modern, industrialized nation has a mixes economy.
        Unlike the selfish righ-wing, we do not want the elderly, poor and disabled living in the streets and begging.

        1. Deby says

          “why do you find it acceptable to lie?”
          “you are an embarrassment to your country”
          “why do you find it acceptable to lie?”

          1. AKLady2015 says

            Try talking your trash to these nations:

            India. Israel, Macau, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Austria, Denmark, Finland,, France, Germany, Guernsey, Jersey, Iceland, Isle of Man, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Columbia, Australia, and New Zealand

  28. Alleged Comment says

    The NYT is run by these strange Jews. The ones they call the self-hating Jews or what might be those from the Synagogue of Satan.

    This is the only way I can explain the betrayal of this paper to America.

  29. 32eagle says

    fantastic !!! I love to see the truth-the microscopic truth the DNA truth !!! the truth that many diverse folks are loving what Donald trump is wanting to do in his term as president-if elected to save us from the fallout from eight years of negligence

  30. squishy says

    We need someone who is not “establishment”. I realize Cruz is always at odds with the rest of the Senate, but he is a politician and I do not trust any of them. I believe Trump will straighten out this country and a few of the ones that have been taking advantage of us because the illegal alien pseudo president is not a Christian and therefore thinks all Americans who do not follow the quran need to be annihilated. He will set the countries that have been abusing trade practices will get a wake up call they will not forget. From the beginning of his campaign I have liked what he says and if some don’t like his true feelings, get a grip and join the real world. He doesn’t use soft words and a slick tongue–he speaks from experience and knowledge. Vote Trump to get us rolling as a country again!!

  31. Floyd says

    In Lake county Ohio a illegal KILLED A 60 year old woman and assaulted a 40year old woman. Then tried to molest a 14 year old girl. ODUMBIE said lets sent back to mexico and the worthless gov craphead said OK WITH it. Just make sure we got some more scum from mexico

    1. Reality Check says

      meanwhile, in Ohio, half a dozen women were raped by WHITE America Males,
      12 were assaulted by WHITE America Males, and you white folk are ok with that.

      as long as it’s not a brown person who does IT, right fool?

    2. FredSlice says

      You are scum. You should be deported.

  32. Angela Worden says

    This is a great article..Thank you.

  33. logicrules says

    And you folks prefer a narcissistic con man or his protégé, both who constantly lie to you or feed you the biggest line of BS you have ever heard to be the leader of America.

    You deserve pity but you’ll get none from me. I’ll just watch you soak in your own trash.

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