Nicki Minaj Haunted By Her Abortion


Rapper Nicki Minaj admitted to Rolling Stone that she still thought about the abortion she had in high school. Opening up on a subject that has been the center of fan speculation for some time, Minaj said, “I thought I was going to die. I was a teenager. It was the hardest thing I’d ever gone through.” She goes on to say that, though she doesn’t regret her decision, it had “haunted” her ever since.

While I applaud Minaj for speaking on such a dark subject with honesty, there is a sad disconnect between her words and her actions. I don’t insist that every star embrace their “role model” status, but it is lamentable that a woman who knows so well the dangers of teen promiscuity would promote sexuality to the extent she does. Minaj has built her entertainment career on pandering to the lowest common denominator, pushing sex to a degree even the oversexualized music industry has seldom seen.

Promoting the Wrong Values

Her top hits include “Anaconda” (“P***y put his ass to sleep, now he calling me Nyquil”), “Starships” (“But f**k who you want, and f**k who you like”), and “Super Bass” (“When he give me that look then the panties comin’ off”), all of which promote the kind of promiscuity that led to her “haunting” decision. No, Nicki Minaj is under no obligation to use her platform to change culture for the better…but why not do that when given the opportunity? Especially when you know so well the consequences of casual sex?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, African-Americans make up 36.2% of abortion patients in the United States, a statistic made startling by the fact that they comprise only 12.6% of the population. And though teen pregnancy rates are on the decline, 2010 still saw more than 600,000 girls between the ages of 15 and 19 get pregnant. Approximately 77% of teen pregnancies are unplanned.

The Untold Stories

Women have the “right to choose” in 21st century America, but the sorrow Minaj describes is an under-reported side effect of that freedom. A recent study of California Medicaid patients found that women who had abortions were 160% more likely than woman who gave birth to be hospitalized for psychiatric treatment in the first three months after the event. The study went on to say that psychiatric treatment rates remained higher for at least four years after the abortion.

The left has won the war on abortion; nothing short of a miracle would turn back that tide. But in their quest for freedom, they’ve ignored the consequences. The pro-choice movement promotes abortion as just another women’s health procedure, downplaying the psychological effects with every tool in their arsenal. And the media has embraced the declining rates of teen pregnancy without acknowledging that the problem is still immense.

Nicki Minaj’s stance in her lyrics may not have the slightest effect on teen behavior one way or the other, but it is nonetheless an appalling celebration of the sexual culture that has dominated the country for at least two decades. And as illuminated in her interview, she should know better.

  1. Combatvet52 says

    she should have known better I really don’t care for her anyway.

  2. Fedup says

    The lyrics in songs by people like her are very degrading and vulgar. They sing what they know about so I wouldn’t be surprised if she has a song about promiscuity and abortion being the right thing to do.

  3. brabbie2002 says

    And the radio stations play this filth? Glad I have old time rock ‘n roll on mine or am listening to an audio book. No wonder our youth are seemingly “lost”. Then they glorify this person (?).

    1. Ricarrdo estavans says

      Nothing like good old classic rock.

      1. John R. says For oldies 50’s and up

  4. fred says

    Sorry but don’t we have more important topics to discuss, like removing the plague in our WH!? I could care less about some rapper who-surprise!-got pregnant as a teen!

    1. Yadja says

      If only “Aborting” the camel dung in the WH were this easy.

      1. Shauna says


        1. Yadja says

          Abort……Abort……..the Mission is impossible.

          LOLOL Oh if only the vermin.

          I had a dream once, seriously never shared it but will share it now with all. Came back from this war and saw the WH in flames and an army surrounding it dressed in brown. All was burning and the president and his family ………..well let us just say……….LONG GONE.

          Truthfully I did have that dream and it haunted me until O came into office then I understood it.

          1. Shauna says

            Unfortunately it might come to this….They keep pushing the American people to the brink. I am actually getting a kick out of this so called “rap” person, and I wonder what she would look like once all that fake stuff was removed? wig, fake butt implants, fake nails, all that makeup, etc…..I shiver to think…maybe that is why she only likes the thugs, cause they don’t care, they are just happy to get some that isn’t in prison..( I’m so wrong for this….hehehehehe)…being very bad today..

          2. Yadja says

            He will push even harder now that the Congress is going to Push all those Bills Reid was storing up. He already is saying he is going to Veto the two Bills they have on the way to him. He will need a swift, well placed, hard felt, boot to the head to get the message that he is not King anymore.

            Now with this situation in Paris we will see what our Mussie loving dog eating, Christian and Jew hating along with Military and the Police has to say. I am sure he will avoid like the Plague or Ebola saying anything offensive to his beloved turbaned turds.

            Talking about all the “Fake” on this gal I have for a very long time thought it an oxymoron in the Beauty Contests to allow the women to wear fake eyelashes, fake hair extensions, fake nails, be surgically enhanced in breast and backside, have liposuction, have plumped lips and when you come down to it, what are you calling the most beautiful woman?

            Congress has to put an electric collar on the dog in the WH and set it to work as a reminder he is not the King.

          3. Shauna says

            Hi Yadja,
            It’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better. It has tightened my resolve to fight even harder. Those who refuse to listen to the people will be removed. As far as the most beautiful woman, many exist w/o all that..many…I know a few, both men and women, and I have to admire God’s work….;) For me, not into enhancements, but not opposed if I think it is absolutely necessary,( being big breasted is a blessing and a curse) I just think this rap person is nothing butt fake,( no pun intended), even her admitting she was sad about her life choices. It’s your typical liberal hypocrisy…

          4. Yadja says

            I believe in cosmetic surgery if it makes the person feel better about themselves but I don’t think if you are looking for someone to represent beauty and it is all fake in contests then that is not God’s work. Also it sets a standard that is hard for the average woman to live up to. My mother lost her breast at an early age to breast cancer. I lived watching this country begin to weigh heavily on the woman being nothing but breasts.

            My mother was well endowed as am I and I do consider it a Blessing not a curse although having her as my mother I certainly did not and ever flaunted. It hurts too many women. In fact they did a survey of women and asked would you rather loose a limb or your breast and they chose a limb, sad very sad.

            LOLOLOLOLOL love the post. Hey isn’t that Harry Reid up O’s butt?

          5. Shauna says

            hahahaha! It’s all those idiots who still think obama is actually doing a good job. so sad but true. I’ve been on quite a flaming tangent and actually glad I have to go to work now. It’s exhausting trying to talk sense into dumbasses., so I’ve given up and just attack like they do. You can’t reason with these people, they are angry, miserable, unhappy, mad at the world and just want to get on the blogs and attack. But, the fact that I end up taking the bait…what does that say about me? hahahahahaha…We have bigger issues to worry about like debt, our healthcare, the slow removal of liberty, a completely corrupt govt. ( on both sides), etc…..We are in interesting times…no doubt..Keep fighting….God speed.

          6. Yadja says

            We don’t fall my dear we fight and we make them angry and nothing funnier than an angry Liberal or Muslim.

            Got a funny video for you Google Muslim on a treadmill it will make you feel better.

            Have a good one.

          7. Cyndieaa says

            You people seem to be very confused about a great many things. Perhaps you should read something. Get some real information. You called Obama “king” twice in your ranting. Do you truly have no idea what the Republicans have planned for this country and how they are assisting the demise of the middle class so that we can become an oligarchy? Really? You, the uninformed and the misinformed are really scary.

          8. Yadja says

            The Constitution plainly states what Treason is. I understand it explicitly, by it’s definition O has committed Treason. How you say?
            Changed the Rules of Engagement to favor our enemies. That is giving comfort.
            Has us reading Miranda Rights to those caught downrange. Comforting the enemy.
            Stopped the Gitmo Tribunals. Comforting the enemy.
            Releasing Gitmo terrorists. Comforting the enemy.
            Stopping aggressive interrogations. Comforting the enemy.
            Convinced Egypt to elect a Muslim Brotherhood, they wizened up and SiSi and Egypt are playing an important part in fighting Jihad. But O gave comfort to the enemy in what he did.
            O used a UN Resolution and our military resources to kill Gaddafi, giving Libya to Al Qaeda. Comforting the enemy.
            O pulled out of Iraq saying Bush made me do it, but we know better, the pullout was based on Iraq being able to defend itself. Iraq told us ISIS in the wings. O gave comfort to the enemy.

            The Founding Fathers made it clear to us what a Tyrant was and they gave us the Second Amendment to use our guns to make sure we got our government back if a Tyrant showed up.

            A king is someone who rules and pays no attention to his advisers or his subjects. O has done that with his Executive Orders on Immigration and many other things. The Supreme court has ruled 15 of those orders unconstitutional.

            I have read about all the Societies that all the billionaires and millionaires in our country belong to. I am aware of who and why the Federal Reserve was brought into existence. I know about the dreams of the One World Order, The Northern Alliance so take it somewhere else, if anything I know too much for my own good and that includes having served my country as an Army nurse in Shield/Storm and this war. I have read the Qur’an and studied the life of Muhammad. I understand fully what is happening in France.

            Perhaps you best to reassess your comments concerning me or not I don’t care.


          9. Colleen Campbell says

            I Pray for a Miracle & that is that the “MOST HIGH GOD” would OPEN everyone’s eyes to the TRUTH of who & what is occupying Our WH & then you will see the entire U.S.A. running to get out of this country. His rage & murderous actions that are still to come & some say that it surely couldn’t get any worse, well you just wait maybe a couple days or weeks, or months but the all evil one will rear up its head & ALL WILL SEE THE TRUTH !!!! & it isn’t a pretty picture & it is PURE EVIL FROM HELL his homeland !!!!

          10. Yadja says

            The Almighty works in mysterious ways my dear. Millions prayed this last election for the Liberals to be ousted and they were. That took more than just Independents, Libertarians and Republicans, that was a coming together of a majority who are seeing the light.

            Now we have this situation in France. They appeased Muslims, gave them their own cities, allowed them to practice Sharia Law and because they were PC they did not foresee the product of their folly. I have been to France, one of my favorite countries especially Paris, it was overrun with Muslims then. French citizens are unarmed. Americans are armed. That is a good deterrent for Jihad.

            The pressure is on O, his appeasement and his favoring Muslims is blatantly evident and now even those who dared not say a word about Islam that was unsavory or O is now speaking loudly.

            The way I see it Colleen O has brought us to the brink of WWIII and before he can destroy this country we may all be involved in a new Crusade and he won’t be able to avoid getting into it.

    2. Carolyn Moore Davis Murdock says

      There is NO issue or topic more important than the murder, destruction, and plague of abortion. We will ALL pay for it as a nation, for condoning it, for turning our heads instead of discussing it. May God help us !!

      1. Colleen Campbell says


  5. Robert L. Rice says

    I really didn’t think much of her,before she admitted to having an ABORTION,NOW,Im not sure,IF I can think less of her (but I think that I can think less of her).she got her panties loose (how many times???) AND the BABY paid for her screwing………..

  6. Diane Snyder says

    her wrap is filth- her sharing pain over the decision to have an abortion shows that she holds tremendous pain over a bad decision. She can do more good to those who believe there is nothing wrong with abortion – it is a horrible life altering experience that is traumatizing, the pain does not go away. It is the worst decision a woman can make- it scars for life – it is important her message be shared. Too many girls like her and would listen to her advise. Her advice is that abortion can really screw you up and their is no solution to a better life once you do that damage to yourself by killing a part of you in fact, another life.

    1. Yadja says

      Most wrap is filthy. She gets what she deserves and for the rap and the clothes and the attitudes put onto women and girls by excrement like this, I say suffer woman no pity here.

  7. Yadja says

    Abortion in this country has gone from a need to save the mother’s life, or due to rape or incest to a form of Birth Control. Many women don’t want to take the pill because it makes them fat. They don’t want to do anything so they opt for abortion.

    The stigma has been taken off the term and it has been prettied up with nice little bows so that it has lost the true meaning, it has become the mantra of “It’s My Body”.

    It is the mantra of “My Body”, “My Choice” My My My that has forced the participation or even the input of the husband, boyfriend or what have you. The man has lost all rights to even open his mouth.

    It has been so defined that nobody even thinks they are killing anyone. But being a nurse for close to 30 years I guarantee you it comes back to haunt them and the older they get the more it haunts them.

    Decisions have consequences.

    1. RMCSRET says

      Just read the story on Planned Parenthood bragging about the fact that they performed
      over 370K abortions this past year and you will see as part of that story where a young woman
      is quoted as saying here freedom was given to her with birth control and abortion.

      1. Yadja says

        America leads the world in abortions. How civilized are we?

        This is thanks to Liberals and Demoncats along with Progressives.

        The country of “Yes”, the country of “It is My Body”, the country of ” Sex not a
        Responsibility but a Right” the country of “Dress Like a Street Walker and Holler Rape When you get it socked to ya” the country of “Me, Me, Me,” the country of “Divas” the country that is going down the tubes faster than a gob of snot in the sink.

        1. Carolyn Moore Davis Murdock says

          You said it exactly right. What a selfish bunch of people. The unborn have no rights. Yet, they MUST be precious to God. He is not blind or dead. He sees us for what we are !!

          1. Yadja says

            “For such is the Kingdom of Heaven.”

            There will be a price to pay for this country.

        2. John R. says

          A greeney

      2. Yadja says

        The US aborts more children than any other country in the world and that includes Third World.

        The Moral Fiber has eroded to the point it is clinging by a few threads and who is to blame for this? Just imagine what these new generations will do to America and the elderly, lame and insane etc.

        They will be in charge someday.

  8. Rick Rogers says

    Your actually going to try claim any of you actually care about anything she has done in her life.. NO your going to claim it only when it serves your twisted purposes. Mahatma Gandhi — ‘I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.’

    1. Terry Lee says

      Yeah and Gandhi made that judgement after coming in contact with less than 1/10th of 1% of the Christians living in the World. He chooses to overlook the massive amount of great things that have come out of Christianity and continue to come out of it. He is in a completely different religion that treats other people atrociously by the tenants of that religion, Hinduism. Christians who do not act like Christ are outside the beliefs of the religion itself. Not to explain it away but part of the reason people become a Christian is to better their life, it is not required to be better then become a Christian. That leaves a lot of room for mistakes and misunderstandings. Something to remember as well, just because you claim to be a Christian does not make it so.

      1. Rick Rogers says

        Thanks for you comments.. and Everyone that supports the Current GOP Congress should keep in mind when Claiming to be Christian because I don’t see Christ ever being ok with letting Children go hungry or not receiving care if their are sick.

        1. infadelicious says

          shut up. If people would be responsible and use birth control they could prevent unwanted pregnancies. Quit using Christ as a weapon. Christ didn’t like women and men using other people’s bodies as amusement parks either. These tramps need to get some self respect and stop sleeping with boys that care so little about them they don’t use protection against stds or pregnancy and the boys need to grow up and accept responsibility. And miss niki and her fellow “stars” need to stop promoting the thug life of n’s b’s and ho’s.

          1. Rick Rogers says

            Here the great thing about Freedom.. You can’t make me shut up and can’t make me live under Your Moral Code. I think its Obscene to cut money on food for mothers and Children. Funds that are used by members of the Military to feed their Families.. You want to worry about what two people do in the Privacy of their own home.. Your the one that needs to shut up.

          2. infadelicious says

            yawn………………’re stupidity is obscene. obozo is the one who shut down the veterans memorial while pelosi had an illegal alien rally on the same site… liberals are the obscene ones. What happens in the privacy of your own bedroom and the consequence that go with are your responsibility you PARASITIC VICTIM. Man up and take precautions or pay for the consequences yourself… shut up

          3. Wicked Witch of the West Side says

            “Yer not the boss of me now!!!1!1!1!”

            Discovered yet another paragon of Obammunist “maturity” here, did we?


          4. infadelicious says

            they’re all over the place…….. i thought we sprayed for those?

          5. Rick Rogers says

            Thanks for you views no matter they are the twisted views of a scumbag.

          6. infadelicious says

            said the twisted bag full of scum.. buzz off lightweight. Learn English.

          7. Rick Rogers says

            Dang Repubicans have had control of congress for less then a day and the stock Market has lost like 500 points.. Way to go GOP…

          8. OKGoogleWhyIsTheLeftSoDumb? says

            There are more important issues at stake than what the flaky stock market reacts to. Way to make yourself look pretty superficial, lib.

          9. infadelicious says

            i threw that fish back in the swamp…………. clearly it is cruel for us to mock the mentally infirm..

          10. Cletus B Neckbeard says

            Kompletely krewel.

          11. infadelicious says

            thank you sir 🙂

          12. Cletus B Neckbeard says

            Ha ha. De nada… :o)

          13. OKGoogleWhyIsTheLeftSoDumb? says

            And here I thought he had a rock in his head….

          14. infadelicious says

            oh, that could be arranged. 😉

          15. Cletus B Neckbeard says

            Chocolates… ah sweah.

          16. Rick Rogers says

            Why to go in not recognizing Sarcasm when its posted.. You looked Pretty gullible responding to it.

          17. OKGoogleWhyIsTheLeftSoDumb? says

            The recognizable thing going on here is your backing away from a ridiculous position under the late presumption of sarcasm when in fact your statement makes you appear as if you just got off of the boat Abu.

          18. Rick Rogers says

            Sort of like what Mitch The Turtle said the other day about how he was responsible for the Upswing in the Economy. You know the same Economy he was Criticizing before the election. You know Lincoln was wrong when he said “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.” IF your a FAUX News View or a Tea Bagger its pretty clear Turtle Mitch can fool you all the time. Oh well He is old.. He can’t live much longer.

          19. OKGoogleWhyIsTheLeftSoDumb? says

            I’ve never seen any channel listings for FAUX news and I am certainly not one of your gay accomplices in odd fetish appliance utilization.

          20. Rick Rogers says

            I don’t see the listing anymore either now that Dish Network finally had the good taste to remove them from the Channel Line up. This will be the last Response to you. I am not wasting my time on a Faceless Coward that does not have the guts to stand up for what they are suppose to believe in. You hide behind a fake Screen name. I am out there for anyone that wants to find me not only on this site but every where place else I post. As I said to someone else I would normally say ‘have a nice life” but in your case I wish you nothing but the Misfortune you appear to wish on others. You know its Funny you can always tell those that are willing to have honest discussions. They are the one that don’t hide behind fake names. They rest of you are like the spoil little Children that ring the doorbell and run off.

          21. OKGoogleWhyIsTheLeftSoDumb? says

            That was the last one for sure? Merry Christmas! And have a happy year filled up with all of that *bagging* activity that you and your kweer friends engage in.

          22. Rick Rogers says

            Like I would let a Fracking Tea Bagger bother me.. Not bloody will likely

          23. OKGoogleWhyIsTheLeftSoDumb? says

            So you lied and that wasn’t your last response.

            Personally, I don’t know much about that ‘tea bagging’ activity that the weirdo homos do but you seem to be quite familiar with it considering how much you use the term.

          24. Rick Rogers says

            That’s funny so many of your heroes Are KOCH SUCKERS I would guess you knew all about them.

          25. OKGoogleWhyIsTheLeftSoDumb? says

            You are not my hero, oh Koch-fixated one.

          26. Cletus B Neckbeard says

            Ha ha I’m tellin’ ya’, these dummies think they’re broke because others aren’t. I’ve suggested to a few of them it might have something to do with their ignorance and lack of industry (wasting the day on the ‘net, hating), but they just won’t listen.

            Can’t fix stupid like that!!

          27. Rick Rogers says

            Would not want to be your hero.. You seem to worship Greedy, stupid, fake Christians.. Your a waste of oxygen. Do the rest of the world a favor take a deep breath and hold it.. forever.

          28. OKGoogleWhyIsTheLeftSoDumb? says

            Its *You’re*; not *Your*, dumbass typical lefty.

            There I go being redundant again.

          29. Rick Rogers says

            You know what.. I have a lazy bigoted employee here that is constantly spouting off his twisted politics during the Time I am paying him to be on the phone working. Just for you I am going to get up from this Computer and Fire his Tea Party ass because I heard him giving speeches about the President when I am paying him to be working. Just wanted you to know I am doing it in your honor. oh. don’t you love “Right to Work” states.

          30. OKGoogleWhyIsTheLeftSoDumb? says

            Are you going to use scissors or a knife?

            Lorena’s hubby says it’s going to hurt when you sever your employee. He probably does all of your hard thinking for you too, so you might want to reconsider. -Just sayin’

          31. Cletus B Neckbeard says

            Assisstant pimps aren’t really “employees.”

          32. Rick Rogers says

            Keep it up and I will have to fire your mother your wife and Your sister.

          33. Cletus B Neckbeard says

            Owww!!!! :o)

          34. infadelicious says

            srsly dude, that guy is a little socially and mentally retarded.

          35. Cletus B Neckbeard says

            The simple mind is the easiest to impress. ‘Bout guarantee he’s not done ten years at anything other than surfin’ porn sites.

          36. Cletus B Neckbeard says

            You’re the best, Miss Crabtree! :o)

          37. Rick Rogers says

            okay Here you go.. You Are a sanctimonious ass that does not understand the first thing about the rights guaranteed by the constitution. You are the type that thinks everyone has to live by your morals because they are yours. So please take this with the heartfelt sentiment that it’s intended.. F**K Off

          38. OKGoogleWhyIsTheLeftSoDumb? says

            Haaaaaahahahahahaha you don’t have a clue as to what you are / you’re talking about.

          39. Cletus B Neckbeard says

            Ha ha. Wordy!!

          40. Shep Schultz says

            The Koch envy is strong with you.
            Were you born a woman?

          41. Rick Rogers says

            No But you seem to be ready to be some guys Bitch

          42. Shep Schultz says

            When it comes to being some guys bitch, you do the bitchin’!
            Your office called. The new door sign is ready for pick-up.

          43. AndToAllAGoodNight! says

            Likelihood appears to have nothing to do with it. It seems to be fact.

          44. Cletus B Neckbeard says

            You’re right. Republicans should be able to do in one day what Obama hasn’t in six years! Bad G*d-like Republicans!

          45. Wicked Witch of the West Side says

            First of all, numbnuts, the Dow fell by less than 300 points yesterday. Second of all, the market’s turned right around and made a fool out of you today, seeing as how the Dow is up 210-plus points as of this writing. But then, we already knew that Obammunists don’t need our help to look like the drooling morons they always were.

          46. Rick Rogers says

            More importantly KOCH SUCKER.. It was sarcasm Spend some time Learing to develop a sense of humor.. God what an A hole

          47. Wicked Witch of the West Side says

            That’s IT! Spew more mindless Mother Jones talking points!

            Oh, and please review the First Law of Holes before you reply once more. It’ll help prevent you from looking like a complete jackass. Again.

          48. Cletus B Neckbeard says

            It was a vitriol-laden demonization attempt. “Spend some time Learing [sic] to develop a sense of humor.”

          49. Cletus B Neckbeard says

            Did you know that you’re not a broke-*ss moron because they’re rich? Crazy, isn’t it?

          50. Shep Schultz says

            The Koch envy is strong with this one.

          51. Cletus B Neckbeard says

            Man, they’ sure obsess on them. Goofy bass feces…

          52. RonCade says

            From beginning to end, the Bible is repleat with Individual Responsibility.
            We each answer for what we say or do, do not do and do not say. Christians are supposed to do good for all. They are supposed to be of service to their fellow man. Love your neighbor as yourself is the second greatest command to all men. Look at Genesis 9. God charged both man and animal concerning the taking of a life. That has not been repealed. Do not fool yourself about politicians either Left or Right. Political doctrines are far removed from Scipture. Have you noticed when Jesus fed some folks he didn’t enable the people to be forever dependent on his free lunches? It is written, however, that if you will seek the kingdom of God and his righteuosness, He will provide all your needs. Matthew 6:25-34. Cheers!

          53. OKGoogleWhyIsTheLeftSoDumb? says

            That’s pretty dumb to be spouting off that the Christian ethos applies to governments when the intended audience is for individuals.

            Anyone that wants to have kids better get their priorities straight. Aquiring the ability to earn a living and provide for one’s own responsibilities – kids first and foremost – precedes having kids.

          54. Cletus B Neckbeard says

            Watcha gonna do with all those rox?

          55. OKGoogleWhyIsTheLeftSoDumb? says

            …Put them in a tumbler with Rick Rogers for a few weeks and see if they come out as polished gems or merely pulverized?

            (You wouldn’t be referring to the fill for my parking area would you?)

          56. AndToAllAGoodNight! says

            The difference being…

          57. OKGoogleWhyIsTheLeftSoDumb? says

            ..’prolly not much, because gemstones rolling around with RR for a few weeks would be sullied…..not much good for anything except fill…

          58. AndToAllAGoodNight! says

            Ha ha. Fill is good… I could use a couple belly-dump loads of river rock my own se’f.

          59. infadelicious says

            don’t forget the splash of quicklime and a shovel

          60. OKGoogleWhyIsTheLeftSoDumb? says

            “don’t forget the splash of quicklime and a shovel”

            We could all count that technique as a tender mercy to the area buzzards, couldn’t we?

          61. infadelicious says

            ha ha ha! where do you kids get this stuff?

        2. Cletus B Neckbeard says

          I don’t see Christ being OK with a president’s economic policies causing as much misery as the Dems and Obama’s policies are either. Thanks for showing your partisan stupidity for the rest of us to see, though.

          1. Rick Rogers says

            surprise NECKBEARD.. am Independent but I can read Economics Reports as well as the next one and everyone of those says A Republican Administration (Based on every one SINCE NIXON) leaves the country more in debt when they leave OFFICE then when they take office. That’s not Made up or Fantasy Just the cold hard Facts. And The GOP is the one giving all the Tax breaks to the oil companies.. The GOP is the one that is Support that Cash Cow for the Kock Brothers the Keystone Pipe line.. You know the one that the Canada’s are trying to con us in to building so they can sell their Oil To China.. The one that their Citizens Refuse to allow a pipeline for the most Direct Route to the Pacific.

          2. Wicked Witch of the West Side says

            “Economics reports?” Published by whom? Actual economists, or the Communists at Mother Jones?

            For another thing, if you’re an “independent,” then I’m Barack Obama. Knock it off with the lies, please. You’re just not any good at it.

          3. Cletus B Neckbeard says

            As soon as he mentioned Koch brothers and implied this admin had something to do with the low gas prices, I just assumed he didn’t want to talk with me. Not available for hire.

            I guess they don’t make anything of market volatility, either.

          4. Wicked Witch of the West Side says

            I’m pretty much done here, too. G-d’s gonna git me as it is for having waayyy too much fun slapping idiots in the face with their own stupidity. I blame my parents (may the L-rd bless them and keep them) for my inability to suffer fools lightly, of course.


          5. Cletus B Neckbeard says

            Ha ha. Me too. I haven’t done a thing that matters today. I got a call this morn, saying my tractor’s ready so I’ll be p/u’ing that in the morn. Probably should have gone this morning but I smelled commies! :o)

          6. OKGoogleWhyIsTheLeftSoDumb? says

            Huh. How about that. My long lost twin parted at birth. Hehehehehehe

          7. Rick Rogers says

            Try the Congressional Budget office, FORBES (there is a hot bed of Liberals) , Wall street Journal, NEED MORE>.Sorry you have your noise buried in your little Red BOOK of Tea Party Slogans.. Thing I love the best is that based on polls coming out of colleges the Moderates of both Parties Are coming back Strong and are going to kick the Extremes of both sides to the curb. But in a way I am going to lose out in that deal.. See about 6 months ago I started posting ads Selling Copies Constitution online.. Boy did those Tea Bagger Clowns snap them up. Paid for 2 vacations and all of the Xmas presents for my kids and a nice donation to the local Homeless Shelters..I might actually miss those clowns..

          8. Rick Rogers says

            Mr President.. ITs so nice to speak with you. Don’t let the tea Bagging Morons get you down. Their Racism Shows thru.

          9. OKGoogleWhyIsTheLeftSoDumb? says


          10. Cletus B Neckbeard says

            Ha ha ha. The little one thought that was a Dems-only voting booth!

          11. OKGoogleWhyIsTheLeftSoDumb? says

            He got it partly right, didn’t he?

          12. Cletus B Neckbeard says

            Sho’ ‘nuf, Hermano.

          13. FreeBornPatriot says

            Smiley face.

          14. Rick Rogers says

            Tell you what why don’t you ask him if he is ok with me using his picture.. BY the way could you setup a video camera recording your face when he tells you that my picture listed there is not him.. Should be good for some Laughs.

          15. FreeBornPatriot says

            I did ask him. He’s looking in to it.

          16. Rick Rogers says

            Good let me know what he says because I own the copywrite on that picture and if he is using it without my permission I see a payday from a Teabagger in the near future.
            Funny Thing happen.. I saw My Tea Party Neighbor’s house get robbed while they were away yesterday. They Broken in right thru the windows.. I didn’t call the police because My Neighbor is always telling me that Government is never the solution.

          17. infadelicious says

            i am sure you are used to receiving money from “teabaggers ” on a regular basis for your services…..

          18. Rick Rogers says

            SInce my services are selling books yes.. You see I look for the Dumbest most Idiotic publications I can find an market to TEB BAGGERS… They Snap up those like they were going out of style. Only one I felt the a small amount of Guilt over was the Leather Bound Copy of the Constitution I sold on TEA BAGGER Sites for 39.99.. of course I sold the same exact book on NON Tea Bagger Sites for 12.99 and the TEA PARTY Dummies bought 4 times as many. Oh well Majority of the Profits when to Wounded Warrior so I don’t feel all that bad.. But Did laugh my ass off writing the check.

          19. infadelicious says

            LOL………..went right over your empty head, didn’t it dullard? You’re too stupid to even be worth toying with. Tell your family to quit marrying their cousins.

          20. Rick Rogers says

            Sorry were you saying something.. Your mouth sounded like it was full of Penis

          21. infadelicious says

            awww did i hurt your feewings widdle man?…… …… buzz off Don’t keep your peeps at Dillard’s waiting………… and try walking upright without scraping your knuckles this time

          22. Rick Rogers says

            Nothing you could say will hurt me Twit.. I understand the Source is a Racist Inbred biatch that is a waste of oxygen.. Just hoping you won’t breed and pass on your defective DNA..

          23. infadelicious says

            zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz dismissed!

          24. Rick Rogers says

            That’s exactly what I said yesterday when your Incessant Drivel appeared on my screen. Don’t bother replaying have no interest in you stupidty. IT was fun at first but its annoying reading your half witted Verbal Diarrhea. Would say have a nice life but that would be a lie because I wish you nothing but the worst. Hope your hubby cheats.

          25. infadelicious says


          26. Rick Rogers says

            ah keep trying Infadelicious maybe one day you be able to type more then one letter and won’t be such a Coward you have to hide behind a fake Screen Handle.

          27. infadelicious says

            your obsession with me is getting creepy. You are the posterboy for online creepy, stalking, perverted misogynists and the reason a lot of women don’t use their real name when posting… Your type of predator latches onto people and you try to make yourself feel better by hurling vulgar insults at them . Your immaturity and inability to deal with people in a reasonable manner, especially women is quite clear just by reading a handful of your previous replies to people. Probably because of your stupidity and lack of social skills, women laugh at you and your mother probably did a number on you as well.. You don’t seem to get along with any humans. Stick with your mannequins and blow up dolls.

          28. Rick Rogers says

            SO you don’t even have the courage to identity your gender let alone your name.. What a waste of oxygen you are. Earth would be a better place if your mother had swallowed the Load that produced you.

          29. infadelicious says

            please keep your fantasies about your mother and swallowing to yourself.. You’re proving my earlier point about what an obsessive, creepy stalker pervert you are…

          30. Rick Rogers says

            There you go proving you read at the Sarah Palin reading level I said YOUR Mother moron. Does she still give the two for one Special on Saturday nights?

          31. infadelicious says

            you have real issues with women and mothers , don’t you? Typical democrat war on women. Maybe you need to buy one of them 2 for 1 saturday specials, or get a gerbil… you clearly haven’t been with a human being, let alone a woman for quite some time…. or maybe you’re gay, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

          32. Rick Rogers says

            No Moron I have issues with you Pseudo-intellectuals who are stupid enough to believe the lies that Fox news feeds them. Dummies that try to make a scandal out of 4 people dying but are willing to ignore the Thousands of killed and wounded Service men in two long drawn out wars (one of which was illegal and the American people were lied to) and then Don’t say anything when YOUR PARTY leaders cut funding for VA hospitals, or any program to help Returning Vets. You people disgust me with your fake patriotism with most of you not even spending a day serving your country in Uniform. You are so beneath Contempt. If the Facts don’t Match your Fantasies you ignore them. I am so glad that people like you are in the Minority or this country would not be worth fighting for. I remember a time not to long ago that anyone that criticized Dubba Bush was called un-American and a traitor.. The Dixie Chicks stand out as an Example. But you sniveling cowards don’t seem to have a problem doing it to the Current President. SO now your heroes are all people Like Ted Nugent who admits he crapped his pants to get out of serving his country. .. Let me say one last thing. I am willing to enter into any discussion with anyone on a Civil basis.. But you Asswipe attacked me first so gloves are off.

          33. Wicked Witch of the West Side says

            Stop being such a sniveling twat.

          34. Rick Rogers says

            Really nice you kiss your mother with that mouth you Skank

          35. Wicked Witch of the West Side says

            … and wipe the snot off your nose while you’re at it. Twat.

          36. Rick Rogers says


          37. Cletus B Neckbeard says

            LOL!! What’s an egg donor to do?!

          38. Wicked Witch of the West Side says

            Our 2015 contest is over already. ‘Delicious seems to have found our Loser of the Year Award winner in this paragon of Obammunist “thought.”

          39. Cletus B Neckbeard says

            What’s that ‘licious likes to say? “How stupid are you?” is not an invitation to a competition or something like that.

          40. infadelicious says

            TLDR. Zzzzz

          41. Cletus B Neckbeard says

            That certainly was pseudo-intellectual! Slender, zat you?!

          42. AndToAllAGoodNight! says

            Miss your distemper shot, didja?

          43. AndToAllAGoodNight! says

            Why do you think someone is trying to affect intellectualism? Is your own self-confidence really so shaky that, when someone dispels your fantasies as handily as the average conservative can, it arouses extreme feelings of insecurity in you?

          44. Rick Rogers says

            you stepping into a fight your not part of. I was personally attacked by those two and I DON”T BACK DOWN from anyone. Nothing I have said is aimed at you. I can handle Facts. The “conservatives” that are brain washed by the lies Fox News pedals are the one with Fantasies. I wonder how many of the Trailer park Crowd that buys into Fox News and thinks its “American’s New Channel” Know its half owned by one of those Muslims they are so happy to disregard. A Muslim that has made the public statement more then once that a “strong America is not in our best Interest” If a democrat or the President said that they would be calling for his head but the owner of 50 percent of Fox News can say it and none of you seem to hear it. Do you know that the TAX Breaks they gave to the Rich and the one percent are about 10 times what the SNAP program and Free School Lunches would cost. Have you ever had to try and pay attention in a classroom with your stomach Growling.. Not an easy thing to do. Conservatives Scream against welfare but don’t seem to have a problem with Corporate welfare. Want and Example I have an Aunt and Uncle that live in a state out west. They had Solar panels installed to help with their power bill.. So what did the state government do.. They are trying to implement a Tax on anyone that uses Solar or Wind Turbines. That tax will be turn over to the Power companies. My Aunt and Uncle are law abiding but if it was me there be a lawsuit filed very quickly.

          45. Cletus B Neckbeard says

            Like most regressives, you have no idea how extremely you overestimate yourself but I’ll leave you to your own humiliation.

          46. Rick Rogers says

            no Don’t overestimating.. Here.. I Understand what I read and am not afraid to stand up for what I believe. The Art of War is very useful in dealing with the Scum I find on this Site. I am here for the main Reason of “KNOW YOUR ENEMY” That is the only reason. I tell you what the private groups get a lot of Laughs when I post the comments of you tea Baggers. I have problems with people that hide behind fake screen names that can only attack people. If you attack me don’t think you won’t get the same back in spades. Now that’s not something you do is it “mr Cletus B. Neckbeard”. because hiding behind a fake name is something cowards do.. You know Cowards. Here let me help in case English is your 2nd Language. .
            Feigling, Δειλός, Vigliacco, 臆病者, Feig, Tchórz, Korkak, Cobarde.. I have not problem going against someone that has the Nerve to let people know who they are and where they can be found.. The rest.. not work my time. You can do your own Research to find out what the words mean not doing anything more for you.

          47. Cletus B Neckbeard says

            Being too stupid to know your limitations doesn’t qualify as “balls,” Dullard. Now, please, stop burdening me with you vitriol, illiteracy, and ignorance. I told you I was willing to sit idly by and watch you humiliate yourself and I will do just that. I know impenetrability when I see it and you’re one of the worst cases I’ve seen.

            ‘Not really in the mood for you but always in the mood to watch the people who you hold in such low esteem embarrass you beyond measure.

          48. Rick Rogers says

            yea I thought so just another Scumbag

          49. Shep Schultz says

            Gender? Why do you care what Infa does with Infa’s naughty bits?
            Do you really want to know Infa’s sex?
            Most of you recent victims of our education system don’t know the difference between sex and gender.

          50. Rick Rogers says

            Yes see it helps to know so I can call her a bitch or a bastard. Want to be accurate there.

          51. Shep Schultz says

            You still don’t see the difference. Sorry about what you thought you were getting for an education.

          52. Cletus B Neckbeard says

            Well, you will certainly have hit the intellectual zenith we’ve come to expect from regressives in sorting out something as weighty as that! :o)

          53. infadelicious says

            ha ha ha! just saw the dimwit’s reply to Shep.. funny when those who claim to be intellectually superior to you melt down into a puddle of pus and can’t even form a sentence anymore. All they can do is sputter and barf up insults… like a little child having a tantrum.

          54. Cletus B Neckbeard says

            Ha ha. I saw that. I wish they were humble enough to revel in their delusions of sentience but, nooooooooooo, we gotta put up with their delusions of excellence! :o)

          55. infadelicious says

            He certainly is precious.

          56. Cletus B Neckbeard says

            I never cease being amazed that they troll. Are they really so braindead they can’t see how rhetorically inadequate and uninformed they are? Do they really think they can convert others who are demonstrably better informed and intelligent than they are? Do they really think, given the option, people who know something are actually going to opt for being stupid?

            Help me out here…:o)

          57. infadelicious says

            The stupid is quite strong with this latest stooge

          58. Cletus B Neckbeard says


          59. Rick Rogers says

            Funny you call me a Regressive but its your Party that wants to turn the clock back 50 years. On Voting Rights, Womens Rights, Civil Rights. That would make you more of a Regressive.

          60. Cletus B Neckbeard says

            Wouldn’t it be awesome if the right really were as backwards as the part of the Kl*n? The party that’s been pushing a failed politico-economic system that has been continually proven to be a loser?

            Your sister called–she wants you to wear a condom tonight.

          61. Rick Rogers says

            There you have it.. Someone that admits That it would be awesome if the Right were like the Klan.. Well there Cletus with a name like that I would guess its your Sister/wife that would need the condom….oh one least thing.. I have not seen any Klansman show up at any Democratic Rallies recently but a heck of a lot of them seem to show up at Tea Party meetings. SO Cletus you have your wish the Right is JUST like the Klan.

          62. Cletus B Neckbeard says

            “Someone who admits…,” Illiteratum.

          63. OKGoogleWhyIsTheLeftSoDumb? says

            He probably has herpes….

          64. Cletus B Neckbeard says

            Probably IS herpes.
            Isn’t that a variation on leprosy?

          65. OKGoogleWhyIsTheLeftSoDumb? says

            In his case, probably so.

          66. infadelicious says

            Naughty bits? Snicker

          67. Rick Rogers says

            ha that’s funny your Dog crap that I need to wipe off my shoe. Believe me I will logout of this computer and forget you are on this planet. The fact I waste the energy to dictate any response to you at all is making me feel bad for the time I wasting. Your a Flea.. BE GONE.

          68. infadelicious says

            learn English you dirtbag… pressing one for English

          69. OKGoogleWhyIsTheLeftSoDumb? says

            Well that’s real nice of you that you are looking for an opportunity to sue one of your gay friends. Of course it all makes sense. Many lower life forms eat each other….

          70. AndToAllAGoodNight! says


          71. Rick Rogers says

            your right.. My dragon software missed that one when I was dictating it.. Thanks for the heads up.

          72. OKGoogleWhyIsTheLeftSoDumb? says

            If you don’t like oil then don’t use any, dunderhead.

            And if you don’t like profits then why don’t you move to the communist cesspool of your own free choice?

            And if you think that everything that everything under the sun needs to be taxed to thehilt, then why don’t you move to the socialist cesspool of your choice?

          73. Rick Rogers says

            People like you make me regret the 10 years I spend in Armed Services defending the Country. You have the freedom to speak, you just don’t have the intelligence to say anything meaningful. Not arguing with you because its a battle of Wits and you are very clearly unarmed. Your sadder then a one legged man in an Ass kicking contest.

          74. OKGoogleWhyIsTheLeftSoDumb? says

            What an entertaining little mental midget you are.

            Do you have any encore material or are you all tapped out of stupidity for the day?

          75. Rick Rogers says

            how about this you Coward.. I have my name and email out for everyone to see. You hide behind some stupid handle. I don’t have a problem letting people read what I say. You have to have an ALIAS???? Your the Mental Midget because you don’t have the guts to stand up and be recognized for what you believe. THAT GOES FOR YOU AS WILL INFADELICIOUS What a pack of Cowards that visit this Site.. But that going to change very soon. Making sure you get the “attention you deserve”

          76. OKGoogleWhyIsTheLeftSoDumb? says

            That was a great little leftard tantrum!

            Is there any more, or is it time for a fresh diaper and your afternoon nap?

          77. Rick Rogers says

            This is OKGOOGLEWHYISTHELEFSODUMB.. HE/SHE/IT is a coward.. EVER wondered why people hide behind fake Screen names.

          78. OKGoogleWhyIsTheLeftSoDumb? says

            No, not at all. Although it is a mystery as to which avatar you are hiding behind.

          79. Rick Rogers says

            Try again scum bag.. I am not ashamed of anything I say and don’t I have to hide behind a picture of a Green witch.. Unless you are admitting in fact you are a shriveled up hag of a Witch. If that’s the cause Sorry for insulting your picture. My name is out there my email address is out there and my facebook page is out there for anyone to see. Can’t say the same about you can you numb nuts.. But then again since you want to keep your Gender Quiet is it possible you are not sure which Gender you actually are??

          80. OKGoogleWhyIsTheLeftSoDumb? says

            Well aren’t you just a riot at this time of the month?

            Yes, that avatar photo is your precious Hillary, so thanks for properly identifying her.

            What else do you have to play with in your bag of sophomoric leftiness?

          81. Rick Rogers says

            promise me one thing.. You will come back on this website on Wed Nov. 2 2016 so we can see you go from becoming a Racist to an anti Feminist. I would pay good money to watch all the little tea party heads explode. Republicans and their Tea Party Clones only win elections during small turn outs. That’s why they came up with this fake Voter Fraud plan. They wanted to make It hard for the people they know would vote against them. There will be no SMALL turn out in 2016. So enjoy your temporary control of the Congress the countdown clock is running on it right now.

          82. OKGoogleWhyIsTheLeftSoDumb? says

            The only promises available to you are that I am against communists, socialists, big government tax and spend dumbocraps and all other forms of left-bent ilk who erode liberty and confiscate personal property for their own power grab.

            I also promise you that you are the only racist and anti-feminist taking part in this ongoing discussion.

          83. Rick Rogers says

            662 Days till we have our first Female President. And also 662 days till Tea Party heads explode and the GOP is run out of Congress..

          84. OKGoogleWhyIsTheLeftSoDumb? says

            One-half hour until your next diaper change, little whiny tantrum throwing leftist brat. Do you think that you can hold on for that long?

            Besides, I have a hint for you: Shrillary is all washed up.

          85. Cletus B Neckbeard says

            Pitiful little Petri-dish reject, no?

          86. OKGoogleWhyIsTheLeftSoDumb? says

            He keeps carrying on about tea-bagging like he is one of those Entero-back-of-him Kweerii species.

            Then there is all of that other hoopla that makes him appear like Escher-screechia Lefti

            Also there are those bouts of EntroKochal head-up-arse-osis.

          87. Cletus B Neckbeard says

            ‘Sure crows a lot. A little Koch’ll doooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!

          88. OKGoogleWhyIsTheLeftSoDumb? says

            Now he claims to be an employer. Maybe his real ID is StaphyloKochus Ricksii

            We could run a few agar slants and see if he gets a positive hydrogen sulfide reaction out of brimstone. In all likelihood, we’ll see that he mainly metabolizes penile effusion.

          89. Cletus B Neckbeard says

            Ha ha. You’ nayesty!

          90. OKGoogleWhyIsTheLeftSoDumb? says

            Ha! This is purely clinical.

          91. Cletus B Neckbeard says

            As long as you think anatomy should be the dominant consideration in electing the leader of the free world, expect to be mocked and known to be a moron.

          92. Rick Rogers says

            love the way you like putting words in other people mouths. She is the one qualified to hold the office. Most of the GOP hopefuls are either under investigation or are going to be on Trial for crimes in the near future. The fact that she is Qualified and just happens to be Female is just a bonus. Like if Ted Cruz won you meatheads would not be out there claiming the first Hispanic President. But Hispanics sure would not be claiming him.

          93. Cletus B Neckbeard says

            “love the way you like putting words in other people mouths.”

            Self-awarenss–look into it, inbreeder.

            I wouldn’t trust Hillary to get my toilet clean. The only thing she’s apparently qualified to do is fool the fools.

          94. Rick Rogers says

            oh you got me.. I will never be the same again.. Ha.. what a clown you are . Just one of the other Cowards that is afraid to use their real name on their post. Your not worth the energy it takes to dictate a reply on Dragon. Oh and about fooling the fools.. Tell me why is it that the majority of congressmen and Senators that are pushing for the Keystone Pipeline have a financial interest in it being built? Didn’t that use to be Called conflict of Interest.. Oh but wait you don’t believe in that term do you. As long as it benefits YOUR interest. I would wish you a nice life but to be very honest with you I really don’t wish you any good will at all.. BYE BYE.

          95. Cletus B Neckbeard says

            Do you have anything substantive to say? Why are you trolling, really? Nobody here is as stupid as you are so it’s not like you have a chance of converting anyone to your cult. Most of the people you’re treating so dismissively are better educated than you are and pretty obviously, more experienced than you are.

            Lay it out to me… why should anyone here care about anything you have to say except that every time you post you give them something else to poke your Pavlovian-retard a**?

          96. Rick Rogers says

            Look at how a single candle can both defy and define the darkness. ” Anne Frank.. and here is so much Evil and Darkness on this website there needs to be a candle Lit. I won’t let this garbage go unchallenged so all of you can pat yourself on the back with the misconceptions that your good American patriots. The majority of you have not Served and would not Serve Sort of like “DICK” Cheney. I started on hear to engage in honest discussion but out of everyone on here had Exactly ONE person attempt to engage in a discussion without personal attacks.. So you reap what you sow..

          97. Cletus B Neckbeard says

            Again, self-awareness–look into it. That you only have ad hominems might be an indicator you never had game.

            Your fifteen minutes are up with me, Latch-key Boi. My brain’s going numb.

            Please address the probably I mentioned in the above post. You really are a drooler. Work on that, ‘ight?

          98. Rick Rogers says

            good your drivel was getting boring.

          99. Cletus B Neckbeard says


          100. Shep Schultz says

            I guess irrelevant quotes counts as deep thought among your crowd.

          101. Rick Rogers says

            The question was why was I basically on line here. The comment I addressing that to has been Removed but My quote remains.. Nothing irrelevant about it.

          102. Shep Schultz says

            You’re boring me. Do better than that, or move on.

          103. Rick Rogers says

            Not interested in Entertaining you there Shep.. Pretty sure you entertain yourself with your copy of Playboy and the Tissue you use to clean up with.

          104. Shep Schultz says

            Now you’re really boring me.

          105. Cletus B Neckbeard says

            Who asked that question?

          106. OKGoogleWhyIsTheLeftSoDumb? says

            Are you really leaving this time?

          107. Shep Schultz says

            You know that ache in your pelvic region?
            It is manginal pain. You will continue to experience this for as long as you annoy Cletus.
            Leave him alone for two or three days and you’ll heal up. If you’re smart you will just slink off into a dark corner without attracting further Cletal attention.

          108. OKGoogleWhyIsTheLeftSoDumb? says

            Shrillary doesn’t have any particular qualifications for the Oval Office.

          109. Shep Schultz says

            Whatever, nobgobblin.

          110. Cletus B Neckbeard says

            Is it Holloweenie already?!

          111. OKGoogleWhyIsTheLeftSoDumb? says

            No, not yet: Shep merely recognized that he has been gobbling up quite a bit of that.

          112. Rick Rogers says

            jeez you can’t even get the simple term correct.. Its Troll as in I am trolling this Website.. Something that I do and repost with pride on other sites. You are on the wrong side of history. So you want to take it out on me. No problem I have thick skin nothing you brainwashed little turds can say that will shake me in the least. So on to the next topic just saw a new one on here that is just begging to be called out on.. And Shep.. Please don’t forget. You need to ask every customer if they “want fries with that”

          113. Shep Schultz says

            You’re right!
            You’re more into nob-bobbin.
            There, I fixed it!

          114. OKGoogleWhyIsTheLeftSoDumb? says




          115. Rick Rogers says

            Sorry children I would say its been fun but why lie.. Its never fun to talk to stupid people. SO go put up your toys The adults have to work Bye bye.

          116. OKGoogleWhyIsTheLeftSoDumb? says

            When did you stop lying?

          117. Shep Schultz says

            Better the door hit you in the A@@ than my foot.
            Good riddance.

          118. Cletus B Neckbeard says

            He’s a parasitologist. You’re a parasite. He’s just trying to save the rest of us from… the rest of you.

          119. Mars Attacks! says

            But all the kings horses and all the kings men can never stuff your prolapsed rectum back in.

          120. Rick Rogers says

            Wow you wack one Pecan tree with a hammer and all the nuts come falling down. Just another Coward that won’t use his Real name to back up his post. I Tell you what if you lie down on the floor on your back and push with your legs and pull with your shoulders your head Might just pop out of your ass.. But to be honest I am pretty sure no one would be able to tell the difference. Have a terrible life. You have earned it. So bye bye Coward I don’t waste time on people too afraid to use their name on their Post.

          121. OKGoogleWhyIsTheLeftSoDumb? says

            What?!? You’re still here?

          122. infadelicious says

            he’s here as much as one can be when they’re permanently “out to lunch”

          123. Cletus B Neckbeard says


          124. OKGoogleWhyIsTheLeftSoDumb? says


          125. infadelicious says

            getting a little cranky are ya? So now the big man is threatening us? You’re really mentally ill aren’t you? You let strangers on a website get your panties in a brown bunch…. Anger issues as well as being a dullard? Get some help. It’s a freaking website, clown boy, grow a pair or go onto the justin beiber site if ya can’t keep up.

          126. AndToAllAGoodNight! says

            It’s all that backed up testosterone from ten years of military service… he… mentioned… in… passing.

          127. infadelicious says

            something’s been backin’ up…………

          128. Conservative American Voter says

            the brown from incontinence…

          129. infadelicious says

            😉 not sure what his problem is, he’s having a hissy fit cause he’s getting the beat down that he’s been begging for.

          130. Rick Rogers says

            oh.. no your not bothering me in the least. ALl I have to do is consider The source of the comments. You are beneath Contempt.

          131. infadelicious says

            wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh much!

          132. Shep Schultz says

            Too obnoxious to get another job, were ya?

          133. AndToAllAGoodNight! says


          134. infadelicious says

            there you are… why are all the new toys broken when they get here?

          135. AndToAllAGoodNight! says

            ‘Sorry. Had to p/u my tractor… That’s last night’s work, anyway. The should be full of p & v this morning, after having a night to stew. :o)

            I noticed one’s in the mood for a gaffe contest, Boosshh vs. OCrap.

          136. Rick Rogers says

            You’re irrelevant to this Conversation Because of that you are being ignored. But I would commend you for having the guts to put your name on the screen. Unlike a number of Cowards on here.

          137. Shep Schultz says

            Why should we believe you are using your real name or being honest about your time in the service?
            You seem to be an expert wherever it is convenient.
            You seem to have exactly the experience that a Progressive would pretend to have in order to gain credibility with folks on the individual liberty side of the equation.

          138. Cletus B Neckbeard says

            Yep. LSoS, this one.

          139. Rick Rogers says

            As I have said my name is out there for any that one to look at it so is my Facebook page. As to being an expert .. NO I just know how to use a search engine to do research.. its one of the things I do for a living. No pretending needed. I can still dictate into a Microphone since my days of Typing 65 words a minute when out the window after my accident. (Now I know what older people meant when they say they can feel the weather change. Felt it today in my artificial elbow today.)

          140. Shep Schultz says

            Any numbnuts can make a bogus FB page. You’re living proof.
            We’re all well aware of the troll who says “I’ll show you my identity and then you show me yours.” MO.
            Do you ever post without adding something to your bogus back story?
            I don’t know if you are a Dark Triad or a Dark Tetrad personality. I am sure you and all of your bogus identities are a bunch of knobs.

          141. Rick Rogers says

            Try again Nerf Herder.. my timeline stretches back to 2009 and you can’t fake that on Facebook.. Also Have posted on this poor excuse of a website since 2013 when I had the misfortune of having a FORMER friend who was trying to convince me of the Tea Party’s Merits. After looking at it I really believe he got the word wrong and was trying to say DEMERITS..

          142. Shep Schultz says

            I know you’re really lonely, but would you mind knocking it off with the boring back story princess?

            Here is a pic of a lady who can help you with your loneliness. Bring folding money.

          143. PJ4 says

            Wow, this guy surely isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed.
            Kuddos to you for your patience.

            On another note, I just posted something to GOPers with links…and it’s pending.. do they do that often?

          144. Shep Schultz says

            Yes, some sites like Walid Shoebat’s do that to everyone.
            Others have certain posters flagged for each individual comment review.

          145. Rick Rogers says

            “Talk sense to a fool and he calls you foolish.”
            ― Euripides, Bacchae

          146. Shep Schultz says

            Well, at least you got away from your boring back story.
            Now if we can get you to work on being germaine…

          147. Rick Rogers says

            But lets cut to the heart of the matter.. I could not give a tinkers damn if you believe me or not. You think some insult or comment from someone that believes this website of Fecal Matter is going to bother me even just a little. Not likely because it just shows how completely Corporate Brainwashed you are. You want lower taxes.. No problem start cutting the Corporate subsidies the GOP Controlled Congress loves to hand out. Stop cutting the Taxes of the the Richest while increasing them on those that can least afford them. STOP giving out Farm Subsidies to Millionaire Corporate Farms while cutting Snap Programs to Military personal and their familes. Start Charging companies that send jobs out of this Country a Penalty for every job they ship overseas. Pass a law that says anyone that is convicted of Political Corruption is not only barred from holding office but loses his Right to vote just like any other Felon and is barred from becoming a lobbyist. And Get rid of the country club prisons the send those they do convict. Anyone that breaks the public trust needs to do hard time. Places like FPC Montgomery need to go they look more like a college campus then a Prison.
            And Please PLEASE.. learn one other important thing.. Your Rights END at the tip of your Nose. The second your “rights” interfere with mind then your rights END.

          148. Shep Schultz says

            You do care whether we believe you or not. If you didn’t care you would
            not constantly sprinkle your comments with your idiotic back story.
            Other than that, too rambling and TLDR.
            I know you’re lonely. Otherwise you would not lie about your back story. For reference I’ve included a pic of some potential friends for you. You should fit right in.

          149. Rick Rogers says

            “Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.”
            ― George Carlin

          150. Shep Schultz says

            You don’t seem to be able to follow the direction of the conversation.

          151. OKGoogleWhyIsTheLeftSoDumb? says

            *Mine*, not *mind*, idjit.

            And also, the saying is “Your rights end at the tip of my nose.”

          152. Cletus B Neckbeard says

            Ha ha. SMH

          153. Rick Rogers says

            been said both ways there brainiac. But watch this.. Snap of the Fingers.. You no longer exisit… enjoy oblivion.

          154. OKGoogleWhyIsTheLeftSoDumb? says

            Ahhh how cute: You are going to shut your eyes and join all of your imaginary friends..

          155. Shep Schultz says

            You keep responding after you promised you would leave.
            You even lied about that.

          156. Cletus B Neckbeard says

            Your excessive protestations to the contrary are a good indicator you’re a liar. Ever heard of “Thou doth protest too much?”
            I take a lot of pleasure in knowing you’re in pain of your own infliction. Why are you so stupid?

          157. OKGoogleWhyIsTheLeftSoDumb? says

            Simpleton. Entertaining, but nevertheless a simpleton.

          158. Rick Rogers says

            So lets lay this out.. Company profits at all time high pretty much across the board. Stock market at close to all time High. Unemployment at lowest point it has been in 8 years. Gas under 2.00 a gallon in a number of states. Wow.. It those are bad policies we need more of them.

      2. Rick Rogers says

        Well Pope Francis Sure knows something about it and he pretty much said Conservative Christians are Fanatics..

  9. smogdew says

    “She doesn’t regret her decision, now” equates to “I’m not sorry I killed a helpless baby”. People who have abortions are cut from a different cloth than those who wouldn’t consider such a thing. There’s something very cold, self-centered and evil about them. (Not so if it is done to save the Mother’s life). These aborted babies are all in heaven, wonder if the Mothers will get there.

    1. Carolyn Moore Davis Murdock says

      No, they won’t get there unless they REPENT, which means that they turn from their sin, are truly sorry for it, and do not commit that sin again !! These people are too worried about being cool, making money and living in luxury to ever really repent… Although we can PRAY that they DO repent in earnest. May God help them. WE who believe that abortion is a sin must KEEP speaking out against It. If we DON’T, we are condoning this barbaric sin, and this will surely take us to hell AS WELL !! Speak out ! Never give up !!!!!

  10. pmbalele says

    Please blame her action to TPs and Repubs who want both ways. Repubs discourage teenager from abortion but at the same time they curse teenagers for bringing kids in this world they cannot economically support. TPs and Repubs cannot are hypocrites and dangerous to this country. I do not know why people voted for these monsters.

    1. Dennis says

      pmbalele. Shut up and spare us the liberal crap. You are really lost.

      1. pmbalele says

        The liberal crap? Did you hear about the conservative morons who killed people in Paris France. What did they want to drive them killing people? If they are Moslem, I
        doubt if their religion would brain-wash them to the extent of going around
        killing innocent people. On the other hand if they have been brain-washed that
        much, we have to find the cure for this.
        Like the morons who rammed jets into two towers, I do not know why a
        regular angry human being would go to that extent killing oneself for 10
        virgins. That is sickening

  11. Ricarrdo estavans says

    Who gives a schit.

  12. Ricarrdo estavans says

    It disturbs plenty of people, Stanley Ann did not get an abortion.

    1. Colleen Campbell says

      “TOO BAD” OH Well GOD is in charge & owns everything in the Universe because HE is the CREATOR of all things therefore He owns it all & will punish those who do not REPENT !!! FINAL & ETERNITY IN HELL is the only way they can go because all was preplanned both on the evil side of aisle & repented side of aisle so God created us with free will so we would not be puppets & He also made a way for us to be forgiven & those that are famous in the world that is chose this or that then they can only blame themselves. Since we have free will we don’t have to all be doing the bad stuff all the time & with the wonderful mind that we were given you can do so many different things & my parents said that in America you have the opportunity to be what ever you want, because it is a (or was) a free nation.

  13. Dane says

    I kept thinking, “how is one ‘haunted’ by an abortion, yet still have no regret for the decision made?” I reread the article and finally ‘got it’. Like so many in our society today, there is no love for anyone…. except themselves. The fact that an innocent life was taken, likely torn limb from limb, her statement; ” ‘I’ thought ‘I’ was going to die. ‘I’ was a teenager. It was the hardest thing ‘I’’d ever gone through.” She goes on to say that, though ‘she’ doesn’t regret ‘her’ decision, it had “haunted” ‘her’ ever since. No one else is ‘her’ concern…. it’s all about ‘HER’!

    1. infadelicious says

      yes, it’s a shame this unwanted baby still haunts her and gives her so much trouble. What a selfish pos

      1. Verity says

        Yes, but she was able to get an article here about it….got to keep that name in the publics eye. It’s called show business.

        1. infadelicious says

          yes, nowadays most ‘stars’ don’t have talent. They just out-twerk and out gross each other and maybe throw in some sex tapes. The Kardashianization of America, works in politics too. No more talent or qualifications, just a starving for attention media wh*re.

    2. Carolyn Moore Davis Murdock says

      Well said, Dane. I’m so glad you read and reread and pointed this out. How about the unborn child. It is our concern !!! It had a life too !!! Bless it forever.

    3. smogdew says

      I’m sure these woman ask how painful or uncomfortable the process will be – and get an answer. Wonder how many ask
      how painful it is for the baby – it is excruciating being torn apart and then tossed in the garbage….and they do not care.

  14. Dennis says

    The baby she aborted was blessed to not have her as a mother. All aborted babies will spend eternity in Heaven with Jesus.

    1. Carolyn Moore Davis Murdock says

      Yes, they will. Thank you for stating it so eloquently.

    2. Colleen Campbell says

      AMEM !!!!!!!!!

    3. MJ says

      You’re an idiot Dennis. A flat out stupid human.

  15. infadelicious says

    cry us a river niki

  16. dondehoff says

    Several years ago I read a survey where 500 women, who had abortions, and later married and had children, commented on their abortion. About 20% refused to answer, and those who did, to paraphrase their many replies, was, “God, what have I done?”. And, most all admitted they still had reservations and misgivings about their original abortion decision. I have looked high and low for that survey. If anyone knows about it , please post a comment.

  17. Appy says

    The leftist in America are the culture of corruption who promote a sodomite society and are the enemies of God, family, and common decent behavior, manners you name it. They claim they have evolved and others who have values are cave dwellers who are not intelligent enough to be reprobates like them.

  18. jim marcum says

    I think maybe she should drink some Draino because she is not wanted.

  19. RonCade says

    She still thinks about having the abortion, she doesn’t regret it, yet it haunts her. Talk about a sin that will not go away. This woman should seek God and His forgiveness or she will be haunted for all eternity. Romans 8:1&2 comes to mind. Cheers.

  20. TAM44 says

    I hope when she dies it’s the .most painful of ways to die

    1. infadelicious says


  21. Shauna says

    I’m sorry and WHY are we concerned about her decisions? Are you sure that rolling stone printed the truth this time? they are good about printing lies…jus sayin.

  22. Alex Burford says

    ABORTION: The “Genocide Project”
    ABORTION: America’s Emulation of Nazi Germany’s “Final Solution”—THE HOLOCAUST
    ABORTION: The Culmination of Stupidity, Immaturity, Apathy, Hedonism, Hypocrisy and Hatred.

    1. Ludlow Porch says

      ABORTION: Sacrifices to their god Satan!

  23. clarence pellerin says

    i found the same thing, not haunted by the fact she murdered her baby that never occurred to her but sadly one day she will see her or him again and the outcome will be more than she can bear. six years ago my granddaughter got pregnant by some low life and at the time i told my wife she needs to get a abortion even though i knew it was wrong my wife said absolutely not and my granddaughter gave birth to the most beautiful great granddaughter one could ask for she is our life i thank god for this gift and think often of my thinking at the time just because it might have been more convienant and i thank god that i don’t have to live with that horrible decision that i may have made. this child is grandpas best friend we do everything together i adore her.

  24. Francis Seibert says

    I do not choose to listen to all of this modern garbage.

  25. Mike Stempo says

    What an extremely warped person who has no sense of how warped she really is. Funny how money and fame, for the time being, tend to act as an anesthesiac. I wonder what she will deal herself after the days of her fame and money are gone and she is sitting, alone in her own “quiet” room to reflect back.

  26. Mike Stempo says

    Strange and morally adrift is the country that protests against the rightful deaths of the pronounced guilty (look up the “Biblical difference between “murder” and “killing”, the commandment “Thou Shalt not Kill has a serious mistranslation issue) but will cry out for the right to murder the unborn innocent.

    This is what planned parenthood is all about. A most sick, warped money grubbing organization.
    I doubt that I will run up against opposition here in this forum. I rarely post in such like minded forums. I like to swim amongst the immoral sharks and relieve them, immoral tooth by immoral tooth.

  27. DevilsPrinciple says

    With any luck, this will haunt her the rest of her life.

  28. BIGOTIST says

    It’s a fat ass disgusting whore- it’s genetic in blacks~

  29. Ricarrdo estavans says

    She haunts me.

  30. Ricarrdo estavans says

    Over 70 million abortions and counting. Psychiatrists have written many reports on the long term negative mental effects women suffer for decades after aborting a human being. Mostly liberal women have abortions. Now I know why liberalism is a mental disorder.

    1. Carolyn Moore Davis Murdock says

      You are surely right !! It can lead to depression, anxiety, suicide. It is our duty as Christian people to discourage this act and support these people in making the pro life decision concerning their babies. So, we have a huge responsibility too.

  31. SoundMind says

    Killing her own child has lifetime effects on a woman. Her ability to bond is diminished or completely gone afterwards, even towards the children she eventually has in marriage. There’s a “standoffishness” instead. Her resentment towards men for their part in it can last a lifetime as well…. Hence, Feminazis.

    1. Ludlow Porch says

      Excellent post and you made righteous points. Thank you!

      1. SoundMind says

        It’s the *inconvenient truth*… mankind justifying murder in his own eyes, but will never pass muster in God’s eyes, the Great Prosecutor, who calls it What it is.

  32. deprogramming services says

    A lot of people think the word CHOICE is just a slick advertising slogan, but it’s also an acronym: Child Homicide Officially Institutionalized with Creative Euphemisms.

  33. deprogramming services says

    Apologists for abortion often claim that in their opinion the unborn baby is not really a living human being. This is a justification for murder that is as old as murder itself: it’s called dehumanizing your victim. Widespread acceptance of such a blatant lie shows the power of the liberal propaganda machines.

  34. Rick Rogers says

    “[In the Universe it may be that] Primitive life is very common and intelligent life is fairly rare. Some would say it has yet to occur on Earth.” or in the Tea Party
    ― Stephen Hawking

  35. LadyGreenEyes says

    She is “haunted” by the decision, but doesn’t regret it? That makes no sense. Better of she would be more honest with herself and others, and admit she does regret it, and then do something about it, such as change, and provide a different sort of model to her fans.

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