Nikki Haley: Trump’s Syria Strike was his “Finest Hour”


U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said on NBC’s “Meet the Press” Sunday that the Trump administration intended to build on last week’s missile strikes and ratchet up pressure against Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad.

“We want to continue to have the backs of our allies,” she said. “You are going to see pressure on the political solution. In no way do we look at peace happening in that area with Iranian influence. In no way do we see peace in that area with Russia covering up for Assad. In no way do we see peace in that area with Assad as the head of the Syrian government. And we have to make sure that we’re pushing that process.”

Haley said it was disgusting to watch Russia’s reaction to the chemical attack, seeing their “first priority was to cover for Assad.”

“Russia’s reaction was not, ‘Oh how horrible,’ or, ‘How could they do this to innocent children,’ or, ‘How awful is that?'” she said. “Their initial reaction was, ‘Assad didn’t do it. The Syrian government didn’t do it.’ Why were they that defensive that quick? The idea of the casualties came after.”

Haley praised Trump’s response to the attack, calling the strike “his finest hour since taking office, because he was very thoughtful about it.”

It remains to be seen how President Trump will follow up the surprising strike; others in the administration have said the focus will now return to the original priority; defeating ISIS in Mosul and Raqqa and allowing the political process to play out as it pertains to the Assad regime. Meanwhile, some in the Republican Party such as Sen. John McCain, are calling on Trump to pursue both goals.

As a candidate, Donald Trump criticized the use of the U.S. military when it came to interfering in Middle Eastern affairs, and he was skeptical of Obama’s actions in both Syria and Libya. On the Sunday shows, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson hinted at that position, saying there was no material change in policy, strikes or no strikes. He said that the Trump administration would continue to learn the lessons of Iraq and Libya and keep the military’s focus on destroying ISIS.

If Assad is to be removed from power, it may first require Trump to put a divide between Putin, Syria, and Iran. That, in turn, could require the removal of economic sanctions against Moscow, and that’s a whole ‘nother kettle of fish.

In the meantime, Thursday’s strikes proved that Trump is not afraid to take decisive action, even if it means disappointing a block of his supporters. That may not please everyone, but it shows him to be a true leader. Who can seriously complain?

      1. Mathew Molk says

        That’s why they are condemning him at every turn. They really appreciate the destruction of the Russian equipment at that airbase too.

        You ever think of how rest of you much your bullshit makes you and the rest of you snowflakes look like the assholes that you are?

        Keep it up. The more stupid stunts you clowns pull the more people jump on the Trump Train.

        1. gotabgood says

          The Trump administration notified Russia in advance of missile strikes on Syria Thursday night, giving time for both Russian and Syrian forces to avoid casualties in an attack that the Pentagon says damaged Syrian aircraft and support infrastructure.

          “Hello comrade Putin just leave junk planes on the runway for target practice.”

          They may have had enough time to move all the chemicals to a new location… like on the runway…

      2. bttrap says

        so what I’d rather have them love trump than hate him

        1. gotabgood says

          It is not love… it is a bought and paid for president… much like an automobile… when you have used it up, you trade it in… give it away… send it to the junk yard.

      3. red110306 says

        No, that’s your sister Putin loves.

        1. jreg9304 says

          I assume that Putin, loves anything with a hole, the tighter the better. His cat is a perfect example!!

        2. gotabgood says

          Is that really suppose to make sense?
          And why would you want to bring my sister into this?
          Is it because you are perverted?

          1. AntiGOP says

            Yup…thats what a redneck does…pokes with his little peepee.

          2. gotabgood says


    1. MARLENE JONES says


      1. Germansmith says

        REAL PRESIDENT?……He is not even a real human being
        I am ashamed I share this country with people like you

        1. Sickofit says

          Haha!! I’m a proud Trump supporter!
          I’d be ashamed if I were you wanting a murdering, traitorous socialist in the White House..
          You liberals need to wake up before it’s too late!!

          1. Croco Dile says

            The Liberals are your brothers and sisters in Statism !

            Statism : The Most Dangerous Religion

          2. HanzP says

            As as rule you should reject all forms of propaganda. You should not watch any propaganda, especially if it validates your existing beliefs. You should not promote propaganda, and warn others. The ability to reason at the level that defines ‘human’, is likely less than 10 percent in America now. A philosopher I know claims it’s less than 5%.

            If you follow my instructions and study each these essay on an ongoing basis rotating them, you *may* be able to retain the capacity to think for yourself.

            Logical Fallacies (memorize this simple list and make a commitment based on your defined values)
            own arguments and watch for them in the arguments of others.

            How Philosophy Overcomes Propaganda

            How Philosophy Overcomes Tyranny

            Rediscovering and Preserving Human Wealth


          3. jimmy midnight says

            It’s all propaganda. 2 avoid propaganda is 2 avoid information. We have 2 embrace any and all info until we have enough of it 2 critique it.

            Good post, though, recapitulating numerous important ideas. Shot U a “like.”

          4. HanzP says

            The problem with your analysis is very easy for me to ascertain, but you can’t see if because you are fully propagandized. People who consume propaganda as you advocate, can no longer think rationally or reason in a logical manner.

            I can prove this just by diagramming what you wrote.

            “It’s all propaganda. 2 avoid propaganda is 2 avoid information. We have 2 embrace any and all info until we have enough of it 2 critique it.
            Good post, though, recapitulating numerous important ideas. Shot U a “like.””

            “It’s all propaganda.”
            — False assertion. Nothing I posted or wrote was propaganda, which already proves you claim is a lie.

            ” 2 avoid propaganda is 2 avoid information.”
            –False assertion and lie. They are different words, with different definitions.

            “We have 2 embrace any and all info until we have enough of it 2 critique it.”
            — False again and lie. You can’t critique anything until you learn to write and think again.

            “Good post, though, recapitulating numerous important ideas.”
            — Nonsense word salad.

            Shot U a “like.”
            — Lol. !

            Whether you are ignorant to the point you cannot recognize you own ignorance, or you are a propagandist, it makes not difference me.

          5. jimmy midnight says

            U don’t know that, like everyone else, you’re telling your own lies, and making your own propaganda. If you’re human, everything U say is propaganda. It can be anything from almost all true, as close as humans can get, to all lies all the time, where someone will say, “Nice weather today,” truthfully.

            Take the blinders off, look in the mirror, and C a flawed human, something U have in common with everyone else.

          6. HanzP says

            “As as rule you should reject all forms of propaganda. You should not watch any propaganda, especially if it validates your existing beliefs. You should not promote propaganda, and warn others.”
            — A man has got to follow his own rules. If you think that makes me a liar, that is your problem.

          7. HanzP says


            I am going to assume you are for real and show you the problem. The worst problem with propaganda, is that it degrades people to the point that they cannot recognize their own ignorance and they start to think they know everything. Plato invented the criteria to overcome propaganda over 2,000 years ago, it’s called human reasoning. I may not have the same problem as you with propaganda, but I overcame protected myself with knowledge, effort and outside guidance.

            How Plato Invented Human Reason

            Here is your condition, double ignorance. And need to find teacher and do what they say to do.

            The doubly ignorant person believes not only that he knows everything but that he can do everything. His ignorance keeps the truth from others and his incompetent assumption of authority keeps out those truly qualified to lead. Throughout human history–including the present time–humankind has experienced the horror of rulers who are doubly-ignorant, destroying the very foundation principles of civilized society.

            Throughout history, ignorance has destroyed millions of lives:
            Lives lost in idle pursuit of wealth and pleasure, with no thought for others
            — Lives lost in senseless wars
            — Lives lost in criminal actions by rulers
            — Lives lost because people cannot secure essential human necessities

            The worst feature of ignorance, Plato tells us, is self-satisfaction. “For herein is the evil of ignorance, that he who is neither good nor wise is nevertheless satisfied with himself: he has no desire for that of which he feels no want.”
            — Plato (Symposium)

          8. jimmy midnight says

            Plato was a self-deluding ignoramus, just like U, and just like me.

          9. PatriotGal says

            jimmy, correct. We each view issues and situations from our own paradigm.

          10. jimmy midnight says

            Thanks 4 seeing points of agreement. That’s what we need.

        2. kanewas says

          There’s always the broader don’t let the gate hit your offspring?

        3. bttrap says

          then move you idiot the middle east needs people go there and make your comments

        4. Bill says

          Asshole liberal

        5. sweetolbob says

          Don’t let us keep you, sport ! Yopu can go live with Merkle any time at all.
          Now would be a really good time !

        6. Paul F says

          So,you preferred his predecessor? The spineless,feckless,indecisive, red line drawing Pres. Obama.

        7. geneww1938 says


        8. Shawn Sapp says

          You can always leave. I hear north Korea is nice this time of year.

        9. red110306 says

          Ach-tung heir commandant. The Nazi hit man is here. Why don’t you find a busy highway to play on little man!

          1. jreg9304 says

            Maybe he will get hammered by a Volkswagon minibus!! Only a moron would play blitzcreig on himself!! Maybe a Kraut gay, like Bruce Jenner! LOL.

          2. red110306 says

            Yeah and now they are sending them here apparently.

        10. gotcha1 says

          If you are ashamed you are free to go and practice your socialist agenda in the Middle East, Syria, Iran or maybe in Venezuela. Look at what your ideology has done down there. You are still free to go. What is stopping you???

        11. charles becker says

          I know for a fact that YOU are a real DUMBASS!

        12. Garys_opinion says

          Then don’t. Goodbye, maybe Cuba would be more to your liking.

        13. cabowabo78727 says

          Please f*cking leave!

      2. Garys_opinion says

        Hillary Clinton’s approach on the other hand, would have demanded a large donation to the Clinton Foundation.

        1. A natural born American says


      3. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

        With both a spine and set of testicles.

    2. Mike says

      this is true if you only ask the trump sheeple.

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      2. John Somers says

        YOU and the rest of you Anti-Trump idiots would follow Killery straight into Hell if she told Y’ALL that there was Pie and Ice Cream waiting there. Chit she would even hold the door open for Y’ALL. Only one problem is she would close and lock the door.

      3. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

        True if your a Liberal Democrackhead racist thug it all true above! LOL

        1. sweetolbob says

          Poor old Maxine ! Look at the mouth on that, will you ? Ear to ear, and hollering Right Wing Raaaaaaacist all the way.
          Please don’t bite me, Maxine !

          1. GODBlessRealAmerica! says

            Maxine Waters is an institutional racist liberal low life she hates everybody.


      4. red110306 says

        And what sheeple do you belong to A$$ Wipe?

  1. gotabgood says

    “Almost Completely Destroyed”
    That was his finest hour????
    So we can look forward to at least 4 years of “ALMOST”??

    1. jimmy midnight says

      From what I can gather, destroying the Syrian air base could’ve happened, but would’ve necessitated risky bomber flights. Maybe Trump showed appropriate restraint, or maybe (my personal guess) this is all a very deadly public relations game.

      No military action should have been taken until the provenance of the original gas attack was credibly investigated, anyway.

      Now we have a brand-new definition of the word ugly: Ugly is seeing beauty and/or a “finest hour” in acts of war. 🙁

      1. John Somers says

        FIRST, Doctors on the scene took samples and it was CONFIRMED that the deaths and injuries were the result of “Sarin” gas.
        Second, they did not bomb for one reason and that is the Tower was probably manned by civilians and that was to President Trump unacceptable.
        I give that man credit for getting the job done with the least amount of lives lost.

        1. jimmy midnight says

          Don’t be a cherry-picker. The evidence we’ve seen so far points in a variety of directions, and is inconclusive.

          1. kanewas says

            Trump is getting up to the second Intel from all sides; we’re just getting FAKE NEWs NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, MSN and SNL! Trust in the Trump!


          2. jimmy midnight says

            MSM is about 60% believable. Trump is about 3% believable. Trust NOBODY!

      2. gotabgood says

        I think it was all a play… you know a charade
        A fellow blogger sent this to me.
        The Trump administration notified Russia in advance of missile strikes on Syria Thursday night, giving time for both Russian and Syrian forces to avoid casualties in an attack that the Pentagon says damaged Syrian aircraft and support infrastructure.

        Or as he put it.. Which I agree with.. “Hello comrade Putin just leave junk planes on the runway for target practice.”

        1. jimmy midnight says

          I hear, read, and see quite a bit of similar stuff. Now there’s an admitted controversy re did the Russians know about the original gas attack in advance.

          But notice, there’s not a controversy as 2 whether they were warned about our missile launches. And since only something-teen outta fifty-nine reached the air base, we oughta wonder if they, that is the other thirty-odd Tomahawks, were ditched at sea or shot down by Syrian air defense.

          More importantly, we need 2 avoid obsessing over any of this, and keep our eyes on the prize, which in this case is a subsequent generation of not being in an always-all-too-expensive arms race.

          This is a notion that many of the people U and I lock rhetorical horns with, in spaces like this, agree with us on.

          1. gotabgood says

            The way I look at it is, the people that generally write back they want to argue and call names, ( which I do also ), but I am hoping for the person that just reads and does not comment too much.. I am hoping the wheels start turning. Like ObamaCare.. it took the threat of AHCA to get the peoples attention..

    2. Mathew Molk says

      Keep it up, We like the people you are driving over to our side.

      1. gotabgood says

        When the lights come on and the curtains drawn back… you will see who was operating the bells, whistles and the SMOKE SCREEN.

    3. John Somers says

      Better get prepared to watch it for the next 8 years numbnuts.

      1. gotabgood says

        I guess wisdom doesn’t automatically come with age..
        Didn’t your parents teach you to never count your chickens before they hatch?
        I will admit you have house, senate, SCOTUS and the WH.. what more could you possibly need to get your lying, cheating, conniving ways done at gerrymandering and voter restriction? You have ALL the power…. why don’t you just set up a skin tone standard, that says, if you are darker than this… YOU CAN’T VOTE! Done… no playing your dumbass games

    4. John Somers says

      At least PRESIDENT Trump will NEVER bow to ANYONE like the gutless wonder did. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. kanewas says

          Little Kim ing won’t know what hit him!

          1. AntiGOP says

            Nothing will…hit him!

            However your statement show how clueless you are…you joined the club here.

          2. kanewas says

            Clueless just like Kim ing U two must be related? Can I barrow your Mickey Mouse ears?

    5. AntiGOP says

      He fired missiles at an evacuated airport.

      Yep Trump at his best.

      1. Alicia Cervera says

        You just got 4 pinocchios just like your friend SUSAN RICE. !!!

      2. Alicia Cervera says

        So you antigop are in favor or at least OK with gasing innocent civilians, including babies???? You are in the wrong post place, you should go to the criminal’s corner in order to agree with them and they with you.

        1. AntiGOP says
          1. kanewas says

            U got admit cruise missiles are awesome but lasers are quicker


          2. AntiGOP says

            Yeah we spent nearly a 100 million to blow up an airport that opened the very next day…

            If you call that success I would hate to see what failure looks like.

          3. kanewas says

            Sometimes U get more than your money’s worth, with physiological engagement!

          4. AntiGOP says

            Good point…and we didn’t get that either…

            And now were in Russian slapping hands…

            You naughty boys…gassing people isn’t how we play.!!

          5. kanewas says

            I don’t know it’s not over yet!

          6. Alicia Cervera says

            You’re speaking turkish to me dude. You’re nuts!

      3. gotabgood says

        How very true..
        The Trump administration notified Russia in advance of missile strikes on Syria Thursday night, giving time for both Russian and Syrian forces to avoid casualties in an attack that the Pentagon says damaged Syrian aircraft and support infrastructure.

        1. AntiGOP says

          Spicer: apologizing for talking smack about the Holocaust on Passover.

          Wow…what the fuck is wrong with these people.

          This needs to be less then one Term.!!

          1. gotabgood says

            I hope your right..less than one term…
            Maybe Comey, the CIA, NSA will open their eyes..

          2. AntiGOP says

            Change one word and he’s capable of predicting the future.!!



          3. AntiGOP says

            Weird that he phoned Russia before the attack (who is allies with Assad)

            But didn’t notifying Congress for authorization.?

            Everyday is stranger then the next.!

          4. AntiGOP says

            10:45AM: President Trump leads a strategic and policy CEO discussion
            2:00PM: President Trump meets with the Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly
            4:00PM: President Trump meets with National Security Advisor LTG H.R. McMaster and National Economic Council Director Gary Cohn
            6:30PM: President Trump has a working dinner with senior military leaders

            Is it Friday…make sure my golf clubs are polished…

  2. mrpoohead says

    First deed, but probably not. Nothing done so far!

    1. AntiGOP says

      Syria…like his inauguration. It cost a fortune, no one was there, and afterwards we still hate him.

      1. kanewas says

        That’s because all the Kuntkaps were nasty!

      2. mrpoohead says

        We’ve been wasting money in the Middle East since 1947 when we gave the world the “Muslim problem”; propping up despots and dictators. This incident at least was a step in the right direction – only taken 70 years.

  3. Mike says

    so now the republicans in congress and the Senate believe bombing Syria is a good idea despite voting it down when Obama was president? Obama goes to congress to secure permission as he should do and gets voted down because at the time republicans did not want to get involved. trump bypasses congress which is legal and bombs Syria and republicans fall all over themselves to praise him? makes sense I guess since the republican party of obstruction can only vote for it for a republican president.

    1. John Somers says

      REFRESH my memory here, How many times did OBOZO GO to congress AND How many times did he say SCREW Congress because he had a phone and he had a pen.
      Y’ALL are gonna carry this hatred for the next 8 years. GET OVER IT.

  4. Frank Gadola says

    trust it Trump

  5. Germansmith says

    I guess Putin is learning what Trump clients has know for a while…….should never trust Trump.
    This leave us with a few questions
    -What happened to “America First”? Is this a case of “Wag the Dog” to increase his rating numbers?
    -We have NO STRATEGIC interest in Syria…..why waste $50 millions in Tomahawks to bomb a mostly empty base which was made operational again within 24 hours? If this is a message to the Chinese and North Korean I think it failed to impress them.
    -This “GREAT” action has put us in the worst relations with the Russians since the October crisis…..unfortunately we do not have Kennedy…we have the “Apprentice”

    And now we are going to the Pacific with one Carrier Group to try to bully NK and China….
    Oh Well…Prepers…this is what you were waiting for (probably voted for this idiot)

  6. Tiger says

    NO Trump’s finest hour will be defeating ISIS.
    Building the wall.
    Stopping the Refugee Program until ISIS under control.
    Taking all the benefits away from illegals and refugees.
    Giving us our tax break.
    Naming Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group and getting them out of our infrastructure.
    Putting Podesta, Hillary, Obama, Lynch, Rice and Soros behind bars.
    Closing Muslim Training Camps.
    Arresting and taking out the Sleeper Cells.
    Closing Radical mosques and deporting imams preaching hate and Jihad.
    Taking out Muslim schools that teach Jihad and actually securing America by taking out those 1000 ISIS the FBI says is here and the 30,000 the military says is here and lots more.

    But this was a Morally correct move.

      1. Tiger says

        That your wife up there?

        1. AntiGOP says

          Nope…appears another one of your Alt-Imaginations.
          It’s you boy building your wall…
          And she took the picture with her microwave…

          1. Tiger says

            I can promise you this, refugees will be not welcomed in America. We have had eight years of nothing but Muslims. It is over and the American people have spoken.


      1. Tiger says

        And your point is? That has nothing to do with the subject matter. Good Grief.

        1. AntiGOP says

          Billo is a sexist asshole…racist, bigot hate Tiger.!!

          I’m thinking…maybe we should call you pussy instead of tiger.!!

          1. Tiger says

            I am thinking you are nothing but a fucking retard with a filthy mind along with mouth. So shut it pussy monger.

          2. AntiGOP says

            Angry Tiger Pussy…ew.!!!

          3. Tiger says

            Angry Muslim goat pussy lover……….ew

  7. Tiger says

    Comey: FBI pursuing 1,000 ISIS cases across U.S.

    Issues Matt Sepic

    Jun 7, 2016

    than a week after a federal jury in Minneapolis found three
    Somali-American men guilty of trying to join ISIS, the head of the FBI
    said Minnesota is not the focus of anti-terror recruitment efforts, but
    counterterrorism remains the bureau’s top priority.

    James Comey met Tuesday with business and community leaders in the Twin
    Cities. During a brief news conference at the FBI’s field office in
    Brooklyn Center, Comey said terror recruitment is a problem across the
    country. “The bureau has close to 1,000 open cases in all 50
    states focused on people who are at some stage between consuming the
    poison from the group we call ISIL to acting on that poison, either by
    traveling or moving toward violence here in the United States.

      1. kanewas says

        I think you just pulled a bone airier?

  8. Tiger says

    “A new report by the Washington Free Beacon, “Southern Command Warns Sunni Extremists Infiltrating From South,” details just how grave the threat is due to a porous and insecure border.”

    “Networks that specialize in smuggling individuals from regions of
    terrorist concern, mainly from the Afghanistan-Pakistan region, the
    Middle East, and East Africa, are indeed a concern for Southcom and
    other interagency security partners who support our country’s national
    security,” Army Col. Lisa A. Garcia told the Washington Free Beacon.

    “In 2015, we saw a total of 331,000 migrants enter the southwestern
    border between the U.S. and Mexico, of that we estimate more than 30,000
    of those were from countries of terrorist concern,” she said.

      1. kanewas says

        I told him his imitation of antiGOP was no good!

      1. kanewas says

        It can’t be bigger than the restart buttkiss killary and O Bummer gave Putin? I’m still waiting for Putin to give Trump a kiss?

      1. kanewas says

        Don’t tell me your source??? CNN?

  9. daveveselenak says

    BS Haley, you have capitulated as Donald “Duck” seems to be doing as of lately; just as with the Russian hacking there is no proof that Assad was responsible for this latest FALSE FLAG ATTACK, afer all, didn’t “Scary Kerry” and the former “Dick-taker-N-Thief” and Muslim-Marxist jihadist Obaa-baa-ma assure the world that they solved the problem by having Syria dispose of their chemical arsenal – the sheeple are played as a fine fiddle, the dumb-(m)asses that they are!

    Well, well, here we go again with the brainwashing of the sheeple as the NWO-elitists, the Satan worshipping, Godless power mad ghouls that they are not only hell-bound but also hell-bent on having WW III in order to bring their NWO into fruition – that is what is occurring here and the sheeple lap it up! “TRANSFORMED & TRANSGENERED AMERIKA” is about to be no more as just like in the Od Testament with Israel God had let their enemies have their way with them for not obeying Him; we are a spitting image of them: homosexuality, abortion, euthanasia, hedonism have become the rage and that is why WW III will be waged – guaranteed, it already has started! R.I.P. USA!

    1. AntiGOP says

      Tiger where the hell are you finding this bullshit propaganda…

      You really project hate, racism, bigotry.

      We have Americans killing Americans…ROOF…not refugees.

      Get with the program honey…

      1. Tiger says

        I am not your honey and I project the truth that the main media doesn’t show and it is all over the net.

        Wake-up honey the Muslims been killing us since 1972, their goal is to kill us, they are killing all over the world daily they killed 3,000 of us on 9/11 and they continued under Obama to make over 100 attacks and O just let 30 get out.

        Wake- up and smell the camel dung you are the problem. You don’t count the murders within a country that all countries experience to Jihad.

        Get with it or get the Hell out and leave this to Americans who know the facts.

      2. Tiger says


        1. AntiGOP says

          Dead Website…good read…for you.!!

          This domain may be for sale. Click here to inquire

          Just goes to show where your at…

          1. Tiger says

            The website alive and well liar.


          2. kanewas says

            A fake human…

      3. kanewas says

        Eyes wide shut!

        1. AntiGOP says


          Oh I see the destabilization America created in Middle East and how we make Europe take all the refugees because we here are real chicken shits afraid of everything.



          1. kanewas says

            Truthfully, it was O Bummer and Killary that disabled the Middle East, all by their crooked selves

          2. AntiGOP says

            No it wasn’t you should educate yourself…SOFA

          3. kanewas says

            I Even tried to warn the Europe, but Meckel and EU Demi’s would listen to me, they just had to help those poor 12 year olds?

  10. Tiger says

    “I will get Radical Islam to Hell outa our country.” Then Donald Trump candidate. Now Donald Trump president:


    2.5K Islamic Syrian, Somali refugees enter U.S. under Trump

    Saturday, April 8, 2017

    Michael F. Haverluck (

    Select Language​▼

    President Donald Trump took office on January 20, nearly 2,500 refugees
    from Syria and Somalia have entered the United States – with more than
    99 percent of them professing a faith in Islam.

    Even though the influx of
    refugees into America under Trump was down to 400 per week, the number
    has now more than doubled to 900 per week, according to WND, with 836 recently entering the country over the six-day period from Mar. 31 through April 5.

    Refugee problem getting worse?


    1. AntiGOP says

      You watch all this propaganda shit…no wonder your fucking Batshit Crazy…

      1. Tiger says

        It isn’t propaganda batshit Muslim lover it is raw truth and you or nobody else can stop it from getting out there.

        Goat pussy fucker.

        1. AntiGOP says

          Anger management little miss pussy

        2. jreg9304 says

          Nah, just call the moron what it is. Needle dick, he catches and screws gnat’s

          1. Tiger says

            He is that big huh? LOLOLOL

      2. Tiger says

        Hey Goat fucker bring this shit to my town in Florida and let these assholes hold that pose as we put buckshot up their asses.

        I am an Army Combat Support nurse since 1988 and served in two wars. I have read the Qur’an asshole and I know Sharia Law and as God as My Witness I will fight you and all you haji to the death, you won’t do in my country what you have done in Europe I promise you 72 Virgins post haste.

        1. AntiGOP says

          Army Combat Support nurse since 1988

          A Real Pussssssy…!!

          1. Tiger says

            LOLOL Goat fucker you know better and I saw many a Haji like you eat your own ass.


          2. kanewas says

            My moneys on Tiger!

          3. AntiGOP says

            No doubt you’re paying that 2 bit Flori…Da whore.

          4. kanewas says

            Says; the twinkly!

          5. Tiger says

            Hey little man don’t call me your mother’s name and sisters. You are losing this and you are a sore loser.

          6. red110306 says

            Don’t talk about your mother like that Goat Boy!

          7. Tiger says

            You are the one who needs help cause me and mine are just fine but you need to be taken care of.


          8. AntiGOP says

            You mean you populated more of you…great.!!!

          9. Tiger says

            Oh by the way I am a very well off woman, who planed for my semi or entire retirement, I am happy and living in paradise and fighting the likes of haji like you, filthy bottom scum fungus eater. Love your filthy replies makes my point.


          10. AntiGOP says

            I am happy and living in paradise

            We sure do see your happiness and how your living paradise.

            Like going to the Dentist…

          11. Tiger says

            You don’t see me at all, my home, my surroundings and I don’t see haji here and will never see shit like you here.



          12. AntiGOP says

            You don’t see me at all, my home, my surroundings

            Gated Neighborhood…Caged

            We see a lot more then you think…

            BTW…will never see you here.

            Don’t bet on it…

          13. Tiger says

            We you got a what in your pocket? I bet on it. Come on down and get the “Lead Solution” , you fucking don’t own this country and as long as there is breath in my body and my fellow vets you never will. Your ass makes for good gator food. Come on down and try your shit in our VFW’s and our towns come on asshole.


          14. AntiGOP says


            We you got a what in your pocket?

            I bet on it. Come on down and get the “Lead Solution” , you fucking don’t own this country and as long as there is breath in my body and my fellow vets you never will. Your ass makes for good gator food. Come on down and try your shit in our VFW’s and our towns come on asshole.

            No mental illness with you…

          15. Tiger says

            And you backed off coward cause you understand what I said.

          16. AntiGOP says

            Your do delusional with anger you can’t compile a sentence.

            We you got a what in your pocket?


          17. Tiger says

            You are a coward and you backed off.

          18. kanewas says

            Confusion setting in?

          19. sweetolbob says

            Auntie uh Anti:
            Your or you’re ? Back to, or ahead to, the fourth grade, honey. This time, pay attention. Your do ??? Huh ?
            And I’ll bet you have your hand in YOUR pocket.

          20. Tiger says

            Look spelling doesn’t count in a fire fight.

          21. Tiger says

            Oh and I don’t live in a gated community I live free in the woods and I we own everything we have and we have guns and we know how to use them. You think you are tough you damned cowards that run by the hundreds of thousands leaving women, children old men and women behind, you are cowards, stupid and insignificant cowards and bring it here and you won’t do in America what you do in Europe cause of people like me.

            I dare you to come to Florida haji goat fucker.

          22. AntiGOP says

            Oh yes your so tough…pussy bitch…

            Your mortgaged out your ass in the woods…who ya kidding.

          23. Tiger says

            We own everything including all our vehicles. You see America offers a person the opportunity to succeed as far as they can and I did, we did.

            You are a crotch sniffer.

          24. sweetolbob says

            TIGER !
            Stop answering that little bed wetter ! He just wants to get your dander up because he can’t get it up.
            Let the little pansy talk to himself !

          25. bttrap says

            he probably can’t get it up because it’s probably stuck between his back pockets

          26. Tiger says

            His problem he will learn what a real woman is and the truth cause I will shove it down his throat. I like it alot.

          27. AntiGOP says

            All talk no action…

          28. AntiGOP says

            Deep throat a goat bitch…

          29. Tiger says

            Sorry I taste blood and I like it and I am going to drain him dry.

          30. AntiGOP says

            Tiger your one Sicko…

          31. AntiGOP says

            You and the banks….

          32. Tiger says

            You know what else haji I am surrounded by fellow soldiers and vets and you wouldn’t open your filthy mouth to me to my face because I would pull your fucking lips over your head and then my fellow vets would kick your ass to cover the rest.


          33. AntiGOP says

            Oh a real tough talker on the INTERNET…

            I’m afraid now…

          34. Tiger says

            Like I said come on down to Florida and try your shit in the little towns coward. We are not Orlando or any main city we are back in the woods and we are prepared. Your type got out of here after 9/11 and we have no problems with Muslims or BLM . Trust me.

          35. AntiGOP says

            EW…I’m afraid of the big bad witch..


            Your a piss poor excuse of a woman…well maybe a man…either way a piss poor one at that.

          36. Tiger says

            LOLOL run away coward you talk so tough but you are nothing but a filthy coward like all Muslims, killing innocent and unarmed people, never killing anyone of importance, hiding behind old people and children, your leaders wearing burkas to escape, hiding in hospitals and holy site etc.

            You make me sick.

          37. AntiGOP says

            Don’t blame your sickness on me…

          38. Tiger says

            You have shown your ass on here and it is yellow.

          39. Tiger says

            Hi Richard how the Hell are you anyway. LOLOLOL

          40. Tiger says

            Richard, Richard what were you thinking?

          41. Tiger says

            You know the difference between you and me Richard? I can use a gun to kill you can’t.

          42. Tiger says

            Oh by the way Arabic and Muslim men not allowed to buy guns in our gun shops, yepper CAIR challenged it and the judge said tough gun shop owners can refuse anyone they want that be you jerk off.

          43. AntiGOP says

            You think your the only one with a gun little girl…

            Here’s a clue…your not…

            And I’m not afraid of you either.

            And I’m not a Muslim…

            You goat fucking bitch cunt…

          44. Tiger says

            LOLOLOL silly stupid Muslim lover like I said if you have a gun you most likely stick the barrel up your ass for a change from the goat and believe me I am no little girl, I am a well trained fighting machine and I don’t take no shit form the likes of you.

          45. kanewas says

            Be careful, don’t shoot your dick off, it might slap you in face!

          46. sweetolbob says

            Look ! Anti GOP: Age; 12 years … Status; Good, till mommy finds him at the computer. … Education; Missed too much school faking a tummy ache. …
            Prognosis; will have warm glutes when mommy sees the language he is using. She will pull down his jammies and use her hair brush.

          47. Tiger says

            Let me educate you. You see there are those of us trained and told truths that you are not. We are molded and we are taught how to kill. There are enemies, they are out there, they are real and I am real and when coming back from the first war and someone asked me can you kill and I said yes the look on their face was enough to tell me I won’t ever say that again, until now with people like you.

            Understand I can and I will kill. There are millions like me home from these wars. How you ask is it that a nurse can kill, thought we were supposed to be neutral, well until Hussein and until Islam who doesn’t give a flying fuck about Geneva Convention rules and not killing medical people, we learned to kill.

            Take it to the bank,even my children understand it so should you.

          48. rdells says

            1 effin moron

          49. red110306 says

            Then you are a Muslim sympathizer. Just as bad.

          50. AntiGOP says

            Not a sympathizer…also not a racist, bigot hater like you folk.

            And I’m certainly not a sick fuck like you people are.

            We want to kill them all…oh…

            And we luv God.!!

            What 2 faced motherfucking assholes

          51. red110306 says

            There you go, talking about your family again.

          52. kanewas says

            She’s a hundred and ten present right!

          53. AntiGOP says

            >>>>She’s a hundred and ten present right!

            Your hundred and ten percent idiot.

            Spelled right as well.!!

            Lord save us all.!!

          54. kanewas says

            I guess it a good thing U got my back comrade, or is it???
            A conversion as well, a hundred present is a record No?

          55. Joseph Carrilho says

            Go AWAY, troll……….

          56. Joseph Carrilho says

            You’re INTENSE Tiger; I like that. There is another intense woman living
            in Florida. Do you know os KrisAnne Hall? See is an attorney that travels
            our country to teach our constitution to folks. She knows her stuff !!!

            Check her out. She held an outdoor class in Illinois, one of her finest.

          57. Tiger says

            I am infuriated that bozos like the one I have shown proof positive of our problems, still call it FAKE that is because the government hasn’t allowed the average person to know. When coming home from this war in 2004 I got mad, I mean madder than mad at what the American people didn’t know about Islam. The American people, unless they look at international news haven’t a clue what is happening in Europe due to the invasion of 75% Muslim men. That is why they say it is propaganda or FAKE these fools will get us all killed.

            I have had it and I will look her up. Thanks.

          58. red110306 says

            You worthless piece of dog Feces. You ragheads are all the same. Talk a big game on line but in person, all you can do is gang rape defenseless women (that is when you aren’t doing the sheep) and use body bombs to kill innocent men, women and children. You and all like you are spineless cowards. I will go one step further. I live in Florida as well. Daytona Beach, to be exact. Why don’t you bring your sissy, gay A$$ down here so I can show you a little American justice. Leave your body bombs at home if you aren’t too afraid!

          59. AntiGOP says

            Cough up an address MoFo…I’ll be there…

          60. red110306 says

            I would never give a goat boy my address. But I will meet you at the Cracker Barrel right next door to the Speedway. Let me know when little Boy!

          61. AntiGOP says

            Chicken shit…knew you were a crack head baby…

          62. red110306 says

            Still talking about your parents I see.

          63. AntiGOP says

            Nope talking about your Tiger mom…

          64. AntiGOP says

            How dark red is your neck chick’en shit

          65. red110306 says

            Meet me where I instructed you to and I will show you little girl!

          66. AntiGOP says


          67. red110306 says

            I will be there A$$ Wipe. Even though I know you won’t. I live right around the corner, so it won’t be an imposition at all for me. But you, being the little girl type of gay, will never show!

          68. AntiGOP says

            Good…what are you driving…I’ll be in a 2016 Black Mustang…

            You know the kind undercover cops use.

          69. red110306 says

            I am in a Red Jeep Wrangler. You know the kind real men drive. Funny, there is no Black Mustang here. You are just a candy ass sissy!

          70. AntiGOP says

            I knew I was wasting my time with you…you weren’t there.

            You tell me you were there 10 min after 9pm…jerkwad

            Chicken shit.

          71. jreg9304 says

            Hey Pig fucker, do you like swine? you’ll get yours soon enough!

          72. Joseph Carrilho says

            Thanks for your post Tiger. People REALLY NEEd to see this.

            Have you seen this:
            “With Open Gates: The forced collective suicide of European nations”
            ***** I hope the link still works; +/- 20 minutes.

          73. AntiGOP says

            You people can’t even post good links…

            Da…just Trumpster Trollers…DA

          74. Joseph Carrilho says

            Use the title you lazy asshole; I tried.

          75. rdells says

            They’re all Putin Puppets.

          76. Tiger says

            Oh yes I have seen just about everything plus I am in touch with many European bloggers warning us about Islam and sending me videos.

            Welcome Joseph. You know Israel quietly is taking in and helping injured Syrians, they are part of the Coalition that was formed under O. Yet a doc working in the Israel hospitals tells the story of a girl burned and how they helped her and her family paid her to wear a suicide vest and come to the clinic, she was apprehended but the moral of the story is you can’t change these people into something that can live among you. Those who don’t kill you are hoping and paying someone to kill you.

            Thank you for being informed and keep posting truth.

        2. AntiGOP says

          Tiger >>>>Hey Goat fucker bring this shit to my town in Florida

          What town is that….DumbShitsville

          1. jreg9304 says

            now we know where you live Sheepfucker, Tite-ass-ville! watch out Capt. Sheep fucker, Putin’s coming for ya!!

          2. AntiGOP says

            A Putin Prick and your balloon is poped…

        3. Glenda Jordan says

          Sooo angry and disgusted w/ this! What has been allowed in our country….Baal worshipers! Truly heartbreaking…adding salt to the wound of the tragic event of 9/11.

          1. Tiger says

            Sorry for my vulgarities in my posts but they push me to the limit and they are going to get us all hurt.

          2. Glenda Jordan says

            Oooo no need to apologize for that friend (I’ve been ’round much worse)…you are a warrior and I think it’s awesome how you can hold your own!! I give you the occasional upvote for support w/out getting involved posting comments when you are on a roll w/ these aholes. You blast their lame asses…they start something and you finish (them off) love it lol

          3. Tiger says

            Well thank you Glenda you know how I admire you.

          1. Tiger says

            You got that right lolol I hate to get ugly and curse but they so are deserving.

      3. kanewas says

        Too bad U can’t wake up the dead, or make the stench go away?

        1. AntiGOP says


          1. kanewas says

            Don’t tell me, you’re confused?

    2. bttrap says

      it’s not trump that let these refugees in it’s the damn judges that let them in

      1. mrpoohead says

        …………thankfully Trump has no power! Judges do not make policy or law – duh!

        1. Shawn Sapp says

          No, they don’t make the laws. They interpret the laws. They continue to MISINTERPRET the laws to there benefit, just to be a thorn in Trump’s side. They don’t give a damn about your life, my life or anyone’seen life but their own. That much is obvious. Do you hear your alarm clock yet?

          1. mrpoohead says

            Already up? Suspect they interpret the laws as written or they’d get demoted – duh!

          2. Shawn Sapp says

            Spoken like a true idiot.

          3. mrpoohead says

            Spoken like a true conspiracy theorist – one of those sad people in the corner of their mother’s basement. All together – awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!

          4. Shawn Sapp says

            This is a school night. Shouldn’t you be in bed and let the adults discuss politics.

          5. mrpoohead says

            Still working actually. Adults have facts, kids have hyperbole and BS with a dash of conspiracy theory – off to bed for you.

          6. Joseph Carrilho says

            Still working? Get paid to troll??????

          7. mrpoohead says

            Own business.

          8. AKLady says

            You are an adult?

          9. AKLady says

            Except, the true idiot is the one in the White House who keeps violating the law.
            U.S. Constitution, Amendment I

            CONGRESS SHALL MAKE NO LAW RESPECTING AN ESTABLISHMENT OF RELIGION, OR PROHIBITING THE FREE EXERCISE THEREOF; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

          10. Joseph Carrilho says

            That is your 3rd. post citing the 1st. amendment.
            Why don’t you post how you “think” President Trump violated it?
            ……Simple, you can’t.

          11. AKLady says

            His Executive Orders targeted Muslims.
            His Orders targeted American citizens, legal aliens and individuals holding valid visas because they were Muslims.

          12. AntiGOP says

            Another troll sicko.!!

            Her emails…Her emails…

          13. Joseph Carrilho says

            We ALL know you as a troll here, dummy.

          14. AntiGOP says

            We ALL know you as a troll here

            The limit of your worldly knowledge…

            Da….we does know U a Troll…


          15. Joseph Carrilho says

            Worldly knowledge? I have been on 4 continents
            and I have worked in 6 countries……..

            You’ve been in Granny’s basement with your coloring and comic books.

          16. AntiGOP says

            Worldly knowledge? I have been on 4 continents
            and I have worked in 6 countries……..

            And they through you out of all of those jobs…

            How could someone with your mentality hold a job in any country.

          17. AKLady says

            Turn the testosterone off.
            You are letting him pull you down.

          18. AKLady says

            Your posts say something very different.

          19. AKLady says

            Name calling is childish.
            Most give it up by the 2nd or 3rd grade.
            Temper, temper …
            You need to practice more, you have not yet gotten the adult part down

          20. Joseph Carrilho says

            I’ll call a spade a shovel EVERY time.
            Your political correctness “card” is as worn out as the race & Russian cards.

          21. AntiGOP says

            And I know you as a TROLL and a Fucking ASSHOLE…your point was..!!

          22. AKLady says

            Just one pf the laws your Emperor-wanna-be violated:
            U.S. Constitution, Amendment I

            CONGRESS SHALL MAKE NO LAW RESPECTING AN ESTABLISHMENT OF RELIGION, OR PROHIBITING THE FREE EXERCISE THEREOF; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

          23. AKLady says

            I heard the fire alaem go off when the fool was elected.
            U.S. Constitution, Amendment I

            CONGRESS SHALL MAKE NO LAW RESPECTING AN ESTABLISHMENT OF RELIGION, OR PROHIBITING THE FREE EXERCISE THEREOF; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

        2. jreg9304 says

          There are enough in congress to make up for that minor problem,

          1. mrpoohead says

            Who, thankfully, seem to think Trump is a buffoon as well. No wall, no repeal of ACA, no ban on Muslims – funny as!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        3. Joseph Carrilho says

          “Self up voting” dummy. I peeked at your acct.
          and found you ALWAYS do that. VERY poor taste, & childish.
          I guess you feel the need as I saw no one else up voted you.

          1. mrpoohead says

            Amuses me and confounds the retarded – I’ll add you to the list.

          2. AKLady says

            Problem, that is a total lie.

          3. Joseph Carrilho says

            Take a look yourself; YOU are the LIAR.

          4. AKLady says

            Obviously, it has not occurred to you that the entire world can witness you words and actions.

        4. bttrap says


          1. mrpoohead says

            Technically it is the Immigration Department. nothing to do with judges! “Judges” after an exclamation mark – duh!

      2. Tiger says

        He should not have included stuff that didn’t count and just go for the Proclamation this has brought them in here by the thousands and time to make it right, like now.

        1. AntiGOP says

          How many in your family are in jail now.??!!

          It just goes to follow…

          1. jreg9304 says

            Oh boy, are you going to start seeing some Liberal heads rolling soon enough. Maybe yours will be alongside H. Clinton’s that would be great to see, ya liberal moron!!

          2. AKLady says

            Sorry, it is the ignorant.Republican fool you put in office.
            The only think that matters to him is his bank account.
            He is making a fortune at your expense.

          3. Joseph Carrilho says

            Your avatar shows lady Liberty in a wheel chair.
            I think that is your goal, useful idiot.

          4. AKLady says

            it is not simply an avatar, it is the icon which appears on my stationary and business cards. I provide non-attorney, legal advocacy for the disabled.
            I represent disabled people who are wrongly denied benefits by the state and federal government.

          5. Joseph Carrilho says

            Take a hike, dummy troll.

          6. AKLady says

            Take responsibility for your own actions.
            You “conservatives” elected the fool in the Oval Office.

          7. Joseph Carrilho says

            I take issue with being called by that sort of terminology.
            I am ‘all-in’ for liberty.

      3. AKLady says

        No, it was the ignorant fool you elected.
        He violated the Constitution.
        The Judicial Branch did their jobs.
        Maybe you should have made a better choice?
        Talk to those Representatives you sent to Congress, maybe they can control the idiot in the White House.

        1. bttrap says

          obambie let them in trump is trying to stop them froming forming cells in the us by puting a freeze on the limits that get here by crossing the borders

          1. AKLady says

            Childish name calling, so very impressive.
            Yes, that is the Trump follower education and intelligence level —
            just like Trump himself.

    3. sweetolbob says

      The problem is with the liberal,democRAT, Judges that are trying to shoot down Trump by stopping the immigrant flow from terrorist countries. They don’t “shive a git” about National Security or the lives of Americans lost in future terrorist attacks.
      Their only aim is to pee in Trump’s soup ! They need to go !

      1. Tiger says

        He better find a way and fast or the American people will.

        1. AntiGOP says

          EW…tiger is having a cycle…a blood cycle.!!

          1. Joseph Carrilho says

            Fuukin’ trolls…………

          2. AKLady says

            That too, along with the ignorance.

          3. kanewas says

            If U stick around, I’ll point U in the direction to the real traitors


            but U really don’t want to know do U?

          4. AKLady says

            Childish sewer mouth.
            So very impressive.

          5. Joseph Carrilho says

            Fuuk you !!!

          6. AKLady says

            Sorry, you are not man enough.

          7. AKLady says

            Adolescent male, sewer language.

          8. cabowabo78727 says


          9. AntiGOP says

            FU2 X2

        2. AKLady says

          Talk to your the people you elected to Congress.
          You hired them.

      2. AKLady says

        The problem is the U.S. Constitution.
        You elected an ignorant egotist, now you have to live with the consequences.

      3. AKLady says

        You have been well-brainwashed.
        The 9/11 terrorists trained at a camp in Saudi Arabia.
        That camp is still open and churning out terrorists.
        Saudi Arabia was not on Emperor Bush’s hit list.
        Saudi Arabia is not on Trump’s hit list.
        On the other hand, the Saudi’s neighboring enemies are on both lists.

    4. mrpoohead says

      As we are a member of the UN we are expected to stand up and take in our quota, as do all other modern nations – per capita we actually lag behind everybody else. Suck it up buttercup!

      Thankfully the President has no power, as the current one is a complete buffoon – still, clever enough to get the retards to vote for him on promises he has no authority or power to enforce. Funniest thing ever!

      1. red110306 says

        You have a fitting screen name. You are soooooo full of $hit!

        1. mrpoohead says

          No, full of facts actually. Stuff opinion – facts win!

        2. AKLady says

          Childish sewer language is Sooo Impressive!

          1. Joseph Carrilho says

            You’re full O shit too. Are you both in the same club?

      2. Joseph Carrilho says

        Mr. Poo Head is a good name for you SFB (shit for brains).

        1. mrpoohead says

          Well the kids came up with it and MrHasallthefacts was boring.

        2. AKLady says

          Gee, why is American an0ti-Muslim hate any different than the German anti-Jews hate?

          1. Joseph Carrilho says

            If you haven’t figured that out yet, there’s no sense in attempting to explain.

          2. kanewas says

            Well sense the Muslims and Jew are related and you can’t apparently call them out on their bigotry


            what else would U expect between the Goym slaves, and their ruthless slave masters???

          3. AKLady says

            Religious bigotry in America. Is it not beautiful to behold.
            Oh, and foolish one, there are 1.6 billion Muslims, the majority are not locates in Asia, not the Middle East.

          4. kanewas says

            Considering that Jews were responsible for more murders then the Germans were!


      3. AKLady says

        It is a habitual thing with Americans.
        They looked away while millions of Jews were being gassed.

        1. mrpoohead says

          .and Rwandans, Zimbabweans, everybody in the Middle East outside of Israel where we supported despots, numerous Central and South American peoples where we supported dictators. Oh dear, not holier than thou!

          1. AKLady says

            Asia, Middle East, Africa, South America…. America has habitually supported dictators,

          2. kanewas says

            Well, we did support O Bummer at one time!

          3. AKLady says

            Name calling, so very nursery school.

        2. AntiGOP says

          What history books are you reading…

          1. AKLady says

            The ones which record history from the time Hitler took power in 1933 until America entered WWII in 1942, after Germany’s U-Boats attacked American shipping.

          2. AntiGOP says

            Oh…I’m sorry…misunderstood…
            Oh yea…good ole Hitler.!!

            Interesting you say that…April 15 1942 my grandfather’s ship was sunk off the east coast by the Germans…4 kids without a father on that day.
            Amazing to see how they all survived.

            >>>>>It is a habitual thing with Americans.

            And here we go again…War addicts we are.!

            Watch the “Third Reich” on NatGeo channel…paralells are shocking.

            >>>>They looked away while millions of Jews were being gassed.

            Not according to the Spicer Man…he needs a pink slip.

            Twins…and no photo-shop…


            1933-1942 it wasn’t like they had the Internet…so there was some time delay.
            Imagine with the delay people just wanted to ride things out to see if things improved.
            9 years is a long ride…

            At least to this Trump it matters how you kill children, gassing is a butcher…bombing the shit out of them is much much better.

            His ex-wife said he slept with Hitlers books at his bedside.
            I don’t find that hard to believe.

            Can’t wait until tomorrows Flip-Flop.

          3. kanewas says

            Don’t forget the Jews Protocol of the Elders of Zion, which created Hitler!

          4. AKLady says

            Total fake published in Russia about 1903. Henry Ford paid for 500,000 copies to be printed. The Protocols is one of the best-known and most-discussed examples of literary forgery, with analysis and proof of its fraudulent origin going as far back as 1921.

          5. kanewas says

            There is one even more disgusting


            the Talmud before that!

          6. AKLady says

            The Babylonian Talmud was written in the 4th-5th Century AD.
            The Jerusalem Talmud dates even earlier. There are significant differences between the two Talmud compilations. The language of the Jerusalem Talmud is a western Aramaic dialect, which differs from the form of Aramaic in the Babylonian Talmud.

            The Talmud is the basis for all codes of Jewish law, and is widely quoted in rabbinic literature. The Talmud is often cryptic and difficult to understand. Its language contains many Greek and Persian words that became obscure over time.

          7. kanewas says

            I guess there are a few fortunate souls that the Rabbis fill in on its teachings


            so sad for the Goym?

          8. AKLady says

            Religious bigotry in America. Is it not beautiful to behold?

          9. kanewas says

            I guess that depends on from whose eyes, in which U see?


          10. AKLady says

            Religious bigotry in America. Is it not beautiful to behold?
            You would be much happier living somewhere else.
            May I suggest Iran?

          11. kanewas says

            The saint speaks


            here I thought you loved the Muslims, and wanted to move them to America?

          12. AKLady says

            I love the Constitution. My ancestors fought and died for it.
            Religious bigotry in America. Is it not beautiful to behold?
            You would be much happier living somewhere else.
            May I suggest Iran?

          13. kanewas says

            That’s what I like about progressives they know very little about the united states, they think the constitution was written just for them, and make decisions for everyone else that they would never follow their own bigoted self’s, priceless!

          14. AKLady says

            So, you are admitting to being a progressive?

          15. kanewas says

            Well after four years, I can’t say you’re the quickest student I ever taught,


            but you’re catching on!

          16. AKLady says

            They say ignorance is bliss.
            You seem every so blissful.
            Your inappropriate sexual focus is very childish.
            Your petty lies simply embarrass America,
            Facts are far more impressive.
            Your hero, Trump, have now violated the Constitution five times.
            He has been in office just over three months.
            He has also brought us to the brink of war with N. Korea.
            Then, there those ties to Russia and Cuba that are creeping out.

          17. hangem'high says

            Now isn’t that special, just five?


            He’ll needs thirty years to catch up to the Democraps

          18. AKLady says

            Name calling.
            Sewer language.
            Maybe you should try to develop some maturity.
            Pick up some facts while you are at it.

          19. hangem'high says

            I’ll wait for you to pick yourself up and brush yourself off, I just don’t know how long I can hold my breath?

          20. kanewas says

            It’s hard to understand the Koran, U have to kill everyone!

            I just can’t understand what the Jews are doing in Syria?

            In the Talmud the Jews just the Goym!

          21. AntiGOP says

            Your one of those Koran idiots that doesn’t get it…

            >>>In the Talmud the Jews just kill the Goym!
            Again you don’t get it…

            Da…Religion Corrupts Absolutely.!!

          22. kanewas says

            Remaining clueless is dangerous


            but some like using it as and excuse


        3. kanewas says

          How are things in Israel?

    5. AntiGOP says

      Actually we need to keep guys like you out Tiger…

      1. Joseph Carrilho says

        I’m betting you’re as “two-faced” as your avatar.

        1. AntiGOP says

          No Carril…ho

          1. kanewas says

            Alli- oop! How about a tightly blanket bowl man?

        2. AntiGOP says

          My avatar is of your lover…

          1. Joseph Carrilho says

            Fuuk you. I love liberty and HATE tyranny; the opposite of you.

          2. AntiGOP says

            Brillant Statement

            When you leave please flush…

          3. kanewas says

            I see you’re still hanging on!

    6. AKLady says

      Only Congress can make laws.

      1. Joseph Carrilho says

        It’s supposed to be that way. I read that Obummer was executive order happy –
        so was Bushy Boy Jr.

  11. big KAhuna says

    Trump is here for the right reasons– he takes no salary—fights against corruption within and abroad, is restoring the rule of law and order , against immigration unless extreme vetting takes place, His assertions towards Muslims is correct and they should be prevented from immigration to the US ( too risky for the US), he has the guts to ignores political correctness and identifies the fake news, he’s good for the US and world economy ( superior ideology), He will not allow other countries to Bully or threaten the US, He will protect our constitution with excellent SCOTUS choices, He loves our country — its freedoms and it’s values. Hands down night and day improvement compared to OBama with Sorros backing who did his best to destroy all we stand for ( Obama should be in prison and Sorros turned over to a Russian firing squad after being traded for Snowden). I hope Trump allows only Christian immigrants in – to be placed in democratic states, our next SCOTUS should be tea party candidates ( strong Christian base) to bring back strength in our constitution.

    1. AntiGOP says

      big KAhuna


      1. big KAhuna says

        Spoken like a dilusional Demonrat
        You have no substance, no platform
        And your only hear to disrupt intelligent conversation. You got your ass handed to you because your party failed us big time- mass
        Corruption and horrible candidates.
        Move on Troll your a waste of time.

  12. Susan Short says

    It was certainly a finer hour than any of that useless, poor excuse for a president, King Odumbo!

    1. AntiGOP says

      Really…like the First Yemen raid that needlessly killed one soldier and innocent kids….

      That was his finest hour…

      Along with Spicer who doesn’t know Hitler GASed millions.

  13. susmart3 says

    Of course, President Obama tried to strike Syria in 2013 and Congress blocked him.

    1. AntiGOP says

      Because Obama was following the Constitution of America and International Treaties and Community.

      1. Joseph Carrilho says

        Your Obummer was a puppetician president.

      2. kanewas says

        He was following the communist manifesto

        1. AntiGOP says
          1. kanewas says

            A shame u can’t use Putin in your photo-clips anymore, but I get it!


          2. AntiGOP says

            Your so PATHETIC and filled with FEAR.

            They sold you…Hook, Line and Sinker..

            Watch out…your shadow is behind you.

          3. kanewas says

            Are U trying to sneak upon me, AntiGOP- shadow sidekick?


          4. AntiGOP says

            Your making your mental issues very obvious…kanewas

          5. kanewas says

            That’s what I like about U sidekick, U have many talents maybe one day you’ll get permitted?

          6. kanewas says

            Turkey dinner tonight, with a little KurU sauce?

          7. AntiGOP says

            Figure that was your problem long ago…

          8. kanewas says

            Always helps to have a little whine with that, the more the merrier, and try to look best!

          9. AntiGOP says


            That’s so fucking funny…


          10. kanewas says

            HA, HA, HA, HA, U got it!
            Now maybe we can get somewhere?

          11. kanewas says

            A good way to start my Monday,


            Is it Friday yet!

          12. kanewas says

            It’s hard to believe U paid for that!


            Aren’t U missing a bat bar mitzvah?

          13. AntiGOP says

            >>>>>>>>>> It’s hard to believe U paid for that!

            Didn’t it’s free…you just need a brain to arrive at Alex Jones reality…

            You could goto church and get another fix of fantasy.!!!!

          14. kanewas says

            Maybe I should have pointed to the second web site


          15. AntiGOP says

            You are the Nazi’s of America…no doubt…

          16. kanewas says

            If Nazi is used by the PC crowd for self-preservation, then I would have to say YES; because I’m not going to lie down and roll over for the anti -Christian anti- American pukes! I’m going to dish out as much as I receive hopefully more?

            I love to watch liberal babies cry!

          17. AntiGOP says

            Not anti -Christian anti- American…

            anti ASSHOLE

            There are a lot of Christian Americans that aren’t assholes…

          18. kanewas says

            Is that a tear???


  14. sweetolbob says

    She has a way of calling a spade an effing shovel, and if you don’t listen, she’ll hit you in the butt with it ! What a relief from the demoRAT. lying tool that preceded her at the U.N. !
    Here is a LADY “what tell it like it be “!
    And the Rinos and colluding Arabs and the whining liberals and the criminal CAIR can all go to hell !

  15. David Renaud says

    All I can say is ” GO TRUMP” and piss on obama……..Obama was a HUGE traitor to the United States of America,,,,,,,,,,and I mean HUGE……….He was the only president that was totally anti American…….

    1. AntiGOP says

      All I can say is THE WORLD IS GOING TO PISS ON TRUMP.!!

      There is nobody on planet earth hated more then TRUMP.


      And your boy is such a wimp ass he’s not showing at WHCA.

      Be assured the world will watch.!!

      1. Joseph Carrilho says

        Wow, you are full O shot.

      2. kanewas says

        Watch and learn….

  16. geneww1938 says

    1.] It is our responsibility and duty to pray for Godly wisdom, advice and direction for our president, his administration and country.
    2.] While that stike may appear to be his finest hour … I fear President Trump and his cabinet are receiving terrible advice from those who have been bought, bribed or extorted by the Establishment’s Military-Industrial-Complex that makes huge gains and profits from wars through funding aircraft, arms, mechanized equipment, munitions, logistics, … and reconstruction.
    3.] These ungodly anti-Trump individuals will do anything and everything possible to keep Trump from draining the swamp, even at the expense of our country that they do not care about.

    1. AntiGOP says

      Another bullshit artist has arrived…

      1. kanewas says

        Thanks for the warning!

    2. gotabgood says

      Did you ever think that Trump’s intention was to drain the swamp??

      1. AntiGOP says

        I surely didn’t think he was going to go to the extreme he has…

        1. gotabgood says

          Trump is like a bull in a china shop.. He doesn’t look at the damage until it is too late.

          1. kanewas says

            That’s because the chemicals are stamped made in China!

        2. kanewas says

          It doesn’t pay for you to think?

      2. kanewas says

        It like the billionaire progressives think they’re poor, and like Mad-donna says they, the democrap Zombies swallow every time!

  17. Kent Covington says

    Not smart to proclaim this Nikki. Way too early to conclude the cost/benefit analysis yet. Walk softly…

  18. Alleged Comment says

    This president ACTS and grabs them by the P ussy. Not like other guy that just learned to bend over.

    1. Joseph Carrilho says

      Thank you for your humor…….

      1. Alleged Comment says

        You are welcome!

      1. Alleged Comment says

        It would be only justice if you showed the negro sodomite doing the same thing and bending over and getting it in the ass.

        Did you show that too? I mean fair is fair, right?

        1. gotabgood says

          Trump confessed what he did, many women backed up his story..
          The only ones that talk of Obama taking it in the ass are the perverted religious, closet homosexuals from the rightwing…

          1. Joseph Carrilho says

            Obummer’s the homo……..

          2. kanewas says

            Do U have one of Mohammad and a cruz missile???

          3. Alleged Comment says

            Still waiting for a sodomite Negro cartoon. You are not a hypocrite are you?

            Or worse – a COWARD??

  19. jreg9304 says

    President trump has to continue doing just what WE The People, elected him to do, the right thing. With the strike on Syria, he proved that he has the Presumptive strength to do what needs to be done. Again, Our President, this time around, will prove to every American, that he will be one of the best Presidents, American’s have ever had occupying the White House!!

  20. W. Coyote says

    Far to early to claim the missile strike was “the finest hour”.. Let’s wait and see how this plays out. Brief history lesson: In 1986 President Reagan ordered an air strike on Qaddafi’s tent. This strike didn’t harm the dictator but killed a son. In 1988, two hundred fifty nine innocent people paid for Reagan’s action with their lives in the sky over Lockerbie, Scotland.

  21. BT says

    Less than 3 months into the job; isn’t it a tad early to be talking about his finest hour?

    1. AntiGOP says

      Like there’s nothing else to talk about…right.!!! LOL

  22. Joseph Carrilho says

    I support out president but, it is NOT America’s job to ‘police’ the world.

  23. AKLady says

    Just what America needs: Another war in Asia that no one wants to pay for.
    How much money can we barrow from China before they want paid with land?

  24. jim jones says

    Trump’s one term legacy is going to be setting our environment back 50 years.

  25. Barbara Harris says


    1. AntiGOP says



      Are you fucking delusional…

      He’s threatened the entire World…

      Our Allies
      Our Enemies

      Less then 90 days BOMBED Syria…
      Sending a Battle Group to NOKO.

      That’s not a Road to Peace…that is a Road to WAR…FUCKING WARIII

      Watch the “Third Reich” this week…parallels are shocking.

      You old hag…take a shower…wash the filth off your body then read some books and educate yourself.

      1. Mike W says

        I wish you were within punching distance so I could knock you out. You disrespectful arrogant punk – I’d whip you like your daddy should have. Go away!

        1. AntiGOP says

          Mike W…>>>> I wish you were within punching distance…

          And that’s the way you people deal with everything…anger

          1. Mike W says

            It wasn’t us who were rioting in the streets and destroying other peoples property, beating up old people and macing women. Guess again dip wad. I just have a very low tolerance for dumbasses.

          2. AntiGOP says

            >>>>It wasn’t us

            us meaning WHO..????

          3. Mike W says

            It means it was the liberal d’bags like you doing it. You are thick as a brick ain’t ya?

          4. AntiGOP says

            Again…you didn’t answer the question…

            >>>>It wasn’t us

            us <<<<<< meaning WHO..????

  26. AntiGOP says

    Eric Trump explains that his father fired missiles because Ivanka was upset…

    Well that explains alot.!!

      1. AntiGOP says

        And your point is Mikie…

        1. Mike W says

          I figured it would go over your head. You’re the smart guy figure it out.

  27. dennis legassie says

    Love our President..Strong Is a Great Leader.

    1. AntiGOP says

      Since Jan 20 2017 Trump has Flip-Flopped on just about everything he said pre-election.

      And of course…it is now…

      Da…who would have thunk it would be so hard…it’s not easy.

      Guess you can’t do to a Cun Tree what he did to a Casino…run it into Bankruptcy to erase your colossal mistakes..!!!!!

      Because the ENTIRE World is Watching NOW.

      The mentality is one of a Colossal Idiot.

      He can barely read a Teleprompter…

      He needs a Pussy Award and send him on his way once and for all.!!

      >>>>>Strong Is a Great Leader. Bullshit

      King liar and intimidater …at some point the world will stop cooperating with his bullshit.

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