No Collapse: Donald Trump Dominates South Carolina


Donald Trump took home his second straight primary victory Saturday night, easily trouncing the Republican competition and sending his arch rival to the showers. Trump secured at least 34% of the vote in South Carolina, more than 10 points ahead of his closest rivals. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz brought up second and third respectively, locked in a virtual tie. But the biggest news of the night might have been the end of the Jeb Bush campaign; the once-inevitable candidate announced that he was dropping out after nabbing only 8% of the vote.

For the last week, the pundit class has been predicting (again) that the Trump Train was rolling to a stop after a poor debate performance last weekend. Trump was booed loudly in the debate, though many – including Trump himself – found that indicative of how gratuitously the RNC had stuffed the crowd with establishment donors. While late-deciding voters swayed heavily towards Cruz and Rubio, Trump’s long-term base remained intact.

With Bush out of the race, and John Kasich probably soon to follow, the question now becomes: What happens to those voters? If we assume they go to Rubio, he could become the frontrunner in short order. In a large, fractured field, Trump has managed to nab two big victories on the strength of his outsider coalition. If the race shrinks to three in the coming weeks, however, the dynamics will change.

At the same time, things may not play out quite as the establishment hopes. You have to wonder why anyone would still be wasting their vote on a Kasich or a Bush. After Rubio proved that he was the only mainstream candidate with a shot, why didn’t those voters pull the lever for him? If they haven’t switched already, there may be something specific about Rubio that they don’t like. Those voters could easily go over to Cruz. They could, even, go to The Donald. So much remains to be seen.

“Let’s put this thing away and let’s make America great again,” Trump said in his victory speech.

If Trump manages to run the board and become the nominee, it will prove conclusively that the Republican Party of old is no longer viable. Trump is extraordinarily strong on illegal immigration, gun rights, and Islamic terrorism, but he has diverged significantly from long-time Republican positions on Iraq, Planned Parenthood, and gay marriage. His former positions on abortion and gun control have also concerned conservatives, though he claims to have denounced his earlier liberalism.

Trump’s success, though, may come less from socially-moderate voters and more from voters sick of Republican betrayal. What difference does the purity of the nominee matter if he’s just going to lose in a landslide to Hillary Clinton? Trump has proven that he can overcome intense levels of unfavorability in the primaries, and he may very well be able to do the same in the general election. For his hardline supporters, he is the candidate they’ve been waiting for. But even for the wary conservative voter, he could be the best chance of winning back the White House.

And in the end, that Trumps all.

  1. pappadave says

    Not surprised. Between 10% and 15% of his vote was by Democrats and Independents because SC has an idiotic “open” primary in which you don’t have to BE a registered Republican to help choose the GOP nominee! That’s crazy. Let’s see how he does in States with CLOSED Primaries–as Iowa was “closed” only to registered Republicans…and he LOST. Why do you think Democrats would cross-over and vote in the GOP Primary? NOT because they like Trump, but because they think he’ll be the easiest to beat in November!

    1. MAHB001 says

      We are one people why should we have closed primaries???? I don’t really like the two party system, as the politicians really don’t follow the platforms.

      I think it is just a way to divide.

      What we really need to worry about is finding out who counts the votes…. I believe that those counting the votes are corrupt, and all of us will be disenfranchised this next election.

      “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
      —-Joseph Stalin

    2. Lelandjames says

      Iowa, your basing this on Iowa. Iowa has never voted right and they have never voted for a winner. “GO TRUMP”

      1. pappadave says

        A vote for Trump in the primary is a vote for the Democrat in November. Why do you think so many Democrats have crossed over in “open primaries”? Because they WANT a Republican in the White House next year??? Just how stupid ARE Trump voters?

      2. sb says


    3. ringostarr1 says

      That is how Harry Reid won reelection to the US Senate back in 2010. In fact Reid said on National TV that he expected the Tea Party (bless their hearts) to nominate a big enough fool in the GOP Primary to ensure his reelection, and they did. Primaries are all about electability and nothing else. In poll after poll Clinton is still beating Trump like a drum.

      1. MAHB001 says

        The reason Harry Reid won reelection was because RINO’s let the Democrat socialists count the votes…

        It is hard to tell the difference between the RINO’s and the Democrat socialists that control the Democrats…. In fact, every indication says that the two parties collude at the top…

        We as Americans assume that the Democrats are keeping the Republicans honest, and the Republicans are keeping the Democrats honest when it comes to adding up the votes….

        But what happens when the Republicans and Democrats are one in the same????

        The Elite are counting the votes… It is no surprise that Reid won when he counts the votes…

    4. sb says

      He only lost Iowa because his competitor cheated!

  2. Tiger says

    None of the candidates perfect but if you want the truth about any of them you have to search long and hard. The net has become a spider web of disinformation, articles put on the net along with blogs are the spiders weaving the web. They are unscrupulous. I will give the example again concerning Trump and his views on Israel. I had to go to the Israeli news back a few years to find that Trump is very pro-Israel and has great respect for Netanyahu.

    There was a time it was easy to listen to candidates and take them out for lying but in this day and age of censorship, liberal websites and the interference of O supporters it is more difficult. One has to be a Sherlock Holmes to weed through it and get to the facts.

    I have prayed since O got into office for something to “Happen” to this country. I have prayed for a “Hero”, I have prayed for a “Strong” individual to come out of the maddening crowds and take the hammer to the nuts and crack them wide open exposing their soft interior. Trump seems to have Thor’s hammer.

  3. Tired... says

    My concern with Trump is threefold: 1) his narcissism; 2) his almost bipolar propensity to swing from one viewpoint to the opposing viewpoint without missing a beat; and 3) his history of pragmatic behavior. I want a principled, not perfect, conservative candidate who has consistently stuck his finger in the eye of the current administration and his own party when necessary. Maybe Trump will pan out, indeed I hope so, but at this point I remain skeptical.

    1. Karen says

      That candidate does NOT exist in either party! Get over it!!

      1. Bob Ware says

        If you have not done so, please look at Dr. Ben Carson. He is not a believer in career politicians. His website is not filled with feel good sound bites or blogs. It has detailed plans.

      2. Tired... says

        I am sorry that you feel that way. What I said was that I wasn’t looking for perfection, just principle and, unlike you, I believe that there are three candidates who in my view meet that criteria: Cruz, Carson, and Sanders. It will be a cold day in a very hot place before I will vote for Sanders (principled but flat out wrong) and Cruz’s antics in several of the primaries have been disheartening. I believe that Carson can to do the job because he is both intelligent and wise enough to seek informed counsel and appoint the right people to the right post, but people want an angry voice, not a reasoned one, much to our shame. Once again, I hope that I am wrong about Trump, but I am not on the Trump train at this point.

    2. MAHB001 says

      I would say Cruz or Carson is your choice. Although Fiorina would be a great choice but the MEDIA took that away from us.

      1. sb says

        I like the Donald because he was the only honest one in the bunch! I just got an email from a friend that told me the GOP is gong to get rid of Trump (like they have never said that before) –because of the Trouble it would make for the Chamber of Congress!! I always knew that they wanted to get rid of trump because it would interfere with their “Money Making Machine”! And that is what the Chanber is– They are not for the average American!

        1. MAHB001 says

          When he called GW Bush a liar about WMDs, that was not an honest thing to do, nor was it a proper thing to do. It was poor form, not presidential, and downright spreading a lie.

          If the Donald has PROOF that Bush lied, he should bring that forward. Otherwise, he is no better than the fools on the left that repeat lies often enough to make them the truth…

          The GOP elite want to get rid of Trump, Cruz, Carson and Fiorina… Because they are all outsiders, and not controllable by the elite. I would say especially Cruz, because Cruz has fought the establishment since he has been in office.

    3. Jimmy Quick says

      I would say “click your ruby slippers together” and repeat, “there’s no place like home.”

      1. HadEnough says

        I AGREE Jimmy Quick !!!

      2. Tired... says

        You really read a great deal into part of my comment while ignoring the remainder. All I did was lay out my concerns with Trump’s candidacy (I am concerned about the others as well) and state that while I am not convinced that Trump is the real deal, I hope that I am wrong. I simply choose to remain skeptical of every candidate because not one of them is perfect and, for me, Trump lacks the substance that I personally am looking for at this point in the race. If you think that I want anything like Obama, then you are sorely mistaken; in fact, that is precisely one of the reasons Trump concerns me. People are justifiably angry and cry out for change, but I have to point out that, while I am angry as well, change can be good or bad. I don’t want to replace one abominable president with another and for me the verdict is still out on the veracity of Trump’s conservative conversion.

        1. Jimmy Quick says

          Hey, it’s not personal. I think you are great person and I’m sure you are very capable of thinking this out for yourself.

          Your post was in my opinion, thought provoking and perhaps my response was a little over there top.

          What I look for is the money trail. Mr. Trump’s begins and ends at his own wallet. No one will own Mr. Trump and he seems to be open to the input of “we the people” as it should be.

          Again, I don’t mean to seem mean spirited. I just can’t understand people who don’t get it.

          1. Tired... says

            Your comments were fine; that is what this conversation is about…differing viewpoints/personalities engaging in a discussion about issues that we find important. I didn’t think it was personal, just thought it was a little out of context, which prompted my response. Most of us are sick and tired of the utter nonsense that has possessed both parties, but are particularly angry with the Republicans who have been talking out of both sides of their mouths…saying one thing to get elected and then voting with the herd once they get to D.C.. I struggle to find the words that adequately describe my disaffection with those currently in power, as well as those in positions of authority in our institutions of higher education and governmental bureaucracies. However we need to make sure that we are making the right decision at this pivotal time in our nation’s history. While it is great that he funds his own campaign, that is not enough to convince me that he is the best candidate for the office or any guarantee that he will do what he says he will do. I just have my doubts…others do not and that is fine.

          2. MAHB001 says

            Very well said, my sentiments exactly…

          3. Jimmy Quick says

            Well said. I do think that Trump and Cruz need to bury the hatchet. I don’t even think of Rubio as a Republican.

            We need to maintain a cohesive front line if our team has any chance of beating the demoncrats back into their cages and getting the locks back on the doors to their ugly inhuman societal utopia.

            Mr. Trump has proven time and time again that he can run circles around these guys and I think he can go all the way if only the fence sitters will get in the game.

            It’s gonna take all of us to get our country back on track. Please think about it.

          4. ThenStand says

            Jimmy, are you aware of these things about Trump?

            Shut Down Internet, Shut Down Free Speech!


            TRUMPED: The Donald, The Widow and Eminent Domain


            Donald Trump: Replace Obamacare with Universal Health Care


          5. Jimmy Quick says

            So what do you want? Just to face the facts that things are a mess and throw your hands up in the air and walk away or do you want to get a little dirty and sweaty to fix this mess?

            The status quo is a downward spiral. Any fool can see that. And a good 30% of Americans have an IQ that rivals broccoli. You need their votes, but they would do more damage than good if you even let them watch something being repaired.

            Trump has the proven record of success. You don’t like it? Tough toenails. It takes raw genius to get things done. I know that from first hand experience and whether people fear you or like you is beside the point.

            Anyone who doesn’t want to help should just get out of the way so the rest of us have at least a shot at survival. I’m sorry, but it is just that simple.

          6. Jean Langford M. says

            GREAT Comment (S)….”DITTO.” The other Candidates are mimics of Trump…And if not then puppets of the GOP elites….They have flipped flopped on so many issues that it takes a wiz just to keep up with them…Both Cruz and Rubio are there to outlay misinformation and muddy the water…Cruz lies then apologizes “AFTER” the damage is done to his opponents…Pretty snotty actions. Rubio says one thing then the next day runs from the previous positions. Yeah… Trump changes positions…I have watched him do that….But as a British commentator said: ” People are sick and tired of the capitulation to the Liberal Political Correctness theme and the lies that have been perpetuated on the American People. They want someone to speak the truth and what they are thinking. They will grasp at that persons coat tails as long as he expounds their gut views.” I suppose that I am no different in this regard…I am tired of the Democrats and their traitor in Chief…The tyranny of the Traitors decrees with disregard to the Constitution of the United States of America….Time for a real “HARD” change…I think that Trump can deliver….Time will tell “IF” he can beat the SOCIALIST LIBERAL PROGRESSIVE DEMOCRATIC PARTY.

          7. Jimmy Quick says

            Well said.

          8. Craig Watts says

            I would question only the IQ issue… broccoli is at least self sustaining in the right environment.

          9. Jimmy Quick says

            You have a point.

          10. OrdinaryNeutronAlley says

            Is Trump’s buffoonery what you call “raw genius” pal? He’s got NO idea of what he would do as President if that unfortunate event were to take place,. What is he going to do with American healthcare industry that just takes almost 20% of GDP?

            Each day , 1 in five dollars spent in this country are for health care. Is that problem for you QUICK with no CHIKS boy?


            You are ALL morons in TEA Party pal. I hate to break the news to you.

          11. Jimmy Quick says

            And the other 4 go to the Chinese to finance the irresponsible lifestyle we are now living under this retched leadership we call a government.

            Where does the stupidity end with you people? If any one of us even attempted to live our personal lives like our government has collectively decided to do, we would be sharing cells with the likes of Bernie Madoff and a whole host of other proper criminals.

            The fact that you are not repulsed by this governments behavior, but even relish your good fortune to exist within the warm glow of it’s corruption say to me that you are some sort of a “me first” person and to Hell with anyone who points out your short sighted stupidity. I can only hope that something big happens to you in your lifetime to help you to grow a conscience.

          12. OrdinaryNeutronAlley says

            So the few dollars that are in your pocket are controlled by government, right? You are REQUIRED to buy Chinese HD TV screens, clothes from China, ALL household furnishings and really anything else besides your vehicle which you’ve bought from Japan or Korea in all likelihood.

            You’re right pal. You’re as mind controlled as the mid 1930’s German neo Nazis were. You make perfect sense to any delusional schizophrenic conspiratorial jazzed up TEA ass- sweeper.

            You’re so STUPID, I just cannot believe it QUICK not THIK boy…Get lost BRUNO…..

          13. Jimmy Quick says

            Brash and ignorant. I bet you are the life of the party, in the sewer, LOL, with the rest of your (demon)rat buddies.

            Why don’t you do something ingenious and hang yourself in your Mom’s attic? At least the rest of us won’t have to hear you running your idiotic face any longer.

          14. OrdinaryNeutronAlley says

            My Mama died just 12 years ago and she’s buried next to my Dad , a WW II Vet in the local National Cemetery BIG BOY.

            What is it that you want express besides Donald Trump hatred pal?

            You are NOT a citizen of the USA are you?

          15. Jimmy Quick says

            Well, did they have an attic or not? What is your next excuse gonna be? Couldn’t find a rope?

            You started the insults… I’m just bring more than you can handle.

            But, really, can’t you find a rope?

          16. OrdinaryNeutronAlley says

            You must have a gun, right? USE it pointed into your eyes ASSHOLE!!!

            Got the picture FUKCLES nuts, gonadless QUEER?

          17. Jimmy Quick says

            Do you know any nice words or is this just your way of telling us all what an in-bread loser you turned out to be?

            Wouldn’t your parents be proud?

          18. Craig Watts says

            Don’t forget, we’re not just fighting the Dems… we’re also fighting the Reps as well. Both parties are as corrupt…

          19. sb says

            I agree with you Jimmy! Good Points!

          20. Michael Dennewitz says

            Mr Trump may not have any military experience, but if he picked the “right” running mate, the combination could be a bombshell against the “favor seekers!” That alone is why I respect Mr Trump. He doesn’t need anyone’s money, therefore, no one is in his pocket!!

        2. Edithjbernard4 says

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        3. Erikatjones says

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      3. Jim Norris says

        GOD! Let’s hope so… There are many, many ANTI AMERICANS in todays DC!!!

    4. ArizonaMilitiaDotCom says

      Hey, nobody really believes that The Donald is anything but a good show. It’s not that we think that he will make a great POTUS, it’s just that we enjoy how crazy he makes the Libtards, and how much the contemptible Whackadoodles are going to chafe under his being POTUS for 8 long years.

      It’s not like we can expect The Donald to turn out to be any less of a venal, lying, corrupt, degenerate, deviant reprobate than all of the other members of the Political Class, so we might as well vote Trump into office for the same reasons that the drooling mouth-breathers voted The Zero into office: his campaign is bound to drive our adversaries nuts.

      Now *that* is “change you can believe in”.

      Consider our vote for Trump for the office of POTUS in the spirit with which we have intended it: we just want to p|ss in the Libtards’ cornflakes the same way that they did in ours by electing The Zero…. TWICE.

      Payback sucks, huh?

      America’s economy is still going to tank, right after The Zero drags our nation into WW3 against Russia. But until that comes to pass, we are going to enjoy The Donald Show and we are going to enjoy watching all of the contemptible Libtards squirm, wail, tear at their clothes, stamp their feet like impotent children, and have litters of little retarded lizards every single day.

      He||, I would pay to see that show, and we are getting to watch it for free.

      1. Tired... says

        You wrote “nobody really believes that The Donald is anything but a good show.” Out of curiosity I have to ask: Have you read any of the responses to my initial post?

        1. ArizonaMilitiaDotCom says

          I have ask, am I in any way obligated to obtain a consensus from others before I respond to your posts?

          Nope, I didn’t think so. Whatever anyone else has to say is their own business. I have no obligation to any Collective. I am not obligated to read their posts, just as you were not in any way obligated to read mine.

          The fact that you did, however, tells me that my own post was more challenging than any of theirs. Otherwise, you would not have bothered to read it, much less respond to it.

          Therefore, my comment must, by your own actions, matter more to you than theirs do. Thank you for such a wonderful compliment. I do try.

          If I am mistaken about that observation, you can prove me wrong only by refraining from responding any further. Continuing this discussion only proves that you find my comments more interesting.

          1. Tired... says

            I didn’t ask for consensus, merely if you were aware that many of the responses to my post disproved your point. I make an effort to read all of the replies to my posts out of courtesy but I generally only respond to the ones with which I disagree on some level or to offer clarification.

    5. Michael Dennewitz says

      Personally, I think we won’t be seeing too much more of the Booshes! lol I think their “era” has come and gone, even as good as some of them were! What really bothers me is the little halfbreed queer in office right now. Unlike most presidential families, we never see much of his HUSBAND or the “borrowed” kids! Yet AMERICA sits back and allows all this fake shit to happen. NEVER in history have we had such a FAKE in office! GOD HELP THIS MESSED UP COUNTRY!!

    6. Pamela says

      He has done things for a reason. Some of us see it and some don’t, but two things Donald Trump is Not and that is a liar and a thief. And if for nothing more than these two things, he gets my vote knowing that he isn’t lying and so therefore will do his best to fulfill ALL that he has campaigned on. I believe him and I early voted for him!

      1. ringostarr1 says

        Trump said that he is going to bring the jobs back to America. Hell he even imported a Russian bride to keep his back warm when there are 1,000,000s of American women who could use the work.

        1. Pamela says

          I love the Beatles by the way. Have huge original Beatle collection. Once again, I repeat myself. Look closer at the whole picture. Good strategy, in a position to do many things for us. He is a gun carrier and member of the NRA. He changed his position and grew up about abortion when he had kids in his later years and grandkids. He funds his self. Where Obummer takes Air Force 1 out on leisure, vacation, anytime trips at OUR expense, Trump will probably use his own unless he is visiting official places saving thousands of our HARD earned dollars. He can deal to get jobs for our kids and grandkids back to America. He will build the wall. He WANTS to build the wall and VET these people for our safety, along with building up military and definitely helping our vets. He will give education back to the states and get rid of that stupid common core which was made to dumb down our kids. Has a good tax plan for corps and private I believe. We don’t want personality. We don’t want looks! We the People want RESULTS. He is not part of establishment and will not cave in to anyone. Especially if it does not benefit all of us. I have watched and prayed for months about this and know at least for me I am making the right decision in voting for Trump.

        2. Matthew G. Zatkalik says

          Well, your perspective on being a wife sounds foreign to me: (1) ‘bride to keep his back warm’; and (2) ‘women who could use the work.’ Perhaps Trump, traveler as he is, found that one (1) in a million (1,000,000) choice – in Russia – for his wife. I think I understand your choice of avatar – Ringo Starr. He was a drummer for the Beatles — you’re a drummer also: against Donald Trump.

      2. Tired... says

        You find him more trustworthy than I do…I hope that you are right.

      3. sb says

        I agree with you Pamela!

    7. Gary Smith says

      I agree his answer to everything is I

    8. Milton W. Lowe says

      I would say that inspite of the unfair bias of the media including Fox to Trumps campaign & infesting the crowds with big donors for other candidates, that Trump still wins by a high margin. We the People are fed up with the shenanigans of the media & the opposing candidates & the so called traditional GOP. We want someone who can stand up to them & do what Trump has done & even take on the very liberal Pope, who really doesn’t have any business getting into American politics & probably only does it at the urging of our FAKE president…We want a true American like Trump who is using his own money & is not beholding to the establishment & basically tells them so & to shove their support where the sun don’t shine. I believe Trump is out only hope to help our country get back on the right track & to beat the socks of Hillary & put to rest an evil woman continuing Obama’s attempt to put America in the sewer of muslim (no caps intended) domination of American with their hideous ideology…TRUMP 2016 & 2020 MAKE AMERICA STRONG AGAIN…GET USED TO IT!

      1. Tired... says

        Milton, I am angry about the same things you are but I do not think that Trump is the only answer and right now I am not sure that he is even the best choice of the remaining options. We may end up with him as the nominee and, if so, I prefer him to either of the alternatives.

        1. Reality Check says

          “I am angry about the same things you are”

          I hate to break it to you , but you are angry about MADE UP shit.

          LOVE to hear some examples of that destruction you cons pretend has happened.

          Obama SAVED the country for the shit the GOP drove this country into.

          the GOP were in charge for a DECADE leading up to the crash and what did they do?


          people were yelling about the banks and housing, they did NOTHING.

          now the typical con says

          “it was the DEMS fault”

          except that they were not the ones in power.

          60,000 factories LEFT the country after NAFTA got going.
          everyone saw it happening.

          what did the party in power do?

          make the move to china DEDUCTABLE.

          1. Tired... says

            Sorry but your reality is altered. My family struggles more today than we did before Obama took office and the world is much less safe. Both parties have done damage to this country and anyone who only sees it one way is foolish.

          2. Reality Check says

            your family struggles WHY?

            so easy to blame Obama, lets hear the specifics.
            I’m sure it has nothing to do with the global economic implosion

            only ONE party voted 99% FOR the TPP.

            and YES I am aware that Obama pushed this, which makes you conservatives calling him a socialist/communist even more hilarious.

            I send him hate emails all the time.
            He said he was going to deal with NAFTA but he didn’t.

            but still way better than Bomb bomb Iran McCain.

          3. Tired... says

            My family struggles for a number of reasons, but one of them is the odious burden placed on us by federal, state, and local government. The bottom line is that I can spend my money more efficiently and do more to stimulate the economy than the government has the ability to do. As one who worked for years in the medical field and now works in the mental health field, I can personally attest that government programs are profoundly abused. For example, I was part of a study done by my local ER that found that once the state required a $2.00 copay for ER visits, visits from patients on medicaid dropped by almost 50%. Keep in mind that this is only a sample, but many of our patients came with issues that would not prompt most of us to go see our family doctors for, much less go to the emergency room. the bottom line is that President Obama is a big government advocate who wants to tell me how I should live my life and I disagree. BTW, I didn’t want NAFTA or the TTP so don’t include me in that group.

          4. Reality Check says

            most people do not want the TPP.

            just the bought off politicians, Obama being one of them, it seems.

            you haven’t noticed that the right wing media, and the corporate media (MSM)
            have not talked about the TPP since the text came out?

            the LEFT media is shouting from the roof tops.

            did you know that the public comment period has PASSED?

            I don’t recall one article in the rights media telling them to get out an comment. (or MSM)

            just the left cares about jobs, based on this info.

          5. Reality Check says

            “For example, I was part of a study done by my local ER that found that
            once the state required a $2.00 copay for ER visits, visits from
            patients on medicaid dropped by almost 50%. ”

            there is no question that there is abuse and we need to weed this out.
            Obama actually ADDED more investigators and saved billions in aid and welfare.
            shall I link you to that story?
            sure I hate taxes but I also hate that we are spending on the military like a drunken sailor.
            did you know the Pentagon “lost” 8 TRILLION?

            I don’t recall any GOP committee to investigate THAT.

            just give them MORE.

            we need to pull back our Imperialism.

          6. Tired... says

            Wow! We may actually be in agreement! Can you believe it! I have no problem with holding all government bureaucracies accountable. Let’s do it across the board, no sacred cows.

          7. Reality Check says

            “I have no problem with holding all government bureaucracies accountable.”

            no question.
            we all hate the bureaucracy.

          8. Tired... says

            Then we have agreement…it’s a miracle!!

          9. Reality Check says

            “the bottom line is that President Obama is a big government advocate who wants to tell me how I should live my life”

            this is NOT TRUE.
            love to hear what you think Obama has done that makes that remotely true.
            government is about the same size as it was under GW which is WAY LESS than under Ronny.

            shall I link you to that info?

          10. Tired... says

            You cannot be serious. Net Neutrality as well as giving up control of the internet cut into our freedom of thought and expression, a 1st Amendment right. Currently the government is pressuring Apple to provide a back door into their technology in the name of national security, but will result in an unauthorized invasion of our privacy, something that I thought liberals supported. The First Lady was telling our kids how to eat at school and now we are being told that men should be permitted in women’s bathrooms because the single stall units are demeaning. The BLM issue in Nevada and the EPA’s push to declare every ditch and other minor trickles a federal resource are additional, but by no means exhaustive, examples. You may see it differently, but I see each of those as instances where the federal government, as represented by President Obama, prefers big government control over individual freedom…and I am profoundly opposed to this encroachment.

          11. Reality Check says

            “Net Neutrality as well as giving up control of the internet cut into our
            freedom of thought and expression, a 1st Amendment right”


            net neutrality give us intent freedom.
            had that not gone through, the internet companies would have been the new masters of the universe.
            data caps, spscial charges to use netflix, etc.

            shall I link you to info?

          12. Tired... says

            I am sure that there are some good points on both sides. Here is a contrasting view regarding net neutrality:

          13. Reality Check says

            from the side that wants to make money?

            ok, so the article become disingenuous when it says

            “the same organization that can’t keep the country’s bridges from falling down”
            as in government is inept because bridges fall down wo why let them regulate the internet.
            Guess what,
            bridges fall down because unregulated corporations built them below standards

          14. Tired... says

            …and because the government does not hold them to the specs outlined in the contract.

            What’s with the “us versus them” thing again? In order to be fair one has to consider all possibilities; no source is without its biases. Again, as a skeptic, I do not subscribe to either/or arguments; both the government and the companies can share the blame…Lord knows there is enough to go around. If you read the article you are aware that the author was not pleased to appear to be arguing on behalf of big corporations. Perhaps I am incorrect, but it seems as though you believe that government is good and corporations are bad; I see each of them as both good and bad, depending upon the circumstance.

          15. Reality Check says

            I read the rest of his disingenuous argument.
            it got not better.
            just different ways to say I don’t want big government but I rather have Big Corps.
            he’s a shill even if he does deny it.

          16. Reality Check says

            Net Neutrality is crucial for small business owners, startups and entrepreneurs, who rely on the open Internet to launch their businesses, create a market, advertise their products and services, and distribute products to customers. We need the open Internet to foster job growth, competition and innovation.
            Net Neutrality lowers the barriers of entry for entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses by ensuring the Web is a fair and level playing field. It’s because of Net Neutrality that small businesses and entrepreneurs have been able to thrive on the Internet. They use the Internet to reach new customers and showcase their goods, applications and services.
            No company should be able to interfere with this open marketplace. ISPs are by definition the gatekeepers to the Internet, and without Net Neutrality, they would seize every possible opportunity to profit from that gatekeeper control.
            Without Net Neutrality, the next Google would never get off the ground.

          17. Tired... says

            “Without Net Neutrality, the next Google would never get off the ground.” And yet the original did manage to get off the ground in an unfair marketplace. I am not against a debate on the subject and I am far from an authority, but I do not have the faith in bureaucracies, governmental or corporate, that you seem to have.

          18. Reality Check says

            “Currently the government is pressuring Apple to provide a back door into
            their technology in the name of national security, but will result in
            an unauthorized invasion of our privacy, something that I thought
            liberals supported.”

            and the LIBERAL is saying NO lets remember.

            hey the gov is always pushy.
            the LEFT has always been against THAT part.
            always against “The Man”.

            the patriot act was established with a LARGE majority of GOP.

            over a hundred Dems voted no ( I think, give or take, I actually think it is more)
            the liberals fought for FREEDOM but the conservatives voted for the Patriot act.
            shall I link you?

          19. Tired... says

            I agree about the patriot act and hated it from the beginning, although I think that had a democrat been in power at the time and proposed the same thing, the votes would have skewed in the opposite direction. Human beings are fickle creatures…

          20. Reality Check says

            OR liberals choose freedom over security.
            in 2006 the vote was still one sided.

          21. Tired... says

            I don’t care if the person saying no is a liberal or a conservative, just as long as they are saying no to government intrusion; this is another example that proves my earlier point.

          22. Reality Check says

            indeed government intrusion, but NOT Obama specific.

            this is not something Obama is unique in doing.
            it’s that double standard thing I am against, not that the government isn’t doing IT.

            WHY point at Obama like this has never happened before?

            AND do you think the law enforcement is full of liberals or conservatives?

          23. Reality Check says

            “he First Lady was telling our kids how to eat at school”

            OK, well are you aware that we have some of the fattest kids on earth?
            that childhood diabetes is at epidemic levels?
            if parents don’t get involved, at least the gov WHO PAYS for it, should.

            I don’t think you are aware of the changes either.
            not that evil.
            lower salt content
            more fresh veggies and fruit
            and here is the killer

            80% whole grains, (getting away from WHITE flour)

            admittedly, whole wheat pizza is not at the top of my list of yummy.

            but this is a mountain of a mole hill and a good example of the right creating a divide.

          24. Tired... says

            The question isn’t how significant was the change, but rather should it have fallen under the government’s purview at all? You asked for an example and I supplied many.

          25. Reality Check says

            yes government purview.
            “general welfare”

            a fat and sick population is not good for the country

          26. Tired... says

            No…people need to be responsible for their own actions. I will choose liberty every time over governmental micromanaging.

          27. Reality Check says

            unfortunately, we as a society, have to look after these fat humans as they decay in our medical facilities?
            that is going to put a strain on the system, hurting everyone.
            the world does not work that way anymore.
            there is too many of us
            getting diabetes or being morbidly obese is not your right unless we have the right to let you die in the streets.
            which I would be good with.

          28. Reality Check says

            “President Obama, prefers big government control over individual freedom”

            everything you talk about happen LONG before Obama took office.
            (bottom of paragraph)
            BLM, EPA. bureaucracy in general.

            love to see you prove otherwise.

          29. Tired... says

            Actually I would like to see you prove your assertion. I have already said that both parties basically stink, but Obama could have stopped any and all of these, after all, he has a phone and a pen.

          30. Reality Check says

            well the EPA was started by Nixon and been a pain in the ass of corporation ever since.

            the BLM has been around since we started the country.
            how that could possibly be Obama.

            that Nevada rancher IS STEALING from you and me.
            he owes over a million in grazing fees.

            everyone else pays their bill. why does Bundy get welfare?

          31. Tired... says

            Everyone else pays their bills and only Bundy gets welfare? Are you kidding me! I am not a friend or foe of Bundy, but I can tell you that he is not the only one stealing from you and me!

          32. Reality Check says

            he is by no means the only one, just one we have caught.
            a million is hardly petty theft.
            everyone I know pays their bills.
            do you pretend that all the left are on welfare?

          33. Reality Check says

            so not stopping it is the same as starting it and making it worse?
            did and GOP try?
            EPA and BLM were around for the last three GOP presidents.

          34. Tired... says

            It is what the EPA and BLM have done under Obama’s leadership that is the issue, not their mere existence, although I wouldn’t cry too much if they both went away.

          35. Reality Check says

            well lets hear some examples.

          36. Reality Check says

            “and anyone who only sees it one way is foolish.”

            well Tiger just DID and you are here defending her?

          37. Tired... says

            My statement speaks for itself. I do not believe that either/or thinking is a sufficient response in most situations; I am only asking everyone to set aside the name calling and have an intelligent discussion. In this case I am responding to you but if you have read my posts, I have challenged a number of people in this thread.

          38. Reality Check says

            I have a dozen conservatives going.
            I haven’t been down the thread too much.

            but I do sense that you are more “normal” than many of the right on this thread. that is why I am engaging you.

            my ISSUE is the lack of facts being passed around.

            My ISSUE is the amount of innuendo and disinformation that passes for Fact.

            Tiger likes to promote the Disinformation about the WMD in Iraq.
            (among other things)

            and cites a blog made in a guys basement while pretending the rest of the worlds media is lying to HER.

            do you believe the MSM is a leftist tool?

            you know, the media that runs Trump 24/7 instead of the left candidates.

          39. Tired... says

            “my ISSUE is the lack of facts being passed around.

            My ISSUE is the amount of innuendo and disinformation that passes for Fact.”

            But you are doing the same thing. For example, the link that you provided to my earlier comment was only an opinion piece. While it added meaningful content to the conversation and was purportedly from an informed source, it was not a fact. My problem that both sides argue about the wrong things and come up with expensive assinine solutions to problems that we often don’t really have. Maybe a wall is one of those, maybe it isn’t, but I can certainly tell you that Solindra was a big waste of half a billion dollars. I am tired of the deceivers on both sides of the isle and I refuse to tolerate shoddy thinking.

      2. Reality Check says

        “I would say that inspite of the unfair bias of the media”

        what planet are you from?
        do you live in a cave or just make things up?

        Trump is on EVERY MSM station 24/7
        he burps and they cover IT.

        he is going to lose, so get used to that.
        his negatives are double his positives.

      3. sb says

        I agree with you Milton! He is the only one among the list who will clear up the mess! Ben Carson is a wonderful man–very smart- but I think at this time we need Trump!

        1. Milton W. Lowe says

          Yes, I favored Dr. Ben Carson ’til Trump threw in his hat. Carson is a great man, a gentle man, a brilliant man & would be a good VP or something on the cabinet, but we need Trump’s toughness albeit he has some distasteful qualities & I’m not sure I will enjoy his voice for 4 to 8 years, but it would be better than the lying Obama muslim.

    9. ringostarr1 says

      Anyone who is skeptical of Trump and his handlers in the Clinton campaign is a smart cookie.

    10. Tiger says

      Name me one politician or president of the past who did not change here there and everywhere. You can’t, nothing remains the same, change is part of the universe and everything in life, without it we and everything stagnate and become filled with slush and grim and weeds like a pond with no flowing water.

      Took Reagan eight years to become a Conservative took Trump 2 but they live in entirely different times that push fast becoming smart.

      1. Tired... says

        The last part of your post was unclear. Regardless, I didn’t say that people couldn’t change, what I said is that I am looking for principle. There are a lot of things that Trump says that I like, but it is his pragmatism that concerns me. I prefer a Reagan (principled, but not perfect) to a Clinton (pragmatic).

        1. Tiger says

          I will explain my last thought on my post. When you look at the history and life of Reagan you find it was a slow and steady transition from one form of thinking to incorporating other forms until he clearly became a dedicated Conservative.

          In Trumps case his history and life are filled with growing pains from one thing to another. Due to the highly visible and terrible things happening around the world and in America due to a very destructive man named O Trump evolved faster. Like that final blow from the hand of an abuser that wakes the abused up and they fight back and sometimes kill the abuser.

          Trump is the man to do the job. I pray.

          1. Tired... says

            Thank you for clarifying and pray hard…we need someone to help this country get back on track.

          2. Tiger says

            Welcome and do daily. Daily.

          3. sb says


          4. Reality Check says

            ” America due to a very destructive man named O”

            well, this seem like a good time for YOU to back that UP with some examples.

            or were you LYING again?

          5. Tiger says

            Most crap if left alone dries up a blows away what is it with you?

          6. Reality Check says

            so the con can’t back up any of the rhetoric (lies) she posts.

            that’s always the sign of a trustworthy person.
            (that was sarcasm in case it went over your head)

          7. Tired... says

            Why are you so rude? I am sorry that you are unhappy but that is not Tiger’s fault, so if you disagree please have the courtesy to be respectful.

          8. Reality Check says

            tiger an I have a LONG history.
            she LIES for a living.

          9. Tired... says

            Then it shouldn’t be difficult to prove it respectfully.

          10. ABO says

            He has absolutely nothing constructive to contribute, so he simply resorts to rude, insulting comments. It’s all he’s got, Tired.

          11. sb says

            You are so wrong– Truth is very important to me!!

      2. Reality Check says

        “Name me one politician or president of the past who did not change here there and everywhere. You can’t, nothing remains the same, change is part of the universe and everything in life,”

        BUT, you nit pick at Obama over every little change he makes.

        I sense hypocrisy.

    11. Bob Ware says

      At least please give Ben Carson a chance. He has details on his plans on his website which are NOT feel good sound bites or blogs/blurbs. Please check Dr. Carson’s site if you have not done so. His site bencarsondotttcommm under Issues. Give him a chance. He is not a believer in career politicians which is what caused our current political problems to begin with. He us qualified to carry out the job. Last Thanksgiving time when the others were home, he was in Jordan talking with the Syrians. Guess what. They do not want to come here. They just want their home back. A safe zone with kick start humanitarian aid and they’ll handle ISIS internal to the safe zone. Please give a non-career politician man the chance. When we all vote for him he can win thus we win. Step two, replace all currently making up the U.S. Congress.

    12. HadEnough says

      Tired: Donald Trump IS NOT A NARCISSIST. You are mistaking that for “SELF CONFIDENCE”
      I, for one, am glad that he has Self-Confidence, How could he Accomplish Great Things Without It???

      1. MAHB001 says

        I am not sure about that… Have you noticed how Trump responds to criticism?

        If you have never directly dealt with a true narcissist it is hard to see the bad that comes from the disorder.

        1. sb says

          How did you like Harry Truman? He is the only Democrat that I respect!

          1. MAHB001 says

            Harry Truman was before my time. I liked his statement.. “The Buck Stops Here.”

            That is something that 0-bama can not do. Accept any responsibility for anything he does.

          2. Reality Check says

            Here are five examples of Obama taking responsibility:

            1. November 3, 2010 – Democrats lose control of the House in midterm elections. “I take responsibility for that.”


            2. October 16, 2012 – Attack on U.S. Consulate in Benghazi. “I’m the president. And I’m always responsible.”


            3. May 27, 2010 – BP oil spill. “In case you were wondering, in any of your reporting, who’s responsible? I take responsibility.”


            4. October 30, 2013 – crashes. “I take full responsibility for making sure it gets fixed ASAP.”


            5. July 14, 2009 – Economy in
            freefall. “I love the folks who helped get us in this mess and then
            suddenly say, ‘Well, this is Obama’s economy.’ That’s fine. Give it to
            me. … I want the responsibility.”


            it’s EASY to prove you are a LYING POS

          3. Bird says

            #5 Obama says, “I want the responsibility.” That’s considerably different from taking responsibility for something. That leaves #4, Obama, “takes full responsibility for making sure it gets fixed ASAP.” Well, he referring to the computer system…. what he needs to FIX is the actual ‘Obamacare’; THAT he has NOT fixed nor does he ‘take responsibility’ for the supreme disaster of Obamacare!!

            That leaves THREE “I take responsibility” admissions in over SEVEN years!!! What a joke this man would be if he weren’t such a inept, lying, narcissistic, power hungry, embarrassment to this great country!

          4. Reality Check says

            I believe the fool who posted the “Obama NEVER takes responsibility” has been proven a LIAR with just ONE.

          5. shamu9 says

            Did he take Credit for that ” Benn-Ghazi” Affair? Ali-Bamba probably thinks ‘Benn Ghazi’ is a Libyan Golf Pro!!

          6. Reality Check says

            “Did he take Credit for that ” Benn-Ghazi””

            of course.

          7. shamu9 says

            The Hell He Did, or he and his Flunkies, Hilliary etc. would all be in Ft. Leavenworth.

          8. Reality Check says

            Do you ever wonder why I am able to prove you’re not too bright, every time you engage me?

            “President Obama on Benghazi: “I am always responsible””


          9. shamu9 says

            Yeah, you’re always Right, Jus”Ax’ You!

          10. shamu9 says

            Damn Right. He let those men DIE!

          11. Reality Check says

            more proof you are a parrot of the right wing talking points without a shred of knowledge.

            so did your mommy buy those degrees?
            you certainly don’t seem to have the smarts.

          12. Reality Check says

            I wonder how many “I take responsibility” that GW Bush issued?

          13. shamu9 says

            There was never any need for Bush to Disclaim anything he Did/Caused! I wonder how much ‘Obambi’s’ Golf Lessons cost the American People?? Here’s a Jewism for Ya! What a Put(s)z

          14. Reality Check says

            comments like this tell me you’re 12,
            not someone with a degree.

          15. shamu9 says

            Old enough to be your Grandpappy Kid!

          16. Reality Check says

            so you are senile.

          17. shamu9 says

            Not Hardly!

          18. shamu9 says

            And your excuse, is just Rampant Libby Stupidity, Geek!

          19. Susan Short says

            Reality Check, I read your BS for amusement! There are no words that anyone could say to you that would be of any help, because you have no clue what reality actually is!

          20. Reality Check says

            links to real news sources help a lot.

          21. Michael Dennewitz says

            Dayuummm, your momma must have been terribly disappointed.. Where’s your pardner, croco shit or headuphisass!?? HAHAHAHA

          22. Reality Check says

            how is welfare working out for you?

          23. shamu9 says

            Bout as well as it is for Your Kids!

          24. Michael Dennewitz says


          25. shamu9 says

            ‘1984’ came 24 yrs. Late!! If you have even ever Heard of the George Orwell book, let alone read it! Remember Folks, “Big Brother is Watching YOU!” I’ll Bet my last $$ that everyone Critical of the Kenya-Knickker, On line, [Here, and other sites] has a Dossier on File in the White House! Usurpers do not leave of their own Volition, they have to be Ejected!! Don’t expect an Election, this year, if the Dems. think they can’t RIG IT Completely, using Rabbi Soros’, “The One True NAZI Jew’s” Megabux!

            BTW, I have a degree in Social Science, SOOO–!!, That’s an Educated Red Neck’s Opinion. Study History, especially the Russian, Eastern European, Mexican/South American History, and you’ll SEE where All THIS is Going!

          26. Reality Check says

            that book seems to have no effect on you, especially considering you are the brainwashed citizens in this society.

            “”Big Brother is Watching YOU!” I’ll Bet my last $$ that everyone
            Critical of the Kenya-Knickker, On line, [Here, and other sites] has a
            Dossier on File in the White House!”

            see THAT is the stupid shit you are programmed to believe.

            anyone with a correctly working brain, knows how silly that is.

          27. Reality Check says

            “using Rabbi Soros'”

            more proof you’re a brainwashed drone of the right wing Propaganda machine.

          28. stinkykat says

            You must be quite gullible to believe what he says. I look and listen to him and other pols of each party, and completely disagree with much of what they say. Since when does *any* politician tell the truth?

          29. Reality Check says

            THE POINT, fool of the right wing, was to prove the above poster a LIAR.
            the truthfulness of politicians is another matter, though for the record, I think Obama is a bit more honest than any of the right wing.

          30. stinkykat says


          31. Reality Check says

            “I watched in Jersey City, N.J., where thousands and thousands of people were cheering” as the World Trade Center collapsed.

            not that is a lie.

          32. shamu9 says

            It has been Researched and Proven with videos, Showing the Moslem Pukes Ululating and leap dancing on the roof-tops! Every Hadjii /Sheenie School Kid Knew Beforehand about the Coming Attack on the WTC Towers. There was an anecdote, where a kid told his teacher, “you see those Two Buildings?? They won’t be there next week!”

          33. Reality Check says

            ya fool , only in your moron mind.
            why don’t you link me to that story fool.

          34. shamu9 says

            When TSHTF on that story, a reader Searched for found and posted a Video of the hadjiis dancing , to shut up the Lib Howling Hyenas, like Your-Self !

          35. Reality Check says

            “a reader” found it.’

            sure fool.

            that must be why the dozens of media outlets that have been looking into THAT Claim, have found nothing so far, Hmmm?

          36. shamu9 says

            The video was posted on line. You Love Goat Fookers?? Go to Bumm Phucque Arabia, and tell ’em you’re Gay!!

          37. Reality Check says

            that must be why no one has found IT.

          38. shamu9 says

            Look it’s there!

          39. Reality Check says

            but the fool can’t link me too it.

            are links over your intellectual ability?
            certainly not with all those degrees.

          40. shamu9 says

            I don’t post links! Change your name from Reality Check, to “Secret Squirrel,” Hiding all your Data!

          41. shamu9 says

            When I went to school, a small ‘Puter took up a whole large room! I don’t post links! Don’t have any need to! You can find it, if my ‘Puter Illiterate Azz can. You Jus’ Don’ Wanna’– You’re HAPPY in your Libby Fool’s Paradise!

          42. Reality Check says

            Copy and paste does require a higher level of IQ.
            I fully understand your limitations.

          43. shamu9 says

            I posted ya links! Reality Sux, Now Kram-em Arriba tu culo!

          44. shamu9 says

            I found it, Look it up your Damned Self!

          45. Reality Check says

            shall I talk you through a copy and paste of the link?

          46. Reality Check says

            you found that link yet, low info con?

          47. shamu9 says

            Search for Celebrating Dancing Moslems 9/11. Even you can find it!

          48. Reality Check says

            well fool, you would need to add USA.

            we KNOW they were incidents in the ME.
            Trump said Jersey

          49. shamu9 says

            Go to Huffin’Blo’ Post an’ post your Drivel, to like minded Fruits!

          50. Reality Check says

            so that would be a
            “NO, I was a LYING POS parrot of the right.”

          51. shamu9 says

            Yep I guess so, Libs are always Right, Jus’ Ax :em!

          52. Reality Check says

            you found a link to this yet, lying POS?

          53. Reality Check says

            and as socialist as Bernie.

        2. figmo says

          I see a true narcissist when ever I see obama on tv. What makes it amusing is that he has nothing to be narcissistic about. He’s had pretty much a free ride because of his skin color. Probably, his mother wispered in his ear that he was special during his formative years and like the lie repeated often enough, he believed it.

          1. MAHB001 says

            I think you are correct, 0-bama is a true narcissist. It has to be the coddling that he received to get into the presidency. That coddling was no accident, 0-bama was groomed for the position, it was handed to him, and I don’t think he has the ability to EARN anything.

      2. Tired... says

        You and I have conflictin thoughts regarding the difference between narcissism and self-confidence. I am all for self-confidence, although great things can just as easily be accomplished though narcissism…look at what Obama has done and the left would argue that they are great things. Shouting at me is not a valid argument…we just see things differently…and that is ok.

        1. Reality Check says

          they are great things that Obama accomplished, despite the attempts by the right to impede the US recovery.

          maybe you can enlighten me with some things Obama has done that are bad for the country?

          If Trump is the candidate, a Dem IS a shoe in.

          We liberals are ALL for Trump!

          1. Tired... says

            It is not difficult, but it will not help. A runaway national debt, altered unemployment numbers, and a propped up stock market are now considered recovery. The Middle East is a mess and the blame does not all lay at the feet of Bush. Under President Obama we have provided aid and comfort to our enemies in Syria and turned our backs on Christians, Yazidis, and other religious minorities in Northern Iraq. We allow rape and slavery to occur and do not offer refugee status or even aid to the religious minorities of this area, yet we scream about the oppression that Muslims face in America even after our citizens died in California. People are forced to violate their conscience in order to own and operate a business and in some instances public schools have more rights than parents. Indoctrination and silencing of opposing points of view are becoming more common as younger generations fail to fully understand or value the 1st Amendment. The cry of “gun violence” is used as a rationale to limit the 2nd Amendment (personally I am against violence of any kind, but apparently liberals are not) and take away the poor person’s ability to defend and provide for their family. I could go on but like I said this will not change your mind; therefore this will be my only response to you.

          2. Reality Check says

            “A runaway national debt, altered unemployment numbers, and a propped up stock market are now considered recovery.”

            like I said before, you cons will believe anything you are told.

          3. mac12sam12 says

            We don’t have a runaway national debt? I’d hate to see your personal finances. The unemployment numbers do’t count those that have given up looking for employment. Why do you think we have a record low workforce? You libs believe anything you’re told.

          4. Reality Check says

            only when we have a GOP administration.
            that is where all the debt came from.

            Obama’s debt is CAUSED by the implosion the GOP drove the US into, duh.

            you think Bush wars are Obama’s fault
            medicare Part D?
            the 1.7 trillion Tax CUT?
            the 20 million UNEMPLOYED?

          5. mac12sam12 says

            Bush spent $500 billion a year, Obama has spent over $1 trillion a year. That’s more than twice as much with not very good results. Using the U6 figures, unemployment is 15%.

          6. Reality Check says

            “Why do you think we have a record low workforce?”

            TALKING POINT that we have discussed fool.

          7. mac12sam12 says

            You didn’t know that we have a record low workforce? Guess that’s hard for a party hack to accept.

          8. Tired... says

            Substantive comment, please.

          9. Reality Check says

            ok, the unemployment numbers are the same one used under GW.
            yes there ARE more unemployed but why the double standard?

            propped up stock market?

            base on WHAT?

            runaway national debt?
            gee, does the right know WHO made the first 11 TRILLION?

            the GOP.,

            and now for Obama spending.

            the two wars were started by WHO?
            the Medicare part D, no negotiating prescription prices, 1 Trillion NOT PAID FOR bill GW signed?

            how about the 1,7 TRILLION tax cut that essentially put that money on the DEBT?

            GW Bush HANDED Obama a 1.4 trillion DEFICIT, so we can take that off Obama’s ledger.

            do you think the 20 million unemployed and loss of TAX had some effect on the budget deficit?

            maybe you can explain how Obama is responsible for the runaway debt for me.

          10. Tired... says

            The unemployment calculation was changed and yet the numbers were compared as if they are apples to apples when in fact they are apples to oranges. The same thing was done to the SAT several decades ago.

            Actually the GOP has had a hand in approving Obama’s debt increase, just as the Democrats had a hand in approving the original $11 trillion. As I have said repeatedly, both parties are responsible; what I object to is simply blaming just one party.

            You and I are going to disagree on the wars and their causes, so let’s not waste our time on that one. You and I are also not going to agree on the benefit of tax cuts. For my part I would like to see all tax benefits and liabilities done away with: I am in favor of a flat tax or something similar that catches the cheaters on all levels and allows them the privilege of paying like the rest of the honest people.

          11. Reality Check says

            “what I object to is simply blaming just one party.”


          12. Tired... says

            Seriously? We agree again? Say it ain’t so Joe:-)

          13. Reality Check says

            Tax cuts.

            GW gave out a 1.7 trillion tax cut
            and we still lost millions of jobs before the 2004 election.
            jobs a big issue in that election

            GW gave out a STIMULUS in 03 try to prop up the economy (that the right didn’t say one word about)

            so what did that 1.7 trillion tax cut do for the US exactly?

            If we didn’t have an aircraft carrier group parked on every street corner, we would have lots of money for kids lunches.

            no comment on the pentagon losing 8 trillion?

          14. Tired... says

            I believe I already addressed the issue of the pentagon when I suggested, and your agreed, that we should look at all bureaucracies in order to cut waste. Regarding the stimulus, I hated it then and still despise the “too big to fail” argument. You just didn’t hear my objection because I am an ordinary guy with no voice in the larger process.

          15. Reality Check says

            “Under President Obama we have provided aid and comfort to our enemies in Syria and turned our backs on Christians, Yazidis, and other religious minorities in Northern Iraq.”

            like I said before, you cons will believe anything you are told.

            can you prove any of the crap you believe?

            cause THIS:
            Syria and turned our backs on Christians, Yazidis.

            the the OPPOSITE of the truth.

            for a second I thought you were a con with a brain but now it seems you are just another of the brainwashed right who deals in innuendo and LIES.

          16. Tired... says

            Since I financially support people who work with the religious minorities in Northern Iraq, I find your assertion that what i wrote is false to be patently offensive. You are wiling to accept the opinion of a structural engineer, at least as far as you know, yet you criticize others who merely share what the relief organization that they support communicates with them. It is easy to cast doubt and aspersions, but your argument offers no real content.

          17. Reality Check says

            well I deal with disingenuous conservatives on a constant basis.
            pardon my skeptical attitude.

            Obama does not hate Christians.
            do you think he is Muslim like many of the low info right?

            If you have these contacts you should not be afraid of Muslims like most of the right and understand the situation.

            I lived in Damascus for a year in the mid 70’s (oil industry)

            I would think an issue of Obama turning his back on Christians would hit the MSM.

            I have never heard of it.

            lots of the right pretending it is so, but when it comes down to proof, things get wishy washy.

            but that is the right wing Propaganda,
            Obama hates Christians and is a secret Muslim, hates America, bla bla.

            you don’t like the division in America?

            you are part of IT if those are the things you believe to be true.
            (and keep spreading it)

            cause there is no way you can prove it.
            (the secret Muslim/hates America)

            you are not my first conservative.
            the “proof” is always a blog or an edited video.

            trust me when I say I have heard them all.

            enlighten me.

          18. Tired... says

            OIL INDUSTRY!!! How could you! You are not my first liberal either so I am familiar with dishonesty as well (now that we have the mutual bigotry out of the way, perhaps we can move forward). Out of curiosity, why would your think that I hate Muslims? I do understand the situation, which is why it boggles my mind that we are not making a concerted political effort to do something to help these displaced and suffering people.

            You have more faith in the MSM than I do and no…before you go there…I don’t have faith in Fox either. I use bits and pieces from all sides to get a sense of what is actually going on. I told you, I am a skeptic of all things.

            However one does have to ask some basic questions, such as why was the shooting at the community college in Oregon not a hate crime when the gunman asked people what religion they identified with and then proceeded to shoot the Christians in the head and shoot all others in the leg? If we substituted “Muslim” for “Christian” would the response form the administration have been any different? It’s just my opinion, but I think that it would have been.

            After the shooting in California, the very first thing that we heard wasn’t that this was an act of terror, but rather ‘don’t mistreat Muslims.’ Huh? Why would I do that when the individuals who committed the crime were already dead?

            The international news media have been reporting the abuse of women in Germany and there are some YouTube videos of an Middle Eastern refugee assaulting a European woman after purportedly asking her for money. A few instances do not provide airtight proof, but they should also give us pause. I do not think that it is unreasonable to consider the possibility that accepting Muslim refugees may pose a risk to our country, but an intelligent conversation about the pros and cons never got off the ground because the name calling began.

            I am reaching the point where I think that our society is too selfish and foolish to survive.

          19. Reality Check says

            “After the shooting in California, the very first thing that we heard
            wasn’t that this was an act of terror, but rather ‘don’t mistreat
            Muslims.’ Huh? Why would I do that when the individuals who committed
            the crime were already dead?”

            excuse me, but that is factually incorrect.

            the presidents statement was to wait and see.

            local law enforcement was thinking workplace because it was his work place.
            I don’t think there was the verbal Islamic chants while killing folks, hence unknown until their homes and vehicle were searched.

            the “Don’t mistreat Muslims” came about after the hysteria about Muslims grew.

            the hate on social media grew,
            everyone thinks Muslim = terrorists.

            and “adult” needed to speak up.
            Instead Trump just puts more gas on the fire.

          20. Tired... says

            You just made my point…wait and see is not an acknowledgement of terrorism. There was no acknowledgement that it was a terrorist attack for quite some time, which I actually don’t mind, since it is vital that we take the time to get it right. I don’t know a nice way to say this, so I am just going to say it without any animus: We wouldn’t want another incorrect assertion like the “it was a protest based on a video” story that came out of Benghazi. Once the names of the attackers were released the cries for restraint were loud, but to the best of my knowledge there wasn’t a great outcry to attack American Muslims in retribution, therefore I was puzzled by the emphasis on restraint. i am not sure what Muslim hysteria you are referencing, there certainly wasn’t any in my area. Most people are smart enough to differentiate between good and evil.

          21. Reality Check says

            Tucson, AZ (1/22/16) — Members of the Islamic Center of Tucson repeatedly discovered alcohol bottles and other objects in the mosque’s parking lot, most tossed from balconies in the high rise that looms over the center. The company that owns the apartment complex has since sent a letter to residents condemning the behavior, as well as threatening fines and evictions for those caught participating.

            South Milwaukee, WI (1/19/16) — Members of the Christian Civil Liberties Union attended a South Milwaukee Common Council meeting to protest a proposed mosque in the region. Group leaders claimed “Christian beliefs” as their reason for decrying the Muslim house of worship, with one claiming “There’s going to be, I predict, bloodshed one of these years coming up” because of the mosque.

            Bayonne, NJ (1/14/16) — A group of “at least 100” residents actively protested the planned construction of a Muslim community center, putting up signs near city hall that read “If the mosque comes, the mayor (goes)” and “No mas, no mosque.” One of the chief organizers of the protest initially argued the anti-mosque movement was mainly about “traffic” issues that the center would ostensibly create, but acknowledged “there is a small fear factor involved as well…It’d be naive not to think that — you know, wherever you hear about mosques, there’s always issues.”

            Omaha, NB (1/13/16) — The Omaha Islamic Center was once again vandalized, this time by culprits who copied a tactic used in other mosque desecrations: wrapping door handles with bacon. Security camera footage of the incident also shows two masked men throwing rocks at its glass doors. Local police and the FBI are investigating what is now the fourth case of vandalism against the mosque since August.

            there are a few hundred more examples for you to see.

          22. Tired... says

            While I find such actions as those above reprehensible, I did not read about any deaths…unlike San Bernadino. Yes, people are angry but I do not call their objections, however rude, hysteria. The bottom line is that they are not killing others over it, nor do I think that we as a country would tolerate such an act. I know that I wouldn’t.

            I am tired (go figure), so good night all…

          23. Reality Check says

            “nor do I think that we as a country would tolerate such an act. I know that I wouldn’t”
            AND that is why the attorney general made the statement about how the fed would take seriously anti Muslim sentiment.
            speaking UP was the responsible thing to do, lest we CONDONE IT.
            those were just examples from one week, 6 weeks after the event.

          24. Tired... says

            If she had done it the right way, it could have been helpful but unfortunately she chose an authoritarian stance. Essentially her comments assumed the worst about us as a country, not the best, so she was perceived by many people as lecturing rather than encouraging the country to embrace healing. Whether intentional or not, she created an “us against them” scenario that I suspect fanned the flames of anger, which you referenced earlier, rather than calming them.

            Incidentally, this is why Trump and Bernie have such large and passionate followings…people are angry because they feel that their voices have been silenced by the arrogance of those on both sides of the aisle in Washington.

            That being said, I do not have a problem with the expression of emotion as long as the individual(s) do not harm others, so the fact that “anti-Muslim sentiment” (as opposed to anti-Muslim violence) is somehow wrong and should trigger the weight of the federal government to squash it is appalling. This country should embrace dissent and use it as an opportunity to foster communication between people with different views rather than threatening to crush it under the government’s heel. When dissent crosses the line from opposition to violence, then action should be taken.

          25. Reality Check says

            “If she had done it the right way, it could have been helpful but unfortunately she chose an authoritarian stance.”

            first off, SHE made this statement on the 4 th and the shooting was on the 2nd, so that was RIGHT AWAY.

            the anti Muslim sentiment HAD to first HAPPEN.

            What HAPPENED to the Rights responsibility to SPEAK UP, since they were the ones creating the FEAR?

            you wanna take a stab at identifying who the perps were that committed all the acts of harrasment?
            conservatives maybe?

          26. Tired... says

            No wonder you are angry with everyone…you misunderstand what they write. I said “the right way” not “right away.”

            It didn’t have to happen first. People are going to angry after such a senseless attack. As long as they do not act on it, that is ok. What the AG did was not calm both sides, but rather pit one side against the other while pontificating to those who were upset that they did not have a right to their feelings.

            Who cares about anti-Muslim sentiment? I don’t, but I do care about anti-Muslim actions. Why shouldn’t people be angry when terrorists kill on behalf of their God or for any other reason for that matter? I think that they should be upset; they just don’t have the right to take it out on someone else because they happen to believe the same thing as the terrorists. Think before your respond because you have a definite anti-conservative sentiment…are you entitled to that or should the government silence you?

            It appears that you have not understood much of content and context that I have written. Everyone should stand up for what is right and protect those who are vulnerable, not just “the right,” whatever that is.

            Most likely, but probably some liberals too…can you move past the either/or thinking?

          27. Reality Check says

            “This country should embrace dissent and use it as an opportunity to foster communication between people with different views”
            I am all for discussion, but there are hundreds of examples that a way beyond discussing and dissent.
            besides, the HATE is a way of life in the right wing propaganda machine.
            shall I link you to some of the THOUSANDS of right wing webpages where they are making FUN Of blacks, liberals, Obama, anything slightly to the left?
            how about the endless stories about how Obama is going to rescind the 2nd?
            those are not “views” being expressed. those are LIES based on NOTHING.

          28. Tired... says

            Some people on both sides revel in that garbage and it disgusts me regardless of which side does it. I do not believe that you are naive enough to assert that conservatives do it and liberals don’t; you have lived long enough to understand that human behavior supersedes political boundaries.

            I would like to propose a great social experiment: Let’s divide the country in half, or whatever the proportion is between liberal and conservative, and see whose policies are productive. Then we would have some actual evidence on which to move forward.

          29. Reality Check says

            ” I do not believe that you are naive enough to assert that conservatives do it and liberals don’t”

            well I DON’T see IT on the left.

            Bias I see, LIES and distortion I don’t.

            Obama killing us off with Ebola for example.

            maybe you can link me to some instances of them promoting hatred like I can link you to on the right, hundreds of examples.

          30. Tired... says

            I know that you don’t see it. This is not intended to be unkind, but I don’t have to go to websites to prove my point: You have done that in our exchanges. You called me a liar when I told you about the non-political humanitarian reports I had received about ISIS raping and slaving in Northern Iraq based upon the experiences of charity workers that I support. By calling me a liar when I was telling the truth, you became the one stating an untruth. At one point you used an opinion piece, claiming that it was a statement of fact when all it was in reality was an informed opinion (distortion) and you have been rude on a regular basis to others who have posted. Rudeness is a sign of disrespect; disrespect leads to marginalization and marginalization leads to hate. Come on, I am being fair here; both sides do it…why is that so difficult to admit?

          31. Reality Check says

            “you called me a liar when I told you about the non-political humanitarian
            reports I had received about ISIS raping and slaving in Northern Iraq
            based upon the experiences of charity workers that I support”

            NO, I called you LIAR when you said Obama was ignoring the death of Christians.
            when you said Obama didn’t care about Christian deaths.

            there was never any question about what ISIS does.

            you also haven’t stated your position on, Obama is a Muslim.

          32. Tired... says

            You just distorted what I said. Go back and read what I originally wrote.

          33. Reality Check says

            “At one point you used an opinion piece,”

            can’t be that long ago, you can’t reference IT?

            rudeness is an IN and OUT event.

            you think the rest of the cons on this site are polite when talking to me?

          34. Tired... says

            That is an irrational request…you read my response yesterday and it it still in this thread. I was referencing your use of an online article written by a structural engineer. I even used his name in my post. Feel free to look it up yourself if you have forgotten, but I am not going to waste my time.

            People are not polite to you because you are not polite to them; you could start by not calling them cons.

          35. Reality Check says

            I remember that one.
            I have a lot of debates going, give me a break.

            “People are not polite to you because you are not polite to them; you could start by not calling them cons”

            I never draw first blood.
            look at our thread.
            very normal.
            there are a BUNCH of regulars on here who DO call Obama a Kenyan Muslim and we are on a slightly different communication level.

            “conservative”, stresses out my fingers.
            I type it too often.

          36. Reality Check says

            ” Come on, I am being fair here; both sides do it…why is that so difficult to admit?”

            Bias I will admit to.
            LIES and Distortion are the purview of the right.

            I have been asking for examples from the right for years.
            so far I get excuses.

          37. Tired... says

            That is unfortunate. I just gave you examples from your own words without having to leave the page. If you are not open-minded enough to acknowledge basic human behavior there really isn’t much more to say. That is too bad, because I have enjoyed our conversations.

          38. Reality Check says

            you seem to be committed to carrying water for the right, while claiming to be open minded.

            I am fully willing to accept IT once someone shows it to me.
            funny that no conservatives has ever provided an example even though they all claim it is two sided.

            BIAS is human nature.
            coordinated LIES and distortion is another.

            you claim I falsely claimed you lied.

            did you look at the thread to see I said you lied about Obama and Christians? we had not even spoken about rape by ISIS.

            still withholding your opinions of Obama is a Muslim.

            must be bad news

          39. Tired... says

            No you wouldn’t…your replies prove that at the moment you are not capable of considering anything that challenges your worldview. You see things in black and white: I do not. We are not going to agree on much because I grew up in an environment of either/or thinkers and I refuse to go back. I hope that you are able to free yourself from those restraints..

            You said that I lied about what was happening in Northern Iraq when I did not, and that issue is what I addressed in my response. Yes, rape was one of the issues that I mentioned in that thread; I am not sure how you overlooked it. I gave you examples, from your own comments, and you ignored them. I am not sure what you call pretending that something didn’t happen when it can be found in the thread, but it is more than bias. No one is ever going to prove anything to you that doesn’t fit into how you view the world because you will deny rather than listen. I suspect that most have given up trying to have a reasonable conversation with you, which you interpret as not being able to defend their perspective.

            Lies and distortion are part of human nature as well as bias and to assume that you are exempt from such activity is astounding given your postings.

            I didn’t respond to the Obama comment because it was inane, but since I have to spell it out for you, no, I do not think that he is a Muslim but I do think that he is sympathetic to them. He has freedom to prefer who he prefers.

          40. Reality Check says

            well I went back and found YOUR WORDS for you since we have some memory issues.

            ” Under President Obama we have provided aid and comfort to our enemies
            in Syria and turned our backs on Christians, Yazidis, and other
            religious minorities in Northern Iraq. We allow rape and slavery to
            occur and do not offer refugee status or even aid to the religious
            minorities of this area”

            so THAT is YOU LYING about Obama.

            aid an comfort for our enemies?
            turned our backs on Christians (as I said)
            We allow rape and slavery to
            occur? really?
            what would you have Obama do?

            “and do not offer refugee status or even aid to the religious

            so the whole refugee ISSUE does not ring a bell?

          41. Tired... says

            Help me understand what Obama has done to help the religious minorities in Northern Iraq?

          42. Reality Check says

            I will have to look it up.

            from what I have read, the US has put the MOST money into refugee support, than any other country.

            but I will look it up.

            are we saying he has abandoned someone?

            so we are talking SPECIFICALLY about religious minorities?
            Christians or “other”.

            I am also assume that this excludes Muslims?
            cause they are not in a minority.

          43. Tired... says

            Keep in mind that the key phrase is “religious minorities in Northern Iraq” and that it has to be the US government, not private charities. In that part of the world Muslims are not a religious minority, so they do not count for the purpose of this discussion. Remember I am talking about Christians, Yazidis and other religious minorities in Northern Iraq.

          44. Reality Check says

            ok I have taken care of the Yazidis and aid in general.

            give me time.
            see I have this underlying faith that Obama is not the animal the right pretend he is.

            he is still a politician/corporatist, but not evil.

          45. Tired... says

            It appears that part of your post is missing. cannot see your response, only your statement that you have taken care of the Yazidis and aid in general.

          46. Tired... says

            I never said that he was an animal so please do not include that comment in our discussion.

          47. Reality Check says

            having lived in that area (Damascus) I am aware of the tribal issues that exist just by traveling 100 miles in any direction.

            I also know how the “telephone game works”
            info often is very distorted.

            add to that the different factions “fighting” over there who also have agendas.

          48. Tired... says

            Lets’ set aside the political aspect of our discussion for a minute and allow me to share a portion of what was shared with me on February 16, 2016:

            “On Sunday,
            “60 Minutes” aired an interview with CIA director John Brennan, who
            confirmed reports that ISIS has chemical weapons and that they have used
            them. This confirmation of ISIS evil was barely a mention in national
            and international news over the past few days. It makes me think about
            our teams in northern Iraq. These dedicated men and women, who are
            risking their lives to help others, have volunteered to leave their
            homes and families to bring hope and a better future to more than
            160,000 refugees. I pray for their safety.”

            Shouldn’t we both be able to agree that these people need our help? Would we be content to drop a few supplies to the Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto and then pat ourselves on the back as if our job was done? If so then shame on us. This is not about talking points, this is about real people who are suffering and dying while we go have dinner and then watch a movie. Shame on us…shame on all of us.

          49. Reality Check says

            Hey, I completely agree.
            And I think the US government would agree.

            this has got to be something to do with the various “groups” that ARE and ARE NOT being supported.

            they give aid to group A but not B
            because politically in that area, being allies to group A is more advantages than group B.

            I have a definite soft spot for that part of the world.
            I used to speak Syrian Arabic. lost it now 40 years later and no one to talk to.

          50. Tired... says

            This is the type of thing that brings people together. We are talking like we are old friends because we both care about people. Despite our differing views on some issues, we have more in common than we know…when we allow ourselves to be human beings, not political agents. Truly great leaders unify people by speaking to their commonalities and minimizing, but not ignoring, their differences.

          51. shamu9 says

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          52. OrdinaryNeutronAlley says

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          53. shamu9 says

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          57. shamu9 says

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          58. shamu9 says

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            Then Scripps built three new state of the Art research buildings and then Max Planck Institute built another research think tank across the street from Scripps. I’ve been in Miami, Palm Beach (to harass Trump and that asshole Limbaugh) and Jupiter many, many, many times.

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          60. OrdinaryNeutronAlley says

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          61. shamu9 says

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          71. OrdinaryNeutronAlley says

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            ALL areas of investigational and clinical studies in cancer treatment and all levels of clinical trials performed in clinical treatment setting (Phases 1 through 4).

            New investigational drugs approved while I was at MCCC of which we did Phase 1 trials:

            altretamine, hexamethylmelamine, HMM (Hexalen), bortezomib (Velcade), Cladribine, 2-CdA, 2-Chlorodeoxyadenosine (Leustatin), docetaxel (Taxotere), doxorubicin liposomal (Doxil), aldesleukin, Interleukin-2 and IL-2 (Proleukin – Aldesleukin – cytokine), epoetin alpha (Procrit), filgrastim, granulocyte colony stimulating factor, G-CSF (Neupogen, colony stimulating factor) , floxuridine (FUDR, intrarterial via infusion pump), Imatinib Mesylate, STI-571 (Gleevec), interferon alfa, IFN-alpha (Intron A, Roferon-A), irinotecan (CPT-11, Camptosar), isotretinoin , 13-cis-Retinoic Acid (Accutane), Lenalidomide (Revlimid), octreotide & octreotide monthly LAR form (Sandostatin and Sandostain LAR), oxaliplatin (Eloxatin), paclitaxel (Taxol), pamidronate (Aredia) bisphosphonate, pentostatin, PST (Nipent), rituximab (Rituxan), sargramostim, GM-CSF (Leukine – biologic response modifier, colony stimulating factor), temozolomide (Temodar), temsirolimus, CCI-779, mTOR inhibitor (Torisel), thalidomide (Thalomid in multiple myeloma), tretinoin, ATRA, All-trans retinoic acid (Vesanoid), zoledronic acid (Zometa).

            Significant Phase 2 through 4 trial regimen advances done at MCCC:

            BEP (bleomycin, etoposide, cisplatin in testicular cancer), CAPOX (capecitabine, oxaliplatin in colon & rectal cancer), CHOP+R (cyclophosphamide, doxorubicin, vincristine, prednisone and rituximab in NH lymphoma), CLAG (cladribine, cytarabine in acute myelogenous leukemia), CVP (cyclophosphamide, vincristine, prednisone in CLL and NH lymphoma), DMAP + GM-CSF (dacarbazine, mitomycin, doxorubicin, cisplatin and Sargramostim in sarcoma – John Edmonson Oncologist Mayo Clinic research pioneer), ELF (oxaliplain/Eloxatin, leucovorin, fluorouracil in colorectal & esophageal cancer), EP (etoposide, cisplatin in testicular and small cell lung cancer), FC (fludarabine, cyclophosphamide in CLL), FLOX (fluorouracil, leucovorin, oxaliplatin in colorectal cancer), FOLFIRI (irinotecan, leucovorin, fluorouracil in gastrointestinal & colorectal cancers), FOLFOX (fluorouracil, leucovorin, oxaliplatin in colorectal cancer), IMAP + GM-CSF (Ifosfamide, mesna, doxorubicin, cisplatin and sargramostim in sarcoma – John Edmonson Oncologist Mayo Clinic research pioneer) , MOPP (mechlorethamine / Mustargen, vincristine, procarbazine, prednisone), MVAC (methotrexate, vinblastine, doxorubicin, cisplatin), PCV (procarbazine, lomustine / CCNU, vincristine in astrocytoma), R- GEMOX (rituximab, gemcitabine, oxaliplatin in NH Lymphoma -Thomas Witzig, Hematologist Mayo Clinic), R-CHOP (rituximab, cyclophosphamide, doxorubicin, vincristine, prednisone in NH Lymphoma), R-CVP (rituximab, cyclophosphamide, vincristine, prednisone in NH Lymphoma), TAC (taxotere, doxorubicin, cyclophosphamide in breast cancer), TIP (paclitaxel, ifosfamide, mesna, cisplatin in bladder & testicular cancer), VAD (original 4 day infusor pump. Travenol infusor -vincristine, doxorubicin, [dexamemthasone – high dose]), VIP (etoposide, vinblastine, ifosfamide, mesna, cisplatin in bladder & testicular cancer).

            MCCC specific regimens from clinical trials: ABVD (doxorubicin, bleomycin, vinblastine, dacarbazine in Hodgkin Lymphoma), MOPP (mechlorethamine / Mustargen, vincristine, procarbazine, prednisone in Hodgkin Lymphoma), lenalidomide (Revlimid, most Phase I trials of Revlimid), Anakinra (high accrual Phase I trials in myeloma), thalidomide (high accrual Phase I study in myeloma), VBMCP + or minus IFN-alpha (vincristine, carmustine /BCNU, melphalan, cyclophosphamide, prednisone and interferon-alpha in clinical trials for myeloma).

            MCCC Outpatient Pharmacy involvement with NCCTG clinical studies (North Central Cancer Treatment Group): The main distribution area for all of NCCTG studies was the outpatient cancer treatment Pharmacy. In my experience we did in the range of 400 studies, drug distribution and drug returns for chemotherapy and ancillary / associated sequelae problems of chemotherapy i.e. neuropathy, hot flash trials (many), stomatitis treatment, herbal approaches . High output facility which we completed all tasks in the expected time frames. Staff included Cancer Center Director (hospital and outpatient treatment), Pharmacy director of MCCC outpatient chemotherapy area, Pharmacy supervisor and 5 oncology specialists / staff RPh’s, 8 technicians).

            Selected topics of cancer and malignancy interest from Mayo Clinic Proceedings – Mayo’s Public Journal of Medicine:

            I had direct contact with most M.D. specialists by whom these articles are authored and chemotherapy experiences cited.







            My experience has provided me with complete medical knowledge in all areas.

            Career goal: Find a medical writing position in some capacity. I have 28 years of exceeds expectations performance. All medical areas knowledge set. I have basic computer data set management understanding.

          72. shamu9 says

            Nobody gives a Damn about You, ya Old Has Been!

          73. OrdinaryNeutronAlley says

            I don’t do what I do because of “OTHER people” cretin. I slam you TEA assholes against the wall to show how Stupid and unrelentingly Fascist your objectives for America truly are Shampoo Warren Harding, clueless bastard boy.

            You’re a cretin and an imbecile. You’ve proved it for ALL of your brethren to see pal. Nice try on your IQ of in the 160’s. I give you an IQ of 90.

          74. shamu9 says

            Come to Fl. Jackass! Coward Assed Kbd. Kommando! Let’s see ya Back-Up those Insults with your ass.

          75. OrdinaryNeutronAlley says

            I never meet up with IQ of 85 JACK asses. It’s bad for my health, CRETIN Sham Neanderthal IQ 82 MORON…

            I love Florida. I’ve been there maybe 25 times, Miami & Jupiter. That’s where you can find me anytime JACK ASS TEA TIME Asshole boy. GET A JOB FOOL! ! ! ! !

          76. shamu9 says

            I own my own Business! That’s why I have time to F– with You! My younger Brother lives in Jupiter!

          77. OrdinaryNeutronAlley says

            If I were to move to Florida , then I would find somewhere in Jupiter. Their beaches are the best in the state. I had a chance to buy a house for $10,000 cash right near the Loxahatchie River. At the time I didn’t have the $10,000.

            I would think it’s gone now since that was three years ago. Tell me where you can buy a good 1930’s house in Jupiter for under $10,000 my good man. If you see a chance take it…..



          78. shamu9 says

            The only reason to be a Dem. is You, or your Family are Recipienst, or, Kommies!

          79. OrdinaryNeutronAlley says

            Wrong pal. This was Chicago in summer of 1968.


            Donald Trump never knew what Vietnam protesters were about or why they happened, did he? Neither did you evidently. Times change, but FASCISTS stay the same. Sig Heil MORON……

          80. shamu9 says

            Yeah, I was a Dem, before they became the CPUSA! The ‘Nam’ was all about the Military Industrial Complex getting Rich, and THEIR KIDS didn’t have to go to the Jungle! That sum it up??

          81. shamu9 says

            I was at F.A.U. at the time of the Un Pleasantries, And a Musician much more Liberal than You could ever have been! We Lost back then!

          82. OrdinaryNeutronAlley says

            I was in junior high school. The Vietnam protest as a whole,got this country OUT of Vietnam, another unwinnable War that we chose to take over from France. We should have learned those lessons, yet Iraq & Saddam Hussein was the same set of BAD choices & we spent anther decade and at least $5 trillion for TWO Wars, when Afghanistan was the target and Cheney moved the ball over to Iraq.

            Cheney’s clueless and a BAD person too. That was the WORST foreign policy blunder in the history of the USA. I watched the Wars and learned about the 20th century wars. WE don’t need them any more.

            ISIL Was the result of U.S. military using al Qaeda in Iraq as their paid ” Bounty Warriors Patrol” for Anbar Province, in the $ millions. ISIS started in Syria when they went over there to create the trouble as we’ve seen. Obama’s FAULT? NOT…..

            Obama has been a target of a LOT of undeserved criticism from Military, specifically Vets in the USA who are NOT foreign policy scholars. are they? One should vote with your intellect, not your GUTS, eh?

          83. shamu9 says

            Oh, Really? Dr.??

          84. OrdinaryNeutronAlley says

            THAT’s a FACT JACK….

          85. OrdinaryNeutronAlley says


            This a TEA Party Yahoo moron site. I voted in the minority on this STUPID exercise in futility. What’s YOUR vote on Fascist Don Trump pal?

            He’s clueless as are any of the “low information voters” that he attracts. Florida is a HOT SPOT for “lwo information voters” , isn’t it Strichfeld boy?

          86. shamu9 says

            Too much Drug Use Huh??

          87. OrdinaryNeutronAlley says

            Yeah PAL. I’m the only person on Earth that abuses cancer chemotherapy drugs.

            Are you an adult by chance?

          88. OrdinaryNeutronAlley says

            So of your six graduating class students, then three went to Ivy League Schools. That’s really impressive PAL.

            I was #12 in graduate academic ranking in our high school graduating class of 535. BIG difference SLIME ball Warren.

            Any of our top twenty could have gone to Ivy League schools. So, tell me about your junior year literature curriculum. I read about five Shakespeare plays, Macbeth, Othello, you know the Islam Moors play. The Tempest. Much Ado About Nothing, the TEA Party’s signature play……and Hamlet. How many Shakespeare plays have you read?

            Have you read Albert Camus, Nietzsche, Kierkegaard, Plato or any philosopher EVER CRETIN boy?

            I doubt your literature skills are above a “low information voter” , eh fool? Tell me all about your glorious achievements Shampoo Imbecilic MORON…..

          89. shamu9 says

            Come to Florida Gate Mouth, and we’ll Discuss it! Yes, on the Shakespeare plays, yes on Plato, No on the Existential Neitche, Superman , and Kierkegarrd, . Why don’t you run for God, I’ll vote for ya!!

          90. OrdinaryNeutronAlley says

            Thanks babe. I am considering a run for King of The World, KLOWNN boy.


            It seems your Catholic school education might not have been as GREAT as you boasted about to me, eh FOOL?

            I know about 100,000 times more about anything than you do.

          91. shamu9 says

            I don’t live on the Glory of my High School Classmates!

          92. OrdinaryNeutronAlley says

            Nor do I.

          93. shamu9 says

            My brother lives on a canal just off the Intra Coastal! in Jupiter. Not too far from the Inlet!

          94. OrdinaryNeutronAlley says

            It’s a beautiful place, no doubt. My son’s first town home rental place was at Marcinski & Highway 1. The Marcinski beach is just north of Juno Beach. There’s a park and the Juno Beach pier there. It’s a great spot. The beaches go on for miles in both directions.


          95. shamu9 says

            There were less than 200. in my class. So, % wise they all did pretty well! The school had only been opened for 4 yrs. at that time. we were the 1st group to go all 4 yrs there.

          96. OrdinaryNeutronAlley says

            IF you had 5 Ivy League types, candidates, then that’s 2.5%,. We had 20 of 535 which is almost 4%.

            So that public school education is just HORRIBLE, right? You really have NO rational arguments about anything, do you?

          97. shamu9 says

            look up Card. Gibbons Alumni on F.B. I don’t keep up with them much, They were almost all Rich Kids. My folks had $$ but I never knew it, till they died!

          98. Reality Check says

            the weather in Ca is much nicer.

          99. shamu9 says

            Yeah, but no Authentic Syrian Lamb Kabobs!

          100. Reality Check says

            hopefully, some Syrians will make their home nearby.

            I really don’t like lamb though.

          101. shamu9 says

            Ca. isLike Granola, When you get rid of the Fruits and Nuts, all you have left is the FLAKES!

          102. Reality Check says

            is this what you are reduced to?

          103. shamu9 says

            F–k you “Secret Squirrel”!

          104. Reality Check says

            “US carries out air drops to help Iraqis trapped on mountain by Isis”

            US military aircraft have dropped food and water for thousands of
            besieged Iraqis trapped by the the Islamist militant group Isis, Barack
            Obama has confirmed, with the president also authorizing air strikes
            against the insurgents if they advanced towards US forces.


            well that is one of you falsehoods put to rest.

          105. Tired... says

            No, it doesn’t. Read my criteria…again (sorry, I had to change my comment or it wouldn’t be accepted).

          106. Reality Check says

            that was the Yazidis.

            that was one of the “abandoned by Obama” groups.

          107. Tired... says

            First, the airlift in the article is to President Obama’s credit. However you and I have a different definition of abandoned. The article that you referenced was dated August 7, 2014 and the information that I copied earlier was from February 16, 2016. While dropping supplies is a good thing, it only sustained that group for a short period of time. As I pointed out in another post, one air drop would not have helped the Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto in a meaningful way. What has the US done since then? Have we provided supplies or more meaningful material aid consistently since that time? That is what I mean when I say that the US abandoned them.

          108. Reality Check says

            well, we have established that the US is putting in tons of cash.

            I don’t think that the how, why and where is hardly under the moment by moment agenda of the pres, now is IT?

            there is a massive bureaucracy involved I would assume, with each step having it’s own agenda.

          109. shamu9 says

            Aid constitutes Flying Them Here! I hope they all end up in Your “Neck O’ The Woods”. Syrians have been the Scourge of the Middle East since Before Biblical Times! Figures You would Like Them! Go Back, They NEED You!

          110. Reality Check says

            I would LOVE some Syrians in the area.
            I would fund them in a restaurant.
            you can’t get good Arabic food around here.

          111. shamu9 says

            You couldn’t fund a Mc Donalds Lunch!

          112. Reality Check says

            ” Syrians have been the Scourge of the Middle East since Before Biblical Times!”

            oh really?

            I wonder why no link?
            you think those Flapping Gums that so far have been LYING POS, are going to cut IT.

            not sure I ever heard of the Syrian empire.

          113. shamu9 says

            Part of the Persian, or Babylonian Empires!

          114. Reality Check says

            proof you’re a DIM BULB.

            I guess the Israeli were also the SCOURGE of the middle east as part of those empires, right fool?

          115. shamu9 says

            No they were slaves.

          116. shamu9 says

            Nope,modern Israel didn’t exist as a Nation, ’til the’ Palestine Mandate’, after WW11. There were 2 Jewish Nations, back then, Old Israel and Judea. Persia became Iran, and Babylon became Iraq! Israel and Judea were always fighting Some Nation or Other. Read the Old Testament!

          117. Reality Check says

            so who exactly was living in Jerusalem when the baby Jesus was born?


          118. shamu9 says

            The Jews were there Long Before Modern Israel, There were 2 Jewish Kingdoms, Israel and Judea. You need to read a World History Book! No Jassacks, Mormons weren’t in Existence till the Late 1800’s. A Faith quite literally pulled “out Of A Hat!” by Joseph Smith.That’s where that expression came from. Search it. And you can LINK your Lips to THIS! LINX BOY!

          119. Reality Check says

            so tell me idiot of the right, did those people living 2000 years ago in what is today Israel, call them selves Israelite’s in the bible?

          120. shamu9 says

            Jews, of the Kingdom of Israel!

          121. Reality Check says

            you best hope I am right.
            the way you cons lie constantly, you are going to Hell for sure.

          122. shamu9 says

            I’ll see ya There!

          123. Reality Check says

            “Mormons” was SARCASM fool of the right.

            you think I am an idiot like yourself?

          124. shamu9 says

            Not like Me, ‘Just a regular run of the mill’ Dem. Idiot! With Illiterate Dems, like yourself, it’s hard to tell Sarcasm from Just Ignorance and Stupidity! Reality Sux!

          125. Reality Check says

            the old testament is a BOOK of FABLES to scare the weak minded into obeying the clergy, PERIOD.
            (so is the new testament for that matter)

            care to cite evidence the Christians are not FOOLS for following an imaginary entity based in MYTH?

          126. shamu9 says

            You’ll either be Vindicated, or Incinerated for those statements when you die!

          127. Reality Check says

            Assyrians had their own empire it seems, not Persian or Babylonian.
            but they also got wipe out 1400 years ago.

            any sign of the “scourge with the wrong name” since then?

          128. shamu9 says

            Read a Damned World History Book! Oh!! You can read, can’t you? I mean something of substance, other than the High School Krap you Post here?

          129. Reality Check says

            MY education is what is being used to prove you’re an idiot.

          130. shamu9 says

            Your Education has been Sadly Neglected, Georgi Soros Paid Troll!

          131. shamu9 says

            Not doing so well with that,are ya?

          132. Reality Check says

            you would be the desperate con coming back to attempt to recover IT’S dignity.

          133. shamu9 says

            Screw you Reality Sux!

          134. Reality Check says

            why don’t link me to something that demonstrates the “Syrian scourge”

          135. shamu9 says

            Look at what the Syrians are doing to Europe now!

          136. Reality Check says

            silly, desperate con.
            Assyrians are not Syrians silly human
            they were wiped out 1400 years ago.

            what’s left of the Assyrians are Christians.
            are we talking about the Christian scourge?


          137. shamu9 says

            Boy are You Stupid! The Hell they aren’t! Iv’e got a Degree in History! WTF do you Have ??

          138. Reality Check says

            Gee FOOL, I think you forgot your link proving you’re not an idiot.

            you have a degree in STUPID, based on our conversations.

            didn’t they teach you to PROVE your shit when in college or did you get your degrees from a cracker jack box?

          139. shamu9 says

            As stated earlier,, Link yer Lips to Obama’s Winkie. I don’t see You Posting any Sacred Links in this discussion! Above your pay grade?

          140. Reality Check says

            correct me if I am wrong fool of the right wing, but I think THAT is a link just 2 posts UP.

          141. shamu9 says

            In college, on Term Papers, Assignments , all “References”, [no such thing as a’ Link’ back then, early’70’s and ‘Puters were [[almost] non existent] were documented in the back of the paper!

          142. Reality Check says

            so at the end of your post would be fine.

            YOUR POINT?

          143. Reality Check says

            YOUR LINK is about Assyrians of 2000 years ago, not modern Syrians or their ancestors, FOOL.

          144. shamu9 says

            My statement was, Syrians were a scourge Since Biblical Times Jackass Dem!

          145. Reality Check says

            there WERE NO Syrians in Biblical times, so…..

            maybe the MORON of the right can prove that?

            we ALREADY KNOW the Assyrians were KILLED OFF 1400 years ago, so who the fuck is the moron talking about?

          146. shamu9 says

            WHAT?? No Link to the Syrian Assyrian Massacre??

          147. Reality Check says

            ya not to bright con, in that wiki link three posts up says the Assyrians were wiped out in 600 AD.

          148. Reality Check says

            your link is BROKEN

          149. shamu9 says

            Like killing roaches, ya never can get ’em all!

          150. Reality Check says

            making sense is really not a goal of yours, is it.

          151. shamu9 says

            I was referring top the Assyrian Massacre YOU Referenced! Like Roaches, Hard to get rid of!

          152. shamu9 says

            You’re Still in the New Testament. Christ walked the Earth over 2000 yrs ago. He was born, I A.D. Before that, were Old Testament “Biblical Times”!

          153. Reality Check says

            I am aware of when the biblical figure Jesus was supposed to have been here.

            has nothing to do with YOU claiming the Syrians have been a “scourge of the middle east since Biblical times.

            better to say, I WAS MISTAKEN and give up this shit.

            doesn’t the bible cover this basic aspect of life?
            “saying you were wrong” must be in there someplace.
            IT IS the guide to Life, right?

          154. shamu9 says

            Dolt, Assyrians and Modern Syrians have the Same Genetic/Historical History!

          155. Reality Check says

            nice link proving that.
            funny how they don’t mention that they are the same people in the “history” of Assyrians.

            they say what LEFT OF THEM are a small CHRISTIAN group in Iraq,so……………………………………..


          156. Reality Check says

            “have the Same Genetic/Historical”

            so does half the planet.
            SO DO JEWS.

            lets try and be serious for a sec, ok?

            say it to yourself.
            “I was wrong” “I was wrong” “I was wrong”

            It gets easier with practice.

          157. shamu9 says

            Get Real!! then ya won’t have to Check!! Naaah, I’m like “The Fonz”, I am Rarely”(w)Rong”! “Historical History” –That was Grammatically Incorrect. Should have been,– Same Genetic /Historical Roots/Background/ /Ancestry–etc.!

          158. Reality Check says

            so a word salad is your response to me proving you’re and Dim Bulb?

            pathetic conservatives.

          159. shamu9 says

            If you don’t understand the Reference to the TV show, “Happy Days,” don’t show The’ Reality’ of your Abysmal Ignorance !

          160. Reality Check says

            I don’t spend my days watching nickelodeon.

          161. shamu9 says

            I don’t either, i saw it when it was on Regular prime time TV!

          162. Reality Check says

            you been in rehab for the past 4 days?

          163. shamu9 says

            Take a Flyin’ Fuk, at a rollin’ Doughnut!

          164. shamu9 says

            Rehab THIS ‘RICK’ Fruit!!

          165. Reality Check says

            so you forget you responded two days ago?

            some heavy drugs at the mental institution it seems.

          166. shamu9 says

            No, I figured you needed a little more Inspiration!

          167. Reality Check says

            said the Dim Bulb.

          168. shamu9 says

            How About Get Bent!!

          169. shamu9 says

            You seem to know the Routine at the Loony Bin fairly well! Is there a REASON for That??

          170. Tired... says

            From February 13, 2016

            “…we have funded Esther House #11, 12 and 13 to provide immediate emergency care for the 155 young teenage girls rescued from ISIS sex slavery.

            But the story gets even better. Our new “on-staff gynecologist” sent
            word out to her colleagues, and we now have a volunteer team of seven
            gynecologists who will care for each rescued girl. Not only those we
            recently rescued, but the hundreds of other young women and girls
            already in our Esther Houses.

            We have the medical expertise. Now, we need the medical supplies. When I
            asked RUN’s Iraq leadership about the availability of medical supplies,
            he reminded me to look back at an earlier message he sent me:

            …we are asking medical help for others whom we rescued, most of them are
            in big need of medical treatment. To make matters worse, all nearby
            medical facilities have been closed because the Jihadist (ISIS fighters)
            are attacking hospitals, threatening doctors and even killing them.”

            February 10, 2016

            “The brutality of the ISIS fighters has ravaged the health and well-being of these young teenage Yazidi girls. To date, nine have died in our arms. We just didn’t have the medicines and care they needed. In fact, we had to travel nearly 300 miles to find a “safe” and “secure” way to obtain medicines without people asking too many questions.”

            February 6, 2016

            “I shared with over the past several days that we were able to miraculously rescue 164 teenage girls from sex slavery and torture. When I received the
            message from our RUN leaders in Iraq saying they had found more girls
            who they thought they could rescue, I honestly didn’t hold out much
            hope. But now, the girls are safe in our camps and, as you would expect,
            in urgent need of medical care. Sadly, not one hospital or clinic would
            treat them due to threats they had received from ISIS.

            We quietly sent teams out to search village to village, seeking a doctor, nurse or gynecologist who would care for their needs. Within hours God did
            another miracle! The Lord led our teams to the village home of a widow
            who had lost her entire family to ISIS terror. This widow was a gynecologist!

            As our team told her of the story and our great need, she became
            overwhelmed and said, “I have had no meaning in my life since ISIS
            destroyed my family, but now I have a purpose to live!” She added, “I
            promise to help all Yazidi men and women in your camps and take special
            care for these girls.”

            February 3, 2016

            “Here’s the background: Every week, ISIS continues to search and attack Yazidi villages. These treacherous and barbaric ISIS “fighters” are kidnapping
            and killing teenage girls. In the past, when our teams rescue the girls,
            we have been able to work with doctors, nurses and nearby hospitals to
            provide care. But now, ISIS has sent handwritten letters to the
            hospitals telling them to not provide quality care for Yazidi girls who
            arrive at the hospital. Many of them have been beaten and raped. Without
            care, they will die.

            Hopefully, soon I will be able to tell you about another big rescue
            operation RUN has under way. We have discovered more than 100 young women and girls who have been kidnapped and are being used as sex slaves. We must free them and find medical care that can provide healing.”

            Information like this goes on and on. I don’t know about you but whatever your definition of abandoned is, these people need help not only to face the normal concerns of food, clothing and shelter, but to escape the evil that ISIS is perpetuating in Iraq. I don’t care whose fault it is…let’s do something to help!

          171. Reality Check says

            so you must be a liberal.
            liberals support these kind of causes

            there is no doubt that ISIS needs to be dealt with.

            But it needs to be Muslims that do it.
            the “West” doing IT would just inflame the situation.

          172. Reality Check says

            The United States will give $419­ million more in humanitarian aid to assist Syrian refugees and the countries that are hosting them, administration officials said Monday.

            The new aid brings the total U.S. donation since the Syrian conflict began in 2011 to $4.5 billion, more than any other country.

            It was announced a day after Secretary of State John F. Kerry said the United States would raise its annual refu­gee resettlement cap from 70,000 this fiscal year to 85,000 next year and 100,000 in 2017.


            I think that takes care of another one.

          173. Tired... says

            No, it doesn’t. Read my criteria.

          174. Reality Check says

            “No one is ever going to prove anything to you that doesn’t fit into how
            you view the world because you will deny rather than listen”

            that is false.
            I react well to FACTS.

            I just learned a whole chapter on Dred scott from one of my con debates.

          175. Tired... says

            I am happy for you, but was it something that caused you to change your beliefs or just new information?

          176. Reality Check says

            I found out I was wrong about Dredd.
            I thought it was after the civil war.
            Oh, and that there was a civil rights act in 1868.

            there was no “frame of mind” involved, just pure fact.

          177. Tired... says

            Yes, dates tend to be concrete, but it didn’t really challenge your worldview much did it?

          178. Reality Check says

            ” I suspect that most have given up trying to have a reasonable
            conversation with you, which you interpret as not being able to defend
            their perspective.”

            well when someone states a “fact”
            and then does not back that UP with a source, what does one expect.

            we don’t trust, do we? I think those are your words.

            ALL cons give up because they can’t prove what they say, since it’s a distortion of the reality of the situation.

            if one is indeed factual, then proving IT should not be a challenge.

            take Liberal LIES for example.
            never proven after years of asking.
            kind of why I am interested in having some one BACK THAT UP.

            I can link you to a few right wing lies in seconds.

            for some reason YOU are not able to come up with any.
            (human nature aside)
            you see, NEWS is one thing,
            opinions is another.

            sure left opinions will be bias/slanted, but MSM and left news is pretty much accurate to that point in time.

            Fox does not even call itself a News source, and for good reason.

          179. Tired... says

            You really believe that the news gets it right every time and they don’t edit it? Let me quickly head off an either/or reply: I am not saying that the news is always wrong or even usually wrong, so please do not go there. You are old enough to recall Dan Rather talking about Bush’s military service using inaccurate information don’t you? Rather’s career was effectively over after that onscreen event. Things like that happen. In addition the producers get to pick and choose what gets covered on any given newscast. If it happens at Fox, why is it unreasonable to consider the possibility that it happens in the MSM as well?

            You claim that you use facts but that is not accurate; you use websites, which are not the same thing. You think that linking to websites proves your point. While valuable information can be gleaned from such sites, they are generally not considered valid sources of information. I read research as part of my job and if it is not peer-reviewed, I am profoundly skeptical. Even if it is peer-reviewed, I read with skepticism because all research is subject to interpretation bias, as well as many other biases.

            I realize that you believe that what you read on these sites is factual and most likely some of it is, but how much is a matter of opinion. You would argue with Einstein about the lack of proof for the theory of relativity as an atomic bomb exploded in the background. No one will prove anything to you that you don’t already believe.

          180. Reality Check says

            “You are old enough to recall Dan Rather talking about Bush’s military service using inaccurate information don’t you”

            BUT Rather was not lying.
            politics got him in trouble FOR telling the facts.

          181. Tired... says

            Wow our memories diverge on that one!

          182. Tired... says

            Alright,,,i’m done. got family to attend to.

          183. Reality Check says

            ” You would argue with Einstein against the theory of relativity”

            I do not think the theory of relativity and the BOMB are related.

            I am down with Einstein being smarter.

            Oh, so you must believe in climate science

          184. Reality Check says

            “You claim that you use facts but that is not accurate; you use websites,
            which are not the same thing. You think that linking to websites
            proves your point”

            not really.
            every site/source needs evaluation.

            I tend to think the Washington post and NY times, LA Times try and get it right and have Pulitzer’s to go with it.

            people on TV are mostly talking heads that need to just keep talking regardless of how inane.
            I watch Free Speech TV, BBC News, RT.

            I don’t think the left publish articles about Speaker Bohners wife’s clothing choices, like the right do.

            I don’t think the left publish articles claiming the GOP are going to kill off Americans so they can form a Christian Theocracy.

            but that is an everyday occurrence in right wing media.

          185. Tired... says

            You did not disprove my point. I never said that websites don’t contain some valid information, only that they are not always up to the standard that I require for something to be considered a fact. You consider some sources valid that is great, but what does that prove? Only that you find their work respectable. Pulitzers are like Academy Awards, many people get them but not all deserve them. To be fair those things are good, but they do not guarantee that their work isn’t biased.

            No, they just say that the right wants the old and poor to die in the streets, hates non-heterosexuals, and only wants your money.. But you are right they did not claim that the GOP was going to kill off Americans so they can form a Christian Theocracy,

            No they didn’t cover Bohner’s wife, but they did cover Sarah Palin’s wardrobe extensively. The nonsense is everywhere…please stop trying to prove that those you support stand in the clean section of the pigpen.

          186. shamu9 says

            If you like your Dr. You can Keep your Dr. If you like your Insurance, you can keep your insurance– LIES! Proven and Admitted to be Lies!

          187. Reality Check says

            actually fool, it has been proven that the insurance companies lied to Obama, but don’t let facts get in the way of your stupid.

            WHY is that the only lie you cons ever recite?

          188. shamu9 says

            Shows how Stupid, your “Little Tin God” The Kenya-Knickker is!

          189. Reality Check says

            he was unfamiliar with how much you cons lie.

          190. shamu9 says

            Obama NEVER Broke a Sweat, by Working his entire Life. His Degrees are Phony, he studied at the’ Patrice La Mumba Freedom Academy’. Moscow on the Don. He is a Georgi Soros, [Actual Hitler Era NAZI], “King O’ The Jews” Plant!

          191. Reality Check says

            “he studied at the’ Patrice La Mumba Freedom Academy’.”

            proof you have the IQ of a radish

          192. shamu9 says

            Search ‘Retired KGB Officer/Obama a Russian Manchurian Candidate’!

          193. Reality Check says

            I thought he was a Muslim from Kenya.
            now he’s a Russian?

            conservative loony knows no bounds.

          194. Reality Check says

            “I didn’t respond to the Obama comment because it was inane”
            indeed it is inane, but many cons believe IT.

            are you pretending that almost every poster on these blogs THINKS OTHERWISE?

            Kenyan Muslim should not be news to you.

          195. Tired... says

            I am not defending anyone on this blog apart from addressing rudeness. People are free to believe what they want to believe. I read liberal sites and their posts are equally silly…they are just more pretentious.

          196. shamu9 says

            The Truth Burns your Butt, Doesn’t it?? His Own Grand Mammy, his Auntie Zetuni, his Uncle, and his Brother, have stated he was Kenyan born! He himself,has stated he was a Moslem, and his Private School Records say the Same!

          197. Reality Check says

            was that a fool proving something?

          198. Reality Check says

            “have stated he was Kenyan born!”

            more proof you’re and idiot.

          199. shamu9 says

            So Far, No Links to ANY of your Bullshirt, Lib Phagg! Nothing but Ad Hominum attacks. Ever graduate High School ?

          200. shamu9 says

            His Auntie and Uncle have been ordered to Leave the U.S., while collecting Welfare, and refuse to leave. His 1/2 Brother lives in a Hut in Kenya! What a Mensch!

          201. Reality Check says

            nice link moron of the right.

          202. shamu9 says

            Those Items were all over the News Media! His Auntie Zetuni and Uncle Omar? I think his name is.

          203. Reality Check says

            so shouldn’t be too hard unless you have the IQ of a rock.

          204. shamu9 says

            Where did you get your PhD, in Social Science, Kid Know It All??

          205. shamu9 says

            I’ll Bet you have a Clipping Service that sends you every bit of Lefty/Righty Bull Krapp, you can use, as’ Examples Ammo’ in your fight to Brain-Wash the Blog Public. Typical Commie tactic!

          206. Reality Check says

            you fools give me all the info I need to keep up on con stupidity.

          207. Reality Check says

            you fools tell me everything I need to know.

          208. shamu9 says

            High School Retorts!

          209. Reality Check says

            the facts fool.

          210. shamu9 says

            When you get to the FEMA Camp, Wear a ” Reality Check” Name Tag, around your Neck!!

          211. Reality Check says

            thinking those are real is proof you’re not too bright.

          212. shamu9 says

            B.A. Social Science, A.S. Biology, A.S.Criminal Justice. , U.S.C.G. Master- 100 ton Off-Shore License. I could go on, but those required a Modicum of Intelligence to obtain!! Do YOU even possess a GED?

          213. Reality Check says

            well fool, if you believe that there are FEMA camps, your still an idiot regardless of the degrees you have.

          214. shamu9 says

            You kind Sir, are Living in a Fool’s Paradise! Hope to see ya after they round up all the Real American Citizens and replace us with Wet-Backs, Beaners, Hadjis, Padjis, And Kukarachis! The Somalians have already taken over, they have established No-Go Enclaves in Many Cities. It’s the N.W.O. A White Elite Ruling Class and everyone else a Brown Mutt! That way they can tell just by lookin’ at ya, who/what you are, A Serf!

          215. Reality Check says

            more proof you are not too bright.

            you buy those degrees online?

          216. shamu9 says

            Call F.A.U and find out!

          217. shamu9 says

            What Creds do you Have?? NONE!

          218. Reality Check says

            my education level would be irrelevant.

            your education seems to have had no effect on you being brainwashed.

            why no link to your FEMA camps evidence?
            too embarrassing?

          219. Reality Check says

            thinking there are FEMA camps, more proof your low IQ.

          220. shamu9 says

            Search them! bet there’s one near you!

          221. Reality Check says

            funny how the evidence is nonexistent, yet you fools continue to believe every word.

            how about the fact that the first reports of these camps surfaced in 2001?

            were these GW Bush supported?

          222. shamu9 says

            G. Bush was a NWO, Bilderberger Group, Skull and Bones Society, Mollech Worshiping [?sp.] guy, like all the rest of our Ruling Elite

          223. Reality Check says

            so that is your proof of the FEMA camps?

          224. shamu9 says

            Yeah, the whole World is Wrong, and You, Reality Sux, are the Only Smart Azz!

          225. Reality Check says

            so a link would be easy if the WHOLE WORLD is aware.

            do you debate yourself into a corner, often?

          226. shamu9 says

            Link your mLIPS to Obama’s Schlong! Dem Pfagg Puke!

          227. shamu9 says

            Go sit in My Corner and Link Your Lips to Obama’s ‘Schlong’. I’ll take De Bate [bait] and go Fishing! Discussions with Dem Idiot Recipients, is counter productive.

          228. Reality Check says

            such a scary low intellect.
            cons must be proud to have you in their clan

          229. shamu9 says

            Can’t Stand to Lose?? Don’t Play! Why don’t ya take a High Dive off the Mountainside Cliff your back porch sits on, “over the Blue Pacific”! Put us all out of Your Misery!

          230. Reality Check says

            I rarely lose.
            you are all brainwashed.
            hard to lose to the brainwashed drones.

          231. shamu9 says

            You are of course referring to the Obama-Botts!

          232. shamu9 says

            High Dive!! Back Deck/Porch.

          233. shamu9 says

            Are you, and Headonstraight- the same Jerk?? Or is he your brother?

          234. Reality Check says

            believe it or not, there are millions of us.

            He is ex military and now a pastor I think.

          235. Reality Check says

            maybe you can link me to some proof that won’t make me laugh.

          236. shamu9 says

            You read the same stuff, and watch the same news, that I do, Ignoring facts do not make them Go Awwaaaaay–

          237. Reality Check says

            Fema camps does NOT appear in the news.

            it appears on bat shit crazy right wing blogs.

          238. shamu9 says

            No, neither did Auswich, Buchenwald etc. You cant be older than 35 Libby-Poo!

          239. Reality Check says

            does the educated fool think we live in 1940?

            62 and retired with union pension.

          240. shamu9 says

            68 and retired with a State of Fl. Pension.

          241. Reality Check says

            so on Medicare and SS and government pension but votes for the GOP who are killing all of the above.

            does that sum up your silliness?

          242. shamu9 says

            How much Welfare do you and Yours Collect?? I’ll bet you collect S.S. BTW I have my Fl. State Ins. that I Pay for, Leech! I Also have a Fishing Outfitters and Tackle Shop! 11 Yrs.

            I live in a Waterfront House, Paid For, 2 Boats, Paid For, and can see the Port Canaveral Cruise Ship Terminals from my dock . Top THAT Jackassacks Dem-O-Krapp!

          243. Reality Check says

            I am only 62 and not on SS yet.
            my wife and I both have union pensions and 401K bla bla. they pay Healthcare too
            eyes and dental as well.

            Last year I built a house in the mountains overlooking the pacific. valued at 750K
            paid CASH.

            you FOOLS thinking everyone else is on AID, is proof of how DIM you meat sacks ARE.

          244. shamu9 says

            Why should anyone Believe You?? Lying is what Libs like You, and Your “Little Tin God” Obama do Best!

          245. Reality Check says

            it’s your choice fool, I could care less.

          246. shamu9 says

            If you didn’t Care, you’d Disengage!

          247. shamu9 says

            You seem to know Guano!

          248. shamu9 says

            Tough Sheite!. Moslems Do NOT Belong HERE! Democracy is the Antithesis of Sharia! They are Soooo Mistreated!! Poor Wogs! The Ships/Planes that brought their Mis-Begotten Asses here, go back the same way! If they Don’t Like it Here? Let ’em go Home! Amerika has been at war with the Grand Poo-Bahs of’ Is-salami’, since right after the Revolution. A Squadron of warships, and a Marine Division, was dispatched to Tripoli, Libya, to Kick the asses of the Barbary Pirates. They were raiding the Worlds commercial shipping, and ransoming the Crews! Just like the Damned Somalis are doing Now! Boot ’em all out. No real American needs/wants them here! The Only Reason they come here, or to western Europe, is for the Welfare FREE RIDE! Ill bet that not one damned Moslem ever goes to Mexico, or any other Non-Welfare Nation, These Days.! Disprove That Reality Prick!

          249. Reality Check says

            “Moslems Do NOT Belong HERE!”

            been here since we became a country, fool.

          250. Reality Check says

            Muslims are the ones on the ground saving your scared ass from ISIS.
            you owe them.

          251. shamu9 says

            Saving their Own asses from ISIS!

          252. Reality Check says

            that would be correct.
            which makes you fools wanting the US to put boots on the ground even more stupid.

          253. shamu9 says


          254. shamu9 says

            I Never said that, Napalm ’em! Let Allah sort ’em out.

          255. shamu9 says

            No they’re not! They run and hide.

          256. Reality Check says

            so who does the highly educated con think is on the ground fighting ISIS?

          257. shamu9 says

            Can’t be fightin’ too hard, ISIS rolls over ’em like Gen. Patton’s Tanks!

          258. Reality Check says

            maybe the fool can link me to that story.

          259. shamu9 says

            Can’t even spell “Smurfs”! Here’s a ‘Hebrewism’ for ya, “What a Yutz!!” That’s a Pejorative description, of a ‘Schlemiel’, between a ‘Schmuck’ and a’ Putz’!

          260. Reality Check says

            seems the moron of the right is ignoring the fact he is DIM.

            proven by going after spelling.
            always a sign of DEFEAT on the part of the low IQ con.

          261. Reality Check says

            “ll bet that not one damned Moslem ever goes to Mexico, or any other Non-Welfare Nation, These Days”

            “Mexico To Begin Taking In Syrian Refugees”


            it’s easy to prove the con is an idiot.

          262. shamu9 says

            Read the rest. It Also says-They’ll follow the Mexicans to the Border States welfare offices Jassacks!

          263. Reality Check says

            well I cited a bat shit crazy web site so you would feel at home.

            do you think that changes the fact that Mexico is taking in refugees, low info fool?

          264. shamu9 says

            Only the ones with $$$

          265. Reality Check says

            MOST of the refugees are middle class.

            it takes money to get out of the war zone, not too bright human.

          266. shamu9 says

            No it takes 2 feet and a Chicken-Sheite Mentality!

          267. shamu9 says

            Of Course they are! They’ll follow the Beaners across the Border to the Welfare Offices!

          268. Reality Check says

            “why was the shooting at the community college in Oregon not a hate crime”

            no idea.
            why do we care?

            maybe “hate crime” has specific requirements for it to be one.

            did you look it up ?
            those liberal search engines can find lots of things.

            it’s obvious the right have been talking it UP as an ISSUE.

            did someone escape justice?
            are we safer if we know it was a hate crime?

            WHAT is the issue?

          269. Tired... says

            It speaks to a double standard. I don’t agree with the concept of hate crime to begin with, but it is the language that is used when it is convenient and omitted when it is not.

          270. shamu9 says

            Specifically, A Hate Crime is only Perpetrated By Whites! Check all the Reports! Not one ‘Person of Color’ has ever been Charged, or Convicted of a ‘Hate Crime’. “Black people don’t have the political power to commit Hate Crimes!” Corrine Brown, Fl. Congresswoman, Orlando area!!

          271. Reality Check says

            instead of Flapping those Gums, why no link?

          272. shamu9 says

            You’re the Missing Link!!

          273. shamu9 says

            Link onto This Fruitt!

          274. Reality Check says

            as for refugees.
            the program has been running since 79.
            3 million have entered.
            40% of them Muslims.
            26, 000 Syrians are already in the country.

            not one terrorist events blamed on them,
            yet the media NOISE would be that letting any in is a recipe for terrorism, regardless of the evidence to the contrary.

            Paris Attacks.
            EU citizens.

            lets also remember that while we are talking about banning refugees, no one seems concerned that any EU citizen with a passport can get on a plane and go to the US and be killing Americans before lunch.

            not a peep about a real possibility of terror, just hysteria about refugees.

            I can link you to proof of every word.

          275. shamu9 says

            Your Name should be Reality Prick!

          276. Reality Check says

            “therefore this will be my only response to you.”

            stop lying if you want this to be the end of our contact.

            THAT post kind of proves that you are as rabid as the rest of the conservatives.

          277. mac12sam12 says

            Your only response is that he’s lying? He spoke the truth.

          278. ABO says

            Unlike RC.

          279. Reality Check says

            ya, he lies like YOU.

          280. mac12sam12 says

            What lies?

          281. Tired... says

            You are disrespectful. While you may have a different point of view, which is fine, your response lacks meaningful engagement. Please respond with thoughtful content.

          282. jdamsforall says

            Jesus installed Obama in office because this nation has completely forsaken Him and for this reason He gave them exactly the type of leader they wanted, a servant of Lucifer at the same time in March of 2009 to be exact Jesus sent the Angels that destroyed Sodom,Gomorrah,Admah,Zeboim and Zoar down to this nation from the beginning of Obama’s homosexual communist dictatorship, they are here for only one reason and that is to execute a death sentence from which all hope for appeal has been forever withdrawn. Obama is a Nazi he is in bed with Daddy Bush, the Bush Family’s real name is Scherff they are a German family look up “operation paperclip” you will see a series of photos taken at the time of WW2 Prescott Bush and his son Bush 41″ are in the photos along with Josef Goebbles and many other high ranking Nazis , Hitler did die in a bunker in Berlin. Daddy Bush established the CIA at Hitler’s mandate it was composed of the Waffen SS, it was a well known fact Hitler was allied with the Muslims …The CIA/SS has been employing Muslim lunatics for decades in bombings, rape, torture and state sponsored genocide Daddy Bush is a pedophile, Bush 43 ” is also faggot and Obama is full throttle faggot and his transsexual “wife” is a rabid black supremacist….you better wake up Putin supports Trump because He knows the CIA are Nazis so does Trump, I don’t think you have any idea the terrible resolve the Russian people when it comes to fighting Nazis, they lost well over 30-40 million in Hitler’s decimation of western Russia… This nation is going to fall in this soon coming WW3 and it will be by the finger of God….there exists a GULAG in this country already ! These are not boy scout camps either…go tell this to black lives matter and the civil rights hypocrisy , you will then see their true cowardice …. they will get real quiet real quick and begin looking for an escape route from your presence…I’ve seen it happen many times…The “Sea of the Dead ” is where Sodom,Gomorrah,Admah,Zeboim and Zoar used to be….wake up is all I can tell you because you have no idea what is facing you….!! Without divine intervention there will be no escape

          283. Reality Check says

            so certifiably insane.

          284. jdamsforall says

            Out of your own mouth you will be judged…soon we’ll see whose really insane ..

          285. sb says

            Reality check– You would never say that if you believed in it! You just want the Republicans to vote for someone else! Obama has not done anything good since he came into office!

          286. Reality Check says

            lets examine reality for the low info human.

            Before Obama, we were losing 500,000 jobs per month
            After Obama, gaining 200,000jobs per month

            Before Obama, GDP negative for a year
            After Obama, GDP became positive and now the best in the G-20

            Before Obama, DOW 6500
            After Obama, DOW 17,000

            oh and here is Fox News telling you that YOU are not well informed.

            U.S. Economy ‘Lone Bright Spot,’ as Global Outlook Getting ‘Worse’

            The World Bank is telling us… the U.S. economy is the only
            bright spot for global growth.


            maybe you can give me some examples of the destruction of the country.

          287. mac12sam12 says

            We’re losing 700,000-800,000 jobs a month and the 200,000 gained are pathetic and don’t even keep up with population growth. Obama has the lowest GDP record of any president, THE LOWEST!

          288. ABO says

            Sorry, mac12sam12 but RC is entirely incapable of responding in any normal, logical fashion. He just spouts the liberal rhetoric incessantly thinking that in doing so all will think he’s absolutely brilliant. There’s nothing in that incredibly thick skull of his.

          289. mac12sam12 says

            RC is the ultimate party hack.

          290. ABO says


          291. Reality Check says

            I think the moron is forgetting the Great Depression.

          292. mac12sam12 says

            A recession is not a depression, party hack.

          293. Reality Check says

            there was not GDP then?

            read your own words fool.
            god your are dim.

          294. mac12sam12 says

            I’m dim and yet you are trying to tell me that Hussein Obama is a good president. HARDY HAR HAR HAR HAR!!!

          295. mac12sam12 says

            What are his great accomplishments? Record poverty and record low GDP quarters? A 15% unemployment rate and the lowest workforce participation rate since the 70’s, plus the chaos in the Middle East and Europe? With that record it doesn’t sound like any democrat is a shoe in.

          296. Reality Check says

            still pushing that silly lowest workforce shit?

            didn’t we do the math together?

            is see you dropped the 90 million shit so I don’t feed that back to you.

          297. mac12sam12 says

            Record low workforce, Chief.Look it up. Must be because of all the bankrupted businesses.

          298. Reality Check says

            what does the trouble in EU have to do with American Politics?

          299. shamu9 says

            You Liberals are all “Alternative Lifestyle Livers”. Code for Phaggs!

          300. Reality Check says

            “You Liberals are all “Alternative Lifestyle Livers”

            more proof you’re an idiot.

          301. shamu9 says

            ‘Cause I can Call a Phagg when I encounter one??

          302. Reality Check says

            I can spot a moron when I encounter one.

          303. shamu9 says

            Obviously not. Morons do not have the Creds that I Posess! Even You Don’t!

          304. shamu9 says

            Look in the Mirror!

        2. sb says

          But you have to remember that Obama had never been anything but an “ORGANIZER” Trump has done a good job in business!

          1. Tired... says

            I’m sorry but I don’t follow your thought process. Their accomplishments are irrelevant when discussing a personality disorder.

          2. shamu9 says

            Community Organizer, is a Polite way of Saying Rabble Rousing Knickker!

      3. sb says

        I whole– heartedly agree with you ” Had Enough”!



    13. MAHB001 says

      I know exactly what you are talking about… Trump uses the tools of the left, insults, accusations, says anything that he senses the crowds want to hear… And Trumps actions are closer to a democrat than a republican.

      Today, thanks to 0-bama, we can no longer trust a word coming out of a politicians mouth, But that seems to be exactly what the people that are voting for Trump are doing..

      If Trump follows his past actions, we are screwed.

      excellent post.

      1. Reality Check says

        except moron of the right , those LIES are pretty scarse when you are asked for examples.

        why is that?

        1. MAHB001 says

          Are you my personal troll?

          You have seen the examples, yet you ignore the examples…

          why is that?

          1. Reality Check says

            I have seen bullshit, but no lies.

            a difference of opinion is not a LIE fool of the right.

          2. MAHB001 says

            If you can not recognize that “if you like your Dr. you can keep your Dr.” was a LIE, then you are not credible. Nor is anything that you say on these posts credible.

            Or how about.

            “If you like your Health care plan you can keep your Health Care plan. . PERIOD.”
            “Benghazi was a reaction to a video.”
            “A family of four will save $2,500 on ACA.”

            All lies. That is, 0-bama knew the truth before he said the lies.

          3. Reality Check says

            ya, that is the SAME LIE you always give.

            odd that no OTHER ONES ever come up.
            and then you give me the same one with different words?

            more proof you are an idiot.

          4. MAHB001 says

            They are lies. They will always be lies. And there is no reason to prove a liar is a liar beyond those lies…

            You really have a problem with this don’t you?

          5. Reality Check says

            but oddly enough, you keep telling me the SAME Doctor lie.

            IF there are so many, this should not be hard.

          6. Reality Check says

            “”Benghazi was a reaction to a video.”

            I hate to break it to the fool. but there WAS a video.

          7. MAHB001 says

            And a movie too…. Check it out, show the liars for what they are, treasonous.

            Doesn’t change the fact that both Hillary and 0-bama lied about the video… There is a price they are paying for those lies right now.

          8. Tired... says

            …but was it the cause of the attack? See both




            for different perspectives on the attack.

            Personally I am far less interested in what the analysts in Washington have to say than the account of those who were actually survived the attack. Perhaps it is their voice that we should hear rather than that of surrogates.

          9. Reality Check says

            “”A family of four will save $2,500 on ACA.””

            many did, so..

            “…In a letter to the editor in The Santa Maria Times, Allan
            Pacela told the story of how after his wife lost her insurance this
            fall, she found much better coverage under Obamacare. The couple is now saving $8,000 per year for a “much better plan.””

          10. MAHB001 says

            Sure they did.. I do not believe them or you.

          11. Tired... says

            And many did not…Obamacare increased my insurance premiums, which were already high. One story, theirs or mine, does not a cogent argument make.

          12. Reality Check says

            that is true.
            United Healthcare really doesn’t need to pay the CEO 60 million and have handful of million a year VP’s
            not on healthcare.
            widgets, sure, dying people? not so much.

          13. Reality Check says

            …In Lancaster, Pa., Lori Lapman, 58, learned her health plan was being
            canceled in September—by October things were looking up. Per The Sunday News:
            “Sitting at a laptop with a certified health law helper, Lapman went to
  , found it running smoothly, and bought a subsidized
            Highmark plan that allows her to keep her doctors while saving her
            money. Her canceled plan cost her $520 a month. Her new coverage? Only $111.73.”

            so that is over 4,000 a year for the low info con.

          14. MAHB001 says

            bla bla bla…. These are not the averages, they are the exceptions. You do know that 0-bama said “on average.”

            I pay more, I’ll bet everybody that is reading these posts is paying more, unless they are subsidized by the Government, everybody is paying more.

            BTW, being subsidized by the Government is money coming out of my pocket. Yours too if you pay any taxes… But I doubt that you do.

          15. Reality Check says

            the liberal post a link to back up his statements.
            the conservative Flaps it’s Gums.

            the difference between the 2 groups.

            FACTS versus HOT AIR

          16. MAHB001 says

            Here is a link to back up my statements. How about the long version…


          17. Reality Check says

            proving yourself an bigger idiot was really not necessary.

          18. ABO says

            Putting RC and credibility in the same sentence, MAHB001, is like stating that “it is a scientific fact that the moon is made of blue cheese. RC wouldn’t know the truth if it bit him in the face.

          19. Reality Check says

            says the coward afraid to debate the liberal.
            does you ass still hurt from our last encounter?

          20. ABO says

            Debating you would be akin to debating an earthworm, RC. Your entire mindset (an oxymoron, since you have no mind) is based on ‘links’ identifying you as one of the idiots that actually believe that “if it’s on the computer it must be true”. I doubt that you have ever in your life had a coherent thought. You have been daring me to debate you for an awfully long time now, but when I have taken you up on it, you invariably respond with ” silly con doesn’t post a single link proving I won the debate”. You are so completely demented that you don’t even see how incredibly stupid your otherworldly nonsense is. Debate you? You’re not capable of debate. If you had a brain I would gladly debate you but…

    14. sb says

      If you are looking for someone “POLITICALLY’ Correct– then Donald is not your man– however– if you are looking for someone to straighten out the mess our country is in– then Donald is your man!

      1. Tired... says

        Not really sure where you are coming from…

        1. sb says

          What I meant was- you have to make a choice- either for Donald or not!

          1. Tired... says

            Fair enough. I don’t believe that those are the only two options available.

    15. Jjb54 says

      * His “narcissism” is a concern? Seriously?

      Did you stop to think for 30 seconds that *EVERY* Presidential Runner has to have some degree of “narcissism” in them? Seriously …. Some more some a ‘tad’ less but only a tad.

      This is 1 of the main traits of ALL political office seekers. They see that *THEY* can do the job.

      And Cruz – Rubio, et all have had ‘bipolar swings’ ….. on views. It’s called POLITICS.

      1. Tired... says

        For me it is. There is a difference between narcissistic traits and narcissism.

    16. A natural born American says

      So far it doesn’t seem like those exist.

    17. Jim Norris says

      Who among those running in 2016 is any closer to your DREAM CANDIDATE than Trump???
      This is the REAL WORLD with to many REAL PROBLEMS!!! We have not had ANY qualified nor are there ANY in this field of candidates… Rubio is NOT the OFFSPRING of Naturally Born Citizens and nor is Cruz! (***We CLEARLY see why the FOUNDING FATHER’S wrote the US CONTITUTION as they did when we realize Obama’s allegiants to the Nation of Islam***)
      It is TIME AMERICA Wakes Up to the fact that the NEW WORLD ORDER has US in a death grip and it’s goal is our demise. Trump with ALL of his Idiosyncrasies’ is certainly the very best suited to getting the average political American fool to wake up to the imminent DEATH of AMERICA, the US CONTITUTION and our children’s future along with our basic Bill of Rights!

  4. MAHB001 says

    What WONDERFUL choices the voters have….

    May the best non-Rino win….

    1. ringostarr1 says

      You couldn’t tell a RINO from a dung beetle.

      1. MAHB001 says

        Perhaps you should enlighten me.

  5. jerrycollie says

    Trump’s win in South Carolina has the Libtards out stomping on the Armerican Flag!

    1. Reality Check says

      we WANT Trump to run fool.
      his negatives are over 60%

      half the country HATE him.

  6. Rick Rogers says

    Spent the weekend at Myrtle Beach and got in to a conversation with someone that had a Lenior Rhye college Republican Tee shirt on. We talked for awhile and She had a “I Voted” sticker on her shirt. I was curious and I ask her if there were long lines to vote. She said not really and that there were large number of Loud Trump supports at the polls. I ask her “if you don’t mind why The GOP”. Her answer was my Daddy was Republican.. So was my Grannydaddy after he switched from the Democratic Party.” I ask do you know why he switched.” she did not miss a beat and said “Yes I know why he switched. It was because the Democrats started Voting on Civil Rights act and he did not think that Black people and white people should be going to church and School together”. So I ask her “is that what you believe” Her answer.. “OF COURSE NOT that is so Racist”. She did not understand what she had just said in the conversation so I told her I hope she enjoyed her weekend and walked away shaking my head. Now I am going to have to see How much Hotel rooms In Carolina beach or Virginia Beach run from now on because there is no way I am spending my vacation money in a state that has those type of voters.

    1. ringostarr1 says

      Come on down to the Red Neck Rivera. The water is beautiful but I do have to admit that all the sand is white.

    2. Tired... says

      That is most unfortunate Rick, but if you are not going to vacation in a state with one uniformed voter then you might as well kiss all of your future vacations goodbye. In fact, you may want to reconsider your residency if you are that sensitive. A rampant lack of knowledge and critical thinking skills is entrenched on both sides of the isle, not just one.

  7. ringostarr1 says

    Trump is no better than say that other New York politician Nelson Rockefeller who fractured the GOP in 1964 causing Goldwater’s loss by electing Lyndon Banes Johnson and his Liberal policies. If Rockefeller could’t be the GOP nominee then Rockefeller trashed the USA, just like Trump will do by putting Hillary back in the White House. The best way for you to get back at Obama and his Democrat Socialist Party is to elect Rubio whose voting record is more Conservative than Cruz’s record and who can get the Congress to sit down, shut up, and work with him to fix the problems that Obama is leaving us.

    1. pappadave says

      Nonsense. Rubio barely HAS a “voting record.” Plus, he wants open borders, amnesty for all the illegals in the country–even those who’ve committed other crimes besides coming here illegally, and he’s as anti-gun as Obama.

  8. Tiger says

    I am watching now the British Parliament arguing over to stay in or to leave the EU and it is getting heated so I expect this before long along with this race regarding Trump.

  9. Maria castro says

    From the 3 Caballeros, I prefer Trump. As far as his manners, he is the typical New Yorker, no political correctness meaning stop wasting my time with your promises and lies. He can give us his plans in details, and what will happen Bush protégé, Marco and Ted “Baker” will copy it immediately. What detail plan did Obama gave you?

    1. Reality Check says

      infinitely more detailed that anything Trump has said.

      so far trumps details can be summed up with, IT WILL BE HUGE.

  10. figmo says

    Many of us who support Trump are not concerned with whatever meaningless label the pundits try to pin on him We support him because of what he will do if he is elected president. What he promises to do is exactly what many of us have wanted to have done for decades and he gives us hope. After all these years, many of us have figured out that the conservative sounding gas passing by his opponents who are already part of the never changing righteous whore bribe taking system, will do nothing to upset the gravy train. Trump will actually seek to enforce many of our long neglected laws such as our immigration laws.

    1. Tired... says

      Are you suggesting that Carson, who is not a politician, or Cruz, who has a consistent record of fighting against both liberals and the Republican establishment, are part of “the never changing righteous whore bribe taking system?” I understand the anger but struggle to follow the logic.

      1. figmo says

        Carson is not a member of the righteous whore club and sadly, he is not at this point a threat to get the nomination. Cruz and Rubio are senators. If they are like the other senators of both parties, they will become multi-millionaires after their first terms as senators. Now how do you suppose that happens on a senator’s pay?

        1. Tired... says

          As long as Carson says in, he has a shot… I am not sure, but I believe that Cruz may already be a millionaire and has an established record of fighting the establishment of both parties. It is not wise to lump everyone together; while I am not a Rubio fan, both he and Cruz are first term senators, and therefore not necessarily part of the establishment.

          1. figmo says

            Not sure just what Cruz “fights the establishment” about but apparently he has zero support from his fellow senators. Nobody likes him. I heard that when he was a baby his parents had to tie a pork chop around his neck just to get the family dog to play with him. lol

            It’s one thing to fight and disagree and obstruct, it’s quite another matter to persuade others to follow your plan. When members of congress try to obstruct Trump, he will call them out on national TV and their re election might be put in jeopardy. Trump will have effective means of persuation, including friendship, at his disposal to get things done. I believe he will be able to get things accomplished where others will be obstructed. And just maybe political correctness will die off!

          2. Doree Stone says

            Don’t forget that over the years Trump has given huge sums of money to members of both parties. That puts him in a unique position. He is not in anyone’s pocket. He owes no one anything. But they, on the other hand, owe him a lot. They are in his pocket. So, even if he can’t persuade, he can use force of another kind. Either way, he will be far more successful in getting his policies put in place than Cruz or Rubio would be. I don’t like all of Trump’s policy ideas, but most of them I do and what would be the point in putting in someone, if such a person existed, with whom I could agree with 100% of the time if they could get nothing accomplished? That means I compromise with my own party, not with those I’m absolutely opposed to. That compromise I can live with.

    2. Reality Check says

      “We support him because of what he will do if he is elected president”

      you don’t seem to be aware that his “plan” consists of the words, IT WILL BE HUGE.

      you really think we will round up 11 million people?

      Oh, and build an unbuildable wall that will STILL need to be heavily patrolled.

      you people will believe anything the right tell you.

      1. Tired... says

        Help me out here. While I appreciate your comment about the vagueness of Trump’s plan and it is fine to think that rounding up illegal immigrants is too daunting to tackle, it is also important to note that daunting is not impossible. As a country we just need to tease out if this is the best option. However, can you help me understand why you think that a wall is unbuildable, as well as explain your apparent surprise that it would still need to be patrolled? Neither of these concepts seems particularly shocking or unattainable. Finally, I don’t mean to sound harsh, but ending your post with a slur about gullibility after throwing out the opposing view’s talking points is profoundly ironic.

        1. Reality Check says

          ” However, can you help me understand why you think that a wall is unbuildable, as well as explain your apparent surprise that it would still need to be patrolled?”

          The challenge of Trump’s border wall is not technical, but
          logistical. The leap in complexity between “building a wall” and
          “building a 2,000-mile-long continuous border wall in the desert” is
          about equal to the gap between “killing a guy” and “waging a protracted
          land war.”

          Trump’s border wall, if built as he has described it, would
          be one of the largest civil works projects in the history of the country
          and would face an array of challenges not found when constructing
          95-story skyscrapers.

          In order to adequately answer Mr. Ramos’ question, let’s first make
          some assumptions on the project’s scope:

          A successful border wall must
          be effective, cheap, and easily maintained. It should be built from
          readily available materials and should take advantage of the
          capabilities of the existing labor force. The wall should reach about
          five feet underground to deter tunneling, and should terminate about 20
          feet above grade to deter climbing.

          read on.
          his wall is a FAIRY TALE for the low info.

          1. Tired... says

            I tend to be a skeptic of all things, particularly “facts” posed by either side. An article by a structural engineer is worth reading, but it does not in itself constitute a fact; it is an informed opinion. After reading the article, I was left wondering if Ali F. Rhuzkan would have pooh-poohed the building of the Hoover dam or the interstate highway system…just wondering. Of course this still does not mean that a wall is the best solution.

          2. Reality Check says

            I have yet to read anything from anyone “in the Know”
            that has said anything different.

            It’s a pipe dream he is selling to the right and they are eating it up do to a shallow intellect of the logistics involved.
            (and being shallow in general)

          3. Tired... says

            When people stop dividing others into groups called “us” and “them,” most of the time we find that we want similar things: honesty, trust, healthy relationships, safety, respect etc. The primary difference is in how we believe that we will achieve those things. We need to stop seeing each other as enemies and begin to treat one another with courtesy and respect because doing so will foster relationships and ultimately community. Disagreement can be healthy if it is done with respect; otherwise it is unproductive and divisive. In this particular case, the wall was begun and stopped due to lack of political will…it does not require a comment from someone “in the know” to prove that it can be done. You do not have to agree that a wall is the most cost effective answer, but to suggest that it can’t be done flies in the face of the fact that a section of the wall has already been built. The best question is not can it be done but should it be done and is it worth the cost…this is where the conversation should be robust.

          4. Reality Check says

            I agree with the whole top end.

            BUT this and many similar websites are LYING to the right CAUSING the rift and division in America.
            I can provide hundreds of examples.

            the existing wall has MANY issues.
            many ranchers are not happy with the wall that exists, cutting them off from their own land.

            Oh, and they just GO OVER IT.

          5. Tired... says

            Both sides cause the rift, not just one. I pulled out of a professional organization due to the lack of critical thinking on the part of its members.

          6. Tired... says

            Politically the far right and the far left are kissing cousins…they both want to force their will on the people and both use the government to do it.

          7. Reality Check says

            I will agree with that.

            but I think the conservative side distorts reality for their benefit.
            take the Ebola stories that the right put out.

            the hysteria about Muslims that the right has put out.

          8. Tired... says

            Everyone distorts because we all have a different perspective; total objectivity is an illusion. I am not really sure what you are talking about regarding the ebola stories. Most people, in the moment, were concerned that it may spread here: Do you find that concern unreasonable? And what Muslim hysteria are you referencing? I guess that I do not find it hysterical to look at the history of the Middle East, the terrorist attacks around the world as well as here in the U.S. and consider the possibility that some Muslims may want to harm us. What is it about this that you find distressing?

          9. Reality Check says

            Michael Savage: Obama Wants To Bring Ebola Epidemic To America”


            and here is the google search with hundreds more right wing blogs alluding to Obama wanting to kill off Americans.


          10. Tired... says

            Who is Michael Savage?

          11. Reality Check says

            the VOICE of right wing wacky speech.
            INFOWARS is his “site”

          12. Reality Check says

            “And what Muslim hysteria are you referencing?”

            how about the Trump ban on Muslims entering the country?

            how about the right wing blogs telling you that an ISIS terrorist will be coming to your home any day now?

            the ban on refugee because they are all terrorists?

            this ring a bell?
            since the odds of being in a terrorist event is one in 3 million, it seems a little silly that we dominate our daily thoughts about IT.

            ISLAM does NOT say they have to kill everyone else.
            and can lie and cheat, bla bla.

            this is probably the biggest and most harmful propaganda the right push.

          13. Tired... says

            I am not a Trump fan, but he suggested that it only be done for a period of time until they could be adequately vetted. The only Muslim hysteria that I have observed is the overreaction to his statement.

        2. Reality Check says

          ” Finally, I don’t mean to sound harsh, but ending your post with a slur about gullibility after throwing out the opposing view’s talking points is profoundly ironic.”

          those are not talking points. those are FACTS.

          the wa

          1. Tired... says

            I was referring to your final sentence.

          2. Reality Check says

            oh, well I do have a lot of evidence to offer on that matter.

            last year the right was convinced that Obama was going to bring in Ebola of kill us all and start a Muslim caliphate.

            we you one of them?

          3. Tired... says

            That is actually an insulting question. Personally I know of no one who held that belief, but it sure deflects attention from those who would question whether his policy at the time was wise.

          4. ThenStand says

            China did it…but do we want to go there? That’s what I’m struggling with… What if our new POTUS will take what has been done and run with it all the way? Though, we do need something, along with boots on the ground at our borders.

        3. ThenStand says

          China did built a huge, extensive wall…but do we want to go there? That’s what I’m struggling with… What if our new POTUS will take what has been done and run with it all the way? Though, we do need something, along with boots on the
          ground at our borders.

          1. AKLady2015 says

            The Communists built one in Berlin.
            Do we really want that for our Nation.

        4. AKLady2015 says

          Walls keep people in, as well as out.
          Possibly you are too young to remember the Berlin Wall.
          That wall is already under construction. Has been for some time.

          1. Tired... says

            Indeed they do. The difference between the two is that in America we want legal immigration and continue to encourage those who want a better life to do so lawfully. The issue is immigration and how to handle it… the wall is only one option.

      2. AKLady2015 says

        He will also deport many American citizens, simplly because their parents arrived without visas, or overstanyed a visa. In America. children have no rights.
        I fear for this Nation if he follows through with his promis. We cannot afford the tax revenue loss his actions will cause.

    3. AKLady2015 says

      Will he treat our country like her does his women?
      Oh, and maybe you should give those immigration laws a second look.
      Obama is taking in “war” refugees.
      They are victims of America’s rapidly growing demand for illegal drugs.

      1. figmo says

        From what I have seen his women are very well off. Certainly they aren’t treated like livestock the way muslims treat their women. You naively believe that “the enemy of my enemy is my ally” These “war refugees” apparently don’t even have to apply for asylum but are admitted and sneaked into different parts of our country by the most incompetent, anti american president in our history. It’s not a question of if but only of how many ISIS terrorists are coming in with the “refugees” You should go on the internet a discover how these wonderful refugees are treating the citizens of the european countries who welcomed them – rapes, robberies, vicious attacks for no good reason except the joy of hurting people. I suggest that if you are so enamored with these low life animals, that you go and live among them. Their migration here has lowered the average intelligence of our country by 15%

      2. figmo says

        I hope so, his women are quite well off. Certainly they are not treated like livestock the way muslims treat their women. These “war refugees” apparently do not have to apply for asylum as our laws require. Instead our most incompetent, unamerican president in history just sneaks them in and places them in different locations in our country. Our intelligence sources admit that ISIS terrorists are among them and we have no way of determining who is who. You will notice that he does not allow Christian refugees to enter (possibly one or two) but leaves them to be slaughtered and they have been by the tens of thousands. You should view the videos on the internet to see how these low life animals treat the citizens of the european countries who welcomed them. Rapes, robberies and vicious assaults are common. If you are so enamored with these low life scum, you should live among them or are you a NIMBY (not in my back yard)? I hear that so far the migration from the middle east to here has lowered the average intelligence of both areas by about

  11. Joanne says

    Trump acts like he’s bipolar, how can anyone trash people the way he does, same tendencies as Obama with the egomaniacal trait, how can anyone vote for such a liar?

    1. AKLady2015 says

      Obama respects women.
      Trump, on the other hand, treats them like garbage.

  12. ThenStand says

    We absolutely need people in government who will protect all our God-given freedoms, as well as our U.S. Constitution, without falling for the tactics of the progressive establishment in both parties.

    However, Trump may not be what we hope he will be. He uses tactics all the time, and he has admitted he changes/renegotiates deals. He has been changing on various issues. How do we know for certain that he won’t change again right after receiving the job of POTUS.

    Also, Trump likes Executive Orders, and he likes to take personal advantages in loopholes of the law. He loves control and has admitted he wants to always have his way. How do we know for certain he won’t act as a ‘king’, or that he would not use that POWER to personally benefit? There’s nothing I’ve seen in his past that is comforting in these regards.

    Trump: Shut Down Internet, Shut Down Free Speech!

    TRUMPED: The Donald, The Widow and Eminent Domain

    Donald Trump: Replace Obamacare with Universal Health Care

    TRUMPED: The Donald, The Widow and Eminent Domain

    1. AKLady2015 says

      He is currently on wife #4.
      That is all any women should need to know about Trump.
      That divorce record speaks volumes about his morals and ethics.

  13. Richard Daugherty says

    Trump will only become stronger now as time goes on. Rubio is not a viable choice because of who backs him. Plus he never does his job now. Would it change if he was pres? OH!! the estab would tell him to what to do.

    1. ThenStand says

      There’s absolutely no guarantee Trump will listen to the people if he were to be elected. He likes having things his way and as outspoken as he seems to be, he’s not forthright on his views, or specific about his plans.

  14. Vernon R. Walker says

    Trump is the best man for all of us

    1. AKLady2015 says

      Which country will he start a war with first?

    2. ThenStand says

      Trump is good at telling people what they want to hear and flip-flops fluidly. He prides himself in his marketing skills. How do you know he won’t flip-flop on something that matters most to you…even something he’s made a large part of his campaign?

  15. AKLady2015 says

    As a military child and as a military wife, I have lived in many places. The two most bigoted cities were Milwaukee, WI and Charleston, SC. At the time the Charleston Naval Shipyard was the area’s main employer. Yes, I can se where the ultra-white. ultra-rich Trump would have the lead.

    1. Tired... says

      Interesting…I would have thought that the most bigoted city was Washington DC,

  16. AKLady2015 says

    Congress maks the laws.
    Congress spemds the money.
    If you want a wall, you need to tell the person you elected.