No Defense for Obama’s Prayer Breakfast Remarks


Boy, he really brought them out of the woodwork this time. For the last couple of years, the mainstream media has gently dipped their toes into the deep end. Maybe it wouldn’t be completely racist to criticize this president once in a while. You know, just when it’s too big to ignore. Nothing major. Just a few nips around the edges. Maybe take a couple of shots at the way he treats us, for instance.

But if our journalist overlords were easing their way back from Obama and on to the Democratic favorite for 2016, Hillary Clinton, the latest scuffle over the president’s Prayer Breakfast remarks has brought them back to his side. In a way, you have to admire all the liberals who have decided to stick their necks out on this one. They certainly didn’t pick an easy topic to jump in on. It’s hard to find any defense for Obama’s remarks that doesn’t sound like anti-American trash. Oh wait, now I get it. A chance to bash Christians, white people, and America? Of course liberals would jump at the chance!

In case you haven’t been paying attention, Obama used his time at the National Prayer Breakfast to speak, in part, about the “death cult” known as the Islamic State. While he left no doubt about where he stands on the matter of ISIS (or ISIL, as he insists), he couldn’t leave his remarks there. Oh no, this was a chance to stir up the pot a little. So he told us that we shouldn’t be too quick to judge ISIS.

Unless we get on our high horse and think this is unique to some other place, remember that during the Crusades and the Inquisition, people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ.

Just…why? Why do we need to remember that? What does that have to do with what’s happening right now in Iraq and Syria? What do the Crusades have to do with September 11th, the Boston Bombing, “lone wolf” attacks, the Charlie Hebdo massacre, or the hundreds of other Islamic attacks of the last 20 years? What purpose does it serve for us to sit back and reflect on slavery at a time like this? What does it mean to Obama to bring up the Jim Crow laws in such a context, as he did in followup comments?

To the president’s liberal defenders, it’s not necessary to explain the message. The mere fact that it’s true is explanation enough. Funny, they didn’t see things that way when the Ferguson Police Department released that closed-circuit video of Michael Brown robbing a convenience store. That was immaterial and prejudicial. Why, it happened minutes before the shooting! Ancient history! But when it comes to Islamic terrorism, we can feel free to go back 1,000 years if it means drawing out a Christian equivalent.

There’s no defense. It shouldn’t have been said. But in a way, I’m glad that it was. Now we all know exactly where Obama and his leftwing cabal stand on the subject. ISIS is bad, but hey, bad stuff happens in the world. Whaddya gonna do? It’s good to know. Helpful. Instructive. We can stop hoping that one of these days, he’s going to wake up from his slumber and decide to do something about this national security threat. He’s not going to. To him, this is just the Middle East and Islam going through some growing pains. If they kill some Americans along the way? Welp, just remember all the bad stuff America did way back when and get over it.

  1. MAHB001 says

    ABC, NBC, CBS are owned and controlled by the Left. They have formed a cabal and together, they set and control public opinion with a constant stream of liberal propaganda.
    Did you know the three “NEWS” Programs on ABC, NBC, and CBS are not aired at the same time? NBC (5:30-6pm) CBS (6-6:30pm) and ABC (6:30-7pm) are timed to pass their viewers from station to station. Their Programs are very similar in structure, and their Propaganda stories are written to prop each others credibility up.
    When they are done with the nightly “news” they have set the national narrative, confirmed the stories for each other, and firmly implanted liberal progressive propaganda into their viewers brains. From the inside, you are completely unaware of the indoctrination.
    That is why they are so successful at squashing stories that hurt 0bama. AND that is why they are so successful at sensationalizing stories that hurt Conservatives. There is a special place in h3ll for the hypocrites that control these stations.
    We can do something about the corruption. But we MUST stick together.

    1. Croco Dile says

      “…..ABC, NBC, CBS are owned and controlled by the Left….”

      No, they are owned and controlled by corporations.
      This is almost the most easy thing to find out using the internet !

      1. MAHB001 says

        Yes, ABC, NBC, and CBS are Owned and Controlled by the Left.
        Just like the Schools, Unions and Democrats.

        1. Croco Dile says

          Then you must redefine the meaning of “the Left” to fit the corporations.
          But since we know (at least we should know) “the Left” is just a tool in the hands of Big Money, it won’t be that hard for you to do it.

          1. MAHB001 says

            Big money is not the problem here. Evil is. It is all about control.
            Let me simplify and clarify. There is a HUGE difference between the left and right, Democrats and Republicans, Socialism and the Constitution
            Left = Liberal Progressives = Democrats = Socialism.
            Right = Republican = Capitalism = Constitution
            One would rule the masses by Socialism the other Capitalism.
            I will be the first to admit that the good ol boy network that is in control of the Republicans is corrupt.
            BUT – They have been put on notice, they still need to pretend to be in favor of Capitalism and the Constitution. They must operate in the dark, and those guys can no longer stay in the dark. The moral majority is starting to awake.
            I believe corporations do what they must to survive just like the rest of us. BUT, just like Brian Williams, the media has become corrupt and is using its position of power to sway public opinion, report the news with a bias, and ultimately lead America into socialism. Which you can equate to communism.

          2. Paula says

            I agree with you, Croco Dile & WhiteFalcon: Without big money, and the corruption it buys, they wouldn’t have the incredible control that the Left holds.

            For whatever reason, the loony lefties just LOVE socialism….it seems the richer they are (think Bill Gates) the more they want to see us become socialists.

            Changing the subject, somewhat, I find it “funny” that Brian Williams lies, gets caught, the story gets blasted all over, he gets suspended for 6 months without pay. Hillary lies, people died she lied some more and she gets the democratic nod for presidency!

            Talk about corrupt.. this woman and her husband never met a lie they didn’t tell.

          3. grunion says

            Damn fascists!!!

          4. Beeotchstewie says

            An Obama has taken that strategy to a whole new level. Taqiyya.

          5. Dot says

            I agree with you, Paula. And the same DECEIVED people will end up voting for her, that voted for Odumbo.

          6. MAHB001 says

            0bama is the first President to hold the office after being proven a liar.
            That is how corrupt (and powerful) the media has become.
            If it weren’t for social media, like twitter, the entire Brain Williams thing would have been swept under the carpet. Just like 0bama and Hillary’s lies.
            The cabal of the Left Stream News must be stopped, or socialism is the next stop for America.

          7. Mark Clemens says

            Money is the root of all evil.
            Look how poor and sorry of a job our congress has done since Citizens United allows big corporations buy and sell politicians, like the political whores they are. Big Money squelches the voices of the middle class (look where their factory jobs went; over seas) and poor. If you can’t afford $500,000 for a plate of pork and beans, the candidates can’t hear you……..

          8. Dot says

            Just to clarify something you said. Scripture says, “the LOVE of money is the root of all evil. Lots of people, and SOME corporations, (though RARE), are very generous with their money, BUT, when you LOVE money so much, that you use it for EVIL….like you said, “big corporations buy and sell politicians”, then that is just WRONG, and I don’t know what the answer is, but it does leave the middle class and poor, feeling quite hopeless. The majority of the middle class and poor, want what is best for America, and the BIG CORPORATIONS, want to fill their pockets to the brim and running over, and the heck with anyone else. There is POWER in having lots of money. EVIL POWER, that controls the masses. How can we fight this? I have no clue.

          9. Mark Clemens says

            Simple actually. We only need 3 little laws, I bet all 3 parties can agree on…..
            1. TERM LIMITS (4 for the House, 2 for the Senate)
            2. DONATION LIMITS ($10,000 per person, per company)
            3. AGE LIMITS (The Capitol is for governing, not a old folks home for the super rich: like Senators Byrd and Feinstein)

          10. Dot says

            Makes perfect sense to me. Of course, common sense says that this will NEVER happen while Odumbo is the muslim dictator of America. God forbid that things turn around for our good.

          11. Mark Clemens says

            Greed spans over all races and religions. It is not prejudice. I don’t think Obama is a Muslim, I think he’s an Atheist.

          12. kotoc says

            Mark, I don’t know if you saw his speech or not where he actually STATED that he would side with Muslims should an ugly shift in the wind come, or that he called the “Reverend” Jeremiah Wright his “mentor” when he was forced to change his stance after Wright said, “…no, God DAMN America…” and changed his tune really quick because it was such an outrage. Shortly after that, he stated (with a straight face) that he never sided with Wright’s sermons. He is the LIAR IN CHIEF!! He is so good at lying, I don’t know if he even knows HOW to tell the truth! In fact, there are so many truths that would land him in prison (or hanged for treason) that you can’t blame him for continuing to lie… it’s the only way he can make his quick escape at the end of his presidency with the money he’s squandered out of taxpayers’ money.

          13. Mark Clemens says

            …….See how quick he ditched his preacher man. Most people of faith stick w/their church and Preacher. Only a person of no faith would ditch their Preacher that fast. I bet he got hooked up w/Wright to get brownie points for his Community Organization stuff.

          14. Jarhead says

            AND DRUG TESTING for sure.

          15. Mark Clemens says

            For Sure! I don’t even care if a doctor prescribes it. If you’re on pain pills, or any mind altering substance. You should NOT be legislating laws……..!!

          16. MAHB001 says

            I agree with you on Term Limits and campaign reform.
            I think the term limits will fix the age limits issue.

          17. MAHB001 says

            Power corrupts and the cesspool that we call Washington DC will corrupt anyone that is exposed to it for any length of time.
            Mark is correct.
            Term Limits
            AND We the People must monitor and limit the power we give the government.
            I also think that the Corporations actions are motivated as much by self preservation as greed.

          18. Jeanne Stotler says

            He’s off to Calif. today, at our expense, for a so called fund raiser, and to play golf. The fund raiser is not suppose to be at OUR expense, the Dems. owe the federal bank a boat load of money, this needs to be exposed and the money collected. All campaign money is suppose to be by the Party, not the people, during the time from 2009 and including today, when did they ( the Dems,) pay for AF 1 flights plus the planes used as decoys, the helicopter, and those planes that transport the limo.??

          19. Florio Vino says

            I doubt that they will ever be exposed as our Chicken Media is either completely behind “Herr Obama” and supports him completely, except for “FOX’ and some independent network stations and newspapers! We don`t utilize the positions of the others at this point either! “GOLF” is now this Countries major problem, along with extensive vacations for the Obamas` et al (enacted by him ) on us the taxpayers, obviously without even an independent notice, by HIM! I rest my case.

          20. WhiteFalcon says

            I view them as both being tools of the other. Big money, Corps., billionaires like Warren Buffet, etc. buy the services of politicians to vote the way they want them to. They are themselves tools of the politicians becase it is they that are furnishing the money that finances re elections and corruption money that directly or indirectly goes into politicians’ pockets.

          21. grunion says

            Corporations working with government to assure domestic tranquility is fascism.

          22. Beeotchstewie says

            George Soros is the worst of all of them.

          23. WhiteFalcon says


      2. bpr1122 says

        Most CEO’s of fortune 500 corporations are liberal.

        1. Croco Dile says

          Are they liberal first or Big Money first ?
          Whatever they are, they serve the ruling class.

      3. grunion says

        Well, it is the first time I have seen this breakdown and it is enlightening. Thanx for posting it.

      4. Mark Clemens says

        “Those who control the media, will control the masses”- Jim Morrison
        If a dude who was out of his mind on acid and liquor understood this. Why is it taking the rest of y’all so long to catch on? I quit believing most of the news after Walter Cronkite retired.
        For the love of God and Freedom don’t trust Brian Williams, Ed Sholtz, Shawn Hanity
        Williams and Sholtz are out right liers. Hanity is just a paid right wing mouth piece……

        1. MAHB001 says

          You do realize that Hannity is opinion and Williams/Sholtz are supposed to be a reporter.
          Reporters are supposed to report with objectivity. There is a huge difference, or there is supposed to be.

      5. Jerry Holloway says

        But who owns these corporations ?

        1. Mark Clemens says

          Jeffrey Immelt is our Job Czar, and is CEO of GE. He can’t send his company’s jobs to China fast enough. He’s DEPORTED over 100,000 jobs in the past decade…….

          1. Jeanne Stotler says

            AND GE owns NBC

          2. Mark Clemens says

            CBS too, I think. That was the reason Letterman took his show to the other network.

        2. Croco Dile says

          Big Money does.

    2. kotoc says

      You DO make a very valid point, MAHB001…. AND I wholeheartedly agree with you!!! However, the topic of discussion here is how Obama is clearly trying to downplay the evils of ISIS by comparing their atrocities to what happened a long time ago with the Crusades and our great-great-great-great grandparents (or others we aren’t even related to) that owned slaves. We had nothing to do with that, did we? I know I didn’t, and there is NO way that I can go back and change the things that happened way back when… but what OBAMA is doing is saying that we shouldn’t judge too harshly NOW about what’s going on in his comparison… as if he is as unable (or more likely, unwilling) to change (or do anything about) things as we are to change history.

      1. Paula says

        The catch here is: The Christians STOPPED

        1. kotoc says

          We stopped doing what? The terroristic atrocities that ISIS is doing now? I don’t seem to recall Christians blowing up churches, raping children, beheading people, or praying to the devil and calling it “Allah.” But the Crusades DID stop, and Christianity became the religion of peace, so you DO have a point there also. Obama hasn’t considered THAT little detail, has he?

          1. Jerry Holloway says

            You know its going to come down to cowboy and muslims one day .

          2. kotoc says

            I suppose I am a cowboy…. bring ’em… I’m armed and READY!

          3. Jerry Holloway says

            I hear you me to bring it on.

          4. MAHB001 says

            Lets roll !

          5. chaka says

            Well I do remember Christians blowing up churches in fact Birmingham Ala was called Bombingham during the civil rights movement and Black men were routinely lynched by having their testicles cut off and being burned alive. That’s where the term picnic comes from “pick a nigger”.These public lynchings didn’t stop until black WW II and Korean War vets took up arms to protect first their communities then civil rights workers. It turned out the good white Christians weren’t willing to take a chance on dying for White supremacy!!!

          6. kotoc says

            Weren’t those people called the Ku Klux Klan? I oppose them also.

          7. Jeanne Stotler says

            And they were Democrats, as was LBJ who started this welfare BS, where having a “man” in the house validated payments.

          8. Mark Clemens says

            I somewhat see ISIS to Muslims as the Klan was to Christianity. Both hide behind their respective” Good Books” to justify their evil agendas……….
            Peace and Love will win the day……

          9. mac12sam12 says

            It was the Christians that started the Abolitionist party, also known as the republican party in 1853.

          10. Jarhead says

            And all demonicRATS?

          11. chaka says

            Yep the perpetrators were, but they did so at the behest and under the protection of the White Citizens Council the good old boys network of businessmen, lawyers judges and big time farmers! However the hundreds that showed up to witness these atrocities

            were every day citizens!!!!

          12. ken29 says

            Chaka: That’s a bit like Obama’s example of the Crusades. I small bit of fact
            interspersed among a lot of intentional misinterpretation, misdirection, and (the contemporary word) misremembered, though I doubt you are old enough to
            actually remember any of that.

          13. chaka says

            That’s exactly like his example!!! Furthermore I am old enough to remember 4 little black girls blown up in a church in Bombingham and people having police dogs sicced them, beaten some of them to death just for wanting to vote! I also remember walking 2 miles down a dusty road to buy a soda, only to refuse to buy it because I couldn’t go in the front door. Just like I remember my grand Uncle being murdered by a white man! And driving a 1967 Toronado with a bored out 425 inch engine with close to 450 hp through the deep south from Florida to North Carolina on my way to college during the mid 70’s with a sawed off shotgun broke down on the seat covered with a towel and the intention to out run the local county sheriff’s if I could(and did ), but to go down fighting if I had to. White America has amnesia but the rest of the world doesn’t. If you didn’t then you would know that when the Emperor of the Byzantine Empire asked for aid against the Turks. He wanted at the most a 1000 Knights. Pope Urban II took it as an opportunity to end the incessant warfare among the Europeans by encouraging a crusade of hundreds of thousands to save the Holy Land. According to the writings from fellow crusaders like Ralph of Caen along the way these good Christians massacred the Rhineland Jews and are said to have not only massacred the people of Antioch but also practiced cannibalism by cutting the men up and boiling them in pots while they skewered the boys and roasted them on spits. Not mention the massacre of 30,000 Muslims Christians and Jews at the fall of Jerusalem July 15, 1099.

          14. Paula says

            Actually you’re saying the same thing I did, in different words. I said Christians STOPPED the Crusades about a 1,000 years ago. I didn’t say Christians were running around like the savage muslims are! I’m saying that obama doesn’t like Christians BUT he loves islam… and the more terror islam does, the more he will defend them.

        2. Beeotchstewie says

          After having to resort to war to protect their own lands and their lives from Muslim invaders.

        3. JO 753 says

          And you think the Crusadez were the last bad thing dun in the name uv Chistianity?

          1. MAHB001 says

            And you think the Crusades justify Islamic Extremists?

          2. JO 753 says


          3. MAHB001 says

            Apparently 0bama does.

          4. JO 753 says

            Obviously you hav only red the GoP propaganda about this. Try watching the actual video.

          5. MAHB001 says

            The video is nauseating. I’ve seen it.

          6. JO 753 says

            That meanz you hav been too deep in the GoP eko chamber for too long. You are living in a false reality in wich Obama iz an evil genius/idiot dedicated to ruining the country. You are incapable uv understanding anything he sez kuz it gets garbled by the filter in your brain.

          7. MAHB001 says

            Your Liberal logic is only believable if you are indoctrinated. I am not.
            To the rest of us, your posts are childish, and kind of sad to think you might even believe your own gibberish.

          8. JO 753 says

            I dont hav liberal lojik. Sum uv the liberalz on the Daily Kos website hav labeled me a rite wing extreemist. I go with wut makes sens. I dont alwayz get thingz rite the 1st time, but I’m alwayz redy to debate an issue & aksept a better idea. The so-called ‘conservatives’ virtually alwayz ignore facts and lojik that counter their view.

          9. MAHB001 says

            No doubt the arrogant ones on the Kos think rather lowly of you. Personally, I think your phcytsophrinic and unaware of logic in general and incapable of using it.
            But then again, that is the definition of liberal logic.

          10. ken29 says

            Well, I can remember bad things done by avowed Christians, less often “in the name uv (sic)”. I don’t remember that there have been any more recent
            examples “dun (sic) in the name uv (sic) Christianity specifically against
            avowed Muslims. How is that relevant? Is that sort of like “Gee Mom, all the
            other kids do it!”?

      2. MAHB001 says

        I feel the biased reporting is enabling 0bama to make the preposterous statements that he does. The first couple of paragraphs in this article address the bias and that was all it took for me to spin out of control and possibly off topic
        These left leaning News programs prop up 0bamas narcissistic behavior. .

        1. kotoc says

          I know exactly how you feel….. been there, done that. If I were to say that what Obama is doing to destroy our country is infuriating is the understatement of the year!! I don’t like him at all…. he not only does NOT deserve to be our President, he doesn’t even deserve the air he breathes. He is pure evil. His EXACT intent is to destroy our once great nation from within our own system because he’s a MUSLIM EXTREMIST. He’s a very slick liar, and he has the smooth ability to placate the Kool-Aid drinkers, and the government handout recipients.

          1. MAHB001 says

            One of his primary tools (puppets) is the media. It must be neutralized in order to have a level playing field for a fair debate.
            That is what my web site is designed to do. Root out and expose the corruption of these biased news organizations.
            If you have not already joined, please join, if you have get all your friends to join as well. With numbers, we can convince the advertisers to move their ads off ABC, NBC, and CBS. Once that is done, funding will be up to Soros, and his ilk.
            Thanks, if I had done this before 2012, we might not have to have dealt with 0bama for four more years. I do not think the general population would have voted for him knowing that he and Hillary lied about Benghazi.

      3. R Miller says

        We judge too harshly? He is the one who jumps on the police when a bro gets in trouble, before any investigation is complete. Obama is a consistent evil man, with a destroy America agenda. (*I forgot to mention he won the war on terrorists in the last election year.)

  2. Croco Dile says

    “….the latest scuffle over the president’s Prayer Breakfast remarks…..”

    Why paying attention to this nonsense at all ?!
    Why looking up for this illegitimate “authority” at all ?!

    The vast majority of suffering and injustice in the world, today and spanning back thousands of years, can be directly attributed to a single idea. It is not greed or hatred, or any of the other emotions or ideas that are usually blamed for the evils of society. Instead, most of the violence, theft, assault and murder in the world is the result of a mere superstition – a belief which, though almost universally held, runs contrary to all evidence and reason (though, of course, those who hold the belief do not see it that way).

    Nearly everyone is raised to believe that obedience to “authority” is a virtue (at least in most cases), that respecting and complying with the “laws” of “government” is what makes us civilized, and that disrespect for “authority” leads only to chaos and violence. In fact, people have been so thoroughly trained to associate obedience with “being good” that attacking the concept of “authority” will sound, to most people, like suggesting that there is no such thing as right and wrong, no need to abide by any standards of behavior, no need to have any morals at all.

    by Larken Rose 2011

    1. grunion says

      I have always had authority issues. That explains all the scars. They don’t like it when you won’t stay in line, not unlike grade school. As an adult, it annoys me greatly.

    2. kotoc says

      Apparently you seem to think that it’s perfectly acceptable to NOT comply with “rules” or “law.” Am I correct? You’re a rebel… a non-conformist. In a way, that’s good, but when you stop to think about it, there are some rules and laws that are intended to PROTECT people. Is it acceptable to you to rob someone? No? Yes? Is it acceptable to you that someone gets killed for what they believe? Yes, or no? The “law” is that you shall not steal. The “law” is that you shall not kill. If you are a criminal, I suppose that’s not a problem with you. Are YOU a criminal? I’ll bet you voted for Obama, too!!

      1. Croco Dile says

        You don’t understand what I’m talking about.

        Read this book >

  3. Croco Dile says

    “….we all know exactly where Obama and his leftwing cabal stand….”

    To reinforce the superstition of the populace having Faith in illegitimate “authority” ?

  4. terryk says

    Obama get facts straight the Crusades were begun to counter Arab aggression and expansion. Just before his death Mohammed actually began the first attacks against the Christians Just like today their reason to establish a Muslim Caliphate. Obama re-writes history to suit his concept just like he re-writes the laws. We should realize where the Muslim in chief’s loyalty lies. Once a Muslim always a Muslim.

    1. MustashMike says

      What? Obola get his facts straight? Are you kidding?, everything that falls out of this Gar-Boon’s mouth is shit.

      1. RobertNorwood says

        Does not make TerryK’s comment incorrect – can you read or do you just make stupid comments? We know “everything that falls out of this Gar-Boon’s mouth is shit” so what exactly is your point?

        1. MustashMike says

          My point is clear, This Gar-Boon is Liar and everything he “SEZ” is SHIT…. Get It? I was being Funny, and terry k’s comment is correct, the Gar-Boon can never get his Facts Straight. One question for you, Norwood.. Are you Bad enough to pick a fight?

          1. RobertNorwood says

            I’ve made my bones…

          2. MustashMike says

            Yeah? Well I’ve stacked mine like cordwood.

          3. RobertNorwood says

            I’m happy for ya…

      2. ken29 says

        Heck no! Least of all when he doesn’t have a teleprompter to read from. Then you get the unfiltered nonsense directly from what’s stored in his “brain”.

        1. MustashMike says

          Yup! I concur.

        2. Kent2012 says

          what is stored in there is years of communist and rag indoctrination…..filled to the brim with hatred of the Brits, Israelis, capitalism, and democracy….

          1. AttMore says

            I’ll add,he hates God,the True Living God…as in Father,Son,Holy Spirit….God Bless all Patriots and Israel….

        3. Combatvet52 says

          What brain ??????

          1. hjjusa says

            The one he flushed down the toilet before he became president. I was going tosay before the breakfast but I realized it happened many moons ago, maybe even when he was a grub.

          2. Combatvet52 says

            He was an AH when he was a senator theres no difference now except for the fact he became rich at our expense.

      3. pmbalele says

        And TPs and Repubs, like you, are whining that Eric Holder has been hiring people on nepotism. It seems you Repubs and TPs forgot that you have been doing so for a long time. Eric Holder was right to hire as many qualified Blacks as possible to repair the hurt Blacks had suffered as result of racial discrimination. After all nepotism is enabled and encouraged by the 7th circuit judges. Read their decisions and write back to me.

        1. MustashMike says

          You mean hiring inept blacks to do work they can’t get off a cell phone long enough to do the job they were hired to do, even if they could learn to do it. Right?

          1. pmbalele says

            Are you dumb or something wrong with your brains. You have to pass exams before being hired Federal civil service positions. They do not put you there for fun. Most of people hired in DOJ have JD degrees. Do you have a degree?

          2. Sue Breslin says

            Yes they have to pass exams, BUT don’t forget, our wonderful educational guru’s decided to LOWER the standards, so as to make it FAIR for a certain class of people to pass exams just to get into college. jUST SAYING.

          3. pmbalele says

            I am Black and I took a Wisconsin state written exam and ranked highest or No. 1 without Veteran’s or race AA consideration. It is when whole world in the state government came down wondering how a Black male could beat Whites in state written exam. Still the hiring official with advice from legal counsel refused to promote me. I took the State of Wisconsin to federal district court. The federal judge, a white woman, was dumb-founded to hear a Black male beat White males on written exam. Here is what happened in the federal court, Judge Crabb asking sarcastically:
            Crabb: What was your score and rank on exam?
            Balele:I scored 93.6% and I ranked number 1 or highest
            Crabb: No!
            State lawyer: Yes, your honor. He ranked highest.
            Crabb: How many people took the exam?
            State lawyer: A lot of people, your honor.
            Crabb: Were there Whites taking the exam?
            State lawyer: Yes, your honor
            Crabb: I can’t believe it. It was not an exam.
            State lawyer: Yes your honor. It was an exam – here is copy of his slip.

            Judge Crabb became irritated to hear a Black male beat Whites in state written exam. She dismissed the case and ordered me to be quiet; and told me to appeal if I wanted. Crabb could not stand it – a Black man beat Whites in a state written exam. She was born in Green Bay – and was raised to believe Blacks were intellectually inferior to Whites. I have filed a disciplinary complaint against Crabb with US judiciary Committee. So those Blacks hired in DOJ scored just as well as Whites. Please call Crabb at USDC W. Wisconsin in Madison. Your belief, like Judge Crabb, is dumb.

          4. lovinspoonful says

            If most people hired in DOJ have JD degrees then why do they lie and do such illegal things?

          5. pmbalele says

            They do not lie. Lawyers are not supposed to lie. They just present idea which you and many Repubs are too dumb to understand. Did you pass your Stats exam. Your friend Scott Walker of Wisconsin flunked and was kicked out of college. He went to England and made a fool of himself. He could not respond to questions asked by Think Tanks.

          6. MustashMike says

            Oh Bull Shit, you dumb ass, Blacks are hired because they are Black. They don’t have degrees unless they are getting them through Government Programs that are Paid for By WHITE WORKING TAX PAYERS thus “Wealth Redistribution” The VA is CHOCKED FULL of Black Workers Not Working, and in every other GOVERNMEMT POSITION POSSIBLE, that’s why nothing get done. You must be a black person, and Yes I have several degrees, if you had a Brain it most likely would look like a BB rolling down a 6 lane Highway.

        2. mac12sam12 says

          The 1960’s and the Civil War were a long time ago, time for blacks to get over it and take responsibility for their lives. What the left has accomplished is turning blacks into racists, the black on white crime figure proves that.

          1. OSAMA OBAMA says

            “the black on white crime figure proves that”….Why does the racist, pig, press only report on the white on black crime?? Oh, I forgot, only white Christians are racist..

          2. Don Berghuis says

            No, white Christians are not racist necessarily. Some are, some non Christians are racist,some Jews , some Muslims are racist. It is how you treat those NOT LIKE YOU that determines whether you are racist or not.

          3. pappadave says

            Then you’re saying that 97% of American blacks are racists? They MUST be for voting for Obama SIMPLY BECAUSE HE’S BLACK.

          4. MrSwingGuitar says

            Are you truly stupid enough to believe that the only reason African Americans would vote for Obama is the color of his skin? How about the fact that the Republican candidates in both the elections were totally clueless? Given a choice, I’m going to vote for the smart guy (who happens to be black) who actually seems to understand America’s problems rather than the borderline senile senator or the silver spoon 1%er. Of course, even if it were a toss up as to who to vote for, having the first chance in your life to vote for a president who looks a tiny bit like you would be tempting.

          5. pappadave says

            Only in the fevered mind of a idiot progressive is John Kerry (net worth $260 million) a great man and good Presidential prospect while Mitt Romney (net worth $200 million) a greedy, silver spoon 1%er. John Kerry married his millions. Mitt Romney earned his. He DONATED TO CHARITY his entire inheritance from his father’s estate.

          6. MrSwingGuitar says

            First of all, who mentioned Kerry? My comments were confined to the last two presidential elections. I don’t believe that being rich disqualifies anyone from being a good person. FDR was vilified as a traitor to his class when he put Social Security and such into effect. Romney only is interested in the interests of his moneyed friends, however. If you truly want to make the laughable assertion that Romney starting out rich had nothing to do with his becoming even richer, well, you’re sure gonna get laughed at.

          7. pappadave says

            When they were first married, Romney and his spouse lived in a 1-bedroom walk-up. Does that sound like someone who’s “rich” to you? He gave away ALL of his inheritance from his father’s estate and made his fortune ON HIS OWN.

          8. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Dumbass libTURD! Kerry married his fortune like the sissy, band-aid warrior he is.

          9. MrSwingGuitar says

            So, you win the idiot prize….Even if you DIDN’T remember that John Kerry didn’t run in either of the elections mentioned, if you actually read what I said it would have jogged your memory, if any. I have to say, you’re exploring new frontiers in stupidity here.

          10. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Your blather, “or the silver spoon 1%er.” Seems your awesome turd Sec. of State is one too, only he DIDN’T earn his. Horse face married his.

          11. MrSwingGuitar says

            So, the most interesting point for me in this exchange is that it took you 10 minutes of “someone is typing a new response” to manage to compose two sentences. I’m done with you….it’s not really any fun having a duel of wits with an unarmed man.

          12. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Funny stuff douche nozzle…… grade schoolers have better come backs.

          13. MustashMike says

            You ARE DERANGED, John (dumb Ass) Kerry, That’s the best Laugh yet, hah hah hah.

          14. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Stupid clueless condom! Did you never see the “I voted for our first black president” stickers on all of those Priuses?

          15. MrSwingGuitar says

            Well, there you go…guess you are exactly that stupid. My condolences.

          16. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Blather on condom!

          17. Combatvet52 says

            Thank you pappadave for getting Don straight.

          18. pmbalele says

            You mean are using White 7th Circuit judges to punish Blacks for being the current leaders now? You morons thought Blacks were sub-humans. What happened that they are now leaders?

          19. Sue Breslin says

            If you are referring to Black Leaders such as Dr. Ben Carson, Col Alan West, Senator Mia Love, they are the ones that have seen through the DemoRats bull sh**t, and educated themselves to be INDEPENDENT thinkers and are afforded the highest respect from all sides of the fence. However, if you are referring to Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson etc, then you are just as delusional as they are and cannot even see the fence.

          20. pmbalele says

            Those Blacks including Dr. Carson, West, Cain and Mia Love have been brain-washed by Koch Brothers. They think they are brothers from another mother. These Blacks are ready to sell Black to masters.

          21. Sue Breslin says

            And you haven’t?

          22. Iam so pleased says

            Yep, that Al Sharpton is just one bright human being. Whose point does that prove. Don’t like that example try Jesse Jackson, Eric or barry. Not a one is a leader. They have lied their way into leadership positions but they are not leaders.

          23. lovinspoonful says

            Al Sharpton is corrupt, a hoax and a liar. He init4es riots which is illegal but is anything done? No!
            He owes millions of dollars in income tax but is anything done? No He is now a regular visitor to the White House so what does that tell you.

          24. Combatvet52 says

            It tells me that one shit is visiting the other shit.

          25. Don Berghuis says

            Of course, Teddy Cruz, Randy Paul, either Bushie, Sarah (Caribou Barbie) Pallin are all paragons of virtue and truthfulness. Yeah right—-it is to laugh.

          26. LastGasp says

            Non sequitur, troll.

          27. lovinspoonful says

            You are the moron and extremely prejudiced. You have no idea what you are talking abut.

          28. LastGasp says

            No. we just think you are subhuman.

          29. pmbalele says

            Good luck. That is what you thought in 50s and 60s. Now you have a Black family living in the WH. Also I hope you read what I just posted. I took a Wisconsin job written exam with other 200 people. I was the only Black in the exam room. I ranked highest or No. 1 on the exam. People in the Wisconsin state service could not believe it – a Black man beat Whites. They did not know I had the education and training for the position. Now I have a case with a private licensed lawyer. Like you, he despises Blacks. We were in a case and I wanted him to strike a bargain with me. He looked at me with an attitude and said: “Please do not talk to me.” I said “Okay.” He lost part of the case. He cried what went wrong a Black man won the case over him. He looks 75 years old. Now we are going for final stretch. So continue lying to yourself that Blacks are sub-humans. You may fall down with heart attack like some people in State of Wisconsin government and the lawyer. I will keep you posted on the case with the lawyer.

          30. MustashMike says

            Ah OH we got a Black Family in the White House…. Yeah the worst President in History, and the most stupid, he did nothing for ANY OF THE CITIZENS of the UNITED STATES, he just nigger-rigged the GOVERNMENT huh? Go on tell us he didn’t.

          31. pmbalele says

            I know you’re raised as racist and with hate on African-Americans. You are too late no. You have to live with them whether you like it or not. If you do not want to see Blacks around you, please jump in the lake. Remember lakes are now cold. I hope by the time we rescue you, you will have come to your senses. You’re now dangerous to Whites, Blacks, Asians, Latinos, your family and yourself. So Calm down and see a mental doctor.

          32. MustashMike says

            No I wasn’t raised a racist, it happened when I lived with them in the military. I found 2 in the many I was around I could depend on no matter what. I was out with them and they filled me in… “Never trust them when they are in a pack, they will turn on you like a pack of wolves”. I have seen it too many times not to know the truth, they told me true… A rose is a rose is a rose.. I like my new “Sayin” How do you spell “Saggin” as in sagging pants? oh and this one is good too, “Saggin jeans can’t run” n “Pant up Don’t Shoot” oh and there ain’t many BLACKS in Idaho, think there’s still a bounty on Queers and Blacks in Montana.

          33. Beeotchstewie says

            I had a black dude tell me the true origin of the term saggin. Spell it backwards.

          34. Combatvet52 says

            Do you mean what we have in office at the moment HA HA HA a loser is more like it.

          35. MustashMike says

            Leaders of What? Hah, The Race Bateing Bastards All!

          36. Don Berghuis says

            Civil war was a long time ago—150 years ago, but the 1960—not so long ago—and racism and lynching was going on after 1960.

          37. pappadave says

            Nonsense. The last “lynching” took place in 1967 in Mississippi and it was a white man that was lynched…not a black man. He was lynched because he was a Republican.

          38. MrSwingGuitar says

            You sound like an idiot, “pappadave”. In 1981, two KKK members in Alabama randomly selected a 19-year-old black man, Michael Donald, and murdered him, to retaliate for a jury’s acquittal of a black man accused of murdering a police officer. In 1998, Shawn Allen Berry, Lawrence Russel Brewer, and ex-convict John William King murdered James Byrd, Jr. in Jasper, Texas.
            Byrd was a 49-year-old father of three, who had accepted an
            early-morning ride home with the three men. They attacked him and
            dragged him to his death behind their truck.
            The three men dumped their victim’s mutilated remains in the town’s
            segregated African American cemetery and then went to a barbecue. Local authorities immediately treated the murder as a hate crime and requested FBI assistance. The murderers (two of whom turned out to be members of a white supremacist prison gang) were caught and stood trial. Brewer and King were sentenced to death; Berry was sentenced to life in prison.

          39. pappadave says

            …and none of those victims were “lynched,” which is what we’re talking about here. BTW, at the time of the Byrd murder, there were no “hate crime” laws in Texas and Bush caught hell from the idiots on the left because he’d never signed one. Why bother? They were convicted and sentenced to death or life in prison. How do you “enhance” those sentences by calling it a “hate crime?” Are they executed TWICE? Does the other guy serve life PLUS 10 years. Who’s the idiot here?

          40. MrSwingGuitar says

            Here’s the dictionary definition: Lynching is an extra-legal trial and punishment by an informal group. It is most often used to characterize informal public executions by a mob, OFTEN by hanging, in order to punish an alleged transgressor, or to
            intimidate a minority group. In what way do those killings not qualify? I’d also be interested in your contention that someone was lynched in Mississippi in 1967 “because he was a Republican”. I’ve been searching for any citation that confirms this, and have come up empty.

          41. pappadave says

            Who cares what the “dictionary” definition is? In common usage, a lynching is a hanging by a mob.

          42. MrSwingGuitar says

            Ah, so all the black men who were burned alive by white mobs weren’t lynched? Thanks for the education.

          43. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Like the rest of your putrid arguments.

          44. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Why don’t you twerps mention the black on white crime? OH! That’s right, it doesn’t exist.!

          45. MrSwingGuitar says

            Of course black on white crime exists, as does black on black crime, white on white crime, etc. What exactly is your point? Oh right, you’re not smart enough to make one.

          46. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Silly condom! You leftist sissies only point out white on black crime to promote your putrid notion that whites are evil and only whites are racist. Right down the D.N.C. road of dividing the nation. Take your crap to the Huffington Post.

          47. Ddenney1 says

            I know but we got rid of the Wallace’s, Connors and other demon rats back then when the KKK was flourishing like Bob Byrd, and the rest!!

          48. MustashMike says

            Yeah those were the days.

          49. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Why don’t you twerps mention the black on white crime? OH! That’s right, it doesn’t exist.

        3. Kent2012 says

          pmbaleleinsky did you get your free kenyan boyo gender reassignment surgery ??…how is that new taco working for you ??? are you receiving your taxpayer paid birth control pills every month or are sent a 3 month supply (that is more convenient for you) well now all you will need is a new wardrobe…my guess is that they have some great stuff at Victoria Secrets….maybe your messiah will get around to adding free clothes to the parasite menu….

          1. MustashMike says

            Hah Hah Hah, Oh Geeez, That’s funny, You are Most likely Correct. Hah Hah.

        4. Iam so pleased says

          And backs don’t discriminate against whites. Please stop whining and become an knowledgeable adult. Lean, observe and retain or get lost.

          1. Sue Breslin says

            You think maybe its the ‘chip’ on his shoulder that could be causing these reactions?

          2. Beeotchstewie says

            Maybe it is a cracker on his shoulder?

        5. lovinspoonful says

          Your comment is so false, it is laughable. Actually, the Tea Party has only been in existence for a few years so I don’t how they could be complaining for a long time. Do you not realizes yet that the democrats lost on Nov. 4, 2014 You forget it is the repubs that passed the Civil Rights Act in 1964, so try getting your facts straight. You talk just a Obama does – creating facts that do not occur. It has been proven that Holder is a racist and like Obama interferes in what is none of his business.

          1. pmbalele says

            TPs and Repubs are bullies, dumb, fat, ugly, primitive, liars, sinners, hypocrite, and racists and corrupt.

          2. emag says

            pmbalele is a troll. Ignore!

          3. MustashMike says

            Naw,, I reckon it’s a Gar-Boon, outta his tree. He’s trying to sound educated, but you some things you just can’t teach a monkey azz chimp in a suit.

          4. Beeotchstewie says

            The Democrappers also founded the KKK and enacted the Jim Crowe laws. Very few blacks realize they have really been “kept down” by those who offer them entitlements for votes.

      4. Unique says

        I used to work with a lady like that. Whatever popped into her head
        came right out of her mouth. I couldn’t believe how stupid she was.
        She thought she was smart. Just like Obama.

        1. MustashMike says

          Yup,,, I know, it’s like they never will get it either. So frustrating, and so depressing, But sometimes I laugh my ass off. Hah Hah Hah

        2. Combatvet52 says

          Major problem their are many like him those are the AH that put him where he is and for a second time to boot.

          1. Don Berghuis says

            We could have done something really stupid and elected NcCain/Oalin or Romney/Ryan.

          2. MustashMike says

            Well any other choice, would have been a Hell of a lot better then letting this Gar-Boon take his family on VACATION for the last 6 years and Tallied a National DEBT of 23 Trillion dollars before he’s done, What HOOT!

          3. MustashMike says

            Also what communist country do you hail from OLD MAN?

          4. Ddenney1 says

            You mean the ones 0 policies have proven they were right and 0 is a failure???

          5. Combatvet52 says

            Right so the idiots elected a nobody from no place with no RECORDS, same class as Carter the other smart a$$

          6. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Sissyboy chimes in!!LMAO

        3. LastGasp says

          A plane with the President, the Pope, the pilot and a college student on it starts to have engine trouble….The pilot comes out and says, “we have a problem and the plane is going to crash, even worse, I only have three parachutes onboard”.

          The pilots straps one on and jumps out of the plane.

          Obama, the Pope and the college kid are left staring at each other. Obama says” I’m the President and smartest man in the world, I have to survive”, grabs one, and jumps out of the plane.

          The Pope looks at the college student and says “you take the last one my son, I am with God and have lived a long life”.

          The college student looks at the Pope and replies, “well why don’t we take the last two parachutes and go together since the smartest man in the world just jumped out with my backpack!”

      5. Combatvet52 says

        Same color as him.

        1. MustashMike says

          You’re Right, Polluted blood, caused all this Mess. More to come, time to load up, Hunker Down, Dig In, and Shoot Strait Soldier.

          1. Sue Breslin says


          2. MustashMike says

            Yeah,,,, hahahahahah the stupid bastards make me laugh too. most of em are drunk on Obola’s KOOL-AID. all staggering around bumping into each looking for a direction.

          3. Combatvet52 says

            Right on brother i try to go to the range at least once a month, it wouldn’t be very nice as a former NRA instructor to forget how to shoot, and make every one count.

          4. MustashMike says

            I’m making BOOLITZ of every kind, for the collection of firearms I have. Picking up my brass as I did as a young trooper back on the range,,, a habit I can’t kick. Hah Hah ,,, Hooo-Ahhh

          5. Combatvet52 says

            I did awhile back reload and cast my own heads gave up when the hands couldn’t handle the stress anymore, to be young again and do what i used to do.

          6. MustashMike says

            Well The memories of “Summer Wine” will be all that’s left. Except for the trigger finger, and one good eye. That will be all we’ll need, come the end my friend.

          7. Combatvet52 says

            Gotcha MM……trigger finger and the eye.

        2. sue says

          Combatvet52, have you ever heard of, “don’t judge a book by its cover”? It’s the content of their character that matters.
          I don’t care what color our liar, greedy, power hungry Commander-In-Fundraiser is. We can only hope Hillary doesn’t win in 2016, because she is no different.

          1. Combatvet52 says

            I agree with you 100%

          2. MustashMike says

            HERE, HERE!

          3. Beeotchstewie says

            Is she also a Muslim?

    2. Beeotchstewie says

      The Islamunist in chief knows exactly what he is doing. I think the secretive meeting of Muslim “leaders” just a few days before the National Prayer Breakfast was a strategy meeting to see how far they could push Christians and get away with it. His words were an Islamic FU to all Christians.

      1. Frederick Fargher says

        Absolutely right on!!!

        1. Beeotchstewie says

          I tend to call them as I see them. You would almost have to be willfully blind not to see he is wholly supporting Muslims.(aka a liberal)

          1. Kent2012 says

            from a commie standpoint….

          2. lovinspoonful says

            Kent2012, that is because he is a muslim and supports terrorism. He s the commie. Use your head for something besides a hatrack.

          3. Kent2012 says

            not sure where you are coming from…as far as I am concerned kenyan boyo, the african pretender is nothing more than a rag loving communist….I have written as much many times…

          4. supergun says

            that he is —–from a commie standpoint—our fearless loader.

          5. Kent2012 says

            yes fearless “freeloader”…

          6. supergun says

            U Right.

          7. mrmsjb12 says

            thats fearless freeloiader

          8. Frederick Fargher says


          9. GodBlessRealAmerica!! says

            Great post

          10. Beeotchstewie says


      2. pmbalele says

        I have told Black people not to file their cases in federal district courts within the 7th Circuit. The judges there are quick to dismiss Black people’s cases. On appeal Black people face what are called super-conservative judges. Here is another example that shows the 7th circuit judges are biased against Blacks. They are not even ashamed to decide cases against well settled Supreme Court decisions. In Tollie Carter v. Chicago
        University Case No. No. 13-3367 these morons at 7th circuit court ruled that Carter did not establish a prima facie case of discrimination because he did not formally apply for the position. The fact is that these judges deliberately ignored that the supervisor was aware Carter was interested in the position. These judges should have remembered the case in Teamster where the Supreme Court ruled that failure to apply for a position for which employer knows his employees would be interested met the condition in establishes a prima facie that the employee applied for the position. International Brotherhood of Teamsters v. United States Inc. v. United States, 431 U.S. 324, 365-366, 97 S.Ct. 1843, 52 L.Ed. 2d 396 (1977). I hope the Supreme Court will pick up on this ruling and reverse the 7th Circuit decision. I think also the 7th Circuit judges are too old to stay in those positions.
        Have mercy!

        1. Beeotchstewie says

          Lifetime judicial appointments are there for one reason only, to never let the pendulum of justice sway back and forth. It is always about control first and foremost with communists.

          1. pmbalele says

            You said it right. The judges there are the one responsible for racism with employers in the 7th circuit jurisdiction. I hope Obama appoints new judges there.

          2. Ddenney1 says

            I hope that the next president does what Clinton did fire all of the lower court judges and replace them!!!! But this time with Constitutional advocates not Marxist criminals!!! Check the 9th district court consistently over rules elections!!!

          3. pappadave says

            He didn’t fire the judges. He fired the federal attorneys. Federal judges are appointed for LIFE….which ought to stop immediately,

          4. omegaman says

            If Black Obama appoints new judges, don’t you think they will be extremely liberal, dumbass.

          5. LastGasp says

            pmbelly is a troll, diverting the forum discussion. Pointing out the obvious to this POS doesn’t work.

          6. Beeotchstewie says

            I hope Obama gets exposed for the lying traitor he is to the USA. Got news for you, he used blacks to get elected, now he favors Hispanics and of course Muslims over blacks. What has the traitor done to help blacks out? Obama is pure evil, he is not American. he is a Muslim that was placed in office to destroy this country. He is our enemy. Careful what you wish for with the lying Islamunist. If he does happen to appoint new judges, you had better turn gay or transgender, hate freedom and begin to worship his father Satan, or you will still not find the justice you seek. He is a dangerous man.
            I do not agree about the source of racism, that is wholly on leftist progressive liberal fools who use race to further their own agendas. That is what Obama appoints, look it up.

          7. pmbalele says

            You got wrong by saying’ he used blacks to get elected.’ He was elected by 98% Blacks, 45 White males, 65 by white females and 80% other racial minorities. Please go and check the stats of 2008 and 2012.

          8. LastGasp says

            Don’t know how percentages work, do you? You ignorant bigot, get a life.

          9. GodBlessRealAmerica!! says

            i DO TOO HE WILL BE EXPOSED!

          10. Beeotchstewie says

            Sooner the better for ALL of humanity.

          11. ward says

            bo has done too much destruction to the U.S. & holder along with all bo’s commie, muslim, libtard appointments is proof that major “change” has to happen before your type & bo enslave all U.S. Citizens & destroy the U.S. Freedom & Rights… !

        2. Ddenney1 says

          Interest in a job is not applying for a job!!! I am interested in being a brain surgeon but that doesn’t get me the job is that discrimination??? Oh yeah I am also not qualified there is that!!! But liberals think they should get a job because they are interested in it????

          1. pmbalele says

            Did I not tell you about this story? I am Black and I took a Wisconsin state written exam and ranked highest or No. 1 without Veteran’s or race consideration. It is when whole world in the state government came down wondering how a Black male could beat Whites in state written exam. Still the hiring official with advice from legal counsel refused to promote me. I took the State of Wisconsin to federal district court. The federal judge, a white woman, was dumb-founded to hear a Black male beat White males on written exam. Here is what happened in the federal court, Judge Crabb asking sarcastically:

            Crabb: What was your score and rank on exam?
            Balele: I scored 93.6% and I ranked number 1 or highest
            Crabb: No!
            State lawyer: Yes, your honor. He ranked highest.
            Crabb: How many people took the exam?
            State lawyer: A lot of people, your honor.
            Crabb: Were there Whites taking the exam?
            State lawyer: Yes, your honor
            Crabb: I can’t believe it. It was not an exam.
            State lawyer: Yes your honor. It was an exam – here is copy of his slip.

            Judge Crabb became irritated to hear a Black male beat Whites in state written exam. She dismissed the case and ordered me to be quiet; and told me to appeal if I wanted. Crabb could not stand it – a Black man beat Whites in a state written exam. She was born in Green Bay – and was raised to believe Blacks were intellectually inferior to Whites. I have filed a disciplinary complaint against Crabb with US judiciary Committee. So those Blacks hired in DOJ scored just as well as Whites. Please call Crabb at USDC W. Wisconsin in
            Madison. Your belief, like Judge Crabb, is dumb.

          2. MustashMike says

            Sounds like Loud MOUFF Black Bragg to me. lol.

          3. pmbalele says

            You’re the one said that Blacks are hired by AA or because of their color and not that they are qualified for the jobs. I gave you an example. But also I had another
            one recently where I again I ranked No. 1. This was with a Wisconsin state agency whose senior staff hate me. They send all papers to University professors. What a disappointment for the agency!

          4. MustashMike says

            There you are Banging those 2 pound lips again, you are stupid, bragging about nothing that matters, just a black cloud hovering over this Great Nation. Darker than a Dead Man’s Dream. Go get a life ,,,even if you have to rent one. D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F.????

          5. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Cause you are ignorant and can’t write a coherent sentence. Ya see, stupid, it’s not always racism!

          6. GodBlessRealAmerica!! says

            Can you get some common sense dude you sound like a moron! Did someone kick you in your liberal low energy A$$?

          7. emag says

            Troll alert!

          8. pmbalele says

            We now know TPs and Repubs hate Blacks because they are afraid they will go with their daughters and then dump them.

          9. LastGasp says

            Your ignorance and lack of self responsibility is no excuse for lying. You don’t know anything about the Tea Party,,your only reason for being here is to troll.

          10. ward says

            How racist can you get or is it bo ignorance …?

          11. GodBlessRealAmerica!! says

            Lay off dat Democrack my liberal enemy! It shows how Liberal, low energy and pathetic you be! You sound like a racist thug!

          12. OSAMA OBAMA says

            Yo lips be am movin an shit, so you mus; be lyin!!

          13. pappadave says

            I believe this nonsense about as much as I bought “I did not have sex with that woman…Miss Lewinsky.” Not that it’s not possible for a black man to beat white men in a written exam, but that THIS moron did.

          14. pmbalele says

            about my score. I am proud of myself and you cannot take that away from me. And
            that was not the only incident. Here is another one for you. Would you also believe the 7th Circuit judges do not believe it’s offensive for employers to call Blacks people the N word?

          15. GodBlessRealAmerica!! says

            Go suicide bomb yo A$$ Make Obama proud!

          16. pmbalele says

            Please read International Brotherhood of Teamsters v. United States Inc. v. United States, 431 U.S. 324, 365-366, 97 S.Ct. 1843, 52 L.Ed. 2d 396 (1977)

          17. mrmsjb12 says

            I wondered what that brotherhood was in the names now I know

          18. Beeotchstewie says

            That is exactly their deluded mindset.

          19. ward says

            Like wasted airline pilots that pile it every where !

        3. supergun says

          A lot of Blacks sure do drive nice cars and live in nice homes down here in the South. Of course they don’t believe in your BS.

          1. mrmsjb12 says

            Its all in the way you cut the stuff

          2. supergun says

            I am sure it is, if I understood what you are talking about.

        4. Beeotchstewie says

          get off the race thing already, there is a huge problem in this country with frivilous lawsuits. You are making yourself look like a race hater with that post. Guess what, judges and courts screw all of us, not just blacks.

          1. pmbalele says

            You heard the FBI chief yesterday telling the truth that Blacks are not treated as well as white by White police officers. He was one of them once and now he born again Christian and therefore sees the evils and reason why many Blacks are behind bar. He happens to be White males. People were surprised to hear the FBI chief side with Rev, Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. He failed to tell how federal
            courts treat Blacks. So I am not the only one talking about mistreatment of Blacks.

          2. pappadave says

            …he wouldn’t BE FBI chief if he didn’t believe in lockstep what Obama and other race-hustlers like Sharpton and Jackson believe…or at least claim to believe.

        5. pappadave says

          Sounds like YOU’RE the bigot…not those judges. Only an utter idiot would “assume” that someone “might” be interested in a position when he/she hasn’t applied for it.

          1. pmbalele says

            Please read the 7th Circuit decisions and write to me though this website. The judges there call themselves super-conservatives. They believe employers cannot be biased against Blacks. Thank God we have now Justice Keagan who is monitoring their behavior.

          2. pappadave says

            “Justice” Keagan is a moron and would NEVER be allowed to sit on the bench in a sane world.

          3. pmbalele says

            Justice Keagan now makes sure those moron repub appointed judges on the 7th Circuit behave. These are the anti-Blacks. I hope I told you that these morons do not see the N word is offensive to Blacks when uttered by White employers.

          4. pappadave says

            Why would they when the “N word” is used multiple times in any conversation between two black men standing on a Chicago or NYC street corner? Is that a word that’s exclusive for use by ONLY blacks? If so, it’s the ONLY such word in the English language.

          5. pmbalele says

            How would like your employer call you’re good for nothing? As I see you on the picture, you would take your high power rifle to kill your supervisor.

          6. pappadave says

            LOL. Teddy Kennedy’s car has killed more people than any of my guns have.

      3. ward says

        bo has done everything to support the illegal foreigners & used every abuse of power & deceitful E.O or violation of U.S. laws possible that can destroy the U.S. internally … ! bo has proven that he supports his muslim brotherhood with his own admission … !

        1. Beeotchstewie says

          He falls just barely short of an enemy combatant, certainly plenty of evidence for treason though. Problem is that too many RINOS still control the GOP, so we are completely on our own. Meanwhile, Obama keeps bringing in all the Muslims he can to become his personal Gestapo. We are hurtling towards an inevitable civil war thanks to the Muslim Brotherhood president.

          1. LastGasp says

            Which is just what he’s trying to push us into,,,so he can declare martial law, bring in the UN and remain in office.

          2. Beeotchstewie says

            Definitely is the case. He didn’t hoard all those billions of rounds of hollow point ammo, arm entities like the Dept of Agriculture to the teeth for nothing now did he? Why does the Dept of Ag. need sub machine guns, to stop stampedes? Barry is Hitler, on steroids, he is not going away on his own. We will have to drag him out kicking and screaming. He will end up even more villified than Hitler if he is allowed to continue his planned destruction and coming genocide. It seems a citizens uprising is inevitable at this point, which is exactly what he is waiting for. Question is, does he have enough of his Gestapo force in place to execute the plan?

          3. Ian MacLeod says

            He’ll have as many UN troops as he wants. Don’t forget the Agenda 21 Depopulation Agenda is also something the “elites” expect him to push. With the UN’s “help” he should succeed fabulously (by his standpoint). They’ll shoot anything that moves – or that doesn’t move fast enough. If a white man had done what he has, that man would long since have been dangling from the streetlight nearest the White House. He’s been working on the “elites” “private little war” on America since he first took office.

          4. Beeotchstewie says

            I wish you were wrong, but that is not the case. I agree that is his true agenda.

          5. ward says

            bo has to go 2015 ASAP or the U.S. Patriotic Citizens Freedom & Rights are doomed … !

          6. mrmsjb12 says

            That is him bathhouse barry the leader of the western Muslim whitehouse

          7. Beeotchstewie says

            I just call it the Islamunist in the White Mosque. He literally makes my stomach churn just to see him.

          8. kris littlefield says

            I know exactly how you feel. He makes me sick at my stomach too.

      4. ward says

        All muslims believe in their Quran cult of murder to so called infidels proving there cannot be a good muslim in the world that is not a genocide criminal against all religions … !

        1. Beeotchstewie says

          Islam is a satanic cult, Barry is a minion of their true leader. The only difference between a radical Muslim and a so-called moderate one is the radical will cut your head off, the “moderate” will hold you down.

    3. bobda says

      Well said terryk. People are finally waking up to realize that when the facts do not support his narrative he will just make one up.

    4. Alexander Seredin says

      You lie. Go to St. Catherines monastery in Sinai and see the original letter Mohammed sent to the monastery at the beginning of his campaign.

      1. OSAMA OBAMA says

        AH!! The imam chimes in!

    5. MAHB001 says

      But, 0bama has the media to correct him (Sarcasm)… 🙂

    6. Ken Trefaller says

      Once a Communist and still is. He is right on schedule on turning this country Communist.

      1. Beeotchstewie says

        He is worse, an Islamunist, worst of both worlds.

    7. lovinspoonful says

      It was to counter the muslims’ killing millions of people. He lies about everything

    8. supergun says

      Very good comment.

    9. ward says

      Once a traitor always a traitor till there execution … !

      1. Beeotchstewie says

        Don’t we all hope so!

    10. mrmsjb12 says

      0buma Hussein sure sounded 100% Muslim that day he was sure feeling embolden that day.

    11. Judy Clark says

      You are so right he knows just what he is doing. He is a Muslim to the bone.he is trying to destroy America and doing a good job.But one day he will face God and God will say you worker of iniquity depart from me I never knew you.

  5. bpr1122 says

    The Crusades were a defense against the killing of Christians by the Muslims. In the 7 century AD most of north Africa was Christian. The Muslims had killed the Christians in North Africa and were trying to kill all the Christian in Europe.

    1. grunion says

      No shit, we would all be speaking arabic if the crusaders had not stopped the moors from taking europe.

      1. bpr1122 says

        The article gives the impression that the Crusades were wrong. The article’s argument is that the Crusades happened a long time ago; therefore, are irrelevant to want is happening today, My argument is that not only is the Crusades’ argument irrelevant to want is happening today, but also they were also justified. There is a tendency in the right-wing media to ameliorate arguments against Obama.

        1. lovinspoonful says

          Must be a reason for that. He lies and there is a tendency in the left-wing media to do the same. that’s why they are at the bottom of the ratings.

      2. Alexander Seredin says

        You sure know your history you get it out of your ass

        1. OSAMA OBAMA says

          Allah Akbar. Say HELLO to Valery!

        2. grunion says

          Piss off, stupid rabble.

        3. LastGasp says


    2. Alexander Seredin says

      No they did not. Makes you a liar. And even today most Africans are not Christians

      1. grunion says

        Find a charm school and attend it. At least you will look and sound acceptable while making a complete ass of yourself. As it stands, you are too uncivil, untrained and ignorant to play with the grownups.

      2. bpr1122 says

        What? I said that Northern Africa was mostly Christian in 7 AD and the Muslims killed them. You are agreeing with me when you state, “even today most Africans are not Christians.”

        Check out this well-document article. You obviously have no clue about the truth.

        I noticed you told grunion that he gets history out of his ass. Maybe you should do some research before you insult someone and display an egregious amount of ignorance.

    3. Frederick Fargher says


  6. Linda Lee says

    This is what radicals do. They take a fact and twist it all out of shape and throw it in your face over and over until the sheep actually believe. He might just as well ahve gotten up there and told us to our face that he supports the Islamic radical agenda and said to hell with us. How much plainer did he have to be to get people’s attention

  7. R Miller says

    Not one mention about the Muslims scourging the countries from India to Spain-and they were not nice people. That is what cranked up the crusades. But schools don’t want to teach children to learn about history, they want to set the agenda.

    1. Jerry Holloway says

      They are trying to rewrite history to suit there agenda but it won’t work . They would have to get rid of us old farts like me that teaches their gran kids the truth.

      1. Alexander Seredin says

        Olda farts are just like that they know nothing about history

        1. Jerry Holloway says

          Man you must have lost your mind if you don’t think us old farts don’t know history .

          1. Kent2012 says

            the problem that this rag has is obvious, his history has been colored by him having his head firmly planted in his rear information pipeline….of course all of the liberals, commies, and the coffee shop pseudo intellectuals dismiss our knowledge and sources and claim that they, and only they, have access to the truth….

          2. Jerry Holloway says

            How true and thank you.

          3. grunion says

            He also accuses us of suffering dementia. Which is a clear sign of a entitlement addicted progressive liberal punk. Complete with pimples and greasy hair while living in a roach infested hovel desperately waiting for his next government check. His teenage angst is so apparent as to be pitiable. I would love to show him how dementia has impaired me.

          4. Jerry Holloway says

            So true and thank you also.

          5. Alexander Seredin says

            What your preacher told you is not history it is HISTERIA

          6. LastGasp says

            He’s a shill for the Chicago political machine. Look at his comments,,,,he is paid to disrupt, divert and misinform on conservative forums. He provokes responses by any means necessary,,, he does not contribute in any way.


          7. grunion says

            But how can that be? He’s so stupid, who would pay him to write ANYTHING!!!

          8. LastGasp says

            LOL,,,very good point! No doubt, he’s very hungry.

        2. ken29 says

          Seredin: No living person knows what happened during the Crusades. All any of
          us “know” is what we read in some book written by some human or were told by some human, most of them are now living and learned their “history” from previous writings of then dead humans. You have obviously obtained your “history” from one biased, I would say bigoted point of view, while most of us in the West have obtained our “history” from a different source, also biased. There isn’t any way to know if either is really accurate. In this case, what actually happened during the Crusades should have nothing to do with what is happening today. Regardless of which view you happen to believe, you should not use it
          as an excuse to tyrannize those who believe the other. There are current concepts of humanity, freedom, and tolerance which have been demonstrated to support peaceful, compatible, desirable cultures that should be recognized and followed by all.

        3. R Miller says

          You wish. You have this way of life, technology and freedom because of those old farts. We are sad you will never know the truth, and as long as you don’t, the president, the democrats and liberal minority will see to it you don’t. We weep for what you will never know or experience. I know you will keep hammering your agenda, but that is your business-go back to your video games and sorry lives.

        4. grunion says

          At least we can spell “old”. It is really easy. Go to school and learn something.

    2. Alexander Seredin says

      Yeah sure Muslims flew their B-57 bombers over Vietnam slaughtering 7 million Vietnamese

      1. Jarhead says

        So we goofed and didn’t drop enough bombs…..maybe next time?

        1. Kent2012 says

          and in all the wrong places too….actually we should have done the two step for fuel and ammo for Gen George S. Patton and while he was keeping stalin’s tanks busy old (the buck stops here) Truman should have picked up the phone and ordered Los Alamos to ready at least 6 more “fat boys”….two for Russia and two for the hide out of mao and two for reserve….millions upon millions would have had the opportunity to live out a normal life…instead we dealt with Korea, Vietnam, Gulf I and Iraq/Afghanistan. Now we have a runaway bunch of rags that could have been exterminated in the desert between Syria and the refineries in Iraq……a swift and deadly campaign without interference from the dildo$ in the oral office would have made the emammys in iranny sing a different tune, after they cleaned out their drawers….of course we have a “no strategy” clown visiting the WH in between golfing tours and vacations…his ideas match those of jimah…that is why our embassy was ransacked and the folks held hostage until an adult was elected president…

        2. Florio Vino says

          Git HIM, Rirgh on as John Wayne used say and that`s Great!

      2. MustashMike says

        You Mean B-52s Don’t you Mr. History Teacher. yuk yuk I seen what the fukn gooks did to my friends, I called in B-52s on Ka-Saun in the A-Shau Valley, back in 1971… history You Old Fart.

        1. headonstraight says

          How’s that PTSD treatin’ ya, Mr. Hatemonger? Or maybe Agent Orange has discombobulated that gnarly little wad of tissue you use for a brain!

          1. MustashMike says

            Well my trigger finger still works just fine, as well as my middle one… Mr Headinyurass.

          2. grunion says

            You are offensive and contribute nothing. Go away.

      3. MustashMike says

        We Should’nt have left till we killed em all.

        1. headonstraight says

          Yeah, Mike, GENOCIDE; that is the way to go. If you are a deranged hateful fanatic, that its!

          1. MustashMike says

            Well I reckon.

          2. grunion says

            Nonetheless, it is what they have in mind for us. Hard choices if one wants to prevail.
            You have some serious issues.

      4. OSAMA OBAMA says

        Hey Tyke? Where did you get your 7 million figure? Approx. 1,313,000 Allied, North and South Vietnamese died. The majority of civilian deaths were at the hands of the communist aggressors. Once again the left distorts the truth, changes facts and tries to re-write history.

        1. Kent2012 says

          the commie indoctrinated twits do the same thing with anything associated with Republicans…on of the brain dead weenies suggested the GWB killed 25 million Iraqis….alexi seredinsky has cruised over here from the huffy puffy posty often enough that his frequent flyer miles should qualify him for a vacation at the Kremlin…

        2. LastGasp says

          You should know he is a shill, a troll who gets paid for provoking responses.

      5. Kent2012 says

        I have told you about your sources of lies before twit, in fact the North Vietnamese, the VC, and their buddies in neighboring countries killed more gooks then we did…the khmer rouge is credited with two million, and they grin their toothless grin when asked about it..

      6. grunion says

        Well punk, we are still waiting.

      7. grunion says

        Looks like pulling history out of your ass is infectious. Granted, not a stretch for you no doubt.

      8. grunion says

        A B-57 was not the aircraft of choice for the missions. But how could you know that when your library consists solely of Mad Magazine and porn.

    3. Frederick Fargher says

      Outstanding point!

    4. Beeotchstewie says

      Called liberal indoctrination.

  8. tarotcardman says


    1. grunion says

      Also a pedophile, rapist and murderer. One hell of a resume;>)

      1. headonstraight says

        One hell of a lie. See Revelation 22:15 and see what kind of company your Bible describes for “whosoever loveth and maketh a lie.” Then get down on your knees and pray!.

        1. grunion says

          Don’t ask me to demean my God by apologizing for yours. Phffft on you and your disinformation. And the best part for me is that you cannot understand humor unless it involves lots of physical acts, maybe cartoons. Don’t judge me you pharisee.

          1. headonstraight says

            My error above. I assumed incorrectly that the accusation was against the President, as is so much of the bilge posted online. It was, however, addressed to Mohammed and it is essentially correct.The varmint was the epitome of evil.

    2. headonstraight says

      Horrors! “IGNORENT AND COULD BEARLY READ”!!! Those “FOLOWERS” probably had serious problems with spelling also as they went about to produce that “PERVETED” Koran. Just what one might expect from a “THROBACK.”

      Is there an ALL CAPS version of the Koran? Or one where every sentence is a run-on mess such as you have shown yourself so consistently expert in.

      Do taro cards induce illiteracy?

  9. RobertNorwood says

    Again, Obama and his liberals have to reach into the past to defend the present since there is no defence or reasonable explanation for Obama’s behavior or commentary. What’s worse is his ongoing fiction about of history. The Crusaders only reason for going to the Holy Land in the first place was Islamic persecution of Christians.

  10. Laddyboy says

    Correct me if I am wrong.

    America was not around or even thought of when the Crusades occurred.

    Side line for many of the African Ancestry in America; Muslims, black skinned, sold their neighbors into slavery in order to gain their property and wealth. This is happening today. Listen to the news.
    The Cathlic Church used the Crusaders. Yes, there were bad men within the Crusaders who acted against the Bible.
    Most of the Crusaders went to DEFEND against the muslims who were slaughtering and making slaves of the “captured” lands.

  11. Thomas Dugan says

    Most here seem to have grossly missed the President’s point in all of this. Religions and the actions of men are not always directly linked and religions can be used as an excuse for horrible acts of men. It is simplistic thinking that equates all people of the Muslim faith as terrorists. People have used other religions throughout the centuries to do bad things as well and those professing to be Christians are not exempt from this. That was his point. Those here eager to find fault with him about anything and everything will never understand that.

    1. headonstraight says

      Agreed. Thomas, there is no reasoning with these radical Obamaphobes for the simple reason that their deranged notions are the product of emotion and gullibility, a synthesis that is not amenable to reason.

  12. Lorraine E says

    Remember the muslim inscription on our appointed president’s ring: “There is no god but allah.” Pretty much says it all. And how do mulims feel about Jews and Christians? Current events and history answers that question. Attacking Christians for protecting themselves during the crusades is a diversion so we won’t criticize the acts of muslims.

    1. headonstraight says

      Once more an Obamaphobe (YOU, Lorraine) prop-agates a silly and disproven rumor about the President of the United States and Commander in Chief of Her Armed Forces, the distinguished and honorable Barack Hussein Obama.. There is NO SUCH INSCRIPTION on the President’s ring

  13. tarotcardman says

    Don’t worry about facts the bs is what keeps this going when can a majority action for common sense, let simple starts to take care of migrant workers visa taxing like we are one big hotel, so much a day. You cant figure it out go to Disney land and work the system copy it , So fast with the guns, killing the customers cause we don’t have a system ,or the brains to figure it out, Tax the hell out of the visitors to lower our taxes
    treat them as customers . rules apply stealing you pay to leave and don’t come back,

  14. Old Ga Dawg says

    OBAMA is nothing more than that of a puppet, who’s strings are played by someone else that has contempt for this country and the freedoms we have. His faith and his true love of his MUSLIM heritage has been seen over and over through out his Presidency. His lies goes on without any questioning of the truth and because no one will go against him this country as we know it will eventually be destroyed from within.

  15. Morton212 says

    The aim of xenophobic articles like this appears to not be about dealing with the ISIS problem, but to escalate it into another massive bloody war. It should be obvious by now, even to Obamaphobes that hate begets hate, and that wars simply prolong the hatred at enormous cost to both treasure and humanity. It is not a Christian answer to exacerbate this issue at all.

    1. The duck says

      Try xenophobic when ISIS knocks on your door. You better be prepared and have an arsnel big enough to handle it. ISIS already has several cells on US soil. You have a good handle on arabic and can superb negotiating powers? We’ll see how yoou function when ISIS is at your door. I want to see how its all done. Even Obozo tried it with Iran. never worked yet.

      1. Morton212 says

        Fear mongering as you seem to be doing, is a hollow defense. It does little more than give the green light to bigots here in the USA – to brutalize and even murder Muslim Americans.

  16. fred says

    As usual the criminal born in kenya has got all his facts incorrect! Only a muslim lies as much as this frontman for George Soros does, it’s all he has ever done his entire life, lie, cheat, and steal, he’s just a cliche! Let’s please send him to federal prison, we all know he deserves much worse, however, we don’t need any more false martyrs!

  17. The duck says

    The Crusaders never operated like ISIS and the Christians that burned Christains at the stake were relgious zealots and precious few of them. These same Christian zelots never rounded up a vast army to their cause, and never in reality terrorised the whole world like radical Islam has done and is doing. There is nno comparision. Rome in its last days were killing vast numbers of Christians in their areanas just as the Nazis did to the Jews during and just before WWII.
    To try to justify what ISIS is doing by digging up ancient history is to justify criminal behavior every where. Obozo has no place to hide with this idiotic speel. And Hilary has done more of the same, We have to understand where radical Islam is coming from and nnot judge them harshly. and that is more BS.

  18. tk-atty says

    I can’t understand why he has not been arrested for Treason or impeached at the minimum. He does not follow our laws, passes and changes laws which is the job of Congress, meets with and talks with our enemies secretly and has them working in the White house even though they are on our terrorist list. People wake up, this man is a Islamic extremist. He should have never been invited to the National prayer breakfast, and when he did, where were the Christians? I would have stood up and booed, called him a liar, walked out, done something to show that he is a arrogant liar, who knows nothing about World history or American history and intent on destroying America. I noticed in his talk the other night his mentioning leaving in 2016, asking for war powers for three years. I don’t believe he intends on leaving. He is planning on causing some chaos which is what he loves to do. all the mess in the middle east now is his fault. If he truly had wanted to stop ISIS he could have bombed then on the roads last spring, end of story. He is their friend, and supporter. I hope and pray we can get him out of office, or their will be a revolution. He opened the doors for our enemies to come here, bringing disease and jihad, their are sleeper cells already here, muslims are making more demands every day. They have a Sharia Court in Texas, which is in no way compatible with our Constitution or our laws. Please be in prayer for our Nation, without ceasing. This Country was founded on Judeo-Christian principles and dedicated at Jamestown to Jesus Christ. We need God’s intervention and help to get our Country back. I will not surrender to a dictator, islam. communism, fascism or socialism. What a wicked man he is.

    1. Dot says

      EXCELLENT POST, tk-atty. I so agree with you. Obama is a traitor to America, and absolutely HATES Christians and Jews. He shows this constantly by his words and actions, and YET, the same DECEIVED ONES that voted for him….not once, but TWICE, still are DECEIVED, and CANNOT see the truth about this man. He sickens me because of the EVIL in him.

    2. headonstraight says

      Jamestown’s “dedication” to Jesus and many other such dedications were put in place way before the Constitution was completed in 1787 and the Bill of Rights in 1789. From the early 1600s until then, our founding fathers learned something about keeping religion out of government and government out of religion. It is called “separation of church and state” and it is a bedrock principle of U.S. law. Yeah, I know those exact words are not in the Constitution, but the principle is indeed there–in the First Amendment–notwithstanding the futile and often ludicrous efforts of Christian Nationalists to argue otherwise.

      1. tk-atty says

        As a Christian and a Attorney for 30 years, I can tell you that the founders of our Nation were Christians. There is no such statement of “Separation of Church and State” in the Constitution. The establishment clause meant the State-Government could not set up any Church of their own that people had to follow., like the Church of England. However, I find that people don’t seem to care that the government is allowing and pushing that ISLAM be taught in our public schools, a hateful, satanic, murderous ideology. Yet, not a peep from the ACLU to stop it. Any Country that has not bee founded on Christianity or Judism, like Israel, are either dictactorships, communists, fascist, islamist or socialist where there are no freedoms. Jesus doesn’t force conversion at the edge of the sword, he doesn’t require that small babies be cut in two, or children hung on crosses or buried alive, that is what Islam does. 2nd Corinthians 3:17 is appropriate here ” WHERE THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD IS, THERE IS FREEDOM! Pure and simple.

        1. headonstraight says

          What do you actually KNOW about HOW Islam is being “taught in the public schools.” As an attorney, you should know that religion–Christianity , Islam, or others–may be legally taught in public schools, but only as academic subject matter, not as doctrine or for purposes of proselytization. In our times, it is certainly useful for school-age children to learn something about Islam, given its prominence in current world affairs. I believe it would be entirely appropriate for you and others to monitor instruction on Islam in public schools to assure it is not being taught for the above named unconstitutional purposes. An unexplicated blanket condemnation of allowing Islam to be “taught in our public schools” does not recognize the difference between teaching Islam for purposes of proselytization and teaching it as subject matter without any actual or implied endorsement.

          In my southern small town community a few years ago a public elementary
          school permitted a Baptist preacher to conduct devotional activity once a week. during which he encouraged all kind of sectarian religious activity on the part of students. THAT was decidedly unconstitutional.

        2. 90Lew90 says

          Don’t you mean *an* attorney?

  19. papa doug says

    A few thousand mothers (not near a million) march on Washington DC for gun control. I don’t blame their misplaced anger because…well they’re grieving mothers. But where are millions of patriots marching on the White House to throw that bum out in the street? Why is the Tea Party not organizing the march? We sit and pound on our keyboards but no one is moving, where are the organizers?

    “For those who talk and talk and talk this adage should appeal, the steam that blows the whistle will never turn the wheel!”

    1. OldHighlandGuyOne says

      We, in the Tea Party, do not want to get shot. If we did organize a march on the White House, Obama would declare martial law instantly……then he would be king.

      1. headonstraight says

        Congratulatons! You have achieved the near impossible in taking Tea Party paranoia to a level not heretofore attained by the wackadoodle adherents in that deranged bunch of
        conspiracy theorists!

    2. kotoc says

      If you organize the march against Obama, I’ll be there to support you!! Just get it started and you might be surprised how many would be there with their pitchforks, torches and banners…

  20. MILES E DRAKE says

    There can be no explanation or equivocation – Obama or Soetoro or whatever his name really is has shown himself in this rant to be a muslim, in his budget to be a communist, in his importation of diseased illegal aliens to be committed to the replacement and extermination of the native population and in his schemes for rule by decree, telephone and email surveillance, drone killings and seizure of the internet to be an incipient dictator.

  21. Patriot47 says

    and the three ring circus continues without intermission.

  22. Robyn A. Goldstein says

    Fact- people `change’ over time. For some strange reason, there is this tendency here not to see people only one way. I know of no one who has not- this includes (but is not limited to) Mohammad, Einstein. The operative term is learning from experience and these two gentlemen arrived at the same one conclusion. Simply put, “G-d does not throw dice.” As we approach Valentines day, I say – let’s call a moritorium on obligatory gift giving. Why?There is only one way to give- freely and in whatever ways you can. My daughter taught me that lesson and frankly, I am so looking foreward to a night out with my husband that we both planned together/ our way! A friend of mine is celebrating a birthday this week- Have a real happy one and treat yourself in whatever ways make you happy!

  23. MustashMike says

    I also say: Things are not “FALLING APART” but “FALLING IN PLACE”!!!!

    1. kotoc says

      If you are referring to the Biblical prophesies of what happens in the “end times”, I suppose you’re right. But if you’re siding with what the Obama regime has in store for us, I would have to excuse myself to go to the toilet and throw up.

      1. MustashMike says

        I am NOT siding with “Obola” The Liar In Chief in any way shape or form, but he and his, “advisers” (all Gar-Boons) have an agenda to WRECK this Country, and I’m sure of it…. I Hate him!

        1. kotoc says

          Me too!!!

      2. MustashMike says

        I’ve been throwing up, and do every time that “Bastard from Kenya” says something.

        1. kotoc says

          I’m with ya… I can’t help but think he is the final plague upon the United States for the way so many people have diverted from Christian values.

  24. Frick says

    you would think that he once was a slave!! LOL!!!!! he is an ass!!!

  25. Mark Clemens says

    History in DC is what ever lie they are telling this week. Instead of talking about stuff that happened centuries ago, lets all focus on BO’s war plan. He does not want the battlefield confined to a geographic location. That means the USA could be concerned as a field of battle, and NDAA a lot of us. Anyhow didn’t the English sponsor the Crusaders? King Richard I think it was…….

  26. Yadja says

    There is no excuse for a country to have in the office of the presidency an obvious Muslim. How did this happen? Because he was not vetted, because nobody listened, because everyone was shut up and down who told the truth.

    Now at a time when all the world is facing the Muslim Hordes as they did in the Crusades it is becoming obvious whose side he is on and it is not America’s.

    Those who don’t think our Founding Fathers were Christians take a look at the following sites.
    Christian Quotes of the Founding Fathers by Mary Fairchild Christianity Expert.
    Steven Reid March 12, 2012

    What a sad state of affairs and nobody, not one has the guts to call him out and say you sir are a Muslim and you are a Traitor and you will be taken out of office for your actions against this country.

    That my friends is the Congresses responsibility to call a president out and to punish him for Treason.

    And if anyone out there does not think he has committed Treason then you have not a clue about the Constitution and you also are the enemy within.

    1. kotoc says

      You said it all… that’s the truth, whether or not the Liberal minded and atheists want to believe it… it’s a fact. Sooner or later, they will face the music.

      1. Yadja says

        Just hope the music playing is not the mosque calling us all to prayer.

  27. Alexander Seredin says

    Few of your realize that Crusaders have slaughtered far more Christians than Jews and Muslims. In Hagia Sophia alone quarter million Christians were slaughtered by Crusaders. So that picture at the top certainly tells the story of what your blog is all about.

  28. JO 753 says

    “why” you ask. Try lissening to hiz next few sentensez. He sez sumthing like “The tendensy iz within in us.” He iz talking about the flaw mainly being in ourselvez, cautioning us to not blame any particular relijun. Evil people will hijack anything they can to serve their puprosez.

    Look at the Republican party!

    1. headonstraight says

      I don’t dispute your message, BUT some people HIGHJACK the Mother Tongue with absurd, irritating, and unnecessary alternative spelling cutenesses such as you have contaminated this forum with above.

      1. JO 753 says

        You hav called yourself ‘headonstraight’ here, so maybe you actually hav an interest in wuts inside your hed rather than on it like most sheeple. Read this:

  29. KCKane says

    Yeah, Jesus is going to save the world

    1. kotoc says

      He will…. eventually He will indeed saved the ones who are NOT hell-bent on doing evil deeds and DO want eternal salvation. I’m on the side of Christianity and JESUS!!!

  30. KCKane says

    Yeah, Jesus is going to save the world, just like he saved the Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, and mentally retarded from the gas chambers of Nazi Germany. You better keep praying because its never going to happen.

  31. Rick Rogers says

    When you tell the truth about something you don’t have to have a Defense. Extremism in ANY religion is Evil and brings out the worst in Human Beings.. Or do I need to start posting the Pictures of those God Fearing Klansman that lynched and Burned Blacks in the south years ago.

  32. Goodforall says

    He is the most polarizing and divisive pres in our history! He conveniently left out that the Crusades were to take back land the Muslims had taken-and at a much more barbaric action. The whole thing just stinks.

  33. MAHB001 says

    It seems 0bama was born in the wrong century.
    Sure wish he had stayed back there.

    1. headonstraight says

      It seems that YOU are another of the birther buffons whose dingbat notions of the President’s
      birthplace continue to be propagated and believed by the “true believer” wackadoodles who gullibly accept anything and everything that stokes their Obamaphobia.

      1. MAHB001 says

        What does being born in the wrong century have to do with being born in the wrong country?

        1. headonstraight says

          Hey, ya got me. I misread your post. My apologies. But my characterization of the birthers still stands.

          1. MAHB001 says

            0bama has lied so many times that only fools believe anything he says (or said) anymore.

            Unfortunately, 0bama’s actions and lies, are making you look like a fool for your blind support. And your insults, just make you look desperate with nothing but bullying to support your comments.



  35. Wolfy Ghalkhani says

    Muslims initiated war against those who refuse to embrace Islam. its called Dar al Harb (house of the infidel) vs. Dar al Islam. According to Islamic beliefs, there can never be peace until the world submits to Islam. Hundreds of millions died under the sword of islam. Even more converted to escape being wiped out. Many resisted and fought the muslims- they were the crusaders who not only engaged the enemy in the Middle East and the Levant but also Spain & Italy. Christian armies fought muslims from Russia to Hungary to the Ukraine. Today’s Islamic war is a continuation of those ancient wars. Our Christian forefathers refused then as we refuse today. God give us the courage to fight this evil.

  36. Debra Johnson says

    Liberals don’t care about accuracy. Look what happened with Brian Williams and probably with most liberal “news” outlets. The trouble is that their followers believe everything that Obama and his cohorts say.

    1. MAHB001 says

      That is precisely why I started my boycott. The Liberal press on ABC, NBC, and CBS control public opinion and those programs have surrendered their pen and the truth to propaganda.
      Something has to be done.
      Please consider joining at:

  37. Diane Brenner says

    Trying to find sensible comments and opinions to read is almost impossible once the childish name calling starts. I am not racist. However, the Black Race has a ways to go before they earn the respect they feel they are owed. Blacks are not owed anything. They simply need to grow up and accept responsibility for their actions. Being called names does not prevent anyone from working, or marrying the mother of their children, or acting like human beings, or refrain from committing crimes. I said I’m not racist and I mean it. There have been groups of whites that I would say the same thing too.
    Past history is just that. PASSED. It’s over and done with. Don’t be like Obama who has to go back 1000 years in history in order to subject the whites to a slur against their past behavior. And, it isn’t just whites he’s insulting, there are a tremendous number of black Christians as well. Plus, Christianity wasn’t responsible for slavery in America. That responsibility lies with both the blacks in Africa who sold their own people into slavery, and the mercenaries who were in it to make money. Plain and simple. What should be remembered is that it was a white Christian who set the slaves free. The Jim Crow laws were wrong without a doubt. However, they weren’t passed by a Religious sect. They were passed by plantation owners who lost their fortunes as a result of freeing the slaves, and they still haven’t gotten back to where they were then. Yes, they held onto their anger. But, they eventually got over it. It’s time the blacks got over it as well. You can’t change the past. But, you can change the future. .

    1. MAHB001 says

      The childish name calling is the Lefts attempt at distraction. I see it as a sign that they have lost the argument. I use each childish post as an opportunity to repeat what I said before with some more facts. Their childish comments will be exposed as nothing more than distractions and lies. Keep posting.

  38. bob says

    one day a very soon obamo an all the rest of the so the gov officaled will get there dues very SOON

  39. Michael Farris says

    What do you expect. He can’t rely on true history, it would get him killed! Anyone with a spoon full of knowledge knows the Crusades were started by the Turkish Muslims, and the Christians crusade was in response to their kill everything attitude. They were animals then and nothings changed.

    We are in fopr a hell of a time if someone doesn’t take this administration head on. With the massive increase in foreign influx intro the US and the buildup of terrorist overseas as well. I see only one outcome, Kill or be killed. Millions of good American and American friendlies have died to keep us free. If congress won’t declare “war” on this situation, we the people MUST demand action. Their numbers are somewhat controlable now, if we wait for this Traitor to complete his plan, we are heading down the path of destruction. ” If people are willing to give up their rights for a little safety, they will loose it all. (sorry for the paraphrase, can’t remember exact wording at this time). This is our country, land of the free, stand beside her and guide her through the night with the light from above (sorry). We were founded on Christian beliefe of brotherhood based on freedom and caring for our fellow man. What is happening right now is anything but.

  40. Karole Conaway says

    obama is one of the terrorists! If that isn’t obvious to everyone in this country, considering everything he has done to prove it… giving the terrorists taxpayer dollars and weapons… leaving our borders wide open… refusing to join the fight against the terrorists… refusing to even acknowledge they ARE terrorists… and now talking about the Crusades and Christians deeds during that time. As many people have said, the Crusades happened because of muslim/Islam’s atrocities against ‘infidels’ in their drive to follow muhammed’s commands to take over the world! Now we are there again! And obama is never going to do anything to stop it, because he is one of them!

  41. Pat Broomell says

    Obama is a disgrace to America, Americans, and its allies! He is not my president! I pray for his eventual impeachment, for his total disregard of the constitution! He is a black spot on our history!

  42. bpr1122 says

    Check out this well-documented article about the greatest murder machine in history.

  43. Sue Breslin says

    Two points to make: 1. Ovama has tried every way possible to incite war/revolution in this country. First it was gun control, then it was purging and disparaging our military, then he went on to try and make it racial, then to our own law enforcement, and now the comment of the crusades against Christians…. Does anyone see a pattern here? My second point is: My father was in WW!! and ended up being a POW for 18 months in a German War Camp. When he was captured he was 6’2” 190 llbs, upon release he weighed all of 100 lbs if that much, YET he always stated that he was lucky to have been imprisioned with the Germans, rather than the Japanese. With all that said and done, years later, when my sister and I came into the picture, he was adamant in instilling a sense of patriotism and pride for our country. But most of all, the one thing that my sister and I both recall vividly, was his sense of importance to KNOW what was going on in our government. Many a nights at the dinner table were quizzes on current events of the day. BUT the one statement he drilled into our heads was the following: “Socialism begets Communism and that begets Marxism and loss of freedom”. To my sister and I, those words were lost on us as kids, but today, both of us in our 60’s have hit home hard as we see what is in our White-house now. The other point he made was that if we became lax in our watch, that this country would easily be taken over from within. Again, this was over 50 years ago and to my sister and I we did not understand the importance of his wisdom back then. But in today’s world, his wisdom has come back to haunt us and strike us hard below the belt. We have to come to realize that our father was so right on the money. This country HAS BEEN TAKEN OVER, our White House HAS BEEN TAKEN OVER. OVAMA HAS HIS MUSLIM BROTHERS IN HIGH PLACES IN EVERY BRANCH OF OUR GOVERNMENT. We have been screaming for Impeachment for how long now? Yet all we hear are excuses, We ask the same questions over and over, WHY DOESN’T CONGRESS DO SOMETHING, ARREST HIM, SOMETHING. Well the truth of the matter is they can’t. They are under dire threats, if action is to be taken, our CIA, are subject to lie detector test everyday under threat of separation, or worse, The IRS is running rampant. Guns and Ammunitions stored in unheard of branches of our government….I could go on, BUT WE AS AMERICANS MUST FACE THE TRUTH, that a wised POW tried to instill in his children, so many years ago. Thanks Dad, ‘We should have listened”.

    1. MAHB001 says

      Obama and the left in the media have gone to great lengths to brand the Tea Party and Christian Conservatives as “Radical” and “Extremists”.
      The Left and the Media have also called Republicans in Congress Terrorists.
      If 0bama is able to get America to declare war on Radical Extremists, then 0bama will be able to say he is at war with The Tea Party, Conservative Christians, and Republicans in Congress.
      I believe that 0bama is THAT EVIL.

  44. MarcJ says

    B. Hussein Obama declared: “…remember that during the
    Crusades and the Inquisition, people committed terrible deeds in the name of

    Well – the crusades were a weak and ultimately failed
    response to the Islam conquest of Middle East, northern Africa, Spain, Portugal,
    Hungary, southern France, most of the Balkans, Turkey, Crimea, Sicily…The last
    crusade happened 900 years ago. Inquisition lasted for about two generations
    and counted a total of some 2,300 victims. On the other hand Islam has
    continuously murdered many millions over the 14 centuries of its existence –
    and continues to do so today.

    Note: In ONE MONTH (November 2014), Muslims killed more
    people – 5042 – than the Inquisition did IN ITS ENTIRE HISTORY -2300. The
    identical negative notion of the Crusades was mentioned repeatedly by the
    author of the 9/11 massacre – Osama bin Laden.

    Nearly everything we revere
    about modernity and progress — education, the rule of law, charity, decency,
    the notion of the universal rights of man, and reason were advanced by the Christian
    Church for most of the last two thousand years.

  45. Ddenney1 says

    Moslem version ANY QUESTIONS??????

  46. MrSwingGuitar says

    First of all, how many of you actually read Obama’s speech? Go do it, and perhaps you’ll actually understand the context, if you’re not too blinded by partisan hatred. Second, when it comes to the Crusades, The primary goal was to capture Jerusalem from the “infidels”. It WAS a series of holy wars. Also, while Muslims had in fact expanded via conquest into Europe in the middle ages, the lands they originally sought to capture were those that were conquered by Rome in a series of bloody wars. As the Roman Empire morphed into the Holy Roman Empire and the Byzantine Empire, Arabs fighting for those lands had the same justification for warring on them as did the Europeans when they took back Spain, etc. In the more modern era, Great Britain claimed sovereignty over vast areas in the middle east. They and other European powers split the area up into countries based on the empire builders spheres of influence rather than any natural division by tribal or religious demarcations. The upshot of this is the long term conflict in that area. I personally think wars of empire are always wrong, whether waged by Romans, Crusaders, Great Britain, Arabs, Russians, the US or anyone else.

  47. genedodaro says

    Here’s the history, In detail. But don’t expect him to read it unless it’s on cue cards:

    The Jihad that led to the Crusades / Corrective historical facts

  48. genedodaro says

    The Jihad that led to the Crusades / Corrective historical facts

  49. Dandyangie says

    Best you can expect out of a nigger.

  50. Doc Savage says

    Talk about hate crimes. Obama tops the list for that one. His hate crimes for America, White Americans, Christians, and Jews, should put him away for life on that alone. His racist remarks were directly responsible for the burning of businesses and looting and murder in Ferguson. But he’s above the law so it’s ok for him to do these Blasphemy’s.

  51. Dan says

    Don’t you love having a Muslim extremist sympathiser in the WH? THANK GOD I voted for the other guy, BOTH times.

  52. ArizonaMilitiaDotCom says

    Is it time to Vote from the Rooftops yet?

    1. MikeG says

      Shoot em all killa!

  53. wellilltellya says

    he was just about to the part of the Bible where it warns of FALSE PROPHETS and if he ain’t one I’ll eat my bible

  54. Janet potenza says


  55. Ron says

    when this traitor is finally out of office and our collective faces,it will be interesting to see what islamic position in this world he will assume,you can bet it will certainly be anti American,because we know for sure the scum hates the United States.

  56. Timothy Bunn says

    Tyranny disguised as socialism,don’t equal out,no matter how educated you are. Any way has true socialism ever existed? Another humanist word. Our Federal Government is founded on the Freedom all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights. Our ancestors gave the supreme sacrifice for freedom,esp., against tyranny. A good education doesn’t give any man or woman the right to misinterpret the Constitution by any misconstrued conception of legalese.

  57. supergun says

    So he is ok with what isis is doing?

  58. ward says

    bo has proved himself the worst enemy to the U.S. Citizens with his criminally laced E.O’s and no doubt a muslim supporter that categorizes him as the anti-Christ traitor to all U.S Patriotic Citizens and Christians as well as the Jewish …! bo has pronounced his own destiny of doom just like WW Nazi Hitler did to himself ! bo must go 2015 ASAP to repair the destruction done by his greedy wannabe dictator whims .. !

  59. wmy says

    one major trouble with American voters is they believe too much of what they hear ( Brian Williams for ex’} a wise person once told me to BELIEVE NOTHING YOU HEAR AND ONLY HALF OF WHAT YOU SEE…….it has served me well for 70 years just verify

  60. Dawn Doran says

    Obama must have skipped over a lot and wrote down what he wanted to say about the Christian Crusaders…Today’s Christians did not have anything to do with what happened 2,000 years ago…As being the President, he should not in any way put down any Religion, that includes the Jewish as well…Obama wants everyone to be Muslims just like him and stupid just like him…I believe in what I want to believe as a Christian that I am….The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit…

  61. carolskey says

    Nobody condemns their own…they condemn that which they are NOT a part of and that which they do NOT care about. The “duck is quacking” loud and clear…the question is does America get the message?

    Not really wanting to use another animal analogy, but this pink elephant needs to be exposed…NOW! God please shine Your Light on the truth about this administration!

  62. John Gillis says

    My baloney has a first name, it’s B-A-R-A-K,
    My baloney has a second name, it’s O-B-A-M-A!
    Oh, I’d like to chuck him in the trash and if you ask me, “Why?”, I’ll saaaaaaayyyy….
    ‘Cause Barak Obama has a way of messing up the USA!

  63. Tim says

    What do you expect from a Muslim This country screwed up 7-years ago when they voted this Un-American Narcissistic pig into office And the only time he speaks of being half white is when he wants something from the whites Other then that he is a racist half and half And that wife of his is no better.2016 can not get here fast enough I just hope that America has learned And will think twice about Hillary and will look into her back ground before voting You will be surprised at what you find out about her.

  64. Erin Dougherty says

    Wow, the author completely missed the point of that remark in a speech that was very, very condemning of ISIS and Jihadis. I don’t think we saw the same speech in fact, or perhaps the author is just cherrypicking the sentence he feels fits his or her agenda.

  65. David Gearhart says

    We could reference 1992 when the muslims in Bosnia were slaughtering christians and when the christians fought back the UN and the USA stepped into protect the muslims and allow them to continue their genocide of the christians. The christians were the only ones called to answer for the slaughter. You don’t have to go to the crusades to show the muslim slaughter of christians. The ISIS is the same Islamic slaughter of innocents as in Bosnia. I don’t condone genocide.

  66. ward says

    bo has proven with his abuse of power that his criminally laced E.O’s & dereliction of duty that violate his sworn POTUS oath & U.S. Laws shows he is a coward & a traitor that for 6 years has lied & deceived The U.S. Citizens …! bo’s support for illegal foreigners is very obvious & his neglect to benefit U.S. Citizens is more proof of his impeachment indictments for his crimes against the U.S. Constitution & Bill of Rights… ! Congress puts other priorities ahead of the bo firing that will stop the problems and eliminate bo’s crony , commie, muslim administration by arresting bo for his crimes of treason that even libtards can verify ! bo is the U.S. enemy & has to be eliminated ASAP beforeit is too late … !

  67. Whitaker Chambers says

    Either Soetoro is the worst communist, Muslim, subversive terrorist this country has ever seen, or he is Satan.

  68. Mark says

    OH NOW HE WANTS TO REMEMBER HISTORY. What about Hitler, when one of his first steps to do to Germany was to DISARM them,OR how he turned his people against another RACE (JEWS) and made it racial. ANY of this sound familiar. HE has a very SELECTIVE memory when he talks. There is a lot more history that he needs to review before he opens that offensive hole of his again.

  69. jcmju says

    I keep praying he’ll step down

  70. adrianvance says

    He’s a devout Muslim. It is just that simple.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for clarity.

  71. Pam Testa says

    Blooming idiot. Good Grief. God help us all.

  72. R Miller says

    All the dictators of the past used the same tactic, and the sycophant parties that supported them, including the media could not get over the calamity they created after the truth came out. If that muslim imposter ever leaves office, our country will be in ruins that will take centuries to resolve. Some day they will recognize we were had by our enemy. Liberal indoctrination has always been known as propaganda. But, we must be PC.

  73. Art Hock says

    Only a dope would think there are 57 states in the union. (or more)

  74. T. Copps says

    I really don’t care if it comes off racist anymore.. if this idiot president can be anti Semitic and anti Christian and no one blinks.. then I can most certainly be anti black.. Altho, it has nothing to do with black.. I am anti traitor.. and Obama is, was and always will be a traitor to this country. God help us for electing him. Could be the end of America!

  75. Johnny G. says

    It is good to reminence about the “good ole’ times” concerning BO’s sad presidency. However, we must look forward to our future as a nation, under God, by voting with the next POTUS in mind. Vote,vote and vote!!!

  76. GodBlessRealAmerica!! says

    Obama is apologizing to the world about America past discretions and hates Traditional America! He is a traitor! This man is no christian actions speak louder then words,,,he has awoken REAL AMERICA!

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