No Tears for Terrorists


On Tuesday, the Senate Intelligence Committee released the much-ballyhooed “torture report,” condemning the Bush Administration-era CIA for using techniques like waterboarding, sleep deprivation, death threats, and black-site prisons in the War on Terror. The left has been aghast at the findings, calling for trials, self-flagellation, and another round of scorn to be thrown at Bush and company.

That’s fine. There are good reasons to examine what our intelligence agencies are up to, especially if there is cause to think they’ve gone rogue. And there are reasons to discuss whether we violated U.S. and international law in our quest to bring the men responsible for 9/11 to justice. But let’s not forget in all the commotion who these people are. Let’s not forget what they did.

Killed, Maimed, Orphaned

It’s tempting, so many years later, to look back on September 11th, 2001 in historical terms. We hear the term “9/11” and we think of that spectacular image of the second plane crashing into the South Tower. We see the fireball. We see Bush, Powell, Rumsfeld, Bin Laden. We see the number: 2,996 dead.

But what we forget is the pain. We forget the nearly 3,000 children who were left without a parent after the devastation was done. The average age of these September 11th orphans, according to the best available data, was 8 1/2.

The nation’s worst terrorist attack didn’t just leave a pile of dead bodies, though the extraordinary destruction meant there were far more who didn’t survive than did. But there were survivors, and their pain deserves to be chronicled every bit as much as Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s.

Tragic Tales of Painful Survival

Deborah Mardenfeld was 31 on that fateful Tuesday morning, heading to work at the World Financial Center when the second plane hit. What was a television event for much of the country was a massive explosion in the sky for Mardenfeld. Moments later, she was hit by falling debris that crushed her legs below the knees, tore skin and muscle from her buttocks, and sent her into shock from the blood loss. Though she was fortunate enough to receive quick medical attention, more than a year passed before she could be released from the hospital. A long, painful year of breathing tubes, constant pain medication, skin grafts, and infections. It was not until the first anniversary of the attacks that she was able to take her first steps with the aid of a cane.

Then there was Army Lt. Col. Brian Birdwell, who was working in the Pentagon on the day of the attacks. Returning from a quick bathroom break, Birdwell’s life changed instantly when American Airlines 77 crashed into the side of the building. He was engulfed in flames that would leave 60 percent of his body covered in severe burns. He would miraculously survive – Birdwell now serves in the Texas Senate – but the next three painful months would be spent in the sterile burn unit of Washington Hospital Center.

Then there was newlywed Lauren Manning, who was walking across the lobby of the World Trade Center when she was suddenly enveloped by fire. Manning wasn’t rescued for 50 minutes, during which time she “prayed for death, in that unspeakable way that people who are experiencing unimaginable pain can.” Manning had burns over 80 percent of her body, and she spent the next weeks in critical condition before spending months in New York-Presbyterian Hospital for agonizing rehabilitation. She had to relearn how to stand, relearn how to walk, and undergo more than 25 surgeries and skin grafts. She lost the tips of four fingers. She is alive today, but her life will never be the same.

The Real Victims

These are just three stories among many. People whose lives were forever affected by the evil events of that day. They survived, but the agony they went through easily dwarfs whatever effects “enhanced interrogation” had on our country’s worst enemies. And that’s before we consider the thousands of people killed, their families ripped apart by the actions of Islamic extremists.

Is there room to talk about torture in the aftermath of this kind of terror? Maybe, but let’s not get carried away. The terrorists behind that attack and those that continue to kill and maim innocent people today don’t deserve a single tear. If you must cry for someone, save it for the real victims.

  1. dominke says

    If we can’t waterboard than I say line them up and shoot them like we would wild animals. Terrorist don’t deserve to be treated humanly in my book. Our elected liberals and democrats are also terrorist in my opinion.

    1. The Old One says

      Why shoot them, let’s return the favor in a language they understand : behead them in front of the camera and then broadcast the video throughout the Muslim world. Just like they do.

      1. Mark Clemens says

        I’m against torture, but I like your idea. Show ISIS’s black heart to the world. Instead of releasing The Prisoners in Gitmo, lets keep them a while longer.
        Let it be know to ISIS and the world. The next westerners beheaded, we will behead that many of their Gitmo Brothers. Even bring the ISIS kill count to the world’s attention. Let the world see who kills next………

        1. Jarhead says

          For the final time: WATER BOARDING IS N*O*T TORTURE.
          Beheading is !

          1. Mark Clemens says

            Beheading is a execution, you don’t live after it. Waterboarding is torture, regardless what Lord Darth Cheney says……

          2. Jarhead says

            WOW I would hate to see you after a paper cut or a hang-nail……pussie, wussie marky baby
            only in an undeveloped brain would it be considered torture.

          3. Mark Clemens says

            About the pussy part,
            You are what you eat………..Dick breath.
            My mind has to be mire developed than yours, because Jesus is with me on this. All you have is Darth Cheney.

          4. OCDiver says

            Yes, be-headings are a type of execution, but they are a torturous execution. There are way worse things than water boarding, and if you don’t think that those radicals trying to kill us aren’t doing them to our folks in uniform when they capture them, then you need a serious reality check. I say do whatever it takes, including water boarding, to protect and save American lives.

          5. Mark Clemens says

            You are just helping future politicians to justify torture. They will bring this BS to local police forces, after all drugs support terrorism. What if you piss off your neighbors off, and they lie and say you’re a drug dealer. Should the police have the right to waterboard you? They must know for sure. Look what O. did to Bushes Patriot Act and NDAA, expanded it. Who’s to say the next government won’t expand it more. These propaganda sites lead y’all like left wing sheep.

          6. OCDiver says

            Not only do you need a serious reality check, but you need a reading comprehension class as well. You’re comparing apples to oranges. What you’re afraid of happening can only happen if we allow it happen to American citizens inside our borders by the LEO’s and Intelligence Agencies. I’m talking about doing it to enemy combatants as you can plainly read in my prior statement, when I said “to protect and save American lives”.

          7. Jim says

            Wring all the information out of them by any means and then, per Obama policy, use them for Drone practice. Be nice to televise it. Great deterrent. Mark could be the camera man.

          8. Terry Hamblin says

            Oh, I see, I guess that it is not torture to know that the foul-breathed, masked asshole with the sword is going to cut your head off, you do not recover from this! On the other hand you do recover from waterboarding…..

          9. Mark Clemens says

            I never said decapitations were right either, now did I? I just explained to someone that executions were not like torture.
            If you follow the news, and keep up w/it. The beheadings didn’t start until O started sending Gitmp prisoners home. They probably told of their experiences. Maybe the decapitations are a result of the torture.
            Not to mention now, if our soldiers get captured they will be tortured for sure. Look at the position this puts our troops in……
            1. Kill my self to avoid torture
            2. Deal w/the pain and hope somebody rescues me, before they cut my head off w/a generic knife on the internet………
            What would you pick? I’d pick #1.

          10. OCDiver says

            Thank you for proving my point

          11. Terry Hamblin says

            You should try reading other people’s posts Mark, not just your own. There is no timeline for the beheadings, only the fact that the ISIS creeps got a butt load of money from the Saudis and Qataris to go on another rampage in the middle east just like Mohammad did. The solution to this should have come in Kosavo, like small nuclear weapons all around the horn up to and including Egypt!

          12. Mark Clemens says

            Those people don’t know how to act over there. All that sun and religion (if it could be called that) makes them crazy. Sad thing is the world has shrunk so much in the past 100 years, we just can’t put them in a corne, To kill each other. I think we should either just leave, or nuke the hell out of the Saudi Arabia, if they are financing this ISIS stuff. I didn’t think we should give out nukes either. God knows who might end up with them. Look what happened to the guns Obama and Holder sent to Mexico. They came back, didn’t they?
            We shouldn’t of pussyfooted around in 2003. Instead of invading Iraq, we should of nuked Afghanistan and Pakistan. Nobody would of cared then. I think if we would nuke ISIS Strong holds, it might piss Russia off.
            There is no real winning situation in the Middle East. Why play? I know they lie, but what would it hurt if we just left? Thats all they claim they want. If they back stab us the world will know whos right and who lies.

          13. edward martis says

            Spent 2 1/2 yrs ( Mecca area / At Taif, Saudi Arabia Royal Saudi Air Force UH 1-H—OH-58A helos) 90 % of SA is an ‘insane asylum’ . How I survived my time there was a miracle, Ever see a common Toyota pick-up truck do 130 mph into a bridge abutment ? It just doesn’t crash; it explodes like a 500 lb. bomb—–Saw more dead bodies in 2 months than you will see in your whole life…..Fatal crashes -happen every other day. They are non-stop bloodbaths. The muslim mind set is : “I am a faithful follower of Allah; therefore NOTHING can happen to me….NO MATTER WHAT—–Allah will protect me ” And when the car etc. explodes; the crowds gather and proclaim “It is Allah’s Will…..” ……Do not try to analize the Arab mind—-It is impossible——–

          14. Terry Hamblin says

            Right on Mark, supposedly Mohammad with his Koran was keeping them, (with the book), from killing each other and everybody else. It turned out though that Mohammad was a blood thirsty killer himself and spent the last ten years of his life beheading “Infidels”, he and his henchmen beheaded 800 Christians in one day! Since 9/11, I do not trust anyone that I can reasonably pinpoint as a Muslim. I will not be waited on by one in a junk food joint, hotel, or gas station mart. If there are some good ones, they are not proving it by ratting on the bad ones!

          15. edward martis says

            the King of Spain stopped Mo’s guys, cold—-and booted them out of southern Spain forever—-Old Mo had a great time butchering everybody all across North Africa until he ran into the Catholic’s

          16. Terry Hamblin says

            Well Edward, the Moors or Arabs, ruled Spain for 700 years. Yes, they were finally evicted from the Toledo area before 1100 AD by a group of feudal Kings who had an elected strong leader.

          17. edward martis says

            the main reason the arabs are so screwed up is this (I spent 2 1/2 in Saudi A) :For the last 7000 years tribal blood lines were very, very tight in that fathers ‘married’ (?) daughters, Daughters ‘married’ brothers. Brothers married mothers etc., etc., etc. since Abraham/ Moses/ Noahs time Now do you see why the mid-east is so screwed up, They are highly inbred loonies……..The Jews did some of this; but very little……..If the US would just drill for oil in the US (of which we have more than the Arabs) we could just leave out the front door forever……

          18. Jarhead says

            Your motion is seconded and approved. RIP

          19. edward martis says

            wrap the muslim up in a bloody pig skin and watch happens—he will sing like a canary note: check out my French Foreign Legion story

          20. edward martis says

            feinstien says it is… it must be absolutely, positively, god awful true of course—-As Dennis Miller said “God help her; if she costs lives” She will; I’m sure and nothing will happen as usual. … I picture her and Pelosi, lee, reid, boxer, and company tied telephone poles, blindfolded, with a cigarette between their lips…….

          21. Jarhead says

            Ed…..both a blindfold & a final cigarette – – both? You are being far to kind to these traitors.

          22. edward martis says

            skip the cigarette…………..Just for chuckles…google “American Communist Party Northwest Region ” (which is Berkeley about 2 mi. from UC Berkeley and check out their mantra and see who they invite to their testimonial dinners (fronts),,,,,,,you will recognize some names……….I know a lot about these ‘sewer rats’ The ACP site is very informative……These slime have 5 offices from CA to NY and Boston and are at the top of the list in causing the current riots etc along with the “New (?) Black Panthers Party”, which is very close to them.address-wise- The address for the ACP is 6501 Telegraph Av., Oakland…I have been there many times. They front as a used book store.. Look at their tel. no. and give them a call to say “Hi” —-You will get VM, of course…..I joined the ACP for fun ($2/mo.) and canceled out 2 months later—–Pelosi and Barbara Lee (D-OAKLAND) are very good buddies and have deep roots with the ACP (but not overtly)—Pelosi’s hubby used to write a rag for them. Lee loves Fidel and has deep connections with him. Lee helped the Granadian’s (cuba) as much as she could. She was beside herself when Reagan ran the Cuban Army out of there

          23. edward martis says

            Somebody told me that the ACP, and I quote. “Was just a figment of my imagination” Oh yeah, no doubt………..A lot or dems, are connected to them..If you peck around on your computer long enough….De Balsio (NYC) mayor is involved deeply with Daniel Ortega, the commie pres of Salvador/ Nicaragua (?) of the ‘contra’ era—-the commies won in the long run and has visited with him many times.—-De B. spent his honeymoon in Havana and has close ties with Fidel also ..Google ..Wikipedia and look up NYC Mayor De Blasio (wiki …is no friend of consers. but their info is true fact)

        2. OCDiver says

          I’m all for torture if it’s done to those taken from a battle field, bearing arms against America in an attempt to save American lives.

          1. Mark Clemens says

            That NDAA and Patriot act stuff is more my worry. Also it sets a lower war prisoner standard. Our solders get captured too…..
            It opens ugly doors. I’m with the Geneva Convention on this.

          2. OCDiver says

            Only problem with sticking with the Geneva Convention in this case is that it doesn’t apply to terrorist organizations. It only applies to recognized States (Nations). Yes, I know our soldiers get captured too, and they get tortured (actual torture, you know .. fingernails pulled off with pliers etc.) without mercy. Waterboarding isn’t even considered torture by legal definition (USC 18). NDAA and Patriot Act have been abused by this administration, they were only supposed to be used against terrorist organizations. nobummer and his minions claim they found a loophole that doesn’t even exist. POW is a term reserved for Nation states that are at war with us. Terrorists are detainees, not POW’s.

          3. edward martis says

            do you think ISIS and company give a damn about the ‘Geneva Convention’….if our soldiers get captured ; they are dead meat except for sgt. berdahl which was a photo-op

          4. Mark Clemens says

            I could be wrong, but didn’t McCain and Obama want to declare StateSide as part of the Battlefield? See how this comes home??
            If I were not for the NDAA, I really wouldn’t care……
            Both Party’s are out to rule us. This is just going to be one of the tools they will use on our children and grandchildren. If you think our Congress cares about our futures, I’ve got some Smokey Mountain Beach Front Property for sale………Cheap!

          5. OCDiver says

            Oh you’re a real riot, thousands of comedians out of work and your trying to be funny. Yeah, they tried. But they FAILED and as long as we keep stopping them they will continue to fail. See how ignorant and pointless your argument is?
            Of course both parties are out to “rule us”. That’s why we need to demand term limits in all political offices not just the Presidency. As soon as an elected official votes for something stupid like that or even utters ridiculous words like that get rid of them (I don’t mean by foul play either since you’re obviously so obtuse you have to have everything spelled out for you) VOTE ‘EM OUT.

        3. edward martis says

          the Saudis would love to help us in taking ISIS heads

          1. Mark Clemens says

            All that’s between the Saudis and ISIS is sand, air, and opportunity. Neither of Three will hold them back………..
            We shouldn’t even be there.

          2. edward martis says

            wrong-!!!!–European, americans have bee in Saudi since the ’30s——I spent 2 1/2 years there and know some great Saudi’s…….being invited to parties etc……the religion is hard core but does have its good points……..the Saudis know only too well how crazy ISIS is….

          3. Mark Clemens says

            If the middle east wasn’t full of oil, we wouldn’t give a rats eye about those people, or their region. How would you like it if the British came back, and started to tell us how to run our country and lives……?
            Oh yea,
            They did that in 1812, and we ran them back to where they came from…………

          4. edward martis says

            the thing is the USA has more oil than SA, Kuwait combined…….Remember “drill baby drill”….F— he Environmentalists !!!

        4. edward martis says

          or tape that big step out of a C-130’s rear cargo ramp at 10,000 feet…. no fuss, no muss…….

          1. Mark Clemens says

            Why all the drama?
            Why spend money in fuel?
            You leave a question if detainee really died.
            Just cut their heads off on CNN & FOX

          2. edward martis says

            fuel wise the AF has to get so-many flight hours every month—–I was invited to a head chopping in SA “to see Islamic justice’ up close and personal……I respectfully declined–the Saudis laughed—-even most Saudis will avoid this—-seeing a head wacking, even on Saudi TV is a very gory affair——YOU do not want to see something like that I guarantee

      2. ward says

        Behead them @ pig farm with full view of the pork they hate & fear for harem their loss ..!

        1. edward martis says

          actually, imprison them on and in a pig-farm for awhile—-they would sing like canaries

      3. OCDiver says

        That only makes a martyr out of them, which in turn emboldens the others to keep coming with more hatred than before. I say we put them in a cage like we do the animals in a zoo. Put them on display with a plaque outside their cages, telling all what they once were but don’t display their names, let them fade into obscurity. Let them become irrelevant.

        1. hankthetank says

          It also makes them dead! And they won’t come back!!

          1. OCDiver says

            Seriously?? You really think I’m that obtuse??
            I KNOW it makes them dead and they won’t be able to come back and cause more damage. But WHY make a martyr out of them? why give them exactly what they’re aspiring for? Did I really have to be so specific in my statement to say “and never let them out” for you to understand what was implied?

          2. edward martis says

            ” and make them disappear” would be a better thing, out of the rear cargo ramp of a C-130 over the Caribbean Sea from 10,000 feet

          3. Mark Clemens says

            I’m gonna have to agree w/Hank the Tank. Dead rag heads cant kill or torture anybody. So what if they are martyr? I’m sure between the USA, other countries, and wartribes the Middle East is full of Martyr’s. What’s a few thousand more? Maybe we could overwhelm them w/martyrs. It could be like printing to much money, after awhile it becomes worthless.
            Any how you know it cost like $200,000 a year to keep ONE of them locked up? A box of bullets is about $50. I’m a CONSERVATIVE, I’d rather by $200,000 in buletts,than put up one rag head up for life!!!! How many people have the Martyrs killed? I’m thinking 0. If a rag head wants to go to heaven, I say help the dumb asses. Unless you believe they get the 70 virgins. You do seem gullible.
            Reading your posts, I believe you are mean spirited. You don’t want to kill the enemy, just catch ’em and torture them…….
            Because of your mean spiritness. I no longer value your comments, all you want to do is torture people…………

          4. OCDiver says

            Nope, no gullibility here. You on the other hand seem like a nitwit. It doesn’t have to cost that much to keep those animals alive, keep the lib/soc demonrats from the ACLU and others out of it. Get as much intel out of the animals that you can.
            When they become worthless as you put it and compare it to money then look at it like money … what do we do with money after it reaches a certain age? …. we destroy it. If in an attempt to save other American lives I come across as “mean spirited” then so be it. I’d rather appear that way than a nitwit, that would cost the lives of more innocent Americans, by not gathering as much intel as possible.

          5. edward martis says

            Don’t make them a martyr—-just make them disappear (like I said; out the rear cargo ramp of a C-130 at 10,000 ft; 400 miles from gitmo over the Caribbean Sea..)…Problem solved. …….

          6. OCDiver says

            you don’t understand …. killing them in any capacity makes them a martyr.
            keeping them alive until they’ve served their usefulness (waterboarding them until all possible intel is gathered) and then forgetting about them (Gitmo, already being paid for by taxes), doesn’t make them a martyr. And makes America safer.

          7. edward martis says

            you have heard of Transamerica (airlines) / Blackwater etc—–these folks have their own C-130’s ……..a one way trip …who would know.?…the transfer paperwork got lost etc……..I know a few of these folks…. ( from my Arabian days); believe me, they can make anyone ” disappear” and nobody could ever find out….the Jordanian’s have excellent military intelligence services—–these folks could fly to Uraguay (Obama’s latest drop off point for freed Al-Q types) and the same thing would happen to them—-Poof !—-Gone !

        2. The Old One says

          Who do you expect to pay for maintenance of the cage and the exhibit ? I would hope you are not expect me nor any decent taxpayer to pay for this.

          1. OCDiver says

            Charge freak show style admission.

      4. edward martis says

        the Saudis would go for that I’m sure

    2. jscarano7 says

      to dominke well said my friend

    3. catman says

      I still maintain we should have made a glass parking lot out of the middle east long ago. Screw the rest of the world. If they want to live with these animals, let them. Our borders should be so tightly secured a cockroach can’t get through. Nobody from a middle eastern country should be allowed into this country either by air, ship or afoot. If one is caught, ship their ass back post haste. To hell with the “hearings” and that other crap. Your not a citizen, you have no rights !!!! Only bona fide legal visitors should be allowed the protections of our Constitution. If they break our laws, then those rights are taken away and they are deported immediately.

      1. Jarhead says

        Spot on…..carpet bomb into glass factories then napalm any survivors.

        1. catman says

          Good for both of your replies to my postings here.
          Thank You and Semper Fi Brother
          S/Sgt, USMCR 1954-1960

          1. edward martis says

            see my ‘French Foreign Legion’ story S/Sgt —— S/Sgt., California Army National Guard 21 years of service …. the FFL story will put a smile on your face

      2. OCDiver says

        “If they break our laws, then those rights are taken away and they are deported immediately.”
        I agree to a point, and that point is the severity of their crime. i.e. Murder or any other violent crime. Then they get thrown in prison, serve the full term (without the possibility of parole) in hard labor as restitution and then deported.

      3. Shauna says

        Glass parking lot…….AGREED!

        1. catman says

          Thank You Shauna.
          BTW, I have a Step Daughter named Shauna. She’s a great woman…

          1. Shauna says

            Many amount of “thank you’s” and back at you! Few people call me by my real name, it’s reserved..LOL…..shaunmichelle…However, any woman, named “Shauna”….wow, nothing but a power house!! 😉 God speed my dear! I know she is destined for greatness…..hehehehe.. I’m playing around, but seriously, I hope she is a power house, a tiger, a real toot…This name should only be associated with “trouble”….hehehehehe

      4. bill says

        I agree 100%. start in Ankara turkey and go to the west coast of morocco. remember steve buscemi in the movie fargo. I think any of them here should be FARGOIZED.!!!!!

      5. edward martis says

        I will be a Canadian citizen in 4 months, I am 69 and never knew this. My mother was a Canadian citizen when I was born in’45. I found out by pure accident, I contacted Ottawa and they agreed…….So I will be gone to Sooke, B.C. (about 30 miles from Seattle). The USA is the R.M.S. Titanic and sinking more with each passing day…….The country has pretty much had it…….Time to get in the lifeboat. Imagine a country with very little crime and no gangstas to speak of ?

    4. Richard Nieves says

      RIGHT ON!! dominke, The First one is that POS in the W.H. That POS needs to be WATERBORDED, and then Feed him PORK UNTIL he DIES….

    5. Jim says

      Better yet. Close Gitmo. Put all the prisoners at the end of the base and use them for Drone practice. This is within the policies of Obama.

      1. Jarhead says

        But where would we put all the crooks in Congress until they are found guilty?
        Club Gitmo sounds perfect and they can watch the gallows being built from their prison cell.

    6. edward martis says

      I related a story about the “French Foreign Legion” involving Chad/ Libya/ Hard core Mullahs and bloody pig skins (from the pig slaughter-houses in Paris). I am sure it will put a smile on your face. My French Army (FFL) buddy in Paris retired a few years. The FFL” KNOWS” how to conduct “business” Go up 3 paragraphs to see story —–“-Edward Martis”

    7. edward martis says

      a good way to xfer al-quieda types from gitmo is over the Caribbean Sea at 10,000 ft. out of the back ramp of a C-130. Watch out for that first step Abdullah !!

  2. Wapitiman says

    Animals understand only one thing…power! They scoff at anything else. Get the sicko bleeding hearts out of the way so real men can get the job done! Ignore them as they go ‘boo-hoo’ in the corner!

  3. Laddyboy says

    Those who CHOOSE to fight against America are called enemies. They should be judged as such. There is no room for emotion and “DemocRATic FEELINGS”. Likewise for the traitors who occupy government Offices. If you are an American and work against We The People and the Constitution, that makes you a domestic enemy. Use the Constitutional edicts to do the judgements and then the punishments.

  4. sgtyork says

    America is now turning into ferginson no. Hands up don’t shoot we will all let you Muslims win. Screw that crap to,I say get the info anyway we can its our country and we will protect ourselves any damn way we can.

    1. 7papa7 says

      I agree totally. IMHO if even one American dies because of the release of this slanted and biased information happens everyone involved with its release and manufacturing must be tried as accessories to murder. This was done only for the politics of it and NOT the well being of America and her people. The Bush administration did what they needed to do in order for America to be safe. I don’t consider water boarding torture or anything else they did as torture. They didn’t pull their finger nails out, they didn’t beat them within an inch of their lives fix em up and do it again and the list goes on and on what they could have done but they didn’t. What this country needs from the president on down the courage and backbone to do what ever is necessary to keep America safe, period.

      1. Juan TwoTree says

        Right on 7papa7…Bush & his Administration had to do what they had to do to protect America! And that he DID! “F” any left-wing-batted LibTurd who thinks different or anyone who thinks different. Feinstein is a frickin’ old PIG! She only reported on HALF TRUTHS! “F” her and I am glad she is going to be OUT of the Intellegence community! She is one IGNORANT, self-seerving broad! I hope history will show her as a trouble making, half-truth telling bitch!

        1. 7papa7 says

          Dems only care about their agenda. If that means being on both sides of an issue then that is what they do, if it means lying through their teeth then that’s what they do, if it means putting down America, the Constitution and the military then that’s what they do, if it means lying about the people and agencies that protect us then that’s what they do and the list goes on and on and on.

          1. Juan TwoTree says

            Beautifully put 7papa7!

            Semper Fi!

          2. 7papa7 says

            Thank you. Semper FI

          3. Kathy says

            Look at the history of the party. They’ve always done that. Andrew Jackson, democrat, marched all those Indians to their deaths. When Abraham Lincoln, republican, was president, the democrats didn’t want to free the slaves! I can go on and on. Their party sucks.

          4. 7papa7 says

            You are so right and yet they have convinced the people that they are the mightier saviors of them and the republicans hate them and want to keep them down. The republicans need a good PR company.

          5. edward martis says

            picture this —-I have this old friend who found himself at the main gate of the “Oakland Army Base” on Dec.8′ 1941 (the day after the Japs bombed Pearl Harbor) delivering apricots from his family farm in Gilroy)…..Along came a bunch of Berkeley-ites with sign saying “NO WAR WITH JAPAN !!”——the longshoremen found about this and guess what happened ? The lgsmn just about killed them all. Along come the MP’s and Oakland PD, who stopped, got out, folded their arms and “observed”====This was the period when communism was becoming “popular” with dems…..Present today the communists/( democrats) (what’s the diff.) run the Port of Oakland; the “American Communist Party” is very proud of this accompolishment —-The Bay area and the commies run the bay area

          6. 7papa7 says

            It was either Marx or Lenin, not sure which, who said you will not be able to be victorious over the US with a “conventional” type war you must work to destroy it from within and that is what is happening. I hope to God that the next president is a real conservative and RINO’s in congress get their butts kicked by conservatives and we start moving America forward again.

          7. Mark Clemens says

            “If you can’t defeat your enemy on the field of battle. Defeat them on the field of economics. The result will be the same, except w/out the Blood Shed” – Karl Marx
            How much money do we owe communist China………????

          8. 7papa7 says

            Thanks for the source.

          9. Mark Clemens says

            Have you ever read the Communist Manifesto? The theme is not what a Commie Government is, or even how it works. All that is addressed in it’s first 3 pages. The rest of the Manifesto (the one I read was a 86 page pamphlet) is about four ways to bankrupt a monarch or dictatorship. Were the people with be in Civil Unrest. To rise up and over throw a seated monarch/ dictator. Check it out. Look how much of it we have going on. From exporting jobs, to engaging in endless foreign wars, ethnic division, civil unrest in regons. Before Bill Clinton, we must of had a massive treasury.
            It’s been taking these commie politicians of ours over 20 years to break the treasury.
            Also since Russia fell on it’s face w/a commie government in only like 70 years. I think DC and Wall Street are setting USA up for a Corporate Style of Government, like the world has never seen. Think of the money Wall Street pours into elections. Those boys expect something in return for all that money…………

          10. 7papa7 says

            I have see bits and pieces of it but never read it in its entirety. You bring up a good example of Russia falling flat on its face in such a short time. Like the old saying goes, those who don’t learn from history are bound to repeat it. Obama and his kind wants communism to be repeated and like all fools he thinks he can take an unworkable system work. News flash for him, he CAN’T.

          11. Mark Clemens says

            The only reason China’s Communism is still working, is the UN suckered us into the WTO. We literally sent half of our manufacturing economy over there……

          12. 7papa7 says

            It is not a “hard” communism. They are allowing a little free economy which is why it is seeing some success. People are allowed to have their own business and reap the rewards of that business to a small extent.

          13. matt says

            you are REALLY DUMB, if lincoln was alive he would be a liberal democrat, and AJ would be a Nazi

          14. Kathy says

            Prove it. So far you sound like the “dumbest” person today. I’ll take an IQ test with you anyday!

          15. matt says

            It’s a fact, Lincoln freed the slaves. that sound like something the GOP in 2015 would have done? Look at the way AJ handled the native pop? that sound like a Dem? THINK.
            you do know that after the Civil rights bill was passed, all those dixiecrats became gop.

          16. Kathy says

            Yes, I believe that conservative people want freedom for all. And yes, I believe that the Dems would march all Christians to their deaths if they could just like AJ as you call him, did it to the Indians. Maybe not all dems but the elitists in the government, the press and those idiots in Hollywood. They are your Wall Street. They spit on you. I don’t. You just piss me off.

      2. OCDiver says

        feignstein herself lambasted the Bush Admin. at the time it was going on for “not going far enough”. Now she’s going to condemn them?? What a filthy, hypocritical whore to the Dem party!!

        1. 7papa7 says

          She does what she believes will strengthen her and give herself more power over more people.

          1. hankthetank says

            Would she prefer, water boarding or, go headless,she would look better with out it!!

          2. 7papa7 says

            You will never get an argument on that.

        2. Juan TwoTree says

          You’ve got that right! She’s a baggyeyed ‘Ho’! A filthy, ‘Dirty Sanchez!’ Isn’t she out come Jan. 1st?

          1. Shauna says

            ROFLMAO! I just had a flash back to South Park……;)

          2. Juan TwoTree says

            Just keeping some humor in the posts! 🙂

          3. Ernesto Goingo says

            I hope so.She’s into destroying what others had built.

        3. Pamela Craghill says

          You have to realise that anybody in politics, when their lips move, they are lying.

          1. OCDiver says

            That was one of my dad’s favorite jokes! 😉

          2. Pamela Craghill says

            OCDiver, the old ones are the best, as they say. But it is so true of many people running our countries.

    2. dude says

      the first person to tell it like it is and your’re right… they need to quit babying these people …they like being in jail… it’s better than were they’re from they destroyed there country so they join a group either they kill there self… or they get caught and go to a nice jail cell and feed 3 times a day at taxpayers exspence… which is destroying us which is what they want to do anyway it’s just slower

    3. Juan TwoTree says

      Damn right Sgtyork! “F” the Muslim camel humping, towel-haded, donkey dung eating pieces o s*it!! Get what we can, when we can…I don’t care….water boarding, castration, pour acid down their throats, behead the mf’er’s….whatever it takes to protect this great and z(regardless of what Obongoloid and his minion Administration thinks!). Feinstein is a GD turncoat, making up s*it, just like PIGlosi and Hairy Reid do. I’m with you 110%!

      1. ward says

        The muslim terrorist’s deserve all of the above and more of the worst of whatever … !

        1. Juan TwoTree says

          You bet Ward! You bet!

    4. ward says

      All in bo’s E’O’s & created B.S. for his muslim support to degrade & internally destroy the U.S.A.

    5. William Wilson says

      Kill all terrorists where you find them. If you need info get it by any means possible then kill them.

      1. edward martis says

        Try this: When the French Foreign Legion went to Chad to boot out Libya, they took bloody pig skins with them, from the slaughter-houses in Paris ; in large plastic bags—–Getting info. out of Mullahs etc. was beyond easy—-“torture” by bloody pig skin is the easiest way to go and as my FFL buddy told me—, VERY EFFECTIVE !!!

    6. Pamela Craghill says

      You watch your backs with all the Muslims. They breed like flies and will take over your country. They have done it in England and they are the worst people in the world. There is no living with they, as it is their way, or no way. Get rid.

      1. edward martis says

        France ,UK, Holland, Germany have been destroyed by these ‘parasites’–Spain is having a hell of a time with ‘illegal” immigration; skipping across the “Straits of Gibraltar” Costa del Sol area ..,…; When the Brits catch them in Gib, which is not often, they are put on the next boat south…..Gib. is very tightly controlled. No body, in their sane mind, wants them.

        1. Pamela Craghill says

          Edward, wish I could say that England is tightly controlled. But it is the complete opposite and they come into our country and we find them houses to live in and give them money. But you see, our politicians are not same of mind, so we suffer the consequences. I fear that Barak Hussein Obama with be no different to ours. After all, they are his people coming to your shores.

          1. edward martis says

            I totally understand—the ‘illegals’ are killing the USA in every way possible. How many veggy pickers does the US need ? Surly not 4 mill. more; that Oshit is letting in with no end in site-with the ganstas that will come with them—-The US is heading for another revolution in the years to come; and is overdue—-I have spent a little time in London; with Muslims everywhere , like mice——What does the UK have to benefit from all these ‘leeches’ ? What the hell is wrong with Parliment ? Can not these morons see that they are destroying their own country for politically correct ‘multi-culturealism’ …..Australia better wake-up very soon; or there next. Canada too; although they are pretty tite. France, Germany, Holland have already screwed them selves. I found out about a year ago I am a Canadian (by birth) of a Canadian mother and US father born in Boston, Mass. —-Ottawa agreed’ so I am off to Northern Vancouver in a year o so———–Face it we are done…..Could you move to Ireland as a Brit. and take up residence there ? My mother was of Irish ancestry and was born in St John, New Brunswick, Canada in 1914—-Christ, how she hated Brits in the way they treated her and the Irish-(in the Dominion Of Canada)—She even gave a fair amount of cash to the IRA when they came to Boston in the 70’s. I think she joined the IRA (under the table) to raise money for them

          2. Pamela Craghill says

            Edward now is more or less foreigners. We are overrun everywhere with them though. In London they now have Romanians sleeping in the street and defecating on the pathways. Leaving it to be smelly and littered with whatever they want to discard. They cannot speak our language and policemen have to get interpretors to tell them to move on, only for the to not go to far and start their filthy ways there. They argue at the police having to be made to do what is wanted of them. This is going to be your next step in the USA and Canada. Because they breed like flies, they have to find new places to live, as everywhere they go gets overcrowded and ends up like the disgusting country they have come from. They are a scourge. Muslims are the worst thing ever. They are dirty, want to dominate, both in how we live and they want their religion to dominate. Because there will be so many more of them than us, it will happen. So action needs to be taken before that happens. My mother was Irish and came to England when she was fourteen years of age, to look for work. Her sister was already hear. But we worked and lived a decent life. My mother came from a military background and her father was a Sergeant Major in the army and her mother was a governess. So very proud and decent people. So we were actually an asset to England.Now all that comes here are people who get free housing and money to live. This comes from the poor old tax payer, so eventually something will have to give here and there could be rioting if the dummies that run our country don’t do something fast. Take care my friend.

          3. edward martis says

            Romanians are like our Mexicans, but millions more of them. Honduras MS-13 gangstas are the worse of the worse—–They are hard core ‘cop killers’ —- the LAPD (los angeles) estimates there are something like 25,000 MS-13 types /illegals already in LA County I was in the calif.ornia army national guard in the ’91 LA riots and we put a lot of these gangsta types on the LA Coroners table ……….the CANG put the absolute Fear Of God Almighty into them—-I had a gangsta shit his baggy pants right in front of me, when I stuck the barrel of my M-16 rifle into his mouth…….

          4. Pamela Craghill says

            There needs to be a lot more of them got rid of also. Over the years of visiting America, I notice as time went on, more and more of these sort of people, coming into your country and taking over businesses, wherever they could. The more that come, the stronger they get, so you need to keep the numbers down, or you lose your country. Just like we are losing ours.

          5. edward martis says

            Lastly. my London buddy mentioned this to me “The UK will cease to function as a country in 70 years; the UK will sink under the weight of its own self-defeating policies and crush itself to death” ….. Southern Spain is a good place to retire to; by the way, as I am sure you know……Went to Gib, Great place…Luved it…

          6. Pamela Craghill says

            Your buddy is correct. We are only a tiny island. We are smaller than Florida. So what with fracking underground, then building houses on top, there will be sinkholes occurring ofter. It has already happened in our country and yours. The island will surely sink under the weight of all the people, houses, cars etc. We will struggle to feed them all and our hospitals are closing now, because they have too many freeloader immigrants, although they like to blame it on the old people living longer. Well those old people paid their taxes all their lives, unlike the immigrants that come here with their sick parents and ailing children. Our country is almost ruined now, whatever the imbeciles running our country say.

          7. edward martis says

            sounds like the US ; sinking like the R.M.S. Titanic——are you getting near retirement …..Spain or Portugal would be good to retire to…..can you possibly imagine what the UK will look like in 15 yrs ? I can —a once great country over run by arabs.; who will have sucked the UK dry, of everything…….

          8. Pamela Craghill says

            Edward, I am long retired and don’t just have one foot in the grave, but two and I am nailing the coffin lid down as we speak. lol. Too old to up sticks and move to another country now, but I certainly will not be around in fifteen years time, to see my country ruined, thank God. This is why you need to think about getting as far away as possible from all these scanks. They are not what makes for a good life.

          9. edward martis says

            hi Pamela—-as long as the dems; like your labor folks continue to run the US’ the country will continue to sink into the abyss———US Border Patrol says a minimum of 100,000 + sneak in to the USA every 24 hrs…..I will check on that…….the whole of the US border (about 2000 mi.), will ck on that too is wide open basically to anybody—al-quieda, isis, drug runners, human smugglers etc…… there are not nearly enough USBP/ cops etc to stop them. it will take the US Army to do it—— what is the purpose of the labor party doing all of this; when it will only result in a wrecked country with a destroyed tax base ? parliament will preside over a totally wrecked / broken/ junk yard country….I sannot understand their reasoning in any way……I equate the US govt to Disneys “Alice in Wonderland” Obama= the “Cheshire Cat nancy Pelosi=the queen of hearts harry reid= the mad hatter joe biden=the March Hare etc……..As the ‘Cheshire Cat ‘ said to alice ——“We are all mad here, you know….what are you doing here ? ” Obama has the same white piano key grin………You should buy/get the DVD and I’m sure you could equate the characters with parliament …… is amazing how the DVD equates to real world politicians……….

          10. edward martis says

            1969 mi. long CA/MEX border w/ 600,000 per year (arabs, eastern European, Latinos, Africans, Chinese, isis, al quieda etc) nobody really knows—-I live 25 mi south of san Francisco———-and is over-run with scum of all types…..your Romanians are our blacks/ latino’s—-when ever I go up there I always carry MACE (which is VERY, VERY effective) I have nailed 3 of them so far……I keep a (civilian bought) military issue, 9 shot 12 ga. shotgun in my house (loaded with ;bean bags and 00 BUCKSHOT) along with a .38 cal revolver, with hollow point ammo——-and a big can of MACE along with very powerful “TAZER” stun gun in my car…….Want a can of free MACE ? I would be happy to send you one…….if UK customs find it….so what ? They will just confiscate it……..I had an old friend, who died, that owned a sporting goods store and had cases of this stuff. If you want one I will happily send one off

          11. Pamela Craghill says

            Hi Edward, I have to say that in your country you can carry things such as the Mace. In our country, you are not allowed to carry anything, so you are very vulnerable when you have to mix with them outdoors. At least your President is a Muslim, so he will look after his own and get them in to a country that can provide for them. Tony Blair was one of us and he allowed them in, in their droves. So he is a traitor to our country, but no one dare say it in public, because the media would not allow it. I know you will think this is stupid, but I sometimes think this is the start of the end of civilisation. Muslims want to live in America, Britain, France, Holland, Italy and Spain. All Christian countries. Why, because they do hate Christians. The countries they want to leave are all Muslim countries. Why when they don’t like us and our ways. Because they get plenty of handouts and their intention is to take over each of these countries and make them Muslim countries and nobody is stopping it happening. Really sad that all of the people running these countries are letting it happen. Really frightening.

          12. edward martis says

            pam–google ” legal pepper spray in the UK”—–I did last nite and 2 particular ‘pepper spray’ types are allowed there and can be purchased legally there —–send me you UK address —-the post office closes here in 3 hours——or I will mail it tomorrow——-yes, they are like cock-roaches and will cause the demise of the United Kingdom in due process—–I did not realize the UK was the size of Florida——-You folks are TRULY screwed !!!

          13. Pamela Craghill says

            Edward, you understand now that when the immigrants are coming in, in their thousands each day, we are truly in a mess. One national paper has an article in it today saying that the government have lost track of 380,000 immigrants and don’t know where they are in the country. That just sums up how many are coming here that they cannot keep control of where they are. We truly are screwed.

          14. edward martis says

            hi pam—noticed that the UK has 65 million citizens — the USA has 350 million citizens ——and that that you cannot find 380.000 —–the latest estimate is that the USA has 30 million “illegals” ”somewhere” and no where to be seen—-‘floating’ around———-your country and mine; are basically ” dead in the water”—-i.e. “dead fish” Oshit has signed an Executive Order” ( the legality of it; will besided by “the Supreme Court of the USA” ) for amnesty for 4 million more ‘beaner’s’ —-America is arming itself; the likes I have n ever seen—The guns legally purchased in the last 2 years is astronomical—–120 million plus——-I think the populace of the US has bought more ammo, than the Pentagon—–Gun Shows sell tons upon tons upon tons of ammo–and guns –guns can be ordered through the mail; with proper ‘admin’ paperwork—–ammo does not–;–If whatever reason oshit decides to impose ‘martial law’ here the cops and military will turn their backs on him; and walk away—on this you can rely on——THEY (both) are disgusted by him; and all the damage he has done to the USA. The 4 border states with Mexico are ‘war zones (drugs,illegals, human smuggling etc. etc. etc. etc…) which will go on forever======the American South West is max loaded to the gills with guns—-Send me a UK address and I will show what is available to buy in the USA (gun-wise) It will shock-you from a Brits point view—-the info. makes interesting .reading I buy these ‘newspaper’ (gun) periodicals now and then; and you should see what is available to the American citizen—-mail-order wise……………..Give me an OK and I will send one of these newspapers to you——It is just a ‘newspaper’ so it will breeze by UK Customs—— Show it to your family/ friends —-It will shock them —-

          15. edward martis says

            hi again pam—-as far as the 707——the cargo version can hold 40,000 Kg (88,000 lbs.)—-that’s a lot of guns and ammo—–the going price for an AK-47 in Saudi Arabia was $ 25. …….and getting it back into the USA was easier than you would think; with USAF military connections ……I know US military types that have done this………….

          16. edward martis says

            hi again pam—-what you said about the’ end of civilization’ because of these bugs is quite true—-the US has thousands of them here—-the UK has had it—-the USA is in the same destructive down ward spiral; and will be destroyed by them and ‘illegal’ latinos——we are pretty well screwed too——-Send me your UK address before you forget—My memory is like a piece of Swiss cheese…………

          17. edward martis says

            hi pam—I just packed up the MACE in a ‘mailer’—-Customs wise I will list it as ‘ small machined pipes’ ——-if the UK catches it …who cares ?—–let me know if you want it…….

          18. Pamela Craghill says

            Edward, get it in the mail and to hell with the authorities. lol

          19. edward martis says

            hi pam–like I said you can buy ‘government approved’ pepper spray there; but will get my ‘pkg’ out today; but I need your complete UK address first….OK ? send it to me and I will mail it off today/tomorrow depending on the post operating hours——I believe the UK (?) is 7 hours ahead of California time-wise—I live about 2 miles away from a NASA/ USAF base and I can be in and out of their PO in 3 minutes—–the regular PO’s around here are crowded; that is why I always go the NASA base——–NASA does a lot of ‘wind tunnel’ testing there—-the ‘wind tunnel’ is friggin massive and covers acres upon acres of land —along with a lot of “space’ related sciences—–they have in their ‘storage yard’ a few military fighters’ helicopter’s (designs) that ‘never worked out’—-odd-ball ‘star wars’ designs—pretty weird looking stuff====if you are so inclined send me your e-mail address so I don’t have to hunt through may tonnage of e-mail’s which I get every day—-sorting through all the DISQUIs junk is a pain in the ass—–your ‘pkg’ is all packed up and ready to go—–I will put a phony return name and address on it—-UK customs; will probably confiscate it if they find out—–just say it was sent to the UK by a friend that did not know better/ UK law etc—-bull shit them like the UK gov’t bullshits you—-

          20. edward martis says

            hi pam—-remember the ‘white house down’ movie ? I cheered when the capitol/ dome building and white house blew up—–all I could picture was Obama/Michelle/ Joe Biden/ Nancy Pelosi/ Harry Reid and company getting “toasted” and do pick up a CD of Disney’s “Alice In Wonderland” (original 1953 (?) ) and see the parellels to D.C. and Parliament

          21. edward martis says

            hi pam—-are you still there or have you changed your mind about the ‘mace’ …let me know either way….no problem…

          22. Pamela Craghill says

            Edward, I would not be able to use the mace. I go nowhere these days that I would need it. But you are so kind. I appreciate you trying to help me and keep me safe. I hope that you also keep well and very safe, as it is a very bad world we live in now. Do keep in touch to let me know how you are though.

          23. edward martis says

            hi pam==ok ; no problem====I have about 4 cases left= I give it away==slowly but surely===like I said ” google”—LEGAL PEPPER SPRAY IN THE UK= And a website will pop up; as to where you can buy it there ……I was thinking of going to the next gun show in SFO, and selling one of my two remaining military shotguns; with bayonet. for $ 400. It is worth $ 600 new,…It has sat in my closet 18 years and has never been fired—-wrapped it up in a blanket; way back then……selling it direct to somebody; skips the $ 125 paperwork transfer fee——-the state and federal governments will never know, it even existed……other than that; I have to go out and pay some bill s—- About 2 years ago I bought a 2011 Ford Crown Victoria-( in as good as new condition) –lite-slate grey in color——All the cop cars here are Crown Vics———So just for fun I bought 2 of these black 6″ magnetic-type antennaes and put them on the trunk lid (e-bay for $ 8; for both) and then I bought a small (7″ long 9/16″ wide) stick on chrome/ black type “POLICE INTERCEPTOR” like the cops have on their cars—–and put that on too….Why you ask ? All the Mexicans, Chinese, arab types around here drive like maniacs and think they are the only folks on the hi-way……..The sight of my car with black antennaes etc, really slow folks down,,,,,,,A bunch of times a car has come up behind me going very fast; and upon seeing my “fake” goodies will slow down very quikly; and behave him self…,

          24. edward martis says

            pam————-the same thing happens when people try to pass me on my right hand side going very fast………..I laugh to my self when it happens; it is great fun !!………Normal speeds going up to SFO are 55 MPH——-the normal speeds in the Central Valley (500 miles long of cotton and vegtables; and 200 miles wide ) are 65mph——-most folks do 90 mph plus and a lot of folks have police radar detectors on their dash-boards to avoid speeding tickets———my car when I bought it had 33,000 mi. (43,000 now) The thing about these cop cars is that the engines and transmissions can last up to 400,000 plus mi——-It took Ford some years to realize this; so they stopped making them;,of course,; the cars would last for years and years… I can get to LA in 5 1/2 hrs….my car will last longer than me——Be good.

          25. Pamela Craghill says

            Edward, you seem to be on top of your game. I have never handle a gun in my life. The nearest I have actually been to one is at a baseball match in Canada and maybe when we went to look round NASA. In this country ordinary people like us just do not have guns. But I guess you have to be pretty savvy in America with all the Mexicans, Chinese etc. The Asians drive like mad and break the speed limit, but nobody sees, or they don’t want to see, as it is less trouble. I hope you sell you gun, as someone will be glad to buy it, I’m sure. Might as well be used. It is a sad world now, with so much violence. Do watch your back, as they say. You have to have your wits about you with these sorts of people.

          26. edward martis says

            hi pam—-I will send the gun ‘newspapers’ along if you want them for any of your family to gawk at——like I said; it is amazing , the guns that are available to buy here———–all the guns that the gangstas have are stolen; or smuggled in from mexico——-a lot of Mexican soldiers will ‘desert’ the Mexican Army and sell the guns they have stolen from the Mex. Army–(out of the warehouses on mex. army bases)—-Going price down there is $ 6000 for a fully automatic M-16 rifle; which these x-mex. army will sell to the ‘cartels’——Another goodie—the ‘cartels’ have bought/ leased old Boeing 707’s and fly to Nigeria and pack them full of guns of all types (AK-47’s—.50 cal machine guns and on and on—-Africa will sell anything to anybody) and then fly the 707’s to’ privately owned cartel’ airfields in southern mexico————the thing is a 707 cannot fly non-stop from Nigeria (for example) They will stop In Caracas, Venezuela for re-fueling The Chavez / etc. Communists get a heavy bribe and allow this to happen The present communist govt. id buddy-buddy with fidel (cuba) and Daniel Ortega , another fidel lover commie (Salvador ?)——a 707 can hold ? tons of cargo—I will ck on that———if you would like the ‘newspapers’ ; let me know, for your relatives etc. etc.——they are amazing to gawk at……

          27. edward martis says

            hi pam—-apparently the UK DOES allow 2 ” particular/ legal” types of ‘pepper spray’ there …—I will send my stuff off to you if you want it , otherwise you can legally buy it there……..’bean bags’ out of a shotgun are classified “non-lethal” but will knock you down very hard——-the cops here use them all the time—–it is sort of like getting hit with a base-ball bat—-which hurts like hell

          28. Pamela Craghill says

            Edward the authorities would have me if I had anything like that in my possession. Only certain people can get away with having things like that But I do have a baseball bat that I bought in America years ago.

          29. edward martis says

            Pam—google “LEGAL PEPPER SPRAY IN THE UNITED KINGDOM” and see for yourself…….OR …. on the other end; — fill up a kids water pistol/ squirt bottle with Mexican/Pakistani HOT sauce and the result is pretty much the sane——and make sure you go for the eyes———-I am going to check again about the UK LEGAL PEPPER SPRAY and will get back shortly

          30. edward martis says

            Pam====you are absolutely RIGHT about mace/ pepper spray in the UK…… BUT look up ‘self defence spray in the UK” which IS legal in the UK ……….

          31. edward martis says

            hi pam—–have somebody drive long nails through it or drill holes in it and then press/ force nails through it —–a criket bat with nails through it would would be nice too………but do ck. out/ google ” SELF DEFENCE SPRAY IN THE UK (or ENGLAND)——Happy shopping=!!!!!==============Another item you might find worth a chuckle———The local cops (plus 300 brought in from northern CA) cleaned out about 250 illegals and gangstas from neighborhoods about 5 miles from me——very long overdue !! …. the ‘illegals’ were flown by the USAF to Mexico City (1300 miles south) for dumping——the gangsta types were sent to prison

          32. edward martis says

            hi again Pam======Good God ! How I wish the California Army National Guard (the governors control the state NG’s ; but can be federalized by o’shit; since the federal government pays for EVERYTHING) —-would be unleashed on all of these gangstas (there must be 250,000 in LA County alone} (pop. 9 million folks)=======I can only pray…………………..and for fun: a gangsta broke into some bodys house and stuck a loaded stolen pistol into his waist/belt area aand made his getaway on a bike——while pumping the bike pedals like crazy—the gun went off blowing his “family jewels’ into oblivion—-he crashed and bled out everything ——another ‘coca-roach’ shoveled into a body bag—what a bloody mess…………

          33. edward martis says

            hi pam===I am 70 yrs old—–so I know what you mean —-I live in a civilized area; 10 mi. away from any skanks (42 mi. due south of the “Golden Gate Bridge” in San Francisco, CA-)—of which I spent 4 months there 17 hours a day with California Army National Guard——-the experience was an eye opener and would scare you to death sometimes—-with body parts being dumped in the nearby woods (via a serial killer) and Al-Quieda types ‘re-conning’ the weak parts of the GGB…..The CANG troopies bagged 4 al-q’s at gunpoint —-the CHP (CA State Police bagged some too) …….Al- Q types are still caught up there to this day……

          34. Pamela Craghill says

            Yes Edward, it would be frightening. Just like me you have lived long and seen life change. But it is not for the better in many ways. But I fear there is worse to come.

          35. edward martis says

            hi pam—-yes, it will get worse—-you know it—until the ‘ crap’ people totally wreck every thing and suck the UK dry—-then parliament can preside over what is left of the UK—that is; a pile of junk and a totally devastated , trashed country——if ever (which is not that far down the road) the US gets destroyed by ‘illegals’ etc—I will move to Show-Low, AZ and live there, in my buddies house—–it is in hi-timber country/ snow etc and is the best kept secret in AZ—–no latino/ black gangs etc—-beautiful area—- google “Show-Low Real Estate’ and you can putt around the the area via ‘google maps’ ——which have cameras mounted on the roofs of ‘google’cars—–a birds eye view that can be rotated 360o degrees——do you folks have it in the UK ?——-your computer will visually take you down any street in the USA—–there is the town of Springerville located 40 mi away—which has 250 latinos, 3000 whites and I black—–you read that right—“1” black according to the 2014 census—-AZ is a free state in that everybody can carry a gun; consealed or not (under your jacket etc)—–this fact alone scares the crap out od gandsta types—- AZ has the lowest crime rate in the USA for just that reason——-try to rob somebody and the bad guy will wind up dead——it is just that simple——-AZ is still the Wild West to this day——not too much has changed from the Tombstone -Wyatt Earp era (1881) etc…..Even fully automatic machine guns are legal—-Uzi’s/ M-16’s / Thompson’s (like the Al Capone era), Sten’s/ AK-47’s etc…… try to steal a car there and very good chances are you will wind up on the coroner’s table…..The AZ state governor has no mercy on bad guys——-AZ will execute a murderer in short order; like Texas—Show Low is a poker game; except the lowest poker hand wins; the direct opposite of a standard poker hand—the town was named in1879——the only thing missing in AZ is the hangman’s gallows and public hangings like they did up to the early 1930’s——Wyatt Earp’s spirit is alive and well there—-the whole quadrant of north east AZ iis beautiful and very temperate——the rest is 115 degree desert——-the heat in summer will knock a new-comer down———it is like a living hell on earth——–send me your UK address and e-mail address if you are so inclined…….Ed

          36. edward martis says

            hi again pam—— San Francisco, CA is 8 hours ahead of London ( 8 PM there/ 12 Noon here etc)——–I thought it was less——With the advent of the 787 type airliners—a person can fly from Los Angles, CA to Mumbai, India in 19 hours NON-STOP ——Amazing !!

    7. Joe T says

      Xactly brother

  5. johnb says

    Good essay, please re-post in WSJ or Wash post so the PC-obsessed lefty idiots who think the world is sunshine and rainbows can be reminded of the real evil in the world. Evil is not frightening a terrorist with a washcloth and some water, or humiliating him. These people are not soldiers captured on the battlefield who are following orders and protecting their homeland. They are terrorist who ejaculate when they think about destroying America and the liberties we hold dear.

    1. OCDiver says

      “Good essay, please re-post in WSJ or Wash post”
      The liberal “editors” of said outlets will never let it be printed. (sadly)

  6. RMCSRET says

    If you think we should coddle Terrorist such as Al Queda and ISIS then why not ask the families
    of the four men who where butched and burned and hung on a bridge by these slugs in Iraq.

  7. pleazzer says

    I can not believe this is even an issue. AT the time it wasn’t and issue and to try and make it one now is nothing but political traditionalism for Diane Frankenstein (Finstine). Here is a simple question for you: If God for bid anything like 9/11 happened again would you want a President like BUSH and VP like Cheney OR would you want Obama and VP Biden? IMHO I think Obama would hug and apologize for hours and as for Biden I would really worry that we might not even be attacking the right Country.

  8. edward martis says

    The best ‘torture’ is via a friend of mine in the French Foreign Legion. When Libya invaded Chad (Europe’s cotton market) the FFL went to the slaughter houses in Paris and bought a fresh load of bloody pig-skins and had them individually put in heavy plastic zip-lok bags; which were transported in C-130’s by the French AF to the Chad/Libya border area. When the FFL grabbed the local hard core Mullah and questioned him; the next step for him was to be wrapped in the bloody pig-skin . These clowns sang like canaries information wise—–Who needs water-boarding ?

    1. Mark Clemens says

      Why do Muslims hate pork so much?
      Maybe we should all just buy a pot belly pig for a pet, instead of dogs. Maybe the Muslims will freek out and go back………..

      1. Paula says

        I thought that was a good question… so I hunted down an answer. Believe or not.. muzzies can’t eat pork because “it’s unclean.” This coming from people who don’t use toilet paper. I found this .. I do NOT like going into any muslim sites, I get in and out quickly and if I miss something, well to bad (liberals) …

        “Not until recently when I went to Tunisia for a trip, I realise that Muslim people don’t use toilet paper to clean their bums after poop. Instead, they clean with water using their left hand, usually a bidet or jug. That is why in Muslim toilets each toilet cubicle has a jug of water on top of the cistern.

        This habit exists in Arabic countries, India, and north Africa. In many Asian Countries, people use a system where they do not sit, they squat and after the business they wash normally using a spicket to spray it out. Therefore, a special tip for travelling to these countries is: always keep some toilet paper in your bag, and pack some toilet rolls in your luggage.”

        Crazy much?

      2. edward martis says

        the thing with pork started a long time ago and came to a head when Islam popped up . in 632 A. D. ……as we know pork cannot be kept more than 2-3 days un-refrigerated without killing you if you eat it…….old mohammed knew all of this so declared pork as’ unclean’…to save lives… in the desert/refrig .? say what ? goat/ sheep/ camel meat, fish can be dried and stored etc and eaten later………pork will kill you, if not eaten immediately (in 632 A.D.)

  9. arab says


    1. kunling says

      Go back to your navel gazing and Kool-Aid! Rational people want none of your drivel!

      1. Jarhead says

        Be fair now….ARAB may have a severe brain injury in addition to his massive retardation ?

        1. kunling says

          You may be right……perhaps I should make like clinton and empathize with ayrab.

        2. edward martis says

          the whole of Saudi Arabia is an ‘insane asylum’. believe me, I lived 25 mi. from Mecca, and know these folks very well……there are a lot of fine Saudis, but overall the country is totally nuts

    2. catman says

      I suppose all those photo’s and video’s of the planes hitting the towers and the buildings coming down is all Hollywood huh????
      arab, you are a first class idiot. Go back to our desert and fornicate with your camels and goats.

      1. Jarhead says

        Apparently those new drugs are even more powerful than the old Crack/Smack/Meth/PCP? ALL of which is what the ARAB appears to be using.

      2. edward martis says

        you are quite correct. I spent 2 1/2 years , 25 mi. from Mecca, SA (helicopters/ gunships) RSAF And believe me I have seen goat screwing and one nosepicker sucking off another while driving down the highway. it is a common site to see and a person can get used to seeing it

    3. Shauna says

      Put down the crack pipe….seriously….

    4. says

      I see you use the name Arab to incite hate on this site,once again the bait and switch routine also ,we can’t do a thing to bring back one of those people who died that day but you know what since you want to blame Israel ,I’m going to inform everyone on this site to go to a site if you can back it and want to see the real agenda look it up ,to others who do this is a totally vile offensive website I warn you best not to read any comments look only at the pics and videos and cover the right side of your screen,but the totality of the evil of Islam you know the religion of peace, is exposed,you will see how they will saw your head off with no more thought than cutting up chicken for dinner,also note the pics where the men’s pants are ripped out from behind ,how does that square with you supposed qurans teaching about homosexuality and sodomy Arab.

    5. OCDiver says

      you’re an idiot

  10. Jeff Savlov says

    Let’s call this what it really is, the last hurrah of a do nothing congress led by a do nothing president. The purpose of this exercise was to deflect the attention away from their total incompetence so their dumb Democrat base has someone else o point fingers at and justify their apologetic PC way of dealing with terrorism. Time to grow up and get rid of every one of them and get back to real leadership like that provides by Patton, MacArthur and those who had the guts to do what was necessary to rid our world of evil.

  11. Pazuzu says

    Islamic countries are the most intolerant and racist countries in the world. To keep a running tab on all the human rights violations they are responsible for on a daily basis would be an arduous task. We pour a little water on the cry babies and all of a sudden WE’RE the bad guys. We don’t chop off heads, throw acid, set off car bombs at daycare centers, burn and destroy things for a perceived slight, etc. Personally I feel no remorse or compassion for the troglodytes and could care less if they’re tortured to death and we we gain NO actionable information.

  12. Ernesto Goingo says

    America is being destroyed from within by the Liberals Democrats.The likes of Obama,Feinstein and company.They pretend to know,speak eloquently and most of all confidently but they ignore the bigger picture for political advantage.They are nothing but opportunists and unpatriotic.Where did these people come from I can never guess.

    1. Paula says

      I don’t know where these so called “leaders” came from…but even a nut job like Kaddafi KNEW what was coming!

      1997) By Muammar Kaddafi (after meeting with Louis Farrakhan). “We are used to facing the United States as a fortress from the outside. Now we are finding a breach to penetrate the country (the U.S.) and confront it from within.”

      1. edward martis says

        Nikita Kruchev said the exact same thing in the 60’s (about taking the US from within) and the dems/ commies are well on their way to doing just that. example: Chicago, Detroit, San Francisco (esp SFO, an extremely sick city)

        1. Paula says

          Khrushchev: You Americans are so gullible. No, you won’t accept communism outright, but we’ll keep feeding you small doses of socialism until you’ll finally wake up and find you already have communism. We won’t have to fight you. We’ll so weaken your economy until you’ll fall like overripe fruit into our hands.”

          1. edward martis says

            what has communism ever done for you or anybody else except break economies, enslave people and rack up an unbelievable body count……if you object to your party down the line; what do you think will happen to you ? — the USA and Communism do not play well together;— the US military will not obey oshit and he will wind up like the executed Romanian president in the ’70s shot by his own soldiers ——look it up on You Tube’—-that is your future——remember what Japanese admiral yamamoto said after pearl harbor–“I fear we have wakened a sleeping giant”—–You folks have made inroads no doubt; like San Francisco/New York/ Chicago no doubt: but be aware in a semi civil war in the USA you folks are fish food—————-you have severely underestimated the people of the USA……I lived near Berkeley and have visited your ‘used book store’ many times at 6501 Telegraph Av. (Oakland) and know a lot of you folks ( ACP Hq.)

          2. Paula says

            What you say is true. I don’t believe for a second that the ignorance of others doesn’t threaten my well being. Our future is in their hands. The growing mass of ignorant voters has become an invisible majority that elects leaders who will keep them, and you, on the plantation. They simply don’t know any better. By default, they are useful idiots who pose an imminent danger for us all.

            There is a big difference between stupid and ignorance, too. It is possible to fix ignorance, but it is difficult to do. You can’t fix stupid. Therefore, its not a good use of time or effort trying to capture the stupid vote.

            Finally, when you discover what Americans don’t know about the U.S. Constitution, including those in Congress, it’s depressing. Constitutional studies are rarely taught in schools anymore except in passing. Yet, in some cases, teachers spend up to three weeks teaching Sharia law! God help us.

            P.S. when you stated “You folks have made inroads no doubt……” believe me when I say.. I am NOT one of those folks! I would not be in the same room with liberal-commies .. not on purpose!

          3. Paula says

            One more quote:

            “Communism has never come to power in a country that was not disrupted by war or corruption, or both.” ~ John F. Kennedy

          4. edward martis says

            then why have you praised communism in your previous statements—–thank God I will be in Canada soon and can forget about the USA I am a Canadian citizen (by birth )and never knew it……

    2. Michael Dennewitz says

      Roosevelt said it bud, and the democrats are allowing it to come to pass. My wording is far from being exact, but he said, “If America is ever destroyed, it will be from within, never the opposite!” And it IS coming to pass. All the velcro-heads in this country allowed an illegal to take the helm, and then later had to run out and buy tons of KY jelly because they found out he was sticking it in their asses first.. Then you have all these super radical sleeper cells that Ovomit is awakening so that his kingdom will be easier to set in motion, and his lifelong dream of becoming an emperor will be finalized. I’m soooo damned glad that I just turned 70. I won’t have to witness total destruction of this country like I witnessed in Vietnam! GOD HELP THIS BROKEN COUNTRY !!

      1. OCDiver says

        “And if a kingdom be divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand” – Mark 3:24 KJV New Testament
        Until “We the People” take back our country, we will remain in a downward spiral to destruction.

    3. OCDiver says

      They come from the liberally biased universities that brain wash them.

    4. Rockenroller says

      These kind of people are manipulators, anti-social types who play on the fears of the weaker peoples to advance their hidden agendas. Satan is very pleased with his servants, Obama, Holder, Lerner, Pelosi, Reid, Hildegaard, and the rest of the sick fools. I have no doubt that truth and justice will reign in the end, but how far down we have to go under this anti-social regime is another serious question?

  13. WhiteFalcon says

    This report is nothing more than a bash Bush report. It is totally biased toward the leftist/communist/Nazi and against freedom and America and all honesty. They lied whan they said that they had not been informed of what was happening when it was happening and in fact they approved of it and said at the time that what was happening was not torture, but now that they need something to use to whip up their connie/Nazi base, they come out saying that it was torture and that they did not know about it. They are liars. So what else is new? Their “report” did not include input from even one Republican nor did it include any input whatsoever from even one of the people that were actually involved in getting information from these terrorists. Before any conclusions are drawn about this, the minority report, as it is called, should be read and digested. We should hear both sides of the story, not just Finestein’s warped and biased version of it.

  14. catman says

    Maybe we should just send those “bleeding hearts” over to Iraq and Syria and let them join in with ISIS. Then maybe their tune will change. I seriously doubt if any one of them has experienced a tragic event in their family that violently took the life of a relative such as that which happened on 9/11 to thousands of innocent people.

  15. dude says

    I don’t think the torture was nearly bad enough and after they got all the info. they had they should have hanged them like hussan …I don’t feel a bit sorry for the one’s who was in on it …stretch a few necks and there won’t be any supprizes for them when we catch them and we (tax payers)won’t have to pay to keep them in prison for 10 years and then swoop or turn them loose …we can make room for more

  16. Edd USN Ret. says

    I’m reading all these comments about shooting or beheading the muSLIME ball terrorists. You are forgetting one very important thing. If the are killed because they were advancing SHITria causes then they still go to their idea of heaven and get 72 virgins as a reward for dying for the cause unless something is done making them un-pure. So before shooting them DIP THE AMMO in PIG BLOOD first. Before cutting off their head dip the BLADE in PIG BLOOD or test it’s sharpness by slaughtering a pig with it. If you hang the AHs use a noose made out of PIG INTESTINES, Make sure you do these things in front of them and in the video being made to show muSLIMEs what CHRISTINE AMERICANS do to muSLIME killers. An EYE for an EYE with one step up on these terrorist killers.

    1. Shauna says

      They do not get the virgins if killed by a woman….jus sayin…..

      1. Edd USN Ret. says

        That’s the first time I heard this. I heard about the PIG contamination years ago an we had a General in the Philippines during WW1 that put and end to muSLIME combatants by using Pig Blood and Pig Intestines in the killing of captives and sparing one to go back and report what was done and making it known that would be standard practice.
        About your info, knowing what/how woman are treated under SHITria law I can see how this may be the case also.
        JFTR, I have a supply of contaminated ammo handy JIC.

        1. Shauna says

          Tis true my friend and by the way, thank you for service! It would even “drive” it home by using bullets dipped in pigs blood… for me? Always happy to oblige….we will not see peace until they are removed. They won’t stop.

          1. Jarhead says

            You keep hitting the nail on the head! Semper Fi.

          2. Shauna says

            Thank you for your service my friend!!! mucho respect!!

  17. fred says

    If we had been doing MORE profiling and been more diligent we wouldn’t have lost those buildings and would be in a police state right now bc the muslims HAVE won! homeland security is redundant as is any airport security! We don’t need to put on a show with single -digit IQ morons to make it seem like we’re safer! we are not bc we can’t understand that the terrorists are the people we have in washington DC not out and about doing their jobs everyday! We need some people who don’t think of themselves 24/7 that means getting rid of the career politicians who think they are our RULERS not our servants as they should be thinking! We could easily round up any suspected terrorists and we don’t need a “Patriot Act” to do that! Throw out all the knee-jerk “safety” bills and get to work on rounding up the criminals you know are out there from your cia/nsa/ FBI monitoring that goes on 24/7 of truly innocent Americans having OUR privacy rights destroyed by these criminals in DC!

    1. dude says

      I agree 110% but I think homeland security is a joke and disassembled and fbi and cia is a bunch of crimmals but we got to have some body I guess but the biggest crimmals of all is in the white house most the others are just doing what they were told but Obama no exactly what he’s doing destroying America from with in and abroad with the illg.and letting prisoners go and the economy

      1. fred says

        We need to hold a Convention of States bc the washington criminals won’t indict him for his crimes! We have to limit the number of years these lawyers can “serve” us and make it a less attractive career choice and make them actually leave and get a real job!

        1. dude says

          you got a better chance of holding a convention than getting a lawyer to work

  18. Michael Dennewitz says

    We’re ALL dreaming folks! The HNIC is ready to admit over 300,00 mooselums from Syria as we speak. Forget the congress and the senate! The demoncrats sit back and smile and repooplicans just grab their paychecks and run. The ONLY hope this country has is WE THE PEOPLE! But nowhere can there be enough organization amongst them to actively DO ANYTHING!! Even the constitution states that the military can’t intercede because the HNIC is NOT A “LEGAL” PRESIDENT! The only people who can reverse this whole farce is WE THE PEOPLE.. WE THE PEOPLE MUST MARCH IN MASS ON THE WHITE HOUSE, remove the illegal bastard and try him for every imaginable crime against America. But NOTHING will happen! The repooplicans are slowly giving into the communist leberals, leaving our only hope in an expert sniper! GOD HELP THIS TORN APART COUNTRY!!

    1. says

      Michael sad to say the part you said about uus all getting together is right were so divided on foolishness the powers are using the old technique of creating mass confusion we no sooner hear of one travisty of govt. Till its outdone by the next,there plan evidently is to start another race war,I’m old enough to remember segregation, it was to say the least ignorant and evil,these crazy Muslims have found our Achilles’s heel,he sits in the whitehouse,back in the 70s and 80s when all the Christians were telling everyone that secular humanism and communists were worming their way into high offices in govt. Everyone laughed at the crazy Christians,we saw then what the plan was but other concerns just like today drew attention away from what was really going on,if we as a country fall for this race hating division wedge that these supposed wolves in sheep’s clothing are pulling out all stops to cause were going to see bloodshed in this country like not seen since civil and our enemy’s are setting back laughing at the stupid Americans that are doing their job for them ,its simple divide and conquere, then we will be invaded from without and all ready from within,,I don’t claim to have the solution I only know what I’m seeing and hearing.

  19. Jimmy King says

    My office window looks directly down onto ground zero as it did on that fateful day. I lost 16 friends when those buildings went down and attended over 2 dozen memorial services in its aftermath. But the good friends I lost, and the families they left behind, would not have stood for what this country did in their name. To now claim it was justified, sickens me. It is one thing to talk about torturing KSM, but it is another to justify taking American Citizens who are innocent and torturing them under the belief that they may have some information.

    This Great Nation was founded on the Rule of Law. Seems that the Justice Department and the Bush assholes lost that memo

  20. Paula says

    Will we ever learn? Will we let the liberal-commies continue to enable the atrocities that muslims commit on a daily bases? The only thing that will stop the muslims is the FEAR of retaliation. Obama and the rest of the kowtowing liberals of the world are making it clear that NO ONE will stop them.

    (c. 1903) By William Muir. “The sword of Muhammad and the Qur’an (Koran) are the most fatal enemies of civilization, truth, and liberty which the world has yet known.”

  21. Fedup says

    I don’t understand why we use the term “Islamic extremists”. Just call them Islamics because they are all “extremists”. They don’t deserve to be treated “humanely” and we should not be worrying about what the rest of the world thinks. This is life. You do whatever you have to do to protect yourself. If Feinstein has a granddaughter that is brutally raped and tortured, is she going to hug the rapist and tell him “it’s ok, we don’t want anyone to think we are brutal savages so go home to your family and have a happy holiday”? What is wrong with these people? If it even saves one life, it’s worth it. Isn’t that what we hear all the time from liberals when they talk about gun control regulations? They should have been forced to raise pigs and care for them in their cells. The left would probably criticize that for not respecting their beliefs or some other crock of sh!t. It’s ok for us to have the death penalty but not to “torture” (which it was not) to save the lives of millions of Americans? Who cares about what happens to those goat phucking pedophiles? One less Muslim in this world is not enough. We need to rid the world of ALL of them!

  22. wac4761 says

    kill them all and let GOD sort them out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. tinkerunique says

    Waterboarding is emotional and mental trauma. NO blood involved. During WWll, Korea, Viet Nam, Desert Storm and today, Americans being held prisoner have been tortured in very painful and bloody ways before they were killed, then sometimes the bodies were dragged thru the streets. If a Muslim tortures an American it’s OK ? There ARE terrorist groups INSIDE this country. They get little review, and NOTHING is done.

    1. Jarhead says

      Marriage can also be an emotional and mental trauma…….what’s your point?

  24. quincyman says

    I don’t suppose that decapitation is against international law…. When it comes to a PEOPLE that would kill you on sight with out hesitation. People who believe there is only one religion (muslim) and you are either muslim or dead. Then I have NO PROBLEM Getting information to save my peoples lives ANYWAY IT CAN BE DONE. Note, what is capitalized and what is not in my statement…. Right after 9/11 people demanded justice. Demanded the perps and all those responsible be brought down. Demanded protection and assurances that this never happen again. They never wanted to know how,… just that it be done. …… Now 13 years later they’re second guessing those who had the guts to take on the dirty job and got it done.
    Wake up AMERICA. Be thankful that there are men and women out there doing the unspeakable things to keep us safe while you sleep comfortably in your warm bed at night. That includes our armed forces. The most underpaid dangerous job in this country.

    1. Shauna says

      thank you for your service…..

      1. quincyman says

        I gave some…. Some gave a lot more. Thank you for your recognition of our service people.

        1. Shauna says

          Amen to that…5 brothers still serving….oops minus one, he retired in November.

          1. quincyman says

            Please thank your brothers for their service for me…

  25. Shauna says

    GOT IT????? I do not care what they did to these savages.. don’t care at ALL. don’t want to be waterboarded? Here is a thought, don’t blow up buildings in the US! War is ugly and I don’t give a damn what they had to do to get the information…..If they are holding our people accountable, then why aren’t they holding them accountable?

    1. ward says

      muslims quran of murder is the culprit & they brought their terrorist demise on themselves … !

    2. Jarhead says

      Very well said! Semper Fi.

  26. ward says

    Another deceitful undermining creation to destroy U.S. Integrity by bo with his under handed crony administration supporting & boosting muslim terrorists & threatening U.S. National Security … ! bo continually creates scandals of lies to support his wannabe dictator & defy U.S. Citizens Freedom …!

  27. Connie Alsip says

    I say ban islam in the USA. Sneaking, sniveling cowards, making war on children. EVEN ON THEIR OWN CHILDREN AS WE SAW AFTER THE FREAKING HAMAS TERRORISTS CAPTURED AND KILLED 3 TEENAGED KIDS COMING HOME FROM SCHOOL. I admit to being an islamophobe. How could anyone NOT with the constant atrocities. I curse them, and hope they are killed to the third and fourth generation. They even raise their young children to kill Jews. I would love to be able to watch their slaughter, and no, it would be no Holocaust. The Nazis, in collusion with the muslims, killed over 6 million Jews. NEVER AGAIN!!! I want all muslims dead. The sooner, the better.

  28. OSAMA OBAMA says

    Frumpstein blubbers about “How we look to the rest of the world”. Who cares? The rest of the world constantly has it’s hand out for American aid and help. Her libTURD ass should worry more about saving innocent lives than the lives of murdering, thug, pigs! Vote these vermin out 2016!!!!

  29. Patrick Thomas says

    This is exactly why torture of terrorists was needed. We had to protect ourselves from another deadly attack like 9/11. The only way to do it was to get intelligence from the terrorist themselves. Everything we did to the enemy after 9/11 was righteous. Fuck all the liberals who think torture wasn’t needed. Torture gained us a lot of enemy information who would have never gotten and could have resulted in another attack on our home land.

  30. Deb says

    We should do what it takes to keep OUR COUNTRY safe from terrorists, both foreign and domestic. Our leaders are just as dangerous, Feinstein had a bug up her butt so she commited treason against OUR CIA, as did RINO McCain, I know he was tortured and didn’t break so he thinks it wouldn’t work on these freaks. Did we pay for the fools in DC that walked off in protest because some black slob got killed after robbing a store and going after a cop and another fool that broke the law, not a terrible one but resisted arrest he is also to blame for his own stupidity! This is more affermative action crap, it just brings out the low lifes who think they can do anything because they are black and too stupid to have personal responsibilty.

  31. Joe Haines says

    you can’t be a humaine country in an inhumaine world, muslims are trying to take over the world.. muslims can’t live in peace with other religions. if muslims aren’t killing christians, muslims are killing eachother in clan wars.. every muslim country shuns christian followers and don’t want christians in their countries but yet they can take our help in money.. i say if they hate christians so much that they don’t deserve our HELP anymore or our money..

  32. john robel says

    More people died on 9/11 than Pearl Harbor, I find it amazingly disgusting that muslim POS are granted any consideration, and speaks loudly of what komrade sheik soetoro is really made of. I would love to have a “job” at Gitmo. There wouldn’t be any prisoners to release that’s for certain. There is no Geneva protection for terrorists, and they can “reap as they sow” in my estimation. I wonder, have feral hogs ever been used for interrogation?

  33. Bob Barton says

    Water boarding should be mandatory on our elected officials.

  34. Marilyn Stern says

    After 9/11, under Bush, EIT’s, Enhanced Interrogation Techniques, were introduced. These EIT’s elicited information that saved thousands of lives. Democrats, after losing control of the Senate, have now decided to release a report, formulated while they were still in power. Because a few CIA officers may have gone a little further than EIT guidelines permitted the Democrats have decided to attack the program in an effort to dehumanize Republicans. The Democrats also cite a CIA officer, or officers who might have objected to EIT’s. They try to paint CIA officers as untrustworthy, which is extremely detrimental to the United States. Most CIA operations are, necessarily, secret. Most CIA victories will never be known or reported. Many CIA operatives, who will never receive the recognition they deserve, have died to protect Americans.

    This Senate Report, composed by Democrats, will give our enemies political fuel. Knowing that an interrogation system of “placate and release” is encouraged by our current administration will give them additional encouragement.

    1. OCDiver says

      And the ones that went beyond what was permitted, are now (according to the reports I’ve heard in the media) are sitting in prison.

      (just to add to your statement)

  35. TAM44 says

    I have never seen so much disrespect for those innocent people killed on 9/11 that the democrats has shown. They are truly on the enemies side and not ours as they feel passion for them while they spew hatred for those who’s job it is to protect America from all enemies both foreign and domestic. We know all to well how our enemies work, just take a good look at obama and his administration, they covet the terrorist and law breaking illegals and disease carriers and criminals, and damn the citizens of America. Water torture is a walk on the beach compared to seeing innocent people jumping to their deaths so as not to be burned to death, that’s torture feinstein you piece of steaming obama.

  36. threeball says

    Damn lib’s,they should have to sort out how some of us older military men would have interrogated these bastards,water boarding would be a b’day party in comparison.Pig entrails-ant hills-toe & fingernails {military manicure-pedicure} just a few minor little treatments come to mind,maybe buried alive with a butchered {diseased} hog for company with all of their buds @ the funeral.I could go on,but why bother,just put Lt Col West in charge of obtaining info from the sorry bastards,with no restraints on him,I’d damn sure support or join him if possible.Feinstein and her ilk could care less about the towers or any of those who died at the hands of these sickos,they only want to bring down America,like their leader does.

  37. runnindeer says

    Considering that these terrorist lived to go on with their lives and to trash talk America as they are doing, not to mention to completely immerse themselves in deeper terrorism with a high rank, listening to them boo hoo, and cry crocodile tears to the people who literally hate our ( Americas) guts, is pathetic in the extreme. IF there was any real evidence of any real wrong doing that had somehow been overlooked by both Democrats and Republicans I would say sure, we do need to look deeper. But fact is the Democrats knew what was happening and they were in agreement at that time so this is nothing more than sour grapes because of a tantrum about loosing the election. Apparently Americans want our kids to never remember the Military men hanging from bridges or to know about the recent butchering and beheading of small baby’s as well as citizens of the terrorist own countries at hands of these barbarians. Our CIA work’s to keep all of us safe. They , as well as our military and our police have literally put their lives on line daily in order to keep all of us safe. This jehad on Americas military, CIA, and police must end and end now. Obama said quote “this is not who we are” un-quote. Well it got THAT right! THIS is NOT who WE Americans are as a Nation. This is pure unadulterated BS!

  38. Yadja says

    The Terrorists are lapping this up. They see a country who apologizes for anything they might do to a terrorist other than give them a hug and tuck them into bed.

    Beam me up Scotty….or give me the power to use the laser on Washington D.C.

  39. takeitbacknow42012 says

    You really have to wonder what Obama would do if these terrorist had a hold of his wife and daughters. Maybe invite them for a drink in the garden? You can’t play nice with them because they are KILLERS!
    Seriously, if any of us had our families being held somewhere with threats of killing them in the worse possible way would we really be playing “nice” and not doing whatever it took to find out where they were? The CIA did what they had to do, end of story. . . .get over it!

  40. hankthetank says

    In the first place, they, Obama can’t do anything anyway, he had The Bush family sign off on this on January 26 2012!! if you remember he was going after the Bush’s for war crimes,after they went to the WH, & signed off, he said he wasn’t going to!!!

  41. notDemorRep says

    your opening line should have been On Tuesday, the Senate Intelligence Committee Democrats released the much-ballyhooed “torture report,” without contacting anyone involved with the investigation.

  42. Mike11C says

    I shed no tears for those goat fuckers. As far as I’m concerned, those a-holes didn’t get even close to what I would have given them. I don’t consider water boarding as “torture”.

  43. Archie Cogollos says

    I say pull all our people out…let them kill each other off….we have all the resources here…we have a population that needs to grow and prosper…roads, bldgs and bridges that need repair…a people that need to be educated and feed….our money troubles would be over…we’re using food to supplement fuel…food…and food prices are rising…we really need to wake up!!!!!!!

  44. jim scofield says

    The current problem with the islamo-nazi’s go’s back to the inaction’s of
    Jimmy Carter and his cowardice with dealing with ayatollah Khomeini and the
    Iranian nut jobs. He allowed the Sovereign Soil of the US Embassy to be taken
    over twice and did nothing for 444 days. It took the Swearing in of Ronald Reagan
    to get Khomeini’s attention because he knew Reagan would park the 6th fleet off
    the coast and warm up the B52s and light their butts up like a roman candle.
    And the problem was even further exacerbated under the Clinton regime with their
    building a wall between the CIA and the FBI so they could not share intelligence with
    each other. Thus we had the first attack on the WTC, the Attack on Kobe Towers and
    the Attack on the USS Cole with the icing on the cake being the Attacks of 9/11/2001
    by the same islamo nazi’s . Sympathy for the enemy can be found in Websters Un-
    Abridged Dictionary between Shiite and Syphilis. Remember one thing They Declared
    War on US so if they cant handle the consequences they shouldn’t be whining.
    In the words of the late Tom Clancy “If you are going to kick a tiger in the ass You
    better be prepared to deal with his teeth.



  46. CA Loser says

    $40 million for the investigation?That is the real crime

  47. James Fleming Jr says

    Folks seem to have forgotten how this started and it could go back even farther. First lets point out that these same folks(Liberals & Democrats) that are calling for transparency is the least transparent administration in my lifetime. They call for truth and honesty and yet lie through their teeth at every turn. They refuse to learn from their mistakes.
    This thing started back on 9/11 and originated in the Clinton White House when Jamie Gorelick with a Memo forbade the FBI and CIA to compare notes. In my opinion this was the beginning of our downfall.
    Next the Democrats come out and say The CIA has not kept them informed. I really do not have the answer but I know for a fact Democrat Patrick Leahy some years back dropped some classified information to the news media that supposedly killed a lot of folks working for us overseas. Now they tell the Democrats that this may get a lot of our intelligence folks killed and Feinstein releases it. To be blunt,No I would not tell these folks anything.It is a proven fact you put any of them in front of a camera and they,(Congress) will spill their guts out and nothing is done. Even the President goes around tearing America down and if you trust him then maybe America does need to fall.
    I watched Udall from Colorado with a look of hatred in his eyes (Loser) spilling his guts and condemning the CIA. I say once and for all take Congress privileges away from them,let their relatives burn to death in the Twin Towers and you will hear a different tune,well,maybe not form these callous,self centered ego manics.
    One last example. You play by a set of rules that I am exempt from and I will beat you to death!

  48. downs1 says

    Some have said that torture is contrary to our national standards! Really? One of our “standards” is freedom of religion, but Judeo-Christianity is under systematic blatant attack! College professors like Professor Angeletti apparently don’t think that Christianity is really part of our heritage. Most of the liberal professors know absolutely nothing about true Christianity! However, these fools are afraid to attack Islam! You know, that “religion” that cuts the heads off children who refuse to recant their Christian faith! You know, that “religion” that cuts off the heads of people in the news media simply because they are there attempting to document the war! You know, that “religion” who treats their women like chattel and who condones rape of Christian and other non-Muslim women and young girls! Angeletti also believes that Whites are racist, but says nothing about the Blacks who teach their kids to hate Whites and to raise their fists in a sign of Black Power! He says nothing about Blacks who suddenly and without warning punch some old white guy in a game of “knockout”! They are trying to create a division in the culture! They are succeeding! When this country collapses, and it will, Prof. Angelleti will not have his cushy job at the university, nor will his utterances count for a single thing to the anarchists. He might just lose his head also, but he will probably convert to Islam in order to save his life! Very simply he will show himself to be a hypocrite and a coward! One wonders what he will do when he stands in final judgment before the God he has openly denied to his students! It won’t be pretty!

  49. MarcJ says

    That Senate report was produced exclusively by the Democrats – no Republicans were invited. Also, no CIA witnesses were questioned. By the act of publishing that fake report the Democrat Party has become an open ally of Al-Qaeda in its continuing war on this country.

  50. TAM44 says

    terrorist deserves no tears and obama is a terrorist our number one enemy to this country.

  51. Tom Soriano says

    Sometimes it’snecessary to fight fire with fire. Terrorists commit atrocities everyday without any remorse. I’m a firm believer that we should treat them the same way that they treat their captives (ie. behead them, rape them, etc.). We will never win a war against them by being honorable and respectful to them. We need to get down and dirty and treat them like the animals they are!

  52. arab says


  53. George Yesthal says

    Torture and the Nature Of Evil

    George A. Yesthal

    Does anybody still believe the fantasy that the Arab world hates and plots against us because they envy our freedom and Americanness? Isn’t it more likely that we hate these people because we are TOLD to? And hey…they’re WAY darker than we are. And we ALL know that all the evil in the world comes from the “SWARTHY devil”. And even if that ridiculousness were true…fine…war with them…kill them. But as soon as we torture them WE are the evil ones and we’ll be joining the worst of them in perdition. The issue is about the duplicitous nature of torture and those who employ it. We Americans make the mistake of thinking two things:
    1.) That waterboarding is okay because it is nonlethal. That’s a mistake. People HAVE drowned from it. But that’s not the issue…the issue is that the people being tortured are not free to defend themselves. They are subdued, shackled and helpless and we are still causing them great pain and duress. And the people doing it enjoy it. If they didn’t, it would be ineffectual. Now I’m not a Christian by any stretch of the imagination and have my own sense of spirituality, but most people who support torture are. What a dichotomy. They are sinners in the eyes of their God and natural law (which I happen to embrace). In other words, they are monsters. 2.)Americans believe for some reason that we are the good guys and if WE torture people, it is a righteous endeavor. It’s okay because we all know that God smiles on our every effort. Again…the arrogant attitude of a monster. We are perpetrating monstrous acts and whitewashing the deeds with a veneer of good intentions. It’s BULLSHIT of the highest water and it is going to send those who employ and condone it to whatever perdition awaits them when their time here is through.
    Now those who argue in favor of torture sometimes mistakenly assume that it is ONLY waterboarding that we are employing at GITMO. Not true…not in the least. We have also forced them to ingest feces and urine (their own and others), We have refused them sleep for weeks at a time. We have beaten them and spilled their blood and broken their bones. We have applied electrodes to their genitals and shocked and burned them. We have stripped them naked and forced them to stand out in the elements until they drop. We have starved them and locked them in cold dark cells for weeks at a time with no human contact in unsanitary conditions. And we have used them in one scientific experiment after another with absolutely no regard for their welfare. Every one of these methods can easily prove fatal, but it is the issue of the nature of those who would do such things to a person they don’t even know. There is no revenge as a motive, only cold and calculated mistreatment, humiliation and abuse of other human beings. If we are fostering such heartless and cruel methods and ideologies how can we continue to claim righteousness? How can we meet our maker and justify these actions or support thereof? And most people who cheer such actions on, are self-professed Christians who swear a deep and abiding belief in, as some say, “a loving god who cares about us all… our god loves us be we black of skin or white even though we deny him he loves us…he is inclusive not exclusive”…and so on.
    How will these people stand before their maker? What will they say when their God points to the scenes of carnage that their support garnered? Will they try to grovel and beg and claim that they were mistaken? Will they beg for mercy? How will those who have actually had a hand in it dignify and justify themselves in the eyes of their God?

  54. adrianvance says

    These people will cut your hands and feet off just for fun. Kill them. That is what they want to do to us.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for facts, ideas and more.

  55. zookeeper216 says

    I really don’t understand why we needed to know this information and I don’t care what they did to these people.

  56. jim scofield says

    Typical Liberal double speak send the CIA to question Murders to get
    information on possible future attacks but You must be nice to them.
    Mrs Feinstine You ignorant slut You still don’t have a clue. You and
    Your Liberal anal orifice friends have had Your collective Heads up Your
    buts for so long I am surprised You all haven’t died from lack of oxygen.

  57. Ron Coon says
  58. alaskat says

    In my estimation waterboarding is more persuasion than torture. Torture leaves physical scars. When faced with an enemy as evil as Islamic terrorists we have to get tough, and I don’t mean becoming barbaric as they are. When American lives are in danger and we can prevent it, it is our obligation to protect our own. Period.

  59. edward martis says

    at the rate the US is going; another dem pres. will finish off the us for good——total destruction of every single thing the us was founded on NOT radical- leftist-progressive-liberal-Marxist-socialistic-pathological-sociopathic-narsarsistic-loonyism…………….

  60. Justin Smith says

    Great minds think alike ___ I didn’t see this until tonight. It’s simply interesting that myself and several other authors have independently come up with this title for our articles. It’s obvious, because the content is so different. But we all reached the same conclusion from different angles of analysis. Must be right!

    From my article: “Would anyone really and truly be troubled over waterboarding an enemy combatant, a terror suspect, with the knowledge that thousands of American lives might be at stake?

    The Taliban, Al Qaeda and the Islamofascist groups that now comprise the Islamic State have routinely tortured, maimed and murdered their prisoners over the last several decades, just as America witnessed nineteen U.S. soldiers dismembered in Somalia and hung from utility poles in 1993 and, more recently, four young Christian children beheaded in Iraq for refusing to convert to Islam. And during this time, they have consistently and routinely worked towards successfully striking America in the most destructive and lethal fashion; the bomb plots, the biological and chemical attack plans and their search for nuclear weapons have all increased, and all of this was in the making long before the EIT program, as illustrated by the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

    Americans reflect on what has brought us to this discussion, and we remember – We remember Islamic terrorists followed the Koran’s mandate to murder non-believers, the infidels, in order to purify the world – taking the lives of 3000 innocent Americans. This is their life’s calling, and America reacted by making it our mission to capture or kill every Islamofascist meaning to bring Her harm, a mission we took seriously; if an Islamic terror suspect or known terrorist gets slapped a few times or has a
    little water poured over his face, I’ll not be shedding any tears.

    By Justin O. Smith

  61. Jude O'Connor says

    The Dec. issue of The Barnes Review for some stories that tell it like it is. Great reading about the lies we thought were the truth.

  62. Joe T says

    Liberalism aka Democrats e.g. Dianne Feinstein, Age 81 yrs (June 22, 1933) TOO f’ing old ideas

    February 17, 2008, reprint – Psychiatrist Confirms: Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder

    As a clinical and forensic psychiatrist, Lyle Rossiter has treated over 1,500 patients and examined over 2,700 civil and criminal cases. Turning his hand to political psychopathology, the author of The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness, has diagnosed an alarming percentage of the population as suffering from the grotesque form of mental derangement known by some as moonbattery

    The Liberal Mind is the first in-depth examination of the major political madness of our time: The radical left’s efforts to regulate the people from cradle to grave. To rescue us from our troubled lives, the liberal agenda recommends denial of personal responsibility, encourages self-pity and other-pity, fosters government dependency, promotes sexual indulgence, rationalizes violence, excuses financial obligation, justifies theft, ignores rudeness, prescribes complaining and blaming, denigrates marriage and the family, legalizes all abortion, defies religious and social tradition, declares inequality unjust, and rebels against the duties of citizenship. Through multiple entitlements to unearned goods, services and social status, the liberal politician promises to ensure everyone’s material welfare, provide for everyone’s healthcare, protect everyone’s self-esteem, correct everyone’s social and political disadvantage, educate every citizen, and eliminate all class distinctions. Radical liberalism thus assaults the foundations of civilized freedom. Given its irrational goals, coercive methods and historical failures, and given its perverse effects on character development, there can be no question of the radical agenda’s madness. Only an irrational agenda would advocate a systematic destruction of the foundations on which ordered liberty depends. Only an irrational man would want the state to run his life for him rather than create secure conditions in which he can run his own life. Only an irrational agenda would deliberately undermine the citizen’s growth to competence by having the state adopt him. Only irrational thinking would trade individual liberty for government coercion, sacrificing the pride of self-reliance for welfare dependency. Only a madman would look at a community of free people cooperating by choice and see a society of victims exploited by villains. [From The Liberal Mind; The Psychological Causes of Political Madness by Lyle H. Rossiter, Jr., MD]

  63. dalesbest says

    I don’t think this war can be won with bombs and
    airplanes. We don’t have a front that we can attack.

    We need to hire about a half a million intelligence operatives. Train
    them to infiltrate, track down and find these murderers.

    Send in a few Seals, and kill everyone in sight.

  64. FloridaJim says

    Muslims reproduce at a higher rate than their host country and use that birthrate to take over that country as soon as he numbers dictate success. Wherever muslims go chaos, death, beheadings soon follow. Please check out these facts and start deporting all Muslims. America is not reproducing at a rate to sustain itself. Allowing illegals to make up the rate to sustain America will lead to the destruction of America and a giant corrupt Mexico as Luis Gutierrez plans.

  65. Larry Cowden says

    Frankly, any muslim that crosses the line into any act against this country, I will have no problem eliminating. Our judicial system is not for them. The impact of a bullet to their brain is all the justice they need! As for the niggers that were shot and killed, no tears, no sympathy! They put themselves into those places, they made those choices, they were criminals and if not shot then, they would have been later! What is BS is all the other ones protesting the killing of them for what they were. THEY WERE CRIMINALS! No muslim will have the chance to surrender. They will be shot first!

  66. Alexander Seredin says

    Just to some it up, America has graduated from an animal to evil society

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