Nuclear: Is It Time to Take North Korea Seriously?


It seemed like the ultimate absurdity from a dictator that most Americans regard as absurd to begin with. When Kim Jong-un’s North Korea hacked Sony Pictures and threatened “9/11” style attacks if Seth Rogen’s The Interview was released, we just shook our heads. Had it really come to this? Were we really going to let this little weasel tell us that we can’t see a movie? The country rejoiced when Sony – at the last minute – decided they were going to go ahead with the release of the film.

But a new analysis of the Hermit Kingdom’s nuclear program shows that there may be cause to start taking the country a little more seriously. Led by David Albright and a group of U.S. experts, the inquiry into North Korea’s nuclear program shows cause for concern. As part of a project called “North Korea’s Nuclear Futures,” the study estimates that the country could possess enough material for 79 nuclear weapons by the year 2020. According to the analysis, Kim Jong-un’s government is producing enough plutonium and enriched uranium to give them equal footing with nuclear states like India and Pakistan.

Albright said in an interview with Bloomberg, “[North Korea] is on the verge of deploying a nuclear arsenal that would pose not only a threat to the United States and its allies but also to China.”

The secrecy and darkness in which North Korea operates makes it difficult to know exactly what’s going on behind the curtain. However, even accounting for best-case-scenarios, the future of the North Korean nuclear program looks grim for the rest of the world. Many U.S. officials see this as a defensive strategy on the part of the dictator, with Jong-un hoping to build an arsenal that will serve as a deterrent to South Korea, the United States, and any other country that might have designs on his power. But there’s always the chance – especially considering the NK government’s bizarre and erratic behavior – that they could strike first.

It’s important to recognize that North Korea is only able to avoid total collapse due to their relationship with Communist China. The best estimates have it that China provides the country with up to 80% of consumer goods and nearly half of its food. There is also reason to think that China provides direct aid to Kim Jong-un’s government. Naturally, this makes our own ongoing economic relationship with China a matter of some controversy. How willing is Beijing to back us if the rubber meets the road? Or, to put it another way, are they at least willing to step aside if worse comes to worst?

If Pyongyang can develop a potent and public nuclear arsenal, it could have a ripple effect. Japan may well follow suit. Iran is already on the verge, enabled by American negotiations that aim for the opposite. If Iran gets the bomb, dozens of other Islamic countries could have it by proxy. What happens then? Perhaps instead of talking about “proportional” responses and “cyber vandalism,” we need to start getting serious about the little man with a big Napoleon complex.

  1. gutz22 says

    We should be more concerned with our own dictator’s absurdity, as Barry The Bathhouse Punk goes about his lawless agenda in destroying this nation.

    1. JACKWBARNES1 says

      AMEN TO YOUR POS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. 1theonlyAnswers2 says

      I am with you on this , I worry more about REAL American made false flags , the biggest Marxist/Communist is in the White house and more danger that 10 N. Korea or Russia or China ,we see the face of EVIL ….He is a total One World (CFR) selling out America 10,000 % and every word of his is a LIE …(The REAL ANTI-Christ)??

      1. hangman57 says

        Obama plan is to destroy America ,Americans better wake up soon . If not , Americans will lose the freedom they have today .

    3. bobwhite says

      Quite frankly gutz22 I fear the Federal Government more than I fear North Korea.

      1. Archer says

        AMEN to that

        1. Eddie says


    4. Spark1845 says

      Very good. Barry BOY is a PUNK and it’s about time EVERYONE understands just what he is and what he is trying to do to OUR country. He is not an AMERICAN, I don’t care where the BASTARD was born. He is GARBAGE. PERIOD.

    5. supergun says

      N. Korea is just a distraction from our own so called leader.

  2. Patriot47 says

    All the freaks are emboldened by Skippy’s lack of character.

  3. hangman57 says

    The Beast lives in our White House !

    1. supergun says

      There has been a lot of travel with thugs visiting this place.

  4. Tellenthetruth says

    As a conservative Reagan Democrat (were still here) and US Veteran, I do not support military action of any kind against North Korea for a multitude of reasons, to many to list. They are the least of our worries, and I would suggest just leaving them alone until after the next presidential election, as it is then that Americans will tell Washington what our priorities really are. The author of the opinion might substitute Iran for our real concern, and of course, Saudia Arabia our so called ally, that bankroll all that would do us harm. Any ideology that has virgins lining up in Paradise if anyone does harm to us, worries me more then North Korea.

    1. stephanie wilson says

      good point

  5. Pamela Craghill says

    The ultimate cruelty that goes off in that country is horrendous. They need a great big bomb dropped on them to get everybody out of their misery. They torture people beyond belief, leaving them hanging with their arms behind their backs, covered in blood from the beatings they inflict on them. Nobody should suffer like that and nobody should be allowed to inflict that suffering on people who do the slightest thing they don’t like. Their regime is disgusting. They are savages.

    1. MyRoseHasTHORNS says

      WE are not the world’s policemen. The Middle East is even more SAVAGE, rapes, pedophiles, rusty blades cutting off peoples heads, suicide belts…. India is unsafe for females (foreigners as well as India born) lest they want to be gang raped. Africa starves their people while their leaders live in great wealth. They steal food and medicines we send. We can’t solve all the Worlds problems and our Leaders are quickly reducing us to 2nd and 3rd world status for our own livelihood.

      1. Pamela Craghill says

        I watched some escapees from North Korea on English tv this morning and the pictures they painted showed how much they are tortured for the slightest thing, like not cheering their leader. They are cramped in cells where they can hardly sit down as they are so ;ack room. At night when they try to sleep, they can hear the noises of the people being beaten. What sort of human beings does this, wherever it may be. I can’t call them animals, as they animals only kill to survive and not for vanity, greed or power. These sort of people are vile scum.

      2. 1theonlyAnswers2 says

        They have sick people in every county …. but we are the cause of it… CHECK OUT how the CFR and FEDERAL RESERVE took over AMERICA !

      3. 1theonlyAnswers2 says

        We also financed the RUSSIAN revolution with $ 25 million in Gold from CHASE BANK and 300 gangs members from N.Y.C. we have supported all the communist from day one and still do ….WE ARE the evil ones…Ron. Reagan was always a RED …F.D.R. was RED , the ONE WORLD gang makes Billions off war and we pay the bills in BLOOD AND MONEY …America has been taken over and the controlled media/schools are part of the problem too…..

        1. hankthetank says

          The Federal Reserve,Is the Central Banks of the Rich!!!

        2. stephanie wilson says

          the blame america first crowd is annoying. ron paul is a part of it. get out of it man.

          1. 1theonlyAnswers2 says

            Yes I have a problem with special interest using our money/blood etc breaking ALL our laws to make only themselves RICH and in the process use SLAVE labor and send All the jobs overseas.. And we are not going to take it any more …bring the boys home and fix America …I am America First and only…

    2. 1theonlyAnswers2 says

      We paid for and got us this mess… AMERIKA is the CAUSE (the ROBBER BARONS)still run the world Oil/banks/war industry it is all caused by us …………WAKE UP!

      1. hankthetank says

        All are run by the Central Banks !!! We need to audit them & kick them out of America!!!

      2. Pamela Craghill says

        When you say, “we paid for and got us this mess” and when you blame some country called Amerika. Do I take you are passing your self off as an American and blaming that country. You need to wake up and realise that although the Americans want oil, the Asian countries want to take over the world and all who are in it. So wherever you actually come from, I should try to get a little more realistic.

  6. Mole Johnson says

    “cyber vandalism” … leave it to Barak to coin a term like that.

  7. MyRoseHasTHORNS says

    This whole idiocy gave the picture way more attention and ultimately money than it would’ve gotten without it. I still have doubts that NK hacked Sony, but firmly believe Barry blocked NK’s internet.

    1. hankthetank says

      I said that from day one!!!

  8. rchguns says

    There’s definitely no way that Korea, North Korea can be totally disregarded. Most Americans are more than likely not aware that a state of war still exists between North Korea and South Korea and NATO by proxy. The Korean War a.k.a. the Korean police action never ended. Is nothing more than a cease-fire that has been tenuously ignored by both sides over the years.

    Technically North Korea is still at war with the United States of America and our NATO allies. So no matter how ridiculous this ugly little bastard is he needs to be handled with caution.

    1. 1theonlyAnswers2 says

      And why? THE USA ARMED the REDS IN CHINA and created the WHOLE CHINA/RUSSIA/KOREA/IRAN PROBLEM Ron Paul detailed how our CIA/White house caused all this mess and millions of Americas died because of the ONE WORLD RATS .

  9. R.D.WYLIE says

    They need to open the drain because we will all be going down it anyway!!

  10. Bruce True says

    The real terrorist is in the White House

  11. Proud US vet/American says

    Kim Jong-un will never be any real threat to America! If he was to try anything, China would step on him like a bug. The North Korean leader is nothing more than a fat little troll trying to keep his Government seat in his country. The South Korean government will not allow things to escalate either.
    The real dangerous “wild card” in the world theater is Russia’s Putin! This guy is a bully, he’s uncontrollable and very unpredictable. This is where America needs to keep their eyes and keep their bombers pointed. If America can elect a strong, independent thinking President in 2016, Putin’s bluster and faux machismo can be dealt with by a no nonsense tough minded American leader.
    America’s #1 priority now is to survive the next 2 years of the Obama Presidency-this is our most pressing and most dangerous enemy at the door right now!

    1. jim_wright says

      Putin is a reaction to our Muslim-in-chief shooting off his mouth. Obama has no idea what he is doing and Lurch isn’t hekping things one bit.

  12. Alleged Comment says

    I have been saying for awhile that North Korea and Cuba MUST FALL before Bible prophecies can occur. Once these two countries fall they will be saying basically peace & safety THEN THE END WILL COME.

    Notice these two countries are a LOT IN THE NEWS LATELY??? Watch & Learn….

  13. Spark1845 says

    Time to NEUTRON BOMB North Korea and the FAT GOOK who is in charge there. Then, when that’s done, do the same to Iran. If China says anything about it, DO IT TO THEM TOO. SCREW all of those CLOWNS. Pan-faced zipper heads and SAND NIGGERS is all they are. PERIOD.

  14. Ray Heffley says

    The poor North Korean people are in a constant state of poverty and hunger because they live in a Socialist society controlled by a not so smart micro managing dictator. Those missiles aren’t shown to make the world fear North Korea, they are shown to keep the slave nation in fear and in line.

  15. stephanie wilson says

    interesting. i seem to remember people mocking bush when he named them as part of the axis of evil. of course we should. we don’t need more insane despots w/ nukes!

  16. mike slaney says

    Is America being goaded into another WAR? Or are we being programed by the world elite? Have you noticed how conveniently, Hollywood and the so called Hackers, America, North Korea, China, and Russia are being manipulated into offensive positions ? It sure seems no one is wrong here, and if that be the case, why are we fighting? This is not about mocking NK leadership, countries have been doing that for years toward one another and certainly not to the point of dropping A.B’s on one another. So what is the real situation here? It all goes back to money. The world elite (Banksters) (NWO) don’t make money when the world is at peace, they thrive on war, do the history. Our Blackmailed Politicians reluctantly say yes! One reason nothing gets done in Washington, and we wonder why when a majority of Americans are against something our “Elected Representatives” are for it, “Elected Representatives?” Please!!!! Heard of Obama care? and the list could go on. Wise up America, if it looks like a rose, feels like a rose and smells like a rose…it is a rose. Some of our Elected Representatives who are Blackmailed only have one thing in common, themselves, NOW can you feel the love?

  17. Taking care of business! says

    Why? Barry ain’t gonna do anything about them. Now if they were a Christian nation, they’d been rubble long ago.

  18. Taking care of business! says

    I’m more concerned about the Barry-bomb thank anything North Korea can throw at us.

  19. Taking care of business! says

    I don’t understand why North Korea doesn’t make their own comedy film about Barry. It’s a natural: a homosexual, coke-head muslim who’s Kenyan born (of unknown parents), married to a transvestite, golfs for a living, while destroying all “57” states, and then some. Heck, I’d buy a ticket. Kim Jong-un would look pretty cool with that potbelly, wearing shades and shorts at the Cannes Film Festival.

  20. Taking care of business! says

    Their dictator, our dictator. It’s just Barry has a lot of catching-up to do.

  21. Robert L. Rice says

    I don’t fear OUR government,when obozo starts his shit,Theres MANY,MANY,retired Military (im one) that will not put up with that,And many of our active duty military,will tell obozo to go piss up a rope,MARTIAL LAW???? that is a joke,obozo doesn’t have nearly enough people to enforce it,and IF/WHEN they try to,they will be met by all of us,already locked and loaded.

  22. Shauna says

    Russia is our biggest threat……However, they should be taken seriously…

  23. supergun says

    They couldn’t get a 65 beetle running.

  24. 2nd Amendment says

    WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. 2nd Amendment says

      This stupid button! People need to wake up, he was test firing nukes. I would have thought he would already have been taken seriously. If they are saying that they are doing testing. First how far were the warheads buried. When he would do the tests it acually would set off the richter scale. We already know they possess intercontinental ballistic missiles, now they have a nuclear war heads. He is already a freak and wahts to kill us, ISIS has set up shop at camp in Mexico across. Right across from a texas fort. And they have made threats against it. ISIS has also started recruting from the United States of America, and have said they will spill blood on american soil. You would really think they would leave the 2nd amendment alone. Then we could help. But, Bloomberg and his assholes friends and his billions of dollars. They buy peoples votes, I wouldn’t doubt it if they went out and said here’s, 2 grand to vote for gun controll.

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