NY Times: “Fantasy” That Guns Can Be Used for Self Defense


The latest anti-gun rant from The New York Times editorial board is a perfect example of how far this once-respected rag has fallen. The editorial, which barely exceeds 300 words, reads as though it were written on the back of a napkin by a bored employee who had time to kill on the subway. It’s ostensibly arguing against the concept of national concealed carry reciprocity, but it skips the thorny questions of federalism in favor of another lazy essay concluding that GUNS ARE BAD!

“Republican lawmakers, ever enthusiastic about the gun lobby’s agenda, will control both houses of Congress next year when Mr. Trump assumes the presidency,” the board writes. “His campaign celebrated the N.R.A.’s fantasy that citizens can stand up to gunmen by shooting it out. Research refutes this idea; it is far more likely that guns are used to harm the owners or other innocent people than to stop a crime.”

To quote Trump: “Wrong.”

The editorial board isn’t “wrong” to say that guns are frequently used against their owners; they are wrong to make the ridiculous claim that “research refutes” the FACT that guns can be used as a tool of self-defense. It doesn’t matter if they are only successfully used as self-defense once a week, once a year, or once a century. Our constitutional right to bear arms isn’t dependent on statistics.

“The N.R.A. goal in the Trump administration is to pass an expansive national law that would require states to recognize concealed-carry permits issued by other states,” the board says.

True enough. On the campaign trail, Trump himself criticized the current situation, where otherwise law-abiding gun owners can be thrown in jail for crossing state lines.

“The right of self-defense doesn’t stop at the end of your driveway,” Trump said in a position paper. “That’s why I have a concealed carry permit and why tens of millions of Americans do too. That permit should be valid in all 50 states. A driver’s license works in every state, so it’s common sense that a concealed carry permit should work in every state. If we can do that for driving – which is a privilege, not a right – then surely we can do that for concealed carry, which is a right, not a privilege.”

But the editorial board at The New York Times isn’t interested in debating rights, privileges, or any other complicated constitutional questions.

“Since 2007, concealed-carry permit holders have been responsible for at least 898 deaths not involving self-defense, according to the Violence Policy Center, a gun safety group,” they write. “The self-defense myth of concealed carry nevertheless carries on, at the expense of public safety.”

Uh-huh. Now, these guys tell us that what, 30,000 people every year die from gun violence? So…do a little math…carry the one…that would be approximately 300,000 people since 2007, right? And of that number, only 898 of the responsible parties were concealed-carry permit holders? That’s…a tiny, tiny fraction. And we can safely assume that even within that number, many of the perpetrators were not actually exercising their concealed-carry right at the time of the shooting. “Nonsense” doesn’t even begin to describe this argument. It’s propaganda and nothing more.

There are reasonable, coherent, constitutional arguments against a national reciprocity law, just as there are compelling arguments for it.

Don’t expect to see either from the New York Times.

  1. Justin Seine says

    It is no fantasy that the best use for the New York Times is for cleaning fish!

    1. Osamao says

      It’s good for lining bird cages with too!

      1. albaby2 says

        You know that by lining the bird cage with the NYT you helping that rag succeed? Buy a different paper or get rid of the bird !!

    2. rev_dave says

      But not good enough for cleaning your own tail.

    3. James Andrews says

      I wouldn’t contaminate my fish with this crap!

    4. Tiger says

      This “Comedy of the Absurd” has now reached the eyes and ears of Europe, that watched our elections and were for Trump. The Europeans were privy to all the Wikileaks and all the videos showing the DNC corruption that got several thrown out. They understand that all Main Media is nothing but made up hoopla and propaganda and you could get more truth from a moose fart than them.

      1. papa doug says

        Tiger, At least a Moose fart is real!

        1. Tiger says

          Exactly my point.

        2. R DoCdoWedo! says

          yes but most likely the moose fart will get you killed?

      2. sox83cubs84 says

        A moose fart doesn’t stink as badly as the New York Slimes.

        1. Tiger says

          Seen a lot of Moose but never got close enough to smell a fart but bet you are right on. Nothing smells as bad as the Main Media who is now in the crapper.

          1. sox83cubs84 says

            Yep…and the MSM is so used to the stench they’ve created that they want to wallow in it even further.

          2. Tiger says

            They love it and deserving of it.

    5. brucefandrews says

      That is because the gossip rag stinks more than the fish and thus preventing the fish stink from getting out.

    6. catman says

      One could use it for cleaning ones anal orifice but the cheap ink they use would not look pretty on ones butt.

      1. banjojack says

        Tried that; the paper just has too many sharp corners. Stick to lining your birdcage with it. Best stuff you’ll find.

    7. Krazeehors says

      OR …..
      Lining the bird cage;
      Lining the litter box;
      Soaking up water,

      Etc, etc, etc.

    8. sox83cubs84 says

      I’d rather let my dog pee and poop on it when it’s too cold for him to go outside.

  2. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says

    Ny times are liberal ignorant, incompetent and low energy! Im going to do a Buy out and fire all these Liberal thugs!

  3. gotabgood says

    What about our job defense??????


    So this is what Trump victory looks like???? We are going into another

    The media is celebrating it as

    a win for Trump, but it’s actually a win for Carrier. (and a loss for the

    In exchange for not sending those 800 jobs to Mexico, United Technologies, the

    company that owns Carrier, will get around $7 million in tax credits from Mike

    Pence’s state of Indiana.

    It will also still send around 1,300 jobs south of the border, all while

    pretending it cares about American workers.

    This is basically the opposite of what Trump promised on the campaign trail.

    Back in April, he said that if were elected president, he would hit

    with “a damn tax” and keep all the jobs in

    “They ought to do this

    fast. Let them tell them you’re gonna pay a damn tax when you leave this

    country and you think you’re going to sell product because we’re all so

    stupid… And believe me, if I were in office right now, Carrier would
    not be

    leaving Indiana, that I can tell you. That I can tell

    1. socialsavvy says

      Hi Good: I’ve been numb these past days since the champagne. It was not that a Republican won the WH. That is the least of the problem. It is the Pres. Elect. It may not be seen by others the way I do but Trump is totally out of control. He thinks he is just running things, I’d say, but he is absolutely on a path of destruction. And it is our destruction. Are you still on an island? How do you think China is going to handle Trump. They cannot like to deal with him. People have been studying the mind of the oriental for many years and it is hard to determine exactly what to expect. I am telling you what I said several times, T. is mental, as the counselors used to say.

      He has nerve enough to say that the media has been treating him wrong and all those other things. It was my humble opinion that during the election that they should have ignored him as much as possible. We are watching a new addition on the history channel about Hitler. I sink further with all the additional real film and information about Hitler, it is like – you know who!.

      by the way, Maher did not come on tonight. He must be sick……things aren’t very laughable I guess. Well, pray more.
      Someone is calling Demo’s something like Demonazi. Sorry to be sad. I don’t always feel cheerful. Hate being Sister Gloom. Keep us informed. Good post. Hope someone reads it and gets excited about the real news. Bye now!

      1. gotabgood says

        Then people he has chosen to work with should cause alarm to even the rightwing. Everyone is a conspiracy theorist.. Or just a nut case.
        Yeah, I know who…. Trump!
        Maher is on vacation will be back in January. He will be in Vegas and then Hawaii.
        They say when life gives you lemon, you make lemonade… but as in the case of trump, the lemons are rotten…. make a mulch pile for fertilizer? hahaha

        1. socialsavvy says

          Ain’t it so! My husband has been talking loudly about that most of the evening. He doesn’t speak softly to start with, in fact I tell him he is yelling, then “I’m not talking loud”. but he is. He is probably like me pretty nervous about the current action. Like I said, I am on my way to sleep, but will pray first. Think I will put our safety as a priority. Thank Good!

        2. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says

          You liberal brainwashed buffoon…you ignorance, hate and propaganda is worst then CNN the Clinton news network…You lost you liberal idiot!!!!!!!!

          PRESIDENT TRUMP Babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 2017


    2. mac12sam12 says

      Did you hear that Hillary is going on her “I’ll never be president tour?” #ImWithHer #MadamePresident #HillaryInALandSlide #TeeHee #Snort

    3. AlanWH says


      1. gotabgood says

        AlanWH running through La LA Land chasing butterflies and sucking on……… er….. lollipops

        1. AlanWH says

          No Greater Authority about SWALLOWING than gotabgood.

    4. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says

      I know your liberal pea brain hates Trump & Real America you liberal scumbag!


  4. gotabgood says

    Donald J. Trump


    DonaldTrump: Pls don’t run for president. If you do and win, the rest
    of the world would be screwed” So true, (except friends)!
    7:01 AM – 24 Aug 2014 ·
    New Jersey, USA



    1. mac12sam12 says


    2. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says

      Crooked Hillary supporters liars and haters!

      News anchors, singers, Hollywood stars why aren’t you leaving the Country you Morons!!!!

      PRESIDENT TRUMP 2017 2023!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says

      Crooked evil lying Hillary Lost hahahhahahahahahahhahahahhaha loser


    4. carl bebar sr. says

      if you don’t like our new president then you should move to sand land and play in the sand with your new playmates

      1. gotabgood says

        Did you like Obama?? If not… you should still be gone… he is still your president until January.. you should go to any 3rd world country where it is ok to kill your neighbor, beat up women and molest children..you would feel right at home there.

  5. Skip Bradley says

    You’ve got to wonder about the wisdom of ‘targeting’ your audience to an ever shrinking group of liberals, all the while watching net revenue and circulation drop faster than Bill Clinton’s pants in an Arkansas trailer park.

    One would think that in order to avoid what appears to be an inevitable collapse, one would attempt to ‘appeal to the masses’ and become more ‘neutral’.

    1. Osamao says

      The ends justify the means with Communists.

    2. David Nichols says

      This loss of revenue is why the NYT was sold to Carlos Slim, the Mexican billionaire and one of the richest men in the world…
      The losses at NYT are of no consequence to a man of his wealth, and he now has a bully pulpit to extend his influence inside the United States…
      Watch carefully what the Times covers and the slant of the editorials, look for the fingerprints of Carlos Slim and HIS agenda….he didn’t buy the NYT to make money..!!

    3. Veteran says

      VERY nice visual Skip! Hope you don’t mind if I borrow it some time!

  6. bill14729 . says

    New York Times, Nothing But Lies

    1. Tiger says

      And believe me the world knows it. But look on the bright side, Trump is going straight to the people, bypassing all these brain damaged, propaganda machines and they have nothing but scorn to look forward to.

      1. albaby2 says

        CNN says it is the medias duty to monitor and oppose Trumps every move

        1. Tiger says

          Who cares let them. Trump will ignore them, do the right thing, put the right people in charge and keep going like the energizer bunny. They are hanging themselves daily.

          1. ABO says

            They sure as H are Tiger, and I’m enjoying every minute of it!

          2. Tiger says

            Feels good I just block the bozos now when they try to pull off their fake Main Media mutterings.

          3. mrpoohead says

            Hi bitch with no facts – just hyperbole and BS.

          4. mrpoohead says

            Yeah, she blocks them all – she got the idea from her hero’s. Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Pol Pot – can’t beat extremism.

        2. Barkingdeathsquirrel says

          Yet, they propagandize for the demoncrap party as the German media did for the nazis with goebbels at the head of propaganda.

        3. disqus_CeZmTpgh9W says

          CNN, the Communist News Network

        4. Lester Smith says

          CNN has been spreading lies and propaganda since before Desert Shield and Desert Storm….

          1. mrpoohead says

            Well provide proof then.

  7. mrpoohead says

    Please show me how often someone acts in self-defence for the greater good. It’s a nice idea – just don’t happen, until the cops arrive. Because anyone with half a brain is getting out of there – duh!

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      1. mrpoohead says


      2. Justin Seine says

        If Google is offering this then why does your link redirect to “www.wage2.com”. Could it be because you are a lying bottom feeding thief? Perhaps you are just a misdirected dog-faced devil?


        1. CEM in MO says

          That is not a profile picture of an “Edna.”

    2. gerald Hughes says

      Not all all liberal dem bloodsucker, conservatives have testicles and are prepared to defend their families and themselves.
      I have carried a weapon on my person every day since Aug. 1963.
      You endanger my family or myself, they will bury you shortly thereafter

      1. mrpoohead says

        Well I have never felt the need, equally I do not feel inadequate without one. Obviously you live in a sort of John Wayne/Clint Eastwood fantasy world. It’s not real you know.

        Also, I do not live in what resembles a “shit-hole” – I emigrated!

        1. gerald Hughes says

          Small wonder that people laugh at you liberal dem bloodsucking life forms, so much.
          Why not, simply, admit that you lack the testicles to defend your family?
          We would have more respect for you, than, we do with your febrile attempts to be someone.
          John Wayne?
          Clint Eastwood?
          6 years in the Corps, the last year as a marksmanship instructor on the weapons range at Quantico, Va.

          1. mrpoohead says

            Instructor – well that explains why we can’t finish off wars and only end up on the winning side when we turn up late.

            I can defend myself – I taught Delta Force, SAS and SBS self-defense. Want to try that again?

          2. gerald Hughes says

            Of course you do snookums, you have your own private jet, you teach a few classes at Bragg, then you jump on your jet fly to Cornwall on kent and teach the SBS a few classes, then jump back on your jet and fly to Devon for a few classes with the SAS.
            Not only are you a pussy, you are a certified libeal dem bloodsucking cunt.
            Your children are bequeathed to you by the nearest military garrison.
            When your wife found out that you had no testicles and she wanted to get pregnant she went to the nearest military base for help.
            Please kill yourself, you are breathing AIr and occupying space that could be used by a human being.
            Take care of yourself, you fing scum bag, you couldn’t wipe your fanny.

          3. mrpoohead says

            Rather a long time ago; no jet either. I was merely there to teach a few tricks, this was not an on-going gig.

            SBS in Dorset
            SAS in Hereford

            Lived in Cornwall for ten years though – surf was cold, seemed like I’d had a sex change when taking the wetsuit off. And Kent is it’s own county and a long way from Cornwall. You know nothing, you are nothing? Alzheimer’s would I guess at least be an excuse. Go forth and multiply.

          4. gerald Hughes says

            Cretinous life form, as an ersatz life form, that has live the entirety of its existence as a being without merit, worth, value , morals, honor or integrity, completely disassociated with truth or facts.
            There is only one answer for you, suicide.
            Go out into the Arizona desert, lie down, ingest rat poison.
            As your body decomposes, and enriches the soil, that you lie upon, you will, finally, have achieved a measure of worth.

          5. mrpoohead says

            No intention of setting foot in US ever again – toilet! So Arizona can wait. Ashes at sea is probably more me considering the surfing. Doubt even in death you will achieve “worth”.

          6. gerald Hughes says

            Good idea, the liberal dem bloodsucking parasites have only a short time, before they will be ejected from the USA, regardless of their inclinations.
            I hope that you are in one of the liberal garbage nations that the russians will overwhelm, when we quit protecting them.

          7. mrpoohead says

            There are no “liberals” – all are conservative or Conservative – duh! Thus, plutocracy and no choice or freedom.

            Russians not expanding and will at some point am sure be joining the EU – get a life!

          8. gerald Hughes says

            Cretin, you are such a verbose a-wipe,you talk for 4 lines to say nothing you liberal dem boodsucking parasites, give a whole new range of meaning to asinine and inane.

          9. mrpoohead says

            Padded room and straight-jacket time I think!

          10. gerald Hughes says

            Scrub, are you, still, alive?

          11. mrpoohead says

            Obviously you have a much higher regard for American military might than myself. History lesson:

            We turned up late for WWI and WWII – just chose the right side. German advance already halted. Military tacticians will point out to you it was the division of Germany that was its’ undoing – thus without Russkies stalemate, ditto Britain. We merely hastened the process – Spielberg lied!

            Despite over-whelming superiority we cannot finish – Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq.

            Any future antagonist is most likely either China or America, not Russia or Germany. The future is world co-operation. We are now bankrupt which has been the end of all former empires – it is either ignominy, destruction or respectability that are our future.

          12. gerald Hughes says

            Verbosity and bs seem to be lumped together when one deal with liberal dem bloodsucking parasites.
            THe German drives were already stopped in Dec 1941 , cretin, kill yourself you are breathing air and taking up space that a human being could be using..
            The EU will do exactly what it has been doing for 40 years, depend on the USA to defend them while they buy votes with handouts.
            When they finally, realize that they are on their own the Russians and Chinese will own them, then we will watch life forms like you, shot in the streets when you start running your mouth.

          13. mrpoohead says

            Unlikely; Russia will become part of EU. History tells a very different story to the drivel we are drip fed. EU not now or ever dependent on USA – two way agreement. Duh!

          14. gerald Hughes says

            You fing cretin, Russia will not become part of the EU, Russia will simply move in and take them, when they get ready, as soon as we tell them, they can

            You are an incredibly stupid life form, why are you still alive.

            WWhat country are you in, I want to applaud when Russia owns it.

          15. mrpoohead says

            Obviously you are ignoring current affairs and worldly politics -the USSR has shrunk to Russia, new countries exist. We’ve all moved on, maybe you should.

            The EU is growing, more want to join and at some point it will be a world union. It’s called “progress”. By the time America has gotten out of bankruptcy the EU will be well ahead, China too. America – ignominy, destruction or respectability? The “super” has left the power.

          16. gerald Hughes says

            Even your lies are unimaginative.
            Goodbye boring life form.

          17. mrpoohead says

            Recent history would seem to indicate I have more substance – the only thing supporting you is your imagination or lack of it.

    3. Gold Stars says

      If you are too stupid to read some information online, or think for yourself, instead of parroting some droll drool from a failing paper, then there is no point in posting any kind of facts to you!
      If you had even one functioning brain cell, you would easily find thousands of examples of private citizens defending themselves and others with their own firearms!

      1. mrpoohead says

        Well they never make the “press”. What do they do in W Europe, Canada, NZ and Australia – ahhh; they have better societies. Gottcha!

        1. Gold Stars says

          No they just die in the streets and homes! Or don’t you pay attention to the news in those countries??
          Since Australia took firearms away from the populace, violent crime has sky rocketed! http://www.ncpa.org/sub/dpd/?Article_ID=17847
          Doesn’t sound better to me, a 42.2 percent rise in violent crime, but if that is your idea of a better society, maybe we can raise enough to get you over there! 🙂

          1. mrpoohead says

            Drivel – homicide rate in Australia not changed. Equally population still have guns in Australia – they just have common sense regulations. Duh!

            “Violent Crime” may have risen, think you’ll find they extended what it includes. US violent crime includes homicide, violent rape and armed robbery. In Australia it includes a much wider definition of rape, robbery with things other than guns and a bit of fisticuffs. There isn’t a city in Australia I wouldn’t walk across, used to live in LA – enough said. Thanks for playing – try again!

          2. Gold Stars says

            Talking with an idiot troll like yourself is fun! The more you ramble the more you show a complete lack of ability to read or make anything approaching a cohesive comment!
            Have fun playing with yourself, being an obvious left wing drone, you have no idea how to play with anything else! 🙂
            So enjoy yourself and your tiny dick! 🙂

          3. mrpoohead says

            Obviously you are not psychic – psychotic maybe. Never voted left wing, do love facts and only espouse those. Please feel free to disprove one iota of what I have said, with reference and substance – you’ll be the first! Married a nymphomanic, no need for playing. I’ll be waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!

          4. Gold Stars says

            Well it is obvious from this and your other posts, you are a lonely troll, whose only exposure to sex and the like has been with your doll.
            However, the worst of if is that it has become obvious you do not actually know how to read! 🙂
            So have fun with your doll, don’t be a prick and let her air out!!! 🙂

          5. mrpoohead says

            As I only espouse facts and correct others hyperbole and BS – I’m hardly a troll. Married a nymphomaniac, doll not required. And, I’m too pretty to be traditional meaning of “troll”.

            The reality is you don’t like facts – presumably just a conspiracy theorist. No the National Enquirer is not reality and Elvis is not your neighbour. Sad!

          6. Gold Stars says

            You blather a lot, without saying anything. Seems like the definition of a troll! 🙂
            So have fun under your bridge, have fun not knowing how to read actual reports and stats about gun violence when gun control is enacted and populations are denied any means of defending themselves.
            Have fun kissing obozo and clinton’s butt, or maybe you like pelosi’s better, now that those two dips are out of power. LOL
            So go along and live your fantasy life, as not one person cares what you have to say or who you are.

          7. mrpoohead says

            We have a homicide rate five to ten times that of W Europe et al. We have more “violent crime”, last year we had more mass shootings than they’ve had in W Europe in the lifetime of the gun. Switzerland has had two in the lifetime of the gun, UK one in ten years, Australia one in twenty. I can read facts! Not difficult – if you have a brain.

            Don’t kiss butts and you have yet to disprove one thing I’ve said, which makes me God by comparison. No fantasy, just facts.

          8. mrpoohead says

            Troll: an ugly cave-dwelling creature depicted as either a giant or a dwarf. Much too pretty for that.

            Troll II: fish by trailing a baited line along behind a boat. Like eating fish, not bothered about catching.

            Troll III: make a deliberately offensive or provocative online posting with the aim of upsetting someone or eliciting an angry response from them. Well I only espouse facts, if you don’t like facts that’s not my problem.

            Obviously compared to W Europe et al American’s are a bunch of sissy’s – they don’t need guns to defend themselves over there.

          9. Gold Stars says

            Must be why they had the Russian Ambassador murdered in Turkey and dozens killed and injured by a tunisian driving a truck in Germany?!
            Or maybe why they fired so many bullets, no they must have just thrown them, when the driver of another truck murder so many people in France?
            Get your head out of your ass and do some real research, instead of the troll drivel you feel compelled to vomit out!!

          10. mrpoohead says

            Yet their homicide rate is still well below the US’s in W Europe – unless it has moved, unlikely, Turkey is E Europe/Asia (yes, both) and their homicide rate is on par with the US’s whereas many Middle Eastern countries have a lower rate. Where’s the toilet?

            That’s all “real” research and “real” facts – cherry-picking a few incidents is not a whole. That’s your remit! Or disprove one thing I’ve said – good luck!

          11. mrpoohead says

            Still nothing huh? Ahhhhh! I got facts, you got hyperbole and craps.

          12. Gold Stars says

            You are just too sharp for us mere mortals.
            So head back to Valhalla and keep having fun with the rest of your troll friends and blow up dolls! 🙂

          13. mrpoohead says

            Well I believe I have Viking in my ancestry – it’s all in the toes. Celt too I should think. However, definitely not a God though very obviously more intelligent than you – though that is hardly something to crow about.

            Would be in serious trouble if I “blow up dolls” – I have daughters, though the thought of fewer Barbie dolls around is pleasant. As you are now aware of the true meaning of “troll” you should realise I am not one, I appreciate you may have forgotten already – dementia huh! Sad; back to dribbling and incorrect use of your orifices for you. Ciao’!

          14. Gold Stars says

            So you have little blow up dolls that you call daughters!
            Did not know trolls understood how to blow them up! 🙂

          15. mrpoohead says

            That’ll make you the “troll” doofus!

          16. Gold Stars says

            You don’t even know how to use proper English in your sentence structure! Well at least when you attempt an insult, use proper diction. 🙂

          17. mrpoohead says

            Ahh; “Mr Doofus”. No insult intended, was merely pointing out that you actually represent what the meaning of a “troll” is. Left Playground many years ago – insults are somewhat childish, for the use of the bully or the last resort of the defeated. Duh!

          18. mrpoohead says

            Nothing huh – awwwww!

    4. Tex Irvin says

      the cops arrive after the carnage committed by the criminal. An armed citizen protects himself everyday all over this country

      1. mrpoohead says

        Right, but he never makes the papers. Amazing! And W Europe, Canada, NZ and Australia? Just better societies to start with?

        1. John Wesley Bletsch says

          Millions of crimes have been prevented by the mere presence of a gun carried by a law abiding citizen, those never make the front page, just the ones where the law abiding citizen protects himself or others with the gun. Of course progs such as yourself view the criminals as victims of senseless gun violence.
          BTW, Europe, UK, and Australia are all experiencing a massive rise in violent crimes as of late with those citizens calling for restoration of their privilege to keep arms. You see they do not have a Bills of Rights like we do in the US. So do not try to lecture about how wonderful life is in countries with rigid gun control laws. As an example of rigid gun control laws disarming citizens on only has to look to Chicago, Washington DC, NY city, or Los Angeles. They all are more dangerous than many combat zones.

          1. mrpoohead says

            Drivel – Europe et al not experiencing massive increase. Still considerably less violent too. They can all own guns – they just have common sense. No criminal record, mental health check and safely stored. Not rigid, just sensible. America is considerably more dangerous.

    5. John Wesley Bletsch says

      There are those times when 911 is a dream of a security blanket. The harsh reality is when 2 guys roll up while I am pumping gas looking for an easy mark, my hand in my jacket pocket on my 38 said more than a 911 call. They looked at each other and left. No need to brandish, my defiant look and a clenched hand in pocket was not something they were willing to test.

      1. oldobxguy says

        “Been there done that!” John. Scared to death I was going to be forced to kill someone, even though they would be the ones causing their own death.

      2. mrpoohead says

        Amusing, so you think that’s what the two guys are up too, maybe they look at you and think “fairy, let’s get our asses away from him”.

        1. John Wesley Bletsch says

          You apparently live in condition white, no threats. More power to you if you actually think that a couple rough looking characters are just looking for new friends. Experience that and let me know how it works out for you. I treat everyone with dignity and respect, but try to do harm to those I love, or myself and I will use all necessary force to stop the threat, no more, no less. Self defense is a right not a privilege, just as bearing arms is a right, both guaranteed by The Bills of Rights. Because they are rights I do not need to justify any reason to practice a constitutional God given right. Christ Jesus told his disciples to sell their cloaks if need be to buy a sword. My 9mm pistol is my sword, my S&W revolver is my dagger.

          1. mrpoohead says

            I’m curious to know how you know they were a threat in an area most likely on film. You treat everyone with suspicion more like.

            And you lost as soon as you did the God thing, obviously you are God and know better than anyone else. Little hint – God made up by the Jews, but actually stolen from people of the Indus valley.

            I don’t feel inadequate without a gun, I don’t live in a shit-hole, anyone here with a gun has a hobby. I was sensible, why live in a toilet – move! America is the toilet of the modern world, a homicide rate five to ten times that of more civilized countries – I emigrated. Now I’m just gloating!!!!!!!!

      3. mrpoohead says

        Obviously you are in a fantasy world – these days most gas stations have cameras. Were they wearing masks, covered faces? Only a crazed druggie is going to do something were they are captured on camera – duh! Yet they walked away, not crazed. Alright Clint calm down, they just needed you to guide them to the nearest gay bar. Still got those chaps boy?

    6. CEM in MO says

      The liberal media and those that cook their statistics only count the criminal being killed as a successful defensive use of a firearm. Most of the time a shot is fired, the perp is only wounded. On average, 98% or slightly more of the time a crime is stopped by mere discovery that the intended victim is armed — without a shot being fired. Actual figures, gleaned from police, DOJ and FBI records. As of 20-30 years ago, estimated to be as many as 2.5 million instances (all included) per year; plus hundreds of instances of armed citizens aiding/saving the police.

      1. mrpoohead says

        And last year we averaged a mass shooting per day – were are the figures publicly, just madeupland. Never seems to make the press when someone shoots back – amusing. And, what happens in W Europe, Canada, NZ and Australia – they don’t carry, just better societies I guess.

        1. CEM in MO says

          More cooked numbers, “a mass shooting a day.” Really?!!? Where were all the rest of us that never heard of all of those?? The way the press wants to push their agenda, do you REALLY think they are going to report all of the cases of self defense? It doesn’t fit their narrative. As I said, more than 98% of those cases are not going to make for any publicity because a shot is never fired. As in, supposedly, nothing happened. Yes, many societies are much different from ours and don’t have an Agitator In Chief constantly trying to stir things up. They also don’t eagerly report on all of their incidents and “air their dirty laundry” for the world to see. For example, for many years things have gotten so bad in the UK (after “gun control successfully implemented”) that the police have long referred to Manchester as “Gunchester.” Same for Canada, Austrailia, New Zealand, etc.

          1. mrpoohead says

            http://www.nytimes.com/2015/12/03/us/how-often-do-mass-shootings-occur-on-average-every-day-records-show.html?_r=0 Also in numerous othe rmedia sources and Time magazine had four page article listing the lot.

            W Europe et al seems devoid of mass shootings – UK one in ten years, Australia one in twenty, Switzerland two in lifetime of gun. So we over report and the under-report. Ha, ha, ha! Prat! In fact put them all together and you still won’t have more mass shootings than we did last year. Or prove me wrong! References.

            Think you mean “Administrator in Chief” not sure how he can do what you’re implying – please list things done. President has zip power, just pen-pusher and figure-head. He scratched his butt in public – well they’ll be a riot now.

            Go away and read – some facts, not the gibberish on these sites for the retarded.

          2. CEM in MO says

            ….Well, there you go again (I think someone said that once. I think that your “name” says all we need to know.

          3. mrpoohead says

            Yes; full of facts and never refuted. Win again Mr Poohey!!!!!!!!!

  8. SouthernPatriot says

    NYT has long ago forfeited its ability to give its readers, “all the news fit to print” and rather has “printed the news that fits..,,.its leftist agenda. It is a dead dinosaur but the ownership continues to hang on, draped in its shroud.

    My family is filled with beautiful strong professional ladies, starting with m beautiful bride of almost 60 years. All have used arms to defend themselves from personal attack, and as with the entire extended family take proficiency and safety courses regularly to be prepared.

  9. dosadoe says

    Obviously, the police officers, military and private citizens that believe they need guns for protection of themselves and those they are sworn to protect can all be given magic wands instead and the whole world will be safer according to the New York Times! Now that is a real fantasy!

  10. AlanWH says

    The Real “Fantasy” is that there is still Anyone Alive that Believes Anything the NY SLIME says or does is Relevant.

    1. Obie Miller says

      From everything I read from reliable sources, neither New York nor California is in agreement with the rest of our country on this or other related issues!

      1. Morton99 says

        correct. I live in Manhattan and in 40 years have never needed a weapon. An associate was not so lucky. He refused to give money to someone who accosted him. He was stabbed to death 5 seconds later. His mistake was in thinking he could defend himself. A gun would have been totally useless. If had handed over his wallet he probably would still be alive.

        1. banjojack says

          Not long ago there was a study done using FBI and DOJ statistics regarding crime victims. Of victims who complied with the criminal’s commands, more than half were hurt or killed anyway. Unarmed victims who tried to resist, the figure jumps to over 80%. Armed victims who resisted? Less than 5% were injured, killed, or robbed. The FBI said that while they had no ironclad stats, guns are used to prevent crimes more than 2 million times annually. This doesn’t always involve actually using the gun but also the FACT that a criminal is far less likely to attack an obviously armed and alert victim. I have also been the intended victim of an armed assault. My results were far happier, (at least for me) than those of your associate.

          1. mrpoohead says

            I’d like a link to the FBI statistics – I suspect you’re fantasising.

          2. banjojack says

            I suspek yu kud luk it up yurself if yr kud spel.

          3. mrpoohead says

            So you got nada.

          4. banjojack says

            As a matter of fact, Mr. “I used to train Delta Force,” here is one link. Not the one I was looking for, but it comes from Dr. Gary Kleck, a professor of criminology at Florida State, a lifelong Democrat, a member of the ACLU, and NEVER an NRA member, nor has he accepted any funding from the NRA.


            So tell me, slick, what was your MOS?

          5. Roswell Evans says

            Have you noticed that they ask you for references, but after you present them, which by the way proves them wrong, the subject is never mentioned again. They only spew insults, which have No references to back them up, except in their own minds.

          6. mrpoohead says

            It is not a reference of any substance; substance would include FBI, government figures not a few phone-calls to 5000 in a nation of 300 million plus.

            So, everyone blames Obama for using Executive Orders to railroad the country. Produce one of 250 orders that has done this – be seeing you. You got nothing.

            You are the one with the wonky mind; conspiracy theory drivel.

          7. banjojack says

            Yet you claim to have “trained Delta Force,” when Delta does not use civilians for the purposes you claim. You claim to have competed in the Olympics. No proof. You claim all sorts of things as fact which are nothing more than your own unsubstantiated opinion. You deride the link that I provided. May I remind you that it is one more than you have come up with?

          8. mrpoohead says

            Difference is I don’t give a shit whether you believe me and it’s immaterial in the grand scheme of things.

            Crusty on the other hand is pushing drivel. I derided your link because it is drivel – represents not even 1% of the population. I could do a survey and tell everyone my football team is the greatest based on 1%, unfortunately results would prove different.

          9. banjojack says

            It is well that you don’t, because I don’t.

          10. mrpoohead says

            I’m a bit good at Kung-fu, Karate and Judo – been to Olympics.

            Figures cherry-picked from Gary Kleck but actually authored by J Neil Schulman – not a Democrat. The figures are pointless, less than 5000 surveyed. Big deal – who chose who was spoken too? I only know one person who has dis-charged and I’m in my 50’s. Drivel!

          11. CrustyOldGeezer says

            Have you noticed that the sh!tforbranez does his own up votes?

          12. Morton99 says

            Please cite the source of this study. I find it interesting that the study knew whether or not a victim who had been killed, resisted or complied with a criminal. How would it know. For that reason I would like to see how real this study is.

          13. banjojack says

            I will provide the link. It will be a few, as it’s time for dinner. I am tired of people who cannot do research demanding that I do it for them when they won’t read it or believe it anyway.

          14. mrpoohead says

            Well unless it is reliable source no – some dumbretardrightwingsite no. FBI yes! We’ll be waiting I suspect – forever. You got nothing, you are nothing.

          15. Morton99 says

            Don’t despair – it might kickstart their dilapidated brains.

          16. mrpoohead says

            Tactical nuclear weapon might be more practical.

          17. banjojack says

            Once more, Mr, “I used to train Delta Force;” what was your MOS again?

          18. banjojack says

            You know, there is a Go Fund Me site for wannabes like yourself whose testicles never descended. It provides wherewithal for unfortunates to have your male plumbing problems surgically corrected. It’s called “Gonads for No’Nads.”

          19. Morton99 says

            Enjoy the KFC. What is it ? A special occasion ?

          20. banjojack says

            Why yes, it is. We are having Roast Liberal Hobbit Dancer with a Bearnaise sauce. Unfortunately, KFC was out.

          21. Morton99 says

            Now that’s more my style. Although a Hollandaise might go better with that roast.
            Could mwe have spam sandwiches as an hors d’ouvre ?

          22. CrustyOldGeezer says

            Do you have any idea on HOW to DO YOUR OWN research?

            Do your own, and then, IF you find his in error then come on back and PRESENT YOUR FINDINGS.

          23. Morton99 says

            LOL! I’m not into fantasy treasure hunts. Lets just settle for the fact that if you can’t back up your fantasy – thats what it is – fantasy. Its OK – I don’t want to piss on your parade. That’s all you have now – a Trump promise to solve all your problems. I can see him doling out those high paid jobs Yup – isn’t that how his billionaire friends got rich by giving charity wages ?

          24. CrustyOldGeezer says

            In other words, yes, you do not have the intellectual capabilities to prove your own fantasy?

          25. Morton99 says

            Well Crusty, I have had too much reality to deal with – no time for make believe

          26. CrustyOldGeezer says

            Then why not stop pretending to be stupid?

            I present FACT!

            You declare it to be false, and yet REFUSE to offer any PROOF to support your position.

            Or, you could stop being a liberal by turning your brain back on.

          27. mrpoohead says

            Your facts have no substance or you’d provide them.

          28. CrustyOldGeezer says

            your refusal to accept FACT bears no burden on my part.

          29. mrpoohead says

            Your “facts” have no substance – go on just one little reference. Fail!!!!!!

          30. CrustyOldGeezer says

            Your denials have no substance or you would provide them.

            And, in case you missed the lesson, it is not my job to watch over you and change your diapers.

          31. Morton99 says

            I suspect that there is no proof that would ever satisfy you – so if you don’t mind I shall do some charity work for someone that could really do with some help.

          32. CrustyOldGeezer says

            In other words you fit into the following:

            Several terms the liberals LOVE to use that ALL mean the SAME THING.

            “racist” = “You are smarter than I am so I have nothing else to offer.”

            “BIGOT” = (see above)

            Homophobe, islamophobe, etc = (see above)

            It pretty much covers every ‘name’ or ‘label’ they toss out to shut down INTELLIGENT DISCUSSIONS.

            short, it is an admission that FACTS, LOGIC, COMMON SENSE and History
            offer them no foundation for their positions, regardless of the subject
            and they can no longer defend against TRUTH.

            So, they throw out
            the label and try to shout down any opposition so they don’t actually
            have to say: “Yes, I see that your position is the only one that makes
            sense and is provable.”

            So, now that you have stated you have nothing to produce you are going to run away and sniffle in near silence?

            A silence only broken by “if I only had a brain?”

            You go do whatever makes you “feel” important….

          33. Morton99 says

            Any explanation for this strange rant – have you totally run out of sneers that you resort to name calling. ?

            Of course it matters nothing to you that I have not discussed racism at all here !

            I guess I should allow for your age and what appears to be dementia and chasing imaginary ghosts.

          34. CrustyOldGeezer says

            Obviously you failed to comprehend the plainly worded message.

            No go be a really good touchy-feeley person and do wondrous acts of do-goody stuff for people that think you have value in life.

          35. mrpoohead says

            Then please substantiate your drivel – references please. I’ll be waiting – daft old geezer would be more appropriate. You got nothing, you are nothing.

          36. Edna Ethel says

            Mrpoohead (maybe aptly named) suspects you may be fantasizing, banjojack. Perhaps you don’t have the FBI/DOJ statistics to back up your argument, but you really don’t need them. Anyone with a functioning brain knows that crime must be challenged, and that challenge is the LAST thing the criminal wants or suspects. Furthermore, the idea that Morton99 says a gun would have been useless to his friend indicates to me that Morton99 must be smoking something available on most NYC street corners. If his friend was stabbed, then a gun would have been pretty effective against a knife. Geez!

          37. banjojack says

            As a matter of fact, I posted one source, not the FBI source I referred to, but from a professor of criminology who is a lifelong Democrat, a member of the ACLU, and who has never accepted money from the NRA for research. I will find the FBI source, but I have other things to do besides amuse Liberal Hobbit Dancers who have no idea what they are talking about. I have asked Mr. Poohead what his MOS was, and he has, so far, not been forthcoming. He claims to have trained Delta Force.

        2. supergun says

          Can any one say,,,,,”STUPID” comment.

        3. Cameron Triplett Sr says

          Probably? If he would have had a gun he would still be alive & a NYC punk w/a knife would be where he belongs–pushing up daisys.

          1. mrpoohead says

            Legs would have been more sensible.

          2. Morton99 says

            You watch too much tv

          3. mrpoohead says

            Too fat, too ugly but he’s got his remote.

      2. supergun says

        They are communists.

        1. Morton99 says

          Yup – rich free market communists. Eat your heart out !

          1. supergun says

            And we see the destruction of these and you the last 8 years. We dodged many bullets this time.

          2. Morton99 says

            You need to stop reading those yellowing 2008 newpsapers.- things have changed a lot for the better under the Black President. That must be so hard to swallow.

          3. Cameron Triplett Sr says

            Like HELL! Those of us who actually live in Free America & work for a living are not nearly as well off as before that Commie mulatto took office, & NOBODY still knows squat about his real past. When the truth comes out–as it surely will one day–it won’t be Republicans who will be embarrassed! That is, IF Liberals can be embarrassed!

          4. mrpoohead says

            Pssst, President is not in charge of policy or law so your gripe is with the House. Duh! What “past” his mother is American, his father Kenyan, what else you got. Nada!

          5. Cameron Triplett Sr says

            His “father” on the birth record that has been shown to be forged, was Kenyan, which gives this mulatto dual citizenship until 18 when he must declare one or the other. His REAL father was probably a Black Communist named Frank Marshall Davis who had a thing for underage White girls like Anne Dunham who dropped her drawers for any Black guy who giggled his zipper at her. This means he would be 100% eligible to be President under the original meaning of “natural born citizen”, but unless pigs fly we’ll never know the TRUTH about thisPresident who did everything in his power to destroy America.. Think on this: America elected a tall skinny lawyer from Chicago who was born in another State to be President & he split this country along racial lines so deeply that after 150 yrs we still haven’t healed. obama is no better than Lincoln, just a newer model. Hopefully we will learn to NEVER elect anybody else from Chicago to the WH–especially HRC!

          6. mrpoohead says

            No need to make choice at 18 both countries allow dual-citizenship, thus legitimate by mother. I myself started out with two and have gained more since.

            Guess you’re just jealous, black fella’s have bigger wangers and can dance.

            President – zip power. House has power – they create policy and law, which is probably why Trump is back-tracking on all pre-election missives. No wall, no mass deportation, no ban of Muslim’s.

          7. banjojack says

            Trump is not president yet. I would venture a guess that given your attitude, and your propensity for prevarication, you are some sort of Black Muslim. I noticed you made it a point to mention the 1948 partition of Israel. At least you are not blaming Republicans for everything, Mr. Wannabe.

          8. mrpoohead says

            President has zip power. Technically the Republican’s owned the House in 1948.

            I don’t give a shit which side of politics it is – facts is facts; I’m happy to berate all. After all what is the difference between R and D – LGBT, abortion and gun regulation. Petty, pointless issues. It is a plutocracy to serve the 5%’ers. Trump won’t and can’t change anything.

          9. Cameron Triplett Sr says

            If you’re gonna be President of the USA, you cannot have dual citizenship–you MUST be “natural born citizen” of USA, as per the Constitution. As for “bigger wangers & can dance”, that doesn’t have anything to do w/being a GOOD President, as obama sure as hell was/is NOT. A physical wal is impossible. They’ll tunnel under or sail over/around. Make it impractical for them to come here as ib no jobs available & that’ll take care of the problem. We do NOT need a bunch of Mexicans coming here voting like they do in Mexico. We have enough corrupt politicians w/o their “help”.

          10. mrpoohead says

            What has he done then? President can be dual citizen. to vote one needs ID which would mean a Green Card – fail! There already is a wall for most of it.

          11. Tired... says

            Oh my! Let’s think about this for a minute. If the President isn’t in charge of policy, why does he get to oversee and appoint the leaders of the cabinet, including the secretary of state, the very leaders who shape and direct all aspects of U.S. policy? Indeed, government policy is the reason why this election cycle was so contentious. Although it is true that the president is not supposed to make law, through the use of executive actions his will does in effect become law, at least while he is in office; remember, he has “a pen and a phone.” President Obama’s supporters cheered this statement because it meant that he intended to circumvent Congress. This is not what the founders intended, but that is our new reality. Now help me understand exactly how nationality excludes political or religious beliefs?

          12. mrpoohead says

            President – administration
            House – legislation

            Can the President make laws – no. He may have the ear of Congress, but it still has to be passed. Executive Orders are for technical. moral and at behest of House (emergencies) also easily negated. They cannot change the law. “Phone and pen” stupid irreverent comment – means diddly. Find me an Executive Order of Obama’s that circumvents the House – good luck!

            Obama’s beliefs – don’t know, don’t care. I suspect he’s a Christian and Democrat. Unless he states otherwise or it is proven, hyperbole and BS I can do without.

          13. jim_wright says

            His past is out there if anyone cares to tske the time to resesrch it. He is a Muslim who was raised by devoted communists. His real name is Barry Soetoro.

          14. supergun says

            I stopped my newspaper subscriptions years ago when the computers came out. You should also. Or maybe you just woke up from a coma. Or maybe your monthly meds have not arrived this month. You don’t really look like that picture,,,do you?

          15. KayO says

            Nobody cares about Obama being black. He’s a communist and a socialist, and you’re just one of their eunuchs.

          16. Morton99 says

            Oh my! Another rightie with a genital fascination.

          17. KayO says

            Snicker. Is the problem that I’m not impressed with yours-or lack thereof?

          18. Morton99 says

            LOL it would cost you money just to look at it. I guess you must be pretty frustrated.

          19. KayO says

            Only you would be impressed enough with yourself to want to see “it”.

          20. Morton99 says

            Oh thank God. I thought for a horrid moment that you were going to stalk me.

          21. KayO says

            I have a bigger life than that. You?

          22. mrpoohead says

            A Democrat I think – that makes him a conservative little “C”, unlike Republican’s, big “C” conservative. Suggest you look up communist and socialist – America has neither, W Europe, Canada, NZ and Australia all have the latter and a much better society.

          23. jim_wright says

            That makes a Muslim and a Socialist who is devoted to weakening and then destroying this country.

          24. mrpoohead says

            Obviously not considering what was written; his father wasn’t a Muslim so unlikely he is. Policy and law are the remit of the House, the President just plays the cards dealt – suggest you look elsewhere for your scapegoating and read the Constitution. Pathetic!

          25. Tired... says

            His father wasn’t a Muslim so therefore he probably isn’t…in what world does that logic make sense? I don’t care if he is or isnt; it is his dishonesty that is offensive.

          26. mrpoohead says

            Generally we get our religious idiocies from our parents unless we suffer some ludicrous conversion. So Pop not a Muslim, Mother neither, thus unlikely. More importantly were is the logic that says he is? Alt-right conspiracy drivel? That’ll be correct.

          27. Tired... says

            Never said he was, but lets be fair; our idiocies come from two places…our environment and school.

          28. mrpoohead says

            Then mix with better people and travel – broadens the mind, opens the eyes. Well sometimes! Guess it depends how railroaded you are – I traveled because I was nosy, others I guess have preconceived ideas and only want them to be fulfilled – doesn’t always mean that’s it. If I wasn’t as well traveled and took what folk say on these sites as gospel, then I’d never have gone in the first place. “All Muslims are trying to kill us” – I hitch-hiked through many Islamic countries and I’m still here, must have been the hijab (joking!).

          29. Tired... says

            Oops, your microaggression is showing. I already said twice that his religion or non-religion wasn’t an issue with me, but evidently it is for you since you seem to be able to move beyond this assumption.

          30. mrpoohead says

            I didn’t intimate otherwise; just that it invariably seems to be an “issue” for the retarded. Congratulations you are a step up and also the more touchy.

          31. Tired... says

            Of course you did…we are the only two individuals in this conversation. Most people don’t believe that “all Muslims are trying to kill us;” that is a caracature designed to smear a group of people based on the extreme views of a few.

          32. astrc says

            YEA, Like OBOMA, H . Clinton, Rev. Al Sharpton, Rev. White, N. Pelosi, Harry Reid, and other “Pot stirring individuals”, who “get on a soap box & spread their “HATE” messages. Seems to be mostly, “Poor losers DEMOS.

          33. Beeotchstewie the deplorable says

            Those are all Shariacrats, every damned one,

          34. mrpoohead says

            Suspect that Alt-left sites do not carry “Hate” to the general public, Trump maybe. Seems a bit silly – President is only a figure-head.

          35. astrc says

            “Alt-left sites”? , Where is your “HEAD” ? I guess you have not “Watch” the, “Black Lives Matter”, HATE, messages on T.V. about, “Kill &/or burn the cops/pigs”, & the rest of what has been going on around the country, regarding, the “killing of Police Officers”, doing their jobs. YES, there are some “bad ones”, as in any organization, Like, (OBAMA, h. Clinton, SO-CALLED men of god, Rev. Al Sharpton, Rev. White, & others), who support & incite those “Hate” & illegal riots.
            You Idiot.. Or maybe you are just one of those, who has a “Closed mind & NO simple common sense, or are you ONE OF THEM?

          36. mrpoohead says

            Your spiel is hardly the remit of the alt-left, that is more gang, rap chant. Doubt they would visit an alt-left site, if any political site. I suspect an alt-left site rant would be about – “Give niggas and wetbacks more money”, probably not in that terminology though.

            Suspect I am considerably more broad-minded than thou is. Doofus!

          37. astrc says

            Look in the mirror, and you will see who the “Doofus” is, and I doubt that you are, “more broad-mined” , maybe in “Your own mind”, WITHOUT ANY PROOF, HOWEVER IF THAT “MAKES YOU HAPPY”, GO FOR IT.

          38. mrpoohead says

            Well you seem to be the one who cherry-picks ideals. Am always happy – I surf! apparently I get cranky when it is flat for a period.

          39. mrpoohead says

            Suggest you change your moniker to “Persecuted” and seek a therapist. Think you’ll find those “extreme” views are the norm on any site with Nation, Patriot, Liberty, Constitution and Conservative in the title. It’s were all the nut-jobs go. Very amusing!.

          40. Tired... says

            Sorry to decline your suggestion regarding the name change. I guess that I was unaware that the majority of the 60+ million people who voted for Donald Trump were posting on those websites. If they did, then that would be “the norm;” since that is not the case, your point has no merit.

          41. mrpoohead says

            Nope, just the “norm” on these sites for the retarded. Is it the “norm” on these sites – yep!

          42. Tired... says

            …and that is really the point, isn’t it? You cannot accurately judge a group of 60+ million based on the opinion of a hundred or so people.

          43. mrpoohead says

            Errr, was judging the morons on these sites, nobody else. Duh!

          44. Tired... says

            Perhaps you are the exception. However in my experience people who interact this way demonstrate a propensity to marginalize the majority of those who disagree with them, not just a small subset.

          45. mrpoohead says

            I suspect that if I visited the mainstream media then these views would not be the “norm”, whether that person voted Clinton or Trump. My personal opinion is that neither was worthy, both are repugnant. I find it amusing that only 50% vote, the worst figure in the modern world. The only difference between parties is LGBT, abortion and gun regulation – what’s that conservative with a little or big “c”. Whoopee! Never voted Democrat, definitely didn’t vote Trump – scum!

            More amusing is the fact that Trump told the idiots here what they wanted to hear – “Wall, mass deportation of illegals, ban on Muslim’s”. Not sure how an administrator is going to carry that out and I’m kind of looking forward to the reactions when they realize that is the case – he’s already reneged on most everything or denied it despite video evidence. How he’s going to fix anything I know not – the House makes law and policy. Better buckle up, it’s going to be a bumpy ride. Or, more likely he’ll roll over and play ball with Congress putting his own spin on it. we’ll still be bankrupt at the end of four or eight years – hopefully we’ll be closer to a recovery; I forecast two generation from 2008, so ages to go yet.

          46. Tired... says

            Again, many of these views are not the norm; they simply reflect a great deal of frustration and some of these comments were said tongue-in-cheek. Earlier you stated that they were the norm on certain conservative sites, which in my observation is generally true; now you say that they are not the norm in the mainstream media…didn’t we already establish that point? Personally I don’t put much stock in the mainstream media, whichever way they lean; both sides are biased and struggle to see the forest for the trees.

            We disagree on who makes policy, as I stated in a previous post. The president sets both domestic (e.g., emissions standards, education standards, etc.) and foreign policy (e.g., Truman Doctrine, Monroe Doctrine, etc) and implements it through the cabinet, most notably the secretary of state. Through the use of executive orders, President Obama has increasingly implemented “policy changes” that carry the weight of law (try breaking one if you don’t believe me) and which historically are seldom overturned by succeeding administrations. If you doubt the power of the presidency, look at what has changed since 2008.

          47. mrpoohead says

            No problem with mainstream media – they report facts, not drivel. Their opinion may not be mine sometimes, but their facts are straight – why? Credibility and selling point.

            Doctrine is not law, but law can be called doctrine. “Standards” are restricted by funding – House. “Standards” also have to be passed by House; the President can make what “standards” he likes, without ratification it is all meaningless.

            Please name one Executive Order that has done that – the closest I have come is focus on “illegals”. Criminals and terrorists first – well only a fool would begrudge that in these last eight years. I have requested this from hundreds of people – still waiting for a response. I am not defending the man, the Office. The President plays the cards dealt.

            What policy changes?

            What has changed since 2008? Thanks to gutless politicians we removed financial regulations, bankers went crazy and bankrupted the country – pre-dates Obama. Banks propped up because the alternative was too scary – we now have to pay for that scenario. I reckon two generations – suck it up! Who is President is immaterial, only time will fix this. What will be there if we get through it? The EU will be way ahead, China too – what awaits is ignominy, destruction or respectability. Take your pick – the “super” has left the power.

          48. Tired... says

            You have more faith than I in the media. Producers determine what is covered and the position of the stories matter, even if they make the cut.

            There is a lot of conflating in your reply. I never said doctrine was law…I said it was policy. Standards do not have to be approved by Congress; for example the EPA and Department of Education set standards all the time without Congressional approval.

            Regarding EOs, here is the info you requested: http://reason.com/archives/2016/04/21/the-limits-to-president-obamas-authority

            What has changed since 2008? You must be kidding…no one on either side believes that President Obama hasn’t radically changed America; the only difference is whether they see that change as good or bad.

            Our pending financial crisis lies at the feet of both Democrats and Republicans; President Obama has just continued to accelerate the process.

          49. mrpoohead says

            Thanks for confirming what I expected. Your link contains little substance.Why do these stories not end up in the mainstream? Does not list one Executive Order by number or title. Substance! Immigration EO was not repealed by House – it made sense; considering worldly problems focusing on serious criminals and terrorists here illegally is significantly more important than worrying about a few folk cleaning pools and working in hospitality.

            Financial policy is not the remit of the President – I cannot condemn someone for something they have no control over. Only fools can do that – and Hitler!

            So, as usual – nothing. The country has changed because economically we are back-peddling because of idiotic things done in the past. The President has no control over that.

            My “standards” are sex twice a night, unfortunately I am restricted by outside control. The EPA and education department can set what they like, but if Congress tells them to cut the budget by 20% then it ain’t happening. Just BS!

            The mainstream media reports facts not hyperbole, because they’d get sued, becuase they’d lose credibility and thus go broke. If you read the Washington Times and Post you will get the same news, just differing opinions on it. Duh!

            You are blaming someone for something he has no control over – and your name is Adolf? More amusing is who will you blame now that Trump won’t be fulfilling his pre-election missives. Will you build a wall?

          50. Tired... says

            Your response lacks critical thinking. I linked you to a story that pointed out that numerous EOs were challenged in court and were ruled unenforceable because they overstepped Presidential authority and you do not even bother to see if that is so. Instead you insist that I show you numbers; well since you lack the motivation, here you go http://www.ca5.uscourts.gov/opinions%5Cpub%5C15/15-40238-CV0.pdf All it took was a brief search.

            The mainstream media has lost credibility, which is why they were shocked at the election results and had to attribute it to racism, sexism, homophobia, etc.. They believed their own hype and it bit them in the butt. Now they have to find a scapegoat, and you can bet you bottom dollar that it will be the very people they have already marginalized.

            You rant about Congress being in charge of finances, not the president. Well, if you look back at my posts you will see that I never laid the blame at his feet. Please stop creating straw men…it is tiresome and juvenile.

            You have chosen to ignore the substance of my replies and instead elected to pursue rabbit trails that are not remotely related to my comments. At first I was hopeful that there was some value in your replies but your repeated deflection and inability to hold a reasoned discussion involving differing points of view suggests that this conversation is not worth continuing.

          51. mrpoohead says

            “What has changed since 2008? You must be kidding…no one on either side believes that President Obama hasn’t radically changed America; the only difference is whether they see that change as good or bad.

            Our pending financial crisis lies at the feet of both Democrats and Republicans; President Obama has just continued to accelerate the process.” How is that not “blame”?

            Apparently there are lots of EO’s that have over-stepped the mark – was hoping for the numbers of those. I had already pointed out that the only one that comes close is the “immigration” order. However, would you rather have security deport one drug baron and one terrorist or 100 waitresses and bar-keeps? The state with the most “illegals” didn’t support the complaint. It made sense.

            The mainstream media report facts – Trump fed them dumb (by human standards) sound-bytes; thus he got a bad rap. Many of his remarks were inflammatory – if they didn’t want him they would not given him space. How are they going to scapegoat anybody, his spiel instantly changed on election. And why?

            No deflection, but amusing “you” should use the word.

            So, if you really have EO numbers that’ll be great, suspect not, so ciao’.

          52. mrpoohead says

            Nothing huh – awwwww!

          53. GB2179 says

            Good going Tired, you are a lot better at communicating with this sick person than I will ever be. See if you can find out where he lives, so we can put a dog collar on him. LOL! (With GPS.)

          54. mrpoohead says

            Yes, because you got walked over. Doofus! You’d need GPS, can’t read a map or wipe your behind.

          55. Tired... says

            Thanks. I was hoping that I was communicating with a reasonable individual who just held differing views, but that was obviously not the case. No interest in the dog collar suggestion. It is better to listen to people who have opposing points of view because there is usually some truth in what they say. Unfortunately in the case of mrpoohead there wasn’t enough intellectual honesty to further the discussion.

          56. Tired... says

            Out of curiosity, do you always up vote your own posts?

          57. mrpoohead says

            Absolutely; amuses me and irritates the buffoons.

          58. Tired... says


          59. Beeotchstewie the deplorable says

            His and Michael’s wedding band he wears reads in Arabic. “There is no God but Allah”. How do you refute that fact and reconcile it with your lie that he is not a lying Muslim?

          60. mrpoohead says

            God is Allah is Yahweh – who cares. Also, impossible for you to prove it is there either – as a noted Democrat and Christian seems unlikely. Why go to a church when you can go to a mosque? The London Mayor goes to a mosque, does anybody care. Doubt it!

          61. GB2179 says

            You sure do have the right handle ….. Mister POO HEAD

          62. mrpoohead says

            ……….and I’m correct, with all the facts.

          63. CrustyOldGeezer says

            So far YOU have not presented any ‘facts’.

            Just whined about things you don’t like.

          64. mrpoohead says

            I have no facts to disprove your idiocy, nobody seems to collect facts on things that might have happened but didn’t – suspect it would create a whole new industry, might be good for the economy. Thus I queried were you got your dubious figures and stats from. It is obvious now that you made them up.

            You are now boring, have nothing and are nothing – the sad thing is it’s morons like you that fuck things up for the “greater” good. On the bright side you have the excuse of Alzheimer’s being “crusty”.

          65. CrustyOldGeezer says

            So, you have no facts to support your disagreement with what I posted and that makes you the winner?

            All you have to do to disprove me is show where LAW Abiding Gun owners committed enough gun related crimes in any given year to be statistically relevant.

            By your own admission the data does not exist to support your position.

            Here’s another one you ain’t gonna like much.

            TO DATE EVERY mass shooter has been a democrat or liberal gong all the way back to the Texas Tower shooter.

          66. mrpoohead says

            I’m still waiting for your link to the Facts and Stat’s, Department Nearly Happened But Didn’t Happen. On the bright side this new government department will employ more than the lost car industry and electrical industry, on the flip side the tax rate will have to be raised to 45% to pay for the new offices required as everyone flocks in with some half-wit story that only their relatives will listen too at Xmas after a few glasses of vino.

            Impossible to disprove what does not exist.

          67. CrustyOldGeezer says

            So far, the only thing you have proven is your complete lack of value to Society.

            IF this is the highest goal you can set for yourself, then you have no value to this conversation.

            Now you can go back to doing what you do best.

            Sucking your thumb and whining.

          68. mrpoohead says

            Not really bothered about proving anything, I espouse facts, am merely interested in were yours were imagined?

            At least I aimed higher in society than making things up. Life that boring heh? Had thought Alzheimer’s meant forgetting things, not creating imaginary things.

            Sit on thumb, no need to suck. Don’t whine, just do.

          69. CrustyOldGeezer says

            awww, still don’t know how to do research on the internet?

            No problem loser, I expect it of useless garbage with no goals in life.

          70. mrpoohead says

            I put all your data into Google – got nothing. I wonder why, Mr Wizard? All in your head – awwwwwwwwwwww! No doubt the new government department will have it all.

          71. mrpoohead says

            Ahh, Mr Wizard. Please tell me how you know all mass shooters are Democrats? At what point in the process is that likely to be a question posed by the authorities – top 1000? Unlikely. Funny as!

            Don’t really care whether they are Republican, Democrat or Cocker Spaniel, just curious to know were the drivel comes from. I would have thought being descended from wizards you would be able to create something – obviously you are a Squib and devoid of power.

          72. CrustyOldGeezer says

            I obviously have power over useless losers.

            they keep coming back.

          73. mrpoohead says

            Pot, kettle, bit tarnished!

          74. CrustyOldGeezer says

            and back…

          75. mrpoohead says

            Congratulations your first truism. Take a bow, actually don’t, you’re old and will probably fart which will mean more drivel.

          76. KayO says

            I’m very much aware of the definitions of both socialism and communism. You can thank the conservatives that you’re not living under the rule of both. Better societies? You can’t be that dumb.

          77. mrpoohead says

            Fail to see an “issue” with socialism – W Europe, Canada, NZ and Australia all have significant socialist parties. All contribute, the balance being a conservative party. All have better social disparity, social mobility, better health and education systems and a homicide rate a fifth to a tenth of ours. Suggest you check your facts first. America is the toilet!

          78. KayO says

            Snicker. While those who live under the confinements of socialism, you’re actually trying to get in. That’s remarkable. I’ve done my homework. Try doing yours. Don’t be dumb.

          79. mrpoohead says

            Amazingly more people emigrate legally and illegally in Europe. Per capita the Aussies take in more too. I know a number of American’s living overseas, many with the never going back attitude – one is in finance and does all his work on-line for American clients. He feels he lives in a better place and is wealthy enough to live in the US way above the bottom feeders. I myself have no intention of ever returning and so far all visitors have intimated it was the best choice. Who’s laughing – me! I suspect you haven’t been many places – all of W Europe et al have far better societies. Sorry, facts is facts!

          80. KayO says

            Let me guess…you think that because there are more immigrants in Europe, then it must be a good thing? Really? Lest we forget that Obama is taking in immigrants who were rejected in Australia. The Europeans would disagree with you concerning “better societies”. Can you not read the news? You’re right about facts being facts. I suggest you learn them, though.

          81. mrpoohead says

            Your implication was that more people were going to America, I merely corrected your supposition.

            Think you mean “refugees” that Australia stopped – think if you look further the policy by the Aussies was to curb boats trying to cross the Indian Ocean. A dangerous body of water at any time of the year – cyclones in the summer, monstrous swells from the Antarctic in the winter. The boats launched were not safe, 1000’s died. By imposing a no boat refugees policy it has stopped the boats. Are the Aussies still taking refugees – yes. Have they upped the quota because of Syria – yes. Do they take more per capita than America – everybody does.

            Yes, I read the news, there have been a few incidents. Currently there are two million Syrian refugees in Turkey, one million in the Lebanon and Jordan’s population has increased by 25%. Europe meanwhile has 10,000.

            You are reading cherry-picked drivel, read a wider variety of papers and you’ll get a better picture – you are only reading rubbish that supports your own narrow-minded point of view. Get a life!

            Despite this “influx” W Europe crime rates fairly stable, homicide rate still a fifth to a tenth of the US’s. Where’s the toilet.

            “Violent crime” in US includes homicide, violent rape, and armed robbery. Our figures are on par with W Europe – however; “violent crime” there includes much more. Just punching someone in the UK, pinching a ladies behind constitutes rape in Sweden. Where’s the toilet? USA!!!!!!!!! USA!!!!!!!

            Facts is facts.

          82. astrc says

            Well, why don’t you “Pack up & go there if you think it is better”?

          83. mrpoohead says

            Did, am just here gloating.

          84. astrc says

            why DO YOU THINK THAT IS?, Maybe because of the “Corruptions within our Government”, at this time. LETTING, War Criminals, (“ISIS” murdering terrorist), out of GITMO, to return to the battles fields, so that they can “KILL” more innocent citizens around the world, who don’t believe in their B.S.. “Muslim Brotherhood”, so-called Religious beliefs… GET REAL.
            We (AMERICA). was the Country where, IMMIGRANTS, from around the World wanted to come too, and still do, to make a “Better Life”, for themselves & their family. We never had this kind of ‘TERRORIST” activity until, OBAMA, and his illegal actions about bring millions of HIS, “Radical Islamic MUSLIM, “ISIS” Terrorists”, into our Country. Say what you want, but the FACTS clearly show this to be the truth. WAKE UP before its to LATE.

          85. mrpoohead says

            Not really sure what that has to do with my post – are you in a padded room, Alzheimer’s?

            But, to answer your missive. obviously you did not go to school. Article Two of the Constitution – the President has zip power, Congress writes law and policy. Thus blaming the President is like me blaming my Mother for my football teams inabilities. The Muslim Brotherhood is not a terrorist organisation, it is a collection of businessmen and academics; politically they are generally liberal – business orientated with social responsibility.

            Congress reduced funding for military in Iraq, they left, funding further reduced, more left – process started before Obama took Office. Were you expecting Obama to dig into his own pockets? Bit unfair and doubt his that wealthy. America now no longer such an influence – we are bust and can’t afford it. Like all previous empire’s bankruptcy is our downfall – how far will we fall? Ignominy, destruction or respectability?

            Islamic terrorism makes up 5% of all (FBI and Europol figures) – am more concerned about the other 95% home-grown morons. I think you need to “wake up!”

            Hope that helps.

          86. astrc says

            Hey, IDIOT, “no” one is saying that ALL, “MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD” are members of the, “RADICAL ISLAMIC (“ISIS”, jihad, TYPE “Terrorist Groups”)
            ARE YOU? a Born in America or a “legal” Immigrant that “Came to America for a better life”? even TRUMP, he & we who believe in “OUR” democratic way of life, & “OUR” CONSTITUTION & BILL OF RIGHTS are saying that, Those members of the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD religion that , Kill & murder innocent, (men, women, & children), even other members of the “MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD” who don’t believe in their interpretation of their Bible -“Bull Shit”.
            Do “You” believe in the Members of the, Radical “ISIS” MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD, TERRORIST movement. KILLING OF INNOCENT PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD. As they have been doing?
            OR do you just have your, “POORHEAD” up your “ass”, or buried in the “Sand”.
            as your reply’s , don’t even make sense..
            “Islamic terrorism makes up 5%”, That’s a hell of a lot more than, what we in Law Enforcement, have stated over the years, that “2%” of bad guys cause 98% of the “problems”, (crimes) we deal with.. For your information..

          87. mrpoohead says

            Then why mention Muslim Brotherhood – don’t know many words?

            Your English is dreadful and makes little sense – are you an immigrant?

            Christians – Bible, Muslims – Koran. Duh!

            ISIS is not Muslim Brotherhood. Duh! The latter tend to be business people and academics, the former would equate to dumbasstrailerparktrash – like you.

            Europol and FBI figures – however Islamic terrorism I suspect gets 95% publicity.

          88. jondarmes says

            He doesn’t call himself mr. poo head for nothing.

          89. jondarmes says

            Nobody cares about Obama period, Obozo is about to leave the building, 8 years late.

          90. Beeotchstewie the deplorable says

            We don’t care that he is black. Our problems with him are numerous. Him being a Muslim, a racist bigot and trying to start a race war, trying to bankrupt the USA, and letting Muslim terrorists in at will are the main issues we have with the lying Muslim traitor.

          91. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says

            Ru smokin Democrack loser….did you cry when PRESIDENT TRUMP WON you kept telling everyone Trump will never win idiot! You lost!!!

            Go cry & whine like a little Liberal cry babyyy, Go protest and burn your houses or leave the Country!!! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5727190e0738ccaf25e8bf09ff8c6883952f1f3c835a4adfe9bd53d45cb9e661.jpg

          92. KayO says

            No such thing. How old are you?

          93. Morton99 says

            You don’t say!
            I’m 5 – big for my age, though

          94. mrpoohead says

            Welcome to – irreverent and facetious. Duh!

          95. KayO says

            I prefer not to join in such. Thank you for the invitation, though.

          96. Brendajjones says

            Google is paying 97$ per hour! Work for few hours and have longer with friends & family! !mj626d:
            On tuesday I got a great new Land Rover Range Rover from having earned $8752 this last four weeks.. Its the most-financialy rewarding I’ve had.. It sounds unbelievable but you wont forgive if you don’t check it
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          97. CrustyOldGeezer says

            I think he’s 11, but that is dependent on the color of his diapers.

          98. jetmagnet says

            The free market communist are the GOP congress and senate and they will pass trade deals. Trump or no Trump.

          99. Morton99 says

            There WILL be trade deals. There MUST be trade deals. That is unless you want to revert to a sort of wagon wheels mentality. The only issue really is – how much of the projected profits from these deals will go in the pockets of the workers. That kind of consideration has NEVER been interesting to Trump

        2. jetmagnet says

          Last time i checked Trump hired commies Paul manafort and other commies.
          “The Trump campaign has also spread claims from Sputnik, another
          news outlet identified by American intelligence as part of the Russian
          disinformation campaign. For example, almost immediately after the
          posting of an article by Sputnik attacking this Newsweek reporter, the
          Trump campaign emailed a link to the piece to American reporters, urging
          them to pursue the same story.”

          Trump claims he will make America great and safe again, but if it is
          safe, it will be safe for Russians. He claims he is going to “drain the

          The problem is he plans to fill it up with Russians only too eager to
          take the job of running our country out of Trump’s hands, giving Putin
          through his puppet in the Oval Office effective control of both

          1. supergun says

            Me thinks YOU have been watching too many movies called, “To Russia With Love”. I needed that chuckle today. Thanks

          2. meangreenMarine says

            What a pile of Bovine Fecal Waste! Typical of the ill informed left-wing idiots
            that represent a failed Political Party! Trump is an American, first and foremost! Can you say the same for your Anti-American in the White House?

        3. Brendajjones says

          Google is paying 97$ per hour! Work for few hours and have longer with friends & family! !mj626d:
          On tuesday I got a great new Land Rover Range Rover from having earned $8752 this last four weeks.. Its the most-financialy rewarding I’ve had.. It sounds unbelievable but you wont forgive if you don’t check it
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          1. william couch says

            AND MY VAG IS NOT LUBED!!!!

      3. jetmagnet says

        What rest of the country? I live in Florida. The rightwing media is hype and garbage, Your stupid if you think people all over believe the lies and crap you people do.
        2.5 million more people voted for hillary, and 46% where so disgusted they didn’t vote at all.

      4. gerald Hughes says

        True enough, w should encourage both of them to secede and offer them help, getting out.

    2. mrpoohead says

      Please disprove anything they “fantasise” about – the real fantasy is these ludicrous alt-right sites. The mainstream media reports facts – why? Because they have to sell papers, credibility, if they weren’t full of facts then they’d disappear, probably after getting sued. What’s their readership and that of these silly sites – a one hundredth of the NY Times? Who’s silly?

    3. jetmagnet says

      The fact is there is NO Obama or Hillary scare tactics to sell guns LMAO!
      So the idiots and the gun lobby are cryin’.
      Fruitcakes who listen to the purveyors for the gun lobby would run out and buy guns when a conspiracy went viral that their guns and the second amendment where under attack.
      The smart non partisan and democrat gun owners never have listened to this garbage and have taken advantage of low gun and ammunition prices after the bullsheeet tempered down. I’ve never overpaid for ANTTHING! The fact is right wingies are so caught up in propaganda they follow like rats to every block of head cheese thrown at them.

  11. Tex Irvin says

    does anyone at NYT understand that nobody listens to them anymore ?

    1. OldHighlandGuyOne says

      What? What did you say? I can’t hear you!! Oh, it’s the nuevo york times, sorry. Bye, bye, nyt.

      I just had to do that, now I feel better, thank you Tex.

  12. downs1 says

    The New York Times is the prime example of the worst journalism possible! Intellectual honesty is cause for dismissal from this (dis)organization!

  13. poppytoymaker says

    That’s why it’s known as the NY Slimes

  14. Howard Bricker says

    I’m 80 years old. I retired after 24 years military service. There’s tens of thousands just like me all over the country. So there I am eating breakfast in the Waffle House when some dude storms in waving a gun demanding everybody empty their pockets. So I can pee my pants hoping he don’t shoot me while I’m reaching for my wallet or I can pee my pants while I’m reaching for my gun. Do the math.

    1. OldHighlandGuyOne says

      One old vet to another, RIGHT!

      1. Mathew Molk says

        And Mathew makes 3

        1. Emma says


        2. banjojack says

          Make that four.

      2. Emma says


    2. Harvey Melton says

      ty for your service Howard, this country has gone down a long way since you served. it is well worth saving. our sacrifices in blood and loss is too great to just stand idly by and do or say nothing. this is why trump got elected other than divine intervention. God has given us a chance to make first things right with him and then with his guiding hand to make things right with our country. I too am a veteran-Vietnam era- my dad was a ww2 navy vet who fought in the pacific. he had brothers fighting in Germany. And this is why our history and our flag has so much meaning to me and millions of others. Trump is on the right track and already even before he is sworn in he has done more good than what Obama and crew has done in a very long time. We need to pray often for the success of our new real pro American president have a great day Howard God bless you and your family.

    3. movingwaters says

      Smart man. You will outlive the NY Times.

    4. J. F. Samuelson says

      Good for you!

    5. Veteran says

      And Howard add ME to the list of Vets who carry (in Kalifornia no less). So according to the NY “out of” Times only the bad guys know how to shoot straight?
      The media in America are all in it for the Dems and nobody even contests that anymore. Personally, I find WikiLeaks a much more credible source for the news.

      1. banjojack says

        You carry in Califreakia? What caliber spitwads do they allow you for your slingshot? No offense to you, sir, just to the state you call home.

        1. Veteran says

          Now the bastards in Kalifornia require that we wait 10 days before we can take home AMMO! After 70 years here I’m seriously looking at moving to Montana or Texas very soon! Will the last person to leave Kalif. please turn out the lights?

      2. mrpoohead says

        Bad guys usually miss – I remember a gang hitting a Taco Bell near UCLA years ago. Prime time, hit no one.

        The mainstream media is all for news – they merely report it. Or, they’d be sued, lose credibility and disappear. Duh!

    6. Nam1 says

      Lol, don’t you just hate it when some moron interrupts your breakfast!

    7. Emma says

      Absolutely right.?
      Thank you for your service ?

    8. mrpoohead says

      Not the best name for someone supposedly with kahuna’s. “Bricker” – shits himself.

  15. Ted Duke says

    “…guns are frequently used against their owners…”
    Yes. But not nearly so frequently as the NYTimes is used against logic.

    1. CEM in MO says

      When I was still “on the job,” the stats were that 26% of police officers killed in the line of duty were killed with their own sidearm that the perp had wrestled away from them. Not ANYWHERE near that number among the law-abiding population (the concealed carrier’s sidearm is not a visible/known target!). I guess, by that standard of reasoning, that the police should not be allowed to carry guns. Right. As was so astutely stated above, statistics should not in any way determine your rights!

  16. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says

    Ny Racist Liberal Democrackhead False news is a Joke! They have no credibility!!!!!!!!!!!!

    he Ny times “Fantasy” is that there is still Anyone Alive that Believes Anything the NY SLIME SCUMBAGS post!!!

    Ny times whether u like it or not President Donald j TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    1. gotabgood says

      “While this announcement is good news for many, we recognize it is not
      good news for everyone,” says a letter sent by Carrier to its employees
      in the wake of the deal set up by Donald Trump that will prevent them from outsourcing some 800 jobs to Mexico. About 1300 Indiana-based jobs are still heading south of the border, which is a detail that has been lost in the commotion.
      And PLEASE…. let’s not forget the $7million dollars that King Negotiator Trump used to save 800 jobs but caved to 1300 jobs going South… We WIN…..?????? Didn’t we???? I THINK NOT!! All part of MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!


      1. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says

        PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Liberalism/progressives lost hahahahhahahahahahhahahaha


      2. CEM in MO says

        NO money was used in that deal. The $7 million was TAX RELIEF; in other words, money that is rightfully THEIRS that they now get to KEEP — which, in the real world, is entirely as it should be. You’re out of arguments; give the government all of yours that you wish, but leave what is lawfully earned and belongs to everyone else alone.

        1. ABO says

          Makes perfect sense CEM. As such gotabgood won’t understand a word of it.

      3. Mathew Molk says

        Look fool. You want to give them a 7 mil tax break or have them close down and have NOTHING but an abandoned building and no tax at all, to say nothing of the cash that will be spent on unemployment and the tax none of these people who lost their jobs are paying.

        You commies are nothing but a bunch of parisitic assholes who never signed the FRONT of a pay check. Just goes to show you can’t cure the stupidity of you and the rest of the Marxist useful idiots.

        1. CEM in MO says

          Very good points made in your response. A little bit more civility (language-wise), though, please? We have the facts on our side. Remember, we are the adults and should set our best example. Thanks.

        2. gotabgood says

          Trump bragged that Indiana would not lose one job, or he would slap a tax on them… Back in April, he said that if were
          elected president, he would hit Carrier with “a damn tax” and keep all the jobs in

          Well he didn’t do that… still lost jobs and paid them 7 million dollars to move South… job well done!!!!

  17. Dan says

    Do they make NYT TP?

    1. Valor says

      Can’t us TP that is already full of feces!!

    2. Ken says says

      Sorry Dan – you have to cut it into 4″ strips yourself – Scott 1000 is a lot cheaper + ready to use.

      1. Dan says

        Aside from getting ink on your bum.

  18. Patriot47 says


    1. kotoc says

      Bird cage liner, too…

    2. ABO says

      Ridiculously expensive fishwrap. Making it ultimately useless even as fishwrap.

  19. Valor says

    Fantasy? The real fantasy is referring the New York Times as a newspaper. I wouldn’t use that rag to line the bottom of a bird cage, or use in an outhouse! Here is a news flash for you bozos! Twice in my life, about 30 years apart, having a handgun in my possession saved me from injury or death at the hands of a criminal. So take your stupidity and stuff it!!

    1. Mathew Molk says

      I can’t use it for anything. I never bought even one and never will.

      1. R DoCdoWedo! says

        And i wish you good luck. Because you will need it in the future, Why am i saying that is because (ISIS) is here in the U.S. Know they are waiting for the right time to make hell on us. May God be with you I hope you never have to have one?

  20. kotoc says

    I wonder if he would change his tune if he were in a situation where a gun would have saved the life of one of his loved ones? I wonder what he would do if his home were broken into by an armed burglar? Does he live in some sort of “magic bubble” where the bad guys could never touch him?

    1. Ken says says

      Kotoc – you know he lives in a “magic bubble” – he’s a dimwit Liberal Establishment Puppet – he also drinks the magic pop and follows the agenda he is handed.

  21. CrustyOldGeezer says

    Who needs a survey, when FACTS speak louder than opinions and political agendas?


    80 million plus gun owners and no statistics to show any of them committed a crime. (includes non CCW licensed people)

    If 1.0% committed a ‘gun crime’ it would be 800,000 crimes, but no statistics show that.

    0.10% would be 80,000 gun crimes, still no data….

    0.01% would be 8,000.. still no supporting data to show that PRIVATE OWNERSHIP of guns is the problem.

    0.001% 800 ‘gun crimes’ committed by law abiding Citizens. still no data.

    seriously doubt the gun control crowd can find any PROVABLE statistic
    of 0.0001 (80) Violent gun crimes committed by Law Abiding gun owners
    that were not charged as a matter of political correctness in the

    On the other hand, Privately OWNED firearms stopped or prevented well over 1.5 million crimes, PER YEAR

    That’s a lot of RAPES that were not committed.

    A lot of murders that did not happen.

    A lot of robberies that did not happen.

    The list goes on.

    the problem isn’t “guns”, but too many violent criminals turned loose
    back into society due to “rehabilitation” that has proven to be a
    massive failure and can be directly attributable to well over 75% of all
    violent crimes in America today.

    PUNISHMENT was the best “rehab” plan going until democrat politicians
    and judges began to feel sorry for the criminals and turned their backs
    on the PEOPLE.

    I do hope this helps clarify the situation.

    1. OldHighlandGuyOne says

      I like the way you handle statistics, thank you.

    2. CEM in MO says

      The number of crimes stopped/prevented is more like 2.5 million, and those stats were from much “calmer” times; the 80’s and 90’s. Also, historically, law abiding concealed carriers have been shown to be almost 100% law abiding and far more so than the otherwise law abiding public and the police in particular. Virtually undetectable, statistically.

      1. CrustyOldGeezer says

        I specifically used the lower numbers to keep the whiners from having the option of “that’s just a guess’ and going from thee.

    3. Mathew Molk says

      How ’bout ridgily enforcing the 3 time looser laws?

      1. CrustyOldGeezer says

        How about making the FIRST PUNISHMENT harsh enough so there is no ‘second’ crime?

    4. banjojack says

      As a matter of fact, in Texas 2013, there were 497 convictions for murder and manslaughter. One was a permit holder. In my state of Georgia, we have issued more than 700,000 permits in a state that has 10,000,000 people. Less than 100 permit holders have been convicted of a gun crime.
      Unless my math has failed me, that comes to 0.014285714285714%

      1. CrustyOldGeezer says

        What is the time frame on the Georgia statistics for the (less than 100) permit holders being convicted?

        1. banjojack says

          I believe 1989.

          1. CrustyOldGeezer says

            All in one year?

            Or over a period of years was what I was looking for.

          2. banjojack says

            That was an aggregate total. The figure is actually a little over a hundred now, since 1989.

    5. mrpoohead says

      I’m curious to know where your figures come from – Santa, the Tooth Fairy or you just made them up? Would the FBI catalogue crimes that didn’t happen? Would the local Police? You’re full of gibberish!

      America; still way more violent that W Europe, Canada, NZ and Australia – our homicide rate is five to ten times their’s. Where’s the toilet? Here Doofus!

      1. CrustyOldGeezer says

        And the “under 80 IQ” child shows up to prove his value to America.

        Snowflake, if you have a question in there, please try to present it in a respectful manner.

        Or plan on spending your life feeling like nobody thinks you have a brain.

        Your choice buttercup.

        1. mrpoohead says

          “Respect” is earned not just given – I have to earn it too. I was being irreverent and facetious and merely mirroring your collection of so-called facts, which of course are not. Or prove! Waiting………………………zzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZzzz

          1. CrustyOldGeezer says

            Up carats are EARNED, and given by People that find value in your words and comments.

            IF you have proof they are not valid, feel free to present your dissenting data.

          2. mrpoohead says

            I asked first and as you would presumably have the source to hand it ought to be instantaneous. So I was correct – you have nothing, you are nothing.

            I’ll give you something to ponder; the 20th Century was America’s century. What did we give the world? The Great Depression, which in turn gave us Hitler and WWII. We’ve stuck our noses in a wide variety of places it didn’t belong – Vietnam, Korea, Iraq and Afghanistan. We turn up late for the important wars, but at least then we pick the right side, whereas if we start one we can’t finish it – even against woeful opposition. We created the Middle East problem by bullying and bribing countries in the UN to support the Israeli State Mandate 1948, in doing so we alienated all of Israel’s neighbors and have supported despots and dictators in the area every since – the Shah, Saddam, Assad, Mubarak……………… – to maintain the status quo. For five hundred years under the Ottoman Empire there were no religious “issues” – any problems were nationalistic. The leader may have been a Muslim, but the Empire was secular – Jews migrated there because of persecution in Europe, there were Christian regiments as well as Muslim ones in the military. And to round it all off – we’ve given the world the Financial Crisis of 2008.

            And we blame the President for things he has no control over – the House is at fault, the President is the face of the country and an administrator not the legislator. Apparently he has done it all via Executive Orders though they are limited to moral, technical and at behest of House. I ask for proof and the folk just go away. Got nothing. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww.

            I don’t need to prove the above because it is all well-documented unlike your drivel.

          3. CrustyOldGeezer says

            Looks like a copy and paste of the major talking points from the last few years.

            The ‘Executive Branch’ is REQUIRED to enforce the Laws that are passed by both houses and signed into Law by a sitting President.

            He has NOT performed his required duties.

            Please LEARN the subject before trying to make a comment.

          4. mrpoohead says

            Then please tell me which Executive Order has changed laws or policy. Were has it failed? The President is a patsy – whether he signs things in or not is irrelevant. After ten days they are in. The President is an administrator in what way has he failed in this?

          5. CrustyOldGeezer says

            At what point in this conversation did you determine that I am your Civics Teacher?

          6. mrpoohead says

            Good deflection but only more proof to the pudding.

            You got squat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          7. CrustyOldGeezer says

            You do fit the following better than most:

            Several terms the liberals LOVE to use that ALL mean the SAME THING.

            “racist” = “You are smarter than I am so I have nothing else to offer.”

            “BIGOT” = (see above)

            Homophobe, islamophobe, etc = (see above)

            It pretty much covers every ‘name’ or ‘label’ they toss out to shut down INTELLIGENT DISCUSSIONS.

            In short, it is an admission that FACTS, LOGIC, COMMON SENSE and History offer them no foundation for their positions, regardless of the subject and they can no longer defend against TRUTH.

            So, they throw out the label and try to shout down any opposition so they don’t actually have to say: “Yes, I see that your position is the only one that makes
            sense and is provable.”

            You can’t PROVE your position, so you cower in the dark screaming in hopes it will scare the bogey man away.

            How typically alinsky of you.

            Does it bother you to know that neighbors spayed female cat is more MAN than you can ever be?

          8. mrpoohead says

            Never voted Democrat, I do however love facts. I questioned were your “drivel” came from, you have only deflected. I am only interested in facts, to add to my knowledge. I have not come across any of your “supposed” ones before so asked for a reference. Your constant deflection has led me to believe you have nothing really.

            Again, never voted Democrat and your psychoanalysis is way off. You Sir are just full of poop and I suspect I have done considerably more in life than you ever will. If nothing else you are amusing, full of rubbish – should have been a politician.

          9. CrustyOldGeezer says

            Well sweetie, I don’t much give a damn whether or not you like, or dislike, the FACTS I presented, however.

            Since you challenge them, the onus to prove them false is on you.

            And most 14 year old children haven’t voted for anybody, so you pathetic pleas are wasted.

            And if you have convinced yourself that there has never been anybody as smart as you on the internet, forget it.

          10. mrpoohead says

            Also, often called a bigot and a racist. Facts is all that concerns me – stuff the drivel and opinion.

          11. CrustyOldGeezer says

            PROVE me wrong with those pesky FACTS you are interested in.


            Prove yourself to be nothing more than a cellar dweller with no job, no job skills, and not enough ambition to make something of yourself in real life.

          12. mrpoohead says

            No need I’m waiting for your facts first. You have proven one thing – you should be writing scripts in Hollywood. Nothing but fantasy………………………….

      2. CrustyOldGeezer says

        Why do you give yourself upvotes?

        1. mrpoohead says

          Amuses me and irritates the buffoons.

          1. CrustyOldGeezer says

            In other words, nobody finds value in your comments so you reward your pathetic ego?

            Isn’t that a lot like masturbation?

            Nobody else will help you so you have to do it yourself?

            And then crow like a bantam rooster thinking you performed something of value?

          2. mrpoohead says

            I’m crowing because you cannot substantiate squat.

          3. CrustyOldGeezer says

            Feel free to offer your dissenting Proof of my being in error.

            The onus is on you, not me.

            That comes under the heading of “Substantiate your own claims”.

          4. banjojack says

            You’re a little light in that department yourself, Jamal.

          5. mrpoohead says

            Please refute one thing I’ve said. References please not some drivel with a few phone-calls.

          6. banjojack says

            How about you prove one thing you’ve said? You demand it of others. I don’t see any links or references in your own drivel. I see your opinion and little else, other than some doubtful claims.
            In other words, you got nothin’, you are nothin’. Now where have I heard that?

          7. mrpoohead says

            I asked first – it is polite.

  22. Ken says says

    I found a good use for my NYT – by the back door on the floor to train my two puppies – it worked so well that I cancelled my subscription 3 years ago and both dogs run to the door and bark to go out. Thanks NYT for providing the ideal medium for my puppies poop and pee. BTW – does anyone read that rag anymore or care what the Puss Editor has to say – just an Establishment Media SOS script.

  23. 2starider says

    No need to get upset about an opinion piece in the NY Slimes when there is no ‘Truth’ to support the opinion, but ample evidence to repudiate it.

  24. Nina Ferguson says

    CONSIDER THE SOURCE, It is The Times

  25. Eck says

    I’m shocked… to learn that The New York Times is still in business!

    1. Mathew Molk says

      Me too. Never spent a penny on them anyway and never will.

  26. John Williams says

    I guess a few million times a year doesn’t count for self defense. The ignorance of these fools in the promotion of their agenda simply makes them look dumber and dumber. How soon they forget, in Ohio a good guy with a gun stop another idiot muslim terrorist, for the most part, in almost every situation where there is the threat of violence, there is an opportunity for defense, many times with a gun. To simplify, when the bad guy is taking rounds or dodging bullets, it is a little more difficult to promote murder and mayhem.

  27. OldHighlandGuyOne says

    NYT, come to my house and anywhere on our property and you will learn very quickly that guns are very good for our self defense. You will not like the out come of that encounter.
    Old veterans don’t play.

    Congratulations Mr. Donald Trump!

  28. OldHighlandGuyOne says

    I just realized, you have to give the NYT credit for perseverance. They have an agenda and they are sticking with it.
    Now they, NYT, is in a death spiral. Bye, Bye, NYT.

  29. Snowman45 says

    So, are they saying that citizens should have no chance against an armed attacker? What a bunch of morons. The media refuses to report a vast majority of the instances where a gun has been used lawfully to stop an attack. Further, because of the was the press suppresses such stories, as well as some of the ridiculous laws regarding firearm possession and carry, only a fraction get reported. The metropolitan east-coast mentality about guns being uncivilized and abhorrent is the problem. Their statistics are skewed.

  30. pappy450 says

    Hey N.Y SLIME READING criminal idiots, try kicking down MY door to rob my house and you will find out in a heartbeat that GUNS DO “work” for “self defense”

  31. matureone says

    I just read all the comments below, wonder if The NY Times did, cause I agreed with every one of them! Isn’t this kind of unheard of that everyone who commented agreed with each other! I think the NYT’s is a goner and I wonder who will miss it, not I.

  32. CCblogging says

    Yep, the Fascist Pigs want us disarmed and helpless so they can have their way with us with their political rape. Keep your guns and buy tons of ammo so the Fascist Left will pay a severe price for their tyranny.

  33. glorybe2 says

    I would question those numbers. Did they include accidental deaths or guns stolen from their owners? The times is not a bad paper but I think they are considering local issues and using those to try to set public policy. NY does not protect the right to self defense the way some other states do. If you restrict the right to use deadly force so severely that it can not be used then you end up in a situation in which a gun is of no use to the bearer. Stand your ground laws as well as a very strong castle doctrine make gun carry a far better mode of life than a super restrictive set of anti-gun laws. In NYC muggings are so common that older women tend to get mugged about once a year unless they hide in their homes. They need far more muggers shot down in the streets. By disallowing self defense they are riddled with street gangs and people who make a living mugging others. The notion that you can not shoot my kid because he is beating you down has gotten attention from the state legislature. Not only should you want your kid, brother, spouse or relative gunned down for committing crimes we want families who will help us kill off such trash.

  34. Harvey Melton says

    the new York times needs to retire to the Smithsonian museum and their spot needs to be forever unavailable for viewing due to ongoing updates etc.. Washington post la times huffpo just to name a few propaganda rags need to be delegated to the dust bin of history. They are on life support as it is pull the plug already. When elementary students can write better more interesting stories you know you are at the bottom with the titanic. And then there is the tv propaganda low to no feasible rating ”news” shills that need permanent retirement also msn, cnn,nbc.abc.the list gets longer everyday. If the media and social media is really concerned by fake news then a good start would be to investigate and get rid of fake journalist and sorry commentator doesn’t qualify as a real journalist either sorry glen. These people and entities live to disrupt mislead incite violence and in general attempt to dictate to us all what is acceptable ”truth” according to them.

  35. James Andrews says

    Screw these idiots…..guns are used every single day across the U.S. for legitimate self defense. The NYT is a lying, left wing rag. I openly invite the author of this pathetic piece of trash to try breaking into my home sometime………

  36. David in MA says

    This person who wrote the article had better hope some street thug doesn’t find out he may carry large sums of money on him, I would like to hear his response after someone sticking him up.

  37. junkmailbin says

    if a criminal tries to commit a crime and no one has a gun, the situation for sucess and harm to the victims is great.
    If someone is armed, the criminal is in great danger of not succeeding and getting his arse shot

    1. ABO says

      Straight forward critical thinking, based in logic and common sense which is exactly why liberals don’t understand a word of it. Thanks for your insight junkmailbin.

  38. Meyer Drinkcheese says

    I am a transgender activist of color. The fact is, the NYT is clearly ahead of the intellectual curve of most of America. I believe guns should be confiscated from people for their own safety. In fact, I think most freedoms should be rescinded and given to people only when an unelected government official deems it appropriate. See how I use big words? It’s because I am an intellectual and clearly ahead of the intellectual curve of America.

    1. Mathew Molk says

      You are bullshitting us, arn’t you?

      1. ABO says

        These days you can’t be sure, but I think Dave got it right.

      2. Michael Lynch says

        Sarcasm Mathew, sarcasm. And very good sarcasm, by the way! ROFL.

    2. CEM in MO says

      Are you posting from North Korea, Cuba or Venezuela??

    3. Dave says

      ROTFLMAO!! Nicely played!

    4. R DoCdoWedo! says

      you are one sick puppy!
      Don’t you know ISIS is here in this country, You dam full.

  39. AE says

    So is it about the deaths caused by guns? Then one should look at the CDC who says that gun deaths from all causes including accidents, self inflicted, suicide, and police action amount to 32,000 a year on average. So following that logic guns should be outlawed. Again according to the CDC the medical profession including doctors, hospitals, drugs, etc., kill (now that is Kill) over 2.4 million Americans each year yet no one is calling for the end to doctors when perhaps they should. Abortion alone amounts to over 1 million each year (predominantly Black and Hispanic,70%),and that amount is not included in the above figure, based upon the liberals own attitude abortion should be outlawed, along with doctors well before we look at guns.

  40. Airborne869 says

    Wonder WHY the Obama has ARMED Body Guards…humm

    Wonder why most Hollywooders (the Rich and Famous) have ARMED Body Guards…humm

  41. Tiger says

    More proof positive that these people are incapable of even a tad of common sense. If it is a fantasy that guns can be used for self defense I strongly suggest all those celebrities take all guns away from their security and give them sling shots. I also strongly suggest all the representatives in Congress who preach this disarm their security.

    This is the same thought process that is rampant in the Liberals. Do as I say not as I do. One life for us and another for you. If any of you know anything about the UN resolutions 2030 etc you would see just how far they intended to take this insanity. We came right on the edge of the abyss. I see where Italy’s PM had to resign, why? he tried to get more power. All of Europe having their “Revolutions” using the ballot box.

  42. don76550 says

    Guns are used by law abiding citizens to thwart criminal attack about 2100 times a day, usually without firing a shot. Lies about guns occur in the New York Times on a regular basis. The Times is an excellent example of fake news.

  43. tony says


  44. disqus_rEWjgfyzIp says

    As many nations(Germany in WWII, Japan and China) over the years have said the reason that they dont invade the USA is the fact that behind every blade of grass is a civilian with a firearm.Now you have Obama and the UN shoving ISIS down our throats as refugees. Should we lay down our arms and open the door and say take our country, our way of life PLEASE!? Or should we be the deterant that keeps our country safe from outside forces. Yes we have our military that the government keeps shrinking to cut cost and most countries think they may win against our smaller military but the do know that the American public as a whole would stomp them back in to the dark ages if they did try to invade. The 2nd amendment was about keeping the people and the country safe. For those that want to infringe upon the 2nd amendment please pack your bags and go to some 3rd world country and try to impose your will on them. Try out the Congo and let us know how that works out for you.

  45. TOM P O'DONNELL says


    Carson and Trump were buddies from the beginning. At one of the media influenced debates as they were calling out the contestants. They deliberately skipped calling Carson to humiliate him. The cameras showed him waiting in the wings looking lost. Trump came out saw Carson standing there and asked why were you not called? Carson shrugged. Trump said you go before me. Then the crooked media had to announce him. The message for today is get out of the communist party of death to America. Viva El Trumpo. Viva Ben Carson.



  46. thomas zera says

    NYT = Never Yet Truthful, I would rather seek truth at the national enquirer. Yes bat boy lives

  47. TPS12 says

    nyt just another rag for cleaning windows or lining the bottom of your bird cage.

  48. Jerry Lev says

    Tell this stupidity to someone who HAS used a firearm for self defense. The lame stream media vastly under-reports accounts of legally armed citizens defending themselves successfully with firearms. This under-reporting is by design…. we know why and who. It has been a pleasure to see them getting mauled.

  49. J. F. Samuelson says

    We need protection from insane people like the editorial writer who is pretty obviously border line insane and allowed to range free. They used to keep lunatics warehoused in mental institutions while today they serve in Congress as liberal congress critters, pretend to be real teachers and professors in government run educational centers and members of the once respected Fourth Estate.

  50. tCotUS says

    NYT…Are they still in business ? Didn’t think their was a demand for liars, deception, & Liberal Propaganda anymore. I boycotted them an long time ago….And their sponsors..

  51. John Gillis says

    Hmmmm…..this paper is only fit for use as kindling!

  52. oldwestman says

    This paper should be confined to the check out racks at the grocery store along with the rest of the fantasy magazines and papers. We have bred a generation of idiots that are unable or too lazy to do actual research. “Hooked on Phonics” works for these morons that have no concept of real reporting! The editors of the paper are too lazy to or too afraid to correct their stories. They might hurt the feelings of these so called reporters and I’ll bet that no one is beating down the doors to work for this rag so they must coddle the ones they have!

  53. 4mingthoughts says

    When the head of OSU text : Run, Hide and FIGHT .. Just what were these students suppose to fight with? The constitution gives everyone a right to bear arms to protect and defend themselves it never once had a clause for a gun free zone or any of that other BS. We live in a Republic not a democracy and I am tired of our politics acting as if we do. Let’s get our government back to the way it was meant to be not to a way that has failed for centuries.

  54. R DoCdoWedo! says

    You should talk if some one put a gun to your head, What would you do most likely you are going to die because you don’t believe to have concealed carry permit. In less you are a very very fast runner. he most likely he will short you down. A killer who has a gun does not care about you! It’s the money that he wants and that’s it, (just you money.) Then you have these dam Muslims and ISIS and wanting to KILL US just because they don’t like us, What do you think that we should do be a good boy and die! “NO” I don’t think so. Waiting for the cop to show: up we will be dead. The more i think about it I think i will go and buy me a gun and get me a concealed carry permit, this way here i will be safe as long as they don’t try anything with me. Or try to hurt my friends I was in the Army so i know how to use one. But i won’t use it in less i willy willy have to. but i won’t no one in less I willy half to If i can i will call a Police I will hold him or her at gun point. The constitutional means what it say the right to bear arms. There is nothing reasonable when a man is trying to kill you You are not safe out there to day. if you don’t trust your self with a hand gun then you should not carry one on you. You people at New York times! Get you head on straight and wake up to the real world, you keep on doing their will be more the 300,000 dead you keep on talking like an ass more people will say i don’t need a gun and more good people will die because of you New York times. So get real and stop talking B.S.T. with the America people.

    1. KWG says

      Mohammed Obama is directly responsible for this BIG Muslim problem in this country. This problem never existed in the U.S. I am hopeful that Trump will do what is right and deport all of them, They are not compatible with our way of life and never will be. They are here to takes over. Therefore, watch the video, arm yourself and shoot to kill if attacked on the street. Stand your ground, I plan to do the same.

      The Islamic Republic Of Minnesota, USA – The Somali …
      Oct 20, 2013 · The Islamic Republic Of Minnesota, USA – The Somali Immigrant Problem. (VIDEOS- SCROLL DOWN) It is perhaps the least likely place to find tens …

  55. templepearson says

    The NY Times has access to the same Internet we do. What does it say about an editorial board who chooses not to engage in basic journalistic research? The Armed Citizen column (in print since the 1930s and online more recently) has tens of thousands of news stories about everyday citizens protecting themselves with personally-owned firearms. Here, NYT, choke on this: https://www.nraila.org/gun-laws/armed-citizen.aspx

  56. codycollie says

    What is the difference between The Times and The Inquirer?

    The Inquirer is more believable!

    There must be at least ONE PERSON that reads this Piece of Shit Paper….maybe!

  57. Linda Shelton says

    Who reads that anyway, only time I see anything from NYT in on the internet and it is usually wrong.

  58. imbog says

    Take a walk down a street in south Chicago without protection,,,,,,WOW

  59. Kevin says

    It is also true that of those 30,000 people who die every year from “gun violence,” 20,000 of those are suicides. Funny how the NYT didn’t mention that. Ah, “the best way to lie (or at least mislead) is with statistics.” Of the 10,000 left, that figure is consistent with the FBI-cited murder rate of 3.5 per hundred thousand, for our country of 320 million people. Again, do the math: (3.5/100,000)x320 million = 11,200. That figure (3.5 per hundred thousand) is at or lower than (or at least in the same “ballpark” as) the same rate for most other western nations.

  60. Firewagon says

    Someone actually “reads” the NYT? Here is a ‘fact’ the NYT, and any of their cadre, can put in their pipes and smoke: I will obey NO “man made” law that denies my “God Given Right” to self-defense, of myself or mine, by ANY appropriate means! That ‘infamous’ 2nd Amendment is appreciated, but not required. I have already informed my Governor that I will no longer PAY their “ransom” for exercising my right to carry! If the state ‘feels’ safer by requiring me to “carry some license,” in the exercise of my rights, so be it; however, DO NOT rob my pocketbook to pay some paper pusher, to run a background check and fingerprint process, that I already fund with my taxes!!

  61. Emma says

    I am always armed.
    The 2A is my “permit”& GOD gave me the right & responsibility of self defense.

  62. Ronald Hagler says

    It is but another attempt of a fool trying to convey his false reality upon an unsuspecting world. That the writer is foolish enough to write this garbage is proof of his/her ignorance of human nature and intelligence. Couple this with the writer’s perception of a public so stupid as to believe his rhetoric and one sees that said writer is so inept as to not know the depths of his own stupidity. Just another liberal confusing education with intelligence!

  63. justagramma says

    The thing is, concealed carry is a deterrent. I remember when carjackings and violent home break-ins were common in our area. Since gun ownership has escalated, there are very few. I like my odds better, and we see that Chicago and Detroit have made crime safe for criminals. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/cb12afd9aad3ac34e0b4220371110bdea67d35295d9f116c50f695972856ea75.jpg

    1. Retired says

      Chicago murder rate would be higher if it was not for winter.

  64. EMIRCITNA says

    GOT TO GIVE OBAMA credit for being the catalyst that finally exposed mainstream media for the biased deceivers they truly are!
    It took eight long years but enough of America is now awake enough to never trust them …ever again!!!!
    (NOT to even mention the over-confident Communists within Congress that boldly exposed themselves to the American public!!!)

  65. RST54 says

    This is why I canceled my subscription to the NY Times many years ago

  66. Timothy Toroian says

    Dumb sons of bitches! Read The Armed Citizen in American Rifleman every month. Newspaper article about people who defended themselves with a firearm. Each article list the day and date as well the paper article came from. If these dunces think it’s fake, they can confirm.

  67. sox83cubs84 says

    The New York Slimes is a sad joke.

    1. mrpoohead says

      Not as big a joke as these sites for the retarded – basically anything with Liberty, Constitution, Patriot, Nation or Conservative in their title.

  68. Morton99 says

    Is this really one of the notorious Fake News sites ? I understand they even pay people to, post comments to make them look more authentic.

    1. mrpoohead says

      Don’t be silly, look at the ludicrous ads – there’s not enough money to pay Indian’s to do that job.

      1. Morton99 says

        They’re into coupons I understand. Its a habit that comes from clipping Fake Newspapers. Cheap spam. Expired Trump food products.

        1. mrpoohead says

          Am just amazed they can read.

    2. mrpoohead says

      What’s really amusing on these sites for the retarded is how many folk are there. Scroll down and check the “likes” – I doubt there’s a hundred on any of them and plenty visit many sites. I’ve come across at least seven before even getting to the bottom of the page. Gerald Hughes is priceless – old fart, still hasn’t worked out how the country works. No facts and no substance – you have entered the Twilight Zone. This is conspiracy theory central, were fact is irrelevant, only hyperbole and BS count. Problem is, they have no life’s, haven’t done anything and now they’re just waiting to die – plenty of folk like that in the cemetery, few more won’t make much of a difference. On the bright side they’re expecting Trump to be the next messiah – when in reality he’s already reneged on most of the things he espoused. Sit back, read and enjoy – I’m looking forward to the first 100 days, then it’ll be the fault of RINO’s, China, Mexican’s and everybody else. Never their’s! Priceless!

  69. Lester Smith says

    Can’t be used for self Defense? What a bunch of clueless idiots. No wonder their circulation numbers continue to decline. Hundreds of millions of people in the USA passionately disagree with them.

    1. mrpoohead says

      Incorrect – population only just over 300 million, that’s probably 250 million adults. Only 25% voted for Trump, presumably most Democrats are otherwise disinclined over guns. Then there’s 50% (of adults) that didn’t vote – how do you know you are right? Doofus! And W Europe, Canada, NZ and Australia obviously feel differently and they have considerably less violent crime and a homicide rate a fifth to a tenth of ours. Duh!

      1. studi30 says

        Nonsense doofus. The FBI said that last year in the US 9,000 were killed by guns and 4,000 by hands and feet, blunt object and edged objects. Mexico and South Africa have more homicides and they can’t own guns.

  70. supergun says

    The walking dead that work at the new york times live in a fantasy world. Fewer and fewer Americans are reading their garbage, except for the zombie liberals that are mentally ill.

  71. GB2179 says

    The Liberals will have you believe guns are evil, and they use the Liberal Media to spread their lies.
    They cook the books on all the stats to try and prove their right, and hide all the real life stories where people have shot intruders in their own homes protecting themselves, but at the same time show all the other type of gun violence that can help their agenda. I looked it up and found out that in Michigan and possibly the entire nation that if you do shoot an Intruder you will be hand cuffed and taken in for questioning and possible prosecution that wasn’t the way it was when I was growing up in the 60’s. Has anyone every stopped to think about all the movies coming out of Hollywood that depicts gun violence? These Liberals just baffle me, they promote gun violence in almost every movie and TV show showing today. they say one thing and do another. (Hypocrites at it’s finest)

    1. mrpoohead says

      I think the “liberals” just want sensible regulations like they have in sensible countries. No one wants to remove the right to own – subject to criminal record and mental health check. Duh!

      Think it depends were you shoot the intruder – in the back, you’re in trouble and deservedly so. Outside running away – not a good result. Common sense doofus!

      1. GB2179 says

        Who are you calling doofus Moron, I did my home work on this subject and I would guess you have no clue you idiot. Check out this link fool.


        We already have laws in place that makes it illegal for any felon to own a gun, and background checks are in place to buy hand guns. So WTF more do the Liberals want?
        I’ll tell you, first they restrict the type of gun people can own, then they will regulate how much ammo you can buy, then the will start on the physical size of the gun, and on and on, until we are all down to a single shot BB Gun. If you believe anything other than that then you are really stupid.

        1. mrpoohead says

          You must be right – in what countries has this happened? None. Where can you only own a BB gun? Conspiracy theory – the British have had gun regulation for about 200 years; they still have guns not just BB guns. Duh!

          1. studi30 says

            Doofus in 1996 England got rid of all guns and now they are going after certain knives which have become the tool for murder in the UK. More limeys are killed with knives a year than US citizens with guns. Criminals in England go across to Europe and bring in bigger firepower than UK police own.

          2. mrpoohead says

            Amusing considering that I know a policeman there who is the gun licencing officer – he still has work. Try again. EU has similar gun regulations so unlikely. We averaged a mass shooting per day last year, UK one in ten years – duh! UK -what shootings?

            Homicide is homicide; gun, knife, handbag or wet fish – UK homicide rate is a fifth of ours. Fail!

          3. studi30 says

            mrdickhead didn’t Jihadi terrorists kill 12 in Paris in the Charlie Hebdo shooting in January 2015? Didn’t Jihadi terrorists just kill 137 people in Paris in November 2015? In March of 2016 32 people were killed and 300 injured in Belgium by Jihadi terrorists using bombs. France and Belgium are big gun free zones. On July 14th 2016 84 people in Nice were murdered by a Jihadi terrorist driving a truck over them. You were saying mrdickhead?

          4. mrpoohead says

            According to the FBI and Europol Islamic terrorism makes up 5% of all. Last year we averaged a mass shooting per day, which one got all the headlines? San Bernardino – why? Muslim of course. Pathetic! Much of the Middle East has lower homicide rates than the US – few are higher.

            http://www.nytimes.com/2015/12/03/us/how-often-do-mass-shootings-occur-on-average-every-day-records-show.html This was reported in many media outlets and there was a report in Time magazine too.

          5. studi30 says

            One more time mrdickhead, give me a list of a mass shooting a day in the US. You can’t because you read the NYT and like the gullible dickhead you are you believe them.

          6. mrpoohead says

            Time magazine did a four page article listing the lot, similar story was in most mainstream media at some point. You don’t believe the NY Times when it would get sued or lose all credibility if it made things up, but you believe these idiotic alt-right sites. Priceless – I suspect you believe the National Enquirer too, where’s Elvis?

          7. studi30 says

            mrdickhead Elvis is dead or didn’t you hear? The NYT can’t be sued. Time magazine is another far left liberal rag whose readership is at its lowest point in history. If yo weren’t such a gullible dickhead you would understand. National Enquirer’s readership is all low class, gullible, liberal morons like you. Mostly welfare women home collecting a welfare check.

          8. mrpoohead says

            Mainstream media can be sued – why would that not be possible? The opinion of the media is irrelevant, they still wish to make money – news sells.

            I am amazed you are not subscribed to National Enquirer – you seem happy to believe these idiotic alt-right sites that have little substance and have enough holes in their stories to drive a truck through. I have only ever stated facts yet no know has refuted what I say yet I have been banned from numerous sites from de-bunking their idiocies. Funny as – think it was Hitler that did that too.

            I’m just sitting here laughing – all the things that Trump said before election he’s now back-tracked on – hysterical! Can’t wait to for him to get in Office and all you retards don’t get what he intimated – am sure it will do the country wonders. You’ll have to rise up and take arms – well probably not, just crawl back into your little holes and whinge.

            Little lesson – if you really want “change” then you need a new party, one that is not funded by the same people. Even the NRA fund Democrats. America is a democratically elected plutocracy – ha, ha, ha!

            Obama did nothing wrong – because the President can only play the cards dealt by Congress. Duh! Despite asking many times no one can ever produce Executive Orders that change law or policy – it’s all drivel.

            You keep believing in your fantasies – no change, country still broke and it’ll take two generations to fix, by which time the EU will be mush more important. It’s either ignominy, destruction or respectability that await. Take your pick – the “super” has left the power and it ain’t coming back. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          9. mrpoohead says

            PS The real reason you won’t be answering of course is the same reason “Tired” has given up (no EO numbers), you got nothing, you are nothing and you ain’t getting anything from Donald. Funny as!

            Why would Time and NY Times run articles that make the Obama Admin look bad – “mass shootings…….”. They are supposed to be in his pocket – they report news, maybe? Ha, ha, ha!

            Bye, bye dummy – thick as a brick, funny though. Now scrub that trailer and go find Elvis.

          10. studi30 says

            Bye mrdickhead. You are so full of crap. Once again you are a gullible, low IQ moron. Respond all you want but I won’t be reading any of it as I will block your posts so I don’t have to see a fellow human being making an ass of himself.

          11. mrpoohead says

            ….but an ass who is correct and full of facts, as opposed to hyperbole and BS. Awwwwwwww – and I’m low IQ, what does that say about you? Amoeba?

          12. studi30 says

            mrdickhead since you can’t post a mass shooting event in the US every day for last year I guess you only confirmed what a gullible, low IQ, A hole you are.

          13. GB2179 says

            OK! Mr shit head, you remind me of the cattle being led to slaughter,
            Hey numb nuts don’t you know we have laws already in place that says felons cannot own a gun and yes they do background checks to buy hand guns, I even got finger printed when I bought my 357 magnum by the county sheriff. So any other law added on to this will be a direct assault on our 2nd Amendment rights.
            GET IT! poohead. Many Americans have fought and died to protect our Constitution and all it’s Amendments, we don’t need people like you saying we can change what our country values most sacred. Damn you are dumb.

          14. mrpoohead says

            Amendments are therefore amendable or did you want your slaves back? Guns – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gun_show_loophole plenty of ways around it. Duh!

          15. GB2179 says

            I am done with you shit for brains, there is no help for you. You are not a true patriot and have no love for our country. You have drank the Kool Aide for far to long. I am a Combat Veteran and I have always owned guns since 1955. You are talking to the wrong choir pussy. Sooooo! STFU.

          16. mrpoohead says

            Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel – fuck it! Ask not what you can do for your country, ask what it can do for you? Australia – minimum wage double, Norway has invested a million dollars in every citizen to pay for pensions and welfare. We have the worst education system in the OECD countries, the worst social disparity, social mobility and a homicide rate five to ten times that of W Europe et al.

            You are done with me, because I have the facts and you have drivel. Who cares if you have a gun – you can’t find me. Too stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          17. GB2179 says

            Hey stupid! YOUR PAL OBAMA has been running the country for the last 8 years.
            If I were you I would not be bragging about the state of our country. Damn you are dumb. Facts? who’s facts? another Liberal just like you told you a story and you sucked it up. You need to hook up with AKLady2015 you can hold each other and watch our country come back again, and then you both will convince each other that Obama’s policies finally took hold.

          18. mrpoohead says

            President has zip power. Executive Orders are for moral, technical and at behest of House (emergencies), also easily negated. Never voted Democrat, definitely didn’t vote Trump – only espouse facts. House writes policy moron, not the President, so Trump can’t fix squat which is why his tune changed on election. Now; no wall, no mass deportation of “illegals”, no ban on Muslims. All drivel!

          19. GB2179 says

            I think you meant, “ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country.” JFK the only Democrat that I actually liked. I watched the speech live, did you? Fucking Liberal I can see all the freebies have polluted your mind.

          20. mrpoohead says

            Kennedy was scum, as was Clinton, Nixon was a fool, BushII just seemed dis-interested. I meant what I said. Noway and Australia obviously have a degree of social responsibility and forward thinking. Duh!

      2. studi30 says

        Doofus did you know that when you go to a gun store or gun show the dealer calls the NICS System for an instant yes or no on the sale? THE NATIONAL INSTANT CHECK SYSTEM is run by the FBI which does the background check on the buyer. Stop listening to the morons who have to lie to try to get rid of guns. The BATF, which is another federal agency controls the manufacture, distribution and importation of all firearms. They also license and inspect all gun dealers. As far as a mental health check your Democrat controlled Congress established the HIPPA laws which prevents a doctor from reporting a patient to the NICS System thus allowing a looney to purchase a firearm.

  72. WhiteFalcon says

    What is a fantasy is that the NYT knows what the heII is going on. What a useless rag. It might be useful in the bottom of your bird cage but that is about it.

  73. Robbert Hoekstra Azusa says

    Hussein Obama swore an oath to uphold The U.S. Constitution and protect the people. Today he is importing hundreds of thousands of Muslim “refugees” with many “possible” (as called by Obama after the San Bernadino massacre) terrorists among them into the country and is not competent to protect us from the enemy. During his administration many innocent American citizens have been murdered by some of these “refugees”. More than seventy years ago I miraculously escaped from being slaughtered by “peaceful” people of Islam. We were not allowed to bear arms so my dad could not defend us. Today Hussein Obama has brought many of these people into our country. Fortunately the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution gives me the right to bear arms and to protect my family from the enemy, foreign and domestic.

  74. Jack says

    THEY(the new York times) wouldn’t know/understand/the true safety”INRE” guns,if it hit them in their brain(????????),which undoubtily(?) is located in that part of THEIR body they sit on!!!

  75. Cameron Triplett Sr says

    People who live in a concrete jungle shouldn’t tell people who live in the real world how to live. Imagine if NYC or Chicago or other big cities ruled the rest of the country! We’d all be better off moving to Iraq or Iran in the middle of a military battle! Bottom line: if YOU don’t want to carry a concealed weapon for defence, that’s your right. If I do, that’s my right.

    1. mrpoohead says

      Iran has a lower homicide rate as does most of the Middle East. And actually your “right to carry” is subject to the laws you are governed under. Duh!

      1. Cameron Triplett Sr says

        My point exactly! It is more dangerous on the streets of Chicago than the streets of Fallujah, & there is open warfare there! Before laws restricting the ownership/carry of guns were enacted, America was actually safer than it is now. But that was before Liberalism took over education & began brainwashing our children w/Communist ideas.
        BTW–the Constitution clearly states that the right of the people to keep & bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED–therefore any & every “gun control law” is UNCONSTITUTIONAL!! DUH!

        1. mrpoohead says

          You may wish to check your facts – the homicide rate in 2013 is one of it’s lowest ever. For much of the last 100 years it was higher – peaking at double 2013.

          The Supreme Court ruled, during Republican times, that the Constitution did not prevent the states bringing in gun regulations. Equally; an Amendment is a change, thus another one is possible. Don’t worry though, the NRA fund both R and D senators. It’ll never get passed.

          Who’s brain-washed?

          1. Cameron Triplett Sr says

            Cherry-picking facts won’t cut it. The homicide rate has been dropping for years while the number of LEGALLY owned guns has been skyrocketing! I’m confused–you say that the homicide rateis the lowest for 2013 in 100 yrs, then say that was a peak. The Constitution limits the powers that may be exercised by the Federal Gov’t, but NOT those by States. Amending the Constitution is not easy, by design, or Liberals would have F-ed it up many yrs ago. YOu speak as if the NRA suppoprt of politicians means those pols have been bought & will vote as told.. I sure as hell hope those spineless wimps get voted out asap. If I support a pol it’s because I like what he/she does, not because I want to control them. Support can be withdrawn. There are many problems in this country that need serious attn. Gun control is not at the top of that list. Illegal immigration & drug abuse rate much more attn.

          2. mrpoohead says

            Homicide rate in 2013 at lowest, highest before gun regulation in cities. Ownership immaterial – one or 100 still does the job. Duh!

            Supreme Court ruling – nothing to do with me. States enacting rules that is.

            Politicians are owned by conglomerates and industrial bodies – who do you think they’ll vote for? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ It;s called a plutocracy – look it up. That is America.

            “Illegal” numbers dropping, peaked about ten years ago – Immigration Department. Drugs – might as well legalize it and tax it, nothing else will or has worked. Just like banning alcohol.

          3. Cameron Triplett Sr says

            I’m not sure if we’re on the same page or not. FACT: cities w/highest gun control laws have the highest murder rates, w/or w/o guns being used to murder. Drugs: regulating & taxing them is worthy of being tried. Anybody who uses drugs to avoid reality is a loser anyway. Illegal immigration: this country is going to wind up just like Mexico & other third-world banana-republic countries unless we stop illegal immigration. They’ll come here & bring their problems while sending US dollars back to their home countries. Why do you think Mexico encourages their people to come here but imprisons any illegal aliens in Mexico? If they want to come here & work, ok, just tax hell outta them w/o allowing them to get entitlements & NO MORE ANCHOR BABIES. The author of that amendment stated (but didn’t write it in) that it was intended solely to grant citizenship to freed slaves.

          4. mrpoohead says

            Fact: countries with more gun regulations have much lower homicide rate – a fifth to a tenth, in fact!

            Illegal immigration falling. Who’ll clean the pool and yard, pick the crops? Hospitality – even Trump loves them. He’s been convicted for employing them.

            America is a banana republic – it is a plutocracy.

            Mexico – deports illegals. Imprisoning them costs money. Duh!

            “Anchor babies” – slavery was abolished when Fourteenth Amendment was written; so wrong. It was aimed at children born to legal domiciles, not illegal immigrants. Freed slaves however – drivel, more made up drivel. It did guarantee full citizen status to all former slaves though.

          5. studi30 says

            The WHO ranks the US at 111th in murders per 100,000 population. With 4.2 murders per 100,000 with all weapons beside guns the other 110 countries above us don’t permit civilian gun ownership at all. Mexico ranks 46th, Brazil 32nd, South Africa 18th and Honduras numero uno with 91.6 murders per 100,000 population. Trump hasn’t been convicted of anything. Stop with your TDS-Trump Derangement Syndrome. Trump won, the Hildabeast lost so stop with the media lies already.

          6. mrpoohead says

            Unfortunately 2015 figures put us at 5+ per capita. That is five to ten times that of W Europe, Canada, NZ and Australia. We are worse than Cuba and Libya. And we’re civilized?

            Don’t care for Trump or Clinton – don’t give a stuff who won; both are repugnant.

          7. studi30 says

            mrdickhead going from 4.2 per 100,000 to 5 per 100,000 murders with all weapons isn’t five to 10 times more than W Europe. Russia has 10.2 murders per 100,000 making it twice the amount of 5 per 100,000 in the US.

          8. mrpoohead says

            Russia hasn’t moved – not in W Europe. Switzerland usually sits around 0.5 per 100,000, as do the Scandinavian countries, Spain and Austria. Do the math’s, no cigar for you.

          9. studi30 says

            Where did you get your facts from, the NYTs? The FBI has named Chicago the murder capital of the US for a 5th year in a row. Last year saw 500 murders and this year 600. Baltimore is number two, Detroit number three, Camden NJ number four, Newark NJ number five. All cities with large ghettos in antigun blue states. None of those states have legal carry . Hawaii has a lot of gun murders as does California and DC and they have some of the most draconian gun laws in the US.

          10. mrpoohead says

            ……..and W Europe et al? Hawaii has a very low rate of homicide per capita and they also get a huge influx of folk. Wrong!

      2. studi30 says

        Tell that to the thousands of women and gays who are stoned to death each year in Iran. All a Muslim husband has to do is say his wife cheated and he becomes a bachelor again. By the way the WHO ranks the US at 111th in murders per 100,000 population. With 4.2 murders per 100,000 with all weapons not just guns the rest of the 110 countries above us don’t permit civilian gun ownership at all. Mexico, South Africa, most of Central and South America have more murders per 100,000 population. The FBI says that last year in the US 9,000 were murdered with guns and 4,000 were murdered with hands and feet, blunt object and edged object. The Hillary lie about 33,000 being shot to death was BS. 20,000 Americans committed suicide and they used all kinds of methods besides guns.

        1. mrpoohead says

          Iran – biggest year was 700; whilst I do not approve not your daft figure. And you wonder were I get my facts from? And yours? Santa Claus.

          I hardly think comparing America to Third World toilets is appropriate. The only comparison ought to be W Europe et al – we fail. Miserably!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. Alleged Comment says

    They sound like criminals ready to ROB YOU!! And they will. Rob you of your rights, your money, your property but they don’t use a gun, no, they use a pen. And if you don’t have a gun they can do this much easier than if you did carry a gun.

    So this tells me they would like to do a real BIG HEIST on you and are planning one in the future, once they get you to be disarmed.

    The Indians did this to a Mexican family one time. The men agreed to giving their weapons so they could “pass through”. They were later found tied to their wagon wheels and burnt to death. The women and children taken as booty.

  77. cowboy541 says

    Another quote from the “news Paper” that has lost 50-69% of their readers that finnally figured out the they lie 75% of the time.

  78. Observant_One says

    The NYT is not even a good substitute for toilet paper, Those who have adventured to use have difficulty in sitting comfortably for at least two days after its use.

  79. Deplorable_but_a_Voter says

    re: this once-respected rag has fallen. CORRECTION: this once-respected fish wrapper has fallen.

  80. Gray_Doug says

    Looking down the business end of a weapon being handled by anyone whose desire is to make you a dead man is no fantasy. And it is very desirable to be tried by twelve instead of being carried by six.

    A weapon is a last resort and responsible owners are not gunslingers. The NYT writer has been playing video games or watching way too much TV. A weapon doesn’t fire itself, yellow pinkies. You’re at the mercy of the nut with his finger on the trigger. If he pulls that trigger on you it’s a little late to say I messed up.

  81. Charlie says

    NY Times has enough paper in one copy to start a fire with wet wood . Will try to think of another good reason to purchase a copy of the NY Times .
    As far as the NY times article mentioned in the above article the author of the Time’s article must be living in a bubble of fiction . As with all bubbles said bubble will burst .

    1. mrpoohead says

      Football results?

    2. studi30 says

      Talk about a waste of trees. Environmentalists look the other way when liberals destroy the environment they are claiming to protect. How many morons like Al Hore and the Hollyweird crowd fly their polluting jets around while yelling about polluting the environment?

  82. jetmagnet says

    I noticed while trading today, gun stocks are plummeting. lol
    No one to blame anymore as republicans control the government. awwwww!

    1. studi30 says

      Yup the WH is about to see a change of guard. Obama, who has been named the gun salesman of the year for 8 years is leaving. That’s OK as there are 12 million assault rifles and 450 million rifles, shotguns and handguns in the US. That averages about 3 guns per citizen.

  83. Brendajjones says

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  84. Eleanore Whitaker says

    More from Fix This Nation FAKE news? Guns guns guns guns guns guns. War war war war war….and the Neanderthal assholes are ready to go to war. You assholes will be lucky to still have assholes left when Trump the Hump is done with you.

    The big laugh? Swagger, swagger, BOOM BOOM, blowhards and they don’t dare come up north where the second your fat mouths are open, you’ll get your teeth knocked down your throats.

    BIG men? yeah right. Talk is cheap. Come on up so we can beat the living shit out of you blowhards.

    1. studi30 says

      You are really trash aren’t you? Your filthy mouth makes you look like a moron as you challenge the rest of us. You can’t honestly believe we take you seriously do you, you low IQ, trashy bloviating blowhard? There are 1 million blacks, 6 million women and 9 million men carrying legally in 42 States. 100 million Americans, one third the population, own 450 million guns, the most civilian gun ownership in the world. As far as Trump the Hump you liberal crap heads are crying already and you ain’t seen nothing yet. Wait until January 20th and you will really have something to cry about.

      1. Morton99 says

        Gunaholism will kill you, butch. Frankly a gun is no substitute for a penis – even if you have to put talcum on the damp spot to find it.

        1. studi30 says

          100 million gun owners who are Dems, Republican and independent own 450 million guns. So one third of the US population is armed and the US has the most civilian gun ownership in the world. Funny you attacking my manhood. I’ll bet you got your ripped body using steroids. We both know that steroids will shrink your little dinky down to about an inch. When you get an erection your girlfriend must need a magnifying glass to find it.

  85. Eleanore Whitaker says

    Awfully funny how all the Mutton chop blowhards swaggering and drawling their Corn Pones all find they MUST have arsenals of weapons when millions of people go to work every day in NY City without being armed. In fact, come up north with your guns and we shove them up you trailer trash butts.

    New Yorkers managed something no hick in ANY Republican state has: 9/11. New Yorkers didn’t look at the color of skin first before allowing the EMTS to do their jobs at Ground Zero.

    You hicks are a bunch of big mouth phones. When it comes down to really tough hard living, not a one of you would survive a single day in New York’s fast pace or its daily work grind. Get off those lazy asses and get real jobs.

    1. studi30 says

      You couldn’t shove a dil*o up your butt. The DOJ said that last year in Chicago 2988 blacks shot 2988 blacks with illegal hand guns. 500 died including 20 children under the age of 12 killed in drivebys. This year 600 have died in Chicago. The ghetto cities are all found in the northeast. The most shootings are in the northeast cities like Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, NYC and Camden and Newark NJ in blue states. Moron, 9/11 occurred while Republican Mayor Rudy Giuliani held sway in NYC. He was proclaimed a hero by the USA in his handling of the situation. Who did the EMTs have to deal with? Why it was a majority of whites who were working at the WTCs and mostly white police and firemen. Since the black population of NYC is concentrated in the ghettos of the city and those ghettos were far from the WTC no one looked at skin color during that catastrophe.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker says

        You eat shit for breakfast don’t you shitkicker? You’d know ALL about dildoes…it’s the only way you hick bastards can get your jollies what with those limp dicks and the fishy smelling twats of those Dixiebelles and Corn Pone queens.

        No one up north takes delight in public hangings of innocent black men. Your asshole gun fukks only come up north to smuggle guns. Your states bought and sold black slaves to make yourself superior so you didn’t have to break a sweat. Right shitbag?

        How about naming a single black church bombed up north? That only happens in DogPatch where you and your twat faced wives can’t stand getting off that fat asses and beer guts to actually work for a living.

        It isn’t the Dem states with the highest records of people on welfare or unemployment or phony SSDI. It is YOUR states.

        You are a stupid moron hick asshole. The number of people who worked at the WTC were not predominantly white. Too bad the only color in your vision pool is white. NYC has more minorities and people from just about EVERY country of the world. WE don’t do what you hicks do…force them into “sections” of your cities like they do in MS, LA, NC, SC, TN, KY and GA. Why is it your states do not allow whites and blacks to live in the same towns? And then you wonder why there is a recount on this election?

        You know nothing about NY or NY City. All you know is that your fukkerbag Penthouse President just cost NY City $35 million to protect his fat ass. Paybacks are a bitch.

        You DO NOT get to make ALL the fukker boy rules asshole. Not on our tax dollars. Time for big time payback and Democrats up north are on a rampage of revenge you bastards in the hick south so richly deserve. You wanted a Civil War? You’ll get what you asked for and we will beat the shit out of you by simply cutting off all of the tax dollars WE pay and you don’t. How does it feel blowhard blow job?

        1. studi30 says

          Seeing that I live in NJ makes you low IQ, foul mouthed piece of trash even funnier. You Proctologist delight. By the way Sticks and Stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me. Your foul mouth and ghetto IQ are brought to the forefront with your post. Also Take it from whence it comes also is another old chestnut. A black man hasn’t been hung in the US in the last 40 years. No black man today is a slave. Your Democrat party was the party that started the KKK right after the Civil War. The most people on welfare are found in the ghetto cities of the northeast. The FBI says that 80% of all blacks are murdered by blacks. The DOJ said that last year in Chicago 2988 blacks shot 2988 blacks with illegal handguns. 500 died including 20 children under the age of 12 killed in drive bys. This year 600 have died and more have been shot in Chicago and the year isn’t even over. Of course more whites are on welfare than blacks. The black population of the US is only 13%. The white population is 63%. By the way in 42 States there are 1 million blacks, 6 million women and 9 million men carrying legally. Those ‘states have less crime than the 8 States without legal carry. Most of those States without legal carry are in the northeast.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker says

            Really? So where in NJ do you live you lying sack of shit.

            You need a proctologist for your mouth. It’s bigger than your ass. Do all you pussy grabbers lie all the time or just when you need an adrenalin fix?

            By the way, Trump lied to those Carrier employees and WOW! Are they pissed. Nothing like a bunch of uneducated Corn Pone morons who fell for Trump Bullshit crying “foul” after he snookered them.

            A black man hasn’t been hung because you hicks know if you DARE, Bubba will make sure you never suffer from constipation again. Your hicks in MS bombed a black church in November of this year and then painted the words, “Vote Trump” in black letters on the side of the burned out building.

            The KKK never had anything to do with Party you fukkbagger. I have southern relatives. I know why the KKK was started. It was ONLY because you white fukkers thought you ended up with the shit end of the stick and had to suddenly do ALL the work, free black labor did for you. Oh and wasn’t that y’all all beneath y’all alls dignity to have to do all that sharecropping you got the lowly black men and women to do you pigshit?

            The 5 men who started the KKK were not members of any party. Not unless the Confederacy was a political party back then. Get an education puke face.

          2. studi30 says

            This is my last response to you numbnuts. You haven’t the IQ to even understand my posts you low IQ, trash mouthed piece of limey crap. I was born in NJ 67 years ago and have lived there ever since, except for living in England, South Africa and Israel. You low class limey couldn’t even come close to Eleanore Whitaker. My mother was born in Brighton and was in the WRAF during WW2. She met my American father during WW2 and they were married in NJ in 1946. You know nothing and aren’t intelligent enough to ever learn.

          3. Eleanore Whitaker says

            This IS NOT MY last response dipshit. I have a higher IQ than you and you are so pissed that I outclass you.

            As for your heritage, you piece of shit, I am a second generation Italian asshole and a third Generation Austrian-Hungarian.

            Your mommy and daddy met during WW2…that figures. Mommy’s legs were spread and Daddy was hungry for a piece of ass. Get a life dirtbag.

          4. studi30 says

            LOL! Did I hit a nerve you low class, low IQ, foulmouthed limey piece of white trash? England is a has been, third world nation. You are just the limey crap sitting on a sinking island of miserable limeys.

        2. studi30 says

          What are you saying you low IQ, piece of trash? Trump is taking only $1 dollar as salary for being the Prez. The $35 million to keep Trump safe was proposed by your low IQ, Proctologist delight Mayor. Don’t worry your taxes won’t go up as you are on welfare and not paying taxes. Your fellow New Yorkers are paying your bills.

    2. David says

      Eleanore!!! Well, are you stupid or are you just a liar?

  86. kassa1 says

    The New York Times is nothing but a propaganda machine for the Marxist elites. They will stand behind gators them in the right to be gay in your face but there is no greater human right then the right to be able to protect your self your family and your property! God bless America and down with the evil left.

    1. Morton99 says

      You got something against homosexual alligators ?

      1. studi30 says

        I’m sure one is biting your ass as we speak.

        1. Morton99 says

          Nah – I am more into dancing with wolves and mocking jackasses like you.

          1. studi30 says

            “Sticks and stones” you Proctologist delight. You couldn’t mock me as nothing that comes from your lame life even bothers me. “Take it from whence it comes” is another old chestnut. Coming from a Proctologist delight like you negates anything you say.

      2. kassa1 says

        I don’t really care what anybody does as long as they don’t try to force their values down my throat.

  87. RsGoat says

    They are all the time but with a Leftward Fallen Media delivering the news to the majority of our nation that doesn’t get out a whole lot. Last year a pregnent mother with small child saved her own life from a nut case who bashed in her door with ill intent! Several years ago in our own neighbor hood a doop I knew fighting with his girlfreind lost his temper at an old lady who spoke up from her porch. When he came at her with a shovel she shot him in the leg, said she didn’t want to kill the poor dumb young man but that shovle scared her and she was not letting him get any closer then the side walk! When kids went to jail for murder in 1977 the murder rates fell in Detroit too! There are a lot of things the Leftward fallen media is wrong about.

  88. astrc says

    They are so wrong, Have any of them ever been confronted by someone,(three individuals, on “drugs” or drunk), laughing while trying to, “Run you and your family off the road”? ,Lucky I had my sawed off double barrel shotgun, handy, & when I showed it to them, they took off, or someone “attempting to kill you”, by jerking your patrol car door open and “coming across the top with a big “buck knife” saying that he was, “going to kill me”, or, responding to a domestic violence call, where the suspect, had a pistol hidden in his shorts, after telling everyone, that if the Trooper tried to arrest him, “he would shot him”..

    YEA, All in a days work for a Law Enforcement Officer. and Everyone wants to, “Monday Morning Quarterback your actions.
    Will I have a number of times as a Law Enforcement Officer, (“Retired” Alaska State Trooper -Town Marshal & a Deputy Sheriff, etc.) , in-spite of a number of, “Injuries -in-the-line-of-duty”, over the years.

    These types of incidents happen in a, “Split second”. How would THEY “Handle it”? Thank God for, “Smith & Wesson”….OR my “Sawed-off Double barrel Shotgun” and the 2nd, Amendment to “OUR” U.S. Constitution & Bill of Rights as an, American citizen.
    There is a saying, “It’s better to have one”, (gun), & “not need it”, than to, “Need one and not have it”.
    Read some of the situation where, in the NRA National Rifleman’s Magazine, under the “Armed Citizens column where, “it was needed”, by average, Law Abiding American citizens to “DEFEND themselves.
    .YOU Anti-gun IDIOTS…

    1. Arizona Don says

      As a veteran and someone who worked law enforcement for a short time (eight years) I can attest to the fact that; A gun is like a parachute if you need one and don’t have one you will never need one again.

      1. astrc says

        I’m a VET also, (Navy E-7), you must be Air force, as your comment about “needing a Parachute”, Not sure, jumping off a ship would do me any good to have the extra weight of a, (“S&W”). Ha! Say hi to Sheriff “Joe” A. as I supported him 110% over the years.
        He was, my “kind of man”, standing up to the corruption within, OBAMA’s ADMINISTRATION, especially that former, “A.G. “Eric Holder”, crooked bastard.
        Pardon my French…

        1. Arizona Don says

          No US Army. I don’t jump out of perfectly good airplanes I flew them. Your French is fine with me and I agree about holder.

          By the way it is a little hard to swim with a chute on.

          Joe is a good man but he lost this time around. To bad.

          I do not envy those guys who have had to put up with obama as commander-in-chief. Thankfully that is over next month. Have a good one!

          1. astrc says

            82nd. Airborne ? Joe was a real fighter, but in the end it seem to be the rule, “that They have the “gold” (Taxpayers money) so them can “make the rules” and drag it out until you give up… that part of the “Real World”, (Political Incorrect) B.S.

          2. Arizona Don says

            Yea that is the golden rule all right! He who has the gold makes the rules!

        2. mrpoohead says

          …..don’t take animals to see him. No corruption with substance found – awwwwwwwww. Fantasy Island perhaps?

  89. Dennis Schaaf says

    Wonder why cops carry guns.

  90. randy jackson says

    NYT—–should be sold in the comic section of a bookstore—–makes one laugh out loud at their disgusting report of phony facts.
    Zero credibility.

  91. GODBlessRealAmerica#1 says

    NY TIMES FAKE NEWS AND LIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LIBERAL RACIST DEMOCRACKHEAD JOURNALIST’S HATEFUL OF REAL AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6170efdb2f084f9514ac6b2f1f58bfa089dbc99f2461a5bce47ee18e9691ebd5.jpg

  92. sweetolbob says

    The former “Old Grey Lady”of the NYT joins again with the lying anti-gun morons.
    All, and that is every single one, of the anti gun organizations quote twisted, false, and deliberate misleading statistics about gun deaths and accidental shootings, as well as deaths of minors due to guns.
    They have NO facts with which to back up their stance. So, like Bloomberg and other liars, they try to form groups with really good sounding names in order to remove your God given and Constitutionally guaranteed right to self protection. The use names like “Mothers” against whatever. (who can be against sweet little, white haired mothers ?) Or “Violence Prevention”, when their aim is to subject you to violence with no protection against it.
    What a con job they are trying to pull !

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