NY Times Liberal Now Says “We Don’t Need” the Mueller Report


It’s truly amazing.

Think about how many times over the last two years you’ve heard the word “gaslighting” in reference to the president. It has become the left’s favorite new word, neatly outpacing “problematic” to become the signature vocabulary term of the Resistance. In case you’ve missed out, “gaslighting” describes an attempt to make someone (in this case, the public) believe that something happened a certain way when it really happened another. Think 1984’s “We’ve always been at war with Eurasia,” and you’re on the right track. According to the left, this is the Trump administration’s stock and trade.

So it’s mighty interesting to see them engage in the very same retro-brainwashing techniques that they supposedly abhor so very much. Apparently Nietzsche was right: Gaze long into an abyss, and the abyss also gazes into you.

On Friday, it was announced that at long last, Special Counsel Robert Mueller – the crowned king of the Resistance and a sanctified hero to liberals from coast to coast – had wrapped up his investigation and turned in his final report to Attorney General William Barr.

And while, as of Sunday, we do not know what is included in Mueller’s report or his final conclusions, we do know that he recommended no further prosecutions. Which means after two years and untold millions spent, not a single Trump campaign associate will be charged with anything approaching “collusion” with the Russian government. How spectacularly strange, given what the left has been telling us about the character of our president and the nature of his 2016 election victory. How very, very odd.

How will Democrats and the larger, left-wing Resistance handle this bizarre conclusion? Well, with gaslighting of course!

“Mr. Mueller’s report may never go public, but we don’t need a peek at the recommendations he delivered on Friday to Attorney General William Barr to credibly assess that something unethical and likely illegal went on in 2016,” wrote Caroline Frederickson in The New York Times this weekend. “The repeated lies told by Trump campaign staff members — lies about their connections to Russian figures — already spin a grand tale of conspiracy and deceit. And it’s a tale so suspect and sordid that President Trump and his associates felt the need to lie to hide it from law enforcement.”

Ah. So now we are to understand that the Mueller investigation was unnecessary and its conclusions unimportant. Because Michael Flynn lied to FBI agents and Paul Manafort went to prison for crimes completely unrelated to the 2016 election, we already know more than enough about what went down. Close up shop and light some cigars, we got ‘em!

For two years – two years! – they told us that Robert Mueller was going to uncover a grand conspiracy to defraud the United States and prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Donald J. Trump was a Russian mole. And now, we’re to understand that none of it matters and that we already know that Trump is a bad guy.

Why? Just because, that’s why.