Obama and the Importance of a GOP Senate


Knowing Obama’s penchant for pulling the “executive action” card whenever he wants to get something around Congress, many conservatives have wondered why it matters if Republicans re-take the Senate in November. After all, if our president lacks respect for the legislative process, does a GOP-controlled Congress bring anything new to the table?

While there’s a good chance that Obama will make real progress difficult over the next two years, don’t underestimate the good a Republican Senate can do. First on the agenda should be eliminating some of the regulations that have made it exceedingly difficult for American businesses to thrive. In fact, if that’s all the GOP Senate can do, it’s enough reason for conservative voters in swing states to head to the polls in droves.

Republicans in the House have introduced bill after bill in the last couple of years, each of them intended to take our regulatory system down a notch. To give businesses back some control over their own fates. Though it is the Republicans who have been treated like the obstructionists, it was in the Democratic Senate that these bills withered on the vine. They accuse the GOP of being the Party of No, but that’s nothing but political folderol.

What happens if we have leadership of the Senate? Well, then these bills have a chance of being passed. Obama may indeed veto them when they come across his desk, but that’s going to make him the obstructionist. Try as they may, the nitwits in the liberal press will not be able to sell any alternative narrative. The American people aren’t always on top of every little thing in Washington, but we know a scam when we see one.

There’s another factor as well. Obama has already said publicly that the midterms are more than just a vote for individual congressmen; they represent a referendum on his policies. Democrats everywhere cringed when they heard it, but now it’s out there. No takebacks. If the public votes in a GOP Senate, Obama will have to view that as a rejection of the country’s direction.

That rejection, of course, has already been trumpeted loudly and proudly by numerous polls. If Obama remains steadfast in his agenda even after an unfavorable election, he will be twisting in the wind alone. Democrats, gearing up for 2016, aren’t going to support him in a one-man clown show. They’ll abandon ship as quickly as possible.

Finally, there’s the question of money. Republicans were portrayed as too timid to shut down the government this year, but they’ll be more likely to test their luck if it’s the entirety of Congress versus the president. Without funding, these strangling regulations will have to go. Obama doesn’t have near enough political power to win if it comes down to a game of chicken.

Make no mistake, a president in the waning years of his term can be dangerous. No longer beholden to the party or future elections, he has a kind of wild power that Americans should be wary of. He’s already promised to use that power to enact sweeping immigration reform. Without a Republican Congress to stop him, what else will he do before his time in office is up?

  1. Girlie58 says

    Like I stated before, if the democrats win this coming election, America is doomed. Although it appears that the dems care about the people, it is Obama’s policies and his ties with the Muslim nations, and dislike for Americans, U.S. Military, the constitution, and the scandals that he has brought to this country, diminishing our credibility to the world, and many, many more, that is where the danger lies. We will lose our country, our sovereignty, get taken over by enemies who hate us. This has been the plan from the start. Obama is not stupid or inept. Every action he has taken has been calculated by him and his advisors, the mullahs. That’s why he does not confer with generals or take their advice, and only he knows what steps to take, and the mullahs or imams.

    1. Ken Trefaller says

      Dr Frieden you are the last Dr I would hire. At least Obama is running true to form Lies, treason and incompetence.

    2. Jack Adams says


    3. kathy says

      He is a Muslim and has a member of the Muslim Brotherhood in a high ranking position in the NSA, another as an aid to Clinton in her role as Secretary of State, and another is IN the White House in some bureaucratic office. I hate the word,”FOLKS,” although I am NOT racist, it is an old colored word for people in order to keep the lie of Racism going. Whatever happened to PEOPLE? OUr White House and Government has been infiltrated from the inside.

    4. John Barleycorn says


      1. ihatelibs says

        John ?? I didn’t buy All that AMMO for Nothin ya know . And I’ll ad in ALL the dry goods , soups and meats we’ve canned . LOCKED LOADED and WAITIN . Im lookin at another rifle Friday a guy had listed . I hope its what I think it is , and what he says it is

        1. dude says

          you and me both..been stock piling for a good while and if the world can start to live in peace i’ll donate it too the needy and if not I hope Obama or Hillary Clinton or harry reid is first in line to come a take it

      2. jetmagnet says

        Civil war Zombie baggers! LMFAO!

        1. John Barleycorn says

          commies will not survive . .you will be DOA

          1. Combatvet52 says

            I second the motion.

        2. mac12sam12 says

          If republicans do take the senate, didn’t Harry Reid put in the nuclear option? Harry Reid, the gift that keeps on giving!

          1. jetmagnet says

            So what if fruitcakes take the senate, what do you losers get out of it???
            All you peeps on the right can do is bitch about the left and the left bitches about the right, while i sit back and watch the idiots vs the clowns. LMAO!

          2. MA Suitt says

            Fruitcakes already control the senate.

          3. Diana Brooks says

            Let’s face it folks WASHINGTON is overrun with FRUITCAKES on BOTH SIDES OF THE ISLE! We have a CONSTITUTION it begins with the following words WE THE PEOPLE and it is time that WE THE PEOPLE took control of our government! Envoke ammendment 27 that states when the GOVERNMENT in no longer serving the people the PEOPLE may DISBAND the GOVERNMENT! What we do need to realize is that the Eagle, Americas symbol of freedom, has TWO wings a LEFT and a RIGHT, without both he CANNOT FLY. Neither can this COUNTRY! We are in need of drastically limiting terms of tenure in government office to two years should be the limit period that way we get new and fresh ideas every two years! They should also not leave with a lifetime retirement income as they do now. A years salary as a thank you for your service gift would seem adequate. Campaign funds should be set, the candidate cannot RAISE MONEY OR USE ANY OF HIS OWN .that way his vote isn’t bought and paid for ahead of time. Full disclosure of how their tax funded campaign money was spent due 30 days before Election Day. That way we would know if the candidate could possibly handle our tax dollars. We need a balance of both liberals and conservatives so that issues are fairly dealt with. Further bills set before CONGRESS should be simply stated,and to the point, no hidden agenda, no pork! COPIES of all of these STRAIGHT FORWARD, EASILY UNDERSTOOD Bills should be sent to ALL REGISTERED VOTERS and a reasonable period , say 3 weeks to allow time for them to contact their local representative and senator about how he would feel about passage either by phone,email or mail . We need a flat tax rate with an allowance made for reasonable allowance made for living expenses that amount to be exempt. Anything over that pays on a sliding scale not to exceed 20 % on any taxpayer. For instance living expense is set at 35 k anything over that is taxable on a sliding scale beginning at . 05% and increasing at equal rate of .05% up to a maximum of 20% per 35k . Or something similar. Agreed and voted on by the taxpayer. Corporate taxes would work much the same way with allowance made for fair operating expenses. With the scale remaining essentially the same with a max cap of 25% the 5 % extra going to education of those less educated workers with an intent of bringing them up to exceed the minimum exemption. Any changes would be made by General referendum.
            Medical care for the indigent could be accomplished by placing free clinics at all DSS offices. They are staffed by rotating medical students,student nurses, interns and residents as a part of their medical education overseen by licensed physicians who are compensated for their time through reduction of student loans. These are just a few ideas this independent has do any liberals/ ultra conservative wanna have a say?

          4. mac12sam12 says

            If republicans take the senate obama becomes, quack…quack….quack….

            The peeps will rejoice!!

          5. jetmagnet says

            None of the fruitcakes answered!! ROTFLMFAO!!! they don’t know what they’re voting for or why!!!!!!hahahahahaha! Tell me you aren’t racist-morons?

          6. Girlie58 says

            If we were racists, there would not be a black caucus nor a black president in the white house. Did we make a mistake??

          7. jetmagnet says

            You peeps are a minority. 15% of americans are teabags.

          8. Girlie58 says

            Tell me something different. I am bored with you commie liberals using the race card every single time. What else is new?

          9. jetmagnet says

            Tell me what a commie liberal is? The stupidity of the two ideologies suggest you don’t know WTF you’re talking. Maybe you should pickup a dictionary and read it. I mean you’re dumb enough to fall for rightwing propaganda. You probably don’t know What a socialist is… That’s another goofy talking point, you can’t be a communist and a socialist. The 17th-century philosopher John Locke is often credited with founding liberalism as a distinct philosophical tradition. Locke argued that each man has a natural right to life, liberty and property and according to the social contract, governments must not violate these rights. Liberals opposed traditional conservatism and sought to replace absolutism in government with representative democracy and the rule of law.
            Liberalism also survived major ideological challenges from new opponents, such as fascism and communism. During the 20th century, liberal ideas spread even further, as liberal democracies found themselves on the winning side in both world wars. In Europe and North America, there was also the rise of social liberalism, which is related with social democracy in Europe.

          10. Girlie58 says

            You’re a commie liberal that is full of hate! I am surprised this website is allowing you to spew more hate! You’re as low as they come and truly a representative of your profile picture.

          11. Girlie58 says

            You talk too much! Whiner! Just because we don’t agree you don’t have to go berserk! Stupid commie!

          12. Bob Clarkson says

            You have a convenient mind. You fail to mention the Dem billionaires (Soros, Buffet, Allen – from his Microsoft buyout, that Yankee Doodle idiot who bought the Mayors job in New York City, etc., etc.).
            I find it amazing how fuzzy thinking you are. If you vote For one of you Libtard hallucinations, you are voting Against a Conservative principle of Fiscal Responsibility.
            Again, and again and again you stick your stinky foot in your mouth. My double degree in Math and Engineering and my IQ in the Mensa range are proof against your claim of “moron”. You sir (I assume), are the racist. Calling out that bogus cry not knowing if I am of Black, Native American, Asiatic or mixed racial descent (and no, Mexican is not a race), automatically put you in the category of racist regardless of your racial ancestry.
            To TRY and give you a Logical base on which to stand,, please notnote that racism is not the exclusive provinance of ANY racial group. Check out the videos from the St. Louis suburb.

          13. jetmagnet says

            They’re all investors, and have nothing to do with politics, have no influence and no massive political organizational structure like the KOCH SUCKERS, with over 1000 organizations worth billions to fund elections and give the bros party Favors when they win ,like the XL pipeline and deregulation of the epa.
            Buffet, allen are investors-buffet is giving away all his money. None are invested in gas and oil.lol Soros is a HEDGE FUND manager that makes millions for investors and has just a few organizations that are micro-dots compared to the kochs

          14. Danny says

            You need to go back and read all of your comments then revalvate all of them this way your comments won’t all sound the same. Democrats need to quit blaming everyone elve for their own mistakes and failed policies. Prier administrations has nothing to do with the way President Obama has been ruling. All of his scandals (to many to be named at this monent) that he has been responsible for are his and no one elves. Do you liberals always have to call commenters vile names when you disagree with people? I.m sure you don’t like being called these kind of names. Its alright to disagree, debate or discuss different subjects or topics in a more civil manner. I don’t agree with what the established legislators are doing either but its both the Democrats and Repubicans and until fellow Americans hold their parties they represent accountable things are just going to get worse.

          15. jetmagnet says

            I think you have a small mind and can’t grasp reality. What I call them characterizes their dysfunctional theocracy. There once was a GOP of many minds and many solutions, in it’s place is a “collective” in lockstep with every issue with an unwillingness for what they were sent to Washington to do. The right has an agenda that’s built on undermining democracy and a takeover of government rule and replacing it with a Plutocratic Oligarchy.
            To say prior administrations have no impact on where we are no shows me you lack intelligence. Go back and read all my comments and if you have the balls, I dare you to challenge anything i’ve said. Baggers are racist for the most part, they can’t answer simple questions- what they voting for? Rather what they’re voting against, because their mind is programmed in a unicycle. It’s hypocracy!
            They also can’t list the accomplishments over the last 30 yrs of their party.
            In fact all these rightwing blogs aren’t about what conservatives want,rather what they don’t want. LMFAO!

          16. Danny says

            Just another myth.

          17. jetmagnet says

            Exactly! You don;t get it. Billionaires funding the teaparty have a reason and it’s not for you people. The mass rightwing media and republican strategist have a plan, but you’re not privy to it, you follow along like sheep and don’t know WTF you’re voting for only against, lol.

          18. Robert says

            I suppose you think Democrat Billionaires that support their party really care about the poor people. That’s a joke there’s as many Liberal Billionaires as there are so
            called Conservative Billionaires and they care about one thing, making more money.

          19. jetmagnet says

            So explain how democratic billionaires make money off of issues like obamacare, immigration, equal pay for women, planned parenthood, medicaid, protecting the environment,Gay marriage, epa regulations, business regulations, programs to help the poor and elderly. VS republican , oil, gas,coal, nuclear waste disposal,healthcare, Gambling (adelson), gun lobby( nra makes millions by supporting gun rights candidates), military industrial complex, and alot more. The GOP likes citizens united , passed by conservative supremes. They have more money and more to gain in the process and they just use you through brian washing to vote for more deregulations and special interest projects for the oil and coal industry etc. One is all about getting you to vote for to make billionaires wealthier and the other is social , environment and people issues, big differance.

          20. Robert says

            If I have to explain it to you its not worth my time. They make money from all the things you mentioned

          21. Diana Brooks says


          22. Bob Clarkson says

            @JetMagnet. Gotta call BS on this one. The Demoncrap party is not relishing the NATIONAL DEBT they have put around our necks.
            I’ve started a pool among my friends about the date the Dumbocraps start lying about who is responsible for the unsustainable debt we’ve been saddled with.

          23. jetmagnet says

            National debt is from republicans! Every damn one has put us in debt, then bush destroyed the country, thank GOD for Obama saved it.

          24. Robert says

            If you believe that Bush was worse then Obama you need help.

          25. jetmagnet says

            Obama saved the country, from bush who destroyed it. We’re much better off than when bush was president. 17 million jobs, 5.5% unemployment. 2 million foreclosed homes saved by Obama’s harp program. Bills to help vets all came from obama, none from the GOP. Auto industry is doing record profits including tesla Obama’s favorite! The average 401k is up 50% IRa’s are up. More people have their wealth and lives back. The GOP nothing , they haven’t passed one bill to help anyone,,they suck..worst in the history,,anyone who supports them are idiots. Personally, as a stock inverstor, I’m up $17 million since Obama was elected. The Koch suckers, your friends? are up from $8 billion in 2008 to $100 billion in 2014. The koch suckers pay their employees peanuts while they make billions. Eventually, they’ll get laws passed through lacke conservatives to make them the wealthiest in the land and buy every election and your personal freedom now belongs to them , you sold out!!!

          26. Robert says

            Your the sell out, you hate this country just like Obama, you ought to move to some place like China or Russia, you would fit right in with your hatred of US citizens and our God given freedom guaranteed by our constitution.

          27. jetmagnet says

            People hate anarchist like baggers who want to destroy the country. The Teabag party is a communist organization funded by commies koch bros.

        3. Angry American says


          1. Danny says

            Maybe we ought to let jetmaggot keep on answering their own comments. Maybe they will start getting whats really going on in today’ world.

        4. Danny says

          Boy can’t you libs answer a comment on someone true comments without calling them your vile names? Oh i get it if you can’t comment when you know the comments are really true so you call them names. People are right you libs are hypocritucal. Your even going back to the Civil war what kooks.

      3. jetmagnet says

        “facts are so easily twisted for political purposes
        and where strange armies of ideological pseudo-historians roam the biographical
        fields in search of stray ammunition.” That sentence is now cited on right-wing
        Web sites as evidence that I hold them in contempt. True enough, one of the few
        accurate things that I’ve read from them. I do hold some of them in contempt,
        not because of their politics, nor because of their dislike of Obama. Political
        debate and disagreement are the lifeblood of American democracy. No, I hold them
        in contempt for the way they disregard facts and common sense and undermine the
        role of serious history as they concoct conspiracy theories that portray the
        president as dangerous, alien and less than American.

        What drives them? Some of it can be attributed to
        the give-and-take of today’s harsh ideological divide. Some of it can be
        explained by the way misinformation spreads virally to millions of like-minded
        people, reinforcing preconceptions. And some of it, I believe, arises out of
        fears of demographic changes in this country, and out of racism and the follow the script of their masters like wild beast that would fetch a bone~~~

        1. Angry American says

          So you think that all of the gop are morons & can’t get anything right & you also support every thing this illegal alien that resides in the white house. Then why do you not start by campaigning for him to open all those records that he spent million to seal so we could not see anything about him. If an honest man has nothing to hide he would not do any such thing. I know I want to see who & what he really is & have been living in the hope that some day we will find out the truth about this clown that is the worst thing to happen to America since the country won independence

          1. John Barleycorn says

            commie / socialist / muzzie

        2. stephanie wilson says

          conspiracy nuts are annoying but the left is hypocritical. where were you when bush’s election was being delegitimized?

    5. jetmagnet says

      You read too much bullshit too much Fake News! Your addicted to the script like a Stepford wife…pathetic!

      1. Danny says

        You liberals are so far up Obama’s azz if he would fart it would blow your brains out that is if you had any.

        1. jetmagnet says

          That may be so…but who’s azz are you fools up? Hannity? Limpnoodle? The fake five? Your brain is already owned. Mine is not , i’m not from either party.
          My azz isn’t owned like yours is – which constantly abused by The Koch of your masters. LOL

          1. Angry American says

            You listen to that other moron dirty hairy reid way to much & are like him in so many ways with your opinions of people that are your betters

          2. jetmagnet says

            So tell me EXACTLY what harry reid has done that’s hurts your balls?
            I really need to know hat your pushing? The GOP is trying to push what on Hary ried? Do know? IQ test going on, I can see the smoke rising from his tight pants and small brain. lol

          3. Danny says

            Its the things that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is not doing is causing most of the problems such as letting a majority of bills coming over from the House stack up on his desk not letting them come up for discussion or debate. This gives President Obama an excuse to use his executive orders rulings. How about the $37,000 of Harry Reid’s campagin funds he use illegally to buy his grandaughter gifts?

          4. jetmagnet says

            Which bills are hurting you personally that harry reid isn’t passing? Lets start from there. If you want to veer off to campaign funds that’s a different topic. Can you stick with one topic? Also, what are you most proud of the that the GOP is doing for you personally?

          5. Danny says

            Oh your brain again if you have one is warped as other liberals are because of the socialized Obama Team. You have let Obama ram Obamacare down our throats with numberous lies. You can keep your your doctors,hospitals and own healthcare just to name a few. Fellow Americans have all of these things but some have lost have had their working hours cut for their employers to pay for their healthcare and some have been less fortunate and loss their jobs all together. In 2009 when Obamacare was past without one vote from a Republican is when all these lies start to take effect. Rather you will amitt it or not both of our brains along with other fellow Americans are owned by the Socialist Obama Team. And George Soros and Warren Buttet have offset any thing the Koch Brothers have achieved. I wants to was a Democrat but when the Democratic Party switched to the Democratic Socialist Party i switched to an Independent.

          6. jetmagnet says

            Can’t you answer even a simple question?? What are you for? What’s the GOP platform? How to screw america and create a single minded zombies full of hate and malice. lol

          7. Robert says

            I can tell you were educated in public schools and taught by the potheads of the 60s

      2. Angry American says

        Has anyone told you suck? lately

        1. jetmagnet says

          No but your pary Blowssszzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! and your fruitcake source “Fake Fruitcake Channel blowsassszzzzz also, you can add this website also!

    6. dude says

      that is exactly right… he was planted her for just what he’s doing and people is not smart enough or don’t want to see him for what he really is ..I just don’t no why no ones got the guts to impeach him for a hundred things he’s done …or put h Clinton in prison ffor the things she’s done and are going to let her run for president good LORD that’s a scary thought Hillary Clinton president …they don’t have the guts



    8. hora says

      Nigger thing are smart, but are idiot, sure he was calculate well, but never can calculate all, he was open a border Why? send illegals to vote, but not calculate Ebola, he corrupt any one, but in a end are alone, Nobuma and dems are doomed and cursed, but a Party of hate support a illegal alien for President, that are to serious consequence for Dems and liberals in general, who found a fraud a way for win any where, like where I live in Cleveland,OH, win easy with fraud and abuse and corrupt any thing. Clean City are easy, send FBI and start arrest all liberals in power, that include all corrupt Judges and Mayor, where we can tolerate a lesbian for mayor? sick mental disturbing in Powers? peoples who must be in Mental facilities let free and run politic? that are insane. But now rat Dems be will see how small are blue and red be will cover all, sweet revenge.

      1. jetmagnet says

        The truth comes out the azz of big mouth bigots- and racist. Never fails that you tools put your foot in your mouth.

    9. WhiteFalcon says

      In fact, Obola himself is the biggest scandal of all. Just the fact that he is there at all is a scandal. When the Republicans take over the Senate, I hope they put a new bill on his desk every week and publicise it highly so that when he vetos it, everyone will know that he is the obstructionist and not the Congress. However, the Republican party must stand FOR something and not simply be AGAINST a scumbag like Obola. They need to say something like “We are going to return to freedom and prosperity for all the citizens of the United States of America.” Then they are standing FOR something and not just saying “We are against Obama and all his dirty worthless policies.” That would give them a direction in which proceed.

    10. Paul Brown says

      If this happens we have the stupid kids in college and their dumb ass parents to thank for the destruction of our once great country. We will go down in flames all over if they come here to take this country away, the people will fight back and burn it to the ground first before those islamic animals are going to assimilate us all into that murdering cult.

  2. Mark Clemens says

    All this republican talk of being for business.
    What about our civil liberties? Why don’t they platform on ENDING THE PATRIOT ACT? End NSA? Tighten up the borders? Start criminal proceedings against Obama and the IRS. How about bringing Holder to justice for his GUN RUNNING? Anyhow, didn’t the Republicans and Democrats promise more new jobs, last election? Lie, after lie, after lie. Both of these parties need to be disassembled, before they disassemble the USA. If you really want to save the USA, Vote out all the incumbents you can allowed by law! Even if you have to cross party lines. What has any incumbent done for the USA in the past 15 years? Not a damn thing, except keeping a useless war alive……….

    1. kathy says

      I will tell you what. Republicans made moms on free housing, food stamps, etc, etc, etc, put there kids in free day care AND GO TO WORK. This cottage industry of the young having as many kids as they can and letting the Grandparents raise them while they collect check after check on each kid, WIC, and the Mom gets free Medicaid until the oldest one is 18! John Quincy Adams told a German immigrant who wanted to come to the US, but asked for a job when he came! Adams told him he comes to a country of independence but also to a life of labor–and if they cannot accommodate themselves to the character, moral, political, and physical, of this country, with all its compensating balances of good and evil, the Atlantic is always open to them, to return to the land of their nativity and their fathers.” You see, the Nation at that time was in crisis. Jobs were few and hard to come by, banks were printing too much money, and the country was expanding at an overwhelming rate. Sound familiar? The idea of of immigrants receiving government subsistence was nonsensical. The borders were open, but it was up to each individual to make his or her own way in this country. Americans then valued personal responsibility and liberty more highly than security and public welfare. For the few that were ill, sick or for some reason could not work, there were the safety nets for those very few on the poor farms that were so shameful, as soon as a man could get back up on his own he was eagerly looking and finding work. The founders understood what a two party system would do and did not want factions in politics. But they covered our butts for just such a time as ours. You see, they looked back to the Greco-Roman forms of government. When the Republicans were in, I did not qualify for BOTH Medicare(Widow’s benefits I got since I am disabled, I got them when I turned 50) and Medicaid. I did not qualify for food stamps, but guess what? I do under the Democrats. I AM NOT A HYPOCRITE. Although Medicaid would help me out immensely, I refuse them, as I do their $10/month of food stamps. I make only $1200/month and have a 22 yr old in college. But I and my state of Texas(who has been criticized for not taking Obama’s handouts) understand that NOTHING from Obama is ever really free. We take what is owed to our seniors and from other monies of the Federal Government owed to our State and that is it. If every other state failed as in the Great Depression of the ’20’s, Texans have enough resources to make it on our own. Just Look at Rom Immanuel’s Detroit, Milwaukee, Philadelphia or other cities who have become nothing but wastelands and have been in Liberal Democrat hands for over 100 yrs. There Progressivism is sure working out there really well! They talk a good game, but the fact is their cities have so high a murder rate that the cops sometimes do not respond to them until the morning. And in these place they have draconian guns laws. Most are never pursued. That from those who want gun rights to go away along with our 2nd Amendment rights. In Texas we have such a vast amount of oil, we would never run out. And we could handle ourselves just as we did when before 1815 when we were the Nation of Texas. Just as the War on Drugs went away. Yeah, Right. Well Congress holds the most powerful thing there is…that of the moneybags and I say, JUST SAY NO! to all of these bailouts, Obama’s failed Solyendra and Fast Solar on the Corporate Welfare of the EXIM that we will finally will get rid of. Senator Obama called it nothing more than Corporate Welfare, President Obama used it for these failed green projects that we are on the hook for. Before I became a Sentinel for the Heritage Action(we get strategy calls on Monday eves and know what is on the floor that week and we begin emailing, faxing, petitioning our Senators to vote our way or the highway). We here in Texas are lucky to have Ted Cruz looking out for the 44,000 Texans who voted for him and all you naysayers of Cruz, I know the man. He was our Solicitor General and studied under Chief Justice William Rehnquist. When the EPA held up a major building of a much needed bridge, with all of the men and machines ready to work, he went to work to the Supreme Court. He said,”I have nothing against lizards (for that is what your money is going towards–the study of lizards) in fact, and he looked down at his boots, “they make damned fine cowboy boots!” He won of course, when they tried to take down the 10 Commandments the city’s own residents voted for, here comes the “Oh, I am offended.” So he went to the Supreme Court, waiting outside, he told he staff to stuff everything he was going to argue and did not tell them why. He went in there and told them the 10 Commandments were international law!” He again won 5-4. He is actually humbled as he goes into that hallowed chamber. Unlike some others, he knows he has been given a task, not a gift.

      1. Mark Clemens says

        I agree w/most of what you say, except John Q. Adams was born in Massachusetts in 1767. His dad was one of our main founders John Adams.
        You did make me think about the “Class” of immigrants now VS then. You are right. Basically until the 1960s the immigrant had to have a fair amount of money to make it here.
        Lets say we have a “Old School” immigrant (before 1930s) from Germany. They had to have enough $$ to get to the coast. Then they had to have $$ to get passage over here. Once over here, they had to have enough $$ for food, rent, and other stuff until they found or created a job. If they didn’t get or create a job, they would starve broke in the streets.
        Now the “New School” immigrants get the red carpet treatment due to social services. All you have to have is $$ to get here.Therefor a “Lower Class” of person can move here w/out any ambition. This is now the shining light on the hill. Welfare will turn it into a bug light, that attracts the lowest of insects…….

        1. kathy says

          But the immigrants of the ’20’s were goods and services oriented as you can tell by New York City. They stopped all entries into Ellis Island because the immigrants were not moving on. I suppose that is why my great great grandmother and her kids and theirs came through the Port of Galveston. Of course they had money as they had businesses in the Old Country, as mine were furriers for the Russian dogs they so despised. My grandmother told my never to trust a Marxist, and now they elected one…once anyway. But, in Texas, especially San Antonio, you have a great culture with Germans, Czechs, Poles, Mexicans, creating their great cooking with their penchant for music. If you wanted to hear a great blues guitar player like BB King, Bobby Blues Bland (from Houston) on the Eastside (Black side of San Antonio) you were not taking your life in your own hands. If you wanted to hear a great Mexican Ranchero or an accordionist like, for example Flaco Jimenez, on the Westside, it was all good. As a matter of fact, now Flaco is the #1 Accordionist in the World! If you are a musician, and do not make it in Austin, you may as well hang up your hat for touring Europe. As most Europeans see Texas and the United States as to separate countries! Live Love from the great Republic of Texas! (Boy what a mistake someone made when they entered the Union in 1815).

      2. Angry American says

        Yes & obama tells them to come & get it free every thing from cradle to frave just get here & democrats will get you everything all you have to do is get here we will start with food stamps & they advertise in their countries about the benefits all they have to do is get here

    2. noprogressive says

      we need a military coup. Obama must be tried along with many others for treason and publicly executed. further we need a new constitutional convention to make sure that never again can an executive go around congress. Both political parties need to be outlawed and their members not allowed to hold office for at least 10 years. Muslims should be rounded up and put into camps until we are sure they are loyal. Islam should be outlawd and all mosques and islamic cultural centers bulldozed. The military should run the government until all of these things have been accomplished

      1. dude says

        you got that right

      2. Mark Clemens says

        I don’t think the military should ever run the government. The Founders had good reasons. The rest of the post I agree with. About the Muslims. We should keep an eye on them. Just in case. Heres what I hope. The ones here, I’m hoping they are running from a overbearing religion based governments, and won’t make the same mistakes here. Also I think a lot of their children will Westernized like the rest of us have.
        Think about this. You are probably not as religious as your Grandma (mine lived by her church doctrine, almost to the letter). In all probability your grandma was not as religious as her grandma. I think the West’s layed back lifestyle will mellow out a lot of Muslims. Doing something about those Culture Centers would help.

        1. kathy says

          I am telling everyone to not frequent any Muslim owned gas stations–in San Antonio they hang signs on the doors that say “CASH ONLY FOR GAS”! Drive a little further to your Valero or Shell, at least they don’t want to see us wiped off the map. The Muslim Brotherhood has already infiltrated the White House, so I don’t see that happening. Just do not buy from them. Their convenience stores, or their penchant for buying up cheap motels and renting them out for 45 minutes to an hour…it isn’t far to think to arrive at the reason for this.

          1. Mark Clemens says

            I don’t. I worry about were my money goes, and who may ultimately benefit from it. I seldom go to Wal Mart or Dollar Stores because that money goes to the Communist and makes them stronger. I’m a local grocery, mom & pop customer. I w/you, lets starve them out

    3. dude says

      they haven’t done a whole lot but this preident.has went the other way and trying to destroy us on purpose and those gutless wonders still won’t impeach him

      1. Mark Clemens says

        I think both parties are out to rule us, in some kind of corporate style of government. Look how most laws apply to you and I, but the politicians are exempt from most of them. That goes against the Constitution. ……

        1. dude says

          I agree with you

    4. Angry American says

      The gop passed over 300 jbs bills that the house passed that are still sitting on dirty hairy desk

  3. WiSe GuY says

    Start with a Military Coup, and lock up all the crooks in DC.

    1. beowulf32 says

      For the last 6 year`s i have seen the sign`s, that Obama is trying to set us up for a Coup. For the communist are Government.

    2. Sue Breslin says

      In his well-reasoned book in support of the movement to impeach and remove Barack Obama titledFaithless Execution: Building the Political Case for Obama’s Impeachment, Andrew McCarthy — a former federal prosecutor who got the “Blind Sheik” convicted in 1995 for the first terrorist attack on the World Trade Center — argues basically two things:

      1. Barack Obama deserves to be impeached and removed for his deliberate subversion of the Constitution and the rule of law, resulting in a multitude of threats to our national security, material strength, and moral stability; and

      2. Impeachment of the dangerously lawless Mr. Obama should not be attempted until there is sufficient “public will” to do so — otherwise the attempt might fail to produce his conviction and removal.

      The dilemma

      If there is any flaw in McCarthy’s presumption that the grassroots movement to impeach Obama must build sufficient public support before proceeding or it may fail in its ultimate purpose — conviction and removal — it is this: the media elites, who effectively control the public mind, will never permit conservatives to “move public opinion” in the fundamental way McCarthy appears to suggest is needed, and conservatives are left to devise a back-up plan. (Hence the modest “path to impeachment” that follows.)

      Indeed, the only reason public outcry for impeachment is less than compelling right now is that the media have kept the American people in carefully managed ignorance of Obama’s dangerous betrayal and deceit for more than five years. That’s not about to change.

      How, then, are conservative activists to rally the vast majority of citizens to the immense groundswell of indignation needed to ensure conviction and removal of this un-American demagogue?

      Our contention is that, yes, there must be sufficient pre-existing support to justify proceeding — but any likelihood of the overwhelming demand needed for conviction and removal will come only as we proceed, and will result from Congress’s enormous investigative power granted by the Constitution in the case of impeachment.

      That investigative power, which Obama cannot substantially obstruct — as the articles of impeachment adopted by the House Judiciary Committee in July 1974 against then-President Richard Nixon demonstrated, forcing his resignation — is inherent in the impeachment process, and is our only hope of overcoming the media’s hold on the public mind and communicating directly to the American people about Obama.

      1. Angry American says

        Remember obama still has a 42% approval rating that will sky rocket higher if they try to impeach him that is why he welcomes that action or maybe he is bluffing?

    3. dude says

      man you can’t do that there wouldn’t be anybody left there

    4. Angry American says

      So you want to lock up every member of government, then who would run the country? They are all crooks looking for self gratification in the form of more money for themselves

  4. Jack Adams says

    Send in the military to ARREST this Chicago thug, liar, deceiver and buffoon!!!! He is going to try and do as much damage as possible – before he leaves 1600 Pennsylvania Ave!!! He thought he could bring the country to it’s knees – but that has backfired on him!!!!


    1. Lobo says

      Congress doe’s not have the COURAGE to impeach.They are just much to blame for the state of this nation as Obama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Sue Breslin says

        True Congress is just as culpable, HOWEVER, if the groundswell of the AMERICAN PEOPLE call for impeachment, Congress will have NO CHOICE but to concede and start the process. Once the process starts, they will have to bring to public awareness ALL of his crimes and misdemeanors, in which the American public, even those that supported him, will demand impeachment. BUT IT HAS TO BEGIN WITH US. We have to become ONE voice and demand Congress to act.

        1. dude says

          yea! and don’t you ever think they don’t no that that’s why there is so much separation in America they try to keep it there it’s easier to control the majority that way

        2. Angry American says

          Instead of impeachment he needs to be brought up on charges & sent to prison for a long time

        3. jetmagnet says

          Ain’t happening only rightwing fruitcakes and fox news would call for impeachment and we consider them a minority of uneducated fools!!! lol

          1. John Barleycorn says

            commie prick

          2. Bob Clarkson says

            IG-NO-RA-MUS. Mister hide behind your made-up moniker so people can’t connect to you in the real world. The fact is that the Republicans in the House are ready, willing and able to impeach Obama. However, they are smart enough to know that he must be tried in the Democrat controlled Senate where Harry Reid would insure Obama of a “Not Guilty” verdict. A not guilty verdict in the Senate would be just the result Obama and his fellow Dumocrats are praying for. If the November election does reverse the control of the Senate, the 51-53% of the citizens of the U.S. (including Republicans, Blue Dog Democrats, Independants, Libertarians and “Others”) who despise the traitor will demand Impeachment procedings to go forward. Your cries of racism are both historically and presently a blatent lie. Which President was it that went to war to make slavery illegal? And his party was…..Republican! Which party was it that brought the KKK to prominance (and a number of that party’s leaders were high officials in the KKK) ….. The Democratic party. What party did the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (and his farther, the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Sr.) belong to …..? You guessed it, the Republican Party. Which party is responsible, through regulations, for tearing apart Black family structure? Again you would be right – it’s those darn Democrats. Which hypocritial party is it that makes the country think it’s unconscionable to need to prove you are a bonified, registered, legal citizen to vote, but required that attendants at the Democrat National Convention produce a government I.D. to enter? If your answer,

      2. Angry American says

        Courage has nothing to do with it, why would they do something that would make him more powerful just like when they tried billie boy it would not be successful with the senate where he would be tried still in the hands of the democrats, doesn’t make sense to try

      3. jetmagnet says

        Teabags should impeach themselves for failing the american people. They should be impeached for shutting down the government and causing a credit downgrade by not raising the debt ceiling.

        We have elected an ungovernable collection
        of snake-handlers, Bible-bangers, ignorami, bagmen and outright frauds,We have
        elected people to govern us who do not believe in government.

        1. Bob Clarkson says

          They should impeach themselves for failing the American people? Then the Senate Democrats should impeach themselves for their obstructionism. Trying to correct irresponsible spending and attempting to roll back the creeping stranglehold of an unrestrainable, irresposible president should be the basis for granting of Medal of Responsibility.

          I challenge you to prove there is a single snake handler in the entire Congress. Is there some reason you claim to put “GOD and Country” ahead of parties, yet, as a practicing hypocrite you attempt to try and downgrade the beliefs of Christians?

          Quick, ignorami or ignoramuses? “Bagmen”? You can’t prove that, either.

          I have to technically, albeit reluctantly, agree you are correct about the outright frauds.

    2. dude says

      well I don’t care what color he is …but you are right no matter what happens from here on out he need to be impeached …and all his assets,and all his taxpayer salary and all the money he’s stole from America be cut off …he’s been put in history as the first black president.and the first muslim in office lets give him another first the first president to go to prison for crimes against america

      1. Angry American says

        Impeachment does not send him to prison it does just the opposite & not be sent to prison & they couldn’t bring charges against him

    3. jetmagnet says

      LMAO another low information wacko!

    4. Angry American says

      This is what has happened by this country being stylish & politically correct an experiment in something & it sure has backfired on all that voted for this turd unfortunately we did not vote for him suffered too. Impeachment is not the way to go as then he can not be tried for his crimes against the American people & would walk away with out spending any time where he belongs & that is called prison for a long, long time

    5. jetmagnet says

      They need to take every teabag and throw them into the boston river and make all their usleless representatives jump off the george washington bridge–the one they won’t pay to have fixed or any other bridge in the country.

      1. albertbryson says

        Please stop spreading your hate.

        1. jetmagnet says

          Most people think it’s funny, what’s not funny is teabags who spread lies hate and racism!( all you have to do is read the topic and the response!!!)

          1. Bob Clarkson says

            Only you think it’s funny.

            IMO, you too are funny. Funny strange, not funny ha ha.

          2. jetmagnet says

            See you peeps should vote for Satan according to this article if fox news approved it. I vote for the best candidate with his own ideas not some party that all votes the same way…like a collective of morons….if one pipes up he gets primaried, and it’s all for money, nothing for you peeps. Who will have the same things taken away from you if your party is in control as anyone else.
            You lose. None of you are independently wealthy, your all dependent on an income either socialist income from the government or a private retirement that is provided until the company decides to be boughtout and sold. Then you’re on your own without government and a jobless society.

          3. Bob Clarkson says

            I truly believe you should take English 101 (otherwise known as dumbbell English).

            Peep’s are the sounds by a newly born chicken. Peeps is a marshmallow candy, usually made in the form of a small animals and covered with colored sugar. Nutrtionally useless.

            Ah! There it is. You function by using the Urban Dictionary. Common and vulger, yet you Try to appear as some know-it-all political.

            Your addiction to the Alinsky manual disproves that falacious claim.

            Voting for Satan is the provence of the liberal and progressive (Democrat) who is willing to sacrifice freedom and responsibility for whatever feels good – the “I deserve it because you owe me, I didn’t ask to be born” group that is cross generational.

            If you think that government is responsible for providing jobs, you are completely delusional.

            A limited Federal goverment, as outlined by our Constitution, is necessary for National defense and other things, but it was never designed or meant to control the economy, education, nor most of the entities it now employs

          4. jetmagnet says

            Your are silly an uneducated.You’ll never get those things you mention by voting republican, history proves it. It’s all about money not what you people “think” you’ll recieve. Liberals don’t have an hate argument, just read your own blogs lmao! Once again you prove that ignorance at is at the forefront of the party of stupid. If your worried about grammar check most of your fellow bagger post. I’d be on here all day correcting misspelled words. It’s just petty of you because you have no answers to my post. They take away from what you ignorant peeps do- blame everyone but yourself and offer nothing of substance in return! lol

          5. Bob Clarkson says

            History “proves” that it was the Republcans who abolished slavery. History “proves” that one of the Civil Rights leaders was a life long Republican (the Reverend, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.), as was his father, the Reverend, Dr. Martin Luthor King, Sr. Current history shows that the current King is a registered Democrat. Both he and his wife are currently living “on the dole” in a federal prison.
            Your contention that liberals don’t “have an hate argument” (sic) is such a piece of windbagerry I’ m surptised you haven’t floated away. Have you forgotten the march on Wall Street. Have you forgotten Barack Obama’s responce to the report of the black professor’s arrest (“It’s obviously racially motivated”), before the facts were ever revealed. That was a racial hate, knee-jerk response, totally devoid of Presidential gravitas. High Democrat leaders saying that anyone who doesn’t follow Herr Barack is a racist is about as big of a hate statement as I’ve ever heard. You must be completely ignorant of the fact “Planned Parenthood” was founded by a Democrat whose goal was “to keep ‘them’ under control”. The ” them wasn’t directed towards any WASP women. Those examples are just the first ones that popped to mind.
            If you are so concerned about my “proving” you are wrong, why is it you simply throw out an emotion antagonizing statement and saying I have to prove a negative and my response is specific?
            You must be easily entertained, LYAO.
            As to Republicans and/or Tea Party being perfect and failing to accept the blame for what some Republicans do, you are totally mistaken. We call those Republicans who act like Democrats RINO’s (Republicans In Name Only). As for the majority of the rest of us, we know there has been only man walk the face of the Earth has been Jesus Christ. We also know that we are under attack by liberals who believe homosexuality is a perfectly legitimate and normal lifestyle (along with transsexuals, pedarist’s, gender-benders and other immoral or amoralists).
            Back to your “hate” claim. What is it when La Raza threatens the next election if illegals are actually deported, as our law states should happen. The United States already has the most liberal immigration laws of any nation. Should illegals be allowed to make a mockery of our laws. Not in any persons mind who can reason logically.

          6. jetmagnet says

            What history proves is none of the people you mentioned would not have anything to do with the GOP and GOPTP that exist today-a radical group who continues to challenge establishment republicans and lose.
            Better check those immigration laws and visa procurements. They’re lagging 2-3 yrs behind, Before you open your mouth , you should do research on what you proclaim. Most conservatives make blank statements without any facts or numbers, and frankly i get tired of doing research for people who fail to seek the truth because it would be contrary to their beliefs.

  5. Seldena says

    Yes, the republicans can stop some of O’s regulations that are killing businesses, they can stop higher taxes and much more. No, O will not work with the republicans, but at least they can stop some of his insanity! VOTE REPUBLICAN for America’s good!

    1. squeak says

      The Socialist Democrats are in Control… that is why the Republicans MUST take Control, if not WE the People, America are DOOMED ! GOD FORBID !

  6. kathy says

    Obama, when everyone was talking Ebola, quietly signed into law the giving of pink slips to all of our REAL military and are welcoming in illegals into the military. Chief Justice Roberts says this is unconstitutional and they have every right NOT obey! 1st of all, it is a FELONY to give a gun to an illegal, as well as it is the Congress who gives amnesty, or makes illegals somehow legal. He wants a standing army who are devoted only to him. Who, unlike our own American army, would not hesitate to shoot on unarmed Americans. Also he just said this in Germany…”What we have worked so hard for all these last decades has come to fruition. American rights and freedoms have to go. Men and Women are too simple-minded to govern themselves and need a SOVEREIGN MONARCH to govern them. While he, his wife, kids and dog live like French Royalty anyway. He wants us all under the umbrella of the UN, and as such, he would be CHAIRMAN OBAMA over all of the countries under the UN. Israel would sure as Hell pull out. So, there are your choices: the Liberals/Socialist/Marxist state, or America, the home brave, where THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA means something again. Not just a laughingstock to the world. So vote, but when you do, be it known you will be voting for one of the two. This is the most important election in the History of our country and I DO KNOW THIS because I hold a BA in Education and another in History with a field minor in Historical Research! Live Love from the Great Republic of Texas!

    1. jetmagnet says

      Why did the GOP defund CDC research projects? Defund embassy security? Cut thousands of programs that help situations like these. We would have a vaccine if it wasn’t for GOP cuts or Benghazi if $500 million for the state dept was passed. The GOP is causing major headaches. They get rid of sadam who controlled they wackos in Iraq, now there’s no control…thanks to, bush and his war mongers…that started a fake war for oil.

      1. kathy says

        Hate to break it to ya but the Taliban had to go as well as Saddam. But, we found him under a rock, literally, and brought him back to the US and he was given a trial and was summarily hung. Now Assad is committing atrocious atrocities akin to the Holocaust and now smuggled pictures have appeared at the Holocaust Museum under a sign that says NEVER AGAIN. If we do not stop it there, we will have to stop it here. Hasn’t that always been the case? The Federal Government has only one large job to do. to protect us from invaders and protect our life, liberty and property.

      2. mac12sam12 says

        Who put the final signature on the defunding? It’s obama’s fault!

      3. albertbryson says

        President Obama proposed the cuts for the CDC.

        1. jetmagnet says

          The Republican fetish with starving government has helped land West Africa in an Ebola crisis.

          Steep budget cuts by Congress has set back the institute’s work on both
          prevention and treatment for the disease and that if it hadn’t been for
          a decade’s worth of cuts, “we probably would have had a vaccine in time
          for this that would’ve gone through clinical trials and would have been
          It’s not just the NIH that’s suffered, and it’s not just in Africa
          where the cuts are harming people. The Center for Disease Control’s
          emergency preparedness budget has been nearly cut in half
          in just the past seven years. That means preparation at home. That
          means that local health departments in this country don’t have the
          funding—or the staff—they need to do the necessary preparation and
          training to deal with any epidemic.
          The CDC’s discretionary funding was cut by $585 million during [2010-14]. Shockingly,
          annual funding for the CDC’s public health preparedness and response
          efforts were $1 billion lower for 2013 fiscal year than for 2002. These funding decreases have resulted in more than 45,700 job losses at state and local health departments since 2008. Again, it is not just the Ebola that is a looming threat. We need to worry about vaccine-preventable but neglected infections like influenza, measles, and whooping cough;
          the serious emerging viral infections in the US like Enterovirus-D68,
          chikungunya and dengue, as well as overseas MERS and bird flus, and
          natural disasters.
          Just let that sink in a bit. $1 billion less for infectious disease
          control in 2013 than in 2002. The problems in the Texas hospital that
          led to one of the nursing staff contracting the disease could
          potentially have been prevented if the local public health
          infrastructure had the funding and the staff it needs to deal with a
          serious health public health threat. Meanwhile, Republicans will
          continue to screech that it’s all Obama’s fault and will do everything
          they can to terrify Americans about the (highly unlikely) Ebola epidemic
          at home.

      4. Bob Clarkson says

        As soon as someone makes a point you can’t lie about, you immediarely make fun of your opponant, change the subject a d spew more lies.

        Your attempts to portray youself as a cunning liguist is probably the cause of your feeble, diseased brain.

        1. jetmagnet says

          Because you peeps can’t admit you’re wrong or misinformed. Most of your party is misinformed and follows a script. GOP strategist have meetings on how fire up base and produce votes ( i’ve been in those secret meetings). Lying is common place. Anything to get you to vote. Easy, provide proof to counter my argument.

          1. Bob Clarkson says

            You’ve “been in those secret meetings”? You mean “provide another fairy tale to counter your fairy tail”? Easy. I have been in secret Democrat meetings that provide specific talking points (lies) to be sent all the way down to the local level. The thing I have seen is that the Democrat party fails to include any sort of rational explanations so that local level stooges are often shown to be idiots. These secret meetings fly in the face of Baracks promice of having “the most transparent government in history”. You only need to recognize the surprise rollout of the Obamacare plan. The majority of Democrats had no forewarning anything like it was going to be sprung on the unsuspecting Congress and the American people. It was so surprising and confusing that the ugly Majority Leader directed them to vote for it and read it later. Not what I expected my Representitive to do.
            As soon as it was available online, I read it from cover to cover. It was filled with so many “to be filled in later” line items and outside references, most lawyers wouldn’t have signed this boondoggle.
            Have you ever signed a blind check? I never have.
            When I first read your reply, I was confused. I thought you had taken the words straight out of my mouth. Then I went back and re-read it. You had confused known Democrat stategies with dreamed up Republican srategies. How ignorant. Politicians all act the same way as a group. Of course, you were probably not aware of that

          2. jetmagnet says

            The problem with you and other conservatives is your brain dead as to what goes on behind the scenes. I’m sure you’ve never been an aide or had internship at at any level in politics. The Obamacare plan was debated over and over, again, you only read media that’s biased and uniformative. As an independent i look at both sides of the coin without any predisposed commitment/ If conservatives did this they would be on a level playing field and truly understand who and what their voting for. Numerous polls indicate GOP voters don’t know WTF they’re voting for and have no insight as to what devious strategies are used to win elections.
            Conservatives are the most uneducated voting base on earth. It’s also heavily one sided with no accountability or argument as to what they ever disagree with in their own party. Gop representatives have more arguments and debate than people that follow the outcomes of their decisions.

          3. Bob Clarkson says

            Are you trying to insinuate “You” are an experieced congressional aide or have been one in the past? Sounds more like Dumbocrap 101.
            You aren’t able to make cohesive answer from your BS, so you fall back on Basic Alinsky and weasel out of any substantive answer.
            Jetmagnet, you are so absolutely sure in your ignorance, you make me laugh. When the bill proposing Obamacare was first posted online, I read it line by line. After the fourth blind reference, I reached back and put my hand on my wallet. If you can find a legitimate online reference that can be independantly verified by another reliable source (not the Huff&Puff Post), I would certainly be interested in reading about it. True, the Obamacare Plan was debated multiple times, BUT NOT BEFORE IT WAS DUMPED on an unsuspecting Congress. Even the most left hugging liberals were surprised.
            I participated in my Democrat Representitive’s Town Hall meeting and was allowed to ask one question. He couldn’t answer it and immediately referred it to his hired gun lawyer who failed to answer the question but used a great deal of legalese blowing smoke. I had to leave Law School because I couldn’t afford both a family and a Law Degree on the pitiful stipend then available under the then terms of the GI Bill. One of the things I did become proficient at was BS legalese.
            You are no more Independant than the head of the Congressional Black Caucus whe refuses to admit Black Conservatives. If they were intellectually honest, they would change their name to The Democrat Black Caucus – but that would confuse 99% of liberal voters. However, I think I’m relatively secure in assuming you are probably more fiscally Conservative than the “Jusr print more money” crowd you worship.
            You’re wrong about which part of the electorate is the most uneducated in the country regards politics. THE Dumbest are those who voted for Obama because he was black (It seems everyone has forgotten his WHITE mother and the logical conclusion he is the first Half-black President in our country’s history), which includes voters of any race who voted out of a liberal sence of guilt.
            As to your vauge hint that the media is biased towards Conservatives, all I can say is: Don’t try walking on water, Buster Brown. With all the rocks in your head you will immediately sink with your heels above your head.
            “Independant” research groups have shown media bums mention Demoncraps nearly 10 times more than Conservatives / Republicans – and only obout one in twelve Republican/Conservative comments are positive. Of course this doesn’t include the Fox network (who mention Dems 45% of the time and Conservatives 55% of the time. They are as quick to call BS on Conservatives as they are in Liberals. Obviously the only things Libs notice is Their bad press.
            If you can come up with a solid, true, apparently researced question or statement, I’ll be glad to continue a discussion. Otherwise, ….. yawn.

  7. MILES E DRAKE says

    A Republican senate is the only way to avoid Supreme Court justice Eric Holder, Attorney General Valerie Jarrett, and rule by decree. It is no longer a question of national humiliation, dismantling of our constitution, impoverishment of the people, weakening of the economy and deconstruction of our culture – this rogue regime is now literally dangerous to our individual as well as national survival. We must weep the party of ISIS, Ebola and Amnesty out of the congress, and then surround the regime’s bunker on Pennsylvania Avenue and stay there until Obola, or Soetoro or whatever his name really is, and his grotesque consort run to the helicopter to seek asylum in wherever he’s really from

    1. squeak says

      We Americans better PRAY that the Republicans win the Senate , House & more then enough so Biden does not break the tie… GOD BE With Us !

  8. jetmagnet says

    The problem is the republican senate has done nothing but obstruction 522 fiulibusters a record. What they’ve tried to pass is legislation designed to cut benefits from the elderly, veterans, disabled and children..while trying desperately to get keystone passed so their Major funding machine koch industries can make $100 billion a year to add to their billions already gained since Obama.
    Obama is now the oil king- we now have more oil production than saudi arabia thanks to Obama.
    Republicans are only working for the rich and if you’re a millionaire, you might benefit. If you’re not you’re going to lose big time!!!! Promises of lower taxes is a joke= republicans will raise taxes, they always have.
    Personal freedom?( and each and everyone of them is a patriot? bullshit- Billions poured into GOP campaigns, do you think billionaires want personal freedom? Do you think they love you over profit? No your personal freedom bullshit is bieng bought by these corporations. Lower paying jobs= more corporate profit which causes less spendable income for the middleclass= job losses, failure of small business and more poor people. So the you say regulation is the reason for small business failure? Bullshit, businesses have been doing fine with regulations- it’s what the corporations want you to think. Money comes from consumers, no consumers=failure!
    The republican supply-side economics is still in proggress, so where’s the jobs? Well after billionsin tax breaks and subsidies, they need more tax breaks? What f’n con game if I ever heard of one!!!

    1. squeak says

      What the Republicans have sent to the Senate are on Reid’s desk.. how in hell can the Republicans get anything done when they have NO SAY… where have you been the last 5 years ? Obama has a one party going & in his glory getting everything done he wants & the Demolctats have signed , agree, went along with all he wanted, TRAITORS EVERY single one of the Democrats ! How do you think the Obama Care got through the Senate, the Dems & Obama own it !

      1. Angry American says

        This clown jetmagnet is a democrat shill, so there is no good coming from replying to this moron

        1. squeak says

          Thanks, i thought as much… LOL !

        2. jetmagnet says

          Stand for NOTHING!!! hahahahahaha! It’s funny as hell teabags only want to rile against what they don’t have …whine like infants, but NEVER mention what the hell they’re voting for or say anything positive! You are the morons. At least I have an agenda. What’s your position on healthcare? What’s the plan? Do you ignorant peeps have any plans, or you have to check with Fake News to get an answer??
          What’s your plan on taxes? What part of government do you want to sell to corrupt private interest?? What’s your plan for 40 million on welfare…how do we get them off? What’s your job growth plan?? I can go on with you morons DUH!!!!!
          You people should have some F’n idea??? Liberals do? Independents do?? Hilarious!

      2. jetmagnet says

        Stop blaming someone else like a 2 year old and stand up for what you believe in. It seems you peeps have no balls about what your suppossedly fighting for.
        You people are a joke. Your fighting for what? If you stand for nothing you fall for everything! You told me all I need to know lol

      3. jetmagnet says

        So far with teabgags “It’s my way or the Highway” ok? Anything that has Obama..it’s no, even if they voted on it before or it’s in the best interest of the people…it’s NO,NO,NO!!
        The slimeballs of the GOP stick a bunch of special interest garbage in every bill and want to remove benefits that hurt people. Try reading the damn bills!

    2. Angry American says

      Do you know the name of the democrat that is a major stock holder in the railroad that hauls the oil to markets? Just wondering since you know the name Koch brothers that dirty hjairy reid has been on some sort of personal vendetta against them all the while ignoring Buffett & how he is still making his billions

      1. Nolans Handyman-Plus says

        buffett’s railroad is the main reason obola won’t allow keystone XL,but the corrupt media won’t mention that,will they?

        1. jetmagnet says

          You don’t know jack about keystone, who’s behind it and where the oil goes, the major risk over major water supplies- when we are producing more oil then saudi arabia right now. Gas is going to drop from over supply- vs demand. Do you track this on the markets?

          1. squeak says

            YOU KNOW NOTHING of anything, Period… you are just a Socialist ,Communist Democrat…WE AMERICANS KNOW WHAT the Democratic Party has been doing for too many years now, take this Country to its knees & trying to change her to a SOCIALIST, COMMUNIST, MARXIST COUNTRY, that is what…WILL NEVER HAPPEN !!!! So you can stop preaching to US TRUE AMERICANS ! PERIOD !

      2. jetmagnet says

        Answer the question, any of peeps. What do you intend on getting out of voting republican?
        You don’t F’n Know? You peeps are so intent on following script against the other party, you don’t know WTF you’re voting for. Where’s the accomplishments from the GOP?

        1. Mark Clemens says

          500+ filibuster, $5,000,000,000 to arm mid east rebels, Billions in Campaign Contributions……, and most important of all FOX NEWS!!!!!
          That was a good one.

    3. mac12sam12 says

      Another ridiculous diatribe.

    4. Nolans Handyman-Plus says

      Jet magnet,you must watch msnbc 24/7 to be so misinformed,the main problem in the senate is Harry Reid,obama has blocked oil drilling and the keystone pipeline,democrats are the tax and spend party,you really need to step away from the liberal media ,soros,buffett,gates and other billionaires contribute more to dems than the koch bros.do to repubs,you get your “facts” from al sharpton or WHAT?

      1. jetmagnet says

        If you can put down your shield and discuss anything without trained rightwing talking points I’ll be happy to have an intelligent conversation.
        You have no research on keystone other than what your believing from sources that you’ve sold out to. Unlike you and others, I am of independent mind, NO ONE, not any media source do I believe unless I can prove what they say is fact. All that Fox news is , is rightwing propaganda, biased. There’s only discussion on what they want discussed.
        I watch neither, i have no addiction, my mind isn’t contolled by them as yours is. The research say the Kochs have more money and influence than ANYONE in this country, and their not doing it for a tea party cause.
        Tell me why you are voting for the GOP? What have they promised or done that totally convinces you that they will come through with any principles that you hold dearly.
        When you look at and follow the money on either side, what do they want in return? You look no farther than your nose. Billionaires are not in it for the people, they’re not concerned about you or your family, the environment, or your health . Not one wealthy person got wealthy thinking about the concerns about employee wages, healthcare or your next heart attack.
        So tell me what you want out of this and what you think the Koch bros want..or even this soros guy? i know the answers… let’s see what you don’t know.

        1. squeak says

          By the way what does Obama, Socialist Democrats, Soros, etc want of any of this , Hmmmmm ?????

          1. jetmagnet says

            Just as I thought you stand for nothing LMAO!

          2. squeak says

            Just like a liar, Socialist Democrat, no answer of substance, facts.. Who strands for nothing, Hmmmm ??

          3. jetmagnet says

            You losers run on anti-obama? Wow, that’s it!!!! You got nothing to offer anybody, what a joke! A party negativity….going nowhere!

    5. squeak says

      AGAIN, the DEMOCRATS ARE IN CONTROL, in other words they are out numbered & can not pass anything as long as REID & the Democrats are in control… everythibng the Republicans send to the Senate, Reid takes it & puts it in his desk… What is it that some people can not understand ? Geez !

      1. jetmagnet says

        Stand for NOTHING!!! hahahahahaha! It’s funny as hell teabags only want
        to rile against what they don’t have …whine like infants, but NEVER
        mention what the hell they’re voting for or say anything positive! You
        are the morons. At least I have an agenda. What’s your position on
        healthcare? What’s the plan? Do you ignorant peeps have any plans, or
        you have to check with Fake News to get an answer??
        What’s your plan
        on taxes? What part of government do you want to sell to corrupt private
        interest?? What’s your plan for 40 million on welfare…how do we get
        them off? What’s your job growth plan?? I can go on with you morons
        You people should have some F’n idea??? Liberals do? Independents do?? Hilarious!

    6. Mark Clemens says

      …….All of the real paying jobs went overseas. The Congress could fix this in a week or two. Just reimpose tariffs. Make Overseas manufacturing less profitable. That would better than lowering the minimum wage, or the hokey Fair Tax.

      1. jetmagnet says


        I think you meant raising the minimum wage to $10. What this does is create more spendable income for low wage workers. When they more , it creates more jobs. Unlike the wealthy, working people “spend” most of their income, rather than hoard it.
        Democrats have produced several bills to stop outsourcing to bring manufacturing back to America, the GOP blocked the bills. Also, Democrats tried to stop or regulate the speculator market that cost people at the pump an average of .50- to $1 a gallon more. This was blocked. The GOP isn’t on the side of the consumer, homeowner, or manufacturing here in the US. They are for whatever feeds the corporate Beasts appetite.

  9. John Barleycorn says


  10. squeak says

    America OUR Government has Betrayed the American People, LIARS, NO Trust or Confidence in them… The Socialist Democrats Care ONLY of themselves, being re-elected,…I am amazed the Dems are suppose to be Americans & are put in their Position to PROTECT the PEOPLE, THEY have FAILED… They have alowed Obama & his Henchmen take this Country over while they passed what he wanted, NEVER went against him in ANYTHING he has done, THEY ARE as GUILTY as he is ! GET rid of them America, they are DANGEROUS people who ONLY care for themselves & their pockets being lined, while We Americans are suffering… Not one word from them about Ebola, telling Obama we must STOP the Flights, Stop the infected coming into this Country,ZERO, Nothing … As much as I hate to say this, we must stop ISIS & put Ground troops on the Ground, Your Bombing is NOT working, OBAMA, we need thousands of troops to get these enemies killed…

    Just heard on the news that the Pentagon knew there were WMD’s in Iraq all the time, told the Military to NOT say a word about it, those that were injured handleing the WMDS, they told them to not say how they were injured… Is our Military suppose to be treated like a bunch of animals ? Another secret the Pentagon is hiding is there is a secret Army here in the USA, WHY America ? We are in Dangerous times, nothing is being done other then what I am doing, Complaining, Scared, Worried, Trying to help by getting the word out as much as possible…GOD HELP US !

  11. Lobo says

    Demo-crats ONLY care about their own agenda,NO MATTER what the people want .It’s the socialst way.

  12. Gary says

    obama’s policies are destroying America. Which has been his plan from the beginning. If the dem’s should happen to retain the senate, obama will become dictator. I don’t know who is behind his policies, but it is my fear and belief that obama is NOT calling all of the shots concerning his office. That is the reason that when something happens in the world he needs to get his orders from his mentor. Soros would be the logical person. Although, the muslim brotherhood would also be a consideration. Does it seem unusual to anyone else that he changed his name from barry, which he used in the early stages of his life, to barack Hussein while still claiming to be a Christian? I would still love to see all of his records, birth, college, high school and employment, to see if he really is who he claims to be. He doesn’t seem to be worried at all about his records being checked when he leaves office. I don’t think he intends to. (I only capitalize names and nouns of those I respect.)

  13. ralph says

    If you step back and just look at the fact of what one helo. and one commander did with it at the airport in bagdad you can see that the air war that Obama is calling all the shots on is doing nothing at all but supporting ISIS movement. That would make Obama the leader of the ISIS build up. That being said then why would he not be intending to bring them here and to Israel? They are beheading Christians were would they have the biggest pie of Christians, then Israel and the United States, and Why of all things would Obama as he has try to put down Israel, and why does the scum bag Obama have the other scum bag Kerry out getting billions to rebuild gaza, for them to rearm. Obama is Muslim and has done all things that show him to be supportive of the ISIS. The people must rise or you will not have a country and when that happens you will not have a life for long

  14. Phile says

    When is enough, enough. Come on America wake up! Under Obama, we are going to Hell in a big way. Speak Up! Why is little o flying all over our illustrious Country atempting to secure votes for the Democratic Party when he should be leading. Is it possible that he doesn’t know how to lead? You decide! !!

  15. TAM44 says

    We must have conservatives voted into office that will place America ahead of the law breaking illegals who has no respect for our laws or it’s citizens and the foreign countries that gets our tax dollars and hates our guts while taking it. We have lots of problem here in this country, one being the number one enemy to this country that lying treasonous sissified muslim BOY barack hussein obama. Demoncrats back obama to the hilt in the destruction of this country, want to slit your own throat, vote DEMONCRAT.

  16. rockyvnvmc says

    It’s no longer the old ‘us against them’ scenario. These days it’s Both major US political parties against ‘We the People’. It’s worth noting that #15, of the ’45 Goals of the Communist Party for America’, (Google it) as read into the Congressional Register, in 1963, was; #15.) ‘Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States.’ Which has pretty much been accomplished, with only newly elected members not having been swayed, by this shift. Even our national conversation has been developed along these lines, with our schools having ceased to be ‘The Dept. of Public Education’ and become ‘The Dept. of Public Indoctrination’, turning all of our children and grandchildren into ‘good little socialists’, willing to rat out their parents and grand parents for real or imagined ‘crimes’.
    These days the real issue is ‘Progressivism’ vrs our Constitutional Republic.

  17. Frankdidit says

    All who belong to the Tea Party should remember when the house voted to impeach Clinokio and it never happend because it takes both houses to impeach a President. Of course the Senate would not agree. Democraps.

    1. Jeanne Stotler says

      Clinton as well as Johnson, Andrew, WERE IMPEACHED, just missed being put out of office, each by ONE VOTE in the Senate.

  18. 63Marine says

    When the Republicans take back the Senate, They will file the articles of impeachment against obozo.
    Next, they need to get rid of obamacare and close our boarders and deport ALL illeagls. After that, they need to get rid of the articles of military engagement. Let our military do their job without government involvement. Bring back our love of God and country.
    Semper Fi

    1. dude says

      I agree 200% and i’ll throw in prosecute Hillary clinton

  19. Betty Hanner says

    people think about the next two year if the dem win the thery seat back we wont have a chancethe dems will go on letting obama have every thing his way but if the reps win they will have the vote to keep obama in line no more spending no anneys for all the mexican and the other alline so please think before you vote do you wont two more year for obama to take down the u.s.a worse then he already has

  20. Paul Brown says

    If he gets pissed off that he can’t do some things that he wants to, there will be a civil unrest in this country and he will take over as a dictator for real, even though we all know that’s what he has been all along for the last 6 years now. That is why we need to have a GOP held senate which is more than important to try and stop him, if he butts heads with us, then he comes out looking like the bad guy to the American people. If we have a GOP senate, we can also push to impeach this asshole and throw his black ass out of that office before he destroys American business completely, and make this country unrecoverable anymore.

    1. jetmagnet says

      What do you suggest? He sit on his hands for next 2 years? I suggest you tell us what you think you legislators are going to do for you followers of the script. You loudmouths talk shit about everyone else like a kid who got his lollypop taken away…but nothing about what you want or what you’re cause is? What is it? Stand for NOTHING!!! hahahahahaha! It’s funny as hell teabags only want
      to rile against what they don’t have …whine like infants, but NEVER
      mention what the hell they’re voting for or say anything positive! You
      are the morons. At least I have an agenda. What’s your position on
      healthcare? What’s the plan? Do you ignorant peeps have any plans, or
      you have to check with Fake News to get an answer??
      What’s your plan
      on taxes? What part of government do you want to sell to corrupt private
      interest?? What’s your plan for 40 million on welfare…how do we get
      them off? What’s your job growth plan?? I can go on with you morons
      DUH!!!!! What’s your planon ebola or ISIS? Foriegn policy? The GOP isn’t qualified to run this country they proved it with George Bush!!!
      You people should have some F’n idea??? Liberals do? Independents do?? Hilarious!

      1. mac12sam12 says

        You should read the article before commenting.

        1. jetmagnet says

          I have read a million rightwing propaganda and hate websites. I know the planand their strategies. I’ve talked to your script writers that keep you lusting for more misinformation. Sometimes the info is basically correct, but usually adds a partisan twist, or just outright lies. I go to both democrat and rightwing websites just to see who’s full of crap. Basically all lies are generated by conservatives who are trying desparately to give the county away to Plutocratic Oligarchs. You uneducated in all areas. Go to liberal websites, and gain full knowledge, and do research so that the truth is what you believe ,instead of lies you wish to believe in.

      2. Paul Brown says

        Has anyone told you that you are just a filthy lying stupid demoncrap, because they would be right about that. The only thing the demoncraps know how to do is destroy everything they touch and to bankrupt everything and everyone they come in contact with.
        If I were in that office, the first thing I would do is deport this lying imposter muZlim terrorist because he is not legal to be there and I would undo everything he has done in the last 6 years, and I would approve the Keystone Pipeline right away, and destroy this so called insurance rip off he came up with, and lower the taxes on the businesses so they can expand and grow their business and create more FULL TIME JOBS in this country. I would also increase our Military budget and the Military by instituting the draft again and get these punk kids off the streets, and to protect the American people and our way of life. I would fight fire with fire in Iraq and Afghanistan and bomb the living hell out of them until there wasn’t a damn one of these communist barbaric animals left anymore.
        Open your stupid eyes and see what this communist terrorist pig has done to this country. It is no longer a country to be proud of anymore, but a disgrace.
        Bush was there for the people and the troops in this country, not like this embarrassing jackass pig who disrespects this country and our Military every chance he gets, but he looks up to and protects the muZlim and Islamic pigs who only want to kill all Americans, and yes they will do the same to you to idiot. You think he gives a shit that you like the fact that he is destroying this country and all of our rights are being taken away, and you support it all like a jackass. You are a disgrace to this once great country, oh, and one other thing I would do, is throw assholes like you out of this country and send you to live with these barbaric animals you think are so good.

        1. jetmagnet says

          I’m an independent,you teabags and liberals can fight each other, I don’t care if you kill each other. I just look at facts, nothing but the facts.You peeps have rightwing propaganda shoved down your throats and are lemmings and surrogates for it parroting bogus and false information like a broken sewer pipe. Why the hell don’t you losers ever talk about your own damn party and beliefs? HUH? Does you party BLOW that bad that all you can talk about is someone else? In fact all your candidates run on something else…no platform!!! LMAO! Try getting anyone with a brain to vote for do nothing party of lies and propaganda, whiners, and crybabies!
          You peeps are funded by communist even though you proclaim all this pro patriot crap. We all know it’s bullshit except baggers who are followers of the script.
          I hold no party above GOD or Country,but you cynical followers of hate do. lol
          Just look at your post, full of bigotry and hate and in a handbasket headed for Hell hahahaha!

          1. Paul Brown says

            That must be yours and Osama’s home town, you both come from the same place====HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!

          2. Bob Clarkson says

            Independant? Funny, every “Independant” I ever knew, underneath the lamb skin disguise was a full blooded Democrat. Both spelled Liberal and Progressive the same way, spend whether we have the money or not.

            In all of your post’s, I can’t find where you ever have have advocated FOR anything. You have suggested nothing that could lead to any sort of law. Your current claim that you put nothing…..correction, “you put no party above GOD or Country” runs into conflict with your rant against “Bible-bangers”.

            I can not find a consistant, logical train of thought in any of your postings here. That forces me to posit that you are a hypocritical blowhard, a poseur or just a plain ignoramus.

            I guess you could be an actor, entertaining yourself with what you think are probably specious arguments.

            I no longer find you either entertaining or intelligent enough to debate. I sincerely hope you recover from whatever psychosis that currently hinders your connection to the Human race.

          3. jetmagnet says

            See you label people because it’s either “US” or “Them” mentality.Since your mind is programed for liberals or democrats as the arch enemy…your mind blows a fuse when you encounter anything else. It’s just you fruitcakes have shit for brains. Nothing that makes sense beyond your cognitive dissonance of reality and programing. Like a trained dog…Go bite the liberal, no matter if you agree with him or not. baggers are fundementally single minded morons. who can’t reason with them and they denounce the truth and defend ignorance. They have their own called take no responsibility, and blame the other guy. Doesn’t work here in America. lmao!

        2. Bob Clarkson says

          I’m retired military. Of all things we DON’T want to do is to foist the ignorant, bad attitude punks into the military. Most of them can’t get past the minimum stndards to get in the military – even if they volunteer. I was on active duty when MacNamara’s 100,000 were forced to active duty. I’m not positive the increase in fragging of officers and NCO’s can be directly correlated with their entry into service, but I know that the explosion of illegal drugs into military culture happened then.

    2. dude says

      well I don’t care what color he is but an idiot is a idiot and like a lot of others he will never dictate any thing over me I’ve been prepairing for that for a long time

  21. Joe T says

    Herr Obama aka POTUS……should use his phone to call home……………..HELL

  22. gmhunt4 says

    The writer says “all” a GOP Senate can do, BS……they can have him arrested for treason. He has broken more Constitutional Laws than ALL other Presidents combined with his executive orders. The power of Executive orders by a President should be revoked…

  23. adrianvance says

    Everything that ever made America great is not only in place, but in greater abundance that ever. We have one problem: A bad President.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” and get sharp.

    1. SkyHunter says

      Problem is not the President, it is racist, bigoted, TeaBaggers like yourself.

      1. adrianvance says

        We’ve had six years of your kind leading the nation and now 92.6 million are not working. That means 51.4% are unemployed not 6.3% the way your man claims. “If you want your…. You can keep your…..”

        1. SkyHunter says

          Since you are a documented pathological liar, please cite the source for your numbers.

    2. DavidAppell says

      Are you opposed to Obama’s recovery from the financial crisis, the large increase in jobs since he was inaugurated (4.4 M), one of the largest bull markets in history (stock market value up $11.3 trillion (135%) since his first inauguration, up 32% since his second inauguration), the sharp decrease in the number of uninsured, or the decrease in the budget deficit? Or are you opposed to all of these?

      1. adrianvance says

        Yes, and it is all Fed “Quantitative Easing” money printed with no backing. The stock market will fail soon, all that false equity will vanish, but the banks that put that money into the markets will fail and we will have no way to bail them out. That means everything stops moving because your Affirmative Action idiot got to be President so we could prove to the world that we are politically correct! Sick….

        Google “Two Minute Conservative” and get sharp.

        1. DavidAppell says

          M2 has been increasing for decades:
          so where is the inflation?

          “The stock market will fail soon”

          Sure. And the financial crisis happened under Bush, not Obama, due to lax regulation. In fact, Obama has brought the economy back from the destruction caused by Bush Jr.

  24. jetmagnet says

    What I find hilarious of this and other Teabag websites is they have nothing positive to say. It’s all hate and negativity. You would think if the teahadist army had anything to be proud of they be talking about IT, instead of blaming someone else for their incompetance. I’d like to see any teahadist website actually talk positively about their ideas, their politicians or anything they’re supposedly proud of that helped anyone but the rich? Start naming why you love your party, grow some balls for change!

  25. Greg137 says

    Vote Republican because it is the only vote that has the likelyhood of saying no to Obama…

    1. Girlie58 says

      Agree! Hope dems are also reading conservative blogs.


    democrats don’t care. obama couldn’t do what he has done without help. and democrats helped him. if we don’t stop them we won’t stop this idiot in the white house either. WAKE UP PEOPLE!

    1. Girlie58 says



        have you ever seen so many blaming their screw ups on everyone else? i have never ever seen anyone in the white house cry like this guy. he is truly pathetic. he cries race so much and has polarized the country like no one else. he wouldn’t have been elected without being black. or gotten away with so much. this is truly pathetic. i understand his shortcomings and problems. he wasn’t raised here. but what about all the democraps in this country, let alone the government. they are american and they don’t seem to care what this idiot is doing either.

        1. Girlie58 says

          The democrats are hypnotized and mesmerized by this evil or probably threatened. They are only after their own political gain even if they pretend to care.

          1. WILLIAM JOHN RIGNEY JR. says

            pretend to care is right.


        you have my email address. feel free! BILL RIGNEY SENDS. BT

  27. Phile says

    Hey, what ‘s going on with VP Biden ‘s son?

  28. pmbalele says

    So that was Repubs and TP trick. We now know why TEA Party was found – to kill us here with Ebola. We are dying because Repubs and TPs in Congress cut funding for Ebola research. I hope you will not vote for any TPs or TP endorsed candidates. These are monsters. Repubs and TPs were raised as bad people. They are corrupt and so much into money making that they want to kill you with Ebola just for them to get ahead with money. Well we found their trick. We are not going to vote for TPs or Repubs on November 4.

    1. Girlie58 says

      It was Obama’s neglect of the country that allowed Ebola to enter the country. The tp is doing everything possible to ensure that this deadly distraction does not totally take away the true intentions of this president towards this country.

      1. pmbalele says

        What? Texas doctors shipped the serum to West Africa as test. The serum failed. That is why we have problems now. I think I should file a complaint against Texas hospital for shipping bad serum to W. Africa.

        1. Girlie58 says

          No matter what excuses you can think of, Obama is looking the other way uninterested because he welcomes the outcome of the virus. Only when it hits home that maybe, he will start taking actions that would benefit the U. S.

          1. pmbalele says

            Did you read News today. President Obama was ranked the best president=JFK?I think people are seeing benefits what Obama has accomplished. Jobs comes first.

    2. Bob Clarkson says

      Oh, please! Open your eyes and ears and let some oxygen destroy some of that brain mold. How you could link the founding of the Tea Party to the outbreak of the Ebola virus must only be the result of some irrational fear or lack of functioning brain cells.

      Your claim that the Republicans and the Tea Party are responsible for cutting funding for Ebola research is not only a pure lie, but a malicious lie.

      Congress, all of it, including the Democrat controlled Senate, agrees (maybe) on a budget. It is then passed to President Obama for his signature. If he approves the budget, he signs it and the deed is done.

      The CDC receives the money designated for them and THEY determine which research is funded and by how much.

      Additional to government research is the research done by private pharmaceutical companies. Congress has no say in what research they do nor how much money they spend on any particular research. Congress, at its discretion, MAY grant funds to companies or college researchers to use for a specific line of research.

      I’m a Republican who identfies with certain conservative policies espoused by the Tea Party. If donating time and money to our local foodbank, money and resources to our local shelters for women and children, donating money to our local homeless shelters, donating gifts for under privileged children at Christmas, donating to Doctors Without Borders and to my church makes me a “monster”, so be it. You will find that a very large portion of our town would strongly disagree.

      Like the “monster” you claim I am, I raised my sons to the same standard. One of my sons runs his own business and annually donates 10% or more of the profits of his company back into local charities as well as donating at least 10% of his salary to his church and community charities. He was asked, and is now serving on the Board of Directors of the largest Charity in our community.

      Your contention that Republicans and Tea Party members want to use Ebola to kill citizens is completely specious and laughable. The majority of business owners in the U.S. are small business owners and are dependent on people like you. We call you clients or customers. Loss of customers means LESS business and LESS income. The same is true for All business, including Big Pharma and the so-called Military/Industrial complex.

      Please examine some of your “feelings” with logic. You are being led around by your emotions, not facts.

      Please vote in November, but examine the issues closely. In every state I know, the League of Women Voters offers a non-biased look at all of the issues and candidates on your State and Federal ballots. There are a number of truly non-biased, advantages and disadvantages, look at all things political AND the dollar cost. Consider deciding what you believe on the issues and choose the candidate that more closely aligns with your beliefs, regardless of party.

      Definitely look for frauds and tricksters. In my local area a candidate is running as an “Independant”, but his campaign donors is a “who’s who” of large Democrat contributors. They fund this so-called Independent better than the Democrat incumbant (probably because he doesn’t blindly follow the Party line – we Republicans call him a Blue Dog Democrat and though we disagree with many of the things he believes, he sometimes convinces some of us to change our views).

      1. pmbalele says

        Ebola research -CUT; HIV research-Cut, breast cancer-we don’t like old women -CUT; highway and bridge construction-Cut. That is Repub and TP motto.

        1. Bob Clarkson says

          It’s too late for you – the kool-aide has already rotted your brain. NO budget has gotten through the Senate since o (little oh) took office without the Democrats COMPLETE approval. The Democrats chose where to cut the budget, then they conjured up the shade of Saul Alinsky, lied and claimed it was the fault of the Republicans and the Tea Party. All you have to do is go to the online platform for the National Archives and you will be able to see the budget sent to the Senate and the budget sent to the President. You might also note what the vote was and in particular how the Democrats voted the party line, exclusively.

          As directed by Saul, they have continued to blare that lie exactly like the jackass that they have used for centuries. It’s the symbol of what they think of their constituents.

          I’m a registered Republican and go along with a number of Tea Party goals (smaller, less intrusive government; removing the Federal government from their takeover of those things “not spcifically designated” to it [“it” being the Federal government]). My wife and I both qualify as “old”. If you think I would back anything to do with cutting research for breast cancer (which also strikes old men), you are seriously delusional.

          1. pmbalele says

            Leave Bush II alone. I am scared of you now. -You are registered Repub and go along with TPs a racist group. These have been dividing the country into racial lines. That is why were have these problems now.

          2. Bob Clarkson says

            Regardless of what the Saul Alinsky addicted Democrats spew and lie about, the Tea Party is NOT a racist group. There has never been a single racial suit prosecuted against the Tea Party. Check it out online and you will find not a single verified case of racism he’s been found to be true. The Democrats are the party of racial divisiveness.

            That you are afraid of me is an unreasonable fear. I am not a hacker and do not have the skills necessary to hack Disqus and find your real name or email address. I am not a violent man, with the exception of the 13 months I was in combat or the time someone attemted to break into my home (where my wife and two young sons were sleeping).

            FYI, an unreasonable fear can be the sign of impending mental health problems (a phobia or full blown psychosis). If you truly feel threatened by me, please seek some professional counseling. I have experience in my own family with mental health issues and wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy.


          3. pmbalele says

            Did you honestly say -Tea Party is NOT a racist group? You must not
            be aware when they picketing in DC in 2010, they had as members KKKs. Further I wondered why TPs were picketing against President Obama who had cut their taxes. If TPs are not racists then they must be dumb.

          4. Bob Clarkson says

            Typical Democrat Saul Alinsky 101. Tell a lie long enough and loud enough Might make the uneducated believe it. First of all, you evidently know the history of the KKK. It was founded by Southern Democrat carpet baggers. Many prominent Democrats have belonged to the KKK. A Southern Democrat Senator (now deceased) was the head dog (Grand Fleagle) of the entire organization. Because one organization pickets at the same time and at the same place as another simply means they both there at the same time. Since the MSM could find no actual connection between the Tea Party and KKK’ers makes your claim specious at best. My local Tea Party has as a member an employee of the ACLU. No one has claimed the ACLU is in bed with the local Tea Party. Exchanging lower taxes (while sinking our country in 17 Trillion dollars in debt) for giving up Constitutional rights is Not an equitable trade. I think that those who fail to study history and see the ugly endpoints are the “dumb” ones.

          5. pmbalele says

            I believe in 2010 you were too young to know TPs and KKK were in bed. They had even monkey effigies as Blacks. One of the effigies is in John Boehner’s office.

        2. Bob Clarkson says

          You have mistaken taking out the trash for littering. All of those cuts were directed by Barack Obama, who was targetting programs deliberately to make people like you believe, “It’s the Republicans fault”. The majority of grass roots Republicans (and Tea Party Republicans) simply want the Federal goverment to not spend money it doesn’t have on programs they have invented, in violation of the Constitution. Yes, it sometimes is difficult to live within the boundary’s of a budget – but it’ something I’ve had to face my entire life. The only debt I have is my home, which will be paid off in about 10 years because of the additional principle payments I make when I have saved enough to do so. Paying off debt and contributing to my own personal retirement funds ( along with my wife) are my prime financial srategies.

  29. abc__jps says

    where have the democrats gotten you the last 6 years.? Are you better off then you were in 2008? I feel the folks on this list are all saying the same thing ” get out and vote these policies out” but now we need to make sure we get folks out to vote. Small turn out may keep a lot of the worse offenders in office. Like Nunn in Ga. she must go. we must win at least 6 seats and keep what we have on both sides of the senate talking about it is not going to make it happen unless we get good votes out to the polls Remember how many illegals they have lined up to vote their way…He has put so many Muslims in power positions the country can be lost by very little illegal voting and double voting.. Oh by the way where are all those children that walked over the borders? Strange that since they came our schools are full of virus and more serious illness then normal. Strange that Ebola has arrived and arrived by someone with no money, and a one way ticket to the U.S. how did that happen. Kill off our young and our old for Obama what is a few thousand Americans. Think he cares about the U.S. you are dreaming. he does not give a smidgin for the U.S.

  30. albertbryson says

    Folks, let face reality the federal government is a mess and even with the Republicans controlling Congress the time needed to fix this mess will be to long to save the United States. We are already doomed. ISIS terrorists can still come across the border and launch their terrorist attacks.
    We can’t even stop Ebola because the CDC and Obama don’t really want to deal with. It is part of his plan to make the United States a third world nation and we can’t stop because it is to late. Start getting real folks. We need to build several new nations out of the current United States. We can even create a new nation for the liberals, one nation for Homosexuals and transgenders (California), one for freedom lovers and those in believe in our constitution (Texas and the South), and one nation for the illegals. There will also be several other new nations created. Let’s work on that and forget the United States that we once knew.

  31. badger says

    What is the difference? If the democrats win the senate, Islamist terrorist will gain more control under Obama. If republicans win the senate, American will be safer and we will fight a war that we can win.

  32. wapitihunter says

    I don’t see that the President should have any power if he does not have the support of either House. Executive orders can be rebuked if both Houses stand firm. I think that if both the Representatives and the Senate vote in majority that they should be able to have the Prez arrested for his acts of treason. If both houses have a majority they can impeach. When both houses have been in a majority there has not been a need but there is now more than ever.
    I believe we are like a frog in hot water and the heat is being turned up gradually. No president has broken more campaign promises except maybe Billery. Never have we had a president produce a fraudulent birth certificate, a fraudulent Social Security Card and lies like he does. His whole life is a lie. He has lied about who he is and how many names he has used. It has gotten to the point that I believe everything that he says is a lie. He can not be trusted.
    I don’t know what the first scandal was or what the first scandal exposed was and it is a mute point but there has been the birth certificate,
    The Border- Barry or what ever name he chooses to use knew of the problem at the Border when he was a Senator. They had voted on securing money to build the fence. Construction had begun while he was a Senator.
    The VA- This was a problem that was brought to light during the Bush Administration while he was a Senator. Yet he did nothing about the known problem and also stood down on the border.
    IRS-this one gets bigger and deeper with each day
    Fast and Furious- now there is talk of Holder in Contempt of Congress again because he has not produced the documents that he was ordered to by a judge. Why doesn’t the judge find him in contempt and have him arrested and jailed until the documents are delivered. They are trying to delay the delivery until the day before the mid-term elections.
    Hacking of AP telephone records
    Seal Team 6 murdered
    Ferguson- prejudging and DOJ involvement that only worsened the situation.
    Murder of Mariah Carey .
    Illegal immigration and refusal to enforce current immigration laws
    Failure to enforce the Sanctity of Marriage Act
    Bowe Bergdahl-this is still dragging out and being delayed until after the mid-term elections.
    Bowe Bergdahl trade. Trading 5 of the worst of the worst for a traitor and coward diserter.
    Afghanistan prison release-12 terrorist were released.
    Harry Reid sitting on 358 pieces of legislation that has been passed by the House but Harry won’t bring them to a vote
    Census Bureau
    Our Military- giving our legal citizen solders pink slip when they return from active duty and wanting to put illegals in their place. He has fired some of our best military commanders
    Iraq- first he claims he got us out of Iraq, that he is the one that with drew our troops. Now when things escalate he wasn’t to lay the blame on Bush. He has totally botched this one.
    And now he has had Ebola flow in to this country and who knows what other diseases have been brought across our southern border.
    With each scandal he turns up the heat little by little. With each scandal the hope is the last one will be forgotten.
    This is the most corrupt, lying, stealing, murdering administration ever. That’s why we must have a Republican House and Senate. Rid us of this evil.

  33. stephanie wilson says

    please join me in praying for november. click ”like” if you plan to also pray we take back the senate & hold pres. obama accountable to the constitution.

  34. Maynard Merrell says

    David Horowitz, former Marxist turned conservative, stated that the “Democrat Party is the Communist Party USA.” He has also said that the shortcomings of the conservative movement is their unwillingness to deal with the ugly realities of what the American political left represents. In my opinion this not only applies to conservatives within the Republican Party, but also the Tea Party. I am a Constitutional Conservative, meaning that I want to preserve the Constitution, The Bill of Rights, and restore our Republic for which it stands, just as do others. I’ve been at this for just over 50 years, seeing the “reality” of what the “theory” has created, a reality that will soon doom our country if the people continue to disbelieve in conspiracy realities. This disbelief in reality caused me to be suspended from the Tea Party Command Center and other organizations within the Tea Party movement. I believe that my suspension (about 2 years ago) was caused by the “American Fabian Socialist Society” (reality) members within the Republican Party, and also the “Institute for Policy Studies-Marxist Think Tank,” (also a reality) which you can find in “search” on your computer. To achieve the internal/domestic conquest of our country without warfare, the objective of these reality entities is to keep the people from learning the reality of what is happening in America right under their noses. God Bless America, and Don’t Tread On Me!

  35. jetmagnet says

    the GOP Majority

    have made big promises to their ultra-wealthy financial backers. If they retake
    the Senate, they will cut ‘entitlements’ and pass the savings on to the 1%.

    Senator Chuck Grassley, who would become chair of the Senate Judiciary
    Committee, proposed legislation to raise the retirement age to 70 and supported
    President Bush’s plans to privatize the system.

    Bill Cassidy, who hopes to replace Mary Landrieu as senator from Louisiana,
    has pledged to raise the retirement age to 70 and turn Medicare into a voucher

    Ron Johnson and Ted Cruz both refer to Social Security as a “Giant
    Ponzi Scheme.” Cruz went further, going on the record with the Texas Tribune for
    privatization. As Texas solicitor general, he even sued the federal government
    to strike down Medicare’s prescription benefit.

    Jeff Flake of Arizona said he’d prefer “savings in entitlement programs
    rather than defense spending.”
    I’m not concerned because i’m wealthy, but i’m sure millions of baggers could be??? LOL

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