Obama Blatantly Covers for Hillary’s Crimes


On Fox News Sunday, President Barack Obama told Chris Wallace that he did not believe that Hillary Clinton did anything to jeopardize national security.

“Here’s what I know: Hillary Clinton was an outstanding secretary of state. She would never intentionally put America in any kind of jeopardy,” Obama said. “And what I also know, because I handle a lot of classified information – there is classified and then there’s classified. There’s stuff that is really top secret, top secret. And then there’s stuff that is being presented to the president or the secretary of state that you might not want on the transom or going out over the wire, but is basically stuff that you can get in open sources.”

Wallace pressed him to get unequivocal, and the president gladly obliged.

“I continue to believe that she has not jeopardized America’s national security,” he said, though he admitted that Hillary had demonstrated “carelessness” in handling her emails.

Wallace then asked if he could guarantee the American people that Hillary would not be given special treatment.

“I guarantee that there is no political influence in any investigation conducted by the Justice Department, or the FBI — not just in this case, but in any case,” Obama said.

The problem, of course, is that by going on television and essentially proclaiming Hillary Clinton innocent of any wrongdoing, Obama is exerting political influence. He may not be directing Attorney General Loretta Lynch to exonerate her, but he is clearly using the presidential bully pulpit to guide the investigation. If Obama had any uncertainty at all about how this was going to turn out, he would not put his own reputation on the line by giving Clinton blanket coverage.

Still, it’s a little amusing to watch the talking heads express so much shock over the president’s remarks. Kudos to them for actually daring to question Obama’s motivations – it only took 7 1/2 years – but this is a pretty funny time to do it. You would have to search for a long time to find a single American – Republican or Democrat – who honestly believes that Hillary will be indicted. Some may genuinely believe that she did nothing wrong, but most know that her actual guilt or innocence is immaterial. Even if the Obama administration had set the gold standard for law and order, no one would expect the presumed Democratic nominee to be prosecuted by the current Democratic president.

She won’t be. And if Obama is out there confidently defending her (despite supposedly having no inside knowledge of the investigation), it proves that the fix is in.



  1. Midnite Rider says

    All of them are a bunch of liars!

    1. James Maxwell says

      and do not forget CRIMINALS

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        1. Paiute says

          Send me the $5000 you owe me.

      2. Croco Dile says

        ….. and never will be persecuted !

        1. James Maxwell says

          Yeppers, if she was given a choice of going to jail or ratting out the rats both
          parties would be in deep do do.

        2. Michael Dennewitz says

          Ahhhh, croco shit is here. We can all rest now. His lines of troll bullshit will protect any derelect!! HAHAHAHAHA

          1. Robert Pekarik says

            I’m looking for your face in that crowd. You must be the one taking the picture.

          2. Michael Dennewitz says

            Awwwshittt, another damned troll…..

          3. Robert Pekarik says

            No, just another citizen exposing a fundamental transformer. Is your entitlement job taking pictures of the Washington DC kabul?

          4. Michael Dennewitz says


          5. Robert Pekarik says

            Perfect and typical response from the clown. Now give us all a Hillary bark to complete the circle.

          6. Michael Dennewitz says

            I see yo momma’s abortion failed! !!

          7. Robert Pekarik says

            Please Mr. Dimmwitz, with a non functioning brain controlled by the far left surely you can come up with something better than that? Contact some of your far left lemmings, perhaps if you can gather a couple hundred you can cobble together a thought.

          8. Michael Dennewitz says


          9. Robert Pekarik says

            You are the comedian Dimmwitz, but a poor one. Don’t quit your day job searching for more entitlements or is that even getting tough on you? What would you do if you didn’t sponge off the working people in America?

          10. Michael Dennewitz says


          11. Robert Pekarik says

            Obama is calling he needs another flunky to drive the fundamental transformation train. No training needed just an IQ below 10.

          12. Michael Dennewitz says

            Wellshiittt, you qualify! Hurry, before you miss yer calling.. ROFLMFAO

          13. Robert Pekarik says

            Come on Dimmy it’s way past your bedtime. Or doesn’t your mother remind you that it’s time for beddie by? Make sure she sets her alarm to wake you up after noon and don’t let her slack off making your breakfast. You know how you entitlement junkies get when someone doesn’t wait on you hand and foot.

          14. 1EdMeadows83 says

            Does that mean you are not an entitlement junkie? Do you not or will you not accept Social Security & Medicare? Do you not work an 8 hour day, a 5 day week? Do you not get a paid vacation every year? Or do you own your business and accept the generous handouts by the US Government? It never fails, when a Liberal expresses an opinion, there’s always a Regressive who responds with either a specious attack or poorly placed “humor”.

          15. Robert Pekarik says

            I find no humor in the liberals approach to fundamentally transform America. Social Security and Medicare have been purchased through our payroll taxes and continued monthly payments to Medicare while being retired. Why do you healthy but lazy entitlement junkies refuse to work except to hold out your hand and complain that you’re not getting enough free stuff. You applaud illegal aliens getting entitlements while their own governments belly ache that the United States isn’t taking care of everyone and giving them more. You applaud this criminal and anti-American White House for bringing in Muslims who can’t possible be vetted and who knows that Islamic terrorists are coming in right along with them because the Muslim Brotherhood is instructing and guiding our so called presidents immigration policies. You call these specious attacks when you know them to be true yet you are willing to put your family members and the rest of honest Americans in jeopardy. You are more than a fool, your are a naive and idiotic fool.

          16. 1EdMeadows83 says

            Bobby, I’m 87 years old and retired in 1991. I ate up everything I put into Social Security years ago. What I get now is gravy. If that’s entitlement, I’ll have more of it. You Regressives resent anything normal people enjoy. As my old Alabama “Mammy” used to say, “There’s sumpin’ wrong with that boy!” There’s ‘sumpin’ wrong with Regressives. I guess they’re just wired differently and there’s a loose connection in some of the wiring. They’re just not happy if they can’t find something wrong with us normal people. It must be awful to be unhappy, all of the time. I feel sorry for Conservatives. Nah, that’s a fib. I don’t feel sorry for you. I can’t even say I pity you. I don’t like you and there’s nothing you nor I can do about that.

          17. Robert Pekarik says

            Eddie, I’m 67 years old and retired and know that this unsustainable gravy train cannot continue. You can’t be that naive to think that being $20 trillion in debt is not a problem? But, being 87 and a liberal I can understand how easy it is to convince yourself that you’ll be just fine but could care less about the future generations. That’s what liberal/progressives are all about. You started with the notion that it’s just fine to kill babies in the womb as long as the mothers and fathers can choose to have sex anytime with absolutely no responsibility. As a result there is no value in human life, but choice is the ultimate no matter who it harms. You progressives have been in the process of ignoring and removing God from our nation and blame all the violence, hatred, killings on guns or whatever other kind of excuse you can come up with as long as the finger doesn’t point at you. You refuse to look at liberal and democratically run cities across our nation and see the unsustainable debt and destructive policies that these morons force upon their no and low information citizens. And when it all comes tumbling down you run to the taxpayers to bail you out as you always have done.
            Jonathan Gruber, one of the architects of Obamacare, said it best: “Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage. And basically, call it the stupidity of the American voter or whatever, but basically that was really, really critical to get the thing to pass.” I completely agree with Mr. Gruber, liberals, progressives and democrats are really, really stupid because they continue to believe everything that comes out of the mouth of the most corrupt administration in the history of our nation. You should be ashamed of yourself Mister Ed because in your case you can be led to water and forced to drink.

          18. 1EdMeadows83 says

            Bobby, there is nothing I could say that would alleviate your unhappiness. I guess that is part and parcel of being a Regressive. I can’t even say I’m sorry you’re unhappy because the Republican unhappiness is panacea for Progressives. Your misery is our contentment. Regressives have been preaching your articles of discontent for as long as I can remember, and that’s a long time, but we’re all still here and most of us are content. Too bad about you.

          19. Robert Pekarik says

            Like I said before Mister Ed the selfish care only for the selfish. Stay on your drugs Mister Ed and your la la land will continue. Selling out our nations future for your comfort and pleasure is the hallmark of liberal/progressives. You are a silly old man who wears blinders and cares not what you can do for your country but what your country can do for you.

          20. 1EdMeadows83 says

            How typical! A stupid Regressive mis-quoting the finest DEMOCRATIC President in a generation! https://youtu.be/P1PbQlVMp98

          21. Robert Pekarik says

            Not a misquote Mister Ed just an accurate observation of progressives.

          22. 1EdMeadows83 says

            Yes Bobby, it was a misquote You said, & I quote, so you can’t correct it., “… cares not what you can do for your country but what your country can do for you”. Kennedy said, “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.” If you’re going to quote a man much, MUCH smarter than you’ll ever be, you should at least quote him correctly. Oh never mind./ I keep forgetting you’re a Regressive.

          23. Robert Pekarik says

            Eddie, Eddie, Eddie, again your age related confusion comes to the fore. Please reread my statement and try and understand that I was stating that you, by your far left liberal/progressive beliefs and actions have done just the opposite of what president Kennedy asked of all of us. Again, you care not what you can do for your country but what your country can do for you. You may need to back off of these sites Mister Ed they can become quite confusing if you can’t pay attention.

          24. 1EdMeadows83 says

            Again you misquote what President Kennedy said at his inaugural. I suppose when you get something on your mind you just blather and blather. I’ll try to be patient and understand that you are laboring under immense stupidity.

          25. Robert Pekarik says

            Read my post Mister Ed and for once please stop lying although that is the progressive mantra, lie, lie, lie. Point out the post that I said I quote, it’s not there. It’s the post from 6 hours ago 3 posts above the link to President Kennedy’s speech. You are as thick as a brick and you just don’t want to admit that you only care what your country can do for you not what you can do for your country as noted in your past posts in which you claim that as long as America takes care of you, you could care less about any other American. I’m not looking forward to reaching 87 if this is what happens to you. Pathetic. By the way I wouldn’t show your friend that post it will make you look like the fool you really are.

          26. 1EdMeadows83 says

            “You are a silly old man” Yes Bobby, I’m an old man. I sincerely hope it never happens to you.

          27. Robert Pekarik says

            And you use it as an excuse for encouraging and enabling the anti-American progressive disease that is infecting our great nation.

          28. 1EdMeadows83 says

            Bobby, I just re-read some of this post. My stomach couldn’t take the whole thing. But I did copy this little canard, “You progressives have been in the process of ignoring and removing God from our nation” That’s not exactly accurate. How can one remove something that was never there? Show me some tangible proof that there’s a mystic being, somewhere up in the stratosphere, maybe lolling about on a cloud? That’s your idea of Heaven? I think I prefer Hell. Most of my friends could be there, but there’s no Hell either. Religion is the ultimate superstition. But if you can show me a glimpse of Heaven, maybe a Smart Phone shot? I’l be the greatest bible thumper ever in existence. There was no Zeus, no Thor, no Jupiter, no Odin and no Yahweh and no God. 23% of the population of the world knows there is no God and we’re working on the rest of you!

          29. Robert Pekarik says

            An 87 year old progressive pagan. Now that sums up the extent of everything you have posted.

          30. 1EdMeadows83 says

            No Bobby, you’re unlearned on that subject also. A pagan has a different religious belief than you. I have no belief. You sputter and fumble but you haven’t offered any proof that God exists. There’s a reason for that.

          31. Robert Pekarik says

            Sorry Mister Ed but you do believe in the progressive humanism that is infecting America. That is a religion and a belief. Look how you bow to the altar of entitlements. Look up at the sky and contemplate the order of the universe that God created. The proof is there for those that search. Stop spending your time trying to sound intelligent and do something good for America. Right now all your doing is draining our nation dry and adding nothing worth mentioning.

          32. 1EdMeadows83 says

            Bobby, I wasn’t sure what Progressive Humanism is so I looked it up. I see nothing wrong with the term or its meaning, “Progressive Humanism is a common-sense, evolution-based world view that sheds fresh light on many topical issues.” Now who but a Regressive could find fault with that? Oh, and there is no God, no Heaven, No angels, no Satan, no Hell and Jesus was a wandering evangelistic Jew who lived and died a couple of thousand years ago. Yep, that’s right. He died, was laid to rest in a cave until someone robbed the resting place, taking the corpse and whatever else was laying around. If you believe differently, you are part of the “infection” that is plaguing the world, not just America. But, have no fear, we atheists are making substantial inroads in the minds of intelligent Americans!

          33. Frankiev says

            Edbird, the white priviledged guy on a rant about religion. Don’t worry, Islam is safe from you I’m betting.
            If 23 percent are atheist nuts, that 23 percent voting Dim.

          34. 1EdMeadows83 says

            Hey Frankie! You’re catching on! You could also say that 23% are among the most intelligent people in the world! Congratulations.

          35. Frankiev says

            Bobby is right about the debt, killing of the unborn, and stupidity of Dims. Even Killery said that before she wanted to complete the total destruction of America. But 20 trillion not so bad, that’s only $100,000 per person, with half that added in the last seven years. Your boy done a job Edbird, gotta give you that.
            BTW, Goober, er, Gruber was right also. Obummer too, has to be laughing at his servants who voted for him.

          36. Ted says

            You cons make me laugh. If you actually gave two shits about future generations then you’d be much more concerned about the effects of Climate Change on your grand kids rather than the national debt $5.22 trillion of which W is responsible for.

          37. Robert Pekarik says

            And you liberal progressives are frightening. You never investigate facts you just believe everything that is being fed to you. No doubt you went to a liberal indoctrination center for your education which teaches all good liberals to never believe the truth even if the facts are right in front of you. For hundreds of years you liberal idiots have been predicting the catastrophic demise of our planet. If it isn’t a freeze warning it’s a warming trend. How idiotic do you think people are? You refuse to listen to climate experts that have proven that you cook the numbers in order to rob we the people of our tax money to give to government controlled enterprises. You have to claim the sky is falling, how else will you continue to get grants? And the debt is $20 trillion not $5.22. The $5.22 is the amount that you liberals have wasted on finding out if goats can mate with frogs. What an idiot. You need to apologize to your children for ruining their chances to experience the American dream. You are turning American into a nightmare.

          38. Ted says

            Wow, congratulations you just made the same number of cogent, salient points as a dead guy!

            So, what are you learning impaired, too? Are you paid by the word? You’d think with all that verbosity and bombast you’d be able to make a point from time to time that was actually based on fact not Alex Jones’ bullshit hyperbolic rhetoric. But sadly the answer is nein. Btw genius, meister is not spelled “miester”.

          39. Robert Pekarik says

            You wouldn’t know a fact or the truth if you gave birth to it. Trying to make sense to a bottom feeding liberal/progressive is like promising everyone that I will give them $2500 for signing up to a health care program that I never read or understood. Or, after being caught using a department of my administration to go after American citizens then lying to everyone telling them that there was not a smidgen of wrongdoing and knowing that idiot demoncrats will buy every lie that I feed them. Or, breaking the law by running guns across the border and telling my chief henchman to get out of office before the truth comes out. Or, not being able to read the spelling of words correctly and then telling someone that they misspelled the word. More proof that attending a far left liberal indoctrination center will keep America in the bottom rung of intelligence around the world. Go back to your safe space Teddy Boy before you have to see your doctor for more meds. I know it’s tough on liberals when they need someone to tell them how to think and act.

          40. Ted says

            Not to worry. I have two more degrees than you do from a U.S. university……I mean an Indoctrination Center.

            Oh, and sorry that the IRS wasn’t a scandal or that after 8 witch hunt investigation neither was Benghazi. And speaking of your bogus bullshit my favorite is the lie that 94 million are unemployed or that the unemployment number is really 10%. The BLS line that has been used since 1994 is U3, not U6, and is 5.0%. Since the Obama numbers are excellent only now is your whackjob side claiming otherwise. Isn’t it ironic that when W’s jobs numbers were good NOT ONE Dem played your side’s bullshit game. Just more of your ad populum (you can look it up later) nonsense.

            Clowns like you make me laugh because you haven’t set foot in a class in 5 decades yet love to wax stupidly and regurgitate rt wing nut dogma as though it’s fact. Should the facts suddenly interest you look up how many Ivy League economists are on various Wall St. Boards getting 6 figure stipends and preaching Trickle down as though it’s ever worked.

          41. Robert Pekarik says

            As more and more information becomes available because of groups like Judicial Watch, who through FOIA requests, has proven beyond doubt that the anti-American and completely dishonest Obama administration has fought the truth being told on his corrupt to the core administration for the past 8 years you go merrily on your way as a confirmed liberal/progressive lemming believing everything that is fed to you. Your education proves nothing more than you are a good little boy who mustn’t question your teachers lest you fail your classes for being someone who thinks for themselves. God forbid that you actually investigate Bengazi, IRS, Obamacare and Climate Change to find out that the truth is you are really a totally naive and scared lemming who just hopes that this dishonest White House has your best interests at heart. You supposedly received an education to allow you to reason and think for yourself, crawl out from the womb of entitlements and think for yourself.

          42. 1EdMeadows83 says

            Too bad you don’t qualify. Your I Q has to be about 14.

          43. Robert Pekarik says

            Another Obama troll heard from. They’re everywhere. How many career criminals did Obama release from prison? Enough to get Hillary elected.

          44. Frankiev says

            Four points higher than yours. Who would have thunk.

          45. 1EdMeadows83 says

            You don’t know what my IQ is because I would never post it on one of these stupid sites. Too easy for imbeciles to say, “Oh yeah? Well my IQ is 185. A guy actually said that a while back! He could barely spell IQ!

          46. Frankiev says

            But unlike you, his IQ was above 100. But then, that’s why you’re voting Dim again. Friggin white priviledge guys like you never worked a day in his life, just ask the Killer.

          47. 1EdMeadows83 says

            All I got from that mini-rant is that you don’t know how to spell privilege.

          48. Frankiev says

            But unlike you, his IQ was above 100. But then, that’s why you’re voting Dim again. Friggin white privilige guys like you never……
            That better Edbird.

          49. Michael Dennewitz says

            Bet your sorry ass called the PMIC back too, huh?

          50. Frankiev says

            Bobby, he is Dim.

          51. BILL3000 says

            Dennewitz a Left Winger_Now THAT is Funny!!!!!

          52. Robert Pekarik says

            Check out his reply to Croco Dile. The Croc miester posted a perfect picture of the establishment elitists in their element laughing and celebrating as Obama swears on the Bible that he will defend and protect the constitution of the United States. All his establishment cronies know that they have another 4 years of fundamentally transforming America and Dimmwitz calls the guy a troll? Maybe you should reconsider if the Dimm one isn’t a liberal troll.

          53. 1EdMeadows83 says

            Err, Bobby, there’s no such word as miester. Sorry.

          54. Robert Pekarik says

            There certainly is Mister Ed. It’s is usually proceeded by beer.

          55. 1EdMeadows83 says

            Sorry to disabuse you Bobby, but that word is meister, that’s M . E . I . S . T . E . R. Not miester. No such word.

          56. Robert Pekarik says

            Sorry to pick on your old age and eyesight but that is a great excuse for not being able to read.

          57. 1EdMeadows83 says

            Bobby, maybe others think you’re bright, but you and I know you went back and spelled the word correctly after I called you on it. No use protesting. I KNOW you corrected the misspelled word, “miester”!

          58. Robert Pekarik says

            Blame it on George Bush every other progressive does.

          59. 1EdMeadows83 says

            Bullshit! You Regressives even want to change the name of San Andrea Fault to Barack Obama’s Fault!

          60. Robert Pekarik says

            Investigate Mister Ed. Your blind lemming support for a criminal and anti-American president when the facts are out there for anyone to see is anti-American. Obama’s faults are many and his good points are very, very, very few. His dislike and scorn for America is more than obvious. The worst president and administration in the history of our nation.

          61. 1EdMeadows83 says

            Bobby, don’t you realize that you are putting your abysmal ignorance out there for all to see? Nobody believes the tripe you are spouting! We all know you hover somewhere between being a Moron and a complete idiot. But please continue! I told a friend how stupid you are but he did not believe me! I’m recording all your inane comments just to show him I’m not imagining things!

          62. Robert Pekarik says

            Mister Ed you have to be the most naive old person that I’ve come across in a long time. You are reminiscent of the people in Germany who blindly followed another narcissistic leader and never questioned his motives. The problem with you is you prefer to believe your warped progressive imagination than the truth. All you have been doing is spouting progressive talking points indoctrinated into you by the far left anti-American marxists. Again, you should be ashamed of yourself. But liberal progressives feel no shame you just blame everything on everyone else but yourselves. It’s a disease and i’m almost certain there is no cure.

          63. 1EdMeadows83 says

            I’ve asked this question of dozens of Regressives and have gotten an answer from NONE! So I’ll ask you. Assuming you are not a person who makes over $250,000 per year, What has the Republican Party ever done for YOU or your family? It certainly wasn’t Social Security or Medicare. Those are Progressive benefits. So what have they done for you that makes you such an avid supporter of the Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan cabal? I know what the Democrats have done for me, oh yeah, and you!

          64. Robert Pekarik says

            Both Demoncrats and Republicans have, together, took everyones money and were not good stewards with it. All they have done is to secure their positions in Washington DC, made sure that they and their families were and are taken care of by using we the peoples money, exempted themselves from all the policies that they have created (e.g. Obamacare) and made us adhere to and brought our nation to the point it is now where they have purposely divided America for the sake of the One World Order. It’s easier to bring the United States down than to lift every other nation up, that would take an extraordinary amount of work and our government is immune to hard work. Demoncrats didn’t give us Social Security and Medicare. It had to be passed by the majority of government representatives and congressmen who were of both parties. One thing the republicans have been trying to do for the past several hundred years is to abolish the plantation politics of the democrats. After all, they were and are the party that has fought tooth and nail to keep we the people on the government plantation.

          65. 1EdMeadows83 says

            It is very easy to tell when a Regressive is truly stupid. First, if he isn’t stupid, he wouldn’t be a Regressive. Secondly, a very stupid person can’t argue in a normal way. He has to resort to a deliberate misspelling of words (like demoncrat) in an effort to demean the person he’s arguing with. Very juvenile, especially for a 68 year old person.

          66. Robert Pekarik says

            You don’t consider murdering unborn children to be demonic? The victims are the babies and the mothers that you evil people encourage and convince to do your killing for you. You can call me juvenile all you want at least I’m not a baby killer by choice. Wake up Mister Ed you are a demoncrat.

          67. 1EdMeadows83 says

            Well, in answer to your first question, No, I don’t consider a woman’s RIGHT to chose as being demonic. Primarily because she is within the law, secondly because there’s no such thing as demonic because there are no such things as demons. Bobby, it’s time you move into the 21st Century, the beliefs of olden days are passe. I don’t believe they still burn “witches” in Salem. In other words, Bobby, GROW UP!

          68. Robert Pekarik says

            Don’t change the subject Mister Ed. I asked you if you don’t consider murdering unborn children to be demonic? Typical left wing dodge tactics. This will be my last post to you because I’m done wasting my time trying to make sense to a far left liberal troll with no capacity for common sense. I will leave you with proof positive that you and your kind have absolutely no clue about governing, financing and making any kind of decision that requires thinking. The Pentagon spent $6.1 million shipping Italian male goats to Afghanistan to mate with female Afghanistan goats to make cashmere as one of several initiatives to boost the Afghan economy after the war. But many of the female goats were infected with a disease that could have wiped out the whole herd. As a result, only two of “those fancy Italian goats” are still usable.” “I think we can safely say manufacturing warm fluffy sweaters is not the key to economic recovery in Afghanistan, nor is it in the Dept. of Defense’s expertise,” stated Rep. Jackie Speier. Of course, the failed goat-mating project wasn’t the only spectacular waste of taxpayer money in Afghanistan. The Task Force for Business and Stability Operations paid $1 billion for employees to stay in private luxury villas and another $43 million for a gas station. So you see Mister Ed you continually demean what you call regressive thinking while your beloved progressive enlightenment is nothing more than a waste of time and money. There is nothing that progressives do that improves our nation. What it does do is prove that progressives are dangerous, immoral and clueless.

          69. 1EdMeadows83 says

            I did not change the subject. I said abortion cannot be demonic because there are no demons. If you can’t grasp that, then it’s just as well that upu are giving up matching wits with me while you are so hopelessly out-classed. It was nice crossing swords with you, but not really fun because you are totally outclassed.

          70. Robert Pekarik says

            You’re funny Mister Ed. How can anyone match wits with a liberal? They never think for themselves and brainless progressives have no ammunition to use that would prove them to be above an IQ of 10.

          71. 1EdMeadows83 says

            Aw, come on Bobby! You know you’re outclassed. Why don’t you slink back into the hole you slithered from and leave the arguments to us adults?

          72. Robert Pekarik says

            Mister Ed, Clint Eastwood had people like you pegged from the start: “You’re a legend in your own mind.” And with a mind like yours everyone should be comforted to know that no matter how ignorant someone is they can actually make it in life with entitlements from the government. It’s funny how people like you make it from day to day and haven’t a clue what is happening around you. You really lucked out being born in this country. Anywhere else and you wouldn’t have made it to 20. That in and of itself should help you to believe in God.

          73. 1EdMeadows83 says

            Bobby, you have no concept of what my mind is like. I take extreme car not to put anything on my posts that might give some indication of that. I probably made a mistake telling my age because all you small minded people can comment on now is my age. Clint Eastwood is a has been movie actor and not a very good one. So if he had me “pegged”, then I’m relatively safe from the so-called witticisms from misfits like you.

          74. 1EdMeadows83 says

            Again Bobby, I don’t thing abortion is demonic because THERE ARE NO DEMONS! No Demons, no Satan, no Angels flitting about, no Heaven, no Hell, no God and Jesus may have been a wandering evangelistic Jew, of which there were probably many. I would say all you Jesus Freaks are in for a great disappointment upon your demise, but I can’t say that because, well, you’ll be quite dead.

          75. Frankiev says

            I see much humor in it. Like a play on words, pun, metaphor, onomatopoeia, et al.

          76. 1EdMeadows83 says

            I repeat, “Very juvenile, especially for a 68 year old person.”

          77. Frankiev says

            Edbird, loosen up bud. And I’m 72, but haven’t lost my humor.
            How could I, look who we have as prescient leader.

          78. 1EdMeadows83 says

            You cannot lose what you never had. I don’t think President Obama is prescient. A leader, to be sure but not prescient. If he was he’d know what idiotic steps the Congress would take next.

          79. Frankiev says

            Recognizing tongue in cheek not your forte?

          80. 1EdMeadows83 says

            I’m surprised that a Regressive would know a word like forte!

          81. Frankiev says

            We can be creative on occasion.

          82. 1EdMeadows83 says

            Frankie, you cannot lose what you never had. A man of 72 should know that. We do not have a prescient leader, a leader, to be sure but prescient? Not a chance. If he was he could predict what stupid action Congress would take next.

          83. Frankiev says

            Great golf game yesterday, won money, good company, fine lunch afterwards. Just wanted you to know I’m part of Killeries “white priviledge”.
            I will try to contribute more in the future though.

          84. 1EdMeadows83 says

            That’s fine. I hope you enjoyed the game, but, again, there is no such word as “priviledge”. I don’t think “Killery” would approve.

          85. Frankiev says

            Last Trump rally was cleared of rioters post haste. The canisters of gas weren’t effective, but they refilled them with job applications, and presto, they were gone.

          86. 1EdMeadows83 says

            “Both Demoncrats and Republicans have, together, took” Have took? tsk, tsk. Sorta crude for a highly educated Regressive! After that first sentence I assumed the rest of your post was as asinine, so I didn’t bother to read it. Sorry.

          87. Robert Pekarik says

            There you go again Mister Ed with your failure of the English language. It is taken, not took. You will go to any length to prove your failed progressive talking points.

          88. 1EdMeadows83 says

            Bobby, you’re not fooling anyone! It is so easy to go back and correct a mistake I’ve done it myself, but I have the grace not to try to convince someone that’s what I wrote in the first place. I suppose I need to copy everything you say before you have a chance to correct it.

          89. Ted says

            Wow, you’re actually correct for once about something and that is that your led Repuglican led Congress doesn’t work hard. Your shameless assholes only work 126 days a year or 10 days per month and when they do they pass less than 100 bills, the fewest ever.

          90. Robert Pekarik says

            And all the demoncrats pass laws that they never read. Lazy, incompetent and counting on you to make sure the plantation keeps the workers in check. Maybe one day you’ll find the courage to escape.

          91. Ted says

            Good thing you’re on the job! Whew, imagine my relief that a proponent ofcCjicken Little such as yourself who found the 8th grade too daunting is up nights protecting the Alex Jones for lunch bunch!

            I’d call you clueless if I thought you’d get it.

          92. Robert Pekarik says

            As you are lied to and led around by the nose by your liberal/progressive elitists you have to find some kind of way to make yourself believe that all is well in never, never land. Webster was thinking specifically of progressives when he defined naive: having or showing a lack of experience or knowledge : innocent or simple (minded). Fits you perfectly as you need Nancy Pelosi, Wasserman-Schultz, Harry Reid, Hillary and the rest of the plantation owners to tell you how to think. I will call you clueless because you just don’t get it. It must be nice to live in a world that takes no responsibility for anything as long as there is a living breathing human being, besides yourself, to blame everything on.

          93. Ted says

            As I was saying. Without equivocation, yours is a special brand of s-t-u-p-i-d. Well done!

          94. Robert Pekarik says

            Just another liberal/progressive talking point that you were told to look up in your Rules For Radical book. Do you have a direct feed to a White House safe place counsellor? You are so predictable. Of course so are all the other progressive talking heads.

          95. Ted says

            So, tell me. What does bullshit flavored Kool Aid taste like? For you it’s its own major food group.

          96. Robert Pekarik says

            Why don’t you tell everyone how the liberal/progressive Kool Aid makes you submissive and open to the most ignorant and radical indoctrination at your meetings? I can only guess that it is loaded with the same drugs that you and your progressive (hippy) idiots took in the 60’s. It made them crazy and stupid then and it’s making them and you crazy and stupid now. The only problem is that they are all teaching our children how to be crazy and stupid.

          97. Ted says

            Predictable you say? So you’re predicting another ass kicking. Got it!

          98. Robert Pekarik says

            The dems with a brain are all abandoning the humanist/marxist fundamental transformation ship now that they know what it really means to be fundamentally transformed = bring in Islamic terrorists to the U. S. thanks to Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood guidance counselors, spend America into oblivion while telling everyone that all is well, cooking climate data for the past 20 years (see 1995 document from U. S. State Department to U. N Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) for the purpose of skewing the date to reflect an agenda, using the same tactics that our immoral and perverted establishment elites used to convince people that gay marriage directly impacts every citizens life. It’s the smoke screen philosophy using 2% of the population to condemn and demonize the other 98%. What is going to happen is that, finally, clear thinking and moral Americans are going to stand up to the perversion and immorality of the far left and send you all back to the dark corners of the world.

          99. Ted says

            Your Alex Jones/Infowars derangement syndrome’s more advanced than I thought. Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not after you.

          100. Robert Pekarik says

            Come on Teddy boy, for just one time in your life open your eyes and mind and think for yourself. You’re embarrassing the human race.

          101. Ted says

            So, just so I’m clear on this: You’re a brainwashed cynic and a fascist and since we diametrically disagree I’m the close minded one? Pffffft!

            Your narrow minded and fearbased points of view are what happens when your wishful thinking trumps the facts and the truth. Good luck remedying that!

          102. Robert Pekarik says

            Finally some clarity from you. Yes you are a closed minded, and as a result a, dangerous and willfully blind supporter of a proven liar. You will never allow yourself to investigate the corruption taking place almost daily within this anti-American administration. You will always find an excuse to support a criminal and will no doubt vote for another criminal running for president on the demoncrat ticket. Typical far left liberal insanity. The proof continues to mount against the president and his dishonest and corrupt administration, you just don’t want to acknowledge it.

          103. Ted says

            Too bad that your baseless assertions don’t qualify as facts. So, tell me? Which factcheck sites do you use to check your nut bag WND and Infowars crap? Your nonexistent grasp of the facts is impressive in its scope and breadth. Congrats!

          104. Robert Pekarik says

            I already gave you the climate change document that proves the government pressured scientists to ignore factual climate data. If you have the courage check out Judicial Watch who is on the front lines of exposing the corrupt Obama administration. Of course, when a liberal/progressive is confronted with factual information they blame George Bush. Grow up!!!!!!!

          105. Ted says

            You didn’t prove shit except that you’re in denial about Climate Change. Explain why your side is so terrified by science? Perhaps if you had completed high school you’d be less intimidated by it? You clowns also don’t believe in evolution and you’re not too sure about gravity.

            And Judicialwatch is as credible as WND or Infowars. Next you’ll quote Rash Windbag’s online Portland poll or claim the planet’s not warming because 1997 was the hottest year ever measured at that time. Just as W admitted there were no WMDs in Iraq or Syria, he also admitted Climate Change is anthropometric.

          106. Robert Pekarik says

            Read the document dufous! Why is it that liberal/progressives are petrified by the truth. Climate change is a money making farce perpetrated by the far left and as I have proven over the past several days you are a brainwashed idiot.

          107. Ted says

            Nice job of projection. Typical idiot con. The next facts you cite will be your first, dumbass.

            Like your heroes the Koch Bros, if there’s no money to be scammed by your side then they can’t figure out why the Dems would want to do what’s best for the planet since it has never occurred to the cons to do what’s right for anything except lining they’re own pockets.

            Oh, and learn how to spell dufus, DUFUS! Then go back and get your GED.

          108. Robert Pekarik says

            Don’t worry about my spelling, just worry that you are an ignorant far left robot. Refusing to look at anything that proves you have no capacity for thinking for yourself. If it wasn’t for your liberal democrat owners you wouldn’t know when to go to the bathroom unless they reminded you. You have proven again and again that not only do you not have the courage to investigate the liberal/progressive corruption, you don’t have the ability to survive in America without the liberal/progressive handouts that allow you to continue existing. You not only can’t be trusted, you are so locked in to the government helping you to survive that you have to go along with the corruption and lying or else you would have to actually find a job and support yourself, and that petrifies you.

          109. Ted says

            Easy there Pekar. Or is it spelled Pecker? I love kicking the dumbass of the dumbasses like you who offer zero facts. And who thinks that regurgitating extremist party line talking points makes them “informed”. Sorry but it makes you merely desperate.

            It’s clear you’ve forgotten how bad your Alzheimer’s is.

          110. Robert Pekarik says

            Calm down there Teddy Boy, your fundamental transformation disease is showing. It’s funny that you have no idea what has happened to you. Fundamental transformation means that you no longer hold truth to be self-evident, you no longer believe that all men are created equal, you no longer believe in life, liberty or the pursuit of happiness. You have been transformed into a constant opposite day for everyday of your life. You’re a bitter clinger to your perversion and immorality.

          111. Ted says

            And here I thought you’d claim fundamental transformation was something positive by Obama as you’ve done previously. Yeah, right so I’m phuckin’ with you!

          112. Robert Pekarik says

            There was a moment there when I actually thought you may come out of your far left stupor and commit to getting off of drugs.

          113. Ted says

            Pekar, Pekar, Pekar. My perversion and my immorality? Hey I’m NOT a conservative like your perverted side represents. And how about that whacky rt wingnut pervert Dennis Hastert? Or how about Larry Craig? Or the Gov of Alabama Mr. Family Values himself? And I thought your idiot side was all for personal responsibility? It’s all talk, hypocrisy and smoke and mirrors and self delusion

          114. Robert Pekarik says

            You far left liberals have perverted our entire society in the name of freedom of speech. You cried when Christians tried to stop the demise of television with the “R” rated shows that have perverted our children and those that are perverted to begin with. You have cried when Christians tried to stop the killing of our children in the womb because the far left loves the culture of death. You cried when Christians attempted to keep prayer in school because you would rather have the chaos that has taken over public education. You are crying now that conservatives are begging for proper vetting procedures and a safe and secure border because you prefer that American citizens be put into danger here at home so you can get more people signed up as democrats to keep the incompetence and corruption going until our nation is destroyed. In other words, what else is new?

          115. Ted says

            Wow, amazing how a dumbass like you sure makes alot of “you” statements and assumptions. Remember what happens when you assume? It makes an ass out of you and……..well, just you!

            You need to make more “I” statements such as “I admit I’m (you’re) full of shit but I (you) hope no one notices”.

            I do love the way you Kool Aid swilling, brainwashed, Fux Snooze sycophants always think you’re the good guys. It’s no wonder that all the studies prove the worst informed news consumers are those from Fux Noose. Duh!!!

          116. Robert Pekarik says

            What is really amazing is that you don’t remember from one minute to the next what you have said. You means you, not anyone else. Responsibility is a foreign concept to the far left. Like I posted before, if there was no one left in the world other than 2 far left liberals they would both get together and construct a straw man so they could blame all their issues and problems on it. Then they would both sit down and wait for someone to come along and give them all they needed to survive without having to work to get it done themselves. This is what you’ve come to – expecting and demanding that everyone takes care of you. I admit that when the socialists and communists take over America and you have to go to the commodities truck to get your weekly rations of cheese and butter you will more than likely take some little old ladies rations claiming that you’ve been a good little progressive and you deserve it. You should be progressive proud. That means getting more free stuff than the next guy and bragging that you didn’t have to do anything to get it. Sad little Teddy Boy

          117. Ted says

            When the backbone of your views are partisan bullshit and wishful thinking extremist, Bircher crap, paranoid, self serving and delusional viewpoints like yours are the result.

            As for your fringe end of the fringe end being the party of personal responsibility, then try to keep a straight face and explain how you idiots exonerated W for 9/11, Iraq, the economic collapse of 2008, the housing bubble of 2007, Katrina and the DOJ debacle? You even blamed Clinton whenever you could for W’s phuckin ups yet whined about W being held to account for wrecking the country. Personal responsibility my ass. You clowns seem to think that W’s off the hook due to some bogus statute of rt wing limitations. Pffffft!

          118. Robert Pekarik says

            Yawn. I’m tired of your far left liberal blather. Get back to me when your brain starts to function normally.

          119. Ted says

            Tired of getting your clueless ass kicked you mean. If I were on your side of these arguments I’d cut and run, too. Chicken shit.

          120. Robert Pekarik says

            You have no argument. All you are is a pathetic little lemming who has never proven me wrong on any fact that I have given you. All you do is rant and rave and refuse to offer any factual information that refutes my facts. As is the case with every mindless progressive you are a legend in your own mind. But alas, you have no mind just pathetic noises that are supposed to be answers to the truth that has made you the total fool that you really are. You really should stop posting, unless you enjoy being made an ass out of.

          121. Ted says

            What a total windbag you are. You think being verbose equals what? Intelligence? Quoting Rash Windbag or Sean Insanity makes you just another dumbass ideologue. And now you’re trying to claim your opinions are suddenly facts? Put down the crack pipe, loser, and no one gets hurt. I’ll miss your silly vapid and vacuous posts because whenever I’ve needed an archetypal example of what specious and didactic mean you’ve relentlessly been there to offer them. You may go now.

          122. Robert Pekarik says

            There you go again Terrible Teddy Boy, reverting to the only thing you have – name calling. Terrible Teddy Boy and Crooked Hillary are the best that the far left have to offer. Your goal in life is to have the entire nation become as pathetic as you are. One thing you don’t understand Teddy Boy you are in the minority. The majority of Americans have common sense and can see through the idiocy of the left. I challenge you again to refute any of the facts and truth that I have given you that proves the Obama administration and the democrat party are corrupt to the core. Name calling and hiding behind stupidity will not prove anything other than that you have nothing to offer and you can not be trusted. Any education you may have gotten has been forfeited to the far left who use you like a worn out rag. You will never realize, until it’s too late, that you are just collateral damage to the far left liberal/progressive anarchists. Was it drugs that damaged you and prevents you from seeing clearly and understanding that you are being used?

          123. Ted says

            Pekar, you’re fooling no one except yourself.

            This is just too easy. I’ve been debating rt wing lunatic extremists like you since the late 60’s. Yours is the side who shrieks “dispute the facts!” while offering none. Your biology makes you seek affirmation first and flees or changes the subject whenever they are factually confronted. It’s the Fuxx Noose, hate radio template and as such you gullibly swallow it along with that bullshit flavored Kool Aid you subsist on.. They make up their closed and narrow minds absurdly quickly and once sealed no amount of new info or the truth can change them.

          124. Robert Pekarik says

            I’m still waiting for you to come up with some factual information on how the far left has improved our nation. Whining and complaining doesn’t cut it and bragging about your supposed debating skills only proves once again that you are a legend in your own mind. Not once have you given any factual information on what the far left has done to improve conditions in our country. America has benefitted from hard working people since the founding of our nation and now you and your far left liberal money draining hypocrites have been ruining the chances for any of our future generations to experience the American dream. Tax and spend, tax and spend, tax and spent the mantra continues as America is being destroyed by incompetent and anti-American leftists. You are on the wrong site to spew your useless gibberish. I believe MSNBC, Pravda or Tass has a site that would fit your brainless blather. And to think you actually believe you are making sense is just more proof that public education has failed miserably.

          125. Ted says

            And here I thought the John Birch Society was dead. Imagine my chagrin?

            So, now since you can’t supply facts you want me to. Of course you do. Telling you the facts is a waste of time but here goes.

            Unemployment is at 5.0% down from 10%. 14.3 million private sector jobs created over 73 consecutive months. When W left office he was hemorrhaging jobs at the rate 750,000 per month. The Dow is at 18,000 close to the all-time high and up from 7,900 when your hero W left office. Obama’s cut the annual deficit by 70% from -1.4 trillion down to 458 billion, per the CBO, when he promised to cut it in half. Now, show everyone what a denialist, clueless, factless, asshole you are. Don’t let me detain you. The clock’s ticking.

          126. Robert Pekarik says

            And again you prove my point about liberal/progressives. You want to use 5% as the unemployment number because the Obama administration has manipulated the figure for the pleasure of you low and no information citizens. It is typical liberal/communistic thinking to ignore the real unemployment rate of 9.8% due to the long term unemployed who can’t find a job which comes out to 27.8% of our working age population. But whats a few hundred million people to the far left? Just more collateral damage to lead you lemming along by the nose.
            Gallup Poll stated last year that “the Obama unemployment figures are “extremely misleading because long term and permanently unemployed have been overlooked,” by our benevolent liar-in-chief.
            As for your other wishful thinking liberal fairy tale you talk about deficits while Obama has, by himself, put America in debt more than all previous presidents combined with the intention of burying our nation in unsustainable debt. The Congressional Budget Office, Brookings Institute and the Princeton University Press (all Obama lackeys) have even listed the consequences of unchecked government debt: reduced “future national income and living standards;” “reductions in spending” on “government programs;” “higher marginal tax rates;” “higher inflation” that increases “the size of future budget deficits” and decreases the “the purchasing power” of citizens’ saving and income;” restricted ‘ability of policymakers to use fiscal policy to respond to unexpected challenges, such as economic downturns or international crises;” “losses for mutual funds, pension funds, insurance companies, banks, and other holders of federal debt and increased “probability of a fiscal crisis in which investors would lose confidence in the government’s ability to manage its budget, and the government would be forced to pay much more to borrow money.” But what is that to a president who will never take on the hard work because he knows that he can hand off his 8 year do nothing mess to the next guy? Like I said before, you liberals do not want responsibility for anything and incompetent and lazy are the foundation of your agenda.

          127. Ted says

            Bravo! As if on cue your idiocy rears its ugly head.

            Hey Numbnuts, unemployment has been calculated using line U3 since 1994. No one has disputed it until the numbers were very good under Obama. Even when the numbers were good under dumbass W the Dems played by the same rules.

            Then you claim the nonpartisan referee, the CBO is a lackey for Obama? You’ve offered innumerable examples of your stupidity and being uninformed however this may be your finest work yet. Not liking the facts doesn’t change them anymore than repeating your ad populum lies in the hopes it will make them true. Sorry, you lose.

          128. Robert Pekarik says

            You continue over and over again proving my point about immoral and perverted progressive leftists. Only the rigged numbers count, to hell with the people. Using U3 instead of U6 by Obama shows his true distain for the American worker and you lemming clingers hang on his every false talking point. Obama also counts the underemployed in his U3 figures with his part time fast food service jobs that he touts to the sky. Knowingly falsifying the truth is the progressive way.
            Gibberish from you and doing the progressive ring around the rosy doesn’t change the fact that Obama has broken the all time record for wasteful spending and sinking America into his entitlement quicksand policies. You didn’t bother to allow the fact that Obama has crushed all the presidents before him in accumulated debt. W didn’t come close to the tax and spend imbecile. He continues to give our tax money to Saudi Arabia, Iran and all the other nations that use it to build up their military, sponsor terrorism and make a jerk out of Mr. Weak Knees. It’s like watching a basket weaver build a space station. But Obama the basket weaver has convinced all of you lemmings that he can do it. Just ask him.

          129. Ted says

            Hey economic genius, taxing and spending is better than borrowing and spending as W did for two wars.

            Your posts could best be summed up in word, “Waaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!”

          130. Robert Pekarik says

            Taxing and spending on: Obama’s National Institute of Health’s Center for Alternative and Complimentary Medicine spent $387,000 to study the effects of Swedish massages on rabbits. Obama’s Department of the Interior spent $10,000 to monitor the growth rate of saltmarsh grass. In other words, the Obama administration is paying people to watch grass grow. What’s next Teddy Boy a grant to watch paint dry? Obama’s National Institute of Health funded a study to see if mothers love dogs and much as they love kids. $371,026 for that economic taxpayer waste of money. They could have just gone to Planned Parenthood for free and know that, at least the women working for Planned Parenthood love dogs more than they do unborn children. A no brainer there. Obama granted $804,254 for the development of a smartphone game called “Kiddio”Food Fight.” The game, obviously pushed by the first lady in crime, is intended to teach parents how to convince their children to try and eat new healthier food choices. Just more intrusive government attempting to parent everyone in the nation. It’s called the Nanny State. Obama’s National Endowment for the Humanities has provided $47,000 for undergraduate classes that teach students about laughing and humor. This is an obvious failure because all the far left liberal indoctrination centers, aka Ivy League and far left Liberal colleges, have indoctrinated their students to be sad little petrified whiners. No laughing or humor there. Obama’a National Science Foundation spent $856,000 to teach mountain lions how to walk treadmills as part of a research project whose aim was to better understand mountain lions’ instincts. The money would have been better spent on teaching progressives how to think for themselves, but that would require hundreds of thousands of psychiatrists to talk you progressives off the edge. These are just a few of he 2014 Obama tax and spend programs that are helping to build a greater America. There is no will or courage in the current corrupt administration or establishment kabul to take on the hard work of fixing entitlement spending which has to be done for our future generations. It’s something that liberals will find impossible. After all, you need the government to take care of you and sacrificing for our children, grandchildren and their children is not in the liberal policy agenda.

          131. Ted says

            Christ, I’m debating a chucklehead who gets his “facts” from those rt wing nut chain emails! It’s just not a level playing field.

            And if you were really pissed off by wasteful spending you’d be railing about the trillions W blew in Iraq or the $24 billion your side wasted when resident butthole Ted Cruz closed the government. Too bad that you’re only capable of outrage when you think the Dems are at fault. Hypocrite!

          132. Robert Pekarik says

            Come on Teddy Boy, you don’t debate you just rattle on with liberal/progressive talking points that are more worn out than the democrat party is. What you don’t seem to understand is that #1 you can’t be trusted with anything you proclaim to invent as factual and #2 your a progressive and progressives lie to get what they want. These are well documented facts that we the people have been living through for the past 7+ years. When are you going to stop supporting giving our tax money to terrorists and start thinking about American citizens. And, by the way, Obama has been wising up lately and is sending more troops over to the mid-East, ya think he’s kinda getting worried that his insane foreign policy just might not be working? He didn’t learn from Iraq that once you leave a vacuum something will fill it. In the case of his misguided and egotistical policy he created ISIS. Now that’s a legacy to be proud of. You are an idiot of the highest order. It’s becoming boring kicking your ass on every post. Maybe you should call in help from the indoctrination centers.

          133. Ted says

            Yours is an ineluctably (you can look it up later) special brand of stupid. Your ability to just make shit up however IS impressive! How many beers does it take to peddle your abject bullshit from your mother’s basement?

            I love how you call your ridiculously partisan opinions “well documented facts”. Hey, you can call a rhino a giraffe but it doesn’t make it one.

            First of all, Obama didn’t just start giving billions in aid to middle eastern countries like the Saudi’s or Isreal. It’s been going on for decades. Also, we give zero tax $’s to Iran, numbnuts.

            Also, let’s see if I’m clear on this? W and asswipe Cheney lead us into a war we never should’ve fought. They kill Saddam creating vacuum #1. Then idiot in-over-his-head W crony Paul Bremer disbands the Iraqi army leaving 30,000 men jobless creating vacuum #2. Then Isis comes along and offers them jobs which (you sitting down?) they take. Not to mention that W had signed the 2007 SOFA which ties Obama’s hands because he won’t give the Iraqi’s legal jurisdiction over our troops which even you radical assholes agree is a mistake and then their Parliament votes us out. Now, I realize you knew none of this but oh well! Now you do.

            You routinely demonstrate that really did just fall off the truck.

          134. Robert Pekarik says

            Read my post again brainless. Did I mention Iran? No, but as you continue to prove my point that far left progressives have no problem inventing stuff to build up the big lie it is understandable. For someone who claims to be educated you really don’t seem to be all that smart. Of course anyone can print out a diploma on the internet and claim to be a scholar. But as you continue to spout lies about the state of the White House administration you again make a fool out of yourself. I have a question for you. Does it bother you at all that this administration even discusses using the government to go after American citizens? They have seriously discussed making a law that would jail business owners or regular citizens for arguing about climate change. For power and money. The science is far from settled but the far left progressives feel the need to silence experts in the field who have proven that the Obama administration in conjunction with the U. N. and the lame stream media have eliminated any data that shows that carbon dioxide is necessary for life to continue on our planet. The science community has to become less political because we the people will see through their charade and wonder what else they are trying to sell us. Bill Nye is the lefts expert on climate? He was a mechanical engineer turned kids television show entertainer and now an edu-trainer. He knows as much about climate change as you do Teddy Boy. Try furthering your education and when you can pull yourself away from the Nancy Pelosi school of stupidity try watching Climate Hustle when it comes out this May. Using government to coerce citizens to fall in line has a great history, from Nazi Germany to the U.S.S.R. Are these the governments you want America to fundamentally transform into? You are not to be trusted if you side with this anti-American, Constitutionally hating Obama administration and their lackeys.

          135. Ted says

            Pekar, once again you outdo yourself!

            Go back about 5 posts and have someone reread you your silly posts to you. Especially the one where you claim our tax dollars went to Iran. Never happened. You keep forgetting how advanced your Alzheimer’s. That happens to you octogenarians. I only see it whenever you post. Note: it’s only going to get worse!

            As for your partisan desire to disprove Climate Change and project your stamp if idiocy in it you’ve only got one problem, the facts. Exxon Mobil just got busted when it was leaked that they’ve knew of and planned for Climate Change and didn’t tell their investors.

          136. Robert Pekarik says

            Braindead. The Obama administration has paid $1.7 billion in taxpayer funds as part of what critics described as a “ransom” bound up in a controversial hostage trade designed to secure the release of five Americans long held by Iran. You keep forgetting how really, really stupid and lemming like you really are. You don’t care anything about the truth, all you care about is trying to convince yourself that your not really as stupid, ignorant and naive as you are as proven by your idiotic support of anti-American anarchists.
            If you have the courage, which I seriously doubt, watch “Climate Hustle.” Nothing but a power and money grab by you leaches whose objective is to destroy our nation. Crawl back into your dark hole Teddy Boy your stench is unbearable.

          137. Ted says

            Wow, so your a cynic vs Dems and as gullible as a 3 yr old with the cons party line.

            Climate Hustle? You whined that Bill Nye lacks credentials while Mark Marano has zero while you’re busy fellating that uninformed douche bag! And his grasp of the facts and reality is worse than even yours. Is there even one position that you don’t regurgitate the partisan party line talking points on? You sycophants think that repeating verbatim the bullshit lines you’ve been brainwashed to think makes you well informed. It makes you an American hating immoral, pedophile. There, I said it. Dispute those well documented facts?

          138. Robert Pekarik says

            With documented facts continually bombarding the weak and fragile vacuum you call your mind it’s no wonder you would take the path of least resistance to all that is corrupt and evil. As you continue to deceive yourself and live somewhat of a life of semi-conscience limbo I really should stop making a fool out of you and exposing you day after day as the total hypocrite and deadbeat entitlement clinger that you are. To quote a complete and utterly helpless liberal progressive, I will end this post with: “you sycophants think that repeating verbatim the bullshit lines you’ve been brainwashed to thing makes you well informed.” What is does is make you an American hating immoral, perverted, baby killing mental patient with the goal of destroying everything good that crosses your path. There, I’ve said it. Dispute those well documented facts?

          139. Ted says

            What’s next my small brained, propagandist and bullshit flavored Kool Aid drinking dickhead? Quoting D’nesh D’Souza since Marano’s been dismissed? How about jerkoff Stephen Moore?

          140. Robert Pekarik says

            I think I have deduced why you are such a limped brain and weak minded idiot. You are an otherkin. The liberal/progressives have embraced the insane and now I come to find out that most of you have come to the conclusion that you’re not really human but lemmings forced into a human body. You’ve even invented a name for yourselves = Otherkins. Feeding time is anytime one of your brainless leaders lips are moving fed by a constant stream of lies.

          141. Ted says

            If I need your opinion, I’ll give it to you.

          142. Robert Pekarik says

            If I need your opinion, I’m sure you’ll give it to me after you’ve checked with your owners and are told what your opinion is.

          143. Ted says

            I can’t tell you how well I sleep at night knowing you’re on the job! Imagine my relief!

          144. Robert Pekarik says

            There has been and always will be a sane remnant among we the people that will keep you and the rest of the radical, confused and crazy otherkins in check. Who would have imagined that the insane, who have benefitted off of America, are now the very same ones who despise her and want her destroyed? Or is this just some sort of mentally insane gymnastics that the left is perpetrating on the United States of America?

          145. Ted says

            So, you now claim that the insane despise America and and want her destroyed? Interesting that you’d admit to being insanely. We agree but you left out delusional and paranoid, too.

          146. Robert Pekarik says

            Sorry. There are so many adjectives to describe the liberal/progressives. I will never run out of them, one perverted adjective at a time. The destroy America shoe fits you perfectly.

          147. Ted says

            I remember you now. You were the idiot kid who sat in the back of the class in 6 th grade and regurgitated your whackjob father’s conspiracist, McCarthyesque anti-Commie crap just to argue with the teacher and act like a little birch. Now, you’re an octogenarian, addled brained crank who’s development stopped at 11.

          148. Robert Pekarik says

            And I remember you. You were the idiot kid that had to repeat several grades and whined and cried to your entntlement supporting parents that you weren’t given higher grades for the work you never did. Still the same today, whining and crying that you’re not getting enough of other people’s property.

          149. Ted says

            I realize that you think all of these ass kickings are coincidental……….they aren’t. That number is now at 23 with no letup in sight. Thx for the target rich environment. Kicking your wrinkly (dumb) ass never gets old. Thx for always teeing it up for me like you do.

          150. Robert Pekarik says

            The great part of this is that you believe you have an ass left to kick. Your sad little commentaries are like the toilet paper you no longer need. But you and your otherkin friends can always claim that your really ostriches, therefore the reason to stick your heads up each others ass holes.

          151. Ted says

            Huh? That’s a whackjob post even by your nonexistant standards. Whew!

          152. Robert Pekarik says

            And that’s all you have to say about the truth? You’re running out of wind and air. Living in a dark place like you do, it’s no wonder that you’re blind to the light and honesty. Corrupt, untrustworthy and immoral! Those are qualities that you find easy to live up to.

          153. Ted says

            Wow! Clueless much?

          154. Robert Pekarik says

            Sad little Teddy Boy. Are you running out of far left lies? It tough to defend the truth in todays society, but for you to defend the constant stream of lies, bigotry and hate emanating from the left is darn right impossible. As each day goes by you’ll start to realize that America is a strong nation built on integrity, honesty and bravery. You weak minded liberals with your otherkin mentality will run from a fight and go and seek out your safe spaces. Don’t worry real Americans will always be there to protect and defend our nation and constitution and that even includes those that despise America.

          155. Ted says

            Imagine my relief to find you’re on the job!

          156. Robert Pekarik says

            Not only me Teddy Boy but all the rest of us who have served our nation for the right to be free and even to allow nut jobs like you to voice your anti-American sentiments and beliefs.

          157. Ted says

            Wouldn’t it be great if the facts actually supported your baseless, paranoid assertions? Yeah like that’s gonna happen! Pffffft!

          158. Robert Pekarik says

            The facts do support my assertions. They just don’t support your fundamental transformation delirium. While you continually bash your head against the wall of facts and truth the result will always be the same = you end up with permanent brain damage which all of the far left has been diagnosed with.

          159. Ted says

            Oh, which facts? Try using some and we’ll see? Your argument’s “I know you are but what am I?”

          160. Ted says

            Adjectives to describe Progs you say? Right you are. How about soon to be winners of 6 of the last 7 popular votes in presidential election for starters? Deal with that, jerkoff?

          161. Robert Pekarik says

            Typical far left progressive dribble. Never answering questions and always complaining and wondering why our anti-American administration doesn’t use every department under its authority to go after American citizens. Wondering why this administration doesn’t use all of the Stalinist tactics at its disposal to purge America of its honest and faithful citizens. Ready to put just another democratic criminal in office.

          162. Ted says

            Dribble? You’re kind of a wordsmith aren’t you bringing up basketball like that. Say, you weren’t trying to spell “drivel” were you? One can see now exactly how daunting 5th grade must’ve been for you. Like Stevie Wonder said to Ray Charles, “I feel for you”.

          163. Robert Pekarik says

            Over and over and over again with typical far left worn out and exposed phony and dishonest talking points. Every day more information is coming out proving that the left is the gathering place for all anti-American idiots. And what does the left do? Try and silence every fact and truth that proves them guilty of corruption and hate for America. Sing your songs of immorality and perversion, you’re doing your damage to our nation, at the cost of freedom.

          164. Ted says

            Try to explain why anyone would wish to silence a nut bag like you? The more people who read your idiocy the better. People have been calling you insane forever so keep offering up your crap as truth.

          165. Robert Pekarik says

            You continue to justify the madness, corruption and immorality that is the far left. How can you possible keep up with the scandals and criminal activity of the entire demoncrat party?

          166. Ted says

            That’s your justification for being a rt wing nut lunatic?

          167. Robert Pekarik says

            What, you can’t handle the truth? There is really no excuse for you living in a nation that you despise. It will go down in history that you will be counted along with the 7% of Germans and 10% of Muslim extremists who attempted to conquer the law abiding citizens of the world. There are about 5% of you crazies in our nation and you will end up as a terrible footnote in American history. It will be called the time of far left government insanity where they continually bit the hand that fed them. Not only bit the hand but attempted to dismember the greatest nation on earth.

          168. Ted says

            Wow, I just feel so outed.

          169. Robert Pekarik says

            You outed yourself with your first post. You forgot to add pathetic and entitled.

          170. Ted says

            Be honest for once and just admit what a RWNJ you are. Your symptoms are getting worse each post.

          171. Robert Pekarik says

            Poor, poor far left liberal weakling. Did your indoctrination meeting fail to live up to your non-existent hopes?

          172. Ted says

            Yeah, Alinski never did show up so we listened to Bill Ayers reminiscing about the 60’s. Great guy!

          173. Robert Pekarik says

            Teaching your children how to blow up government buildings and get pardoned by liberal demoncrats. Same education you received from the same far left anarchists.

          174. Ted says

            Oh? Which anarchists were those? See what you missed out on by not completing the 8th grade? How do you know your 8th grade teachers weren’t fascists. Judging by your fearbased bullshit they were.

          175. Robert Pekarik says

            Here we go Teddy Boy get ready to shut down this truth like you do all the others.
            Kathy Boudin member of the Weather Underground convicted in 1984 of felony murder, received position of adjunct professor at Columbia University. Bill Ayers & Bernadine Dohrn. Ayers retired from teaching positions at the University of Illinois while Dohrn is still teaching your children at Northwestern Law. Howard Machtinger, charged with conspiring to bomb the Detroit Police Officers Assoc. building now works for the School of Education at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Mark Naison, professor at Fordham for 43 years (Is it sinking in yet Teddy Boy or have you run to your safe space?). Eleanor Raskin bomb making specialist (and she wasn’t even in the military – you liberals anarchists are smart little buggers when you want to be), prosecuted for unlawful flight to avoid prosecution. She began teaching at State University of New York in Albany and then later at Albany Law School. She currently is an administrative law judge (I’ll bet you liberals beg for her to try your case when you get into trouble). Mark Rudd, retired but spent a long career as math instructor at Central New Mexico Community College. Only spent a year in prison because he avoided a longer term due to a technicality. Jamel Joseph, formerly Eddie Joseph, a Panther 21 member arrested for conspiring to blow up railroad lines, department stores and the Botanical Gardens. Served several stints in prison and is now a professor at Columbia University. Ericka Huggins implicated by another Black Panther member of assisted in torturing and murdering Alex Rackley, presently a professor at Laney & Berkeley City College and an invited lecturer at Stanford and Cornell. Angela Davis, David Hilliard, Steve Best. Best quoted to the Daily Telegraph: “We are not terrorists, but we are a threat. We are a threat both economically and philosophically. Our power is not in the right to vote but the power to stop production. We will break the law and destroy property until we win.” Mr. Best is a philosophy professor from the University of Texas at El Paso and your children can rest secured that he has that quote on the black board for all the naive and easily manipulated to cherish. These are just a few of the outstanding far left liberal anarchists that you cherish.
            You’re pathetic Teddy you just won’t admit it..

          176. Ted says

            Well, there you have it.

          177. lindajoyadams says

            Ayers, one of Bill Clinton’s family? ALL IN THE FAMILY AT THE TOP.

          178. Ted says

            Madness? Amen! Just watch the clown car of Repuglicans!

            And how relieved you must be over the fact that there have NO scandals during Obama’s admin.

          179. Robert Pekarik says

            I’ve stopped counting after the 75th scandal and ignoring of our constitution. We the people have stopped trusting this corrupt to the core administration since they have been deliberately replacing American citizens with illegal aliens and Islamic terrorists. And how relieved you must be over the fact that even though you’re not an American you can reap the benefits of income redistribution. The far left liberal demoncrats are the most ignorant anti-Americans hell bent on destroying our nation from within.

          180. Ted says

            Hey, I get it numbnuts, ignoring the Constitution like failing to do their job of offering Advice and Consent. You’re a hypocrite and a clueless one at that. What a burden that must be.

          181. Robert Pekarik says

            Another liberal/progressive lie. You don’t get it and you have been indoctrinated to believe all that is false and deceitful.

          182. Ted says

            Your hypocrites whine about the Constitution and then ignores it themselves. And a clueless asshole like you defends it. If it weren’t for double standards your idiot side wouldn’t have any standards at all. And that’s a fact.

          183. Robert Pekarik says

            The fact is that all of you mindless liberal have been fooled by the marxist in office. He was born and raised with radicals and his bible is Rules For Radicals and you are naive and dumb enough not to question anything that this anti-American president says or does right before your eyes. The latest example of his hypocrisy is his visit to Great Briton. You pathetic whiners cried to high heaven when Benjamin Netanyahu came to America and addressed Congress saying he interfered in our politics but Obama goes over to Great Briton and interferes in theirs. You people are beyond stupid. Do you think that everyone is as naive as you are? How do you even breathe by yourself without someone telling you how. There are no words in the English language or any other language to describe your complete and total idiocy. And that’s a fact.

          184. Ted says

            Yeah, I saw that same YouTube video that made a gullible fool out of you. So, which John Birch Society chapter do you skulk around in? At your age how embarrassed you must be to let yourself be bested routinely. Be sure to take your meds forthwith.

          185. Robert Pekarik says

            I didn’t see it on YouTube moron it was on CNN. Even liberal main stream media outlets get clarity once in awhile.

          186. Ted says

            So, you’re saying your dickheaded Congress IS doing their job and following the Constitution by having a confirmation hearing for Garwood? Even you’re not that stupid. On second thought……..you ARE!

          187. lindajoyadams says

            Govt contractors of the international cabal in charge do not have to obey any law or judge anyway since 2002 as no funding to make them obey . And every one is scared of Bernie! upside down world.Linda Joy Adams

          188. Ted says

            Pekar, given your incredibly keen powers of observation clearly you should be our next president.

          189. Robert Pekarik says

            I pray every day Ted that what I observe and experience happening to our nation by the people that really do not like it is just anomaly. I just watched a news report of illegal Mexicans who have run from their nation to ours carrying signs saying how they hate America and wasting our tax payer money on a police presence. If they hate our nation so much, why did they leave theirs? This president and his anti-American administration has encourage and enabled people, who should be staying at home and helping their own country become more willing to help their own citizens, to freely enter America and claim that we owe them everything. Is this not madness?

          190. Ted says

            I just printed the new presidential bumper sticker:

            WE NEED PEKAR IN 2022!

          191. Robert Pekarik says

            You need someone to help you apply it to your car Teddy it doesn’t go on by itself and you’re not used to doing thinks without someone directing you.

          192. Ted says

            And I pray that reality will not continue to elude you.

          193. Robert Pekarik says

            Like it has you?

          194. Ted says

            Hey, math whiz walk me through how you got 75 “scandals” out of zero? Let me help. Benghazi? Not a scandal. IRS? Not a scandal. Fast and Furious? A mistake like W’s Operation Wide Receiver made but not a scandal.

            Give me some examples of con scandals. And remember, do something different besides your bullshit streams of delusional consciousness ramblings and use facts not your blithering idiot co-opted op-eds.

          195. Robert Pekarik says

            1. IRS Targets Obama’s Enemies
            2. Bengazi
            3. Watching the AP – Justice Dept. culling AP reporters phone records
            4.Rosengate -Justice Dept. monitoring James Rosens phone calls & emals
            5. Potential Holder perjury 1 – Holden telling Congress he has never been associated with “potential prosecution” of Rosen when Holder, in fact, signed the affidavit that termed Rosen a potential criminal.
            6. ATF “Fast and Furious” scheme
            7. Potential Holder perjury 2 – Holder told Congress in May 2011 that he had just recently heard about Fast & Furious gun walking scheme when there is evidence he knew much earlier.
            8. Sebelius demands payment – HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius solicited donations from companies HHS might regulate. The money would be used to help her sign up uninsured Americans for Obamacard.
            9. The Pigford Scandal – An Ag. Dept, effort that started as an attempt to compensate black farmers who had been discriminated against by the Ag. Dept. but evolved into a gravy train delivering several billion dollars in cash to thousands of additional minority and female farmers who didn’t face discrimination,
            10. GSA scandal – The GSA in 201 held an $823,000 training conference in Las Vegas, featuring a clown and a mind reader. GSA administrator resigned.
            11. Veterans Affairs in Disney World – wasted more than $6 million on two conferences in Orlando. An assistant secretary was fired. But the pathetic treatment of veterans continues under this corrupt administration who talks and talks and talks. Promises, promises and promises but does nothing to improve the deplorable VA treatment of our veterans.
            12. Sebelius violates the Hatch Act – A U. S. special counsel determined that Sebelius violated the Hatch Act when she made “extemporaneous partisan remarks” during a speech in her official capacity. During the remarks, Sebelius called for the election of the Demoncratic candidate for governor of North Carolina.
            13. Solyndra – Obama administration funded and promoted its poster boy for green energy despite warning signs the company was headed for bankruptcy. The Obama administration also pressed Solyndra to delay layoff announcements until after the 2010 midterm elections.
            14. AKS Lisa Jackson – Former EPA administrator Lisa Jackson used the name “Richard Windsor” when corresponding by email with other government officials, drawing charges she was trying to evade scrutiny.
            15. The New Black Panthers – The Justice Dept. was accused of using a racial double standard in failing to pursue a voter intimidation case against Black Panthers who appeared to be menacing voters at a polling place in Philadelphia in 2008.
            16. Waging war all by himself – Obama may have violated the Constitution and both the letter and spirit of the War Powers Resolution by attacking Libya without Congressional approval.
            17. Biden bullies the press – Biden’s office has repeatedly interfered with coverage, including forcing a reporter to wait in a closet, making a reporter delete photos, and editing pool reports.
            18. AKPD – The Obama administration paid millions to the former firm of then White house advisor David Axelrod, DKPD Message and Media, to promote passage of Obamacare. The firm was hired to help pay Axelrod $2 million that they owed him
            19. Sestak – Former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel used Bill Clinton as an intermediary to probe whether former Rep. Joe Sestak (D-PA) would accept a prominent, unpaid White House advisory position in exchange for dropping out of the 2010 primary against former Sen. Arlen Specter
            20. Hacking Sharyl Attkisson’s computer – Computer was hacked as she investigated the Bengazi scandal. but the Obama administration and its allies had the motive and means to do it.
            I’ll stop now, I’ve got blisters on my fingers. In conclusion, when you have every government department in you back pocket there is nothing you can’t get away with and this fundamental transformer has been and is willing to use anything he can to force his agenda on America.

          196. Ted says

            Thought you were going to list scandals, no? Go ahead I’ll wait.

          197. Robert Pekarik says

            I never thought for one minute that your would accept the truth, it’s not in the liberal/progressive DNA.

          198. Ted says

            Funny how you call your opinions “facts”. What bullshit. IRS not a scandal. 8 commitee’s finding prove no cover up or wrongdoing. What a tough pill the that must be to swallow for a fascist extremist like you.

          199. Robert Pekarik says

            Yawn! I’ve decided to stop trying to help you see reality and allow you to continue to roll around in your far left liberal/progressive cesspool. And there is a selfish reason as well, I can’t stand the smell.

          200. Ted says

            Whatever wil I do without you to guide me? I fear the darkness!

          201. Robert Pekarik says

            I’ll keep you in my prayers. God bless you.

          202. lindajoyadams says

            And the committed forgot to tell everyone that AG Eric Holder had illegally dismantled the office in the Justice dpet to investigate and prosecute high level officials crimes . NO ONE AT DOJ TO PROSECUTE CLINTON. THERE WAS A JOB ANNOUCEMENT JUST RECENTLY BUT IT COULD BE AFTER THE ELECTION BEFORE THAT OFFICE IS PUT BACK TOGETHER. So congress makes political hay and we have no one to file or give evidence to of any one who may need to be investigated. I have been trying to get someone attn. to this for three years now. And that office is required to exist under the Watergate law that set up the Office of Inspector generals. Lies and more lies and one does not know if they are intentional or everyone is just plan ignorant of who govt is to work. Linda joy adams

          203. Robert Pekarik says

            76th scandal just popped up. The one thing about the Obama administrations scandals is that they cripple and destroy America. Dept. of Homeland Security employee Phillip Haney stated to members of Congress that, “under pressure from the Department of State, his superiors closed down his work on terrorist organizations with which the San Bernardino murderers were affiliated.” In addition, DHS deleted the records of Haney’s work on these groups from the shared DHS database. This precluded the government from realizing the urgent need for comprehensive screening of members of these groups which, in turn, enabled the female terrorist to avoid serious vetting upon entering the U. S. on a fiance visa. Why did the Obama administration shut down Haney’s investigation in 2012? The Department of State (then run by Hillary Clinton) and the Department of Homeland Security’s Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Division (CRCL) found Haney’s work objectionable. Haney attributed their concern to complaints lodged by “Islamic based influence groups.” These groups “definitely play a role in controlling the narrative” to which the Obama administration “submit{s}. This dynamic ‘create{s} a potent force that has shattered our ability to do our job.
            It’s time you came clean Teddy Boy. Admit that you are an Islamic terrorist supporter and could care less what happens to America.

          204. Ted says

            More conspiracy horseshit of yours. Got a CREDIBLE source…..EVER?

            Funny how whenever you don’t like the facts you disingenously call them “lies”. But when you just make shit up they’re facts despite zero attribution. You’re such an ass clown. Go put your tin foil hat back on.

          205. Ted says

            Put down the crack poor dumbphuck and no one gets hurt.

            So, how much bullshit favored Kool Aid can you actually drink? Now, I’m impressed!

          206. Robert Pekarik says

            You’ve bought into the far left socialist failure concept. If you would only investigate all the socialist countries and their abject failure to improve their citizens state in life you might actually pull you head out of the sand of lies and admit that if it wasn’t for the proven conservative values of the United States of America and the proven economic policies there would be no other nation that could be relied on to be trusted with honest leadership. All you dopes want to do is try and prove that you can make historic failure into success. As you continue to destroy America with your immoral and perverted fundamental transformation you will never accept the reality that you have absolutely no clue about reality. Arrogance and ineptness will never result in success and the left has proven again and again that when it comes to common sense and trust you are at the very bottom of the barrel.

          207. Ted says

            Which whackjob is your drivel from, Lyndon LaRouche or Alex Jones?

          208. Robert Pekarik says

            Cuba, Russia, China, all South American countries and those socialist nations that I have failed to mention. Are you that blind or are you just really that brainwashed by the far left?

          209. Ted says

            Are you learning impaired? Ok, dumb question. Answer the question dipshit.

          210. Robert Pekarik says

            I did. I listed all of the nations that are using socialism to better their people but as you continue to ignore the truth I’m wasting my time. Obama wants to fundamentally transform our nation because he doesn’t think America is exceptional and he has proven on a daily basis what a hypocrite and embarrassment he really is.

          211. Ted says

            The best example of American exceptionalism perhaps ever is your President, Barack Obana. Dispute the facts.

          212. Robert Pekarik says

            A pathological liar, as proven by the number of times he has been shown on both video and audio. The fact is, he lies but he just doesn’t care. The ends justify the means for this liberal/marxist president.

          213. lindajoyadams says

            The great nephew in law of Rosa parks, who lost his dad and other members of her family in the racist attack in 3/61 in Topeka ks that is behind the whole cover up of his birth .. Linda Joy Adams

          214. Ted says

            Obama has fundamentally transformed our country already. Just look at how he’s been able to transform W’s train wreck of an economy and unemployment which was the worst since the Great Depression and turned it completely around. Fortune 500 companies have been declaring record earnings just as Wall St. has. The Dow at record highs. Had you any rental property or a 401K you’d be kissing his tanned derrière. The tremendous Obama recovery allowed my to retire 5 years faster. Thx, Mr President!

          215. lindajoyadams says

            He started out trying and got stopped by some real corrption. Don Berwick MD was going to get basic reforms passed right away ad stop the stealing of huge amounts by Lynn Blpdgett out of health care as there is no govt in control of health care are all since 2002. Now the whole nation is under HILLARY CARE AND SHE CLAIMS IT AS SHE STARTED IT IN 1993. Linda Joy Adams

          216. C.T. Dixon says

            Hey Pekar, You are a part of the Fact Free Zone. The $1.7 billion that was released to Iran was not tax payer funds it was money in escrow from a weapons deal that was in progress just before the Iranian Revolution in 1979. The Iranian Government had just sent $400 million to purchase weapons and then the money was held onto by the US Government. The $1.7 billion was a return of the $400 million plus 37 years of Interest. You are the one who doesn’t seem to care about the truth. The real leaches are the Big Oil companies that get all kinds of government welfare through the tax code and are trying to cast doubt on climate change in an effort to keep making the big profits.

          217. Robert Pekarik says

            And that’s exactly what the Obama administration has been saying. On the other hand the people that got the money, Iran, has stated that it was a “ransom” payment. According to some of the few administration officials that tell the truth this payment came just prior to the release of the five prisoners and Senior Iranian officials have said the money was provided as part of the prisoner swap. “The money was returned for the freedom of the U. S. spy and it was not related to other negotiations,” said Mohammad Reza Naqdi. If only this president and administration were honest and not caught lying on just about everything perhaps they could be believed. But when your pathological like all of these dictators are what is really believable. As for climate change you will have the opportunity to view “Climate Hustle” take advantage of checking out factual information. You are part of the Truth Free Zone. The Big Lie being your constitution.

          218. C.T. Dixon says

            Please take note of the word “returned”, which implies it was their money to begin with for goods purchased but never delivered, not taxpayer funds as you had said earlier. I was not remarking on the why, but on the source of the funds which you lied about. I wonder how much of CFACT’s (the producers of “Climate Hustle”) money comes from wealthy oil interests anonymously via Donors Trust.

          219. Robert Pekarik says

            The lie is that the Obama administration said that this money was not a “ransom” but money that the Iranians were owed. You continue to put your trust in the “most transparent administration in history” (Blatant Lie). If you have the courage check out what Judicial Watch is doing via FOIA requests to get this corrupt administration to release documents which they refuse to release despite court orders and Congressional subpoenas. This administrations transparency is only evident when they cater to terrorist nations.

          220. C.T. Dixon says

            Like I said I am not making a statement on what the administration said, but on what you said “$1.7 billion in taxpayer funds” which was a lie on your part. Like I said I was not talking about the why, whether we returned it as a ransom or for any other purpose but the nature/source of the funds which you clearly lied about. And so many of the terrorist nations have become that way due to our history of meddling in that part of the world. We along with great Britain helped support and shore up the former Shah of Iran and Savik (his intelligence service) as he suppressed the Iranian people, we helped start the Taliban in Afghanistan by supporting the Mujahadeen in our proxy war against the former Soviet Union. I don’t think there has ever been a “transparent” presidential administration since the beginning of this country. Every administration in my lifetime has had it’s shares of scandals and things they have covered up.

          221. Robert Pekarik says

            But how many administrations have an organization with known terrorist ties giving advice and holding positions within the administration? The Muslim Brotherhood has Huma Abedin, Mehdi K. Alhassani and Rashad Hussain on the payroll reporting to this administration. The reality is that the Obama administration’s policy in Libya before Gadhafi was removed from power was a pro-Muslim Brotherhood policy; it paved the way for the Benghazi attacks. Indications are that after Gadhafi was removed the U. S. was involved in facilitating weapons shipments out of Benghazi and onto the Syrian rebels. Another pro-Muslim Brotherhood policy. In fact Mehdi K. Alhassani’s 2006 partner, Basha, sits on the Board of the Syrian Emergency Task Force, which seeks to support those Muslim Brotherhood rebels in Syria and is led by Mouaz Moustafa, who also led the Libyan Emergency Task Force until Gadhafi fell. This administration is more concerned with pleasing the Muslim Brotherhood than honoring their oaths to protect we the people.

          222. C.T. Dixon says

            Ted, I see you have become Pekar’s newest whipping post. Been there, done that. Arguing with him is as useless as trying to cut a piece of steel rebar with a rubber band. He will move the goalposts, quote right wing rhetoric and misrepresent the data ad nauseum. To him everything is the fault of the “evil” liberals and progressive anrachists/marxists.

          223. Ted says

            Yeah, I’m done with the clown. There are only so many ways you can kick an extremist ideologue’s ass before one’s foot gets sore and I keep forgetting to switch them. Thx.

          224. Robert Pekarik says

            And the hypocrite strikes again. There is no arguing with you because you are permanently stuck in the quicksand of left wing rhetoric and completely false and dishonest data and the big lie. You claim that I move the goalposts, you’re not even on the same playing field and take your brainwashed ball and crawl back into your far left safe space. As far as fault goes, who’s been running our nation into the ground for the past 7+ years? Who’s been lying about everything and anything that sheds the truth about how corrupt and inept this president and administration really are? If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times show me one time when this corrupt administration has taken responsibility for anything they’ve mismanaged and ruined? Obamacare, IRS targeting. refusing to turn over documents to Congress concerning Fast & Furious and all the other criminal activity they have been conducting, allowing the Muslim Brotherhood to influence mid-East policies? It’s a never ending stream of liberal/marxist anti-American fundamental transformation and your trolling to use the far left liberal tactics of the Big Lie is finally awakening real Americans.

          225. C.T. Dixon says

            You only ever pay attention to the bovine fecal material put out by the right wing media outlets and talking heads. At least I am willing to listen to both sides since I realize that both sides tend to exaggerate and twist the facts and realize that the truth is somewhere in between. You are the one who is dishonest in your use of data. Whenever unemployment is brought up you keep trying to compare the U3 rates against the U6 rates. The U3 rate has been the rate primarily used for decades. One reason for this is that because it does exclude some people who have given up looking for work. One group that is excluded is people who have given up work due to the fact that they are in a field that hs been made obsolete due to changes in technology and are at an age where training in a new field is impractical due to the fact that even with training they are more lilkely to be passed over in the hiring process for someone much younger, I have a relative who was in that situation. They got laid off due to changes in technology making the field they had worked in for 30 years obsolete and even with getting training in the replacement field had problems getting an equivalent job due to their age. As far as faukt goes who has been running our nation into the ground for the past 40+ years. The Obama administration is no more or less corrupt than the Bush Administration before it (allowing torture, outing CIA operatives), the Clinton administration before that, the Bush administration before that, the Reagan administration before that (Remember a little thing called Iran-Contra, which was a direct violation of the law) and definitely less corrupt than the Nixon administration. You bring up Operation Fast and Furious under the Obama Adminstration, but don’t bring up Operation Wide Receiver under the Bush Adminstration in 2006 which used the exact same tactics. And show some real evidence for “allowing the Muslim Brotherhood to influence mid-East policies” not right wing innuendo or accusations and innuendo.

          226. Robert Pekarik says

            We’re living in the now, not the then. It does no good to give facts to someone who is brainwashed and totally adverse to facts. I can give you facts but you callthem accusations and innuendo. You are doing nothing more than spewing the lies and false talking points of the people that are out to fundamentally transform America and you believe your right. You care nothing for what is happening to our nation and go on enabling the far left immoral and hateful re. In June 2012, five Republican lawmakers (most prominently Michele Bachman) sent letters to the inspectors general at the Depts. of Homeland Security, Justice, Defense and State, asking that they investigate government “policies and activities that appear to be the result of influence operations conducted by individuals and organizations associated with the Muslim Brotherhood. One of the letters noted that Huma Abedin “has three family members … connected to Muslim Brotherhood operatives and/or organizations.” Abedin herself spent 12 years working for the Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs, a Saudi-based Islamic think tank whose agenda was – and remains to this day, as journalist Andrew C. McCarthy explains – “to grow as unassimilated, aggressive population of Islamic supremacists who will gradually but dramatically alter the character of the West.”
            While Bachman was widely criticized and ridiculed for daring to suggest that Muslim Brotherhood elements had infiltrated the U. S. government, corroboration of her allegations came, in December 2012, for an unlikely quarter: Egypt’s Rose El-Youssef magazine, which asserted that six highly-place Muslim Brotherhood infiltrators within the Obama administration had transformed the U. S. “from a position hostile to Islamic groups and organizations in the world to the largest and most important supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood.” Arif Alikhan, assistant secretary of Homeland Security for policy development; Mohammed Elibiary, a member of the Homeland Security Advisory Council; Rashad Hussain, the U. S. special envoy to the Organization of the Islamic Conference; Salam-el-Marayati, co-founder of the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC), Imam Mohamed Magid, president of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA); and Eboo Patel, a member of Obama’s Advisory Council of Faith-Based Neighborhood Partnerships. These are the people about whom these republicans has raised concerns. Discover The Networks profiles these and other Islamists who have influenced, or have been appointed to positions within, Obama’s administration. Also included in this section are a number of Islamists who have not officially been connected with the Obama administration, but who have had a significant influence on Obama’s thinking over the course of his life.
            Again, as I stated before, you are content to watch America being destroyed within for whatever reason you have. I sincerely believe that you and the other trolls on these sites are in some way associated with Islamic terrorist organizations and the corrupt to the core Obama administration. This is the now, this is what is happening today as this president knew exactly what his intentions were when he stated he was going to fundamentally transform America. You are either that naive or you are a supporter and enabler of destroying our nation from within.

          227. C.T. Dixon says

            Some of the individuals you named are based upon innuendo, because they are being portrayed as supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood because they have links to individuals or organizations that are then linked to the Muslim Brotherhood. I would want to see evidence in their own words within the context of their entire statements before I would say they are definitely affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood. Using that same logic I could say that the Republican party has been infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood, the KKK and the and the anti-Semitic Holocaust Denial Movement. Mohammed Elibiary, who you mentioned, happens to be a Texas Republican and was a delegate for John McCain in 2008, David Duke was a Republican and even tried to run for president was the founder of the Louisiana Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, Pat Buchanan who is a Republican and was White House Director of Communications under President Reagan has made public comments in doubt of the Holocaust and has been known to make anti-Semitic remarks. As for Egypt’s Rose El-Youssef magazine I would give it about as much credibility as I would have given Pravda in the 1980’s considering the magazine is controlled by the Egyptian Government after being nationalized by Egypt’s President Nasser in the 1960s. Since at the time of the article the president of Egypt was Mosri, there is the possibility that the article was done as propaganda to try to give the Muslim Brotherhood more legitimacy than it had since at the time there were new sets of protests against the Egyptian Government. Our government should not be hostile to or discriminate against Muslim Groups or individuals, unless it can be shown that they are active in terrorist activities and the Muslim Brotherhood has never been on the US list of Designated Terrorist Organizations since its founding in 1928.

          228. Robert Pekarik says

            This is what the problem is Mr. Dixon. You give no credibility to other nations press and I tend to agree with you. What credibility does the main stream media have in America when it is obvious that they are in lock step with the liberal democrat party? I mentioned in previous posts that the film “Climate Hustle” will be out on 5/2/16 and is shows how our government has blackballed any and all scientists that have proof that the climate data has been manipulated for agenda and money making plays. You’ve named several people that have infiltrated our government through every party and again I can agree. My problem is that we know, right now, that people have been placed in this administration by the president who are there for the purpose of fundamentally transforming America with the assistance of our main stream press. You can doubt this all you want but if you don’t see the damage and rulings by the far left on America over the past decade then you are purposefully blind.

          229. Ted says

            Are you merely stupid or just a raving idiot? You decide. Shoo-shoo!

          230. Robert Pekarik says

            You are stupid and a raving idiot. It is being proven every time you post one of your ignorant posts that have no content other than confirming that you are a clown. Is that the school you graduated from? Or did you flunk out?

          231. Ted says

            Run along now! Shoo-shoo.

          232. Frankiev says

            Pubs get out of the way and let capitalism flourish Edbird. Fewer taxes, less inane regulation. SS a ripoff for savers, Medicare 80 trillion in arrears to satisfy future obligations. But who cares, surely not Dims.
            Dims like that govt dependency, gone amok.
            Daughter just sold her home in Denver, moving to Naples, Fl. Just sent her a note it’s
            going to cost her an extra $20,000 she will unknowing contribute via Obummercare.
            That should pay for a few Medicaid recipients for a year or two. Feels good to contribute
            to the Dim cause I told her.
            Her and her game white privilige. Did I spell that right Edbird, er, Mr. Webster.

          233. 1EdMeadows83 says

            “privilige? Did I spell that right Edbird, er, Mr. Webster.” As a matter of fact, no you did not. I’m not going o give you the correct spelling. Look it up. It’ll do you good. I shouldn’t worry because you are obviously a juvenile, regardless of your age. Only juveniles depend upon deliberately misspelled words, like Obummercare in a pitiful effort to impress fellow idiots.

          234. Frankiev says

            Would like your thoughts on my daughters contribution to Obummercare.
            Twenty thou enough for being born Caucasian. Although she didn’t build that company,
            she and her husband are trying their best.

          235. 1EdMeadows83 says

            Ah yes! Obummercare. Misspelling, the last resort of desperation! I don’t know what you want me to say about your daughter’s misfortune. Apparently she made a choice and she should have know what would transpire, so I’m supposed to feel sorry for her? Sorry ’bout that.

          236. Frankiev says

            Guess it’s just her way to contribute more. Twenty thou won’t go far in govt anymore.

          237. Frankiev says

            Edbird, what if Trump became president. It would perhaps be the first time a billionaire moved into public housing formerly occupied by a black. Go figure.

          238. 1EdMeadows83 says

            Now, I have to admit, that was funny! In fact i’ll even use it!

          239. Frankiev says

            You’re getting looser Ed. Good for you.

          240. 1EdMeadows83 says

            Don’t let a compliment go to your head. You’re still an asshole.

          241. Frankiev says

            You convince me of that and I’m voting Dim.

          242. 1EdMeadows83 says

            I’m not at all concerned how you vote. I’m sure you’ll back Trump or Cruz all the way to their defeat, and I’ll back Senator Clinton or Senator Sanders all the way to the Oval Office. It’s just the way things are.

          243. Frankiev says

            Joining the do nothing 47 percenters will not bring America to a positive outcome. Third world status around the bend, and Venezuela gonna ask where you been.

          244. 1EdMeadows83 says

            Frankie, you have a unique writing style. It’s called “stream of consciousness”. Some great authors have use it, but it’s a little out of place on these immortal pages!

          245. 1EdMeadows83 says

            Frankie, you have a unique writing style. It’s called “stream of consciousness”. Some great authors have used it, but it’s a little out of place on these immortal pages!

          246. Frankiev says

            Being conscious is a conservative trait, while Dim thinking is putting people pathetically dependent on others. Quite a difference.

          247. 1EdMeadows83 says

            Yeah Frankie, whatever you say. Now crawl back under the refrigerator with the rest of the vermin.

          248. Frankiev says

            Socialism has only killed 118 million people so far, so your vote for Bernie, if possible, could add to this number. I’d be proud if I were the Edbird.

          249. 1EdMeadows83 says

            OK Frankie, if we’re going to lie – The Regressives are funding Al Queda, ISIS, Boko Haram, The Chicago Mafia and all of the Compton, CA gangs. It might have lent some credence to your stupid statement if you had stated just how the Socialists killed so many people. But nah, you won’t do that because someone just might call you on it.

          250. 1EdMeadows83 says

            OK Frankie, if we’re going to lie – The Regressives are funding Al Queda, ISIS, Boko Haram, The Chicago Mafia and all of the Compton, CA gangs. It might have lent some credence to your stupid statement if you had stated just how the Socialists killed so many people. But nah, you won’t do that because someone just might call you on it. Be careful, someone might turn on the kitchen light and you and your colleagues might be caught out on the kitchen floor before you can scurry to safety beneath the refrigerator!

          251. Frankiev says

            Some basic research is necessary to verify the veracity of my statement. Start with Lenin, and go from there. You can do it Edbird, it takes but a basic Dim effort.

          252. 1EdMeadows83 says

            In other words, you admit it was all bullshit. I’ve almost forgotten what your “statement” was. In other words, you’re just not interesting anymore.

          253. Frankiev says

            Google is a cure all for libnuts like you. Try it now, and see the veracity in my statement. Socialism is a killer, but not Killery. She just does it through not caring enough.

          254. 1EdMeadows83 says

            I’ve explained my thoughts to you, Frankie. You may have to ask someone to explain them to you. I don’t have the time. I’ve got to relax in my recliner.

          255. Frankiev says

            You appear to want to avoid the truth, is that a Dim moment?
            Just google it and say you’re sorry Bird.

          256. 1EdMeadows83 says

            OK, I am indeed sorry that your father didn’t use a condom.

          257. Frankiev says

            I created lots of wealth Edbird, the white priviledge thing you know. But for people who use condoms, it’s surely a better choice than the killing of the unborn that Dims support. Closing in on 60 million now. Could have had a American born pres I bet.

          258. Frankiev says

            Chicken Parm is oh so good.

          259. 1EdMeadows83 says

            OK, I guess.

          260. Frankiev says

            Healthcare in Australia is superior. Muslim went into a clinic there and said he didn’t feel well. Doc said: Get a bucket, put three days of your excrement in it, a few dead fish, some rotted cabbage, and put your head over it with a towel draped over your head and inhale it. Then come back In three days. Three days later the Muslim returns completely cured. He asks the doc, what was wrong With me. Doc said, you were just homesick.

          261. Frankiev says

            That’s okay, we have some mentally ill in our family who will vote for Killery or the communist also.

          262. 1EdMeadows83 says

            Someday. if it is possible for you to look back and resurrect these deathless lines, you’ll look at yours and think, “How could I have been so stupid?” Until then, I’ll take the responsibility and tell you, You are very stupid! You’re welcome.

          263. Frankiev says

            Out of millions the Dims could choose from in this pres race, they pick an FBI suspect and an admitted Communist (socialist with a smile). Now that is inane.

          264. 1EdMeadows83 says

            Jesus Frankie! It is so easy for you to lie! Lies just roll of your tongue! I’m assuming you have a couple of functioning brain cells, so I’ll try to write words you might understand. Bernie Sanders (He’s the Democratic guy who’s running for president) NEVER, that’s N. E. V. E. R. “admitted to being a Communist! I realize that to simple minded people like you, there’s no difference between Communism and Socialism, but take the word of a person much smarter than you, me, there is a pronounced difference. It’s the same as saying Republicanism is the same as Fascism, well, actually, there’s not that much difference, but you get the idea. If not, then let me know and I’ll try to explain it to you.

          265. Frankiev says

            Edbird, what is a communist if not a socialist with a smile. They want to punish the successful, and force dependency on the poor. Come on Vird, anyone with an ounce of brains can see that. Or maybe not.

          266. 1EdMeadows83 says

            Frankie, if you have to ask, you’ll never understand. The rest of your diatribe is nonsense and not worth discussing. Do you consider yourself moderately intelligent? If you do, you might try delving into various forms of government. Canada is Socialistic. Norway, Switzerland, Finland all have socialist types of government. They’re all doing quite well. Even America is leaning toward Socialism with Social Security, Medicare. Welfare and the highway system – all Socialistic! They believe in an educated citizenry, which the Regressive Party of the USA disdains because an ignorant citizenry is much easier to control. You fit right in with that concept! It’s time to grow up, Frankie. Come into a new century, the 20th century! You are really pathetic.

          267. Frankiev says

            It’s the 21st century Edbird, the Dims still think it’s party time of the 20th century I’m sure. Those countries you mention are not socialistic, but pick a few affordable aspects of socialism. They more resemble a capitalistic economic system if you simply google them. Nice try though. Try Venezuela, Argentina, Cuba, Bolivia. Real bastions of what Bernie wants, and Killery will lead us to.

          268. Lynn Todd says

            I hate to say it, but if you truly believe that you would back that no-good lyin’ piece of chit, dishonest, thieving Hillary Clinton you are truly sick in the head. If I were forced to vote Dem, it would NOT be her.

            Though it is time for a woman in the WH, she is definitely NOT it, besides, at this point it’s hard to imagine her even being a woman, no wonder Bill found Lewinski to his liking.

          269. 1EdMeadows83 says

            I hate to say it, but I’ve always held women to a higher standard than med I think a smart woman is often smarter than most men. But, My Dear, you certainly disabuse me of that notion. You, personally, just set the cause for women back several years. Too bad.

          270. Frankiev says

            That’s exactly how I feel about Killery.

          271. Lynn Todd says

            You have your right to your opinions as I do mine; but really how well do you still trust and back HC now? Now that is a woman that should have disabused you of a smart woman being smarter than any man period.

          272. 1EdMeadows83 says

            I’m sure you feel that way and you can be sure that I don’t care.

          273. 1EdMeadows83 says

            “Though it is time for a woman in the WH, she is definitely NOT it, besides, at this point it’s hard to imagine her even being a woman, no wonder Bill found Lewinski to his liking.” Apparently you dislike Secretary Clinton. I don’t care. But you are dead wrong about her not being the first woman president. She, most definitely WILL be the first woman president and the next president. Live with it.

          274. Frankiev says

            Back to the old crotchety Edbird I see.
            Remember, they shoot horses.

          275. 1EdMeadows83 says

            Oh My! Such words of wisdom! I’ll remember thous until my dying day, or yours!

          276. Robert Pekarik says

            Watch your spelling Mister Ed. You may need to take an extra long nap today.

          277. Frankiev says

            In most countries, traitors are imprisoned or shot. In America, with John Kerry and Jane Fonda, they Just join the Democratic Party.

          278. 1EdMeadows83 says

            Tell me, in your own words, how John Kerry betrayed the United States.

          279. Frankiev says

            Just being an apologetic libnut like deaf leader. Turning his back on Vietnam Vets like one of your libnut leaders Jane Fonda. That’s for starters.

          280. Frankiev says

            This one was good Edbird. It did bring a chuckle.

          281. Frankiev says

            Another racist comment for the PC police to address. You’re toast Edbird. Killery gonna kick your arse.

          282. Lynn Todd says


          283. Ted says

            Yeah, just like you dickheaded hypocrites claim we can’t blame Obama’s predecessor W for anything but then the first thing you do is exonerate W for 9/11 and blame Clinton!

            PS and you ass clowns will miss the ironym, too. Pffffffft!

          284. Robert Pekarik says

            There’s nothing in the world that will stop you progressive bottom feeders from blaming everyone and everything for the failures of this corrupt to the core administration. The reason God choose the time He did to come to earth is that when he put this question to the leaders of the time, “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone,” you progressives would have run out of stones to throw.

          285. Ted says

            Wow! You’re kind of a theologian, aren’t you?

          286. Robert Pekarik says

            No, but I can refer you to a business that sells stones.

          287. Ted says

            You probably call yourself lysdexic, too.

          288. Robert Pekarik says

            Perhaps, but I would definitely call you pornogressive.

          289. albaby2 says

            Your mother could have aborted you via an enema..

          290. Michael Dennewitz says


          291. Ted says

            Funny how only you know what Obama meant when he said he wanted to “fundamentally change ‘Murica”. Mad great mindreaders go, you’re NOT one of them. Besides, after W’s 8 year nightmare if any country and where its economy and foreign policy was headed needed fundamental changing it was us.

          292. Robert Pekarik says

            Funny how you think I’m the only one who is living in the fundamental transformation of America. The past 8 years the majority of Americans have been attempting to put people in office that will change the direction that the narcissistic one has taken us on. Now we have an economy of falsification with almost 1/3 of our citizens who are underemployed or stopped looking for work which the genius in the White House has simply forgotten about. A foreign policy of bowing to evil and ignoring the advantage that these evil nations are taking. Nothing to worry about here, everything is fine. Obama actually believes that, when he speaks, these countries who want America on its knees will respond in kind. When you live in a world of your own making, reality becomes something to transform. And, with people like you who dislike America it encourages and enables this anti-American president to make us into a liberal/progressive/socialis cesspool.

          293. Ted says

            You self serving, self appointed, self annointed “patriots” are vomit inducing. And you and your ilks knee jerk, “Dems hate America” bullshit is simply a delusional effort to take some patriotic highground.

            So I can only imagine how outraged you must’ve been when Ike, Nixon and the Bushes all bowed to world leaders prior to your President doing so to the Saudi King.

          294. Robert Pekarik says

            Thing always look fine for people who live in the 5 richest counties of America. Your pathetic “Dems Hate America” line is just another excuse for you to continue milking we the people as both your demoncrat and RINO officials offer up the majority of Americans to keep your status quo moving along the fundamental transformation of America highway. I’d have to admit if my gravy train was going to end it may cross my mind to throw everybody else overboard to protect my own stuff. You are insulting, pathetic and greedy.

          295. BILL3000 says

            Oh,Michael Dennewitz!! You’re not THAT bad!

          296. BILL3000 says

            EVEN the Derelict Liars who produce Fix this Nation?

          297. Marshabblount4 says

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        3. Marine68 says

          Prosecuted is the word, we are the persecuted.

        4. albaby2 says

          Did you mean prosecuted?

          1. Croco Dile says


        5. Ted says

          You’re right. To be prosecuted or indicted you must first break a law. Sorry.

      3. BILL3000 says

        Especially the Writers and Editors of Fix This Nation:TOTAL SCUMBAGS!!!!!

        1. coneyro says

          I’m neutral, so I am honestly asking. I gather that you find Fix This Nation less than appealing. Why exactly?

      4. Ted says

        So, you admit that Cheney and W are war criminals? Now, there’s a surprise.

        1. James Maxwell says

          Tell me how does it feel to be a troll living with your head us your anus and
          pretending to actually have a rational or real though? Your masters must
          be proud of your for being such a willing stooge for them and repeating
          their lies. Now go back and you can brag that you are a total dumb
          ass for life.

          1. Ted says

            I have no idea. It is, however, a sine qua non here (you can look it up later). Do tell.

    2. squeak says

      Exactly right, my sentiments also… it does not stop there, the list is too long… if any American did what all these politicians do & did, we would have been hauled away in handcuffs & spend the rest of our lives in prison…Hillary is guilty as sin, CONVICT HER FBI, do your job !!!

      1. 1EdMeadows83 says

        I’m not really sure, but I think a person has to commit a crime in order to be convicted of one.

        1. squeak says

          Well, Well Mr. know it all is back & never stops… There is soooo much the Clintons have done , for one, the foreign money going to their Foundation while Secretary of state…how convenient, Anticrime, changed your name ?? LOL !

          1. 1EdMeadows83 says

            Well Mousy, why have they never been charged? We have a Regressive Senate, we have a Regressive House of Representatives. Both hate the Clintons. It seems if the Clintons are such miscreants, one of those august bodies could find some crime to hang on them. Maybe, just maybe they are not criminals. Maybe they are a well educated couple who know how to accomplish difficult endeavors. Of course, you Regressives won’t understand what I mean! I’ll use simpler words next time.

          2. squeak says

            I’ll tell you as I have before, you are not worth my time… your IGNORANCE is boring…Majority of American people know the Clintons & what they are about, MONEY & POWER, why do you think they are a line away from being BILLIONAIRES, before they got into politics , they did not have a pot to pee in, what does that tell you JERKY ?? Get your INFO straight before coming on here & Chastise everyone & I mean everyone ! Done with you !

          3. 1EdMeadows83 says

            If I’m not worth your time, then why do you continue to respond to my posts? It is because you see some value in them. You ascertain that I’m smarter than you and you are compelled to try and prove otherwise. I expect to hear from you again.

  2. OldmanRick says

    She will not spend one hour behind bars. If push comes to shove, the brat will give her a presidential pardon.

    1. Virginia Hornibrook says

      She’s got something on Obama and he’ll never let her go to prison he’ll pardon her and pray to God she doesn’t become our president she’s a lair always has been if Obama pardons her take his retirement money and secrect service away from him and he can find a job and work for a change

      1. OldmanRick says

        Maybe something regarding his citizenship status when attending college.

    2. jeannemartin says

      Or she will give herself one after the election!!! ?

  3. Jimmy Quick says

    They are like a couple of dons (Obama and Bill) from opposing organized crime syndicates. I don’t think Hillary is anything more than a mule, carrying contraband and anything else she can fit in her pants suite.

    The way I see it they are gonna do whatever it takes to stay in power and continue to tear our nation to shreds and then burn to the ground, anything that is left.

    If they are not prosecuted, that is a sign that we all need to take heed and if we lose this election, it will be every man woman and child for themselves because the enemies of life have taken over the USA.

  4. John says

    You know she wouldn’t be charged, they just taking care of each other. How can anyone vote for her, what has she done beside screw over the American people?

    1. 2Shadow2 says

      Ahh. But the peasants do so love their nanny state. And they know that Hillary Dillary Dock will keep feeding the welfare addicts.

    2. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

      Why? Liberalism is a mental disorder.

    3. del says

      Why she stood up for her sleazeball hubby and tried to off the chickadees

      1. Bob Marcum says

        The scenario is about to occur, if ted cruz gets in the white house. He will cover, for his wife and she will cover for him, as they turn their backs on the American Citizens,; and,
        look after the illegals, as their first order of business. They will open the borders, ten
        times more efficiently, than the obuma administration has done. It’s heidi’s dream.

        1. Jayjay1963 says

          Oh, and I suppose if Trump, the man who brags about buying politicians, gets in, it will be a squeaky clean administration??

          1. Sam L. Brown says

            Don’t know how squeaky clean it will be but rest assured it will be better than the last 7 plus years of Numb nuts.

        2. Virginia Hornibrook says

          Where in the hell did you get the idea the Cruz and his wife are going to open the borders you’re crazy what kool aid ate you drinking

    4. David Kledzik says

      Heck the dems don’t even want her, they want the socialist. What a double edged sword.

    5. Virginia Hornibrook says

      You’re right and I can’t believe all these stupid women are going to vote for her they’re as stupid as she is just because she’s a women doesn’t mean anything she won’t make a good president killer Hillary needs to go to prison

    6. jscarano7 says


  5. James Maxwell says

    This is nothing new for the Democrat Socialist or other criminals to cover each other in time of need.
    If the truth comes out it would implicate many other in the political spectrum that it would be like

    cockroaches scurrying for cover when the light comes on. It probably would open a can of worms
    for the GOP leadership when questions arose about the qualification of O’muzzie for the White House
    and who vetted him for the position of President when no one has actually seen his qualification or

    had examined them to insure we had a valid candidate in office. If Hildabest is actually charged

    then you willl see a lot of the rats running for cover before she takes the stand or an immediate

    Full Presidential pardon to insure she does not have to take the stand and/or go to jail. If she is
    tried and convicted she will open up like a cheap suit and implicate so many others that it would

    leave us without a real government in place as the jails would be full of the criminals that we the

    TAX PAYERS have elected because we did not pay attention to the qualifications of the individuals
    we put in positions of power over us.

    1. Patricia says

      NOT “over us” but rather, “we put in positions FOR us!”

  6. peeweetanner@yahoo.com says


    1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

      I was about to post my 2 cents worth, but you nailed it!

      1. Bob Marcum says

        Yeap; he nailed it, alright.

    2. Gea says

      B. Hussein Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and all their Muslim Brotherhood ilk should be in jail and tried for treason. Then they could be either dealt with as US dealt with traitors in the past, or they could be sent for a permanent Hajj to their Saudi King.

    3. fred says

      Sign up for the Judicial Watch lawsuit against BOTH the kenyan and the criminal from Arkansas and her fake husband! Both should be in Prison!

      1. Bob Marcum says

        What lawsuit is going to stop them ? The FBI has failed. No one is going to do, what the FBI failed to do. They’re protected, by the DOJ.

        1. peeweetanner@yahoo.com says

          The DOJ AND FBI is controlled by OBAMA

          1. Michael Dennewitz says

            And geo soros controls ovomit AND the media….

          2. jscarano7 says

            YOU GOT THAT RIGHT

          3. Seb says

            Not really !

          4. Bob Marcum says

            The FBI is not controlled, by obuma. They can only recommend an indictment. The DOJ refuses to indict, because they work directly, for the president. He hired
            her aand he can fire her. She will not do what obuma says not to do. She is
            bound by his instructions. Irt’s that simple. The FBI cannot indict. They can only recommend it.

          5. peeweetanner@yahoo.com says


          6. Michael Dennewitz says

            You stop snorting that shit and you won’t be thinking so damned stupidly!!

          7. peeweetanner@yahoo.com says

            you got the brain problem not me people like you dont want to hear the truth thats why our country is in troble

          8. Michael Dennewitz says

            Glad I didn’t meet up with your sorry ass in Nam!!

          9. peeweetanner@yahoo.com says

            you mjght have 155 stuck in you ass

          10. Michael Dennewitz says

            We would have taken your sorry ass out FIRST! !

    4. Bob Marcum says

      They didn’t fail. They never had any intentions, of doing anything, beneficial, for this nation. They have been very successful, at what they wanted to do in the first place. They’ve destroyed the nation’s ability to operate, in an efficient manner, to say the least. They’ve destroyed the nation, permanently, if they are able to keep Trump out of the white house. That is their present goal. Otherwise; they’re getting everything, they wanted.

      1. peeweetanner@yahoo.com says

        Trump will buirey himself His big mouth and ego is the main problem

        1. Sam L. Brown says

          Your stupid and part of the problem in America today.

          1. peeweetanner@yahoo.com says


          2. Michael Dennewitz says

            I’m a Vietnam vet… So…big fucking deal!!

          3. Sam L. Brown says

            I see why your handle is peewee. And as far as my club and your 21 years of service, I most likely have more time in the Prop Blast of a C-119 and 124 than you have in the mess hall,

          4. peeweetanner@yahoo.com says


          5. Michael Dennewitz says

            Awwwww, poor baby. Now stick a tit in your face and go nightie night…. ROFLMFAO

        2. Michael Dennewitz says

          WTF is buirey there TROLL?

          1. jscarano7 says


        3. Bob Marcum says

          I agree, it’s his biggest flaw, in his character. However; it hasn’t turned me off, and it never will. It hasn’t stopped him, yet. The only time it slowed him down, was when he got careless with his accusations, about cruz’s wife. Otherwise; he’s been going strong, all the way. It’s his ability to think on his feet, though,
          that I like about that ego. He’s gonna be a damned good leader, when he gets a bit of time, to chill-out, in the white house. I’m putting my trust in him, because, there is no other trustworthy competition, in this race. I do trust his intentions,
          towards his responsibilities, in the white house. There isn’t another candidate, in the race which, I would trust to take out my garbage, basically ( dramatization,
          maybe; but, only a wee one ). Ted is obligated, to his wife.NAFTA is her dream. The borders will be open, faster than the demos had ever hoped for. All other
          candidates, whether still in the race or not, are not qualified, for dog catcher.
          kasich and ryan are both bought and paid for, by the gop.
          Yeah; Trump’s a bit like the bull in a china shop. But; I’ll bet you, 2 to 1, the bull got where he wanted to be.

          1. jscarano7 says

            GREAT COMMENT

    5. Seb says

      Yes! This is why I want Trump..no. To Ryan too!

  7. mrp15 says

    He also said there was not a smidgeon of corruption in the IRS’ actions and that we could keep our doctors and keep our health plans. The man is as mendacious as the woman he is protecting. With what they know about each other’s skeletons in their closets, they must remain loyal to each other or face exposure.

    1. aschark says

      Wouldn’t it be nice if they both ratted each other out? That would be a “happy ending.”

      1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

        They would make a lovely pair of Mississippi wind chimes.

        1. Bob Marcum says

          They would be much more useful, as alligator bait.

          1. Debby says

            Alligators would throw even that “trash” back !!

        2. albaby2 says

          Now that’s funny!

        3. 1EdMeadows83 says

          A true veteran does not find it necessary to bleat the fact that “I AM A VETERAN!!! RESPECT ME!”

          1. Frankiev says

            Actually, with a Muslim president, many do.
            He has such a dislike for veterans, just look at the VA under the doofus sediment, er, I mean prebisent.

          2. 1EdMeadows83 says

            I’m sure that constitutes humor among your backwoods buddies. If you have to lie to be humorous, then it ain’t funny. You know, I assume you have at least 3 functioning brain cells, that President Obama is not a Muslim. His mother was not a Muslim and his Dad was not a Muslim! Before you get your panties in a knot, Barack Obama Sr. was a very devout, practicing atheist, as am I. However, I’m quite sure you’ll continue to let your mouth overload your ass, so please, give it your best shot!

          3. Frankiev says

            Edbird, only think close to my ass would be your mouth, and that’s not a given. Ever wonder why he doesn’t get close to a Catholic Church, like at Scalias funeral? Ever wonder why you will go straight to hell when somebody runs you over with their Beamer? If I had to guess, you are one of those white priviledged guys Killery talks about. I could pick you out Of a 100 idiot lineup because the white priviledge would announce you immediately.

          4. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            Bite me Eddie. Where and when did you serve? I don’t mean your prison sentence either. Some of us were proud to volunteer and serve, ten there are A-holes like you.

          5. 1EdMeadows83 says

            I served during the Korean War I guess I’m not as brave as you. I don’t have the need to broadcast the fact that I am a veteran. Apparently you do.

          6. curmudgeon VN Veteran says

            I suspect you are also a democrat from birth? Not quite so fast Eddie. Some of us are actually proud of enlisting and serving our Nation. Apparently you are not.

          7. 1EdMeadows83 says


    2. Gea says

      NOTHING that b. Hussein Obama, Hilary Clinton or John Kerry say can be trusted,a s they are all pathological liars and traitors…

      1. 1EdMeadows83 says

        Gea, obviously you are a Republican so maybe you can answer the question I have asked numerous Regressives, What has the Republican Party done for you, YOU, or your family? Social Security, Medicare, GI Bill, 5 day work week, 8 hour day, etc., etc., etc. don’t count, because those are Democratic benefits. Please give me some kind of response. So far I’ve received NONE!

        1. Gea says

          I am an INDEPENDENT who does not belong to ANY party with more than 2 members, including me. However, I was a flaming liberal and voted for Obama in 2008 until I started taking closer to what he is doing. I did meet personally, Hillary and Bill Clinton, and Huma Abedin and many others when working at US Congress.

          Lincoln and Frederick Douglas were Republicans, while the party of slavery and KKK was a Democratic party…that during depression managed to present itself as a party of the people…D. F. Roosevelt was a VERY rich guy as are most politicians of Democratic party. I lived in a Communist country and came to USA in 1976, and would not dream of voting for a SOCIALIST pie in the sky politicians, and/or Hillary Clinton who is a pathological liar just as her sexual predator husband and her former boss B. Hussein Obama.

          1. 1EdMeadows83 says

            Well you just proved that you know NOTHING

          2. 1EdMeadows83 says

            How can you expect educated people to place any credence in what a man says who doesn’t even know how to spell President Roosevelt’s full name? His name was NOT D. F. Roosevelt you imbecile. It was Franklin Delano Roosevelt!

  8. 2Shadow2 says

    Ahhh. The criminals defend the criminals. There is grand treason on the table here. I would bet anything that Hussein’s administration has fed vital information to enemies of this country. The whole mid east “Arab spring” was nothing more than a blatant overthrow of existing governments to install Muslim Brotherhood governments. Huma Abedin, Muslim sisterhood, and Hillary right hand, is directly related to Mohamed Morsi, MB, who they installed as president of Egypt after they dumped Mubarak. Really? Look at all the MB tied personnel in Husseins administration, including the head of homeland security. Valerie Jarret, Muslim and born in Iran, is probably calling the shots. John Brennan head of the CIA converted to Islam in Saudi Arabia. And on and on. For this kangaroo court in full flagrante delecto, you have Lynch overseeing the proceedings. Seriously??? No conflict of interest there. http://freedomoutpost.com/thick-as-thieves-ag-loretta-lynchs-law-firm-tied-to-hillary-clinton/

  9. Deborah Henderson says

    For the right price, Hillary will sell us all out and she has.

    1. Harold Sammons says

      Where did the missing 400Billion dollars lost on her watch disappear too?

      1. del says

        ROFL…..how much more have the crooked Clintons and ovomit stolen???

      2. David Kledzik says

        Harold that is the million dollar question. My guess is it is in her slush fund for the clinton foundation.

      3. jscarano7 says


    2. Bob Marcum says

      Her price was paid in advance. Now; she must put-up or shut-up. Otherwise; she dies.
      They’ll see to that. She can’t afford too double cross them, now. The American citizens, be-damned.

  10. Gerry Costa says

    This shItbird has blatantly covered for every radical, criminal and all his corrupt administration for 7+ years and no one in a position of responsibility has the guts to confront him. He has continuously thrown it our faces and the scum in our govt just stand their and take it like little kids.

    1. jeannemartin says

      That is why I will vote for Trump!
      If anyone can bring justice and normalcy to the insane world Obama is making us like in, it is Trump!
      He may not be PC but he is the “P”erfect
      “C”andidate for president of our downtrodden country!!!

      1. Jayjay1963 says

        See my comment above about the man(Trump) who brags about buying politicians.

        1. albaby2 says

          He couldn’t buy politicians if they weren’t for sale.

  11. Kent2012 says

    the ho must have promised kenyan boyo that he could “schlong” her and huma abindongy….

  12. Gerry Costa says

    He has been throwing crap like this in our faces for 7+ years and the people who are in a position to do something about it DON’T or are too afraid to do anything.It is very embarrassing that this fraud, muslim, Un-American POS has been allowed to be the head conspirator in the corruption & destruction of America . And then you see and hear so-called voters who think the witch clinton is innocent and has done a great job — these morons should NOT be allowed anywhere near a voting booth.

  13. Egor von Johnson says

    Not surprising from that monkey faced POS in the White House. Not surprised if that other muslim, Jarett ,blows him every morning in the oval office to continue tradition.

  14. W. Coyote says

    “Hillary’s crimes”? What crimes? Does the author mean using personal email in exactly the same way that Colin Powell and Condi Rice did?
    “using the presidential bully pulpit”? Just imagine ! What an awful thing for a president to do!! George W. Bush (or Ronald Reagan, or potentially Donald Trump) would never do such a thing.

    1. Jayjay1963 says

      That has been disproved. AND, the very fact that she used a personal server, transmitting and receiving classified information is a felony.
      Now, whether the DOJ will indict her, is a whole different ball of wax. But stop that ridiculous claim about previous SOS’s. It’s just not true, and if it was, it’s totally irrelevant.

      1. W. Coyote says

        Jayjay- Thank you for your reply. The headline reads “…Hillary’s crimes”. Has Hillary Clinton been charged with a crime? The matter is under investigation, but in this country, everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

        I’ll include a link ( I hope it goes through) for your consideration.


  15. mrp15 says

    It would be a happy ending, but never to happen because although they can’t protect we the people, they will always protect themselves and do whatever it takes even if it means pandering to their enemy.

  16. papa doug says

    SURPRISE, SURPRISE, SURPRISE! A free campaign ad for Hillary while at the same time covering his own butt and all with help from Fox News. How nice! So the inference is that since Hillary did nothing wrong according to Adolf Obama there’s no reason to continue with the investigation into her emails.
    TA DA! problem solved!

  17. markypolo says

    Do we expect anything LESS? Democrats are ALL lazy, lying, Thieving, POS morons. If you know any, STOP feeding and supporting these worthless fcks!!!!

  18. fred says

    BHO-“Hussien” is just a VERY common criminal with backing from george soros and many others who wish to harm this once great country even further. They should all be prosecuted for treason and capitol MURDER, and given life sentences in a Federal Prison!

  19. chief1937 says

    And just what would one expect him to say about her? You do know birds of a feather flock together.

  20. BA DeMonte says

    Obama continues to protect criminals and persecute the law abiding.

  21. William B. Palazzo says

    Is there any doubt that Obama is in this up to his ears?

  22. Debbie says

    The whole bunch is a bed of Thieves. If one rolls over they know they all will fall.

  23. hangman57 says

    Obama is trying to stop any indicted for Hillary Clinton , he already gave Attorney General Lynch her marching orders in this interview . Telling her to make a judgement of not guilty of a crime and won’t go after her with a indictment .Obama has injected himself into this case , instead of allowing the justice system follow the law . Instead of making a political decision on Hillary case .

  24. MTnman says

    By now, most have noticed that Obama selects those to be around him by the nature of their unsavory backgrounds. It is useful to keep them in line (with something on them) so as to cover and protect him for, and from, his own criminal behavior. Wasn’t it Obama that said something about, “keeping your enemies closer.” That way they are close enough to jerk their subservient collars when he is afraid of the disclosure of his own wicked acts.

    Obama would call it, “managerial sufficiency.”

  25. Conservative says

    Sorry folks,but Barack Hussein Obama has been lying since he registered at a Chicago as a ‘foreign Student’ and as a “Chicago Professor teaching American ‘Constitutional Law’. He was NOT qualified but he wanted that position to learn how easily and quickly he could destroy America & the Constitution. When all those enthralled by Obama and Hillary realize what they have forfeited there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. If they aren’t around to see this destruction, their children will surely be.
    Black lives have gotten worse under Obama, there are more racial divisions and black felonies and blacks killing blacks are at an all time high but those two pathological liars do not care if as long as blacks continue to believe them in spite of all the contrary evidence.

  26. 63Marine says

    WTF??? Has America sunk so low that they don’t give a f*** anymore??? I hope Trump is elected POTUS and he flushes the toilet in Washington DC………

    1. 32eagle says

      traffic jam on the beltway at 10AM est on TRUMP’s first day-all those on capitol hill going away fired

      1. 63Marine says

        What a great day for America that would be……He’s the one to do thst!!

    2. Michael Dennewitz says

      Gonna take a hell of a lot of flushes!!

  27. 63Marine says

    Why are Americans sitting quietly and allowing these clowns run rough-shod over us???
    We need to stand up and fight for our country. All of those A-Holes need to be in prison….NOW!!!!

  28. Michael Skok says

    One crooked hand washes the other.

  29. R. T. says

    I hope she wouldn’t , but doing it her way did !

  30. del says

    One crook protects the other! Both should be in the slammer awaiting a firing squad!

  31. Daniel says

    The current resident of the White House is proving more and more every day he was never fit to hold the office of President of the United States !!!

  32. Albert L Biele says

    Criminals of a feather stick together. I say, mirror, mirror on the wall who’s the best criminal of them all!!!!
    Obama being replaced by Hillary is like Starlin being replaced by Hitler.

  33. Ray Gordon says

    What a sad state of affairs, when the one nation that “WAS” based on the rule of law, has leader who feels that since we are not anything special… he doesn’t have to obey or enforce our laws. Well just the ones he wants to enforce or the ones he chooses to interpret in his own behalf.

    Any wonder the the rest of the world no longer trusts us or depends on us. Nicely done Potus you have done your best to radically change our country and now the hope part … we hope we can resurrect what’s left from the ashes and start anew.
    Mr. President, Hilary, no disrespect,, but you’re about as transparent as Bubba with his “i did not have sex with that young woman ” my ass.

    1. AKLady says

      Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
      Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

  34. Bob Marcum says

    Of course, he covers her ass. It’s been mutual arrangement, between them, ever since he made her sec. of state. They cover for each other, of course.

    1. AKLady says

      Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?

      Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

  35. 32eagle says

    what a legacy-thief,crook,swindler,liar,nobel prize awardee,illegal alien,traitor,painting visions of heaven to be under his term-with his campaign promises that grew up to be big lies-and a no good muslim

    1. AKLady says

      Why do you need to tell this lie?

      Why do you embarrass America this way?

  36. Sonny says

    That’s because their both so deep in lies each one has to cover the other ones ass! He’s as guilty for the deaths in Benghazi as she is! What a joke!

  37. Jeanne Ballard says

    The fix is definitely IN

  38. Michael Dennewitz says

    HA!!! AND HA! I’ve been screaming this for months, that the halfbreed PMIC will cover her dyke ass and make her untouchable.. Two piles of shit in the same toilet!!!

    1. AKLady says

      Michael Dennewitz, age 19, 9645 State Route 821, Lower Salem, for domestic violence, a misdemeanor. Dennewitz turned himself in to Corrections Officers and was processed into the Washington County Jail on 23 Jul 15 at 9:24 pm.

      Washington County (OH) Sheriff’s Office
      is on Facebook.

  39. Marine68 says

    He has to Cover for her; She will take them all down with her.

  40. Robert Pekarik says

    Obama has put his integrity on the line numerous times and he’s come up failing on every account. IRS targeting, Bengazi, Fast and Furious, Obamacare and let us not forget the red line to Syria. He has single handedly removed respect for the office of the President and you could say after Carter, Clinton and the Bushes he finished off the integrity of the office. 562 people in our government using 340,000,000 people as collateral damage in order to continue the line of establishment elitists.

    1. AKLady says

      ??Why do you need to tell this lie?
      Why do you embarrass America this way?
      Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
      Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

      1. Robert Pekarik says

        Please inform me which of my statements are false. Remember you are a brainwashed liberal who has fundamentally transformed truth into lies and lies into truth. You and your far left liberal cronies are responsible for attempting to destroy America. If you don’t love our country there are plenty of places where you can go and absolutely no one will stop you. You will be doing America a favor = one less anti-American bigot.

        1. AKLady says

          1. Obama was not involved in any IRS targeting.

          2. Bengazi — Stevens refused additional security. Army Gen. Carter Ham spoke to Stevens personally.

          3. Fast and Furious is simply a name change for a gun program that began under Bush called Operation Wide Receiver.

          4. The ACA is doing what it was designed to do: 1) Make everyone responsible for paying fot their health care; amd 2) Reducing health care bad debt. It is the same idea as is behind your State’s requirement for a driver/owner to have auto insurance

          1. Robert Pekarik says

            Obama and his corrupt administration are still stone walling Congress and the American people by not answering subpoena’s from 2011. It took Judicial Watch to file a FOIA and judges to force the criminal president to hand over IRS targeting documents and they are still withholding thousands of them. Once a new president gets into office Obama will be indicted.
            Obama and Hillary went to bed during the Bengazi fight. Stevens and other officials requested additional security for months before the attack happened but when you think you’re the smartest people in the entire universe like Obama and Hillary think they are they made the decisions not to send increased security and then both of them blamed the attack on a video and lied to all of the family members – pathetic, immoral and corrupt to the core.
            Fast and Furious was another cover-up program that the Obama administration has refused to release documents on. Eric Holder broke the law and Obama covered up for him. Both will end up in jail because the are criminals.
            How did you spend your $2500 that you saved using Obamacare? How about spending billions of dollars on Health Care Exchanges and 75% of them are failed? How about millions of people who can’t afford the affordable healthcare because their premiums are skyrocketing, they can’t use the insurance they are paying for because they have to pay thousands of dollars out of pocket even before they can use it? The idiotic democrats didn’t even read the bill before they passed it and screwed the American people in the process. There were so many ways to solve the problem with the uninsured but the most egotistical and narcissistic president in the history of America ruined health care for all of us. Respect is earned. This president has done nothing to earn respect, he has humiliated the office of president.

  41. kassa1 says

    Sure he covers for Hillary who’s more guilty than she is supposed to be the commander-in-thief ! If our system of government was not corrupt and it worked as the founding fathers set up Obama would’ve been in the gas chamber along with the Clintons long ago but this government is corrupt from the White House to City Hall.

    1. AKLady says

      ..Why do you need to tell this lie?
      Why do you embarrass America this way?
      Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
      Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

      1. Michael Dennewitz says

        Oh no, the cut and paste bitch!! HAHAHAHA

        1. AKLady says

          Michael Dennewitz, age 19, 9645 State Route 821, Lower Salem, for domestic violence, a misdemeanor. Dennewitz turned himself in to Corrections Officers and was processed into the Washington County Jail on 23 Jul 15 at 9:24 pm.

        2. AKLady says

          Michael Dennewitz, age 19, 9645 State Route 821, Lower Salem, for unlawful sexual conduct with a minor, a felony. Dennewitz was arrested at his residence by Sgt. Johnson of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office and processed into the Washington County Jail on 8 Jun 15 at 3:56 pm.

        3. AKLady says

          On 8 Jun 15 Kirkland M. Dennewitz, age 19, 9645 State Route 821, Lower Salem, was arrested on a fourth degree felony charge of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor. Through investigation, Deputies and Detectives learned that Mr. Dennewitz engaged in sexual acts with a thirteen year old Lower Salem resident once on 5 Jun and once on 6 Jun. Mr. Dennewitz admitted engaging in sexual acts with the victim and stated he believed she was fourteen or fifteen years old. He also said he knew it was wrong to have sexual relations with the child due to her age.

        4. Virginia Hornibrook says

          That’s right she doesn’t know how to write anything else she’s been sniffing Obama’s a hole. She beyond stupid

        5. coneyro says

          The commenter, AKLady, is posting horrible things about someone with your name, to embarrass and destroy your credibility.
          Why haven’t you responded to her?

          1. Michael Dennewitz says

            Because she is a PAID TROLL. The dude she keeps cutting and pasting about is but 19. I’m 71, a Vietnam vet.. Replying to that piece of shit troll is just feeding her demented ego!! 🙁

          2. coneyro says

            Well, now at least there is a denial in print that it is not you. If someone tried to falsely demean me, I would not be so nice.

      2. albaby2 says

        You meant to send that to Hillary, correct?

      3. kassa1 says

        Are you really that ignorant are you really that stupid everything I said is no lie it is what it is and if you can’t except that because you’re on the dole living off the backs of others that’s your problem. I laid my life on the line for this country fighting communism was just sit in our White House and a Muslim at that defending the Muslims constantly.

        1. AKLady says

          I served in Vietnam.
          I have husbands KIA in Vietnam buried at Arlington.
          Save your lies insults for someone who respects your opinion.
          Your lies and insults have destroyed any respect
          I may have had for you.
          Obama is neither a Muslim nor a Communist.

          1. kassa1 says

            What did you serve as a aid to Tokyo Rose? Like I said nobody can be as stupid as you are yet many follow Hitler and you would be a prime candidate. I believe you are communist trying to stir people up well guess what we are up to your antics and your deceit and your lies. Obama’s dad was a communist Muslim he was rear by communist and he is what he is a communist/Muslim you don’t like to hear that stuff moved to rush were you belong anyway Tokyo Rose.

          2. AKLady says

            Why do you need to tell this lie?
            Why do you embarrass America this way?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          3. kassa1 says

            Go call back and your sewer where you belong anyway, as you have no clue! I challenge you to go to the history channel and watch the rise and fall of the third Reich and you’ll see that Obama is playing right out of that playbook that Hitler plate out of.

          4. AKLady says

            Really? Suggest you get help for the paranoia.
            I grew up with neighbors who survived the German concentration camps.
            You seem to be a brainwash victim.

          5. kassa1 says

            There is no help for people like you who are brain-dead. The only help I can give you is pray for you. Obama is a murder all liar a fief Ed deceiver just like this boxes/Muslim predators before him. This nation was founded on Christianity not Muslims Muslims of an motors for 2000 years and they have moved over 300 million people in their quest for the world to be conquered by Muslims. The Bible says in the end days many will be headed for your fate and the only ones who do that are the Muslims ,woman !

          6. AKLady says

            “Of all the animosities which have existed among mankind, those which are caused by a difference of sentiments in religion appear to be the most inveterate and distressing, and ought to be deprecated. I was in hopes that the enlightened and liberal policy, which has marked the present age, would at least have reconciled Christians of every denomination so far that we should never again see the religious disputes carried to such a pitch as to endanger the peace of society.”
            George Washington — letter to Edward Newenham, October 20, 1792

          7. kassa1 says

            It’s not the Christians who created the problems in the world it’s the Muslims in the communist as they can’t stand job because they won’t don’t want truth they don’t want to be judged by the 10 Commandments. God created the 10 Commandments for all time not just for 2000 years ago if you can except that then you need to move to Russia or China weren’t sure you fill it home

          8. AKLady says

            If you are going to tell us how to run our country, please learn our language. You are not making any sense.

          9. kassa1 says

            You haven’t done anything but babble bullshit since you been trying to brainwash me don’t work with me God gave me a brain where were you at when he was given our brains playing with trains or communist

          10. AKLady says

            Why do you think the world revolves around you?

          11. kassa1 says

            It does not revolve around me. It revolves around God Almighty as he is the one in charge not the political system or the communist in the White House who thinks he’s God like most of the Communist leaders think they’re God and above the laws as they hold people accountable for what they excused yourself from a.k.a. Obamacare get it

          12. AKLady says

            “The divinity of Jesus is made a convenient cover for absurdity. Nowhere in the Gospels do we find a precept for Creeds, Confessions, Oaths, Doctrines, and whole cartloads of other foolish trumpery that we find in Christianity.”
            John Adams

          13. kassa1 says

            What is this babbling BS shooting from lips again

          14. AKLady says

            “Religious bondage shackles and debilitates the mind and unfits it for every noble enterprise.” James Madison — Letter to Wm. Bradford, April 1, 1774

          15. kassa1 says

            You promised ROI you like to pick out and parts words of the founding fathers and twisted and perverted Bose words to trust him into a meaning that you would have people believe that our your truth your troops are nothing but lies and deceit

          16. AKLady says

            In every country and in every age, the priest has been hostile to liberty. He is always in alliance with the despot, abetting his abuses in return for protection to his own. It is error alone that needs the support of government. Truth can stand by itself.” Thomas Jefferson — in a letter to Horatio Spofford, 1814

          17. kassa1 says

            If the founding fathers hated god so much then why did they use him for everything that created in the Constitution which is the most fairest rule over man that ever has been created next to the holy Bible. You were really mentally disabled and you need help but I don’t think it’s the help I can give you only God can help you and you better pray because the time is near when he will be coming shortly within the next several years. As it was Said Israel which became a nation again in 1948 the generation would not pass away before the coming of the Lord or two years away from the generation which was 70 years but then again you wouldn’t understand that I was coming to store understand God and they hate God

          18. AKLady says

            The majority of the Founders were Diests, not Christians.
            Learn the difference.

          19. kassa1 says

            I see you’re still drinking the communist Kool-Aid enjoy your time is short and I hope you enjoy when is country Falls you commie !

          20. AKLady says

            “And I have no doubt that every new example will succeed, as every past one has done, in shewing that religion & Govt will both exist in greater purity, the less they are mixed together.” James Madison — letter to Edward Livingston, July 10, 1822

          21. kassa1 says

            Don’t try to brainwash me lady I have a brain I don’t need people to think for me you are stupid you follow the rules of Obama and the Communist Party which is follow the beat of the drum like a good drone

          22. AKLady says

            Obama was raised by his grandparents.

            SInce freedom of religion is the law in America, Obama’s religion is not relevant on any level.

            Islam is the world’s second largest religion. America’s longest ally is a Muslim country — Morocco. The first casualty in the American Revolution was a Muslim.

            Apparently, you are a religious bigot.

          23. kassa1 says

            You need to quit listening you’re brainwashed communist propaganda slept just Dumble he’s a loser he’s a communist he’s a Muslim who will not address the Muslim attacks on America or the world because he is a Muslim and he was raised as a Muslim and his dad was a Muslim communist what don’t you understand about that?

          24. AKLady says

            Freedom of religion is the basis this Nation was founded upon.
            Your statements are false.
            Oh, and Obama was raised by his grandparents.

          25. kassa1 says

            Your dictator in charge don’t think so as he attacks the Christians all the time but always defends the Muslims but then again people like you who don’t have a brain or drones of those who use them. You are what is considered under the Communist Party are useful idiot. You’re too blind and stupid To see the truth until it’s too late just like the people of Germany when they said we were lied to. You’re living in a fantasy world and you better wake up. I hope you have no children as you are not a good mother if you are as you’re laying a truck for your children to live in slavery.

          26. AKLady says

            Why do you need to tell this lie?
            Why do you embarrass America this way?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          27. kassa1 says

            All those people over the 250 years America has existed that have died you and Obama and the minions along with you help Murder those people over again. They are rolling over in her grave because of the stupidity of people like you. You would’ve made a good Hitler follower ,but then again why Hitler,you follow the communist/Muslim in the White House which is nothing but a liar and a deceiver and, you’re talking points or always the same. You know why civilizations of collapsed in the past the same reason that Obama is pushing the 2% ruling over the 98 for the purpose of humanism the only benefits the 2%. I pray one day your brain will be cleared if that is at all possible .

          28. AKLady says

            More garbage piled higher and deeper.

          29. kassa1 says

            Go to bed I’m tired of hearing your brain is remarks I will pray for you all as you need help because Obama needs help and the rest of his minions who are trying to destroy this country that many have died in later life on the line for I know that doesn’t bother you could you don’t have a conscience

  42. Seb says

    Hillary has so much dirt on Obama he’ll try to save her ass. But don’t worry the. FBI will take her down .Obama is on his way OUT! Good riddance!

    1. AKLady says

      Why do you need to tell this lie?

      Why do you embarrass America this way?

      Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?

      Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

  43. Debby says

    Disgusting…. but of course, money and the powers that be…….take care of it……. she should be indicted for the emails and for the Benghazi horror…………… anybody remember Benghazi???????

    1. AKLady says

      Why don’t you ask General Ham about Bengazi?

  44. Daniel Mount says

    What did you expect from a fellow criminal like him. You know that criminals and Terrorists all stick together. Did you all think that Obama would have his co-conspirator in his plans to kill off all of the Christians in the world and the Jews unable to take over from where he left off to be put in prison and not be the President. You do understand that he wants to have the Muslims to take over the world and be the only so called Religion in the world.

    1. AKLady says

      Why do you need to tell this lie?
      Why do you embarrass America this way?
      Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
      Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

      1. Daniel Mount says

        Your the real liar here. Your to stupid to see the truth.

        1. AKLady says

          Your parinoia has become clinical
          Please get psychiatric help before you harm yourself or others.

  45. coneyro says

    Obama actually stated that there is no political influence or special privilege in government investigations? He can say that will a straight face?
    I was waiting for Aston Kutcher to come out and say, “you’ve been punked”. No one can take this sentence as anything other than a joke. And a very serious, unfunny one at that.
    Hillary for the BIGHOUSE 2016!

    1. AKLady says

      There is no political influence or special privilege in government investigations. Such action would get the investigators fired.

      1. coneyro says

        I guess you’ve drunk the kool-aid, as well. If regular folk were even SUSPECTED of activities compromising the government’s security, they’d be hauled in without question.
        Hillary and her ilk have to be handled with kid gloves. They may eventually pay some sort of price, but they will destroy as many others on the way down.
        You can’t honestly believe that Ted Kennedy(RIP), for example, would have gotten away with his erroneous handling and possible culpability in that girl’s death, were it not for his family and political connections?
        Please, don’t be naive.

        1. AKLady says

          You are mixing local and federal.
          I presume that is intentional?

          1. coneyro says

            I’m not mixing anything up. I am not trying to evade, misrepresent or argue with you.
            All I am saying is what cannot be refuted. Hillary and people of the elite have separate rules to live by. They get away, and are allowed to do things, which “mere mortals” cannot. That is just how it is.
            I don’t care what side of the political spectrum you are on. I am not arguing politics or the ethics of the Republicans vs. Democrats. I am just stating a fact of life, which is a standard practice by society since, well, forever.
            No excuses, or denials. It’s the truth. And you know it, whether you want to acknowledge it, or not.
            Peace to you…

          2. AKLady says

            Chappaquiddick was an automobile accident.
            Kennedy suffered a concussion.

          3. coneyro says

            Without going into it completely with you, please actually read the story. Maybe, you’ll then understand the logical progession of events, his culpability, the unrealistic statement(why he didn’t report it for nine hours, though he walked past four homes with lights on, or how someone with a back brace, and pain, could possible navigate these waters for such a long time ). And she didn’t drown, she suffocated inside the car in about two hours. Could have been saved, if found in a timely manner.
            In the end, it cost him the presidency. A better punishment than his suspended sentence for leaving the scene of an accident.

  46. Jim says

    I have yet to see proof of her crime I think it mite be propaganda, remember innocent until proven guilty? just because you want her to be guilty doesn’t mean she is.

    1. AKLady says


    2. coneyro says

      Tell that to the families of the Benghazi victims. She tells them ALL one thing, then denies it, and says they “ALL”misinterpreted her. I guess they ALL have hearing problems. Yeah, right..
      She is, at least, guilty of being a coldhearted, unfeeling devious witch. That HAS been proven.by her indifference to those poor people.
      Enough with the excuses already. She cannot be trusted.

      1. Jim says

        Most of that is topical of politicians, I have said much of that about republicans I don’t trust any politicians it’s just about picking the lesser of 2evils in our own opinions.

      2. AKLady says

        The military kills with coldhearted, unfeeling indifference.
        That is the way it has to be.
        Emotion injects bias.

        1. coneyro says

          Clinton isn’t military. You’re injecting a strawman argument to avoid the answer.
          Hillary obviously lied to the families and didn’t care at all when her duplicitous remarks were exposed. Made the families suffer unneedlessly. What a bitchy thing to do.
          At least the military is consistent. They always lie.
          Come on, no more BS. She is not a very moral person.
          How can the country trust anything she has to say?

          1. AKLady says

            Maybe you can tell all of us how anyone can provide a factual statement before an investigation has been completed?

          2. coneyro says

            Maybe you can tell us how falsified statements are provided AFTER official investigations are completed as in the Warren Comission, for example?
            Enough already with your inane baiting. Don’t know what your game , is, who or what you represent, but I’m not playing.
            You’re just sprouting off the top of your head statements that are demanding to be refuted. It’s asinine, and wasteful.

          3. ringostarr1 says

            You and that AK Lady person from Saint Petersburg Russia has evidently forgot about Miss Hell’arys slight to military aids when she and Bubba became the First Squatters. back in early January 1993.

            Everyone who thinks that the country is on the wrong path should watch this video.

          4. AKLady says

            Independent Counsel Concluded Decision To Fire Employees Was Lawful. In a June 2000 report on the firings of White House Travel Office employees, Robert Ray, a Republican-appointed independent counsel assigned to investigate the Clintons, wrote that the decision to fire the employees was “lawful” and that “the evidence is insufficient to prove to a jury beyond a reasonable doubt” that either former White House director of administration David Watkins or Hillary Clinton “committed perjury or obstruction of justice during the course of their testimony before GAO, the Congress, and this investigation.” [Media Matters, 10/18/07]

          5. AKLady says

            “Trust but verify.” Ronald Reagan.
            The actual statement made by Reagan was “doveryai, no proveryai”.

      3. ringostarr1 says

        Hillary channels her inter Bubba Clinton and Donald Trump.

  47. Edith Johnson says

    Innocent until proven guilty is the American way! Clinton’s accusers have the burden of proving that she knowingly & intentionally broke the law. Period!

    1. AKLady says


    2. MTnman says

      “Hillary’s story didn’t change according to information she received, her
      story changed because she wanted to deceive. By our count, Hillary Clinton’s
      narrative changed at least five times during the first 24 hours after the
      attack. However her message to the American people was always a lie.

      She testified before Congress, under oath, that all of her statements were
      determined by the intelligence available at the time. She lied.

      Perjury is a criminal offense and Congress has the power to hold her in

  48. Daniel Mount says

    I would never harm anyone only if they attempted to harm me. Your probably a Hillary Clinton supporter or a Bernie Sanders communist.

  49. Huck Finn says

    Obama will protect Hillary because she will take him down with her. It is as simple as that! I believe Obama was complicit in this whole deal,including the Benghazi deal.

    1. AKLady says

      Garbage piled higher and deeper.
      Your man lost — not once, but twice.
      Time to get over it.

  50. DB says

    As much as I expected this, I had to have a little hope for justice. We all did. It’s hard to actually come to grips with the reality that our country is in so much trouble. It won’t be for much longer since it will not be our country anymore. It will belong to the rich. That is what they have been working for. That is why they have the camps all ready. It is going to come down to “us” and “them”. I’m not sure what will happen, and it’s sad that I’m glad I’m not so young anymore. I fear for my children, grandchildren and g-grandchildren. What will they have?
    Obama has just told us what to expect. He has no choice. Truth be told he is responsible for it all, Benghazi, happened on his watch. Why didn’t he answer his phone? Too busy in Vegas. Refused the call like so many others. But he never hesitates to take a call from the Muslim Brotherhood, BLM, etc. He is divisive and one of the most prejudice people in our country.
    All we can do is hope and pray our next POTUS has what it takes to clean out Washington, DC and start to bring our country back up. If not, it’s all up to us. We need to remember one very important fact…..

  51. The Grump says

    “Here’s what I know: Hillary Clinton was an outstanding secretary of state.” WOW, the shyt that flows from that toilet.

  52. mrp15 says

    You took the words right out of my mouth. One lies and the other swears to it. They have to cover each other’s butt, or else face criminal exposure. So neither one will ever turn against the other. And if by slim chance she gets indicted and/or convicted, he’ll pardon her so it’s a waste of time to deal with her crimes until after the fraud president is out of office – and that’s not soon enough.

  53. stacy cantrell says

    Elect Trump and get a Attorney General in there with some balls!!!!! Prosecute her ass!! She is guilty as sin, any idiot can see that. She is absolutely being protected!

  54. PIERRE77L says

    F**K YOU, Obama ! The same lies regarding Eric Holder for Fast and Furious program and other lie for Hillary just like yourself that lies.

  55. Jake Spooz says

    Bathhouse Barry covers for all his administration, so he can’t look any worse.

  56. USAnowMSAsadly says

    Imelda Marcos Klynton and Obuttma are both Enemies of the State. They try to out hate America.

    1. MajorMajor411 says

      Just remember all those fools who voted for both of these Anti-Americans.

  57. truth and facts says

    We have been sold out..

  58. snowyriver says

    obama’s statement.. “She would never intentionally do anything to jeopardize America’ security” . When did ignorance become an excuse for crime?

  59. Marshabblount4 says

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  60. Ted says

    So, Obama blatantly covered for the fact that Hillary did not put the country at risk and broke no laws. No wonder the rt wing nuts have their panties in a wad! Oh, the humanity!

    1. AKLady says

      What risk might that have been?
      The one the media has braineashed you to believe?
      Just how insecure do you think the home of a former U.S. President is?

      1. Ted says

        Is there more to that or am supposed to guess?

        FYI, I’m unfettered by Fux Snooze’s attempts at brainwashing us Progs. Similarly, it also holds true that Rash Windbag’s daily dispensing of propaganda has no effect as well.

  61. J J says

    Is Obama covering for Hillary because he is complicit?

    1. Melissa Perez says

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  62. Melissa Perez says

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  63. CarlT says

    ALL politicians are liars. We have to recognize that both sides of the aisle – DEMS and REPS – are liars – it is just that the better ones lie less often or perhaps less blatantly. Would you not expect Obama to back up Hillary? Afterall she is invoking his name at every opportunity (as if she were saying Allah). But lets also be clear that in 2007 there was a much bigger email scandal – do you remember – and it wasn’t due to Hillary – it was George W Bush (43). Please read the following – if you are upset with the DEMS shouldn’t you also be upset with the REPS as well?

    The Bush White House email controversy surfaced in 2007 during the controversy involving the dismissal of eight U.S. attorneys.
    Congressional requests for administration documents while investigating
    the dismissals of the U.S. attorneys required the Bush administration
    to reveal that not all internal White House
    emails were available, because they were sent via a non-government
    domain hosted on an email server not controlled by the federal
    government. Conducting governmental business in this manner is a
    possible violation of the Presidential Records Act of 1978, and the Hatch Act.Over 5 million emails may have been lost.Greg Palast claims to have come up with 500 of the Karl Rove emails, leading to damaging allegations.In 2009, it was announced that as many as 22 million emails may have been lost.

    The administration officials had been using a private Internet
    domain, called gwb43.com, owned by and hosted on an email server run by
    the Republican National Committee, for various communications of unknown content or purpose. The domain name is an abbreviation for “George W. Bush, 43rd” President of the United States. The server came public when it was discovered that J. Scott Jennings,
    the White House’s deputy director of political affairs, was using a
    gwb43.com email address to discuss the firing of the U.S. attorney for
    Arkansas.Communications by federal employees were also found on georgewbush.com (registered to “Bush-Cheney ’04, Inc.”) and rnchq.org (registered to “Republican National Committee”), but, unlike these two servers, gwb43.com has no Web server connected to it — it is used only for email.

    The “gwb43.com” domain name was publicized by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), who sent a letter to Oversight and Government Reform Committee committee chairman Henry A. Waxman requesting an investigation.
    Waxman sent a formal warning to the RNC, advising them to retain copies
    of all emails sent by White House employees. According to Waxman, “in
    some instances, White House officials were using nongovernmental
    accounts specifically to avoid creating a record of the communications.”
    The Republican National Committee claims to have erased the emails,
    supposedly making them unavailable for Congressional investigators.

    On April 12, 2007, White House spokesman Scott Stanzel stated that White House staffers were told to use RNC accounts to “err on the side of avoiding violations of the Hatch Act, but they should also retain that information so it can be reviewed for the Presidential Records Act,” and that “some employees … have communicated about official business on those political email accounts.”
    Stanzel also said that even though RNC policy since 2004 has been to
    retain all emails of White House staff with RNC accounts, the staffers
    had the ability to delete the email themselves.

  64. USAnowMSAsadly says

    President Obuttwipe is deeply involved in Hitlary’s illegal pacadilloes.

  65. Lorraine E says

    hillary Benghazi clinton said that she will continue barak Hussein obama’s programs so of course, he is going to support her in every way he possibly can. Also remember he has a phone and a pen and can rewrite laws and issue orders for his injustice dept to assure that laws are rewritten to assure that hillary is judged to be “not guilty.” So hillary is already leading in the polls and with help from the commander in chief she is just about guaranteed that she will be back in the rainbow house again.
    But who is going to be held accountable for not responding to the calls for help from four Americans who were left to die in Benghazi???? And the big question is why were they intentionally allowed to be murdered????

  66. Edith Johnson says

    I care less what was said or not said. Hillary Clinton is INNOCENT until proven guilty, as the law for any other American citizen.

    The burden of proof is on the accuser(s), who must have unflappable evidence & proof that she knowingly & intentionally broke a law using a personal server for work-related purposes. Hillary does not have to prove her innocence. It does not & should not take months or years to decide this matter. The laws are there–either she did or did not. If there’s a gray area, it’s a wash.

    This week, a news station article reported that Colin Powell, Condoleeza Rice & other high level staff with special security clearance mentioned that they too used their privat email servers for a short time, just as Hillary Clinton. None of these people will be convicted & serve time.

    When you speak of lying or changing statement, I can give many examples of even president’s doing that. Examples: Nixon with Watergate, Reagan with Iran-Contra unlawful & secret weapons & ammo with Iran (our enemy), Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinski case, GW Bush lying about seeing .& having concrete evidence of Iraq’s Weapons of Mass Destruction buildup & lead us to an unpaid was of billions of dollars.

    People have tried for years to smear Hillary Clintonbecause they knew she was poised to run for political offices. Thank God she doesn’t seriously take this smear campaign. She’ll be a tough leader–just what we need.

    1. MTnman says

      Benghazi – “State Dept Just Confirmed Hillary Committed PERJURY!” – 4-16-2016

      “Hillary’s story didn’t change according to information she received, her
      story changed because she wanted to deceive. By our count, Hillary Clinton’s
      narrative changed at least five times during the first 24 hours after the
      attack. However her message to the American people was always a lie.

      She testified before Congress, under oath, that all of her statements were
      determined by the intelligence available at the time. She lied.

      Perjury is a criminal offense and Congress has the power to hold her in

    2. MTnman says

      “I just don’t have any memory of that.” – Hillary denying under oath that she ordered the firing of the employees at the White House Travel Office.
      She lied.

    3. MTnman says

      “That’ll teach them to _____ with us.” – Hillary, the potty mouth, worse than Trump, to aides, after appearing on the Today show on Jan. 27, 1998, to discuss “the vast right-wing conspiracy.

      1. Edith Johnson says

        Oh, please! Promise that you & others who think like you will leave America if Hillary becomes president. It’ll be with it.

        I really don’t care who becomes president. My life will remain the same. Every president has basically been the same & nobody’s life has changed because of an elected president.

        You’ll be the same person in 2020 as you are now unless you make changes you wish to have. Don’t depend on a president to change things for you.

        Good luck. I’m headed to the library to read!!!

        1. MTnman says

          What’s there to think about? I’m only quoting Hillary’s words and phrases.

          Obama hasn’t changed this nation? Think again!

          You’d be better off reading under an apple tree.

    4. MTnman says

      “I have to confess that it’s crossed my mind that you could not be a Republican and a Christian.” – Hillary Rodham Clinton disparaging Republicans and Christianity.

      1. Edith Johnson says

        What does religion has to do with anything? Look at Ted Cruz–seemingly a true religious fanatic who talks about using his religion to make decision as president!

        Further, many religious leaders have gone down in pure shame. A few examples are the Catholic Church folks molesting boys, Jimmy Schraggert caught twice with prostitutes, Jimmy & Tammy Bacon who were cheating people in real estate deals, Jim Jones going with his followers & later killing them, David Koresh’s sick behavior before government killed him & followers, etc, etc.

        These religious people are nasty Devils who try to hide behind their bible toting lies & double lifestyle. They are sleazy, sneaky, sick people. I believe them as far as I can see them. Maybe you need to Google about these religious folks & leaders who fell from grace. And, they are religious pimps, always looking for money.

        1. MTnman says

          I agree with you about the characters you mention. Sadly, Hillary Rodham Clinton, from the statements she’s made, seems to be in the same grouping.

    5. MTnman says

      “I believe in a zone of privacy.” – Hillary Rodham Clinton with another stupid comment, at a press conference while promoting her book, LIVING HISTORY.

      1. Edith Johnson says

        Hillary has freedom of speech under the US constitution, so she says what she wants. If people don’t agree with what she says, it’s too bad. You’ll learn to live with it.

        I’think I’ll buy the book! I love reading. However, I already know lots about Hillary from her many years as First Lady of Arkansas. Bill won as governor multiple times. And, no information about him or Hillary ever mattered.