Obama – Immigration Action Not Delayed For Political Purposes


Chuck Todd made his highly-anticipated debut as the new moderator of NBC’s Meet the Press on Sunday with a sit-down interview with President Obama. The interview touched on a number of important subjects, and Todd was clearly eager to demonstrate to viewers that he would not be a soft-peddle journalist in his new role. The interview was perhaps most enlightening when it came to Obama’s thoughts on immigration, a subject for which he has endured quite a bit of justified criticism over the last year. Todd asked him if he was delaying his idea of “immigration reform” until later in the year to protect Senate Democrats in the midterm elections.

“That’s not the reason,” Obama insisted. “I want to spend some time, even as we’re getting all our ducks in a row for the executive action, I also want to make sure that the public understands why we’re doing this, why it’s the right thing for the American people, why it’s the right thing for the American economy.”

“The right thing” in this instance seems to be an executive action providing either outright amnesty or a “path to citizenship” for the millions of illegal immigrants already in the country. The administration has come under attack for the flood of illegals who came in from Central America over the last 12 months, with many conservatives wondering what this influx would do to our security, our health, our economy, and our culture. For having legitimate concerns about the strength of border security, they were labeled old-fashioned, ignorant, and racist.

Obama may deny that he’s delaying action for purely political reasons, but the truth is obvious. He doesn’t want thousands – if not millions – of deferred deportations to become an easy point of attack for Senate Republican hopefuls. Unfortunately for the Dems, it’s hard to see this kind of cowardly strategy panning out. The Republicans know good and well what his “reform” is going to look like, and they will devise their message to reflect that knowledge. The public isn’t stupid. Anyone interested enough in politics to vote in the midterms will know what Obama plans to do at the end of the year. The subject of amnesty has already been enough to cause at least one election upset this year, and it would not be at all surprising to see it happen again in November.

Obama’s plan to wait may even play right into the hands of the GOP. Now it looks like he’s not only planning to go in a direction millions of Americans find troubling, but he’s going to do it in the sneakiest way possible. He’s going to do it around and about the will of the people. At least if he did it now, he would be able to sit back and say that he exercised some fearless leadership, political consequences be damned. As it stands, Senate nominees will be able to accuse him of not only being misguided but also cowardly.

The results of his executive action on immigration may not be great for the country, but if it gives us a Republican Senate, it might actually be worth it. Get out and vote!


  1. slypuffers says

    What has he ever done, that hasn’t been for massively enhancing, further completion of his warped Political, and personal, Ideological goals? This has always been at the expense of others, no matter who, always satisfying his elitists, narcissistic, and proven, mentally disturbed ego…….sweethearts.

    1. ihatelibs says


      1. john robel says

        Perhaps the most scary/revealing thing, (that is obviously true), Obama is a homosexual, moochelle is a man. This explains why the administration is so secretive concerning press access and photographs. The most alarming factor, This is done with the complete cooperation of the press and congress.

        1. Harvey Melton says

          and they are so confident now that they are immune and above the law that they do not bother any longer in trying to hide how they really feel about things according to thier rotten core inside, the truth is known about this wrecking crew everyday.

    2. Harvey Melton says

      everything obama has done has been punitive in nature and destructive.he has bowed and kissed the worlds collective behinds on his apology tour, he has bowed down to the saudi king who finances terrorism worldwide, he is a member in good standing of the muslim brotherhood,and the list goes on for miles.what do you expect from a leopard that can not change its spots?

  2. abc__jps says

    lie, lie, lie, pants of fire

    he is so narcissistic he could never admit the truth. Dems. are afraid….Please Rep. don’t fool around and loose this election.

  3. joe haire says

    So, let me try to understand this. By letting millions of illegal aliens stay in our country and encouraging many more millions to come in through our Southern border, our economy will magically improve? The extra burden on our schools and medical facilities will improve? Diseases unknown in America brought in from foreign lands, not only Mexico, Central America and the middle east but who knows where else will make us healthier? The extra costs for food stamps, housing, education, & medical added to States budgets will help us to grow as a nation? The increase in lawlessness & crime by criminals already released into our communities from our prisons will enhance our quality of life? I’m not getting the picture!!!

    1. Combatvet52 says

      Joe I’m not getting the picture either, we have the number one LIAR of the century destroying what it took years to build, GOP better put someone in the big slot who has a big brass pair.
      And get this useless rag out of the WH.

      1. WhiteFalcon says

        It would be so easy to turn this country around. Most of what one would ahve to do is to simply undo everything that Ovomit has done, and most of that would be easy because Ovomit did it by executive order and the next President can undo all that the same way. Ovomit himself has provided the way to get rid of Ovomitcare. All he has to do is to put off the implementation of it until the year 3000 and it is gone. Then get the Keystone pipeline going, get rid of the “green” movement, stop the support of ethanol in gasoline, etc, etc. In other words, correct all the mistakes of the past fifty years and the country will thrive again. That includes closing the Mexican border and getting rid of all the illegals.

        1. Combatvet52 says

          I’m with you Falcon

          1. dude says

            me too

          2. Combatvet52 says

            Now if we can only get the rest to think the same way we may have a good shot.

          3. dude says

            that’s more like wishful thinking than anything people have stop thinking for themselves they do and believe what there told but I keep hoping ..maybe this will wake them up before we let them destroy the usa

        2. dude says

          that last part I agree with 100% but it needs to be do first

        3. hausding says

          NO amnesty, NO illegal aliens, Deport all of them, Use the existing laws and enforce them………SAVE AMERICA…….impeach the imposter

          1. Sue Zbell says

            Impeachment means current VP becomes prez.
            Even if next prez is GOP, most of those illegals already here will very likely become “legal” — at least to hire – just not voting citizens.
            Both majority political parties are out to screw over the employee class w/regard to illegal immigration — just for different reasons. Dems are “bleeding hearts” and expect illegals to become Dems; GOP are pro corporate oligarchy and expect illegals to be cheap labor.

      2. Harvey Melton says

        all of our blood spilled through the generations for nothing, all in vain, even now there is no one willing to fight for thier freedom especially within the govt which is as crooked as a boxcar full to the top with snakes.

        1. Combatvet52 says

          On the money

    2. dude says

      looks like you got it about covered I don’t get it either maybe we are just confused and don’t understand or something you rec.

    3. Mark Clemens says

      Read the Communist Manifesto. You have to bankrupt the treasury first. Here’s what Karl Marx suggests:
      1. Send domestic jobs abroad…………CHECK
      2. Engage in endless wars……………….CHECK
      Become depend on foreign commerce. ….CHECK
      3. Put a strain in Social Services…………WORKING ON IT (ObamaCare, illegal immigrants)
      4. Allow immigrants in, to cause civil disorder. …..WORKING ON IT (wide open border)
      5. Establish large gaps in social class……WORKING ON IT (congress makes laws that don’t apply to it’s members)
      6. Control the Media………CHECK and DOUBLE CHECK
      All of this is designed to make citizens poorer, and less informed so there will be civil unrest, and lawlessness. That will inspire the common people to rebel.
      Everyone needs to read the Communist Manifesto, it’s only 86 short pages long.
      Obama and Congress studied it. You should too, so we all know how to stop them……….

      1. Allen Michael says

        spot on!

      2. Harvey Melton says

        read it years ago, back in the vietnam days,but when the election process in this country fails, which is coming soon, then it falls on the people to take action.and a prolonged war of attrition using tactics seen in other far away places but never here-yet.

        1. Mark Clemens says

          “Those who cast ballots decide nothing. Those who count ballots decide everything”
          Vladimir Lenin

      3. Sue Zbell says

        I agree that the current administration is furthering all but your number 5 and is certainly not fighting against your number 5, but Obama doesn’t actually need to work on 5 — the Republican (Party of the Rich) with the tax and economic policies they’ve been pushing — with what George H.W.Bush called “voodoo economics” and under Reagan was called “trickle down” economics — are much more than accommodating in that regard.

        1. Mark Clemens says

          Ever considered both parties are out to rule us? They just split up the tasks. So some people don’t see the big picture.
          Just like Obama blames Bush. Bush did let the jobs exodus. Obama has not really stopped any of Ws policies.
          I think it queer that Bush Sr let Hussain live, then 20 years later his son invades Iraq were we seam to be involved in endless war.
          If the next president is republican (I think he/she will be because they are playing bait and switch) will blame the whole mess on Obama. That’s why he sucks so good……

          1. Sue Zbell says

            I wish you were wrong; I fear you are all too right.

        2. Amy Polnoff says

          “trickle down economics” was under Bill Clinton

          1. Sue Zbell says

            It CONTINUED under Bill Clinton and GW Bush but it began under Reagan who actually gave a speech indicating money not paid in taxes by corporations/ businesses would trickle down to employees as wages in new jobs created. The elder bush called that “voodoo economics”. and he was RIGHT.

    4. setemfree says

      I have not been able to figure that out either.. Like there new common core math. to get 13 you add 5 and 5 and 5 then deduct 2 When I went to school we added 5 and 5 and 3 why do we have to put a five and then deduct to get 13 ??? Common Core is meant to dumb down America, even the teachers donot know why we are doing this.

      1. Harvey Melton says

        common core=communist core patterned from a communist perspective.

    5. Allen Michael says

      Any one with an ounce of common sense, should be able to realize what you have posted. The scary thing is people’s failure to actually do some research on politicians. They base it on catchy phrases, and charisma. This the exact way that sociopaths get their victims! People really need to dig deep on information about people running, and make really informed decisions. Remember 97% of black americans voted for Oblamer simply because he was black, didn’t consider his character!?

    6. Harvey Melton says

      all this and more to make this a third world or fourth world country, with people so sickened and weak as to not be able to put up much of a fight.then obama will prance out in his mock military uniform with those fake medals and declare martial law under the master general obama, right.

  4. Mark Tallman says

    Not for political reasons? Everything Barak HUSSEIN Obama does is for political reasons. He did not put ObamaCare into place until after the 2012 election.

  5. James Maxwell says

    Chuck Todd was softer than a marshmallow in a sorority house pillow fight. He will be just another
    fluff piece that will howl, rail and whine when interviewing Republicans about how mean they are
    but he will not even bring up Black on white Crimes, nor now the Socialist Democrats are lying
    to the American people and the occupier of the White House has been responsible for so many
    crimes against Americans and the deaths of American thru his total inability to deal with the
    world events. His utopic view is a total failure that WE the American TAX payers has to bear.

    1. dude says

      what do you mean world events that idiot can’t take care of events here in the USA now what makes you think that idiot could take care of world events

  6. Carol says

    This man ONLY knows how to lie! Has he ever told 1 truth? His nose can go around the world 50 times and he still has 2 years of his lies and BS before him, so dangerously for us!
    Every thing he does is political……..even his vacations because he wouldn’t put out the money from his own pocket for these luxuries, all he wants is to be seen in these vacation spots………..so that is also political.
    LIAR, LIAR pants on fire…………………….WE CAN ONLY WISH!

  7. Mike scott says

    He is a POS for a President. everything he does is for his own agenda, the socialist makes Jimmy Carter look great

    1. Combatvet52 says

      Carter is starting to look like an alter boy as stupid as he may be he’s got piss between his ears.

      1. Terry Tate says

        Not really, Carter is entertaining Muslims now.

    2. Harold says

      One mistake: ‘He is not really a legitimate president.”

  8. Yadja says

    This shows how stupid O believes his constituents are that they would buy this. We as a Nation have been overcome by low IQ voters and we are paying the price.

    They honestly have a policy of lie, lie and lie again and sooner or later the truth will not be recognizable and after getting into it with his numbskulls for years, I am convinced they have the right method, it is working.

    1. dude says

      his constituents are not stupid… there for the most part illeagal Mexican.. if it was for them he would have never been elected to start with… cause everbody no he’s a stupid, illeagal , querr. planted here himself

      1. Yadja says

        His keepers are not stupid but if he did not have stupid constituents out there voting for him he would not be in office.

        The Lowest Information voters ever.

    2. dude says

      yea most are illeagal mexicans

  9. John says

    When will they learn there is no need for immigration reform except to enforce the law and secure the border. We don’t want this unlawful rabble in our country.

    1. DonMann says

      It’s rotten Barry’s duty to Soros and the NWO folks to push the North American Union on us. There plan is working, just look at this last sham they pulled by opening to border wide open to thousands of illegals and kept saying they were children to garner sympathy for them.

  10. WhiteFalcon says

    dsoes anyone seriously believe what Ovomit says, ever? Of course he is putting off hil illegal amnsety for illegal criminals for political reasons. How stupid does he think we are? Of course, there are the libturds that will believe anything that the moron says. Jessie Watters interviews them every week on Fox News. It is surprising that many of them have the intelligence to pull a lever. Anyone with even one functioning brain cell knows that Ovomit lies every time he opens his mouth. It is the commie/Nazi/Fascist/socialist/liberal way of doing things.

    1. Kenny Coffman says

      I know exacly what you mean. Every time I ask myself, ‘Is the American public really that stupid?’ about ANY topic that may arise that concerns politics, the answer is ALWAYS A BIG “YES.” They voted in Obama TWICE, didn’t they? I get so depressed about this situation. My jaw hit the ground when that America/Constitution hater got elected for a second term. People, get your guns and ammo ready because either this problem we have in our White House is either going to work itself out this next election or things are about to become very, very nasty.

      1. dude says

        yea there that stupid they voted him in didn’t they and even stupider they kept him the second term goes to shows yu how far down the usa has got hopefully rep.take the senate in nov.and we might have a chance of the usa recovering in a few years if not we don’t have a chance and before you say it I never voted for himeither time and I am a dem. for 38 years but not for long Obama has turned my stomach

        1. Kenny Coffman says

          Thanks. Your reply has given me hope! There’s something really wrong if a person’s stomach has NOT turned because of what Obama and his commrades have done to our system of government by the people FOR the people. Dude, as I said, you have given me hope. Have a wonderful day!

          1. setemfree says

            Liked your remark except for the DUDE part. Shows disrespect.. I am sure he is not a dude and takes offense to it. You can call him a anything but not a DUDE or a SOB. Many of us had a mother and I was taught that any one calling names like that automatically deserved there nose broke. Please use a little intelligent in your notes. Thankyou.

          2. Mark Clemens says

            Dude, was the person’s handle he was replying to…….
            Read the entire thread…….

          3. setemfree says

            Sorry.. my mistake..

          4. TexasStomp says

            …..Just call it an “Emily Litella” moment, free.


          5. hausding says

            how about lying bastard then……….?

          6. joe says

            Really? dude shows disrespect? does not bother me a bit to be called that but then again I do not have a vagina installed between my legs.

          7. dude says

            sense when

          8. setemfree says

            Fuk you -, sounds like you need an attitude adjustment. Love to help you out with that.. Slime ball..

          9. joe says

            Eat a bowl of dicks

          10. Allen Michael says

            Wow, this liberal is very sensitive, beware!

          11. setemfree says

            Far from a lib. Eat shit and die, you freakin Muslim.

          12. hangem'high says

            It’s not sure what it is, I’m betting it missed its whoremoan injections?

          13. Truthbetold says

            You are really a prick.

          14. Truthbetold says

            He can call him anything he wants to besides the fact he was talking to dude.

          15. setemfree says

            I already apologized, now let it go..

          16. nellie says

            Boy, and you talk of stupid people voting. Well, the way you talk to each other sounds like you get your information in the gutter and have not respect for anything. Really. Give us a break and make your points without the vulgarity.

          17. Sam Gunning says

            Not to butt in, forgive me if that’s the case, but Dude seems to be his Internet handle/alias.

          18. hangem'high says

            “Respect is not given, but earned!

          19. dude says

            you too… lets just hope there are a lot more of us maybe we can save our country

          20. Glenda says

            They love his High 5’s..Look at all the High 5’s he got on the Golf Course after returning from his 10 min., Speech about the ISIS Beheading. Of course, all of his WH Speeches are on his way to the Golf Course where his ”buddies” await with Smiles, and High 5’s.

        2. DonMann says

          Thought I’m an Independent Conservative living in Southern California, I am just a cautious of RINO like Boehner, Ryan, Jeb Bush, Rubio and others who in many ways are just as much liars and deceitful as Barry and the Dems. Look what happened to McDaniel in MS and where was Reince Priebus? NO where to be found. Not a peep!!

          1. Allen Michael says

            Yes you make some very good points. It is true that conservatives need to do their research and homework on possible so called Conservative Republicans running for POTUS. There will be a few RINO to certainly weed out!

          2. Sue Zbell says

            You sound like an actual Independent. The link I’m providing may be a few years old but it likely applies to the current conflict and the O decision as well.


      2. Bearshar says

        I don’t believe for one second that second term election was on the up and up. Yeah, SOME of the libtards voted for him…..but no way was that vote count legit!

      3. jackw97224 says

        Well, apparently the majority of voters are as you surmise or they just want to slop-at-the-trough/suck-at-the-golden-teat.

      4. Sue Zbell says

        You might like this info about Ike; it informs about Obama’s most recent military decisions:


    2. Had Enough says

      You forgot muslim!! The koran says it’s ok to lie.

    3. 4Bill_O_Rights says

      Yes. I believed him when he said he didn’t have a strategy to deal with ISIS.

      [sarcasm on] “Mr. President, with all that’s going on in your administration, is there an ounce of integrity or honesty within anyone?” – Not a smidgen. [sarcasm off]

    4. Sue Zbell says

      On the immigration issue, we agree.

    5. Terry Hamblin says

      He says that he is going to do lots of stuff, “after the elections”. I don’t believe that he has ever done ANYTHING since he has been in office that was not for political reasons, mainly his!

  11. Barto says

    The statement of “The public is not stupid” didn’t prove to be right for the majority of voters when this “worst President ever” was elected twice as Leader of this great Country. I certainly hope that the public will stand up strong against his wish to create Amnesty or a quick pathway to citizenship for the illegals through executive action.

    1. sturgis says

      After one of his many fund raising rallies, thinking his microphone was off barry soetoro turned and said to one of his cronies; “The American Public Is Stupid” He was right, they voted for him TWICE! When he was elected for the 2nd time, That other POS in Hollywood (j. fox) called barry, his lord and savior! Savior from what? fox is a multi-millionaire! But, then he stated; “now your going to see the REAL soetoro” I cannot even say that POS in the White House’s name) From the beginning, his agenda is to destroy Democracy! Without a doubt he’s a muslim, and that’s where his agenda lies. He’s not stupid, He knows exactly what he’s doing. Half of his cronies including the head of the CIA are muslims! Impeachment would take too long and by then too late. He should be arrested for treason. We’re the only ones abiding by law. barry soetoro isn’t. I say; we get rid of him by ANY means!

  12. Kenneth Licker says

    Another LIE

  13. Luvthablues says

    “TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK” vote conservative next election. kick these liberal thugs out of office. .please spread this nationwide our future survival depends on it.

  14. Terry Tate says

    Yeah Right, you lying SOB.

  15. 7papa7 says

    I find it very insulting that he thinks the people are so stupid as to believe this is not a political move. Obama doesn’t tell the truth, period. If his lips are moving he is lying and that is just a fact of life. First principle of the democratic bible, it is better to lie rather than to tell the truth.

  16. Bearshar says

    Holy Moly, just how STOOOOPID does that man think we are!! Oh wait, he’s used to conning the brainless libs. Never mind.

  17. jackw97224 says

    Just another ohbutthead lie. Of course he delayed his plan to give legal status to illegal aliens so as to save the sorry a…..s……s….e…s of Democrats. A person has to be totally ignorant not to see this obumma deceit.

  18. LastGasp says

    It really pisses me off that Obongo thinks Americans are so stupid they will believe him. How can anyone believe his lies? What has he ever told the truth about? Well, when he said he was going to fundamentally change America, he was telling the truth, I guess. But we had never been lied to with such total disregard for our intelligence. We wanted to believe him and he took advantage of that naivete. Now that he has been shown to be a total fraud and liar, now that he has been shown to hate America, now that he has shown his utter disregard for the Constitution and the American Dream, anybody that does not see him for what he is should come and see me, I’ve got some ocean front property in Idaho for sale.

  19. jackw97224 says

    Check out Lysander Spooner’s No Treason No. 6, The Constitution of No Authority and then head on over to the NoStateProject and Marc Stevens.

    No Treason No. 6, The Constitution of No Authority (http://praxeology.net/LS-NT-6.htm)

    The NoStateProject blog by Marc Stevens (http://marcstevens.net/)

  20. gtm615 says

    BS! For King Osama bin Obama everything is for political purposes and America and its people be damned.

  21. loran says

    Obama is a Progressive, right? There are people in this nation who seriously do not know what a Progressive is. He said it himself: “We are the ones we have been waiting for.” Progressives really do think that they are better educated, at Ivy league schools no less, so they do believe that they are better able to govern ALL of us. They are better able to determine everything in our lives such as what food to eat, what job we can have, what car to drive, what schooling we can have and so forth. They really do believe that we are not able to make the correct decisions for ourselves or our families. They also believe that the power of the nation resides in ADMINISTRATION, not necessarily the Office of the President. Look at how he has transformed the abilities of separate Departments which now are able to MAKE laws and prosecute violators. Look at his use of Executive Orders. It’s not the number of orders he has issued, it’s the subject matter. Case in point, he is usurping our Constitution and the Congress. He is trying to fundamentally change the way this nation is governed. He is making the Congress a thing of the past, but worse is the fact that he is making the electorate no longer need. Where does all this lead? It leads to the destruction of the nuclear family unit and Christianity and other religions. Don’t believe me? Just look around and see the assault on all of this by the left, by the LBGT community, by the ACLU, by the NAACP and by the atheists. They all want the nation to believe that the government is god. Yes a lower case g in this case.

    1. Harvey Melton says

      progressive is another label for communism under elitist control.nothing good for sure.

  22. hausding says

    obozo is a lying bastard intent on using any political means necessary to help destroy our economy and Constitutional way of life…….he and his bro hoodie and other muzzie buddies are trying everything they can to subject America to strife and downfall……….WAKE UP AMERICA

  23. edinflorida says

    And we all know President Obama wont lie.

  24. dhwilson58 says

    I’ve seen some liers in my day but this bucket of maggot puke takes the cake !!! How dare that fraudulent Muslim Terrorist tell more lies to the public!??! The Democrap vote IS THE REASON he’s going to wait! This POS flat out said he’ll wait until after the election to screw us Americans over as it won’t matter. This maggot tells so many lies he can’t keep track of them! We The People need to get rid of this Terrorist BEFORE the elections or it will be too late. How can I see it’s real agenda and congress can’t? Oh, they do? Why hasn’t he been removed? If he’s not taken out of office before the elections, y’all might as well go home as there’s nothing congress will be able to do about anything about Obama’s agenda to destroy this country! If y’all need to do a little strong arming, so be it a as the democrats are ignoring the laws and constrution that the Dems want to get rid of! If they are allowed to change the first amendment it’s GAME OVER !!! I will personally hold congress, Republicans and the CIA responsible for the destruction of the United States of America !!! GET RID OF THAT MAGGOT NOW !!!

  25. billie says

    We The People do not want amnesty for the illegals!!! Dumbs***t, we have a good path to citizenship, but you have screwed it up like all else you have done. You want to do what is right for the country, then go back to your home country. What will be right for the USA, would be to lock down the border, and deport everyone of the invaders that are here illegally, then put the people back to work that belong here. I pray that it isn’t to late to save our country. God gave us a great place and now the Precursor is destroying it. It is time for a revival and a revolution.

  26. joe says

    That arrogant monkey has got to be removed from office. Do not tell me you asshol3 what I need or want. The public DOES NOT WANT THIS you slack jawed moron it is bad for the country in every way. There is not a single plus to allowing this to happen except for the huge corporations to exploit cheap labor and millions of democratic votes. To say it has nothing to do with the elections is a flat out lie you stinking pile of worm ridden yak excrement.

  27. Peggy Joseph says


  28. Barbara Ervin says

    Does this clown know how to do anything other than lie?

  29. 4bills4 says

    This is Bullstuff any executive order will let hundreds of thousand of more dim witted Illegal who will take
    a American Jobs for the new high dim witted wage increase O buma wants.. The BORDER must be CLOSED or SEALED..!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Harold says

    A pathological liar NEVER tells the complete truth, IF they ever tell the truth at all!

  31. Marilyn Stern says

    We definitely need action on Immigration, particularly ILLEGAL Immigration, but the citizen majority of the United States of America does not want Amnesty. They do not approve of immediately assimilating people who cross our borders illegally. And they do not approve of putting them, immediately, on the government dole (transportation, housing, food stamps, SSI – Supplemental Security Income which drains Social Security, education, health care, etc. etc.). And I am particularly sick of the so called DREAMers, who have been on the dole since day one, making demands. American kids are DREAMers, too, but they can only dream of accessing the scholarships, grants, and public aid these illegal dreamers have enjoyed. They are all felons, and should they be granted amnesty, which, sadly, is the way our government is heading, they should all be labeled the felons they are and should never, ever be allowed to vote, which is the fate of any American citizen deemed a felon.

  32. 413nat37 says

    Chuck Todd is an abstractionist if he believes Obama is not lying . Wake UP Chuck .

  33. Had Enough says

    Oh I intend to vote alright!!!!!! I plan to vote ever stinking rotten democrat out of office that I can!!!!!!!! That POS can’t say it’s the people’s will
    When 75% of us have said NO, DON’T DO THAT!!!!!!!!!!!! I can hardly wait for him to get his just deserts!!!!!!

  34. QuisPercusit says

    Obama Lie number 17,947. Any media outlet that even mentions Obama, Clinton, Reid, Pelosi, Fienstien, Boxer, Waters Schumer, Conyers, or Bloomberg et. al. with out prefacing their names with ” the evil, traitorous, anti Constitutional”……… ought to be boycotted into bankruptcy court.

  35. e michael says

    I don’t think Obama has told the truth since his first campaign in 2008 when he was going to make a change and he has, all bad changes and since then total lies, the people cannot believe anything that come out of his big lying mouth!

  36. Vonnie Wilford says

    As much as he has lied, would anyone ever believe anything he says?? OF COURSE it’s political! Everything he does is political, no matter how he paints it!! What a pathetic excuse for a president!

  37. daveveselenak says

    This devil hates the Truth and that is why he never tells the truth and that is the truth in a nutshell! He only knows how to lie and if AMERIKA can’t figure that out you might as well kiss your asses goodbye!

  38. ConservativeSenior says

    Sure!! And the Tooth Fairy is real. Anything out of obozo’s mouth is a lie.

  39. Harvey Melton says

    all things are political with obama,he wants to be the muslim icon that has brought america down, but what he can not entirely do is bring americas people down.when the whatever hits the fan he and others will get to run a race him and his in front and the rest not far behind as they try hard to find a place to escape too.now thats a scenario huh?and there is no way, that this govt.nor any other can ever do away with weapons, the world is full of natural weapons, then there is GOD, who can not be banned or done away with. but on the drug wracked brain of obamas kind i can see how they could imagine such a impossibility.well it will be winter pretty soon, and the golf courses will be closing down so expect obama to be in a bad mood for a while lol.

  40. jbombznabombz says

    yeah thanks Oshithead I’m not having a hard enough time trying to find a decent full time job.PLEASE make it harder,I really don’t like having a roof over my head or my child’s head,we really don’t NEED to eat either or stay warm in the winter.

  41. lil-echoes says

    Gee.. Obama just reached LIE No.. 4,557. Goody for him. He finally made it over 4,000 now in a few short years…

  42. dhwilson58 says

    How can congress and most everyone have the audacity to believe anything that Muslim Terrorist says? He is a known liar! Why is he even still holding the position that he was elected for?!?! Here’s an eye opener for congress….He is a Muslim Terrorist out to destroy our country and constitution and he’s using the filthy dangerous Muslims and infected illegal Mexicans to help him do it! WHY CANT CONGRESS SEE WHAT HIS REAL AGENDA IS AND REMOVE HIM, NOW!?!?

  43. Glenda says

    In his 6th year of occupying the WH , playing Golf, flying around on Air Force to be Seen and Heard, feeding a bunch of ”untruth’s” to the American People as he collects money, he now wants to ”wait,” until somone writes the Speech to put on his Teleprompter and read to the American people. How about that Red Line? Why doesn’t he tell us about that again? Then the Promise he made to the families of our 4 Americans who died in Benghazi. As Hillary would say, ”What Difference does it make?” Let’s not forget ”If You Like Your Doctor You Can Keep Him, and ”If You Like Your Insurance You Can Keept It.” How about those ”Shovel Ready Jobs?” There are the 10 Terrorists he ”set free,” from GetMo. Oh, let’s not forget that ”touching” Rose Garden speech with Mommy and Daddy of the American that ”we got back,” for the 10 Terrorists.

  44. Michael says

    One gullible moron interviewing on traitor. Only a traitor would think illegals coming into our country have any kind of rights beyond being forcibly deported.

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