Obama Should Know All About Ignorance


President Obama used his commencement speech at Rutgers University on Sunday to take some shots at Republican frontrunner Donald Trump…without mentioning the candidate by name. Even so, these Ivy League graduates probably didn’t have to do too much critical thinking to understand what Obama was getting at when he started in one his usual practice of defending Muslims.

“The world is more interconnected than ever before,” Obama said. “Isolating or disparaging Muslims, suggesting that they should be treated differently when it comes to entering this country – that is not just a betrayal of our values – that’s not just a betrayal of who we are, it would alienate the very communities at home and abroad who are our most important partners in the fight against violent extremism.”

Besides defending Muslim immigration, Obama also decried the general state of U.S. politics. “If you were listening to today’s political debate, you might wonder where this strain of anti-intellectualism came from,” Obama said. “In politics and in life, ignorance is not a virtue.”

He concluded by letting the graduates know that they should be wary of people who celebrate ignorance or hide it under a veil of honesty. “It’s not cool to not know what you’re talking about. It’s not ‘keeping it real’ or ‘telling it like it is.’ It’s not challenging political correctness. That’s just not knowing what you’re talking about. And yet, we’ve become confused about this,” he said.

On one point, he got support from Trump himself, who tweeted:

“In politics, and in life, ignorance is not a virtue.” This is a primary reason that President Obama is the worst president in U.S. history!

In an election season where Trump has been more on point than most politicians when it comes to attacking the Democrats, this might have been the most effective rebuke of all. Because if there’s one thing that Obama should know all about, it’s ignorance. That ignorance has stagnated the economy, put us in perilous foreign policy situations that could take years to fix, and endangered our national security.

Obama is respected as this great intellectual by the left, perhaps because he can competently read a teleprompter. But we don’t need a president who impresses the academic class. We need a president who can roll up his sleeves and do something that Obama has never had to do: Actually go to work.

  1. gotabgood says

    What are the priorities in your life? Family? House? Job? Car? Gun? God? I bet you protect each of them with insurance, Yes there is Unemployment Insurance, which you may not like and wish it were gone, but it is there. You even have the bible to insure you get to go to heaven. All those insurances cost money out of your pocket and never to return. So what do you have against “cap and trade”? It was started by one of your own.

    In the 1980s, President Ronald Reagan used a cap and trade system to phase out leaded gasoline…

    What if I was to tell you all of your priorities are in danger, (except God) and your insurance policies are junk!?! To what ends would you go to save your family, house, job, gun and car?


    For the fourth time this year, NASA announced that last month was the warmest such month on record, with sea and land temperatures at 1.11 degrees Celsius warmer in 2016 than the average April temperature between 1951 and 1980. It was also the seventh month in a row to be at least 1 degree warmer than the monthly average from 1951 to 1980.


    Just last week, research published in “Environmental Research Letters” showed that five uninhabited Pacific Islands, part of the Solomon Islands off the coast of Australia, are now completely under water They’re gone!. On six other islands there, large swaths of land have washed into the sea, destroying entire villages and forcing people on two of the islands to relocate.

    Relocate……. Where? Who pays for it? How do they eat and shelter, healthcare?

    Did you know that some of Miami streets floods at high tides? Are there other coastal cities doing the same? How about Norfolk? The truth of the matter they have been feeling the effects of global warming in Alaska for a few years now, with ice breakups in the river starting earlier, the ground not freezing.. late winters and early spring are become the new norm. Even had to move the dog races further North, twice, because of no snow.

    1. MAHB001 says

      God gave HUMANS dominion over the Earth and all its inhabitants….

      Not the Government….. CLIMATE CHANGE IS the Governments (NWO) biggest resource grab of all times…. They do not have the answers and to submit to a Politicians demands will simply be submitting to slavery.

      1. gotabgood says

        Scientist are NOT politicians!!! Just like your local auto mechanic is not a politician.
        Open your eyes… you can ACTUALLY see it happening all around you.
        It is one thing to be wrong, quite another to brag about it.
        Your ignorance matches your arrogance…

        1. ShemSilber says

          You say, “Your ignorance matches your arrogance…” and I say, “The accuser is guilty of the accusation.”

          Scientists, although not politicians, are bullied by politicians like those you seem to worship at the feet of, when the facts about global warming are that all mankind and his technology together has about as much effect on global warming as goose-down blowing in the wind.

          IF we want to control global warming, we had better find the technology to control the weather on the sun and put a stop to the storms on it, the waxing and the waning of its cycles.

          Please stop trying to push your ignorance on us, in the Name of the Master Yahushua (Lord Jesus), who will be coming too soon for scoffers, but never soon enough for His believers who trust in Him, to sweep all evil OFF the face of the earth and give us everlasting life in peace and productivity, omein.

          1. gotabgood says

            Do you understand what you just wrote to me? who will be coming too soon for scoffers Do you understand what scoffers means?
            Scoffers were the ones outside the ark it was the saved ones inside the ark that was giving the warnings… which you laughed and called names too…. You should think a little and write less.

          2. ShemSilber says

            Shalom, gottabemixedup: Messiah Yahushua, who is both our Creator who formed us in our mothers’ wombs, giving us this mortal life, and who is zealous to give those who choose eternal life a second birth to immortality, is the one who is coming too soon for those who scoff, as if He will never save us.

            Where did I call anyone names, let alone the servants of Yahuwah Almighty? Show me!

            Noach and his grandfather Metushelach were the ones giving the warning then, and there are many more messengers today blowing the shofar, warning the people about the Master’s return. Will you be ready, or will you be among those who are still scoffing when you hear the sound of His shofar blasting all our ears from the heavens, who then dirty all your diapers and run for nonexistent cover? May our Master Yahushua remove your blindness so that you can see Him and be saved, omein.

          3. gotabgood says

            Ok maybe not a name, but you did say I was ignorant… not sure if you lumped me in with the scoffers.
            You accused me of pushing my ignorance on “us”… first I wasn’t writing to you.
            Do you know why it is warmer on a cloudy night in comparison to a clear night? The clouds, they hold they heat in. The same is true with CO2 it holds the heat in and we get warmer. CO2 we can control.. so we don’t need to block the sun and calm the storms, although warm waters create bad stroms

          4. ShemSilber says

            What I initially said was that your accusation of ignorance was a projection from self, which we commonly do as humans. We tend to pass judgement against our own characteristics that we see in others.

            Climate control is in the hands of Yahuwah Almighty our Creator, and the
            politicians who say otherwise will face the consequences of oppressing
            the people with their stupid regulations.

            My main aim was to explain this: that the scientists are pushed by the politicians (1) to ignore the fact that weather changes on the sun are what causes climate change, which we cannot control, and (2) to back up the ignorant position that mankind has any kind of effect on climate change, in order for the politicians to oppress the people with ridiculous regulations that have NO effect on climate change, but put money and power in the politicians’ pockets. That’s the uncomfortable truth that the greedy politicians will have to face on their day of visitation from the Master Yahushua (Lord Jesus), which is not a statement of religion but a fact of life that will hit them square between the eyes, unless they are among those who have had their sins forgiven (which was why Messiah came in the first place, to make that possible) by humbling themselves to ASK for Him to save them from the fires of Gei-Hinnom, which we are ALL headed for if we don’t have His atonement applied to us. Once forgiven and saved and faithful to the Master until we pass from this life, then the switch is thrown and we don’t go to burn, to become ashes under the feet of the righteous.

            That’s why we were given this first, mortal life, so we could make a choice for everlasting life. This is only a temporary age for us to learn the way of life and to follow it. But when we use the time to oppress our fellow man, like the rulers of this age almost all do, we are choosing to die the second death, which is foolish of those who do so. They will have their comeuppance, in the Name of the Master Yahushua, omein!

          5. gotabgood says

            Sorry, everything is NOT in the hands of the Lord.. other wise you can pin every rape, murder, child molestation on God. And that is not the case at all. God created the heaven and earth perfectly.. no sin and no blemish. He also created man perfectly, no sin, no blemish… but man messed that up and God had to go to plan B. The Garden of Eden was no longer.. we had to work, sweat and put up with all sorts of pest… Satan made sure of that, out of His perfect creation, came the first murderer. Was God responsible for that too? God said we had dominion over the earth and all its creatures… so we polluted the air, water and the soil which we get our food. We killed off many species of animals which are now extinct.
            Over the years we have gotten real good at polluting our environment…. and now we have man made CO2. God did not make the cars that pollute, He did not make the power plants… in fact He did not want us to use fossil fuels at all, that is why He buried them under mountain tops, or under the deep blue sea… But just as at the tower of Babel we started to pool our intelligence and made a way to dig up what He buried.
            We are destroying His world. Will we make a complete end to this world? I think not. I think that is reserved for God when all the elements shall melt. But in the mean time we are making ready for His plagues…

          6. ShemSilber says

            Does Yahuwah Almighty make mistakes? Does He play guessing games over how to save mankind with different “dispensations,” or has He known from the beginning exACTly what He is doing?

            When we know the truth, we will know that all that is true has always been true, and all that the Master Yahushua (Lord Jesus) has done, He did at our Father’s bidding, and our attempts to assign fumbling a “Plan A” and having to go to a “Plan B” are vain speculations and even accusations against Him, and the source of those lies is Azazel, the satanic one who fell from high office by rebelling against his Creator, who has gone by many aliases, including Ba’al, Chemosh, Molech, Saturn, Jupiter, and, most prevalent now, because of Islam, Allah.

            Here are references concerning what has been known and done from the foundation of this creation for any who are interested to look up:
            Matthew 13:35; 25:34; Luke 11:50; John 17:24; Ephesians 1:4; Hebrews 4:3; 9:26; 1Peter 1:20; Revelation 13:8; 17:8.

            When the Scriptures speak of the “Lamb slain from the foundation of the world,” that shows that our Abba (Father) Yahuwah knew before He had the Master Yahushua do anything, He knew what He was doing and was not playing any guessing games. In order to accomplish His purpose—to produce many children who are like His Firstborn, the Master Yahushua (1John 3:1-3; 1Corinthians 13:12), which even David, the sweet psalmist of Israel, knew (Psalm 17:15).

            Yes, people suffer, both working evil to themselves and others, but Yahuwah knows all that and will give remedy and recourse to all who have trusted in Him, and to those who didn’t know His Name or His power He will extend salvation to them, and there will be no stone unturned when He rectifies all the evils that have been done, and, in the end, every knee will bend and every tongue will swear by an oath that Yahuwah Almighty is He who IS, who WAS, and who ALWAYS WILL BE, and everyone who chose to remain mortal will die the second death, never to rise again, and everyone who chose life will have everlasting life in peace and everlasting productivity in bodies that will never grow old or sick or tired, but always full of His power, for it is He who has made us and not we ourselves, in the Name of the Master Yahushua, omein!

        2. Americans Wake Up says

          I grew up fearing the coming ice age and experienced hotter summers and summer evenings in the 60’s and 70’s than I have in the last 15 years. Chicken little is screaming the sky is falling and it is not. “Climate change” is a natural cycle of the earth. Green house gases like carbon dioxide are necessary to promote plant growth and generation of oxygen. If anything we are experiencing higher levels of CO2 due to trees an vegetation being leveled in the name of progress so we can build more cities, roads and houses.
          The climate change people need to get their head out of their a$$es.

          1. gotabgood says

            “Green house gases like carbon dioxide are necessary to promote plant growth and generation of oxygen.”
            TRUE! EXCEPT
            This will show you at any given moment world wide fires, which do 3 things, 1) adds heat. 2) adds CO2. 3) destroys plants/trees that use the CO2 to make O2.
            Then man cuts down 1000’s of acres of rain forest. They clean forest and replant a lesser palm oil tree. We dump billions of particles into our air from power plants. and more from manufactures.. and then the every growing auto industry add to that we have mother nature kicking in every once in a while with a volcano.

            It was people like you standing OUTSIDE the Ark, laughing and mocking Noah… I wonder who laughed last?

        3. Jimmy Quick says

          Scientists are paid by politicians. You try going agains the prevailing will of the government and you will be shut down 6 ways to Sunday.

          The real scientists are never allowed a platform and phonies like Bill Nye and Al Gore are projected to be the saviors of the planet as they personally do more damage to the planet than do most 3rd world counties.

          You know, everything you say is stupid. Your name should be changed to “gotobafool”.

          1. gotabgood says

            That is the second time Bill Nye’s name was brought up to me… I have never used his name! Not knowingly used any of his articles, I copy headlines, articles and websites, guess I will have to pay attention to the author from now on.
            Al Gore is another name I haven’t use in a very long time… mostly because of idiots that don’t study and just repeat rhetoric..
            And you really don’t say much at all except something you have heard once and forget where, probably at a bar in the mens restroom….

          2. Jimmy Quick says

            I have studies politics for decades now and I know this one thing if anything at all.

            EVERYTHING IS MONEY DRIVEN! If there is no money, the wheels don’t turn.

            Even Darwin, likely the most revered scientist for idols, was paid more than $175,000.00 over his lifetime to prove that black people were animals or the missing link as was inferred in his writings.

            How do you get so fooled by this stuff. You must have a bent toward some sort of dumb demon that is leading you ever closer to the utopian promise of ultimate stupidity.

          3. gotabgood says

            I do know that in our society without money things will not get done or very speedily.
            As for Darwin, I don’t think much of him and really don’t care to know that much about him, let’s just say I think he was in the sun too long.
            Now you said you have spent decades studying politics, so I am assuming you are 50 or above.
            Depending on where you have lived… you do not need a scientist to tell you there are some changes in our land.
            2012, there were 1000 heat records broken in one week in the USA
            October 2013 a blizzard killed 75,000 cattle in South Dakota.
            9/20/2013 a 1000 year flood hit Colorado
            June 14. 2013 Colorado fire sets record for destruction
            2015 set a new heat record taking over where 2014 left off.
            2016 as of today, they are breaking 2015 heat records, month by month.
            and then personal experience, I lived in LA in the 70’s with the constant smog alerts
            I lived in AZ in the 50’s, Superstition Mountains could plainly be seen from Phoenix, in the 2004 you couldn’t even see downtown Phoenix and they had skyscrapers.
            I lived in MI and we had thick green grass and a garden that didn’t need watering, early 50’s came back in 2000 and the grass was thin and bare in spots, garden needed watering along with the grass to save what was left.
            I didn’t need Bill Nye or any scientist to tell me something is happening..
            And you can relate if you think about it!

          4. Jimmy Quick says

            I don’t have any problem accepting the fact that the weather is an ever changing thing.

            I don’t have any problem with believing that God is completely in control.

            I don’t have any problem believing that this planet will eventually burn up in a fervent heat as the Bible says.

            I don’t have any problem believing that life on earth will become so unbearable that multitudes of people will cry out for the rocks to fall on them and kill them.

            I don’t have any problem believing that most people and especially scientist have no clue what makes this earth able to support live.

            I do have a problem with those same paid to perform monkeys trying to rip us all off by saying that they know something which they very obviously do not.

            Now I’ve got one for you. What ever happened to getting water pollution cleaned up or air pollution? Those were/are worthy causes and certainly could be reasonably felt with.

            And how about the people who throw trash out of their cars. To me that should be a felony, minimum 5 year sentence. People who would do that are just hardened criminals in the making.

            Why don’t you pick your fights more wisely or is that not as profitable?

          5. gotabgood says

            I am glad to see that you realize that man can destroy his own home.. EARTH!
            These monkeys, you should pay attention too. God works in mysterious ways and doesn’t always deliver a message the way you think it should be delivered.
            He tells you a third of the trees will burn.. man is helping him out. He tells you the fish in the sea will die.. man is doing his part in that too.
            Fossil fuel is the absolute worst for our environment. It pollutes, it kills and when you figure the cost lives, wildlife, retrieving, soil, air, water, the ‘accidents’, refining and transporting… how can you figure it is a cheaper way to go?
            Harmful Lake Erie algal blooms worsened by power plant pollution

          6. Jimmy Quick says

            So we can agree the the destiny of the earth is in God’s hands then? Even if you still somehow think you can control the weather, certainly you must agree that the intensions of those who spearhead the global initiative are only to fleas the people into giving up even more human rights to an already greedy for power government.

            Common sense would strongly suggest that you stand back and seriously take a long look at your life choices. I know that it is difficult to figure out who if any of our government leaders gives a crap about the future of our nation or the world for that matter, but the responsibility for the outcome is not yours. You only need to be certain that you are not supporting efforts that are openly false and ultimately lead to your own enslavement.

          7. gotabgood says

            Weather is a whole lot easier to control than climate! You ever hear of seeding the clouds so it would rain?
            Now as for climate.
            These are photos from around the world..

            I ask you what caused that? Do you think that smog can have any affect in our climate? Do you know that suet from coal is found in the Arctic? Witch when covering the ice it no longer reflects heat, but absorbs it, which causes the ice to melt which warm the waters, which warm waters causes storms, which tear away at our feeble sea walls.
            The smog over the cities act just like clouds, it holds the heat in. and the cities are already hotter than the country side, because of the black top and buildings which retain heat.
            Did you know in AZ that the people have caused the humidity to be raise from where normal use to be? Yep! Swimming pools, lakes, green grass which you have to admit is foreign to the desert…
            I have given you three examples of how people have changed the climate, suet, smog and humidity.
            It is time to awake from your slumber, stop calling names to people which you fail to realize are right… you are a scoffer….. instead of “It’s going to rain”… the cry goes out the “Oceans are rising”.. but in this case we can do something about it. You know in China they are building for the future, their buildings have energy savings built into the structures, some with solar, some with solar hot water heaters, which also can double up on heating the rooms. High-speed trains are now in competition with the passenger planes. Buses are turning to electric power. I am not sure if you can even buy an incandescent light bulb any longer..The electric scooter is replacing the motorcycle. Beijing wants to close up the coal burning power plants by 2020.
            We can do it… but with the rightwing closed minded and bought off by oil companies equates to we are the only country that lags behind in green energy because of a political party!

          8. Jimmy Quick says

            I don’t buy it. The climate change hysteria has been going on for as long as I can remember. It’s not science. It’s trickery and you would do better not to believe anything you have not seen for yourself.

          9. gotabgood says

            What aren’t you buying…. SMOG?? We made… well actually still making it.. and you are so far deep into the rightwing rhetoric they have to pipe sunshine to you.

          10. Jimmy Quick says

            Go talk to the Chinese, Maybe they will listen.

          11. gotabgood says

            Unlike you, they are intelligent. They are years ahead of USA in infrastructure, high speed trains, air ports. new buildings with energy savings in mind, electric buses and subways. We would at least be even with them if it wasn’t for the party of stupidity (rightwing), In the 80’s they took down solar panels from WH, they voted against infrastructure, blocked high speed rail, our roads and bridges are crumbling, our airports are 20-30 years behind… and it is all because of one party.. the stupid party… the rightwing that hates government and therefore does not know how to run it without crashing it, like Hoover, Reagan and bush!

          12. Jimmy Quick says

            You are absolutely off your rocker. I mean it. Get help before you do serious damage to yourself or to others.

        4. alegalcitizen says

          When we SEE articles where they have changed things, I don’t believe them, it’s just a way for the fat cats to get even fatter. It’s COLD here in Michigan!

          1. gotabgood says

            “When we SEE articles where they have changed things,”
            I really don’t know what you are talking about.
            If you are talking about computer models, they take today’s data and feed into computer and out comes the data.. but if warms up more and more ice melts, then that data that was fed into the computer was wrong and have to change the input data… is that the change you are referring to?
            Here is a chart from NASA

        5. ABO says

          Your hero, Obama’s front man on climate change Bill Nye ‘the science guy’ isn’t a scientist, gotabanidiot, he holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering. Nothing having to do with climate study or atmospheric sciences. He is only the ‘science guy’ because he was hired by PBS to talk to kids about previously established scientific fact in very short time slots. Your ignorance exceeds your arrogance. Climate Change does happen and has been happening since this planet first came to exist.
          Obama has simply decided to use it to provide himself with more of other peoples’ money to spend.

          1. gotabgood says

            Wow.. I am surely impressed a person who shows his ignorance with flare… clap clap.
            I do not recall bringing Bill Nye or any other person name up. If I quoted an article by him, it was not because of his name it was because what was written. How or why he got to be a spokes person for the science community, I have no idea… so if you are telling the truth.. thanks.. If a lie.. thanks again, you can be bought off cheap.
            You are mixing weather and climate up.. weather is changeable day by day.. in fact, some place have a saying… “If you don’t like the weather, hang around an hour, it will change”.
            Climate is a global thing, it changes gradually,but generally consistently. It is more of a trend than spikes, which a lot of people on the right do not understand.

            Like for in Jan. 2014, when USA was getting hammered by the “Vortex”, Alaska was melting.
            The most coldest places on earth are the most sensitive to just a few degrees in temperature. to maintain all that ice it requires cold and for long periods of time…shortened seasons and warmer seasons… and we get disappearing glaciers.
            Like in our own Glacier National Park. In 1850, we had 150 glaciers, today we have 25 and they are shrinking..

          2. ABO says

            Wow, just what I needed, a lecture on climate science from a myopic liberal know-it-all lemming. Pay attention, clown boy, I didn’t say you brought up Bill Nye. Learn to read and comprehend and maybe someday you’ll get it right. I said Obama’s front man on climate science is Bill Nye. Unlike you I know the difference between climate and weather. Your explanation of climate change was poorly worded and intensely inadequate. I simply stated that climate change has been happening since this planet first came to exist. I never denied climate change. You are obviously attempting to look as though I was passing off climate change as common changes in weather, an obvious misstatement on your part. Again read what I wrote. Don’t just make up ridiculous nonsense in a failed attempt to make yourself look smarter than you are.

          3. gotabgood says

            Your hero, Obama’s front man on climate change Bill Nye”
            And you were not talking about Obama… you were talking about Obama’s front man, Bill Nye…. MY HERO!
            Maybe you should learn how to write what you mean!
            Now with the attitude gone, I hope… but probably not… I am glad you see there is a climate change and it is not 1000’s of years ago, it is here right now and people are being affected by it.
            Most…. not all, but most people on the right think it is a made up fantasy and haven’t a clue what is going on. I think at the very least we need to make them aware of the truth and stop fighting green energy… It is our future, it can happen sooner if we realize its importance and stop fighting, which also raises the cost.
            Nice talk.

          4. ABO says

            You really are a pathetic idiot. Wake up! You claim you had to school me in writing what I mean and yet your example is totally bogus. In my very first response to you I stated very clearly, “Climate change does happen and has been happening since this planet first came to exist”. What part of that do you not understand? Do you need a course I remedial reading comprehension to help you understand even the simplest, most uncomplicated statements? Btw, It shouldn’t surprise anyone that your HERO is Bill Nye. He has absolutely no formal education in atmospheric and/or climate sciences but claims to be an expert.
            Makes perfect sense that you would buy his Obama spoon fed nonsense, hook, line and sinker. You are incapable of reasoned, critical thinking and as such you simply accept whatever you are told. Grow up and learn to think for yourself gotabanidiot. You might actually learn something useful.

          5. gotabgood says

            “Btw, It shouldn’t surprise anyone that your HERO is Bill Nye.”
            Got caught, and now the typical rightwing spin cycle, trying to justify or cover up his mistakes.
            Don’t worry, I won’t hold that against you… but it is nice to know in your feeble way… you confessed your error.
            Have a great day

          6. ABO says

            My God, you are a pathetic idiot. Live in your own little fantasy world don’t you. You put it one way and when that doesn’t work you claim you actually meant something else. Try a little reality for a change, Clown.

          7. ABO says

            You need to take a course in remedial reading and comprehension. You might also try an honest response rather than your usual spin and twist routine. Show me where I said that you brought up Bill Nye. I never said that. I simply stated that Obama has made Nye his front man on climate change, nothing whatsoever about you. Then you lecture me on the difference between climate change and simple changes in weather, in order of course to make it appear that I am one of those dark and dangerous climate change deniers. “Climate change does happen and has been happening since this planet first came to exist”. MY WORDS, clown boy. My point is that as usual, liberals like Obama love to try to make people think that they can overrule the forces of nature which works on myopic lemmings like yourself but not on logical critical thinkers. Get busy with that remedial reading course, dimwit.

        6. Americans Wake Up says

          If you believe scientist are not politicians then you need to go back to school. Scientists work the political circuit to gain access to grants. They manipulate data to what ever bend will gain the most backing. Half of the climate “scientists” have admitted they fudge data to sway thinking.

          1. gotabgood says

            Only those who were bought off by the likes of Koch Bros. cheat and lie!
            Also did you know those on welfare are actually lobbyist to get more food stamps, healthcare and and more money in pocket so they can afford to buy a new Cadillac every 3 years?

        7. MAHB001 says

          Scientists have one reason to push Man Made Climate Change, and that is funding.

          Politicians have two reasons to push Man Made Climate change.

          1. Taxes
          2. Resource grabs.

          None of these reasons are to save the planet…. Wake up.

          1. Francisco Machado says

            Add justification for the concentration of centralized totalitarian power, for expanding and enforcing increased federal government hegemony over states and individuals. For our own good, of course. Dependence of everyone on the federal government – “Freedom is Slavery.” And, more to the point with AGW promotion, persecution for non-believers, “Ignorance is Strength.”

    2. AL says

      Thank GOD for Global warming. Without global warming OHIO WOULD STILL BE COVERED WITH ICE. But with the global warming it melted all that ice. So now we can go swim or fish in lake ERIE

      1. gotabgood says

        YOU GOT IT!!!!!
        I don’t know about swimming in Lake Erie though.. Check the photo. Think that was caused by all that melting ice??
        Trouble is the ice is still melting…
        Glacier National Park, in 1850 had 150 glaciers, today there are only 25 and they are shrinking.
        So yeah Thank God… but tell him to turn the thermostat down so as not to flood the earth again.

    3. alegalcitizen says

      Sorry we’re freezing our azzes off here in Michigan with FROST last Sat. and Sun. Weather change has been around ever since I can remember.

      1. gotabgood says

        naughty, naughty… I am from Michigan.. I have family and friends there. I have the weather report on my computer…. this is southwestern Michigan.. been in the low 70’s, at night varies from 46 to 61. Later this week is suppose to be 79… a far cry from freezing your azz off!! My friend was worried if they were going to have snow for Christmas.
        Once again.. weather changes frequently.. in Michigan there is a saying, If you don’t like the “weather”, hang around for an hour it will change…
        Climate is gradual and consistent and global.
        here is the website for the past week in Grand Rapids. About center of the state… kinda.

        If you will lie about the weather… everything else is fare game..

        1. alegalcitizen says

          Everything else is FAIR game. And WHOSE lying about the weather???
          I’m LIVE in SW Michigan, and I know the saying. Lived through the 1967 or 68 storm, and the one in 78 snow hind end deep!
          IT was FREEZING this weekend, that’s what I was talking about, not what’s in the FUTURE. Hate to think you are from my State!!!
          Your friend didn’t have to worry 2 years ago about snow did they??? I only know what I hear from family and friends, because I don’t live here in the winter, I’m in South Texas, watching the Illegal aliens stream over the border!
          It HAS NOT been in the low 70’s, I LIVE here, and just because your computer says something different doesn’t make it SO. Heck, I’ve been on the deck when the local weatherman says NO rain in our future, and it’s RAINING. So there you have it, the weatherman lies!
          I know where Grand Rapids is, like I said, I was BORN here, and lived here for over 70 years!

          1. gotabgood says

            I was there in both of those storms you talk about.. they were terrible, closed roads and stranded people. But those storms don’t happen any more.. the snow doesn’t last all winter any longer. I came home for Christmas one year, I think it was 1961, it was so very cold it froze the starter bendix in my 53 ford. I think it was 20 below zero. You have to water your lawn to keep it green..
            Not much sense in debating the issue with you, My computer lies, my friends lie, the web page is also lying…. and judging from the way you talk about MI… those illegals you see crossing the border… are more likely than not to be citizens of the USA and better be careful, there is a major living there in Texas, he might not take kindly you calling him an illegal

    4. Bruce MBD says

      RE: Gotabgood

      OOOOOOH Climate change!! And just what do you socialists intend to do about that? Raise taxes for your shills’ pockets? That Algoar hoax about the east coast being under water by 2016… I live right on the Atlantic and I’m waiting. His “Inconvenient Lies” diatribe with the photoshopped polar bears was banned in the UK. I wonder why
      In the 70s, you scammers scared people about the “ice age,” now it’s “global warming,” then climate change, or whatever you’re calling it this week. Create more “solar panel jobs” which always fail, more windmills which kill thousands of birds annually (where’s PETA, another lib invention?), or join Dear Ruler (the one who claims to know about science ) and, as he claims, he can “FIGHT climate change,” I guess by standing before the Sun, quadrillions of times bigger than even the Dear Ruler (though not his ego), with his little sling shot, taking pot shots….bad BAD Sun! It would take a 747 jet over 2100 years to travel once around the sun, yet you inepts claim you want to control it or fight it? Tax it!
      And the first thing the petrochemical haters should have confiscated is their cell phones, unless they can figure out how to build one out of rocks and woodchips because plastic is petroleum, like most everything you own.
      By calling CO2 a “greenhouse gas” which plants require to produce O2, you green libs are really tree HATERS, and, since 70% of the nation’s electricity is coal fired, which pollutes far more than a gasoline engine, your snooty “save the planet” Prius drivers are, in fact, doing more harm to the planet than my hillbillie Southern pick up truck, but hypocrisy, lies and blatant stupidity are attributes of a democrat. I’m sure you mean well by finding it necessary to control people, because you’re all so terribly intelligent. Return to your cave life. You efface civilization.
      GOD and Nature can change the climate, not Dear Ruler, not you nor me, nor your party’s incessant preoccupation with fraud, scams and high taxes.

      Oh, and forgive me for doubting your lib “NASA news” about global warming and temperature changes, since you people have an historical reputation for constantly skewing, lying, falsifying and inventing data to sustain your illegitimate agendas (i.e. East Anglia), but NASA’s RES satellite, in orbit to study the planet’s temperature, has detected NO CHANGE for the past 12 years. The Antarctic ice sheet grew more than the size of Texas last year.

      I believe absolutely NOTHING and trust NOTHING you people say. It’s best is you just keep your traps shut. You pollute the air more than a Prius owner. You have earned that.
      “Settled science” is not science, it’s democrat dogma. There is no such thing as “consensus” in science, unless you’re an ignorant pseudo-scientific democrat liberal.

      1. gotabgood says

        So much wrong with your…… stuff!
        God made this world with the correct about CO2 and O2 producing plants/trees. Just like in the garden of Eden, man thought he knew better and proof himself to be ignorant of the ways of the world and laws…Around this world we have forest fires burning out of control EVERYDAY!!! destroying those O2 producing plants! Everyday we have man destroying the rain forest. Everyday we have man clearing out O2 producing trees in then replacing them with less O2 producing palm oil trees. Then to help mother nature along with her quest of CO2 we pump coal burning power plants everyday, then around the world we have billions of cars to help out Mother nature and then manufactures, and we even have the help of volcanoes to push the CO2 levels even higher.
        ” but NASA’s RES satellite, in orbit to study the planet’s temperature, has detected NO CHANGE for the past 12 years” I wished you would have given references.. I would like to read that article..

      2. gotabgood says

        Maybe you will listen to one of your own,,,,
        “Conservatives are always at a bit of a disadvantage in the theater of mass democracy,” the conservative editorialist Kevin Williamson wrote in National Review last October, “because people en masse aren’t very bright or sophisticated, and they’re vulnerable to cheap, hysterical emotional appeals.”

      3. gotabgood says

        Excuse me while I try to wade through your BS and separate it as much as I can.
        As for the 70’s ice age… I hate to say it, but I am at the mercy of your words (yuck, yuck, spit, spit) Because I am not going to waste my time on something that didn’t happen and won’t happen.

      4. gotabgood says

        solar panels are not failing and are supplying electricity around the world.
        “windmills which kill thousands of birds annually
        As for your birds.. show me the reference.. other wise… BS

      5. gotabgood says

        God made earth in perfect balance of CO2 and O2 producing plants/trees… until man! Man cuts down rain forest, starts forest fires, clears forest producing O2 tress to replant with low producing palm oil trees and then pumps billions of CO2 particles into our air with power plants, then we have manufacturing pumping more in.. lets not forget the billions of cars around the world and the fracking releasing methane gas into the air. and homes and businesses that burn each day, adding heat and CO2.. then we have the help of mother nature with volcanoes… sorry, but the manufacturing plants of O2 are losing the battle!
        Any common sense in you at all would make you realize you can’t keep cutting and cutting and cutting and expect things to equal out at the end.

      6. gotabgood says

        but NASA’s RES satellite, in orbit to study the planet’s temperature, has detected NO CHANGE for the past 12 years.
        Too bad you didn’t give the reference, I would like to have read that…. because all I read from NASA tells a completely different story
        Scientific consensus: Earth’s climate is warming
        I think the chart, also from NASA will cover your last 12 years..

      7. gotabgood says

        I thought you might think in that chart the last date was 2000, even though it extended at least another 10 years.. you may question it that included your 12 years… so here is another one.
        As of 2014, 2013 tied with 2009 and 2006 for the seventh warmest year since 1880 according to NASA scientists. With the exception of 1998, the 10 warmest years in the 134-year record have all occurred since 2000, with 2010 and 2005 ranking as the warmest years on record. Earth continues to be hotter than it was several decades ago.
        Has some nice graphics for your amusement

      8. gotabgood says

        And finally… “I believe absolutely NOTHING and trust NOTHING you people say. It’s best is you just keep your traps shut.”
        I didn’t write to you… you wrote to me…. and actually I would like to own that statement of yours… and give it back to you, word for word!!

    5. Francisco Machado says

      Your diatribe lacks a point. Virtually no one believes that the climate doesn’t change. To survive, we must adapt to the change over the next several generations, as humans have through past climate cycles. You are expressing panic over things that occur over generations, over millennia not over the few decades of our lives. your comment pushed me back to re-read the article on the ignorance of the ignorant decrying ignorance to look for his comment on climate change. I must have missed it again. Your misplaced frantic anxiety is unhealthy – calm down. You can plan your move to the mountains over the next few decades.

      1. gotabgood says

        Well at least you refrained from calling me names, so I thank you for that.
        Let me tell you what I have seen in my life time.
        I was born in Southwestern Michigan and started hoeing the garden and mowing the yard around 10. We never watered the yard or garden. I cursed the rain because the grass and weeds grew faster. Our lawn was thick and green, and I had to use a push mower, not electric and not power driven at all. If it went over 5 days without mowing, you had to take double cuts… and of course the weeds in the garden.. yuck! In the winter I would build a snow fort and it would be there until early spring.
        At the age of 14 we moved to Phoenix, I remember looking at Superstitious Mountains and 4 Peaks Mountain from schools, about 50 miles away. This was in the 50’s.. Jumping ahead to 2000. I moved back to the same house I grew up in, my father was sick. The big garden had given away to a much smaller garden, but now needed to water it to grow. The grass was much thinner and even bare in some spots and we had to water to keep what grass we had alive. My daughter came to visit, we had a snowmobile, but we had to drive about a 100 miles North to get into some snow we could ride on.
        2004 my father had passed away and I moved back to AZ You no longer could see Superstitious Mountains… in fact from Buckeye, you could hardly see downtown Phoenix which now has skyscrapers..
        I had jumped over the period I lived in LA, where it was not uncommon for them to call smog alerts several times a week, this was in the 70’s. Standing on top of Griffin Park, you could hardly see downtown LA.
        That smog was entirely man made!!
        Why did our garden start needing water and the grass was dying out? it didn’t rain so much any more.. WHY? You tell me. Why was there not enough snow in SW MI to ride a snowmobile after my forts would be there all winter long?
        Why could I see the mountains, 50 miles away in 1956 and in 2004 I could barely see downtown Phoenix?
        Why have we continued to break heat records every year? Not just in the US, but all over the world..
        Those are the things I have seen.

  2. MAHB001 says

    “it would alienate the very communities at home and abroad who are our most important partners in the fight against violent extremism.”

    Once again, 0bama did not use the words “Islamic Terrorists” to describe his enemy, but used the much softer and vague language of “violent Extremists” to describe his enemies.

    This leads me to believe that in 0bama’s mind his true enemies are Republicans, Tea Party people, and Christian Conservatives.

    0bama has used crystal clear language to describe:
    Tea Party as Radicals.
    Christian Conservatives as EXTREMISTS
    Republicans as Terrorists….

    So what 0bama is really saying is:
    “it would alienate the very communities at home and abroad who are our most important partners in the fight against”– Tea Party members, Republicans, and Christian Conservatives.

    0bama chooses his words carefully, and we must be aware that the enemy is within.

    1. gotabgood says

      To use the words “Islamic Terrorist” he would limit the field..
      Using the term “Violent Terrorist”, would also include the Homeland Security’s finding of our very own homegrown rightwing terrorist who kills more Americans than the Islamic ones. So have to include the most dangerous ones…. “Rightwing Radicals”…

      1. James Maxwell says

        So far the majority of the radicals that have been found are from the Far Left Wing
        Democrat Socialist Party. A breeding ground of idiots thanks to the useless far
        Left Wing Anti American Democrat Socialist professors who could not find work
        in the real world with their useless degrees.

        1. gotabgood says

          Lies and twisting of the truth will not change the facts… lies may make you and the people you know feel better as long as you don’t mind living a lie!
          The truth is written down by lil’ bush’s baby… DHS! Hash it out with them.. I am just a messenger.

          1. ABO says

            If “lies and twisting of the truth will not change the facts” then why have you taken them as your stock and trade? Everything you have posted on this thread has been utterly dishonest. Plain and simple obfuscation. If you are so fond of the truth, try using it sometime. I doubt that you will enjoy it though, It certainly doesn’t fit your agenda.

          2. gotabgood says

            It is easy to sit back and exert all your intelligence and energy and say.. LIAR! and then to cover my posts in a nice and neat “liar blanket”…. you say EVERYTHING I POST IS A LIE.
            Most of what I post I have references, which is more than what you have given me, which are opinions and rhetoric, neither of which can be classified as facts!
            So… since everything I have posted is a lie. pick one topic and prove me wrong? Can you do it? Or will you come back with something like… “I don’t have the time or the will to waste on you”

          3. ABO says

            If, as you claim you have ‘references’ for what you post INCLUDE them. Fairly simple isn’t it??? Thus far on this thread you have used the same link. One link. A link to a government (DHS) site. And that is what you use to prove that what the government says is correct??? Following that lead I could post a link to Donald Trump’s campaign site as proof that what he has said is absolutely correct.
            Just how simple minded are you??? Get a brain and stop being a lemming for Obama. Learn to think for yourself or is that just too much to expect?

          4. gotabgood says

            Sometimes you make sense as in your first paragraph.. I thought ok.. I will search it out JUST FOR YOU.. But the news media would just report on what the office of lil’ bush started called DHS.. but I am going to try anyway.
            THEN comes the next paragraph!! I want to ask you how many times you come up for air in the cesspool of misinformation you seem to dwell in… but I will refrain myself from asking that.

            Domestic Terrorism
            Domestic right-wing terrorist groups often adhere to the principles of racial supremacy and embrace antigovernment, antiregulatory beliefs. Generally, extremist right-wing groups engage in activity that is protected by constitutional guarantees of free speech and assembly. Law enforcement becomes involved when the volatile talk of these groups transgresses into unlawful action.
            I have no idea if you read any references I post or not… but to show you I AM HONEST.. there is an article about leftwing in this report too.. but was dismantled in the 80’s ( I wonder if Reagan had anything to do with it? That is for another time.)
            Right-wing terrorists twice as likely to kill Americans than Muslim jihadists are ‒ report
            Actually there is a lot more on the rightwing terrorist than I thought. DHS, FBI, and Police and even psychology studies.
            But here are a few… enjoy.

          5. ABO says

            Still making it up as you go along. You have proved beyond any doubt whatsoever that you are not in any way worth responding to. Please feel free to continue living in your pathetic little fantasy world and making up your silly stories to justify your abject incompetence and complete inability to make a point without changing the story at every turn. Thank you very much for demonstrating to everyone exactly what sort od delusional, demented clowns liberals really are. Have a nice day.

          6. ABO says

            Right, another collection of lefty sites to prove that the lefties are correct. You desperately need professional help. You are so utterly delusional that you can’t see what you’re doing even when it’s pointed out to you in very specific terms. You just make up more pathetic excuses and say that you’ve proved that the government is right because the government and their supporters say they are. You have shown absolutely no honesty or desire to carry on an honest, proper discussion whatsoever, so and your comments and collection of liberal links prove that you are a true lemming, incapable of logical, critical thought. Un able to think for yourself, you simply take whatever the left tells you as incontrovertible truth. Seek professional help. You desperately need it.

          7. gotabgood says

            Since you do not read my websites I give you and just call them a leftwing website… even the FBI!!!!! Do you really expect the right wing to come out with the true findings?
            Like Gretchen on Fox on video says, “We just make things up”..
            Fox went to court to be able to misrepresent the truth according to their “freedom of speech”
            Breitbart makes up their own stories..
            But one last feeble attempt to shed some light on you, may come from your favorite source..

          8. ABO says

            If you can manage to stop with your childish little games for just a moment, you know damn well that RT.com is commonly acknowledged as a hugely unprincipled extreme leftist site, NYTimes.com site has been caught lying on so many occasions that I shouldn’t need to explain that one, even to you. Government agencies under the current administration post ONLY what Obama allows them to post. books.google.com??? Oh I don’t think that book, Confronting Right Wing Extremism and Terrorism in the USA is at all biased to the extreme left. If you had a brain and were capable of thinking for yourself you would be reading both sides but you are obviously not capable of that and therefore you read only one side, take all from the left as absolute fact and continue along the garden path like the good little liberal lemming that you are. Oh and btw I do not follow Fox News, never said I did (that is your assumption) and have never posted a link to Fox News or any site related to Fox News. Unlike you, I think for myself.

          9. gotabgood says

            Don’t keep me sitting on the edge of my seat with suspense…. please do tell what media you listen to..
            Limbaugh? Beck? Breitbart?
            I am so anxious so I can be enlightened..

          10. ABO says

            Exactly the point, gotabestupid, There is no enlightenment for you. Paid troll that you are, no matter how many times you are told, you just don’t get it. That is the way you pathetic idiots work for your 8 cents per post. Every time you’re given what you demand you twist it and spin it so I answer and you get to post again and collect another 8 cents. You’re such a hard working liberal parasite.

      2. Jarhead says

        What are you smoking Gotcagood? Trolling must pay well? Seek help!

      3. Combat Veteran Seabee says

        Most of the shooters were democrats azzwipe!

        1. gotabgood says

          most were associated with, kkk, nazi and or white supremest.
          Besides… argue with these people..

          1. ABO says

            Just keep dishing out the lies. It’s what you do best. Of course when one is so incredibly myopic it is just too much trouble to bother thinking for oneself isn’t it???

      4. Jimmy Quick says

        Dunce cap over here >>>> (gotabanidiot)

        1. gotabgood says

          Hey…. my name is Jimmy… like my hat?

          1. Jimmy Quick says

            Changing your name won’t help. We all know who you are.

      5. alegalcitizen says

        Can you name the ones that were Rightwing Radicals, and PROVE they were right wing, just not SAY they were or are.

        1. ABO says

          Too stressful alegalcitizen, gotabgood makes it all up as he goes along and that assures that everything he posts fits his agenda perfectly. Why would he stress himself out with things like facts or the truth???

        2. gotabgood says

          I can go one better,,, give you the website and then you know who to contact.
          DHS report warns of domestic right-wing terror threat

          This is even better..

          1. alegalcitizen says

            What about those “left wing” radicals, you know Black lives matter, white ones not so much. Seems as though one of the leaders of Black lives matter was pimping a 17 YO WHITE girl.

          2. alegalcitizen says

            DHS called them “right wing extremists”, BUT I would like to know where they get the right wing, HOW do you know they’re not left wing???

          3. gotabgood says

            Is this a joke? Or are you really that ignorant? Please notice IN THEIR WEB ADDRESS THE WORD “TERRORIST”,
            Department of Homeland Security was doing the investigation…. I am pretty sure they know who you are!!

          4. alegalcitizen says

            Dept. of homeland security eh??? Janet Napolitano eh??? THAT right there says it all. Do I have ANY FAITH in the Dept. since obama became president? Nadda, see I’m on the border and NO ONE is securing it, they arrest them EVERY day in the Rio Grande Valley, had the Border Patrol at our park, so IF you feel secure when this dumb a__ some call a president lets every illegal alien that can get here a free pass, and even REUNITES a “child” with their illegal alien parents already here. Well, what can I say.
            THEY call them right wing extremists, BUT HOW do they know their political beliefs, I know of NO right wing extremists here in my area.

          5. gotabgood says

            Please share with me what year did Janet Napolitano take over the DHS???

            (U//FOUO) The current economic and political climate has some similarities to the

            1990s when rightwing extremism experienced a resurgence fueled largely by an

            economic recession, criticism about the outsourcing of jobs, and the perceived threat to

            U.S. power and sovereignty by other foreign powers.

            — (U//FOUO) During the 1990s, these issues contributed to the growth in the

            number of domestic rightwing terrorist and extremist groups and an increase in

            violent acts targeting government facilities, law enforcement officers, banks,

            and infrastructure sectors.


          6. alegalcitizen says

            When oblama took office in 2009.

            So HOW do they know if the people are right OR left wing??? WHERE do they get the ability to proclaim them right wing???

          7. gotabgood says

            Are you for real? Really?
            well it has to do with a study they made and by observance at a WH meal. Their choices were strawberry cheese cake and blueberry cheese cake and of course if they didn’t take either, they were known to be Independents.

      6. The Old One says

        If you cannot stop the intake of the Kool aid try, at least, to reduce it. That is what I would generally call an imbecilistic idea. One I haven’t heard for a long time but then again I only listen to democrats as little as I can. Both right and left radicals are to be ignored but if you have to choose one, and you are of legal age to drink alcohol, the choice is obvious.

        1. gotabgood says

          DHS report warns of domestic right-wing terror threat

          Argue with them… they made the observation, they made the report… later after much boo hooing by the right wing they came out and said oh gee we didn’t mean to offend anyone….. but the report stands!!

      7. gerald Hughes says

        You are a bare face low life lying liberal dem bloodsucker..
        You can’t even touch the number that were killed on 911.
        Time to get names and addresses on people like you so that we will know who to thank and where you are when our families begin to be assaulted, raped and killed.

        1. gotabgood says

          Yes and don’t forget the big calf’s for carrying all those drugs.
          I would like to point out to you that 9/11 was under the careful watch of a radical rightwinger, in cheney and lil’bush.
          Wow.. let me see Reagan had amnesty for 3 million immigrants… that was how many years ago??? 30 + years, were we having an out break of families being assaulted, raped and killed when he did that??

          1. gerald Hughes says

            Yes yes, liberal dem bloodsucker, we are not going to screw around with you scum.
            We just add your name and address to the list, when the crap starts some one will be around to see you.

      8. MAHB001 says

        Correct, if 0bama used Islamic Terrorists to define his enemy, he would eliminate Republicans, Tea Party Members, and Christians…

        1. gotabgood says

          Looks like you are wising up… That is what I said… “if 0bama used Islamic Terrorists to define his enemy, he would eliminate Republicans, Tea Party Members, and Christians…”
          the most dangerous of all…. rightwing radicals.. which include Republicans, tea party members and the so-called Christians…. that is why he used the term violent terrorist which would include republicans and your tea party and your so-called Christians

          1. MAHB001 says

            Thank you for pointing out my mistake made in haste… That was uncharacteristic of you….

            I have clarified my statement, and thank you for confirming it.

            The Enemy is within, and the enemy is YOU.

          2. Andrew says

            You’re absolutely right MAB001. I’m with you 100 percent. You do not have to thank those who do not know what they are talking about.

          3. MAHB001 says

            Thanks for the support.

      9. Eleanore Whitaker says

        I find it awfully funny how you Corn POnes and Mutton Chops think it’s okay to go after others you consider your inferiors but don’t anyone dare look at the “ignernce” you lunatics too closely right? Sorry…but you nuts have a bad bad bad habit of painting everyone with the same brush strokes. How does it feel when the paint brush is on you?

        1. Americans Wake Up says

          Who’s the painter here Picasso? Sounds more like you and you use very wide brush strokes.

          1. kbfallon says

            Take her paint brush away and give her coloring book….she’s making a mess with the brush….

        2. gotabgood says

          I don’t know what got you in such an uproar… unless you are a rightwing radical.
          and what I spoke was the truth
          DHS report warns of domestic right-wing terror threat
          There you go… headlines, website.. go read it for yourself

    2. RoadRules says

      You are CORRECT.

      1. MAHB001 says

        Thank you.

    3. 2 parrots and a dog says

      Well said.

      1. Jimmy Quick says

        Okay, so 2 parrots and a dog walk into a bar…

        1. 2 parrots and a dog says


          1. Jimmy Quick says

            sorry, I couldn’t help it.

          2. 2 parrots and a dog says

            I was sincere. It was great. Best I’ve gotten so far.

        2. Gerry Costa says

          Better than having 2 libtards and 14 radical muslims walk into the White House — oh wait they are already there.

          1. Tiger says


          2. Eleanore Whitaker says

            Better than having shitforbrains CON men who have to use bogus evidence to get rid of CONmen’s worst nightmare….more women in government. Oh wait..your shitbags Cheney and Bush are already too shitscared to leave the country for fear of being arrested in Poland or ?Turkey for war crimes. But do go right ahead CONman…keep pushing your CON artist BS.

          3. ABO says

            We have absolutely no problem with having more women in government. We would simply prefer that they be intelligent, honest, thoughtful women rather than useless, ranting mental deficients like, well yourself for example.

          4. Eleanore Whitaker says

            You are such a liar. Is that why every southern and midwestern state is now seeking to remove contraceptives from healthcare insurance all while you Corn Pone Kings and Mutton chops force us to pay for your Viagra through Medicare? Hypocrite much?

          5. ABO says

            Try to understand this, oh great brainless one. I know you’re not particularly perceptive but give it a shot. A bigot is one who attacks and criticizes anyone who disagrees with them. You are unquestionably a bigot. However, you have taken it to a whole new level with your hatred of individuals based entirely on where they live. Congratulations, you’ve created a whole new level of bigotry, Moron

          6. Eleanore Whitaker says

            Oh look folks…a True CONman Blowhard. Here’s me with more years of experience than this blowhard ever …oh and by the way jerk? You can find my books in the bookstores…You’ll even get to see a photo of me on the back covers. You? The only place we’d see your befrigged photo is on the 10 Most Wanted list.

            I hate haters like you. Most educated people always do. You are a bigot and can’t admit it. How in the hell do you go around bashing the very President that lifted your trailer sized ass out of Bush’s Recession and then act as if you are smarter? The only smart thing about you is the red ring around that hole in your butt.

          7. Patriot47 says

            In your case – edumacated.

          8. Eleanore Whitaker says

            In your case, stupimacated. I’ve had more success in my life than you have hairs on your ass.

          9. Patriot47 says

            4. Y’all been peekin’ ‘gain?
            5. Success measured by what, in your own mind?

          10. Eleanore Whitaker says

            Y’all all been boozing agin’? Success is measured by accomplishments. When do you want me to start? By age 17, I was a certified dance educator. By age 21 I owned the first of 2 dance schools. By age 30 I taught dance at Rutgers without a college degree. By age 33, I moved to private industry worked for the ombudswoman to the SBA, an employer who later became a senator and for the past nearly 25 years? I worked as an accounting manager and tech writer in environmental engineering. I’ve had 2 books published and have ghost written 5,000 online white papers, tech papers, blogs and business content.

            You? You joined the military have no ambition to better yourself with an education.Now you get that nice military pension (which by the way I never begrudge any vet) and now you sit on your ass on a computer wasting your life away.

          11. kbfallon says

            Ohhhh…..so that’s where you learned to be so “eloquent”….hahahaha.

          12. kbmiller says

            KBF, Anyone could find out that info. I doubt it’s anyone with an education posting that crap. I think it’s (she’s) a fake. HA HA

          13. ABO says

            What gave it away, kbm???

          14. kbmiller says

            Ha Ha , No one with a marketable skill would come off with such a hateful demeanor. Could you imagine dealing with this harping harridan on a more frequent basis? UUUUUUUUgh

          15. ABO says

            C’mon now, You’re scaring me kbm. Can you imagine having that sick, twisted degenerate for a neighbor??? Hell on Earth1

          16. Patriot47 says

            6. Yep, there it is – hero of the liberal arts. My 3 successful careers with PRACTICAL results are not of issue, especially since YOU inquire. All three required REAL education.
            7. I got drafted and served, not ran to Canada like your kind. My “pension” is called disability which are NOT granted easily. And I work nights so I have days free to be “enlightened” by libtards
            8. My current ambition is to free America of socialists and muzzies.

          17. Deby says

            Patriot 47-that skank whitaker or whatever she calls herself-is one nasty, racist liar who frankly loves to hear herself type! she/it is a waste of your time-and thank you for your service!

          18. Patriot47 says

            Liberals always try to assassinate someone’s character, having none of their own.

          19. Michael Dennewitz says

            I’ve read better shit on the shit house wall bitch! ! ?

          20. Pam Dirac says

            “You joined the military have no ambition to better yourself with an education”.

            So you agree with John Kerry: “You know, education, if you make the most of it, you study hard, you do your homework and you make an effort to be smart, you can do well. If you don’t, you get stuck in Iraq”?

            Or was that Henry Kissinger: “Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy”?

            “…And now you sit on your ass on a computer wasting your life away”.

            While *you* sit on your ass behind a computer trolling a conservative message board. Once again we see clear evidence that when it comes to irony and libbies, never shall the twain meet.

          21. red110306 says

            As you are currently doing you self absorbed, lying ass wipe.

          22. kbmiller says

            You’re being mean to Lying ass wipes.

          23. red110306 says

            You are right. Sorry Lying ass wipes.

          24. Vassiliki says

            I am sure you have more hairs where the sun don’t shine than any man

          25. D Hall says

            yes they do say that street walking can be very successful.

          26. red110306 says

            Listen Moron, no-one believes you are a female, let alone a famous writer. Quit the charade.

          27. ABO says

            Really??? You have more years of experience??? Oh and I’m sure I can find your books in bookstores, adult bookstores that is. and I’m sure they tell all about your vast years of experience walking the streets. As far as haters go, in case you’ve forgotten you’re the one Who invariably starts right in as soon as you show up here with the childish insults and baseless accusations. Your bigotry is absolutely immense attacking individuals based on nothing more than their varying opinions and where they live. Oh and by the way any idiot who believes your line about the Bush Recession would be every bit the functionally illiterate idiot that you have incessantly shown yourself to be. Pathetic, brainless lemming. You write books, hahahahahahahahaha.

          28. Eleanore Whitaker says

            Wrong jerkoff..You really need to stop playing with yourself. Google “Barrow House” or the “House at the End of Langdon Road.” Unlike trash like you, I don’t need to write slime. Only a CONman like you does that.

            Oh and by the way? I also have an online short story blog that’s got over 2,000 views..eat “it” and die you old geezer.

          29. ABO says

            Tell us another story Ms. Witless. You don’t have anything close to the intellect you would need to get anything published. When the real Eleanor Whitaker finds out that you’re using her name to post your brainless sewage, you had better head for the hills or get your stupid ass sued into the next lifetime, moron.

          30. red110306 says


          31. Vassiliki says

            Interesting about those books. Checked it out on Amazon- no reviews and the books are $75.00!!!! No wonder no one has bought any! BTW, you sure do not look like a dancer nor a fighter…saw your face on the back of the book…if that is really you…The book isn’t real intellectual reading there…about a love affair and control…hmmm

          32. MAHB001 says

            If an author writes a book and nobody reads it, does the trees they cut down to print the book still make sounds as they fall?

          33. Vassiliki says

            LOL! They actually weep for such wasted words to printed on them

          34. MAHB001 says

            She is going to go out and right 6 or 7 reviews as we speak….

          35. ABO says

            Vassiliki, I checked every where else. Found nothing on Google, Yahoo, Bing or anywhere else. Non-existent, not a word anywhere. I find it exceptionally difficult if not utterly impossible to believe that anyone as unerringly rude, obnoxious, bigoted and stupid as this one could con anyone into publishing anything she has put on paper.

          36. Vassiliki says

            found it on amazon

          37. ABO says

            As it happens I did finally find it. On Amazon as you said. Thank you

          38. Vassiliki says

            scroll down, found a pic of her and posted it. Pretty much what I pictured – very manly

          39. Vassiliki says

            Found her on LinkedIn…Is from NJ (so am I, when I go to the Trump campaign office this Saturday in NJ to make calls maybe I get lucky and get her number :)). Finished HS but not college…hmmmm isn’t that interesting. Her pic is a bit scary

          40. ABO says

            Funny, she describes herself as extremely well educated in many areas of study, hmmmm.

          41. Keith Myatt says

            Hey Vass, no dishonor in not going to college. I only went because I wanted to be a programmer and that is the only way to get hired as one. I did have to learn many other things that I do not use. Going to college does not make a person any smarter. I have known many people who were educated but dumber than dirt. I worked with a guy with a masters and he could not program to save his life.

          42. Keith Myatt says

            I agree about that book Vass. Reading the synopsis of the book, it looks boring as hell too. But it sounds like something a leftist demwit would love.Having someone control them is what they want. Controlling their healthcare, where they live, and what kind of jobs they can have. Of course, they worship Obama too.

            Of course, he/she will say that I am racist and hate Obama because of his skin color. I don’t care about the color of his skin. I care about the color of his politics. I don’t like Clinton (either one of the lying scum) and you cannot get much whiter than that. If Allen West were to have run for the president (as a republican), I would have voted for him. But then, Allen West is a man of honor so that is why the left would hate him.

          43. Terry says

            Listen to your self read what you have wrote . Tell me you don’t have a mental problem you only sound like a mean crazy person . A real writer would not write such off the wall crap . Go get your can of spray paint and find another wall .

          44. Michael Dennewitz says

            She doesn’t swallow either! ?

          45. Michael Dennewitz says

            Got a lot of slime balls like yourself for heros, huh?

          46. Randy Overly says

            No one will ever take you serious when you demonstrate the communication skills of a Mental Midget!

          47. ABO says

            You are being far, far too charitable, Randy, she’s well below the level of Mental Midget.

          48. Randy Overly says

            ABO after reading more of Her, Him, It, I’m convinced this is some “TROLL” deliberately taking an issue thats is being debated and dragging it into lowlifeville just for the sake of distorting the validity of the conversation. Just a typical skumbag!

          49. ABO says

            Right as rain, Randy. Paid liberal troll and not even a good one. Too immensely stupid.

          50. red110306 says

            You expect anyone here to believe that you are who you claim you are? I saw through you immediately. You are a male and a dumb one at that!

          51. Ernesto Franklin says


          52. hangem'high says

            Does your pimp know u’r on the computer?


          53. John McCarey says

            She is a schizophrenic Ghost writer and office manager with the intelligence level of a grape.

          54. Eleanore Whitaker says

            Now she is a very well educated woman who doesn’t tolerate jerks like you. Did you know that mentally ill men like you always call others mentally ill because you are paranoid someone will make your face your mentall illness?

          55. mac12sam12 says

            Kind of like you calling everyone bigots, it makes you face your own racism.

          56. mr2bears@hotmail.com says

            That’s funny a liberal twat pointing out someone else’s mental issues

          57. sramsey says

            Only turd and twat here is you. It’s too obvious mr2bears. Too bad your too ignorant to know.

          58. ABO says

            This from a nitwit that can’t construct a really simple sentence without help.

          59. John Doe says

            Perhaps he needs to get away from getting thier information from the Dr. Seuss books.

          60. ABO says

            I hear he doesn’t like green eggs and ham, John, and wants them to be illegal.

          61. Patty Parfait says

            Eggs and ham are legal … it’s the green that’s not … lol

          62. ABO says

            Good one, Patty.

          63. mr2bears@hotmail.com says

            Time for your nap pussnuts !

          64. Ernesto Franklin says

            “your too ignorant “……what an example!!…hahahahaha!!!!!!

          65. kbmiller says

            Yes, you’re right, HA HA HA she just did what she claimed other mentally ill people do. HA HA HA

          66. ABO says

            Just gotta read her books. They’d have to have you rolling on the floor laughing!

          67. John Doe says

            But in her case, it might be due to a dual case of mental and menstrual issues, regardless, she’s still dillusional if she thinks there’s any life form on our planet that would have any desire to mate with her.

          68. Michael Dennewitz says


          69. ABO says


          70. sramsey says

            Yes, please flush the Nazi Dennewitz turn down the toliet.

          71. Michael Dennewitz says


          72. red110306 says

            You are not a female, you have never written anything except for your name to endorse your welfare check.

          73. Deborah G says

            The anonminity of the Internet lets TROLLS try and do their work. They are usually gay, usually outsiders and generally still in their parents home with zero propects

          74. red110306 says

            Very true. Great minds think alike.

          75. Eleanore Whitaker says

            Hey jerkoff…you can find my books in any bookstore. Stop playing with yourself. Unlike you unemployed jerkoffs who sit all day, I’m up at 5 AM at my computer pumping out articles for clients who PAY me to write for them. You? You can’t squat to pee for lack of space big enough for your fat ass. If you are expecting a woman like me to sit back and take the BS you dish out, think again buster. I squash balls like your every day when men can’t STFU.

          76. hangem'high says

            Hey, are U done with my term paper yet, I need something higher than a (D)? Now where did I stuff those two dollars?

          77. Eleanore Whitaker says

            Sorry hicks like you don’t know what “term” papers are and you can’t afford my writer prices. Out of your league. But here is what you can do with that lowly pissass $2, all you have to YOUR name…put the $2 in your left hand, squat and shove it as far up your anal cavity as it fits. I imagine in a hole that size you’d lose your hand and that ends your moron posts.

          78. hangem'high says

            I guess sharing my big gulp with U’z iz out of the Questing,I guess sharing my big gulp with U’z iz out of the Questing ??

            If’n only you’d be so lucky?

          79. ABO says

            “Can’t afford my ‘ writer prices’ “??? You really are a truly astounding dimwit.

          80. rocky49 says

            I hate haters like you.

          81. Eleanore Whitaker says

            You are mentally ill and can’t admit it. That’s really why you hate the president, hate Hillary, hate your Mommy you caught in the sack with Daddy while peeking through their bedroom door keyhole and not you can’t even get it up anymore for all that hate. How about get a job lazy ass and stop living on welfare?

          82. rocky49 says

            ROFLAMAO yep got a job even though I am retired. Do not hate the president just do not like what he has done to our country. so When are you getting a job or are you a paid troll from the Clinton campaign??

          83. Eleanore Whitaker says

            Of course freeloaders in states like yours don’t like that you have to pay for your healthcare instead of jacking our premiums to pay for you. Of course, you swaggering, drawling phonies hate that you can’t hold the rest of the states hostage paying for your pollution and your relic fossil fuel industry fines. Of course, you hate that Wall Street loves this President who somehow managed to keep us from another Bush Meltdown.

            But thank you for showing us you much prefer the corruption of the Bush Era. You know? Like allowing Alberto Gonzalez to hire only Republicans for the Justice Dept. Like hiring a dipshit like James Brown for FEMA, a Texas accountant who frigged up the entire Katrina disaster.

            And we do have to thank slugs like you who can NEVER take responsibility for creating not one but 2 wars we had no money to pay for..But you got your Halliburton’s $350 billion in profit. So why the hell should you care who will pay for that?

            Men like you are selfish little dickheads who can’t walk and chew gum at the same time, who breed with your own sisters and then pretend you have ANY education. Try again hot shot. You don’t impress me with that BS line of yours.

          84. hangem'high says

            I hate the president, I hate Killary, your Momma’ and Daddy for not going through with the abortion!

          85. Ernesto Franklin says

            You should make some sense, being so “educated”, me thinks. Epic fail.

          86. hangem'high says

            She’s got’ta come up for air sometime?

          87. John P says

            Yes ! About as educated as an earthworm, I think maybe the worm has more education.

          88. Deborah G says

            zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz irrelevant idiot alert

          89. Patty Parfait says

            What is the name of your book? Went looking on Amazon and saw a possibility …

          90. ABO says

            Why would you so horribly attack innocent grapes, John?

          91. mr2bears@hotmail.com says

            I’m waiting for her to show some of the “great knowledge” she claims to have .

          92. ABO says

            I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for that to happen mr2bears.

          93. sramsey says

            Pleeeezzz hold your breath.

          94. ABO says

            When I need a stupid remark, I’ll pull your chain, ramsey.

          95. David Stewart says

            I’m waiting for her to get kicked off; I lost a few quotes and had NO vulgar language in them! Oh, I forgot, she’s a radical lefty, it’s o.k.!

          96. red110306 says

            It is not a she. It is a he!

          97. Deborah G says

            how can you tell? Moochelle is a shim[Professional Opinion] that is something that is widely understood. We have a LBGT Bi-sexual President with a narcissist complex. What could go wrong?

          98. red110306 says

            Yeah, what has this country come to? 🙂

          99. ABO says

            A veritable utopia of liberal values and ideology.

          100. red110306 says

            Yes, but the good news is that will all start reversing after this election.

          101. ABO says

            Right on, red. Keep fighting the good fight.

          102. red110306 says

            You do the same ABO!

          103. kbmiller says

            You’re not being kind to grapes.

          104. John Doe says

            Please don’t classify her on the same level as a grape, whether it be purple or green, at least they’re good for us, as compared to being toxic to the human race, which I can only guess she’s not part of.

          105. Patty Parfait says

            She can’t be a grape … look at her posts … she has no “juice” ???

          106. Michael Dennewitz says

            Hey Eliwhore, you’re not even a good lay. I want my 75 cents back, bitch! !?

          107. red110306 says

            Listen, it is obvious that this moron (Eleanore Whitaker) is nothing more than either a paid troll or one of the college snow flakes that loves Ovomit because of all the hand outs he is getting. It is definitely not a female, as no females I know would even consider spewing the disgusting comments this one is letting go with. The best thing I think we can all do is just ignore it and let it go away.

          108. ABO says

            You’re absolutely right, redand if you read on you’ll find that I cut her off and stopped responding to her sewage but I just can’t let an abysmal, rude, obnoxious idiot like this one go on and on unchallenged. Hope I haven’t annoyed you in the process. That was not my intention.

          109. red110306 says

            Definitely not. These blogs need more informed and intelligent people like you and I to set these snow flake right.

          110. kbmiller says

            ABO, I agree. I don’t believe that bigot is who she (it) claims to be, either. There was a Clinton Recession when Bush got into office that these idiotic Leftists either refuse to acknowledge or expect thinking people to forget. The 2008 crash was directly related to the Dumba$$oc RATS passing and Jiggering of “the Community Reinvestment Act”, which they same FOOLS deny. When any idiot forgets or represses the pedophile HillBilly Clinton’s actions along with his friend Epstein,took advantage of 14 yr.olds, that lying fool (Ellie Whitaker) has lost her (it’s) credibility.

          111. ABO says

            Right on the money, kb.

          112. Retired Marine says


          113. ABO says

            Thanks, Retired Marine. And thank you for your service to our country. It is greatly appreciated.

          114. Retired Marine says

            Semper Fi

          115. ABO says

            Semper Fi, Brother.

          116. David says

            IF Eleanore has any books published, then it was by the ‘vanity press’. She is far too ignorant and bigoted to get them published on merit.

          117. ABO says

            Truer words were never spoken, David.

          118. John McCarey says

            So you are a hater.

          119. Eleanore Whitaker says

            No I just hate liars and righties and you radical nut freaks are all a bunch of liars. We give you facts and you sit there and deny them. So unless someone rams a fact up your dumbass butts you will keep feasting at the table of denial.

          120. mac12sam12 says

            Here’s a fact for you, you support the worst president in US history.

          121. Terry says

            You need to stop proving how stupid you are.

          122. kris littlefield says

            Eleanore, if you’re as old as you say you are then you were an adult when Clinton was in the White House and you have to know that he was the one that started the housing crisis. That’s a fact. Unless you were in a coma when he was President you have to know that. Why are you so angry?

          123. Keith Myatt says

            Actually Kris, the CRA was actually started in the Carter administration but it was made worse under Clinton. That is when it was expanded and banks were forced to lend to people who could not afford the houses they were buying. Hence, the housing bubble.

            That was one of the things that I heard Obama did as a lawyer was to strong arm banks into making loans to those people. They had to make a certain percentage of loans to low-income people.

            What is the one thread that flows through this? All democrats.

          124. Gerry Costa says

            Who’s paying you to sound like a complete moron — demoRAT party, rinos or soros-who makes a habit of hiring instigators and idiots.

          125. Tired... says

            So, let me get this straight…you hate liars (most people just call them Democrats, but to each their own) and righties (whatever that is). Out of curiosity who do you associate with?

          126. JoJo Gunn says

            You truly have to a) be absolutely ignorant of all things economic. And b) swallow, hook, line and sinker, the propaganda being fed to you via mainstrem media and govt released stats on the job market, to beleive we have been “lifted” from a recession.. Do some investigating into the real state of our economy via some unbiased economists reports.. Like the Soveriegn Investor, or Money and Markets… FYI.. ?

          127. ABO says

            I’d be inclined to go with C) all of the above, JoJo.

          128. Don says

            The recession didn’t belong to Bush. It was started by THE GREAT FORNICATOR, Bill Clinton with his pushing NAFTA through to it’s signing and his idiotic statement that everyone should own a house. Those to lame brained schemes worked out well didn’t they. They brought on your recession that you would like to lay at the feet of Bush. Ross Perot was ahead of everyone when he said NAFTA will start a great suction sound as jobs rush to Mexico and South America. Most all of the sewing and knitting operations were gone within a year and many of those employees are now on the Democrat government teat. Trump is saying he will stop the problem. It would be great if NAFTA could be reversed and all of those factories made to return to the US. I started this life as a Democrat but I had the intelligence to make the switch along with many of my cousins. It is heartbreaking that you don’t have that intellect and that you have a trashy mouth to go with your mental problem.

          129. mr2bears@hotmail.com says

            “It’s a long fly ball it’s outta here” !

          130. 0331Tap says

            18 Trillion in debt….He bought out all defaults with tax payer money…And guess what ??G M is ready to under again….The banks who were saved are close behind…If the banks go under and don’t get saved they keep all your money…FACT…

          131. mac12sam12 says

            He never lifted anybody out of anything, but he has put 50 million people into poverty, The Bush recession was caused by the democrats who pressured banks to give mortgages to the poor and minorities, that’s why the economy tanked. Bush also inherited the Clinton recession and unlike obama, he didn’t whine.

          132. MAHB001 says

            Amen to that… The Recession that the liberals blame on Bush was caused by liberals…..

            When a liberal points and cries “Racist” it is cover his own racism.
            When a liberal points and cries “Liar” it is cover his own lies.
            When a liberal points and cries “stupid” it is cover his own stupidity.
            When a liberal points and cries “radical” it is cover his own radicalism

            The list could go on forever.

          133. mac12sam12 says

            That’s right, projection is the name of the game.

          134. ABO says

            Absolutely correct, MAHB. It’s the lefty strategy. Too bad for them that it’s so utterly simple minded that one can so easily see right through it. Like everything else they come up with.

          135. Tired... says

            “I hate haters” speaks volumes about your self-loathing. In order to feel that you have value you turn to book publication as a measure of self-worth. It is unfortunate that you feel so poorly about yourself.

          136. ABO says

            Very well stated, Tired. And absolutely accurate.

          137. Texas Belle says

            Your language illustrates the level of intelligence you are blessed with. Nasty words don’t elevate your status.

          138. mr2bears@hotmail.com says

            Red ring around his butthole ? WTF

          139. Michael Dennewitz says


          140. ABO says

            I’m afraid so Michael. Absolutely moronic isn’t she?

          141. Vassiliki says

            just like AKlady

          142. John McComas says

            Lifted us out of “Bush’s Recession”?? Do you even understand economics, or are you just drinking Obama’s kool-aid. I’m sure your books are prevalent in stores – who would buy them?

          143. ABO says

            My money’s on the Kool-aide, John.

          144. kbmiller says

            Her publisher is Charmin.

          145. TadhgMcLir says

            I must say you have impeccable credentials (I did look you up) but to sink to this level of vitriolic comment does not do you justice. From the books etc. you have written you could just cover them in so many facts that they would never know what hit them.

          146. ABO says

            Bit of a dimwit are you McLir???

          147. Randy Overly says

            I would believe that Eleanores Whitakers apparent lack of communication class and knowledge of our actual current economy under all of Obamas failures would clearly suggest “Ghostwriter” Eleanore has obviously been denied psychological treatment threw her Obama care providers.

          148. kbmiller says

            Tad, me too. Anyone with credentials couldn’t post ignorant screeds like those.

          149. runnindeer says

            Eleanore dear, you really are a bore. Your post is filled with rants that say less than nothing while you prove your mind to be filled with shit. That word being your favorite to use when trying to make some sort of point.
            You say “CON ” with a loud voice in large letters as if you would want that to be made a fact, when you have no proof of any sort of con activity other than your own mental delusion. You say that you “hate haters” and would love to make those words stick to someone that doesn’t agree with your opinion, when all the while you prove yourself to be a hater of so great range of emotion that you seem to be downright mentally ill. You are attempting to say that you are “educated” and that is your reason for being so -what- obviously a simple minded bigot, as you were called by the reader that you would like to demean with your prejudiced reference to the size of that persons rear anatomy. For a so called educated person Eleanore , you really do need to work on your vocabulary and try to get a mental health check for that emotional problem that you do have in spades. As for the “Bush recession,” which one? The first or the last Bush? As I remember correctly the one with Jimmy Carter, was worse than both of those put together and Reagan had to work a while to fix what was badly broken but his hard work has been hurt by Democrats, and Bill Clinton did not actually do anything for the economy other than to hold office at a time when people made a lot of potato chips and no computer chips in America. In fact, the NAFTA threw away so many American jobs as to be our greatest downfall to this American economy, so you can’t blame it all on Republican error or bad judgment .

          150. ABO says

            Exceptionally well said and accurate, runnindeer.

          151. kbmiller says

            And the Leftists give HillBilly Clinton credit for balancing the budget !! What a joke.

          152. red110306 says

            Wow, first of all I don’t think your picture is on the back of any book. You are impersonating someone else in a feeble and pathetic attempt to make yourself into something that you are not….Intelligent or famous! That will get your mug on the most wanted list.
            Second, you are undoubtedly a paid troll. The only thing Obummer will do during his entire presidency that will be a positive, is when he and his Brood leave the WH for good!
            Third, you are obviously very misinformed and ignorant of the real facts as they relate to the economy. There are more people today out of work than there has been since the great depression. Please do not quote the bogus numbers put out by the Government. They are false numbers and do not take into consideration all of the poor American Citizens that are no longer on unemployment but haven’t been able to get a job.
            Forth, You savior is responsible for leaving office with a deficit from his administration alone that is more than all deficits by all of the Presidents before him combined! So take a hike you low-life idiot supporter. It is because of you and people like you that this country is in the mess it currently finds itself in.
            Lastly, I may not have written any books and my picture may not be anywhere else but in frames at my home or our children’s homes. But I am a successful business owner and do very well for myself. I would be willing to bet that you are nothing more than one of the Snow Flakes that is taking advantage of all the freebies that your savior has been handing out.

          153. branoli says

            Awesome response and I agree with everything you said. Well done!

          154. red110306 says

            Thanks, I abhor Libtards

          155. branoli says

            Me too!!!

          156. ABO says

            Well said, red. I can’t wait ’till the real Eleanor Whitaker finds out that this sick, twisted asswipe is using her name and claiming her identity online. Dying to see the shit hit the fan on that one!

          157. branoli says

            So Eleanore Whitaker, name a book you have written. I want to see your picture, although I think I already know what you look like.

          158. kbmiller says

            Probably the big hairy A$$ she’s referenced.

          159. rocky49 says

            I hate haters like you.?? so what your saying is you hate yourself?? Sounds to me like you need a Psychiatrist

          160. Deborah G says

            I have a Phd and am quite well educated. I find you to be the hater. My field is Abnormal Psychology. Libs have a mental disorder. It is known and a fact. They disassociate from reality.

          161. Ernesto Franklin says

            “I hate haters”…..Jeebus, an educated idiot, so typical of liberal demotards….

          162. QuanellEleven says

            Poor old Elanore! She learned the truth at seventeen…..those like her with ravaged faces, lacking in the social graces; inventing lovers on the phone….

            Left with only angst and a truck drivers vocabulary, turns to raging alone in. Her mommies house living on public assistance and contemplating suicide….tragic

          163. Cheryl Detar says

            Good lord….I hope you don’t kiss any children with that vile, nasty mouth you have.

          164. Clare Newbury says

            Wow, Eleanore: You are spot on! Say it, woman! I love your parting line, and may use it myself – I have someone in mind who needs to hear that – shall I quote you?

          165. Martinn says

            Eleanore, You are a moron and seem to show how ignorant you are. LOL, SHUT UP.????????

          166. Deborah G says

            Because he is the biggest racist,bi-sexual Commie we have ever had. In fact he’s the worst WHITE President we ever had

          167. Ribert Koonce says

            Really?, you call 19 trillion dollars in debt being lifted out of a recession? What liberal college did you learn those economic facts from. Just for giggles, where would we find your books at, the comics section of the librairy?

          168. jmortensen says

            You can’t have an intelligent conversation with an bigot ! and I suppose those “books” are in the porn store

          169. Patty Parfait says

            Out of recession (not at all) into $20+ million in debt (Your boy has accumulated more debt on his watch than both Bush’s and all the other presidents of the U.S. combined so be very careful how you talk about your examples when that thing you’re defending has done way more damage) and the very real threat of the total collapse of the U.S. economy again under the watchful eye of this radicalized Muslim you defend .. then sending billions of dollars we need here to radical Muslim factions, the very people that hate our country. You defend this? So how do you defend him blowing millions of tax dollars for lavish vacations for extended family and cronies but no respect for veterans and senior citizens who EARNED benefits and are treated like these are entitlent programs … You keep defending the radicalized Muslim who lied when he put his hand on his heartless chest and swore to uphold and defend our Constitution … But you are so blind by this ridiculous notion of political “correctness” that should be truly labeled as political idiocy. You’re like a poster child of ignorance. You may want to take a lesson from a great former president … it’s “better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt” … Abraham Lincoln. Shhhh … your ignorance is showing.

          170. Eleanore Whitaker says

            Of course I have to say how full of BS you are. Check the national debt of 2008 honey child…It was at Meltdown point thanks to that swaggering asshole Bush and his hot shot back room president Cheney.

            The recession made Halliburton $350 billion according to the 2014 government records. Who the hell do you think pays for that? Not you you freeloader.

            You are the poster child of a woman who has never had to work a day in your life unless Mr. Man allowed it. Stop playing Donna Reed. Father Knows Best was 1950s BS…but you live in the past.. AS for President Obama, only dipshits like you believe you were better off with Texas Tom DeLay, the Womanizing Gingrich and the pedophile Hastert. Or do you want to admit your boys have itchy dicks they can’t control?

          171. hangem'high says

            I hired a private Dick once to watch my wife!

          172. Eleanore Whitaker says

            Private dicks do a whole lot more than “watch”…you got ripped off.

          173. hangem'high says

            U can say that again, he took off with my money, wife and never left any pictures!

          174. David says

            Eleanore!!!! Tsk, tsk, tsk. We have been here before. Now, you ask what was the National Debt in 2008 when Obomo took office compared today. Remember, it was right at 7 trillion. Now we are pushing 21trillion. I think that Obomo has itchy fingers to spend money!

          175. Eleanore Whitaker says

            David!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…tsk tsk tsk..A grown man? Calling the president of the US “Obomo?” Your kids must love your baby talk right Jerk Boy?

            It wasn’t at 7 trillion. Bush lied in 2008 and you know it. We are NOT pushing 21 trillion. As President Clinton stated this week in a speech, “No U.S. President, not even me, has EVER put this country back on track in just 4 years. Even after he came into office with nothing in the treasury.”

            Eat it up David Dickface.

          176. David says

            Eleanore!!!! Again, you have apparently forgotten to take your meds today. I will admit I was wrong. I thought the debt was ‘pushing 21 trillion’. It seems that it is 21.7 trillion. http://www.usgovernmentdebt
            Obomo hasn’t had 4 years, he has had 8 years and has nearly tripled the National Debt. Can you imagine what Hildebeast would do if she got elected? Eleanore, I suggest you you do a little research on the “facts” you post. Your constant mistakes only serve to damage your credibility even as much as your constant profanity.

          177. Eleanore Whitaker says

            David!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (You prove your insanitywith your assinine use of your exclamation points).

            First..there has been a national debt that goe as far back as George Washington. So prickbrain, President Obama reduced the national debt down to its lowest level.

            So shitforbrains, tell us..you boozing on that Haterade again? Hillary will be president and shitforbrains men like you will be eating your balls in angst.

            The reason President Obama had a debt at all was thanks to pricks like you who spend our tax dollars on Oil spills, oil spill fines, phony FEMA disaster you cause with your inability to control the pollution in your befrigged states. And oh, I guess you think all of the bills for Iraq are all paid up? Think again prickface.

          178. David says

            Eleanore!!!!!! “Reduced it to its lowest level”? As compared to what? The National debt was 8.35 trillion when Bush left office at the end of 2007. cbsnews.com
            It’s now over 21 trillion. usgovernmentdebt.com
            Must you always use profanity? For someone who constantly brags about being an authoress, you don’t have much of a vocabulary.
            By the way, looks like Hildebeast is so universally despised, Trump is going to be President. Makes you feel kind of warm and fuzzy inside doesn’t it?

          179. Eleanore Whitaker says

            David!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes. Reduced to its lowest level. As reported by the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, the NY Times and The Chicago Trib. Also by several former Secretaries of the Treasury, 2 of whom are Republicans.

            Must you always be a liar? Must you always find something about someone to hate? That is a sure sign of mental illness.

            Hillary is winning and every unbiased source has stated this. She has more than 893 delegate votes compared to that pissass Sanders and liarboy Trump. She is also over 3 million popular votes ahead of the 2 dipshit Testosteronies you are desperate to prove are more privileged than any woman.

            Too bad Sanders love that chutzpah math…He said last night he won “20 states” Well…WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! 20 states subjected from 50 and he declares himself ahead of Hillary. His math is as bad as yours.

            Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy, that prickheads like you are going to have those male egos chopped right back down to size…just like your asshat Mommy should have done to you. Keep making a jerk of yourself. What will the hater boy bitch be when you have to call her Madame President. Eat “it’ and die you lazy bone idle simpleton. Keep boozing on the Haterade asshat.

          180. David says

            Eleanore!!!!!! Please provide the cites to these sources you claim say that Obomo has reduced the National Debt to its “lowest level”. You can’t. We know it. You are bleating hot air again. By the way, “subjected”? You do mean “subtracted” don’t you? I am beginning to question your ability to use and understand the English language. Moreover, you need to calm down and take your meds. Why work yourself up in such a frenzy that you feel the need to use such profanity?

          181. Eleanore Whitaker says

            David!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As you know, MSNBC is not exactly a lover of Obama, so here is an MSNBC link: http://www.msnbc.com/rachel-maddow-show/deficit-shrinks-1-trillion-obama-era. Here’s another with graphs according to years: http://www.mythdebunk.com/reagan-vs-obama-deficit-edition/. More? http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/aug/25/budget-deficit-smallest-obamas-tenure-cbo/?page=all. And another one that proves Trump is a jackass….http://www.wsj.com/articles/campaign-2016-not-servicing-national-debt-1460392002. From NYT…http://www.nytimes.com/2015/10/16/us/politics/stronger-economy-cited-as-us-reports-lowest-budget-deficit-of-obamas-tenure.html?_r=0.

            So..you are basically a pathological liar right? Here’s the one from the Washington Post…https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonk/wp/2014/10/15/nations-budget-deficit-falls-to-lowest-level-since-obama-took-office/

            Obama DID reduce the national debt jackass. Now, coward do you have the balls to admit it?

          182. David says

            Eleanore!!!! Please! OMG!!! Are you that stupid that you don’t know the difference between the National Debt and deficit spending? Well, simpleton, deficit spending is how much is being spent THIS fiscal year vs. income. The national debt includes the deficits from prior years. So Obomo had the smallest deficit since he took office. He still spent more than was taken in. So, the national debt INCREASED. Are you literate?

          183. David says

            Eleanore!!!!! I believe that you aren’t very intelligent. Have you learned the difference between the “national debt” and “deficit spending”? I feel sorry for you.

          184. Keith Myatt says

            I find it funny that he/she keeps quoting William “I-never-had-sex-with-that-woman” Clinton. Of course Clinton could not do that. The US was brought out of the recession caused by the democrats for over 30 years of control of congress by Newt Gingrich and the republicans in the HOR. The demwits took over congress in 2006 and until then, the economy was recovering. The demwits stated that there was no need to institute any new restrictions on the banks giving out loans to people who could not afford them. Many upper level democrats in congress and their cronies walked away with millions in payoffs.

          185. David says

            You are so right! Eleanore is symbolic of libtard philosophy–‘all problems are somebody else’s fault; spend other people’s money; and, don’t look too hard at what we are really up to (e.g., Clinton Foundation).

          186. Patty Parfait says

            I need the title of your book. I went on Amazon anddid not find a book authored by Elanore Whitaker. I’d like to read it. Where can I get it?

          187. MVH1 says

            Your ignorance is truly astonishing. Truly. Astonishing. Rank. Ignorance. And I bet you’re proud of it. Stupid people usually are. You really ought to turn Fox off for a few days.

          188. Patty Parfait says

            Enlighten me then since you’re such a genius, please.

          189. MVH1 says

            I don’t have enough time, enough room here and you really don’t care anyway.

          190. Patty Parfait says

            I do care … please this is an open forum … I’d like your opinion.

          191. MVH1 says

            Patty, you are espousing things that aren’t true. They’ve been proven to be untrue yet you stick the most vile, venomous, hateful pack of out and out lies out there with no conscience. You claim everything as political correctness as an excuse for your vile lies and rank rudeness. I want to vomit when I read your post. Where did you come up with all that? Obama, a Muslim? Pathetic. Created trillions of dollars of debt? A blatant and intentional lie. The rate of growth of the debt is lower than it’s been in many, many years. Your mind is toxic. You don’t care what the truth is or you would do the research and by that I don’t mean going to your far right-wing pastor who backs someone like Ted Cruz or turning Fox “News” on. I wouldn’t even know where to start with educating someone who comes from as far down in the sewer as your post resides. And now I’m closing this because I feel dirty just thinking about you.

          192. Patty Parfait says

            Prove it … show me the proof … I hope I’m wrong … for Pete’s sake. I have absolutely no issue with looking at another’s set of facts …. I really am intetested. Peace, Patty

          193. Patty Parfait says

            And that was $21 trillion, not million … excuse the typo

          194. Patty Parfait says

            No cable at my house … and you need to be more specific with what you disagree … and some proof to back up your claims. You obviously have read about and think you’ve discredited my claims …. So feign astonishment and bring on all the drama it can bring to your post … but it’s worthless without back up. Hhey, if I’m incorrect I really want to know. So please … I’m truly onterested. Peace, Patty

          195. MVH1 says

            Don’t be ridiculous. Vile people are always sure no one has real information. You and I are finished.

          196. Patty Parfait says

            Since you have no proof to put up, your decision to shut up is 100% understandable. I don’t see how asking you to show evidence of the “real information” that you refuse to share makes me the bad guy. And we’re finished? LOL … finished what? LOL … you are truly the drama queen of the week. Thank you for a great laugh .. Peace, Patty

          197. Helen Finch says

            Eleanore, You are something else, not sure what but not of this world.

          198. Keith Myatt says

            Obama lifted us out of Bushes recession? HAHAHAHA. I only have a BS in management and Comp Sci but I know that the economic malaise we have suffered though for the last 15 years had nothing to do with GW Bush’s policies. It is the result of over 50 years of democrat control of the federal government. I am sad that Bush did not do enough to counteract any of these activities. If you look back, you will see that up until 2006 (when the democrats took over both houses of congress), the economy was actually doing pretty well and recovering from the devastation that occurred on 9/11/2001. And I am sure you will spew that “Bush lied about the WMDs” in Iraq so we could attack. I can show you videos of many democrats (both Clintons, along with many others) claiming that Saddam had to be stopped. The same intelligence that Bush relied upon was given to congress to review and they all agreed that Iraq must have had some part in the attack on America on that day just 15 years ago. As soon as the left could jump up and say “No WMDs were found” (just a few weeks after we defeated Iraq), the demwits in congress were yelling that Bush lied. We know that Saddam had WMDs. He used them on the Kurds in Iraq. And before you say he didn’t, I will tell you that he used nerve gas on them and nerve gas is classified as a WMD.

            And what is this about republicans wanting to do away with contraceptives? When were contraceptives considered something to be covered under healthcare? Of course, under Obamacare, abortions are considered a medical need. I am glad you are against abortions but women now think nothing of getting pregnant and then aborting the unborn “bag of cells” (not my words but one from a woman I heard spout it one time) because it is “her body” that she do with as she pleases. Yes, contraception is the responsibility of both parties when it comes to sex but if the woman does not wish to become pregnant all she has to do is say no. And an enutero abortion is bad enough but when the baby has gone full-term and a doctor performs a “partial birth abortion” where he/she sticks a sharp object into the back of the neck to kill the baby is just plain sick. There was a word that women used to use to prevent becoming pregnant. It was called NO. As for Viagra being something covered under a health plan, I have never heard of that.

            And the idea that the federal government should control the healthcare for every individual is a really dumb idea. That was done in the 1930s in Germany. It is not about improving the healthcare for a nation. It is about CONTROL. And I know several people who said that with Obamacare, they can now have healthcare for their pre-existing conditions/diabetes. I have sympathy for them but why destroy the healthcare system (that was the best in the world) to make sure that maybe 20 percent of the population would be covered. This could have been done with some kind of plan for people who are in a high risk category. Now, I have to have a healthcare plan for my wife and I that covers things that no longer apply to us but does not for things people of my age need to worry about. If I don’t, then I can be fined and possibly even be sent to prison. Since when is that something a free society allows?

          199. Eleanore Whitaker says

            When you come down out of your phony super educated ideas of grandeur, here is what a Rhodes Scholar..something you could never be said of President Obama this week, “There has not been a single US president including myself who has in just 4 years put the country back on a stable economic path.” (William Jefferson Clinton)

            First of all, your Republicans are in the toilet in case you missed it. 3 Republican states who suck up from $1.35 to $1.85 had to shut down schools and hospitals because they ran out of money. Slash and burn, slash and burn…and the laugh is that a jerk like you thinks that Obama didn’t save your ass from the Bush Financial Meltdown of Sept. 2008. You want to live in LA LA with that high ass degree you pretend you have?

            Here are facts you will never digest in that pissbrain of yours. First of all, there NEVER was a reason to attack Iraq. That was pure Cheney. Oh gee…An educated moron like you didn’t know that Bush never was more than a front man for the back room President Cheney?

            You are so full of BS. Bush’s policies were decried not just by the US economic geniuses but by the UK’s, Germany’s and France’s. How in the hell did you miss the GAO report in 2004 that showed that a single tax cut benefitted the 1% by making their wealth grow by 11% while the bottom got a lousy $28 dollars.

            Do yourself a favor Mr. MAN, stop pretending you actually are intelligent. You can find the legal proof of the Bush policies that ended with a Harvard MBA president’s 8th year in tatters economically. Several former Republican cabinet members publicly stated that the Bush tax cuts, plus 2 simultaneous wars and the refusal to pay attention to al Qaeda cost the Bush administration and taxpayers trillions. When Bush left office, 8 million AMericans losts jobs from 2004 to 2008. Get the proof liar Man…from the DOL archives. But you little turd cowards can’t admit your effed up the economy. Most cowards are incapable of manning up.

            It’s awfully strange how the GOP thought they would slash and burn the Dem states and now KS, IA, OK, TX, NC and MI are in the toilet. Not the Dem states. We just work harder, longer and support your CONMANasses.

          200. Keith Myatt says

            First of all, I do not have any ideas of super educated ideas of grandeur. I find it funny that you are quoting a misogynistic philander claiming that Obama “has in just four years put the country back on a stable economic path”. The same asshole who disrespected the office of the president by getting blowjobs in the Oval Office. If you are not aware G W Bush is also a Rhodes Scholar so if you want to compare one with the other, there you go. Of course, you think Bush was a blithering idiot partly because he always joked about having a “PHD working for a C student”. I have news for you. The individual you worship sitting in the Oval Office is the idiot. What did he do before he was president? Not much. The only way he got into the Illinois state and US senate was by getting his opponents to either withdraw or be disqualified; usually by getting sealed documents unsealed and publicizing those documents. Nothing real special there. He claims he was an adjunct professor. Turns out he was not. The brains behind Obama is Valerie Jarret – a radical Iranian Muslim associated with the Muslim Brotherhood. Obama cannot put a cogent sentence together without a teleprompter. Bush on the other hand was a fighter pilot in the 70s in the Texas Air National Guard. He was also part owner in the Texas Rangers before he was governor of Texas. Here is a link to an article from a man who knew him personally: http://www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/2013/04/25/george_w_bush_is_smarter_than_you_118125.html

            And you go on that Cheney was behind the invasion of Iraq because of his ties with Halliburton. If you did not, when a person becomes president or vice-president, he cannot have any control or interaction with any companies that he may have been in control of (just like Carter had to give his controlling interest in his peanut farming business to be managed by a trust).

            As for democrats saying there “was no reason to go into Iraq”, here is a website with the quotes from all of the democrats who said Saddam should be taken down: http://www.davidstuff.com/political/wmdquotes.htm. If you notice the dates, they are all years before Bush took office.

            You talk about republican controlled states that are failing. Let’s talk about democrats great accomplishments. Detroit, Michigan, is bankrupt after 60 years of democrat control. New York City had to be bailed out, and California is on the brink of bankruptcy. Texas has been the recipient of many companies who left California because of their onerous taxes.

            Here are some more numbers for you. $6.5 Trillion, $9.5 trillion, and $19 trillion. The first was when Bush took office in 2000. The second was in 2008 when he left office. The third is what it is after 7 years of Obama. It took over 200 years to get to $9.5 trillion in debt yet Obama doubled that in just 7 years.

            Let’s talk about the unemployment number. 5% unemployment sounds real good doesn’t it. Guess what. It is really more like 20%. The fed likes to exclude those who are no longer collecting unemployment. Most of those people have simply given up looking for work. And it is getting worse every day.

            And libtards like you like to call people names whenever they disagree with you. I never called you any names. And I know a college education does not make you any smarter. It just means you sat in class and learned a lot of things. I know a lot of people who are smarter than me who never spent a day in a class in college. With that being said, you are not one of them.

          201. David says

            Well done!!!

          202. Tired... says

            Let’s not forget that in her mind is ok to be a bigot as long as the bigotry is directed a the “right people.” The obvious arrogance and duplicity is lost on such individuals.

          203. ABO says

            You got that right, Tired.

          204. Nancy L Jarosik says

            Wonder if E. Whitaker is posting from her Obama phone sitting in her low income government subsidized appartment? Her language tells me the education lever is questionable, but she has made a decision on what type of people we are. Some people don’t want a conversation, they had rather just show how nasty they are.

          205. ABO says

            She is indeed a prime example of that type, Nancy.

          206. Vassiliki says

            She has a HS diploma and a cert in AWAI copywriting – whoopee!

          207. Deborah G says

            Kinda makes me feel sad I only have a Phd LOL

          208. Vassiliki says

            And I even sadder with only a BA – at least you beat me 🙂

          209. Deborah G says

            We should hang our heads in shame. I’ll buy the beer lol

          210. Eleanore Whitaker says

            She is the cat’s mother. Deborah G. has a PhD? Piled High and Deep Right Debbie doo doo right?

          211. David says

            Eleanore!!!! Now calm down and take your medications. You seem to have no problem finding enemies here on the Internet. Do suppose that there could be something wrong with you and how you are interacting with people?

          212. ABO says

            I’m absolutely astounded that you made it through high school. Who’d your parents have to pay off to manage that little gem???

          213. Deborah G says

            HE/She is getting paid $8 an hour to Troll.WITH all of the above

          214. BILL says

            Excuse me. I think you just described yourself.

          215. ABO says

            Ah, another world heard from.

          216. Progressive Republican says

            A bigot is one who attacks and criticizes anyone who disagrees with them.


          217. ABO says

            Look it up. Or maybe you aren’t interested in knowing …

          218. Progressive Republican says

            Typical conservative. omly using part of something out of context to ‘make your case’.


            Btw; bigot: a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially : one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance

          219. ABO says

            Typical liberal. Spin and twist absolutely everything to ‘make your case’
            Btw; same definition that I used, Slightly different wording, same meaning, You spin it, claiming a completely different meaning as the wording isn’t exact.
            Still incapable of thinking for yourself.
            Spin and twist to your heart’s content. You’re still an idiot.

          220. Progressive Republican says

            You only used the part of the definition that suited your ideology; not reality.

            Again, typical conservative. Stupid and a liar.

          221. ABO says

            Still spinning there Progressive Dimwit??? And I see you’ve now started with projection. You leftie trolls are truly pathetic. If you had a brain you’d probably take it out and play with it.

          222. Progressive Republican says

            All you’ve accused me of is all that you yourself have done.

            Lie all you wish. That fails to make your lies truth.

            Again, typical conservative. Stupid and a liar.

          223. ABO says

            Answer this, troll. What exactly have I lied about? What? The lies are yours. You own them. Answer the question, troll. What have I lied about???

          224. Progressive Republican says

            Accusing me of that which you are guilty.

            Deny it all you wish. That fails to make your lies truth.

            Again, typical conservative. Stupid and a liar.

          225. ABO says

            You of course refuse to answer the question. You accuse me of lying but fail to say what I lied about. Says all I need to know about you. A typical, sick twisted liberal tossing accusations and insults. You can dish it out but you can’t take it. Nor can you back up ANYTHING you say. Pathetic.

          226. Progressive Republican says

            I did as you requested. Your unwillingness to acknowledge that fact only serves to reinforce the perception of your clearly inherent dishonesty.

            Again, a typical conservative. Stupid and a liar.

          227. ABO says

            It’s all right there in black and white for everyone to read moron. You did not answer. I asked you to say what I ( as you claimed) lied about and as expected you did not answer. Now you make up stories and claim that you did answer. I’m sure you are very proud of yourself in upholding the liberal tradition of deceit and obfuscation but it doesn’t fly anywhere but among idiotic liberals like yourself.

          228. Progressive Republican says

            I did as you requested. Your unwillingness to acknowledge that fact only serves to reinforce the perception of your clearly inherent dishonesty.

            Again, a typical conservative. Stupid and a liar.

          229. ABO says

            “I did as you requested” ??? I asked you to point out exactly where I lied (as you accused me of) and you responded with “Accusing me of that which you are guilty”. That is not even remotely an answer to my request. It is yet another example of your childish, deceptive obfuscation. Then you continue accusing me of being dishonest while you continue to refuse to answer where I lied. You are obviously a well practiced liar and a typical paid liberal troll. You must be so proud of yourself.

          230. Progressive Republican says

            I did as you requested. Your unwillingness to acknowledge that fact only serves to reinforce the perception of your clearly inherent dishonesty.

            Again, a typical conservative. Stupid and a liar.

          231. ABO says

            Ya, just keep posting the same lame BS over and over and over ad nauseam. Still can’t answer the question so you just keep repeating the same meaningless crap, word for word. How long did it take an idiot like you to memorize that???

          232. John Doe says

            Liberals have absolutely no boundaries on their bigotry, just as you stated, anyone who disagrees with them is a bigot.

          233. ABO says

            Amazing isn’t it John???

          234. John Doe says

            No, actually, it’s not amazing, it’s pathetic. I doubt there’s a one of them that’s read the biographies on our founding fathers, much less understand what our constitution, or bill of rights state, nor the hardships our founding fathers went through, the blood they shed to make this once great nation. But as all liberals tend to do, re-write history to the ways they wished it had been, without ever knowing it in the first place.

          235. ABO says

            Ain’t THAT the truth, John.

          236. Helen Finch says


          237. 0331Tap says

            Eley your head is up in a very dark place…

          238. ABO says

            And she’s very happy with that.

          239. Michael Dennewitz says


          240. Ernesto Franklin says

            Its only about abortion with you hags. Who cares? I wish yo momma had believed in infanticide….

          241. John P says

            Eleanore just who to hell do think paying for Trojans and or birth control pills, it is the taxes I and all other working class people have to pay to support deadbeat leg spreaders like you,

          242. Mike Burkett says

            There’s an old saying Eleanor, ‘Better stay quite than speak up, write in the case, and confirm your idiocy to all’.

          243. Francisco Machado says

            Do you have a concept of what insurance is? It’s to protect you from financial disaster in a very costly emergency. With Obamacare deductibles, a very, very costly emergency. If contraceptives, checkups or any other non-crisis expense is “covered” by your insurance, it is incorporated into the cost of your insurance so you pay for it whether you use those benefits or not. If filling your gas tank were included in your auto insurance, you can bet the expected cost would be incorporated into what you had to pay for the insurance – even if you just drive down to the bar a mile away twice a week. It would be averaged in with the rural fuller Brush man who drives a hundred and fifty miles on an average day.

          244. Nancy L Jarosik says

            They still have the Fuller Brush man? I’ve been trying to find the vanilla flavoring people LOL.

          245. Deborah G says

            They aren’t trying to take away contraceptive you mindless idiot. They are removing abortion drugs that are USED by lazy,zero responsibility women who use them as brith control . Birth control pills, condom,iuds are easily obtainable free in every single state of the union.

          246. Ribert Koonce says

            I’d kind of like to know where you gathered your information from concerning Medicare paying for Viagra. I happen to be on Medicare, and I can tell you unequivocally, that Medicare does not cover any sexual enhancement drugs. So why should they cover contraceptives. Wouldn’t it be better and much cheaper to teach your children to keep their pants up and their skirts down? Oh, I’m sorry, that would require parental involvement. Liberals believe that to be the governments job. Right!!!

          247. Helen Finch says

            TSK!! TSK!!! Shame on you for name calling..Eleanore

          248. Eleanore Whitaker says

            I always find women like you slaves to men. Right? You wake each day waiting on Mr. Man hand and foot while you read from your Donna Reed and Father Knows Best scripts.

            When you get to the professional woman level, do let me know. I fight like a man because I am always surrounded by big mouth, nasty men.

            You bet I call names. I call men names like they do the President, “Obummy?” and “Shillary?”

            Let me guess, you are a flower of womanhood whom Bid Daddah taught his little precious to always be a good little girl. Yeah right. In the back seat of some guy’s car with your dress over your head.

            The only shame is that women like you still live today to destroy yet another generation of women’s futures with your cutesy, coy, simpering and clinging vine routines.

            Make it ALL on your own and then you get to talk about “shame.”

          249. erleebird says

            In some things, it’s still a man’s world. However, I remember when contraceptive devices were illegal (oh my! now you know I’m a senior 🙂 For whatever reason someone does not want a child, contraception is the best choice. A woman (at least during my childbearing time) was more responsible at preventing pregnancies by using birth control. Abortion is the last resort, if chosen.

          250. Patty Parfait says

            Wow … you sure give “corn pone kings and mutton chops” credit for a lot of power.

          251. Deborah G says

            Vapi Liberal white women think killing 200K Black babies then holding abortion rallies with their children in hand proves to the world how liberal and enlightened they are. The USE and EXPLOIT their own kids by backing this disgusting gender identity Bullshit to show how accepting they are. What I see is a bunch of SICK women who don’t have the integrity to stand up for what is normal & right. Little do they know these libs will turn on them in a second just like bLM did

          252. ABO says

            Well said and correct, Deborah.

          253. 77099 says

            How did white women kill all these black babies? Allowing abortion is not a white decision. Practicing self control is a woman’s job, both white and black. But I can’t stop you from having hordes of babies, nor can you control me if I choose to have two. Birth Control is a private decision. You are a prime example of an extreme racist.

          254. Deborah G says

            That’s because you are so incredibly stupid you can’t comprehend what I was saying. FYI the original founder of Planned parenthood was a white racist woman Margaret Sanger who promoted getting rid of blacks through birth control/abortion Get an education then join the adult discussion. No racism here just facts

          255. 77099 says

            I have an education sweetie, and I know exactly what you are implying. Margaret Sanger has been dead a long time. Women, black and white, have the ability to think for themselves, they also have control of their own bodies. Choosing to breed like rabbits is so ignorant these days, and smart women do not. But I recently read a letter that promoted just that in order for their race to be the majority. Black or white?? No, Hispanic.

          256. ABO says

            If as you say you have an education you might want to demand a refund from the institution that provided it as they obviously failed you, miserably. Yes, Margaret Sanger is dead but her legacy lives on. You are obviously far too myopic to see it even though it is blatantly obvious.

          257. 77099 says

            I am too blind to see? that white people make black people have abortions? That is silly. Black women have as much sense as white women and have the same freedom to choose. I am firmly against abortion except in the instance of endangering the life of the mother. But I don’t try telling others how to feel about it. You do? that’s on you.

          258. ABO says

            Maybe you should go back and reread my post before making your ridiculous accusations. You seem to be intent on putting words down as mine without involving the truth. Give it a try

          259. 77099 says

            Ok sport, what is blatantly obvious? The conversation was about Sanger. Now if I misread that she want to restrict the ability of blacks to bear children, tell me where. Have to say its been a long time since I read about her, and being old and memory bad maybe she was encouraging them. No ABO she was not. There are a few of you here who dote on backbiting and name calling and that’s all. You are one of those.

          260. ABO says

            Backbiting and name calling is it ??? Seems to me that it’s you liberals that start spewing you hatred as soon as you show up here. Maybe you need to read Sanger’s original statements on PP if you don’t believe what I said. That is unless you are comfortable in your ignorance and your denial of the truth.

          261. 77099 says

            Frankly ABO I don’t give a rat’s behind what you think. I know where I stand on abortion, and I wish people would concentrate on being good parents rather than breeding a horde. I am now and always have been an Independent, not a liberal, and I am supporting Trump, not with my mouth but my pocketbook. But I am tired of your drivel.

          262. ABO says

            Gee, sorry if I offended you but you sure sound like a liberal troll. Maybe you should go see how you’re accepted at Media matters or Huffington Post. I’m sure they’d welcome you, oh, but you’d have to give up being anti-abortion. Not a problem, right???

          263. Dave McFarland says

            As a long time student of American History, I rely on facts by which I determine the truth. Liberals were the ones who have screwed up our culture. You need to start reading the works of our great black authors who decry the hatred of democrats who seem to have one great skill in turning once intelligent thinking people into mentally injured voters.

          264. Patty Parfait says

            No, actually her legacy has nothing to do with living. Sanger promoted killing unborn children … and sadly, those too ignorant or too selfish to care keep her legacy of racial extermination going.

          265. ABO says

            I was certainly not singing the praises of Margaret Sanger What I was saying was that Planned Parenthood has kept her legacy alive. My response was directed at 77099 who claimed otherwise.

          266. Lawrence Beck says

            Intelligent women are the very ones who SHOULD multiply like rabbits. We need more of them to safeguard the population from you and yours. It is so galling to hear the ignorant and self-serving rants of liberal women who are willing to allow our nation to crash and burn after 2-1/2 centuries of progress to the greatest civilization in human history for petty, selfish and self-destructive goals that are quite the opposite of what your female forebears struggled for. Kill our babies, subject our little ones to sick sexual indoctrination in school, force our litle girls to share bathrooms and showers with potential sickos given free passes because they ‘feel like a woman today,’ pushing young women in the service into combat roles just to prove that ‘women can do anything men can,’ denying the fundamental differences between men and women which confuses and frightens young people to the point that they fear peer pressure so much that they will not speak their own minds for fear of repercussions in their school or jobs. This is becoming a repressive society, created by the left. An yet they will try to accuse the right of repressive tactics, If we had fair media coverage this would not prevail, but sadly we do not have that today. I fear our beloved America, that noble experiment created by the greatest minds of the Age of Enlightment, that grand creator of freedom and democracy that flourished and filled millions of hearts with pride and hope, that influenced countless nations to follow suit, that created the greatest technology and strongest economy, fought for the equality and just treatment of all races and creeds (despite the misguided and self-serving tactics of the Liberals,) this greatest creation of mankind, will soon collapse into the ‘non-exceptional’ third world country that Obama has always strived for. Not being a real American, having spent half of his childhood a Muslim non-American citizen overseas (in Indonesia) and much of the rest under the tutelage of a Communist pornographer and Communist grandparents, spending his teen years in a drugged stupor and his college years unexplanably supported financially, with all his grades and papers, theses, etc. legally locked up…. hey, why should we have any questions about his qualifications to run the (used to be) greatest country on Earth??? Just saying……

          267. 77099 says

            sorry but I cannot read all that. There are more nuts per square inch on this site than any I have ever seen, as well as some who seem to have lost their ability to read, if, that is, they ever had it. I am ultra conservative, I do not believe women should be drafted, though I know, because a nurse in my family served in II, that they can support our troops , now some one else will yell that I imply women aren’t equal to men, and I would kill, if I could, a man who stripped down and attempted to shower with girls. My initial argument was NO ONE should attempt to force a woman to have an abortion. On the other hand I think planning on breeding the white race out of majority is one of the dumbest plots I have ever heard. The worst thing I have ever seen in the US is Obama and his retinue and that includes Hillary. Now let rants begin. I just don’t care.

          268. Helen Finch says

            VERY WELL SAID!!!!!

          269. joanc says

            We dopes are paying the bill for all the illegal babies born in the USA, plus they are new citizens with more rights then a new born baby of American citizens. The newly minted citizen is entitled to welfare every month until age 18, { ours are not} and is able to bring relatives into the USA who will be given food stamps,rental assistance, free medical attention plus free schooling for their many kids. No wonder our schools are overcrowded,causing many of Education leaders to trim their teaching staff.which deprives our children of a good well rounded education. A new term for how to “dumb down America” is now a reality!. CORE! Think about what Americans receive when they have a child, a ton of bills with NO ASSISTANCE from the USA! It’s a big fat ZERO for them along with the privilege of struggling while paying for the goodies given those of citizens of another country. Of course, those countries would do the same for us–HA_HA! When did we ever acquiesce to this? It’s due to many Politicians we were stupid to send to DC because we believed in their empty words, now we realize too late, we elected group who are looking out for themselves instead of the Citizens of the USA! Term Limits and background check are required for every job ,we apply for, and so it should also be a necessity for those who control every aspect of OUR LIVES ! Term Limits and drug tests might also help, especially for some who seem to be asleep at the wheel when making decisions that affect our lives and pocketbooks.

          270. 77099 says

            I cannot disagree with one word you have written. We have been played. I was a proud American, I did what we were taught to do, I was a good person, I was a good citizen. My SS was stolen and Medicare turned out to be a joke. Any wonder why I feel like a fool.

          271. Patty Parfait says

            The Muslim have been working on taking over the world “without firing a shot” for decades …
            Google it … the evidence is overwhelming!

          272. 77099 says

            Yes we have one group in my little town, but after the first blowup things settled down. Mine is the town that had the pig races when they came. Will Hill continue what O started?

          273. ABO says

            Unfortunately, Deborah, those like 77099 prefer to throw baseless accusations of racism rather that deal in facts. They display a hardcore aversion to the truth as it does not fit their agenda

          274. Deborah G says

            OH please! I know! these idiots come here to be trolls. The race card/Bigot/hater buzzwords are in their scripts. Soros pays them a pittance but they aren’t even worth that much LOL> Keep the faith these morons have ZERO to impart.

          275. ABO says

            Right on Deborah, and have a great day!

          276. MakeAmericaGreatAgain! says

            Racism is Obama and his pals Al Racist Sharpton jesse jackass Jackson, they play the race cared to divide people instead of uniting!!!

          277. Patty Parfait says

            Isn’t that race card an amazing thing … Here’s the $64,000 question … who is saying our problems are because of anyone’s skin color? Just the race baiters … they are true racists … Ms. Whitie or Mr. My Best Friend Is Black are the ones bring up skin color while those of us who know the problem isn’t about skin color but radicalized ideas and unearned entitlements. Don’t drink that Race Card Koolaid … it’s just another Democratic tool to buy votes from uninformed and under informed voters and those wanting to cash in without paying their dues.

          278. ABO says

            I’m well aware of just what you have pointed out Patty. And where it is coming from. People seem to have forgotten that back in the fifties and sixties the south was called the Solid South because it was solidly democrat and solidly segregationist. Many powerful democrats of the time were high ranking officials of the KKK ( Senator Robert Byrd was a Gran wizard of the Klan for years ). As the south becomes less racist it becomes more republican.

          279. Patty Parfait says

            There was no more a racist President in modern times than Lyndon Johnson, Texas Democrat that he was.

          280. ABO says

            Got that right, Patty.

          281. Patty Parfait says

            Hell, ABO, I am a lifelong resident of the Great State of Texas.

          282. ABO says

            I thought that might be the case. Common sense, straightforward, honest. It all just fits.

          283. Patty Parfait says

            Thank you, hon.

          284. ABO says

            And thank you, Patty.

          285. Helen Finch says


          286. Twila Mihas says

            I cannot believe that you are calling Margaret Sanger a racist. She was trying to help all poor women. I don’t know what history you are reading.

          287. Deborah G says

            WHAT? I have never read such an ignorant statemnt. Sanger was 100% for getting rid of the “Weeds” i.e. blacks. THAT inconvenient truth the libs want to erase from history so they can exploit blacks

          288. David says

            You apparently can’t read, or can’t comprehend what you read.

          289. Patty Parfait says

            Abortion is not a form of birth control .. it’s infantacide. And self control is both the woman and man’s job. Condoms come with instructions printed for both sexes to understand and use.

          290. ABO says

            Well said Patty and I hope we’re on the right track now.

          291. 77099 says

            Guess you missed my post where I said “I am firmly against abortion, except in….mothers life.” And I absolutely agree birth control is both. Just wish men took it as seriously as women did.

          292. Patty Parfait says

            My response came from your post saying “Practicing self control is the woman’s job”.

          293. Dave McFarland says

            Why is this statement racist?

          294. 77099 says

            stating white women caused 200k black babies death is not racist to you I suppose I think it is something I might hear in Ferguson MO. Do you understand blacks can be racist too? They can, statement from a black, “I don’t care if OJ did kill her she was nothing but a white whore”. That was the day I changed my mind.

          295. Twila Mihas says


          296. Nancy L Jarosik says

            Wish I had said that.

          297. ABO says

            I honestly cannot imagine that she is a well educated, successful author. Just does not add up.

          298. Ramocat says

            Good one!!!

          299. ABO says

            Thanks, Ramocat.

          300. Patty Parfait says

            Women in government is fine … but it’s not a REASON to elect anyone … nor is race a good reason or color, creed or any other group of people. If you want proof … here’s two very good examples: Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton … ‘nuf said

          301. ABO says

            You’re speaking common sense again Patty, and truth. Liberals definitely won’t accept it. Doesn’t fit their agenda.

          302. Laddyboy says

            Eleanore Whitaker: You have, through your comments, identified yourself as a TROLL. The only question I have is “Are you paid by ‘h.r.clinton’ or the ‘dnc’.”

          303. Eleanore Whitaker says

            You have identified yourself as a moron. I am paid by my clients for whom I produce facts and truth..not your brand of biased, dickheaded bigotry and lies.

          304. Patriot47 says

            Liberal truth or the real thing?

          305. Americans Wake Up says

            Well that eliminates you working for any demoncrap. They wouldn’t know truth or facts if they bit them in the a$$.

          306. Terry says

            You can make yourself out to be anything you like but you still sound like trailer trash .

          307. Deby says

            and by “clients” I believe she means paying customers/johns.

          308. Nancy L Jarosik says

            What? I think I’ll throw my lot in with the trailer trash. At least they don’t try to put on airs like Whitaker.

          309. kbfallon says

            Do you kiss your family with those lips…? If you have nothing nice to say…..maybe you should shut your DIRTY MOUTH!

          310. Eleanore Whitaker says

            You can stow that cutesy little girl routine honey. I grew up surrounded by men all my life. I don’t allow any man to get one over on me and I don’t allow ANY man to tell me what I can and can’t do. Save that for your delicate little flowers of womanhood. Everything I know about men come from the men I was always outnumbered by. So you bet your ass I fight like a man. I have no intentions of being one of those kewpie dolls you like to wind up before you get your rocks off.

          311. Americans Wake Up says

            “Walks like a woman and talks like a man”
            Hi Lola, I mean Eleanor.

          312. Vassiliki says

            probably looks and walks like a man as well.

          313. Eleanore Whitaker says

            Ever sit in a room with 15 male engineers with calendars of women on the wall and them sitting their telling “blue” jokes? You either ignore them or you can pretend to be that delicate flower of womanhood and they get very angry because you are spoiling their fun. Or, even better a roomful of 20 salemen all chomping at the bit to outdo each other’s weekly quota by expecting the only female in the room to “fudge” their numbers? Try it sometime. You either learn to think like a man or you are eaten alive by them.

            Actually? I loved having only men around me most of my life. Wow..you could follow one of them around for a single day and write a complete novel. Men are really that interesting. rofl

          314. hangem'high says

            Ever set in a room full of feminist looking at your breasts?

            Me neither!

          315. ABO says

            Oh, thanks, Vassiliki. I just lost my lunch.

          316. Vassiliki says

            Lol! My pleasure…

          317. Deby says

            ooooh-so you’re a lesbian! bless your heart.

          318. John McCarey says

            Spoken like a true liberal christian. Do you eat with that mouth?

          319. Eleanore Whitaker says

            I’m Catholic..not a lying, filthy minded phony ass Christian. You are not my confessor..But wouldn’t you nosy asses of the right wish you were? After all, that IS what you do best isn’t it? Go nosing around in people’s private lives and hide all that dirt in your own?

          320. Patriot47 says

            Your pastor would be proud to read your posts.

          321. mac12sam12 says

            Your pope protects pedophiles.

          322. Nancy L Jarosik says

            If Jesus or in your case Mary were standing in front of your face. Would you use the type of language you have been using on this discussion blog.?

          323. hangem'high says

            As a Catholic U deny Christ in order not to be Christian?

          324. Eric Hartman says

            right on Eleanore! Tell the real truth in language these idiots can understand 🙂

          325. Patriot47 says

            Eleanore, izzat you?

          326. Eric Hartman says

            Nope. (false)Patriot47 izzat y’all?

          327. MAHB001 says

            Why is it progressives always look so far into the past??? And quote BS as truths…

            It must be that progressives really are not progressive,

            I can not believe you got three shitforbrains upvotes, for that drool.

          328. mr2bears@hotmail.com says

            Why would either leave their country ? Scared of what, at what point were they ever charged with a war crimes?

          329. Michael Dennewitz says


          330. Gerry Costa says

            Are you always a raving lunatic or just when someone tells the truth while you are in the room ?????

          331. Jackson says

            Hey,matters not to me. All politicians who are fraudulent,corrupted,crooked,criminal,treasonous,racketeering,should be arrested,prosecuted,sentenced if found guilty, and givenm the stifest sentence by law for justice for the American people. I am an American citizen that is where my loyalty lies. Not to some political hack party. I get not offended no matter who is crooked.Unlike some who are either democrats or republicans. You can tell how they talk about the other party and defend their party. Are there true mature adults out there that do not know both parties are corrupted,criminal, and bought and paid for by lobbyists and foreigners?

          332. Ernesto Franklin says

            Hey stupid, name the “war crimes”….

          333. Mike Burkett says

            Another useful-idiot democrap troll. Get a life and quit listening to your lame-stream media.

          334. jmortensen says

            Did your mom ever wash your mouth out with soap ..? she better do it know !

          335. Amanda says

            FOCUS, Eleanore. FOCUS.

          336. Dave McFarland says

            Eleanore, it is apparent that you dislike Conservatives. You would do well the go back and look at the very words you used to attack people like Abraham Lincoln, Dr. Martin Luther King, Mia Love and lay compliments for people like Lyndon Johnson (who stated “If we pass this legislation, we will have those niggers voting democrat for the next 200 years.”), Al Sharpton, Robert Byrd (never renounced his membership to the KKK) and to Barney Frank whose gay partner ran a brothel out of his Alexandria, Va. apartment. Democrats owned slaves and tried to prevent black folks from enjoying the very same rights you enjoy today. Being a progressive liberal is the same thing as shouting to the world that one is suffering from a mental disease.

          337. Don says

            For 247 more days. Please Lord make those days go fast.

          338. Mike Burkett says

            My growing feeling is that One Big A$$ Mistake America will not leave voluntarily and maybe feet first.

          339. Patty Parfait says

            I wonder if that day came if we could fly the flag at mast and a half in celebration

          340. Twila Mihas says

            That’s terrible too. Obama is saying not all Muslims are terrorists. But too wish someone dead. What about do unto others as you would have them do onto you. In the crusades we were the terrorists.

          341. .madashell says

            Who is “we” ?

          342. Twila Mihas says


          343. Patty Parfait says

            Treason against our Constitution carries the death sentence … and that radicalized Muslim is a bigger traitor than Benedict Arnold … facts are facts

          344. John Wirts says

            The Crusades were in a response to the FIRST MUSLIM ATTEMPT TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD. Since then both sides supported slavery, the Europeans participated in the slave trade for about 400 years. The Muslims have slaves to this day condoned and encouraged by their “religion” The libtards are so concerned about hurting someone’s feelings that they won’t call a convicted criminal a convict! They will ban the death penalty, because it is cruel and unusual punishment! I say if the criminal can torture, rape and murder another person, what ever methods they used to kill their victim(s) should be allowed to be used to execute them!

          345. marihia says

            twila, twila, anyone who lives by the quran is a potential terrorist, push comes to shove they will do as they are told and that means all of them.

          346. Douglas W. Rodrigues says

            You need to read an unbias history about why the Crusades took place before calling the Crusaders terrorists. Fighting the cancer of spreading violent Islam isn’t terrorism. It’s survival.

          347. Patty Parfait says

            In the Crusades Christians were fighting the Muslims who were (then too as they are today) trying to rid the world of anyone who was an infidel (non-Muslim). This conflict has been going on for centuries. What makes you think the Muslims were innoncent victims in any of the Crusades? R

          348. Lickerpoet says

            The term Crusades covers a long and varied period. At one point when Jerusalem was under Muslim control, all were welcome to live and study their own belief systems; Muslim, Jew and Christian. When the Crusaders finally breached the city walls, they slaughtered all, regardless of religion. The blood flowed like a red tide. Not only were Muslims innocent victims; so were Jews and Christians.

          349. Elaine Blackman says

            She never said that at all. She was talking about flying the flag as high as possible and wondered if that could be a mast and a half. You need to learn to read and quit acting like such a dyslexic “saint”.

          350. erleebird says

            I won’t rest easy until I see the whole family leaving in January. We are in the worst crisis since WWII.

          351. Twila Mihas says

            That’s terrible

          352. Dee nee Dyllis says

            Yes, the quicker the better before he does more damage to our country, if it isn’t already too late

          353. Phoebe Isley says


          354. Andrew says

            You’re absolutely right Mr. Gerry Costa.

      2. Eleanore Whitaker says

        Ignernts say nothing well. to them everything is “y’all all” what the hell is a Y’all?

        1. Shatty says

          Short for “you all” addressing more than one person. Okay?

          1. Eleanore Whitaker says

            In the English language educated people use, there is no Y’all all..that is the stupidest contraction I’ve ever heard. You all ..all? Really? Where did you get your education? The shithouse?

          2. hangem'high says

            Ya’ll pass the TPP ok?

            NOW FOR THE Azz wipe!

          3. kbmiller says

            Blacks in the large Northen city I live in use Y’all , all the time Ellie must be a racist.

        2. Laddyboy says

          Eleanore Whitaker: It appears you do not know American English. Where do YOU call home?

          1. Americans Wake Up says

            under Obama desk … or maybe Hitlery’s desk.

          2. Eleanore Whitaker says

            I’m not the one unemployed..You are you lazy bum.

          3. Americans Wake Up says

            Who said I was unemployed? Typical libturd – draw a conclusion about someone or something and since it’s your view it has to be correct. Sorry moron but you are the loser, teet suckin’ , basement dwelling pond scum. Either your a government employee (not a government worker because they don’t exist) or a welfare recipient.

          4. hangem'high says

            Well your hindness should rise from your throne once in a while, and mingle with the ground feeders and have some cake!

          5. Eleanore Whitaker says

            Well your Welfare ratness, how about getting the hell off the computer or are you one of those guys who looks to your right, looks to your left and then shrugs…Warn’t NO job out dere.

          6. hangem'high says

            I suppose now u want some cake?

          7. Eleanore Whitaker says

            It appears I don’t drawl Y’all all…Yessuh…I sho dooo hate all y’all all phony ass drawling and that ass jiggling y’all all call “swaggerin'”

          8. RoadRules says


          9. Eleanore Whitaker says

            I can write “ignernce” when it amuses me most.

          10. hangem'high says

            Not as much as it amuses me, your Intellectual ignorance!

          11. Eleanore Whitaker says

            Pig slop amuses a low life like you. As for YOUR intellectual “ignernce,” it is so low on the totem, it doesn’t even require you to have an IQ.

          12. hangem'high says

            My Gawd! Did you just call yourself a sow, a little hard on yourself, No?

          13. Eleanore Whitaker says

            Reading comprehension problems? That figures…Who the hell expects you little Abners in DogPatch to be able read what is actually posted? Try again hot shot..you are down for the count.

          14. hangem'high says

            Try not to breathe while I count? One, Two, Three, No fair that’s call sucking, let’s try some lipstick?

          15. Eleanore Whitaker says

            Take your finger out of your butt…Your brain functions better.

          16. hangem'high says

            Why, your tongue is working just fine?

          17. Valerie A Clark says

            It’s all y’all.

        3. Americans Wake Up says

          Angry libtard are we?

          1. Eleanore Whitaker says

            No just having fun with a bunch of bums who can’t write their own names much less pass a bowel movement without help.

          2. Vassiliki says

            well that was very intelligent and mature…

        4. Patriot47 says

          Read a new dictionary. Y’all libtards have added a lot of colloquialisms.

        5. 2 parrots and a dog says

          I love the South. The people are intelligent and kind. That’s why I choose to live here. Many people refer to Southerners as rednecks and have built a false persona so their opinions and traditions can be easily dismissed as being stupid and racist. The truth is that the people who propagate those lies are the ignorant bigots. That includes those who insult their accent, which I happen to love.

          1. Nancy L Jarosik says

            Me too.

    4. Mark Brickey says


    5. ABO says

      Ah, what was it now that the Constitution says about “all enemies, foreign and domestic” ??? Excellent post, MAHB001.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker says

        And what do you call a domestic enemy who is the butler to Trump when he says it’s okay to shoot the President of the U.S.? Now, he is being investigated by the DOJ.

        1. Beeotchstewie says

          A person that knows pure satanic evil when he sees it. And just to clarify, the guy is retired and has not worked for your next president for years. please try to get all the facts straight. Obama is a traitor and he deserves the punishment for it tenfold. Prove me wrong on that please.

          1. kbmiller says

            I’d call him a true patriot.

          2. Beeotchstewie says


          3. Cheryl Detar says

            I think it high time we flag Eleanore as inappropriate.

        2. kbfallon says

          I can answer your question….its Eleanore Whitaker.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker says

            You don’t have answers to anything you half wit, inbred dipshit. It’s a known fact that Dixiebelles and Corn Pone Queens are inbreds who have Husbands who are also their Daddies.

          2. kbfallon says

            speaking of inbred…hows your Uncle Granpa?

          3. Eleanore Whitaker says

            I don’t have an Uncle Grandpa..YOu do..and he is also your “funny” grandpa isn’t he? Or do y’all all call’s ’em “Big Daddah?” What a hick!

          4. Americans Wake Up says

            That would be your Brother Uncle Grandpa.

          5. hangem'high says

            Are u still mad at ‘em for taking your binky?

          6. ABO says

            Roll over Gramps, you’re crushin’ my cigarettes. courtesy of Eleanor Witless.

          7. Eleanore Whitaker says

            Gramps is Big Daddy remember? After all, y’all all cain’t disrespect a guy who cain’t be trusted around little kids…like Hastert the Republican King of Pedophiles.

          8. Americans Wake Up says

            Gramps would be Uncle Joe Biden.

          9. ABO says

            Is that why you jump right in the rack with Gramps? Go play with yourself in Mommy’s basement you pathetic parasite.

          10. hangem'high says

            U got’ta watch out for those rainbow Farts they get nasty!

          11. hangem'high says

            So does that make us not only related


            but Royalty?

        3. ABO says

          Your abject stupidity is absolutely astounding If you’re incapable of responding with anything more than your idiotic, delusional, utterly demented horseshit, you are in no way worth responding to.

        4. Patriot47 says

          That would be p(R)esident.

      2. MAHB001 says

        0bama’s oath when slithering into office was yet another lie…. Excellent post yourself…

        1. ABO says

          Right on as usual, MAHB. Oh and thanks!

    6. pmbalele says

      Ignorance if the label Joe Arpaio of Arizona is. Now Arpiaio is facing jail time for continuing his racist profiling Latinos. Let him join those he has locked. Now he will face the Dahrmer effect when he attacked by prisoners. That is the only way such racists learn.

      1. Gail says

        You have shown your true colors. This is America . And each and everyone of you are illegal. Every nation in the world has borders even Mexico . Just try flying an American flag in Mexico . No American can take a job away from a Mexican there . There will come a day when you desecrate our flag the law will be inforced !

      2. David in MA says

        I have a silly question: How do you “Profile” latino’s in a state were they are maybe 50% of the population and 100% of the violators of law? Catching a crook is not profiling!

        1. kbfallon says

          Its too much like “common sense ” to do it like that….unbelievably absurd to even think otherwise. They profile 100% in Israel….and it works!

      3. ShemSilber says

        Ignorance from here appears to be pmbalele. Joe Arpaio is not a racist, but one of the few men of integrity left in law enforecement. Shame on such a false accusation!

      4. Gerry Costa says

        Why don’t you crawl back under your libtard/retard rock. There are only a few people who have the guts to stand up for our Constitution and Americans and tell obozo and his POS agencies to go sh!t in their hats. Arresting ILLEGALS is not profiling — it is called performing the duties he and his people took an oath to do. Yeah — can you imagine — someone who is NOT breaking their oath of office, something you libtards and this administration and his cupcake puppets know nothing about.

      5. MAHB001 says

        Joe Arpaio is not a racist… If our judicial system finds him guilty of anything, the system will be flawed and injustice has become law.

        When injustice becomes law, Resistance becomes duty.

        I suspect the liberal progressive racists will sit this one out, and that will be fine with me.

      6. Andrew says

        You’re very wrong about Sheriff Joe Arpaio. I don’t think you know what you’re talking about. Sheriff Arpaio was elected in early January 1993 as Maricopa County Sheriff, Arizona. He is a true Potriot American who protect citizens of that country and go after those illegal aliens. I love Sheriff Arpaio and wish him well.

    7. Gail says

      You are absolutely correct . He is and has been a Muslim from the beginning . He told everybody on national tv he would not go against his muslim brothers . Remember his citizenship was denounced when he became a citizen in Indonesia in order to attend a Muslim school . And yet el stupidos voted to put the jerk in twice .

      1. ShemSilber says

        With the aid of fraud by the so-called elitists, those who force their choices on the rest of us, and who will pay a heavy price in the Judgment Day, when all evils will be expunged from off the face of the earth. The kingdoms of this world will indeed become the Kingdom of Yahuwah and of His Messiah, and He shall reign for all the ages of the ages (Revelation 11:15), omein!

        1. Gail says


          1. ShemSilber says

            Always glad to be encouragement to my fellow little people who need a boost, and all the praise goes to Yahuwah Almighty in the Name of His Son, our older Brother (Romans 8:29), omein!

          2. Eleanore Whitaker says

            You can stash that phony religion crappola. I understand that Hastert also was a big religious PEDOPHILE!

            Half the religious nuts in this country are desperate to convert others for one reason: They are so utterly miserable having to be decent and honest that they don’t want to do it all alone…so they try to convert the rest of us.

          3. ShemSilber says

            I am tempted just not to answer you, but I have to warn you in the Name of our Master Yahushua from the 10th verse of Obadiah’s prophecy, “Because of your violence against your brother Yaakov (Jacob), shame will cover you, and you will be cut off forever.” Please pass this warning on in the Name of the Master Yahushua to your coven also. At least they shall have been warned, whether they believe it or not.

        2. Eleanore Whitaker says

          Thump thump thump thump that Bible…Now do you want to tell us just why now at your age you suddenly “got religion?” like all Corn Pones and Mutton Chops always do after years of sin?

          1. Americans Wake Up says

            You truly are just a basement dwelling millennial troll aren’t you? First you say your Catholic and then attack the Bible. Which is it? Or are you just a mindless demoncrap that hates everyone and everything? I vote for the latter.

          2. Vassiliki says

            Eleanore must be that new type of classification…genderqueer. So mixed up emotionally and mentally that she/it forgot that she posted that she was a Catholic and how all other Christians were a$$ wipes. I think it is that new feminazism…they hate themselves so they reflect that hate onto the male gender instead of embracing the wonders and beauty of being a woman. The dipshits don’t realize that we got the men from the balls with our beauty, sweetness, intelligence and respect. Respect the man you will get respect back. Just like we will deport all illegals I wish we could deport all feminatzis. They have degraded the woman enough and I want them out of here! They can go fight for women’s stuff (that we already have here- equality) in Iran, Saudi Arabia and see how far they go.

          3. ShemSilber says

            As a matter of fact, I have DUMPED religion, because there is no religion that has not been infiltrated and polluted–syncretized–by Azazel, the fallen satanic one who sits on the mount of the appointed times, rebelling against his Creator, the Master Yahushua, mixing us all up as to when those appointed times are, who also goes by the aliases Allah and Samhain. You know whereof I speak, for you are Ba’al’s messenger to taunt any who believe, but you shall do yourself in and give us cause to mourn over your remains, in the Name of the Master Yahushua, omein.

          4. hangem'high says

            I think I got it?


    8. jimmy midnight says

      Yes, my Mad friend, the enemy is within–and it’s you and your con and TP friends. The real ignorance experts are those who write “professionally” for bourgeois devil sites like Fix This Nation.

      It’s RELIGIOUS extremism that’s deadly, and the particular religion from which that extremism comes, that is really quite irrelevant.

      1. MAHB001 says

        hey Jimmy Alinksy…. New twist eh,,, now I am a professional…. I suppose that is to try to get people to think less of my posts… Kinda like how they dismiss the Alinsky trolls trash and disruptive attempts on these fine sites like Fix this Nation, Alinsky trolls post here because they are conservatives to disrupt and deflect to less important topics …. Your insults are not working anymore.

        Sadly, I do not write professionally, I am nobody, I am simply an unemployed citizen that is Mad As Hell and I am not going to take it anymore. I am not a professional writer, nor professional blogger, as I have not received money for my efforts. I’ll tell you what I am, A PISSED off American that is not under the Alinsky trolls control.

        I discovered a couple of years back that the Alinsky trolls used insult posts to disrupt and deflect conservative thoughts on sites like this and they were working. Their aim was to disrupt and silence conservative areas on the web, so that Conservatives could not coalesce around conservative values and principles..

        Your Alinsky trolls were very successful in past election to divide and conquer Republicans and I attribute a lot of the Alinsky Trolls efforts towards the election and re-election of the criminal in office.

        You are correct, RELIGIOUS extremism is the enemy…. But the subset of Islamic extremism is the MOST Deadly threat to the United States today. How far back do you have to go to find where Christian Extremists have posed any credible threat to America? Perhaps the days when Democrats donned pointy hoods as the KKK?

        How about an example of a Christian religious extremist that is lopping off heads because the person is gay?

        I don’t think you can, so give me one example of Christian Religious extremism here within the United States that has caused the death total of 9/11 or any of the other Muslim Islamic Terrorist activities that are all to common today.

        0bama has used clear and concise language in defining Christians as
        Extremists. Tea Party as Radicals, and Republicans as Terrorists. The fact that 0bama does not call Islamic extremism for what it is, only aids the Islamic extremists. That fact makes me think that 0bama aids those enemies of the United States.

        1. jimmy midnight says

          I’m glad to be associated with the late Mr. Alinski, as I expect you’d be to be called a Reaganite.

          Tim McViegh was a Christian religious extremist, as are all the crazy fools who shoot guns at and in places where abortions are available. Then there was the obviously a “little teched” American Zionist ex-pat, Baruch Goldstein, who celebrated Purim by taking his AK-47 into an East Jerusalem mosque. (I may have geographic detail wrong here, but just sayin’)

          By professionals, I don’t mean you, my Mad friend, I’m talking about the “shawn”s and “admn”s and others who write the pieces we’re commenting on, and who are always calculating how to stir up fear and hatred in you and your conservative cohorts.
          They’re succeeding admirably. There was a partisan re-alignment down South about 50 yrs. ago now, and KKK types who used to register as D’s are now uniformly R’s. And you know this perfectly well. Although very manipulable, you’re not that ignorant.

          1. MAHB001 says

            The problem with your vilification of American ” Christian Extremists” is that they

            in no way compare to Islamic extremism which is now State sponsored…. The guys you dig up are mental cases, and outcasts from society.

            I think you need to talk to the President and tell him that his War against Americans will not succeed. Hundreds of millions are going to die. Those deceptive tactics only work from the shadows… We are on to them now.

            Partisan re-alignment of the KKK, my arse…. That is one of the Alinsky Radicals greatest accomplishments…. Blaming the Republican side for what the Democrat side did….. Again, these tactics are losing their effectiveness. At least I am on to them.

            There was no re-alignment, the KKK never changed its spots.


            If you are saying Byrd died a Republican???? You are lying.

          2. jimmy midnight says

            Islamists who do this shit are also mental cases. Robert Byrd learned and moderated a lot in the course of a half-century political career. He always carried the D label.

            I do have a prejudice–in favor of verifiable fact.

          3. MAHB001 says

            0bam is the ultimate grand pooba of Alinsky Radicals right now. Hillary is number two… Alinsky Radical wordsmith is impeccable. What 0bama is trying to do by transferring the atrocious acts of the Democrats in the KKK to Republicans is no different than what he is trying to do with Islamic Terrorism and Conservative Americans.

            The difference is that these Islamist Terrorists are sponsored by States like Iran, and now ISIS… And that REPRESENTS a threat to America…

            0bama uses vague terms of Radical Extremist to describe his enemies, but very concise terms to describe Tea Party members as Radicals, Christian Conservatives as Extremists, AND Republicans as Terrorists….

            Is ONLY people 0bama has clearly defined as Radical Extremists, are Tea Party members, Christian Conservatives, and Republicans…. He refuses to label Radical Islam for what it is because 0bama’s and the Alinsky Radicals enemies are not Islamic Terrorists, they are Republicans, Conservatives and Christians.

    9. Mary Lennox says

      What he is.saying is that anyone who can make the illogicaleap in clairvoyance to attribute a threat to nonviolent stances to examine outside the prism of their own fevered bias might be worth a listen.You should be questioning his protection of the bush image regarding their saudi escape after 911. Why did so much money —saudi — pass thru’bush projects. What do tbe 28 pgs. Say about 911 why did robert abboud pay off bush run business debts to harvard un disgraceful loan co?

      1. MAHB001 says

        I do not know, but I now believe the corruption at the top is controlled by liberal progressives…..

        I do not believe that a RINO is any different than a Democrat.

        Republican elites = Democrat elites = Communism…..

        Do you realize the pile of corruption that you have to ignore in the Clinton’s RIGHT NOW, in order to look up the Bush sins of the past… In the end, all this corruption leads to one source… The elites that now control this country.

        Our Constitution created a Government of the people, by the people and for the people. That system is now corrupt and supports an elite class that is of the control of the people, by the elites, and for the gain of the elites…

        Lets take this country back… I want to know what is in the 28 pages, too. But lets not drop the ball on the corruption heading towards the WH.

    10. Richard Daugherty says

      His real enemies are us. The American people. Look what his record is. He is however not alone. We have a congress and senate that simply do not function.

      1. Laddyboy says

        Richard Daugherty: Agreed! You need to add the Judicial branch, “supreme court judges”, to your listing of non-functioning departments.

      2. MAHB001 says

        Elites all of them… It is time to throw out the babies with the bathwater. Rid our Government of this corruption.

    11. Eleanore Whitaker says

      You are correct. His true enemies ARE Republicans. That’s because of “who” Republicans are these days. They are NOT men like Lincoln or Eisenhower who had a sense of honor. They have NO honor only big bucks that come from men like Charles and David Koch, Adelson and Trump…billionaires all who know the last goal in their lives is to OWN the USA.

      What Obama is saying is that the most ignorant Americans in the south and midwest just want to continue their constant drain on public funds by remaining the least educated in the country, the highest numbers on welfare and unemployment and worse, the worst warmongering jerks this country has EVER seen. Every white southern male and Corn Pone King is suddenly militia? Only since a bi-racial president these bigot freaks of nature hate. And why do they hate him?

      Well, it’s that 4-letter word, “W O R K” these Mutton Chops and Corn Pones feel belongs only the their “subordinate” free slave laborers.

      Tea Party, Republicans and Bible Thumpers are not Republicans like Eisenhower and certainly not like Lincoln. Not when you have Hastert, a closet Pedophile preying on young boys, Issa and Gowdy using bogus edited emails to sabotage Hillary Clinton and Chaffetz deliberately editing a Planned Parenthood video…How exactly do the “ignernts” figure we won’t know that they are liars, crooks and spiteful snot nosed little punks who think they can just bully the rest of us?

      1. molly kennedy says

        Dear Eleanore, in your case ignorance appears to be bliss on your part. I am 80, an independent and I never thought I would live to see my country go to “hell” as it has under the Obama Muslim regime.

      2. Patriot47 says

        You don’t know the meaning of honor if you ascribe it to skippy and Hitlery.

      3. MAHB001 says

        Republican elites = Democrat Elites = MEDIA Elites = Communists….

        Tell me which Republican ran a plane into the World Trade Center?
        Or how many have died because of Republicans lopping off their heads?

        You talk about the Koch brothers, yet ignore Soros… That is hypocritical. You are being fed lies that you want to believe….

        I find your bigotry against Republicans amazing.

        You can not awaken someone that pretends to be asleep.

    12. Patriot47 says

      LOVE the 0bama use of zero.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker says

        I love Obama’s ideas that war is not supposed to be endless…Obviously dipshits in the Corn Pone and Mutton Chops states believe that is their only means of support. Good..now get your asses into the military instead of putting other people’s kids in harms way. Or, are CON Men wussy boys with big mouth and no action?

        1. Patriot47 says

          Been there done that. How bout you mouthy?

          1. Eleanore Whitaker says

            You haven’t been anywhere you liar. No one believes trash that sits around all day boozing. Want to tell me just why it is that all those Republican states that take 65% of our tax dollars are all failing? Your slash and burn hurt your asshat states more than ours. When your states have to shut schools and hospitals down for lack of money, we damn sure want to know what the hell you do with all that money your states are getting from the Federal taxes the rest of us pay. Time to cut off all lazy bastards who eat up our tax dollars.

          2. kbfallon says

            Whats the matter? Liquor store not open yet ?

          3. Eleanore Whitaker says

            You’d know that one better than I. I don’t drink booze..You booze up on Haterade asshat. And I supposed your kids do what all Corn Pones’ kids are known for…making meth in their back seats of your cars. How else can you and they earn your living?

          4. Patriot47 says

            1. no answer means you haven’t done squat.
            2. my CIB says you’re full of it.

          5. Eleanore Whitaker says

            Bleh bleh bleh bleh…CONman double speak. Translation: Con man is full of BS, has no job because he is bone idle and refuses to earn a living…especially when all of MY tax dollars support his ass.

          6. Patriot47 says

            3. I work and pay taxes.
            4. Y’all ain’t answered yet. How ’bout you, mouthy?

          7. Eleanore Whitaker says

            You want my NJ property taxes? Or my NJ state income taxes? Or the money my taxes pay your state from the federal taxes “I” pay and you don’t? You really are out of your league.

          8. Patriot47 says

            Liberalism IS a mental disorder. One of the manifestations is believing the outright lies before and AFTER they are exposed.

          9. ABO says

            You’re really out of your mind!

          10. ABO says

            More idiotic, senseless blather from Eleanor Witless our resident moron.

          11. kbmiller says

            The idiot Leftists don’t even realize that Oblablabla has had the US in war longer than any other president.

        2. Valerie A Clark says

          You are so tacky.

      2. Laddyboy says

        Patriot47: The 0 is the indication of “nothing there”. 0bama is nothing but a puppet or a “useful idiot” as the elite of communism have said.

        1. Patriot47 says

          I know. Been calling it skippy and zero for over seven years.

          1. Deby says

            I’m kinda partial to obozo the clown

      3. MAHB001 says

        Pass it on! 0bama deserves 0 respect. And the use of zero saves you the energy of having to hit the shift key…. Win/Win, if you ask me.

    13. JoJo Gunn says

      Absolutely!!! 100% correct.. Very well put Mahb.

    14. Laddyboy says

      MAHB001: AGREED. One change to add to your comment. 0bama stated that Christians are terrorists because We “cling to our bible and our guns”.

      1. MAHB001 says

        Good point.. Alinsky Radicals like 0bama try to shame us into giving up our Bible and guns….

        Never give up, never give in. If 0bama had our guns, he would be a far worse tyrant than he is today.

    15. Gail says

      Be careful you too will be censored . I have been by this blog . Seems it is face books sister . Their true colors are showing and the more people like you stand up for America the censorship will get worse Best to you Going silent this blog

      1. Eleanore Whitaker says

        You are such a liar. I imagine at some point you will grow up and realize YOU are not the only ones with 1st Amendment rights? You are the ones who delete any posts you know get you in hot water.

        1. ABO says

          And YOU are the brainless idiot who can’t put together a simple sentence that’s not unbelievably stupid.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker says

            I put more sentences together than you ever will jackass. Do you always play with yourself all day? Or is that just a way to prove you actually have ANY balls?

          2. ABO says

            Can’t come back with anything intelligent so just throw the brainless crap you’re so good at. A normal 3 year old would be embarrassed to be as pathetically stupid as you are.

          3. hangem'high says

            So are U saying you’d give me a Hand at pulling a sentence, and then I’ll tell u if it’s any good or not??

        2. Gail says

          I have never deleted anyone !But I have read some of your comments and have nerve replied to you . You are the one that has never grown up because you have never learned how to speak English or otherwise you would use a cleaner vocabulary . You are indeed a troll . And most certainly not American.
          People like you are the problem .

          1. Eleanore Whitaker says

            Oh puhlease…most right wingers can’t stand being told the truth. First of all, I know your kind do this because it’s been done dozens of time. The game is to delete the post, make the poster think it was never posted and then the righties gets thrilled at the “little game” they played. Too bad some of us are smarter than you want us to be.

          2. Gail says

            You are one filthy person With a brain the size of a pea . I just told you I have never deleted anyone much less you . Are you that stupid that ! By the way you left wingers wouldn’t know the truth if it didn’t hit you in the face .